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March 10 - 16, 2020

Ezra Levant: Jewish Conservative Warrior (is that allowed?)
My New Dog-Paw Dream
John Ratcliffe Predicted Decades Ago, I Now Think

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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Hmm, just two weeks after introducing the BRIDGEt/Pritchard surname (Briggen/Bridgeman lion?), an article came out exposing Joe Biden's brother in a fraudulent scheme with Tom Pritchard, and utilizing a "BRIDGE loan." It appears to me that Joe Biden urged his brother to use his (Joe's) political clout to embroil Pritchard's company (Americore health) into a plot with something in the Middle-Eastern plot. Here's the story:

The Clinton circle may be responsible for bringing out this story, and, likewise the Clinton circle had motivation to bring out the Hunter Biden scam a few months ago. Hillary appears to be wading into the presidential race, and can easily shove Biden aside at any moment. On the other hand, the Americore story may be from strings pulled by Sanders supporters. Just look at the timing.

The Bridge / Brigg bloodline has been a topic over the last two updates, and the English Lane's, linkable to BRIGantium, was a part of the discussion in the last update, while the Bridge bloodline was fused with the Italian Lane's/Lano's two updates ago. The latter were first found in BRIXia, at lake GARDa, and while English Lane's (Brights / Bride stars) have a "Garde" motto term to indicate Garda elements, the Bridge's use "GARDeray." It just so happens, wow, that English Lane's come up as Loans. The "bridge loan" in the Biden story above! (Use Lane link to load other surnames.)

Biden's brother is James, and it just so happens that the James' share the lion of Roys in the Lane/Loan motto, and also the lion of English's in the so-called "English lions" of the same Lane's/Loans. These English lions can be gleaned as those of Roberts but also of Irish Brians (from Briancon = BRIGantium).

CNN and the other leftist dogs (don't mean to give nice dogs a bad name) either didn't carry this Biden story today (9th), or google's hiding them. Politico broke the story, however. The leftist dogs are continuously and grossly being exposed as political arms -- state media - of the Democrat party. How will Democrat voters fume when they discover important stories that their favorite dog simply ignores? In this other corruption story below, James Biden takes a pay-off for a reason not yet discovered, but one can glean that someone(s) is rewarding the Bidens for some illegal / conflict-of-interest favor from Joe's sphere of influence:

French Roys, first found in Brittany with Lane-branch Launay and French Brians, have this in their write-up: "From this family came Simonnet des Roys, Lord of Roys, co-Lord of BRIGnon [caps mine]...Actively involved in the Crusades, Etienne and Gilbert Roys were honored with the title of the Knights of Malta for their valiant action." The "Qua" motto term of Scottish Roys could be code for a family named after Aquae, on the light map at Pannonia's Azali homeland, the proto-Atheling branch of Saxons (see last two updates for reasons why).

There is a Brignon/Brigone surname (Piedmont) looking like kin of Italian Botters, and sharing red roundels with Scottish Roys. English Botters (Hampshire, same as Buttons/BIDENS) are also Budins and thus seemingly a Biden branch, how about that. Again, Roys share the James lion while James Biden is the main subject that kicked off this heraldic discussion. Scottish Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions while Bridge-beloved Crabs (Cambridgeshire, same as English Capone's) use swans. (Royals may have a version of a Lane/Loan Coat.)

The Briggen/Bridgeman lion is also that of Jewish Levi's/LeVINE's while a grape VINE is used by German Plate's (BRANDenburg) while so-called heraldic plates are used by Briggens/Bridgemens. The swan design in the Plate Crest was once shown for French Josephs As one Plater surname is also, PLAIN, with a version of the PALIN/Pawley (and Levin/Levine's) Coat, it appears that Bridgets/Prichards are sharing the upright Palin/Pawley lion, which is in the colors of the Briggen/Bridgeman / Levi lion, and in the colors of the Capone/Capua lion head. It just so happens that the Chief-Shield colors of Briggens/Bridgemans are shared by German Caplans, though the other half of the latter's Coat has the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' (share white scallops with English Plate's). I see the line of Joseph Caiaphas in this. English Caplans were first found in Hampshire (beside Briggens/Bridgemans) with CHAPeau-using Buttons/Bidens and English Josephs, and the chapeau is owned by Caplan-like Capelli's. Plate's (Pilate colors), with almost the Coat of Mars/More's (Burgundy, same as Pilate's), can be shown to be from the line of Pontius Pilate. Scottish Mars look like they have the double Levi/Levine lions in pale, but in the colors of the Capes / Ross lion.

The German Caplan Coat is a version of one GARDner Coat with the Capes scallop, tending to explain why Briggens/Bridgemans and Bridgets/Prichards are in this discussion i.e. from the namers of Brixia. The latter was populated by the Eburovices that settled Evreux, and this is from the Abreu/Abruzzo line, and thus the Mars are from the Marsi of Abruzzo. Scottish Mars almost have the double Abreu/Abruzzo lions.


The headline: "‘We’re Not Closing Our Eyes’: Senate Panel Seeks Documents in Biden-Ukraine Investigation". Very apparently, the senators were accused of closing their eyes to crimes, and only on that account are they doing some investigations. Can we expect them to make mere appearances of investigating, with the pre-plan to get nobody in criminal trouble? Let's just see how many people they uncover with crimes that Barr cannot refuse to deal with. If this body really wanted to do the peoples' business, it would have started the investigation months ago. It was hoping the whole thing would just go away. My bet: the committee won't discover anything that's not already known and made public from other sources.

Below is an article telling that the FISA court has found Comey et-al guilty of deceiving the court, yet I see nothing said as per this court being prepared to punish Comey-et-al in a way that rightly serves justice. It's not enough to say, "okay you anti-deep-staters, we are finally showing agreement with you against Comey. I hope you're happy." No, no-one's happy until Comey is treated with as much harshness as Mueller treated Trump's allies, for none of the FBI people called out for any mercy / leniency upon them for VASTLY smaller wrongs. It is insufficient to charge Comey-et-al with merely lying, for they were guilty of a coup attempt = sedition. The judge in this case is stating ONLY that the FBI lied to the court, without going to the obvious motives for the lies. Barr has no choice by to arrest.

Napolitano says the FISA agreement reached by Republicans is a horrible deal, and that Trump should veto it. In my opinion, I think Barr is responsible for making the likes of Nunes go for this deal. As it exposes Barr as a deep-state protector, it's very good that he came out to reveal (this week) that he with Wray put forth some "reforms" to FISA...and for this reason, I think, the Republicans supported the move. As I understand it, Barr and Wray have not revealed their particular reforms, but many are very unhappy with Barr on this matter. No one seems to know the details, especially on the "penalties" for breaking the particular laws. Exactly how hard will the slap on the wrist be for Democrats who violate the FISA laws? They're not telling anyone? If they don't penalize now, why should we trust them to penalize later?

One reform is that a FISA application and/or a transcript of its court discussions will go to a/the congressional committee(s) on Oversight, but what if it's mailed only to the leader of a committee, and he decides not to show the member for the opposing party? What kind of a slap on the wrist will he get, if he's a Democrat?

Another known reform is merely to inform the attorney general of the FISA applications. But what good would that do if the AG is himself corrupt, or on the side of a corrupt FBI chief? Never mind Obama's picks for AG, not even Trump's two picks for AG can be trusted. This you can now know if you've been watching Barr's publicized decisions / statements. As I've reiterated: Barr is a sham. He deceived the voters into believing that he was angry with the deep state. Barr is permitting a psychopath to be the FBI chief at this time. A psychopath has no heart, no feelings for those who are vilified. Wray showed himself to be exactly that type of animal.

Real reform would include the obvious: the person being spied on deserves full protection with AUTOMATIC and stiff jail time to the FISA judge and FBI chief for complacency / indifference to victims. ALL corruption must be minimized with jail time of five years minimum for violating the spirit of the FISA court. Moreover, the FISA court should be used only in emergencies, and never for spying on political opponents. Barr cannot desire reform if he refuses to make an example of Jim Comey at this time. FISA can be abused also for money-Making purposes, and especially for corrupt money-making purposes involving corporations or corporate officials to be destroyed / threatened / manipulated by spy programs. It is corruption that most desires fast-track, unaccountable spy programs. There has been no terrorist threat in the United States to speak of, and no one has produced and exposed, so far as I know, how FISA has been used to confound a terrorist act. What exactly has FISA been used for, mainly?

The Republican deep state is laughing at us, and Barr is now its acting / visible lead clown. Trump is only half-acting as though he might veto this "reform." The way to get deeper reform is to play hard ball with Barr. The latter knows that he can get better reforms at this critical time, but the truth is, he wants no reforms at all. That's another piece of evidence that should convince all that he and Trump are shams. Corruption is laughing at us. Nunes and Jordan disappointed on this vote:

Democrats have sued to see the unredacted version of the Mueller report, and having won their first court battle, Bill Barr is resisting the move, apparently trying to protect his good pal, Robert Mueller. Where are the Trump supporters demanding to see the unredacted version? Surely, under some of those redactions one could find Mueller's guilt. Why allow Barr to protect hideous Mueller? Demand all of Muellers notes too, all of the background information that went into the report. What's wrong with Republicans? Are they all this USELESS? Do they allow something like the Mueller crime to go unanswered, becoming content only to see its goals fail??? Do Republicans howl at Mueller but not at Barr for covering things up?

What a colossal waste of energy it has been to fight the deep state in outspoken media only to allow Barr to lose the battle for them without a whimper. These media should be screaming at Barr.

I've never heard anyone say that the U.S. Constitution is "Inspired," right after saying that Constitutional rights are not from man, but "God's rights." But BCP (Black Conservative patriot) said exactly this. I wonder how many others feel this way; I wonder whether BCP is prepared to go forward stressing such a teaching. BCP is delusional on this point. I'm wondering whether he's a Mormon, for I'm reading that Mormons view the Constitution as Inspired. But, "The U.S. Constitution never explicitly mentions God or the divine..." Wow, God forgot to mention Himself. He's got a poor memory. He allows any religion to go forward. Jesus is par with any other religion, in the Constitution. Whoa, BCP, you must be one twisted kind of Christian. Thank you for informing us; spread the word. Beware deeply-patriotic Christians who are and politically active simultaneously.

The page below is of a Mormon deceiver expressing words in the fake Book of Mormon as the words of Jesus. Just look at that brazen deception, hoping to make readers think that the words are in the New Testament:

Giuliani is announcing (video below, Ep. 14) that American tax-payer gifts to Ukraine went through corruption channels to American Democrats only, never Republicans. Start after 2 minutes to see that the Americans in Ukraine who tried to impeach Trump, and those who tried to hush / malign Giuliani's work, were in on the corruption:

That is one heavy-duty video. Aren't we glad that Giuliani gave all of this to Bill Barr? Aren't we ever-so delighted that Bill Barr's going to catch these crooks and make a public spectacle of them? What choice will Barr have when all of Trump's voters continue to complain about his do-nothing right down to the precipice of the election? Surely, Trump's going to demand that Barr lock them up, right? The Obamaites stole the peoples money right? And a lot more was stolen than through Ukraine, right? And Barr with Trump are going to do nothing??? C'mon, that's crazy.

Congressman Ron Johnson was preparing to question Telizhenko under oath -- which is what the latter wants to do -- and yet this week Johnson postponed (or outright canceled) this questioning process, leaving things up in the air as to how this important thing will pan out. If you're thinking that the entire anti-deep-state efforts are some sort of trick / tease on us all, bringing us ever-so close to ruining the deep state but with never the cigar, I don't blame you. Putting Telizhenko in Congress is the best-possible move at this time, and, it figures, it now looks like it won't happen, nor will the people get a good explanation as to why not. On this matter: "'There were discrepancies in what had been told in one briefing versus the next briefing, and then even greater discrepancies in staff notes,' Johnson wrote to members of the committee, according to The Hill." What kind of gibberish is that? Has Johnson torpedoed his own great move by listening to a batch of do-nothing / corrupt Republicans? Looks like.

The article goes on: "Now Johnson is aiming to compel Blue Star Strategies to turn over records related to Burisma and bring forward the firm’s co-founders, Karen Tramontano and Sally PAINTER." Is it a coincidence that Painters/PAYNters share the chapeau (cap) with Buttons/Bidens??? I don't think so. Painters/Paynters probably share the Chief-Shield colors of German Caplans, for the gold griffin heads of Painters/Paynters are shared by English Caplans, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens.

Another article: "Johnson said in a statement that he had chosen to 'postpone' a vote on subpoenaing Telizhenko for records and testimony 'out of an abundance of caution.'" Gibberish. What exactly do you mean, Johnson? Why are you lying to the people? The NY Times puts it as badly as possible: "A Republican Senate committee chairman abruptly called off a subpoena vote on Wednesday after federal authorities shared concerns that a former Ukrainian official cooperating with Republican investigators could be spreading Russian disinformation." This is nonsense. Let the man speak, then decide whether its disinformation. Instead of being the whistle-blower hero that he tried to be, Telizhenko has been made, by Johnson himself, to look like he's part of the corruption problem.

This is on Trump's head, for he can rectify any of these tricks but never does. He acts like he's impotent to change things. Almost four years later, and Trump still has done virtually nothing. Aside from declassifying the Ukraine phone call, the only thing Trump EVER did was repeat what's already in the news. He uses that tactic to make appearances of being anti-deep-state.

There are all sorts of accusations, even from Bongino, that Russians interfered in the election, but the accusers never give us one example, not even one clip of a video showing how the Russians interfered. They all look like bogus claims to me, but I'm pretty sure I've found some of the nastiest Russian interference in the next election right here:

Here's John Solomon's latest on FBI / Mueller guilt:

This story below will make you sick, but you need to get to at least the end of the 13th minute to see that British police are satanic, so why now also American police? You need to contemplate on how the police forces have become like this, and what it means in going forward to the "future." I regret being born in this dark generation.

Lookie here at CIA crimes in cahoots with the Canadian government in what looks Nazi-ish:

It's unspeakable evil. I have no words. The Trudeau government was covering it up, and are they now wanting Trudeau Jr. to admit to these things? Good luck. Here's Ezra Levant saying the same thing. Don't stop watching until at least the 22nd minute, where you will learn that British police and courts (and Twitter, Facebook 26th minute) are serving gang-raping pedophile rings:

Another Dream; Me and My Dog

Good morning. I watched the video above after midnight, and went to bed. I noted it was already after 2 am. So I awoke from sleep with the Panels/Paganells on my mind, for no reason that I could understand, though I found myself reflecting it off of the Ezra-Levant video while half asleep. I was tired, and got back into bed after doing some "business," and I fell asleep. This time I woke up while digging what I thought was a trench, though I did not see a long trench, just a hole before me, and I was standing at the bottom of this hole, which could have been a grave, and reaching up with both hands to play with the front paws of my black Lab. I was standing six-to-seven feet deep because I could not see her paws as she stood on the ground above my head. She/he played back as I played with her paws. I felt that there was more to this dream earlier, but I can't now remember it. The scene I've just described is all I remember.

It appears to be a message from God. The first thing coming to mind was KATE Middleton, because my black Lab was, Katy. Kate Middleton came to mind because a good explanation for the police not touching the pedophiles in the Levant video is that the British royals are protecting them. Middleton is the wife of prince William, whose brother, Andrew, is right-now embroiled in a Jeffrey-Epstein scandal, how about that. The Panels/Paganells are also Pings and Pongs, a pointer to Comet Ping Pong of pizzagate (pedophile) infamy.

I am very familiar with the BLACK PAWS of Bedfords, and knew this symbol while still in bed and thinking about this dream...albeit they not black paws of a dog, but of lions. Ezra Levant spoke of a gang-rape problem in England's Luton, and that place happens to be in Bedford. Amazing. That's what came to mind the minute I awoke from the dream with black-paw event. But no sooner had this come to mind that a clincher occurred.

For the longest time (over years), I would load the Luton surname and forget the other surname that used the same spread eagle. Months later, I would load the Grieves surname and forget which other surname had the same spread eagle (it was the Lutons). This went on several times, until, finally, it stuck in my head that Grieves' and Lutons both use a giant, gold-on-green eagle. But, the point is, the Grieves' come up as GRAVE's!!! This is the clincher, a concise way for God to inform us that the royal family is behind the protection of Pakistani gang-rapes all over England, with emphasis on Luton's devils. I must have been digging a grave while playing with Katy's paws, and I asked myself, when waking, whether Kate Middleton has herself been one of the children "played" with by pedophiles.

[I didn't realize until the near-bottom of this section that while Kate's are also KatterBACHs, Welsh Bachs have a black Lab! It's the seated black Lab of Furness', and the latter with their Parr kin share the black border with Bedfords! Zinger. German Paws are also PauersBACHS and PaurBUSCHs.]

Next, I recalled that I had a another black Lab (or part Lab) at age 14, a male. When it was run over by a car, we replaced her with a German shepherd, and one or the other was named Prince, and the other, I think we named, Wolf. I assume that, since German shepherds look more like wolves than Labs, the Lab was named, Prince. Coincidence? Both Labs were killed by cars. Katy was killed by a car while chasing a CAT. It's reminding me of Lady Diana, murdered, they say, in a car accident by someone in the royal family.

While writing Luton-Grave paragraph above, I recalled that PLAYers were first found in MIDDLEsex. I was PLAYing with the paws on the black Lab! Middlesex is a part of London and therefore near some of the earliest Middletons in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. All of these areas are beside Luton and Bedfordshire. Oxfordshire is where Peacock-loving Harcourts were first found.

While still laying in bed after the dream, thinking back on my previous black Lab, I recalled that a prince is in the Crest of Newtons, and that Newtons have crossed "shin bones" i.e. an apt symbol of graves. It might not be linkable to the dream had I not had a black dog named, Prince, but the fact that the other dog was named, Wolf, is pretty amazing too, because Shin-like Skins/Skene's share the wolf heads of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'. These wolf heads are in the gold-on-red colors of the eagle in half the Grave/Grieves Shield. Aha! The Bone-branch Bonns/Bone's/Buns (Oxfordshire) have the Grave/Grieves eagle in colors reversed! The Bonn/Bone/Bun and Bone lions thus become suspect with the same of Graffs/Gravs, and to this I can add that we lived across the street from the Graffs (still had German accent) when we owned the male black Lab!!!

Newtons even share the green Shield with Grave's and Lutons. Newtons, in the colors of Tume's/TOMBS (tomb stones), are said to have been first found in Macclesfield, which explains why the Macclesfield surname shares the engrailed cross of Prince's/Princess'. Then I recalled that the Newton Crest is an "eastern prince," but not being decked out as an Oriental, he looks more Pakistani. He wears a purple cape, by the looks of it, which could be code for the Cape's/Capes', first found in London with Middlesex. (The same cross as used by Macclesfields, though not with the engrailed border, is used by a Dutch Grave's.)

I'm now unable to access the website that gives descriptions of heraldic symbols (I think I've been blocked), and so I don't know if the prince wears a cape, but I do recall the "SHIN bones" and the "eastern prince." WOW, just found: a black Lab in the Crest of Irish Shins! And English Shins share the Coat of Kemmis', first found in Gloucestershire with the English Grave's/Grieves' i.e. the ones sharing the Luton eagle! It's as though God set up the heraldry (centuries ago) to play to this royal-family pointer through this very dream. Plus, I was playing with the paws (as in surprising my dog from beneath it), and GAME's/Cams were first found in Gloucestershire too, who therefore look like a branch of Kemmis'. Plus, zowie, the Cam river flows from Bedfordshire, and later in Cambridgeshire while prince William (Kate's husband) is styled, "duke of Cambridge."

Plus, I was digging with a hand shovel, and Shovels were first found in Hertfordshire, smack beside Luton. Shovels even have a good reflection of the Dutch Bone Coat! It's as though God wants to leave no doubt that this simple scene, of my playing with the dog's paws, is a pointer to prince William and Kate Middleton. Dogs/Doags are even in Shovel colors and format. They think that Kate will one day be the queen of England, and so let's add that Queens/Sweens/Swans use black wolf heads.

King Andrew I of Hungary was the brother of Levante. Ezra Levant. Comet Ping Pong was owned by James Alefantis, which looks a lot like "Levante." There is no Levant surname coming up, but Levans use ELEPHANT heads. Levens share the chevron of Quints (Cambridgeshire) who in-turn share the BLACK PAWS of Bedfords, that's right! The Andrew surname shares the Prince saltire, and while I trace Hungarian ancestors to the Ticino river of the Laevi Gauls, PRINce's/Prinse's look like a branch of Pero's/Perino's and Perrins' (Pierro's/Pero's were first found on the Ticino). I have seen the description of Reines Coat, said to use a COMET, and it seems to me that God arranged the Reines' with the PISA Coat in colors reversed as a pointer to Comet Ping Pong PIZZA, you see, but here we can add that the so-called "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is the same thing as the Reigns comet! That's the importance of having the Prince's/Prinse's in the Newton Shield: a pointer to pizzagate pedophilia.

Perrins use "fur CONES" while Cone's share the antlers of Conte's/COUNTERs/COMITissa's, and Reines' use what heraldry calls, COUNTERchanged colors. Maschi's, using PINE cones, share the lion in the Crest of English Bone's. Masci's (no 'h') were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's having a PerriCONE variation. PINEapples are in the Prince/Prinse Crest. Mosca's were first found in Pisa. Alefantis-like Fantis' share the Chief of Pink-related Panico's/Panetta's (Setta valley, a Reno tributary), both sharing the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Reign-like Reno's share the lozenges of Pinks/Pincs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs who share the "label" of Fantis' / Panico's. It's probably not coincidental that Comet variations are like Comey variations.

Comets were first found in Limousin with Clairs while SinCLAIRs, who in turn have a "COMMIT" motto term and an engrailed cross in the colors of the engrailed Middleton saltire. Perrins have an engrailed chevron in the same colors, and the latter's FUR cones go well with their "FERiunt" motto term because Furs/Fire's are expected as a branch of Fiers/Fere's/Fears, first found in Middlesex with the Players ("CLARior"). Thus, the Player pale bar must be the one of Pero's/Perino's/Perricone's, tending to verify that the latter's "flaming star" comets are indeed indication of marital Pero connection to Comets/Come's/Combs. Fier county (Albania) has the location of Kuman, the line to Comyns/Comine's, a branch, apparently, of Comets/Come's/Combs. COMERfords/ComFORTs (probably Fort kin) use the peacock and probably the white dog of the FORTuna's/Fortune's Andrew motto.

It just so happens that Pings/Pongs share three blue bends with Player-like Playters/Platters while PLAINS/Platters show signs of merging with the PALINs/PAWleys whose lion is in the same-colored lion paws of Bedfords and Quints (Dorset, same as Palins). Pawleys (Chief-Shield colors reveals them as POWER kin) could have formed both Paw/PAUER surnames, and as both use peacocks, note the "fear" motto term of Peacocks.

Back to the Dogs/Doags being in Shovel colors and format, for the Dog/Doag cinquefoil is colors reversed from the giant one of Pockets whose Poucher variation could be a branch of Paws/Pauers, for Pockets/Pouchers are said to have had an Poher entity. Pohers are listed with Poors, first found in Devon with Powers.

Danish Pauers are also Bauers, and German Bauers (= proto-Rothschilds) along with Scottish Bowers and English Bourlys all share the green Shield with Newtons, Grave's, Powers, and Peacock-related Pollocks (= proto-Rothschilds). German Paws/Pauers are likely using the chevron of Shirts/Shards (peacock) and of the Ticino-line Tiss'/Teece's in the Shirt/Shard motto. Dutch Pawleys share the Rockefeller-line trefoil of English Powers.

There seems to be a pointer of God here to John McCain's role with the Comey-McCabe FBI, for McCains/Keons can be shown to share the fish of Kane's / Cains (and Roach's), very connectable to the salmon of McCabe's/McAbe's (the latter are probably in the "habeo" motto term of same-colored Newtons). In the Obama dream that God gave us, which was a pointer to FBI abuse on Carter Page, the cue ball was a flat PAGE lying on a billiard table which I turned into a PAPER PLANE that pointed to the Plains/Platters, and here I can add the "PAUPER" motto term of Power-branch Poors (Devon, same as Powers). It works great, because Plains = Palins were kin of Powers. Just go ahead and compare one Cain Coat to that of Playters/Platters (they share three, wavy bends in colors reversed). It means that the Obama dream (I was in his billiard hall) is a stark pointer of Obama's FISA crimes to John McCain's circle of RINO's / war hawks / Bushites. John McCain delivered the Steele dossier to Obama's FBI under a McCabe-Comey leadership.

Ahh, the Scottish Abbe's share the scallops of Scale's while the latter were first found in Hertfordshire with same-colored Shovels/SHOULERs. The Scale's can be suspect, therefore, with the Scayle variation of Shouler-like Schole's, especially as Scholers/Schulers share the Shovel/Shouler fleur-de-lys. In this picture, God was burying Andrew McCabe with my shovel and grave digging. Plus, Hertfordshire is where Childs (pedophile symbol in this case?) were first found who are in Shovel/Shouler colors and format, and Childs are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads, sharing the Shovel/Shouler fleur-de-lys, are also Weiners. Anthony Weiner the liberal-activist pedophile who went to jail for his crimes. The Abbs share the scallops of, and a string of fessewise lozenges with, Apps/EPPS/Abbs (Scholfield fesse?), and that to me spells "EPstein." Apps/Epps/Abbs (Schole/Scayle lozenges) were even first found in Middlesex.

French Abbe's are listed with L'Abbeys/Labbie's, and while I lived two doors from a woman, Abbey, when I obtained Katy, the latter was a Lab while "labe" is a motto term of French Abbe's. And oh wow, these Abbe's have the saltire, in colors reversed, of Blade's/Blate's (could be the Pilate pheons) who in turn have a black Lab in Crest! We can even ask whether my dog was God's code for the DOJ (Department of Justice). In essence, Blade's/Blate's share the Newton saltire.

In the last update of February, I started on a large Podebrady investigation that included the George's (black Lab in Crest!), first found beside the Poors/Pohers of Wiltshire (their write-up claims a Wiltshire branch). In that update, I learned that the Elbe river through Podebrady is also the LABE river, and thus it seems that the black lab of George's finally reveals why the heraldic "talbot" dog is a Lab species. I can add that the "Pauper" motto term of Poors/Pohers (share the George fesse) can indicate elements from Papa, a location in Pannonia that was integral to the Podebrady investigation. Thus, Papers/Papwells might just be of Papa elements. George's were from George, son of king Andrew of Hungary and father of the Drummonds, and Dogs/Doags (and DURE's) were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds! Excellent. Poors/Pohers are said to have been at DURRington of Wiltshire, and Laps/LABBS' happen to have been first found in Wiltshire (beside Dorset).

Durringtons/DORingtons (could be Dorset liners) even share the six pale bars of Landens/Landers and Langleys, a line from Pepin of Landen. I trace Langleys to Langhe of Piedmont, and Papps/Papadopoli's were first found in Piedmont whose lion is colors reversed from the George lion heads. The Papp/Papadopoli lion has a rare TAIL at/in mouth, and Tailbois', of Lincolnshire with Durringtons/Doringtons (share besants with George's), were a branch of Talbots, thus making Lucy Taillebois suspect from Boii of the Papa area (Boii were in Pannonia).

Pockets/Pouchers were first found in Lincolnshire, which recalls the dead squirrel that was put through my laundry machine in the pocket of my black SHORTS. It's just that God used a laundromat, initially, to point to Landens/LANDERs with Lorraine (my girlfriend for a few weeks), and the latter got the babe symbol that was all over the Podebrady topic starting in the last update of February (two updates ago). Aha! Shorts were first found in Dorset with Babe's and George's!!! There has got to be more to this. Shorts have a giant GRIFFin, suspect with such surnames as Grieves'/GRAVE's! Babe's share a finger pointing to a sun with Bradys, assuring that Babe's were of George's wife in PodeBRADY (Bohemia, named by the Boii of Pannonia).

Boii named BONonia, and Bone's are in the Newton shin bones which connected to the grave I was digging...with the black lab beside me now looking like a symbol of the Labe river through Podebrady! It was proposed that George married Agatha, wife also of the royal ATHELings, and here I can add that the Athols/Athels, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, have six pale bars in the colors of the eight of Scottish Landers (Bedfordshire).

Here's a CNN story of about one year ago: "Lindsey Graham said Monday that he told the late Sen. John McCain to turn over the dossier of Trump-Russia allegations to the FBI, pushing back against President Donald Trump's assertions that the Arizona Republican helped fan the flames of the Russia investigation." Nothing like Graham putting his criminal foot in his mouth. He admitted to seeing the dossier when no one else knew about it but McCain, yet he treated it with respect. Then, he failed to tell the world of this thing -- that he knew went to the very FBI that was trying to bring Trump down. After the dossier failed to bring Trump down, Graham acted like a Trump supporter and even like an anti-deep-state actor, yet he is clearly covering for Trump's enemies. Graham was put in charge of running a key Senate group likely for the very purpose of covering for the deep state. Imposters are everywhere in power.

Now look from the CNN article above, but don't believe the story as framed, because political imposters are also liars: "[David] KRAMER then shared the dossier with McCain and the Senate staffer on November 30, 2016, and asked McCain to pass it to the FBI and CIA." It's framed as innocently as possibly, but it's much-more likely that Cramer and McCain were winking together all the way in what they knew to be a faked, dirtbag-report.

It just so happens that, while I was living in Gormley with Prince, my black lab, I met KATRina Hanson (my girlfriend from that moment) when buying an ice-CREAM cone from her, which turned out to be a pointer to Kramers/Cremers. To now show that this points to David Kramer in particular, I took Katrina on our first date in a Valiant car. I had asked her on a date while buying the ice-cream from her. The Valiant surname shares the Chief-Shield colors of KATRina-like KATTERbecks, first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's, and the Chief-Shield colors Katterbecks and Valiants are in colors reversed from the same of Kramers/Cremers (share the Chief fleur of Fantis' and Panico's/Panetta's). Later, I would purchase a black Lab in Texas, and name her Katy, while Katterbecks --in Arms of Saraca colors -- are also Kate's. Valiants use a shark, and Saraca-line Sharks (Tyrone, same as Neils) can be gleaned as kin of McCain-related Neils (share Saraca / McCain fish, and red estoile with fish-using Cains).

Months after dating Katrina (I was just 16 years old), I was standing in a line-up to purchase an ice-cream, and when DARLENE Ray/Wray handed it to me, I probably remembered my luck with Katrina, and asked her (Darlene) on a date, to which she agreed. Not only does the Darlene Coat look connectable to the PLAYERs (both have drops), but Darlene's were first found in Devon with Powers and Poors, both connectable to Plains/Platters (the latter had a PLAYTER/Platter branch). BUT THE BIG POINT of Darlene is that I never did learn how she spelled her surname, and Wrays happen to share the Chief-Shield color combination of Valiants and Kate's/Katterbecks. This morning's paw dream points to this Christopher-Wray picture too, doesn't it?

As I've said, the Wray Chief shares the Gormley martlets, and I asked Katrina out at Sam's restaurant (still there), at the corner of Woodbine avenue and Gormley sideroad, in Gormley. Gormleys were first found in Donegal, beside Sharks of Tyrone. I personally found Prince dead about 150 feet from that intersection, having been run over by a vehicle. He was buried in our new garage (I dug the grave) prior to laying down the concrete, in case this means anything later.

Soon after I dropped Katrina (I didn't realize she was only 14 when first dating her, too young for me), I spotted her in another guy's truck, looking upset toward me. I was standing at the entryway to Sam's restaurant and RATCLIFF lumber. I'm wondering whether this is a good or evil pointer to John Ratcliffe. Amazingly, Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Wrays) were at a Whalley location while Whalleys (Lancashire) have the HANSON mascle in colors reversed...tending to prove that God first arranged my Valiant-car date with Katrina HANSON, then arranged that last sight of her from Ratcliff lumber in order to point to John Ratcliffe. Less than a year later, He would arrange another ice-cream event to point to FBI chief, Mr. Wray.

Ratcliffs (probably the Waleran bull head) were also in Salford while Salfords (Bedfordshire) share the upright and gold-collared black wolf with Shark-liner Saracens/Sarasins. Is God pointing to Salford of Bedfordshire as a shark's nest of pedophilic beasts? The Brittany Sarasins share the moline of Becks, which can explain the KatterBECK variation of Kate's (Shark Chief-Shield). Beeks/Beaks (Dorset, same as Palins) share the ostrich with Wrays. Moreover, while Cremers were traced to Crema on the Serio river, SEARCys/Sarah's/Sayers are in Saracen/Sarasin colors. Valiant-like Vallans share the Sarasin moline too, and Moline's (Devon, same as Walerans) have goats in the colors of the giant ram of German Kramers/Cramers. Searcys/Sarah's have Saer de QUINCY in their write-up while the Valiant in the date belonged to the Quinns.

Plus, the Moline goat heads are shared by Blows while Blue's/GORMs were first found in Arran with McCabe's. The first ice-cream was purchased in GORMley, and Gormleys share the Wray martlets. Wray is protecting Andrew McCabe's FBI crimes.

Oh wow, it's taken me this long to load Shepherds, as per Wolf, our German-shepherd dog that immediately replaced Prince. One Shepherd Crest has a ram, and the Shepherd Shield shares the Cremer fleur-de-lys! Zinger. The Gorm-like GERMan surnames may even apply somehow. Salfords come up as Shepherd-like "Savard," and the Saffers (Devon) are in the colors of the axes in the Chief of Scottish Shepherds.

Back to Poors, for they share the same fesse as Parrys and Parrs, and thus Poors and Powers can be a branch of Parrs / Perrys. The latter share the pear with Wardens, and Katrina Hanson lived on Warden avenue when I was with her. Perrys and Parrys seem certainly to have been of Pero's / Peare's / Purys. Repeat: "I didn't realize until the near-bottom of this section that while Kate's are also KatterBACHs, Welsh Bachs have a black Lab! It's the seated black Lab of Furness', and the latter with their Parr kin share the black border with Bedfords! Zinger." Note the Parry write-up: " be divided among the poor of BACton and the hamlet of NEWTON."

Parrys were first found in Wales with Bachs, and, zowie, I almost missed it: while Parrys were first found in Carnarvonshire, the Arms of Carnarvonshire (it's the Wine/Winn Coat) has three spread eagles of the Lutons and Grave's/Grieves'!!! We started this section with the black Lab's pointer of God to the latter two surnames, and the grave in the dream suggested inclusion of Newtons who in turn pointed to the British princes and apparently to Pakistani's. Pakistan is, I think, where ancient BACTria was, and BACTons look like kin of Monmouths (both first found in Herefordshire). The British wealthy have deals with companies India way. Heraldic peacocks are often Blue Indian peacocks. Parrs (and perhaps Purys) are beloved in the motto of peacock-using Manners/Maness.

Where peacock-connectable Poors and Powers are Pierro / Pero liners, it explains why Levins share the Chief-Shield colors of Powers and Palins/Pawleys, for Levins/Livings/Levine's are suspect from the Laevi Gauls of Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. Jewish Levi's/Levine's (did they name Wine's/Winns?) have lions in both colors of the Palin/Pawley lions. Purys (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) happen to share the stars in the Palin/Pawley Chief.

I'm trying to figure out, if John Ratcliffe is being pointed to by Katrina Hanson, what specifically God might be hiding in the codework as to what Ratcliffe will do. Will he be instrumental in jailing key leaders, since Hanson lived on Warden while wardens run jails? What could it mean that while Ratcliffs were at Bury, both Bury surnames are also Burisma-like Buris'? The Purys, first found in Oxfordshire with pear-liner Peare's, show a Burey variation. Ratcliffe's were from Bury of Salford, and Salfords (look like Bush kin) had a Salford location also in Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire.

We now go to the 1979 dream God gave that opened with a shark. I came to believe that this dream, immediately after the shark scene, had me on Jeffrey Epstein's island (Little Saint James), where I saw a beautiful woman standing at the hood of a car upon a sandy beach. The Hoods/Hoots happen to use crescents colors reversed from the same of Shark-liner Saracens/Sarasins, and, unbelievably, the latter surname shares the upright and gold-collared black wolf of Salfords while the a hood of a car is at the RAD(iator) while Hoods were at radiator-like Rattery while RATcliffs/RADcliffs were at Salford. Incredible, like bingety-bing.

There's more to this Ratcliffe link to the 1979 dream that was shared in earlier updates, but after explaining much of it, I discovered that the woman in the dream lives 10 miles or less from John Ratcliffe (in Texas), I kid you not. I've never spoken to this woman about my writings on the dream, but I identified the woman of the dream as Charlotte Hicks many years before knowing of John Ratcliffe. I'm inclined to believe that John Ratcliffe will spy on Epstein's empire.

Let me re-explain some. In the dream, when I first saw her, I said, "she's BEAUTIful." It would be decades before realizing that God was using props in the dream to point to surnames. It was my fun job to figure out what it all meant. The Beautys/BoWOODs (Dorset, same with Palins/Pawleys), and the Woods happen to share the fitchees of Ratterys, you see, as though there is some Intelligent Person behind this heraldry. Beautys/Bowoods Ratterys love the Supers, and the latter, first found in Devon with the Hoods of an unidentified Rattery location, share the engrailed saltire of Middletons. We could be back to Kate Middleton, for Kate's/Katterbachs share the Chief-Shield of Sarasin-connectable Valiants who in-turn have the only heraldic shark I know of, thanks to my date with Katrina Hanson, who pointed to John Ratcliffe, I think. And it just so happens that while Ratcliffs were at Whalley, Beautys/Bowoods have three black bulls only (Whalley-whale colors) in the same colors as the three bull heads only of Walerans (Devon, same as Hoods), while there is a black bull head in the Ratcliff Crest too. It seems undeniable that God caused me to blurt, "she's beautiful," for these reasons and maybe more.

But there is more, for Ratterys tell of their Rattray location at Buchan, and both Buchans and Buchanans are suspect from BUXENtum at the PALINurus area of ancient Italy because Buchans and Buchanans share black lions with PALINs/Pawleys. Buxentum is also PYXus, and that evokes the Picks/Pix's because they share the three fitchees of Ratterys (Woods use two of them). Plus, can we believe it: Beautys/BoWOODs were first found in Dorset with Palins/Pawleys.

It could be that God arranged for John McCain's VP pick to be born as SARAH Palin, for Sarah's/Searcys/Sayers are expected as part of the shark line while we saw above why McCains/Keons are part of the Neil-Shark bloodline. The Buchanan lion is also that of Faucets while Saer de Quincy is in both the Faucet and Searcy/Sarah write-up. I am reminded of Jim Searcy of Texas, who predicted that the royal British family would directly (in prince Charles = the anti-Christ) produce the anti-Christ, though I did not, and still do not, agree. Close connection to the False Prophet is much-more plausible to me.

The Sayer variation suggests connection to Says, and it just so happens that Cliffs, who appear to have created RatCliffs, were at Mortone-Say of the Says. The "se" motto term of Ratcliffs should be for the Say-like Sea's/Seigh's (fish), and while Sea's had a Seal location, "ZEALous" is the motto of Rattery's Hoods/Hoots. While Saracens/Sarasins share the black wolf of Salfords, and the Hood/Hoot crescents in colors reversed, the Seals have black wolf heads in both colors of the Saracen crescents. Sailers, who apparently loved Masters (Kent, same as Sea's/Seigh's), have wolf heads in both colors of the Salford wolves. Ratcliffs were at Salford. And, believe it or not, the three Sailer wolf heads are also those of Cliffs (I almost missed this)! The Cliff Coat is even a version of the Salford Coat! The Sea/Seigh write-up: "...Seal at the Domesday Book was held by Geoffrey de ROTS..."

Sea's/Seigh's share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Ratterys, and near the first-known Rats/Raids. We are back to king Andrew I of Hungary, father of Drummonds, brother of Levante. Levens were first found in Shropshire with Cliffs and Says.

Back to "she's beautiful," for after I saw her at the hood and radiator, I started to walk toward her. When arriving to the car, she was inside the car HOVERing flat on her back. It took me a while to decipher that this was God's verification that Hoods/HOOTs were being pointed to because Hover-like Hoovers share the eagle leg of HOOTers. I kid you not, I used the word, "hover," years before finding the Hoover-Hooter relationship. In the meantime, I also realized that her hovering LEVEL was a pointer to Waleran de LEAVELL, for Leavells are also Levels, a great argument for pointing to John Ratcliffe, for Ratcliffs are surely using the Waleran bull head (it's the Beauty/Bowood bull, right?).

Leavells/Levels were from Lupus Laevillus, husband of QUADratilla, and that should explain why QUADE's share the three Cliff / Sailer wolf heads.

If John Ratcliffe does not get confirmed, I'll be very confused. At this point, I see evidence, from the Bury area at Salford, that he will spy on and unveil (at least to Trump / Barr) the Burisma crimes, and perhaps much else in relation to Biden corruption. I should add that while Salford of Bedfordshire Bury is near Luton, the Lutons have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant cross of Irish Burys/Buris'. We could say that this morning's dream, my digging of a grave while playing with the paws of my black Texas dog, which pointed to Grave's and Lutons, was a symbol for the BURYing of Burisma. In fact, I got the black dog from Texan breeders of HUNTING dogs, and Hunter Biden is at the core of Burisma probes.

Secondly, I've shown why Ratcliffe might expose Christopher Wray and those Republicans who were with David Kramer at the time of his Trump attack. Will Ratcliffe go against the Republican mobsters, Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein? In general, the shark in the 1979 dream has been deciphered as all those who attacked Trump with FISA, the dossier, Mueller, etc., and God led me to the shark of Valiants through the Miss Hanson pointing to John Ratcliffe, I think, in at least two ways.

Thirdly, Ratcliff might attack the Epstein empire, and even get to spying on the warden who allowed Epstein to be murdered (or allowed to escape). Wardens even have a spy-like "spe" motto term. We shall need to wait and see. If Trump doesn't get rid of Barr and Wray soon, what good will it be for Ratcliffe to expose government criminals where the Barr-Wray team refuse to arrest them?

When even Fox news fails us, we just might be able to depend on RT. The video below claims that Americans, such as 9-11 truthers, are disappearing to SWAT teams, psych-ward prisons, etc., who don't say the right things on social media. What do you think of this:

It can explain why the sorts of videos once prolific have disappeared. The Patriot Act had the agenda of stomping out all threatening dissent against a nazified American government under Bush. Obama took advantage of the spy-state by reinforcing Democrat powers, and we have seen much of what that animal has looked like. Will Ratcliffe expose and break down the agenda of the Bushite patriot act, or will he support it? We know that Barr wants to keep it. The irony for the Bushite plague is that white supremacists have generally opposed the globalist / war-hawk state. But this can change if Trump decides to become a Bushite player. I DO NOT trust Trump. He's got one foot on the land, and one in the swamp. They very people who want his ruin he empowered, perhaps hoping to cut a deal with them. Hopefully, with the calling of Ratcliffe, Trump will finally come out swinging (with more than words) against his shadow-government enemies. Ratcliffe needs to replace the CIA director with someone like himself.

Have you noticed how the corona scare has come much-too quickly, as though it could be useful for the deep state? Two or three weeks ago, virtually no one in North America had this flu, then suddenly the headlines foisted a crisis upon us. I am very suspicious. I'm seeing a manufactured crisis. Britain has apparently leaked a fake report that this flu will remain over the summer and into next spring i.e. until the next American presidency. The flu goes away in heat. Something stinks.

The RT video speaks on Operation Vigilant Eagle, which I've not heard from Fox news. Fox is pro-war hawk, and this operation sounds like it's from the military agenda of war hawks, to spy on soldiers and military leaders returning from the Middle East, to assure that no one spills the beans on the wickedness of Middle-East agendas. Those who are threats can be arrested / detained on bogus charges. This is the military demon. It has its work cut out because most Americans now are "conspiracy nuts," hallelujah. And the more we hear of reports of people disappearing, or voices being silenced, the more they will have their work increased, like a whirlwind, we hope, that brings them down in ruin.

Hang in there, good people, but if the anti-Christ arrives, give-in, be on your best behavior, go happily to jail if they stick you there, for the wicked will only have but a few, short years. Do your brothers and sisters in Jesus a favor by not rebelling, for the demon will get harsher on us if we fight back at that "dark hour." God will give them the dark hour, but until then, expose the demon, and weaken it if you can.


Operation Vigilant Eagle is an American law-enforcement effort headed by the FBI...The operation was first mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in April 2009 [Obama's first year]

Operation Vigilant Eagle exists as part of a larger national security effort to target individuals associated with "Left Wing" and "Right Wing" extremist groups. Example include members of (Tea Party movements), citizen militia (Occupy movements), and other anti-government groups. In certain cases targets have been labeled as mentally ill with "oppositional-defiance disorder" [I think I have some of that], and more cases show that veterans are being targeted since the beginning of Operation Vigilant Eagle and the cause could be as simple as posting controversial song lyrics and political views on Facebook.

Zikers, the guy on RT was kidding or lying. An enlarged version of that article says that no terrorist has ever been apprehended using the program, and that it's intended to arrest and abuse Americans only, who speak ill of the government / war efforts. So, Christopher Wray now leads this Homeland-Security operation, and he's a Bushite, right? Will those opposing Barr and Wray start to disappear into insane asylums?

Just when they think they have us under control, they will stick the 666 to themselves. That's right, they will shoot themselves in the head when they force the world to take the skincode, for that's our cue to leave society, and they won't know how to handle such a huge "migration" out of cities. And as they attempt to handle it, even while in the throes of handling it, down will rain Armageddon upon their war-hawk heads, and they will have no one to blame for the global war but themselves. JUSTICE AT LAST.

Here's Tommy Robinson, the one mentioned by Ezra Levant; we are starting to win the war against the liberal media, and yet the cops are still with the media, in England, Canada and the United States. It's got to be the Rhodian socialists at work, which would have no power if good cops stopped being cops when asked to do corrupt things. Instead, "good" cops are like the Nazi soldiers who obeyed Hitler, and thus the good cops defile themselves, and go toward Hell instead, for food on the table and/or the mere respect / honor that comes with the police uniform:

So, the powers that be, the Armageddon Generation we might call them, are desirous of purposefully sidelining all the biggest voices against themselves, and, rather than hiding or cowering for their slanderous injustice, are going to publicly maneuver with an endless barrage of false accusations, portraying their victims as in need of severe punishments. This is inciting liberals on the streets to violence against enemies of liberals...which amounts to an unofficial dictatorship under the guise of politically-correct democracy. But, ultimately, God is in this to expose the wicked just a few God-minutes before Armageddon rains down upon their military parade. We know the end; we just don't know the severity by which the psychopaths will treat us until then. Make no mistake about it: they are half-way crazy already.

I would like to say that the way they will treat us is exactly how they ought to be treated for being in the wrong. Their rights to free speech WILL be taken away by the God who slices out their tongues (so to speak) when he heaps their souls into Outer Hell. God is not a fool like the Robinsons and Bonginos of this world who push absolute freedom of speech. It is that doctrine which allows the wicked to rise to power over the people, and then to muffle their speech, you see, once the wicked are powerful enough. You can cry free speech all you want, but the wicked won't give it to you if they can help it. And so God will remove them from society when the meek inherit the earth. But first, the wicked must be permitted to do as they please in order that they condemn themselves to the fullest of what they deserve. Poor google, poor twitter, poor facebook, poor youtube, all damned and worthy of it. And even many of those who embrace Robinson as a hero will be damned because they reject the One who is much greater than Robinson. Many Trump supporters are foolish enough to lose their souls for Trumpism / Americanism / nationalism. Restrain yourselves.

Instead of standing for free speech, stand for acceptable speech because the wicked, if they outlaw your acceptable speech, will tend to be burying themselves in infamy. You can outlaw their unacceptable speech (lies, slander, tricks) because the majority of people should end up on your side. It is imperative to ingrain in the public mind that lies cannot be tolerated as part of free speech, even if the wicked label our truths as lies. We can fight them in the courts on who's lying, but we should not permit rampant lies based on a freedom-of-speech ideology.

The Bonginos of the Trump world would have us believe that most cops are good guys. See this British whistle-blower who condemns British police at the highest levels, with obvious implications against parliament and the courts:

There can be only one conclusion: the police do not touch pedophilic prostitution because police chiefs and/or parliamentarians and/or judges and/or etc. are amongst the disgusting customers. Demons are in power, just as the Bible claimed it would be. My dream this morning is telling me that the royal family is behind the shut-down of anyone who would cry out against high-level pedophilia.

Did you notice that the whistle-blower's son (John Wedger) was murdered in a CAR ACCIDENT? When he spoke on police suicides being large in Boston, when police officers were being mistreated for speaking out, he didn't seem to realize that the suicides were more-likely murders. Where police suicides are highest, expect the deepest corruption.

Further on Operation Vigilant Eagle, please read this and spread the word about the American military demon:

Unless John Whitehead is a Communist and a liar, the message he gave above is something that should be all over Fox news regularly. If Fox thinks that this is not of interest to the American people, then Fox is an accomplice with this demon. Is Bongino going to side with Fox or with Whitehead??? Many anti-Democrat speakers would cut out Democrat deep-state cancer, but lick Republican deep-state cancer. That's how I see Bongino, who won't even admit to the 9-11 crimes. Ditto for Trump, and for Barr. This war will be lost if the majority of Republicans think that Fox is doing a proper job in correcting corruption. Fox is the Republican cancer.

The vigilant-eagle spy operation was headed up first by Robert Mueller, for he didn't leave the chief seat of the FBI until the near-fall of 2013. Did Mueller serve Obama at that time? Was the operation Obama's mainly, or Bush's? Mueller's job was to silence 9-11 truthers, obviously, and that man will have a special place in Hell for the abuse he heaped onto innocent people. I can't even imagine how many people he ruined, but we saw examples on how ruthless his team was against Trump people. The man is so old now that he's just a few short years from stepping into Hell's darkness / fire, where he can get his just reward.

Okay, so most of Fox was vehemently opposed to Mueller for his attack on Trump, but what about Mueller's abuse in vigilant eagle? I can't answer that question because I didn't follow Fox shows between 2009 and 2016. I started following Fox (almost daily) only in early 2017 (but no one can watch it all). I have never heard anyone at Fox complain about this program. Have you? An American joins the military all pro-government, but then comes back from war anti-government. Whose fault is that? You think China abuses human rights? You haven't seen the American demon at work in the dead of night, but the reports are starting to flow out. People at Fox have heard the reports; they just won't report on them. The American spy program is firstly for this demon's security, not the peoples' security. Once you grasp that, you will be in-the-know. The demons plays all sorts of strategic games to portray itself as the angel of God.

Whitehead's claims cannot be lies. We see the silencing on social media, and we see it in big media. Why wouldn't there also be a program to silence key speakers using the FBI? But of course. It's a no-brainer. They burst into homes in the dead of night, and sometimes they kill with the excuse of defending themselves. It's the big-eye owl demon. It would be powerless without a spy system, but now John Ratcliffe will have grabs of it. I am really curious as to what he'll do with his hands on that wheel.

Joe Biden is so mentally incapable to be president that Democrat media people are becoming laughing stocks along with the DNC which likewise continues to support his run. They are made laughing stocks doubly because they clamored about Trump being mentally incapable, and now they are supporting a man who is truly gone of brain. He has announced that he will choose a female president-replacement / vice-president, and one explanation for Joe's media support, even now, is that Hillary is in line to become that person. We have arrived to a point that anything goes, no matter how criminal, in the Democrat party, and perhaps Ratcliffe is arising at this time to dissolve the powers of this party.

Bible Doctrine

Someone writes confusingly: "When people tell me 'faith without works is dead' to defend works’ importance, I tell them that I agree. There is no life in a faith that is not exhibited thru works, but works have nothing to do with salvation. It is the FAITH in Christ that saves." That's impossible, contradictory. The person is first agreeing that works need to be applied to make faith valid, and then ends up by saying that works are not necessary for salvation. Who puts out this trash? LOTS of pastors do. Pastors who seemingly get tripped up on something so simple to overcome. Sometimes I think that wolves in sheep's clothing perpetuate this nonsense until the sheep echo it.

We are saved by faith like when we walk into a door and never leave. But if we leave, we abandon our faith. If we do not do the works, we are walking out the door. Faith let's us into the Kingdom to do as Jesus did, which is good works as our example, and if we don't do them, we are scrammed from the Kingdom no matter what our lips speak about being saved just because we believe. So, if we don't sufficiently do as Jesus did and taught, the Father can spit us out the door. That doesn't sound like being saved anymore.

Judging. I'm asking myself: do I get judgmental when I say that a certain teaching is moronic? Should I use a kinder word? What is the wrong kind of judging? Well, I think it's looking down on someone for some wrong or selfish thing that they do, with emphasis on "looking down." That is, we frown upon or despise them for their short-coming or sin. But to more-simply recognize the error is not necessarily judgmental. No one can help it if they recognize someone's short-coming in Jesus, but that doesn't mean we need to hate them for it. But wait. There's a limit to that statement. What if the error is very gross, like false prophet's thieving the money of Christians while distorting their doctrines? Can't we hate that? Can't we hate people like that? Can't we look down on, or speak down to, or put our foot upon, sin like that? I say, of course.

So, if saved-by-faith-alone is an important but false doctrine going right to the nerve-center of Jesus' mission, is "moronic" too harsh to describe it? I use that word because the Bible is rife with doing the right things. It's just about all that God cares about for this part of human history, and Jesus died to get us right in the heart-and-works department. Part of works is to adjust the inner self. It's not just helping people out, but fixing the inner self. In every Christian who walks in the door, God is applying some heat to change the soul. Those who walk in expecting Santa Claus or their personal genie will probably walk right back out again sooner or later. They might attend prosperity-gospel churches for many years, though, before they fade away into worldly endeavors. They might wait years waiting for God's financial-blessings windfall, until they won't take it no more. They might decide that there is no God because He failed to give them what they wanted.

If you've walked into the Door, expect nothing from God but your food and clothing, so to speak, and work on your attitude. Have the attitude of sorrow for your ingrained short-comings that seem unconquerable. I have never been able to completely shake-off using cuss words when things get tough in my building trade. I don't use foul language in normal conversations, or when the work is easy, but when I come across a trying situation, out come "expressions of dissatisfaction." I almost had this licked at one time, but the many troubles I've had building this house has been too much for me. I admit, it's not the way God wants us to be, and for this I am sorry for my inability to conquer. I NEED forgiveness and power to change.

Grapple with what it means to worship Him, or to communicate with Him from the inner quiet. How much do we want to be accepted / approved by Jesus? What is it that makes a person devoted to Him if not reading about Him and understanding clearly what He means? How can a person read His words and walk away without recognizing that works are key to salvation? He plainly said, it's not those who hear the teachings, but those who do them. How can a pastor get tripped up on that simple saying? Is the pastor nuts to teach faith without works? Why mention that phrase at all?

I love it when my spirit overflows with love / appreciation for this HUGE and UNIMAGINABLE God, when I have that sensation of peace that comes along with it, because I do worry about how He feels about me, or what He will say to me at my death. I am disappointed when my communion with God is a one-way conversation, but He has plainly decided that He can't talk back to us as a human would, except for some rare occasions. I've never heard a Christian tell me that God talked back in full conversations. I wish He would, but, perhaps, He may want us on the edge of our seats, not knowing how well or not-well He feels about our performance, so that we won't let our performance slip too much. My bet: He knows that if we believe in once-saved-always-saved, our performance will suffer. I feel that He does let us know, with Living Waters stirred within, when He's happy with our thinking, and our attempts to please Him. It is WORK.

I need a lot of fixing yet. Sometimes I think that God's strategy is to abandon us to our flesh, for periods, so that we recognize the degree of our inability to be like Jesus, so that we remain humble, and there's probably more to it. The ways in which God deals with us through the Holy Spirit are a mystery, I think, for the most part. We have a few clues as to what's taking place, but the mechanics of God's actions within us are probably His secret. Easy does it, keep the faith, stay in the door of the furnace, it's all we have who have decided to forsake the world for Jesus. There is no such thing as a Christian who has not understood that forsaking the world is a necessity for salvation. Anyone who becomes politically active can sideline the calling of Jesus and slip away into worldly cares. Many societal and personal problems are caused by demons that God will not restrain because societies and souls deserve harm; if we try to fix societal problems politically, we come up against demons stronger than our own powers.

If the West will not fix its sluttiness and growing sodomy, expect demonic controls that cannot be overcome. Take note of the lunatic words streaming from activist, liberal camps, because these are demons at work. To fix society, only one thing is needed, and it's not the Constitution or the declaration of free speech: love the Lord your God strongly with your heart, and do unto others as you would have them do to you. If they sideline God, as liberals and libertarians have done, they will be infested with demons. It seems that the demons in atheist Russia abandoned Russia and came over to the United States, for Putin has sanctioned the churches for growth and recognition while liberals won't allow the Ten Commandments to stand in any public place here in the West. Shame. Neither Ham nor Shem wants the debauchery of the West. Shame.

Obama is a snake in a living body, the product of the enemies of God, and God did not forbid Obama from ruining the United States. Learn from that. Remove porn from the Internet, Republicans, and from the stores, or face your full downfall. Remove the liberal judges which laid the groundwork for demons to thrive, or God will remove Himself from the midst of demonic activity, and give it FULL FREEDOM to operate as it does. The Canadian prime minister is dedicated to the anti-Christ agenda that his father foisted upon the Canadian supreme court. Christians in political activism should work at removing atheist judges and atheist teachings in schools, as their good service to country, but never should we praise our country while our enemies by-and-large control it. The entire West is a stench of satan, and the USA has become the Great Satan with the EU coming in a close second.

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