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May 26 - 31, 2020

Revisiting the Squirrel in the Heater Duct
Ms. Silby Necessary to Unravel Kids-on-Mattress Dream
Shocking Clinton Pointers to Pedophilia Ring Through Haiti
The Floyd Death is Pointed to by God by His Miracle-Marble Shot

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

This BCP video below tells things as I see them on multiple topics. On the topic of Fox polls now giving Biden a big lead again, I think this is the most-frightening sign of this coming election, when even Fox bosses are trying to ruin Trump and thus give the world a Democrat whore-house. Polling can be used to manipulate politicians, giving them favorable ratings when, for example, Trump is dancing nicey with Fauci, but as soon as Trump started to shake Fauci off, down went Trump's poll numbers with the hope of making him dance with Fauci again.

Or, just as Biden's phone calls with Poroshenko are made public, the poll governors arrange to raise his numbers to make it appear that the story is having no effect in how people view him. This example is why polls exist, that those who cheat can manipulate circumstances. It wasn't always this way. People generally lived by Christian morals at one time, but as some threw those off for a "new normal," their favorite phrase these days, they also expanded their evil natures. And they generally congregated into the Democrat party, because birds of a feather flock together.

Morality is a fence around evil, a "defence mechanism." Once evil is full grown, people under its control get sick and crazy too-far gone for repair, short of Jesus' cleansing powers. I was well on my way, until that Power was generously applied to me. Don't forget the kindness of God if you've tasted it, when He gave you a new start with His new Light of understanding the human condition. Don't become a Judas Iscariot, with concern for the political future only, for God has warned that rulers will bring the nation to ruin. It's inevitable with all nations. Democrats today are teaching us all over again why we cannot fix souls too-far gone. The only hope is in the Restrainer, who allows us to get by in spite of evil ruling over us. The best we can hope for is a re-occurring wash of the filth, a new but temporary reprieve from the punishing results of evil. For police people to avoid abusing people, they've got to practice being helpful. It can't be a mere lip-service slogan. When the police and judges are too-far gone, the nation becomes a sick "joke." Those words aptly describe judge Sullivan.

By the way, BCP has another video early this week showing that judge Sullivan arranged a $100,000 speaking engagement for Jim Comey, for a 12-minute speech at some institute called, Howard. Evil incarnate. Ask: if Sullivan is a pro-Democrat, why was he supporting Comey, a Republican? How much was Obama or some invisibles behind the speaking contract / bribe? Yes, when that kind of money is given to a police chief, it's a bribe. A bribe expects something illegal in return.

Paul Ryan at Fox is suspect as a closet Democrat, probably a mole too, as in a spy who reports back to Democrats or their invisible leaders. Leftist-media anchors are not making fools of themselves, and leftist-media bosses are not egging them on to play fools at the cost of half their viewership gone bye-bye, for nothing. They are being fools because invisibles are demanding it from them. It's been a strategy in the works that they have not put off as yet. The strategy: keep lying and cheating, and accusing the other side of lying and cheating. They don't want it any other way perhaps because they can't stomach morality; they are too-far gone in love with their evil ways, loving to deceive and "get ahead" by it.

Last Friday, Trump said that he never met John Durham, and doesn't want to because, if he did meet him, "they" (his political opponents) will speak badly about it. WHO CARES what THEY say?! Are you saying that you're shrugging your responsibilities just because you're afraid of what THEY say? Are you that spineless? Do right, then stand up against them based on doing right, and cause more damage against them when they argue against your doing right. Instead, by cowering, you allow them to portray themselves as being in the right.

In the same breath, he said, "I'm not telling anyone what to do." That is, he's not telling Barr or Durham what they could or might do to expose and thereby crush the deep state. Even without arrests, exposure could weaken them all. He goes on to specify the heavy gravity of what the deep state did, yet he just admitted that he's not going to partake in the fight against it, but will rather give it all to Barr to fight, and that's exactly why I think this president is a piece of trash.

He excuses himself from doing his part as some sort of high-holy ground he's walking on, when in fact it's shrugging his responsibilities at best. If the deep state is so dangerously insane, THEN DO SOMETHING STUPID. He can see how slow Barr is to expose, and so the only solution is: DO SOMETHING YOURSELF STUPID.

On Friday, Trump said that he's exposing the deep state. And he tended to say that he's about to expose it through Ratcliffe. Achem, if Ratcliffe chooses to expose, Trump will take the credit for it even though he admits he's been hands-off. I have made the case that it is JESUS who will expose, you keep your mouth to yourself, Trump, you imposter. You must not take credit for something that the Righteous One does. Doing nothing, Trump desires to take credit. There is the man.

The fact is, Barr told Trump to lay off of his DoJ business, because Barr doesn't want to look like he's doing the president's political will. But it's disingenuous to treat Trump in this way when he is the victim of heavy-duty crime. Barr has a responsibility to interview Trump, to discover his pains, his injuries, the total price he paid as a victim, for the express purpose of arresting whom Trump wants arrested. I would like to think that I could go to the police to ask it to arrest someone who made me their victim, yet Barr thinks that this is purely an out-of-bounds political move. It's exactly due to Barr's slowness and softness that Trump is responsible for taking this situation into his own hands, for the nation and the world NEEDs to destroy this shadow government that wishes to hijack the very blood of the nation.

Having said that, I do appreciate Trump's ability to order churches to become open again immediately. It's the right thing to do. All of the words I heard him say in this regard are good.

We could be in a reprieve cycle, where the Force of Good will cleanse the swamp temporarily to make society bearable again, moral again, or, we could be sliding into the pits of the final cycle. One just never knows, but judging by the condition of Democrats, with their disgust for Christianity, we are definitely moving toward something that looks like the final Day. Disgust for Christians began in the so-called "enlightenment," when a new normal was foisted upon us, with evolution-based lies included as a mainstay, but throughout it all, until the 1960s, society maintained a Christian face. Television programs always honored the good guys against the evil guys...until it became fashionable to be "bad." And we saw how one prince of bad, Michael Jackson, turned out, a freak of human nature. Almost all of hollywood went the way of bad, and that's why hollywood is today a fang of the democrat party. I blame hollywood most of all for the degeneration of our current generation; it's the primary definition of too-far gone in evil.

Too many Republicans and Christians are still in love with the concept of movie-going and movie-watching, and they therefore infect themselves with evil "pills." I would call this class the political middle, the hypocrisy, an eSTEAMing for "light" leftist sin yet understanding the need for some principles, the need for a society not to be awash in wild-abandonment to irresponsibility and recklessness. Trump was to the left of this class, given to adultery and sluts, to casino life, to dance halls, but going forward responsible in work ethics, to make the world turn without crashing. It's this leftist attitude that God abhors, the seeking to keep the world wealthy while happily immersed in porn. Many Republican leaders are dandy with this, explaining why they do not support Christians in political positions. It is imperative that we HATE such Republicans lest we become addicted as they are addicted, lest we go arm-in-arm with them to the political future.

Trump would do well to confess his sins before the world, for that is how he will become truly great. That's when God will smile upon him, when the Light will fall on his soul. What greatness is there in gaining the entire world yet forfeiting his soul? I do not understand how BCP can call himself a Christian yet be in love with Trump. There is something very rotten about this attitude that he pushes. He's intent on pushing it, and he's therefore on a slippery banana peal. It might be best, for Christianity, if God decides that Trump not win the next election, for Christians could suffer a big fall when praising this mere bag of bones.

Strzok and Page revealed that Obama wanted to know every move (and its result) that the FBI made in the coup attempt. Sooo, it means that the FBI needed to communicate with Obama and/or his staff. Sooo, Trump can just go to Obama's records and dig these communications up. He can send someone trustworthy to do it because he's got lots of other things to do. He should have done this as early as possibly before someone removed the damning communications. So now Trump, who failed his voters by not doing this simple thing, wants to take credit for exposing the deep state? Ahh, that's why he speaks out against it, because at election time, he wants to create the illusion that "we" exposed the deep state. Imposter.

If it wasn't for the impeachment, Trump would probably not have chosen Ratcliffe. Desperate, he decided he needed a loyalist on his team at the most-opportune place, Intelligence. That was a good move, we think, yet it's possible that Trump asked Ratcliffe not to reveal much. Waiting to see.

Someone this week: "Mexico has reopened their investigation into the Obama/Holder gun walking, Fast and Furious scandal. Trump should declassify all the information Holder withheld." That falls under Barr's umbrella.

Starting about the 21st minute in Bongino below, he talks about a new Obama twist to the manufactured-Russia-collusion scheme, where blame on the Russians is actually the work of actors in Ukraine. It wasn't the Russians, but rather it was a false-flag operation from Obama's deep state merely claiming that Russia was behind it:

I suggest you also see the 40th minute for Bongino's interpretation of Solomon's revelation on May 26.

Both BCP and Bongino (and Hannity) refuse to classify Grenell as a dirty, disgusting faggot. It is imperative that we take this position. You might want to use the Biblical "abomination," it's the same. If the people do not regard queers as disgusting examples of human beings, then we shall pay the price, and it won't be pretty. You cannot mock God. You cannot pretend that it's okay to respect a queer. If he repents, that's another matter, but so long as he's "proud" of his nothing but inhumanity to humanity, then he remains just one of many oozing blisters on the face of society. If that's the world you want to live in, just look at its condition thus far. For when God sees you accepting these disgusting pigs, YOU pay for it, all of us. If you can't figure out why it's disgusting, you have a big ignoramus problem. I'm not going to go your way because I'm not that kind of a fool. I'd rather be a fool for God.

According to the head of the White House Task Force Deborah Birx, in some other countries “if you had a pre-existing condition and let’s say the virus made you go to ICU and then got a heart or kidney problem … they would register that as a heart problem or a kidney problem and not dead from COVID-19.” But in the U.S., “Right now … if someone dies with COVID-19, we count it as a COVID-19 death” (

Why do you think that national representatives of this manufactured crisis are inflating COVID deaths? Even so, even Cuomo, that disgusting, murderous fake, is now blaming the authorities for getting the whole thing wrong. Why is he doing this? Because he sees it as political suicide to continue the lockdown much longer, seeing that even Democrats are flagrant against the lockdown as summer climate arrives.

I think that they are murdering the aged in some secret ways, and then, to hide the real causes, they give the official cause as COVID. That's what I think is going on. This is the faggot-toting generation. Warped minds make critical mistakes, and critical mistakes warps the mind further. Solomon's article above says that the CDC can classify a death as a COVID death even though there was no COVID testing of the person who died. That is called, TWISTED. My bet: they have devised a COVID test that tests positive even if the person doesn't have the disease. The death rate at present is, depending on who one asks, 1 per 200-1000, yet that's according to the reported numbers of deaths, which are inflated.

Solomon asks: "Ultimately the CDC can recommend, but it cannot force. So why would health departments and those responsible for signing death certificates favor listing COVID-19 as the cause of death over equally plausible or perhaps more plausible alternatives?" Wicked agenda. I saw open wickedness back in the 1970s. By now, those people are jeckel-and-hydes, making a good show of things for the purpose of work and sociality, yet they have dark sides tending to produce the end-time generation...completely screwed for WHOLEsome thinking. If you're not including the WHOLE picture in a matter, you're hopping pitifully along on one leg. You're dangerous. Abortion is about the woman's right to choose??? But what about the baby, STUPID? Aren't you going to include that part too? What's the baby's choice? Beast, too stupid to talk straight; how did you get this way?

Prostitution is the oldest profession. That's the adulterer's way of justifying it. But stupid, instead of correcting past mistakes, this world is repeating them, and diving right into the flames of hell. How did things get this way?

Gambling is a lot of fun, and besides you like sluts that frequent casino halls. But stupid, it ruins families and individuals. Aren't you going to include that part? They say: we can teach people to sin responsibly. Urge the unmarried youth to have rampant sex responsibly. STUPID, they become adulterers that way. Allow kids to smoke pot legally, and teach them to do it responsibly, even if it ruins families when leading to harder drugs. STUPID! After ruining the family with feminism and adultery, the stupids decide it's best to do away with the family altogether. TWISTED and too-far gone. And we are at the precipice of mass-murder because the super-rich don't want us poor people crowding their planet.

Grenell is being called great for nothing, a good reason not to put your heart in the Republican party. They will shun the ways of Jesus for running the United States. They will merely use Christians for their votes, catering to them for that thing alone. And they will cause you to turn to the American gospel of USA USA USA. This is where Bongino and BCP are, willing to minimize Jesus while uplifting Republican politics. They both give lip service to Christianity, but can clearly see where their hearts are.

All that Grenell did was to release a few things that others wouldn't. There is no reason to praise this. It's not a great feat; it's the expected action. Besides, he didn't release the damning material against the Obamaites, their applications to unmask. It is in those applications that one can assess their criminality, for in such applications they would state their reasons for wishing to see phone calls. It is not enough to make known the sole fact that Obama's people applied for unmasking requests. However, if Ratcliffe releases the phone transcripts between Flynn and Kislyak, it should speak guilt against Obama and the FBI for even having the transcript(s) in their possession. It was not legal for them to spy on Flynn where there wasn't any reason to suspect him of doing wrong. But things were a lot worse than their merely having possession of the phone calls. It is a testimony AGAINST Trump for taking so long to get to this point, and the sudden releases look like political-animal to me, coming at election season.

Your blatant sign to keep your heart out of Republican party is Republican acceptance of faggots. Let that be the sign. If Republicans decide to be modernists -- going with the sinful flow -- then they have no right to call themselves Christians. If they can't stand up for Jesus, afraid of how leftists and anti-Christs will portray them if they do, they are unworthy of Him. A Christian is to condition the mind for appropriate action. A Christian is to meditate on the words and ways of God so that when life-situations crop up, we apply what we have deemed important in our mediations. We do not meditate like a yoga donkey meditates, but we meditate on human attitudes, on knowing God's ways and Truth, and we train ourselves to keep on the straight-and-narrow. So when someone like Doug Collins comes onto Fox praising Grenell, we take it as our sign that something is rotten. Ditto for BCP. You can clearly see that his god is the USA, the nation that forgets God's commands on restraint.

The modern times has provided a great opportunity for the Western world to show-off its Christian love. There is so much money around due to the printing of enormous amounts of cash that, finally, our world has the ability to make poverty a extinct species. Instead, the Western world has opted to let the rich suck as much money to themselves as possible. This is USA USA USA in a nutshell. When they print money to circulate into the economy, they don't give it first to the poorest people that they might be able to buy a few things that help their living conditions. Then, even though the money has been printed, they not only charge the workers interest on the fake loan, but they increase the amount that people need to pay back to the government. The United States has become a legal counterfeiting "service." And the inflation that comes with printed money keeps the poorest people slaves to perpetual poverty and hopelessness. There are so many people who cannot afford their own small home. THE USA USA USA gets the SINFUL PIG award hands down which too many Christians mistaken as God's blessings on the nation. Washington is a leftist machine that oversees the pig pen. Put two and two together. Many federal Republicans put on leftist shoes so that they might fit in. The nation can never be great under these circumstances. A big beast is not great just because its big.

If you want to see God ruin the wicked, you've got to stand up for Him. Denounce faggots, chase them into hiding, count them the deplorables. Instead, America the free allows them to celebrate their pride parades. Many Americans call it their strong point, because to them Freedom of Expression is the gospel. You are free in America to be a pig, a demon, to worship satan. There is nothing we can do if people wish to be demonic pigs, but at least a country can show solidarity with God by outlawing demonic attitudes. While Christians meditate on God's ways, leftists seek to ruin our society, all LEGAL all DAILY all NEVER-ENDING to their dying days. Who will protect us from this creeping monster with legs in many nations? Not BCP. Not Bongino. They argue on behalf of libertarianism, the right for evil to express itself by constitutional right.

How many times have you heard it said, "it's unconstitutional"? Never mind the constitution, how about the Word of God? Does it break the word of Jesus? If that's not your bar, you ain't diddly-squat. Your life is about over. The framers of the constitution gave as much power to satanists as they did to Christians. They created a free-for all battle, weeds versus the wheat, never over until It's Over Day. The constitution is insufficient for the Christian. Jesus did not die so that we could freely pursue happiness as we define it, or to have rights as we hash them out.

If you really want to heal the nation, urge the people to FOLLOW JESUS AGAIN. Let it be said that the nation has fallen apart due to a forsaking of Jesus by the anti-Christs, and let that be the message to vilify them. Instead, Bongino and BCP -- and on and on the list goes including Trump -- celebrate faggots, the embracing / acceptance of which is one of the biggest trophies to date of the anti-Christs.

What? Preach Jesus on a news platform? Am I crazy? No, anyone who forsakes Jesus' words week after week on their news shows is as hypocritical as Sean Hannity. I can't say I've ever heard any Biblical commentary from either BCP or Bongino. The best I've heard from Hannity is, "Let not your heart be troubled," and then he doesn't finish the sentence, "trust in Me." He uses the least-important half of Jesus' words and leaves out the vital part. Has he no fear of Jesus for dissecting His words like that? We shall have the victory in spite of our being rejected, but these types seem to be in danger of being shut out of Life. They seem ashamed to actually quote Jesus on the most-vital parts of his messages. I've never heard BCP talk like a Christian, but I did hear him place Jesus on par with any old big-time religious character, just so you know.

The most important words you will ever hear: "Trust in God, trust also in Me." Why are these words vital? Because, instead of a God who decided on our destruction, He decided to find a way acceptable to Himself to make us His sons. "Trust in Me" means that God will be our father, our friend; is it something to be ashamed about? It means that, while on the one hand mankind drove God so crazy that the axe was coming down on our collective heads, the other side of Him loved us and could not bring that axe down. How can that be? Because God DESIRED to relate with us, as sickening as we can be, he made us able to appreciate Him, and so he did what he had to do to make us appreciate Him. But it wasn't enough for the anti-Christs, and just as they twist every truth that doesn't facilitate their agendas, so they twist God's image until He's a cruel beast in their sight. No, they are the cruel beasts, and they will see that beast within them, and they will die with it.

If anyone thinks I'm being petty, maybe go ask Jesus how much he appreciates being sidelined by Fox speakers, and even Republicans on social-media news shows. Hey, hey, when are you going to mention anything I've said, Jesus wants to know??? What do you think the Father will do to these people on Judgment Day? Maybe sideline them, pay them no attention, no matter how much they scream for it? Maybe they realize that "religion" and Trump don't mix. Maybe they worry about losing viewers and money too.

Undeniable Heraldic Pointers

Doesn't it seem miraculous that John Ratcliffe was confirmed? Nobody would have predicted its success. Let's just hope that he delivers what he thinks is right, and does not get swayed by pre-existing forces in Intelligence which seek to keep the brotherhood exclusive from public knowledge.

On Wednesday, the unexpected: Barr sided with Trump in opposition of a bill to resume the FISA-court system. Trump's wants the bill not to pass until the FISC is re-engineered, and Barr publicly revealed his position that he wants a presidential veto to block the bill from becoming law. This is not only opposite his position on this very matter not very long ago, but the speed by which he came out to show his opposition speaks loudly. What possibly could have changed his tune, and why does he need the public to know of it?

At first glance, my explanation is that he got caught prosecuting Flynn unrightly, and wants not to appear even more pro-deep state at this time. His hand is being forced to do that which he doesn't want to do. But on second thought, I wondered whether Barr wants to block John Ratcliffe from using the FISC for discovery of criminal secrets. The FISA process at this time would be a useful tool in the hands of people like Ratcliffe. They could listen in on past Ukraine / British / Australian phone calls of those deemed guilty of crimes against Trump.

Barr asked Trump not to interfere, with public proclamations, with his DoJ affairs, yet here is Barr making his own public announcement urging Trump to do something. One could say that Barr can urge the president to do something at the cost of being punished if he doesn't do it. For example, if you don't do it, Mr. President, then I won't prosecute your enemies. The president should speak privately with Barr to order him to make the prosecutions, because that's Barr's job. If Barr didn't want to do it, then he should not have taken the job. Or, he should have told Trump that he didn't want to do it before taking the job. However, I still think there's a chance that Trump asked Barr not to prosecute, hoping that there wouldn't be need for it for re-election purposes. At this time, it appears that Trump needs even to curtail / gag social-media giants.

The day of Barr's public statement, Fox had this headline: "Barr asks US Attorney John Bash to review 'unmasking' before and after 2016 election, DOJ tells Fox News". Boy-o-boy, Barr has become a really good boy lately. I wonder if Ratcliffe knows Mr. Bash. Barr seems to have become straight as an arrow.

I do wonder how he's treating Jeff Jenson however, for he came out with the original bombshell that exposed Barr as a criminal. This is no exaggeration. Barr was in the throes of jailing Flynn, there is no other way to view it. Flynn is such a high-level man that his case would have been on Barr's desk for review and oversight, yet Barr permitted the prosecution to continue even after seeing the trumped-up accusations of the judge overseeing the case. Barr knew that Mueller's team was handling the prosecutions. What too Barr so long to deal with it? The prosecution process was already about a year old when Barr got the DoJ job. Instead of having a mind to arrest Mueller and company, he let the prosecution continue for over a year under his watch. It's a crime in itself NOT to arrest Mueller and company. The deep-state hope was that the fighting Republicans would let the Mueller fight go, but they did not, and Barr was forced to act lest he go down in infamy for supporting government crime. That's where Barr is today, there is no mistake in this assessment.

My question is whether Barr contacted Jenson to reduce his oversight jurisdiction after Jensen found the Priestap bombshell.

Bash and Ratcliffe are both of Texas. As said recently, I was walking along or standing at the entryway into Ratcliff lumber in Gormley when I last saw Miss Hanson at her workplace. It just so happens that the Bash Coat has the upper half of the Gormley Coat. For those who have followed my News/Nuces heraldry, note that the Bash Shield is close to being the News/Nuces Shield. (Use bash link to load other surnames, to follow betyter.)

As I said, I bought a newspaper in Victoria, Texas, an event that I claim was set up by God for pointing to certain things. The newspaper is what caused me to stress the News/Nuces surname, even before finding that it had a Nueces-like variation. I had purchased the newspaper to check the want-ads for cheap Texas property, and ended up purchasing on the Nueces river in the Nueces Canyon. Apparently, Bash's Western District covers that canyon: "The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas proudly serves more than 6 million residents, many of whom make their home in San Antonio, Austin, or El Paso." The Nueces Canyon is between San Antonio and El Paso. That's all interesting.

Although the following is from the New York Times (not always reliable), it raises a question as to Barr's motives for hiring Jensen: "Mr. Barr, who has long said that he had misgivings about the decision to prosecute Mr. Flynn, asked the top federal prosecutor in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, earlier this year to scrub the case for any mistakes or improprieties." Scrub? It sounds as though Jensen's job was to wipe away anything that puts a bad light on the case. That's blatant obstruction of justice, isn't it? The article doesn't say that Barr asked him to seek, find and report improprieties, but to scrub them.

It then says: "Mr. Priestap’s notes were among the documents that Mr. Jensen found. The prosecutors already on the case, Mr. Jensen’s team and the F.B.I. disagreed about whether they were exculpatory and should be given to Mr. Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell. Mr. Jensen prevailed and gave them to Ms. Powell, who declared that they would exonerate her client, people familiar with the events said." There we have it: the FBI people already on the case wanted NOT to reveal Priestap's crime. The question is, on whose side was Barr during that disagreement? Did Jensen threaten to go public against Barr's "advice"? Did Jensen force Barr to face the bad music? What has since happened to Jensen? Has he been punished? Is he about to be punished?

Oh wow, look at this from the same article:

Mr. Jensen and Ms. Ballantine, herself a veteran prosecutor, interviewed Mr. Priestap along with another prosecutor, SAYLER Fleming, and an F.B.I. agent from St. Louis who was there to memorialize the encounter.

The Sailer/Saylers (Yorkshire, same as Scarfs) have been a topic recently along with their branch, the Seals/Zeals expected in the "Zealous" motto of Hoods/Hoots. The Seals/Zeals share the white wolf head with Scarfs, and the Scarf wolf head is in both colors of the Flynn wolf! Plus, as per "RatCLIFFE," the Cliffs share the three wolf heads of Sailers/Saylers! Who arranged this heraldry in this way? Cliffs were at Mortone-SAY, of the Says, begging whether Seals, Sea's/See's and Sailers/Saylers were originally from Says. Ratcliffs use a "se" motto term, and Seatons (Flemings) of Say have a "HAZard" motto term that can be of the "has" motto term of Sailers/Saylers.

Cliffs married Styche's, and they with Sticks are suspect from the Astikas', who we can find as relatives of RADZiwills at Wikipedia's Traby article. Not only are Rats also RAIDs, but if you enter "Traby" at houseofnames, you will see a so-called "scarf." One Schere surname comes up as "Scherf," and the other Schere's use a green snake (Flynn symbol too) around a so-called STICK. So, Mr. Jensen was working to do God's will, apparently, with Sayler Fleming, and German Flemings happen to use another wolf.

Scottish Flemings own the double-tressure border, and Tresure's/TRASHers were used, in my opinion, to identify Bill Barr as a trash can. This was in a dream starting with a shopping cart that verified for me how the first president Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr, son of a Nazi. The second part of the dream had a door handle missing a BARRel-shaped part, and the third part had my dumping a trash can, which started flames around its rim as a pointer to Flemings. The Doors and Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Greats in the Sailer/Sayler motto, though I'm not sure that this is the best-possible explanation for why a door handle was used. It was to my Jeep, and Jeepma's/Cheps do share the Rad star hexagram, for what could appear to be another pointer to Rats/Raiders.

Besides, the full Sailer/Sayler motto is, "Who most has served in GREATest." the Greats share the gold and erased rooster in Crest with Heaths. Unbelievably, the Greats share an erased, gold rooster head in Crest with Heaths, and John Ratcliffe, a resident of Heath, was once the mayor of Heath. The Heath Shield may even be a black-chevron version of the Bash Coat. Heaths were first found in Herefordshire with Trevors (share the Pennant / Most Coat) while Pennant-beloved Coo's/Coe's were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs.

Having said that, the Great saltire is in the colors of the similar Ballantine cross (probably the Balas/Bayliss cross). Repeat: "Mr. Jensen and Ms. Ballantine, herself a veteran prosecutor, interviewed Mr. Priestap along with another prosecutor, Sayler Fleming..."

The article goes on to say; "Mr. Jensen and officials in Mr. Shea’s office pushed to give Mr. Flynn’s lawyers copies of the notes and other documents they had recently found. Mr. Van Grack and Dana Boente, the F.B.I. general counsel, argued against disclosing them." Boente and her like-minded ones in Wray's FBI are criminals for not wanting to disclose the evidence that exposes FBI criminality. It's just pure and simple logic. Boente still has his job as Wray's special lawyer. Probably, as Barr loves the Wray that everyone else but demons hate, Barr the trash can will keep Boente on the job. What do you think about this? We are beginning to see Barr's demons, I'm not fooled by his act. Barr and Trump deserve to be jailed for supporting deep-state criminals in the FBI...IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING deep-state criminals in the FBI. Is this some king of a joke that Barr likes to secretly laugh with as he snorts his apple pie? Where's the sanity the good people expect? How long will Trump take to correct the Wray slime from the slimy FBI? Is it only a small mistake to leave them in there at this time?

Get ready for a few surprises, and let me start by saying that Ratcliffs were first found in Salford while Salfords have wolves in the colors of the Sailer/Sayler wolf heads. Here's the Mose write-up: "The surname Mose was first found in Lancashire at Chat Moss, a large area of peat bog near the City of Salford..." It could be that God is pointing to a like-minded cause between Sayler Fleming (don't know anything about him) and John Ratcliffe. As I said, Miss Hicks, who God sent me to Texas to meet, and who lived near me on the Nueces river, moved to within 10 miles of John Ratcliffe's present home. She indicated to me personally that she had gone to church in Crystal City.

The Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the wolf once showing at Wikipedia's Arms of Piacenza, a location on the TREBia river, explaining why Traby-beloved Scarfs share the Flynn wolf. Here one can add that the Bash cross (same type, same colors) is shared by Moses' while Piacenza has a Le Mose location. What are the chances that Sailers/Saylers have a "most" motto term for the Mosters/Masters/Mesters, first found in Kent with the Seal-branch Sea's? Mosters/Masters/Mesters even share the Sailer/Sayler griffin heads, yet there is a Most/Mostin surname (branch of Moses') first found in Flintshire! Flints/Flans have been suspect lately as a Flynn branch, yet we got to Flintshire via Sayler Fleming.

BEST OF ALL, Moses' use the cross-with-steps of Crystals in colors reversed, and I was in Crystal City on the day that I bought the newspaper in Victoria! I ended up buying property just ten minutes from Miss Hicks (whom I had never known before) who was possibly in church in Crystal City on the Sunday morning that I awoke there on my only day in that place. It appears that God is pointing hard as rock to Mr. Bash.

The Most Coat is shared by Pennants (Flintshire), beloved of the "pennants" of the Coo's/Coe's. The "AeQUO" motto term of Pennants thus looks to be code for the Coo/Coe bloodline, yet the "quo" motto term of Elias' suggests Coys too as per Marc Elias, criminal, of Perkins Coie. We might even venture to see the Coo's as God's pointer to the coup attempt on Trump from Perkins Coie. Wisemans share the Coy Coat, and it's believed that Andrew Weismann was/is much behind the Flynn prosecution. As Glenn Simpson, owner of Fusion GPS, was hired by Marc Elias to conduct the coup, note how the Simpsons have a Coat similar to the Pennant Coat. The other Simpsons have an "Alis" motto term while Elias' share the Elis Coat.

Piacenza is called PLACEentia, where I trace the Pelaiz surname. THIS IS INCREDIBLE, for Bash's are also BAESH's while Pelaiz's come up as "BAEZ."

The coup attempt included the criminal use of the FISC (FISA court), and then the Fiscs/Fisks share the Shield of Jensens. Moreover, the Fisc-like Fieschi were partnered with GRIMaldi of Genova while the Gormleys we saw, sharing part of the Bash Coat, also also GRIMES'.

I once wrote, when Devin Nunes first hit the deep-state news, that he was a RAIDER on horseback shooting fire-tipped arrows into Mueller's heart, which turned out to be prophetic. Raiders are listed with Rats/Raids, likely a branch of the namers of Ratcliffs. So, it appears predictable at this time that Nunes and Ratcliffe will work together. When Nunes makes requests from Ratcliffe, we can now expect that Nunes will finally get his needs for exposing the Mueller crimes.

The newspaper was purchased in Victoria the morning after I was mugged in Galveston. As the latter pointed to the COVID crisis, led by WHO internationally, it's more than interesting that Sailers/Saylers use a "Who" motto term while Deborah Birx, suspect as an anti-Trump player now acting like a Trump player (i.e. amounts to a mole), wears scarves to most-every news conference that Trump has had.

The last update explains why I think God used the 17th and last squirrel in my attic as a pointer to Mr. Ratcliffe. It got away from my RAT TRAP that pointed first to the Radziwill-Traby marriage, but that now also points to Ratcliffe. I caught 16 squirrels in the attic with the one rat trap over a period of about a month (about a half-dozen years ago). The ones that did not die in the trap were removed from the trap and taken to a BROOK, where I set them free, and Brooks share the Stick Coat while Cliffs married the Sticks. It all works so nicely to show Intelligent Design. There's a reason why I'm repeating this.

One of the approximate five squirrels which did not die was released from its bucket in the van, big mistake, because it ran up into the HEATER duct and would not come out when I opened the door at the brook. So I has to return home with this squirrel. The point is, the Heaters are not listed with Heaths/HEATHERs, yet Heaters share the bull head (different color) with Ratcliffe's. Heaters use a broken spear while Broke's/Brocks (Essex, same as Brooks) must be a Brook branch. Plus, the 1979 dream with Miss Hicks connected Mr. Ratcliffe to Walerans (bull heads), and the latter were first found in Devon with Walerans, but also with the Hoods/Hoots of Rattery sharing the white anchor with Rats/Raids/Raiders.

Devon is almost where Samuel(son)s were first found using squirrels, and as HEATHER Samuelson was in some charge of deleting Hillary's emails, I figured that the squirrel in the heater duct was a pointer to she. Yet God can create more than one pointer per event. Let's add that I was at the entryway into Ratcliff lumber that was shared by Sam's restaurant (has webpage), for Samuels are also SamWELLs while Wells essentially share the Sam Coat. It's excellent because Miss Hanson worked at Sam's restaurant, which is where she was when I was at the Ratcliff entryway. She was a PICK-up truck, and Picks share the Rattery fitchees. As I said, I distinctly recall that she was in the truck alone, with the male driver walking out across the hood. We were eying each other, she giving me the evil eye (for leaving her recently).

Miss Hanson was the ice-cream girl (see recent updates), and the ice-CREAM pointed hard to Crema on the SERio river. As I said, I didn't know what happened to the squirrel in the heater duct until I put some shorts through the SEARs laundry machine. Afterward, I found a dead squirrel in a shorts pocket, suggesting that the shorts were in the van when it died of hunger / thirst / cold. So, there we have another pointer of Miss Hanson to John Ratcliffe when the squirrel in heater duct is a pointer to him. Sears were first found in Essex with Brooks.

There was a second ice-cream girl (see last update), Darlene, and the Darlene surname uses a "female FIGURE" suspect partly as code for Vickers, for they share the red fitchee with Darlene's...and Tresure's/Trashers. Moreover, the Vickers (from Dal RIATA) share the Mere/MAYERS ship while it's possible that God arranged the Mayors/Majors (roses) to share the white anchor specifically of Rats/Raiders (Nairnshire, same as Rose's). Rose's are also Ras' while Rasmussens are also Eras' suspect in the heraldic "ERASed" feature used for both the neckline of the Heath and Great rooster. Mayor Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coats while the Coats Coat (rooster in Crest) looks linkable to the Chief of Keiths/Keaths with a Keth variation i.e. like the Heths of Heaths, and then the Coats Coat shares six pale bars with Heth-like Athels/Athols, the latter first found in Perthshire with Ratterys.

The squirrel died in my shorts, and Shorts (beside Wells of Somerset) use a giant griffin in the colors of the Sailer/Sayler griffin heads. The Shirts love the Hosts/Osts, first found in Somerset and sharing wings in Crest with Shorts, and sharing the bull head with Heaters. The Greats expected in the Sailer/Sayler motto have a saltire colors reversed from the same of HAITs/Hate's/Hague's, and Heaters are also HAITers/Haters. Haits/Hague's were stressed in the first update of this months as a pointer to reported Clinton crimes in Haiti quake relief, but I've never before thought that the squirrel in the heater duct might apply to that picture (i.e. something to keep in mind).

When "Quaker" was entered, it brought up the Vickers with a version of the Rodham tree stump. The squirrel in the heater duct pointed to Heather Samuelson's work in hiding Miss Rodham's (Mrs. Clinton) eMAILs. The Haiti quake was in 2010, when Hillary was using her private server as the secretary of state. Big hmmm. The Quakers/Vickers are suspect in the "feMALE figure" of Darlene's, perhaps for the Mails who named Meol. Not that Meullers use a "pair of snips" while Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) share a version of the Clinton Coat.

Plus, the ship's MAST in the Quaker/Vicker Coat is in flames, and Masts/Masters (share the Short griffin) share a motto term of Roets. While Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, it's used by Muellers (not "Meuller"), how interesting is that? Roets use the book, and the female figure of Darlene's (Devon, beside Roets) is said to hold a book! Zowie, it's starting to appear that Darlene Ray is a pointer to Haiti crimes but including Mueller's seat as the FBI chief. It seems that when Hillary was in trouble for losing the election, it was Mueller to the the dismal rescue, that is.

Recall how the Moses', Mose's and Mosts (Sailer/Sayler motto) played into the discussion, for while the squirrel died in the Safari van, Saffers (Devon again) have a "mois" motto term.

When a certain woman was caught abducting minors (children, lots of them) in the Haiti quake, Bill Clinton went to her rescue to keep her from becoming prosecuted by the Haitian government. This is sick, folks. This is as demonic as it gets. It's interesting that the Minors in the Mast/Master motto were first found in Herefordshire with Trevors of MAELors, and with Doors and Barrels. The latter share the Chief-Shield colors of Clintons, which are colors reversed from the same of Minors. This works excellently because Trevors share the Most Coat while Masts/Masters are also Mosters! Lookie: Trevors can be a branch of Tarves' who share the six, black fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys!!! Who arranged for that coincidence?

Trevors share also the Coat of Coo/Coe-beloved Pennants. The squirrel died in the shorts pocket while Pockets share the cinquefoil of RosCOE's/RosCOWs (Coo's/Coe's are also Cowes') who in turn look connectable to Hatters/Hettericks (and Rush's) i.e. like the Hater variation of HAITers/Heaters!!! I think that's amazing, suddenly. The squirrel that died is a pointer undeniably to Clinton crimes in Haiti, and for some reason, Darlene the ice-cream girl is pointing to the same thing. In the short time that I was with her, she was in a car accident. She lived in Unionville, where I scored the hat trick, as a pointer to Hetterick-like Hatricks/Ettricks, a few months before being with her. I was with the other ice-cream girl when scoring the hat trick.

OHHH WOW! In my hat-trick story, in the 4th update of last month, I tell that the third goal was on a deke, and then go on about the Deke surname. Deeks are listed with Dyke's while one Dyke surname shares the red squirrel with Samuelsons, as do DECKs/Deckers, and it just so happens -- WOW -- that I've told the story a few times where I built a deck with two guys, Rick LEGGE and TREVOR (forget his surname). As was said, the second goal was my deflection of a slap shot through my LEGs. I don't remember the first goal. WOW SOME MORE: the squirrel-using Dyke's share the annulets of Bulls (Somerset), who in-turn share the white bull head of Hosts/Osts (Somerset), and the Heaters use these bull heads in gold, the color of the bull head in the Bull Crest!!! Incredible coincidences. Note how the Roscoe's (Cornwall, same as Samuelsons) share the Rush fesse, for the latter's has annulets upon it, looking linkable to the fessewise annulets of Bulls.

Palin in Haiti

I should like to mention that the black lion paw of Savage's/Sava's and Quints can be connected very well to the Palin lion, and here it may be important that there's another black lion paw in the Minor Crest while Sarah Palin was in Haiti as per the Haiti quake. This part of the discussion has me scratching my head. It's notable that Coverts have a fesse colors reversed from the same of Roscoe's / Rush's.

I don't want to repeat everything about Miss Covert and "captain," as she called him, who were involved in Haiti relief. A couple of years after the quake, she emailed something strange, and just stopped emailing, after emailing for years previous. When I emailed to discover whether she was alright, there was no reply...for a long time. Finally, she responded, and said she was up in Alaska without access to the Internet. I don't tend to believe her story. Sarah Palin (lives in Alaska) had come to mind at that time, but I didn't know Palin was in Haiti until just now, when stumbling upon an article.

As I said not many weeks ago, the captain, Mr. Maness, had an address in coastal Texas that I passed the day after my mugging in Galveston. I don't want to repeat everything about that, but as he had a helicopter for Haitian relief, he may have been living in Texas at the time. When I was on this topic last (1st update of this month), the topic veered to Haiti via the Hait/Hague surname. I was following Miss Covert's (went by Mrs. Maness at the time) relief effort because she was emailing everyone on her list about it. She was raising money. The helicopter program didn't go too well at all, though I didn't get the details. But here's something interesting:

Samaritan's Purse vice president of programming Ken Isaacs helped plan Palin's trip [to Haiti]...Despite the restricted media access, in pictures released by Samaritan's Purse Palin is seen rubbing the foot of an infant and delivering gifts to children.

"She was holding a set of 6-month-old twins who looked like they were 6 weeks old due to malnutrition," Isaacs says. "I could tell it was heavy on her heart."

...The Palin family along with Graham [Billy Graham's son, founder of Samaritan's Purse] arrived in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince on a Samaritan's Purse helicopter on Saturday.,8599,2036626,00.html

It's just that she's with minors while Minors, like the Manner variation of Maness', use a black lion paw while black-lion Palins are also PAWleys. While the Palin Coat shares part of a Power Coat, the Paws/PAUERs come up as "Pair," suspect in the "pair of snips" of Meullers, the ones who apparently love the Clinton-related Snipe's. Sarah Palin worked with a child-abduction ring? Can't be. Could it?

Steve Scalise, who I think was almost killed by Jack SAVA, might know something on these topics. Jack Sava oversaw the murder of Seth Rich when the FBI under Comey was dealing with him, when the FBI refused to look into the DNC server(s). Shortly after Rich was shot, Steve Scalise was shot and transferred to the same hospital, where the chief surgeon was Jack Sava, whose sweetheart was a Clintonite. It was said that Scalise was, at the time, seeking to deal against some aspect of child trafficking / pedophilia.

Note that while English Trips (Kent, same as Masts/Masters/Mosters) use the SCALing ladder while Scalise's/Scalia's use a ladder, German Trips/Treffs can be of the Trefor variation of Trevors (share Most Coat).

Miss Covert wrote to me as a Christian:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton urged the U.S. and Haitian governments on Friday to resolve the case of 10 American missionaries accused of trying to take children illegally out of quake-hit Haiti.

Clinton, named by the United Nations to coordinate relief efforts for survivors of the devastating January 12 quake [oh no, why him of all people?]...

The accused U.S. missionaries, most of whom belong to an Idaho-based Baptist church, were arrested a week ago and charged on Thursday with child kidnapping and criminal association.

Miss Covert has long had an address in Idaho, and Mr. Maness has had an address there too. I honestly did not know until now that the Haitian child abductors were largely from Idaho. I kid you not. I just didn't follow that story. I've known Covert's Idaho address since 2012. It was for her failure to email me back that I went seeking her address. I found some suspicious things about her at that time.

"Haitian authorities say the group tried to take a busload of 33 Haitian children across the border into the Dominican Republic without any papers proving the minors were orphans or any official permission to take them out of the country." Missionaries don't operate that way. They don't take children without their families knowing about it. If not for Clinton's involvement in what looks like obstruction of justice, the leftist media would have exploded (made larger) that story. We are now wise enough about the leftist media to know that they would lie, as in the following, to make Clinton crime look like it's not: "Evidence has emerged that many of the intercepted children were not orphans but were given up by parents who wanted them to have a better life." Yeah sure-sure. Get this story from others beside leftists.

"The detained Americans were still hoping on Friday they would eventually be released. 'We pray to God for the outcome,' said the group’s leader, Laura Silsby." I'm finding it interesting that the Silsbys/Selbys use fessewise bars in the colors of the Yellow / Michael fesses, recalling my dream, yet to be fully deciphered, where Michael's kids were jumping on a YELLOW mattress. When having this dream, I didn't know the big crescent in the Kid Crest was also in a Crest of Michaelsons (version of Russell Coat) who in turn look like they have a red-lion version of the Palin Coat. Nor did I know that the same Kids were first found in Angus with Scottish Michaelsons having the Yellow fesse in colors reversed. These are my needs for being confident that the dream is from God. Palins were first found in Dorset with Babe's, and also with the red-lion Russells to which they look linkable. I'll come back to Babe's as soon as the discussion allows to show a pointer to pedophiles i.e. the demons who crave a sexual turn-on with babes (SICK SICK SICK, jail is too good for them).

Note that Sarah's/Sayers can be a branch of Sauers/Saiers who in turn share the giant Russell lion, and then while Sauers/Saiers are said to be from the Sau (Sava) river, Savage's/Sava's share the Palin lion and the black lion paw of Minors. The latter are in the motto of Masters, suspect with the Maistre variation of Mattres'. It works. I don't know whether God is using Sarah Palin as a mere pointer to Haitian abductions, or whether she was actually part of it.

Sarahs'/Sayers share the bend of Graham-related Varns, and Palin's trip to Haiti was sponsored to some degree by Franklin Graham. Amazingly, Grahams (Midlothian, same as Russell-like Roslin) share three scallops on a black Chief with Russells. It's as though God arranged this heraldry to fit Sarah Palin's visit to Haiti. Midlothian is where Manner-branch Men's were first found who share a red Chief with Manners/Maness'. We are thus back to the helicopter captain in Haiti. I'm not saying that he was abducting minors, but that he's at least a pointer to such operations using helicopters disguised as relief operations.

It's pretty amazing that the Manner/Maness Crest is a peacock while both Paw surnames use peacocks. Doesn't this look like a Palin-Maness link / pointer?

I see the Purys in the motto of Manners/Maness', and Purys happen to share the Palin stars. Purys, first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows and Peare's, are much in the colors and format of Yellow-like Yells. It appears that Purys are a Peare / Pero branch. And Savage's/Sava's use a "PRO" motto term, while Silsbys use "Semper" for a Pierre line that can be from Pierro's/PERO's, and Michaels use "suPERO." I say that Jack Sava helped to kill SETH Rich, and Seths are listed with Sava-like Shaws. Coincidence?

I was wondering whether the kids were a pointer to pedophilia. It had caused me to find a Mattres/Maistre surname...looking like a branch of the Masts/Masters/Mosters expected in the emphasized mast of Quakers/Vickers. The mast has flames, and Flame's are in Yellow / Michael colors. I can't emphasize enough: Masts/Masters love black-paw Minors.

The Kid surname has a "Donec" motto term that should be for Duncans and Donkeys, for Duncans were from Angus along with Kids. However, as Purys share the Oman Coat (minus the stars), it's notable that "OMNia" is a motto term of Dons who in turn have doubles fesses colors reversed from the same of Parrs (almost the doubles fesses of Manners'/Maness') expected in the motto of Manners/Maness' (Northumberland, same as Donkeys) along with Purys (colors-reversed version of Mann Coat). How did that just happen? How did the Kids, expected in the kid-mattress dream, get us to captain Maness? I suggest that Omans were a Mann branch, especially as Manns ("Per") share goats with the Kidds. The Mann goat can be close to the Russell goat, especially as Manner-branch Mens' were first found in Midlothian with Roslin.

In fact, the Manns have a so-called embattled fesse, as do Masts/Masters, and the latter were first found in Kent with the Minute's/Mynetts having the helmets, in colors reversed, of Dragons/Drainers (Kent) who are obviously in the dragon of the Mann Crest.

For those who read (1st update of this month, same as has captain Maness) about the mouse which died under the joist as a potential pointer to Obama's Joyce Foundation, it's interesting here that "staBILIS" is a Mann motto term while Joyce's use "honoraBILIS." It's just that Drainer-like Drains/Drowns made it to that mouse discussion because I found the mouse drowned when I went to the basement to turn on the sump pump for draining the pool of water.

The mouse had got a leg trapped in the mouse trap first of all, which doesn't happen much at all with the black traps I use. Yet on Monday of this week, I found another mouse with leg caught, and I let it go alive. It was the same day that I added the following to the last update:

Insert, hours after uploading this update -- I caught wind that Obama's White-House counsel -- who asked Susan Rice to memorialize the meeting of the Obama conspirators in his office, January 5, 2017 -- is Neil EGGleston. Recalling the mention of Eggs/Edge's here, the Egglestons (first found in Durham) were loaded to find the spread eagle of Ice's, Eggs/Edge's and Fix's. Eggleston was preceded in this White-House job by Kathryn Ruemmler, the FIXER! As Eggletons share the black Hagel eagle, I would trace them, and Eggs / Eggertons/Edgertons too, to the ACHELous river. I do see the proto-Laevi Gauls at the Achelous theater. End insert

Chuck Hagel was Obama's chairman for overseeing all of his Intelligence data.

It's just that Egglestons use purple LEGs on their eagle likely to emphasize a line from Leggs or Leghs. The question is whether God wanted to point to Eggleston with the mouse that I figured was a prediction of Obama's demise at this time. The Eagle surname is a part of the Achelous-river clans, and it has the six Savage/Sava lions in colors reversed. We might even say that the mice got their paws stuck in the trap. Why is the Jois Coat almost the Manner/Maness Coat?

Go ahead and load Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts) to see that they have three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the three pale bars of Jois'! Miss Covert emailed me as Mrs. Maness! How can we have such a further coincidence as this? What does it mean? The Court/Covert motto has a "grandesCUNT" motto term while Cuntys/Cindys led to pizzagate pedophilia with Cindy Richardson. I won't repeat her stories here, but if interested, see if google gives it to you by searching " tribwatch "cindy richardson." A pointer to pizzagate's Comet Ping Pong is through the comet of Reines', for they have the PISA Coat in colors reversed, and then the same comet is used by Pero's/Perino's (though called a "flaming star").

As was said many times, the jumping-on-mattress dream started with my walking into a retail store that seemed to me to be a fake store i.e. a front for some under-the-table activity. I've heard / read that pedophiles are sometimes sent to stores to get child prostitutes or slaves. When I walked into the store, a SALESMAN spoke with me, and pointed to a yellow mattress on a list upon a piece of paper. Well, the Salesman (and Salmon) and Point surnames are in the colors of the Silsby/Selby Coat, and Salesmans were first found in Surrey with Michaels. McCabe's, in case it applies to Andrew McCabe, use salmon.

How interesting that while I trace Sales'/Salletts to the Salto river across mont Sabina, the Sabine's almost have the Palin Chief. Why should that be? We should ask the "SAPit" motto term of Silsbys/Selbys, for Sapps are listed with Sabine's. I trace Sales' to the Salyes Ligures, and then one Wikipedia article, at least, suggests that the Saluvii Ligures were the same as Salyes. Compare "Saluvii" to the old Seleby variation of Selbys, and then let me repeat that I resolved the Clinton Coat to be using the Chief-Shield colors combination of Saluzzo's. Saluzzo is a location in the Salyes / Saluvii sphere. It just so happens that the Sapps/Sabine's have two pierced stars in their Chief, as do Clintons, and while the Sapp/Sabine stars are in the colors of the three stars in the Palin Chief, Pullens/Pullys share the red scallop with Sapps/Sabine's because they are from Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus. They lived in Rieti, on the Salto river.

The Clinton stars are in the colors of the same of Saffins who once came up as "Sabina." The Sabines people group who named mont Sabina (or vice-versa) were also called, "Safini." Saffins were first found in Somerset with Rieti-like Roets who share the Chief-Shield of Clintons. Reminder: Meullers use snips while Snipe's are Clinton kin while Muellers use the Catherine wheel owned by Roets. Somerset is beside the first-known Saffers/Savarys (Devon), and French Sabina's are listed with Savards/Savarys.

The pierced stars seen above are perhaps important as per the Samaritan's PURSE, for the Purse surname is also the Pierce surname (shares gold unicorn heads with Saffers/Savarys). The Burse's, first found in Somerset with the Purse's/Pierce's, and beside the Palins and PITs of Dorset, almost have the Silsby/Selby Coat. No way you say. Yes way I say. And Silbys/Selbys use a "saPIT" motto term; now we know why. Pits share "Per ardua" with Manns. Somerset is where STABLE's and BILLS' were first found who must both be in "staBILIS" i.e. in the Mann motto, "Per ardua STABILis." It appears that God arranged the Bills' for a pointer to Bill Clinton, for Bills' share the Chief-Shield colors of Clintons and Roets (Somerset), and Roets share the book with Reeds/Rieds because they are both from the namers of Rieti.

Now is a great time to tell again that the "female FIGURE" in the Crest of Darlene's (Devon) holds a book, and that God may have arranged the figure-like Viggers/Vickers (share red fitchee with Darlene's) to come up as "Quaker" so as to point to the Clinton program in the Haitian QUAKE, just look at that. The Vigger/Quaker Crest shares a brown tree stump with Rodhams, the latter first found in Northumberland with Manners/Maness'. For international readers, Bill Clinton married Hillary Rodham. The Kid Coat is even a good reflection of the Roet Coat, and German Roets share the crescent with the Kid Crest.

Darlene was one of the ICE-cream girls, and "ice" is slang for crystal METH, which reminds that Methleys and Medleys use pierced the colors of the same of Sapps/Sabine's. Some say Bill Clinton was working an illicit drug trade with his brother. Oh wow, the Crystal surname, sharing a red-on-gold cross with Darlene's, was first found in Yorkshire with Methleys! I really do like that, and the Mens' in the Crystal motto are even said to be a Manner branch. Meads (Somerset), once said to have been first found in Sussex with Medleys, share the pelican with Bills' (Somerset), and Pellicans were first found in Maine with BILLets/Billiards, we get it. Methleys were first found in Yorkshire with Billiards/Hillards (version of Billet/Billiard Coat).

This is amazing, for the coffee I purchased in Victoria, on the same day I was in Crystal City, pointed by way of the naked rider on a dolphin, of Coffee's/Coffers, to the naked rider on a dolphin in the Arms of Taranto. As I spent the night before in a motel (after the mugging), and then the next night in another motel in Crystal City, I probably checked the Motel surname when finding Coffee's/Coffer's with a "victoria" motto term, to see that Motels were first found in Taranto! Surprise. It was probably one of the first clues that God set that trip up for pointers to a heraldic message(s). If we now compare Motels to the MOTLeys of MEDLIcott, we can see that "crystal meth" is indeed being pointed to. Coffers are even like the Coffert variation of Coverts (Sussex, same as Medleys!!!). Everything is just clicking along here.

On the day of the mugging, I had a OMEN. I've always called it that, and Maness-like Omans have a version of the Pury Coat, making Manners/Maness' look particular important to this revelation on Clinton crimes touching upon Haiti. Oh wow, I almost missed it. The Purys suspect in the Manner/Maness motto have a different-colors version of the Covert/Coffert Coat. Miss Covert called herself, Mrs. Maness, when she was communicating with me (roughly 2008 - 2012).

What Matter, at this Point, Does it Make?

The yellow MATTRess may have been used to click us over to Matters/Mathers, for they have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Manners/Maness'. But why, what does it mean? Well, the two stars in the Matter/Mather Crest are colors reversed from the two in the Clinton Chief. It's pointing that way again, to Clinton-related pedophilia, and I think God brought Mrs. Covert-Maness to my email life to verify that the missionaries from Idaho were indeed in cahoots with Clinton-related pedophilia, not at all meaning necessarily that she and Mr. Maness were involved. It could be that God simply used them as a pointer to Silby and crew because Covert and Maness were involved in Haiti relief. It makes perfect sense.

Like I said, when I had to seek for Covert's address, I found that Mr. Maness had an address in Idaho as well as Markham, Texas, at BAY CITY. I drove right through there the night after the mugging, and just before the coffee in Victoria, but it was more than 15 years before I'd know about Mr. Maness. The Boy-like Bays happen to share the double fesses of Batters/Mathers i.e. colors reversed from the same of Manners/Maness', and one fesse in Bay-fesse colors is used by the Fantis' who in turn look like they use boy heads!!! Markhams were at Maplewood, and Maple's (Tarves Shield) link to both Chives' (share Maple motto terms) and Clinton-related Tarves'.

This is amazing, for Fantis' were originally found when on James AleFANTIS, owner of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria (Washington), alleged pedophilia joint that named "pizzagate." If you don't know, this is stunning, for Fantis' were first found in Bologna with the Panico's/Panetta's who share their Chief fully, and they both share a four-POINTed "label" with Pings/Pong/Paganells!!!!!! To prove that they share this label due to blood connection, Pagans are also Payens while Panico's/Panetta's are also Pane's.

The reason that there appears to be boy heads in the Fantis Coat is that Boii lived in Bologna, yet the Boii named Bohemia, where Michaels were first found, which is right down kids-on-mattress alley. Again, the one Fantis fesse is in the colors of the two of Matters/Mathers, and so it seems that it was absolutely necessary to have the kids jumping on a mattress, instead of a bed, in order to click over to Matters/Mathers for a connection to pizzagate. This is now solid material.

Matters/Mathers were first found in Aberdeenshire (near the Kids of Dundee) with Tarves, and it's the Tarves' who use the six black fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys! SOLID. Plus, it's the Kids that have a "DONec" motto term while double-fesse Dons have the Oman-like "OMNia" motto term.

Oh wow! Four fesses in the colors of the Matter/Mather fesses are used both by Page's/Lepage's (Dauphine, same as Pagans/Payens) and the other Lepage's, first found in Ile-de-France with Mattres'/Maistre's!!!! Incredible "coincidence," just as though ancient heraldry had eyes to see this discussion. Load the Dauphine branch with "Page," but use "Lepage" to get the other branch. English Lepage's even have the Yellow fesse in colors reversed, or, to put it another way, it's in the format of a Michael / Michaelson Coat.

Oh wow, as the Galli's were first found in Dauphine too, the gold rooster in the Crest of English Lepage's (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs/Paganells) is likely closely connectable by blood to the gold Galli and GAY roosters! It's a pointer to the queer fiends of pedophilia. I see Galli's and Gays (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) from king Gaia/Gala of Numidia, father of king Massena, and so note that the hexagrams of Massena's are shared by Pagans/Payens...and with Nissans (share sinister-rising bend with Massena's). English Gays -- who share the scallop of Matters/Mathers -- were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows and Clintons!!! EXCELLENT. The chevron of English Gays is also the one of Page-connectable Pigeons. English LePage's can be gleaned with a version of the Meschin and Mussels/Muscel Coats (Michaels were Meschin kin).

The two Don fesses are half in the colors of the Matter/Mather fesses, and the two of Dons are in the colors of the three of German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds (beside Aberdeenshire) share the spread eagle in the Crest of Matters/Mathers (Aberdeenshire). I had the omen, and got mugged, in my NISSAN pick-up truck, and Nissans (Hamburg, same as German Drummonds) happen to have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Dons. It's as though God is verifying that He set up the omen and mugging by arranging the "Omnia" motto term of Nissan-connectable Dons. The double Nissan fesses are those of Parrs for a connectable reason, and Parrs can be expected in the "PARvenir" motto term of Manners/Maness' because the latter have double fesses half in the colors of the double Parr fesses. (This line is from king PHARnaces, husband of Nissan-like Nysa, for Parrs share the border of Pharnaces-like FurNESS' while Ness'/Nessans have more double fesses.) I'll add that while Matters/Mathers were first found in KinCARDINE, Cardine's (Cheshire, same as Masseys) were likely from Cirta, the Numidian capital, for Cards come up as "Cert." The Massi variation of Mattis' tends to explain the Matter/Mather / Mattres/Maistre surnames from Massa-Carrara, at pizza-like Pisa. Cards/Certs share the blue lion with Pisa's (Lepage lion?), and the Pisa Coat is colors reversed in the Coat of comet-using and Reno-like Reines'. Panico's, whom I see as part of the pheons used by Cardine's and Page's, were at the Setta tributary of the Reno river, you see. It's as though Somebody set up the Comet surname to be related to a Reno-river line connectable to Alefantis-pointing Fantis', the latter first found in Bologna with the Reno (and Savena) river.

Heraldic labels always come with a varied number of "points," and as we saw, labels were used by Bologna surnames, making Points/Pointers suspect with the Boii of Bologna, yet they conquered into neighboring MODENa, like the line to such things as Motts, Motleys, Motels, Methleys, Meads, Meaths. The Covert/Coffert fesse is that also of Pointer-like Poitiers', and Poitiers is where Sabina's/Savards/Savarys were first found who can be of the namers of the Savena river through Bologna.

The salesman pointed. Points/Pointers, who are a little like "BOENte," were first found in Berkshire, beside the first-known Yellows and Babels/Babwells. Bologna is also BONonia. English LePage's share the chevron of Dutch Bakers, and Dana Boente now holds a position once held by Jim Baker, the FBI's chief counsel, yet the FBI's McCabe had LISA PAGE as his personal counsel, and English Lise's share the Coat of Lists and Babels/Babwells. The salesman pointed to the yellow mattress in a LIST upon a PAGE, and we might say that babes were jumping on the mattress. Perfect. Even better: French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Mattres'/Maistre's.

The Lapish variation of LePage's suggests clicking over to the Lapps sharing the mermaid with Babels/Babe's. Coincidence? Recall how LePage liners were connectable to Comet Ping Pong and Matters/Mathers.

Lisa Page had come up with a billiard table owned by Obama, and with the Palin-branch Plains, in a dream God gave us where I was in Obama's billiard hall. I had that dream in about the first week of February, 2017, days after Trump took office.

This pointed-to-a-list discussion gets critical where Lise's and Lists share the six pale bars (same colors) of English Babels while German Babels are also Babe's (share the gold gate of PodeBRADY). Babe's thus look like a pointer to pedophilia, especially as the related English Babe's use two fingers pointing, as do Points/Pointers. The kids-jumping-on-bed dream is hashing out.

If we want to view the page as a piece of paper, one can add that Papers/Papwells share the chevron of Gays, Dutch Bakers and Page-connectable Pigeons. Someone in this picture might just have become a stool pigeon, maybe Baker. Wasn't it Jim Baker who insisted openly that Rosenstein was serious about wearing a spy wire to help topple Trump? Wasn't baker a snitch?

Why does Barr love Rosenstein??? Because, they are two barrels of criminal garbage.

PodebBRADY is in Bohemia, and so Pointers (and Boente's) look like Boii i.e. the namers of Bohemia. German Michaels were first found in Bohemia, how about that, and Mattres-like Matters/Mathers share the fesse of Fantis' of Bologna. Bradys use a FINger pointing to a sun, as do English Babe's, while FEINs have the triple fesses seen above the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady; these fesses are in the colors of the three-and-three BARs of English Babe's. The Podebrady gate is a portcullis gate, owned by Yates. Dana Boente took over the job (deputy attorney general) of SALLY Yates, and Sallys are listed with Sales' (share the bend of Salesmans). Yates' were first found in Gloucestershire with Papers/Papwells.

It appears that the dream needs Laura Silsby in order to be properly deciphered with pedophilia in view, and yet it's pointing to various people in the DoJ / FBI too. Mueller was in charge of the FBI during the Haiti quake. The Meullers have snips while Snipe's use a portcullis-gate version of the Clinton Coat, I kid you not. Silsby possibly abducted HAITian KIDs before she was caught. The HAITs/Hague's not only share the white crescent with Kids, but they share the same stars too. German Michaels share the hexagram star of Hagars (Hait/Hague colors), in both colors of the Kid / Hait/Hague stars.

If you think that's all coincidental, let me go on, for Silsby and her crew were from Idaho, and Miss Covert of Idaho lived 10 miles or less from HAYDen Lake (happens to have been headquarters for Aryan Nations). That sure looks like a pointer to HAITi of the CIA's nazified Americans. Hoods/Hoots, sharing the crescents the Scottish Michaelsons (Angus, same as Kids), share the white anchor with HEIDlers, no guff, and Hiedlers are also Hitlers. The Hoods/Hoots were at Rattery, and Ratterys love the Supers in their motto, as does the "supero" motto term of Scottish Michaels. Silsbys (multiple bars in the colors of the Michael / Michaelson / Yellow fesse) use "SUPRema," just look at that, for it's connecting Ms. Silsby again to the dream with Michael. Ratterys were first found in Perthshire, beside Angus, and where Scottish Lise's were first found.

While Haids/Heids are also HAGELsheimers, Chuck Hagel was Obama's chairman for overseeing all of his Intelligence data during the Haiti quake. He did such a good job that Obama made him his Defence chief. It's Flynn-case interesting that Haids/Heids/Hagelsheimers have a Coat like that of Gleasons.

Sillys/Sillimans (Devon, same as Hoods and Rattery) are amazing as per the salesman in the dream who can already be connected to Silsbys/Selbys. The Sillys/Sillimans share the Coat of Epsteins, you see, a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile salesman. Bill Clinton was on his plane more than two dozen times, and Plains are a branch of Palins. Why was Sarah Palin visiting children in Haiti while Silsby-and-Idaho crew were abducting children in Haiti, afterwhich Miss Covert claimed to be in Alaska???

I suppose it's a good time to add that Epsteins share the triple chevrons of Mitch's/Muschats/MontFITCHetts while Mitchams are listed with Michaels. There's always a question on whether God provided the heraldry to fit the event or dream scenes, or vice-versa. Epstein's island is Little saint JAMES, and the James', first found in Surrey with Michaels and Salesmans, have scallops colors reversed from the same of James'. Does it appear that Michael's kids are pointing to Epstein's crimes with Bill Clinton?

The "jaMAIS" motto term of James' can suggest Massa-Carrara, for the two James lions are also the Pisa lions. The James' having these lions have a motto, "Victor," and Victors are listed with the Victoria's/Fichters in the Coffee/Coffer motto. Doesn't it appear that God at least caused the FICHTer variation to be linkable to the MontFICHET variation of Mitch's/MusCHATs? The latter look linkable to the Lucca cat, or the Chattan-related Botters of Lucca, beside Pisa. Didn't we see that God used Pisa's to point to pizzagate?

Chattan-branch Chatans share the Jay bend with roses, and Jays were at Gay-like De Gai. A blue jay is use by Botter-connectable Poitvins (same stars as Victors/Victoria's), first found in Poitou with Chatans, you see. And the Poitvin Coat can be gleaned as a colors-rearranged version of the Gay-related Galli's of Dauphine. The Arms of Dauphine shares the dolphin with the James' using a "jaMAIS" motto term, and Dauphine is beside Savoy, where Masseys/Masse's and Gays were first found.

Lookie. Ask how we got to Poitou, and then ask other questions. The Poitou's, first found in Artois with Eustace II of Bologna-like Boulogne, can be gleaned with the cross of Eustace's. The latter use the cross style of the Poitiers, yet the black cross between antlers of Eustace's is the same one between antlers of Vice's/Vise's, recalling the Quakers/Vickers as a pointer to the Haiti quake. It just so happens (this is astounding) that while Vice's/Vise's were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts (and Bononia-line Bone's), the Coverts/Coffert fesse is shared by Poitiers. The son of Eustace II was Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Botter-like Bauts/Bode's while Auvergne's share the tower of Chatans in both colors.

Poitiers are said to have been in a Courcy location, and so see the Court/Covert write-up: "In 1107, William de Cuvert witnessed the foundation charter of Barnstaple and years later William Guvert (Cuvert) held a fee of ancient enfeoffment from William de Courcy in Somerset." That's where Coffers/Coffare's were first found who are in Coffee/Coffer colors. Miss Covert of Idaho is God's pointer to Haiti pedophilia!

She's been very upset with me for connecting her name to Aryan Nations, but look at what God is doing using her name, unveiling the Clinton demons. God's work doesn't come without fruit. Wait for it. The omen I had on the day of my mugging is expected in "omnia" motto terms, and another one is used by English Courcys (Somerset). Didn't we just see Poitiers in Courcy? Omans are colors reversed from, but in the format of, Poitier-like Potters, first found in Hampshire with Botters/BUDINs/Bodys and Buttons/Bidens (houseofnames once said, for years and years, that Potters were first found in Hampshire). Isn't Joe Biden suspect as a pedophile? (There is a Boit/BOITOU and a Bode surname sharing a white fesse with Poitiers'.)

On the day of the omen, I parked the pick-up on the side of a quiet road in Galveston. I got into the rear, and probably slipped into a sleeping BAG, but not before I used a pair of VICE-grip pliers to lock the latch from the inside. I told many times that I put my keys into my RUNNING shoes, and here it can be added that Runnings/Ronnys share the Poitou / Covert/Coffert fesse. Bags were at GAYwood, and the Bag cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags) and French Courcys. Remember, the morning after the mugging there was a pointer to Miss Covert and Mr. Maness, and Courcys were apparently a Covert branch. Courcys came up from Poitou, and Jay-related Poitvins of Poitou were related to a Gay branch now suspect at Gaywood, and moreover Gaywoods share the white tower with Chatans of Poitou.

About an hour later, while sleeping, a mugger came along and began to shake the pick-up up-and-down by repeatedly lifting the rear fender. The story is too long to repeat here. God provided for me to get away with everything, though the fiend tried to steal the entire truck. I suppose I thought I had the keys in my hands when a ran to a front door to knock (I didn't know what weapon he had). While I was away, he had the keys because he had knocking them out of my hand when he attacked. He then opened the driver door, slipped the keys into the ignition, but the truck would not start for him, the first time it had not started. I came back to find him gone, with the driver door wide open, and, taking a spare key from under the MATT, the truck failed to start on the first two attempts, but did start on the third, never to repeat that problem again. MIRACLE FOR ME, thank you, Lord.

German Matts are also Matters.

The eagle in the top half of the Court/Covert Coat is in the Chief of Massi's/Mattis', and the latter's checks were used by rulers of Massa-Carrara. As much as I hate repeating stories, I am now compelled to go to the two stories of Cindy Richardson, for Cindys are listed with Cuntys while Courts/Coverts have a "GrandesCUNT" motto term. She was the pastor's daughter. One evening, I invited Mamie, a new girlfriend to a Bible-study event outdoors. She was standing alone at home plate of a baseball diamond, and so I walked up to her and kissed her, maybe a thing I wasn't allowed to do at a Bible study because, when turning to face toward the field, there was Cindy at second base with a displeasured face while looking at us.

While telling this story again, it popped into my mind that she being at second base might be a pointer to Steve Scalise being shot at second base. For while Scalise was supposedly dealing with pizzagate matters, Cindy and her parents walked into my place of work, a pizzeria, a week or two or three after the second-base event. It was the only night I was asked to serve tables due to a waiter not being able to make it to work, and when they walked in, I not only sat them down, but I served them, and they ordered wine...which I reasoned was a pointer to Anthony Weiner, convicted pedophile. Weiner's wife was Clintonite, HUMA Abedin, and Mamie and I were kissing and hugging at HOME plate when Cindy was at SECOND base, and the Seconds/Segurs have virtually the Coat of Abedin-like Bedins/'s that for proof that God set up those two events with Cindy for pointing to pedophiles? Miss Covert and her daughter in Idaho sold BEADs. Scottish Bedins/Beetons have a version of the Boit/Boitou Coat, and share the otter with Fenders.

So you see, it appears that God arranged Cindy to be in the Court/Covert motto for this read you just had, as if to link things again to the pedophile rings swooping down in crisis-ridden Haiti. Instead of being helpful to people enduring a crisis, the vultures wish to profit from the situation. God boils over.

Behold. Mamie and I were hugging at home plate, and Hugs happen to have three of the Matter/Mather fesses. We are back to the yellow mattress. Hugs share the triple fesses of Fountains, and they share one another's lions too. Then, Fantis-like Fontana's, first found in Bologna with pizzagate-pointing Fantis', use a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat, both having the spread eagle of Courts/Coverts, hee-hee, the makers of heraldry had no idea what it would one day point to. The Fantis-related Pane's/Panico's look like a branch of French Paine's/Payne's having one of the Hug / Fountain fesses, and on top of this Hugo's share the mermaid with Babels/Babe's. Spanish Fontana's may be using pots in honor of some Poitou line.

It was Obama who first elevated James Mattis to Central Command, and Mattis had a run-in against Trump.

What's Really in the White House?

Here's something new. I'll start with the pedophilic theme called, "white rabbit," a thing you can find online especially with Alex Podesta. It surprised me to see that the wife of Mike Pence is online posing with a white rabbit (I think it has some black too). It made me wonder whether the Pense's (or one of them) is into child trafficking or plain pedophilia in some way, but of course there should be more evidence than a white rabbit to take it seriously.

Before I go on, let me say: the accusation that many of the highest-level politicians are pedophiles is not necessarily as ridiculous as it may at first seem...because it can be said that, over the years, fiends promote one another, elevate one another, to high positions. It can make sense.

Well, the "funny" thing is, the Mann Coat we crossed above is a near-version of the Coney Coat, and the latter has a white rabbit holding a pansy, yet the pansy is three black roundels, the symbol on the Mann fesse, and it happens to be colors reversed from the black Penn/Pence fesse with three white roundels. Isn't that curious, after seeing the Manners/Maness' work into what looks like a Clinton-related pedophilia ring abducting Haitian children?

The other astonishing thing about this is that Barrs of Bar-le-Duc decided to use the pansy symbol on their Arms (because they were related to the Pansy surname). It's as though God dragged Bill Barr, whose father probably had something to do with hiring Jeffrey Epstein as a school teacher, into heraldry that seems set-up by God for pointing even to Pence.

The blue roundels upon the Mann dragon are called hurts, and while Hurts/Horts have another version of the Coney Coat, it just so happens that Hurts/Horts, with the Yellow fesse in colors reversed, were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows. The kids were JUMPing on the yellow mattress, and Manns can be connected, as we saw above, to Masters i.e. who are like the Maistre variation of Mattres'. Don't you find that this heraldry has eyes to see the present situation? Jumps share the Trump stag head, and Pence is Trump's vice-president.

Pence was born, MICHAEL. The Michael Coat that has Hurt/Hort colors and format has a PEN in Crest! It begs whether God used a Michael I know, in the mattress dream, as a pointer to Mike Pence. I think Pence is involved in pedophilia, or so this heraldry is telling us. However, Miss Covert had married JEFFREY, and together they named a son, Michael. It looks like a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein. THIS IS AMAZING.

It's amazing because, when first discovering that Miss Covert and Jeffrey lived some 10 miles or less from the headquarters of Aryan nations, I also saw that an alternative address given for Jeffrey and Michael was Warsaw, Indiana. At the time, I fell upon the fact that a WARS white-supremacist group was from Warsaw, Indiana, but I can now add that Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana. What's going on? I trace Poland's Warsaw to Warwicks (share the three lions of Michael-related James').

Warwickshire happens to be where Sheriffs were first found, and the intriguing thing about Jeffrey was that his sister married Mr. Scheriff. While the first president Buss was born Mr. Scherff, and then "adopted" by the Nazi supporter, Prescott Bush, Mr. Scheriff had an address, as did Jeffrey himself with his mother, in Babylon of Long Island, right beside Patchogue, home of William Hitler, Adolf's nephew. I figured that God sent Miss Covert to my email life for something to do with that Nazi picture. The Arms of Warsaw, Poland, has a mermaid, the symbol of Babylon-like Babels/Babe's. Warsaw is where the Pisa-like Piasts ruled, the Mieszko's.

What are the chances that Sheriffs use a version of the Mast/Master Coat while both have a fesse in the colors of the Matter/Mather fesses? The Matts/Matters happen to share the fleur-de-lys of English Bush's, and the latter add the eagles of Salesmans, colors reversed from the same of Massi's/Mattis'. The salesman in the fake store (or SHOP) pointed to the yellow mattress. Shops are listed with SHERlands, suspect with Schere's/Scherfs. Masseys/Masse's use a tree while Tree's were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs. Salesmans are likely from Saluzzo, beside Busca, and then Bush's are also Buschs. Saluzzo and Busca are in Cuneo, suspect with coney-rabbit Coneys (version of Meschin Coat). The SALUVii Ligures were likely related to the namers of Saluzzo, and Sullivans share the black-on-white boar with Bush's/Buschs. Cuneo is in pedo-like Piedmont, where Masci's were first found who are like the Mosca's of Pisa.

There needs to be a reason that the kids were jumping on the bed. The Jumps share the Trump stag head, and so Trump may have been involved in some way with pedophiles in his more-sinful past. Barr and Trump together probably know much about Epstein's "empire," yet neither of them stressed the need to go after it. many complain that Ms. Maxwell remains free. Barr assisted in the manufactured event the deep state used to "take care" of Epstein. Barr covered for it. He covered for those who took care of Epstein. Barr must be a disgusting pig under that facade he wears.

When's Barr going to get Assange's testimony against the criminal Democrats? He's not interested, because Barr's a piece of Hell. Even if Assange broke the law, it doesn't give Barr the right to ignore his testimony / evidence against the DNC. The nation is in shambles due to DNC recklessness that includes snubbing all sorts of laws. The Guccifer 2.0 trick was a crime involving the ambitions of Hillary Clinton, but Barr's not concerned at all with arresting her...because he's a Hell-bent piece of trash. A top cop who doesn't arrest the nations most-powerful criminals is a piece of Hell-bent trash. Seth Rich was murdered in a political murder, but Barr doesn't care about political disorder. He claims that he's not going to help one political party by arresting members of the other party, and so this top cop gives the politicians open season on committing crimes. Thunder and lightning on his head. He has do-nothing Wray looking after things. How can things be much worse than this? And Boente is charged with protecting Wray's criminality.

Although it's possible that the United States will heal from the demons that infest it, it's also possible that people like BCP are acting the false prophets, saying peace-peace and prosperity on the horizon when in fact God is using terrible exposures to warn the nation. BCP continues to promise that America will become great again under the savior, Trump, but I would NEVER put myself in such shoes. I hope he's right, but I cannot make such a prediction knowing what I do about prophecy...a thing that BCP seems never to mention. Exposure of wickedness is not necessarily a healing. Exposure is what a Prosecutor does when he puts a criminal on trial. The question is, is the United States the criminal on trial in the Court of God, where Jesus is the Prosecutor? What comes for the defendant after a successful prosecution? Not happy-happy.

Here is what we should strive for:

And you were alienated [from God] and were enemies in your evil works, but now He has reconciled you by His flesh body through His death, to present you holy, blameless and free from accusation — if you continue in your faith (Colossians 1:21-23).

Free from accusation means NOT PROSECUTED. No punishment for you in spite of your humanity "warring," as it were, against the will of God. For God has a plan to write His laws upon our hearts, which sounds like the granting of a Christ-like instinct or "program." We will be re-programmed. Now in our flesh, which is prone to demonic infiltration, and leaking of the good we train ourselves with, but later the mind of God will be sewn to our minds, and our new creature will KNOW GOD not just from a distance, but in ONENESS with Him. We have been given a taste of this now, who have come to know Him through Jesus, but the FULL-fillment is yet in the future, and this is OUR HOPE, not a great America, not a Trumpist America, a piece of trash by comparison. Don't lose Jesus for BCP's American idol. Sure, expose and resist the evil, but don't make America your goal, for God has another nation, and we are to belong to it.

As Jesus said, a Christian first coming to Him throws out all that he/she has in the offerings of this world, and receives Him instead. Don't go back to the world, for America is the world. What doesn't BCP understand about that? If America is not the greatest symbol of the world, what else is? We never hear BCP talk like this. To him, America is the greatest thing. I'm using BCP as an example of what I think is dangerous for Christians.

There are all sorts of Christians using an America glue to create a human bond for fighting Democrats. There is no need to use this patriot glue to fight evil. We already have a Jesus glue for bonding ourselves together, and we don't want people bonded to us who do not belong to Jesus, but BCP welcomes all in his fight, because, politically speaking, Christians alone can't win this battle. But wait. This view ignores the power of God.

Christians are to leave the situation in the hands of God, but if He sees us bonding with his enemies for a political battle, how much do you want to bet that those Christians will be fighting without their Savior? Do they then turn to another savior, and to false prophets at the charge of the political battle? Yes, if God isn't with them in their charge, they are like false hopes, even if they eke out a victory. The war is never over after a single battle, win or lose. STICK WITH JESUS ALONE, and win the war.

The war is against death, but it's also against the world, where anti-Christs prosper. If Jesus is in us at death, we win. The battle is against anti-Christs because they wish for us to abandon Jesus, as do the lures of the world. At death, we get presented HOLY before God. It's what makes salvation free, that while our service in the flesh body deserves death, we get off scot-free at our appearance in Court. Probably, there will be no Court for us.

Holiness is not some sort of zombie-obedience to some strange / awkward God. If you read Jesus, he doesn't come across weird at all. He's all-too understanding of humanity, has affinity with it, and carries within the built-in Program of God.

Modern America is a great example of the vanity it is to forsake Jesus. What do we think we might get if we put him off only to jump into the America pool? Oh well, maybe we can become famous with a successful youtube channel. And then what? We become slaves to that channel, for if you don't continue with it, you lose all of those subscribers you worked so hard to capture. And out the window goes that easy money you hoped to make with the channel. Oh boy, it looks like a trap. Best thing: don't make money on using youtube to do the work of God. Yes, use youtube to do the work of God, not the work of Trump. BCP might have his reward with "my beloved president," but not when he discovers the true nature of this man.

At the moment, BCP is in blind-lust over Trump. The latter has some seven decades behind him of a flesh warring against Jesus; how do we suppose that in his inward man he has anything of Godly value to offer? By now, his soul is spiritually decrepit. His only hope is full abandonment to Jesus in his will, for then the Program of God might be lodged into his heart when he escapes the Prosecutor. We can't fool God. The program will not be given to us if we don't love Jesus. The Program just won't fit into a soul that doesn't love Jesus. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Here's the thing that causes a soul to endure in faith to the end: he sees that the value in Jesus is greater than the value in the world. This person is making a calculated decision, like a venture capitalist; this person is clinging to the thing with the greater value. It's a smart person. He/she can be free from the concerns of the world, for part of the freedom we have in Jesus is to be free from the tossing and turning of the worldly sea. TRUE LIBERTY is freedom from the United States. The United States is NOT the best example of liberty, unless you like snakes free to enter your bed.

Freedom from evil is the true meaning of freedom. Free from the evil king; free from evil religion. The way to be free from those things is, not to destroy them, because like weeds they just keep cropping up. The way to be free is to just stop clinging to them. That's the message of Jesus: do not love money or anything in the world. Be free of them.

The present problem that we have is that anti-Christs are intent on ruining our freedom from them by getting into our faces. The evil king is coming, and we will be his targets. They have given the world all sorts of anti-Biblical garbage for the express purpose of getting into our faces, to rub their hands in our faces in disrespect. This will ignite God's anger. FURY. We love Him when he comes to save us with UTTER DESTRUCTION of America. No nation will survive intact. The buildings will crumble, the SIGN of His love for us. And they will hate us all the more when we sing while their world crumbles. But if you are BCP, you might be more like Lot's wife at that time, with concern and love for the burning world. After all, he's trying to make America great again as we speak. If he gets a victory in the next election, won't he be even more addicted to his MAGA program?

There is just no way that God can cause this world the destruction Predicted unless He exposes the worthiness of its destruction. The book of Revelation is pretty amazing in this regard because it reveals God coming with a step-by-step approach to destruction. A little at first, then giving the world the chance to repent to spare itself further damage. Instead, the world does not repent with each passing plague. But how can the world repent unless it realizes that God is sending the plagues? Well, that may explain why Revelation was written, so that we, His followers, can say to them, "hey, lookie here at what it says, that this plague will follow that plague, and you just saw that in the news over the past few months."

The way I see Revelation, the 21 plagues don't start until the 666 is made mandatory by the False Prophet. So, already, the world will have its big 666 sign. The powers may not put a blatant 666 tattoo in the hand, but, I think it's got to at least look like a 666, tattoo or no tattoo. For example, they put a 666 into every UPC, yet they or anyone else can say, "it's not a 666." We can say, yes it is, because the producers of the UPC (Western-global purchasing tool) hate God, and are gearing up to war against Him foremost by having deceptive plans for His people, to make them accept the mark.

Trump, the fink, did not undo the Patriot-Act spy system. He didn't participate in global warming, but he didn't remove the detestable spy tool that Bush devised, the same Bush who initiated the drive to install a Palestinian State. The Neo-Nazi's in the CIA and other parts of the deep state. Trump has not done one thing to remove their powers. Pompeo did not say a peep against that CIA, and Trump loves Pompeo. WAKE UP, BCP, you ninny.

I don't know what Ratcliffe will (or is allowed to) do to strip the Intelligence Community of its ability to record everything we all say and write. I say abolish it because it's an obscene inhumanity to humanity. Other people have NO RIGHT to see what you say privately, yet the personal conversations of reporters, political people, teachers and other government workers, their friends, family members and business associates, are all coveted routinely by political-minded spies and non-spy groups. If it's proper and legal for someone to remain silent when arrested because anything can and will be used against them, imagine how the powers can abuse you if they have access to every word you've ever spoken. OBSCENE. Just look at how they twisted the few words that Flynn spoke, and almost landed him in jail with that tactic. Imagine if they want you in jail on a false premise while having EVERYTHING you ever said on a communication wire? This is what Christians are up against when anti-Christs decide to persecute us.

Trump is okie-dokie-fine-and-dandy with this spy system. The first order of the job, if someone wants to reduce spy powers, is to discover and expose the false-flag events conducted / sponsored by Intelligence, for as soon as a congressional body tries to remove spy powers, the spies will stage a string of killings that allow them to argue for the absolute need of spy powers. This is why there has been, since the days of president Bush, a constant drip of mass murders that can fairly-easily be exposed as staged hoaxes. It could very well be that the entire spy saga against Trump is due to a decision of God to expose fiendish Intelligence programs in order to curtail them. Ratcliffe might just be the man to forbid the Intelligence Community a fight-back against a congressional move to snip spy cords. SNIP TODAY.

We can go forward without Trump because he can't be with the world much longer, anyway, and the most he can have is four more years in the White House to keep the anti-Christs out of it. Besides, I'm not at all sure that he himself won't cause Christians pain if he gets four more years. He needs Christians now, but after the election, the need dissipates.

Trump is a space-program nut-job. SpaceX deceived the world into thinking that rockets can come back to a launch pad, landing just as they took off. It was video trickery, just the launch played in reverse, stupid. That's why no public body was allowed closer to the launch site than about five miles, because the landings never happened.

Trump's delving into his Star-Treky Space Force sure looks like the paving of the fire from the sky by the False Prophet. Pence claims to be a Christian convert from catholicism. Might he become the False Prophet? I'm just asking, because Revelation 13 says that the False Prophet will have horns "like a lamb." There are all sorts of nasty signs with Trump. He's for 5G, and he's hoping to vaccinate his country by this winter, yikes.

He continues to aggravate China openly into this week, and Revelation 16 tends to suggest that China will come to attack the Middle East. What in the Middle East would China attack? Probably not Iran or Iraq, but more likely Western powers there once they have become completely intolerable. The only way to understand that 200 million troops will invade the Middle East as "kings of the east" is to see angels amongst them, coming to Israel to conduct God's plans for Armageddon. It's not possible to export 200 million human soldiers into the Middle East; I can't see it. Prophecy does say that Jesus lands in Israel from the east.

I look at any-possible scenario to explain how prophecy may be fulfilled. For example, to explain how the False Prophet can be a Westerner / American leader that permits the anti-Christ to invade Israel, it could be that Netanyahu is pushed out soon to be replaced by an anti-Trump leftist. That might at least make Trump, or perhaps president Pence after him, willing to see an invasion of Israel in order to remove the leftist. Yet, this scenario is not high on my list of expectations. A better one seems to be that an American leftist president will allow the invasion of a rightist Israeli government. As things now stand, however, American leftists want to befriend China.

It's good that Trump and Barr seek to punish social media at this time, and thank the election for this or they wouldn't bother. Only when social media hurts Trump or Barr will they do something. BCP will say, you sure are a stickler, John, never seeing the bright side, always portraying Trump on the darker side. Yup, I can do that, because I don't make money with my website. If BCP went against Trump as I do, he'd lose almost all of his subscribers, and then wouldn't be able to buy new clothes anymore. I'm not saying that BCP supports Trump merely to make money, but that he doesn't want to ruin his ratings by calling Trump out as a fake even when he behaves the fake.

I don't make my webpage fancy, don't write to please for seeking big numbers, and I happen to be engaged in a topic on the depressing side (because the end-times are depressing) that's not coveted by many but despised by google. If I can please God in spite of having few readers, I get to be a closer friend of Jesus when his face splashes Light upon the earth. There is hope for a small seed if it grows for God, if the only Light it wants is the Only Light there is.

The same anti-Christs having conspired for a generation to uplift queers are the same wishing to kill God. Who's mean? Me? I hate Donna Brazile, for she teaches that killing full-born babies through "abortion" is just fine, a woman's right to choose. MURDERERS. We do not need to forgive those who do not repent. And God hands them to satan, a mean act and well-deserved. God uses satan as a punishing rod, and where he goes in the end, so will those who hate God be dumped. It's incredibly-mean treatment, because they are incredibly mean.

Entire nations were wiped out by God's plots because they were like the Democrats as we see them today. This is God's message, that while the anti-Christs try to portray Him as cruel for killing entire nations, women and children included, the fact is the reverse: the nations He killed were cruel. What don't modernists understand about that? I know why they don't understand. It's because, though they are evil and cruel, they see themselves as the gifts of the gods to the universe, and so when God wiped out a nation, they imagine that the people were just as good and upright as they see themselves. For every town or region that God wiped out, He allowed many times more to live undeservedly, but we don't hear that part from those intent on misportraying Him.


Polly herein reveals that Fauci's wife goes by another surname because she works for the same NIH that Fauci works for:

Okay, so Fauci's wife goes by the Grady surname, which is a variation of Bradys. I can link Gradys to the Sailer/Sayler motto, "WHO serves most is GREATest." The question then becomes whether God arranged for the World Health Organization (WHO) to be in that motto because He wants us to focus on -- beware -- Mrs. Grady-Fauci. The Grady lions can be linked to the Brian and Grass lions, and while Grass' can be a branch of Grazio's, we are already near "Grady." But French Brians even share the saltire of Grady-like Greats, you see, the ones expected in the motto above. The GREEP variation of Greats reveals they are a Grazio branch, for Grazio's share the pomegranate with Crispins/CREPins. The latter's French branch shares the red cross of CRYStals ("Mens"), suggesting that CRISpins are a Crystal branch, and here it is amazing that I was in Crystal City one day only, on the same day that God made me purchase a coffee and newspaper in Victoria. Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term, and "VICTus" happens to be a Grady motto term. On top of this. Fauchys use a GRASShopper, I kid thee not! She is CHRISTine Grady, and Boii-suspect Bouillons use a "Christi" motto term.

Just hours before I was in Victoria, I was in Galveston as a pointer to the coronavirus program conducted partly by Fort Detrick lab (was involved with Wuhan lab).

It just so happens that Detricks share the white horse head of Gradys while Gradys were first found in GALVES-like Galway with Teague's/Teegers. I purchased my Nueces-river property from a Mrs. Teague, and here I can add that German Teegers share the eight-pointed star on a blue Shield with Ducs/LeDucs while the Galveston National Lab, run by James LeDuc, was a part of the Wuhan lab. The Diems/DITTmayers are in the Teague/Teeger motto, and Ditts use Teeger-like tigers (though without stripes), and then the "OPtem" motto term of Teague/Teegers is linkable to HOPPers ("SubDITus") expected in the Fauchy grasshopper.

I'm going to add that the Hayden Crest has a dog linkable to the same of the William Crest while Williams share the gyronny of Hoppers. The latter share a white tower with Howells, in turn first found in Monmouthshire with Williams. Plus, the William dog is half gold, the colors of the dog in the Chaffin Crest. As Miss Covert was near HAYDen Lake, which seemed to be a pointer to HAITian child abductions.

French Brians use a blue-saltire version of a German Frank Coat, and then both German Frank surnames were first found in Bohemia with Brady-line Podebrady. Then, Jewish Franks share grapes with Deters, the latter being like "DETRick." Deters come up as "Detore," a thing I've just discovered because "detour" is a motto term of French Brians. Tours have a Detour variation. Tours share the giant and white tower with Hoppers.

Polly's video had a clip of Bill Gates talking about 7 billion vaccinations i.e. every person in the world = mandatory vaccinations. He's loony. Our argument is simple. The government comes to your door and says that, due to your not reporting to receive your vaccination, they are there to give it to you at your home. You say, "You take the vaccination if you want to, and protect yourself from me, but I'm choosing to be at risk from someone else who doesn't want the vaccine, and he/she is willing to be at risk from me. We have the right to risk it. If you think it's safer for you to take it, then take it, but I don't want to take the chance of poisoning my body, thank you. Take me to jail if you must, but keep in mind that Jesus is watching your every move, and that you will sow what you reap. I don't trust the vaccine. My conscience forbids me from receiving it. The fact that you're here tends to prove that something is wrong with the program."

By Friday night, John Ratcliffe released unclassified versions of all four Flynn calls with Kislyak. The much-discussed call on the 29th has Flynn throwing Kislyak fodder for a Middle-East partnership for eradicating ISIS, and I'll bet that this had both Obama and Intelligence fuming.

The mention of Kislyak of U.S. sanctions is a short blip that Flynn practically ignores, which can explain why he forgot that sanctions came up at all. The main thrust of the mention of sanctions is that they get in the way of forming a mutual Middle-East plan against ISIS. Here's an example of a demented view: "'These transcripts clearly demonstrate that Lt. General Michael Flynn. lied to the FBI and the Vice President when he denied discussing sanctions in a then-secret set of conversations with the Russian Ambassador,' Schiff said in a statement Friday." Achem, but Flynn did not discuss sanctions. Kislyak mentioned them, but Flynn did not discuss them.

So, it was Trump's and Pence's responsibility, before firing Flynn, to get hold of this phone transcript to see whether Flynn had lied or not, and Trump, if he didn't do that, is either a fool or a fiend. And if he did get the transcript, yet didn't come out to help Flynn's criminal case, then Trump is a ^&*%#$ criminal that deserves to be IN JAIL RIGHT NOW. Get a new president, this one is a piece of garbage, a fake, a liar, a twisted mind. Barr has no excuse whatsoever for not getting hold of the transcript. Flynn's lawyer wanted it, but Barr wouldn't get it for her. Trump wouldn't get it for her, and then Trump acts like he's all so sorry for what Flynn had to go through once the cat was out of the bag.

The thing to watch for now are the Republicans who talk like blind imbeciles when continuing to support Barr as something good for the nation. I'll point out these cheap imbeciles for you, because they are reckless for their political ambitions, tolerating criminals in their own party. That's what's wrong with Republicans; if anti-Christs start to vote for Trump, the imbeciles will embrace them. They assure their own ruin. It's exactly why Democrat fortunes have dwindled, because they have fronted anti-Christs, liars, fiends, deplorables, faggots. Republican imbeciles will embrace these same people just to win an election. But wait. Think. Whom are you empowering? Does the answer matter? Duh. Are you going to expend yourself for 20, 30, 40 years in Republican politics only to churn out what the left has churned out? Miserables.

The Fox article I'm reading is from Brooke Singman. This story was first released to Fox. Who at Fox chose for Singman to announce this story? She's a Benedict Arnold, saying, "Six days before the discussion of sanctions, on Dec. 23, 2016, Flynn and Kislyak discuss a United Nations vote." Flynn DID NOT discuss sanctions. Her title to the article looks like it was written by Adam Schiff: "Flynn-Kislyak call transcripts released, revealing fateful talks over Russia sanctions" Incredible. It's Fox deception pitted against the truth and embracing Barr, Trump and Pence. Here's the only mention of sanctions in the call:

KISLYAK: “One of the problems among the measures that have been announced today [by Obama administration] is that now FSB and GRU are sanctions, are sanctioned, and I ask myself, uh, does it mean that the United States isn't willing to work on terrorist threats?”

FLYNN: Yeah, yeah. [no talk about sanctions]

KISLYAK: Because that's the people who are exactly, uh, fighting the terrorists. [no longer talking sanctions]

FLYNN: Yeah, yeah, yep. [no talk about sanctions]

KISLYAK: So that's something that we have to deal with. But I've heard what you say, and I certainly will try·- [no longer talking sanctions]

FLYNN: Yeah. [no talk about sanctions, no talk at all three straight times]

KISLYAK: - to get the people in Moscow to understand it.

FLYNN: Yeah. [sanctions are in the ancient past by now]

FLYNN: And please make sure that its uh - the idea is, be - if you, if you have to do something, do something on a reciprocal basis, meaning you know, on a sort of an even basis [it may not be grade-A grammar, but it ain't, uh, on sanctions]. Then that, then that is a good message and we'll understand that message. And, and then, we know that we're not going to escalate this thing [what thing? not sanctions, but expulsions], where we, where because if we put out- if we send [expel] out 30 guys and you send out 60, you know, or you shut down every Embassy, I mean we have to get this to a - let's, let's keep this at a level that uh is, is even-keeled, okay?...

All the major leftist media are phrasing this story as talk on sanctions to protect the Obama rat. Flynn did not talk about sanctions, but was concerned only that the gamut of anti-Russian moves by Obama would not spoil any partnerships that Russia might have with the Trump administration. Working together in Syria is not exactly Trump-Russia collusion. There was no need to spy on Trump based on this call aside from discovering what Trump's policy would be on the matter, yet this was illegal, none of Obama's business, none of Brennan's business, none of Clapper's business, none of the military's business.

I would like to know what Pence's words were to get Flynn to admit to lying when in fact he did not lie. I can now see why it was not a lie. He did NOT talk about sanctions, and the mention of them by Kislyak probably went in one ear and out the other. It was yeah-yeah, don't worry, just don't let Moscow get upset, Trump's got a smoother policy for you than Obama's rock-the-boat policy.

In the worst light, "conspiracy theory" is defined as a jumping to false conclusions based on skimpy evidence. We could say that Obama took a conspiracy theory unto himself -- that Trump and Putin were sabotaging the United States -- when thinking that Flynn's friendliness with Kislyak was evidence for it. But Obama does not have that excuse because he's now got to explain why he committed the crime of spying on Flynn just because Flynn had a different Middle-East policy than he or his military chief(s). He had no right to know what Flynn's policy was, and so he had no basis even to dream up a conspiracy theory.

In other words, never mind trying to hide behind your theory, please explain your crimes instead. How many people did you gather round you in this crime? Lots. Thirty-nine different people made official requests to unmask Flynn's name over communications. Please tell us how this was not a wicked conspiracy of your own to deny Trump his very own Middle-East policy? In other words, Obama, your conspiracy theory against Flynn and Trump has the purpose of "justifying" your ruin of Trump so that he might not adjust your policies. You're not allowed to do that. Trump is allowed to exercise detente with Russia for the good cause of getting Americans out of the Middle East. The American people wanted it.

Obama was elected largely on the promise to bring the troops home, but Obama then sought a Middle-East program of his own, and began to support ISIS. There isn't a bigger rat than that.

It was a breath of fresh air to see Mr. Ratcliffe release this call so quickly to the good guys in congress. He even said that he aims to be transparent. Good start, good promise.

The murder of the black man by a police officer (Chauvin) could be a false-flag event to create riots and fill leftist media news with this story in an effort to drown out the Ratcliffe exposure. No man may have died. He could be alive somewhere. It is easy to feign both a murder and a funeral; the deep state has the tools. Back in the days of the Boston-Marathon bombing, most people were not ready to believe that the FBI and hospital bosses would assist in false-flag events, pretending to care for bomb victims at the marathon, but, after what the country has just witnessed from hospitals through this faked corona crisis, the people ought to know better. There are wicked hospital bosses who will gladly partake in a deep-state plot...for some reward. Entire state governments would gladly pull off a plot like this for Obama, and the FBI is still in deep-state hands. Even Bill Barr played along with a staged event of sorts, with Epstein jail fate.

I'd say that Bill Barr wants the Flynn story out of the news. People wise to politics will be able to discern that Barr is guilty for not saving Flynn more than a year ago. The more the news talks on Flynn, the more likely the viewer will come to realize how guilty Barr and Trump are. Flynn should sue them both. Perhaps Trump and Barr came out to attack social media this week to fill the Republican news with that juicy story, and perhaps the deep state urged Ratcliffe to release the Flynn phone call late this week because the news is jammed packed with other stories at this time. But this story is not going away. It is the story I needed, to know with 100-percent certainty that Barr is a dark character.

If Chauvin did in fact kill the black man, then the riots taking place are the result of police chiefs routinely allowing such police officers to get away with literal murder. Blacks have no other course of action but rioting, because police chiefs have been stiff-necked, and no one in government gave the murdered black people justice. If you don't punish, Mr. Barr, the crime will continue worse than before.

But not so fast, because this could be a false-flag event having the second purpose of starting martial law eventually in many states, and topped this winter with another coronal lockdown; who knows at this crazy point? The first thing to do in a manufactured martial-law program is to try it in one state, and learn from it, to get it done "better" in the next state. I can see Obama behind this, and consequently the Soros crew. Hmm, the Sors/Soar surname was first found in Dorset with Chaffs/Chafee's (Chauvin/Chauves colors), and the officer's surname, Chauvin, is like the Chaffins (Dorset again). Plus, while Chafee's are like the Coffert variation of Coverts, Chaffs share the peacock of Manners/Maness'. We're back to the pedophile crime rings. Hmm, Chauvins/Chauves' have a Covert-like Chovet variation.

It then gets more Covert-interesting where Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's and Hams. Floyds have a "Vis" motto term, and Hams share the salmon of McCabe's who in turn are in Floyd colors and near-format, and, besides, McCabe's share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers. These surnames can now be suspect from "Caiaphas."

Officer Chauvin supposedly killed George Floyd, and while George's were first found in Dorset too, Floyd's/Floods share three wolf heads with Chauvins/Chauves'. The Floyds happen to be in the colors and format of Flints/Flans, and Flynns can apply because they share the white wolf with Floyds/Floods. Reminder from recently: Obama descends from mayor Wolflin, and while that family changed it's surname to, Wolfley, Wolfleys/Wooleys have a wolf colors reversed from the Flynn wolf. How could all of these right-up-front coincidences be so? This heraldry can indicate that Obama's trouble-makers may be putting on this hoax to keep the Flynn news out of the news, especially if Flynn knows about Obama's crimes in Ukraine, the country once ruled defacto by George Soros. I'll come back to Floyd heraldry later.

Chaffs happen to share the three lozenges of Fells while Fells (Dundee, same as Kids) have the eight-pointed LeDuc stars in colors reversed. That's a pointer to Galveston's part in the coronavirus scheme. Note how "GALVES" can be a variation of "Chauves," for example as Calfs are also Caufs, and Coffins/Chafens are also Colvins. Dundee is near the first-known Skene's/Skins who share the wolf heads of Chauvins/Chauves' and Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus'. The latter were first found in Cheshire with the Chettle's/Chee's, and Chaffins were at a Chettle location.

George Soros and similar others are societal viruses. The problem that the deep state has, once the people are wise to news events being manufactured by them, is that they can't hide their schemes because they are plastered all over the news by design. That is, whatever their secret agenda, they need to get their media partners to advance it, and thus it's written out for all to see. End of secret. A scheme will work if readers don't know that the media is urging the scheme forward, but once the people know that the media is party to the scheme, how can it go forward if the mere writing it out reveals what the purposes are between the lines? And the purposes are always to the ruin of the people in general, in hopes that the deep state can rob something from them. When things get chaotic and hard to keep straight, the deep state suffers backfires.

So, while the deep state has the power of the press, that power goes to the people once the people understand the deep-state game. Unfortunately, as we are seeing, leftist readers will often go with the deep-state scheme in hopes of getting political advantages.

There are a few reasons already for viewing the killing of Floyd as a conspiracy, a false-flag. The webpage below shows that the mugshot photo of the officer is not the same man (or at least not the same age) in the actually brutality event:

In every false flag, there are blatant ways left to expose the event as staged, and in every case, all mainstream media, including Fox, never talk about those obvious pieces of evidence Sometimes I think the purpose is to make the public feel that the deep state rules without hope of conquering it...a psychological way to make people give up their rights, give up the fight. But the media is zero. Who cares what the media says? The media is not the nation. The media has made itself zero. I've seen Fox tow the deep-state line time and again. It didn't hire Paul Ryan for nothing. It hired him to oppose the Trump movement. Step by step, Fox is trying to remove the teeth of Trump-supporting anchors.

google is hiding all of the people telling why they think Chauvin's involved in a conspiracy, and google is fronting articles debunking conspiracy theorists. It looks like we can't have all the facts anymore. BCP's May 30 show mentions a couple of pieces of evidence that the riotous aftermath was staged. Bill Barr came out to say that the riots are organized, yet if he really wanted to catch the leaders, he would not have said this publicly at this time. He would have contacted Ratcliffe, asking if he can catch the leaders, giving him a short list of possible suspects. Ratcliffe would have loved that job. Furthermore, Barr may have come out to say this in an effort to make this story bigger news to drown out the Flynn news.

Here's from the Floyd write-up: "Floyd is normally a cognate of the Welsh name Lloyd, derived from the word 'llwyd,' which means ‘grey.’" The reason I can agree with the Floyd variation being altered from something else to mean "grey" is due to my recent conjecture in which a GREYhound is used by Fallens (Grey colors), whom I think were a Flynn / Flan branch. The Floyds are in the colors and format of Flynn-like Flints/Flans.

If Floyds were so named after their respect of the Grey family that entered their family, then we've got to assume that Lloyds (share white wolf with Floyds) were Floyds first, and only afterward altered their name for a reason. Lloyds/LOIDs share a white castle with McLeods/LOEDs, you see, and the Forts expected in the "fortior" motto term of Floyds should be code for English Forts because they have a giant castle in both colors of the Lloyd castle, and in both colors of the McLeod castle. Fortuna's have a good reflection of the Fallen Coat.

PLUS, McLeods use flags while Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Flete's/Fleets whom I've just found coming up as Flood-like Flute's. Thus, Floyds/Floods/Fluds must at first have been a Flute branch of Fleets/Flete's (had an old Leod-like Fleot variation). Floats have a version of the Flatt/Flett Coat, and their mutual trefoil is linkable to Flags/Flecks via Palmers.

Also, note that a giant wolf is used by Lode's/Lodders/LOADERs (Somerset, same as Ladds/Ladens) while Lloyds use LADDERs. There's another wolf head in the TRISTan Crest while Tristans share the pheon of Lloyds, tending to confirm that the "Heb" motto term of Lloyd's is for Hebrons/Hepburns, for the latter use a "TRYST" motto term. The same pheon is shared by Coys (cloud can be for Cloud variation of McLeods), who in turn share a hand holding a green snake with Flynns. Hmm. Coys come up below on a good pointer to Perkins Coie.

That Coy cloud becomes important because Lloyds had proven to be a McLeod branch and here we find Floyd-related Lloyd's sharing the Coy pheon. It starts to shape this heraldic investigation as an arrow pointing to the manufactured crisis around George Floyd. Tristans were first found in Devon with the Dews/Deweys possibly in the Lloyd motto, and the Dew/Dewey cinquefoils are shared by Rodhams. Dews/Deweys share the fesse of Dove's (Berwickshire, same as Lauders). Lloyds have a "dduw" motto term along with "Heb," and Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) are the ones with a motto term signifying Tristans i.e. who share the Lloyd and Coy pheon.

Mythical Tristan (Arthurian myth) was in Cornwall, where Trists and Stone's were first found. Trists use a "TREPidum" motto term while English Trips share the scaling ladder with Lloyds. The pheon is an arrow head, and so are the "flint stones" of Flints (Wales, same as Lloyds), and Arrows/Arras' were from Artois, which probably touched upon Flanders. The Flander surname is also Flint-like Flinder. The Vise's possibly in the Floyd motto are connectable to Eustace II of Artois. Without the bee, the Fort Chief could be the Flander/Flinder Chief. German Trips use shoes.

I've just read a headline: "Keith ELLISon to Lead Prosecution in George Floyd Case". Ellisons have griffin heads in the colors of the full griffin of Loader-like Lauders (can explain the Lloyd ladders). Lauders share the rock in Crest with Forts expected in the Floyd motto. One Lauder Crest shares the tree stump of Rodhams, and her lawyer-in-crime was (and might still be) Mr. Elias, a surname sharing the Ellis' Coat, and therefore Mr. Ellison may be a pointer to her crime ring. It can be right down Soros lane. The Rutherfords (Berwickshire, same as Lauders) share "nec" with Rodhams, and a goose with the other Lauder Crest.

I think the "REPulluLAT" motto term of Lauders is partly for Lets/Late's, for Lauders are also Letters. There is a Repp surname that's new to me just now showing nothing but triple chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Wise's, and while German Wise's are Weis' too, Andrew Weismann is a Hillary supporter and, I think, has been working (maybe very closely) with Marc Elias, her lawyer. I think that works, but as Elias' firm is Perkins COIE, just get a load of the Coys who share the Wiseman Coat (one of the three Wise chevrons)! It's well known that Weismann and Mueller used the Steele dossier owned by Hillary Clinton and Perkins Coie. Wise-like "Vis" is a Floyd motto term.

Oh wow, I had forgotten about Visers, sharing the Ham and McCabe fish / salmon! Hams were first found in Sussex with Vice's/Vice's! The Viser fish are fessewise, and McCabe's use a fesse in the colors of the Viser fish. So, this drags Andrew McCabe and his wife into this Hillary picture. It recalls the staged event (with staged car crash) in Charlottesville, where ANTIFA were sent in to cause a made-for-media demonstration. It was right down the alley seen this week. Charlottesville is in Virginia, where the Terry McAuliffe was the governor at the time, who had "donated" to McCabe's wife nearly a half-million dollar bribe to get the FBI not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Plus, Perkins share "simplex" in their motto with Sors-like Sorrys. Coincidence? Or Did God arrange these things? Perkens (with a second 'e') share the feathers of Tooths who in turn share the Louder/Letter griffin.

I have no idea how this manufactured and riotous uprising can work against Trump politically, and so the best theory thus far, in my mind, is that it's to fill the news to keep the Flynn news out. I tend to think that there's groups hired to be on stand-by for creating news stories that fill the news. Something like this would probably have the assistance of Intelligence. It's why Barr should get Ratcliffe involved to legally spy out the suspects leading this show.

Lows, in Lowder/LOUDer colors, have wolf heads in the colors of the Lodder/Loader wolf, griffin. If Lows are thereby a branch of Lodders / Lloyds, then the fact that Lloyds are a McLeod/LOUD/LOWd branch is pretty amazing here due to the gold griffin in the Low Crest, for the giant gold griffin of Marble's is in both colors of the giant Lodder/Loader wolf. It recalls my mention, not many months ago, about my miracle marble shot (age 11) at a home directly across the street from SKYE Court (Toronto). McLeods were first found on Skye and Lewis. The miracle shot was in the marbles game of POTsies, and the Dews/Deweys (dragons, connectable to Drake's) expected in the Lloyd motto have a Coat looking connectable to Potters (Hampshire, same as Drake's). Lewis' were also Louis', and French Louis' are also Loys while Lows are shown as McLoys.

As was said, I FLICKed the marble. In fact, I repeated some of this story in the second update of this month: "I don't ever recall praying to God to hit a marble before; this shot either really meant a lot to me, or God set it up. With the marble on my thumb nail, I FLICKed it and, smack-on bang-on I hit the marble." The Flicks are listed with Flags/Flecks, and so let me repeat from above: "PLUS, McLeods use flags while Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Flete's/Fleets whom I've just found coming up as Flood-like Flute's. Thus, Floyds/Floods/Fluds must at first have been a Flute branch of Fleets/Flete's (had an old Leod-like Fleot variation)." Wow, it looks like the miracle marble shot applies to this manufactured George-Floyd crisis.

The Flags/Flecks/Fleggs (Norfolk) could have named West Flegg, where Repps (Norfolk) lived whom are suspect in the Lauder motto. The Repp Coat does reflect the Flag/Fleck/Flegg Coat. Repps were at Paston while Pastons share the Child Coat while CHILDeric was the father on king CLOVis expected in the CLUB surame (Child colors and format), all said because there's a club in the Flute/Fleet Crest. Heraldry often gives a club to Savage's, and while Repps were at Bastwick, Bastwicks (Cheshire, same as Savage's/Sava's) became related to Savage's/Sava's.

(By the way, Clovis was born with a Cloud-like name, apparently no coincidence i.e. McLeod elements named Clovis'. Childeric (loved bees) married Basina of Thuringia, and this marriage was related to bee-using Talls (Thuringia) while Floyds/Floods are said to have become Tullys as play-on-words with an Irish word for "flood." However, Tulls/Tulia's use butterFLIES while Flys were at FLAGi. Flags/Flecks share the scallops of Meschins, who were from the Basina-line Bessin, and Bessins (Cheshire) use bees too. Tullia of Lyon lived about the time of Childeric.)

[OH WOW. Three hours after uploading tuis update, I remembered that Alleys have McAuliffe-like variations, and one Alley/Cauley write-up says: "The former name denotes a son of Auley, while the later denotes a son of Auliffe..." We called our marbles, alleys!!! It's pointing to the ANTIFA-charged event in Terry McAuliffe's state! This Alley/Cauley Coat has a red lion in both Shield and Crest, as do Virginia's!!! It's as though God is pointing to this Viginia mayor. Remember, the 1979 dream had CHARLOTTE Hicks standing in front of a car, and the ANTIFA event in Charlottesville had people run down by the hood of a car (though I say the car crash was both planned and feigned).]

As I said, I likely got down on at least one KNEE to flick the shot, because it got my hand closer to the marble I was trying to hit. Flick shots don't go well from up high (the marble rolls off the thumb when aimed toward the ground). I got down LOW, you see, a new addition to this story because Lows are linkable to McLeods. As already said, Knee's were first found in County Down with Prays, you see, and English Prays use more white wolf heads, the color of the Floyd wolf heads. That's impressive, especially if Marble's (Cheshire, same as Weavers) were related to Weavers who love wolf-head Fiddle's/FideLOWS in their motto! Lows have wolf heads, and a gold griffin in Crest, the color of the Marble griffin!!! Amazing. What could that miracle shot mean in terms of God exposing / ruining the people behind the FLOYd "show"?

Cheshire is where Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' were first found who have more gold wolf heads, but also where Wolfleys were first found who use flaunCHES', that symbol suspect with the Flan variation of Flints (Floyd colors and format) and now known to be partly for the Cheshire-like Ches'/Cheshams, for the latter share the green border with Dollars who in turn use flaunches. The Dollar-like Tollars (probably the Bird/Burd flory cross) share "FIDELis" with Weavers (same place as Birds/Birds), and it just so happens that the Tollar leaf design is used by Hazels (Cheshire) who in turn share the Weaver fesse! Bingo.

BEHOLD. Tollars were first found partly in West Dorset, and it's the Chaffs and Chauvin-like Chaffins who were first found in Dorset while Chauvins share the three wolf heads of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'!!! Officer Chauvin reportedly killed George Floyd! (German Wolfs have wolves in Wolfley-wolf colors.) Chaffs share a giant and gold griffin with Marble's. Chaffin-like Coffins/Chafens share besants on gold with George's and Flynns! Coffins/Chafens were first found in Devon with the Trebys sharing the Flynn Chief (Flynns were from Placentia on the TREBia river). Coffins/Chafens use "factis," and Sorrys have "FACTISque."

OOOOHHHHH WOW!!! Officer Chauvin had his KNEE on the NECK of Floyd when choking him (unless the murder was feigned), and Ches'/Cheshams have the giant stag head of Necks!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Hazels share the fesse of Zeals/Seals expected in the "ZeaLOUS" motto term of Hoods/Hoots, and while Zeals/Seals have more wolf heads (as do Fiddle's/FideLOWS), Lous' are also Lou's while VIS-de-Lou (in the Fiddle/Fidelow write-up) is a location also called, Fidelow. It was the motto of wolf-head Floyds who have "VIS," amazing. Knee's share the stag head of Vise's!

Repeat from above: "Cliffs [wolf heads] were at Mortone-SAY, of the Says, begging whether Seals, Sea's/See's and Sailers/Saylers were originally from Says." Soros-like Sors'/Soars share the Say quadrants. Cliffs married Styche's (Cheshire), part of the Traby / Trebia line. Styche's and Sticks are in Marble colors.

George's (Dorset, same as Podebrady-line Babe's) are from George, father of the Drummonds, who married a woman from Bohemia's Podebrady, and German Lows were first found in Bohemia. George Floyd. Fiddle's/Fidelows were first found in Surrey with Michaels while German Michaels (share blue fesse with George's) were first found in Bohemia. The Michael lion is in the colors of the lion of Sors'/Soars (Dorset, same as George's).

OHHH WWWOOOOWWWIE. Floyd was supposed chocked to death, and Choke's (Berkshire, same as Pasleys/Paslows) have triple fesses colors reversed from the near-same of English Pasleys/PasLOWS!!! The Choke wavy fesses, in colors reversed, are essentially those of Damorys/Amori's, the latter first found in neighboring Oxfordshire with the Pussys having the Pasley/Paslow triple fesses in colors reversed. Drummonds likewise have triple wavy fesses. This recalls God's pointer to my bad TOOTH (had a fistula BUMP that issued PUS) to the Bumps/BumPUSS' (or "Bumpus'"), for Tooths share the Bump/Bumpuss and Lauder griffin.

Although the pointers started slowly when starting this Floyd investigation, they really ramped up with the marble shot. I'm impressed. Time's up for this week's update. I may discover more on this in the next update.

This video below of men in the space station must be a fake. The men must not have gone to the space station. The "space station" must be a studio on earth. Watch the man, in the first minute, floating in the air on the space station, which is impossible unless the space station is falling to earth. Why would the space station be falling? Why is it falling exactly as fast as a man would fall? The man must be hanging on a wire, and they just deleted out the wire. I don't see how this can impress the Russians or the Chinese.

At 1:36, one can tell that the man is held by a wire to something under his shirt above the belt. His body pretty-much rotates from the belt line. If they are hanging on wires, then the background is not really there; it was added in. They cannot be hanging on wires if they are truly going from one "room" to another. The first room they are in must have been pasted to the image; they are not really in that room, it just looks that way.


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