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May 5 - 11, 2020

One of Mueller's Top Rats is in the Medallion-on-Hood
The British Tried to Frame Flynn Too
The Door-Handle Scene Needed My Boat To Solve
Sweyne Forkbeard in the Heraldic Swan After All

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If you tired to access the last update from the update before that, the link wasn't working, sorry. It's all working now.

Fred Fleitz, on a May 3 show from American Thought Leaders (The Epoch Times), said that Trump told him he was a candidate for the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Fleitz says that Richard Burr, the corrupt Republican in the Senate, opposed Trump's choosing John Ratcliffe instead for the DNI job, and implies that Trump first caved to Burr, which really shows what Trump is made of...because he withdrew Ratcliffe's nomination the day after he advanced it. In other words, Burr, so upset with Trump choosing a team player instead of establishment material, forcefully called the president to object (my claim), and got Ratcliffe terminated. Trump thereby offended Ratcliffe.

Fleitz then goes on saying that Trump re-nominated Ratcliffe because he decided that Burr wasn't worth listening to. Why did Trump listen to him at the start? There you have the evidence that Trump does the deep-state dance everytime the deep state rattles a threat before him. For more than three years this president has been absolutely useless to cleanse swamp, three stinking years and a smelly half. I wonder how he or others got Burr to accept Ratcliffe.

Last I heard, Burr has not been punished for his stock-market corruption a couple of moths ago. He has not been removed from his Intelligence-Committee chairmanship, and this is what needs to happen badly. So, once again, even though the opportunity presented itself, Trump failed the nation: Burr is not allowing his committee to bring out the crimes of the deep state, which is exactly what Trump wants. Never mind his vocal blusters; he's a fake. He doesn't want to tackle the deep state. He wants others to do so, but he himself is a fake, a fraud, a traitor, a coward, a deceiver.

The Intelligence community is a nuclear bomb of national control. It is imperative that the good guys control Intelligence. If the bad guys control it, the nation falls to corruption, for the corrupt spies will work to ruin all the good guys who wish to blow the whistle on the bad guys. They were not spying on Trump's team only to ruin Trump, but to discover who of his people were saying the wrong things. Once the spies discover someone talking too much, or writing a book, or wishing to come forward in the media, they act against that person, whatever it takes, to keep him/her quiet. That's why Intelligence needs to be in the hands of the good guys, so that the bad guys are caught and jailed.

The Senate hearing to approve of John Ratcliffe started on Tuesday. I honestly find it unreal that this man, who opposed the deep state at every turn, is sitting there today with a good chance of being confirmed. He seems to be a very decent man, and frankly, at this time, that is all that's needed. Past experience in Intelligence nevermind; this job needs a good and honest person with at least average intelligence, THAT IS ALL. If he's smart and moral enough to speak out against politicized Intelligence, he's smart enough a good for this job. He is soft-spoken, unlike Brennan, Clapper and Coats. He seems to have a clear mind, and I doubt very much that he has corrupt baggage, or ties with corrupt actors.

In the morning, even MSNBC said that Ratcliffe's nomination is secured. The Guardian:

However the committee chair, Senator Richard Burr, and the other Republicans on the panel, indicated they would back Ratcliffe’s nomination and quickly put it to a vote in the full Senate, despite a legal requirement that the DNI “shall have extensive national security expertise”.

“The Democrats in the committee and the Senate seem strongly opposed, but Ratcliffe seems likely to secure confirmation, probably on a party-line vote,” said Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond law professor.

I find this amazing. Ratcliffe repeated last night that he would not tolerate a politicized Intelligence company, and while that may sound as though he won't do Trump any favors, far from it. Instead, he means that he won't let the Demoncrats in Intelligence use the system to bash and ruin Trump, if, that is, he can help it. And so that will be a great favor done to Trump even though it's not done directly for Trump. Just stomp out the wickedness, Mr. Ratcliffe, and that will be all that matters. That will be a job well done, and Mr. Ratcliffe wants nothing more.

Sanity might actually return to the news, though I fear that Ratcliffe will buy into the CIA scare tactics on Korea, China and Russia. He will not be the true leader of Intelligence until he removes the invisibles who conspire together to act as the shadow government. These invisibles will use their tactics to make Ratcliffe their servant. But something tells me that God will use Ratcliffe to win some major victories over that trollish infestation. Dislodge, Mr, Ratcliffe, dislodge them. Or, at least, minimize their powers by replacing them with better people; give them toilet-cleaning jobs in the departments.

Hannity has a youtube show this week (just 10 minutes): "Hannity: It's time for Christopher Wray to get the FBI in order". No, that is Mickey mouse, and Fox bosses must be making Hannity into Mickey mouse. It is time to fire Wray and throw him in jail for obstructing justice. Word from Trump is, la-tee-day, he's not going to replace Wray until after the election, la-tee-da. What a disaster this president has been. It's not a wonder that his lovers, and he himself, are ardently blaming China for this virus, because if the truth ever gets out, that it's from the American deep state, it will be on Trump's and Pompeo's head for their la-tee-da attitude.

Can you imagine what a donkey Trump or Barr will look like to say, early next year, that he's firing Wray for what was discovered of him eight months ago? So, um, you waited eight months to fire an FBI chief caught obstructing justice. Hmm, I see, Trump, your fortunes come first before the peoples' business. Since it's not to your election liking to fire Wray now, you'll wait until you've won the election. And that's president Fraud in a nutshell. He's been that way from the start.

Hannity keeps brainwashing: 99 percent of the FBI is good. By what explanation did a corrupt Wray replace a corrupt Comey team? How can that be the case if 99 percent of FBI people are good? Where are the 99 percent speaking out against Wray, if they are so good? Can anyone imagine that the few men directly under Wray are good guys if they have yet to speak out against him? I'll bet that 99 percent will cover up the Comey crimes just to keep their jobs. I'll bet Hannity will do the wrong that Fox asks him to do just to keep his job. MICKEY MOUSE.

Well, Barr's department has finally released some damaging into on Rosenstein, which quickly follows some damning material against Comey and company. But not so fast. Don't yet give Barr any credit, because, in the meetings he had with Durham and others on what to release and not to release, Barr may have demanded that only the mild materials should go out. Do not trust that catholic hypocrite. He poses as a catholic moralist, but, for one, he left the Clinton Foundation COMPLETELY untouched. He did just as badly as Jeff Sessions did, and, if you haven't noticed, Fox shows such as Tucker Carlson are giving Sessions air time. Fox is hosting a known criminal, a disgusting law man who covered for the vile and the guilty. Sessions has yet to confess and repent, and when he does, he should never come on television to suggest the direction forward. His place is shame, and he should act ashamed.

The Justice Department on Wednesday released a mostly unredacted version of then-Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's August 2017 "scope memo."

...The newly released version of the document makes clear that Rosenstein didn't hesitate to explicitly authorize a deep-dive criminal probe into the Trump team that extended well beyond Russian interference efforts.

In the case of George Papadopoulos...Mueller was authorized to probe whether there had been a "crime or crimes" committed when he allegedly acted "as an unregistered agent of the government of Israel," the new, lesser-redacted scope memo states.

In recent weeks and going back a few months, I've been suggesting that God pointed to Papadopoulos through Steve Papp, because Papps are also Papadopoli's (use that link to load and view other surnames). Steve Papp is a young man I met when he worked as a cook for Joe Fix, an Israeli still having an Israeli accent. I've told readers that Fix was an Israeli, and I've always wondered what it could mean. I didn't know until now that anti-Trump Intelligence marked Papadopoulos out as an Israel operative (in apparently trying to frame him as anti-American in some way). See "Sassy" in the 2nd update of April for proof that God was using Steve Papp as a pointer to the Papp/Papadopoli surname. I'll take one paragraph from that update and share it here:

You should be amazed at the following. It just so happens that Saracen heads are used by Saracino's and SASSYs/Saucers (see Sassy below) while the Moor head can be gleaned as directly related, for Moor heads are used by Morano's and in the Arms of Morano (Murunum), the latter being a location beside Saracena, both between Potentia and SCIDrus on this Lucania map. It seems obvious enough that Scidrus is the line to potent-cross Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs in the Pepper scythes. Peppers are absolutely amazing in this picture because Papps/Papadopoli's have a lion with a tail tip at its mouth, a symbol I've seen with no other surname, and, as I've said about 10 times, God arranged for a customer to give me a kitten, which we named, Sassy, which sucked its tail regularly, habitually, as an adult!!!

As I've said about 10 times, I was refinishing a banister for the lady who gave me the kitten, and Banisters (same place as Kitchens) and their kitten-like Kitchen kin use black-on-white water bougets, as do Detricks.

The acting head of the DNI (Top Intelligence) is soon releasing some revelations into Adam Schiff's mental disturbances during Trump's term. It could be pop-corn time. I've never seen anything (since Trump's election) that looks as good as this promises to be. Half of me says, don't over-expect.

We saw evidence not many days ago that Trump sees himself as super-intelligent when he's ignorant of things. He suggested that medicine should try disinfectants in the bloodstream to kill coronavirus, as if he's totally oblivious to the fact that medical science has already tried as many as 50,000 (my number = a guess, you get the point) chemicals for that very purpose. He thought he invented the idea when it entered his head, he felt so proud of himself. I didn't want to comment on this because it was embarrassing for him. I didn't want to rub it in; maybe he was just brain-tired from over-work.

But I've changed my mind because this nut wants to go back to the moon after untold trillions have been wasted already on such a fraudulent thing: "The Trump administration is drafting a legal blueprint for mining on the moon under a new U.S.-sponsored international agreement called the Artemis Accords, people familiar with the proposed pact told Reuters." Trump's either wacho or he's using this new mission to pilfer tax dollars for his buddies (he wants a return/reward, right?). Nothing like throwing your money around so he can get re-elected, do you still love him?

None of the chief bad guys have been arrested, proof-positive that Trump's Intelligence is not yet in the right hands. It's been a dismal performance. Bill Barr, until last week, was brazenly persecuting Flynn, prosecuting him hard. What does that tell us? Answer the question, Trump, you pathetic excuse for a living soul. Why was Barr allowing his DoJ to jail Flynn? Why president Pretend, why?

Look, Barr either chose or knew that Mueller's buddy was in charge of jailing Flynn: "Brandon Van Grack, a top Justice Department prosecutor and former member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team, is no longer handling the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, it emerged Thursday afternoon." A TOP DoJ prosecutor even. Flynn got "the best," didn't he? Yes, and Barr did not say a word to the public about this sham, or block it, until someone released the FBI notes. We don't know whether Barr released them, but even if he did, it could be due to getting cold feet with his partnering with the Mueller team. He didn't want to risk it, perhaps.

Obama late this week may have leaked a telephone call where he makes an utter ass of himself, and, if he did leak it, he's calling his supporters to say as he does. He said that never before has anyone charged with perjury ever been let off the hook. Achem, that just cannot be true. What the phone call shows is Obama totally ignoring the FBI notes at the heart of dropping the Flynn case. Talk about arguing like a bimbo. I suppose that, since he sent the FBI to go get Flynn, he feels responsible to lead the attack on the DoJ. But the Trump politics are so opposed to him that a good drowning in waves of counter-attacks seem to be predictable.

A Flynn-Way to See the Medallion

For those of you who know about my finding a medallion at a GROCEry story, stamped with "Saint Petersburg Russia," note that the Groce surname became a pointer in that event, which has Greck/Grach/Gragg variations like Mr. Grack above. If it can be shown that Flynn or Grack had some involvement with St. Petersburg, then that medallion event fits a pointer to this Mueller team's rat infestation.

The medallion event (it was found on my Jeep's hood) was shown to me, by God, to be connectable to the hood scene, as well as to the rising scene, with Miss Hicks. Interesting here is that the rising scene pointed to Rhizon, which can be traced very well to ancient Rize, and then the leak of information this week says that Obama had a meeting about Flynn with his top rats just days before he would need to vacate the White House: "On January 5, 2017, Yates attended an Oval Office meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey, then-Vice President Joe Biden, then-CIA Director John Brennan, and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, according to the newly declassified documents, including an FD-302 FBI witness report. They were discussing Russian election interference [which was never an issue before, right?], along with national security adviser Susan RICE and other members of the national security council." Ms. Rice, you see.

The hood and rising scene were in a dream, and while I've checked for a Fling variation of Flynns because our rising into the sky can also be deemed flying, the best I could find was a Fling variation. As was said months ago, we were emBRACED while rising, and the medallion-on-hood event took place at a grocery store in BRACEbridge. Bracebridge's share the crozier symbol with German Rice's. That's all interesting. The Welsh Rice's seem to love the Hardys in their motto, who are said to be proto-Douglas' in the Douglas motto, while Douglas-like Dougals come up as "Medal." It seemed that God created their Medal variation so that the MEDALlion could point to it, and to prove that this is a correct assessment, Medals/Dougals can be gleaned as kin of Scottish Bauds having the Hood/Hoot crescents in colors reversed, or, to put it another way, sharing the crescents of Saracens/Sarasins while Saraca's were at Kotor, smack at Rhizon and Baud-like Budva. It all seems arranged for pointing to various sharks, but now also to Mr. Grack. French Crozier's were even first found in Auvergne with French Bauds.

Only after saying that did I load grocer-like Grosers to find the three Flynn besants and the three Douglas stars. If we think that these heraldic links were formed by God, then, I suppose, He's pointing much to Susan Rice. Why? Well, for one, she held the position that Trump nominated Flynn for. It involved knowledge of the spy programs, and that's where one can find Obama's crimes. Dunhams (surname of Obama's mother) have a good reflection of the Groce/Grach Coat.

As James Clapper was at the meeting, and no doubt tasked with keeping tabs on Flynn to make sure he's wasn't talking, it's notable that the same dream with Hicks had a beach while Beach's share the red-vaired Shield of Clappers, with Bracebridge's using it in black. Then, while Beach's are also Bechs, English Bechs/Becks happen to share the moline of Sarasens for another pointer to the shark in the dream. As was said, I was transported from the shark scene to the sea as code for Sea's, who are said to have been Seals too, and the latter, because they are also Zeals, are expected in the Hood/Hoot motto, "ZEALous." As the medallion was found when getting back to the Jeep with a SHOPping cart of groceries, note that there is a SEAhorse in the Shop/Sherland Crest, for Sea's were first found in Kent with them. The Tucker kin of Sea's were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots.

That's why the Sea-branch Seamans can be sharing the gold crescent of Hoods/Hoots, which serves as evidence that God was pointing to the Shops/Sherlands with the medallion-on-hood event. Amazingly, Shops/Sherlands (Carrick kin) can be connected via Carrick-related Sheers/Shere's to Schere's/SCHERFs while Flynns use a wolf in SCARF wolf head colors. It's a white wolf head, used also in the Zeal/Seal Crest, no guff at all.

Shops/Sherlands (Bee/Beas colors) are connectable to Carricks for more reason that sharing a black-on-gold dancette with them, and then the "bien" motto term of Carricks can be for the bee-using Biens. I've used the Beas variation above because Bracebridge's use a "Be as" motto phrase. The Bee/Beas Coat shares the bend-with-fleur of Sails/Sale's while Zeals/Seals are a branch of Sailers (share seahorse with Shops/Sherlands). Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH" while Coughs and Cuffs share the Sail/Sale bend-with-fleur too, increasing the evidence that Zeals/Seals are in the Hood/Hoot motto.

OH WOW!!! Grackers were loaded earlier as per Brandon Van Grack (Flynn persecutor), but I didn't have anything to say until seeing the two bends in the sleeve of Cuffs, in the colors of the Lous/Lou bendy (Vis-de-lou of wolf-head Fiddle's comes to mind). This is staggering, I just didn't expect it. Grackers have two bends colors reversed from the two in the Cuff sleeve, and in the colors of the two Cuff / Cough bendlets, but zowie, while the Coughs were taken from the Hood/Hoot Crest, the Lous' were taken from the Hood/Hoot motto ("ZeaLOUS"), and this heraldic section started by comparing "Grack" with the Grach/Gragg variations of Groce's as per the medallion-on-hood at the grocery store! I just didn't expect that a Grack-like surname would link so well to the hood event. The Cracker variation of Grackers suggests the Cracks/Cricks (Shere/Sheer fitchee in colors reversed) and Crags (share black Carrick dog).

OH WOW, while no Petersburg surname comes up, see the Crack/Crick write-up: "The name Crack is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from when the family lived in the parish of Crick, in the diocese of PETERBOROUGH"!!!!!! Here's the medallion left by someone on my hood, which has "SAINT PETERSBURG RUSSIA" in Russian on the reverse side. To find Peterborough in the Crack write-up immediately after finding the applicable Grackers/Crackers, it just can't be coincidental. All three Peter surnames can be linked back to Peter Pollock at Rothes, and the Crack/Crick Crest looks like the Rothes lion. Eschyna de Molle married Robert CROCK while her daughter married Peter's brother (Robert).

On top of this, the Baud ship is in giant form with Renfrews, and while Peter Pollock was named after Pollok in Renfrew, even the Renfrew-related Raines' have the Crack/Crick lion. Medals/Dougals not only use another ship, but have a "BuAIDHe NO" motto phrase partly for Bauds (share the Medal/Dougal quadrants), but apparently also for Noe's/Nauds/Naults for they have another giant, white ship, only now in the colors of Westrys, suspect with Shropshire's Oswestry, where the Dol Alans came to live whose vassal was Fulbert "the Saxon," father of Peter Pollock. The Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire, for more than 10 years. Noe's/Nauds/Naults (Champagne) seem to be the intent of the Bracebridge motto because Scottish Champagne's share the vair Shield of Bracebridge's.

The Rothes Crack/Crick lion can also be in the Crest of Brandons because the latter's double fesses are colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, first found in Shropshire. BRANDON Van Grack. Miss Hicks was sleeping just before we rose into the sky, and just after she was at the hood of the car. I stopped writing, one day, right after talking about her at her hood, then went to town, and the last thing done was getting groceries...on the afternoon that someone left the medallion on my hood. This pointed to Mr. Mifsud of American Intelligence, for he was working at a university in Stirlingshire, where Bauds were first found along with the Cheaps looking like the Chep variation of JEEPma's. I purchased the Jeep from a man in Seguin (this is a new idea), like the surname of Igor Sechin who appears in the Russia-collusion's smoke and mirrors.

As per the three ships we saw above, two with the two surnames fundamental to linking the medallion to Hoods/Hoots, see here from Sechin's Wikipedia article: "From 1991 to 1996, he worked at Saint Petersburg mayor's office...Sechin also presides over the Board of Directors of the United Shipbuilding Corporation [has office in Saint Petersburg]...'Sechin's stance on this issue results from his personal financial involvement in the St Petersburg shipbuilding industry'"

OH WOW, this is great. After writing the above, SeGUIN's were loaded, followed by Quine's, and the Scottish branch (the Gunns) shares the giant Renfrew ship, in the colors of the Baud ship!!!! WOW! What could be the reason for pointing to Sechin?

This medallion event was bothering me because I have never been very happy with any pointers of it to the deep state, as I am now happy with what Cracks/Cricks just did. But with God, each event, each prop per event, can point to more than one thing. Happy happy. The event took place in a parking LOT, and while Lots share the brown dog with Lothians, CRICHtons were first found in Midlothian, and they probably use the Bruce lion because Marjory Carrick married the Bruce's. The Galloways likewise share this giant blue lion, and it's colors reversed from the lion of Medals/Dougals (Galloway) and Dougals/Dowells. It looks like extra verification that Cracks/Cricks are to apply, but Crichtons even have a Grack-like "grace" motto term (!) suggesting Grace's/Grasse's. In fact, wow, the Gracker/Cracker Coat is almost the Coat of Doleys/Dulys/Doyle's (Oxfordshire, same as Ships and Grazio-branch Crispins), with variations like the Douls of Dougals/Dowells (Dol / Dolfin colors), the latter sharing the lion of English Grasse's. There is no doubt about it, the medallion event was pointing to Brandon Van Grack.

[Insert May 13 -- Wow, as proof that God would point to Van Grack, I once co-owned a business with "Crackers" in its name that involved storks (the business began with storks). I know for a fact that the GROCE Crest has a stork, and Grackers/Crackers are also KROCKs, lookie at that. Plus, Doley-like Dale's, a branch of Dells, use what looks to me to be a stork in Crest. Plus, wow, the same Dale's have a giant swan while Swans/Sions use a "FiDELitas" motto term. That term, when understood as "FideLITAS" can be reckoned also as code for the LITES'/Lite's/Lights because they share the Dale swan in both colors! That's the first time I've deciphered that motto code. I know for a fact that Store's/Storys, with swan heads, and a stork in Crest. Liddle's/LiDELLs (GLASS fleur-de-lys in colors reversed) even have a "SANitas" motto term while Sane's are listed with Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire, beside GLASgow). "...'William de Lydel was seneschal of the Bishop of GLASGOW, and led the forces of the see to the support of Robert Bruce.'".

I am pretty sure I know that this stork is the mythical stork that was owned, according to an article I read, by the Bavarian family of OETTINgen-Oettingen, which I trace to Odins of STORKhouse because the Oettingen-Oettingen saltire is white, like that also of Oddie's/HODDys (Yorkshire, same as Odins and Dale's) and the Hood/Hoot fret (it's a saltire!). It just so happens that Odins share the CROZier with Bracebridge's while the medallion-on-hood was found in Bracebridge!!! Wow. Crozier/Crosier liners are easily potential branches of Croce's/Cross' and therefore of Grackers/Crackers and Groce's/Grachs. That is amazing. The medallion was not fully decipherable without Van Grack in the picture. English Crozier's were first found in Lites-like LIDDESdale. Note "LiddesDALE," for Dale's share the Lites swan!

The Odin Coat is shared by GRENwich's while it was Mr. GRENell, possibly, who was behind the ruin of the Flynn case. Grenell will be replaced by John Ratcliffe later this month, or so they are saying! Amazing. I had entertained "STRzok" as a Stur / Store / Stork liner at one time, and it was likely Peter Strzok who didn't want to end the Flynn probe.

Liddesdale is in Roxburghshire, where Liddle's/Lidells and Little's were first found, and the Liddle/Lidell spurs are connectable to the Spurrs and Supers, both first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, perfect, for "Super" is a motto term of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were at a Rattery location. The medallion was on the hood, and, while the Bracebridge Coat is a black version of the Clapper Coat, Clapper told under oath that his lawyer, Mr. LITT, was the first to indicate to him (probably a lie) of the Flynn phone call with Kislyak on or about January 3. The Litts happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Liddle's/LiDELLs and moreover have the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosiers!

The all-important Dale's, who started the insert, are easily gleaned as a branch of Dailys because the latter have a "FiDELis" motto term, like the "Fidelitas" term that was definitely for Dale-branch Dells. Dailys may be sharing the Sullivan lion, and then judge Sullivan is presiding over the Flynn case, and he, an Obamaite, is still trying to salvage the case, as of Wednesday, even though Grack has quit. The thing is, the medallion-on-hood can now point to Mr. Sullivan too because Sullivans use a robin (I've read that as a fact) while Robin HOOD is in the write-up of Dale's (in French-Robin colors): "'The medieval form was At Dale, softened afterwards to A'Dale, as often found in parish registers of the XVI. cent., and widely renowned through the ballad of Robin Hood and Allin a'Dale.'" Is that not a hoot?

The Dale write-up adds: "...Syme of Daile and JOK of Dail of the Newtoun was listed in Ayrshire, 1470." The Joke's/YOKE's (look like Jack branch) are clearly a branch of Hocks/Yoke's (Switzerland, same as Sion) because the latter share a giant swan with Dale's, though in the colors of the swans of Swans/Sions ("FiDELitas"). The HOEk variation of Hocks/Yoke's suggest the Hoe's/Keoghs (Daily Shield?), first found in Tipperary with Sullivans (share boar with Hoe's/Keoghs). End Insert]

The Steele dossier accused Carter Page of having an extraordinary relationship with Igor Sechin. French Page's can have the Medal/Dougal and Dougal/Dowel/Duley lion because they are also Pagenelle's while English Pings/Pongs/Paganells/Pagans have three of the two Doley/Duly/Doyle bends (they are blue, the color of the double Gracker/Cracker bends). Apparently, that works, to explain today's heraldic mystery. When the FBI's attempt to frame Papadopoulos didn't work, they attacked Carter Page, and he's all about the FISA abuse that should land many people, including FISC judges, in jail.

The job of some of the rats was to approach Flynn as soon as possible (after the January-5 meeting) and place him under pressure not to talk, and that job fell on Comey (January 24), in trying to arrest him with threat of severe jail time. They nibbled away at him all this time seeking to keep him quiet. Others must suffer to keep the crimes of the rats secret, you see. Is this the country you want? This is what evil does, and God is justified in ripping their bodies apart, in case you think that God shouldn't be so "cruel." Yet Barr let Comey go, and also Mueller, who was far worse than Comey in causing the suffering of Trump-team players. Not even Trump went to their rescue, because he's a useless piece of trash who didn't want their bad fates to ruin his election chances. You don't call that a leader, but rather a self-interested piece of trash. With all of his billions, he's a piece of trash headed for the trash heap.

Devin Nunes, on Lou Dobbs, said that "we don't know" who released the papers exposing the FBI framing of Flynn. I didn't know this uncertainty until now. I assumed that it was Jeff Jensen (his surname shares the Horwitz and Fisk/FISC Shield), but maybe not. [I didn't realize for a week after writing here that German Jensens share the double fesses of Brandons. Brandon van Grack quit the Flynn case due to Jensen's disclosure, and the fact the other Jensens share the Fisc and Horwitz Shields could be construed as a pointer of God to this very news story.]

It would not be good news, in a way, if the leak was from a whistle-blower going against the will of Barr, for that would mean that Barr is still an obstructionist who will seek to cover as far as he can swing it. Barr already has a black smudge on his record due to placing confidence in Wray. The latter will possibly deny that he knew of this FBI evidence against itself, and we will probably hear what his comments are on the matter, unless he's fired first. If Barr keeps Wray on the job, and if Trump allows it to be, abandon ye all hope in men, and pray to Jesus to get the job done, if it's His will at all. This battle is not won, by any means, due to this sizable victory, because it really is a small victory in comparison to all that's rotten. We have yet to discover who's side Barr is on.

Trump would defend himself by saying that he couldn't help Flynn because it looks bad for a president to support his own team members, But, Mr. Garbage, it looks bad if you don't help him if he's been framed. Instead of doing the right thing, he did the will of his enemies because he was afraid of what they would give him as a backlash. Who cares what the leftist media rants and rages, Mr. Garbage. WHO CARES? Do the right thing, and enjoy their rants and rages as you punish them left and right until they are the trash of the nation. Instead, you acted the trash with them.

On Fox and Friends late this week, Trump said that Wray was appointed by Rosenstein, even though Trump did the official appointing. So, this snake in the grass doesn't want to own up to making the mistake of planting Wray in the FBI Chair, and, plus, trying to blame Rosenstein only goes to show how daft / irresponsible Trump was at the time, allowing the deep state to cover for itself. We can't be so stupid as to believe that Trump hasn't been half the problem for his country's break-down while he pretends not to have been. On the same Fox and Friend show, one of the men asked him why he doesn't contact Wray and tell him off or something, but Trump responded -- for the entire voter base to hear if it has ears to hear -- that he doesn't do things like GETTING INVOLVED (my words) with things like that.

What kind of a useless leader is this who lets others do all the deep-state fighting? It's as though he's putting the assassination target on the backs of others because he doesn't want it on his own back. Trump's inaction, and mistakes in appointing suitable leaders, gave the House to the Democrats, and thus Trump ruined the nation by allowing the Democrats to ruin it. He didn't even try to get Intelligence into his own hands so that he could have daily reports on deep-state tactics against his government. Is this a man in his wise years, or a foolish child? The answer is obvious.

Did Barr's department make Flynn promise not to bring the FBI to court (for damages) in return for dismissing his prosecution? That would be a travesty of justice on Barr's part. That would be a corrupt deal seeking to cover for the FBI. It was Mueller, only about a half year after his 22-month probe, who tasked Grack with prosecuting Flynn, even though the FBI knew he was innocent, even though Mueller knew there was no Russia collusion anywhere to be found. Therefore, it is impossible for Barr not to place Flynn's pains and sorrows on the shoulders of Mueller...unless Barr is a piece of trash. Mueller committed the crime of seeking to frame Flynn. It is not Grack who should be arrested without Mueller, but Mueller, Grack and Rosenstein together. And Trump owes Flynn an apology for allowing the rats to nibble on him almost to his death.

We shouldn't think that this little crumb, from the DoJ, the saving of Flynn from jail time, is somehow a great gift to the people. It is the expected action, long overdue. The real goods comes only when the rats are jailed who tried to jail Flynn. That is what we call, JUSTICE. It's why the people pay a police chief. If Barr doesn't want to do the job, GET OUT of the police chief's chair.

I would like to know why the FBI's hand-written notes that exonerated Flynn did not come to public light until this week? How can Barr allow Grack to oversee the prosecution without checking all of the FBI's Flynn-related notes on his own, since Barr knew full-well that Grack was a committed Muellerite? Barr simply left Flynn to be eaten by rats; there is no defence for Barr unless he can show that the hand-written notes were beyond his ability to acquire. The Flynn case was the highest-powered case for the DoJ, and therefore the man at the top should take a personal interest in it to the point, at least, of assuring that Grack was doing a professional, non-politicized job. Why didn't Grack expose the hand-written notes? That sort of key evidence must by law be given over to Flynn's defence team especially as this is not a private lawyer, but a government lawyer i.e. he's not to have a personal stake in the case's victory. He's tasked with pure justice for all citizens.

Trump lovers will now cover for Barr in this mistake because they keep giving Barr good press and wish not to be proved wrong. So, instead of reporting things that make Barr look worse, they will tend to keep silent on those matters. BLUNDER. Barr will use this gift from voters to cover for the deep state as far as he can swing it. Trump lovers suggest that Barr has been carefully crafting the indictments so as to have the best-possible cases against Comey, etc., but I predict that Barr will come out with weak cases deliberately so that they walk. He'll try to fulfill his duty in making some arrests, but he'll chew out, with his own teeth, some escape holes for his fellow rats. He probably has the power to request that all the people indicted get trials outside of Washington, but if he doesn't get that done, there is one huge escape hatch already. They all climb out grinning together out of this huge hatch.

The last update had a mouse-in-mousetrap, wherein the heraldry convinced me that it was God's pointer to Obama's demise. It got a leg caught in the trap, then dragged it about three feet to a floor joist sitting an inch above solid rock (my basement floor), and then tried to get under the floor, but got stuck when the trap would not fit between the joist and the rock, afterwhich water rose from rain and drowned it (the home's drainage system forms a pool in the rock floor under that wood floor). The joist was reckoned as a pointer to the Joyce Foundation, which Obama chaired. And there were other reasons to point a mouse to Obama. My take is that it predicts Obama going into hiding, between a rock and a hard place, only to be destroyed by a flood of attacks against him. This Flynn story has all eyes on Obama, because chances are, he ordered the FBI to destroy him. It's a good time for him to go into hiding, yet this Flynn story was not yet out when the mouse died in the trap. Close, but not quite.

Why didn't Horowitz reveal the FBI plot against Flynn? Is it because it wasn't his job description? No, it was exactly his job description to find and report FBI corruption. He should be asked whether he reported this to Barr. That is of paramount importance because the people need to know that Barr is a sham, if in fact he is.

Obama has responded (Friday) to the disbanded Flynn case, and he's striking out against Barr's decision. Obama, acting like he's blind to the obvious realities, and he's pushing the media to go with his line. Okay, to shame they both go.

Here's Flynn's deputy saying that FBI thugs attacked her too:

There had been another mouse caught in a mouse trap that pointed strongly to Dan Coats' demise, and it's the latter's job that's now filled by a pro-Trump man who's leaking -- starting late this week, and some next week too -- key congressional documents to prove that Clapper and others are guilty of framing Trump. Oh goodie. It must be election time. It pretty amazing that while the joist can point to Obama's part in the Joyce Foundation, the Jois/Joyeuse surname shares a red Chief with Keiths while the latter place three pale bars in the Chief, a symbol (though in different colors) in the Jois/Joyeuse Shield. I wouldn't be mentioning that if it not for the three-and-three pale bars of Keith-like Coats (share brown Crest with Keiths), in the colors of the three Keith pale bars, you see. So, the joist can point to both the end of Obama and Dan Coats because this heraldry makes an indirect link of the Coats surname to the Jois'/Joyeuse's.

Repeat from the last update: "As I was headed for the floor, underwhich the pump sits, there was the black mouse trap [with mouse trapped under the joist]. I tossed the mouse out into the darkness, and proceeded to drain the water." The pump is attached to a drain pipe. The Pumps are listed with Pape's/Paips/Pope's, and the Pipe's (another brown Crest) were first found in Staffordshire with Coats'. The Pipe-branch Pepins and Poppins/Pophams love the Mens', the latter first found beside Keiths of Haddington and sharing their red Chief, which is the Jois/Joyeuse Chief too, but, more than that, Poppins/Pophams put stag heads, the Keith symbol, in their Chief. In fact, Poppin/Popham Crest shares a brown stag with the Keith Crest. I think this Pump-Pipe heraldry, along with the fact that Drains are listed with Drowns, is evidence of God's arranging the heraldry to make pointers. It just so happens that the office once held by Dan Coats is making major revelations as we speak that should expose Obama's part in Russian collusion.

As was said, the Drain/Drown/DRONE surname shares the Washington Chief, and so let's give God the credit for draining some of the Washington swamp, if this is what this sign will be. God forbid that Trump should take credit for it, but he'll find a way to phrase things that way sooner or later.

Is Bill 6666 a Joke?

On May 1 [high "holy" day for witchcraft], 2020 the US House introduced H.R. 6666. US House Introduces HR 6666 for forced Covid-19 testing in residences by contact tracers. This bill is intended to:

Authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

This bill, should it become law, will give contact tracers the full legal right to come to your home and demand a test if you are shown to have come across any individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 [sounds like they will need to track us to fulfill this thing].

If you weren’t aware, your phone is being tracked to determine if you have been in the vicinity of anyone who has tested positive [get rid of your cell phone; use a land line].

Should you test positive for coronavirus, even with the countless false positives being reported, you will be force-quarantined and potentially have your children removed from your home.

Hopefully it won't pass. Has Fox complained about this? Has Trump complained about this? I see it as madness. I see homeowners becoming very angry. I see a civil war if they push this with a Democrat White House next year. The losers wish to hurt people. They do not like that the masses are turning against them. They are losing their faithful to conspiracy "nuts." They hate the masses. They won't go down losing without leaving some destruction in their wake. Are they trying to scare us into being obedient? Yes, and they can yet win the election. Should we be obedient so that we can eat? Only if we like being a slave and a number. Let's pray they fail.

It sounds like the plan is first of all to have the legal right to track everyone's positioning via satellite. Secondly, they will force people to take a vaccine who are living in a home with an infected person. Thirdly, they will form a police state and get the population accustomed to the "new normal." Twisted, satanic rats, what shall we do? Take up arms to the death, show them that we won't stand for it? No. Best thing, get the military and justice systems on the side of the good guys. Trump seems to have failed thus far due to now trying. I am not at all sure I can trust he with Barr. We'll see, and do know that God watches, and has seen it all coming before it happens. Searching google for " fox news "bill 6666" " brings up nothing from Fox. It's acting like it knows nothing about the bill.

Corona News

"In Turkey, the government has thrown HC [hydroxychloroquine] at everyone with the virus—more than 117,000 cases. 3000 have died, but that’s lower than the global death rate..." Judicial Watch presents this number as being on the low side for the death toll. What's wrong with everyone? What's wrong with people that they don't understand the trick being played? Those figures reflect 1 death per 40 cases, a monstrous death rate. But it's UNTRUE. Turkey doesn't have a method as yet to identify corona cases with no symptoms. And those with mild symptoms are not seeing doctors. Those numbers above are only good only with the understanding that the severely-ill are the predominance of the patients.

It's interesting that, two updates ago, God gave me a dream pointing to mythical Asclepios, the symbol of the medical establishment. He pointed to Asclepios via the Asclepios rods in the Chief and Crest of Huckabee's. Hmm. Should we watch what Mike Huckabee has to say on coronavirus vaccines? Ah, only as far back as 2015: "Huckabee supports mandatory vaccines for kids". That's the headline. "Weighing in on an unusual debate that has roiled the early race for the White House, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday in Dallas that he doesn’t understand the critics of mandatory immunizations for children." The problem is, he's pretending he doesn't know why half the nation (so to speak) is wary of vaccines. Why is he pretending like that?

In the dream, two friends of mine had green snakes for tongues. Could that also be a symbol of illness? Yes, I think it can. Is Huckaby going to support Trump in mandatory vaccinations this winter? Something to watch. The dream proved to be from God.

I've just tried for a Fauchy surname and got one. I added the square brackets to the last update:

This is a good place to go to the Vaux-branch Faux's, for French Faux's/Fage's have variations such as Chalnes' (Perigord), to be gleaned with the Salnier variation of Saunier's (Perigord), like the Solney location of Sola's. [On the evening of May 5, Fauchys/Foche's were found, first found in Perigord, using a giant grasshopper (Thatcher symbol). It appears that Mr. Fauci could be of the Faux / Fage bloodline. Vaux's are from the vaccine-like Vexin!!!]

For those who don't know how to trace Vaux's to the Vexin, the latter is an area near Paris where Meulan is situated, and the Arms of Meulan shares the Coat of English Vaux's/Vallibus' for a related reason. The VELiocasses were at the Vexin, and wow, what timing to be on this topic, for the main character in the dream, with snake for a tongue, was Valery. The Valery surname has a so-called "wave" in the Chief, and her tongue was a waved snake (S-shape repeatedly). I linked Valerys to Valois'/Valais'/VALOURs, and Poppa of Valois was wife to Rollo whose capital was at the Vexin!!! It tends to mean that Valerys and Valois' were from Veliocasses along with Vallibus'. Wow, look at the "coincidence" of talking about the dream just when I found Fauchys from the Vexin. A snake tongue is a liar. The Vallery Chief-Shield color combination is shared by Huckabee's, you see. The bird in the Huckaby Crest looks like a FALCon while Fauchs (not "Fauchy") are also Faulchs/Foche's.

OH WOW, thanks to coming across another grasshopper in the 2nd update of April, I was able to find just now that it's from Grishams, and that's the surname of Trump's former press secretary, who took over the job from Mike Huckabee's daughter. Is this predicting that Huckabee and Fauci are on the same page with vaccines? Is God wanting us to know that Huckabee and Trump are acting evil on this cause? Looks like.

Oh wow, Hucks use two chevrons in blue, and Huckabys use repeated blue chevrons, but the two of Hucks are in colors reversed from the three of French Grace's/Grasse's! The GRASShopper just linked (fairly well) to the Huckabee bloodline. "Huckabee said that when he was Arkansas governor, his wife, Janet, traveled the state promoting vaccinations for children. As governor, he got a flu shot at the state Capitol and said all Arkansans should get vaccinated." Last week, youtube put an end to permitting youtube channels to present Fox news shows unless they are short-version products from Fox's youtube channel. One might at first think that youtube is just clamping down on conservative views as election season comes on. But suddenly, we have reason to believe that Fox asked youtube to get rid of Fox shows on youtube because most viewer comments are anti-vaccine, anti-Fauci, and some are starting showing signs of being pro-Mikovits, thus giving Mikovits and company free advertising. Fox looks very bad to be pushing the pro-vaccine flip side, you see, when most of it's viewers lean scathing against it.

Rashid Buttar's videos are starting to look sensational, like he's trying to maximize profits on his message, and making a big name for himself, what a foolish move if true.

Lou Dobbs doesn't mind shining the floodlight upon Fauci:

April 7: "U.S. Army researchers at Fort Detrick in Maryland have begun testing potential vaccines for the novel coronavirus on animals, officials said."

Here's what was just put into the 3rd update in April, where Lorraine's pant stain led to Stains in marriage with Yarboroughs. Be attentive to the sentence that has the Yards, because the Obama dream had a final scene in the yard of his billiard hall:

[Insert May 5 -- Watch carefully for things that sneak up on me. I came across Yeo's/Yea's/Yeomans/Attyea's having the same pheasant-like bird (or maybe it's a peacock) as Yarboroughs, and then Years are also Yare's. Oh, wow, thanks to the Yeo's/Yea's/Yeomans (Devon) sharing ducks with Devons, I've just realized that Duke's (Duck/Ducker colors), first found in Devon too, have a version of the Yarborough Coat! What a lucky strike. It's verification that Lorraine's grass stain was partly for Stains of Yarborough.

While Alans once showed the ducks of Velens (Westphalia, same as Pansys/PANTzers and Ducks/Duckers), their Stewart line (i.e. English Stewarts) was first found in Devon. Lorraine's PANTs linked to the Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks together, you see, and so it is thereby undeniable that God did create the pant-stain event as pointers to some things. It is thereby verified that it was intended to be viewed as a stain. It's extremely important, in this insert, to repeat: the Arms of BAR-le-DUC, in France's Lorraine region, uses the pansy, and while we're going to see why God wants to stress "Duc," why is there a "Bar" in that place? That is, if God wanted to stress Duck liners, why bother pointing to Bar-le-Duc with Lorraine [girlfriend in my youth]?

The Yeo/Yea- / Yar-like Yards/YEArds (Devon colors and format), with an item in a crown to indicate Ceraunii, were first found in Devon too, and they share water bougets with Bugs and Detricks. You've just got to be amazed here because the Yeo's were loaded, in the first place, from the write-up of Sherborns, who were loaded days ago, and for some reason (apparently moved by God) I found myself reading the Sherborn write-up: "The name 'Sherborn] literally means 'place at the bright or clear stream' [ignore this type of derivation] referring to the adjacent River Yeo." Look at what Yeo's have already accomplished, yet it was only the beginning. The point is, Bugs were first found in Sherborne, and that's why the Sherborn Coat was still showing (on one of the three houseofnames browsers (tabs) I've been using for months).

Later in this update [the one back in April], and continuing into May, the Bug surname becomes huge in linking to Fort Detrick's military lab, accused by China of starting the corona virus because the lab is connected to Wuhan by Tony Fauci's financial gifts to Wuhan. But also to topic comes James LeDUC (quack-quack), you see, chief of the Galveston National Laboratory, who was actually working in Wuhan. It is unmistakable now as to what Lorraine's grass stain was destined to point to. It is astounding, suddenly, if ever we didn't think her grass stain had amounted to much, when in the past I talked about it 25 times at least.

The corona-like Ceraunii are important here, are they not? They entered the discussion with the crown of Yards, and Corons/Corona's use crowns, you see. The Detricks even have a very good reflection of the Yard Coat, and then there is the "Facta" motto term of Yards that can be for FAUCets liners of FAUXside castle that can easily link to "Fauci." In fact, the day before this insert, I found Fachys (GRASShopper!), first found in Perigord with Faux's and Fage's. Hold on to your Yeo's, because Yeo's/Yea's are also Attyea's while Attys are listed with AIDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That can't be coincidental.

The Sherborne residence of Bugs got us to Yeo's, and Yeo's to Yards, and Yards to Fauci's AIDS and corona programs! Faux's are a branch of Faux's from the vaccine-like Vexin! Fauci is a vaccine pusher, who, I discover soon, stands to make money on vaccinations.

Fort Detrick starts later in this update. I go on to show that the D'Ath variation of Deaths while Detricks are also DEATHicks/Dethwicks, and from here we go to the "Atha" term in the Bath write-up while Baths are in the bat of the Randolphs (Bath cross) who moreover use horseshoes = the horseshoe bats being blamed for coronavirus. Plus, Atha's/Atty, with a "DUCi" motto term (!! snuck up on me !!), look like a branch of Aids/Ade's/Attys.

English Grattans (Derbyshire, same as Detricks), a possible Grass branch, use a "HUMAN heart," as it's called, Yeo's'/Yea's/Yeomans (broken spear) are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Humans/Yeomans. The latter have spear "cronells," jibing with the "Spero" motto term of Devons, and Devon is beside CRONell-like Cornwall while Cornwalls are also CORNells. It's suggesting the namers of the Ceraunii mountains at proto-Alan Aulon/Avlona. English Cornells/Cornwalls even share the Stewart lion. So, it was a figment of our imagination: Yeo liners (Yards) did get us to the Corona bloodline. The Ceraunii-line crow/raven is called a Cornish chough at times, and ravens are used by Crockers, first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots (Cornish chough in Crest), Yards and Yeo's/Yea's. The latter, who come up as "Yeos," must be in the "eos" motto term of Crockers. The latter are in the colors and format of Yards, perfect.

Ahh, Scottish Cornells/Cornwalls (Duck stars?) have a "you" motto term likely for Yeo's. And English Ducks (Somerset, beside Devon's Duke's) have lion heads in the colors of the Duce lions. By the way, Cornells/Cornwalls use the phrase, "you SEE warily," and then See's/Sea's share the fesses of German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds have a "warily" motto term too...and finally one can compare See's/Sea's to Tuckers (Devon again) and Ducks/Duckers...tending to show that Cornwalls married Duck liners.

Remarkably, the See's/Sea's are not off-topic because their Sailer branch has a "who" motto term signaling Fauci's globalist partner, WHO, as well as a Gratten-like "greatest" motto term. There are even Grattan/Gratian variations with greatest-like Grattes'. Gratian was the father of Valentinian I, the line to Velens (once showed the Alan ducks), Velins (do show ducks) and Valans/Valence's (share the five fesses of Ducks/Duckers). As Halps/Halfs can be linked to duck-using Haafs/Have's, it's notable that Halps/Halfs have an hourglass shape half in the colors of the same of English Grattens/Grattans, and that the Halps/Have's have the hourglass shape of Kerrys in both colors who in-turn use a bee HIVE as a pointer, I feel sure, the HIV/ AIDs.

For new readers, I'll repeat that Halps are also HELPs while AVESNes on the HELPE river is absolutely linkable to Avezzano's while Avezzano is a location down from mont Velino, the Aulon/Avlona line through Velins and Velens. End insert]

The second-last scene in the Obama dream was he in his SUIT on a skateboard, and the final scene was in the YARD of the billiard hall, what I perceived as the backyard. We saw how important the Yards were in that insert, with a good reflection of the Detrick Coat. The skateBOARD can be linked to my hat trick (topic over the last two updates) which involved me on SKATES and going into the BOARDS on my third goal, which pointed to Fort Detrick. Obama was in a suit on the SKATEboard because his former surname, Soetoro, is pointed to be the Suter variation of Suits (version of the Board Coat).

Ask: why was the final scene in the yard? The scene was only about his being disappointed with an unidentified employee, whose back was turned to him while Obama was complaining about him to him. I don't know what other surnames, besides Yards and Backs, or their branches, could apply to that scene. Oh wow, I almost missed the horseshoe. I didn't see it, but when I searched my files to discover what bird there is in the Yard crown: "An ostrich...holding a horseshoe." I left out some words for that description, but we can be sure that the ostrich sits in a Ceraunii-depicting crown, a perfect match with the horseshoe.

The OSTrich is expected as code for Hosts/Osts and Rich's/Richess' (both first found in Somerset), yet the OSTENs/Osts came up big in the last update, in a section on Albert OOSTEYN, that was just amazing for pointing to Fort Detrick. It involved the English Alberts, who share the giant griffin of Grattes'/Grattans/Gratians. The latter came up with the motto of Duck-connectable Sailers, and yet they share "Grattan" with the Grattens who came up from on old update telling that they use a "human heart." And Humans are part of the Yeo/Yea/Yeoman / Yarborough bloodline that brought up Yards. The human heart has the leg of a bird, but it could be code for the Leggs, Leghs (same place as Sails/Salletts) or even Talons/Talents. Sails/Salletts are expected from the Salto river though the Avezzano / Velino area, and Velino liners are expected from Gratian's son. That works. And Hosts/Osts were kin of Bulls/Bule's expect from Bullis near the Ceraunii mountains.

Regardless of the meaning of the employee who did wrong to Obama, the fact seems to be that the end of the Obama dream is about Fort Detrick. I took the meaning to be a whistle-blower against Obama, or at least someone who screwed up in such a way as to reveal Obama's guilt in something. The Yards are suggesting that Obama devised / facilitated this corona virus while he was still the president, for Fauci "predicted" in 2017 that there would be a surprising pandemic during Trump's term, but it never took place until the Mueller and impeachment programs failed. Corona looks like Plan C.

If we assume that the yard ostrich is to link Albert Oosteyn to the Obama dream, then it's pretty stunning that Albert's working at Whistler Mountain pointed to Whistle's/Whistlers (Somerset, same as Hosts/Osts). On top of that, Shirts/Shards, like the Shorts sharing the Albert / Grattes/Gratian griffin, use a "HOSTis" motto term.

Shorts were first found in Dorset with the Sherborne location of Bugs (share water BOUGets with Yards / Detricks), and Yeo's/Yeomans/Attyea's came from the Sherborne write-up. Shirts/Shards are suspect from Sardinians, and Avezzano's (share crutch-potent pattern with Champagne's) were first found in Sardinia. Plus, a noble family of Avezzano-line Avesnes (Helpe river) married a noble of Champagne, and Champagne is where SAUVAGE's were first found, who show a giant heart (symbol of Yeoman-loving Grattens), while English Alberts (the one with Grattes/Grattan griffin) use a SAVAGE in Crest. That all works.

Sauvage's: "The surname Sauvage was first found in Champagne, where the family was established in a village in the department of Haute-Marne, in the district of Wassy." The Waistells/Wessels/WESSEX's look like a Whistle/Wissel branch, and the former were at Wassy-like WASdale. Sherborne was the capital of the WESSex Saxons.

Prior to loading the Waistells/Wessels just now, it entered my head, from the Yardley Crest, that Obama's employee looking back BEhind, over his shoulder, at Obama, could be a pointer to Bee's and Hinds, for the deer (no antlers) in the Yardley Crest can be a hind (used for example by Shaws, like the Sava variation of Savage's). Well low and behold, the Beths/Beatons are also McBee's, and they have a gold version of the Hind Coat! I assume there's more to this than verification that God is indeed pointing to Yards, very Fort-Detrick important. The Waistells/Wessels reminded me of the "behind" possibility because "The surname Wessel was first found in Wasdale, or Nether Wasdale, a chapelry, in the parish of St. Bees..."

Wow, I know that a hind is used by pear-line Perrys (Parrys have the Hind Coat in colors reversed), and Perrys happen to share the quadrants of the Bees surname! Obama's employee must have been looking behind as code for this set of surnames. But why? God used Miss Peare to point to the Waistells/Wessels, when she was in a mall, in the sleeping-bag dream, and Malls have the Perry / Bees quadrants in colors reversed. Somehow, these sets of surnames can reveal the employee whom Obama was upset with, and as the dream ended with that scene, it must be important. Both the Bees (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's/Pears) and the Malls add a black bend. The evidence is strong that something's going on here. The greatest emphasis seems to be on the Perry bloodline. (As Perrys use the Leo lion in colors reversed, they are likely from the Pierleoni Jews).

Hmm, Frank Ruscetti was working at a BETHesda lab when he was transferred to Fort Detrick, where Judy Mikovits was working at the time, and they worked together there. No Bethesda surname comes up, but if you missed that Bets and Bats/Bait surnames in the last update, that is really worth a read. You can add the above to it. This is a little like prophecy, if you think enough of the pointers to trust them. Mikovits says that Fauci and his partner stole Ruscetti's work of retroviruses and went on to kill many people with vaccines.

In trying to load Beths/Beatons just now, I entered, "McBee," and got another McBeth/Beaton/McBee Coat, this time with a gold border, and it just so happens that this color of border is owned by the line of Gratian, father of Valentinian I. See the gold border of Greats, for example. We just saw Grattes'/Gratians working into this discussion by sharing the griffin of savage-loving Alberts. The new Beths/McBee's even share "fortuna" with Rollo's, the latter first found in Perthshire with gold-border Justine's, from Justine, Valentinian's wife. The green snake in the Beth/McBee Crest is likely for the Marsi snake goddess; Marsi were at Avezzano and lake FUCino, hmm, a term like "Fauci."

I had suggested that the employee's back was the emphasis, but it now seems that the back had to be turned toward me and Obama because it was necessary for the man to look BEHIND. I had suggested that Obama's employee was Michael Morell, a CIA man in the Obama years, for Morells have a rare lion because it's looking back behind the shoulder, and "Morell" is like "Morley" while the sleeping-bag dream had David Morley; both his names pointed to Aids/Ade's, but he brought up the Scottish Morleys/MAULS, you see, and there was a mall in that dream, as was said above that included Miss Peare. But it also included LOUISE Phillips, and French Louis' happen to share the three lozenges of Parrys, what are the chances? Welsh Lewis' share the green dragon with the Bees Crest. The Beths who have the Hind Coat in gold have a "DEBONnaire" motto while "bona" is used by Morells, and Debon's are listed with Bona's. It recalls that McBee's are Beths too. It all looks like a perfect fit. Mr. Morell was in the two upper positions of the CIA for most of Obama's first term, when Hillary was committed her crimes.

Not only were English Morleys first found in Derbyshire (beside Cheshire) with Detricks/DEATHicks, and not only does the English Morley Coat resemble the Death/D'Ath Coat, but Morleys were at "Morleston and Litchurch. 'In Domesday Survey this place is described as one of the manors of Henry de Ferrers.'" Ferrers' use horseshoes, a hint suddenly that David Morley is going to point to Fort Detrick's part is starting the coronavirus using horseshoe bats.

The Ferrers family received Tutbury from Hugh Lupus, an earl in Cheshire, and while Morleys are like the Morlaix location of Cheshire's Marleys, and while the Cheshire Malls are also Marlybone's, the Cheshire Marble's, I've just learned, come up as Marley-like "Marbley," important because the Marble griffin is in the colors of the Death/D'Ath griffin. The latter are related to Motts/Mottins with a motor-like Morte motto term, and while David Morley circled the sleeping bag with a motor bike, Ferrers share the Moter/Motier bend. With the D'Ath variation of Deaths, it may apply to variations of Aids/Ade's who have a Coat version of the Cheshire Davids. There's lots of Cheshire elements here.

Marleys happen to be in all three colors of the Bug water bougets, a symbol shared by Detricks/DEATHicks. Moreover, the sleeping bag (which David Morley circled) was picked up by me on a hill, and Hills have an white item on a black fesse, similar to the white bougets on a black fesse as Bugs. Plus, I didn't know that Bugs shared the Carrick fesse (for a related reason) until days ago, and here I can say that, for years, I've tended to link the Bug Coat to the Coat of proto-Carrick Craigs, and Craigs happen to share the Death/D'Ath / Mott/Morte crescents. The Hill motto is suspect with the Vance variation of Vaux's/Vallibus' ("BE" motto term).

I've not realized until now that the Moter/Motier Coat is the vaired Shin/Chine/Ching/Chime Shield with the bend of Irish Shins/Shannons. Neither Shins/Shannons or Moters/Motier's put items on their bend. There is a little red tail at the bottom of the red box (of Moters) to indicate that it's a red escutcheon (shield)...over a fully blue-vaired Shield i.e. it's not intended as a blue-vaired border. The Shins/Chine's/Chings/Chime's have a fully blue-vaired Shield. The Ferrers have the same red escutcheon with the same bend, but in placing horseshoes on their bend, I now realize that the motor bike, which made Morley look like a world-war-2 Nazi (old-style bike helmet on), is a pointer to the corona scare's deep state.

Marys, who applied to Fort Detrick two updates ago, said to be related to "Meret," bring us to multiple bends with Merets/Merre's, in the colors of the bend of Moters/Motier's, Ferrers and Shins.

Oh wow, whether God provided it or not, I don't know, but the Shins/Chine's/Chime's (pointed to "China") are said to derive wrongly in a crevice or canyon, and so I'll add that Morley rode down a steepish hill of almost 45 degrees to the sleeping bag. I loaded Canyons/Cannings to find MOOR heads, which go well with the Moorley variation of MORleys, but then the Cannons (could be construed as a gold border) were loaded to find the same red, escutcheon with yet another bend upon it. And the cannon in the Canon Crest, I recall (no mistake), is called a mortar while Morters are listed with Motts/Morte's! Bingo, for we can really use more evidence to show that Morley pointed to Deaths/D'Aths and Motts/Morte's, and thus to Dethwick-Lea...of Derbyshire, where Morleys were first found.

The Morley scene is now pointing stronger to Fort Detrick with the Chime's in the picture. The Ferrers came out of the Morley write-up, you see, and so let me just repeat, because that Canon mortar is so super:

The Ferrers family received Tutbury from Hugh Lupus, an earl in Cheshire, and while Morleys are like the Morlaix location of Cheshire's Marleys, and while the Cheshire Malls are also Marlybone's, the Cheshire Marble's, I've just learned, come up as Marley-like "Marbley," important because the Marble griffin is in the colors of the Death/D'Ath griffin. The latter are related to Motts/Mottins with a motor-like Morte motto term, and while David Morley circled the sleeping bag with a motor bike, Ferrers share the Moter/Motier bend. With the D'Ath variation of Deaths, it may apply to variations of Aids/Ade's who have a Coat version of the Cheshire Davids.

There you see TUTbury, and it just so happens that Toothills have a blue-Shield version of the David Coat, as do Eitons/Eytons who look like a branch of AITons, the latter first found in Berwickshire with AIDs/Ade's! Even the thing acquired by Ferrers takes us back to Fauci's HIV / AIDs programs. Canyons/Cannings use a "TUTus" motto term. The latter surname is said to have included John Canon of "Ware or SHENley" (explains the VAIR fur), and the dog of Shins/Shannons (like "Cannon") can indicate the house of Canossa, which came out of Lucca, where Botters were first found who share the Eiton bend. Shens are listed with Chine-like Chains/Cheyne's/Cheine's.

While English Botters are Bodys/Bode's too, French Bode's/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Moters...and with Fes'/Fays (FOX) having the same bend as Moters, Shins/Shannons, and Ferrers. One Fox surname is also "SHINnock." OH WOW, just realized that the Shin/Shannon / Moter bend (with no items on it) is shared by Chalons/Chalants (no items on bend), very linkable to the Chalnes variation of French Faux's/Fage's, a pointer to Fauci!!!! You see, God uses heraldry to point to criminals. Fauchys were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'.

Plus, I think Fauci heraldry can get us to the trash CAN, Gods's symbol for Canon-like Caens/Cans who have a fretty Shield half in the colors of the same of Mode's/Modens. It starts with the thistle's of Fauchs (show no other symbol), for Thistle's/Thissels are said to be from Thurkle-like terms, which I think is explained by Thistle-like Thirst variation of Thirsks/TRASCHs/Treschs. You see, trash-can liner Trashers are also Treschers.

The croziers of Thirsks/TRASCHs/Treschs can be linked to Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne by way of one Crozier Coat being the Arms of Chalons-sure-Marne, and "Chalons" happens to be a variation of the Chalnes-like Chalants above. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne too. So, it's all linking to express the merit in these arguments for pointing to Mr. Fauci's crimes. Thirsks/TRASCHs/Treschs share the white estoile with Motts/Morte's, and the latter's Coat is a reflection of the Tracy/Trasse Coat.

In consideration that the Tracy/Trasse Coat is the Madden Coat exactly, here's from the 3rd update of December, 2019: "The Maidens are listed with Maddens having a 'falcon volant seizing a silver mallard,..." A FALCon, you see, like the Faulch variation of Fauchs who took us to Tracys/Trasse's with their thistles. One can glean that the Mallard surname is of the Duck-related Velins / Velens / Valans/Valence's due to the "falcon VOLANT." Can we believe it, but the "SEIZing a mallard" verifies that See's/Seas'/Sees' are using the Tucker and Ducker fesses. This is a pointer of Fauci to James LeDuc, quack-quack, suspect as a secret lunatic willing to kill for money.

Valents/Valentins have a squirrel version of the Barnstaple Coat, and so here's from the same, December update: "Oh wow, I just went to seek my files to find whether the Tracy bird is killing a duck or stork, and found this: 'Cecily de RUMilly, Lady Skipton by another name, was a busy gal. She first married the Tracy lords of BARNSTAPLE.'" Albins/AUBINs of Barnstaple are from Aubin, near Rodez, and Hugh de Rodez married ROQUEfeuil. Rumillys have the Rockefeller-line rock in Crest.

"RUMilly" can be of the Rums/Rims, and the trash can FELL on it's RIM. Fellers share trefoils with Rocks, Barnstaple's and MILLYs/Mileys ("Malo"), while "RuMILLY" can be named after a Rum marriage to the MILward variation of Mallards (moline cross). The Fells are very important here for having the three eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs in colors reversed. Falls'/FALLIS' have more trefoils, and FALAISE is where Moline's are said to be from. Mile's have another moline. La Falaise is either in or beside the Vexin.

I found the double-tailed Folly lion last week, seeking lines from FORET-la-Folie in the Vexin, and here we can add that Skiptons have a purple lion too while Fauchs/Faulchs were first found in Forez while Forets are listed with Forez's. It's a neat little vaccination package that kills people for money. The double-tailed Folly lion suggests Simon de Montfort of a Vaux-connectable line at Meulan/Mellent (Vexin), and Moline's are Moulins' too.

The new battle is where the head of vaccines, Bill Bright, anti-Trumper, has been removed from his position. He opposed the use of chloroquine, favoring some better-tested drug. Though I haven't heard what drug he preferred, I'm guessing Remdesivir, which Fauci fawned over as soon as it was approved. Beware. This Bright story is a losing battle seeking to keep the lockdown extended as long as possible. The people don't want the lockdown aside from a few Democrat die-hards who continue to shape the back-to-work program as one based on money-lust. Hello, are you guys nuts? Okay, some corporate biggies can't wait to start making millions again, but for the most part, people, including yourselves, need food on the table. It's instead kill-Trump lust that's causing great pain and threatening more. They are fomenting high corona-kill numbers again to keep the shutdown going. If Trump's team doesn't expose the numbers pumpers, the latter and company are going to attack him for starting the pandemic all over again.

Here's a comedy news clip:

However, this war is not funny. Trump needs to keep safe from assassination. His enemies are going for broke here. They need this next election badly, and we all will be the victims of a Democrat win, even the Democrats. They are in lunatic denial, deceived, and will vote the corrupt cabal into power. Trump is to blame for this situation. He gambled in leaving the deep state secure, and now here it is in fury doing whatever it can, be it ever so unlawful in broad daylight, for all to see, to ruin him. Did he think the deep state would sit back and do nothing? Barr, that useless no-nothing Republican, is way too late to fix this, even if he's forced to make some arrests. The upper-level in power have the choice of siding with the deep state to protect themselves from the deep state. This is a Nazi-style save-yourself tactic, with be-evil-with-Hitler mentality. The only hope is for good guys to take the risks in large-enough numbers to overwhelm the bad guys, put them in disarray trying to save themselves. Instead, Trump dances with the wolves, allowing them to nip at his legs looking for a fatal-strike opportunity.

What better way to assassinate Trump than to give him a fatal form to COVID 19? Watch that dancing with Fauci, president Folly, because he'd love to deliver to you your last dance.

With Iran still counting large numbers of corona deaths, where we don't imagine numbers pumpers artificially raising the numbers for political reasons, it's a mystery. I'm open to corona being generally just a normal flu while the American conspiracy that used Wuhan created a deadlier type of flu to go around that is NOT the one that provides mild cases. A theory is that the two only look alike because those who devised the testing programs arranged for them both test positive i.e. not necessarily meaning that everything testing positive is the same flu. In fact, many flus can test positive so that many flus are being lumped in with corona. That would be the natural trick to expect from the conspirators, knowing that many flus will test positive by their testing method, and then convincing the public that the testing only tests for COVID-19. The Trump team needs to look at the testing method(s).

On the bright side, it's possible that the work-related damage done by the Fauci side will cause democrats not to vote, or even to vote Trump to keep Democrats from power. On the darker side, Cuomo, a Democrat leader of the wreck-the-economy side, is loved by his New York Democrats, a real mystery that reveals the evil nature of about half the New Yorkers. This evil needs to be purged, and yet we can allow only God to chose how that's done. Here's evidence, but only at the end of the video, that they are trying to kill off a lot of old people, the only "logic" being to reduce "wasteful" mouths and to lower tax handouts.

This week, we find German Intelligence China-bashing too, saying the same as American Intelligence is saying on the virus, but if the CIA is still in the hands of the Nazified Americans, perhaps they are plotting to ruin the United States so that Germans can take over the country (may be their long-term goal for the motherland).

Here's staged corona-news from CBS:

Marbles, Alleys and the Galveston Lab

I've just returned from shopping, and had the Marble's on the brain due to a miracle marble shot I took at age 11. I've told this story before; the last time caused me to investigate the Alley surnames because we called our marbles, allees. When getting to the Alley variation of Irish Cawleys/Gawleys, I noted that they have the same lion as Galves', and soon realized that a consonant reversal of "Gawley" essentially gets "Galves." It begged a check for a Gavley surname, and not only is it listed with Calveleys/CALVERlys -- which reminds of the "calvary" symbol of Crystals -- but Calveleys/Calverlys were from the "West Riding of Yorkshire at Calverley, a parish, in the union of Bradford, wapentake of MORLEY." That Morley location is stunning, but for new readers -- you'll be amazed at this -- let's tell that my mugging in Galveston, a pointer to the Galveston's link to Wuhan, was the day before I stayed to night in CRYSTAL City.

This is a good place to add that "calVARY" could be part-code for Varys having a Ferrer-like Verrer variation.

Repeat from above: "...Morleys are like the Morlaix location of Cheshire's Marleys, and while the Cheshire Malls are also Marlybone's, the Cheshire Marble's, I've just learned, come up as Marley-like "Marbley," important because the Marble griffin is in the colors of the Death/D'Ath griffin." And here we find that Alleys got us to a Galveston-like family at Yorkshire, where Morleys/Mauls were first found. Chances are, Marble's and Alleys were not related so closely as to share heraldry, yet if God is in this, then Marble's and Alleys will get us to the same object, and we can see why He would want to do this if an Alley branch named Galveston.

Galv-like Calvers even use a Moor head appropriate for Morleys/Moorleys, first found in Derbyshire with Calvers, and the latter's fleur-de-lys is used by Morley-branch Morlands and PEAKs. Lookie: "The surname Calver was first found in Derbyshire at Calver, a township, in the parish and union of Bakewell, hundred of High PEAL"! I remembered that Bakewells/BAGwells/BANKwells were in the last update with David Morley, but checking just now, I don't know how they came to topic. I had said that Morley rode down the BANk from the road, and circled the BAG, and the Bakewells speak to that perfectly, especially as Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Bakewell. Is that not amazing? Banks even share the Morland / Calver / Peak fleur-de-lys. Banks were from Newton Craven, in the area of the Rumilly-Skiptons.

The Gavleys of Yorkshire's Morley location are said to have been at CALVERleigh in Morley. It gets the sleeping bag dream to a Galves-like Calver bloodline that probably includes the Alleys/Cauleys/Gawleys sharing the Galves lion, you see. It's worth noting that Awleys>Alleys>Cawleys>Gawleys are said to derive in an Irish branch of MacGuire's while Guire's share the Coat of Coffee-colored Cafferys/Caffertys. Again, God pointed to Coffee's/Coffers the day after the Galveston mugging.

You might be impressed here if you had read, in the last update, about the cockroaches in the Crystal-City motel (I stayed there just one night), and how it pointed definitely to the Roach surname (uses a rock) and Rothschilds. Irish Galveys/Galvins, new to me and looked up only after finding the Alleys/Gawleys, show nothing on their Shield but three fish, in the colors of the same of Roach's! It's just extra evidence that God set up the mugging, as well as the ending of my next day in Crystal City. He even put the cockroaches behind the wallpaper for this pointer to the Rockefellers / Rothschilds. Those guys must be in a heap of trouble that they will not escape from, if they do not genuinely repent and lay their amassed money at the feet of Jesus.

The surname found just before loading Galveys/Galwins (evokes Galways) was the Gaules surname because they look like a variation of the Gawleys variation of Alleys. The latter come up as "Gauley." It was surprising to find that Gaules' share the giant lion of English Alleys/ALEIGHs. And wow, LEA's/Leighs/Leghs share a giant and red lion with Alleys/Cauleys/Gawleys and Galves', while Detricks were at Dethwick-LEA of Derbyshire! Wow, suddenly, my marble miracle is able to connect directly to a pointer at Fort Detrick.

Morleys are said to have named Mearly/Merley, and Mears happen to share water bougets with Detricks. Mears (one of the Sleep fesses) were at Galveston-like Glaston, that's interesting. And Glastons are listed with Scottish Glass'. Hmm.

Oh wow. Fort Detrick is in MARYland, and Mear-like Marys/Merrys share the Galves / Alley/Cawley/Gawley lion. That could perhaps explain why Morleys got a Mearly/Merley variation, to show that they became the which case Marys might not be from the Marsi, but from Morano (Moor heads) with Moorleys/Morleys, though the alternative is that Morleys merged with a Mery line to become Merleys. That works where MARano's/MAURITANo's (Mary lion in colors reversed) were first found in MODENa with Morano's, and the Galves castle happens to be in the tower colors of Castile's (Mary / Galves lion) which is in turn colors reversed from the tower of Spanish Murena's/MORATINs, The Death-related Motts/MOTTINs are also Moratin-like Morte's, and Detricks are also DEATHicks while Deaths/D'Aths share the Mott/Morte crescent and, I think, the Marble griffin. It's an excellent heraldic system that men did not create. See Mary Nigro over the past three updates, for I got mugged in Galveston by a Negro while Negro's are listed with Nigro's. Mary pointed to Fort Detrick by another route.

[In the next update, I find the Edders when wondering wether the Hatrick-branch Edricks were from them, and Edders happen to share the giant Marble griffin. It's in the colors of the giant Kettrick lion. This comes up as per the next update's investigation into the Sidney and Powell surnames, where Powells have a motto that brought Edricks to mind, finding them with the Hatrick / Mary / Galves lion.]

I didn't realize until re-loading Castile's just now that they share a red escutcheon with Moters/Motier's and horseshoe-Ferrers. Verrers/Varys (possibly in "calVARY" to honor Calvers and Verrer liners together) use a red Shield applicable to that red eSCUTcheon shield, which is part code for Scute's who not only share the Castile tower beside gold escutcheons, but have the Chief-Shield colors of Verrers/Varys in colors reversed. The horseshoe can be code for Shoe's/SCHUGs looking linkable to Skugals who come up as "Scoot."

Although we all called her Mary, in being Italian, she may have been born, Maria. I'd like to show some things, starting with the Spanish Marys, first found in Castile with Marina's. By the way, Castile's and Galves' were first found in GALICia while Galves' are also GALEGo's. Spanish Marys and Italian Marina's both use nebuly bends, black like the wavy bends of English Clements, though the other English Clements have them as nebuly fesses in both colors of the nebuly bends of Marina's. The point is that the nebuly Clements were first found in Brecknock with Newmarks whose Shield with lozenges is like that of Livelys for a pointer to Kent Heckenlively (see last update), who wrote a book with Judy MikoVITS in opposition to Fauci's crimes. It was proposed that God arranged the Vits' surname to be first found in Neumark so that I would look up Newmarks for the discovery above, though it also led to Newmarch's/Newmarsh's sharing the red crescent with Vits', and from there we went to Marshalls sharing the Lively Coat exactly, you can't make this stuff up. If we go to the Marshall-related Keiths, we find three pale bars in the colors of the triple Meret bends. Here's from the top of two updates ago:

It's co-author is Mr. HeckenLIVELY, and one Lively surname is also, HIVely [like HIV / AIDS], which is a "coincidence" I can see God arranging to put His signature on this book. WOW, these two writers are whistle-blowers, wow-ow, and so by what coincidence do both the Whistle's/Wissels (probably the Bath and Paine lion!!) share a string of bendwise lozenges on a red Shield with Livelys/Hivelys!!!? Incredible. Plus, Blows/Blowers share three goat heads (same Coat exactly aside from colors) with HECKENs/Hacks; his name is Kent HECKENlively!!!!

I can now repeat from this update: "Marys, who applied to Fort Detrick two updates ago, said to be related to "Meret," bring us to multiple bends with Merets/Merre's, in the colors of the bend of Moters/Motier's, Ferrers and China-pointing Shins." It could be gleaned that Marys/Merrys are from mythical Merops of Kos because the Kos/Kosinski surname has multiple bends too, and here it can be added that while Edom's Kos cult is said to have been an owl cult, Galves' like Gaules' (escutcheon) use an owl border. It just so happens that the Keiths/Mascals are related to Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks/Sedgewicks) who in turn have the escutcheon of Gaules' in colors reversed. And Gauls/Gallus'/Galluska's (mouse-tower of Poland liners) almost have the Kos/Kosinski Coat. The latter look POLish, like the Galluska variation of Gauls/Gallus', and Gaules' with their Alley branch share the giant Pool/POLE lion.

There is no reason nor rhyme to link Alleys to Marble's, unless God arranged it, and so let's add that Marble's came up as "MarPOLE." Marble's can be gleaned closely with Meschins / Masseys.

More. The Clausula river is over beside KOSovo, and the latter is where there is a Decani region expected to the Decans/DEKE's and Deacons (share Mary/Merry / Hatrick lion). Mary Nigro was important lately because she attended the hockey game where I scored a hat trick, and Hatricks (share Galves / Mary lion) worked into a pointer to the Galveston and Fort Detrick labs. The third goal of the hat tricks was with a DEKE, you see. The Clausula river is the location of Dober, a couple of miles from KOPLik, and the Gauls/Gallus' above share the KOPPLe rooster while the Pools/Pole's above share the DOBERman griffin head (Dobers have it in gold).

Hats were first found in Dorset with Poole and the Pools/Pole's, and while Keiths were in Haddington, Decans/Deke's share the Haddington cross. I'm now wondering whether Hats are a pointer with Haits/Hate's/Hague's to the Clinton crimes in Haiti (see last update for that investigation). I don't know whether Hats use wreaths versus chaplets, but wreaths make sense because Wreaths share the Mary / Hatrick lion. Plus, the three wreaths on a black bend look linkable to the Coat of Wreath-like Rothes'/Wraths. That works, and POLLocks of Rothes castle can apply here. Peter Pollock built the castle, and his granddaughter roughly married Watsons, the latter first found in Rutland, where Decans/Deke's/Dockings were said to be first found for years, though now they are said to be first found in Norfolk (at Docking), same as Marys/Merrys who share their lion! the HAT trick plays perfectly here if the Decans/Deke's share the HADDington cross

Look: English Dockers (share bridge with Galves-like Galways) use spears while Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Spears/SPEYers while Rothes castle is on the Spey river. German Dockers are with Ducks/Duckers so that the hat trick points also to James LeDuc of Galveston National Laboratory. The Tricks (spears) use a version of the Drig Coat, and I recall reading, I feel sure, that one or the other of Tricks / Drigs use "darts," code for Dardanians i.e. who lived at / near Decani. Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article says/said that the Pollock arrow is also a "dart." Drigs were first found in Cumberland with Dockers!!! It's just all excellent for acting as pointers to the labs involved with Wuhan, and God's not going to point to them if they were not guilty of what the Americans blame Wuhan for. Fox news, war-hawk Republicans, and Trump worshipers are is sadly mistaken for China-bashing. China may not have been perfect, but then neither do I believe any report on China that comes from U.S. Intelligence, for obvious reason of trying to cover their crimes by shifting blame.

Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Dockers with Fier-like Fairs, and German Daggers are Deke-like Decks, which recalls that the DEXARoi upstream from Fier county, shown on maps at Antipatria, had a branch at near Kosovo. This map places the "Dessaretis" (another name for Dexaroi) further upstream from Antipatria (center of map) than another map, but it also has "Dessareti" (top of map) up at / beside Kosovo. Apparently, Dexaroi named Decani.

Repeat: "Mears (one of the Sleep fesses) were at Galveston-like Glaston, that's interesting. And Glastons are listed with Scottish Glass'. Hmm." Mears, who share the ermined fesse of Darts/Darts, are like the Marys/Merrys, and Hatters/HETERICKs share the same fesse albeit not ermines. It's feasible that "Detrick" started as "D'Ettrick," like the Ettrick variation of Hatricks, and like "Heterick." The Hendricks happen to have a colors-reversed version of the Kos/Kosinski Coat, and the Hendrick ermines gives it a Dart/Dard / Mear look.

The further point is that Pollocks lived at GLASgow while Glass and Glaze's can be linked to Glasgows and their "Lord" motto term. I realized yesterday that Glues'/Glue's can apply to Glass liners because they share the mascles of Spinks, first found in NorthAMPTONshire with Lord-related Ladys/Laudymans, and, besides, Lords/Lauds (Glaze pheons), first found in Suffolk with Decan-branch Deacons, share the cinquefoils of Amptons. As Glues'/Glue's have a "Sine" motto term and a Gallow-like Clow variation along with the Gallow(ay) lion, one could propose that Gallow(ay)s were Glass liners because Sine's/Sions' were first found beside Glasgow.

Spinks share the black dog in Crest with Marits/Marrots, and the latter have three fesses in the colors of the one of black-dog Carricks. This fesse is that of Bugs, the latter first found beside the Marits/Marrots (Somerset). The Spink eagles are those of Corona's (Galicia, same as Galves'). The Carnys/KEARNeys sharing the Lord/Laud and Glaze pheons share the three Mary lions, and Karens/Keerns were first found in Silesia with the Brocuffs having a Spink-like sphinx. The Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs are colors reversed from the same of Carnys/Kearneys. The flag of Brocuffs has the same fesse a Darts/Dards / Mears.

Note how Ladys can be in the Mares/Maret write-up: "According to Arthurian legend, Sir Hector de Maris (or Ector de Maris), was a Knight of the Round Table, younger half-brother of Lancelot and the natural son of King Ban of Benwick and the LADY de Maris." The Kos/Kosinski, Meret and Hendrick Coats can be gleaned as version of the Hector/Ector Coat (Angus, beside Hendricks), which secretly named mythical Hector de Maris, and surnames like Mares'/Marets and Maris' can be gleaned with the DeMarais variation of Merets. Therefore, Mary Nigro links to Hatrick-like Hendricks. That's why God allowed me to score a hat trick when she was at the game (it was the only game she attended that year). King Arthur is code for the Ardiaei Illyrians who married the daughter of the Dardanian king, Monunius II.

Arthurian myth included Morgan le Fay, and Morgans with Irish Moors have the Trick / Drig lion in colors reversed. Morges in Switzerland is in LAUSanne while Laus was founded by peoples on the Sybaris river with Saracena. The Marets/Maris are interesting because they share the Sarasin moline, a surname that has become suspect with the SARS virus that includes coronavirus. Sarasins and Saracens are expected from Saracena, on the Sybaris river with Moor-head Morano, and as we saw David Morley pointing to the Aids surname, we can repeat that Morleys, first found in Derbyshire with Detricks, are also MOORleys. Davids have versions of the Aid and EITon Coats.

Irish Fays (spear) were first found in Galway. The Fays/Fes' were first found in Auvergne with the Moters/Motier's whose bend they share. David Morley was on a MOTORbike in the SLEEPing-bag dream, and Sleeps, with two of the ermined fesses of Darts/Dards, are from the SELEPitanoi at the southern end of the Ardiaei domain. The Selepitanoi were at modern Bar, which may predict that Bill Barr will be a sleeper (do-nothing) when it comes to attacking the deep state. The Ardiaei were centered around the Saraca's of Ragusa, which place was also called, Laus / Lausa.

The Selepitanoi, on map above beside Ardiaei at RHIZON, were depicted by a sleeping Miss Hicks in the shark dream, and Sharks are of the Saraca's. When I awoke her, we were RISING into the SKY. Hold on to the Skye-like term. This is interesting because John Ratcliffe became suspect with Miss Hicks at her car, where she fell asleep. Hmm, FELL asleep could be a pointer to Fells with the Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed. Barrs named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, and Lorraine's share the lions of Tricks / Drigs while one of the latter uses a dart while Sleeps are Dart/Dard kin, that works very well, especially as Miss Hicks became suspect in being shaved bald while the Fells share the lozenges of Chaffs/Chafee's who are said to be named after baldness.

[Insert -- A few days after writing here, I came across the English Smalls with the crescents of Motts and Deaths/DARTHs. Note first how Darths are like Darts, for as Arthur liners were related by marriage to Darts, it explains the D'Arth variation of Deaths/Darths. Then, it just so happens that Smalls were first found in Derbyshire with Detricks/DEATHicks! Zinger, it looks like Detricks were from Dart-line Dardanians. The Smalls were even in Morley / Morleston of Derbyshire. This insert goes excellently here because the Smells Scottish Smalls were part of the discussion as we end this insert here.]

She wore a WIG (she always wore it) that I smelled one day (when she stood holding my hands in prayer), and it smelled DUSTy, like a wig, no shampoo smell at all at roughly 11:30 am. I didn't know it was a wig until that day. Smells use an "inDUSTRia" motto term that I've long been deciphering with Dusters, you see. Smells have a Coat like that of Raggs' (Leicestershire, same as Wiggs), suspect with "Ragusa." Dusts even use a Moor head for a trace to the Sybaris river with Saraca's of Ragusa. Wikipedia says that this Saraca family was earlier at Kotor, smack beside RHIZON. She and I were RISING embraced into the SKY after she was at the hood. The Hoot variation of Hoods can suggest a branch of Hotts, said to be first found in D'Oust, and Dusts are also D'Ousts. There has got to be more to this than I can see at this time.

Smell-like Smalls have a "RATione" motto term, and Rats (recalls the rad(iator) at the hood) share a white anchor with Hoods/Hoots, and also with HEIDlers who in-turn have a colors-reversed version of the Duster Shield. Smalls just took us to Dusters, as had Smells. "Ratione" looks like part-code for Toeni's/Tonys, who were from Les ANDELys, which can explain the emphasized ANTLER of Dusts. Here's what could be key in all this: Dusters share the sun with HIEDlers/HITLERs, and God showed me, in the trash-can dream, that the shopping cart there was a pointer to George Herbert SCHERFF Jr. (son of a Nazi), the birth name of president George Herbert Walker Bush. The latter's son was involved in collecting money (uh-oh) with Bill Clinton for relief in Heid- / Hied-like Haiti, and the last update showed that Haiti pointers were directly involved with James LeDuc of Galveston.

Immediately after the shopping-cart scene, I was at my Jeep, speaking with its previous owner, complaining that its door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part. This short scene has been a problem for deciphering well, but I'm beginning to note that Handle's use a near-copy of the Duc/LeDuc Coat, and both their stars are in the colors of the six-pointed star of Jeepma's/Cheps and Hagars (Hait/Hate/Hague colors). The HAITs/Hate's/Hague's share the five-pointed Handle star. The only way I'd entertain this as a pointer to James LeDuc is if Doors and Barrels can apply too, and I do see that Irish Doors were first found in Galves-like Galway.

Hmm, and the owner's surname was of Italian Simons sharing the Galves lion and the six-pointed star of Jeepma's/CHEPs. The Chappes'/CHEAPs, first found in Stirlingshire with boat-like Bauds, share ears of wheat with the Schere's while the other Schere's come up as "SCHERFs." The Bauds above were central in the medallion-on-Jeep's hood, how about that.

Hmm, taking a closer look at Irish Doors, their being properly Doorleys/Dorlys recalled that they share the same giant lion as Dorals, and I did purchase a Doral brand boat while renting an apartment from the previous owner of my Jeep. That's why I know what the Doral Coat looks like without loading it. I don't know if I've ever gone over this territory before, but I've just found that boat-like Bote's/Botts (share the Biden/Button fesse) are listed with Butts/Bute's/Boets with the fish of Gates-like Geddes' while English Doors have a bee-version of the Gates Coat while the Gates lion is also the Door/Doorley and Doral lion. That works fantastic, and it's just got to be pointing to Bill Gates' vaccination programs. Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with Bosco-related Rose's and Rats.

Can we believe it, the Doral Crest is exactly the white goat head in the Crest of English Bush's. Both heads are erased at the neck, and both use gold antlers. This makes the heraldic goat suspect as code for the Goths/Gothels sharing the six-pointed star of Jeepma's/Cheps (and Hagars). As Adolf Hitler had his Bavarian concentration camps headquartered at Dachau, note that the Tax/Dach Coat can be in the crossed swords of Gots (Bavaria). Goths/Gothels were from Gothelo, grandfather of GODfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons (Auvergne, same as Bauds) share "bello" with German Bauds (share Gates split Shield). It appears that God moved me to purchase a Doral boat for making these pointers.

So, the boat pointed to the Bush's, as did the shopping-cart scene immediately before the door-handle scene, and this all came after getting from Hoods/Hoots to Hiedlers/Hitlers. As Schere's/Scherfs can be linked by their fitchee to the near-same of Shere's/Sheers while the latter share the Carrick dog, and because Doors use bees, let me repeat from above while on the medallion: "Shops/Sherlands (Bee/Beas colors) are connectable to Carricks for more reason that sharing a black-on-gold dancette with them, and then the "bien" motto term of Carricks can be for the bee-using Biens. I've used the Beas variation above because Bracebridge's use a "Be as" motto phrase."

Before getting again to John Ratcliffe, I'd like to show evidence that my miracle marble shot was from God. I was 11 years old, playing potsies with my marbles. Remember the props here. I wanted to hit the opponent's marble a good distance off, at least six feet. So I put the marble on my thumb (resting on forefinger), and prayed to God to hit that marble. I don't ever recall praying to God to hit a marble before; this shot either really meant a lot to me, or God set it up. With the marble on my thumb nail, I FLICKed it and, smack-on bang-on I hit the marble. Someone could rule the world with that kind of power, so long as it keeps on coming. I didn't hit the next marble I went for, even though I prayed; it was a lesson learned: no, you can't have perpetual goodies.

It just so happens that Flicks are listed with Flags/Flacks (Norfolk, same as Maret/Mares-like Marys) while McLeods/Clouds, first found on SKYE and Lewis, use flags. Marets/Maris' happen to share the scallops of Flicks/Flags, you see, and the reason that McLeods are being included in this discussion is that the miracle MARble shot was on HullMAR drive directly across the street from SKYE court. Why do I get the impression that Hullmars were married to a Maret/Mares kin? French Mars/More's/Mere's and Morleys/Mauls do share white scallops with Marets/Mares while Morleys were at Mearly/Merley? David Morley circled a sleeping bag was a pointer to Sleeps, right? And I awoke Miss Hicks from sleep to end up in the Skye, so to speak. Keep that thought alive.

It just so happens that Hulls (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) were an obvious branch of Halls, both using dog heads that, in heraldry, are very-often called talbots in honor of Talbots (share the Mary / Galves / Hatrick / etc. lion) and probably the Tailbois' too, the latter sharing the Morley/Maul scallops (both colors) and first found in Lincolnshire with Halls.

There's a lot going on here, too much to make easy sense of, but I want to say that houseofnames hid its pages for septs of various surnames. At one time, one could get to those pages with a couple of clicks. The page for McLeod septs showed a black bull head, the color of the Ratcliffe and Waleran bull heads. In the dream, Miss Hicks was SLEEPing BEAUTY, because I planned to kiss her awake, with Sleeping Beaty on my mind at the time, when God told me to go wake her up. As I said, we went up into the SKY at that time, and, besides, when I first saw her close-up facial shot, while she stood at a distance (too small to see her face) in front of the car's hood, I remarked, "she's Beautiful." Well, it just so happens that the Beauty/Bowood surname has black bulls in both colors of the Waleran bull heads.

It's of Ratcliffe importance to prove that God was pointing to the Walerans, and so let me go again to Waleran de Leavell, for Leavells are also Levels while she was hovering level when I awoke her (she was hovering also because Hoovers share the leg of HOOTers, proof that God is pointing to Hoods/HOOTs). Plus, when she was standing at the hood, she was also at the Rattery-like radiator, and Hoods/Hoots were at Rattery. From that picture, we can get to RATcliffe's (though I won't re-explain all of that). Suffice it to say that John Ratcliffe lives ten miles or less from the home to which Miss Hicks moved. The Ratcliffe write-up: "Richard Radcliffe held the manor for the manor of Whalley". Whalleys are in the colors and format of Walerans.

Whalleys even have a mascle in colors reversed from that of Hansons, which brings me back to Miss Hanson, a lovely teen that went out with me for a short time who had the looks remarkably of Miss Hicks. Shortly after we were no longer together, I saw her one last time in a PICK-up truck while I was at the road's should area that had a driveway into Ratcliff Lumber (Gormley, Ontario). She was at her place of work at Sam's Restaurant. We were going out when she came with me to a hockey game a week or two after the Hatrick, for I recall commenting to her that, ha, I scored three goals when Mary was there, but only one with you there. I was proud of the hat trick, but that's why I remember it.

Miss Hanson was in a PICK-up truck, and Picks share the Rattery and Wood fitchees. Beautys/BoWOODs are probably a Wood branch because Woods share the giant tree with BOW-related Roets. BOWood.

If you zoom in at the corner of Woodbine and Stouffville road, you will see Sam's Restaurant marked. To it's north is now Cooper equipment, which was once Ratcliffe lumber. The grass area between the two businesses was not there when I lived in that village; it was all one driveway going into both Sams and Ratcliffe's. I was there when I last saw Miss Hanson. She had sold me the ice cream from what is now the post office.

It wasn't called "Famous Sam's" back then as it's now marked. I've just checked famous-like Fames' to see that it shares a white bull head with McLeods/Clouds (use it in black too, as do Ratcliffs), and the Veynes variation of Fames'/Fane's is like VAUGHN HardWOOD Floors that is marked right beside Famous Sams (zoom in until Vaughn flooring appears).

I just came in from working outdoors after writing that, and went back to wondering whether John Ratcliffe is related to some Mr. Cooper, because Ratcliff lumber is now run by Cooper rentals. I half-expect that God may have arranged something like that to verify his pointer to John Ratcliffe via that lumber yard. I found this: "Incumbent John Ratcliffe defeated John Cooper in the Republican primary for U.S. House Texas District 4 on March 6, 2018." Food for your thoughts.

Poor Flynn, Happy Flynn

On Thursday, Barr's department dropped the case against Flynn, and all the leftist jackasses totally ignored the DoJ leak of certain FBI collusion to frame Flynn, instead peppering Barr with one voice as a political animal doing Trump a favor. Achem, now is the time to make the leftists more angry by arrested their cherished leaders. Otherwise, if Barr becomes afraid at the flood of bad press against him, then he allows leftists to control him by intimidation. That is weak and soft and traitorous to law. The more they squawk, the more of their leaders should be arrested. It's leadership that prevails, and we can't have leftists leading. Mules should never lead humans. The destroyers prefer that a man innocent of the charges should go to jail just to upset Republicans. GREAT SHAME. They don't deserve life on God's planet. They wish to rule His planet with every satanic quality. Wait for God's response to them, it will be to our music and song. Instead of pity for them, shouting the praises of life without them. A clean earth is coming.

The known story, from released documents, is that someone at the FBI closed the attack on Flynn on January 4, 2017, for lack of anything to charge him with. But Strzok texted someone later that day to say that Comey's office didn't want the case closed. Flynn's lawyer says that January 4 was the day that Comey and McCabe "had found" the transcript to Flynn's phone-call to a Russian ambassador, but assuming that it didn't just fly into the window, Intelligence supplied this phone call, which, I think, is a crime because there was nothing wrong with the call. Who put Intelligence to the task of acquiring that transcript?

The next day was the big meeting between Comey, Obama and two Intelligence heads (Clapper and Brennan). The question is whether Comey wanted Obama's advice on whether to close the case, or whether Obama had directed him beforehand to let him know of all developments because he, Obama, wanted to steer the Razor program. There's a big difference, because the second option makes Obama more guilty than the first (first-degree crime), and begins to expose him as the reason that the FBI attacked Flynn in the first place, a plot hatched about a half-year earlier. Why did they call it, "razor"? It makes them / someone look impish. Doesn't Clapper look like an imp, with Obama a close second?

Flynn's lawyer, Ms. Powell, says that Comey brought the phone transcript to Clapper, and that they then brought it to Obama's attention, but this to me looks like a typical FBI method to enter into the official book of records a scenario that looks good but is untrue. Mr. Powell is only telling what the FBI books tell, not necessarily the truth. By entering into the records that they notified Obama of the call, it makes the latter look like a bystander, or that this was not his plot to begin with. I would rather believe, because it makes more sense, that Obama requested from the CIA and/or Clapper any phone transcript that can be used against Flynn. Apparently, even though it's unlawful, they can spy on anyone's phone calls at any time they please. However, it may not be unlawful if the president himself makes the request for a phone transcript. Did the CIA / Clapper get the transcript on their own initiative, or did Obama ask for it??? Which makes more sense to you?

I still don't know what Flynn supposedly lied about because nobody's mentioning it. Flynn's worst "crime" may have been to want better relations with Russia to ease the World Nerve, but the CIA wants us terrified of, and puking at, Putin. See the difference? It's not a small difference is it? Trump initially wanted better relations too, but he abandoned the initiative because the media framed as a Russian agent for it. So, the CIA has been winning out on this Cold-War-II program, and Fox news is a boost to it, no doubt about it. I'm not opposed to friendly relations between Russia and the United States as far as prophecy is concerned; just don't the two attack Israel together. That's what I half-expect of prophecy, and Obamaites could fulfill such a thing. I don't see Trump fulfilling it.

The writing is on the wall. The anti-Christs are going to get the upper hand. Angry for being opposed, they will act with brutality in some cases. All verbal opposition will be deemed dissent against their global order. The information channels have witnessed that they can remove any article, any video, without major repercussions, and so we are doomed. The Lie and its destruction will prevail, but those who rejoice over it will have but a short time, though it will be for a number-of-years "short," not as short as we would like. Still, for them, it will be extremely short even if its for a decade.

The less money we all have, the more they can prevent rebels / whistle-blowers, you see. If prices go up after this lock-down, it's to their advantage. They want us to survive week-to-week if possible so that they can keep us in line as good little followers. People will convince themselves that doing things their way is the right way because they will play it safe. And the demonic powers will then bring the entire world to military destruction as the people trust them. Revelation reveals that China will come against them, and that they will confront China, and thus cause Armageddon. All of this animosity that we see against China now is apparently the forerunner to that prediction.

Westerner, did you know that Jesus will bring the Chinese to finish the West off together with rebellious Israel. That's how you need to view things, citizen of God's Israel; this is no time for patriotism to your flesh nation gone amuck. Not even Fox is good enough to do the things of God because money is the number one god of its owners. The stock market is the figurehead of your destruction, West. You have gone too far with money-making, and you have created the poor that a few might be over-rich. Fox is an example of a company that cannot stop making maximum profits, like a drunkard addicted to his alcohol. It closes its eyes to killers in the vaccine market so that it too might make more money. There is no hope if there is no major media mouthpiece for the good guys. The wicked already rule the better part of the national thrones at a time when the media are willing liars on their behalf. We are seeing very-respectable liars come on to the news, that's how good they have become at it.

We have this promise: people will be buying and selling until the very end, yet they will also be praising the military might of the West as their salvation from would-be enemies. Yes, when Revelation 13 says that people will take shelter in the anti-Christ's military power, it implies enemies too, or else what would be the purpose in trusting in military might? So, when Revelation says that everyone will worship / follow the anti-Christ, it doesn't mean everyone everywhere, but everyone attached to his kingdom. The people will happily go with the Lie for the sake of eating / keeping the body alive. Isn't it just like the fool to look after their flesh while relegating their own souls to damnation? We are watching people do this very thing. Others are looking to Jesus for their solutions, the wise, some of them for the first time. Beware the Buttars who are happy with all religions, and beware the Hindu and the practice of meditation. Let Jesus be you supper and your bedtime snack. Conform to Him because He is alive to this day. He will lead the remnant of this world to sanity and a better kind of prosperity than concrete-to-the-sky cities. Peace will be thick in the air. Trust and good will for fellow man will return for the survivors, when the dividers are put into their graves, the CIA and company, the fake and traitorous police chiefs, the governors who pilfer the tax pool, the iron-fisted wolves.

The story in the video below (don't miss this) is rather new to the news, I think, and has the most-bizarre part of the attack-Flynn program, even more shocking than what Obama's scheme entailed (nothing surprising, anyway). The British this time, in conjunction with Obama's scheme, were setting Flynn up as a Russian agent by wholly manufacturing a Russian spy, Svetlana Lokhova, they claimed sat beside Flynn at a large dinner (she claims she sat opposite the table from Flynn, but she was set-up at that table, in any case, so that the rats could make a suspicious news story out of it). Note that this female spy, who is blowing the whistle in the video, was invited to the dinner by Richard Dearlove, the former MI6 boss who no doubt was engaged with Steele (it's like Dearlove gave himself away, fool). Note too that Stefan Halper is unashamedly front-and-center in his comical ding-a-ling scheme:

The video is an extra education on how brutally ignorant the leftist media baboons are when following through with their mischaracterizations of innocent people for political agendas. Trump is responsible to stamp this corruption out IMMEDIATELY. Don't let Bongino convince you that falsifications / disinformation in media reports should be protected as constitutional. Bongino is reckless on this point. These people must be jailed, unworthy of life amongst us. The sooner media bosses are jailed for framing people as guilty, the sooner sanity can be restored. It's one thing to tell one lie now and again, but when there is a concerted frame job using the willing / complicit media, the constitution never intended such a thing.

The supreme court is about to tilt the good way, if Trump doesn't fail to replace Ginsburg with the right person. I don't see how any deep-state goon charged with a crime could escape from such a supreme court. This is why the deep state is frantic to oust Trump, for even if Barr arrests them all today, the highest court will be tilting conservative by then, without fail, if Trump survives to appoint the next judge. We shouldn't need to be holding our breath, crossing out fingers, but with Trump you just never know if he's going to chose the right person. Sometimes I think the leaders are trying to drive the masses crazy.

It took Ms. Lokhova three years to come out with this story. Why now? The answer seems obvious. The leaked FBI notes on Flynn's frame job assure that people will now take her side of the story rather than that of the Washington ComPost. It just goes to show how suddenly a small flood can gather against the sewage, just when the sewer rats think they've gotten away with it all. Don't despise a small flood, because other rains can pour down when the blowers see it. But, without an active attorney general, even a conservative-leaning supreme court is useless (to disinfect Washington).

Fauci Fall-Out From the Swan Surname

You'll need to load surnames to view symbolism for this section. I do not know where I'm going with the set of things I've decided to tell, and I was even wondering why I should bother telling these things, aside from the family-historian value in them. There's a host of historical discoveries in these things tracing back to the Gog theater in Caucasia, and I've gone over much of these traces so many times already, I feel like puking to go over them again. After puke and Gog are perfect matches.

I was reading the write-up of Swans/Sions/Sweyns, which I'll just call the Swans for this section. It suggests derivation in one or two Sweyn characters, and I think it got it right with this one: "Sweyn or Svein (d. 1014), was 'King of England and Denmark, called Forkbeard, son of Harold Blaatand, King of Denmark, probably by his Queen Gunhild, though it was said that his mother was a Slav, a servant in the house of Palna-Toki, or Tokko, in Funen...'" Heraldry can prove that his mother was Tokko of FUNEN, for that term smacks of Fanano and the Fane's while I did see that Swans once used gauntlet gloves, the Fane and Macey symbol. This explains why the Swan Coat is in the colors of the Arms of Fanano, and as Fanano is in MODENa, it also explains why the Glove surname shares the crescent of Motts/MOTTINs.

Note that while Swans were first found beside Renfrew, the Renfrews share the giant ship with Gunns/Guine's, suggesting that they are from GUNhild, BLAATand's wife. Blate's/Blade's almost have the saltire of Renfrew's Pollocks. German Blate's/Plate's happen to use a swan, now expected as code, with little doubt, for the line of Sweyne Forkbeard. How many other heraldic swans apply to his line? While English and Scottish Franks share the Blate/Blade and Pollock saltires, Jewish Franks share grapes with Blate's/Plate's. From here, we can go to the grapes of Detrick-like Deters/Detre's because the latter share the white dog with the Swan Crest.

The Glove's were first found in Perthshire with the Rollo's, from Rollo the Dane. The Rollo's love the Fortuna's in their motto, and Fortuna's use a white dog, suspect in the Swan Crest. The Fortuna dog was used in both colors by the house of Canossa, and it just so happens that CUNNinghams use a "fork" motto term suggesting Sweyn Forkbeard, you see. So, this tends to reveal that Canossa was a line to Cunninghams (Ayrshire, same as Forkers/Farquhars). Blate's/Blade's share the black dog with Carricks (Ayrshire).

The mythical Swan Knight, LOHENgrin, is part-code for Locks/Licks and Lochs/Logens, both of whom use swans, but then the Logans/LOHANs/DUCKs share the heart with Swans, you see, and as the latter's heart is PIERCEd with nails, it's code for the Ducks/Ducker relationship with Nails/Neils/Nagle's (same place as Ducks/Duckers). Pierce's were first found in Somerset with PERCIvals, explaining why the myth writer made the Swan Knight the son of Percival, the GRAIL king, for Grails are listed with MacNeils/Neals. So you see, the myth writer's were just spiritual slobs who kept their myth secrets to themselves, like satanists are expected to, which were only about their cherished bloodlines, nothing more mysterious than that. And these deceivers loved their viking ancestry because a satanist and a thief and a killer are bred on the same cloth. Heraldry had birth from vikings / pirates.

There are some who think that king Maccus of Man (viking) was related to Rollo, and Swan heraldry tends to prove it, for Swans are in the format and part-colors of Maccus-line Mackays but with the Macey chevron. The Swan chevron with three symbols are in the format of the same from Mackays. Under the Swan chevrons and it's gloves is a lion half in the colors of the Maschi lion, and Maschi's were first found beside Fano, the line of Macey-related Fane's. I always trace Swans to lake "Sevan," land of Gog and Meshech (proto-Maceys / Maschi's), and while SeVAN was named by nearby Lake Van, that's why Fane's are also Vans. Lake van was ruled by kings Rusa, and both Danes with Varangians were called, Rus.

It just so happens that Forkbeard was married to SWIEToslawa Mieszko (Sion is in SWITzerland), yet Swan heraldry seems not to honor anything of her bloodline, aside perhaps for the Swan lion suspect as the Maschi lion in white. As Maschi's use pine cones, we take this discussion to the antler of Cone's because Casimirs, from Casimir of Poland, a Mieszko, use the antler too. Casimir married a Varangian RUS when Varangians parked their puke in the old land of Cimmerians (i.e. at Kiev), the same Cimmerians who conquered Lake Van. Cone's share the CONTE antlers while French Conte's can be gleaned as kin of French Falcons/FalCONTE's, and that explains the falconer's gloves of Swans/Sions now showing.

Depending on when Sion was named, it could have been named by Sweyn's line, or vice versa. I assume with good reason that Sweyns were named after "Sevan." Note how "Sweyne"/Swayne" is like the Wayne's (gauntlet gloves) and the Veynes variation of Fane's/Vans (gauntlet gloves). Sion is in Wallis/Valais canton, and while Rollo married Poppa of Valois, the Valois' are also Valais'. One of those places named the other, apparently. Sion is near an Ayr/Ayer location (forget the spelling), linkable to Cunninghams / Forkers of AYRshire. I'm going to guess that Canossa and Cunninghams were named from Kuns = Huns, and as such they look linkable to the Hun/Hungate dog, in both colors of the Canossa / Fortuna / Hun/Hundt dog. The Hun/Hungate dog is SEATed as possible code for a Seaton liner, for the Sitten variation of Seatons named Sitten, the alternative name of Sion. The Huns/Hundts have a greyhound colors reversed from the two of Dockets/Dogetts/DoGATE's (Gates lion in Crest?).

The heart at the center of the Swan chevron is expected as code for Herods/Haralds, from Harald, father of Maccus. Herods/Haralds use a "hawk's lure," and we can see a lure on the falconer's gloves of Swans. Lure's, Herods and Heralds are listed as septs of McLeods/CLOUDs, and we see a cloud by following the "FiDELitas" motto term of Swans to the cloud-using Dells (share Daily lion), said to be of the Dale's, which works because Dale's/Dails use a giant swan. Dells could be from "Atilla." Dailys/Dalleys use a "fiDELis" motto term, and Dallas' share the Coat of Biggars, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with Swans.

The Rusa kings of Van became vassals of the invading Cimmerians, and they say that Cimmerians founded WALES, making it appear that the namers of Wallis canton were of the Welsh. Fane's/Vans were first found in Wales, as were Attila-like Tillers. If I recall correctly, even Josephus said that Cimmerians descended from Biblical Gomer, and there is a Gomer variation of Gumms whom I link to Tooths and Bumps/BumPUSS'. Sweyn's father, BlaaTAND, is said to be named after "BlueTOOTH" (blue-dent), and perhaps that came to name the Tooths in some way from the Dane-like Dents (share the Hound lozenges), for the Sedbergh location of dents is where I trace Seaton-like Sedans ("sino" motto term, we get it). Sedans are now said to have been first found in Durham, ditto with Cone's.

The Puss' suspect with Bumps/Bumpuss' look connectable to English PASleys while Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys named Paisley, beside Lanarkshire i.e. where Swans were first found. Not only do Paisleys have a good reflection of the Swan Coat, but Paisleys share thistles with Fauchs/FAULCHs, which can thus reveal the latter with the FALConer's gloves of Swans. Rollo's use a "passe" motto term, and Passe's/Pascals share the lamb of English Lamberts while French Lamberts share double-white fesses with Sweets/Sweits, but as the latter's fesses are in the colors of the chevron of English Lamberts, Sweets/Sweits look to be from Swietoslawa, wife of Mieszko I, for Mieszko II was styled, "Lambert."

It's important that Paisleys (same place as Spears) were form Pasi's/Pascels (share Spear spears), first found in Bologna with a Sevan-like Savena river. It's also Carpenter-important that the Reno river runs through Bologna. Rollo's have the Speer boar heads in colors reversed, and the carpenter pale bars look connectable to English Pasleys. Carpenters are included here as per my dream mentioned below; their "acuta" motto term can be for the Montacute variation of MontaGue's, who share a Coat like the Reno Coat. The Montacute motto may have the Gullus / Gulls, both of whom share a "sine" motto term with Gue-like Glue's.

As Lanarkshire (home of Swans/Sions/Sine's) is beside GLASgow, it dawned on me that Glass', Glaze's and Gleasons were named after "Wallis." The Walsers, from Wallis canton, share the mermaid with the Glass Crest, you see. The Glass-like Glues'/Glue's, who share the white dog with Swans/SINE's, are in Swan/Sine colors and even use a "Sine" motto term, what more do we need to prove that Swans were of Sion in Wallis? Yet Glues'/Glue's even have Glove-like variations such as "Clough/Cluff/Clow." This recalls my dream where I was buying carpenter glue for the wheel bearings of my car. The house of Canossa started in Lucca, suspect in the "LUCtor" motto of Glass', for the latter were first found on Bute while Botters were first found in Lucca.

Yup, I was at a corner gas station, and my car (not any model I actually owned in real life) was up on four BLOCKs, with all WHEELs off. I then walked into the building to buy, not wheel grease, but carpenter glue, to use as grease on my wheel BEARINGs. Don't blame me, it wasn't my dream. This dream has Intelligent Design along with God's sense of humor. It's pretty incredible that Pollock-like Blocks share the Paisley roses while Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisley and Spears. The Block chevron is even colors reversed from the Paisley chevron. Pollocks were fathered by FULbert, and he's suspect with Fullers (share beacon with German Belli's) sharing the three Pasley fesses, which look linkable to the Carpenter pale bars in the same colors, but see also the Italian-Belli bars because Carpenters love Belli's in their motto. And, Scottish Belli's/Bellys (Moray, same as Peter Pollock's castle) likewise share the Block / Paisley roses.

Well, what do we suppose the Wheels/Weels were from, first found in Shropshire, where Fulbert had lived likely with Peter Pollock, his first son? Where did this family get the money or prestige to build a castle before their Alan-Hun bosses had even climbed the Scottish throne? Why are Wheels/Weels looking like they were related to Glove's? It seems as though this dream is much about the Swan bloodline. The BEARINGs/Beckerings share the Arms of Meulan, and these are the Vaux checks while Vaux's were a branch of Faux's and Fage's, the latter first found in PeriGORD with Fauchys/Foche's. Didn't we just see above why Paisleys were related to Fauchs/Faulch's/Foche's? Gords share the Spear boar head, colors reversed from the same of Rollo's (same place as Glove's).

I was at a corner gas station, and Stations/State's share the Reno / MontaCUTE lozenges, and moreover the Station Crest is a GREYhound, shared by Cute's/Cutts, and part of the Hound / Hun/Hungate bloodline that includes greyhound-using Huns/Hundts. Greys can easily be of the grease-like Gris', and have Croy/Groy variations that were the ancestry of Catherine Roet (used a Catherine WHEEL symbol). Roets share the Spear / Gord boar head.

It's interesting that GRIShams/GREShams share the GRASShopper with Fauchys/Foche's (PeriGORD) and Thistle'-like Thatchers. An online claim is that a Mr. Grimaldus married CRISPINa, daughter of Rollo, and so note how the Gris' list Griims while Crispins of BEC abbey can be linked by their pomegranate to the same of Grass-like Grazio's! Thatcher's share the BECK moline!

Greys share the lion of Montforts, and Simon de Montfort was merged with the Beaumonts of Meulan, perfect alignment with my wheel bearings. And I did read that Wheel-like Wells, who share a double-tailed lion with Montforts, were at Meulan and/or at their Bec abbey, which can explain the Becking variation of Bearings. English Becks (share pelican with German Wells/Wellers) share the white moline with Wheels/Weels, you see, and Moline's are said to be from Falaise, where FULBERT "the tanner" lived (is this how Fulbert of Pollock got to be so rich?). Moline's even have goat heads in the colors of the Wallis goat to indicate that Wells and Wheels are from the namers of Wallis canton. Wheels/Weels even share the blue boar head with Rollo's, and Rollo married Wallis-suspect Valois (share FALCON crescent). The Valois'/Valais' share the black greyhound courant with the Dailys suspect in the motto of Falcon-loving Swans.

So, as Meulan was in the vaccine-like Vexin, we need to ask whether God arranged history (heraldic history) like this so that He could point with the wheel-bearing dream to vaccine schemer, Tony Fauci. Tonys were of Leicester, ruled by Beaumonts of Meulan. I'm therefore asking how my car on blocks in a parking lot can indicate Fauci's corona-vaccine scheme. Meulan was also called, Mellent, and Scottish Mellents/MILANs share the Well lion so that this goes smack with the wheel bearings (for Bearings share the Arms of Meulan). Blocks use a version of the English Falcon/Faulcon/Faucon Coat, how about that.

The Beck moline is that also of Sarasins, first found in Brittany with French GRIS'. Wow, that connects to my greasing the wheel bearings. Likewise first found in Brittany were the Duc/LeDucs who share white-on-blue stars with Gris'! Is the greasing of the car with carpenter glue somehow a pointer to James LeDuc of Galveston National? Is the Glue/Cluff/Clow surname a variation of the namers of Galves'? The Gris/Griim star is that also of Glass' having a Galveston-like Glaston variation.

Repeat: "The house of Canossa started in Lucca, suspect in the "LUCtor" motto of Glass', for the latter were first found on Bute while Botters were first found in Lucca." Butters/Buttars are suspect in pointing to anti-Fauci Rashid Buttar, who is working very hard at this time to make the Fauci (and Fox-news) plot fail. However, I don't like the hyped looks of some of his videos; I'm hoping he changes them. Fox bosses are leading the country to receiving the coming coronavirus vaccines. Da Fox boss is MurDOCH, and Dockers are listed with Ducks. Dochers/Dockers share the bridge with Galves-like Galways, and Fauci stole Ruscetti's invention with a Dr. Gallo.

Behold, Gallo's are listed with Italian Gallus' while Gallus AnonyMOUS was the inventor of mouse-tower myth. Judy Mikovits claims that Fauci and Gallo killed millions with a vaccine grown on mouse brains. The Carpenters use a "GLOBE" in Crest suspect with the GOLPiani (or Goplans) peoples at Goplo, location of the mouse tower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know I would be here when starting on this section. I didn't even know I'd come to the carpenter-glue dream at that time!

The Brittany Gris': "The surname Gris was first found in Brittany where this distinguished family held a family seat at Motte..." It's where Motts/Morte's were, kin of Deaths whom I think are at least pointers (if not kin) to the Deathick variation of Detricks, and thus this points to Fort Detrick. Whammo! The carpenter-glue grease speaks. It's a bit sticky, but it's working. Maybe Barr can make a little stick-pad mouse catcher.

AHH I now recall the Mynett/Minute write-up: "The family is thought to come from Cotes du Nord in Normandy." That's where Motte is located, and Motts/Morte's, I almost forgot, have an eight-pointed estoile in white to match the white eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs! The point was, the Mynetts were first found in Kent with the Dragons/DRAINers who have their three helmets in colors reversed, and the mouse that drowned at its trap this past week was found to point to Drowns/DRAINs, for I went down to the basement to drain the pool of water, and after turning the pump on, I walked back and saw the mouse trap, with drowned mouse! It's just that the Gris' got us here at the Mott theater for these pointers to the vaccine criminals, and it also pointed us to the mouse tower.

In fact, Robert Kennedy is part of the vaccine-caution movement, and the Irish Kennedys essentially have the Mynett Coat in colors reversed, and thus the Kennedys share the Dragon/Drainer helmets (not showing in the same design, but in the same colors). The Mynetts have the open helmet of PenDRAGONs (Cornwall, same as Tippers) while the Tipps' suspect in the Pendragon motto can go with Tipperary, where Irish Kennedys (share dolphin with Tippers) were first found. It's begging whether the Pens/Pence's apply as a pointer to Mike Pence's facilitation of the Fauci scheme.

The Ducs/LeDucs are said to have been at Blardais, and the best I can do quickly to find this place is a road by that name in Plelan-le-Grand of the Montfort area of Ille-et-Vilaine (term like the Duck-related Velins, Velens and Valans, that works). It's near Motte. To this it can be added that while Henrys (Brittany) were at Motte, they share red martlets with Alans, Velens and Valans. Enrico's share the fretty of Mode's/Modens. Henrys: " Motte-Henry, villages in Saint-Gilles, to the west of Rennes, in the former barony of Gael-Montfort." It looks like wheel bearings to me, as per the Montfort marriage to Meulan. These Henrys share the Shield, apparently, of English Falcons, explaining why Irish Henrys (Tyrone, same as Sharks and Neils) use a falcon (by the looks of it). German Nagle's/Neils were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers, Velins and Velens. English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Vaux's (share Bearing Coat). So, Gris' at Motte do look like they share the LeDuc stars.

AHHHH, the LeDucs of BLARdais must have been of the Blars/Blairs, for they have the mascle of Wheel-like Whalleys, and colors reversed from the mascle of English Faux's!!!! There you have a LeDuc link to Fauci liners!!! Whalleys and Blars/Blairs share the white mascle with Glue's, and I used glue for my Vaux-related wheel bearings. The LeDuc Coat is no-doubt a version of the Moray Coat, and therefore of the Handle/Handell Coat.

Handle's/Handells were first found in Silesia with SPHINX-using Brocuffs, and Spinks have the Glue mascle in both colors. The HanDELL variation recalls Dells of Dale's / Dailys in the Swan motto, and from here one might make the leap from the DAYle variation of Dale's to Days' (share brown stag with Blar/Blair Crest) and therefore from Dais' to BlarDAIS. English Days' may even have a gold-star version of the Handell / LeDuc Coats. Blars/Blairs use the Maxwell saltire and the lodged stag in the Maxwell Crest, and while Maxwells are from king Maccus, as are the Swans (Lanarkshire, same as Dayells/Dalyells, just found!), this Mackesy Coat is a version of the Irish Day Coat (the one with brown stag in Crest). (Dailys ("fiDELis") may share a Coat version of the Dare's in the Dayell/Dalyell motto, "I dare".)

The "holly BUSH" with the Blar/Blair stag in the Maxwell Crest, and the Bush's/Bos'/Boschs suspect in the "ProBOS" motto of Blars/Blairs, looks like a pointer to the Iraq-invasion crimes of George Bush with Tony Blair his political general.

Misc News

Just when you thought that the Netanyahu's of Israel were our friends: "Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids, slammed by experts". You don't want to know the safety reasons behind it. We don't want a world where humans become machines for any reasons.

Bad news: "'They farmed the investigation out because it is too much for Durham and he didn’t want to be distracted,' one of the sources told Fox News." That is, Durham recently employed more prosecutors to deal with the deep state, meaning that all this time, for months and months, he had NOT farmed out some of the work, meaning that he was doing a slow-poor job, and the question is whether Barr refused to give him more men to do it. From the very start, Durham needed more than his lonesome self to do the project...that was already gigantic from the start. BAD NEWS here from Fox to hear that Durham is only now gearing up.

Why did Barr feel the need to sit in with CBS last week to discuss the Flynn case? Is Barr concerned with what the leftists will think of him? WHO CARES what the dirty leftists think?

Meanwhile, Barr, during an interview with CBS News on Thursday, was asked whether he felt the FBI conspired to get Flynn fired from the Trump administration [Barr should respond, "absolutely, yes, and I don't care what you or your viewers think of it if you disagree. I can't help it if you're all willfully blind."]

“I think [no you don't], you know, that's a question [really, a question still?] that really has to wait {for} an analysis [SPIT!] of all the different episodes [blah-blah] that occurred through the summer of 2016 and the first several months of President Trump's administration," Barr told CBS News...

Barr's making it look like, well, you know, we don't quite yet know if the FBI is guilty, we'll need to take a longer look at it all to see if I can get Comey off the hook. Just hang in there, my Democrat-viewer friends, that's what I came on your news so fast to tell you. The article doesn't tell who spilled the beans on the FBI notes, though it does say, "Jensen reportedly was the one who recommended dropping the case to Barr." Yes, but maybe Jensen was forced to drop it because some unknown person was telling him that, if he doesn't reveal the FBI notes, he/she will with the added message that Jensen / Barr refused.

Flynn had been trying to escape this FBI persecution for moons and moons, but Barr was a useless tool to his rescue. Why doesn't Fox ask him why he neglected to acts months ago?

Where do we think the damning FBI notes were that supposedly escaped Barr's attention until last week? Didn't Van Grack come across those notes? Didn't Horowitz see them? Reporters need to discover where the notes were found, and why they were not revealed earlier. Ms. Carter and Mr. Solomon must be looking for the answers.

Long Videos

If you don't mind getting depressed on the topic of vaccines turning perfect children into mentally-ruined individuals, with Bill Gates telling that this is a faked accusation, see this movie, Vaxxed:

Note the timing of the onset of the autism explosion, after George Bush came to rule the CIA, and while he was the vice-president. The heartless Nazi's from Operation Paperclip, with the will to destroy a country for self-gain, demons in human flesh, are in my opinion the best candidates for such things as these turn-of-events. The new law doing away with the legal risks for drug companies and vaccine pushers came under Reagan's White House...with Bush as vice-president. Why really did Reagan's mind disappear in old age? Were not the Nazi's of Germany the demonic doctors, the entrepreneurs of wickedness in biological testing and manipulations? What I'm afraid of is the poisoning of our foods massively if the deep state thinks it will go down with certainty. We really do need God to work this out until their Armageddon, to weaken the deep state, yet to keep it from taking a wrecking ball to society. Trump is USELESS for this task, take note. The 26-28th minutes of the video above is particularly damning of Western governments, the same that brought us abortion-on-demand.

Wicked governments would want to inflict children with vaccines as early as possible so that blame can be laid in birth defects instead. This troubles me extremely. Did you ever think that vaccines, even though they don't create visible autism, destroy up to half your child's potential? Or some other destructive things that show up later in life? In 1980, only 1 child in 10,000 was autistic; in 1990, after a sky-rocketing trend that started in the mid-80s (when Reagan signed the bill to protect vaccine providers), 1 in about 60 children were autistic (see chart at 59:38).

What's wrong with pro-vaccine Mike Huckabee? How can he ignore the devastating skyrocketing of autism? "In 2020, the CDC reported that approximately 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to 2016 data. Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls." That is a far-worse evil than coronavirus, FAR WORSE.

Are they targeting boys deliberately? Can they not target the victims (Republicans versus Democrats, for example) once the government has all of our information on file? Can they not poison only a small percentage of vaccines for creating sick people for their profits in drugs and medical procedures / services? Nazi / Illuminati minds will do things like this as wickedness grows to its Armageddon fullness.

Perhaps you noticed that autistic children have demonic behavior, suggesting that evil spirits have an easier time controlling their minds. That can be explained where our control over demonic impulses is easier with a sharper mind that more readily recognizes good from evil, or sane thoughts from insane. The increase in crime, violence and lack of love for humanity can be directly related to vaccines, therefore.

The video shows proof that the CDC was already corrupt as of 2002, and we can assume that it was guilty far earlier. We can assume that, whatever their agendas, Bill Gates is one of them, as is Fauci. The problem is, Fox news wants none of this. Trump is a sorry jackass on this topic, and so we need to depend on Jesus. Thank God that He's reliable. Yet why has He taken so long to respond? My only answer is, as always: God must allow the Hell-bound to commit their unspeakable evil, before exposing them, to justify His sending them to a sorry, merciless, irreversible destruction in Hell's trash heap.

At 1 hr, 17 minutes, when the story comes to a bombshell news story, to the shock of the good guys, neither CNN nor Fox would touch it for the sake of saving their money-grubbing relationship with drug companies. Fox is still the same today. DEMON! With the drug companies playing with the health of people everywhere, Fox didn't have the moral bone in its body to replace its advertisers. Instead, it remained in bed with drug companies. But it could be worse. Fox's bosses might know the population-control programs being hatched, and it might be in favor of them. Trump is pro-vaccine, beware. So long as his election chances are not ruined by COVID, he'll let your children get autism. You cast you vote for this fool at your own risk.

At 1 hr 22 min., we learn that the U.S. congress, in 2015, refused to expose even try to the CDC for its fraud and continued destruction of children's minds. This ball was in Obama's court, you see, that of the destroyer. We don't need medical proof; we don't need the CDC to come clean; all of those parents who testified that their children were ruined mentally days or less after the vaccines is all the proof needed. Yet Wikipedia calls this video a "pseudoscience [fake-science] documentary film". Wikipedia, on the side of witchcraft and destruction. "A letter from Congressman Adam Schiff led to Amazon Prime Streaming pulling Vaxxed from its platform, and the film was barred from advertising on Facebook, removed by streaming service Vimeo, pulled by library streaming service Hoopla, and booted from email marketing platform MailChimp." It's not a wonder that the world will be made to believe the lie. All truth will be thrown to the ground. The superstars of this world have become the demonics, the hell on earth.

There is a "Vaxxed II: The People's Truth" out, but it's apparently available only by paying on location. That really spoils its message. Money, the root of all evil. They are using a gross illness of families to make money, pathetic.

Here's Robert Kennedy Jr. on his thoughts against Fauci eventually; start a little after 2 minutes:

Mr. Kennedy says that sellers of vaccines were losing money due to law suits, and the sellers confessed that there's no way to make a vaccine safe for everyone; there's going to be injuries and deaths to a certain percentage of the population. So, Kennedy says, the congress came to rescue under Reagan, making a law that forbids anyone to sue the vaccine makers / providers no matter how negligent. Therefore, Kennedy says, there's no incentive for vaccine makers (is the mafia into this?) to make vaccines safer. It sounds logical to me, and it sounds as though congress has since been in bed with mobsters, and we pretty-much know that this is correct. So, do not take vaccines, especially if they force them upon us. If enough of us go to jail, we will win. If only one per 500 go to jail, we will lose.

When Kennedy says that autism now strikes 1 per 22 boys, that does not sound correct to me. It just cannot be true, so what's going on with that? He says that drug companies make ten times more on drugs to treat the illnesses caused by vaccines than they make on vaccine sales, wherefore they have an incentive to use vaccines to make people sick with diseases.

Oh wow, at 33 minutes, Kennedy talks about the owner of Fox, Murdoch, saying he has one of the biggest vaccine companies. Oh on. That explains why Mikovits and company are not being given a voice on Fox. See what Kennedys says at 33 minutes. He says that 70 percent of ads on Fox evening news shows, over much of the year, were from drugs companies. So, what does they say about the big four on Fox's evening news if they won't tell the news on vaccines just because the Fox boss doesn't want to lose money? What does this say about Murdoch?

By the 45th minute, Kennedy convinces me that Fauci is a money-grubbing killer, yet I was convinced of his being a killer two weeks ago apart from anything anyone said about him, yet I didn't know at the time that he owns 50 percent of the vaccines, as Kennedy says, though he doesn't clarify. Fauci obtained a patent on some vaccine(s), but I'm not yet up to speed on the details.

I'm hoping this goes somewhere:

Durham’s newly-minted focus of putting the schemes of the Clinton Foundation back under the federal microscope was detailed on the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreon. Top-level federal sources detailed just when and what is happening surrounding these surprising revelations and how it relates to what is playing out with the corrupt CDC, FDA, NIH and White House coronavirus ‘gurus’ Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, who are all linked to the shady operations and associates of the Clinton Foundation (

At the Paine show, the caption is: "Corrupt Clinton Foundation Investigation of Vaccine & Medical Fraud is BACK IN PLAY for the FEDS; Bobby Kennedy Jr Tells Paine He's Banned from FOX; AND Paine Interviews FBI/CIA Veteran With Inside Scoop on Gen. Mike Flynn Case Rigged by Andre" Paine talks too much to start off the show. Start at roughly 26 minutes (slide the ball at the base of video) to get the Clinton link to COVID:

The Michael Moore Show below is a movie to make you agree that scientific population control by invisible globalists is the only hope for the future. The obscenely rich just can't wait to get rid of some of the human fat that spoils their vacations and makes rush hour horrible for them. Forced to work in cities for the most part, corporate fat cats want half of city dwellers gone. They have plans, don't they? After spending more than 40 minutes telling that green energy will not save the planet, population control starts in the mid-40s. One of the first arguments is that ground water is running out, as soon as 10 years from now. Sound familiar? Dooms day in 10 years if we don't act now. There are to many people taking the water, lets kill a few shall we? Okay, fat cats go first, with Michael Moore at the head of the line. If he agrees to go first, why I'll agree to go second.

At the beginning of the 46th minute: "There are too many human beings using too much too fast." This is what Bill Gates wants to message-out too, you can depend on it. We are not using too much too fast. There is plenty of land, and plenty of fossil fuel. The lakes are not turning to mud puddles. The water table gets replenished everytime it rains. I guarantee you, that they will seek to kill conservatives first in their population control program.

The chart at the 47th minute is bogus because mankind's population did not begin in 10,000 BC, and so they make it appear that there was a flat population line for more than 10,000 years before it starts to go vertical, and they have the vertical rise itself as a falsification. They also falsely blame fossil fuels for the vertical rise. What does gas in your car or heat at your factory have to do with population increase? Never before have there been such small families as we have today with the highest gas consumption.

They have on the order of 1 billion people in the world in 1800 AD, yet say there were about one third of that in the days of Jesus. There is no way that the population could go from 300 million to only one billion after 1800 years. They have got to be minimizing the number in 1800 to make it appear that there has been a drastic vertical rise, in the 20th century, in order to further project a too-high population in the next 20 or 30 years as scare tactics, to make us agree to their solution. We know their game; expect falsifications, and hope that Armageddon swallows them before they subject us to the misery of mass-murder and iron-fist controls.

The movie exposes the horror of burning trees to make electricity. This is incredibly crazy. What government would permit such a thing unless they were hearkening to demonic fat cats? I was shocked to see Robert Kennedy Jr. (1 hr 8 minutes) refuse to give thumbs-down on burning trees to make electricity. Tree huggers are now embracing tree burning just to defeat coal. They are NUTS. There are not enough forests, and they don't grow back fast enough, for use in supplying our electrical consumption. There may be a silver lining if this is done on small scales, where they create open land for growing crops, for this might prove useful for tribulation survivors. We are in danger most from mis-educated freaks in the green movement. Sure, I believe in a clean planet too, but mandatory green energy is not a solution, but rather makes things worse. I used solar panels for a decade, and lost a lot of money as compared to what the electric grid would cost, and endured a fat headache in depending on sunshine for power. Forcing people to depend on solar is not a solution until solar gets more efficient / cheaper.

I just got word that my father, in a nursing home, tested positive. It seems they have targeted the entire nursing home, according to the message I have received. Chances are, they are murdering the people. How possibly can most people in a single nursing home become infected, when testing takes place daily, unless it's murder with the nursing home winking???

There is no mention of hope in God in Moore's movie, and so he has a fatalistic view. The man who supported liberals to this day has supported the destroyers of the human race, and is he now setting himself up as championing the survival of the human race? With population control? Isn't it just like a demon to come up with a "solution" like that? Isn't it just like a liar to fall pray to the lie? No, Moore, the planet is not over-crowded, except in your demented imagination, because you listened too long to your like-minded morons seeking to make zombie-slaves for their power structures. You were part of that drive, moron-Moore. You made yourself a leading voice amongst liberals, to make them liars like yourself, folly-infested slaves to the Democrat establishment.

In the 57.5 million square miles of land on earth, per 7.8 billion people, there would be about 130 people per square mile (if we can trust their world-population figure, and maybe we can't). That's about 5 acres each (more if they falsely inflated world-population). A family of four gets 20 acres; a family of 8 gets 40 acres. Does that seem to you like a problem? Okay, not the whole of each acre is prime farming land; some is desert sand, some rocky mountain (goats will love it), but there's still lots left to grow food and keep a few animals too. We don't need to start worrying until the world population triples. By that time, we could probably grow bigger food per acre. By that time, there probably will be an energy break-through. There is always safer nuclear fuel, so don't worry. Liberals are freaky-freaky for nothing, because those who want to exploit ($$$$) the planet their own way are fighting for their brains and their allegiance. They always go for the naive youth, beware, but even a liberal at 60 years old is just a baboon in mentality; otherwise he wouldn't still be a liberal. You really need to be the biggest fool to remain with liberal parties today.

The liberal goes for drives in the country, and after driving 1,000 miles from city to city, he sees all that open land with not a soul living upon it. The air is beautifully clear and refreshing. Then, on the same day, he teaches that the walls of the planet are closing in on him; we're in a crisis; the weather is getting hotter, tightening around his neck, choking him. He's a nutcase, a literal freaking nutcase. He doesn't have the faculties to realize that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is such a small percentage that adding a few more pounds from human sources can't possibly make a greenhouse effect, but when the anti-meat people tell him that cow flatulence has now become a crisis too, he believes it, because he's got the mind of a baboon. You can try to talk sense into him, but you will only get confused yourself with the gibberish that comes out of his mouth which he has learned from liberal propaganda.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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