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April 28 - May 4, 2020

General Flynn Makes it to Heraldic Pointers (DO NOT MISS THIS)
Bill Barr Now Identifies as the Shark in the Pool
The Trash-Can Dream Thrills With Fort-Detrick Now in the Picture
Obama in a MOUSE TRAP DIES (DO NOT MISS THIS late in the update)
Haitian-Quake Crimes Connect with Southern Texas

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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The last section of the last update had some eye-popping revelations on anti-Christian forces using near-death experiences to ruin faith in Jesus. Find "NDE" and you'll come to that section (it will take you hours to watch the videos, so it's not a quick read). In short, there are presented many NDEs by one news media that never mention Jesus, and it can be realized that the testimonies include fakes for the sheer purpose of deceiving the world into thinking that God is the New Age god, not the father of Jesus. Even after the people telling the testimonies come back to their bodies, they do not latch onto Jesus, but rather get into satanic religions or practices. They look like imposters taking advantage of NDEs to "prove" that Jesus is a fake. Youtube advances their videos more than ones having a Christian testimony, and the latter are hard to find except for a mere few even if we ask youtube for "Jesus NDE."

No matter how riveted you are to someone's testimony, stay a little detached, asking; could this person have practiced this testimony from a short story someone wrote for him/her. The answer is, yes, of course, and you have don't usually have any idea what this person is in real life. One lamb-like lady (she really reels the viewer in) telling of her NDE, in the last update, turned out to be a co-author of a book, "Dragon Energy." I saw several NDE testimonies always advancing a New-Age type "Cosmic Force." These satanic types may have invented the light at the end of the tunnel because it's similar to the third eye. It may be that anyone who speaks of a light at the end of a tunnel is a fake, part of a conspiracy to deceive.

God is not to be desired for the feel-good "energy" that He possesses. We do not read anything of that sort in all the bible. God did not say to Israel, come gather yourselves before Me as a nation three times each year to receive my cosmic energy. Rather, God stirs us with "Living Waters" when we are perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. That's a New-Testament thing too. What's perfecting holiness? It's not what the world wants. Be clean, in other words, from the dirt of the world, and be clean of soul by being one with God (holiness), expressing proper regard (reverence) for who He happens to be, The Everything. Seek first the righteous living of God, and then God will be pleased to give you your part in His power and Life (Living Waters).

Acting in love (concern, sympathy, pity, helpful) for others is a key, but we can't visit prostitutes too. We can't be open-armed toward the entire gang of debauched sinners and say that we have fulfilled the loving-thy-brother requirements of God. The holiness-clean needs to be with us too, and not just clean alone apart from God, for that is what anti-Christians are like, moralites in darkness who think they are a fine example of humanitarianism, yet they hate the Son of God who is the perfect standard / example of moral thinking and living. How can we explain that? I suppose they are engineering their own morality programs, and they will, without doubt, go down demonic paths. They will become the "righteousness" we are now seeing in Democrats, who lie and falsify, and fight with tooth and claw to be in power over us, to enforce their programs of humanitarianism over us, blind to the fact that they are the best-possible examples of hypocrites and snakes.

So when they die expecting The Force to come embrace them, surprise: eternal death and darkness. For these types are the good FBI cops amongst us, and the good police chiefs and officers, who for the sake of feeding themselves in a crisis, will jail Christians and send them into Hitler's concentration camps, following the orders of the dictator lest they be counted as the enemy and get sent to their jailings or deaths. Traitors under duress, that is, thinking only about their own skin, and doing to bidding of the devil, after boasting of their morality. I'm a cop, look at me. I've got the uniform, I'm an example of law and goodness and serving the people, protecting them. Then, in an hour of darkness, they push us into the prisons and mistreat us like dogs who have done nothing wrong but oppose the dictator. Never mind China, dopes, you have dictators upon you right now in the Democrat echelons.

So, God may be rejecting you, good cop, good nurse, good judge, because He knows what evil you will do if an evil boss demands it of you. Instead of quitting your job, you will do the evil, betraying your brothers and sisters. And all your life you wondered why God wasn't near to you, why you did not sense the presence of God. He knew you all that time. But those who live in respect of God-Watching -- I shall do no wrong to my fellow man -- they are the ones who get God when they go to Him, the ones conscious of the righteousness of God, the need to be treat others as the children of God. You cannot be this way and despise Jesus too, for Jesus is the PERFECT EXAMPLE.

Jesus was taken into a kangaroo court at the home of Annas, and murdered the next day by those who were threatened by His followers. They feared His followers would take away their power over the people, for they made their money, and obtained their respect, from their positions of power. They employed loyal judges and cops who did as they were ordered, such good cops who just did as they were told, yup, that's right, the 99-percent that Trump claims to be good cops. Yup, those types who took lanterns and clubs to arrest Jesus on the eve of a major holiday, because the dictators couldn't wait another day, and didn't want to arrest Him by day lest the public discover it and rebel. Yup, the FBI that storms the home of a political enemy by night, and jails him on trumped charges, done with cops who follow orders. You need only see the first three minutes of this to see what I mean about good cops become wicked in no time at all:

Without many speeding tickets going out in the lock-down, they had to go after an old man and his dog. Gotcha old man, you came outside with a Trump hat on: $880 for you, have a good day.

How many arrests of people have there been who go outdoors not risking anyone? How many police officers refused to make the arrests? Boy, is that ever a good question. BOY is that ever an eye-opener. The deep state wants to know how much control they can have over good cops. Nice going, good cops. Nice going, good police chiefs, dogs. Why not rather start a rebellion against the dastardly state governor; take to the streets with thousands who would come lift you up, and get them to throw some empty frying pans through his office window. That'll change his iron-fist tune, and the only damage will be a couple of broken windows (gives someone a job to fix them, bonus) instead of starving people getting way behind in their rent payments.

There are many police officers who have nurtured a hatred for people due to being disrespected by people, and who are just itching to punish (arrest or worse) the citizen the second he/she speaks with less than respect. The problem is, rising up against an abusive governor or police chief REQUIRES a disrespectful voice. So, this manufactured crisis is a George-Soros dream come true: division everywhere, with chaos on the brink. Break society to pieces, then go around picking up the pieces of gold strewn all over.

The CNN news face you hated could come work for Fox and totally change their political views. How does that happen? To put food on the table. You do what you've got to do to put food on the table, the worldly person says. But God is asking us to be loyal to His standards, even if it means getting another job cleaning toilets. How many of those FBI good-guys would do that? God knows the answer right to the last number. What are you doing for your boss that you know God does not approve? Could that be why God seems distant to you? Just don't do it, and risk losing a job. It will go better for you that way if you do it for God. And you might help to change your boss in the process. I'm not saying we need to quit if the boss is doing wrong things, or most people would need to lose jobs, but it would be such a shame on our records if we were forced to lie for the boss as a routine for the purpose of taking advantage of customers for the boss' gain. We will have big decisions to make in a world gone deeply evil, I wish us all the best.

If there is a stool pigeon who wants to unveil abuse from an FBI boss, Chris Wray and perhaps even Bill Barr will side with an FBI boss to punish the whistle-blower. This is how we can test Barr, by the number of whistle-blowers blowing their whistles today. How many are there? Exactly zero (that have made the news). Is it because Barr's not sending them the message that Barr will protect whistle-blowers? Is Barr following the orders of evil, invisible persons far-more powerful than he? That would be HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE. Quit your job, and go clean toilets, save your soul today, STUPID. Then snitch on those invisible bosses, telling all that they forced you to do and be.

If anyone wants to know whether the God of the Old Testament is the right God, the only God, the evidence is all over the face of the earth, but our enemies hijacked the educational systems and explained away the Flood's geological formations through slow processes over 100s of millions of years. The video below on dinosaur tissue is not the first of its kind. When such tissue was first discovered recently by an evolutionist, she refused to declare that dinosaurs are not millions of years old. Don't miss this exciting video, give God praise; He's defeated the obstinate, mule-ish evolutionists before Armageddon after all, and He should do more soon to combat their endless tricks:

Bet on it: evolutionist monkeys can take this discovery, and figure out ways to present things with their spins so that half the world retains their millions-years dogma. But for those of us who love Jesus, we rejoice at this evidence for living triceratops about 5,000 years ago (not that I'd want to meat one).

Albert Speaks from His Grave

I think we should give Dr. Mikovits an ear because she's a willing whistle-blower who may have the facts:

In the same video, Mikovits rejected the notion of wearing a mask, since, she claimed, the coronavirus is actually secretly caused by a bad strain of flu shot that was circulating between 2013 and 2015. Masks will help “activate” the virus and reinfect a mask-wearer over and over, she claimed [to be expected with a mask shortage].

“Wearing a mask will kill more people than — this virus is not coughed through the air from healthy people, who are almost certainly immune, as they’ve almost certainly been infected over the last four or five years,” Mikovits said.

Okay, so she's saying that there is no COVID-19 virus (19 refers to 2019/20), and maybe she's correct. Maybe the medical establishment pulling off this crisis has decided on a method to "test" for COVID in such a way as to hide the fact that the test is finding only certain kinds of pre-existing flus. That could be easy. See her warnings and advice:

Skip the China basher (pointless) at the start of the video below, and go to 21 minutes to hear the Mikovits interview, afterwhich it gets to her partner's accusation that Tony Fauci has links to the Wuhan lab (not overly surprising).

Kent HeckenLIVELY isolated HIV virus back in ***1983***, and Livelys are also HIVelys: with the dozens and dozens of pointers of God I've been claiming, I find this to be yet another one. Sure, it could be a coincidence that part of his surname is listed with an HIV-like term, but if you want to be more impressed, see a slew of pointers to this duo, and then a fascinating entry on the Fort Detrick lab that probably played an introductory part in this COVID-19 crisis, in the first and second sections of the last update. I claimed that God pointed to the Whistle's/Wissels/WHISTLERs, who have the gold-on-red Lively/Hively string of lozenges in white on gold, through Albert Oosteyn. That pointer involved a few things, one of which was his asking me, to live in his apartment (keep it reserved for when he got back) while he went to work at WHISTLER Mountain ski resort. He took this job thousands of miles away because he had developed multiple sclerosis (MS) and could not get a job easily. I was living in his apartment at that time in ***1983***. Another coincidence?

Use the Lively link above to load other surnames.

In the last update, I talked again about Mandy Deeter, first and foremost because that surname is like "DETRick." Her first name got involved as per the Mandy/Munday surname too, at which time God formed a songline miracle. I think I now know why the songline miracle, one of the best ever for us, came with Mandys/Mundays, for, as I've said a few times, Mandy flew to see me in 2000, when I took her skiing (Blue Mountain), even though she's from southern Texas that's never seen snow. It was a little comical to see her almost terrified on skis (she wouldn't go on the baby slope after the first try), but, the point is, when she returned the following year, Mr. Oosteyn died from his MS disease, or perhaps from radiation treatments, and she and I attended his funeral. What are the chances that she would be up during his funeral?

Do you see it? Do you see the point? Judy Mikovits worked at Fort Detrick, and Oosteyn's job at a Whistler SKI resort points to these whistle-blowers. The Mandy-on-skis event is just verification that God is pointing to them, but more-so the involvement of the Whistle and Blower surnames with the two terms in Mr. Heckenlively's name, for Heckens have a different-colors version of Blows/Blowers. That really floored me in the last update. PRAISE BE TO GOD that I can talk like a madman like this and get away with it! Note that, as per Blue Mountain, Blue's could be a branch of Blows/Blowers.

[Just so you know, an heraldic pointer doesn't mean the thing / person being pointed to is related to the surnames doing the pointing. There cannot be an acceptable pointer of God if only one surname points to it. If God wants to get my attention, and have me put it on paper, there needs to be compelling, multiple pointers, like what you are now witnessing. Later in this update, my first meeting Mandy Deeter from my motel parking lot points by way of Motels and Mota's to Motts/Morte's to Deaths and then to the DEATHick variation of Deeter-like Detricks. It got my attention.]

WOW, look it up. Blue Mountain ski resort is in Collingwood, Ontario, and Collings, first found in Somerset with Whistlers, use a gold-on-red bend, the color of the Lively/Hively bend formed by lozenges. Another pointer, apparently. Oh wow, it's the same bend as Ostens! Albert OOsteyn!!! I've never before found the Osten/Ost/Oster Coat (know it well, loaded it many times) useful for anything. I suggest that God provided the Ostens to be lumped with Osts/Osters for this "coincidence." And Hosts/Osts were first found in Somerset with Collins! The white bull head Hosts/Osts is even shared with Bulls/Bule's (Somerset) who in turn use annulets on blue, same as Italian Alberts.

Although there is no relationship between Albert and Collingwood, the Colling Crest shares a gold griffin with the English Alberts (Host/Ost colors), first found in Kent...Heckenlively's first name. English Alberts even have a giant griffin in the colors of the giant Kent lion. Kents were first found in Berkshire with same-colored Modens, like the Mottin variation of Motts/Morte's.

Here's another pointer, for Collings share the bend of Irish Shins/Shannons while there was a good case made in the last update for a pointer of English Shins/Chings/CHINE's/CHIME's to "China." That topic was about my CHIMney FLUE, you see. Shins/Chings/Chine's/Chime's were even first found in Somerset with Collings! Plus, Italian Albert have chains while the Chain/Shane and Chaine surnames have China-like variations too. It's not natural to get links left and right like this using surname symbolism.

The Chaine's are also Chenays while Cheneys/Chaineys have the martlets of Collings in colors reversed. IN FACT WOW, the Cheney/Chainey martlets are shared by Flys suspect in the BUTTERflies of Tulls/Tullia's, and zowie, you can verify online that Dr. BUTTAR is partnering with Dr. Mikovits in multiple videos, spreading the anti-vaccine message together!!! Buttars are listed with Butters, and Flys -- ZOWZERS -- were first found in Hampshire with Botters!!!!

I almost missed it: Chenays/Chaineys and Collings both have bends with martlets, and Collings were first found in Somerset with the Bulls/Bule while the Cheney/Chainey Crest is called a "bull's scalp." Chaine's/Chenays share the wing with Bull-related Hosts/Osts. It seems that God is wanting us to stress the Heckenlively team and their message. Remember, Collings are very important in these heraldic pointers, but would not have been to topic had Mandy Simpson (Mrs. Deeter) had not flown up, and had we not gone to a ski mountain in Collingwood. But even then, I still wouldn't have had cause to look up Collings because there was no reason aside from Albert dying while Mandy was visiting me. You need to perceive Him setting up the timing of her visit.

Oh wow, another "coincidence." Collingwoods share the Coat essentially of English Rogers while Irish Rogers/Rosers have a version of a Simpson Coat. Mandy was born Miss Simpson. Is that not incredible? It seems that God was causing marriages purely to make this heraldry convince readers that He's in these pointers. OH WOW, as per Blue MOUNTAIN, French Mountains share white bulls with Hosts/Osts and Bulls/Bule's!!! SURPRISE.

Bulls/Bule's share three annulets fessewise with English Rush's/Rish (share Resco/Rosco fesse) while German Rush's/Rauschert/Rusch's are close for Mr. Ruscetti, Mikovits' boss/partner, the man she claims discovered the virus that Fauci stole from him. More on that below, once I get past the heraldic linkage. There is a Rosetti variation listed with Roach-like Roches'/Rockets who do use Rockefeller-line rooks.

Things surrounding my mugging in Galveston (see last update) included the Maness/MANNER surname, and Mandy-like Manns/Manners share the savage with English Alberts. Mens'/MENGzes' (Manner branch) were at the Russell-like ROSLin theater. English Manns/MANGus' share the white goat in the Russell Crest, yet because the Mann goats are in both colors of the Hecken goat heads, this Russell picture seems to be pointing to Frank Ruscetti. Mandy kept goats on her property, I kid you not.

It's interesting that, as per "OoSTEYN," German Steins use the white goat too, on what look like MOUNDs. The Monday/Mundy variations of Mandys look connectable to Mounts/Mounds. Both Mount surnames share the Coat, essentially, of Lea's/Leghs while Mandys/Mondays have legs in their Chief.

OH WOW, French Mountains: "They were also in MOULINES and at Poncins in Forez." Fauci-like Fauchs were first found in Forez too, and the Mikovits-Buttar team are coming out accusing Fauci of crimes as we speak. The Moline's are the ones who share the Blow/Blower goat heads in the same colors!!! Heckens/HACKs them in different colors while Moulines-like Moline's were first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks whose Coat links to Chives'/SHIVES' (once said to be first found in Devon) sharing a black moline with Moline's...and the Mikovits-Buttar team is including a Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING WORK! BE HAPPY, God is in this.

At this point it is necessary to repeat that Chives'/Shives' are now said to have been first found in Tarves while the Tarves surname shares the six black fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys. Uh-oh, it doesn't look good for that shameless couple.

The Moline's and Mouline's can be from Meulan in the vaccine-like Vexin. That works with a Mountain link to Fauchs. Dr. Mikovits claims that Fauci stole the work of her boss (Ruscetti) in the early 1980s. I met Albert Oosteyn in about 1980, 1981 at the latest, for I shared half his apartment that summer.

It gets interesting further where German Alberts share the white, eight-pointed star with Duc/LeDucs, the surname of James LeDuc, chief of the Galveston National Laboratory that has/had contracts with the Wuhan lab. When I put this picture together with Albert's death, and Mandy being at his funeral who had herself pointed to Detricks/DEATHicks in multiple ways, I could get the impression that God is pointing, with Albert's death, to medical murder of HIV / coronavirus victims by some form of treatments. I saw him BALD after his radiation "therapy," and he died soon after. The Chaffs below are said to be named after baldness, and while that's incorrect, we can take it as a pointer to Albert's fate.

I didn't know I would be a pall bearer until I arrived, when Albert's father asked me to be one. So, I helped to drop Albert into his grave, and while Grave's/Griefs are expected to be a griffin branch, Alberts share the gold and giant griffin with Chaffs/Chafee's. In the COFFIN/Caffin/Chafen write-up, we read of "Richard Chaufin, Nottinghamshire." That's where Bugs (suspect as pointers to the corona flu bug) were said to be first found who share the water bouget with Detricks/DEATHicks, you see, and yet Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset, where Chaffs/Chafee's, Chaffins/Caffins and Shorts/Schorte's (Albert griffin both colors) were first found too. Boy does that ever look Arranged. As Bugs use a gold bat, it's predictable that the gold Chaff griffin is the same-colored one of Battle's/Battails.

Coffee-related Coffers were right next door in Somerset, but note that the Shorts/SCHORTe's are in the colors of COURTs/Coverts and Cortes'/Curtis', the latter sharing the Coron and Corona crowns (that's new). (There is a Corte surname perhaps having a bar version of the triple Hacket fish, for the Corte Chief includes the star and crescent of Hague's.) OH WOW. The Cords/MacCOURTs share the Bats/Bait (not "Bat") fesse and throw in red hearts, the Buttar symbol too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. This was found while on the Bets-Rodham paragraph shortly below

A closer inspection of Coffins gets us back to Austins and Albert-beloved Savage's/Sava's what are the chances? "The surname Coffin was first found in Devon at Alwington, a parish, in the union of BIDEFORD, hundred of Shebbear, Great TORRINGton. " Both Bidefords/BEDFORDs and Torrings share black borders, and Bidefords/Bedfords share the black lion paw with Austins (Bedfordshire) and Savage's/Sava's. Moreover, Lutons of Bedfordshire share the giant Grave/Grief eagle, how can these links be unless God arranged them? I have well-established that the black Quint / Austin / Bedford savage paw is from the lion of Palins/PAWleys, first found in Dorset with Quints and the Coffin branches we saw above. Palins are also PAULeys while I was a PALL bearer while Palls/Pauls use a giant lion in the colors of the giant Albert griffin.

I'm assuming that God is pointing to the doctor trio because they are on the side of truth against the liars pushing coronavirus. I don't know them enough to know their religious views. Shiva opposes the coronavirus scare that he sees as a manufactured or hi-jacked crisis. He says that, because orthodox vaccines were not causing a sufficient immune response, the vaccine makers added aluminum and mercury, and it's these metallic toxins that are a concern for doing long-term damage. He says that mandatory vaccinations are now law in Denmark, perhaps a trial balloon for the rest of the world. Mandatory means we have reason to fight against it like one fights the enemy government. Trump is for vaccinations. Most Fox viewers speak out against them, but not Fox. Why are Fox and Trump not sounding the vaccination concerns of Fox viewers?

In 2002, after deciding it wasn't God's will to marry Mandy, I went to a different church, and that's where Miss Hicks was attending (I didn't know until getting there), which started the realization that she was the woman in the 1979 shark dream . I assume that her Hicks surname is related to Heckens/Hacks and Hykes'/Hacks, and while the Shark line is expected with Saraca's -- who were at Saracena, where I trace Simpsons (I'll show this trace later in this update) -- the Arms of Saraca share the fish of Hackets. The latter have the Chief-Shield colors of shark-using Valiants. It's asking me to take a look at the shark dream for pointers to Mr. HeckenLIVELY, and it just so happens that while that dream was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, Italian Livelys/Leuvens almost have the Epstein Coat. Hykes'/Hake's (not Hykes/Hack) share what look to be the fish of Sola's, first found in Derbyshire with Mandys and Hope's. The "Spes" motto term of Hackets means, "hope." It looks like a pointer to Trump-teamer, Hope Charlotte Hicks, because the woman in the dream is Charlotte Hicks.

I didn't marry Mandy because I had been convinced that my future wife was the woman in the 1979 dream, which is why it shocked me to find myself going to her church suddenly by no plan of my own. As it turned out, the embrace at the end of the dream with Miss Hicks did not represent our marriage, but rather pointers to other things. When she was lying down hovering, it may have been a representation of her DEATH (new idea right here), for when I was told to wake her up, she flew into my arms and we rose into the sky i.e. like a rapture style. Death's are suspect with the Dethick-LEA location of Derbyshire with Mandys. The Lea's/Leghs share the Coat of Mandy-like Mounts/Mounds.

And speaking of Leghs, Miss Hicks awoke when I touched her leg at the knee. Two Roger surnames use two Knee symbols (blue bend and black stag), and while we saw the third Rogers/Rosers with a near-copy of the Simpson Coat, English Rogers have a near-copy of the Collingwood Coat. And Collingwood's Blue Mountain was part of the huge pointer to Kent Heckenlively.

In about 2004, I began delving into heraldry, not knowing that God would train me to use it for making pointers to the deep-state shark. It wasn't until about 2014/15 that I began to realize that certain memories of short events I had of my youth were intended by God to point sets of surnames for various reasons I didn't always at first know. You can find the Mandy-ski / Whistler-Mountain story in my 3rd update of last December, and even as far back as the 1st update of September, 2017 (i.e. I'm not making up a tale here).

Use "tribwatch" at Google to search my files for anything, but often you may need to the bottom of the google page to click, "repeat the search with the omitted results included," for google is very stingy on bringing up more than about four of my pages per search, even if I have 20 instances of what someone searches.

AHHH, I was wondering whether Albert Oosteyn's name could apply for Austins, and the Scottish branch has a "corona" motto term! That's amazing on top of what this Albert has already pointed to. English Alberts are said to have a "savage" while Savage's/Sava's (probably the Bedford lion) share the black lion paw with English Austins (Bedfordshire). Could this be pointing to something in Austin, Texas? [Late in this update: The Department of Education revealed that it is scrutinizing the University of Texas’s financial ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology... That university is in Austin.]

WATCH THIS. French Alberts share the Coat of Galveston-like Gallo's/GALLUS, very linkable to Gallus Anonymous, writer of mouse-tower mythology, because German Gallus' share the KOPPLe rooster while GOPLo is the location of his mouse tower. Gallo-like Galli's use the rooster too, and the Kopple / Gallus rooster is shared in both colors by German Hanns, no-doubt a branch of German Hahns (giant rooster), and Stephen Hahn is Trump's FDA Chief!!! AMAZING how that cascaded into place like that. The only thing I can think of as per the mouse tower connection to the current discussion is the mouse-brain virus' that Dr. Mikovits blames as the thing killing people today, which virus she blames on Dr. Fauci and his partner-in-crime, Robert Gallo!!! Can you believe this?

The Albert savage is said to hold a sledge hammer, and Sledge's are listed with Sleighs/Sleys. There are skis on the bottom of sleighs! More: Savage's/Sava's were first found in Cheshire with Corons/Corona's while Savage's/Sava's share the black lion paw of English Austins while Scottish Austins use a "corona" motto term. The sledge HAMMER must be for the sharing of lion colors between German Hammers/Hemmers and Kents, for these Alberts were first found in Kent. It looks like a pointer to Kent Heckenlively.

I might add that while Kents have a version of the Brock and Brocuff Coats, the latter use a SPHINX while Spinks share the spread eagles of Italian Corona's. Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with the Quints sharing the black paw and chevron of English Austins. The "nOSTRa corona" motto phrase of Scottish Austins looks like code for the Osters/OSTENs, who came up big above with the Colling and Lively bends. There is absolutely no doubt about it: God has made these many arrangements through heraldry to indicate what we are to be watching for in the news as this world slips closer to Armageddon.

The Bat-like Betts/Bets' (share brown Crest with Bats) have a motto, "OSTENdo non OSTENto," and share three black cinquefoils on a white bend with Rodhams/Roddens (Bath / Randolph colors). I trace "Rodham" to "Rutland," and Bats (Bett/Bets colors) were first found in Rutland. Unbelievably, Bats'/Baits (Mann kin) share a naked man in Crest with Alberts. This is obviously an important paragraph for linking Clintons to the corona bat.

Judy Mikovits implies that, as soon as the HIV was isolated (for the first time, I assume), Fauci and his buddy, Robert Gallo, called her on a conference call and demanded the "paper." She refused to give it to them, but her partner (Frank Ruscetti) crumbled and gave it over. What did Fauci do with this paper(s)? He held up the publication, allowing the virus to spread. I'm sure Fauci will deny this story as told. This is no small story.

I'd like to repeat: "OH WOW, French Mountains: "They were also in MOULINES and at Poncins in Forez." Fauci-like Fauchs were first found in Forez too..." The Poncins might be of the Pons'/Ponts who have a fesse with the bendy exactly of German Gallus' (mouse-tower line) while Gallo's are listed with Italian Gallus'. Did God arrange that? The French Mouline's use drops for Drops/Trope's who I trace to a Tropoje location near the Clausula river, and at the KOSovo theater. The Polish Kos'/Kosinski's have this red-white bendy too. The Clausula is where we find Dober and neighboring KOPLik, the line to Kopple's (sharing the Gallus rooster) and Poland's Goplo mouse tower. Dobers have got to be from DOBRawa, wife of Mieszko I, whose ancestry is the mouse tower written by AnonyMOUS Gallus.

Sooo, we just got to the mouse tower by following Moline elements to which Heckenlively linked, and he was involved, apparently, with Ruscetti's invention that Fauci and Gallo modified. Moline's were at Dartingtons, in Devon with the first-known Darts/Dards, who are from the Dardanians that lived in and around Kosovo. It should be noted that Detricks have a fesse looking linkable to the Pons/Pont fesse. Also to be noted is that Kosovo has a Decani region off the White Drin while the lion of Decans/Deke's and Deacons (both have the Bath Coat in colors reversed) can be shown to link to the same lion of Detrick-like Hatricks/ETTRICKs, Marys and Galves', and Kettricks/Ettericks were first found in Galloway. I think what this is telling is that the Gallus line from Goplo named Galveston. Mary was with me when I scored the hat trick, and French Merys have three bends half in the colors of the Pons/Ponts / Kos bendy. Merys are probably from mythical Merops of Kos. Cuthberts, first found in East Galloway, use a dart, if I recall correctly.

To find the Deke's/Decans in this Kosovo discussion is amazing for verifying that God was in the hat trick, for as was said in the last update and some previous updates of years ago, I deked the goalie on the third goal and went scraping along the BOARDs. The Board surname has the Mouline escutcheon, and it was the eight Mouline drops that took us to the Kosovo theater in the first place. With Poncins in Forez, note that while Foraits are listed with Forez's/Forets/Fore's, "PerFORATus" is the Board motto. Plus, English Pons's/Poyntz's have fessewise bars in the colors of the triple fesses of English Bassets while French Bassets/BESANcons were first found in Forez. While bassets share the triple fesses of Drummonds, the latter's brown bird looks like it's in the Pons/Pont Crest.

Moulines is beside the BESSIN theater, in Manche near Avranches, and the latter looks like it's from Evreux at Eure, which is where we find the vaccine-like Vexin. As Vexin elements named Vaux's (branch of Faux's), note how that term is like "Fauch." The Vexin includes Pont-like Pontoise (has the Ponts bridge for its Arms), a Fours location, and Lyons-la-Foret having the lions combattant of Evreux-line Abreu's/Abruzzo's. Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Lyons. It seems that the Poncins of Forez and other Forez elements moved things over to the Foret area (or vice-versa), no big surprise except that we are then in the Vexin i.e. that God may use for pointing to some vaccine freaks such as TONY Fauci. The Toeni's/Tonys of Leicester, where the Vaux-liner Beaumonts of the Vexin ruled (at Moulines-like Meulan), were from the Vexin's Les Andelys. (For the record, Follys have a double-tailed purple lion.)

Note the SAVAGE (same design as heraldry uses, see German Manns/Manners) in the Arms of Lyons-la-Foret, for while SAVIGliano is beside BRA, we read: "[Lyons-la-Foret] the end of Vexin normand, and the forest of Lyons. The area around the town and the border with Pays de BRAY..." While the Forez mountains (i.e. the area of the first-known Pons'/Ponts) is near Mont Pilat, Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in Savigliano. Isn't Nancy Pelosi going to spearhead the congressional move to vaccinate? Will she demand mandatory vaccinations? The Vexin encroaches upon Ile-de-France, where Chappes' were first found while Chapmans have the Pont-branch Ponders in their motto.

OH WOW, the English Manns are in the "manu" motto of the Bats'/Baits (share naked man with the Albert savage) because Bats'/Baits are in Mann colors and format, and zowie Bats'/Baits have a "corde" motto term while Cords/MacCourts share the Bug fesse and the Buttar hearts!!! It doesn't get more stunning than this, for the Manns share the Hecken goats!!! Look at how on-topic this short paragraph is, it cannot be coincidental! Cords share the pheons of Tipps' suspect in the Pendragon motto, and Beths/Beetons/MacBee's (known to be from king MacBeth) use an otter as code for the Others/Otters after which UTHER Pendragon was named.

Manns are kin of Dragons/DRAINers, from one or both of the DRIN river, the White Drin being from Kosovo way. The Manns share the Penn/Pence pellets on a fesse, and Pennys/PENES' are from the Penestae peoples on the Black Drin (old Drilon river). The PENdragons were likely named after Dragons/Drainers (share helmet with Pendragons). The made Uther Pendragon the father of Arthur, and Manns ("ardua") have blue roundels on their dragon, symbol of Irish Arthurs. Dutch Bets/Beets even share the fleur-de-lys of Pendragons, and while they made king Arthur born in TINTagel, note that "OsTENDo non osTENTo" motto of English Bets'/Betts.

(((Point of interest for some. Before moving to the next section, I'll jot down some good reasoning for discovering surname origins in Illyria. If Cuthberts (dart) were a branch of Cutters, note the KETTERick variation of Kettricks, for Kotor is near Kosovo. This could identify Hatricks as Kotor liners, albeit Kettricks could be of the Keiths/Keths of Hat-like HADDington. Cutters (Dorset) were first found beside MontaCUTE's (Somerset, beside Darts/Dards). Kutters use the Coat of Italian Gallus', and it's a giant, gold lion, same as Kettricks/Ettericks. See the GALABRi (proto-Gullivers/Gallivers?) at the Kosovo theater on this old map. The Dassareti, beside the Galabri, are expected as Dexaroi, the proto-Daggers, and the latter share the Jack scallops while the Jeckells, first found beside Gullivers/Gallivers, have a fesse in the colors of the Galves-like Gulliver/Galliver fesses. As JECKels are in Carrick colors and format, they are expected from the AJAX cult of Cetis (because Carricks are from Cetis). Jake's (reflection of Kerrick Coat) use drops for a line from Tropoje, and the drops are on a black griffin, symbol of Scotts from lake Scodra (near Tropoje). It reminds that Cetis-liner Leavells were at Carrick-like Cary (Somerset, beside Jeckells), but then note how Carys use a version of the Dent Coat, for the DENTHeletae are on the map beside the Galabri. Dents are expected with the Dance's sharing the Jack fesse.

The Grabaeoi are stamped on the White Drin, the Decani theater, and then the Grabbers/GRAPE's (Jeckell / Galliver colors) are in the grapes of Detrick-like Deters/Detre's/TEETers, the latter suspect with the shark's TEETH, and it just so happens that the Sharks (Saraca's) were at Kotor (Rhizon) not far from the Grabaeoi. Detricks are suspect with Bugs who in turn share the Jeckell fesse. Gullivers/Gallivers were first found in Suffolk with the Medleys traceable with Meads/Meats (Arthur kin, from Ardiaei) to Meteon, beside the Ardiaei (stamped at Kotor) and the Grabaeoi. Meteon is almost bang-on at Koplik, the proto-Kopple's sharing the Gallus rooster for a related reason.)))

Mikovits Factor -- Media Not Entertaining

Judy goes on to accuse Fauci (who had the power to fire her, making him her boss) of being responsible for the African HIV pandemic, but, once again, she's shy on details. There is the accusation, but I haven't got it straight in my head how he caused it, aside from her claim that he was too hasty to use the vaccine and thus bungled to program. She's being kind by not accusing him of deliberately spreading the virus, though she may wish to plant that idea in our heads because it's what she believes (but doesn't want to say it publicly). I think what she's saying is that her paper, which Fauci seized, had an HIV vaccine, but that Fauci's buddy on the phone didn't use it as she had formed it, but rather tried to make his own type and, according to her, bungled it. She then seems to be saying that Ronald Reagan's administration (through 1984-86) bungled things too, by refusing to make her vaccines, and succumbing to an inevitable HIV pandemic.

She's shy on details. Why wouldn't the government use her vaccines? Was it because Fauci wanted to make money on his own, and in the meantime convinced the government that her vaccine wasn't safe / useful? That's what's making sense from this story as she tells it. One can find this online in a jiffy: "When Dr. Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of the human immunodeficiency virus...Dr. Gallo proposed that a retrovirus caused AIDS in 1982. By 1984, his group at the NCI and a scientific team at the Pasteur Institute had discovered HIV and identified it as the cause of AIDS. Dr. Gallo currently heads the Institute of Human Virology at the University of MARYLAND Biotechnology Institute in Baltimore [caps mine]." Who was the other co-discoverer(s) to get the credit for what Mikovits claims was her discovery with Ruscetti?

She accuses Fauci of making a mouse-based retrovirus causing cancer. One can't make such an accusation openly unless they are completely nuts or have some basis. This was Gallo's retrovirus.

Apparently, she began to point the finger at Fauci in "the summer of 2011," when he removed her funding, etc., but she didn't say what she did more exactly to cause him to take this action. We should want to hear Fauci's side of this, which will probably create a sizable controversy between the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine parties. Mikovits is not opposed to vaccines if they are clean and unlaced with toxins. She thinks vaccines are laced with toxins when the medical establishment provides them. That to me sounds like a massive accusation of mass-murder. I lean toward her accusation. This corona scare is convincing me that they are willing / wanting to kill massively.

She says that Fauci's medical organization funded the Wuhan lab. She then says (25th minute) that there was back-and-forth between Wuhan and the her old cancer lab at Fort Detrick. She talks about this lab's "viro-monkey kidney cells" (in-which they grow viruses to learn from them) going back and forth between it and the Wuhan lab (requires shipping, collaboration). She says that a mutated (sounds deliberate) ebola virus from Detrick killed Liberians in 2014 when Bill Gates led an effort with this mutated virus as part of a vaccination program. How could they get it so wrong and kill so many if it wasn't deliberate? Didn't they test it first on a few? Did they just walk in blind and administer to thousands overnight? Sounds like.

A RETROvirus is so-named because it makes DNA from its RNA, backward to cells making RNA from DNA. Once the retrovirus has formed the DNA inside of a cell, it's permanent in the cell, as well in reproduced cells, giving the body only one option (if it decides to take the option?): to kill the cell. I assume that this is the definition of "inflammation," the body attacking its own cells to kill the retovirus' birthing of non-wanted DNA. It sounds as though cancer cells can be created by a retovirus damaging cellular programs (the tissue / organ the cells constitute no longer "knows" when to stop growing). In this 2018 video with Mikovits, she does say (about the 10th minute) that the retrovirus will sometimes (hit and miss?) insert its own-created DNA program (very short) into the segment of a cell's DNA that tells a tissue when to stop growing (= screws up the God-created program), thus leading to cancerous growth. Apparently, she's discovered the cause of cancer in retroviruses, but maybe the establishment doesn't want this information to be known. I wonder, are retroviruses natural or man-made? Hmm.

She gives her definition of what she thinks COVID-19 is, in the 28th minute: it's an "accelerated evolution of it in an in-lab culture, in these experiments, in these tissue cultures -- that's how we do it -- I think it's got an expanded host range though it's not acting clinically like a normal flu. It should be just a simple-mild upper respiratory-tract infection but what we're in fact seeing is [harsh biological problems], that's what retroviruses do." Bottom line: she thinks that the deaths now being reported are MAYBE (her word) from the retroviruses from the virus material grown on pulverized mouse brains that were leaked into the human blood pool by Fauci and his buddy/ies. Not the retroviruses alone, but when they are in the body together with the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus...or perhaps any corona virus, I don't know what she means on that one.

In any case, her view of COVID-19's definition is a minor and even irrelevant part of her story. Her story is that Fauci has deliberately used an invention (he has a medical patent on something I'm trying to hammer down) to harm and even kill people. But so far as I can see, Fox has not touched this story all week-end long (25-26th).

She probably says correctly that viruses can't do major harm unless the immune system is weakened or altered. Retroviruses don't weaken the immune system, but alter it's behavior. People with HIV die, not from the HIV, but because their immune system attacks body parts ("inflammation").

What Fauci wants to see (my opinion) is people going to the late stages without chloroquine so that they enter the inflammation stage. IT'S OBVIOUS. Perhaps his main goal at this time, for his own financial benefits, is to make this virus scaaaary so that his vaccine(s) will become compulsory worldwide by government order. Perhaps the future plan is to inject the retrovirus in some or all people, when injecting a vaccine, so that it increases the numbers various illnesses -- that he knows of, that will make him more money -- caused by retroviruses. It sounds outlandish, since this man (79 years old) is just a few years before meeting his Maker. Would he be that crazy for mere money? Is he addicted to money? Is he trying to make it for his friends and relatives? Or has been committed to a globalist cause for seeking to take a giant leap to success?

Dr. Mikovits claims to have proven that people with this retrovirus are the ones who suffer viral attacks. In the 29th minute, she is saying that people can catch the retrovirus by coughing on each other. She says that people can cough cancer one person to another, so to speak, by passing on the retroviruses. That sounds wrong because it would spread by kissing.

Her co-author is on in the middle 40's (minutes); he thinks (45th minute) the timing of the book ("Plague of Corruption.") looks like God's work. Mikovits lumps Deborah Birx in with the Fauci bad guys. I say there are wicked rich people so out of touch that they would want drastic population reduction just to do away with rush hour and over-packed beaches with scummy work people all over it.

At 55 minutes, Mikovits says the coronavirus is an "INTENTIONAL" crisis. WOW, an admission. It must be in the book.

Not long prior to 55 minutes, she says that regular flu shots are like throwing gas on a fire for producing inflammation (= immune-response = immune-system attack). She calls Parkinson's Disease an inflammation of the brain. Flu shots coax the body into thinking that invaders need to be scouted for, found and destroyed (a good thing), but that regular/annual (too much) flu shots build the immune army until it goes haywire, attacking the body (inflammation) instead of the viral toxins. However, the typical flu shots alone, if non-contaminated with retroviruses, can't cause the immune system to malfunction, but, if I understand her correctly, an immune system too-much on guard (thanks to flu shots) can initiate a lethal attack on an organ or tissue when trying to rid the body of the effects (DNA-screw-ups) of retroviruses (inside the organ or tissue).

If Fauci doesn't sue these authors, then that's an admission of guilt, isn't it? This book could be the single-most reason that the Fauci crew will wind down their Trump attack, at least until they do some huddling and come out with another line of attack closer to the election.

Repeat: Judy claims that "the first disease-causing retrovirus" was isolated / discovered by Francis (or Frank) Ruscetti, yet Gallo got credit it for it after Fauci took his and her work as his own. The question is whether the retovirus she claims to be doing all the damage was Ruscetti's baby? I'm not clear on whether Fauci and Gallo altered Ruscetti's retrovirus. See Mikovits at about 7 minutes in the April-26 video below to get a better understanding of her main storylines:

We have heard this in the news in the past few weeks: people die when they are afflicted with inflammation. It's not the coronavirus that does damage, then -- is what she's saying -- but rather the retrobeast with an RNA-come-DNA program to unleash within a cell. If she's correct, then people must be tested for the presence of the Fauci-Gallo retrobeast. Can that be done? I haven't heard her say that it can.

At 39 minutes, she says she believes that COVID-19 is "SARS CoV-2 [another name for COVID-19] plus the mouse cancer-causing viruses which can infect every cell of the body...If you've got both of those, your dead." The talk on 5G radiation is about viral situations gaining an advantage to dig-in when cells are altered by stronger radiation.

In the video below, we learn more details. After Ruscetti gave the prize manuscript to Fauci, the latter delayed publication in order that Gallo could copy it in his own words for submission to a publisher (May 4, 1984) before Ruscetti and Mikovits submitted their work. This move catapulted Fauci to the directorship of NIAID (1984).

A dozen years later, Mrs. Mikovits started work on the new Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (virus), which I think is worse than being merely tired. She has a huge claim here in that 67 percent of CFS cases (females) also had the mouseViro. We would like to know why the remaining 33 percent got CFS. Perhaps those with the mouseViro had a different set of bodily problems as compared to the 33 percent, though the two groups shared distinct similarities. She discovered the prevalence of the mouse virus (in people) to be only 4 percent amongst all other / healthy women. Wouldn't that suggest that the mouseViro is in 4 percent (12 million) of all Americans? Does that figure square-up with the number of people vaccinated with Fauci's vaccines? Mikovits claims that there are more than 12 million cases nationwide, but I'm seeing a math problem if that number is higher than 12 million.

Remember, she said that if someone has the mouseViro together with COVID-19 (mild, not dangerous), you are dead. I don't know whether she means every last person literally, but that's what it sounds like. Need clarification. It can't be correct because we expect many young people to be amongst the 4 percent with mouseViro, yet young people are not generally dying. Do you read? If she's wrong on her claim that the mouseViro is responsible for this corona crisis, whammo, her supporters are going to be made to look like cracked nuts. The mouseViro is the center attraction, we could say, of her whistle-blowing.

We can take a reasonable scenario in which 1 per 33 Americans (10 million total) will catch COVID by June. If 12 million Americans have mouseViro, then we divide that number by 33 to discover that 364,000 will die, if Mikovits is correct about the mouseViro combo with COVID being lethal in every case. The higher we go from 12 million, the higher the number of deaths so that I don't think we can go higher than 12 million. The lower we go from 33, the greater the deaths.

The Two Bugs

If you read the sections on the Bug surname in the last couple two updates, as they pointed really well to the corona flu bug, as though by Design of God, I have more to add to it now. I had a dream which I've talked about at least a half-dozen times. There was a Michael I know standing in a PARKING lot, which I can now link to the Parkins/Perkins and to the Coys as a pointer to Perkins Coie, Hillary's legal firm when she created the Steele dossier.

There are things I still can't decipher in this dream, but I have just found an new thing when seeing that a Tony HAZE wrote, "I will be playing Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman soon", at a Fox video. It caught my eye because, as I've said a few times, I painted the album cover of Tea For the Tillerman on a full kitchen wall at age 20. So, I loaded the Haze's (share hare with Haas') and went from there, thinking they were a branch of Hazels (didn't yet know that German Michaels have the same fesse as Hazels). It then came to mind to load "Hassel" (like the Hessel variation of Hazels), who were not only first found in Cheshire with Hazels, but have three downward-pointing pheons of Coys. Perkins COIE!

I kid you not, I painted Tea For the Tillerman in an apartment building on ELLESmere Rd (Toronto), and Hillary's lawyer at Perkins Coie was/is Marc ELIAS. Just look at that, for Elias' share the Ellis cross-with-crescents! Here's from the 4th update of January, 2008: "The first thing coming to mind was the name of the street of our apartment (Christine Peare was living there too). It was on Ellesmere, and it just so happens that Ellesmere's share the downward, black-on-white, Paeoni-suspect pheons with English Page's. Moreover, Hillary hired Marc ELIAS of Perkins-Coie. Can you believe that Coie-like Coys use those pheons in colors reversed?"

For those not knowing, the Page's appeared in another dream of God, when I was taking a pool shot in Obama's billiard hall, with a Coy-like cue, but the cue ball was a flat page on the table that I could not shoot, so I turned it into a paper plane and missed all balls when shooting it. As it went straight into the corner pocket, it was a sewer shot, and Sewers/SUTERs thus pointed to Obama's other name, Barry SOETORO. In the January update above: "..the plane was originally a page on Obama's billiard table. God is a Genius. And I didn't know until after writing this paragraph that one of Cat's songs on Tea for the Tillerman is, "Sad Lisa"! Yes, sad Lisa Page she will be."

So, you see, I'm not making up the story of painting Tea for the Tillerman on the kitchen wall. Tillers are definitely from the Tilurius = CETINa river, and Cetins/Cattans use a CAT you see, which is why CAT Stevens entered the discussion, owner of Tea For the Tillerman. Plus, the Kitchen surname (share water bougets with Bugs) has at least one variation suggesting a branch of the cat-using Catch's. So, I assume that God moved me to paint that wall as a pointer to Marc Elias, for one.

I had two female tenants (Louise and Christine), who both appeared in a mall, in a sleeping bag dream (told of this at least 20 times), after I walked through the mall's PARKING lot. I found both women and myself on wooden PLATforms inside the mall, which I assumed was a pointer to PLATTE River Networks, Hillary Clinton's private email server during the Obama years i.e. while she was secretary of state. Platte River is in Denver along with one office of Perkins Coie, and so my walking through the mall parking lot immediately after crossing a Rodham-like road convinced me that the dream was a pointer to Hillary's email crimes. It just so happens that Michael's Volkswagen bug was parked in a mall parking lot, what are the chances? What does Perkins Coie / Marc Elias have to do with the corona bug?

It just so happens that Tea's are listed with the Tease's/Tye's, first found in Nottinghamshire, where Bugs were said to be first found for a decade or so until recently. AMAZING, God is linking the Michael-with-bug dream to the Tea-Tillerman painting.

So, let's go back to TONY HAZE, a moderator, who, for a reason not known to myself, mentioned cat Steven's album. The Haze's and Haas' both uses a hare, and Michael's brother is Joel, who, in real life, drives a white Volkswagen RABBIT. A hare is a rabbit. Well, Joel came up to see me four days after purchasing this Rabbit, and the visit was jammed-packed with pointers to the impeach-Trump camp in Ukraine. I won't go over all of that material here. Suffice it to say that Joels/Jewells have "gillie flowers" in the colors of the "flower" of Italian Tonys. It seems like verification that I should come across Tony Haze at this time, and that Haze's are to be a part of the dream with Michael's Volkswagen.

It should be added that Gillie's are a Clan Chattan liner, which uses the cat and thus looks like a branch of Cetins/Cattans and Catch's. The Touch's (same place as Hazels and Hassals) in the Gillie / Clan Chattan motto share the Coat of Sherborn's, and Bugs are now said to have been first found in Sherborne, near the first-known Joels/Jewells (Wiltshire).

It's now important to prove that Coys relate closely to Hassels in order to make the bug dream point harder to Perkins Coie. The Coy pheon is in giant form with Nichols/Nickle's (Cheshire, same as Hazels, Hassals and Steele's), and while the Arms of Cheshire is shared by Coy-like Cue's, the latter's Crest has, in colors reversed, the lion-with-garb in this Arms of Macclesfield. It just so happens that Hassals named Hassal in East Cheshire while Macclesfield is in East Cheshire too.

Having thus proven that there is substance in this pointing to Perkins Coie, the Haze's will now bring us to the Steele dossier, used to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter PAGE. The court ruling on FISA warrants is called the FISC. Well it just so happens that, while English Page's share three black-on-white pheons with Hassels, German Nicholsons share "ad astra" in their motto with Fisks/FISCs! That underscores the importance of Haze's.

German Nicholsons even share the sun with Hesse's/HESSELs, and the "Castra" motto term of these Nicholsons suggest relationship to Hesse-Cassel. Plus, the "ad" motto term is for the Ade bloodline that includes the Atha's (share Fisk/Fisc Shield), an amazing thing because Bath's, who share the Macclesfield cross, are said to be from "Atha." It is incredible to have Baths in this Bug picture (see, in the last two updates, how Baths point with Bugs to the horseshoe bats reportedly responsible for COVID-19).

East Cheshire is where Cheatle's were first found who've struck me as Chatti of Hesse-Cassel of the Keith/Mascal kind, and so Hassels and Hazels look like a Cassel branch, and from them the Hesse location may have been named. Cheatle's named Chettle in Dorset, which is called "Chettle and FOLKE" in the Chaffin/Caffin write-up, and it just so happens that Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset. The Folkswagen bug, so to speak, and Sidneys are said to be from Anjou, home of Fulks. Coffee-like Chaffs/Chafee's were first found in Dorset too, beside Coffers/Coffare's.

The Hesse and Nicholson sun provides a shocking pointer to BATHgate's (sun), first found in West Lothian with the Elias surname that belongs to Marc Elias of the Perkins-Coie (!), hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to pay Christopher Steele for to put his name on their dossier. Who do you think arranged the Elias surname to use a Coy-like "quo" motto term??? It wasn't Mr. Elias, that's for sure. Coys named a Quy location. Sidneys, with another "Quo" motto term, share the pheon with Coys, and SIDNey-like Sittens were first found in East Lothian. The Cants expected in the "vocant" motto term of Sidneys (Kent, home of Cantii) use an Elias-like "Aliis" motto term, and Alis'/Alice's can be linked by their motto and their MUZZLEd bear to Keiths of East Lothian / MUSSELbergh. "VOCant" can be partly for the Voke variation of Fulke's/FOLKE's having a "Qui" motto term.

OH WOW. I found Tony Haze in a video showing Laura Ingraham's show (Tuesday, I think), and Ingraham's have a "MAGNAnimus" motto term while I can prove that Parkins/Perkins were from Tertullus of PERGa, husband of Plancia MAGNA, the line to mythical Tertullus, great-grandfather of Fulk I of Anjou, and the Fulke's happen to be the VOLKs too!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidence." That's why God chose a VOLKSwagen in the PARKING lot! Plancia is the line to the Plantagenet Fulks, for Plants are also PLANQUE's, and while the latter use cabbages, the Cabbage surname (holly) shared in its Chief the lion in the INGEL/Ingle surname, now suspect with INGELger, father of Fulk I (the first or second count of Anjou). Hollys share the Coat of Plancia-line Plunketts, and while English Jacks share the Ingraham scallops, Scottish Jacks use more holly.

INGRahams thus look related to that Ingelger line, possibly from Inger the Varangian, husband of Melissena (from royal Khazars), whom I see in mythical Melusine of Anjou, mother of fictional Milo de Vere, first count of Anjou in about 750-800 AD (Inger was born about 800 AD). As Melissena (Rangabe surname) was from the imperial Byzantines, it is almost certain that Inger was from the Varangians of Kiev i.e. in Ukraine, and the Bug river happens to be in Ukraine.

By the way, BAKEwells/Bagwells share nearly the Coat of German Bugs. It just so happens that I've been linking the Cabbage Chief to a Baker Chief, and the "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's goes to Angusta, a location on the Bistrita river of Romania with a mouth at Bake-like Bacau. The Bistrita is not politically far from the Bug river. Let me say here that, in the dream with Michael, I placed a BUCKet into the BACK SEAT of the bug, and German Backs are also Bacau-like Bachs (linkable by their steer to the Seats/Cedes' in the Steer motto). Welsh Backs were first found in DenBIGHshire. The Bakewells/Bagwells are in the colors of the Bogens having a Bagwell-like Bugel variation, who use Robin Hood i.e. of Nottingham, suggesting that Bugs were closely related to that mythical character. Bagle's/Bagleys, in the colors of the Bag Chief, look like a possible branch. I now see that Bakewells were BANKwells of Nottinghamshire!

Lookie: the sleeping-bag dream had a sleeping bag on a BANK (hill) down from the road (the MALL parking lot was on the opposite side of this road). The Banks were found in Ellen de MalBANc in the write-up of Malls, you see, and so with this bank or HILL off a ROAD looking like code for Hillary Rodham's dossier crimes, it can't be coincidental that Malbanks (Northumberland) share the ermined Rodham bend! Perfect work, Oh Lord, and the Hills happen to share the Plunkett / Holly tower.

Plus, while David Morley came off the road on his motorbike, and down the bank to circle the sleeping bag, Morleys/MAULs have the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Bakewells/Bankwell! Davids (Cheshire, same as Malls) have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, and the latter have the specialized leopard symbol of Morleys (and Morlands) while Rodhams have a version of the Aid/Ade Coat. This is pointing to Clinton corruption in the HIV / AIDS programs, for there is a bee HIVE in the Kerry Crest while John Kerry took over Hillary's job as chief of Obama's state department!!! I get it.

If that's not enough, the sleeping-bag dream ended with Louise Phillips on a platform, and French Louis' share the three lozenges (virtually the same Coat) of Bagle's/Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps). Louise (my girlfriend) was one of the tenants where I painted Tea for the Tillerman, and Tillers were first found in Glamorgan with Phillip-related Welsh Louis' (and Lewis')...while, oh-wow, Rex Tillerson took the state department over from John Kerry! These "coincidences" represent God wanting to convince the reader that He is author of some (many) of my dreams and events.

As I've said many times, Louise worked at Penningtons clothing in the same mall as Kepke (big Ukrainian father) and I when we sold shoes (points to Ukraine corruption). She was the friend of Christine PEARE, who appeared on a mall platform (a couple of years ago) with Louise. Penningtons, with the PEARtree's (Trump stag head) in their motto, and another cat (in Crest), happen to share blue lozenges with French Louis' (Lorraine), but in both colors of the Bagle/Bagley lozenges.

Again, as the dream started, Michael was standing in the mall PARKING lot beside his white Volkswagen BUG, and I was there placing a BUCKET into the back seat, when I suddenly needed to go to the BATHroom. Is that not incredible? We have the Bugs and Baths together again, which was the original reason that I wanted to tell of this dream starting last night, yet I didn't decide to look up Haze's until this morning (Tuesday). It turns out that German Michaels (Bohemia) share the Hazel fesse, you see. It seems that, whatever the Haze's point to, ditto for Michael and his bug. If I didn't need to go to the bathroom, I wouldn't have known that we were in the parking lot of a mall, for I went into the mall to find the bathroom.

Well, wowwie, the Malbanks happen to be in the write-up of Haze-like Hassals (suspect with the Coie pheons), what a hoot. I am not familiar at all with Hassals: "The surname Hassel was first found in Cheshire at Hassall, a village and civil parish in the Borough of Cheshire East which dates back to at least the Domesday Book where it was listed as EtsHALE as land held by William Malbank." So, as it seemed that "East Hassal" corrupted to "Esthale," it was in order to load Hale's, though I had nothing to say when first seeing their Coat, until BathGATE's came to mind, for the split Gates Shield is that also of Hale's in colors reversed. How important is it that while Baths point with Randolphs (share bat with Bugs) to the coronavirus, Bill GATES wants to vaccinate every last person (echem, wallet) in this world for the coronavirus?

Hmm, what about Trump's ambassador to the UN, NIKKi HALEY? Didn't we see Nichols/Nickle's work into this? I had said: "The Hesse and Nicholson sun provides a shocking pointer to BATHgate's (sun), first found in West Lothian with the Elias surname". I've never had cause to think that Nikki Haley has been part of the corruption. She seems to be opposed to it all. Haleys happen to share the boar head of Mole's. Hmm, was Nikki a deep-state mole in Trump's affairs? Mr. Kepke above had a brother who married Nikki Walsh, and Walsh's are from Wallachia (Romania), location of a BUZau river, home of the ROXolani Rus who named Roxburghshire, where Mole's and Walsh's were first found.

Kepke (suspect as a line from Kiev's namers) had the same hair type and womanizer lifestyle as Trump. After Kepke left Miss PEARE, he got engaged to Nikki's sister, and the Patria's/Peartree's in the Pennington motto were first found in KinCARDINEshire, near the first-known Kids (Dundee), interesting because the same Michael of the bug dream appeared in another dream where kids were jumping on a yellow mattress, and Jumps share the Trump / Patria/Peartree stag head. CARDINE's, you see, were first found in Cheshire with Nikki-like Nichols/Nickle's who share the Cardine pheon! It looks like a pointer to Nikki Haley's Ukraine involvement. Why? I'll show soon how Haley-like Hale's link to Ukraine corruption. Cardine's love the Amore's/ Amori's along with Penningtons and Phillips', coincidence-coincidence not a coincidence.

The Coat of Cardine's is even comparable to a Holly Coat, and Hollys use a dog in the colors of the dog head of Hale-like Halls and Hulls, while German Huls' share the leaf design of House's (called "cabbage leaves") and Hazels, the latter calling them "hazel SLIPs" as code for the Hazel branch of Islips/Haslips having a holly tree. It appears that Hassals and Hazels were cousins (distant branches) of Hollys by way of Hassals becoming Hale's. There were halls in the mall, which I'll get to below, which will be pointed, by God's ceiling sign, to the hale arrows.

Patria's/PEARtree's use another sun, and then the English Nicholsons ("PER" motto term) share the Chief-Shield color combo of Patria's/Peartree's and even stick suns in their Chief!!! Kepke left Peare for Nikki's sister (Kim), then went back to Peare. Scottish Nicholsons were first found on Skye and LEWIS while Lewis' were a Louis branch while Louis', Phillips' and Penningtons -- all three, no guff -- have the Patria's/Peartree's in their motto. Patria's/Peartree's even share a crown around the neck of a lion with Phillips', that being a symbol of the corona-like Ceraunii.

Ahh, Haleys likewise have a crown around the neck of a lion. Nikki Walsh can then bring us to the three Hassal pheons, in the colors of the three pheons of Irish Walsh's, and the Hassels are the ones who brought Hale's to topic with the Esthale location that was also called, Hassal. I would suggest that Nikki Haley might be more of a stool pigeon on the Ukraine corruption, having acted as a mole for the Trump side. She comes across loyal to Trump, though, the question is, how friendly was she to Trump's Ukraine enemies. It reminds me of the time that Nikki Walsh betrayed her husband by going naked with his brother into the basement after she lost in a game of spin the bottle.

AHHHH, there is another crown around the neck of a lion in the Beach Crest, and Beach's/Becks happen to have been at a Hailey location, which may be drawing Nikki Haley onto Epstein's beech. I landed on the Beach's immediately after finishing the paragraph above because Hassals were at Hassal Green of BETCHton, and Beach's came up as Beetch's. When write-ups from houseofnames have "literally," it doesn't mean that it's true, but rather that the literal = word-terms could be taken that way. Therefore, the following is just a false and misleading claim: "The place name [Hassal] literally means 'the witch's nook of land'". Yeah, but who cares what the syllables look like to you? How about looking for a similar surname to derive the Hassals, such as Hazels. The latter are not derived in a witch's nook.

[I'd like to bring up a quote from later in this update while I'm fresh off of the Philippine-like Phillips: "In 1990, HAZELton [caps mine] Research Products' Reston Quarantine Unit in Reston, Virginia suffered a mysterious outbreak of fatal illness among a shipment of crab-eating macaque monkeys imported from the Philippines." This event was related to the Fort Detrick lab. After that quote, Restons make it to topic by way of Seamans/Semans.

You need to make it to the Seamans because it's quite mind-blowing for proving the shark dream to be on Epstein's island. It's possible that Zeals/Sealeys/SEELERs, who share the Hazel / Michael fesse, had a Ceiling-like variation, for the shark dream has the Sea-branch Seamans/Seman sharing the Hood/Hoot crescent while Sea's have Seals in their write-up while Zeals/Seals/Seelers are in the "ZEALous" motto of Hoods/Hoots. Zeals/Seals/Seelers are a branch of Sailers (version of Hazel fesse-with-items) having a telling, "HAS" motto term. But Sailers also have a "Who" motto term that may be Intended to point the hood scene to WHO (World Health Organization), beloved by Bill Gates and now in the daily news. I kid you not, the Seaman/Seman discussion will directly involve Gates-like Geddes liners as a fundamental definition of the dream's shark. The reason why a Ceiling-like surname is suspect with Hassal / Hazel liners is coming right at you. End insert]

I'm suddenly of the new opinion that Hale's are the reason that I saw two HALLs in the mall while seeking the bathroom (bug dream). The beginning of two halls could be seen in front of me to my right, and not knowing which hall to take, I suddenly saw a sign at the ceiling to indicate the far hall, for the sign had a bent ARROW, meaning don't turn right immediately, but go straight and then turn right. The dream ended there. Hale's happen to use arrows, how about that. Remember: I fell upon Hale's after picking up Haze's and going immediately to Hassals. It's as though God had planned this very bumping into Tony Haze in order to make many puzzle pieces fall into place.

A good theory is that the sign was at the ceiling (instead of on a wall) due to the Cheile's, first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KEELINs and HALLs. That works, especially as Cheile's are in the motto of Camerons who share the five, bunched ARROWs in the Arms of Rothschild and in the Coat of Scottish BOWERs. The first Rothschild (Mayer BAUER) was a friend of a William, prince of Hesse-Cassel. As Hassals are like the Hessel variation of Hesse's who in turn share the Bathgate sun, one can fathom Gates liners with Baths to form Bathgate's. Could we imagine Bill Gates joining the Rothschild empire?

BETSy DeVos (Education secretary) has been looking into the Galveston lab's interests in Wuhan, and she was born, Miss Prince. "BETSy" can be a pointer to the Bets'/Baits (suspect with Rodham bend-with-cinquefoils), said to be from "Elizabeth," which is not likely correct, but the point is, Betsy was born, Elizabeth Prince. The "PRINCipibus" motto term of Hassals (same area as Macclesfield) suggests the Prince's/Prinse's sharing the Macclesfield / Bath / Fessy/Face cross (Hassals were from the Macclesfield area).

I'm including Fessys/Face's now because they share the motto of Ironside's, and the latter likewise have the split Shield of Hale's (expected as a Hassal branch) in colors reversed. (The reason that Ironside's were loaded is that they are from king Edmond Ironside while I had the hunch that the solid chevron of Hassals was linkable to the same of Edmonds because the latter share the solid chevron of Hesse- / Atha-like Heths.)

There is a Keiling/Keeling surname with what I think are SCALing ladders shared by the English Bennets who have a "De bon" motto phrase that gets the Debons/Bona's having a version of the Gates Coat as well as sharing the Bennet lion. Wow, this recalls Roxanne BENNET, whom I lived with, at her parents, on BATHurst street (mentioned this at least three times in the past). This comes just as I'm on Bathgate's, who share the sun with Hursts suspect in "BatHURST." SCALE's (look like Tailbois kin) happen to have been first found in Lincolnshire with Cheile's and Keelins. The Hale's (bunched arrows in Crest, held by an arm, very similar to Arms of Rothschild) have the split Shied of Debons/Bona's in colors reversed, and a patee cross colors reversed from the same of Scottish Bennets. OH WOW, this working extremely well with the BENT arrow in the ceiling sign because Bents/Bends (Cheshire, same as hale-related Hassals) are said to be from Bennets!!!! WOW! It's the first time, I'm sure, that the ceiling sign has been deciphered this well/way. Bents/Bends have a fesse colors reversed from the Hazel fesse.

It's possible that prime minister David Cameron gave Christopher Steele the wink to help out Perkins Coie, for the FBI's people were meeting with Steele as early as July 28, 2016 (see Bongino's Tuesday show for that story). In fact, I think Bongino mentioned a Mr. GAETA of the FBI who was involved with that situation. Hmm. Yes, here's the claim: "Gaeta flew to London to meet with Steele on July 5, 2016. But he had been in contact with Steele before that - reportedly in late June 2016 about Steele's info. Which is how Gaeta knew to request permission from Nuland at State for the trip." Prime minister Cameron's last day was July 13, 2016.

In the dream with Michael's bug and bathroom, I placed a BUCKET into the back seat, and Buckets/Buchards are bouget liners, for Bouchiere's/Boucher's even have more water bougets. As I've said when on this topic, I stole a kiss from a lady (don't remember her name) at a PARTY in a KITCHEN who was later the only girlfriend I ever saw MICHAEL BOUCHER with, and his driveway connected to the driveway of Barry my friend (we had many summer parties on that driveway) who owned a blue Volkswagen BUG!!! Plus, the Party surname shares the checks of Bouchiere's/Bucher's, you can't argue with the God-pointing facts, for Kitchens use more water bougets! You can find this story (see "Mike Boucher") in my 3rd update of April, 2017, if you wish to verify that I'm not making it up now.

OH WOOOWIE! If one removes the water bougets (in Kitchen-bouget colors!) from the Detrick Coat, all that's left is a virtual copy of the Party Coat! Why would God create a party kiss in a kitchen to point to the Fort Detrick lab? Did any of the co-conspirators of the COVID flu urge people to start kissing more on the lips, last fall?

Why are the clouds in the Kitchen Crest identical with the clouds in the Coy Crest? A comparison of the Kitchen and Teague Coat should explain why the latter are also Caige's/Keage's (from Khazar kagans?), and then Cage's (split Gates Shield) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Coys and Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's (Khazar liners?). Another cloud is in the Crest of CASSeys (share Cassel chevron) sharing the red chevron and red eagle heads of Scottish Nicholsons, the latter first found in Skye and Lewis with McLeods/CLOUDs. Scottish Casseys use the Coronis-line crow, and English Nicholsons (crown around neck = Corona liners) share "Per" with Casseys and through in a Cassel-linkable "Castra" motto term. Cage's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's, from Sitric CAECH, explaining the Caige variation of Teague's, apparently. Sitric's son, Harald, is a surname listed as a sept of McLeods/Clouds along with Teague's/Teegers.

(Aside: the double fesses of Nicholsons connect to Parrs from king Pharnaces, husband of NYSA, the line to Ness'/NICE's / Nissans and thus the possible namer of Nichols/Nickle's etc. In fact, Pharnaces ruled the Pontus, right beside king TIGRanes VI of Armenia, the line to Teague's/Teegers.)

I met Mamie at her PARTY, and the second time I saw her, due only to Barry with the Volkswagen bug, I slept in her sleeping bag, where she got her tease symbol. The next day, she got her thigh symbol in her BATHing SUIT at her garden, a pointer to Gardens/Jardens (Angus, same as SUITs/Sewers) because they share the black boar head with Babons/Babens/Bavins (from Babon, son of MUMmolin), and the latter look very much like a branch of Babins/Babingtons of Bavington i.e. the ones with the bat and in the Detrick write-up. Her tease and thigh symbols were for the Tease/Tye surname (share Jardin stars), first found in Nottinghamshire with MAMESfelde and early bat-using Bugs. That's pretty amazing, suddenly, because Mamie (been trying to decipher her pointers for years) looks like a pointer to the people who spread COVID-19 from Fort Detrick (puts a whole-new mystery to all her codework).

I wouldn't have met her the second time had Barry with the bug not invited me camping. German Bugs are in Bogen colors, and the latter apparently use Robin Hood i.e. of Nottingham. Robin Hood's sidekick, Friar Tuck, is suspect as the myth writer's code for the Tuck variation of Teague-related TICKs (reflection of Friar/FRYer Coat), and Nottinghamshire's Mansfields (named Mamesfelde) share the so-called "maunch" sleeve with TICKhills while Tease's/Tye's are also TIGHs. The Frey-like Fryer variation of Friars can explain why Tuckers (share the wavy Sea / Seaman bars) use sea horses (because Frey's/Freeze's use horses). One TUCKER Coat's BARs look linkable to the same of Ducks/DUCKERs (Westphalia), and thus links back to Barry-like Barrs of Bar-le-Duc (related to Ducks/Duckers). On my first night with Mamie, Lorraine got a pants symbol that pointed smack to Bar-le-Duc elements in Westphalia.

German Teegers have a giant, eight-pointed star half in the colors of the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars. Therefore, let me repeat that I was mugged in Galveston, where James LeDuc runs the Galveston National Lab that oversaw some things in Wuhan. Due to the mugging, I scrapped my plans to scout land in Mexico, and decided to purchase in southern Texas instead. I ended up purchasing later that year from a Mrs. Teague. If this is to be appreciated as a pointer of God, why are the stars not in the same color to really make the pointer strong?

Well, Teegers show "plates" in the colors of the Duc/LeDuc stars, and perhaps this is a pointer to the Platte variation of Plate's, for they have three scallops in the colors and positioning of the Duc/LeDuc stars. Plus, Plains/Platers share the Cake fleur-de-lys. Looking good. The Caige- / Caech-like Catch's/CACHers have a near-copy of the Platte/Plate Coat. Looking even better now. Both the Catch's/Cachers and Teague's/Caige's have five items above their chevrons. But if you ask me what Platte River Networks could possibly have to do with the Wuhan virus, I'm stumped. Hmm, I said that without first realizing that Stumps/Stomps have a version of the Tuck/Tick and Teague/Caige Coats. Nor did I say "stumped" (by my will, anyway) to expressly point to the Rodham tree stump. Lookie there, for "nec" is a motto term shared between Teague's/Caige's and Rodhams. The "SUMMum" motto term of Teague's/Caige's could be partly for the namers of Summits because the latter have NECKlaces.

I purchased Mrs. Teague's NUECES-river property, and Nuse's/Newes' share the pale bar of Neckers. The News'/Nuces' (chaplets) were suspect with the solid chevron (in Crest) of Chapmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Cage's and Cake's). News'/Nuces (newspaper in Crest) came to topic as per the newspaper I bought, the morning after the Galveston mugging, to check want-ads in southern Texas for raw land. Is that not impressive? Yet I'm troubled if the Teeger plates are to be a pointer to Platte River, because I have no understanding as to how an Internet-supply company can be involved with the corona crisis. By now, surely, Hillary has shed that company from her life.

You really need to appreciate this Teague material coming out on Wednesday here, the day John Solomon revealed from a British court case that Mr. Steele admitted to come see John Kerry's third-in-command by his second-in-command, VICTORIA NUland (this story elaborated upon below). It dawned on me not many months ago that the NEWSpaper purchase with coffee in VICTORIA, Texas, the morning after the mugging, was a pointer to Victoria Nuland, and here I can add that the NEWland Crest shares a brown wolf head, with collar and red tongue, with the Teague Crest! Bingo. Absolute Bingo. That's no coincidence. Coffee's/Coffers have a "victoria" motto term. Plus, an hourglass shape is shared by the Shields of Kerrys and News'/Nuces', important because Steele was asked to come in by John Kerry, ultimately. Or, at the least, he had to agree to the meeting.

[Insert Thursday the 30th -- I went to bed Wednesday night realizing that is was roughly the 26th anniversary of my mugging, on April 29/30, 1994. Thanks to recalling that I started to leave Texas on a Sunday (I went for a nice Sunday-morning drive around town), I can know that the omen was on the 29th, and mugging at 1 am on the 30th, the coffee and newspaper early on the 30th, and the checking-out from the Crystal-City motel, and first day of driving home, was on Sunday, May 1. I might not have been able to know these things, but I remember that I got home, or left, around the end of April. Why do I remember it? Why did it stick to my mind?

It was yesterday (29th) that I saw Teague's and Newlands sharing the same brown wolf head, and I had the omen on the 29th, God warning me that he had a frightful event for me that I didn't yet know, but turning out great in the morning with coffee and newspaper promising my purchase from Teague, and, later, this discussion on Victoria Nuland. It was yesterday that I found Victoria Nuland in Solomon's news. Could it be that the attack on Steele from Nuland's state department started at the end of April, 2016? Or, on May 1, the highest "holy" day of witchcraft?

Oh wow, I didn't load the Wolf surname (yesterday) from these wolf heads because I know what its Coat looks like, and there's nothing to say about it towards the Newland discussion above. But I had forgotten that there is a German Wolf surname because I usually load Wolfs as "Welf" or "Lupus." Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' were first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus, who owns that surname, and then his personal wolf head is white on blue, the color of the Flynn wolf! The best news yet on Flynn (google's hiding this story today) came out on the 29th too, carried by Mr. Solomon. Google won't give me the article even when searching "steele kavalec solomon", with or without the "solomon."

The Flynn wolf would be blue in colors reversed, and a family that married Flynns would use it in colors reversed. The Wolfleys (Cheshire) use it blue on white (colors reversed from Flynn wolf), but before I get to them for a shocker, the first point is that -- WOW -- German Wolfs, first found in Rhineland with Salome's/SOLOMONs, use the blue wolf too, and the Nuland article above is by John Solomon while the Victoria's, no guff, share the gold-on-red stars of Salome's/Solomons! It's as though God is even pointing to Solomon's articles both on the 29th, the day that others first got these two stories!

NOW LOOK. "Obama's eighth great-grandfather, Conrad Wolflin, who served as mayor of Orsingen, Germany for 30 years." When I was on that story, I read that the Wolflins changed their name to, "Wolfley," when coming to North America (it doesn't mean that there were no Wolfleys before that time). Wolfleys were first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus, a friend of Hamon de Masci of DUNHAM-Masci, tending to assure that Wolfleys are from Obama's bloodline, especially as Dunhams married Randolphs in Obama's line, who were from le Meschin, Hugh's nephew. Dunhams and English Randolphs have the same Coat, and Scottish Randolphs are the horseshoe-bat entity pointing to the Galveston lab. Believe it, God has his arrows pointed at Obama's heart. Mug shots please.

There is a Wolflin surname listed with Waldwins/Wallins (share Baldwin wyvern) who share the same-colored bend as WOOLworths, and Wolfleys are also Wooleys.

BEHOLD: ignoring the blue wolves in the Wolfley Coat, it's in the three colors of Coffee's/Coffers and Coffers/Coffare's. And the great news of victory is that God apparently provided the blue-gold pale bars in the sleeved ARM of the Wolfley Crest, in the colors of the pale bars of Courts/Coverts (!), first found in Sussex with Coffer-like Coverts/Cofferts, Dunham-line Downs/Douns, wool-pack-using Wools, and the Packs expected in the Wolfley/Wolley "wool packs"!!!! Whammo. It was two updates ago when Obama started to link in multiple ways to my mugging event, and also two updates ago when I showed the reason for Coverts to be involved in my drive from Galveston to the coffee in Victoria the next morning! That's just incredible NEWS.

As Knee's were first found in County Down while I blocked the NEGRO mugger's weapon with my knee, I'd like to propose a meaning for this, because although he led me to believe had both a gun and knife, the thing he was trying to smash into my gut, when I blocked the plunge with my knee, was half the black piece of plastic for a television's remote unit. It was a fake weapon, in other words, and this may indicate that Obama's "shadow government" has a fake-nothing being used against the albeit-frightened Trumpers. Note that while Wolfleys have a "PRAEmium" motto term possibly for Prays (County Down), English Prays/Pretors (share winged horse with Masseys) use wolf heads while Prets share the Victory / Solomon stars once again. Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray while Morays (share Armour stars and Mason/Massin mermaid) use a "pret" motto term. The Prays/Pretor wolf heads are in the colors of the same of Meschin-related Wolvers.

I think I have just discovered (may have realized this in earlier years) the reason for the plastic "weapon": to lend itself to the Wolfley wolf, for it's in both colors of the blue wolf once showing (at Wikipedia) in an Arms of PLACEntia. The PLACE's/Plase's (compare with Galves') have this: "...Plaiz, or De Plessetis". Note how close that latter term is to "plastic." If this is God's intention, it proves that he's pointing to Obama via Wolfleys with that Negro mugger. The pale bars in the ARM of the Wolfley Crest suggest Stanley Armour Dunham, Obama's grandfather, for those pale bars are in the colors of the one pale bar of PLAYers (armored arm in Crest), like the PLAYse variation of Place's/Plase's (Pret lion?).

The alternative name of Placentia is Picken-like Piacenza, and Picks/Pickens worked into the sleeping-bag dream where I did nothing with the sleeping bag by PICK it up on a hill. As Picks/Pickens/Pike's share the Salome/Solomon stars, I realized that God was pointing to John Solomon's place of work, The Hill news. The Hill motto, "Avancez," looks like code for the Vance variation of Vaux's, who happen to use the Salome/Solomon Shield minus the piercing in the stars (though Picks/Pickens do use them pierced). This dream pointed to Hillarys email woes.

This discussion makes the Packs in the Wolfley wool packs look like they are from "PIACENza." Irish Packens even love wolf-head Fiddle's/Fidelows. English Packens (Anger / Anchor kin) are listed with Pings/Pongs/PAGANells, and they have bends in the colors of the Wolfley / Covert / Player pale bars. Packers use a Negro's head. French Packs share the red bull with the Anchors in the Chief of English Packs. The AnnerCAW variation of Anchors/Annackers gives away that they relate to Adam Kilconquhar of ANNANdale, named after the Ananes Gauls on the Trebia river to Placentia. Adams are also, Caws. Adam Kilconquhar was father to Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, and thus he was the father of the horseshoe-bat Randolphs.

Yes, the Trebia river flows to Piacenza, and Trabys/Sadowski's use a so-called "scarf" while Scarfs share the wolf head of Hugh Lupus, bringing us right back to Wolfleys with a wolf in colors reversed to the Scarf wolf heads, or in the colors of the wolf that Wikipedia is hiding now, that was an Arms of Piacenza. Wow, just realized, Trebys (Devon, same as English Pike's) share three besants in their Chief with the Flynn Chief! What could this mean as per general Flynn, whom Obama was afraid of? The Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the blue one of Piacenza! Bingo. The besants in the collar of the Treby Crest are in both colors of the Flynn besants. Scarf-like Scherfs are Schere's too, and the other Schere's (snake around a "stick"), who share a green snake with Flynns, share "ears of wheat" with Negro's. The Sticks are from Traby-related Astikas'. The Schare variation of Scherfs/Schere's is like "Square," and the Arms of Placentia uses what looks like a square, I don't know what else they might call it.

OH WOW. The Trebys now linking to Flynns share the lion of plastic-like Plessis', recalling the Plessetis term of Place's/Plase's. We read of "John de Plessis or Plessetis (died 1263), Earl of Warwick...John de Plesseto who witnessed a charter of John in 1204."!!! Amazing. The claim is that Obama was afraid of what Flynn knew, and so had Comey attack him, to remove him from Trump's team as National Security Advisor. But they went against Flynn with fake weaponry, with no weapon at all, in fact.

Bessants are from Quadratilla Bassianus, queen of CETIS, wife of LUPUS Laevillus, and so note "PlesSETIS," indicating that this royal-Cetis line was in the Placentia wolf. The Arms of Placentia showing now, with black wolf, is split vertically in colors of the same of Galves'. OH WOOOOWWWIE! The PlesSETO term caused me to recall the Seats/CEDES'/SEDES' (more blue pale bars) who happen to have besants in both colors of the Flynn besants! Does General Flynn know anything about the Galveston lab or the corona crisis that Obamaites were cooking up?? Was this Obama's baby, which he timed for election time?

While the Seat/Cedes Crest is a "demi COCK," Mrs. Teague had a brother who owned the COOKsey ranch where the body of Madalyn O'Hair was found buried and cut into pieces (Hairs use a version of the Dunham Coat). Cookseys share a wolf head in Crest with Teague's, only the Cooksey one is black, and Cookseys happen to share the triple, bendwise cinquefoils of Bag-related Gangs/Geggs/Gingers. It doesn't appear to be a coincidence that Cookseys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills (and Halpers) while the sleeping bag was on a hill while Bags share the COCK Shield. I'll show below how Teegers point to the Steele dossier and more.

The Buckets use the Gang / Cooksey cinquefoils, in the colors of the Seat/Cedes besants, and I put a bucket on the back SEAT of the VOLKswagen bug in a dream that points to Hillary's email woes, as does the sleeping-BAG dream. I know for a fact that there is a SLEEPING lion in the Round Crest, and it's in the design of the Crest lion of Wools (Sleep colors). Polish Packs share the giant fleur-de-lys of Fulke's with a Wool-like Volk variation, suggesting the Wooleys/Wolfleys were at least merged with Fulks of Angers/Anjou (recalls the Anger-related Anchors in the Chief of English Packs).

Seats/Cedes/Sedes' must have been a branch of Seaton-branch Sedans, the latter once said to have been first found in Yorkshire with Scheds/Sheds, branch of Skate's/Sheets, the latter having been twice in the Obama dream. On the second occasion, Obama was on a SKATEboard in a scene immediately before a stool pigeon blew the whistle on Obama. In that last scene, Obama was disappointed with an employee, and all I saw was his BACK, though he was looking over his shoulder toward Obama. The BACK SEAT matches the back of this employee. Scheds/Sheds and Chads (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets and Dunhams) have what could be the split Shield in the Arms of Placentia.

It just so happens that the double Seat/Cedes pale bars are shared by Cindys/Condys who in turn share the cinquefoils of Scottish Sheds (Ayrshire, same as Skits/Skeets/Skeochs). Some of you may have read where Cindy Richardson on SECOND BASE (Bassianus-of-Cetis line) was important while I was at home PLATE. Base's share the lion of Place's/Plase's now linking exactly to Platters/Playters! Unexpected. Levi's use a "second" motto term, and Cetis was ruled by Laevi-liner Lupus Laevillus. The other Base surname shares the black hunting horn with the Arms of Traby. Cindy on second base pointed to the attempted murder of Steve Scalise on second base for good reasons.

The Polish-Pack write-up: "It was in this province that the renowned Radziwills..." The Radziwills (see Wikipedia's Traby-horn article) provided the Astikas' of VILNius who in turn married Traby, which traces to Brittany's Ille-et-VILAINE, the Arms of which share the double pale bars of SEATs/Cedes'/SEDES'. The pale bars in the Arms are wavy, however, as are the same-colored bends of Platters (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platters) with a PLAYter variation smacking of the Plessis- / Playce-line PlessSETIS' / PlessSETO's, can we believe it? The Vilains even share the Chief-Shield colors of PLAINs/Platters!

As has been said and revealed, I sewered the paper plane while Sewers/Suters point to Barry Soetoro, and then the Plain-branch Platters/Playters were at SOTTERley as verification that God gave that dream, but also verification that the paper plane is a pointer to Plains/Platters. Suddenly, even the Platters are looking like Placentia liners. Yup, because the Platter/Playter bends are probably those of Pings/Pongs/Paganells/PACKENs. Ahh, Plesses'/Plesse's (not "Plessis") have one wavy bend in the colors of the three of Platters/Playters, perfect verification.

Hamburgs share the crosslets of English Trips in turn with SCALING ladders as code for the ladder-using Scalise's/Scalia's. Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with Trebia-like Trips/Treffs and Plesses'/Plesse's, have three wavy fesses in colors reversed from the three wavy bends of Platters/Playters. The double fesses of Nissans (Hamburg) look to relate to Drummonds while I was mugged in the back of my Nissan PICK-up truck. Actually, though he woke me from SLEEP while in the back (I was probably in a sleeping bag), he attacked me when I was on the passenger SEAT, and Nissans have two fesses with gold stars in the three colors of the besants upon the two pale bars of Seats/Cedes. That links to Flynns, but why? I used my knee, while sitting on the seat (he stood out on the curb leaning in with a hand on my neck) to block his plastic weapon. Knee- / Kness-like Ness'/Nessans happen to use the double-Sleep fesses in colors reversed. The Steele checks are shared by Halpers, and the latter were at a Needham location while Needhams have a version of the Knee Coat.

Kness'/Ness' (Perthshire, same as Scottish Drummonds) have a version of the Billiard/Billet / Billiard/Hillard Coats, and so keep an eye out for the billets of BattiSTELLi's, for they were involved with the page on the billiard table that I made into a paper plane. Lisa Page (FBI lawyer) was involved with the FBI exploitation of the Steele conspiracy. Lisa was the lawyer for FBI deputy director, Andy McCabe, and McCabe's share the Coffee/Coffer fesse. God pointed to the latter the morning after the mugging. McCabe, according to Comey's television confession, set up the interview with Flynn (January 24, 2017) when the FBI conspired to make him "lie"; this is the story that came out late April 29th with certain guiltification of Comey's FBI, and I was in Victoria, Texas, buying the coffee, on the 30th of April. I don't know how late the story was out yesterday; it could be that today the 30th is the first full day that the story was out in most Republican media.

Scottish Drummonds use three fesses in the colors of the three of Brittany's Valleys/Valle's/Valles' (Vallibus colors). Alans of Dol, Brittany, use one of those fesses. Dols use a Valle-like whale. Whalle's/Whale's are in Alan colors and linkable to the Whaley canton square. FLYNN-connectable WolFLINs (just realized!) are Wallins too. Flynns have the Wolfley wolf in colors reversed! Figure Aulon/Avlona > Velino liners in those surnames.

My bet is that "Flynn" is from the mont VELINo line near Piacenza-like Picenze. Whoever the Piacenza wolf belongs to, it's thus suspect with such things as Alan-of-Dol liner Velins / Velens, the kin of Ducks/DUCKERs and therefore very linkable to Brittany's Duc/LeDucs (Dol colors), if you catch my Galveston-lab drift. English Ducks (Place lion) once again share the Solomon stars. Piacenza is beside Cremona, where Bat-like Batti's were first found who show nothing but three, eight-pointed stars, same (but in different colors) as Ducs/LeDucs. Ducks/Duckers are the ones with the fesses of Tuckers/Tokers, yet the latter use them wavy in the colors of the wavy items of Platters/Playters, Plesses'/Plesse's and Drummonds.

Batti's first came to topic when God use a song, pointing to Lisa Page on Obama's billiard table, by Francesca BattiSTELLI, at which time it was discovered that Stelli's use an eight-pointed star too, as well as sharing billets in Chief with the Cheshire Steele's. The giant Stelli star is in the colors of the same of German Teegers, what are the chances??? AND ZOWIE, the page on Obama's billiard table was turned into a paper plane that pointed without doubt to Plains/PLATERs while Teegers surround their star with PLATES!!!! Incredible. I was trying to figure out whether the piece of paper on the billiard table was a pointer to Papers versus Page's, and a few seconds after loading Page's, while viewing the English Page Coat, Francesca Battistelli sang, "I'm an empty page" from her song, "Write Your Story."

Recall the Cooksey ranch of Mrs. Teague's brother, for Cookseys are from Cokeseys. Then, Coke's have a version of the Debon/Bono Coat while the latter were first found in Milan with the Gallia's (non-wavy bends) who in turn essentially have the Platter/Playter Coat in colors reversed. Gallia was mother to Tullia of Lyon, whose Tull/Tolle and Tull/Tullia lines connect to German Steels and BattiSTELLi's. Halpers (Steele checks) share the pyramid with Dol-like Tulls/Tolle's (Stewart checks), Battistelli's and Fisks/FISCs, and while Stefan Halper tried to ruin Trump with George PAPADOPOULos, Papps/Papadopoli's came to topic with the COOK, Steven Papp, cook for Mr. Fisk-like Fix.

The Gallia / Platter fesses are in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Cams, who are in the "quam" motto term of CAMbridge's (at the Cam river), which recalls that Teague's are Caige's while Cage's -- with the split Shield of Coke's! -- were first found in Cambridgeshire. I was going to say that Cookseys have a "quam" motto term too, and a bend in the colors of the Platter bends. It's important that Cooks (share ostrich with Coke's) have a horseshoe, for while Galveston links to horseshoe bats, I can repeat the following.

I had an omen in a small cloud covering the sun on the afternoon of the Galveston mugging (later that night). After returning home on May 1, I returned and scouted for land in November. I was driving toward Leakey (dangerous road on mountain ledges I later learned) when clouds began racing over the full moon in an ominous feel. If it was not for the Galveston omen, I would not have turned around. I did turn around, and stayed that night at a camp that I did not know was called the Cooksey camp until recently. I was talking to the camp's attendant the next morning, asking her about land for sale, and she pointed me to Mrs. Teague. The Galveston omen was thus directly responsible for leading me to her, and for my purchase of acreage on a river (NUECES); she had exactly what I wanted. Mrs. Teague was even a post-tribulationist Christian.

Recall the bat-using Bugs of Nottinghamshire, and the same-colored Bogens/Bogans with Robin Hood, for English Bogans have a wyvern dragon colors reversed from the three of Muggs. It makes the Galveston MUGGer connect in yet another way to the Chinese horseshoe bats / Wuhan lab. OH WOW, I happened to load Madge's (Surrey) as per the Mudge variation of Muggs (Surrey), and there was an hourglass-shaped Shield, same as the News'/NUCES' (Cambridgeshire), in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer MUGs!!! I bought a coffee and newspaper the day after the mugging. Both the News/Nuces and Madge hourglass have gold sides. This looks like more verification that God was in that event and/or behind the arrangement of this heraldry.

The cloud-over-moon omen took place on RANCH Rd., though locals call it the Leakey Road (in the Nueces Canyon). German Rench's share the lone fleur-de-lys of Leakeys, and Madge's use three of them while News'/Nuces' were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Rench's. The Halper-branch Halps/Helps/Halfs use an hourglass design too, and they were first found in Gloucestershire with Cams.

On April 30, as I write this insert, Bongino says that Flynn got on Obama's bad side when going against his Afghan war. It just so happens that the faked killing of Osama bin Laden, by Obama, took place May 1, if I recall correctly. It may have been May 2 in Pakistan, but I recall it being May 1 in the United States. I left Texas on May 1. Tomorrow is May 1. Bongino says that James BAKER of the military (ONA) and his buddy, Stefan Halper (FBI mole), were after Flynn as early as 2015, before anyone knew that Trump would chose him for National Security. It must have been Comeys job from that time at least to ruin Flynn, or at least to sideline him, make him ineffective, or silence him with threats.

I'll jot down here that Seats/Cedes', now expected to share the besants of Flynns for a related reason, use a DEMI-cock while Demys/DeMAYs share the chevron of Dutch Bakers (Hazel leaves and colors) and Piacenza-like Pigeons/Pigons (Normandy, same as Demys/DeMays).

I keep seeing a pigeon here, and saw one a few hours ago, again on my driveway. I've never had regular pigeons before in over a decade, as I have for the past three weeks. English Pidge's are listed with Page's (doves or pigeons), how about that. The last year I saw the first pigeon here, walking over the septic tank (filled with stool), there was also a mole tunnel popping up in the dirt above the septic tank, some days later. This was taken as a STOOl pigeon, and Pidge-colored Stole's (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Wissels), with a dove/pigeon in Crest (can you believe this?), and with a version of the PACKer/PICKer and Bath Coats, share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels (lions of Page-branch Payne's and corona-crisis Baths), a perfect verification that God's indicating a stool pigeon(s) = whistle-blower(s).

You can disregard this paragraph, but I would like to record it because Nuse's/News' look like a branch of Norris' / Nurse's. It starts with the English Bakers with a version of the Feythful/Faith Coat, both sharing the saltire of Blacks and Blaze's while the other Blacks share the chevron of Norris' (crows/ravens). The latter have a "Feythful" motto term. The BLACKets/Plackets share the scallops of English Bakers and throw in a Nuse-like "Nous" motto term while Nouse's/Nurse's (Nuse/Newes colors) have the saltire above in colors reversed. Nuse's/Newes' have two pale bars in colors reversed from the one of Blaze-like Blake's.

God gave me a blazer event with Miss Hicks (told this story many times), who married Mr. Kilpatrick, a doctor who gave her birth from the womb of her mother (Mrs. Hicks) when he was about 32 years old. While Blaze's/Blazers have a version of the Kilpatrick Coats, Hicks share the chaplet with News'/Nuces'. The Kilpatricks moved to the Nueces river (direct riverfront property) from Baytown a few months before I had the omen, on April 29, a couple of hours before driving past Baytown to Galveston. Seven months later, I ended up buying, from Mrs. Teague, a Nueces-river property ten minutes from the Kilpatrick residence. I had never know them before, aside from Mrs. Kilpatrick appearing in a 1979 dream.

If not for the intrigue provided by God in these things, I wouldn't keep on writing, keep on trying to solve this mystery of God. I love the way it's pointing to our enemies. The SPY in the SKY has been watching, don't you doubt it. He has a scorched-earth policy for all who love the globalist oinkers. Keep yourself free of the love of money and the headaches that it produces, or you WILL be shut out from the Presence of God. Count your money as nothing but the ability to feed the body and clothe the body, and stop growing your money pile as high as you can, STUPID. Why show God that you are His anti-Spirit enemy? He's writing it in his "book" for Judgment Day. Don't let your wife make you pile the money pile as high as you can. Have the wisdom to restrain yourselves. Be kind with it. Love to alleviate the hardships of the dirt-poor. Let that be your food and your pleasure, your head held high. But for those money-hounding pigs, who create the poor and now kill them off when useless to their order, God will literally crack this planet apart.

Oh wow, another hourglass Shield, thanks to the Newells whose manor went to the Stawell branch of Stole's. Newells have the hourglass of News'/Nuces in colors reversed, and so we may glean now that the stool pigeon connects to my coffee and newspaper in Victoria. It points to Victoria Nuland, and Newland/Newley variations can be of the Nowles', Nowells//NOELs / Newells, right? I first saw Mrs. Kilpatrick on Christmas (NOEL) day, 1995, on the Leakey road. Newells, with doves or maybe storks, were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, how about that. I haven't even started to decipher the Newland motto and symbols as per guilty parties that they might point to. Her boss was John Kerry, and Kerrys share the hourglass in the colors of the same of Halper-branch Halps/Helps/Halfs, adding to the evidence that the newspaper purchase in Victoria points to her.

Plus, WATCH THIS new find thanks to flipping the Bongino show on again (I had paused it). He talks (about 18th minute) about David Ignatius (anti-Trump newsman) helping out James Baker and Stefan Halper against Flynn, and there is an Ignatius/INGLESE surname suggesting that we should load the English/INGLIS surname that happens to use a Nowell-like "NOBILis" motto term while Nobels (just look at the timing, right after finding News-branch Newells) not only have lions in Wolf wolf colors, but besants (Flynn symbol too) in the colors of the same of Newlands (Teague wolf head). It's just amazing because the so-called "flaunch" is shared between Nobels and blue-wolf Wolfleys (FLYNN wolf in colors reversed), a branch of WolFLINs in Obama's ancestry!!! It's all got the Obama-Nuland partnership against Flynn right there in heraldic code. It was written centuries ago to nab these fiends, hallelujah! Nobels share a blue Crest with German Wolfs and Flynn-related Seats/Cedes', and the Nobel Crest is the Crest of Cindys/Condys who share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'.

Aha. I had paused the video again while writing the paragraph above. It was played more afterward, and, in the 23rd-24th minute, he talks about an article written partly by Greg MILLER (Washington Post) three days after Trump became the president, and on the Flynn topic. English Millers use .... tum-ta-ta-tum ... blue-on-white wolf heads!!! German Millers are listed with Muellers sharing the Catherine wheel with German Wolfs (blue wolves)!!! TUM-TA-TA-TUM from the roof tops.

I'm proposing that Flynn knows that Obama didn't kill Osama bin Laden, that the death was staged. The idea is to keep him scared perpetually to keep him silent. If they jail him, he might talk since he'll have nothing more to lose.

In the 38th minute, Bongino says that Flynn supported an accusation of sexual discrimination against McCabe, and he we can return to the fact that McCabe's and Coffee's/Coffers essentially share the same fesse. Both are in Cabel/Cabbell (and Horse-shield) colors, and the latter can easily be a branch of Kavalecs. A Ms. Kavalec was immediately below Victoria Nuland in authority. Just compare Cavallo's (horse) with Cafferys/Caffertys (Cavallo Coat exactly aside from colors), the latter having a horse in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer- / McCabe-fesse colors. Spanish Cavallo's are also Caballo's. How's that for another story told in heraldic code centuries ago?

Repeat from above: "McCabe, according to Comey's television confession, set up the interview with Flynn [four days after Trump started his job] when the FBI conspired to make him "lie"; this is the story that came out late April 29th with certain guiltification of Comey's FBI, and I was in Victoria, Texas, buying the coffee, on the 30th of April. I don't know how late the story was out yesterday; it could be that today the 30th is the first full day that the story was out in most Republican media." Thank you for that very-good show, Dan. I feel your pain.

By what coincidence is the Coat of Flynn-like Flints/Flans a near copy with that of McCabe's? Flints/Flans use "flint stones" while Stone's have a reflection of the IRONside Coat while Irons were at AIRAINES (near ABBEville) while McCabe's/MacABBE's were first found on ARRAN. French Abbe's, in colors reversed from McCabe's/McAbbe's and the Flint/Flan flint stones, share a "Sine" motto term with Flints/Flans.

I have been very impressed with this long insert. Sorry for disturbing the flow of the original topic. End April 30 insert]

I looked at the Nets/Nights and Works as per "Platte RIVER NetWORKs," checking for pointers that could substantiate Teague involvement. As I think the "opTEM" motto term of Teague's (solid chevron) is for an unknown branch of Timms/Time's (solid chevron), see the RIVERS having a Worminghall location in the union of Timm-like Thame; then see that the lion of River-branch Revere's is also that of Wormingtons and Masons/Massins, the latter first found in Kent with Timms/Time's. The latter have a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Wormingtons, and the Timm/Time chevron has the nebuly border shown also by Rivers. The double River fesses are in the colors of the one fesse of Sheriffs, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Timms/Time's, the latter first found in Kent with the Masters/Mesters sharing a version of the Sheriff Shield. The Diems in the Teague motto could thus be a branch of Timm-like Tiems/Teems (Thames' are also Teins)...and oh wow, just fell upon it: the Tiem/Teem symbol, I did read years ago, is a "BLADE"!!! YES! Blade's/Blate's can be of the Blate variation of German Plate's/PLATTERs (grapes and vine). PLATTE RIVER Network! In other words, the heraldry appears Arranged so that Rivers take us round to Platte's/Plate's, which makes it appear that God has his machine gun pointed at the Clintons, and by now He could be getting trigger-happy. Sometimes I wish He wasn't so patient.

Note that Blade's/Blate's share white pheons with Pilate's though the latter's are in the colors of the scallops of Platte'/Plate's. The latter's scallops are used also by Mars/More's, first found in Burgundy with Pilate's. Besides Pontius Pilate, Hillary Clinton also washes her hands of guilt, after the crimes.

The sheriff of Nottinghamshire may have been a symbol of Sheriffs, first found in Warwickshire with same-colored Archers (Robin Hood's fellows were archers). Their Larcher branch was first found partly in Nottinghamshire. Myth writers of the Arthurian cult produced fables with characters named after their cherished surnames. Archers have a "bona" motto term while Bona's have a good reflection of the Gates Coat (what could this mean as per Bill Gates' part with Clintons / Bidens?). English Bone's/Bohums (Bohemians, I think) and their Bonn branch share the Gates lion and that of the Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent. Bona's were first found in Milan, and Milans/Millians/MELLENTs are like MELANsons, the latter sharing the Sheriff fesse. The Arms of Meulan/MELLENT share the Party checks. The party at Melanson's, where I kissed the lady in the kitchen, pointed hard to Fort Detrick, and Detrick-like Detre's/Deters share grapes with Blate's/Plate's. It's again suggesting a Platte-River link to the manufactured corona crisis. The Blate/Plate saltire is shared by one Frank surname while Jewish Franks use more grapes. German Franks were first found in Beau-like Bohemia, named by the Boii of BONonia.

I missed something in the last update when saying: "The Arms of Meulan (VEXin) shares the Coat of English Vaux's/Vallibus'...." I highlighted "Vexin" because it looks like "Vaux," yet I missed how it might be a pointer to "vaccine." Hmm. Again, the Beaumont lion is also the Gates lion. Hmm.

More. French Vaux's/Bellevaux's (Bell colors) look like a take from the Bellmont variation of Beaumonts. Vaux's/Bellevaux's use rose's and share billets with Dutch Bush's/BOSCH's while Rose's, first found in Nairnshire with Gates-like Geddes', are said to have married BOSCO's. That could be construed as BILL Gates pointed to by the vaccine-like Vexin to send a Message. BILLets (Vaux-like fox) are also BELLets (BUS cinquefoil). The Montforts who married Beaumonts were kin of Marano's/MAURITANo's while "The surname Bellet was first found in Cheshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of MORETON in the Wirral Peninsula." (The Bellet-like Belts were loaded to find a not-bad reflection of the Newland Coat.)

"The name Vexin is derived from a name for a Gaulish tribe now known as the Veliocasses." I'd rather think that the Wikipedia writer's a goof than to think that "Vexin" derives from "Veliocasses." I can see "ValliBus" deriving from Veliocasses, however, with "casses" being a suffix. "Belio" is equivalent to "Velio" so that Beaumonts/Bellmonts look like pure Veliocasses. Rollo ruled from the Vexin, and while the Roet boar heads can be linked well to the Rollo boar heads, Bills are kin of Roets.

Did Hillary join Platte River because she knows the people behind the company? Is it a CIA operation under the cover of "private contractor"? Were Hillary and the Obama's CIA heads selling secrets to nations in return for cash in their pockets? Did Obama set up the corona crisis because he wishes to destroy the United States on behalf of liberal globalism? None of these questions are any longer too wild. I say that God has brought the wicked globalist house half into the open so that people can prepare for what's yet ahead. It's probably best to do less taunting and more preparation. I think we've been told what will happen: a skincode in times of normal prosperity, no financial collapse at the time, or lockdown.

My thinking is that God had me meet Mamie at her PARTY (Barry with the bug was there) on my last night with Lorraine for pointing to the Detrick/Deathick Coat. For, she walked out of her KITCHEN, around the corner into the living room, and coming right for me, one of us, or both simultaneously, motioned for a slow dance, and that's what we did. The Kitchen Coat is a good reflection of the TEAGUE Shield, and Mamie's thigh symbol (at the garden) was for Tease's/TIGHs while Jardins (same place as Gardens/Jardens) use the saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (from TICino canton / river) in colors reversed. The sleeping bag we slept in (no sex) is bouget- / Bucket-line important because one Bucket surname shares the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags), in colors reversed from the cinquefoils of Bags.

Mr. Boucher is French, and I kissed his lady-to-be on her mouth as she walked into the kitchen (she didn't mind, I wasn't being assaulting, she was kissing back, and later wanted to be my girlfriend), and a mouth in French is, "la bouche." There is a Bouche/Boucher surname. I don't know what all this may mean, but it seems to be verifying that the dream with Michael and the white Volkswagen bug is from God as a pointer to the Clinton crime ring. There's always more than meets the eye because God is able to add layers of meanings with the same props, and some scenes can't be fully deciphered until the future, I figure.

Recall how the Volkswagen-bug dream was fused to the Haze's / Hazels, for MELANSONs look like they have a version of the Hazel Coat. The 3rd update of April (2017) above says: "It reminds me of the story I told [about] Steve MELANSON's party, where a girl [19-20 years of age] walked into the kitchen, whom I knew a little from school, and I just kissed her there. Later, she became the girlfriend of Mike Boucher while the water bouget is a symbol of Bouchier's, first found in the same place (Essex) as Waters." Waters, in the "water bouget," share the Epstein Coat, in case it applies to Jeffrey Epstein.

It seems that, to assure that Melansons are Hazel kin, Steve Melanson asked me to be his assistant hockey coach for the 1979-80 season, and Hockeys/Hockleys (Essex again), with a version of the Melanson Coat, share the three crescents on a blue bend of Hazels. I dated the Ukrainian, Miss Muschatov in early 1980, and Muschats (Essex) share the Epstein Coat too. I had thought that Muschatov might have been the woman in the 1979 dream. Was she a pre-cursor to indicate Epstein's Ukraine connections? George Soros, near owner of Ukraine in the Obama years, was being looked at from the perspective of Soars/Sors', Sorrels and Sorrys. It's amazing that the Soar river is in Leicester, where Beaumonts of Meulan ruler, and then while Skulls have a version of the Bone Coat, explaining "Skull and Bone's," the Skulls have a colors-reversed version of the Sorry Coat. Skulls have lion heads (could be another Beaumont lion) in the colors of the Sorrel lions, which are nearly the lions of Gernons, and Gernons (= Meschins) were in Montfiquet while Muschats above (Essex, same as Sorrels) are also Montfiquets. The Sorry lions are therefore predicted to be the lion heads of Musts/Muscats.

Remember, Hazel-branch Hassels looked like they named Hale's, and the latter share the three, downward-pointed arrows of ARCHERs, apparently (both gold on blue), recalling that the pheon arrowheads of Hassels (and Coys) point down too. Now that Coy picture had pointed to the Steele dossier, which was compiled probably with corrupt players in Ukraine, and that's what Devon Archer was mixed up with. It just so happens that while Coys named Quy (can be pronounced "quai"), Archers (and Larchers) use a "quae" motto term. Did God arrange this to indicate that Clinton's lawyer (Perkins Coie) was working with Zlochevsky, Hunter Biden, and Devon Archer in order to frame Trump?

DEVONports were first found in East Cheshire with Hale's! Bingo, proof that Hale's and Archers use the same arrows for a related reason. If DevonPORTs were a Devon merger with Ports, note that the latter were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens while Devon Archer sat on the board of Burisma gas along with Hunter Biden. Ports were partially found in neighboring DorSET (Door-Seat merger?), where Bugs are now said to be first found, and this may be the reason that I placed the bucket in the bug's back SEAT. It looks suspicious that the horizontally-split Devon Shield is shared by the Gates-like Yates' who share the PORtcullis gate with Porters (same place as Ports)!!!! Wow. Porters share bells with Exeters/Exters (named after a city in Devon). Exter-like Esters are from the namers of the Stur river through Dorset.

OHHHH WOOOOOWWWIE! Babe's were first found in Dorset too, and Lorraine had the babe symbol. What do you see? I'll tell you below.

Yates' are suspect in the " HAZard YET" motto phrase of Seatons/Sittens (crescents of Bell-branch Bellamys!). The DorSETs share the HAZel crescent. Seatons/Sittens (have a Seaton location in Devon) named Sitten, also called Sion, and Sions/Swans are also sign-like Sine's. There was a sign at the mall's ceiling with an ARROW pointing to a Hale-like hall that had the BATHrooms. Buttons/Bidens are said to have been Bath and Wells (Stur-river area)! Zinger, Hunter Biden just got fingered with Devon Archer by people who put heraldry together centuries ago. SOMEONE must have been arranging some of that heraldry for to point to criminals He wants exposed. This is now a second way to interpret the ceiling sign in the mall.

Behold. Archer-like Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with MODE's/Modens. It's just super that the latter almost have the fretty in the Hale Crest. The Elias surname (i.e. as per Hillary's Marc Elias of Perkins Coie) uses both a Coy-like "quo" motto term as well as a "quoMODo" motto term, suggesting Mode/Moden liners, and it just so happens that Motts/MOTTINs share the crescents of Elias'!!!! WOW-OW. Did God arrange that to link Devon Archer to Perkins Coie? What could make more sense?

But it gets better if you know, from the last update, why the Morte variation of Motts/Mottins links to the Deaths/D'Aths, who likewise share the Elias (and Elis) crescent. The Morte-Death link is verified by king-Arthur mythology, in the work, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," and while Deaths/D'Aths are also Arthur-like Darths, Arthur liners named Artois, the capital of which is Arras, and it just so happens that Archer-beloved Arrows are listed with Arras' while the Arrow/Arras tower is from Morte-like Murena's/Moratins/Moreno's. As Baths are said to be of "Atha," this is a third way to decipher the ceiling sign. Morinis', Morano's, and Marano's were first found in Mottin-like Modena, and Modane is on an Arc river, the obvious proto-Archers.

Morano is a location on the Sybaris river, and it's known that peoples of that river were from Boura, near Elis, or even in Elis, of Greece. Boura liners can be to Burys/BURIS'/Boris', the ones pointing to Burisma. That can explain why Elis' and Elias' share the Mott/Morte/Mottin crescent, especially as I trace Modena to Methoni, a real city in Greece that was mythically made the daughter of OENeus (Calydon), a relative (i.e. people-group link) of mythical OENomaus of Elis. In this picture, Burisma-pointing Boura liners met up with Archer elements when Methoni liners got to naming Modane.

The next point is that water-bouget liner Detricks are also DEATHicks, and they were not only first found in Derbyshire with Archer-branch Larchers, but the latter were also first found in Nottinghamshire, where water-bouget- and bat-using Bugs were said to be first found for the last ten years until recently. Detricks/Deathicks were at Babington, and Babingtons use the bat too, suggesting a loose (or maybe not-so-loose) connection of Detricks to Bugs. Just stick that into the suspected horseshoe bats (from China) at the Fort Detrick lab.

OHHHH WOOOOOWWWIE! Babe's were first found in Dorset too, and Lorraine had the babe symbol. What do you see? I wanted to get past that material before sharing this one. Detricks/Deathicks at Babington must have been related to English Babe's (Blond kin) because German Babe's/Babels share the mermaid with Lapps, the latter first found in Wiltshire, near Bath and beside the Babe's of Dorset. Another gate is used by English Babels. The only event I recall at the campsite, before Mamie and I were in the tent getting into the sleeping bag, was she coming out of the blue to sit on my LAP. I had not seen her since we danced at her party a few weeks earlier, and so this unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary plopping of herself on my lap, as though she had always been my girl, was an act of God BECAUSE Lapps come up as "Labs." That the reason for the OHHHH WOOOOOWWWIE! Fort Detrick lab!!!

Lookie at what was found immediately after finishing the paragraph above from Wikipedia's Fort Detrick article:

Fort Detrick is a United States Army Medical Command installation...Historically, Fort Detrick was the center of the U.S. biological weapons program from 1943 to 1969...

In 1990, HAZELton [caps mine] Research Products' Reston Quarantine Unit in Reston, Virginia suffered a mysterious outbreak of fatal illness among a shipment of crab-eating macaque monkeys imported from the Philippines. The company's veterinary pathologist sent tissue samples from dead animals to the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, where a laboratory test known as an ELISA assay showed antibodies to Ebola virus.

"ELISA is like the Liss surname (Hampshire again) sharing the six pale bars of Babels/Babwells, can we believe it? The latter's "gold gate" is suspect as a pointer to Bill Gates under these circumstances. Mr. Gates is a curiosity because he's siding with China and WHO rather than with the Americans accusing China. I suppose that he has much financial interest in remaining on WHO's good side, and he may not know that COVID was unleashed by the United States (or so goes my theory due to these heraldic links left and right). The "Who" motto term is with Zeal/Seal-branch Sailers.

The Sea in the 1979 Dream

This includes a new interpretation of the 1979 dream with shark and what I claimed was Jeffrey Epstein's island. When I was on the Sea and Seaman/Semans surnames above, I realized that Sailers (seahorse), with wavy BARs, have a crescent in the colors of the Hood/Hoot crescent. And wow, Sea's (have the Seals in their write-up), with nearly the wavy Seaman bars, hare the blue-on-white fish with Kidneys/Gedneys. As was said, as soon as I jumped into the kidney-shaped pool to save the bulldog, I was transported to a blue body of water = a sea! I get it, darn, I get it, why has it taken me so long to get this? I then walked out of the sea onto a sandy beach, saw just one car and a woman walking around the fender to the HOOD. There were no other people on this beach. That's why the Sea-branch Seamans/Semans have the Hood/Hoot crescent! Bingo. The English Tuckers who share these wavy bars (same colors) were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, amazing.

Oh wow. After seeing her at the hood, I was transported to the passenger door of the car, and Doors share the three leopard faces of Restons while "The surname Seaman was first found in Suffolk, where the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list: Seman de Reston..." Restons have one fesse (not wavy) in the colors of the three of Sea's. I hate to say it, but Semans might be Intentional to point to Epstein's sexcapades. Seman can be viewed as seed, and the Seeds/Seats/Cedes' may be in the seats that the beautiful woman hovered over in the car when I was standing at the door looking in. The Cetis variation is like the Geddes surname that is a branch of Kidneys/Gedneys. The woman is Miss Hicks, and Hicks of Clapton married the Arthurs who use organ "rests" as code for Reston liners. Clappers/Claps share the Beach Coat, and I was standing on the beach.

Repeat: "One Tucker Coat's BARs looks linkable to the same of Ducks/Duckers (Westphalia), and thus links back to Barry-like Barrs of Bar-le-Duc (related to Ducks/Duckers)." German Barrys share fish heads with the Ged Crest and the Geddes.' Is Bill Barr working into this dream? Oh yes. I already know what I'm going to say on that.

Behold. The sea fish, in colors reversed, is the fish in the Arms of Saraca, that being the line of Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils, and then German Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks/DUCKERs who have BARS in the colors of the TUCKER bars, and the crossed fish of Kidneys/Gedneys form a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail saltire to guarantee that Sea's were related to Sharks! AMAZING. I went from the kidney-shaped pool with shark to the sea.

Why have I never seen this before? I'd say it was because God was blinding me...for as many as two reasons: 1) it's hard for anyone to say now that I invented the dream to fit with a batch of heraldry so that I could feign a progressive revelation of God through me; 2) the inclusion of the Sea's and Barrs into the Epstein interpretation had to wait until after I saw Bill Barr criminally complicit with the killers of Jeffrey Epstein in his jail cell (unless they let him go free and feigned the death). I had no idea that the dream ended on Epstein's island until after Epstein was supposedly hanged in his cell. As I said, the sea can double was water because Waters share the Epstein Coat. It's important.

So, the bars in the Duck/Ducker Coat are in honor of the Barrs who named Bar-le-DUC. I have seen the Arms of Barr-le-Duc using fish in the white-on-blue used in the Arms of Saraca and of the Geds (see Geds and Kidneys/GEDneys in the last update in case you want a fuller picture). As Bill Barr's father was a principle of a school when Epstein was brought on board, that's why the Barrs are a part of the dream. My first reaction is to think that the Barr family was criminally involved with Epstein, especially when Bill Barr was the attorney general for George Bush Sr. The name of Barr's / Epstein's school was Dalton, and English Daltons use Robin Hood, an unmistakable clue lending itself to the Hood crescent in the Seaman/Seman Coat. Their Sea branch shares the fish of Kidneys/Gedneys.

Recall that the shark had a ring of teeth around the bulldog's mid-section when the head of the bulldog (Trump) was in the shark's mouth. Well, the Tooth surname loves the Palmans in their motto, and Pelmans are listed with Pelhams while I've just learned that "Pelham" is Bill Barr's middle name. Zikers, we suddenly have cause to view Bill Barr as part of the shark, explaining why he's let James Comey off who was found to be an integral part of the shark. Barr must be an imposter, feigning that he's doing his job as Trump's voters want it done.

I have never seen a cat with a tooth aside from in a Comey Coat, and while God showed me that I was to link Tooths to Gumms, I didn't realize what it meant until finding some Gumm variations like some Comey variations. But now, as German Gums are Gomers too, see this from the Restons: "Some of the first records of the family were found in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273: Ralph de Riston, Lincolnshire; and GOMER de Riston, Norfolk. There is also a Ryston, in Norfolk in the union of Downham...", named by Dunhams. Miss Hicks stopped hovering when I touched her knee, and Knee's were first found in County Down, suspect from the Dunham/Downham bloodline.

The Seaman write-up gives the impression that they had been Restons to begin with, but perhaps not. Rest-using Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire, and: "'...Reston in the parish of Coldingham, Berwickshire where Adam de Rystona was witness to a quitclaim of the land of Swinton by Patrick, first Earl of Dunbar, and Roger de Reston witnessed a deed by Waldeve, Earl of Dunber, in 1166." It just so happens that DunBARs were named after Bars, what are the chances? We saw that God transported me into the Sea, which goes with the Hood/Hoot crescent in the Seaman Coat, and here the Seaman-related Restons were in cahoots with Dunbar elements.

I think the Dunbar write-up has garbage but codework: "The place name comes from the Gaelic words dun, meaning 'a fort,' and barr, meaning 'top,' or 'summit.'" Since when is a bar a summit? Nonsense. But there is a Summit surname (necklaces) first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc. As per Restons of Downham, "dun = fort" is garbage. Dunbars look like Doun/Down / Dunham/Downham liners merged with Barrs.

Mr. Barr still won't let general Flynn off the criminal hook. Barf has the authority to call the prosecution off on the Flynn case, but he yet has not. Isn't that what we expect of the shark? Isn't Barr supporting those who want to punish Flynn? Looks like. Tom Fitton is saying that the greater the public exposure of the deep state, the greater the pressure on Barf to cough up the arrests that are expected of Justice. As for Trump, he probably conspired with himself back in 2017/18 not to make any damning think public until election time, and that's about now. We are starting to see a small stream of exposures, with maybe a flood soon enough, but if Trump conspired in this way, he doesn't deserve to be the president. He has allowed the deep state to flourish, and to cause this shutdown, by procrastinating on their punishments, and Barr is exactly responsible for this since he's got the punishing rod in his desk. Spare the rod, spoil the nation. Spoiled brats everywhere.

I now think it's important that a Volkswagen bug / beetle is a German car, for Bill Barr probably was, and may still be, of the Nazi- Bush factor. If you know my writings, that's the SCHERE / Scherf bloodline, very interesting because the Nottinghamshire Bugs had linked to SHERwood Forest's Robin HOOD, while Sherwoods (from Shirewude/Scirewode) share roses on a stem with Schere's/Scherfs. Plus, Bugs are now said to have been first found in SHERborne (earlier, SCIREburnan). Quite amazing, for we just saw God's using the Seaman and Hood crescent to verify that He created the HOOD scene on Epstein's beach. They say that Epstein's job was to blackmail powerful people, for to control them politically / corporately for CIA purposes, and we can understand the Bush-circle CIA behind such a thing, though Obama inherited it and made use of it. The Beach's share the Clapper Shield, and James Clapper (DNI) controlled the CIA in some of the Obama years. Doesn't that dream look now like a pointer to the corrupt controllers of the nation?

Over the past three four years, I was very surprised at the high number of dreams, and especially the percentage of dreams, in the ballpark of 95 percent, that proved to be from God when I challenged the parts of the dreams against heraldry. Aside from the two back-to-back dreams in about April of 1979, I had no dreams that I could say were from God until 2012, and the latter wasn't put up against heraldry because I didn't yet know that God was using dream props for heraldic pointers. The 2012 dream (man hung on a noose down a well) proved to be from God by another route.

Trash-Can Dream Now Points to Corona Crisis

Perhaps two years ago, there was a long dream, lots of things happening, that ended with me being about step-ladder height holding a barrel-shaped container. It dropped to a round, white patch on the ground, landing on its open rim, when flames began to appear around the rim. I jumped down yelling, "fire" to another people (whom I did not see), and smothered the flames, or at least started to smother them, with the white sand. End of dream. I've never been content with a deciphering of this scene, but I became first very convinced that the container could be viewed as a trash can as a pointer to the FLEMING line of Tresure's/Trashers (Somerset, same as Borders), who are in the double-tressure border of Flemings. The Trasher-like Tracys/Trasse's were from near Caen, and Caens (Dorset) are also Cans, thus the trash can.

There's a lot yet to decipher in that view of that dream. I didn't need to be up high to drop a container on its rim, but I wouldn't needed to have jumped otherwise, and so the Trump stag head of Jumps must be Intended in this dream. There's going to be a fire started against Trump that I personally don't want to see. The Caens and Trashers are in the dream as verifications that God is the author of the dream, but He's clever enough to compound the meanings even with those things.

I can now add that the "LICitis" motto term of Caens/Cans is suspect with the Lice variation of Leas', and this can now point to Dethwick-Lea of the Detricks, especially if the Caen/Can crown is called a coronal crown. The Caen/Can fesse is even in the colors of the Detrick/Deathick fesse, and the latter has so-called vair fur while Fur, believe it or not, are listed with FIRE's!!! Zikers, this dream was not solve-able without Fort Detrick in the picture! How-bout that.

The trash can was also a BUCKET, you see, and while Buckets are the bouget line, Detricks share the water bouget (!!!) with Bugs, now said to be first found in Dorset with Caens/Cans!!! They were not said to be first found in Dorset when this dream took place! God has been at work!!! WOW. Bugs share the bat with the Babington kin of Detricks/Deathicks, and babe's were first found in Dorset too. It's all the verification needed to show that God is pointing to this ruin-Trump, COVID program.

It was very recent when on the topic of Valognes, at the VIRE river, home of the UNelli (suspect from Una river, beside Ceraunii) to which I traced the coronaVIRus-pointing Ceraunii Illyrians. They became suspect in the UNiCORN, and Furs/Fire's use a giant unicorn. Ceraunii are represented by items in a crown, and Caens/Cans even have that. PLUS, shocked folks, Tracys/Trasse's are said to have been at VIRE! The virus pointer, we can assume, and the Vires surname is even listed with a Vair surname.

Oh wow. A month or two ago, the Tarrs/Tarres' (Somerset, same as Tresure's/Trashers) pointed undoubtedly to the TARmac Clinton-Lynch meeting in Phoenix, and Vires'/Vairs have the shark-line fish and the Lynch Coat! I don't know whether this is Intended as part of the trash-can scene, but there we have it. Macks. as per "TarMAC," almost have the Tarr/Tarres Shield and almost have Terres bend-with-items. The Feller Coat (share's trefoils with Falls/Fallis') is a version of the Vires'/Vair Coat.

[Insert -- Soon you will see a mindblasting pointer of the trash-can flames to Feller-like Fells and Ducs/LeDucs. After finding that link, I got round to studying the Duc/LeDuc write-up, and found that they were at Ile-de-France, where Vires'/Vairs were first found. I also came to this: "[some branch of Ducs/LeDucs] intermarried with the distinguished family of Miche." Checking "Miche," they were found listed with Macks above! So, I'd say Clintons are trying to gain financially with the corona scare, but also using it to get Hillary / Clintonites in power in the next election for making more money. I don't know what these old bats need more money for.

As Bill Clinton was on Epstein's plane, the LOLITA Express, at least 26 times, let's add that Mack-like Mackesys/Margesons have a motto term suggesting Loyola's/Lolita's. Plus, stunning, for Mich's/Mitch's are listed with Muschats sharing the Epstein Coat. They have three chevrons only in the colors of the three fesses-only of Micks/Mike's (perfect with Miche's) and Moise's/Moisens. The Ducs/LeDucs were also at Perche...home of Bellamys...and Perche's have two chevrons only, in the colors of the three of Mich's/Muschats. Lots of trash to contemplate. End insert]

The Detrick vair fur is in the colors of the similar checks of Irish Flemings (use blue vair fur) and Pavia's. Pavia is where Pierro's/PERo's were first found who are in the "PERImus" motto term of Caens/Cans, for the Caen/Can fesse, acting as a version of the Detrick fesse, I now gather, has the Peare leopard faces. There you have heraldic verification that Fort Detrick is at the flames (code for Flemings) of that dream. It's telling us that military goons at Fort Detrick unleashed this crisis. I trust this heraldry, and the other half of the trash-can dream has yet to be re-investigated with this corona crisis in mind.

Caens/Cans were at Cann Orchard in Ceraunii-line CORNwall (named by the Cornovii), and Orchards share "mean well" with the Shaws in the motto of Flemings. There are three "well" terms in the motto, and Wells with VALLIbus' are expected from the VELIOcasses at the vaccine-like Vexin. Plus, Bath and Wells (Somerset, same as Trashers) points to the horseshoe bats! View these things as mere coincidences at your own risk. The Wells share the lion of Milans/Millens/Mellents while Vaux-related Meulan/Mellent is at the Vexin.

The checks in the Chief of Irish Flemings are shared by Vexin-like Vaux's/Vallibus', you see, and they were first found in Cumberland with the Daggers in the Crest of the "mean well" Shaws. The Deeds/Dade's in the Fleming motto probably use the three Comyn/Comine garbs in the colors of the three Dagger scallops because Daggers are from the DEXARoi in/beside the Albania's Fier-county area (I smell fire and smoke), location of Kuman, the proto-Comyns/Comine's in the write-up of dagger-using Shaws. The Date variation of Deeds/Dade's (Norfolk, same as Dunhams) should be in the "dat" motto term of crane-using Denhams for a pointer to Obama's expected role in this crisis.

OH wow, when I get to the cockROACH's, you will see how God put Smoke's/Rauch's into the event. And here we have Fier and smoke, so to speak, at the fire of the Rockefeller trash can! Fier's/Fere's use "VIRtute," and Tracys/Trasse's were at Vire. French Fare's/Viers/Vairs even show nothing but the bend of nothing-shown-but-a-bend of Smoke's/Rauches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning surprise.

The trash can FELL DOWN to the GROUND, and I JUMPed down while Grounds/Crannys (probably the Fleming wolf!) have a crane too while Downs/Douns have a stag in the colors of the Jump stag head. English Grounds/Grunds have the Coat of horseshoe-bat-pointing Baths in colors reversed. The Ground/Grund Coat is a version of the Rhodes Coat, and Rhodes are from Hugh of Rodez, who married a daughter of proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil! That is so excellent, at excellent timing.

OH WOW LOOKIE HERE AT THE FELLS: three eight-pointed stars in colors reversed from the same of Ducs/LeDucs!!!! It's telling us that Rockefellers are behind James LeDuc of the Galveston lab! YES, for the day after my mugging in Galveston, God had me buy a coffee, and while they look like a branch of Cafferys/Caffertys, the Chaffs/Chafee's (Dorset, same as Chaffins/Caffins and Caens) share the three lozenges of Fells!!! Fells had a Fell location in Cumberland. Fier-branch Fare's/Fairs were first found in Cumberland; the bucket fell and caught fire.

The same day with the coffee, I checked into the MOTEL at Crystal City, which had cockROACHES as a pointer to Rockefellers. I'll come back to this below, but for here, I'd like to repeat that the Coffee/Coffer Crest has the naked rider on a dolphin that is the Arms of Taranto, and that place is where Motels were first found who share a rider on a horse with Cafferys/Caffertys (Coffee/Coffer colors). I checked into a motel, you see, and Motels are a branch of Mota's while Motts/Morte's share the Death crescents while Detricks are also DEATHicks!!! You can run, but you can't hide, fellers. The Feller Coat is a version of the Vires'/Vair Coat.

Plus, the Downs/Douns, I've just realized, have the white stag (same design) of Double's/Dobells, first found in Norfolk with Dunhams/Dounhams/Downhams, and that should be part of the DOUBLE-Tressure border of Flemings, thus tossing Obama into the trash can! Double's/Dobells (bells) look like D'Bells originally, and so let's add that Bell-branch Bellamys share the crescents of double-border Seatons/Sittens. There's yet the mystery of why the flames took place at the trash can's rim, and why on a circular/round patch of sand.

Fleming-beloved Shaw liners such as the Shives variation of Chives'/Shewas' can point to such things as this headline: "Drs. Buttar, SHIVA & Mikovits BLAST Gates, Call to ARREST Fauci as Crisis CRUSHES Economy."

The barrel-like container I dropped also proved to be a drum as code for Drummonds. The latter share the three wavy fesses of Bassets (same Coat exactly) while French Bassets/Besancons were first found in Forez with Fauchs. Caen is in the BESSIN. As Masseys were of the Ceraunii, note that English Besans share the Massey (and Vere) Shield with probably the Mosca leopard, and that they were first found in Middlesex with Fire-like Fiers/Fere's (branch of Vere's). We can thereby say that Drummond kin linkable to Fauci got us to the fire. Then, as per Bassets/BESANcons, German Besan(t)s have items in a crown, extra evidence that Ceraunii are represented by that symbol.

Therefore, Bassets are pointing to Fauci's role in the coronavirus. He's part of the fire that we need to put out. If we bring the Sea's back to topic sharing the wavy fesses of German Drummonds, we can ask whether the fire on the sand is Intended to have us link this dream to the sandy beach at the sea of Epstein's island, for Beach's have a Shield filled with vair fur half in the colors of the Detrick vair. I can't recall how the container was proven to be a drum for Drummonds. The latter's wavy fesses are linkable to the similar bars of Sutys (Perthshire, same as Drummonds), a branch of double-tressure Seatons/Sittens. It could be important that Sutys share the lion of Wells and Mellents, especially as Seatons share the Bellamy crescents.

I'm going to guess that the bells of Double's connect to Bells (Dumfries, same as Rims/Rums/Rome's), but also to the bells of Porters (portcullis GATE), and for this we get to the portcullis gate of Yate's expected in the motto of double-tressure Seatons/Sittons ("HAZard yet"; see Hazels below). That's a neat little package already, as befits the dream, but there is also the Bellmont variation of the Beaumonts of Meulan = the vaccine-suspect Vexin that played above to the Vaux checks of double-tressure Flemings. The dream gets us naturally but strongly to this vaccine-like area, and Beaumonts/Bellmonts share the Gates lion while BILL Gates is the vaccine freak, the rich lunatic. These Bells can be from "VELiocasses" ("casses is a suffix), you see, and French Bells/LABELs are said to have named: "De Labels, a village in the Basses-Pyrenees in the arrondisement of de Mauleon." It looks like "Meulan," in the Vexin.

Hmm, as Rollo's capital, Rouen, is in the Vexin, it's notable that Rowans show a Rome variation, as do Rims. That is another way to get the Vexin to the rim of fire. Excellent. OH YES but of course: the fire was on a Rouen- / Rowen-like ROUND patch of sand!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Rowens even come up as "Roun." This leaves the mystery of the sand, but having just loaded Sands, I saw that they were from Farne and Fells, and we saw why Fells were so important, but Farne's (possibly the Farm lion head) are excellent because they have a version of the Place/Plase Coat "placit" is in the Rim/Rome motto! Zinger, we now have the Sands figured out too, but the biggest addition on this aspect is the sharing of lozenges between Fells (Dundee) and Coffee-like Chaffs/Chafee's. That's what links to Galveston National lab along with the Fell stars.

This is a good example of why a dream cannot be deciphered until the proper time, until the events take place to which its point. God gives the dreams in advance so that readers can't say I just invented it at the time of the events to which they point.

It reminds me of Steve MELANson, when he put a cotton swab into his ear to pull blood, after Joe and I prayed for his healing, but no blood came out. He said, "watch this, I'm going to put it into my ear, and it will have blood." No blood, he was surprised. That's why I remember the event. The point is, the cotton swab has become a symbol of Fauci's corona scare, and Cottons/Cotta's even share the white fretty lattice of Caens/Cans. One can glean that Melansons have a version of the Bellamy Coat, and thus MELANsons must have been of the Meulan Bellmonts/Beaumonts (share Gates lion).

As Melansons and Hockeys together have versions of the Hazel Coat, recall how Hassals were first found in Cheshire with Hazels while Hale's (Cheshire) came forth from Hassals, for the Hale Crest has the Caen/Can fretty in both colors. What are the chances that Gates' have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Hale's?

OH WOW, Swabs share the Coat of Furs/Fire's! The fire in the dream pointed to the corona scare. I also checked the Double-like Dubles surname because it's listed with Blood-like Bleds. The latter has the English Clare Coat in colors reversed while Irish Clairs ("VIRtute") share the five white feathers out of a crown with the Caen/Can Crest.

Steele News

With Steele in Court, a lot of goodie's are coming forth. Steele decided not to fully protect the Clinton team: "Steele recently testified in a British court that he believed both then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and then-Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice were aware of his dossier research as it was going on in summer 2016." The summer? How early? Is he giving a half-truth? Does he know the Clinton team knew before the summer? Steele is outright confessing his guilt, but probably in such a way to be non-criminal, for this set-up was fixed from the start to operate as non-criminal as possible:

Steele told a British court he believed he had been hired by the Fusion GPS firm owned by Glenn Simpson through the Democratic National Committee-linked law firm Perkins Coie to assist the Clinton campaign during the election, according to a transcript of the testimony.

“I presumed it was the Clinton campaign, and Glenn Simpson had indicated that [ouch!]. But I was not aware of the technicality of it being the DNC that was actually the client of Perkins Coie,” Steele testified in March under questioning from lawyers for Russian bankers suing over his research.

So, he claims he thought he was working only for Mrs. Clinton as a private person, but while he may not have been told the TECHNICALITY that the DNC was paying for some of his work, yet he must have realized that Clinton wasn't alone in this project, that top guns in her DNC circles were working out / evolving the details of the conspiracy. So, he is guilty in the 1st degree of helping a presidential candidate to obtain dirt on the completion, and while that may not be illegal, it should be illegal for the Clinton-DNC to pay for fake dirt and its dissemination, yet Steele contributed by bringing the dirt into the FBI, making the FBI liable for a criminal crime of a high order. In short, Steele may get off while snitching on those who paid him.

Help yourself to read this bombshell article, though it's a bombshell only for finally getting admissions for what everyone already knew. I'd like to record here: "'You knew it was the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign didn't you?' a lawyer for the businessmen asked. '“I believed it was the campaign. Yes,' he answered." Clinton got Steele to work this plot out hoping she would be invisible three steps away (Clinton > Elias > Simpson > Steel = three steps distant) in the background, but Steel just blew her hope out of her waters, confessing that she was the kingpin of the conspiracy.

Steele was told who he was working for so that he understood from the start that it had to be a secret, conspiratorial plot. If he were not told, the plot may have been dangerous, for he might have revealed it to the wrong people. So, he was told it was a secret plot so that he knew to keep it quiet. He agreed to do a dirty thing under the flag of his spy reputation, and when he knew that the FBI was committing the crime of sedition throughout 2017, he spoke up nothing, being complicit with that crime. He was using Bruce Ohr as the back-channel for communicating with the FBI, because the FBI shed him before 2017...because he was too-hot a potato to keep on the FBI payroll. And what has Barr done knowing all of this? Z-E-R-O. Hillary Clinton is so not-scared of Barr that she's was licking Joe Biden's knees this past week hoping to become his vice-president bitch. I apologize. I shouldn't have used that term, the accurate one is, witch. Joe's mentally sick enough to give her the job, with some pressure from those who keep him propped up for an election end-game we don't yet know.

[Steele's FBI-related] notes, according to the transcript, read: “We explained that Glenn Simpson/GPS Fusion was our commissioner but the ultimate client were the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign and that we understood the candidate herself was aware of the reporting at least, if not us.”

The lawyers prodded: “It’s your note, so we assume it’s accurate?”

“Yes,” Steele answered during the March 17 testimony. You can read that testimony here.

"The leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign" was John Podesta. It took a Russian law suit to unveil in the open what the whole of the American brotherhood tried to keep in the dark on Clinton's behalf. That brotherhood piece of junk, Bill Barr, has more reason now to do something that begins to resemble justice. He's known Hillary's guilt since before becoming the chief of Justice. What's he waiting for? For Hillary to become the vice-presidential candidate? Then what?

A day later in additional testimony, Steele was asked how he came to present some of his dossier findings to the U.S. State Department during an October 2016 meeting with then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec (John Kerry's deputy).

[Steele] said his meeting was set up by State officials Jonathan Winer and Victoria Nuland after longtime Clinton adviser and friend Strobe Talbott had reached out to him.

“The meeting was set up by a State Department official called John Winer,” Steele explained.

“At your request?” the lawyers asked.

“No, at his request, his suggestion. He invited us into meet, as I understood it, at her request, Assistant Secretary of State Nuland,” Steele answered.

Another article:

A month before the 2016 presidential election, the FBI met Christopher Steele in Rome and apparently unlawfully shared with the foreign opposition researcher some of the bureau’s most closely held secrets, according to unpublicized disclosures in the recent Justice Department Inspector General report on abuses of federal surveillance powers. ...The secrets included foreign intelligence information still considered so sensitive that the IG’s report refers to it even now only as coming from a “Friendly Foreign Government.” In fact, this is a reference to Australia. That country’s ambassador to Britain sent the United States a tip about loose talk by junior Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. The FBI has described that as the predicate for its Trump-Russia investigation.

So, this was a Western-globalist attack on Republicans, not just Trump, because Obama had used his time to pave a liberal-global road upon which walks an never-before-seen organism that eats rot breakfast, lunch and dinner. Obama the rot of the world. And that's why the world is in the condition we now see it in. Apparently, the rot organism has not yet had its fill. Obama Capone made his closest power boys confident that they could snub the law and get away with it, and that's exactly how we see them acting to this day. The only thing missing is a machine-gunning down of Trump. No fear to do dirt work:

The IG report also discloses that FBI agents knew Steele worked for Glenn Simpson...Steele did not keep to himself the classified material he had learned from the FBI. Shortly after the Rome meeting, Steele briefed Simpson on what the FBI had disclosed to him...

The FBI’s disclosures to Steele -- described on pages 114-115 and in footnote 513, and supported on pages 386-390 and footnotes 252 and 513, deep in Horowitz’s report – were violations of laws governing the handling of classified material, according to the Inspector General and experts in national security law who spoke with RealClearInvestigations.

That is such a lucky strike, to find an admission in Horowitz's Footnotes. I mean, Horowitz admits to some crimes, even makes criminal referrals to Barr lest he look completely one-sided. Bill Barr, another dirt bag, knew of these Footnotes long before they got to the public now, and even though the crime pertains to sedition, Barr, this dirt bag, brother of dirt bags, has yet to arrest the FBI bosses who committed that crime. His message: go do it some more, boys, no fears, we rule, brothers.

The following is a bombshell from Steele's court testimony in Britain. It shows that Clinton people were feeding him some (how much?) of the dossier dirt, but I will say up front that Steele met with those Clinton people, including Hillary Clinton's lawyers, Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, knowing that he was there to get his "food order" that they decided beforehand should be fed to him:

Christopher Steele shed new light on his work for the Clinton campaign and DNC, revealing in testimony last month that he met with two lawyers for the Democrats as part of his investigation into Donald Trump.

Steele met with Perkins Coie partners Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias, he testified. Steele said that Sussmann provided him with the now-debunked tip that a Russian bank had a secret communications channel with the Trump Organization.

A lawyer representing the DNC and Clinton campaign provided Christopher Steele with information in 2016 regarding an alleged secret communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank, the former spy told a British court last month [ah, Steele ratted out on Clinton].

That now-debunked tip, from Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann, set off a chain of events that led to Steele publishing a Sept. 14, 2016 memo accusing the founders of the bank, Alfa Bank, of having “illicit” ties to Vladimir Putin, according to a court transcript obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

If he created a storyline -- slandering and misrepresenting the victim (the bank) -- purely to assist the conspiracy, that diabolical act rests heavily on his shoulders. If the dossier wasn't leaked by himself to the public, however, he has a loophole, if he can prove that he wasn't part of the Clinton conspiracy. This can explain why others leaked the dossier (John McCain sent / brought it to the FBI). Yet, now that he's admitting that he met with the Clinton legal team, he's practically admitting that he was complicit with a political hit job. He may yet have an escape hatch because it's not illegal to do a political hit job, but the admission makes the Clinton team look guilty of hiring a political assassin. Is that a crime? Yes, if the information fed to him was knowingly false, and the totality of the false accusations tends to prove that there was not mere error, but conspiracy to slander a presidential candidate for self-gain. It seems inconceivable that the FBI chiefs didn't know that Steele was in service to the Clintons on this matter.

"Steele disclosed the previously unreported meetings with Sussmann and Elias during testimony in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by the Alfa Bank founders, the transcript shows." It took a while to make this public, thanks not to Chris Wray or Bill Barr or anyone in Congress, least of all the fake president, but to a Russian bank taking one of the criminals to court. Why didn't the Trump team take Steele to court to discover this and more? Not because the lawyers didn't want to go, but because Trump is a fake job in this regard. For this, he will pay a heavy price. His new enemies are monkeys on his back right now, with their fangs imbedded into his neck. They have no fear of him. In his very presence they conduct their conspiracy against him. He should have acted harshly against the FBI (the people demanded it, expected it, begged for it), to send fear into all his enemies, but he acted weak, and afraid, and then boasted that he took the deep state down. President Clown Act.

It's amazing how the number 17 keeps cropping up with the attack on Trump. "Steele would go on to produce 17 memos alleging that the Russian government had blackmail material on Trump, and that members of his campaign were conspiring with the Kremlin to influence the 2016 election."

The more these type of things go public, the more pressure Barr is under to do something, and the worse Trump's political prospects, the faster Barr will start to do some well-deserved harm. We hope. Someone needs to start sending fear up the spines of the wicked, because the wicked are hoping to send shock waves up the spines of normal, law-abiding people.

Corona News

Betsy DeVOS is the secretary of education, and Vaux-branch Vos' are in the motto of Walerans because Walerans married Beaumonts of Vaux-line Meulan, at the vaccine-like Vexin. I don't like that her brother was the founder of Blackwater USA. Here's what's out from DeVos on May 1:

The Department of Education revealed that it is scrutinizing the University of Texas’s financial ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as part of its broadening investigation of foreign funding by China and other countries on U.S. campuses...The letter said the University of Texas’s Medical Branch is responsible for the operation of the Galveston National Laboratory, which, in turn, has 'substantial contractual relations' with a maximum biocontainment laboratory, or MCL, in Wuhan, China. That lab is owned by the Chinese government’s Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It appears that the dept. of education is run by someone willing to find the facts instead of China bashing. The secretary is asking for all paperwork in relation to Wuhan / China, but I have little confidence that this move is to expose guilt to the people, but to hide it from the world. The big ego that some Americans want for their nation doesn't allow Justice to release all of the nation's guilt before the eyes and ears of other nations. The United States thinks it paramount to keep a superiority (image) over all other nations, a thing that perplexes me. God has said, the first will be last. If other nations disrespect the United States, such as China, it's because the American crows keep crowing on how China must be reduced in power, importance and respect. How would you feel if someone towered above you so condescendingly? You'd want to grow up bigger and pound the living daylights of its ego. I keep hearing reports about China killing its own people, but it's no longer possible to know what's real anymore with reports from leftist media.

When half the nation lies daily, the nation is very small. There is no bigger ego I have seen in all my life than that of Trump's. He's a sick dog for bragging about himself. Maybe it's not as bad as I think; maybe he just has a low image of himself that needs to be stroked by blow-horning his own accomplishments. He's turning Americans into thinking that bragging is dandy-acceptable. Stick it, Trump; I want to be bigger than that by being smaller than that, but you wouldn't understand.

The article adds: "The Department of Education’s Foreign Gift and Contract Report website shows that the University of Texas System received $429.1 million in foreign funding between 2014 and 2019, including $60.9 million from China." That's a lot of what looks like scratch-your-back money. What's going on?

A little more than a week ago, Trump put some ice on his dance with Fauci. Trump brought up NIH, the mother of Fauci's organization, and complained in a news conference about the $32 billion annually spent by that organization. Achem, and he then told the audience that his team is looking closely at these expenditures. Trump the tax collector doesn't like this. I think he's been reading people who are exposing Fauci, and the president sees his trouble-a-comin. So, I think Trump doesn't want to seem ignorant or slow-of-speed on this new, bash-Fauci direction. He doesn't want to be seen dancing with him right now, in other words. But he has been guilty of dancing with him, even if it wasn't always sincere.

The world is now being taught that viruses spread better in chicken coops or under beds than outdoors in the breeze and sun. Sun kills coronavirus almost instantly, and wind disperses it. YIKES, Fauci and company knew this but demanded that people hide under their beds for two months or longer. MURDERER! "Hide under their beds" was coined in this regard by Bill Barr i.e. he didn't like Fauci's too-dismal lockdown. If not for the Trump-Barr team, this crisis could lead without hope to an iron-fisted global village under spy eyes. Places of work should turn up their air-exhaust fans to replace inner air with fresh air at higher rates. Watch to the 4th minute below to see the orchestrated conspiracy:

In the 5th minute, we see that CDC reported 80,000 flu deaths two years ago, and while I don't trust CDC to do anything on this topic but to contribute to the on-going conspiracy, the high number of deaths may be something of a combination-killer that Mikovits suspects. It may not be a combination of corona with mouseViro, but corona and something...because most people have mild symptoms. Or maybe we just don't know anything because all the information on corona is garbage to begin with. My concern is that there are invisible, unelected powers seeking to control this crisis; wicked powers that many others have been talking about for two or three decades. We are seeing the proof, and, maybe, God is allowing this mild crisis to manifest so that we Christians start thinking about preparation for worse. If Trump loses the election, we could be in dire trouble to the iron fist.

That video ripped my heart out. I actually became murderous. I want to kill people who kill born babies, or when they are in the womb. I WANT TO BEAT THEM TO A PULP AND KILL THEM MYSELF, WITH MY OWN FISTS. But God won't let me. So, patience, until Jesus returns in Wrath.

If you missed the announcement of the new papal economy next year, see the 28th minute and chew on that for a while. Pope Francis has made an announcement, the video shows, that makes this corona crisis an act of God against humanity as punishment for global warming -- LAUGHABLE. The point is, there may be a concerted effort, with the vatican in the heart of the conspiracy, to destroy the American economy in order to raise up something new. And I can't be sure that Trump isn't for it while acting like a nationalist patriot, but at least there's a good chance that he's a sincere anti-globalist. It gives anti-globalists the power of the White House to some degree.

There is definitely something snaky taking place, and the good news is that God has the final say. In the meantime, watch the exposure of the wicked, and know that God will be righteous, just and loving when he rings the final bell on these wicked forces. It's decision time: choose the safe way of this wicked program, or the dangerous way of Christian persecution from those who decide to go the safe way. The wicked seem to be suddenly fast-tracking the forcing of us all into the end-time scenario. This effort may rise and fall without the prophetic end, or it may be the prophetic end, I can't know for sure either way.

It's Monday night. Asking google for material on "mikovits" turns up ZERO material from the mainstream media, meaning that Fauci looks guilty of her charges. If he were not guilty, he would have spoken out by now, and if he had any defence, the mainstream media would have put it out for everyone to read. This silence is important. Fauci's lawyers are advising him not to stir this pot.

Asking google for "mikovits fox" brings up nothing. Why won't Fox touch this? It's a HUGE story. It's no conspiracy theory. It's a person's testimony with two books to boot on the topic. Why is Fox betraying the nation in this way? I thought that free speech was for debating things, to arrive at truth. Why doesn't Fox wish to start the debate? No one's asking Fox to take Mikovits' position over Fauci's, but to put the controversy out there, if only to check out whether Fauci was abusive and evil. What if Mikovits is speaking the entire truth? Doesn't the nation deserve to know? FOX, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? If Republicans can't have a loyal media against the 100 run by the left, it's game over in spite of Destructive Stupidity being the Democrat mascot.

Tucker's Monday show featured a California doctor saying that people have a .03 percent chance (I get .026 percent) of dying after catching corona. His numbers (which he got from officials / testers, we assume) were 1,227 deaths with an expected 4.7 million (seems too high) Californians who have had the virus. That's one death per 3,830 infections. However, the doctor did not say ".03 percent." He left out the "percent," I'm not sure why. The death rate is 1/3830, which is the same as dividing 1 by 3,830 = .00026 (.00026 deaths per 1 person). That's equivalent to .026 percent (.026 deaths per 100 people). I hope no one tries to fool the public by quoting a percent-number but leaving out the "percent" (in the announcement), for that increases the death rate by 100.

So, with the numbers above, the California death rate is much milder than a typical flu (1 per 1,000), and it reveals the slowness of the Fauci side to do random testing to discover the number of true infections. Instead, to this day, the leftist media put out the deaths per REPORTED infections, and leave you thinking that the number of total infections is not many more than the reported cases.

However, in New York, the hub of the hoax, the numbers are much different than California's because the numbers are being falsified in that state. Cuomo is a demon in flesh clothing. It's just a matter of a couple of smart cookies going in and catching New York's numbers pumpers at their criminal game. This is criminal, even if they are playing in such a way as to not be in violation of a law technically.

The same Tucker show features Dr. Scott Atlas from Hoover Institution saying that HALF the infections are "totally non-symptomatic." So, it does suggest that something else is going on with the aged for killing a high number of them, and I'm starting to think that they are not dying from a virus, but from something more akin to "pulling the plug" on them, for almost all deaths in every age bracket are those who have had other, severe medical issues. We might even say that the conspirators have targeted the aged for murder to save pension / medical taxes. If you don't yet see that political Democrats are lunatics enough to go with such a program with zero conscience, please wake up. We are hearing leaked reports from medical people that at least some of the people who die of this virus did not in fact die of it. One doctor leaked that he was being forced by officials to write a bogus reason for death: COVID-19.

The slow speed of the re-opening of stores looks dismal. Texas is talking about end of may before 50 percent of stores are re-opened. That's devastating. Will the poor-owner businesses be allowed to re-open first, or last?

The reported number of recoveries are being kept artificially low to make the mortality rate look scary. At near midnight on April 28, there were 1,010,507 positive tested, 56,803 deaths, and 139,162 recoveries. You can easily prove that the number of recoveries is a hoax, a trick, and when comparing with the number of deaths, you are led to believe -- oh my gosh, if I get this, I stand a one-in-three chance of dying versus recovering. This is criminal. Up until a week ago, the recoveries were always less than double the deaths. There is a dangerously dishonest group of fiends running this operation.

We see the fiendishness in everything the political-left leaders say when treating a host of different issues. They have lost all conscience, all morality, all responsibility, like inhumanoids marching to a demonic drummer. The sooner decent people realize and speak out so as to become the majority, the better. The left's trick has always been to play tricks with numbers to make themselves appear like they are the majority. Never trust their polls, expect fixing.

Ingrahams Monday show reports that the east-coast corona is looking like a different strain, from Europe, while California's is from China. This can be a ruse to help Fauci because the truth may be that the plotters just implanted a harsher strain (from their American lab) in New York because they planned on using that city as their ground zero for scaring the nation into a long lockdown. Fauci is on her show, though clipped from her show of about a week ago, telling her that, no, sorry Laura, your multi-strain theory isn't correct, there's no different strains between west and east coast. Why was Fauci wanting to cover-up the apparent fact that there are different strains? The only logical answer: because he knows there are different strains, and the reason is like a very hot potato he doesn't want in his hands.

Still on Ingraham's Monday show, there is a left punch back to the face of the Virginia chloroquine test of last week, the one overseen by...Fauci's NIH/NIAID, you guessed it. Ms. Ingraham speaks to the French study of a couple of weeks ago with 1,061 patients, for the study's conclusions have been released: the earlier chloroquine is administered, the better. In other words, doctors who withhold it until the patient is sick enough to "warrant" an "emergency measure" are playing with murder. A person infected with this virus who has concerns enough to visit a doctor should ALWAYS receive the chloroquine "cocktail" because there is no shortage of the drug, seeing that there have only been about 1 million reported cases to date (there's about 80 million pills donated / made available to date).

I still fault Trump the Fake for not sending a posse to discover what hospitals are not giving this drug to patients. This president, knowing that liberal states and municipalities are murderous for their cause against him, he has an obligation to protect the people of the nation from them. If he does not dispense this obligation, the deaths are on his shoulders. This holds true in the Judgment of God especially.

Ingraham's show reveals that the Virginia study/test didn't report the dosage of chloroquine used on patients, which is all one needs to know that it was set-up, a pre-designed trick for leftist-media dissemination. Leftist viewers are complete zombies if they continue to watch leftist propaganda on this topic. They are being taken for fools. Specific chloroquine dosage matters, obviously, especially as this study was done about simultaneous with the Brazilian test that over-dosed the patients probably at the direction of the CDC or NIAID i.e. for leftist-media dissemination, but also for giving rise to an official cancellation / minimization of chloroquine by the FDA (drug controllers). The deep state is a sloppy master of deception by whipping up its own news events with a bag full of cheap tricks, and ample willing tricksters (political animals) from coast to coast.

Ingraham has doctors on telling that they are suing Nevada for denying full use of chloroquine. QUESTION: why isn't Trump's administration suing these states? Do you really think he has an acceptable excuse?

Ingraham's Tuesday show makes a good case that New York had drastically reduced the true number of flu cases from the end of March and into April because they were counting them as corona cases instead, very good proof that new York is engaged in conspiracy. The passion of voiced rebellion against these goons is escalating, a good start, but they really do need to be jailed because tricks like this will never end without severe punishment. Who's going to jail them? Powder-puff Barr with his no-nothing Wray?

Laura has done a very remarkable thing to go find those New York numbers. But if Wray doesn't arrest anyone for falsifying the numbers in what the goons themselves call a severe crisis, then where's the hope in cancelling the powers of these goons? The only alternative is people rising up in the streets to send some shock waves, yet decent people are not very boisterous, destructive or frightening, which is exactly what the wicked are like. The only good news is that a lot of tough guys want to go back to work, and they will be the first to take to the streets with some boister. Go get'm boys, let out all of your anxieties. Do it for the weak.

Sometimes I think that Christians would be better off if Fox were outright liberal. Instead, Fox pretends to cater to Christians, but would never mention the superiority of Jesus over Buddha or Islam. Fox has the effect of making politics the priority for Christians, to make them forget their commitment to The Faith. The latter is The Doctrine, a set of doctrines that Jesus holds dear for human life. When do you ever hear His doctrines on Fox? Instead, it's Trump-Trump-Trump with a mixed bag of attacking his political enemies. What good is king Trump to us if he doesn't have one mind with us?

Doctrine number one: Jesus took the cruel penalty we deserved so that God might have the everlasting authority over the human creation, and all of creation, for God placed man over the creation. The King of Man will rule all. And if history will culminate in this King's global government, then everything we do and think now should dovetail with His doctrines.

Doctrine number two: Stay in the Vine, keep the Faith, hold to, and teach, the doctrines of Jesus; be of one mind in these teachings. Get out of the "mainstream" culture and into the same Boat. Appreciate one another based on having the same mind, the same hope, the same love of Jesus, the same disgust for our enemies, the same opposition to their unSpiritual globalism. Reject all their philosophies and mandates. Become clean by having the words of Jesus close to your heart (starts with reading and re-reading the Word, and ends with the Word firmly planted in your heart and memory).

Doctrine number three: Correct erroneous teachings and misguided programs; shine the Light = the knowledge of ways of God. Divide right from wrong. It is not only wrong, but horrendous, to obey all the commands of God yet reject God for a society built on other things.

It is wrong to think that, because God pained the human race with many troubles, that He is a mean Person by nature. If you killed a baby in my presence, and God permitted me, I would beat you to a pulp and kill you be it ever so severe, not because I am mean by nature, STUPID, but because you are a disgusting creature unworthy of life, and worthy of the ultimate punishment. The MURDERER IN THE SKY is coming. I hope you understand me. The Murderer is coming to set us free from globalists, abortionists, pornographers, deceivers, abusers, faggots, sluts, political goons, and all others having next-to-no morals to live by. The opposite of civilized human beings are the animals in the Democrat party, and joined there by reckless Catholics, Jews and Mexicans (they lend support to corruption). What good are you, Fox, if all you teach is the world, yet never promote the agenda of Jesus? Fox is more the False Prophet than good for us.

On Wednesday of this week, an article by John Solomon tells of Fauci affirming that the $3.7 million American money to China and other Asian countries was for studying SARS / COVID in bats. One could get the impression that the American / globalist conspirators were seeking what particular virus to unleash, upon the United States and other parts of the world, through use of that money. They just made up an excuse as to what they would use the money for, and then did something else (my theory).

Another article says that while that program ended in 2019, another 3.7 million was allotted for the next few years, this time for manipulating viruses, which is what they must have been doing until 2019: "Many scientists have criticized the gain of function research [over next five years], which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release." For the deep state, this is called, opportunity knocks.

Also on Wednesday: "The FDA will announce Wednesday an emergency authorization for the use of Remdesivir..." This comes as the FDA is trying to get cheaper chloroquine out of the corona market. Remdesivir is a military-birthed product, you see, a good reason not to trust it, especially if it looks as though the FDA is favoring it while poo-pooing on a perfectly safe drug. Fauci came out with shameless face to push Remdesivir very unlike the way he treated chloroquine, we can see his game. Perhaps Remdesivir doesn't work very well at all, that's my guess. Ingraham's Wednesday show said that Fauci's NIAID funded the Remdesivir study; it's all we need to know to understand why he looks like he's in love with this drug. He's doing somebodies a favor by trying to make their drug number over the cheaper one; that's how much he's a killer for money / political causes.

Finally, jabs at the numbers pumpers: "The novel coronavirus has already claimed the lives of more than 60,000 Americans. But experts fear that number could be far higher at this point in the outbreak -- perhaps by tens of thousands...There also is no uniform national system in the U.S. for investigating deaths..." Why would ABC, part of the scare-tactic media, release this admission when the tactic is to make the numbers as high as possible? Well, there you have the message going out that no one's able to check whether the deaths in bulk are being counted right or not, so, the message is: happy free-for-all and keep on inflating the numbers without fear.

Ingraham's Wednesday show did a great thing by showing 2,267 flu/pneumonia deaths in Kentucky this past winter season versus 213 corona deaths as far as the heat at the end of April. Is this any reason to keep a lockdown going? Of course not. Wicked wicked powers, I don't know why the people put up with this. Where is the deserved outrage against these pimples? If you don't show them outrage now, they will do something similar again, and they might get away with it worse then than now. Where are Trump's generals to lead the populace against these tyrannical governors? Oh, I forget, silly me, Trump wants the lockdown a little longer...because he's scared of a re-emergence of this virus.

I thought that this was a representative government. If the majority of the people want to go back to work to risk getting the infection, a governor must agree with them because he's hired to act on their behalf. But Democrats want to dictate. So why is Trump's task force (Pence) telling the people to listen to governors even when they are dictatorial?

There is going to be a bright side to this economic crash. It is to our benefit if 20 percent of hospitals and shoe stores close down for good, because there are too many of stores in almost every field. With the high cost of properties, it is a waste of our money to have hospitals consistently half empty. We pay more for hospital costs when they are routinely half full, but we would pay far less if they were routinely 85 percent full. The logic: they wouldn't need to charge as much if they had more customers. The more shoe stores per capita, the more we pay for shoes because there are more shoe-store owners needing an income. The more half-empty churches, the higher the wastage to pay for them. I'm not heartless concerning those who lose their businesses, but am trying to show the bright side for other business owners and all customers. However, any benefits from lower prices by that route will be eaten up by the inflation due to the Republican "stimulus" moneys and the extorted gifts to Democrat powers.

On Tucker's Thursday show, great shame on Fox, for when Siegel came on to talk happily about corona vaccines from the military, ready hopefully by January, Tucker was happy too. So, instead of Fox taking the anti-vaccine message of Dr. Judy Mikovits, Fox has decided to totally ignore her and push vaccines instead, and so has Trump. Beware this president. BEWARE. The reason that Fox won't touch the Mikovits team against Fauci is that it would hurt Trump, for he's been giving Fauci half the control or more of the nation in regards to a crisis that Fauci and company probably created in the first place.

The Next News Network, with more than 1.5 million subscribers, is sharing the Mikovits story with some passion, and youtube actually brought this video to my attention; I guess it missed putting it down, but then it came out only 103 minutes ago (30th)...and already has 26,000 views.

The video above has a clip from Rudy Giuliani blasting Fauci for funding the Wuhan lab. Others are saying he's broken the law with that financial gift. Trump says he's going to take the $3.7 million slated for the next five years away, but frankly he lies at times and can't be trusted (he always says the politically-expedient thing, beware this man's promises). Those blaming Fauci openly for this pandemic grant, are unable to say, for fear of retribution, or for not being certain, that Fauci deliberately started it. But, I think, that's what they do feel or believe. Motion in that direction has begun. In my opinion, judging by Fauci's attitude and deeds to date, and his "prophecy" that a flu surprise would befall in Trump's first term, he spread this thing around the world with other conspirators.

Rashid Buttar is considered wacko for some of his ideas on treating illnesses. Regardless of the merits of his medical practices, he is contributing to exposing Fauci. His Wikipedia article is written by our typical enemy: "During the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic, a series of videos featuring Buttar were posted to YouTube by the fake [ignore the dope] news website Next News Network, in which Buttar advanced a conspiracy theory claiming that NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s research helped create COVID-19...YouTube removed the video a week after it was posted... Anything that gets traction is wiped out ASAP; this is what will reward them with their terrible reputations. They will have short-term victories, but their terrible reputations will ruin them.

The April 30 Mouse is Dead

Good morning. I thought I had best mention a rare event last might concerning the death of a mouse in the basement / crawl space. A chipmonk or squirrel chewed a hole through the metal screen, which seems unbelievable, but there are now two holes in the screen. I tried to block the holes off, but mice are still getting in, though just one at a time because I have traps set for them. Last night I found a mouse with only its leg caught, but it had drowned. It was the evening of April 30, and 26 years ago on April 30, I stayed the evening and night in a motel of Crystal City with cockroaches that pointed to Rockefellers. Just watch this.

The mouse dragged the mouse trap about three feet, and tried to get down a nook in the rock as it slipped under a floor joist to the "well." By basement is solid ROCK, and there is a natural low spot at one end that collects water from the home's drainage; the water then flows to the outdoors by itself through a small hose. So, you see, I have a wood floor above the pool that forms in this low spot, and the joist at the edge of the floor comes across an inch or less above the rock, and under this joist there is a small opening that almost fits a mouse trap. The mouse dragged the trap into this opening, seeking to get under the floor, but the trap got stuck. So you see, a MOUSE and a JOIST on a ROCK, and its trapped while trapped and trying to get away. It reminds me of a Biblical picture of God's enemies trying to get away from a trap, and falling into another trap.

It must have been a terrible death for the mouse because it rained yesterday. No lightning,m just a soft rain, and the water in the poll rose slowly, and it came to cover the mouse's tail, and then it's hind legs, and then its shoulder, and then the chin, and then the mouse had only one option to keep from drowning, to keep it's nose above water, and then it went through the slow and terrifying drowning process. I felt so sorry for this trapped mouse. I threw it out into the pitch darkness outside the door, and it was gone, eaten, in the morning, what a horrible fate for the Rockefellers. Yes, I was down there less than an hour ago, and it was gone.

Let me back up to April 30, 1994, when I heard cockROACHes behind the loose wallpaper in the motel, directly behind my bed. It was near the Mexico border, and so what else but cockroaches could be making those sounds? I went to sleep with those sounds going on. My pick-up truck developed some black SMOKE out the tail PIPE earlier on the 30th, after the coffee and newspaper in Victoria. And in the morning, when I was going to continue seeking properties, the black smoke persisted. Realizing that raw land was more than affordable in those parts, I decided to go back home, and return in six months with a cash payment. The smoke disappeared on the way home, I don't remember it being an engine problem at all, though this pick-up would have been stolen by the mugger if it didn't fail to start for him.

He couldn't get it going, and so he fled with the keys, but I happened to put a spare key under the floor mat, what a "lucky" thing God caused me to do. This truck had no starting problems for me, ever, but the first time this thief tried to start it, it failed (was it due to the same thing that was causing black smoke the next day?). When I returned to the truck from the house I had fled to, he was gone, with the driver door wide open (I had not opened it), and it would not start for me either, until the third try. I then drove off. That was a miracle, bank on it, God spared me from losing the vehicle and the wallet still inside it.

So, decades later, when realizing that God was using heraldic pointers for some events in my life, I checked the Smoke surname (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds and Bauers) due to the black smoke, and, unbelievably, Smoke's are listed with Roach-like Rauch's. So, clearly, God was pointing to Rockefeller liners and Rothschilds because Smoke's/Rauch's share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). Both bends rise in the rare direction to the viewer's right. Unmistakable relationship. And the cock roaches were behind the wallPAPER while Papers use carNATIONs while Nations/Nathans (Nottinghamshire, same as early Bugs) can be shown to be Rothschilds. Hee-hee, and the mouse last night died on a ROCK with a LEG stuck in a TRAP that can be code for Traby liners.

My bet is that the mouse's leg is a pointer to Lea's/Leghs, connectable to the Soars/Sors', you see. But to prove that last night's event links to the same day back in 1994, I was in a motel in Crystal City while Crystals have the calvary symbol of mouse-like Moses' in colors reversed. What are the chances? The smoke in the tail PIPE is excellent here because Pipe's share the Coat of Pepins while the latter share a "Mens" motto term with if God wants to prove to me and the reader that He's sending a message to the rich-rot of this world who seek to enslave us further by their super-wealth. I am reminded that Moses struck the ROCK to get water, and Waters share the triple chevrons of Muschats/MOUSquette's. Coincidence? The mouse drowned in the water upon a ROCK.

Now look, for I have just found a Mouses surname listed with Muse's. For this, I want to tell of the day when I saw a photo from a news camera fixed on a podium at the White House waiting for Obama to come out, and a mouse ran across the STEP below the podium. The calvary symbol of Moses' uses steps. Moses' are said to have included the lord of Mostyn, and Mustans (same colors) can be of the same-colored Musts/Muscats sharing the black antelope of Obama-line Singletarys. The Muscats in that mix have got to be a branch of the Muschats listed with MOUSquette's.

Well, low and behold, this find comes in the same update where I first discovered that the pale bars in the Crest of Obama-line Wolfleys are those of Courts/Coverts, yet they are the six pale bars also of Mouses'/Muse's. That is some might-strong evidence that God is pointing to the Obama mouse. Six pale bars (used by Landens) have been resolved as a symbol belonging to Pepin of Landen, who married a woman from Metz at the Meuse-river area, you see. Landen is near MAAStricht, named after the Maas river, otherwise called the Meuse.

Okay, so now we know we have the evidence that Crystals sharing a Pepin motto term are in fact sharing the Moses steps because they got related my marriage (that's how heraldic symbols are passed on), and therefore the smoke in the tail PIPE was set up by God to link to that picture, and it all links to Obama while predicting that he's in a trap, and destined to get trapped trying to hide while trapped, and then die a horrible death (literal or otherwise?) from something akin to a drowning. I had read that Obama's mother worked for Rockefellers.

Lookie at the JOYCE Foundation: "U.S. President Barack Obama served on the foundation's board of directors from 1994 through 2002...The Foundation is notable for its support of gun control measures." The mouse died under the floor JOIST. I'm not making this up.

[I kid you not, I did not know until about 15 paragraphs further down that there is a joist-like Jois/Joyeuse surname with almost the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts and MOUSES'/Muse's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a load of that. Joice's/Joyce's (wolf) made it to the last update and were part of a songline miracle, from, "Good Christian Men ReJOICE."]

I'd like to add that Papers share the Pigeon / Baker chevron while Moses' use a dove that traces to "city of doves," Cuppae, in MOESia. The Moses' are also MOESens, you see, and Cuppae is near the sources of the PEK river to which I trace such surnames as Pane's/Panico's, Pagans/Payens, Page's/Pidge's (doves/pigeons), and now Pigeons. How interesting that Papers work into that, for they are also Pepperwells and PEPwalls (like WALLpaper), apparent Pepin branches, and Pepe's/Peppards (Wray martlets) have the three feathers in this Arms of Rothschild in colors reversed.

Ahh, the Roach's (rock in Crest) have three fish fessewise in the colors of the three fesses of Moise's/Moisens! That's the surname pointing tentatively to Igor Kolomoisky. The line of Pepin's wife at Metz is, via Arnold of Metz, from the Armo river to Pisa, where Mosca's were first found. That topic was in the 2nd update of April, very interesting indeed. Kolomoisky is Ukrainian, and so was my girl, Diane Muschatov, whom I was with probably into April of 1980. I wonder when my last day with her was. "[Fauci] became Head of the Clinical Physiology Section, LCI, and in 1980 was appointed Chief of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation." It doesn't tell the month. The following year, he started searching for a vaccine to cure AIDS, and, due to stealing MIKovits' / Ruscetti's work, he became the NIAID chief (1984).

What are the chances that Mikovits-like Micks/Mike's share the triple fesses of Moise's/Moisens and Roach's?!?! AMAZING. Wasn't my mugging the night before my arriving to Crystal City partly about Fauci's grant to the Wuhan lab? Plus, I kid you not, the Moses' share a single pale bar in the colors of the same of Tulls/Tullia's while the latter put BUTTERflies on the bar, and you can find that Dr. Rashid BUTTAR is partnered with Mikovits in spreading the anti-Fauci message right now. Will God give their message traction in spite of leftist opposition?

Aha, this looks meaningful. The newspaper was bought in Victoria while Victoria's/VECKtens have a single pale bar on red, same as Vicks/VECKs/Vesks, a match. yet the latter's single pale bar is colors reversed from the same of Moses' and Buttars. On the same day as the newspaper purchase, I arrived to Crystal City while it's Crystals who have the Moses calvary symbol in colors reversed. The Vick/Veck pale bar is white, same as the one of Neckers (Bavaria, same as Vicks/Fecks/Feddercks) and the two of Nuse's/News'.

Butters/Buttars are also Bitars, very much a pointer to Mr. Bitar, co-founder of Middle East BAATHists. Bath's are in the bat of horseshoe-using Randolphs.

I've said many times that the other co-founder of Baathists was Mr. Aflaq while Aflacks essentially share the cross of Bitars/Butters, and so let me now add that the butterflies point to the Flys (Hampshire, same as Drake's) in the "muscas" motto term of Drake's, and Flys are said to be from Flagi while Flags are listed with Aflack-like Flacks. It looks like the heraldry was arranged by God to point to Obama's alliance with Sunni Baathists, who helped ISIS conquer Moselle-like Mosul. The Moselle is the Little Meuse river. Mussels/Muscels share plates (white roundels) with the Singletary antelope, which is the antelope also of Musts/Muscats. Will an Obamaite soon become the False Prophet / anti-Christ (I never capitalize his name)?

WOW! I hope you didn't miss the section on last week's freezer dream that included VALORY, wife of RAY, and so here's what I just added to the last update: "Insert May 1 -- DO NOT MISS Obama in a mouse trap late in the next update, where I find that Pepe's/Peppards (RAYmond fleur-de-lys) have a "VALORE" motto term as well as the three WRAY martlets!!!" The shark-using Valiants share the Wray Chief-Shield combination, and the shark of the 1979 dream (about April 1) is heavily pointing to FBI goons, which Christopher Wray now leads. Why are Courts also COVERTs. No one's hiding crimes covertly more than Wray at this time.

By the way, I saw in a video yesterday (could have been Bongino) that told the code for the FBI operation on Flynn as "Razor," and so I loaded Razors ("ray" motto term) to find them listed with the French Rays/Rees'/Raits/Reis' (giant escarbuncle). French Raymonds happen to share the orb with Metz's (share gold patee with Mouses/Muse Chief).

Isn't May 1 when Obama feigned the killing of Osama bin Laden, when they feigned dropping his body (in a coffin, I assume) in the ocean? Hmm, I wonder. Did they have someone else's body in that coffin, and did they drown him/her alive? Hmm. The report is that bin laden "was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, shortly after 1:00 am PKT (20:00 UTC, May 1)." About 8pm May 1, Greenwich time, which is, I think, 3 pm Eastern Time. I'm writing now between 10-11 am.

Two updates ago (3rd update in April), I told why the Maness and Covert surnames were part of my drive from Galveston to Victoria, namely at Bay City. Having just shown that Courts/Coverts (a sparrow or martlet just bumped into my window, Coverts use martlets) share the six pale bars of Mouses/Muse's, I can now add that Bays and Manners/Maness' (branch of Pepin-beloved Mens') share the double pale bars of Pepe's/Peppards. Papers/Pepwalls entered the discussion at Crystal City while Crystals (POPLar tree) use a "Mens" motto term too (as do Poppins). What does this mean?

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. End update]

AHA. Mythical POPIEL of the Goplo mouse tower got eaten my mice. POPLar tree! It tends to prove that linking this dead mouse to Crystal City is correct. The Moise's/Moisens have the three fesses of Roach's, I now feel sure, and MIESzko's came from the Goplo mouse tower. Meise's/Misl's use a mouse and are definitely from mouse-tower entities.

I'm recalling how the coffee in Victoria pointed to the attack on Flynn, and so with the Flynn link to Seats/Cedes', let's repeat that they share two blue pale bars with Cindys/Condys, who come up as Cuntys suspect in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Coffee-connectable Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts/COFFERts). I wrote that before seeing the Coffin Coat, I kid you not; I clicked to load Coffins, then immediately started to write this paragraph, and I now look at Coffins/Caffins, and they happen to share the besants (both colors) of Flynns and Seats/Cedes'! The Coffin Crest is even blue, as is the demi-cock in the Seat/Cedes Crest. I think I came across Coffins/Caffins years ago when looking for a caffeine-like surname as per caffeine in Coffee, but I probably had no idea that Coffins linked to Seats'/Cedes, let alone Flynns.

[Insert May 16 -- Flynn's original legal team was COVINGton and Burling, and Covingtons are also COFFINgtons! They share the weaver's shuttle with Shuttlewords/Shettleworths who in turn share the bear with Burlings/Berlins (look connectable to Barwicks and BURwicks)! As Shuttleworth is in Bury, this heraldic picture could be an indicator that the deep state is afraid of Flynn for what he knows about BURISma (Ukraine scandal), for Burys are also Buris'. Oh wow, another surname with the weaver's shuttle is the Keeps (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts) to which Mr. Kepke pointed, whose father was Ukrainian! Kepke and I both worked as stock boys at the same grocery store, and we then both went to sell shoes (two different shoe stores) in the same mall, and that has got to be a pointer to Zlochevsky's shoe store in Ukraine!!! Zlochevsky is the owner of Burisma! WOW.

OH WOW! As I've said many times, the two of us were working the Knob Hill Farms grocery store at the corner of Hwy 7 and Woodbine (Ontario), on the north side of Hwy 7, and that puts in into BUTTONville. The Burisma scandal has to do with the Bidens, and Bidens are listed with Buttons!!! Wikipedia's article on Buttonville: "It is located along the Woodbine Avenue corridor from approximately Highway 7 in the south to Sixteenth Avenue in the north."

The eastern border of Buttonwille is WARDEN avenue, and while Shuttleworths are also ShuttleWORDs, the Words are also Wardens! Zikers, it looks like verification that the Lord provided Shuttlewords to share the weaver's shuttle with Keeps for this purpose of pointing Kepke to Burisma.

OH WOW! The first CRANE I ever traced to "UKRAINE" was that of Scute's/Scutt (Lancashire, same as Shuttleworth of Bury), who share the gold eSCUTcheon with Weavers!!!! It's suggesting that Shuttle's were a Scute/Scutt / Shute/Shot branch. Scute's/Scutt even share a blue Crest with Coffins and Flynns. AND OH WOW SOME MORE, for while the Flynn wolf is in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads, SCARFs were first found in Yorkshire with SCARborough's/ScarBURYs (and Keppochs), and the Scarborough tower is colors reversed from the same of Scute's!!! Incredible. The people who formed the Scute/Scutt symbols didn't know Kepke worked at Scarborough Town Center selling Shoe's, and Shoe variations such as "Schuck/Schug" are very like the Skugals who happen to come up as Scoots!!! WOW!

Just so you know I'm not making this story up, you can find the following in my 5th update of December, 2017: "Mr. Kepke, my friend, accompanied me to a restaurant in a mall where we both sold shoes (different stores). He or I caught wind that my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, was meeting another man there, several miles (almost 10) from her why did they pick the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I were working (I had quit by then)?" See the top of the 3rd update of this month for additions to this insert, and how it points to Buttons/Bidens in another way. End insert]

Chaffins/Caffins were first found in Dorset with Chaffs, but I have no comment for either Coat for connection to this discussion. Chaffins/Caffins share a gold dog in Crest with the neighboring PORTmans (beside Ports and Porters), first found in Somerset with Tarrs, and then the "Make" motto term of Portmans brings up the Macks, who, along with Tarrs, are pointers to the tarmac meeting. The gold Portman dog is also in the Crest of Williams who in turn share the gyronny of HOPpers, which looks like another pointer to HOPE Hicks and her manfriend, Rob Porter.

Remember what I said earlier in this update: "I'm proposing that Flynn knows that Obama didn't kill Osama bin Laden, that the death was staged." That was yesterday, before writing the paragraph above today, and the Coffins were loaded exactly because I mentioned the coffin of Osama bin Laden. Never mind the people who claim to have shot bin Laden, for the CIA / military has snakes who are expected to reward their rats in this way, by making them famous and giving them book money in return for their criminal work. Taking credit for an act, that involved criminality, in a published book assures that authors will keep quiet, for they will incriminate themselves if they blow the whistle after they write the book.

I think that the televised photos of bin Laden look like Obama decked out by a make-up artist. Obama was in Pakistan in his college years, and some say he was a CIA tool there. As president, Obama was very interested in the Pakistan / Afghan theater. Flynn was going to cause him problems in that very theater. And so the Obama rats attacked him. The Wikipedia article on the Traby Arms says that the Arms is shared by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama foreign-policy advisor and the supporter of the Taliban when Russians invaded Afghanistan.

The same article shows the Radziwills. I loaded their article to find them related to Bouvier's as well as to the Astikas', excellent because Bouvier's share the motto of Plunketts!!! The latter are from Plancia Magna of Perga, and the Perkins surname from that Perga family was traced to mythical Perkunas of Lithuania. Astikas' were in Lithuania's Vilnius! Zinger, it appears that it was correct to trace Perkins to that god. And zikers some more, that say that Perkunas is related to the Lithuanian goddess Lada, like bin-Laden! It appears to be a pointer to a Brzezinski tie to Osama bin Laden, exactly what the conspiracy "nuts" were saying. Ladds/Ladens were first found in Somerset with Baths! Perkens (with the second 'e') share white feathers with the Arms of Traby/Brzezinski.

The RAT TRAP I used to catch 16 squirrels was a pointer to the Radziwill-Traby relationship, I reckoned, for the three strings in the Arms of Traby look like code for 666. Obama in the Middle East definitely wants to attack Israel with ISIS and Baathists, and his bloodline goes back to the Bath-related Randolphs as a possible pointer to that thing. Obama can yet became the vice-president, can't he? So, what about that mouse TRAP that killed Obama in the waters at the floor joist? Note that Rats/Raits can be of the Rait variation of Rays/Razers. Were Razors as RADZ branch? Flynns trace exactly to the Placentia wolf at the Trebia river. The Flynn wolf is in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads, and Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf. With Flynn suspect in my writings of wishing to uncover something about bin Laden's secrets, note this in the April 30 news: "BREAKING: FBI Closed Flynn Case, Dubbed ‘Crossfire Razor,..."

The Perkens (Lancashire, same as Cerrs/Cars) have a version of the Cerr/Carr Coat, suspect in the "Cura" motto term of Dunham-like Denhams (big topic in my last two updates with crocodile Deans/Dene's) who share the Perken / Cerr/Car chevron. Denhams were (especially by their Cronkite crane) linked to crocodile Deans/Dene's, and thus to crocodile-shoe Zlochevsky of the crane-like Ukraine. English Deans/Dene's are also Diane's, and Diane Muschatov, the Ukrainian, told me that she liked the musical group, the Cars, which I didn't like. I don't recall her telling me of any other music band she liked, and so why do I remember this? Denhams have a "VICTORIAm" motto term, we might wonder if Obama and Victoria Nuland were working together on a criminal probe using Ukrainian "sources" as fake fodder for getting spy warrants.

Look: the Scute's have a crane in Crest, and Scoots/SKUGals look linkable to the Schug variation of Shoe's who in turn share a blue star with ZLOCHevsy-like Slocks. It looks like a simple pointer. Zlochevsky owns BURISma gas, and while Burys are Buris' too, "Denham, Suffolk is near Bury St Edmunds". It looks like God wants to finger Obama with Zlochevsky, or at least with Hunter Biden's Zlochevsky connection. It was here that I happened to load joist-like Jois'/Joyeuse's that formed the insert above. When I saw the "vita" term of Joice's/Joyce's, I took another look at the Vits', and added the following insert into the last update's Mikovits-HeckenLIVELY mindblower (you cannot miss that part, go search for it with "Hecken" and read it):

Insert May 1 -- MIND-BLOWING. I looked up Vits' as per "MikoVITS, and found a large crescent in the colors of the Chapman/Chepman crescent. The solid chevron of Chapmans is suspect in the News/Nuces Crest because both surnames were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) while News'/Nuces' use CHAPlets. I was hoping to find evidence of News' in the Vits write-up, and saw: "The surname Vits was first found in the territory of NEUmark east of the Electorate of Brandenburg...", and so I naturally checked for a Newmark/NewMARSH surname, when all that came up were gold-on-red lozenges in the colors of the Lively lozenges; both Coats use nothing but their string of lozenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know my writings on News'/Nuces', see later in this update as to why they are God's part of Galveston. It appears that News'/Nuces' were the namers of Newmarks/Newmarch's and Neumark.

For what it could be worth, Livelys share the Coat of MARSHalls, traceable by the Keith/Mascal kin (near MUSSELburgh) to Musso's/MUSSOLini's (another string of lozenges). Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with CHAPPEs"s/CHEAPs, are Newmarsh's too, and they likewise share the red crescent with Chapmans/Chepmans and Vits'. Nimo's are NewMOCKs/NewMOKE's too while Mocks/Moke's have another red crescent while sharing "Cura" in their motto with Denhams. The News'/Nuces' will later show you why Victoria's apply, and even Victoria NUland, and so note the "victoriam" motto term of Dunham-like Denhams...The Vits' have a lone and giant crescent in the colors of the lone and giant annulet of Vito's/Vita's. End insert]

And Vita's are in the Joice/Joyce motto, you see. I'm wondering whether that mouse under the joist will be Obama drowned by the Mikovits revelation once it grows large enough, like a slowly-rising water level to Obama's nose. Vits' were first found not far from the Micks/Mike's. "The surname Joyce is derived from the personal names Josse or Goce." Goce's, listed with Jeckells, were first found in Hampshire, beside the first known Bugs, and share the Bug fresse. The Goce/Jeckell Crest shares a white horse head with the Detrick Crest. I don't know whether Goce's/Jeckells apply to Joyce's, but I can add that Goce's/Jeckells have a version of the Carrick Coat, and that because Carricks are from Charax Proculus of Cetis, JECKells are likely from the AJAX cult of Cetis. Jake's may be using a version of the Kerrick Coat.

The Drowns are listed with Drains. I was in the process of draining the water pool due to the rain having brought the water level almost to the bottom of the joists. The mouse was trapped at that very level. I always go down to turn the pump on to drain the water mechanically when it rains too much for it to flow out on its own. As I was headed for the floor, underwhich the pump sits, there was the black mouse trap. I tossed the mouse out into the darkness, and proceeded to drain the water. There nothing I know to say about Drowns/Drains for further clues on what this event might mean. I'm guessing that the Drown/Drain Chief is that of Washingtons, because both surnames were first found near to each other.

Aha!! I always use peanut BUTTER in the traps! I had just proposed that this is Obama drowning to the Mikovits attack, and her partner is Dr. Buttar! The peanut butter is still in the trap. The mouse got none of it. It put its leg into the trap, and it snapped.

I heard a crow here this morning. I saw a crow out my window, just 20 feet away perched in the tree, a couple of days ago. These are the first crows here this spring. It's not likely that a small bird (robin, sparrow) ate the mouse this morning. Unlike them, a crow could pick it up and fly off with it, a much better explanation. I'm saying this because the mouse crawled away in what is technically my crawl space, and Crawls/CROWels, use a version of the Crow Coat, both sharing a camel head with Pepins, and we saw Pepin of Landen in marriage to Itta of Metz while Mouses'/Muse's are from the Meuse river of the Metz theater. Metz is on the Little Muse river. Crows look like Roe / Rove / Rolph kin while RAYburns use a ROEbuck while Raymonds share the orb with Metz's. "Orb" is probably for a line from the URBanus river of crow-line Ceraunii, the pointer to the coronavirus. Mikovitsincidence?

Recall Mikovits' mouseViro claims. Is the dead mouse an indication that her message with that of Buttar's will spoil the Fauci-Trump dance and lay the two in their pits to cry the blues? Here's to hoping. Trump is now taking a whopping risk to be seen dancing with Fauci, but if he's conspiring with him in some sort of deal to let him get re-elected, shame. Let them both go down.

Ahh, Rolph-like Ralphs use water bougets, symbol of Detricks. Ralphs are traced to neighboring Randolphs, and they are the horseshoe-bat liner while Detricks were kin of Babingtons who share the black Randolph bat. What a hoot, the drowned mouse just brought us to the coronavirus crisis produced by Fort Detrick, thanks to the crow that perched in a tree near my computer window. It was a rare event, not impossible, but rare enough around here to be a work of God. The Crows (Norfolk, same as Roe's / Rows and Rove's/Rolphs/Roofs) came to topic from Crawls. Plus, Pepin-like Babenbergs were founded by Poppo I, and Babenbergs share the Water Coat. The mouse was drowned in the crawl space by water. Ralphs were first found in Nairnshire with water-bouget Rose's and Rats/Raits (Bug colors). Irish crows are McInROE's. Crows were at Dromore while Dromore's share the Rove/Rolph and Row trefoil, a green trefoil shared by Rocks. The mouse drowned on the solid rock.

We could say that the mouse was eaten by a buzzard, and a bustard buzzard is used by Trapps. The Bustard surname looks like kin of English Bush's when the latter show their red fesse (they do have one). German Bush's share the Stepp Coat, and so let's repeat: "Okay, so now we know we have the evidence that Crystals sharing a Pepin motto term are in fact sharing the Moses steps because they got related my marriage." It's called a "calvary" symbol due to the cross, but that's not a symbol for anything to do with Jesus. The steps were added not because of Jesus. God pointed to Rock-line Roach's in Crystal City. The Stepp fleur is shared by Plows (kin of Court-like CURTis') while a plow is in the Crest of VARYs/FAIReys suspect in "calVARY." OH WOW, the three trumpets of Calls are like the three fish of Roach's which might reveal the Calls in "CALvary."

CALVERs share the chevron of Calvins, and while the latter are said to be from Falaise in Harcourt, the HarCOURT peacock is in the Crest of Chaffs, first found in Dorset with Calvin-like Chaffins/Caffins. The Coffers/CofFARE's were first found in neighboring Somerset, and that Fairs expected with Varys/Faireys are also FARE's.

Before writing the paragraph above, I went to sit on the step at the front door to get some sun. I heard a coo just like the hoot I thought was an owl about three weeks ago. I realized just now that it was the dove/pigeon that I've seen around (there must be more than one, and they must be living around here perhaps building a family). Doesn't an owl make a who sound? Can't the dove make a who sound? I was thinking, while sitting outside: is this a stool-pigeon pointer to the globalists using WHO to promote the Bill-Gates and Fauci scams? Didn't it seem above as though this mouse death relates to Mikovits and Buttar? My dove was making the sound in the first couple of seconds of this video. There is no hard-c sound as in "coo."

Look, there is a Coo/Cowes surname (and a Cowes location beside NEWport) using pennants, and Pennants (Flintshire while Flints/Flans could be a Flynn branch; it reminds me that Mike PENCE got Flynn fired) share the Coat of Trevors while Travers/Travis' are expected from Treviso, where Vito's were first found who look linkable to the Coat of Vits', and that surname proved to be a pointer to Dr. MikoVITS by way of Newmarks/Newmarsh's. Furthermore, Nimo's/Newmarsh's look to be in the "animo" motto term of Pennants! Bingo. I assume that God took the so-called coo of a pigeon, and created such a surname with pennants for pointing to Mikovits acting as a stool pigeon against WHO. There is more than one stool pigeon in the pigeon clues around here, but this one looks to be of the first pigeons here a year or two ago (I've lost track of the time).

As was said, a few days after the first-ever pigeon walked over the stool tank, three pigeons were seen whirling around the Maple tree not many days later. It just so happens that Maple's, with the split Shield of Travis-like Tarves', share part of the Chives motto while Chives' were first found in Tarves. Treviso was once Tarves-like Tarvisium! Zinger, it looks like I was absolutely correct to trace the pigeon coo to Coo's/Cowes', etc. Consider that "coup" sounds like "coo," for firing Flynn was a primary part of the coup against Trump.

I have a way to discover that Flynns are a Fallone/Fallen branch, for they use a greyhound version of the Fortuna Coat (Tuscany, same as Massa-Carrara and Lucca, where the house of Canossa derived that has the Fortuna dog). As Flynns are also Lynns, it was excellent to find that English Linns share the gyronny of English Fortune's. Case closed already, but Scottish Linns share the spear with Fallone's/Fallens, and were first found in Ayrshire with Carrara-liner Carricks (dog). So, the white Fallen dog is related to the white Flynn wolf.

With Flynns proving to be a fallen branch, can Flynns still be of Flints/Flans? Fallens are also Fallans, so, yes, it looks like Flynns were a Flint branch too. Recall that the Cowes-beloved Pennants were first found in Flintshire, for Caws are listed with the Adam line that was married to Marjory Carrick.

The giant and upright Fallen greyhound is also that of German Huns/Hundts, and this greyhound is in the colors of the seated dog of English Huns/HunGate's, which recalls that Seats/Cedes share the Flynn/Lynn besants. We can add here that Seatons were first found in East Lothian with the Fortune's sharing the Linn gyronny.

The Flynns share a green snake in Crest with English Seagars, and German Seagers have an eagle in the colors of the Snake/Snoke and Stone eagles, and so this is more evidence that Flints were a Flynn branch (as per the flint STONEs of Flints). Stone's share a white dog in Crest with English Huns/HunGATE's (in Dog/Doag colors and format), and the Gates' have a version of the Stone Coat.

Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doag. Snake's/Snoke's, first found in Kent with Sea's and Trips, share the Scottish Drummond Crest while German Drummonds (same fesse as Sea"s) were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs. The Drummond / Snake/Snoke Crest is also like the Stoner Crest, you see, and the latter is the Stone eagle. The Stone and Snake/Snoke eagle is used in giant form by the Sans' in the motto of Stonely-like Stanleys.

Stonehouse's share the white dog with Stone's, and Stanleys share the bend of black-dog Crags (Yorkshire, same as Stans/Stands and Carre's) while Stone's share the Craig motto, tending to reveal that Stonehouse's have the Carrick and Craig fesse. Marjory Carrick birthed Thomas Randolph of Moray, and as these Randolphs are the horseshoe-bat line, it now seems a good guess that the Carrick fesse is close to the fesse of bat-using Bugs. As Seagars were a branch of Segni's/Segurana's in the Fessy/Face motto, it's notable that Carre's/Care's (version of Cary Coat) have a leopard-face version of the Craig fesse, for Fessy/Face's share the Randolph cross.

As Craigs (in the Carrick write-up) share the Death crescents, let's go back to where the water bougets of Bugs (suspect with Carrick fesse) seemed closely related to the same of Detricks/DEATHicks/DethWICKS, and here I'm trying to prove that Detricks were from a Death marriage with Wicks ("Cari and "carent"), for the latter's three axes (probably BATTle-axes) are in the colors and format of the three bougets of Detricks/Dethwicks. "Nihilo," a Wick motto term, can mean "nothing," but it can also mean, death, as in, anNIHILation. If the Death-Wick marriage is correct, we can take this to Vicks/Vecks sharing a single-white pale bar with Victoria's, and thus make a Fort-Detrick link to Galveston. Bath of Somerset is near the AXE river that flows to Seaton.

Vicks/Vecks are likely of the Leveques/Leveks, and the latter share the lamb in the Arms of Rouen. Rollo of Rouen made a treaty with France called after the Sinclairs, and the latter are said to have been from St. Clair-L'Eveque. It explains why Rollo's have a "passe" motto term for the lamb-using Passe's/Pascals. As Rouen-like Rowans share the gyronny with Linns and Fortune's, it explains the "fortuna" motto term of Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doag beloved of Fortuna's), and this goes right for the Fallen = Flynn line, making it look from "the tanner" of Falaise. Fallis'/Falls were first found in Midlothian with the Roslin of Sinclairs (right beside the first-known Fortune's). The Leveque Chief is a version of the Barrel Chief, and the latter has a white dog head.

As I trace Rollo of More to Moray (beside Dogs/Doags), the Leveque's probably substitute the barrel dog with the Moray star. Dogs/Doags and Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars using a giant hexagram star in the colors of the Moray star. The giant Vick/Veck hexagram is half in the colors of the same of Hagars, and the Victoria stars are in the colors of the Moray stars as used by Sutherlands (the latter's write-up says that they use the Moray stars).

This recalls by trash-can dream's scene with the barrel-shaped part that was missing from a door handle in my Jeep. This scene was immediately before I was holding the trash can / drum / barrel / bucket. The Handle's (same place as Doors) share the Moray Coat, you see, and Barrels were just found, for the first time (thanks to Leveque's), to be traceable to Moray. The missing PART can now be God's code for the "pret" motto term of Morays, and Prets/Prettys do share the Sutherland / Victoria stars. The JEEPma's/Cheps happen to share the lone hexagram of Hagars...begging whether this scene has other pointers, for example to Haiti crimes along with Haits/Hague's. See the next section for what could be pointers to Haiti crimes.

After all, the Hait/Hague saltire (has same as Moray stars beside it) is colors reversed from the same of Ducks/Duckers, and Barrel-like Barrs (Barrel-dog colors) were so related to Ducks/Duckers that they named Bar-le-Duc. English Ducks have the Pret / Victoria stars yet again, and as Victoria's connects to Galveston, let's repeat that the six-pointed Hagar star is in the colors of the three, EIGHT-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars. And let's propose that heraldic "eight" is code for the Hait-like Heights/Hite's sharing the cross of VICE's/Vise's. That worky pretty goody. The trash-can scene had pointed to Fort Detrick, and here the missing handle part points well to the Galveston-Haiti connection that I predict.

AHHH, to verify, I will repeat what I've told a dozen times at least, that in this dream, I complained to the previous owner of the Jeep that the door handle was missing a part, and I knew it was a barrel-shaped part. He was Italian, of the Italian Simons, and they have a white (white-on-white) hexagram, the color of the Hagar / Jeepma hexagram! I gutted out his BATHroom, and he gave me the Jeep as part of my pay. Baths are in the bat of Moray's Randolphs, I get it, the horseshoe-bat line!

From the 3rd update of June, 2018: "The dream I had yesterday was packed and crazy. I was riding a shopping cart on the side like one rides a skate board. There needs to be a reason that I was riding it down a road on a hill. After that, I arrived to the place where the previous owner of my red Jeep, Mr. Simone, was. I was telling him that the door handle to the Jeep needed a part, and that it had the shape of a barrel. I kid you not, I had to describe to him what it looked like, and said it had the SHAPE of a barrel." I'm not making this dream up.

[Insert -- Here's a snip from the next update that could ge well here:

There had been another mouse caught in a mouse trap that pointed strongly to Dan Coats' demise, and it's the latter's job that's now filled by a pro-Trump man who's leaking -- starting late this week, and some next week too -- key congressional documents to prove that Clapper and others are guilty of framing Trump. Oh goodie. It must be election time. It pretty amazing that while the joist can point to Obama's part in the Joyce Foundation, the Jois/Joyeuse surname shares a red Chief with Keiths while the latter place three pale bars in the Chief, a symbol (though in different colors) in the Jois/Joyeuse Shield. I wouldn't be mentioning that if it not for the three-and-three pale bars of Keith-like Coats (share brown Crest with Keiths), in the colors of the three Keith pale bars, you see. So, the joist can point to both the end of Obama and Dan Coats because this heraldry makes an indirect link of the Coats surname to the Jois'/Joyeuse's.

Repeat from the last update: "As I was headed for the floor, underwhich the pump sits, there was the black mouse trap [with mouse trapped under the joist]. I tossed the mouse out into the darkness, and proceeded to drain the water." The pump is attached to a drain pipe. The Pumps are listed with Pape's/Paips/Pope's, and the Pipe's (another brown Crest) were first found in Staffordshire with Coats'. The Pipe-branch Pepins and Poppins/Pophams love the Mens', the latter first found beside Keiths of Haddington and sharing their red Chief, which is the Jois/Joyeuse Chief too, but, more than that, Poppins/Pophams put stag heads, the Keith symbol, in their Chief. In fact, Poppin/Popham Crest shares a brown stag with the Keith Crest. I think this Pump-Pipe heraldry, along with the fact that Drains are listed with Drowns, is evidence of God's arranging the heraldry to make pointers. It just so happens that the office once held by Dan Coats is making major revelations as we speak that should expose Obama's part in Russian collusion.

End insert]

The Quakers of Haiti

I have it burned in my memory that MARKhams (Maple colors) were at MAPLEbeck, and we just saw NewMARKs as critical for pointing to Mikovits. This recalls that Mr. Maness had an address at Markham (at Bay City), the place I passed the day after the Galveston mugging, just before getting to Victoria, where God introduced the News'/Nuces' every connectable by their symbols to Nimo's/Newmarsh's (if you've forgotten how, see the first instance of "Newmarsh" in this update or last). Markhams were even first found in Nottinghamshire with the early Bugs that point to the Fort Detrick and Galveston labs, which is what Mikovits and Buttar are all about, essentially.

Mr. Maness was the man-friend or common-law husband of a long-time emailer to me. The couple were involved in Haitian-earthquake relief with his helicopter, while she raised funds. The only thing I can think of, in this regard, is the Clinton crimes committed in Haitian relief, and it just so happens that Tarves' share the six fitchee crosses of Clintons and Hillarys. It's the Maplewood location of Markhams, you see, combined with Maness' having an online address in Markham specifically, that points to the Tarves', yet now we also have that maple tree beside my stool tank.

I won't repeat here why the last act of the first stool pigeon pointed to the Sewer-like Swords and Showers/Sewards, but I will say that there are swords in the Coo/Cowes Crest. There are more swords with both the Aude's and Tax's/Dachs/Dax's expected in the "audax" motto term of Markhams, and the English Dax's/Ducks even share the lion head in the Markham (and Guerin) Chief. Dax's/Ducks (share Border star) were first found in Somerset with the Borders in turn sharing the crossed Tax/Dach/Dax swords. From this picture, we can suggest James LeDUC, head of the Galveston National Laboratory that oversaw some Wuhan operations. Does this work?

Let me remind that Judy Mikovits wrote a book with Kent HeckenLIVELY while Livelys have the Marsh-like Marshal Coat, a gold version of the Whistle/Wissel lozenges while Heckens use a different-colored version of the Blower Coat. WHISTLE BLOWER. Then, stool-like Stole's share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset, same as Stole's, hee-hee), but in the shape of the cross of Bat-related and all-important Baths (Somerset hee-hee) who in turn share the Whistle/Wissel lions, hee-hee. The SNITCH in the SKY speaketh comedy, cause for rejoicing. He's got the cabals' numbers. All we need to do is to wait for their self destruction as dragon attacks dragon...because they are all absolute stupids. When they bring the whole world down in lunatic decisions, up to the sky we will go in VICTORY.

OH WOWWWOW! I really didn't understand the Stepps much when I first mentioned them, and almost deleted the paragraph. But it was exactly after writing that paragraph that I went to sit outside the front door, and there is one step only out there to the deck. I was on top of the step. It just came to mind that Stepps were identified (months ago) as a branch of STEPHensons because they both have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from one another. Having loaded Stephensons, there was their "COElum" motto term, and loading Coe's wondering if Coo's/Cowes' would come up, YES YES YES! I wasn't out on the step 30 seconds before the pigeon started to coo! Without my knowing about it, and without asking my permission, God, your God, made me stand up, go outside to sit on the step, just for this revelation.

The Stephenson write-up even has: "1150, they had moved north to Scotland in the parish of Newlands in Peebles..." That looks like the Newlands to which my newspaper in Victoria pointed, maybe an hour after passing Markham. I always link this Stephenson Coat to the Provence Coat (may have the Stephen chevron because both surnames are linkable to Falcons), and it just so happens that Markhams have a version of the Guerin Coat, a surname suspect from Guerin of Provence (near Bays of Dauphine). English Falcons (in the Stephen Shield and Crest) are the ones with the look of a Pigeon Coat. Plus, the Provence's share the crescent of French Bays while Markham is at Bay City. English Bays share the double Maness fesses, you see. Who arranged all of these things in relation to Mr. Maness? His first name is Mark. I have not said that he was involved with the Clinton crime ring. God can use people to point to fiends, and that is all.

This is amazing, folks, because the Rodham/RODDEN tree stump (almost) is in the Crest of Vickers, who, for some curious reason that perhaps only God knows, come up as "Quaker." It's another hee-hee moment if we can find a way to link Haiti-like surnames to Rodham liners, for Quakers were looked up as per the Haiti quake, and Haits/Hague's share the star of Stephensons and Provence's, and the crescent of Provence's. The other Stephensons (version of Stein bend) have the bend of Rodhams/Roddens (same place as Stephensons), as do the Rothschilds/RODDENsteins in a single-arrow form. And Stephensons are also STEINsons while Dutch Steins have the eight-pointed star of Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs in colors reversed, you see. And low and behold but that German HAITs/Heids (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothschilds) have a single arrow too, bendwise like the single Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow, and it all looks so connectable also to Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild). It seems that God is connecting Haitian-quake crimes more to Hillary Rodham Clinton than to Bill Clinton here.

Haiti shares a border and island with the Dominican Republic, and one Dominic Coat shares gold and eight-pointed stars with Rothschilds/RODDENsteins. I'm not saying that these surnames are from Haiti or the Dominican, but rather am investigating whether God is using them to point to Haiti crimes expected by the Clintons and/or their friends who got caught abducting Haitian children / orphans. Clinton was probably involved with Epstein's child-prostitution rings, and possibly with whatever else was going on that turned a fast-hard profit.

As one clue to a Haitian pointer is the Manner/Maness surname, a branch of Mens', note that while Mens' were first found beside HADDington, that the Mens Chief-Shield colors are shared by HATricks. I already shown that Hatricks share the Galves lion, but there is more, because Hatricks came up as per a hat trick I scored at age 16, and the third goal was a deke (see last update). The Deke's/Decans/Dockings, can we believe it, share the Haddington cross, and throw in the Hatrick lion! It's "coincidences" like this that convince me that God is talking. Apparently, the Hatrick was Intended to point to Haitian crimes as well as to Galveston-National crimes.

The Docking location of Deke's/Decans is so close to the Docker variation of Ducks/Duckers that God must be tossing us a bone: it's pointing to James LeDuc of Galveston National. Incredible. Dockers/Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Duck-related Nails/Neils whose saltire is colors reversed from the Hait/Hague saltire. English Dockers love the Sempers in their motto who in turn share the Coat of Duce's, both having lions in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks. (My guess is that these are the lion of Place's/Plase's in the motto of Rums/Rims who are in turn in the motto of Irish Ducks/Logans (nails).

So, look at what the deke did to verify that Hait-like terms apply, but then switched us over to LeDuc kin. The LeDuc Coat is even much like the Hede Coat, the latter using three of the Hait/Hague crescent. Studying Hait/Hague variations led me to conclude that I should try for a Hagget branch, and it happens to share the Rock trefoils and more white fish. Haggets are listed with Hackets/Hatchets, and Hatch's/Hacche's happen to use the Semper / Duce Coat in colors reversed. [On Gorka's May 6 program with Chris Farrel, the latter says that a John Hacket of the state department notified Hillary that her non-use of a government communciation system was not permitted, but, Farrel says, Hacket was ignored and let go from his post.]

Repeat: "Coffee-related Coffers were right next door [of Chaffs and Chaffins] in Somerset, but note that the Shorts/SCHORTe's are in the colors of COURTs/Coverts and Cortes'/Curtis', the latter sharing the Coron and Corona crowns (that's new). (There is a Corte surname [Italian] perhaps having a bar version of the triple Hacket fish, for the Corte Chief includes the star and crescent of Hague's.)" The Cords (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) can now be gleaned with the Carrick and Bug fesse.

Courts are also Coverts, and Miss Coverts was in Haiti with Mr. Maness. I've just found Chaffers (share martlet with Coverts/Cofferts) with nearly the eight-pointed LeDuc star, and a star-crescent combo (Court/Covert/Corte colors), same as Haits/Hague's and Italian Corte's. As the latter's pale bars can possibly be related to the Court/Covert/Corte (Hagel eagle?) pale bars, note how the latter's "aucta" motto term can be code for a Hacket branch. This really reinforces the Haiti pointer of Haits/Hague's. There's another star-crescent combo with the German Corte's using wings, and Wings/Winks share the pile of Hagels.

English Dockers share the triple-ARCHed bridge of SLOCKs, and Mr. ZLOCHevsy hired Hunter BIDEN on his board along with Devon ARCHer, and then MARY Nigro, a friend at the game with the hat trick, lived in BUTTONville at the time. The Deke/Decan/Docking Coat is shared by Deacons while there is an ARCHdeacon surname too, what are the chances? How can the hat trick point to Haitian crime, Galveston-Wuhan crimes, and Biden-Ukraine crime all at once? What is the common denominator?

Deke's/Decans and Deacons share the Rhodes Coat along with Grounds/Grundys, and I think the Grand crowns are those of Corons/Corona's. If that's not enough, Mr. Maness was working in Haiti with Miss Covert, and Courts/Coverts have a "GRANDescunt" motto term. Grands share the ROCK with Haits/Hague's, and Roquefeuil married Rhodes-line Rodez.

Hague-like Hagars have a giant, six-pointed star in the colors of the three, eight-pointed stars of Duc/LeDucs. It's Interesting. The Hagar motto includes "MODESta," and Modes'/Modens were first found in Berkshire with Arks/ARCH's because they were both from the Arc river, location of Modane. From Modens we go to Motts/Morte's/Mottins > Deaths > Detricks/DEATHicks > Fort Detrick in MARYland.

New: Hague-like Hagans were first found in Tyrone with Neils and Sharks, and the Hagan fish -- in colors reversed from the Neil, Hagget/Hatchet, Arms-of-Saraca, and Ged fish -- is in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney fish which form a saltire in the colors of the Docker/Duck saltire. It seems that Hagans, with quadrants in Hait/Hague and Hagar colors, just took us to the kidney-shaped pool with shark. Are shark-line criminals going to the international court(s) in The Hague? You might figure on globalist Rothschilds having fingers at The Hague. The Chief-Shield colors of the Hagget/Hatchet Coat are those also of shark-using Valiants.

I can now get to the Roach's (rock in Crest) again by following the rock in the Hait/Hague Crest to the Sola's/Sole's (Derbyshire, same as Heights/Hite's) in the "Sola" motto term of Haits/Hague's. "Sola" is a motto term also of Bless', and in the Bless Crest, there are four bunched arrows in a hand with arm, symbol almost in the Arms of Rothschild (five bunched arrows). If you know Javier Solana, the "boss" of the EU at its formation, note that Spanish Sole's are listed with Solana's. The EU stars are those of proto-Rothschild Bauers, and Bowers use five, bunched arrows. Rothschilds control lots in globalism. Sole's/Sola's are said to have been at Subligny, near Moulines and Avranches.

New find: Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild) have three roses on a bend all in colors reversed from the same of Lignys/Lingens! Sola's of SubLIGNY. Great timing for that. Lignys/Lingens and Solars/SoLIS' (Lise/Liss pale bars) were first found in Herefordshire with the Jays who have the same three roses on a bend in the SAME colors as Jewish Rothchilds. Can't ask for more than that.

Aha. Lingen-like Lings share the white fish with Sola's, on a Shield in the colors and format of Fellers, who in turn have a white-trefoil Coat version of the Ling-like Lynch's/Linch's. German Lings look like they can be using a version of the Gates Coat, and the Ling fish are in the colors of the fish used by proto-GEDDES Geds. That works very well to bring Bill Gates into this Rhodian-globalist discussion.

Lings were first found in Somerset with the Paine's found in the Sola write-up as Sola marriage partners, but Shins/Chine's/Chime's (share blue vair with Sola-loving Bless') Aside from the fish, Sola's use the same chevron as Chimneys while the Chimney antelope is in the design of the Derby antelope while Sola's were first found in Derbyshire...with Detricks/Deathicks, in case we can connect them. Just contemplate on why Sola's are in the motto of Haiti-like Haits/Hague's, asking why Heights/Hite's were first found in Derbyshire too. It kinda looks like a set-up by God to me. German Lings are also LingenFELDs, and then Derbys (Derbyshire) have the Field/FELD Coat in colors reversed. Detricks were at Dethwick-LEA of Derbyshire, and Lice's/Leas' are in Derby colors and format.

[Insert -- I didn't realize until the week after this update that a Newes-like "novis" motto term is used by Hyde's/Hide's. There is a Novis/Novel/Novi surname in Newes/Nuces colors and sharing two pale bars (different colors) with Nuse's/Newes. Therefore, the newspaper in Victoria is pointing to Haiti again if we thing Hide's can apply to such a pointer along with the Hite variation of Heights. Oh wow, Scottish Neve's/Nevers' (Navy branch) even share a "Sola" motto term with Haits/Hague's ("inVICTa"), and fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Heights/Hite's. English Neve's share the Sola/Sole / Roach fish, I assume. Navys/Neve's are expected with the Caffery/Cafferty horse and rider because the newspaper point to Caffery / Motel liners.

I can even point this to Perkins Coie and therefore to Hillary Clinton. The Neve/Nevers' Coat is a version of the Elis Coat and therefore of the Elias Coat. The latter use "quo" and "QUOmodo" motto terms suspect for Coie-like Coys of Quy (as though God arranged it to point Elias' to the Clintons), and Neve's/Nevers' use "quae." The "Non quo" phrase of Elias' can be expected for Nons/NEVins, you see, right down the Neve look of things, and finally we can add that Elis' and Elias' share the MOTT/Morte and Death crescent so as to be linkable to the Deathick variation of Detricks, and to the newspaper in Victoria. It's all a neat-tidy package of pointers to the things already in the discussion aside from this insert.

Ah, Quy-like Guys use "Quo honestior" (partly for Store's?) while Neve's/Nevers' use "honestia." Store's happen to have a pale bar in the colors of the two of Nuce's/Newes', but it should explain the buckle-formed pale bar of French Guys. Guis'/Guido's share an hourglass design (not officially called that) with Newes'/Nuces'. End insert]

It's Wuhan-interesting that Sola's named Newton Solney. Newtons have the SHIN bones while Shins are with the Chine's/Chime's/Chings who pointed to China's part in COVID when I was on the lightning-bolt-on-CHIMney and BRICKs-on-SHINGles event two updates ago. The Fells, who pointed to James LeDuc of GALVESton, share the Brick lozenges, and Shings/Shinnocks share the giant GALVES lion, hmm. I've just added the following Vexin-connectable thing two updates ago:

Insert May 2 -- While on the Shin surname again in the 1st update of May, I remembered that Italian SIMons apply to Shin/Chime's (same giant lion as Italians Simons) because the latter are a branch of Fox's/Shinnocks, and because Jewish Simons use a fox. The Shimmie's/Kimmie's and their Kim branch share a brown stag head in Crest with Boltons, excellent, because the lightning BOLT struck the chimney while Boltons have the black Bolt arrow. I don't know if I've told more than once (never had cause until now) that a MOTEL owner knocked on our door a half hour after the bolt to tell us that bricks were all over the roof. The Motels were pointed to with my Galveston ordeal. See the event where the bolt struck our chimney in the next update. Italian Simons use the Montfort lion, likely, as per Simon de Montfort, and that gets us to the Stack and Stock lions, the latter's being the giant lion also of French Simons.

I was introducing the chimney FLUE and the chimney stack upon crossing the "stalk" code in the Arms of Valognes. Simon de Montfort's family had married Beaumonts/Bellmonts of Leicestershire, the line from Beaumonts of Meulan in the Vexin. Was the lightning bolt thus a sign of God's anger against the vaccine criminals? Shimmie's/Kimmie's were from Simon Fraser.

OH WOW. Simms' use a "FORTuna" motto term, and Fortuna's share an upright and white dog with Detrick-like Deters/Detre's, and Miss SIM(p)son (birth name) married Mr. Deeter!!! I met her from the parking lot of a MOTEL (I've told this several times!), and Motels with Mota's can be of the Motts/Morte's sharing the Death crescent while Detricks are DEATHicks!!! WOW, even that 1999 event, in May, points to FORT Detrick. I wonder if it was May 1 or 2 (I'm inserting this here on the May 2). I remember that it was days before mother's day (May 9 that year). I saw her drive past while in the motel parking lot, and as she came back out of the restaurant across from the motel, I flagged her down on the road and asked her out for COFFEE! She was surprised. I had driven by the FBI on the side of the highway, a couple of hours earlier, looking for the body of Madalyn O'Hair. We went out the next day, at that same restaurant.

It's making the wheels of my head spin. Simon de Montfort's descendants, and therefore the Simsons, descended from Beaumonts of the Vaccine, so to speak. One Simson surname has crescents in Newton SHIN-bone colors. The other Simsons share the lion of Wells / Millens/Mellents, expected from the Vexin's Vaux line.

I've just remembered that she was mentioned in the last update: "As I've said many times, I met and became close to Mandy Simpson (Texas), who was divorced from Mr. Deeter, and here I can add that Detricks were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys." That is super verification of her pointer to Fort Detrick. She's the woman who took me to a public attraction, bats (covered the sky) pouring out of a cave.

I trace a Simson motto term to ancient Enotri at the Laus / Saracena area that is the Shark line. I trace the BUCHAN and Buchanan kin of Milans/Millens/Mellents (Simson lion) to BUXENtum on the Bay of Laus, and it just so happens that the Laus surname (Bohemia, see Bohemians below) uses grapes, the Deeter/Detre symbol, is that not amazing since the deputy director of the NIH (consists of Fauci's NIAID) is Michael Lauer! It just never ends. Simsons were first found in BUCKINGham, yup, that's right. God has used her to point to Fort Detrick, no doubt about it.

The Simson motto must be for Enotri-like Nutters/Nutts/Nottings (this Coat had changed design and may again) because they have a form of the Sassy/Saucer bend-with-besants, and the latter have SARACEN heads to boot. Bucking(ham)s share the bend-with-besants of Nutters/Nutts, no surprise but surprising just the same. All three their bends are blue on gold, the colors of the fesse in the Arms of Saraca. Oh wow, a song just played, "Oh God, how I NEED you," which made me realize that Needhams and Knees (blue bends both) can be Nutt / Cnut/Knot liners because the latter were first found in Derbyshire with Needhams...and Detricks and Mandys! Detricks share water bougets of Bugs once said to be first found in NOTTINGham.

I'd like to record that the besants above are in the colors of the same of Seats/Cedes' while Seatons are a branch of Side's/SCYTHES' in the scythes of the Laus/Lauer Coat, expected from Scidrus near Laus. The Suty branch has the Simson, Buchan / Millen/Mellent lion.

I've just found Shiners listed with German Schiens who do not come up when entering "Schien." Only the Schims/Shands come up with "Schien" (same place as Shin-like Skins/Skene's). This is perfect because Schims/Schiens share the "fortuna" motto term of Simms', and then Skins/Skene's share the wolf heads of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus', a line from Hugh Lupus D'Avranches i.e. suspect from "Evreux/Eure" at the Vexin. German Shiners/Schiens share the giant fleur of Banners, and the latter are from the Panaro river, location of Marano's/Mauritano's (near FANANo), kin of Montforts (own the gonFANON BANNER). Morano is beside Saracena (near Laus)

Banners were probably from Boii (proto-Bohemians) of Modena, for the Montfort lion is the two-tailed one in the Arms of Bohemia. As PodeBRADY is in Bohemia, note that Cake's/CakeBREADs use the Banner / Shiner/Schien fleur-de-lys, as do BAUMgartners. This, with the Newton SHIN BONES, goes to Bone's/Bohums sharing the BEAUMont lion. We just got vaccinated again. It makes the "aboo" motto term of Fox's/Shinnocks look like code for a Boii line. Fox's are from Vaux's, aren't they?

OHHHH BILLY! German Fox's are also Fauci-like Fuchs'. It's indisputable now what God was pointing to with at least my first three trips to Texas, and the Texas surname even shares the checkered Shields of Vaux's and Meulan as though God wants to make this a hard story. Ahh, Fox-using Vos'/Vosseks (like Vesk variation of Vicks/Vecks) were first found in Pomerania with Deters/Detre's and same-colored Trumps. The Hahns are in the same colors and first found in neighboring Mecklenburg. Mr. Hahn runs the corona scam as Trump's chief of the FDA. Hahns are a branch of Hanns, and the English Hanns/Hands share red hands with Fox's/Shinnocks.

This is a good place to go to the Vaux-branch Faux's, for French Faux's/Fage's have variations such as Chalnes' (Perigord), to be gleaned with the Salnier variation of Saunier's (Perigord), like the Solney location of Sola's. [On the evening of May 5, Fauchys/Foche's were found, first found in Perigord, using a giant grasshopper (Thatcher symbol). It appears that Mr. Fauci could be of the Faux / Fage blooline. Vaux's are from the vaccine-like Vexin!!!]

Fox's/Shinnocks and Shings/Shiners add red hands so as to have their lion linkable the Neils. The Sola's were probably not Sole's until they married the Roach's, for they both have three white fish, and so the Sola's (or whatever they were) look like they developed a branch named after a sole fish. But these are the fish of Neils and Saraca's, because: "During the rebellion of Hugh O'Neill, second earl of Tyrone, Roche signalised himself by his loyalty..." Sharks were first found in Tyrone, and Sharks (corona-pointing crane) share the Rockefeller-line trefoil.

God pointed to the Roach's and Smoke's/Rauch's with the black smoke that developed on the way to Crystal City; I had passed Markham / Bay City that morning, where Mr. Maness had lived who had a helicopter used in Haitian-quake relief. It was about 5 years to the day before meeting Miss Simson. Now, finally, this mystery as to why that day pointed to Haitian-quake relief is working itself out with the Clintons in the picture. As I stopped into Victoria on the way, I'll bet that the "inVICTa" motto term of Haits/Hague's, found also in the "sola invicta" of Eyers/Ayers, is for a variation of Victoria's. Did God provide that motto term looking ahead to my stop in Victoria? Actually, it was His stop. Vicks/Vecks are showing with a Shield that suggests a Victoria branch, and its the Vickers/Vicers who come up as "Quaker."

If you go to the Keen branch of Neil-related Keons/McCains, you will see a horse facing in the rare direction, the left side of the Shield (our right), ditto for the horse in the Jewish Rothchild Coat (probably has the Rodham/Rodden bend).

It strikes me here that Victoria's are mush like the Vickers and their variations, the ones coming up as "Quaker." Hmm. Vickers first came up as per the "female FIGURE" in the Darlene Crest, for Vickers share the red fitchee with Darlene's. The latter came to topic with Darlene Ray, ice-cream girl at Knob Hill Farms, and Knobs look like they use the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow too.

Oh wow, I just found the Heights/Hite's now and stuck them up above with Sola's/Sole's. The cross of Heights/Hite's is the one in the VICE/Vise Coat, and, as I've said many times, I locked myself into the back of the Nissan, when sleeping on a quiet Galveston street, with VICE-GRIPs (I clamped them to the latch on the inside). Apparently, the vice-grips are a pointer to Vicers/Quakers. The style of cross used by Vice's and Heights is shared by Crystals. The Gripps/Grape's are highly connectable to the grapes of Detrick-like Deters/Detre's. Doesn't it seem that Vice-like surnames should be from the Vexin? Don't we expect now expect dirty, sickening vaccines to be from Fort Detrick?

The Hague-like Hagars ("MODESte"), in Hait/Hague colors, have a white version of the Vick/Feck Coat, and Vice's/Vise's have the Height/Hite and EUStace cross. Vicks/Vecks: "The surname Vick was first found in Lincolnshire where a Henry le EUSke." The giant, six-pointed Hagar star (white on blue, almost the Israeli flag) happens to be in the colors of the three, eight-pointed stars of Duc/LeDucs (the latter show nothing else). These things are good for verifying that my Galveston trip is a pointer to Haiti. The French Foix's first found in Auvergne have eight (like "Height") of the Hait/Hague star, in both colors of the Hagar / LeDuc star. Ducs/LeDucs are said to have had a branch in Ile-de-France, where the other French Foix's/Foys were first found.

OH WOW. As I said, I locked the LATCH (with the VICE-grips) on the inside of the Nissan, and Latch's/Letchys happen to share the fesse-with-lozenges with Irish Nagle's ("vox") while Haits/Hague's have the saltire of Neils/Nails/Nagle's (same place as Ducks) in colors reversed! I think I get it, and it helps to point to James LeDuc, but I have no idea why the mugging points to Haiti-quake relief. Latch's/Letchys share the escutcheons of Hays (Crest looks related to Drummonds), who can possibly be a Hague branch. In fact, hays come up as "Heigh" while Haits/Hague's come up as "Haigh" (the latter have an "inVICta" motto term to go with vice-grips and the Vicers/Quakers). The vice-grips on the latch. Is that not amazing?

There is a Foix region beside proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil. Right beside Roquefeuil is Rennes-le-Chateau, home of an infamous Mr. Saunier, kin of Faux's. If LeDucs can be shown to have married the Foix line, it can be a link of James LeDuc's ancestry to the vaccine-pointing Vexin bloodline?

Oh wow, loading Crystals again, I see they share the thistle with Fauchs. And that caused me to recall that Fauchs were first found in Forez with Bassets/Besancons, which brought back to mind the porcupine of Rico's because I had read that Bassets used a porcupine. And the reason Rico's were looked up is because the island that contains Haiti is beside Puerto Rico. Is this snitching on Fauci's role in Haitian relief, since he was the head of NIAID at the time??? Ricks even have the Vic(k)er/Quaker fitchees in colors reversed. English Bassets have a "POPULo" motto term, like the POPLar tree in the Shake Crest. Quake, Shake, any relationship.

Here's Dr. Buttar, in a video out April 30, the day I checked into Crystal-cockroach motel, calling all Fauci-side doctors, "cockroaches," at the 4th minute:

As you saw if you watched, youtube has taken multiple of his videos down after they got over a million views in a few days, and so people are very open for hearing about the cockroaches. He thinks its population control, ideas that have come to my mind. He thinks that their first stages is toxicity within us, making us weaker to illnesses, resulting in quicker deaths. It's what millions have been suspect for years. It seems we are seeing it in action right now. People are now afraid to enter hospitals for fear of being murdered by ventilators. He's either suggesting that the virus was planted in New York, and by extension, it was planted in other hot spots too, or that they are faking other flus as corona where they have willing players (leaders), or both.

Here's a libertarian extremist who has a very good point in telling that Trump is for the vaccines. If Trump doesn't change his mind soon, count him as the enemy who's trying to get his own supporters slowly slipped into the trap, one degree at a time. Note how the video goes to a Rockefeller = cockroach focus in the first minute:

Someone in the comments: "In God We Trust, not man, don't put your trust in man, that includes Trump. What if he is just the place marker to keep us calm until the hammer falls?" Same thoughts crossed my mind. Trump's not been doing what he is expected to do if he were a true "care giver" of the nation. He could be nothing but a constant deceiver, the game he plays everyday whenever he's before the cameras. Note that he and Fox have thus far ignored the Buttar-side claims. NO DEBATE at all. NO DEBATE ON FOX. BEWARE. There's no way Fox can get away without that debate, because MANY Fox viewers have been anti-vaccine for a long time, and they have been expecting forced vaccinations. If Trump goes along with this even for another month, spit on that man. Take a vaccine if you want one, but do not force people to have one. Trump won't say he's for forced vaccinations, of course, as that would be political suicide. But, degree by degree, he can calmly take his voters to a precipice, then claim he can't control those who urge forced vaccinations. There is a lot of money in making people sick.

Never mind waiting for the vaccines; what if the military-created drug is laced with heavy metals and toxins? Here's Trump on May 1 pushing Remdesivir, now about to go into veins everywhere. Fauci fawned all over this drug. BEWARE:

If Trump is on their side, the people have no hope; the goons will do all they want to do, if Trump causes all the leaders to follow along. This is what is going on right now, Trump clearly and fully on their side. He allowed chloroquine to die; he said nothing to keep it's use rampant when the FDA suppressed it in favor of Remdesivir. In the 8th minute, Trump praises Hahn of the FDA. SPIT! Trump is a fake, and downright fake. Birx then gets giddy over the entry of this drug into the fight against corona. I have been afraid of Remdesivir ever since I read about it first; I was under the suspicion that this would become the official corona drug.

The first comment on the video: "TO Fox News, WHY HAVEN"T YOU INTERVIEWED DR JUDY MIKOVTZ"

Most comments are negative, and there is this dandy one: "What a disappointment Mr President I had the last drop of faith you will save us and now you are using the evil Gilead laboratories with Fauci. Help us God . We thought we are passed the vaccine crap." And then you have the regularly-deceived Trumpers: "His face is not happy, he's surrounded by snakes .." Sure, sure, Trump doesn't realize that they're snakes, sure sure. Other than that one, comment after comment is opposed to vaccines and not happy with Trump's presentation here. The deep state has the rebellion on its hands.

I'm writing here on the day I wrote about the drowned mouse. What do you think that means? Why was it's leg caught in the trap while Leggs have a stag head in Trump stag-head colors? Hmm. Trumps are also trap-like Tramps. Hmm. The good news seems to be, the mouse died. It died from trying to get some peanut Buttar, so to speak. Dr. Buttar wins, the deep state loses? Is that the Message?

Here's a Fauci clip where he gives a leftist reporter a thumbs-up battle signal, but, because he did it on camera (not trying to hide it), it's really a rebel-gesture disguising his weakness, and an attempt to keep friends on the anti-Trump side because he's becoming irrelevant now, thanks partly to the sun and heat, and partly to the bad press he's getting in social media:

Flynn News

Below is from DoJ documents in support of Flynn, though I can't be sure that Barr called for their release. Don't miss the first 1.5 minutes; you don't need to see further:

BARR MUST ARREST COMEY if only for his treatment of Flynn. Comey admitted on television that the attack on Flynn was his own idea. Trump needs to apologize to Flynn, and to make amends. An article by the Federalist says: "...documents discovered by an outside review of the Flynn prosecution — documents withheld for years." Did Barr call for the outside review, or was it done in spite of Barr not wanting it? I sure would like to know.

Do you recall how fast Trump fired Flynn for lying? Ahh, let that sink in. Trump did Obama's will from the get-go. He sure made America great again. It's not a wonder Trump and his loyalists are blaming China, because if word ever gets out that it was the scheme of Trump's enemies, Trump gets the blame for not putting them away. He thought he only had to Tweet them away. President Empty Words has yet to give the order that every reported corona patient be given the option of chloroquine, without being told that it's dangerous, from either doctor's clinic or hospitals. Trump is therefore complicit with the murder scheme of the FDA and the NIAID. He can't hide behind the claim that he didn't know of this murder scheme, because chloroquine was his baby, and he has watched the FDA and NIAID abort the drug in broad daylight. Why doesn't he pick this baby up and give it life? Why does he just talk-on each watching the murder numbers increase with each passing day?

Also on Wednesday from JW:

Judicial Watch released 143 pages of new records today from the U.S. Department of Defense, showing extensive communications between the Pentagon’s Director of the Office of Net Assessment James Baker and Washington Post reporter David Ignatius.

Lawyers for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn alleged in a November 1, 2019, court filing that Baker “is believed to be the person who illegally leaked” to Ignatius [the news] the transcripts of Flynn’s December 29, 2016, telephone calls with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

It seems that pro-Trump players will now seek to question Baker as per where he got his information.

FBI documents show that the FBI's Bill PRIESTap was an engineer of the get-Flynn conspiracy. Note that Priests share the chief of Shark-related Neils (same place as Sharks). If that doesn't convince you that God pointed PriesTAP to the SHARK, compare the TAPP item upon a fesse with the Neil fish upon a fesse in this Arms of SARACa. In other words, the one white lion upon a blue-on-gold fesse is a virtual match with the one white fish upon a blue-on-gold fesse in the Arms of Saraca. Scottish Weirs/Vere's love the Nihill variation of Neils in their motto, and use the same fesse as Tapps with white items upon it too. It's AMAZING. It's just good to see HOW MUCH WORK God has done, hundreds of years ago, in pointing to evil today. Why today? Why now?

The curiosity is that Durhams share the Weir/Vere Shield. Is John Durham part of the shark? Oh no.

Tapps (Dorset, same as water-bouget and bat-line Bugs) even bring us to the water bougets of Tape's/Toops (Somerset, same as Bat-related Baths), for the Tape/Toop Shield (minus the Chief) can be gleaned with the Shield of Babe's, first found in Dorset with Tapps, right near Bath, and right beside Wiltshire's Topps...and Laps/LABS' (share mermaid with Babe's/Babels) who pointed to a coronavirus lab(s). English Babe's use a "gold gate" that linked to the same in the Arms of PodeBRADY (Bohemia) because Babe's share a finger pointing to the sun with BRADYs. Podebrady is on a LABE river. Labe's were crossed above with Abbe's, like the McAbbe variation of McCabe's. Priestap was, I think number three at the FBI, and McCabe was number two. And we got to McCabe's by following PriesTAP to Tapps > Tape's > Topps Labs' > Babe's. It recalls the Babingtons with the black Randolph bat, and a branch of Detricks (more water bougets) passed their estate to Babingtons, thus pointing the Labs' to the Fort Detrick lab. Yet McCabe was involved in my Galveston ordeal and the coffee the next morning. Note that the three Babe bars can be above the gate in the Podebrady Arms.

"The chapelry of Dethwick-Lea in Derbyshire 'as early as the reign of Henry III., belonged to a family who took their name from the place. The elder branch became extinct in the reign of Henry VI., and the heiress brought the estate to the Babingtons.'"

Last year, I had some evidence that the George-Soros circle was depicted by the WOOD SORREL weeds in almost every open space on my lawn. I had been wondering whether my long effort of eradicating them would prove to be represent an eradication of Soros' corruption rings. I'm waiting to see. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river, and Soars are also Soros-like Sors'/Sores' (Dorset, same as Bugs, babe's, etc). The Detrick branch related to Babingtons was related also to "Lea," as we saw in the quote above with "Dethwick-Lea (Derbyshire), and Lea's are listed with Leghs/Lighs (Cheshire, beside Derbyshire), whom I trace to the Legro river, the alternative name of the Soar. Is that not suspicious?

The Legro surname even shares a blue-on-gold lion with Soars/Sors'. Yes, it is suspicious, like God trying to send a message through His heraldic arrangements. Fauchs show nothing but thistles = weeds. In the Bible, weeds are our enemies...that God will permit to grow up along with us, in preparation for the fires. They are being given the opportunity to become like us, but instead they war against us, and that's why the fires are being turned up hot. The pain the pain, to the depths of the soul. Their only consolation is that they have shallow souls.

Soars/Sors' share the quadrants of LEIGHtons (Shropshire, beside Cheshire and Derbyshire), and Lea's/Leghs are also LEIGHs. So, you just saw a George Soros link, I think, to the Fort Detrick lab. Note that the sleeve-with-pale-bars in the Lea/Legh Crest is in the Crest, roughly, of Wolfleys (Cheshire, same as Lea's/Leghs), the Obama line that had linked to the Galveston National lab. The black wyvern in the Leighton Crest is also the wyvern of Muggs/Mudge's. The latter linked excellently to my mugging in Galveston by a Negro. Negro's use EARS of wheat suspect with the Eyers, first found in Derbyshire and using a leg. Eyers are also Ayers, which begs whether Obama is back with Bill Ayers. Scottish Ayers use a Leighton-like "lighter" motto term.

See John Solomon's details on the latest Flynn news:

Solomon doesn't tell who may have been responsible for releasing the Flynn bonanza. Nobody thinks that Wray released them willingly, and we may assume that Barr signed off on the release. Ahh, Sara Carter: "The new evidence was turned over to Sidney Powell, Flynn’s defense lawyer, by U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea, who obtained the information after an extensive review by attorneys appointed by U.S. Attorney General William Barr to review Flynn’s case. Barr’s team included United States attorney in St. Louis, Jeff Jensen, who is handling the Flynn matter, along with prosecutors from the office of the deputy attorney general, Jeffrey A. Rosen." Why is the deputy attorney general even prosecuting Flynn? Is that what Barr's will is? Doesn't it make Barr look like a deep-state goon? Flynn may have been saved by Jensen.

Below is a good video by BCP late in the week. When you hear, at about 6 minutes, that Flynn, who was in a key role within Obama's Intelligence community, wanted to re-organize military Intelligence (cut out the corruption, we assume), it about makes you want to cry as to how fast Pence and Trump shed this promising man from the team. It must have been another one of those cases where the deep state threatened him, and he cowered in obedience. That's been Trump's legacy, the coward who never even tried to smash deep-state leaders when he had the golden opportunities. Never call smashing corruption a violent thing to do. Smashing the wicked is love for the nation. Be violent (no mercy, hard and fast) against them, or give the job as president to someone who will be. The Barr turtle hasn't exactly been hard-and-fast.

It's amazing how the media's Trump lovers blame the FBI for ruining Flynn when it was clearly Trump's fault. He just let the FBI hang Flynn high in a frame job, and went about his business. He witnessed the FBI trying to frame him, but as long as the FBI was busy framing his team players, trump was okie-dokie with that. Every once in a while, he'd come out to give a little tongue lashing at the FBI, and that is all he ever did. He had the opportunities to expose the FBI to the point that it would have been too feeble to frame anyone else, but the president did not do it. Nunes asked him to declassify for the purpose of shaming / weakening / ruining the FBI, but Trump refused.

Barr (missing a barrel-shaped part in his skull) kept Wray on board, but look at what this animal has refused to expose amongst the things he witnessed with his own eyes. It's been a disgusting performance by Trump; nobody else is to blame. You don't blame the animals who are just acting their nature; you blame the hunter who refuses to hunt and kill them. Whenever Trump opens his mouth, he reminds the people that he's the only thing that matters. He can't go three sentences on any topic or questioning session without taking an opportunity to promote / uplift himself. He's sick with love of self. He's not appearing daily to help the nation; he's appearing daily to win the election by helping the nation. There's a difference. This type of person always frames his agenda for self advancement / gain.

Jeffrey Jensen, the DoJ man who's giving surprising FBI documentation to Flynn's legal team, has a surname that shares the checkered Shield of Fiscs and Horwitz's, what should we make of that?

On top of the massive exposure at how a generation of educated liberals could screw their minds so bad along with their spirits on a host of life issues, there is the screw-up shown below by a free movie (get some popcorn) going around, unless the internet police ban it. It is an excellent exposure at how liberals wasted our money and simultaneously tried to scare us to death (with lies, what else) on a very bad "business deal" that we did not agree to. So utterly stupid have they been that they failed to admit or acknowledge the truth staring them in the face: green energy is not doable on a massive scale. So, the definition of a liberal, in every field of life and study, has become: a screwball unwilling to face the truth. This movie is a sore jab against liberal GREEN by a green liberal, ouch. The bottom line is a lot lower than the still-too-blind director of the movie would have you believe, because there isn't even any climate change going on that calls for (justifies) tax-supported green energy. But don't get depressed; enjoy the silver lining: liberals are getting some decent education, for a change, from their own kind:

It should tear your heart out to learn that, all this time, the liberals weren't telling us that principal coal / gas plants need to be kept running at all times regardless of how much money is spent on setting up replacement systems in solar and wind energy. Translation: green energy has been a 125-percent waste of money, so to speak. Hopefully, just in time for the final 3.5 years, there will be such a glut of solar panels and batteries that they will pay us to take them off their hands, as liberals turn and shun green energy...because someone in their camp dared to shake them by the shoulders, and slap them on their faces, "wake-up, wake-up, you fool." They were programmed not to listen to the wise, and became fools, because they trusted the liars in their camps. I predict the media people, important people, are going to rebel against the liars when finally they realize: this is nuts, I'm becoming a nut and a cheat for the political cause that is a wasted cause, a lie; it isn't worth it.

I began to think that, maybe, this movie was put out at this time to move liberals to the next step, the next and only solution: accept population control by murder as a good thing, and hope you don't get murdered. Maybe they will murder Republicans / conservatives, wouldn't that be their natural game? But of course. I wonder how many of the "corona" deaths have been conservative people, and I wonder how they were really killed. In the 46th minute, a man with a very small head, susceptible to lies, says: there are too many humans beings..." It doesn't matter what comes next in his words, the ones already spoken call out for fear of humans, to hate your fellow man because there are too many people in the world, these freaks, these liberal destroyers, are lunatics, and we need to take it seriously, because if they get much more power, they will do something drastic. They need to be ruined ASAP. Alas, God tells us what will be: they will get their destructive way, they will ruin the entire planet when love for fellow man grows cold, and violence abounds.

If they can kill babies, they can kill one another, and you and me. We are there, it is here. There is here. There is no crisis but the one they manufacture. By hating humans, they cause their own crisis. If people were lovable, they wouldn't fear people. But the liberals are demonic. In one generation we lost the ideal: one human life is worth more than all the money in the world. We used to say, when I was young, that one cannot put a money value on one human life. That's when we appreciated one another. But in one generation the liberals have cheapened humanity, loved trees and dogs more than their fellow people, and have taught them to lie and to destroy, to become faggots, hookers, porn "stars" and every disgusting thing possible including hatred of their one Creator. And what is their solution: population control.

In the 47th minute, a dope says: "without seeing some major die-off in population, there is no turning back." Well, then, it looks like fools have opened the option of planning a lot of wars that will then get away from them, and, unable to control the outcome, Armageddon. This final solution will become the best thing ever to hit the final generation: the government will be on HIS shoulders, wonderful Counselor, eternal Father. Everyone deemed worthy will be spared that final war. The only people left behind are those who subscribed to inhumanity and hatred of God. There will be massive population reduction after all, only those who wanted and plotted to kill others will end up being killed by God. Michael Moore seems to wish to be the first man into Hell. I didn't finish watching the entire movie.

At 11:30, youtube's not showing Hannity's Thursday show (April 30) by any non-Fox channel; maybe there's something there that the leftists don't want seen? Probably the Flynn story. Instead of lamenting FBI crimes against Flynn, youtube is complicit with it. THERE WILL BE A PROPER PRICE (pound for pound plus criminal punishment) to pay for this, guaranteed.

Ditto for Ingraham. When asking youtube for "ingraham april 30," nothing. I get old videos only from her, a week old, three months old, etc. I have been using this dated search query for months, and there has not been a problem until tonight. Painful truths are cascading on the heads of leftists so badly now that they need to hide them to save themselves from absolute humiliation. They are too-far deep to apologize. Like cornered rats, they prefer to fight on. Okay, fight on, and bury yourselves alive. Asking google the same inquiry likewise hides her youtube shows. This is like when adults deal with unruly children. The leftists are demeaning themselves after defying themselves for decades; their minds no longer work well due to eating and spitting out lies for so long. BEWARE, lunatics are trying to get into power over us. REALLY BEWARE. When the Americans have their lunatics over the U.S., liberals in all nations will follow their patterns. They can't win this election without cheating in every possible way.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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