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April 1 - 6, 2020

Must Read -- The Fauci-Birx Fit with the Ice-Cream Girl
Fauci is a Sociopathic Democrat Willing to Ruin the Nation for Democrat Causes

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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The first two sections of this update came later in this update, after my describing Trump as a fence walker. I have decided to move these sections to the start of this update, due to the importance of God's message to you.

Trump in the Shark's Throat

It dawned on me above, while talking about Trump's falling off the fence into enemy territory, that my 1979 dream may be at play here where there was a bulldog falling into a swimming pool. In recent updates and going back months, I've stressed that dream and similar topics as messages from God concerning Trump's woes against the deep state, but as Trump will soon be gone, I take it that God's main focus for us is the deep state's future role in the anti-Christ system. Hang in there as I explain this, because this gets Fauci-interesting. My conclusion was that God gave the 1979 dream to show that Trump would fall into the pool and be half-swallowed by a shark representing Comey's deep state, but suspect also with Ukrainian elements to which the Bidens became affixed, especially Igor Kolomoisky, who owns a shark tank (with a shark(s)), we assume.

At age 16, as I've been saying, God set up an ice-CREAM girl to point to the CREMer surname. This became an established fact in my mind with convincing evidence. This ice-cream girl was Miss Hanson. While she was putting an ice-cream cone into my hand, which I was purchasing, I suddenly got the courage to ask her on a date. She agreed. My friend loaned me a car, a red VALIANT, and so I took Miss Hanson out in that car on our first outing. Decades later, after realizing that God trained me in heraldic understandings, I found the only heraldic shark I've ever seen in the Valiant surname. Note that the double-colored Shield of the Valiant surname is colors reversed from the same of Cremers. Plus, Cremers share the fleur-de-lys of Danish Hansons, and Miss Hanson is Danish. One can begin to glean that God set her up with me for reasons. Use the Valiant link above to load other surnames for following along.

I realized that Cremers were named after Crema (Cremona is nearby), in LOMBARDy along with Milan, when finding three pieces of evidence that German Hansons are from Milan elements. The German Hanson Coat uses: 1) a version of the English LOMBARD Coat; 2) the green snake of Milan's Visconti's; 3) probably the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's. There's more to all this that I'll partially include momentarily to show that God set me up with a gal having a Hanson surname, but I think I should first repeat that English Hansons, first found in Yorkshire with Valiants (double-Shield colors of French Lombards), have so-called mascles (hollow diamonds) in the colors of the giant mascle of Fauci-like Faux's!!! This is amazing suddenly. It's telling that Fauci is part of the shark.

French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' not only share the double colors of the Cremer Shield, but the top part, the so-called Chief, is exactly the Cremer Chief! See? It's evidence that God set Miss Hanson up to point to Cremers through Faux's, how incredible for this time. Mr. Fauci is in deep trouble with God.

Plus, to prove that Faux's are indeed sharing the Hanson mascle due to a blood relationship between the two, German Fuggers/Fuggits (i.e. Faux/Fuge branch, apparently) share the Coats of Norwegian and Danish Hansons. These things don't look like coincidences. God was pointing to this Fauci imposter as part of getting Trump down the shark's throat. JUST INCREDIBLE.

One can glean that the Cremer Crest is a version of the Bibo Coat (CUSHion), and indeed I can make the Cremer-Bibo connection solidly through use of Custs (in the Cremer motto) and Kiss'/CUSH's. Bibo's are said to have derived their rooster from Hanson-like Hahns (but see also German Hanns), you see, and Hahns were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's. The ICE-cream, you see. And on stage with the Trump news conferences has been Dr. Hahn, I absolutely kid you not, the FDA commissioner!!! Zikers.

I've been linking Hansons to Hahns in this way for a lot longer than I've known about coronavirus. It's more evidence that God created my ice-cream event with Miss Hanson in order that the reader might believe it. It now turns out to be undeniably a Pointer to Fauci's role in this drama.

Mecklenburg is where Trump's were first found who share the stag head of Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Hansons), and in the 1979 dream, the bulldog JUMPed into the pool having a nasty shark that gobbled up Trump. Trumps use a giant stag head in the colors and format of the giant rooster of Hahns, and both surnames were first found in Mecklenburg. Incredible.

PLUS, I have just realized more, for the mascle in the Hanson Crest is white, while the mascles in the Hanson Shield are black-on-white, colors reversed from the white-on-black one of Whalleys!!! WOW, for this recalls that Whelans share the Coat of BRICKS i.e. like the BIRX surname of the Ms. Birx who appears in the news conferences with Trump and Fauci!!! [I didn't realize until the next update that the French Loys/LOUIS', who share the Brick lozenges, are in the "loy" motto term of Birks/Burghs. This is amazing, because I was living with LOUISE (bad girl), and promptly after getting her to leave the apartment, I dated Miss Whelan. What could this come to mean as per Ms. Birx? Louise and I lived at ELLESmere, perhaps a pointer to Marc Elias, Hillary's lawyer who purchased the Steele dossier. The Elias' share the Elis Coat.]

While the Brick Chief has the Massey/Massie fleur-de-lys, Cremers and Hansons have the three fleur-de-lys of Massey branch Masci's and English BIRCH's, i.e. suggesting that Bricks and Birch's were branches. The Birch Crest shares a green snake with Hansons. No Birx surname comes up, but I assume that God is pointing to Miss Birx with the Brick / Brix bloodline.

My mother is a Masci on one side, and we lived on the same street once as Miss Whelan, a girlfriend of mine at age 20. Again, Whelans share the Brick Coat, both using the lozenges (diamond shapes) of Brix's/Brests in colors reversed, and the latter, along with the Bricks, are from Brixia/Brescia (Lombardy!), smack beside Val TROMPia, where Trumps/Tromps are from, can you believe it?

The Arms of County Waterford share the Trump/Tromp stag head, and to show that God set me up with Miss Whelan to send a message, Whelans were first found in Waterford. Plus, to connect all this to the ice-cream girl, Waterfords/Waterville's share the so-called fountains of Cremer-related Custs and Kiss'/Cush's.

Faux's/Fage's, Cremers (look linkable to Italian Lombard Coat) and French Lombards share three fleur-de-lys in their Chiefs with Bricks and Whelans.

As I said, John Ratcliffe may be the one to save Trump from the shark. I showed the reasons for this from the 1979 dream, but suffice it to repeat here that, after I let Miss Hanson go, I saw her one more time, one day only, while I was standing at the entryway into the parking lot of Ratcliff LUMBER (Lombardy-like term), in Gormley, Ontario. She was at the neighboring Sam's Restaurant that day (it's online), where she worked, where I had purchased the ice-cream from her.

OHHHH WOOOOWWWIE! I get it. I now know why it was named Sam's, who by the way had the very best BURGers while Burghs are also Birks. The Sam's/Sammes' share the lion of FAUCets! I have always identified the lion of Faucets (same place as SITTens) with that of SITlers, who in turn happen to share the trefoil of Ice's. Perfect, for she sold ice-cream at Sam's!!! It's pointing to Tony FAUCi, yes it is. The Sitlers look to be using a vertical version of the Schwerin Shield, for Schwerin is a location near the first-known Ice's.

Sam's/Sammes' were first found in Essex with Faux's and Quints (and the related Youngs), and I see Quints as a branch of Quince's/Quincys (share mascle with Faux's) who in turn happen to be in the Faucet write-up. Stunning, is it not? No human who developed these heraldic items knew about my ice-cream event at Sam's. The Valiant I borrowed to take Miss Hanson for a drive was from the Quince-like Quinns, and, I kid you not, very near the time of the 1979 dream, God gave me a morning vision of a beautiful blonde woman with mental injury, who struck me to be Farrah Fawcett at the time, yet she turned out to be Quinn's blonde sister (very attractive) that night, when she literally lost her mind for a few seconds, screaming demonically/possessed, after I told her I had become a Christian. The 1979 dream took place about a week after I became a Christian.

Oh wow, Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with FACE's/Fessys! Ice-like Ise's/Assi's use a so-called fasces as code for a branch of Face's/Fessys. The latter's write-up: "Other records show the name was originally De Vesci, which was a baronial name, a branch of the De Burgh family." Lookie: The Birx-like Birk/BURGH surname uses "ung" three times in the motto, and it's got to be code for the Youngs/Jungs/June's who show a giant stag in the colors of the Jump / Trump stag head.

Plus, as I've said many times, Rick Young was dating Miss Whelan's sister, and it was as my per-chance meeting with Mr. Young, in the last time I saw him, that I met Miss Whelan and began to date her. It's more evidence that God is pointing to Ms. Birx too.

As I said, the bulldog in the dream could be interpreted as both jumping or FALLing into the pool, partly as a pointer to Falls'/Fallis' (share Pool lion) and therefore to Rockefeller branches. Yes, for it just so happens that Whelans are also Failins. As I said, one day at 13 years of age, as my friend, Robert Powell, and I walked past the home that the Whelans would later live in, he and I got to lobbing ROCKs at each other from a distance of about 50 feet, in a game of chicken. ROCKefellers. I see wicked, money-grubbing Rockefellers behind the shark.

Miss Whelan lived at the CORNER of Henry Corson Place, and Corsons/Carsons share the Brix/Brest lozenges while Corners/Garners -- who can be traced to lake Garda, beside Val Trompia and Brixia/Brescia -- share the acorn with Dutch Tromps. The latter, sharing the half-Shield of English Lombards, even share the spread eagle of Falls/FAILs while Whelans are also Failins. Corsons/Carsons appear to be a branch of Corrys/Currys because the latter were first found in Waterford with Whelans. Cars/Kerrs have a motto making them look like they love a family from the Serio river through Crema.

AHHHH, Lookie. Mr. KEPke, who lived on the same street as Miss Whelan, was with me on the last occasion of my seeing her, when he said to me, "be non-CHALANT" with her. Chalants/Chalons (the Keep chevron in colors reversed) happen to look like a branch of the Chalnes variation of the Faux's/Fage's; the latter are the ones sharing the Cremer Shield. Therefore, Tony Fauci is being pointed to also by my relationship with Miss Whelan, though I don't think I've yet recognized all the reasons for this...aside from the Whelan-Brick relationship pointing to Ms. Birx.

Ahhh, Welsh Chalants/Chalens happen to share the chevron of Corner-like CORNs (German-Corner colors), and this points to CORONavirus! Zinger.

I trace Corns and their branches to a CERAUNii peoples of ancient Illyrium and Epirus, and it's where I trace such surnames as CROWN-using CRAUNs/Crane's while the Shark surname happens to use a crane, as do Gounds/Crannys. Then, Grants/Graunds (ROCK in flames) happen to share three gold crowns of English Corons/Corona's, and the latter's are in the colors of the giant crown of Italian Corona's. This is what I call the line of Coronis, the mythical crow, and, I kid you not, it was very unusual this morning when a single crow appeared on my driveway. I almost-never see (can't remember one time) crows on the ground upon my property. It saw me walking by the window and flew off.

The Cremer write-up traces to CRAINors, how about that.

Oh wow, a crow on my DRIVEway. The Drive's/DRAVE's/Drove's can be from the Dravus river (mouth near CORNacum), near the mouth of the Urbanus on the Sava river, home of the Ceraunii! Now I know why the crow landed on the driveway, because God caused it to verify that these apparent heraldic pointers to Fauci are indeed His pointers. Plus, as was shown, Fauci is a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and then Hillarys along with Clintons share the six fitchee crosses of Tarves'! it's amazing, first because Drive's/DRAVE's/Drove's have the quadrants of the Chives', first found in Tarves, in colors reversed. If the crow on the driveway thus appears to be pointing to the Clintons, then we might even predict that the coronavirus scare is a Clintonite trick.

Italian Corona's were first found in Treviso, ancient TARVISium, where I trace Tarves'! Astounding coincidence. The Shield of Tarves' is probably the split Shield of Hansons and Fuggers/Fuggits, you can't ask much more than this. But wait, there is more, for, as I told readers some two years ago or more, a huge wind miraculously blew down a maple tree at the front of my home, and it landed exactly where the crow was spotted on the driveway this morning!!! The Maple surname almost has the Chives motto, and shares the vertically-split Tarves Shield!!!

The downing of that maple trunk was IMPOSSIBLE by wind alone. There were no leaves on that tree. It had been dead for a couple of years, maybe three. It was still solid maple (there's no rot in these parts for six months of the year), and it's 12-inch stump is still there to this day. It must have been at least seven inches in diameter where it split in half. Imagine how much wind power it would take to blow against merely a trunk tapering off at the top to about four inches in diameter. The trunk snapped in the middle, about 20 feet off the ground. I counted that event as a miracle from God, because I had actually asked him, a few months earlier, to take it down i.e. by wind. Here's the story from the second update in March, 2017:

Just as I finished the paragraph above, a strong wing came in and caused some branches to hit the house's front door area. I had been praying just a few days ago, "Lord, please take that tree down." Yes, I meant by the wind, and I meant only the top part of it, for even the top 10-15 feet would be enough. It wasn't the first time I asked him. It's a dead tree on the front lawn, and I've been afraid of cutting it down for three years because it's tall enough to get near the windows, and would likely hit the garage roof. The only way to avoid it is to get up on a tall ladder and cut it about 12 feet up, dangerous [for me]. It leans toward the garage, and trying to make it fall the other way risks having it fall to the front where windows could be broken. This wind just blew twigs against my front door, and when I saw and heard them, it confused me, because I don't see how twigs could be on the roof above the door [I didn't hear the tree snap or hit the deep snow]. But when I looked out, there on the ground, and pointing straight to the front door, was half the dead tree! I'm telling you, the trunk on the ground points about 7 inches to one side of dead-center of the front door, and therefore straight at me [as I sat at the computer]. No windows were damaged. No damage at all. There are twigs on the front porch, and, I kid you not, Twitch's have a Twig variation! He arranged for these twigs to "knock" at my front door, otherwise the tree could have fallen without me knowing about it at this moment. Most of the wind-blown twigs are gathered within two feet of the door. It seems He made this take place deliberately while I was writing on end-time, anti-Christ prophecy.

I had been on the Twitch/Twigg surname earlier in that update, due to a twitch in my arm-shoulder area that pointed to Obama.

Again, the Ceraunii are on the map upon a Sava tributary, and then the six fitchee crosses of Tarves', Hillarys and Clintons look very linkable to the six lions of Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire, same as Corons/Corona's), as well as to the six lions of Cecils with a motto, "COR UNum VIA UNA" (Maple's and Chives' use "vi"). The Ceraunii are beside the UNA/Oeneus river, you see, and VIO's/Vito's were first found in Treviso/TARVISium with Italian Corona's! Bingo. The crow on my driveway speaks. For many years, Chives' of Tarves were said to be first found in Devon, where Cecils and Trebys were first found.

Plus, I see Tarves' as a branch of 666-suspect Trabys/Sadowski's, and the latter happen to use the only scarf I know of. I think I have seen Ms. Birx wearing two scarfs to the conferences, but also, the Trebia river flows to near Cremona (named after the Ceraunii?). Scottish Crone's share a lozengy Shield with English Lombards while Cremona is in Lombardy, tending to verify that the ice-cream event points to the coronavirus scheme. The coronavirus is now the topic of scarves and masks while Masci's are from the Maezaei marked on the Una/Oeneus river. One can easily understand why Maezaei were at the URBANus river with the Ceraunii, and then Masci-branch Massina's share the hexagrams of URBANs (Masci colors and format) while English Crone's (coronal crown) share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Urbans even share the hexagrams of Trunks! The trunk fell where the crow would be about two years later. German Crone's have a crane with a ROCK in its foot.

English Crone's are in the colors and format of Crows, and the latter's rooster, in colors reversed, could be the red one Cremers, very ice-cream interesting because Ice's were first found in ROSTock, the place that ROOSTers can sometimes represent. It just so happens that the black-on-white fitchees mentioned above are used also by ROOST's/Rusts (though only four of them), how's that for linking the ice-cream pointers to coronavirus?

Recall Whelans/Failins, first found in Waterford, for that's where Corn-like Correns (and Corrys) were first found who share black escutCHEONs (shields) with Cecils. Mythical Coronis was made the sister of KEON-like Ixion, and Keons can be gleaned as kin of Neils, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Neils and Keons share the fish in the Arms of Shark-like Saraca. There's verification everywhere here that the shark in the dream is the shark entity pointed to by the ice-cream event, all pointing now to those behind the corona conspiracy.

Corners/Garners share two white wings in Crest with Correns, and wings are code for Wings/Winks, from Vinkovci, which on the map above is at Cibalae, smack near CORNacum. Wings/Winks were kin of Justine's, who share the gold border with German Hansons...and Spanish Urbans! The Ceraunii on he Urbanus were near (or even in) Cibalae. Miss Hanson pointed with her ice-cream to Ice's, and then Ise's/Assi's were kin of Justine's, from Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I, born in Cibalae. This imperial line goes also to the Fauci-like Face's/Fessys. Repeat: "Ise's/Assi's use a so-called fasces as code for a branch of Face's/Fessys."

Here's from the Ise/Assi write-up: "Eustace de Vescy or Vesci, Baron Vesci (1170?-1216), 'son of William de Vesci and Burga de STUTeville,'..." The Stute's come up as Stits suspect in the "JuSTITia" motto of SIBALs, the latter, obviously from the line if Justine of CIBALae, share the blue moline cross of Segni's/Segurana's, and the latter are not only in the Face/Fessy motto, but were first found in Genova, home of fasces-like Fieschi. Stuteville's are from one Herluin, the name also of the son (Herluin de Conteville) of John de Burgo, making the Vesci-Burgo family look definitely from John de Burgo.

IN FACT, English Conte's share the antlers of Cone's! Miss Hanson handed me an ice-cream CONE. Who set that event up to make links left and right like this? German Hansons use the old green snake (now blue) of VisCONTI's. How impressive. VISconti's are a branch of Guiscards/WISharts, and the Sicilian Guiscards made a pact with the Saracen ruler, SAMsam, which should explain why the Sams/Sammes' share the giant lion of Italian Conte's (and Faucets). Our first date pointed to the shark of Valiants, and Shark-liner Saraca's are from Saracens, perfect. Valiant-like Vallans share the moline cross of French Sarasins, and the Whelan-like Vallans use the moline also in red, the color of the moline in the Sibal Crest.

Wikipedia's article on the Fieschi family says that it was politically partnered with Grimaldi's. Not only was my mother's mother a Masci, but my mother's father was a Grimaldi, both from Pike-like Picenze, and the English Pike's happen to share the Ice trefoil, can you believe it? It's like heraldry had eyes to see, centuries ago, my life situation with that ice-cream girl. You can find online that Sam's Restaurant is at the main intersection in Gormley, and then the Gormley/GRIMES surname has the footless martlets of English Grimms/Grime's in colors reversed, indicating that Gormleys were a Grimaldi branch. English Grimms/Grime's were first found in East Cheshire with Macclesfield, which explains why Macclesfields share the Face/Fessy cross. There is going to be more to this than I now realize, for God never ceases to amaze me with this ice-cream girl.

Picenze is near Picenum, and Justine above was the daughter of a ruler of Picenum. It's all a great reason to see the Ice surname as a branch of the Ise variation of Assi's. Hence, the Ise fasces is indeed code for a Fieschi line.

I can glean from the sinister-rising sword (bendwise) of Corners/GARNers that they are a branch of KARENs/Kerns. The latter use, as a sinister-rising bend (diagonal bar), the sleeping moon of German Roets, who in turn were first found in Thuringia with the Talls/Thals looking like they use the Urban bend. Urbans are expected from the Urbanus river with Massey / Masci liners, explaining, for one, why Roets share a motto term with Masters/Mesters, who in-turn share the griffin heads of Kern- and Garner-like Gernets. The latter are implied as relatives of Tarves-like Travis'/Travers, and we saw why Maple's (Chives kin), who share the boar heads of Scottish Roets, are using the Tarves Shield. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Chives-line Chivasso.

Gernets share the three griffin heads of BOX's (Wiltshire) while the neighboring Roets of Somerset use a BOOK. Chivasso is on the BAUTica river, the line to the French Bauts almost using the BOCH Coat.

Travis'/Tarves' happen to share the scallops of Masci-branch Meschins, and the latter were birthed by Ranulph de BRIQUESsart (grandfather of Ranulph de GERNon), the line to Bricks / Birch's. De Briquessart married Miss Conteville, descended from John de BURGO, the line to BIRKs/Burghs, the ones with three "ung" motto terms in honor of the Youngs. The latter share the three piles of Scottish Leavells/Lovells, and the Lovels are in the Travis/Traver write-up, said there to have received the manor of the Gernet-Travers. De Briquessart was from the Bessin, named after queen Basina, who was from Thuringia with Thals/Talls, explaining why the latter share the bee with the Bessins.

This now gets unbelievable, because Emma de Conteville was the mother of De Briquessart's wife as well as the mother of Hugh LUPUS, freak me out. Chloroquine is used for lupus patients too, but this is only the beginning of the freak-me-out. Wikipedia once showed, and may be showing again, that Hugh Lupus' (ruler of Cheshire) personal symbol was a white-on-blue wolf head, the colors of the three wolf heads of Scarfs. And, to boot, the Wolf/Welf/Lupus surname, with three wolf heads too, were first found in Cheshire with Brix-like Birch's while Ms. Birx likes to wear scarves. [She wore one on Saturday night too]. Wolfs/welfs/Lupus' are said to be from Hugh Lupus.

But there is more, for de Briquessart, with his Conteville wife, gave birth of Ranulph le Meschin, the first instance of the Meschin surname that I know of, and then Meschins are also mask-like Masculine's, as though God arranged Ms. Brix and her scarf-and-mask topics in the news conferences so that He could link it to this freak-me-out heraldic situation, for Birch's even the fleur-de-lys of Meschin-line Masci's, a branch of Masseys/Massie's, first found in Cheshire too. It recalls the so-called MASCLE of Faux's, can you believe and accept this? There can be no doubt about it: God is pointing to people in Trump's news conferences, and we can even add that Pence's use so-called plates, the symbol also of Mussels/MUSCELs (Meschin/Masculine colors and near-format).

LO AND BEHOLD. The Keiths/MASCALs were even first found at the MUSSELburgh area, and you can read for yourself in the Faucet write-up: "Fa’side Castle, sometimes known as Fawside, Falside, Ffauside, FAUXside, or Fawsyde, is a 14th century Keep located in East Lothian...two miles southeast of MUSSELBURGH. The castle dates to 1189, when the monks of Newbattle Abbey granted land to Saer de Quincy..." SHOCKING! It explains why Quincy's use MASCLEs in Gernon colors. As the son of Ranulph le Meschin was Ranulph de Gernon, the black Gernon-Crest lion is probably in the Faucet Crest and Shield.

The Faucets and Keiths/Mascals were first found in Lothian while the Lothian surname uses a black, gold-striped hunting horn, the colors of the three hunting horns in this Arms of Traby (Poland, see Wikipedia's Traby Arms article having the Astikas' too) that come with three strings looking like a 666 code. Lothians hang their horn on a pine tree while Maschi's use pine CONES.

[A few days after ending this section, news came out that Trump fired the Inspector General for Intelligence, a great move. If he continues to make decisions like that, snap-snap-snap, he will bring hope. There had been a lot of talk amongst pro-Trumpers that Horowitz, the Inspector General for the DoJ, may have been one of the good guys, but lookie now at this news out on the 4th: "Michael Horowitz...criticized the removal of Atkinson and defended his handling of the Ukraine case." There we go. Horowitz is now feeling compelled to reveal his deep-state ties. Atkinson was a ring-leader in the impeachment effort. This is shark ground zero.

As I've said many times, that while Horowitz was the Inspector into FISA crimes, I didn't expect him to report the most-damning things because the Horwitz Shield is also the Fisc/Fisk Shield while the FISA court is called, FISC. It gave me the alert from God that Horowitz was the protector of the FISC. Note how the Fisc surname is like the Fieschi surname at the center of this Fauci revelation.]

Farrah Fawcett Look-Alikes

Good morning. It's Sunday. Last night, it was realized that there's more to the ice-cream girl than I realized when the section above was written a few days ago. Consider first this quote in the third update of May, 2019, long before I knew of Anthony Fauci. "Vaux's/Vallibus [like "Vallan / Valiant"] were first found beside the first-known English Hansons (Yorkshire, same as Valiants), and it thus seems that God arranged English Hansons to use the mascle of Vaux-liner Faux's! Nailed it. And, zowie, I have always compared Miss Hanson to Miss Hicks for being tall, thin, babe-model-like ladies, like Faux-liner Farrah Fawcett." Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Faucets.

I don't think there's any doubt about it. I think God chose Miss Hanson because she was a Fawcett look-alike. Put it this way, if she wasn't that sort of girl, I would not have abruptly asked her on a date while purchasing ice-cream, having never spoken with her previously. I had seen her a few times while at Sam's, and she really turned my crank. She was a gorgeous, tall, thin, model-like blond. I now realize that this was the case in order to convince me/us further that God wants to point hard to Tony Fauci and those behind him. There's importance in all this.

The woman in the 1979 dream was gorgeous. She looked to me like an actress, and, some 16 years after the dream, in 1994, I saw her in real life for the first time, in Texas. She was a TALL, thin, model-like blond babe even at 40. Some 20 years after that, while talking about the shark of Valiants, it dawned on me that she and Hanson had the same sort of looks, which I felt was important because the Texas woman appeared in a dream that began with a shark. To prove to me that this Texas woman was the one in the dream, I actually purchased a fiberglass, 3-dimensional British BULLDOG (human height) earlier in 1994, from Hamilton, Ontario. Not only was her husband's first name, Hamilton, but in an online Baytown-Sun webpage (late 1980s), he appears in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog mascot (human height) for Bud Light beer. In the dream, the bulldog's coloring and spots matched those of the fiberglass dog I purchased.

But there's more, for her husband had a Kilpatrick surname, and Scottish Kilpatricks share the cushion with Hahn-related Bibo's while Irish Kilpatricks, in place of the cushions, share the Chief of Cremers. You can see where God is going with this: he's trying to convince us that Miss Hicks connects to the ice-cream event with Hanson, and therefore that Mr. Fauci and the nasty shark are to be seen as one entity.

The following is now amazing. After the shark-and-bulldog scene of the 1979 dream, I was transported to a sandy beach when I spotted the beautiful blonde walking past a car fender on the driver's side to the front of the car. She was then standing in front of the hood.

Well, the last time I saw Miss Hanson, I was at the entryway to both Sam's Restaurant and Ratcliff Lumber. Miss Hanson was looking terribly upset (hateful) toward me from the passenger seat of a black PICK-up truck, I see it clearly in my mind to this day. She was upset that I had dumped her, but, thankfully, she had found this other boyfriend, who was not in the driver's seat when I saw her. Instead, he had gotten out to go into the restaurant, and he walked past the fender of the driver's side, and then walked across the front of the hood when I spotted her at that short moment. I of course didn't stare, and, after a second or two of our seeing each other, I looked away, never to see her again. At that second or two, the boyfriend was at the hood. It seems that God wants me to connect that scene to the blond at the hood of a CAR.

It's just incredible, as though God wants to prove that we should make the connection, because the Car surname has a "serio" motto term while the Serio river flows to/through/past Crema. Plus, that PICK-up truck is another item that God chose specially for this scene, because the Pick surname shares the gold-on-blue fitchee cross of Ratterys (Perthshire, same as Ise-related Justine's of PICenum), and Hoods/Hoots are said to have been at a Rattery location. Again, Pick-like Pike's share the trefoil of Ice's and Faucet/Fawcett-related Sitlers. The latter can be gleaned as a branch of Sittens, who in-turn share a green dragon in Crest with the Kilpatricks sharing the Cremer Chief. Not I nor any other human could have provided these heraldic links to connect so well to both the ice-cream event and the particulars of the dream.

Sittens have a Seaton location in Devon, and Devon is where Hoods/Hoots were first found. After I saw her at the hood of the car, she was HOVERing over the Seaton-like seats of the car, and this, I realized eventually, was as per the hoot-like Hooters sharing the giant eagle leg of hover-like Hoovers. It's one of God's ways of proving that he created the dream, though there is likely going to be more to that hovering aspect of the dream.

The Seaton location in Devon is at the mouth of an AXE river, and the fasces of Ise's/Assi's/ASE's has an axe head, you see. The ice-cream prop of God therefore pertains to that Seaton location and Axe river, and then she was hovering over the SEAT's of the car that itself points to Crema. Her maiden name is, Hicks, and while the Hykes'/Hake's (Chives kin) were first found in Devon too, the Hixons/Hicksons use eagle legs too, as do Bundle's, who might be in-code in the bundle of sticks that a fasces consists of.

I wish I knew whether the official description of an heraldic fasces is a bundle of STICKs, because the Cliffs married the Stiche branch of Sticks while RatCliffs can be shown to be a Rat merger with Cliffs. Keep this in mind with the Rattery location of Hoods, because I'm going to go there in getting to John Ratcliffe. I trace the Sticks to "Astikas," a Lithuanian family that married Traby of Poland, and then the Traby/Sadowski surname uses a Q-shaped scarf likely part-code for Queens and/or Quade's, for the latter two use the same black-on-white wolf heads as Cliffs while Scarfs have wolf heads of their own.

Wikipedia's article of the fasces calls it a bundle of rod, though it adds: "By the time of the Roman Republic, the fasces had developed into a thicker bundle of BIRCH rods...twigs" It's reason to link whatever God intended with the ice-cream to Ms. Birx. She's the scarf-lover, and Trabys love the Scarfs.

The Stick-like Astikas (who married Traby) were in Lithuania's Vilnius, and the Arms of Vilnius has the Ise/Assi fasces as well as sharing the scales of justice with Justine's, the Arms of Vilnius, and the Ise's/Assi's, indicating that the line of Justine of Picenum connected in marriage to the Astikas line. The Dexter Crest has these scales of justice, but in that Crest, they're called simply, "Weights," because the Weight surname (probably a branch of the Wade variation of Quade's) has black, gold-striped horns, the Arms-of-Traby symbol. The expectation, therefore, that the Arms of Vilnius calls or considers its fasces (held by a woman) a "bundle of sticks" is supported where Stricks/STICKlands (share Meschin / Travis scallops) are said to use "a bundle of holly."

The RatCLIFFs were first found in Radcliffe of Salford, and, behold, the Salford surname shares black-on-white wolves with Cliffs / Quade's. In order to connect Ratcliffs hard to the 1979 dream, I explained, "She's beautiful," when God first showed me Miss Hicks at the radiator of the car. Decades after the dream, this led me to the Beauty/BoWOOD surname, and here it's necessary to say that Woods share the fitchees of radiator-like Ratterys (and Picks), you see. Plus, Beautys/Bowoods happen to share the black bull with the Ratcliff Crest. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

But there's more, mind-boggling actually, for here's part of the Ratcliffe write-up: "...Richard Radcliffe held the manor for the manor of Whalley {at Wiswell}". The Whalleys (Beauty/Bowood / Quade / Waleran colors and format), first found in Lancashire with Whalley of Salford, are the ones with a single mascle colors reversed from the single mascle in the Faux Shield, it's just mind-boggling because no human responsible for this heraldry knew that I would be having the dream, or standing at Ratcliff lumber watching Hanson's boyfriend walk across the radiator of a black pick-up truck.

After listening to John Ratcliffe attack the Obama deep state = shark over months of time, I began to realize that, when the woman of the 1979 dream was standing at the hood of the car, she was also standing at the RADiator, for that term is like the Rattery location of Hoods/Hoots. After exploring this possibility, I discovered an amazing thing. At one time, this woman lived about ten miles from me, but in the same year that my house was sold, she with her husband moved to Forney, Texas, on the Dallas outskirts. After finding that John Ratcliffe lived in the Dallas area, I found that his home is 10 or less miles from Miss Hicks' home at Forney. I was prepared to announce that this had to do with trump's nomination of John Ratlciffe as the chief of U.S. Intelligence, when he changed his mind the next day and removed Ratcliffe as the nominee. However, months later, Trump re-nominated Ratcliffe, and word has it that he will be confirmed by the Senate for the job.

Having said that, let's recall the ice-cream girl in the black PICK-up while her new boyfriend, owned of the pick-up, walked across the hood / radiator of the truck at the moment I spotted she and him from the entryway into Ratcliff lumber. The Picks share the fitchees of Ratterys, and the latter were first found beside the Rats/Raids/RAIDERs. One day, God caused me to write a certain sentence in describing Devin Nunes. I said that he was a RAIDER on horseback shooting fire-tipped arrows into the heart of Robert Mueller. Nunes and Ratcliffe were leaders of the attack upon Obama's deep state, you see, but I was still months away from realizing that Mr. Ratcliffe could have been pointed to by the radiator in the dream with Hicks.

I saw her at the hood from far off down the beach, and then I was standing at the door of the car watching her hover LEVEL (face-up). There is a Level surname listed with Leavells/Lovels, you see, and it just so happens that Walerans were ruler of Leavell. Ratcliffs were at Whalley, and Whalleys are in the color and format of the Waleran bull heads, black bull heads, the color of the Ratcliffe bull head. How can we mistaken the reason that God made this woman hover level? She ended up living about ten miles from Mr. Ratcliffe, but not until about 25 years after the dream.

There is a Hover surname using a so-called leopard FACE that looks like a pointer to Fauci, and so let's not forget the Face-related Fieschi family in the Ise fasces symbol, for RatCLIFFs had linked to Ise kin. I was standing at the DOOR of the car watching her hover, and one Door surname shares the white leopard face with the Hover Crest. The crown on the Hover leopard face may even be code for the Ceraunii, the family of peoples pointing to the coronavirus.

OHHH WOOOWWWWWIE! I was just asking who else uses a black leopard face like the one with crown in the Hover Shield. The Aids do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Fauci was, for years and years, in charge of the AIDS virus!!!! God has used the Aids/Ade's to point to Rodhams and therefore to Hillary Rodham Clinton! The Aids/Ade's or a branch thereof are expected in the "ad" motto term of Fieschi-like Fiscs/Fisks. I always link the latter to Cliffs.

Finally, the Hover surname comes through in a way that I was hoping it would, for, until now, it really did not lend much to the revelations. I almost decided to ignore it outright in favor of Hoovers. Suddenly, Hovers point smack to Fauci's AIDS programs, whatever they were. Birx herself was put in charge of Trump's AIDS program, can we believe it? "Deborah Leah Birx (born April 4, 1956) is an American physician and diplomat who specializes in HIV/AIDS immunology, vaccine research, and global health. As of March 2020, Birx serves as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force" (Wikipedia). In this article, Birx is in a photo with a scarf on!

If you can, do Jesus a favor by putting all of the above on a webpage(s) for as much dissemination as possible, for google hides my materials, especially these updates. God obviously wants the Christian people to focus on Fauci and company. Late in this update, I discover that Fauci loves Hillary Clinton.

Miss Hicks was HOVERing OVER the seats, and the Overs happen to share a Coat much like that of Thistle's while thistles are the only symbol of newly-found Fauchs. That looks meaningful. Fauci the prick weed. Compare Thistle's to the Children surname. She was on Epstein's island when she hovered, and thus the Children bend can apply to the Over bend as per Epstein's pedophilia industry and more.

Wow some more. The black-on-white leopard face is shared between Hovers, Aids and Keatons while Keiths -- of the Fauxside area of Faucets -- are also Keaths! ASTOUNDING! How can this be coincidental?

Keatons and Kettlebys were first found in Leicestershire with the Beaumonts of Meulan who married Waleran de Leavell, and while the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English Vaux's, Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Keiths/Keaths and Fauxside, you've just gotta be amazed. The Keatons are even in Waleran colors and format.

Compare the Keats with Tasks and Force's. Who arranged such similarities, all three surnames using three cats/lions/leopards in pale (vertical)? I'm referring to Birx's / Fauci's so-called "Task Force" on coronavirus. In Amazing Polly's March 19 video, she says that Rex TILLERson and Ms. Birx together pressured Trump to keep certain AIDS funding at full throttle (over $4B) when the president was thinking of slashing a billion dollars from it. While Tillers are a branch of Tailors, the latter have three lions in pale. What's going on? Tillers are from the Tilurius river, and Keiths traced with Cetins/Cattans (share cat with Keats) to the Cetina river, yet those are the same river by two different names.

I kid you not, that where Polly is talking about Tillerson and Birx (see early 11th minute), she's on a Bono congratulating Trump for keeping Birx on board the government's AIDS programs. The Kettle's, sharing the stag head with Keiths, have a "Bono" motto term, and, I kid you not, the Bono Coat looks like a version of the Gates Coat, the latter sharing the Beaumont lion! The Mellent surname is also the Milan surname, and Bono's were first found in Milan! Amazing "coincidences" that seemingly points now even to Bill Gates. The Bono / Gates Coats even look linkable to English Doors.

In the 14th minute, Bono appears with Gates at a global-fund event. They teamed up in early 2016 to fight Aids, I kid you not. God gave the Kettle's that "Bono" motto term, didn't He, to reveal this scam, this global heist of American tax dollars? The Bono lion is probably that of Simon de Montfort (see Montfort lion), who married the Beaumonts of Leicester.

Oh wow, the cinquefoil of Kettle's is colors reversed from that of Pepe's while the global AIDS program discussed by Polly is, PEPfar (Ms. Birx controlled PEPFAR as of 2014). Then the Far's use the red sleeve of Tonys, which is in some Arms of Leicester because the Toeni's = Tonys were in Leicester. This sleeve in the Far Crest looks just like one of Birx's shawls / shoulder scarfs!!! Who provided for this??? The single Pepe cinquefoil is white on red, the colors of the single cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester! Zinger. Nobody who created this heraldry knew of "PepFAR," an American AIDS proghram. Again, the Aid surname, with a leopard-face version of the Rodham Coat (cinquefoils), shares the leopard faces of Kettle-like Keatons.

Could this arrival to Tonys be a pointer to Tony Fauci? Yes, because the Vaux-Meulan line is under discussion in Leicester. It's the location of the Soar river that was part of the George-Soros investigation. God showed me, I think, that Soros was depicted by my prolific sorrel weeds of last year, and Sorrels happen to share the peacock in Crest with the Harcourts, i.e. known ancestors of Meulan's Beaumonts. Sorrels may even be using the lion of Leicester's Simon de Montfort. The Sorrys use a fasces! Soars share the quadrants of Malls/MarlyBONE's while MALahule of More (Dane, same as Harcourts) was the ancestor of the Toeni's of Leicester. Malls/Marlybone's are connectable to Morleys/Mauls while the other Morleys and Morlands share the symbol in the Aid Crest.

Oh wow, the Kettle cinquefoil is shared by Debbie's! Deborah Birx! It's the only reason that Debbie's were checked. In the Debbie Crest, the brown talbot dog of Lothians! Again, Kettle's share the stag head with Kettle-like Keiths (Lothian), but nobody who formed the Debbie surname knew Debbie Birx, except God the spy and snitch.

OH WOW! The Debbie's are also DebBON's, and they use bends colors reversed from the bends of Gallia's, the latter first found in Milan with BONO's. It's making sense if God arranged these heraldic things to snitch on a Birx partnership with Bono. A location of the Debbie's/Debbon's was owned by Odo of Winchester while Saer de Quincy, builder of Fauxside castle in Lothian, was a ruler of Winchester! That lumps Fauci in with this Snitch Job. Debbie's/Debbons were first found in Hampshire with the Potters (cinquefoils) who in turn use a Coat version of the Lombardy-like Lumbers, and Milan is the Lombardy capital.

Far-like Fare's (Cumberland, same as Vaux's/Vallibus' and Saracens) are also Phare's, suspect from the island of Pharia, near the mouth of the Cetina/Tilurius river, no guff. Pharia (center-left of map) is smack beside Ise-like Issa! Issa is also called, Vis, and Visconti's were rulers of Milan, i.e. where Bono's were first found. Milan is in Lombardy with Crema, and that was about the Ise-cream line, so to speak. Cremers may even be with a Hair Shield in colors reversed. The Soar-like Sorrys share the fasces with Ise's.

In the 24th minute, Polly introduces Birx's buddy, Chris Hohn (thief), and so it's interesting that Hohns are listed with ice-cream liners Hahns (probably the Cremer / Bibo rooster). Hohn (led CIFF) is in charge of a children's-cause foundation, and ice-cream can be used to abduct children for the cursed sex trade of children. Hohn's father is/was Jamaican, and that's near Haiti right? Haiti is where Clintons are suspect in abducting children, or at least protecting child abductors.

Ahh, Peppers were first found in Leicester. Pepe's (listed with Peppards) probably use the double fesses of Harcourts and Hairs because the Beaumonts of Meulan and Leicester descended from Humphrey de Vieilles, of Harcourt, which probably explains the VALLIbus variation of Meulan-related Vaux's. The Bus' (probably in "ValliBUS") share the Pepe / Leicester cinquefoil. Papps/Papadopoli's have a rare lion with tail to mouth, looking like code for Tails/Tailors. Montforts and Vieilles-like Wells have two-tailed lions to suggest a relationship with Tails/Tailors.

I regret that I can't find the Ad-like surname sharing the checkered Shield of Fiscs/Fisks (it's half the Arms of Meulan), but I did just find an Ades/Addys surname having a version of the Taft/Tuffs Coat, Fisk-relevant because Taffs/Taffys are easily gleaned as kin of Face's/Fessys (and Mea's). The Face/Fessy Coat is colors reversed from that of HADDingtons, and the latter's cross is used by Aid-like AITons (Berwickshire, same as Aids/Ade's). ADDingtons happen to use a lozenge version of the Faux / Whalley mascle! Mascle-liner Musselburgh of the FAUCets is at Haddington.

Taffs are expected from the ancient Taphian pirates at the Achelous river (Greece), not far from Astakos, where I trace the Astikas' of Vilnius. This can explain why Sam, owner of Sam's Restaurant, was Greek, for he is God's pointer to the Samsam Saracens expected in the shark of Valiants.

Plus, Samsam joined Robert Guiscard along with Timnah, another Saracen ruler, and that goes back to Timna of Edom's Seir, the line to the Justine-related Sire/Siron surname (share "justitia" with Sibals and Arms of Vilnius) suspect from the mythical Siren pirates in the land of Taphians. I don't want to elaborate here on this topic again, however, but will add that Timna (in Genesis) married the son of Assi-like Esau. Why would God portray Esau with an ice-cream cone? Pine trees and pine cones were a symbol of mythical Attis/Atys, who looks like the line to the Ades/Addys' above, the ones with a version of the Taft/Tuffs Coat. Attis was code for a real peoples, the Hatti on the Halys river, where i trace Halybes who happen to smack of "Eliphas," the son of Esau whom Timna married. Her brother, Lotan, smacks of Lothians, i.e. who use the pine tree and the Traby hunting horn, I assume.

Robert Guiscard descended from Tancred, and Tancreds are in the colors and format of Ades'/Addys', believe it or not. I trace Tancreds and their Tankerville branch to Greece's Tanagra, home of Orion's father, and ORION, the mythical hunter, is the ancestor of families using the heraldic hunting HORN. Horns are listed with Orne's.

Is Esau in the ice-cream cone? By what coincidence is the Seir-like Serio river at Crema? Repeat: "The Cremer write-up traces to CRAINors, how about that." That is, Crema started to look like a line of Ceraunii Illyrians, who lived not far from the Elaphiti islands, they being like "Eliphas," Esau's son. And the Eliphas-like Oliphants can be in the elephant of Crannys/Grounds. The Elaphiti islands are right beside Ragusa, home of Shark-liner Saraca's.

"My" Miracle of God

Probably within two or three weeks of having the 1979 dream, and within a month of becoming a passionate Christian overnight, I awoke one morning and saw a vision up toward the ceiling, a flash vision, of a blond woman, who looked a little or a lot like Farrah Fawcett, having a head injury, as in a mental injury. There was no physical injury. That's all I saw, in a split second, a woman with a mental problem. How did I know she had a mental problem? Inner knowledge. I would probably have thought nothing of it, but just about as soon as it was done, I heard an "audible" voice telling me to write down on a piece of paper that I would have an argument with Steve that night. I wrote it down, and carried the note in my pocket all day.

That night, Steve threw a party for the drinking buddies, and some were dopers. It was my gang too, and I was still frequenting with them, though reducing my drinking or not drinking at all, I can't remember what I did on that particular night. Half the gang went out, leaving Steve and some of the others at his place, and I opted to go out. They decided to go to the Village Inn, a bar, but I do recall not drinking there. We didn't stay long, then returned to Steve, to find him upset with me for leaving the party. I took the note out of my pocket and gave it to him. he didn't believe what I told him about the note, and said that I had written it while out with half the gang.

So we sat ourselves down, some in the kitchen, some in the adjacent living room. I was at the kitchen table, with Sharon Quinn beside me at the table, a tall, attractive blond (we did not have any relations). And that's when I began to sense a presence of the Holy Spirit, at which time I piped up about Jesus, the first time I had done this in any group, if I recall correctly.

To my surprise, Sharon was quite upset with me, and even called me a fool, out of concern that I was believing a lie. I hadn't been a Christian long enough to know that the world was filled with rabid, anti-Christian liberals. So, when Barry heard Sharon call me a fool, he piped up and said to the effect, let him believe what he wants. Sharon got up, went over to Barry sitting on the living-room carpet, raised her fist up, and belted him in the mouth like when someone does an underhand pitch of a baseball. Yikes, nobody knew Sharon was like that. She was always a super, friendly person. I saw Barry's lip bleed, and I saw the agony on his face, refusing to become angry, and he just took it like a man. I respected him for that.

Before anyone could have their next thought, Sharon rushed out the apartment door, and tore down to the end of the hall to her brother's apartment, and then we heard her shrieking out of control. So I tore down the hall, with her brother behind me, and a couple of others, and, a little frantic, I found myself getting down on one knee, looking up, and I prayed to Jesus, at which very second she stopped shrieking. And they got her off the hall floor, and onto the couch, but it wasn't until I got home that night that I realized, oh, yeah, the blond with the head injury. Wow. I thought that I might become some sort of 1st-century apostle, but it was not to be, not even close.

I've told this story before, but am repeating it now with the hunch that Sharon Quinn was representing doctor Fauci, for what else could it mean that Farrah Fawcett came to mind with that morning's vision? Recall that Quinn-like Quincys built the Fauxside castle of Faucets, you see. I didn't know heraldry way back then, at 21 years of age. Is there any meaning, in relation to Fauci, of Sharon punching Barry? I have little other clue as to how heraldry might relate to the items in that event; perhaps it's not to be deciphered until the future. But one thing I can see is that it refers to Fauci's anti-Christian nature (I don't know that he has one, but maybe he does).

I do recall that Sharon had a boyfriend at the time, Charley (bank loan officer). Charley's Angels was a television show starring Farrah Faucet, hmm. One Angel surname does share a white, winged horse with Quinns. Italian Angels were first found in Treviso with Corona's. Ahh, while Treviso was TARVISium, the Chives' of Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Lipps and Melansons) share the motto of Scottish Lipps! She punched Barry in the lip at Steve Melanson's apartment. It appears that God wanted me to get around to Charley's Angels, through Charley, so that we could get to the Lipps and thus prove the event to be from God, from the morning vision to the punch. Excellent work.

She was ANGRY, and English Angers (Essex, same as Quints) happen to use the lozenges, in colors reversed, of the particular Angels sharing a white, winged horse with Quinns. Remember, the Valiant car, pointing to the deep-state shark, belonged to her parents, and thus it tends to be verifying that Trump is the bulldog down the throat (being ruined) of the Fauci program to destroy Trump's economic success. We need to view her Ms. Quinn as a representation of Fauci, and then, wow, just realized, she also punched Barry in the FACE. Face's/Fessys can easily be a Faux / Fauci branch, perfect! Oh wow, Scottish Barrys have a good reflection of the Punch Coat, both using so-called "barry" (bars).

I can add that Angers are using the Saluzzo Chief-Shield combination while the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo are to the Fasts and FISTs/Fausts while she used a fist to hit Barry. It tends to verify that the Angers / Angels are at play. It was Charlotte Hicks who was hovering in a car in the shark dream, and Charlotte's are listed with French Charleys. The Hovers are the ones who pointed to the AIDS program of Fauci. As I saw her hovering while standing at the door ("porte" in French), I theorized that this was God's pointer to Rob Porter, a man in the Trump White house who was reportedly dating Hope Charlotte Hicks (she's back in the White House now). Porters use a the Yates GATE. The Over / Porter bend is that also of Thistle's (share pheons with Robins) while thistles are used by Fauchs as well as ROBins. Could that be indicating Rob Porter since Robs/Robe's share the Robin chevron?

[Hope Hicks was Trump's communications chief, and on April 7, this came out: "[Trump's] new chief of staff is also considering hiring Alyssa FARAH, the current spokeswoman for the Defense Department, for a communications role..." FARRAH Fawcett. Anything from the military is capable of being the shadow-government enemy.]

OH WOW. After she punch Barry, she FELL at the door of her brother's apartment, and Fells happen to share three fessewise lozenges with Angels! It tends to prove that God was indeed pointing to Charley's Angels with her boyfriend. I'm seeing RockeFELLers. fells were first found in Dundee with Kids.

As for the note that God asked me to write, which ended up in Steve's hand, it was deciphered (months ago) as God's pointer to Note's/Cnuts/Knots, for they have a near Coat version of the Melansons. Soon after, Melanson asked me to help him coach a hockey team, and I did, to discover, some 40 years later, that Hockeys have a version of the Melanson Coat too. Melansons can be gleaned as using a version of the Italian Maurel Coat, for Maurels were first found in Melan-like Milan. It could be indicating that Milans/Millens/Mellents, first found near the first-known Melansons, are using the Faucet lion. In any case, Note's/Cnuts, first found in Derbyshire with Hope's, are in the colors and format of Hope's.

I was never obsessed with Farrah Fawcett. I didn't watch Charley's Angels. The hockey team is important here, for Hockeys can be seen as kin of HAZels, and they both use fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Sutys ("HAZard"), thus tending to confirm that Milans/Millans have the Faucet lion. It's important because the Melanson note came with the Fawcett vision.

Now, is it not amazing, and yes it really is, that the Mellent variation of Milans/Millens is the alternative name of Meulan, while the Arms of Meulan is exactly the checkered Shield of English Vaux's/Vallibus', while Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in East Lothian with Faucets!!! I almost missed this excellent point, I really did. Now we know why the incident with Miss Quinn was in Steven Melanson's apartment. Amazing. Meulan is in the Vaux-like Vexin, near Rouen, and the Rouen surname almost has the Coat of Faucet-related and Quinn-like Quincys.

Ahh, wow, I put the note into my POCKET, and Pockets use a single (giant) cinquefoil linkable to same in the Kettle / Debbie / Leicester discussion. I always link the Pocket cinquefoil to that of Porch's/PORTis', who have the single, ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester. It's also the ermined cinquefoil of Hamiltons, and while I purchased by bulldog in Hamilton, that pointed to Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick, husband of Charlotte Hicks. Why is there a Porter-like term in this paragraph?

The Porch's/PORTIS' (eight bars, partly red) have barry looking very connectable to the Barrys and Punch's (eight bars, partly red). After Miss Quinn punched Barry in the face, she ran down the hall and collapsed just outside the DOOR of her brother's apartment, and one Door surname shares a white leopard FACE with Hovers. Porters and Ports were first found in Hampshire with the Hangers sharing the so-called escarbuncle of Angers.

Oh wow, while Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" as code for Potters and Hangers (because king Cnut invaded England by way of Hampshire), the Note's are listed with the English Cnuts who share the drop-filled Shield of Darlene's who in turn use a "female figure" in a ROBE!!! The Robs/Rode's! Rob Porter! Less than a year from my ice-cream event with Miss Hanson, I had an identical event with Darlene Ray, and French Rays use the escarbuncle of Hangers and Angers!!! Wrays can be using the Valiant Chief-Shield.

I got in line at Knob Hill Farms (told this story many times) to purchase an ice-cream cone from Darlene Ray/Wray (not sure of the spelling), and having never spoken to her before, I asked her on a date, and God made her say, okay!

It's important now that Irish Nagle's can be gleaned as a branch of Angels / Angers while Nails/Nagle's/Neils can be a branch of Irish Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks) who use the Arms-of-Saraca fish! Plus, Fellers and Falls'/Fallis' are only part of the proof that proto-Rockefeller RoqueFEUIL liners used treFOILs as their code for whatever named, "Feuil," and Sharks happen to share green trefoils with Rocks and Rods, the latter being from a ruler (Hugh IV) of Rodez, who married a woman from Roquefeuil (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks). Hugh IV married the daughter of Raymond (!!!) I of Roquefeuil.

At Knob Hill Farms, my fellow stockboy was one Raymundo, a friend of Mike Denardo, and while entering "Narbonne" (at brings up Denardo's, NarBONNE is beside Roquefeuil (same place as French Raymonds). Plus, Raymundo's (Fisc Shield) were first found in CREMona (!), near the first known Bono's in Milan! Darlene RAY the ice-CREAM girl worked at Knob Hill Farms too, you see. This all looks like a set-up by God to make these points, though they're coming so fast I'm getting confused as to what they could mean as per Rob Porter, if anything.

Cremona is right beside Placentia, and the latter's Arms has a blue wolf in colors reversed from the Scarf wolf heads, perfect because a so-called scarf is in the Traby/Sadowski Coat while Placentia is at the Trebia river. Milan-like Millers (English) use three blue-on-white wolf heads, colors reversed from the three of Scarfs. I trace Caens/Cans to the Ceno river near the Trebia, and Caens/Cans share the red fesse with English Millers. Scottish Millers might just have the Sarasin Coat in colors reversed, and German Millers are also Muellers. Robert Mueller was made the FBI chief six days before the 9-11 disaster; his job was to cover for that gigantic crime upon the United States.

French Raymonds have the Wray Chief-Shield colors in colors reversed, and the three Wray martlets are in the Pepe Coat in case Christopher Wray (current corrupt FBI chief) is involved with PEPFAR. It doesn't matter what those letters stand for, God may have provided something about the organization with Pepe's, for example, who share the Porch/Portis cinquefoil, and the three fleur-de-lys of English Raymonds, how about that. PEPFAR's logo uses the AIDS ribbon, and while there are heraldic ribbons, the only surname I could find to fit that symbol is the Ribon variation of RAYburns (roebuck drinking). HOW ABOUT THAT.

The Pepe Crest has the three feathers, in colors reversed, in this Arms of Rothschild. My second girlfriend at KNOB Hill Farms was Miss Bauer (Jewish), and while the first Rothschild was a Bauer, Knobs look like they share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. I showed why NATIONs/Nathans and Natts/Nathans should be the reason that the first son of the first Rothschild was, Nathan, and it just so happens that Papers use carNATIONs while they are almost the Peppard variation of the Pepe's above. Miss Bauer left me for Mr. Denardo, Raymundo's best friend.

Suddenly, the sharing of the same martlets between the Pepe's/Peppards and Wrays makes sense where my first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Darlene Ray/Wray. The Pepe/Peppard Coat is even a good reflection of the Darlene Coat.

The anti-Trump FBI mole, Stefan Halper, pointed to Trump in the shark's throat, and the Halper Chief has the single rose in the Chief of English Raymonds. HALpers were found in Worcestershire with the Hills said to have included Hall-related Hulle's. Knob HILL Farms. Miss Quinn fell in the HALL. The "Avancez" motto term of Hills looks like part-code for the Vance variation of Lothian's Vaux's/Vallibus' (beside the Falls'/Fallis'). The Hills were my sleeping-bag dream with David Morley who himself pointed to the Aids. Morleys (Derbyshire) named Morleston (Derbyshire), where Needhams were first found who are in the Halper write-up!!!

As I said, with Miss Quinn out in the HALLway screaming, I got down on one KNEE (inside the door) to pray for her, and Knee's use the Needham Coat while Hall-suspect Halpers were at Needham Dyke! It's screaming that Fauci, whom she points to, was/is involved with STEFAN Halper, especially as she punched Barry in the face at STEVE's apartment. The latter was a Frenchman. For all I know, he could have been born, Stephen (we called him, Steve). The gold Halper / Halp/Half fitchee is behind the lion of the Winchester Crest, and that suggests Saer de Quincy of Fauxside castle.

Again, David Morley pointed to Aids partly because they have a version of a David Coat. Davids are from David I, king of Scotland, whose line birthed Henry Huntingdon, husband of ADa of Warenne, the Aid/Ade line, you see. That sleeping-bag dream was a pointer to Hillary's email crimes. In case it applies, Fellows/Fallows were first found in Huntingdonshire. The sleeping-bag dream is now suspect in pointing to AIDS programs. Hillary's emails must have shown evidence of corruption in those programs.

OOOOHHHHH WOOOOWWWWIE. Halpers are also HALFpennys, just one way to know that they are a branch of Halps/Helps/HALFs (near Portishead), and the latter surname shares the hourglass-shaped Shield of Kerrys who in turn use a bee HIVE! I was waiting for that surname to come up, and it couldn't come at a better place because it looks like a pointer to HIV/AIDS!!! Incredible. It appears that Stefan Halper and his fellow sharks are thieving tax dollars committed to AIDS causes. John Kerry, who took over Hillary's job in the Obama administration (!), was/is involved with the Ukraine shark. Halfpennys bring Mike Pence to mind because Pence's are also Penns. Pennys/Penes' share the lynx with Lynch's who in turn have a gold version of the Feller Coat.

OH Wow. I'm glad I loaded Needham's again to see their PHOENIX, for Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general, met Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport to discuss not charging Hillary with her email crimes!!! It's amazing how that came up with Halpers. It could suggest he was working secretly for Hillary when seeking to destroy Trump though such people as George Papadopoulos, that being like the Papadopoli variation of Papps. The latter share the Kingston Coat while Kingston-upon-Hull is a location on the Hull river (Yorkshire). Hulls share the three Hall dog heads, and in colors reversed they are the three in the Pape Coat. It sure looks like a subtle pointer of God to the Halper-Papadopoulos scheme. Pepins and Poppins/Pophams love the Mens' in their motto who were in turn first found in Midlothian (beside Faucets), and it just so happens that the Papp and Kingston lion is the giant one of Faucets in colors reversed. That's a pretty compelling picture for seeing Mr. Halper involved with Fauci's world of HIV scams.

[Insert April 8 -- I didn't realize that Tafts/Tuffs share the Knee version of the phoenix until the next update. Do not miss that spectacular section that points to the tarmac mneeting in a way that blew my mind over the past hour.]

Miss Quinn, pointing to Faucets, fell at the door. Falls/Fallis (Pool lion) were first found in Midlothian, beside Fauxside castle, and Fells were first found in Cumberland with Vaux's/Vallibus' and Saracens. The shark FELL into the pool! Miss Quinn, whose parent's car pointed to a shark, FELL at the door / porte of her brother's apartment, and he was the one who allowed me to drive the Valiant to date Miss Hanson the ice-cream girl now pointing to Mr. Hahn, commissioner of the FDA who appears with Fauci in Trump's news conferences. English Rocks (the ones with the trefoils) almost use the Quinn Chief-Shield combination colors.

PORTIShead is near the fist-known Porters, the latter first found in Hampshire with same-colored Potters/Pawters (look like a Porter branch), and then French Porters, first found in BERRY, happen to share the Over bend. Charlotte Hicks HOVERed OVER the car seats. This looks like a pointer to Rob Porter and Bill Gates somehow. The latter teamed up with Bono while the Bono Coat can be a version of the Gates Coat. The car was on a beach, and while Portishead is at CLAPton, Clappers have a version of the Beach Coat. Clappers were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs while Children have a near-copy of the Thistle Coat, both sharing the Porter / Over bend. Clappers were first found in Surrey with James'.

It's very interesting that one Clapton Coat is a version of the Winger/WinGATE Coat, for my employee in Hamilton was Mr. Winger. He was my employee in a business that displayed the bulldog purchased in Hamilton. Could God be pointing to the gate of Porters with the Wingate variation of Wingers?

See "punch Barry" in my 4th update of March, 2017, in case you'd like to check whether I've told the story of Miss Quinn before.

Before reporting on this week's chloroquine controversy, I thought you should see a video by Dr. Oz put out late in the week, where he interviews 3 corona patients who ended up in severe condition from the flu's complications. Oz then has no shy bone in his body to speak on a proper trial done in Wuhan that, using 62 patients total, reported 33-percent improvements in fevers and coughs. That is, instead of three days of those symptoms for half the patients taking no drug, the other half taking chloroquine averaged two days. Note how short the period of symptoms are even for those not taking drugs, indicating that corona can be a mild flu. Plus, 33 percent fewer chloroquine patients got pneumonia in this study.

Best chloroquine news of all: four patients not taking drugs almost died (why did they take their chances?), but none taking chloroquine got that severe. Those three patients interviewed by Oz who almost died were saved by the drug i.e. it works in the late stages too. SUPER! I want to put this up front here because the war against use of chloroquine raged all week, and will continue into next week by sheer murderous anti-Trumpers:

In the 19th minute, Oz says that none of a 178 patients with pneumonia had taken chloroquine. The remedy seems obvious. It's also important that no corona patients had lupus, because in a study of some 80 lupus patients, none had corona. In other words, if there were lupus victims amongst those with corona infections, it could be said that chloroquine doesn't necessarily work, because lupus patients are generally all on chloroquine. But as no corona victims had lupus, it adds to the evidence that chloroquine works.

WHY WHY WHY are not the big media putting out special news shows like those of Oz? His message: if there is even a slim chance that it works, NOW is the time to use it everywhere. This is the message we expect from normal people. But leftist media are refusing to put out this message, but are instead informing their fellow conspirators to do thumbs-down stories on this drug.

This is How the Update Started Originally

There is a sure-cure, or almost so, and yet the number of deaths are still shooting up like a rocket. If Trump can't change this little thing with a little order like, "Thou must administer chloroquine or face arrest for murder," then Trump is either a useless ninny, or part of the conspiracy for some incomprehensible reason. There is no greater justification to force doctors to use a (safe) drug than the salvation of the patient from possible death. The more those Democrat rats cry that corona deaths are the basis for the shutdown, the more a president can compel doctors to use the cure.

Trump can declare that all corona patients fall under his jurisdiction, and he then has authority over the doctor for the purpose of prescribing chloroquine. In that way, the doctor is not responsible for prescribing it, in case he wants to cry the blues about possible law suits from side-effects coming back on him. This cure needs to be taken out of the hands of doctors, because wicked Democrat / anti-Trump doctors are not performing their duty. Outrageous. Trump never forces anyone to use the drug; he simply allows the patient to use it when the doctor refuses to prescribe it. Problem solved. Everyone back to work. Democrats defeated.

Oh, wait, I forgot. Democrat media would portray Trump as one going over the heads of doctors. WHO CARES what Democrat media say? Do the right thing: allow sick people to have the drug they want to have, since it promises a cure. Arrest doctors, because they have not sufficient reason not to prescribe chloroquine to those about to die. But Trump's attorney general is a push-over in the face of Democrat media. The country will never be healthy so long as this lame Republican attitude continues.

I can't believe that Republicans are allowing Democrat-run cities to arrest people for going outdoors while Barr can't find it within himself to arrest doctors for literally killing people over the same crisis. Failure to administer a drug that saves someone's life is equivalent to murder. There is ample evidence that chloroquine saves lives, and no one knows this more now than doctors.

Look it. Whatever hundreds of people die today, none were showing symptoms 10 to 15 days ago. When they did report symptoms, probably not one of them was given chloroquine. Do you not understand the utter demonics of this situation? Does Trump not understand it? He's kind'ov just going with the flow, la-tee-da, Mr. Cool, "let's see what happens," he says. IDIOT! People have been dying unnecessarily, that's what's happening. So enforce the drug already. What's wrong with you? Hundreds of people died today that didn't need to, and hundreds more tomorrow. ORDER DOCTORS TO OFFER IT! Or you are responsible, commander-in-chief.

Allow patients to have it on demand, it's just so simple. No doctor is permitted to refuse it if the patient and/or the family of the patient wants it. Spread the word on television ads that all patients have the right to the drug. Some people still don't know this because leftist media is a killer-demon on this issue.

You, commander-in-chief, tell doctors that if any corona patient dies, the family of that patient will have rights to review the doctor's records, checking to see whether chloroquine was denied them, and why. Take a doctor's licence away who permits a patient to deteriorate for lack of using this drug. What kind of commander-in-chief does this country have who merely pretends to care with words on the news. SPIT! Do something you big goof. How dare you call coronavirus the invisible enemy when the real enemy is the Democrat establishment. They are killing people, not the virus.

On Monday night's news conference, near the end, a reporter asked why the United States wasn't testing per-capita like other countries. Instead of answering her, Trump rebuked her for trying to make his government look second to other nations. He didn't answer her because, I assume, his enemies in the corona task force don't wish to report the per-capita numbers, and thus they haven't given them to him. He simply doesn't have the numbers. What kind of a general is this? He merely pretends to care. He is nothing but imagery.

Okay, maybe he doesn't realize that discovery of the approximate number of coronavirus infections in the country is good for his political standing. You can get Trump to do anything if he thinks its real good for his political standing. It's the left that doesn't want the per-capita numbers, or they would have reported them by now. The higher the per-capita numbers, the lower the fatality rate of this virus, and my math (in the last two updates) found that the per-capita numbers will make coronavirus look like a common or even mild flu. It seems that it's not this flu that's killing the aged, but other illnesses that this flu causes. Chloroquine saves a person from reaching that far.

Near the start of the conference, he says that the country has tested more than a million Americans to date, and his spokesman on the topic says the country is doing a whopping 100,000 tests per day. So, what's the problem? What are the per-capita numbers, man? By now someone knows them. It doesn't take but a few thousand tests to get a solid grasp on per-capita numbers. You can do a per-capita test in every major city over-night. It doesn't need to be squeaky-accurate, just the gist is a good start. What's the per-capita number for the cities with the highest reported cases? What's the problem? The people should be suspicious for the lack of these numbers. President Goof, are you completely useless?

Out of more than a million tested, 161,088 had tested positive by 6:42 pm on this Monday, March 30, shortly after the conference; with 2,968 deaths (5,245 recoveries). This means that, of the number tested, little more than 1 per 6 people tested positive. That's the same 1/6th fraction as was used in the math in my last update. The same fraction is holding into this week.

The fatality rate is as easy as discovering how many Americans have the virus. It doesn't need to be accurate; we can get a good sense of the fatality rate whether there are 2 million cases, or 3 million, today. Just divide either of those numbers by the 3,000 deaths that will be reached in a few hours, and the fatality rate is going to be 1 per 667 Americans or 1 per 1,000 Americans. It gives us a good indication on this: if there are more than 3 million cases nationwide today, the fatality rate for this disease is as little as any other flu. THAT IS WHY YOU NEED PER-CAPITA, Mr. president, to shut the mouth of Mr. Fauci, your mortal enemy. Do yourself a favor, kick him off of your news conferences...if you have the courage.

We can use the 1/6 fraction because it applies to those with flu-like symptoms, for they say that they have been testing only those with flu-like symptoms. Here's from the last update:

While the CDC is hiding the February numbers, had provided them on March 8: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their estimates for the influenza season from October 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020. During that period, an estimated 34 to 49 million people have been sickened with the flu, with 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalized. The estimated deaths from the flu is between 20,000 and 52,000 people." It appears that the CDC is giving itself a lot of latitude for changing the numbers, later, as needed to assist the corona scare.

As the CDC page (completely daft and unreliable) had implied that there had been at least 38 million flus to about March 17, I would suggest that the 34 million in the quote above was used to arrive to the 38 million, and so we can ignore the 49 million figure. We can tentatively assume that the CDC estimated the number of cases, between February 29 and March 17, as 38M - 34M = 4 million in the least, with a projection of some 6 million (in the least) for all of March (really lowers fatality rate). The CDC reported 19 million cases to January 25, and so we can now glean 34 - 19 = 15 million from that date to the end of February.

Okay, here's what we can do with the tentative 6 million flu cases in all of March (which looks just right because February had about 10 million while the flu often decreases in late February and into March). First, we realize that amongst the 6 million there are corona victims, for they too have flu-like symptoms. Then, as was shown in the last update, 1 per 4 maximum of people with flu-like symptoms in the lungs have the flu. We realize that flu symptoms include more than lung symptoms, and so less than 1 per 4 (for example, 1 per 6) have the flu amongst those with ALL symptoms, but even if we use 4 (6 would be worse for Trump's enemies), we then multiply the 6 million flu cases by 4 to discover that there were more than 24 million Americans, in March, with flu-like symptoms. It's things like this that the CDC pages should be showing, except that CDC has become controlled by corruptor dragons.

Even if we use this low number of 24 million, we can now discover that 1/6th of them have corona because that fraction was discovered as per Trump's statement that 1 million were tested to date, on March 30, which testing discovered 161,000 (1/6th of a million) corona cases. The 161,000 are a small sampling of the 24 million, you see. So, that was easy: we thus discover, based on CDC's minimum 6 million flu cases for March, that the national number of corona cases is more than 1/6 of 24 million, or more than 4 million, thus making the corona fatality rate not greater than 1 per 1,333 corona infections (4 million / 3000 deaths = 1,333 living people per 1 death). Even the Fauci traitor said that the average flu has a mortality rate of 1 per 1,000.

The only number in this math that's wrong is the 6 million; get that number true to reality, and the maximum fatality rate will be discovered. However, 6 million looks about the minimum, and a number higher would only lower the fatality rate. The people controlling this crisis are thus in trouble, guilty of fraud, for they have mathematicians at their disposal, and they have therefore realized already what I've just explained. Their only hope is to get the number of March deaths much higher than 3,000, and they are trying to get that accomplished in spite of the dangers of falsifying the numbers in that way. Nobody with understanding expects the daily death rate to go up at this time. The entire nation seems to have not one logical bone in its body. The corruptor dragons claim that deaths will go up, and the entire nation believes it. Flu numbers are going down, don't you get it? Fewer infections = fewer deaths.

There are projected to be about 40,000 flu deaths this season, or about 8,000 on average for the four worst months from December to March. In all of March, there will not be more than 4,000 deaths reported for corona infections, but we need to consider that this number is likely far too high, or that they are using a trick to get the number that high.

This page has a blue chart telling of 74 confirmed cases on March 1 (slide the arrow on the line to "01 Mar"). I don't know the details at all, but it's logical that almost no doctors were seeking / reporting corona infections this season through to mid-March. I suggest that many of the 10 million or so flu infections in February were corona infections. That makes good sense. If correct, then, as the death rates for all flus combined throughout this season are normal, there's no indication that corona sufferers had a death rate worse than a regular flu.

Has any body double-checked the testing that supposedly found corona positives? What if half of the cases have other flus by some kind of trick? Don't we expect exactly that from Democrat rats?

As per Tucker's show on the 30th: the rate of hospitalizations in New York state, instead of doubling every two days, is now doubling every six, and slow trends are being seen elsewhere. Perhaps New York is now reporting numbers cautiously real after artificially increasing numbers until Trump ordered a chloroquine trial there (i.e. eyes on the situation could catch the falsifiers).

Trump is such a goof, actually believing that the death rate is going to continue upward until mid-April, even though 75 percent of people have been in home-prison for more than a week, and will be until mid- April. How can corona numbers go up under that condition??? Hello? They are lying to us.

Think. If people passing away from corona do so within ten days of reporting symptoms, then we should see a sudden slowdown of deaths after ten days of a stay-at-home policy. We have arrived almost to the 15th day, yet the death numbers have been, and are still, bigger than ever, soon to be 1,000 daily and more on a regular basis. Does that seem correct? How can there not be a large shift in deaths if everyone's taking care not to spread the virus? Makes no sense. It's as though the numbers pumpers have committed to such high numbers that they can't afford a lull or down-curve to reflect the slowdown we expect. They are shooting for the sky to keep the lockdown going into summer, ouch, they deserve prison.

Shouldn't the number of infections be much higher amongst the working force? Why are they not telling whether the positive cases are from people at work versus people at home? Isn't that the way to test whether stay-at-home is a worthwhile policy? They are not being honest with us, are they? It's far more than stay-at-home, it's also closure of non-essential businesses. Daily deaths should be going down by now for more reasons than warmer weather. Democrats have control of so many government institutions that they can conspire together to conduct tricks like this, and they do it because they learned what they can get away with, and how to.

On this Monday's conference, Trump told that the social-distancing program he announced, to the end of April, will save 1 million lives. It's a lie. It's the lie his enemies have handed him, and he does not wish to buck against it lest he lose political standing by appearing negligent. By announcing the need for social distancing for the sake of saving a million lives, he's trapping his own self in a net because his enemies will pounce on him when he starts the people on a back-to-work program. The lie is intended to keep people from going back to work in an effort to ruin the economy.

When the conference reached Trump talking about the chloroquine gift of some 40 million pills yesterday, youtube caused severe problems in my feed from Fox. For example, the entire video was obliterated, and another video came on without my asking for it. After reloading the Fox video, and going back to the chloroquine discussion, the feed stopped / froze repeatedly, sometimes longer than a minute. The problem disappeared after I passed the chloroquine segment. The deep state must be very angry to see this massive gift that promises to obliterate their viral scare.

This is not a crisis. It just looks like one due to the many forces trying to keep people at home for another month or two. They are starting to convince president Goof to play along with them, masks and all, making fools of everyone. While you're fighting the virus, Democrat lunatics are doing their best to spread it. This is utterly sick, it really is.

I trust my intuition: the liberal deep state is guilty of a grave crime in abusing society through this virus, and it may have caused the virus in the first place with a plan beforehand to provide false, planted evidence of its being a Chinese disease. Although Trump doesn't want this scare, he's cutting deals with the enemy. He deserves what he's got coming (not that I want to see it) because he let the deep state get away virtually unscathed these past three years. I see evil on the April horizon. I see the deep state not permitting Trump to re-open the country by making him fear that he will be blamed for the rash of deaths that, in fact, the deep state will be responsible for.

The predicament: if he sends the people back to work, and corona increases, he'll get blamed for it. He could lose the election over it. So, masks on everyone is a good thing, because it doesn't threaten his election chances. And everyone staying home is a good thing for him for the same reason, but it wrecks the economy, and this was his big election hammer for to clobber the Democrat contender. So, he feels he needs to play right down the middle, placating the enemy, giving a little to it, hoping he can eke out a revival of the economy without too many corona deaths. If you think that this is your beloved president serving the people...ah, er, it's his serving self.

And we all are forced to stay home on a trick of the deep state to make a normal flu seem like a killer flu. Instead of calling for all-out war against the enemy, he makes deals with it, and allows the people to be burdened by a deep-state ticking time bomb.

Just look at how weak Trump is. He's failing. You should not get the impression that he's succeeding just because he insults the media at press conferences. He's losing because they attack repeatedly without refrain. He's not attacking it, but the shadow government is attacking him repeatedly, that's how weak he is. He has survived thus far, but he is definitely on the defence. How long do you think his luck will hold out as he placates and thus emboldens the enemy? He's afraid to attack lest he lose the counter-attack. He has never attacked it once, not even once. He'll never know whether he can defeat it or not, probably hasn't drawn plans to try defeating it, and so it's hopeless. Sooner or later they will be in power again, and we will be defenseless from the liberal onslaught. Trump hopes to go his merry way from the White House, having become the rock star of politicians, he thinks, and his voters will then be shark food. That's what I'm talking about. The enemy has decided to let loose with open corruption because it thinks it can get away with it by force of the "law" establishment.

Trump shared a tweet (March 29): "RT @GovRonDeSantis: The firing of Andrew McCabe is a rare example of someone being held accountable in Washington. I hope [it's all you have left] the IG issues his report soon." I take it that this is Trump's position too, since he shared the tweet. This is a gift-ticket to the deep state to continue commission of high crimes using the spy system. It's an excellent example of why president ConJob is playing his voters for fools, trying to make them believe that he's quashing the deep state with his verbal attacks.

Tuesday morning:

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe reported Sunday night that the White House is considering random sampling of the general U.S. population to monitor the spread of the virus while gathering more data around overall mortality rates. 'I reached out to the White House about it and they said it is something they were going to look to do in the next 15 days,' Boothe said... (The Hill).
She says that this is necessary to reveal what the true mortality rate is, a thing that Trump would like to know if it's way lower than the Fauci magicians and jugglers would allow us to believe at this time. So, per-capita testing seems to be in play this week.

One personality who's appeared on Fox doesn't like what he's seeing: "Ioannidis, who serves as chair in disease prevention at Stanford University, stated recently the data being collected on the number of people infected is 'utterly unreliable' with a majority of infection 'being missed.'...Ioanndis has also argued that because of the unreliable data, steps taken to contain the virus may end up causing more harm because of the shutting down of the U.S. economy." Not all liberals wish to be ruined financially in return for striking Trump a severe political blow. But rich liberals are more willing because they can get through a two-month lockdown with little damage.

It's a good thing to inhale a small dose of corona, because the person develops immunity. It's an instant, safe, free vaccine. The trick is not to get too close to another person's breath. Tests should be conducted on this; it would be easy to do. How far from an infected person's breath must one be before catching the infection to the point of mild, painful, or severe illness??? That's three questions in one. Or, how large a load of the breath is allowable? They can easily do the tests. The sooner people get infected, the sooner they'll be immune. Come on, everyone, have a little courage, you won't die like the Democrats say you might. Take your chances and get back to work; start a rebellion today, because you are being abused.

An article says that WHO gives three feet as a safe distance. Well, then, we can all go back to work, more careful to keep three feet of distance, just as soon as the majority of people over-rule the deep state. Why should Democrat animals decide for us all how long the shut-down should be. Let the people rule; ask the people what they would like to see, if they are willing to take the risks for normalizing life.

The Fauci Waltz

It wasn't my imagination: Trump caved on getting life back to normal at the first of April:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The two doctors spread out their charts on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

The projections were grim: Even if the U.S. were to continue to do what it was doing, keeping the economy closed and most Americans in their homes, the coronavirus could leave 100,000 to 200,000 people dead and millions infected. And the totals would be far worse if the nation reopened [will Trump go for this bait?].

Those stark predictions grew even more tangible and harrowing when paired with televised images of body bags lined up at a New York City hospital not far from where President Donald Trump grew up in Queens.

...The confluence of dire warnings and tragic images served to move the Republican president off his hopes for an Easter rebirth for the nation’s economy (AP).

Actually, he wanted it before easter. Fauci is part of this scare program, and Trump honors him openly because Trump is a goofball. He strokes his own enemies with love caresses lest his enemies come down harder upon him. How can a war be won like that? Sooner or later, you've got to lash out with a deadly stab, start the war and hope for the best. Not the war on the virus, but the war on the scare-happy enemy that starts with the CIA, FBI and similar cancerous organs. They are greatly outnumbered by the people. But Trump doesn't want a rebellion. He just wants to win the election. So, the deep state will linger, woe is to the people. If everything in Pandora's box comes flooding out, at least we get to discover who and what's in it. But Trump won't open the box, and he sits on it so that we can't discover what's in it. Open the box, and let's go to war. Otherwise it's going to be woe is to the people.

It's by scares that these infested lunatics control the country, and they pride themselves on their abilities / successes in controlling presidents and governors. This is the true virus, and the corona scare is revealing it to us as we speak. The same article shows that Trump thinks he has no choice but give in to the enemy:

“We’re thinking that around Easter that’s going to be your spike. That’s going to be the highest point we think, and then it’s going to start coming down from there. The worst that can happen is you do it [normalize] too early and all of a sudden it [corona] comes back. That makes it more difficult.”

They scared Trump, and it worked. The enemy apparently thinks that the most they can stretch the lockdown is to the end of April, but that gives them an entire month to produce new scares, you see, and all we have on our side is this goof. He thinks that a shut down for all of April is acceptable for his re-election chances, because he's tossed a couple of trillion dollars of gasoline into the economic engine, but he could care less if Americans, and other nations following suit, suffer the lockdown.

Same AP article as above:

The bleak forecasts were carried into the Oval Office by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, who displayed to Trump projections that, on the low end, could yield 100,000 American deaths from COVID-19. One model showed that deaths could have soared past 2 million had there been no mitigation measures.

You see, Trump's enemies waltzed right into his office, and twisted his arm on behalf of the deep-state project. Fauci's even threatening an election-day attack on Trump if he doesn't comply now, for Fauci's forecasting another corona scare for November. Meanwhile, Fox news has had Fauci and Brix on its prime-time shows, bowing down to them in reverence. Even Tucker and Hannity hold him in high regard, shameless.

This AP news is intended to make Trump look weak and controllable. Fauci's even bragging about his waltzing style: "'We showed him the data. He looked at the data. He got it right away. It was a pretty clear picture,' Fauci told CNN on Monday. 'Dr. Debbie Birx and I went into the Oval Office and leaned over the desk and said, "Here are the data, take a look." He just shook his head and said, "I guess we got to do it."'" I came. I waltzed in. I conquered.

Italy's corona numbers are going down, but Fauci's spreadsheet has them sky-rocketing into mid-April. Trump = Goof.

The CIA and FBI control presidents with false / twisted / foul evidence of things presidents can't refute or refuse. That's how it works, a no-brainer, which is why presidents have got to own the spy systems by putting in chiefs they can trust. Trump failed to do that from the start, and NEVER got it right to date. He's a total failure, his weakness now showing as Fauci mocks him on CNN repeatedly.

Trump can mock the fake news all he wants; it doesn't make him win the war. He needs to act, attack. He needs to anticipate the deep state strategy, and cut it off at the pass. In this case, he should have investigated the numbers pumpers two weeks ago; he should have seen this Fauci waltz coming before it entered his office. He may have seen it coming, but, the question is, did he do anything to verify the numbers of the numbers pumpers? Did he do enough to expose the conspiracy coming against him? Or did he stroke his enemies with loving caresses thinking that such a strategy would get him by?

It's beginning to appear that Ratcliffe will win the day for Trump, later this year; I just hope Trump's humbling will finally get him to stop bragging. His enemies are getting out the popcorn as we speak, each trying to assess or predict the extent of political damage expected from this shutdown as it's now shaping up. And they are devising schemes to make it worse, a no-brainer that Trump's team needs to anticipate and deal with before implementation of the schemes.

Anticipate that Democrat doctors, pro-abortionist murderers almost everyone of them, will allow the aged to die without the cocktail for the benefit of Democrat causes. I can think of little else having more need of a president's executive order than this need now to compel all doctors to make automatic, fast-track availability of the cocktail to infected patients.

Trump can't do it all. He's tired. He works hard, and is getting old. He needs help. He needs to appoint trusted advisors to do some slugging, if only he could get some. But if he wants people like himself, who give-in to the enemy so as not to make too much noise, it's hopeless. Mr. President, there is no way to avoid noise. It's now or never, go for it. Open Pandora's box, and trust your noise makers, those who are bold and viciously anti-deep-state. They will win if you are behind them as the master noisemaker. You have power. Risk the next election by fighting, what you should have done three years ago. Be decided to go down fighting, and you might even win.

To embolden the conspiratorial Democrats into becoming more fiendish in their hopeful situation, Drudge is ever feeding them. The sky is falling is Drudge's daily message as he rounds up leftist-media spins in their minute-to-minute creeps. Impeachment failed, but corona is starting to look like their finally-answered prayer from Beelzebub. There has got to be half the nation left who will fight hard to keep Beelzebub from ruling over them. But they all went away and stopped clamoring for Trump when he decided to become the president on the fence. Nunes asked him to show the nation the things inside Pandora's box, but Trump refused. He wanted no noise.

Okay, so here he now stands rickety, watching his economy going down the drain, after promising, but not delivering, the draining of the deep state. Okay, so this is the humbling you deserve, president Double-Face. Your fall is all your fault. You can poke the media in the eye all you want now, but it has the long sword at your chest. What's your next move? Are you going to call the Bill Barr calvary? Feh, Barr's too absorbed with hot-and-comfy apple pie; war is not his thing.

Fauci's job is simply to appear as honest and as Trump-supportive as he can while administering the poison to him. That's his game. The more respect he can garner from Trump's press conferences, the more power he has to enter his chamber at night for to deliver the stake to the heart while he sleeps. He acts concerned about Trump's fortunes: "save yourself, don't call the shut-down off just yet, save yourself because these fatality rates look real bad. Don't take chances."

Bongino has been dealing with Wall-Street-Journal articles of late, which for obvious reason want the economy to normalize fast. On Tuesday, Bongino's show, aside from talking about the $2.3T heist, mentions a WST journal piece that calls for per-capita testing for the hope that it holds out in proving that the fatality rate is minor. The problem is, the deep state will wish to control the per-capita testing. Fauci himself, last week, gave the per-capita numbers for New York (who are his sources?) as 1 corona infection per 1,000 Americans, or 330,000 Americans total. I can see his game, to give false numbers to make it appear that the fatality rate is high. For example, if the infection rate for average America is 1 per 5,000, then only 165,000 Americans have the virus, and as such the fatality rate, even as the death number stands now, works out to 165,000 / 3,400 = 1 per 49 corona cases (because there are 3,400 deaths REPORTED to date (31st). That just can't be a correct New York per-capita.

The trick, therefore, is to prove Fauci way-wrong by having reliable Trump-teamers doing per-capita tests. Someone will say that Trump's team would fix the numbers the other way, but at least there could be some solid conclusion to be made about Fauci's false picture.

Have you noticed that the only deaths that matter to news people are those with the corona flu, but not those who die terribly from other flus? For every horrible death from corona, there is an identical case for another flu, in any age bracket. As Bongino and many others argue, we can't let corona destroy society if its ability to maim is roughly the same as other flus. We've just got to take our chances; some of us will die each year, accept it and go on. That's how a normal person thinks, but normal people also feel that a short-term shutdown is justified if the death toll is 10 times higher for corona, yet these numbers have not been proven to be true. The resistance to doing per-capita testing is all a normal person needs to see to figure out that the higher rates are lies. Not just mistakes, but outright lies. It's the resistance to doing the testing that proves deliberately-falsified numbers, because normal people would want the testing done as a priority.

Once we discover the language of the deep state in even one person, we can start to see the strategy, and the same language in others. After three years of keeping track, I've learned a little something. Like, when we see criminals being freed from jails, and the police easing up on charging people for hard crimes, it sure looks like the language of the deep state when state leaders promise to arrest you if you go outside for something other than food and other needs. It could start to appear that they are making room in jails to arrest decent people for rebelling against this lockdown. Or, they might arrest anti-deep-staters by falsely blaming them for being out in public illegally. It appears that a police state is upon us, perhaps only on a trial-balloon basis, or maybe for more. It sure looks like Trump might go along with it, judging from his attitude today.

Every pro-Trumper can clearly see the Democrat machinery spitting out the corona scare, but the trick is to find deep-state stooges in positions of power who are guiding the attack, and I think we can safely place Fauci into such a category. It's interesting because he appears with Trump in news conferences, wherefore we can watch even his body language to see how he operates, how one disguises self as the angel even while breathing out dragon breath as the situation necessitates.

We don't need to be taught, in order to know it's truth, that a professional mole is taught how to disguise self as an AVID team player so that he gets into the INNER circle, with responsibilities and leadership role. Fauci's not a professional mole, but we'd expect the same sort of game from him to some extent, and he's able to rub shoulders with Trump's inner circle at this time, thus making him an effective spy. Regardless that he makes statements reflecting Trump's statements (we expect it as part of his camouflage), it's his bottom line that counts.

We realize that the news Fauci shared with Trump in his office does NOT factor in the drug remedies, the stepped-up individual testing, and the measures and caution of the population not to spread germs...that together predict a slaying of the corona monster in its April tracks. On top of this, per-capita tests can reveal this monster to be just the giant shadow of a mouse, because the deep-state has a light shining on the mouse from close range.

Plus, Fauci's scare in Trump's office didn't factor the RAPID testing now available that promises to clear hospitals. Doctor Oz said on Lou Dobbs that when patients go to the hospital to get tested, they are made to wait in isolation for a week, because the test takes a week, and thus the "patient" is in a hospital room, you see, all that time even if he/she doesn't have the virus. Therefore, the Democrat machinery puts out scare stories: hospitals are a giant light up-close to a tiny mouse, the story goes out as a monstrous shadow of things. The bigger the scare, the more the people with symptoms enter hospitals, bonus for the Democrat machinery. It's a war zone, their media screams. But testing can now be done in minutes.

How long does it take 10 doctors on the streets to stick a swab up 2,000 New York noses to discover the per-capita numbers there? Maybe a day. Are there not 10 pro-Trump doctors in New York willing to do this important mission in order to save the country from the unnecessary lockdown? Does Trump not know how to act like a general of war? Does he only know how to cry, "war"? Send out the soldiers, STUPID, to do what they have got to do before the enemy takes control of the political territory. It's not as though Trump doesn't have willing fighters.

To be strategically wise, choose half pro-Trump, and half anti-Trump, doctors to do the test, and then reveal the results of each, for it will reveal the dishonesty of the anti-Trump doctors. It's eye-opening education, a key part of the war. Set the enemy up for a fall. Set the enemy up in a trap that exposes what it's made of. That's how one wins political territory. Instead, general Trump placates the scouts that the enemy sends into his camp as spies. Test the testers because it's just as important to find falsifying testers as it is to find how many citizens have the virus. It's not illegal, but it is ethical, to deliberately set up a test to check whether testers can be trusted. Prepare their arrest papers beforehand.

Here's how false-flag operations work that require hospital winks and support: "Hospitals Tell Doctors They'll Be Fired If Talk to Press..." That's a Drudge-Report, corona-monster headline.

By the way, I find Bongino and producer Joe comical at times, and get some good laughs as they assess the news stories. For following deep-state news, the Bongino Report is very helpful, usually all one needs. This week, it alerts us to new FISA corruption in the FBI, and discovers what Wray was supposed to discover all on his own, but failed to report: "'As a result of our [Inspector General's office] audit work to date and as described below, we do not have confidence that the FBI has executed its Woods Procedures in compliance with FBI policy,' the OIG said in a memo to FBI Director Christopher Wray...FBI agents and officials are supposed to provide proof in the Woods Files for every factual statement made in applications submitted to the FISA Court in order to show that the applications are 'scrupulously accurate.'" Wray is not an acceptable FBI chief. Trump's entire base has known this, but captain Trump has refused to replace Wray. Trump may need the FBI on his side more than ever as this corona crime twists and turns into his head like a casino cork-screw in a high-risk game of gamble.

Apparently, unless judges are stupid, the FISA judges realized that proof of claims was absent. Did the judges press the FBI agents to produce the proof? Is there any evidence in the transcripts (what transcripts?) that the judges pressured the agents to provide proofs? If not the job of the Inspector to reveal corruption in the judges, whose job is that? Did the Inspector leave unreported the largest sins of the FBI and judges together? Who inspects the Inspector?

I'm wondering what factor or force caused the Inspector to evaluate these added 29 spy warrants. Did he chose to do this on his own? Can Barr demand from him further investigations into FISA? Or was it some other force which requested further investigation? Was it general Trump? "The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found errors in all 29 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications that were subject to the review." Why these 29 and not others? Don't the people have a right to understand the situation fully, knowing now that avid corruption in the FBI gives the FBI no right to privacy on these matters? Yet Wray has demanded full privacy, and has therefore condemned himself as an obstructionist. Yet, last we heard, Barr loves him. That's because Barr, too, is an obstructionist criminal.

If Barr had been making the arrests he should have, of the Clinton crime ring and the Obama-circle Intelligence people, then I doubt very much that this corona scare would be as scathing as it's become. The wicked side isn't even afraid to jail ordinary people who snub the scare. Way to go, Barr.

Headline this week: "U.S. attorney general [Bill Barr] orders release of more federal inmates due to coronavirus pandemic". WHAT? Releasing prisoners for fear of their catching a flu??? This is preposterously suspicious. The Trump government should be suspect for a martial-law program to go into effect soon.

I'm Sca-a-ared

On Tuesday's conference, Trump looked like the walking dead. It was more monotone than the last conference's introduction. He lamented the day's corona deaths. When Ms. Birx followed him up at the podium, she showed a chart having the purpose of making everyone feel better about staying home, showing that as many as 2.2 million deaths may have occurred at mid-April if people didn't stay home. She thanked the five or so international and domestic teams who created the numbers for this chart, but, unlike Trump, she didn't come across like the living dead. I do not believe for a half-second that there would have been 2 million deaths from corona. Birx's only agenda is to promote the dire-ness of the "pandemic." Even Trump seemed to be totally on board with the production and message of this chart.

Fauci then steps up to the podium, and goes down the same path. Dire dire dire, unless people stay home. And his job was to make the people accept that they will need to stay home for the next 30 days. He thus reveals his hope. He was followed by Pence having the same tune. Don't be deceived just because Fauci and Birx say publicly that they want to see as few deaths as possible, for this is a natural part of acting the imposter. Their main task now is to make Trump supporters accept the inevitability and blessings of the stay-home lockdown.

If they were not imposters, they wouldn't have used the dismal / disheartening chart at all, but would have been talking about how the nation can stop the virus in its tracks while going back to work, for other countries have accomplished it, and the American nation is now educated / trained enough to keep distance at work, and to wash hands.

What's needed is an investigation on the leaders who put this chart together. If everyone who put this chart together is a liberal / Democrat, what does it tell us? If even the top two people are Democrats, that's enough to indicate false numbers and lines in the chart. Fauci and Birx are essentially projecting dire New York on every area of the country. IMPOSTERS. Normal people would not have such an attitude. Birx admits that the chart, predicting 100,000-200,000 deaths by mid-April, is based on the New-York scenario occurring in other cities. Is that not dishonest? How about having another chart showing the numbers and lines if New York does not repeat itself anywhere? She says the chart is the expected scenario with 10 or 15 New Yorks, but I'll bet they didn't tell that to Trump when they waltzed into his office with the deep-state rose between their teeth.

If Trump's not a fool, why is he standing up there on this day giving the lion's share of the mic to these two deep-state puppets basking in the limelight of their chart mountain? They keep saying they don't want these high death numbers, but neither did they tell the names of the people or organizations responsible for them.

Eventually, Trump reveals why he's on board with the projection of up to 2.2 million deaths, had the country not done anything to protect itself: he's taking credit for saving all those lives. Ah, but of course, he has a personal interest.

From the last update: "Back to the worldometers website for figures on Monday morning (30th): 10:30 am: 143,249 positives, 2,499 deaths, 4,573 recoveries. Then, at 12:30 pm, just two hours later: 145,443 positives, 2,613 deaths, and 4,574 recoveries. Does it seem real to you that there should be 140 deaths and only 1 recovery in that time span? It seems laughable to me. Shouldn't there always be more recoveries than deaths?" The figures for 6:18 pm the next day are: 185,270, 3,780, 6,347. Do you believe for a minute that there were suddenly 1,167 deaths over 30 hours when a few days earlier the daily death toll was 200 and 300? You can see that the numbers pumpers are shooting for that chart mountain in order to close the store for May too, if possible.

The death rate cannot continue to rise like that for one more day, because chloroquine is available everywhere, and works to keep people from arriving to the lung-infection stage. It takes a few days only to die after reaching that stage, but this drug has been available from long before those 1,167 above died. The real question that the Trump goof should be asking is: how many of those deaths took place without chloroquine, and why was the number so high? If tomorrow's death victims have not been given chloroquine since the weekend, isn't the blame partly that of Trump, since he has the power to order doctors to use it for those facing death? He knows that there is resistance to using the drug for no sufficient reasons, and so it is his responsibility to see to it that doctors do not let patients go to their final day without giving them the choice of using that drug. There were far more than enough doses available this past week than the number of deaths this past week.

Trump then said he's going to speak to the Arabs for to get the price of oil back up because he's worried about oil jobs and companies. Dismal, he's truly dismal. This is the type of cursed individual who would deny us 100-per mile carburetor for fear that jobs would be lost. He's our enemy. Corporate bosses are his best friends. Low oil prices reduce the price of every product requiring delivery, and every product requiring energy for manufacture, and much more. But for Trump, saving oil companies from relative poverty is tantamount. Low crude doesn't affect refineries or gas stations, but only crude producers, yet they can pump a barrel of oil from the ground for a lot less than $20.

The truth is, they have been making way too much for too many years, and if they now need to come down to earth with small profits, TOO BAD for a change. If some need to go out of business, too bad, take your shots like any other seller of a product does from time to time. The people should not need to provide big corps with big profits just to keep jobs. Let the crude suppliers suffer poverty for a change. But Trump says, no, and he with oil goons will tell us scare stories to justify higher prices. Losing some oil jobs in return for low oil prices is well worth it for the many benefits. Why doesn't Trump give Americans low oil prices from domestic oil? Because, he cares more for corporate profits and higher gas taxes into government coffers. There are no other explanations. This man is despicable.

When oil was over $100 per barrel, any crude producer had the free choice to sell at half that price. Nobody can force a crude producer to sell at $140 per barrel. I know of not one oil producer that said, "this is a crazy price, we're going down to half price." That's because oil companies are a cursed lot. They wish to be making over $100 while we go perpetually impoverished. Yet Trump wishes for us to feel sorry for them at this time. SPIT!

There's not any word in the conference about how to ease back to work. None, because Trump didn't invite anyone to the podium to speak about it. There's no talk about preparation for it. Birx only says that "we" need to try to get the numbers of fatalities down in April and May and into June, and the way she's implying to get it done is for everyone to stay home for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, Trump's going to get oil prices to go back up, that's how much this cursed man loves you, Mr. Worker.

Thanks to his tossing trillions into the economic machine, it's almost time for you, Mr. Worker, to go beg your boss for a raise to cover the inflation that's coming everyone's way. And if you find that no one's hiring after you lose your job, stay home some more. In the meantime, Trump will get the oil prices to go up some more, not because he loves you, Mr. Worker. Everything he does is for his own benefit, the benefit of his economic engine. He thinks he can spare another month with you all at home, and still revive the economy in time for the election; this is what he has his eye on. Thankfully, he needs people to go back to work; thankfully, that is, because if it was the other way around in order for him to win the election, he'd be brutal on your soul to get his way.

About a week ago, he was talking about sending most the country back to work where the virus is non-threatening, but he is saying nothing about this today. The entire conference has been dismal in my view, like a capitulation to Fauci's vision. His brag-brag-bragging today only made me feel sicker to watch the show. I need to hear normal people; I can't take this lunacy.

The longer the affected companies are out of commission, the harder it will be to get their employees back, since some employees are trying to get other jobs, if possible, while this lockdown continues. Companies then need to re-train a lot of employees, ouch, I see a lot of chaos and pain. And for almost everyone, this lockdown is literal persecution. It's not as necessary sacrifice, nor even a willing sacrifice. People are being forced to stay home by pain of jailtime or hefty fine, and therefore this action from Fauci and Trump enters the categories of abuse and persecution. I think Trump today moved the national mind a couple of steps toward civil unrest, though not including Trump lovers, who would lay down on a railroad track for him.

With worshipers worshiping him daily, he's now asking another $2T while the winds are blowing his way. He's making Obama look like a pauper for his $800B heist. I feel like slapping Trump supporters left-and-right. Wake up, wake-up. You would think they could at least show dissatisfaction with the lockdown to make him think twice about extending it for so long. Instead, they swoon. Look at what you've done to future generations with president Morbid. He's telling the tax payer that now, during their persecution, is a great time to borrow another $2T because interest rates are zero. Like, uh, he's borrowing your money to fire-up his economic engine; and you only need to pay the principal, lucky you. With 150 million American workers (not anymore), that's only $13,300 per worker, but, lucky you, there's no interest for you and your children to pay back. How much will this lunatic borrow if he wins 2020?

I now realize why it seemed that he was willing to let Fauci's plan for April look good, so that he could use the scare for pushing this extra $2T. It tends to predict that Trump will allow this scare to continue until he goes through with this push, do or die. His true colors, if you care to see them. He's got one hand stroking his voters with love strokes on the face, while he's got thieving fingers slipped into the wallet pocket with his other hand. Deplorable Trump, and those who've loved him so much are going to let him get away with this too. Let's see if even the congressional Republicans allow this to pass.

If I were the president now, I would mock Fauci while we were on television. I would give people the choice of staying home from work, but cancel the shutdown, and direct everyone to stay away from old people and fellow workers everywhere. I would have per-capita tests done immediately to alleviate fears. Finally, I would order Donald Trump to a 6-week home arrest, and tell him that, after that time, I'll decide whether he should get more time or not.

Oh lookie: "U.S. Intelligence Concludes China Concealed Extent of Coronavirus Outbreak". But of course. But who in their right minds would believe Intelligence? But of course it's going to come out with this story that points away from itself. "A classified report [trick] submitted to the White House states..." Who cares? Do as I do; ignore Intelligence reports, and you won't hurt yourself. Listen to them, and you will make your own soul frightened by a phantom of Bog Down. Intelligence wants the country to cease good times, be scared, be watched, hate Christians, go to work, pay taxes, don't drive, have no fun, have no friends, don't laugh, don't visit, watch news, be brainwashed, hate others, pay more taxes, stay home, go to sleep, go to work, don't complain, pay trillions, be bogged down, scared. It's the Screwball Demon unleashed.

Here's what's really scary from April fool's day: "Trump says Iran planning 'sneak attack' on US troops, assets in Iraq". Who told him that? You get one guess. You see, Intelligence, and the globe-trodding military, have long been trying to force Trump to start a war with Iran, which will get him politically destroyed even further. After yesterday's capitulation by president Braggart, the CIA is thinking it can get him to do himself in, in yet another way. So they waltz into his office, show him the Intelligence that they created in their photo lab, or their fake radio / email interceptions, and they try to manipulate the president into attacking Iran. Be scared, watch news, be scared, be dismal.

The scariest part is that Trump tweeted this Iran thing out all on his initiative today. It wasn't just a leak, from the CIA. So what are you going to do, president Goofer? Attack Iran at this time? Why did you bother tweeting this thing, and why now while the country is at home depressed about your capitulation? Are you trying to make the people more scared? Looks like.

His greatest ambition: to be the greatest man who ever lived. Having created Space Force, how will he deny himself the opportunity to use it? It's too irresistible for an ego the size of his. Sooner or later, fire from the sky, it's bound to be coming. Maybe this month. Stay home, stay scared, pay trillions to the demons.

Never forget. Jesus Christ has been given the keys of Hell, and the authority to judge. In no way at all will the American demon be capable of doing that which Jesus blocks. It can try, but it's got to get past Jesus first. Let that be your hope. I've been saying it for three years: don't count Trump as your savior; he's a farce. He lays demon eggs wherever he goes, and snakes come up from them.

More from Wednesday morning, like cascading military stories: "Exclusive: The Military Knew Years Ago That a Coronavirus Was Coming". Ahh, trust the all-seeing military to get you out of this frightful mess. Create the crisis, then come in and "fix it" while exploiting the people. Here's the sub-headline below the headline above: "The Pentagon warned the White House about a shortage of ventilators, face masks, and hospital beds in 2017—but the Trump administration did nothing." Ahhh, a punch right between Trump's eyes. The capitulator is about to be knocked out. Move over, and let the military take over. I get it. Trump failed, let the military handle this. Right on cue, just as everyone is scared in their home jail, the military puts out more dismal news while setting itself up as the salvation.

Bank on it: the military created the shortages in masks, etc., in order to spread the virus, but why not also blame Trump for it all. It's what the CIA media bosses have been doing for weeks, and now the military is chiming in. It wants Trump to attack Iran, so that it can blame Trump for causing havoc. Trump keeps company with his enemies, for which reason there is no hope in this clown. He keeps hoping that his enemies will realize what a great one he is, and come alongside his programs. The last thing he wants is to side with merely his voters (street people, yuck), because they are nothings; they can give him nothing toward his goal of becoming GREAT...but the 2020 election. He prefers to work with the mighty, no matter that they are demons; he wants to be a part of it all so long as they do it his way, so long as he can be da big boss.

I'm sacred now, because Trump is showing himself to be unreliable. It's actually a good thing that the military came out to punch him out, for it at least creates distance between the two. The last thing we need is a Trump unity with the shadow government.

Chloroquine Battlefield

It should now be vain for the Democrats / anti-Trumpers to put out videos saying that chloroquine treatments don't work, because the drug must now be used on a massive level, otherwise doctors will be held responsible for the deaths of patients. That's how things ought to pan out and stand. I have no idea how the powers are going to allow doctors to get away with allowing their patients to die without the drug, but it seems that Fauci and his chart masters think it's going to happen. Did the FDA allow doctors to opt out of prescribing the drug? Did the FDA's directive protect doctors who neglect / fail to prescribe it? Good questions, and the answers should crop up this week.

Here's Laura Ingraham for the 31st, if youtube hasn't removed it from you:

We all know that you can ship any package overnight from coast-to-coast. If there is a sick patient anywhere in the U.S., FEMA can now have a bottle of hydroxychloroquine, a bottle of azithromycin, and a bottle of zinc tablets, all in one package, to this person, by the next day. We would expect tens of thousands of such shipments in the next week, if indeed it's true that more than 1,000 people are dying daily from this virus. Do you think this shipment will happen? Haven't you noticed how chloroquine stories barely make the news? If each shipment costs even $20, what excuse does FEMA have for not shipping 10s of 1000s of packages per week, if necessary, if each package goes to a very sick person? Shouldn't we hear from doctors all over the country that it's working? Follow Ingraham Angle for news on this topic.

On the 23rd: Bill Gates, who advocates population control by sinister means, chimed in, as could be expected: "Shut down the country. Step up testing. Develop treatments and a vaccine using data. Bill Gates laid out a 3-step process the U.S. government must take to help curb the COVID-19 outbreak that could kill between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans, based on government estimates shared Tuesday." There you go, the deep-state puppet speaking their language: shut down the country. And what they really want is to provide their vaccine rather than the cheap chloroquine from which they make no profits. Gates has been a vaccine freak for which he's made a lot of people suspicious. Many people don't want, don't trust, vaccines. I don't blame them.

There's not one word in the article about chloroquine. "Gates has been increasingly outspoken in recent days about the need to take more aggressive action in the fight against the novel coronavirus." Yes, and the action he advocates is what Fauci seeks.

With Trump on the enemy side for the short-term, endless articles will now be foisted on the people to make them accept the shadow government's inevitable shutdown. And because Trump is comfortable with it for what looks like another month, he's handing them another month to increase the reasons for continuing the shut-down. This is an important fight, and Trump doesn't seem to be the leader for the good guys. It appears that the big-three on Fox are going to lead this instead, hoping and trying to get Trump to come around.

The Democrats are even hoping to extend the scare, or to revive it, into election season in order to have the ability to do mail-in votes, which is a huge boost to their vote numbers because their young voters won't stand in line to vote. I'm actually hoping that riots begin very soon, like today, because the powers are gunning for a long-haul crackdown, and the sooner the rebellion, the sooner they can start making a paycheck again. Sitting at home, waiting for this to get worse, looks very painful. One can provide a dozen different arguments for to clamp down on people, and so here's the deep state's rationale for this cause:

Shutdown: Allowing states to enact their own social distancing mandates is a “recipe for disaster” because people can travel across state lines and spread the virus [mere excuse to enact one rule fits all], Gates wrote. “Until the case numbers start to go down across America — which could take 10 weeks or more — no one can continue business as usual or relax the shutdown,” he said.

Gates' big problem is that he's not the president. Yet he now thinks he can urge the president to do his will with scare tactics. This is the fight for all of this month. We can see the shadow government's tactic, to get the people to accept shutdown into June. That's what the military needs in order to do whatever its planning while people are behind their walls. They will jail people to send out the message, now explaining why they let criminals out to make more room for you and you and you. Traitor Trump is giving them their initial needs. He's not sure which side he wants to be on. Should he join them, or fight them?

The unexpected / irrelevant call, of Trump, to borrow another $2T for infra-structure specifically, is suspicious, for it includes communication towers, right? What's infrastructure got to do with a virus? Infrastructure includes, not only communications systems, but the electrical grid. I suspect that they want to alter these things to make the people incapable, in case they rise up against the shadow government. This virus scare comes just as revelations on the deep state were causing further inspections of the military / CIA "complex." Biological warfare includes such things as viruses, and the military is thereby an expert in viruses and how to plant one in a nation so that it takes hold. So I will now declare on a gut-feeling guess that the American demon has planted the virus, not only in China, Iran and Italy, but also in the United States. It doesn't seem coincidental that Italy has a bad case while it had been relating very close with China at the time of being infected. How did the virus end up amongst Iranian military officials? The CIA has people inside Iran.

Chloroquine cocktails may be God's part in thwarting this lockdown and its related schemes. We should expect the demonic complex to use all guns to thwart the cocktail, therefore, exactly what we are seeing and should continue to see. The loudest part of the news on this topic will be the deafening silence upon it. People will continue to get sick and die without most media even mentioning chloroquine, because the agenda, it can be gleaned already, is to make the drug appear as a nothing-burger. I'm noting that Trump is failing to address the fact that New York wasted all of last week in doing its chloroquine trial. It's what the entire normal half of the country had focus on when Trump ordered it, and he then remained quiet on the topic...because, apparently, he'd prefer the scare to go forward temporarily in order to secure another monstrous $2T.

Possible scenario: the military approached Trump to say that the Chinese / Russians / Iranians were planning to attack the nation's communications and electrical systems, and that these things need to be beefed up or altered as a protective measure. Trump agreed to get the complex the money to do the modifications, but there is no Russian / Chinese / Muslim monster at all. I think the demon is wanting to disable the nation if the shadow government is exposed. Think of the irony for his base if Trump facilitates this thing for the swamp that he promised to drain.

I do not think that the time for 666 is here upon us with Trump's White-House stint. I do think he has a lamb-like appearance while speaking as a dragon, but there is no animosity in him against Israel, and I think that's what's necessary from the Western world before the 666 system in enforced. I do not see anyone capable of fulfilling the anti-Christ in the Middle East at this time, one who speaks loudly against Israel while gathering warriors prior to his invasion of Jerusalem. Any such movement has been quelled for the moment. Any such movement can arise very fast, but for the moment, it's not there.

Bill Gates is a population-control beast who invests in vaccines, and this makes him suspect in seeking to capitalize financially on worldwide illnesses which demons can first unleash. I wouldn't suggest such a terrible accusation had I not heard him with my own ears telling an audience that he thinks the mass-murder of people is appropriate at this time. Here's what he said:

First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3.

What's wrong with that statement? He mentions vaccines, which are not supposed to kill people. He mentions health care, which is not supposed to kill people. He mentions reproduction, which does not kill people. Yet he then says that these three things can be used to lower the population by as much as 15 percent. Conclusion: he let slip that he wishes to use vaccines and health services to kill off a massive number of people. It slipped out. He seems to be lamenting that, through vaccines, medical programs and child-bearing, population increases, but adds that there is a way to use vaccines and the health industry to lower population instead. I suppose he was talking to a group of globalist fiends who are prepared to de-populate by criminal means.

What if the people doing the testing are knowingly sending people home with the virus, telling them that they tested negative when in fact they did not? That would be a sure-fire way to continue the shutdown. The numbers of new infections would then never cease, and that huge scare they are prophesying then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy by murderous goons. They can even target the homes of anti-deep-staters by this method. It makes us wonder how, in particular, they might be choosing their test patients. Or, whether they have a "bell" in their computer that goes off when the name of an infected person is entered to the computer, who lives in the home of a deep-state enemy. I did note that a few of the anti-deep-state Republicans were some of the first congresspeople to get this virus.

Well, we might like to know how pro-Trump Fox and Friends is portraying Trump's capitulation. Capitulator Trump said: "Every citizen is being called upon to make sacrifices, every business is being asked to fulfill its patriotic duty..." Who's his speech writer??? Who's asking such a thing, Mr. Trump? If it's not you, who's "calling" for it; your voters would like to know. Is Fauci the president? Who has convinced you to capitulate? Did you check the numbers pumpers first, before capitulating to them? No, you had not enough time for that. You traitor. And that's exactly how Fox and Friends is portraying Trump this morning. Kidding. Instead, some on Fox are asking the viewer to go along with Trump's needless capitulation, though it's not calling it as such.

Trump is the rope between two parties in a tug of war. He does have people on his team in opposition to Fauci, but none of them got the mic last night. Instead, Trump mocked them by portraying them as irresponsible / reckless for wanting to go forward as though no virus exists at all. That is not the position of 99 percent of people who want to see the country re-opened at least by the end of this week, you slimer. He's clearly allowing Fauci to lead. Nine-tenths of the country is almost free of this virus, and people have already been home for a couple of weeks. By now, almost anyone in home-stay who has the virus will be known, and virtually all the rest are therefore able to go back to work with minimal risk.

I totally reject Dr. Oz on Fox and Friends, telling that he agrees with the skyrocketing numbers. He adds that China was able to bring its numbers down by fighting the virus in the right way, but I say that the numbers came down partly/mainly due to warm weather, and the same is expected in the United States, though it's not happening on the scare chart because these numbers are falsified. If they are not fully falsified, then my reasoning would be that Democrats are causing infections to rise.

WOW, new information I've not heard in any media yet: Oz says that Cuomo "BANNED the ability of the average patient to get access to hydroxychloroquine, and I think we can do better than that." He ends the sentence with an understatement when he should have exemplified fury. Oz said that this was "an emergency measure [Cuomo] passed last week." What? Banning a drug that can work is an emergency measure??? See start of 8th minute if you can load this:

On April 2, Fox and Friends had Dr. Oz on again, who's afraid to tell the obvious, that Cuomo made it difficult to use chloroquine in New York due to political reasons. Oz confirmed for the second straight day that it's illegal to use chloroquine in New York. Cuomo has no excuse to keep the drug from people; there is no shortage. There's no word on what Trump is doing to counter Cuomo's hypocritical declaration. If the drug doesn't work, Cuomo wouldn't be blocking it. Believe it or not, New York's Democrats, in the main, are hailing Cuomo as a hero. SELF-EXPOSURE, for anyone who wants to see it.

Oz was on Hannity on the 22nd saying that professionals are saying that chloroquine needs to be used early in the symptom stage; it seems that it's a sure-cure if handled that way. Funny, but Oz, though he has youtube videos, doesn't have a youtube video on chloroquine, and he's pushing the New-York "war zone." Hmm. Is he a liberal?

Oz appeared on Fox and Friends on the 23rd. When asked why such a low percentage of American doctors were not prescribing chloroquine, he did not give the obvious answer: Democrats are pooh-poohing on this drug and denying it for political gain. Fox and Friends seems prohibited by something from making such a fiery but true statement. The show is saying that, while chloroquine is the most-used drug for corona, only 37 percent of American doctors find chloroquine to be the most-effective treatment? Is this "contradiction" some sort of trick? No. That number is so low because half the doctors DON'T WANT to use it. Shame. It says that the drug has been used in only 23 percent of corona cases that come before doctors. Pitiful performance.

This is just like when Trump and others try to tell us that the anti-Trump conspiracy was only at the top of the FBI, and not in the lower levels. Baloney. The conspiracy was, and still is, as rife as there are Democrats in the FBI. Ditto for this chloroquine conspiracy amongst, not just doctors, but those in the lower rungs of the medical establishment.

There are now ample people telling that chloroquine's substantial side-effects are extremely rare, and one doctor said that taking chloroquine ALONE cannot cause any dangers to heartbeat timing i.e. that Democrats are spreading fear about. If that doctor knows it, then all doctors know it. There simply is no excuse for not prescribing this drug. There is therefore a PROVEN conspiracy -- for anyone with a brain to understand -- from the Democrat establishment to allow illnesses and even deaths. NEVER have we heard, from the leaders of that establishment, a rebuke of those who advance chloroquine as either a nothing-burger or a danger. I can't find such a rebuke from Alex Azar, secretary of Health and Human Services.

Trump is not leading on this scare. He is not blasting those who are producing the chloroquine conspiracy. He's afraid, in case the drug turns out not to work. He's afraid of the Democrat backlash. That's president YellowBelly. It doesn't matter whether it turns out not to work; what matters is that there is ample evidence that it does/could work, and that there are no reasons not to use it on virtually every infected case. But Trump is not producing a much-needed Executive Order requiring all doctors to offer its use, in every infection case. Therefore, I think you will agree: Trump is partially responsible for the illnesses, the spread of the disease unnecessarily, and the harsh deaths.

WHY would present Fencewalker choose this path? A good general does not walk a fence between his side and the enemy side. What is wrong with this man? Anyone who walks a fence can fall on enemy territory, but president Morbid seems to be jumping into that territory willingly this week, like someone giving himself up to be eaten alive.

The Fox-and-Friends show says that Spain, which is suffering a bad blow to this virus, is using chloroquine on 72 percent of infections. No medical establishment does that if it thinks the drug doesn't work. A good general in a war with the dread "invisible enemy" doesn't sit back and say to self: "okay, 37 percent today, maybe 45 percent next week." A good general says: "only 37 percent?! I demand 100 percent tomorrow."

To his credit, Oz on Fox and Friends is asking the hosts to challenge Fauci when he comes on later in the show. Oz is saying that the Chinese trial now in the news has compelling results in favor of using it to relieve three major corona symptoms. That's nothing to walk the fence over. Oz wants to know: how will Fauci downplay it?

It only took the rebel governors of Nevada and Michigan a few days to capitulate from their illegalizing the chloro-cure. Next comes Cuomo, the unabashed, visible leader of this conspiracy.

Still on the 23rd, Oz says that people are not infectious after about a week of the first sign of symptoms. Yet the numbers pumpers (or numbers bumper-uppers) are not announcing recoveries for at least two weeks after people report themselves with symptoms. Oz is implying that people are generally recovered in LESS than seven days from the time that they would report symptoms. So: the Johns-Hopkins numbers pumpers are part of the conspiracy.

Here's a pro-Democrat news media: "The average incubation period is five to six days but 'may range from 2-14 days,' according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" (Vox). You see, CDC pushes the first appearance of symptoms to 14 days after initial infection, but the reality is more like: symptoms after five days, and full cure six or seven after that. The numbers bumper-uppers don't want to bump up the recoveries, just the deaths.

Plus, as you can see, CDC wants you to think that there are fewer asymptomatic cases than the reality, for if everyone shows symptoms after two or three days upon infection, there are very few asymptomatic cases at any one time, and thus that's how they bump up the fatality rate to unreal levels. But if symptoms start on the sixth day, six days before a cure, then half the infected people are asymptomatic. That's not the picture the dishonest CDC wishes to paint.

The youtube channel I was watching for the 23rd cut the show off before it got to Fauci. But here's some of that segment:

As soon as Fauci opens his mouth, one detects how little respect he has for Oz's applauding the Chinese testing. Fauci continues to deny all positive scenarios until hard-fast trials are conducted i.e. way past election season, after he and his ilk ruin Trump, if possible. We get it. And president Fencewalker has this imposter in almost every one of his news conferences. Here's Fauci's downplaying terminology:

“We still need to do the definitive studies to determine whether any intervention, not just this one, is truly safe and effective. But when you don’t have that information, it’s understandable why people might want to take something anyway even with the slightest hint of being effective.”

Uh, yeah, sure, slightest hint. Uh, yeah, sure, we need to waste a year doing better studies. Fauci insults all doctors who merely "feel" or "think" that it works, as though their tentative conclusions from observations and patient handling are not based on data. Trump needs to make this man go away from the forefront of this "task force." Give Fauci the obscurity that he deserves for pretending to care about painful and frightening deaths but forsaking them with strawman arguments. It's too bad the Fox-and-Friends crew stayed tight-lipped instead of blasting Fauci. All they had to do was ask, "Mr. Fauci, don't you care in the least that people are dying"?

I'm Convinced: CORONA IS A HOAX

Someone at "Yes, Fauci is a Democrat and was a Hillary supporter. No, I am not saying he is 'making stuff up', but the medical folks are always going to talk worst case, and err on the side of extreme caution as there is NO downside for them to do it. It is up to our leaders to balance their advice with the other priorities in life and society." Fauci never once spoke about ways to ease back to work. He appears committed to slaying Trump with the slaying of the economy, and Trump is acting like the willing piece of dog dirt to be scooped up and bagged for the trash.

Fauci Love Letters to Hillary Clinton Surface….

"I knew there was something sketchy about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Within the WikiLeaks HRC [Hillary] email files there are letters from Fauci to Hillary Clinton through her aid/lawyer Cheryl Mills:

From: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E] [] Saturday, June 02, 2012 05:28 PM Sent: To: Mills, Cheryl D; Quam, Lois E

Subject: Remarks of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton At "A World in Transition: Charting a New Path in Global Health"

Cheryl/Lois: Wow! Very rarely does a speech bring me to tears, but this one did it. Talk about telling it like it is. This was a bases- loaded home run. Please tell the Secretary [Hillary] that I love her more than ever you guys too, of course.

… 'please tell her I love her more than ever'… 'please tell her that we all love her'… 'Anyone who had any doubts about the Secretary's stamina and capability following her illness had those doubts washed away by today's performance before the Senate and the House. She faced extremely difficult circumstances at the Hearings and still she hit it right out of the park. Please tell her that we all love her and are very proud to know her.'"
WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive
WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive

This fawning, servile behavior borders on either an unhealthy obsession or an attempt to curry favor through flattery. Either case, and it's reasonable to question his judgment. #1wrpgator, Mar 22, 2020

Bingo. We now have the good evidence needed that Fauci is trying to slay Trump by ruining the entire country first. Believe it. We are in wicked times. The lust for power amongst Hillary-loving Democrats is into the psychotically-emotional. That's why Fauci could not hold back his joy yesterday at Trump's capitulation. Clear now as day: Fauci feels that he can become the single-most player to bring Trump down, and it was clear with Birx's head-nodding at the conference, as Fauci spoke up a little storm on the model, the model, the model, that she's on-board with him.

This news has yet to hit Fox. I wonder whether it ever will. It was online way back on March 22. One would think that news like this would spread like wildfire. Perhaps it will now that it's more needed than last week. The story is being carried by at least 20 webpages as of today, and yet Fox has yet to mention that Fauci is a Hillary lover??? Did the Fox boss prohibit saying so based on an argument that it's irrelevant who he loves politically? It might not be irrelevant; report this news and let the viewers decide what they wish, but for Fox to block the story, deplorable.

Someone at says: "I tried to post this on Facebook and it got blocked....." That is, the Hillary-email story above. This is what the truth is up against: cheaters who will ruin the nation for the foreseeable future.

I didn't expect, two weeks ago, that they would report as many as 4,000 deaths for March, but that's what they did. But that's not all, for they tacked on at least 1,000 more for the 1st day in April, an unbelievable number because the people are being made to fall for this hoax, thanks much to Fox making viewers almost welcome the bad news. Clearly, barely any doctors are using chloroquine, and nobody cares about 1,000 deaths in one day. That is, it's not the topic at all, whether chloroquine saved anybody today. This is surreal.

Fox isn't making chloroquine the big story of the day even though it is essentially the only story that people should be stressed with. People are being murdered by the denial of doctors to give them the possible cure. It doesn't matter whether it doesn't work; what matters is, and the story is: it could work, yet doctors aren't trying it. It's equivalent to murder. What other story should there be at Fox today? Nothing else matters if doctors are murdering the loved ones of many people. Where's the emphasis on this? The higher the death toll, the higher the murder rate. Where are Fox's investigative reporters who are looking into how few doctors tried to save victims today with the cocktail?

Polly, in the video below, makes Fox look like a boy-scout operation. If Polly all her lonesome can find what she has found in a few days to expose the hoax, why is Fox easing people into a stay-home scam rather than revealing the falsifications all over the Internet? Because, Fox doesn't want to anger the military demon that performs the hoax. It's such an obvious hoax, and I think Polly will scare you, because she makes a good case for it.

It could appear that Fox is pretending to be on the peoples' side, yet simultaneously coaxing viewers to just do as the authorities say...until when? Until they let us starve to death? We don't know at this time, what they intend to do, or whether we should trust, and neither do Fox people if they aren't insiders. People, including myself, are starting to wonder whether they have some far-worse things, not mere euthanasia for a "few" corona victims, but a massive kill program and/or a massive seizing of markets once businesses close. The smaller ones close; the bigger ones then arise after the "pandemic" to take over their customers. EXPLOITATION BY CRISIS.

Enter a country with military, make war, watch businesses close, then take over their customers. EXPLOITATION BY WAR.

Here's why I think that something massive could be afoot: the deep state has come to hate a large portion of the population who have daily attacked it, people like myself, though especially those with high visibility. You know that, all along, the powers are feeling like they would like to kill us bad, one day. And so here we are, on a cusp of their potential exposure by various forces, and we happen to find ourselves so suddenly trapped in a police state that can, with the first trigger pulled, because a martial-law society...a thing that can overtake Western nation after Western nation. I almost expect them to start this war so that they can pour their wrath on us, but it will only show that we were correct in labeling them sinister psychopaths and mass-murderers. We know that this is what they are. We were hoping that Trump would start to weaken them little by little, but he turned out to be a farce.

Although I think it's about time to make some noise and show some rebellion by stomping in mass gatherings on the streets until they agree to let people back to work immediately who can't afford to go in debt, I do not advocate bullets, because the powers will begin to treat everyone harshly, even those who refuse to use bullets. Once they treat the others harshly too, the latter need to decide whether they will join the war with bullets, and thus a civil war escalates very quickly, winner takes all, but with much-more pain and horror.

There are a lot of people willing to start a literal war with the powers in order to destroy the system now abusing us all, but I don't think they are the majority, at least not until more people see with their own eyes how pitiful these powers will treat us when push comes to shove. There will be some very-fast converts to "conspiracy-nut" doctrine once the powers start to jail and shoot us. So, the masses have the upper hand because the powers have much more to lose, and the masses have more passion because they have the cause on their side, which promises to make some policemen and soldiers, and even some mayors and similar others, turn-coat against them, mid-war.

Here's Polly exposing some fraud to make you think, and then she shows that the social-media warriors onside with the government are already out there seeking to quell complainers and exposers with verbal abuse, in the rude way they tried (but failed) to conceal the 9-11 and Boston-Marathon crimes, for example:

Ahh, in the 33rd minute, Polly serves evidence, if I understand her correctly, that the coronavirus test is NEW, and thus, if it finds a positive test, they ones testing deem it to be a corona case even if it's not a corona case...because they are falsely assuming that all tests conducted by this NEW method catches only corona cases. In other words, the overseers are fully in-the-know that this test can catch other flus, but are simply not telling those who do the tests. THAT MAKES ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD for explaining their big death-numbers i.e. some of them are common-flu deaths.

In the 24th minute, WOW, Polly shows an official UK statement: "As of 19th of March, 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease"!!! The British rats had to confess this in order to stay on the right side of the law, but the American deep state is going criminally full-throttle into April, May and June in order to down Trump, IT'S OBVIOUS. The British rats did not put out news stories or diplomatic cables to expose the American deep state of its falsified scare. Our only hope is that Trump stops being a fool or an accomplice of the deep state, whichever one may be the truth, because the powers behind the Clintons, Soros, Obama, etc., intend to do major damage on our world. It's time to rebel, make some noise, and tell Fox off for the accomplice that it's now acting.

They are trying to interfere BIG-TIME with the 2020 election. That's all this is. IMAGINE. Half the country is being made to call for the lockdown, but both Trump and half of Fox are capitulating, asking us to give in to this scam. TRUMP BIGGEST FOOOOOOOL. LAUGHABLE. It is important to keep eyes on Trump, checking for clues on whether he's desirous for full capitulation on the lockdown in return for coming out unscathed by some plan that he has up his sleeve. That's not a good thing because the world will be ruined by this plan. Two or three weeks of lockdown are acceptable, but not four or five, for people are fearful already. Trump has no right to make the people fearful just because Hillary Clinton wants to become the next president. Fear causes people to betray people, and chaos can creep up fast in delicate balances. This is more than about the election, but for Trump, that's all that matters.

He's softly asking his voters, and those people domino-affected in Canada, to endure an unknown number of weeks of lockdown and house prison, just for him, and yet the purpose of this lockdown is to ruin him. FOOOOOOL. Instead of surrounding himself with the Pollys of the world who can expose the hoax, he's afraid to call it a hoax for fear of leftist-media backlash. The Capitulator: strikes at our jugular who were hoping in him to defeat the deep state. He's now in bed with it while it holds a knife in one hand.

Laura Ingraham's Wednesday show is a good one, with a gal in a dress but wearing boxing gloves, refusing to be pinned down by Fox's walk-the-fence bosses:

If you can't get her show at that link, I'd like to share that there was a new revelation from Dr. Smith: people becoming severely ill or dying from corona are more-surely diabetics and/or obese people. This is huge, alerting that these people need to be extra-careful not to catch the virus. It could be that, the larger the person, the more sugar available to the bacteria that end up causing lung breakdown by infection. If correct, it suggests that azithromycin for heavier people should be ramped up.

Although I was confused by Dr. Smith's evidence, he claims that four or five days of a hydroxychloroquine regimen assures that corona patients (if started early enough) will not need an emergency respirator i.e. never get seriously sick with lung infection / failure. Here's his message in print, but I still can't get the picture clear in my mind as to how the testing was done:

Laura was taking snips of this show, where the suspicious doctor complains of not knowing whether corona is dangerous due to a lack of per-capita testing:

As you can see, they make a liar out of Fauci because he was using scare tactics (mid-March) knowing that he was using falsified "numerology." He was saying that corona's kill rate was one whopping percent, when in fact it was only one percent of reported cases. In effect, Fauci admitted that corona was only as dangerous as a common flu, because it's known by now that there are ten times, at least, more infections than reported cases. And Trump, knowing the same, yet played Fauci's helpmate to his own destruction.

If we say that there are not 10 times the infections as the reported because people are sure to report themselves as soon as they have flu symptoms, that doesn't work, because there were six or more flu cases in all of March, yet only .2 million people with symptoms reported. So, people with flu symptoms are not all rushing to a doctor. The kill rate of corona is less than .1 percent, but the powers are hiding this.

The doctor says that corona is deadly for those who get it, but I'm not yet hooked on that claim; there could be a trick being played on him in order to bring him to that belief. He seems too trusting of the medical establishment, and shows not one iota of knowledge that Democrat doctors could be lying through their teeth for the Democrat cause. If he thinks such a thing can't be, he has a rude awakening coming.

He talks about doing a per-capita test that includes discovery of people who have had the illness (but recovered), and that the method for this discovery became available in the last few days only, but I say that it's not necessary at this early time. I say, and I think you would agree, that it's sufficient to discover who presently has the illness versus who does not. Keep it simple and fast.

Let's say that out of 1000 people, 100 are found to have recovered from the virus, 200 are infected, 1 died, and the remainder have never had it. We can then find the fatality rate for that sample of 1,000 people, which is 1 per 300. But we can also use those number of recoveries for another type of fatality-rate picture. If for example, 5,000 people have died to date, 1 million have recovered to date, and 2 million are still infected, then, tentatively, the fatality rate is 5,000 per 3 million. It means that tests to discover current fatality rates can yet be done later on, even when deaths and infections are trailing off. Still, the testing needs to be done as soon as possible, and with massive testing now underway, per-capita results should hit the news soon...unless something is very wrong in a sinister way.

If Trump has not called for his own testing of 1,000 people by Friday in New York, it's more evidence that he's a farce, a tease, like when a cat plays with a mouse before killing it. His voters are the mice. It's the testing that will tell us whether Fauci and his model are respectable. It's the testing that will tell us whether lockdown is necessary. Cuomo cannot be trusted with this testing.

In any of his nightly conferences, he could have asked every city in America to do 200 tests at random, and to report findings that then get loaded to a webpage. As the number of new tests in that city come in, we can keep track, and if the numbers for cities with Democrat mayors are always higher than other cities, it's indication that cheating is going on. Those suspect cities then get tested by a Republican-controlled group to check for cheating. Asking every city to do 200 tests is not unreasonable or burdensome. So why hasn't Trump asked? Why is he allowing his voters to be flattened by the Democrat steam-roller?

The doctor in the video above says that a vaccine is a year away or more. I don't understand. Is he just deceived by the establishment which he over-trusts? Could it be that the vaccine is being brushed aside, and pushed months away, in hopes of another shutdown just before the order to cancel the election until such time that the polls indicate a sure win for the Democrats? I don't know how else to put it: any body of people who commit to such a plot are no longer worthy of life.

There is no choice. People need to get back to work because, no matter how long they lock us up, there will be infected people when they finally open the stores again. Those infected people will start the "crisis" all over again soon enough, because there's still a huge pool of people who've not taken a breath of the virus. And so the only choice is to allow the virus to spread, and hope that you get a small whiff that becomes your vaccine. Next time you see a sick person, ask them to blow into your face from four feet, and get a free vaccine (just kidding, but maybe not). Fox and Friends continues to push stay home and be happy, but this is merely postponing the situation.

Once-infected people do not get the symptoms again. The sooner everyone gets some of it, the sooner the world will be protected from it. But if, for example, there is a two month lockdown, there will be a rash of cases about two months after everyone goes to work, and that's right in election season, exactly what Fauci would want for the Clintons and their bands of mobsters.

To prove to you that the numbers are being faked, the number of recoveries late on April 1 hit 8,900 (USA). That's the total recoveries since the counting started weeks ago. The arrow on the chart at this page shows that over 19,000 infections were recorded on March 20, some 12.5 days ago (it's almost midnight as I write). You need to understand that anyone who tested positive on the 20th already had the virus for several days, for only people with symptoms are being tested. Therefore, anyone tested on or before the 20th should be in the recovery column, though not including the deaths until that date, which were only about 250. An additional 6,500 positives were reported for March 21, most of whom should be recovered by now.

In other words, there should be at least 19,000 recoveries from prior to the 20th, and many more after the 20th, yet there are showing only 8,900 recoveries to late April 1. This is false. This is making the numbers work for the scare mongers, the anti-Trumpers. This is a manipulation of the numbers, and so why shouldn't they also fabricate the numbers of deaths, since that is their ONLY method of promoting the fall of Trump?

Let me say it again: the ONLY way for the deep state to destroy Trump at this time is to advance lots and lots of deaths. Any other attack-Trump strategy at this time is a minor stab not worth mentioning. And so why wouldn't they pull off a trick in getting those death numbers higher than they truly are??? Where are the Fox investigators? Why doesn't Trump's White House investigate? Why should Trump allow his voters, and all others unwilling to see the shutdown, be pained in this way?

In order for the deaths to climb so fast, people must be tested near the end of their illness...which predicts higher recovery numbers yet. If for example, the average positive test (for anyone who dies) occurs six days before death, then the average cure should be about six days from the time of testing. You can't argue that everyone who dies is tested three days before their death while everyone who recovers is tested 10 days earlier, but this is what the numbers reflect of the dishonest numbers pumpers. The average recovery span they are using is 14 days or more. DISHONEST. Yes, some may take that long, but hardly any should because they are being tested after they show symptoms i.e. several days after the get infected.

Therefore, the number of recoveries to date ought to be about the number of reported infections six days ago, minus the number of deaths six days ago, and this is going to be a whopping number, far more than their 8,900. The number of reported infections six days ago was 84,000, and the deaths were only about 1,000. See the problem?

What can we glean when they say that people need to self-quarantine for 14 days? It means that the person showing no symptoms is assumed to have contracted the illness one minute ago, and that they could possibly go without symptoms for as many as 10 or 11 days, and so there are provided three or four more days, in the total period, in which infected persons will notice that they have fallen sick. In that case, it seems that people go several days without symptoms, but people will not, therefore, be reported positive until they have fallen sick, which cannot always be 14 days before they recover, but more like about six on average. Yes, because some of these reported persons have mild cases, with pain and discomfort, but not horribly so. These will recover very fast. But the numbers of the dishonest numbers pumpers do not reflect any such fast recoveries.

Horowitz Puts out FBI News

Bongino's Wednesday show might make you feel as though you have like-minded ones out there while Trump fornicates with Democrat enemies desiring a police state:

In the second half of the show, Bongino enters a possible motive for the release, by the Inspector General, Horowitz, of previous FBI abuses of the FISA court, though the FISA court looks complicit with the abuse (on American citizens). It's possible that Horowitz released these pre-Trump abuses to give Comey and the other FBI abusers a cushion to fall on in case anyone knocks them down for abusing the Trump team. If the FBI might now argue, should it ever land in court, that it did not treat the Trump team with any more abuse than it did, regularly, with others, then that's a cushion as hard as a flint rock; I don't think it's going to help.

In other words, the New York Times argued that, since the FBI did not violate the FISA applications on Carter Page any differently than on previous applications, there's no special evidence that the FBI was engaged in a coup attempt on Trump. That's an empty argument, of course. Whether or not there was a coup attempt depends on whether or not there was a coup attempt. How they abused others previously has no bearing...but it does help to make the FBI look criminal enough to plot a coup attempt with the help of a corrupt / anti-Trump FISC judge. Isn't it amazing that the Fisc/Fisk surname shares the Horwitz Shield.

The end of Bongino's video has some chloroquine comments, but I don't think he yet knows about Oz's statement concerning Cuomo's criminality on denying this drug.

Bongino loves the military and the police forces. I can agree that those entities have decent people intent on doing right, but, guaranteed, under pressure of losing their jobs in a crisis, some or many of the "patriots" WILL do the evil will of the dragons who control military and police. Sad to say. Blessed are those who refuse for Christ's sake. Lose your job, stupid, and starve to death, if need be, rather than doing evil to your fellow countrymen, and condemning your soul to Hell simultaneously. God is asking us to go that far, if need be. Trust all the way while refusing to do evil, and who knows but that God could provide you a salvation from your fears sooner than you fear.

It is all-too possible that the military is planning to start some violence. In peace time, the military is the best expert at getting the enemy to start firing in order to have an excuse to wipe-up. By pitting American against American, the military could have an easier time at getting something like this going. At no time in the Trump era has it ever been as dangerous as it is now, as this manufactured crisis overlaps the election season, for a civil war to begin, especially as those who think they'll lose the election are those manufacturing this crisis. The military, because it wants Trump gone, will use Democrats like it uses ISIS and al-Qaeda to foment civil disorder. It was that disorder that allowed it the opportunity to disguise itself as the angel of salvation, and therefore allowed it the excuse to police the situation, and to exploit it too.

There was ample evidence that Soros-and-allies in the Ukraine were aligned with the American military for using Ukraine as a platform to advance exploitations working against Russia. In short, there could be a Soros-military alliance right now to take Trump out, and the jailing of effective Trump supporters such as Bongino could be the next move. Do not trust Pompeo, do not even trust Trump, for, if he realizes a gigantic plot afoot that he cannot control or stop, he will probably betray and join it in hopes of saving his own skin. Down the throat of the shark he will go, because that beast won't show him mercy now.

Sicker By the Day

If Tucker's show for the 2nd can be obtained, see sickness in the second minute for a story where 3M (company) is making 10 million masks a week, but shipping at least most of them overseas rather than providing them for Americans. Pause. Do Democrats and/or the deep state have anything to do with this?

The problem is internal, yet there is a constant drip-drip on blaming China for the start of this thing. What good does that do? Look within to your own corruption, for even if it came from a lab accident in China, that failure pales in comparison to deep-state criminality / exploitation resulting in much ruin and pain.

On the 2nd, congressman Schumer wrote Trump to "suggest" that the president appoint a military man (no guff) to run purchasing and distribution for the war on coronavirus. Very apparently, Democrats want the worst in the shadow government to run the scare. As for Trump, he has the admiral, John Polowczyk, "in charge of purchasing" and distribution, of medical supplies. But Schumer appears to be speaking with a certain, anti-Trump circle within the military, and wouldn't it be good to know which circle that is? The question is: what circle is John Polowczyk in? He's from the office of the Joint Chiefs, but that's about all I can readily find about his high-level history.

Cuomo is the only governor banning the sure-cure, and it's proving to be the sure-cure with each passing day, yet Cuomo's state is the sickest state with the virus. Cuomo = SICK.

Ingraham on the 2nd is saying that the federal government spy services are tracking people using this scare as the basis. TRUMP = SICK for letting this happen. TRUMP = TRAITOR. Facts are facts, no other comments needed.

In Louisiana, the fatality rate, if patients do not have diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, or heart disease, is 3 percent of all deaths. That is, for every 100 deaths, only 3 people die who do not have those conditions. Therefore, corona might (or might not) complicate those conditions rather than corona itself being a deadly disease. Or, people with those conditions die, not because of corona, but with corona, and these have been classified as corona deaths when they ought not to be necessarily. It indicates a lower fatality rate. Some of the three percent may yet be aged rather than healthy, the Ingraham show did not say which. If even half of the corona-infected who die with these alternative complications are taken out of the death category, the manufactured crisis suddenly looks too feeble to argue for the continuation of the lockdown. Only the people with the conditions should stay home, or take greater precautions.

The consensus now is that, given early in the illness, there's not even need for azithromycin in healthy people, because the chloroquine alone keeps the patient from developing the deadly lung bacteria for which azithromycin is needed. Democrats are going to be eating a lot of crowona.

The Ingraham show even shows that there is no hospital crisis in New York; it was all a hyped Democrat scam to ruin Trump. Only certain hospitals are filled; others are almost empty, you see. I'd say they filled some to make it appear that all in New York city is a "war zone." If I awake in the morning to learn that a mysterious fog drifted over every square foot of North America, killing every activist liberal such as Cuomo, I would be singing like a morning bird. Imagine the breath of fresh air if the impish, the difficult, the dividers, the liars, would just be gone. The time is soon arriving when they won't be able to downplay chloroquine, and even Cuomo's going to play a different tune on that one, but, don't worry, the imps will latch on to other ways to destroy Trump's chances of getting out of this trap. As they do and fail, the rest of the people see what they do, and how they play with cheating ways. It will end up better this way...unless they succeed at winning the election. My regret: the flip side is that an unstable Trump will win.

He's unstable in the sense that I never know who's side he's on. He's unstable in other ways too: on his 9-11 views, and his Mars aspirations; the man is the cracked-nut-in-Chief with lust for the military establishment. There's no telling what he's going to do after 2020 to make himself the world's greatest man ever. This is the sort of glory he's after. He may have an I'm-God syndrome, like the Roman emperors of the first century.

Isn't it telling that oil prices have hit an unbelievable $5 per barrel just as the April shut-down was upon us? Yet the media stories continue to push the long-held claim that oil prices go up and down due to how much the Arabs put out on the market. So, the story now is that the Arabs are flooding the market to explain nose-diving oil prices when we should have the sensibilities to see that it's due to half the world staying home coupled with the end of winter. People are using drastically less, causing a price war amongst crude suppliers.

How can it be true that oil goes down if Arabs pump too much oil into the market? Where exactly do they pump it? It's ludicrous; you need to be someone who doesn't think to believe it. Where do they pump it? They don't give it away for free. Oil refineries need to buy it. Really? Yes, really. So, how can oil go down in price just because lots of companies are buying it? It makes no sense. Do potato chips go down in price when lots of people buy it? No, lots of people buy it when the price goes down.

So, it's got to be the other way around: lots of companies are flooding the market because it's cheap. And that's why Arabs are pumping more into the market, because more companies are buying it, but the liars would have us believe that prices are down just because Arabs are making more oil available. Why do they lie to us like this? That's the only thing that makes sense. Arabs do not flood the market, buyers of crude flood the market. It's a no-brainer.

Arabs facilitate the flooding of the market by lowering prices. It's the same with any product: distributors buy big and fill their warehouses when things are selling cheaper. Prices do not go down by some phantom pricing machine just because Arabs are making more oil available today. Someone has to set the prices, and that's done by the sellers of crude. If they can trick buyers into thinking that oil will increase next month, the buyers will buy more this month.

Why would Arabs flood the market to the point of lowering their own prices to $5 per barrel. It makes no sense, yet we are taught that this is the fact. Why are they lying to us? There must be a reason. This very low price comes just when half the world (so to speak) isn't driving much, when half the stores and their supplying manufacturers are closed i.e. not using energy to produce and sell products.

Or, Arabs can withhold selling oil to increase prices, granted, but I do not see how it can be the other way around. When buyers of crude see that crude production is low, they start biting their fingernails (not wanting to run out) and buy early in spite of higher prices, and so the sellers of crude can take advantage with increased prices. But when crude sellers have an abundance ready for sale, it doesn't lower prices automatically, because only the sellers can decide what the price will be. When sellers see that refineries have their tanks near-filled with crude, they naturally lower prices to get them to fill their tanks right up. So, buyers are the ones who flood the market when prices go down, not the sellers. Right now, refineries have filled tanks, and they need people to use oil products badly. They will lower gas prices to urge us to go out and drive.

So, when refinery tanks are full, they are buying less, and consequently crude producers start to pump up less crude, a no-brainer, not the other way around. But we are told it's the other way around, that when crude producers produce less, prices go up. That's not always true. Why are they lying to us? It is reasonable that prices only go up when crude producers deliberately starve the market when refinery tanks are simultaneously low i.e. they give refineries no choice but to buy at high prices.

Having said that, why don't American crude producers sell oil cheaper to Americans than to other countries? Ahh, in order to have favor amongst the masses -- or in order not to be hated -- they need the excuse that crude producers don't set prices. So, they tell us that the market sets the prices? WHAT? What does that mean? It means they are lying to us. The price can be set only by the sellers, and sellers can price-fix, which is what they are doing, and they never price-fix on the lower side for our benefit. Plus, governments which charge gasoline taxes are demons because they want to see high gasoline prices.

Listen to this nonsense from an article out this week: "Global oil storage could reach maximum capacity within weeks, energy analysts have told CNBC, as the coronavirus crisis dramatically reduces consumption and some of the world’s most powerful crude producers start to ramp up their output." What IDIOT would try to convince what IDIOT that crude producers are going to crank-up production when there's no buyers??? If there's almost no place to store it, they aren't going to increase crude production, but are rather going to lower their crude prices. It's as though they oil mobsters have decided never to inform the public that oil prices go down when we're not using as much oil, but why do they not want us to see it this way?

What the mobsters want is for crude producers not to sell oil when there is a glut, because oil then goes too low for the mobsters, for some of the mobsters own certain oil companies that need higher prices just to turn a decent profit. So, they make the Arabs look like the monsters for producing a glut when in fact it's the refineries that create the glut by buying crude to over-filling when its cheap. So, the Arabs get the sales instead of the mobsters. They are mobsters because they would prefer $100 oil for us.

Trudeau and the liberals in general are gasoline demons. They would have us drive less, be colder in our winter homes, yet pay big retail prices on energy. Trump too is exactly such a demon. He desires mega-tons of taxes to flow into government coffers to help justify his massive, corporate tax cuts, and part of that stream is from crude-export taxes and prices at the gasoline pumps. The more people are buying at higher prices, the more it's to his favor. And the glut of money he's tossing into the economic pool at this time is going to sky-rocket prices by inflation. He's loving it. He's found a way to use the corona scare to some advantage to himself. Just borrow mega-trillions and splash it all over the country like holy water.

The money waterline is going up because there is a big, fat Trump jumping into the money pool. It'll be time for workers to go beg bosses for raises, every year, and then wait until the boss either gives the raise or replaces them with other workers. Trump can blame this on corona. No he can't. He has the choice of sending people back to work NOW, but he chose not to. Instead, he chose to hide behind Fauci. SICKER AND SICKER team up.

I didn't hear a peep from Trump when New York refused to do the chloroquine trial that he himself ordered. It's as though he changed his mind between the time that he was banking on chloroquine to save the day for him, and the time he got it into his head to pump in a few more trillion. I think the total pump now has about 10 trillion or more, some of it available in free "loans." Trump seems to be in partnership with the Federal Reserve at this time, SICKER and SICKER team up.

If the people at least have the hope of lower gasoline prices to bring prices of everything down when they do go back to work, no they don't. Trump wants to slash that hope too. Alas, Trump's true colors. He's just a typical, wicked human being after all. Give him the option of doing the right versus wrong, and he picks self and other money grubbers. Although he is supposed to represent the people, he chooses self and other money grubbers, hoping that money grubbers will pay him back with an election win. He's just a Democrat disguised, trying to buy his election win. It's not totally his fault, because it's the general rule of American democracy: the candidate who buys the election best, wins it.

Bongino on April 4 has a good question in the 18th minute:

Bongino is good for showing that Democrats call the truth wherever their politics take them. That is, truth to an activist Democrat is whatever upholds / advances Democrat politics. Bongino is an exposer of Democrat hypocrisy by showing Democrat material conflicting with Democrat material. If you're wondering why I don't share videos from other social-media warriors, it's because youtube doesn't bring them up for me. It's mainly hiding them from us all. This needs to change, for it's the only thing keeping Democrats powerful. If Democrat opponents were allowed to have the social-media stage 50-50 with Democrats, the latter would be disempowered these days like a hot torch to long lines of ants (just blow them away), in spite of main media having the lion's share of television viewership.

On Friday, Fauci was absent from the daily news conference. I hope he's banished to obscurity, but Birx was there like a forked-tongue snake pushing the smooth and long acceptance of "social distancing," code for swallow your lockdown medicine like good boys and girls, rah-rah, keep the lockdown going, rah-rah.

Then, Robert Redfield stepped up to the mic, the director of the nasty CDC that's being dishonest with the people and facilitating this deep-state attack on Trump, and he was turning things on their head by pointing out the great numbers of asymptomatic people lurking dangerously out there, just'a ready to infect the whole nation, yikes it's the scare story getting scarier. But he doesn't tell the people that, with so many asymptomatic infections expected, the fatality rate of corona is lower than the common flu. Instead, he says that the great number of infected people not showing symptoms argues on behalf of social distancing. And they are trying to get everyone in the news conference to wear masks to send the sicker-than-sick message more loud and clear.

Trump said he won't wear a mask at work because it's beneath him. Or, he's too cool for that.

When the Democrats were ganging up on Trump for creating a corona scare, Fauci was saying what other Democrat talking heads were; corona will not become a crisis, there's nothing to worry about. Tucker has that statement from him on his April-3 show. Good one, Tucker. It's very possible that Democrat insiders, which included Fauci, were knowingly causing Americans to catch the virus, back in January, so that they could implement Step 2: shut the country down, ruin Trump. Tucker shows that on February 17, while the rest of the world was showing corona-concerns, Fauci said, don't worry about it, go out and schmooze. Fauci doesn't want any state to have a normal, going-to-work society, even where corona is scarce.

The first order of this coming week is to determine the kill rate of corona, and if it's found to be like the ordinary flu, then Trump should declare everyone back to work, over-riding Democrat-led states, and even those led by Republicans, for it is insane to close down the world for a mere flu. But if the states insist on staying closed, then it's not on his head; he made the right suggestion/order. Still, the purpose is to kill his economy, and so he should seek the powers to over-ride Democrat powers, for they are going to their graves with this, apparently, in do-or-die. If Trump thinks that all he needs to do is reassure the country, in late April, that it's back-to-work time, think again. For the Democrat shark is not going to let him have his way so easily, and Democrat governors will not respect the peoples' wish to go back to work if the shark smells Trump's blood in the waters.

These fiends wish to keep the country closed into SUMMER, when flus are virtually wiped out. So, in order to do this, they will keep the casualties high, a great reason for Trump to get control of those who put out the numbers. Double-check those casualties; get all the details, and draw up the real picture, whether the people now controlling the numbers have falsified the picture. Trump's re-election is at stake here, and the fighters need to get smart, stop worrying about whether they come off as conspiracy nuts, and just get smart: there is in fact a Democrat conspiracy taking place. Deny it at your own peril, STUPID Republicans.

Democrats are ever conspiring to perform dirty deeds; it never stops. Expect it, and expect them to do far worse than your head can conceive. Tucker is not permitted to call Fauci out as a chief conspirator, however, and this is an example of how Fox news is helping the conspirators, by giving them the respectability they do not deserve. Tucker will only go so far as to say that Fauci is likely WRONG (but means well) on the numbers game, and that he's leading the nation into a financial crisis, yet Tucker is not permitted to claim that Fauci is doing so deliberately, because it becomes a media whirlwind of controversy. It's hopeless unless Fox gets a different attitude, willing to experience backlash for what looks like the truth. Quickly call out their games (tricks) and thereby topple their games.

April 3 story: "The Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates told 'The Daily Show' on Thursday that his foundation was funding the construction of factories for seven coronavirus vaccine candidates."

Doctor Oz put out a video around the 1st of April saying that a certain doctor has 80 lupus patients not one of which has the corona virus...probably because they are on chloroquine. One would think that such organizations as Lupus Foundation of America would wish to advertise the possible safety measures that Lupus patients get automatically if they have been on chloroquine. Instead, this foundation pooh-poohs on the drug's value for fighting the virus in the very way that rebel Democrats do:

I am reading that hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) may help in fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus.

Answer [from]: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved [pooh-pooh] hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) for the treatment of coronavirus. There have been stories [fables] in the news about hydroxychloroquine because the results of some small studies in China and Europe were initially promising. However [more pooh-pooh coming], this medicine is not currently recommended as a treatment for the coronavirus at this time because there is not enough evidence that it is effective for this purpose.

...There is no evidence [not true] that taking hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil)/chloroquine (Aralen) is effective in preventing a person from contracting the coronavirus.

There's not enough evidence, hmm? If you have the virus, just let yourself get sicker and sicker and die rather than taking this drug, because, after all, it hasn't been proven to work by Mr. Fauci. We have very dangerous people in our midst in the medical profession. We are being educated -- our eyes are being opened -- by their own reckless words and criminal actions / lack of actions. They testify against themselves for the political cause even when they see that this drug has many rave hopes and reviews. We should anticipate, perhaps even next week, chloroquine trials done maliciously by Democrats which "prove" that the drug doesn't work.

Normal people: it's not known 100 percent that chloroquine works, but all testing to date shows rave reviews. Therefore, if you have the virus, go ahead and try it for five days, it won't hurt you. But Democrats are incapable of such a bright response, because they are the living dead, the rot, the Hell-bound amongst us.

Are corona patients making the chloroquine supply short for Lupus patients, or are Lupus patients making chloroquine supplies short for corona patients? Who owns this drug between the two groups? Which of the two should be favored?

On Saturday, president Sicker Than Sick had another news conference, where he talked early about shortages of ventilators. He says that it's not possible to dredge up 40,000 of them at this time. Achem, hasn't he heard that people on chloroquine don't get to the ventilator stage? In that case, why is he pulling a Fauci-job on the country? Why does he still have that monotone voice, like he were the living dead? The cure is now and available, be happy, clown.

Here is you or me if we were president at this time: "I want the addresses of every corona patient known in the United States. I want chloroquine delivered to every one of those people tonight. Be happy, everyone get your work boots back on." Instead, Trump drags on with masks, ventilators, gloves, blah-blah, who's his speech writer, making him look like such a willing deep-state puppet. Never mind 40,000 ventilators; send out your 40 million chloroquine pills, and talk about the results of that drug, stupid. This is your ticket to what you want, but, instead, you read a script from some walking-dead speech writer. Talk about which doctors are refusing to give the drug, expose them, hang them, but shut up about masks and gloves already, you're driving me to drink.

After he was done, Stephen Hahn, FDA chief, came up to speak about chloroquine, but he did not say anywhere near enough about its progress. He basically told old news. He did not talk about the doctors resisting its use. He did not address that doctors may try to resist prescribing this drug based on the clinical-trial loophole that the FDA may have placed in it use. Hahn did not address how his people would deal with literal murder by doctors refusing to prescribe this drug as part of their anti-Trump crusade. Trump's voter base has the absolute right to expect a war on such doctors. Is Hahn going to ignore that this is the real war? Is Hahn a Fauci idiot-box?

I've long been wondering why my ice-cream event with Miss Hanson, now pointing both to Hahn and Fauci, used ice-cream? Yes, it's because Cremers and Ice's (same place as Trumps and Hahns) apply as part of the pointers to Hahn and Fauci, yet I say there is more to it, for God is an absolute genius.

After Hahn's brief time at the mic, Fauci came on to remind of the high-hump chart with a high number of deaths expected, and he then spoke about possible relief from the lockdown, because he doesn't want to become known for lockdown-lockdown-lockdown. But he did not speak of chloroquine as the obvious salvation from painful lockdown...because he really doesn't want relief from the lockdown. His entire message was: accept the pain to fend off the virus. He said that the chart belonged to Pence, a thing I didn't know until now. Hmm.

Finally, after Fauci, it was question period, when Trump stops talking like the living dead. He says that he's starting another task force to discuss opening the country again. It's like the sun just came up over the horizon. What he may not realize is that, by keeping people distant from one another, they are not getting the natural vaccine from catching the disease. Therefore, when this giant pool of people go back into the world, they will begin to get the virus, but, lucky for him, it will be warm weather and not very conducive to spread of the virus. In my opinion, this lockdown is a waste of time, and Fauci knows it. He's banking on a rash of new cases as soon as Trump opens the store. He never opens his mouth without talking about lockdown-lockdown-lockdown. He's obsessed with it. One of the reasons that flus tail off in the spring is that so many people have already had one, but aren't bound to get it/one again. They might even be vaccinated naturally for the following winter season(s).

THE BEST THING: let the people out right now and make sure they understand to keep some distance, because each person taking a breath of a small amount of virus is the best thing for the world. Get infected today with a small dose, be happy. This may explain why Democrat goons don't want anyone to go out, because they want this virus to be strong in people by election season, which can't happen if most everyone gets a small dose of the virus between now and then.

Anticipate that Democrat forces will test non-corona flus as corona flus to inflate the numbers of cases and deaths to make Trump appear wrong / reckless for opening the country again. Therefore, get proper people to secretly check-up on the most-suspect Democrat doctors to assure that they are reporting only corona cases, and, if they cheating, deal with it harshly, publicly, to stop other doctors from cheating.

When Birx came on, she was wearing a scarf. She likes scarfs. Recall that Bricks, Birch's with Birks can be traced very well to John de Burgo (father of Conteville's), for Vio's/Vito's, first found in TARVISium, share a giant annulet with Burgos'. Travis'/Travers, sharing the scallops of Conteville-liner Meschins, could be a branch of Trabys/Sadowski's, who use a heraldic scarf. That's interesting.

Walking-dead, pessimistic Mike Pence came on a couple of times, once immediately after Trump gave a non-satisfactory pitch for chloroquine, but everything Pence said, with not one world about chloroquine, gave me the impression that he's a Fauci stooge for reasons I can't understand. Trump was asking the country to use chloroquine, but this is insufficient in light of obstinate Democrat doctors who are already decided not to give his request. Trump is responsible for corona deaths starting very soon, because it's his responsibility to get chloroquine in the veins of every patient who's been known since yesterday...unless the patient doesn't want it. That's how I see it.

If Trump fails with chloroquine, the political Democrat animals will blame him for that, once we get there, even though Democrats oppose the drug now. They will do a 180-degree turn, and argue that chloroquine should have been used more extensively, and Trump failed in that department. ANTICIPATE the enemy's move. Do the right thing, give the demons nothing to criticize. They will prick / curb / trip / mock you to keep you from doing the right things, and later demonize you for not doing them.

Here's Polly exposing that an Elmhurst hospital, bosses included, were involved in a "false-flag" event, we could say, a fake-news story to hype the corona scare. This is the hospital that made the news in a scaaary, morguegraphic story not many days ago, and so I'm not at all surprised that this is an obscene, faked story by a crew that probably goes around the country doing fake story after fake story for some Democrat / deep-state organ. The deceivers need reliable people, and so they employ the same news-faking groups to lessen the risks of getting caught. Once they prove to be corrupt enough, they're in for life. They know who they are, and so does the Creator who wishes to expose them before Armageddon rains down on their parade.

Excellent work, Polly. Why didn't Trump see it? Do you think he did? If Trump knows it was faked, but is not exposing it, then he's showing himself to be worse than a farce. He's letting the country believe a New-York story that's not true. What kind of a president does this? The big man become the nobody. That's how I see Trump, the nobody who wants to be the greatest man ever. The first will be the last, especially those who work hard to become the first. Trump's got a big and long fall coming if he won't humble himself. Everytime he gets an opportunity to boast, he does it with gusto.

How could Fox not have sent some reporters to that hospital to discover that nothing's going on? This stinks. What is going on? Giuliani is arguing that doctors should decide whether people get chloroquine, rather than politicians, but this, while seemingly a great fix for New York, is terrible, because more than half the New York doctors won't prescribe it. They will become robots of the Democrat cause, killing their fellow New Yorkers for it. That's what's going on. It looks like a tax-saving program by killing off the aged.

Something is seriously sickening. New York can't be in this corona conspiracy alone. There have got to be many others across the country orchestrating it, driving it, turning it as the winds require. Little Taiwan was making 10 million masks a day a month ago, but the United States and Canada are floundering in this area because they both know they are required, by da big mobsters of the conspiracy, to let corona spread. That's probably why masks are disappearing by "thefts" in New York, because the conspirators are hiding them. Can you just imagine how small these people are in their spirits? Can you just imagine what weak creatures they are -- desperadoes -- to resort to such a massive design on the Trump team? How do they ever feel a sense of satisfaction for winning elections on good-old issues and honesty, let the best man win (so to speak, ladies)? How many decades has it been since they played fair as adults rather than impish decrepids?

It's because of such lunatics that Trump beat them, not because Trump is a great man, but because the opposition has become widely recognized as a loony bin of corruption. We have the dirty Clintons and putrid Obama to credit for revealing that stink to us, and Trump came along with his Mr. Clean outfit, pretending to be a toilet-bowl cleaner, then changed his mind the minute he got elected. I personally think he deserves to be flushed into the septic tank, but, right now, facts of life dictate that he stay in power lest the Demoniac party rule the White House.

Canada shipped its masks to China, and 3M was caught shipping them overseas too, probably by design of da big mobster bosses. What can make more sense? Here's some numbers on chloroquine use:

Half the comments on Sunday's Pirro show (Fox) mocked her for taking the scare attitude desired by liberals. Fox is failing the country, as is Trump. This was a bad week alright, for the truth, and Trump's paving the way for a worse week next week.


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