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May 19 - 25, 2020

Ceilings, Rafters, and Hopefully a Ratcliffe Firewall on the Bad Spies
New Pointers to John Ratcliffe May Indicate Wakie-Wakie of Sleepy-Dope Barr
Ajax Prediction on John Durham's Cleansing Programs

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

In the 8th minute of Bongino's Monday show, there is an except from McCabe's book telling that "we" at the FBI knew of Flynn's December-29th phone call to Sergey Kislyak from that very day first day. I saw this excerpt last week, but didn't know what he meant by "PDP." None of what he's saying makes sense, and it seems to be that he's lying to protect people from the truth.

Although he says "we had" the phone information "from December 29," has says, "I had not been aware of it." Well then who is "we" who had the information? He continues: "My impression was that higher-level officials within the FBI's counterintelligence division had not been aware of it." In that case, it must have been Comey who was first made aware of it. Nope, for he says that "an analyst shared it with me. I shared it with Comey..." This was written way before this event became a news issue this past week.

In this excerpt, McCabe is not revealing who received the information first, but he concede's that he was one of the first to know, and we can reckon that he was likely the first to know though he doesn't want to admit it. At least, I would guess that the first to know was a "reliable" person who would want to use the information to abuse Trump. After all, why else did the FBI get informed about this call? He says. "The PDF request brought it to our attention." The word "request" thrown in there must be a lie. The PDF is the presidential daily briefing. It's Obama's office.

It is near-impossible for the FBI to request concerning this phone call on the day it was made, and, pop goes the weasel. The FBI can't request for something it didn't know about, you see. He's throwing in "request" to protect Obama, to make it appear that Obama's office didn't initiate this information transfer all on its own...and so that has got to be the truth.

McCabe even goes on to say that Comey told Clapper and that Clapper "verbally briefed it to the president." You see, he's making it appear that Obama knew nothing about the transfer to the FBI, that people in his office passed the information on to the FBI before telling Obama about it, which we can assume to be a lie...because they wouldn't pass it on without first asking Obama's permission to do so. There is nothing that can be trusted from statements made by the FBI and Intelligence.

McCabe claims that no high-level official was first notified from the PDB. It would be completely odd for Obama's office to pass this unmasked information to a low-level person at the FBI, especially without Obama's attention. McCabe was creating smoke and fog because he knew this phone call was illegally unveiled. There was no unmasking request on the 29th, wherefore the phone call was obtained by Obama's office illegally. The phone call was obtained on the day it was made, meaning that Intelligence was spying on the call as it happened. They were listening to everything Flynn was saying in those days to assure he wasn't spilling any dirty secrets.

As Intelligence passed the call to Obama on the day it took place, it seems that Obama was asking Intelligence to notify him of that call, for Obama was anticipating the call(s) due to the fact that he punished Russia on the 28th. Apparently, he punished Russia in an express effort to make Flynn (or anyone else on Trump's foreign-affairs team) kiss-up to the Russians, a thing that Obama could use to give an impression of Russian collusion. McCabe says that Flynn held "several conversations" with Kislyak (Russian ambassador to the U.S.), and so the FBI must have had all of the calls.

Why did McCabe say that Clapper "VERBALLY briefed it to the president? Because, McCabe knew that Clapper did NOT brief it to the president. McCabe therefore knew that there was no WRITTEN record of it. McCabe made this up to make it appear that Obama didn't initiate this transfer to the FBI, that Obama was the last to know. Obama probably received the information from Clapper, which can explain why McCabe entered the falsification that Comey told Clapper, to give appearances that Clapper was not at the charge of this crime. This is how the dirty rats cover for their crimes, by recording falsifications as facts.

Obama probably didn't (but could have if he was stupid), if he were smart, transfer the information to the FBI himself, but got his daily-briefing department to do it. If it did not come from Obama's office to the FBI, McCabe would not have said so. McCabe had to form a picture in which it came from Obama's office without implicating Obama as the master of this effort. One wonders why McCabe mentioned this event at all. By mentioning Clapper as he did, McCabe tends to finger Brennan or the NSA as the one(s) who passed it on to Obama. Intelligence needs to explain how it got the call unmasked.

In the heat of this news, Bill Barr came out swinging against Obama, right? No, I'm afraid not. Wimpy Barr made sure to come out right away to say that, don't worry, Obama, you won't be arrested for this or any other matter. Way to go, you piece-of-trash police chief.

Attorney General Bill Barr said Monday he does not expect U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review into the origins of the Russia probe will lead to a “criminal investigation” of either former President Barack Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden -- while noting that their concern of “potential criminality” in the conduct of that probe is “focused on others.”

...Barr did say, however, that “not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime.”

There's no other way to interpret this but Barr's raising a white flag before the enemy hoping to keep from getting killed for doing his job. In Barr's eyes, so long as you're a politician, you are protected from the law because anyone wanting your arrest is acting politically, and, said Barr, "the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan, political ends." The choosing of this buffoon for chief law enforcer is on Trump's head, but also on the head of Fox news which continues to promote him as a good man. Justice is more broke now with Barr than it was before Barr. A criminal heads justice, one who covers for the highest crime possible on behalf of the criminals.

Now we know why Barr was not looking into Ukraine matters to see whether Biden was guilty, because he was unwilling beforehand to arrest Biden even if he was committing gross crimes. This makes Barr a criminal, pure and simple. He has no right to excuse himself based on any moralistic argument; he has the job of arresting high-level people who commit crimes, and especially the highest-level people. BARR TRASH.

Listen to this moralistic garbage: "Barr said the nation is divided and it's 'critical that we have an election where the American people are allowed to make a decision—a choice—between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden based on a robust debate of policy issues.'" Never mind that Biden's a criminal, let's have a robust debate on what's right and wrong, and let this be of "critical" importance (morally speaking) because I'm a wimp who doesn't want to prosecute a political actor.

There's just one thing for Trump to do: send some people to the appropriate departments to find Biden's guilt, and Obama's guilt, and to let the stuff fly unclassified to the public, for the criminals make all of their dirty deeds top secret just to hide their dirty deeds. But Trump won't do this. He's had three years to do it, but he refuses. TRUMP TRASH. High-level criminality will continue. The Obamaites see this and become encouraged to profane the law even more.

However, there were a couple of clues in Bongino's Monday show that God will cause Obama to face disaster. In the first update of this month, I explained the drowning of a mouse as God's sign for Obama's demise. I explained that while he's trapped and trying to HIDE, he will fall to a worse trap. The mouse had got a leg caught in a mouse-trap filled with PEANUT BUTTER, and it then dragged the trap with it's three other legs to a self-made trap, where it drowned once the rain started to fall.

Bongino's Monday show has this title: "Obama Can’t Hide". Then, when he gets to "PDB," he jokes that it doesn't mean "peanut butter." So, there we may have a possible clue that the peanut butter in the trap has not to do with Rashid Buttar, as I had proposed, but with this PDB story from McCabe on Flynn. McCabe incriminated Obama. But if Barr doesn't do anything to Obama, what fear does he have?

I had proposed that Barr might start to arrest to some people, closer to the election, to help Trump win the election (so that Barr can keep his job), and while he may do it, he's clearly unwilling to make arrests in the right places, with the instigators of the crimes. There is hope that Durham will do what needs to be done in spite of Barr's recommendations to him not to get political. It is CRITICAL, Mr. Barr, that law enforcement make key arrests in spite of them being favorable to one party.

If you back up to Bongino's 7th minute, we find another excerpt from McCabe's book, where he's creating the illusion that Obama's PDF was seeing certain information on the Russians when it just happened to stumble upon Flynn's phone call. That is, out of concern for a thing the Russians were saying or doing, Obama's PDF "issued a request" for Intelligence to look for something related, and up popped the weasel. McCabe's mistake was to admit that PDF alerted the FBI on the same day as the Kislyak phone call. Why should the FBI be told of a phone call that had nothing criminal? Barr's department has been trying to prosecute Flynn for over two years, and thus far nothing criminal about the phone call has been revealed. Nobody has said that there is something wrong with the call?

Therefore, why did Obama put the FBI to task on this call? Five days after the 29th, the FBI decided not to pursue Flynn on any merits in the call. We must assume that Comey gave the okay for that decision. But Obama wasn't happy with that outcome, and strove to change it. Obama was working to frame Flynn of a crime to shut him up about other crimes, and Barr comes out days later to say that, don't worry, Obama, we're not going to arrest you. This man is a shame to his department. He's insulting all the Republicans and Trump voters who want justice, and he's siding with all anti-Trumpers and Democrats who love to let Obama get away with sedition. This is on Trump's head, make no mistake about it.

Barr is taking the position that Republicans striving to get justice for their president have no moral leg to stand on because they are seeking political advantage. No, trash, they seek justice. If it's to their political advantage, so be it, but your job is to give the people justice. You can't neglect your job just because it happens to favor a political party, STUPID. Unless Flynn is guilty of crimes, he deserves justice and reparations for what your department has put him through.

At 52 minutes, Bongino shows a Comey testimony wherein he admits that his people did not feel that Flynn was lying. Add this to the now-known fact that the FBI wanted to close the case on January 4, 2017, and the criminality falls on Obama's lap for changing Comey's mind. On the 5th, Obama's chief-of-staff files to unmask Flynn's name just to make it look like Obama discovered the phone call by the book, but he and FBI had the phone call fully open to their eyes on the 4th or earlier because the FBI could not have decided to shut the case on the 4th if it hadn't seen the call fully by that time.

One must ask why the FBI released Priestap's notes that condemn the operation against Flynn as a criminal operation. Was this mere news juice? Was this to offend the people, to make them think that Barr will now finally make the arrests, only to jilt them? Is this part of a long-term conditioning to prove to the people that the government is controlled by a dictatorial shadow government, and that the operators can expose themselves without fear because the people can do nothing about it? More probably, because I have no confidence in Wray to release anything, Barr thought it best to force Wray to release the FBI notes because someone was threatening to release them if he didn't. The notes reveal that Strzok was working to nab Flynn.

We could say that Barr, betrayed rightfully by someone perhaps in his own department, came out to mock by saying he's not going to arrest Obama in spite of this latest revelation. Barr is thus revealed as a snake of the deep state. Left or right, they hold together because they are neither left nor right. Instead, they are spies on the left and right. They all spy out the situations as concerns their agendas, and they seek positions of power regardless of the particular president. If barr were not a part of this thing, he would have moved to dismiss the Flynn case long ago as a travesty of justice. Instead, he allowed it to continue because it was a Mueller operation. Trump is to blame for Barr, never neglect that FACT. The question you need to answer is whether Trump is a son of Hell lying to the voters through his teeth. There is hope without Trump because God is more powerful than he. In fact, Trump is a speck of nothing, like the big-bang that never banged. He promised a big bang but delivered a speck of nothing. He made sure that his promise was never kept.

In the Comey quote, Bongino shows that Comey confessed to what is expected: there was an original 302 note on the January-24 perjury trap on Flynn. Although Comey took credit for sending Pientka to lay the trap, the release of information this month tends to expose Obama as the instigator of the crime. The original 302 was written by Pientka, yet it went missing because, the evidence now shows, the FBI altered it to make Flynn appear guilty. Some suggest that Pientka must have written a 302 that found no guilt against Flynn, which tends to absolve Comey of any guilt. If Comey's task was to frame Flynn, then Pientka would have been a part of it. The guilt (or greater guilt) must lay elsewhere, not with Comey. It explains why the FBI was wanting to shut the case against Flynn three weeks earlier on January 4.

We need to keep in mind that Comey's first ambition was, not to get Trump out of the White House, but to keep his job as FBI director in spite of Trump being in the White House. Comey, I think, needed to balance his ambitions with respect for the desires of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Comey did sign off of the FISA warrants against Page, yet he also distanced himself from Hillary three weeks before the election by saying that she's still potentially in trouble for her email crimes. That could look like his attempt to get in the good book with Trump when realizing he'd likely win the election.

In an email from Mark Mazzetti (anti-Trump journalist) to Robert Kelner of Covington and Burling (Flynn's incompetent and previous lawyers): "Our understanding is that Joe Pientka interviewed Flynn and went to the IG [Horowitz] and said he was pressured by McCabe to change the 302. It's in the IG report and one of the reasons Wray pushed McCabe to leave." What was Comey's position on this criminal leveraging on Pientka to incriminate Flynn? Who scrubbed the original 302?

Unfortunately, it's possible that the original 302 was itself incriminating Flynn, but that they conspirators changed their story and thus needed to change the 302.

It's possible that the original 302 was made to say that no incriminating evidence was found on Flynn even though Comey and Pientka were seeking to frame him. Say what? That way, the FBI could show evidence that it wasn't seeking to frame Flynn. Comey and Pientka could then rely on false, incriminating versions of the event leaked to the press. After the leak(s), Comey did nothing to come to Flynn's rescue. Guilty.

Strzok went with Pientka to the interview. Byron York: "On Feb. 10, after the FBI’s five working days limit expired, Strzok did what was apparently a major editing job on the Flynn 302, and he also incorporated edits suggested by Page, who had not been present at the interview. In a text message, Strzok said, 'I was trying not to completely re-write the thing so as to save {REDACTED} voice.' It’s thought that the redacted name was Pientka’s. The finished document was dated Feb. 14, 2017, which just happened to be the day after Flynn was fired by the White House." Even though the FBI had gotten caught framing Flynn, when the Strzok-Page texts were unveiled, Barr still did not call Van Grack off from prosecuting him. BARR DEEP STATE TRASH. He deserves prison.

York's article seems to indicate a third FBI agent at the interview who wrote a 302, but this seems wholly bogus for having recourse to create another 302. This one said: "Strzok and {Pientka} both had the impression at the time that Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying." I suggest that this bogus 302 was arranged with those words to protect the FBI from appearing to frame Flynn. The culprits simply depended on false reports to the media to get Flynn. However, in Mueller's / Van Grack's prosecution of Flynn, more than hearsay was needed, and for that case, no original 302 was put up. The prosecution preferred to keep it "lost." And what makes Barr especially outrageous here is his knowledge that Mueller even had a rabid anti-Trump judge (Sullivan) on this case who would refuse to dismiss the case based on suspicious FBI circumstances. BARR DESERVES JAIL for seeking to jail Flynn.

Below, you can read a 302 (reads like a "short" story fashioned for a purpose) released by Judge Sullivan (his initiative), where Flynn is shown to desire Russia's help in fighting Middle-East terrorism (i.e. ISIS), a thing that neither Obama nor the U.S. military desired. This is only one reason that Flynn was not allowed to be on Trump's team. In this 302, we find that Kislyak, on December 28, 2016, supposedly sent Flynn a text asking for a call, though we cannot believe a word that the FBI places in a 302. The redacted parts of the 302 might be nothing more than things that assist Flynn's case, or place the FBI in a bad light.

One should be mindful of Flynn's right not to disclose or talk about anything with the FBI, on Russia matters, that was none of the FBI's business. One has a right to be evasive, I think, if a matter concerns no crime but does concern Trump policy with Russia. Flynn had a right to answer nothing, in fact, but his talking as much as he did might show no guilty conscience. The FBI concluded that he said and did nothing wrong. I don't see why Sullivan ordered this 302 to be revealed, but it shows that the FBI lied about it's reasons for accusing Flynn of lying, for the accusation had to do with Flynn's discussing American-enforced sanctions, with Kislyak (on the 29th), yet, as Bongino reported, this 302 mentions nothing about those sanctions. Ooops, big problem there, Mr. Barr. Did you get some of your favorite apple pie in your eye? Is this why you missed seeing this? This 302 was released 1.5 years ago. Where have you been, Mr. Barr, you moralist fraud?

Morgan Chalfant of The Hill wrote (December 17, 2018) that this 302 "details Flynn’s Jan. 24, 2017, interview with FBI agents about his contacts with Kislyak and shows that the agents repeatedly questioned him on whether he discussed sanctions with Russia during the conversations." No, there was no talk of sanctions in this 302. The Hill must have another 302, or, if not, then someone reported a false impression of this 302. Instead of sanctions, this 302 questions Flynn on whether he discussed (with Kislyak) the expulsion of Russian diplomats in the United States. If I recall correctly, Trump fired Flynn (early 2017) for lying about sanctions. What happened to the sanctions in the 302? Why were they scrubbed? Why does the FBI look fiendish at every turn? Barr, accomplice of fiends.

Is Pientka's testimony at this time not critical? Barr would say, no, it's not critical because we've dismissed the Flynn case. Achem, but, Mr. Trash, why didn't you interview Pientka earlier to make sure whether Flynn was guilty or not? Ahh, that's what Jim Jordan wants to know, but, having written a letter to Wray requesting Pientka's voice in this matter, WRAY TURNED HIM DOWN, just like a deep-state snake would. No, Jordan, you don't get to know the truth. And what's Barr to say about this attitude from Wray? Why does Jordan say this week that he has no recourse but to write to Pientka directly? Why doesn't Jordan write instead to Barr? Ahh, we assume that Wray's shut-your-face "response" (there was no response) to Jordan is Barr's shut-your-face response (Barr's Wray's boss). So, good guys, the sooner you all start to circulate the fact that Barr is your enemy, the better. Otherwise, Barr's "recommendations" to Durham are going to be more shut-your-face about the truth than truth-telling.

Bongino, on his Tuesday show, is way wrong on accepting Barr's statement that he doesn't want Durham to be arresting Obama or Biden. Dan explains this by saying that, although both men are guilty, Barr can't get away with charging them for lack of evidence. But Barr didn't even make that the issue. He implied that he doesn't want Durham even looking at their crimes. The two, now seeking to lead the country and even some of the world, are being absolved even before investigating them, and for this Barr is a crooked, hypocritical no-good. If Republicans can't harshly rebuke Barr at this point, things are dim. In fact, Jordan should write to Barr to make the request to interview Pientka, and he should then rebuke Barr for withholding the business of the people from the people. Barr is not the only who matters in these matters. This is a hijacking of the nation's business of justice. PUT BARR IN JAIL for complicity with political criminals. He says that he won't get political by arresting politicians, but in the same breath he protects guilty politicians. Whoever he's listening to, whoever's will he's doing, it's his fellow slime. Time after time, he disappoints. Time after time, he sends the message that he's not going to deliver.

If too many Americans make the wrong choices in the matters before them right now, God could decide to give the nation to more calamities. People need to learn how God thinks on matters. If Republicans do not rebuke Barr at this time, hypocrites they are. How can that excite God to act on their behalf? If Trump does not publicly rebuke Barr at this time, shame on him. Obama is looking more guilty this week than ever of being the big cheese of the coup attempt, even willing to jail innocent men, and it's this very week that Barr says: don't worry, Obama my buddy, I'm not coming after you. REBUKE THAT SLIME.

The piece of trash knows full well that Obama committed political crimes, and now Barr essentially says he won't prosecute Obama because the Republicans are just being political in wanting him punished. Have you ever seen such a slime bucket as this? He's the dirtiest cop I've ever seen. He gets appointed by Trump, and then doesn't stick up for him even when the enemy side committed the worst crimes possible short of murder. He says that he's not supporting Trump because that would be a political thing. SWINE! PIG! He took the job knowing that Trump had been abused, and he's now letting Trump's enemies off the hook. Even if Trump asked him not to prosecute Obama, it's Barr's responsibility MOST OF ALL to arrest Obama as soon as he's discovered guilty of a coup attempt. The country can't bear a pig like Barr. He needs to be politically butchered in the streets. How dare he takes the job, and covets the respect that comes with it, but then becomes the protector of criminals. THE NERVE.

Some good news from Durham in relation to a Judicial-Watch capture recently from the DoJ:

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz determined in his December audit of the Russia investigation that Crossfire Hurricane was properly predicated [not illegal], untainted by politics.

Durham, tasked with reviewing the origins of the inquiry, made a rare public statement disagreeing with that conclusion, noting that he is privy to information outside of the watchdog's DOJ purview.

“Our investigation is not limited to developing information from within component parts of the Justice Department. Our investigation has included developing information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.,” he said. “Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

There is hope in Durham.

On Wednesday, the washington post claimed, from who-knows, that the reason the Flynn-Kislyak phone call wasn't unmasked is that the FBI captured it whole from the Russian end. What? I'd rather think that the washington post is lying about this, yet conservative news outlets are putting out the story as is. I'd rather think that the call was captured and released whole by the CIA, explaining why the CIA wants the FBI blamed.

In Bongino's interview of Flynn's lawyer this week, she says (8th minute) that neither she nor Flynn's previous lawyers were permitted to hear Flynn's phone call with Kislyak. SHAME ON BARR. This is on Barr's head. A citizen denied his rights even to share his own call with his own lawyers so that they might better argue his case...SHAME GREAT SHAME ON BARR, FILTH.

Late in the 15th minute, she tells that Flynn openly and completely blasted-up the Obama narrative on ISIS. She says that Clapper and Brennan were in support of Obama's policy on ISIS in opposition to Flynn's accusations. Flynn knows Obama's crimes with ISIS, doesn't he? Doesn't Flynn wish to reveal them about now? Has Barr asked Flynn about these crimes? Don't make me laugh, for a snake beds with a snake. Flynn seems like a straight-up man who despises corruption. Trump let the best swamp-drainer go, and then allowed the swamp to swell. Why would anyone celebrate such a president as this?

The military wasn't spying on Flynn merely because Flynn opposed military policy in places, but because Flynn opposed it AND was anti-corruption too. That is, he wasn't willing to let military crimes take place, and was probably wondering if and when to expose them. The military only needed to place Flynn on notice that he was being watched, as a beginner in keeping him quiet. But after Trump won the election, yikes.

In the 26th minute, Sidney Powell says that Pientka was in-use as early as the day after the FBI opened the investigation on Flynn (August 16, 2016).

Strzok versus Flynn

Some are saying the Peter Strzok was responsible for keeping the "razor" scheme open after January 4. Some of his texts in relation to this are below. In my view, we should view Comey as decided to close the case as of the 4th, because the unknown FBIers who wanted it closed wouldn't have without his permission. Then, if we think that Strzok alone couldn't have kept razor going, the only choice is to see Obama and/or Hillary changing Comey's mind and perhaps using Strzok to do so. We could imagine that Strzok would have notified Hillary, at least, that the case was being closed, and she would acted immediately, the same day, to ask Comey to reconsider. That's my best-guess scenario.

There needs to be a law with stiff punishments against anyone who redacts anything, for a FOIA product, without just cause, and double the punishment for redacting a thing because it discloses criminality, injustice, malice, or neglect. A body allowing its government offices to redact the things exposing criminality is a guilty sham. This is part of this exposure, but we have yet to see Barr come out to say, "hey, no, you can't redact that part just because it makes you look bad or just because it reveals something new for the people toward the entire criminal enterprise." If that makes Barr a sham, then it's for him to correct himself. But until the Republicans begin to voice their impoverished situation due to Barr's stinginess, I don't think he's planning a more-transparent attitude.

Three days before Flynn was set-up in a perjury trap, Strzok was saying the following. Are the redactions justified? Square brackets mine:

I think my preference would be to provide him [Flynn, I assume] a defensive briefing about {REDACTED}, put him on notice, and see [spy] what he does with that. If that’s not possible, then continue to monitor [spy]. We need to discuss what happens if DOJ [Loretta Lynch, Bruce Ohr] directs us, or directly tells, VPOTUS [Biden = Obama essentially] or anyone else about the {REDACTED} specifically with regard to hat we do directly with him.

I think it will be very difficult [we gotta do this guys] not to do some sort of overt step with him [perjury trap implied?], a defensive briefing ["justified" meeting with Flynn] or interview under light ‘defensive briefing’ pretext [yup, a trap] unless WH specifically directs us not to.

A "light pretext" means don't-let-him-have-a-clue that we're setting him up. The entirety of the quote implies that Obama was overseeing this trap, does it not? If Strzok was concerned with what the White House would think about this trap, then he knew the White House knew about the trap. The question then is: whose idea was the trap, Strzok's or Obama's? Was Strzok advancing a way forward according to what Obama had prescribed, and was Obama taking shelter (for his own crime) by getting Biden to discuss things directly with Strzok?

It has been my belief that God use events in my youth to point to the criminal enterprise before us now. I would like to repeat a couple of those events now because, on the 24th, Comey sent Strzok and paint-like PIENTka to set the perjury trap. It reminded me of the PAINT I applied to the bar of Joe FIX instead of stain. I didn't realize it was paint until I had ruined most of the bar, and Mr. Fix fired me for this when I told him (I was doing it under a contract basis).

[See late in the 2nd update in June for the best solution to this paint-on-bar event.]

It was BROWN paint, and Barrs of BRUNSwick named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. As I said, I cannot recall how close it was to my dating Lorraine that I first met Mr. Fix, but it was very close to the best of my recollection. Lorraine was given a grass STAIN symbol that pointed to the pansies in Arms of Bar-le-Duc. Therefore, the BAR I ruined with the paint seems like a strong pointer to Bill Barr, but if it concerns Pientka too, why should the two of them be wrapped up in one event?

As I said, I met a cook, Steve Papp, in the kitchen of Mr. Fix's restaurant, and as the Papp surname is also shown with a Papadopoli variation, it seems to be a pointer to George Papadopoulos. The public now has documents released that show Strzok starting Crossfire Hurricane based on a rigged meeting of Alexander Downer with Papadopoulos. It can be gleaned that this meeting was FIXed, COOKED up, by the FBI. They created the meeting to give appearances of Russian interference for the express purpose of launching Crossfire Hurricane. So, it appears that God uses slang such as "fix " and "cooked up." He arranged for me to meet Mr. Fix and Mr. Papp his cook. (Use Papp link above to load other surnames.)

If it were not for the time that Lorraine was sitting on the deck of my place, I might not have recalled that I was living there when dating her for a few weeks. It was at the corner of RUMBLE and Libby. I was listening to Bongino's show Thursday (yesterday), when he mentioned the so-called FIXER, Kathryn RUEMMLER. Wikipedia: "Katherine is currently referred to as former President Barack Obama's 'FIXER' according to CNN. As scandals erupt, people are silenced."

Although no Ruemmler surname comes up (at the Papp link above), one can see how it can be a branch of the Rumble surname. Rummlers are listed with Rummels. This is why it's important if I had met Lorraine at nearly the time I first walked into Fix's restaurant. I would go there often, which is how I got the job to build him a dance hall under the restaurant.

I can remember certain events that confirm my ruining his bar about 1.5 years after being with Lorraine, and so, judging by the short time I knew Mr. Fix until then, it was about the time I met Lorraine that I first walked into Fix's restaurant. I moved to Rumble after meeting Lorraine; I was with her about three weeks, maybe less. Her grass-stain event involved her BALCONy that itself pointed to Comeys/MacCOMBs with variations of the Balcon/BalCOLM surname. I was on her balcony (July) when she returned with the grass stain on her pants.

When I met her, I was living at one end of a basement apartment; the primary tenant of this basement was Albert. A few months later, Albert asked me to move in and keep the basement reserved for him while he went to work for the winter across the country at WHISTLEr ski resort. During that time, I invited Steve Papp to move in; he occupied the same end of the basement that I had rented when Albert was still there. This pointed to the Whistler/Whistle surname, as if to say that Papadopoulos, perhaps, was a whistle-blower against Comey's FBI. I was still living in Albert's basement when ruining Fix's bar.

I think I can make a case for assuring that God chose for me to move out of Albert's and into a ROOM at Libby and Rumble as a pointer to Ms. Ruemmler. I can't remember why I moved out. I was in a room alone, no access to the living room or kitchen. The Rome surname is also Rumble-like "Rum," and Rumble's are RumBOLDs too, suggesting a Rum line with suffixes added. The Libbys, first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's and Skiptons, share the Bruce lion, but note the purple tinge in the blue lion in this Bruce Crest, for Skiptons have a giant purple lion to thus match the giant blue lion of the English Bruce's. On top of the fact that Skiptons were Ruemmler- / Rumble-like Rumilys, Rooms/Rums were first found in DUMfries with Annandale, and a branch of the Yorkshire Bruce's lived in Annandale.

From that picture, in which my room at Libby pointed to Rumble suspects, as if God arranged things this way, we go to Mamie again, whom I met on my last night with Lorraine, the night I was on her balcony. Note the "DUM spiro spero" motto of Balcons, for it's the Mason/Massin motto too, and Masons/Massins share a giant blue lion with Libbys/LEBBys, yet the Mason/Massin Crest is a mermaid, the symbol of LAPs/LABBS'. About three weeks after I was on the balcony, Mamie became my girlfriend when she sat on my LAP.

An hour before I was on the balcony, Mamie and I danced at her party, which begs the question of whether Dance's are important for these sets of pointers because there was also the dance hall I was building for Mr. Fix. God had started to set me up with Mr. Fix at roughly the night I was on the balcony. After seeing the similarity between the Lebby variation of Libbys and the Labbs variation of Laps, "Lepp" was entered to find two LePAGE's surnames, one of which has four fesses in the colors of the four pale BARs of Italian Dance's! They were first found in the same place as Papps/Papadopoli's/PapaRATo's! I like that, I think it works.

And Balcons (pointer to James Comey) share the dove with English Page's, the ones who pointed to the FBI's Lisa Page and/or Carter Page. As Meschins married the Rumilly-Skiptons (Yorkshire, same as Dance's), I'd guess that English Lepps/LePage's (Yorkshire) share the Meschin fesse, especially as Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Italian Dance's (kin of Whistle-like Waistells = Dove liners).

English Dance's look, by their lion-head colors and their fesse colors, linkable to both Leibs/Laibs/Leipnitz's and Liebs/Liebermans, and then while Leibermans are also Levermans, Levers share the gold rooster in Crest with Lepps/LePage's. This tends to help prove that God set me up to DANCE with Mamie on my first occasion of meeting her, and then, on our second occasion of seeing each other, she just plopped herself on my lap uninvited. I remember getting the call from Barr-like Barry while living at Paul's place, when he invited me to a camp site, which was the occasion that she sat on my lap. The point is, I had moved out of Libby and Rumble by that time.

I had moved out maybe no more than a week before Barry's call, for as I was with Lorraine about three weeks, part of which was while living at Libby, and as Mamie sat on my lap about three weeks after my last night with Lorraine, I was very-freshly out of Libby when Barry called. AND THE REASON for that move is now obvious: I would not have gotten the call from Barry (i.e. I would not have re-met Mamie) had I not moved into Paul's place, for he was Barry's friend. Barry was gathering with others at Paul's place at the time, and they all went camping with Mamie invited too. I stayed at Paul's only two months or less because he moved out in October, and Mamie and I stopped seeing each other about that time, though I can't recall any event that was the final goodbye. We didn't separate on bad terms.

A few weeks later, I moved into a place having a taxi dispatcher, and he suggested I apply to get a taxi job, which is what I did. Months later, I was assigned a pick-up with Mamie, and I drove her home without much said. But after I was assigned to pick her up again, I asked if she'd like to go out again. We had just one more date as a result, and I took her to...Joe Fix's!!! He happened to have some live music that night. I had never known him to have live music. So, it lured me to go there with Mamie (just look at the timing), what do we suppose it could mean as per the deep state? Mr. Papp had moved out of my basement by that time, and Albert was still at Whistler mountain.

(By the way, as an aside, the Laps/Labbs' were linkable to the Labe (Elbe) river through Bohemia's Podebrady, and while Laws share the rooster with Lepps/Lepage's/LAWpage's, Lebs (Bohemia) are listed with Lows/Lowers. I have the sense that these are all from Laevi Gauls, founders of Papia/Pavia. The latter's Ticino river, and the Laevi too, were linked to early Hungarian kings, and while I was never able to prove my hunch that Decks/Deckers were from a Ticino-river entity such as the Teck variation of Tess'/Tease's, I had found a Papa location (not many months ago) in Hungary while Papa's have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Decks/Deckers. The Papa's share red roses with Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia. Hungarian king, Bela, brother of Levante, was suspect to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons (Boii = Bohemian suspects), and Christs have both the split Papa Shield colors, and more roses. Lowers use roses. It's not hard to understand why Godfrey de Bouillon's family was close to Hugh de Payens.

English Marks, suspect from the Marici, co-founders with Laevi of Pavia, share the lion of German/Jewish Lows/Lowers/Lebs. Laevi were at Novara too, and then Spanish Navarre's use two wolves in the colors and format of the double Voir/Voyer lions, yet the Voir/Voyer Crest has a lion of a St. Mark, you see. Pavers share checks with other Mark surnames, and with Pape's, and checks may have been birthed from Czechs, for Bohemia is in Czechoslovakia. Papps are said by some to have been Hungarians. The Navarre wolves are in the colors of the Banes wolf head, and Banes' are potential Bohemians. French Banes' happen to share the triple chevrons of Babenbergs, who were founded by Poppo I. The same triple chevrons are with Waters while BANESters have water bougets. Poppa of Valois is expected to the Valois/Valais/Valour surname, and "valore" is a motto term of Pepe's/Pepards (share Wray martlets). Papa's use a swan for Sion of Valais.

Valours came out as per a recent dream with Valery and Ray Luff having snake-tongues, and, because the dream had a freezer, it revealed that Love's/Luffs were of the Pharisee-suspect Freeze's/PHREEZE's/Freys (version of the Ray Coat). It tends to support my insistence that the Pharisees were of Levi blood via the Laevi of the Ticino. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, a line suspect from Joseph Caiaphas, high priest of Israel, and killer of Jesus. Chappes' were first found near Rollo's capital, and Rollo's were first found beside Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps. End of aside.)

If you enter "Lepage" at houseofnames instead of "Lepp," the French Lepage's come up instead of the Lepps/Lepage's. They use identical Coats, yet the first Lepage's were first found in Dauphine with Page-branch Payens/Pagans who have a paint-like Paiont variation. You see, it wasn't my fault that I spread painted on Fix's bar instead of stain: God made me be that dumb. I personally bought the paint, thinking I was buying stain. The importance of Stains/Stans (Yorkshire again) was in their Yarborough connection, a topic in the 2nd update of this month. Yarboroughs (Este colors) use a "Non EST" motto phrase, and while Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, the latter are known to share the ESTE eagle. I stained the BAR with paint. It's as though God pointed to Barrs in three ways with Lorraine's grass stain (on her pants as code for dove-using Pansys/Pantzers and/or Panters sharing "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans).

The Barrs share a red lion head with English Dance's, and I ruined the bar built for the dance hall. It would be even more amazing if the Yarborough Crest is/was a duck, for the Yarborough Coat is a version of the Duke/Dook Coat. The Yarborough Crest has the same bird design as Yeo's, and the latter do have ducks in their Shield.

Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers, explaining the pansy symbol of Bar-le-Duc in the Lorraine part of France. Plus, while Coney's use a coney rabbit holding a so-called pansy (I've read the description), it's possible that Italian Dance's (Piedmont) were first found in Coney-like Cuneo because it's in Piedmont. It can't be another coincidence that Barrs were in Brunswick while the Brunswick Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Duce Coat (lion in the colors of a Dance lion head).

Flynn and Papadopoulos were threatened with the so-called Logan Act, and Logans are shown also as Ducks. Scottish Logans were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, no great surprise but welcome just the same. The Logan nails are code for Westphalia's Nails, and the Logan motto even has "majoRUM." Proctors (same place as RUMillys) have the three Logan/Duck nails (same colors) and even share the red martlet of Velens, first found in Westphalia. Duck-related Valence's have more red martlets.

The balcony event at Lorraine's was on Church street (Richmond Hill, Ontario, same town as my place on Libby and Rumble), and Church's share the black greyhound head with Licks/Lucks. To set up the importance of Licks, let's add that Licks/Locks (not Licks/Lucks) share the swan with the Hocks in the Logan/Duck motto. German Logens/Lochs likewise use the swan. The balcony was a pointer to Comey, who was overseeing the FBI agents (probably included Pientka and Strzok) using the Logan-Act threat against Trump teamers.

The Licks come in as per one David KRAMER. "David Kramer, the then-Sen. John McCain aide who leaked the Christopher Steele dossier on President Trump, testified in a libel case that he spread to journalists the contents of the Steele dossier during the presidential transition." McCain had delivering the dossier to Comey's FBI. It's Logan-interesting that while Kramer was the director of Freedom House, his chair was replaced by Mark LAGON.

My point with the Licks is that one licks an ice-cream while God set up two ice-cream girls nearly back-to-back in my teens. I was able to show that the ice-CREAMs were pointers to Kramers/Cremers, you see, before I knew of David Kramer.

To show how these two ice-cream events are to be pasted together for our use today, they both involved my lining up to purchase an ice-cream from two blonds that I was highly attracted to. In both cases, I asked them for a date while in the throes of receiving the ice-creams from them, and in both cases I had never before talked with either girl. It was similar with Lorraine, another very-attractive blonde (seven and eight years later), when I rode to her bus stop at Church and Yonge, and asked her on a date without ever having known her before. All three accepted my offer, but they were miracles for reasons I'm trying to get across as best as I can at this time. We could say that I got LUCKy.

The Licks/Luckys happen to share the mascles of English Hansons, and the first ice-cream girl was Katrina Hanson. The last time I saw her (16 years of age) was when I was at the driveway entry of Ratcliff lumber (Gormley), and John Ratcliffe was confirmed this week to become the head of all 17 Intelligence agencies in the Unites States.

The second ice-cream girl, at my age 17, was Darlene Ray or WRAY. I'm not sure of the spelling, but here it's interesting that French Rays come up as Razors while the attack on Flynn was called, "Razor." It's asking whether Christopher Wray (replaced Comey) was actively involved in persecuting Flynn. The Wray Chief-Shield colors are in reverse from the same of Kramers/Cremers. It's important here that while the first ice-cream event was in Gormley, the Gormleys share the red-on-gold martlets of Wrays and Duck-related Velens.

If I recall correctly, their are 16 agencies plus the 17th (National Intelligence) that oversees them all, the one that RATcliffe will lead. This recalls the 16 squirrels that I caught and reported on meticulously, using one RAT trap in my attic, and that a 17th and last squirrel in the attic got away somehow. The numbers 16 and 17 keep cropping up repeatedly, but I've never before thought of linking those squirrels to my ages 16 and 17 for both ice-cream events. There was a time when Mueller was reported with having 16 lawyers, and then Trump with others would say that it was 17. There was another 17 in the news recently, but the background of it has slipped my mind. Duck/Ducker/Docker-like Decks/Deckers/Daggers share the red squirrel with Squirrels.

Years after catching the 16 squirrels, God provided a mouse in my house to act as a pointer to Dan Coats. I've told this compelling story before, and won't repeat it here, but will repeat that it got killed in a mouse trap sitting right beside the rat trap that had caught the squirrels. If we can assume that the 17th squirrel that got away is a pointer to Ratcliffe moving into the deep-state-infestation situation, isn't it amazing that he is replacing the director job of Dan Coats? If you would like, find "closet" in the 4th update of last month, and keep reading until you get to the mouse and the coat closet that pointed to Dan Coats.

The first I came across the 17th squirrel was when I was installing soffit at the roof line. Until it was fully installed, squirrels were nesting in the pink insulation. When I came across a smelly part of the roof line, I reached in to remove the smelly insulation, and out popped a frantic squirrel. It first hit the side of the roof rafter in my full view, and here it's interesting that Rafters are said to have been "RAITHbheartaigh" in Ireland. Raiths are listed with Rats, and the latter share a white anchor with Hoods while the latter are said to have been in Rafter-like Rattery! Excellent, for this is a new realization. Note that Ratterys had a RattRAY location.

Plus, Rafters/Rafertys have fish colors-reversed from the fish heads of Geddes', the latter first found in Nairnshire with Raiths/Rats! Bingo, no mistake: it appears that God caused the squirrel to bounce off of the rafter to assure a pointer to John Ratcliffe.

OH WOW!!! I was on a ladder upon my BALCONY when this squirrel jumped out at me. In order to work at this height, at the third-story loft, I had to build a balcony floor (has no railing yet but it will be a fully-decked balcony soon) on the second story!!! The Balcons/Balcombs were not yet a topic when this squirrel jumped out.

The balcony is just a high wood deck, and "Decks/Deckers/Daggers share the red squirrel with Squirrels." It seems that God long-ago arranged for some heraldic symbolism to compliment that event of His on my balcony, and that it's to be linked to Lorraine's balcony. Lorraine had pointed to president Bush is multiple ways.

OH WOW, as per the Geddes fish being in the colors of the fish of the BUTTs/Boets, and because the latter's fish in on a fesse, as are the Rafter/Rafferty fish, we can link this event to Lorraine's balcony because that's where I saw the grass stain on her BUTT!!!!!! WOW, God knows slang!

Her pants pointed to the pansy of Coneys, suspect from Cuneo, and Cunninghams use a "SHAKEfork" as well as a "fork" motto term. I'm going to get a photo for you of the balcony as soon as I finish this paragraph, because you need to see that the squirrel came out the top of a so-called GABLE roof. That's why I've just checked the Gable surnames to find that three Gable surnames apply to Cunninghams and their Forker / Shake kin. One, English Gable's share the SHAKE chevron; two, German Gable's have a pitchFORK; three, Spanish Gable's have a giant Y-shape, the shape of the giant Cunningham shakefork! (My software won't transfer the photo to the computer at this time, sorry).

I must now go on to mythical Orion of Boet-line Boeotia, for he was given a urine symbol while I reached into the pink insulation due to the foul urine smell of the squirrels. Orion's father was from SCHIMatari (Boeotia), the line of the Biblical SHECHemites, the line to the Shake's!!! Yes, for Schims share the boar head of Mole's while Shake's use mole hills. Zikers, look at what Lorraine's pants and butt have brought us to.

Lookie. The Orion/Iron/Hiram surname was at AIRAINES (near ABBEville), the thing that named ARRAN, where McCabe's/MacABBE's (CABLE colors!) were first found who happen to be in the colors of the English GABLE's having the Shake chevron. The McCabe/MacAbee salmon is shared by Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with English Gable's!!! Lorraine's butt is pointing to Andrew McCabe, Comey's deputy, as if to assure that her balcony and mine is a pointer to Comey, but why not also have her butt point to HUNTER Biden, for while Bidens/Buttons share the fesse of Butts/Boets, Orion was the mythical hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God arranged for that squirrel to urinate in my pink insulation for describing this comical historical scenario, I'm flattened by this even though I think I've gone over this in the past. I hope you find that as enjoyable as I did, but we can't forget the Balcons/Balcombs because they have a version of the Italian BOTTer Coat while English Botters can be linked to Buttons/Bidens. Cunningham-like Cannings share "Dum" with Balcons/Balcolms.

Plus, I now recall my assessment that, while there is no Ladder surname, the ladders in my life that were heraldry-important -- one of which was on Hunt street, and another now while the squirrel jumped onto my chest -- are pointers to Lauders in turn suspect from "Lotheringia," that being another name for the Lorraine part of France! Cool.

Cable's and Cunningham-like Caens/Canns (from Orion-like Orne river), along with Cable-like Caves', all use a fretty Shield, and Cable's with Caens/Canns (trash-can entity) share the Butt/Boet / Button / Leavell fesse. Cunnings have an "ImPERIo" motto term for the Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Cuneo) and/or Pierro's/Pero's (version of Butt/Boet Coat). Caens/Canns, sharing the Peare leopard face, use "PERImus." Cable's (Somerset, same as English Leavells) use "imPAVide," part code for Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, a city founded by Laevi Gauls. Lorraine's feet on Yonge street pointed to Feets/Fate's sharing a Pavia Coat, and to Scottish Leavells (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) via a Yonge Coat. The Feets/Fate's are probably in the "fato" motto term of Caen-like Cheneys. Imps were first found in Essex with Yonge's.

"ImpaVIDE," and the "VIDEt" motto term of Caves', is for Vido's/Vito's, first found in Treviso/TARVISium, where I trace Tarves', but as Chives' were first found in Tarves (near first-known, Mole-related Schims), it seems that Caves' were Chives liners to Chivasso of Piedmont. Cuneo even has a Ceva location on a Cevetta river while Cavetts/Chavo's/Cheve's (Picardy, same as Orions/Irons, Airaines and Abbeville) have four of the five Duck/Ducker and Valence fesses.

Cannings have a Canon location in their write-up, said to be near Lisieux, and then Cavii Illyrians were at Lissus. The full motto of Cannings is in the Darlington motto while Darlingtons share a version of the Darlene Coat. Darlene Ray/Wray was an ice-cream girl at Knob Hill Farms grocery store, in Buttonville, Ontario.

I'm not making up the rafter event; it's been mentioned repeatedly for years. For example, in the 4th update of February, 2018, I was on the Bush-branch Bustards because Trapps/Trappers (as per the rat trap) use a bustard:

The Bustards share three pellets on white with German BRESTs/Brese's, and the 17th squirrel, while I was installing soffits and reaching in to remove some urine-infested pink insulation, jumped out of its NEST (in the rafters) with fear, bounced off a rafter straight for my chest / BREAST before it had time to think about what it was doing, and dropped two stories to the ground with an umbrella-like body (with all four legs spread wide apart). Later that year, the same squirrel, I think, came out in fear from a hole in the ceiling of the trailer, as I put my hand up there (I didn't know it was there), and it bounced off my breast too. So, this 17th squirrel looks like God's code for German Brests sharing the Bustard pellets.

But it gets better now. Once it hit the side of the rafter, it had little choice in what to do because the side of the rafter was too smooth for it to get a good grip. So it just jumped in a knee-jerk reaction and hit me on the breast, I watched in parachute straight down as it FELL. It just so happens that Fells have three lozenges colors reversed from the three of Brests, yet Fells add three eight-pointed stars in colors reversed from the same of Ducs/LeDucs!!! We are back to the quacks.

While this discussion has been faithfully pointing to the deep-state FBI, we can add that Kramers/Cremers have a Coat version of the Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' (Perigord, same as Fauchys) while English Faux's share the mascle of Licks/Lucks and Hansons. For some reason, the ice-cream girls are pointing to the coronavirus scandal as well as to the Wray FBI. The sinister Dr. Fauci was granting money to the Wuhan lab while Mr. Leduc of Galveston National Laboratory was overseeing some things at the same Wuhan lab.

Back to David Kramer, for the Bongino-Powell video above says that he was part of the smear campaign on Flynn. As was shown recently (in my work), Flynns (suspect with the Treby Chief) are from Piacenza, smack beside CREMona, where I trace Kramers/Cremers. Piacenza and Cremona were founded by general SCIPio as army barracks after he was defeated by Hannibal (battle of Trebia, 218 BC). As Scipio formed an alliance with Masci-line king Massena (Numidia) in an effort to overpower Hannibal's Carthage (it worked), I trace SKIPtons to "Scipio" because Meschins married Skiptons. The Kramers/Cremers even share the Masci fleur-de-lys. My mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and they were born in Piacenza-like Picenze. Meschins married RUMilly-Skiptons, to be exact, and Rums are also Rome's while Scipio was a Roman general.

We might even conclude that HANsons and Hahns (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's) were from the namers of HANNibal. Hanns/Hahns' share the red rooster in Crest with Kramers/Cremers, and this red rooster is that of Hahn-related Bibo's but also of Cocks sharing the Grimaldi Shield. My mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, and while the ice-cream was purchased in Gormley, Gormleys are also Grimes'.

Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drugs Administration. Coronincidence?

By Friday, Christopher Wray (LAUGHING STOCK) announced he's opened an internal investigation (like the police policing the police HAHAHA) on the FBI's treatment of Flynn. I'll bet Barr said to him, "Chris, you'd better make it look good, this story's not going away. Pretend like you're looking into this matter, and while you're at it, make sure you scrub any dirt that's still lingering around after the Horowitz wipe." The only hope is for any good guys in the FBI to snitch on Wray's criminality. Make no mistake about it, Wray is a criminal. So long as FBI criminality didn't get out to the public, Wray wasn't going to do anything to make the criminals pay, not even a mere exposure of their guilt.

Here's Giuliani interviewing Papadopoulos this week. Note how he assures that the British government from as early as Cameron was heavily involved in putting Trump down:

At the 27th minute, Papa starts to tell that the FBI was fixing him up as some sort of Israel operative. Joe Fix was an Israeli, with an Israeli accent. Note that the FBI interviewed him, having set him up for a perjury trap, in January 17, the same month that the FBI was setting up Flynn for his perjury trap. The FBI didn't learn this craft overnight.

I called him "Joseph," and never asked his surname, but one day he handed me his business card, where he had "Joe Fix." It may have been a fake name.

Gilligan's Island

With Flynns being from something in Piacenza, by what coincidence do they share the besants (both colors) of SKIPPers/Skeppers? Did they form the Skeffingtons/Skaffs, and from that did Scarfs form who share the Flynn wolf? Looks like a good theory, especially as Scarfs have a chevron colors reversed from the Skipper chevron. The SCAFFold came to topic while applying the fire-wall on Fix's floor joists, and Joyce's (brown wolf = Welf of Brunswick; included Barrs) happen to share the giant, double-headed eagle of Specks/Spicks/Spocks, whom I trace to "Syphax." He and king Massena shared the same wife (Sophonisba), and in fact general Scipio allied with Massena to defeat Syphax as the latter was attempting to take Hannibal's African kingdom (while Hannibal was warring in Italy). Syphax was given something house arrest, if I recall correctly, in Rome, which allowed him to have children, I assume, that ultimately produced Specks/Spicks/Spocks (double-headed eagle, symbol of "dark-age" Rome).

The Joyce's actually share "vita" with Saffers, unbelievably enough, and the "mois" motto term of Saffers suddenly looks like code for the Le Mose area of Piacenza. As Julius AVITus married the sister-in-law (Julia Maesa) of emperor Septimius SEVERus, I trace the latter to Saffers. However, I don't thing we can trace Saffers both to Scipio's and to "Severus," though it's possible that Scipio's were in the bloodline to Severus. In any case, it suddenly appears that my scaffold at Fix's joists is a pointer to Obama's Joyce Foundation, for Joyce's share "aut" with Saffers. The Scottish branch of Saffer-like Shepards share the fleur-de-lys of Masci's and FLORE's and Flora's. The FLOOR joists.

Joyce's have an "honoraBILIS" motto term, recalling that German Bils' share the checks of Spanish Baez'/Pelaiz's, whom I see from PIACenza or its alternative spelling, PLACEntia. I suppose that "Skaff/Skeffington" could have developed from a Schaffer / Saffer term. There is a Schaffer/Schefer surname (sheep / lamb in Scarf colors) that reminds of Adam Schiff. The Schiffs, first found in Austria with Scherfs/Schere's, have Chief-Shield colors in reverse from the same of English Shepards, wherefore the latter's black fitchee cross must be the black, stylized fitchee of Scherfs/Schere's.

The UNIcorn heads of Saffers are from the Maesa-like Maezaei Illyrians on the UNA (Oeneus) river, beside the Corn-line Ceraunii on the URBANus river. Urbans share the hexagrams of Massena's (and Siefers/Sivers/Schivers), you see, who in turn have a version of the Masci Coat. They both use a left-rising bend, as do unicorn-using RasMUSSENs (Hesse, same as Schaffers/Schefers). The Ceraunii are represented by cranes, and I think that, at this time, the Saffers call there heron-like bird a crane. It is my discovery, I think, that Ceraunii named Croatians, and while they were called, KRVati, CRAVen is where Skiptons lived when they married Meschins. The son of the first Meschin was de GERNon, and Gernons (Brunswick Coat) share the lion of Siver-like Silvers who in turn have a near-copy of the Saffer Coat.

The fire-wall applied to the floor joists was applied to the dance hall's CEILING, which had brought up the Zeals/Sealys sharing the white wolf head with Scarfs. Zeals are expected in the motto of Hoods, the latter first found in Devon with Saffers and Walerans. The latter share the tiger in Crest with Sealeys/Ceileys. The Walerans are the ones involved with connection to Ratcliffs, and the floor joists can be construed also as rafters (from the underside's point of view), keep in mind, while Rafters/Raffertys can be connected to the Rattery location of Hoods. In neighboring Somerset were the first-known Bills' using WOOD bills while Ratterys share the Wood fitchees, yet they are the fitchees also of Piacenza-like Picks.

Hoods were first found in Devon with Spice's/SPICERS, and with the Brampton Speke location of Specks/Spike's/Spocks, yet the latter were first found in Lancashire with the Salford location of Ratcliffs: "The surname Speck [or Speak] was first found in Lancashire where a Norman noble Le Espec was an under tenant of Roger de Poitou, and was granted the lands of Speke outside Liverpool in Lancashire." Livers/Levers (Lancashire) not only have a rooster standing in a TRUMPet, but have a form of the Ratcliff Coat! That SPEAKs loudly, and may even point to Sean Spicer, who's still actively involved in Trump support. The Speccots (Devon, same as Hoods) share the FRET with Hoods, and FERTE's share a giant, red eagle with Specks/Speaks/Spike's.

Reminder: the double-headed Speck/Speak/Spike eagle is also that of Joyce's (both colors) who came up as per Fix's STEEL joists / rafters in his dance hall, and English Dance's share the lion head of Steele's. Dance's look linkable to Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Dance's) while Keeps share the bend of Speccots. This recalls the first time I saw Syphax's image on a coin, for his facial features reminded my of Mr. Kepke (loved to dance, he was always in bars dancing), and thus I got the inkling that "Kepke" was a hardened variation from some Syphax-like term. I don't think I had yet known that Speccots share the Keep bend.

Sealeys/Ceileys use a near-copy of the Billet/Billiard and Hillard/Billiard Coats, both of whom are in the colors and format of Scarfs (Yorkshire, same as Hillards/Billiards). It's important here that English Billets (Devon, same as Saffers) share the Bellows Coat, both with the Chief-Shield colors of English Shepards (Saffer colors). It now gets important that Schafers/Scheffers share the lamb with English Lamberts while French Lamberts have a double-chevron version of the two Billiard Coats. Moreover, the Supers (Devon) in the Rattery motto use billets!

The Ceraunii mountains are near Bullis while Bullis'/Bulliards were once said to have been first found in Suffolk, where Tigers and Thurstons were first found. Bullis'/Bulliards share red roundels with Siefers/Sivers/Schivers. Recall the Bils'/Bills' highly suspect in the Joyce motto, for English Bills' (Somerset, same as Sealeys/Ceileys and Craven-related Ricks from Croatia's Rika/Rijeka) share the red-on-gold rose of Scottish Billis'/Bellys (recall Bela of Hungary, for Ceraunii were near Hungary). The latter were first found in Moray while Joyce's have a "Mors" motto term. The Mors surname shares two symbols of the Shepards.

This is going to connect to the Bellows in the bellows fans of Skipton-like Shiptons/SHEPtons, what looks like a Scipio line. God gave us a sleeping-bag dream (a few years ago) that indicated His giving Miss Peare a belly symbol when I was 18 years of age, and this checked out, for example where Billis'/Bellys use a "Per" motto term. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Ship(ton)s/Sheptons.

The single Bills and Billis/Belly rose is shared by Halpers, and the latter even use it in the middle of their Chief, as do Bills'. The Halpers share the checks of billet-using Steele's, and while Fix's floor joists were made of steel, the Steele dossier was used to get FISA warrants from the FISC. Fisks/Fiscs not only look linkable to Fix's/Ficks, but the Fisk/Fisc Coat is, like that of Halpers, filled with checks. How interesting, for Halper (FBI mole into Trump campaign) was the buddy of a James Baker of the military (not James Baker of the FBI).

I'd like to record here that while Billis'/Bellys pointed to the belly of the bulldog in the Hicks dream, when the bulldog = Trump was in the shark's mouth, the Billis'/Bellys are the first surname I've come across, since finding Ducs/Leduc's, who share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs. As I said, the bulldog FELL into a swimming pool with a shark, and here I can add that Fells are the ones with the three Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed!!! WOW. James LeDuc of Galveston National Lab is fundamental to the shark!

There was a Mr. Lovinger who blew the whistle on Baker and/or Halper, the outcome of which we have yet to see, though waiting on the Barr turtle is like self-inflicted torture. Lovinger was pointed to by an event in Texas when Miss Hicks came to church reminding me of Lovey Howell on Gilligan's island. Her husband, Thurston Howell, is why I mentioned the Thurstons above, though they were mentioned also because the scaffold brought us to Skippers, and Gilligan's Island was an old TV show that had "Skipper" as the captain of the SHIP. Thurston Howell was played by the actor, Jim (James) Backus, almost "James Baker," you see. That's why Lovey pointed to Lovinger.

Loveys are listed with Luffs, which recalls my recent dream (April, I think) in which the Luffs (old friends of mine) had wavy, green snakes for tongues. The original Visconti snake was green, and Ottone Visconti is expected to the Ottone's sharing what looks like a version of the Duke Coat. It looks like Lovey Howell just brought us to James LeDuc. The latter's partners at Fort Detrick lab was pointed to by my hat trick in hockey, and Pucks have a version of the Ottone Coat.

Loveys/Luffs (share triple-Fuller fesses) can be connected by way of Fullers (share beacon with German Belli's) to the Billis'/Bellys, the latter sharing the motto (includes "belli") of Carpenters (suspect from the namers of Hungary's CARPathian mountains) who in turn share the pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed (these bars are essentially in the Arms of Hungary). The Billets and Bellows share the cinquefoils of French Bacons while English Bacons are also Beacons. Expect this as a pointer to anti-Trumpers in the Washington Free Beacon, but note too how Bacons can be a Baker / Backus branch.

The way I read Thurstons now is from their possible Horn-related heron and their hunting horns, for the last time I interacted with Miss Hicks, I honked the horn when she was at her gate as I drove by with the Saffer-pointing Safari van. Mr. Casey was smack at the gate, and Caseys share the six-leaved branch in the Saffer Crest with what I think is a crane.

This gets incredible when we recall that Zeals/Sealys share the Hazel fesse due to a blood connection, for the leaf design of Hazels is shared by Dutch Bakers (Zeal/Seal / Hazel colors). Dutch Bakers were already connected to the Pigeons having a similar Coat, suggesting Lovinger the stool pigeon, but I can now add that the Drys almost have the Dutch Baker Coat too, and Drys (herons or cranes) were looked up as per the DRYwall that I applied to the steel joists! Repeat; "Moreover, the Supers (Devon) in the Rattery motto use billets!" The Super saltire with billets is in the three colors of the Baker saltire with scallops, and the lion in the Baker Chief is in the Cabbage Chief while French House's, with the leaf design of Dutch Bakers and Hazels, call them "cabbage leaves." This picture tends to explain the BakeHOUSE variation of Backus', and the latter can be expected with the saltire of a Hood branch, that of Oddie's/Hoddys.

Oh wow, the first Wall Coat to come up, looked up as per dryWALL, shares in its Crest the white wolf head in the Zeal/Sealy Crest! These English Walls -- sharing the Flore / Flora fleur-de-lys! -- were first found in Gloucestershire with Halper-branch Halps/Helps/Halfs. Amazing coincidences, for the drywall was applied to the underside of the floor to Fix's restaurant. By the way, as Seals are in the Sea write-up, note the Joyce write-up: "The Gaelic form of the surname Joyce is Seoigh." It can indicate that the Seigh variation of Sea's had been a Joyce line, and this has a good argument for pointing the underside of the floor i.e. the Sealy-like ceiling, to Joyce's. Perfect, just as though a Genius arranged the heraldry point to Baker, Halper and Obama of the Joyce Foundation.

The Mors' in the Joyce motto were likewise first found in Gloucestershire, and the Mors Crest might therefore have the Halp/Help lion. You might want to compare Halps/Helps with the Backus/Bakehouse and Kerry Coats.

By the way, Fix's restaurant had Steve Papp the cook, a pointer to Papadopoulos, and the latter was criminally harassed by Halper. Papps have a lion with tail at mouth suggesting the Tails/Tailers, a branch of Tillers, the latter first found in Glamorganshire with Joyce's. I had been tracing Julius AVITus to the Tilurius river with Tillers long before finding the "vita" motto term of Joyce's. The Tillers are suspect with Attila the HUN, and Honors/Honons (stags) appear to be in the Joyce motto term, "HONORabilis" (Bela of HUNgary comes to mind, especially as Hungarian myth traced back to a stag, which I deciphered as the stags of Eustace's / Stacys / Staggs, the line of Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon.)

Honors/Honons share the stag with Annabels/HANNIbals, Hanns'/Hands, Hanna's, Anne's/Hanne's, and share the Coat of Greens, the latter first found in Kent with Greenwich's who in turn share the Coat of Oddie-branch Odins. It just so happens that Oddie's/Hoddys share the saltire of Backus'/Bakehouse's, and the latter's green snake can be thus gleaned as the Visconti snake (originally green) because Ottone Visconti is expected to Ottone's, Otone's and Oddie's/Hoddys i.e. a branch of Hoods. The "aut" motto term of Joyce's can apply to this Hood bloodline.

The worst part of this work is the enormity of the events and dreams that require endless repetition on an already-difficult topic of heraldry that readers cannot easily follow. Often, I wonder if I'm not just wasting my time. The bulldog was exactly HALF way into the shark's mouth, and the shark's ring of nasty, large teeth ringed around the BELLY of the shark. I reasons that Halper was in that picture because Halpers are HALFpennys too while Halps (share the gold fitchee with Halpers/Halfpennys) are also Halfs. It doesn't appear coincidental, now that the shark has pointed to James LeDuc, that Haafs/Have's use ducks. To this I can add that AVESNes is on the HELPe river while AVEZZANo is at Mont Velino while Velins (same place as Ducks) use ducks.

It then seems to be the case that God arranged for the HalfPENNY variation as a pointer to Loretta Lynch, for Pennys use a LYNX, the Lynch symbol. She was on the Phoenix plane with Bill Clinton while the Knee's and Needhams share the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix, and the Halpers happen to have Needham Dyke in their write-up while Needhams share the Knee Coat. Needhams even share "aut" with Joyce's (and Saffers). The Fells were part of the shark scene with LeDuc, and then Fellers have a version of the Lynch Coat. Lynch's were first found in GALWay, linkable to the namers of GALVeston.

But there's more, for the Lynch Coat comes with the fish of Shark-line Saraca's in the Verona Coat, and Belli's were first found in Verona. It's a perfect match with the belly of the bullDOG, and Dogs even share the Billet / Bellow cinquefoils. Later in the shark dream, I touched the KNEE of Miss Hicks, how can that be coincidental?

Here I'm reminded that Howells (Monmouthshire, same as Phone's/Fane's/Vans) were kin of Phone's/Fane's/VANS, a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and I honked with my Safari VAN.

I've just found an alternative Hoddy surname, first found in Cornwall and using black dancetty, a symbol also of Coughs suspect on the "Cornish chough" (bird) of Hoods. The white anchor in the beak of the Cornish chough is thereby expected as the KAUFer/Kaufmann anchor.

I am very happy to have come to Otone's (share Odin lion) because they are also Holt-like OLTons and Howell-like Owltons. I wanted to start an important section on the Holts, but before getting to that, let's repeat that Thurston Howell was played by Jim Backus while Owls are also Howls. You can see a Backus-Hood link in that aside from the fact that Backus'/Bakehouse's share the Oddie/Hoddy saltire. Jim Backus came to topic in the last year I was in Texas with Miss Hicks, when she reminded me of Lovey Howell (it had been decades since watching an episode of Gilligan's Island).

When we go to Miss Hicks standing at the hood of a car, we can go to the Bona's suspect in the Hicks motto, and Bona's (Milan, same as Ottone Visconti), not only have a version of the Otone/Olton Coat, but of the Gates Coat, speaking to my honking the horn at the gate of Miss Hicks. Scottish Milans happen to come up as Millians, and so see here: "According to the newspaper, Sergei Millian spent months establishing a relationship with Papadopoulos..." for to ruin Trump. After her hood scene, were were rising together into the sky as a definite pointer to Rhizon, a place that can be linked hard to ancient Rize, and then the "MiseRIS" motto term of Milans/Millians should probably be assumed as a pointer to Susan RICE.

To prove the pointer to Ms. Rice. just compare the long and curved chevrons of German Rise's (crozier, Odin symbol) to the same of Ottone's. Susans (Berkshire, beside Lille's) use a giant lily, which caused a loading of Lille's to see that they almost use the red fitchee of Loveys/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as Lille's). The "SeDULO" motto term of Lille's then looks like code for the Dulls, who show nothing but three domed towers half in the colors of the three towers of Howells. That work's beautifully with Lovey Howell.

The Dulls are also Dollards, and so I loaded Dollars to find proof that "flaunCHES" is part-code for Ches'/Cheshams, for they share the green border of Dollars while Dollars use flaunches! On top of that, DullARD endings all look like they honor the Arty variation of McCarthys, for the latter use a giant red stag, the colors of the giant stag head of Ches'/Cheshams. Rhizon was the home of the ARDiaei, likely from Ardahan near Rize. German Dells share ravens with Rice's.

None of this is evidence that Susans point to Susan Rice, however, though I will remind that the dream with the Luffs pointed to the Asclepios rods of Huckabys, they being a branch of Hucks. The latter use owls, perfect! Plus, the double chevrons of Hucks (Yorkshire, same as wavy-fesse Hicks) are in the colors of the double, wavy fesses of Hones' (more billets) expected in the "honeste" motto term of Lille's (share the Lovey/Luff fitchee, you see). That works. "HONEStum uTILI PRAEfero," looking like its partly for Attila, is the motto of Hamburgs, kin of Trips. See Prays below.

The Lisle variation of Lille's is most excellent as per the Isle's, for the latter have a good reflection of the Tie Coat while Miss Hicks did a curtsy toward me, in the center ISLE of the church, after she let go of my hands (while praying) on the only day I wore a TIE to her church, the treble-clef tie. That event was shortly after the time that she came to church reminding me of Lovey Howell. We could even say that Lovey Howell played in Gilligan's Isle. Besides, Islands were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's/Lisle's!!! Islands not only share eight besants around a border with Dollars, but the island Shield is covered in wavy fessewise bars in the colors of the wavy Hones fesses! Therefore, the treble-clef event is pointing to Gilligan's island too. This never ends. Gilligans use a giant white-on-green horse, as do Maguire's, and Joseph Maguire was the DNI director not long ago, the position filled by Ratcliffe this week.

Islands share a black border with the Parrs and Sedans, and while Parrs share the double fesses of Hones, Sedans can be in the "SEDulo honeste" motto of Lille's/Lisle's. I just could not believe that Miss Hicks would do a curtsy my way (who curtsies anymore?) in front of all the church, but, it seems, God had to make her do something special in that isle for the reasons you just witnessed, though there's got to be more to this than meets my eye at present.

Parrs were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and Forney-like Furness'/Furnace's. The latter share the black border with Parrs too, and God had me go to Texas to meet Miss Hicks before she moved to Forney, some ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe. He seems to have arranged our checking out of the Nueces Canyon together.

I've found some evidence that Susans (lily) point to Rice's. The "hardi" motto term of Rice's can be for Hardys who share the same fat cross as Lille's/Lisle's. Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars who in-turn share the Coat of DULLes/DALLAS" (!!!), and that latter surname can be of the "SeDULo" motto term of Lille's/Lisle's. Forney is on the outskirts of DALLAS! Dulles'/Dallas' were first found in Moray with the Douglas' said to descent from Hardys (evokes the endings of Dull/DollARD variations).

Plus, I almost forgot. Kotor-like Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's/Lisle's!!! When I touched her knee in the dream, she popped into my arms, and together we were rising into the sky as a pointer of Rhizon. There are two undeniable reasons for this pointer to Rhizon, for I woke her up (she was sleeping) when I touched her knee, and Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians who are usually placed on maps smack beside Rhizon. Plus, Wikipedia's article on Saraka's (same as Saraca's) says that they were originally from Kotor, which is smack beside Rhizon, and so this is why the shark of that dream points to Saraca's. That's why I have exclamation marks on, "Kotor-like Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's/Lisle's!!!"

Cotters use lizards while Lizarts/Sarde's are a branch of Liss', the latter first found in Hampshire with the Hones' suspect in the Lille/Lisle motto. The Sarde variation looks linkable to the Shard variation of Shirts, and I had not shirt on (as a pointer to Shirts) when I touched her knee. While she was hovering asleep, I was at the DOOR of her car, a pointer to the Daorsi Illyrians living in the same regions as Ardiaei.

As the Selepitanoi were at modern Bar, which can be shown to be named by Barrs, it's interesting that Barrs share the Este eagle while Este's appear to be in the "honESTE" motto term of Lille's/Lisle's. I might suggest that my waking Miss Hicks up is God's sign that John Ratcliffe is going to wake Barr up from his loathsome sleep to finally begin doing what needs to be done. We could say that she was hovering in limbo as a representation of Barr doing nothing to date of what he should be doing left and right. Thus, my waking her from sleep, and the rising into the sky as a symbol of victory, could be due to what Ratcliffe will do to shake things up on Barr's do-nothing turf.

She came from the center isle, and took my hands to PRAY on the day she did the curtsy. FREAK US OUT, but Irish Prays, first found in County Down with Knee's, share the six pale bars of the Coats surname while Ratcliffe has just replaced Dan Coats this week!!!! Plus, English Prays are also Prators/Praters, expected with the Prets/Prettys in the Moray motto (shares "Tout" with Hicks), and then "paratus" is a motto term of Moray's Dulles'/Dallas' (share Knee bend!). In the Dulles/Dallas Crest are two pale bars in the colors of the Coats / Pray pale bars.

We saw the "PRAEfero" motto term of English Hamburgs, and then the Knee bend is used by German Hamburgs. The English Hamburgs (Gloucestershire, beside Monmouth) even share the tower of Howells (Monmouthshire).

It all looks like a pointer of her move to the Dallas area of John Ratcliffe. He was the mayor in Heath county, and still lives in Heath. If Heaths/Heths are a branch of Keiths/Keaths/Keths, note that the latter have pale bars in the colors of the Coats / Pray pale bars. She prayed that day I wore the treble-clef tie, and Cleffs/Cliffs have three wolf heads colors reversed from the three of Prays/Praters. The Heath/Heth motto and the Heath/Heth stars reveals the surname to have merged with Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire with the all-important Lille's/Lisle's and Islands.

Now, finally, I'm going to go back to Holts/Holds, who are in the McLeod/Cloud motto. McLeods/Clouds were first found on SKYE while they did use a black bull head in Crest, symbol also in the Ratcliff Crest. She and I were rising into the SKY. The purpose of going to Holts/Holds is the Miles' that I see in their motto. This repeated story is going to point to John Durham, and so I'd like to say here that Heath/Heths were first found in Durham with the Sedans (share black border with Islands, which border pointed to Forney) expected in the "SEDulo" motto term of Lille's/Lisle's.

[Dove-related Dews/Deweys were from near Lille, and they look connectable to Rodhams, Potters, Dragons and Manns. Dews/Deweys come from the next update when discovering Lloyds as a McLeod branch, because Lloyds have a "dduw" motto term along with "Heb," the latter connectable to Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) because they have a "tryst" motto term while Tristans share the Lloyd (and Coy) pheon.]

Norman Miles was a classmate of mine at age 13. I wasn't really his friend in the sense of spending time with him, yet he always greeted me with a smile. I was at that school only two months. I never saw Miles again until age 24/25, when I fell asleep in my taxi cab, when he knocked on my windshield, as a police officer, to wake me up. He remembered who I was, and we greeted. I was so tired of driving (you know the sleepy feeling) that I had to immediately pull over to rest, and I fell asleep in the driver's seat, on the shoulder of the road. And that was that. I went on my way, and never saw him again.

The first thing to discover is whether God used heraldry to verify that the event was created by Him. For example, English Miles' were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's, and I fell asleep no more than a couple of hundred yards from the corner of highway 7 and Keele street. Irish Miles share a white-on-red sword with taxi-like Tax's/Dachs. The latter's crossed swords are shared by Borders while Mile's/Mills/Meiles' (not "Miles") share the blue border with Lille's/Lisle's. In fact, due to the blue-on-gold moline cross of Mile's/Mills, and their first being found in Hampshire with the Hones' expected in the Lille/Lisle motto, I'd say the Mile's share a version of the Lille/Lisle Coat.

Hones' even share blue billets with the Scottish Normans who in turn have an "AuXILLium" motto term possibly for the Kill variation of Keele's.

I didn't know I'd be back to Lille's while on the Norman-Miles discussion, but it's good for suggesting that Ratcliffe and Durham together are going to cleanse and scour the swamp slime, because I'm going to point this discussion to Ajax. Hwy 7 and Keele is where I routinely picked up a train-track crew (from CNN railways) for their long drive to Durham region, which includes the town of Ajax. It's pretty cool, for while the god, Ajax, was the god of the Kennati priests of Cetis, they were the proto-Kennedys, and it just so happens that a dolphin with purplish tinge is shared by Kennedys and Durhams, what are the chances? I can't remember where in Durham region I dropped the crew off.

Durham region also has the town of Pickering while Pickerings appear to have a Ratcliffe branch: "The origin of this [Pickering] place is said to be very remote...ascribed to Peridurus [named by proto-Pero's?], a British king, who was interred here, on the brow of a hill called Rawcliff." Reminder: Picks share the Rattery fitchees. Ahh, there is a Rattery location in Devon, where Hoods of Rattery were first found along with Pike's.

(As part of my aside above: Pike's have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Papa's, the ones suspect with Pierro's/Pero's of Papia/Pavia. Compare Pike's and Papa's with Ice's. This gets more interesting where Scottish Pike's/Pickens share the stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome BOEThus (possible Boii from Boiotians/Boeotians) of the Sadducees i.e. whose Levi blood I trace back in time to Laevi at Pavia. Butts/BOETs almost use the Pierro/Pero Coat. Ice's are suspect from Issa (island beside Pharisee-like Pharia) because it was also called, Vis, and then the upper Shield of the Vis-like Fix's/Vicka's shares the upper half of the Ice Shield. Mr. Fix is an Israeli. The EUStace's share the stag-and-cross of Vise's/Vice's, and the family of Eustace II (= kings of Templar Jerusalem) has long been suspect as at least a friend of the descendants of the chief priests of Israel in Jesus' days. Without going into it, the Capes- and Caplan-connectable Eggs/Edge's (see Gardners) have a version of the Ice Coat and thus reveals that the Adige river (along lake Garda) was named by a Vis-island entity of an Edge kind.)

[Insert, hours after uploading this update -- I caught wind that Obama's White-House counsel -- who asked Susan Rice to memorialize the meeting of the Obama conspirators in his office, January 5, 2017 -- is Neil EGGleston. Recalling the mention of Eggs/Edge's here, the Egglestons (first found in Durham) were loaded to find the spread eagle of Ice's, Eggs/Edge's and Fix's. Eggleston was preceded in this White-House job by Kathryn Ruemmler, the FIXER! As Eggletons share the black Hagle eagle, I would trace them, and Eggs / Eggertons/Edgertons too, to the ACHELous river. I do see the proto-Laevi Gauls at the Achelous theater. End insert]

Durham region (in Ontario) has a town of Brock while Brocks have a lion holding a dart in Crest, Darts/Dards, expected with the Sleep Coat, were first found in Devon with Dartington and Hoods. Ratcliffe was part of Miss Hicks sleeping as well as part of Miss Hicks at the hood. Pollocks use an arrow that was also called a dart, and the Pollock saltire is in the colors of the Rising cross. After she was sleeping, we were rising together.

That was all said because Rattery is near Dartington, where Moline's were first found who are beloved of Mile's/Mills/Meiles' and Chives' (early in Devon) of TARVES. Pickerings were first found in North Yorkshire with Ajax-suspect Jacks, and the latter have this: "Further to the south in the parish of St. Just, Cornwall, the barton called TREVERES or Treverys, a family called Jack formerly had a seat." It's notable that Travis'/Travers are suspect from Treviso/Tarvisium, where Vito's were first found who might be in the "ExaltaVIT" motto term of Holts/Holds. WHITbys (Yorkshire, same as Pickerings) use "VITium," and there is a Whitby town in Durham region. The Whitby Crest looks like an Asclepios rod with green snake, which recalls that Hucks, a branch of Huckabys (Asclepios rods), were first found in Yorkshire too.

Ahh, I get it. The "fugere" motto term of Whitbys is indication of the Fuggers, kin of Nordic Hansons, for German Hansons share the green snake of Visconti's and Whitbys, and, like Whitbys, English Hansons were first found in Yorkshire while having the white mascle of Whalleys, which, I gather, is yet another way for God to point to John Ratcliffe, for Ratcliffs are said to have been in a Whalley location. As I've said for years, the last time I saw Miss Hanson, in a black PICK-up truck (!!!), I was standing at the entryway into the parking lot of Ratcliff Lumber! "In the 14th of Edward III., Richard Radcliffe held the manor for the manor of Whalley {at Wiswell}." WISwell looks like a Visconti element.

WHITakers use mascle-like lozenges in the colors of the Whalley mascles, which can argue for a Whitby link to Whalleys. "The Whittakers or Whitakers are numerous in Lancashire. From the 14th to the 16th century a gentle family of this name lived at High Whitaker or Whitacre in the vills of Simonstone and Padiham, in the parish of Whalley..." Whitakers are also WhitACRE's while Acre's are a branch of Daggers sharing the Jack scallops. I'm getting that Ajax rub-a-dub-dub feeling again. In fact, as Whitakers were in Kent with the first-known Dragons/Drainers whose Coat they almost use, note that Dragons/Drainers have helmets linkable by way of Pendragons and Tippers/Tippetts to Irish Kennedys i.e. from priests of Ajax. Acre's (purple eagle) have a Coat looking linkable to the Isle Coat.

UNBELIEVABLY, the Tipps'/TipPENs I see in the Pendragon motto not only have the Whitby Chief in colors reversed, but, as Tipps'/Tippens were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, the black Tipps bull head must be the Ratcliff bull head. I think that this, amongst other things I don't yet realize on these new finds, makes a strong Mr.-Ratcliffe link with the pointers to John Durham. Tippers/Tippetts (Hood anchor?) use blue dolphins linkable to the Kennedy / Durham dolphins with a purplish hue.

OH WOW. As I've said, after lining up for the ice-cream and having Miss Hanson agree to a date at that time, I took her out in the Valiant car of the Quinns, and one Quinn Coat shares the gold-on-red snakes (same design) of the Whitby Shield, perfect verification that the work above is warranted, and much needed too for those who doubt these claims (even I doubt them, on-and-off continually). The other Quinns use the winged Gilligan horse. (Yes, I repeatedly ask whether I'm "crazy" to be doing this work.)

Recall how Hansons led to Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drugs Administration (perhaps easily manipulated by Fauci), for Quinns/Quine's can be a pointer to Fauci's war against chloroQUINE, for English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's while French Faux's/Fage's, like "Fugger," were first found in the same place as Fauchys.

If we ask what in particular will be cleansed by Durham, we first note that Miles' use a mill rind, which in some cases is code for Millers / Milners and MUELLERs, I think I get it the dirt already. English Milners (Yorkshire again) look like they share the Scarf wolf heads, and it was Mueller who prosecuted Scarf-related Flynn. Deborah Birx loves scarves. Scottish Millers share the moline of Vallans, linkable to the moline of Shark-liner Sarasins, and Valiants use a shark (i.e. Miss Hanson's date pointed to the deep-state shark).

Ahh, English Millers have wolf heads colors reversed from the Scarf wolf heads, and while Mill liners can be expected from Milan elements, Flynns share the green snake with Visconti's / Hansons. English Millers show three pieces of evidence for descending from Lupus Laevillus and Quadratilla Bassus: 1) Welf- / Quade-line wolves; 2) Leavell fesse; 3) first found in Somerset with Leavells...and with the Roets (owned Catherine wheel) in the Catherine wheel of Muellers/Millers with a Milan-like MILNer variation.

It's very important here that, when I lived in Gormley with Miss Hanson, I knew the Wiseman brothers, though I don't know whether their name was spelled, Weissmann, i.e. the surname of Mueller's top legal advisor. Wisemans happen to share the Coy Coat, a pointer to Perkins Coie.

Meullers/Meulens (not "Mueller") use "a pair of snips" while Snipe's/Snape's, with a portcullis-gate version of the Clinton Coat, were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's/Lisle's, Islands, and Clintons. Already, we're going to need a lot of Ajax. It would be a lot faster with muriatic acid. Yates' own the portcullis gate.

The Lille's/Lisle's connected us with Isle's and Islands to the center isle on the day Hicks prayed for me. She surprisingly took both my hands so that she came as close as a person could, but as I was standing at my seat facing forward with her facing down the row, we were not front to front, but rather my front faced her side, for which reason I could smell her fantastic hair, which smelled of dust, not shampoo. Not a wonder that she had such a fantastic head of hair, it was a wig. The point is, Joe Biden liked to smell the hair of ladies, and so God must have set-up my whiff of Hicks' hair for a pointer to Biden, for Smells use an "inDUSTRia" motto term that I've resolved as part-code for Dusters.

Mile's/Mills -- the ones with a version of the Lille/Lisle Coat -- use an "industria" motto term too. What are the chances? Mile's/Mills were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens.

I can even add that while Dusts are D'Ousts, the Hotts, like the Hoot variation of Hoods, were first found at D'Oust. Plus, Oddie's/Hoddys share the saltire of Haits/Hague's who pointed to Clinton crimes in Haiti, and who share the full motto of Irish Miles'.

I probably called Norman Miles, Norm. Amazingly, the treble-clef tie was given to me as a birthday present by a Norma. That works, especially as Treble's were first found in Devon with the Trebys having a version of the English Norman Coat!!! Zikers, that snuck up on me. Plus, unbelievably, the Chief of the other English Normans is the Isle Chief too!!! SURPRISE. The Isle's are in the colors and format of English Tie's, no guff at all. I had in mind to go to the Holts for the Miles reason maybe an hour BEFORE getting to the entry of the Lille's, and so I find this to be Inspired text...which is never wasted.

For what it could be worth, Biden's Ukraine crimes are with Burisma gas, for one, owned by Mr. Zlochevsky, the one who sold/sells crocodile-leather shoe's. Without going over any of that topic, I just want to say that the lone Shoe star is in the colors of the Mile/Mill stars, perhaps important for other reasons than Buttons/Bidens being first found in Hampshire with Mile's/Mills. Durham region not only has the town of Ajax, but SCUGog, like the Schug variation of Shoe's. I don't think I've known until now that Schumers/Schumanns (share axe with Shoe's/Schugs) are a Shoe branch. It's interesting that SCHUMers are in SCHIM/Shand colors so as to perhaps reveal origin from Shechemites of SCHIMATARi, for Shechemites are linkable in the Bible to Kenites, the latter suspect to the naming of the Kennati priests of Ajax. Irish Kennedys use a SCIMITAR, so very helpful for this historical discovery.

Note "SchuGOG," for the Mole's (Roxburghshire, same as Googe's) in the Shake mole hills share the boar of Schims/Shands and Googe's. Schumers were early in Bohemia, a country founded by the Boii, suspect from Boiotia, location of Schimatari. Eschyna de Molle married Robert CROC, and that's part of the heraldic crocoDILE of Irish Deans/Dene's along with Dile's/Dills sharing the giant lion of English Deans/Deins. From Dile's/Dills, we go to Dale's and Dailys, noting the giant swan of Dale's, for that's from lake Sevan, the lake of Gog. "ZLOCHevsy" is suspect from the SELEUCids, whom in Daniel prophecy are somehow connected to the forerunner of the anti-Christ, whom will be the Gog of Ezekiel 38. Note that SELLICKs share the red border on white Shield with Scoots/SKUGals and Scotts. The Dale swan is in the colors of the Papa swan, and while Papa is a Hungarian location, Hungarians descend from Magog-suspect Magyars (lived in Ukraine, as with Zlochevsky). A Sadducee-like Soducena was beside lake Sevan, shown as lake Lychnis on this old map, explaining why Licks/Locks and Lochs/Logens use swans.

The Dale's have "JOK of Dail of the Newtoun," and the Newton "shin bones" can be linked to Shechemites of the Skene/Skin kind, a branch of the Schien variation of Schims/Shands (Aberdeenshire, same as Skene's/Skins). As we saw that Jacks are from the Kennati-Ajax cult, not that JOKE's, who come up as Yoke's, have a black-fesse version of the Jack Coat, and then German Yoke's/Hoks have a giant swan in Googe colors. From Hoks we go to Hoggs sharing the black-on-white boar with Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Jacks, Hucks and Hicks) who in turn have a reflection of the Joke/Yoke fesse-with-items. The Joke's, Hoks, Hoggs and Hucks all look like they can be from "Gog." Hooks share the Bury/Buris fleur-de-lys. Lake Sevan is beside the Moschi mountains of the Meshech (Ezekiel 38), and Meschins share the scallops of Hykes'/Hacks.

Joke's/Yoke's are in the colors of the Seven surname. Norm Miles woke me up on Hwy 7. Seven variations can be gleaned from Septimius Severus. The Seven Crest looks linkable to the Sedan Crest, making Sedans suspect from "Soducena." Sedans were first found in Durham with Hoggs. I'm seeing the namers of Soducena in mythical CadMUS, code for the Cadusii and Mus Armenians near Sevan, Cadmus is credited with settling Boeotia, where I expect the Sadducee house of Boethus. His brother, Cilix, was code for Cilicia, home of the Ajax cult of Kennati. "...the Cadusii fought at Cunaxa under the banners of ARTAXerxes II (404–358 BC) against Cyrus." Note the Artakata location beside Cadusii-like Soducena, asking whether "Sadducee" was from "Cadusii." Looks like.

While we expect that the Rosh of Ezekiel 38 should be in this picture, Googe's were first found in ROXburghshire, named from the Roxolani Rus-Alans. Alania is beside lake Sevan, and the Dale write-up has Allin Dale. Roxolani were on the Dnieper river (possible origin of Deans/Dene's), location of Zlochevsky's shoes. This river comes through the Kiev area, and Keeps were first found in Sussex with Deans/Deins. Mr. Kepke, who sold shoes when I was selling shoes, has a Ukrainian father. French Dennis'/Dennys' share the Alan fesse.

If the Buris variation of Burys is a pointer to Burisma, note that Ratcliffs and Holts/Holds were both in Lancashire's Bury. I discovered this in the next section, which was written prior to this Miles section. Why do we suppose there is a squirrel in the Holt/Hold Crest? Anyone smell urine? There is evidence that Holts/Holds were a branch of the namers of Hoods/Hoots, and so the evidence increases in this point for seeing John Ratcliffe at the hood / radiator of Miss Hicks' car.

If Durham has any Ajax left over after wiping the Muellerites away, perhaps he could use some on Eric Holder's mafia ring, for Holders have a fesse in Holt/Hold-fesse colors. See also the fesse of Scherf-like Sheriffs (near-copy of Holder Coat and Crest), for Scherfs are also Schare's, like the Square's/Squirrels in the Holt/Hold Crest. The latter use a "hazel branch" in Crest, and Branch's are kin of SHERwoods (Durham) who in turn share roses on a stem with Scherfs/Schare's. We're back to Robin HOOD of Sherwood Forest.

Norman Miles is/was a police officer, you see, and so that's what first gave me the impression that he could be pointing to arrests made by John Durham. We both attended Mark II school in Unionville, and Unions, suspect from the Una river, share the mill rind with Miles', first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's. He woke me up at Keele and Hwy 7, and there is a Seven surname listed with Severins/Sefferins (share Sherwood chevron in case they are branches), what look like a line from SEPTimius Severus, whose wife (Domna) was the sister of Julia Maesa, she suspect from the Maezaei on the Una (or Oeneus) river. I'm of that bloodline. I met Dennis Quinn at Mark II, and he loaned me his parents' Valiant to date Miss Hanson.

For whatever it's worth, the Sevens/Severins share a gold cinquefoil in Crest with Sedans, the latter first found in Durham. However, Sedans were previously said to be first found in Yorkshire, where Septimius Severus died while fighting peoples of Scotland. His son, CARACalla, became the emperor on his death, and Sedans are in CARRICK colors (see Crags of Yorkshire). Sedans with Seatons/Sittens were at Sion of Switzerland, as the "sino" motto term of Sedans verifies, and then there is a Saxon location near Sion while Saxons (Lancashire, same as Seddon) are also SEFtons/SEPTons. No guff, but Saxons/Septons share bendlets in the colors of the Ratcliff bendlets.

Caracalla's birthname was Aurelius, and Orells (Lancashire, same as Saxons) use a form of the Saxon Coat. "Auro" is a motto term of Sevens/Severins, and Ore's/Orrs share red roundels with Orells.

Biden's Bribe had Obama's Backing

Start this video at about 3:30 to hear Biden's phone call with Ukraine's leader (Poroshenko) where the latter tells that he has finally succeeded in making Shokin (Ukraine's "attorney general") submit his resignation, even though Shokin didn't do anything wrong. Biden reacts by saying, "great," with a big sigh of relief:

The video goes on to show, especially at about the middle of the 8th minute, that, as a result of the Ukraine employing a new Prosecutor General (to replace Shokin), the Ukraine was going to receive a billion dollars that Biden had threatened to keep from the county so long as Shokin was left in his job.

This video comes out on the same day that Barr told the American people that he has no desire whatsoever to prosecute Biden for this massive bribe that is underlain by Biden's corrupt money-making through Ukraine's Burisma gas. There's no telling yet what Obama or others on his team stood to make, at the expense of American tax payers, in this Ukraine field alone. But Barr's not interested in this just because Republicans want to see Biden punished. Barr, TRAITOR to his own party, lover of the enemy. SLIMEBALL. When is Hannity going to drag Barr's name through the mud??? It's what one does to a slime such as this, who puts up a moral facade coveting respect, then acts like he's superior to Republicans who rightly want justice for fear that lawlessness takes a stranglehold on the nation. BARR = IGNORANT.

There is no way that Biden could have engineered the withholding of $1B without Obama's consent. There is no way he could have done it without Obama knowing, and thus he had consent. In the least, Obama supported Biden's corruption-money scheme(s) in Ukraine. They used tax-payer money to fulfill a corruption-scheme end. That's got to be a crime. A president is not permitted to use tax money in that way, on behalf of a corruption scheme for his vice-president. Even the Ukraine leader admitted that Shokin had done nothing wrong.

If I had three guesses as to who leaked these phone calls, I probably wouldn't get one right. If this was released by Grenell, then it goes to show how easy it is to fight the Obamaites if only there's a will. Intelligence has all the ammunition needed to destroy the leftist monster that Barr and Trump have sought to protect. Trump has been a snake on his own behalf, we need to accept the truth. Trump has been a fraud, not only a victim, but a fraud too. Only he knows the reason(s) for certain. If anyone wants to claim that they report truth, then this truth needs to be accepted and reported: Trump has been a fraud.

But if these leaked calls come ultimately from Trump, one could say better late than never, yet the timing is election season just as Biden is the presidential candidate in his early stages. If this comes from Trump, then it's self-serving, holding no promise that he'll do it (or anything else) for the people.

Alas, it turns out that the calls were leaked from the Ukraine, reportedly by Andriy Derkach. If correct, this should not be viewed as a leak, but as a service to Trump. I'm not saying that it's a low-down thing for Ukraine to do, but a laudable one, even if it has political advantage for Republicans. Ukraine did the right thing in spite of the political fall-out one way or the other. Ukraine revealed Biden's corruption, a good thing. We now get to see leftists sink themselves lower yet to their own demise as they say anything but admit Biden's guilt. Credit for this gift could go to Rudy Giuliani and to Trump.

Solomon has a story this week telling about a Ukraine judge ordering the government to do an investigation into whether or not Biden interfered with Shokin's criminal investigation into Burisma: "Shokin’s attorney, Oleksandr Ivanovych Teleshetskyi, confirmed the ruling to Just the News but said Ukraine officials have not yet complied." Hmm, we thought that the new Ukraine president promised Trump to get to the bottom of this Biden scandal, but, apparently, he's not able or willing (which one?). So, Shokin has taken the case to court, and rightly so because he was forced to quit for no good reason but to assist an Obamaite parasite.

Barr does NOT CARE about this: "In an interview, Shokin told Just the News he is confident he can unearth evidence during the proceedings that Ukraine officials were satisfied with his performance and simply acceded to firing him to avoid losing the badly needed U.S. loan guarantees." Barr does NOT WANT to see such evidence. He does not care. The chief police chief is a slime, and sham, who allows high-level Americans to commit political crimes, and then turns his eyes away to smaller crimes on the basis that he doesn't do political crimes due to one party wanting the other punished. Way to go, Mr. Twisted, way to go. Biden now has the green light to commit political crimes from now on and into his presidency. Barr has screws loose. Push his face into the mud.

Barr said that not everything that a president does that's horrible is necessarily a crime, and then followed by saying that he doesn't expect Durham to charge Obama or Biden with a crime...meaning that Barr's message is he personally sees no crime in what those two men have done. Trump has every right to look through the previous president's files, does he not? Those files have got to be accessible from the White House. So, what's Trump's problem? He could put an instant end to the national controversies / schisms by bringing out the papers that shut the leftist blowhorns once and for all, but Trump has refused to do so, even though it would be helpful for his re-election platform.

What's the problem with his avid supporters who don't say, "Hey, Trump, what kind of a hypocrite are you, mouthing off against Obama but never producing one piece of paper to expose his crimes?" His supporters are so fearful (I do understand) of a Democrat win in this election that they are allowing Trump to play this fraud. He offers them Tweety-Bird crumbs, and like his lap dogs, they eat them because there's nothing more to eat. He isn't giving them any red meat. So, he makes them starve, and they accept it, hoping for the red meat to come soon, but it never comes, at least not from him. They placed their hopes in Trump's pick of Barr, but he's turning out to love Wray more than Trump. Better accept the facts, and deal with them, instead of going forward disillusioned.

If Barr's going to let Obama off in a failed coup attempt that he knows took place, why should he charge anyone else involved in it? For this man to even suggest that Obama isn't guilty of a crime is preposterous and offensive. The ball is now in Trump's court to produce the White-House papers showing that Obama knew of the coup, and wanted to know all the details, and sought to effect his own input in the coup plans. Trump has openly declared that Obama knew, but mouthing accusations is empty, mere crumbs from his well-adorned table. Until he gets out the "war papers," count him a fraud, a general with no guns, a paper tiger, a man worthy of being kicked out of the White House on his butt.

Short of having an FBI and DoJ boss who won't prosecute high-level crime, the second-best thing is a free-for-all whistle-blowing, because the deep state can't act very deep in crime when it's sure that whistle-blowers will come out to reveal them. If Fox is unwilling to entertain whistle-blowers for fear of losing a good relationship with Intelligence, then rot will come to rule absolutely, eventually. We are near that point right now. If all that whistle-blowers have is social media shows, then their voices are quenched to a far degree because social-media owners gag whomever they please. At this point, we have no confidence that Barr or Wray will protect whistle-blowers, or even entertain them, yet they are two could things have gotten this bad unless there are some very nasty forces behind the Democrats?

Bongino treats the Biden-Poroshenko video on his Friday show:

While Poroshenko is giving Biden a near-heart attack while giving him the Shokin update (this Biden effort to get him fired dragged on for months), he tells Biden two things: 1) Shokin was not fired for any unjust cause; 2) Shokin was forced to submit his resignation due to Biden's hounding. Bongino makes light of Biden's single-word response: "Great." It was such a big relief for Biden, you see, SHOWING NO SORROW for Shokin's loss of job for no good reason whatsoever. Biden pushed out an innocent man to protect his own financial interests in Burisma, yet this would have been much better for him had he done so with his private self. Instead, he did it based on his political clout, yet not on his clout alone because that would not have been enough to push the Ukrainians far enough: he used Obama's clout. That's the thing.

But Bongino disappoints by not addressing Barr's negligence, for Barr had access to these phone calls yet tells the public that he doesn't see anything in the Biden scandals to warrant a closer look-see. We can't trust Barr. He lies. He deceives. He protects crime at the absolute highest levels, and facilitates the thing that Bongino is afraid of, leftist tyranny, yet Bongino refuses to call Barr out for this. On a better note, thanks to Bongino and others, Barr can't ignore these calls now, and is EXPECTED to tell the public what he thinks of Biden in this new light. I find it spectacular that these calls were released just as Barr was piling on the manure, upon the people, about no evidence of Biden / Obama guilt. What a fantastic way to humiliate Barr AS DESERVED. Barr rates as a first-class moron this week, and we now get to see whether he will be more of a moron in weeks to come as this story continues.

He admits that what the Democrats did to Trump was atrocious, and though he had time to make arrests, he's stalled until election season, and this week (on the cusp of election season) he comes out to say that election season is NOT the time to make arrests so as to cause division, but rather it's the time for hearty political ideas to flow from both parties. He doesn't acknowledge that this "remedy" going forward gives a criminal mind the opportunity to become the next president. Barr is the atrocious one. He's trying to slide Trump's voters the same fool's pie he's been eating. He's made a compromise with Wray. He wants peace, not division, even when criminals want to rule over his people. He acknowledges the warriors on the other side, but says he wants peace. Is he nuts? Isn't the other side going to use this "peace" to advance and conquer? OF COURSE. BARR TRAITOR. The hammer the people hoped for in Barr has become the pole for the white flag.

One of the youtube comments where Barr gives his briefing: "But Biden has committed crimes, why should he be allowed to even run for president? Who wants a criminal for a president." It's not as though Barr's intelligence level doesn't realize this argument, yet he spoke as though he thought maybe Trump's voters wouldn't realize the argument. What an utterly brainless skull he comes out with this week.

Hey, y'all, let's get happy about a robust election season, and let's give Biden his democratic right to become president, because, as far as I'm concerned, I haven't seen any evidence that he committed a crime. WORSE THAN BOZO; he's criminal. If Barr's too afraid to arrest, then he should at least shut his trap about there being no evidence of guilt. If he's a wicked Bushite, he should be fired. Test him to see if he's thinking of arresting Mueller; it will reveal his heart.

Another comment on the same page: "Oh i get it, when a democrat is president, the department of injustice goes after political opponents, but when a republican is president the department of injustice does not go after political opponents. Alrighty then." Two wrongs = national disaster, and Barr's not up to the job to fix it.

The Bongino show above tells that Andrew Weissmann is helping to fund Biden's campaign, which follows a story this week that Hillary raised $2 million for the same campaign. We can see that Clintonites are vying for power again with Biden, and so the best theory thus far for the survival to date of the Biden-bimbo is that Hillary seeks to become the president by first becoming Biden's vice. However, Biden may have enough faculties left to know better than to pick Hillary as his vice. Like, if Biden likes his head eaten alive by a vulture, as she stands on his head, then he should pick Hillary to be his running "mate."

In Bongino's video directly above, take special notice of his last segment on Flynn's spying on the death-of-Bin-Laden event. I wonder what Flynn had found. Bongino goes on to make critical an al-Qaeda-Iran partnership brewing under Obama, but whatever Bongino thinks of this, I think Obama was seeking to build a war pact against Israel using both Iran and its Sunni enemies in al-Qaeda. Perhaps Obama was willing to pay Iran American tax-cash (which he did) to ignore its spiritual animosities with the Sunni, and together start planning an Israeli invasion. Naturally, a normal American who discovers a thing like this is going to buck. God said, no, not now, anyway, and the next thing we see is a pro-Israeli president Trump who wants to undo the Iran deal with Obama. The Restrainer played his move, but Obama doesn't respect Him.

Whatever thoughts you had about the apparent Joe-Fix pointers to Papadopoulos, Barr, Pientka, or Page, keep in mind that Papa was being spied on at the same time, and in the same manner, as Flynn. Apparently, the FBI, through Papa, was prepared to usher in the right-wing Israeli government into its get-Trump storyline. It was two or three years after I last saw Joseph at his restaurant, after he let me go for spreading paint on his bar wood, that I took my Russian car, a Lada, into a Lada dealer for repairs. And the only person I spoke to there was Joseph in a business suit. I assumed he had quit his restaurant business, and maybe became the manager of this Lada dealer. He handed me his business card with "Joe Fix." The name looked like a joke, but I didn't say anything.

Later in the next Flynn section, I write: "In case the made-for-the-news photo of Osama bin LADEN was a CIA trick using Obama himself with face-job (added fake flesh) to hide his identity, I'd like to add that the Laden surname has a version of the Meschin Coat. Plus, as per "al-Qaeda," Quade's happen to use three wolf heads." That was said after treating the Flynn and Wolfley wolves, which lead to other wolves. The point is, though I'm not sure how it fits into the news: there is a Lada-like Ladd variation of Ladens sharing a wavy fesse (different colors) with Fix's/Ficks.

Quade's share the three wolf heads of Cliffs. The Traby/Sadowski "scarf" is Q-shaped probably for Quade's. Why do we think this picture should point to John RatCLIFFE?

I'd like to go back to Fix's dance hall, for the first thing I recall doing there was to apply fire-rated drywall to his ceiling i.e. against the steel rafters (technically, they were floor joists). Recall how the Rafters/Raffertys played to Rats/Raiths and Ratterys, but also, due to the 17th squirrel bouncing off the rafter, to John Ratcliffe when he is assumed to be the 17th squirrel, the only one to avoid the rat trap.

I'm noting first-off that Rafters/Raffertys share the giant, spread eagle of Fix's, and while there is no Ceiling or Sealing surname, wow, the Hoods/Hoots, said to have been at a Rattery location, have a "ZEALous" motto that was resolved with Zeals/Seals (wolf heads!) who happen to share a blue fesse with Fix's, but, more than that, the SAILers (wolf heads) use the blue fesse in both colors of the Fix fesse. It looks like we have another pointer, another set of clues, especially as Sailers share the three wolf heads of Cliffs while RatCLIFFs can be assumed to be a Rat-Cliff merger.

If we'd like to view the rafters as joists, note that the pale bars of Jois'/Joyets are reflective of the fesses / bars of Zeals/Seals and Sutys/Sideys, while Ratterys use a "SIDera" motto term. It's extremely helpful that Cliffs (Shropshire, same as Says) were at Moreton-SAY, for Seatons (Say colors) were at Say locations. Seatons are very Fix-important; you decide why Fix's are working so well into this, whether by God's doing. Seatons share the "HAZard" motto term of Sutys/Sideys, who in turn were first found in Perthshire with Ratterys. Sailers have a "HAS" motto term, you see, and Sailers have wavy, fessewise BARs in the blue-gold colors of the Seal/Zeal (and Hazel) fesses. The Fix fesse is blue and wavy too. Seatons have a Seaton location in Devon along with Hoods of Rattery.

To top it off, the Drummonds, with wavy fessewise bars of their own, were first found in Rattery so as to assure that the Hoods of Rattery were kin of Seals/Zeals. The colors of the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds are the colors of the same of Sea's said to be from a Seal entity, and Sea's happen to use flaunches, the Wolfley symbol that I connect to the Flynn-like Flan variation of Flints. "FlaunCHES" might be part-code for Ches'/Cheshams, who share a brown eagle (or maybe a falcon) in Crest with Drummonds, and moreover Ches'/Cheshams share a red stag head with Perthshire's Celts/Colts and Sutys/Sideys. The latter share a blue pheon with Sidey-like SIDneys (Kent, same as Sea's), and Sidney Powell happens to be Flynn's lawyer! Zinger, I wasn't expecting that when starting the paragraph.

I almost forgot. Ratcliffs use a "se" motto term! I get it, for Sea's are also See's. But why are we going from Fix's ceiling / rafters to John Ratcliffe?

It's quite amazing that Seals/Zeals, if they had a black fesse, would by fully in Ladd/Laden colors and format. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why Joe Fix and his Lada dealer, or my working his ceiling / rafters, is linking to two other events both involving Ratcliffe. It makes my head hurt. I had to work on a Scarf-like SCAFFold when doing his ceilings. I recall laying down parkay flooring for his dance floor, and Parkays/Parks have another red stag head.

OH WOW WHAT A LUCKY HIT. No Scaff surname came up, but Skaffs/Skeffingtons share the black bull head with Ratcliffe's!!!

It's probably important that Seals/Zeals have a white wolf head in Crest while their Sailer branch were first found in Yorkshire with white-wolf Scarfs. There's excellent reasons for identifying the Scarf wolf heads with the same-colored Flynn wolf. The Flynn Chief is expected with Trebys (see reason below), the latter first found in Devon with Hoods, and so we again point out that Miss Hicks, in my 1979 dream, was at the hood of a car, which is at the Rattery-like radiator too. I gave the reasons as to why John Ratcliffe should be a part of that car scene, two updates ago (find "waleran" for that explanation). The car was PARKed (!) on the beach.

The last interaction I remember with Miss Hicks was when she held both my hands in prayer, on the day I wore to church, for the first and only time, a tie having treble clefs (musical symbol) as its pattern. I got this tie as a birthday gift, but God chose it, I am sure. I left the tie in Texas when I moved away. The Cleffs are listed with Cliffs, and TREBle's were first found in Devon with Trebys, can you believe this? do they not?

I recall laying down parkay flooring for Fix's dance floor, and Parkays/Parks have another red stag head (as do Ches'/Cheshams in flaunCHES). Parkers (red antler), who love wolf-head Fiddle's, have another stag head, and another set of flaunches! Excellent, for this adds to the clues, and to my headaches.

Ratcliffs were at Salford, and Salfords use more wolves, in the colors of the Cliff wolf heads. Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats of the car after she was at the hood, and Seats share the Flynn besants. As per the dance floor, it's interesting that Flore's share the Bath cross, for she was in a bathing suit when at the hood (I don't recall her clothes when she was hovering).

Aha! Hover-like Hoberts share the Parker flaunches (same colors), and share a black bull in Crest with Ratcliffe's. The "facit" motto term of Hoberts can be for Faucets, first found in east Lothian with Seatons. Hovers use bull horns, I gather. AHHH, HOWERs/Hobars (Howards properly) share the fitchees of BERTS, suggesting that HoBERTS were a Bert line, and while Berts were first found in Devon with Hoods, Howers/Hobars (Norfolk, same as Hoberts) share the motto of Haits/Hague's while the latter share the saltire of Oddie's/HODDeys, which is in the colors of the fret-with-saltire of Hoods! She was hovering level, and while Levels are with Leavells, Waleran-de-Leavell is with Walerans, with another black bull and first found in Devon too. Walerans use three black bull heads, and almost have the Skaff/Skeffington Coat (mermaid in Crest).

I was on a scaffold installing a fire-wall layer of drywall (two layers thick) on Mr. Fix's ceiling, and while Fix variations can be linked to Fisks/Fiscs, the latter share an "ad" motto term with Skaffs/Skeffingtons. Mr. Ratcliffe's first job, I'll bet, if he has his way, will be to clean up the FISA/FISC judges. Fisks/Fiscs share the Cliffe/Cleff stars, and while the latter were of Moreton-Say, RatCLIFFs use a "se" motto term. Cliffs/Cleffs are said to have married Styche's, and they with Sticks are from the Astikas' who married Traby.

Hmm, I wonder, will Ratcliffe make the Intelligence computers inaccessible to private deep-state players / Democrats? Don't you think that certain political players can purchase (by a bribe) a perpetual back-door entry into the spy system for use at will for spying on political opponents? Might that fire-wall ceiling be code for Ratcliffe putting up a computer-system firewall against unauthorized use of the spy system? Sounds logical.

I now get to repeat that while Brooks share the Stick / Stich Coats, I dropped off about five of the squirrels, the ones which didn't die in the rat trap, down at a brook. The Astikas' were RADZiwills by background, and their marriage to Traby spells RAT TRAP, for Rats are also Raids. I think the time is here for the 17th squirrel to do his thing, you know, the thing. If God is in this, it will all end up just as He'll work it, don't worry Mr. Ratcliffe and Mr. Nunes. Repeat: "Quade's share the three wolf heads of Cliffs. The Traby/Sadowski "scarf" is Q-shaped probably for Quade's (or Queens). Why do we think this picture should point to John RatCLIFFE?"

While she was hovering in the dream, a voice spoke to me: "WHAT ARE YOU WAITing for, go wake HER up." What's/Waddcocks are said to have been WADEcocks. It seems that God is pointing us to the Wade variation of Quade's, from QUATRAtilla Bassus. The Are's/Ayers, a branch of Here's/Heyers and Eyers, can be gleaned with the White QUATRefoils because the Are/Ayer chevron is that of Wade- / White-like Weights. The cock in What/Waddcock Crest is in the design of the Yeo bird, and Yeo's are in Weight colors and format. WHAT ARE YEO WAITing for? You see, and here's the Arms of Traby with 666-suspect hunting horns in the colors of the Weight hunting horns. The Dexters, who are beloved in the two dexter wings of Here's/Heyers, have so-called "weights" in Crest.

The last time that I recall interacting with Miss Hicks was when I wore the treble-clef tie. I walked out of church that morning to find a flat tire on my vehicle. As I was sitting on the ground to apply the jack, she with her husband drove by, and I waved. I think that was our last interaction. I didn't yet know I'd be putting my property for sale that year. When the real-estate agent came by to start a deal, he told me that she with her husband had listed their home with him too. They moved to the outskirts of Dallas, in Forney, 10 miles or less from the home of John Ratcliffe. I wouldn't have known that she was moving had I not chosen her own real-estate agent, and there were plenty of others to choose from.

Actually, I now recall that my last "interaction" with her was on the day the real-estate agent was over, when he told me she was moving too. I went to town that day, and on the way back home I saw him at her front gate, and she was coming near to let him in, and so I honked the horn as I drove by in my Safari van. OH WOW, I GET IT. Safari-like Saffers are also Savarys, as are French Savards, yet when we enter "Savard," we get also the Salfords!!! Ratcliffs were first found in Salford!!! Plus, I honked the HORN, and while Horns use herons, I wonder whether there is/was a heron in the Saffer Crest.

This is amazing, for Salfords/Savards have wolves in the colors of the Quade/Wade wolf heads, and then Savards/Savarys share the Coat of Hope's (Derbyshire, same as Eyers and Here's/Heyers). Miss Hicks was born Charlotte Hicks while Hope Charlotte Hicks is back with the Trump White House.

Oh wow, more evidence that God set up the event at the gate, but also that he wanted me to buy the Safari, for the real-estate agent was Mr. Casey, and French Caseys share the six-leafed branch in the Saffer Crest. That's amazing.

I almost missed this. Earlier, I had loaded Holds/Holts while on the Hoods, because I wrongly thought that Drummonds use a "Hold" motto term. Instead, "Hold" is in the motto of McLeods/CLOUDS...who are probably in the cloud of Irish Caseys. Holds/Holts use a squirrel, but can we believe it, they were first found in Bury of Salford!!! Even my mistake wasn't. Here's the Ratcliff write-up: "The surname Ratcliffe was first found in Lancashire, at Radcliffe, a parish, in the union of Bury, hundred of Salford that dates back to at least the Domesday Book of 1086 where it was listed as Radecliue." Here's the Holds/Holts: "The surname Hold was first found in Lancashire at Ashworth, a parochial chapelry, in the parish of Middleton, union of Bury, hundred of Salford." Is that not wild? And so the theory that the 17th squirrel is a pointer to John Ratcliffe tends to be verified in that alone.

Holds use fesses in the colors of the Zeal/Seal and Sailer fesses / bars, and the Drummonds (same place as Ratterys) were a topic as soon as Zeals/Seals (in the Hood motto) were introduced. That's when Holds were loaded, or I wouldn't have realized what you just read. The point is, the double Hold fesses are shared roughly by RAVERs/Rivers. "Raver" was entered (a few hours ago) as per the Raverty variation of Rafters. The 17th squirrel bounced off the rafters! Bingo. I didn't make the heraldry fall that way, and neither did any other human. Oh wow, I almost forgot. At the page for McLeod septs (houseofnames is hiding its septs pages, possibly because someone complained about my revelations using them), the McLeod bull head is black, ditto for the Ratcliffe bull head.

It's important to link Ratcliffs to Hood elements because the theory is that Miss Hicks at her hood was also at the radiator for a pointer indirectly to Mr. Ratcliffe. It was determined that Zeals/Seals share the Hazel fesse, and so here's from the 4th update in February of 2012: "The Holt Crest is that Squire/Squirrel squirrel, but now it's holding a 'hazel branch'!!!" The Hold/Holt fesses are colors reversed from the same of Hazels, and while the latter were kin of Weavers while the wavy feature in heraldry can be shown to be from Weavers, I waved at Miss Hicks the last time I interacted with her, on the day of the treble-clef tie.

I take it that Mr. Ratcliffe moves into his new office on Monday (25th). How long will it take for him to settle into the job, and will he release information much needed to repair the country?? Releasing such papers is like releasing war papers because it creates division, but this fight needs to be fought out until the leftists are silenced by their shame of being wrong-wrong-wrong on the media narrative...with which they destroy peoples minds if no one fights against them with truth.

Ratcliffe looks like a man of truth, but even a man of truth can be turned into a puppet of the wicked, because the wicked know how to accomplish such a thing. Go with God's bravery, valor, and zeal, Mr. Radiator, and don't forget to spew some scalding waters on our enemies in high places.

Don't miss the Tucker clip late in Bongino's video directly above (here it is if you didn't load it yet).

Flynn Heraldry

Obama is descended from mayor Wolflin of Orsingen, Germany. I can link this to the Flynn/Linn surname in multiple ways, and can show a reason to predict that Flynn is a Mueller enemy partly because he's shown capability of spilling deep-state secrets as concerns the 9-11 inside job. Mueller was chosen to oversee that crime when Bush chose him to be the FBI director just six days before 9-11. As Flynn was placed in charge of military Intelligence, he may have spotted where 9-11 was an inside job, and, having revealed it in his communications to those spying on him, he would became a marked man to be spied on at all times to assure that he wasn't talking. This corrupt and ruinous spy system is integral to the shadow government. It's the rot of the nation.

On September 11, 2002, I attended a memorial for 9-11 put on by my church. It has been my repeated story that God gave a certain woman a knee symbol late that night at a Get'n Go gas bar in Camp Wood Texas. I entertained "GET'N Go" as God's pointer to Gethins. This surname is thus the key to predicting that Flynn knows 9-11 to be an inside job, for Gethins share the giant Treby lion while Flynns/Linns can be linked to the so-called scarf in the Traby/Sadowski Coat, for the Scarf surname has wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn/Linn wolf. That can explain why the Flyns/Linns and Trebys share three besants in their Chiefs. From here one goes to the Scarf-like Scherff surname that I think the first president Bush was born with.

It's important to repeat that Wikipedia's article on Piacenza once showed its Arms to use a blue-on-white wolf, colors reversed from the Flynn/Linn wolf, and in the colors of the Wolfley/Wolley wolf. As Piacenza is at the TREBia river, it tends to verify that the Flynns/Linns do use both the Piacenza and Scarf wolves.

The Wolfleys/Wooleys are important for making the general Flynn link to Obama, i.e. the link to what we see in the news at this time: Obama's attempt with the CIA to ruin Flynn lest he talk. While Obama likely had his own secrets he didn't want Flynn talking about, the CIA and those responsible for 9-11 had their reasons, which can explain why Mueller was chosen to oversee the Trump camp, i.e. to spy on the whole to assure no one was talking about 9-11. If Mueller didn't think Flynn was a potential problem, he wouldn't have taken him to court at the end of 2017.

When I had found an article telling that Obama was descended from mayor Wolflin, it said that his family changed the name to "Wolfley." As Flynns/LINNs use the wolf of Wolfleys/Wooleys in colors reversed, it seems that WolfLINs were a Wolf family married to the Linns of Flynns. One can't get a much-better heraldic pointer to the Obama-versus-Flynn ordeal, if God wanted to use such a pointer.

There is a Wolfin surname listed with Walwyns, and they have a bend in the colors of the WOOLworth/Walword bend, suggesting that both surnames were related to the Wolflin > Wolfley/WOOLey bloodline. To assure that both surnames are sharing the same-colored bends for a blood-related reason, Woolworths/Walwords were first found in Surrey with the father of ADa of WARENNE while Ade's/Aids share the same bend yet again. Ade's/Aids place leopard faces on their bend, as do WORDs/Wards who in turn share the checkered Shield of WARRENs, you see, thus making WalWORDs look like a Wooley-line merger (marriage) with the Words.

See the last update for Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies -- SAGE -- for I think Bill GATES is involved with that thing along with a few conspirators of the corona crisis.

As the Gethins/GETTins are the only evidence I have at this time to link this Flynn discussion to 9-11, it's important that Wools are in Hun/HunGATE/HunGETT colors and format. Wolfleys/Wooleys use "wool packs," if I recall correctly, but they may also have been wool sacks, for Sacks/SAGE's share the Wool chevron. It can tend to assure that Gethins are applicable to this Wolf-line family of surnames.

In fact, the GREYhound of German Huns/Hundts and Hungers is most-excellent for three reasons, first by being similar to the giant lion of GREYs, second by being the greyhound also of Flynn-like Fallens (share spear with Scottish Linns), and thirdly because Gethins/Gettins share a giant-white lion and a border with Greys. It thus seems that the dogs of Huns/HunGETTs (in Hun/Hundt colors) are the heraldic talbot dog because Talbots have the Grey Coat in colors reversed. The Grey border and Shield is even shared by Scottish Linns, suggesting that the latter married a Wolf family to develop Obama's "WolfLIN" line.

It's no coincidence that the scallops of Tailbois' are shared my Morleys/Mauls, first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Huns/Hungetts. As Ranulph le Meschin married Mrs. Taillebois, giving birth to Ranulph de GERNON, it explains why Wolvers/Wolferstans, whose Wolverstone location was held by Robert Gernon, have a wolf-head version of the Meschin Coat. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots, yet Ranulph le Meschin ruled in Cheshire, where Wolfleys/Wooleys were first found.

Ranulph le Meschin is important here because he was the nephew of Hugh Lupus, and the latter's Wikipedia article showed his wolf head in the colors of the Scarf wolf head, and, indeed, the three Scarf wolf heads are in the white of the three Wolver/Wolverstan wolf heads. We thus have perfect evidence that Wolfleys/Wolleys are using the Scarf / Flynn/Lynn wolf. On top of that, Obama's mother's surname, Dunham, named Dunham-Massey in Cheshire...where Gethins/Gettins were first found. If these things are God's pointer to the Obama-Flynn news at present, WHY?

I can now add a second reason as to why the 9-11 memorial can apply to general Flynn and/or Obama. At the memorial, I was sitting beside the women who would be given a knee symbol later that night at the Gethin-suspect Get'n GO, and here I may add that Gows/McGOO's have an "arma" motto term that could be code for Armours, for Obama's father-in-law was STANLEY Armour Dunham. Plus, Gows/McGoo's share the fleur-de-lys of Wolfleys/Wooleys, as if to clinch the pointer to Obama? But why would God want to point a 9-11 memorial to Obama?

When I got out of my seat, a STANLEY (don't know his surname) sat in it with the American flag, and he would momentarily bring it to the stage for the memorial's finale. It was an hour or less before the Sign at the Get'n Go, and the Gethins have this: "One of the oldest records of the name was Rhys Gethin (died 1405), Welsh standard bearer..." That's the military flag holder, which should explain why a lion holds a flag in the Crest of Gideons/Geddys (i.e. with variations like those of Gethins).

The Gideon/Geddy lion is in the colors of the double lions of Sempers who are in turn in the motto of Scottish LINNs, the latter having become suspect above with the makings of Obama's WolfLIN line. The WolferSTAN location of Wooler-like Wolvers looks applicable to Stans/Stains (share double fesses of Flags/Flecks), you see, and thus linkable to Stanleys. It's as though God chose Stanley to hold the flag for this reason of pointing to Obama's father-in-law, a descendant of mayor Wolflin. Yet it seems that God chose Stanley also to verify that the Get'n Go was the intended choice for the knee symbol, for as that gas station is partly on the LEAKEY road, it doesn't appear coincidental that Leakeys and Stanleys share the bend of Knee's.

The flag bearer of Gethins was Welsh, and Wales is beside Flintshire and Cheshire. Stans/Stains and Stanleys look linkable to Stone's / Stonleys, and Flynn-like Flints/Flans use "flint stones" for a reason. As I can't find a Flank/Flanche-like surname, the so-called "flaunches" of Wolfleys/Wolleys might be code for Flans and Ches'/Cheshams (possible Cheshire branch), who have a border in the colors of the Wolfley/Wooley flaunches, and colors reversed from the flint stones of Flints/Flans (Suffolk, same as Wolvers/Wolferstans).

The Wolvers/Wolfertans are implied as Gernons, and the Gernon Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Semper Coat. Sempers are in the motto of Scottish LINNs, the apparent makings of Obama's WolfLIN line. The Gernon Coat is the Brunswick Coat, and Barrs of Brunswick were of the Welfs. Why are Barrs entering this picture when Bill Barr is protecting Obama from prosecution. Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' (wolf heads) were first found in Cheshire too, with Wolfleys/Wooleys, where Hugh Lupus ruled. Bill Barr was the attorney general for president George Herbert Walker SCHERFF (son of a Nazi). The Wolfley/Wooley wolf is colors reversed from the SCARF wolf heads.

From the Wolver/Wolferstan write-up: "The name was originally Wulkton, and gradually evolved into its current form." If that's correct, then a Walk / Walker / Wilkins branch of Wulktons may have merged with Wolf liners to become the Wolvers bloodline. The Wilkins happen to share the green wyvern dragon with Wolfins/Walwyns, and the Wilkin Shield happens to be split vertically in the colors of the same of Schere's/SCHERFs. The latter's stemmed roses makes the Coat linkable to that of German Walkers/Welkers (vertically-split Shield). Wulkton-like Vulks/Fulks are in Schere/Scherf colors.

Wilkins and Wilkinsons/Wilkersons (both of Wales) are both said to be descended from Robert Wintona, and the "sed" motto term of Wilkinsons/Wilkersons (Durham, same as Sedans) tends to assure that it's code for Sedans ("sed"). To help prove that Sedans were of Sedbergh, the latter is where Dents are said to have been first found, and "pruDENTES" is a Wilkin motto term. Sedbergh is in Yorkshire, where English Walkers and Scherf-like Scarfs/Scharfs were first found.

In case the made-for-the-news photo of Osama bin LADEN was a CIA trick using Obama himself with face-job (added fake flesh) to hide his identity, I'd like to add that the Laden surname has a version of the Meschin Coat. Plus, as per "al-Qaeda," Quade's happen to use three wolf heads.

Apocalyptic Globalist COVID

Polly has an interesting video this week. In the first half, there is a claim by the Tanzanian president that rabbits, birds and goats tested positive with COVID-19. He goes on to say that there's something wrong with the gamut of what he thinks is a manufactured crisis, a trick being played on the world. He thinks there is a global plot controlling virtually every country with this crisis; it should be obvious by now that one of its goals is forced vaccinations:

With all the fake earnest and alarmism that Democrat radicals are using to keep people off of even beaches (the safest place to be to keep from catching someone's flu infection), there's no escaping that the following story reveals raw, first-degree murder:

More than 4,300 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to New York’s already vulnerable nursing homes under a controversial state directive that was ultimately scrapped amid criticisms it was accelerating the nation’s deadliest outbreaks, according to a count by The Associated Press.

...Gov. Andrew Cuomo — the main proponent of the policy...

People are calling it a mistake in the news, but they probably know it's murder. Fox is negligent by not calling this murder. IT'S MURDER! For all we know at present, AP could be lying as damage control, and the numbers could be twice 4,300. And that's for New York alone. Cuomo's policy even forbade nursing homes to reject the infected persons: "...the March 25 order didn’t specify how [nursing] homes could refuse, saying that 'no resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the (nursing home) solely based' on confirmed or suspected COVID-19." Wow, it's murder plain and simple. According to their own scare tactics, this is a case of first-degree guilt.

In spite of their own gripes about people getting too close to one another, the Democrats sent infected people into nursing-home prisons to breath the virus into the air where people too old to fight the disease were rampant. It's unspeakable wickedness in broad daylight.

Below is more evidence that the U.S. military is taking on a responsibility to promote the COVID-scare. For the moment, I'm assuming that the strict lockdown sought by Democrats is evidence that they are in cahoots with a military plot to alter communications towers for to form a more-rigid dictatorial political system. It could be that, failing this year, the military will try again next year, which could mean that there will be signs of a military body hoping for a Democrat White House in the fall:

I just don't see why else the Democrats wanted a strict lockdown, unless they hope to spread flus of all types for to blame them on COVID...for the purpose of ruining Trump's economy and/or killing off the aged. However, the more it spreads, the more they have the excuse to be rigid in the lockdown.

As you must know, there has been good evidence that murder of the aged was a specific goal by Democrat-held states, but as my own father contracted COVID while in a nursing home that was permitted to be engulfed by the disease, I suspect that Canada is seeking to kill off its expensive, old-age bracket (in the eyes of the wicked, they are brackets and numbers, not humans). This could be a hideous global directive because it opens up more tax money toward a defacto global government. Prime minister Trudeau had exposed himself already as a globalist puppet, champion-wanna-be.

It's possible that a vaccine is already available but that they are going to pick their opportune time to deliver it. What do we suppose can be their opportune timing? "Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci...recently stated that it's 'doable' to have a vaccine ready in January 'if things fall in the right place.'" What do we suppose he means by that quote? Why did he chose those words instead of, "if things go best with producing the vaccine." Things falling into the right place suggests a concerted effort to make things happen.

When Trump decided to create distance between himself and Fauci, the latter wore a mask to the evening-briefing dance stage, and Birx did the same to show solidarity. It was a rebellious move between the two, sending a message to anti-Trumpers that they oppose Trump's re-opening of the economy. And so when Trump started to take chloroquine, we could expect Pence to do the same to show solidarity with Trump, yet Pence has refused. Pence has been given the task of running the recovery program, yet I have yet to hear that Pence has looked into fixing the anti-chloroquine drive by the Democrat side. Not only is Pence's and Trump's neglect on this matter tantamount to murder of the aged, but it gives the other side a political advantage for to keep people from going back to work as fast as could otherwise be the case. Try to imagine if you were an aged person in a nursing home at this time, where something like half of all deaths are taking place. Those who survive yet endure great pain and fear. There will be a big price to pay for this lack of love toward fellow man. Trump is responsible to look into these murders. He can start in New York by directing someone to look into things, but not Pence, for he can't be trusted.

Just after a story telling that Trump's southern wall is contracted out with a company he favors, this:

The chief scientist brought on to lead the Trump administration’s vaccine efforts has spent the last several days trying to disentangle pieces of his stock portfolio and his intricate ties to big pharmaceutical interests, as critics point to the potential for significant conflicts of interest.

The scientist, Moncef Slaoui, is a venture capitalist and a former longtime executive at GlaxoSmithKline. Most recently, he sat on the board of Moderna, a Cambridge, Mass., biotechnology firm with a $30 billion valuation that is pursuing a coronavirus vaccine. He resigned when President Trump named him last Thursday to the new post as chief adviser for Operation Warp Speed, the federal drive for coronavirus vaccines and treatments.

Just days into his job, the extent of Dr. Slaoui’s financial interests in drug companies has begun to emerge...

...But the Moderna stock is just one piece of his pharmaceutical portfolio, much of which is not public. And some ethics and financial securities experts have voiced concerns about the arrangement Dr. Slaoui struck with the administration.

Here's a Canadian doctor telling that the mortality rate is about 1 per 1,000, though he talks about the Canadian government killing people, without coronavirus, because Canada forbids other sick people from accessing hospitals...even though most surgery rooms / hospitals are near stand-stills on many shifts. If liberal leaders are not mentally sick the entire Western world over, then they have subscribed to a sinister global scheme at the expense of the people they pretend to serve.

Well, if like jam with your read, here's some old-fashioned stuff:

Respect your elders. Don't murder them. Fox won't say "it looks like murder":

Cuomo could have sent the infected people to the ship that Trump supplied, IF his purpose was to save old people. But as there was no need to put them into nursing homes, there's only one explanation.

By week's end, Fauci was caught talking about how good it is to end the lockdown. My guess: as soon as he saw that the people could not be stopped from going back toward normal, he knew he'd be in deeper trouble later if he kept on trying to stop them. He's a fiend.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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