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April 14 - 20, 2020

Lorraine's Walk With a Husband
Zlochevsky's Crocodile Shoes Point to Obama's Skull
COVID-19 Might be Exosomes Instead, Not a Virus At All
Lamb-Like Dragons of the Near Death Experience Movement

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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For a real eye-opener, in case you didn't read it, find "Wortley" in the last update, and read the entire insert for how a hovering scene in my 1979 dream points to Tony Fauci and Hillary Clinton. I'm about to add to it here.

While Miss Hicks was hovering before me, I was told by a voice in the dream, "WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR, GO WAKE HER up." All the capitalized words you see are code for surnames, and they tell a story and point to Tony Fauci. If you read the last update, you might know that, when she did awake, she rose into my ARMs, and while embraced, we were RISING into the sky as a pointer to Rhizon/Risinium (land of ARDiaei). The entity is very traceable to Rize at TRABzon (near ARDAhan), and so note that these TRABy hunting horns are black with gold stripes, as are the hunting horns of WAITs who are in turn in RICE colors and format while even using an arise-like "aris" motto term. Use the Wait link to load other surnames, or you can't follow well.

Okay, so I was told to wake her, and this points to the Hyksos of Rize migrated to Rhizon, in my opinion, because Miss Hicks is code for Hyksos, whom I see as the Hayasa-Azzi of the Ardahan / Moschi area. We note that Waits are in Wade colors while WHATs/WADcocks can apply with, "WHAT ARE you WAITing for."

The Wait hunting horn is in the Crest of Lothians, and this is excellent because the latter share the Cremer motto, which includes, "dormit," translated as "sleep." Miss Hicks was sleeping while hovering. The last update, and the insert I asked you to read above, shows how the Hovers/Hoffers point to Ada of Warenne, who married Henry Huntingdon, and so these Wait / Lothian hunting horns probably relate, especially as Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps.

The insert found wildly that Alda's are Huntingdon kin and therefore Aid kin, and Aids are of foremost importance for pointing to Fauci's AIDS programs suspect with globalist corruption schemes. But thanks to quote above as per what God told us in the 1979 dream, I can now add to the Alda picture, thanks to Lothians sharing the green border upon white Shield of ALDers/Elders (first found in MidLOTHIAN), who came up as per Taddeo ALDERotti in write-up of Italian Alda's (share Gates split-Shield, no minor point as per a pointer to Fauci's globalist buddy, the corrupt Bill Gates, a mass-murder suspect). Plus, "the Lothian surname is a habitational name derived from the place Loudoun near Cunningham in Ayrshire", and Ayrshire is where Scottish Alda's were first found who share the Huntingdon fesse.

"AldeROTTi" appears formed by an Alda-Rot merger, for Henry Huntingdon descended from king David I, who built Haly ROD House (Holyrood) for his mother, and I trace Henry's name to a Henry of RODez. This explains why RODhams/Roddens have a version of the Aid Coat, and yet it seems logical to me that God arranged this heraldry to reveal that Fauci and the Clinton Global Initiative are working on global scams merrily together without fear of getting caught...until Bill Barr gets serious and dresses for all-out war.

One of the Henrys of Rodez was the son of a proto-Rockefeller from Roquefeuil. The "nec" motto terms of Rodhams/Roddens (and Rutherfords) indicates that they are from Roddenburg on the NECKar river, for Roddenburgs have three bends in the colors of the one of Rodhams/Roddens and Rothschilds/Roddensteins. It's also the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). What is this telling us about global AID funds, and all sorts of other tax-based funds going to corrupt entities? The raven of the Rothchilds/Rothes' is shared by Wait-beloved Rice's, and by MARGys/Mackeys (Ayrshire), that latter surname being suspect in a merger with the line of queen Margaret, mother of David I. Welsh Davids use a lion version of the Aid / Rodham/Rodden bend. The raven is used also by Varenne's, and Ada of Warenne is also styled, "of Varenne." The David Coat is a red version of the EITON Coat, and Aids were first found in Berwickshire with Eiton-like Aitons who in turn have a reflection of the Rhodes Coat. It's got the Rhodian and Rothschild Illuminati all over it to which Bill Clinton belongs. He married Miss Rodham, a wicked witch.

Before we leave the Waits, we want to note how its "focis" motto term can be for the Foches variation of Fauci-like Fauchs/Faulchs/Foulchs/Folchs. They sure look like Fulks, and God's words, "WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR, GO WAKE HER up," are going to prove it. But first, we need to know that the Margy/Mackey (and Murdoch) ravens are said to be HANGing on an arrow, for hanger and Angers are from Angers and Anjou, where Fulks ruled. Plus, as Bill Clinton is logged on Jeffrey Epstein's plane at least 26 times, I'd like to repeat that the plane's name, Lolita, is suspect with the "LOYALite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons (a surname smacking of the Margys/Mackeys), for Loyola's are also Lolita's, you see.

I now need to add that Miss Hicks hovering scene was gleaned as being on Epstein's island of prostitution, Little Saint James, and the last update showed (from a news video) that Bill Gates had been on the Epstein plane at least a half-dozen times. I woke up Miss Hicks by touching her knee, and, in real life many years later, God gave her a knee symbol at a Get'n GO gas bar. In the dream, he said, "GO wake her up." There is a Gow/McGOO surname sharing the cinquefoils of Loches', and it just so happens that Fulk I married Miss de Loches. [I'll show later how this touch to knee goes to Fauci's birthplace].

At the Get'n Go, her knee symbol was given when I saw her knees through the GLASS door, and while Jewish Glasses share double, giant wings with German Fulks, Scottish Glass' use the Melusine mermaid that Nicholas de Vere (witch, prince of nothing) made the mother of the first count of Anjou just before Fulk I was count of Anjou. It looks like God really knows his heraldry, heh-heh, like he knows all the movements of those globalist ninnies. Glass's were first found at Bute, which was earlier the island of ROTHESay, very likely named by proto-Rothschilds at Rothes of Moray.

"WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR, GO WAKE HER up." Wake's are interesting in their own right for pointing to Bruce and Nelly Ohr, but I think God wants us to emphasize Wakefields, for they use the Scottish Hair Shield while Hers are listed with Here's/Herrs. Good morning. I left off at the last sentence yesterday, and this morning, coming from my room, I put the kettle on, then opened the front door to slip out to the beautiful spring morning, when I saw a pigeon, a very rare sight. It was perched on the maple tree, and I felt sure that this had to do with the Maple surname, which I was planning on mentioning yesterday because their vertically-split Shield is that of Hairs in colors reversed. Just look at how I ended yesterday on the Wakefields and Hairs.

A few days after the first pigeon was seen here last year, which was the stool pigeon, three pigeons were seen whirling around this same maple tree a few days later. I never saw pigeons here again, until the last update's pigeon on the driveway. It was a lone pigeon last week, and a lone one today at the maple tree. What can this mean. Stay tuned, because I often figure things out as I go along. I can already say that while the stool pigeon had become suspect with a person snitching on Obama, Wakefields and Hairs have the Shields of Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother.

Back to the Wakefields and Hairs/Hare's, for the latter were first found in AYRshire while the Are surname is listed with Airs/AYERs (Ayrshire) so that even "What ARE you waiting for" looks like it's a pointer to Are's/Ayers. The Are's/Ayers share the chevron of Waits, and while the latter can be a branch of White's, Scottish White's share quatrefoils with Are's/Ayers. "What ARE you WAITing for." The Waits are also Weights, as are English White's. The Wake's have double fesses colors reversed from the same of English Hairs and HARcourts (Danes expected of DUNhams).

Now look: QUATRefoils are from queen QUADRatilla Bassus, as are Quade's who have a What-like and Wait-like Wade variation. "WHAT ARE you WAITing for," it's all a perfect pointing to Quadratilla, whose son, CHARAX Proculus, traces to Carricks/CORRICKs, first found in Ayrshire, and that looks to be in-code with the "coruic" motto term of Irish White's. The Irish White's even have an "Echel" motto term that I can glean with Greece's Achelous river, flowing near Astakos, origin of the Astikas' who married the Traby family that we see in the Wait hunting horns.

The Are's/Ayers even have a "Lighter THAN air" motto that's partly for the Thans having six, black spread EAGLE's in the pattern of the six lions of Eagle's/Hegels (eagle LEG), a surname from "ACHELous." Two White surnames, including the one with quatrefoils, have black, spread eagles. The six Than eagles are even in the pattern of the same-colored fitchees of Tarves', and the latter's split Shield is that of Maple's, whataya know. The Maple motto can be gleaned with the motto of Chives', first found in TARves, and so see that last update's finger of God fingering the TARmac meeting of Clinton and Lynch, for the six fitchees of Tarves' are those also of Clintons and Hillarys. There's a good chance that Obama spurred Bill Clinton to speak with Lynch because it was about asking Lynch not to prosecute Hillary for her emails crimes, and her emails were sure to reveal Obama's dastardly business abroad.

[Insert -- After the three pigeons (why three?) whirled around (flew fast around, one chasing the other) the maple tree, I loaded Mails/Maels in case God left a clue there as per Hillary's email crimes, and there in the write-up was: "The lands [of Mails/Maels] were described as a coastal village on the southern shore of the WIRRAL peninsular on the River Dee..." You can't find a surname, more than Wirrals, to reflect "whirl," and Mails/Maels happen to share the bend of one Pigeon surname. There is even a good chance that Meols were a corruption from the Mapel variation of Maple's. The Marple variation seems linkable to Marble's (Cheshire, same as Wirral).

English Randolphs use the Dunham, Maple and Wakefield Shield, and Randolphs are from the Masci's of Dunham-Masci. Wakefields share the Arms-of-Cheshire garb, and Maple's trace by their boars heads to the Spey river on the border of Moray, which can explain why Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray. English Randolphs are said to be from the le-Meschin rulers of Cheshire, where Dunham-Masci, Wirral, Birches and Touch's/Tuffs were first found. Randolphs mention le Meschin's father as BRICHESsart, and Briches' (not "Birches," which gets the Birch's and Birks/Burghs) show the crosslets of Tafts/Tuffs and Ades'/Addys'. While German Hare's share the fleur-de-lys of Birch's (they are said to be from a Briches manor of Cheshire), Touch's/Tuffs share the giant lion of Irish Hare's/Garrys/Jarrys (what's the FOX for?) who in turn share a green snake with Birch's. "Go WAKE HER." Wakers/Walkers share the lizard (in Crest) with Hare's/Garrys/Jarrys.

SPEYers/Speers (share Maple boar heads) were first found in Renfrewshire with the Simple's expected in the Birch motto, and with the Montgomerys sharing the Birch Coat, both of which share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Hang on to this Montgomery-Birch link to see how it points stingingly to Ms. Birx.

As Obama's Dunham line was from Singletarys, note that Randolph-branch Rands share the triple Singletary chevrons. As the Spey river has a source near/in Perthshire, note that the Rand branch of Rinds (could be version of Masci bend-with-items) were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks beloved of several Hare liners. Masci's and Fulks use wings, and Rinds have a Coat version of the Fauch-beloved Thistle's (near Masseys of Manche). Perthshire is also where Drummonds were first found who apparently have Wirrals in their "warily" motto term.

I can even add that I stepped out on the DECK this morning to see the pigeon perched in the maple, and Decks/Daggers and Fulke's/Volks share the Massey fleur-de-lys. I'm going far here to let you see that the whirling pigeons do link well to Mails/Meols (lion heads in the colors of the Wirral lions). Meschins were from the Bessin while Bessins (Cheshire again) have a version of the Mail/Mael Coat. Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Meschins), who married Massys (Meshech), were at the Perche hills (France), and Bellamys were of the Shropshire MontGOMERys (Saracen head?) who in turn share the Birch Coat. Incredibly, while Birch's are expected as a pointer to Deborah and/or Laura Birx of HIV/AIDS programs, the bee HIVE (with Bessin-related bees included) is used by Kerrys, first found in Montgomeryshire. I stink I see John Kerry in this.

The pigeon was perched. Perche's have two of the triple Muschat chevrons, and English Botters, first found in Hampshire with the Drake's who in turn love Muschat-like Mosca's/Muscas' in their motto, use an eagle "standing on a "perch." This insert comes after discovering that Mr. Fauci was born near the Drake-related Drago river of Sicily, near to a branch of Mosca's. Fauci's birthplace becomes (below) a fabulous set of pointers ending up squarely on the Aid line, and so let's add here that Mosca's were first found beside Italian Botters (Tuscany, same as Italian Fulks), all at the Massa-Carrara theater that was related to Massi's/Mattis' sharing the Coat of Italian Fulks. It's got Fauci's bloodline all over it. An Arms of Massa-Carrara shares the Massi/Mattis checks.

[Insert in the insert -- Later in this update, when pondering Adam KilconQUHAR, first husband of Marjory Carrick, I checked to see whether his name was of the Quare's, and there popped up a version of the Massi/Mattis / Fulk Coat along with Carrara-like variations such as "Carre." Quare's/Carre's were first found in Burgundy with Fulk-related Loches'. I kid you not, Quare's were looked up while following the Montgomery motto. End insert in the insert]

You will see me mention the Carrick trace to the land of Fauci's birth, and so I'd like to add here that the Carrick motto, linkable to the grandmother of Mr. Fauci, is almost identical with the Montgomery motto. End insert]

I can even say, as per "waiting FOR," that BalFOURs, with a "FORward" motto, share the Wait and Are/Ayer chevron...though I was going to say that Fore's are listed with the Forez's while Fauchs/FAULCHs/FOLCHS were first found at Forez. The Forez mountains were, I believe, part of historical Burgundy, and the Fulk-related Loches' (share the Gow/McGOO cinquefoils), were first found in Burgundy. "What are you WAITing FOR, GO wake her..." I think this is a good pointer to Fauci on behalf of the Obama crimes against Trump. Obama and Clinton are the type of people who will justify doing whatever it takes to oust an opponent based on their accusations against them. In other words, because Trump is so-and-so, acts that break the law, whatever it takes, are justified. This is where the Democrat party is today, and Barr seems senselessly useless to do anything about it for fear of media backlash. Media bosses (or those who control them) are therefore ruling the nations in half the important calls (decisions).

Repeat: "The Wake's have double fesses colors reversed from the same of English Hairs and HARcourts (Danes expected of DUNhams)." God may have arranged Wake's to share double-red fesses with English Martins (Leicester, where legs trace, location of the Legro = Soar river pointing to George Soros) because the Dunham Crest has a martin. It's just that English Martins have a Waddon Martin in their write-up while Waddons and Waddens/Wadings are like the Weedon variation of Weeds (MARTlets) who in turn share the double-Martin fesses! Whammo. It recalls my battle with WOOD sorrel weeds of last year that pointed to George Soros (Woods were first found in Leicester). Recall that the hovering scene pointed to eagle-leg Hoovers, Hooters and Hixons/Hicksons (all three with eagle legs).

Oh wow, The double Martin / Weed fesses are shared by Belgian FENDons/Fentons/Wendens (probably the Windsor saltire in colors reversed), who will link to Fenders below, VERY IMPORTANT. WOOD sorrel weeds, I totally get it, the enemies of the Wheat of Jesus. I believe that God showed me, through a Battistelli songline, "got a couple of DENTs in my fenders," that the Wood motto, "Defend," is part-code for Fenders (share otter with Balfours), first found in Huntingdonshire with and Ada of Warenne (and Windsor-related Otters/Others)! this is the Ade line pointing to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Fenders can be suspect with the dream's hood scene, where Miss Hicks was first seen walking along the front side = fender of the car, then to the front of the hood, and the next time I looked, she was hovering over this car. But as the Ade's have a version of the Rodham/Rodden Coat, by what further coincidence do DENTons share the cinquefoils of Rodhams/Roddens?! OH WOW, I didn't realize until re-loading the Dentons (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) that they share the double fesses of Fendens/Fentons, Martins and Weeds/Weedons!!! Got a couple of dents in my fenders! Incredible. (I've shown this before, but I forget some things.)

The songline goes: "Got a couple of dents in my fenders, got a couple of rips in my JEANs." I had no shirt on when seeing her at the CAR, but only my jeans, which helped to identify the beach I was on with the beach at Jeffrey Epstein's Little Saint James island. The Cars even share the "sed" motto term of Seaton-like Sedans (share black cinquefoils with Dentons / Rodhams!), and Sedans were once said to have been first found in Yorkshire, location of SEDbergh, which is where Dents are said to be first found! Zinger, just look at all that.

Having no shirt must indicate that I am to lump Shirts/Shards into that picture for a reason. This is new right here: the Thistle's/TOUZels share the Chiefs of Jeans and James', and TOUS'/Tosni's describe their Coat as a man wearing a shirt with buttons!!! This find would have been impossible had the Thistle write-not said: "...the name is generally believed to be derived from the French surname Touzel..." Entering "Touzel" even brings up the Thistle page. This is no coincidence; God set things up this way, and the find comes shortly after emphasizing the Fauchs showing nothing but thistles in both Crest and Shield. With each new clue, we're closer to getting the full picture. (The website that once allowed me to read Coat descriptions no longer allows me, but it may work for you when you click, "CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR YOUR COAT OF ARMS / FAMILY CREST". When I click it, it brings me to a "This site can't be reached" page. It's been this way for years.)

On top of that clue, I had a dream where my dentist at the time was laughing at the red buttons on my shirt, while we were in his car, after we played golf. The Tous' use a red shirt. I'll dwell on this with the new clue above and see where it might lead.

As she hovered, I was standing at the passenger DOOR of the car, and one Dorr surname is also the DurWARD surname sharing the white leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. And there is a Durward surname with a version of the Her/Ayer Coat, but these Durwards happen to share the Hood crescents (that's fairly new to me)! The Doors/Durwards even share the brown lion paw with leg-using Eagle's, and so let's repeat that Hoovers, Hooters and Hixons/Hicksons all use eagle legs to prove that it was Miss Hicks in the dream hovering over the car. The DurWARD Coat is even linkable by its looks to the Balfour Coat while Balfours use a "ForWARD" motto. I think Balfours are of the Roet-line Beauforts, and, for what it's worth, Roets share the Maple boar heads (Maple's have the Dunham and Hair Shields).

As the pigeon on the maple tree is suspect as a pointer to Obama, note that Dunhams use spears while the Maple / Roet boar heads are also those of Spears. The Dunham spears are gold-tipped, as is the spear in the paw of Durwards, and the spear of Singletarys too. Obama is online descending from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to, Dunham. Singletarys have triple chevrons colors reversed from the same of Epsteins. Singletarys were at Fylde, and so it's interesting that the Fylde (and Shake) chevron is colors reversed from the same of Whats/Wadcocks (Essex, same as Maple's). Is the hovering scene, the first word of which was, "what," foremost a pointer to Obama? Obama's mother was the granddaughter of a Mr. Armour, which surname uses arms, and as soon as I awoke Miss Hicks, we went into each other's arms.

The James' (suspect as a Jean branch) were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne, and while Warrens share the Ward / Word/Ward Shields, it looks connectable to the "forWARD" motto term of Balfours and Seatons. The latter have become more expected with the seats she hovered over than the Seat surname, though the Cedes variation (like "Gates") of Seats is like "Cetis," where QUADRatilla was queen. The QUATRefoils of Scottish White's (could be with a version of LEVin/Livings Coat) are in the colors of the Denton / Rodham cinquefoils, you see. Quadratilla's husband, Lupus LAEVillus (see Levi's below), is expected in the "lupus" motto term of Gates-colored Cetins/Cattans having a Cates-like "Cautes" motto term. And English Cates' even have the double lions in pale of Jewish Levi's/Levine's (same Coat for both), in the colors of the three cats in pale of Keats', and in the colors of the leopard faces of Keatons/Kittens (Leicestershire), while the latter are also the leopard faces of Cades-like Aids/Ade's and Hovers/Hoffers, important where the Gates Shield is also the Shield of Ade-connectable Alda's (both from Ada of Warenne). Cades' have two wheels in pale in the colors of the two lions in pale of Cates'.

English Fentons/FenTOWNs tend to reveal that we are on the Phoenix/FENwick bloodline here, most excellent, not only because this pointed heavily in the last update to the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting in Phoenix, but because FenTowns can be a Fane merger with Towns in that Scottish Towns (same place as Tenants and LIVINGstons) have the chevron-with-crosslets of Waddons (they came to topic with Waddon Martin).

Back to the Weedon/Weed MARTLets, for while that surname shares the double-red fesses of English Martins, French Martins and Martels were both first found in Gascony i.e. they were branches. This can perhaps explain "WHAT are you...," for Whats are listed with WHADcocks/WADcote's (Wheat/Weet/Whate colors). The first two words, "what are," include the Are's/Ayers with a version of the Durward Coat, and we saw why my standing at the car door needs to include Doors/Durwards. That is cool, a mystery not fully deciphered until now (I've been trying to decipher this dream since about 2016 or earlier). Doors/Durwards share the leopard faces of Wrights while WheelWRIGHTs share the antelope design of Singletarys, though the latter's is black, as is the same of Musts/MUSCATs that once again show the double-red fesses of Martins / Weedons / Fentons / Dentons. Then, the Muschats (with an 'h') have the triple Singletary / Epstein chevrons, what could that mean? It makes my standing at the car door look like a pointer to the martin in the Dunham Crest (Doors/Durwards share the Dunham / Singletary spear, I am assuming), especially as Dunham-related Randolphs were Meschins.

Then, Weedons/Weeds (BUCKinghamshire) are also Weetons while Wettins (Gloucestershire, same as White's) use BUCKles that I trace to Buckie on the Spey river suspect with the Speyer variation of the Spears i.e. in the Dunham Crest spears on either side of its martin. The Whats/Wadcote's and Wheats/Whate's look very connectable to Coffee's/COFFERs while the last update's insert (cited at the top of this page) showed why the hovering scene (i.e. Hovers/Hoffers) was linkable to Kaufers and Coverts/COFFERts. And the first word at the hovering scene was, "what."

English Doors have the split Shield of Gates in colors reversed, and these Doors throw in bees, a symbol in the Crest of BathGATE's. Bathgate is in West Lothian with the Towns we just saw suspect with the Waddons. The Tenants (West Lothian) happen to share the boar heads of McGee's, said to be from Gethe's expected in a Bathgate variation. This goes to the knee symbol of Miss Hicks at the GET'n GO. After God said, "what are you waiting for, GO wake her up," I touched her knee. Gows/McGoo's (share boar heads, different colors, with McGee's) might just have been a McGee branch. God used Jim McGee, my friend as a young teen, in pointing to the tarmac meeting, when I scored a goal over his KNEE pad in organized hockey (see last update for that story).

Bathgate. Baths share the cross of Randolphs (BAT and horseshoe), and Obama's Singletary > Dunham line got merged with Randolphs (English Randolphs even share the Dunham Coat).

I'd like to go back to the Cates' sharing the Levi Coat, for I don't emphasize Cates, and I should for obvious reasons for connection to Laevillus, king of Cetis, about a generation after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. CADES share the red-on-white border of Scotts and Scoots (Schutz/Shutz branch), and therefore look like a branch of Skate's/Sheets of the CHADS / Shed kind. This was the potent line at the center of the Jerusalem Templars, thought by many to have become the International Bankers and the Illuminati.

It recalls that the sleeping and rising symbols of hovering Miss Hicks (1979) pointed to both sides of lake SCODra, and that she said to me, "you can SCOOT over," just before I took my SEAT beside her on the night God gave her a knee symbol at the Get'n Go. Scoots were first found in East Lothian with SEATons, indicating that God breathed that sentence on that night.

In Search of Sciacca Lines

This discussion comes a couple of days after I found that Tony Fauci (79 years old now, is this the reason for 1979?) was born in Sciacca, an Italian location like the Shick variation of Shake's (Lancashire, same as Fylde of Singletarys), the ones with mole hills and the Fylde chevron. The HARE in the Shick/Shake Crest becomes excellent when linking Shicks to Skits/Skeets, and we might add that Birch's (think Fauci and Birx) share the fleur-de-lys of German Hare's/Haars while Hesse- / Hazel-connectable Haas' (Bavaria, same as HERzogs) have a giant hare. It recalls a modern Has location (Albania) on the Drilon river of the Cavii, and near lake Scodra. Scottish Sheds use a HERmit while Hers/Hairs/Hare's and Are's/Airs/Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Skits/Skeets and Scottish Sheds.

Amazingly, while Carricks were from Ayrshire, they with their Craig ancestors trace to ACRAGas, the alternative name of Agrigento. Sciacca is in Agrigento province. I'm seeing a Scodra-and-Scidrus merger with the namers of Sciacca in the Skits/Skeochs/Skeachs, Sheds, and Scoots/Skugals. Better yet, Sciacca's namers can be to the Schuch variation of Shoe's who use a "knight issuing at the KNEES." Shed-like Sedans (Rodham-connectable) share the black border with Skits/Skeochs and Skate's/Sheets!

Sciacca may have been of the namers of Schio. "Schio is a town and comune in the province of Vicenza situated north of Vicenza and east of the Lake Garda." It just so happens that Fauci's grandmother was Miss GUARDINo while one Gard Coat (GARDNer branch) shares the Shed chevron (both surnames use griffins), important where Sheds were first found in the same, Hair-line place as the Skits with a Schio-like Skeoch variation. Vicenza is where Valentins were first found whose squirrels are connectable to Stevensons (same place as Rodhams) and thus to Aids! Yes, just load those surnames and see the connectability, and let me remind that emperor Valentinian I was born in Wing-line Vinkovci.

While Skits/Skeets and Skate's/Sheets share the hourglass-like Shield of German Balds, there was Biden-related evidence that the beautiful HAIR of Miss Hicks is a wig, and that she may therefore be BALD. WIGtons (Herzog stars) share the gold border with Hers/Here's (SCYTHes!!!), and as the gold border (Spanish Valens'/Valentins have one) is from the Great/Greet (Gratian) line from Valentinian I of VINKovci, it explains the WINGs of Hers/Here's, Herzogs and of the Ayer-branch Heyers (Derbyshire, same as Eyers/Ayers). All three share blue wings with proto-Rothschild Bauers, very telling as to why God would include Her liners in with the hovering scene that points to Fauci. Wakefields use a "VINCo" motto term. "Go WAKE HER up." Wiggins use wings suggesting that they and Wigtons (Winger/WindGATE colors) were named from Vinkovci liners.

Doors were first found in HEREfordshire, and Herefords share the three Child/Chill eagles while Miss Hicks moved into the home of Mr. Childs in Kaufman county. The last update discovered that the anchor in the mouth of the Hood/Hoot "chough" is the Kaufman/Kaufer anchor. It explained why I was suddenly at the car door when seeing her hover, just after I saw her at the hood from a distance. Plus, I trace the Anchor Coat to the Arms of Agrigento.

Oh wow, the Mosca's had a family (at Palma di Montechiaro) at the Agrigento area, yet Mosca's are said to be first found in Pisa while the Pisa Coat is a reflection of the Germo-Jewish Schick Coat! PERFECT for tracing Sciacca (Fauci's birthplace) in Agrigento to Shick-like surnames, and half the Schick lion is the lion of Chicks who in turn have the three lions of James', first found in Surrey with Ada of Warenne!!! It's pointing to Fauci's AIDS programs. The Schick Shield is split diagonally in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Zurich while I see Zurich elements in the Surrich variation of Surreys.

Aha! German Eggs have the Schick split Shield while English Eggs/EDGE's (version of a Gardner Coat) can be traced to the ADIGE river flowing -- WOWWWIE -- right across lake Garda and not more than 25 miles from Schio! Fauci's grandmother was Miss Guardino, and thus this looks like God-arranged heraldry to link for us the namers if Sciacca with the namers of Schio.

There must have been a lake-Garda connection to things in Agrigento. English Gardners (Gard griffins in colors reversed) not only have a reflection of the Hopkin Coat, but both were first found in Oxfordshire with the Thames' having what could be a colors-reversed version of the Anchor Chief. The HOPKINs are super here because the Hypsas river at Agrigento is to the Hips'/HIPKINs. It could be a pointer to the complicity, of Johns Hopkins University, in this corona scare.

GO wake HER up. Remember that Gows/McGoo's share the Loches cinquefoils while Fulk I married Miss De Loches. It just so happens that the three Loches cinquefoils are in the colors and format of the three roses of Primo's (Burgundy, same as Loches') while Hopkins use a "primos" motto term. Primo's probably use the mirror of the Melusine mermaid which was given a fictitious son, Milo de Ver, first count of Anjou immediately before Fulk I, count of Anjou, husband of de Loches. The mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou.

German Hare's share the fleur-de-lys of Birch's and Cremers; the latter look connectable to Hairs/Hare's (Ayrshire) and Maple's. The latter were first found in Essex with Shick-like Chicks and Rams (Chick colors) while the other Cremers use a ram. Essex is also where the Thans were first found who are in the Are/Ayer motto. The Cremer motto loves the Nons, first found in Ayrshire with Are's/Ayers and Hairs/Hare's, tending to establish that the Cremer Shield does apply to Hairs/Hare's. Again, Chicks share the three lions of James', but we can now add that James' and Jeans share the blue lion in Crest with Fauch-loving Thistle's while Rams use a "FACias" motto term; it definitely looks to be pointing at Mr. Fauci because James' were first found in Surrey with Ada of Warenne. That's most excellent for identifying Chicks with the namers of Sciacca i.e. where Fauci was born.

To boot. The Schick Coat looks like a version of the Hammer/Hemmer Coat, and the latter have an "ad" motto term. English Hammers (share dolphin with James') and Hams were first found in Sussex with Warrens! Bingo. It's a Fauci link to the Aid line, just as though ancient history and heraldry had eyes to see this man now seeking to ruin the world for the sake of ruining Trump...and possibly also for allowing some obscenely wealthy friends to seize the assets / customers of poorer companies that can't make it through the shutdown. Lookie: Hams share the salmon of McCabe's while the McCabe fesse is that of Coffee's/Coffers who in turn love the Victors in their motto. The James motto, "Victor."

There is a Sciacca surname sharing the star of Italian Bosco's (Rose kin), as well as using either a column or pillar in the colors of the Bosco pillar and the Schore column (includes roses). The Bosco pillar has "TUFTS of grass," and the Tufts/Tafts/Tuffs' are the ones sharing the Knee-Crest phoenix (flames at the tail, same as the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest). This is what my TOUCH to Miss Hick's knee points to, because Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tafts/Tuffs. Plus, this update founded the new Briches surname sharing the crosslets of Tafts/Tuffs, and so this pointer is now doubly hard to Trump's task-force leaders, i.e. to both Fauci and Birx.

It is now absolutely stunning to me that my touching her knee with my hand was a brushing of her knee. I did not point to the knee, or touch it deliberately. I had planned to lean over to kiss her, when he told me to wake her up, but just as I started to do so, the dream showed a close up of my hand grazing / brushing her knee. A grazing goes well with "tufts of GRASS" because Graze's are listed with French Grasse's, but it gets stunning where Briches' -- new to me this update -- are said to be from the Bruce's: "...the name is drawn from, Brix, Le Brus, or Briouze..." The surname is shown properly as "Brewes/Brews," and they were first found in Suffolk with the BRUSH's (!!!!!!!!!!!!) who share the Coat of Scottish Bruce's (Annandale). Therefore, I touched the knee, brushed it, and grazed it, all of them involving the Tuft/Taft liners who had merged with Knee's. Is that not stunning? But there's more, for the Brush's share the motto of Wears/Were's who share the Briches/Brews and Tufts/Taft/Tuffs crosslets, tending to assure that the latter two share them for a related reason (not coincidental).

Here's the Ada / Aid bloodline in the Brush write-up: "The surname Brush was first found in Yorkshire where Robert de Bruis was granted ninety-four manors. His son Robert de Bruys traveled north with Earl David of Huntingdon who later became King of Scotland and was granted large estates in Annandale..." I assume that the Hyksos, represented by Miss Hicks = Mrs Kilpatrick, were to the Ananes Gauls, the proto-Annandale's, suspect from the Biblical Anaki of Hebron.

The Schore's are part of the evidence that the president Bush's were from Scherff Nazi's. It was the Nazi, Otto SKORzeny who reportedly claimed that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr. Scherfs are listed with Schore-like Schere's/Schare's. The Shows in the Nimo motto along with the Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' are also Schauers/Schore's. Thus, it appears that Sciacca's are related to this thing. Sciacca-like Checks/Chicks use three crescents only in the colors of the same of Shows/Schauers/Schore's.

Let's go back to my trace of Carricks and Craigs to Acragas = Agrigento, for while Fauci's grandmother was Miss Guardino, Carricks use a "Garde" motto term. It recalls Schio beside lake Garda. It just so happens that Carricks share the black dog with same-colored, Schere-like Shere's/Share's, and the latter's black fitchee is in the same colors as the similar cross of Scherfs/Schere's/Schare's. It's really banging Fauci to the Scherf bloodline, but why? Recall how Schicks have a diagonally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Zurich, for while Surreys have a Surrich variation, Shere's/Share's were first found in Surrey with the James' who in turn share the Schick and Shick lion. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, and the latter surname is also, Shera, while "sure" is a Kilpatrick motto.

The Carrick motto is, "Garde bien," and "Gardez bien" is the Montgomery motto. It was shown that Montgomerys use the Birch Coat, and while we just saw Bruce's in the Briches'/Brews surname, it just so happens that the Arms of Brixia/Brescia has a lion in the colors of the Bruce lion while Brixia/Brescia is beside lake Garda. The mother of the Bruce kings was Marjory Carrick, that explains it. German Biens share bees with bee-hive Kerrys, first found in Montgomersyhire. Bessins use bees too, as well as being in the colors and format of the Ardes' suspect in "Gardez."

Oh wow, after finding the SHERingtons (share black dog with Carricks and SHERE') from the Sherington location of Ardes' (wasn't found until the paragraph above was fully written), I tried for a Shering surname (also "Sherone") and found it using the PenderGRASS/MacSherone Shield, Crest and motto (it's the Alis motto too). That looks like it would square with the tufts of GRASS of Shere-connectable Bosco's. Ardes' are probably with the stars of Hamons, from Hamon de Masci, ruler of Dunham-Masci. Carrys/Keerys even share the Maschi lion, and the Rimini location of the first-known Maschi's is in the Hamon motto. This tends to prove that Ardes' were related to Bessins (Cheshire, same as Masseys). I even trace the pine cones of Maschi's to king Pinnes of the ARDiaei.

As Marjory Carrick was married to Adam KilconQUHAR before she married a Mr. Bruce of Annandale as a widow, note that Adams were first found in Annandale. Bruce's may have moved from Yorkshire to Annandale because Miss Carrick got Adam's titles there (when he died). Adam's mother was a Comyn, and Comyns (Arms-of-Cheshire garbs) are in Montgomery / Briches/Brews colors and format. I looked up QUARE's here to find them listed with Carrick-like Carre's sharing the Massi/Mattis and Fulk Coats, almost. It shocked me because the latter three all share the blue-checkered Shield of Sheringtons, but then these checks were used in the Arms of Massa-CARRara, in the area where Fulks were first found, and thus it seems that the Craig / Craigie / Crag liners out of Agrigento named Carrara en-route to becoming Carricks. Massi's/Mattis were first found in Abruzzo, and I trace "Bruce/Brusi" to a form of "Abruzzo/Abrussi."

Kerrys (Montgomeryshire) suddenly look like Carre / Carrara liners, and Abruzzo elements from Avezzano were on the Helpe river while Kerrys share the hourglass shape (same colors) of Halps/Helps/Halfs. This appears to be a perfect pointer of Stefan Halper to the people behind Fauci and Birx. As Halper was likely commissioned against Trump by James Comey, note that Irish Comeys/Combs Coat share gold lions COMbatant with Abruzzo's/Abreu's.

WOW, just fell upon it: Birch's share a green snake in Crest with Irish Comeys/Combs, and both use a "pruDENTia" motto term!!! Scottish Comeys/Come's/Combs (cat), having the only cat I know of showing a tooth = dent, use the "Touch" (and "bot") motto term of Clan Chattan (share Botter bend), and while that clan was related to Italian Botters, zikers, the Balcons/BalCOME's/BalCOMBs have a version of the Botter Coat! The Birks/Burghs/Birches' use the cat too.

I can take this picture now to Lorraine's BALCONy, especially as the Lorraine lions are colors reversed from the lions of Irish Comeys. Note how the Comey-Crest cat looks like the Mosca leopard, for Mosca's were first found beside Lucca, and while Lucca is where Botters were first found, Lucca's use a cat. Plus, while there is a MASSARosa between Pisa and Lucca, Massars/Massai's, first found in Lucca, share gold lions combattant with Irish Comeys, isn't this fantastic suddenly? As Balcons/Balcome's substitute roses for the Botter star, note "MassaROSA." I almost missed it: Chatans (one 't') have the Balcon/Balcome bend-with-roses exactly, and their ChaSTAIN variation might just have to do with the grass stain. Botters, Chatans/Chastains and Grasse's share the bend of Crispins (Lorraine), who in turn share the pomegranate with GRAZio's.

WOW. Did you read how Lorraine the babe pointed to Arnulf of Mattis-like Metz in the last update. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Arnold, and Arnulf is called, Arnold, in English. It was established that Arnolds (share "ut vivas" with Carrick-branch Craigs) are from the Arno river flowing across Pisa!!! And now her balcony is pointing to Lucca's cat line, the outskirts of which are probably less than ten miles from the outskirts of Lucca! Zinger. Her balcony is pointing to Jim Comey too, I can see it clearly. He was the FBI chief replacing Robert Mueller, and Muellers/Millers use a big fat wheel, the Carrara symbol! The Mueller/Miller Catherine wheel was owned by Catherine Roet, and Roets were first found in Somerset with Castle CARY. While Mosca's were first found in Pisa, the Maschi lion is shared by Carys/Keerys.

As was said, Lorraine lived almost at the corner of Church and Lorraine-like Lorne. Lorne's are in the write-up of Lanarks, and I'll show below how special Yarborough kin were in Lanarkshire, but for here, I'd like to say that one can trace the GREYhounds of Church's through the greyhound of Huns/HUNDts that looks like a version of the Grey lion. Then, take the Hun/Hundt greyhound to the near-same symbol of the House of Canossa, and note at its Wikipedia article that Canossa's started out in Lucca. Spanish Canos' share the triple fesses of Moise's/Moisens (Burgundy), in Moussin/Mustan colors.

OH ZOWZERS, it wasn't realized until the paragraph above was finished that Lucca-like Lucks/Luke's share black greyhound heads with Church's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who arranged that? I think God decided that I would need absolute proof of Lorraine's pointer to Lucca things. I suggest that Godfrey III of Lorraine was involved with Lucca things, especially as his grandson was de Bouillon while the giant Bouillon flory is shared with an Arnold surname. In fact, De Bouillon had a swan symbol while Licks/Locks and Lochs use swans. Moreover, de Bouillon's father was ruling Bolougne, the Arms of which has a swan, yet the pelican symbol of Lucks/Luke's is shared by Godfreys, and is owned by kin of Pellicans', first found in Maine with the Josephs once showing a giant swan.

It's important here that Godfrey de Bouillon was a leader of the Priory of Sion, for swans are used by Sions/Swans, and a Saxon location near Sion of Switzerland is expected with the Saxon surname using chaplets while Chaplets, first found in Lorraine with Godfrey's family, use swans in the colors of the giant Joseph swan.

I'm going to guess that since Lucks/Luke's were first found in Berwickshire with Aids, the former are using the Faux/Fawkes mascle as a pointer to Fauci's AIDS program. The Hansons use the same mascle, as well as the Fugger Coat, and while Miss Hanson was given an ice-cream symbol (something we lick), it was noted that Lucks/Luke's are also LICKs. French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' share the chief of cream-like Cremers, you see...both sharing the Birch fleur-de-lys.

The Stain of Yarborough

Look at this and be shocked: Penders (and Grasse's) were first found in Lincolnshire, location of Yarbourgh (share what I think is a wreath with Stains), and Yarboroughs (Lincolnshire), in the colors and format of Penders, are in the Stain write-up as per a Mr. Staine marrying Yarboroughs of Heslington Hall! It sure appears to be verifying that the grass stain was God's doing. Stains share the Stevenson Crest and so they look like a branch of the Stein branch of Stevensons. One Stevenson Coat has, in the past, looked to me like a version of the Provence Coat, and French Grace's/Grasse's, with three of the single Provence / Pender / Yarborough chevrons, were first found in Provence (near a Grasse location).

[[Insert May 5 -- Watch carefully for things that sneak up on me. I came across Yeo's/Yea's/Yeomans/Attyea's having the same pheasant-like bird (or maybe it's a peacock) as Yarboroughs, and then Years are also Yare's. Oh, wow, thanks to the Yeo's/Yea's/Yeomans (Devon) sharing ducks with Devons, I've just realized that Duke's (Duck/Ducker colors), first found in Devon too, have a version of the Yarborough Coat! What a lucky strike. It's verification that Lorraine's grass stain was partly for Stains of Yarborough.

While Alans once showed the ducks of Velens (Westphalia, same as Pansys/PANTzers and Ducks/Duckers), their Stewart line (i.e. English Stewarts) was first found in Devon. Lorraine's PANTs linked to the Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks together, you see, and so it is thereby undeniable that God did create the pant-stain event as pointers to some things. It is thereby verified that it was intended to be viewed as a stain. It's extremely important, in this insert, to repeat: the Arms of BAR-le-DUC, in France's Lorraine region, uses the pansy, and while we're going to see why God wants to stress "Duc," why is there a "Bar" in that place? That is, if God wanted to stress Duck liners, why bother pointing to Bar-le-Duc with Lorraine [girlfriend in my youth]?

The Yeo/Yea- / Yar-like Yards/YEArds (Devon colors and format), with an item in a crown to indicate Ceraunii, were first found in Devon too, and they share water bougets with Bugs and Detricks. You've just got to be amazed here because the Yeo's were loaded, in the first place, from the write-up of Sherborns, who were loaded days ago, and for some reason (apparently moved by God) I found myself reading the Sherborn write-up: "The name 'Sherborn] literally means 'place at the bright or clear stream' [ignore this type of derivation] referring to the adjacent River Yeo." Look at what Yeo's have already accomplished, yet it was only the beginning. The point is, Bugs were first found in Sherborne, and that's why the Sherborn Coat was still showing (on one of the three houseofnames browsers (tabs) I've been using for months).

Later in this update [the one back in April], and continuing into May, the Bug surname becomes huge in linking to Fort Detrick's military lab, accused by China of starting the corona virus because the lab is connected to Wuhan by Tony Fauci's financial gifts to Wuhan. But also to topic comes James LeDUC (quack-quack), you see, chief of the Galveston National Laboratory, who was actually working in Wuhan. It is unmistakable now as to what Lorraine's grass stain was destined to point to. It is astounding, suddenly, if ever we didn't think her grass stain had amounted to much, when in the past I talked about it 25 times at least.

The corona-like Ceraunii are important here, are they not? They entered the discussion with the crown of Yards, and Corona's and Corons use crowns, you see. The Detricks even have a very good reflection of the Yard Coat, and then there is the "Facta" motto term of Yards that can be for FAUCets liners of FAUXside castle that can easily link to "Fauci." In fact, the day before this insert, I found Fachys (GRASShopper!), first found in Perigord with Faux's and Fage's. Hold on to your Yeo's, because Yeo's/Yea's are also Attyea's while Attys are listed with AIDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That can't be coincidental.

The Sherborne residence of Bugs got us to Yeo's, and Yeo's to Yards, and Yards to Fauci's AIDS and corona programs! Faux's are a branch of Faux's from the vaccine-like Vexin! Fauci is a vaccine pusher, who, I discover soon, stands to make money on vaccinations.

Fort Detrick starts later in this update. I go on to show that the D'Ath variation of Deaths while Detricks are also DEATHicks/Dethwicks, and from here we go to the "Atha" term in the Bath write-up while Baths are in the bat of the Randolphs (Bath cross) who moreover use horseshoes = the horseshoe bats being blamed for coronavirus. Plus, Atha's/Atty, with a "DUCi" motto term (!! snuck up on me !!), look like a branch of Aids/Ade's/Attys.

English Grattans (Derbyshire, same as Detricks), a possible Grass branch, use a "HUMAN heart," as it's called, Yeo's'/Yea's/Yeomans (broken spear) are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Humans/Yeomans. The latter have spear "cronells," jibing with the "Spero" motto term of Devons, and Devon is beside CRONell-like Cornwall while Cornwalls are also CORNells. It's suggesting the namers of the Ceraunii mountains at proto-Alan Aulon/Avlona. English Cornells/Cornwalls even share the Stewart lion. So, it was a figment of our imagination: Yeo liners (Yards) did get us to the Corona bloodline.

Ahh, Scottish Cornells/Cornwalls (Duck stars?) have a "you" motto term likely for Yeo's. And English Ducks (Somerset, beside Devon's Duke's) have lion heads in the colors of the Duce lions. By the way, Cornells/Cornwalls use the phrase, "you SEE warily," and then See's/Sea's share the fesses of German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds have a "warily" motto term too...and finally one can compare See's/Sea's to Tuckers (Devon again) and Ducks/Duckers...tending to show that Cornwalls married Duck liners.

Remarkably, the See's/Sea's are not off-topic because their Sailer branch has a "who" motto term signaling Fauci's globalist partner, WHO, as well as a Gratten-like "greatest" motto term. There are even Grattan/Gratian variations with greatest-like Grattes'. Gratian was the father of Valentinian I, the line to Velens (once showed the Alan ducks), Velins (do show ducks) and Valans/Valence's (share the five fesses of Ducks/Duckers). As Halps/Halfs can be linked to duck-using Haafs/Have's, it's notable that Halps/Halfs have an hourglass shape half in the colors of the same of English Grattens/Grattans, and that the Halps/Have's have the hourglass shape of Kerrys in both colors who in-turn use a bee HIVE as a pointer, I feel sure, the HIV/ AIDs.

For new readers, I'll repeat that Halps are also HELPs while AVESNes on the HELPE river is absolutely linkable to Avezzano's while Avezzano is a location down from mont Velino, the Aulon/Avlona line through Velins and Velens. End insert]]

The Yarborough chevron is also the one of French Archers (Provence), which even shares the Provence crescent. Devon Archer comes to mind, who was on the board of Burisma Holdings along with Hunter Biden. Amazingly, both before and after being with Lorraine, I was living at the home of Mr. ARCHibald, on Church street a half dozen properties from Lorraine's apartment (I've said this many times), and Scottish and English Archibalds happen to share the Archer crescent! As I've said a few times, I moved out of Archibald's, a year after being with Lorraine, to HUNT street. Hunts are also Hunters!!! WOW. Lorraine's grass stain just pointed with Archibald to the Biden crimes in Ukraine. IN FACT, Scottish and Irish Archibalds add the same stars as Slocks while Burisma was owned by Mr. ZLOCHevsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunters/Hunts are split vertically in the horizontally-split colors of Devons, the latter using ducks i.e. linkable to Lorraine's pants. DEVON Archer.

Archibald's first name, Verne, as a surname, was first found in Forez with Fauchs, in case this applies. Note how "Verne" is like Ada of VARENNE. Verne's use a version of the Kid Coat, both sharing the Provence Chief (stars colors reversed from the Slock / Archibald stars). What are the chances that both Kids and Archibalds would have a white crescent in Crest? It all appears arranged by God to verify the pointers to Burisma. The Kid / Verne stars are used by the Foix's of Verne-like Auvergne, and the other Foix's share the vertically-split Shield of Hunters/Hunts. More verification? [See the big surprise, another convincing pointer to Burisma, with Obama and Galveston's coronavirus connection, later in this update.]

The Mueller/Miller wheel is in colors reversed from the same of German Turners, and while English Turners use a MILL rind to indicate connection to Mueller / Miller liners, Austrian Turners share the split Shield of Yarborough's!!! The grass stain is pointing at Robert Mueller and James Comey together, and Mueller was made the FBI Chief six days before 9-11 by president Bush!!!

Here's the next shock: the vertically-split Shield of Yarboroughs is that also of Carrara's, what are the chances??? Even her stain is pointing to the Arno-river area. The "palma" motto term of Yarboroughs must be for Mosca's out of Palma de MonteCHIARO, for Chiaro's are also Charo's. At Wikipedia's Chiaramonte article: "Chiaramonte castle at Palma di Montechiaro. The Chiaramonte are a noble family of Sicily. They became the most powerful and wealthy family in Sicily. In the 13th century the marriage of Manfredi Chiaramonte to Isabella Mosca..." Lookie at shocker: Palms/Parms, first found Yorkshire with Stains, share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and Stains share the double fesses of Palmers/Parmers!!! Lorraine's grass stain checks out for a trace to Pisa!!! I find this just incredible. (The Yarborough Crest looks like a falcon on a pheasant or partridge, and Partridge's (Kent, same as Perts/Petts and Column-beloved Petits) share the Pepoli / Halper Shield.)

Beatrice of Este (duchess of Massa) was a daughter of Malaspina's of Massa, and that should explain the "est" motto term of Yarboroughs. HonESTE" is used by Carrick-branch Craigie's, from Acragas near Palma di Montechiaro. We wouldn't have known this Yarbourgh connection to Massa-Carrara had it not been for her grass stain, and yet she pointed hard as nails to Pepin of Landen (married Itta of Metz) while "est" is a motto term of Pepins too (share Este horse heads).

It's notable that Hamons are said to descend from Hamon DENTatus, and while Bruce-line Briches'/Brews' have a write-up going to Brick-related Brix's, note that BRIStols are said to be descended from Hamon aux Dents. He's in the Seneca/Seneschal write-up too. The Hamon write-up makes Hamons of Kent the "Lord Steward for the King," and later, the Bruce's of Scotland produced "High Stewards" of the king from the Alans DOL. Do I glean "BrisDOL"? The Sciacca Chief is also the Chief of French Alans, but many surnames use this Chief. Bristols were first found in Surrey with the Warenne's who married (aka Ada) the royal Scots soon before the Bruce's of Annandale became royals Scots.

Bristols share the Spine (and Hood/Hoot) crescents, and MalaSPINa's came to rule Massa (of Carrara). Meschins descended from MALAhule. Quare's/Carre's were first found in Burgundy with Mattis-like Mathis', and while Maria Teresa Cybo-Malaspina was the wife of a ruler of Este, Irish Carrs/Kerrs use ESToiles.

The line from the Hamons of Kent to Bristols went through BURStows, a Brews line, I assume. Note "BursTOW," for Tows are listed with Touch's/Tuffs while Briches'/Brews' share the crosslets of Tuft/Tuffs (version of Sherwood Coat). It's now clear that the father of Ranulph le Meschin was a Bruce to the royal Bruce's, and Briches/Brews' even use the red royal lion of Scotland, apparently. At Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin, he too is given a giant, red lion.

Back to Lorraine the babe, whom I abandoned when she came back to her apartment, where I was waiting for her, with a long GRASS stain (eight inches long) on her white PANTS, pants that she would not have put on to entertain dinner guests that evening. This event pointed to Pansys/Pantzers (connectable with Velins / Velens to Mont Velino in Abruzzo) without doubt, but Panthers/Panters (related to Payens) can apply who are like the Penders/PenderGRASS', you see. It's perfect, but it has me wondering why Penders are involved. English Penders/Pinners (partly first found in Lincolnshire) even use a good reflection of the English Grasse Coat.

It was resolved that "sun-bright blond" Lorraine (as I called her before looking up Blonds) was given a babe symbol for the Babe's who have a finger pointing at the sun, and I pointed to her grass stain the second I saw it, and I accused her. She asked me to leave; I was on her BALCONY now pointing to James Comey but also to the Conte / Conteville line to the Meschins. As Hamons use a chevron "pean" (refers to the specific colors of the ermine spots in the chevron) while Peans are listed with Pans/Payens/Pagans with Point-like Paiont variation (can you believe this?), note that the latter surname shares "spur rowells" (of a different design) with Pan-like Panthers/Panters (incredible, but my story is true just as I say it is).

There is even a sun in the Hamon chevron, and while God showed readers that Babe's were kin of sun-using Blonds, Blondville's/Blundville's are known (and said) to descend from Ranulph le Meschin. The Blundville write-up: "His surname, like his father's, was derived from his birthplace, 'Blundevill' being identified by Dugdale with Oswestry." That's where the Dol Alans lived when they removed to England, and Oswestry is in Shropshire, where Meschins are said to have been first found. Blundville's were at Beeston, named by Bessins/Beastons (Coat version of the Ardes' but substituting the six bees with six of the Hamon stars). Boasts/Bois share the cinquefoils of Arthur-beloved Hurts/Horts (probably the Meschin fesse).

I pointed at the grass stain on her butt, and Butts/Bute's can apply because I read that Bothwells were from Bute. Bothwells use a "BOY pulling down a PINE tree," and the Boast/Bois' had a Boy branch, you see, in Dumfries. English Grasse's above, who look connectable to Panter-like and Pine-suspect Penders/PINERs, were first found in Lincolnshire with Ranulph le Meschin's wife, Mrs. TailleBOIS. Is that of the Boasts/Bois', a Bosco branch? It's Bosco's who use tufts of grass (on their Sciacca-suspect pillar). I suppose that her grass stain just revealed that Lucy Taillebois was a Bosco liner of the Bois kind.

The Hamon write-up: "The first was Robert Fitz-Hamon, the renowned Conqueror of Glamorganshire..." That's where Taille-like Tillers, and branch of tails/tailers, were first found. Talls, who share bees with Bessins and the tomb of king Childeric, were first found in Thuringia with the home of Basina, Childeric's wife. This French / Merovingian line went on, as we can now glean, to rule Scotland. While the Arms of Glamorgan has the triple Clare chevrons as per Strongbow Clare, the Glamorgan flag has the triple chevrons of Rands (could be the Birches/Brews lion), suspect from Ranulph le Meschin. The Rand lion could be in the Coat of Scottish Comeys, for Morgans were from Glamorgan who share the lion of Irish Comeys. Rand-branch Rinds were first found in Perthshire with the Glove's in the Comey motto.

The Rand lion can thus be in the Coat of French Adams (roses), first found in Languedoc with French Conte's/COMites' (kin of Faulch-like Falcons/FalCONTE's). Oh wow, the Rinds are in the colors and format of the Thistle's in the Fauch/Faulch surname! It looks like Fauchs/Faulchs were a Falcon branch. English Falcons, with a falcon-version of the Pigeon Coat (what could that mean as per the stool pigeon?), almost have the "Courage" motto of Comyns/Comine's, and the "fier" motto term of English Falcons confirms that Comyns/Comine's (DAGGER in Crest) are from "Kuman" in Albanian's Fier county, downriver from the ancient DEXARoi that named the Daggers, first found in Cumberland with the English Falcons.

Spanish Falcons share the checks of Halpers/Halfpennys, the latter first found in WORCestershire. The WORKington location of English Falcons can be suspect with the Works/Wergs in the Sinclair/SUNs motto ("Commit THY work to God") that moreover uses "Commit" for the line of Conte's/Comite's (same place as French Falcons). "God" must be code for Goda (wife of Eustace II of Artois), descended from GOTHelo and GODfrey III (married Beatrice of Bar, probably of Bar-le-Duc elements), a family that ruled Lower Lorraine. Lorraine the babe had a grass stain on her THIGH, at least roughly (it wasn't smack on her butt). Babe's use a SUN. Herluin de Conteville, son of John de Burgo (to Birks/Burghs/Birches'), whose granddaughter married Ranulph de BRICHESsart/Briquessart, married the mother of the Conqueror, and she was from Falaise, as are the Oullette's having a version of the Works/Werg Coat. It was Mike Oullette who blurted, "WHAT a babe," when he first saw Lorraine, and I was able to confirm that it was breathed by God to give her the babe symbol. Whats/Wadcocks are in Pansy/Pantzer colors.

Oullette's have bars looking very linkable to the Babe bars, and Works/Works, we might add, share the double fesses of Stains and of the Flecks, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Fulke's/Volks. I am pretty sure that Barry, owner of a VOLKSwagen, was with Oullette as he blurted, "what a babe." (Don't forget the Fulks/Volks above for the next paragraph, but I'd like to record in passing that Bristols (share Tie fesse) were at Twyford while Twyfords/Tiefords (share double Work/Werg fesses and the Boast/Bois cinquefoil) are also Tyefords while Tye/THY's can by in the Sinclair motto with Works/Wergs. Tye's/Thy's and Tease's/Tye's are both in Clare colors, and Tease's/Tye's were first found in Nottinghamshire with English Penders whose lion heads are in the colors of the Fallis (i.e. like "Falaise") lions.)

Lookie, for it now seems that Lorraine the babe points to Tony Fauci. First know that Fauchs/Folch's were first found in Forez with BASSETs/BESANcons (read also as BeasanCON), and then see the Oullette write-up: "The surname Oullette...held a family seat in the honor of the seigneurie of Ouilly-le-BASSET in the arrondissement and canton of Falaise in Calvados. Of this family Robert D'Ouilli, the son of FOQUE D'Aulnay..." That looks Fauci to me, especially as Conteville's are linkable to Falcons. French Falcons share the white-on-blue tower Chatans/ChaSTAINs who in turn share the bend-with-roses of Balcons/Balcombs. I was on Lorraine's balcony when she was getting the grass stain.

I'm writing this the day after the news got word of a Lorraine who tweeted, "FireFauci," a tweet that Trump re-tweeted...though Trump later said he loves Fauci and isn't planning on firing him. Apparently, Trump wants Fauci gone, while his advisors talked him out of it. Or, Trump shared Lorraine's tweet to fool his supporters into thinking he doesn't like Fauci.

The Forez area is near MontBRYSON while French Brisons are listed with Brix's/Bris'/Brests, possible Bristol liners. Irish Brisons share the Sinclair and CONan cross. MontBrison is very near Mont Pilat, and the Pelosi's/Pilati's happen to use columns in the design of the Sciacca symbol i.e. they must be columns as code for the Malcolms/Columns / Callams. Ada of Warenne married the line of Malcolm III, and Dr. Fauci is to connect with Aids. Mont Pilat is also near St. Etienne while Etienne's (Lorraine) share six of the eleven billets of Bassets/Besancons (Pilate colors). The Billets look like a branch of Pilate's and Blythe's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Aids and Scottish Brisons (share white pheon with Pilate's). Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in Cuneo, where I trace Conys who use a so-called pansy in Crest, and while the Arms of BAR-le-Duc has the pansy, BRA is right beside the first-known Pelosi's/Pilati's.

Note that while Conte's and Ville's were both first found in Languedoc with Falcons, Ville's use a flag while Flecks are also Flags. The Flagi location of Flys works well here where the Flys (same place as Drake's) are in the "muscas" (translated as "fly") motto term of Drake's, though it's code for the Mosca's/Muscas' (Pisa) of the Sciacca area (birthplace of Mr. Fauci), where roughly the Carricks derived too. The Schick Coat is almost the Pisa Coat...while the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, as well as a Comites-like comet, is used by Reines'. This comet is a hexagram with a TAIL. Just a reminder: Sciacca's have a column in the colors of the Bosco pillar with tufts of grass! Suddenly, Lorraine with grass stain is pointing to Fauci and Birx too.

As Babe's were connectable to Bush liners such as Bussys / Bushers, I reasoned that she (BUS-stop lady) and the married man (one of her two dinner guests) had been on the grass behind a BUSH to conceal themselves. There is a park right across the road from her apartment (Parks share the Stewart Coat). His wife was on the BALCONy when I arrived, where we both waited for the two to come back from their WALK (pointer to Walker Bush?), and Balcons use Bush-related roses in a way as to look connectable to Botters of Massa-Carrara. The Rose write-up has the Bosco's in it. I'm wondering how this picture can point to Comey, and it just so happens that George Walker Bush appointed Comey to be the deputy attorney general in late 2003, in the year that Bush conquered Iraq.

Lorraine the babe pointed to Bill Barr, the current attorney general that I think is more loyal to Bushites than to Trump, and who looks very unwilling to arrest Comey. However, as attorney general, Barr probably has free access to Comeys communications when he was in the attorney-general's office, and, who knows, Barr may surprise us with Comey's crimes conducted for Bush's agendas. On the other hand, if Lorraine is a symbol of Barr due to the pansies in the Arms of Bar le Duc (in France's Lorraine region), and due to Bar-le-DUC's trace to the DUCKs of Velins (Westphalia, same as Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks), then Lorraine's sexual event with the married man, if it did happen behind bushes, looks like a Barr-Bush league with Comey too, all in adultery to (betrayal of) Trump, we might say. Balcons/BalCOMBs share the dove with Pansys/Pantzers.

I hate to belabor things to the point of complicated, but this is where it's taking me. Botters, Balcons, and English Grasse's all have the same bend, and Walks, Bolingbroke's and Panthers/Panters all have the same fesse in the same colors as those three bends. Ranulph le Meschin, connectable to Cone's, married Lucy of Bolingbroke of Lincolnshire i.e. where Grasse's and Penders/Pinners (once said to be first found in Cheshire with Maceys whose chevron they share) were first found who look connectable to the PINE CONEs of Maschi's. BalCONs/BalCombs (share Mason/Massin motto), who love the Speers along with Carrys/Keerys, look connectable to Conte's/COMitissa's (Cone branch), the Conteville's who ruled Comines near Avesnes, the Comyns/Comine's share the garb both in the Arms of Cheshire and in the base of the Walk Coat while Walks were first found in Dumfries with Adams of Annandale. I read that the mother of Adam KilCONquhar -- the surname taking us to Quare's/Carre's -- was a Comyn/Comyns by surname.

It appears that Marjory Carrick, from Massa-Carrara elements, married a Maschi-related Cone liner, for Carrys/Keerys share the Maschi lion. I never thought I'd decipher "Kilconquhar," but there it seems deciphered in two of its three parts. I've developed a good sense of things with Masci liners -- they seem to be EVERYWHERE -- and can assure you that the Maschi pine cones are in honor of boy-king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, the line to the namers of Artois, location of Comines and Avesnes.

Casimirs use the antler (Conte / Cone / Hamon symbol), and Casimir of Poland was the son of Mieszko II and Richeza of Lorraine. Mieszko was a Piast, and the Piast eagle is in the colors of the Lorraine (and Arms of Lorraine) eagle. My being paired with Lorraine looks like a Mieszko thing i.e. my Masci mother must be from Mieszko's. Note that Mieske's/Mesechs share the armored arm with Irish Carrys/Keerys (i.e. who in turn share the Maschi lion). Casimir's Varangian wife was the sister of king YARoslav of the Kiev Varangians, and so it's first-of-all notable that Lorraine's share the bend of Kiev-suspect Keeps, but the point is: Yaroslav may have been the line to Yarborough's (came to topic with Staine's of Yarborough = Lorraine's grass stain).

Recall the Yarborough connection of Palma di MonteCHIARO, for the Charo branch of Chiaro's are in the "charo" motto of Joe's/Josephs along with "wlad," possible code for king VLADimir, Yaroslav's father and Casimir's grandfather. If the green perchevron (solid chevron) of Joe's/Josephs is of the double-green chevrons of Burghs/Boroughs (Hampshire, same as Joe's/Josephs), note that YarBOROUGHs/YarBURGHs share the same symbol (wreaths, I gather, or CHAPLets) of BURGHs/BOROUGH's (I know they use "wreaths"). The double chevrons of Joe's/Josephs are those of CHAPLains, and the Chaplets, first found in Lorraine, share black-on-gold swans with French Josephs.

Wow, the Yarboroughs can be using chaplets because I know that Joe-like Joslyns use the chaplet. The Joslyns are from old JosCELINs, and so I've just loaded Celins to see what we'd get, and ZIKERS, they show the same sort of pheasant-like bird as per the Yarborough Crest!!! It looks like Joslyns were in fact a Joe branch. If I recall correctly, the Joslyn chaplet has hawk's bells attached, suggesting that Yarborough's have a hawk on their pheasant/partridge. Both birds have a gold item tied to their legs. The "Faire" motto term of Joslyns tends to reveal that hawk-using Hobs/Habs are a branch of Hops'/Hope's/Hoods, for the latter have the giant Fair anchor in colors reversed. Fairs are a branch of the FAIRs/FIERs/Fere's (falcon or hawk in Crest) in the Falcon motto, showing that the Hawk surname could have been formed as play on a Hawk-like surname's marriage to a Falcon line. Yarboroughs: "pulVERE").

Hawks use "pilgrims staves," part-code for a Stevenson branch i.e. Hawks were married likely to the Stain bloodline. The Joslyn Crest has the leg of a hawk-like bird, and Hawks were first found in Lincolnshire with Yarbourgh. The pheasants of the Pheasants are not in the design of the Yarborough / Celin bird, nor in the design of the Saxe "partridges," but Saxe's were first found in Lincolnshire with Yarborough's, and Saxons do use "chaplets." There is a Saxon location near Sion, and the latter's line is in the Yarborough motto.

Drats, here's from my 5th update of January, 2014: "the Jocelyn 'wreath' has 'hawks BELLS.'". So, it's not now a chaplet, but may have been until Joslyns married a Wreath family or a family having carried the wreath symbol from its marriage to the Wreaths. As Hicks are said to have the chaplet, the crossed legs of Hixons/Hicksons could be hawk's legs, technically. Legs trace often to the Legro river of Leicestershire, and that's where Pistols/Pistors were first found.

Celins were first found in Pistoia/PISTORia, not far off the Arno river! Lorraine's stain speaks. I'm seeing a mouse on either side of the Arms of Pistoia, the symbol of the Mieszko Piasts.

If Pistoia is to the Pistols/PISTORs, note that Hopkins use pistols while Hips/Hipkins can be from the Hypsas river through Agrigento. Repeat from the topic of Canossa's derived from Lucca: "Spanish Canos' share the triple fesses of Moise's/Moisens (Burgundy), in Moussin/Mustan colors." That looks like mouse-like thingies. These three fesses are shared by Pussys (cat), first found in Oxfordshire with Hopkins, believe it or not. See also English Pasleys (Pussy Coat in colors reversed), and then see how Scottish Pasleys (thistles) of Paisley were at the Lanarkshire theater with Joslyns.

I think we can point this to Johns Hopkins University that is probably responsible for much of the coronavirus hoax, for the Celins share the Coron and Corona crown. Celins are also Cellotti's while Celts/COLTs share the red stag head with Pistols/Pistors. Joslyns were first found in Lanarkshire with the Sine's/Sions in the Yarborough motto (!), and with the Colt-like Colters sharing the Catherine wheel with Muellers. The Colter chevron is even in the colors of the Yarborough chevron. The latter's chevron comes in two colors schemes COUNTERchanged as part-code, probably, for the Changers (Hampshire) in the motto of Stain-like STANleys!!! The Stains of Yarborough!

Miss Hicks is amazing here just after mention of Mueller's being hired by Bush at the fall of the 9-11 crimes, for when our church put on a memorial to 9-11 on September 11, 2002, I sat beside Miss Hicks, and when I got up to speak with the Pistoria-like pastor (Pastors use a version of the Bush/Bosch Coat!), Stain-like Stanley took my seat beside her, with the American flag on a pole in his hand. Stains/Stans share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks, you see, and so with Stains married to Yarboroughs, it may be telling that the gold Yarborough leg is the black-on-gold Hixon/Hickson leg. On that night, God pointed to the Leg-like Leak(ey)s (leg in Crest) and the Knee's, both sharing the bend of Stanleys. There's more to this that I haven't yet deciphered. Waiting.

The GOLD CROWN of Corons/Corona's / Celins looks like the odd item in the Crest of Scottish Steels (Cheshire, same as Corons/Corona's). Mueller was engaged by the rotten Justice Department to save Comey from his involvement with the Steele DOSSIER. English Steels (Cheshire), with the same checks as Partridge's, are said to be from Bigot de Loges', and Loges' were first found in Burgundy with the Loches'/DeLOGES' and the Primo's I link them to. French Grands were first found in Burgundy while Scottish Grands use more gold crowns. The "Stand" motto term of Grands gets the Stains. "Primos" is a Hopkin motto term, and Prime's use another human leg like the one in the Leak/Leakey Crest, and like the legs in the Coat of Hose's (Leicestershire), who smack of the D'Hosier variation of Dossier's and share the lion head of English Steels. Coincidence?

Miss Hicks' knee symbol was given at the Get'n GO gas bar on the Leakey road (about an hour after Stanley sat beside her), and Go-like Gows/McGoo's share the three Loches/Deloges cinquefoils. Is this indicating that the people behind the coronavirus crisis are Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and company? Nothing makes more sense, and Bill Barr has thus-far allowed them to conduct this scare.

The three roses of Primo's (colors of the Valentin squirrels) are in colors reversed from the same of Dutch Valence's/Valentini's while Lorraine's pants pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with Velens/Valence's sharing the red martlet with yet a third Valence surname. The latter are said to be from a Mr. Brun (connectable with Barone's and Bruno's to Barrs), and all three Brun surnames look linkable by their Coats to the Loges saltire.

Barr perhaps has no power to stop the corona scare until Trump gives him the CIA, but Trump failed the nation on this major undertaking, leaving the CIA in the hands of his enemies. President Goofy brags for nothing as he hands the country one distressing saga after another, blaming it on his enemies like the cry-baby unable to take responsibility for his own dereliction of duty. Put someone from within your trusted friends in the CIA to record on paper everything the CIA does from day to day, STUPID. The president has the right to OVERSEE the CIA. You can't simply trust the CIA's briefings to the White House. You need someone in there to check on what they are doing at various levels.

Perhaps as some evidence that Yarboroughs have a partridge is that the television show, Partridge Family, had Dave Madden in it while Maddens have a symbol akin to the Yarborough Crest with bird-on-bird. The Varns have the same, and Varns are like the Varni Germanics that I see as proto-Varangians, and Yarboroughs are still suspect with the Varangian king, Yaroslav.

It now behooves me to address the Lodge's/Loge's of a Loges location in Normandy, for they are suspect with the Coat of Lodge-like Lauders/Letters who in turn share the griffin of Tooths. God showed me with a fistula bump at my gum (due to a bad tooth) that Tooths share the Bump/BumPUSS Coat, for my fistula bump was issuing a little PUSS. To help prove that the vertically-split Bump/Bumpuss Shield connects to the near-same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's/DOZERs (Bavaria, same as Gumms/Gomers, Dosers/Doz's share the swan with Toths/Totts. Is that not real cooool or what? The Palmans (Palma di Montechiaro?) in the Tooth motto have more swans, as do Sine's/Sions/Swans (in the Yarborough motto along with "palma"), and first found in Lanarkshire with Joslyns. The Lanarks/Lurnacks share the perchevron of Gumms/GOMERs, apparently, for MontGOMERys (Birch kin) were first found smack beside Lanarkshire. This brings us back to the HIVE-using Kerrys of Montgomeryshire, suspect now from Carrara elements. Massa rulers married Este's expected in the Yarborough motto. Yaroslav, by the way, gave four or five daughters to various kings spread across Europe = big bloodline from the Rosh.

Montgomerys were first found in Renfrewshire with paisley and the Pasleys sharing the Yarborough chevron.

Massa-Carrara Suspects

Joslyns are also GOCelyns, and so compare the Yarborough Coat to that of Goz's/Gos', finally noting that the split Shield of Goz's is colors reversed from the same of Craigie's (from Agrigento, location of Montechiaro). Richard Goz was father to Hugh Lupus, highly suspect with the Este branch of Welfs/Lupus', and grandfather of Mosca-related Meschins. Goce's, with the Meschin chevron in colors reversed, were first found in Hampshire with Joe's/Josephs. The Yarborough motto has "deVOIR" while Voirs share the Carry/Keery / Maschi lion.

Kerrys (Montgomeryshire) suddenly look like Carre / Carrara liners, and to this we can go back to the Halps/Helps/Halfs who share the Kerry Shield design, for they trace to Avesnes on the Helpe river, the line from Avezzano smack below mont Velino. Avezzano's share the red rose on a stem with Scherfs/SCHERE's, and SHERwoods (Hamon-connectable) share white roses on the stem with Walkers. Carrys/Keerys/Harys even use a spear while Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with Montgomerys.

Avezzano and Velino are off the Salto river while Sale's/Salletts (Cheshire, same as Dunham-Masci) have a version of the English Carry Coat, the latter being of Castle Cary of the Leavells i.e. from Lupus Laevillus of Cetis. The Meschins of Dunham-Masci were from a nephew of Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes (CONTEville mother), whom I see in the Branch's with the Coat of SHERwoods, the latter first found Durham with CONTE's. Hamons have a black-star version of the Branch and Sherwood Coats. Sherwoods share white roses with English Carrys (= line from Quadratilla's husband), and I trace Quadratilla's Bassus/Bassianus surname to the Bessin (Bessins share bees with Kerrys), where Meschin's father originated who married a sister of Hugh Lupus. The Carry/Keery spear is that of Dunhams, suggesting Dunham-Masci, a location ruled by Hamon de Masci, or Massey. It could seem like a pointer to Obama and John Kerry, the one Obama chose to carry on with the dastardly work of Hillary Clinton.

Quare's/Carre's, can we believe it, use a "QUADARti" motto term while Carricks are from Charax Proculus, QUADRatilla's son, and so it seems very correct that Quare's named Miss Carrick's husband, KilconQUHAR. Marjory was not a Carrick until her father ruled a Carrick location, and so it seems that "Charax" traces more-purely to Adam Kilconquhar. As per my year-long claim that Annas/ANANus of Israel, killer of Jesus, would prove to be ancestral to Lupus Laevillus, it's very notable that Scottish Adams, from ANANNdale, use a cross in the colors of the similar Annandale saltire. The Ananes Gauls were near, or even in, Bruce-related Brescia.

Repeat: "Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in Cuneo, where I trace Conys who use a so-called pansy in Crest, and while the Arms of BAR-le-Duc has the pansy, BRA is right beside the first-known Pelosi's/Pilati's." Braswells (a "girdle" in Crest to perhaps be play on Bra) are said at Wikipedia to be ancestors of the wicked Donna Brazile (once lead the Democrat National Committee).

I had an omen just after entering Texas from the Louisiana border. Brazile was from New Orleans, Louisiana. The omen was a small, very-tiny cloud fully covering the sun on an otherwise clear sky, and that's virtually the symbol of the English Lease Coat. Brazile's middle name is, Lease. Dons ("dona") use an omen-like "omnia" motto term. The omen was such because the cloud was barely wider than the sun, and I happened to see it just as the sun was fully covered very momentarily, and it came with an ill feeling. That night I was mugged in Galveston (frightening experience).

I'm writing here the day before finding that a lab in Galveston was involved with the Wuhan lab that is being fingered as the origin of COVID-19. You'll see that story way below in the news section. [Here's a quote in from that section: "The [U.S. diplomatic] cable argued that the United States should give Chinese researchers at the Wuhan lab more support because its research on bat coronaviruses was important and dangerous. The lab had already been receiving assistance from the GALVESTON National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch." What? Americans wanted fingers in at the Wuhan lab? Very suspicious. I'm inserting that quote here on Sunday morning, the morning when the Bongino Report had a headline: "Trump Says He’ll End Obama-Era Funding To Chinese Lab That May Have Spawned The Coronavirus". It's not a wonder that the Chinese suspect certain Americans as the instigators of this crisis.]

The Donna/Dance surname was first found in Piedmont with the Pelosi's/Pilati's sharing the column design of Sciacca's. It's interesting, for starters. I'll keep an eye on the news to see if that mugging event is pointing to some key aspect of the Wuhan-lab story. The same column is with Malta's and German Franks while the other German Franks (leopard faces) look like kin of FACE's/Fessys. Malta faces Sciacca. Scottish Franks share the saltire of Pilate-like Blade's/Blate's who share white pheons with Pilate's. Malta's are like Mallets/Malo's, and "Malo" is a motto term of French's. The latter share the green dolphin with Coffee's/Coffers, whose mugs point to the mugger (explained later).

Repeat: "Coffee's/Coffers who in turn love the Victors in their motto. The James motto, 'Victor.'" James (lions of Sciacca-like Shicks) have another dolphin and share the Crest of pheon-using, Fauci-beloved Thistle's/TOUZels. TOUS' use a shirt suspect with Sardinians. While the capital of Malta is Valletta, a surname by that spelling is listed with Vallans ("quieSCIT") sharing the moline of Shark- / Saraca-liner Sarasins (Brittany). Valiants even use a shark, suggesting Saracens on Malta. Saracena is near SCIDrus on the arch of Italy's boot facing Sardinia.

It's interesting that while Alans of Brittany liked the WALTer surname, it's a lot like "Valetta." German Walters may be with the double lions of Brittany's Voirs/Voyers. Alans of Dolfin-related Dol descended from Flaad, and Vlads were first found in Westphalia with the Alan-related Velens. While I see VLADimir "the great" of Kiev descended from Varni, Varns share the bend of English Walters. "QUIEScit" of the Valletta's/Vallans can be for the Queis/Kwisa river, for it's in Silesia, where German Walters were first found. This is off-topic, but this is a worthwhile discovery. Indeed, Silesia is where Brock-branch Brocuffs were first found who share the potent cross of Skits while "VireSCIT" is the motto of Brocks (share the Stewart motto).

Fulkers/Fulchers/Fuche's/Folkers were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's, but I don't know what to connect their Coat to aside from the Don bend-with-arrows, for Dons were first found in Cheshire, where Grasse-related Penders/Piners (Macey chevron?) were once said to be first found. It's interesting that Braswells show only two chevrons in the colors of the three chevrons only of French Grace's/Grasse's. The latter were first found in Provence (overlaps Dauphine), near a Grasse location the Arms of which shares lambs with Lamberts. Richeza of Lorraine was married to Mieszko Lambert. French Lamberts use the two of the three Grace/Grasse chevrons, and were first found in Dauphine i.e. near Grasse. Although we expect no connection of these things to Donna Lease Brazile, French Lamberts share the double-Braswell chevrons while German Lamberts have the Chief-Shield colors of Lease's, and first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

It looks like God knew what He was doing with giving Lorraine her grass stain. And He caused me to drop in on her place five minutes or less before she got home from her walk. I've said it many times, I'm not making it up here: I was DANCING a slow dance with Mamie an hour or less before arriving to Lorraine's place. It was an innocent dance, and was at least half her idea. I feel sure that God caused her to walk by me at her party, and put "dance with him" in her mind, and "dance with her" in my mind, as she arrived to me, for we just put arms round each other -- when no one else was dancing, and we were just in her living room -- and danced. I don't remember talking with her after that, but I do recall getting into my head to leave and see if Lorraine was done entertaining her dinner guests. Italian Dance's are also Donna's.

That's interesting, especially as God gave Mamie a breast symbol. She had large breasts (not just a little large) to go with her pointer to MAMESfelde of the Mansfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with Penders (they were first found in both Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire). Breasts go with bras.

So, lookie here. Braswells use a "teneBRIS" motto term while the Bris'/Brisons/Brix's/BRESTs surname shows only lozenges (in Braswell colors) in colors reversed from the lozenges of Louis'/Loys, first found in Lorraine. How did that happen? BRIStols (seem to love the Bus' in their motto) were at TWYford while Twyfords/TYEfords/Tiefords look very linkable to Tease's/TYE's, first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde (said to be named after breasts). In fact, Mamie's pointer to Mamesfelde wouldn't have held water with me had God not given her a tease symbol the second day I was with her, and a Tye-like THIGH symbol the next day. I confirmed that those symbols were in fact given. English Dance's share the fesse of Tease's/Tye's. TYsons/Tessons, whose lions would be green in colors reversed, were first found in Northumberland with green-lion Lorraine's.

Twy-like Twins (Town colors, share Bristol fesse), with a reflection of the Tie Coat, were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/TEECE's. Tews'/Tewells share the stars of Tease's/Tye's.

So, there's a pointer to Donna Brazile, though I don't know why. It looks to be connected to Nancy Pelosi, though Pelosi's/Pilati's share the Sciacca column design.

I actually looked for a Husband surname as per Lorraine's walk with her friend's husband. After what more there is to say, I think you might agree that God arranged Husbands with the three stars on a red fesse of Tease's/Tye's. Keep in mind that God probably forbade she and him from having intercourse; for His purposes, getting the grass stain was all that was required, and this had, as one purpose, the pointing to Westphalia's Pansys/Pantzers, Velins (still show ducks) and Ducks. Now watch, for Velens (not "Velin"), first found in Westphalia, once showed ducks in the colors of the ducks once shown by French Alans. I know, because I recorded this. Now, however, and for some years, both Velens and French Alans show red-on-gold footless martlets in place of the ducks.

The HusBANDs/HusBANTs likewise show red martlets, you see, along with roughly the Tease/Tye fesse-with-stars. And while Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Ticino canton) show leaves as code for the Laevi on the Tessin/Ticino river, so we find that pant-like BANDs/BANTs share gold oak leaves with English Alans. I find that amazing, but there is more, for while writing the paragraph above, I was going to say that Lorraine was walking ALONE with the husband, and for that reason I intended to check for an Alone surname, a thing I don't think I ever have. Freak me out, but Alone's are listed with English Alans!!! INCREDIBLE.

Apparently, the red Husband/Husbant fesse is the Alone/Alan fesse. The Tease/Tye fesse is in both colors of the Alone/Alan fesse. It's suggesting that Husbands were a Hus-Band merger, and, behold, Hus' are listed with the Houstons (more footless martlets) sharing the Stewart checks!!! Stewarts were from the Dol Alans, in case you don't know. So, that walk may have been arranged by God, and there may not have been any sexual thing going on to form the grass stain on her pants. Or, He foresaw the sexual event and pre-arranged Alans to form a Husband surname that could be applied here, but why?

Hughes'/Hugs even share the French-Alan Chief, but it's also the Sciacca Chief. As Hughes/Hugs share the triple Fountain fesses, they were probably kin of Ville's/Font de Ville's, the ones with the flag i.e. kin of Fulke's and Flecks.

I was mugged in Galveston, and the omen took place while I was driving toward Houston, a couple of hours away. At the outskirts of Houston, I turned south to Galveston. There is an Oman/Osmund surname sharing black martlets with Houstons.

As Huss' are listed with Hesse/Hessels, I at first thought that Husbands were going to work out to be them, but note first that Heslington/Hazelton branch Hazels are likewise Hessels, and let's remind from above that STAINS married Yarboroughs of Heslington Hall. Hang on to your Hussys, because Heslingtons ("focis") and Hazelwoods (Shropshire, home of Alans/Alone's) share the gold oak leaves of Alans/Alone's and Bands/Bants!!! The grass stain with her friend's husband, at your service. It could appear that Huss'/Hesse's became Houstons and then Hughes' from their Hughston variation.

The Chatti of Hesse-Cassel come to mind, for one Cassel Coat has a form of the Kennedy Coat (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Craigie's) while Kennedys, from the Kennati priests of Chatti-like Cetis, share the Arms-of-Carrick chevron. Chattans use a Cassel-like castle, as do German Cassels. As the latter's triple chevrons are those of Clare's too, the Huss/Hesse sun looks like code for the Sun variation of Sinclairs. The Kennati worshiped mythical Ajax, and Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with lots of Alan-Stewarts and Houstons/Hughstons. Jacks use holly while Hollys share the dolphin with Kennedys. Hollys use a version of the Plunkett Coat, and Plunketts were first found in Vilaine with Dol. Alans were kin of Rundels/Roundels, and the Holly bend with red roundels is colors reversed from the same of Fulkers/Fuche's, perfect, for Plunketts are from Plancia Magna, a Herod liner related to the Herod line of Quadratilla, queen of Cetis (both lines descended from Alexander Herod-Maccabee and his wife, Glaphyra Archelaus). It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that Fulkers/Fuche's are almost Fauch's/Foulch's. Fuggers come to mind.

Look: Plancia Magna was married to Tertullus, and the Fulks of Anjou were given a Tertullus for a mythical ancestor, you see. The Fulks knew from whom they descended, but weren't telling anyone because it was a Herod line. Plus, French Plants/PLANQUE's (like "PLANCia") are from the Plantagenet Fulks, and they happen to use cabbages while Hazels use so-called "cabbage leaves."! BINGO, right-on topic, and Heslingtons/Hazeltons even have a "focis" motto term like the Foches' listed with Fauchs. So, now we know why Fulkers/Fuche's (Lincolnshire) use the Holly bend-with-roundels in colors reversed. "Holly" is much like the Huls surname with a giant leaf in the design of the Hazel / House leaf. The Fulks rulers Angers while Angers and Hangers can be seen as a branch of Anchors, explaining why the Fulker/Fuche lion holds an anchor.

Fochs', I might add, share the Thigh/Thy Coat, and Lorraine's grass stain (long and thin) started at her lower butt, then went roughly vertical (about eight inches) midway between the back and side of her leg, but more toward the back, and that, I think, is part of her thigh. Fochs' (fox or wolf) are listed with Vos' in the Waleran motto, and Walerans (Faux kin) are from the Leavells i.e. from Lupus Laevillus of Cetis. I don't recall the tiger in the Waleran Crest. I trace the tiger to TIGRanes VI Maccabee, ancestor of Plancia Magna and Quadratilla. Earlier in this update, I ventured a connection of Fulkers/Fuche's to Dons, and the latter's double fesses are those of Parrs, from Pharnaces, king of the Pontus, beside Armenia, where Tigranes VI was ruler. Lorraine may have been laid by the husband (not necessarily their first time) due to Fucher variation of Fulkers. As per their being first found in Lincolnshire, repeat:

Look: Penders (and Grasse's) were first found in Lincolnshire, location of Yarborough (share what I think is a wreath with Stains), and Yarborough's (Lincolnshire), in the colors and format of Penders, are in the Stain write-up as per a Mr. Staine marrying Yarboroughs of Heslington Hall! It sure appears to be verifying that the grass stain was God's doing. Stains share the Stevenson Crest and so they look like a branch of the Stein branch of Stevensons. One Stevenson Coat has, in the past, looked to me like a version of the Provence Coat, and French Grace's/Grasse's, with three of the single Provence / Pender / Yarborough chevrons, were first found in Provence (near a Grasse location).

Do you yet believe that God lives and operates like a genius, knowing the future, and controlling / creating events? The rebellious world is in for the shock of their lives when He appears. Huss'/Hesse's/Hessels could be with the Fulk wings and even the Babe sun.

I had noted that Hussys could be round-about with the cross of English House's who share the cloud with Stains. I've known for a long time that French House's (Sleep colors) share the LEAVES of Hazels, and the latter call them "hazel SLIPs," and so the Slipper variation of Sleeps can suddenly apply, for Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Hazelwoods (same Coat, with oak leaves as with Heslingtons/Hazeltons). Heslington hall is/was also called Heslington Howe, and English House's are also Howes'. See also the leaf of Huls' (Westphalia).

Zlochevsky, Kolomoisky and Crocodile DunDeans

A few months ago, or as little as two, I was led to Igor KoloMOISky (Ukraine). I attributed the Moise/Moisen and/or the Muschat / Muscat surname as a pointer to him. He is said by some to be behind much of the Ukraine corruption that touches upon the Bidens and the anti-Trump impeachment movement. It is important, I think, that the Bidens were also involved with Chinese corruption so that this Wuhan story could be from Obama-camp Intelligence people. Obama is expected with Soros-of-Ukraine "specialties."

When I discovered that Kolomoisky owned/owns a shark tank, I began to suggest that the shark in the 1979 dream was about his circle of Ukraine fiends, but this was after I showed evidence that God's clues were pointing to Ukraine scandals by other means. Anything linking to Shark liners, such as the Moise-like Mose's/Moss', or my Ukrainian girlfriend, Diane Muschatov, can possibly apply, which always makes me ask why Muschats share the Epstein Coat. Was Kolomoisky connected to Epstein's empire of Intelligence dogs? Mose's have a Mr. Mosce in their write-up, and a patee cross linkable to the Patent/Patient/PUTIN surname that has another gold tower.

Mose's/Moss' share a stemmed rose in Crest with Scute's, and the latter's is in the mouth of a crane, a Shark symbol. Both surnames have a gold tower, the Mose's/Moss placing their rose on the tower. Scute's look like the Scoots who are listed with Schuch-like Skugals, and Scuchs are listed with Shoe's. I'll re-tell why Shoe's (share blue star with Zlochevsky-like Slocks) can point to Kolomoisky's friend, Mr. Zlochevsky, below. So, Moisky-like Mose's/Moss' with a Mr. Mosce have connected fairly-directly to Shoe's/Schuchs, and then the MASSE's/Masseys once showed the boots of Trips/Treffs who now show shoes instead. The Fleurs in the Mose/Moss motto share the checks in the Arms of MASSA-Carrara, and that's the area of Pisa, where Mosca's were first found. It's where Lorraine's grass stain brought us, namely to the Arno river flowing from Fleur-like Florence to Pisa.

The Stains of Yarborough were in Yorkshire, where Billiards/Hilliards were first found, who have a pentagram-version of the Billiard/BILLET Coat while Mose's/Moss' use billets. Billiards/Billets, in the colors and format of Yarboroughs and Billiards/Hilliards, were first found in Maine with Josephs, and Yarboroughs had linked to Joseph-line Joslyns. Yarboroughs are the one's with a "palma" motto very linkable to Palma di Montechiaro, itself very linkable to the Joseph motto and to Mosca's.

I would now even like to suggest, that since the Celins of "JosCELIN" share the Coron/Corona Corona crown, that the Scute / Shark crane pulls Kolomoisky, Zlochevsky and the Bidens into the people conducting the coronavirus scare.

I recall telling that the triple Moise fesses are shared by Pussys, and that they were in colors reversed from the same of Pasleys (Berkshire, near the first-known Pussys), though I don't recall my conclusions. But, in this update, it is remarkable that the triple Moise fesses were found with Canos'/Cano's, for the latter were loaded as per the house of Canossa that I was on (originated at Massa-Carrara area). Canossa uses a dog because "cano" means, dog. What do you see, seasoned readers?

Well, the shark in the dream was in a swimming pool with a British bulldog. Why British? can it represent something British in cahoots with Kolomoisky? Let me re-quote from above:

"Spanish Canos' share the triple fesses of Moise's/Moisens (Burgundy), in Moussin/Mustan colors." That looks like mouse-like thingies. These three fesses are shared by Pussys (cat), first found in Oxfordshire with Hopkins, believe it or not. See also English Pasleys (Pussy Coat in colors reversed), and then see how Scottish Pasleys (thistles) of Paisley were at the Lanarkshire theater.

Pussys (probably didn't originate as that variation) share the cat with the Lucca surname, and the house of Canossa was out of Lucca. It really is something, no? It's dragging Moise's/Moisens to the Mosca line, I assume. The triple Moise fesses are shared by Micks/MISEKs/MISKa"s, with variations much like "(Kolo)moisky." Mickey MOUSE comes to mind, as well as what look like mice in the Arms of Pistoria (beside Florence, where Mose's/Moss' look connected), not far up the Arno from Mosca's of Pisa. Pistols are also PISTORs, and pistols are used by Hopkins, first found in Oxfordshire with Pussys and the Crispins using fessewise bars in the colors of the Pussy fesses.

The Moise fesses are on red quadrants, ditto for the mice in the Misl/Meisel/Maisel Coat. The latter are probably in mythical SiemoMYSL of the Goplo mouse tower, and Poland is beside the Ukraine, suggesting a good possibility the Igor Kolomoisky was a Mieszko, for they came out of mouse-tower mythology, which included Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright, the line to Cole's/COLD sharing the Mieske/Mesech bull, but then there is also KOLOmoisky, you see. I predicted that the False Prophet / anti-Christ would come from this mouse tower.

They say that Kolomoisky is the invisible chief of Burisma, the company that hired Hunter Biden on a criminal enterprise hatched by his father, the potential next president. The only way that Joe Biden will get the White House is if the election is fixed, and the diabolic powers are working on that, though they don't want Biden as president. My guess is that Obama wouldn't endorse Biden until Biden agreed to put up Obama's choice for vice-president.

When I found a news article saying that Zlochevsky was selling high-class shoes made of crocodile leather, I checked my files for the surname using a crocodile, and found it with Irish Deans/Dene's. In their Shield, there are only fesses in the colors of the only-fesses of Pasleys, or colors reversed from the only-fesses of Moise's and Pussys. They all show nothing but fesses in their Shields. I had found that "crocoDILE could be part-code for Dile's/Dills because they share the giant lion of English Deans/Deins, you see, but I can now tell you the importance of this, which is going to suggest that Zlochevsky's / Kolomoisky's circle of goons is behind the coronavirus crisis.

I've been calling the omen in Texas an omen since 1998 or sooner. This was the omen just a few hours before my mugging in Galveston, and so I'm hunting for evidence as to how that event points to the living-dead Americans responsible for this flu crisis. I've just found, thanks to bringing Kolomoisky back to topic -- all thanks to my crossing the house of Canossa with Lorraine's Church-street apartment -- that while the omen-like Omans are also Ormonds, the Denne's in the Dean/Dene write-up are said to have been at an Ormond location. We have a theory. This is very interesting to me now, as my mugging and related events might actually have to do with Zlochevsky / Kolomoisky plots against Trump. The Oman/Ormond Coat is even a (different-colored) version of the English Croc Coat. The crocodile Deans/Dene's speak. The Crocs are a branch of crane-using Cronkite's, both from Crociatonum in Manche.

[Insert -- As I've said quite a few times, when the mugger was standing with me outside my pick-up truck (when I thought he has a gun), I reached into the back of the truck, where I had been sleeping, to get the keys out of my RUNNING SHOES, I kid you not, I remember this. I put the keys in the shoes so as not to lose them. As I was reaching in, I saw him put a hand at his back pocket, thinking he was going to bring out a weapon, but instead he brought out a cigarette, and offered me one. The point is, the Running/Ronny surname shares the Croc fesse! That is totally amazing. The mugging is pointing to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes.

Here's the event from the 1st update of May, 2016, though I didn't use "running shoe": "After I released the vice-grips, stepping out of the hatch, I got the keys out of my SHOES, and unlocked the passenger door, with the Negro breathing down my back. As I opened the door to get in, he pushed me and raised his hand high and brought it down toward me, indicating he had a knife. I raised my KNEE, and blocked the thrust, causing the weapon to pop out of his hand." It wasn't a knife, just a piece of plastic.

Wow, the Negro surname shares ears of wheat -- in the same colors! -- with the Arms of Valognes (link to see it is below), though the latter calls them, stalks: "Azure, a lynx COURANT argent between in chief 2 stalks of wheat CROSSed in SALTIRE and in BASE 2 stalks palewise Or." They say that Crociatonum was at Valognes!!! Notice the "COURANT" code likely for the Corrent variation of corona-like Correns/Courrans! No Stalk surname comes up, but Staks/Stacks use an item in a CROWN that usually stands as code for the corona-like Ceraunii people group. I am really floored by this insert for tending to verify that the Galveston mugging links to Zlochevsky's shoes.

Chimney stacks and chimney FLUE's come to mind to match the coronavirus flu. It's interesting that Chimneys share the brown antelope with Pendergrass'/Penders while the latter share the Galway (Birk kin) motto while Lynch's were first found in Galway with Birx-like Birks while Penders look linkable to lynx-using Pennys/Penes'. Three red fesses are used by China- and CHIMney-like (!) Shins/CHINE's/CHIME's and Kemmis'/Kenys' (same Coat exactly between the two), who look linkable to CHIMNeys. Tis the China flue! The Kemmis'/Kenys were even first found in Gloucestershire with Staks/Stacks.

The Chimney antelope was once showing in black, same as the Shin-like SINgle/Singletary antelope! The China flu is pointing to Obama. SHINGs/SHINnocks/Shiners/SHUNNys and Fox's/Shinnocks share the Galves lion, in case this applies. CHINGs are listed with Chime's/Shins/Chine's! Chains/Shains share the cross of SINclairs/SUNs having a Single-like-Singular variation. The horseSHOE bats of Wuhan are expected in the bat and horseshoes of Obama-Line Randolphs who share the Bath cross for obvious bat reasons, and then the Staks/Stacks: "They were recruited from their seat at Bath to join the Earl of Pembroke's [Mr. Clare] invasion of Ireland." Staks/Stacks are thus suspect with the Bath lion, and Stocks are said to be from "Stock, near Caen," explaining the stalks in the Arms of Valognes, by the looks of it. It clearly appears that the chimney (and John Bolton?) is pointing to China's role in the coronavirus.

[Insert May 2 -- While on the Shin surname again in the 1st update of May, I remembered that Italian SIMons apply to Shin/Chime's (same giant lion as Italians Simons) because the latter are a branch of Fox's/Shinnocks, and because Jewish Simons use a fox. The Shimmie's/Kimmie's and their Kim branch share a brown stag head in Crest with Boltons, excellent, because the lightning BOLT struck the chimney while Boltons have the black Bolt arrow. See the event where the bolt struck our chimney in the next update. Italian Simons use the Montfort lion, likely, as per Simon de Montfort, and that gets us to the Stack and Stock lions, the latter's being the giant lion also of French Simons. End insert]

The lone Chimney chevron is in the colors of those triple fesses, but then while Muschats have three of the Chimney chevrons to match the three fesses of their Luff/Love kin, they are in the red color of three Shin/Chinn / Kemmis/Kenys fesses. These fesses all go to triple fesses of Moise's/Moisens and therefore point to Kolomoisky now suspect from mythical Piast the Wheelwright, and Wheelwrights have the antelope design of Muschat-like Muscats (CHAIN tied to its neck), though the latter's is black like the Singletary antelope. I apologize if it's too complicated, but it's making a decent Obama-the-mouse link to Kolomoisky.

I'll deal with the capitals in the Arms-of-Valognes description later. End insert]

WOW! The Oman/Ormond Coat is a near-copy of the Pury Coat, and the minor point: Purys were first found in Oxfordshire with Pussys. Major point: I have told many times that a Mr. Maness had an address in Bay City / Markham, Texas, which place I drove through the morning after my mugging. I don't know with certainty what it could mean, but can now repeat the Purys have been suspect in the "Pour y" motto phrase of Maness'/Manners. The "WOW" is for other things yet on this man.

In the last update, the Coffee's/Coffers were clinched with COVERTs/Cofferts. I knew only a couple of things from this particular Mr. Maness, from his wife or common-law wife, Miss COVERT. I'll show below how God pointed to Coffee's/Coffers in relation to Mr. Maness' address. Miss Covert (emailed me for years) had been previously married to Mr. Dein, is that not amazing? Deins are listed with English Deans/Dene's, first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts and Courts/Cofferts. The latter use a "GRANDescunt" motto term while I insinuated above that Grants/Grands should be sharing the gold Coron / Corona crown. That's because Grands look linkable to such surnames as Crannys/Grounds, who use a crane for their trace to Corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians. Are you not impressed already? Just look at that. We came from the theory that my trip through Galveston was going to point to the coronavirus, and it just did pretty good via Mr. Maness' wife.

Miss Covert told me that Mr. Maness was flying a helicopter for the Haitian-relief projects during the massive earthquake, and so I reasoned that Mr. Maness may have been living in Bay City at that time, but I also reasoned that God was using him to point to the Clinton crimes in Haiti during that quake crisis. It was just a theory, and making a lot more sense now with Kolomoisky in the picture. You decide what the significance is of Mr. Maness. It seemed to me that English Bays share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners because God set up Mr. Maness in Bay City. Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Pussys, and Purys suspect with the Oman/Ormond Coat.

[The day after writing here, I noted that the "difFICILE" motto term of Deans/Dene's could be for a Fickle surname (listed with Fogg-branch Figgs/Figgins) having a near-copy of the Pury Coat! I don't think that's a coincidence.]

Roughly an hour after passing through Bay City, I got a newspaper and COFFEE in VICTORIA, and nothing more, and then, some two decades later, discovered that Coffee's/Coffers (MUGs but called "cups") use a "Victoria" motto term. And the newspaper was code for News'/NUCES' (newspaper in Crest) because I bought it to look for a Texas property to purchase, and ended up purchasing a NUECES-riverfront property. Yet the coffee seems to be a pointer to Miss Covert, do you see how well that works?

Obama can be represented by such surnames as Dunhams, and they have a colors-reversed Coat from that of German Ormonds. Irish Ormonds/Butlers have a version of the German Ormond Coat but throw in what I assume are the Butler cups. No, wait, they are the cups of the earls of Ormond (Mr. Butler was an earl of Ormond). Is this connecting Obama with Zlochevsky since Ormond was home to crocodile Denne's? Dunhams have variations like the Downs/Douns, the latter first found in Sussex with the Deans/Dene's/Deins, how that for an amazing thing? The crocodile just dragged the Obama mouse into the Zlochevsky / Burisma / KoloMOISky picture. Does Obama not look like a mouse?

The five, white feathers out of a crown, in the Ormond/Butler Crest, suggest the Ceraunii, for I see Ceraunii liners in many Crests that have any item in, or stemming from, a crown. I trace Cups/Colps to the Kupa/Colapis river (beside the Maezaei) near the Ceraunii.

Oh wow, Douns smack of the Dons having an Oman-like "omnia" motto term!!! It appears that Obama was being pointed to by my bad Oman in Texas. Dons have the double fesses of Parrs and Nissans in colors reversed, and while I was mugged (in Galveston) in my Nissan pick-up truck, the Parrs are in the motto of Maness'/Manners (almost show the two Parr fesses). On top of this, the crocodile Deans/Dene's share the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans. Doesn't it look like God set these verifications up to show that Dons / Douns / Dunhams are being pointed to? I was mugged by a Black man, I've told this many times. He pretended to have a gun and a knife, and I got away, but only by a literal miracle.

Repeat: "The Oman/Ormond Coat is even a (different-colored) version of the English Croc Coat. The crocodile Deans/DENE's speak. The Crocs are a branch of crane-using Cronkite's, both from Crociatonum in Manche." I didn't know until now that DENhams share the crane with foot raised of CRONKite's (ROCK in foot). Crociatonum was also CRONCiaconnum. Is this pointing to the coronavirus again along with a pointer to Obama? Although they say they do not know where Cronciaconnum was exactly, it was near the Vire river. Is that a pointer to the VIRus? Sharks use the crane as well as the ROCKefeller-line trefoil.

[Insert -- all of that was written before my Valognes insert above showing that its Arms has the Negro wheat. The Negro mugger seems to be pointing to Obama i.e. with the Denham motto involved here, for the Arms' description used "courant" as likely code for the Currant variation of the Correns. Denhams are said to descend from Mr. Hurrant, a possible Currant. The Orne river, location of Ferte-Mace to which Dunhams and Randolphs trace, is one major river east of the Vire. End insert]

Obama's Denham Jeans

You will agree that there should be no natural connection between Dean liners and the Coffee/Coffer motto, right? We can understand why Deans of Ormond can get us to Dunhams if Dunhams and Downs/Douns were a branch of Deans, but is the "VICTORIAm" motto term of DENhams a coincidence? Or is it to grab my attention for linking Dunhams / Denhams to my Galveston experience? Denhams, with a reflection of the Covert/Coffert Coat, are new to me here because it was natural to look up such a Dunham-like surname to check things out, and there we are, a Den-line link to the Coffee/Coffer motto right after telling that Mr. Dein was a husband of Miss Covert. Who set that "coincidence" up? And why?

[Insert Saturday morning -- Try to decide what the following could mean. Denhams (Corry/Curry colors) use a "Cura" motto term while Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford with Corona-like Correns. Is this linking Obama to coronavirus? The Arms of County Waterford has a stag head in the colors of the Down/Doun stag, and Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams should apply. The "CURsum" motto term of Scottish Hunters is interesting for inclusion of Hunter Biden here. English Hunters/Hunts share the saltires of both Kilpatrick Coats, one of which shares the Cremer/Cramer Chief, and the other Kilpatricks substituting cushions in their Chief. The Cremer/Cramer Chief-Shield, with dancette between the Chief and Shield, is colors reversed from the same of Dunhams (dancette between Chief and Shield).

I have just realized that Denhams will link to the ice-cream theme of God that included Cremers/Cramers. Denhams share the Car/CURR chevron (new discovery here) while adding a "Curi" motto term, and the Denham crane tends to trace CERaunii to the naming of the Crema river, for Cremers/Cremers are said to be CRAINors as well. Therefore, the car that Mrs. Kilpatrick (Miss Hicks) was hovering is, is pointing to Obama, as is Miss Hanson the ice-cream girl. While Obama's grandmother was a Payne, note that Hugh de Payens was succeeded by Robert de Craon while Craons are listed with Crane's/CRAUNs, a Ceraunii line.

As I watched her hover, I had only my jeans on, and jeans are called denim (this is new here). Denims/Dynhams (dancette!) are in Car / Denham colors. Wow. I had no shirt while Dane-line Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci. The Tous'/Tosini's use a shirt "with Bidens," so to speak. I don't know any other surname mentioning a shirt. The dancette traces to king Donnus of the Cottians (Piedmont, same as Masci's). It appears that my jean-on-beach scene was Obama. In the next scene, I was at the door of the car.

The Denim/Dynham dancette is a fesse in the colors of the Dance/Danse fesse, and this can explain the Masci-winged Dine's/Deins/Dives' (Sussex, same as Deans/Dene's) from the Dives river, beside the Orne river, and expected with Diva in Cheshire, where Meschins ruled. The Dives/Diver surname shares a dancette on red with Denims/Dynhams (Meschin liners, right?), and, in the same dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick hovering, I DOVE (dived) into the pool to try to save the bulldog from the shark. Mystery of mysteries, what could this mean? DOVE's/Dows (share dove with WAISTells) have another dancette, colors reversed from the WEST dancette, that being from VESTALis, king Donnus' grandson. My dive into the pool seems to be verifying that Dynhams / Denham / Dunham liners apply = has Obama and crocodile shoes all over it. I should add that I've merely assumed that I dove in to HELP the dog; it seems logical. [Insert after this update was uploaded -- Denins/Dunoons/Dennings use another dancette-fesse, in the colors of the same of Carricks.]

I didn't see what my outcome was in the dive, because, with bulldog still down the shark's throat, I was instantly transported to blue ocean WATERs, and was about waist deep in them. I walked onto the sandy beach, and saw myself with jeans on but no shirt. I wish I was clapping my hands so assure that the beach was a pointer to JAMES Clapper, for Beach's and Clappers use versions of one another's Coats. Jeans share the James Crest, and Clappers were first found in Surrey with James'. James Clapper was Obama's spy chief, and where people are saying the Jeffrey Epstein was a corrupt Intelligence tool, that works with this dream, for Waters share the Epstein Coat, and I assumed (decades later), rightly I think, that when I walked out of the ocean water, I was on Epstein's island (sky view). His island does have a sandy beach. It does have a drive coming from the mansion to the beach, and one can easily imagine just one car on this very small island (no roads), the car of Epstein. Singletarys have the triple Epstein chevrons in colors reversed.

In the dream, there was just one car on the beach, a refurbished 1950s model car, with a lovely blonde (Miss Hicks) standing in a BATHing SUIT at its hood. SUITs/Suters/Sewers were shown to me to be a pointer to Obama's alternative name, Barry SOETORo. The Hicks are said to descend from what looks like the Sauters/SUTERs. Baths share the Coat of Dunham-related Randolphs, the ones suspect with the horseshoe bats. Is this not all intriguing? Baths share the lion of Wissels/Whistle's, probably a branch of Wessels/Waistells above (share dove with Page's and Pansys/Pantzers) and of Payne's (Somerset, same as Baths and Wissels/Whistle's) while Miss Payne was Obama's grandmother.

Swiss Sewers, showing no variations or write-up, have a stemmed white rose looking linkable to the near-same in the Crest of Sewer-like SHERwoods. While Cars/CURRs (Currys/Corry colors) have a Sher-like "Sero sed SERIO" motto, Crema, on the Serio river, was where I trace Cremers/Cramers sharing a red rooster in Crest with Scottish Currys/Corrys; the latter were first found in Midlothian with gold-rooster Sinclairs/SUNs of Roslin, and cars have a sun in Crest. This puts a Waterford element into the ice-cream theme, and Waterfords with Waters are both Waterville's. Therefore, I can say that, when leaving pool water with the bulldog, suspect as Trump, I was transported to the ocean water as a pointer to the Trump stag head in the Arms of County Waterford. The Arms even has blue ocean waters...and, I've just realized, ears of wheat in the colors of the same of Negro's/Nigro's. Hmm, Galveston is a near island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Let's add that Ice's (rooster-like ROSTock) were first found in the Mecklenburg area with Trumps, and that the Trump stag head is in the colors of the Down/Doun stag. The "Deise" motto term in the Arms of County Waterford should be for the Deise variation of Diss'/Dice's, from the namers of Diss (Norfolk, same as Dunhams), near Eye, and therefore near the Denham location near Eye. The ICE-cream became suspect with ice = crystal meth (was Epstein selling drugs with Bill Clinton?). Why do Crystals share the calvary symbol of Moses'? Recall KoloMOISKY, now looking like a Mieszko mouse-tower liner, for the first character in mouse-tower myth was POPIEL (got eaten by mice), like the POPLar tree in the Crest of Crystals (Yorkshire, same as Wheelwrights) who share a "Mens" motto term with Pepins and Poppins.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. End update]

It's interesting that Waterfords/Waterville's share the fountains of the Kiss', Custs and Castile-like Casts/Cass', for Custs are in the Cremer/Cramer motto, that being a branch of Kiss'/CUSH's sharing the red rooster of Cremers/Cramers, and the latter's can be realized as a version of the red Bibo rooster on a CUSHion while Bibo's are said to use the rooster of Hahns, first found in the same area as Ice's. Recall the Kilpatrick cushions that alternate for the Cremer/Cramer Chief exactly shared by the other Kilpatricks. See also the red rooster of Hanns, for Miss HANSon was the ice-cream girl. I wish God could be more-straight forward, this hurts my head.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was in the car on the beach, where I was going to KISS her awake as she hovered. While the Kilpatricks moved from my area of Texas to Forney, the Cars/Currs were at FERNIEhurst. Fernie's share the fesse of Hazels/Hessels (Cheshire, same as Dunham liners), and Hesse's/Hessels share the sun with Cars/Kerrs. While Cassel is at Hesse, there is also this issue that while Galves'/GALEGo's (share CASTLE with Cassels) were first found in GALICia as CASTile's, Fontana's were first found in Castile while Casts use fountains, suggesting the possibility that Casts, Custs and Kiss' were related to the namers of Castile. English Castle's share the bend of Cato's/Chattans (castle) and Chatans (tower), making them all-the-more suspect with the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. I'll elaborate on this in the next section where I tell that GALways, with a cat in Crest, share the motto of the Keith Catti.

It seems that Galicia is linkable to Galway and to Galveston's namers, and to this I'll add that Galway is said to be named after Scotland's Galloway, near the first-known Kilpatricks. To now connect Miss BIRX to Galveston, as expected, the Galway cross is in the colors of the BIRK/Berk/Burgh cross because the latter were first found in Galway. The Birk/Burgh cross is shared by CHAteau's/Castels/CaSTELLI's, which should explian the Birk/Burgh cat. It's the cross too of Irons/Orions/Hirams (PicARDY, beside Chateau's of Artois), and Irons are said to be from Rennes-like Airaines. Rennes-le Chateau. The Arrows/ARRAS' of Artois can be proven to use the tower of Spanish Murena's/Moratins (married Cilnius Maecenas of Arettium/ARREZo), which happens to be in the colors of the Castile tower.

Crema-like Croms, sharing the Car/Kerr chevron, are in the colors and format of the Sere's expected in the Car/Kerr motto. It's making Croms (and Crombys?) look like Crema / Cremona elements. Croms were once said to be first found in BERKshire, which should explain why they share the cat with BIRKs/Berks/Burghs. Was Mrs. Kilpatrick with a car parked on a Galveston beach too? The Kilpatrick home in Baytown is near Galveston. As Denhams love the Cars/Kerrs, I've got to assume that the Sere's of this picture are of the Swiss Sewers (share SHERwood rose), for Sewers/Suits/Suters were already used of God in pointing to Obama. Miss Hicks in her bathing SUIT was at the hood of the car, and Robin Hood lived in SHERWOOD Forest. That is pretty-darned impressing.

Not far below, I first suggest that the coronavirus is a "bug," because Bugs use a bat, and then come to this: "Bugs are excellent. No longer said to be first found in Nottinghamshire, they are now said to have been in SHERborne of Dorset a little earlier. SHERwood forest is in Nottinghamshire with Robin Hood, and the latter appears to be in the Crest of German Bogens (Bug colors)." That bears repeating here, because it's really putting some different meaning in the hood of that car aside from hover-like Hoovers sharing the giant leg of Hooters (Hoods are also Hoots).

The Bugs are also "Bugs," and Bugs Bunny's carrot can enter this picture because Bunnys were first found in Nottinghamshire while Carrots/Carews (Bug colors) and Carots/Carreau's/Carows can be a Car/Kerr branch. The "Bien" motto term of Carrots/Carews (Carrick colors) gives away their relationship with Carricks "bien"). The Bunny-like Bonnys/Bonnets makes it very interesting because they share the Coat of Burisma-pointing Burys/Buris' (Birch fleur-de-lys). Marjory Carrick married Bruce's.

The Kilpatrick / Cremer fleur-de-lys can be those of BIRCH's (Cheshire, same as Diva = Chester) because the Bruce's in the Briches surname were at Annandale, i.e. in Dumfries with the Scottish Kilpatricks (share drops with Wessels/Waistells) whose Irish branch come up as "FITz." This latter thing was discovered when seeing that Wessels/Waistells share the bend-with-garbs of FITTons (Cheshire), though they are used also by Comyns who share the dagger with Kilpatricks. The latter's dagger has the drops. Miss Comyn was the mother of Adam KilconQUHAR (now traced to Quare's/CARRE's, what a Currincidence), and while Adams were first found in Dumfries too, Adam's wife married alternatively the Bruce's of Annandale. Adam married Marjory Carrick, and Carricks (Ayrshire same as Kennedys) share the Kennedy chevron (it's the Arms of Carrick), colors reversed from the Car/Curr chevron, and the Kennedy motto has the Avis'/Avisons sharing the Comyn Coat.

Hmm, lookie. Scottish Adams (Dumfries) put gold stars on their red cross, and it's got to be the Birk/Berk/Burgh cross because the latter were first found in Galway while Galways (share cat with Birks/Burghs) put the same stars on their red cross! Bingo, and while Dumfries is beside Galway-related Galloway, Galloways share the English Bruce Coat.

This recalls my trace of Miss Comyn to Como/Comm, a city near the sources of the Serio river. It's begging whether we're now pointing to Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York steeped to his eyeballs in advancing the coronavirus scare (it's not going as well as he would like at this time). I'm getting the impression that Mrs. Kilpatrick at the car was with the Carrick bloodline, and MARJORY/MARGARET Carrick is suspect in pointing to Jeffrey Epstein's plane by way of the motto of Margesons/Mackesys (Carrick colors). Margys/Mackeys (same place as Carricks) share the arrow with Scottish Adams, and the latter are also Caws, as are Mackey-like Mackays (Suter-like SUTHERland) sharing the dagger with Comyns. Sutherlands share the stars in the Adam/Caw cross.

Recalling from the last update the realization that the Aoidh term (Mackay write-up), wrongly conflated with the Mackay surname, is likely indication of the Aid bloodline, note that the Suthers/Southerns have a version of the Aid Coat while Warrens, of Ada of Warenne, were first found in Suffolk with Suthers/Southerns. It looks like another pointer to Ms. Birx's AIDS programs. My first clue that Mrs. Kilpatrick at her hovering-over-car scene was a pointer to AIDS is where the Hovers/Hoffers share the Aid leopard face.

One of the Irish Mackays is highly suspect with the Lice's/Lees' in their motto, and they share the same leopard faces as Aids, and while Lie's are listed with Leghs/Lee's, so we find a "lie" motto term in the Margeson/Mackesy motto along with Epstein's plane. As per "Lees," by what coincidence was the omen at Galveston in the Coat of English Lease's? The red lion in the Lease Crest could be the Lie/Legh/Lee lion, but note that while Scottish Lease's/Liss share the double chevrons of Larins/CLAREns, in the colors of the triple Clare chevrons, English Lease's use a "Clarior" motto term, and Clare's and Epsteins share triple-red chevrons. The "teneBRIS" motto term of English Lease's could be partly for a Tene-like Dene branch, for English Deans/Dene's were at BRIStol. "According to Hardiman, the name came from England when William Den of Bristol arrived in Galway." That's where crocodile Deans/Dene's were first found, at Oman-related Ormond! Zikers, isn't that also a pointer to both Obama and Donna Lease Brazile? She unabashedly pushes for partial-birth murder of babies, the miracles of God.

The crocodile looks like the heraldic lizard, and LIZarts/Sarde's happen to be a branch of English Liss' (almost share Coats) while Scottish Lease's are also Liss'! I had predicted that Ms. Brazile should be part of the omen, and there we have it, a new realization just now, that the Dean/Dene symbol links to her middle name, the one with the cloud-over-sun omen.

It's making me think again that Hicks' car was parked on a Galveston beach for pointing to the Wuhan bat virus, yet it could be a double-meaning thing, also parked on Epstein's island. The latter is in the Virgin Islands while Virgins share the giant Galves lion. It's red and upright, like the one in the Lease Crest that likely holds the Sun branch of Sinclair. The Car/Kerr Crest has another sun.

The "Curi DAT" motto phrase of Denhams (Car chevron) can suddenly be realized as part-code for Date's/Dade's/Deeds, first found in Norfolk with Comyns and sharing their three gold garbs! The "COURage" motto term of Comyns, and the Courage surname, can be off from the Curr variation of Cars. The Denham motto thus supports a Comyn trace to Como, and Como's/Cuomo's share two blue bends with Loyals expected in the "loyalte" motto term of Comyn-beloved Daggers.

"Loyalte" looks like the Lolita variation of Loya's/Loyola's, and Jeffrey Epstein's plane of prostitution is the Lolita Express. This would be a good place to add that the cloud-over-sun omen en route to Galveston is in a JEFFREY Crest. Oh wow, just realized that the Jeffrey Shield has a potential colors-reversed version of the Pury fesse-with-stars, and the Purys, first found in Oxfordshire with Loyals, have a version of the OMAN/Ormond Coat!!! Margesons/Mackesys use a "Loyalite." One could get the impression that the Epstein blackmail service has Andrew Cuomo firmly under its wing. Como's/Cuomo's share the arrow with Scottish Adams.

So, you just saw why the car on Epstein's island is a pointer to Carricks for helping to point things to the crimes that Epstein's circle has been guilty of. [This update is the first to propose that Miss Hicks' car involves Carricks, and the day after this update was uploaded, I came across Denins/Dunoons showing nothing but a dancette-fesse, as with the Denims, though in different colors. It just so happens that the Denin/Dunoons dancette-fesse is that of Carricks, tending to verify that my being at the car in jeans alone was Intended by God to point to Denims and Denins/Dunoon. See Dinningham in the next update for how I got here.] End long insert]

Correns share black escutcheons with Cecils, and the latter have a corona-like "Cor unum" motto phrase. Corrins entered the discussion compliments from the Dunham-like Denhams (in the colors and format of Peppers / Arnolds / Arthurs, not sure if any applies). Obama looks very guilty of this crisis, and we should ask what he has in mind with his "endorsement" of the wacky, useless Biden. Is Obama going to choose who Biden's vice-president nominee will be?

In Wikipedia's Crociatonum article, someone thinks the place was at Valognes, the Arms of which uses a lynx. This could indicate that Lynch liners were important there, perhaps the Linkletters, for they look linkable to Stewarts while ancient Alauna was nearby about a dozen miles west (of Crociatonum). Crocs were first found in Shropshire with proto-Stewart Alans. In colors reversed, the Croc martlets are red, the colors of the Alan and Velen martlets. The Arms has wheat in BASE, probably code for Bessin elements i.e. the Bessin is beside Manche. The Arms has CROSSed stalks of wheat in SALTIRE, and while Croce's/Cross' (Massey quadrants) are from Robert Croc, SALTire's/Salters (roundels for Arundel- / Rundel-branch of Alans) were first found in Shropshire i.e. with Alans. Mont Velino is off the SALTo river, and so compare "Velen / Avalon / Avlona" with "Valognes." Might "Bologna / Boulogne" have come from that? Why do Saltire's/Salters share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards?

I trace "Alauna" back in time to proto-Avalon at Aulon/Avlona (near Bullis), in Epirus at the CERAUNii mountains. Coincidence? I therefore trace Avlona to the Alan-related Velins and Velens, and to mont Velino of Epirus-line Abruzzo (ancient capital was Aprutium). As you now know, I trace Avezzano (down from mont Velino) to the Helpe river and therefore to Halpers/HalfPENNYs. The Pennys (Pendragon branch) happen to use a lynx. AHA! Lynch's were first found in Galway with...CROCodile Deans/Dene's!!! That just snuck up on me. Mythical Avalon is Bute, where Bothwells lived who share the Lynch Coat.

OH WOW. After writing three paragraphs below, I read the Unelli article and saw its king, VIRidovix. It looks like he's named after the entity naming the Vire river, and so I re-loaded Vires'/Verona's (knowing no Vire surname comes up) to be reminded that they have the Lynch Coat plus a fish!!! It's probably the fish of Shark-liner Saraca's (from Ragusa, near the Ceraunii). The Unelli lived at their capital, Crociatonum, and as the Ceraunii Illyrians are on the map above beside the Oeneus = UNA river of the proto-Massey Maezaei, the UNelli are thus discovered as Una-river liners, for Masseys lived at the Vire-river area! Zinger, that is so super. Viridovix (could be the proto-Vere's) led the Abruzzo-derived Eburovices against the Romans. Eburovices were in relationship with the Cenomani, the likely namers of Caen (near the Vire) from the Cenomani of the Ceno river (Italy).

I'm watching Fauci's questioning period Wednesday night, and he's still talking like he's the king of the United States, telling the press that people MIGHT be able to go to sports games again. MAYBE. Or, maybe never...I think he's a demon. Trump came out to essentially knock him over, after Fauci said that. Trump says, don't worry, sports arenas will be packed again. Trump doesn't like the "new normal" that his enemies are pushing to keep the unemployed half-unemployed. Trump wants the normal without the "new," a good thing.

Denhams had two locations by that name in Suffolk, next to Dunhams of neighboring Norfolk. A Bullis location near Aulon looks traceable to the Bullis/Bulliard surname, once said to be first found in Suffolk with Crane's/CRAUNs. The CERAUNII near Aulon. This now tends to reveal why I thought that Loretta Lynch was Obama's partner in owning a BILLIARD hall in a dream we were given (in my noggin). I think it's pointing to Bulliards, for Denhams share the Cronkite crane so as to be of the Aulon to Alauna migration.

Repeat: "Why do Saltire's/Salters share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards?" Saltire's/Salters have billets while Billets are listed with French Billiards.

On the old map above, one can see Croc-like "ACROCeraunia" beside Aulon; it should be read as, Acro-Ceraunia, yet people from that place may have named Crocia(tonum).

Crockers probably use the Rothes and Peter raven because Eschyna de Mole married Robert Croc as well as Mr. Royal Alan, and her daughter married the brother of Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle.

[Insert -- I now recall Mary NIGRO, a teen friend living in BUTTONville. Buttons are listed with Bidens, and Nigro's are listed with Negro's!!!!!!! The Negro who mugged me has already linked to the crocodile shoes of Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma that employed Joe Biden's son on its board of directors!!! WOW. I've told many times that she was at my organized-hockey game (age 16) when I scored three goals in UNIONville. The UNions/Onions/ANNIANs might (or might not) be from Una-river liners...AND ZIKERS they are in the colors and format of Denhams!!!! I see a big finger of God at Obama's skull.

Denhams have a Coat reflection of the Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with Unions/Onions (mill rinds) and Deans/Dene's/DEINs!!! Miss Covert became Mrs. Dein. Rinds are a branch of Rands having the triple Singletary chevrons. Here's from the 5th update of April, 2016: "In my 16th year, I had a Danish girlfriend with Hanson surname, but I recall joking with her to the effect of, "Ha, I got three goals when Mary came out, but only one when you came out." It was a bit rude, I must admit...The point is, Mary's surname was Nigro..." That's quoted so you don't think I'm making up the story.

OOOHHHH WOOOWWWIE! I wrote the paragraph above without yet looking at the Union symbols, and there in the Union Crest is essentially the upright spear of Dunhams. It never ends. SOMEONE arranged the heraldry to fit with events in my life for to point to the corona crisis, and here I'll repeat that while horseshoe bats are at the center of that topic, Obama-line Randolphs use the bat and horseshoes. Randolphs share the Bath (Somerset) cross, and Buttons were said to be in Bath (Somerset). I read that one Denham location is near Eye (Norfolk-Suffolk border), and Battins (Somerset) use an eye.

Three goals in one game is a hat trick, and Hatricks share the giant Galves lion, in case this applies to "GALVESton." OOOOOHHHHH WWWWOOOOOWWWW! Hatricks are also Ettricks, and because they were first found in Selkirk, I checked for where exactly Jedburgh is, because Denhams were first found in Jedburgh, and I recall it's at least near Selkirk. Jedburgh turns out to be in Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale!!! Aside from events in my life, there should be no links of Unions to Denhams, yet they are in the same colors and format, and while there should be no Denham connection to the hat-trick event, aside from the hockey game in Unionville, there you just saw the heraldic connection. Heraldry sees nothing; God sees all.

[I missed this until May 16 in the Car/Kerr write-up: "Within a century, two main branches evolved from two brothers, Ralph and John who lived near Jedburgh in c. 1330." That proves the Cars/Kerrs to be in the Denham motto.]

Here's the Selkirk connection: "Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale...corresponds broadly to the counties of Roxburghshire and Selkirkshire and small parts of Midlothian and Berwickshire." So, there is a strong link of the three goals to Obama. I recall only the third goal vividly, I don't recall the first at all. The third, the hat-trick goal, was from a defenceman's slap shot. I was in front of the goalie with my back to him, the puck slid along the ice to my stick, and I purposefully sent it between my LEGS hoping it wouldn't hit the goalie's skates of stick, and thinking he likely won't see it coming. It didn't hit him.

[Insert in the insert -- Insert -- I didn't realize the potential meaning of MARY Nigro until a few days after this insert was uploaded to the Internet, when I read: "The alleged scientist, Shi Yi, claimed that American officials had 'not given any public response' on the issue...that a U.S. Army laboratory in MARYland was the origin of the virus...Yet the newspaper itself linked Shi’s press statements to 'circulating reports alleging that the Fort DETRICK laboratory, which handles high-level disease-causing materials such as Ebola, in Fredrick, Maryland, may be the origin of the deadly novel coronavirus.'" DETRICK is like HATRICK, and while "FrEDRICK" is like the Ettrick variation of Hatricks, Edricks share the Hatrick/Ettrick / Mary / Galves lion! I wouldn't have known about Edricks if not for "Fredrick"! It seems that God is confirming, with Mary Nigro and the hat trick, that the Americans spread the virus to China!

OH WOOOOWIE! Detricks were at Babington while Babingtons use a bat in Crest!!! It's black like the bat in the Crest of HORSESHOE-using Randolphs!!! End insert in the insert]

I was lamenting because I didn't know what to do with the Legh or Legg Coats, as per that event, until it hit me: the Leggs have a stag head in the colors of the Down/DOUN stag!!! The hat trick is another pointer to Obama's Dunham line! And I don't think it's a pointer to Obama for his victory, but to God's over him. Denhams use a "victoriam" motto term. Here's the same event from 5th update in April, 2016, in case anyone thinks I'm inventing this story now:

The only one I recall vividly is where the defenseman took a shot from the blue line, with me facing him in front of the net. The puck arrived along the ice in front of me so that I could re-direct it by letting it bounce off the stick, allowing the puck to slide between my legs. I turned around to see, and it was in the net...I have this feeling that between the legs is somehow meaningful.

OH WOW, it never ends. When seeing "beTWEEN the legs is somehow meaningful," I recalled thinking that a "between" term to describe a Coat was part-code for Tweens/Twins, and this is the surname coming to mind as per a scene in the Obama dream, where he was on a SKATEboard, going up and down a ramp, yet there were two Obama's doing so like mirror images, like when one sees double. I still haven't deciphered that aspect, but it now looks like it was correct to use Twins as the clue to what else the scene might mean. I recall the other goal faintly, but enough to know that I deeked the goalie (don't have the picture in memory, but I remember that's what happened), and went fast toward the boards for a near-crash, but was able to turn sharp (with the skates) enough to just scrape my side along the boards without falling. Is that to go with Obama's skateBOARD? Looks like.

[Insert -- Good morning, Saturday, the day after writing here. I'll show how Boards and Skate's point to Obama later, after this insert. I came along a huge surprise, but first: I had noted yesterday that Leghs/Lighs have a giant lion in red, the color of the Galves / Hatrick lion, though on a gold Shield. I wasn't going to mention it, but when reflecting on what this apparent Galveston link the hockey goal might mean, I recalled the leg-using Leaks/Leakeys who use just one symbol in their Shield and otherwise having the Chief-Shield colors of Hatricks.

While I recall the leg goal as the third one, I say, in an old update, that it was the second goal with the third being the board-scraping goal with deek. There is a Deek variation of Scottish Dyke's, which recalls the Denhams near Eye, itself beside Diss (Norfolk, where Dunhams were first found) while Diss' have a DICE variation. Plus, I've just seen that a Dutch Dyke Coat, as well as German Dyke's, have the giant lion of Hatricks and Galves' in both though God might be confirming that the deek goal applies to Galveston pointers to Obama, the Bidens, and Zlochevsky the crocodile-shoe man who hired Hunter Biden. Keep reading for the big surprise.

[In the next update: "I originally mispelled "deke" as "deek," but when learning at the spell-check in this update that it's "deke," it was discovered that Deke's are listed with the Decans/Deekins (see Decons too) with the Bath Coat in colors reversed! That's the line pointing to the coronavirus-bat theory. Deke's/Decans (Norfolk, same as Marys) even share the Galves / Mary / Hatrick lion, perfect."]

The omen took place a couple of hours before reaching Baytown, where the home of Miss Hicks was, previous to her moving to the Nueces Canyon. I discovered that she and her husband moved out of their Baytown home just a few months before the omen, and, seven months after the omen, I had another omen in the moon and fast-moving clouds on the same Leakey road that she would get her knee symbol. The windy night sky looked so ominous, with fast clouds cutting across the full moon, that I remembered the sun-over-cloud omen near Baytown, and so I stopped the vehicle, and turned it around, going back the other way toward Camp Wood. We stayed at a campsite for the night, and, the next day, I met the owner of what would become my property 10 minutes from Miss Hicks on the same river as their home. I hadn't yet known or seen Miss Hicks. On our first visit to a church out on the same Leakey road (called Ranch rd,), there was Miss Hicks.

The owner of my property was Mrs. Teague, and Teague's were first found in Galway with Denhams. Reminder: Galways share the bridge with ZLOCHevsky-like Slocks, and Dunham-like DENhams are related to this where a crocodile is used by Deans/DENE's (of Ormond). I added the following above, found this morning as I write here, but want to repeat it: "The day after writing here, I noted that the "difFICILE" motto term of Deans/Dene's could be for a Fickle surname (listed with Fogg-branch Figgs/Figgins) having a near-copy of the Pury Coat! I don't think that's a coincidence." The Purys nearly have the Oman/Ormond Coat but throw in the pierced stars of Purys, Fickle's/Figgs, Foggs, Methleys, and TIGER-using Medleys (Sussex, same as Deans/Dene's) suspect with the TEEGER variation of Teague's.

It was a super and timely find because Purys are also Bureys while the big surprise, which I'm now ready to unveil, starts with the Bury location of Omans/Ormonds, a thing I missed yesterday: "...the surname is descended from the tenant of lands at Bury when Ormundi, son of Leuric was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086. They are believed to be of Omanville in Normandy." I happened to re-load Omans/Ormonds this morning because I knew they shared the Tween/Twin fesse. Reminder: crocodile Deans/Dene's were at an Ormond location. Reminder: The Buris variation of Burys/Burreys is a pointer to Burisma, the owner of CEO of which is ZLOCHevsky. English Burys/Buris'/Burreys: "Henry BEDERic or De Bury ( fl. 1380)..." I therefore loaded Beders/Bade's to see a Coat seen yesterday, though I had forgotten who used it. Finding it, it was the SLOCKS!!!!!

BIG SURPRISE. The Slock Coat is the Beder Coat while Mr. Bederic is in the Buris write-up, that can't be a coincidence after all else that we've seen.

What could it mean that Bureys (three of the BUSH / Pury/Burey fesse) are listed with Bussys/BUSHE's while sharing the triple fesses of Methleys (Yorkshire, same as Bush's) who in turn share the pierced stars of Purys/Bureys? It looks like a Bush merger with Bury/Buris liners, begging whether George Bush's administration was criminally involved with Burisma gas. Bureys are the Pussy-like Bussys that linked to BUS-stop Lorraine the babe, for the triple fesses of Bureys/Bussys are in the colors of the near-same of Babe's, the latter first found in Dorset with Bushers. Pussys have triple fesses too, but in the colors of the same of Moise's/Moisens, the potential pointer to Kolomoisky, said by some to be the real controller of Burisma gas. The English Bush Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Pury/Burey / Oman/Ormond Coats, and the similar Tweens/Twins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens of Bade-like Bath. Baths were first found in neighboring Somerset with Battins/BADENs while Beders/Bade's are also BADENius'.

I can't recall the specific roll Devon Archer had with Burisma along with Hunter Biden, but I do see Archer-Stoke in the write-up of Bridge's (Somerset), looked up as per the bridge of Slocks. Archers (and Larchers) have an item out of a coronal crown as code for the Ceraunii Illyrians now pointing to coronavirus.

Hmm, Marys, first found in Norfolk with Nigro-beloved Wheats/Whate's (ear of wheat in Crest), happen to share the upright lion in the colors of the same of Hatricks and Galves'. Hatters/Hettericks share the fesse of Runnings/Ronnys i.e. the running shoes at Galveston. Mary of Buttonville is thus a strong pointer of an Obama-Biden team to whatever my Galveston mugging is a pointer to: suspect with American fingers in Wuhan.

I always link the Tooth, Bump and Lauder/Letter griffin to the shark's teeth in the 1979 dream, which were around the belly of the bulldog while half in the shark's mouth. I interpreted that bull dog as president Trump in this current corona crisis. The dog JUMPed into the pool, and Jumps share the Trump stag head, which is also in the colors of the stag head in the Arms of County Waterford...the location of the Currys and Correns/Currents now linking to crocodile-connectable Denhams. Wow, lookie here, for with Denhams first found around Lauderdale, I can now add that the Tooth-Crest and Bump griffin is in giant form with Traffords/TREFFords, who were looked up because Dunhams are said to have been at Trafford. The Trips/TREFFs are the ones with Dean-linkable shoes!!! They have three shoes in the colors and format of the three Denham cranes. Lauderdale is at/near the Tyne river suspect in the Tooth motto.

The red griffin is probably owned by Pomerania, not far from the first-known Trips/Treffs. The latter were first found in Hamburg with Nissans, recalling my running shoe with keys (when mugged in Galveston) inside the Nissan. Tooths are related to the Feathers ("Valens et volens") who look linkable to Obama's Singletary line.

The bulldog just walked along and FELL into the pool, yet it was walking fast enough that it could be interpreted as a jump too. I think it works both ways because Fellers / Fells and Falls' (same lion as Pools) suggest Rockefeller involvement, and so let's add that a Massey-related Coat is with Whelans/FAILINs (stag head), first found in Waterford with Denham kin, while Whelans look like the Valens' in the Feather motto (looks like we're back to Velens-of-Valognes liners). Fellers have a version of the Lynch Coat, can we believe it, for we saw the lynx of Crociatonum linking to the Negro mugger. English Rocks (TREFoil), in the colors of the Arms of RoqueFEUIL (same place as Rocks/Roque's) share the Chief-Shield colors of Tricks, put that in your hat. I kid you not, the songline, "Rock of Ages," was singing when writing the Rock/Roque brackets above, and it's Saturday again, the day I often get songline miracles like this. The next song just sang, "FALL on your knees." Fall on your knees, president BragMouth, of suffer a big fall of another kind as per the Law of God. Jesus is no Bill Barr. The punishing rod for the wrongdoer is necessary, Mr. Barr.

Ormond of the Denhams is in Tipperary, where La Fonts/Lafins were first found. While Waterfords/Waterville's use "fountains" for the Fountains (probably the Payne fesse) of Norfolk (same as Dunhams), the nearby Waters/Waterville's of Essex share the triple chevrons of Essex's MUSCHATs, recalling my Ukrainian girlfriend, DIANE MUSCHATov. Diane's are listed with the English Deans/Dene's (beside Essex) suspect with the Chief of Trip/Treff-related Masse's/Masseys (Savoy, same as Aude's who probably named Aude down at Roquefeuil). The neighboring Muscats (no 'h'), you see, share the black antelope of Dunham-line Singletarys, how about that, another Obama pointer to Ukraine crimes. The Muscats/MOUSquette's share the double fesses of crocodile Deans/Dene's!!! Surprise, Diane Muschatov speaks. Obama the mouse, the leader of fools. Look for American tax dollars in Ukrainian laundry machines. Here's Muschatov in many of my updates, so you know I'm not making her up.

AH, the Luffs/Love's, once said to be first found in Suffolk with Muscats/Mousquette's, have a version of their Coat but with three fesses. The great thing is, Luffs/Love's are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with the Pussys having the triple fesses of Moise's/Moisens, colors reversed from the triple fesses of Luffs/Love's! Bingo, it's making Moise's look like a Mousquette branch, and thus the Ukrainian, Diane Muschatov, points doubly to the Ukrainian, Igor KoloMOISy (or read as KoloMOISKy).

Note that while Trips/Treffs point to Zlochevsky's croc shoes, English Trips share the crosslets of GORE's. This is definitely of mythical GorLOIS, and the Lois' have a giant ostrich in the colors of the giant vulture of German Gors. I'm wondering whether God set up the Gore's / Gors to point to IGOR Kolomoisky. The only other vulture I know of, for a surname, is from the Slings/Sintzenhofers, and I have a couple of ways to link these vultures to Hitler's Nazi's, especially to Dachau's concentration camps. The Arms of Dachau uses a SLING shot.

Wikipedia removed its allusions, of a German cement company, to a vulture. Nesher (means "vulture") cement named a town by that name in northern Israel's site of Armageddon. Didn't Jesus talk about Armageddon soldiers being fed to vultures? Why does "Nesher" look like "Nazi"? Why is Nesher near NAZAReth? Is that a vulture in the Arms of Nesher? While Pollocks share the saltire of Franks with a "nati" motto term, Mr. Pollack founded Neshar cement. Natts/Nathans are suspect with the naming of Nathan Rothschild (the first/second Rothschild), of Frankfurt, and his father was Mayer Bauer while Bauers share the Hiedler/Hitler stars. Rothschilds essentially founded Israel, and I think Jesus likes Rothschild industrialists like he likes Mystery Babylon. End insert]

The Unelli of Crociatonum were in league with LEXovi, and I now know that they were from lake LYCHnidus (not far from Aulon) above the Penestae (on the map above) that named the lynx-using Pennys/Penes' (share black greyhound with LICKs/Lucks/Luke's, that's right). To the near south-east of Lychnidus is LYNCestis, origin of the Lynch's (another lynx) and some similar surnames. The pelican in the Lick/Luck/Luke Crest is code for Pelagonia, beside Lyncestis. Licks/Lucks/Luke's were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Arthurs, and near the first-known Denhams (crane). Denhams are in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs using RESTS, and ORESTis is shown south of Lyncestis. King Arthur was a myth-code entity, son of Penestae-liner Pendragons (look like Pendergrass' to which Lorraine's grass stain pointed). King Arthur was made born at CORNwall's TINTagel, part of the Tints from the Atintanes shown between Aulon and Orestis.

Note the BOIus to the south of Lychnidus, for Lynch-related Bothwells use a BOY pulling a PINE tree, likely code for king Pinnes, i.e. like the Penes variation of Pennys. The latter's lynx is in a crown, likely code for Ceraunii elements. Saltire's/Salters have TEN billets probably for a reason. There is a THEN variation of Tine's/BOTEville's/Botville's, first found in Shropshire. Botville's sure do look like Bothwells. The "bonne" motto term of Thens/Botville's could suggest that the Boius named the Boii of Bononia, otherwise called, Bologna i.e. like "Valognes."

I've just noticed that the TAULANtii, spread across the coastal area from Aulon, look like they were named as, D'AULONites. The last time I mentioned Licks/Lucks/Luke's was when connecting the Church's (black greyounds) from Lorraine's Church street to Lucca's Canossa's elements. Recall how her walk ALONE (probably on Church street) with the husband got us the Alone variation of Alans. Alone = Aulon, by the looks of it. It suggests that Aulon liners were in Lorraine of France, or maybe that proto-Lorraine's were at Aulon.

The Taulantii region covers Fier county at the mouth of the Apsus, and this, I'll bet, named the Vire river at Alauna / Crociatonum. Fiers were first found in Middlesex with the Apsus-like Apps who in turn use a fesse like the fesse of Licks/Lucks/Luke's. AHH, I was sure that the UNiCORN was an Una-river merger with Ceraunii, and Vire-like Fire's use a giant unicorn! It's telling us now that surnames with unicorns are going to have a lot of Unelli liners. RasMUSSENs (= Una-river Maezaei) share the Fire unicorn.

I've veered away from the Galveston / Kolomoisky (Mosca branch) discussion via the crane of Denhams, yet there are some observations to make the connections. "ZLOCHevsky" was suspect with the Slocks/Slacks who happen to share a bridge with Galways while crocodile Deans/Dene's were first found in Galway.

Plus, the Shark surname uses a crane too (as well as the Rockefeller-line trefoil), and the BULLdog in the pool with the shark was traced to Bullis elements suspect with the naming of the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, for Wikipedia once said that the royal Seleucids were from Epirus. The Slocks/Slacks look and Sellicks look like king "Seleucus," founder of royal Seleucids. Coincidence?

The Epirotes (people of Epirus) traces through Aprutium to the Eburovices (named Eboracum = York) of the Unelli (also called Venelli) sphere, and so I'm wondering whether the same people group that formed Seleucids in Syria were in the Eburovices / Unelli. The latter term looks like "O'Neil," and while Neils (share the Arms-of-Saraca fish) were first found in Tyrone with Saraca-like Sharks, Nails/Neils/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with Aulon-liner Velins and Velens, how about that. Tyrone's are also Tyrells, who could possibly have been the namers of Tyre's and Kintyre, the latter being where Alexanders were first found. Kintyre is near or even beside Avalon. Kintyre is beside the McCabe's of Arran, and Neil-like Nelly Ohr was likely working for the FBI's McCabe.

Nellys, who did point to Nelly Ohr, share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards, and the Nelly fesse is even colors reversed from the Alan fesse. Red roundels are with Ohr-like Orrs/Ore's and their Wake kin. wake's share the double fesses of Babons, first found in Suffolk, where Bullis'/Bulliards were said to be first found. In colors reversed, the Wake fesses are those of Harcourts and Hairs, while the other Hairs/Hare's share the Dunham Shield. In the dream with the shark, God told me to "WAKE HER" up, and as she was asleep, she pointed to Sleeps, with two of the Croc fesses, and first found in Shropshire with Crocs and Alans. The Shirts/Shards, suspect from SARDinia, location of Seleucid-suspect Sulcis, have more red roundels. I was without a shirt when waking her up. There are multi-interpretations of that dream's symbols. Harcourts were Dane's, and Deans / Denhams / Dunhams are all suspect from Dane's.

Denhams recalls the Negro in Galveston, and while Negro's are also Nigro's, there's a Niger surname (share gold lozenges with Nagle's/Nagels!) with Nagel-like Nigel variation. It could be that Negro's and Nigers were Unelli liners, therefore, off-shoots from Nagle's. At least some Nigers are said to have been Blacks, or vice-versa, and Blacks share the Chief-Shield colors of Hatricks. [The next update finds anti-Fauci Dr. Judy Mikovits, who co-authored a book (out April 14th and sold out) against the Fauci establishment with Mr. HeckenLIVELY. One Lively/HIVely surname is almost the Niger Coat. Her name cause a check of Micks/Mikes' who have a version of the Moise Coat. Amazing stuff, don't miss her at the start of the next update. She's a whistle-blower and so compare Livelys/Hivelys to Whistle's/Wissels (probably the Bath lion)]

If KoloMOISKY was from Mosca branch (possible namers of Moscow), note that while Mosca's were where Licks/Lucks/Luke's are expected, at Massa-Carrara, the French Masseys/Massa's have the Chief of English Deans/Dene's in colors reversed. Amazingly, the motto of both these Deans/Dene's and the crocodile Deans/Dene's (same place as Lynch's), and even the motto of Vere's (share Massey Shield, derived from Vire-river area), have a "nihil" motto code for the Nihill variation of Neils!!! It's the Shark line through the Crociatonum area!!! Wow, the old 1979 dream just revealed that O'Neils were from Unelli, incredible. I awoke her by touching her knee, and Shoe's use a "knight issuing from the knees."

As was said when I was on the Kolomoisky topic a few months ago (starts 4th update in January), the French Masse's/Masseys once showed the same boots (same colors) as Trips/Treffs (part of the TREFoil symbol), and yet the Trip Coat was changed to show SHOE's, and Kolomoisky's friend / partner at Burisma sold crocodile leather shoes (and maybe Bute-like boots too). I gave a news quote that told exactly that. So, it appears that God arranged Kolomoisky's revelation as a Mosca / Massey liner from the Maezaei of the Una river, the river that named the Shark-line Unelli. And he owns a shark tank! If your head is spinning, so is mine.

Here's the quote with Zlochevsky expected in the name of the shop: "The Zlocci shop [Dnieper river] features collections of flashy men's shoes made from crocodile and caiman skins arranged on two polished marble tables. In 2015, investigative reporters traced the ownership of the business to Zlochevsky." The Boot surname was first found in BERKshire with the Pasleys (Moise chevrons colors reversed), and the Buris surname shares the Birch fleur-de-lys while Zlochevsky was the visible chief of BURISma. Is this pointing to the Birx's too? By what coincidence do Fauchs and Scottish Pasleys share thistles?<

As Licks/Locks and German Lochs/Logens share the swan with LEICesters, note that the Legro river of Leicester is also the Soar, for Soars/Sors' were first found in Wiltshire with George's. George Soros, the de-facto king of the new Ukraine under Obama. I trace "LYCHNidus to lake Lychnis, the alternative name of lake swan-like Sevan (Armenia) i.e. easily gets a swan symbol.

Aha: Scottish Logens/Logans use nails as code for the Unelli, I now realize. This surname, which is "Lohan" to the Irish Logans/DUCKs, was put into code as mythical LOHENgrin, the Swan Knight. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Nails/Neils, you see. The "Hoc" motto term of Logens/Logans is for swan-using Hocks, and as I've identified LohenGRIN with the mythical swan (king Cygnus) of LIGuria, note that GRIMaldi's of Liguria were in Genova with the Fessy-branch Fieschi, for Fessys use another "hoc" motto term. (The Fessy Crest looks linkable to the Stain and Stevenson Crests.) The Majors in the Logen/Logan motto ("VIRtus") were first found off of Maunch i.e. off of Crociatonum.

While Prock-branch Brocks use a "VIREscit" motto term half for the Shoe-linkable Skits/Skeochs (Ayrshire, same as Logens/Logans), PROCtors use three Nails, making the red Proctor martlet look like the red one of Westphalia's Velens/valence's (once showed ducks) and Scottish Valence's. Valance-like Valletta's/Vallans use a "quieSCIT" motto term. It's back to the Aulon/Avlona line to Alauna at Crociatonum, verifying that Unelli named the Neils, Nails and likely the Nagle's. I assume, therefore, that Unelli named Oneglia, home of Genova's Doria's. Irish Nagle's (nightinGALE) love the Gale's who formed "TintaGEL," from the Atintanes near Aulon. Doria's married the proto-Arthur Arduinici, and so it explains why king Arthur was given a birthplace in Tintagel by the wife of mythical GorLOIS. Lois' were first found in Artois, that's right.

Obama Skateboard

I'm going to repeat a little here, starting with the goal BETWEEN my legs, suspect in pointing to the twin Obama's on a skateBOARD, because my other goal that game had me going into the boards. In the dream's scene immediately before his skateboard scene, he was dancing. I thought that it was verify that the dream was from God, for Dunhams, first found in Norfolk with Skate's/Sheets, use a dancette. However, as I've said, his dance was the happy type when someone walks fast in one direction, kicks up one leg to the horizontal, then turns and goes the other way to kick a leg up again to the horizontal. I don't know what that dance is called. The dream was two or three weeks after Trump became the president on January 20, and Obama was happy because he was skating...Trump's DoJ wasn't going to charge anyone.

The goal between my legs showed that it's code for Leggs with a stag head in the colors of the Down/Doun stag. So, I now figure that the kick-up-leg dance was a pointer to Obama's Dunham line on two counts, yet I'm keeping in mind that Leggs (Dumfries, same as Patents/Patiens'/Patients) have a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head. I went to the boards after the goalie was deked, and Deeks/Dyke's share black cinquefoils with Bets. I might not have mentioned the Bets as per "BETween," but they share three black-on-white cinquefoils upon a white bend with Rodhams/Roddens, and so it's Clinton-interesting.

The Deek/Dyke cinquefoils are in both colors of the Sedans cinquefoils (the two Shields are identical aside from the Sedan border), and Sedans share a "sed" motto terms with Cars/Kerrs suspect in the Denham motto. The Dents of SEDburgh, and their Denet branch, suddenly look like Denham / Dean/Dene branch's. Denets ("proviDENTiam") were first found in Sussex with Boards. The Sedans happen to use a "dono" motto term while the Dons (Nissan fesses on colors reversed) have the omen-like "OMNia" motto term suspect for Omans/Ormonds. Crocodile Deans/Dene's were in Ormond.

In both his dance and skateboard scenes, he was in a dark business SUIT, the type he wore as president. In the scene immediately before the dance scene, I SEWERed a shot on his billiard table, and Sewers/SUITs SUTERs are code for Barry Soetoro, and moreover they have a good reflection of the lower half of the Board Shield. The latter uses white-on-red martlets on the top half, the colors of the Singletary martlets, and both surnames have antelopes in Crest. Both use so-called eSCUTcheons as code for Scute liners such as we could expect of Suits/Suters and Skate's (potent cross). Scute's share the crane with Denhams, and the gold tower with potent-like Patents/Patients. However, I have found another gold tower, with the Castile's.

The Castile's even use eight small symbols around their BORDder, as do Suits/Suters and Boards. The Castile's use eight of the Galves/GALEGo lions, and the latter, first found in GALICia with Castile's, use a castle apparently as code for their Castile elements, for the Galves/Galego castle is in both colors of the Castile tower. I scored a hat trick that game, and Galves'/Galego's and Castile's share the lion (both colors) of Hatricks/Ettricks (same general area as Denhams).

I'm going to guess that Castile's use an escutcheon, and it happens to be colors reversed from the same of Chaddocks and the upper half of the Board Coat. Both Chadocks and Board use eight white martlets around their borders, and Chads with Sheds/SCHEDs share the potent cross of SKATE's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Chads and Dunhams. . Chaddocks. The latter share the red cross (same style) of Galves-like Galways, and crocodile Deans/Dene's were first found in Galway. Repeat, Zlochevsky-like Slocks share the bridge with Galways. The vertically-split Shield of Galves' is colors reversed from the same of Chads and Sheds/Scheds. You're going to need to make up your own mind on what these links-after-links mean?

Galways use a cat and the motto of the Keith Catti in reverse word order, that being the line of Hesse-Cassel's Chatti. Galway-like Galves' of Galicia use a castle. Castile's use a Scottish Deans (Aberdeenshire, same as Tarves') use a "marte" motto term while French Marte's/Martins share the castle of German Cassels (the split Tarves Shield). Scottish Cassels share the Coat roughly of Scottish Kennedys and their motto, and then Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with the Ormond location of crocoDILE Deans/Dene's. Scottish Deans/Dene's (same place as Boards), with the Chief-Shield colors of Hatricks in colors reversed, share the giant lion of Dile's/Dills while Dillens have the same lion (in Crest) as Hatricks / Galves' / Marys. Deans/Dene's and Boards were first found in Sussex with Chaddock- and Chadwick-branch Saddocks/Sedgewicks and Mascals, and while the latter use the Saddock/Sedgewick escutcheon in colors reversed, Mascals are listed with Keiths.

The colors of the Galway cross gives away that they share the Birk/Burgh cat, and it turns out that Birks/Burghs were first found in Galway. Is this lumping Deborah Birx and her daughter, as well as Laura Birk, in with Obama-of-Galveston thingies? The importance of Galveston now is that there is an organization there involved with the Wuhan lab. Birx is front-and-center in this corona crisis. Whatever this coronavirus is, we can call it a bug, and Bugs happen to use a bat. It just so happens that Birks/Burghs are from John de Burgos of Comyns/Comines, the line suspect to Cuomo's. Debbie's may even be with the double bends of Como's/Cuomo's.

Bugs are excellent. No longer said to be first found in Nottinghamshire, they are now said to have been in SHERborne of Dorset a little earlier. SHERwood forest is in Nottinghamshire with Robin Hood, and the latter appears to be in the Crest of German Bogens (Bug colors). English Bugs: "This same source notes that 'we learn from Deering's "Nottingham," that in the reign of Mary I., the Bugges, as Merchants of the Staple..." It's the Staple's who are excellent for pointing to the AIDS programs of Deborah Birx, for they have a bend with the specialized Aid Crest, and so the Staple bend shares three leopard faces on a bend (different colors) with Aids. Moreover, that special symbol, when on the blue Staple bend, includes the Birch fleur-de-lys, but on the bend of Burys/BURIS'. The Staple Crest indicates Ceraunii liners.

Staple's (share Peter motto) are of Peter Pollock of Rothes castle, and German Bugs (Bogen colors) share the raven with Peters (Devon, same as BarnSTAPLE) and Rothes'. Peter's Rothes castle is at Moray, smack beside the Rose's sharing the "water bouget" with English Bugs (Scottish Peter colors). The bat-using Randolphs were first found in Moray, and they even have horseshoes, is that not quite a find??? Bugs just led us to horseshoe bats in Obama's cave.

[After inserting above on the Fort Detrick lab of Maryland, Detricks/Deathicks were loaded to find water bougets.]

Staple's were first found at DOWNHAMford (Kent), no guff at all. And while Dens/Dene's were at Ormond, we even read: "...Walter de Stapel in 1275, and OSMUND atte Staple was listed in Place Names of Surrey in 1279." Osmunds are listed with Omans/Ormonds. NO GUFF. Is my Galveston-related omen pointing to this? "Staple-Fitzpaine is a parish..." Obama's grandmother, Miss Payne. Payne Roet was from the ESTAPLES area (Picardy), and English Payne's were first found in Somerset with Roets (beside Bugs of Dorset). The Wheelwright kin of Roets share the Singletary antler design. Wheelwrights were first found in Yorkshire with antelope-liner Chimneys; I'm seeing a chimney FLU smokin.

Some say Obama's "wife" was Michael, and it just so happens that Michaels/Michells share the mascles of Peters, and even have the fesse of Sherborne's Bugs in colors reversed. Uh-oh, Michaels and Sherborn-like Shere's (German Bug colors and format) were first found in Surrey (beside Staple's) with the father of Ada of Warenne/Varenne, and Varenne's happen to share the three ravens (identical Coats) of German Bugs! Surprise. Stay away from this Obama bugger. Last I heard today (still Saturday), Michelle was talking to Joe Biden, maybe asking to be his vice-president. I would hate that dastardly picture. But, hopefully, it will land Obama in jail. (I'm not sure whether it relates, but Dutch Castle's share the Coat of German Bugs.)

Although I think Barr would NOT arrest anyone if he had his way, this corona crisis is actually good for forcing his hand, because Trump's election is in doubt if he can't boast about a thriving economy. If Obama gets into the game of picking Biden's VP, Barr could go after Obama. If Trump loses the election, Barr will be replaced. Why did Barr come out to say, on the Ingraham show, that indictments are in his will in regards to the FISA scandal, IF the evidence to indict is there. Is he saying Durham still doesn't have the evidence?

Barr came out at the climax of the corona crisis probably because he saw the deep state trying to do Trump in again, and so he sent out the message that he'd prefer to see indictments, hoping to rein in that deep state's ferocity.

Sunday morning: "Former President Barack Obama seems "very eager" to help ex-Vice President Joe Biden defeat President Trump. Obama insiders reportedly expect the former president to campaign for Biden during the remainder of 2020, though he previously did not have confidence in the former vice president's ability to win the election." Obama the snake is trying to wiggle back into the White House. The only explanation for the DNC's support of now-hopeless Biden is that it had a backup plan, and Obama seems to be that plan.

Good News Gone Bad

If you haven't yet seen Judicial Watch's tentative victory over Hillary Clinton, and how Barr is fighting for Hillary's will, not to answer court-demanded questioning of her email crimes, see Tom Fitton below. Why is Fox not screaming about Barr's attitude here, covering for crimes? Oh sure, the faces on Fox make mention of JW progress from time to time, but there is no Fox crusade (from the top) against Barr to make him fold and come clean with the people.

On Tuesday's Tucker Carlson: out of 215 mothers who delivered newborns in two New York facilities, between March 22 and April 4, a whopping 33 mothers tested positive for "coronavirus" (Tucker didn't say, "COVID-19"). This situation can be considered like a poll, for it's a random group of people, and thus it indicates that 1 per 6.5 people everywhere in New York city have this virus. Tucker goes on to say that 29 out of the 33 had zero symptoms (almost 90 percent), yet the falsifying CDC said that only 1 per 4 COVID-19 infections show no symptoms. Big difference. Tucker's numbers mean that New York city can go back to work, this is not a pandemic. The fatality rate is thus very low, because most New Yorkers already have the virus, and are probably immune to it.

Tucker did the math and concluded that 1.3 million New Yorkers have the virus, and as there have been 2,200 deaths reported thus far, that's a fatality rate of 1 per 590. Tucker goes on to say that these numbers indicate that corona is mild and not nearly as deadly as advertised. News like this is the trend out the gate early this week, and it's clobbering the shutdown lunatics...what will they do to make a come-back? Fox put this Tucker segment in a short video:

The question is: why has Trump not ordered his people to do a random test? Why hasn't such a test been advertised? It's very suspicious. Trump, the goofy president, is now wanting this virus to be as deadly as possible so that he can report himself to be a bigger savior. He loves winning because he loves boasting in himself; he has this illness that was the incurable illness of satan himself. Satan never grew up. If not for HIS lockdown, Trump keeps telling the press, MILLIONs would have died. Our savior Trump, saving millions of people. SPIT! But in this boasting, he's beating up on his liberal enemies, and that's a good by-product of his incurable illness.

I predict a high probability that the American shadow government will unleash another virus to act as the continuation of COVID-19 because Trump this week is beating up on the Democrats, and winning the pandemic war against them. The numbers pumpers have the problem of being unable to inflate the numbers perpetually while the nation is in a lockdown, because it tends to show that the lockdown isn't working. That is, if it's not working, those who promote it are to blame for ruining the economy because they claimed that the shutdown was necessary to bring deaths down. So, the numbers pumpers, though they did their best to skyrocket deaths even after the first week of the lockdown, and especially after the first week, know that they cannot go inflating the numbers any longer...until Trump opens the country again. That's when we can predict that the goons will go against him with renewed pandemic, though they may do it closer to the election.

It is completely wrong that the numbers of deaths should have skyrocketed after the first two weeks of the lockdown. Most-everyone with the virus prior to the lockdown would have ended symptoms by the second week, yet that's when the death numbers went climbed and climbed until this past week-end. It's just not correct. They falsified the numbers. Just use common sense. They had to make the best show of it because they waltzed into trump's office to convince him to lockdown to the end of April, and Trump, who takes credit for very good thing, was their fool, and he locked things down needlessly, and now he's bragging that HIS lockdown saved lots and lots of lives.

Also on Tuesday, Tucker reported that Americans (National Institutes of Health) helped to fund ($3.7 million) the Wuhan lab now being blamed for the start of the pandemic. Tucker didn't tell the people the possibility that, if Americans funded some of the work, Americans may have been in the lab, and thus Americans may have released the virus deliberately, then blamed China through their American-media outlets. Matt Gaetz this week: "The NIH gives a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology {and} they then advertise that they need coronavirus researchers and following that, coronavirus erupts in Wuhan." There is good possibility that Americans unleashed this thing (not what Gaetz is saying, or he's a dead duck).

This Tuesday, a leak from the state department proves to me that the Americans unleashed this virus:

A Chinese laboratory at the center of new theories about how the coronavirus pandemic started was the subject of multiple urgent warnings inside the U.S. State Department two years ago, according to a new report.

U.S. Embassy officials warned in January 2018 about inadequate safety at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab and passed on information about scientists conducting risky research on coronavirus from bats, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The Washington Post, the blowhorn for fake news from the shadow government, is revealing to anyone with a brain that the shadow government had decided to use the Chinese lab starting at least from January, 2018. It warned the lab because it planned to blame the lab, and it wanted to prepare the "paper" on which the warning was given so that it could eventually leak it, and here we are with that leak that it's using as "proof" that the Wuhan lab was responsible. And Tucker Carlson with the rest of Fox are going to swallow this whole, and spread it around to Trump supporters, because Fox is a masked hypocrite, half the time, that dares not go against Intelligence on issues like this even though it knows that Intelligence is filled with corruption. The shadow government was scheming, from at least 2017, to use this virus to ruin Trump. And here we are.

"In a series of diplomatic cables labeled 'Sensitive But Unclassified,' U.S. Embassy officials warned that the lab had massive management weaknesses, posed severe health risks and warned Washington to get involved." Yup, bad-mouthing the monster that it would eventually create, and getting Americans involved. The Chinese probably know that it was American fingers in Wuhan that let the virus get out. But Fox is telling the story differently, like a hammer to China's head.

It goes on: "The cable argued that the United States should give Chinese researchers at the Wuhan lab more support because its research on bat coronaviruses was important and dangerous. The lab had already been receiving assistance from the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch." What kind of assistance was Galveston giving? Financial only, or hands-on work with Americans inside the lab? Did the Americans create the virus inside the United States, and then bring it, or ship it, to Wuhan? Did the Americans then unleash the same virus inside the United States, and in Iran, and in Italy, with the plan of blaming it on Wuhan?

This article, and others blaming the lab, talk about horseshoe bats. Scottish Randolphs use a bat in Crest, and horseshoes on their Bath cross. Hmm. Is Obama pulling strings with a sector of the shadow government to advance this crisis? By Wednesday, the numbers pumpers had wildly increased the numbers of deaths, probably because they could see no other way to stop Trump's free march to opening the world again. Even as Trump announced on Wednesday night that the curve had flattened and started to go down, the numbers pumpers snuck one up on him by announcing more than 2,300 deaths for a 24-hour period Tuesday to Wednesday. I totally get it: the numbers are being controlled by anti-Trumpers. They do what they want; they are lawless, dishonest, mafia-type degenerates who wish to rule over us. They are everywhere in every country, and they will pull others to themselves lest being out of their will spells trouble from them. The test of integrity is on. People who hold on to traditional / Christians principles will be deemed of less or no value...when they get into power again. They are in power already, in many states and municipalities. It's a good time to be salt.

Trump taunted his Democrat enemies (Wednesday night) by telling them that he will get the economy roaring back FAST. This is his message now, under their dead bodies. We should watch to see how wicked / lawless they will be.

On Wednesday Night, Tucker said that there's proof the virus came from a Wuhan lab. I was intent on seeing it, but he said that Fox reporters spoke with "high level government sources" -- no names given, no organization(s) given, this is like what the fake-news people do. The sources were saying that the Chinese knew the virus to be from their lab blah-blah, why should I believe this "evidence"? The people telling this evidence don't want to be identified in case their lies are discovered, that's what it looks like to me. But Fox news will protect them, we may assume, for Fox protects its Intelligence sources because it needs them for news stories SPIT! Fox is an accomplice to whatever scheme the shadow government has for the nation and world. If the people make progress against it, Fox snuffs the people out. It happens over and over, Fox is the irony, the half-way savior who hands us off to the midway killer. Keep watching Fox for the juicy stories as they develop, crossing your fingers for justice, but in the end Fox lets the deep state win.

Fox put out an EXCLUSIVE story, but failed to tell what sources made the claim. I suggest you not click to read because there's NOTHING to read, but here's the story in case you want to check about the sources (probably at the CIA) NOT being named (why not?):

An "exclusive" story means that it originates with the media giving the story. So Fox took it upon itself to go to the CIA, but did not take it upon itself to go check whether the people who've died were given chloroquine. What does that tell you about Fox;s war-hawk agenda? It tells us that war with anti-American powers matters more to Fox than the systematic murder of its own people. The CIA can't easily get liberal media to publish this Wuhan-lab story because liberals want to clear China and blame the illness instead on Trump. So, Fox is the willing CIA stooge in this case. The now-contemplated out-going accusation, and Bongino's thinking of making it too, is that China deliberately spread the virus to the rest of the world.

This is the same Bongino who knows that the CIA created a full-blown accusative program against its enemy, Trump, but Bongino doesn't suggest that, maybe, this is a full-blown CIA accusative program against its enemy, China??? What's wrong with Bongino that he should go with Fox on this matter? Ah, Bongino makes money and reputation by appearing on Fox. Money, the root of all evil. People lie and support the bad guys for the sake of money, it's nothing new this century.

John Solomon has a juicy story on "newly declassified documents showed Monday." Declassified footnotes in the Horowitz report revealed almost nothing, because it's what we all knew already. It just adds to, and verifies, it. What we need to see is the corruption-money bags behind the Intelligence / corporate Russians who fed Steele disinformation for ruining Trump. Plus, these releases may have as their aim, from Barr himself, to give the Comey and Mueller teams the excuse that they were just poor victims of big-bad Russian disinformation. Where's the release of damning information? Why can't the entire contents of the bag be spilled for all to see? Why this drip-drip every few months that seeks to make the story go away, eh Barr? The criminals already know what they did, what harm is there in letting the people know too? Barr doesn't need to reveal his strategy against the guilty, if he's going ahead with charges, but at least expose the criminals for all to see so that they become weaker in every way, or frightened and uncomfortable to continue their drive.

Here's the footnotes revealed. The first one shown (Footnote 17) reveals that Britain (the government) was complicit with Steele's reporting to the FBI / CIA:

Footnote 21 exposes the possibility that Horowitz took an excuse not to review some of the Carter Page material, with the possible motive of keeping concealed some of the damning contents of that material.

Footnote 205 reveals that the FBI paid Steele at least $95,000 for services against trump. That is no small matter, for a government body of Law to pay a foreigner to cast dirt on a presidential candidate. If I were the attorney general, that alone would be a reason for an arrest of the FBI boss, and there is even a mountain of corroborating evidence against Comey.

It would be an easy matter, and wise, for FBI conspirators to enter into their notes to the effect that they know nothing about individuals who are in fact central to their conspiracies. Horowitz himself left names out of his footnotes in anticipation of the footnotes becoming public. That is, Horowitz took precautions to assist the conspirators. He goes so far as not to reveal whether a source is a he or she, as though the people have no business knowing what their government is doing to abuse them. This is exactly the position that "moralite" Barr hold to. SHAM! He's a stinking, rotten piece of insider trash. To put this another way, we can't trust Horowitz's footnotes; how much less his report? Any footnote can be added to give an impression 180 degrees from the truth.

Footnote 253 seems to be on Steele's allegations, and here we do find names such as Putin himself, portrayed as pro-Trump, what else? I'm really fooled, Mr. Steele, I really am. It stands to reason that whatever Intelligence / corporate characters were behind some of Steele's false allegations, those people were on a money mattress with the Clinton crime ring.

In Footnote 276, Horowitz covers for the FBI: "As described below, it appears the desire to have FISA authority in place before Monday, October, 17, was due, at least in part, to the fact that Carter Page was expected to travel to the United Kingdom and South Africa shortly thereafter..." No, Mr. Horowitz, nobody believes you on this. The Clintons behind the FBI-Steele partnership y wanted to spy on Trump's inner circle in time to report some dirt by election time at the end of the first week in November. Mr. Horowitz, you are a disgusting excuse for an independent Inspector.

"Person 1" in footnote 302 is a CENTRAL-to-the-get-Trump-attack, Russian Intelligence guy, according to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. The latter testified/accused that carter Page was a tool of RIS, Russian Intelligence, and that Trump was therefore suspect of being the same. Fusion was paid by Hillary Clinton to make this allegation, and thus Barr has no choice but to arrest and severely jail Hillary Clinton and the others who helped to pay Fusion (including Marc Elias).

The question is, why is he called "Person" instead of a "Source" like others are called who fed, or supposedly fed, Steele his dirt? [Daily Caller article April 26: "Steele also told investigators that [Sergei] Millian is identified under different source names in the dossier: Source D, Source E and a Russian close associate of Trump. Millian is identified as 'Person 1' in the Justice Department inspector general’s (IG) report of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation." Millian claims he was not a source.]

Footnote 365 says that the FBI, previous to the first FISA application, ASSESSED (could have been a wrong or deliberately-wrong assessment) that Person 1 was a source for some important-to-the-application information that was given also to Steele. That makes Person 1 a source. He's not Person 2 or 3 or 4, but numero uno.

Footnote 365 is damning because, it says, the FBI did not disclose, in the first FISA application, that it had received from Steele "derogatory information regarding Person 1." We might not expect that to be disinformation because it hurts the FBI, but think again. It helps make Steele look like an honest broker for the Clintons. It's telling the reader that Steele was complaining to the FBI about the reliability of Person 1. Steele looks to be NOT conspiring with Person 1 to ruin Trump, yet Steele was being paid by the Clintons to get dirt, any dirt, so we don't expect him to complain about a source's reliability. We could expect Horowitz to give us, and Barr, that impression in a footnote, however. Or, as an alternative theory, Steele thought that Person I was corrupt, and for that reason wanted to go on the FBI record acknowledging it.

Multiple Footnotes lead us to believe that Mifsud was not an FBI worker. That could be disinformation. Footnote 164 tells that Horowitz "searched the FBI's database of Confidential Human Sources (CHS), and did not find any records indicating that Mifsud was an FBI CHS..". Maybe he was CIA. Maybe he was FBI as a freelance agent not enrolled with the FBI. Footnote 464: "The FBI also requested information on Mifsud from another U.S. government agency, and received a response from that agency indicating that Mifsud had no relationship with that agency." Horowitz is too stingy to name the organization. The people have no right to know, and so why in Hell is he the Inspector General if not on behalf of the people versus the FBI???

Why can't the people have their own Inspector General who reports all corruption and abuse directly to the people? Because, the powers have made things opaque for personal-gain reasons, and Barr holds to that tenet because he protects those using the system for self-gain. The wizard may produce fog, but we can see some things exactly because he produces fog. If you're hiding things, STUPID, you're revealing something bad, and if you go to Hell holding the secrets, how STUPID are you, is the question.

Bongino's Wednesdays show goes over some of these footnotes and accuses Horowitz as I do, of writing the notes to confuse the reader (or minimize the importance), if possible, in anticipation of the notes reaching the public or congresspeople.

You might think the following is an attack of Steele. Think again: "But their [FBI] notes also reflected negative reviews on Steele. He '{d}emonstrates lack of self-awareness, poor judgment,' was 'underpinned by poor judgment,' and '{r}eporting in good faith, but not clear what he would have done to validate,' one [invisible] source said." Uh, yeah, sure, he was having one of his bad days; it was a little cloudy in his head. But he wasn't doing it deliberately to ruin Trump. Nice try, FBI schmucks. They have nothing but best-picture-forward after best-picture-forward.

Why are there still significant redactions in the Footnotes????? Can't someone on the Trump side have a say on whether those redactions are justified? If they are merely covering guilt or the guilty, then they are NOT justified. If Barr has signed off on covering guilt or the guilty, SPIT! The world can't go round like this. It is the destruction of the nation for the attorney generals to deny the people justice from their own corrupt government. The house will cave. There will be no more loyalties. The leaders will be continually despised. The leaders will continually hate the people, and rob them more. The house is finished. The pursuit of happiness is no more. Freedom has become the chain. In God they entrusted the money, but not their hearts.

Let Lady Liberty call on God now to save from the anti-Christian iron fist, but she might receive His Hot Armageddon Piss instead, for she birthed the iron fist by giving it freedom to usurp power structures. I'm seeing God's piss in the American forecast, sorry. I just don't think God cares for a nation that gives satan a fair shake in controlling the country, then seats lip-serving Catholics on its Supreme Court after the liberals stacked it with anti-Christian Jews no doubt of the Rothschild shadow. PATHETIC PERFORMANCE USA. The Republican leader of your senate can't muster a challenge against a corrupt FBI and DoJ. He lets it off the hook to destroy another day. Lady Liberty gave right for your loveliest ladies to become pornographic sluts instead of teachers of God's beauty.

False: "U.S. Attorney General William Barr identified China as the biggest threat to the United States..." FALSE. Bill Barr is now the biggest threat to the United States. If he doesn't come clean with a massive number of arrests, he will be responsible for the iron fist arising. Nothing in China can do damage like the iron fist arising. Barr has wasted an entire year just like a typical do-nothing Republican. Lindsey Graham reflects Barr's heart: nothing happening. This is your present danger, America. Trump sees the fist coming, but instead of shooting it dead, he's dancing with it on stage every night. He allows his enemies to flaunt themselves in his face in full view of his voters. The iron fist is arising, Trump, while you're throwing compliments at Fauci the Hillerite. They have fangs at your neck, and there you are making love to them in public.

Sara says: "Grassley and Johnson expect the footnotes to be further declassified in the coming days." Why didn't Trump the fake demand these things three years ago? What kind of a leader lets corruption off the hook like he has? He threatens Iran, a pip-squeak, with bombs, but then lets the GIANT DEMON in his own country off the hook. He pretends to be against it, but does NOTHING to punish it. It's now coming at him once again, but still he doesn't call for declassification of EVERYTHING. He betrays the people he pretends to serve. He keeps stroking them with "America is great," and they fawn at his feet.

Mike Huckabee, another Fox-compromised speaker, said that Fauci's not trying to ruin Trump, but rather's he's so focused on the medical side of the crisis that he doesn't even see the economic crisis. Huckabee, don't lower yourself so low. Let others accuse you, but let not your own mouth insult you, brother. You would change your tune tomorrow morning if Trump fired him. Where does the Bible say that your opinions should be those of Fox news, or those of Trump, rather than the truth? Big problem there. It's okay to be wrong while seeking the truth, but it's not okay to be the stooge of non-believers no matter what their policies. Pray for the ruler doesn't mean jump into his sea of worldliness and splash about with glee.

Dr. Oz has never, according to all I've seen of him, raised the question of whether chloroquine was given to the people who died this past week. I've tried to watch every one of his videos on chloroquine, and while he has emphasized this topic, the thing we expect: he does not talk about. Mr. Oz, did the hospitals give chloroquine to the 10,000 people who died over the last week? Could you not figure out how to discover this thing? Which hospital had the most deaths in New York? The telephone is right on your person, call and find out, then tell us what they say. Fox? Where are you? Hiding in your den? Hello? More China bashing tonight while America doesn't bother using the drug that potentially saves?

The message going out is that chloroquine doesn't work, because death rates are not going down. Doesn't Oz want to know whether it's even being used? Doesn't Trump? What's going on, deliberate murder, and then using the crisis to change the political landscape?? Horrible performance, Fox. There's a burning forest in your own eye, leave China's log alone.

Trump's defence secretary admitted that the reports against China were from Intelligence, and he seems to believe the reports. Where is this situation going? It looks bad. Trump's Intelligence chief for the interim is a faggot, a product of Lady Liberty. Faggots are welcome to run the shadow government, thanks to Lady Liberty. The iron fist of Sodom is here, arising, but Trump puts a sodomite over his secret government. I'd laugh if it wasn't so sick. He's a respected faggot too, the most-dangerous kind.

Take warning where liberal governors are not permitting people to buy seeds to plant gardens even though there is a threat to the food supply. Take warning, liberals would have crowds die if it means getting power back. Lady Liberty gives them their blow horns and their stadiums and a red carpet to the White House. God says, no-no, don't do that, but Lady Liberty is the slut that murders the saints if need be. Hot piss on this "lady" is coming, and the demons in human clothing are wanting you to fornicate with her, Christian, that you might damn your soul.

God wants freedom from evil, but the Liberty Bella allows evil to rule, to rape her. That's how foolish Americans have been, even Christian Americans. Make evil against the law, but no, they love evil, and protect it. When they see evil leaders, they re-elect them even while complaining about them. It's hopeless, it's useless to give them the remedy. They chose lip-serving Catholics and anti-Christian Jews instead. They elected a billionaire casino owner who chased sluts all his life, and loved adultery. And they worship him for doing nothing out of the ordinary, even while he brags like the devil. They chose him because the alternative was the a masochistic Hillary snapping a cruel whip. The iron fist was arising, and even when king Trump saw that the people abhorred her, he let her live; he let her stay on the prowl; he let her have her crime ring unfettered. What kind of shambles is this king? He is for the glory of the nation, but the glory is puke before his face. He wants his voters to see the puke as something glorious.

Jenna Ellis, Trump's new senior legal advisor, and also the senior advisor for the Trump Campaign, is a YOUNG, attractive lady, as is Hope Hicks whom I read had an office right next to his. Trump and gorgeous young ladies don't go well together anymore than Clinton and his interns. Trump's new press secretary is a young (31, I think), attractive lady. It seems Trump's more interested in extra-marital sex than having experienced, seasoned, advisors / helpers. It's the impression he's giving, whether it's true or not.

As the excellent video below came out on April 8, I gather that Fox news got wind of it, but I didn't hear anything of the kind when listening to some (not all ) of the big four (7-11 pm). The video is by a doctor (Andrew Kaufman) who shows from microscopic photos that the coronavirus "creature" is just an exosome. Exosomes are produced by the body to fight off bacteria or flus. Dr. Kaufman argues that the testing for the COVID-19 virus is in fact a mistaken test that instead tests for the presence of exosomes. It makes a lot of sense as he explains it; watch it and get to at least the statement with three exclamation marks at the 8th minute; it gets very interesting from then on:

Before explaining what the Dr. Kaufman shows in the video, it's interesting that the Kaufmans entered discussions in the last update with Mrs. Kilpatrick's hovering scene in conjunction with her hood scene. I'll propose a theory here in case it works out that way. As there was a victory of sorts when I touched this hovering woman, perhaps it refers to a victory over the coronavirus scare by Dr. Kaufman's findings. Mrs. Kilpatrick, wife of Dr. Kilpatrick, was lying flat and asleep while hovering, with distress on her face before going to sleep, perhaps a symbol of a hospital patient, for KilPATricks were first found in Dumfries with Patients (share Castile tower in the colors of Galves castle). Kaufmans come up as Kaufers, like the Hoffer variation of Hovers, and Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH" holding a white anchor in its beak, the color of the Kaufer/Kaufman anchor. A flu viruses give COUGHs, and Coughs share the fleur-de-lys of Lose's.

The Loss'/Loose's are thus suspect in the Hood motto, "ZeaLOUS," for if the Hoods wanted to honor only the Zeals, they would have used, "Zeal." The ending on "Zealous" must be code for another surname. The Loss/Loose's happen to use both the white and the black Kilpatrick saltire, what a hoot. The Cough Crest has a so-called baton, and one Baton/Baston Coat shows nothing but....bats! No guff. The Loss/Loose Crest can be the Crest of Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries), likely of the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. Nitts/Naughts have an "OMNia" motto term.

OH WOW, as Nitts/Naughts look to be using a checkered version of the Natt/Nathan Coat, check out the Nations/Nathans (share arrow with Robin Hood and Rothschilds), first found in Nottinghamshire, where Bugs (bat in Crest!) were said to be first found, and sharing the Bug fesse! Bugs are a branch of Bogens using Robin Hood!

Luce Construction installed my septic system = SEWER on my Texas property. Loss'/Loose's were first found beside Luce's, and the fish of Luce's are often conflated with the Geddes pikes incorrectly. Clappers have a pike in Crest, and as James Clapper is suspect with Epstein's secret operations, by what coincidence do French Luce's share the Epstein Coat? RAW SEWAGE and RAT INFESTATION.

It's a long shot for the gold Patient/PATENT tower to be related to the same of Spanish Castile's, but for this exercise, let's recall how Castile's can be a Cassel branch from Hesse-Cassel, for Clappers/Claps share the Hesse/HESSEL sun, and German Cassels may be using the Epstein chevrons. One of the English Claptons have a giant patee cross in the colors of the Patent-like patonce cross of Sellys, and Zeals are also Sealys. The Zeal's (Cassel colors) expected in the Hood motto share the fesse of Hazels/HESSELs, you see, and Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau (WIESbaden). It raises an eyebrow. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born from Mr. Hicks, and while Hicks' married Arthurs of Clapton, Claptons could have the Zeal wolf head in the split colors of German Cassels. English Cassels share the black key with Clapper-like Clavers (Claptons colors).

Repeat: "While the Kilpatricks moved from my area of Texas to Forney, the Cars/Currs were at FERNIEhurst. Fernie's/Ferneys share the fesse of Hazels/Hessels (Cheshire, same as Dunham liners), and Hesse's/Hessels share the sun with Cars/Kerrs." Fernie's/Ferneys share the lion head of Ferns who in turn have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Claptons. I think this helps to confirm that Mrs. Kilpatrick was at the hood of the car, and that Hoods love Hazel-like Zeals. Hazel-kin Weavers love the Fiddle's/Fidelows sharing wolf heads with Zeals and their Sailer branch.

Back to the Epsteins of Hesse-Nassau = WIESbaden, for Wies' (version of Weis/Wise Crest) share the Crest and star of German Weavers while English Weavers (Cheshire, same as Hazels/Hessels) share the Hazel/Hessel fesse. English Wise's have triple chevrons too, in the colors of the one fesse of Wisemans, and while Wisemans had a branch in Falaise, Luce's by a Lucie surname were made governors of "Falais." Perhaps not by coincidence, the Walks (Dumfries) have a Coat reflecting that of Wies', and while Walks share the Perkins fleur-de-lys in respect of Walkers loving Plancia Magna of Perkin-line Perga, Wisemans share the Coy Coat as though things in this paragraph should point to Perkins Coie.

PLANCia Magna is the line to Plunketts sharing the Claver/CLEAVEr tower, and as Plancia descended from GLAPHYRa, I thing CLAVERs/Cleavers were from her name. Cliffs/Cleave's share black wolf heads with Zeals, and Dutch Cleaves have three fish in the colors of the three Luce pikes. By what coincidence do Claver-like Clappers use the pike too? Another line from the same Glaphyra Archelaus went to the royals of Geddes-like Cetis, and Geddes' use pike heads. Proto-Geddes Geds were on the Nith river with Kilpatrick castle. The Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as Nith river) have a Coat like that of Patrick- / Patient-like Pattys, and Claptons have a Patee cross. Nitts/NAUGHTs share the escutcheon of NATT/Nathans (Rhineland, same as birthplace of Nathan Rothschild, Jew, same as Jeffrey Epstein).

Okay, back to the video by Dr. Kaufman. The first microscopic comparison between an exosome and the COVID-19 critter is in the 18th minute, but a better comparison comes in 20th minute. Note that both are filled with pebble-like things that are later said to be eaten, bacterial toxins. You can see these pebbles inside exosomes in the 28th minute i.e. exosomes "eat" the toxins. God is so amazing, it's a wild understatement when the Bible calls him merely the Almighty. No one can fathom the level of intelligence needed to make the body's macro-functions work together with cellular functions, and yet the creation of the body is probably God playing tiddlywinks as compared to what he can do when He actually gets down to work.

What Kaufman is saying is that people tested with COVID-19 are just regular flu patients along with others having any other type of lung infection. However, he did not clarify whether he thinks that people testing positive for COVID-19 all have the same lung-attack ailment (whatever it might be) originating in Wuhan. I don't think that's his position, or maybe he just doesn't know. Perhaps a typical flu from Wuhan produced a certain kind of exosome that is being mistaken for a new virus. However, exosomes are not restricted to anything in Wuhan, and come with any kind of flu so that all the deaths being recorded with positive-COVID tests, worldwide, are probably deaths from regular flus or even non-flus. That makes all the sense in the world to me, and so this crisis looks to be a hoax, a literal hoax, because doctors, surely, know an exosome when they see one. Surely, doctors have seen photos / drawing of exosomes in their studies.

Someone this weekend did the quick-test for COVID-19, using 200 people at random, and finding that a whopping one-third had the antibodies. That just can't be right, or, by extrapolation, one third the U.S. has already had this virus. Something is wrong with the testing. Mr. Kaufman would argue that they are testing merely for the existence of exosomes. That makes more sense, and it explains why those leading this hoax have not yet reported their own random sampling of the American population, as that would destroy their picture in which they have COVID-19 starting with few people in roughly February.

I therefore assume that some high-level anti-Trump doctors, perhaps even Fauci, have convinced the world-body of doctors that presence of a certain type of exosome, in their testing, is evidence of a new strain of coronavirus...that does not in fact exist. The world body of liberal liars can convince the masses that the sky is green, don't you doubt it, because the masses are plagued with individuals having a mental disorder called, suckerprone. Or, to put it another way, the liberal media has become a master at suckering the masses. Or, the masses are filled with school-honoring individuals who trust their scholars / experts, yet have not been inclined to accepting that experts can lie and deceive at any time for a political cause, don't you doubt it. The media cherry-picks the experts whose comments are piped into the minds of suckerprone individuals...who think that people doubting the experts have criminal / warped / nutty minds. The number of suckerprones is going down fast, however, as they become enlightened.

If true that there is no COVID-19, then the whole thing is a mish-mash of flus, and chloroquine may work on several of them. Good for Sara Carter:

According to the Washington Post, the CIA privately advised its workforce that taking an anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat Coronavirus has potentially dangerous side effects, including possible sudden death.

The warning came in late March in an internal CIA website and was in response to questions from employees at the time....

There you go, someone at the Post couldn't resist snitching on the CIA, and, you see, the CIA was opposed to people becoming healed. It says it all.

Sara says that Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley had requested (maybe demanded) that Wray turn over ALL RECORDS pertaining to Crossfire Hurricane. Wray: none of your business, get lost. She also has an article telling that, in the U.S.'s fight against WHO (World Health) at this time, Bill Gates is on WHO's side. Gates is on the liberal side of this war.

Italics mine:

Johnson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, credits his committee staffers with the extraordinary find after long hours of combing through every detail of Horowitz’s report. The Senator also published Opinion Editorial on Friday with the Wall Street Journal stating that “Chuck Grassley and I began pressing Attorney General William Barr, and eventually acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, for full declassification of these footnotes. That’s why they’re now public.”

Press Barr, and press him some more, make him feel that Republicans will drag his name through the mud unless he comes clean with the country. Throw the bum out if he doesn't come clean NOW. Just make sure his big arse doesn't crack the concrete steps on the way out. I DO NOT like this Barr character, this moral facade.

Saturday: "The University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) lowered its projection of total deaths from 68,841 (with an estimate range of 30,188 to 175,965) to just over 60,308 (with an estimate range of 34,063 to 140,381) in an update published Friday." In other words, they haven't got a clue. Look at that range of possibilities. They haven't got a clue. With such a huge range, they can double the deaths knowingly unjustified but not fear a legal backlash. It was just our best guess, they could say. Why did it take Fox this long to reveal how unreliable the numbers are? Who would trust an organ of a Washington University on such a matter?

There must be hundreds of inquiries on why Fox shows, produced by non-Fox people, are often reduced to 2 seconds long the day after they first show wholly. If this were not a youtube-complicit problem, then we could ask google the question, "why are youtube videos 2 seconds long?" Or, we could ask google, "why are youtube videos 2 seconds long? fox." I asked both of those phrases, but google has suppressed almost all of the people who've enquired or responded.

I would think that, if there is a legitimate answer, google / youtube would simply give it up front. Hiding this issue suggests foul play by youtube, as could be expected. The same is now showing for a couple of channels showing CNN prime-time news shows, but the evidence I've seen so far is that those showing Fox shows are anti-Trumpers, and so those people reducing a few CNN shows to a few seconds (the Scorpion channel reduces to 6 seconds) may be a part of the trick to make youtube appear uninvolved. Fox has many more pro-Trumpers wanting to show Fox news shows than anti-Trumpers wanting to show liberal news videos, and so even if this game can be made to look fair by reducing both sides to a couple of seconds, it's not fair at all because pro-Trumpers are higher in number, more zealous.

However, there hasn't been one channel showing Fox shows that just shows the entire show, as it once used to be, without glitches. They now always monkey around with the shows one way or another, and clip out entire segments from time to time. You just don't expect that from pro-Trumpers, and so I have got to believe that youtube simply cancels pro-Trumper channels the minute they try to get their Fox / conservative-news show up.

Even while Trump and his task force keep telling the nation that virus numbers are going down since last week-end, worldometers is reporting a rocketing of deaths into Friday night. If the 2,000 daily wasn't enough to shock the nation into shunning Trump's plan to re-open business, the numbers pumpers had a whopping 9,000 deaths in two days from the 15th to 17th (Friday). It's just not logical that deaths should continue to rise now at 4,500 daily when "social distancing" and anti-flu drugs are being prioritized during the April heat. They are lying to us, hoping to keep business closed.

On Ingraham's Friday show, she was very concerned over the incredibly small number of deaths reported by China, India, Pakistan, and other countries, as compared to numbers in the New York. The latter had more than a 1,000 times as many deaths per capita. It's not that other countries have too-low numbers, Laura, but that the Americans are corrupt, artificially inflating the numbers because they, the numbers pumpers, are still infected with impeachment SINdrome. Her Friday show also found, from a California test of people per capita who diagnosed positive, that the fatality rate is like a regular flu. There are people dying and going without hospital surgery due to hospitals crowded unnecessarily with corona patients who might not even have corona. This is another fruit of the impeachment-sindrome lunatics.

KMVT is a Dragon Pusher

I've just watched three near-death testimonies, it seems they never stop coming. One gets the impression that what people experience in a "dead" state is not real, but more like a vision, each person's vision with its own tailored experience created by God to form a message that people must give of how loving God is, and how great being alive will be out of the body when one is one with God. I totally agree that this is the truth. Those two things predominate in testimonies of near-death experiences, and I believe God is much like the way that people describe Him.

However, what a great bonanza this subject is for anti-Christ types devoted to destroying Jesus. All they need to do is get 100 actors to feign a near-death testimony for 10 or 20 minutes, and then fill youtube with them. Sure enough, on my first view, within the first few seconds, of watching KMVT, I knew they were fakes. The first video I watched had a New-Agey universe will all-loving God, no Jesus. The second one had a big-bang-ball universe with a black hole in a star having an all-loving God. No mention of Jesus. The third one had an Indian (from India) who said that he was shown past lives. GARBAGE. CAUGHT IN THE ACT. It's faked, a fictional short story. Here he is:

In this one by KMVT, she says "nervana" twice and "inner guidance" at least twice, and "the universe is speaking to us at all times," and "it doesn't matter what your religion is." Trash, right? Help yourself to wasting your time with this indoctrination into a false-God satanism for the end times:

It looks like KMVT could have 50 or more testimonies already in video. When you think about it, putting 200 or 300 videos out there over 20-30 years is not very hard. And there are going to be other people doing the same (faked testimonies) in many individual youtube channels. A person can give a fabulous speech with a week of practice, and so we should not be fooled by a passionate near-death testimony that seems authentic if it doesn't have the ring of truth.

In the video below, there is a doctor who's interviewed thousands of people claiming near-death experiences (NDEs). Near the end of the video, he acknowledge's that some are fake testimonies. He says "God" throughout, but never "Jesus." How can we explain that people would be visited by God while He leaves out the most-important message for them to bring back to earth: that Jesus is the only way to salvation? Well, I have a theory.

God can give that same message to anyone, right now, who's alive. He doesn't give it to everyone. He has his reasons. Neither do people come back to their bodies telling that God told them to say: Jesus is fake, he's not the son of God, go and tell everyone. This omission argues heavily for God being the Father of Jesus, for if He were not, he would say so. But if He doesn't mention Jesus, nor show Jesus to people in a NDE, then there's an explicable reason, the same reason Jesus doesn't make Himself known to everyone.

God chooses whom will receive the Forgiveness of Jesus, and His Spirit. God decides how each Chosen one will be meted out their faith, whether weak or stronger, whether ordinary or special. And I suppose that God does not generally want people who enter the spiritual realm in NDEs to get something there about Jesus that they did not get from their fleshly lives. I don't know why God behaves this way, but there must be a good reason.

I don't think that NDEs are in a real zone. I think they are visions that God impresses on the mind. If they see a relative, for example, it's not really the relative, just a vision. They may be truly outside of their bodies, but if they see all sorts of new and wonderful things from the ceiling of a hospital room, how can what they're seeing be real? I do not believe that there is a parallel universe, a Heavenly realm, superimposed upon (taking the same space as) our earthly realm. The only thing existing at the ceiling is the ceiling and the floor above it, etc. Therefore, God's Spirit needs to decide what a person will see when someone suddenly breaks out of their bodies at death.

I find this to be such a dangerous thing in the sense that fakes can now exploit the situation by faking a vision of Buddha, for example. I have also asked whether demons can produce NDEs with a fake-God sensation. Perhaps there are a few of these demons who specialize in it for the purpose of making us on earth wonder why Jesus is not in them? I've had dreams as many as 10 times where a powerful force envelopes me, terrifying me, and I then start to elevate above my bed. In every case, I start calling to Jesus until I wake up. But what if some demons can envelope people with what they sense as great love and peace?

What if demons create that tunnel with a light at the end to fool people into thinking that it's God? I don't think God is a light at a defined spot in space. I think light is simply a symbol of God, like when He put that sun in the sky as a symbol of Himself, and the moon of exactly the same size. It's pelted and pierced by meteors, to represent Jesus pierced for our transgressions. The moon reflects the light of the sun, perfect imagery of Father and Son. Not two moons or three, but just one appearing the same size as the sun. Sometimes, they become one in an eclipse. And all the stars represent the countless saints each shining their own light.

I haven't studied NDEs, but even a preliminary look-see confuses me. This is not for me to comment on at any length. I hope they don't spoil your faith in Jesus. Study the burial blanket of Jesus, the so-called "shroud of Turin," and that should help you to believe that the apostles were not lying about the Resurrection. As with anything that gives faith, the imposters, the anti-Christs, are claiming to have discovered the trick for creating a shroud with human image by earthly means matching the method used in the shroud of Jesus. That's garbage. No evidence has been presented aside from an image online that can be produced from a computer.

Youtube stacks me with KMVT videos the moment I load one on NDEs. It's an anti-Christ conspiracy, the anti-Christs see the huge potential without being told. For them, the light at the end of the tunnel is Hell, and the God-like spirit is the demon who will push them in once they get to the end of the tunnel thinking they have something wonderful in store. Beware rebels. Youtube has yet to offer me a video, that I've clicked, where Jesus appeared in an NDE. I expect that from youtube. The first speaker in a video by UVA Medical Center Hour talks immediately, before he says anything else, about children who've reported past lives. TRASH. These are the human demons, beloved of youtube.

In the NDE below, we find a woman of a religious upbringing who portrays herself as an avid humanitarian. For the first 20 minutes, she slanders God as a mean creep who would not answer her prayers to help others in need, and He's to blame for human suffering. It's a key anti-Christian method of causing us to lose faith. Or, let's put it this way, that if she talks like this to others, her friends, then God can see right through her as an His enemy, dropping poison against Him wherever she goes, and so, naturally, God's not going to answer her prayers when her hard times come along. But not so fast, because I'm not sure she's not just an actress acting while telling a pure fabrication, for when she gets to her NDE, there's no angels, no Being, exactly what we could expect from an anti-Christian production. She goes blah-blah, and then says she practices meditation. So, God saw her later in life, and decided not to give her Jesus, because He foresaw her betraying Jesus, and slandering Him.

After ten minutes of blah-blah-describing her "portal experience" NDE, she's has yet to mention God, or that she regrets that God / Jesus did not meet her outside the portal (sounds New Age, what else?). She had a "guide" outside the portal, and she starts to choke up when mentioning this guide, but I can scarcely believe this to be a real choking. Then she mentions God as a sort of genius-architect of the math-science universe. New Age, masonry. She says: "I had connection on the outside to people all around me...I could feel the oneness as well" = New Age / masonic oneness. Jesus wants us to be one too, but masons have their own idea of oneness, with their counterfeit God who embraces all souls of all religions. She says she prefers to use "Source" instead of "God" since her NDE. I say she's a fake from the pit of Hell who's job is to act angelic to win converts to her satanic religion. I stopped watching at 39 minutes.

She's got a video at KMVT too (from Silicon Valley), where she uses the same words, the same speech in places. She makes God look like a creep for not taking her life while she has four kids, and she also makes God look like a creep for a baby she has that can choke at any time. She gives God the option of making things all better for her, but, again, I don't know whether this is a real story or an acting job. She makes God look like someone who let her die from prescription-pill poisoning rather than helping her cope with life. Nice drive-by shooting at your own Creator, lady, but you won't escape. We know the ending: she insists that God is The Source. There are lots of suckerprones in the comments section saying she's authentic, who don't realize the war that's taking place against Jesus from imposters. The Democrat party and its media are some of the greatest educators ever on how those who portray themselves as experts and angels are in fact falsifying imposters for the anti-Christian cause (it's been going on strong and wide for over 50 years).

Dr. Bruce Greyson, a leader of NDE group, says that NDEs started under that name late in the 19th century, which I submit to you was in the British-Illuminati era. Nobody heard of these experiences for several decades, not until about the 1980s, which is when I first heard of them. After that, a tidal wave of reports. At first, as I recall them, they were Jesus centered, but then came the killers, where people reported experiences contradicting the existence of Jesus. So, be wise as to what this movement is in the main. I'm not going to say that there are no real NDEs, but I think as many as most of them have been of an anti-Christian program with either faked testimonies outright, or testimonies from real experiences but where the person adds "color" according to their own beliefs about God.

The typical experiences described include not caring about anything anymore, a potential satanic trait: don't worry, be happy. Jesus said the same, but with faith in God to provide. The NDEs include a feel-great pleasure while being one with a super pleasure-radiating cosmic light. It could be construed as satanic. And, some have super knowledge, which again can be construed as satanic, to be like God, maybe like the Mormon god who was once a flesh man himself, the Mormons teach. So, the anti-Christians may be fabricating NDEs to push these ideas that satanists desire, with satan as the counterfeit God. With a couple of sentences, they might pose as religious people to hide their bigotry.

How do we know that the testimonies of souls claiming to rise to a ceiling and hear conversations are true rather than faked? How can we test them? Suppose someone goes around the Internet claiming that he's tested such people and found them to be authentic. How do we know that this one person isn't a fake? Just think of the great potential for NDEs to destroy faith in Jesus. It can be a far-worse program than evolution was, and just look at how much effort and money they poured into evolutionary teaching, over more than a century, to kill God. Wouldn't the same type of goons expend themselves on faked NDEs too? Yes, and they will do it with a mask of science, acting like professional experts, knowing the world is filled with suckerprones who just can't believe that people would fake such a story. You would be right, normal people would not fake such a story, but the goons can get thousands of fellow goons who would, especially if they are paid.

I still have not found one NDE with Jesus in it, at youtube. How can that be unless youtube is part of the goonery? I had to ask youtube for "Jesus NDE". However, if I were the devil starting an NDE program, I would definitely have some of my actors go on Christian TV to popularize it so that they get the no-Jesus NDE messages. Here's one where a man she claims to be Jesus told her to go back and tell people about love, but she was not told to go back and tell people about Jesus, which is what we could expect if she's reading a script written by an anti-Christian movement. The idea is to make the world believe that there is God who accepts everyone of any religion:

I would tend to believe a testimony more if they say they went to a hellish place, because this is not expected to be part of the goonery agenda. Plus, I expect God to want to give such a warning to the human race. The masonic-oneness God can only be all-embracing of everyone. I would say, beware NDE testimonies on the shows of prosperity gospelites.

In another KMVT testimony, the once-atheist DARLING, soft-spoken woman said that the God she met was not an old man with a beard sitting in judgment on people. She's insulting the justice of the Biblical God. Her God was just the good side of God, but apparently she was never moved by her NDE to repent of sins and turn to Jesus. Can we trust this testimony? To clarify, God doesn't wear a beard or have an old face; it's just Biblical imagery of his ancient-ness and wisdom. The man asking questions never mentions Jesus, and neither does she. She became a board member for an NDE movement, a satanic movement, as you can glean if you know your Jesus. She (Barbara Whitfield) apparently got into Kundalini meditation with another NDE "expert," you see...SNAKES in lambs wool. Whatever people like this say on a public screen, entertain it first as a lie until proven true:

If she didn't mention Kundalini, you would have though this woman to be such a darling, a true lamb of God. Here's her review of a book, "Kundalini Rising." "The following review was written by Barbara Whitfield, a well known writer and researcher in the field of near death experiences, which she sees as closely related to the Kundalini process. Barbara and her husband Charles have devoted their lives to making the world a better place [without Jesus]." She calls Kundalini the "Holy Spirit." She says: "Jesus had an awakened Kundalini. He knew who he was. He knew where he came from and he was aware of and connected to his Father, Mother, God. So are we when we patiently work with this mechanism." What an adorable lamb...over her snake skin!

So, no matter how darling those DNE testimonies, don't bite like a suckerprone. Test all things, or you'll become sickerprone. She became the president for Kundalini Research Network, and has been all over the liberal-media talk shows. They have a book, she and her husband, Dragon Energy. Awwwe, such darling lambs...

Can you imagine their horror when they end up in hell in not many years from now? Here's a theory. God sees his enemies, and gives some a near-death experience at a death that may not have been His doing. He shows them abundant love and goodness, and sends them back to see if they will accept Jesus. He gives them proddings, after they return, to consider Jesus, but, lo and behold, they don't want Him. They go about telling people that God wants us all to love one another, but then reject the One who loved more than anyone else, the One who claims to be God's only-begotten Son. How can these people be so snake-like as to reject Jesus even after they tasted God's goodness? How can anyone read Jesus and not realize that the abundant love of God they tasted is exactly in Jesus and the Holy Spirit he speaks of? Will they then become missionaries for "Dragon Light" and the god of yoga? Are they nuts? or were they just fakes from the start, anti-Christian goons? The answer seems simple enough: both of the above. They hated Jesus. And that's their condemnation. By whether we accept or reject Him will we be judged.

Or, God decides that some people get a second chance at accepting Jesus, and are sent back into their bodies to have it. They are given evidence that there is a God, in the NDE, but the question is whether they will freely choose, all on their own, Jesus as their God. It's one thing to see a light at the end of a tunnel, but the question is: do we like, love, or hate the words of Jesus? That's how God will decide our fates.

Put it this way, that if you see this light and return to the body, the FIRST thing you are expected to do is read the Bible like it was your greatest prize in life. That's the true Christian.

KMVT also offers the NDE testimony of Dianne Sherman, but this is a painfully slow testimony. At the 15th minute, after telling us about seeing the light at the end of a tunnel, she finally reveals her true colors. When she came back to earth, so to speak, she became "clairvoyant," with "psychic gifts," she says. She into meditation and "spiritual counseling." She totally rejected Jesus. Or, the alternative: she never had a NDE and is part of the liar's club to turn people onto a false God (she wrote a book on the topic, and so she's a missionary for the Dragon). In her KMVT video: "We are cherished unconditionally, there is no judgment on us [spit on Jesus] in any way, the universe loves us and is supporting us." She insults Christians by saying they invented the judgment of God due to our ego. Witch!

She goes about blind, teaching rebellion against Jesus. She makes money on her NDE: "My name is Dianne Sherman and I am a Life Guide here to help you find your way in this amazing process we call life. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Vibrational Healer. I can transform your life..." SPIT!

God's love is unconditional and overwhelming, beautiful love (Christians have been saying this from the start), after the forgiveness of Jesus is applied, and so for those people who taste this, and then come back from it only to reject Jesus, I've got to conclude that they are in store for horror. In a NDE experience, God may be playing with his enemies. Look, taste this, this is what you're not going to have, because you're going to reject the True God whom I sent to live like a man, that you might understand Me. I sent him to speak your language, but you rejected Me when you rejected Him. So, enjoy this taste, because you're not going to get it ever again. Maybe the NDE is God's teasing of some of his enemies.

I have yet to hear "Jesus" from anyone on KMVT. I'm now listening to Raymond Kinmon's testimony. These people are preaching to the world of Jesus-haters that they will have this beautiful love, and so, when they die expecting it, but wake in a hellish place, SURPRISE. They hated God, but wanted his goodies. They hated righteousness, but wanted the "drug." SORRY, but you must love the righteousness first. Jesus didn't die cheaply so that you could skirt His words and put them under your feet as meaningless. Jesus said, Living Waters (God's Spirit) will fill us, and wash / gush over us, or through us, even in our human bodies; how much more after we leave these bodies?

We cannot reconcile a God of only unconditional love and the massive suffering on this planet's stained history. The suffering is a testimony that there will be severe punishment from God. The horror on earth, including the Flood, is evidence of God's judgment on sin. Evidence for the Flood is in every rock-strata system, in every geological formation formed obviously by deep waters, in all the fossils atop the highlands, and much more. God will let me die horribly if I do not repent, with worse after death. He's angry, not cruel. He's giving the human race what it deserves. If we cause him to turn His face away in disappointment, then we're on our own when the bad comes our way. Don't then blame Him for not helping us. Go ahead, chase money, and then die, you've earned it. Go ahead, ignore Jesus, then die and face the Judge and His sentence, you've earned it. Your eternal fate is largely up to you. God made the Bridge, now you walk across it, and feel His heart melt in love for you.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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