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May 12 - 18, 2020

Pointers to Anti-Flynn Conspirators

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Before getting to Flynn news, here's from the first update of this month, with an insert added late this week (load the surname link so you can load / view other surname Coat's of Arms to follow along):
I'm recalling how the coffee in Victoria pointed to the attack on Flynn, and so with the Flynn link to Seats/Cedes', let's repeat that they share two blue pale bars with Cindys/Condys, who come up as Cuntys suspect in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Coffee-connectable Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts/COFFERts). I wrote that before seeing the Coffin Coat, I kid you not; I clicked to load Coffins, then immediately started to write this paragraph, and I now look at Coffins/Caffins, and they happen to share the besants (both colors) of Flynns and Seats/Cedes'! The Coffin Crest is even blue, as is the demi-cock in the Seat/Cedes Crest. I think I came across Coffins/Caffins years ago when looking for a caffeine-like surname as per caffeine in Coffee, but I probably had no idea that Coffins linked to Seats'/Cedes, let alone Flynns.

[Insert May 16 -- Flynn's original legal team was COVINGton and Burling, and Covingtons are also COFFINgtons! They share the weaver's shuttle with Shuttlewords/Shettleworths who in turn share the bear with Burlings/Berlins (look connectable to Barwicks and BURwicks)! As Shuttleworth is in Bury, this heraldic picture could be an indicator that the deep state is afraid of Flynn for what he knows about BURISma (Ukraine scandal), for Burys are also Buris'. Oh wow, another surname with the weaver's shuttle is the Keeps (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts) to which Mr. Kepke pointed, whose father was Ukrainian! Kepke and I both worked as stock boys at the same grocery store, and we then both went to sell shoes (two different shoe stores) in the same mall, and that has got to be a pointer to Zlochevsky's shoe store in Ukraine!!! Zlochevsky is the owner of Burisma! WOW.

OH WOW! As I've said many times, the two of us were working the Knob Hill Farms grocery store at the corner of Hwy 7 and Woodbine (Ontario), on the north side of Hwy 7, and that puts in into BUTTONville. The Burisma scandal has to do with the Bidens, and Bidens are listed with Buttons!!! Wikipedia's article on Buttonville: "It is located along the Woodbine Avenue corridor from approximately Highway 7 in the south to Sixteenth Avenue in the north."

The eastern border of Buttonville is WARDEN avenue, and while Shuttleworths are also ShuttleWORDs, the Words are also Wardens! Zikers, it looks like verification that the Lord provided Shuttlewords to share the weaver's shuttle with Keeps for this purpose of pointing Kepke to Burisma.

OH WOW! The first CRANE I ever traced to "UKRAINE" was that of Scute's/Scutt (Lancashire, same as Shuttleworth of Bury), who share the gold eSCUTcheon with Weavers!!!! It's suggesting that Shuttle's were a Scute/Scutt / Shute/Shot branch. Scute's/Scutt even share a blue Crest with Coffins and Flynns. AND OH WOW SOME MORE, for while the Flynn wolf is in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads, SCARFs were first found in Yorkshire with SCARborough's/ScarBURYs (and Keppochs), and the Scarborough tower is colors reversed from the same of Scute's!!! Incredible. The people who formed the Scute/Scutt symbols didn't know Kepke worked at Scarborough Town Center selling Shoe's, and Shoe variations such as "Schuck/Schug" are very like the Skugals who happen to come up as Scoots!!! WOW!

Just so you know I'm not making this story up, you can find the following in my 5th update of December, 2017: "Mr. Kepke, my friend, accompanied me to a restaurant in a mall where we both sold shoes (different stores). He or I caught wind that my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, was meeting another man there, several miles (almost 10) from her why did they pick the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I were working (I had quit by then)?" End insert]

As Seats/Cedes'/Seets (share blue Crest with Scute's/Scutts) were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworth and Scute's/Scutts, they all three may have had stock in the same term. The Seats/Cedes' are the ones sharing the double pale bars of Cindys/Contys while the latter share the cinquefoil of Scottish Sheds i.e. like the Seed variation of Seats/Cedes'.

God has pointed to Seats/Cedes' in several ways, in at least three dreams, one being where I was playing golf with my dentist, and after the game, when he was driving me home with me in the back seat, he laughed at the red buttons on my shirt. The dream ended there. It just so happens that I've told many times that Kepke and I would collect golf balls, as kids (12 years of age) from a stream running through three adjacent golf courses.

The dream can be proven to be from God in several ways. For example, the DENTs were first found at SEDbergh, a location highly suspect with the Seaton-branch Sedans, and thus looking like the Seats/Cedes'. That explains why I was golfing with my DENTist, but, WOW, this section is being written on Saturday, after I wrote late in this update of SIDNey Powell, Flynn's new lawyer!!! As you can see later, I was linking the Sidney surname to Sedans!!! ASTOUNDING COINCIDENCE. So, my impression is that Flynn knows a lot about the Bidens and Burisma. Go ahead, Mr. Flynn, make God's day. Spill the beans on those wicked goons who wish to control the nation with a dictatorial iron fist. Land them in prison today.

The dentist was driving the car when I was in the back seat, and thus he was steering. The Steers happen to use a "cede" motto term for the Cedes variation of Seats. This explains why the dentist was driving, but it also verifies that I was in the BACK seat for this cause of proving the dream to be from God, for one, and secondly for pointing to Sidney Powell (I think I have this correct). The Backs/Bachs use a bull but call it a "steer," no guff at all. The BACK seat of the CAR, and Cars (Lancashire again) happen to share a "sed" motto term with Sedans.

Once we are brought to Steers, we ask what its "Tu" motto term might be for, and we can then ask whether Tue's/Tews/Tuels (share blue Crest with Seats and COFINs)) share the stars of COVINgtons (Huntingdonshire, near Knights). The Tue's/Tews have the same, three pale bars of Shoe-beloved Knights (Suffolk, same as Howell-like Howls/Owls), and this in their write-up: "...John Tew married Dafydd Llywellyn Lloyd of Castle HOWEL, first knight..." Although Powells are said to be from "ap-Howell," I don't agree with it. I would rather think that Palins/Pawleys (share Powell lion) became Powells (Wales, same as Howells and Tue's/Tews) in honor of the Howell family they married. We have a paragraph here with both Covingtons and Powells, the names of both of Flynn's lawyers.

The dentist may have been laughing at my buttons for more than one reason. One seems to be the Lafins (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys), who are in the motto of Kennedys, a surname from the Kennati priests of Cetis (Cilicia), where I trace "Cedes." Lafins are also La Fonts while Ville's/Font-de-Ville's were first found in Languedoc with Conte's while Italian Conte's share the giant Lafin/La Font lion while Conte's look like kin of Cindys/Contys/Cuntys (share pale bars of Seats'/Cedes') with Kennedy-like variations such as, Connedie. English Conte's were even first found in Durham with Sedans.

The timing of coming to this topic today, with Lafins, is pretty amazing where Gleesons were first found in Tipperary too, as well as Sullivans, for "Flynn's judge, Emmett Sullivan, appealed three days ago to judge Gleeson to come help him out with jailing Flynn." That is pretty-darned amazing. You two judges had best watch yourselves; God's watching you. Edders, the possible namers of Edricks in the Powell motto, share the Gleesons stars.

The golf theme has remained a mystery. Even if it's code for Guelphs = Welfs/Wolfs and/or Golfins/Gulls, I don't see how they point to anything deep state. But mysteries are for the solving in due time. This section started with Coffins, Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts, and while my dentist and I were playing on a golf COURSE, the Course/Cour surname (Languedoc) shares the crescent of German Covers'/Gobergs/Coburgs.

Recall the importance of Knights being in the Shoe Coat, for this was about Kepke selling shoes who points to the Keeps (Sussex, same as both Covert surnames) sharing the weaver's shuttle with Covingtons/Coffingtons. It's amazing because while Kepke and I collected golf balls, the Course's/Cours' almost have the Coat of German Weavers. Knights were first found in Suffolk with Cove's/Covers' who in turn share the axe (held by a knight's arm) with the knight in the Shoe Coat. English Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Guelph-branch Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' who have a different-colored Coat version of the Fiddle's/Fidelows expected in the "FIDELis" motto term of English Weavers. It seems like verification that God is up to something as a pointer to a deep-state thing, using the golf theme, but as yet I haven't figured it out, at least not so solidly that I can remember it.

AHA! I think I have something. Once we are at FideLOWS thanks to the weaver's shuttle of Covingtons, we take it to English Lows because they too use wolf heads, and they are gold, the color of the Welf/Wolf/Lupus wolf heads. The Low Coat happens to be a version of the Sarah/Sayer Coat (Sedan cinquefoil?), and Sarah's/Sayers share the motto ("Bear and forbear") of Barwicks who in turn have bear heads in the color of the Burling bear!!! Just like that: Covington and Burling! And Flynns have a wolf in the colors of the wolf head once shown (at his Wikipedia article) for Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, and he was an earl of Cheshire, where Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' were first found!!! Can we believe it?

The Weaver motto is, "Fidelis esto," and then Guelphs/Welfs were an Este branch leading to Barrs of Brunswick, the latter term suspect with the Bryneich country of Bernicia / Berwickshire, and thus with Barwicks / Berwicks. And it just so happens that Bill Barr was persecuting and prosecuting Flynn until someone leaked Barr's guilt with the FBI note(s) written by Bill PriesTAP. Can we believe it, the Tapps share the Weaver fesse. I showed why Tapps can be pointed to by Priestap, two updates ago, like so:

FBI documents show that the FBI's Bill PRIESTap was an engineer of the get-Flynn conspiracy. Note that Priests share the chief of Shark-related Neils (same place as Sharks). If that doesn't convince you that God pointed PriesTAP to the SHARK, compare the TAPP item upon a fesse with the Neil fish upon a fesse in this Arms of SARACa. In other words, the one white lion upon a blue-on-gold fesse is a virtual match with the one white fish upon a blue-on-gold fesse in the Arms of Saraca. Scottish Weirs/Vere's love the Nihill variation of Neils in their motto, and use the same fesse as Tapps with white items upon it too. It's AMAZING. It's just good to see HOW MUCH WORK God has done, hundreds of years ago, in pointing to evil today. Why today? Why now?

In their motto, Tapps (also "Tabb") love the Vere-branch Fears/Fiers, first found in Middlesex with their kin, the Apps/Abbs (like "Tapp/Tabb"). The Tapps even share the blue fitchee of Maxtons who in turn have another "esto" motto term, so excellent for assuring that Weavers share the Tapp fesse. Maxtons use a bee, suspect in the Tapp motto, "BE just and fear not," which is also the motto of Peacocks, the latter having been a sept of Pollocks (I read this). And Pollocks are a known sept of Maxton-branch Maxwells who in turn share the double-headed eagle of Worths suspect in "ShuttleWORTHs," the ones using a weaver's shuttle! Zinger. Mr. Priestap, say your prayers. These heraldic connections definitely look Arranged by a Genius.

The Tapps may have named Taffs because the latter love the Mea's/Meighs who have fitchees in the colors of the Tapp fitchees. To prove a Tapp link to Weavers again, the latter were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs and Tafts/Tuffs'. In their motto, Taffs love the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as Vescy-like Fieschi) who in-turn share the Este / Barr eagle. I'll even add here that Taffs share the cross part-motto of Fessys/Face's/VESCY while an Elis article has: "It is clear that the [Elis] family’s arms were borne by the said grandson Thomas Elys of Pontefract and BARWICK in 1370, and possibly before, and that they were based upon the de Vescy arms of his paternal grandmother Elena daughter of John de Vescy who had married his paternal grandfather by 1277/8 when (see above) they arraigned an assize of novel disseisin touching a tenement in Barwick and Potterton."

(As Fessys/Vescy's love Genova's Segni's, note that while the latter were partnered politically with Genova's Grimaldi's, there were/are royal Grimaldi's in Monaco. The Monaco's share the Dougal lion, and what looks like a form of the Douglas Chief, for both Monaco's and Douglas' use flames, yet Douglas' share the salamander-in-flames with Segni-like Segans/Sagans. This is a new realization here, and it came while trying to understand how Elis' could have been of the Grimaldi / Genova fold. The first thing that had come to mind is that the Monaco hexagrams are shared by Rads (and Hagars) while Rats/Raids (beside early Hagars and early Douglas') share the Elis cross. Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's in the roses of Monaco's. It's important here that Mr. Grimaldus reportedly married Crispina, Rollo's daughter, while Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Hagars. One can tend to prove that Fisks/Fiscs were from Fieschi by comparing the Grimaldi Coat to that of English Moneys (Monaco suspect), German Munichs and Fisks/Fisks.)

As the Sidney-Powell section at the end of this update is short, I'm moving it up here:

Sidney Powell Heraldry

Well, just for fun, I decided to take a look at the Sidney surname to see whether God may have used it for a pointer to Sydney Powell, Flynn's current attorney. The first thing that hit me was the Sidney motto, for which reason I added the brackets below to the 1st update of this month:

East Cheshire is where Cheatle's were first found who've struck me as Chatti of Hesse-Cassel of the Keith/Mascal kind, and so Hassels and Hazels look like a Cassel branch, and from them the Hesse location may have been named. Cheatle's named Chettle in Dorset, which is called "Chettle and FOLKE" in the Chaffin/Caffin write-up, and it just so happens that Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset. The Folkswagen bug, so to speak, and Sidneys are said to be from Anjou, home of Fulks...

The Hesse and Nicholson sun provides a shocking pointer to BATHgate's (sun), first found in West Lothian with the Elias surname that belongs to Marc Elias of the Perkins-Coie (!), hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to pay Christopher Steele for to put his name on their dossier. Who do you think arranged the Elias surname to use a Coy-like "quo" motto term??? It wasn't Mr. Elias, that's for sure. Coys named a Quy location. Sidneys, with another "Quo" motto term, share the pheon with Coys, and SIDNey-like Sittens were first found in East Lothian. The Cants expected in the "vocant" motto term of Sidneys (Kent, home of Cantii) use an Elias-like "Aliis" motto term, and Alis'/Alice's can be linked by their motto and their MUZZLEd bear to Keiths of East Lothian / MUSSELburgh. "VOCant" can be partly for the Voke variation of Fulke's/FOLKE's having a "Qui" motto term.

It makes a person beg whether Perkins Coie was behind the Flynn attack too. The talk now is that there may have been a FISA warrant applied for on Flynn using the Steele dossier (owned by Perkins-Coie).

The Volkswagen BUG was a topic in the quote above, from a dream where I had placed a Bug-connectable bucket into the back SEAT while the Volkswagen was parked in a PARKING LOT, a pointer to Parkings/Perkins and Lothian-branch Lots. The Seats/CEDES', connectable to Seatons of Lothian, share the Flynn besants, and there was an argument made recently that the two surnames were related though these besants. The double pale bars of Seats/Cedes' are shared by SIDNey-like Cindys, in case that applies.

Lothians share the hunting horn in the Arms of Traby while Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped scarf (for Quade's and/or Queens) while Scarfs use wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn wolf. The "quo" motto term can be related to the Quoid variation of Quade's. The latter are from Quadratilla Bassus of CEDES-like Cetis, and the GATES' are a branch of Yates' (gates) who in-turn share the horizontally-split Shield of Powells. That's impressive already. Yates' use PORTCULLIS gates suspect as code for Charax PROCULUS, son of Quadratilla Bassus. Her surname is suspect with the naming of Base's / Bass' and therefore Bass isle in the land of Keiths/Keths.

The EDRicks suspect in the "Edrych" motto term of Powells could have been named by Edders/Edens, for Edins/Edens probably named Edinburgh while Edder-like Elders were first found in Lothian smack beside the first-known Seatons and Keiths/Ketts. The latter were Catti at HADDINGton, and the Mens', first found in/beside Edinburghshire, share the HATrick Chief while the Hatrick Shield shares the giant Edrick lion. That's important because Edricks are suspect in the Powell motto while SIDNeys are connectable to Seatons and Sedans, by the look of their name. Sedans ("sed") were once said to have been first found in Yorkshire, location of SEDbergh, where Dents were first found who are suspect in the "SIT pruDENTia" motto phrase of Edins/Edens. The SITlers, first found in Silesia with Edders/Edens, share the lion of Faucets (East Lothian), for which reason they are expected to have been a branch of the Sitten variation of Seatons. Kettricks have the giant Faucet / Sitler lion in colors reversed.

The implication in the Powell write-up that Powells were related to Howells / Hoels is interesting where Hollys/Holys (Hull/Hule / Hole/Hall branch) have a bend with items in the three colors of the same of Gleesons. Flynn's judge, Emmett Sullivan, appealed three days ago to judge Gleeson to come help him out with jailing Flynn. Gleesons were first found in Tipperary with the Kennedys, from the Kennati priests of Jack-like Ajax, and Scottish Jacks use holly, that's right.

Lookie: Powells (Holly/Holy colors) have a Welsh motto term, "fynw," that can be for both the French and German Feins, for French Feins share the red border with Scottish GLASS' (share mermaid with Irish Hollys/Collens) who in turn share the GLEESon stars. German Feins that share wings with Jewish Glass'/Glassmans. How did Powell heraldry know that we had to leap-frog from Sidney Powell to judge Gleeson this week? Weissmans have a fleur colors reversed from the same of Glass', and share wings in Crest with Feins, and "The Twitter sleuth Techno_Fog pointed out that Gleeson has recently worked with Andrew Weissmann, a former prosecutor [top criminal conspirator] on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team. And, attorney Ron Coleman noted that Debevoise [where Gleeson belongs] has also represented Sally Yates -- the former deputy attorney general" (Fox article). It just so happens that the Yates Shield is split horizontally in the colors of the same of Powells.

Glaze's/Glasier's can be connected to Glasgows via Lords/Lauds, and it just so happens that Glaze's/Glasier's have pheons that, in colors reversed, would be in the blue color of the Sidney pheon.

However, at this time, I'm not happy with the Sidney surname because it's not showing any apparent proof of connecting to the Powell surname. That's what I would like to assure myself that God has used Sidneys and Powells together to point to Sidney Powell. But something may yet come up; I've been happily surprised before when in a dim state like this. Sidneys are said to have been from the Lewes priory, and Lewes' (share green dragon with Seatons) were first found in Wales with Powells and Louis'/Lewes', and the latter do look like they share the Powell lion. There's some sunshine already.

Both Lewes surnames were first found in Glamorganshire with the Tillers (share Seaton crescents) from the Tilurius/Cetina river, where I trace Keiths. The Tiller / Tailer lions are in the colors of the Louis/Lewes / Powell lions. The Patria's/PEARtree's (Trump stag head) suspect in the Louis/Lewes motto share a "sed" motto term with Sidney-like Sedans. Patria's/Peartree's were first found in KinCARDINE while Cardine's share the Coy pheons while Elias' and Sidneys share "Quo."

The write-up of Elias-branch Elis' have them in West Yorkshire's Kiddal, and that's near Sedbergh (West Yorkshire). It should be said that Kiddal-like Kids were first found near Kincardine. The Elis / Elias crescents are said (Elis write-up) to be from the Elis branch in KENT, where Sidneys (and Gaunts) were first found. Kiddals (Yorkshire) share the KENDel Coat (Holly/Holy dolphin?), and Kendels were likely named after John of Gaunt's family. It seems that, as concerns us here, the potential Sidney connections to Elis' could be indicating abuse of general Flynn by Perkins Coie's Marc Elias, for even the Scarfs suspect with the Flynn wolf were first found in Yorkshire. Then, while Scarf-related Trabys married a RADziwill > Astikas line, the Elis / Elias cross is that of Rats/RAIDs, no apparent coincidence. German Schere's are Scarf-like Scherfs while Austrian Schere's use a STICK as code for the Astikas line.

The Rads share the Zionist star of Hagars, the latter first found in Perthshire with Gaunt-connectable Glove's (as per gauntlet gloves) sharing the Elis / Elias stars. Perthshire happens to be where Colts/Celts were first found who share the blue pheon with Sidneys.

On the weekend late this week, after writing the section above, the first BEE I've seen this spring landed on a BUCKET on my deck. I have it recorded in an online book that God sent me indoors from my garden, at the sight of a huge bee that "played" with me, to find the bloodline of Buz (depicted by the buzzing bee, right?), son of Nahor. I have felt very confident that Nahorites named the Neuri on the BUG river, and it just so happens that Bugs use bucket-like bougets while Buckets are also Boquets.

Nahor was the brother of Abraham, and the latter had a concubine, HAGAR. Rats/Raids (can be linked to the Rads sharing the Hagar star) lived early in NAIRnshire. Nairs (share the Sidney pheon) were first found in Perthshire with Hagars and the Celts/Colts sharing a blue pheon with Nairs. The Celt/Colt pheon is definitely that of Pilate's while Buckets use piles. The Nair Crest has the mermaid with mirror while Sire's/SIRETs use the mirror too, and the ancient AGARus river is not the Siret, with a source not far from the Bug river. The mirror is code for Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou, and Sidneys are said to be from Anjou. The Crest of Scottish Glass', first found on Buz-like Bute, has the mermaid with mirror too. Nairns share the Carr/Kerr motto, "Sero SED serio."

Beside Nairnshire is Ross-shire, where Bissets/BUSSETs were first found who are in Bosse/Bosset colors. The latter share the tower of DeNARdo's/NORdi's. The Bouchier's/Bourcier's (more water bougets) are said to have been Boussier's too. Bessets/Bassets (Bisset/Busset / Pilate colors) were first found at Forez, beside mont Pilat, where Pilate's above were from. I had read that Bassets used the porcupine, and these Bassets share the triple-wavy fesses of Drummonds (Perthshire again).

Ahh, I get it. The PORCupine in the Sidney Crest must be a pointer to Porcia's who share the black boar with Sullivans. The Sullivan Shield with boar is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Nairns. If I recall correctly, the Biblical Nahor is "NACHor," and there is a "nach" term buried in the Sullivan motto, which also has "abu" that I tend to identify with McCabe's/McABEE's i.e. like "bee". The McCabe's/McAbee's share the salmon of HAMs while Buz's brother, KEMUEL, is suspect to HAMELtons because the latter share the Bus cinquefoil. Nairs and Sidneys have pheons in colors reversed from the HEMMing pheons. Hemingways (Gleeson colors), who lived in the Orkneys with Norrys) are interesting for using swans and sharing the Glass / Gleeson stars because Glasgow is beside the first-known Swans/Sions while Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow.

The Lords/Lauds (Pilate pheons) in the Glasgow motto share the cinquefoils of HAMtons/Amptons, and the latter use a wolf (as do Norrys), the Neuri symbol of old. I always link Neuri to Rusa-liner Roxolani, and Rush's with Rusco's (Bus cinquefoil colors reversed) share the Norry fesse. Rush's share the white wolf head in Crest with Hamtons/Amptons. I link the Laud variation of Lords to Ladys/Laudymans (NorthAMPTONshire), and here it can be added that Lady-like Late's/Letts have ORGAN pipes that I see as code for something in the ORKNeys. Pipe's, first found in Staffordshire with Hamtons/Amptons, are a branch of camel-using Pepins.

The Sullivan-like Sullys/Sillys share the Water Coat, and the bouget isn't called a "water bouget" for nothing. The triple Water / Sully chevrons are shared by Cassane's while Irish Pattersons/Cassane's use a Kemuel-like camel. Irish Pattersons (pelican) were first found in ROSS-shire with Bissets/Bussets. Heraldic pelicans are code for PELAGonia, and the Biblical Peleg was an ancestor to Nahor.

I Think God's Synchronizing with Polly

I've moved this section up from the end of this section (Saturday) due to it's importance.

Polly has been talking about Jeremy Ferrar of SAGE, an organization that includes 'experts" to be viewed as imposters. Polly got my attention in her video out this week when mentioning that a Mr. Vallence is also of SAGE. Just for starters, look at this statement by Farrar, because it exposes him as part of the manufactured crisis, and it seems they are intent on making virus' pop up all over the world until their agenda is fulfilled:

The coronavirus is now “an endemic human infection” and the world must assume that more waves of infections will follow the current outbreak, a leading British scientist has warned.

Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust and a member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said yesterday that Covid-19 “is here for the human race for the future”.

Boy, that was easy to figure him out as an imposter with the Fauci-Facade, etc., and so let me tell you why I'm bringing him up; Ferrars and Farrars use horseshoes, and, over the last three updates or so, this symbol has been pointing to a sinister American origin for coronavirus from horseshoe bats. Ferrars (with an 'e') share the moline of Segni's/Segurana's, a potential branch of Sage's.

In one of those updates over the past month or so, Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drugs Administration, came up with ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, for Hahns are a Hanns branch, and English Hansons share the mascle of Fauci-connectable Faux's while French Faux's/Fage's were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. Danish / Nordic Hansons even share the FUGGer Coat. It now becomes obvious that Miss Hanson was pointing to the Fauci-trash.

The second event that God created between Miss Hanson and I, after my purchase of an ice-cream from her, was our first date in a Vallence-like Valiant car. Vallence's are also Vallants, and because they share the five fesses of Ducks/Duckers (Westphalia, same as duck-using Velins and Velens), they pointed the James LeDuc, chief of Galveston National Lab (worked with Wuhan, see last few updates). It appears that Polly's stressing Mr. Vallence and Mr. Farrar in the same breath this week is a thing that God manufactured for a shot across the bow of Fauci's crew. Take warning you murderous pirates.

The ducks of Velens/Vallence's were changed to the martlets now showing in the red-on-gold colors of the same of Gormleys. I purchased the ice-cream from Hanson in Gormley.

I've told this story many times, including the fact that the Valiant belonged to the Quinns/Quine's (lived in Gormley). This surname, in this picture, is a sudden and potential pointer to chloroQUINE, the dread enemy of the Fauci-Fascists. Would you believe it without checking that Vallence's/Vallants share the same double, long, white wings in Crest with the Farrar Crest??? Who do you thing arranged that? What if I had missed Polly's video of today (Saturday). It seems like the ice-cream event way back in the 1970s goes with this video. Farrars were first found in Yorkshire with Valiants.

I wonder, what might the ice-cream mean in all of this? I've told that Ice's were first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns and same-colored Trumps, but the latter has suddenly become a vaccine villain in my eyes over the past week. The ice-CREAM was a pointer also to Cremers, who share the Chief and Shield of Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes', colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants. Isn't that amazing? But what else can an ice-cream point to in this manufactured crisis?

The unknown perpetrators of this hoax pointed to GALVESton National Lab, and here we can note a new thing: Galves' are also GALLEGo's, a name like the Gilligans -- they come up as "GALLIGan" -- who share the winged horse (same colors) of Quinns/Quine's. The latter's write-up: "Quinns...were Lords of Muintir GILLAGAIN." That explains the sharing of symbols.

Suspicious: "The names of scientists advising ministers on the coronavirus epidemic are to be made public this week in an effort to boost transparency around the government’s decision-making process. The UK government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, who chairs the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage)" (Guardian, April 27). I'll bet they were forced to come out of their closets against their will. Just guessing. Polly is mentioning a Mr. Ferguson along with Vallance and Farrar, and Irish Fergusons/Ferris Coat happens to share the lion of Italian Ferrari's while Portuguese Ferrari's (a branch of Scottish Ferrars) have more horseshoes.

Plus, while Faux's/Fage's and Fauchy's were first found in Gord-connectable PeriGORD, the Gord boar head is shared by Scottish Fergusons (!), first found in Galloway, a place named by a branch of the namers of Galway, where Galves'/Gallego's were first found!!! Who arranged all of this linkage? Scottish Fergusons even share the thistle with Fauchs! Galway is where Teague's/Teegers were first found while German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of Irish Fergusons, and it's half in the colors of the eight-pointed Dec/LeDuc stars! Just look at all of that. The Ferguson / Ferrari lion is that also of Gates'.

Plus, the Teague/Teeger motto loves the Diems/DITTmayers while "DITat" is a motto term of Scottish Ferrars. You may have heard of Ferguson in the news by now:

A leading epidemiologist who advised the UK government on its coronavirus response resigned from his government post on Tuesday, after the Telegraph newspaper revealed he broke the lockdown rules he helped shape by allowing his reported lover to visit his home.

Professor Neil one of the architects of the UK government's stay-at-home strategy and was a prominent member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

What a bunch of sharks. Valiants use a shark, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone with their Neil kin. Here's Polly's video:

Don't expect this sort of news on Fox. Beware Fox, because its hosts may decide that they would rather see the brains of your kids destroyed by bad vaccines than to go against the pro-vaccine will of the Fox boss to warn you about the bad vaccines. I'm watching them to see what they decide. Will they even ask Trump if he's planning forced vaccinations? Could we trust his response, anyway?

This is some cool music evolved from old times, no instruments at all:

All good. Restores our sanity, doesn't it? One more if you like, by the same singer, or for a little wilder, Sam Robson (use your best amplifier and your best ear phones, and crank it up). That last one was probably one of his best; I wish God had done something like that with me; alas, here I am on depressing news. Here's an encore from Robson, with theater too. Here's David Wesley again, only now he's his own musical band. How I love music. I have an eternity to learn to do it too. Wesley doesn't put enough feeling into his songs, but he can if he wants to.

Flynn Flying High

John Solomon seems to be trying to figure out where the bombshell on Flynn originated, and shows how there is a contradiction between two of the crime bosses:

FBI records released late last week show that senior Justice Department officials were surprised to find in early January, 2017 that Obama already knew details of Flynn’s Dec. 29, 2016 phone call with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak before they had briefed the president.

Senior Republicans want to know what Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, knew about the call and how they knew it.

Okay, we are there, right at Obama's doorstep, and he's saying such wackish things as Flynn's case should not have been dropped, which only makes people see right through his criminality. What we know now is that someone acted very fast, after Flynn's December 29 phone call, to set up that big meeting with Obama a week later on January 5. It makes it appear as though Kislyak was an Obama buddy, asked by Obama to contact Flynn by phone and to get him in trouble somehow. For, no sooner had the call been made that the FBI was discussing whether to frame him for a crime, even though there was no crime in the phone call.

Solomon wants to know who got hold of the call's transcript first, and who gave it to who. Judging by what Solomon goes on to say, it appears that Brennan (CIA boss) got it first, then gave it to Comey, and Comey to Clapper (Brennan's boss). Here we go:

In a July 2017 interview with Clapper, Republican members asked if he had briefed Obama on the Flynn-Kislyak phone calls.

“No,” Clapper answered.

Clapper’s denial conflicts with earlier congressional testimony provided by former FBI Director James Comey. According to Comey’s March 2017 account, he briefed Clapper on the Flynn-Kislyak calls and then gave the former DNI [Clapper] copies of the transcripts, as he requested.

Why would Clapper request the transcript from Comey if Brennan had it? Clapper is Brennan's boss, and so he could just ask Brennan for it. If Comey is correct in saying that Clapper requested the transcript from him, it suggests either that the FBI spy system obtained it initially, or some other agency had given it to the FBI. Comey's statement makes it appear that neither Brennan nor any other Intelligence agency was the first to get the transcript. Why would Comey commit to an FBI-had-it-first picture even if true? Was he actually telling the truth? Did Kislyak's department send Comey the transcript? Was there Comey-Russia and/or Obama-Russia collusion on this plot?

It could be that the FBI doesn't have it's own equipment to spy on a foreign call. To play it safe, Obama might have gotten Brennan to get the transcript therefore, because the CIA is decked out for foreign spying. The CIA is permitted to record calls abroad at all times, I think, while the FBI is not so permitted. Flynn was out of the country, on vacation, when he made the calls to Kislyak. I do not think it as likely that Brennan would seek the details of these calls on his own initiative, as opposed to Obama seeking them. So, if Kislyak's office didn't send the transcript(s) to the FBI, my best guess is that Obama asked Brennan to get it, and that Brennan would naturally not pass it to the FBI via Clapper's hands, because the fewer the dogs involved, the less likely the plot will get to light. Brennan may have felt compelled to notify Clapper of the plot, because that's da big Intel boss, and so Clapper contacts Comey to get a copy of it.

It's still possible that Hillary hatched the scheme instead of Obama, for at that time, she was in a hurry to cancel the election results by tarring Trump as a foreign spy. Still, Obama had every interest in seeing Flynn out of the Trump team, and so the FBI may have had options: 1) just to get him fired from the Trump team and hold a jail-worthy charge over his head to keep him quiet (Obama would like that); 2) make him look like a Russian operative so that Trump looks like one too (Clinton preferred this). They were unable to do 2) in time for Hillary to take Trump off the throne, and it wasn't until nearly a year later (December 2017) that Mueller ordered Flynn's prosecution. The beauty of that effort is that Michael Flynn is DIRECTLY responsible for exposing the Mueller attack for what it was, a massive, government conspiracy taking place under Trump's watch.

The beauty of the unknown in the who-had-the-phone-transcript-first affair is that all the big-cheese conspirators are apt to point fingers at someone else, but if they all know that it was Obama's baby, and if they feel there's little hope of hiding that fact, they will all be apt at pointing to Obama under oath. The question is whether Lindsey Graham (or the Senate as a whole) will allow the goons off the hook of a Senate hearing.

Solomon goes on: "'In the first week of January,' said Comey, Clapper 'briefed the President and the Vice President and then President Obama's senior team about what [transcript] we had found.'" The term, "found," is important. It makes it sound as though the FBI got the transcript first, though Comey could wiggle out of that by saying he didn't use the best term. It could be his attempt to protect the agency that gave him the transcript, as that attitude would be expected in the early days of an investigation, before the investigators had gotten even a tenth of the truth. But after the investigators have 9/10ths of the truth, they can't play the honor-amongst-brothers, protect-one-another, back-scratching game any longer.

John Solomon continues the step-by-step:

Comey’s testimony squares with the account of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. In his 2019 book “The Threat,” McCabe writes that after an analyst shared the information with him, he “shared it with Comey; Comey shared it with the director of national intelligence, James Clapper; and Clapper verbally briefed it to President Obama.”

What's an analyst? Why would an analyst have the phone transcript? Is McCabe trying to scratch Comey's back by making it appear that Comey was not initially responsible for obtaining the transcript? Who gave the FBI analyst the goods if it wasn't McCabe nor Comey? The Ohrs? Does the state department (where Bruce Ohr worked) have a foreign-phone-call spy system of its own? Why would the state department give such a non-criminal phone call to a mere analyst instead of first to McCabe or Comey? Makes no sense to me. I don't think McCabe is telling the truth.

The article goes on to show Clapper's statements that the first he heard of the phone call was the 3rd, 4th, or 5th of January, and that he learned it from his lawyer, Robert S. Litt. The latter was appointed as a DNI General Counsel in June of 2009 no sooner had Obama become the president. Litt was therefore in-the-know of all Intelligence programs so far as the lawyers would need to know of them, and that would be often, especially if the Intelligence chiefs are breaking the law knowingly. So, maybe Obama sent the transcript to Litt to see if there was anything illegal about the phone call. "From 1994 to 1999, Litt worked at the Department of Justice where he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division and then as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General. His duties at DOJ included Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] applications..." Maybe he knew Bruce Ohr well:

In 2010, Ohr moved to a new position as counsel for international relations in DOJ's Transnational organized crime and international affairs section. In 2014 he became director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF).

In 2014–2016, Bruce Ohr was involved in a wide–ranging clandestine effort by the U.S. government to recruit Russia's richest men close to Vladimir Putin, such as Oleg Deripaska, as informants for the U.S. government [was this the start of Obama-Russia collusion to sack the Republican nominee for the White House?]. During this time, Ohr had contacts with the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, whom he had first met in 2007 (his Wikipedia article).

As they got Steele to sign his name to Hillary's dossier, maybe God is trying to say something where the Litt Shield is split vertically in the colors of the same of the Dossier/D'Hosier Shield. Ohr was the middleman between Steele and the FBI, and Bill Barr has not yet fired Ohr nor convicted him of a crime. If we must take Barr at face value, he's as hunky-dory with Ohr as he is with Wray.

With Democrat media howling at Barr for letting Flynn off the hook on a white lie at best, Barr has no human obstruction whatsoever in arresting Clapper et-al for lies of significantly greater injuries to American citizens. We could say that deep-state and Democrat goons have dug their own graves by being so harsh on Trump-teamers...if only Barr would treat them with their own medicine. We still can't say whether Barr will do this. He's is under enormous pressure to start arresting like-right-now, yet he indicated last week that he's got some investigating yet to do. It looks like Barr is in no hurry whatsoever. The acting Intelligence director has declassified (May 11) the names of those who unmasked Flynn's Russian phone calls, but, says the Washington-Examiner article, Bill Barr needs to do the releasing to the public of these names. This is the same Barr who was asked by Trump to declassify and release a trove of documents more than a year ago. Waiting.

By the 4th minute of Eric Metaxas, the former acting attorney general, just before Barr bumped him out, says that he thinks the FBI under Obama genuinely believed that Flynn and Trump were Russian assets. This is a terrible piece of garbage from Whitaker, and I'm guessing that he's just trying to remain lockstep with Barr. How else can we explain this? Surely, Whitaker knows that they framed the Trump team out of pure malice.

We're hoping that Barr is forced to publicize, and to thereby start a new and different wave of stay-at-home policy. It was necessarily to embarrass and shame the guilty three years ago to keep them in hiding and weak, but then on second thought, I didn't think some of them would be so stupid as to go on the news to incriminate themselves. On third thought, there's no use trying to shame them because they don't know how to blush. They break the law and brag about it on camera. Their news leaders act as their best accomplices openly, an unbelievable reality that the entire world can witness and take sides on. And the way they win supporters is in the craft of slander, to make viewers believe that the opposing political side is worthy of ruin even if it means utilizing law-breaking tactics. Actually, it's not really a craft of slander because what they really do is just repeat the lie so boldly that even people with morals (especially the naive youth) get the impression that they must be telling the truth, because viewers can't believe their news people would be lying outright on camera almost daily. And they convince viewers that it's at Fox the liars instead. Those of us who know what's going on in leftist news know that they plot and scheme to do whatever it takes to get back into power.

In old days when there was no law system in a nation, people like these leftists would be shot dead by the people for disturbing their society and screwing with the public mind. But America the free sanctions this destructive behavior as constitutional. There must be a happy medium, and that would be automatic jail time -- for anyone in the media who advances a lie whether intentional or not -- even if it's only a week in jail like an automatic speeding ticket. That will wipe clean this dirtball situation lickety-split. The golden playing rule must be: news people must take caution not to spread a falsehood. Instead, they can't wait for the next falsehood to arrive from their Intelligence people, and Trump has yet to get Intelligence into the hands of anyone willing to throw cold water on its feverish scheming. Some might be celebrating that the acting Intelligence chief is willing to attack anti-Trumpers, but he has not yet gotten control of Intelligence to the point that it ceases leaks to the media expressly intended to ruin Trump. I agree that media should not be in the hands of the state, but neither should they be free of government controls while willingly acting the tool of a political party...because that's ultimately state media too.

In law and justice, there can be no favoritism. And in news media, ditto. When Trump does wrong, Fox must expose it fearless of whether Trump then decides to shun coming on the program for a while. There will be plenty of good reports for Trump if he does long as Fox doesn't become controlled by evil. The news media and the justice system have the potential to act as correctors of the wrong, and this is what Jesus wants to see. That's a true, great America. Championing the right, and fighting evil, is greatness. Nobody did it like Jesus did it. With passion and absolute commitment, He defeated evil, provided a way for us to recognize and defeat it, and soon he will pop up out of nowhere to jail the wicked forever, at the most-painful time. And the pigs will squeal.

For a country to be great, it needs rules in business too, to prevent schemes and actions in greed, but the world is too-far gone in (committed to) a stock-market program that is the daily rule of business. Companies funded by share holders always maximize profits in efforts to retain their share holders, STUPID. It's a sure-fire way to suck out the happiness of the average worker, to take away their peace and tranquility, to make their lives a nervous wreck instead. Share holders don't mind higher prices due to price maximization if they can earn more with their shares than the higher prices cost them, but, in the meantime, those who are not share holders suffer maximized prices. If everyone buys shares, there will be no net gain. All stock-market gains are at the cost of those who don't have shares, the poor who live week-to-week. The wealthy use the stock market as a casino, but so do gamblers who have only $20,000 to spare, and sometimes they lose almost all of it all at once. The wife panics.

It's a shame that Francis Rooney (Republican), when questioning Clapper on where he learned of the Flynn-Kislyak call, didn't discover (I don't know if even he asked) where Litt got it. Lindsey Graham is on the phone right now with Litt, asking that very question, right? Don't hold you breath with this do-nothing fake. Comey said Clapper told Obama about the call before January 5, and Clapper said that he learned of the call on the 3rd at the earliest. Does Graham think that he could get us the facts so that justice can be done? No, it does not enter his mind. He has done nothing of the sort. Why is he welcome on Fox, that's the big question? Who cares what you think, Graham, when you have the power to expose yet do nothing? Graham and Trump are two of a kind: complaining from the sidelines about the corruption, but doing nothing about it even though they have the power to do so.

Trump is just as much of a do-nothing as Graham. They both let others do the exposing. But if Trump were to declassify some things all on his own initiative, then he would gain praise. He covets praise, yet he won't do the declassification that he knows will get him fantastic praise. Why not??????? If the president reveals information that exonerates himself, is that a wrong thing to do? Is it somehow a cheap or dirty political move? Of course not. Any person who reveals information that exonerates self is doing what's expected of him/her. Any person has the absolute right to reveal the things that long as what is revealed is truthful, not concocted for the purpose of exoneration. What's wrong with Trump's lawyers that they don't move him to personally reveal the things that exonerate him from all false accusations? Maybe Trump is the problem, not his lawyers. He covets praise and good poll numbers yet has resisted for three years the thing that will get him 10 times more praise than anything else. Explain that.

Some might say that, if Trump declassifies, the left will frame it as purely a self-interested move, and Trump's over-all favoritism could go down. But that kind of thinking is all wrong. It is self-serving to deny justice to, and national healing for, his own voters by being concerned primarily with his own poll numbers. Translation: he would rather offend his own voters than his enemies just because he already has his own voters in the bag. I suppose that, in this picture, he's trying to win the middle political ground at the expense of justice, and so he's allowing the rats freedom to do their national harm just for the hope of winning an extra one percent of the vote for election time. Does that seem to you the right way forward?

Attacking the rats will not create national healing instantly, but rather heated conflict. Yet defeating the rats is the cost of ultimate healing. Getting them fired from their jobs, or demoting their positions, is not necessarily defeating them, because they can pop up again. But if the punishment is frightful enough, all their fellow rats will be more careful not to get caught, slower to act, and less advancive in their warfare. Fewer would-be rats will join them. Punishment removes their gusto, but Trump has granted them their bonanza.

The Federalist adds to Solomon's piece with Comey apparently saying (but maybe not) that FBI Intelligence initially found the Flynn phone calls (square brackets mine):

According to Comey, the FBI was tasked with helping to figure out why Russia didn’t escalate tensions with the U.S. following the expulsion of several dozen Russian diplomats in late 2016 [sounds like a pretext or even a fabricated story for explaining how the phone call was found].

“{A}ll the Intelligence Community was trying to figure out, so what is going on here?” Comey testified. “And so we were all tasked to find out, do you have anything {redacted} that might reflect on this. That turned up these calls {between Flynn and Kislyak} at the end of December, beginning of January.”

“And then I briefed it to the Director of National Intelligence, and Director Clapper asked me for copies [redacted], which I shared with him,” Comey continued. “In the first week of January, he briefed the President and the Vice President and then President Obama’s senior team about what we found and what we had seen to help them understand why the Russians were reacting the way they did.”

Okay, so he doesn't state which Intelligence agency stole the call with the spy machine, no surprise, but is willing to make it appear that the FBI found it first, which could be his smoke-and-mirrors trick to hide the truth. Conspicuously absent from his statement is Brennan at the CIA, the one most-suspect (by me) as stealing the calls with his spy machine.

Obama may have talked to Comey to the effect of: "send the transcript of the call to Clapper, and ask him to send a copy to me." That could have been Obama's way of making himself appear as though the robbery didn't start with him i.e. when he asked Brennan to steal it. He could have send to Brennan: "don't tell anyone about this except for the FBI."

Comey portrays Clapper, as one thrown under the bus, as the one who strove to set up the January 5 meeting with Obama's "senior team." Comey was guilty only of stumbling over the phone calls, and then sending them over to Clapper, letting him decide what to do with it. Clapper didn't want to have anything to do with setting up the big meeting because he denied he even relaying the issue to Obama, and perhaps he has a good argument because there was nothing really in the phone call to call the president's attention to. Perhaps Comey made a deal with McCabe to throw Clapper under the bus, their two words against his one: he did it, not us. In his book, McCabe wrote:

“...the FBI queried our own holdings [spy-machine data, not necessarily from their own spy machines]. We [who's "we"] came across information {looking for it, or stumbling upon it?] indicating that General Michael Flynn, the president-elect’s nominee for the post of national security adviser, had held several conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, in which the sanctions were discussed” (Federalist article above).

Yes, but how do we know that McCabe was telling truth versus telling a predetermined storyline agreed to by the conspirators? "We came across" is not the same as "we stumbled across," but it can include such a scenario so that the loyal Democrat will opt that choice. Was this hunt for Putin-related information so important that they were working on it December 30 to January 2, when the rest of the world was in New-Years-Eve party/relax mode? Not likely. But it was Hillary who was in a hurry to ruin Trump before dooms day, January 20. It was illegal for the spies to publicly reveal Flynn's name for this phone call. I say, throw Obama under the bus on his little (redacted) butt.

In the FBI notes, we learn that Sally Yates was surprised to hear of this phone call, exactly why we should suspect that Sally Yates had the central role in bringing it to the FBI. Never believe FBI notes at face value until the opposite of what they say is entertained and thought out. Yates was the deputy attorney general, and as such we may glean that the attorney general was tasked with finding / forming the basis of a seditious crime in Flynn's call. We can then ask whether Brennan first gave the call transcript to Comey or Loretta Lynch (attorney general), an avid Hillary supporter. If first to Lynch, she would have commissioned Yates (a female, if you catch the drift) to transfer the goods, with a potential plan of attack (lookie here, does this look suspicious to you, FBI?), to the FBI, and a good person there would have been a legal analyst (Lisa Page?) for to get some extra help in forging the grounds for some suspicion of a seditious crime in play by Flynn's team = Trump at the top. That would have been Hillary's goal.

It was McCabe who wrote that an "analyst" shared the call with him, and Lisa Page was his exclusive, FBI-official lawyer / legal advisor. In this picture, Lynch, a female wanting a female president, asked her female deputy to relay the message to Page, another female wanting a female president. But then Priestap (FBI) and others, realizing that there's not enough suspicion in the transcript(s) to put Trump in bed with Putin, asks his fellows if the best thing wouldn't instead be to just get Flynn fired / prosecuted (good enough for Obama, not good enough for Hillary).

Hillary sent fire from her mouth against Comey starting even before the election, and so this can explain why the transcript didn't go to Comey's office, but rather to McCabe's legal office. McCabe's wife is an avid Hillary supporter. The story on that is: "The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of [Andrew McCabe]". If we think that McAuliffe had better things he could have spent "his" money on, we might decide that the half-million came under-the-table to him from Hillary Clinton with a note, "please pass it on."

Hillary is in high-enough circles to have possibly known that McCabe would soon become numero 2 at the FBI, and her criminal fate rested with the future decisions of the FBI, wherefore a nice-little bribe like this to McCabe's wife couldn't hurt. Mrs. McCabe took the money. How could Mr. McCabe, as FBI sub-boss, not want to help Hillary in her time of need? But Comey, apparently, didn't want anything to do with this drive, and so, on January 4th, the Flynn case was closed. Obama, ever a fly on the FBI wall, objects the same day, and demands Flynn's prosecution based on an FBI perjury trap. Comey and Mueller agree to do it. Why? Why would two Republicans want to do Obama's will? I don't think they cared a squashed fly on the wall to help Obama. I can think of only two possibilities: the duo were paid off handsomely, and/or they had much to hide from a Trump government for the crimes they committed while FBI bosses. Obama likes the plan, and he skates off thinking that the gods are raining wishes-come-true upon his (redacted) butt.

Before the second minute of Tucker below, you will see Obama, at exactly/roughly the time (January) that they were discussing Flynn's fate, seeking to hide from Trump his foreign-policy secrets, no surprise at all. Those who continue to say (as Hannity does, perhaps forced by Fox bosses) that the deep state is attacking Trump merely out of hatred for him are badly missing the mark, as if they don't want to puff this into the extra-grand conspiracy that it truly is:

There you see that, when Rice asked Comey to keep secrets from Trump, on Obama's behalf, Comey agreed. It is expected that Comey scrubbed as many crime-related secrets / hints to secrets as he could from FBI files. Hillary obliged by deleting all her emails. But what about John Kerry's emails? Doesn't anyone want to know what Obama was really up to in his second term with ISIS and Israel? Nunes this week told that the FBI 302 note(s) in direct relation to Flynn lying has disappeared (assumes the note says that he didn't lie).

On Bongino's Monday show, he says that Obama attacked Flynn because he hated him, but also because the two didn't have similar politics / policies. Oh-no, did Bongino get infected this week with more Fox derangement syndrome? That's the paranoia illness making the victim apt to repeat lies for fear of looking like a conspiracy nut. Both Bongino and Fox are still unwilling to admit that 9-11 was a massive inside-job (crime). Does anyone really think that the FBI would so badly abuse Flynn just because he had a different Middle-East policy than that of Obama? There were likely people behind Obama pushing his buttons, but for now, the agenda should be to get him arrested.

There must be a revolution by the good people, and they must secure the majority of the masses for this, and the majority of the people wielding the government's guns, or the good guys will be steam-rolled by the people with government guns if they are being paid by the bad guys. It's a war between those who want government positions for to seize government money, as Trump is now doing with the Democrats and Fauci, versus the good people who want an earn-an-honest-living, enjoy-God-and-family lifestyle. I don't trust Trump. How much of the borrowed money this past month is going to a globalist cabal that wants to harness the government guns against the good guys, on a global scale? Let's see what God allows this crisis to become.

It seems that Flynn did/does not think he can reveal his secrets to Trump's DoJ and thereby get the DoJ to punish Obama. It seems Flynn thinks it will backfire on him. It seems that Barr was abusing him to send him the message NOT to reveal his secrets, for if Flynn did write them into Barr's department in an official, whistle-blower complaint, Barr would then need to deal with that heavy-duty load. Barr might rather sit in a hot tub in peace than prosecute Obamaites with worries through the nights as the by-product. In that case, give the job to a deputy (one's not enough for this heap) with passion enough to do what's needed. We never hear from Barr's two deputies; his principal one (Ed O'Callaghan) may have been a McCain loyalist.

In the 4th minute, I find that Flynn's views on Russia are a mirror of my own: Russia is no threat to the United States. But this is not what Fox would have us think. not the CIA, you see. The CIA did not want a Flynn leader on foreign-policy issues, one who seeks a better friendship with Russia, because the demons are after world conquest with a Westernized Russia. At the going circumstances, once the liberals / anti-Christians have world conquest, Lord permitting, the whole world will become the Neo-Soviet Union under the thumbs of Neo-Stalins.

On behalf of destroying the concocted Guccifer 2.0 fable, Tucker's show has, at the 10th minute, a liberal admitting how new documents show that the hacking of the DNC server (in the Seth-Rich time slot) by Russians has no basis in fact. This is a major crime story in itself with the underlying theme being the murder of Seth Rich by the Democrat party.

Notice that Fox bosses seem to be insisting on having Trey Gowdy (disappointment), Lindsey Graham (bigger disappointment), and Dershowitz (was Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer). I rarely see the champions against the deep state anymore on prime-time Fox, ever since the RINO, Paul Ryan came on board of Fox's decision making.

On Laura Ingraham, May 11, she asks why Obama knew about the Flynn call before Loretta Lynch did. It can suggest that Obama directed Brennan to transfer the transcript to Lynch. The show goes on to show that Obama made a grave mistake to attack Barr last week on his weak argument that amounts to a self-portrayal in hypocrisy and sham-craft. We should all celebrate more if the leftist media takes this same tack by denying the obvious FBI-notes reality, for Obama will then lead the party into acting the lunatic like never before, with half the party, the ones wanting to remain sane, deserting. Obama might end up being the best thing that ever happened to the country if he can destroy the reputation of the Democrat base.

Ingraham then has Mollie Hemingway's May-8 article in which Obama, on that January-5 meeting mentioned above, tasked his leadership to portray Trump as a Russian asset, which was good both for his aspirations and those of Hillary's. We can glean that his leaders were to regard this task with Flynn as the first tool used toward that plot. It didn't go well with the Flynn tool. It didn't go well with the Mueller tool. And it didn't go well with the Obama fool, we are now learning. After all the havoc, it appears that the good guys are going to win this battle...all the more reason to expect more recklessness from the same general players on the coronavirus scheme.

This damning news, and more to come this week, comes out as people are home more than ever, more than ever watching the news. Perfect backfire on the conspirators.

Devin Nunes is going after Mueller; this disgusting FBI product is the epitome of corruption, and Nunes knows his entire game because it's child's play. Mueller devolved into a juvenile delinquent due to his own pattern of thinking. When he pretended not to know about the dossier crimes, he blared to the world what a childish imbecile he has become. Yet Barr doesn't want to arrest this trash.

Nunes continues to hand Barr more criminal referrals, I've lost count on the number of dozens. Another near-dozen this week, last I heard. And so Barr is progressively under the gun to make arrests. It's okay to charge people with one crime at a time; Barr doesn't need to wait until he has all the evidence for every individual crime per individual. Barr's scoring a big-fat zero on arrests thus far is a sign that he wishes to arrest no one. But he's not going to get his wish now. He's going to have a hard time arresting Comey and not Mueller, or McCabe and not Rosenstein, or Lynch and not Yates...probably the reason that he wishes to arrest no one.

Joy-oh-joy, how can he resist arresting Obama? Might Barr love this one arrest as a trophy he can die happily with? Momma, if you can hear me from the other side: I arrested the president of the United States, and got his (redacted) butt thrown into jail for the rest of his life. MOMMA!

Ask: If Obama's goal was simply to get Flynn fired so that he might not reveal secrets to the Trump team, why did Mueller continue to go after Flynn? Answer: getting him fired would not at all guarantee that he would not reveal secrets. Obama is therefore guilty of partnering (not necessarily directly) with the Rosenstein-Mueller team (they employed many Obamaites as lawyers / prosecutors) to hang a terrible threat over Flynn's life, to keep him quiet on crimes that Obama himself CONDUCTED. A conductor leads the music, you see. Barr MUST arrest the president of the United States, or Barr disgraces the United States.

Obama is guilty in the first degree on a host of crimes, for he would not wish to silence Flynn on mere policy disagreements, or, as Ingraham naively sounds when saying: to salvage his legacy. The main purpose of the Mueller team was to keep people silent who knew too much, and hopefully to win legal right be spy on the entire Trump team hoping to to assure that no one was talking.

Other News

Trey Gowdy has openly apologized for trusting the FBI, but maybe only because his prior beliefs look very dumb now. Why was he so blind when so many could so easily see that the FBI, and Mueller, were corrupt? It's a good question, and it's also a good question as to whether he's still willing to help Mueller and the FBI guys, where he can, while feigning repentance. I'm not saying he feigning, but that he could be. Watch him stress Russian interference in this Tucker show of this week. Why is he Russia-bashing instead of Mueller-bashing? Why does he make Nunes' job look like his focus was all about the Russians??? It wasn't. It was about the American deep state and everything the Russians weren't doing that the deep state said they were. Someone comments: "t looks like Trey attended the Lindsey Graham school of 'Talk tough, then DO NOTHING !!!'" I agree. Yet Fox pays him to come on regularly. Why do you think that is?

Jeff Sessions is publicly arguing for the rightness of his recusal. But wait. He could have revealed the Rosenstein-Mueller team for what it was without poking one hole into his recusal bubble. Stay in your bubble, fiend. You are not yet ready to come out. Suck your thumb, baby Sessions. For two years there was a deafening silence from you while the Mueller bull-dozer cut deep ruts through your department. And all you did was watch from your self-inflicted crib. You haven't the man-enough to man-up for that mistake because it's too huge a mistake for your political ambitions to bear. You are clearly playing politics. You don't deserve to officiate again.

If Sessions had exposed the Mueller dozer from the start, the deep state would have been weakened way back then, because there would have been few supporters for their cause. Instead, Sessions and Trump together allowed its troops to rally, increase, and advance. If the democrats had been ashamed two years ago, I doubt very much that they would be trying to pull off this lockdown. Fauci today (Tuesday) is going head-strong, wanting to close schools until next year. Thank you, Mr. Sessions, for this. And Fauci is even saying that there's a new corona-connective bogeyman (could be feigning it) that's threatening kids (I think it's reported from New York, capital of the manufactured crisis). Perhaps the demons have introduced a new virus to push the shut-down agenda to it's limits, willing even to risk childrens' lives. Why should we doubt it: the corona pushers are the baby killers in the millions upon millions.

Bongino's Tuesday show discusses Schiff's questioning to CrowdStrike's boss, Shawn Henry. Schiff, not in the CrowdStrike loop, asked Henry, in a congressional setting, for the evidence of Russian hacking of the DNC, but Henry (fraud) was thus forced to admit outright that there was zero evidence that any files were lifted (stolen) from the DNC system by the outside system suspect (by CrowdStrike) as the intruder and thief. We can assume here that the outside system was fabricated by the CIA to appear like a Russian system.

Thank you, Mr. Schiff, for that revelation. Why didn't you tell the nation about it, hum???

It seems that what the CIA did was to set up a pseudo-computer in Internet lalaland, to act as (give appearances of being) the hacker so that it could be blasted all over the leftist media as the true hacker, yet, all along, CrowdStrike knew that there was zero hack by this computer (I assume this is the computer they allotted to Guccifer 2.0).

Mr. Barr now has the responsibility and duty to send a pro-Trump investigator to look at CrowdStrike's records to check for CrowdStrike criminality, the fooling of the population as part of the Trump-Russia program. Surely, Trump's lawyers should be permitted to have "discovery" in that regard even before a law suit is filed against CrowdStrike. This was no minor crime, and it DID involve the murder of Seth Rich, and it's cover-up by Washington police. Yet Barr, as reports tell it, doesn't want to score any points for Julian Assange, and that's what it amounts to if Barr discredits CrowdStrike. So, I predict that Barr doesn't want to talk about this.

Bongino's show cites this article of 2019 (italics mine):

While the 448-page Mueller report found no conspiracy between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia, it offered voluminous details [his "justification" for failing to frame Trump after 22 months of nothing) to support the sweeping conclusion that the Kremlin worked to secure Trump's victory. The report claims that the interference operation occurred "principally" on two fronts: Russian military intelligence officers hacked and leaked embarrassing Democratic Party documents, and a government-linked troll farm orchestrated a sophisticated and far-reaching social media campaign that denigrated Hillary Clinton and promoted Trump.

That seems like a correct assessment of Mueller's report. We can see that, since the "sophisticated and far-reaching social media campaign" is a grossly-exaggerated farce on Mueller's part, the only leg left standing (like a dog to a tree trunk), to justify his urination on Trump, is Guccifer 2.0 (not to be confused with the original Guccifer). But if anyone knew that Mr. Henry at CrowdStrike had no evidence of a Russian hack, it would have been Mueller. He had every right to interrogate Henry. Did he? What for? Mueller knew the CrowdStrike claim to be a fabrication. Mueller is a deep-deep insider; he knows the entire sham from every angle.

Way back, Shawn Henry was actually hired by Mueller, FBI boss, to be his executive assistant director of his Criminal Cyber department.... There's a headline: "Why didn't Mueller question Shawn Henry about Russia's interference...?" The answer is obvious. There was Mueller urinating and urinating and urinating on Trump with Guccifer 2.0, yet Mueller doesn't even talk to Henry??? What kind of an investigator is this?

The more they prove that coronavirus came from Wuhan, the more they prove its origins from Americans. That's right. I declare, the coronavirus was from American virus labs in some partnership / relationship with the Wuhan lab. The only question is whether the American product was deliberately leaked from Wuhan, or accidentally. I declare: it was intentional. I'm holding to that prediction unless proven wrong, though I see no way to disprove it because I reject any accusation against China from American Intelligence.

Solomon's justhenews has an article (May 14) concerning a military study (on 2018-19 flu season) prior to COVID-19. One line of significance is: "In other words, there was some evidence a flu [vaccine] shot recipient might be more vulnerable to a coronavirus although well protected against many other forms of infection." Hmm, did the vaccine people provide for that situation deliberately as part of manufacturing the COVID-19 crisis? What the vaccine does, if the study's results are correct, is to make most flu infections COVID infections.

It's time for good people to get out and riot in Los Angeles. Oh what fun, a day out on the town, a day to bond, to feel the thrill of overpowering the tyrannical government. Break a lot of government-building windows and make some jobs! The governors would be lucky if the worst is a brick through their window, because if they keep on this track to the point where people can't eat, it'll be a bullet into their skulls. They don't arrest people in 10,000-people riots, but they will jail you one by one if you don't riot, and this is while they destroy peoples' livelihoods as people succumb to being lawful citizens. This cannot stand. If rioting is the only solution, it's going to happen. If 10,000 is not enough to make them give in, it'll become 100,000. It's inevitable. The question then becomes whether the Democrats will come out in large crowds to do battle in what could escalate into a civil war and martial law. MAKE SOME NOISE, just don't do it alone, and always do it in front of the stiff-necked government official.

The people who are bringing this pandemic are considered holy amongst themselves, and so the thing to do is to profane them with a rebellion the likes of which will make them not do something like this again. If there is no noise, they will do this again. This could be a trial for a second wave much worse than this one. It's your world as much as it's there's, and you are the majority. They are your representatives, not vice-versa. Laws are for the benefit of the majority, and no law made merely to oust a president from the White House should be allowed to stand uncontested for this long. They deceived you by making you think it would be a short-term lockdown, and then they tried to use police force to make it an extended lockdown, whatever it takes to ruin Trump. Think of it. If you are a goodie-goodie going forward at this time, you are their accomplice. Jesus did not call us to be goodie-goodie's before evil. JESUS, THE REBEL always voiced God's concerns, always exposed the evil with his NOISY voice. Make some Jesus noise today, and have fun! Let the Power go with you. Just be wise about it, because the enemy wishes to swallow us alive. Don't be disobedient in the wrong way, or God might not bail you out.

On Thursday's Ingraham, word is that one pharmacy company is refusing to fill chloroquine prescriptions made by doctors. This is surreal. TIME TO RIOT! They would rather kill people than to see the lockdown end. Where's Trump's task force? The pharmacies are snubbing their noses. Where's Trump's task force? The Texas doctor is saying the COVID patients are coming to her from out-of-state because doctors in their home states refuse to prescribe this drug, and then, irony-of-irony, the leftist lunatics are fighting back by refusing to give those patients the drug they want. Where's the task force? This is a conspiracy from the Fauci-Fascists. The youtube channel, Trump Breaking News, snipped out this story because it's an anti-Trump channel in disguise.

Here's Polly (warning, depressing, prepare to feel hopeless) exposing that Fauci is on the board of WHO's shadow company, GPMB (about the 22nd minute):

Here's her follow-up video with more connections giving the impression of global scheming in virology. I have the sense that God is going to crash their rocket. One of her main pointers is to Victor Dzau:

On Ingraham's Tuesday show, she has a map showing the highest nursing-home death tolls due to corona reports, and they are in almost all liberal states. This looks like pre-planned murder to me because it's liberals who do not value human life. The map tells that nursing home deaths due to corona account for more than 60 percent of all deaths, the remainder being mainly in hospitals, and we can bet that many of those came from nursing homes too. We were told, a decade or two ago, that some strategy was needed to handle the baby-boomers when they reached retirement age, because there wasn't enough money to pay them off until they die in their 80s or 90s. It looks like they have concluded one solution as mass-murder of the aged. This first corona run may only be a pilot project, to learn how to do it "better," more deceptively, this next flu season. I don't know what to say or do. The power to do something about it is not in my hands. And Trump has shown that he cares not for these deaths. I have yet to hear of his appointing someone to investigate the deaths checking for foul play = murder. If that's what's going on, then it's been in the planning for years.

They may be killing them with the respirators in some way. They may be pumping something more than oxygen into their lungs. Is anyone doing autopsies? Has anyone checked the oxygen tanks / canisters to see what's in some of them? Are some tanks marked / colored on their exteriors to differentiate from other tanks? Do only the old people get a certain kind of tank for stated reasons that are bogus? Fox news, infected with Fox-derangement, won't let any guest or anchor suggest that New York murdered -- literally murdered -- its old people. It looks undeniable to me. Instead, the people on Fox are saying that some states have made some terrible "mistakes."

John Solomon has the scoop on former Ukraine ambassador, Yovanovitch (Trump basher) where she's now been discovered to lie to congress about her knowledge of, and involvement with, Hunter Biden and Burisma. Trump wins this news battle time after time, yet leftist media keep-on acting the obstinate mules, refusing to accept and report the truths:

This reminds me of Trump's ignoramus attitude toward Ukraine. He called up its president, and asked him to help the United States get to the bottom of Burisma, Joe Biden, and other corrupt matters involving Americans. Then, he made the Ukraine president fly to the United States to appear with him on television, to tell the nation that there was nothing nefarious nor criminal with the phone call. Then, true to the Ukraine president's promise to help Trump, Ukrainians met / spoke with Trump's lawyer to hand him details of the corruption, yet Trump snubbed both his lawyer (Giuliani) and the Ukraine evidence. Giuliani had to quietly leave those matters alone because Trump turned the voters against him with a deafening show on non-support. To put it another way, Trump sided with leftist media when it framed Giuliani as Trump's hot potato. Trump, the back-stabber of his own team members when the leftist media tar-and-feather them good.

In like manner, Trump didn't want to touch another media-produced hot potato, general Flynn. Cold-hearted Trump fired him to quell the media's attacks. Join the Trump team at your own risk, because if you fall into the media's quick sand, Trump will walk around you and keep on going. He still doesn't have the courage to get rid of Fauci lest the media attacks him. So, he dances with the leftist media even though he complains about it. He's not an enigma, just a plain, self-serving, smooth-talking hypocrite who sees himself as a super-star. While he pretends to be beating up on the media, he allows the media to manipulate too many of his important decisions.

Solomon has a May-11 article telling, from new docs, John Podesta admitting, but playing down his knowledge and role in, Hillary's crimes against candidate Trump:

What Hillary probably didn't realize is that it's demoralizing for any team when they know that cheating is going on. No one gets a bigger rush winning by cheating than winning by good-ole hard and honest work. And the same goes for the thrill of playing. If you're cheating, spirits good up about the joy of cheating and getting away with it, but the drive to win suffers because some of the good-ole hard work is missing. Maybe that's why cheaters never prosper.

It took until late this week for Trump to remove the Obama-appointed inspector (Steve Linick) of the state department. That's the department most expected with overseas, Obama-era corruption, and yet Trump left that weasel in top spot as an overseer-of-sorts of the department's daily business. A president doesn't need to wait until an employee does wrong to replace him. It is sufficient for Trump to have said that he trusts NOBODY hired by Obama. Trump had that right because the Obama team was guilty of sedition from the get-go. For 3.5 years, Linick acted as an effective, all-seeing spy in Trump's state department, count on it. This is another example of Trump betraying his own party for fear of what the media will say about him. WHO CARES about what the moronic media says? Trump now has many loyal fighters to chose from in replacing Linick, but will the president choose even one of them, or will he instead take another risk with some establishment dork so that the media goes easier on him? There's nothing like shunning your full potential as president because you're thinking you're the greatest man who ever lived.

President Captain Kirk is for 5G even though the people don't want it. Who does he really represent? Global-hounding spies, apparently, those after American-led globalism, just like his Star-Treky Space Force (looks global to me, got the typical Illuminati white text on black background). It can explain why he allowed the spy system greater spy powers, perhaps hoping he could harness that system for his own global vision. He's now allowing the military to control the vaccination program, which together with 5G stinks like a war-hawk swamp. I don't like this. Do not fall in love with that flag, for it represents destruction. Do not honor it, or God will see it. Hate that flag like you hate death. It's cheaper, safer, and much more to God's liking to make friendships with the super-powers, as far as possible. You don't make friends with them by holding a nuclear warhead above their heads, STUPID.

We are in a tough position, wanting Jesus to return but not wanting world destruction. Yet, when we see what our enemies will do and think, we will not mind their destruction as much, if at all, though we must never gloat over the destruction to come, especially as it's going to be the fault of mankind. I am happy beforehand that the wicked will be removed from power, but there is something to say for not wishing it ideally. We would rather see them repent and become like us, peace-loving and appreciative of our Creator. Jesus comes to stop their destruction in its track before it wipes out the planet, and in the meantime he will also destroy the armies of the anti-Christ, and then also the Muslim enemies of Israel. Trump has heard of Armageddon, yet he and his military are striving more toward it than away from it. Do not trust this man. It appears to me he's paving the way for the office of False Prophet with "fire" from the sky.

Here's the victor of Armageddon; see if you as a mere human can measure up to Him, Illuminati bozos:

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy. For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross (Colossian 1:15-20).

All things have been created through Him and for Him. How can that be? How can someone create the Creation yet have the Creation created for him? It's plain as day: Paul was insisting that Jesus is God in a flesh body, the reproduction (two of them now) of the Creator, THINK OF IT. In Hebrews, He's called the reproduction (son) of God. He's not an adopted son like we might be, but he's a REPRODUCTION, a COPY so to speak, of God. Through Him God spoke to humanity, and showed how we must live to be prosperous and happy. No American pursuit for happiness will grow for long if it isn't the pursuit to please the Father. It's his law, and God is exposing the sin of America, The Wreck. He is not saving the nation, but exposing it, as a prosecutor does before sentencing.

The sinners have destroyed the nation, and plan to destroy it further. The Clingons are lunatics amongst you, president Kirk, and you will not be able to de-cling them because you are not behaving as God would have you behave. Destroy your casino; don't sell it and pass the sin to others. Give 95 percent of your fortune away, then become a follower of Jesus at the end of the line, like the least of God's people. You don't get to go to the front of the line just because you managed to become the president of a country. But you can't do these things, Kirk, if you have a self-appointed mission to go where no man has gone before. There is no one who brags openly like you. I have never heard a more-laughable man as yourself when you brag and brag. You look like such an imbecile. God's laws include this: the one who boasts in himself will fall. Humble yourself. Never praise yourself again. Cut the demon from your tongue. The thing that matters is whether we will be able to stand before the Son of God.

Insert into the Last Update

Good morning. I was amazed today, Wednesday, after finally finding the stork I had seen last week. I looked for it yesterday without luck, but after an added 45 minutes today, it was found in the Dale Crest. I needed to re-find the surname with this stork to check whether it could be linked to Brandon Van Gracken, the chief prosecutor on the Flynn case who quit in shame not many days ago when Jensen unleashed the FBI notes. And so I added the Dale's into an insert, which I'll repeat below for anyone who missed it, of the last update. If you don't know the medallion-on-hood event that I claim to be a set-up by God for pointing to Ukraine's part in the Russia-collusion hoax, then maybe see that topic in the last update by finding "medallion." To set this discussion up, I'll start by repeating this:

OH WOW, while no Petersburg surname comes up, see the Crack/Crick write-up: "The name Crack is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from when the family lived in the parish of Crick, in the diocese of PETERBOROUGH"!!!!!! Here's the medallion left by someone on my hood, which has "SAINT PETERSBURG RUSSIA" in Russian on the reverse side. To find Peterborough in the Crack write-up immediately after finding the applicable Grackers/Crackers, it just can't be coincidental...

As per the three ships we saw above, two with the two surnames fundamental to linking the medallion to Hoods/Hoots, see here from Sechin's Wikipedia article: "From 1991 to 1996, he worked at Saint Petersburg mayor's office...Sechin also presides over the Board of Directors of the United Shipbuilding Corporation [has office in Saint Petersburg]...'Sechin's stance on this issue results from his personal financial involvement in the St Petersburg shipbuilding industry'"

OH WOW, this is great. After writing the above, SeGUIN's were loaded, followed by Quine's, and the Scottish branch (the Gunns) shares the giant Renfrew ship, in the colors of the Baud ship!!!! WOW! What could be the reason for pointing to Sechin?

Seguin made it to topic because I purchased by Jeep in Seguin, Ontario (part of Parry SOUND that once pointed to Gordon SONDland of Ukrainian / impeachment crime against Trump).

The quote above really gave us a story, and a whole new perspective on how to decipher / interpret the medallion on hood. But why is that medallion pointing to the Flynn case too? Let's continue immediately after the quote above, but first let me add that Adells (i.e. like "Dell / Dale / Duley") share the CRICHton lion because the import this morning is about the Dale pointer to Van GRACKen:

This medallion event was bothering me because I have never been very happy with any pointers of it to the deep state, as I am now happy with what Cracks/Cricks just did. But with God, each event, each prop per event, can point to more than one thing. Happy happy. The event took place in a parking LOT, and while Lots share the brown dog with Lothians, CRICHtons were first found in Midlothian, and they probably use the Bruce lion because Marjory Carrick [Like "Crack"] married the Bruce's. The Galloways likewise share this giant blue lion, and it's colors reversed from the lion of Medals/Dougals (Galloway) and Dougals/Dowells. It looks like extra verification that Cracks/Cricks are to apply, but Crichtons even have a Grack-like "grace" motto term (!) suggesting Grace's/Grasse's. In fact, wow, the Gracker/Cracker Coat is almost the Coat of Doleys/Dulys/Doyle's (Oxfordshire, same as Ships and Grazio-branch Crispins), with variations like the Douls of Dougals/Dowells (Dol / Dolfin colors), the latter sharing the lion of English Grasse's. There is no doubt about it, the medallion event was pointing to Brandon Van Grack.

[Insert May 13 -- Wow, as proof that God would point to Van Grack, I once co-owned a business with "Crackers" in its name that involved storks (the business began with storks). I know for a fact that the GROCE Crest has a stork, and Grackers/Crackers are also KROCKs, lookie at that. Plus, Doley-like Dale's, a branch of Dells, use what looks to me to be a stork in Crest. Plus, wow, the same Dale's have a giant swan while Swans/Sions use a "FiDELitas" motto term. That term, when understood as "FideLITAS" can be reckoned also as code for the LITES'/Lite's/Lights because they share the Dale swan in both colors! That's the first time I've deciphered that motto code. I know for a fact that Store's/Storys, with swan heads, and a stork in Crest. Liddle's/LiDELLs (GLASS fleur-de-lys in colors reversed) even have a "SANitas" motto term while Sane's are listed with Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire, beside GLASgow). "...'William de Lydel was seneschal of the Bishop of GLASGOW, and led the forces of the see to the support of Robert Bruce.'"

I am pretty sure I know that this stork is the mythical stork that was owned, according to an article I read, by the Bavarian family of OETTINgen-Oettingen, which I trace to Odins of STORKhouse because the Oettingen-Oettingen saltire is white, like that also of Oddie's/HODDys (Yorkshire, same as Odins and Dale's) and the Hood/Hoot fret (it's a saltire!). It just so happens that Odins share the CROZier with Bracebridge's while the medallion-on-hood was found in Bracebridge!!! Wow. Crozier/Crosier liners are easily potential branches of Croce's/Cross' and therefore of Grackers/Crackers and Groce's/Grachs. That is amazing. The medallion was not fully decipherable without Van Grack in the picture. English Crozier's were first found in Lites-like LIDDESdale. Note "LiddesDALE," for Dale's share the Lites swan!

The Odin Coat is shared by GRENwich's while it was Mr. GRENell, possibly, who was behind the ruin of the Flynn case. Grenell will be replaced by John Ratcliffe later this month, or so they are saying. Amazing. I had entertained "STRzok" as a Stur / Store / Stork liner at one time, and it was likely Peter Strzok who didn't want to end the Flynn probe.

Liddesdale is in Roxburghshire, where Liddle's/Lidells and Little's were first found, and the Liddle/Lidell spurs are connectable to the Spurrs and Supers, both first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, perfect, for "Super" is a motto term of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were at a Rattery location. The medallion was on the hood, and, while the Bracebridge Coat is a black version of the Clapper Coat, Clapper told under oath that his lawyer, Mr. LITT, was the first to indicate to him (probably a lie) of the Flynn phone call with Kislyak on or about January 3. The Litts happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Liddle's/LiDELLs and moreover have the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosiers!

The all-important Dale's, who started the insert, are easily gleaned as a branch of Dailys because the latter have a "FiDELis" motto term, like the "Fidelitas" term that was definitely for Dale-branch Dells. Dailys may be sharing the Sullivan lion, and then judge Sullivan is presiding over the Flynn case, and he, an Obamaite, is still trying to salvage the case, as of Wednesday, even though Grack has quit. The thing is, the medallion-on-hood can now point to Mr. Sullivan too because Sullivans use a robin (I've read that as a fact) while Robin HOOD is in the write-up of Dale's (in French-Robin colors): "'The medieval form was At Dale, softened afterwards to A'Dale, as often found in parish registers of the XVI. cent., and widely renowned through the ballad of Robin Hood and Allin a'Dale.'" Is that not a hoot?

The Dale write-up adds: "...Syme of Daile and JOK of Dail of the Newtoun was listed in Ayrshire, 1470." The Joke's/YOKE's (look like Jack branch) are clearly a branch of Hocks/Yoke's (Switzerland, same as Sion) because the latter share a giant swan with Dale's, though in the colors of the swans of Swans/Sions ("FiDELitas"). The HOEk variation of Hocks/Yoke's suggest the Hoe's/Keoghs (Daily Shield?), first found in Tipperary with Sullivans (share boar with Hoe's/Keoghs). End Insert]

As an aside to the Van-Grack topic, Kennedys were first found in Tipperary too, and they are from the Kennati priests of Jack-like Ajax. Jacks and Joke's/Yoke's share scallops on a fesse.

Later on Wednesday we learn that some Flynn-related files came out unclassified: "Both the DOJ and Grenell had been discussing these 'unmasking' files, after Grenell appeared to have delivered those files to the department last week. There were some tensions between the two offices over who would actually pull the trigger to release them -- ultimately, the publication came from Capitol Hill after Grenell sent lawmakers the files." It sounds as though Barr wanted the right to release them because he wanted to hold on to them for as long as possible, but Grenell, not wanting that, sent them immediately to Grassley and Johnson, who released them immediately.

Obama was so worried for nothing that Trump would soon, on January 20, 2017, have access to all Intelligence files. Obama was scared, but he soon began to rejoice when he saw that Trump was just a buffoon (a clown acting). Trump never took Intelligence to himself in such a way as to unveil anything Obama ever did. It was like Trump was on Obama's side. To this day, nobody in Trump's CIA has disclosed one piece of sugar for Trump's voters. He's never going to do a thing to help you out, voters, because he despises you. He's not your type. You're not his type. He's using you to win the election. A little candy here, from uncle Trump, a little candy there, to make you have the illusion of a president acting on your side, but between candies, he's giving you the shaft. In the meantime, Obama's criminal rats have no fear of Trump whatsoever. In the meantime, these rats can be back in the White House as soon as the snow starts to fall. Trump has risked it all up until this year just because he didn't want to arrest your jail-deserving enemies.

I declare: the reason that Trump appointed cover-uppers for any organization that could uncover Obama-team crimes is that Trump either asked them to cover-up, or he agreed to chose whoever the deep state chose on his behalf. That's final. I'm not taking it back. Trump is your enemy, those of you who vote for him. This cursed fake is even wanting to leave Wray in his place for eight months more at least. Wray is a criminal, and Trump wants to leave him there at least eight more months! WAKE UP! This is not how an ordinary president of anything acts. A president is supposed to act on behalf of the people in his group, and if there is a corrupt player in a key position in that group, who betrays the group's will, the president is not to let him remain in that key position one more day. WAKE UP. Give yourselves a shake, Trump lovers. This man is an imposter.

Trump has given governors absolute powers even to jail people who need to go back to work. Trump is not going after these governors because he cares about self; what other explanation is there? Trump admitted that he has the highest, absolute power in this regard, but he's not using it for fear that the leftist media will portray him as a dictator over state governors. So, yes, even when the governors do wrong, Trump lets them. Barr piped out to send the message, don't use an iron fist, but so far he's been nothing but mouth; there;s not been one arrest of a leftist governor to send a message to others for fear that the leftist media will portray him as a dictator. So, what you have is paper tigers "running" the country.

There is reason for pessimism to this day. How possibly could John Durham not have obtained the list of people who requested to unmask Flynn? Isn't that an easy thing to do, by a simple request to the DNI? The news people are suggesting that this list is new to Durham. Has he been sleeping? Has Barr not given him man-power? Why didn't Durham and Barr have the FBI notes that were just let out? There seems to be something terribly wrong with Barr.

Brennan came out this week to say he doesn't mind talking to Durham i.e. suggesting that Durham hasn't even questioned Brennan yet. Is this a sham? Are we fools to trust this administration? Looks like.

Durham's job was to discover the predicate of the FBI attack on Trump, and while that may not be directly connected to Flynn, the latter was persecuted by the same people who attacked Trump. If you want to put those people under arrest, you naturally want to know if there's evidence of their criminal mistreatment of Flynn. It helps your case enormously. But all the while that Barr was "tolerating" (he may have been loving it) that anti-Trump Van Grack, Barr didn't ask for the Flynn files from Wray??? What's wrong with Barr? He didn't ask for a list of people who unmasked Flynn??? What is wrong with this fraud? The Republicans got the list from Intelligence, not from Barr.

I say he got caught red-handed by the material released by Jensen, and that Barr probably asked Grack to quit once the cat was out of the bag. That makes Barr a criminal on yet another count of obstruction. He's guilty of probably more than a dozen counts of obstruction. There is so much to prosecute, but he's been obstructing it all. It appears that he's hoping to run out the clock on making arrests on this side of the election, and if Trumps wins it, he'll just slap the guilty on the wrist after that.

The most-damning request to unmask Flynn came on January 5, 2017, the day that Intelligence chiefs, Biden, and other government leaders met in Obama's White-House office. That request was made by Obama's chief-of-staff, and so it's not a wonder that Barr didn't want to reveal this, for Barr's job is to cover for these crimes. Obama himself, in other words, committed a crime by unmasking Flynn's name without just cause. he can say until he's blue in the face that he had just cause, but what was it specifically? he has no answer but to say he SUSPECTED Flynn of being a Russian agent. Achem, yes, but on what suspicion? After Obama saw the phone call, there was nothing to it, and therefore there was no just cause to let Flynn's name be know to anyone.

Yet Obama knew about the phone call before his chief-of-staff asked officially to get his name unmasked? Why would they ask to get Flynn's name unmasked AFTER they already knew who the mystery person was? When there is an unmasking request, there is an American whose name is redacted from a file / transcript. But as Obama knew that the transcript was Flynn's making a call(s), the only reason for his chief-of-staff to officially apply for the unmasking is so that, if this crew got caught committing this crime, they could try to make it appear that they went by the book. And so precautions were taken to make it appear that they went by the book, for Trump was about to sit in the White House, and they all thought Trump would try to nab them. SURPRISE, Trump turned out to be a buffoon.

A week later, on the same day (January 12) that the call was leaked (= crime) to the leftist press, Joe Biden makes a request to unmask Flynn, and there were a few others who requested to unmask in that January period. At this time, we don't know which phone calls in particular the December unmasking requests were for. It should prove very enlightening to discover the details of those requests, but if those details are left hidden, leftists will just say that Obama sincerely had some reason to believe that Flynn was a Russian player. It's preposterous, for Flynn had never before shown such colors when he led military Intelligence.

We now have the ability to realize that someone got the call transcript with Flynn fully identified, and then spread it around to top-level people, and that the top-level people were then asked to file unmasking requests to give appearances that this is how they discovered Flynn's identity. It is likely that Obama got the unmasked version officially on the 5th or 6th, and that he then, to make it look done by the book, sent a copy of the masked version to the CIA and to Biden, asking them to request their own unmaskings...even though they already knew that Flynn was the masked name. It looks done by-the-book that way.

It appears that Barr now has a slew of people to arrest immediately, because they broke the law with this one man. There is no need to investigate further, the evidence is already in that they committed the same crime, all of them together as a gang. There is no need to delay. The paperwork to make the arrests can be done by next week, it doesn't take long on such a simple matter as this. Bottom line: Barr's a crooked police chief.

What do we make of the unmasking requests on Flynn's name by Comey and Clapper between December 14 and 16? Comey's deputy claimed that he had stumbled ("found") accidentally onto Flynn's phone call in someone's spy-machine data, and that the FBI then alerted the CIA to it. Who's baby was it to investigate Flynn way back in the first half of December? Brennans? Did Obama put Brennan to that task? I'm taking this information from Ingraham's Wednesday show, where she adds that the earliest unmasking request (for Flynn) was November 30 by Samantha Powers.

Why Powers? She was only the ambassador to the UN. What business of hers was it to know anything about Flynn as a Trump-teamer? The report has been that multiple hundreds of unmasking requests were done in her name, yet she denies them all, and suggested that someone else did them in her name. Well, achem, whatever Intelligence office it is that takes these requests, weren't the people there a wee-bit suspicious that the UN ambassador was unmasking so many Americans? Soon after, Dan Coats took charge of all Intelligence agencies, and certainly it entered his mind to check up on who was requesting things about Flynn, yet Coats covered-up these crimes.

It is my impression that, if Trump had not been severely attacked on impeachment, he would not have fired Coats, and we would not have had the information now coming out, nor would there be a John Ratcliffe in charge of all Intelligence soon. Ironically, the Democrat push to impeach Trump has backfired on Obama, and he's now got a leg caught in a serious trap.

It gets worse because the FBI notes that caused the DoJ case on Flynn to collapse were in the offices overseen by Wray. It was his responsibility to find all Flynn-related material (it would have been easy as pie to find), and to report it to Barr whether it supported or opposed the DoJ case. In fact, as the DoJ was bringing the case, it was Barr's department that was responsible for asking Wray for all pertinent material on Flynn. The pertinent material was merely based in December and January, it can't get any easier to find. The FBI would have had a Flynn file. It was easy as pie. Therefore, either Wray withheld it from Barr, or Wray gave it to Van Grack and he withheld it from Barr, in which case the onus was on Wray to give it to Barr.

Actually, bombshell material like that should have gone to none-other than Barr regardless of whether Wray gave a copy to Grack. But the Republican talking heads are not talking about these crimes against Flynn, but rather only about the Obamaite crimes against Flynn. Don't you find that these taking heads look double-standard when they point fingers only at the opposing party? Their problem is that they have talked niceties about Barr from the start, and now do not wish to risk looking mistaken in case Barr is guilty of a horrible cover-up.

If Wray isn't fired within another week by Barr, we should assume that: 1) they were in this together; 2) Wray is not guilty while Barr is; 3) Trump asked Barr not to fire Wray. We need to entertain things out of the Republican-media box. It's possible that Grenell released the FBI notes with a plan to expose Barr on behalf of the left i.e. Grenell's not really loyal to Trump, as reported. Everything Grenell has exposed on the Flynn case reflects badly on Barr.

I suggest that some or all of the many people who applied to see Flynn's phone call were applying at Comeys and Obama's requests to make it appear that there was no law broken. For example, when Comey applied in mid-December, it was unlawful for him to share the call unmasked with people in the White House, but as he did reveal Flynn's identity to the White House, Obama asked his chief-of-staff to apply for the same phone call to make it appear that he learned of it not from Comey's / Brennan's illegal act. Ditto or Biden and others. It is now impossible for Comey and Brennan to maintain that they went after Flynn due to his Kislyak phone call, for they were spying on him weeks earlier.

There was so much manufactured concern with keeping Flynn quiet that there must have been some massive criminal enterprise in Obama's government. Flynn was Obama's military Intelligence chief, and so he might just reveal some of those secrets when he's finally in the clear. I'd guess that he knows about Obama's support of ISIS, and his anti-Trump games in Ukraine too. Flynn was appointed by Trump about November 20th, and already, on the 30th, there was a request to unmask his name for a reason yet unknown. He may not even have been talking to a foreigner at the time. The goons needed to make sure he wasn't talking Obama secrets. Doesn't Barr or Trump want to know what they were trying to hide? Is Barr a war hawk who agrees to the use of ISIS by the American military?

How can Trump remain so aloof from these matters that he merely waits to hear from the news? If you were the president, wouldn't you be asking your Intelligence briefers what's going on? Yet Trump acts like he either knows nothing more than you or I, or he assures that he knows nothing more than you or I because he doesn't want to uncover anything. That's right, this president is a stinking fake. You might say that he doesn't tell the public what he hears from briefers, because briefers might then not tell him anything of importance, but I'd say that he then needs new briefers who are on the side of the voters, and who respect the voters enough to pass on to them the criminality of Obamaites. That's the job of their president. But if the president keeps these particular secrets of Intelligence from the people, how much of a deep-state player and obstructionist does he become? Keeping criminal secrets is obstruction of justice. And Trump has been engaging in exactly this for 3.5 years and counting. The president is a criminal. He's not allowed to hide criminal secrets from his people, neither from his voters or non-voters, unless for a short time while he's working to arrest the criminals. But that's not what he's been doing.

Here's how daft or deceptive Trump is on this issue, this week: "They weren’t after General Flynn — they wanted him to lie about me, make up a story.” You see, he doesn't want you to think that they were trying to keep Flynn quiet because he doesn't want to reveal what Flynn knows. It's very possible that Trump sides with Intelligence on this matter of what Flynn knows because the president has kept a policy of dancing with the deep state as the best way to get re-elected. And he's trying to get all his voters to dance along. At best, he's just keeping distance from Intelligence operations on his team players, in which case he's a traitor to them. Take your choice because it's probably both.

AP on Thursday: "Trump’s own administration acknowledged on Wednesday that Obama advisers followed proper procedures in privately 'unmasking' Flynn’s name, which was redacted in the intelligence reports for privacy reasons." What??? What does "proper procedures" mean? Is it a smokescreen to hide that the motives were illegal? Did they properly fill out the paperwork for making unmasking requests, and somehow that makes it legal? Of course it doesn't. The writer (Julie Pace) of the AP article claims that Obama did nothing wrong, just so you know what lalaland she's coming from.

I cannot know whether Trump's tweet to Graham on Thursday is sincere versus a facade by both of them to make Trump appear concerned with bringing Obama to justice. Trump's demand from Graham to bring Obama to a senate hearing was immediately rejected by Graham, and so keep your eyes on the Fox shows that pay Graham to appear as a guest speaker. Check to see whether Fox makes an issue of this story, and what side its show hosts take, whether Fox bosses are forcing them to go light on Graham. There is something very surreal about the Obamaites always getting off free thanks to one Republican or another. Sooner or later the voter needs to stop blaming the RINOs and lay blame at Trump's feet as a phony. Trump can always write Obama with a host of questions; nothing is in his way from doing that. Why does Trump have lawyers since they do NOTHING. Who tells them to do NOTHING.

Why doesn't Trump himself expose Obama instead of calling on Graham to do it? Demand from Barr an arrest. If Barr refuses, expose him for his obstruction, replace him, and most of all, ignore what leftist media says because they always side against the right things to do.

On Bongino's Thursday show, Dan shows that McCabe and the prosecution team lied in court, saying that no unmasking files on Flynn existed (30th minute).

In the 34th minute, Bongino shows (these papers are online somewhere) that there were several unmasking requests by different individuals in mid-December, two weeks before the phone call wherein which Flynn was charged with making a false statement. Flynn was not charged for anything else, either before or after his December 29 call. Therefore, why all the fuss in mid-December? I have yet to here anyone venture a reason for this.

There is a difference between an umasking request and a request to obtain the phone call in the first place. The date of the unmasking request always comes after the call for which they request unmasking. In my view, the dates shown for the unmasking requests are NOT the dates of the calls for which they want unmasking, though I think Bongino thinks so when he's asking why there were no requests dated for the 29th. He could be correct, but it's not my first choice. Google's not making it easy to find this list.

What call(s) were Comey and Brennan wanting to unmask, and why, before mid-December? Knowing the details of that thing could explain an awful lot as to motives to harm, abuse of powers in general, and criminal abuse of Flynn's privacy rights. What would be the purpose of unmasking, when those requesting the unmasking all knew that the calls belonged to Flynn? I (no expert on this) can think of only one reason to unmask: to show the information to buddies and to perhaps get the storylines on the news.

Below is a webpage showing the list; third page has three CIA people requesting unmaskings on January 7th, 7th, and 10th. The latter has their name redacted, we wonder why. Why are some names allowable, even Brennan, yet not this name?

At the top of the list, there are "16 authorized individuals" on top of "principals" (organizational chiefs) on whose behalf, or under whose oversight, they were making the requests. Clapper was the first Intelligence boss to apply for a request, on December 2. Other sources say dozens of requests came in (on Flynn) between November 8 and January 31, but these 16 are over a shorter span. Why doesn't the list tell us which requests were accepted versus rejected? What kind of half-baked release is this, coming with so few details? We need to assume that there was guilt / crime involved, or why would the list be released? How long do the people need to be kept guessing as per the mysteries created by this dribble?

What were the reasons for the requests from Obama, Biden, Comey and Clapper? Were they justified in viewing Flynn as an enemy agent? Why are there eight requests from Samantha Powers? Into how many phone calls were they spying, and did the NSA generally embrace all requests (to be assumed in the affirmative)? Under what justification did the NSA fulfill any request? The only thing this release tells us is that Obama was abusing Flynn and treating him as a dog, spreading his phone calls to just about everyone hoping to paint a guilty-with-Russia illusion. Yet without details, leftists can argue that there was justification for suspecting Flynn as a traitor.

Bongino argues that they knew about the call on the 29th of December, and that they were expected to apply for an unmasking request as soon as possible, yet the first request after that date was on January 5. It's not a very good argument because they were not supposed to know about the call on the 29th. It was better if they gave it a few days before requesting an unmasking. As the prosecution in the Flynn criminal case claimed that there was no phone transcript, perhaps it wanted to hide the fact that Obama's office, and the CIA, requested the unmasking days after the call. Why didn't Obama farm this task out? Why did he allow his own office to make the first request? It's unlike Obama to put himself at primary risk, for he usually let others do it.

Was the FBI reluctant to make the request lest it get into trouble? Possibly, yes, for a few days later, the FBI wanted out from the Flynn case. No FBI requests came after the 5th, but there were three by Brennan's CIA, and another by Obama's Biden.

Was Obama's request rejected? Is that why other requests followed on the 7th, 10th and 12th? Or were those other requests for other Flynn calls? If so, they were all illegal, because there was no crime in the December-29 call, or other calls before that, to justify spying on further calls.

Comey's story is that no one knew about the 29th call until the FBI stumbled over it while searching for something else. No one could put in an unmasking request until someone first put in a request to hear/read the call. Doesn't that take time? Only after seeing the call could someone assess whether unmasking is required, and yet there is no reason to request unmasking if the call was purely political, with no hint of conflict of interest or sedition. As Obama already knew, by the 5th, that Flynn made the call, the only reason to unmask the name on the call transcript was to show it in that open form to someone else. To whom did Obama wish to show it? We want to know who made the initial request to hear/read the call. Was it Obama's office? Grenell has that information. Why didn't he release that part? Is he trying to make Obama squirm? Or is he trying to make Obama deny realities for which Grenell will later prove him a liar?

Anyone who asks the spy-record computers for all of Flynn's phone calls in November and December is not, I gather, able to access the actual calls. Special request needs to be made to acquire the rights to hear/read them. Comey tends to take credit for finding the call first. Was that too a lie? Do the conspirators cover for one another hoping to get cover in return when they need it? Is Bongino correct in saying that a foreign spy system obtained the call(s) and then gave it/them to Comey and others? Think about it. The five Western nations who share spy systems can skirt the law of their own land by obtaining otherwise-illegal information legally from another country.

In a senate hearing long before this week, Clapper told Graham that he knew not who unmasked Flynn. Yet Clapper's own organization requested THREE WHOLE BIG FAT times to unmask Flynn for sinister reasons. On CNN this week (see Bongino's video above about 1 hr), Clapper says he doesn't remember why his organization requested the unmaskings, like, "uhhh, who's that Flynn guy again, uhh, is he important or sumthin?" No, goofer, he only led military Intelligence.

What Grenell has accomplished with this piece of next-to-nothing disclosure is to create a news controversy, to divide the two sides more than before, because he didn't declassify enough information to shut the traps of leftist media. There is nothing on the surface of the unmasking requests to incriminate anyone. You and I know that Obama is guilty, but Grenell withheld the material to show that guilt absolutely. Perhaps the purpose was to keep the people divided in mutual strangleholds. Perhaps Grenell was feeding us mere news-juice as part of a deep-state tactic. Where's the goods, queer box? What are you doing releasing this next-to-nothing? Stay out of bed with other men, disgusting pig. I'm allowed to speak all our minds because I don't have company owners telling me what I can or cannot say for fear of their withdrawing advertising money. On the other hand, Hannity plays nicey-nicey to faggots, disgusting pigs. Not even Tucker would use those truth-reflecting words. Faggots are going to grow in number if people are not appalled by them, and so Sodom here we are. I'm not going to be an accomplice to the re-making of Sodom; I'll call it for the disgusting thing it is.

Bongino Friday show has a good-sounding theory, saying that Obama expelled Russian diplomats in an express effort to get Kislyak to call Flynn, which took place on December 29th, the phone call under discussion. On top of this, Obama signed an Executive Order on the 28th (to take effect on the 29th) to impose sanctions against Russia. Kislyak probably called to complain to a representative of the Obama government first, but this office could have been instructed, as part of the trick, to get Kislyak to instead call Flynn to discuss the/a matter. In this way, Obama hoped to get Flynn kissing up to Kislyak, opposing the expulsion, and thus to portray him as pro-Russia / anti-America. Apparently, that trick didn't work well, and the tricksters had to resort to a perjury trap instead. See Bongino's 32nd minute (Friday) for the hard-to-swallow FBI charges against Flynn, but also watch for a few minutes (to at least the 37th) to see how the FBI messed with his life on this matter on FBI fabrications.

As you can see, the FBI charged Flynn for lying about his discussions with Kislyak on the topic of sanctions, yet Flynn did not discuss sanctions with Kislyak. But even if there is any doubt, all that Barr needs to do is to release the telephone transcript(s) to show what was discussed. But Barr cannot release the key transcript because he's responsible to read it, to assure that Flynn was rightly charged in the first place. But Barr did not call off his prosecution hounds. Barr would thus be revealed as a criminal if the transcript shows zero discussion on sanctions. Therefore, why doesn't Grenell release the transcript to expose Barr? Is Grenell himself a detestable part of these crooks, cherry-picking what parts he'll let loose for his own purposes?

I reiterate. Barr the twisted police chief has allowed Wray to get away without exposing this FBI crime against Flynn. Barr has embraced Wray, and Wray has covered the crimes, terrible crimes, hideous crimes. This story should not be about Obama only, but about Barr's criminality. Wray has been allowed to stay on at the FBI for more than a week already after the exposure of his Flynn-related obstruction crime. In no way should he be permitted to stay on that long, because he can work extra hard at scrubbing the computer system, or re-arranging it, to hide his criminality on this matter. Yet Trump wants him to remain for eight months or more??? Is he NUTS? If he's not nuts, then he just doesn't care what crimes they commit, so long as he gets to be president. Trump is a great big jerk, the grand master of obstruction.

Here's more from president Sham (Thursday): "Trump wants FBI’s original ‘302’ report on Flynn case, says former adviser 'persecuted'" It sounds so perfect, but it's just a stinken tweet. It's always just a stinken tweet. Why don't you make official requests, Mr. Sham? The type that needs to be responded to so you can show your voters what a sham the responses are when they reject your right demands? Tweeting doesn't make you a player for the good guys, it just makes you a hypocrite because the power is in your hands to get ALL the FBI notes on Flynn, and you can then decide what can be let loose all on your lonesome. Instead, you have done ZERO of that, a big fat ZERO. President Hypocrite.

Go ahead, write Wray a letter and shame him. Show the world the criminality he's been hiding. Ahh, you can't do that because you don't want to fire him. You useless piece of trash! You accomplice to FBI criminality. That's how God sees the inaction of people who have the power to produce fruit but instead bury their talents. Into the trash heap with you, let the meek rule the planet who will fight for the good.

Jim Jordan is asking documents from Pompeo, a thing that Trump could have gotten all on his lonesome. Instead, he makes his best supporters scratch and dig for the smallest amount of incriminating information, and though they barely get some, he doesn't lift one finger to help. Trump is the Pharisee who, when he sees the injured man on the road, all beaten up, walks by because he doesn't have the desire nor time to tend to him. He's too busy trying to win the election for himself, because he's certainly not doing it for anyone else. He wants to use his White House position to get high honors for himself, by doing great feats for the country. And so he's just the Pharisee who wears his tassels long and accepts the kisses of his subjects on the hand, ever coveting honor for himself. That's how much he stinks like trash. President Pharisee.

I hear pigeons here everyday now. They have a nest nearby. Yesterday, I saw two pigeons together for the first time this year. I've never had pigeons here before. This morning, I stepped out the door to see a pigeon land in a tree, followed by the second. For those who have followed my pigeon stories, this looks good. Expect stool pigeons against Obama, but don't let Trump take credit, for anytime something good happens against the deep state, he says WE are catching them. SPIT!

Put it this way, that while the entire leftist media slanders his own supporters by calling them pushers of conspiracies, Trump sees no need to get the information that shames the leftist media and honors his own supporters for being correct in their charges. TRASH, ABSOLUTE TRASH. This behavior has NOT changed from the very start. This is his sick game. Someone go slap Trump on his face and say, "shut up with your empty tweets. Do something."

Graham this week had to be forced to call a Judiciary Committee hearing on the deep state's attacks. But he refuses to question Obama even though he's the king-pin of his cabal. One conclusion only: Graham wants to make a good show for himself by calling this hearing. He has no desire to contribute to anyone's jailing because he knows that neither Trump nor Barr -- nor his fellow Republican do-nothing scaredy-cats -- want jailings.

Sara Carter quotes the Johnson and Grassley team:

“We are making this [Grenell offering] public because the American people have a right to know what happened. We commend Acting DNI Grenell and Attorney General Barr for their transparency and responsiveness. Our investigation of these matters has been ongoing for years, and as information finally comes to light, our focus on these issues is even more important now.”

FOR YEARS they have been scratching, and here National Intelligence releases a little piddle. It's not even a full urination, just a little piddle, maybe half a bladder's load. It doesn't even tell us why the goons applied to unmask. There are no details on the criminality, and the leftist media are mocking those who know what happened. And Graham refused to reveal more by using his powers to question Obama. So, the ball is in Grenell's court to leak and leak and leak -- one full-bloated urination after another -- to reveal until the leftist media is slammed hard and forced to shut it's ever-running mouth.

There are literally millions of Americans who would have made far better presidents. If he had seized the documents before there was time for Wray and others to scrub them from the files, he would have had an endless number of cannon balls. As soon as the media opened its mouth to criticize one leak, he could have released another damning leak to shame them and make them look more guilty. One cannon ball after the other, he could have made hypocrites of the leftist blow-horns. Instead, he made himself the hypocrite, allowing the left to deceive your naive sons and daughters. Trump is barely winning over Biden, that's how useless he is. With all of the ammunition at his disposal, he's barely beating old-man-pervert, corrupto-skin Biden. And he's put his supporters through hell by refusing to leak one thing aside from his Ukraine phone call, which he did for himself alone.

Trump is the kind of moron who speaks well of his Pompeo pick because it makes him look good for re-election, yet he doesn't expose to the people that Pompeo sided with his enemies in his impeachment. And Pompeo is still there at the charge of the state department, the department that has all sorts of incriminating evidence against Obama. They are deceiving voters together. They have no aspirations to reveal anything. Trump's the sort of moron who would deceive his own supporters and think highly of his craft in doing so.

Nunes is promising more criminal referrals. He's got to be nearing 30 by this lot, but Barr has yet to accept one of them, so far as we know. As soon as Barr gets them, into the trash file they go.

This is a good re-cap from Carl Levin:

Carl said that congress needed transcripts of all of Obama's daily briefings to discover what was going on. But Trump had access to those daily briefings, and did not reveal those things, didn't even say he saw them, didn't even ask his voters if they wanted him to look over them. Why is Carl blaming Obama but not Trump? The latter is guilty of saving Obama and his conspirators. The president deserves prison. The president's act is a sham. It's blatantly obvious. Trump was the victim, but Trump also obstructed justice.

Forced Vaccinations Under Trump's Orders?

So many Trump lovers are so useless in doing the right thing, they will probably side with Trump on quasi-forced vaccinations. Beware: "Trump says he would mobilize military to distribute coronavirus vaccine when it's ready" (CBS headline Thursday). Nursing homes get the vaccines first, at the risk of a plan assuring their deaths sooner. You know he will NEVER do this before the election, but after he's won again, he can give the deep-state shaft to his voters a lot harder than he has these past four years.

This brings me to the prime-time Fox shows. Don't you think that all three or four of them should discuss with Fox bosses a way for the people to hear the other side of the vaccine story, from those who fear that's some vaccines are poisoned? There needs to be a middle ground between the Fox boss whose got financial interests in vaccines, and the peoples' right to hear the anti-vaccine side of things. Yet I haven't heard the latter issue from any one of the prime-time Fox shows. It seems they are all doing the will of the Fox boss to hush that side of the controversy. What do you think about this? As we saw with Huckaby, a Fox contributor, he's not speaking out against vaccines either, because, apparently, his appearances on Fox mean more to him than the anti-vaccine issue. Does even Bongino reject the anti-vaccine movement because he too is a Fox contributor? He did come out to ridicule the 6666 testing program, but is that the same as vaccination programs? Maybe not yet. Once they find you infected, everyone in your house may need to undergo forced vaccinations, or else they take you away to a Walmart prison, for example. Who knows what these lunatics are capable of. They hate us for calling them lunatics, but that's what they are made of.

The time is soon here, it looks like, when they will force Trump voters to receive something in their veins that they do not want. Is anyone on the Trump team questioning Trump on this matter? Why isn't that movement making headlines?

What's the military got to do with distributing a shot in the arm? Is this why Trump is building the wall at the border, to keep Americans from escaping when they reject a military hammer coming down? Is Trump part of the 6666 vaccination program? Is this why they are emptying the jails, to make room for people refusing the vaccines? Is this why the military built tunnels underground to many Walmarts of the nation? I think I'm beginning to realize why Trump isn't bucking against the inflated numbers of corona sufferers: he's in bed with part of the manufactured corona program.

There was evidence in one of Polly's videos that this manufactured crisis is a false-flag operation, initiated as a global-pandemic drill. However, false-flag operations, while started under the guise of a drill, are never revealed as such to the population because they are only started as drills, with the final intent of becoming full-blown hoaxes (with real, evil results). If corona is a "drill," then there may be no corona threat, you see, and they can reveal at any time that corona does not kill. They could have devised bogus testing methods as an excuse to abuse us, which test people positive for something other than corona while reporting it as corona. They can accomplish such a manufactured crisis with or without an official drill, but by calling it a drill, they can get many people to launch the crisis whereas they might not if they revealed it as an outright scheme to abuse. Once launched, it ceases to be a drill, and those who launched it -- who are not in favor of the abuse -- realize that they cannot speak out against it. Probably, they would have chosen die-hard Democrats to launch it to better assure that they do not speak out.

Expect a war between vaccine distributors and representatives (Fauci is one), as they all vie to get the most sales. I'd rather pack a jail cell with you than take a forced vaccination. If they give people the choice of receiving a vaccination, then that would be altogether different, but it necessitates media to feed the people the anti-vaccine side of this story. The worse the virus can be portrayed, the better for the schemers to pose as saviors. It's right down 666-alley to force people.

Governments may even blend the 666 commercial system in with vaccination programs. They may even deliberately make food hard to get in order to send the message that governments are very willing to let us starve unless we receive the 666 skincode. Don't give them any bad ideas.

Here's Trump late this week looking like he loves Star Trek: "President Trump on Friday announced a new public-private partnership to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus as part of what's being called 'Operation Warp Speed'...'This is an endeavor unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project…No one has seen anything like we’re doing now within our country since the second world war. Incredible." Everything Trump does he claims to be the best ever, a self-glorifying attitude I see in satan himself. The evil spirit is amongst us, clearly. If you don't get his vaccine this winter, they may not allow you to go buy food.

You just never know what they have cooking as plans for this winter. It would be very wise to save food, starting now, to get by until the summer heat of 2021. Many canned goods are now good for at least three years. Get canned meat, because it won't go to waste if you eat it next summer and fall. Prepare seeds in the fall for the spring, but make sure the seeds work if taken from store-bought veggies. A can of herring could be as cheap as a can of cat food, and your cat should love it if you won't be needing it all.

The move to close schools for the year, by Fauci, is a globalist dream to make kids learn online. It's a globalist dream to be able to record everything, in the global-beast computer system, students think and say. You need to be a literal human troll to desire recording everything about everybody. The trolls are seeking to rule us all in any country, and perhaps one of the best globalist puppets is Canada, proud of doing the globalist will. Canada is led much by liberalism and catholics, that explains it. There is something seriously wrong with someone who believes in Jesus Biblically but remains under papal authority, or who respects both Jesus and the vatican. Isn't it obvious that the vatican is Sadducee Palace on steroids?

On Friday, hmm, what could this be, a trick or a salvation from vaccines: "'We want to emphasize there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100 percent,' Dr. Henry Ji, founder and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics, told Fox News. 'If we have the neutralizing antibody in your body, you don't need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear.'" What if there is no COVID-19 virus, and what if this salvation drug is a part of the scam? What if COVID is just a trick using a whack of other flus to form the positive diagnosis? What if the Fauci side freaked out when Trump announced his own vaccine salvation that puts the Fauci side out of the money loop, and so what if the Fauci side came out with this "new" cure...which they have long had up their sleeve? It's not the only theory. I'm sure you can come up with your own; anything goes in the nutty field that Democrats are playing in. Let's see how Fauci reacts to this announcement.

On Tucker's Friday show, there is a stark attack against Fauci's friendship (or whatever it is) with the head of WHO. This is a good turn now that Fauci's on his way off of Trump's dance floor. Word is that the re-opening of some states is going well, with positive tests going down in spite of more people being out and about.

I've just realized late Sunday night: the fakers don't have virus plots in most states, and as those states re-open, they won't have corona spikes because of it. The fakers can only increase infection and death numbers in their Democrat strongholds, but if they do, wow, it will look like keeping people at home increases infections...while going back to work doesn't. I think this is the game-changer and end-game, therefore. Fauci's going to lose this round starting right now.

All that needs to happen now is for the people to raise their voices against bad vaccines. To assure that bad ones don't get used, allow the people to sue vaccine providers again if they or their children fall sick by a side-effect of the vaccine. It will clean up the vaccines from whatever poisons they put into them. Also, the people should know what a vaccine is grown on, whether on mouse brains or fetal tissue, because a lot of people would simply pass on getting a vaccine altogether in such cases. Vaccines are dirty business.

The Drudge Report continues to be psychological chaos.

Here's a nice sit-back movie (short) on a collection of large fossil bones by a Creationist:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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