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Waiting for the Americans to Leave Iraq

October 2006

There isn't much to say because the situation has remained virtually unchanged, except that the wishes of the Bush Administration to remain in Iraq are looking dismal with every passing month. If the Democrats win the election handily in ten days, they might be able to get the Americans out of Iraq sooner than would be the case otherwise, in time for a 2008-09 entry of Gog into Iraq.

March 27, 2007

The Democrats, since they began controlling political reins in January, have been steadily bucking to fulfill their will in getting the troops out of Iraq. The Democrat-led House has just won a vote to cut funding for Bush's Iraqi agenda in order to get the troops out by September of 2008. That's their timetable. Bush has said that he will Veto the bill if the Democrat-controlled Senate passes it. Story at:

Perhaps the writing is on the wall for a pull-out by 2009, for British Prime Minister Tony Blair is assuring just that as he "told MPs that the withdrawal [of British troops] was not unconditional, although he did not confirm reports today that all British troops would leave Iraq by the end of 2008."

While these developments are in line with my prediction for a Gogi entry by 2009, I would like to say two things: 1) that a US pullout is not necessary for Gog to arise in Irag because Gog may rise in conjunction with the American troops, which alliance could fulfill the False Prophet's alliance with the anti-Christ; and, 2) I predict that the Americans will pull out by 2009 because it's more logical to have Gog arise in Iraq without American troops there, and only afterward would the False Prophet (I think an American leader) make a necessary alliance with Gog due to the latter's stunning take-over of Middle-East regions.

The 2009 date is based on my belief that Armageddon could occur, for multiple good reasons, in the fall of 2016. This is explained in a chapter accessed only through a link at the end of the chapter, Will Liberals Love Gog?

I should be predicting the next American President to support a troop withdrawal, but that it won't begin to take place until he takes power in January of 2009. I am of the opinion that Gog must enter and contol Iraq months before the start of the 70th Week, perhaps as much as a year beforehand, and am looking to the spring [correction: the fall i.e. Jewish month of Tishri] of 2009 as the start of the Week. I'm soon to be on the edge of my seat to see how Gog begins to expose himself from behind his curtain. I can't imagine that he will stay silent and hidden until the American troops withdraw. I imagine that he will become vocal about his interest in Iraq as Bush's term draws to a close, say October of 2008 at the latest. End Update.

March 28

Yesterday, the Senate eeked (50-48) out a victory vote for pulling troops out by the end of March of 2008. The House and Senate must now re-vamp their bills before sending a compromise package to Bush's desk. Also, "a Gallup-USA Today poll said 60 per cent of Americans support withdrawing from Iraq by fall 2008." End Update

September 22, 2007

Iranian-backed Hezbollah holds tight and re-arms in southern Lebanon, to Israel's immediate north, the realm from which I expect Gog to invade Israel. Iran has become the chief outspoken enemy of Israel, as expected since Iran will be Gog's main ally in the Israeli invasion. As yet I see no sign of Gog, the man, and Iran aligning themselves, unless president Putin turns out to be Gog. Putin's maximum two consecutive terms are over in 2008, but by Russian law he can run (and probably win) again in 2012. In fact, the word is out that he is to install a pliable figurehead president who will act on his behalf until he (Putin) re-runs for the presidency in 2012, and in the meantime (i.e. 2008-12) Putin may become the Russian prime minister. I suppose it's even possible that Putin will step into the Iraqi situation in 2008/09 to become the Biblical Gog, or perhaps the backbone to the Biblical Gog.

There has been no American pull-out from Iraq as yet, but instead Bush sent 30,000 more troops in recent months. Frustrated Democrats continue to seek some means to change Bush's mind by force. At this time, several mainline media authorities as well as the generals on the ground are predicting no American pull-out until the spring or summer of 2009, but for my expectations to be correct, I look to some major event(s), either a great catastrophe to the Americans, or a great American success story in Iraq, to speed the pull-out so that it takes place before 2009. Or, perhaps Bush has already planned an early-2008 pull-out (for 2008-election purposes), but doesn't want his Muslim enemies to know of it. End Update.

December 1, 2007

As per my repeated emphasis on Vladimir Zhirinovsky being, in my mind, the best candidate for anti-Christ, I quote Angus Reid Global Scan below, which reported (a year and a half ago) that Zhirinovsky was off to a good start for becoming the next Russian President in 2008:

"Two Russian politicians are tied in a prospective presidential election, according to a poll by the Yury Levada Analytical Center. 18 per cent of respondents would vote for Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and 18 per cent would support first deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev" (dated May 4, 2006)


As per a more recent poll, Angus Reid Global Monitor reported, in January 2007, that the front runner was Deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. Vladimir Zhirinovsky was then in third place with 14 per cent, tied with Communist Party (KPRF) leader Gennady Zyuganov.

I'm not expecting Zhirinovsky to win because I feel that he would better enter Iraq as something other than the Russian President. But on this idea, I am not at all certain. The election is in March of 2008.

December 2

CNN featured a chart today showing that the number of US casualties in Iraq has steadily declined (at a near-45-degree angle) since the troop surge earlier in the year. Moreover, in the past week, CNN reported that overall Baghdad violence is down 75 per cent since the troop surge. One theory to explain this reduction is that the Insurgents (perhaps in conspiratorial talks with Gog) have taken a new tack. Seeing that Bush is coming near to stepping down, and that the American public wants the troops out of Iraq, the Ruler of a Covenant (i.e. bin Laden, in my opinion), with his covenant parties, have decided to reduce violence to "facilitate" the troop pull-out.

CNN also reported today that the number of suicide bombers coming into Iraq from Syria has dropped significantly, thus explaining some of the drop in Iraqi violence. The question is, why has the number of suicide bombers (and related terrorist tactics) dropped across the Syrian border? It was suggested on CNN that Syrian politics is now beginning to oppose both Iran and the Insurgency, but it could in reality be that Syrian factions in control of suicide missions are a major part of the Insurgency's new tack.

February 15, 2008

As expected at about this time, the Iraqi insurgency is turning its military considerations, not just on destroying Israel, but on regaining Jerusalem in particular. In a February 14th article by Maamoun Youssef (Associated Press Writer), we read: "The purported leader [= Abu Omar al-Baghdadi] of al-Qaida's affiliate in Iraq called in a new posting on a militant Web site on Thursday for attacks on Israel and proposed that Iraq's territory be a 'launching pad' to seize Jerusalem...He also called on Hamas' military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, to break away from the group's political leadership and liberate Jerusalem, or Al-Quds as the city is called in Arabic...As for attacks on Israel, al-Baghdadi said the 'Islamic state in Iraq will be the cornerstone for the return [i.e. seizure] of Al-Quds.'"

I'm not so sure that al-Qaida cares so much for Palestinian concerns as they do using the Palestinian problem as an excuse for destroying Zionism. I'm waiting for Gog to come from the shadows to support al-Qaida in this very mission.

March 24, 2008

I have enough information on Barack Obama to fill a chapter, on the topic of his becoming the False Prophet. I will not write the chapter until it is clear that he will become the next US president. I was expecting a False Prophet in the American presidency, one who would be a false-Christian and at the same time become beneficial to the invasion of Israel by the anti-Christ. It turns out that Obama has a record of pro-Palestinain stripes, and furthermore many suspect him of being secretly pro-Muslim (for good reasons). While he may publically condemn the invasion of Israel, he may service the invasion in other ways, best of all by minimizing or neutralizing the American force in Iraq (even if the troops remain there). His campaign promise has been to begin removing the troops on a massive scale immediately upon taking the President's office in January of 2009. I do not wish to speak falsely of anyone, which is why I'm hesitant to publish the chapter now. If a pro-Muslim, anti-Israeli man succeeds at becoming the U.S. President at this very crucial time in history, it's likely by God's will. I was amazed to see him develop "wonderfully" in recent months, and to hear him labelled a "messiah" by his Democrat supporters, and by some of the media. The invasion of Israel is, always remember, God's will, but pray the worst won't happen. Gloaters will be condemned.

In the news today from the Jerusalem Post is this:

"Thousands of Turks chanted anti-American and anti-Israel slogans, sang jihadist songs and pledged to follow the path of Hamas's Sheikh Ahmed Yassin at a rally held on Saturday to coincide with US Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to Turkey, according to the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute...demonstrators carried hundreds of Hamas and Hizbullah flags and posters, as well as pictures of the movements' leaders...MEMRI said the demonstration, held in Sakarya, was organized by the Islamist Anatolia Youth Organization (AGD), with the support of other Islamist organizations...hateful speeches against Christian 'Crusaders' and Jews, inciting the crowds to jihad, were delivered by Islamist activist Nureddin Sirin...'Quds [Jerusalem] is the cause of everyone who says he is a Muslim...The day is nearing, when the Zionist cancer virus, this tumor, will be eliminated.'"

Biblical prophecy indicates that the invasion of Israel starts to its north. It also tells that the anti-Christ will first invade Turkish and Syrian regions, from his base in Mosul (northern Iraq), and implies that he increases his forces along the way by calling out for anti-Israeli fighters (Daniel 11:21-24). It is possible that, with anti-war Democrats in power in 2009, such an invasion toward Turkey could take place without a counter-attack by US forces still stationed in Iraq. The possibility of such negligence increases if the President in 2009 is secretly pro-Palestinian.

It is said that Cheney came to Israel (two days ago) to discuss the Iranian-Syrian anti-Israeli alliance. At this time, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon stand opposed to Syria's support of the Hezbollah stationed in Lebanon to the north of Israel. Iran has been the long-standing guts behind the Hezbollah movement to crush Israel; we only await the anti-Christ to re-inforce this covenant of Israel's enemies. It is not necessary for the nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38 to support the anti-Christ, for only a segment of their peoples are predictably coming out to support him...whether their respective governments are in support or in opposition. For example, assuming that Togarmah (of Ezekiel 38) is modern Turkey, it is not necessary for the Turkish government to support the anti-Christ in order to fulfill the prophecy, but only a portion of the Turkish peoples is required. We are seeing that Turkey does have some already. What will the next few years bring as success starts to take hold?

For those who shake their heads when I echo such prophets as Isaiah, who claimed that it will be God himself who attacks Israel (before restoring a remnant permanently), let me show one central reason for it, as it happens to be in another Jerusalem-Post article today:

"...Ortiz [15 years old] was seriously wounded after a parcel bomb in the form of a Purim gift blew up in his face. Ortiz is the son of David Ortiz, a prominent Messianic Christian pastor...

This was the most serious attack against the embattled Messianic community in Israel. Both Muslims and Orthodox Jews, who are vehemently opposed to Christian missionary activity, are suspected of sending the bomb.

The Messianic community in Israel numbers about 15,000, spread out in roughly 120 congregations across the nation...In December 2005, just before Christmas, Bass's congregation was attacked by hundreds of haredi demonstrators who received the backing of the local rabbinic leadership. The demonstrators had heard rumors that busloads of Jewish children were to be baptized by the community...Rabbi Shalom Lipshitz, head of Yad Le'achim, the largest anti-missionary organization in Israel, said that he opposed all violent anti-missionary action. But he added that he saw the Messianic community as an enemy to the Jewish people...

In short, the same anti-Christian conflict in existence in Jesus' day, for which Jesus predicted the devesation of Israel from the hand of God (Matthew 23 and 24), is going on again today. In Matthew 24:15-25, Jesus warns his end-time Christians (and anyone else who will take the warning) to get out of Judea when they see Jerusalem surrounded by the anti-Christ's armies. He also outlines the downfall of Israel at that time.

In another Jerusalem Post article dated today, we read:

"'Israel and additional Western targets must be attacked as revenge for Israel's aggressive policy in the Gaza Strip,' Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri said in a recording released by an al-Qaida-affiliated Web site on Sunday night, several days after bin Laden himself called on Palestinians to 'suspend all negotiations with Israel and start a Jihad war to liberate Palestine.'

Zawahiri lambasted the leaders of several Arab states, who he claimed were complicit with Israel in the blockade of the Gaza Strip, calling the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia 'part of a satanic pact.'

Egypt is still on course to be invaded by the anti-Christ, as per Daniel 11:25-27.

April 26, 2008

Where Iran (= anciently Persia) and Gog are slated by Biblical prophecy (Ezekiel 38) to become the leaders of a terribly-successful Israeli invasion, it can be expected, in accordance with (my interpretation of) Daniel 11:21-24, that Iran should play a leading role in the Iraqi insurgency. For where I claim that Gog is slated to begin his prophetic mission by arising in Iraq in opposition to the American-supported Iraqi government, it is somewhat expected that Iran should also attempt to topple and/or influence the current Iraqi government (it is my belief that Gog's agents will worm their way into the current Iraqi government and/or replace it). I'll therefore include, for those who have not been following the Iraqi situation, the segments below from an April-25th article (by David Stout):

"The government of Iran continues to supply weapons and other support to extremists in Iraq, despite repeated promises to the contrary...Pentagon concerns about Iranian influence in neighboring Iraq is nothing new, but the content and tone of Mullen's remarks left the impression that far from abating, the worries about Iran have intensified in recent months...The discovery of weapons caches in Iraq, with devices bearing stamps that indicate they were manufactured quite recently, run contrary to the Iranian promises not to interfere in Iraq..."


George Bush, to this day, supports a Palestinian state in Israel, and has recently insisted that Israel will make some sort of surprising deal with Palestinians before his term is out in January of 2009. Israel continues to clash militarily with Hamas and other Muslim enemies.

Obama is still ahead of Hillary and looks poised to win in what I am willing to view as a win determined from Above...not because God likes him, but because God will use him for allowing, and even supporting, Gog's invasion of Zionist Israel. I'm not ready to peg Obama as the False Prophet, but my re-mention of him on this date means that I am now more convinced (than I was in March) of his being a very possible fulfillment. If he is destined to be the False Prophet, I not only expect him to be the President in 2012-2016, but I don't expect him to lose to John McCain in this November's Presidential election (i.e. and then re-run and for the first time win in 2012). If Obama is the False Prophet, he is less than a nobody, and will win the Presidential office for one reason and one reason only, because God needs him for His invasion of Zionist Israel. Beware, for the False Prophet is slated to deceive the peoples, and to enforce the mark and image of the beast, as per Revelation 13.

I would like to remind you of how important it is for dedicated readers to get this message out to circles of family and friends before crunch-time approaches too near for comfort. My heart starts to race a little when I write and ponder these things, and I figure yours does too if you're seeing what I'm seeing. If you include this message in your own website as crunch-time arrives, beware that the Obama government can locate the location of your computer easily if you're online (because every computer has a built-in ID, and every telephone is registered to a specific address). My advice is, do not go online at your trib retreat if you intend to get the message out that the Wolf sits in the President's chair. If you intend to have your particular message on your own website, do not give your website provider the address or phone number of your retreat; run your online project from your non-retreat home, and consider registering your phone under a nickname. It would be best not to have a phone at your retreat if the telephone company insists (as mine does) on getting pieces of ID before a telephone is given to you. Do not keep a list of post-tribbers on your computer, and consider erasing all messages written by post-tribbers who write their concerns to you, especially when you respond to them (outgoing emails can be and will be automatically intercepted by corrupt people). Do not send the post-trib message by email to an automated list of post-tribbers; minimize the potential damage, for we will be persecuted just for opposing the government at the critical crunch-time. Believe that phony post-tribbers will set themselves up to gather info on true post-tribbers. Believe that someone who wishes you harm is reading everything you write by email. Do not take chances with the lives of others. Use the postal service to communicate important matters; believe that your phone will be tapped by the False-Prophet government if your website contains material like mine.

Law-enforcement agencies have become dictatorial and even fascist; they give one another the nod, from the chiefs on down, to act corruptly and criminally if they so please. They will charge you with something you didn't do, and will bring the sworn testimony of multiple officers against you, claiming that you did do what you did not do. For example, they can pounce on you and then yell as though you assulted them, charging you with assault, perhaps even claiming that you had attempted to take one of the officer's guns. You could be jailed for that. As you have seen on television, they can shoot a man dead with 50 bullets, then claim self-defence even if the murdered man had no weapon; it is often enough that the officers lie to a judge when claiming that they saw the victim reaching for what they thought was a gun.

May 16, 2008

In line with my suspicion that Obama could become the False Prophet, we find his Mid-East strategy to include some friendly talks with Iran. Liz Sidoti of the Asociated Press put it this way today: "By tradition, partisan politics comes to a halt when a U.S. president is on foreign soil, and Bush's remarks [in Israel, yesterday] led Obama to quickly cry foul. The first-term Illinois senator responded to [Bush's] comments as if they were criticism of his position that as president he would be willing to personally meet with Iran's leaders and those of other regimes the United States has deemed rogue." John McCain followed up on this matter by saying: "This does bring up an issue that we will be discussing with the American people, and that is, why does Barack Obama, Senator Obama, want to sit down with a state sponsor of terrorism?" Put it this way, that if Obama were now anti-Iranian, I would hesitate to suggest that he could become a viable False Prophet...who is expected to support a Russo-Iranian invasion of Israel.

Only the other day, the Iranian president re-asserted his expectation (and desire) that Israel would soon be wiped off the Middle-East map. Put it this way, that if the Iranian president were not so anti-Israeli at this time, I would be hesitant to suggest that a Russo-Iranian invasion of Israel will be successful by 2013 at the latest. I couldn't be much more "satisfied" with the presidential situations in both Iran and the U.S., as both line up quite excellently with what I had expected 10 years ago for this very time. Who would have thought 10 years ago that a US president with a Muslim father and pro-Palestinain sentiments would, in 2009, hold talks with an Iranian president actively promoting the total destruction of Israel?

Is it a coincidence that Daniel Kurtzer, appointed ealier this year as Obama's leading advisor on the Middle East, has been unabashedly pushing the handover of East Jerusalem to Palestinians: "It will be impossible to make progress on serious peace talks without putting the future of Jerusalem on the table..." The Obama campaign was forced, just last week, to let go (officially, anyway) of another Mid-East advisor, Robert Malley, for his close ties to Hamas. In his presidential bid, Obama openly claims support for Israel's "security," but wasn't Obama the one who openly denounced the Free Trade agreement with Canada and yet secretly sent his agents to Canadian officials to tell them to consider such statements as so much political riff raff?

Aaron Klein of World Net Daily wrote on May 14: "Other Hamas sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the terror group 'understands' praise for Obama last month from Ahmed Yousef, Hamas' chief political advisor in the Gaza Strip, is harming the Illinois senator. In an interview with WND and WABC Radio last month, Yousef said he 'hopes' Obama becomes president and compared the Illinois senator to President John F. Kennedy." When was the last time that anti-Israelis praised an American President? Just recently, when Jimmy Carter carried to them a comforting Democratic message, that as soon as Bush goes, the Dems in the White House would change course. Perhaps Obama is not the False Prophet, but in any case the Democratic tide is definitely turning just the way that I had expected...so that a Dem president after Obama might just be the dope to bring this present age to a screeching oblivion.

This past week, Iranian-backed Hezbollah successfully took West Beirut militarily, the ramifications of which have yet to be seen. I expect Hezbollah to become increasingly confident starting about now.

May 23

The following statement, by Vladimir Isachenov of the Associated Press, is supportive of my belief that the U.S. military space program is Revelation's "fire from the sky" (chapter 13) that the False Prophet is prophesied to use in order to get peoples to back the anti-Christ agenda:

"[China and Russia] also warned against the deployment of arms in space another clear reference to the United States. 'The parties stand for the peaceful use of space and against the deployment of weapons in space and arms race in space,' Medvedev and Hu said in the statement released after an afternoon of talks."


This statement was made today, as Russia and China got together politically. Medvedev is Russia's new President (said to be a puppet of Putin; whether a good puppet or a bad one, we shall have to see), and Hu Jintao is the Chinese President. I believe that an American president will side with Gog, but that in the end the Chinese will attack the duo in fulfilling Armageddon. While Medvedev and Putin now keep distance from the American president, things may change drastically if Obama is the next President.

The outcome of Hezbollah's military victory quickly proved remarkable. Hezbollah (or Hizbullah), which controls Lebanon's opposition party (competing against West-backed Lebanese leaders), obtained official veto power over the next government's decisions (giving Hezbollah power to resist or even curb UN policies and US wishes in Lebanon). In fact, the new deal amounts to a unity government with the Hezbollah-backed party. "Fragile" would be the word here, and we shall have to wait and see what greater facilitation develops for the invasion of Israel.

That invasion (in my expectation) will be mainly due to a thrust from Gog and his ally, Osama bin Laden. I believe that they will first take Syria militarily, as per Isaiah 10:9. Although this military take-over of Syria seems curious/inconsistent because Syria is now both anti-Israel and a backer of Hezbollah, it should be noted that Osama and other Sunni-sect Muslims are at religious odds with the Shiite-sect Hezbollah and Syrian President Assad. Plus, the Syrian population is more than two-thirds Sunni Muslim...many of whom have been pouring for years into Iraq to fight along with Osama's insurgents. Therefore, and assuming that I'm reading Isaiah 10 correctly as an end-time event, I predict that the "Assyrian" (i.e. the anti-Christ/Gog) of 10:5 will conquer Syria and form a military state under Sunni oversight.

The city of Mosel (out of which the anti-Christ is predicted to arise; see Nahum 1:11) is a Sunni stronghold at the current time. As the majority of the Iraqi population (including the government leader) is Shiite and therefore at war with Osama and the Saddam loyalists (also of the Sunni sect), it is predictable that Iraqi Shiites will form the basis of the Iraqis who, as per Daniel 11:21, will reject the anti-Christ when he seeks to arise in Iraq with Osama's men. However, as Gog's other prophesied ally, Iran, is Shiite, one can predict that Shiites and Sunnis will unite conveniently in the invasion of Israel. This union should be the basis of the anti-Christ covenant of Daniel 9:27...wherein "a desolator" (= Gog/Assyrian, in my opinion) of Israel enters the covenant to become its major agent. The "ruler/chief of the covenant" (see Daniel 11:22) is, in my very strong opinion, Osama bin Laden. For those who wish to familiarize with this topic, below is a good article on the rise of the anti-Israeli partnership between Syria and Iran...now supporting Hezbollah and Hamas.

I should add that Kurds (mainly Sunni-sect) live in Mosul (= ancient Nineveh) environs, and that they were anciently a large sector of the Assyrian peoples, for which reason I keep a secondary opinion that Gog may be a Kurd rather than a Russian. But this theory does not support the idea of Gog becoming a Europe-ruling anti-Christ (as per Daniel 7), whereas a Russian holding a top (temporary) EU position is feasible. Unless I'm reading Daniel 7 wrong, the anti-Christ must somehow become the ruler of the end-time Roman empire. A third theory is that Gog will be a German, noting that Germans stem from ancient Armeno-Assyrians and that Germany holds a high position in the EU. I'm very open to admitting/retracting my errors, and will do so when I see them. I am not making these predictions so that I can later say, "hey, look at me, I got it right." I'm making them in hopes of giving awareness of the right timing for abandoning worldly posts.

Earlier this month, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq was captured by "Ninevah military operations":

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was arrested in the northern city of Mosul, the Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman said Thursday (May 8)...If confirmed, the arrest would represent a major blow to al Qaeda in Iraq, which has been on the run for the past year following a shift in alliances by Sunni tribesmen in western Anbar province, and elsewhere, and an influx of thousands of U.S. troops. The U.S. military considers the organization its number one enemy in Iraq...Mosul is currently a major battleground for U.S. forces and al Qaeda...The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella organization that includes al Qaeda in Iraq, last year announced an 'Islamic Cabinet' for Iraq and named al-Masri as 'minister of war."


The arrest was followed up by a raid of Mosul by coalition forces.

May 28

It's been about five years since "I" (not I, but I with Biblical prophecy) predicted that Mosul would become the launching pad for the anti-Christ and his Arab insurgents. The following quote out today highlights the increasing importance of Mosul: "The [Triangle of Death] area has boomeranged to become a bastion of relative peace on the edge of a violent capital [i.e. Baghdad], while Sunni militants remain elusive in the north." That "north" refers to Mosul and its environs. While Mosul had been a secondary hold-out during the years that the Triangle of Death acted as the primary, suddenly the situation has changed in such a drastic way that Mosul may become the only Insurgency headquarters for the start of the Week. If it does, would you chalk it up to coincidence, or a little luck on my part, or is it that prophecy was Inspired??? Blessed might you be if you choose the correct answer; in now way would I, alone, have ever known/guessed that Mosul would become the headquarters of the Insurgency.


The 2016 prediction for Armageddon (from my human intellect and therefore subject to retraction) is explained here.

If you've come to this book beginning at this webpage, see the rest of the Gog-Iraq story in PART 2, accessed from the

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