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February 25 - March 2, 2020

Templars Involved with Bohemian Seleucids
My Roller Skate to Camulodunum
Arms of Podebrady Stacked with Codes
Mystery Agatha Solved (I think) with George of Drummond

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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The last update found a new thing, that the Seleucids may have been of the Boius people group (on light map) at the south side of lake Lychnidus, and on/beside the Aous river to Balas-like Bullis/Byllis. I was seeking heraldic evidence that certain surnames were from the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, whom I trace to the Alexander surname because "Alexander" was used by the Maccabees whom I think descended from this Mr. Balas when Maccabees formed an alliance with him. Here's what was added to the last update on this Tuesday morning:
Oh wow, here's from the 2nd of December, 2013: "The Powys Crest is a bear's gamb. The bear's gamb holds a 'scepter,'..." That's what I thought it was, and then the scepter is used by Godfreys too! That looks like a Boius link to Godfrey de Bouillon.

I had just proposed reasons as to why the Balas line should go to Bullis-like Boulogne, home of Godfrey's father, and then, after the sentence above, it says, "Powys-like Bowys'/Bowie's (book in Crest?) were first found in Kintyre with Alexanders! Zinger. The McCabe's/MACABEE's were first found in neighboring Arran, and their salmon is in the Bowys/Bowie Coat." That's evidence that Powys of Wales was named by the Boius people group. While the Powys surname has the bear paw of Bellino's in colors reversed, and then Wales had a mythical Belenus/Belinus character. (Use Powys link to load all surnames to follow better).

Belenus looks like the BAAL cult's transition to the Celtic Bel, making Bullis and Balas look like they were named after a Baal cult, which really plays to Froggit and the bouncing BALL of the last update, which indicated that the Boius became the proto-Bohemian Boii. Froggatt became a topic recently when she appeared in a new dream where i had only my shirt on, and Shirts share red roundels with the Bullis/Billiard surname, and with the Arms of Boulogne. Boii were in Bologna of Italy, also called "BONonia" by the Boii there, and the BOUNCing ball therefore suggested the Bouns variation of Bone's/Bohuns = Bohemian liners.

The bouncing-ball game, with QUADRants, pointed definitely to QUADRatilla Bassus, and so her offspring are suspect from Alexander Balas, and indeed her father's ancestry was in the royal Seleucids (I'll try to tell exactly how, a little later), but also in a maccabee line using "Alexander". Here's Wikipedia: "Belenus (also Belenos, Belinus, Bel, Beli Mawr) is a sun god from Celtic mythology and, in the 3rd century, the patron deity of the Italian city of Aquileia (Venetia)...he was one of the most ancient and most-widely worshiped Celtic deities and is associated with the ancient fire festival [of witchcraft] and modern Sabbat Beltane." That fire theme, suspect with the metal-making of the Phrygia area, could be in the "fireball" of Balls (Cheshire, same as Shirts/Shards and the important Brights).

It says that Belenus was associated with the horse, the symbol of Phrygian-suspect Freys and Frys, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Bocci-like Box's to which the bouncing-ball game (in a box) pointed. The last update linked Miss Froggatt (I initially called her, "Froggit") to Mr bocci BALL, as I call him, and though I can't prove it, he brought me to his bocci-ball games in L'Aquila, for it was the only major center near his place (seven miles away), and we were at a bocci-ball arena, not just someone's yard. I now discover that Belenus was beloved in Aquileia, tending to affirm that the Balas line is exactly to Mr. bocci ball's household/veins, or, at least, to Froggatt-line BROGITarus to which the bocci game points, for the Bocci surname is listed with BROCATo's.

I told of a Brigetio location near the Boii of Pannonia that seems to apply to Brigians = Phrygians. Brogitarus was the chief priest of Cybele, wife of the Phrygian SUN god, an apt place to trace the Belenus sun-god cult. Cybele and her sun-god husband gave birth to Lydus, symbol of Lydians who had a capital at SARDis, where I trace Shirts/SHARDs. In the dream of little more than a week ago, I was walking around in public with some of my bare arse exposed, wearing only a shirt to HIDE most of it, and I was then talking to Miss Froggatt (someone I knew of in my early teens); she was in the bouncing-ball box with me (in real life at age 13). I therefore claimed (last update) that the hiding of the arse with the bottom end of the shirt was code for Hyde, the alternative name of ancient Sardis.

I was BARE-assed, and Bare's/Barrs happen to share the Aquila Coat. Amazing, is it not? It's also the Este Coat while Este is near Aquileia. As FOCa was near the mouth of the Gediz river through Sardis, note that the double stars on a fesse of Bare's/Barrs are in the colors of the three stars on a fesse of FOGGs (Kent, same as Faggs/Vaggs). Wow, that was missed in the last update. As Foggs and Froggs/Frocks share near-identical Coats, and as Miss FrogGATT was in the bare-ass dream, it's now certain that Gates'/Gatts were from the namers of the Gediz river. The Gates/Gatt Coat was shown to be a version of the Motley Coat, and while Motleys were at MEDLIcott (Shropshire, same as Froggs/Frocks), Medleys and Methleys were shown (last update) for be of the Foggs, Figgs and Froggs/Frocks.

I have only-now looked up Focks (in search of Foca liners) to find them sharing the fish of proto-GEDDES' Geds!!! Excellent and timely find. And while I was bare-butted in the dream, the Geddes fish heads are in the colors of the one fish of BUTTs/Boets!!! Do you understand that? It's the Sadducee house of BOETHus traceable to Laevi on the Ticino. The Geddes fish are pikes, suspect with "Picenum," and Picenum elements are suspect with "Picenze," the village of Mr. bocci ball. Empress Justine of Picenum is to the Justus/Justine surname, first found in Perthshire with the Dure's in the Ged motto, and beside the Geddes' and Rats of Nairnshire. Rats can be gleaned in the Ged motto, "DuRAT." The Dure's (and the Cluns of Perthshire) even share the Coat of Seleucus-like Saluzzo's.

Saluzzo's are suspect with the Salyes Ligurians, yet Ligurians were co-founded by Phocaeans from Phocaea, modern Foca. That well-explains why Geddes' were near Saluzzo kin. Cluns named Clun in Shropshire, home of FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo, yet Shropshire is also where Saluzzo-like Sallows/SALLIS' were first found, as well as Froggs/Frocks. The six pale bars of Sallows are shared by Belli-loving Carpenters, and then Italian Belli's/Bellos' (Verona, same as Bellino's) have these six pale bars in colors reversed. Verona's share the Fock / Ged fish. Miss Peare was given a belly symbol, and Carpenters use a "Per" motto term as well as the full Belly motto.

SALISburys, first found in Wiltshire with Bocci-like Box's, are expected with the Abreu/Abruzzo lion(s), and Mr. bocci ball lives in Abruzzo while Bocci's/Brocato's (Salisbury colors) were first found in downtown Liguria. Why do "tree-without-LEAVES" Masseys/Masse's (Savoy, same as SALYES Ligures) share the Salisbury crescents? Why were Meschins first found in Shropshire with Sallows/SALLIS'? The links are perty obvious.

But there's more to be gleaned, because walking bare-bummed around in PUBLIC recalled what I've known for a few years, that PUBLIus Pulcher raised Brogitarus to his position as the chief priest of Cybele. Is that not wild? But there's more yet, because I was bare-legged while bare-assed (no pants on, yikes) while the Powys bear's "gamb" is a term meaning, "leg," and Gamba's/Gambino's (first found in Venice i.e. near Aquileia) even use a bare human leg. Was God pointing to the Gambino crime family?

The lion of Ligurian-suspect Leghs/Lighs (Cheshire, same as SALES', Shirts/Shards and Balls) is colors reversed from the Abreu/Abruzzo and Salisbury/SALESbury lion. The Legh/Ligh lion is the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin (Norman ruler in Cheshire), a Masci liner, and not only was it me, with a Masci mother, who was bare-legged, but Mr. bocci ball married Miss Masci. My mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, while Grimaldi's were in Genova with Bocci's/Brocato's. It's as though the Author of the dream really knows His heraldry, and is going for my mother's jugular, so to speak. WHY?

What do the globalist / masonic enemies of God know about my mother's home town? Is God writing to them unaware by me? Is God warning certain royals that He's been watching through the centuries? I trace the royal Stewarts to my mother's neck of the woods. Those Stewarts / Alans were married to Meschin elements all over the place.

In the Gamba/Gambino Chief there are the same stars as Brigian-suspect Brights and Bride's, suspect with the mythical Brigit. Brigantium is just 25 miles from Modane, a term like Israel's Modi'in, home of the first Maccabees. One Gamba variation is, GamBALESta. Motts/Mottins, suspect from Modane elements, share the Alexander crescent.

Bright's (Cheshire, not again) even share the demi-black griffin of Scotts, while the latter's write-up has: "Traditionally, they claim descent from Alexander, a younger brother of John de Baliol, king of Scotland, who had settled at Chilham Castle, county Kent." Baliols and their Baily branch were in the last update's Bullis / Balas discussion, how about that. I've been saying for several years -- but now it really matters -- that Scotts share the red border on a white Shield with Seleucus-like Sellicks/Selliocks. It's probably important that red-BULL Sabine's, from Flavius Vespasian, have a white-star version of the Sellick Chief.

I have this recorded; "...important where a crane is used in the Gamble Crest, for Gambles trace to gamb-using Bedfords..." Not all heraldic legs are called, "gambs." For what it could be worth, the Gamble Coat looks like a version of the Licon/Lison / Lease / Part/Parrot Coats mentioned together in the last update. Froggatts use the parrot, and while Parts/Parrots are traceable by their pears to Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, that's where the Laevi Gauls lived whom I've been commissioned, by God, to link to the Galatian line of Brogitarus (king of Galatia). For these Laevi must be linked to the veins of Caiaphas and Annas, the two chief priests of Israel who conspired to kill Jesus with false evidence presented against Him. Alexanders use two "PER" motto term.

Quadratus Bassus was the son of Julia of Cilicia, daughter of Julius ALEXANDER. The latter was the grandson of another Alexander, who was in turn the son of Glaphyra Archelaus (married two Herods) and yet another Alexander, a known Herod and Maccabee liner. Plus, Julia of Cilicia (above) was the daughter of Iotapa, daughter in turn of the Seleucid, Antiochus IV of Cetis.

Now watch. "Cetis" looks like "Gates," and the Gates surname is also "Gatt," tending to reveal to us why God used Catherine FrogGATT in that bouncing-ball box with me. It was the only event that she and I were ever with (aside from the murder ball we played in the gym, in which I recall Froggatt being near the target where I was throwing the ball). I knew of her for only two months because I attended her school, MARK II, in MARKham township, for only two months. And the Mark-line MARICI co-founded Pavia with the Laevi, you see.

Pavia is on the Tessin/Ticino river, and this is why I was wearing a TEE-shirt in the bare-ass dream with her, for Tee's are listed with the Tease's/Tyes' while Tease's/Tess'/Tecks have LEAVES while being first found in Switzerland, location of the Ticino canton having the Ticino river through Pavia. Plus, Tee's/Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') share the Annas star while Jesus was falsely accused at the home of Annas, the previous chief priest of Israel whose daughter married Caiaphas. The props in the bare-ass dream are very clever and sure to say what God intends to say.

It just can't be a coincidence that Shirts/Shards have the same chevron of Tiss' while "HosTIS" is a motto term of Shirts/Shards. But there is much more to add when we read the term as, HOSTis, for Hosts/Osts share the white-on-blue bull head with Bulls/Bule's (both first found in Somerset)...which must be Bullis liners, right? Bullis is on an Ost-like Aous river, in case that applies. Bullis is at the area of the ATINTanes while Tints were likewise first found in Somerset. To the near-south of Atintanes are the Ceraunii mountains, where the Crauns/Crane's trace so that heraldic cranes are expected to trace there. Repeat: "...important where a crane is used in the Gamble Crest, for Gambles trace to gamb-using Bedfords..." Crauns/Crane's happen to have annulets in colors reversed to those of Bulls/Bule's, you see, as though God made it easy for us to trace Bulls and Hosts to Bullis elements.

Plus, in colors reversed, the Craun/Crane Coat is a good reflection of the Tee/Tease/Tyes Coat. Instead of the Annas stars used by the Tee's, Crauns have the bull annulets. I have it recorded many times that Crauns were first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards, but the latter, sharing the Tee/Tease and Annas star, are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire with Geoffrey BolHARD, a Herod suspect. Bolhards were not necessarily a close branch of Bullis'/Bulliards, but, in any case, Bullis'/Bulliards are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire with Box's.

I dislike it when does such things as wholly removes the Bullis' of Suffolk when changing the first-found to another location. It's treating the customers shabbily, but, I sometimes think, people call the company up to request changes due to links I make. Why would anyone object to this solid trace of Bullis' to the Ceraunii area of Bullis? I suppose it's because I'm linking these things to the proto-Anti-Christ Seleucids. That doesn't mean that any Mr. / Ms. Bullis is inherently an anti-Christ supporter, for blood counts for nothing. The son of Caiaphas was permitted to become a bona-fide Christian if he so chose.

The Bullis write-up traces to a branch in Kent, where English Scotts were first found, and it just so happens that German Bullis'/Bullings have a plow bendwise in the colors of the Scottish-Scott bend. English Scotts, the ones with Alexander, brother of Baliol, use Catherine wheels, a symbol owned by Catherine Roet, and while English (actually Scottish) Roets were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and Hosts/Osts, German Roets share the crescent of Scottish Scotts. The Somerset Roets have a Box-like BOOK while Box's were first found in Wiltshire with Mr. Bolhard. The Somerset Roets can be gleaned as kin of the Somerset Bills/BILLES', and the Bullis location is on the dark map as, Byllis. The last update showed how Baliols can be traced to Arran, beside Alexanders.

The Bills/Billes' happen to share the pelican with Godfreys (same chevron as Baliols), though not the Godfreys sharing the scepter with Powys'. The Godfreys with the scepter share the black griffin (different position) with Baliol-connectable Scotts, and these Godfreys ("liberTAS") were first found in Kent with English Scotts. It therefore seems that Godfreys were indeed from Boulogne's Godfrey de Bouillon. Geoffreys, first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks (colors of Godfrey pelicans), are said to have been Godfreys too...and so let's re-mention Geoffrey Bolhard in the Bullis/Bulliard write-up. We can't ask for much more than these things for making solid links of Seleucids to the first ruler (Godfrey de Bouillon) of Templar Jerusalem. Do you understand? Templar Zionism (probably Rothschild Zionism today) was based not on God's kingdom, but on the anti-Christ elements / bloodlines.

German Bullis'/Bullings were first found in Bavaria with the Bogans in the Square/Squire write-up. The bouncing-ball game in the box was called, Square. Believe it or not, Square's/Squirrels use a bear paw that might just be a bear's gamb (symbol of Welsh Powys'; Belinus was a Welsh entity). I'd like to add that, since I was at Froggatt's school only for the last two months of grade seven, the bouncing-ball game may have been on May 1, Belenus'/Bel's "holy" day. The Square/Squirrel/Squire write-up lumps the "families of Bogan, Sandys, and Squier," and I aim to get to the Sands and Sanders in case they were AleXANDERs.

As the bare-ass dream pointed hard to the Ticino-river Laevi while the Square-box game pointed to the Marici of the Ticino, it seems that Square's/Squire's share a red squirrel with Decks/Deckers for the reason of being a branch of the Teck variation of leaves-using Tease's/Tess'. It's such a tidy little package.

It is very excellent that German Bullis/Billings share gold wings in Crest with the Bull- and Shirt-related Hosts/Osts! The Plows in the Bullis/Bulling plow are related to CURTis' (farmer with ploughshare on/over the shoulder), and there was a Matthias CURTus Maccabee. Farmers share the lion heads of Godfreys. Farmers might just be of Fermo, because the "ferme" motto term of Square's/Squire's can be traced to Azzo of Fermo, and it just so happens that while this Azzo founded Este, the Farmer lion head is shared by the Bare's/Barrs having the giant Este eagle! Thus my bare-ass scene was a pointer to Azzo of Este!

Josephus wrote that Matthias Curtus, his own Pharisee-line ancestor, was a descendant of Jonathan Maccabee, the one who had formed the alliance with Alexander Balas. I'm reading here that Josephus called the Hasmoneans by an Ass-like "Asamoneus." The As(s)man/Rasmussen surnames come to mind who were definite Masci = Maccabee liners. Maceys/Mace's share the stars of Brights, Scotts and Gamba's/Gambino's.

I'd like to go back to Gamble's having a good reflection of the Licon/Lison, Lease and Part/Parrots Coats. The lone Gamble fleur is shared by Lease-like Leaks, by the way, who happen to have a human leg in Crest, thus linkable to leg of Gamba's/Gambino's. Scottish Lease's/Liss' happen to share two of the triple Clare chevrons while Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Crauns and early Bullis'/Bulliards. The Clermonts' (with the 's') are listed with Clements, first found in Powys, you see, and Clermont-Ferrands is in Auvergne, where Bouillons and Box-like Baux's/Bauts were first found. English Lease's ("CLARior") have a cloud over SUN, perhaps indicating an attempt of the Sun branch of SinCLAIRs (Claro branch) to honor the Belenus sun god. Claro's/Charo's use a BULL! Can we thus link the "thy" motto term of Sinclairs to the Thys variation of Tee's/Tease's? Sinclairs come up as Sand-like Saints.

Another cloud over sun is used by Jeffreys, expected as a branch of Geoffreys/Jeffreys said to be of "Godfrey." In Texas, God provided an OMEN for me that was resolved as a pointer to the "OMNia" motto term of Dons, but here I'd like to jot down that Bills/Billes use "omne" while the cloud-over-sun Jeffreys have a "nuBILLia" motto term. These Jeffreys look linkable to Foggs and Figgs and therefore to Froggs/Frocks. Note how the Work/Werk surname can be a branch of Frocks, for the latter have one fesse in the colors of the one of Jeffreys, Foggs, Figgs, and Vince's/Finch's, and in the colors of the two of Works/Wergs. The motto phrase, "thy Work" is in the Sinclair/SAINT motto too, along with Godfrey-suspect "God."

Saint-like Sands happen to share the fitchee of Powys'. And the double chevrons of German Sanders, as well as the single chevron of Irish Sanders, are in the colors of the Alexander/AliSANDRE chevron. It could indicate a sander marriage to the Alexander-Balas line. German Sanders even share the upright and red bull of Claro's/Charo's. Alexanders and Don-like MacDonalds use two "Per" motto terms to indicate linkage to Pero's.

Irish Sanders share the full motto of Vince's/Finch's who in-turn share the Godfrey griffin (same position and colors, anyway), which motto includes, "conSCIRE." The Irish Sander Chief is even comparable to that of Taddei's and Dino's (both from Florence/Firenze, and very linkable to Clermont-Ferrand), and while Dino's are said to be from a Taddei (Taddeo Dini) liner, Dino's write, "LIBERTAS," in their Chief, which is a motto term of both Godfrey surnames. Godfreys are thus proven to be from Godfrey de Bouillon, for Bouillons share the flory cross in the Taddei Chief, but see also the Chief of English Ferrands. My great-grandmother is a Taddei, and my mother's nephew on her Grimaldi side was named, Dino, as though God has done much-much to give me the clues needed to discover Templar > Masonic secrets.

Godfrey III, de-Bouillon's grandfather, married Beatrice of Bar, previously married to BONAface of Tuscany. Sandre's/Alessandra's were first found in Florence (Tuscany), and have a giant two-headed lamb in the colors of the giant ram of Baux's/Bauts, the latter first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and likely from the Bautica/BALTea river that I say named Bold-like Baldwin I, de-Bouillon's brother and first king of Templar Jerusalem.

Irish Sanders and Bellows/Bellos' share three white items in a red Chief, and a white Shield, adding to the evidence that these Sanders, anyway, took on an Alexander-like variation.

Barack Obama and the Lightning Bolt

In the write-up of English Masseys: "The surname Massey was first found in Cheshire where the one of the first records of the name was 'Hugh Massie, who married Agnes, daughter and heir of Nicholas Bold, of Coddington. Their son William purchased the manor of Coddington in the eighteenth of Henry VI.'" I rarely read the Massey write-up, curiously. I missed this Bold-Massey link when telling (4th update of October, 2019) that God struck the chimney of my home at age 11, less than a year after returning from the two-month stay at Mr. bocci ball's place. God showed me that he sent the bolt, because it happened on the second occasion of my repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God," as I was waking from sleep one morning. I had postulated that this bolt was His symbol for Armageddon, the killing of his enemies FINALLY.

Well, it just so happens that Bolts/Bolds share the black griffin with the Baliol-related Scotts, the ones who show multiple signs of having been of the Alexander-Balas Seleucids. That's interesting, and there are ways to get this over to Obama, and so see this first:

(I saw) (satan) (fall) (like) (lightning) (from) (the heights) ra'ah satan naphal 'aher baraq o bamah

That's someone's Hebrew translation of Jesus' words in Luke 10:18: "I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven/sky". I'm not keen on the person's replacement of Luke's "ouranos" (sky) with "the heights," but that's how he gets "baraq o bamah," or Barack Obama. It's interesting because the Bold/Bolt write-up has: "'BARKISland Hall, the ancient seat of the Gledhill family, is a stately mansion in the old English style of domestic architecture, and has long been the property of the Bolds of Bold Hall, Lancashire.'" It just so happens that the Barack-like Barkis surname is listed with Backus', the one I connect to the end of an Obama dream that God gave us (through me). That last scene in the dream seemed to spell Obama's misfortunes.

BARKis'/Backus' can suggest a branch of Barks, first found in Norfolk with Dunhams, the latter being the surname of Obama's mother. She descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and here it's interesting that Chimneys share the antelope with Singletarys, for the lightning bolt hit our chimney. It shattered chimney bricks and sent them rolling down the SHINGLE's, a term like SINGLEtarys. Coincidence? Chimneys share the chevron of Boltons (Lancashire, same as Singletarys), and the Bolton arrow is probably the "bird bolt," an heraldic arrow used by some surnames. Boltons (Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumberland ) were first found in the same general area as Chimneys (Yorkshire) and Barkis'/Backus' Cumberland).

Barks use larks while Larks (Norfolk too) have a good reflection of the Fly Coat...which reminds of the time when I was loading a news article that stopped loading half-way down a black object on Obama's forehead. It looked like a bullet shot, but as the page continued to load, it turned out to be a house fly on his forehead. I thought that maybe God was sending me the message that He would kill Obama. Larks share three, white martlets with Singletarys. Flys were at Flagi while Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk too.

Larks and Chimneys both share brown Crests, and the RAMPs/Rumps have brown lions. This is interesting because the second-last scene in the Obama dream was his being in a dark suit, on a skateboard, going up and down a RAMP. The next scene was his being upset with an employee whose BACK was emphasized before the dream ended. Thanks to the Bocci discussion, the Bacci's/BACi's were found in the last update with a brown lion head. It's the first-ever break-through for discovering why God had Obama on the ramp. He was in a suit, and Suits share a rough version of the Board Coat, the Boards being in the skateBOARD. The Boards not only share the antelope with Singletarys, but their white martlets too. It seems that, as activist Sadducee elements will be destroyed at Armageddon, the Boards were chosen because they were first found in Sussex with Chaddock- and Chadwick-related Saddocks/Sedgewicks who smack of "Sadducee, and who all-three show marital connection to the Board Coat.

But there was something more in the dream, forgive those who have read this too many times. At the start of the dream, all the tables in Obama's billiard hall were covered in a black sheet. It looked so sinister when, after the dream, I realized that God was pointing to Obama's deep-state elements. After seeing the black sheet, I found myself taking a shot on one of the billiard tables, and missing the red ball, the "cue ball" went straight, like a bullet, into the corner pocket. It was a sewer shot. The next two scenes had Obama in a SUIT, the second of the two being the skateboard scene, and I realized that the sheet was added to the dream partly to verify that God invented it, for Sheets/Skate's are listed with the same surname, and related to the CHAD surname, both first found in Norfolk with Larks, Barks, and Dunhams.

Then, Boards were found with a version of the Sewer surname listed with SUITs/Suters, explaining why he was wearing his suit. Though I missed it at first, it dawned on me that the Suter variation is a pointer to Obama's former surname, Soetoro. It just so happens that Seleucid kings use "Soter" as a tile for themselves. That's perty interesting.

There must be more to the Bacci's/Baci's than I now realize. Patience. The Ramps/Rumps to which they seem to connect were first found in Cumberland with Barkis'/Backus (brown Crest) now suspect in naming the Barkisland hall of Bolts/Bolds. The Boltons happen to share the lions of Brown-related Brunswicks, excellent, for the bolt struck the Chimney while the Chimney antelope and the Bolt stag are both brown. Barkisland is in West Yorkshire.

Next, Bolts/Bolds were in Lancashire's Whiston while Whistons/WIStons share the Coat of Shirts/Shards. I always see the latter using a version of the Tancred Coat (Yorkshire) for a related reason, and because one Tancred was father to the Sicilian Guiscards while Guiscards are WISharts too, it seems that Whistons were a Wishart branch. Here's the Tancred write-up with a Whiston-like Whixley location in West Yorkshire: "They were descended from Tancred, son of the Good Marqis, who governed the principality of ANTIOCH [!!!] as Guardian of the Emperor Bohemond II [Bohemian?]. Tancred, whose barony was in Normandy in 912 A.D. was also the sire of the celebrated Tankervilles. Whixley in the West Riding of Yorkshire was home to one branch of the family." As Antioch was the Seleucid capital, it could seem that the Tancred > Guiscard, and Tancred > Wiston line, was a Seleucid one.

This is an amazing find after freshly realizing that ancient Seleucids could have been part-Boius liners, proto-Bohemians. "Bohemond II (1107/1108 – February 1130) was Prince of Taranto from 1111 to 1128 and Prince of Antioch from 1111/1119 to 1130." That's perty amazing. Bohemund's regents included king Baldwin II of Jerusalem, second king of Templar Jerusalem from the family of Godfrey de Bouillon of Boulogne. That's perty reminiscent of recent discussions. Bohemund's father, Bohemund, was ruler of Antioch at an earlier time, and before him it was Robert Guiscard of Sicily. So, Bohemian suspects, along with Bolt-connectable elements, were part of Templar "Zionism" (just a facade for robbing secret treasure at the Jerusalem temple).

I now understand why the Bone/Bohum bend looks like the Pullen/PULLY bend, for this image of the Sicilian Guiscards has a PULLY on the ground when it's totally out of place except as secret code of the painting's inventor(s). Pullens/Pullys were first found in Yorkshire with Tancreds, yup, that's right. They do this secret thing in all sorts of paintings but rarely tell the people. It seems we have just found the Bone's (Sussex, same as Boards) to be from the Bohemunds.

AHHHH, seeking Bohum-like variations to bring up Boards, they came up as Bohars! Wondering now whether Bolts/Bolds were Boii liners of a Boyd kind, I recalled the "Confido" motto term of Bolt-related Barkis'/Backus', for it's the full motto of Boyds. Bute-liner Bothwells have a "BOY PULLING DOWN a pine tree," and Downs/Douns, first found in Sussex with Boards/Bohars and Bone's/Bohums, are probably a DUNham/Dounham/Downham branch! Zinger. Boards/Bohars are the ones share the antelope and white-on-red martlets with Singletarys while Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary who changed his surname to, Dunham. The Skate's/Sheets and Chads share the potent cross with the Arms of Templar Jerusalem. The Dunham Coat is connectable to that of Hairs, a branch of the HARcourt Danes, and Tancred was, I feel sure, a Danish line from Rollo. Boyers/Bowyers share "passe" with the Rollo motto.

Potentia was between Calabria and Apulia while Robert Guiscard (Sinclair kin) was the count of Calabria and Apulia. He married firstly Miss BUONALbergo. There is a Bonal surname (Languedoc) sharing the quadrants of Scottish Bauds (branch of Balds = connectable to Baldwins), and perhaps the Corbeil/CorBAIL griffin as per the Corbieres region of Languedoc's Roussillon, the place suspect with Roslin of Sinclairs.

Mystery Agatha Looks Like a Boii-of-Pannonia Liner

Boylands/Boillans have the Balance/BalanCOR Coat in colors reversed, and CORRys/Currys share a red rooster in Crest with Balans/Balaams (Suffolk, same as where Bullis' were said to be first found), which brings the CorBAILs to mind as potential Bailys = Baliols. Boullier's (Brittany, same as French Balls) share ROOKs with the German Terras' in the Alexander motto, and Alexander, brother of king Baliol, is said to be the ancestor of Scotts who in turn share the other Terras Coat! Clickety-click, and Roque's/ROCKs with Roquefeuil are near CorBIERES. Although Bieres' (Brittany, same as Balls/Ballards) are listed with Bede's and similar terms, they share pellets with Balans/Balaams. Boullier's (suspect in the Bennet "boilers") are said to originate from Savoy, where Corbeils/Corbails (in the Major write-up) were first found. Beils are listed with Bails. The Bolt Shield and Crest are in colors reversed with Ballards. Lots to chew over.

Bieres'/Bede's share the acorns of Maurels (Brittany, same as Bieres'/Bede's), and Italian Maurels (version of the English Butt/Bute and German Bode Coats) can be traced well to Maurilion, father-in-law of Mummolin, father in turn of Babon and BODEgisel, and grandfather of BADon...a line to Babcocks/BADcocks (share red rooster with Balans/Balaams). Bede's, with a Coat like that of German Bode's, can therefore be expected from Mummolin. Ballards share a giant and white griffin with Berta's (Bode/Baut/Baux colors) while Berthe was Maurilion's daughter and Mummolin's wife. The question thus arises as to how Seleucids wormed their way to the Mummolin Merovingians, and it's known that the latter descended from Salian Franks (Seleucids?) at the mouth of the Rhine with the BATavi.

Dutch Bode's/Boodes' are excellent because they share the Coat of Hide's/Hyde's while the latter were first found in BEDfordshire! My bare BUTT was being hidden by the shirt that points to Sardis = Hyde! It suggests that Bodegisel was a Butt/Bute/Boet liner. The Bode/Boodes and Hide/Hyde Coats are a version of the Bothwell Coat while Boths/Booths share the black boar with Babons, first found in Suffolk with early Clermont-liner Clare's and early Bullis'/Bulliards.

German Bode's were even first found in Brunswick with the Barrs, and I was BARE-butted in the dream. I introduced this dream at the time of introducing by bare-butt scene upon a toilet that pointed to Mummolin's ancestor, Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne, where Bode's/Bauts were first found whose BAUX variation may be a Box branch...because the Box griffin is half in the colors of the giant Berta griffin, and the latter, along with the giant Bode/Baut/Baux ram, is a reflection of the giant Bock goat. There is even a Boius-like Boix/Buison/Boysson surname (owl), first found in Auvergne with Bode's/Bauts/Baux's, that can reveal Box's as Boius-people liners, and we could expect a Boius merger with Butt liners if correct where I claim that Butua/Budva was named by Boeotians/Boiotians.

[Insert -- Boys were looked up after writing here, to find their variations as Bouie's/Blys and a surprising "BLYE." I therefore entered "Blye" to find them with Blighs, and having a giant griffin in the colors of the Box griffin heads. They share white crescents with Blyths, and there is talk in the Blye/Bligh write-up that they could be a Blyth branch. The Blye/Bligh griffin is that of Shorts, which recalls that the dead squirrel in my black shorts pocket pointed to Heather Samuelson, who was working to cover-up the crimes of Hillary Clinton (married Bill Blythe) after she quit her private server. Samuelsons, using squirrels, were first found in Cornwall with Blye's/Blighs!! I think I have that squirrel correctly deciphered. Before dying in my shorts, it had escaped from me up the Heather-like heater duct of my van. It wouldn't come out, so it died in the van, getting into the shorts pocket to stay arm. Heaters (probably the Boy bull) were first found in Cornwall and neighboring Devon, and Heathers are listed with MacHeths/Heaths. I later find that BOINtons have a quasi-version of the Blythe Coat.

Oh wow, it seems that God arranged both the Clintons and the Italian Boys (giant bull in the colors of the Heater bull heads) to have two of the same-colored stars in their Chiefs! Why did the squirrel die? It died before the shorts went through the LAUNDRY machine (I didn't know it was in the pocket until I hung the shorts to dry, and smelled the smell). I can think of no other politician who needs to launder money as the Clintons have. End insert]

As the Boius look like they could have been on the same Aous river as Bullis, let's repeat that Bullis'/Bulliards are now said to be first found in Wiltshire with Box's. Butua is beside Kotor while the dark map has KODRium a little downstream of where the Boius are stamped on the light map.

In fact, the dark map has a Bantia location where the Boius were, and Bants/Bands (only leaves) can easily have been a branch of Bends/Bents who in turn share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards. The Bend/bent motto is connectable to the bull-using Buckleys/Bulkellys (Cheshire, same as Bends/Bents and red-roundel Shirts). The BOUKley variation could be of the Bouk variation of Books so that we may yet be on the Boix / Box liners. The Bend/Bent Coat even has the look of the Bell and Bellamy Coats. As Roets use a book, the Bow motto, and a wheel, it would suggest that wheel-using Bois'/Boys' have the BOWfort/Beaufort lion in colors reversed, because Roets were also Beauforts, in which case the Bowfort/Beaufort lion looks like the one in the Arms of Bohemia.

Aha! Bows/Bough's must have the Bois/Boys lion in Crest, for we read: "The family of Bowes held some lands {in Ingleton} under the Nevills, who possessed the greater part of the township as a member of Raby." Rabys (Durham, same as Bows/Bough's) smack of the Arrabo river on which the Boii of Pannonia are stamped! Bows even use a "veRUM" motto term while Rome's/RUMs/Rims were at Annandale, excellent because the Annandale motto is, "SpeRABO"!!! Excellent find, especially as Spears trace to Pasi's of Bononia! Nevills could be in the motto of Griffins who share the gold griffin with Annandale's. [Don't miss the Rabys in the next update's heraldic section, for it clinches them with the Arrabo while showing that ATHELings were from the AZALi stamped on the light map beside the Arrabo.]

As Bends/Bents may be a Bennet Branch, note that Bennets and their DeBon/Bono (Fort colors) kin may have the BowFORT lion too. DeBons/Bono's are excellent for proving that Bennets and Benedicts were from the Pierleoni, known to be partly named after pope Leo Benedict, for Pierleoni were in Rome, where Roet-branch Rita's were first found who share the other half of the DeBon/Bono lion. Catherine Roet was the daughter of Payne Roet, and French Payne's share the fesse of Italian Leo's. German Leo's/PYRzewskys share the Bois/Boys / Bennet lion. Why were Pierleoni so close to Roets (Somerset, same as English Payne's with probably the Leo lion in the colors of the Bowfort/Beaufort lion)? As the Payne-like Payens who furnished the first Templar grand master.

Rome is even where Fort-like Sforza's (same lion as Bone's/Bohuns, and of the German Forts near Bonn) were first found who almost have the Rita lion. Dutch Bennets/Benedicts, with a giant lion half in the colors of the same of Bowforts/Beauforts, holds what could be a book, or even a slice of cheese for all I know. This discussion may reveal that Bennets and Benedicts ("De bon") were from Boius of Bantia, a big deal for discovering Pierleoni roots. The Abantian peoples were at EuBOEA, which really looks like an acceptable root of "Boius."

There is an Amantia location (dark map) smack near Bullis. The peoples of Amantia were called, Abantians. Amantia is near the Ceraunii mountains while an Amantini peoples are on the light map at the Basante river next to the Ceraunii. The Abantians of EuBoea were joined to mythical Abas, who might have been named after whatever named the BASante river (Bosnia).

As I had a relationship with Miss Bennet, I looked up Bathursts because she lived on that road, and Bathursts were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohums, and with the Diens/Dine's/Dives' sharing the Bathurst patee. It's a gold patee, the colors also of the Bennet patee. Along with the Bennet patee, Bennets share the star of Annas'/ANIS' while the light map shows ANISus river to the near-west of the Arrabo river (has a mouth near ArraBONA). At the mouth of the Anisus is LAURIAcum, and then Laurie's (giant cup) were first found in Dumfries with Annandale.

Lake Garda is not far from Ananes Guals of the Trebia, and Annandale's probably share the Gardner / Gard and Griffin griffin. The BatHURST patee is shared by Gardners, first found in Oxfordshire with same-colored Hurst-like Hurts/Horts, which can explain why Bathursts were at Kirby Horton (Kent, same as Gards). The bathurst write-up: "'...the Bathurst family. Here are some remains of an ancient fortification, originally surrounded by a moat, and by the Normans called Beaumont.'" The Bathurst patee is also with English Beauforts/BEWforts. The latter's write-up has Trenwith belonging to Catherine Roet's husband, John of Ghent, and then Trens are listed with the Trans'/Trents (Somerset, same as Roets and Baths). Trenwith is in Cornwall with the BEWs having a cup-version of the Ghent Chief. The other English Bews (Boii, I assume) have a rare lavender-like color. Roets are Bennet kin, right?

As Bews are expected to be a Bow branch, let's go to BOWoods/Beautys (linkable to Beaumonts), first found in Dorset (beside Somerset Roets) with Podebrady-liner Babe's. Then, let's ask why English Babwells/Babels have a GATE? Is that Agatha? Of Podebrady? Again, Babe's share the finger pointing to the sun with Bradys. Before writing it, upon ending the last sentence, I was thinking to tell that, in a 1979 dream with Miss Hicks, she pointed to the Beautys/Bowoods, as I've said many times, and while thinking this, for just a few seconds, a song ("Here With Me," by MercyMe) over my speakers sang "beauty." I was already going to add that this dream of Miss Hicks had a knee event that linked to when she and I were at a GET'N Go corner store. I had candidates for that store's name, one being the Gettens/Gethins who share the lion of Newmans, first found in Dorset.

OH wow. In the dream, I remarked, "She's beautiful," and when a voice told me to go wake her, I was going to kiss her awake like Sleeping BEAUTY. Then, almost 25 years later, I was becoming her friend. As I approached the DOOR of the Get'n Go, I saw her BEAUTIFUL knees through the glass of the door, and Beautys were first found in DORset. In the dream, she was asleep while hovering over the SEATs of a car, and so, DorSET. The Dorset surname share the sun with Babe's. It all fits. I had seen her in a dress many times before at church, not noticing her knees, but on this night, don't ask me why, they were just beautiful knees. Is God trying to say that Gethins were Agatha liners?

Look. Babwells/Babels share the six pale bars of English Lise's (Hampshire, beside Dorset), and they are three-and-three blue and white, the colors of the triple fesses of German Drummonds (from Podebrady, right?). Scottish Lise's (Drummond colors) were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds (in Scottish Lise colors), which makes the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds linkable to the three of Clare's. Then, in the Getten/Gethin write-up, we have a Lise-like character: "...Ieuan Gethin ap Ieuan ap Lleision".

[Later in this Podebrady investigation, I come to an old friend, Laurie Brady (male). Aside from Camille, he had another daughter, Jill, and I think I know why. The Jills are listed with Gilles' while Scottish Lise's/Lease's are also MacGillis'/MacGilles'. The Gillis/Gilles (not Jills/Gilles') have a gold lion in Crest. If the Jill/Gilles lozengy is removed, the remaining giant lion could be gold on silver, the illegal (now reserved for a bloodline) colors of Camille's. The Bews do show a giant gold-on-silver lion. English Lease's share the sun (i.e. Brady symbol) with LISONs (Glamorganshire, same as Bridgets/Prichards). The latter were first found in Wales, home of Ieuan Gethin ap Ieuan ap LLEISION. Looks like a match. It works to trace Gethins to PodeBrady, if God gave us Laurie Brady to point there. Can you guess where "Laurie" should point to?

The clouds of Lisons are good for tracing Lewis (Glamorganshire, same as Lisons) to Skye and Lewis, home of McLeods/CLOUDs. The Neath term in the Lison write-up is excellent here, because Needs/Name's/Neme's, first of all, have illegal gold in contact with silver. Secondly, Name's/Neams (not the Needs above) have a version of the Lutt/Lute Coat (share Fast quadrants) while McLeods ("Hold FAST") come up as Lutts too, and the latter share a bull head with Neets/Neats. Holds use a squirrel, while Square's/Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Lutts/Lute's.

It's interesting that Neets/Neats are in GOW colors, as per the Get'n GO store, because while Miss Hicks had a knee symbol there, NEEDhams share the Knee Coat. The Hungarian Leslie's use "Grip FAST," much like the McLeod/Lutt/Cloud motto, and as the patriarch of Leslie's came to Scotland with Maurice Drummond, isn't it true that he was the son of Miss Mystery of PodeBrady? I'm gethin that feeling. Why would God use Miss Hicks for this? Maybe ask the "bon" motto term of Hicks'.

Oh wow. The Hicks write-up: "The surname Hick was first found in Yorkshire where one of the first records of the name was found as a forename as Hikke de Sauteby..." German Sauters/Suters are in the colors and format of the Sonnys/Somins who share the Brady sun!!! WOW. There's layers and layers of pointers to everything God sets up. The Sonnys/STANNEYs can be gleaned with Stanleys (share Knee bend), and Stanley took my seat beside Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial September 11, 2002), and was HOLDing the American flag while sitting there, the McLeod symbol. Less than an hour later, Miss Hicks got her beautiful-knee symbol at the Get'n Go, no kidding at all. The Get'n Go (Camp Wood, Texas) is on the road to Leakey, and Lease-like Leaks/Leakeys (Hicks fleur) share the engrailed Knee bend as well as a leg bent at the beautiful knee (just knee-jerk reaction, sorry).

Stanleys were first found in Cambridge, and Cambridge's use a "quam" motto term for their Cam river. Needhams, sharing the Stanley bend, use "numQUAM." So, it appears that God set-up Stanley in my seat.

I've just loaded Needhams, and after noting their location in SHARDlow of Derbyshire, bringing to mind my shirt and bare-butt dream with FrogGATT, I was taking a good, long look at the Needham phoenix, until Martina McBRIDE sang, "knee" (in the song, Oh Holy Night). It's exactly the gold bird, with flames underneath, as in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest, a topic in the last update as per the Clinton-Lynch meeting in the Phoenix airport. A Needham entity is in the Halper write-up, now pointing to the FBI mole, Stefan Halper. Plus, McBride's were first found on Arran with McCabe's, and Halper was spying on Trump for McCabe. The McBride write-up: "According to legend, both the Scottish and the Irish branches are descended from the son of the servant of (St.) Brigit..." Brigetio liners?

The Help/Halp/Half branch of Halpers/Halfpennys were of the Helpe river, location of Avezzano-related Avesnes, and Avezzano's were first found in SHARDlow-like Sardinia. The Lise's in this insert are a branch of Lizarts/SARDE's, expected in the lizards of Cottars/Codders who in turn have a Coat version of the Froggatts (Derbyshire, same as Shardlow of the Needhams). What can we glean / deduce from this? There is a Shardlow surname (white-Shield version of Maxton Coat) sharing the Shirt/Shard chevron. Shardlows were at Shardlow's Aston-upon-Trent while Astons (probably the Beauty/Bowood bull) were first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards. AStons (lived in LIScard) thus look like another thing to which my bare-ASS points. It never ends. Astons use a "Numine" motto term while Newmans/Numans were first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowoods. The Shardlow fitchees are colors reversed from the same of PATRIA's/Peartree's while "Patriae" is another Aston motto term. How-bout that. My bare-ass with only my shirt on, with Froggatt with me, amazing. Ashtons (with the 'h') have a "resoLUTio" motto term suggesting Lutts/Lute's, a McLeod branch and connectable to Needs (as we saw above). McLeods/Lutts used a black bull head as well as white one.

Shirts/Shards were pointed to in the Hicks dream of 1979; I was waking her up as Sleeping Beauty without my shirt on, on Jeffrey Epstein's island, and instead of kissing her awake as I planned, I leaned over and saw my hand touching her knee, when she came into my arms; we rose into the SKY embraced, as a possible pointer to Skye and Lewis of McLeods, though there are alternative ways to decipher that final scene of the dream. "Lord, I NEED you" is singing right now, just as the last sentence was done. End insert]

That all looks like a big deal in proving that Bathursts do apply to Bohemians. We can even add that Dutch Bennets share the giant lion of Deans/Dene's, likewise first found in Sussex (i.e. with Diens/Dives' sharing Bathurst patee), as were Atheling-like Athals (new to me right here)! Talls/Thals (bees), kin of queen Basina of France, were first found in Thuringia with German Roets. Basina was wife to CHILDeric, and Childs have the Trent-like Terrent Coat in colors reversed. Where did we just see Trents? Oh, yes, with the Trenwith of Roets. [We also saw Aston-upon-Trent.]

The double fesses of Bennets are colors reversed from the same of Flags/Flecks, and Flexum is near the mouth of the Arrabo. Thinking that BatHURSTs might be a BATH-Hurst merger, Hursts were loaded to find a sun, symbol of BATHgate's (bee) and Dutch Bone's (Boys/Bouie's/Bys use bees). Bathgate's suggest that Bathursts could have been close to Gates'/Gatt' and DeBons/Bono's, for the latter share the vertically-split Shield of Gates'/Gatts and Ironside's. Agatha was suspect above as a Bohemian, recalling the Brady sun. And here we just found Agatha-like Gates'/Gatts solidly squared with Boii-of-Bononia suspects.

[I don't wish to spoil the surprise, but I think it's important to show that I could be on the right track with what some may think is a wacky theory. At 10 pm Saturday night, after most of this update was done, and probably after all of the Agatha material was done (not planning to add more), I got around to loading Wikipedia's Podebrady article to find that the Arms of Podebrady includes a gold GATE, I kid you not, the BABwell symbol. So, as you see me reinforcing the Agatha link to Podebrady, this is a good thing to know. Also, the Podebrady flag is in Scottish-Drummond colors, as could be expected. I would guess that there has been a grand cover-up on Drummond roots in Podebrady. End insert]

I Baths (Somerset) even share the lion of Beaufort-Roets, and as the Bath cross with four lions are all in colors reversed with the Rhodes', Roets = Rhodes'. German Rhodes' share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards, and, low, Bath and Wells is in Somerset with the first Roets, and right beside Book-like Box's and Bullis'/Bulliards, first found in Wiltshire with the Edwards suspect with Agatha's husband, and Ironside's son.

This bonanza allows me to bring in CATHERINE FrogGATT to the discussion, for Roets were established by Catherine Roet...when she married John of Gaunt/Ghent. And Ghents have a version of the Bathgate Chief but with the Salian/Saleman eagles. Wells share the double-tailed lion with the Arms of Bohemia, and while I read that Wells were a branch of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's, English Vaux's share the checkered Shield of Baby's while Babe's (Dorset, same as George's) share a finger pointing at the sun with Bradys! Wow. Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus share the bend-with-stars of Saleman-like Salome's/Solomons, first found in Rhineland with German Wells! Zinger.

I'm wondering whether Agatha married George of Hungary after Edward the Exile died. I've read that George married a women from PodeBrady. Was she Agatha? George was in Scotland in 1055, shortly before princess Margaret the Atheling arrived with George's son, Maurice Drummond, and Maurice's share the giant lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts. Scottish Bennets were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds (!) and Athols/Athels! German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with German Leo's/Pyrzewskys!

Back to EDMOND Ironside, for, wow, Edmonds have a perchevron (solid chevron) colors reversed with MacHeths/Heaths, whom I've traced to the Atha term that Baths are said to derive in. Whether that derivation is correct, or just code for an ATHeling link to Baths / Bats, it making Bathgate's look like Agatha-of-Podebrady liners all the more. That is, it's starting to convince me that Agatha was of Podebrady.

Bathurts have a "Tien" motto term while Tiens/Thames' were first found in Oxfordshire with Edmonds and Crispins; the latter might be from Crispiana, off the Arrabo river of the Boii. French Crispins share the Bone/Bohum bend.

[AHHH, finally, I get why God named her, ROXanne Bennet. ROOKs, sharing the Bathgate/Batgate suns, were first found in Oxfordshire with Bathurst-beloved Tiens!!! After years of wondering, there is the mystery solved, and it comes immediately after having Bathgate's and Bathursts in the same part of the investigation. I didn't find this until down below at the Roxby location of Poyntons/Bointons.]

Tiens are kin of Peare's. Let me repeat that, shortly after breaking up with Miss Bennet, I saw CHRISTINE PEARE one last time, and this is going to get amazing as per her first name. Miss Peare pointed to the Felts (Bouillon Coat in colors reversed) as an additional pointer of Miss Peare to the Pierleoni partnership with de-Bouillon's family. But here I can repeat that Feltmans/Felthams (broken spear) have a version of the Bathurst Coat, but with gold LEOpard faces, the Peare symbol too. So, we can see that God wants to connect her to Roxanne Bennet. Feltmans/Felthams have a "PORTanti" motto term while PORTishead is at Clapton while one Clapton Coat shares the patee of the Perthshire Bennets in both colors. These Bennets share the star of German Caplans, kin of German Feltmans, and the latter's two stars are highly suspect with both REITman surnames (Miss Peare worked at Reitmans when I knew her), which recalls that Reeds/REIDs (Book stag head) have a book too, which could be in the Dutch Bennet/Benedict Coat.

Now, God must have arranged her first name because Cristina was another daughter of Agatha, a full sister of Margaret. Lookie: Cristina had land in Gloucestershire, and was perhaps related to Letts/Late's (Gloucestershire), for they share the Tien/Thames and Peare stars. That's very interesting, especially as I trace the ORGAN pipes of Letts/Late's to ORKNey, where the Roslin Sinclairs came to rule. As Henry Sinclair was a cup bearer to Cristina's mother, did this Henry and Christina have children? Why do Christine's use cups? What is a cup bearer, a sort of male bed partner / concubine / butler? Letts/Late's are suspect in the motto of Samsons (Gloucestershire), and Samsons share the scallops of Flags/Flecks (= RIETi liners), and of the latter's Fleet kin while Miss Peare pointed to Fleet-like Felts.

Henry of Huntingdon was a descendant of Margaret, and may thus have been from the line of Henry Sinclair. There was one Henry IV of RODez who is highly suspect with the family of king David, and he married a daughter of the Roquefeuils, while Roquefeuil happens to be in Roslin-like Roussillon. Bingo. Sooner or later, heraldry opens its big mouth and unleashes the ancestral secrets of kings. I had read that "Henri IV" of Rodez married Roquefeuil, but someone may have made a mistake, because I'm now reading that it was Hugh IV who married Isabeau of Roquefeuil, and giving birth to Henry II of Rodez (see their lion). Perhaps there was a Henry IV who likewise married a woman from Roquefeuil, but she's not coming up in a search. The Rodez surname shares the giant lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts, which argues for the latter's lion holding the Roet / Reed book (because Roets were Rhodes liners).

The Henry link above tells that one of his wives was Marquise des Baux. I'll bet that she belongs in the Froggatt box.

Miss Peare had pointed to the PIERleoni merger with the Jerusalem royals (de-Bouillon's family). It tends to prove that God set me up with Roxanne Bennet (Bathurst ave) for yet another pointer to the Pierleoni, especially as we just saw the Bathurst motto with Peare kin. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Edmonds (Athol/Athel colors) using a PERCHevron, and Pierro's/Pero's are also PERICHs. Tiens and Peare's both share the stars of MacHeths/Heaths (another perchevron), and so it's no coincidence that "EsPERE" is a MacHeth/Heath motto term. One gets the impression that God placed the Bennet family on Bathurst (I even lived there with Roxanne an entire winter) as a pointer to the Atha entity in the bath write-up. A MacHeth character was at the Ross-shire / Moray area, and the Bath cross is used by the Moray Randolphs (same cross as baths) along with a bat as code for Bath liners.

Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, and Chappes' have another perchevron (to be read as "PERchevron," we get it). MacHeths/Heaths (Athol/Athel colors) were first found in Durham with Arrabo-suspect Rabys, and with the Bows/Bough's sharing the motto of the Payne-Roet line. Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirling with the Drymen location of Drummonds. I'm starting to suspect that HETHs were an AGATHa line, perhaps the Gettens/GETHins sharing the Rothes/Wrath lion.

MacHeths/Heaths even use a "MIEux" motto term while Mea's/Meighs share the Bath and Fessy cross, and then Fessys are from Fieschi, who in turn could be from the Eravisci at the Boii-of-Pannonia theater. It seems that the Boii renamed Bologna as Pannonia-like Bononia, or vice versa, especially as Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's were first found in Bologna. While we could expect Boii on the Anisus river, Mea's/Meighs were first found in Nottinghamshire with Anisus-like Annas'/Anis' well as BAT-using Bugs (German Bugs share ravens with Rothes and Ralph /Roof/Rolph liners). Bugs share the water bouget (code for Bucket/Bocket / Broggits/Bocket liners) with Ralphs and their Rose kin at Rothes, and Roses' were first found in Nairnshire with Gates-like Geddes' (was Agatha a Ged > Geddes line?).

Nairnshire and the Rose's are right in the Drummond hot-spot for Agatha-line expectations. The "Gang" motto term of Drummonds, as a surname, gets the cinquefoils of French Buckets, and Bats, beloved of bouget-using Bugs, have a wolf probably for the Neuri on the Bug river of Ukraine, and to this we must keep in mind that prince Andrew of Hungary, before he became king, was in exile under the protection of the Kiev Varangians (Ukraine), as were prince Edward and Agatha. Neuri are suspect in the naming of Nairn, and then the Raiths/Rats, who happen to be in the Gath/Grath write-up, and in the Ged motto, were first found in Nairnshire.

It thus becomes a wonder on whether "Gath" was formed by Raith / Wrath / Rothes liners for it's namers being of Agatha's Atheling line. Agatha's grandson, king David, built "HalyROD" (Holy Rood) House in honor of his mother i.e. Agatha's daughter. Where did Margaret's line bump into Rhodes liners prior to Margaret's birth? It looks like the Rhodes-related Baths were involved. Was king David really a son of Margaret and Henry Sinclair? If not, how did a Rod entity from Henry of Rodez enter the family? Was Agatha from Henry of Rodez?

Those who came from Hungary to Scotland were in the Rose-clan / Ross-clan / Rothes / Drummond theater, all suspect with the Varangian RUS whom king Andrew, father of George, married. And ROXanne Bennet is suspect as a pointer to Roxolani Rus, who lived in Ukraine. In fact, they lived on the Dnieper river, smack south of Kiev!

Note how "MacHeth" ("MIEux") can be from the Gaths/McGaths, for the latter share the fitchee style of Mea's/Meighs in blue.

Oh wow. I was just at the write-up of Welsh Edwards (same Coat as Bridgets/Prichards), checking for links to Edward-the-Exile Atheling. Without naming an Edward character, it traces to a prince of Boius-like Powys who built Oswestry castle, and Oswestry is where the Roxolani-liner Alans of Dol went to live soon before they escaped persecution from royal England into the Arms of king David, son of Margaret. These Alans became the royal Stewarts by first becoming "High Steward of Scotland" in David's household.

Note that while David's descendant, Henry of Huntingdon, married Ada of Warenne, she's expected in the "ad" motto term of EraVISCi-like Fisks/Fiscs. On the other hand, "ERAVISci" may have been a line to Raby and Rave's/Rabe's, for the latter share the raven with Rothes', Roofs/ROVE's. etc. The raven-banner Vikings were at Orkney, and Westrys had a Westray location there, but see that they were apparently involved with the Sinclairs of Roslin, from Margaret's cup-bearer when she came to Scotland from Hungary: "Alternatively, the family could have originated in the lands of Westray on the island of Westray, Orkney. In this case, the earliest record of the name was Lord Michael de Westray, knight who witnessed a charter by Henry de St. Clair, Earl of Orkney, apud Kirkwaw (Kirkwall), in 1391." The Alans of Dol were on the Scottish throne by then.

Roslins use now-illegal gold-on-silver buckles (why are they square/rectangular?), and I trace buckles to Buckie, a location near the mouth of the Spey river past Rothes castle. The raven-banner vikings conquered Rothesay, later renamed, Bute, which the royal Stewarts seized the moment they got the Scottish throne. Heath-like Heaters share bull heads with Buckle-branch Buckleys/Bulkellys, and the Heater Crest has a broken spear while Spears are also SPEYers, i.e. expected with the naming of the Spey river. There's a question as to whether Heaters were Agatha liners too. If you look into it, you'll find that the first royal Stewart was a Bruce and a Drummond.

The BROKEN spear of Heaters can be expected from Brogitarus liners with a host of similar surnames, and Brecknockshire / BRECON is in Powys i.e. where the Edward-related prince ruled who built Oswestry castle. There's some potential evidence that Welsh Edwards were from Edward, Agatha's husband. The Broken Coat has trefoils in the colors of the cinquefoils of Drummond-beloved Gangs/Geggs, and Googe's (ROXburghshire) are related to Molle's (Roxburghshire) while Eschyna de Molle married a Mr. Alan, ancestor of the Drummond-Alan merger to the throne.

God Gave Us Laurie Brady, Evangelist

When I read of Oswestry castle in the Edward write-up, I recalled that Westrys are in now-illegal silver-on-gold colors, and colors reversed from the Camille's (and Roslins). I knew the Brady family well for a short time, and, zowie, the father of the family was LAURIE Brady (!!!), father of Camille Brady. The Edward write-up brought Camille to mind due to he colors of Camille's, I get it! It looks like Edward's wife married George of Hungary.

Laurie Brady looks like a pointer to LAURIAcum at the Anisus river, suggesting that something on the Anisus was related to the Podebrady line that was married by George. Brady-like Bretts/Britts can be a branch of Brittanys, and, zowie, the brown wolf in the Brittany Crest was just seen in the Crest of Bats. English Bats were first found in Rutland with the Watsons married by Pollocks of Rothes. Plus, hee-hee, Watsons share a brown tree stump, with three sprouts, with Laurie's/Lowrys!!! The same stump is used by HalyRod-like Rodhams/Roddens. The Alters/Colters in the Rodham/Rodden motto use Catherine wheels on the same chevron as English Watsons. It's not a coincidence that Watsons have a "gloria" motto term while Glorys are listed with Laurie-branch Lowrys.

Again, the brown wolf is shared between Bats and Brittanys (Essex, same as Mountains), and the latter are in Mountain colors and format while French Mountains were first found in Languedoc with French Bats. The Baston variation of both Bat surnames could be from Watson-like Batsons/Bats', who are in Batty colors and almost in their format. Battys are in Smith colors and format while Smiths (Newman/Numan colors) use a "BENIGno numine" motto suspect partly for Benjamites, who lived in proto-Mountain Muntenia (Wallachia).

[Insert -- Just to give some background: the Watson fesse is in the colors of the BOEff/Beef fesse, and there are Boofima-like reasons beyond the Bow-like look of Boeffs to link the Roets to them, and so we can repeat that Watsons share the stump of Rhodes-connectable and Roet-like Rodhams/Roddens. I read that Boofima was a human-sacrifice cult from Africa that slaughtered goats alternatively, evoking the Templar god, BAPHomet which happens to have a demonic goat head. To this we can add that Russells, expected from the Roussillon land of Redones and Rodez, use a goat. Hence, we can trace this Boofima cult to the masonic Rosslyn chapel (at Roslin), for the Sinclairs of that place were hosting Hugh de Payens, the first Templar grand master. Some say Hugh married CATHERINE Sinclair, thus making her look like she's from Catherine Roet-BEAUFort. Roslins use BUCKles and BOUGH-related Roets use a book for Books/BOGGs.

Is it not telling that, as PIERleoni were no-doubt behind the Jerusalem invasion, Boeffs/Beefs were first found at PERIgord. Gords, first found in Berwickshire with Books/Boggs, even share the Roet boar heads (colors reversed from the Rollo boar heads).

Thus, Boofima elements went to Watsons, married by Pollocks of Roet-like Rothes. Watsons share the black martlet with RUTHERfords, who in turn share the "orle" border with RUTlands, and Watsons were at Rutland (Leicester). Rutherfords were first found in ROXburghshire, the line from Roquefeuil that married Hugh IV of Rodez. In one Watson write-up: "Sir Lewis Watson, afterwards created Lord ROCKingham..." Watsons share a version of the ROOK Coat (raven in Crest). The Roxolani of Ukraine were the proto-Rus, the Redones/Ruthene/Russi. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray with the Rothes location. Watsons love the Mea's/Meighs sharing ravens with Peter i.e. from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle. We're stripping this demon bare. I was told that a descendant of Peter Pollock, perhaps a granddaughter, married Watsons. Peter's father was in Brittany with the Dol Alans. End insert]

A big deal: the pierced Brittany stars are those also of Brights (and Maceys), for a possible trace to Brigetio (on the opposite side of the Boii from the Anisus river). Amazing. The crescents-on-chevron of Watsons are in all three colors of the HAZEL crescents, and Hazel-like AZALi are stamped (light map) between Brigetio and the Anisus river!!! Incredible. [Boofima from Boii?] This recalls that Hazels (Cheshire, same as Brights) share a Hessel variation with the Hesse's in turn sharing the BathGATE sun! The Brady sun can play to this, that is, and the Grady variation of Bradys suddenly brings the GATHs/Graths to mind who share the blue fitchee of Mea's in the Watson motto phrase, "Mea gloria." Laurie Brady points to Laurie's/Lowrys, a branch of Lowrys/Glorys, and Lauriacum is just over the peaks from the Azali. Plus, "Grath" looks like "Gard," and Gards share a brown wolf with Brittanys.

Laurie's first wife (Camille's mother) painted a painting of one of my marriage photos. The Payens/Paions have a Paint-like variation in case this painting was a set-up by God to point Payens to Pannonia (Payne Roet already pointed there). Laurie's wife, Jan, soon-after died of cancer (throat, I believe), and as much as I don't want to go here, I best do it. In astrology, Cancer is a crab, and Brigetio-like Bridge's (Somerset, same as Roets and Payne's) use crabs. However, I cannot believe that God caused her to die of cancer just to make this point; it makes more sense that, foreseeing her death, He arranged Bridge's to use crabs in order to link PodeBrady elements to Brigetio. It predicts a Bradget-like surname as a root of "Brady," and Bradge's happen to be listed with Brecks/BRITCH's. Bridge's have crabs! The Welsh Edwards share the Bridget/Prichard/PRITCHard (!) Coat while English Edwards share the Bride / Bright / Brittany stars, apparently. By now, houseofnames looks wrong (what else is new?) in tracing Bridgets/Prichards to "ap-Richard." It probably makes the same mistake with "ap-Atha" for deriving the Baths.

[Insert -- If I recall correctly, it was Brent Brady who played the DRUMs for the family's musical band, though I can't see how any of the Brent surnames link to Drummonds. Laurie was the PIANo player. Payens/Paions are also Peans. OH WOW, the Hamond company sells pianos and organs while I have seen the description of Hamonds telling that they use a "chevron PEAN" (black-on-gold ermine). At Laurie's obituary at link above: "Laurie, a preacher's son, was born October 21, 1932. He began to play the piano at the early age of five years." Apparently, God has used the Brady family to point us to things-Pannonia.

It continues: "[Laurie] is survived by present wife of 17 years, Mary Brady; five children, Michelle, Jill, Camille, Marc and Brent; step-son, Mitch... I now recall the time when Jill was to sing a solo. It was maybe her first or second time, for she came up and told the audience that she could not sing unless she looked away from the audience. It was the strangest thing. She sang with her BACK toward the audience; I was a witness to it, and the only place it could have been was her mother's funeral. I think I can now decipher this event, for Backs/Bachs use a "steer" that I trace to Styre's/Sturs sharing three fesses (same colors!!!) of Scottish Drummonds!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING. Plus, STURlings are listed with STIRlings (BUCKles), and Drummonds have a Drymen location in Stirling, yet hang on to your laurels, for there is a STIRate location shown (light map) on the Anisus river that has a mouth at Lauriacum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a good laugh (the good kind) this is.

So, now we know where the two Stir rivers trace along with the namers of Stirling, and we can therefore expect PodeBrady / Brigetio elements at Stirate. Strate's/Streets use the Catherine wheel, and the southern Stur river flows through Somerset, where Roets (from Payne) were first found. Strate's/Streets were at HERTshire, and Irish Arthurs use "hurts" as well as ORGAN rests!!! Who arranged that? German HERTs/Harts share the red stag with Books/Boggs (Berwickshire, same as Scottish Arthurs) and book-using Reeds, two Roet surprise because Herts were taken from the Roet-related Strate/Street write-up. Scottish Herts/Harts share the Pollock saltire for connection to Rothes. AND AHA! Hurts/Horts have a version of the Sunny Coat while Sunnys share the Brady sun in both colors!!! INCREDIBLE. God made Laurie Brady a piano / organ player for these reasons. Brogitts/Brockheads/Bockets were first found in HERTfordshire. Stag-using Hertfords (Arthur colors and format) look very linkable to BRECKs/Britch's who come up as Brady-like Bradge's.

The Sonnys and Sunnys become a topic later, and will trace like gang-busters to Osones, a location shown on the map smack near Brigetio. You have never seen anything like this, but why is God doing it? Osones is right beside Crispiana, and this is an excellent place to end this insert]

I once took Camille Brady by the hand for a ROLLER skate. I never did anything more with Camille. Rollo's, with the Roet boar heads in colors reversed, were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, and thus I think God is pointing to PodeBRADY with that roller skate, but also to Rollo/Rolph the viking king.

[I didn't realize until this section was done that Rollo's/Rolphs daughter, Crispina, applies here, as per Crispiana!!! Incredible. It's right beside Brigetio, and on the Arrabo river that can explain the Rove variation of Rolphs from Rabe's. But I still haven't figured how the Skate's/Sheets apply, though their heart can be for Hart liners. Lookie: "The surname Heart was first found in County Meath (Irish: An Mhí) anciently part of the kingdom of BREGA..." Rollo's line named the Richard rulers of Normandy, and German Richards/ReichHEARTs/ReichHARTs/ReikHARDs (giant goat), first found in Bavaria with Herts/Harts/Hards, share a white heart (rare heart colors) with Irish Hearts at Brega. It may therefore be that Brigetio liners merged with Richards formed the Bridgets/Prichards/Pritchards. German Reichs share the red demi-lion in Crest with Bradds/Bratts, how about that.

It appears that roller skating with Camille was to lead first to Skate's, and then through their hearts to Hart > Reich liners. Reichs have a version of the Christ Coat (in the Bouillon motto, making "God" look like code for de-Bouillon's line from Goths/Gothels), and Scottish Shaws have a version of the Christine/Cristin Coat. Irish Shaws have a version of the Ayer / Eyer Coat, and Here's/Heyers share blue wings with HERTzogs (Bavaria, same as Herts/Harts and Reichhearts). The Pannonia area we're in is partially in Austria, which Germans call it "OsterREICH." It looks named after the Ister river, but they don't say that. Stur liners are also Isters, Asters and Easters.

I suggest that the name, "Richard," was created from "Richeza" of Lorraine (daughter of EZZO), for both Rich's/Richess' and French Richards are said to be from Lorraine. Richeza was mother to Casimir I, and he in turn married a Varangian of Kiev, explaining why Casimirs share the red antler with the house of Veringer, yet we just saw a red stag (called a "hart") with Reich-related Herts/Harts...this being additional evidence that "Richard" may have been a Richeza-Hart combo from the name's inception. French Richards share the Laurel lion, and Lorraine's use laurel, and as this comes in a section on Laurie Brady, let's add that there is laurel in the Laurie cup. Furthermore, Laurels were first found in Languedoc with Rodez and nearby Aubin, wherefore see the Richard write-up: "By the 15th century many of the family name had branched eastward to Lorraine, where the name seemed to become most prolific. Meanwhile, they also emerged in other locations throughout France including ABONcourt in Lorraine..." Abons are listed with AUBINs/Albins (Devon, beside Roets), begging whether this was a Bononia line.

As per Marc Brady, only one Marc surname comes up, the French Marcs/Marks, first found in Languedoc with the Rodez' sharing the giant lion of English Marks. Marcs/Marks share a green Shield with the Arms of Roquefeuil. End insert]

Camilla PARKER Bowles came to mind with Camille, and it was then seen that one Parker Crest has a red antler, symbol of Veringers (BADEN). Parkers were first found in Somerset with Battins/BADENs, Baths and Battys (new to me this update). Battys look very connectable to Smiths who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Parkings/Perkins. The red Veringer antler can be traced via the red Casimir antler to Casimir of Poland, who married a Varangian of Kiev. How about that, Camille Brady and Parkers just took us to where Agatha was in exile with Edward, and the Parkers even share a white stag head with Edwards. Serving as evidence that Bowles' were a branch of Roet-related Bows/Boughs, Roet-line Beauforts are also BOWforts while English Beauforts have a version of the Bowles chevron-with items.

If I recall correctly, I was with Roxanne Bennet when meeting the Brady family for the first time. The pointing finger of Bradys can be for the Poynton variation of BOYntons/Bointons sharing the lion of Benedicts (share "De BON" with Bennets). It just so happens that Italian Camille's were first found in Rome with Bennet / Pierleoni liners. The "passa" motto term of Poytons/Bointons can be for Bononia's Pasi's (share crossed spears with Speers). The upright goat in the Poynton/Bointon Crest can be the one of Bochs/Bocks, a branch likely of Baux's who were in turn first found in Auvergne with Boix's.

Suddenly, Pointers (two fingers pointing) may have a version of the Athol Coat, but, in any case, Pointers share the patee of Diens/Dine's/Dives' and Bathursts, and Miss Bennet lived on Bathurst Holland Landing. Hollands happen to share the lion of Rita's (Rome) lion, though it's shown with a rounded tail, same as Deins/Deans/Diane's who share the giant lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts.

OH WOW! I've just checked the map to find what area they lived in, because I recall it was past SNOWball, on this map. I then remembered that they lived in Kettleby, and Kettle's happen to have a "Bono" motto term that, as a surname, is listed with Bennet-beloved DeBons who share the Rita lion too! Snowball came to mind from the Snodden location in the Holland write-up, for Sneddens are listed with Snowdens (Edward stars, Watson fesse?), and here we can add that Snows, with a fesse in Kettle-fesse colors, were first found in Rutland with Watsons and Bats. Possibly the biggest point of all is that Kettle's (look like a Keith/KETH branch) were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. Kettle's could be with the Rosco/Rusco/Risco fesse-with-cinquefoils. This adds to the evidence that God put me together with the Brady family.

Camille's are in the gold-on-silver colors of Lano's/Lane's, and Spanish Camille's, sharing the Coat of Italian Camille's, were at Llano. Lano's/Lane's, who trace to BRITTANY's Launay, near BREST, were at Brigetio-like BRIXia/BREScia (Brix's are also Brests), the Arms of which has a lion in both colors of the BRUCE lion. The Annandale branch of these Bruce's became the kings who elevated the Alan-Stewarts to the throne, and Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Annandale's. Laurie Brady's family is working like a charm both with this Camille discussion, and the other things that had pointed Brady elements to Brigetio.

The split colors of Laurie's happen to be the split colors of GARDners, and lake Garda is beside Brixia, as is Val Trompia while Trump's/Tromps share a white-on-blue stag head with English Edwards. Without this stag head, the Edward Coat would likely be the Bright / Macey Coat, but compare also with Close's expected from Closeburn of Dumfries. Another stag head in the same colors is with Patria's/Peartree's, and they have a bird looking up at the sun akin to the Brady Coat.

Gardners can be linked solidly to Capes' and Caplans; the latter have a version of the German Feltman Coat while English FELTmans/Feltmans ("palma") have the double fesses of FLEET-related Flags/Flecks (kin of PALMers). Therefore, this picture can point to FLEXum, between Brigetio and the Azali Pannonians.

I don't know why this Agatha / Brady discussion is important to God, perhaps for the Seleucid link to the George-line Bohemians. It could turn out that Agatha was named after a Cetis liner, noting that Poyntons/Bointons have a reflection of the Butt/Bute/BOET Coat, itself having the GEDDES fish. I can glean that Poyntons/Bointons have a version of the Blythe Coat, and the Roxby location of Poyntons/Bointons is near the first-known Blythe's (near Roxburgh). Roxbys are listed with Roxburghs. I see Blythe's with a version of the Jack-fesse-with-items, and Jacks can be from the Ajax cult of Cetis.

Roxby-like Rookbys (Yorkshire, same as Poyntons/Boytons and Jacks) share rooks with Rooks, and the latter have the BathGATE/BATgate suns whole Gates'/Gatts are my chief hunch for naming Agatha. It was right here when I went up and added this insert above:

AHHH, finally, I get why God named her, ROXanne Bennet. ROOKs, sharing the Bathgate/Batgate suns, were first found in Oxfordshire with Bathurst-beloved Tiens!!! After years of wondering, there is the mystery solved, and it comes immediately after having Bathgate's and Bathursts in the same part of the investigation.

Tiens are Thames'/Tams too while Roxbys/Roxburghs have a "Tam" motto term. The "AUDax" motto term of Roxbys/Roxburghs is key for identifying the surname with Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil (Roslin-like Roussillon), in the province of Aude. A daughter of Roquefeuil gave birth to Henry II of RODez, and a Rodez-Roquefeuil merger became suspect in king David's Haly-Rod House, for Henry was a name of David's descendant (grandson, I believe). He was Henry of Huntingdon, husband of ADA, and she's to the Aids/Aids sharing a version of the David and RODham/Rodden Coats, you see. Mystery solved, or some of it, anyway. One historical source said that Agatha was a relative of an imperial Henry.

Here's from a genealogy page on Henry II of Rodez:

Son of Hugues (Rodez) de Rodez and Isabeau (Roquefeuil) Rodez

Husband of Mascarose (Comminges) de Comminges — married 12 Oct 1270 in Rodez, Aveyron...

Hugh-like Hugs have fesses in the colors of the Payne fesse (explains Hugh de Payens), and that spells Payne Roet. As Comminges is where HeROD Antipas was banished, "RODez" looks like it was named by the namers of Herods. HERODotus, who predated the first Herods, was from Caria, location of Rhodes. Mascarose looks like a Mosca liner, for Mosca's, sharing the leopard with Rhodes', were first found beside Carian Massa-Carrara. Carrara's use the wheel, a symbol of Rhodes liners. There is a Mascarose-like Massarosa on Pisa's outskirts, and Mosca's were first found in Pisa. Mascarose is new to me today. Massars/Massai's probably apply.

Lookie: I trace "Antipas" to Antibes, smack beside Nice, and so see the "corNnICES" motto term of Rooks! Roxby/Roxburghs share the saltire of Nagle's/Nails, and of the latter's Gale kin (Irish Nagle's use a nightinGALE). Nagle's named Oneglia, nor far from Nice. The Rooks use, "EffloRESCent CORNices," looking like part-code for Rosco's/Rusco's, first found in CORNwall, that being the crow line from the Ceraunii...explaining the raven / crow of Rooks.

[On Saturday night, the Podebrady article was loaded which has the official description of the Arms of Podebrady, which includes: "Behind the wall stands a silver round tower with two oblong windows above it, a CORNICE in the middle..."]

David and ALEXANDER were the names of queen Margaret's last two sons. Why Alexander? Alexanders use a "per terras" motto phrase, and German Terras have more rooks.

Rooks and Nagle's together look linkable to the two Watson Coats. One Watson Coat was linked to the Hazel Coat, but here it can be added that the Rooks use suns on their Watson chevron, instead of the Hazel/Hessel crescents used by Watsons on their chevron, and the Rook suns are in the colors of the Hesse/Hessel suns. The Chatti Germanics of Hesse-Cassel were a line to the Keith Catti, and to Caithness overlooking Orkney, and Keith-suspect Kettle's share the cinquefoils-on-a-fesse of Rosco's/Rusco's. German Cassels share the triple-Clare chevrons, making it more certain that the Hesse sun is for Sinclairs/Suns. Clare's founded Crispins, and the latter were first found near Sunnys. Does it appear as though Sinclairs/Suns trace to something at or around Crispiana? I could go down many trails here, and never get done, but I won't. Suffice it to explain Roxanne Bennet, and she looks like a pointer also to Anne's/Hanne's, perhaps related to the namers of the Anisus river. This river is immediately over the peaks of the CETius mountains from the hazel-like Azali, and Keiths are also KETHs.

Most suns I see are gold, but HURSTs, first found in Yorkshire with Anne's/Hanne's, share a giant red sun with Sols/Solana's, and "miCAT sol" is a Rook motto phrase. As it seems resolved that God used Roxanne to point to Rooks, by what coincidence did she live on BatHURST when I was with her?

As difficult as some riddles from God are, I get very impressed when finally they start to get solved, yet they always have additional pointers, it seems, as though the riddles were formed by a genius. For example, "FrogGATT" suggested Agatha, though I didn't have much evidence for the theory, but eventually the evidence is bound to disclose itself. I have the sense that Froggatts point to Revelation's three Armageddon frogs, and so things-Froggatt can be expected to point to the Bohemian-Seleucid relationship now shaping up. Recall the BOUNSing BALL (so to speak) with Froggatt and I in the box. By now, we can guess probably correctly that Box's have the Leo lion closely because Baux's can be linked close to the Bouillons while de-Bouillon's grandfather supported the Pierleoni.

Again, the Bennet/Benedict lion is that also of the rulers of Rodez, and of the Rodez surname, and Henry II of Rodez married also Marquise des Baux, according this other genealogy, which includes MASCArose of Comminges as Henry's other wife. The giant Rodez lion is in the colors of the giant Mosca leopard, and it's gold, the colors of the leopard in the Rhodes Crest. The Mosca leopard is also in the colors of the Peare leopard faces to confirm that Peare's were related to Pierleoni.

Behold. After Miss Peare stopped working at Reitmans, she got a job with SONY electronics. I can link Sonnys (Mallet scallops) to Sunnys/Somins and also to Soans/Soams (mallets), and it just so happens that an Osones people group are on the light map in Pannonia, to the near-south of Brigetio. Recall that Bradys traced and/or pointed to Brigetio, for the Sunnys, unbelievably enough, share suns in both colors of the Brady sun! Incredible. If you were me, reflecting on past people in your life whose events -- the ones you can remember from decades back -- make up a solid heraldic / geographical / anthropological story, you would be praising God, amazed.

Sunny (Berkshire) were first found near the first-known English Crispins (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's), and Osones is right beside Crispiana. CrisPIANA may reveal Payens/Paions/PAGANs of that Pannonia area. Cris-like Cressents/Crests have the triple Ping/PAGANell bends in colors reversed. CRIStins/Christine's are in Payen colors and format. It looks like Laurie Brady's piano traces to Crispiana. Were Brady elements there? In this picture, "Crispiana" may have been named by proto-Chris', and while Chris' use a swan, symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon, Bouillons use "christi." As soon as Bouillon's family conquered Jerusalem, in goes Hugh de Payens as the leader of the temple's secret activities. Chris' share the gold border with Greats/Greeps, a branch of Grazio's who in turn share the Crispin/CREPon pomegranate.

[Later in this update, I shocking say: "...a Papa surname with a version of the Christ Coat!" That's after finding a modern Pavia-suspect Papa smack beside Crispiana. Papa's use a swan too!]

Hurst-like Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire, and they have the colors and format of Sunnys; the latter share the sun with Hursts ("Pro"). BatHURSTs are the ones with a "Tien" motto phrase for the Oxfordshire kin of Peare's. Cool work, all thanks to her Sony company.

BEHOLD! Sony ELECTRONics. It recalls mythical ELECTRYON, father of ALCmena, mother of HERCULes, and the Osones are at HERCULia (shown on light map), in the land of the Hercuniates!!! I kid you not. It's more than amazing, it's comically ballistic. God is amazing. It keeps me going and going. Electryon's wife, Anaxo, is highly traceable to the Anaki of Hebron, whom I've thought named Annas of Israel. INACHus was the founder of Argos, and Electryon was a ruler at Argos and/or neighboring MEDEA, the latter traceable to Medan, son of Abraham and Keturah. Abraham knew Anak of Hebron. This explains why God placed Miss Peare at Sony, for this day, to explain Electryon's importance, though I've only scratched the surface.

The Anaki were giants, and Greeks had some giants that were fronted with terms such as "Alk / Elec," you see. For example, Alkyoneus was a Thracian giant, and one daughter of Atlas was made, Alkyone. Atlas and Hercules were both depicted as strongmen. "ALEXander" comes to mind.

One can clearly see that the Sunny suns are code for the Sun variation of the Roslin Sinclairs. I'm reminded of the illegal colors shared between Roslins and Camille's, for the latter share a gold fesse with Sunnys. Camille Brady. I took her hand and roller skated with her, and Sinclairs are from Rollo. Yup.

Sunnys were first found in Berkshire with Keturah-suspect Catters/Cathers, near the first-known Cottars/Codders (Oxfordshire = Vere-ville), and then KODRium is on the Apsus river with the Boius, and with FIER county. My last outing with Peare, when she was perhaps still working at Sony, was with my FIREbird, and here it seems interesting that Fiers/Fere's (Vere branch) and Apsus-liner Apps' were both first found in Middlesex (near Oxfordshire and Berkshire) with Feltmans/Felthams while Felts share the giant flory cross of Birds (Cheshire, same as Sonnys). I drove her home in the FireBIRD. Cottars/Codders have lizards while Lizarts/Sarde's are a branch of Lists and Liss', who look connectable to Babwells/Babels -- the ones with an Agatha-suspect gate -- first found in Middlesex. Again, Babe's share the finger pointing to the sun with Bradys.

Brigetio-like McBride's (said to be from "Brigit") share the cinquefoils of English Ardens while yet another sun is with French Ardens, first found in Limousin with Sinclair-branch Clare's. This is so perfect for proving that these suns are for the Sun variation of Sinclairs because Clare's were behind the Crispins while Brigetio is beside Crispiana. We now know where Crispins originate without doubt. Apparently, the Sun variation was formed as per Osones elements merged with Claro's.

I thought I was done with this section, but then I started to ask whether God inspired me to ask the Brady family to bring their musical equipment to a park in Oak Ridges, and they agreed. They were musical evangelists. I therefore looked up Oaks and Ridge's, and found a story to prove that God inspired that event for heraldic pointers. You will be amazed. Oaks have a reflection of the Sonny/Somin Coat, and the latter point to the Osones at Crispiana. The Oaks happen to share oak leaves with the Alans and HAZELwoods of Shropshire, hee-hee (I don't like that phrase much, but I don't know of a better to express my delight here), for a pointer or trace to the Azali on an unmarked river having a mouth near Crispiana. That's made amazing because Ridge's share the Rudge/Rudes cross while the latter surname were likewise first found in Shropshire. It's a slam-dunk.

Oaks (another "patria" motto term) were first found in Somerset with Rudes-like Roets. I trace Rudes' to Rudesheim/RUEDesheim, where ASSmannshausen is expected from the Assman variation of Rasmussens, first found in Hesse. Hesse's (sun, yup) share a Hessel variation with HAZels (Cheshire, same as Shardlow-related AStons and Shurts/Shards, the new bare-ass line). Just as I was chuckling at the last line in the brackets, "bride" was a word sung by Rebecca St. James (song = "In a Moment"). Shardlows were at Shardlow's Aston location, Derbyshire, and a Hazelwood location is in Derbyshire too.

As per Astons being partly first found in Lancashire, it seems that the Hazelton Coat is a version of the Fylde Coat, for Fylde is in Lancashire, as is Shakerley of the Shake's who share the Hazelwood and Fylde chevron. Shake's are from Butt-line Boeotia, the possible root of the Boii in the Azali theater, how neat. But there's more, for Fields (not "Fylde") can be gleaned with the Derby garbs. So, it was resolved that my bare-ass event was a Boeotia line to Butts/Boets, you see, as well as to Azzo of Este and his Ass-related lines. If the EraVISCI at the Osones / Crispiana area are to Fieschi, then we can enter the fasces symbol of the Assi/Ass surname.

Singletarys were at Fylde, and the triple Single/Singletary chevrons are shared by German Ash's/Aschs. Single's are like the Singular variation of Suns/Sinclairs, yup, the ones tracing left and right to Osones and other things of that Boii-land area. If I'm reading the Singletary write-up properly, they had a Singleton location both in Fylde and Sussex, and Sussex is where Hazeltons were first found who share the Hazelwood Coat, a near-copy of the Fylde Coat. Recall how Fletts are a branch of Flags/FLECKs, for, I kid thee not, FLEXum is on that unmarked river with the Azali! You see, God is trying to tell the world that He lives, but if the worldly will not listen who despise Authority, then you listen, and start attuning your hearts and thoughts in a very loving way toward God.

YOU KNOW how to send loving messages, don't you? How can it be that some people can't close their eyes and talk to God? What blocks them? They don't want to apologize for their sinfulness, or submit to a higher authority in their lives, but for me, God is my everything. Woe is you if you would rather have Trump or Obama than Jesus. Elevate Jesus far above any man. Acknowledge that His causes are worth much more than all combined worldly endeavors. Keep your soul in Him, like a vine always attached to the Vine. YOU KNOW how to keep in Him if you try and practice it. If your faith is weak, let your cry to the Father for stronger faith. Jesus directed us to pray to the Father, but I "talk" to Jesus too (He doesn't answer; it's His rule, in this age, not to answer as a person would).

Recall that Shardlows share the Coat nearly of Maxtons (bee), for Maxwells were from Maxton, and Maxwells share the lodged stag of Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips; both stags are with a holly tree / bush. Hazels call their leaves, "hazel SLIPs" in honor of ISLIPs. So, it seems that ass-liner Hazelwoods were related to Shirt/Shard liners in Shardlow's Aston, and Froggatts were first found nearby, at least. Impressed? "Aston" might even be a corruption from the Aselton variation of Hazeltons ("Pro"). The leaves under discussion are for the Laevi of the Pero theater, right? Recall the ass-line from Assus/ARSus (near Cabyle and Sub Radice), for Hazeltons (Cable / Radice colors) have an "ARIS" motto term. Perhaps HAZELTons are from the SELLETae off the Tonzus river from Cabyle.

The unmarked river through ULMum and Flexum has a mouth near BRIGETio, and while one Ulman Coat shares double fesses with Flags/Flecks, another Ulman Coat shares the giant cinquefoil of McBride's (said to be from BRIGIT). Cool, another good trace, thanks to Martina McBride's song, Oh HOLY Night. Where did we see the HOLLY? Ahh, yes, with the Hazel = Azali liners, from the same unmarked river. You see, I can't do this without God's help. She sang "knee" while I was on the knee-branch Needhams, and, can you believe it: Neets/Neats share the Hazeltons / Hazelwood / Fylde chevron. Incredible.

The Ulmans with the giant McBride cinquefoil have horseSHOE wallpaper on their Shield, and Shoe's use a "KNIGHt issuing at the KNEE's." INCREDIBLE, for she sang "knee" from oh holy NIGHT, and Knights are also Nights. Knighton is a location in Worcestershire, and Worcestershire is where the Ulmans (with the giant cinquefoil) were first found, assuring that some horseshoes, at least, are part-code for the Shoe's.

The double Ulman fesses are shared by Sleeps/SLIPPers in both colors, and the latter were first found in SALOP (Shropshire) with Hazelwoods. The endings of "Islips/HaSLOPs" all look like "Salop / Sleep / Slipper." As God showed that Sleeps were to the Selepitanoi, I assume a connection between them and the unmarked river of the Azali.

Back to My Bare Butt

English Este's once showed the same horse head as English Butts/Bute's (ESToiles), and Este was founded by Ass-liner Azzo. The Bare's/Barrs share the Este eagle. The question then arises as to why I was talking to Catherine Froggatt with my bare-este, so to speak. Froggatt is a pointer to Phrygians, in the land of the Heneti, the line to the Veneti, who lived at Este. Este is in Padova, the thing that named the Merovingian-related Batavi.

Paul Smith lived in Vaughn township, and Veneti-suspect Vaughns (suspect with Vannes of Brittany's Celtic Veneti) are in the colors and format of Smiths and Battys. The latter two both have long-necked birds with a fish in beak, and both are in the colors and format of fish-using Catters/Cathers. As Vaughns share the Sale fleur while Salians are SALEmans, Battys can be from Batavi liners. Battys were first found in Somerset with Battins/Badons and Baths.

It's been a long time since I've loaded English Este's. Their "J'avance" motto has got to be code for the Vance variation of Vaux's ("Be"), who share the Salome bend with stars, that being to line from Salome BOETHus!!! Excellent. My bare-butt was pointing to this Sadducee monster, and Froggatt is a pointer to Brogitarus! I get it! Oh wow. Salome's were first found in Rhineland while Batavi and Salian Franks were on the Rhine while the Salian surname (Salmon colors) is listed with Salome-like Salemans!!! Compare Salians/Salemans with Scottish Bois', for Boii may have been from Boeotians.

This discussion recalls that Mummolin-pointing Mamie left my Bible gift to her under a BED when away on a TRIP and the Bible is a BOOK while the Bible/Bibo surname shares the red rooster with Babcocks/Badcocks. TRYPillia was, I have read, south of Kiev, as were the BUDINi, and English Bode's are also the Botters/BUDINs. Bedfords share the "gamb" with Boius-like Powys', and CLERMONTs'/Clements (share French-Clair Chief) were first found in Powys.

As I've said, my father was working in real-estate with Bruno, and the two purchased new homes next to one another, and ours is where the bolt struck roughly the month we moved in. We lived on a street, Senator Reesors. Reesors/Reasons share the vaired patee cross of the English Ferrands, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Tancreds and Keppochs, and Italian Ferrands clinch a trace to Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne) because it was home to Tullia of Lyon while Italian Ferrands share the Tollet/Tolle/TULL Coat. Tullia's/Tulls use butterFLIES.

Italian Sandre's/Alessanders have a lamb looking connectable to the lambs of Pascals/PASSe's and French Pascals, but also connectable to the giant ram of Bode's/Bauts/Baux's. The three dogs of Belgian Sandre's/Alessandra's are colors reversed from those of Allisons (implied in their write-up as Keppoch-branch MacDonalds), which may reveal that Allisons are Alexander-Balas liners (Alexanders share the MacDonald motto). The Allison Coat with dogs compares to the Coat of French Ferrands while English Ferrands can be gleaned as a branch of Florence's Taddei's = Bouillon kin.

As I've said many times, Kepke and I (both working at Knob Hill FARMs with Allison) watched Allison Bauer get into the car of a fellow worker, Mike Denardo, while she was still my girlfriend, but she would not come out of the car when I went over to her. God set that event up for various reasons, but suffice to make a few points only. Denardo's, listing NarBONNE's, share the tower of Auvergne's while "Kepke" is like the Keppochs to which Allisons belonged. FARMers share the lion heads of Godfreys. Bone's/Bohums were first found in Sussex with Keeps. French Bonne's (Balas colors) share large ermines with Balas' and French Balls/Ballots while English Ballots/Bellows are in the "bellows" of Shiptons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with English Bonne's. It looks like we've found more Alexander-Balas links to Boii of Bononia/Bologna, but then even Boulogne was called, Bononia.

Suddenly, the lightning bolt may even be a pointer to the royal Baldwins of Jerusalem, for Balts are listed with Bolts/Bolds. Perhaps God arranged it, perhaps not, but while it's online that Obama descended from mayor Wolflin (Germany), there is a Wolfin surname listed with WALDWINs who share the green wyvern dragon in Crest with BALDWINs. Doesn't that picture make the lightning bolt look like a pointer both to mobster Obama and the Templars? The first grand master (Hugh de Payens) of the Templars left Jerusalem only after many years, and went to visit the Sinclairs (of Roslin, I think), whose SINGULar variation is like the Single/Singletary surname. Sinclairs/Singulars, said to be "descended from WALDERness [caps mine] Compte de Saint Clare," use a "God" motto term expected as code for Godfrey de Bouillon.

The Clare's were the direct ancestors of Crispins while the light map shows Crispiana off the Arrabo river of the Boii of Payen-like Pannonia. Crispiana is so close to Brigetio that it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that Payens/Pagans and Brights share pierced stars in the same colors. This is new right here, so far as I can recall. Brights are the one's with essentially the Crest of Balas-suspect Scotts.

Payens/Pagans call their stars, "spur rowells," and Rowells, looking linkable to the Sinclair cross, are also ROSwells/ROTHwells while Sinclairs owned Roslin. German Rothes'/Rothchilds share the giant raven with Arrabo-like Rabe's/Rave's, and the latter are a branch of Roofs/Rove's (BRIDGE?) and Rollo-connectable Rolphs...and wow, the latter's "CRESco CRESCENDeo" motto can trace to the Cressents/Crests having the Paganell bends in colors reversed, and thus to the CrisPIANA discussion above, for Crispina was Rollo's daughter! Thus, Rollo elements can be heavily expected at the Arrabo river. The raven liners there are expected from proto-Israel's Rephaites.

The treaty of king Rollo's (also called, Rolph) with France was named after Sinclair liners. The chimney bricks ROLLed down the Single-like shingles, and Shings share the giant lion of Roslin-like Russells. The Sinclairs were major contributors to the Templars, and exposed that they were likely Jerusalem-Temple thieves when they spent fortunes building Rosslyn chapel (Masonic haunt). Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs, in their Crest, probably have the lion of English Rothes', and of Works/Werks in the Sinclair motto. On the other side of the Arrabo river from Brigetio is FLEXum, and Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Works/Werks.

[Insert, this is written below: "Someone must be reading my work who called houseofnames up to ask them to change the Roof Coat back to the one with ravens and a trefoil. It was just yesterday when the Roof Coat was showing a giant white-on-red passant lion, but that Coat won't come up even as "Rove / Rolph / Ralph." removed it from online within the last 24 hours. Here are some of the things I said yesterday: 1) "Roofs/Rove's (BRIDGE?)". I saw a white lion in the Crest holding what looked like a bridge; 2) "Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs, in their Crest, probably have the lion of English Rothes'"; 3) "Tollets/Toole's/Tulls share the Tool lion while it's also the lion of Roofs. I just heard a CROW / raven out my window, I kid you not, just as this paragraph had been selected for copying and pasting above. I haven't heard a crow here for months; it's still deep winter up here in the far-north.

Also, a couple of days after the mention of Brigetio and Flexum, "Boien" was looked up to find them listed with Brians, expected from Briancon = BRIGANTium! Wow. It looks like Brigantium was a Boii-of-Brigetio element. Later, Budapest (Aquincum on the light map) is mentioned, which is very near Brigetio, and I've just looked up Bolton-like Boytons/BOYDens (because Boiens/Brians share the Bolton lion), and they share the Bude dancette. Later, I think I clinch Bude of Cornwall from Budapest.

The latter was named after Buda and Pest, two cities, and Pest-like Bests, sharing the gold fitchee with Boytons/Boydens (Bothwell colors). The Bests (colors reversed from Godfreys) happen to share "LiberTAS" with the Godfrey Crest, recalling that Godfreys share the lion heads of Farmers, for Curtis', who share the Boyton/Boyden, Bude and Plow dancette, use a farmer with a ploughSHARE (or plowshare) over his shoulder. Aha! Bests have the SHARE/Sheer fitchees in colors reversed, and while Share's/Sheers share the black dog with Carricks (another dancette), the OSTrich (expected with Hosts/Osts) in a Crest is shared between Bests and Carricks. The latter emphasize the legs of the ostrich in an orange color, and while Orange is a location not far from Briancon, "LEGibus" is a Best motto term. Plus, the "Garde" motto term of Carricks is like the "garderay" of Bridge's (griffin heads). Gards even share the black griffin with Brights and Bride's. As lake Garda is beside BRIXia, it could seen that the namers of Brixia were from the namers of Brigetio.

While the Arms of Hungary use red-and-white, fessewise bars, four fesses in those colors are used by Dutch Bests/Beests, and then German Biens and Bessins/BEASTons share bees. It could reveal that Pest was named by Bassus > Bassianus liners, and Base's/Baise's even share the Bolton / Boien/Brian lion. The Base/Baise Coat can be traced to Meschins, who lived in the Bessin, because the Ranulph de Gernon -- son of a Meschin and grandson of de BRIQUESsart -- ruled Cheshire, where Bessins/Beastons were first found, and Gernons share the Base/Baise Coat. De Gernon's mother was of Lincolnshire, where Base's/Baise's were first found.

After writing the above, Boien-like "Broin" was checked to see if Brians would come up, but it instead brought up the Browns/Bruns (brown lion looks linkable to the Mar Crest). However, French Bruns have a saltire colors reversed from the one of French Brians/Briants. It just so happens that Browns/Bruns, traceable by their "floreat" motto term to Bruno's (Florence, same as "Libertas" Dino's), have a version of the French Bride Coat (share Bright stars), and these Bride's were first found in Savoy with Briancon/Brigantium. Plus, Brunswicks share the Base/Baise / Gernon Coats, which are almost the Mar Coat with two of the one Roof lion. It just so happens that Scottish Bride's share the black griffin of Bolts and Brights. The lightning bolt hit our roof and sent BRICKs flying. As Boltons share the Boien/Brian / Base/Baise / Gernon / Brunswick lion, it begs whether Bolts/Bolds and Boltons were Boii liners in connection to Maccabee liners.

Back to Base-related Mr. Briquessart, ruler of the Bessin, and father of the Meschins, for the bolt struck a Masci home. The Masci and Massey fleur-de-lys are suspect with the Lys tributary of the Bautica/BALTea river, and Bolts come up as Balts! Zinger. The ending on BriquesSART can trace now to the SERDi at LISSae (home of the Bessin-like Bessi), you see, and to prove that Lissae elements named Lissus of the Cavii, the Chives' named Chivasso on the Baltea river! Zinger again, suggesting that the lightning bolt was a symbol of God's wrath against Caiaphas' end-time descendants.

The Serdi theater is where I trace QuadRATUS Bassus, the proto-Bessin bloodline, suggesting that his surname was from Bessi elements, or the namers of Bassania, beside Lissus. One Base surname (hunting horns = Orion of Boeotia) is also, Bassen, and as i haven't loaded them for a very long time, it now strikes me that they have a version of the Bolton Coat (Gernon / Base lion), and Boltons have two motto terms of Chives! That's extra evidence that Bolts/Balts are from the Baltea river, where the first Templar kings of Jerusalem trace. Base's/Bassens even have a gold collars with chains, on their greyhound heads, in the colors of the wolf heads of Quadratus-line Quade's, and the latter likewise have gold collars and chains. Base's/Bassens, first found in LEICestershire, share black-on-white greyhound heads with Licks/Lucks (pelican for Pelagonia, at LYCHnidus), and then Leicesters (Cheshire, share Masci fleur) and Licks/Locks share swans.

While Pero-connectable Patria's/Peartree's can be expected in the "patria" motto term of Leicesters ("PRO"), yet there are two brazen clues in the Leicester Coat to see them as PATTERson kin, now resolving Pattersons and their Kilpatrick / Patrick branches with an Antipatria line to Patria's/Peartree's (share scallops in Chief with Pattersons). Antipatria is near Bullis, and on the APSus river as the Boius! The Apps' have a row of lozenges looking like the row of same-colored mascles of Licks/Lucks. It just can't be a coincidence that lake Lychnidus is right beside the Boius!

There seems to be a bird pointing to a sun, akin to the Brady and Babe Coats, in the Patria/Peartree Crest, begging whether PodeBrady (also called, PodeBRODY) was a Bright liner from Brigetio elements. Brigetio is at the Boii-of-Pannonia theater, and Podebrady is in Bohemia, after all. The Patria/Peartree bird is the same brown one as in the Boyer/Bowyer Crest, excellent for tracing to Bohemia.

[Insert -- The Cusus river to Brigetio can be of the Cuss variation of Kiss'/Cush's, and that surname uses "fountains" having the three wavy Drummond fesses in colors reversed, Interesting. Fountains can be gleaned as kin of Hugs (share Payne fesse), who looked, above, to be from Hugh IV of Rodez, and linkable to the naming of Hugh de Payens. Amazingly, Fountains, Hugs and Payne's are in Grazio colors while Grazio's share the pomegranate with Crispins while Crispiana is smack beside Brigetio. Cuss-like Cussons have a giant eagle in red on gold, same as the Arms of Podebrady!

I'm writing the next update at this time, and have found this: "Briggs share eight besants around a border with Cookseys/Cockseys." I was telling that Cocks, Grimaldi's, and Bags (same place as Cockers/Cocketts, Gangs and Fountains) share Shields while Bag-related and Drummond-beloved Gangs share three bendwise cinquefoils, in the same colors, with Cookeseys/COCKseys. I add to this discussion in the next update. End insert]

As the Patria/Peartree Coat looks like a cross between the Pulling and Gard Coats, the Patria/Peartree stag head must be the one of Trumps/Tromps, for Val Trompia is beside lake Garda. Dutch Tromps share the acorns of Bieres'/Bede's and Maurels.

The Leycester variation suggests the Leghs/Lighs/Leys (Cheshire). The latter look connectable to the Leytons/Leightons (Shropshire, same as Meschins) who come up as Lighten, that term looked up previously as per "lightning." I traced Leightons to Latovici, beside the Breuci that I trace to the namers of Brixia. The Bricks and Brix's/Brests can be linked to the lozenges of French Louis' while the Welsh Louis' (Glamorganshire, same as Bridgets) have the lion of Bridgets in colors reversed! I left Louise Phillips and went with Miss Whelan instead, and Whelans share the Brick Coat! Welsh Phillips ("patriae") share the Bridget Shield and Crest, and together the two surnames have a lion version of the Bolt/Balt Shield and Crest. Lookie: while the Bolt/Balt Shield and Crest are in colors reversed with Ballards, the Balls/Ballards can be linked to the Cheshire balls sharing the giant Phillips / Bridget lion. The Cheshire Balls are traced by some to Balt-like Balds. While Duce's have the Gernon / Base/Baise Coat in colors reversed, "Ducit" is a Phillips motto term. The Phillips crown traces to the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis.

Miss Whelan lived at the corner of Henry Corson Place and Senator Reesors Drive (!) yet my family had moved from that latter street seven years earlier. The lightning bolt struck our chimney (and scattered BRICKs) on Senator Reesors drive in MARKham. Markhams were at Maplewood while Maple's, Chives kin, have a motto with three terms in the Bolton motto. The Reesors/Reasons (MARK lion?) have a patee cross looking linkable to the one of Scottish Bride's (share Bright / Bolt/Balt griffin). Suddenly, the lightening bolt is touching on Boii liners, expected heavily now with Seleucid elements. While Meschins are listed with Masculine's, this Masculine Coat uses boys.

The Bridge's with the crabs are in Child colors and format, and the first Merovingian king, CHILDERic, was partly of Sicambrian Franks of proto-Hungary. They say that Budapest, at the time of Atilla, was, Sicambria. Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with Bridgets/Prichards. While roof shingles can be called, tiles, the giant Tile dragon is in the colors of the giant Bolt/Balt griffin, and Tile's are said to have included an early RALPH de Tilly while Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs are a Ralph branch. Plus, I've just noted, English Ralphs, sharing the Roof/Rove/Rolph Coat, were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks, to be expected if the lightning bolt was a symbol of the destruction of the Seleucid-related anti-Christ. German Tile's might be using a bird bolt. Birds/Burds, by the way, have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed.

I actually looked up "Boien" upon seeing the "bien" motto term of Carricks. The reason I was on Carricks is that they came up as Corricks when seeking lines from Corsica, because AJACCio is on Corsica while mythical Ajax was worshiped at Cetis by the Kennati priests that trace to Carrick-related Kennedys (use the Arms-of-Carrick dancette and the Share/Sheer fitchees)! Plus, "laidir" is a motto term of both Boiens/Brians and KilPatricks/SHEERa's. Kilpatricks were at CLOSEburn while the Close/Clovse Coat is a Macey-version of the Bright / Bride Coats. The Close/Clovse hunting horn looks to be in the Crest of English Brians/Briants.

Recall the "boy PULLING down a PINE TREE of Bothwells, for Pullings share the red scallop with Boytons/Boydens. The latter use them in both colors of the same of Tass'/Tache's expected in the "LiberTAS" motto term of Bests and Godfreys (share pelican with Pullings). "Sans Tache" is the motto of Peerless'/Napers who have a red Coat version of French Brians/Briants ("Sans detour"), first found in Brittany with Boullier's/Boulins The Brian hunting horn can be expected with the PINE TREE of Lothians, and the latter have the horn hanging on the tree, as Watts have T Tack- / Tache-suspect specTACLEs hanging on their tree (there is a Tackle surname). Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire with the Curtis' we saw above (sharing the Bude / Boyton/Boyden dancette). Italian Curtis' are in the colors of Belgian, Flex-like Flecks (linkable to Fulke's, first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks), and while McLeods/Clouds use flags (with a bull head), there is a cloud in the Boien/Brian Crest. End long insert]

If Flexum traces to Flags/Flecks, that's connectable to Flys of Flagi. Tullia's/Tulls use butterflies, and Tollets/Toole's/Tulls share the Tool lion while it's also the lion of Roofs. Recall that fly on Obama's forehead, for Flecks and their Palmer kin (both first found in Norfolk with Dunhams) can be linked to Flatts/Fletts, Floats/Flotts and Fleets, like the Fylde location of the Lancashire Single's/Singletarys. Flagi was also called, Flavian, and the imperial Flavians (Vespasian, Titus and Domitian, 4th, 5th and 6th heads) are the most expected by me to be the "one of the seven heads" of the Revelation dragon that is forerunner to the end-time anti-Christ. Fylde's share the chevron of Shake's/Shakerleys, first found in Lancashire with Fylde.

I almost want to predict that Obama's not gone away yet, and will play a dastardly role soon, perhaps with some globalist post designed to thwart Israel while befriending Muslim nations, the goal of liberal globalists.

The Barkisland hall of Bolds/Bolts belonged also to Gledhills, and the Gleds/Glads/Glots (Dol) might just have been G-version Fletts, Flatts, and Flotts. The first-known Alans of Dol descended from FLAAD. I trace "Dol" to the naming of Tullia, and Tullia's/Tulls are the ones with butterflies. I've said many times that Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq founded Middle-East Baathists, and Butters happen to list Bitars while Aflacks look like the Flack variation of Flags/Flecks. It sure looks linkable to "butterfly." Gleds/Glads/Glots look like they have a three-rose version of the six-rose BUTT/Boet Coat.

My theory has been that Baathists of Iraq (Babylon) and Syria, because they are in the old borders of the Seleucids, will attack Israel with the anti-Christ. As Baathists are Sunni along with ISIS, and as Obama was probably weaponized ISIS, and as ISIS conquered Mosul with Baathists together while Nahum 1:11 suggests that the anti-Christ will launch out of Nineveh = Mosul, just think again about that FLY on Obama's forehead. Obama had put Joe Biden in charge of both Iraq and Ukraine, and the Buttons/Bidens, a branch of Butts/Boets, tell of their branch at Bath, I kid you not. How much sway does Obama have in those anti-Trump Ukraine elements?

There is a Sunny surname using suns in the colors of the Brady sun, and as Bradys are from Bohemia's PodeBrady, suddenly the Sunny surname could be linkable to that Seleucid-Boii partnership I've been talking about. If Sunnys are of the sun variation of Sinclairs, note that the Sinclair cross can be in both the Bitar/Butter and Aflack Coats. That's an amazing coincidence. They all share the black cross of Balders/BATHerstains, first found in West Lothian with BATHgate's, and Bat-like Bauds are a branch of Balds. It appears that we have just clinched Baths and Bats (Baldwin saltire) with the Bautica/Baltea river.

Sunnys are also Somins, and then Soans/Soams use what look like mallets while the Mallet scallops are used by Sonnys/Stanneys. The latter have a Coat version of Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire with the Soham location of Soans/Soams, and Stans/Stains happen to share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks/Flacks and the Works/Werks in the Sinclair/Sun motto, how about that! The Sunny and Sonny surnames just linked to Bitar- and Aflaq-like surnames, as though God could be using heraldry to tell us something. The Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Soans/Soams, have chevrons colors reversed from the Soan/Soam chevron.

The Sunnys are said to have named Sonning, a location held by a bishop of SALISbury, and this is important because Salisburys were first found in Wiltshire with Box's. Plus, I have just remembered an event (1970s) with Mr. Salisbury, who lived across the street from me. I have told this story before, and I hate to tell it again, but it seems to fit. I don't remember doing much with him, but one day we were out driving, and for some reason I can't recall, he had one or two ladies get into his car, for which reason I opted to get into the back seat. He later told me that while I was getting into the back seat, some of my BALLs were showing out my SHORTS (we didn't wear them long in those days, and I sometimes just cut jean pants as shorts), and that the lady getting into the front seat saw it. I think I told this story before when theorizing that Salisburys were from Seleucids, and when I suspected Balls to be of Alexander Balas.

I can now add two more things, First, Shorts, first found in Dorset with the Babe's who in turn share a finger pointing to a sun with Bradys, share the Box (and Jew/Chew) griffin. Secondly, I put some shorts through the laundry once to find afterward that it had a dead squirrel in the pocket, the one I had named "satan" while alive, and which pointed to Heather Samuelson on the Obama-Clinton cover-up team. As Squirrels are listed with Square's while we just saw Box's, the bouncing-ball Square game seems to apply because "bounce" led us to the Bouns variation of Bone's/Bohum = Bohemians.

[Insert, sorry -- I hung the shorts on a nail in a POST in my living room (house was under construction), and two Post surnames have lions in the colors of the Box lion. Plus, the Shorts share the estoiles of Butts/Bute's (kin of Bare's/Barrs), and that's of the bare-butt event with Froggatt. It seems that there is to be a fundamental Box link to Shorts, and of course we hope that Bill Barr will jail the Clintons and Samuelson together. The Posts were first found in Hampshire, sharing the giant lion of the Pools, from Poole of Dorset, and Shorts were likewise first found in Dorset. The shorts were put through a Kenmore laundry machine, and Kenmore is partnered with WhirlPOOL. I hung the shorts with dead squirrel on a nail, and Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. The stained pants of Lorraine the babe pointed to the Pansy/Pantzers (Westphalia), and the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies, and probably the fish of estoile-using Neils/Nihills. Babe's were first found in Dorset with Shorts. Just look at all of that.

As Heather Samuelson is said to have been hiding / destroying Hillary's emails, I had looked up the Mail surname to find it at Cheshire's WIRRAL, but I've never mentioned WHIRLpool until now. Mails have lion heads in the colors of the Wirral lions. It could give the grave impression of Clintonite money laundering. As Drummonds come to topic immediately after this insert, note their motto, "Gang WARILY." As Nails/Nagle's are also Nagle's, let's go to the NIGHTINgale of Irish Nagle's, for Knightons, first found in Worcestershire with squirrels, have fessewise barry (BARS) in the colors of the five fesses of Ducks (same place as Nails/Nagle's), and in the colors of the Drummond fesses. Plus, Knightons are said to have had a West Knighton in....drum roll please...Dorset!

Ahh, Duck-like Duke's share a demi-gold griffin in Crest with Box's. And Duce's have the double Brunswick lions in colors reversed while Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were also at Brunswick. So why are Barr-and-Duck elements linking to Box's? How can little Froggatt's box point to Bill Barr? Didn't his father hire Jeffrey Epstein for a Dalton school for teenagers? Hmm. Does this mean that Barr's not going to get Clinton because Barr is part of Epstein's crime ring? Irish Daltons have the same lion as Pools / Posts, in the colors of the Box lion too. Daltons are said to have named Alton, in Hampshire, beside Poole. Recall the 1979 dream starting with a shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and later transporting me to Epstein's island, for Sharks (Tyrone, same as Neils) are kin of Irish Neils. Yet that squirrel was hung on a nail, dead. What does it predict?

After years of not stressing the kidney-shaped pool, I discovered that Kidneys/Gedneys (fish in saltire, compare with Nails/Neils) look like kin of Geds (share Saraca and Neil/Nihill fish), Shark-line Saraca's, and Nails/Neils. Here's from an old update, the second update in February, 2010: "A feature of the dream, a British bulldog (with Holstein-type spotting) ran past me, fell into a kidney-shaped swimming pool...and got caught half-way into the shark's teeth-ringed mouth." The first time I mention the Kidneys/Gedneys was September 2017, but I didn't yet know the Geds so that I didn't realize that the Kidneys/Gedneys had the Arms-of-Saraca fish. It's another good piece of proof that God lives and is doing work through my (His) heraldic adventures.

It's perhaps more than interesting that Shark-like CHARAX PROCulus can be to the Proctors who show nails. End insert]

Babe's became a topic with Lorraine, a Jehovah's Witness (which is why I wouldn't get serious with her, unless she was willing to change). As God set me up with her, I had wondered whether He wanted her as a Jehovah's Witness to point to Charles Taze Russell, twisted founder of the JW's who formed a Zionist organization probably in cahoots with Rothschild Zionism, the one that put Israel on the modern map. Russells were first found in Dorset with Babe's, and with the George's from George of Hungary, father of the first Scottish Drummond, and I purchased the DRUM set of Mr. Salisbury above! Incredible. George's family is suspect with the Ross clan, and Ross' have the RUSSell lion in colors reversed.

Ross-shire is beside Rothes castle, built by Peter Pollock, a Vespasia Polla > POOL liner (Vespasia was Vespasian's mother), and I was on the roof while watching Mr. Salisbury (roughly my age at the time, can't remember his first name) dive off his ROOF into his in-ground swimming POOL. The Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs, very linkable to Rothes', share the lion of the Scottish Mars, and earls of Mar (Angus) were at KilDRUMMy castle. Is that not impressive? Believe it or not, Poole is a location in Dorset, i.e. where Sinclair-related Russells and Bohemians were first found. The Mar / Roof/Rove / Ross lion happens to be in both colors of the Arms-of-Bohemia lion.

Aside from those three events with Mr. Salisbury, I recall only that we played billiards in his basement (we were friends for a year or less), and the Billiard surnames share the stars of Moray and probably those of the Innis' of Moray, the latter having the stars Seleucus-like Slocks/Slaks. Rothes castle is in Moray. French Billiards are Byllis- and Blythe-like Billets too, and the other Billets happen to share the Coat of Balas-like Bellows. The lightning bolt on my roof is expected to be a pointer to end-time Seleucids, and now to Obama too, and so this recalls the dream where I was in Obama's billiard hall.

Someone must be reading my work who called houseofnames to ask for a change of the Roof Coat, back to the one with ravens and a trefoil. It was just yesterday when the Roof Coat was showing a giant white-on-red passant lion, but that Coat won't come up now as either "Rove / Rolph / Ralph." removed it from online within the last 24 hours. Here are some of the things I said yesterday: 1) "Roofs/Rove's (BRIDGE?)". I saw a white lion in the Crest holding what looked like a bridge; 2) "Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs, in their Crest, probably have the lion of English Rothes'"; 3) "Tollets/Toole's/Tulls share the Tool lion while it's also the lion of Roofs. I just heard a CROW / raven out my window, I kid you not, just as this paragraph had been selected for copying and pasting above. [I haven't heard a crow here for months; it's still deep winter up here in the far-north. I didn't hear this crow again for the rest of the day, nor any other crow.]

Here's BCP with a good news story showing Obama's hurried love for Middle-East Muslims, and an apparent, political murder by feigned suicide:

It could be that they murdered Haney to look like a murder in hopes of keeping others quiet...all the more reason for heroes to start jailing the banana-republic mobsters, meaning that the all-mouth Trump (farce) needs to replace Wray, as it's woefully too late already to do so. There are going to be more dead Haneys, maybe even a dead Nunes, for example, if Trump doesn't destroy their killing machine. Trump has been an irresponsible and selfish piece of garbage to allow this deep state to remain active in his own administration. I can't think of a worse, political Judas Iscariot. The time will come when the deep state will strike back with lethal force, because all that Trump does is complain about it.

There is zero protection for the people from the mobsters, with Wray in charge of the FBI, and this could open the door to a crisis sooner rather than later, especially if the monsters create a crisis to save there power structures. It is not enough to merely keep Wray in check by keeping an eye on him at all times. It is NECESSARY to have an activist FBI chief who works at wiping out the corruption that Wray has protected. If Wray does nothing at all, the mobsters win like in a landslide.

There is a solution: arrest EVERYONE who has committed even one minor crime from amongst the known deep-state players. Arrest them all, and all at the same time. They will have their day in court, but they must be tackled and brought down at all costs, even if some of the good guys die to get the job done. If the deep state starts to kill, then at least the country will know that they are the terrorist bad guys. As it is right now, the mobsters are trying to convince the people, via their media horns, that they are the true patriots, the good guys. As long as they have that image with a sufficient number of citizens and non-citizens, they can keep government positions. But if they start threatening and killing, and people realize who these terrorists are, their days as government employees / officials can be numbered.

Boii in the Box

It's very important that Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs share the Tool and Mar lion, for it tends to prove that God caused Mr. Salisbury to do the dangerous act of diving off a roof, and across a concrete walkway about 10 feet below (it's only dangerous if at the last second, he fumbled his jump). The Roe's and Rows were first found in Norfolk with Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs, and Roe's share the Templar lamb with Pascals/PASSE's while Rollo's and BOYers/Bowyers have a "passe" motto term. It's got that Bohemian theme again.

We saw the Sinclair-suspect Sonnys/Stanneys with the Mallet scallops, yet French Mallets share buckles with ROSLins and Leslie's (version of the Sonny Coat) while Leslie's were Hungarians in the train to Scotland with the first Drummond (Maurice, son of George). George was the son of king Andrew, and the saltire of Scottish Andrews is in the colors used for it at times by Pollocks. As Stanneys are surely Stanleys while Stan/Stains/STANDs were pointed to by Lorraine's grass stain, note that Scottish ANDERsons have a "Stand" motto term. The Hungarian capital is near Brigetio, itself in the Boii-of-Pannonia theater, and that bridge-like object with Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs can apply with Brigetio liners to Brights (Cheshire, same as Sonnys/Stanneys) as well as the Bridge's (Somerset) having crabs for the Crabs (to be assumed), first found in CamBRIDGEshire with the Soham location of Soans/Soams.

Ahhh, the Drummonds and Leslie's came to Scotland with princess Margaret after she spent time with prince Andrew, father of the Drummonds. About a dozen years after Andrew became the king, Margaret and her entourage, including her cup bearer, Henry Sinclair of Roslin, returned to Britain, and landed in Scotland. There has been great mystery as to who AGATha, her mother was, but suddenly Miss FrogGATT might be able to tell us that she was a Bohemian from PodeBrady. For she and I were bouncing a ball together in the same box, as a pointer to Bone-liner Bohemians now highly suspect from the Bohemund emperors in connection with Shirt-related Tancreds. And this box game came to mind the day of my bare-bum dream that likewise pointed to Bohemians.

The dream had a Short-like tee-shirt that pointed to the Ticino river, and Shorts (Dorset, same as Bohemian liners) share the griffin of the neighboring Box's (and Catherine-wheel Jews/Chews). It just so happens that I spotted ways to trace king Andrew, and his Hungarian ancestors, to the Ticino river. One of those kings, Taksony/Taxis, smacks of "Tessin/Ticino," and Andrew's brother, Levante, looks like he's from the Laevi. Andrew's other brother was Belly-like king Bela, and Bellys (Moray/Moravia) share the motto of Carpathian-suspect Carpenters (Hungary is beside the Carpathians).

Just realized a new thing. First, the backdrop: God gave CHRISTINE Peare, from the Pero's of the Ticino, a belly symbol, when she worked at REITmans clothing, that being a pointer to Vespasia Polla of Rieti, the line to Pollocks of Moray i.e. where Bellys ("Per" motto term) were first found. The new thing: her next job was at SONY electronics, and I just saw "sony" in "TakSONY." This comes about an hour after introducing Sonnys/Stanneys and Sunnys, expected with the Sun variation of the Roslin Sinclairs. It's not necessary for Taksony to be named after Sonny elements, only that God could be making the connection for us, through Miss Peare's job, so as to confirm that Taksony was a Ticino liner in cahoots with Pero's of that river. It recalls the "Sans TACHE" motto of PEERless'/Napers. Tache's/Tass', first found in Suffolk with Sunny-related Soans/Soams, and in their colors and format to boot, share the red scallop with Tack-branch Tancreds. Amazing confirmation.

The Shirt-related Tancreds are a branch of Tankerville's and TACKS, no guff. Tacks share the cherub with Saints while the other Saints are with Sinclairs. Tankerville's share the cinquefoil of Beli-like Bellows/Ballots and Billets. It appears that the line from Orion the hunter of Tanagra, through to the Tancred rulers of Antioch, were to the naming of the Hungarian ruler, Taksony. Bohemians in Hungary? Sure. But they look like Seleucid-line Bohemians. While Tacks ("NobiliTAS") share the gold-on-green garb with Saxe's, Antioch-like Anticks have a giant gold-on-green parrot.

Note that Mallet-like Malta's have a one-tail version of the lion in the Arms of Bohemia, for Malta's throw in a column, the symbol, along with a BULL, of Pelosi's/Pilati's. The latter look Billet linkable because there's a Besancon-of-Forez argument for identifying Pilate's (at mont Pilat, Forez theater) and Pilotte's with Billets/Billiards (share the Besancon billets).

Bohemia is half of Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Ungers (flag, could be for Flexum liners), along with Greys, use a one-tail version of the Bohemian lion, in the colors of the giant Hunger / Hun/Hundt GREYhound. They sure look like Hungarians. Rollo's use a "fortune" motto term while the Hungers look very linkable to Italian Fortune's, but Bologna's (split Shield of Belgian Flecks) have the giant Hunger / Hun greyhound too. German Ungers (share two stars in Chief with ANGus Chief) were first found in Bohemia along with the column-using Franks, and Columns are listed with Malcolms, likely from the husband of Margaret Atheling. The Angers location of Fleck-related Fulks looks applicable to these Hungary-suspect surnames. I'm going to guess that the giant fleur-de-lys of German Ungers is evidence of the Bohemian-suspect Banners who named the Panaro river of Modena. The write-up of Scottish Banners ("Pro patria"): "The family claim that their progenitor was standard-bearer to Malcolm Ceanmore about 1070..." That's Margaret's husband.

I have presented evidence that the Boeotians of Tanagra are to the Butts/Boets, and it just so happens that the Hungarian capital is named after the twin cities of BUDa and Pest. I totally expect Boethus-line Sadducees at the Ticino, and so note that while Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks have a version of the Chaddock and Chadwick Coats, ditto for Tanagra-like Tankerville's.

Shirts/Shards have traced well to the Serdi, the line to Swords, and Tax's/Dacks show only swords in the colors of the Sword swords. Taksony thus looks linkable to Tack-like Tax's/Dacks and Dachau. The Serdi were near mount Dunax, the line to Duncans (hunting HORN for Orion liners) and Donkeys, and then while Duncans share the Bellow and Tankerville cinquefoil, Tankerville's have a Coat version of the donkey-using Chamberlains. The Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT while the Tax/Dach swords are those also of Shots/Shute's who share "Fortune" with Rollo's. Shots/Shute's were not only first found in Wiltshire with Box's, but the latter share the griffin heads of Jews/CHEWs (beside Wiltshire) while Shots/Shute's are also CHEWte's.! Bingo.

Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Rieti-line Roets) were first found near Bude while Bude's use the bow while Roets, in the Jew/Chew wheel, share the motto of Bows/Boughs. There's online talk of Hungarians (inhabited Ukraine as Magyars) being named after ten arrows = tribes, three of them being Khazars/Kabars, which may explain why Bude's show three BUNCHed arrows. I don't know that "bunch" was the original term for such arrows, but it recalls the "bunch of cherries" held by the Pero-traceable parrot of Froggatts. The latter surname traces in both of its syllables to the Gediz river through Shirt-liner Sardis i.e. Sardis Lydians probably named the Serdi at Lissae. Lisons, sharing the Parrot Chief-Shield, share the cloud-over-sun of English Lease's, and the Lease's/Liss look linkable to Soans/Soams, probably a branch of Sunnys who in turn share the Brady sun for a trace to Bohemians. Thanks to Froggatt in the ball-bouncing box, Bunch's got suspect with the bounce-like Bouns variation of Bone's/Bohums. So, yes, Bude may have been named by Budapest elements.

Sunnys (Berkshire) were first found near the Hurts/Horts that have their colors and format, and there is a hurt (blue roundel) in the Bude Crest. Irish Arthurs have the hurt too, and Scottish Arthurs are in the colors and format of Sonny-connectable Soans/Soams (Suffolk, same as Clare's expected in the double Lease/Liss chevrons). The hurt/Horts Coat is akin to that of Hopkins (Oxfordshire, same as Hurts/Horts), and Hopkins use "pistols" while Pistols are also PESTors/Pestells.

Back to Agatha, mystery mother of princess > queen Margaret. I was saying that God may have provided FrogGATT to indicate that Agatha was a Gates/Gatt liner. So I loaded the Gates/Gatts (Bone/Bohun lion?), and after that the Ironside's (share Fessy motto) were loaded because Agatha married Edward the Exile, son of Edmond Ironside. And what do you know: Ironside's share the vertically-split Shield of Gates'/Gatts, in the colors of the Iron/Hiram cross. The latter surname was at Airaines (in SOMME), near the home of Bailys and Baliols.

If Airaines was a Raines / Reigns element, note that Reno's share the lozenges of Bunch's and Pincs while the Cherry Crest has the Raines lion. This makes "Bunch" look like a branch of "PANICo / Pinc," whom I trace to Pincum of the Hungarian theater.

Next, I loaded Edwards to be reminded that they were first found, as per Edward of Salisbury, in Wiltshire with Salisburys and Box's! Froggatt in the box now looks like Jack in the box because the Kennati priests of Gates-like Cetis, who worshiped Jack-suspect Ajax, were a line to Kenneth-like Kennedys, and the Edward stag head may have gold antlers to indicate blood connection the stag head of Kenneths, the latter first found in Ross-shire, where I trace the line of king Andrew and the Drummonds. The Jack scallops on a fesse are in the three colors of the fleur-on-a-fesse of Froggatt-beloved Bunch's, and the latter were first found in Perthshire with the Athols, suspect with the Athelings that included Edward the exile and Margaret herself, daughter of Agatha. Cool.

Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Margys/Mackeys) were related to Margaret (Marjory) Carrick, and Carricks are from Charax Proculus, son of king Laevillus of Cetis. The "bunch of CHERRIES" is suspect with CARY castle of Leavells. Cherrys (discovered as Shirt kin), who come up as "Chary," share the annulet of Vito's, from Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Bassianus, the line of Quadratilla Bassus, mother of Charax Proculus.

Princess Margaret married Malcolm III, who was supported by Shirt-suspect Siward of Northumberland, and Malcolms/Columns (Andrew's cross in colors reversed) happen to share the Edward stars. Excellent find. Both surnames use stag heads as code for Staggs/Stage's, a branch of Eustace's and Staceys expected from Eustace II, father of the first rulers of Templar Jerusalem. The Templar / crusaders used a potent cross while Ironside's ("Crusader cross" in Crest) use a patonce cross, a version of the flory used by Bouillons. Samsons not only show a patonce at this time, but have a "flaGITIUM" motto term suspect with the Gideon variation of Geddys/Giddys (red roundels) because they have a flag in Crest.

Athols were first found in Perthshire with gold-border Justine's/Justus', and then Agatha-like Gettens/Gittons/Gethins have a gold border too. And we just saw a fairly good round-about link between Ironside's and Gideons while Ironside's share the Gates'/Gatt Shield. Then, with FrogGATTs/FrogGITs being connectable both to the Samson motto and to Gates/Gatts, by what coincidence is the giant Samson patonce in colors reversed from the same of Froggit-like Broggits/Brocketts? Thanks to the latter's Bocket variation, they, in Boken/Bogan colors, look linkable to Bocci's/Brocato's, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in Genova, home of Fieschi that could be from the EraVISCI (possibly rooted in "Ravis") on the south side of Brigetio. The Eravisci were at Budapest.

I probably wouldn't have introduced Gettens/Gethins had they not had a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Balls (Cheshire, same as Gettens/Gethins). It spurred me on. If the Getten/Gethin lion is that of Raines', we can them move this picture to the Irons of Airaines, suspect with Ironside, father-in-law of Agatha. French Balls were first found in Brittany with Raines-liner Rennes. I get the sense that the Raines Coat, with the Cheshire Ball lion in colors reversed, is a version of the Ballard Coat, and French Balls list Ballards too. The latter's Coat is a white version of the Marble's, first found in Cheshire. Raines' were first found in Essex with Bois'/Boys'.

I always link Raines' to Newmans (Dorset, same as Podebrady-line George's), and Newmans to the McCabe's/MacAbee's (share "aut" with Raines') of Arran, the line from Airaines, the region of the Baliols and Bailys, and while Alexander was the brother of king Baliol, Alexanders, with a version of the Raines Coat, were first found beside Arran. There is an Apps-related Abbe/Abbie surname from Brechin, and Brechins/Breckons were first found in Angus with Abbe's/Abbie's. Breconshire is in the Powys area of Wales.

The Buckets/Bockets/Boggetts (Boken/BOYman/BOEMan colors) share the three piles of Brechins/Breckons, suggesting that the two are related to the Brogitts/Brocketts/Bockets. Brigetio was at least beside the Boii, and so compare the Buckets and Brechins to French Bois' (Brittany, same Balls/Ballards). This gets interesting where French Buckets show only cinquefoils in the colors of the Broken trefoils, and the Broken saltire is in the colors of the Balas cross. It's speaking to what Froggatt in the box pointed to, a Brogitarus merger with the Seleucid line of Alexander Balas. Bokens/Boymans/Boemans, looking Bohemian, have a "Numine" motto term while Newmans are also Numans.

"BallARD" can indicate a Ball merger with some Arthur-related line, and Broggits/Bockets share the black patonce with TailARDs (near the first-known Raines'). The "hazARD" motto term of Seatons/Sittens comes to mind with their "yet" motto term suspect with Gates-liner Yates' (Gloucestershire, same as Samsons), who may have the Raines lion in Crest.

I hate doing this, but I've got to. Repeat: "[Mr. Salisbury] later told me that while I was getting into the back seat, some of my BALLs were showing out my SHORTS..." I have no other way to say it because the Balas line is suspect with this event. I'd rather you chuckle than get upset at me. Okay, so Shorts were first found in Dorset with the Bohemian-line George's, and the reason I'm repeating this is that the besants on a blue bar of George's were traced not many months ago to the besants on pale bars of Seats/CEDES'. I was getting into the back SEAT to make room for a lady in the front seat, and she of course was coming into the DOOR, wherefore note, "DorSET." It appears that there was a Door-Seat merger. The lion heads in the George besants are in the colors of the lion of Seaton-branch Sutys and Side's. Dorset's, with another sun for linking to the Brady / Babe / Sunny/Somin sun, were first found in Wiltshire with Salisburys and the Short-related Box's.

Mr. Salisbury sold me his drum set, and Sutys (Perthshire, share wavy bars with Drummonds) look like Drummond kin, just so perfect because George of PodeBrady was the father of the Perthshire Drummonds. You see, God set me up with Salisbury, and exposed me to a lady.

Laugh if you must, but the Seat Crest is a "demi cock" (recorded in the 5th update of September, 2011). It's a part-cock, that is, and she saw part of my testTICLE. There is a Tes/Teck surname from the Tessin/Ticino, and even a Test/TestaQUADRA surname that could be from Tessin > Quadratilla liners. Tickle-like Tackle's can be from Tack-branch Ticino liners. In that case, it should be repeated that Seatons/Sittens, suspect from Setantii Brigantians, can be from branch of peoples who named Sadducees. I'm seeing Balas Seleucids on the Ticino, which could explain why the Peare stars are colors reversed from the Sellick stars, and why the latter's are pierced, for Pierce's are Piers too.

The fessewise Suty bars are in the colors of the Hazel/Hessel fesse probably because the "HAZard" motto term of Sutys and Seatons is for Hazel/Hessel liners, connectable to giant-sun Hesse's/Huss'/Hessels (possible Hungarian Hussians). Hazels happen to share the Dorset crescent, and probably use a squirrel "cracking a nut" as part-code for Carrick liners. Crags not only use leaves, but share the black dog with Carricks and the George Crest.

Maccabees from the Hercuniates

A few days after ending the section above, I came to Kells as per the Kell-like endings on the Tackle surname (shamrocks, by the looks of it), and Kells were not only first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's, but share the Tee/Tease/Tyes stars (linkable to TICKLE's). I suggest that the Tackle shamROCKs (green trefoils) are the Rock (rooks) and Rod/Rodes trefoils, from the Rodez-Roquefeuil marriage. The Arms of Roquefeuil use gold billets (probably code for the gold bars stolen of QUINTus Caepio from nearby Toulouse) in the colors of the Kell garbs. It's been a while since loading Rocks, and here I find them first found in Worcestershire with Square's. Froggatt and I in the Square BALL game. It's been a while since loading Rods/Rodes', and they were first found in Herefordshire with Seleucus-like Sellicks. Repeat: the lady saw part of my tesTICLE = BALL. I apologize, but this is working. German Rhodes'/Rhods (same as QUINT chevron) share red roundels with Bullis, you see.

AHHH, the specTACLE-using Watts were first found in Worcestershire! You can't argue with that. Worcestershire is where Hills were first found suspect in the TickHILL variation of Tickle's.

I was lucky to notice that the lion in the Kell chief is also in the Dash Chief. Dash's were looked up because Froggatt's boyfriend, the tallest guy at Mark II school, beat my butt in the 100-yard dash. Marks are from the Marici of the Tessin/Ticino, right? God may have set that dash up (i.e. with Froggatt's boyfriend) to show that Tackle's and Brogitarus-liner Froggatts are indeed from the Ticino. For Marici founded Pavia with the Laevi whom I must trace to Brogitarus Galatians, you see. And God gave us a dream where I was bare-assed with Froggatt but with a TEE-shirt that points to Tee's/Tease's, right? Well, it just so happens that Dash's are said to be from, "D'ASSche," tending to prove that God arranged the dash to connect with the dream. Plus. Tackle-like Tass'/Tache's (Dagger/Dacker scallop) are said to be from "at asche," though I do not agree at all.

Dash's may have developed into the Dach variation of Tax's/Dacks, but whatever was the true case as per "Dash" versus "Assche," the bare-ass with TEE-shirt seems to demand that Dash's/Assche's were from Ticino liners. Tax's/Dachs show only swords, from the Shirt-line Serdi near Assus/Arsus (Thrace). Ares, the faggot god, whose symbol was boy sex (think Eros, his son), looks like he was named after the arse for faggotry reasons. He was a god of Lydia (location of Serdi-like Sardis) and Thrace. Even Zeus, wrote the myth writers, was disgusted with Ares (i.e. his cult had disgusting followers).

As was said, it appeared to me that I was bare-assed on the common STREETS, and Streets/Strate's -- with Catherine wheels to compliment Catherine Froggatt, and to point to Rodes-line Roets -- came up upon finding that God pointed (with Jill Brady) to Stirate, a location on the Anisus river. Annas'/Anis', first found in Nottinghamshire with Tee's/Tease's, hee-hee, share the star of Tee's/Tease's. Who says God doesn't smile? God gave Mamie a thigh symbol for the Thys variation of Tees/Tease's, for she was also a pointer to MAMESfelde of the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire), and the latter share the maunch with Tackle-like Tickle's/Tickhills.

As for the specTACLE's of Watts, they hang on an oak tree, symbol of Watsons who happen to share the Dash fesse. Waters have the triple Ash/Asch chevrons in colors reversed, and the double chevrons of English Ash's/Aschs, first found in Devon with SPECTacle-suspect Speccots, are with Kettlebys (Kell lion?). I wouldn't have known it had not the Brady family lived in Kettleby. And, believe it or not, the Kells and Kettle's are both said to be of a "ketil" term. Therefore, if Tackle's were formed from a Tack-Kell merger, it looks more a Tack-Kettle merger thanks to Dash's/D'Assche's looking linkable to Ash'/Aschs (I suggest they got the Kettleby chevrons once merging with Kettle's).

Kells share a green chevron with Hazelwoods and ASton-suspect Hazeltons ("aris"). Repeat: "So, it seems that ass-liner Hazelwoods were related to Shirt/Shard liners in Shardlow's Aston, and Froggatts were first found nearby, at least. Impressed? "Aston" might even be a corruption from the Aselton variation of Hazeltons ("Pro"). The leaves under discussion are for the Laevi of the Pero theater, right?"

The first I discovered Hazeltons/Heslingtons was as per Heslington Hall of Siward of Northumberland, and that's the one who formed the Swords, from the Serdi Thracians, the Shirt suspects. Shirts are also Sherds. Amazing.

AHHH, the "hoNORI" motto term of Shirts could be for the Noricum area at Noreia. Noricum included the Anisus river. This makes much sense because Shirts/Sherds have the phrase, "HosTIS honori," and as Shirts/Sherds share the Tiss/Teece chevron, it just makes even more sense now that a people / family on the Anisus river is of the Annas'/Anis' sharing the Tee/Tease star. Is that not incredible? Look at how much a little bare-assed dream can reveal.

I was bare-legged too, and so the "Hostis" motto term can be for Hose's (human legs), first found in leg-liner Leicestershire. Shirts/Sherds are even said to have had a branch in Leicestershire. Hose's share a red lion head in Crest with the Kettleby Crest, and Kettlebys were likewise first found in Leicestershire. Oh wow, see the Hose write-up: "William of Hose, formerly William de Nueris, held the Church, lands and tithe of Hose from Robert de Tosny..." Is Nueris the reason of "hoNORI"? Is the Nueris bloodline from Noreia? I trace "TOSNy" to the Tonzus river near the Serdi, and Tous'/Tosino's/Tonso's even use a man said to be wearing a shirt.

Hose's may fit the Shirt motto better than Hosts/Osts, but as the latter share the Bull/Bule bull head, it could be that Hose's/Ose's/Ouse's were from the Aous river, location of Bullis. Looking good.

As Kettle's look like they share the Rosco/Rusco fesse-with-cinquefoils, by what coincidence if the latter's fesse in both colors of the Norrys? It appears that God located Laurie Brady in Kettleby because Kettle's trace to the Pannonia theater too. Lauriacum is at the mouth of the Anisus (modern Enns), you see, a river in Noricum. And while Neuri were on the Bug river, yet Bugs were said, for some ten years at least, to have been first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'/Anis', is that impossible? No, it looks good for making a Neuri link to Noricum's Noreia. The river at Noreia is called both the Noarus and the Murus.

Bugs, with the Sunny/Sonin fesse in colors reversed, are now said to be first found in Dorset with Brady-line Babe's, and Sunnys/Sonins are the ones with the Brady sun. William of Neuris-Hose looks like he should have been related to Norris', for they use what look like crows, while German Bugs use ravens, I assume. It's a good match, and Norris' were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, whom I've been contemplating as deriving from the Hercuniates at the OSONes area. For Sunnys/Sonins were first found in Berkshire too. This could trace Hercuniates to the Arc river (Savoy).

The Hercuniates appear certainly to have been a Hercules-worshiping peoples, and I trace Hercules, a Danaan, back to Samson of Judges, who married an unnamed woman from Timna, near Modi'in. Modane happens to be on the Arc river, and Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's and Sunnys/Sonins. Recall Miss Peare at SONY ELECTRONics, for Hercules was grandson of Electryon. I'm therefore wondering why Peare liners should be from a Samson line to Hercules. As Timnah was likely an allusion to Timna of Seir, note the OSERiates (mouth of the Murus) on the other side of lake Pelso from the Hercuniates.

After writing the above question, I went to my "modern" atlas. In the modern land of Hercuniates is a city, Papa, that looks like its people could be related to the Papia version of Pavia. I'm so shocked. To the west side of Papa is a MARCal river that looks Marici-possible. The Marcal is a tributary of the Arrabo (modern Raba); they meet near Arrabona on the light map. Peare's were even first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins, and the Marcal flows near to Crispiana. I didn't know until now that there is a Brady-like BRATislava location on the Danube north of Flexum. The Bratts were first found in Midlothian with Roslin, home of the Claro > Sinclair line, and Crispins descended directly from Clare's! Zinger, I can hardly believe it.

Bratislava is near the mouth of the modern Morava, the Margus on the light map. This is not the Margus on the south side of the Danube. It just so happens that a lion in Bratt-lion color is in the Margy/Mackey Chief. I see that latter as king-Maccus liners from Ferte-Mace, and while Maccus' family ruled Man, Christine's were first found on Man. Christine Peare. She was pointing to Cristina the Atheling, sister of MARGaret, now begging whether Edward found Agatha at or near this Margus river, like in Bratislava that had a branch to name Podebrady.

On the outskirts of Bratislava, there flows, on the south side of the Danube, a Leitha river, absolutely amazing, for the "letho" motto term of Samsons (same place as Letts/Late's) is for the Letts/Late's or a branch thereof, and Peare's share the Lett/Late stars. The Leith ends near the meeting place of the Marcal and Arrabo rivers (we are almost in Austria here). The Arrabo/Raba is suspect with raven liners, especially the Rabe's (Austria), and Margys/Mackeys use the raven too, as does the Arms of Man. Plus, Samsons us a "FLAGitium" motto term while sharing the scallops of Flags/FLECKs, and Bratislava is just north of Flexum!!! All thanks to God putting Christine Peare in my life. He really knows his geography.

Rabys (note Rabe's) were near STAINdrop, and Stains/Stans share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. Raby are the ones expected in the "Sperabo" motto term of Annandale's. Stanleys are suspect with the Sonnys/Stanneys, and Miss Peare worked at Sony.

The Austrian city of Vienna is where the light map has Ulman and VindoBONA. The giant Ferte eagle is colors reversed from the same of Vienne's. Ferte-Mace is home of Maceys who share the gauntlet glove with Vienna-like Fane's/Veynes'/Vans. Fane's are suspect in naming Fanano in Modi'in-like Modena, a city conquered by the Boii, and we saw why Modi'in elements could be expected in the land of Hercuniates.

OH WOW, modern Papa is in the Hercuniates region, and there is a Papa surname with a version of the Christ Coat! God pointed Christine to the "Christi" motto term of Bouillons, and the top half of the Papa Coat has swans, the symbol of Christmans (Austria)! Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves. The Glove's were first found in Perthshire with gold-border Justine's, kin of Greats/Greeps. Both Christman Coats are essentially identical, both sharing the gold border with the Greats/GREEPs whom I link to Grazio's and Crispins/CREPons (latter two share pomegranates). Papa is at least very near to Crispiana. It's just incredible because these super discoveries, perhaps unknown by anyone, come from events and dreams in my life, coupled with my heraldic familiarity.

OH WOW. We just saw why princess Margaret could have been named from the Margus river due to Agatha being from there. It involved the Margy/Mackey Coat. Well, Agatha-possible Gettens/Gittons/Gethins have a gold border too, and their lion is in both colors of the Mackesy/Margeson/Margetson lion!!! It's impossible for that to be coincidental.

OH wow, the Gettens/Gethins first came up with the Get'n Go, where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol. well, Knee's share the NEEDham Coat, and my atlas has a Neider-OsterREICH area on the west side of Vienna. Margys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire, and the Arms of AYRshire (shows Annandale saltire) has the motto, "God shaw the richt." Another Arms of Ayrshire has the motto, "Ne'er ForGET the People," and the People surname is listed with Papa-like Pepins, in all three colors of Mackesys/Margetsons. I've always said, Papia/Pavia was named by a Pepin branch of some sort, but I've not known Papa's until now. The Arms of Papa shares the hexagram in the Pero/Perino Coat; the latter was first found in Piedmont with Papps/Pappa's/Papadopoli's!!!

The "Mens" motto term of Pepins is for the Mens', first found in Midlothian with Roslin, home of Mr. Sinclair, Margaret's cup-bearer, and possibly the bed partner of Cristina (she had land in Gloucestershire, where Leitha-river liners are now suspect). Christine's/Cristins (cups) were first found on Mens-like Man.

Oh wow, here's the Mackesy/Margetson write-up: "One source claims 'John D'Argenson, living in 1449, had two sons, one of whom fought at the battle of Pavia, in 1524, and the other, Peter D'Argenson, was founder of the English branch...'" Why Pavia of all places? That can't be a coincidence. It's feasible for ARGENsons to have been HERCUNiates but merged with Macey-of-Maccus liners. Maccus and his grandfather (Sitric) made pacts with Saxons shortly before Margaret.

Here's from the Dark write-up, keeping in mind that Sonnys/Stanneys use the mallet scallops while Sunnys/Sonins/Somins look like a branch of mallet-using Soans/Soams: "The family was originally from De Arques, from the Castle of Arques, near Dieppe. "William de Arcis, his son, in 1086 held estates from Odo of Bayeux and Lafranc in Kent, and in Suffolk from Bernard de St Audoen, and Robert MALET." It looks like d'Arques were from Osones at the Hercuniates theater.

As Chambre is on the Ark river, note that Chamberlains (Dagger/Dacker Coat, almost) share the scallops of Tass'/Tache's in the Peerless/Naper motto. The "PROdesse" motto term of Chamberlains looks like a Pero-Dess combo, and Dess' are listed with the Dash's/D'Assche's while Tass'/Tache's are thought (probably wrongly) to be from "at asche." These are Tessin=Ticino liners. Therefore, a new discovery in this update: the Ark river was populated by Hercuniates and Ticino / Pavia elements.

Having said that, wow, I almost forgot. This looks like Maccabee ancestry because one Maccabee was John HYRCANus (i.e. like "HERCUNiates"). It explains why things were seemingly tracing to Modi'in, for that's where MaccaBEES (MaccaBAEUS) proper lived. It's one of the reasons that I traced Maccabee ancestry to Boii of Modena. The trick has always been how to trace Maccabees both to the Boii and to the Mathis river of the Cavii. For this, I may need another pornographic dream. Yikes, what next?

Chamberlains were Tankerville kin, and thus descend from Boiotia's Tanagra: "The Chamberlaynes of Maugersbury claim from John, count of Tancarville..." That's the Tack / Tancred line, which ruled Antioch with BOHEMund. Chamberlains were first found in Leicestershire and Rutland. Chamberlains have the same Camerarius term as Camerons/Camera's (five Arms-of-ROTHSchild arrows), looking like they are from Kamiros of Rhodes. Lindos of Rhodes (home of Hercules-line Danaans before they got to Argos) named Lincolnshire, and that's where Cheile's were first found who are in the Cameron/Camera motto. It's also where Keele's were first found who recall the Kells, said to be from "Ketil," and so let's repeat that Leicestershire is where Kettlebys were first found who share the double chevrons of Ash's/Asch's. Probably, Ass liners were on the Ticino, which is what I think God is getting at, wherefore it's interesting that Ash's/Aschs have two black chevrons versus three black one of Levi's.

What in Devon with Ash's/Aschs was a Christ-killing bloodline? It's where Chives' were said to be first found, who share the quadrants of Devon's Hykes'/Hacks (share Samson / Fleck scallops = potential to be from Hercuniates theater). These quadrants are in colors reversed with Keele's/Kills, and the latter may have been Kettlebys, you see. It seems that Hacks might even be an Ash/Asch branch, from the Paeonian namers of the Axe rivers.

As early / proto-Drummonds can now be suspect with all sorts of things around Bratislava, it's probably correct that the triple Drummond / Stur fesses are the triple Cameron fesses in colors reversed. The bend of Cameron-beloved Cheile's is also the bend of Stur-branch Isters/Asters/Easters. They look like they are named by the Ister = Danube river.

Arms of Podebrady Jumping on the Yellow Mattress

It was after writing all the above that I ventured to Wikipedia's Podebrady article, to find a gold gate in the Arms. I have read the Babwell-Crest description, saying "gold gate." It didn't need to add "gold," but it does, as does the description of the Arms of Podebrady. The latter shares a black, spread eagle with Babwells/Babels. The Golds happen to share the Gate/Gatt lion. BABwells/Babels are Podebrady-important because Babe's share a finger pointing at the SUN with Bradys. Sunnys/Sonins, whom I've traced to Osones near or even exactly at modern Papa, share the fesse of SHADE's/Schade's, and so see the first part of the description of the Podebrady Arms: "In a gold shield, a silver block wall, culminating with nine red-covered SHADES." Note how the Schade variation evokes my roller SKATE with Camille Brady, for Camille's show nothing but a gold fesse, ditto with Shade's/Schade's!!!! HEEE-HEEE!!! Incredible, I tell you. These things just sneak up on me, like treats.

In other words, while much of what was investigated with Laurie Brady's family traced to the Hercuniates / Crispiana / Papa area, there wasn't much that pointed to Podebrady but the Sunny/Sonin suns, and here that same surname links to my roller skate with Camille which itself has to do with the very Arms of Podebrady.

Repeat: "...Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire, and they have the colors and format of Sunnys..." The Yellows (and Crispins, let's not forget) were likewise first found in Oxfordshire, and they show only a fesse, in colors reversed from only-a-fesse Shade's/Schade's. Edmonds were first found in Oxfordshire too, perhaps from Edmond Ironside, Agatha's father-in-law (Ironside's share the split Shield of Gate's).

I'd just like to record that, because God gave us a yellow-mattress dream that still needs to be deciphered fully. It's suspect with deep-state money laundering. I can add that Yellows are probably a branch of Yells, the latter first found in SHETland which is itself suspect with the SHEET variation of Skate's. That explains why Yellows look related to Shade's/Schade's i.e. Schade's are indeed a Skate branch. We needed that. The first-known Babwells/Babels were first found near the first-known Sunnys/Sonins, Yellows and Hurts/Horts.

They didn't place that "block wall" in the Arms for nothing. English Blocks were first found in Wiltshire (beside Babe's), as were the Laps sharing mermaid with German Babe's/Babels. The latter give the mermaid two tails, as Podebrady gives its lion two tails, and Wall-like Wells also have two tails on their lion. Blocks probably look like Watson kin because Block-like Pollocks married Watsons. Blocks share the roses of Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and with the ESKINs/Erskins who share the single pale bar of German walls. ESCHYNa de Molle's daughter married the second Pollock not long before his brother's daughter or granddaughter married Watsons. Paisleys are from Pasi's of Bologna, and Bologne's/Bulleyns, sharing bull heads with Pollock-like Bullocks/Bollocks, share the Watson / Block chevron. Boii were at Bologna. It seems that Pollocks were heavy at Podebrady.

It's very interesting that while the yellow mattress suggested the Mattres surname with a Master-like variation, the Master Coat is a good reflection of the English Wall Coat. The yellow-mattress dream had kids JUMPing on it, and Jumps share the Block roses too. It's as though three things already -- Yellows, Mattres', Jumps -- in the yellow-mattress dream are clicking with three things -- Yellows, Blocks, Walls -- in relation to the Arms of PodeBrady.

Plus, recalling how Bocci's are Brocato's while Bockets are listed with Broggits/Brockets, by what coincidence were Box's and Blocks both first found in Wiltshire? Intriguingly, Box's share the griffin heads of Masters. What's going on? Was there a box spring with the mattress? The Broken/Brogan Coat looks connectable to the Coat of Golds (Suffolk, beside Brocks/Broke's and Brooks).

It was Michael's kids who were jumping on the mattress, and this Michael character pointed to Michael I Rangabe, husband of Procopia, suspect to the Procop variation of Brock-branch Brocuffs. Melissena Rangabe, Michael's granddaughter, got suspect with mythical Melusine, the heraldic mermaid that we just saw with Laps and Babels/Babe's. It's right down Podebrady alley. Melissena married Inger the Varangian (about 850, before Agatha was born), highly likely from Kiev, and that's where Agatha was who's suspect with Podebrady elements. Agatha married Edward while Edwards (Wiltshire, same as Blocks!) have a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head, but Jumps have the Trump stag head even better. What's going on? The yellow-mattress dream is connecting with Podebrady and Agatha's family too.

The Arms of Podebrady has "golden armor" for the eagle, and Armors look like they share the Block chevron-with-items. Block-suspect Pollocks were at Moray after they were near the Dol Alans, and while Cotes-d'Armour is beside Dol, Armors share the Moray stars. It was the family of Muriel Pollock which married Watsons, which should explain why English Walls share the fleur-de-lys of Muriels. I have read the description of Spanish Muriels/Muro's (website no longer available to me); they use "walls" because "muro" means walls, yet they sure look like Moray liners (not really named after a wall). Walls were not named after a wall, were they?

This recalls the Murus river through Pannonia. Morris', looking like a line of Maurice Drummond, were first found in Herefordshire with Morice's/Maurice's/Morris' (and Sellicks). Morris' share the ladder with English Trips while Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds. Irish Morris (share "qui" with BRADshaws), suspect with the Wells and Conte lion, share the dancetty fesse of Rolls. I always trace Rollo of More (husband of Poppa of Valois) to Moray. I read that Wells were related to "VALLIbus," and Valois-possible line.

Edwards have two stars in their Chief (top of the Shield is so-called) in the colors of the two in the Italian Grille Chief (share grasshopper with Thatchers), and the Arms of Podebrady have a "golden grille" as part of their gold gate. As Gate's were suspect with "Agatha," this looks like corroboration that Gate's are from Agatha or vice-versa. The Goldens, in colors reversed, almost have the Shirt/Shard Coat.

The start of the yellow-mattress dream had a SALESMAN, and, zowie, the Salemans are listed with Salians, while the Salian Franks merged with the Sicambrian Franks, and while Sicambria is said to have been proto-Budapest, that's right beside the Brigetio and the Hercuniates, all where the Brady family pointed. Plus, I now recall: I've said many times that the salesman gave me a piece of paper with a LIST of products, and Lists were first found in Silesia with Procops/Brocuffs, you see. I have mentioned this a few times, but, ZOWIE, it can now be added that Lists and their Liss branch share the six pale bars of gold-gate Babwells!!! INCREDIBLE. The LIZarts/Sarde's almost have those three-and-three pale bars, but instead use three pale bars, which are colors reversed from the three fesses of German Drummonds. It's telling a story.

The yellow mattress was the one item I POINTED to on the list of products. Bradys and Babe's have a finger pointing!!! The kids could have been CHILDRen as per CHILDERic, the first Merovingian Frank i.e. from the Salians and Sicambrians.

There are eight fessewise bars in the Spike/Speck/Spock Coat (share red eagle with Arms of Podebrady), all in the colors of the Drummond fesses, and spikes are in the description of the Arms of Podebrady. Picking up where the quote above left off:

In the MIDDLE of the wall, a gate with a black HOLE, a gold gate, and a golden grille, topped with silver spikes. Behind the wall stands a silver round tower with two oblong windows above it, a cornice in the MIDDLE, with a battlement of four shadows [recalls Shade's] on its top, and a POINTed [caps mine] red roof with a POPPY.ěbrady#Flag_and_Emblem

I'm familiar with the Poppy surname, which evokes Papa near ancient Crispiana. Let me repeat a snippet: "OH WOW, modern Papa is in the Hercuniates region, and there is a Papa surname with a version of the Christ Coat! God pointed Christine to the "Christi" motto term of Bouillons, and the top half of the Papa Coat has swans, the symbol of Christmans (Austria)!" Okay, so God connected Papa to Miss Peare in multiple ways, but I can now add that there is a Papp/Poppa/Papadopoli surname first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's.

The Poppys and Papps/Poppa's recall that Pape's have the three Hall/HOLE dog heads in colors reversed, and we just saw the gate's doorway called a "black HOLE." Plus, German Hole's/Halls use nothing but a horizontally split Shield in colors reversed from the nothing-but-horizontally-split Shield in the Podebrady flag. German Hole's/halls were first found in Baden with the Zahringers who owned the red eagle transferred to Hohenzollerns / Hohenstaufens, and the latter owned a black eagle too. Both eagles (red and black) are in play in the Podebrady Arms, apparently. The black half of the Arms is the black half-Coat of the Brady-like Bretts. Hollys (Dol kin) have a dog in Hole/Hall dog colors. Recall that there was one listed step-son, Mitch, in Laurie Brady's obituary. Mitch's/Muschats/Montfitchets share the triple chevrons of Hole's/Halls.

Hohenzollerns ruled Brandenburg, and those rulers use the red eagle. As Brandenburg was political with neighboring Bohemia, note that Brands are also Brents, for Brent Brady was Laurie's son, and Brent was the drummer. [One German Brent/Brand Coat is a near-copy of the Morice/MAURICE Coat, suggesting the first Drummond. Maurice, wow. That latter point was not found until a day or two after starting this paragraph. Morice's/Maurice's share the Coat of French Mars while earls of Scottish mars were at Kildrummy. It appears that God set named Brent Brady and had him play the drums.] It just so happens that English Brandens share a two-tailed lion with Bohemia, thus suggesting that Brandenburg was politically tied to something in Podebrady.

Why do German Brandens/Brandels share what could be the Jewish Glass wings? Perhaps it's because Scottish Glass' have the Babel/Babe / Moray mermaid.

Brents (Somerset, beside Tiss' and Drake's of Hampshire), who can be gleaned as kin of Drake's and Dreux's/Drews, were at Conteville (same Eure area as Dreux), and the English Conte's/ComiTISSa's in the Sinclair motto were first found in Durham with Ironside's. Brents are good for sharing a white wyvern dragon with the Wessex Saxons to which Ironside belonged. The Edward Crest has a white wyvern (no front feet). Wessex Saxons lived in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, and Somerset. In colors reversed, the Brent dragon can be the Welsh dragon, and from this the Podebrady wall might become suspect with something in Wales.

By the way, I've just learned that Ironside's wife was EaldGYTH, which can explain why Ironside's have a version of the Gate Coat. Was she named after the Getten/Gethin bloodline? Was AGATHa related to "EaldGYTH"? The giant Getten/Gethin lion is colors reversed from the same of Welsh Edwards.

The Arms' description uses "middle" twice, and it could be that Middle's were named after Middlesex, where gold-gate Babwells were first found. Or, if that's not correct, the Middle's may be displaying the Edward lion. Middle's share a red border on a white Shield with Schade-like Scotts and Seleucus-like Sellicks. The Arms of Middlesex uses the same-type Saxon sword as Thatchers who share the grasshopper with the Grille's. Minus the grasshoppers, Thatchers have a moline-cross version of the Annas/Anis Coat.

It's not easy to decipher the poppy at the point of the roof unless you know that heraldry is code for nobles and kings. The Roofs/Rove's/Rolphs are for Rollo/Rolph, the viking king, husband of POPPA of Valois (I assume she was mother to Crispina), and this heraldry now reveals that she was from Poppo I of Bamberg, founder of BABenbergs! That's right, Babenbergs were of Babe's, Babwells and Babels. The Babenberg surname (Austria) even shares triple-red chevrons of Dutch Swedish Hole's/Halls. So, the hole for the gate is for Halls, and the gold gate is for Babenberg liners in cahoots with Gate liners to Agatha. By the way, of all things to derive Thatchers in, why does the write-up suggest, "thatching roofs"?

Good morning. I kid you not, if I ever realized in the past that Rollo and Poppa were in the Arms of Podebrady, I had totally forgotten it. I went to bed for the night after writing on the Middle's, and only while getting in bed did I realize that the poppy on the roof was a direct honoring of Rollo and Poppa. This is an excellent piece for those with weak faith, for it proves that God lives, who set me up with the ROLLer skate with Camille Brady anticipating that I would, some four decades later, find the Schade's and Rollo liners in the Arms of Podebrady.

Plus, loading Camille's again, I spelled it wrong, as "Camile," and the Camels came up. The Pepins happen to have a camel head in their Crest, and the Pepin fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the same in the Skate/Sheet Coat. This could make it easy to realize that Skate's/Schade's (share gold fesse with Camille's) have the Arrow/Arras fleur. As Landens almost have the six Babwell/Babel PALE bars, we are taken to Pepin of Landen in particular, for Pepin liners own six pale bars, as the camel of Pale's would help to indicate. The Landens have illegal silver-on-gold, colors reversed from Camille's. Pepins are in Campbell/CAMMELL colors, but I sense I'm missing something of a clincher along these lines. AH, no guff, I wrongly entered "Camell" with one 'm' (I just woke up), and got German Camells/Camels, first found in Bohemia! Amazing. That's why God is the one who named her, Camille. It was not her parents, but God, who named her without the parents knowing. But why would God go to all of this trouble? Do Bohemian-Seleucids have anything to do with this?

German Camels happen to have one of the Brix/Brest lozenges, and Camille's are from Spain's Llano while Italian Lano's/Lane's (illegal gold-on-silver, same as Camille's) were first found in Brixia/BREScia. This could be the reason that the Babel/Babe mermaid has breasts exposed. Middle-like Medleys (Sussex, same as Bone's/Bohuns) share the pierced stars of German Brix's. The latter were first found in Silesia with Brests/Bres' and the Babwell/Babel-related LISTs while anything in Silesia is connectable to GorLITZ, in case that applies to Lists. There is a Litz/Lietz surname, first found in BRANDENburg (might overlap with Silesia). Medley-branch Methleys (Yorkshire, same as Brescia-line Bruce's) look connectable to Babe's. The Corsons/Carsons, almost having the Middlesex sword (but without the notch), share the Camel / Brix/Brest lozenges. Camille was Brent's sister, and one German Brent/BRAND Coat (Saxony, Gorlitz theater) has a good reflection of the Corson/Carson Coat.

The Arms of GORLitz has the Bohemian lion, and the Bohemian eagle (red and black), I assume. I'm wondering whether the gate's grille is code for a surname issuing from "Gorlitz" elements. The grille is said to have spikes, and Spike's/Spicks/Specks/Spocks/Speke's have another red eagle, double headed as with the black Gorlitz eagle. The latter's is likely the Hohenzollern eagle, which comes in red too.

Methleys share the tiger in Crest with Side's, and I aim to look into whether IronSIDE's were Side liners. Corsons/Carsons share the crescent of LABels/Bells, and the Bell / Bellamy Coats share the fesse of Brents/Brands and Corsons/Carsons. I'm wondering whether Bells (Dumfries, same as Corsons/Carsons) were so-named as per marrying things on the Labe (Elbe) river, which flows through PodeBRADY. The Labe flows eventually at Hamburg, where German Drummonds were first found. It's a wonder whether Laps (bare-breasted mermaid) were Labe-river liners, for they were first found in Wiltshire with Edwards. AHHH, Laps come up as "Labbs." Kettlebys use a label, as does the Arms of Podebrady.

[Near the end of this section, I found Morrice's (camel write-up) inter-marrying with a Camel branch(es), and while Camels were first found in Somerset with Brents, Labels/Bells were first found in the Gascony theater with Drummond-line Morice's/Maurice's. Plus, where was my head, Welsh Morice's/Maurice's have a giant lion in the colors of the same of English Marks. Marc, Brent and Camille Brady, at our service in this paragraph. German Marks (Prussia) even have the eagle half in the Arms of Podebrady.]

[See two updates from this one, as per a new dream I had with a black Lab, to discover that the black LAB in the George Crest is probably code for the Labe river.]

The merMAID can be code for Maiden/Madden liners, for there is a Maiden location in Wiltshire with the first-known Laps/Labbs', and it just so happens that BRADley tell of their Bradley location in this Maiden location. Bradfords are thought to be from Wiltshire's Avon. Maids/Mauds look like a Medley / Methley branch (they share the Brix stars, playing right into the lap and chest of the lovely maiden, Mamie).

Ahh, for it recalls big-breasted Mamie (got a breast symbol from Mamesfelde), had the fortitude to sit on my LAP even though we were not a couple. As I've said many time, she sat on my lap in front of the camp fire, and Camps are in the colors of Campbells/CAMMELLs (Yorkshire, same as Camps). Camelincidence? Camps and CORNISH's share the chevron of Corns while the Arms of Podebrady has "a CORNICE in the middle." Cornish's share the ragully pattern with Middle's!!! If I recall correctly, CornWALLs -- share "warily" with Drummonds! -- have a rock WALL in Crest. The Labe river flows through Brod, very near PodeBrady, and German Walls share the single pale bar of BRODs/Broads (Cornwall)! That's partly why the Arms of Podebrady has a "block wall."

So, Mamie on my lap has just contributed to this Podebrady storyline. But why Mamie? She was a pointer to Pepin- / Poppin-beloved Mens'/Mame's/Meme's (related to Mamesfelde of MANSfields), first found at Midlothian with Bradds/Bratts, yup. Roslin is in Midlothian, and the Sinclairs of that place use a "thy" motto term while Mamie got a thigh symbol the day after she sat on my lap. She got the thigh symbol at her front garden, and breast-line Brixia/Brescia is at lake Garda. The "beg" motto term of Cornwalls is probably for Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, which can explain why I slept in her sleeping BAG the night (no sex) she sat on my lap, the night that she (God) TEASEd me. Bags share the Grimaldi Shield, and Grimaldi's married Crispina, Rollo's daughter. I now get why the sleeping bag was used (by God), and why she needed large breasts for connection to Podebrady things. I regret that I can't remember when I met the Bradys, but it was at least close to my being with Mamie.

OH WOW, the gold crusader cross in the Begg Crest is in the Ironside Crest! The 'A' in the Begg Coat should be either for Arnulf of Metz, or his son, Ansegisel, husband of Begga.

The particular Cornwalls above probably the fesse of Rosco's/Rusco's (Cornwall), who share three cinquefoils on a white fesse with the Kettle's (Perthshire, same as Drummonds), but the latter give it a different background so as to be in the colors of the Drummond fesses. As Mamie on my lap brought us to Cornwalls via the camp fire, I'm impressed that while she pointed to Mansfields, they were first found beside Leicestershire, the latter being where Kettlebys were first found having two of the Mansfield chevrons. Bradys lived in Kettleby. Kettleby use a Labe-river-suspect label.

Plus, wow, I almost missed this: for the first few-to-several times of telling of Mamie on my lap, I repeated that she did so with the whole GANG sitting around the camp fire, and didn't realize until recently that I was Inspired to use "gang" because it's a Drummond motto term. Cool. The Laps/LABBS' are therefore even more suspect now with the Labe river through Brod and PodeBrady. That's impressive.

OH wow. She sat on my KNEE, and Knee's share the bend of German Hamburgs while the Labe flows through Hamburg. Knee's share the Needham Coat, and Needhams are in the write-up of Halpers (Grille rose?), a branch of Elbe-like Helps/Halps. Needhams are the ones sharing the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix. Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia while Needhams were first found in SHARDlow, and Avezzano-branch Avesnes is on the Helpe river. Halpers share the Shield of Pepoli's, first found in Bohemia-related Bologna, and Poppy-like Popoli's happen to have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed to the same in the Bohemian flag.

AHHHH, the Bassets with a "populo" motto term have the three wavy bends of Scottish Drummonds! I read that Bassets use a porcupine, the Spike/Spick/Speck symbol too, and the golden gate of Podebrady has spikes.

Oh wow, the Needham / Phoenix Crest must have the Vienne eagle because Neider-Osterreich is smack at Vienna. "I NEED You" just sang over my speakers as I was loading Needers. No such surname is coming up, however. It sang immediately AFTER the first sentence of this paragraph was written. It's suggesting that Needs / Needhams were related to the naming of Neiderosterreich (they say it means, "Lower Austria"). Needs have illegal silver in contact with gold, and Golds with Goldens are suspect in the Arms of Podebrady. The hourglass shape of Helps/Halps is reflective of the same of Golds. The gold gate.

I'm noting that German Camels have the giant Guitar griffin in colors reversed. I looked up guitars because Brent Brady's brother, Marc, played the guitar. Brents were first found in Somerset with Camels/Camile's. Guitars happen to share gyronny (different color) with Campbells/Cammells. The Marcs/Marks linked to Laurie-line Laurels, and while Lorraine's use laurel, Pepin of Landen married Itta of Metz, in Lorraine. I link Pepin's family to BEBBA of Bernicia, a Saxon of the Babenberg-like Bebbanburgs. Poppo I, from GRABfeld/Grapfeld -- suggesting the Crabs in a Bridge Coat -- was the founder of Babenbergs (also called Popponids) of Bamberg (Bavaria), and Bebba was at Bamburgh castle. That's why Pepin of Landen is working into this Arms of Bohemia investigation. It's suggesting that the Atheling Saxons descended from Bebba. The Athols/Athels/AtHOLE's have six pale bars, no guff, in Pepin colors.

Rollers show only a fesse in the white-on-red colors of just-a-fesse Arms of Austria, which are the Arms also for Babenbergs.

Athols/Athels were at Glen Garry, and Garrys happen to use a lizard while Lizarts/Sarde's have a version of the six pale bars of Liss', Lists and Babwells/Babels.

I've just found the Schade-like Schatts (illegal silver-on-gold lion), first found in BRANDenburg (Brent Brady points to Brents/Brands). Half of the Schatt lion is in the colors of the Bohemian lion. I don't know how far south Brandenburg goes, whether all the way to the Bohemian border. OH wow, the Schatt lion is half white (silver) on red, and the Roller Crest lion is split in half vertically in those color!!! ROLLER SCHATTING with Camille Brady!!! The Schatt Shield is are split in the split colors of the Bohemian flag. Endings on Rollers look like they merged with Sleys/Slicks (owls, this was the surname used by God for pointing to the Clinton-Lynch meeting).

Repeat: "Recall that there was one listed step-son, Mitch, in Laurie Brady's obituary. Mitch's/MuSCHATS/Montfitchets share the triple chevrons of Hole's/Halls." Hmm. Mitchells are listed with Michaels while Laurie had a daughter, Michelle. Can we believe it? Mitchells/Michaels share the fesse of Shade's/Schade's! Mitch's/MuSCHATs!

Plus, the Mitchel/Michael fesse is colors reversed from the fesse of Rolls/Rolles! We're back to roller skating thanks to Mitchels/Michaels who even share a gold fesse with Camille's. While Scottish Michaelsons share the Mitchell/Michael fesse while being in the colors and format of Brady-sun Sunnys/Sonins, Osones is beside CRISpiana while "CREScam" is a motto term of English Michaelsons. Norwegian Michaelsons, like Yellows and Shade's/Schade's, show merely a fesse. This looks like Michael's children jumping on the mattress. As Michael's first child is Andrew, is this a pointer to the Andrew > George > Drummond line?

The write-up of Scottish Mitchels/Michaels (Yellow fesse in colors reversed) has a Crossmichael / Corse-Michael property granted away by the mother of king Baliol, and two Mitchel/Michael Coats look linkable to the Baliol Coat. Baliols and their Belly branch are suspect with Seleucids, and while I trace them to Sulcis of Sardinia, that island is beside CORSica, the island that may have named, CORSE-Michael. Baliols are in the write-up of the Schatt-like Scotts (Kent, same as Mattress-linkable masters) who share the red border and white Shield with Sulcis-like Sellicks, and, wow, the other Scotts have a Coat reflection of the Childrens (KENT!!!)!!!

[I can't believe I wrote many paragraphs below before recalling that German Michaels were first found in Bohemia!!!]

Rolls use ESCUTcheons as code for Scute liners, and Shute's/Shots, looking linkable to the Arms of Middlesex, share "Fortune" with Rollo's!!! Zikers. Middlesex is where Fier's were first found while a 2015 update has this recorded: "The 'firebrand' of Jewish Brands..." The same paragraph has "The Dure/Jarrow Crest is described as 'BRANDishing a sword'..." The Arms of Brandenburg at the link above has the eagle holding an erect sword too. Jarrows look like they could have been a branch of Glen Garry, home of Athols/Athels, for Garrys are also Jarrys.

Plus, "branDISH" must be code also for Diss'/Dice's, for their eagles are colors reversed from the Podebrady eagle. Thatcher-like Thackers, with eagle heads in Diss-eagle colors, are also Diss-like Thicks. It looks like we have found the reason that Thatchers share the Grille grasshopper. English Grass'/Grace's have a cinquefoil version of the English Mark Coat, explaining why a grasshopper should link to things-Podebrady.

The Scottish Dure's above ("pro patria," same as the neighboring and Bohemian-suspect Banners) were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds and Athols, and the so-called "Andrew's Cross" of Scotland is in the Banner Coat. England's flag is called George's cross. It's obvious that the Andrew > George > Drummond line was supreme in the formation of those flags, but this was covered up by those nobles and historians who were ashamed of telling the people of these Hungarian roots. Instead, they tell lies. The way to explain it logically is that George marries queen-in-exile, Agatha.

The way to explain why Bohemian heraldry is linking to surnames in a logical way is that the Arms of Bohemia were created and described by English speakers. If it was created in code via the Bohemian language, the links we are see here wouldn't work. So, when we see the Walls using the single pale bars of Brods and Eskins, for example, it looks like English speakers created the wall. PodeBrady seems to be a Brittany element, explaining why Pollocks are in the BLOCK wall. The Rollo Normans are in this heraldry too, and they became English speakers. The Arms calls the tower a "round" one, which most tower descriptions do not. Rounds/Rownds ("sleeping lion", probably the Rothes lion) can be gleaned with Rowells because they have the same chevron, and Rowells are ROTHwells/ROSEwells too, linking back to the Moray-Perthshire area of Drummonds. Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire, with the father of Pollocks, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire too. Rowells happen to have the double chevrons of Kettlebys: the Brady family lived in Kettleby. The Ash's/Aschs, said to be of D'ESSE Court (a man), and sharing the double chevrons of Rowells/Rothwells, are in the "Esse" motto term of Rowells/Rothwells.

Ash's/Aschs are said to have had an Ash location in Derbyshire, looking like a main reason for my bare-ass dream with Froggatt. Froggs/Frocks (annulets colors reversed from the same of Rounds/Rownds) were first found in Shropshire, and while I found Frocks from the "frock" in the Grimaldi write-up, Grimaldi's share the Cock and Bag Shields while the Ash/Asch Crest has a COCKatiel, and while God has given us two-sleeping bags symbols, one linking to the Tints that use a "couchant lion" (lying down) in the white color of the "sleeping lion." The "quam viDERi" motto phrase of Rounds (Essex, beside Cam river) is partly for the Cams (kin of Babwells/Babels), first found in Gloucestershire with land owned by Agatha's sister. Rounds were first found in Essex with Cam-like Camulodunum. Bags are kin of GANGs/Geggs'/Giggs in the Drummond motto, and Googe's/Gouch's (Eschyna-de-Molle kin) look linkable to the Couch's expected in the couchant lion.

The poppy in the Podebrady Arms could be a black annulet, the color of the Frogg/Frock annulet. I can't think of another surname, off-hand, with a black annulet. German Popps, looking like Bull/Bule kin with the bull head, share the Bull/Bule annulets. Suddenly, Poppo might hereby be found as a Bullis liner. Bullis (Epirus) is at the land of the Tint-liner Atintanes. Wikipedia once had said that the Seleucids were from Epirus in some relationship or association with ThesPROTians. People of Epirus were EPIROTes, a term that could develop into "Brod > Brady."

Repeat: "In colors reversed, the Brent dragon [suspect as the white Saxon dragon] can be the Welsh dragon, and from this the Podebrady wall might become suspect with something in Wales." The annulet that is the "poppy", in colors reversed, is gold on black, the color of the Walsh/Walch / Benjamin annulet.

Recall how Muriels and Muriels/Muro's (walls) linked hard to the Podebrady "block wall," for Muirs/Mure's/More's have a "Duris" motto term, which expects that Dure's (Perthshire) were linked to Pollocks of Moray. I suggest that the Dure's were a branch of the Dere's/Res' (lance) sharing the Muir/Mure/More stars. from Dere's we can go to Deerings having the Morinis' in their write-up who in turn share the Muriel and Wall fleur-de-lys. Walls look like kin of Masters, first found in Kent with Deerings.

Note that the Dure Shield is very linkable to the Clinton Shield, for Clintons have two stars in Chief in the colors of the two in the Edward and Grille Chiefs. Edwards were first found in Wiltshire with Shute's/Shots in turn having a Crest akin to the brandished Dure sword. The Arms of Middlesex have three swords fessewise, same as Shute's/Shots in the same colors, and the Middlesex sword is the Thatcher sword while Thatcher's share grasshoppers with Grille's. Let's therefore go back to the "grille" term used for the gold gate, for gold-gate Babwells/Babels were first found in Middlesex too.

The Fiers/Fere's/Fears of Middlesex have a Coat version of Irish Fairs, only Fairs use the Fier moline in white, and the Fair moline is both colors of the Thatcher moline. How about that. It tends to prove that Grille's were Babwell/Babel kin. There are red eagle heads in the Thacker (not "Thatcher") Coat in both colors of the Gorlitz / Podebrady eagle, and the Thackers (bulrushes) even share the GORE fesse.

Thatcher's and Gore's were first found in Essex with CAMULOdunum, thus tending to prove that Gore's/Core's were of Gorlitz's namers. Core's/Corks use lion tails. Plus, Thatcher-beloved Hoppers share gyronny with Campbells/CAMMELLs.

"Fier" is a Bradford motto term, and "fear" is the motto term of the Peacocks in the Bradford Crest. As Peacocks were first found in Durham with Ironside's, not that while Ironside was an Atheling, Garrys share a "fear" motto term with Peacocks. Repeat: "Jarrows look like they could have been a branch of Glen Garry, home of Athols/Athels, for Garrys are also Jarrys." Garrys/Jarrys are good for making some good / excellent points. Their lizard connects to Lists, first found in Silesia (joins to Bohemia), where the Kwisa river flows that I trace to "Gewisse," home of the Wessex Saxons who had the Athelings.

Peacocks have the look of Goldens, suspect with the "golden grille," and the Golden Crest shares a green dragon head with Suty-beloved Nothings/Northens, which is the Seaton dragon breathing Fier-like fire. Sutys are a Side branch, and Peacocks were first found in Durham with IronSIDE's. It's interesting. The Grille grasshopper suggests Hoppers/Happers, first found in Durham too, with the Wear river, named after a Vere branch, and Fiers/Fere's are a Vere branch too.

The Fears in the Garry/Jarry motto happen to be the Fiers, first found in Middlesex with the new-found Brogers/Brokers (look linkable to Knee-suspect Stanleys and Sunnys/Stanneys). While Brock-branch Brocuffs/Procops were likewise first found in Silesia, Broggits/Brockets share the patonce cross with Ironside's. There's got to be something to that. The BROGGITs happen to have a black stag, the symbol also of Needhams, first found in Derbyshire with FrogGATTs/FROGGITs. Gate's/GATTs share the split-Shield of Ironside's.

To be sure, another black stag is with Rogers who have a French branch with the Needham bend. There's got to be something to this. Catherine Froggatt pointed to Seleucids of the Balas kind. Needhams are in the Halper/HALFpenny write-up, and Helps/Halps/HALFs have an hourglass shape colors reversed from the same of BROKens/Brogens (Balas colors). Bocci's/Brocato's came with the Balls sharing large ermines with Balas'. The Brogers/Brokers, looked up with "Roger" in mind, have a SEAhorse, and Sea's share the three, wavy fesses of German Drummonds (Hamburg, on the Help-like Elbe river). While Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg too, Hamburgs and Gore's share the crosslets of English Trips, first found in Kent with Sea's.

I wonder whether Gore's named modern Gyor, near to ancient Brigetio. Gyor is to the near-north of Papa, now highly suspect with the namers of Papia/Pavia. Gore's were first found in Essex with Camulodunum while Pepins and Pipe's use camels. Lorraine the BABE has got to trace to Podebrady too, and she now does via Pepin of Landen (to which she pointed), Through Lorraine, God connected Stubbs to Pipe's, both first found in Staffordshire, and then Stubbings are interesting for their "QUIEScam" motto term (can be read, "quiesCAM"), for the Kwisa river is also the Queis. Camulodunum is in Essex with the CAM river, the first-known Gore's, and the first-known Stubbings, suggesting that Silesia's Queis-river elements were on the Cam with Stubbings. It just so happens that Cams share the six pale bars of Lists, first found in Silesia. Stubbs have a Coat version of the Camel-loving Pipe's but also reflecting the Coat of Drummond-connectable Stirlings/STURlings.

Having said that, we can repeat that Bassets were first found in Staffordshire too while Camulodunum is at the Stour river while Sturs have triple fesses in the colors of the same of Bassets and Drummonds, and in colors reversed from the three of CAMerons. The List-branch Lise's were first found near the Stur in downtown Gewisse. The Kwisa flows through LESna, in case that applies to Liss'. I have power.

The Gewisse tribe was once on the Thames of Oxfordshire before forming Wessex, and we have seen some Bohemia-connectable elements first found in Oxfordshire. The Tiens/Thames', suspect in the BRADshaw motto, share the stars of Letts/Late's (organ PIPES, no guff), the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Cams. The Pale's in the latter's pale bars love Camels. Maccabees had conquered Gamala about the time of the naming of Camulodunum.

As Camulos, the god of Camulodunum, is said to have been some extension of mythical Mars (this is the Marsi > Marici > Mercia line, right?), it's notable that MARble's share the giant griffin of German Camels. The Marble write-up: "Marple Hall remains, and in the 19th century was the seat of the notable Isherwood family, having previously been the seat of the BRADshaws." Looks like it can connect to Camille Brady. Where did she connect to otherwise? Oh, yes, the Lano's/Lane's at Brixia/Brescia, and the Brix/Brest lozenge happens to be in the Camel Coat along with the griffin. In fact, Brescia is beside lake GARDa, and the Camel griffin is in the colors of the Gardner griffin heads, and colors reversed from the Gard griffins.

As the Adige river of Eggs/Edge's flows past lake Garda, I suggest that Edwards were named as EdGARDs. Like the Eggertons/Edgertons of Cheshire, where Eggs/Edge's and Marble's were first found. It explains why the Edward Coat is a version of the Macey Coat, but replacing one of the stars with the Trump/Tromp stag head, I assume, as per Val Trompia at the other side of lake Garda.

Edmonds were first found in Oxfordshire, and they share the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's, a branch of June's (both in Cambridgeshire with Cake's, possibly on the Cam) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Cake's, from Sitric Caech, grandfather of Macey-liner Maccus (Norman). They both made pacts with Saxons, and Maccus was talking with Saxons in Cheshire, says/said Wikipedia. So, what are the chances that Cake's are listed with CakeBREADs? Breads are listed with Bradds/Bratts. To show again why I disrespect / denounce / ignore / ridicule / family historians, or whoever created houseofnames write-ups, the Cakebreads are said to be "from a name for a baker of fine bread." Note that they threw in "fine," for Fine's are listed with Feins/FINIS', which I trace to Finistere, a Brittany province having Launay and Brest. Launay is from the Lano's/Lane's of Brescia, right? Thought so.

The Feins (red border) use triple fesses in the colors of the three "stripes" in the Arms of Podebrady along with a label: "Behind the tower, as if standing on the wall, black-and-red eagle with golden armor, red tongue and silver crescent over BREASTs and wings. On the wall above the gate is a silver LABEL with three black stripes in the upper half." There's a Stirrup surname that could apply to the stripes, and to things like the Drummonds of STIRling and Drummond-related Sturs. Stirrups are in the Coat of Italian Latins along with the Hink saltire, and Hinks, first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens/Thames', have a colors-reversed Shield of the Letts/Late's (share Tien/Thames stars).

Feins were first found in Burgundy with the Mars, and with the Masseys/Messier's having the Mercian flag. Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy of BolingBROKE, a Mercian, and Bolingbroke's share the Fine/Fien/Finis lions. Broke's/Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Camulodunum. The three stripes in the Arms of Podebrady, not likely connectable directly to Feins, are on the block wall, above the grille of the gold gate. Fine's/Fiens/Finis', sharing the brown wolf with Bright-connectable Brittanys, were first found in Kent with the Scotts who share the red border on white Shield with Sellicks and Feins.

The three Fein fesses (Podebrady stripes) are also those of the Arms of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire, what I view as a 666 entity along with the Arms of Traby. Traby of Poland married Stick-liner Astikas', and while Brooks share the Stick Coat, BolingBroke's have white feathers, shown also in the Crest of the Arms of Traby.

Don't let your heart sink because this world is sick, or because there is no bright future. Instead, keep spirits up in that all will be salvaged by the King, for the meek must inherit the earth. We Christians are to be globalists in opposition to the political globalists seeking an anti-Christian future. We must disregard borders too, and hate our own nation, or we are unworthy of Jesus. If we are to hate our own parents if they reject Christ, why not also our nation that hates Christ? All nations, said Jesus, will hate us. Things are being Set-up by God for their very-painful fall. He works in you and me without our knowing, even though we believe in Him; how much more is He working in the world without anyone able to sense it? Don't sink into hopelessness, as though He has left the planet. Play joyful music while this world sinks; stay away from Christian-liberal music or anything that sounds rotten or strange to your Christian senses.

Trabzon is at the THEMIScyra theater, where I trace Tiens/THAMES' in the BRADshaw motto. And Bradshaws were at Bolton (look-out), itself in Salford. Salfords come up as Savards, and French Savards/Savarys are linkable by their besants to Saffers who love the Vito's in their motto, as does the Bradshaw motto. Vito's are from Julius Avitus, husband of the sister of Domna Bassianus, wife of SEVERus. I trace this family to the Besante river across the Danube from SAVARia at downtown Boii-ville of Pannonia. God has shown us, in this update, that H sees Brad elements to both sides of the Boii at Savaria. I think the end-time lightning bolts of God are against this scythian animal under discussion, from Trabzon. Themiscyra was on the THERMODON river, which has the look of the Tremond variation of Drummonds (share three fesses with the Arms of Trebizond Empire).

I almost missed it. English Grille's list "Gressy," explaining the grasshoppers of Italian Grille's. Moreover, English Grille's have Grady-like variations while Bradys are Gradys too. There you have more evidence that the Arms of Podebrady is using symbols as secret code for surnames, then lying to the people as per what the symbols mean.

Back to Thackers/Thicks, for they share the red eagle head with the Ardon Crest while "Ardens" is the motto of Perts/Petts who in turn share a long-necked bird in bulrushes with Thackers/Thicks. Ardens share the cinquefoils of English Grass'/Grace's! Bingo. Perts/Petts have a stork but I'm not sure what Thackers use. Ahh, although the Thacker/thick Crest shows bulrushes, I have it recorded (4th update of February, 2013) that "Thicks/Thecks use a 'BITTURn settled in the reeds.'" I'm reading that a bittern is of the heron family. Bitters (red roundels, same as Arms of Boulogne in Artois), with the Thacker/Thick fesse in colors reversed, share a hand-with-sun with Bradys and Babe's, though the Bitter hand is not pointing. .

Thackers/Thicks/Thecks were first found in Staffordshire with Artois-liner Arrows/Arras' (and Drummond-related Bassets), and Ardons (almost in the Pert/Pett motto) are also Artois'. It proves that Thackers/Thicks were Pert/Pett kin, but I can now trace the red Thacker/Thick and Ardon/Artois eagle heads to the Terent/Tarrent eagles, for not only is the Arrow/Arras Crest the Murena tower, but Terents, from Terentia Murena, have a red-eagle version of the Diss/Dice Coat. Terents even had a RUSHton location to go with the bulrushes.

Rushtons have an "enDURE" motto term while we saw Dure's with the branDISHed sword. Dure's were first found in Pert-like Perthshire with the Sutys (Drummond fesses, apparently) who share "have" with Rushtons, indicating that Rushtons have the lion of Suty-branch Side's (arrow). It begs whether Edmond IronSIDE was named after Side's or even the Foxside Faucets sharing the Suty lion (in Side-lion colors). Foxes are used by Grille's/Gressys/Gradleys. The Suty Crest is a "hull," and Hulls are a Hole/Hall branch while we saw the Podebrady "black hole" for the gate's grille.

The Blake's, by the way, share the single pale bar of Walls and Brods/Broads. The Pellets on likely the Lewis dragon head, in the Blake Crest, share the Christine/Cristin Coat, suggesting kin of Cristina, Agatha's sister, for Pellets were first found in Sussex with Broad-like Boards ("PERforatus") suggests link to Christine Peare). The roller skates that God put me in with Camille can be connected to the skateBOARD that Obama was on in my Obama dream, for Boards look like a branch of Brods/Broads. I'm going to come back to this in the next update, but it's late, Monday morning now, and I've got to get the spell check done, and load the update by noon (as is my routine). Boards are split horizontally in the vertically-split colors of Ironside's and Gates'/Gatts.

Ironside's share the Fessy motto while Fessys are of the Fieschi of Genoa who had formed a political partnership with GRIMaldi's. It just so happens while Grille's/Gressys have a Gresle variation, Gris'/Grisels/GRIIMs were first found in Hamburg, same as German Drummonds. Grimaldi's of Monaco were near Grasse. Diss is in Norfolk, same as PilGRIMs, and while Pilgrims share staves with Hawks, the purple "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks tends to link to the purple throne of the Monaco Grimaldi's. Why is this linking to Podebrady? There's on online quote saying that Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of Rollo! We saw Rollo and Poppa in the roof and poppy of the Podebrady Arms!

Hawk liners can be of the "hoc" motto term of Fessys and Ironside's. Hoks/Hochs use a swan and were first found in Switzerland with Sion/Sitten, where Suty-branch Seatons (East Lothian, same as Foxside of Faucets) were. The Hok/Hock swan is the one also of Sions/Swans/SINE, suspect with the "hoc SIGNo" motto term of Ironside's / Fessys. Side's share the Ghent Chief while Sions/Swans/Sine's once showed gauntlet gloves. Side-related Rushtons (Lady Chief) were first found in Northamptonshire with Sear de Quincy in the Faucet write-up.

It looks like Edmond Ironside, Edward Atheling's father, was a Side liner, suggesting that he was also an Iron liner. The two stars in the Edward Chief are almost in the Chief of the Brittany Gris', and the latter share a lion in the Monaco Coat. Plus, the Monaco hexagrams are in the colors of the same of German Michaels first found in Bohemia. We saw king Baliol's mother in a Michael write-up, and Baliols lived near Airaines, where Irons are said to be from. Side's have a tiger while Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's can be kin of Cage's sharing the split Shield of Ironside's and Gate's/Gatts (Cambridgeshire, same as Camulodunum).

The "hazard" motto term of Sutys and Seatons/Sittens can be gleaned as code for Hazel liners due to the wavy bars of Sutys being in Hazel-fesse colors. Otherwise, my bet is that the Suty bars would be the wavy Drummond fesses. Hazels trace to the Azali peoples near the area to which the Brady family traced in many ways. And the "yet" motto term of Seatons is still suspect with the gate-using Yate's, and, lo and behold, Yate's not only share the embattled feature with English Walls, but they were both first found in Gloucestershire. The gate in the WALL of the Podebrady Arms thus looks like the portcullis Yate's gate. "In the middle of the wall, a gate..."

Above the gate, also on the wall, is a "label," and Labels/Bells share the three crescents of Geats', looked up just now because Yate's are also Yeats. Geats' were first found in Hamburg with same-colored Drummonds. Yeats share the Silver crescent, and Podebrady has "silver crescent over BREASTs and wings" of the eagle. Brests show only three lozenges in the colors of the only-crescents of Geats'. There is a Cressent/Crest surname, and Cressys could have the Edward lion. In fact, Cressy have a two-tailed lion! MARKhams have the Cressys in their write-up. French Cressys (Burgundy, same as Cressents/Crests), with the same lion but with one tail, share the red border on white Shield with Sellicks, Scotts, Scott-related Talbots, and Middle's. Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire with Welsh Maurice's, and French Maurice's/Morice's have a Coat version of the Mars/More's (Burgundy). French Maurice's and Mars/More's have a version of the Mackay Coat, and Mackays were from Man, where Christine's were first found who have a good reflection of this Maurice Coat. Makes sense.

Ahh, I almost forgot, Welsh Mericks (wavy fesse), said to be from "Maurice," have a seahorse while Sea's share the triple, wavy Drummond fesses. The Merick Chief shares the double stars in the Edward Chief. If Mericks are using one of the wavy Suty bars, then the Suty lion looks like the Edward lion. The Merick write-up, apparently ignorant of what the surname derives in, suggests that it's from "dark." I see such shot-in-the-dark, simpleton-based errors all over the place.

Maurice Drummond piloted the ship that brought Margaret to Scotland. I now say (for the first time) it's because he was Margaret's half brother, both children of queen Agatha. I have read that the Leslie motto, "GRIP fast," was fancifully derived in the ship piloted by Maurice, during a storm that required passengers to hold on tight, but such tales are spun to hide the realities behind heraldic codes. In this picture, since the first Leslie of Scotland was on Maurice's ship (I don't know who owned it), Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers (Austria, same as Babenbergs, and near Lesce) look like they are from Grapfeld/Grabfeld, home of Poppo I Babenberg. BAMberg may have been a Bohemian thing of a Bom kind.

German Franks were first found in Bohemia; Jewish Franks use GRAPEs; English and Scottish Franks look Pollock. German Franks have a column, code for Agatha's son-in-law. Agatha's children with Maurice would become Athelings, and Athols were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds and Rollo's, in the kingdom ruled by Malcolm III. The Malcolms/Columns probably have the RED STAG head of Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire and related to Pilote's, a branch of Pellets and Pilotte's to which Christine's and Shaws (Perthshire) seem to be related. Those Scottish Shaws may have the two-tailed Wells in their motto.

BRADshaws (bendlets of Keys) have the RED STAG too, and share "qui" with the Berkshire Shaws. English Camels/Camile's, first found in Somerset with MELLs, are said to have become KEYmells. Mells have the Berkshire fret in colors reversed, and Berkshire's were first found in Wiltshire with Edwards, Blocks, Laps/Labbs, Bullis', and even the Topps that could be in the Podebrady-Arms description. The Berkshire Shaws share the lozenges of Brods/Broads who in turn share the pale bar of Blake's while Blake's/Caddells share a giant red fret with Mells. Mails/Mele's, at WIRRAL (like the "warily" motto term of Drummonds) have a reflection of the Poppy (and Bessin) Coat.

Mails/Mele's were at Dove Point while Dove's/DOWS could be in the Podebrady Arms: "with a battlement of four shaDOWs on its top, and a pointed red roof with a poppy." There's no Shadow/Shado/Shad surname, and so "shadow" could indicate a Shade-Dow merger, for the description does use "COVERED SHADES." The Coverts/Cofferts have a fesse that is also the Babenberg / Arms-of-Austria fesse, and Shade's/SCHADE's were the pointer to my roller SKATing, which is in turn a pointer to Rollo, husband of Poppa. Amazingly, Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with the Boards (compare with Chaddocks and Chadwicks) and the Shade-like Saddocks!!! That jumped out. Obama's skateBOARD!

My first roller-skating was with Kepke; we would frequent roller-skating rinks. Keeps were first found in Sussex, and thus I think this is making a Keep-Saddock link, all suspect with Sadducee liners.


Ratcliffe is back as the Trump nominee for overseeing Intelligence:

A NY Times report came out this week claiming that the FISA crimes were conducted by the FBI agent Stephen Somma. I wrote this update without Somma coming to mind. He's the #1 character in Horowitz's report whose name was not released. Why are the names of FBI criminals protected? Because, the United States is sick. Even the leadership protects crime in high places.

Look at the timing of this report, while on the Sunny/Somin and Soans/Soams surnames. There is a Somma surname showing nothing but a fesse in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Austria. The Osones location is near the Austrian border. The Somma investigation was tied, as part of the conspiracy, to an FBI plot using George PAPAdopoulos. Papa is a location almost smack-dab at Osones! Amazing. There is a Papp/Pappa/PAPADOPOLi surname (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's).

I don't think for a second that Somma submitted the FISA applications all in his own wording, apart from input from Comey / McCabe / Strzok. Surely, a lower-level FBI agent isn't going to file an application until its given the okie-dokie from the top, and, indeed, the top was required to sign each application. When Rosenstein signed at least one, he claimed he didn't bother to read it. That was his way of saving himself, and Barr has let him off the hook, and, of course, Bill Barr has let Somma off the hook too:

I've ever been on the edge of accusing Trump of willfully being a knowing part of the deep-state plots we've seen come and go, with his job being to feign being the victim. It's not more complicated than that for him, by the looks of it. Aside from generally deceiving and exploiting Trump's voters, the plot could simply be to divide the country so that both parties don't gang up on deep-state controllers. It makes sense, and for his part, Trump does his share to divide by throwing public bombs at his political enemies and his deep-state enemies.

I think they are playing with us, making us think WE are just about to nab them. Q-anon was the biggest we're-just-about-to-get them fraudster. In the meantime, they have recorded who their worst enemies are for future considerations and handling, for when they try to sink their teeth into the normal way of life, to be replaced by a sinister thing we have yet to see. But, wait, they haven't figured God into their equation. Alas, prophecy says that everything will be normal when destruction falls upon them. Jesus described an as-usual conditions at that time. So, if they want to start some socialist government the world over, I don't think they will succeed.

Get ready to witness the demon that the American military is, starting at the middle of the 9th minute, with military footage released by WikiLeaks. This is not new footage, but you won't see it from American-patriot sources; this is from RT. It shows American craft shooting unarmed citizens on the streets (it's not gory, but very shocking):

So, how many times has American military shot out whole families just because they oppose the American-military presence in their country? Is that not a demon? Do we side with the bully who starts to pound on the head of a smaller victim, if the victim afterward swears that he's going to find and punish that bully? Woe is you, Christian, if you love the American military. Woe is Bongino for not calling out the 9-11 crimes that involved secret and unlawful American-military schemes. Woe is Bongino who warns you about one cancer in America, and causes you to lick another cancer in America.

If God had wanted the Americans to invade the Middle East, He wouldn't have had the military feign a plane attack on the Pentagon to justify it. He would have signalled a lawful reason for the attack. As bad as Saddam was for some Iraqis, so the CIA is bad for Americans, yet this latter thing is the most hellish of all. If Iraqis deserve Punishment for their hatred of Israel, how much more this murderous batch of lying schemers who have gone out to destroy whole nations for profit?

On Monday's Bongino show, he says that Intelligence MUST get warrants to spy on U.S. citizens, but, as per foreigners, then it's okay to spy on them without a warrant because they are not under the U.S. constitution wherein the people have God-given rights to be protected from unjustified spying. In other words, Bongino thinks that foreigners do not have God's right to protection from American spying. It's a pretty twisted and lob-sided view of God, and this is what I'm talking about when it comes to mixing American patriotism with Christianity: you get bozo ideas like that. American Christians need to get out of the American box, and view God's Kingdom as a global one. Foreign Christians are to be viewed as infinitely more important than mere American citizens. American citizenship is as nothing as compared to citizenship in the Israel of God. When you become a true follower of Jesus, you treat the American dream as trash, and you treasure your new status as a child of God. You are not just a citizen of the Coming Kingdom, but like a son of its King. You get the powers of this King...unless you are so foolish as to return to the pursuit of the American dream.

Bongino never preaches a Jesus thing. I watch him often to check out the latest deep-state status, but this is not all he concerns himself with. He's about American politics, the American dream. Bongino is compromised by his Fox appearances, and therefore keeps away from some things that Fox stays away from. He never seems to miss an opportunity to tell viewers when he's been on TV, which is what people do when they want to push their own popularity. I'd say he's got at least one foot in the trap already. Perhaps producer Joe can save him. I'd like to see him taking on Jesus in His core teachings, and not offer lip service only in order to stroke Christian viewers. I detest people who use my brothers and sisters for profit or bring them into a worldly frame of mind again. Whether I know them or not, they are my brothers and sisters.

This is why I criticize plenty, because I watch the news and see it falling short of the callings of Jesus. We need to be aware of the destructiveness of news shows, because they fully emphasize worldly concerns, and they cannot always be the concerns of Jesus.

On top of what Assange has done to reveal American programs, we have seen the lawless efforts to oust Trump from power, if indeed that's what it has been (I'm not sure anymore). Whether Trump is a part of deep-state operations or not, we have clearly seen the demons of Intelligence, and the demons of the DoJ. The entire upper levels of the USA is a thing of hell; count this as God's revelation to the world.

Trump has sided with the DoJ, Intelligence, and the military, against Assange, and Bongino supports Trump on this matter, which is his asking his viewers to suck the cancer like a baby sucks a pacifier, to find comfort in the very thing that is America's greatest enemy. There is no doubt in my mind that Intelligence would kill Americans if Americans opposed it hard enough. Doesn't Bongino understand this? Maybe his money-making has blinded him to various diseases in his midst. What better explanation is there? When the end-times become a time to look up for redemption, we loosen ties to country. Well, start loosening, what are you waiting for? It's never too early. The love of country turned Lot's wife to salt as her humiliation.

Let me put it this way, that when God exposes crimes, he watches the hearts of the people to see how they will react to crimes. Can we agree on that? What good is it for Bongino to complain about the coup-on-Trump crime yet ignore the massive crime of 9-11? What good is a president who himself ignores the 9-11 crime, and even says that there was no such crime? A man like that is a clown, and actor, who serves self. I will NEVER change my mind: a president who denies 9-11 crimes is an accomplice to those crimes, and ditto for Bongino, for Bongino watches the news, and scans all the issues online, he can't be ignorant. Neither he nor Trump can fail to see that NO PLANE hit the Pentagon. That is the crux of this matter. Did Trump enrich the military that he knows to be the Rat of 9-11? YES, he did. GUILTY.

RT is now reporting with confidence ("it is now established," says the speaker) that there was a White-House plot to poison or abduct Julian Assange. The best face on this story is that Trump wanted to abduct Assange to get the information needed for destroying the deep state. Trump lovers accuse Putin of killing his media enemies, but Americans are doing the same to Assange, Haney and many others i.e. to silence those who blow whistles on corruption. Apparently, the American military was killing journalists in the Middle East too.

Near the start of the video above, it says that the plot to poison was announced by Assange's legal team. It's the defence's attempt to keep Assange from extradition, but that claim must have some teeth, or it's doubtful the defense would use it. Some quasi-major Western media (could easily be more reliable than the biggest) are carrying this story. The big media who do the will of U.S. Intelligence are blaringly silent. RT: "Assange’s lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told Judge Vanessa Baraitser that the US wanted to make the WikiLeaks founder’s death look like an accident and that US intelligence agencies worked with Spanish company UC Global to extensively spy on Assange inside the embassy."

Evidence that a fake Osama bin-Laden was used by the Americans on television, to advance the Middle east intrusion, came out this week: "Classified documents published by WikiLeaks were found in Osama Bin Laden's safe house during the US raid that executed the al-Qaida leader in 2011." Baloney. The Americans planted those documents there because Obama did not really get bin-Laden killed; it was a farce to end the whole farce, then give life to ISIS instead. The statement above was presented to a judge by the prosecution against Assange, to argue that the WikiLeaks release of information endangered American lives.

The best way to dismantle the deep state is to take away their media blow horn by which they seek to effect political and policy outcomes no doubt for dark purposes. Trump's election team just sued the New York Times for slander / defamation. If that same team could launch, even with the peoples money, many more law suits, it's going to learn how to win the cases, and in the meantime it should frighten media bosses into a ceasing of their reckless support of the deep state. The attitudes being spread by liberal media are absolutely ruinous, satanic to the core. These attitudes are picked up and practiced to a science by tens of millions of Americans, but also non-Americans who watch American news. It's world-class cancer, one of the most important things of all to combat.

To justify the strife (it's what they depend on to make money), the left convinces its viewers that its sins are committed by the other party, and in the meantime the left frames itself as the righteous ones. It's a most-disgusting and intolerable tactic. They taunt the political enemy by flaunting what they can get away with in the name of freedom of speech. They aim and love to make people sickened by their twistedness. When they blatantly accuse the other side of what they know they are guilty of, they are taunting. People who practice these things will never be permitted into the Kingdom of God. There will be no place for them to find happiness when the Time is up.

Saying of the month by Ted Cruz: Democrat activists are like the "Arsonist complaining about the noise coming from fire trucks."

All of those Blacks, Jews, Mexicans and Orientals voting Democrat, they are complicit with this madness. There are many decent people who have come to despise these "minorities" for their political recklessness. People who don't hate others for the colors of their skin are yet justified in cringing for other reasons. As soon as I discover that a Mexican or Black is a dedicated liberal, I instantly lose respect. Even God feels this way (i.e. it's normal), which is why He promised punishment on the destroyers. When virtually the entire ethnic group votes Democrat, it's a blotch on the entire group, but this should not be mistaken for racism. They are the destroyers, and will therefore be destroyed.

Media bosses have remained stiff-necked even after losing a large part of their audiences. But they have a limit. They might believe that the best way to get their audiences back is to try harder to convince them that they have been the truthers. But if that doesn't work, they might try forsaking their slander campaigns, or what is rightly called, fake news (it's not genuine news, even if they tell the truth, if the motive is a political bombing).

Congressman Collins was on Lou Dobbs talking about FISA reforms. This looks like a red herring because Western governments are all moving to a defacto spy system on ANYONE at all times. Everything's recorded so that the only thing needed is a means to get at the recordings. I find it hard to believe that deep staters don't already have non-government spy systems i.e. outside of channels in which they need official permission to spy. I would suggest that the deep-state applied officially for spy powers on Carter Page only because it needed official, spied-out proof for the things it wanted to leak. In other words, if they discover things in their private spy systems, they can't safely leak them to the press because they have no official proof of what they spied out and leaked. If they do leak what they find on private systems, they probably do it as from anonymous sources rather then claiming it from their spy systems.

Trump (his agent appointed to the task) merely needs to check the Intelligence data for every leak to discover whether the leakers possess spied-out back-up. The only way to change baseless leaks, or leaks from private spy systems, is to punish those who do it. Intelligence is probably the inventor of fake news. Trump has yet to catch-and-report (to the public) his own CIA for one violation. Is there even any body that monitors the Intelligence people to assure that they remain within the law? What good is reforming FISA if those who use it, including the judges, don't abide by the reforms? This cannot be fixed without severe punishment to those who abused it in their coup attempt. If there is no will or courage to punish, then lay down and let the deep state walk all over you, Mr. Barr.

Here's a wake-up story from the Trump-sympathizing New York Post:

The US economy is booming — but not half fast enough for the masses of workers still waiting on a pay raise, or who are in financial straits, according to analysts.

...Despite unemployment at a near 50-year low, a soaring stock market and the longest expansion in US history, the recovery hasn’t yet reached these millions in economic hard times, say these analysts.

Even as wages overall are rising, about 50 percent of US workers received no pay raises last year, according to Bankrate. And in real terms [figuring in rise in cost-of-living expenses], some say average salaries are stagnant.

Yup, we could have expected that because companies supported by stocks are always maximizing their prophets on behalf of stock holders, and therefore always giving their workers the shaft. Paying workers = less profits for share holders. So, those who don't work for companies, who simply supply hard cash in a stock-market gamble, get the rewards for Trump's massive, corporate tax cuts. It's a gambler's world under Trump. "The Great Recession never ended for millions of Americans, say critics. If anything, it might have taken a turn for the worse as US consumers borrow heavily, drowning in debt to keep up with household, student loans and other payments. Last month overall debt levels surged to a record of $14.15 trillion." Yup, that's Trump's booming economy, forcing workers to borrow more, making bankers richer.

The Bongino Report didn't carry this story today...probably because Bongino preaches that workers are better off under Trump. It's the fantasy of Trump lovers. They think everyone's swimming in more cash due to corporate tax cuts. It's as simple as this: your financial fortunes are measured in dollars earned per unit time. Think about that. You can figure it out as dollars per minute, or dollars per week, or dollars per year. You MUST include the time units.

So, if at any given second or minute the corporations are sucking in more money from the national table, the workers are getting less per that unit time. There is only so much money on the table. If Trump gave the workers huge tax breaks, then the corporations would need to wait TIME before they get the money circulated to them, because it would take time for the workers to spend it. Instead, Trump allowed the corps to save the big cash, and workers need to wait TIME until they spend it before it goes around the table. When the corps do spend it, it's only to increase their profits, and thus they suck up more money to themselves, leaving less to circulate into your pockets.

Your only hope under these conditions is that prices go down for the things you spend money on. That would be called increased spending power, yet the report above says that workers don't generally have more spending power under Trump's tax plan. There are more workers under Trump, because corps are busy sucking up more cash by exploiting those extra workers. Pay the workers a nickel to make the company a dime, and thus leave less money on the workers' table. Then do it all over again, forever and ever until they die poor.


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