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April 7 - 13, 2020

Miss Hicks Turns Out a Big Aid
Kid Hockey Players Point to Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting -- STUNNING
Lorraine the Babe Now Points to Laura Birx
George Papadopoulos is in the Pasta Sauce's Sugar

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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In case you haven't noticed, Trump does not emphasize in his daily news conferences that Democrats are involved in a corona conspiracy to destroy the economy using the shutdown. This neglect on his part is a betrayal of his voters who are out online trying to get that very message across. They can't depend on their president because he's afraid of how the leftist media will portray him if he dares to make that accusation a priority. In that case, the war is already lost. If Trump himself won't stand up for himself, and if he even allows the aged to be killed by this virus -- which is the will of Democrats and even Democrat doctors -- then he's one sick loon. Let's call a spade a spade.

The following is informative:

"I work in the healthcare field. Hereís the problem, we are testing people for any strain of a Coronavirus. Not specifically for COVID-19. There are no reliable tests for a specific COVID-19 virus. There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting numbers of actual COVID-19 virus cases. This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Every action and reaction to COVID-19 is based on totally flawed data and we simply can not make accurate assessments.

This is why youíre hearing that most people with COVID-19 are showing nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. Thatís because most Coronavirus strains are nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. The few actual novel Coronavirus cases do have some worse respiratory responses, but still have a very promising recovery rate, especially for those without prior issues.

...The Mickey Mouse test kits being sent out to hospitals, at best, tell analysts you have some viral DNA in your cells. Which most of us do, most of the time. It may tell you the viral sequence is related to a specific type of virus Ė say the huge family of coronavirus. But thatís all. The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is nonsense.

This reasonable-sounding alarm sounds perfect for explaining the sham that the numbers pumpers are putting out there. The charge is that there are other coronaviruses from previous years being lumped in with the Wuhan virus, and this is what's fueling the Democrat-led sham.

Look it, anyone who died today can be considered a murdered person, murdered by the state. Fauci is a killer, and will be held responsible for the deaths of every person this week, and until such time that he personally assures chloroquine for any person now reported to have the virus. Bayer donated more than sufficient doses long enough ago that nobody should be dead today who had not been treated with this drug. As per about a week ago, more than 40 million doses were available. Fauci and Trump's task force, including Trump himself, and Pence, are GUILTY OF MURDER. That is no exaggeration from a madman. This has been turned into a euthanasia program by Western nations, Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States. There is no visible effort to save these people. Nobody is reporting their names. Nobody seems to care about them except to promote the scare for the lockdown's sake.

Trump's task force is RESPONSIBLE for acquiring the names of EVERYONE whom has tested positive, from whomever are the ones that report the daily positive-tested numbers. The task force is RESPONSIBLE for delivering chloroquine to everyone of those reported cases. If Trump thinks he can give thumbs-up to chloroquine but then not get it to every patient, then he's guilty of murders, because he's the boss with many at his disposal who can get that job done at his mere command. If the people who report the numbers do not feed the names to the task force and those groups who supply chloroquine, they too are guilty of murders when some of those names die.

See Peter Navarro, coordinator of official programs to fight the coronavirus, imply that Fauci, as of this past Saturday (April 4th), was resisting the distribution of 29 million chloroqhine tablets:

It sounds as though Trump had to override Fauci at that Saturday meeting. I highly recommend what I consider to be a message of God against Fauci and others of his corrupt circle, in the first half of the last update (see link at top of this page).

Navarro spent a lot of time blaming China for the corona deaths worldwide and zero time blaming Fauci and other American anti-Trumpers. What wrong with that picture? Is Navarro sick? Why doesn't he wish to reveal that Fauci wants people dead if it helps to knock-off Trump? It's because this is trump's attitude too. He's been stroking and making love to Fauci right on television for everyone to see. it's always been Trump's problem, fornicating with Babylon. When he fired Atkinson last Friday, he didn't tell us what he had learned from Barr. Barr isn't expected to arrest Atkinson for attempting an unjustified coup on Trump. It's sufficient to fire him from his job, in their eyes? What's wrong with this sick picture? Are they wanting to spread a squeaky-clean image of the United States by hiding the crimes? Yes, and they wish to demonize China instead for things that pale in comparison to what the American deep state does, and is prepared to do, to keep power.

In Revelation 16, it appears that Jesus is on China's side when He comes from the east to destroy the Western-supported anti-Christ, in the Middle East. Wow, a real wake-up call for American Christians. Do not worship the American White House. Don't do it. Discern between God's will and Americanism; the two are not the same.

Bongino reminded me again, on his Monday show, how wrong it is for Americans to support, as he did again, the absolute freedom of free speech for the press. As soon as he gave a passionate pitch in support of that tenet, he brought God into the picture, saying that our freedoms are from Him, or that he gave us freedom to do right or wrong. He thinks that, due to this freedom, we are free to speak anything we wish, which is so utterly wrong that Bongino seems to have blockage in his thinking. Why didn't he also add that God forbids all sorts of behavior with laws? He has no right to appeal to God for absolute freedom of the press. RECKLESS. Instead, the press, like any individual, is under the law of God not to lie or to tarnish people or groups without justification. But Bongino says he will defend the press to have the absolute, law-protected right to lie and slander liberally. In that case, Bongino argues for the free right of satan to deceive the nation as he so pleases, but this is exactly what ails all nations at this time, and in the past. The Theocracy of Jesus will curb and prohibit such freedoms, and there is everything good and healthy about that approach.

If Bongino wants to say that he wants absolute freedoms so that liberals can't take away his freedoms to speak, fine, but don't bring Jesus into it to give the okie-dokie on any kind of speech.

Doctor Oz was granted another opportunity on Fox, on the 6th, to call Fauci out as the fraud and killer that he is, but Oz refused. What's wrong with America's leaders? Why couldn't Oz say something like; "You know, I really don't know what ails Dr. Fauci. He makes no sense whatsoever to seek delay of chloroquine use. I'm getting the impression that he's willing to let people suffer and die in order to thwart Trump. If that's not true, then maybe Dr. Fauci can clarify why he refuses to let chloroquine go out when he knows it can do virtually no harm." Put pressure on Fauci, lead an assault against him. But Oz passed because he's not good-man enough, and because he needs to respect Fox if he wants to be allowed on the show. Fox is half good, half the helper of corruption. Would you eat rotten meat like that? Then don't respect Fox...because it was tailored to tell you what you want to hear, conservatives, but only to take your money. Yes, we all pay for Fox, who watch Fox, in the increased prices of the products that are advertised on Fox.

After three years of fire, brimstone and acid that failed to uproot the Trump tree, and just when it's poised to get four more summer breezes, thanks to the leafy economy that surrounds it, the corona worm pop up out of nowhere to stifle the economy. It sure looks as though the same people who sprayed the fire, brimstone and acid are the ones who let loose the worms. And Fox is not calling out the Fauci worm, you see. You eat rotten meat, yum-yum, when you watch Fox as though it were always right. Why do you think Fox polls show Biden leading Trump? It's not only because half of Americans are lunatics unworthy to chose a leader for the country.

What sort of political soup is it when more than half the country is a wicked broth-erhood? If half would vote for a man who's lost his mind, while half the Republicans think it's a good idea to do the military's will of bashing the superpowers, you're going to end up sick if you love America. Know enough to push away this melting pot. Christians are their own Nation under God, period. Think like it, act like it. Climb out of the American pot and be done with it. Instead, Christian leaders are wearing the American ring as though it was their wedding ring. Fox is a Catholic glass half full of venom. They drink, and smack their lips in lip service to Jesus.

I thought you might like this:

A little Act like that from God can keep a person going strong in the Faith for years. God does not despise small things. Jesus is a Powerhouse yet acting in very-subtle ways. You can't usually detect what He's doing.

Which picture is best, in your eyes? 1) Send everyone to work immediately, let as many people as will get the virus be done with it, protected thereafter from getting it again, or: 2) keep everyone in their homes for two months to safeguard from getting the virus, only for them to go out and get the virus this coming November through to April. Which option is better for the aged? The 1) option does not generally require locking up the aged in one room in their homes for as long as 2). If everyone in a family has had the virus but the aged, the aged can stop worrying. If none of them have had the virus, the worry will continue and continue as people in the home go out and about.

On Monday's news conference, Trump made love to Fauci, and said that light is at the end of the tunnel. He said nothing about expediting chloroquine to all of the people who have been reported positive in the last week or two. MURDERER by omission of duty. DERELICT. Trump is responsible.

He bragged rosily that the United States has done 1.8 million tests thus far, at which time worldometers reported 363,424 positives, 10,764 deaths, and 19,532 recoveries (6 pm on the 6th). There were 7,400 deaths reported by 7 pm on April 3, and so Trump is responsible for 3,400 deaths (10,800 - 7,400) over the past three days alone. You say I'm crazy? Trump had enough chloroquine two weeks ago to save those people. He himself said he believed that chloroquine would work, but he did not send it out to them. Bayer alone gave 1 million tablets about two weeks ago, and there were millions of other tablets available by purchasing them, if need be. The task force is allowing the people to die in a euthanasia program, and Trump is allowing it to take place. He's directly to blame, for he shows himself on television knowing every step of this plague. His political enemies can make this argument at any time. If Trump thinks to save his political fortunes, in spite of the economic crash, by doing a good job on corona, he can be ruined instantly by this argument.

When someone is reported with an infection, they need to record the doctor treating him/her, the doctor's work address, and the patient's name and phone number; there can be no excuse for not mailing chloroquine to each reported case, and instructing every doctor to offer the drug, in every case, under penalty of punishment for not offering it. It's that simple. So why is neither Trump nor Pence doing it? What is this daily masquerade they put on at conferences? On Monday's masquerade, the president praises doctors and nurses roundly, but doesn't rebuke those VERY MANY doctors refusing to prescribe chloroquine.

I realized why the number of recoveries are far lower than expected: people who report to a doctor, but who are not hospitalized until they recover, are not likely to report back to the family doctor to tell him/her that they have recovered. Therefore, whoever is reporting the recovery numbers is being deceptive for not mentioning this, using the lack of recovery reports to make the plague look far harsher than it is. According to my math, the numbers above suggest a fatality rate of about 1 death per 500 infected amongst everyone infected, reported or otherwise, though this math can be accurate only if the CDC reports the total number of flu cases thus far this year.

Trump's surgeon general talks, sounds, and looks like a CNN anchorman. He wants to keep the stay-at-home policy into May. He's nuts. He too is responsible for the coming deaths. He doesn't get off the hook for euthanasia just because he warms that things are dire-dire-dire. Instead, he makes himself more guilty if he doesn't get the drugs into the veins of reported people. Watching The Five report on this grim situation only makes me sicker, someone help me, please, I'm gasping for air, losing heartbeat, going dim. Some Democrats are reporting how much fun it is to be at home all the order to make their kind happy to do it for two months, if necessary, to ruin Trump. Oh I'm having so much fun these days.

After ten days of suffering more-minor symptoms, prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted into intensive care on Monday (6th). I wonder, didn't he take his chloroquine? Will he not take it now? I wonder, what in tarnation is going on? Did the political enemy give him the hardest strain somehow? Do they know how to plant it?

New York has revealed it's first line of attack on Monday by saying it needs 8,000 ventilators more this week to keep patients alive. Hogwash, it's a falsification, a fake-news story because the New York situation is ground zero for freak-the-nation. People can't stay home forever. get out to work now. It makes little difference whether you do it now, or three weeks from now, but after three weeks, Democrats will argue that another three weeks is needed. That's what they're working toward, with a freak-the-nation program.

But wait. Oh no:

FEARS have been raised that the coronavirus may be able to remain in the body and "reactivate" later after 51 recovered patients tested positive again.

The patients, from the city of Daegu, South Korea, had all spent time in quarantine while recovering from the virus, but were diagnosed again within days of being released.

No no no, that can't be. It must be freak-out fake-news Monday, or, else: there are different strains, not the same flu, being called the coronavirus. That makes sense. It could even be that there's the mild one, and then there's the one that ruins lungs.

What's this on Monday: "While the focus of the COVID-19 pandemic has been on respiratory problems and securing enough ventilators, doctors on the front lines are grappling with a new medical mystery. In addition to lung damage, many COVID-19 patients are also developing heart problems ó and dying of cardiac arrest...An initial study found cardiac damage in as many as 1 in 5 patients, leading to heart failure and death even among those who show no signs of respiratory distress.". Ooooh nooo, freak me out, not again. It's not getting better, just as that surgeon general said. He must have had inside information. He must be the enemy. Yes, for not long ago, this buffoon told the Fox-and-Friend audience that wearing a mask is worse for contracting the disease than wearing one...just as though he wanted people to become infected.

I don't believe this cardiac scare a bit, but you just watch the leftists spread this around. Nothing in the news is reliable anymore. The world is ruined, spoiled, it's garbage. Where can we go to find a happy, healthy place again? This is on Trump's shoulders. He let the deep state survive, and now look at what it's doing.

Monday madness from Drudge includes: "Grocery workers are beginning to die of coronavirus". OOOH NOOO, not again the Washington Post? Where can I go to find some happiness, please, help me, I'm gasping, my heart is about to split open and squirt onto the computer screen. Don't go shopping, world, or you will kill a grocery-shop worker. Don't be a killer. STAY HOME AND BE DISMAL. Check your pulse regularly. This is Democrat-madness week, do-or-die week, make-good-the-Fauci-chart week, don't-waste-a-crisis week.

Hmm. "Telecom masts [towers] that enable the next generation of wireless communication were set on fire in the U.K. in recent days, apparently by people motivated by a theory that the tech helps spread the coronavirus." This is possibly fake news, the reality perhaps being that undercover government people burned the towers as an excuse to repair or replace them with something sinister they had planned for this corona scare. My theory was that they want people in homes to keep them from seeing what crews do to these towers everywhere. The idea that any normal person would attempt to burn down a steel communication tower for spreading a virus is twilight-zone nonsense.

Plus, they announced in Britain today that the government will visit homes to detect any infected persons there, and take them away, yikes, to "self-isolation" (i.e. where they might be killed by framing them as corona victims -- my theory for anti-deep-state people or potential whistle-blowers who've long been marked for silencing / slaughter). The story is in the 3rd minute of Monday Tucker:

So why hasn't Trump's task force purchased chloroquine? Why do we hear only of the donated tablets? Strange. The task force wants the spread of the virus, by the looks of it. Why doesn't Trump seem to be asking this question above? Who's side is he on?

On this Monday, all those parrots in leftist field who tried to scare the world into not using chloroquine have seen the writing on the wall, yet they are worse than fools; I say they are criminals, especially Fauci, for he knows better. On Hannity's Monday show, he quotes a Dr. Cardillo (the one who advocates zinc inclusion): "Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom free."

There you have the evidence that Trump needs to be jailed and locked in there for life, for he has been, and will be, responsible for hundreds or even thousands of death, for this drug works in the late stages on the very, very ill. Yet he did not assure, nor did Pence, that the free tablets the government was given made it to doctors with very-ill patients. It's not enough to send the drugs out to pharmacies, and then to depend on doctors to prescribe the drug. Trump knows full well that more than half the doctors have an aversion to prescribing it for no good reasons. They need to be forced to use it. Hannity and others are being reckless to say that the decision is between a doctor and the patient, for there are evil doctors out there, the world must learn this now. The decision must be that of the patient alone because this drug is absolutely safe, especially if taken for a few days only.

If you can get Monday's Hannity below, see Oz in the 19th minute for more optimistic news on chloroquine, the drug that's making leftists look like killers, so beautifully perfect because it's true of them:

Oz has the numbers for the second French test with the hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin "cocktail", this time with 1,000, hospitalized patients. Oz says something new, that people are sometimes dying, not from too much virus, but from "inflammation," when the body reacts too strongly against the virus, suggesting the body's defense mechanism is going screwy, attacking the body. That can explain why chloroquine can't save those people.

Oz calls Fauci (not directly) a liar for calling this drug, anecdotal, and, indeed, Fauci's reputation is going downhill now by his own mistake, a stupid one. Nice, smooth job, Dr. Oz. It's the best feeling I've had all day, to hear you say that.

Hannity then interviewed Deborah Birx, immediately after Oz talks about chloroquine's safeness, and Hannity asks her if she thinks chloroquine is safe, but she did not answer the question or add to that joyous announcement. Birx is not happy about this news from a lupus doctor: that lupus patients never get sick or die even when they take perpetual doses. Birx never says, excitedly, happily, that doctors need to go ahead and prescribe the drug fearlessly. She's the enemy, with the job of posing as a fighter against corona.

Birx then says that Trump's administration "has really worked to make this drug available to physicians around the United States, so that they can also look at that literature AND DECIDE WHETHER TO USE THIS OR NOT in an off-label use." I resent that language. I resent giving doctors the say on whether the drug will be used. I wonder, what sort of negative connotations did the task force put into that literature to urge doctors not to grant it, or what sort of assurances are in there to make doctors feel safe in deciding not to grant it for any reason? If anyone dies or suffers a near-death experience, and even if people suffer needlessly to any extent, it's on Trump's head if those things take place due to obstinate, anti-Trump doctors committed to the political agenda that maligns this drug. If he has agreed to shut down the country due to corona deaths, then how dare he not ship this drug "personally" to every known patient, giving them the free choice to use it so long as they are diagnosed with this virus, or a similar virus.

And that's the rub. What if doctors don't tell patients that they have corona in order to get away from prescribing chloroquine? I see continued euthanasia by that method. I suggest that chloroquine become the choice for anyone with flu-like symptoms, period. Just make more of it for the next year.

Not only is Trump being responsible for those who suffer needlessly without the drug, but by not treating current patients, it prolongs the lockdown, which itself involves much-greater suffering, but far more people.

Hannity did a pretty good job. Ingraham on Monday is below if you want to see her version:

She has a Democrat lawmaker on who says she became very ill, but that she wasn't diagnosed with corona until March 31, at which time she got healed with chloroquine, but only barely, because her state of Michigan had made it illegal to get the drug, though it changed its mind once the governor started to realize that he would be responsible for murder. So, this woman got the drug on the day the state changed its mind, though others did not get the drug "thanks" to the politics of leftist lunatics. She says she was better a couple of hours after taking the drug.

She might have been another death victim, but, seeing what chloroquine can do even in the late stages, Trump is ever-more guilty for not getting this drug to patients in overnight express. Pence should be getting lists of names and addresses of severe cases to the point that he and his farcical president don't have time to do daily news conferences to show-off how much they care. If you really care, ship this drug to patients' doctors, and don't let doctors forbid its use. Some people may not go see a doctor until they are very ill. What if some pharmacies controlled by leftist rats refuse to order the drug? Send the drug directly to doctors.

To Trump's credit, he's responsible for the dissemination of this drug, but why isn't he acting faster with it? He said there's a good chance that it could work, making him guilty. Why did he let New York get away so long without using it, until Cuomo looked like a murderer for refusing it??? You see, this president is not reliable. He wanted the drug out there to save his election chances, but he does not care if people die. That's what his inaction is telling me. Mr. Pence does not care if people die. He did not send Bayer's gift to the ill asap. How many of the reported 2,000+ people who died today went without chloroquine? WHY? Because Trump is a murderer's accomplice while he thinks up ways to normalize the economy.

However, no matter where the severely ill are located, they can get the drug shipped overnight if the task force has outlets shipping from every quarter of the country, and they do have FEMA complexes in every quarter and more. No one who becomes ill to a certain point should go without the drug out of sheer priority for its need, and because those who reach that point are relatively few in numbers. I haven't read what lupus / patients endure or risk if their doses are reduced to half, for example. I assume that malaria patients are very-short term for chloroquine needs.

Heraldry, Continued

There was an amazing heraldic discussion in the first half of the last update that I think the world of Believers needs to see. God seems to be saying things about the present American government. That heraldic discussion came to center of Farrah Fawcett, as corny or nutty as that sounds. She was used by God as a pointer to Tony Fauci. That's what it seemed like, and then, just a minute ago on this Tuesday morning, I added the following to the last update, from a news story found a few minutes ago:

Hope Hicks was Trump's communications chief, and on April 7, this came out: "[Trump's] new chief of staff is also considering hiring Alyssa FARAH, the current spokeswoman for the Defense Department, for a communications role..." FARRAH Fawcett. Anything from the military is capable of being the shadow-government enemy.

That went into a section that came across Hope Charlotte Hicks, the woman above. It floored me to discover that a hovering scene, in a dream God gave me/us in 1979, can now point to the AIDS programs controlled by Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx. The woman in the hovering scene is Charlotte Hicks, suspect (for a year or two) as a pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks for a reason I don't yet know. The Hover surname, you see, uses a so-called "leopard FACE" as code for the Face/Fessy surname, and because it compares so well with "Fauci," it was noted further that the black-on-white Hover leopard face is shared by the Aid surname that has a version of the Rodham Coat. (Use the Hover link to load other Coats of Arms to follow along.)

In the last update, I shared an online quote saying that Fauci was a supporter of Hillary Clinton during her Benghazi trials, and I think we will find that the Clinton Foundation was thieving money, laundered round-about, from tax gifts initially intended to go to AIDS research. We learned in the last update that Birx granted Ukraine extra AIDS money during Trump's presidency.

In the dream, I was standing at the DOOR of a car looking in to a blond woman with a model-like look, and though Hope Hicks is not blonde, Farrah Fawcett can apply because the Fawcett surname is listed with FAUCets. I told (last update) that I had a snap-vision (while awake), as little as a week after I had this 1979 dream, of a women who looked like Farrah Fawcett. I showed why that impression was correct in an event that involved a blond who fell down at a DOOR. This woman (Sharon Quinn), when she fell and screamed at the door, was the fulfillment of the snap-vision which I was given by God that morning. I'm repeating this here to add evidence that the woman in the dream can be a pointer to Fawcett and therefore to Tony Fauci, for the Hover surname already suggests Fauci, yet we can add that Scottish Doors share the white leopard face with the Hover Crest. That looks like a clincher to me. I am very intrigued by this suggestion that the hover scene points to Fauci, and so I'm re-looking at the entire scene to see what else can be gleaned.

Two Door surnames suddenly become important. The singer, Bono, became a topic (last update) with Bill Gates, for they became pals / partners recently in the very circles that Fauci convened. English Doors and Bono's happen to share similar Coats with English Doors, and the latter substitute three bees for the three Gates lions. The Porters use gates, while Hope Hicks was messing around with Rob Porter in the White House. German Hope's are also Hoods, and they share the anchor with English Hoods/Hoots, and the latter happen to share the crescents of Durwards who happen to be a variation of Scottish Doors/Doormans, how about that. As I said, I saw the blond woman, Charlotte Hicks, at the hood of the car from a distance, before I found myself standing at the car door in a following scene. No coincidence. This is why this dream pointed to Hope Charlotte Hicks as long ago as two years.

English Porters even derive the surname, though wrongly, in "doorman," as if God has given us extra reason to link the hover scene to Rob Porter and Hope Hicks. They were supposedly dating while in Trump's White House together, though that may have been their cover for spying together on Trump's affairs, I simply don't know, but it's a fair theory. If they are good guys, pro-Trumpers or anti-deep-staters, why does the dream and the door seem to be lumping them with Fauci?

Again, just to make clear that God is the author of this dream, Hoods/Hoots are probably a branch of Hooters because they happen to share the giant eagle leg of Hover-like Hoovers. It's as though God wants to link the Hicks-at-hood scene to the Hicks-hovering scene very badly, especially as eagle legs are used by Hixons/HICKsons. We can't therefore argue with this fact: God involved himself in forming lots of heraldry, hundreds of years ago, in anticipation of using me to make this and many other revelations touching upon modern situations in high places. Let us therefore try to understand what He could be saying / predicting.

[Insert -- As the Hovers started to point to Fauci's AIDS programs in the last update, and as God used Farrah Fawcett to point to Fauci, I'm noting that another bird leg is in the Crest of the Wortleys who use a bend-version of the Farrah's of Wortley. Wortley-like Worths share the black, double-headed eagle with German Belows (Faucet colors) while FOX-using Bellows happen to use a "Vita" motto term like the "Avito" of Wortleys. The Below eagle is in the colors of the Hixons/Hickson eagle legs (I assume they are of the eagle) while English Belows (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Wortleys) share a "Tout" motto term with Hicks. The Worth-like Words/Wardens not only share three leopard faces on a bend with Aids, but their Ward branch were resolved with the Clapton bend while Hicks married Arthurs of Clapton. Plus, wow, Aids are of Ada of Warenne while Wards ("Comme") and Words/Wardens share the Warren Shield!!! Wards were first found in Northamptonshire with Quincy's while Saer de Quincy was builder of FOXside castle of the Faucets/Fawcetts.

We got here from the Farrah's of Wortley, and then Fauchs share the thistle with Scottish Words (could be the Shield of Wortley-like Worsleys). As Scottish Words were first found in Stirling with Chappes'/CHEAPs, note that the Below eagle (Hickson colors) is shared by Jeepma's/CHEPs while I saw the Hicks family driving an old Jeep. Plus, the Chappes' suggest that Words are using a CHAPlet, which I know to be the symbol on the Hicks buck head. French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Foix's/Foys; the latter share the split Shield of Hunts/Hunters (Shropshire, same as Sleeps), suspect with Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry Huntingdon. All-in-all, it looks like another pointer of the Hicks hovering event to Fauci's AIDS program. It was here that Huntingdons were loaded to discover the very-important point made yesterday as I write this insert, to be seen below: Ade-like Alda's share the Huntingdon fesse.

New: the Ades/Addys Coat (new in last update) is in the colors and format of Scottish Hykes'/Hake's, and because Ades'/Addys' were first found in Staffordshire with Hixons/Hicksons, suddenly, the gold fleur-de-lys in the Aid/Addeys Crest might just be the Hick fleur. This is making the Daphne-line Tafts/Tuffs' (share Ades/Addys' crosslets), who share the Knee Crest, and Touch's/Tuffs, looks like Hyksos, as expected. Miss Hicks knee was part of the hover event i.e. when I TOUCHed her knee.

Amazingly, while Miss Hicks moved about five miles out of the congressional district overseen by John Ratcliffe, this Texan region borders on Forth WORTH. The Texas surname shares the Faux Coat.

OH WOW. This is new. Miss Hicks moved to KAUFman county, and while Kaufmans/Kaufers/CAUFmans share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots, the latter use a so-called "Cornish CHOUGH"!!! It fits, because the cough holds the anchor in its beak. And the CORNish surname is traceable to corona-like Ceraunii. We can entertain that God gave the Hoods the Cornish part of the symbol to link this AIDS picture to the coronavirus.

John Ratcliffe had been suspect with the rad(iator) when Miss Hicks was standing at the hood of the car!!! Then, she was hovering OVER the seats, and while Kaufmans were first found in HanOVER, we can see how Hovers/Hoffers could have been the Kaufers of Kaufman. OH WOW, the Covert/Coffert Crest has the gold leopard face of Aids/Ade's while the related Alda's and Huntingdons share the fesse of Coverts/Cofferts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hovers/Hoffers have a leopard face in Crest too. I don't think I've never realized that Coverts/Cofferts were Ada liners until now. There is even a Hannover variation of Hanna's with an "AD ALTA" motto phrase (!!!) connectable to the Aid-like Alda's! Rodhams (version of Aid Coat) use "ALTer"! It's all rolling out.

I almost forgot. Altons/Daltons (Rodham colors), sharing the Alda / Coffert fesse, and first found in Northumberland with Rodhams, show Robin HOOD!!!! Can we believe it? He (myth code for the Hood bloodline) lived in Sherwood Forest, and Sherwoods have a Coat version of Tafts/Tuffs who in turn have a black-chevron version of the Adeys/Addys Coat...not surprising now.

An emailer to me, Miss Covert, whom I believe was given an Americanized Nazi symbol, was married to Mr. Surbrooke, and then Shurbrooks/Sherbrooks share the bend-with-star of Scottish Faux's. I think this points to Fauci i.e. it makes him suspect with a neo-Nazi global order of goons. Heraldry tends to affirm that president George Herbert Walker Bush was a son (by the same name) of the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff, and Scherfs (compare with Walkers) are listed with Schere's/Schare's (share roses on STEMs with Sherwoods). Stems/Steins apply to this discussion, a branch of Aid- and Rodham-related Stevensons.

Miss Hicks' move from the Nueces Canyon to Kaufman county is pointing strongly to the global AIDs program, and God had even linked her home (via the News'/Nuces') in the Nueces Canyon to Coffee's/COFFERs (Sussex, same as Warrens = Ada of Warenne).

The Hannovers/Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed while the Trump stag head is shared by Jumps who in turn share the only symbol of Kaufs (white roses). What could that mean? A Trump-Ratcliffe team jumping into the pool to fight the shark?

In the next update, I'll show how the hovering scene points to Fauchs and Fulks. End insert]

The Hoods/Hoots, by the way, were at a Rattery location while Ratterys share the gold fitchees of Woods, and so we have got to mention the DoorWOOD variation of Doors/Durwards. "Rattery" is like "radiator," and when Miss Hicks was at the hood, she was also at the radiator. Thus, we have another hood-scene link to the door-and-hovering scene. But there's more, for the "SIDEra" motto term of Ratterys can be linked to Faucets/Fawcetts very well, what are the chances?

This will shock you with smiles for what God has done, hold on to your seats, for Miss Hicks was hovering over the car seats as I peered in through the front-door windshield. The Sutys, first found in Perthshire with Ratterys, are said to be from a Sidey surname highly suspect with the naming of the FauxSIDE castle of Faucets, for it's in East Lothian, where Seatons/Sittens were first found, and, to boot, Faucets share the lion in the Chief of Sutys, which is in the colors of the Side lion. And, to boot, "hazard" is a motto term (code) shared between Sutys and "SEATons/Sittens." Hoods/Hoots of an unidentified Rattery location were first found in Devon with a Seaton location, all's good and perfect to fit the dream.

The Durward family was related to the Sibal(d)s of Fife, and Fife is where Side's were first found, near the Suty-like Suters/Sewers of Angus. What this does is to make a link of leopard-face Doors/Durwards to the seats that Fauci was hovering over when I stood at the car door. Miss Hicks needs to be viewed as Fauci himself, especially now that even the Seatons have linked to the hover scene with Doors. I hope you understand. Fauci was hovering OVER the seats, and Overs share the bend of French Porters.

The "YET hazard" phrase of Seatons/Sittens has been suspect as code for the gates-like Yates, who own the portcullis gate with Porters!! Zikers, we just got to Porters again with the hover-over-the-seats, looking-at-her-through-the-door scene. Amazing. But I'm barely scratching the surface of what yet there is to say.

In the quote below, there's extra evidence that Mr. Fauci is being pointed to, for Saer de Quincy, earl of Winchester, is in the write-up of Faucets/Fawcetts as the builder of their Fauxside castle. The Winchester surname (shares mascles with Quince's/Quincys) shares white-on-blue fitchees with Suty-like Suters/Sewers (Angus, beside Sutys) who were a pointer to Obama himself in a dream in Obama's billiard HALL that God gave me/us to ponder, and the latter dream pointed hard to the Steele-dossier crew that included Stefan HALper.

If Halpers were a Hall branch, let's repeat that, after Miss Quinn PUNCHed Barry, she ran down the HALL and collapsed at the end of the hall. I neglected to read the Punch write-up in the last update, telling that a LINCH manor went eventually to the Poyntz variation of Punch's. In the Obama dream, I instinctively knew that he owned the billiard HALL with a partner, and while the partner was not revealed by name, I had reason to believe that it is Loretta LYNCH. Amazingly, here's what was said in the last update:

OH Wow. I'm glad I loaded Needham's again to see their PHOENIX, for Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general, met Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport to discuss not charging Hillary with her email crimes!!! It's amazing how that came up with Halpers.

Halpers were at Needham Dyke. Just to clarify, I don't know the official description of the Needham Crest, but it's identical to the Crest of the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest, an eagle-like bird with flames at its tail feathers = a phoenix rising from the ashes / flames. I didn't realize until now that the same design is in the Knee Crest, because both the eagle and flames are red. This is a very-important omission I've suffered until now because Knee's have been important for reasons I've never fully explained. Knee's, I think, should have Loretta Lynch involved with them. When Miss Hicks was hovering, my hand touched her knee, and then she got a knee symbol in real life on the first anniversary of 9-11.

Winchesters were first found in Hampshire with Porters, and so here's from the Porter write-up: "A Milo Portarius, worked as a porter at the jail or castle of Winchester..." It looks like a Porter link to Saer de QUINcy, and so let's repeat that Sharon QUINN fell at her brother's DOOR. This gets astounding on at least three more counts.

The gold fitchee behind the lion in the Winchester Crest is the fitchee of Quince-like Quints, but also of the Halpers/Halfpennys and Halps/Halfs. We saw gold fitchees with Ratterys and Woods, but let's add that God may have arranged Halpers/Halfpennys to share the checks of Steele's for an obvious reason of revealing Halper's role with the Steele-dossier conspiracy. It's completely amazing that English Doors share bees with Car-connectable Kerrys, for Cars are also Kerrs while I was standing at the car door when God was pointing to hovering Fauci. Tony Fauci has long been in charge of HIV/AIDS programs while "HIV" is apparently being pointed to by the bee HIVE in the Kerry Crest!!! John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton in Obama's state department. Kerrys even share the hourglass shape in the Halp/HALF Coat, and the HAAFs have a Have variation that's in the "have" motto term of Sutys!

I'm tripping over the abundance of links all over this discussion. Cars/Kerrs even use a "Sero SED Serio" motto that shares "sed" with Seaton-like Sedans. The other two motto terms of Cars/Kerrs can be pointers to SAER de Quincy. Quints even share a lion paw in Crest with Scottish Doors/Doormans/Durwards, and while the Quint paw holds a gold fitchee, the Door lion paw is brown while a brown lion holds a gold fitchee in the Halper/Halfpenny Crest. I'm tripping. The black Quint paw is that of Sava's/Savage's, who are from the Sava/Sau river along with Saer-like Sauers.

Now that the Doors/DurWARDs have been linked hard to Fauci, note that Wards share the checkered Shield of Warrens while Aids/Ade's have been proven to be from, or at least to include, Ada of Warenne. It was the sleeping-bag dream that God gave me/us that proved Aids to be from Ada. I'd like to repeat here that Bags share the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's, who were the political partners, and therefore possibly the kin, of Genova's Fieschi family, that being a branch of Fauci-like Face's/Fessys. Compare the Grimaldi Shield to that of Fieschi-like Fisks/Fiscs, you see, and see the "AD" motto term of the latter. It just so happens that "Ad" is a motto term also of Austrian Dorrs/Dors.

In the sleeping-bag dream, God made an old friend of mine, David Morley, come down a hill riding his motorcycle. He just circled the sleeping bag with it, and then just rode up the hill and down the road from where he came. What could that mean? Well, here's from the last update: "Again, David Morley pointed to Aids partly because they have a version of a David Coat. Davids are from David I, king of Scotland, whose line birthed Henry Huntingdon, husband of ADa of Warenne, the Aid/Ade line, you see. That sleeping-bag dream was a pointer to Hillary's email crimes." I neglected to add that English Morleys share the "jessant" leopard FACE (yup) in the Aid Crest. In light of this, the sleeping-bag scene is suddenly pointing to the AIDS programs of Dr. Tony Fauci. I'll study that dream in coming days / weeks to see what more can be gleaned to that end.

The "VorWARTS" [recalls Wortley / Word/Ward pointer to Fauci] motto term of Fischs/Fishers could be part code for a Ward branch.

The fitchee crosses that pervade the discussion are likely code for the Fitch surname, first found in Essex with fitchee-using Quints and the Sams/Sammes' suspect with the Faucet lion (see reason last update). The Fitch's happen to show more leopard FACEs. The "ESPERance" motto of Fitch's looks interesting as per Trumps defence secretary, Mark Esper, who appears in some news conferences with the corona task force.

Ahh, I missed the following when telling that attractive blond, Miss Quinn, who was unknowingly acting as Farrah Faucet for our purposes here, punched Barry in the LIP, then ran down the hall to her brother's apartment, and fell outside the door screaming (as though demonically oppressed). I didn't bother to load Leopards, though I've known in the past that they use leopard FACES, explaining why others used them too who had married Leopard liners. The point is, Leopards are also LIPpards, though note how Lipps apply below.

Plus, wow, Liptons were first found in Westmorland with the Morley branch of Morlands i.e. both the latter two share the jessant leopard face with Aids/Ade's! So, there we have a pointer of the punch to the face and lip to the AIDS program of Fauci. It might even apply that the David lion is in the colors of the giant one of German Lipps/Lippers. The David Coat is an even better reflection of the Turpen Coat than the Aid Coat, and Turpens were at Turpin Au BOIS while Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of TailBOIS'. It appears that God named David Morley to make these links.

Leopards/Lippards were first found in Sussex with Warrens, and can thus be linked to Ada of Warrene because Aids/Ade's use the leopard head too (as do Coverts/Cofferts of Sussex). It could indicate that the Lipp/Lipper lion is in the square of Warrens, for Lipps/Lippers were first found in Westphalia with German Leopards. The amazing thing here is that Barry, my friend whom Miss Quinn punched, has a named linkable to Ducks, first found in Westphalia (!!!), and sharing so-called barry (heraldic bars) with Barrys.

As the Arms of BAR-le-DUC uses a pansy while the Pansy/Pantzer (like "panther") surname was first found in Westphalia, we realize that bar-le-Duc was named by the Ducks. That's amazing, but why did Miss Quinn's punch to Barry's lip and FACE point us just now to Barrs of Bar-le-Duc? How intriguing. Is Mr. Fauci going to punch Bill Barr, so to speak, attack him? Is Barr going to come to Trump's rescue from the Fauci plot against him?

German Leopards put a neck on their leopard face, meaning that they are technically called, heads, and Heads are possibly of East Lothian's Haddington, for Haddingtons probably use the FACE/Fessy Coat in that Face's/Fessys were first found in the same place as Quincys in the write-up of Faucets/Fawcetts (East Lothian). That's right on topic if Miss Quinn's punch on the lip was intended by God to get us to Leopard / Lippards liners, which just makes so much sense. (I see Leopards as a branch of Leo's = Pierleoni Jews).

The Clinton-Lynch Meeting On Ice 50 years Ago

Sorry for busting into the flow of this discussion with this section, but what started out as a short addition to the discussion became very revelatory to the point of fascinating.

Over in West Lothian were the first-known Tenants along with a BATHgate location while Baths share the Face/Fessy / Mea/Meigh cross. Tenants share the boar head of Mea's/Meighs and McGee's (I can see Meigh becoming a McGee). Irish McGee's (Tyrone) show nothing but leopard faces in the colors and format of the three unicorn heads of Heads. It just so happens that Baths have a good reflection of the AITon Coat while Aitons were first found in Berwickshire with the Aids having leopard faces colors reversed from those of McGee's. To this I can repeat that, at age 12-13, my closest friends were Jim McGee and his best friend, Greg Fisher. German Fishers are also FISCHs i.e. looking like the face branch of Fieschi. Again, Fisks/Fiscs use an "ad" motto term for Aid/Ade liners. That is pretty neat stuff.

And with my mother being a Masci in one parent and a Fieschi-related Grimaldi on the other, note that Masci's, Massena's and RasMUSSENs all use a left-rising bend, for the Leopard leopard head has a so-called "ERASed" feature at the bottom of the neck (not a straight line), looking like code for the Eras variation of Rasmussens, for they share the white unicorn with Heads. The unicorn heads in the Head Shield are not erased, but the head in the Head Crest does show the erased feature at the bottom of the neck. Haddington is the location of Meschin-branch Musselburgh, and both Meschins and Mussels use symbols in the colors of the McGee leopard faces.

I think I can now give a good reason, for the first time, as to why, in my first year of organized hockey (age 12), I can remember only one event in our championship match: my goal against Jim McGee, the goalie. I didn't know he was the goalie until I scored that goal. We went on to win the championship that game, but I can't even remember the celebrations at the end of the game. All I remember is Steve Tarr in the corner passing the puck to me alone in front of the net, and by backhanding the puck in a so-called one-timer over McGee's KNEE pad as he kicked out the pad to block it. I see that event very clearly to this day. I've told this story many times, because we went into the championship due to a winning goal I scored (last minute of the game, sweet), off of Steve Tarr's slap shot, while sliding past the goal on my KNEE's. I have told this story many times wondering why God gave a knee symbol to those back-to-back goals (my goal against McGee was the first in the game), and why Steve Tarr was involved with both.

Here's what happened while on the RasMUSSEN topic: I loaded Mussens to see what I thought was a version of the Taft/Tuffs Coat, but when the latter Coat loaded, I saw that the two did not use the same colors. However, I did see that the Taft/Tuffs Crest is the very same red eagle, with flames at the tail, as in the KNEE Crest!!! The reason that the Tafts/Tuffs were loaded is because I knew the Taffs/Taffys to be obvious kin of Face's/Fessys and Mea's/Meighs! I just think that is a super find because McGee's share the Mea/Meigh boar head. As this is the Phoenix/Fenwick phoenix, how might the goal on McGee point to the Clinton-Lynch meeting at the Phoenix airport? WOW! That event is always called the TARmac meeting!!!!! I didn't realize that until midway through asking the question!!! That is stunning.

I assume that the previous goal may also have to do with that meeting. Steve Tarr took a slap shot from the blue line as he and I had a two-on-one break. The puck hit the goalie, knocked him down, and while he sprawled to the ice way out of the net, the puck came to a stop on the goal line. I was skating in with no one between me and the puck. I had looked up at the clock, previous to this, while on the bench, seeing about two minutes to go in the game. The game was tied 2-2, and it was the semi-final match, my first year. The sight of this puck sitting on the goal line caused my legs to collapse in the some sort of over-powering excitement, and so, half embarrassed, I found myself sliding in on my knees, and poking the puck with the tip of the stick's blade (glad I didn't miss it) while sliding past the post and a little hard into the boards. I got up, and the bench had cleared, all teammates coming toward me like an invasion, and they piled on top of me like we had won the Stanley cup. That's why I remember that goal. It must have been God's event for a reason. What is it?

Why was Tarr involved in my next goal of the next game? That knee-sliding event must be another pointer to the tarmac meeting, because the Knee's share the phoenix.

OH WOW! AMAZING. I have told many times that, on the first-year anniversary of 9-11, my church held an outdoor memorial to the event. I was sitting beside Miss Hicks for this event, but when I got up to speak with the pastor, STANLEY (don't know his surname) came and took my seat! About an hour later, God gave Miss Hicks her KNEE symbol on the Leakey road. Many years later, after discovering that God was setting up events in my life to match heraldic symbolism, I found that Leakeys (leg bent at the KNEE) share the engrailed bend of Knee's, and that Stanleys have the same-colored bend too. I just said that, after my knee slide, the team piled on me as though we had won the STANLEY cup! What could this mean? Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with English RENCH's, and the so-called Leakey road (in Camp Wood, Texas) is officially called RANCH road while German Rench's share the lone fleur-de-lys of Leakeys (it's also the Hicks fleur-de-lys).

OOOHHHH WOOOOW. I have said many times (not making this up) that she got her knee symbol through the glass DOOR of the GET'N Go gas bar / corner store (Camp Wood). The name of that store caused me to entertain Gethins, but I had also mentioned (in relation to that store) that McGee's were MacGETHs. It was a good theory because he had his knee symbol when I put the puck over his knee pad.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. It took me this long to get around to viewing the Mack Coat. It was loaded as per "tarMAC," and, I kid you not, the Macks have eight pale bars in the colors of the ten pale bars of Tarrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why God used Steve Tarr!!! GOD knows what Clinton and Lynch talked about on that plane, watch out, you criminals, because he's seen EVERYTHING. He was Steve Tarr, and German Stevens have pale bars in the colors of the Tarr / Mack pale bars.

I FELL down on my knees, and this may be a pointer to Fellers (Jewish) having a version of the Lynch Coat. I fell DOWN on my knees, and while Knee's were first found in County Down, Downs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. Then, they all JUMPed on top of me, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. Does this predict that the Trump team will have a big victory over the Clintons? My TEAM piled onto me after I poked the puck into the net with the BLADE of my stick, and after I crashed into the BOARDs. Teems, who use a so-called BLADE, have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Boards, but I have no idea if this relates, or, if it does, how it related to the tarmac meeting. The top half of the Phoenix/Fenwick Shield, itself split horizontally, even shares white-on-red martlets with the top half of the Board Shield.

In the Obama dream, Obama was on a SKATEboard while celebrating his freedom from the Trump team, and I crashed with skates into the boards at victory time. The very scene after Obama on his skateboard was his doom by what I saw as a snitch / stool pigeon on his team.

I neglected to re-read the Phoenix/Fenwick write-up where it says: "Over in Blagdon, another branch of the [Fenwick] family was found and held estates for some time. 'This place, which lies on the south side of the Blyth..." Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe. Two minutes after writing the last sentence, while peering at the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat that long, wondering what else could be gleaned, Susan Boyle was singing, "or to MY knees will I fall" (in the song, "I can Only Imagine"). Just as I was writing the last sentence, the coffee kettle began of BOIL. Susan BOYLE. And, heh-heh, the Scottish Boyle's share red, spread eagles with Knee's, but as Boyle's are BOYville's too, isn't it amazing that the Bothwells, who have a BOY pulling down a pine tree, share the Lynch Coat. Amazing. Kettle's share a white-ermined fesse with Coffee's (Susan colors).

The Pulling motto has "culpa" for the Culps/CUPs expected in the Coffee Coat. In colors reversed, the Boyle eagle is gold, the color of the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle. Boyle's use "PROVidebit," and Coffee's use "PROVidentia" (should perhaps be understood as "Pero-Vido" in both cases). Did you know that God influences song lines for people without their knowing? Did you think that God just sits on a throne, doing nothing? What else does He do without people knowing? You would cry, anti-Christian, if He were to show you how many favors he's done for you, without any thanks from you, you obstinate creature of Hell. It's going to be your shame when you arise from death and find out.

Incredibly, the nude rider on a dolphin, in the Coffee Crest, is shared in the Arms of Taranto, and the red Terent/Taran eagles were the first to give me the clue that the mythical phoenix is from Tarun of Lake Van. The coffee kettle just boiled, what a surprise. Taranto is in APULia, and the Bothwell boy is PULLING a pine tree. Pullings are listed with Pullys/Pullens. Bari in Apulia is across the Adriatic from Bar, and Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Boyle's. Barrs and Bute's are both Este kin, and Bothwells (near Ayrshire), I have read, were from the island of Bute. I trace Bute's to Butua, near Bar.

Repeat: "I crashed with skates into the boards at victory time." Coffee's have the Victoria's/Victorys in their motto, and Coffee's even use cups while my victory time was likened unto winning the Stanley CUP. Interesting, because God is right here with me as I write. There is no magic in the room, no special sensation within me. But He's here, working silently as I write, making things happen. It's His revelation, after all, not mine.

Hmm, Coffee's are also Coffers while English Coffers (Somerset, same as Tarrs) are also CofFARE's, a possible pointer to PEPFAR, for Coffers/Coffare's share the crescents of Irish Heffers while Hovers, who share the Aid leopard face, are also Hoffers. English Heffers (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's) share the three lions in pale of Irish Brians ("UachTAR"), whom I link to the three leopard faces in pale of Brains, and the latter happen to share the Hover/Hoffer Crest (just a white leopard face). I didn't realize until now that the "simpLICitate" motto term of Birch's could partly be for the Lice's/Lees' (I see them in a Mackay motto), who share the leopard faces of Hovers/Hoffers and Aids.

Plus, I've neglected the Birkshire's/Berkshire's (= Dutton Shield), whom I now see to share the blue-on-white bend of Birch's (Cheshire, same as Overs/Offers). Birkshire's (almost-certainly Meschins / Masci's) throw in gold frets (part-mascle), the color of the Over/Offer fret upon a blue bend! Miss Hicks HOVERed OVER the seats, and Seaton is a location in Devon, where Burys/Buris' were first found. The Axe river to this Seaton location starts in the Wiltshire area, and that's where Birkshire's/Berkshire's were first found. Seatons were at a Say location(s), and the neighboring Sors'/Soars (Dorset, same as George's), probably sharing the Say quadrants, share a blue-on-gold lion with Irish Heffers while the lions of English Heffers and Irish Brians (compare both their Crests) look linkable to the Sorrel lions. Sorrels with Sors'/Soars got suspect as God's pointer to George Soros.

I distinctly recall that the Boru family of Irish Brians (Tarr colors) had linked to Irish Birks/Burghs. Irish Brians love Brian Boru, and English Burys/Buris' (beside Tarrs), said to be Burg liners, share the fleur-de-lys of Birch's. Bore's use pots in the colors of some Burghs / Bergs while Potters were first found in Hampshire with English Burghs/Burrows (colors reversed from neighboring Burleys in Somerset). Susans, first found in Berkshire, are in Coffey/Coffer (and Burley) colors. Boyle's have a eagles in the colors of the Ferte eagle, and Ferte's look like they are in code with the Birkshire/Berkshire frets.

Susan Boyle sang "to my KNEES WILL I FALL," when the Coffee kettle boiled. Falls/Vails share the black stag head with Knee's. Wills love the Griffins who in turn love the Velis'/Vails who in turn look like a branch of same-colored Falls/Vails.

Last year, I spent a lot of time over five or six months on my KNEES, wearing knee pads, pulling WOOD sorrel (weed) as soon as it would come up (1/4" tall). It never stopped, but did slow towards September, and I'm hoping it won't come up this year as a sign that Soros and his fellow weeds will be defeated. Note that Woods were first found in Leicester, location of the Soar river. Why do Sorrys (fasces) use a "FACTisque" motto term looking like it could be for Faucets? Is this indicating a Soros-Fauci partnership? Nothing makes more sense at this time. Expect Soros to be in the midst of this corona scheme to bring Trump down. Instead of the "simpLICitate" motto term of Birch's, Sorrys use "simpLEX." "LEICester" is excellent for the Lice's/Lees' because Leghs (Sorry lion?) are also Lee's while the Soar is also the Legro river. It appears that the Birch motto is for something in / through Leicester. The Leicester surname, with a Lys-like Lester variation, even shares the Birch fleur-de-lys. (Sorrys and Lex-like Lecks (share Tiss/Teece chevron) both love the Tiss/Teece's in their motto. Lex's were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess'.)

Hose's, first found in Leicester, use human LEGS, we get it,. Leaks/Leakeys have a human leg bent at the knee, as do Prime's expected in the "primos" motto term of Hopkins. Is this a pointed to the guilt of Johns Hopkins university in this corona scare? When I say, "scare," I do mean that it's a hoax, in a way, yet it's a real disaster in-the-making because those advancing the hoax want to turn it into a disaster. The swan head in the Leicester/Lester Crest is in the Stafford Crest, while the Pistols (Stafford chevron) in the Hopkin Coat were first found in Leicestershire. Hopkins are said to have had a branch in Staffordshire, and the Staffords are said to have been from Tonys/Toeni's of Leicester.

Okay, so God made the kettle boil just as He was using Susan Boyle to point us to the Knee phoenix, and Coffee's and Boyle's both got us, independent of one another, to the Tarun line from Lake Van, home of the BIAini, a Bia peoples, for "ini" is a suffix. And so the Bia look like they become the Boil-like Boii of Pannonia, making perfect sense where I see the Biaini as the namers of Banias/Panias.

One of the superstars of this discussion, the Macks, have another left-rising bend, which is owned by Masci liners going back to mythical Mucius (like "(Ras)Mussen"), who lost his right hand, with only his left/sinister hand remaining. He lost his right hand in hot coals, which might just have been the theme of the phoenix out of the hot coals or ashes. The Mack bend-with-symbols is a version of the same in the Masci and Massena Coats. As Tarrs are also Tarres', it's notable that Terras' have a version of the Mack bend-with-items. It recalls that I traced the mythical Phoenix to a Biaini peoples at Tarun, at MUS (looks Mucius to me) of Lake VAN (Terents/Tarans share the red spread eagle with Phoenix's/FANwicks) years before finding the Phoenix/Fenwick surname. I reasoned that the Biaini named Banias in Phoenicia, and that the Panias version of "Banias" created mythical Phoenix, king of Phoenicia, father or ancestor of mythical CadMUS (combination CADUSii and Mus Armenians at KADISH of Phoenicia).

THIS IS AMAZING, for I did not realize until this week that the red Knee phoenix had red flames at its tail; I thought the flames were the tail. The Taft/Tuff Crest is identical with the Knee Crest, and so I didn't know Tafts/Tuffs had the phoenix too, until now. I trace Taff liners to the Taphian pirates of Calydon, exactly where I trace the pagan Levites of Laish, a location smack beside Panias. I then identify Taphians with the ancient Daphne location (Dafna today) smack beside Laish and Panias, and this goes to mythical Daphne of the Ladon river, of Laish-like Elis, right beside the Panias-like Peneus river. As I identify the HYKSos from Mus of Lake Van, note that Miss HICKS was given the Knee symbol! Absolutely incredible. God showed me with TERESa, daughter of PEPIN Taff (I was probably born while my parents lived in his house), that this pointer was to the king-Apepi Hyksos. [For those who don't know, the Aids/Ade's are in the Levi motto, and you will see the Ades'/Addys'/Addis' below with a version of the Taft/Tuff Coat.]

Tarrs/Tarres' happen to use pale bars in the colors of the pale bars in the Chief of the Haddington Keiths/Keaths (KETTLE kin, I think), and the latter's three are colors reversed from those of Stevens. Steve Tarr. The Keith Catti are from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and the Hesse's share the suns of Bathgate's. Rasmussens were first found in Hesse. Scottish McGee's are said to have had McGETHE's (note BathGATE) and McEthe's while the Heath variation of Heths (erased rooster head) looks like it can be named in honor of their Keath branch. John Ratcliffe is the mayor of Heath, and I can link Miss Hick's knee event to John Ratcliffe, therefore, because she moved from the Get'n Go area to within ten miles of Heath.

The "MIEux" motto term of Heths/Heaths can be code for the My variation of Mea's/Meighs. Plus, Baths (Face / Mea / Taffy cross) are said to have been "Atha" too, and this now looks a lot like the Atty variation of Aids/Ade's, suddenly, especially as Baths have a good reflection of the AITon Coat. The two swords of Macey-branch Irish Mackays (not "McKay") are connected at their points, as are the two McGee swords, and Scottish Mackays do similar thing to McGee' with their daggers. And so that mysterious "Aodha / Aoidh" term in the Mackay write-up looks like it's from the Aids. That's a mouthful.

Ahh, for a long time, I haven't been able to find the Aid-like surname sharing the Fisc/Fisk Shield, but it was just found again by loading "Atha." This surname lists such things as "Atty," though houseofnames brings up only the Aids when loading that term.

This section has been inserted here after the section below was written on the trace of the Biblical Abraham to the Bramtons. I've just re-found the Bramton Coat with the Duce's (in the Schim/Shand motto), looked up as per the "Duci" motto term of Atha's/Attys. As Aids are suspect with the Aiodh term to which Mackays are traced, by what coincidence were Macks were first found in Cambridgeshire with Atha's/Attys? I kid you not, I turned the music on about an hour ago, and just as I was dealing with the last sentence, a song ("Here With ME" by MercyME) sang, "I fell down on MY knees."

Amazingly, "merces" is a motto term of the Skene's/Skins, a branch of Schims/Schene's/Shands (from Shechemites of Israel) in the brackets above. The latter surname, sharing the white boar head with Mea's/MEE's/MYs, is said to be from a ruler of Bath, and the Bath Coat has a version of the Mea/Mee/My Coat. That's just incredible, look at the timing of that song, and the band that sings it. The wolf heads of Skene's/Skins is shared by Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus'.

When describing my goal on McGee, I often described the puck as SAILING over his knee pad. It wasn't a rifle shot, in other words, but more of a high sail. I didn't realize until now that, perhaps, God chose that term because the Tenants (share McGee boar head) use a "SAIL" and "mast" in their Crest. The Tenant surname (same place as BathGATE's) first came to topic with my tenant, Helen, and Helens have three horse heads in colors reversed from the three unicorn heads of Heads. The last time I saw Helen at my place, she was standing with her new boyfriend (Steve) beside his red MUSTANg, and this caused me to look up the Mustans, who happen to be the Mussens above that came to topic with Tafts/Tuffs, who share the phoenix in the Knee Crest. Mussens/Mustans happen to have swords colors reversed from same of Scottish McGee's (share Tenant boar head).

Here's from the last update to explain why I looked Tafts/Tuffs up upon seeing the Mussen Coat: "I regret that I can't find the Ad-like surname sharing the checkered Shield of Fiscs/Fisks (it's half the Arms of Meulan), but I did just find an Ades/Addys surname having a version of the Taft/Tuffs Coat" It's the Ades'/Addys' who are in the colors and format of Mussens, not the Tafts/Tuffs, but I couldn't recall which other surname had the Taft/Tuffs crosslets. It turns out to be another Aid/Atty-like surname. "Addeys" is listed with Aids/Ade's.

In the 1979 dream, as I've said many times, I TOUCHed her knee with my hand. I also say that I grazed her knee with my hand, the point being that the Touch/Tuff surname was first found in Cheshire with Tafts/Tuffs'. I had no shirt on when grazing her knee, which looks like a pointer to Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire, same as Tafts/Tuffs / Touch's/Tuffs), who happen to be in the colors and format of Ades'/Addys', and then the Lizarts/SARDE's were first found in Provence with Graze's/Grasse's.

As soon as I touched / grazed her knee, we were RISING into the sky as code for Rhizon at KOTOR. This is an Abraham- / Bramton-related subject of the next section written yesterday, and so let's remind of the Bramtons sharing the Coat of Duce's who are in turn expected in the Atha/Atty motto. If it quacks like a duck, Duce's could be a duck liner, and you will see why Kotor links to Bar and Bar-le-DUC. For the GRAZE-Lizart discussion at hand, note that English CRAZE's/Grasse's share the bend of French Crispins (Lorraine, same as Bar-le-Duc) while English Crispins (barry = Barr liners) were first found in Oxfordshire with LIZARD-using and Kotor-like Cottars. French Crispins even share the pomegranate with GRAZI's. Hmm, the latter are in the colors of German Leopards (Westphalia, same as Ducks and Lipps!), while Scottish Lipps/Lippers share the brown lion with Kotters. Miss Quinn punched BARRY in the LIP!!! That snuck up on me, I didn't know I'd be here when starting the paragraph.

As Bar is in the land of the Cavii, the line to Chives', and expected to Bruno's and Brons/Browns (very-Bramton important), it's notable that the Cottars share a brown lion in Crest with Brons/Browns. ("DOWN on my knees" just sang from the song, "I Can't Even Walk"; don't forget that Knee's (County DOWN) link to Panias liners). Scottish Lipps share the Chives motto (includes "non" while Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Nons). Lookie: likewise first found in Provence with Lizarts are the Larins having variations like Lorraine's, and sharing the scallops of Cavii-like Capes'. I trace the Levites of Laish to Lissus, a city of the Cavii near Bar. Might the Lipps and Leopards (probably of the Pierleoni Jews) have been Levi liners? Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Capes-like Chappes' and the Lys'/Lise's!!! Incredible, for the pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's are used by English Lise's! Zikers. Scottish Lise's even share the double chevrons of Scottish Larins! Bingo-bingo-bingo.

Leavells share the three piles of Yonge's, and while I first asked Lorraine on a date at the corner of Lorne and Yonge (Richmond Hill, Ontario), Scottish Larins are said to be of Lorns. More on her in the next section, but I have just got to repeat, for the 100th time, that our last night together was because she came home with a GRASS stain on her pants. I'll show you below why her pants applies exactly to Bar-le-Duc and Ducks. I lived at LIBBy when dating Lorraine.

Continued from Before the Section Above

The Heads who came to topic with the leopard head of the leopards (same place as Ducks) use three unicorn heads in colors reversed from the three horse heads of Helens while I took a lady, Helen, out to a duck dinner once. As I said, I remember wearing my BROWN pants on that date, and it's known that Barrs of BRUNSwick became Barrs of Bar-le-Duc. I even remember that, when she left me, she brought a new boyfriend home, Steve, who was wearing brown pants on his first visit to the home. Heads look linkable to the horse heads of Pipe's and Pepins, and of the Este's (share Barr eagle, love the Vance's/Vaux's) in the Pepin motto, and Pipe's do use their camel head in BROWN.

As I said, my girlfriend, Lorraine, pointed to Bar-le-Duc because God gave her a pant symbol that I found to be code for Westphalia's Pansys/PANTzers (this was years before finding the Bar-le-Duc pansy symbol). Bar-le-Duc is in the Lorraine part of France, you see. The reason I'm re-mentioning Lorraine is that I dated her for only a couple of weeks, maybe three, and during that time I moved into a new place where the landlady was the friend of Miss Quinn, which I would not have known had she not dropped in there when I was at home! Amazing, suddenly, for both Lorraine and Miss Quinn have pointed to the same Barr elements in Westphalia, which really makes Barry look like he's a pointer to Bill Barr.

OH WOW, as I've said many times, that new place was at the corner of LIBBY and Rumble, Richmond Hill, Ontario!!! The Libbys must be a Lipp branch! Barry was my friend at that time (summer of my 24th year), but would no longer be my friend after the late summer of that year i.e. I assume God set me up in his life for these pointers.

Barrs (Este kin in Brunswick) share the eagle of Este's and Segni's/Segurana's; the latter are in the motto of Face's/Fessys!!! Brons/Browns (share brown lion with Scottish Lipps) use a "majESTas" motto term, as well as "FloREAT" looking very linkable to the "wahREIT" of Fischs/Fishers (share fish with the Arms of Bar-le-Duc), for Face's/Fessys are a branch of Fieschi, in Genova, where Segni's/Segurana's were first found. She punched Barry in the FACE, and I saw his lip drip a little blood. The Barr and Fisch/Fischer fish is highly suspect as the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and Brons/Browns were first found in Cumberland with Saracens.

Barr-suspect Bruno's (same place as BARone's) are said to have had a branch in Asti, at the Cuneo part of Italy, and Cuneo liners are to Conns and Conys, one of which has a coney rabbit holding what's said to be a pansy. Cunninghams were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs.

I can trace Barrs to the bloodline of the Biblical Abraham with his other second wife, Keturah. In short, I've realized that "Bruno" is a term from "HeBRON," the land in Israel where ABRAM/Abraham lived, and BRAMtons use the double Brunswick lions in colors reversed. There's more too it, but that's the gist. Ahh, the Brons/Browns are in the colors and format of Leopards/Lippards!!! WOW. I get it. Plus, as God used SHARON Quinn to punch Barry, while no Sharon surname comes up, perhaps God's used her to point to Israel's Sharon plain, at the Megiddo area slated for Armageddon. Hmm.

Miss Hicks appeared in a dream starting with a shark that was revealed, later in the dream, as a pointer to Saraca's of Kotor (near modern Bar on the Adriatic coast from Kotor). Kotor is beside Rhizon shown on this old map, and Bar is where a SELEPitanoi people group lived, explaining why Miss Hicks feel to SLEEP when hovering over the seats of the car. The Selepitanoi were to the direct north of the Cavii peoples who named Chives', and the latter share the motto of brown-lion Lipps.

I thought God was showing me my future wife, because He directed me, in the dream, to go wake her up, at which time I planned to kiss her awake Sleeping-Beauty style i.e. kiss her on the LIPS!!! I've told of this Sleeping-Beauty scene many times but didn't know her lips were to be a part of the pointers. It's proving that Scottish Lipps (Aberdeenshire, same as Chives') are using the brown Bron/Brown lion, and that Bruno's, Barone's and Browns are from Bar of the Selepitanoi theater. Some maps place the Bar-like Abri people group at Bar, suspect with the namers of Abruzzo. I claim that Abruzzo liners named Bruce's (Yorkshire, same as Libbys), and the latter share the Libby Coat. it just so happens that royal Bruce's were from Annandale, a location named after Ananes Gauls that I think were from the Anaki (Anunaki?) of Hebron!

As I leaned over to kiss her, I saw my hand touch her knee, and she then flew (before i could kiss her) into my arms, and we were then RISING into the sky while embraced, a picture of the rapture, I suppose (I was a Christian only a week when this dream was given, and I didn't yet know about the Biblical rapture, to take place at Armageddon). The point is, our RISING was a pointer to Rhizon, right beside the Shark line at Kotor.

Well it just so happens that Kotor-like Kodros, mythical king of Athens, had a fish symbol, which is the symbol in the Arms of Saraca. Plus, Kodros had a son, Medon, like Medan, son of Kotor-like Keturah, second wife of Abraham. Then, Keturah like Katrina is the first name of Miss Hanson, the ice-cream girl in the last update whom I took out with the Quinn-family car for our first date (way back at my age, 16). The car was a red Valiant, and the Valiant surname happens to use a shark. Katrina lived on WARDen avenue when I dated her.

I realized that Keturah's son, Medan, named a tribe that eventually named mythical Medea, a witch of Colchis. Medea's goddess, Hecate, must have named mythical HECTor, and his mother, Hecuba. The latter had married Abram-like Priam, you see. Priam's other son was Paris, code for Parion in Mysia, though it's on the map above Priam-like Parium, you see. Myth characters were just code for real entities; myth characters did not at first name anything, but real things named myth characters until worshipers named places after their gods. Paris abducted mythical Helen, code for the people who named Hellespont, and my Helen, the one I took to a duck dinner, pointed us to Bruno / Brown / Barr liners with the brown PANTS I wore to that dinner. The Barr-related Pansys/PANTzers, you see. And that's another reason that "Brun" should be named from some tribe from HeBRON that was of the line of Abraham and Keturah.

The Abram-like Bramtons (Brunswick Coat in colors reversed) share the Coat of Sempers, and the latter are named from "St. Pierre," a Priam / Paris-like term. French Pierres'/Pierre's happen to share the Bruno bend. I met Miss PEARE when she worked for REITmans clothing, and Brons/Browns use a "FloREAT" motto term (part code for some family in Florence, where Bruno's were first found). Reitmans can be linked to Feltmans and Caplans, both using the red-black Shield colors of the Fischs/Fishers having a "wahREIT" motto term.

Miss Peare had been pointed heavily by God to the line of Godfrey de Bouillon, and so I'd like to flip to the Meads and Meadows having a version of one Godfrey Coat. I want to go back to Mark Meadows, whom I don't trust fully to reveal corruption, but whom Trump made his Chief of Staff. It was while I was stressing Farrah Fawcett, though I've never stressed her before, that the article came out about: "Meadows is currently considering several candidates for the press secretary job, including Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McENANY. The new chief of staff is also considering hiring Alyssa Farah, the current spokeswoman for the Defense Department, for a communications role..." The McANANy/McEnany Coat has three red lions in pale versus two red lions in pale of Bramtons! It recalls the Bruce's of Annandale, and how the Ananes of that place can be from the Anaki of Hebron, which Abraham, I think, had befriended.

The Anger-related Anchors/ANNACKers (share the three Nagle lozenges) happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Annan(dale)s, and the latter share a gold griffin with Anger-related Hangers...we have just learned a major secret of which surnames (includes Nagle's and the Neil/Nihill kin of Vere's) formed from the Anaki of Hebron. German Nagle's/NAILs/Neils were first found in Westphalia with Ducks while Logans/Ducks use nails, we get it.

The witch man, Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, claimed that Vere's descended from Anunaki, and he also had his Vere line descend from mythical Melusine, mother of Milo de Ver, fictional first count of Angers (Anjou), that's right. And Melusine is, I claim, the heraldic mermaid that one can see in the McAnany/McEnany Crest. Therefore, the red bull head in the Anchor/Annacker Crest sure looks like a version of the red dog head in the Bramton Crest, serving as evidence that Bramtons at least thought themselves to be from Abraham. The Fulk counts of Anjou included Geoffrey Plantagenet, who had or was given a sprig of BROOM as his symbol, and Brooms/Brome's can be gleaned in the Bramton write-up: "The surname Bramton was first found in Norfolk where they held estates as far back as 1205, when Geoffrey BROMpton at that time." English Plantagenets even share three lions in pale with McAnanys.

I served evidence that God gave me/us a dream with a DOOR handle missing a BARREL-shaped part. It was mentioned that Barr-suspect Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors, but it can be added that the dog head of Barrels has a red ear, which may indicate that Barrels were related to the red Bramton dog head. If the Barrel dog head is removed, the Barrel Coat becomes that of Door-like Dure's (named DurWARTon). Recall Doors/DurWARDs, for French Dure's (Dol) share a WARD Coat, perfect. This dream thus reveals that Doors were also Dure's. Dol was home to Alans, expected as a branch of Helens (Brittany, same as Dol). The Nons in the motto of English Dure's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs.

God's Pointers to White-House Staff

I don't trust Ms. Farah. The timing of finding this article while connecting Farrah-Fawcett themes in my life to Fauci makes her doubly suspicious. Plus, if the "Mea" motto term of Meadows is any clue from God as to who Mark Meadows belongs, see how the Taffs indicate that FACE's/Fessys and Mea's are using the same cross. Is this telling that Mr. Meadows will be a player on the Fauci side to ruin Trump?

I once watched Mark Meadows like a wolf on two whistle-blowers (appearing in Congress) seeking to reveal the anti-Trump deep state. I can't recall the names of the two men, nor what they were seeking to reveal. Meadows was attacking them, seeking to discredit them, by the looks of it. I don't think that video was supposed to get to the public, because Meadows was downright ugly. On TV, Meadows looks totally sold out to fighting the deep state. Did Trump choose another enemy? Did Trump knowingly choose a deep-stater to fool his voters into thinking they've got an anti-deep-stater? It seems the way he operates continuously.

I'm noting that Meadows are in the colors and format of Dogs/Doags. I'm already of the impression that Fauci's program (he doesn't own it, but he's helping it along) is what fulfills the bulldog in the dream, half swallowed by the deep-state shark. I might note have mentioned the possible Dog-Meadows relationship, but the Dog Crest has a thistle in Crest, as does the Fauch Crest. A way to a Meadows-Dogs blood link is by a comparison of the Meadows and Wayne Coats (they share chevrons and pelicans), and then follow the gloves of Wayne's to the Glove's, first found in Perthshire with Dogs. The latter share the Bus cinquefoil, and Wayne's use an "omniBUS" motto term. To know that Meadows use code in their motto, they use "Mea dos."

I'll add this paragraph too, though I'm shooting in the dark. I purchased my Texas property from Miss Friend, and Meadows are in Friend colors and format while friends were first found in Somerset with Meadow-branch Meads and a MEDLYcott location of Motleys. Wayne's share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vans/Veynes', and the Motley write-up speak to this: "The Medlycott family of VEN House..." Pellicans share the tower of Howells, the latter first found in Monmouthshire (near Meads of Clapton) with their Fane/Vans/Veynes kin. Meads were once said to have been first found in Sussex, where MEDleys (Grisham stars) are still said to be first found, and Medleys have a TIGER in Crest while Teague's are also TEEGERs. Miss Friend above married Mr. Teague, and Teague's/Teegers love the Diems in their motto, who are listed with DITTmayers. The Wayne's (share the ermined chevron of Friends and Meadows) have an "acciDIT" motto term while Ditts are said to use stripeless tigers. Teague's use "opTEM," Wayne's use "TEMpus," and Motleys of MEDLYcott use "quieTEM." Teems are also Diem-like Tiems.

God led me to purchase Mrs. Teague's Texas property to meet Charlotte Hicks so as to add to the 1979 dream that is now pointing to Fauci. The Texas surname shares the Coat of Faucet-branch VAUX's/Vallibus'. It's also the Arms of Mellent (Meulan) while Scottish Mellents are listed with Millens sharing the giant Faucet lion. Millens can be expected as a branch of Melansons. For what it could be worth, Irish Melans were first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

Hope Charlotte Hicks left the White House when Trump fired Rob Porter. She then went to Fox news as a leader in its communications department, and after being seen with Porter for a weekend outing, she returned to the White House very recently, though I don't know what she'll be doing there. This Ms. Farah appears poised to be heading some part of Trump's communications department at any imminent time. I find it pretty amazing that the German Hope's/Hoods use a colors reversed version of the Fare Coat (giant anchor), looking like a special pointer to Ms. Farah. English Hope's use an "At" motto term that can easily be for an Aid/Ade variation such as "Atty," amazingly.

As I write, the Washington Post has an article one hour old telling that Meadows chose to replace Grisham with another attractive woman, Kayleigh McEnany. Politico has good news about her: "New White House press secretary downplayed pandemic threat and said Democrats were rooting for coronavirus" Don't be intimidated by the rows of demons all lined up to shoot at you all at once. Ms. McEnany. Fire back, revealing their hypocrisies. Nobody more than Democrats, led by Politico and the Washington Post, downplayed the virus when it was politically expedient.

The English Hoods/Hoots have the crescents, in colors reversed, of English Saracens/Sarasins, first found in Cumberland with Scottish Fare's, and Irish Fare's share the giant moline of French Sarasins.

The article goes on: "Farah has held several roles in the Trump administration. After leaving her job as the spokeswoman for the House Freedom Caucus [run by Meadows] to become Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary, she moved to the Pentagon last August. But this would be her first position in the West Wing. Farah has remained close with Meadows since her days at the Freedom Caucus." I now trust Farah even less, but let's see what happens. By some coincidence or not, the Irish Farah surname has half the Brunswick Coat.

Spanish Farah's/Fare's are also Fars. In the last update, it appeared that the Farah-like Fars pointed to Deborah Birx because she controlled PepFAR starting in 2014. Pepfar is now Trump's AIDS-funding program. I and others had noted that Birx likes to wear shoulder covers that to me look like scarves, and it just so happens that the so-called "sleeve" in the Far Crest looks exactly as though it's a piece of clothing worn over the shoulders. It's the red one in giant form in the Tony Coat, and is at times called a "maunch" as code for a family of Manche, France (home of Fare-branch Vere's). Toeni's are ancestors of Staffords. As the red Tony sleeve is in the Far Crest, note that Staffords had a branch under a Ferrers family (apparently descends from St. Hilaire du Harcourt in Manche). Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire along with Ferrers/Farris', and while Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries, that's where Hopkins were first found whose Pistol kin were of Leicestershire along with Tonys. Is there justification in this paragraph for linking PEPFAR in a coronaVIRus conspiracy with Johns Hopkins university? Hilaire du Harcourt is at least near the VIRE river of Manche.

Vaux's/Vallibus' are expected from Harcourts too, and then Scottish Vaux's and Faucets were first found in East Lothian with Haldans; the latter seem (in the Dempster write-up) to be ancestral to Dempsters ("The first record of the name was "Haldan de Emester of Perthshire...". There is a Hilaire Coat sharing the swords of Dempseys and Dempsters, the latter using a so-called "ribbon," a symbol of the AIDS disease. That's interesting. Is Hilaire pointing to Hillary's fingers in the AIDS cookie jar? Reminder: the Rodham Coat is a cinquefoil version of the Aid/Ade Coat. And the Ferrers Coat has six horseshoes in the pattern if the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. By some coincidence or not, Aids come up as "Atty" while "Aty" gets the Tire's/Tiers expected in the "ForTIER" motto term of Dempsters. Obama chose Martin Dempsey to rule much of his military establishment. Don't fail to read until the ribbon is mentioned again.

One can make a neat and not too round-about link between Fars and Faucets by starting with the sharing of wavy bars between Spanish Farah's/Fars and Sutys. The Nothings/NORTHens (Seaton dragon) in the Suty motto take us to the DeNordi variation of Narbonne's/Denardo's because they share the Farah/Far tower and the lion of Norths (dragon), which is almost the lion of Irish Farah's. The latter's lion is in the colors of the lion of French Narbonne's, and, finally, the point is, Sutys are a branch of Side's (share Faucet lion) who named FauxSIDE castle of the Faucets.

The article I'm quoting from starts off like so: "White House press secretary Stephanie GRISHAM is leaving the job without ever having briefed the press. CNN has learned she is returning to the East Wing as first lady Melania Trump's chief of staff as President Donald Trump's new chief of staff Mark MEADOWs shakes up the communications team in the West Wing."

It seems that God predicted the Grisham-Meadows team where GRIShams share the pierced stars of Mead-branch Medleys and Methleys. Meads were once said to have been first found in Sussex with Medleys (share tiger in Crest with Side's). The Gris surname has a giant star colors reversed from the same of Annas', and a version of the latter's Coat is with Thatchers/Thackers who in turn share the grasshopper with Grishams. I see Annas' as a branch of the Annacker variation of Anchors i.e. a Anaki line, same as McAnanys/McEnanys, and: "Meadows is currently considering several candidates for [Grisham's] press secretary job, including Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany."

OH WOW. I was just looking at the mention of MELANia Trump in that article, which reminded that Miss Quinn punched Barry in the mouth at the apartment of Steve MELANson. As I said, God spoke to me that morning, telling me to WRITE (what's that for?) down on paper that Steve and I would have a disagreement that night. And that night he was upset with me because I left his PARTY, so I handed him the NOTE from my PANT POCKET. This paragraph was started when wondering whether that's a prediction that I've become thumbs-down on Trump's political PARTY. I think that God lured me down this heraldic alley for the thing in the next paragraph. At first, when writing this paragraph, it was only interesting that the Gris Coat is virtually the Pocket Coat, for Ms. GRISham was Melania's chief of staff.

But I then loaded Hockeys (share the Note/Cnut and Melanson crescents) to find that they share the three pierced stars of Grishams!!! That is so cooool. I stumbled on it. I actually loaded Hockeys to check whether they share the Paper chevron, for the note was a piece of paper. As it turns out, the Paper chevron is colors reversed from the Note/Cnut chevron. Hockeys apply as per what was said in the last update: "As for the note that God asked me to write, which ended up in Steve's hand, it was deciphered (months ago) as God's pointer to Note's/Cnuts/Knots, for they have a near Coat version of the Melansons. Soon after, Melanson asked me to help him coach a hockey team, and I did, to discover, some 40 years later, that Hockeys have a version of the Melanson Coat too."

It's more than interesting that Danish Cnuts use a "pot hanger" as code for Potters and Hangers/Angers, a branch of Anchors/Annackers. Coincidence?

After showing a vision that Miss Quinn would suffer head trauma, God told me to WRITE it DOWN on paper that Melanson and I would have a disagreement. After I handed Melanson the note, Miss Quinn suffered her head trauma at the DOOR. After running to her, I got DOWN on one KNEE to pray (very unexpected thing for this drinking / doping gang to see), and so it's interesting that Knee's and Prays together were first found in County DOWN while Write's share the three leopard faces of Doors. He told me to WRITE it DOWN. I'm struggling to understand why the Wright Crest is the white leopard face in the Hover Crest; I'll let you know if there's a breakthrough.

Amazingly, while we saw why Melania Trump and Grisham are being pointed to in all this, the Downs, first found in Sussex with the Meads sharing the pierced Grisham stars, use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, and on the shoulder of the Down stag, a black star, the color of the Medley / Grisham star.

I'd like to go to the dream with Obama's billiard hall, which he owned with an unspecified partner. I was given a top-view of the hall, with the tables arranged in a giant L-shape. I can't figure out what that can mean aside from a person whose name starts with an 'L.' Loretta Lynch? So, I found myself starting to take a shot on one billiard table, but the cue ball was a piece of paper lying flat on the table. I therefore turned it into a paper plane, and rifled it, but missed the red ball next to the corner pocket. The plane went right straight into the pocket for a sewer shot.

In the very first instance of my trying to decipher this, God showed me, from a Battistelli song that sang, "I'm and empty PAGE," that the piece of paper was to be regarded as a page, for the songline sang just as I loaded the Page surname to take a look for clues. I decided to decipher the page as a pointer to Lisa Page and/or Carter Page of the Steele-dossier crime, for the cue I was using looked like code for Perkins COIE, Hillary's legal firm which purchased the Steele dossier. Much later, I realized that the SUTER variation of the Sewer surname was a pointer to Barry SOETORo, Obama's previous name. The sewer was likened until Trump's swamp.

The billiard hall was expected as a pointer to Bill Clinton's birth name, BLYTHE, for BILLETs are used by French Billiards while English Billiards (nearly the same Coat) are more-properly, Hillards. It looks like a pointer to the Clintons. And that's why the paper plane was theorized as the Phoenix plane upon which Bill Clinton climbed to see Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch, to ask her not to get Hillary in legal trouble concerning her email crimes. I found evidence in the SOTTERley location of Platters that the paper plane was a pointer to the PLAIN/Platter surname (Suffolk, same as Platters). I'm re-telling this story because the following was added to the last update a few minutes ago:

I didn't realize until the next update that the French Loys/LOUIS', who share the Brick lozenges, are in the "loy" motto term of Birks/Burghs. This is amazing, because I was living with LOUISE (bad girl), and promptly after getting her to leave the apartment, I dated Miss Whelan [Whelans share the Brick Coat]. What could this come to mean as per Ms. Birx? Louise and I lived at ELLESmere, perhaps a pointer to Marc Elias [of Perkins Coie], Hillary's lawyer who purchased the Steele dossier. The Elias' share the Elis Coat.

That's when the Elles Coat was loaded to find, not the Ellis Coat, but the Plain/Platter Chief in colors reversed. So, what is this? Am I now to believe that my being with Louise was a pointer to the Phoenix airport? Well, near the end of the sleeping-bag dream, which had me walking through a MALL PARKING parking lot, there was a scene inside the mall with two ladies on a PLATform, one being Miss Peare, who was my second tenant when I was living with Louise, and so (to make this short) I found (and showed) evidence that the second lady was Louise. The PLATform, which looks connectable to the Plains/Platters, was thought to be code for PLATTE River Networks, the company with which Hillary had her private server when she committed the email crimes. So, the paper plain now looks even more connectable to the tarmac meeting to get Hillary protected from prosecution.

The sleeping-bag dream started with David Morley circling the bag on a Hillary-like hill, and then going back up the hill and back down the Rodham-suspect road from which he came. He went back down the road just as I was crossing the road (I had been on the hill too) and entering a mall parking lot. Parkings are listed with Perkins to indicate Perkins Coie (have an office in Denver along with Platte River), and Scottish Morleys/MAULs, who share the split Shield of Dossier's, proves that God gave the dream with Morley in it. Having said all that, it's notable that Ellesmere's share downward, black pheons with Page's.

To help prove that God is in all of this, the Elles' are also Eels', and then Shiptons use an eel in Crest and "bellows" (fans) in the Shield while Bellows share the Billet Coat. Billiards use billets. Plus, Bellows are of the family of surnames that include Bellys, and the last scene in the sleeping-bag dream, with Miss Peare on my platform, pointed to an event of more than 40 years ago that involved her belly (I won't repeat all that here). It just so happens that Bellows-loving Shiptons and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons who in-turn use PIERCED stars while Pierce's/PIERs and Percivals were first found in Somerset with Elles'/Eels'. It can make your head spin, but what are the chances that Bellows and Billets have a version of the Percival Coat? That's right, suggesting that the Shipton eel is evidence of their marital connection with an Elles-liner that use the eel.

Well, okay, but why would God point to these things / people when no one is punishing the people He's pointing to? What's the bottom line? The appearance of anti-Christ from these goons? Fauci has shown his colors: he wants mandatory vaccinations and other ways to ruin society if the coronavirus is not in itself good enough to ruin Trump. This appears to be a Clinton-circle program to get a Democrat president that allows the Clinton crime ring unrestricted operations (lawlessness). What are Obama's plans / visions? I suppose we shall see. Here's an example of Christian persecution this week by use of the lockdown, and I think this is a sample of much to come:

End-of-Week News, and Polly Video

On Tuesday's Hannity, Oz said that, out of 14,000 lupus patients checked, zero have coronavirus, showing that chloroquine keeps people from catching this flu. It's making Trump and Pence look like murderers even more for not getting the drug out to the severely ill. Trump was on Hannity's Tuesday show talking the blessings of chloroquine to save lives at the last moment, at the precipice of death, but then why did 1,000 people per day die last week, and now up to 2,000 daily? I don't believe those numbers are correct (higher than they should be), but why are they not down to 50, since chloroquine is available to the "few" now reported sick? It boggles my mind, and Trump seems complicit with some scheme to kill people, I can't see how else to explain this.

The only explanation is that the drug is not being used for those dying, and the commander-in-chief is therefore responsible. Nobody I see on Fox is asking whether there is a special program to get the drug to the sickest of the reported numbers, so surreal, as though this is some sort of sick, predetermined theater where even Fox is involved. They are not just numbers, they are real people, but Trump seems concerned only that the numbers will eventually go down, just in-time to re-start the workforce, la-tee-da, take his sweet time. Why didn't Hannity ask Trump why this drug isn't getting to the sickest of patients, or what could be done to do so? That's what a normal person would ask. There is something seriously evil about this situation even on the Republican side.

Trump pointed out the Democrat lawmaker who saved her life at the last day with the drug, and so doesn't that DEMAND that the people who are slated to die tomorrow -- literally tomorrow -- be given the drug tonight??? WHY's that not going to happen???? Doesn't this anger you? Doesn't it anger Trump? Pence, what's wrong with you? Why didn't Trump spend the entire day getting this drug out to those about to die? Is there something more important to do?

Why are all the people coming on Fox with last-minute chloroquine miracles always on the young side? Why have I seen no old person with such a story? Suspicious.

By Tuesday night, almost the entire U.S. showed significant improvements over a week before, and yet worldometers death numbers are still sky-rocketing, as though those numbers are being fixed for Democrat-political causes.

Somebody has the list of newly-reported cases who test positive. This list, with personal information -- addresses and phone numbers -- are shared with FEMA or whoever else is responsible for getting the drug out. There is no excuse not the get the drug to the newly-reported cases. So what really is going on? Euthanasia, that's what, and if that's correct, then I've changed my mind: more people are being left to die than are being reported, including those with other types of flus or pneumonia's, etc. There can even be targeting going on of certain people, nothing is too fantastic to believe in these evil days. Every evil (almost-always involves money as bottom line) you can think of is likely happening somewhere.

Ms. Birx is now advocating the testing of people in general for a check of antibodies in their bloodstream. Sounds good right? Wrong. She's advocating this test as a condition for going back to work, and so I see her game, though it's not her's, but of the people she's in conspiratorial cahoots with. They want antibody testing to take a long haul and thus keep partial-lockdown for as long as possible. They want Republicans to think and advertise this is a good idea for going forward. It's a scheme.

They will sideline people (take them out of the workforce) who test positive for the virus, and they can play tricks with this method to keep the economy poor into the next election. Even if persons have the slightest virus to the point of feeling excellent, they can remove them from the workforce for a long time with tricks, and can even falsely test positive. Shameless Democrat fiends everywhere will be conditioned to playing these games with a wink and a nod. People who have the virus minimally over a few days (zero symptoms) are probably not dangerous to others.

The best message at this time is: re-open the workforce whether or not antibody testing takes place; people must take risks. They can stay home if they wish, but people who wish to take risks, they can freely go to work in spite of Democrats crying the fake blues about it. Instead of antibody testing, give chloroquine as soon as symptoms arise. By succumbing to these antibody tests, there's a Democrat-laid trap, guaranteed. Guaranteed, those pushing the antibody testing will not say the "dirty" word, "chloroquine," because they don't want healing, they want economic destruction that they might rule the nation instead of Republicans. Can you imagine what demonism will come with such a government? God might be trying to warn us RIGHT NOW that the tribulation period is in not many years. The only people who need to be tested for antibodies are those too afraid to go back to work, in case they are immune. Fox is pushing the antibody test. What is going on?

I see a too-high possibility that we are in a literal population-control program to kill a lot of people by next summer, though this may be a program intended to go for longer than that. I've noted how "vaccine" looks like "Vaux" while Fauci has the very-apparent cause of getting a Bill-Gates vaccine into our veins by force of law based on the corona scare. I see the possibility of their targeting government enemies by some sly methods. For example, if Alex Jones goes into the hospital, his name will come up on a deep-state computer base, and the deep state can then try to get a Democrat physician to oversee his illness and pull the plug on his life one way or another.

Another near-2,000 were reported dead for the 8th, but no one I heard at Fox asked whether they were offered chloroquine. There is SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG AT FOX too. This crisis is not about saving lives or ceasing the spread of the virus; the evidence for that fact is everywhere now. Instead of pointing the finger at the American system that allows 2,000 sick to die daily without being served the cocktail, Fox is still pointing the finger at China into mid-week. Irony. Or should I say, I-Ryan-y.

Here is how guilty Trump is of murdering as many as 2,000 people daily this week: Dr. Marc Siegel surprised Tucker Carlson's viewers on Tuesday night telling that a 96-year old man about to die, but saved at the last day by chloroquine, was his father. Siegen said that the very day after taking the drug, he was better. So, how many of the near-2000 who died today were given chloroquine at the last "minute"? How many, Mr. Trump, do you know? Did you bother to inquire from those who monitor these deaths? Did you just let them die again, nearly 2,000 deaths, two days in a row? Make that three days in a row. What kind of a blasted monster are you, Mr. Trump? Tell the country the names of the doctors who just let these people die, every day, without treatment? Those doctors have blood on their hands? Trump must be complicit with this let-them-die policy. There's no other explanations except that he's a heartless monster or chicken-heart who doesn't want to rock the boat on the euthanasia program. While he's giving a 2-hour

There are different corona strains, some of which may have extended from previous years, which may be lumped in with the COVID-19 (= 2019/20 only) death counts. That would be a deceptive strategy we can certainly see the Democrats / globalists using. But then why isn't Fox pointing this out?

Some youtube channels carrying Hannity's Wednesday's show cut out the Oz section (he's announcing that chloroquine is absolutely safe), more evidence that Democrats will carry youtube's Fox shows into the election in order to have the ability to slice out the most damaging things to Democrat causes.

The following was out on the 9th to show that the 35-percent hard-core Democrats lied in a poll, on behalf of the Democrat-led cause of shunning the drug:

Jackson and Coker, a healthcare staffing firm, did a survey of 1,200 doctors nationwide and found that 65 percent would prescribe the drug to their family if they were infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, with 67 percent saying they would take the drug themselves:

It's probably true that everyone of those who wouldn't give the drug thumbs-up in the poll would indeed wish for a loved one to have the drug if it was badly needed. But by giving the drug thumbs-down in the poll, they show that they don't mind others, whom they don't know or love, to die or suffer terribly. It was Passover on Thursday, the day when we contemplate how lucky we are that life goes on. The only Purpose of Passover was for God to give life to an undeserving human race. It's to His glory, and yet not all will receive life because, instead of honoring the will of God, they steel, kill and destroy.

Stock up on foods and gasoline, because this looks like more than a temporary shutdown if the fiends can have their way. It could be a long-term destruction policy to use the manufactured crisis for forming a Democrat dictatorship. Don't be surprised if they put out the electrical grid in places to make us squirm, as Trump seeks to normalize things. They will be spying on everyone to maximum levels during this exploitation, because Trump didn't put Intelligence into the hands of the right person. At this time, a faggot (Grenell) oversees Intelligence. We know that faggots are generally our mortal enemies. Everything we say will and can be used against us, and they can even fabricate our emails to say what they want them to say. I think this is a sign of the ailing spirituality of the times.

Polly has another video (below) out mid-week, saying that PEPFAR was started partially by Tony Fauci. Polly finds a suspicious LAURA Birx in this video who she thinks might be a relative of Deborah Birx. Let's repeat that while BIRKs/Burghs have a "loy" motto term, Loys/Louis', sharing the BRICK lozenges, were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's have a "lauro" motto term. While Birks/Burghs use Yonge-like "ung" three times, I asked Lorraine on a date, for the first time, at the corner of Yonge and LORNE, and then Scottish Larins/Laurens/Clarens are "believed to be descended from Lorn, son of Erc." Larins/Laurens/CLARENs have two of the triple CLARE chevrons (Birk/Burgh / Bergen colors), but they are also the three of Dutch Burgers (though houseofnames is not showing them any longer). Lorraine was a pointer to money laundering in connection with her pointer to PEPin of Landen, which suddenly makes her a pointer to Laura Birx.

It floored me to discover, years after I showed the several ways that she pointed to Pepin of Landen, that the intersection at which I asked Lorraine on a date was both Yonge and Lorne and Yonge an Arnold (Richmond, Hill, Ontario). I asked her out at a bus stop on the Yonge and Arnold side (her apartment was nearest to Church and Lorne), and the daughter of Pepin of Landen was the daughter-in-law of Arnulf/ARNOLD of Metz! That's why it floored me to find that the intersection also had an Arnold street. Even better, Arnolds share pheons with Stops/Stubbs. "In French he is also known as Arnoul or Arnoulf. In English he is known as Arnold."

I now find that the Arnold surname has a pheon version of the Pepper Coat, how amazing is that? It took place at her regular bus STOP, and so I've told many times that STOPs/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire (beside Peppers) with Pepin-branch Pipe's...but can now add that Staffordshire is where Ferrers were first found! Again, Fars share the red sleeve of Tonys, the latter first found in Leicestershire with Peppers, tending to confirm that God is using Peppers to point to PEPFAR. Note how the Peppar variation is like "PEPFAR."

Staffordshire is also where Arrows/Arras were first found whose Crest has, in my strong opinion, the Murena tower, and yet the latter's is the giant one also of German Burgers (Austria, same as Metz's). Peppers might therefore have the lion of Irish Bergens (Offaly, beside Galway, where Birks/Burghs were first found.

As ARNOlds have what looks like the Mosca leopard, they were likely from the Mosca's of Pisa, for the ARNO flows to the Pisa area. This is near Lucca, and Lucca's share the cat with Birks/Burghs.

Pepin of Landen had married Itta of Metz, and, if I recall correctly, Metz is in the Lorraine part of France. As I've said many times, I asked her on that first date on my 24th BIRTHday, and this was used as a pointer to Berthe, wife of Mummolin (Merovingian, same as the Pepins). I now find that "Based on the Vita Gundolphi Arnulf's father was Bodegisel, a Frankish noble." Bodegisel was the name also of a son of Mummolin and Berthe above, and this Bodegisel is of the perfect time period to be Arnulf's father. I trace Kirks to Mummolin, while Lorraine lived on Kirk-like Church street, and it just so happens that the Kirk symbol is very reflection of the Crest of English Bergens, first found in Devon with BIRTHs/Berts. Pepin's wife, Itta, but also called, IdoBERGa, is thought to have been from "Arnoald, Bishop of Metz, son of AnsBERTus."

Wikipedia (can't always be trusted) doesn't say anything about Arnulf in the article for Bodegisel, son of Mummolin, yet on my scratch paper with Mummolin's family tree, I have an arrow pointing from this Bodegisel to Arnulf of Metz, meaning that I've read from somewhere that Bodegisel of Mummolin was Arnulf's father. As I said, my last night with Lorraine was with Mamie, a pointer to Mummolin. On my last night with Mamie, I took her to the restaurant of Joe Fix. Steve PAPP was probably the cook there at that time. I have an amazing section of God-involved heraldry, later in this update, as concerns Steve Papp. His discussion will link via a tail-sucking cat to Mrs. Teague, the person from whom I purchased my Texas property.

Mamie brought us with her tease and thigh symbols to Tease's/Tyes', and to the Gardens sharing the Babon boar head. Babon was a son of Mummolin. Tease's/Tyes', I've just discovered (newly), have a version of the Brabant fesse-with-items, important because Itta was born in Landen, Brabant. Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') share the star of Annas', but I think we can now glean why an Annas variation is ARNes, for this surname has a version of the Kirk Coat. It's tending to link Arnulf of Metz to Mummolin, just as my Lorraine-Mamie relationships suggest.

Of interest is that I trace BODEgisel to Bute's and therefore to Bothwells, the latter sharing the Coat of Lynch's, first found in Galway with Teague's (German Tease's are also Tecks), like the Tigh variation of Tease's/Tyes' (Berg / Burg / Burgen colors). Galways even use a Berg-like Bridge. MumMOLIN is suspect to the Moline's / Mouline's, and French Mouline's share the escutcheon of Briggs while there is also a Belgian Mouline surname connectable to Landen (Belgium). A moline cross is shared between French Burgs/Borgia's and Metz-like Mathis' (Burgundy, near Metz).

New stuff here. Birks/Burghs were likewise first found in Galway with Teague's, and so the Tease/Tyes/Tigh stars suddenly looks like those of Dutch Burgers, especially as my next girlfriend, immediately after Mamie, was Miss Burger. Plus, Dutch Bergers/Bergens (Tease/Teck saltire) share the Tease/Tyes fesse. Burg liners might be from the namers of Idoberga. With Pepin, she was the mother of Grimoald I, and then Babon's son was Grimo. She was also the mother of Begga while Bags share the Grimaldi Shield. It appears that Grimaldi's were mainline Pepinids. She was the wife of Annas-like ANSeGISel, and then Gisels/Gris' must be a branch of Gris'/GRIIMs having the giant Annas/Arnes star in colors reversed. Looking good there.

I didn't leave Lorraine for Mamie. I happened to meet Mamie on the night Lorraine came home with a GRASS stain on the BUTT-thigh area of her pants...while out on a WALK alone with a married man (I'll get to Walks below). A GRASShopper is used by GRIShams/Greshams, you see, now suggesting that her grass stain on her BUTT is a pointer to BodeGISEL, especially if I'm correct in tracing his name to Butts/Bute's. Same-colored Dutch Bode's have a version of the Bothwell / Lynch Coat, and French Bode's/Bauds were first found in Auvergne.

GRISwells (new to me now) have a DANCEtty fesse in the colors of the Tease/Tyes fesse while, about an hour before I saw Lorraine's grass stain, Mamie walked past me in her living room, and grabbed me for a slow DANCE (she had thrown a party, and somehow my gang with Barry got invited, so I dropped in while Lorraine was entertaining dinner guests, a married couple). Two or three weeks later, Mamie became my ladyfriend by way of this same Barry. I don't think it's coincidental that Griswells share the black greyhound with Kirk-like Church's while Lorraine lived on Church street.

Mummolin ruled in Chalons-sur-Marne, which used/uses (for its Arms) the Coat of Scottish Croziers (same fleur-de-lys as Birch's), which tends to affirm that the two "mum" terms in the Kirk motto are in honor of Mummolin because a crozier is in the Kirk Coat. It just so happens that French Croziers, first found in Auvergne with Mummolin's ancestry in Tullia of Lyon, share the besant of Metz's. It again suggests that Bodegisel of Mummolin was Arnulf's father. German Arnolds look like they use the flory cross of Bouillons (Auvergne) and Taddei's. The latter were first found in Florence, where the Arno flows...big clue there for Arnulf roots. Mummolin's grandparents were Artemia and Florentinus.

Back to Begga, Pepin's daughter, for German Beggers share the PEPoli Coat and the Becker checks while English Beckers are looking related to Beach's, Beachers and GRISleys/Grasleys. The latter even look connectable to Bags and Grimaldi's. Popoli's share the horizontally-split Shield of English Bergens/Burgons, who are Burgundy liners first found in Devon with the Moline's sharing the black moline with Burgundy's Metz-like Mathis'. MumMOLIN is suspect to the Moline's / Mouline's. Mamie was a pointer to the Mame variation of the Mens' in the mottoes of Pepins and Poppins.

It was determined that the line of Berthe, Mummolin's wife, was to the Berta's sharing the griffin of German Steele's, and then one should compare Beckers and Beggers to English Steele's and HALpers, then compare Pape's/Pope's to HALLs, for two other Hall surnames look linkable to the dancette-using Bergens/Burgons (similar to Kirk-crozier symbol) and the Dutch Burgers once showing the triple Clare chevrons.

As this discussion took off from the Lorraine link to Laura Birx, it's notable that the Kirk Chief shares the Fauch-Crest thistle (though so do many others). Fauchs are also Folchs, and were first found in Forez, beside mont Pilat, and then Pilate's share the pheon with Thistle's/Thissels though the Pilate pheons are in the colors of the same of ARNeys/Carneys, in case they are Arno / Arnold liners. Croziers were first found in Liddesdale, named by the Little / Liddle bloodline which may have been named from "Itta" of Metz. Little's share the crescent of ARNets/ArnNOTTs (almost a Black Coat), but also the crescent of Beggs who in turn have a giant 'A' expected for Arnulf or Ansegisel (Begga's husband).

I think I've been able to decipher the "parVO" motto term of Little's with the Vaugh variation of Walks (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks), for Walkers use "magna" while Little's use "Magnum." Walks happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Litts (and Perkins/Parkings). The Litt Coat in whole can be a version of the Fulke/Volk Coat.

Liddesdale and their Little / Liddle branch's of Berwickshire with the Aids/Ade's, who were from Ada of Warenne, and thus "Itta/Ita" may have named Ada, for the Little Crest shares the gold leopard face with Ade's/Ade's. If Itta named Little's, Ada may have named Latins for the following reason: Ada married Henry of HUNTINGdon while the Little saltire is that of Latins who in turn share the Hunt/Hunter Coat (Shropshire, same as Aiton-like Eitons). The spurs of Liddle's establishes that Little's share the saltire of Kilpatricks and Spurr-branch Supers. Ita just makes a lot of sense that we should be pointed here to Birx's AIDS programs.

Eitons are said to be from PANTulfs (lords of Eyton), a term like "ArnULF," and possible of Lorraine's pant stain. I therefore looked up Pantulfs at Wikipedia to discover: "Pantulf was present at the consecration of the church at BEC Abbey," which recalls that Bec abbey was related in some way to Toothill, and Toothills happen to use a version of the Eiton/Eyton Coat. I think I can glean that Aitons became the Altons (share Alda fesse), as well as Ada-like Alda's (included Taddeo ALDERotti) of Florence.

[Oh wow, I didn't realize until the day after writing here that one Alda Coat has the Huntingdon fesse!!! Ada of Warenne married Henry Huntingdon!!!]

Scottish Alda's (Mens Chief?) are with a form of the Taddei Chief, and Taddei's (Florence) were Bouillon kin while German Arnolds are expected with the flory cross of Bouillons. Alders/Elders ("duce") look linkable to Ducks and Pansys/PANTzers of Westphalia. The Pantulfs were vassals of the Shropshire Bellamys who sought the Norman throne with the help of Eustace III of Boulogne, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, sons of Eustace II, and the latter's wife (Ita-like Ida of Lorraine) had Tuscany elements in her ancestry.

The Pansys/Pantzers were pointed to by Lorraine's pant stain because the Arms of Bar-le-DUC (near Metz) uses a pansy symbol and so it appears we've just stumbled and hit it on the head of a nail with Pantulfs because they led to Alders/Elders (same place as Mens'/Mame's) with a "duce" motto term and in colors reversed from Pansys/Pantzers. German Becks (Westphalia) share the upright, white stag with Youngs/Jungs, and I did ask Lorraine on a date at her bus stop at Yonge and Arnold. Very impressive. Becks look like more Begga liners, for I've just realized that German Arnolds (Austria, same as Metz's) have the giant, near-moline of English Becks (recalls Bec abbey of Eitons) in colors reversed.

Alders/Elders were at Menmuir/Menmure, smacking of Menumorat, a Khazar ruler of the Mures river in Romania, suspect to the naming of More, ruled by Rollo, for example, and to Moray. Menmuir (Angus) has a KIRKton location. I'm seeing a genealogy page for "David Rollo of Menmure (c.1473 - 1532) -". Khazars had been in contact with Varangian Rus of Kiev about the time of Rollo (Rus viking). There's a REGHIN location (on my atlas) in the Mures region along the Mures, and while RAGNvald was Rollo's father, Regans not only share the blue dolphin with Alders/Elders, but the Regan dolphins are in the colors and format of the Rollo boar heads. Rollo's were first found in Perthshire, roughly between Menmuir and Moray. Lyons were first found in Perthshire who share the green lion with Lorraine's, and Mens'/Mame's are said to have been at GlenLYON of the Lyons. I'll assume that Kirktons linked to Mummolin with Kirks.

While Stops/Stubbs have a pheon version of the Pepin / Pipe Coat, Bus' share the lone cinquefoil of Pepe's/Peppards. Again, Arnolds have a pheon version of the Pepper/Peppar Coat. The Pepe/Peppard MARTLets are code for the Pepin descendent, Charles MARTEL (Charles'/Charlotte's have martlets too).

Repeat: "German Arnulfs look like they use the flory cross of Bouillons (Auvergne) and Taddei's. The latter were first found in Florence, where the Arno flows...big clue there for Arnulf roots. Mummolin's grandparents were Artemia of Lyon and Florentinus." Artemia-like Artems are listed with Aid-like Aitons, first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's and Arthurs. Irish Arthurs have a version of the Pepper and Arnold Coats, and the Bode's/BAUDs of Auvergne are from the BAUTica river of the Artois-related Arduinici. Artois is at the Belgian border i.e. near Landen. Arduinici in the form of mythical Arthur (Cornwall) were involved with Nagle kin, and Nagle's can be gleaned as kin of Mure's/Muirs.

I probably didn't need to get into these extra details; I wish it was more simple. I almost missed this: the Alda Coat with the Alder fesse has the split Shield of Gates'. If Alda's are an Aid/Ade branch, then it's pointing to Bill Gates and his probable involvement in many in the HIV/AIDS programs. Put it this way, that while Alders and Alda's point to Bill Gates, Aids/Ade's have a version of the Rodham Coat so as to point to Hillary Clinton, and, I kid you not, it didn't dawn on me until writing this paragraph that Rodhams have an Alder-like "alter" motto term!!! WOW. It's as though God arranged things to point to Clintons here. The Alders came to topic with Taddeo AldeROTTi, a potential Rodham/Roddens / Roten liner.

Recall how the Menmuir location of Alders introduced us to Menumorat of the Mures, for he was at Biharia, which I trace to Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire with ALTERs/Colters!!! I kid thee not. The Colt-like Olt (old Alutus) river is near the Mures. "According to the Gesta, the Magyars eventually besieged and seized Menumorut's fortress at Biharia..."

Lorraine my girlfriend was given a babe and a feet symbol at the same event. I can now add that the three Feet/fate martlets are colors reversed in the Pepe/Peppard Coat, and that Babe's are of Babenbergs, a family founded by Poppo I. I sense that this can be a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein because Epsteins share the Babenberg/BabenBURGER Coat, both sharing triple-red chevrons with Dutch Burgers (no longer showing the chevrons). Babbens/BABONs (Clare colors), first found in Suffolk with the Clare's sharing the triple-Burger chevrons in both colors, probably apply as the Mummolin > Babon > Grimo > Grimaldi line, and so just check it out: Grimms and Gormleys/Grimes' share the Feet/Fate / Pepe/Peppard martlets. Pepe's/Peppards share the BUS cinquefoil. I asked Lorraine on a date at her bus stop on my BIRTHday, and Berthe was Mummolin's wife. German Grimms have quadrants in Gates split colors, and share the BathGATE suns.

I didn't mean to go that long since mentioning Polly's video; here it is:

I kid you not, it happened just as I'm going to tell it to you. I paused Polly's video several minutes before she got to Deborah Birx's daughter. At that time, I got preoccupied in adding some of the following quote to the last update (I'll put the additions in Italics):

French Raymonds have the Wray Chief-Shield colors in colors reversed, and the three Wray martlets are in the Pepe Coat in case Christopher Wray (current corrupt FBI chief) is involved with PEPFAR. It doesn't matter what those letters stand for, God may have provided something about the organization with Pepe's, for example, who share the Porch/Portis cinquefoil, and the three fleur-de-lys of English Raymonds, how about that. PEPFAR's logo uses the AIDS ribbon, and while there are heraldic ribbons, the only surname I could find to fit that symbol is the Ribon variation of RAYburns (roebuck drinking). HOW ABOUT THAT.

The Pepe Crest has the three feathers, in colors reversed, in this Arms of Rothschild. My second girlfriend at KNOB Hill Farms was Miss Bauer (Jewish), and while the first Rothschild was a Bauer, Knobs look like they share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. I showed why NATIONs/Nathans and Natts/Nathans should be the reason that the first son of the first Rothschild was, Nathan, and it just so happens that Papers use carNATIONs while they are almost the Peppard variation of the Pepe's above. Miss Bauer left me for Mr. Denardo, Raymundo's best friend.

Suddenly, the sharing of the same martlets between the Pepe's/Peppards and Wrays makes sense where my first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Darlene Ray/Wray. The Pepe/Peppard Coat is even a good reflection of the Darlene Coat.

Actually, the last thing that was added to that quote was: "PEPFAR's logo uses the AIDS ribbon, and while there are heraldic ribbons, the only surname I could find to fit that symbol is the Ribon variation of RAYburns (roebuck drinking)." I then resumed the Polly video, and soon came to the 17:44 point, where Polly shows a daughter of Deborah Birx, Devron RAYBUCK!!! Wow. Just look at that. It looks like Inspired scripture :). Devron Raybuck worked in at least one HIV/AIDS program too! The Ribons/Rayburns with the roebuck, at your service.

There is even a Roebuck surname sharing the mascles of Hansons, and Miss Hanson was the first ice-cream girl less than a year before Darlene Ray/Wray became one. As German Hansons use three symbols connectable to OTTONE Visconti, note that Roebucks have the quadrants of Odin-branch Otone/Oltons (version of the Bono's, first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti).

OH UNBELIEVABLE...the other English Roebucks share the three Pepe/Peppard fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and they're also those of Hicks, somehow explaining why Hicks use a "buck" head in Crest. What in tarnation is this all about? Miss Hicks' hovering scene (the Hover surname, that is) was the first thing to point us to the ribbon-depicted Aid/Ade surname, and it just so happens, SHOCKER, that Ribon-connectable Bucks share the antlers of Conte's (and Cone's) i.e. this is the bloodline of Conteville's (note "VisCONTI"), descended from John de Burgo of Conteville, the line for a fact to BIRKs/Burghs!!! The only thing missing is a satin scarf.

The Roebucks with the fleur (compare with French Bussys) look to be using the Bush fesse when it's red (it has been in red at times). So, Roebush's are what's behind Roebucks, apparently, especially as Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Roe's. (The Oulton location of Otone's was run by Mr. Burcy while Burcys/Bursys (Burghs?) look like English-Bussy kin/branch.)

All in all, it seems that Knob Hill Farms was a contributor, just now, in pointing to Deborah Birx's daughter. I'm noting how the Farms might be a code for "big PHARMa," a phrase that Polly uses (23rd minute) after showing a clip from Laura Birx.

I'll repeat below when on the possibility that God was using Fars / Ferrars to point to PEPFAR, but let's first add that Henry de Ferrers (of Hilaire elements) was granted an estate at Tutbury, in Staffordshire with the Tutty/Totty/Tudy surname, by Hugh LUPUS while Skene's/Skins, who share the Wolf/Lupus wolf heads, share the Hilaire / Dempster swords. Why do Ferrer-like Verrers/Verys (Vere colors) share the Side lion while Tudy-like Tods, first found in Berwickshire with Aids, use a FOX? Is this a Foxside pointer to Fauci's AIDS programs? Recall how Alda's seemed to get us to Aids, for below we have Haldans in a Fauci kind of place, hmmmm:

Vaux's/Vallibus' are expected from Harcourts too, and then Scottish Vaux's and Faucets were first found in East Lothian with Haldans; the latter seem (in the Dempster write-up) to be ancestral to Dempsters ("The first record of the name was "Haldan de Emester of Perthshire...". There is a Hilaire Coat sharing the swords of Dempseys and Dempsters, the latter using a so-called "ribbon," a symbol of the AIDS disease. That's interesting. Is Hilaire pointing to Hillary's fingers in the AIDS cookie jar? Reminder: the Rodham Coat is a cinquefoil version of the Aid/Ade Coat. And the Ferrers Coat has six horseshoes in the pattern if the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. By some coincidence or not, Aids come up as "Atty" while "Aty" gets the Tire's/Tiers expected in the "ForTIER" motto term of Dempsters. Obama chose Martin Dempsey to rule much of his military establishment.

I repeated that because the Atys/Tiers/TYRE's have a version of the Scottish Boyle Coat while Irish Boyle's/BOILs were at TYRconnel. KinTYRE is an island off of Ayrshire, the latter being where Boyle's and Rayburns were first found. It was my impression that God gave us a songline, "to my knees (Phoenix pointer) will I fall," immediately after talking about the Clinton-Lynch meeting in Phoenix. The coffee kettle BOILed as she sang that song, and Coffee's happen to share the fesse of McCabe's, first found on Arran, beside Kintyre. Andrew McCabe? Was Lynch (McCabe's boss) speaking directly to McCabe (avid Hillary supporter)? Seems reasonable and expected. The fesse of Kettle's (Perthshire, same as Dempsters) looks related to the McCabe / Coffee fesse.

The ROEbuck. While Roe's are also Rows, German Rows share three red roses on a white, sinister-rising bend with Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). Rothes'/Rothchilds and Rolphs/Rove's (Norfolk, same as Roe's and Rows) both use the raven = crow, looking like a pointer to coronavirus, for Coronis was the mythical crow. I trace Rothschilds to the Biblical Rosh, suspect in naming the Rusa kings at Lake Van, and that's where I trace Hyksos, the line to the Hicks. The king-Apepi Hyksos appear in play with Pepe's and Papers.

In Crystal City (Texas), where God led me en-route to moving to a property 10 minutes from Miss Hicks, God used wallPAPER to point to Roach's. I later discovered that Miss Hicks attended a church in Crystal City about the time I passed through. It was very unlikely that she would attend there apart from some special thing, because it was more than an hour from her home. What are the chances that Crystals (fir tree) share the "Mens" motto term with Pepins and Poppins/Pophams? is Miss Hicks descended from the Apepi Hyksos? looks like.

I TOUCHed her Phoenix/Fenwick-related knee, keep in mind, as she was hovering, and Touch's are also Tuffs. I'll show you below how the Tafts/Tuffs (share Knee phoenix) can apply, which recalls God's message through Pepin Taff, the line from Daphne at Panias. As I, a Masci liner, was born while my parents rented Taff's upper floor, it suggests that Masci's were Mus liners from Van. See the Fane's/Vans, from Fano, beside the first-known Maschi's (pine cones). When I touched her knee, I, a Masci liner, rose to the sky embraced with the Hyksos, and they say that "gog' means, 'sky." Meshech are a part of Gog and Rosh.

Mythical Daphne (possibly from the Avars of the Meshech theater) was the granddaughter of mythical Everes, the "shepherd seer," and he was code for the capital of the "Shepherd Kings," the Hyksos, at Everes-like Avaris. Crystals happen to share the calvary symbol (steps up to a cross) with the Moses', and I see the naming of Biblical Moses, by the daughter of a Hyksos pharaoh, after Mus elements of Lake Van. Hyksos pharaoh, APACHnas, became suspect to the Bachs/Backs because their steer was once showing as a gold CALF (what Moses' brother made in the wilderness), and Calfs could be related to the heraldic "CALVery" code.

Recall the Mussens in colors and format of Ades'/Addys' who in turn share the Taft/Tuffs crosslets, for they are said to be from Vychan, lord of Mostyn, and while Mussens are Mustans too, Vychans are listed with Van-like Vaughns. The Crystal-like Christs (roses for the Rusa line out of Lake van) even have a Coat reflecting that of Phoenix's/Fanwicks. As Christs are also Chriss', it recalls how God used mythical Chrysippus in one morning's dream, who abducted Laish-like Laius, a descendant of Cadmus.

We can now take this back to the mythical Phoenix > CadMUS line, of the Cadusii-Mus alliance in Phoenicia, for the Cadusii named Hattusa of the Atty-like Hatti, and the Ades'/Addys' can be expected from mythical Attis, the representation of the Hatti. I see this people in Haddington, home of Mascals and MUSSelburgh, probably no coincidence. The Cadusii were given a caduceus symbol, and although it was owned by mythical Hermes, who was named after Armenians at mount Hermon (location of Daphne and of his son's Panias location), it was owned also by Tiresias, Daphne's father and son of Everes. That looks straight-forward enough to grasp migrational lines from Hyksos at Avaris to the Cadmus Phoenicians.

It's now Hyksos-interesting that while Musselburgh is a few miles from Fauxside castle, Sharon Quinn punched Barry while Berry, in France, was anciently Avaricum, looking like the Avaris Hyksos were there, and thus making Quinns, and the Quince's in the Faucet write-up, look like they could be from the Hyksos king, Khyan, the one I see as the Exodus Hyksos i.e. the one whose daughter named Moses. In the morning vision of Sharon Quinn, she looked to me like Farrah Fawcett, and while this is now pointing to historical things, it can yet point to Fauci and Birx again, for Crystals share thistle's with Fauchs, and Berry/Avaricum is on my modern atlas as, Bourges. I'll bet the Birk/Burgh line applies here. Repeat: " just so happens, SHOCKER, that Bucks share the antlers of Conte's (and Cone's) i.e. this is the bloodline of Conteville's, descended from John de Burgo of Conteville, the line for a fact to Birks/Burghs!!!"

It's making me think that Hyksos were in the plain of Sharon at the Armageddon theater. It just so happens that her brother, a wild-oats kind of guy that describes mythical Dionysus, is Dennis. The Dennis surname traces to Dionysus, and he was the grandson of Cadmus, you see. Plus, I kid you not, that at age 13, the year I met him, he joined a friend (Dave Bishop) of his to steal a new MUSTANg off of a Ford parking lot (they got caught). I didn't know this until after meeting him. I'm really scratching my head here, wondering if God would allow or arrange such a theft just to make a point in this discussion. More likely, He was not the author of the theft, but arranged for the car to be a Mustang seeing they were intent on stealing a car of some sort.

Mussens/Mustans are in the colors and format of Shirts/SHARDs and Tancreds. I trace Shards to Sardis, on the Hermus river of Lydia, and Lydians were mythically (basically or better) descended from Attis of the Hatti. I trace Tancreds to Tanagra of Boeotia, and Cadmus settled Boeotia when he migrated to Greece. If Boeotia/Boiotia is the line to Boii of Pannonia, it may have been named by the Bia(ini) of Lake Van.

Did you see the 29th minute of Polly's video, where a fake dummy is made to look like a good-as-dead patient on a hospital stretcher. Yes, this was for the news, the fake news. You need to wizen up about the methods leftists use to push political agendas through the news. It's criminal.

Oz on the 8th added to his thumbs-up for chloroquine by telling of an investigation of a randomly chosen batch of more than 2 million people (on record), only 665 patients of which were found to be on chloroquine for various reasons. All -- everyone of them -- were free of corona. It starts to appear that this drug is the stake in Bill Gates' heart. Give the money back to the people which you have stolen, Gates, you bottomless abyss:

Wow, Oz then tells that in a data bank (Insurance companies) of 9 million people, 14,000 were found to be on chloroquine, and ZERO had been diagnosed with corona. I have no idea why Oz is downplaying these numbers as a "blip" or small-fry observation. Is he afraid of offending his brainwashed viewers who insist on downplaying this drug?

If God's people cannot afford to live in the country due to lack of work, then at least begin to move to Christianized towns and cities away from the liberal din of Democratic areas. For you know that God destroyed the earth before the Flood due to men quick to shed blood, and men on the streets quick to shed blood were also in Sodom. It can't be much different in the last dark hour of satan, except that there will even be female killers. So, be smart, be logical, get out of New York, get out of Chicago. Go work somewhere else, and raise your kids in better places, safer places, for when Christian persecution arrives, your children will be safer. Spread this word in spite of pre-tribulationist STUPIDS. Never let pre-tribulationists get the upper hand over Christians, as they had prior to the Internet. Those types will remain in New York, and in San Francisco, and in Detroit, with the false security of a pre-tribulation rapture.

Post-tribulationists should buy up properties in the Bible belt by selling their expensive city homes, and they should get a cottage while they're at it. The ridiculous price of city homes will work to our great favor when the 666 commercial system is enforced. A 1-million dollar home in a city will buy lots and lots and lots of needs for many believers who do not own homes. Make your plans in your head, and on paper, and be ready to carry them out.

Dread Vaccines

Here's a really informative Canadian, I think, a lupus patient, on chloroquine. She shows an early-2017 article (a few days before Trump was official president) with Fauci "predicting" that Trump will face a "surprise infectious disease outbreak," making it appear that this manufactured crisis has been in the works for years, at the very time that the impeachment crime was hatched:

The lady (Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, part of 700 Club) takes us to the microchipping of people to stave off such things as coronaviruses, and so this may reveal how the self-appointed world leaders plan on forcing people to receive microchips for starters because most people are not liking the idea and need to be forced. As you can tell from what we are witnessing in this short stretch of lunatic times, these goons will have no problem having Democrat governments on-side, and those people have zero fear of God no matter what violence they utilize. So, it's coming. And Bill Gates is pushing the microchips, readily telling us that he is definitely "one of them." Imagine Bill gates in Hell, in just a few years, where he will one day likely be. All his money, all his toil, only to get a bed in Hell. So, never mind fearing him; fear God, save your soul, and despise (reject, abhor) everyone of "them."

I frowned on 700 Club long ago and have no idea how it's evolved since then. Polly has another video late this week with a similar topic, starting with evidence that the CDC has been greatly inflating death counts for flus for as long as a decade (really screws up the math in the section below). Polly quotes from someone telling that CDC is lumping flus in with flu-like symptoms from non-flu illnesses. Why wouldn't Fox news dare touch a story like this? It would, but only if absolutely necessary to save Trump. Only if the CDC became an open enemy of Trump, but until then, Fox does the political-correct / media-correct thing by deceiving viewers into thinking that CDC's numbers are respectable / unassailable.

As you are about to see a fiend in this Gates-addressing video, with Nowak surname, note now that Nowaks share the griffin of Scottish Alda's while Italian Alda's have the vertically-split Shield colors of Gates'. Suddenly, it can explain why I inserted the Alda's above just hours before presenting this Polly video i.e. God may be revealing that Nowak is conspiring with Bill Gates. Nowaks even have the same bend as Aids/Ade's:

As you can see, numbers have been inflated for a long time, as though in anticipation of bringing us this corona scare as the basis for the lockdown. It's a no-brainer that large businesses are loving the idea that their smaller competition will go out of business, and that not many people will be willing to start new businesses for as long as the scare can be continued. It's a crisis that lends itself to monopolization and price controls by the big corporations...that Trump's madly in love with. We will need to see what happens, though, to big corporations as people pull their stock money out of them, hopefully forever. Let the world of business go back to mom-and-pops, even if it costs a dime more to buy the things that the Walmarts of the abyss-mal world sell us.

In the 12th minute, Polly shows that there was a conspiracy to make the media hype flu scares for the purpose of vaccinating everyone, and so the conspiracy "nuts" (me included) have been right all along: they were trying to force vaccines into all of us. Glen Nowak needs to be tossed into jail for life for foisting that scare on the masses, but don't wait for Fox to call out for that, because Fox probably helped to advance flu scares. The masked hypocrite would allow you to be killed by the deep state with such a reckless attitude.

They are trying to kill people, you know, without getting caught. The lunatics have arrived to population control because they hate the masses; they would get rid of half of us if they didn't need workers for their assembly lines, and toilet cleaners. But, they have hope in robots. There are rich lunatics who would kill half the world just to get rid of rush hour and over-filled vacation resorts, believe it. Everywhere they go, they see the "filth" of poor people, yet, they created them. They made them Godless and therefore trending toward unpleasant personalities, and now they hate to see them or to be amongst them. It's what you deserve, anti-Christs, eat your just desserts. We offered you better personalities, love your neighbor and be clean of heart, but you rejected it and chose dopers, faggots, and hookers instead. What are you complaining about? Your own feces? God is going to make you lick your own feces. Into Hell you will be dumped with the heaps of Godless you have made. Enjoy their company as they tear your hair out.

Polly has some stark evidence for what we could have guessed: Bill Gates and company have been killing Africans (children included) systematically, probably as practice for killing Whites anytime soon. There will be a special bed in Hell for this man.

Thank you, Polly, that was news to me. Fox needs to share Kennedy's remarks at this time, whatever his motivations. Here's Tucker with Kennedy on vaccines (scary) three years ago:

You heard Kennedy say that an entire government discovered the murder of people with vaccines. This is what Bill Gates is about; he said so in his own words when it slipped out. He was maybe hoping the entire liberal world would support population reduction by vaccines and other injected poisons. I think Polly is right: Gates has become a demonic lunatic. You heard Kennedy say that the media won't allow his story to get out. Have liberals accepted Gates' solution for the over-crowded world? Here's a news video of last year on Gates meeting with Jeffrey Epstein, very suspicious:

Polly has more hits in one day or less than the Epstein (MCNBC) video has in 7 months. We could say that youtube / google has been suppressing the Epstein video, and that it will do the same to Pollys. We are at war with hideous goonery. We don't know what more to do but to continue to expose them with proper disdain. Please join in and show God you care. A simple website is cheap and easy to create. It's easy to upload articles. If we're going to be suppressed, we've got to go for larger volumes. The more they suppress Christian voices, the more God takes notice and gives them their just rewards. The more they suppress our articles, the more we win, for God knows how to do it. Look at how the goons are been exposed these past few years alone. Nobody calls us conspiracy nuts anymore without being viewed as a potential goon with something to hide. Jump into the shark-infested waters, and help punch the nasties on their noses. Ignore the end of the video above, as it's done by Democrat goons.

Bill Gates can rightly say that there are less people in the African town dying now than before, thanks to his drugs, because there are less townspeople alive today, thanks to his drugs.

The Math

In order to discover the approximate fatality rate for corona, we need to know how many flu cases there were in all of March, but the powers (CDC) won't tell us; either that or google won't bring us a page that does. A CDC page says that there have been between 39-55 million flus through to March 28 for this season (since about Nov/Dec), but these numbers can't be trusted anymore. I have no choice but to use them for this math, however, and though I was thinking to delete this section, but I'll leave it in case we get reliable numbers, and then just plug them into this method.

I had found this: "...the CDC page had implied that there had been at least 38 million flus to about March 17...The CDC reported 19 million cases to January 25." I suggest that the minimum for March is 6 million. I'll use this figure below.

As the CDC said that a maximum of 1/4 of people with flu-like symptoms actually have the flu, and so I think we can use 1/5. In other words, 1 person per 5 flu look-alikes has the flu, wherefore we simply multiply 6 million flu cases by 5 to find a minimum of 30 million people in March with flu-like symptoms. It's the minimum if there were more than 6 million flu cases. It's important to have the 30-million figure, to be used below. On April 9, Trump said that the number of tested people reached 2 million on that day, which is at the peak of the death numbers, by the way. At 8 pm on that day, the number of Americans testing positive for coronavirus, according to worldometers, was: 468,286. I'll lower that to a round 460,000 as the better number for the specific time when the number of tested reached 2 million (earlier in the day). They're testing only people with significant flu-like symptoms. That's a fraction of about 1/4, one person infected per four tested, which looks awfully scary right? It's not, it's a trick. It cannot be correct, because only one per four people with symptoms has the flu of any kind, and so it's incorrect to show numbers where one per four has COVID-19 flu specifically. It's going to be a lot less than 1/4.

If you look at the number of recoveries for 8 pm, 25,663, you know full-well that they are crazy loons to report such a low number. It gives you the impression that most people, from as long ago as mid-March, are still suffering with this virus, but that is not correct at all. Most people recover within a week.

Here's what we do. We take the reported 16,500 deaths (since about the first week of March) reported on April 9, and divide that number from 460,000 positive cases, to find that their picture to us is: 1 death per 28 reported cases. Wow, that sounds so scaaaaary, exactly what the crooked powers want you to think. And the big media were in fact reporting the fatality rates by dividing those two factors. But it's incorrect. We need to divide 16,500 by the number of people infected (nobody knows for sure), not by the number of infected people reported. To find the number infected, we need to go back to the 1/4 in the paragraph above, which refers to 1 person tested positive per 4 people with significant flu-like symptoms. This is their way-wrong, too-high fraction, but we will use it anyway, to see where it leads.

We found above that March had at least 30 million people with flu-like symptoms...meaning that 1/4 of them have corona, and that's 7.5 million. That is, out of 7.5 million with the virus, only 460,000 (1 per 16) have been sick enough to report themselves to a doctor. That's not frightening any longer. Okay, we are now finished by simply dividing 7.5 million by 16,500 deaths reported to date (since about the first week of March), and that's a fatality rate of one death per more than 455 infected.

However, if you are a normal person with half an educated mind, you will know that the numbers of deaths they are reporting are way-too high for the COVID-19. They are lying to us. All flu cases have been decreasing since the first of March or earlier, yet they have had COVID-!9 deaths going up like a rocket since then. Don't be their fool; they must be counting infections from other flus, even other corona flus from previous years. They are the globalist lunatics seeking to use this shutdown to ruin Trump.

Repeat: "That's a fraction of about 1/4, one person infected per four tested, which looks awfully scary right? It's not, it's a trick. It cannot be correct, because only one per four people with symptoms has the flu of any kind, and so it's incorrect to show numbers where one per four has COVID-19 flu specifically. It's going to be a lot less than 1/4." If we use 1/8, then the fatality rate actually doubles to one per 227 corona infections, but that's only correct when we use their number of corona deaths. However, if they are over-shooting the number of corona cases per flu-like symptom, then they misdiagnosing, and are also over-shooting the number of deaths. And this is the likelihood because, as we saw, there has been a flu scare planned for the world, and here we are.

It's a global scare-scheme because Bill Gates and company wants to sell to the whole world before he dies and goes to Hell. He wants to achieve the undisputed richest man ever of the entire 21st century, and other corporate-biggie conspirators have had a lot of time to iron out how best to use the crash of the economy to their gobble-gobble benefit.

With chloroquine now distributed to the hot spots, we expect death numbers to go way down in the next few days, but the powers do not want this. In Trump's news conference on the 9th, nobody talked about chloroquine's use in saving the 2,000 who have died each day over the last three days. Chloroquine was a banned topic on this night. No one from the press piped up to ask, "how's chloroquine doing to lower numbers?" Pence came out once again crying the blues like he cares for those high numbers of deaths, yet he did not say one word about the drug that saves. Therefore, this is a euthanasia program, and Fox's bosses seem to have been tipped off. So far as I know, the United States still taxes the dead, and old people are always the richest. Lots of killing of the aged = lots of extra government money to fight wars abroad, to out-muscle Russia, that's what this must be half about.

Instead of talking about how the rush to ship and supply chloroquine is going, the press asked about the details on testing people. Which do you think is more important for this week? I am in horror at what is going on. It's unspeakable. Mass murder. And mass testing seems to be part of Gates' drive to chip us all.

Fauci tonight talks like he's the president who decides how to get the workforce back to work. He says things like, "I'd like to see..." He's in his element in the press conference because the press representatives are all his buddies; he sends out the liberal message to them, and Trump lets this go on like the idiot in the pack of wolves. When Birx opens her mouth, the tone under her words are, "abandon all hope." Fauci's tone is uppity: "We can do this, we really can, we can stay at home for the rest of the year." Fox is doing Fauci a favor by emphasizing mass testing, which will slow down the back-to-work world while claiming it will speed it up. Texas paved the way for opening the economy by week's end, good for Texas.

Carl Levin was on Hannity on Thursday doing what I've seen no Fox anchor yet do, aside from Laura Ingraham: criticize Fauci and Birx together for stalling the back-to-work program. Nice going. Meanwhile, the head cheese (Mr. Redfield) of the CDC went on CNN on this day to Mickey-Mouse chloroquine. If you doubted the conspiracy, there you see it nude and obscene. The globalists don't want the one-dollar-per-pill chloroquine. Generic hydroxychloroquine is less than a dollar per pill (still a cash cow), at $40 per bottle of 50.

Most youtube channels showing Hannity clipped out the end with Sarah Carter telling briefly about a new set of FBI documents showing conversations with Papadopoulos. Also, at least two youtube channels clipped out a damaging-to-Democrat part(s) of Ingraham. Youtube will not allow most Republicans who show these Fox shows to be seen; youtube allows the Democrat-run channels to come up first when we search, for example, "Ingraham April 9." It's been that way for many months. Here's Ingraham if you can get it:

Ingraham conveys that the second French test of 1,061 corona patients, by Dr. Raoult, was a success. However, on Friday, Oz reported that 4 percent (46 patients) had the flue more than 10 days, while the remainder (96 percent) had no infection (RECOVERED) within ten days. Of the 46, 10 went to intensive care, and 5 died. All received the drug early. Oz reported that patients taking blood-pressure drugs (amongst the 1,061) did significantly worse with this flu. He didn't say whether there was a theory on the five deaths, a high mortality rate of 1 per 212. He didn't even mention the ages of the dead. If they are all over 65, then this test begs the world to go back to work, because there would then be very few people, of working age, who would die. Sooner or later, virtually everyone will get this virus to one degree or another. It is senseless / reckless to add severe financial hardships to the pain of getting a flu that most recover from as normally as with other flus. Give the poor the choice of going back to work TODAY!

Lookie: "Yet, itís important to say that in 4.3% of cases (46 patients), the sickís health has deteriorated. 10 patients have been placed in intensive care, 5 aged between 74 and 95 have passed away since then (0.47%) and 31 required ten-day and more at the hospital. Among this group, 25 [of the 31, I assume] have been cured at the time the study was released and 16 are still at the hospital." Look at the ages of those who passed away, all over 74. Why didn't Oz mention this? It's not a trivial point. As many as half of that age group are in nursing homes and therefore not in high danger from a world gone back to work. Just give all old people chloroquine so that they don't get the disease in the first place. FIRST PRIORITY: give small doses of hydroxychloroquine to everyone over 65 if they are in danger (one or two old people living alone can probably forego until November).

The professor concludes his study [1,061 patients] with this sentence: the treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, when started right after the diagnosis 'is a sure and effective treatment against Covid-19, with a mortality rate of 0.5% in the oldest patients. It avoids aggravation and eliminates persistence and contagiousness of the virus in most casesĒ.

It would be nice to have more data, for example, what percentage of over 75 years of age get seriously ill or die. The .5 percent figure is over all 1,061 patients. There were none of the side-effects, generally, that leftists propagandize, and this test confirms what was already known, that young people are not at risk if they take chloroquine. As Fox news has shown, the drug even works on severely-ill young people, though, understandably, it can't work as well, or at all, in older people (once the reason is understood, bonus). The full Raoult study has not been released as of Friday.

Ingraham praises Trump for advancing the drug "as fast as possible." As you know, I disagree. The drug could have been shipped overnight to the dying. Not even Ingraham is doing a story on how many of the dying people, over the past three days, were granted or even offered the drug. I find this brutally repulsive. Fox could call the CDC or FDA or Johns Hopkins to ask that very question? How many of the dead were offered the cocktail? It's a simple question. I do not believe for a second that this question hasn't occurred to the president, or to Ingraham. This is repulsive; I am becoming sick because Fox is sickening to watch, and my job is to cover this story. If the CDC and Fauci don't know whether the dead had received chloroquine, then they're GUILTY of negligence in the least. Ingraham seems poised to praise the president even when he's personally responsible for hand-off, look-the-other-way evil. Instead of seeing to it that the sickest of all get the drug, he spent most the day trying to get oil prices back up. He's worried about his voter base in the oil industry.

People are suffering, having run out of food, but instead of ordering them back to work, he's worried merely about a lousy flu because it could cost him the election. So, let the poor starve a while longer, to the end of the month. Let people bite their nails to the bone in worry, because Trump has an election to win. Is this a man worthy of praise? People are going to risk getting this flu sooner or later, we may as well risk it now. Get rid of Fauci, but no, Trump won't do it because it's not politically helpful. IDIOT! Get rid of phony Pence; bring in the men who call off the scare and bring sanity to the conferences. Instead, Trump chose to become an accomplice to the shut-down. IDIOT! They are going to malign him, anyway, no matter what he chooses; the least he can do is show his voters that he's not holding hands with his own enemies.

Ingraham has another person on tonight, Billy SARACino, who survived by taking chloroquine at the last minute, and once again it's a young person. What is going on? What message does this send while appearing helpful? It sends the message to become afraid because a lot of young people are at risk of death. Perhaps Fox bosses decide who she gets on the show, I don't know.

At the end of the show, Bill Barr said that John Durham is not investigating deep-state things just to hand in a report, but to prosecute anyone who deserves to be prosecuted. It sure sounds like tough action is coming, yet no one's holding their breath anymore.

What Papadopoulos Didn't Know About Sugar in Sauce

Good morning on Friday. I'd like to say that, an hour or so ago, I saw a dove / pigeon on the driveway, a rare sight here. The last time that pigeons were seen here, it suggested a stool pigeon whom I haven't yet identified, and it could be George Papadopoulos. The pigeon (not this morning's pigeon) landed at the corner of my septic tank, you see, and after walking overtop of the tank, it flew off (down the driveway and across the road). There is stool in the septic tank, right? It was the stool pigeon.

Well, this morning I saw a pigeon in a small bit of snow overnight, while I sat on the toilet looking out the window. I can therefore add that, while a PIPE connects the TOILET with the septic tank, Pipe's, whom I'll link to Peppers below, were first found in Staffordshire with TOLLETs/Tolle's, and the latter share the pyramid with Fisks/Fisks who in turn use an "ad" motto term while Tollets/Tolle's use "ADversis." I'll show you how my cook story on Papadopoulos goes naturally through the Fisc-like Fieschi. YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the new parts of this cook story (I've told the story before, but not like this).

I've always found the Papadopoulos story suspicious because he started to be interviewed by undercover FBI agents as soon as he quit a job and joined the Trump campaign. Those points are foggy in my mind, but I recall reading it that way. Plus, so far as I've read, he didn't report the suspicious activity, from three men -- Mifsud, diplomat Downer and the unknown person of this story -- to the Trump team. Although Papa comes across fully as a Trump supporter, one theory I had was that his job was to act a victim role in a manufactured FBI spy probe of him, and to snitch on Trump for having some ties with Russia, but that he changed his mind mid-course as soon as the plot started.

Shortly after proposing that theory, though not at all avidly, I introduced to readers a short-term friend whom I met as a COOK at a restaurant owned by Joe FIX (Israeli). The cook's named was Steve Papp, and Papps have a Papadopoli variation. I might take that to mean that Papadopoulos was involved in a cooked-up or fix-up scheme. The PapaRATo variation could suggest his ratting out on Trump, which is what the FBI wanted Papa to do. But "PAPARato" also evokes the Papers/Pepperwells, Peppers, and Pepe's/Peppards, and a cook always uses pepper. He also uses saucers, and I'll show you momentarily why Saucers (Leicestershire, same as Peppers) are the most astounding thing in this story.

One day, while I was in the kitchen with Papp, he put a lot of sugar into a sauce of some sort; I recall it being red, maybe pasta sauce. The Kitchens are going to play right into this, so remember that I was in Fix's restaurant kitchen when I saw this. I was in the kitchen probably because I was building Mr. Fix's BAR in the basement, with dance floor. The Flore's and Flora's are both linkable to Tollets/Tolle's, by the way, because Florence elements were at Clermont-Ferrand, where Tullia of Lyon got married, the line to Tollets/Toole's (share Ferrand checks).

[Insert -- BEHOLD. A day after finishing this section, I got around to looking up Pasta's, with no luck, but then found Pasts with a dove/pigeon and sharing the chevron of the French Pigeon surname. That's pretty cool. The same chevron is used by Dutch Bakers/Beckers. I do recall that Papp put the sugar in a red sauce, and this was no high-class place, so simple pasta sauce makes sense. Possibly, it could have been chili, but as I can't recall, either can be acceptable for acting as pointers. Chili PEPPERs come to mind, you see, and, wow, I always identify Chills/Childs with Childeric, a Merovingian king (predated Pepins) whose dynasty had the Pepins as Mayors of the Palace. Chills/Childs share the Pepper chevron and the Lorraine eagle. I can't recall one other event with Papp at that restaurant.

The day after writing the paragraph above, I decided to load Seagars/Sugars to see if more can be gleaned from their Coat, but the German Seagars loaded first. Upon seeing the black Fulk wings in the Seagar Crest, drats, I had forgotten from the day earlier which other surname has those wings. Checking, they were found in the Past Coat!!!! Sugar in the pasta sauce!!! The Seagar/Sugar write-up: "One source claims the name was Norman in origin from Segre in Anjou." That's where Fulks ruled.

Behold some more. As Sugaar, husband of Mari, was a snake god, I reasoned that the snakes in the Seagar/Sugar Crest are for the Marsi snake goddess, ANGitia, and so it seems as though her cult named Angers at Anjou. This now looks like sugar and salt, for the Marsi lived at Avezzano -- off the Salto river, Italy -- and Avezzano's (use potent-crutch pattern) named Avesnes on the Helpe river (Artois theater) while Halps/HELPs/Halfs are a branch of Halpers/Halfpennys!!! Stefan Halper, the FBI mole, tried to sink Trump using Papadopoulos!!! Have's/Haafs even share ducks with Velins (Velens once showed ducks too), who are from Mont Velino just off of Avezzano.

When getting to the Cook horseshoe below, note that Farrahs use horseshoes as well as sharing double-wings in Crest with Sugars/Seagars. End insert]

I asked Mr. Papp about adding sugar to the sauce because it didn't seem right to me that sugar should go into a sauce that normally has things like pepper, garlic and onions, but what did I know about pasta sauce? Nothing. It turns out that pasta sauces do have high sugar content. There is a Sugar/Seagar surname with a giant moline in colors reversed from the same of Segni's/SEGURana's, first found in Genova with Fix like Fieschi. These heraldic connections tend to confirm that God was in that sugar-in-sauce event for reason(s). But WHY?

I happen to trace Pepins to Paphlagonians, who lived at and around the SAKARya river, the line to Sugars/Seagars.

To help prove that the Fix/Fick surname is a Fieschi branch, the upper half of the Fix/Fick Coat has the giant, spread eagle in the lower half of the Doria Coat, and Doria's, first found in Genova too, had married Arduinici (Arthurs liners) of Oneglia while the Sugar/Seagar moline is shared by MacArthurs. Steve Papp has just confirmed that MacArthurs are from Arduinici.

Yet more, we can even add that Peppers are in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs while Pipe's (Pepin branch) were first found in Staffordshire with Arras'/Arrows of Artois, another Arthur entity. It just so happens that this update crossed the Ferrers' of Staffordshire, who happen to share the horseSHOE with Cooks, and the Shoe's link to the scythes in the Pepper Coat because the Scythe/Skit surname (shares the potent cross with Templar Jerusalem) is listed with Skeochs, like variations of the Shoe's. If you're catching a drift, this looks like another pointer to PEPFAR AIDS, for Ferrers worked into the "FAR" part of that name.

I was just amazed by the unexpected. I wrongly spelled "Ferrer" as "Ferrar," and came to the Ferrar/Farris branch of Ferrers (both in Staffordshire) having a horseshoe in the mouth of an ostrich!!! You might want to compare the Genova Coat to that of Coke's, for the latter share the ostrich in Crest with Cooks!!! The Ferrer/Farris Coat even has the Segni/Segurana moline!!! That is unbelievable. The cook and his sugar-in-sauce, at our service.

Mr. Papp is thus pointing us to Ferrers elements, by why? It also seems that God wants you to believe that Papp the cook at Fix's place really does point to Genova's Fieschi, who were partners of Grimaldi's there who happen to share the COCK Shield, almost the Fisk/Fisc Shield. In short, God did set up the sugar-in-sauce event with this COOK. Grimaldi princes of Monaco have a purple throne, and Cooks use part-purple quadrants. Cookseys have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed while Bags share the Cock / Grimaldi Shield. The Cooksey cinquefoils are those of GAYwoods, and Bags were at Gaywood, and that looks like a pointer to queers who prefer to call themselves, gay, who spread AIDS around with their disgusting, filthy activities.

Back to the Arduinici, for their branch in Oneglia was from Ivrea at the Bautica/BALTea river, and this goes to Bauds and Balds, and the hourglass shape of German Balds happens to be in the Scythe/Skit/Skeoch Coat (Templar cross). Bautica-river elements can be gleaned with the naming of BALDwin of Artois, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, the first Templar king of Jerusalem. Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with French Bauds and with Clermont-Ferrand = the Fisc- and Aid-related line of Tollets/Toole's. The Bouillon FLORy (Florence = Ferrand element) cross is almost the Sarasin moline.

Note how Skits can be a branch of SHITTS/Shute's, for that goes with the feces in a septic tank. "Feces" could even be a pointer to a Fix/Ficks variation. Skits and their Skate/Sheet branch use the potent cross, and the best I can do for a potent-like surname is the Patents (share SCUTE tower), one of which is also the Patiens surname in the Coke motto. It also comes up as "Patient," a term all over the corona news these days. I have read that Scute's use a CRANE, from the corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians.

I'm sure that Papp put the sugar in a MEAT sauce, and it just so happens that Meats/Meads are a branch of MeaDOWS while the Dows/Dove's (use doves) have a motto, "Patiens." It seems to link to the pigeon theme of this Papp discussion. Meats/Meads were at Clapton = PORTishead, and while a meat sauce goes into a pot, and while Doe's/Dows use scythes, Dows/Dough's/Dove's have a dove-version of the Potter and PORTer Coats; the latter two surnames were first found in Hampshire with Joe's/Josephs (share Doe/Dow Chief!), and French Josephs (Maine, same as Pellicans) happen to share the martlet of pelican-using Meats/Meads!!! Bingo, tending to reveal why God provided Joe Fix's restaurant for this meat sauce. Rob Porter worked in Trump's White House, and was on-side with John Kelly, Trump's former Chief of Staff. I don't know what all this meaty material could mean.

Meats/Meads (Somerset, beside Potters) have a pelican with her chicks in a nest that I've seen called, "her YOUNG" (in another surname(s)), and German Youngs/Jungs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head while Mark Meadows is now Trump's new Chief of Staff.

Or, Scottish Youngs share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells while English Leavells were first found in Somerset with Meats/Meads. German Wells/Wellers: "A red shield displaying a pelican feeding her YOUNG in a nest, NATURAL." Wells/Wellers were first found in Westphalia with Velino-liner Velins and Velens (links to Stefan Halper). Somerset has Bath and WELLs, and the double-tailed lion of the giant English Wells is colors reversed from the giant Papp/Papadopoli lion. The giant DeVAUX pelican feeding her young makes the Well lion look like the Faucet lion, and I did read from a Wells-family page that Wells were of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's. English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with the Naturals in the German-Well description. This is actually pointing well to Stefan Halper's role with Papadopoulos.

You should be amazed at the following. It just so happens that Saracen heads are used by Saracino's and SASSYs/Saucers (see Sassy below) while the Moor head can be gleaned as directly related, for Moor heads are used by Morano's and in the Arms of Morano (Murunum), the latter being a location beside Saracena, both between Potentia and SCIDrus on this Lucania map. It seems obvious enough that Scidrus is the line to potent-cross Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs in the Pepper scythes. Peppers are absolutely amazing in this picture because Papps/Papadopoli's have a lion with a tail tip at its mouth, a symbol I've seen with no other surname, and, as I've said about 10 times, God arranged for a customer to give me a kitten, which we named, Sassy, which sucked its tail regularly, habitually, as an adult!!!

Just look at what God did there. Steve Papp put SUGAR into a SAUCE, and Sassys/Saucers just connected to Papps, and therefore pointed to George Papadopoulos. Saucers were Saracen kin, and Genova-connectable Sugars/Seagars share the white moline with French Sarasins. My impression here is that the deep-state shark is being applied to Papadopoulos by that kitten, yet this part of the deep-state shark is revealed in connection with AIDS programs because the Kitten/Keaton surname shares the Aid/Ade leopard heads. Steve Papp made sauce in a Kitten like Kitchen. There is nothing else I remember about Steve in Fix's kitchen but my asking about his use of sugar for sauce.

Kittens/Keatons are said to have included a Cetin-like surname: "Robert of Ketton (Latin: Robertus Cetenensis)..." To prove that God arranged Sassy, cat-using Cetins/Cattans share Saracen heads with Sassys/Saucers. But hold on to your pasta because Papps are going to link to Cetins/Cattans too.

The Cetin/Cattan Coat looks like a version of the Genova Coat, and Cetins should be related to variations / branches of the Kitchens/Ketchins, who share the water bouget with Banisters (both first found in Lancashire).I've already mentioned this several times because Sassy was given to me by a customer whose banister I was refinishing. I remember that railing (stripped off the paint); it's burned into my memory. The sugar-in-sauce Papp event in Joe Fix's KITCHEN, you see, applies. So, Sassy my cat points to the Papadopoulos story.

When you have a tail at/in the mouth, it's bound to be code for the Tails/Tailers who share the Tiller lion, and it just so happens that the CETINa river is also the TILURius. But Sassy didn't know this, nor did she arrange the heraldry to point her tail to this river or to this Papp discussion. I said earlier in this update that the Sassy-suck-tail link to the Papp/Papadopoli lion is new in this update, but maybe not. I may have crossed that remarkable thing before. The sources of the Cetina river are very near the corona-like Ceraunii people, and as the latter are to Crane's and crane-using surnames, by what coincidence does the Shark surname use the crane? It again makes the Kittens/Keatons look like a pointer to the AIDS programs in charge of the coronavirus program to destroy Trump. One can glean this week that the surgeon general wants to keep the lockdown for as long as possible. Sharks surround Trump in dangerous waters, and are about to start biting.

I will now dredge up another peculiarity of Sassy, her regularly (never turned down the opportunity) chasing cat-food COOKIES on the floor like a dog chases a stick. She would run and slide on the wood floor after the biscuit, and deliberately knock it with her paw to the left or right so that she could go chase frantically it in another direction, and when getting to it, she would knock it into a different direction again. She did this without fail every time we slid the cookies along the floor. It just so happens that cookies are listed with Cooks! Here's the sub-title of my 4th update in May, 2018: "Sassy Chased Cookseys When She Wasn't Sucking Her Tail":

Now this is amazing. While mentioning the Teague's here, I was planning to look up Cooks/Cookys next, in case God intended them as per the cookies that Sassy chased. And only then did Cooksey Ranch came to mind, which is owned by the family of Mrs. Teague. I had to give Sassy away when going to Texas to purchase property. About a month after leaving, I slept the night at the Cooksey RV park, across the road from Mrs. Teague, which is how I met her, and she sold to me a Texas property, or I would not have known the Teague surname.

There is no mention of "Papp" on that page, I didn't introduce Papp the cook until later, and probably didn't realize, at first, that the Papp lion is in Sassy's tail-sucking habit. I suppose that all of these links are God's verifications that Papp and Fix are pointers to FBI plots on Trump. The Cooksey bend with symbols is in the colors of the Sassy bend with besants, and the Cooksey besants are in the colors of the same of suck-like Suchs/SUCKERs, who look like "Saucer" and "Sugar." Papp put sugar into the sauce.

I've just found new-to-me Cookers/Cokers with a different-colors version of the Aid Coat, and a Moor head in Crest! Are the people who steal AIDS money selling coke = cocaine? Some think Bill Clinton was selling coke. The Cooker/Cokers share the Stein/Stem Coat, a branch of Stevensons/Steinsons (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) who happen to share a version of the Rodham / Aid bend. Stevensons are also Stave's while Staffs/Staffords named Staffordshire, where Ades'/Addys' were first found. Cockers/Cocketts (Saracen head?), first found in Norfolk with Stave-related PilGRIMs (pilgrim's staves), use what could be a distant version of the Rodham / Aid bend. Pilgrims are suspect with Grimaldi's because Bags (of GAYwood) were first found in Norfolk too, as were Cetins/Cattans.

I'd like to mention the Pape's/Pope's now, for they share the checkered bend of WEARINgs, and as these blue-gold checks belong to WARRENs, I'm seeing the Aid line to/from Ada of Warenne. The Ades'/Addys' happen to share the crosslets of Were's/WEARs (Devon, same as Wearings). I read that the Keith Catti, whom I trace to the Cetina river, were from the Germanic Chatti who migrated and named Scotland's Caithness, where Pape's/Pope's were first found. That looks related to tail-sucking Papps/Papadopoli's. Cetins/Cattans share the black fitchee with Kennedys and Cassels, and while the latter two share the same motto too, Chatti were at Hesse-Cassel. Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with Skits and the Cetin-like Sheds/Sheddens, and it just so happens that English Sheds and their Chad branch (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets) share the potent cross with Skits and Skate's/Sheets.

I didn't realize until now (so fart as I recall) that German Cassels share the split Shield of Tarves'. I had ventured to claim that the Cetin/Cattan fitchee is that of Tarves' because Chives' of Tarves use mountain CATS in the colors of the Tail/Tailer / Tiller lion. The latter is spotted with heraldic pellets, as are the same-colored cats of Cetins/Cattans.

Mr. Papp was introduced with Coke's in the 2nd update in July, 2019. Amazingly, I did mention Sassy and her tail shortly after mention of Papps (in that same update), but I did NOT realize or mention (same update) that Papps have a tail tip at the mouth of their lion in reflection of Sassy sucking her tail. In other words, the two things were mentioned as little as a day apart, and yet I had no idea yet that God had connected them to tell a sharky story on Papadopoulos. For what it could be worth, the Zouch branch of Suchs are in the Maine write-up.

Oh wow, the July update mentions Cook-like Cochs too, who are listed with Corks, who show nothing but lion tails in the colors of the Tail/Tailer and Tiller lion!!! Excellent. I've red the Cork description; they are lion tails. You've just gotta sit up and look at that. It's as though God arranged for Corks to have a variation linking to Papp the COOK. Hmm, Cork-like Corricks are listed with the Kennedy kin of Carricks, both from Cilicia's Cetis. In fact, Carricks are Charax Proculus, son of LUPUS Laevillus (husband of QuadraTILLa), which should explain the "lupus" motto term of Cetins/Cattans. Therefore, the Keith Catti, Kittens/Keatons and Kettle's look traceable to "Cetis," but note too that Cheatle's/Chee's share a dancette with Carricks.

Oh wow, the Coch/Cork write-up: "...the Welsh personal name which occurred variously as Corc, Gouch, or Coch..." The inspector who inspected my septic tank -- the one with stool pigeon a couple of years ago -- was Mr. Gouch!!! I've said this before because Gouch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) share the Mole (and Goff/Gough) boar head!!! Goffs/Gough's were first found near the first-known Tillers!

The FBI was fixing moles (spies) into the Trump camp, you see, and the last mole hills I saw that year (of the stool pigeon) happened to make hills on top of the septic tank soon after the stool pigeon arrived. The pigeon I saw this morning, on the driveway beside the septic tank, must be telling us that today's Papadopoulos (is he the stool pigeon?) topic concerns a stool pigeon snitching on the FBI.

By the way, Tillers share the crescents of Keaton-like Seatons, the latter first found in East Lothian with the Marshall-related Keiths/Keaths (Marshalls are said to be from a ruler of the Catti). When I had to ask Papp to leave my apartment (he was sleeping with a girl there), we got into a fight on the driveway, and he did a martial-arts kick-with-spin at my FACE (but missed). He then blurted/bragged that he had a black belt (we ended the fight without injuries; we were just letting off steam). I would suggest that God set up that "fight," because his MARTIAL-arts skills point to the Marshalls, which is amazing because one Marshall surname shares a string of bendwise lozenges on red with Whistle's/Whistlers, and I was living in the apartment of a friend at the time while he was out working the winter at Whistler Mountain! I kid you not (I've said this many times). Plus, Whistle's/Whistler's (Somerset, same as Tints) share a white-on-red lion with Tints, and the latter's is lying down and said to be "COUCHant" as apparent code for the Gouch-like Couch's! Zinger.

Martial-like Marts/Martins share the Cassel castle in both colors! AND OOOOOHHHHH WOWWIE, as per "martial arts," the new-to-me Arts'/Arz's were loaded to find a castle in the same colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recall the MacArthurs with the Sugar moline. Austrian Arts' were first found in Tyrol with German Arts'/Arz's above, and use an arrow to suggest Artois elements. The Arts' arrow is bendwise like that of Rothschilds/Roddensteins, and the first Rothschild was a banking buddy of a William, prince of Hesse-Cassel, how about that. Hesse is where Rottenburgs emerged, probably the namers of Rottenburg on the Neckar river, and they use three of the Rodham/Rotten / Rothschild/Rottenstein bends. Tints are part of "Tintagel" along with Gale's, and that place was made the birthplace of mythical (not historical) king Arthur, a myth-writer's mere code for merely the Arthur bloodline. Italian Arts' share the Panico / Fantis Chief, and Panico's were at a Shed-like Setta valley.

Oh WOW, new and no coincidence: "couCHANT" must be part-code for the Chant bloodline because same-colored Chands/Shands share the Mole / Gouch boar head!!!! I can even say that he skimmed my face (it was that close) with his spinneroo kick (impressive) while Chands come up as Schims. The bird in the Cant Crest is virtually (almost) the pigeon of English Pigeons! Schims/Chands (dove = pigeon!) look like they have a version of the Shed Coat so as to identify Chands/Shands potentially as a branch of Sheds / Chads / Skits. On the other hand, Chants share the sun with Hesse's so as to be possibly a Catti branch. Chads share the white-on-red eSCUTcheon with Geddes'/Geddys. Mole-like Mouline's have a white escutcheon too, and cat-using Chives' love the Moline's. SCUTE's use gold escutcheons.

Aha. Schims/Chands were earls of Bath while Bathgate is in West Lothian with Tint-like Tenants while Bathgate's share the Chant sun, explaining the "couCHANT" of Tints as a definite code for both Chants and a Gouch branch. I'm impressed.

Cat-using CETins have the split colors of GATE's. BathGATE's, said to have been from BathCHETs and BathCATs, and sharing the motto of Carrick-branch Craigs, look like a branch of BasKETTs who in turn look linkable to Ketts/Kite's and Kitts, tending to identify all the above with the Marshall-Keith Catti. Tenants share the boar head of McGee's/McGETHs. The Bathgate suns happen to be the Hesse sun for a trace to the Chatti of Hesse. I am compelled to identify the Chatti with Cetis elements (Cilicia), therefore, and I do recall an ancient Cati location in Cilicia of about 1500 BC that was conquered by a Babylonian / Assyrian king. Apparently, peoples from Cati moved west to name Cetis. Cassel thus looks like it's from a Khassi location of ancient Cilicia. As mythical Cilix, symbol of Cilicia, was made the brother of CADmus, I suggested that Cati was a Cadusii-Mus element. Tarves, now linking directly to the German-Cassel Shield, looks suddenly to be from carriers of TARSus (Cilicia) and it's daughter, Tyre (ancient Tyrus, home of Cadmus).

There's this online quote: "...the Khassi region (Kizzuwatna) of Cilicia." "Kizzuwatna" is much like "Heka KHASEWET," the name of the Hyksos of Egypt. It can thus appear that Papps/Papadopoli's were from the Hyksos king, Apepi/Apophis. Recall Pepin Taff, for Tafts/Tuffs have the Tint crosslets in colors reversed, while we got here thanks much to the Tint motto.

German Cassels share a white castle (Chatan colors) with the Cetin/Cattan Crest, and Cato's/Chattans use the castle too. If we wonder why Chives use mountain cats, just see the French Mountains said to have been at Moulines, for Chives' share the black moline cross with Moline's. Belgian Mouline's share the fesse of Tillers, Meschins, Mussels and Michaels, all four related surnames. Cato's/Chattans and Chatans were kin of Botters, and Butts/Boets probably use the fish of GED-branch Geddes. Where have we seen terms like "Ged" before?

The stool pigeon first appears in the 3rd update of May, 2019. In the next update (the week after), I wrote: "It's Friday evening. I was walking back to the house from pulling weeds, and came up to a mole hump in the dirt on the south side of the septic tank [just two feet off]..." As moles make tunnels (this is what causes the humps), I added: "This reminds me that the Tunnel Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. Plus, while Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/RODDEN, it's pretty amazing that Tunnels share the hexagram of ROTENs and Reitmans." It looks like a pointer to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Soon after seeing the humps on the north side of the septic tank, I saw one hump over-top of the septic tank, but I stepped on it and decided not to report it to readers, at least not right away. I did mention it eventually, as the last mole hump for that year. I specifically recall not writing it down (because saying things like this makes me look nuts, but I have little choice in that God does create the events, and He will see me through this with success). It was amazing to find that Mole's share the Gouch boar head, you see, and now I realize that Coch liners to Gouch's for a pointer to Papadopoulos.

Cook-related Coke's were at Barrow (SHARDlow), and, unbelievably, Barrows not only share the fleur-de-lys of Fix's/Ficks, but have crossed swords in the colors of the crossed swords of Feschs!!! Incredible. The cook at Mr. Fix's speaks from 40 years ago. We wouldn't have found the Fesch-Coke relationship had Papp not been the cook at Fix's. It's as though Someone fixed the heraldry to match the cook at Fix's. Barrows even have a "sufFICit" motto term (which could be code for Fiquets/Fichets / Montfiquets/Maschats / Fichtens / Fitch's / Fichters/Victors).

Kitchens have a reflection of the Teague/Teeger Coat while we had to give Sassy away when going to Texas to search for property. About a month after arriving, we purchased from Mrs. Teague, sister of the owner of a Cooksey ranch. Cookseys share a wolf head in Crest with Teague's/Teegers. I'd like to record that Cookseys have stars in the colors of the same of Methleys and Medleys (tiger) possibly in a Teague/Teeger / Cetin/Cattan motto term.

The Coke's, sharing the Cook ostrich, and having a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Cetin and Genova Shields, have a "patiens" motto term, and there is a Patiens surname that comes up as "Putin," I kid thee not. The FBI spies were pressing Papadopoulos to confess that there was a Trump-Putin partnership.

Recall the Shitts/Shute's, for Scute's share the gold tower with Patiens'/Putins. There's no Stool surname coming up, but German Stolls share the hexagrams of German Suters (Shute-like), and Scottish Suters are Sewers too. My septic tank is a sewer.

The Pepper scythes can also go to the Scythes variation of Side's; the Papp/Papadopoli lion could therefore be the giant one, round-about, of Faucets (at FauxSIDE) in colors reversed. The wavy blue bar in the Fix Coat can even match the same in the Coat of Side-branch Sutys who do have the Faucet lion, as do Sitlers/SCHITners. The Suty bars alternate blue and gold, the colors of the Pepe/Peppard fesses (one of them has the Wray martlets). Is all of this a pointer to Fauci's HIV/AIDS program with PEPfar? Remember, HIV was pointed to by the bee hive in the Kerry Crest, and Kerrys have the hourglass shape of Halper-Branch Halps/HALFs, and Have's/HAAFs are in the Suty motto. It just so happens that Stefan Halper was one of the FBI spies trying to get Papadopoulos to rat out on Trump.

I'd like to go back to where I was building a dance FLOOR for Mr. Fix, at which time I mentioned the Florence (also called, Firenze) elements of Clermont-Ferrand. There is no doubt that Florence elements (Taddei's and Ferrante's for example) in connection to the family of Godfrey-de-Bouillon were involved in the line of Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. Her descendant, ARTEMia of Lyon, even married Mr. Florentinus. Artems, first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and AIDs, are also AITons. I might even add that Italian Dance's were first found in Piedmont with Papps/Papadopoli's. But the reason for starting this paragraph is for Anthony Ferrante:

At the same time Comey was personally scrutinizing the president during meetings in the White House and phone conversations from the FBI, he had an agent inside the White House working on the Russia investigation, where he reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides, according to officials familiar with the matter. The agent, Anthony Ferrante...

At the time that the stool pigeon was reported, I was all over whistle-blowers, and so it came as a great surprise that English Stools share the lozenges of Whistle's/WHISTLERs (Somerset, same as Stools), but I can add that I was living in the apartment of Mr. Oosteyn while he went to work for the winter clear across the country at WHISTLER Mountain SKI resort. While he was gone, I invited Steve Papp to share that apartment, no guff at all. He didn't stay long, but he did live there. In the May-2019 update with stool pigeon, had noted that Whistle-like "Vissels/Vislers are even FISA-like Fisers!" In the previous paragraph, I had said: "God may have arranged Vissels/Veslers to use three of the McCabe salmon".

The story out this week:

An FBI confidential human source secretly recorded George Papadopoulos in the final days of the 2016 presidential election and pressed him over whether the Trump campaign was involved in Russian election meddling...

Fox News obtained the transcript of the recording, which spreads over 171 "Crossfire Typhoon" or "CT."

The highlights of this release are that Papa denied that Trump was involved with Russia / Putin, yet the FBI can fight back by arguing that it had legitimate concerns to check the Trump camp out. The big problem, which everyone's pointing out, is that the FBI did not inform the FISA court about this Crossfire Typhoon's results.

Horowitz made a fatal mistake by coming out publicly to support Atkinson, because, until then, Bill Barr and other may have taken the position that Horowitz was more neutral than political. But Horowitz's support for Atkinson, to the point of making a publicized statement for him, shows that Horowitz is a swamp creature. It was a great admission for finally ironing that thing out on the open table. Barr showed his opposition, if not disdain, for Atkinson this week, and then even seemed to promise that prosecutions are likely soon. This is the same Barr who's let McCabe and Comey off the hook to this point. Barr could just as well be for a police state if it could save his skin. Trust no one's statement today for they can betray on a dime.

Trump Versus Iron Fist

This crisis at hand gives those desirous of a police state a chance to check out whether policemen will do what they are ordered to do, even if it means violating peoples' norms and self-respect. A police state absolutely requires such traitorous police chiefs and officers, who, to put food on the table, will send you to the gas chamber. Yes, all those great police officers that Bongino talks about, if it means food on the table versus you in a gas chamber, sorry, you're dead. A few officers will abandon the force, but most, sorry... I don't think a police state is coming, but there are the liberals who would welcome it, if they can rule it. For next time, always have extra cheap and long lasting foods on hand. You can have a lot of dried beans, lentils, rice, pasta, and other garden produce for $100-300. That's a cheap security stash. Even if it all goes to waste every three years, it's not a big deal. Give it to others, and just replace it. Dried foods like that can last much more than three years.

Another 2,000 deaths approximately on Friday, four days straight, I don't believe that number at all. The goons are concerned with making the "expert" "model" look as good as possible, which had an mid-range number of about 170,000 dead by the May heat. Fox's The Five is absolutely lousy on corona reporting, nothing but fog and uncertainty justifying the lockdown. Jesse Watters even praised Fauci and Birx on Friday. I don't watch leftist media, but I doubt that they are giving details on the dead, whether it's true that they had COVID-19, their ages, their complications generally. I don't think the numbers pumpers are revealing the details. It seems that everyone in leadership roles, including the surgeon general, is part of the lockdown falsifiers.

If anything good comes out of this it may be lower prices, and less respect for liberals. The Democrats who've always claimed to love the poor and the workers are now stabbing them in the back. The workers may see this and become cold liberals for a few years. Pray they don't enter the Republican party only to pollute it further. Trump is allowing Democrat governors to abuse their people; IT IS INSANE to demand that people not go out alone to get fresh air or whatever. Take the hint; something wicked is afoot, and Trump looks like he's complicit. When he tries to open the country again, governors might try to thwart him: CHAOS. There needs to be a leader, but Democrats insist on leading this; it's not going to be a win-win for them; they are going to suffer exposure of their iron fist. They will pounce on any governor who opens the nation for work, if and when corona deaths start to climb. Republican governors have their hands tied by this Democrat threat, but Trump will over-ride the threat soon, which is exactly why scare stories continue to pour out at Drudge Report, in hopes of tying Trump's hands.

The big question is: which party has most control of military leaders? Ahh, Trump didn't cleanse the military swamp, and this could now become his nightmare. He didn't cleanse the CIA swamp, nor demand of Pompeo to cleanse it. Trump was more the stooge and the dope in that regard, and now he may not have the nation's powerhouse on-side to oppose a Democrat uprising. Cross your fingers, and buy extra food and gasoline. Tucker said on Friday that a new tactic is to forbid people from purchasing non-essentials, which only makes more poor people and thus brings the nation closer to an economic crash. Who rules during a crash? Hope that the seeds in the foods in your refrigerator can give you a garden in your yard, because I doubt that any packaged seeds remain on the store shelves. Plant potatoes, etc., just in case this slowly turns into an anti-Trump military coup > civil war. God forbid, but who knows that He may have a never-waste-a-crisis plan to kill / weaken some of His enemies. We might come out of this with fresher air.

Here's Trump saying he can over-ride the will of state governors, as per ordering people back to work, when an newsman asks his opinion on it. Everyone's realizing, and looking at, this up-coming fight:

Instead of attacking the iron fist increasingly, Fox is spending a lot of news time attacking China. But Tucker on Friday asked why no media is talking about the curiosity that, outside of Wuhan, all of China had no corona problems to speak of. He asked how the virus could spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world, or from state-to-state in the United States, yet not spread from Wuhan to the rest of China. This same Tucker had been a leader of the China-bashing. With this news on China's curious mystery, which I didn't know about until now, it seems to me that the coronavirus did NOT start in Wuhan, you see.

Google won't give me a China corona map (sometimes I wonder whether google Canada rips me off as compared to what google US gets in searches). Absolutely, if corona is a plant by the CIA, that organization would assure that google not show what Tucker claims above, on a China map. Wouldn't Trump go ballistic if he discovers that this virus is a CIA plot against him? Don't expect to discover it from a CIA briefing, Mr. Trump. Who could you inquire with to discover if it's the truth? Do you have anyone at all to inform you on what the CIA is plotting against you? Are you that stupid as to have no one? Sheesh, the world could go down the drain with an idiot such as that.

If you find any "evidence" online "proving" that the virus started in a Wuhan lab, ask: who produced those videos? Who produced that news? Was it an arm(s) of the CIA? It has many non-government arms which conduct its false-flag operations, and every false-flag operation comes with pre-packaged fake news. In every false-flag, the CIA provides instant media-disseminated news with a false accusation against a false perpetrator. It now seems that Tucker stumbled on good evidence that the virus did NOT start in China. Repeat that to yourself a few times, and ask: isn't it true that the CIA is trying to conduct a coup on Trump with this virus? On whose side is Pompeo? On whose side is his CIA boss (Ms. Haspel)? Trump needs Ratcliffe badly to oversee the CIA immediately.

Here's how reckless and stupid the military is to this day: "US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley warns adversaries to not test US military readiness in the coronavirus pandemic". What a freaking (nervy) delusional buffoon to slander Russia and China like that. Is this the time to behave in this insulting way? The military never ceases to insult Russia. NEVER. If anything, it's as good as fulfilling its own Armageddon. It's been making Americans afraid of Russia since I was a child. Does any thinking American really think that Putin would risk a world war in an attempt to conquer the United States? Pray the U.S. doesn't go bankrupt, or angry Russians might take Milley up on his "offer." Milley would have Americans believe that the Russian leaders are having talks right now on whether it's a good time to invade the United States. BUFFOON. CIA = BUFFOON. Kill the CIA TODAY. Start over with something better, with new people, nobody of the old guard allowed in.

It seems that Fox bosses are forcing its anchors to attack China because it's the CIA will, for Fox bosses are loyal to the CIA and the military. This is the nation's now-critical conundrum. Who's side is Fox on? Who amongst the outlets that have the nation's daily ear will fight for conservatives in a serious national schism where the throne is up for grabs? If it weren't for Fox, the liberals would have had that throne perpetually until now and for the foreseeable future, but Fox is cracking down the middle as we speak, like Humpty Dumpty about to have a fall. Something is unstable there that looks too much like a hypocrite wearing a mask. What could be more unstable or thin than a hypocrite dishing out disinformation to unsuspecting loyalists? Fox bosses are holding hands with demons.

Fox needs to tell Fauci that if he wants to stay indoors for the next year, go right ahead, but don't try to stop others from risking a flu if they would rather go to work. All of the Fauci's who fear getting the virus: go into your rooms, lock yourselves up, don't come out to speak with anyone, don't eat with anyone, don't go outside for a walk alone, and shut-up about others if they don't wish to be cowardly, or can't afford to stay home. Instead, Fox is happily respecting (if not catering to) Fauci's overspreading will for the entire nation.

Oz changed his tune by week's end (Friday) saying there's no proof that chloroquine works. Did Fox force him to say it, and did he say it because he doesn't want to lose his lucrative contract for doing Fox shows? Did the masked hypocrite strike Oz this week? Don't we expect the CIA's media handlers to talk Fox into discrediting chloroquine?

At least two youtube channels (their names will not last long before the same channel owners change them) carrying Ingraham on Friday snipped her third segment on Bill Barr (it must have been not-good for Democrats). Youtube knows that this is going on. There is no one found sharing any of the big three at Fox in a normal fashion, because youtube doesn't bring them up. Youtube is complicit with gagging American voices it doesn't agree with.

On Wednesday's Ingraham interview with Barr, he said things concerning the come-back from the corona scare that I agree with, but he then claimed that China is trying to steel America's technology secrets and to influence America's political systems, and that Russia is a dire threat somehow, but he's just echoing the CIA without doubting whether it can be trusted on such claims. He's a typical, old-school Russophobe, brainwashed by the CIA's terrorizing of the public mind. Take thy head out from the small hole in the sand, and look inward to the dire enemy in the bottomless pit, CIA headquarters.

To test the CIA, just have Trump say openly that he's going to begin friendly relations with Putin. Watch the CIA go ballistic against him, and instantly leak scare stories about Russia. We saw this already. It happened, all the proof we need that the enemy is within, the same CIA that tried to conduct a bloodless coup against Trump. Was Barr asleep at the time? Barr's looking useless to fix what ails the nation. This CIA would become the brain of a heavy-handed dictatorship. No dictatorship can survive unless it has the CIA on-side. What doesn't Barr understand about this? He admits he sees a heavy hand coming down on personal freedoms at this time, and insinuates that a crisis is being used to remove such freedoms, but he can't fathom that the CIA thirsts for that very thing? If not Barr, whose going to tackle CIA corruption? Like I said, it's hopeless, Trump failed the nation badly with Barr. He might prosecute a couple of tiddlywinks, but that's about all. I'd be thrilled to be wrong.

I wish the Q-storm was the reality, a full toppling of wicked powers; even if it has risks and costs, it's better than living constantly with tax thieves and the looming iron fist of faggot-accommodating, porn-addicted baby killers with a propensity toward murderous population controls, legalized drug-abuse, and all-round demonic culture. The liberal attitude in the U.S. has infested Trudeau's government, another house of fools; this man didn't deserve to lead the nation, but foreign voters who care nothing for established culture, and who're in a political union with the anti-Christian whore, the wreckers, put him over the top.

John Solomon broke a story showing how Horowitz wrongly framed a piece in the footnotes of his Report that were kept from the public until this week. He wrote:

"In addition to the information in Steele's Delta [Intelligence] file documenting Steele's frequent contacts with representatives for multiple Russian oligarch, we identified reporting the Crossfire Hurricane team received {redacted} indicating the potential for Russia disinformation influencing Steele's election reporting."

Mr. HoroWizard is trying to make Steele look like a mere victim...of "Russian disinformation." Steele was just sincerely reporting to the FBI what he thought were facts. Horowitz makes Steele look innocent here of any conspiracy to ruin Trump. Barr appears to be saying this week that he's not buying the FBI's we-knew-nothing excuse.

Solomon's main point is that the FBI did not bother to look into the Delta file which specifically held information on Steele. Solomon thinks (we all agree) that this is underhanded because the Steele dossier was the basis, and the only basis, for at least four FISA warrants, for which the FBI applied, to spy on the Trump team. I don't know which intelligence agency owns Delta files.

Horowitz also wrote that some unnamed person/official "stated that it did not have high confidence in this [Cohen-related] subset of Steele's reporting and assessed that the referenced subset was part of a Russian disinformation campaign to denigrate U.S. foreign relations." There you go. Horowitz is trying to portray the Russians as meddling in the American elections, and Steele as a mere victim of the Russians. Horowitz is a pig. His job (it's what he's hired for) is to reveal corruption in the FBI, but instead sought to protect it. He came out with as minimal damage as he could get away with in his Report.

These footnotes were apparently revealed to congress this week in order to protect Hillary Clinton, for Steele was working virtually directly for her, and as such any mere teen could figure out (why couldn't Horowitz?) that Steele was not a victim of Russian trickery, but rather Steele was in cahoots with Russians wanting Hillary elected to power. The Horowitz footnotes include the following too, that the report to the FBI "contained information Ö that the public reporting about the details of Trumpís {REDACTED} activities in Moscow during a trip in 2013 were false, and that they were the product of RIS [Russian intelligence]..." It was all the fault of the Russian government now, not just some rich Russians. If Solomon believes this at its face value, shame. It's a HoroTrick.

If these footnotes were released to help Hillary, they do not help Comey and company. Barr wants to protect Comey and company, but now looks more foolish than before if he doesn't indict, for Comey failed to boot Steele on his butt out the FBI door. Instead, the FBI paid Steele money to do this secret work against Trump.

In Barr's second sitting with Laura, he changed his tune and said that the anti-Trump deep state, according to the evidence, isn't guilty of mere "mistakes" or "sloppiness." But instead of continuing with, "people broke the law and they will be prosecuted, he said, "IF people broke the law...they will be prosecuted." So, he's not yet prepared to say that the anti-Trump ring leaders are going to be arrested. All he needs to do is hide the evidence against them in order to "justify" not prosecuting them, and that has already been done by Horowitz and others, to the best of their abilities, we may assume. Anything found that was flat-out evidence of criminal activity would have been scrubbed long ago; Trump failed the nation at that time with Sessions.

Here's a video showing how liberals can grant taxes to a people group that takes an anti-Christian world view. Thus, tax money of Christians is given to anti-Christians, and, simultaneously, the anti-Christ government buys their future votes with our money using these grants. I wish it were only for a few months, but this thing is going to escalate for many more years, and climax harshly against us, I'm afraid. To deal with it, you need to despise them enough to protect yourself from becoming one of them. Just as a good cop will decide to become one of them to feed himself, God is calling us not to take that choice. You are to hate even your family members at that time if they want you to become one of them. We are to view their decision, to be one of them, as a horror story. The test is on to see whether you will gravitate slowly into becoming one of them for safety's/security's sake. Trump, I think, would become is one of them. Fox is going to become one of them, I predict. Only the Faithful will be your friends.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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