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March 3 - 9, 2020

Four Giuliani Videos Make Criminal Case Against Obamaite TaxMoneysuckers
Trump's Spy Machine Comes to Light
The Saxon Athelings Were from the Pannonia

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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In one video by a young Bible teacher, a pre-tribulationist, who preaches wrongly that we are to give "tithes," he seeks to show from scripture that faith is not a "work" (beware the pastor who demands tithes, for he knows full well that tithes are not required in the New Testament). He uses Paul, of course, where the apostle contrasts works of the law with faith. Salvation is not by works but by faith, therefore faith is not a work, the young man reasons. But it ignores Jesus' saying that "the work of God is to believe." That could be said in different words as, "remain in the Vine." It sounds like an easy work, but it can get hard at times for any of us.

He is making a big and serious mistake. In context, Paul's use of "faith" was a short-form for living in Christ versus retaining a lifestyle touching upon the temple laws. We are to move on from temple-related laws to a set of laws in Christ. That sounds like works to me. We don't get to chose whether we will do the works of Christ or not, as though we can be saved either way. The easy conclusion: we must add works to faith to be saved. If he hasn't even gotten to that point, how foolish is he when sharing other doctrines with "respectability"?

The young man produces a picture in which we rob God of Crucifixion glory if we try to attain salvation by works. Where does Jesus command that we must cease doing good works lest we take focus off of the Father's work with the cross? This is as reckless mistake.

To clarify, no one will be saved by dependence on any type of works alone. That's what Paul was teaching. We need the grace of Christ above all. We need the forgiveness. But the Cross represents a new opportunity for sinners to get things right. Jesus is offering us salvation if we turn things around and do the right WORKS. He didn't die cheaply so that we could rest in belief alone and not do the things that God desires in us. It is to God's glory when we do the right things in spite of the force of sin to make us act selfishly. We are acting the moron, if we know the scriptures, if we minimize works or relegate them to some nasty category that's in opposition to salvation.

Salvation is a work of God in urging us to do the right things. God plays his role by first teaching the right, then demanding it from us, and then urging us from within our hearts and minds to DO the right things. You can find examples in Jesus' teaching where he clearly says that, without sufficient obedience to God, your "Lord Lord" will do nothing for obtaining your salvation. Does that make you worry? Blessed are those who are worried (concerned) about their salvation; but beware those who feel they are a shoe-in for salvation just because they believe that He died to forgive sins.

I have a tenant sharing my floor. The rent doesn't include clean-up from me. I weekly clean the toilet, shower and sink; he's never done it once. The rent doesn't include my doing all the sweeping and vacuuming, but that's what I do, only too happy to make the tenant's life easier. I insist on doing his dishes. I am not working a full-time job, but he is; I therefore feel it's God's expectation of me to help him out in life as I can on this home front. It's not a big deal, but it is a thing that many people won't do. Why not? Because, they think as the world teaches them. But I've been changed by the COMMANDS of Jesus, who has placed a FEAR OF GOD in my heart, as well as an appreciation for the way in which the Father wants the world to run. Jesus sold me on the Father's nature and plans.

I always have the kitchen cleaned up for him when he comes home. I often shovel the snow around his car, and wipe the snow from upon his car too. I own the house, and could demand that he does half the clean-up, yet I am his servant because he works a job and I do not. It's almost nothing if I take a few minutes here and there to do these things. I can find some pleasure in being "unordinary." It feels good, no problem at all. It's NOT A BIG DEAL TO DO RIGHT, TO GO THE EXTRA MILE, IT'S REALLY EASY. The only question is: will we do it? That's how Jesus can change us. If everyone treated everyone like this, what a GREAT world it would be. MAKE OUR WORLD GREAT AGAIN.

Why am I bragging like this? Has Trump worn off on me? I let the tenant use my coffee filters without asking him to buy his own. I've asked him not to buy extra spices and condiments, but to help himself to mine. It's not a big deal, but everybody appreciates this sort of attitude. I'm going to be rewarded, anyway, with appreciation from my tenant, right? What could go wrong? I insist that he should use my cream, my sugar, my toilet paper, my napkins, but I fear that he might take advantage of me, and spoil it for me, you see. Now why would a tenant, treated this well, want to spoil it for himself by over-reaching? The sin problem. He doesn't really care about me at all, no matter how well I treat him. He's thinking about his own life and his own conditions. I feel bad for him because he doesn't own a house in his mid-40s. I wish I could help him.

I let him use my internet for free, so long as he doesn't download movies and such, or use high definition. I've explained to him that I'm on a low-data plan of 25 gigs per month, and when we went over that limit once, I gave him the option of paying me just $10 per month so that I could upgrade to 50 gigs. That's right, I pay $60 dollars for the first 25 gigs, and he, for only 10 dollars, can have 25 gigs all to himself (I usually watch the lowest-definition videos and therefore use less than 25). Yet he turned the offer down, wanting instead to use a small portion of my 25 gigs for free. I was okay with that.

Then, last week, he used up 13 gigs in either one evening or two just to record a few movies for his weekend. Ouch. It gives me an idea of how God felt when he gave Adam the globe, yet was stabbed in the back for an extra fruit tree. It's the sin condition. I had explained to him, and he witnessed it himself when we went over the 25-gig limit, that the satellite company drastically slows the feed. The feed can stop for 20 seconds, 40, or even a minute, then it would return and stop again a few seconds later. It's a lousy way to watch videos. So, for the sake of his watching a few free movies on my dime, he took me to the 25-gig limit with almost two weeks left in the month. He knew exactly how horrible it would be for me. And he did this to me after I became the near-equivalent to his butler.

It was unforgivable that first minute when realizing what he had done. My heart wanted to boot him out (he's paying rent weekly like in a motel situation), force him into a motel (at two or three times the cost of my rent), that'll teach him. But wait. We're called to forgive. Drats.

What he did divides people sharing a home, you see. It ruins my home experience to have an ingrate living here. I didn't especially want to see him walking into that door. My human-normal heart was no longer for his welfare. GET LOST YOU INGRATE! HOWEVER, he might become a Christian one day; his boss goes to Bible studies, and he seems to respect his boss. This tenant allows me to talk about Jesus without showing demons, but he's at least half a liberal of a Catholic background. We've sat many times chatting at dinner. We act like good friends together. So, I decided not to confront him about his theft of 13 gigs, even though he's been a phony friend. It would have made him feel uncomfortable, and would have made living in the same house lousy. By letting this slide, I'm doing myself a favor too.

Small degree by small degree, I had to let the bad feelings subside. God gives us no other choice. I had to guard my heart lest the bad feelings grow stronger. I had to go the other way. I had to remind self that Jesus forgave me for a trainload of sins, and now I'm going to be vengeful over just 13 gigs? So, after not giving him Internet on the first night, and loving it, I turned it back on the second night, and I went out into the kitchen to exchange some words, to kill the animosity, to let the bonehead get away with what he did. It took a couple of days to let the bad feelings go. But the damage was done. I mistrust him now; I see that he has no common respect for me, this is the problem with the world in a tiny nutshell. Sins against one another makes all love grow cold.

My faith motivated me toward doing the right thing, but I still had to do the right thing. It didn't come naturally, and faith alone isn't enough. Faith is my desire to be with Jesus, and this motivates me to doing as He wants done. That's how it works. When we value our salvation, we also strive to do as Jesus wants things done. We have salvation for as long as we remain in the Vine. Remaining in the Vine is not some yoga-like experience. If your faith doesn't stress the importance of doing as He wants done, you need to get a better faith. Sin wants to dominate us, but we are called to dominate sin. If your faith is cheap, you're not going to survive the onslaught of sin. Perfection comes with practice, but you won't make it through boot camp if your appreciation of Jesus isn't deep. If you are acting the moron with the teaching that perfection in Christ is by faith alone, slap yourself on the chin (both hands) until you come to your senses.

Anyone who concerns self with faith alone has a nasty problem. If works bother you, you are not the right material for God. You should desire to be like Jesus before calling yourself a Christian. If you haven't wrestled with His words, how can you say you have desire to be like Him? Once you have read his words to the point of deep understanding, do you go on reading forever? Do you have this idea that salvation involves reading the word everyday? Early Christians didn't even own a Bible. It's not the scriptures that save unless they lead you to having the right attitude with Jesus. This is your choice to make.

So, a righteousness from God's grace is imparted upon those who receive Jesus deep enough, or round enough, or well enough. Our works need to be good enough for God to receive us. Why is He a judge if it's not to judge our works? Is God's bar too high for most people? Probably not. If people would only apply themselves to the teachings of Jesus, they could get over the bar. And this is what churches must teach, yet they have been deceived by faith-only morons ever since Martin Luther. They lower themselves to a moronic state even when the Bible is filled with tellings about the necessity of works. It's all about works.

It's all about a spirituality that is not some sort of meditation experience, but about the things from the heart unto works. Spirituality is the human factor versus the material factor. Spirituality is about "the things of the heart," what is so hard about this? Being born again is a change of the heart, a desire to be like Jesus, and the biggest most conspicuous thing about Jesus was, and still is, his good works. Therefore never-ever-ever even bring up the topic of faith-alone. It's useless for productivity, useless for glorifying God, and it's also confusingly deceptive.

Faith-alone gave birth to "legalism," which gives the impression that the mere application of good works is somehow detrimental to salvation. It's the devil who would want us to rest in faith-alone, stop applying ourselves to works. The New Testament teaches that we should make our salvation more sure, more anchored, more hooked, more solid, more certain, with good works. But if we have these good works without faith in, or love and reception, of Jesus, then those works are in vain for the purposes of entering God's eternal kingdom. Or, if we apply the good works while hanging on to a Jesus that is not the true Jesus, then we cannot be received by God.

So, if we have a disposition to despise or reject the program of conforming to the good works of Jesus, our first priority should be to seek the light in Jesus' teachings. The first piece of light comes as the call to eternal life. How could anyone buck against that? Only if they dislike what Jesus teaches for life. Who wants an eternity of a lifestyle they despise? That's your anti-Christ? But why do they want their friends and even their children to despise Jesus? Because they want to set up a world of their own that has no mention of Jesus anywhere. These dogs of damnation are in the Democrat camp, and they create for themselves a set of ethics that they break in hypocrisy because getting into power is more important for them than following their own set of ethics. They cheat and lie and slander, breaking their own Godly sets of rules, just so they can wipe Christ from the face of the earth. They wish to show that they can be righteous without Jesus. They want to build an image of Godliness for themselves, in order to be attractive to victims (their suckers), but by denying Jesus. Good luck fools.

The future is very predictable. As anti-Christ leaders realize that they are hypocrites, they will lower their bar of "righteousness," lower and lower until they are a laughing stock. We are there right now. Media anchors are a laughing stock. Some of them are rebelling at times, refusing to push the lie for fear of being a laughing stock. This is all there is to this movement, just pure shame, why be afraid of these dogs? Their only chance at holding on to power is by ruthless, cruel means, and that could come at any moment. We are seeing the signs, jailings of their enemies, for one.

The "good news" is that God is making eternal life available to ANYONE who responds properly to Jesus. There's the bar. It's not even a high bar if only you can appreciate Jesus. How hard is it to absorb the teachings of Jesus, since they are excellent? Drink and be saved, a win-win. Drink up your salvation, it's just so easy to do, and it feels so good. But as for me, I was alarmed at the anti-Christian movement in my midst. I was appalled by its dogs. I had no idea that these wolves were everywhere until I became a Christian. I had no idea that these were the very dogs who were controlling "my" government, "my" television, "my" schools, "my" radio. It was prophecy fulfilled. Jesus called it right, that they would hate us. I came to appreciate American Christians who stood up against these dogs, as best they could, for God was permitting our enemies to win over us. I was appalled at Canadian churches for being so inactive, so willing to see society go to our enemies unopposed.

One of the most important teachings of Jesus is that we go beyond the good deeds that the world practices in common life. It would be such a shame if they out-did us. Aside from being helpful, another good deed is to spread the correct teachings of Jesus. The Internet gives everyone of us that opportunity.


Late this week, oil dropped to nearly $30 per barrel, still twice the price that it should be. Hopefully, Saudi's will get it down to $20 soon and forever.

The big story this week, that may be a ray of hope for the good guys, is that Trump must have ironed out a deal with the Senate to have Ratcliffe confirmed as the new head of the DNI. When Trump nominated Ratcliffe last year, there were not the votes to get him confirmed, and Trump gave the people a lie as to why Ratcliffe was canceled for the nomination. Ratcliffe himself said he withdrew for lack of Senate votes (it was the truth), and Trump probably canceled the nomination due to pressure from the McConnell circle of deep-state stooges.

I think Trump saw it politically expedient and advantageous to nominate one of the activists against the deep state, but the details on why Ratcliffe was railroaded the very next day are not only foggy, but there seems to be no logical explanation, for which reason I claimed that Trump was playing a trick to make his voters believe that he was truly wanting to expose the deep state. It seemed unreal that Trump would nominate Ratcliffe without first getting his commitment, and also discovering whether there was sufficient senate support to give Ratcliffe a whirl. Now that Trump has re-nominated Ratcliffe, it appears that I was wrong about Trump's trick, but I'm much happier this way by far. But wait. Maybe it's his long-term trick to get certain voters excited about lining up to vote. Maybe Trump gave Ratcliffe the job under the condition that he expose no one in the deep state. I just don't trust this president.

Fox said this week that both McConnell and Burr are now going to get Ratcliffe confirmed on a fast track. Two possible explanations for this turn-around: 1) McConnell and Burr forced Ratcliffe to commit to not exposing certain things should he become confirmed; 2) McConnell and his ilk feel that it would be political suicide to refuse Ratcliffe now that the Horowitz report confirmed corruption, and, to boot, further confirmation of corruption came soon after with the impeachment farce, and even with the Giuliani disclosures. The good news may be that congressional Republicans may now be feeling the heat should they try to sweep blatant government corruption under the carpet.

The way to destroy the corrupt and their protectors is to expose expose expose. Earlier in the week, McConnell refused to give Ratcliffe a thumbs-up, but a day or two later Fox claimed that he was for him. Hopefully, the pressure from the good guys to force the bad guys to do right is not going to stop, but it will stop if the bad guys aren't removed from power.

Late this week, Meadows spilled the beans, perhaps not intending it that way, telling that the former attempt of Trump to get Ratcliffe into DNI was blocked by Richard Burr, who has sway with many senators. It is Burr's responsibility to cleanse the foul Intelligence apparatus, and so he had best not create a power struggle at this time if he wants to come back to the senate, because the dirt on Intelligence is so grimy that voters want something done yesterday:

On March 2 from CNN: "Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN Monday that he will back the nomination of President Donald Trump's controversial pick to be the country's next intelligence chief." On the same day, McConnell indicated that his mind was not yet made up, but with Burr in support, the pressure on McConnell should make him buckle. same article: "Asked if he supports Ratcliffe, McConnell told CNN, 'I'm waiting to see how the committee process goes. I'm certainly not opposed to him but I want to see how he does before the committee and get a report from Chairman Burr and the rest of them.'" It looks like Ratcliffe will get the job. I almost feel like celebrating, but I'm so distrustful of things that I'll save it for a better time.

Lookie at what Burr said below, as though he's being forced to support Ratcliffe while hoping the senate Democrats will sink the vote: "Burr said. 'If Democrats want to vote against him and have Grenell stay on as acting until the end of the year, that’s fine with me.'" There's nothing like letting your stupidity show like that, Mr. Burr. Hopefully, the voters will fling him out so that a better man can replace him. It's clear to me that Burr has been one major obstacle for the good guys. My fear is that Trump cut a deal with Burr to get Grenell a high-level job elsewhere in the administration.

Another way to fight the dragon is for Trump to install good-guy judges in Washington (the dragon's den) until not one bad-guy judge remains. For decades, leftists on the supreme court have always voted leftist, exposing their unworthiness to be judges. They forced the rightists to install always-right-voting judges in order to stop the roll of leftism.

As lefists realize their powers are slipping away due to the increase in voters who see their wickedness, they will pack-on their moral facade. It's time to be the most ruthless against them, because they will work at winning the hearts back of those who empower them, and almost their entire strategy is to slander the opposition. They are at the point where they can jail the opposition, or kill them, without fear of retribution. That's how dire the situation is.

For now, there is a ray of hope. I have far more confidence in Ratcliffe than in Barr. Who knows but that Hillary will enter the race so that Ratcliffe decides to give her the just rewards she's earned. Get rid of Pompeo, for he's worse than useless. Install one who will seek and find Hillarys emails in the state department.

Another trick that the deep state can use to keep whistle blowers quiet is to feign political murders. "'I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,' Schumer told a cheering crowd of abortion-rights advocates in front of the Supreme Court. 'You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions,' the New York Democrat added. What exactly is Schumer referring to as the punishment? Supreme court justices can't be harmed by the electorate, and so what's Schumer threatening with?

Here's what the United States will be like if the liberals get back in power:

Below is more evidence that Trump is a sham as he pretends to oppose the deep state. Judicial Watch has been airing on Fox, for months and months, that Trump's justice department has been FIGHTING Judicial Watch in court as the latter seeks the release of information to expose FBI / DoJ / CIA the crimes. Yet Trump has failed even to demand from Barr to cease DoJ opposition to the release of information. That tells us all we need to know. A judge (same one as always) awarded JW the right to question Hillary Clinton and others, on certain matters, but it must be done within the next 75 days. Lou Dobbs has the story. Napolitano says that Hillary is no longer prosecutable, under law, for her email crimes, but a comment disputes it with: "Statute of limitations is 10 years, not 5, she can still be charged." She's still required to tell the truth now, as she hopes to protect Obama and others in her answers:

I would really like to hear the details of how the DoJ and Pompeo's state department are refusing to allow Judicial Watch to expose Hillary's crimes. Pompeo is a cursed man, just like Barr. If they think they are getting away with anything, what's their motives? These men are the filth of government, and Trump put them there. They don't rule for the people. They do the will of the deep state, the people who have long-term agendas regardless of which president comes to the White House. They rule unelected, and use elected "officials," puppets, to-be-despised farces who consider the people far beneath their feet. Many people are low, to be sure, but many are not. The United States has never been for the people. The more I see things exposed, the more sickening this nation proves to be. The lowest of all people are the "officials" whose number one job is to appear "for the people."

Nunes has started another law suit, this time against the Washington Post. Hoping the best. Every time a media gets sued, it costs money, win or lose. If a sufficient number of law suits come against them, they will decide it's not worth it to put out false information. In the meantime, exposing their lies decreases their viewership, ouch, that hurts their money god.

Finally, someone is piling on Bill Barr, besides Tom Fitton:

Oh look, a Fox show piling on Barr. Miss Kennedy takes Bush Jr's spy system ("Patriot Act") all the way back to inception and incubation under a Bush Sr. Barr-Mueller team, that's right, she dared. And Bush Jr. made Mueller his FBI chief at a critical time when starting Middle-East pillaging programs. That's why Trump has been persecuted, to keep him from ruining the Middle-East plots still on-going. So what did Trump do after being shamed for picking Sessions? He picked Barr. And trump lovers all trusted that he knew what he was doing, with Barr, because Trump's supposed to be a genius:

The momentum at this time is to make it illegal to apply for a FISA spy program on an American. I can see this as something God would want done to protect Christians. But the problem is the fake-terrorist monster that the Bush-Jr. administration birthed. It's a fake monster with faked terrorist plots to keep the monster looking real. If there really were terrorists, they would be blowing things up and getting away with it five times out of six or more. The deep state has opted to feign terrorists acts as lone-wolf attacks because they are easier to deal with. It is easier if they "kill" the perpetrator at the scene of the crime rather than have him get away, because deep-state leaders don't want to be responsible (it costs money besides) for seeking a terrorist that they know doesn't exist. They opt to use lone wolves because, if they feign a killer from an organized group, they would be responsible for hunting for that group that they know doesn't exist.

When dealing with leading, activist Democrats in my updates, I am dealing with dragons. We are not called to be silent lambs before them. Jesus acted the lamb before them already, and rose up as The Momentary Destroyer. God gave Him a Sword, not just an ornament. His next act is their destruction. They are not seizing 13 gigs of data, but are the destroyers of souls, the type that take their own children to Hell with them.

About the 24th-minute mark of Bongino's Friday show (below), he gets into new FBI 302s that have come out showing that the FBI knew the Trump-Jr. meeting with some Russians -- the one at Trump Tower -- had nothing to do wrongdoing of any sort let alone Trump-team collusion with Russia. My question: why did Trump not reveal any 302s publicly to shame his attackers? I would agree with the wisdom in allowing the culprits to fully commit their crimes before exposing them, but Mueller came and gone a "long" time ago, yet Trump has never revealed one thing to prove that FBI's leaders were criminally fraudulent. Surely, Trump, and his family members too, would have demanded the FBI 302 notes as regards the Trump-Tower meeting in order to clear Trump Jr.'s name. The 302's in Bongino's show tell that Trump Jr. was telling the truth about the contents of the meetings. Why didn't Trump publicize this thing? It's neglected things like this that make Trump appear as though he's party to the collusion hoax, and that his acting role is to cry like a victim.

Requesting from google, on Friday night, "fbi 302s huber trump tower," google does not give the story that Bongino tells above. This story is a gigantic piece of shame for leftist media, google included. By now, all sorts of Trump supporters would be sharing it...unless it's a hoax. Yet Bongino shows the actual 302s...unless they are faked. I assume they are not faked, unless johnwhuber got them faked, because the story seems to originate with him. CNN, only a few days ago, received a ton of FBI / DoJ documents from the DoJ and, as we might guess, CNN would not have wanted this story to get out, but, apparently, it did get out. Or, the story is a fake.

So why didn't Trump reveal any 302s??? Even if the ones above are faked, why didn't Trump get the real ones? If nobody in his family asked for the official FBI records concerning that meeting, it would have been an even greater shame than Trump having seen them only to keep them hidden from the voters. There are all sorts of documents that Trump requested concerning the attacks on him, but he has refused to release them to the public. Trump allowed the attacks to continue even while crying the blues about them. What kind of demon is Trump? He could have thrown cold water on the attack at any time.

I found the story by asking google for "samochernov fbi johnwhuber." Pseudo-Huber writes: "Also worth noting that @CNN and @BuzzFeed originally filed the lawsuit that got these records released under FOIA and they’ve had them for weeks. Have they done any reporting on this? Of course not. Zip." There's no word from Huber as to where he obtained the 302s. It could be from a legitimate leak where the leaker doesn't wish to be known. But if there's no corroboration that these are true FBI records, the story will lose legs. Someone could ask Trump to appoint someone to find whether these are real 302s? It's important enough, isn't it? Shouldn't Trump Jr. be elated with the release of this information? Well, no, not if they are real 302s, because the Trump inner circle covered them up, if they are real. Waiting to see if anyone at Fox adds to this story.

I was wondering why I haven't seen the mid-week story below at Fox, and it's almost Sunday as I write. It tells that Nancy Pelosi's son was a board member of Viscoil, and a executive of a related Ukrainian-energy company. But then I learned that this story was out in 2014, yet the video presents it as happening this past week. I checked the comments to a deep degree on this youtube page, and found not one comment telling that this is an old story. That's probably because media, along with google, kept it hush, and few know about it. As of today, amongst the big media, google brings the story up only from the Washington Times and Washington Free Beacon.

As one can see in the 3rd minute, Paul Pelosi was a co-founder of Natural Blue Resources, a company charged with fraud (though not by the FBI). We wonder, did American tax dollars go to this company too?

By what coincidence did Pelosi manage to become Speaker of the House in 2018, even though she looked mentally ill and a bimbo simultaneously? It thus appears that she had invisible power behind her as per a money-rigging ring, and we can even ask whether her circle of deep-state rats threatened sufficient numbers of House Republicans, causing them to resign so that Democrats might take the House and place Pelosi on its throne.

The prosecution (Securities and Exchange Commission) tells that Natural Blue Resources, with Mr. Pelosi as its president, had two "convicted criminals" running the company with Pelosi. One (Mr. Corazzi) of the four people accused of fraud includes a former New-Mexico governor, Toney Anaya. He was also New Mexico's attorney general. Later: "In 2009 [under Obama], New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson appointed Anaya to head the New Mexico Office of Recovery and Reinvestment. Anaya was responsible for overseeing the spending of the $1.8 billion in federal stimulus money expected to be invested in New Mexico during the next two years" (his Wikipedia article). One of the two criminals above is from New Mexico too, where Jeffrey Epstein has a ranch, in case this applies.

We read at the link above: "Cohen was a registered representative for various broker-dealers from 1987 to 1997 and subsequently was barred from association by the National Association of Securities Dealers (“NASD”) after being convicted and sentenced in 2004 for the crimes of attempted enterprise corruption and attempted grand larceny in New York state court." That's who Mr. Pelosi was involved with in Natural Blue.

Pelosi was an operator of the company since in 2009, Obama's first year. It seems a no-brainer that the company was formed for the purpose of receiving American grants, as a laundering machine. But maybe I'm jumping the gun. "From August 24, 2009 to January 10, 2010, Pelosi served as President and a Board member of Natural Blue." If I recall correctly, that was about the time that Obama stole $800B from the tax payers and redistributed it to his friends / Democrat associates. Repeat: ""In 2009, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson appointed Anaya to [be] responsible for overseeing the spending of the $1.8 billion in federal stimulus money..."" Well,

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) (Pub.L. 111–5), nicknamed the Recovery Act, was a stimulus package enacted by the 111th U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama in February 2009. Developed in response to the Great Recession...

That looks very suspicious to me. To whom did Anaya grant the money? Did some go to Epstein? Did this New-Mexico circle kill Scalia? Did Fox keep the lights out on this story? If yes, why?

I very-much resent the youtube channel above that presented this story as one from this past week. This world is full of sick-for-money people. Be rich in being good for the human race, STUPID, for you can wear that as your crown. You become valuable in soul when you are good for the human race. Instead, sick-for-money people defile and even destroy their souls to have what money can buy, new clothes, better furniture, dream houses. STUPIDS. When we conduct ourselves as Jesus would in human interactions -- at work or play -- we have The Power. We don't have it to dispense as we think best, yet The Power is With Us. Things will go better, and, as Jesus promised, our needs will be added unto us. And, so to speak, your sandals won't wear out as fast. There will be treats along the way of life. The Invisible Power will reward us, or He's a liar, but the biggest rewards are self-respect / satisfaction with self / peace with God / no fear of God / eternal "assets" / New-Kingdom promotion(s).

I've seen evidence that Mark Meadows, Trump's new chief of staff, could have a corruption problem. I saw a video once where Meadows was questioning, very rudely, a couple of whistle-blowers whose purposes were to support Trump against his enemies. It seemed to me that Meadows was wanting to threaten or persecute those whistle blowers, as though they might harm him in some way. His Wikipedia article has this: "...Meadows's then chief of staff, Kenny West...Meadows paid West $58,125 from April 2015 to August 2015 even though he was no longer working in Meadows's office. There is 'substantial reason to believe that Representative Meadows retained an employee who did not perform duties commensurate with the compensation the employee received and certified that the compensation met applicable House standards, in violation of House rules and standards of conduct,' the Office of Congressional Ethics report said." It looks more like theft of tax dollars to me, for the purpose of rewarding West for some sinister thing on behalf of Meadows, or for the both of them in a mutual scheme. Meadows and Trump appear to be good friends at the least.

By and large, Meadows has Christian positions, and, unless he's a fake, should be much better in the White House than John Kelly was. Meadows seems like a shaker, an activist, and so he might surprise us in what he can do to limit deep-state interference in the White House. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a White-House chief of staff, and even the president, have easy access to Obama's records?

I think it's becoming a clear possibility that Trump, in his first three years, distanced his most-supportive, "conspiracy-nut" members for fear of the Mueller probe and impeachment push, but that with those two failed programs behind him, he's become more bold / courageous to get his anti-deep-state supporters into key positions. That's a good sign, we hope. If Trump won't do the heavy lifting, maybe men like Ratcliffe and Meadows finally will. And if they do, with benefits to Trump, the latter might even get more of the same onto his team. Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes come to mind.

Giuliani Let's US See Inside Ukraine

Catherine Herridge of CBS leaked news that Ron Johnson of anti-deep-state Republicans is about to receive 10,000 pages pertaining to his request for government disclosures on Ukraine corruption. The story starts in the 24th minute of BCP. Get a close look at Lindsey Graham's face (26th minute), and play it a second time, because he appears guilty and frightened simultaneously on the topic of Johnson:

Here's what Bill Barr may be trying to hide:

"Blue Star, a U.S.-based government and public affairs firm founded by Karen Tramontano (former deputy chief of staff to President Clinton) and Sally Painter (a former Senior Advisor for the Clinton administration), was a U.S. representative for a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma Holdings," Johnson wrote. "As part of the Committee’s ongoing investigation, it has received U.S. government records indicating that Blue Star sought to leverage Hunter Biden’s role as a board member of Burisma to gain access to, and potentially influence matters at, the State Department. As part of this investigation, the committee requested and received documents from both Blue Star and a former consultant for Blue Star, Andrii Telizhenko."

According to a Daily Beast report from Dec. 2019, Telizhenko worked at Kyiv’s embassy in Washington from December 2015 through June 2016 and "has played a key role in the promotion of the contentious narrative, popular on the political right, that the Ukrainian government worked with Democrats during the 2016 campaign to damage Trump." According to Johnson’s letter, Telizhenko identified a "limited subset of relevant records" from his Blue Star work that were covered by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and could not be produced without a subpoena compelling him to do so.

Well-well, an American company representing Burisma, how can this possibly not be relevant seeing the inner-circle Clintonites are involved? This story looks so juicy, but, once again, close but no cigar. Johnson claims to have no damning documents. At this point, it's just news juice, but maybe, just maybe, Johnson will pull something off. Telizhenko is on Trump's side and allegedly opposed by Blue Star officials. He sounds like a whistle-blower without as whistle, and Johnson is trying to get him a blow horn. Makes for juicy news. Why are there no Google-produced stories on the 10,000 pages as of 11 pm Eastern time on Thursday night, aside from one at anti-Trump BuzzFeed?

Here's Giuliani's show on Telizhenko (start in the 2nd minute):

Giuliani says that Zlochevsky (Mr. crocodile shoes) fled Ukraine to Monaco to keep from being prosecuted. Telizhenko was working briefly under Shokin, the latter being the one that Biden got fired (criminal act, impeachable offense) with the wink or even the big shaft of Obama.

When you hear the name, Poroshenko, in the video, that's the Ukraine president installed as a result of the America coup in Ukraine, which just goes to show how corruption follows the American nation-builders. Whenever you hear the Americans accusing a national leader of being a dictator, know that the Americans want to run that country instead so that they can become the corrupt benefactees. You heard with your own ears that even Trump is a dictator...because they want his position in order the rob the nation's treasury.

At the 20th minute, Alexandra Chalupa (DNC agent) is at a lunch with Telizhenko, and the latter tells us what she said. She requested from him any dirt on Trump and his inner circle. On top of this, Telizhenko's boss demands that he find the dirt on Trump. This is how Democrats work; it's not new with Trump.

In the 29th minute, Telizhenko tells us that Blue Star was, and probably still is, a lobby firm for Burisma. Could Blue Star be a front for the Clintons so that the latter can remain invisible while Blue Star does their dirty work?

Aside from Giuliani's show of cheapness with his mid-show commercial, that was a good video. It didn't expose Biden so much as it did the FBI, DoJ, the state department, and Obama. Yes, America is sick and sickening, but this needs to be exposed on the operating table, even if the world watches, because it's necessary to see this corrected. My prediction: it will not be corrected; God will manipulate this dragon, for our sakes, until The Time arrives to make for it a most-painful end. They will be wishing they could have something so pleasant, by comparison, as free food and room temperature in a 20-year prison term. It's not going to end nice for them; the Clintons are a roughly decade or less from entering God's Prison. They can't bring their laundry machines with them.

Below is Giuliani with Telizhenko again, where he starts off (3rd minute) telling that "Ukraine was the largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation," and that the contributions were from Ukraine tax dollars i.e. that came from American tax dollars to begin with. That's the global thief in action, awarding tax money to variation nations and receiving a private reward for it. That's the American deep state, and there is a Republican deep state wanting the war to continue for the same reasons. It's just a no-brainer. And Giuliani himself was involved with the Republican deep state that started the Middle East wars. I don't know whether Giuliani was profiting from it, but he allowed Bush to get away with the massive 9-11 crimes. There is likely a war between Republican and Democrat deep states for obtaining political power in order to get at these foreign hand-outs. Logical. So, if Barr rats out on the Clintons, the Clintons will rat out on Barr circle of rats. Is this what's going on?

This is an excellent video on Telizhenko's part, yet it only has 43,400 views 10 days after release. Hmm. Telizhenko tells in no-uncertain terms that Chalupa demanded from him "dirt" to destroy Trump's candidacy, which is EVERYTHING that anti-Trumpers should want to distribute to as many Americans as possible, and yet there's only 43,000 views??? Who's wanting this video suppressed amongst Republicans? I haven't even heard of this video from Bongino, though I don't view his entire shows.

Bill Barr has everything and more of what you saw in that video. But I saw distinct signs from Barr that he's purposely ignoring Giuliani's material, and then I saw Barr acting as though he was interested in it in what is more predictably just a show i.e. he intends to do nothing against the American side of these crimes. We've got to hand it to Telizhenko for being a solid whistle blower in this case, a very dangerous move on his part.

I missed this Giuliani offering of February 19, on the same topic:

Giuliani could become the nail in Barr's head to the wall when he refuses to arrest the Obamaites for this. Barr will be responsible to perpetuating tax theft via globalist causes in other countries too, because he did not make an example of the guilty in the Ukraine embassy, in the state department, and in the White House. Trump will share in the responsibility. Their time on earth is almost up, time to go before the righteous Judge. It's a gift in itself for us that this is being exposed for anyone with normal eyes. Let's watch to see what Barr does, shall we. I'll be the hammer any day to put the nail through his head, if that's what he deserves. I swing a mean hammer. I can't tell you how sick this thing makes me.

The man who single-handedly holds the power at this time to expose the Ukraine-embassy theft of billions is: Pompeo the deep-state protector. He has all the records at his finger tips, and so as he seemed to have crossed Trump using a Ukrainian ambassador, it seems that Pompeo's a rat to some degree. He has never publicly shown, as far as I've heard, any animosity toward the deep state.

We find out this week that Steele is refusing a request from John Durham to answer questions. Is it right in your eyes that Durham should have waited this long to confront Steele? Is Durham on a mission to stall stall stall until election season? Is he another hope-dasher?

If Hillary was thinking of stepping into the race, she must be shocked to tears at this time, for Sanders is in a good position to beat Biden, because Biden is a very weak competitor. It would take a new low for Hillary to step in while Sanders is slated to become the winner. WikiLeaks is largely what caused Trump to win 2016 by sinking Clinton, by revealing her election-interference plots made against Sanders. She lost sufficient numbers of Sanders supporters when it came time to vote her into the White House. Yet Trump has not repaid Julian Assange at all.

Hillary would rather step in with Biden being the leader because she has a great excuse for stepping in, since it seems that Biden's been drugged to ruin his mind. It could be old age or some natural bug, but I can imagine dirty tricks from Democrats even to the poisoning of their political competitors. Take a look at Biden in this video and tell me he doesn't appear poisoned by a drug.

He can't think straight, and it's coming too suddenly to be senility or dementia. He wasn't like this a week ago. Pelosi had a similar problem that, I think, vanished. There's a lot of corrupt money to be made if Hillary can get back into power. Bloomberg dropped out of the race this week, and endorsed Biden, which could be a Hillary-Bloomberg plot to pull ahead of Sanders. Just a theory, for Bloomberg may have entered the race to give the Clintons power once he's president.

If Biden continues to rise, then the heat on his Ukraine / China corruption should rise too. It would be nice to see the leftist media deny deny deny slander slander slander only for the sky to fall on them as per string upon string of revelations. We could probably guess right that Trump will start to reveal some things if Biden becomes threatening enough, but if Biden doesn't recover mentally, he could be out and Hillary could step in once Sanders bows out. Don't knock a close horse race, but welcome it. Too bad that Republican leaders cannot make a name good enough for themselves to get a steady 60 percent. To change this, cut off the RINO's horn of plenty, and stop borrowing money.

Below is a Giuliani video with implications that much of the blood, sweat and tears of American workers is going to government and private criminals all over the world. Although Giuliani is interviewing a Ukrainian official to form the background of the corruption, we can fathom that the American cons skimming tax dollars into their own pockets, after it changes hands a few to several times, are doing it in other nations too.

The California story at the 36th minute of BCP should really trouble us. It shows how easy it is to divert tax dollars to global-warming beneficiaries without anyone's consent. In that case, an endless number of similar sham causes can be invented and corporatized, by corrupt actors in government, for the sole purpose of diverting tax dollars to them. Think about it. It's exactly what the Ukraine was doing under American supervision.

Project Veritas is Trump's Spy

The Washington Examiner has a part of a story I found at which the latter claims to be originally from the New York Times. The latter seems to be crying-out this bad-for-liberals situation, hoping to get the liberal world to gang-up on Veritas. I oppose spy machines unless they are necessary to combat liberal spy machines. There would be no activist Christians in politics had anti-Christ activists not taken control of many Western nations. I totally agree in weakening this beast with any good means possible.

The Washington Examiner leaves out any potential links between Veritas and Trump, and it's story was obtained from the Bongino Report. It's not good news if it's true that Veritas is doing work for Trump where such a fact gets left out of the story, especially as it involves Blackwater elements. Here's part of the story:

WASHINGTON — Erik Prince, the security contractor with close ties to the Trump administration, has in recent years helped recruit former American and British spies for secretive intelligence-gathering operations that included infiltrating Democratic congressional campaigns, labor organizations and other groups considered hostile to the Trump agenda, according to interviews and documents.

...Mr. Prince, the former head of Blackwater Worldwide and the brother of [Trump's] Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, has at times served as an informal adviser to Trump administration officials [this line could be over-stating things]. He worked with the former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn during the presidential transition [could be over-stating, typical fake news]. In 2017, he met with White House and Pentagon officials to pitch a plan to privatize the Afghan war using contractors in lieu of American troops. Jim Mattis, then the defense secretary, rejected the idea.

Okay, so maybe Project Veritas was/is part of Middle-East corruption of the Bush administration, and now in support of Trump...just a thought. We shouldn't assume that Project Veritas is an angel, suddenly: "Blackwater Worldwide played a substantial role during the Iraq War as a contractor for the United States government. In 2003, Blackwater attained its first high-profile contract when it received a $21 million no-bid contract for guarding the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority..." Blackwater is a private contractor used by the demon, the American military, in the Middle East and, some say, for conducting the Boston-Marathon-bombing hoax. Prince is from the same M16 spy organization as Christopher Steele, not necessarily meaning that the two are playing for the same team in some outlandish scheme to screw with the American mind. We expect M16 operatives in the Bush-Blair invasion of the Middle East, right?

The article goes on:

One of the former spies, an ex-MI6 officer named Richard Seddon, helped run a 2017 operation to copy files and record conversations in a Michigan office of the American Federation of Teachers [evokes Prince's sister at top of Education], one of the largest teachers’ unions in the nation. Mr. Seddon directed an undercover operative to secretly tape the union’s local leaders and try to gather information that could be made public to damage the organization, documents show [probably a justified exposure the Times won't admit].

Using a different alias the next year, the same undercover operative infiltrated the congressional campaign of Abigail Spanberger, then a former C.I.A. officer who went on to win an important House seat in Virginia as a Democrat [sounds justified again]. The campaign discovered the operative and fired her [she acted the mole].

Both operations were run by Project Veritas, a conservative group that has gained attention using hidden cameras and microphones for sting operations on news organizations, Democratic politicians and liberal advocacy groups. Mr. Seddon’s role in the teachers’ union operation — detailed in internal Project Veritas emails that have emerged from the discovery process of a court battle between the group and the union — has not previously been reported, nor has Mr. Prince’s role in recruiting Mr. Seddon for the group’s activities.

Both Project Veritas and Mr. Prince have ties [like what?] to President Trump’s aides and family. Whether any Trump administration officials or advisers to the president were involved in the operations, even tacitly, is unclear. But the effort is a glimpse of a vigorous private campaign to try to undermine political groups or individuals perceived to be in opposition to Mr. Trump’s agenda.

...James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, declined to answer detailed questions about Mr. Prince, Mr. Seddon and other topics, but he called his group a “proud independent news organization” that is involved in dozens of investigations. He said that numerous sources were coming to the group “providing confidential documents, insights into internal processes and wearing hidden cameras to expose corruption and misconduct.”

The Times tries to paint Veritas as an organization arising purely to assist Trump in his bid to become the president. Of course, the Times has no teeth with this article because the tidal wave of fangs is against it as per Obamaite corruption...using the CIA and FBI moles against candidate Trump. The New York Times: HYPOCRITE, LOSER, GARBAGE. The piece goes on showing that the Democrat dragon tried to arrest [frame] Prince in the way it arrested Flynn and Stone, for example, while ignoring the real criminals:

Mr. Prince is under investigation by the Justice Department [Barr?] over whether he lied to a congressional committee examining Russian interference in the 2016 election, and for possible violations of American export laws. Last year, the House Intelligence Committee [just the Democrat idiots] made a criminal referral to the Justice Department about Mr. Prince, saying he lied about the circumstances of his meeting with a Russian banker in the Seychelles in January 2017.

Question: did the dragon send the Russian banker into Prince's face in an attempt to frame him? This kind of thing deserves capital punishment, not jail alone. To frame innocent people for the sake of protecting a corrupt government racket deserves DEATH. Obviously.

The piece then makes Trump appear complicit with a guilty-of-something Veritas, but no evidence of any guilt is presented:

The group has also become intertwined with the political activities of Mr. Trump and his family. The Trump Foundation gave $20,000 [chump change] to Project Veritas in 2015, the year that Mr. Trump began his bid for the presidency. The next year, during a presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump claimed without substantiation that videos released by Mr. O’Keefe showed that Mrs. Clinton and President Barack Obama had paid people to incite violence at rallies for Mr. Trump [if you showed the Times the evidence, it would shun it and hide it too].

In a book published in 2018, Mr. O’Keefe wrote that Mr. Trump years earlier had encouraged him to infiltrate Columbia University and obtain Mr. Obama’s records [the right thing to do].

Last month, Project Veritas made public secretly recorded video of a longtime ABC News correspondent who was critical of the network’s political coverage and its emphasis on business considerations over journalism. Many conservatives have gleefully pounded on Project Veritas’s disclosures, including one particularly influential voice: Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son [what's so surprising about Trump's son applauding Veritas as it supports his father?].

The website for Mr. O’Keefe’s coming wedding listed Donald Trump Jr. as an invited guest [this sentence was made a paragraph all it's own as if to guiltify Trump's son by association with Veritas, yet the Times had not indicated any Veritas guilt to speak of, aside from supporting Trump politically. That's the real crime according to the pinheads at the Times, the only "crime" that matters to them.]

Mr. Prince invited Project Veritas operatives — including Mr. O’Keefe — to his family’s Wyoming ranch for training in 2017, The Intercept reported last year...Mr. Prince had hired a former MI6 officer to help train the Project Veritas operatives, The Intercept wrote, but it did not identify the officer.

...Mr. Seddon was a longtime British intelligence officer who served around the world, including in Washington in the years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He is married to an American diplomat, Alice Seddon, who is serving in the American consulate in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. O’Keefe and his group have taken aim at targets over the years including Planned Parenthood, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Democracy Partners, a group that consults with liberal and progressive electoral causes [it all sounds like a good operation on those scores]...

I do wonder how much Veritas and its partners were engaged with 9-11-aftermath corruption. I hope none, but there's a chance for some key links in an ongoing corruption campaign. Chances are better that Veritas is merely using spies of any sort willing to oppose and expose Obamaites. And for that, it is to be applauded. Just do it right.

Is it hypocritical for Trump to support Veritas but not WikiLeaks? The latter has a smashing chance at exposing Ukraine corruption on the Guccifer front. Why is Trump rejecting that evidence? Who is he catering to when shunning Assange? It's got to be the Bushites. RT is covering Assange's court circus, where the state-judge has made him a caged animal:

Here's Sommathing Interesting

This section will make more sense if the last update's related sections are read. From the last update:

A NY Times report came out this week claiming that the FISA crimes were conducted by the FBI agent Stephen Somma. I wrote this update without Somma coming to mind. He's the #1 character in Horowitz's report whose name was not released. Why are the names of FBI criminals protected? Because, the United States is sick. Even the leadership protects crime in high places.

Look at the timing of this report, while on the Sunny/Somin and Soans/Soams surnames. There is a Somma surname showing nothing but a fesse in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Austria. The Osones location is near the Austrian border. The Somma investigation was tied, as part of the conspiracy, to an FBI plot using George PAPAdopoulos. Papa is a location almost smack-dab at Osones! Amazing. There is a Papp/Pappa/PAPADOPOLi surname.

From the last update: "The Arms of Papa shares the hexagram in the Pero/Perino Coat; the latter was first found in Piedmont with Papps/Pappa's/Papadopoli's!!!" I've never known Papa until the last update; it had traced to Papia/Pavia (where Pierro's/Pero's were first found) for multiple reasons. But suddenly, it appears as though God is taking credit for discovering Somma's coup plot. How else can we explain the timing, and the Osones vicinity to Papa? I was tracing the Sonnys, Sonnys/Sonins/SOMins and Soans/SOAMs to "Osones."

Papps came up as per Steve Papp, an old friend whom I met as a cook in the restaurant of Joe Fix. When entertaining his occupation as a pointer of God to Cooks, I recall looking up the Cookseys, and they happen to have three cinquefoils bendwise, in the same colors, with Drummond-beloved Gangs (Norfolk, same as their Bag kin and Cockers/Cockets). The last update traced Drummonds (Hungarians) massively to the Papa theater (Hungary), which had an old Crispiana location to which Crispina, Rollo's daughter traced. She is said to have married Mr. Grimaldi, and Grimaldi's share the Shield of Bags and Cook-like Cocks. Cookseys (Chamberlain motto) come up as Cockseys. Rollo's wife was Poppa, and thus her family looks like it named Papa. Cooks use purple quadrants while Rollo's have a "passe" motto term while Pace's, possibly a branch of Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels, share a purple Shield with the Arms of Ajax-like Ajka, beside Papa. Cockers share three black fleur-de-lys bendwise with Pepins and Pipe's. Bags are suspect with Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen.

Crispiana is on the light map beside Brigetio. I didn't think to load Briggs; in the last update even though I was all over Brigetio. Briggs share eight besants around a border with Cookseys/Cockseys. They both share cinquefoils (different colors), and the Briggs share the cinquefoils of Ardens and English Grass'/Grace's. Here's what I just added to the last update about three minutes ago (note Grass-like Grazio's):

The Cusus river to Brigetio can be of the Cuss variation of Kiss'/Cush's, and that surname uses "fountains" having the three wavy Drummond fesses in colors reversed, Interesting. Fountains (Norfolk) can be gleaned as kin of Hugs (share Payne fesse), who looked, above, to be from Hugh IV of Rodez, and linkable to the naming of Hugh de Payens. Amazingly, Fountains, Hugs and Payne's are in Grazio colors while Grazio's share the pomegranate with Crispins while Crispiana is smack beside Brigetio. Cuss-like Cussons have a giant eagle in red on gold, same as the Arms of Podebrady!

Apparently, Cook / Cock liners were in the Crispiana / Papa area, suggesting that God did set Steve Papp up as a cook at a restaurant whose owner I knew and worked for. He called himself Joseph Fix, and the Fix surname has a wavy-blue fesse, the colors of the wavy fesses of Fountains. Hugs, possibly named from Gug/Gog (could be proto-Cocks too), or even the Hungarian-related Ugors (from "Gugar/Gogarene?), were first found in Languedoc with Rodez elements, the latter highly suspect with France's Redones = Russi from Rosh. Proto-Hungarians were Magog-like Magyars (Magogar?).

Hugs (share the Fountain and Laurel lion), were first found in Languedoc with Laurels and Font-de-Ville's, which reveals that the latter were a branch of Fountains (share the three fesses of Hugs). The last update proved that God set me up with Laurie Brady to point to things in the Crispiana and Podebrady theaters, yet it also pointed to Lauriacum at the end of the Anisus river. The Stirate river on the Anisi is near the Murus river, and the latter got suspect with Morris', a branch of Maurice's from Maurice Drummond. It just so happens that Stirate-like Styre's/Sturs have three fesses in the colors of the three of Scottish Drummonds, and the latter named Drymen in STIRlingshire. Stirlings/Sturlings have a MOOR head.

The brown bird in the Drummond Crest is in a different position in the Crest of Hays (Perthshire, same as Drummonds). I looked Hays up only now because I recalled that they have three red escutcheons, the symbol of Briggs. The Mac Garaidh variation shown for Hays explains, I think, the Grady variation of Bradys, for I am now (as per the last update) 80-percent sure that Drummonds descend from a woman in Podebrady, suspect with Agatha, wife of Edward Atheling.

The interesting thing is, I purchased land in Texas from the sister of the owner of a Cooksey ranch, where the cut-to-pieces, murdered body of Madalyn O'Hair was found. A hare is used by Hays-like Hase's/Heslins whom I can link to Hazel-line Hesse's/Hessels i.e. suspect from the Azali peoples (topic of last update) on a river having a mouth near Brigetio, excellent all-around. Remember, Briggs, sharing three red escutcheons with Hays, share eight besants around a border with Cookseys/Cockseys. The sword with snake of Irish Hayes' makes Irish Days look like they formed from, "D'Hayes," and the English Day Coat has a version of the Brigg-like Bright Coat (Cheshire, same as Azali-like Hazels/Hessels). Plus, as Briggs share the Arden cinquefoil, it's notable that the Hesse's/Hessels share the sun of French Ardens. It's making Hays, Hase's, Hayes' and Days all look like they were part of the Azali bloodline. The Day Coat with the Bright-like look seems very linkable to the English Lane's having what should be the three Brian lions because Briancon is also BRIGantium, excellent.

[See next update for how Lane's are part of what looks like a pointer to crimes between Joe and James Biden.]

What might it mean, exactly, that this Mackesy Coat shares the Day / Hayes sword with snake while Mackesys/Margesons could be from queen Margaret, Agatha's daughter? Is this linking Agatha to the Azali? Wow, just compare "AZAL" to "ATHELing!!! Incredible. I've just discovered Atheling-Saxon roots at the Azali of Pannonia.

Hazels use a squirrel CRACKing a nut, part-code for the line of MARGARET (Marjory) Carrick (could suggest she descended from queen Margaret), wife of an Annandale Bruce. This same Carrick was married also to Adam Kilconquhar, whom I see in the Adam surname, from Annandale, and then I see the Annandale motto ("SpeRABO") with the Arrabo river beside the Azali. Rabe's share the raven with Margys/Mackeys, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Carricks. OHHH-WOWWW, the Rabys (Durham, beside Briggs) share the blue-vaired bend of Briggs!!! Bruce's were from Brescia, where Italian Lane's were first found, and Brescia is beside lake Garda, explaining the "Garde" motto term shared between English Lane's and Carricks. Brescia is also Brigg-like BRIXia, making it a no-brainer now to identify that city with something in/out of Brigetio.

Oh wow, the Brigg cinquefoil is shared by one Coat of English Ulmans (looks like a red escutcheon is in use!), the latter suspect from the Ulmum location (shown on map above) on the river of the Azali! Boii-oh-boii. There is a Hase/Hays surname (Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire) sharing the Morley leopard face while Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of TailBOIS'. These Ulmans were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels, and with the Hills who had part in my sleeping-bag dream, especially where David Morley circled the sleeping bag. His first name pointed with zero doubt to king David, queen Margaret's son. Bags share the Cock Shield.

Back to the sun of French Ardens and the Hesse's with an Atheling-like Hessel variation. The same sun is in the Coat of Grimmers/Grimms who share the quadrants of Forts. Briggs look like they love Forts. There is a GRUMERum location to the near-east of Brigetio, and while u's have a habit of becoming y's, the latter have a habit of becoming i's so that Grimaldi's could be from Grumerum, especially if I'm correct that "GriMALDi" is a Grim=Mallet combination, for mallets are used by Soans/Soams, very traceable to Osones on the south of Brigetio, while the mallet scallops are used by sun-like Sonnys. The latter are in Hazel/Hessel colors, and were first found in Cheshire with them, and with Brights. It gives the impression that Hazels were an Atheling branch in relation to king-Maccus liners in Cheshire, which should explain why Maceys and Brights share nearly the same Coat.

Grume's are said to be from Saxons, and the Groom variation could be play on the Bright-like Bride's. Grimaldi's happen to share the Shield of Cocks.

Azali-suspect Hase's use the hare, and O'Hare's are listed with Garrys (Lyon Coat) while Atheling-like Athols/Athels (Perthshire, same as Drummonds and Lyons) were at a Garry location, all linkable to the GlenLyon location of Lyons, by the way. The O'Hare/Garry motto can be traced with Fiers/Fears to Fier county on the Apsus river, home of the Boius. The Kuman location in Fier county goes to Miss Comyn(s), mother of Adam Kilconquhar.

Cookseys/Cockseys came to topic on as per Mr. Somma and Mr. Papadopoulos. Why? Am I supposed to re-tell the story of Ms. O'Hare's discovery at the Cooksey ranch? Okay, here it is: on my second return to the Texas property, in 1999, I arrived, after a three-day drive, when the FBI was first parked on the side of the highway, seeking to find her body. They didn't find it that day. I drove right by the FBI crew parked outside of the woman's home who sold me my property. What timing. As God has arranged so many things in my life, to point to things, that event looks set-up by God too. O'Hair is the one who, through the courts, banned school prayer in the United States. And this is why God must destroy the liberals and anti-Christs responsible. He's not been sleeping. Roe v Wade was from the Rolph bloodline, and the lamb of Roe's (Norfolk again) is the symbol also of Passe's/Pascals in the Rollo motto. The last update was fantastic on God's pointer to Rollo, Poppa, and Crispina, as per my roller-skating event with Camille Brady (Laurie's daughter). I was so amazing by it all.

The Briggs (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Paganells) have a not-bad reflection of the BOARD Coat, and then God gave us a dream with me in Obama's billiard hall (some details last update). Near the end of the dream, Obama was skateBOARDing, and skateboards have the same sorts of wheels as roller skates. Stirate-like Strate's/Streets use Catherine wheels, from Catherine Roet, daughter of Payne Roet, and we saw Payne's above linking to Hugh of Rodez. There are all sorts of offshoots when God gives a scene from a dream or event in my life. I now find it amazing that the flag of Papa district has only colors; it's split in half horizontally in the colors of the horizontally-split Brigg Shield. And Brigetio is near the Papa district.

Both Briggs and Boards seem to love Forts, who have quadrants in the colors of the Papa flag, and the "PERfortaus" motto of Boards suggests Pero's/Perino's because they share the hexagram in the Arms of Papa while Pierro's/Pavia's were first found in Papia/Pavia (Italy). Why is the man in the Arms of Papa on his knees? He's praying, and it just so happens that Prays, with three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the triple fesses of Scottish Drummond, were first found in County Down with Knee's. And I'll bet you thought that the creators of the Papa Arms were holiness all over for that praying "saint." Yup, the Rollo-related Sinclairs are Saints and Suns too; so when you see that gold halo around the praying saint's head, it's probably the Brady / Sunny/Sonin/Somin sun round-about.

The Athols/Athels (beside Stirling) share six pale bars (owned by Pepins) with Prays, but the latter use them in the colors of the six of Coats/Cotes', and Cotta's (Languedoc, same as Cusson-related Contans/Constance's) share the fretty Shield of Brigdens ("Constans"), first found in Yorkshire with Briggs (and Perino-like Perrins). Both Briggs and Brigdens love Fiddle's/Fidelows in the mottoes. (English Constance's likewise share the Podebrady eagle, I reckon, with Cussons.)

Coats/Cotes' were first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's. Pepins/People's look like a branch of Peeble's/Peoples'. It could reveal Prays/Preys are Pero's, making perfect sense. New-to-me-now Perays/Perrymans/PURYhams share the gold leopard face with Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Purys. Prys/DuPrays, sharing the bend of Italian Botters, were first found in Auvergne with same-colors Baud-like Bauds/Bote's/Bode's while Pierro's/Pero's have a version of the Butt/Bute/BOET Coat. BUDA, connected to the city of Pest, could apply. Prys/DuPrays use a hunting horn for mythical Orion the hunter of BOEOTia, and as I trace the Boethus house of Sadducees from Orion's circle of Boeotians, it's suddenly a big deal to be able to identify Prays / Prys as Pero's of Pavia, a city founded by Levi-line Laevi Gauls.

The ability to identify Prays as Pero's comes from the Arms of Papa in conjunction with Papa traces to Pavia / Pero's by other methods. The Pry/DuPray bend is colors reversed from the Knee bend, and the praying saint is on his knees. English Grasse's/Craze's and French Crispins share the same bend as Prys/DuPrays, and Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. It's been a long time since loading Perino-like Perrins, and here I find that French Perrins (probably the Bare/Barr eagle) were first found in Lorraine with French Crispins! Zinger, I'm not at all familiar with that. It explains why Lorraine became my girlfriend a couple of months after I last saw Miss Peare in a BAR.

Recall from above how English Grass'/Grace's (Maurice lion?) looked absolutely connectable to Grazio's, since the latter's Crispin kin were at Crispiana, beside BRIGetio, while Grass'/Grace's share the Brigg cinquefoil. French Grace's/Grass' (Provence, same as Garry-beloved Lizarts/Sarde's) have triple chevrons in the colors of the triple fesses of German Drummonds, and both Coats look connectable to Lizards/Sarde's.

It seems undeniable that while the father of the first Drummond married someone in Podebrady, yet Drummonds are linking to Crispiana / Papa / Brigetio elements. French Grasse's/GRESSE's have a giant lion in the colors of the George lion heads, and while the gold "grille" in the gold GATE of the Podebrady Arms is probably code for Grille's, one Grille surname is also, GRESley and Grady-like Gradell while Bradys are also Gradys. The gate is suspect with queen-in-exile, Agatha, and I think she married George, father of Drummonds, who is certainly from the George's above. Agatha may have arrived to PodeBrady after George married a women there who passed away, or perhaps they were divorced. Or, Agatha may have lived there herself, and George came to her. Gates'/Gatts and Ironside's, by the way, are split vertically in the colors of the split-flag of Papa!

I've only remembered now that the Italian Pavia's have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same in the flag of Papa!!! Most excellent. I've been talking about Pavia for years, and the Brady family led me to Papa only in the last update. Pavia's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's/PEROTTi's (Peeble's/Peoples' use the PARROT, and Parrots/Perots use pears likely for Peare's/Pears).

Did you notice that the praying Papa saint (or whatever he is) is BALD on top? Balds (Peebles) are a branch of Scottish Bauds, first found in Stirling, home of Drummonds. God gave me an event pointing to Baud-related MEDALs/Dougals, and the Medal variation is like MADALyn O'Hair. Athols/Athels were at a Garry location, and O'Hare's/Garrys share the giant lion of Lyons (Perthshire, same as Athols/Athels and Drummonds). Vienna is near Gyor and Papa, and Lyon is near Vienne.

Papa district neighbors Gyor district, and the Arms of Gyor has more triple fesses (white on red), the symbol of both Drummond surnames. Budapest, not far off, has one of these white-on-red wavy fesses in its Arms. If I recall correctly, the other Vienne location in France has something similar to the Budapest wave.

Repeat: "It's been a long time since loading Perino-like Perrins, and here I find that French Perrins (probably the Bare/Barr eagle) were first found in Lorraine with French Crispins! Zinger, I'm not at all familiar with that. It explains why Lorraine became my girlfriend a couple of months after I last saw Miss Peare in a BAR." A few minutes before I drove Miss Peare home, the last time I saw her, she was dancing in the bar with a blonde man. Italian Dance's have four pale bars in the colors of the one pale bar of Pero's/Perino's, and both were first found in Piedmont (with Papps/Pappa's/Papadopoli's).

Lorraine, a blond, was given a babe symbol at the same instant that she got her foot / feet symbol. I'll re-tell below how that came about, because it's going to point to Pavia's. I was telling readers that Lorraine and Lorraine-like Lawrence (Miss Peare's fiancee at one time) both had "sun-bright" blond hair. That was the phrase I used, but I didn't have any idea, until this past month, that Brights are likely from Brigetio i.e. near Papa. So, while telling of their sun-bright hair, while also telling of her babe and beautiful feet symbol, I loaded Blonds (Foot/Food / Fothes/Fette colors) to find a FOOT on the sun (it's called a foot). I was staggered, and more staggered when seeing that babe;s have a sun too, as well as six fessewise BARs in half the colors of the same of Blonds. Years later, I came to realize that Babe's have a finger pointing to the sun, same as Bradys. AND NOW, just one update after the Gate's were so important, I find three gates in the Coat of French Blonds! Spectacular.

Italian Dance's are also Donnas', and as king Donnus of the Cottians was in Piedmont, I reasoned that Dance's are from him (it was correct). Recall how the BRIGdens share the Cotta/Cotton fretty. It can now be added that while the royal Cottians were on the Riparia river, having a Viu tributary, "via" is a Blonde motto term.

Roughly a couple of weeks after first dating Lorraine, we were on Yonge street. I can't recall how, but we were beside the sidewalk. I was walking first toward the sidewalk, and as I walked by Mr. Oullette, he saw Lorraine (behind me) for the first time, and blurted, not too loud, but loud enough for me to hear, "what a babe." When I turned around, she had bare feet (I think she had just gotten out of a car), and I just thought they were the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. As they impressed me so, I remember the scene, her feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street. Decades later, after God trained me in heraldry codes, I discovered that the Feet/Fate surname shares the Coat of English PAVia's, and so you really need to accept that God has a sense of humor. Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells while English Leavells, first found in Somerset with English Pavia's/Paviors, share six fessewise bars nebuly, and in half the colors, of Blonds. That's God's way of saying that Laevi co-founders of Pavia became the Leavells. It's a good example of how He's guided and trained me.

Repeat: "I loaded Blonds (Foot/Food / Fothes/Fette colors) to find a FOOT on the sun (it's called a foot)." Fothes'/Fette's even share the Peare stars.

Pavers/Paviors (not the Pavia's/Paviors) share the checks in the Arms of Meulan, and also of the Louvier's. The Beaumonts of Meulan married Waleran de Leavell, and that's how to prove that Pavia's Laevi became the Leavells. Waleran de Leavell was a Mr. Percival, and Percivals were likewise first found in Somerset, along with Pierce's/PEIRs. I met Lorraine a few months after last seeing Peare at the bar, dancing with a blonde, and I now find that French Perrins (same eagle as Bars) were first found in Lorraine, location of BAR-le-Duc. Therefore, Pero's and/or Laevi were in cahoots with Bar-le-Duc elements. That's how I play this Game of God,and it usually proves correct.

Leavells were at Yvery (Normandy), and Piedmont has an Ivrea location on the Bautica/Baltea river, where Bauds and Balds were, which should explain why that guy praying on his knees, in the Papa Arms, is bald on top. He's bald only on top; he has hair below the top, and Topps use GAUNTlet gloves while Gaunt is at the end of Artois' Lys river while there is another Lys river (Aosta) following into the Bautica/Baltea.

I'd like to record something new, as per my last night with Lorraine, when she came home with a GRASS STAIN on her pants at the BUTT. I was just reading the Stain write-up, to find that they had a branch on the Thames river. Tiens/Thames not only share a part of the Peare/Pear Coat, both with the Fothes/FETTE stars, but Tiens/Thames' share the Feet/Fate / Pavia martlets. Incredible. What are the chances? Tiens/Thames were first found in Oxfordshire with the Thames river, with Peare's/Pears, and with the Abbots/ABOTTs having pears, wherefore that guy on his knees over at Papa could be an abbot. German Botts are listed with the BUTTs/Boets, kin of Pierro's/Pero's/PERICHs, and English Botts/Botters have an eagle "standing on a PERCH" while Pero's/Perino's are likewise Perichs. The Staines-upon-Thames location is an excellent interpretation of Lorraine's grass stain, and it's the first time ever thanks to my reading the Stain write-up.

The Pavers/Paviors (Yorkshire, same as Stains) have the Whalen lozenges, suggesting that Whalens were Walerans. I shared an apartment with Miss Peare and Louise, and French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. What are the chances that French Louis' share the Paver / Whelan lozenges? Almost as soon as I managed to get Louise out of the apartment, I met Mr. Young, an old friend from a few years back. He was dating Miss Whelan at the time, which is how I ended up dating Miss Whelan's sister. Youngs are listed with Yonge's, the ones who led us from babe Lorraine's BEAUTY-ful feet on the PAVEment on Yonge street to Pavia's/Paviors and Leavells. Beautys, first found in Dorset with Babe's, share three black-on-white bulls with Walerans. You can't have coincidence's like these unless God sets them up. Satan himself is incapable of performing on this level; think of the complications.

Louise was working at Pennington's clothing (Scarborough Town Center) when I knew her, and Penningtons share blue lozenges with French Louis'. The "patria" motto term of Penningtons gets the PEARtree's/Patria's. The Amore's (Oxfordshire again, same as Damorys/Amori's) in the Pennington motto almost have the six nebuly bars of Leavells. It's as though God is stressing Pero and Laevi liners. Damorys/Amori's use the Amore bars but with waves i.e. Drummond style, and they are in the colors of the triple wavy fesses in the Arms of Gyor (beside Papa). SARDinia is where Italian Amore's/Damori's (Pavia / Gate / Ironside colors) were first found, and Amore's use a "maLIS" motto term while Liss' and Lizarts/SARDE's share the Babwell/Babel pale bars. Babwells/Babels, who share a "gold gate" with the Arms of Podebrady, were first found in Middlesex; the Stains upon the Thames are said to have been in historical Middlesex.

I dated Miss Peare first, but Mr. Kepke took her away from me, and Keeps share the Lorraine bend. Before we met Peare, Kepke and I were taking up ROLLER SKATING, yes we were. As his father is Ukrainian, I figure that Keeps are Kiev liners. Agatha (like "Gate/Gatt") was in exile in Kiev, how-bout that. I reasoned that wavy bars are code for Weavers, because Weaver-branch Webbers ("PRAElucent teLIS") use wavy bends. Webbers were first found in Somerset with Peirs/Pierce's having a rare wavy chevron, and Miss Peare almost married Mr. Kepke. Keeps use a weaver's shuttle, and we can therefore reason that the wavy Drummond fesses are Kiev elements. The grandmother of the first Scottish Drummond (Maurice) was a Varangian of Kiev (she married king Andrew of Hungary, father of George who married someone in Podebrady).

As I've said many times, I saw Vince PIERCE punch Kepke on the face/mouth on Mr. Young's DRIVEway, suddenly interesting because Drive's/Drove's (beside Peirs/Pierce's) come up as "Drave" while the Murus river, suspect with Morris'/Maurice's, flows into the Drava river. My instincts are therefore to expect Kepke liners on the Drava. HohenZollers share the quadrants of Zollerns and Drive's/Drave's, and that half-black dog of Hohenzollerns, in the Zollern Crest as a dog head, looks linkable to the white dog head in the AMORE Crest, suggesting that Amore's, Amori's/Damori's and Damorys were Murus-river liners. The Drava is shown on the light map with a mouth near a Murus-like Mursa location.

The Amore's versus Damorys have nebuly bars versus wavy bars (same colors for both sets of bars), and ditto for Podebrady-connectable Blonds versus Webbers (same colors for both). It sure looks as though Amore's were from some Maurice / Morris character descending from Maurice Drummond. Spanish Amores' use a column for Malcolms/Columns, and then Malcolm III was the husband of Agatha's daughter. On their Shield, Amores' write, "Amore et FIDE," and then Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's. Might Webbers have been Bebbers i.e. Babenbergs? After all, Webbers have the bend-with-fleur of Pepins in colors reversed, and Babenbergs were "Popponids," like the Pepinids term given for Pepin liners. Yup, Babenbergs were founded by Papa-like Poppo.

OH WOW, I had no idea, when asking the question, that Bebbers/Beavers share the fesse of Weavers; f I had known that in the past, I've not kept it in memory. Weavers (Cheshire, same as Blundville's and Hazels) share the Hazel fesse, and Hazels can be from the Azali peoples of Pannonia. Blundville's share double wings in Crest with German Weavers. Blundville's: "The surname Blundville was first found in Cheshire at Beeston, a township, in the parish of Bunbury..." Banburys come up as "Bamburg," and Babenbergs were at Bamberg. As Blundville's share the Shirt/Shard chevron, I'm guessing that Blonds, Blondville's and Blundville's were Ball- / Bullis-liner Seleucids.

There's a Bebban/Beven surname ("constans") sharing the Bull/Bule (bulls) and POPP (bull) annulets. That looks like a heavy-duty Babenberg-Seleucid link. Bebbans, first found in Herefordshire with Seleucus-like Sellicks, Maurice's, and wavy-fesse Morris', are with roughly the brown bird of Hays (Perthshire), and the latter share the triple shields of Brigdens who in turn share blue vair fur with Blondville's. The Bebban bird is also roughly the brown Patria/Peartree bird that points at the sun, Babe- and Brady-finger style. The Drummond Crest has a brown bird. I didn't realize how important it was, in the last update, when first seeing the Peartree bird and sun. It's another Papa-liner link to Podebrady's Drummonds / proto-Drummonds. The Peartree FITCHees go well with the Fittes variation of Fothes'/Fette's, but even better with the Pray-like Perays/PERRYymans/PARRYmans/PURYhams, for the latter share gold-on-green leopard faces with the Fitch surname ("EsPERance," or read as "esPERANce" to get Perino's/Perans).

The Purys' are expected in the "Pour y PARvenir" motto of Manners/Maness', along with the Parrs sharing the Parry fesse, both in the colors of the Drummond fesses. Then, Perrys use a hind while Hinds have the Parry Coat in colors reversed. It makes Perrys, Parrys Purys and Parrs all look like Pero branch's, but as I've been convinced that Parrs and Furness' are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, I now suppose that he was the origin of Pero's and Pierre's / Parrots. Note that while I've traced "Drummond" to the Thermodon river with a mouth at the Pontus, the Arms of PodeBrady has a POINTed roof as part-code for Rollo, for Rollo's use a "Par" motto term, wow! The finger POINTing of Bradys is thus suspect with the Pontus, and Christine's/Cristins, now suspect with the line of Agatha (her sister Christina), share the Pilotte / Pellet Coat, surnames suspect with PONTius Pilate's line (he could have been named from Pontus nobles, for they supported the Caesars).

It's interesting that Furness' use a giant dog, as do Fortune's/Fortuna's in the Rollo motto, for while the Fortuna dog looks linkable to the Hun/Hundt and Hun/HunGATE Coats, they may have named Parry-related Hinds. Looks at that fat Agatha-suspect Hungate variation, for they share a SEATed dog with Furness'. The latter share black border with Parrs (Lancashire, same as Furness') and the SEATon-branch Sedans. Peran-like "Pharnaces" is suspect in naming Pharisees, begging whether Pero's, and some Pierre / Peter characters / surnames, were from those Israeli priests.

Pharnaces' wife, Nysa, is to the Nice/Ness/NESSAN surname sharing the double fesses of Brandens, whose lion is covered with PELLETs! Amazing. Nissans, sharing the double fesses of Parrs, were first found in Hamburg with the Drummonds using three of those same-colored fesses! Zinger. It appears that it's correct to trace "THERModon" to a proto-Drummond surname, which may have been carried by Maurice' Drummonds mother, or perhaps her grandparents amongst Varangians. The is a thing to keep in mind as we go along. I suspect proto-Drummonds with "ADRAMmolech," a god of the SEPHARvites, and likely named as per Hadoram, a son of the Biblical Joktan (Hebrew tribe) that lived between SEPHAR and Mesha. SAVARia off of the Arrabo river, smack in Boii-land, could apply. It flows near Rollo-linkable Crispiana, and has a mouth near Brigetio.

German Brents/Brands share bundles of rod or sticks with the FASCES of Azzi's, and while the latter are kin of JUStine of Picenum, "JUS fasche" is a motto phrase of the Laws (beside English Vaux's) looked up as per the "LA fortune" motto phrase of Rollo's. Fortune's/Fortuna's use a white dog, the color of the dog head in the Crest of Amore's (same place as Crispins) now suspect from MURUS elements. Irish MORRiS' have the dancetty Roll fesse, and Rollo ruled a More location in NORway. The Murus flows through NORicum! Amazing find. The family of MAURICE Drummond was in the Moray theater. There's nothing left to the imagination; this animal has been stripped bare.

We saw the white-and-black dog head of Zollerns who share the Drive/Drava quadrants while the Murus is a Drava tributary. Repeat: "The Drava is shown on the light map with a mouth near a Murus-like Mursa location." The latter is near Cibalae, home of Valentinian I, husband of Justine of Picenum. Didn't we just see her in the motto of Laws, themselves suspect in the Rollo motto? Lookie: Valentinian's father, Gratian, is expected with the Greats/GREEPs (share gold border with Justine's, same place as Scottish Drummonds), connectable to the CREPon variation of Crispins, and we just saw Crispina's father, Rollo, totally naked before us. His uncle was MalaHULE of More, and both the Hule's/Hulls and Hole's/Halls (in the "black hole" of the Podebrady GATE) share white dog heads with Amore's and Drave-related Zollerns.

Justine is related to the SIRE's, suspect from Seir of Edom, and the Murus meets the Drava at the land of OSERiates. The latter can be in the "Sero SED serio" motto of Carrs (sun), for Carradunum is near the confluence of the Murus with the Drava. This is very good material for tracing the Carians at ancient Clarus to Carradunum, for Rollo was a Claro = Sinclair, a thing easily realized as per his daughter's being named from the Clare's who named Crispins. Claro's are also Charo's, in the motto of Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Drive's/Drave's. Carrs were first found in Lancashire with Furness'; the latter show nothing but a black, SEATed dog.

AHHHHH LOOK: "The surname Carr was first found in Lancashire (located in northwest England and dates back to 1180), where one of the earliest records of a progenitor of the Clan was a John Ker, hunter, resident of SOONhope in 1190 AD." The Sunnys/Sonins, no doubt from the Sun variation of Sinclairs, were traced to Osones smack beside Crispiana! Carrs could have the stars of Amori's/Damori's.

I'm assuming that Crispina was the daughter of Poppa of Valois. Valois'/Valais' were at MURcay, though that might possibly be a Marici line. Rolls were at a MARKham location beside the Kings sharing the Roll lion. Kings share the Kingston lion while Rollo's uncle, MalaHULE, is expected with Hule's/Hulls at Kingston-Upon-Hull (Yorkshire, same as Rolls and Kingstons). The "contra" motto term of Irish Morris' (Roll dancette) suggests linkage to Conte's, whose Italian branch shares the lion of Irish Morris', and the "Commit" motto term of Suns/Sinclairs is easily identified with Conte variations along with the comet of Pero's/Perino's (though it's called a "flaming star" perhaps due to Flame's sharing the besants of Rolls). The passant lion of Welsh Morris' is in the colors of the King / Kingston / Roll / Papp/Pappa/Papadopoli lion.

Rolls were at Markham. Miss Peare lived in Markham township when I knew her, and Markhams have a version of the Guerin Coat while Guerins throw in the Payen Coat with the Pero/Perino and Arms-of-Papa hexagram. It's telling me that the Marici co-founders of Pavia were to Markhams (possibly the Roller lion) and the family of Rollo.

The Valois/Valais Shield, in the colors and format of French Maurice's (Moray stars) and Mars/MORE's, has the Rollo / Perrin chevron in colors reversed. Her roving husband ruled More. The Valois/Valais crescent is shared by Litz's, though the latter has it as the sleeping moon of Caria (mythical Serene, moon goddess of Caria, married the eternal sleeper) shared by Karens/Kerns. Litz's share the hexagram of Pero's/Perino's and the Arms of Papa, and the latter Arms likewise has the white-on-blue crescent of Valais'/Valois!!! I'm wondering whether Litz's were of Letizia's/Leto's, for mythical Leto was at Clarus. Lettice's/Lattice's even share the Carr chevron (Letizia/Leto colors). Leto was mother to ArTEMIS, named after Themiscyra, at the Drummond-suspect Thermodon river. There's a black, greyhound dog in the Valois/Valais Crest.

As Drummonds are suspect from Hadoram, son of Joktan, while Genesis says that sons of Joktan lived at/beside Sephar, it's notable that French Saffers are in Leto-el-colors. Mythical Leto is suspect from the Letushites of Genesis 25, and while the latter descend from ABRAHAM/ABRAM, BRAMtons (dog head) have the lions of Saffer-related Silvers in colors reversed. "Silver" might even be from "Sephar." With his other wife, Keturah, Abraham was the father of Joktan-like Jokshan, and he is the ancestor of Letushites. Was Keturah a Joktanite? Dog-head Hule's/Halls are in the colors and format of Keturah-suspect Catters/Cathers.

I was wrong in saying, for years, that French Saffers use eagles, though I can't recall whether they are falcons or hawks. French Falcons (brown falcon in Crest) share the Silver / Valois/Valais crescent, and English Falcons ("fier"), definitely related to Fier county on the Apsus, share the Rollo chevron. Spanish Falcons were first found in Catalonia (at the Eber-like Ebro river), part of JOKTAN-line OCCITANia (Joktan was a son of Eber, and Spanish "Jews" are called, SEPHARdics).

To help prove that Drummonds were from Joktanites, Bebbans (share Popp/Poppen/Poppel/Bopf annulets), with almost a Falcon Crest, have a "constans" motto term linkable to the Falcon-related Conte's (Languedoc (part of Occitania), same as Falcons). The Sempers (Pierre's) in the Bebban motto share the BRAMton Coat, and the Pierro-branch Patria's/Peartree's have a similar brown bird (falcon family) in Crest. Italian Conte's share the Roll lion, and Rollers show only a fesse in the white-on-red colors of the Arms also for BABENberg. Drummond roots are steeped in Babe's / Babwells / Babels...all suspect from the Hebrew-suspect, Hyksos king, Apepi.

Sion/SITTEN is in VALAIS canton! "LA fortune" of Rollo's. Laws use "CompoSITum" while SEATons/SITTens were first found in East Lothian with the Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' (Valais?) having the bend-with-stars of Laws, but the latter has pierced stars, as does the same bend of Salome's!!! It's becoming obscene; everything is showing. The rapists are being exposed. Salome's are suspect from the Sadducee, Salome of Boethus, a Herod too, and I trace Herods (fathered by AntiPATER) back to the line of king AntiPATER of Macedon, whose line is known to descend to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, daughter of queen Nysa, Pharnaces' wife! I'm sure that God arranged this heraldry to a large degree to make these arguments more compelling for readers. Pharnaces-line FurNESS' have a SEATed dog.

I see AntiPATRIA, on the Apsus river along with Boii-like Boius, as named after king Antipater because it's beside Macedonia. In this picture, surnames such as Patria's can be from that thing while Pero's / Pears / Peirs/Pierce's could be Pharnaces liners, and here we can note that Patria's have a PEARtree variation. There's clincher arguments for tracing Pattersons with Kilpatricks to Antipatria, and here we can point out that both the Patria's/Peartree's and Irish Pattersons/Cassane's have three scallops in their Chiefs. Patria's/Peartree's share a white-on-blue stag head with the Edwards having the Wessex-Saxon wyvern in their Crest as evidence that they are from king Edward Atheling, Agatha's husband.

The Cassane variation of Pattersons is a clincher argument, for English Cassane's/CASSANDRA's can be gleaned from king Cassander, not only the son of King AntiPATER, but the ancestor of Nysa of Cappadocia. So says Wikipedia in one of their articles.

I missed it until now: French Perrins share the Rollo chevron, and Perrins were first found in Lorraine with French Crispins. Sedans (telling black border) share "sed" with Patria's/Peartree's (FITCHee's), who share the stars of FIDO's/Fothes'/Fittes' who in turn are linkable to the FITCHees of Patria's/Peartree's. The latter can be expected of the Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire, same as Rollo-connectable Crispins, from Crispiana at the Papa theater. It's all perfect and compelling. Fido's cane be expected in the "Fide sed VIDE" motto of Patria's/Peartree's, and Vido's/Vita's are in the motto also of Savaria-like Saffers/Savarys. Savaria is smack-near Crispiana. Saffers/Savarys share gold unicorn heads with Peirs/Pierce's. French Saffers (almost the Patria/Peartree rising bird) were first found in Burgundy with Maurice's and Mars/More's; the latter share the scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's.

Reghin on the upper Mures/Maros river (not the Murus) of Romania was suspect with RAGNvald, Rollo's father, and here we find without doubt that Rollo elements, and even the naming of Norway, were from the Murus. Romania was TranSYLVania, and while one Silver Coat is a version of the Saffer/Savary Coat, the other Silvers share the Litz / Valois/Valais crescent.

Crispins were at Oxfordshire's Cowley, which can be linked, as per the Cowley leopard faces, via the Derbyshire Morleys and Morlands to MORleys/MAULs, who look like MALahule-of-More liners. Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of TAILBOIS', and the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Hule-branch Halls, both of which use the so-called TALBOT dog. The Pape's/PAPENBURGs (Hamburg, same as Drummonds and Pharnaces-liner Nissans) have the Hule / Hall dog heads in colors reversed, suggesting a Papa-branch line of Poppa of Valois. Papps/Pappa's have the Well lion (two TAILs) in colors reversed, but with TAIL at mouth. Rollers, sharing what could be the Arms of Babenberg, were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys. Rolts/Rowalds (Rowell/Rothwell colors), new to me now, essentially share the Coat of Morley-like Marleys (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's) expected in the Marlybone variation of Malls. Rollets/Drolle'e have the same chevron as Valois'/Valais'.

Mr. Somma worked in the FBI field office. That's where he started his work on the Steele dossier. Isn't the New York location where the FBI charged Jeffrey Epstein in the set of events that led to his death or jail-break? Did the FBI conduct a hoax with Epstein? Is he still alive, with his brother in on the hoax? It's possible, easily possible.

Submission to Evil / Ungodly Authorities

At the start of this update, I mentioned a young teacher whose name I don't want to mention, Besides, you probably have heard many teachers same the same as he does. This man also teaches that the call of Christians to not rebel against authorities means that we should "respect" them (always, as in a law of God) automatically, as part of not rebelling. But Peter said that we should submit to authorities for the sake of Jesus, i.e. so that we don't appear to be evil / selfish / rebellious / criminal-like, and, besides to spare bringing pain on ourselves from the authorities forcing their controls upon us. Peter and Paul were just saying: don't put up armed rebellions against them, or create feelings of incitement against them. Just let them be, let God deal with them. We don't need to love or respect them at all if they are anti-Christians or just plain fools.

To put it another way, don't do what Democrats are doing against Trump, because you look very bad doing it. A problem with many churches is that they respect, even love, their anti-Christ authorities, to the point of allowing them to create an anti-Christ society without opposition. There has always been a call from God to resist (rebel against) authorities who demand that we break God's laws. We could say things such things as, "we must obey God rather than man." It's a no-brainer, and it involves "rebellion" of a sort. When Jesus was before Herod on the Day of His death, he didn't answer his request. Jesus' loud silence was both submissive (because he didn't lead an armed rebellion against Herod), but it was effectively also an insult, a rebellion of spirit, a rebuke.

The laws in a democracy are such that it is legal to speak against the opposing party, and even to speak against the authorities. But as Christians, we must do so with honesty, and we must not devise or conduct political tricks involving criminal-like actions such as framing the enemy with true slander for the purpose of bringing them down. True slander is where the charges are bogus. If the charges are true, it's not slander. Jesus brought charges against the authorities routinely, and he urged his followers not to be like them. This type of rebellion is necessary lest the wicked become mislead by wolves in sheep's clothing. To expose the wolves in government is absolutely necessary. I'm sure that early Christians discussed amongst themselves the wickedness of some of the caesars and their generals / soldiers, but they refrained from publicly attacking them because there was no democracy at the time. It was probably illegal (if only in an unwritten law) to rebel against them even in word.

We could say that democracy was invented by rebels, those who wanted to "mortally" rebel against kings. This is the pitfall of democracy. You might celebrate it because it gives you a voice against evil, but it also gives satan his voice through his sons, and as you can see, they play dirty tricks too that we cannot. They speak against even the Highest Authority, seeking to topple His throne. Jesus spoke out against Israel's leadership several times to the point of getting Himself killed. He "incited" his followers to denounce and reject them, yet told them to obey them, a thing we understand as obeying them only generally, not if they ask us to break with Jesus in any way. That makes sense.

I make no bones about it: I HATE the liberals who hate Jesus. I hate the way they behave, the way they speak, the way they live. I'd say you have a BIG PROBLEM if you don't HATE those things. I'd say you are worthy of being spit from God's mouth. How can you not have zeal enough for Jesus to be utterly disgusted with these wicked bats? They feed your children porn and love it. They now want to kill born babies. They are unleashing feminists and faggots to turn your sons into femmes on the one hand, and into their sexual dinners if possible on the other hand. Are you going to remain passive and sweet toward them for the sake of Christ, lest you appear like a rebel? ARE YOU NUTS?

The young teacher then deceives his congregation by saying that God has chosen every congressman who becomes one, under the concept of Paul's words wherein there is no authority unless it was established by God. There is a big difference between God CHOOSING a leader, and His allowing a leader. SOMETIMES, God chooses evil leaders because the people deserve it, and there can be other reasons for it, but generally, we know it's not God's desire to have evil people ruling who then malign the people of God. YET, in the final lap of history, it is imperative for God to allow the wicked to rule for the express purpose of maligning the Body, so that they can condemn themselves and justify Armageddon upon the human race. That's why He wants us to be well-behaved, so that the punishment can be as deserved and justified as possible. While we did nothing evil to them, they yet killed some of us, and scorned the rest.

It's not hard to understand that the command to respect the laws of established governments refers to laws against crimes and other sins. But God didn't waste His breath, in Old-Testament times, teaching that we should not bow down to their gods if they force us to do so. "Respect" carries the sense of placing value in. Do we respect anti-Christs who destroy everything-Christ? Are we nuts? Rather, we make sure we speak out against them, even if it's by a minute-of-silence rebuke in their presence. If I call them morons, it's my conditioning your mind to reject them. I'm a writer. I don't just tell you how I feel; I can also affect your mind by what I write. If it offends you that I call them morons, then maybe you're too passive, lacking zeal or concern for what the evil they are doing as we speak. What is a moron? In this context: an obstinate, rebellious, destructive-to-self, destructive-to-society fool. Should I call them, "your honor," instead? Should I call them our distinguished leaders? What is a fool? The idiot who tries to sit on the throne of God. Should I describe such a one with a respectful term?

We don't call them morons to their faces if they are in a position to punish us, unless we are willing to take the punishment. If we are not fools, then we are wise. It is wise not to call them morons to their faces. It is wise to describe them as morons if I'm writing to people who want Jesus. It is foolish to describe them as worthy of respect, and it is therefore foolish of the young teacher to tell his audience that we should respect ALL authorities, even if they are hellish garbage. It makes Christians too passive, like those who stand idly by as the authorities burn down our churches.

In the first century, there was a high degree of importance placed on behaving before authorities because the caesars were satanic and unstable wing-bats who might slay you for looking wrongly at them. If that situation doesn't exist today, it is fine to speak out more against them who use their positions of power to do evil. Evil always harms someone(s). It's the very definition of evil. If you would not tolerate Jerry Nadler in your home because he's ruining your family, then neither should you tolerate Nadler in a high position over country, if it's legal to speak out against him for the purposes of booting him out on his arse. But beware the future, for leading liberals have been on a fast-track to becoming satanic, unstable wing-bats who might kill you if you resist "their" future, "their" world. In reality, the future belongs to we who oppose them in Christ.

It can be argued that the United States is illegal because it was founded on rebellion against the king of the sort that God did not support. This is only partly why I never honor the "founding fathers," and why I think Christians are nuts for wanting to raise them up as models for the country to this day. The founding fathers were not Biblical Christians. You are a deceiver if you teach otherwise. There are many Christian youtubers trying to solidify a rebellion against the Democrats with a founding-fathers glue. I'm beside myself, for this type of stupidity doesn't belong in the Church where Christ alone is the Aspiration, the "model" so to speak. To add insult to injury, the wealth of America is being pushed by some Christians as evidence that God loved and established the founding fathers. That's way-too risky, to put yourself in a boat like that, because you are bound to get God-ordained turbulence in your life.

There is a difference between a rebellion that aspires power to rule, and a rebellion against uncomfortable rules for living. When a child rebels against the rule of a parent, it's not because the child wants to sit on the parents's throne. The child was brought up by the parent to love life, to love the parents, and now these rules are making things unpleasant because the parent is unpleasant in demanding the rules be kept. But even aside from the attitude of the rulers in coercing the underlings into passive obedience, obeying rules is all part of growing up. And so a point here is that absolute freedom to do as we please, as libertarians teach, is childish.

We need to understand that rules for living together are a necessary "evil," and yet these rules are not truly evil because they permit us to form a society, a family, an organization. Rules are good because no rules = chaos. If you haven't achieved that understanding, you haven't grown up, which is the basic problem of a criminal mind. On the other hand, you may have grown up just fine to where you realize that some rules are to facilitate an evil authority. Ahh, we can now call them tyrants who wish to rule over us. But if we call them tyrants who do not wish to enforce an evil system of government, and if we use that excuse to overthrow them with weapons of war, is it legal before God?

The CIA is in the business of toppling governments, and it always slanders leaders when doing so. The CIA toppled the pro-Russia leader of Ukraine and replaced him with a corrupt Poroshenko, one who was partner to corrupt American actors doing what they accused the first leader of doing. The military has been complicit with the CIA in toppling governments, but as a back-up, in case the military refuses to help, there has arisen the George Soros' of the liberal toppling machines. Everywhere possible, these machines are seeking to install tax-thieving tyrannies with law-abiding facades. It was probably invented by the Rhodian Rothschilians. The United States is exactly such a facade. The guilty involved know that their fundamental job is to set up their own facades, to air words in public that are the very opposite to their secret deeds.

If those who espouse the founding fathers get power, will they really be good for a nation? Is emphasis on liberty to get rich a good formula for a nation? Do you really want to attract flies to your house by piling shit (toxicity intended) at the front door? Where the big money is, there go the criminals, the hookers, the sluts and the slut chasers. Ask Trump's casinos about that. If you build the nicest beach ever, there go the criminals, the sluts... It's a fact of life in the rich country. If there's tax money to seize in government positions, there go the criminals, the sluts...

Patriotism has to do with obedience / submission to government. But the Republican side of patriotism spears Democrats, and Democrats use patriotism to spear Republicans. Clearly, patriotism should not be a banner for the nation, because the banner can be black or white. Forget the patriotism, and make Christ the banner. To wave a founding-fathers banner is NUTS. If Republicans want sanity, there's only one way to get it: evolve Christward from the foundations laid by the founding fathers; don't speak as though they founded something even close to perfect, because they were not even true Christians. If "pursuit of happiness" is the chief law of a nation, there go the hedonists, the rule-rejectors, the mere-children of the world.

The chief rule should be, "Let the True God be your happiness." Seek first to install his kingdom rules on earth, and everything will be added unto your people that they need for a good and fruitful life. No billionaires and their sluts, but a good and fruitful life for all (ideally, the potential). American socialists reject billionaires but embrace porn demons. Capitalists embrace both. It's the morality, stupid. Morality, the things of the heart, are what matter. Billionaires do not generally concern themselves with things of the heart.

Blessed are the poor in this age, unfettered by the things that spoil the heart. If you have less than $2,000 in your bank account, take advantage by grasping the Kingdom of Jesus today. Seize it as though it were your absolute right to have it, for God has given us that right. Freedom in Jesus is freedom from the devil's perpetual grasp, but the founding fathers made the nation a perpetual slave to satan's tricks. Those who push the founding fathers today are blind to the nation's remedy, blind to the reason for the cancer that resides in the nation's head: the masonic founding fathers. The masons are both "christians" and satanists. The modern vatican is an example of masonry, the embracing of all religions to form a unified mindset. But there can never be a unified mindset by trying to bring all religions together as one movement, unless the participants abandon zeal for their respective religions. The result is mush. America the mushing pot.

What does it mean where the New Testament says, "honor the king." It means, don't give the church of Jesus a bad reputation by looking like a chronic rebel. Don't do anything to get yourselves in trouble with the king so that you needlessly look like a lawbreaker. I don't know off-hand what "honor" means as per the Greek word used, but I do see that some define the English "honor" as "showing great respect." Uh-oh, that would amount to: "consider the king of great value." Yet, on the only occasion of Jesus before a king, He did not do what the king asked for, nor did He even speak a word to him, which is a showing of disrespect. I suggest that "honor the king" means to treat him as he doesn't deserve in order that kings don't develop persecutionary reactions to the churches. Give the evil king lip service? I suppose so.

Another given definition of "honor": "adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct." Like when you say, "your honor," to a judge even though you have no idea whether he's evil or good. Lip service. It's how the Sadducees wanted to be treated, yet Jesus did not give them that honor so far as the New Testament shows his interactions with them. Calling them white-washed tombs to their faces is not exactly honoring them. So why didn't the apostles teach that we could treat leaders with the same animosities that Jesus used? I think they feared caesar too much to unleash Christians upon them as Jesus treated the Pharisees. Was this a cop-out on the part of the apostles? Perhaps God had a different program for Jesus because the Mission was to get Himself killed by the priests while the mission of the Christians was, not to become killed, but to flourish.

Sea Level Rise is Garbage

You won't find much agreement in youtube's sea-level rise discussions. The videos whose sole purpose is to spread the false notion that sea level is rising don't show the evidence, but frame the evidence in deception. For example, the video below claims from satellite evidence -- that you personally cannot prove or disprove -- that sea level has been rising an average of three millimeters annually over the last 25 years. But another video told that sea-level rise has been at that approximate increase since about 1800. It is a disgrace, therefore, if the latter claim is true, for anyone to point out the rise only over the last 25 years. And I think I know whey they do this.

There is one sure-fire way to prove sea-level rise, and I've yet to see it in any climate-change video, haha, because it's not happening. This joke would be a lot funnier it they were not pillaging our tax dollars for lining the pockets of countless thieves around the world. Even worse, they are mis-teaching an entire generation just to pull off this hoax.

All they need to do is to show before-and-after pictures of any flat beach where a 3-inch rise constitutes a significant, visible encroachment of sea water up the beach. They can then go 50 miles down the coast, and 50 miles up the coast, to show evidence that the water in those two places is likewise three inches higher than it was 25 years ago. This can't be hard to do if such measurements are being taken all over the place by those who monitor sea-level rises.

My tenant claimed that evidence for drastic sea-level rise is in Florida. Checking, it turned out that most of the sea-level "rise" there was due to the continental mass sinking. So, global-warming deceivers used Florida to deceive my tenant. They didn't tell the entire story. They lied.

They fact they the deceivers have had to succumb to a 3-millimeter rise per year only goes to show how not-a-crisis this is. That's roughly three inches over 25 years. Why did they need to succumb to that itty-bitty rise? Because people are wise enough to know that, if it were rising at a fearsome rate, the proponents would show before-and-after pictures of beaches. There are no such pictures to speak of.

Or, they could have high-tide markings on cliff faces showing a steady rise of sea level. High-tide markings on cliff faces are a sure-fire way to measure changing sea levels...if the cliffs themselves are neither sinking nor rising. It's a known fact that some land masses are rising while others are sinking, and so we are now at the mercy of their satellite "evidence." Note that the video below makes no mention of rising sea level due to sinking land. Why do you think that is? What do they take us for? They have in mind to deceive, what they love to do second-best. Most of all, they want to rule over us with their "superior" science...which is precisely what they use to deceive us, because they always play tricks with us using science. They want science to give them authority over us, which is why we should point out the short-fallings of science at every opportunity.

The video above made sure to have a man telling that sea-lever rise has gotten steeper over the past five years, giving the impression expected if CO2 emissions are responsible for planetary warming. The entire video is geared to convincing the ignorant and the liberal dope. Below is a video from the CBC, a liberal bastion that has been lying to Canada for longer than CNN. The video shows a drastic sea-level "rise" in a maritime region, but not once does the video tell why the rise exists. Instead, the CBC leads the viewer to believe that the problem is from melting ice. To protect itself, CBC has given the video a title that sort-of admits that the sea is "rising" due to sinking land, but not once is that mentioned in the video itself...meaning that CBC is hoping to deceive the liberal dope. Go ahead, liberals, be dopes.

Youtube didn't give me many videos of sea-level rise when I asked for it, because there's no crisis here. This battle might be won as google suppresses the real science and pushes the false, but, ultimately, the hoax will lose when there is silence in the news about cities going underwater, as predicted.

So, when some point out that there's no rise in sea level at such-and-such location, the frauds just say that sea level doesn't go up at all places at the same rate. Convenient out. In that case, perhaps sea level isn't going up at all. In order for a satellite to measure whether sea level rises, it's got to be at the same elevation in the sky each time it measures its altitude. You can't tell me you believe that a satellite maintains its same height year after year to within less than a centimeter. How will they know whether a satellite has remained at the same altitude versus having gone up or down if they use the ground to measure how high it is? The ground moves too. There's no ceiling up there to use for a measurement. The sea floor moves up or down too. Oops.

I declare, therefore, that when they tell us of satellite evidence for a steady increase in sea level, they are merely trying to make their satellite technology look like it's a reliable method of measuring. It cannot be. Chances are extremely high that they are deceiving us, especially if the satellites are owned by a nation/government given to the deception. If they claim to be able to keep a satellite at the same elevation by measuring air pressure, doesn't that seem like a deceptive stretch since an error of one millimeter in height ruins the measurement? If they claim they can do it, that for me is evidence that they are frauds.

A satellite can only measure differences between different points on the ground. Point A may NOW be an inch further from the satellite than point B is from the satellite, as compared to a year ago. Okay, fine, but this doesn't tell us which way point A and B went, whether up or down. Sorry, but that is impossible to determine if the only information (for making the determination) is from the satellite.

I cannot conceive of any method of determining whether seas are rising versus large land masses are sinking. One can measure land adjacent to land to determine that one or the other is sinking/rising, but which of the two is it if there are no clues for making a conclusion? Is the land on the left rising an inch, or is the land on the right sinking an inch? You can't compare either the left side or the right side with sea level because you don't know whether the sea is going up or down, or, if it is, by how much and which way. The following quote suggests that they know which way land is going, and in some cases this can be true due to certain clues in the local geology:

In many places vertical land motion, either up or down, exceeds the very slow global sea-level trend. Consequently, at some locations sea level is rising [not really, but only in relation to the lad] much faster than the global rate, and at other locations sea level is falling.”

For example, in Stockholm, Sweden, sea-level rise is “negative due to regional vertical land motion.” The water intrusion problems around the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and Maryland are also not due to sea-level rise, but instead to land subsidence (the sinking of the land surface) from human activity such as groundwater depletion.

Here's the scam for money's sake:

When running the International Commission on Sea Level Change, [Dr. Morner] launched a special project on the Maldives, whose leaders have for 20 years been calling for vast sums of international aid to stave off disaster. Six times he and his expert team visited the islands, to confirm that the sea has not risen for half a century. Before announcing his findings, he offered to show the inhabitants a film explaining why they had nothing to worry about. The government refused to let it be shown.

Similarly in Tuvalu, where local leaders have been calling for the inhabitants to be evacuated for 20 years, the sea has if anything dropped in recent decades....

Here's Canada's false, climate prophecies:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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