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March 24 - 30, 2020

The Brewing Civil CoronaWar
Chloroquine-Zinc Hope from Dr. Zelenko Rejected By Leftists

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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I've been doing what I didn't think I'd do: tracking the coronavirus. I had a dream last weak that pulled me toward covering this issue. I've got to say, that if not for Trump, I think the deep state would be employing a police state soon, but Trump's need to get people back to work has made him force the powers, and even Democrats his enemies, to use the hydroxychloroquine-Azithromycin "cocktail" to conquer the fears that the deep state has instilled. Trump's big hope, and ours, is that this cocktail works in New York state, where Trump sent 10,000 units last week. We are watching the outcome of this American trial of the cocktail. Good word should be out by the week-end if governor Cuomo doesn't try to hide the results or malign them.

The fact probably is that every president would resist a prolonged / unnecessary work shut-down due to being harmful to his poll numbers. The White House could therefore be a built-in protection against a deep-state take-over in a concocted emergency while people are confined to their homes by strict laws made specially for the "emergency." It is perhaps a miracle of God that someone discovered the cocktail very recently, just in time. We could say that the deep state can try to effect its sinister controls, but God has the last say. The fact that this cocktail is being tried by the Democrat governor of New York becomes like an ironic shot to the deep-state head. Even Democrats have no choice but to try the drug, or go down in the polls, as well as go down in history as accomplices of murder.

In my last update, I did some math to expose that this corona flu is no more harmful than other, typical flus. I will probably re-share that math in this update, at some point, but if you're interested, load the last update at the link at the top of this page, and search for "254,000." Read from there.

On Monday, the criminal, Bill Barr, appeared with Trump's news conference. Barr is highly suspect as a player or even member of the Republican deep state. He immediately spoke on hoarding, which reminded me of the likely laws / executive orders that will go up in place should the tribulation of the Church arrive in the United States due to the 666. At that time, Christians will desire to "hoard," enough for four years. The only good news about that is that it won't be all of society that will be "hoarding." There may be enough food on the shelves for many to purchase a year's supply of food, per year...meaning that we could have three of four years of long-lasting food saved up over four years...if we were tipped off by God's prophecy that the 666 was four years away. It's something to think about. It can't be made illegal if we save food while not stripping the shelves bare. Food producers and retailers will love it because they get to sell maximum sales at that time, what could go wrong? Ah, well, the deep state is the devil, right?

Neither Trump nor Bill Barr said anything about corporations hoarding money 24-7 365 days per year. God as an Appointment Day for those hoarders. No one will buy their goods after that day, because they will be gone. Their buildings will fall down, and Trump Tower will be no more. Before that Day, it will be legal for them to hoard money, but they will try to make it illegal for us to purchase cheap foods and other human needs, when they try to force us to use their skincode system of purchasing.

This is the same Barr who decided not to arrest the criminal hoarders, the Clintons, when there were $millions of reasons to arrest them. But if you buy extra retail food and re-sell it at a profit, Barr's going to prosecute you even though he has not proven to the nation that there is a crisis at this time. There is no proof that this flu kills any more than other flus. Half the nation was put on lockdown without evidence of a crisis, and even after the evidence came in, in the past week's virus testing, the United States did not reveal that this is a false-alarm crisis. I speak not for Italy, China and Iran, because those nations apparently have a harsher strain of a flu virus.

On the 23rd, Mike Pence said that, by law, all relevant entities are required to report their viral testing to the CDC. On this day, Pence reported (from the CDC we assume) 313,000 tested versus 41,000 testing positive, but on this day he did not report the number who have died due to the illness. The fraction who tested positive is 41,000 / 313,000 = .13, or 1/8th. The fraction is so high that the kill rate of this virus will turn out to be between 1 per 1,000 and 1 per 2,000, either scenario being the kill rate of typical flus. The only way for them to avoid such a low kill rate is to begin reporting an unusual number of deaths suddenly, which they may do once the people responsible for this fake crisis realize that someone like you or me can use math to make frauds out of them.

Pence talked about purchases and distributions masks and ventilators, but DID NOT talk about the purchase and distribution of the sure-fire, sure-cure cocktail. I don't think Pence wants the nation to party just yet. I don't trust Pence very much. On this day, he should have given details as to where the drug will go next, and he should have shared his excitement over it drug too, to uplift the nation. Instead, Pence spoke like a machinoid: we are getting masks for millions. I'm so thrilled, just as thrilled as when he said it yesterday, and the day before that. Can't wait until he says it again tomorrow. Masks for millions sounds like he wants to prepare us for a crisis.

The page below has the number of corona cases as 43,734 on March 23, 9:35 pm, with 553 deaths. That's roughly 200 deaths over the past two days. They've increased it to about 100 per day. There were about 250 deaths reported on the 20th, after four days of testing, for about 60 per day. Do you think that a near-doubling of the daily dead over such a short span is the expectation when the virus probably entered the nation more than a month ago? Or is someone prepared to vastly increase the fatality numbers? How can they continue to increase the numbers when the cocktail is a sure-fire cure? This I've got to see. If the numbers continue to rise, then they are murdering people, and, in addition, they will need to give a false reason as to why the cocktail doesn't work, risking prosecution. Trump will frown on that.

I didn't know it the last update that the number of tested persons began seven days before the 23rd. The following was added to the last update: "[On the 23rd, someone at Trump's news conference said that "250,000 tests have been done in the last seven days."]" I'm not sure upon which day those seven begin, but I'll use the 17th while including all of the 23rd as the seventh.

It was the female physician, I don't know her name. I'm watching that news conference as I write. I can re-do the math now, I don't need to wait. Her number of 250,000 is smaller than Pence's 313,000 of today, and was the number yesterday. The same woman, just now, said that there's a respiratory illness going around right now that adds to the people being tested for fear that they have corona. This fact actually makes the numbers work better for exposing the hoax. Note that we are not told how many of the tested have the flu at all, for that would allow us to do the math more accurately.

Okay, so let's use 313,000 tested, 41,000 testing positive, the numbers given by Pence for a time earlier on the 23rd. As the number of deaths was reported at 553 at 9:30 pm, with 43,730 testing positive, we'll use 540 deaths along with Pence's numbers. If you're thinking to yourself that the kill rate is found by dividing 41,000 by 540, you are way-way wrong. That first number is not the number of corona victims, but only those who have been tested. To find the kill rate, we need to know how many have the virus.

Look. Here's from the last update:

At the end of March 20, the numbers reported were 19,400 infected (USA), and 256 deaths, with a kill rate of about one per 75 tested. That's not the same as 1 per 75 amongst all those who have the virus, but rather it's amongst only those who have been tested. They were mainly testing the sickest patients. If 500,000 Americans have this flu as of the third week in March, with only 256 dead, it would have a kill rate like any other flu. The only way they can make this look lime a crisis is to greatly increase the number of dead. Not many who die from it are going to slip through the cracks unreported or untested. Anyone who's near death with any flu-like symptoms is going to be a good candidate for being tested for corona, and, voila, there's going to be a high kill rate on account of testing mainly the severely ill.

I'll bet they can test even after the person has passed away, but, anyway, hospitals probably took blood samples of all who have died before they died. So, they can surely test even after death. Therefore, when they say that 256 died of corona, they can't increase that number due to not knowing all of the people who died with it. The trick is to discover how many people as a whole have the corona, and only then divide by the number dead to get the true kill rate.

That's how they are playing their trick. They are not going to bother testing those with mild conditions, especially as they want to destroy Trump's economy. If they tested only those with mild conditions, the kill rate would be one in a million. It is Pence's responsibility to discover the illness levels and ages of those being tested, and how many die who take he cocktail versus those who do not take the cocktail. Trump put him in charge of these items to give a fair analysis of the progression of the national condition.

Send this information to Trump via someone you think has access to his desk / ear in some way, but don't send it to his people who can't be trusted to be authentic team players. Trump will be blamed if this news gets out and he doesn't realize soon, because it exposes that the crisis is false. His government needs to reveal the trick that the media are playing with the numbers. He and his advisors are responsible for bringing these false numbers to light. Trump would be very happy to learn of this. I don't think he realizes. I'll bet he thinks that testing is being done randomly on all: mild, medium and harsh conditions.

There is a way to estimate how many have the virus for all of March. I'll quote from the last update to show you how it was done tentatively:

CDC reported 13 million flu victims (USA wide) for the 2019/20 season up until January 11, and 19 million by January 25. So, there were about 6 million reported over 14 days, suggesting a projection of about 13 million for all of January, and so I think we can fairly use 8 million for all of March, just to see where the math takes us in using that number, which can be adjusted when the official number for March is in.

I have found a page (shown later) showing what I think are 3.5 million reported to date for all of March, though the count is not yet complete. Even if there are not 8 million flu cases for all of March, we can use that figure because there will be more than that number with flu-like symptoms. The math requires us to use everyone with those symptoms whether or not they have the flu, because the ones being tested at this time are those with the symptoms whether or not they have the flu. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW that, amongst the tested, they are not telling us the proportion of those with other flus versus coronavirus. YOU CAN BE SURE that if this were a crisis, they would indicate that very thing to expose how terrible the coronavirus is as compared with other flus. THE FACT that they are not indicating the proportion indicates that Corona is just like other flus in power to harm.

Assumed: there will be more than 8 million people with flu-like symptoms for March. But for argument's sake, let's use 8 million (the larger this figure, the better it gets for exposing the corona hoax). As was said (last update), about 1/8 of the people having flu-like symptoms on the 22nd tested positive, and ditto for the 23rd. On the 21st, the fraction was similar at 1/10. So, we can use a fairly-reliable 1/8 for our math. All we need to do is find 1/8 of 8 million, and that spells AT LEAST 1 million corona victims for all of March. (Last update: "According to the numbers above on the 22nd from Mike Pence, about 1/8 of the 254,000 people with flu-like symptoms reportedly had corona.")

[Later in this update, both Mr. Fauci and Mr. Pence make statements (on the 24th) implying wrongly that the total number of corona cases USA wide is well under 330,000, but as you just saw, the math says it's impossible. The people who wish for this hoax to ruin Trump, such as Cuomo, want a very small number of cases because it increases the kill rate, but you just saw the math require at least 1 million corona cases for March. There's nothing wrong with this math. It's based on their number of 1/8 testing positive.]

Trump's news conferences keep talking about an effort that started on or about March 17th, and from what I can gather from these statements, some form of rigorous testing began on or about the 17th. For the purpose of this math, it's helpful to know that those who die of flu usually die in hospitals, where they take blood samples. For four days from the 18th to the 21st, the daily death rate shown on the page below was about 41, 53, 48 and 46, but then they have it raised to over 100 per day for the 22nd and 23rd, which seems very suspicious for artificially increasing the kill rate. In any case, if you scroll down to their chart named, "Daily Deaths," you will see these numbers as well as the first deaths recorded on March 2 (this could change, but that's where the first death shows now).

Note that this webpage doesn't show the number tested, which is important for exposing their fraud. Okay, with the first death on March 2, we can do the math using ALL of March i.e. we can use the full number of at least 8 million people with flu-like symptoms for all of March. It doesn't matter when they started the testing because, as is the case in a poll, testing or polling a couple of thousand people generally reveals an accurate picture amongst millions of people. So, if they find that an average of 1/8 of the tested have corona when testing 100,000 people, that's going to be an accurate fraction to use for finding the number of corona victims over 8 million. They have tested more than 100,000.

Therefore, the math declares that there have been at least 1 million coronavirus infections USA wide, but this math needs refining, and I'll get to that. To possibly explain how they have corona-death numbers back to the 2nd of March, it's helpful to know that those who die of flu-like symptoms usually die in hospitals, where they take blood samples. They could therefore check the blood samples of all who had died of flu-like symptoms, going back to the beginning of March, for the coronavirus. However, as they do not presently show deaths prior to March 2, it makes me suspicious. My take is that the anti-Trump deep state is trying to minimize the numbers of corona victims for all of 2020, and thus for all of March. To put it another way, if they started to show corona deaths way back to January, it signals a higher number of corona cases for March than if they begin deaths in March. And those who wish to promote a crisis terribly need to lower the number of corona infections for March because the deaths are not very high for this month.

I cannot find from google the annual / monthly / seasonal number of respiratory illnesses or viruses that mimic the flu, whether they equal the number of flu victims. I wonder why they are not coming up with my searches. Is it my choice of search phrases, or has google hid them? To get the math done correctly, it is imperative that we know how many flu-like infections there were for all of March as compared to those with flus. [I will find the answer below.]

Here's from a National Post article as far back as February 3:

...But as evidence of the severity and transmissabilty of 2019-nCoV trickles in, infectious-disease experts say it’s appearing less menacing than first thought, maybe more like seasonal flu than, say, SARS.

The apparently high mortality rates that dominated headlines initially have shrunk as the number of infections grows, and many of the infected appear to have mild or no symptoms.

Now look at the mistake that this article makes, which has been made by many:

As of Monday, the World Health Organization reported 17,391 laboratory-confirmed cases of the new coronavirus worldwide — the vast majority in China — and 362 deaths. That’s a death rate of two per cent, several times that of the seasonal flu...

I fell for that sort of math last week, until I wizened up. We CANNOT use the reported number of cases, STUPID, to find the kill rate, because many or most have mild to no symptoms at all that will go unreported. To get the accurate kill rate, we've got to include the unreported in the math. The best we can say for the numbers in that news quote is that 2 out of 100 people died amongst the most-severe cases that got reported by a visit to a doctor / hospital. Sorry, but this crisis we are in is no crisis at all. We are being monkeyed around by deep-state monkeys, liars, deceivers, those who go to great extents to conduct criminal hoaxes for political and financial gains.

Mr. Fauci claimed that corona is ten times worse than other flus. He's making the same math mistake except that he's doing it deliberately to spread fear. Here's another example of fraud from a March-11 article: "The spread of COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus, qualifies since it has now been detected in 114 countries, infecting nearly 120,000 people and killing about 4,300 of them." That's false. That's only 120,000 reported. That's typical left-wing deception. If we use those two numbers for the kill rate, we get 1 death per 28 infected. Hogwash.

There were millions upon millions of people who went to the doctor for a flu problem in February and March, but doctors didn't know whether it was the corona or not. We cannot find the kill rate by this report-to-a-doctor method, therefore. We can find the kill rate only if people are tested, and that started in the United States, after some reluctance (now we know why), in March.

Fauci: "The flu has a mortality rate of 0.1 percent [one per 1000]. This [corona] has a mortality rate of 10 times that [1 out of 100]. That's the reason I want to emphasize we have to stay ahead of the game in preventing this." FAUCI STUPID APE DELIBERATELY. He knows better. He knows he can't possibly know the kill rate unless tests are done to hammer out the total number of infections -- reported and unreported. We were deceived into believing that the mortality rate was as high as 4 percent. STUPID.

As I write, Trump and that woman are talking (at the news conference) about the time when the kill rate was claimed at four, even seven percent. They have deceived even the president. Some kind American: send him this message, that the kill rate is nowhere near that much, and explain to him why. Look at the falsified projections due to Fauci's statement above:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that between 20,000 to 52,000 Americans have succumbed to influenza this [2019/20] season (starts about November]. If Fauci's assessment is correct, that implies that an unmitigated COVID-19 epidemic would end up killing between 200,000 and 520,000 Americans [= fear-monger].

We are almost at the end of flu season right now, and when that article was written, on March 11, there were very few American deaths, yet this article has the monkey brains enough to project as many as a half million dead by April-May???

At the same news conference, Trump just mentioned that, when the reported mortality rate went down to 1 percent (from four last week), it didn't include the number of unknown infections, and that, therefore, he says, the death rate is even less than 1 percent. HE IS ON TO IT, but he may not yet have grasped the situation fully, the deliberate fakery. He sounds as though he has no idea yet how vastly lower than 1 percent the truth is. If and when he realizes that the rate is no greater than typical flus, maybe he should start spying on Fauci and similar others who definitely know better than to report these kill rates. I say they need to be jailed for a conspiracy to topple the president using a staged flu epidemic. Trump too-often speaks respectfully of his own enemies; it's been his strategy from the start in hopes of alleviating their attacks on him, yet, by allowing his enemies to continue unscathed, it results in more attacks. The better strategy is to attack them fiercely with the support of his base, and a willing, on-side attorney general.

NBC this Monday started what could turn out to be a week-long crusade against use of the cocktail. NBC is part of the deep state. It wants a financial crash in order to ruin Trump. It's more than criminal. It's Hell-worthy.

Go to 20 minutes of Laura Ingraham of March 23:

Notice in the 21st minute, the doctor wouldn't give him the hydroxychloroquine (hoping to let him die rather than give the drug credits?). This has got to change. How can Trump not commit to an executive order allowing all doctors to prescribe this if the patient so wishes to have / risk it when all else fails and life feels like it's ebbing frightfully away? The Democrats are seeking to create nightmares by pounding (bad-mouthing) on this drug. Follow Laura for news updates on hydroxychloroquine or its cocktail, though by the time you get this update, it may be news everywhere.

[Insert April 5: Youtube won't let me load the video above today, which I wanted to load because I thought the man in that story is the same man being interviewed by Dr. Oz in the 3rd minute of video below:]

Good morning, it's Tuesday. I got lucky this morning. I went to the website showing the 19 million flu cases until January 25, and found a link to the previous week's report that has the following statement: "The percentage of specimens that tested positive for the flu at clinical laboratories over the past week jumped from 23.4% to 25.6%." It means that only one out of four had the flu amongst the people tested with flu-like symptoms. This means that the coronavirus will work out to have a low kill rate.

If the goons claim 1/8 of the tested patients with corona, there's going to be, for every 8 people tested, 2 with the common flu and 1 with corona. What's wrong with that?

Well, if for example the numbers of flu infections come out for all of March at say a meager 4 million, it'll mean that there ought to be 2 million corona infections, and the kill rate is then 1 per 800 even if they report as many as 2,500 deaths for all of March. But if there turn out to be 8 million flu cases in March, the kill rate will be half as much, 1 per 1,600. Big, big problem. The only way they can have a big kill rate is to report a very small number (less than 2 million) of flu cases for March, but the reporting laboratories and clinics would then need to play criminally along with that game. Yes, it would be criminal because the motive for such a game is what matters.

[By the 26th of March, their fraction went up from 1/8 to 1/6, lowering the kill rate even more (than 1/8 does). On that day, the reported deaths were almost 1,300. I discuss this below. Their fraction was 1/10 on the 21st, and so if it seems very unlikely to go from 1/10 to 1/6 in five days, chances are they are fudging with the death rate as compared to the positive-test rate, because we expect the test cases to increase more than the death rate, due to the scare causing more people to go get tested. Yet they have it the other way around, with death numbers drastically catching up to the test numbers over those five days. It figures that they would want death rates to increase, and perhaps they are doing it by including deaths prior to March but making it appear that they pertain to March testing. That's a flagrant no-no, especially as dishonest media / people are passing off a kill rate based erroneously by dividing the positive-test numbers by the number of deaths.]

[Found while writing the next update:

Fauci Love Letters to Hillary Clinton Surface….

"I knew there was something sketchy about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Within the WikiLeaks HRC [Hillary] email files there are letters from Fauci to Hillary Clinton through her aid/lawyer Cheryl Mills:

From: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E] [] Saturday, June 02, 2012 05:28 PM Sent: To: Mills, Cheryl D; Quam, Lois E

Subject: Remarks of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton At "A World in Transition: Charting a New Path in Global Health"

Cheryl/Lois: Wow! Very rarely does a speech bring me to tears, but this one did it. Talk about telling it like it is. This was a bases- loaded home run. Please tell the Secretary [Hillary] that I love her more than ever you guys too, of course.

… 'please tell her I love her more than ever'… 'please tell her that we all love her'… 'Anyone who had any doubts about the Secretary's stamina and capability following her illness had those doubts washed away by today's performance before the Senate and the House. She faced extremely difficult circumstances at the Hearings and still she hit it right out of the park. Please tell her that we all love her and are very proud to know her.'"
WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive
WikiLeaks - Hillary Clinton Email Archive

This fawning, servile behavior borders on either an unhealthy obsession or an attempt to curry favor through flattery. Either case, and it's reasonable to question his judgment. #1wrpgator, Mar 22, 2020


CDC Hiding Flu Numbers

CDC (disease control) has a very-deceptive page online called, "Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report." You would expect a page like this to reveal the weekly number of flu victims, even if only projected/predicted, but it does not. In it's first chart (only yellow and green), there is shown the number of positive-tested cases reported for any week, and the highest week (5th of 2020) has about 21,500 positive cases. What's the word used for people who cover things up? Where does one find the total flu cases per week in any month???? The second chart shows about 3,800 positive results from different sources (than the chart above), for the 5th week of 2020. I assume the CDC adds the 21,500 to the 3,800 and finally multiplies the whole by a certain number to predict/project the total number of flu cases (including the unreported).

If the positive cases for the two charts are added up for the fifth week through to the eighth week in 2020 (roughly all of February), the total is about 116,000. If we multiply that number by 100, we get 11.6 million for all of February, which is about right. Therefore, they probably multiple the reported cases by a number close to 100 to do projections. To put that another way, far less than 1 per 100 feel sick enough to visit a medical professional, because those professionals do not test and report everyone who visits them.

The CDC page says: "CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least [more than] 38 million flu illnesses, [more than] 390,000 hospitalizations and [more than] 23,000 deaths from flu." So, indeed, the CDC could provide a chart or list showing the weekly number of all predicted illnesses. The numbers above have a kill rate amongst hospitalized of 1 per 17. If coronavirus testing is mainly amongst the hospitalized, it can easily explain why there were high kill rates of 1 per 100 tested.

[Bongino's show on the 26th revealed that 23,000 is the low-end prediction, the high-end prediction being 59,000, revealing that CDC doesn't even have a good handle on the number of deaths. It also shows that CDC chose the lowest-possible figure for public display, which makes sense for advancing the corona scare (the more-distant the numbers between corona and others flus, the better for the scare).]

However, another CDC page has hospitalizations peaking at over 500,000, suggesting that the 390,000 above is outdated or on the low side for a reason (the lower the number, the higher the kill rate).

For the record, the first CDC page (above) has a chart showing that 170 persons per 100,000 flu victims, over 65 years of age, were hospitalized thus far in this season. It also says: "The overall cumulative hospitalization [for all ages] rate was 65.1 per 100,000 population..." That's not jibing with the 500,000 hospitalizations because it works out to 215,000 hospitalizations nationwide. If CDC's numbers can be that much off, and if total numbers are based on projections, anyway, can the CDC and Mr. Fauci make up numbers to fit a deep-state agenda and get away with it? EASILY, for we are learning that there is no grave punishment for doing such things.

It is unreal that google will not give me a chart showing the number of flu infections per month or week. This is very suspicious after finding that the CDC is not providing one. I have checked various CDC pages and their links, but this organization is either not providing these specifics, or is doing a good job hiding where it has them.

Let's look at what else one page says: "Hospitalization rates [for the week to January 18] are considered low overall and are historically consistent with past years at this point in the flu season. Over the past week, the seasonal hospitalization rate increased to 24.1 per 100,000." Okay, so while the average hospitalization rate was 65 per 100,000 population, here in the deepest part of flu season it's supposedly half that rate, which confuses us to the point of making us feel like drunkards steering a ship in a hurricane. I think that CDC is run by anti-Trump lunatics at this time, and when you throw in desperate and idiotic leftist media buffoons, we may as well drown ourselves and get it over with fast. It's a sad state of affairs when everyone in government and media together are lying to us.

Both ContagionLive pages, when they tell of 15 million and 19 million flu cases respectively, have links to the CDC page I'm talking about. That is, the numbers presented by are said to be from that CDC page, but when we click to it, the numbers are not there. I'll bet that CDC removed its chart that shows the weekly numbers to the present. But why? I suggest it's because, even if there are as little as 4 million flu victims in all of March, the corona kill rate can be exposed as on-par with other flus.

While they reported 19 million by January 25, they tentatively claim (without all the medical data in yet) an additional 19 million to March 14 (exactly seven weeks later). That's 388,000 daily on average, or 2.7 million weekly, and 12 million for a 31-day period. However, as flus begin to trail off after February, the 31-day period in March can be expected to have far less than 12 million. Half of 2.7 for the week of March 14-21 seems reasonable. The higher the number for March, the lower the corona kill rate. So, I think, the CDC's numbers are like committing suicide for the scare even though it's hiding and confusing as many as it can. Where are the nice-clean charts we expect from it? HOW MANY FLU CASES IN MARCH, CDC??? DERELICT!

To redo the math, let's use 4 million flu victims for March. The math needs re-doing because, as we saw above, four times as many as have the flu have flu-like symptoms. Therefore, the math needs to use 16 million with flu-like symptoms x 1/8 = 2 million corona victims (because tests this past week show that 1/8 of people tested with flu symptoms have corona).

Wow, 2 million corona cases in all of March, and very few deaths by comparison. Even if the powers report as high as 2,000 dead from corona by the end of March, that's 1 death per 1,000 infections, which is exactly the number that the Fauci neanderthal gave for typical flus.

You can't expect anyone to believe that the flu experts haven't done this same math. So why are they not interjecting to those putting out the monkey news? Why have they not alerted the Trump team that those numbers are FARCICAL FALSE. Even after Trump mentioned the 1 per 25 and 1 per 100 on television, they still didn't call up to say, "hey, psst, Donald, those numbers are farcical false."

This farce underscores the $1-trillion package that Trump was after, which has since become $2T. The anti-Trump deep state and Democrats have thus cost tax payers all damage reflected by it.

On March 24: "Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the rate of increase of coronavirus cases in New York has grown, and the rate of new infections is doubling every three days." Garbage! First of all, no one knows how many cases there are in order to know whether they are doubling, and, secondly, only a lunatic believes that there's a doubling every three days. LUNATICS AND DESTROYERS. By hyping the numbers, the Democrat establishment in New York hopes to continue the scare in spite of the sure-cure being in effect. That's why we are hearing these numbers today, let's not be ignorant of their tricks.

The same article: "More than 90,000 New Yorkers have been tested and more than 25,000 people have tested positive for the virus." That's a fraction larger than 1/4, and if we plug that into the math above, where we used 1/8, it makes the kill rate twice as low while doubling the number of corona cases. You see, they are exposing themselves, for the higher they make the ratio between reported sufferers and positive-tested, the lower the kill rate becomes, thus exposing ALL-THE-MORE that this is not a killer flu.

The next sentence reads: "There are 3,224 people hospitalized with coronavirus, and 756 people in ICU units with ventilators so far. 'That's 23 percent of the hospitalizations...,' Cuomo said." But wait. We are being given the false impression that there are 25,000 / 3,224 = 1 per 8 hospitalized (compare with 1 per 100 for common flu). No way, Cuomo, you're batty and drunk. They want us to think that anyone could be dead next week. Probably, to get those numbers, they tested only those with severe cases, yet didn't inform us.

At the time that Cuomo made this statement, there were 200 deaths from corona state-wide in New York. That's one death per about 16 hospitalized (3,224 / 200 = 16). But CDC reported "...15 million cases of flu, 140,000 hospitalizations, and 8200 deaths..." That's one death per 17 hospitalized (140,000 / 8,200 = 17)! It means that, so far as the numbers now express things, the corona strain in New York has the same killing potential as the common flu. In a week's time, the ratio may be 1 in more than 16 for New York.

[To show how wrong Cuomo's scenario is, the total corona infections reported by 6:10 pm on the 25th are 64,832, with 913 deaths, or 1 death per 71 hospitalizations (way weaker than the common flu). The only way to explain Cuomo's 1 death per 16 hospitalized, if we assume that 3,224 hospitalizations and 200 deaths are accurate numbers, is that the 20,000 infections used for his scenario were very-ill patients largely taken from hospital victims.]

The good news is that, if the goons try to tighten their numbers to make a better crisis out of things, they create for themselves a conspicuous bulge elsewhere in the math that works against them.

As per the crafty, falsifying way in which leftist media has been revealed to work in scandals generally, the truth could be that the 756 people on respirators have any type of flu or flu-like conditions...but the media people don't tell us this when they put it in print, leading us to believe wrongly that they all have corona. Just think of what life becomes when no one can be trusted with information. It's the fruit of reckless, unfettered free speech from the diabolical amongst us.

If we start with one corona victim in a country and double the number each day, it would take 21 days to reach more than one million. After 25 days, there would be almost 17 million. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to suggest that, in all of March, there were 2 million cases of corona, especially if the first infection entered the country in November, for example.

How many Americans have the coronavirus? To find out, simply test 1,000 people at random, or 2,000, for that should have an accuracy rate similar to a standard poll. However, don't let the Democrats control / manipulate this test. If it turns out that the kill rate is very low, then there is no need to test the entire nation, and Trump can order the country back to work immediately. I assume that this is being done everywhere, yet we are not hearing of the results, which sounds like it's a good thing because they would be reporting the results if it were beneficial for the scare.

Oh no: "A Department of Homeland Security memo sent to law enforcement officials around the country warns that violent extremists could seek to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by carrying out attacks against the U.S. Oh no, is the deep state going to try a false-flag terror act if they can't ruin Trump with the virus scare?

"'Violent extremists probably are seeking to exploit public fears associated with the spread of COVID-19 to incite violence, intimidate targets and promote their ideologies, and we assess these efforts will intensify in the coming months,' according to the intelligence bulletin, compiled by the agency's Counterterrorism Mission Center and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office." Garbage. It's a deep-state threat. Hurry along with putting John Ratcliffe on the job.

News Conference March 24

Trump appeared before the press with Fauci the traitor who's acting like he's wanting Trump to succeed. By now, Fauci has no excuse for continuing the New-York scare. By now, he's asked what illness level the 90,000 New York patients had who've been tested. If he tried to act ignorant until now, planning to say, "it didn't dawn on me," he surely realizes by now that he owes it to the people to reveal how many of the 90,000 are/were mild- to medium-level cases. Surely, if he's the disease expert, then he realizes RIGHT AWAY that publicly describing the conditions of individual tested ones, at the time of testing, is important for evaluating the whole corona environment. Fauci has not done that, so far as I have heard.

Who are the ones being tested, and why have they not been described in any way? What game is this? What percentage of hospitalized patients are amongst those being tested? Are the tested mainly the patients of Democrat family doctors? Where's Fox's investigative reporters on details such as these?

I suggest you skip Trump's repeat-report and go to the 13-minute point:

We cannot get an accurate picture if we count only those who visit a doctor while ignoring the much-greater number who did not visit the doctor. Fauci knows that this method of reporting is faulty, dishonest, and so does that woman who appears at the 13th minute. She says that, of the 370,000 tested, 220,000 were over last 8 days, which throws me for a loop because I was under the impression that testing started about eight days ago. Perhaps she's indicating that 150,000 are tests from "bottled" blood samples tested prior to the 17th. If this is correct, then we could expect all of the 150,000 to have been painful-to-severe cases from doctor's visits and hospitalizations.

Take a look at the page below. As of 7:19 pm on the 24th, it says that out of 53,260 who tested positive for corona, 689 died while only 370 recovered. Oh no, we're all going to die! Say your prayers. Baloney. These numbers are confirming both that those who have been tested are much amongst the most-severe cases, as well as revealing that those who control these numbers are lying to the world. How can there be only 370 recoveries over more than a week of time? Did everyone who got tested positive on the 17th acquire the flu on the 17th? Of course not. But then how can they not yet be recovered?

The woman, at roughly the 14-minute mark, tries to give appearances that those who are tested are people who send in swabs from their noses from home. This is no doubt garbage to enhance the hoax.

She says that 56-percent of all positive testing nationwide is in New York. Hmm, why should that be? Is New York going to be the capital mouth for this fake crisis? Was New York chosen beforehand to lead in this farce?

The woman then says that New York has "31 percent of [all] the people succumbing to this disease." Okay, 56-percent of the cases in New York, and 31 percent of all deaths. Does that seem lob-sided to you? We can check back in the coming days to see how this scenario is changing. It claims that amongst the remaining 44 percent of all cases there are 69 percent of all deaths. Why should that be?

In the 18th minute, Fauci says that about 1 per 1,000 New Yorkers are infected with corona. They must have did a random test in New York. He then says that 1 per 1,000 infected is as much as 10 times more than in other areas not hit as hard. They must have done random tests elsewhere. So where are these numbers? Where are the news stories telling how few corona infections there are?

One per 1000 is 330,000 in TOTAL. Ten times fewer is a mere 33,000 for the entire nation. Neither of these numbers can be correct. They appear devised in order to get a high kill rate. They are criminal, and need to be punished with death. They do not belong on the streets. They have forfeited their right to life for trying to pull off this massive hoax, and they are probably acting as the tentacles of those guilty of starting the virus in the first place. When the total number of flu cases is as small as 33,000, the kill rate becomes 33,000 / 553 deaths (March 24th) = 1 death per 60. Ahh, you see, his people have been doing the math, and they realize they need to reduce the total numbers of infected. FIENDS!

In the video, Mike Pence says that 1 out of 1,000 New Yorkers is infected with corona. What? That's what Fauci said. Who said it first? Did Pence get verification? Explain, please, Mr. Pence, because that is one big huge chunk of claim.

If they test only people with flu-like symptoms, there is no way to know the ratio of infected versus non-infected. If we go around checking to discover how many people are wearing dark police uniforms versus those not wearing them, checking only those with dark uniforms of one kind or another is not going to get us the answer. The most it can do is tell us how many people wear police uniforms versus those wearing other kinds of dark uniforms.

The worldometers page has the number of reported corona cases at 54,808 on March 24, 10:25 pm, with 775 deaths and 378 recovered. They have doubled the death rate over just one day to about 200. With more than twice as many people dying than recovering (cured), we easily glean that the bulk of the 54,808 people are severely ill.

How can it be possible that, over some eight days now, only 378 out of some 55,000 infected have recovered? They are lying. The people who control these numbers are fixing their scheme to destroy Trump. From amongst the 54,808, we expect tens of thousands of recoveries over eight days. The goons are trying to make it appear that this flu lasts much longer than other flus in order to argue better that the world should be locked down. Nobody reports flu-like symptoms on the first days of contracting the flu. It takes time to get sick enough to go to the doctor. By the time someone is that sick, they are about four to six days from recovery.

Amongst those tested between March 17 and 20, about half (quick guess) would have started painful / noticeable symptoms between, say, March 12 and 16, you see, so that they should have recovered by now, yet the numbers for those recovered do not reflect it. Or, if the goons claim that corona lasts twice as long as most flus, then we can argue that a significant number of those who tested positive between Mar 17 and 20 should have started symptoms between, say, March 6 and 10 while recovering by March 24. "The illness from uncomplicated flu lasts from three to seven days in most adults." Or, "In general, healthy people usually get over a cold in 7 to 10 days. Flu symptoms, including fever, should go away after about 5 days, but you may still have a cough and feel weak a few days longer. All your symptoms should be gone within 1 to 2 weeks."

I've never had flu pain for more than three or four days. In any case, there should be a whopping number of recoveries by March 24, but we do not see them in CDC's numbers thus far. Let's see whether CDC will report large recoveries in the coming days. On the 25th at 8:17 pm: 935 deaths, and only 394 (in total, from the start) recoveries (as compared to 378 recoveries 22 hours earlier). That's only 16 additional recoveries after an entire day more. Nonsense. Virtually the entire federal system is controlled by falsifiers.

[Insert -- At 10:15 am on the 26th, the page reports 1,037 deaths and 428 recovered, on-track for another 200/day death toll. To show how deceptive this website is, they have this world-stat page showing 522,796 cases worldwide, 23,621 deaths, and 123,322 recovered (4 pm on the 26th). Note that the numbers recovered are far greater then the number of deaths, as it should be, yet they are not willing to show the same scenario for the United States, where the deep state rages. By 9:15 pm, the death rate spiked to 1,295 (almost 300 for the day), and the recovery number has had a huge jump to 1,868. The latter number was 428 earlier that same day, suggesting that they were lying until then. It's ridiculous to have so few numbers of recoveries over more than 85,000 cases (the number of showing on 26th). The number of 1,868 reported cases was arrived to by the 12th, thus indicating that they are using a 14-day recovery policy to make the illness appear more lethal. By 7:15 pm the 28th (122,273 tested positive), the reported deaths were 2,047, for what looks like a nation-wide refusal to use the cocktail. End insert]

As was shown earlier in this update, the CDC multiplies the reported flu cases by about 100 to find the actual number of flu cases. The numbers above are showing 1 death per 65 people reported, and so we just multiple that by 100 to get approximately 1 death per 6,500 infections. It doesn't matter if the 100 figure is off by plenty, for even if we use 50, the gist is still exposing that coronavirus is a weak flu. Why is no one at the news conference telling the world that the death rate CANNOT be found by using the number of reported cases?

In the news conference (still on the 24th), Mike Pence said that people can go get tested at "commercial labs," but that no one should get tested without symptoms. This program suggests that we will see a lowering of the kill rate per those tested. I totally understand why deep-state jugglers do not want to test people without symptoms, for that would reveal the proportion of the population which has corona, and they do not wish to reveal that thing because they plot to manipulate the message of the numbers while facts are brute obstacles for them.

If the only form of testing was from labs to which random people arrived, and not at all from the hospitalized, then the kill rate should remain nearly the same, day-in and day-out. Instead, it's been roughly doubling every day for at least four days straight, suggesting that hospitalized testing is being emphasized and preferred, to inflate the kill rate. Random people would report symptoms of all severity levels -- mild, medium and harsh -- and thus lower the kill rate. I noted that neither Pence nor the woman (I still don't know her name, sorry) mentioned testing from family doctors.

Pence did say that testing from hospitals are being used in the numbers. The goons could pick and choose which type of test results they would emphasize, and they probably devised a fine-sounding reason to emphasize hospital tests in the main. They may have reasoned to their fellows: let's not make things cumbersome for family doctors; let's just use the hospitals.

At around 28 minutes, Pence says that 1 per 1,000 New Yorkers has been infected, but he does not explain how he arrived to that figure. He adds that in some places, such as Washington state, the infected rate is .1 or .2 percent per 1000 (makes no sense to me), which seems like a mis-statement. Fox reported, today, 111 deaths and over 2,200 infections, in Washington state. We are not even close to a crisis, not even close, and April sun is almost upon us.

I'll be looking for testimonies from people at Fox (leftist media cannot be trusted for this) revealing how long their flus lasted, whether this flu really is a long-lasting one, because I have doubts. When I see things like the following, even though we are virtually out of flu season already, I reaffirm to myself that I'm correct in seeing this as a deep-state trick/project: "Washington (AFP) - The Pentagon is assuming the coronavirus epidemic in the United States will last at least several months, and that some countries are at risk of 'political chaos,' its top officials said Tuesday." The Pentagon, more than any other entity, causes political chaos in other nations as well as its own. It is behind many leaks intended to manipulate elected officials, and I think the Pentagon likes the virus scare because no one's talking anymore about deep-state corruption.

That woman (she's Deborah Birx) who appears in the news conferences with Trump, she's perhaps involved with George Soros as well as Fauci in things pertaining to globalism. See this from suspicious Polly, where even a CDC man makes it to topic. Ahh, Deborah was CDC's point person for CDC's HIV program that Polly is portraying as a money-grubbing scam. Polly sees things as I do, that the corona scare was a development from the impeachment push, to ruin Trump after the impeachment push failed. Makes sense:

Well, that video was too short, and short on evidence too, but I can certainly see the potential toward what Polly's suggesting. Deborah Birx gave money directly to Ms. Yovanovitch, one of Trump's Ukraine and impeachment enemies in Ukraine, one that Giuliani targeted. How did this Deborah end up in nightly news conferences on corona? I don't even know what position she holds at present, but I'll go check now...She's the "White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator." Well, who picked her for that? Pence? Wikipedia:

Birx was nominated by President Barack Obama as United States Global AIDS Coordinator and confirmed by the Senate; she was sworn in April 4, 2014. She described her role as ambassador to help meet the HIV prevention and treatment targets set by Obama in 2015 to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

On February 27, 2020, Vice President Mike Pence named Ambassador Birx as response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force (Wikipedia).

I do not trust Pence. I don't think I trust Birx either. Here's fauci on Ingraham telling the nation that he's trying to make Trump "flexible" on his rush to get the country back to work i.e. Fauci's job description from the deep state is to continue the scare to topple the economy in time for the election season. It's so obvious. Fauci wants Trump to have an "open mind" = changing his mind about not cancelling the lockdown by Easter (April 12).

In the news conference today, the 25th, they forced Trump to say that he's ordered 9 million, I think it was, ventilators. C'mon, please, the country is not going to need nearly that many, is this a joke? No, the deep state wants many infections, no joke, and I think they aim to accomplish this partly because the deep state loves the idea of killing off the "needless" and tax-costly old people. Just think of all that extra military cash the deep state can have, to kill communist / terrorist enemies, if it can first kill Americans on government assistance / pensions. No one is allowed to say these things on Fox, even if the show hosts want to. Imagine if Ingraham were to speak respectfully, lovingly and appreciatively to this Fauci goon who doesn't want the nation healed. Well, she just did it in the video above. That's Fox for you.

In the 6th minute, Laura asks Fauci whether he would take chloroquine if he was sick with the virus, and Fauci, known not to want this drug out there, repeated that he would take it under the condition that it comes with a clinical (controlled) trial. At face value, that sounds like an excellent idea, but on second thought, he may be gunning for mock-up clinical trials conducted by like-minded ones who will report bad results and thus get the drug taken off the market for the crisis at hand. Fauci's like-minded ones may have already decided to use the trial in New York to discredit the drug. Here's Tucker telling what many already realize, that Democrats by-and-large are opposing the drug just because Trump is for it, their highest height of insanity thus far in their fever to oust this president:

Bongino Team Finds It

Oh wow, the message hammered out in this update (i.e. got to include minor cases of corona too, to get accurate kill-rate) was just found from a Wall-Street-Journal piece dealt with at Bongino's 40th minute:

So, the message is getting out and should come across Trump's desk soon, if it hasn't already. There are websites sharing this WSJ piece, and so let's go over it. Don't expect anyone to be using my math to arrive to these same conclusions, however, because I got lucky falling / stumbling upon it:

If it’s true that the novel coronavirus would kill millions without shelter-in-place orders and quarantines, then the extraordinary measures being carried out in cities and states around the country are surely justified. But there’s little evidence to confirm that premise — and projections of the death toll could plausibly be orders of magnitude too high.

Fear of Covid-19 is based on its high estimated case fatality rate — 2% to 4% of people with confirmed Covid-19 have died, according to the World Health Organization and others. So if 100 million Americans ultimately get the disease, 2 million to 4 million could die. We believe that estimate is deeply flawed. The true fatality rate is the portion of those infected who die, not the deaths from identified positive cases." [PERFECT wording, and a big media actually addressed it, unexpected by me.]

The latter rate is misleading because of selection bias in testing [excellent wording, like an accusation of foul-play]. The degree of bias is uncertain [yes, because investigators are not describing details = suspicious] because available data are limited [nice and safe way of putting it]. But it could make the difference between an epidemic that kills 20,000 and one that kills 2 million. If the number of actual infections is much larger than the number of [identified positive] cases — orders of magnitude larger — then the true fatality rate is much lower as well. That’s not only plausible but likely based on what we know so far." (There's more to this article at WSJ.)

They are understanding that the investigators cannot solely include a certain grouplet of cases, but one must include all groups so as to represent all infections, light, medium and heavy. These writers suspect that the investigators are cherry-picking the heavy-duty cases while anti-Trump media further pretends that this grouplet is all that matters or exists for counting the fatality rate...without checking and reporting on whether the grouplet is a fair reflection of the whole situation. So, the remedy is for someone on Trump's team to check and report on whether the investigators are cherry-picking the worst-case infections.

To help you understand the WSJ piece at the latter half of Bongino's 43rd minute, it starts by telling of coronavirus testing done on a planeload of passengers from Wuhan during its outbreak of coronavirus. The positive cases from passengers on the plane came in at .9% (almost 1 per 100). By extrapolating this ratio for the entirety of Wuhan's 20 million people, the city is found to have roughly 200,000 infections, more than 30 times the reported cases from WHO, or whoever reports the cases in Wuhan. The moral of the story is what any normal person realizes who writes on this flu: there's a lot more people with the virus than those who report it.

Yet the "experts" who should know better are reporting kill rates based only on the numbers in the grouplet defined as the reported cases. Yes, the experts are confusing people, but many readers just assume that the experts know what they're talking about and move on with the lie implanted in their heads. That lie then distorts their thinking. Lie after lie from anti-Christ liberals and leftists has caused a thinking-related nightmare in this world.

So, if there are 30 times more infections in Wuhan than reported cases, then, instead of 1 death per 50 reported, for example, it can be 1 death per 1,500 infected, the latter being the rate of a typical flu or better. That's what Trump should like break out and say, but he doesn't always want to bring the leftist press upon his head, because he fears it at times...until he feels its safe enough to attack it openly. Soon, as word gets out that Fauci (and Pence?) has mislead the president on the kill rates, Trump should come out from his timidity and start biting.

The story at Bongino's 45th minute on Italy is extremely telling, because the WSJ ADMITS that the virus gurus in charge of publicized information were pretending that the reported cases is all that mattered, as though the reported cases were at that existed (SHAME, great shame). I see this from time to time in other media, but I didn't expect the WSJ to snitch on other media. I figured they would all go for the finish line carrying this heavy sack of explosive potatoes. Yup, they will soon be juggling a hot potato that none want to keep as their own. If Trump doesn't get his act together and make light this error, the leftists will blame it on him, as per deceiving the world.

The piece says: "...Italy's case fatality rate of 8 percent is estimated using the confirmed cases..." Anyone with a grade-7 education knows that this is wrong. "Confirmed cases" is deceptive, as if to suggest that all others don't count.

Never trust media again. When it says that China started this pandemic, never automatically trust the media for being truthful. Assess the situation and make up your own mind. If you're a listener rather than an assessor, you're probably walking around with a lot of false information in your precious, though not so precious now, brain.

Bongino does a very good job on making these points. Part of his assessment is that corona is more contagious than other flus, yet less deadly. That's not necessarily true, because an alternative is that the virus has been spreading for longer than thought. In any case, it's not correct to insist that a virus is more contagious just because there turn out to be more infections than the lying experts wanted for us to believe. Corona is miles behind, in numbers of infections, other flus.

The Iceland piece at Bongino's 50th minute should give Trump a brainstorm. Do as Iceland did; test 2,000 people with zero symptoms, at random. In this test, it was found that the infection rate is 1 per 100. That's the infection rate, not the death rate. It is a low infection rate, but then it's only Iceland.

There's no use extrapolating that infection rate onto what may be the case for the United States. Best thing, order a team of pro-Trump experts to test 2,000 Americans at random. Why hasn't it been done? If such a test would benefit anti-Trumpers, they would have done it by now.

The 1-per-100 rate in Iceland is exactly the rate found for the airplane of Wuhan passengers. We can say that the test on the airplane was a random test of the whole population. Plus, if we use that rate for the United States, it predicts 3.3 million corona cases nationwide (330 million / 100 = 3.3 million), and from that we can find the kill rate because they are tracking the dead as we speak, about 800 to date so that the fatality rate is going to work out to 3.3 million / 800 = 1 death per 4,125 corona illnesses. That is at just one quarter the crisis of a typical flu.

Yet Drudge and leftist media are hyping the hysterics while mayors are threatening to arrest people who seek to enjoy the outdoors. There could be some military thing happening on the streets that the deep state doesn't want seen, for example: making changes to the sinister "cell-phone towers" that some think are intended by the military as lethal, electromagnetic weapons against the people should they rebel against a totalitarian plot...coming soon? News reports continue to address the possibility that the Internet could close down based on everyone being home, such a convenient excuse to keep us all from communicating while the deep state suffers its wort exposure ever.

In Obama's Chicago-land, the mayor is seemingly nuts, or is following a secret, shadow-government policy:

“Stay at home. Only go out for essentials. You have to readjust your thinking. Be smart,” Lightfoot said. “Not only will our police be deployed to shut them down if you are not abiding by these orders we will be forced to shut down the parks and lakefront. The situation Is deadly serious and we need you take it deadly seriously.”

Lightfoot added that spending long periods of time outdoors, anywhere, is not allowed. And neither is going into closed spaces, like playgrounds.

“You cannot go on long bike rides [what?]. Playgrounds are shut down. You must abide by the order. Outside, is for a brief respite, not for 5Ks. I can’t emphasize enough that we abide the rules.”

Wait a minute. Is she saying that people can't even go for walks if they stay away from people??? You see, some shadow-government plot is afoot. They want to do some sinister things with the least number of witnesses. I see no other explanation for Lightfoot's strict, heartless, and unreasonable demands. She's playing the caring mayor when in fact she's being totalitarian. Is she staying home aside from food shopping?

A spokesman for the Chicago Department of Public Health said, "We don’t have a vaccine. We don’t have a treatment," but he's lying. There is a treatment, and its results will soon be published, if Trump does what he's supposed to: announce by this weekend the results of New York's chloroquine trial. I'm sure that Fauci and similar others would try to convince Trump not to announce the results this early, instead waiting for a comprehensive assessment by the "experts" taking weeks or months. But what expert assessment is needed if the patients recover and feel great? There are virtually no side-effects (zero to speak of) with use of this drug over six or seven days. Leftist media are reporting side-effects without telling that they materialize, in some cases only, when using the drug long-term or too heavily.

The shadow government wishing to do some sinister business during this lockdown know that they had best do it in the next couple of weeks, because Trump is lifting the lockdown in about that time interval. So, be on the look-out for any suspicious activity by anything connectable to the military, and, remember, a high percentage of the police are corrupt and prone to using brutality at a second's notice, or even by kicking you in the back when you don't know what's coming. Police chiefs nationwide routinely support thug-cops and even stand up for cops who murder people in cold blood, if that tells you anything. This Western world is in for a bad ride with the United States leading the charge.

[Early on the 28th: "The U.S. military is watching coronavirus infection trends in Chicago, Michigan, Florida and Louisiana with concern as it weighs where else it may need to deploy, after boosting aid to New York, California and Washington, a top general said on Friday." Is the military needed already? Absolutely not. What's it going to do? They'll think of something as a public explanation, but I think they wish to monitor the lockdown situations in key cities. But why? Same article: "Air Force General John Hyten, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the military was doing its own analysis as well as looking at data on infections compiled elsewhere in the government." Garbage excuse. "'There's a certain number of places where we have concerns [what concerns, really?] and they're: Chicago, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana,' Hyten told a group of reporters..." There are not enough sick people to warrant military doctors / bedding. This is a sham. Beware. Watch military closely for suspicious activities. They seem to be worming into certain cities for reasons. Signs in the media suggest the powers want the lockdown to last until June.]

Lookie: "Tehran is lying to the international community about the number of citizens infected and killed by coronavirus and imprisoning dissenters for speaking out, the U.S. State Department tells the Washington Free Beacon." NO EVIDENCE PROVIDED for this claim. The shadow government is expected to routinely put out reports like this either to make greater monsters of its enemies, or, at times, to deflect blame for its nasty projects on its enemies. If this accusation from me sounds completely off the wall to you, reflect on how the American deep state is lying about the coronavirus to its own people just to get Trump down in the polls. Why is Pompeo's department pointing the finger at Iran today, but not at its own government lizards?

A mere junior-high-school student would realize that the kill rate going around in the news is a farce. Why can't Pompeo realize? We know why Fauci is failing to expose the farce, but why Pompeo too? People are out of work who cannot feed themselves a month without an income, yet Pompeo doesn't have the good character enough to announce that this scare is a farce? Ditto for Pence. And when Trump tries to, the leftist media portrays him as delusional and dangerous. So, whose going to break through and announce the farce? Who has the courage and the good character enough to do it at the expense of the backlash from the leftist press? Bongino? Is this his job as he appears on Fox?

Just found a video showing "the Jesus boat." When the archeologist told the story of the double rainbow, I was hooked into believing that God has preserved this boat (in the mud of Galilee) because it was Peter's boat, the one Jesus preached in at the shore (Luke 5:3).

Problem: if God preserved it and then caused it's discovery today, why? The remains are just an old heap. How does it affect anything? Did he promise this to Peter, a "resurrection" of his boat? The boat looks like bones with such an old skin. Why a double rainbow?

In the 29th minute of Bongino's show on the 26th, a news report went out to educate the reader on this: the more people there are with the coronavirus, the less dangerous it is...for the kill rate. That's right, the more infections there are, the milder it gets. Some will say that's not a good way to put it, because the kill rate may be low but the illness could yet be intense. Uh, no, because the intensity is what usually / typically kills. The intensity depends on the number of virus critters reproducing in the body. No matter what sort of effects there are per individual, the effects will be worse per increased numbers of critters. It's not as though some critters have big hammers while others have little toy hammers. The critters are the same per flu strain; it's the numbers that hurt, destroy, weaken and kill. If corona critters are killing less than other flus, they ain't carrying big hammers.

If they viral critters are weak, then people breathing them all over the place are out and about because they, the people, are feeling pretty good even while they have the critters in their lungs and breath. So, corona is probably more wide-spreading, per unit time, than other flus, rather than being more contagious per intake down a throat.

It is not wise for Bongino to spread the idea that corona is highly contagious. Defined, that would mean that a body gets sick by in-taking fewer critters in comparison with other flus being mildly contagious. But the way people get sick is by being overwhelmed by the numbers of critters too fast. So, it's not likely true that corona is more contagious, or it would also hurt and kill harsher. Put it this way, that if the leftists are deprived of their high kill rates due to cascading information (in coming days/weeks) that destroys the argument, they will go to plan B -- it's more contagious and causes more physical damage -- in order to keep the lockdown in effect. Bongino should not play to that scenario without evidence, and evidence can't be trusted from even the experts, let alone the media, because the experts are half-or-more falsifying Democrat wolverines.

Starting at the 55th minute of Bongino's show on the 26th, we learn that the Obama administration failed to re-stock the nation with masks for potential flu pandemics, which is not only expected from the Obama the destroyer, but it plays to a faked flu pandemic such as we are now witnessing i.e. the democrat deep state is hoping that the lack of medical equipment will advance a pandemic in some way, either by a high kill rate or high infection rates.

How can it be possible that New York city is complaining about running out of ventilators when corona has added extremely low numbers to all flu cases combined? It seems like a sick joke to me. It seems not-real, a putting on of a show to make things appear dire. Surely, the rest of the nation can afford to loan the city a thousand ventilators, surely. Surely, with only 14-15,000 corona cases in New York city, the city government has a stock-pile of ventilators sufficient to handle the small fraction of that number needing pure oxygen. Is New York that irresponsible that it would keep only a hundred or two extra ventilators in case of a crisis? You have got to be kidding. It's a sick trick, the leftists know no shame.

I'm getting mixed messages, for on the 26th, ABC reported: "Officials are working out final details in plans to begin clinical trials next week for a malaria drug combination..." Next week? Do they mean to say that Cuomo has yet to administer this drug on the pretence of the absolute need to set-up special trial conditions??? I thought so. There were complaints against Trump's order for immediate use this drug by saying they need to trial-ize it i.e. code for waste time. It is really very hard to be happy in a world with this kind of humanity.

Oh no, I fear that Trump is failing the nation on a key thing: "New York state Health Department officials are making arrangements to determine what patients at which hospitals will be allowed to participate in trials with hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax and chloroquine..." Mr. Trump, you can't tell me that you are going to allow New York itself to control the testing, you can't be that stupid.

"By Tuesday, the drugs were in New York and officials were working to identify who could participate." By Monday, they could have been finished 1,000 patients all willing to jump at the opportunity to have this drug. To start the trial, pop a pill into their mouths. Yup, the patients can do it all by themselves too. Next, take a swab, stick it in the nose at dawn, and give another pill. It's that easy, really. Put the swab into a bag with name of patient, and send a whole lot of 1,000 bags, weighing maybe five pounds, on down to the lab. But, nope, one week wasted already, and people are dying, they cry. Every day, they cry, compounding deaths, yet they haven't started the administration of the drug yet. They sure make it appear as though they think there's no crisis.

Unbelievable inhumanity from the same article: "Officials don’t expect to see critical patients going from grave conditions to full recovery instantly. 'We’re looking to see much more subtle measurable outcomes, including lower viral loads, shorter duration of illness,' the official said." Someone just died while he/she assessed the it-might/it-might-not possibilities. GIVE THEM THE PILL NOW, YOU RECKLESS BASTARDS! Never mind exchanging talk on what you expect to see; give them the pills and see for yourself what happens, BASTARDS! I think that's the first time I've used that word in my writings in over more than 20 years. How can they talk about people in grave conditions -- lying there, clinging to life beside the gates of death -- and, ho-hum, we'll start next week, or maybe the week after that if we can make Trump look worse that way.

On Tucker on the 26th, Tucker asks a New Yorker whether the report is true that the 2,000 ventilators sent to New York by the Trump team are being hidden away in order to cause the appearance of a crisis. This is so utterly disgusting, beyond belief. The Tucker show now reports New York's numbers as being nearly 22,000 cases (for the city), a sudden jump I frankly do not believe. Tucker is too kind, unable to speak his mind on New York's deliberate fraud. I doubt that Tucker's show will be available at youtube by the time you get my update because he shows four leaders in New York (including the mayor) directing people (up until March) to get involved in crowds, have fun in spite of corona, earlier in the year when they were defying the corona scare. Since then, in the past couple of weeks only, New Yorkers have realized the deep-state plot to use the scare to defeat Trump. New Yorkers are now on-board the scare train. MADNESS.

I haven't seen in the headlines that Rand Paul or Mrs. Trudeau is painfully sick. If they were, the leftists would have made light of it.

On the evening of the 26th, Trump acted the stooge for bragging on how the Senate voted 96-0 for passing his $2T money-go-round hand-out. Trump didn't mention that, in order to get the Democrats to vote for it, the people had to fork out a lot of extra money for Democrat-cause pork. It's just so sickening, and for Trump to celebrate that thing on top of his national robberies for his own causes, what a turn-off; it reminds me that he's a distorted, power-loving soul too. But, still, if the alternative is leftist totalitarianism, then much better a hedonistic billionaire with a braggart personality.

Here's a short break of something different:

The Copper Miracle

In the last update, I spoke on a vision, while waking, of last week, where a round thingie that looked to me like a bacteria was moving along a copper-fluid surface. I then learned, later that morning, that the corona virus is a round critter. They say that virus units are not alive, yet they die, and they can reproduce under certain conditions. The copper in the dream caused me to do a google search to discover that copper kills bacteria and viruses virtually on contact, but that webpages are lying when they say that it takes fours hours.

In the middle of this week,, for example, reported that copper kills coronavirus in four hours. The last update spoke on copper-laden masks to kill these bitties, but so far nobody I've read has mentioned copper-laden masks for medical operations. I wonder why the powers are refusing to use copper. The copper-kill information has been out there.

A kill in four hours is insufficient to generate much excitement with the public, and this false story is getting around. Vice has a story this week showing how long it's been known that copper keeps people much safer. I reasoned, last week, that God's message to us with the copper vision is that the medical establishment has been foregoing copper use in hospitals (door plates, for example) because it wants people to be sick; it's good for making money. In the dream, the round virus-like "bug" was floating / rafting on the surface of a copper sheet broken up into small random pieces (all of different shapes) a little smaller than the bug. All of the pieces were in contact so that the sheet was yet a sheet, yet it was broken up, all fractured. I think I have now understood the meaning of this as brecciated -- a geology term meaning, all broken up. Vice has a story on copper that comes with a photo of copper breaking up into pieces while attacking a virus critter. Look at how long the medical establishment has known of copper benefits:

In 1852, physician Victor Burq visited a copper smelter in Paris's 3rd arrondissement...

Yet, the 200 employees who worked there had all been spared from cholera outbreaks that hit the city in 1832, 1849, and 1852. When Burq learned that 400 to 500 copper workers on the same street had also mysteriously dodged cholera, he concluded that something about their professions — and copper— had made them immune to the highly infectious disease. He launched a detailed investigation into other people who worked with copper, in Paris and cities around the world.

In the 1854 to 1855 cholera epidemic, Burq could not find any deaths of jewelers, goldsmiths, boilermakers—all those who worked with copper. In people in the army, he found that musicians who played brass instruments (brass is partly copper) were also protected.

In the 1865 Paris epidemic, 6,176 people died of cholera, out of a population of 1,677,000 people—that’s 3.7 people out of every 1,000. But of the 30,000 who worked in different copper industries, only 45 died—an average of around 0.5 per 1,000.

After visiting 400 different businesses and factories in Paris, all of which used copper, and collecting reports from England, Sweden, and Russia on more than 200,000 people, he concluded to the French Academies of Science and Medicine in 1867 that “copper or its alloys, brass and bronze, applied literally and pregnantly to the skin in the cholera epidemic are effective means of prevention which should not be neglected.”

...Copper is antimicrobial. It kills bacteria and viruses, sometimes WITHIN MINUTES.

...The first recorded medical use of copper is from one of the oldest-known books, the Smith Papyrus, written between 2600 and 2200 B.C. It said that copper was used to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. Egyptian and Babylonian soldiers would similarly put the shavings from their bronze swords (made from copper and tin) into their open wounds to reduce infections. A more contemporary use of copper: In New York City’s Grand Central Station, the grand staircase is flanked by copper handrails. “Those are actually anti-microbial,” Schmidt said.

The last update told that it disables virus units within one minute, even if it doesn't do the full kill for a few minutes afterward. It continues: "...there are now some products that are advertised as 'copper hand sanitizers,' but they work only if you can expose every surface of your hands to the copper for at least a full minute..." So why have the modern powers been derelict in the abundant use of copper, if a minute is all it takes? Is it only because copper / brass doesn't look as nice as shining steel?

Should there be testing at this time on the results of ingesting a high concentration of copper, for a couple of weeks? What could it hurt? Take it to the level just shy of hard copper poisoning, if people will recover from it. "Swallowing large amounts of copper may cause: Abdominal pain. Diarrhea. Vomiting." It doesn't good for testing a high dose of copper. Just don't let it be enough to cause vomiting. Diarrhea seems an acceptable trade-off. "Scientists have long known that the body rids itself of excess copper and various other minerals by collecting them in the liver and excreting them through the liver's bile" Copper surgical devices make absolute sense, but do doctors use them? Why not?

So, a little copper poisoning for a couple of weeks sounds safe, and could kill a lot of corona critters, yet as we hear nothing about this, is it because the medical establishment doesn't want the world to hear of the virus-killing nature of copper? Could be. What if God intended copper intake to keep control of internal bacteria and viruses? Lack of copper in the body causes fatigue / weakness, which is a flu symptom too. What if flus take hold in people low in copper?

Headline: "Doctors OFTEN [caps mine] incorrectly diagnose zinc deficiency, according to a clinical audit in Scotland, and so induce cases of copper deficiency because misplaced treatment results in too much zinc." Is that a deliberate "mistake" for patients predicted to return to doctors multiple times if they have copper deficiency? "The study found that 62% of patients were prescribed zinc at doses sufficient to cause copper deficiency...The authors point out that the zinc requirement for adults is less than 10 mg a day. The dose most commonly prescribed, however, is 135 mg a day – yet “there is no evidence to support the prescription of zinc” at this level." It doesn't look like an honest mistake. Plus, the article tells that the zinc deficiency, in the first place, was due to a misdiagnosis. It sounds like a conspiracy to harm people, what I fully expect in the medical establishment, for doctors and dentists are ZERO better by lot than the percentage of corrupt car mechanics. Law of Jesus: where there is more money, there is more corruption.

We can then read: "Indeed, recent meta-analyses have found no relation between dietary saturated fat consumption and the incidence of IHD [ischaemic heart disease]...Copper deficiency could be driving much of the current burden of IHD in the population. Copper intakes have been declining..."

If you're on distilled water, maybe it's a good idea to use half distilled and half ground water in order to get some copper from the ground water. I use distilled for coffee and tea, and ground water for soups, rice, and pasta. Much drinking water fed by cities and towns is directly from ground water.

Redoing the Math

Even as late as the 27th, videos are coming out telling that the world average kill rate is 2 or 3 percent. Nonsense. How can this recklessness be? Are even world leaders joining the attack-Trump crusade?

No one I've seen has shown how to discover the corona kill rate using my math, though there are smart mathematicians who would grasp this method fast. I'll do the math again now because the kill rate has gotten even lower since using the 1/8 fraction. The number of positive corona cases on the 26th reached 85,000, and Hannity's show on this day reported, from Trump's news conference, 520,000 tested (420,000 the day before). When we divide 520,000 by 85,000, we get 6.1, which means that the fraction is 1/6th (larger than 1/8).

Okay, ready for the math: we assume 2 million Americans infected with corona, a good number to use because the reality is likely higher (which will lower the kill rate even further). We multiply 2 million by 4 because one quarter of people with flu-like victims have the flu. So, we want to use 8 million for the math because all the 520,000 tested to date are those with flu-like symptoms. That is, the 8 million correspond to the 520,000 in that both are people with flu-like symptoms. To put it another way, the 520,000 are a portion of the 8 million.

So, as 1/6 of the 520,000 have tested positive for corona, it means that 1/6 of the 8 million (1.33 million) have been infected with corona since the testing of the 520,000 began (March 2, I believe). There are 2 million total in that picture, and 1.33 million of them represent the cases in all of March. As the number of deaths (out of the 520,000) to date are 1,868, the kill rate is found to be 1.33 million / 1,868 = 1 per 714.

I can give you a quick-view (I'll spare you the math) of the kill rates (as per reported numbers on the 26th) using different, suggested (not known) totals of corona infections USA-wide:

1/2 million total: kill rate = 1 per 178 (almost all old people) 1 million: 1 per 357
2 million: 1 per 714
3 million: 1 per 1,071
4 million: 1 per 1,428
5 million: 1 per 1,784
6 million: 1 per 2,141

You can see where this is going, out of the flu ballpark, if they claim more than 7 million total to date. If they claim as low as 3 million, the kill rate is on par with the average flu. The only way for them to justify a crisis is to claim roughly a million total infections maximum to March 26, but even then, the crisis would not justify a shut-down of half the nation.

Let's repeat from the ContagionLive page: "The percentage of specimens that tested positive for the flu at clinical laboratories over the past week jumped from 23.4% to 25.6%." Another page: "The CDC notes that the number of respiratory specimens that tested positive for the flu at clinical laboratories decreased over the past week from 23.6% to 22.9%." In other words, one quarter of people with flu-like lung symptoms (coughing generally) have the flu while others have different kinds of respiratory illnesses. Therefore, if the current stats claim 1/6 of the tested patients with corona, there's going to be, for every 12 people, 3 with the common flu and 2 with corona.

Well then, if for example the numbers of flu infections for all of March turn out to be a mere 4 million, the math at present (i.e. with 1/6 fraction) forces the number thumpers to claim 2.7 million corona infections, and the kill rate is then 1 per 900 (= 2.7 million / 3,000) if they end up reporting 3,000 deaths for all of March. If there turn out to be more than 4 million flu cases in March, the kill rate will be still lower. They will never get the kill rate to 1 per 200, which is what they need, I suppose, to justify a lockdown in April.

Here's Deborah Birx speaking, where that 1 per 1,000 comes up again: " And she added: "To get to 60 million people infected, you have to have a large group of a-symptomatics [zero symptoms but having the corona virus]. We have not seen an attack rate over 1 in 1,000...When people start talking about 20% of a population [66 million] getting infected, it's very scary, but we don't have data that matches that based on our experience." It should be a big news story? Who did the testing? As was said, 1 per 1,000 is 3.3 million in total. However, 1 per 1,000 refers to New York, but if the national average is 1 per 1,500, the total cases work out to 2.2 million.

If there are 5 or even 6 people with flu-like symptoms per one flu illness, then the kill rate goes lower yet. If the truth happens to be 1/6, i.e. matching the rate for corona tests, then the math will suggest that there should be 4 million corona infections in March if there are 4 million flu infections reported, or 6 million corona infections if the report for March is 6 million flu cases, etc. I have my doubts that there will be fewer than 4 million flu cases reported...meaning that the corona kill rate can never be as severe as the political beasts would like it to be. Trump is in the clear for sending people back to work, there is nothing to fear at the moment, but the deep state is diabolical and will think up some last-ditch plot to thwart normalcy.

Just heard Trump say, on Thursday evening, that the chloroquine-cocktail trial in NY is only a day and a half old. So, word on its utter success may not be out until Tuesday, though some encouraging remarks could come out even by Saturday. Trump should not trust anyone's report, but the patients should be spoken to directly. I can't underscore enough how important it is to get the good news out if indeed there is good news on this cure, for the media will downplay with word / report tricks to portray it as nothing-burger, or even bad, news.

Due to the scare, there are going to be many more people getting tested in March and April for any kind of flu. The CDC cannot therefore use the same number, for March and April, as it used prior to the scare, to project the number of total flu cases based on the number reported. If it did use the same number, it would make it appear that there are far more flu cases in March and April than the truth, and would consequently increase total corona infections to false numbers, when using this math method.

Drudge keeps sharing quack-articles telling that death rates will continue to INCREASE into April, and Fauci was on CNN on the 27th telling that Trump's not looking properly at the numbers, and that the world should continue the lockdown. Fauci told CNN viewers that the positive testing is "accelerating," but he doesn't mention that it's expected to climb fast as more people are scared into taking tests. The more who are tested, the more reported cases that are found, but that doesn't mean there's a crisis, though he's portraying it as such. As the math happens to be strongly lob-sided on Trump's side, waiting until easter to send people back to work is unnecessary.

Fauci Versus Fox's Big Guns

Google is stacking the Internet with Fauci's advice today at CNN, where the word he used to describe Trump's Easter plan is "aspirational." The media are hyping that term as though it means wonderland dreaming. Pence used the same term for the same Easter story, on Fox Business of March 27, the same day that Fauci appeared on CNN. It looks like the deep state told both of them to use "aspirational." This country and world is in grave danger due to google and the rest being on-side with dangerous lunatics holding positions of power. SERIOUSLY. No hype. On some key questions asked of him, monotone Pence on Fox Business clearly showed that he wants the lockdown to continue for weeks more or even months:

If they can create a wild, extreme scheme as is this lockdown one, and make more than half the people believe that it's necessary and good, with Fox lacking the character to harshly object in order to expose the fraud, then this world is in trouble, seriously. Once the deep state sees the puppets dancing on its strings, there's no limit to the schemes it will try. This scheme seized trillions of dollars, much or most of it not needed (lots of money to people who didn't lose a job, for example), and while Trump could do nothing about it even if he wanted to, Fox played the good little puppet by not objecting (much, anyway) to the heist lest it appear unhelpful or reckless. In the House vote to pass the $2.3T heist, the congressmen had a voice vote i.e. so that no record goes into congressional books as per who voted for or against it. Why did the congressional leaders object tooth-and-nail to voting in the regular way with a yeah-or-nay, recorded vote? This bill must be roundly known to be a criminal hot potato.

Stay away from old people, and get back to work tomorrow because this virus is just a normal flu. That's the message Fox should preach, but it's either afraid of a leftist backlash, or is wishing to uproot Trump at the election.

Laura Ingraham's Friday show (good luck trying to find one that hasn't been skipped) talks about a new chloroquine-azithromycin (cocktail) study of 80 people telling of "significant" "improvement in all cases" well beyond what patients experience without drugs, except for one irreversible case at age 86. This study was done by the leader of the French test I spoke about in the last update.

She then has another guest (Dr. Stephen Smith) telling that none of the patients (total 53, I think) he's given the cocktail to have needed a ventilator after three days of drug use, and he comments, "that's amazing to me." Apparently, he's working this trial with severely-infected patients. He says that 10 of the 53 were bad enough to require a ventilator (hopefully, he's not exaggerating about this need), but none of the ten needed it after three days of the cocktail. Of the six experts he asked for an opinion on this drug's performance, only one would not give a thumbs-up, but then he/she may have been an anti-Trumper who knew the leftist game to downplay this drug.

One of her guests, from the White House Coronavirus Task Force, tells use what he's probably telling Trump, that the mortality rate is now looking to be between 1 percent and .1 percent, though he didn't say whether these figures correspond with reported cases or the total number of infected. The latter, .1 percent, is 1 per 1,000.

Laura says that Germany's fatality rate has dropped to .5 percent (1 per 500), and I think she implies that this is amongst reported cases only, which, she says, is not the way to do things. She's passing on the message that mortality rates MUST be figured from all infections, including mild cases and even those showing no outer symptoms. The leftist scare is dead once this message gets out. They can try to ignore it at their own peril.

Laura then quotes the Fauci monkey who, last month, admitted that the kill rate could be (leaves doubt) much lower if the number of infected cases is much higher than the reported cases. What a loon. But of course the infected numbers will be much higher than the reported, and so why has he not been plastering that fact on all the news stations??? Why wasn't he correcting the leftist news media in the past two weeks??? He perhaps made the above statement one time last month to protect himself, so he could say, "I told you so," after pushing the scare all March and April long. And his conclusion last month, Laura says, is that corona might end up being just a typical, but on the severe side, flu.

What if some people have corona and another flu combined so that it appears like a severe flu? If this flu is so unusually severe, why aren't we seeing stories about its unusual severity?

Even before 11 pm Friday, Ingraham's show of that night was reduced to 2 seconds for its presentation by the youtube channel, Trump Breaking News. Abysmal disrespect of free speech, and Fox itself will not share its full shows on youtube, which it could, say, a week after airing, without doing damage to its television ratings. It would put into circulation a lot of anti-leftist and much-needed commentary / news...but, I suppose, Fox cares only about money making.

Tucker's show on the 27th bluntly advertised that there could be millions of cases nationwide, which is good news, "paradoxically" (his word), because it lowers the kill rate. Once the kill rate is recognized as on-par with a typical flu, the focus can be on the average severity of this flu, and the media-madness to hype this illness should backfire when many seek to rectify the madness by getting a grasp of the real severity levels. One day after New York's governor made angry gesture toward Trump for not providing sufficient ventilators, the same governor admitted that they were all tucked away in a warehouse, more than were needed at the current time. I declare that Cuomo has been ordered by invisible people to create a crisis out of nothing, or to suffer the consequences. There is likely more to the conspiracy than to ruin Trump...because Democrats never waste a good crisis.

Tucker's show on the 27th featured a physician (Steve Kassapidis) from a New York hospital who's advancing the scare, but who admitting that the "last resort is a ventilator." That is, the best and final option for saving the about-to-die patient is a stinking ventilator, yet this doctor knows that the cocktail exists but is not administering it. I assume that no one in his hospital is administering it. "Kassapidis said that a 'majority' of those who get moved to ventilators and continue to decompensate 'don't survive.'" That's murder, because it was announced that the chloroquine cocktail saves people on ventilators.

From now on, families can sue hospitals and doctors for not prescribing the cocktail, if their loved ones die without it. Once it's known by the medical establishment that the cocktail stops the virus from multiplying in the body, the doctors will have no excuse not to prescribe it. If leftist media come out with scare stories of people dying, they can be blamed for downplaying the sure-cure, and this revelation is already happening. Take good note of the particular wickedness in high places, and extrapolate what a Christian tribulation might look like when they come against us.

At one point, Kassapidis tells Tucker that patients were sent home looking good, but that they returned soon after and died. Murder? Were they given a drug laden with the virus so that this scare could be advanced? I would say that I'm sorely disappointed in Tucker for not asking this doctor whether or not he prescribed chloroquine, but I think that this doctor made a deal beforehand, that he would come onto the show only if Fox / Tucker agreed not to ask such questions. The deafening silence on chloroquine tells all, especially as Trump sent the drug specifically to New York. It could be worse for Trump if Fox news itself, on it's own initiative, forbade Tucker from asking this doctor about it.

OH WOW, I cannot believe my ears. Late in the 18th minute of Tucker's show on the 27th, Tucker says that his producer told him: psst, Kassapidis just told you that he was using hydroxychloroquine. I didn't realize that Kassapidis was referring to that drug because he called it by a brand name, Plaquenil. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE, that this physician specifically claimed that he was using a chloroquine product to keep himself from contracting corona, but said NOTHING about using it on his to-die patients! Perhaps I was wrong about this doctor; perhaps he's a good guy who slipped that bit out onto Tucker's show as if to snitch on his hospital bosses who forbade him from using it on his patients! Imagine that. Either that, or, if he's one of the bad guys, he's also stupid for admitting it on the air.

At the time that Tucker's producer (not necessarily of Fox) said, psst, Tucker was talking to Marc Siegel, Fox's medical expert, yet Siegel DID NOT tell the audience that Kassapidis was negligent for not using the drug on his patients, as though Siegel knows that Fox has forbidden him from talking about the drug at this time with Kassapidis on the show. There is no way that Tucker didn't realize all of this, a huge strike against Fox news, a good piece of information to go forward with, into next week's developments; Fox news is part of the anti-Trump conspiracy/scare, but cannot stop its prime-time big three from exposing the scare, as promoted by Democrats, anyway.

Others at Fox, besides the big three, are chiming in to say that this could be a regular flu. By and large, this looks like an orchestrated hoax by the wicked. It's unthinkable, in a normal world, that the powers would orchestrate such a thing, but the wicked now have toppled the normal world and have made wicked "robots" of half the world, with more to come. It is imperative to expose this crime from leftists without being intimidated by them. Republicans have routinely fallen away, like deserters in wartime, at the media intimidations, but, this time, the good guys need to expose this thing badly so that, once and for all, the demonism behind the Democrats becomes ridiculed as a piece of rotting crap in broad daylight.

Very frightening: Tucker has a guest on the 27th, immediately after Siegel, who says that the $2.3T corona-rescue package is from printed money, and that, possibly, another country could but this debt. What I think this may be revealing is that the American fraudsters print the money, use it, and then sell the debt for a good deal to another country, for a certain amount of extra cash in the ballpark of $2T (doesn't go to tax-payers, but where does it go?), and then the American government pays that country interest from real money, sweat and tears from American workers. That looks like a criminal act of the highest order because the money obtained from the other country doesn't need to go to the nation at all (since the printed money went to the nation), but can go to private corps and individuals...who knows where it goes?

This week, Fox cut loose Trish Regan, who was essentially an anti-deep-state voice. Fox is loosing its salt, and once that happens, how can it be made salty again? I blame Paul Ryan.

I'd like to record here the Hope Hicks and Rob Porter spent a weekend together (story here), but got caught, in July, 2018, five months after they left the White House, and apparently just before Hicks joined Fox at about the same time that Ryan did. Hicks has since left Fox and returned to the White House.

ContagionLive put out a video (below) to mock the cocktail, and yet the speaker -- Fauci's clone -- had to admit that the French test was spectacular. However, he opens the video with couched disinformation, effectively communicating the idea that the test patients didn't even have the coronavirus necessarily, but were just a hodge-podge with flu symptoms. This is ludicrous; the people conducting the test would not have been that stupid / deceptive. Here's what he said:

Just to orient, this study included 36 patients, who were SARS-CoV-2 positive. These weren't necessarily infected patients, a few of them were asymptomatic. Some had upper respiratory tract infections, some had lower respiratory tract infections.

When the average person hears this, it sounds as though there's some trick taking place with the trial. That's the tone of the speaker, that this was a garbage test. What possibly could he mean when saying they might not have been infected? Isn't that a contradiction to his first sentence? What is he conveying by saying at the outset that some didn't even have symptoms? Another video says that perhaps one or two didn't have symptoms, but that doesn't mean they didn't have the virus. It's not a trick, is it?

After he admits that the test was undeniably hopeful, he says that he would not take the drug. Yet we heard that even the physician in New York took it merely to protect himself, so why would this nutbar in this video not take it if here we infected and about to die??? That's how you can know that ContagionLive is part of the conspiracy for providing this particular view of the sure-cure.

The nutbar portrays the 6 patients who were dropped out of the test (leaving 20) as "failures." Yet the people doing the test explained why they were removed from the test, but the people doing the test would not remove them simply because they were predicted to fail the test, as that is dishonest, exactly as Mr. Nutbar wishes to portray things. He then says that the 6 patients (part of the 20) who took the cocktail had weaker infections than the ones (14) taking chloroquine alone, but why should we believe this man, since he seems to be parroting what leftist media will probably run with next week? But even if the 6 had light viral load, it's yet the ticket for fighting the crisis when getting people on the cocktail at the start of their illness i.e. when the viral load is light. Yet, what did this pessimistic nutbar say? He said he wouldn't take the drug i.e. he's portraying it as DANGEROUS, and is contributing to the advancement of the illness broadly in order to thwart Trump. His heart is showing clear as day. There is no other motive to give thumbs-down to this test and this cocktail but to thwart Trump's political advantage at this time.

On March 27, this came out:

But a second study emerged last week from Shanghai University in China of 30 patients hospitalized for Covid-19. Whether patients received hydroxychloroquine or not, their body temperature returned to normal a day after hospitalization, and the time it took for levels of the virus to become undetectable was comparable. Unlike the study from France, the patients in this study were randomly assigned to either hydroxychloroquine or the control group, which makes the results more reliable (

This is garbage. It's a trick serving a purpose. If their temperatures were back to normal the next day, with or without drugs, then they were mild cases that didn't need the drug in the first place. That's all it tells us. This study seems to have the purpose of undermining the drug.

Google is pushing this thumbs-down crusade, and is therefore guilty of literal murder if the French test turns out to be even remotely respectable / authentic. If the cocktail does nothing more than prevent contraction of the illness (= equivalent to a vaccine), that in itself is a huge plus (right?) for those screaming SCARE! Yet those who are screaming it are also destroying the cure even before it can be tested more fully. You don't need to be a 30-year expert in psychology to realize that their motives are anti-Trump, because there is no other motive for pessimism even before the New York trial results are out. In a normal situation, EVERY GOOD PERSON would be crossing fingers hoping that this is the cure that the French study promised it to be.

Here's a Creationist speaker making listening easy:

I don't like it when Christian speakers, like the one in the video above, tell people that they deserve Hell for even one sin. It makes God look cruel. Jesus died to forgive an entire system of evil that resides in each human heart. When God punished Adam and Eve for one sin, which is a "concept" that Jesus believed, it was due to the ease of the Eden test. It's not as though God was asking them to obey a grave difficulty. So, by disobeying on such an easy command, it testified that the human heart was wicked, and history is a testament to the levels of wickedness far beyond the original sin.

It was good of the video to remind that, in the beginning, God made no meat eaters. That's the sort of attitude we expect of a good God, but then mankind caused the Creation to suffer, and wickedness prevailed in the animal kingdom too, and the microbial world became a threat, as a reflection of sinfulness in the human heart. A Christian society tends to minimize sin, but look at things now after a couple of generations, only, of savage anti-Christian educators.

God had it all prepared in advance, even the Death of Jesus that provided a way for God to be the king over those willing to accept God as king. God did not want to be king by forcing his rule on people not disposed to it. I don't have any problem with this plan, and I happen to like the idea, because this God is awesome, beyond understanding, beyond imagination. He wants to prove Himself worthy to be the ruler, and with mankind's utter failure to date, with worse to come, who's the fool to disagree? Jesus caused a group of people to desire God's rule over them willingly, because He made us to understand that he is Father, Protector, and Guide to fruitful, blessed, eternal living (there is so much more to it). We just don't have a problem with this plan. Do you?

Giuliani Interview Dr. Cocktail Zelenko

Back to corona. Rudy Giuliani had a guest in his latest video saying that corona is three times more contagious than type A or B flu, and 10 times more deadly. I have a hard time believing this. The math is not supporting that claim, and I see nothing wrong with the math. This man, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko, goes on to tell that corona devolves into another disease altogether, a lung disease that is causing the need for oxygen machines, and, by the sounds of it, this lung disease is what's killing the aged and weak. Okay, that sounds reasonable, but the death rate still cannot be what he says it is.

He says that hydroxychloroquine mixed with azithromycin and zinc is a 100-percent cure for that lung disease, for he has had zero fatalities or failures after about 500 patients. I think what he means is that the cocktail, instead of healing the lung disease, prevents the lung disease from happening at all. If this is correct, it's a very valuable treatment.

So, maybe, the lethal part of corona is not the corona, which this doctor says is not much different that type A or B flu (adds diarrhea whereas the flus do not, and comes with less body pains), but rather the lung-disease side-effect that corona somehow introduces and/or advances is what threatens the lungs...and ruins them irreparably even if the person recovers from the virus, Zelenko says.

He says he's added zinc to the cocktail as an integral part of the treatment. He says that zinc has a hard time getting into cells in order to ruin the damage that virus critters effect in cells, but that hydroxychloroquine is the "canal," as he calls it, that allows the zinc to flow more freely into the cell to protect it from the virus. Cool thing. It appears that this doctor should alert Trump's New York study that zinc is needed too.

He's telling why the zinc is more important by far than the azithromycin (anti-bacterial, not a virus killer), yet the French study getting success with the addition of azithromycin said nothing about zinc, as far as I can recall. I suppose one can say that zinc is sufficiently available naturally in the body for MOST patients. Lack of sufficient zinc in some people can then explain why the French trial didn't get better than 60 percent success with chloroquine alone. He says that flus have a tendency to cause bacterial problems, and thus the addition of azithromycin to treatments, he thinks, is useful for that purpose.

The French study, in getting a 100-percent success rate with azithromycin, suggests that the killing of flu-caused / flu-enhanced bacteria is vital for fast recovery, and perhaps it's the bacteria that cause the lousy-feel, lack-of-energy symptoms. Apparently, as the body is preoccupied in killing extra bacteria, it has less ammunition against the viral bugs. Makes sense.

Zelenko has tested all of his patients since Tuesday, the 17th, and saw them healed in not much more than a week, or less. He says he's had zero patients die, zero moving into critical condition requiring oxygen, and three patients thus far were admitted into hospital due to mild pneumonia (may be unrelated to corona).

Another point: the drugs delivered do not cure the illness or kill viral critters, but stop it/them from progressing (multiplying) further, allowing the body to recover on its own. He says that people don't necessarily feel better as soon as they start taking the drugs, yet it reduces the time of discomfort as compared with leaving people untreated. It sounds great, and should, we hope, also kill the advancement of the deep state virus in its need for a severe crisis. He says that every cure costs a whopping $20. The deep state: destroyed by 20 bucks, hahahaha. He says there's essentially zero side-effects. Yet the deep-state will fight this tooth-and-nail, GUILTY AS HELL.

Giuliani's video comes out on the 28th, and I am really wondering why Giuliani got the honor of bringing this news to the world. How did that happen, and why? Why is this doctor's name Ukrainian sounding?

First comment at the Giuliani video; "All the while, Fake News outlets paint this cure as 'deadly'. They are the biggest virus to ever hit America!" How true. Another comment: "Rudy. Let's get it out there before Gates gets his Vaccine in everybody." I happen to think there is merit in this accusation. It seems that the deep state was hoping to make this crisis last for weeks until a vaccine could be provided, and, of course, the deep state could be behind the vaccine for profit and worse. They might already have the vaccine prepared and ready, but don't wish to administer it until after other parts of the agenda have taken place. Ever-so-suspicious, that's me.

My greatest hope: Trump does not take credit for this drug's usefulness, or I will puke. Even though I applaud him for getting rid of its red tape, please, have the manliness enough not to brag about it. Yet, when he brags, he does so repeatedly, never-ending, like one with the mind of an immature juvenile. My hunch is that Trump is well in-the-know about Giuliani's video, if you catch my drift, and for this we can be grateful i.e. that the president needs this crisis gone. If the current president didn't need the crisis gone, and if he joined the crisis hoax, just think of where the country would be going at this time.

At 1:30 am (29th), a minute ago, I googled " giuliani hydroxychloroquine" to see if anyone's done a story on this video. I got to the video with the oldest comment about seven hours old, at about midnight EST. By now, there should be some exciting stories to spread word of this great turn of events. Instead, google's first offering (several of them) is: "Rudy Giuliani posted a tweet featuring misinformation..." It's a story on twitter deleting a "lie" from Giuliani, and it pertains exactly to Zelenko. Even before the video was out, they were attacking him, but his video is not on google's first=page result.

Do you see what this world is up against? This is the dread enemy of the United States and the world, not China or Russia, but google and the rest of the lunatics trying to turn truth upside down with lawlessness. China's worst sin by comparison is selling us cheap equipment, though it makes up for it by selling inexpensive products that everyone values enough to purchase.

Surprisingly, Giuliani's video is on the second google-result page, though it should be on the first, right? Of course. It should be at the very top, if google is at all excited about this story. It would be one disgusting thing if youtube would dare shut down Giuliani's video, but I think it would shut down this video if it were produced by someone with less fame.

Good morning, it's after 7 am, and I'm up already. I'm wondering how it can be true from Mr. Zelenko that corona (or it's side-effect in the lungs) is ten times as deadly (9th minute) as other flus, or about one death per 100 cases. The math does not bear this out at all. Even the reported cases this week climbed from 1 per 80 to 1 per 55 at the end of the week, but there is no way that total corona infections can be merely twice the number of the reported cases...which now stand at almost 124,000 at 7:20 am. Zelenko is not telling the truth when he says 10 times as lethal.

The numbers pumpers are really hiking the deaths to get it over 2,500 by the 31st, and they appear on track to doing it, but I don't trust that number. Even if they get it to 3,000 by the end of the 31st, the death toll is only 1 per 1000 assuming 3 million corona cases nationwide, not an unreasonable number since many have no symptoms at all.

Just contemplate upon the inconsistent fraction for a minute. The death toll was about 1 per 80 of reported cases at the start of the week, and now it's at 1 per 55 (the 1 refers to virtually all old people). How can large difference be unless the reported cases consist of a high and accelerating number of old people? Shouldn't it be the other way around? The scare is going to bring in people with all sorts of corona conditions, to doctors and testing units, well under 65, and yet the reported cases are showing an accelerating number of people significantly older than 65??? Hard to believe, because that age group has lower numbers than younger age groups. What could possibly cause a much-higher rate of older people coming into the reported category? We know that they are not counting (in reported category) people without symptoms, but maybe those who pump the numbers are purposefully excluding many mild cases too, by calling them non-symptomatic.

He said that, when testing people with flu-like symptoms, 59 percent tested positive for corona. This hearkens back to where the math predicted roughly the same number of flu and corona infections for the month of March. Although I didn't say it, it's possible that corona cases could surpass other flus for April. His numbers suggest that corona has far surpassed other flues by the last week in March, for not all of the remaining, 41 percent are expected to have other flus. In that case, with corona dominant for this time and into April, the kill rate of corona becomes even weaker than 1 per 1000 infections.

At the start of the 21st minute, Zelenko says that people over 60 have a 6-10 percent death rate. He could be hyping those numbers for personal gain. If, for example, he has 100 patients over 60 amongst his roughly 500 patients since Tuesday, then he can claim the saving of 6 to 10 lives. But if his death rate is correct, and we assume 3 million corona cases at this time, then, because about 20 percent of Americans are over 60 years of age, there should have been as many as 60,000 deaths (using his 10-percent figure) thus far USA-wide, but the 2,000 mark was passed only yesterday on the 29th. He's hyping the death threat, and risking the ruination of his reputation thereby. Lucky for him, and he may realize it, his enemies won't advertise that he's got the disease over-rated for fatalities.

In the 35th to 36th minutes, Zelenko says that some patients call him after a few days of treatment to complain about pains and symptoms, and even to say, "it's not working," and he then responds by saying that if patients are able to call him at all, they are not terribly sick or near death and therefore it's working. I have got to disagree with this scenario and call it out for not describing things as best he can to reflect the realities. Roughly 999 per 1,000 are going to survive it even without drugs.

If only 1 per 1000 die without the drug, and as he's treating only 500, then it's not evidence of the cocktail working, necessarily, if no one dies. To make the drug appear more precious, he may be playing a con game when saying that this "deadly" disease expects in the order of 1 per 100 deaths, you see. He thus gets credit for saving a few people when treating 500 without one death. That's the sort of dishonesty I'm seeing in this doctor, who could be charging people a whopping sum of money to administer and monitor them.

What we need to see, if the drug is working, is immediate betterment of the condition, within a day or two. Fine, patients can still have symptoms after three days or four, but if the drug halts the reproduction of virus bugs, then the body should be killing x number per day so that some relief of symptoms occurs. This doctor, then, to make the drug appear more attractive, can claim falsely that people would have the illness for much longer, without the cocktail, than is actually the case.

It is probably true that the cocktail reduces the days of illness, and that it saves lives, but the doctor could be messing with "facts" for the sheer purpose of attracting a higher number of customers to himself. And this is where a good scare would work to his benefit. If this is what he's doing, he's a virus all on his own. To create more customers yet, he would advertise that it's three times more contagious than other flus. I'm not saying that he's definitely a fraud, but his high death rate causes me to think so. He even says that half the nation will get this virus, like a parrot of the deep state. Trump needs a better man than this to represent his back-to-work agenda, in spite of Zelenko probably being correct about the cocktail's effectiveness.

He says young people, under 60, with normal health, have nothing to fear; they will recover. He should have said, "generally," because leftist media will jump on this and prove him wrong by finding a young patient who died.

He treats patients for five days only with minimal hydroxychloroquine (I think this is simply watered-down chloroquine), and it's very likely that they see much improvement as compared to no treatment at all. But the big question is whether his triple-ingredient drug lowers the numbers of, or eliminates, old people into pure-oxygen programs due to severe lung destruction. In order to test this, one would treat 200 or so patients over 70 years of age, and Zelenko will probably be arriving to that number soon. I assume that his release of results will itemize the ages of all patients, or at least tell how many of them were over 70. In the video, he says he treats no young people or mild cases.

He says that none of his roughly 500 patients needed oxygen programs, but in this we are back once again to the low numbers, per 1000, who would go there even without his treatment. He says that half the people who go to oxygen will die, and so if the kill rate is 1 per 1,000 overall for this disease, only 2 per 1,000 go to oxygen.

I'm sure that he said, at one point, that it's an "established fact" that the drug works to save lives of people older than 65, which is all that really matters, yet it must, therefore, also save many lungs from permanent damage, and, bonus, relieve a lot of pain for those not threatened with damage.

In light of the apparent / logical success, let's go to the tweet that leftist media are pouncing upon: "The tweet, which quoted another tweet from right-wing [oh-no, not that] personality Charlie Kirk, falsely claimed [pooh-pooh on his head] that the drug hydroxychloroquine...has 'a 100% effective rate treating COVID-19.' This is not true: Despite Donald Trump's enthusiasm for the drug, there is still only anecdotal evidence that it can effectively treat coronavirus." Ah, the monkeys have come out full force pouncing merely on joy and optimism, how dare they. So why did Twitter remove this innocent claim? Suppose it's wrong and only 90 percent, or 80 percent, or 70 percent, or even 10 percent, get healed??? Is that a bad thing? Twitter's rulers are upset because they know the damage this drug can do to the deep-state program.

The Washington Post slimed Giuliani on either Thursday or Friday, the day, or the day after, he created the video we saw above. CIA spies were spying on him, weren't they? Watch your backs. "'CONCLUSION — TREAT AS EARLY AND AS AGGRESSIVELY AS POSSIBLE IN THE OUTPATIENT SETTING,' Zelenko wrote in the email, which he said he had sent to Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff..." This is what the deep state is upset about??? YES, especially as Trump is involved. "Emboldened by overtures from the White House, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the Hasidic doctor pushing an unproven treatment for coronavirus, on Friday stepped up his campaign to build support for the controversial regimen, with a YouTube video and an email blast to conservative media and political figures touting his results." They won't even give this therapy a chance before pouncing on it, because it gives Trump a greener light to cease the manufactured madness. Everyone needs to realize that the opposition doesn't want the crisis to end. And the CIA has got to be behind this thing, this is important for obvious reason: it exposes further that democracy is being usurped by unelected invisibles who feel they have the absolute right to rule foreign policy. Rulership over foreign policy starts with conditioning / brainwashing / even arm-twisting the nation at home.

Here's the strategy to defeat Trump: "Two states — New York and Arizona — have shut down use of the drug outside hospitals, and Michigan warned its doctors and pharmacists of consequences for prescribing the drug." So, on the excuse that malaria and lupus patients could run out of chloroquine, these false-humility puppets of the Democrat machinery are willing to see people die of corona instead, after pretending to care foremost about corona-related deaths. Nobody shut down society based on malaria or lupus conditions, yet, now, suddenly, those illnesses are more important to the monkeys than half the world dying of coronavirus. I mean, they first cry that half the world is about to die, and then pounce on the working medicines in case malaria and lupus victims suffer. Can this strategy win this war for these false angels, goons?

Same article: "[Zelenko] wrote in the emails sent on Friday that his clinic had so far given 669 outpatients the drug cocktail, and that none had died. He attached a spreadsheet in which he listed 54 high-risk cases, including three who required hospitalization." No deaths out of 669 patients is a good thing, but so why are the sirens blaring and the flashing lights going round-and-round? What nuts must normal people contend with? Okay, 54 of the 669 were in bad shape, and they didn't die, so why are nutcases screaming bloody murder? There is no other answer but the so-called Trump-derangement syndrome for which there is no cure. The nutcases are going to be eaten alive by their own seething inners. It could be rather joyful to watch, as when people rejoice at the destruction of the wicked.

The wicked are minimizing the use of the cocktail: "In an interview Friday, Zelenko encouraged doctors to resist calls from infectious disease experts to prescribe the drug only as part of clinical trials and to critical patients." He's warning that, if the drug isn't given to young people, they will have the disease for longer periods and thus infect more old people = more deaths. But his words are being warred against by leftist lunatics willing to see the death rate increase, this is where the revelation of the wicked has arrived to, and there's no stopping this run-away train. It's gaining speed toward the finish line, a wall. If only it was the leftist media fighting this war for the bad guys, but, as we saw, even the doctors are failing to prescribe the cocktail, as their part in the war effort. You wouldn't have believed this unless you saw it with your own eyes. Doctors refusing to save old, frightened people for the sake of winning a political election.

The article goes on to fight Zelenko; "Asked in the interview how he could downplay the crisis when about 38% of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 in the U.S. [mainly in three or four leftist cities] are between the ages of 20 and 54..." That's the first I've seen such figures, contradicting everything else I've read and heard. One explanation is that leftist-leaning hospitals are, for the sake of the cause, stacking their rooms with those who don't need to be there, to allow opportunity for leftist media to advance the scare. I see that as being far-more likely than a whopping 38 percent of young people filling hospital beds of their own decision. What's likely happening is that leftist doctors in hospitals are scaring the youth into staying in hospitals for a few days, just in case they get very sick. They know that if they refuse, they might not get a bed later if they need one.

Cuomo the murderer: "Yet Zelenko [in New York region] said that his ability to prescribe the medication has been hampered since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order early this week aimed at curtailing use of the drug to treat Covid outside of clinical trials. Zelenko said he had thought that FDA approval of the drug for off-label use — announced by Vice President Mike Pence the day after Cuomo signed his order — would circumvent the New York state rule." Cuomo could be sued left and right to lose his entire fortune, unless the people are forced to sue his government, which would be a shame for the people to sue the people for damages when it's his call and fault.

Let's go back to the report wherein the numbers pumpers had 1,000 deaths in not much more than two days between the 27th and 29th. This is impossible without there having been some 1 million people infected out of which the 1,000 died. To put this another way, there must be at least 2 million infections for the 2,328 having died to date at noon on the 29th, and yet only 131,366 corona victims have reported to medical establishments or directly to the numbers counters themselves. What does this tell us that such a high number of about 1/15th are reporting the illness? For me, it says that people have been frightened into reporting, and as such, they have been in contact with more hospitals, who are sucking them in whether they need a bed or not. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, we might say, to predict lots of hospitalizations if you frighten people into believing that they could die even at young ages. Therefore, the numbers pumpers are not telling us the ratio of the dead between those below and above 70 years of age, for the numbers pumpers part of the conspiracy to ruin Trump. They don't want us to hear repeatedly that this is killing almost only the aged, yet that's what we hear when an honest media reports it.

"'The numbers [of deaths] are almost meaningless,' says Steve Goodman, a professor of epidemiology at Stanford University. There’s a huge reservoir of people who have mild cases, and would not likely seek testing, he says." It's an oxymoron to say that a deadly disease has a huge pool of mild cases. Zelenko seems correct in saying that a secondary illness, not corona, is killing the aged, though I wouldn't call it secondary (can be defined as "minor"), but rather, second. It means that the virus needs to be stopped before it creates the second illness. There were reports of people feeling better, then suddenly becoming extremely ill. That could be the second illness. The CDC considers pneumonia a secondary-to-flu illness; and the two can be lumped as flu cases for the record books.

We are on track for all leftist media to be directly responsible for the mass-murder of the aged, and this is perhaps the goal of the demented left: euthanasia. A heartless humanity that advocates mass-abortion to keep population controls, plays God, making more room in the world for the useful by unloading he "useless" and costly. The cruel future: thanks for serving us all these years, but it's time for you to go, bye-bye.

Put your thinking caps on. This is a mild flu, and all flus decline in March-April, yet this is precisely when the corona deaths are sky-rocketing. Does that make sense to you? Even if there is some logical explanation for the compounding numbers through the last week of March, it can't continue much into April. But it will continue because the left wants it to. They will provide the pumped-up fake news and the fake numbers, a no-brainer, until they realize that it's not going to thwart Trump. Even though it appears that they are losing the battle royal now, they have the hope of making Trump look like a murderer after he allows people back to work. The spike in deaths at that time will be placed square on his lap, yet Trump has a card too, if leftists don't use the cocktail. The civil war is hotter now than in January of 2017, and corona news is not going away anytime soon unless some other story crowds it out. The drudge report is determined to make you suicidal, that man is a sick man.

At 9:15 pm on the 29th (2,475 deaths), the numbers pumpers claim that only 4,435 corona victims have recovered amongst the 141,854 who have been reported positive since about early March. As the first death was recorded about the 1st of March, how possibly could there have been less than twice the recoveries as compared to deaths? Is this not alerting us to the fact that they are deceiving us with these numbers, to make the virus appear lethal and long-lasting? Repeat from the last update: "At the end of March 20, the numbers reported were 19,400 infected (USA), and 256 deaths..." At that time, the number of recoveries was suspiciously less than the deaths, but as I don't have the day-to-day data going back to the start, I can't comment much for that period. However, even if we say that this flu lasts a maximum of 14 days, then all of that 19,400 should be in the recovery column by about April 3, meaning that we'd expect a lot more in that column today than 4,435, especially as many of those 19,400 go back to the first and second weeks of March. Do you see what I'm saying?

For the record, I've found a BBC page showing the growing reported cases in the US with about 50 on February 24; about 75 on March 1; about 220 on the 5th; about 410 on 7th; about 600 9th; about 1,300 on 11th; 2,220 on 13th; 3,575 on 15th; 6,450 on 17th; 14,250 on 19th; 33,000 on 22nd; 65,800 on 25th; 121,500 on the 28th.

Okay, the page tells that the reported cases for the 14th of March was up to about 4,725, and yet they won't have that many recovered until after midnight on the 30th, indicating, whether true or not, that recovery, in their perspective, takes more than 14 days. But what does recovery mean in their perspective? Does it mean what you and I would call it, the ability to go back to work feeling about 85 percent after 4 or 5 days of aches? Probably not, for the number pumpers would like to stretch recovery as long as possible, we may suspect, for they can be expected to be of controlled powers. Keep in mind that when the 4,700 total cases was reached on the 14th, even those who reported on the 14th probably had the virus for a few to several days by then (no one reports a virus on the first days of acquiring it). I see these things as more evidence that the people bringing us the numbers are liars.

Repeat from above: "By 9:15 pm [26th]...the recovery number has had a huge jump to 1,868. The latter number was 428 earlier that same day, suggesting that they were lying until then...The number of 1,868 reported cases was arrived to by the 12th [14 days earlier], thus indicating that they are using a 14-day recovery policy to make the illness appear more lethal." The difference between 428 and 1,868 is 1,440, and it just so happens that the number of 1,440 cases was arrived to on March 12, 14 days before the 26th i.e. 14 days before the 1,440 jump in recoveries. So, it appears that they are not reporting the recoveries at all truthfully, on the actual days of recovery, but simply doing it by a blind-ass policy based on a nice-fat-ass 14 days per reported case. Tis the despised deep-state jack-ass reporting fake why should we believe their other numbers? How can a country operate on lies from the top intended for the self-gain of the liars? It's a recipe for national spoilage, if leaders concern themselves with self gain.

I'll show how the death numbers don't work as we should expect them. On March 10, the reported cases reached 1,000, and over the next ten days or so, their death rate was near 1 per 100, wherefore we'll put the numbers of deaths on the 10th at 10. Fair enough. Between the 10th and the 20th, as the BBC page shows the number, the reported cases had climbed from 1,000 to 19,000, and the number of deaths between the 10th and 20th were 222 according to the worldometers page. So, for an increase in 18,000 reported cases over those ten days, the death rate was 1 per 81 (18,000 / 222 = 81). We have no reason to see the death rate changing much over the next ten days.

It makes not much sense that the virus was more powerful between March 10th and 20th as compared between the 20th and 30th. Yet even at the start of the 30th, as I write near midnight, the total deaths are being stated as about 2,500 while the reported cases are being reported at 142,200. So now, the increase in reported cases between the 20th and the start of the 30th, not yet 10 days, is 123,000 (142,200 - 18,000), and the increase in deaths is about 2,275 (2,500 - 222). The math for the latter 9-10 day period is 123,000 / 2275 = 54. How did we go from 1 per 81 deaths to 1 per 54 in such short time? And you can bet that the rate will go much higher than 1 per 54 in a week or so, because they are aiming for a straight-up line to the sky, if possible, on the charts.

Fauci and company are guilty of seeking to prolong the national shut-down for all of April, this is sheer evil. Fauci is predicting up to 200,000 DEATHS for the U.S. even though we're at warm April fool's already. It just goes to show that the demented are gunning for a Trump take-down using this farce. Trump is playing along safely thus far, not wanting to make any big mistakes that they can capitalize upon. I can find no article predicting flu numbers for April, nor can I find the flu numbers for February and March, which seems to be by design of the powers. It makes no sense that someone can't just ask google for " usa flu report for march 2020 ", for example, and get the flu numbers without complications. It therefore seems that the CDC does not want Trump supporters to know how much of a dive the regular flus have taken since February. If they need flu numbers to be high for March and April, hocus-pocus, they can provide that too if they haven't yet committed in print to any public numbers. One article I read said that flu numbers are down in March i.e. as compared to February or early March.

While the CDC is hiding the February numbers, had provided them on March 8: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their estimates for the influenza season from October 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020. During that period, an estimated 34 to 49 million people have been sickened with the flu, with 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalized. The estimated deaths from the flu is between 20,000 and 52,000 people." It appears that the CDC is giving itself a lot of latitude for changing the numbers, later, as needed to assist the corona scare.

As the CDC page (completely daft and unreliable) had implied that there had been at least 38 million flus to about March 17, I would suggest that the 34 million in the quote above was used to arrive to the 38 million, and so we can ignore the 49 million figure. We can tentatively assume that the CDC estimated the number of cases, between February 29 and March 17, as 38M - 34M = 4 million in the least, with a projection of some 6 million (in the least) for all of March (really lowers fatality rate). The CDC reported 19 million cases to January 25, and so we can now glean 34 - 19 = 15 million from that date to the end of February. [See the next update for latest corona math using these numbers.]

I showed why we should expect as many corona cases in March as there have been flu cases, but if we think that 6 million corona is just too high for March, then we could blame it on the CDC for inflating the March numbers to assist the corona scare, yet even with that number, there has been one big nose-dive for flus in and through March. It makes no sense for this nose dive to be the reality while corona sky-rockets, you see. It's a farce; the people who bring us the numbers are a shameless farce. No authority can be trusted anymore, God wants you to know. Do not respect modern leaders, they are virtually all corrupt with no fear of God, no fear of giving false testimony. Like satan, the American deep state wishes to rule the universe while giving the country a cheap, lip-service God-figurehead.

I didn't hear one word from Trump on Zelenko's trial, as though Trump's ashamed to speak about it. There's no appearance of "Zelenko" or even "chloroquine" in Trump's tweets going back to March 18. There's no evidence that Trump was responsible for this headline Monday morning: "FDA Gives Emergency Authorization of Hydroxychloroquine Use". I think this is making Trump very happy, though he worries that the drug might not work. I'd say the FDA doesn't want to appear negligent by not calling for the use of this drug, and even media bosses are under the gun to follow suit, STUPIDS. Finally:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a statement on Sunday:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to BARDA to allow hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate products donated to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible.

HHS also noted that it had “accepted 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate donated by Sandoz, the Novartis generics and biosimilars division...[on top of the one million donated by Bayer more than a week ago]

There's no mention of zinc, and Trump's advisors have apparently not agreed with Zelenko on his claim that zinc makes this a miracle drug. There is no mention of azithromycin use along with chloroquine in the FDA statement, and so, who knows, the FDA is hoping that use of chloroquine products will prove useful for only 50 percent of patients, i.e. hoping that the other 50 will progress with the illness longer, thus being contagious longer. You don't believe it? Then you place too much confidence in the goodness of the leaders.

Politico said, however, that the FDA did not approve the drug for everyone, and so there could be another trick in this directive to minimize effectiveness and faster healing. At this time, with 300 deaths daily, only 2,400 pills are needed to treat the critically ill for eight days (unless they have two pills daily of smaller doses). At this time, with 18,000 new cases daily, only 126,000 pills are needed for a daily dose over a week for most of the most-seriously ill. If there is no improvement in the death toll over the next week to ten days, then doctors are being negligent, refusing to use it, and Fox should (not guaranteed, but should) come out with horror stories on how patients died who were refused treatment.

The ones responsible for shipping the donations to doctors could drag their feet by order of the anti-Trump effort. Someone might say that it will take about a week to distribute the donated pills to all doctors, but in fact these doctors should already have obtained a small stock over the past couple of weeks if they are not negligent.

Politico paints this picture:

...the president on Friday stressed the need for speed, alluding to disagreements with infectious-disease specialist Anthony Fauci — one of several officials who has privately counseled the president not to rush on unproven medicines.

“I think Tony would disagree with me … we have a pandemic, we have people dying now,” Trump said, adding that he’d recently spoken with FDA and been frustrated by the agency's pace.

You see, the FDA was hoping not to use the drug, but, alas, it would be negligent not to try it, and thus the deep state is being handed, hopefully, a lethal hit from the Trump team. But I would like to stress: if Trump didn't need a cure of this illness for his re-election purposes, I don't think there would be any news emphasis on chloroquine. That's how much (little) confidence I have on the goodness of modern leaders. If Trump didn't need this illness to go away fast, I say that he wouldn't have bothered arguing with the FDA to distribute it. Instead, as per his political tactic / leanings to get along with his enemies, he would have let the FDA make its own decision. That's how I see Trump, that he will do not good for the country unless its good for him, sinful. enters another study I don't think I've heard of (why not?): "The results also demonstrated that 65 of the 80 patients receiving chloroquine treatment improved and were discharged from hospital in an average of less than five days." Say goodbye to CDC's 14-day recovery period, right? Yes, we should see that go down to less than half, soon. I'll be watching the numbers.

The article adds: "However, the FDA swiftly rebuked [Trump's directive to use the drug immediately], stressing that the drug is still being tested clinical to determine its potential against COVID-19. Although the drug has now been approved for emergency use, this authorisation only applies to certain COVID-19 patients, who must meet specific criteria to access the treatment." Oh, really? Why were we not reading this from other articles? What exactly does it mean for reducing its use? The article doesn't say.

Perhaps there's a trick in the FDA directive at the last line that I will capitalize: "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to BARDA to allow hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate products donated to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, WHEN A CLINICAL TRIAL IS NOT AVAILABLE OR FEASIBLE." It's worded as though doctors are NOT permitted to use it if a trial is available. What in tarnation could that mean? It gives doctors the option of stalling prescriptions by committing patients to time-consuming trials. Possibly, anti-Trumpers will create such trials now, EVERYWHERE, in order to stall use of this drug.

The article says that FEMA will ship the donated drugs to "states." How's that going to pan out or be stalled when arriving to leftist states determined / committed to ruining Trump with this fabricated crisis? In this particular part of the political war, it's going to depend on whether the leftist side can make this drug appear frightening enough to justify stalling its use, yet the more they portray the "pandemic" as frightening, the more they shoot themselves for portraying this innocent drug as frightening (due to some side-effects that are a non-issue for use over a week). It appears that Trump will win this war, later rather than as soon as possible, however. This will further expose leftists as murderers, a win-win.

When you see a slew of articles at google on Monday morning, on this FDA decision and move, and when you see every article pooh-pooh the decision just because there's no definite proof that the drug works, you realize right away that the people owning these media are goons, fiends, negligent killers for a political cause. It's no exaggeration, for normal people without a political inhibitor in their bones would react much better than this: they would at least show cross-your-fingers excitement and hope. That's the normal thing. But that's not what we see. Instead, we see worms squirming, trying to eke out an argument against use of this drug...SO PATHETIC that we can clearly see sociopathic behavior. The deep state is a sociopath, make no mistake about it.

To stress how negligent these media loons are being, let's quote from the French-trial team: "'This allowed patients to rapidly be discharged from highly contagious wards with a mean length of stay of five days,' the team wrote. “Other teams should urgently evaluate this cost-effective therapeutic strategy, to both avoid the spread of the disease and treat patients as soon as possible before severe respiratory irreversible complications take hold.'" Yes, the dread, irreversible lung complications that Zelenko spoke about too. Get the drugs into the severely ill BEFORE they are committed to respirators. Right? But of course, the normal thing to do, it's not even heroic, it's so easy to do.

What I don't understand is: why don't the make-shift trials conducted to date show the viral count, per patient, on a daily basis? That would tend to prove that the virus is being defeated by the day by the drug. It doesn't take more than 20 patients to do this trial, 10 with, and 10 without, the cocktail. If the viral count always goes down in the 10 who take the cocktail, it's a no-brainer that the drug works. That's what the French trial found. The question, therefore, is why Fauci and other stubborn jack-asses (I just answered the question) haven't set up such a trial. They could have been finished by now. GUILTY! Why has the FDA not committed itself to such a trial? Because, they are happy to see death tolls larger and larger; this is the stark reality.

Chloroquine works as a vaccine and is cheaper to boot. Why doesn't Trump send money to South America, to keep costs down and supply channels wider? I've read that chloroquine comes from a tree product in South America, and so we could see the price of that raw product rise high because South American countries are not necessarily allies of the United States.

Back to the worldometers website for figures on Monday morning (30th): 10:30 am: 143,249 positives, 2,499 deaths, 4,573 recoveries. Then, at 12:30 pm, just two hours later: 145,443 positives, 2,613 deaths, and 4,574 recoveries. Does it seem real to you that there should be 140 deaths and only 1 recovery in that time span? It seems laughable to me. Shouldn't there always be more recoveries than deaths?

Let's imagine the first 100 reported patients with this virus, with the whole having heavy illnesses to the point that 10 die by week's end, and let's say that half of the remaining 90 recover because we're going to use an average recovery rate of 14 days. The score after the first week, 45 - 10 in favor of recoveries.

Immediately after this first week, 1,000 more patients (900 recoveries eventually) are diagnosed with corona, and so, as per 10 deaths per 100, another 100 die after two weeks, by which time the first group of 100 sees its full 90 recoveries. But we need to add that 90 to half of the 900 who likewise recover after two weeks, and so the score now is 540 recoveries versus 110 deaths.

At the start of the third week, 10,000 more patients (9,000 recoveries eventually) join the positive numbers, and so the score adds 1,000 to the death side, yet we have 450 more recoveries from the 900 above, and 4,500 recoveries from half the 9,000, for a total score of 5,490 - 1,110 by the end of the third week. Does it appear that the tortoise will ever catch up to the hare?

At the start of the fourth week, in keeping with 10 times the reported positives per week, 100,000 (90,000 recoveries eventually) new positives comes in, for 10,000 new deaths by week's end, but there's another 4,500 recoveries from the 9,000 batch above as well as half the 90,000. The score at the end of the fourth week: 54,990 - 11,110. The recoveries are going to run-away on the numbers of deaths when using this ratio of 10 times the new reported positives per week, which is roughly the ratio seen for March at worldometers.

The only way for the numbers pumpers to justify their recovery-death ratio is to have deaths counted every half-week, for example, instead of every week as I'm counting them here. However, that would seem dishonest. Here's from a 2018 article:

When a person with the flu gets pneumonia, the pneumonia is considered a secondary bacterial infection, Adalja said. (Pneumonia can be caused by either a virus or bacteria; in the case of a secondary infection after flu, it is caused by bacteria.) Death from such secondary infections usually occurs about a week or so after the person first got sick, because it takes time for the secondary infection to set in, Adalja said.

It's not clear what the meaning is for "after the person first got sick." My understanding is that the death victim first gets the flu, recovers from at least most of it, and only then gets the secondary infection...meaning that the person dies well after a week from first getting the flu, for the article above makes clear that it takes at least a week to die once the pneumonia begins (though not everyone dies who gets this infection). Therefore, I do not think that we can use less than an average of seven days for the death span in the recovery-death numbers above, for many people who die -- especially in the scare -- will report to a doctor even before they have the secondary infection. I conclude that the numbers pumpers are inflating the numbers of deaths per recoveries to make the illness look more deadly than it is, especially is the average recovery period is significantly less than 14 days.

Yet, the projections page below predicts almost 2,300 deaths on one day alone on April 15, with similar numbers both before and after April 15. I suggest that these projections are the numbers pre-planned by those liars carrying this conspiratorial crisis to the country. Part of the crisis is to keep Americans at home in key cities for what could be some nefarious programs to be pulled off by shadow-government operatives. Already, in spite of the warm season and the cocktail cure, some state leaders are calling for unreasonable, maddening durations for this lockdown, suggesting that something must be afoot, especially as the evidence is huge from the news that they care nothing for those who die from this virus. Don't you get it? If they care nothing yet use a heavy hand based on their claim to caring, something's nefariously afoot in a short term of mere weeks. Keep your eyes on any suspicious activities.

Imagine, only 1 per 100,000 of the American population has died to date, almost all old people, many in nursing homes, and young people under 60 are not allowed to visit one another, under pain of arrest, if they so chose to take a risk??? Something is afoot, time to rebel, make a little noise, because this is not the sort of law that God asks us to obey when He says we should obey rulers. We are to be good, obey good laws, and to expose and rebuke wicked hypocrites and abusers in high places, just as the rebel, Jesus, did. I know: they don't want us to visit to share our unhappiness with the lockdown. We are not even allowed to be unhappy about this treatment. Happily let them walk on your back today, what comes tomorrow?

From John Solomon on the 28th: "President Trump has issued an [executive] order empowering the Pentagon to activate as many as 1 million troops to help fight the coronavirus pandemic." Who's idea was this? Trump's? Why was an executive order needed so soon, with so few casualties, and with no riots in the streets? Why plop such powers into the lap of the military demon? Why is Trump allowing this order to stand for two years? Who really deployed this virus into the United States? Suddenly, instead of military units infecting Iraq's society with unwanted sights, they will start to hunker down into American localities, every one of them acting like spy services over the people. Yup, they will do nothing more than report situations, recording EVERYTHING. I didn't say that they will do nothing else.

On top of this, Trump (oink) wants to borrow and inflate the economy with more than $2T (oink). It's amazing how Trump lovers let this pig get away with this heist, which is why he's coming back for more. Your popcorn bash, Trump lovers, is costing you some serious money, get ready for inflated prices and military in your streets. What will this bloated boaster he do after 2020 when he no longer needs your vote?

A few days ago, he shared a tweet: "RT @GovRonDeSantis: The firing of Andrew McCabe is a rare example of someone being held accountable in Washington. I hope the IG issues his report soon." I take it that this is Trump's position too. It's his way of asking you to get over the fact that Barr's not going to arrest the mobsters ruling over the shadow government, the thing that takes your money, now in the trillions per hand-grab. You Trump lovers told us that this was the nation's savior. Instead, trillions are going to save his election prospects, and more trillions to buy a boost to his election chances; he even wants to buy the military off with gifts in order to win the election. So, yes, he's a savior alright, saving himself, and all because you love him. So, God will show us the true Trump, you just watch and see.

This "savior" knows that in order to pass any bill, he needs to satisfy the Democrat birdies with your tax gifts for their causes too. And so this savior really did a great job satisfying the Democrats -- your enemies -- with the last bill because they all voted for it. He filled the tummies of all the little birdies until satisfied, but they are now hungry again, and momma Tweety Bird is coming with more worms, your flesh and blood who vote for him. He's going to rape you while soothing you with sweet words. Enjoy your popcorn fest when he gives his next exciting rally...later this year, achem.


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