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July 5

This is not unlike throwing a pie in Obama's farce:

"'For the first time, we brought a national agreement for the concept of two states for two peoples,' [Netanyahu] said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

The prime minister explained that the agreement was that 'the Palestinians will need to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the refugee issue will be resolved outside of Israel's borders, and that Israel needs and will get defensible borders that include the full demilitarization of the Palestinian territory.'"

That's a happy man, saying, "There will never be a Palestinian State, hee haw!" Obama's only recourse, if he shuns the righteousness of Netanyahu's words, is to react with evil. Once he starts down that road, there may never be coming back. I expect Obama's team to be filled with the evil that it deserves to be filled with...for the fact that it pushes a two-state solution in the first place just because it hasn't the easy recourse of dealing with Iran's threat in another way.

Biden, on behalf of Obama, has been forced to admit it:

"Vice President Joe Biden said the Obama administration 'misread how bad the economy was' but stands by its stimulus package and believes the plan will create more jobs as the pace of its spending picks up."

That's all we'll ever hear: the economy would have been worse without the stimulus money. Nay, Obama horsie; it might have been better. People may not be buying so much now because they see the Obama administration is set to steal even more of their money.

Where are those lower prices that I promised? I still they're coming. I think right now retailers are holding prices to compensate for overall sales being down. It's desperation, and it's causing consumers to buy less of the luxuries, and to choose cheaper items instead. That situation will cause a glut in many items, and for lack of storage room, or for need of quick liquid money, these items will be virtually given away at cost. The time will come, hopefully just as the tribulation Elect need the items for their long-term storage. If the warehouses can't store it, we can! We'll take it off their hands at cost!!

But don't depend on this view; it's merely my hope. However, I can see it coming.

Lumber prices in my area are surprisingly low. This is good news on two fronts. One, wooded-property prices won't go up, and in many cases must sell for less as mills offer less for the land or for the trees. A property cut clear of trees will sell for much less than one filled with a forest; the owner (which could be the lumber mill) must decide whether to sell the trees and then sell the land at a reduced price, or to keep the land for a better time/market. When milled lumber is selling for a high price, up go the large wooded tracts of land because people buy them just to cut the trees.

If mills are forced to sell at low prices due to a glut of trees, a glut of machinery, a glut of workers not having enough work, they are forced to offer less money for properties or trees. The second bonus for us, aside from cheaper properties, is that more properties will be available because owners don't want to sell cheap. The less that lumber mills purchase, the more there will be for us. We may have to a pay a little more than mills are willing to spend, but at least more are available.

There are other bonuses. Clear-cut land is not useless for trib survivors. It's better for gardening. One can purchase firewood for four years of use, buy the clear-cut land reduced, and have more money left over than would be the case had a wooded property been purchased. However, if one wants to help other Elect at that time, it would be good to have firewood to share. Some clear-cutters leave a few trees so that the land sells for something, and some properties have small growth from having been clear-cut 10 or 20 years earlier, having plenty of wood for heat.

What may have happened is that mills bought too much property when seeing a raging economy. Now they've got to sit on the properties, waiting for prices to go back up. If the bad economy lingers, mills and other property owners will be forced to sell cheap, as they need money promptly. A property sitting idle does not collect interest at the bank, and owners sitting on them know it. They have got to decide whether selling cheap is better because they can at least deposit the selling price in an interest-collecting plan.

I don't know about your area, but my gas prices are almost as high now as when the price of oil was twice as much. Someone's making obscene profit at the expense of everyone else. This will ruin the economy into the distant future and make a liar out of Biden, who is saying that the recession is near it's end. With high taxes, huge government expenditures, and high gas prices, people are going to sit at home counting whether they have enough money to fulfill their financial needs/plans.

One obvious explanation for the fact that many Elect still don't have country properties is that God has not moved them as yet to purchase. The reason may be that the best time for purchasing is still in the future. But I don't speak for God in this, so far as I know/realize. So don't bank on this view.

The question is: how will the world love us when we "hoard" the world supplies? We should buy years-worth of needs before laws are put in place to forbid "hoarding." Not wise to wait until the last minute; not wise to buy too soon. I trust that God has this under control.

Fantastic news. Arctic sea ice at lowest point in 800 years! The oceans need the extra fresh water. The winters can use an extra degree of warmth too. Bring on global warming, the sooner the better. How insane is it for globalists to extract so much money from people just to save a few polar bears? They therefore need to convince of worse scenarios, such as threats to shorelines. But people can build their buildings a few feet higher above sea level in time for the expected water rise some 30-50 years from now. After that, electric cars and solar-powered homes. Tell your local quacks that global warming is a good thing.

In a longish treatment on the current Iran issue, an article ends by saying:

"It would appear to us that in this, as in many other things, Obama will be following the Bush strategy -- namely, criticizing Iran without actually doing anything about it. And so he goes to Moscow more aware than ever that Russia could cause the United States a great deal of pain if it proceeded with weapons transfers to Iran, a country locked in a political crisis and unlikely to emerge from it in a pleasant state of mind."

Another article points out, dryly, that there won't be any traffic problems when Obama goes to Moscow, as not many Russians have mania over him. That's because Russian media constantly bashes Obama and the United States. Such sentiments are from the top, from Putin on down. Any deals made between he and Obama are as strong as thin ice, on a sunny day, in mid July, during high sunspot activity. At high noon.

I've implied it many times. Obama is a quack. He doesn't know how to run politics. He only knows how to create a facade that he knows. Oh, yes, he knows politics to some degree, like anybody who reads the news, but he's not qualified to be the leader of the United States, let alone GLOBama-in-Chief.

Those who pull his strings may not be quacks, but they're deranged all the same. They're not happy sitting on a front porch with a cold beer, smelling the fresh-cut lawn, with the wife humming tunes while making a nice gravy chicken dinner. No. They have to run the world! They have to control, to fix it.

Only a deranged person would take on such a mission. It's harder than controlling the weather. The world waves are harder to contain that the oceans. The turnings of the nations are as incalculable, as uncertain, as the winds. A global government cannot be realized by men; it's like trying grasping the air. Fools! They will only turn the nations against them. The strongest in opposition will collapse these types, and Russia is eager to do so. China is eager. King Kong Ill would not like to go to his grave apart from destroying the United States single-handed. Why? Is it due to the country folk in the Bible belts? No. Is it the city workers? No. It's the globalists, stupid!

The same ones who have opened the floodgates of sin onto the globe. And their greatest Opponent is...You-Know-Who.

I thought that the Sunni Iraqis would surely push for a referendum this summer to get the Americans to leave earlier than the end of 2011. I didn't read anything about it, and so assumed that there was no heavy weight behind the movement. But in an article dated July 3, the referendum looks somewhat alive:

"The next major milestone in the gradual U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, a referendum on a bilateral security pact passed last year, is likely to be delayed, politicians said on [July 2].

The referendum was due to take place before the end of July...

If Iraqis reject the [Obama-Maliki 2011] agreement in the popular vote, the 130,000 U.S. soldiers still in the country more than six years after the 2003 invasion will be given just a year to leave.

The government is pushing for the referendum to be delayed until January 2010, when the country also holds a parliamentary election..."

The article goes on to suggest that the Iraq's are using the threat of the referendum to keep the Americans in good behavior as they abide on the sidelines. What are the underlying accusations here? "One reason some [Iraqi] politicians say they are pushing for more time is to see whether the U.S. forces abide by the conditions set in the security pact. Many Iraqis harbor deep suspicions about U.S. intentions after six years of occupation." What do these Iraqis suspect of the Americans? A final grasp at some control in Iraq? Apparently, unwanted intrusions of some sort.

Two different scenarios can result. Either the Americans act too strongly against terrorists and get booted out in the referendum, or they don't act strongly enough and get booted out in the referendum. Biden suggested yesterday that the Americans might not act at all. It's as if the American military is angry with Iraq for sidelining it, and now the American military is going to make Maliki pay for it by being idle when danger arises. Mr. Gogi Bear? Have you heard about this? I think the light is about to turn green, Mr. Gogi Bear. And it might not be green for long.

Obama is stringing a different tune. What we could have is a Biden doing Obama's dirty work in complete contradiction to Obama's public facade wherein he promises strong American support should violence arise out-of-control. The Iraqi public is spurning the American sacrifices, and the American military feels the sting. If Maliki joins the anti-American sting, he could find himself on the wrong end of the American sword.

My expectations are that both Russia and Iran begin to move into Iraqi affairs. It seems inconceivable that American Intelligence would want Obama to lay hands off of that threat, but Obamacrats are dancing to different tunes at once. They have the rock-and-roll band shaking the ground below their feet from the Dems who want Americans out of Iraq YESTERDAY. And there are the horns blowing in their ears from the American military wanting Obama not to waste the sacrifices in Iraq. There is also the strumming from the European symphony that doesn't want the Iraqi opportunities to be passed on. Finally, there is the buzzing in their ears from the Intelligence Arm, warning that the sky is falling. It all makes for a terrible noise, promising to make a quack do the wrong thing.

DEBKAfile has a report on Biden's change-of-tune on Israel's desire to bomb Iran. The article shares enough Biden statements to the effect of Israel's right to bomb Iran that they cannot be typical Biden "fast draws" that later need typical Biden "clarifications." It's as if the Europeans have decided, together with Obama, to do the Bush-thing with Iran: keep it guessing as to whether Israel will strike it:

"US vice president Biden's statement, unless it is withdrawn, looks like the Obama administration's seal on a possible Israeli attack for pre-empting a nuclear-armed Iran. 'Israel can determine for itself whether or not to bomb Iran's nuclear program,' he said."

Biden refuses to say whether Obama will do all he can to keep Israel from striking Iran. It's as if the West is angry with Iran for the West's failure in toppling Co-Maniac and his Ahmadman puppet. The new Iran on the horizon is viewed so dire that Obama seems willing to risk the Bush-thing: a strike on Iran. But he's got to have Biden making the statements or he'll look stupid for doing the unBush-thing until now. Obama continues to stress that his hand is still a little outstretched toward Iran, even if a little burnt thus far.

The article has this: "Asked if Americans would again put their lives on the line again if violence flares back up in Iraq, Biden flatly said 'no.'" Whether that was Biden's personal desire, or the decision from the Obama desk as this time, remains to be seen.

The air feels like war:

Hossein Shariatmadari, writing in the conservative Kayhan daily Saturday, July 4, said Mousavi must be put on trial as a 'US agent' who committed 'horrible crimes and treason.' The writer is a close adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and must be presumed to represent his boss's views."

I know that Westerners are not to give Iran's leadership any credibility, but I hold out that Mousavi was supported by the West. If Obama knows that Iran knows that Mousavi was supported by the Globamacrats, then reconciliation is a talk of the past, and we can move on to the bare bones of the realities.

We've yet to determine whether Iran and/or Russia are behind the confidence of King Kong. This sick guy, with the "poofty hair" as Maria likes to put it, is ready to climb the Empire State building and from there take swings at the American fighting spirit. Where does he get the backbone to do this? I mean, there's not even a blonde up there. There's not even an American movie studio up there. The only reason the first King Kong climbed the building was for effects, and Biden says that the second King Kong is pounding his chest for the same reason. We'll see.

The 70th Week may be kicked off imminently:

"The Dolphin-class attack submarine is reported to be the first Israeli naval vessel to transit the Suez Canal in four years on its way from Haifa to Eilat last month. According to DEBKAfile's military sources, the move indicates a strengthening of the informal Israel-Egyptian-Saudi pact forged in recent months against Iran and first revealed by our sources. The three Middle East nations have opted for an Iran policy which is separate from the track pursued by US president Barack Obama."

...To transit the Suez Canal, the [nuclear-]armed submarine would have required Egyptian permission at the highest level, possibly even President Hosni Mubarak. An official in Cairo told Reuters that its passage would not be problematic as Egypt and Israel are not at war.

...Disclosure of the Israeli sub's passage through the Suez Canal last month is rated by our sources as of high regional significance, over and above the Middle East diplomatic moves afoot."

Biden's change of tune may be due to no other option, seeing that Egypt and Arabia are both on-board with Israel (though publicly the two Arab nations spew out sufficient anti-Israeli rhetoric to satisfy their anti-Israeli elements).

There's a big crack in the world. The plastermen are sealing it up with gunk, but the crack just keeps opening up larger than before. The globalmen don't want anyone to know about the crack. Sometimes the cracking makes noise, and the sleepers whisper: "What was that?!" Then they close their eyes and fall back into a dream: that the morning brings ten-dollar barrels of oil, free solar power, and college education for the kids paid totally by generous globalist donations. Later, the crack is heard again; this time the bed shakes.

The whisper: "Did you feel that?"

It's nothing, darling. It's just global warning, or el-ninnio having a hick-up.

I can't sleep anymore, Herald.

It's nothing, darl. Shut out the light. I gotta a dream to go back to.

The noise. It's sounds like frogs in an eerie swamp when they're hungry and restless, and very unhappy.

Could you tell that story in the morning, dear??

Then the bed just falls into the crack, and the volume of the screams goes down with the falling of the bed, until they are heard no more. That's Armageddon. People ignoring the crack in the world until it's too late. The leaders put gunk over the crack to keep the sleepers from knowing about it. That's the run-up to Armageddon.

It's no wonder proto-Washingtons used ducks as symbols. They were...I won't say it.

July 6

I normally reject conspiracies of the sort in the article below, but in this case it should be given a chance. The idea is that America has used al-Qaeda and/or similar groups to cause violence in world spots where Western globetrotters need an excuse to plant themselves militarily for specific reasons. Usually, this theory starts with America-sponsored al-Qaeda in Afghanistan during the Russian invasion of that country, a scene inevitably pointing to Brzezinski as the helm of the globetrotters.

The conspiracy is not that far-fetched, and can take place without the world discovering it because the globetrotter's Arab operatives, who would be few in number, train their terrorists to be anti-American in all sincerity. The hired fighters haven't got a clue that they are working a Western agenda, for the operatives feign anti-Americanism all along. It doesn't matter if the hired terrorists split from the operatives to form their own anti-American groups because they are not a threat whatsoever to the globetrotters. All they can do is kill innocent civilians or a few American soldiers, but all-in-all, they won't (or at least shouldn't) get anywhere politically.

In entertaining this view, we would expect Iraqi terrorism to increase now if the globetrotters want the U.S. military to remain in Iraq beyond the coming referendum (it may have been pushed forward a few months by American pressure). It's hard to know what's going on below the political table, but what we do know is that terrorism spiked in June, even above May levels.

The article gives "proofs" of this conspiracy, and though none convinced me, that's because I have so little knowledge in the topics, coupled with other ways in which the evidence can be viewed. One paragraph goes like so:

"And if there aren't enough terrorists in supply, why not just dress up and pretend to be them? That's what two British SAS members did when they were caught dressed in Arab garb with fake beards, driving a car full of explosives while shooting at Iraqi police officers in Basra in September 2005."

If that's true, it sure looks suspicious. And it certainly tells a story. The point here is that the anti-Christ is supposed to rise in Iraq deceptively, in cahoots with terrorists, but with no Gogi Bear in sight, and Americans all over Iraq, I've got to wonder again whether Gogi will not be from Obamastone Park instead.

In such a conspiracy theory, one would expect friction between the globetrotters and Maliki, and indeed Biden has already started causing a rub. He may be over-seeing Iraq now with the very purpose of fulfilling the goals of Obama's circle. That certainly makes sense. I mean, if the true purpose is to wind down the U.S. offensive, and pack bags for a return home to America, why would a president send his vice-president to oversee it? Can't the military figure it out all on its own? It seems obvious that Obama and Biden have an Iraqi agenda, and that they want to over-ride military authority...and start something new on their own.

Or, at the least, there is something very Obama-important to secure in Iraq, and while it may be nothing more insidious than to keep the peace on behalf of the New Iraq, it could be darkly insidious in light of expectations for prophetic fulfillment in Mosul. I predicted that Biden would become Obama's pick for vice-president based on the fact that Biden was an active globetrotter, but I would never have gone so far as to predict that Biden would be an overseer in Iraq. It therefore seems prophecy-suspicious.

Hot friction may be just around the corner:

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said [yesterday] he wanted to see local polls held in the ethnically divided province of Kirkuk before January's general elections, but difficulties were holding it up."

The article doesn't say much more than that. The question is, why before the January elections? The referendum is supposed to be held during the elections, but if friction in Kirkuk could be created before the referendum, then the globetrotters can manufacture another reason to stay in Iraq.

If not for this Biden development, I'd be stressing a Gogi-Bear scenario instead, where Gog is a Russian agent coming out in opposition to the Western presence in Iraq. Once again, I'm stumped. But with Obama, Biden and Brzezinski involved in Iraq, the Traby bloodline is firmly at the helm of the globetrotters.

And don't forget Wexler in Israel. Just before closing the Eger/Ohre river article, I skimmed it for any further information that could link to the Wallin or Wexler topic, and saw this statement: "The source of the river is situated in Bavaria at the foot of Schneeberg mountain in the Fichtelgebirge Range..." "Fichtel" seemed too close to "Beckel" and "Becket" to ignore. Looking into it, I found:

"The Fichtelgebirge is a mountain range in northeastern Bavaria, Germany....Rivers rising from the Fichtelgebirge are the White Main (German: Weißer Main), the Saxon Saale, the Ohre (German: Eger) and the Fichtelnaab which later joins the Waldnaab. Cities on the edge of the mountains include Bayreuth and Hof."

Waldnaab? The Wolfin/Wallin surname is said to derive from "Waldwin." The city of Bayreuth, should it link to Bayeux, and should "Becket" stem from "Fichte", could galvanize my Becket (= "bee house") link to the bee-liner Bajocasses (= "bee-housers") of Bayeux. The Hof location, also on the Fichtel mountain range, may be a beehive term in that "The city's most important work of art, the Hofer altar...." smacks of the Coffer/Coffert surnames (discussed in previous updates) that seem derived from "covert" and "coffer" (= a coffin-like box). For the beehive, in the occult, is an enclosed place (i.e. a coven) where witches come together to celebrate their secrecy, their secret arts, and likely their secret/covert politics.,_Germany

There is a Fichte/Fichtel Coat using the Fichtenberg Arms (an evergreen), and in fact this Fichte surname is said to stem from that city (in Baden-Wurttemberg) before the family moved to Bavaria's Fichtel mountains. It would appear that the mountains were named after Fichtenberg, or vice versa, but as to what family/peoples were responsible for the carrying of the name from one place to the other, the finger points to the Wexlers.

For Fichtenberg, not more than 20 miles north of Goppingen (= location of Hohenstauffen mountain), becomes a link between the Eger river of the Bopfingen region, and the Eger river of the Fichtel mountains. Remember, the Wexlers were first recorded at the Eger river passing by Bopfingen (roughly 25-30 miles north-east of Goppingen).

I couldn't have dreamt for a better Wexler link between the two Eger rivers when I assumed the link just a couple of days ago (upon discovering the two rivers), but to also find a Becket-like location after assuming that the Becket surname derived from Wexler elements makes the theory even stronger. The thing to do at this point was to check the Becktel Coat (i.e. a possible variation of "Fichtel"), and not only did I get one, but it uses what looks like an olive branch.

Since the Wolfins/Wallins ended up in Pembrokeshire (Wales), it's conspicuous that the Picton/Pichtone surname (like "Fichten(berg")) was first found at Picton in Clwyd, Wales (I'm not ready to make a Pict and/or Pictone link without some investigation). The thing is, the Picton Coat is very evocative of the Welsh Trevor Coat (surname from Tudor Trevor), and therefore suspect as a Traby family. The red lion in the Picton Crest, being a Wells symbol, may indicate the Wolfin/Wallin family in particular. "Bicton" is in the Picton-surname databank.

The Pictons lived in Flintshire, a term that I have always thought to trace to Flanders. I now find that the Pictons use a gold lion on black, the reverse of the Flanders black lion on gold. In fact, the city and district of Hof (which Wikipedia points out as a twin-city with Cheb/Eger), uses a gold lion on black!! The district of Hof uses a second lion: the black Hohen lion on gold belonging in particular to Nuremberg, but used also by Flanders without the red and white border.

I memory serves me correctly, the Flanders black lion goes back to the Baldwin counts of Flanders, a term that I've long wanted to root. Compare "Baldwin" with Waldwin"!!! The Baldwins were mainline Templars!!!!

Hang on to your horse; I think I have found the origin of the white saltire on red given to Gascony as it's flag by pope Clement, and why it was likely a proto-Washington symbol.

The first count of Flanders, Baldwin I, was the son of a "nothing-else-known-about" Audacer. The term smacked of Odin, and so I checked the Odin Coat and Otin Coat. The latter is black and gold, the Flanders colors, but the surname was first found in Bavaria (Hof is also in Bavaria). The Coat is a black and white Hohen Coat.

The Odin Coat uses a white lion on red, and the first thing coming to mind was that these were the Washington colors, and evoking the white-on-red saltire of Gascony. Why should that come to mind of all possibilities? Because Washingtons are traced by others to Odin, and because the flag of Gascony uses a white lion.

The gold crosier in the Odin Coat is similar to the one seen an hour earlier in the Arms of Ostalbkries. This is the district in which Bopfingen is found. The Arms are black and gold, and the write-up says: "The [black] lion on the left is the symbol of the [Hohen]Staufen family...The [gold] crosier in the middle represents Ellwangen Abbey..."

Since the black eagle in the Arms is said to be from Aalen (Ostalbkreis capital), I clicked the Aalen link to find a serpent, verifying what I had read, that "Alan" means "serpent." But, the point is, the Aalen page also had a thumbnail image of a white saltire on red (the Aalen serpent is white on red too), and clicking the image I found that it belongs to an Oettingen entity. The title is "Oettingen i Bay."

I flipped. "Oettingen" must therefore link to the Otin and Odin Coats, and the white saltire on red is the symbol of the Odin cult!! A little search discovered that the title refers to Oettingen in Bayern, and sure enough the Oettingen in Bayern webpage shows the white saltire on red.

There's more to link the Odin surname to Oettingen, for we read:Storks have been nesting in Oettingen at least since the time of Count Ludwig XVI (more than 400 years ago), and Ludwig was supposedly a friend of the storks. According to legend, when the Count left the town after the Schmalkaldic Wars, the storks also moved away and never came back."

Compare with the Odin-Coat write-up: "First found in Yorkshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the manor of Storkhouse, Gisburn, and Withernsea in that shire." Also note that "Gisburn" evokes "Gace" (common Wassa alternative). And, ZOWIE, checking the Gisburn/Gisbourne Coat (surname first in Yorkshire (!) just now, I found a Garb (!!) and a black lion on gold (!!!), all on a dotted shield like the lions of the Picton Coat and Trevor Coat!!!!

We then read, "Hence, conjecturally, the [Gisbourne] surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Gisburn, Roger le Poitevin..." This is good, for Poiters, in the Gascony theater, was founded by the Pictones (!) originally from the bay of Gascony/Biscay. Therefore, the similarity between the Gisbourne and Picton/Pichtone Coats verifies that the Pictons were from the Pictones. I know a non-coincidence when I see it.

The Basques call this bay, "Bizkaiko," smacking of "Bajocasse." This is now a great time to show the French Biz/Bes/Bec Coat (surnames first found in Languedoc): a single white star on blue (between two gold lions), what evoked in my mind (yesterday) the single white star on blue in the Clement Coat. Since the same symbol was used my Moray, note that Moray was in Pict territory!

There's more. The French Clement Coat is the one using the white star on blue, and it was first found in Poitou...the region where Poiters is capital!!

As per the write-up in the Odin Coat, we read: "They are conjecturally believed to be descended from Count Odo who was also ancestor of the Counts of Aumale and the Lords of Holderness." The Holder surname can be construed as an Odin variation, and so we find dragons on the Holder Coat, but also what could be a variation of the English Randolph Coat (surname first found in Moray).

We now have some things by the tail about Randolphs that I couldn't solidly connect earlier, for the Scottish Randolph Coat is a white cross on red, and should surely connect to the Oettingen white saltire on red. If the write up is correct in deriving "Randolph" from "wolf," the family could connect to Wolfins, Obama's German line that appears to connect with the Randolphs as per all the above traces. How interesting is that?

BEHOLD. The horseshoes in the Scottish Randolph Coat could connect to the horseshoe-like symbol of Bopfingen, but, anyway, since Heidenberg is very near Bopfingen and Oettingen, the three black-on-white Randolph horseshoes should connect with the three black-on-white horseshoes in the Heiden Coat! Yes, of course. I know a non-coincidence when I see one by now. Wolfins were smack in that very region of Bavaria! If not for CC's email on Wolfin, this would not be exposed.

We find that:

"Oettingen-Oettingen was a noble family and county in modern-day eastern Baden-Wurttemberg and western Bavaria, Germany.

Oettingen-Oettingen was created as a partition of Oettingen in 1423, became extinct in 1731 and was inherited by Oettingen-Wallerstein."

Wallerstein, huh? Hmm. The German Waller Coat looks like a red and white version of the Holder dancette.

The Oettingen page shows the Arms of Oettingen-Oettingen, a gold Labrador, the ear of which is decorated with the white saltire on red of Gascony. You may recall that I had traced the Lab symbol to the Labourds and/or the Libourne of Gascony. Libourne (early "Leybornia), in Gironde, is smack beside the Poitou region.

July 7

Just when Moscow thought it had Europe licked:

"Ankara [= Turkish capital] has reportedly finally given the green light to the Nabucco project, and the intergovernmental agreement might be signed on July 13. When the news broke on the Russian deal with Azerbaijan (EDM, July 2), the Turkish media initially suggested it represented a lethal blow to Nabucco. Partly as a result of the Russian media's manipulation, it was interpreted as a negative development to undermine the viability of Nabucco.

...Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin...invited Turkey to join [Russia's Southstrem] project. In particular, he claimed that Russia has enough proven gas reserves to feed South Stream...

Yildiz repeated Ankara's frequent argument that Nabucco and South Stream are not necessarily competitors: "This is a strategic package. It includes important projects that concern the two countries, our regions and our neighbors." The Turkish government will evaluate all offers on the table, and choose the project that satisfies both countries' interests, Yildiz added (Cihan, July 2).

...On his return to Turkey, [Turkish Energy Minister] Yildiz dismissed Russian media reports that Moscow asked Ankara to withdraw from Nabucco."[tt_news]=35226&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=c5ab74c5e7

Russia doesn't have much time left to spoil Nabucco. Watching.

As per his Russian visit, Obama said: "If the threat from Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile program is eliminated, the driving force for missile defense in Europe will be eliminated." Translation: If Russia cuts off a partnership with Iran, the United States won't need missiles on Russia's doorstep.

Alternative translation: God is about to raise Russia and Iran together, against the West, and missiles on Russia's doorstep will only make the partners more resolute in destroying Europe.

Bidens warning to Maliki that the United States might not help in a time of crisis needs to be viewed in the context of Maliki's current attitude:

"'We will not allow anybody to interfere in our affairs or to assume supervision of the political process or national reconciliation,' al-Maliki told tribal leaders in the Sunni Anbar province, without mentioning the United States by name. 'Would they accept it if we interfered in their affairs?" he said [July 6].",0,6431118.story

Biden's response, though perhaps off the cuff, is that U.S. help should not be sought later, when a crisis(/es) occurs. Regardless, Maliki is on-track to eliminate American presence due to pressure from his citizens and political allies.

I read yesterday that, if the referendum this January turns out in favor of an immediate U.S. removal, the troops will have one year (not later than winter of 2010) to leave. However, that may not mean that they can set their alarm clocks for 11:59; it may instead mean that they need to start going immediately, and be fully gone by January-ish of 2010.

I suspect that the Sunnis who are at the foundation of the referendum card did not push hard for a referendum by now because the Americans did not show favoritism toward the Kurds, and also because Americans showed some significant allegiance to some Sunni groups. This could be another sign that the Americans don't want to go. That is, they're doing all they can to avoid the referendum, or to beat a get-out vote should it take place.

I'm not going to suggest that the globetrotters will call for terrorist violence in an effort to win or eliminate the referendum, unless there is evidence. It all depends on how badly they want/need to stay in Iraq. I have no doubt that the globetrotters (i.e. globalist Illuminati types) are capable of such things, but I don't know what they're discussing in their beehives right now. It might be something like this: "We've come this far; we can't let it all get away."

You may have noticed that, as the Iraqi theater appears to be closing down, Obama's fighters in Afghanistan stepped up military operations against terrorism there. It could have the purpose of making appearances that American military is absolutely needed in Afghanistan. That way, when Americans need to exit Iraq, they can be justified in Afghanistan. If this is the true picture, Obama and his conspirators are hypocrites for de-electing the Republicans based on the Republican wish to remain in Iraq longer. Slowly, the Obamacrats are becoming the Republicans.

Biden's threat is not unlike Obama's leverage used on Netanyahu:

"The U.S. has several ways to maintain leverage over Iraqi politics besides military power...

Iraq also views U.S. assistance as crucial to reconstruction and the training and supplying of its armed forces. It will for years count on Washington for protection against any outside threat"(webpage above).

One could gather that the globetrotters first provide military tools as an umbrella over a nation, and then use the fact to stick fingers into the nation's political affairs. That would be standard Illuminati fare, but that's why Maliki's crying the blues, why he's saying that no nation gets to stick fingers into his affairs.

The problem that Obama has is his felling compelled to go with the Sunni (who have legal power to toss him out Iraq), while Maliki doesn't like the Sunni one bit. The circumstances are such that Obama is unwantingly making himself Maliki's enemy. Maliki knows roughly what the U.S. is doing/wanting in Mosul as the city and surrounding Nineveh province becomes colored more Sunni with each passing day. The arrests that Maliki made on U.S. supported Sunni leaders may have been a slap in Obama's face too, or a warning of what more could take place if Obama did not lay off hands of the Sunni situation in Iraq.

It's sheer irony because Bush invaded Iraq to undo the Sunni, yet Bush was the one to befriend the Sunni. Now the Sunnis are becoming healthy again as a result. One could imagine that things went wrong in the Bush plan when Maliki got elected. That may have been the reason for the Bush-Sunni alliance: a long-term effort to remove the "wrong" Shi'ites from power. If we knew who Bush wanted in power, we might better understand the globetrotter agenda. Perhaps Ahmed Chalabi.

"Chalabi attended the 2006 Bilderberg Conference meeting outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In October 2007, Chalabi was appointed by Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki to head the Iraqi services committee, a consortium of eight service ministries and two Baghdad municipal posts tasked with the 'surge' plan's next phase..." (link above).

The quote goes on to say that Chalabi's political position was supported by general Petraeus, the one who created the Sunni-friendly wagon about the same time as Chalabi's appointment. The quote goes on to add: "Chalabi 'is an important part of the [Iraqi] process,' said Col. Steven Boylan, Petraeus' spokesman."

Boylan? Is that a Boii term? It's from the same Irish ancestry as the Irish Boyle surname: "from the Heremon line of Kings, more specifically King Colla da Crioch, one of the three famous Kings of Colla, 357 A.D." I had dealt with the Scottish Boyle surname (as per Susan Boyle) in the June 12 update, telling that it uses the Zahringer antlers, and that it's Boivil variation smacks of the Beobel variation of the Babel family.

Ultimately, the clues led me to believe that the Boyles were from the Melissena-Rangabe line of Byzantium. As further evidence, I pointed out the (RED) double-headed eagle in the Boyle Coat.

The above pro-Chalabi quote shows yet another supporter in journalist Melik Kaylan. This surname struck me a possible Kagan variation, which seems pertinent enough in that Melissena was a Khazar on one side that I claim was the founding bloodline of the Cohen/Kagan surname (not to be confused with true cohanine/priests of Israel). So I checked for but did not find a Kaylan Coat. I did find a Kayan Coat...using a red eagle (same as the Boyle Coat)!

Understand that the red eagle was the symbol first of the Zahringers before being passed onto the Hohens. Other Hohens branches used a black eagle, the symbol of the Boylan Coat! The Kayans were first found in Argyllshire, beside Ayrshire, where the Boyles were first found. The Kayan Coat shows the MacDonald ship and MacDonald (red and gold) colors, showing that Boyles too (like the Boyles) trace to Ireland (where MacDonalds originated).

When I read that the Kayan surname derives from "Ian" or "John," I recalled that there was a Coen-like surname that was also alternatively John. But I couldn't recall that surname exactly. It turned out not to be the Coen name, so I tried "Cowan"... and found a red saltire on white (!) the reverse of the Oettingen symbol (!) discussed yesterday. PLUS, the Cowans were first found in Ayrshire!

During this search I found an alternative German Cohen Coat using a wheel with wings (= Helios), and a stork. It was just yesterday that I found: "According to legend, when the Count [of Oettingen] left the town after the Schmalkaldic Wars, the storks also moved away and never came back." I then asked readers to see the Odin-Coat write-up: "First found in Yorkshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the manor of Storkhouse, Gisburn, and Withernsea in that shire." It turned out that Gisburg should trace to Gascony because pope Clement gave Gascony the Oettingen symbol for it's own flag. Thus it would appear that the German Cohens were connected with the stork elements of Oettingen.

Amazing: I had never seen this stork-using Cohen Coat before (I found it by searching "Cohn"), and it comes the day after I discover the stork line. A bonus is: Cohens were "First found in Anhalt..." Where's that? "Anhalt is a historical county (after 1806 duchy) in central Germany, located between the Harz Mountains and the river Elbe."

I can now tie "Otto" to Odin as previously suspected, but look at how this traces to Albert the Bear:

"Otto the Rich appears to have been the first to assume the title of count of Anhalt. Otto, also known as count of Ballenstedt, was the father of Albert the Bear, count of Anhalt..."(webpage above).

There are two major points to make now. One. "Ballen" looks like a variation of "Wallin" (= Obama's Wolfin line). In fact, recalling that Wallins linked to the Wells, see that the English Ballen Coat uses a charcoal-black lion with red tongue but no red claws, the symbol of the Wells Coat.

Second point: The German Otto Coat uses a (charcoal) black bull head, a symbol that was noticed among Thulers/Nazis. I wasn't sure whether to make this link yet, but then I clicked over to the Italian Otto/Oddini/Ottoni Coat to find rings, with a blue ring on white included among white rings on blue. On June 21, I wrote: "I have not forgotten that, when writing on the ring symbol incorporated to the original Nazi swastika, I traced it to the blue rings in the Crane Coat." Could the Cranes use a stork? Can a crane be a stork? Compare the white-on-black stork in the alternative German Cohen Coat with the black-on-white crane in the English Crane Coat. The stork has a longer beak, but, as you can see, the birds are nearly identical.

A couple of days ago, just a half-day before finding the Oettingen stork line, I had found a white stork -- with the same outgrowth on the back of its head as per the Cohen Coat -- in the Cobel Coat. It looks like the same bird exactly. I didn't know then that I'd be on the Otto bloodline of Saxony this morning, or looking at the same stork in a Cohen Coat I had never seen before.

I was searching at the time for surnames that could link to the so-called "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" bloodline to the current English royals, for after finding the giant white-on-blue Zionists star of the Hagar Coat, I recalled that the same is used in the Goth/Goeth Coat).

The English Saxe Coat uses a gold garb of wheat on green, likely linking to the gold-on-green griffin in the English Cobbin Coat (both surnames were first found in Lincolnshire); the flag of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is green and white. The Cubbel/Cobald surname used green garbs on gold, a dead give-away for links to the English Saxe surname. We apparently have the German families thus discovered in Britain.

The red-cross-on-white English Cubbel surname was also first found in Lincolnshire, suggesting that the Bavarian Cobels (using white stork above) could have been linked. Since the Cobbin (also "Coblin") surname smacks of "Goppingen," we could be taking Hohenstaufen branches here. Coburg is just a few miles north of Bamberg, and uses a Negroid head in its Arms with links back to Egyptian Thebes. Hmm.

Thus, it appears that Cohens by other names are supporting Chalabi, and we can see globetrotter methods as they come out to make public statements in support of one another. Worms they are, and deranged. They give power not to those who are best for the jobs, not to those who will do the best for mankind, but to their own bloodlines that are simultaneously committed parts of the Globanati.

I've known for ever that "Chalabi" smacks of "(C)Halybe" (possible links to Halab in Syria) but I don't think I've mentioned it, or at least I haven't stressed it. I've been waiting for the man to become prominent in Iraqi politics before concerning myself with him. The Wikipedia article on him says: "Once dubbed the 'George Washington of Iraq...'" There might be more to that than meets the eye.

Since Chalabi's Illuminati supporters seem to come from Ireland, let's investigate by going to a gold (lyre) and green part of Ireland, the province of Leinster. I choose this area because the Lacys were in Wexford, Leinster, and because I have a clue that "Wex" was named after Wassa and/or Bech elements. By the way, the Boyne river is in Leinster.

The Wikipedia article say that Wexford "derives from the Old Norse name Veisafjordr or Waesfjord." But as the Wexford Arms uses a white Lab dog, I suspect Wexford traces back to Gascony.

I don't know how I missed it yesterday, but the evergreen tree in the Fichtenberg Arms sits upon six black roundels. I knew that I had mentioned a Coat with six black roundels, and when finding it, it turned out to be the English Lacy Coat. This is insightful not only for the Lacy/Lasci link I made with the Spanish Lascases surname (Coat uses garbs), but with the similarity between "Fichten" and "Wex." In fact, I have just finished linking the Wexler surname to the Fichtel mountains (beside Coburg and Bayreuth) named after Fichtenberg elements.

It's amazing that this short study led to another Lab dog, the gold one in the Scottish Lothian Coat, which Coat, like the Fichtenberg Arms, uses an evergreen tree. It's not inconceivable that "Lothi" was the root of "Lacy," which would explain why Lacys use the six roundels seen also in the Ficthenberg Arms. In the purple-lion (same as Luz surname of Spain) Lacy Coat page we read: "However, there is a native Irish [Lacy] family of county Wexford named O Laitheasa who anglicize their surname..."

I should mention here that the French Casas/Cazes Coat uses what appear to be white olive branches on red, the Washington colors and, therefore -- if they are olive branches -- should connect to the Columbia at the root of Washington D.Columbia. it was just yesterday that I wrote: "...Becktel Coat (i.e. a possible variation of "Fichtel"), and not only did I get one, but it uses what looks like an olive branch."

Both branch designs use six leaves and in other ways look like a match. The Becktels (not to be confused with the Bechtel Coat) were first found in Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (Thuringia) in the realm of Saxe-Coburg, which could explain the Becktel green olive branch on white, the colors of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. As we saw that Saxe-Coburg elements were first in Lincolnshire, see that the Buck surname -- as per the Bucktel variation of the Becktels -- was first in Lincolnshire, and that it uses antlers, the symbol in the Sondershausen Arms.

Noting the black bugle with gold bars (Saxony colors; Saxony uses black and gold bars) in the Lothian Coat, see the black-and-white barred lighthouse in the Wexford Arms. You may think it's a stretch to link this lighthouse to the black-and-white-barred Trebizond Arms, but hold on. Recall firstly the discussion on the Traby-branch Darbys, who have a Dermot-variation branch in Ireland. Then see that Wexford was the site of the invasion of Ireland by Normans in 1169 at the behest of Diarmuid Mac Murrough, King of Ui Cheinnsealaig and king of Leinster (Laigin), which led to the subsequent colonisation of the country by the Anglo-Normans."

Clicking the Diarmuid Mac Murrough link (looks like the Murrays of Moray), we find that he was also "Dermot of the Foreigners," meaning that "Diarmuid" is "Dermot" and therefore possibly the root of the Dermot surname. He married a Clare of Pembroke.

As a reminded, the Darby Crest uses a gazelle (though Derbyshire uses a stag), a likely symbol of the Gace surname, for the Coat uses garbs, likely linked to Gascony. In fact, the French Casas/Cazes surname (the one above using the olive branches) shows Chazelles, Cazelle, Cazalet, etc. variations!

Thus, a Darby link to Wexford is doubly warranted, not only due to the Irish Dermot Coat popping up when one searches "Darby," but because the Casas were also "Lascasas/Las Casas" in Spain, the likely root of the Lasci variation of the Lacys...who lived in Wexford. In fact, it's on the purple-lion Lacy Coat of Ireland that we read: "The name of this [Lassy] place [in Calvados, Normandy] is derived from the Gaulish personal name Lascius, which is of uncertain origin..." It would appear, therefore, that the Lascis of Lassy were carriers to Wexford of the Fichtenberg evergreen tree and/or the six black roundels upon which the tree sits.

I'm impressed by these findings, that heraldry can do so much to trace families from place to place. I think there are people in the world who have libraries filled with such traces, and that they are the Bibles of the Illuminati.

July 8

The Kurds are about to conduct a referendum later this month on a new constitution for its Kurdish region(s). The Sunni of Nineveh don't like it because the Kurds want to use the opportunity to encroach on Mosul:

"...certain paragraphs in the constitution under which the Kurds would like to expand the current borders of their semi-independent enclave to include sizeable portions of Nineveh Province and the whole of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk will certainly lead to further troubles if applied."\2009-07-07\kurd.htm

No one doubts the coming troubles; the only question is when.

Not smart: Obama has reached a deal with Russia to the extent that Russia is now willing, as never before, to allow American military transportation/flights through Russian territory to Afghanistan. I was thinking about this a couple of days ago. The first thing that came to mind is what this article warns:

"The deal itself allows overland and air transit of U.S. military supplies through Russia to Afghanistan, and American troops can also be transported through Russian airspace. It clearly presents Moscow with critical leverage over Afghanistan, as the independent military analyst Alexander Golts observed, 'if something goes wrong in Russian-U.S. relations, this transit will cease as quickly and suddenly as it started'"[tt_news]=35227&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=ff04710d4c

It's the first thing that comes to anyone's mind. In an instant, at a critical time, Russia could ruin an Afghan operation, and perhaps jeopardize the entire Afghan agenda. It's foolish to depend on long-standing enemies, and a rival super-power that has yet to show its true motives. Why has Russia refused to be of any help until now in Afghanistan?

Obama is telling us that this agreement will save America 133 million dollars. That's a drop in the bucket of the war chest, a mere one-seventh of one billion. In reality, Obama needs this, not to save money, but to succeed in his Afghan initiative. He is therefore giving Russia the card that determines victory or ruin in that initiative. This is the same Russia that tried to close the Kyrgyz door on Obama's Afghan mission. Good luck, I hope it works. Keep your fingers crossed. But hey? Obama got a DEAL.

There's an article entitled, "Good riddance to Javier Solana," if you're interested. There's one quote that interests us:

"In a widely quoted interview [Solana] gave to the Financial Times in early 2003, Solana appeared to vent his frustration at how the US had turned into a theocracy under Bush and Dick Cheney. Their religious fundamentalism was difficult for Europeans to deal with 'because we are secular', he noted."

The Bush government was hardly a Theocracy; evangelicals were totally disappointed in what he did politically for Christian causes. Every one in a while he'd allow something to crank up that looked good, but the jalopy never turned over let alone started rolling its wheels. Bush's government only had the appearance of being a Theocracy because George Bush advertised a faith in Christ (whether it was sincere, or for how long it was Christ-loyal, I don't know), and because he was despised for it. To paint him as a hypocrite, Europeans cited the Iraq war and the needless deaths that he was responsible for. The volume of this animosity was 20 times louder in the United States from Hillary and Obama worshipers.

God saw this. Not that God necessarily wants to justify Bush, but God saw the hatred for Him, and the reason why. What would happen if a truly loyal Servant of God were to arise on the political landscape? What war would result? Would the "secular" world shoot it's missiles at Him?

Just how mentally unstable are the Solana-type secularists? Did you not see how mentally sick the anti-Bushers were? Did you not see how they loathed life itself so long as he was in power with his "neo-Cons" (term cleverly chosen to make Conservatives into con-artists)? Christian principles cannot rule their world at any cost; that's their bottom line. With Obama in firm control over the Republican theocrats, the Democrat mental condition has eased from the torture of the Bush years, but when Obama starts to falter, the illness that overtakes Democrats will again begin to fester, and we should at that time become the victims of their insanities. It's coming to a head. So the Bible indicates. We will be hated by all nations (Matthew 24). That includes the United States.

The article above is written by an anti-Busher, but he paints Solana as a closet war monger on behalf of European globalism. His following sentence brought me into an interesting topic on the roots of western Atlantis and it's ties to Thule:

"...the European defence agency...Established following intense campaigning (pdf) by Europe's three largest defence firms -- BAE Systems, Thales and EADS --- this official EU body has been given an explicit mandate by the Lisbon treaty to pressurise governments into raising their defence budgets..."

When I saw "Thales," I had to look into it, for not many days ago it occurred to me that the occult-infested region of Thale, on the Bode river, could be the root of "Thule" (= western Atlantis and the root of the Nazis). I now have the first pieces of evidence for a Thule>Thale relationship. At Wikipedia we read: "The Thales Group (Euronext: HO) is a French electronics company delivering information systems and services for the Aerospace, Defense, and Security markets [sounds like smart-bomb technology]...The Thales Group is named after the Greek philosopher Thales..." (square brackets mine).

Knowing that Rosicrucians esteem the world's "greatest" philosophers (if they are non-Biblical), I clicked the link to the article on Thale the sage, and read: "According to Bertrand Russell, 'Western philosophy begins with Thales.'" Now I knew I had entered Rosicrucian territory (Thulers/Nazis were Rosicrucians), but then I read: "Thales had instruction from Egyptian priests..."

That reminded me of Plato, the author of western Atlantis. Then I read: "Some say that [Thales] left no writings [common Illuminati practice]...Diogenes Laertius quotes letters of Thales to Pherecydes and Solon.." That clinched the link to Plato, for some years ago I had written:

"Plato's [Atlantis] story supposedly comes from a 'wise' pro-democracy ruler of Athens named, Solon ('of the sun'), who, according to Plutarch, sailed to Egypt in 590 BC and heard the Atlantis story there, and afterward passed it on until, after more than 200 years, it got to the ears and pen of Plato."

It may or may not be coincidental that "Solana" and "Solon" both mean the very same thing. As I've said, Solana's mother wrote a large book on Francis Bacon, who in turn had written the "New Atlantis." In another chapter, I wrote: "It's interesting that, according to Plutarch, a certain Solon got home from Egypt (where he had learned the Atlantis story) and went immediately into the presence of the king of Lydia, who at that time was Croesus."

I don't know the reasons for the Solon friendship with Croesus, but the latter was definitely from the Manes>Attis bloodline/cult leading to Lydia's creation. This was the mainline dragon, perhaps even Gog itself. The Thales article doesn't state Thales links to Croesus, but the circumstances would suggest they existed. A couple of centuries later, Plato lives, and his father (Ariston) was traced by ancients from the king of Athens, Codrus, and the king of Messenia, Melanthus." Solon was from Athens. We then read that "Plato's mother was Perictione, whose family boasted of a relationship with the famous Athenian lawmaker and lyric poet Solon."

When you think of world leaders today still honoring these ancient systems and dragonian bloodlines, you think of deranged peoples with all the wrong priorities. Who in their right minds would base leadership plans over the peoples on links to mere men of thousands of years ago? This is religion in world politics, clear and simple. It's the religion of the "philosophers" and other "wise men," those who brought forth world views at odds with the Biblical world views, having a semblance of godliness but denying thanks to the Biblical God. And their religion was carried into Europe from Egypt.

Yet the Illuminatists have created a "secular" world, to separate politics from religion, a very convenient system so long as all other religions are spurned in this manner. In the meantime, they keep to their own religion, and spread it to all corners of the world, if possible, via their modern philosophers...many of them teaching your children in your local primary schools. It's not by chance that Rosicrucian religion is taught everywhere; it's by design, by the power of Illuminati money stolen from the masses in countless ways.

You need to understand how much God despises this situation. There has to be more than just a little sin to justify something so unthinkable as Armageddon. You need to understand how the devil, in charge of our minds, is an affront to God, and a danger to our minds. As plain as I can put it, the devil, who is the most deranged individual by far, rules the world via Europe, and Americans are by and large in bed with this very Europe.

I'm not at all exaggerating when I claim that world leaders are deranged. They don't think normally as we do. They truly have incredible evil implanted in their souls...that they keep a lid on so that we might not discover it. They beg us for toleration on their secularism/pluralism, but in the end their lids will pop, and they will not tolerate us any longer. They must be setting a trap for us as I speak. A trap indicates that we are unaware of what is to come, until the ambush occurs. But God made us aware of what is to come, and in all other ways, they will lose the war with God, and they will completely lose their minds in Hell, for the Kingdom God cannot tolerate corrosive minds.

Let me repeat, the German Thale Coatt is the same, essentially, as the Swedish Wallin Coat. The latter page does not give any details or show variations of "Wallin," but I assume with good reason that it's the Wolfin surname. The point is, Sweden is often cited as the location of Thule.

The EU logo is 12 gold stars in a circle, on blue background. It's the Bauer symbol, used by many family branches. As per the pentagram being a disguised Zionist star in many cases, so we see that the Thale Coat uses (six) gold Zionist stars on blue.

To find Thale branches, we try searching for Thale-like surnames; looking at the Thalles variation, we think of "Dallas." The Scottish Dallas/Dulles Coat uses the blue diagonal band on white, used also in the Thale Coat. It's likely a Thale branch, therefore, but we also see three red stars on white, the Washington symbol...that derived from the Zionist star of the Wassa Coat. Tha Dallas surname was first found in Moray, which should explain the blue and white.

The English Dole Coat uses a blue and white shield, with red Zionist star on gold, these two sets of colors used on the Thale Coat. We might try Dale/Dales and find that the English Dale Coat uses a white goose/swan on red, the Washington colors, and possibly the symbol of the Gascognes. As per the Doleys variation of the Dallas clan, we check out the Doley Coat to find gold clovers, a symbol in the Wallin-Coat version of the Thale Coat.

The Doley Coat uses a green tree on white. The German Dallin Coat uses an evergreen on white, the symbol (i.e. same colors) of the Lothian Coat, and recalling that this was yesterday's topic as per the evergreen of the Fichtenberg Arms (also on white background) planted on black roundels, note that the Dallin evergreen is planted on black mounds. I won't ask whether "Dallin" was somehow a variation of "Wallin" until there's good reason to.

I happened to check the Swan Coat (Scottish) to find Moray colors and related red-heart Douglas symbol. The Swan Crest uses a white Lab, and because the Douglas clan was near the Lothian clan (first in Ayrshire), I'd say the Lab links to the Lothian Lab. The larger point is that it all appears to relate to the "D" version Thale-like surnames, for we find Douglas-like variations among them such as Doyle/Doyley (variation of English Doley); we read that thus surname may have been from "Pont Doylly, or Duilly in Normandy." The term easily modifies to "Dougal."

The German Dallin surname (using evergreens on white) has Dahl/Dahlen/etc variations that could likewise convert to Dougal-like names. The Dale surname (using a swan/goose) has a Dayle variation. The German Doles/Dules have "Dohl." The Irish Doles use "Doyle/Doyel." Seeing that the Scottish Dowel Coat is a match with the Dougal Coat, note that Dowel variations include "Doul/Doule."

This exercise led into a suspicion that I hold, that the Takala bloodline of LG (the American Finn whose other bloodlines/surnames have been of help in tracing Washington clans to Scandinavia) will also prove key to the Washington/Odin hunt. I did not get into the Dougal surname today for any reason having to do with what I told LG some weeks ago, that her Takala bloodline (very closely linked to her Gust--- surname) reminded me of "Dougal."

When I sought for branches of the Takala family, I got to the English Tack/Thackery Coat, using barbs. There's a possible link to Gascony, even as the Lapps of Finland are traced by others to Basques. It may prove interesting that there's a purple Tack Chief (unusual color of English heraldry), and there may be evidence of a link to the purple lion of Lasci/Lacy, a LasCases branch of Gascognes in Spain. The write-up tells that "The name Tack comes from the ancient Norman given name Tancred."

There is an English Tancred Coat, using the Washington colors, but moreover a red chevron on white, the symbol also of the Swedish Gust(av) Coat. The Tancred write-up gives more clues:

"They were descended from Tancred, son of the Good Marqis, who governed the principality of Antioch as Guardian of the Emperor Bohemond II. Tancred, whose barony was in Normandy in 912 A.D. was also the sire of the celebrated Tankervilles."

There is an English Tankerville Coat, also red and white, with a spatter of white cinquefoils. The write-up: "Their name, however, is a reference to Tanerdevilla..." This suggests that the root of the surname is "Tan." So I checked the Tanner Coat (English) to find a gold Lab, with white ears, in the Crest. This tends to match the gold Lab in the Oettingen-Oettingen Arms with a white saltire on red as the ear. Oettingen of Bavaria uses the white saltire on red, let me remind you, an old flag of Gascony.

The German Tan/Tanner Coat uses a evergreen in the Crest. The surname was first found in Bavaria, and although Fichtenberg (using the evergreen) was not quite in Bavaria, the Fichte/Fichten surname (using an evergreen) is said to have been first in Bavaria.

With the Tanner surnames using both a gold Lab and an evergreen, there should be a link to the Lothian surname since the Lothian Coat uses both symbols. The Lothian write-up says that the surname is from a Loudoun location (Ayrshire), and checking the Loud surname (Scottish) got me a black bull head in the Crest, a symbol also in the German Otto Coat. The English Loud surname (black wolf) has a Lud variation smacking of mythical Lot, founder of the Lothian region, and, what do you know, the Lot/Loth Crest uses a gold Lab, in the same hue as the Lab of the Lothian Coat. At this point I wondered whether "Lot" might not be a French term: L'Otto."

Thus the Tack surname (purple Chief) is ultimately related to the Loth surname, which smacks of the Lasci/Lacy surname (= purple lion) in Wexford: "Laitheasa." The English Lacys use the six black roundel that should link to the Fichtenberg Arms (evergreen on six black roundels).

None of this in itself proves that the Tack/Tancred surname, and therefore LG's Takala line, links to the Dougals/Doyles/Doles/Dales and therefore to Thule/Thale. But let's carry on. As per the Tancred link to Tankerville/Tanner, I tried the Dan Coat to find red and white checks, a symbol used in the German Dole/Dohl Coat. The Crest uses curled-over feathers, possibly the same as in the Dougal Crest.

Moreover, the Dan Coat uses green clovers, a symbol in the Dutch Tackel Coat!! That's about as close as one can get to "Takala," and it could therefore be a Tack/Tancred variation.

The Degaulle Coat? Red and white like the Tancreds and their Tankerville relatives, and first found in Gascogne! One could now get the impression that Takala was a major Gaul-honoring name. The French Gaul Coat? An upright white lion, symbol of both the Dowels/Dougals and Gascony!! In fact, the Gaul lion is on blue just like the Dowel/Dougal lion. ZOWIE, what one can learn from heraldry. Dougals were DeGauls!! And the Gasconges may have been Gauls as well.

I had forgotten what background color the Gascony-flag lion was on. It's blue too!!!!!!

I see that the German Gaul surname has a Kala variation that could be a Takala branch. So, what the heck, I tried for a distinct Kala branch and got the Irish Callahan Coat using green trees on white (sound familiar?), with a gold dog (not Lab ears however) in the same hue as the Lothian and Lot Labs. When I saw the Kelleghan variation, it urged a shot at the Kellog Coat (Scottish), and there were three blue dogs that look like Labs (maybe greyhounds). The Kellog surname has the Sinclairs of Moray all over it, and the rooster in the German Gaul Coat should therefore link with the Sinclair-Crest rooster.

The Kellog dog is said to be a greyhound, but if it was also a Lab, this exercise was not in vain, for we have come right around to the Cully Coat using a half-blue, half-gold Lab in the Crest!! It's standing in front of a tree (same type as Kala Crest). In fact, I recall that LG had written in to me, when I first discussed the blue-gold Lab, to make note of the green tree in the background. This was a couple of weeks ago when she knew nothing of these traces that I would be making today to her Takala surname.


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