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June 2 - 8, 2020

Door Handells, Vandals and Riots
Trash-Can Lid Signals Riot Fires by George Soros
Revival of Weather Underground and Bill Ayers

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The riots have three types: 1) the violent type wishing to send the signal that they have had enough of white cops killing black people under the guise of arrest; 2) the violent type from organized Obamaites seeking what seems like a civil war to oust Trump; 3) criminal types taking advantage of the chaos in order to rib stores and have fun breaking things. A fourth group, those who come out violent against the Obamaite movement, is either a good or bad idea, I don't know which. Sending the military to fix the problem can backfire if their is a pre-planned strategy to use some military bosses to overthrow Trump. The good news is Intelligence is no longer under Dan Coats' oversight.

It's been established that ANTIFA, a group I see with Obamaites as their leaders, were ready for creating their share of this crisis, and, probably, they urged others out who are more-simply angry for the murder. Yet the fact that ANTIFA seemed ready from the get-go gave me the impression, last week, that even the murder was feigned as an excuse to send it into brutal action. Fox is talking about the autopsy this week of George Floyd, but even that can be feigned, as the deep state has had plenty of practice in doing so.

I'm just guessing that these riots had been planned for a long time, to be set into motion when the criminal exposure of Obama and his government took place, for that's exactly what happened immediately before we saw Floyd on television, on the ground. It was my belief, long before this event, that Obama's team had other false-flags ready simply to fill news when some bad story on him came out. Hopefully, that's all these riots are, brutal in an effort to stave off news talk, for a long period, on Flynn's unmasking. These riots can have the added tactic of making deals with such people as Ratcliffe and Barr, saying, if you dare expose Obama further, we'll turn the riot heat up. But that's terrorism.

Yes, and in a "brilliant" move by Trump (it's not really brilliant but key), he decreed ANTIFA to be a terrorist organization over the weekend, which is why it seems that God saved the country at this time with Ratcliffe in charge of National Intelligence. For if an Obama / anti-Trump rat was in charge, the Obamaites (envision dust mites) would probably continue with the riots until they had a civil war. They need only to wait for (or feign) a Republican group to fire guns on ANTIFA to "declare," on all leftist media, a justified war on Trump. If Obamaites have sufficient military / police bosses on their side, they could topple the government...which underscores Trump's stupidity for not having the key bosses on his side to date, aside from Ratcliffe, what a lucky strike that happens to be since he was confirmed into his directorship just days ago, in the middle of the Flynn-unmasking scandal.

So, I'd like to go back to the mouse that got its LEG caught in a mouse trap in my basement, which I claim to be a symbol of Obama's demise. The story came out in my first update of last month. After the trap snapped on its leg, it dragged the trap into a small hole between the solid rock floor and a floor joist, trying to get under the floor to hide, as it were. It got stuck when the trap wouldn't fit through the hole, as the joist stopped it from going under the floor. The water level rose under the floor, because it happened to be raining, and the mouse drowned.

The point is, the LEGG surname uses a giant stag head in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. So, we can decipher the mouse's first fate with the trap as Trump catching Obama in a trap by declaring ANTIFA a terrorist organization. As this gives Ratcliffe the legal green light to spy on ANTIFA leaders, I'd say that Obama is planning a hiding right now, because anyone of his leaders could rat him out. You can't continue a national uprising if your enemy can listen to your ongoing plans in your communications. Every uprising needs to adjust plans as needed, as situations evolve.

I think that God is sending us the message that he, through Ratcliffe, is saving the country at this time an Obama coup attempt. I therefore need to repeat that, a couple of years ago, I saw a mouse under my fridge that ended up dead in a mouse trap way up in the attic, right beside the RAT trap. I had set the rat trap up there in case the 17 squirrel got into the attic, which it never did. See two updates ago (4th update in May) on why there were 17 squirrels total in he attic. As I said, I caught 16 squirrels up there, with the one rat trap, but the 17th lived on for at least years, and may still be alive. There are 16 Intelligence agencies, plus a 17th, National Intelligence, that oversees them all. RATcliffe is thus depictable as the 17th squirrel, but his name can also mean that the RAT trap is a symbol of his catching squirrels now that he's the Intelligence boss.

The mouse that died beside this rat trap, that I first saw under the fridge, was a symbol of the "death" of Dan Coats, for I found chewed-out tissue paper on the floor of the COAT closet, after this mouse chewed the tissue that I had stuffed into a small hole in the floor coming up from the basement. Here's from the 3rd update of July, 2018:

That evening, I saw a mouse on my main floor. It went under the fridge. Failing to get it to come out from under the fridge, I set up two traps and went to bed. I was sure it would be caught. From past experience, a mouse on the main floor would always snap a mouse trap, within hours at most (they get around, very active). In the morning, neither trap was sprung, and the fresh peanut butter was still in the traps. Hmm, that's weird. Where did it go? I knew of no way for a mouse to get in or out. The floors were fully finished, with baseboards all around, about five weeks earlier. I knew of no way for the mouse to get in, and I've built every part of this house, installed all the wiring and pipes. I knew every hole. Where did that mouse go?

Up I went to the attic again, finding one of the three traps sprung with a small/young mouse dead within it. Neither of the two traps on the second floor, or any in the basement, were snapped. I concluded that the mouse under the fridge returned to the attic. I don't know whether this has meaning with God. I feel a little compelled to record this story for any future event to which it may apply. No mouse was ever seen again on the main floor, and the traps remained as I had set them. No other mouse was caught anywhere in the house over the past week, and so the mouse under the fridge, the lone house mouse in this story, had gone up to the attic.

Roughly the day after I had found it dead in the attic, I opened the coat-closet door, and smelled a smell I had not smelled there before. On the floor I saw pieces of tissue torn apart. The mouse had done it. Immediately after tiling the floor, I had stuffed paper tissue into a hole in the tile floor to keep the foul air in the damp basement (natural-rock floor) from coming up. The hole was prepared for the safety-overflow hose in the tankless water heater that hung in that closet. The mouse I heard in the soffit had worked its way down the wall to beneath the main floor, where it came upon this tissue. It chewed it up and went through the hole, onto the main floor, was seen under the fridge, then returned to the attic via this hole, and was promptly killed in the trap. [Update, April 2019. There's not been another mouse in this house since.]

...If that's not enough, a couple visited me yesterday as I write here. The male amongst the couple is DAN! And he was in that closet, asking about that heater hanging on the wall. Amazing

I kid you not, it happened just that way. This Dan was a pointer to Dan Coats. His wife happens to be from Texas! Ratcliffe is from Texas! He and she were over just for that one day, and he asked about the water HEATer in the closet, and Ratcliffe lives in, and was, a mayor of HEATH!!! Heaths come up as Heathers. The last update told the story of one of the 16 squirrels that got away from me into a HEATER duct of my van, then died in the pocket of my shorts. The fulfillment of this latter story may yet be in the future from the hands of John Ratcliffe. (Load Heaths now so that you will have a ready-to-use browser for loading other surnames to better follow this discussion).

The Heath/Heather motto includes "mieux," and the LeMieux surname shows a mouse-like Moues variation.

Oh wow, as was said, the mouse got into the hole that I had prepared for the overflow HOSE from the heater, and Hose's use legs! As Hose's were first found in Leicestershire with the LEGro river, the Hose legs must be for some surname that named the Legro, or vice-versa, and it just so happens that the Legro is also the Soar river!!! See the SORS surname listed with Soars in the last update, on the discussion of George SOROS, whom I think can be behind these ANTIFA riots. The Legro/Gros/Graut surname shares an upright blue-on-gold lion with Sors'/Soars.

A year after Dan Coats died in my attic beside the rat trap, Trump announced, in July of 2019, that Dan Coat was going to be replaced by John Ratcliff. That's how it happened, though I was shocked to hear, the very next day, that Trump changed his mind, not about getting rid of Coats, but of fronting Ratcliffe. It really threw me for a loop, but, many months later, the situation had changed with senator Burr, and Ratcliffe was renominated by Trump. That's how it happened.

We now have another interpretation of the mouse getting its leg caught in the trap: Obama and Soros are together on these riots. Hopefully, the two will drown together while seeking to go into hiding. The prediction is that they will enter another trap, between a rock and a hard place, as they seek to go into hiding. Hopefully, the ROCKefellers will be with them along with the JOICE Foundation. The trap got stuck between the rock and the floor JOIST, and Wikipedia's article on the Joice Foundation, which had Obama on its board (for about eight years through most of the Clinton years), mentions chiefly that its for gun control, exactly the thing that Obama needs (to round-up public guns) for a national coup attempt.

Someone could think that, since the police just lets the violence go on in their presence, it's a politically-based, staged riot. New York city seems to be behind it because it's police have been negligent. The mayor controls the police in a situation like this. How possibly could the terrorists be permitted to get so close to the White House, with violent hands, unless the Washington police and mayor are behind this program too? How many Democrat governors would be willing to see ruin in their states if it could ruin Trump's chances at re-election?

BCP revealed to me that Joe DiGenova is unhappy this week about Matt Whitaker wholly blowing his chances to say something against Mueller when he had the chance as the acting attorney general. But what I can't understand is why nobody dares to go after Pompeo for exactly the same blistering silence as Whitaker exercised. Silence in this situation is tantamount to supporting the coup. And those broadcasters who fail to openly "condemn" the likes of Pompeo for doing nothing are wasting golden opportunities to win the war. If you offer silence in return for wrongful silence, you're sanctioning the silence and advancing the cause of the criminally treasonous. You don't get a free pass. Why doesn't someone ask Pompeo why he's been silent?

We already know that Trump is trash for his excuse in doing nothing, but we may as well have Pompeo's excuse out in the open so that it's known what he's made of.

Just because Trump is trash doesn't mean that those who sought to topple him are in the right. I don't know the reason that Trump is trash, but he's been trash, pure and simple, and I'm not going to be guilty of not sounding that out. Trump's do-nothing is now causing the country to be in shambles, and it may be too late to avoid something worse coming soon. Trump didn't deal with the enemy, allowed it to advance and make plans, and so if you think you are wise, BCP, not to call him out for doing nothing (to expose the deep state), then you are part of the problem.

Pretty soon, if he and Barr continue to dance with the deep state, BCP is going to be seeing the kind of stars and stripes he won't like. Your beloved president has just about caused a civil war. When is he going to expose the rats? If you don't arrest the rats, they'll get emboldened, and Barr is therefore likewise responsible for the riots now taking place without fear of him.

The arrest of deep-state actors (that's all they are) who think they have the legitimate power to rule must take place in spite of the Democrats threatening / causing riots in response. It only goes to show why they must be arrested. The president and the DoJ need to prepare for the riots, but, STUPID BARR, he left Wray at the top of the federal police force, who, in a time of trouble like this, cannot be trusted. He's the country's worst enemy in an insurrection. Americans are at the door of an insurrection if they think they can get away with it. The president needs to have all his ducks in place for such a thing. The people whom were merely fired are still able to act against you, fool Barr fool Trump. They think you are weak, because you look exactly that way. Yet none of your regular supporters wants to slap you both in the face to say, WAKE UP!

Rosenstein is appearing before congress to answer questions on Wednesday. He cannot answer anything there that is at odds with what he's already answered when Durham's team questioned him, and so we should discover something of what he has said to Durham, unless Rosenstein decides not to answer some questions, a likelihood, or, worse, unless Durham's team hasn't even questioned him. Surely, someone in congress will ask him whether Durham's team has questioned him. We want to know whether Barr has called-off Durham from getting Rosenstein in trouble, for Barr has made it clear to date that he respects / fears / loves / tolerates Rosenstein, a known king-pin in the criminal coup attempt.

Mayors were arresting Christians for going to church last week, and this week, people bashing windows and doors are watched by police standing there, at the order of the mayors, and nobody's wearing masks for COVID, but to hide their faces from cameras. It's clear that mayors should be arrested, but Barr's no good. Mayors are responsible for fighting crime, and for defending citizens. If they shun that responsibility while the crimes are taking place, they need to be thrown into jail with their court case scheduled the next day. The alternative is a sending in of the military, dangerous. If Barr just did his job, the mayor's second-in-command can take over and get things right without the military.

Where are the good citizens who can go out to protect people from the damage by physically fighting against then goons? Doesn't the country have a couple of thousand of such people per 100 ANTIFA goons? Why isn't that happening? The Internet is open; the good guys can organize online. I doubt very much that the young (it's all they are), glass-breaking goons can outnumber good guys in any general population, even in liberal cities.

There is a good chance that many of the news reports on rioting are staged events for the purpose of threatening Barr, to increase the violence, if he dares make arrests of Obamaites. On Wednesday night, there was a report of people shooting police. But can we trust this? In liberal cities, even the police departments are willing to create staged events.

A worst-case scenario is where the military has called for this staged violence, with Trump in-the-know and part of the staging, the purpose being to get military into the streets for some as-yet unknown agenda. Or, the military has called for this with Trump not a part of it but hoping that Trump will deploy military across the nation.

The Sean Hannity show is engaging in false-flag conspiracy theories, a welcome sign. On Tuesday night, Sean actually had a segment telling of skids of bricks being shipped into the areas where "protests" had been scheduled. If this event were in just one city and not touching upon Trump, I'll bet that Hannity wouldn't run the brick story, preferring to ignore it as a conspiracy theory.

The Trash Section

Here's some transparency from Barr this week: "U.S. Attorney John Durham is investigating whether Russian operatives fed disinformation to Christopher Steele, the author of the anti-Trump dossier, according to Attorney General William Barr." Barr is making himself naked before us, and it's disgusting. He's suggesting that Durham's report could say that Steele, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, they were all simply deceived by the big-bad Russians; it was all a terrible MISTAKE on the part of the FBI, and things went from bad to worse thereafter.

If Barr doesn't know by now that Mueller and company were involved in their own deception, having nothing to do with what Russians "fed" them, then that's why he's guilty of obstructing justice for his pals. It doesn't get dirtier than that.

If Durham, after all this time, is only-now looking at what the Russians gave Steele, how can there be any hope for this "investigation"? Hopefully, Durham is looking at what some Russians fed Steele only because Barr directed him to, yet will not report what Barr hopes for him to report, that the Russians tricked Steele.

Seriously, Barr this week is pushing this garbage, sending the message to all his pals that he's working hard to keep them out of court. If Trump supporters don't turn on Barr, this is the way Durham's investigation could go.

I named this section after Barr before seeing the headline this week at New York Post: "NYC removes 2,000 trash cans in preparation for more unrest". It reflects my door-handle dream, where I was holding a trash can immediately after complaining to a man that a door handle to my Jeep was missing a barrel-shaped part. The dream had me instinctively knowing that the part was BARRel shaped, as if I heard that word while in the dream. I dropped the trash can on its open rim, and flames developed all around the rim upon the ground, reflective of the riots now taking place. I had concluded that the missing part was BARR missing in action, and so the dream appears to suggest that, due to Barr inaction, a fire broke out. So, it could appear that God gave the dream to snitch on Barr, to say that he's responsible for these riots. I assume trash cans have been removed because trash cans have been set on fire.

The Fiddle surname made it to the last update, reminding now of Nero, an anti-Christ, playing his fiddle while Rome burned.

However, in order for the dream's trash can to be applicable to these riots, I'd need to see proof that other parts of the dream, or at least the trash-can part, applies to the riots too, or at least to Barr's softness of deep-state crime. For example, why did I drop the can upside down? Why did it land on its rim upon a circular patch of sand? Why was I at a height when dropping it, and why did I JUMP yelling,"fire," to people around. Why did I begin to smother the flames with some sand? I had reasoned that I had to be at a height (of about a step ladder) because God wanted me to jump, for Jumps share the Trump stag head. It appeared that both Trump and Barr were involved with this dream.

Last night, as I write here, I went out to get the trash can at the road, and while there, I started pulling weeds again at the lawn adjacent to the road. I was very disappointed to see lots of tiny wood sorrel growing back even after I had pulled last year's batch. It was the wood sorrel that I did battle with last year in much of my open space, and this had me looking up, and discussing the Sorrel, Sors/Soar and Sorry surnames as per a potential pointer of the WOOD sorrel to George Soros. It was notable that Woods, you see, were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar / Legro river.

Just as I finished pulling hundreds of wood sorrel weeds (less than a half-inch in height), it started to pour rain, and so I grabbed the trash can and ran back to the house, but the lid popped off and fell behind me. I left it there on the driveway and picked it up this morning. I didn't know I'd be back to the trash can of the dream this morning, and did not start on this due to the trash can I brought in last night. It was only after re-introducing the dream that the trash can of last night came to mins. And so I checked for Lids, Lidds, Liddes, but found no such surname coming up, and so I went to the Liddle's (branch of Little's) to see their "oDOR" motto term, interesting because Doors were a part of the trash-can dream's door handle.

I then saw the "SANitas" motto term of Liddle's, and loaded the Sane's/Sions/Swans to see their "FIDELitas" motto, which has the same "tas" ending as "sanitas." The shared endings could serve as proof that Sane's are intended in the Liddle motto, important because the handle's, first found in Herefordshire with Doors, share the white dog with Sane's/Sions/Swans. Herefordshire is where Jays were first found who have a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Liddle's.

OH WOW. Just as I was getting depressed about this "evidence" that God set up the lid popping off, I loaded Rains/Raines', because it was raining when it popped off. The paragraph above is not-bad evidence for going to the Liddle's as God's will, but I wasn't happy with it thus far; I like links to be cleaner, sharper. That's when I start putting out the exclamation marks. And so here's what I found in the Rain/Raines write-up: "Phillipe de Rim or De Remi (c. 1246-1296)..."!!! The Rains are said to have been a Rim branch!!! In the dream, the trash can had no lid (or it was off), and it landed on its rim!!! Incredible.

It means that God created last night's event, and is therefore still leading His exposure of the deep state by creating special events and dreams. The heraldry not only needs to tell stories, ultimately, but He first needs to provide heraldic evidence that the events and dreams are from Him, or I won't write them down for readers. I might have deleted this trash-lid section if I felt there was nothing from God to it. But we now have it connecting to the dream's symbolism.

The Liddle-branch Little's (both from Liddesdale of Roxburghshire) have this: "By 1350, [Little's/Littels] had become an established Clan closely affiliated to the Douglases and their territories were located in the Scottish West Marches, approximately twenty miles due north of Carlisle." That's about 20 miles east of Annandale, and so here's part of the Rim/Rum/Rome write-up: "[The Roomes'] were registered in Scottish Parliament as a clan in 1597 and responsible for the defense of Annandale, against the English." It appears that God has proven the trash lid to be a pointer to Liddle's and Little's for the purpose of proving that the trash-can dream was from Him. Douglas'/DuGLASS' were first found at Moray, and they happen to share the Moray / Handle stars.

I don't think it's coincidental that while Liddle's have a "Hinc" motto term, Hinks use the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Bruce's of Annandale.

I see the Rains/Raines lions as those of Rothes', from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle, though he had lived in RENfrewshire, beside Lanarkshire, the latter being where Sane's/Sions were first found. Rothes is at Moray, and while the door handle was specified as having the missing part, Handle's share the Moray Coat exactly.

If God is pointing to Bill Barr, why use a door handle of my Jeep? I'm stuck.

As I know that Dale's share the swan with Sane's/Sions (share heart with Douglas'), and as Dells are said to be of Dale's, I've just entered "HanDELL" in an effort to load Handle's, but entering "Handle" does not bring up the same page (as "Handell") even though they both show the Moray Coat. Entering "Handell" gets the Coat with a motto thrown in, "Fest im handel ohne WANDEL" ("Handle" does not get the motto). UNBELIEVABLY, Wandels (spikes on club) have a Vandal variation as if to confirm that this dream is to point to the riots, for they are being mixed with vandalism! POW. That was badly needed.

Wandle's/Wannels happen to share the so-called double-TRESSURE border owned by flame-like Flemings, very good because TRASHers are also Tresure's. The latter's chevron and fitchee are not in regular red, but a darker red, same as the double-tressure border of Scottish Flemings. This is how I knew that the barrel-like item dropped on its rim was a trash can, for Trasher-like Tracys/Trasse's were from near Caen while Caens are also Cans. The Fleming-like flames around the rim proved to me that Trashers/Tresure's were being pointed to.

Wandle's/Wannels and Wandells happen to share the red-on-gold crescents of Seatons (known Flemings), and Seatons are perfect here because they share the double-tressure with Wandle's/Wannels, and because their Sitten variation named Sitten, the alternative name of Switzerland's Sion, the line to Sane's/Sions/Swans expected in the Liddle motto...all excellent work by God, especially as Little's have another red crescent. Durhams, hmm, have another red-on-gold crescent, and while Seatons are a Sedan branch, and Sedans (Durham) share a "sed" motto term with Rims/Rums/Rome's! Handells and Handle's were first found in Silesia with Sitten-like SITlers who share the lion of Wandle's/Wannels, apparently.

I complained about the missing part of the door handle to the previous owner of the Jeep, and he is from Italy's BeneVENTO. Silesia, where Handle's and Handells were first found, is in Poland, home of Wends, otherwise called, Vandals, known to be a VENETi branch. It explains why, partially anyway, the door handle had to be from his old vehicle, to confirm that the Vandal surname applies to as to confirm that the dream is pointing to the riots. The very next scene was my holding the trash can. Last night, I was RUNNING in the Pollock-pointing rain with the trash can, holding it by its HANDLE, when the lid popped off. Runnings/Ronnys show nothing but a wavy fesse in the colors of the nothing-but a wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks (and German Bakers, in case a Mr. Baker applies). Wrens , said to be of Mr. Raines i.e. the Rain surname (could be the lion of English Bakers), share the crosslets of WINDsors.

AHA! Liddle's ("SANitas" for Swans) are also LiDELLS, and the Dell-branch Dale's share the swan (both colors) of Lite's/Lights who come up as Littes'. The Ayers have a "Lighter than air" motto, and it just so happens that Switzerland's Sion/Sitten location is just a few miles from an Ayer location. "Than" might be code for the Then variation of Tyne's/Tine's, who I see in the Tooth motto, for Tooths happen to share the Light/Lite feathers while also having the swan-using Palmans/Pelhams in their motto. These same feathers are with Perkens, whom I see from Perga's Plancia MAGNA, which can explain the "Magnum" motto term of Little's. The split Shield of Tooth-related Bumps/Bumpus' is shared by Hinkleys while "Hinc" is a Liddle motto term.

Although the paragraph above seems not to touch upon the door-handle dream much, it actually has a pointer to George Soros starting with the Hinkleys expected in the Liddle/Lidell motto, and we now know that God provided the trash lid this week only, just as the riots are taking place. Hinkleys (Leicestershire) are said to have been connected to the power structures of Robert Blanchmaines, son of a Beaumont earl of Leicester i.e. location of the Soar river. I've only just remembered that Sorrys share the lion of Italian Simons, colors reversed from the Montfort lion so that Italian Simons look to be from Simon de Montfort, who was connected by marriage to the Beaumont earls of Leicester. The previous owner of the Jeep is Mr. Desimone, a surname listed with Italian Simons, and Hinks even have lion heads in the colors of the Simon / Beaumont lion.

It's as though God used this Jeep to point to the Soar-river Sorrys, and thus to George Soros. The double-tailed Beaumont lion is shared by the Arms of Bohemia, suggesting that BEAUMonts were at least connected to Bohemians, and Sorrys even use a version of the Bone/Bohum Coat (share Beaumont lion). One of the two English Beaumonts (DORset, same as George's and Sors'/Soars) share the Montfort lion (one tail) and the crescents of Oldens while Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in OLDENburg.

The George lion is also the Faucet lion, and Faucets (same place as Seatons/Sittens), who apparently had SAER de Quincy build their castle, can be in the "FACTique" motto term of Sorrys. Moreover, while we saw Perkens/Parkinsons above linking to the Lights/Littes', we can add here that Perkins/Parkings share a "simplex" motto term with Sorrys.

The "sed" motto term of English Beaumonts is for Sedans (Sion liner, Seaton branch), whose cinquefoil in turn is used by Danish Sorensons. German Sorensons are also SAUERnsons, and Sauers happen to share the Desimone / Sorry the colors of the lion of Rims who likewise use "sed"! There may be an effort by God to point to Perkins Coie here due to the "sed CUI" motto phrase of Beaumonts.

I don't think it's a coincidence that while the Sorrel Coat is almost the Brunswick Coat, German Sorensons were first found in Brunswick. This underscores the importance of my WOOD sorrel weed, for not only were Woods first found in Leicestershire, but the Sorrels are now usable to bring Sorensons/Sauernsons to topic, and therefore the Sauers too who share the giant Simon/Desimone lion. It's making sense of God's plan to have me purchase Mr. Desimone's Jeep, and then to use it in the trash-can dream, a pointer to Bill Barr, for Barrs came out of Brunswick! Bingo. Sorrels share the Harcourt peacock, and earl Blachmaines-Beaumont of Hinkleys was a Harcourt. Harcourts are a branch of Hairs linkable to Ayers / Ayrshire. The Hinks even use the saltire in the Arm of Ayrshire.

It should be added that the Rim lion can be gleaned in the Place lion, for Rims use a "placit" motto term, and it just so happens that the Place Coat is vertically split in the colors of the same of Wandels/Vandals. The latter share the club with Woods, and Woods have a savage holding the club while Savage's are also Sava's while Sauers are from the Sava river!!! Excellent as per SAUERnsons, suggesting that the Soar river was named by Sava-river peoples. PLACEntia is near the VENETI, and Mr. Desimone is from BeneVENTo. The latter is in Campania, and then the same name was used at times for France's Champagne, where Sauvage's were first found.

Handells love the Wandle's/Wannels who in turn have a "PACIS" motto term that should be for the Pasi's/Pace's, the line to Pasley at Rain-like RENfrewshire, beside the first-known Sane's/Sions. Simple's, expected in the "simPLEX" motto term of Sorrys, were first found in Renfrewshire, yet note how "plex' can be for a Place/Plaiz variation. Oh wow, just realized; Sawyers share the checks of Plaiz-like Pelaiz's!!! The latter even show a Pace-like Paez variation. They have half the Pollock saltire. Pasi's/Pace's share crossed spears with Spears, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, and Wrens, sharing the white lion head with Rothes' (in the colors of the Rain/Raines lion), have it with a broken spear (symbol of Obama's Singletary line). Spears are also SPEYers while Rothes castle is on the Spey river.

SAVIGliano, where Pelaiz-like Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found, is smack beside Monforte. That seems meaningful where the Montfort lion is also the Desimone lion, as if to drag Nancy Pelosi into this dream. The Pilate pheon is in colors reversed with Celts/Colts, and the latter's red stag head is shared by Malcolms/COLUMNs while Pelosi's/Piloti's use columns. Moreover, the red stag is used by German Sorensons/Sauernsons. Savigliano is right beside Bra, and Brays/Brae's were first found in Northumberland with Quincys while that family was made prominent by SAER de Quincy.

The Nancy surname could be in the "Nuncia pacis" motto of Wandels/Wannels, but for the moment I can't see how this can be a pointer to Nancy Pelosi, though we can expect her to be behind the push for riots / vandalism. On second thought, the Pelosi-like Pelaiz's/Pelais' have a Pacis-like Paez variation. Aha! French Packs place a bull in front of a tree, and Pelosi's have a bull behind a tree! That makes the Pelosi link to Vandal liners!!! Polish Packs even share the fleur-de-lys of Pacis-loving Liddle's, and these Packs were from Pelosi-like Polesie!!! I'm very impressed with this investigation.

Nancys are shown as TrenGROVE's too, and Grove's (Essex, same as Peks) even have a version of the Pek/Peck Coat. This is most excellent, because the mouth of the Pek river (Moesia, could have named Le Mose in Placentia) had the PINCum location, the line to Panico's, Pincs/Pinks and likely Pings/Pongs. Scottish Pike's/Pickens, feasibly from "PIACENza", share the stars of Pelosi's/Pilati's. English pike's were first found in Devon with the Trents who come up as Tren-like Trans'.

Ms. Pelosi must be in the trash-can LID popping off while I ran to the house in the rain. Nancy is a location in Lorraine along with Bar-le-Duc of the Brunswick Barrs.

I was waiting for the Jacks to come up as per my first high-school girlfriend, Jackie LITTLEford. The Grove's have a near-version of the English Grove Coat, and the Jack fesse is that also of Rims. Jake's were first found in Essex with Grove's. The hourglass shape of Jake's is at times called a saltire, and it's in the colors of the Little saltire, but more than this I can't say at this time. What, aside from connection to Nancy-related Trengrove's, does Jackie Littleford offer?

Minnesota-like Minne's/Minnes' have a dancette while English Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Jacks, Pinks and Pings) share the Jack fesse while Italian Dance's were first found in Piedmont with Savigliano (where Pelosi's were first found). George Floyd and fellow officers are from MINNEApolis police, and Miness' are shown more-properly as Minne's. I think John Ratcliffe needs to get a FISA spy warrant on Nancy Pelosi.

[I didn't know until a few hours after uploading this update that English Minnes' are unexpectedly listed with Miles'. It recalls my recent story of a classmate in grade 8 who became a police officer! See the story with "Norman Miles" in the 4th update of last month (two updates ago). Oh wow, Mile's/Mylles' were first found in Hampshire with the Liss' sharing the six pale bars in the Minne's/Minnes dancette!!! Incredible. It's proving that God set me up with Miles for a pointer to the Minneapolis police department. Intriguing.

About 11 years after I last saw Miles at age 13, he knocked on the window of my TAXi cab. I trace Tax's/Dachs to Dachau, Hitler's headquarters for his Bavarian concentration camps. I say that the deep state is a nazified organization from Nazi's who came to America in Operation Paperclip. I assume that Obama worked (joined hands) with some of those corrupted forces.

Irish Miles' may have one of the two Tax/Dach swords, and the Mile's/Mylles' have a moline cross while Moline's share the goat head of Walsers/WALZ's. The current Minnesota governor is Timothy Walz. Mile's/Mylles' (Board martlet?) were first found in Hampshire (beside Borders), and they use a border likely as code for Borders who in turn share the crosses swords of Tax's/Dachs.

German Babels/Babe's share the double-tailed mermaid of Walsers/Walz's, and English Babels/Babwells share the six pale bars of Minne's/Minnes' too!!! Zikers. I'll need to contemplate on Norman Miles more for a future addition to these finds. End insert]

There is also a PACIS'/Pasi/Pace surname (new to me right here), first found in Bologna with Pasi's/Pace's and the Panico's who share the Pacis/Pasi and Pack tree. Woods have a giant tree too, and the Guido's of Bologna (could be the Desimone / Montfort lion) have a write-up linking to Woods. While "pacis" is translated, "peace," the Peace surname is in the colors and near-format of Floyds. It's the Little-branch Liddle's that have the "NUNCIA PACIS" motto, how about that. Jackie Littleford is pointing to Pelosi's part in the Floyd story.

NOW, just look at the importance of Handle's, for if there had not been a door handle in the dream, Handle's wouldn't have been able to find Handells in this update who have a "wandel" motto term. And it's Wandle's/Wannels who are pointing to Pelosi by both their motto terms. Let's be reminded that Wandle's/Wannels use a double-TRESSURE border, part of the Trasher bloodline. Wandle's/Wannels share the DOVE with English George's (Dorset, same as Sors/Soars), who in turn have lion heads in the colors of the Wandle/Wannell lion. GEORGE Floyd's murder began the protests, and some protestors vandalized expressly due to his murder (it was the last straw). Dove's have a white-on-black dancette, as could Minnes'/Minna's.

See the Raines-like Reines' (comet) of the last update to read how pizzagate pedophilia, from James Alefantis, links to Panico's. I'll explain some of it again here. It should be added that while Wrens share the purple lion with Lacys/LASS' (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's who share the Pisa lion, and have a purple tingle to their blue lion), Wandells show WanLACE/WanLASS variations. English Pace's have a purple Shield. Note that Lace's can be in the "pLACit" motto term of Rims, for Lacys/Lass'/Lace's share the purple lion with Raines-branch Wrens.

The above tends to assure that God used the rain to send me running home for to drop the lid. However, I'll bet that the lid would not have come off unless God stuck his finger on it and flicked it off. BUT WHY? Well, the Rims/Rums/Rome's are in the Rain/Raines write-up, and Rims/Rums/Rome's use a "pungit" motto term for the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/Paganells (Yorkshire, same as Pincs/Pinks sharing lozenges of Reines- / Wren-like Reno's/Rhine's), and James Alefantis owns Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, while Reines' have a "comet" and the pizza-like Pisa Coat in colors reversed. Comet Ping Pong Pisa in a nutshell is all connecting to the Pacis bloodline in the Wandel/Wannell motto.

Comet Ping Pong is in Washington, and so I'm now led to think that the trash can lit to flames is pointing to satanist friends of Alefantis i.e. being behind the riots in Washington. Wikipedia's article on Alefantis says, "In 2012, GQ named him one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D.C." How does a mere restaurant owner get to that status unless he's part of a political cabal?

Oh wow. As was shown in the last update, the Alefantis-like Fantis surname shares the Panico Chief. Pinc-like Panico's were at the Seaton-like Setta valley, a tributary of the Reno while Reno's share the lozenges of Pinks/Pincs. It's just that I recall the so-called "GREEN tree" of Panico's (share label of Pings/Pongs), and so I assume that Paci's/Pasi's/Pace's use it too, as part-code for Green liners, and so see this: "Comet Ping Pong was founded by James Alefantis and Carole GREENwood in 2006. Prior to opening Comet Ping Pong, Alefantis and Greenwood both co-owned Buck's FISHing [caps mine) and Camping, another restaurant next door to Comet's current location". GreenWOODs (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs and Pincs/Pinks), happen to have the colors and format of Rains/Raines and Fish's. Scottish Woods share a tree on a green mound with Panico's. The "treu" motto term of German Fish's/Fishers/Fischs suggest the True variation of Tree's.

Oh wow, look at God's verification that He's pointing to the Fishing and Camping restaurant, for English Fish's have a Pascis-like surname: "In Normandy where some of the family originated, the family was known by Piscis." We couldn't have made this connection had not handle's been in the door-handle dream, for Handells just discovered their Wandels/Wannel kin in this very discussion, and they have the "pascis" motto term that points smack to the Ping-Pong line in Bologna! ZINGER. Watch out you pedophilic Hell-bound demons, for God had your number.

Greenwoods were first found in Yorkshire with Odins who in turn share the Coat of Greenwich's (Kent, same as Greens). The Greenwood saltire can be the one of Irish Kilpatricks because Scottish Kilpatricks (Dumfries, same as Rims/Rums/Rome's) share the Panico / Fantis Chief minus the label. Labels/La Bells can be linked to Bells and Bellamys, the latter sharing the Seaton crescents while the green dragon is shared between Seatons and Irish Kilpatricks. The Kilpatrick dragon comes with the same lion as have Pascals while Pasi's/Pace's are also Pascels, and it's the Pascis-loving Wandels/Wannels who likewise have the Seaton crescents.

It's now notable that variations of Wandels/Wannels (Seaton crescents) look like variations of Weiners/Wansteads, and while Anthony Weiner, the convicted pedophile of Clintonite circles, comes to mind, Childs were at Wanstead while "child" can be a pointer to pedophilia. Childs were kin to Clubs, and Wandels/Vandals share the club with Woods. The vandalism in the riots is being mixed with savagery, and the Woods have a savage holding a club. Riot-like Rita's/Rheda's use "pieces of wood, and peace-like Pacis' share the giant tree with Woods. Rita-branch Reids/Reeds have a fitchee cross in the colors of the similar cross-like item of Wandells (Northumberland, same as English Reeds). In other words, this is evidence that the vandalizing riots can be pointed to by Rita's / Rieds/Reeds. English Reeds (version of Pike Coat) use a "Pax" motto term that can be for a Pace line.

Reids can be in the "wahREIT" motto term of German Fish's/FISCHs, and while the wood sorrel weed pointed to George Soros because the Woods were first found on/near the Soar river, Sorrys use the FASCes. Reids share the book with Roets while Roets share the boar heads of Pasi-related Spears. Pollocks were from Vespasia Polla of Rieti (suggests the Pools share the Rita lion), and Sorrys have the "simplex" motto term while Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Pollocks. Books/Boggs use an hourGLASS.

Moreover, Sorry-like Sauers/Sours (share Sorry lion) are said to be from the Sau = Sava river, and Savage's are also Sava's. Then, Sauers/Sours tell that "Dieteri Galleri was the first to take on this name," while Gallerys are also Galloways while Pacis-loving Wandle's/Wannells were first found in Galloway with Fergus'/Ferris' who share the Sauer/Sour Coat. James Alefantis probably has an art GALLERY. "[Alefantis] is also the president of the art gallery Transformer in Logan Circle, Washington, D.C." Logans are the Duck-related ones who share a giant heart with French Sauvage's. The Logan/Duck heart is pierced while Pierce's share the rare, wavy chevron of English Fish's. The latter have the Coat of Wann-like Vaughns.

Wandle's/Wannels with the "pacis" motto term also have the Peace symbol, a dove. The Wandel/Wannel dove holds the six-leafed branch in the Saffer Crest while Saffers share the three unicorn heads of piece/Peace-like Pierce's/Pearce's. One of the Sorenson surnames is also Severin while Saffers are also Savarys. I owned a Safari VAN at the same time that I had the Jeep. I see Vans as part of the Veneti.

Repeat: "Runnings/Ronnys show nothing but a wavy fesse in the colors of the nothing-but a wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks (and German Bakers, in case a Mr. Baker applies). Wrens, said to be of Mr. Raines i.e. the Rain surname (could be the lion of English Bakers), share the crosslets of WINDsors." Dutch Bakers are in the colors and format of Pagan-like Pigeons/Pigons, and these are the colors of Pings/Pongs/Paganells. I might not have mentioned this except that English Pigeons are in the colors and format of English Rothes', i.e. a fundamental part of the quote. With all three baker surnames worked into that small statement, Jim Baker of the FBI comes back to mind, for he backed up the statement of Andrew McCabe that Rosenstein was serious about personally wearing a wire to spy on Trump. It just so happens that Peace's are in the colors and format of McCabe's, and the latter were first found on Ronny-like Arran.

As with Jewish Pollocks and German Bakers, Winders/Wunders (Bavaria, same as German Rothes'/Rothchilds) show nothing but a bend in the same colors. And English Winders share the motto of Pollock-related Pullys/Pullens. The Winder/Wunder bend is half the Windsor saltire in the same colors, and with all of the broken glass thinks to vandals, note that while Winders are a Wandel/Vandal branch round-about, Jewish Glass', expected at the naming of Renfrewshire's Glasgow, have fesses on their wings similar to the bends on the Winder/Wunder wings. I've been very impressed with this investigation.

It's mentionable that Scottish Glass' share the border of SCOTTs and Scoots, suggesting that Glass' are from the CLAUSula river, the waters of which drain into lake SCODra. This area is beside Rhizon, and then Risings have a cross in the colors of the Pollock saltire while Pollocks were at GLASgow. In the 1979 dream God gave us, which started with a shark in a swimming POOL, He pointed to the Shark-line Saraca's of Kotor, beside Rhizon, but he also pointed to Rhizon by having Miss and Hicks and I rising into the sky. Miss Hicks' middle name is said to be, Rena. Hicks have an hour-like motto term while Books/Boggs use an HOURglass. It just seems that God provided a provision in that dream for linking to the people behind these riots / insurrection. In short, the deep-state shark is behind the riots, and it wants to swallow Trump whole. As explained recently, our rising in the Hicks dream predicted that John Ratcliffe would win the day for Trump.

I was able to glean that the Hicks dream was on Epstein's island. The Intelligence people and other power brokers behind Epstein have got to represent the shark itself. It shouldn't surprise us if many of those goons are pedophiles who make Alefantis "powerful." If we never hear of him in the news, how can he be powerful unless he's secretly so? As Hicks use a buck's head, let's go back to Alefantis' BUCK's Fishing and Camping, for God may have provided a pointer here starting with the Bucks who share the Conte antler. From Conte's we go to Contys/CINDYs and therefore to Cindy Richardson, and the best thing here is to just repeat from the last update:

One evening, I invited Mamie, a new girlfriend to a Bible-study event outdoors. She was standing alone at home plate of a baseball diamond, and so I walked up to her and kissed her, maybe a thing I wasn't allowed to do at a Bible study because, when turning to face toward the field, there was Cindy at second base with a displeasured face while looking at us.

While telling this story again, it popped into my mind that she being at second base might be a pointer to Steve Scalise being shot at second base. For while Scalise was supposedly dealing with pizzagate matters, Cindy and her parents walked into my place of work, a pizzeria, a week or two or three after the second-base event. It was the only night I was asked to serve tables due to a waiter not being able to make it to work, and when they walked in, I not only sat them down, but I served them, and they ordered wine...which I reasoned was a pointer to Anthony Weiner, convicted pedophile. Weiner's wife was Clintonite, HUMA Abedin, and Mamie and I were kissing and hugging at HOME plate when Cindy was at SECOND base, and the Seconds/Segurs have virtually the Coat of Abedin-like Bedins/'s that for proof that God set up those two events with Cindy for pointing to pedophiles?

So, we went from Bucks to Contys/Cindy to Alefantis' pizzagate like tic-tac-toe. The Cindys/Contys have a lion in Home/Hume lion colors, and the latter love the True variation of Tree's while we saw Tree's all over the Panico / Pacis / Ping/Pong / Fantis discussion. The Buck Shield looks linkable to the Yates Shield.

As was said, Mamie became by girlfriend at a camping site, while the gang I once partied with had rented a camp site. BARRy convinced me to go camping that weekend because, he said, "Mamie's coming," though I was decided at that point to fully break from these drinking buddies, having been a Christian about a year by that time. Mamie lured me. Mamie and I were at the baseball diamond with Cindy Richardson about a couple of weeks after that camp-site event. Bill BARR's father was the principal of a Dalton school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher there. English Daltons use ROBIN hood while Richardsons are said to have been kin of Belwoods who in turn use a version of one Robin Coat. It appears that God used Barry to set me up with Mamie as a pointer to Bill Barr, the one who did nothing to expose the jailhouse murder-scheme of Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Barr, the trash can. Had I not been running, the lid to the trash can would not have popped off, and Runnings/Ronnys show nothing but a fesse in nothing-but-a-fesse colors of the Daltons above. The other DALtons ("fiDELis") share the Rita lion, I reckon, because Dale-related Dells (Suffolk) share a cloud in Crest with Reids who in turn had a Rede location in Suffolk.

Repeat: "Riot-like Rita's/Rheda's use "pieces of wood, and peace-like Pacis' share the giant tree with Woods. Rita-branch Reids/Reeds have a fitchee cross in the colors of the similar cross-like item of WanDELLs (Northumberland, same as English Reeds). In other words, this is evidence that the vandalizing riots can be pointed to by Rita's / Rieds/Reeds. English Reeds (version of Pike Coat) use a "Pax" motto term that can be for a Pace line." "Pax" is translated as, "peace."

Repeat: "...English Fish's. The latter have the Coat of Wann-like Vaughns" By "Wann," I was referring to the Wannel variation of Wandle's. It recalls that Paul Smith, who lived in Vaughn township, was an avid fisherman when I was his friend, when he owned a red Jeep, decades before I got my red Jeep from Mr. Desimone. English Smiths are in Fish / Vaughn colors and format, and these Smiths have a fish in the Crest.

The last time I spoke with Paul, he was making DOORs, and God chose a door handle to lead us to Wandels/VANdals. God then connected the lid > Liddle's to the door handle, and Liddle's use an "oDOR" motto term that, so far as I can glean, is important as per Sors'/Soars and George's of DORset. The Numans suspect in the Smith motto were first found in Dorset, and the Amore's suspect in the "amor" motto term of Numans are a branch of Damorys with what look like a version of the Drummond bars. I trace George's to George, father of the first Drummond, and the trash can had doubled as a drum as per Drummonds, though at the moment I can't recall why it doubled as a drum.

George was the son of king Andrew (Anders) I of Hungary, and he's expected to the Andrew at the root of the Ross clan. As Ross-shire is beside Moray, the HANDle's/Handels (Moray Coat), in Anderson colors, look like they are a variation from ANDers. Danish Andersons share the Flynn / Wolfley wolf (the colors, that is). I've seen a blue-on-white wolf in the Arms of Placentia, and while the ANANes Gauls were at PLACentia, note that ANANs/Annandale's share the saltire of Scottish Andersons who in turn share a "sure" motto term with Kilpatricks (Dumfries, same as Annandale). It just so happens that the Rims (Dumfries, involved at Annandale) use a PLACit" motto term. The Ananes are said by Wikipedia to have been between the Trebia and the TARO river, and Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Trashers/Tressure's, the trash-can line! Ross' have the Russell lion in colors reversed, and Tarrs/Tara's look linkable to Arms of ROUSSILLon. Scottish Andersons share the blue boar head with Rollo's, the latter first found in Perthshire with Drummonds.

The way to link this George, who descended from the Varangian RUS, to George Soros is by way of Sorrels sharing the Mar Coat (has lions in Ross-lion colors), for earls of Mar (not far from Ross-shire) were at KilDRUMMy castle. So, the trash-can is cleanly linkable to George Soros by this route. I was pulling sorrel weeds when I took the trash can this week for the lid event. Scottish Andersons share "sure" with Scottish Kilpatricks while Irish Kilpatricks share the Little saltire. Scottish Kilpatricks were at CLOSEburn, and Close's share the spur with Liddle's. I'll show soon how the spur is shared also by a Littes relative.

I now recall the sick stag I found in Texas while on a drive with Miss Anderson, I kid you not. Look at the timing of the Andersons in this discussion, for it comes with mention on Paul Smith. God put Paul Smith in another of my rash of dreams about three or four years ago. Kepke was walking up my driveway right beside (about ten feet from) the spot where the lid popped off the trash can this week. I left the trash can outside the garage door to get washed in the rain, just ten feet or less in front of the Jeep's hood.

Kepke was followed by a sickly stag (very skinny), and Paul Smith, following the stag, was in crutches. I'm wondering whether those crutches point to the injuries suffered during the riots, for Kepke pointed to Syphax, a Numidian leader that I trace to SPIKE's/Spicks/Specks, and I think the items on the Wandel/Vandal club are spikes. I trace Kepke to Keeps, a term like the Chep variation of JEEPma's who share the double-headed eagle with Spike's/Spicks/Specks.

From the first times that I described that dream, I always said that the stag looked sick. I suggested that it's a pointer to the Sichs/Sykes', but I think I have only verified this for the first time now, for I decided to check out the Sykes Dyke location in the Sich write-up, and came across Wikipedia's article on the Sykes family of Sledmere, where we read: "William Sykes (1500–1577), migrated to the West Riding of Yorkshire, settling near Leeds, and he and his son became wealthy cloth traders." It just so happens that while God pointed Kepke to Keppochs, the Keppochs/Kippax' were at Kippax, a location in Leeds, how about that. The Leeds' even share the Keppoch fesse.

There is a Kippax and Methley ward of Leeds city council. Methleys and Medleys (Sussex, same as Keeps) are a branch of Meads. The latter were once said to have been first found in Sussex. Meads (Capone colors and format), who use pelicans, share the martlets of Josephs (Maine, same as Pellicans). Joseph Caiaphas had a Keppoch-like surname. "Syphax" and "Caiaphas" are more similar. Jeepma's are Cheps too while Scottish Chappes' are Cheaps too. Pauls were first found in Yorkshire with the Pullens/Pullys (pelican) who likewise share the Joseph martlet. While Caiaphas (chief priest of Israel) married the daughter of ANANus (chief priest of Israel), the Anans/Annandale's share the gold griffin of Chaffs/Chaffee's, a compelling argument for tracing those priests to those surnames.

Sichs/Sykes use so-called fountains that are made of three wavy fesses colors reversed from the same of German Drummonds. As Kepke had hair that reminded me of Trump's hair, and as both men were womanizers, I tend to think that the sickly stag is the Trump stag, for the Arms of Waterford County has the Trump stag while Waterfords/Waterville's share the three Sich/Sykes fountains. Moreover, Deise is at Waterford, and the Arms above therefore has a "Deise" motto term while Deise's are listed with Dyke-like Dice's. Sykes Dyke. Trump's were first found in Pomerania with the Belows/Bello's sharing the giant and double-headed Jeepma eagle. West Yorkshire is where Sedbergh is located to which I trace Sedans, and the latter share the cinquefoil of Scottish Dyke's/Dike's. The latter were first found in Cumberland with early Sicks/Sykes'.

Dutch Dicks share the Jump roses while Jumps share the Trump stag head. So, my best shot at deciphering that dream is that the riots will make Trump politically sick i.e. barley holding on to political life.

Aha! The Sicks/Sykes use an "ASSIduus" motto term while Assi's share the fasces found in the Sorry Crest, and the Sorrys motto has "DICtis." Suddenly we have a Soros link to the sickly-stag dream, and while George Soros practically owned the fledgling new Ukraine under Poroshenko, Kepke's father is Ukrainian.

The Varangian Rus of Keep-like Kiev (Ukraine capital) had prince Andrew in their company when he needed to escape the Hungarian king. This Andrew, who became the king above, father of George, was married to a Varangian, and thus George was part-Varangian. I read that this George married a woman from PodeBRADY, and Bradys (Galway) have a finger pointing to the sun, as do Babe's, yet Babe's (Dorset, same as George's and Chauvin-like Chaffs and Chaffins) use two fingers pointing, as do Boii-like Pointers and this Arms of Ayrshire throwing in squirrels, symbol of Dutch Dyke's. The fingers pointing in the Arms come with a "Confido" motto, which is the motto of Boii-like Boyds (Ayrshire) who likewise have two fingers pointing. Podebrady is in Boii-line Bohemia.

English Babels, sharing the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady, share the six pale bars in the dancette of Minnesota- / Minneapolis-like Minnes'/Minna's/MEANs. It just so happens that Scottish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Drummonds), in the "shaw" motto term of another Arms of Ayrshire, use a "MEAN" motto term, but moreover these Shaws share the "DAGGER" with Comine's/Comyns (and Kilpatricks) while Kyle's of Ayrshire were at CUMNock. Comyns were from Kuman in Albania's Fier county, on the APSus river with the DEXARoi, and Fiers with Apps' were first found in Middlesex with gold-GATE Babels.

The amazing thing here is that Bradys are Gradys too while Miss Grady is the wife of Anthony Fauci (I learned this from Polly in her video of last week). Just as Fauci's coronavirus crisis was failing, out came the riots due to George Floyd and officer Chauvin. Bill Gates, now a globalist monster, is in bed with Fauci.

I kid you not, I heard a word in my head as one hears from God, while writing a paragraph shortly above. The word was, ANTifia, and this was heard just moments after I recalled that the sick stag was found dead one morning with ANTS going into its nose. I knew exactly why this word rang out, to connect to the ants. I was wondering whether the ants were a pointer to king ANDrew or ANDersons. As I've said many times, on the way home with Miss Anderson (terminal-cancer patient at the time) in my vehicle, after having lunch with her, we came across a baby deer on the road. Its mother was not around, and so, seeming to be ill, we took it home, and it stayed at my place. But it died a few weeks later. It was a sickly stag, we could say, and the ants are suggesting that the sickly stag in the dream with Smith on crutches is a pointer to injuries caused by ANTIFA. It's just perfect to have the sick fawn with the sickly stag in the dream. Hants/Hands use a stag.

Judy Mikovits has been online telling that cancer is largely due to Fauci's vaccination products. Miss Anderson died shortly after the fawn died, of cancer. If Fauci is responsible for this, may God give her vengeance. Fauci's crisis fell apart within weeks of Mikovits, Buttar and others telling the world about Fauci's crimes. Shame on Fox for not touching that story.

Almost forgot: Paul Smith lived in Vaughn when I knew him, and a baby deer is a Vaughn-like fawn. Checking Fawns/Faughnes', they are found with the three crescents of Weathers/Withers! There is a very good chance that ANTIFA is a carry-over from Weather Underground. Fawns/Faughnes' throw in a hunting horn while Horns/Orne's share the heron with the Smith though God wanted us to be sure that the dream with Smith and the sickly stag is to be connected to the sickly fawn. Unbelievably, both are about ANTIFA.

The Fawn hunting horn might be for linking to the Patch hunting horn, both black-on-white, for the trash can's rim caught fire while on a round patch of sand. The entire ground was not sand, but I saw a round patch of sand, and as Rims were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks, the Patch's can apply because Irish Kilpatricks are also Patchie's. As the latter share the Little saltire while Little's (had a location near the Rims of Annandale) share the Witter/Witt crescent, it can appear that the sick fawn was given to point us to the Weathers/Withers/Witters via the Fawns/Faughnes'. This is another reason to see the flaming trash can as a pointer to the riots.

Just remembered: there are crescents in flames with the Patch-like Patents/Patience/Patiens/Padyns surname, first found in Dumfries! Their crescents are in the colors of the Weather/Witter crescents!!! Pow-wow. DumFRIES may have been named by the Fries' (Switzerland) sharing the Witter/Witt crescent. And Scottish White's share quatrefoils with Ayers.

Black hunting horns are used also by Witt-like Weights/Waits/WAYTe's. Wyatts were first found in Sussex with Vice's/Vise's, and the Wyatts share the Ghent eagles while Ghent/Gaunt is in the gauntlet gloves of Fane's/Vans and Wayne's. Ghents share the Chief-Shield colors of Witters/Witts. While Vissers/Fisers use fish to indicate Fishers, Van-like Vaughns (Fish Coat, Glove colors and format) are VYCHans too while Vice's/Vise's (stag head) have the black cross between antlers of Eustace's (stag), a branch of Staceys (stag) suspect from the Staggs/Stage's. Miss Peare was on a stage (more about this below) when she got her waist symbol, and Waistells/WESSELs look connectable to the VESSLer variation of Vissers/Fisers. Hungarians trace themselves to a mythical stag, and while Eustace II was the father of Godfrey de Bouillon, Bouillons use a "bello" motto term suspect from king Bela, king Andrew's brother. Miss Peare's waist symbol also gave her a BELLY symbol for this very Bouillon-Bela line.

In short, the mythical stag was a secret for the line of Eustace to which Hungarians got married. The Hungarian capital, BudaPEST was named partly after the city of Pest, and the Belows/Bello's have: "The ancestral castle was called Peest..." Soros is Hungarian. Could this explain why the sick fawn was found with Miss Anderson?

Stacys share the saltire in the Arms of Ayrshire (linkable to Anderson saltire), but its also the full Coat and saltire of Andrea's. This recalls the story I've told several times of Andrea, in my grade-5 class, whom I befriended. I gave her a game board (the name of which I can't recall), and a book on TARZan. The Tarrs/Tarres' are expected from the Taro river, making Andrea's and Andersons, and king Andrew, look like they were married to the line of Ananes Gauls. As I think back on my favorite board games of my youth, they were Monopoly and Sorry, but I regret that I cannot recall which board game I bought for her. It would be a real hoot if it were the Sorry game.

There is an Irish Faughn/Faughey surname too: "The surname Faughn comes from the Irish Gaelic name O Fachtnain. The name indicates the son of Fachtna, an ancient forename much in favor with the O'Kellys of Ui Maine, with whom it was modernized as Festus." "Fest" is a motto term of ANDers-like Handells. "Fest" can explain why Fish's share the Vaughn Coat. Fes' (Auvergne, same as Bouillons) use a fox suspect with Foxside castle of Faucets.

Don't assume that Faughns originate in "Fachtna," for it could have been the other way around. Faucets share the Wandle/Wannels lion. Oh wow, Faucets essentially share the rare bend of Irish Faughns/Faugeys! In both cases, the bends alternate in red and white, and both bends are on gold Shields. Faucets are suspect with "Fauci"!!!

The Sorrys use "FACTique," and I do wish I could remember whether the game board I got Andrea was Sorry, for I did like that game. In any case, the Game/Cam surname shares the Babel Coat and is thus in the Minne/Minnes dancette. It's the Sava-like Shaws who love the Means, and Sorry-branch Sauers are said to be from the Sava river. Andrea lived on SHOREham Drive (Toronto), and Shore's are like "Sorry," but moreover the Shops (dancette) are SHORElands and SHAWlands, and the door-handle dream opened with my riding a shopping cart!!!

I was riding it (a foot on the lower framework) from the side as one rides a skateBOARD, which recalls that Obama, in my Obama dream, was dancing immediately before he appeared as twins on a skateboard, the twin scene now suspect with the deal the Minnesota Twins made with La Raza. You'll see this deal in Polly's video below, where La Raza can be a Soros-favored disinformation organization.

Note that the seahorse in the Shop/Shoreland Crest linkable to the same in the Seaman Crest because Seamans have a version of the Sea fesses (they are the wavy Drummond fesses) while Sea's were first found in Kent with Shops/Shorelands. The triple Sea / Drummonds bars are in the fountains of Sichs/Sykes', and Fawns, Faughns and Vaughns can all be a branch of Fonts / Fountains. The sick fawn. Sea's and Seamans link solidly to Ducks/Duckers by way of Tuckers.

Back to Vissers/Fisers/Vislers, who use the fish of Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's and DOWNs. The "Vis" motto term of Floyds plays here, not only because Floyds are in Visser/Fiser colors, but because Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head with Knee's (County DOWN) while Chauvin's knee reportedly killed Floyd.


Below is the latest video from Polly, where she gives some evidence that the Floyd death was staged. I don't care if there will be a funeral, there may not be his body in the casket. When she mentioned the Minnesota TWINS, I recalled that Obama, in yet another one of my dreams of three to four years ago, was skateboarding up a ramp, yet there were two of him, as when one sees double. That scene was immediately after he was dancing, and Minnesota- / Minneapolis-like Minnes'/Minna's show nothing but a dancette.

As I've said, the type of dance was where one kicks the LEG out to a horizontal position, then turns 180 degrees and walks the other way until kicking the leg out again to a horizontal position. The point is, the Legro river is also the Soar, and Sors'/Soars share the lion of the Legro's. I think this is a good video:

The second half of her video shows fat cats such as Bill Gates venturing into fakenstein meat that they want to sell to us as meat without telling us how they grew it in a meat factory without animals.

The first half of Polly's video had a Raza radio station partnering with the Minnesota Twins baseball team. A comment under the video: "When I looked up La Raza I found an article saying " La Raza is a George Soros funded Military Marxist organization" is this the same La Raza you're talking about". Hmm, that's interesting. The google-books page below says that Soros funded "UnidosUS (formerly La Raza)". Unidos, run by Mexicans, favors open borders, easy immigration, etc., and one can bet that Latinos wish one day to rule the southern United States hands down over whites. The Democrats are willing to sell their souls to Latinos in an effort to remain in power during these their desperate times. Not being able to win fair-and-square, they are resorting to lawlessness. The anti-Christ generation is upon us, people who have given their minds to so many media lies they don't know reality anymore.

The Phoenix branch of La Raza was funded by National Council of Churches, ironically enough. Do you know where your church donations are going? Things have changed much in church organizations, lots of infiltrations by the bad guys. Here's how bad things have gotten in the churches, the falling away from faith thanks to constant bombardments upon our faith:

People can phrase things to sound true when in fact they are not true. Beware the anti-Christs who were once Christians, the apostates.

When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the [demonic] powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. (Paul, Colossians 2:13-15).

It's all so simple, why complicate it? God is willing to keep us alive if we just accept the sacrifice of Jesus, and pay Him the respect he deserves for being the reproduction of God in a human body.

Alisa Childers, in the video above, says that the Father didn't only punish His Son with His wrath, but rather, more profoundly, took the wrath upon Himself (a better way to put it)...because He loves us when we are reasonable. I didn't hear the entire video in case there were some doctrinal problems. Alisa sounded pretty good, but she had challenged her ask-no-questions faith in Jesus, and mixed it with a scholarly, scientific approach, yet her faith survived the challenge. She began to question whether the sense of the Spirit of Jesus with her was some sort of mental / biological trick. She was a believer from the heart, we could say, and then, after a period of dark doubts, became a believer from the mind, or from the mind too. She decided that the apostles were not telling untruths. She could yet abandon Jesus in the future. Anyone of us can. If you don't want Jesus enough, you'll probably let Him go sooner or later.

To maintain a nature that God can love, we need to be protected from demonic influences that seek to make us unlovable, enemies of God. The Crucifixion comes with a plan to make us lovable, so don't throw it away if you've tasted it. Stop tearing apart your faith with doubts planted ultimately by demons in the minds of apostates. They know how to tear your faith away because they tore their own faith up. If you hate this world, its evil, then you are probably lovable by God. Keep Jesus, or you will have nothing at your death. Extol Him. You want Him in your life because you respect him. He is GREAT. He really is the Know-It-All, and he will teach those who love Him.

God is not a monster just because he rejects evil people for His kingdom. But if you love anti-Christs who fake a thin morality in "humanism," then you are deceived. The "progressives" we are seeing in-action today are the real selves once hiding behind a facade decades ago. They wore a facade in efforts to start a new movement of Christless morality. Their true colors are pouring out now because they think they can have total power over the earth, but God will expose the movement to prove Himself the righteous one.

Here's a super article telling several reasons as to why Floyd staged his own murder:

Social-media giants are hiding all of the "conspiracy-nut" viewpoints. It's their only hope, that's how desperate they are. They are falling, in other words. The people will not forget.

Here's a timeline of events; why did the cops take him out of the car, cuffed already, and then put the knee to his neck? That's not typical police activity.

But there was an autopsy, and a memorial service too. So what? The deep state is so entrenched, it can feign such things easily. They may have unleashed this false flag before Ratcliffe had a chance to get organized in his new job, for false flags and other tricks will become dangerous once Intelligence is in the hands of good guys. The bad guys will feel compelled to communicate in-person, not easy when conspirators don't live in the same places. The bad guys really need badly to take Ratcliffe out of the job, and the best way to do it now, they figure, is to make Trump lose the election.

On Friday's Ingraham show, there was a guest who showed the similarities between the current riots and the tactics / programs of the Weather Underground terrorist group led by Bill Ayers, a friend of Obama. I'd therefore like to repeat the following because the trash lid gave us Liddle's and Little's this week: "AHA! Liddle's ("SANitas" for Swans) are also LiDELLS, and the Dell-branch Dale's share the swan (both colors) of Lite's/Lights who come up as Littes'. The Ayers have a "Lighter than air" motto, and it just so happens that Switzerland's Sion/Sitten location is just a few miles from an Ayer location." It could therefore be that the lid was ultimately to point to the Littes' in order to point to Bill Ayers. At one time, there was a wealth of articles on Obama's connections to Bill Ayers. The latter was allowed to go free in what must have been lawlessness from the Democratic U.S. government...which ruled the nation solidly until Bill Clinton gave the House and Senate to Republicans in 1994.

There's been no repentance since those days.

The Crest of English Ayers/Eyers/Airs is a leg, a symbol I'm now pointing to George Soros. The Ayers leg has a spur, the Liddle symbol too. As I said, the Arms of Ayrshire has the Annandale saltire on gold, the colors of the saltire of the Hinks expected in the "Hinc" motto term of Liddle's. Wasn't there a Mr. Hinkley who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan? Might he have been of the Weather Underground? As I said years ago, Weathers/Withers have a HARE in Crest, and Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Air-like Hairs/Hare's. It's as though God set up the Weathers with the Ayers bloodline to snitch on Weather Underground, and then the Hairs/Hare's share the Dunham Shield (minus the fesses) while Obama's mother was Miss Dunham, how about that. Dunhams and Weathers/Withers were even both first found in Norfolk.

WEATHERs/Withers have one of the triple WATER chevrons, and Singletarys have these triple chevrons of Waters in colors reversed. Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to, Dunham. The Weather/Wither hare has what looks like EARS of wheat in its mouth, and I see heraldic ears as code for Eyers/Airs. Compare "WEATHer / Water" to "Wheat".

I find this Ayer-Weather section very compelling that God was with the lid. Again, I was pulling a disappointing number of new sorrel weeds at the road, upon going out to take the trash can in. It started to pour rain, the type that makes you run home. I was holding the trash can's handle with my LEFT hand, and the running made the lid pop off because the contained was being shaken as I ran. The Rains/Raines' connect to RENfrewshire's Pollocks, and Ayrshire is beside (touching) Renfrewshire.

It just so happens that Wither-like Witters/Witts share the red-on-white crescent of Little's, isn't that something? Plus, I've seen the Arms of Carrick, just a chevron in the colors of the Weather/Witter chevron, used with the three black-on-white fitchees of Kennedys (Ayrshire), and Carricks were first found in Ayrshire. In other words, the Weathers/Withers/Witter are in the colors and format of the Arms of Carricks and Kennedys, tending to nail Weather Underground to the Ayers. Kennedys love the Lafins/La Fonts (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys), who share the Faucet lion, recalling how Faucets turned out to be a branch of Faughns/Faugheys. The Fane's/Vans use gloves while Glove's (Vaughn colors and format) have three crescents colors reversed from the three of Weathers/Withers/Witters.

Again, Sorrys and Sauers share the same lion, but here we find that the Sawyer/Sawer checks are on a fesse are in the Arms of East Ayrshire. The same red lion could be in the Arms of South Ayrshire, which is beside Galloway, named by GALLERYs/Galloways suspect in Dieteri Galleri of the Sauers. The Sauers use a red lion in both Shield and Crest, as do Ayr-like Aurs/Aures'.

We might even ask if "Dieteri" is a pointer of George Soros to the Fort DETRick lab that I think was responsible for the manufactured coronavirus crisis. The giant Sauer lion is also that of Galves'/Galego's (Galicia) while the Galveston National lab was involved with the Wuhan lab along with the Fort Detrick lab. Is that not something? Compare "GALVes" to "GALLOW," then note how the Galves/Galego Coat has a castle on red, as does the Arms of South Ayrshire. We might even compare "Wuhan" with the Wannel variation of the Wandle's. In fact, note the Wuhan-like term in the "handel OHNe wandel" motto phrase of Handells.

Oh wow, I almost missed it: Handle's and Handells have a pentagram-star version of the eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs! Detrick-like Deters/Teeters share a white dog with the Barrel Chief, and James LeDUC ran the Galveston lab while Barr-related (i.e. possible Barrel branch) Bar-le-Duc is a Duck liner. There was a barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle just before I was holding a trash can. The Trashers/Tresure's have a red-fitchee version of an Arms of Carrick.

Now's the time to repeat that Helen, my tenant, went to a duck dinner with me after her previous boyfriend left a chocolate treat on her door knob = door handle. It's quite amazing because Helens (black horse head) can be gleaned with a colors-reversed version of the English Este Coat (black horse in Crest), and Barrs share the Italian Este eagle because Barrs were an Este branch. So, you see, the door handle in the Jeep dream is indeed a pointer to Bill Barr.

These labs were a major topic at the end of April and beginning of May, where Mary Nigro pointed to both labs. I've just noted that the page for the South Ayrshire (shows Arms of Carrick) calls Marjory Carrick by "Mary," and Marys share the Sauer / Galves lion too: "The monarch’s eldest son usually holds the title of Earl of Carrick and it is currently held by Prince Charles in direct line from King Robert the Bruce whose mother was Mary, Countess of Carrick." Mary pointed to Galveston by more than her surname, Nigro, which uses "ears of wheat," the items I see in the mouth of the Weather/Wither hare. Nigro's are also Negro's, and I was mugged by a Negro in my only night in Galveston. We could even say that this Negro was pointing both to Obama and the ANTIFA organization that many see Obama behind. yet we now have reason to lump Soros into this where an Arms of Ayrshire, adjacent to Renfrewshire, has the Sawyer/Sawer (and Pelaiz) checks.

Although there is no Riot surname coming up, there's Rots and Riets/Reed/Reids (Northumberland, same as Roddens/Rodhams). It recalls Miss Peare, whom I knew when she worked for REITmans. She appeared in a dream of about three years ago with a waist symbol, when she was on my PLATform, which was a pointer to Waistells sharing the blue dove with George's. Due to this dream pointing to Hillary Clinton in at least four other ways, the platform was deemed a pointer to Platte River Networks, Hillary RODHAM Clinton's private email server through which she conducted her government work. Reitmans share the Zionist stars of Rotens i.e. who are like the Rodden variation of Rodhams. The latter share the fesse of Jewish Rots/Rothchilds, German Rothschilds/ROTTENsteins, and of the German Reits'/Reizo's, new to me here because I don't think I've ever added the 's' on "Reit" before (no Reit surname comes up). Reits'/Reizo's were first found in Austria with Ritters/Riders.

So, may we ask if God is pointing to the riots with Rodham liners for a reason? George Soros is a big donor to the Clinton Foundation, and they had big globalist plans with president Hillary Clinton. They were very upset, and are still upset. She's coming back for more punishment. Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, and Blythe's happen to share the garbs of Riets/Reeds.

More. While Blythe's share the Witter/Witt crescent, Blythe's were first found in Berwickshire with the Fawns/Faughnes' having the three crescents of Weathers/Witters. Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar (by invitation only), and the globalism of Cecil Rhodes (owner of Rhodes Scholarships) was socialist, ditto for Weather Underground. These Rhodians have been destroying American society for a long time via political infiltrations. Lord Rothschilds were in cahoots with Cecil Rhodes. Bill Blythe married a RODham, you see, as though to show his commitment to the Rhodes family tree. The sick fawn pointed to ANTIFA.

We read: "James Blyth was burgess of Dundy (Dundee) in 1485..." A few seconds before finding this quote, I was wondering whether the three stars of BILLETs/Billiards (Blythe's are Blitts too) and Hillards/Billiards are a pentagram version of the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars, and so it was nice to see that quote because I recall that Dundee's Fells have the three eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs in colors reversed.

But the riotous points are as follows. One: the Battle's, first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's/Blitts, share the giant griffin of Chaffs/Chaffee's. The riots constitute an organized battle...and if good men go out into the streets and knock the living daylights out of those thugs, the good guys will probably be arrested because the governors are a part of the rebellion by design. The thugs are acting in states that have given them a green light. This is a globalist insurrection in the making. At any time, the military can move in and take over the White House, demanding that Trump step down. At any time while leftists fill the streets of Washington. Bout the only alternative to raising the white flag to a military coup is a civil war. What if Trump orders the military into Washington, to arrest violent thugs, but the military refuses to go? The bulldog FELL into the pool with the shark, hmm. Falls'/Fallis share the lion of Pools (Dorset). Poole is in Dorset with dog-using Chaffins.

Secondly, the three Fell/Fells lozenges are in the Chaff/Chaffee Chief, can we believe it, like Intelligent Design for pointing to Bill Blythe-Clinton. Chaffs/Chaffee's can be linked to officer Chauvin, and the Fell / Chaff lozenges are in the colors of the Brick lozenges while bricks have become a symbol of the riots caused by Chauvin's murderous act. Fells can be gleaned with variations of Whelans who share the Brick Coat and Crest...i.e. the Bricks do apply to the Fells. Fellers, Falls'/Fallis and Calvins/Calfins (Whelan stag head) share trefoils on blue. Sharks use trefoils.

Calvin Young lived on the same street as Miss Whelan, my girlfriend, and Calvin's son was dating Miss Whelan's sister at the same time. Kepke, who owned a black Lab, which is the black Chaffen dog, was Calvin's next-door neighbor. Calvins/Calfins use a "vinces" motto term while Vince's/Finch's look like they helped to form the ChafFINCH variation of Chaffins. Kepke and I worked for Calvin when he sold used FURNiture, and Furness' have a giant black dog, as do Chaffins. "Vinces" is shared by Shaws/Sheaves' while Chives' are also SHEWas'.

It's now important that the Weather/Witter Coat was gleaned with the Arms of Carrick (share black dog with Chaffins). The Arms ordinarily uses only a chevron, and it's in the colors of the only-a-chevron Tiss'/Teece's, first found beside the Dorset location of Chaffs/Chaffee's and Chaffins. From here we go to the Fawns/Faughnes' sharing the three crescents of Weathers/Witters (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Bill Ayers' ancestry in Ayers), for Fawns/Faughnes' were first found in Berwickshire with the Blythe's having the Witter/Witt crescent. Blythe's are in Keppoch colors and format. As we just saw evidence of Berwickshire's Battle's linking in marriage with Chaffs/Chaffee's, we now go to the "FACTis" motto term of Coffins/Chaffens (had an old Chaufen variation), and read it also as "facTIS" for the Tiss'/Teece's. The FAUCETs are a branch of the Faughns/Faugeys, like the Faughnes variation of Fawns. The sick fawn, which followed Kepke in the dream, pointed to ANTIFA, suspect now with Weather Underground's old warriors telling them how to do riotous battle.

Calvin's furniture store was in downtown Toronto, and Chaffee-like Coffee's have the Arms of TARANTo (in different colors). Amazingly, while Keppochs were a MacDonald branch, MacDonalds share the red, spread eagle with TARANTs who in turn are in the colors and near-format of Keppochs. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Cofferts.

This is all new and smashing: the Tarant write-up: "The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list AbbaTISSa de Tarento in DORSET in 1273." Tiss'/Teece's were first found in neighboring Hampshire with Liss' sharing the Babel/Babwell pale bars. Tiss'/Teece's share the Tarant chevron, you see. For me, this is linking the Laevi on the Ticino/Tessin river to Caiaphas' descendants. Liss' (near the first-known Keeps) have the same fesse as Keppochs, but it's also the fesse of Laevi-liner Leavells who happen to share the three piles of Youngs/Yonge's.

Not finished. Note ABBAtissa, for Abb-like Babe's were first found in Dorset while Babels/Babwells (share gold gate of Podebrady) were first found in the same place (beside Caiaphas- / Chaff-like Capes') as APPS'/ABBS (share Capes scallops) so that "Bab" may have developed from APSus-river liners such as Abbs. As Babe's (Brady symbol) were of Podebrady of Boii-line Bohemia, it recalls the Boius people group (bottom-left of this map) smack on the Apsus river. The Dassaretae shown on the Apsus are otherwise called, Dexaroi, the line to and as Daggers (almost the Capes / Apps/Abbs scallops), but as German Daggers are also Decks, while Ticino-line Tess'/Tease's are also Tecks, I thought (years ago) that Dexaroi may have had a branch naming the Ticino. That idea is working well here.

OH WOW! The Minnesota- / Minneapolis-like Minnes'/Minna's (share Babel/Babwell pale bars!!!) are also Mine's and must be in the "doMINE" motto term of Apps'/Abbs. Domins/Dolmans (Yorkshire, same as Dance's) use a dancette, the Minnes/Mine symbol too, how about that. Domins/Dolmans (Dance/Donnas colors) share the garbs of WAISTells, whom I see from "Vestalis," grandson of king Donnus, whom I see in the Italian Dance's/Donnas', first found in Piedmont with Donnus' capital at Susa. Susans were first found in Berkshire with the Shaws/Sheaves' who share the Dancers/Danser motto, perfect. Dangers (share giant BUS cinquefoil), in case they apply to Dancers, were first found in Dorset.

I now need to repeat for the too-many times that I was once comparing the "sun-bright blond" hair of Kepke to that of Lorraine because Lorraine's can be connected to Lawrie's who are in turn connectable to Lawrence's, the latter being the first name of Kepke. Lawrence's were first found in Lancashire with the Furness' having a black Lab, the type of dog owned by Kepke. That dog is used by Dancers/Dansers (new here), and I've told many times that Kepke danced (with Peare) in every bar he went to when he was with Miss Peare. English Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) are in Keppock colors and format, and Italian Dance's share the pale bar of Pero's. They are also the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Keeps and Cofferts), which in-turn are almost the six pale bars of Babels/Babwells and Liss' (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Tease's). Lorraine's even share the Keep bend.

So, one day, as I was comparing the "sun-bright blond" hair of Kepke and Lorraine, I was telling the story that a certain Mr. Oullette blurted, "what a BABE," when he first saw Lorraine with me. She was following me on the side of YONGE street toward the sidewalk, and as I turned around at the what-a-babe moment, I saw Lorraine's feet, so beautiful. Thinking back on that event, I realized that God gave me a special impression of her feet for a reason, and so I gave her both a babe and a feet / foot symbol. This is what I was telling readers AGAIN, only that time I looked up the Blond surname, and there in the Blond Crest I found a FOOT in a SUN. And while Babe's use the sun in their Crest too, the six Babe bars are almost the six Blond bars.

It tended to verify that God set up the what-a-babe event with beautiful-feet impression in my mind. With my next girlfriend, I had the same type of impression, only this time with her thighs (wearing a bathing suit), and English Tease's happen to be Tyes' too. Tease's/Tye's (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') share the Annas star, and Ananus/ANNAS, the chief priest of Israel who condemned Jesus, was Caiaphas' father-in-law, underscoring the importance of linking Kepke to Lorraine the babe on YONGE street, for while Kepke lived beside Calvin Young, Youngs/Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells while Blonds almost have the six, nebuly bars of English Leavells (Somerset, same as Pierce's/Piers). I watched VINCE Pierce punch Kepke in the mouth when they were on Young's driveway.

Dancers/Dansers use another "VINCit" motto term, as do Shaws/Sheave's (same place as Susans), kin of Chives'/Shewas' who in turn have a "vi" motto term suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia, the latter being the location of Susa, Donnus' capital.

Lorraine's feet were on the PAVEment of Yonge street, and while Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat (who arranged that heraldry?), Pier-like Peare's share the chevron of Abb-like and pear-using Abbots (Oxfordshire, same as Pears) while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia (Ticino river), a city founded by the Laevi Gauls. Foots even have one of the triple Levi chevrons. Abbots even use a "patria" motto term while Patria's are PEARtree's too, and the latter have a sun in Crest with an item pointing to it on an angle, akin to the Babe / Brady sun.

The Patria/Peartree Coat looks like a version of the Pullen/Pully Coat (Joseph martlet), and while the latter were from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, Peare worked for REITmans clothing when Kepke and I met her. Kepke had a pet RAT at the time, and rats are also Riets. English Riets/Reeds happen to share the same brown bird with the Patria/Peartree sun.

As I said, after Kepke had left Peare, she called me up out of the blue, and we spent the weekend together (no sex), which could have been as little as a month before I first dated Lorraine. God is telling a story with these events: my own bloodline(s) must be from Caiaphas. A Christian can easily understand why the end-time globalists will be in love with their Caiaphas bloodlines in Freemasonry, or why they would honor Caiaphas as their hero or god.

More Americans are now waking up to the fact that the Democrat party is infested with anti-American globalists, the stuff of conspiracy nuts that Fox news refused to touch not many years ago. Now, thanks to Trump being the brunt of this batch of vipers, some at Fox (not all) are starting to reveal this nation-wide infestation for what it is, a conspiracy to topple the nation's power structures for to rape the land and give the spoils to globalists of their own ilk. Unfortunately, Fox's owner (Murdoch) is in the business of making money on vaccines.

There is a raven in the Coffin/Chafen Crest that squares with the ravens of Mea's expected in the PRAEMIa" motto term of Coffins/Chafens, yet it can be code also for the Prime's sharing a leg and spur with Ayers (compare with Irish Shaws). You see, we just found another Chauvin-line link to Bill Ayers (Floyds share wolf heads with Chauvins). The Coffin/Chafen motto phrase, "RECT factis praemia" looks linkable to the "God SHAW the RICHT" motto in this Arms of Ayrshire featuring the Arms of Carrick / Tiss/Teece Coat. I trace the latter to the Ticino canton of Switzerland and/or the Ticino/Tessen river, and RECKETTs/Reichers were first found in Switzerland. Richters share the brown log (not sure if that's what's its called) of Ritters/Riders.

The Bowser Bucket

A couple of days after saying that I had forgotten why the trash can can double as a drum as a pointer to Drummonds, I remembered. It first of all comes from the barrel-shaped part that was missing from the door handle, for a barrel is also a drum. Drummonds were first found near the sources of the Spey river, and we got to the Spey earlier in this update by following the new Handells.

Amazingly, it was only recently that I noted Buckie at/near the mouth of the Spey river. For a year or more before that, I thought my atlas had it as, "Buckle." The Buckie's are listed with English Buckets, and the trash can was at first thought to be a bucket, which works because French Buckets share the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils while Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term. Hence, it seems that God provided for the trash can to double and triple as a drum and bucket (it was larger than a 5-gallon bucket, but smaller than a typical trash can).

I'd also like to say that English Buckie's/Buckets are Bouchards too, and it was just yesterday (Saturday) that I looked up Bowsers because Ms. Bowser, the Washington-DC mayor, was managing the Washington protests yesterday. Bowsers are listed with Bouchard-like Bouchier's/Boucher's, and they use "water bougets" (like "bucket"), said to be heraldic water containers i.e. buckets! This is the first update in which the trash-can scene has been identified with the riots, and here we have the bucket pointing smack to the Washington demonstrations...which can turn riotous at any time.

The Spey became a topic due to Peter Pollock's castle at Rothes. The interesting thing here is that Mariel emailed me for years, and because her mother was a Pollock, and because she believed that Pollocks carried the porphyria disease, it caused me to become very familiar with Pollocks. She told me of an ancient Muriel, daughter or granddaughter of Peter Pollock. And here we can add that Ms. Bowser's first name is, Muriel, how about that. Mariel told me that her first husband, Mr. Speer, was murdered by what she believed to be political / deep-state actors (I hold the theory that God wants to judge the group that killed him). Speers (Pasi / Pacis kin) are also SPEYers, expected from the Spey river.

Mariel told me that the line of Muriel Pollock married Leslie's, and thus Peter Pollock's titles went to Leslie's, which explains why Leslie's became earls of Rothes. The point is, Pacis-like Bacis'/Baci's have a version of the Leslie Coat. Another Leslie-like Coat is used by Reines-like Rinds (Perthshire, near Rothes) and BUCKing(ham)s. As Leslie's use buckles, I reckon that the Buckle and Buckley surnames are a branch of the namers of Buckie, and so compare the latter with "Baci." Pacis' are in the Wandle/Wannel motto.

Now the Buckleys have a "temere" motto term suspect as code for DeMere's (Cheshire, same as Buckleys), a branch of Mere's/Mayers' (Cheshire). Spanish Mayors/Majors share the checkered Shield of Halpers, yet they are the checks also of Steele's (Cheshire). English Mayors/Majors have the same rose in their Chief as Halpers, and Steele's share the lion head of French Mayors/Majors. Stefan Halper was an FBI mole working to advance the Steele dossier.

For those of you who followed the horseshoe-BAT topic not long ago due to the bat of Bouget-like Bugs (Dorset) who likewise use water bougets, note that French Boucher's have a version of the Bat Coat. The horseshoe-bat topic was about the Fauci push, and English Bouchier's/Boucher's share the checks of Vaux's, a branch of Faux's, and French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord with Fauchys.

I think God arranged Fauchs to use thistles in order to connect Fauci to the sorrel weeds that depict George Soros. The Weed surname happens to share the double fesses of Washingtons, fancy that.

Oh wow. The last scene in the Obama dream followed immediately after he was on a skate board going up and down a RAMP. The last scene had someone, whose BACK was emphasized, who will apparently snitch on Obama, because he turned his happiness on the skateboard into disappointment in him. Due to the back being emphasized, I developed a theory with reasons that it could be one of the two Jim Bakers, and the way this was done was though Jim Backus, the actor for Gilligans' Island. This is not the place to repeat all that, but I just want to say that I could never understand why the Ramp/Rump surname should apply to the skateboard ramp, but now, the Ramps/Rumps show only brown lions, the color of the Bacis/Baci lion head, and Bacis' brought Jim Backus to mind just now. He and is wife, Lovey Howell, pointed to Jim Backus of the military (persecuted Mr. Lovinger), who was involved with Stefan Halper, and Halpers use another brown lion. The all works very good. End insert]


Most of America is calm, but you'd never know it at Drudge. Mr. Dregs loves conflict and hype, feeding on it.

If Washington can topple the White House, it affects everyone. The coming days will reveal whether there is muscle enough to take it from Trump. He's apparently appealed to Christians to stand with him. Should we name our price? Expose the deep state, turn it into shambles, and set the nation free from this control-freak demon. Spy with Ratcliffe on the American military, because that is where you will find the viper's nest. Nevermind overpowering the streets; it won't be needed if you defuse the deep state. It's about time you did your part in exposing this monster, Mr. Trump. It can soon become do or die, Mr. Irresponsible, you may as well take the chance now, better late than never. Find the invisible organizers of ANTIFA; send out arrest warrants for them on the charge of insurrection.

In the summer of 2017, Rod Rosenstein directed Mueller, by official paperwork, to investigate Flynn's engagement with Russians even though there was no predicate for it. Flynn was as innocent by that summer as he had been in the winder when 39 mainly-Obamaites requested to unmask his calls. Barr has yet to reveal to the world how many of Flynn's calls were unmasked. He has yet to reveal how grievous his department mistreated Flynn, and the wack-wack-wack to the face goes to Barr for this omission because he's da big boss...pretending that he's on the side of Trump's base.

Barr came out to say that Durham's looking into how the Russians deceived the FBI on the day before Rosenstein sat before the senate on Wednesday. It's as though Barr wanted to send Rosenstein the message that the playbook for to get out of jail free is to say that you were deceived by the information that landed on your desk. Barr will look after the rest, he thinks. Rosenstein was unrepentant on Wednesday, blaming everyone else for his crimes, meaning that Durham has not cracked him at all to confess his crimes. Barr has got to be responsible for this travesty of justice. Nothing has changed in Rosenstein's attitude since he appeared before congress last, shame on Barr.

You need to understand Barr's utter hypocrisy. This week, he came out with a public statement lamenting the problem of abusive police officers, such as Chauvin, but I didn't hear him mention the related problem: the abusive officers are almost-always protected by police chiefs and fellow officers, the 90 percent who are supposed to be the good guys. The hypocrisy lies in Barr, himself a big-cheese police chief, essentially, allowing abusive deep-state officers get off scot-free from their crimes who are now rooting for the rioters in case they can clump Trump on his noggin and knock him out of the White House. So, I wholly ignore Barr's solemn words, because until I see action, he's just a lip-serving mouth piece reading a speech writers speech. Barr has thus-far looked like part of the problem, and I see no signs at all that he's going to do what justice and nation demands and requires of him.

It is a gross "fix" to tell Blacks that they have the right to protest peacefully everytime a Black man is murdered by a trigger-happy police officer. Sooner or later, the last straw is going to cause violent protests and acts of disrespect upon law and order. The protestors should, at most, take out their fury on the police department responsible, but not the general public. The reason that protestors have gone far beyond the moral limits is that the Black "community" has a relatively large number of criminal types. Period. I suppose that some of them don't respect a society that has a White majority, and thus they succumb to crime more readily. Democrats urge them to hate their White "rulers," and thus Democrats egg them toward being criminals. That's why liberal cities are prone to cheap gang violence. The more Blacks behave that way, the less that Whites respect them, the more Blacks behave that way...

Comment we can agree with: "Lindsey Graham seems like one of those fireworks cones that comes in an assortment, and it never gets more than 4 feet off the ground with its display when you light it."

It's as though the coronavirus disappeared overnight at Drudge now that it has another monster to dangle.

James Mattis came out mid-week to denounce Trump's handling of the riots. It's a very seditious move by Mattis. He's saying that Trump's being hard on the protestors rather than making peace. Achem, these thugs are not protestors. Plus, Trump's not dealing with thugs only, but with seditious mayors, governors and constituents of police departments, as they all take sides for or against the president The coup attempt continues now with violence in the streets, and a call for military to take sides. It's like a last gasp or a last stand, I suppose, by all of Trump's enemies, Bushites included. This is what makes Barr so hideous at this time as he goes soft on all of Trump's enemies. They have become irreversible. It's do or die.

It could simply be that Mattis doesn't want to see Trump succeed at quenching the fires. Might Mattis lead a coup attempt soon?

Even Trump's pick to lead the defence department (Esper) isn't showing full loyalty, which could be a sign of a president about to go down. Fox news might now have a dilemma, whether to support its beloved military, or Trump, if push comes to shove. Trump may be about to see that his placing confidence in the military demon, which he has danced with, was in vain. The military wants to rule him for its own agenda. There was never any doubt about this. The military is now in a position to take further stabs at Trump to escalate a situation. I don't know whether it will, but I'll bet that Obama would like to see it so long as it doesn't appear that he's behind it.

It's a bad idea for Trump to use the military, only because it gives the military a chance to conduct a coup. We assume that the Obamaites have key men in key stations throughout the military. Perhaps Trump recognized the danger, and went cool on use of the military. At least for this week.

I'm keeping in mind that I've been more than half convinced that the coronavirus came from military people as an effort to thwart Trump this November. If Trump's biggest "mistake" thus far was to prepare the military at a time when it seemed that mayors and police forces were going to side with street criminals to escalate the violence, then he looks politically safe.

After Mattis and Esper, general John Allen, an Obamaite who voted for Hillary in 2016, piped up about his disgust for Trump holding up a Bible. Wow, if that's his biggest "mistake" thus far, it looks like he's politically safe. I'm just wondering whether Allen is an anti-Christian who got sick at his stomach to see a president looking to Christians to back him up. To demons, Christians should play zero part in society.

Lookie: Allen was Obama's Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. In Ukraine under Soros, the anti-corruption government groups were likely set up to put out the lights of corrupt actors so that Soros' corrupt friends could have more of the available "business." In like manner, one can set up an anti-ISIS group to better assure that ISIS prospers. Allen was also Obama's chief of Central Command immediately before Mattis took over for Obama. So, it appears that Obamaites are trying to topple Trump right now already. What's next?

Note the timing of Bush, coming out this week, to say he opposes the presidential office of Trump, implying he would rather it go to a Democrat. I'd say that Bush wants war-hawk military not to support Trump if he needs the military to quell riots. It seems his enemies want the riots to escalate into a coup.

John Solomon has a book coming out that promises to get Hillary into more trouble:

For a promising turn of events, see the 24th minute of BCP below, because, says David Payne, some top-brass FBI "ratted-out" Christopher Wray so that he's apparently going to be gone. My take is that they didn't rat him out until riots stared, because they realize that Wray plus a Democrat-led riot program are two things that don't go together. It's Sesame-Street level intelligence, which Wray does not have. The rat's word is that Wray had put some investment money ($5M) into Russia, and we sure would like to know what sort of scheme it is, and who his friends are.

Investing money in Russia is not necessarily criminal. If Pelosi is guilty as the video claims, then Barr might be afraid to go after her because: 1) it makes him look like Trump's puppet; 2) he's afraid that she or people behind her know his crimes / sins, and will spill the beans. Neither option justifies his not appointing an FBI branch to arrest Pelosi. It is vital that she be treated as the DoJ is treating Burr. It could be that Ratcliffe is the DNI now only due to Burr's fall from grace. We could call it a "lucky" strike.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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