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November 6 - 12, 2018

My Scaffold to Assange
The Keppoch Castle I Never Knew
Cecily de Rumilly-Skipton Was from the Namers of Rome
Read All About It, My Treble-Clef Tie
A New Story with the Cassette Tape

Update on Julian Assange:

A couple of updates ago, I conveyed a story on my stucco job that seemed to have plenty of evidence that God was using items in the job as pointers to a system of surnames. About a week ago, roughly on October 29, when Julian Assange's window was broken into, I started to talk about the planks on the scaffold, which had great meaning. I did check the scaffold-like Schaff surname but had nothing to say about it. Virtually everything used in the stucco job had meaning, except the scaffold. I did a lot on Julian Assange in the last update too, still trying to figure out what God is trying to say about, or do through, him and/or WikiLeaks.

A few hours after posting the last update online at noon, Monday, I finished the second day of stucco upon the scaffold. Only, on Monday, the scaffold was installed over a natural-rock, curved stairway that wraps around the corner of the house, where stucco was being applied (above the stairs). Two of the scaffold's legs were put on block pedestals almost three blocks high, and topped with pieces of wet 2 x 6's (it had been raining) to get that side of the scaffold a little higher. After doing the first bucket of stucco, the legs slid off the wet wood, while I was coming down the ladder, and the entire thing changed shape (spikes are all loose but safe enough when re-banged in before climbing aboard), a mess. I wasn't hurt. I quickly put the scaffold back on the pedestals, and went back to work. When getting down to the last few scoops of stucco, I got on the scaffold, and it again slid off the blocks. This time I went crashing to the ground on my butt, and thankfully no plank came down with me. I was hurt only slightly, and was able to finish the job. Here's a photo of the slipped-down scaffold after the planks were taken off.

I came in for a coffee break, and checked the news at youtube, and came across a video almost immediately, titled, "Christine Assange's Emergency Appeal and the mystery scaffolding." The Ecuadorian embassy in London had installed scaffolding beside it's building, with electrocis systems attached to the scaffolding. That's how someone broke into Assange's apartment, but he apparently awoke and caught the one breaking in. I've heard no details. I'll leave it up to you whether God arranged my stucco job in this way to tell you that He is involved with Assange, or, at least, that He wants us to watch WikiLeaks. I won't share the video title above because it get's long. The one below is more to the point, and includes this in the comments section: "I imagine Assange could sense that he was being set up for a fatal scaffold "accident". Come on President Trump... get him the hell into America and protect the man that is fighting the same demons you are..."

Amazingly, the one who made that comment is the "Lone RANGer." If you read the last update, WikiLeaks was pointed to by an event involving a wrench and a deliberate leak in a sprinkler system in order to install a check valve. This event had included the RENCH/Wrench surname last April, but since then, I have argued quite a few times that God is pointing to Assange by a RANCH road in Texas that locals call the LEAKey road. It was amazing all in itself, but then a few hours after posting the last update, the message above from Ranch-like Lone Ranger was come across, and he speaks about Assange falling off the scaffold, exactly what happened to me about an hour before finding this latest Assange story. Maybe two hours, but not more.

It's not necessary for the Lone Ranger's comment to be true. It's not necessary that they were planning to toss him from his balcony to the ground, then blame it on his getting onto the scaffold. Putting him into the hospital would be sufficient for his enemies. The only thing necessary is that God had me fall off the scaffold to force me to report this story to you, which I did not want to do at first due to "coincidences do occur." My falling off the scaffold emphasized that item, otherwise it would have been just a typical stucco event. And falling from the scaffold appears to have the definite purpose of pointing directly to Lone Ranger's comment, because it got me to write the Rench / Ranch bit above. Besides, the Lone Ranger convinces me that God could be in this. The Irish Lone/Lane surname uses fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Leaks/Leakeys. The latter's fleur is in the colors of the same of German Rench's.

[Insert Thursday morning -- On Wednesday evening, I felt passionate for making a prediction as to what Assange / WikiLeaks will do as per all that I now have in connection to that organization, with the last clue being my fall from the scaffold's plank. I actually looked up the Falls and Fells on that day, but had nothing to say. Then (stupid me), I went to bed and got thinking about it, starting with the first clues when I drove toward Leakey and saw the political sign with Mr. Moreno running for power. I then slept that night in a motel with cockroaches behind the wallpaper, and these pests were confirmed as an act of God, which I took to be a pointer to RockeFELLERs, and assumed that they are working with president Moreno of Ecuador to get Assange jailed. Only then (this is why I was stupid earlier in the day) did I realize why I FELL from the scaffold.

If you look at the photo, you can see the ROCKs that act as stairs. That's exactly where I fell. I was working on the lower part of that white corner of the house that you see, and had the plank across the center-height of the scaffold. End insert]

The deep state, and probably elements of the Trump government, has Assange up against the wall, right where they want him, serving to keep WikiLeaks from leaking anything troublesome for the United States, for fear of a backlash on Assange. Perhaps the scaffolding was installed (with cameras / motion detectors?) strictly as a surveillance tool because they thought he might try to escape.

This stucco job comes on the eve of election night. The deep state is in the balance. Trump may learn that he made an awful mistake not to get Obama elite prosecuted. He thought he could retain full powers in this election by merely acting as though he wanted them prosecuted.

In the last update, I said: "The point here is that I started this stucco job late this year in a rush for getting tenants." A renter, that is, and the German Rench's are Rentz's too.

The last update was good for showing that God connects different events or dreams in my life to fulfill his revelation. For example, the Volkswagen-Beetle dream that took place with Michael in it, for a second, at the very start, was about a week before Michael dropped in during work, and he had a very light job to do, and so invited me to come along. That's when he installed the check valve, allowed water to leak to get it at the right pressure, and asked me to keep an eye on the pressure gauge, which was low to the floor, and, I feel sure, I was on one KNEE at the time. I know I had to at least stoop, but as Knee's must link with Leaks to a special event at Ranch road, I'll bet God had me on one knee. That's why it's amazing that Michael caused the leak with a wrench in his hand while Leaks share the Rench/Rentz fleur-de-lys.

The point is, God started a stucco story, or so I feel, about two weeks ago, and Stucks/Stocks use beetles. In all that talk of the last update on the Volkswagen, not once did I mention anything about the Beetle's, for I saw nothing that could link to them. Yet I missed the fact that stucco-like Stucks (Rothenburg) use beetles. God could have chosen another king of Volkswagen model, but it was a white Beetle. In the dream, I saw a bucket in the back seat. From the last update: "Hours after writing here, I recalled MICHAEL Bouchard. The last time I saw him, he was with the woman (forget her name) whom I kissed in the kitchen during a party, and Kitchens use water bougets, symbol of Bouchards, I have read. The water bouget (said to be a water container) is suspect as a water BUCKET, and this is why I'm highlighting, MICHAEL. Buckets are also Buchards." Not only was Michael the name of the owner of the Volkswagen, but Mike Bouchard lived beside my old friend, Barry, who drove a Volkswagen Beetle (blue). I don't know what the significance is, but, at times, I'm never going to know because God may intend a message for a reader alone, who knows the meaning. He didn't do these things through me for our mere pleasure.

Hmm, the Rangers are Ringers while Ringo was the drummer of the Beatles band. As per the Lone Ranger, Lone's are also Lane's while Scottish Lane's/McLeans are Launs while Beetley (in the Beetle/Beatle write-up) is in LAUNditch. The CIA's Michael Morell (under Obama) had come up before, but here I can add that Morells use a reflection of the Lone Coat, and while Lone's use a fleur in colors reversed from the Rench/Rentz fleur, Morells share the Rench/Wrench crosslet in colors reversed. When coincidences like this continue to stream forth, they probably aren't coincidences. The last update even had a special event with the Ditch/Dike surname.

The Morells came up first as per the sleeping-bag dream, where David Morley (old friend) appeared on a motorbike. He followed me up a hill and drove down the road as I crossed into a MALL parking lot. At first, for months, I missed the fact that there was a second Morley surname listed with MAULs, and eventually found a Mauley location in the Morland write-up. That took me months because I didn't bother to read the write-up, but previous to that I was telling readers that Morleys share a version of the Morland Coat. I'm repeating this because Morlands were first found in Westmorland with Lone-like Lonsdale's (Morell / Lone colors), whom I looked up due to recalling that Lawrence's were at Lonsdale (Lancashire). That was looked up because Morells and Lone's both share the same bend as Keeps, and you can read about Keeps, MacDonalds of Keppoch, and an old friend, Mr. Kepke, in the last update. The latter's first name, Lawrence.

I think I gave some compelling reasons to support my view that God is using my Jeep as code for Kepke liners. I shared a shopping-cart dream in the last update on which I rode a shopping cart down a road to where the previous owner of my Jeep was, and there I complained to him about the broken door handle, missing a part. But I didn't tell the rest of the dream. In the scene after the complaint, I was up high, about the height of a ladder, though I saw no ladder. I had a large container in my hands the shape of a bucket / barrel, and it then fell to the ground upside-down, landing on its open RIM upon some whitish ground. The ground around the rim caught fire, and as I yelled to others that a fire had started, I jumped to the ground to smother it with SAND. End of dream. The only reason I'm telling this is that Lawrence's were at "Lonsdale south of the Sands". Sands/Sandalls (Lancashire) share the ragully pattern, and are almost in Keppock colors and format, which can suggest that the latter part of the dream was to confirm further that the Jeep is code for Keep liners. Keeps share the "galley" ship with MacDonalds, and Sands share the red fitchee with MacDonalds, which can suggest that God named Mr. Kepke's first name just to make this link or to link to the Jeep in this dream. It's got to be more efficient for God to create the "coincidences" in the first place than to find true coincidences to make His points.

As I said, I had come to view Mr. Kepke as code for the Numidian, Syphax (before the shopping-cart dream), and I showed (last update) how the shopping cart traces to Numidians. But why all this? As I also said, "Syphax" and "Kepke" are like "Caiaphas," and while the Christ-killing high priest of Israel was JOSEPH Caiaphas, French Josephs were first found in Maine while Lawrence's were at Lonsdale's Yealand-RedMAYNE. There is a Redmayne surname with what could be a Coat version of the Pellicans, first found in Maine.

I've said a few times that, after I became a Christian, ceasing to visit Kepke, he appeared at my place once on DeMAINE crescent, and Demaine's, first found in Maine, happen to share the giant fleur of Rench's/Rentz's. It appears that we are now on the Assange track, and both Kepke and Assange are blonds, hmm. The reason I mentioned Kepke at all at Demaine is that he popped in while my girlfriend, Kelly, was there, and God gave me a "song" sign while at her parents apartment, and, later, after telling of Kepke's visit, I came to thing that this song sign was code for AsSANGe, for multiple reasons, including the fact that Sangers/Singers come up as "Song."

I have got to repeat here. While renting a room at Demaine, I had a desk with a mirror standing freely upon it, and leaning against the wall. When I sat there, I was looking at myself. One night, I sketched myself on a piece of paper, and liking the quality of the sketch, I tacked it to the wall. When it came time for Jesus to visit me, I was in bed catching sight of this sketch, when peoples' faces (all men I think) started to appear superimposed upon mine, until I saw a new me superimposed upon it. I really liked this new me, still with longish hair, and I looked like a singer. I wasn't, and I never became a professional singer, but I did teach myself to sing well.

My first girlfriend as a new Christian was Miss PASCAL, whom I met with some friends at the beach. By some "coincidence," she turned out to live on Demaine crescent about a half dozen houses from my apartment. And while I trace the Polla-named Flavians of Rieti (suspect with the line of Josephs Caiaphas) to Pellicans, I had also traced VesPASia Polla (of Rieti), mother of Flavius Vespasian and Titus, to the Pasi/Pace/PASCEL surname. Just look at that. Pascals (Essex) happen to share the Levi lion, and even the Lawrence cross per-chance. For new readers, Pullys/Pullens share the martlet of the Maine Josephs, as well as the Sabine scallop while Flavius Sabinus was the husband of Vespasia Polla. Sabinus' father, Petro, was traced to Spanish Petro's who share the Leak(ey) / Rench fleur, and this became suspect with Julian Assange at the Ranch / Leakey road's Get'n Go gas -- i.e. petro -- bar (last update has some on that, but not the full story).

I didn't have anything to say about the Scaffold-like Schaff surname, until now: they share a lamb in white-on-blue with French Pascals (this lamb has become highly suspect as per the lamb-like horns of the False Prophet in Revelation 13), first found in Dauphine with Galleys and Galli's, from the Numidian king, Gala, whose son would war with Syphax. When I first started to see Kepke as God's pointer to Syphax (partly because Kepke looks like an image of Syphax upon a coin at his Wikipedia article), it would me months before I learned that the Keep ship is called a "galley," what the MacDonalds call it too. Hence, proof that Keeps trace to Numidian royals..

As per the shopping cart, there was a Shop surname discussed, with variations traceable to Shawia Numidians. Here I can add that Shop-like Shapiro's and SYPhax-possible SHEPherds use the lamb too, and English Shepherds even use the hand holding a fitchee, the MacDonald symbol. The Shepherd fitchee is black, to which Chives'/SHEWas' link, and, besides, Quints, first found in Essex with Pascals, use the SAVa/Savage lion paw holding a fitchee. Colchester is in Essex, and while Quints have the Colchester chevron, the Arms of Colchester is a ragully cross colors reversed from the ragully cross of Lawrence's.

So, you saw that God could have set me up with Miss Pascal of Demaine crescent as a pointer to Flavians in the Pasi/Pascel / Pascal surname. Shops come up as SHARland, and Miss Pascal is SHARon. Kepke and I both worked at the same grocery store i.e. where they have shopping carts. "Cart" was suspect with Cirta, the Numidian capital. Carts have a saltire cross in the colors of the Pascal / Lawrence cross.

My second girlfriend as a Christian was Kelly. Her father was a song writer. One day at her parents apartment (or condo), recalling the vision of myself where I looked like a singer, I asked God about his. I opened the Bible, and said to Him that I was going to land my finger wherever it landed, and it landed smack at, "You shall have a song." It was an act of God that day. But why at Kelly's house? I don't know. But there is a Bible/Bibo surname that has a rooster on a cushion while cushions are used by Redmayne's. And the REDmayne part has got to be a Rieti line to Reeds/Reds, for reeds use a Coat looking linkable to the Petro Coat, and, besides, "Be ready" is the Lawrence motto while it's Lawrence's who were at Yealand-Redmayne. The Yealands can be with the three Casey eagle heads because the Bibo cushion is suspect with Cush's/Kiss' (share red rooster with Bibo's), who share the CASS/Cash Coat.

King Gala was also Gaia, and Galli's share the gold rooster with Gays, and, to Italians, a rooster / hen is a galina.

Bible's/Bibo's are suspect with Mr. Vibius, father of Vibia, mother of Laevillus, father in-turn of Proculus CHARAX. The black fitchee (held by the MacDonald hand) of Shepherds is in the Arms of Carrick at times, and, besides, Carricks are in this statement: "The MacDonalds of Keppoch are descended from Alistair Carrach MacDonald..." The Arms of MacDonalds of Keppoch has a hand holding a black fitchee, the Shepherd symbol.

With so many things to say, I haven't yet had time to find where Keppoch is located. "Keppoch Castle occupied a ridge which overlooks the junction of the River Spean and the River Roy in Lochaber...Closely associated with the Comyn Lords of Lochaber, the MacDougalls fell from power during the Wars of Independence as they opposed Robert Bruce and fought for the English against him. Their replacements in Lochaber were their rivals the Macdonalds, and in the early days of the Bruce kingship they held their lands from the Randolph earls of Moray". I had read that the mother of Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick, was Miss Comyn, and we see that clan above. Some say that Marjory with Kilconquhar had for a son, Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray. Comyn/Comines was ruled by Conteville's, and so you just watch Conteville's pop up everywhere as per the wrench event.

It's known that this same Marjory was mother, by the Bruce's of Annandale, to king Bruce I above. Annandale's were of Dumfries along with Lawrence-suspect Laurie's, and the Annandale saltire is that of Carts i.e. almost the Lawrence cross. Adams, first found in Annandale and therefore suspect from Adam Kilconquhar, share the Lawrence / Pascal cross, colors reversed from the same of the Moray Randolphs.

Alisters are listed with Alexanders. Article above: "Alexander/Alastair Macdonald, the third son of the Lord of the Isles, was lord in Lochaber from the 1390s, and was an ally of the Dunbar Earls of Moray against his cousin Alexander Stewart..." The Dunbar write-up tells that Dunbars were of GOSpatricks of Mochrum, whose saltire is colors reversed from the Annandale and Gauge saltire. Annandale is in the same place as the first-known Turks/Torks (and KilPATRICKs), who use a "Pace" motto term while Pasi's/Pascels come up as "Pace," and, besides, Turks/Torks were at Mochrum with Gospatricks. It appears that Kilpatricks (share the Pascal lion) had merged with a Gos entity.

The Goz's / Gause's linked to the Rench topic in the last update by what seemed an act of God with some geese overhead my house. The geese passed over just as I was writing about the pressure GAUGE and wrench when helping to install the check valve for the SPRINKler system at a CONDOminium. That's why gauge-like Gause's were looked up, and I probably didn't miss the fact that Dutch Geese's share the Lafin/Lafont and CONTE lions, all related to the ConteVILLE's (and Font-de-Ville's) who married Richard GOZ. The Lafins/LaFonts are beloved of the Irish Kennedys while Scottish Kennedys (see Cass-like Cassels too) who use the Arms of Carrick, how about that? And, I kid you not, the Springs in the SPRINK write-up are said to DeFonts/Fontains too! Cass' use fountains, and Fountains share three fesses with Defonts/Fontains.

The Sprinks use mascles in the color of the similar lozenges in the Arms of Thomas Randolph. Sprink-like SPINKs use mascles too, which recalls the female-headed SPHINX I saw, in Wikipedia's article on Phanagoria, that looks like Miss Peare, Kepke's lady from Rieti-suspect Reitmans clothing, which is what caused me to find a KEPoi location just a few miles from Phanagoria, in the TAMan peninsula. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Thames' (share Peare stars) and the Thames river.

This gets more amazing because, minutes after Michael installed the check valve, he told me he often works for PEERless sprinklers when he gets up to my region. I didn't realize until now that Peare's come up as "Pearles." Peerless'/Napier's share the Gauge saltire. The Peerless/Napier write-up traces to a Donald, yup, from the earls of Lennox, and as Lennox's (same saltire) are LEVENax's, they should be from the Laevi Gauls, founders of Pavia, where Pero's/Pierro's (Conde fesse?) were first found who share roses with Peerless'/Napier's. Compare Lennax's/Levenax's with the Tessin-river Tess' (LEAVES), for Pavia is on the Tessin river.

From the Sprink/Spring write-up: "The earliest record of the name in England was found c. 1198 when Reginald and Emma de Fonte were listed there at that time. Houghton Le Side in Durham was an ancient family seat." The Conteville's are expected from a merger of Conte's (share French-Gauge crescent) and Ville's/Font-de-Ville's because both were first found in Languedoc, and EMMA de Conteville, like Emma de Fonte above, was wife to Richard Goz. One of the latter's daughters was mother to RANULPH (sometimes called RANDOLPH), le Meschin, and Meschins are mascle-like Masculine's too, probably the namers of Numidia's Mascula. The Keiths, first found in East Lothian with the Seatons, a branch of Side's you see in the quote above, come up as "Mascal." Le Meschin ruled Cheshire, where Houghtons were first found who share three white fesses with Defonts. Side's have a version of the Napp Coat (Levi lion?) while Napps (Cambridgeshire, same as Rench's/Wrench's) can explain, or be explained, by the Napier variation of Peerless.

Repeat: "Keppoch Castle occupied a ridge which overlooks the junction of the River Spean and the River Roy in Lochaber...Closely associated with the Comyn Lords of Lochaber, the MacDougalls fell from power..." It leaves a question on whether Dougals first owned Keppoch castle. This recalls the day I left off at a paragraph telling of the Miss-Hicks dream, where I first saw her at the HOOD of her car on a SAND beach. Recall that Lawrence's were at the Sands theater, for I told (last update) of Kepke and myself sitting on the hood of my car watching Allison Bauer leave me for Mike Denardo (while we all-four worked at the grocery store). While Allisons use one of the Houghton fesses, Allisons (Alexander/Alister colors) are said to be from MacDonalds of Keppoch, no coincidence at all. Cheshire is where the Mare's/Mere's and DeMere's were first found who are in the MacDonald motto.

The Houghtons were related to the rulers of SHIPbrook, and Ships are listed with Shiptons that use the EEL. Eelys/Halys are like the Alley-and-similar variations of Ills. The Eelys/Halys happen to share the boars of Gauge-like Gooch's. The Ile's once again use the hand with red MacDonald fitchee. The Iles' are also Eels' and share the fleur-de-lys of deFEND-suspect FENTons. Belgian Fentons share the Gauge saltire. And while I was asked to keep an eye on the pressure gauge while Michael changed the CHECK valve, Scottish Fentons/Fentone's (evokes Fontains / Fountains) share the Check Coat while there is another red fitchee in the Check Crest. Fentons arose here from the Lennox motto and Lennox's were obtained from the Peerless write-up while Peerless' arose from Peerless sprinklers. Sprinks/Springs were first found in Suffolk with Checks, the latter sharing the crescents of SPRink-possible Spree's and Speers.

After writing that paragraph on Miss Hicks at the hood, I went to town. The last thing done was the groceries, and when getting back to the Jeep with them in the shopping cart, someone had left a medallion on its hood. Kepke and I were on the hood in the parking lot of a grocery store. Jeeps are code Jeepma's/Cheps = Kepke suspects. Upon getting home, I looked up the Medal surname (MacDonald ship and fitchee), finding it with Dougals, but I didn't get the significance of that medallion event until reading today that Dougals were at the Keppoch theater. Perfect.

Dougals share the lion of Ills/Alleys, whom I looked up moments ago as per the "I'll defend" motto of Lennox's/Levenax's. The crown of Moray-liner DOUGlas' could therefore be in the Lennox/Levenax Crest. Amazingly, the giant Ill/Alley lion is that also of Rieti-line Rita's who use "pieces of WOOD" while Woods use the motto, "Defend"! Zikers. Sauvage's share the heart with Douglas' while Woods use the savage. Ills/Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with Ill-like Hills, and the four of us above all worked for Knob HILL Farms grocers on WOODbine avenue.

Immediately before being with Allison Bauer, I was with Darlene Ray, who worked the snack bar at Knob Hill Farms. Darlene's share the book with Rieti-line Reeds and Roets, and Roets were first found beside Poole while Poole's share the Rita / Medal/Dougal lion.

I met my wife while passing out tracts in front of MacDonalds with DOUGLAS JAMES, and the Douglas motto is suspect with the James' and the James motto. Can we believe it? James' share the Rita / Poole / Ill / Medal/Dougal lion too.

In the past, I had reason from what I considered God's use of Francesca Battistelli songs to identify Fenders with the defend motto term. She has a song with chorus using, "dents in my fenders, rips in my jeans," and Jeans/JANES'/J'Anes' got suspect with the James lion in colors reversed. Amazingly, Fenders, first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/UTTERs, use the otter, and while the Peerless surname brought up to "I'll defend," the Peerless sprinkler company has a head office in UTTERson.

Peerless' head office is on Greer road while Greers were first found in Dumfries with RIMs/Rome's/Rooms. Greers (probably the MacArthur crown) look like a branch of Gregors, the latter first found in Argyllshire with MacDonalds. Gregorys were first found in Leicestershire with "Defend" Woods. Gregors and Douglas' are both from Hardys, suspect with the Argyllshire Herods/Heraults.

As Peerless deals in FIRE protection, it's bringing to mind that large bucket with RIM that caught fire, and Pero's happen to use a "flaming star." The two Pero stars are suspect with the two of WISE'/Weis' while Guiscards are WIShards (Hardy?) while Buckets share three red piles with Guiscards.

As I took the position that the Assange video above was Designed for my viewing, I took special notice of its claim that the powers are prepared to nab Assange in the SPRING. The SPRINKler system needed to be leaked slowly to get the gauge right where it needed to be when installing the check valve. The fire alarm goes off when the pressure falls. I was on one knee as the pressure dropped. Knee's share the engrailed bend of Leaks, and Leaks use a leg bent at the knee. It could be as per an alarm bell from a WikiLeaks leak. Just musing.

"During the Jacobite rising of 1745, the clan chief, Alexander Macdonald, 17th of Keppoch... " This gives me reason for viewing the Keppoch MacDonalds as the line from Jonathan Maccabee with Alexander Balas, a good place to expect the end-time anti-Christ system. Again, the MacAbee salmon is used by the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds, and Jonathans share the rooster design, at houseofnames, anyway, with the Blue's/Gorms of Arran, where MacAbee's were first found, and beside the Alexanders. It's not necessary MacAbee ancestors were named after Maccabees for them to have been from the Maccus-line Maccabees, for they could have developed their MacAbee variation, and later "Abbeville," due to knowing their Maccabee past.

Certainly, the MacDonald eagle is from Ferte-MACE, and, due to "Maccabee" being said to mean, hammer, the Macey surname, with mace symbol, appears to have been a Massey variation to reflect their Maccabee past.

Look here while I repeat: "Bible's/Bibo's are suspect with Mr. Vibius, father of Vibia, mother of Laevillus, father in-turn of Proculus CHARAX. The black fitchee (held by the MacDonald hand) of Shepherds is in the Arms of Carrick at times, and, besides, Carricks are in this statement: "The MacDonalds of Keppoch are descended from Alistair Carrach MacDonald..." The Arms of MacDonalds of Keppoch has a hand holding a black fitchee, the Shepherd symbol." We thereby can know that the marriage of Quadratilla and Laevillus goes to the MacDonalds, and it's known that the line of Julius ALEXANDER Maccabee with his wife, Iotapa, produced the wife of Quadratilla's father, making her direct from the Maccabee-of-Alexander line.

This line goes to both the Kennedys and Carricks, who share the black fitchee of the Keppoch MacDonalds. I didn't know until now that the black fitchee verses red is the difference between MacDonalds and the Keppoch MacDonalds. It's probably a well-protected fitchee; no one can use it in black or red unless they are a MacDonald line. The red fitchee doesn't necessarily exclude the mainline MacDonalds from being Maccabee liners in their own right.

The Caiaphas-suspect Chives' of Tarves are therefore expected in linkage with the black fitchees of Tarves', the same six used by Clintons and Hillarys. As Clintons were first found in the same place as Peare's, it's a good bet that the two Clinton stars are the "flaming stars" of Pero's, for Laevillus must trace to the Laevi who lived in Pavia with the first known Pierro's/Pero's, who happen to share the Alan fesse, important because FitzAlans married A lice of Saluzzo (not far from Pavia) while I became convinced that the Saluzzo Shield is used by Clintons.

Pero's are also Perino's while Perrins ("ImPAVIde") share leopard faces with Peare's, for which reason the Perrin chevron can be that of Ile's and Alexanders, for Ile's share the hand holding a (red) fitchee, and, besides, leopard faces are used by Fitch's. The Medals/Dougals use the hand holding a red fitchee, and the MEDALlion on my Jeep's hood still has four links to its chain. Saluzzo is in Cuneo, which can be suspect with the Chains/Cheyne's (Chives cross?) and Chaine's/Chenays (probably the white Masci wing). Cheneys/CHESNEYs use martlets colors reversed from the Joseph martlet. "The proud French name Chaine was formed in Normandy when the family resided in Normandy, at the town of Quesney or Chenay." "QUESNEY" or the Chesnay variation can therefore be in the "CAS NI charo" motto phrase of English Josephs. The Chains are said to have been granted Irish land by Strongbow CLARE while Charo's are also Claro's, and as Sinclairs were originally Claro's, it explains the Chains sharing the Sinclair (and CONan) cross.

The curiosity had been that the medallion has "Saint-Petersburg, Russia," stamped on one side, and the same in Russian on the reverse side. I thought that it might have to do with Trumps's alleged sexcapades in St. Petersburg, but I now find that an English Peters surname shares "major" with Cheneys/Chesneys, and that the Peters mascles are in Cheney/Chesney colors. I would guess that this Peters surname shares the Faucet lion and the mascles of Quincys. I deleted the last sentence for lack of evidence, until loading the Faucet page (has Saer de Quincy) to find Peter de Grame. Loading Grams/Grahams (Midlothian, beside Faucets), voila, a version of the Peters Coat! Both the other English Peters and Grahams share gold scallops. The Sinclairs, who share the Chain cross, were in Midlothian's Roslin!!! BINGO, I win. Medallion mystery solved. Or maybe not the whole of it yet. The Varns (share the Graham scallops in both colors) are said to be kin of Grahams.

The Hood Chief is in the colors of the Peters / Graham Chiefs, and as Sinclairs were Claro's, I'd say the Hood Chief has the Tunbridge crescents, for Clare's were at Tunbridge. The Claro's/Charo's have a bend in colors reversed from two Peter bends. But why would God give this medallion-on-hood event for these matters or surname-connections only? I don't see great importance in this. I can add that while Meschins/MASCULine's married Clare's of Tunbridge, the Peter mascles likely apply there. The Jeep was sold to a Meschin liner.

Faucets were at FOXside while Simons use the Fox while the previous owner of my Jeep was of the Italian Simons who use a giant lion in colors reversed to what Simon de Montfort could have used. English Simons were first found in Devon with English Peters. This makes French Simons suspect with the Stock / Stake lion. AND, the Simms (Shepherd axes?), who share the raven with Peters, were first found in East Lothian with Faucets! BINGO AGAIN, the medallion mystery is more solved now. It only took me several months, imagine what I could do with a good brain. Simon de Montfort ruled Leicestershire, home of TONbridge-like Toeni's/Tonys.

Why are the Simms being pointed to? Why is any of this important? The last update pointed to Semans/Seamans in relation to my Jeeps' plow and my torn boot. I'll go over that below, and it involved Stocks directly, suggesting a pointer to Simon de Montfort.

I purchased the Jeep in return for renovating the owner's BATHroom, and the Peters tell of: "Peter of Blois ( fl. 1190) was Archdeacon of Bath..." If we trace the Bath Coat to the Moray Randolphs (bat), with the same cross, we are smack at Peter Pollock's Rothes castle.

The medallion was obviously worn around the neck, perhaps God's arrangement for pointing to the Neckar river's proto-vikings of the raven symbol. They were named, Stout, and Stouts use fitchees of a different kind, same as shown for the Checks/Cheeks/Cheech's. The Ylley variation of Ile's has been suspect with Yells of Shetland, home of raven vikings, though the Isle of Man likewise uses the raven along with Shetland. Yells appear to use a variation of the Alexander Coat, and Ile's probably use the Alexander chevron. The Vardys/Virtys were barons of Ferte, and Yells use "VIRTute" while MacDonalds use the Ferte eagle.

The fitchee in the Crest of Checks/Cheeks is above a crescent, and this combination is with a black fitchee in the Hanna Crest while Hanna's use a "PER" motto term, shared by Alexanders. Hanna's were MacDonald elements, weren't they? The Checks share the crescent of CHEPmans, which, in this picture where Medals/Dougals were first found in Galloway with Hanna's, appears to apply to the Chep variation of JEEPma's...and Hoods can somehow relate (due to the medallion on my hood), especially by their anchor, for Anchors are Annas-like Annackers while Hanna's are said to be from "Annach." For new readers, Annas was the father-in-law of Joseph Caiaphas, the ringleaders in the murder of Jesus. While Saluzzo's use no symbol aside from their Caiaphas-suspect Chief, the ruler of Montferrat used no symbol aside from the red Chief, the color of the

It's always been interesting that Busca is beside Saluzzo while Bush's are also Busch. Joseph-suspect Cheneys/Chesneys use a "major" motto term like the "majora" of Cetis-like Geddes' (Quadratilla was ruling Cetis), and the giant anchor of majors looks like a version of the giant Annas star, for both Coats share the same gold Chief to boot, and the Major/MAGor Chief (Pero roses?) can be gleaned with the Anchor Chief, all in the colors and format of the Chief of Chep- / Cheap-possible Shepherds that use the hand holding a black fitchee i.e. Keppoch elements are linking to Chep-like Shepherds. Josephs use a "MAGo" motto term. The Vardys/Virtys were barons of Ferte, which I assumed with good evidence to be Ferte-Mace, and Shepherds use another "VIRTute" motto term.

French Majors/Mayors, expected with the MacDonald-branch Mare's/Mayers, share a single crescent under a chevron with Alexanders, perfect. Spanish Majors share the checks of Steels and Galleys (share greyhound with Majors/Magors) who in-turn share the lion head of French Majors/Mayors. I assume that Mare's/Mayers use the galley. The Gallerys are listed with Galloways.

Scottish Shepherds/ShipPERTs (combination Macey / Mackay colors and format), with the same fleur of the Cuneo-area Maschi's, probably use the Sutherland stars in colors reversed as per the Maccus-liner Mackays of Sutherland. As I said recently, the Peeble's/Peoples' trace to Papia/Pavia, and share the green parrot with the Pettys that share the Fast quadrants, only now the Medals/Dougals are suspect with these quadrants for a trace to Vasto's. Perts (beside Keeps), who may be in the Shippert variation, are also Petty-like Petts (Keep bend?), and the latter's mascles are in the colors of the similar Anchor lozenges. The Ile's use the MacDonald / Alexander symbols, and Shiptons use the EEL.

Major-beloved Greys (Joplin Coat) use the motto, "Anchor FAST anchor." Saluzzo is where the Vasto-branch Montferrats ruled, and the Fast quadrants are in colors reversed with Medals/Dougals. These quadrants, suspect with "QUADRAtus," are in the colors of the split Tarves Shield. Tarves' are likely from Tarvisium, also called, TREVISo, and Travis' happen to share the Meschin and Biss scallop while "Bis" is a Medal/Dougal motto term. Majors/Magors were first found in the Channel Islands (off of Manche, where Masseys lived) with the Poindexters who in-turn use the Fist/FAUST fist, the Joplin star, and the split colors of Medals/Dougals / Tarves'.

The "Nemo" motto term of Poindexters must be for Nemo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps. The Nemo's are the ones with the "show" motto term that connects well to Shop variations (see last update), and Shops/SHIRlands/Shawlands once again use a reflection of the Major / Annas Coat, with likely the Carrick dancette in their Chief, for the black fitchees in the Arms of Carrick are in the Sheer/SHIRE/Share Coat. Poindexters use the ESQUIRE's helmet, and it can be added that Decks/Daggers, like the Deckster variation of Dexters, share the red squirrel with SQUIRE's and the Gilberts suspect with the Arms of Carrick.

I still trace the Anchor Coat to the Arms of Agrigento, which, I had read, was a stopping location for mythical Aeneas, much like "Annas." Agrigento faces Carthage, land of HANNIbal, so that Aeneas may have been Virgil's code for Hannibal liners. Virgil gave Aeneas a relationship with the Tyrian queen of Carthage. Agrigento was ACRAGus, to which I trace Craigs, Craigie's, Crags and other proto-Carricks. It's a wonder as to how Proculus Charax links to Acragas elements, but as VIBia was Proculus' grandmother, how can it be coincidental that Craigie's use a "vivo" motto term, while Craigs use, "Vive et Vivas"? Craigs were first found beside Fife to which I link Vivians/Veys. Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Kennedys) can be construed with Coat linkages to Alexanders. More fitchees are used by Cracks/Cricks (Craig colors and near-format), first found in Yorkshire with Crags (share the Carrick dog) and Gregs/Griggs, the latter using two of the three Levi chevrons. This paragraph recalls the Greers and Gregors.

The black Crag / Carrick dog is shared by SPINKs, excellent because a SPHINX is used by Hips', suspect from the Hypsas river through AGRIGento.

As Keppoch is in Lochaber, one should look at the Bullock/Balick/BaLOCH Crest: "Five Lochaber axes with gold HANDLES and silver blades, bound with a SCARF." The Sheers'/Shire's use almost the cross of Schere's/SCHERFs/SCHIRE's, and Bullocks use a "conSCIRE" motto term. It's a hit. Why FIVE axes? The Bullock bulls suggest Bullis, where I think the ancestry and naming of Alexander Balas is from. Bullis'/Bulliards share the Annas star. Bullis is in Epirus, and I did read that mythical Aeneas above was in Epirus. Scarfs are highly suspect with the Coat of Quadratilla-line Quade's. The ermine mammal on the Arms of Vannes wears a scarf, and Ermine's/Armys share the Annandale Coat.

The Bullock Coat must be a red version of the Buckley/BULkelly Coat, for the latter use a "temere" motto term suspect with the Demere's (Cheshire, same as Ferte liners, Mare's and Buckleys) and Mare's in the Alexander / MacDonald motto. If Kellys are a Kyle branch, it's notable that the latter claim to be of king Cole while Cole's have a bull.

One side of the Alexander Coat is in the colors of the Buckley chevron with bull heads. Buckleys share "Nec" twice with Rutherfords (Roxburghshire, same as Bullocks) who in-turn share a "fato" motto term with Cheneys/Chesneys (BUCKinghamshire). The latter's martlets, in colors reversed, are black, the color of the Rutherford martlets. The Fate's/Feets share a Pavia Coat, both sharing gold martlets with Cheneys/Chesneys. The Fate / Pavia fesse is red, as with the fesse of the Pavia Pierro's/Pero's (why FIVE roses?). Cheneys colors and format are used by FETenhoffs/Fite's/Vittinghoffs.

This is a good place to stop to say that Assange's last tweet was a CHESS game, while his second-last tweet was a sharing of a Paper-Plane song that became partly entertainable with the faked 9-11 planes, for the Leakey-road Signs pointing to WikiLeaks occurred when I attended a 9-11 memorial in 2002. Might the chess game have been God's pointer to CHESneys, since Dick Cheney was the vice-president on 9-11? Just musing.

Italian Pavia's (Piedmont, near Pavia) share the split Shield and colors of Cetins/Cattans, who share the black fitchee in the colors used for it by Tarves' and Sheers/Shire's. As the Cetina was the Tilurius, origin of Tillers and Tails/Tailors, it's notable that the bottom half of the Italian Pavia Coat shares the Tailbois scallop. Moreover, as I trace Meschins (of the Bessin) to the Tilurius, it speaks of Lucy Taillebois, le-Meschin's wife. Julius AVITus was husband of Julia MAESA Bassianus, and VITO's were first found in TARVISium who use the Tile/Tiller annulet, we may assume. Isn't this the entity that named QuadraTILLA Bassus/Bassianus? Looks like.

The Cautes'/Cotta's in the Cetin/Cattan motto should be of the Cottians, because they ruled in Piedmont. They ruled in Susa, suspect with Sassys/Saucers (besants) because they share the SARACen head with Cetins/Cattans, and the SARACA's of Ragusa were smack beside the Cetina river. The Arms of Saraca fish is in both colors of the fish used by MacDonalds of Keppoch.

I've been wondering whether the scaffold is a pointer to Adam Schiff, who will now lead a committee in the House that could go after Assange when he becomes a topic in the House, which could be soon. I've found a Skaff/Skeffington/Scaffington surname (bull heads) with the Melusine mermaid in Crest which can trace this surname with the scaffold's planks to Fulks. I see no link of this surname to anything Assange. The two "Augusta" motto terms of Skaffs/Skeffingtons is super because "angustis" is a motto term of Cabbage's while Plants/Planque's use cabbages! Bingo. I'm going to paste this in the last update.

Skaffs/Skeffingtons were first found in Leicestershire, where the Beaumonts of Meulan ruled whose daughter married Waleran de Leavell, which explains why Walerans share the three black bull heads of Skaffs/Skeffingtons. In the Waleran write-up: "The surname Waleran was first found in Devon where the name is believed to be descended from Waleran, the great Baron of Essex, Count of Meulan in Normandy. The family was first found at Bradfield, in Uffculm as early as Henry III. 'The original deed of transfer of Bradfelde from FULKE Paynel, Lord of Brampton..." Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks. Paynels/Paine's (almost the double Bramton lions) use a "Malo mori" motto phrase suspect with Malahule of More, known to be the ancestor of the Leicester Toeni's. Bradfields are said to descend from "Falk" of Brampton living in the 11th century.

Suddenly, the scaffold has revealed (not surprising) that Fulks were in the mix of things between Lupus Laevillus and Waleran de Leavell. The Paine lions can now be assumed to be a version of the Montfort lion, for Montforts took over Beaumont titles in Leicestershire. The giant Montfort lion has been suspect with the same of stucco-like Stacks/Stake's because Stake's/Stocks/Stoke's share a white, two-tailed lion with Montforts. I can therefore see God using my stucco job to point to these elements, and He always points to something involving the line of Laevillus. With Fulks central to this picture, the Volkswagen beetle makes more sense where German Stocks use the beetle.

Bradfields share the Warren checks while the "ad" motto term of Skaffs/Skeffingtons suggests Ada of Warenne. She or her father operated partly out of Suffolk, I believe, which is where Bradfields were first found. The Varenne ravens, in Varn and Arms-of-Stuttgart colors, suggest that the raven vikings originated from, or merged with, the Varni, whose Anglo associates could have named Angers / Anjou. It makes sense that Varni became Vere's where the latter claim to be descendants of Melusine of Anjou.

There's ample evidence that Roquefeuils were merged with Varni. For example, Vere's/Weirs were in ROXburghshire. Falls share the Yellow/Yelleys fesse, in Varn colors, and Yells were in raven-depicted Shetland. Vere's ruled centuries in Oxfordshire, where Yellows/Yelleys and Rooks were first found. Oxfords share the three Stout fesses. Stuttgart is in BADEN, home of VERINgers, and where AVRANCHes- / Varangi-like RENCH's were first found, which can explain the Wrench variation of English Rench's. Ringer- and VerINGER-like Inger the Varangian married Rench-like Rangabe.

BEDINghams/Bodinghams share rooks with Rooks / Rockbys (at TEESdale), and "One branch of the [Stout] family was found at Bedingham in Norfolk." Norfolk, where Yelley-suspect Ylleys/ILE's were first found, is the location of Sprowston, and Vere's/Weirs were at Roxburgh's Sprowestun. It appears that a Stuttgart element in Baden named Bedingham.

Recall how my fall from the scaffold suddenly looked like God's pointer to Rockefellers. The old BODEham location of Bedinghams suggests Bode's, who use an upright ram in the colors of the upright lamb of Schaffs, and of the Roque/Rock rocks. Amazing.

I am now recalling that Mamie. God's code for Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, claimed to leave my Bible gift to her under a BED when she was away on a TRIP. A few weeks earlier, God had given her a THIGH symbol for the TEASE's/Tye's, first found in Nottinghamshire with Mansfields, and while the Feller and Rock / Rod TREFoils are expected as part code for Treffs/TRIPS and part code for RoqueFEUIL, lookie at the Rookby write that I've not known before: "The owner of Rokeby having become proprietor of Mortham, in the parish, by marriage with the heiress of the MANFIELDs, built a dwelling there about the beginning of the reign of Edward III." Earlier in the same write-up: "The surname Rockby was first found in Yorkshire at Rokeby, a parish, in the union of TEESdale" I had linked the Tickhills of Yorkshire to the Tease's/Tye's, for Tickhills share the maunch with Mansfields. The latter's colors and format are used by Rookbys. But the fact that she left a BIBLE under the bed (code for Bedingham?) tends to give reason for expecting Bible's/Bibo's (Mecklenburg, Varni theater) in cahoots with the Baden liners, the latter expected from the line of Mamie-depicted Mummolin through Badon, his grandson.

The Teesdale write-up informs of a Tees river at Yorkshire.

It's notable that English Rocks (rooks) are in Herod/Herault and Arms-of-Roquefeuil colors while French Roque's/Rocks are said to have had a La Rocque location in Herault (near Roquefeuil). This is very good for my theory that Rodez, whom Roquefeuils married, were king-Herod elements. English Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Hills (and Ills/Alleys) expected in "TickHILLs." Worcestershire is where BABcocks/BADcocks were first found who share the red Bible/Bibo / Cock rooster, and I trace Babcocks to Babon (Mummolin's son) and Badon together, for Mamie's thigh symbol was given to her at her garden while Gardens share the Babon boar head. It suggests that Tease's and Teesdale are Mummolin affiliates. Mummolin's line through Ruricus and Rusticus of Lyon is expected at Rostock in downtown Varni-land, and ROSTock can explain the Bible/Bibo (kin of Hahns) and Hahn rooster.

Babon's brother was BODEgisel, a good place, suddenly, to trace Bodeham/Bedingham. Bode's were first found in Auvergne with Mummolin ancestry in Tullia of Lyon.

Worcestershire is where Watts were first found that could be of the Wade variation of Quade's. Mamie and I went for a wade in a lake the morning that she received her thigh symbol, and WOLF-using Quade's (share Coat of MACCUS-liner Mackays) are excellent for linkage to QUADratilla Bassus Maccabee aka the line of Alexander Balas, wife of LUPUS Laevillus, son in-turn of Bibo-suspect Vibia. That's how this works. But the night before, voluptuous Mamie and I slept together in a TENT, where she teased me and would not allow me to get even warm with her. The tent-using Tintons (Mansfield / Rook colors and format) are from Atintanes smack at Balas-suspect Bullis. That's how this works. Tintons (beside Walerans, share colors and format) were first found in CORNwall with Tintagel, birthplace of Bude-related king Arthur, and Cornwalls / Cornovii are suspect from the Ceraunii mountains at the Atintanes / proto-Avalon theater. That's how this works. What else can we expect God to arrange heraldry-related events in my life for if not for the line to the anti-Christ, to illuminatists from Caiaphas and Annas, and from the seven heads of the Romans which included three sons of Vespasia Polla?

One of the sons was Titus, who took in the Maccabee liner, Flavius Josephus. Why did Laevillus, who lived at the time of Titus's old age, have a Titus middle name: Gaius Julius Lupus Titus Vibius Varus Laevillus? Why do Varro's share the black wolf with Quade's/Wade's? Laevillus and Quadratilla has three sons with "Aulus" first names, same as Aulus Terentius Varro Murena. One of the three sons had a Charax surname while Carricks use a black dog as apparent play on the black wolf of Laevillus. The Thigh's use a giant wolf.

To nail Fellers with Roquefeuil, note their FellTRAGER variation, for the bend of German Tragers (should be the bend that is the Arms of Baden) has the same pattern as the bend of Rocco's, while English Tragers use ravens on a Yell-like Coat. The Rocco bend is in Varn-bend colors.

The Planque's are from the Maccabee line of Plancia Magna, the same Maccabee line as went to Laevillus. Therefore, in the Skaff/Skeffingtons, the two Maccabee lines converged at Leicester. Plancia was the daughter of a sister of Gaius Julius Alexander Maccabee of Cetis, father-in-law of Quadratus Bassus. "...Nero crowned [Gaius Julius] Alexander and Iotapa as Roman client rulers of the small Cilician region of Cetis, that had previously been ruled by Alexander's Seleucid ancestors, his ancestor Archelaus of Cappadocia, the son of this, Archelaus of Cilicia, and Antiochus IV." There we have confirmation that Maccabees descended from Seleucids, part of Daniel's anti-Christ picture. Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king after king Antiochus IV, had merged with Jonathan Maccabee (his family opposed Antiochus IV), though I have not read what the aftermath of this alliance was as per further marriages between the families. I assume the marriages took place due to the Alexander-named Maccabees who cropped up.

Fulks at Leicester are new to me, thanks to the scaffold. I can add that while Leicesters (probably the Beaumont fleur) use the swan, the Swans/Sions show FALConer's gloves, and once showed gauntlet gloves, symbol of Maccabee-liner Maceys. I, a Maccabee liner, fell from the scaffold at the CORNER of the house, and Corners/Garners have been traced to Avaran Hachorani Maccabee.

Varns/Warnochs, by the way, use "a falcon KILLING a stork," and Killins happen to share the Plunkett Coat for a trace to Fulks, thus suggesting that Falcons could be a Fulk branch.

Back to the Bode's (Rock/Roque colors) now suspect with a rampant ram version of the lamb-using Schaff/Scheff Coat (Hesse), keeping in mind whether Adam Schiff is a Rockefeller element, for Bedingham/Bodehams (Bude / Bute/Butt colors) use rooks. After I fell, I had a sore in the bone of my butt. It must have hit rock. Bode's are also Bots, and German Bute's/Butts are also Boets, like the Boetus house of Sadducees? Recall that Rocks/Roque's had a location in Herault, for this is beside Narbonne, and Narbonne's/Denardo's share the North lion while North's share the black dragon head (same design) of Bodehams/Bedinghams. It makes perfect sense for the rooks of Bodehams to link to something in Narbonne (the latter is in Aude with Roquefeuil).

Bodeham is in BROXash along a Lugg river, and then Luggs are listed with Lucks while "lux" is a motto term of Brox's/Brocuffs. The latter's Proc-like variations may indicate Proculus, son of Laevillus, because this line traces to black-bull Walerans while Lux's/Luchs share the black bull head. We saw that Skaffs/Skeffingtons share three black bull heads with Walerans. It adds to the evidence that Bode's were at Bodeham, or that Bode's share the Schaff/Scheff Coat. The black bull head of Lux's is used by Mieske's, suspect with Mieszko's, and then Schaffs share the lamb with English Lamberts while the latter can be traced solidly to Mieszko II Lambert, highly suspect in the line to the lamb-depicted False Prophet.

One morning not very long ago, I awoke from a dream with lots of stuff, but could not remember a thing, aside from the Shapiro term in my head as I awoke. Shapiro's share the lamb with Shepherds, but we should not hastily assume that those two surnames came first, and then their lamb symbols, for Schaffs are also Schaefers (Jewish surname). Therefore, if Schaffs came first, Shepherds may not, as we could hastily assume, necessarily named after tenders of the flock. The surnames may all be from "Scipio." Ships/Shiptons use bellows while the Chief-Shield colors of Bellows (linkable to the Bouillon motto) is that of one Shepherd surname too. Henricus SCYPhard of Moray/Elgin is said to be an ancient proto-Shepherd, and for all we know, the "hard" ending was a Herod / Hardy element, for Hardy-line Douglas' share the Moray stars.

Yesterday, the day before coming to my butt fall on the rock, I was looking at the Stairs because I fell on the third rock acting as stair steps around the CORNER. Corners/Garners share the fleur of Norths, first of all, but as Bode's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, isn't it amazing that Stairs can be gleaned with the colors and format of Godfreys? That's due to the Mr. Stegre to whom Stairs/Stayers are traced in their write-up, smacking of the Staggers/Stage's who are a branch of Eustace's and Staceys. Godfrey de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II.

I don't recall ever seeing, before yesterday, the Stair connection to Godfreys. All I could say previously is that Stairs share the Capone Coat. The Bodehams/Bedinghams were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys, supposedly a Godfrey variation, though there may be more to it. Rocks (share rooks with Bodehams) were likewise first found in Herefordshire.

My rock stairs go down to the BASEment door, and while Base's are suspect from Bassus' / Bassianus', one Base Coat uses the Bramton lions in colors reversed, both Coats sharing two lions in pale with Jewish Levi's. We saw Bramptons with the Bradfield location of Walerans, making Jewish Levi's suspect from Laevillus.

Simon de Montfort

Earlier, I discovered why the Saint-Petersburg medallion was on the hood of the Jeep, where Peters should be of Peter Pollock at Rothes, the proto-Rothschilds. This alone makes the medal-on-hood event explicable where God is warning us about Rothschild powers. It recalls the sit-on-hood event, when Kepke and I sat on my car's hood in the parking lot of KNOB Hill Farms, watching Alison Bauer slip away from me for Michael Denardo. The first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer while Mayers are, as with Allisons of Keppoch, MacDonald kin, and Knobs probably share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow for a pointer to Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Narbonne's worked into this above with Rocks/Roque's of Herault.

Rockefellers worked into the black smoke out the tailpipe of my Nissan (Smoke's are Rauch's who share the Jewish-Rothchild / Rodham bend), an apt symbol of Rockefeller oil industry if God doesn't approve of it. The black smoke and my being mugged the night before caused me to cancel my trip the night after cockROACHes in a motel room. The cockroaches were behind the wallpaper all night long, a good representation of those who invade our privacy.

So, the Hoods use the Tonbridge crescents, and Toeni's have their maunch in the Arms of Leicester, where Simon de Montfort ruled. I trace the Rodham oak stump to Watsons of RUTland, a suburb of Leicester, and have assumed that Rodhams ("Nec") were related to Rutlands. The daughter or granddaughter of Peter Pollock married Mr. Watson. Rutlands share the orle border with RUTHERfords ("Nec"), and Rothers/Ruths are curiously listed with Randolphs, first found in Moray, location of Rothes castle, with Scottish Randolphs, who descend from Thomas Randolph, a Carrick-Comyns liner. Rutherfords use a goose on a ROCK.

It's thus a good bet that the "Nec" motto terms are for the raven viking line out of Stuttgart (Neckar river) of Baden, especially as Badens/Battin were first found in Somerset with Baths who in-turn share the cross of BAT-using Randolphs of Moray. In the meantime, Obama's ancestry is in Randolphs, and here, as per Bute's/Butts expected out of Rothesay, it can be added that English Randolphs and Dunhams together (Obama's mother was Miss Dunham) share a version of the BUTler Coat. Whose pelican is in the Butler Crest? The Stewarts were butlers to the Scottish kings.

Simms share ravens with Peters, and Italian Simons have the Montfort lion in colors reversed, suggesting that the line of Simon de Montfort was up in Lothian with Simms while merged with the Peter raven into Rothesay. English Simons use trefoils, partly for boot-using Trips/Treffs, and partly for Roquefeuils. The original owner of my Jeep, an Italian Simon liner, is from Benevento, near Bute-liner Avellino, though I think God had him in Benevento for a reason I don't yet realize, possibly because "vento" related to Windsors (Bath cross?). As I said, I renovated his BATHroom in return for his Jeep. And on the day that I left my writing at a paragraph concerning Miss Hicks at the hood of a car (in a very-old dream), that's the day of the medallion on my Jeep's hood, the point being that she was in a BATHing suit at the hood of the car. I'm getting the impression that Baathists and Rothchild / Rockefeller globalists are to be linked in some scheme happening now or in the future. I had read that Obama's mother worked for a Rockefeller company. The question is, what was Trump's business in Saint Petersburg?

Earlier, we saw that three crescents in the Hood Chief are in the colors of the three items in the Peter and Graham Chiefs, and this realization was immediately after Peters were clinched with Faucets and Grahams. The medallion's four chain links suggested Sinclairs because they share the Chain cross, but so do the Bitars/Butters and Aflacks while Baathists were founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq. I then said, "As Sinclairs were Claro's, I'd say the Hood Chief has the Tunbridge crescents, for Clare's were at Tunbridge. The Claro's/Charo's have a bend in colors reversed from two Peter bends." And the elite, extremely-wealthy Sinclairs were at Roslin, smack beside the Faucets of Musselburgh / Foxside. The Mussels/Muscels definitely apply at Musselburgh, because it's in Haddington, where Mascals/Keiths were first found, and as Mussels/Muscels use a version of the Meschin/Masculine Coat, this should have to do with the Meschins who married Clare's of Tunbridge.

As Bute is heavily in this picture, it's being noted that Bute-liner Bothwells share the Coat of Lynch's (almost the Feller trefoils) while Links share the Montfort lion minus one tail. The medallion had four chain LINKS still attached. Loretta Lynch? While finishing the stucco job, I FELL off a plank on my BUTT upon a ROCK, and the Lynch Coat is virtually the Feller Coat (probably Jewish). Planks share the Stock Coat. German STUCKS/Stocks were first found in Rodden-like Rothenburg, and Rothenburgs/Rottenburgs can thus be using the Montfort lion in colors reversed. Loretta Lynch protected Hillary Rodham while Roddens list Rodhams.

Hmm, Loretta Lynch was Obama's replacement of his attorney general, Eric Holder, and Holders (almost Lynch colors and format) share the dancette of Plows and Bude's (BUTT colors). The Plow-Bude relationship convinced me that God was in the purchasing of my boots while waiting to get the plow installed.

Fulks and Planque's were from Plancia Magna of Perga, who connects to Parkins/Perkins, and the Jeep was in a parking LOT. Lots (Kent, same as Shops) share the giant and black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps. It seems that all of the items in relation to the medallion are thus explained, unless the grocery store, where I was SHOPping at the time, is a pointer to Groce's/Groggs/Greggs/Graggs (Baden). And I think they do apply because they are in the split colors of the Maple's (Cheshire, same as the Meschin earls), who in-turn almost share the boar head of Mole's while Eschyna de Molle had a daughter, Isabel, who married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter at Rothes castle!!! Astounding, and Eschyna herself married Robert CROCE (also "Croc"), like "Groce'!!!

Why did I say that I fell off the scaffold when doing the last SCOOPs of stucco. The Scope's/Scrope's (five white ostrich feathers) share the bend of two Peter surnames (ostrich). Mount Scopus at Jerusalem comes to mind as a possible Rothschild center.

I have been absolutely sure that Crocs / Croce's are from the namers of CrociaTONum in MANCHE, for Irish Crocs use the MAUNCH, the TOENi symbol upon the Arms of Leicester. Manche is directly across the English Channel from TONbridge. The Tonbridge Coat is a cross between the Yell and Yellow Coats, and shares the Saracen crescents. The Saracen Chief shares the upright (rampant) black wolf with the Mussel Crest, and as Sinclairs were near Musselburgh, let's add the Henry Sinclair of Roslin became a ruler in the Orkneys so that he may have had something to do with Shetland's Yell and raven symbol.

BUTlers, by the way, expected from ROTHESay, share the five, white ostrich feathers of Irish Clare's, and Peters share the ostrich in Crest with Carricks. The latter are said to be from Craigs (crescents), who share the Yell fesse and thus link well to Crociatonum's Tonbridge line (assumed above), which can explain why Groce's have Craig-like variations. Butlers were first found in Kilkenny with Irish Crocs.

It actually begs whether the line of Proculus Charax was direct to the naming of Crociatonum, for his father's line is to Waleran and the Beaumonts that ruled Leicestershire. "Montfort was a younger son of Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester, a French nobleman and crusader, and Alix de Montmorency. His paternal grandmother was Amicia de Beaumont, the senior co-heiress to the Earldom of Leicester and a large estate owned by her brother Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester, in England...Later, in 1215, the [Leicester] lands were passed into the hands of Simon's cousin, Ranulph de Meschines, 4th Earl of Chester.". It's a good reason to see the lion of the first Ranulph with that of Leicester-suspect Leghs/Lighs/Leys. Simon IV was of ROCHEfort.

The lion of Ranulph de Gernon (4th earl of Chester in quote above) is the Montfort lion. De Gernon was the brother of Alice, wife of Richard de Clare of Tonbridge, an excellent reason to equate Tonbridge with Toeni's/Tonys, especially as the latter descended with Meschins from Malahule of More, Rollo's uncle. Rollo is expected to be a Sinclair due to the name of the treaty he made with France. I can't find how this Ranulph was a cousin of Simon Montfort; the only way I can figure it is that Alix of Montmorency was a sister of Lucy Taillebois (of Bolingbroke). If I recall correctly, Bullings use the plow, and this is said because Bolingbroke's (possibly the Beaumont lion) are BULLINGbrooks too. As Dole's share the Plow fleur, while Dols share the fesse of Bolingbroke's, the latter can trace to Bullis with Alans of Dol. Bowles' were first found in Lincolnshire with Bolingbroke. The same fleur are used by the Fleurys who share the crescent of Meschin-related Rumillys, and Rumillys are said to be from a Fleury location in Manche (there's a large section below on Rumillys, very enlightening).

Robert Croc is in the write-up of the Shropshire Crocs who should be using a version of the Futter/Fudes/Foty Coat (Feet/Fate fesse?) partly because Feets/Fate's (Alan fesse?) share martlets with Crocs, and partly because I see Futters in the Fuller motto while suspecting Fullers to be from FULbert, Robert's father. Crociatonum is at / beside Alauna, highly suspect with the Alan line between Aulon/Avlona and Avalon = Rothesay. Aulon is at the Ceraunii mountains, and while Ceraunii are in heraldic crane's, such a crane, with a ROCK in it's FOOT, is use by CRONKites while Crociatonum was also, CRONCIAconnum," suspect with Conans who share both the Yell fesse and the Sinclair cross. "Crociatonum or Cronciaconnum in the Tabula Peutingeriana. Ptolemy makes it a port of the Unelli or Veneli, a Gallic nation who occupied part of Brittany. The Table contains a route from Alauna to Caesarodunum (modern Tours), in which the next station to Alauna is Cronciaconnum, distant 10 M. P. from Alauna. Its position, therefore, depends on that of Alauna."

Eschyna de Molle married both Mr. Croc and Mr. Alan of the pelican-using royal Stewarts. BUTlers have a pelican upon their Clare / Traby / Caen ostrich feathers. Caen is beside Crociatonum.

The medallion on the Jeep led to Faucets at FOXside while Simons use the Fox while the previous owner of my Jeep was of the Italian Simons who use a giant lion in colors reversed to what Simon de Montfort could have used. I now find (for the first time) that the rare, double-colored Faucet fesse is use in the Arms shown for Margaret Goz, mother of Ranulph le Meschin, explaining why Faucets (and Meschins) were at Musselburgh. As a Meschin is said to be a cousin of a Leicester Montfort, the fox of Jewish Simons checks out with Foxside, and thus the medallion on the hood of Jeep once, owned by a Simon liner, checks out as God's work.

[I didn't know for a couple of weeks that the Arms of Margaret Gos have the bend exactly in the Arms of Evreux, home of Abruzzo-suspect Eburovices. It may signal that "AVRanches" was play on "EVReux."]

As Musselburgh is at Haddington, the Haddington cross becomes suspect with the Morency cross.

As Peters were found with the Faucet lion, it now explains why the same Peters share the mascles of Meschin-kin Michaels, which can also explain why Michael was in the dream immediately before my seeing the bucket in the Volkswagen Beetle. Aha! I don't think I've yet mentioned that English Michaels share the scallops of Grahams, the latter being the ones who share a version of the Peter-Chief mascles. In the Faucet write-up: "Alan de Fausyde witnessed a grant by Peter de GRAME to the Hospital of Soltre before 1238." If you didn't catch it at Montmorency above, you'll see shortly why the bucket symbol is as per a marital merger with Montforts. ALAN of Fausyde can be expected where I trace Alans to Langhe, at Monforte and Montferrat.

I didn't know there was a Montfort location at Ile-de-France, where Morencys were first found. Simon de Montfort V was born at "Montfort, Yvelines, Ile-de-France." Amicia, Montfort's mother, was the granddaughter of Alice of STUTEville/ESTOUTville, the apparent raven line from Stuttgart. The Arms of Stuttgart uses a horse, the symbol on Montfort's coin(s). Alice's daughter and Amicia's mother was PETROnelle. As I think raven vikings were at RoSTOCK, was that a Stock-Montfort element? Reminder: French Simons use the same lion as Stocks.

Stouts are said to have been at Bedingham while Bedinghams/Bodehams (rooks) share the colors and format of Leicesters/LESters (namers of Alister MacDonald?). Alice's/Alis' use the "MUZZLED" bear as apparent code for Musselburgh liners, and the upside-down wings of ALES', first found in Sicily with Italian Simons, are expected as the Masci wings.

In the last update, I worked on the event having the boot symbol during the day I went to install a plow on the Jeep. That discussion started off super with Simon-like Semans of the Stock surname:

I was loading Semans a half-hour ago when speaking on Seman de Stoke's. You'll get to that topic later, but after loading Semans/Seamans, I came up here to add a subtitle to this [Jeep-plow] section, because it got so long. And upon adding the subtitle, I got to reading and added a few things above, including all that you just read on the Trips. I then got down to the part where I had already written about the ripped boot, though the Seamans were not yet part of it, and so it floored me to see Seamans in the "seam" term I had already written previously. God made the seam in my left boot. But He pays back, don't worry, if we're good. So, I have proven that the boots I purchased were pointers to Trips and Masseys. It's a very good start.

The last update also touched upon the dream where I complained to the previous owner of the Jeep because the door handle was missing a piece that looked like a barrel or bucket (cylindrical in shape), and immediately afterward I was holding a large bucket or small barrel. The heraldic "water BOUGET" (Bouchier symbol) is a water container, and therefore it looks like code for Buckets/Buchers, whom I trace to Bouchard II, founder of Montmorency. "Alix de Montmorency (died 24 February 1220/1221) was a French noblewoman. Her parents were BOUCHARD V de Montmorency" Alix was a wife of a Simon Montfort, what a coincidence.

Plus, while the Beaumonts of Leicestershire were at Meulan, the Bouchier's that have the water bougets also have use the checks in the Arms of Meulan! It thus verifies the door-handle dream as another work of God.

The bucket was also in a dream with Michael's Volkswagen, and as it was a Beetle model, note now that Beetle's use the same checks!!! I get it. And German Stocks are the ones using a beetle! Zinger. That ties the whole to the stucco story, and then back to Astakos.

Buckets were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy of Bolingbroke (Lucy Taillebois by marriage to Mr. Taillebois), and so Bolingbroke's (Lincolnshire) are expected with the Beaumont lion.

AHA-Ha-Ha! Days after writing this section, I realized that the BROKEn door handle was for the fact that Handle's and Broke-branch Brocuffs (sphinx) were first found in Silesia! But there's more to it not yet realized.

Cecily of Rumilly and Juno

Cecily de Rumilly, Lady Skipton by another name, was a busy gal. She first married the Tracy lords of Barnstaple. Her page here has what I think could be the Piast eagle. Romily is in Les Andelys with the Norman ancestry of Toeni's, and while Toeni's use the maunch, Rumillys had a Romily-like location also in Manche. She next married Ranulph de Gernon whom we met above, and later married his brother, William Meschin. If that's the Rumilly eagle, I'd like to know whether Rumily was a Piast entity. The Rumily Crest should use the Fleury crescent, and it's upon a white rock.

The eagle above must be that of Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire, same as Eggertons) because Cecily's husband, William, was of EGREmont (Cumberland). The Egremont Coat is the Mason/Massin lion wearing the same fleur as Beaumonts who in-turn use the same lion in colors reversed. It makes some sense that Beaumonts should have been Masons/Massins to begin with because Beaumonts married Leavells. The Rumillys happen to use several piles in the colors of the Leavell piles. The same eagle is used by Harewoods/HareWARDs (share the Ward Shield) while Cecily was also styled, of Harewood. It just so happens that Harewoods use the eagle as do Lorraine's and the Arms of Lorraine, and the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert, married Richeza of Lorraine. There we have it. Rulers of Rumilly are expected to be from Mieszko II, the ancestry, I am predicting, of the False Prophet. The Ward Shield is shared by Cliffords who in-turn are in the Skipton write-up as inheritors of Skipton castle. The Ward Crest thus becomes suspect with the Egremont lion. (Use the tab from the link above to load other Coats of Arms).

The Tracys can be suspect somewhat now with the Tracks/Triggs, first found in Cambridgeshire with Rumillys, and sharing the green Lorraine lion in both colors. One Tracy Coat, if I recall correctly, includes a duck, the symbol of French Alans, Velens and Velins.

The lords of Barnstaple remind that Barnstaple's are kin of Albino's and likely Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple. This is an excellent place to find this picture, for Albino's were first found in Modena with Morency-like Morinis', Morano's and Marano's/Mauritano's, the latter using the Montfort lion without doubt. This now makes it quite certain that Morencys were from Terentia Murena, and, in deed, the Tarents use the Child/Chill Coat in colors reversed, which has the eagle above from the page of Cecily of Rumily. To thus find the line of Terentia with Meschins that even use the MASSIN lion is excellent because Terentia was married to Cilnius MAECENas.

The three Tarent eagles are with Courcys, and Avice de Copeland, daughter of Cecily Rumilly, married William de Courcy. Courcys were in STOKE country (Somerset, same as Paynels whom Avise also married). The Normandy Courcys share the cinquefoils of French Buckets/Boquards (Normandy), suspect with MontMorency's Bouchards. Recall the bucket in the back seat of the Volkswagen BEETLE, for beetles are used by German STOCKs! You just saw a potential Bucket link to Courcys of Stoke (same place as eagle-using Trents). The heraldic EAGLE is traceable from a variation of the Eagle surname named after the ACHELous river, location of Stock/Stoke-suspect Astakos. French Buckets are said to be from Calvados, location also of Remilly.

Recall Seman de Stokes in the Stock/Stock write-up, for while Semans appear to share the three German-Drummond fesses, Scottish Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term while Gangs/Geggs/Giggs share the Bucket / Courcy cinquefoils. Gingrich's (at La Rochelle) share blue fleur with Morinis'. Rochelle's/Rockwells named Rockwell GREEN (don't assume named after green grass / forest) in Somerset i.e. same place as Stoke. Greens and Greenwich's (same lion as Montforts) were first found in Kent with the Deerings said to be from Morinis'.

I had noted that the Morinis' fleur (both colors) in the Coat of Rule's/Rullers, who were looked up as per the viscounts of Roulers that Morencys were (according to the Morency write-up). That's a good reason to consider Montmorency from Modena's Morinis' liners. The Marano's of Modena share the Greenwich lion. The Marano's of Modena use the Moor heads of Marano/Murunum, on the Sybaris river, and it's known that peoples of Sybaris were from Boura (Greece), traceable to the Burleys, first found in Somerset (with Ladons/Ladds) and sharing the white boar head with Rochelle's/Rockwells. Boura was on/near the Ladon river, home of the Taphians that were also at the Achelous. The MURiels/Merrils share the Morinis fleur.

I trace SIMsons (Burley colors) to both Laus, founded by neighboring Sybaris, and to the Achelous river's mythical Oeneus. Not far below, you will see a compelling trace of Rumillys to the Oeneus river, thus making Simsons suspect from Simon de Montfort. Laus is beside Saracena, and Saracens share the crescents of Tonbridge's i.e. in Kent with Greenwich's. Mythical Oeneus was made the father of the real city of Methoni/Modon, suspect with "Modena." The latter is in the ballpark of Venetians, and "The Venetians built on the ancient battlements [of Methoni's castle] and added on and repaired it during both periods that they occupied the castle" (Wikipedia's Methoni Castle article).

Speaking of Rule's/Rullers in their apparent link to Montmorency, the clan badge of Rollo's (boar heads) is a stag head, symbol of Deerings, and more-likely closer to the stag head of Colts/Cults/Celts, (Perthshire, same as Rollo's), suspect from CALYDon, home of mythical Oeneus. Perthshire is in the land of Picts, who had a Caledonian tribe. Calydon was the scene of the myth, Calydonian BOAR. It was shot with an arrow, and Pollocks have a boar shot with an arrow. If the Rollo clan badge is close to the Deering stag head, or even if not, the More location that Rollo ruled can be a Morinis liner.

Lookie: the Crest of Bole's (Lincolnshire, same as Bolingbroke and black-boar Bowles') has a black boar shot with an arrow, and it's the black boar in the Rollo Crest (minus the arrow)!! In the cups of Bole's, the Molle / MARONE boar heads! Marone's (almost a colors-reversed version of the Rollo Coat) are in the colors of the French Mars/MORE's! Zinger. The Rollo clan badge (bottom of the Rollo page) is brown.

The French Mars/More's were identified as Mercians because they were first found in Burgundy with the Messeys/Messier's that use the flag of Mercia, but I didn't know when making these links that Lucy Bolingbroke (married Massey-line Meschin) was descended from Mercians. Therefore, Rollo's More location looks Mercian, and while Mercians were Saxons, it could appear that Fulbert "the Saxon," father of all Pollocks, was a Mercian.

Rule's/Rullers (Rollo colors, Morinis fleur) use a hare (can't be sure it's a hare versus rabbit) so that it can be of Cecily of Harewood. The same fleur are in the Coat of Muriels, and the latter's peacock is Pollock-important because I've read that Peacocks were a Pollock sept. I was emailed by Mariel, whose mother was a Pollock, and Mariel, having been studied up on Pollock roots, told me that Muriel de Pollock, a daughter or granddaughter of Peter of Rothes (I can't recall which), was styled, "Lady Rothes." The "PUNGit" motto term of Rums/Rome's/Rooms should be for Pungs/Pings/Paganells, who likewise share the Muriel / Morinis / Ruller fleur.

Recall the door-handle dream. "The ground around the RIM caught fire, and as I yelled to others that a fire had started..." Rims are with Rums/Rome's, and as the Doors and/or Handle's must apply to that scene, it's notable that Handle's share the Rumilly stars. There's more to it, but I've yet to realize.

Again. Cecily first married Tracy, from a Tracy location in Carne, explaining why the Carny Coat is a version of the Rumilly Coat. As Bowles', suspect with Bolingbroke, share the Graham scallops, it's notable that the Graham Crest is similar to the Tracy Crest, for Cecily's husband, William Meschin, was a son of Lucy of Bolingbroke. It tends to affirm that Camilla Parker Bowles (she uses a blue boar, same as Rollo's) was a Bolingbroke line. As Stewarts share the BROKE/Brock motto, Bolingbroke's can be with the Dol fesse. The Chief-Shield color combo of Brocks and Brocuffs is colors reversed from the same of Rumillys and Carnys, and the Breuci are on the map below to the near-east of Carni.

Wow. I had told of an event with Camille at least twice, but cannot recall whether it was clinched as an act of God. The event was when our youth group went ROLLER skating, and I took her hand and skated with her. No relationship happened, just that one event. It's telling us that Bowles' are Rule / Roll / Rollo liners, just as we just saw. It appears that God named her to link here with Camilla Parker Bowles. Italian Camille's were first found in Rome, and are in the illegal colors of Lane's/Lano's while Spanish Camille's were at Llano. This is the line to Launay and Brest.

As Camille's surname is Brady, it may not be coincidental that Bradds (share red lion in Crest with Rollers/Rollesleys) share the lion (almost) of Rome's Rita's. BRADfords share the checks of Warrens (Suffolk, same as Bradfords), Wards and Rumilly-related Harewoods/HareWARDs. Repeat: "Bradfields are said to descend from 'Falk' of Brampton living in the 11th century." Fulks descend from Rieti with Rita's.

As Rollers/Rollesleys look to be sharing the Dart Coat, the red lion in the Roller Crest becomes suspect with the red lion, holding a dart, of Brocks/Broke's. Cool. More on the dart soon. Amazingly, the Skate's/Sheets share the potent cross of Brock-branch Brocuffs, and Brocks use the motto term, "VireSCIT," while Skits have the Skate/Sheet Coat. We were roller SKATING, yup. Do you think I made this up as one fat lie?

Parkers use a "merces" motto term while Bolingbroke's were from Mercians. And one branch of Parkers was first found in Derbyshire with Rollers/Rollesleys. The Pollock colors, and the "flatu" motto term of the Derbyshire Parkers can be traced between Plancia Magna's Parkings/Perkins through the Fleck branch of Fulks of the Flatt/Flett kind to the Polk variation of Pollocks, and may include Flaad, progenitor of the Dol Alans, making him look like a proto-Pollock too.

As Grahams are now known to use a version of the Peter Chief, and while Peters trace to Peter Pollock, by what coincidence did Peter Pollock name his (grand)daughter, Muriel, the name also of Muriel of Rumilly, Cecily's mother? Put that together with the Piast eagle shown for Cecily, and one could expect that the Pollok location in Renfrew, after which Peter's surname was named, not vice-versa (or so I've read), was a Mieszko-Pole element. We don't know Peter's ancestry by surname if he wasn't a Pollock in his father (unknown surname), making him possibly a Rumilly (Peter's mother is unknown).

The Graham scallops are those of Brooks (Essex, same as Broke's/Brocks), a branch of BROKE's/Brocks (share the Stewart motto), and this can indicate that proto-Pollocks under the Dol Alans were at least linked to BolingBROKE's/Bolingbrooks (Dol fesse?). In fact, Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article says that the Pollock arrow (in boar) is also a "dart," and the Brock lion holds a "dart." It may even be that proto-Pollocks were sheer Brock liners. Yet the Brook motto, "Perseverando," is nearly the Rumilly motto, "Persevere." I have always had the inkling that Pollocks were Massey kin, and here it seems to be found in Cecily Meschin.

The Pollock Arms is described: "A boar PASSant SHOT through with a dart Proper". Propers/Robins/ROBERTS, first found in Cheshire with Polesdons/Pulestons, and sharing the ostrich with Peters, looks Pollock-relevant. "Passant shot" links to the "passe" motto term of Rollo's because Rollo's use "fortuna" while "Fortune" is used by Shots/Shute's (Wiltshire, near Poole). Passe's are with Pascals while Vespasia-suspect Pasi's are Pascels. In colors reversed, the Shot/Shute Coat looks like the Fuller Coat, and Polla-line Pullens are also Pullers. The AUDaciter" motto term of Pollocks can be for Aude's (Ottone / Oddie colors) who share three white swords with Shots/Shute's, which makes Fullers and Fullens/Fulhams suspect with RoqueFEUIL. The Aude write-up: "The Odette variant probably originated in D'Audeville in the commune de Loiret, arrondisement of Pithiviers." If I recall correctly, the Arms of Pithiviers uses the thistle, symbol of both the Fullens/Fulhams and Pasi-liner Paisleys. As Pollok is at Paisley, Fullens/Fulhams thus look like they were named after Fulbert "the Saxon."

POLESdons/Pulestons, whose stag has the same leg and head positions as the Stewart stag (almost the Skipton lion), look linkable to "Poeles", a Manche location beside the Fleury location of Rumillys, which argues for the Fleur horn being the Pollock horn. Alauna was in Manche, and we saw Eschyna de Molle married both to a Dol Alan-Stewart and to a CROCiatonum element. Fleurys/Florys share the Dole fleur (and almost the Spanish Flora and Italian Flore fleur). There's a Flers location in ORNE, and horn-using Fleurs are also Flers'. That explains it.

That just made the case grow for tracing Bolingbrooks to Bullis, at Aulon. When I think of my theory that Stewarts / Alans have controlled the American military, and it's globalist agenda, I put that together with my theory that the anti-Christ will be from Bullis > Balas elements. Dutch Poels/Poles' look like the Palins near Poole, and both share the lion of English Balls'/Balders (Cheshire) while French Balls were first found in Brittany. It makes me wonder whether Bullis liners named Pula, for the Arms of Pula has a cross in the colors of the similar Pollock saltire that is shown green-on-gold at the Clan-Pollock article. It just makes a lot of sense to me that Pollok was named by Bullis liners, explaining why the Dol Alans escaped there when fleeing the Norman king. Peter Pollock's father lived in Shropshire/SALOP with the Dol Alans. While Sleeps (Jewish-Pollock colors) were first found in Salop while tracing to the Selepitanoi, the latter were near the Dardanians in the Dart/Dard surname (one of the two Sleep fesses), first found in Devon with English Stewarts.

I don't know how Peter got from Pollok to Rothes castle, but Mariel said that he was commissioned by the king to build a castle in Rothes. From Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article: "Clan Pollock is an armigerous Scottish clan whose origin lies in a grant of land on the southern bank of the River Clyde [like "Celt"], courtesy of King David I, to the sons of Fulbert "the Saxon" from Walter fitz Alan, the 1st High Steward of Scotland, in the 12th century. It is among the oldest recorded surnames in Scotland. The clan is a sept of Clan Maxwell...As part of a dowry for one of his daughters, Petrus [Peter Pollock] bestowed the barony of Rothes upon her." No other mention of Rothes is given, a well-guarded secret, I assume.

King David was a son of Malcolm III, and Malcolms use the Celt/Colt stag head, I assume. The son of Malcolm III was king Duncan II, whose family in-turn was married by Avise Meschin, daughter of Cecily de Rumilly. One might venture a Pollock-Rumilly relationship right here. Meschins of England tried to usurp the Norman king, but while losing had to flee to Scotland, which is how the Alans of Dol became royal Stewarts. The Arms of Renfrewshire is a ship with the Stewart Shield upon it. Malcolm's wife was in cahoots with Maurice Drummond, grandson of Andrew I of Hungary.

I'm reading that Muriel had a Remilly location in Manche's Saint-Lo region (should explain why Lows have a Coat version of the Graham-related Varns). Montbray (Mowbray) is in Saint-Lo, and in the canton of Villedieu-les-POELES along with Fleury, home of Rumillys. Might Poeles have been named by the namers of Pollok? The Poole's share a giant, white lion with Mowbrays of Montbray, the latter surname first found in Northumberland, making their Crest suspect with the leopard of Siwards, for Siward of Northumberland lived in the days of Malcolm III. It's the leopard of Mosca's too, suspect with Mieszko Poles. Later, I'll trace Rumillys to the Maezaei theater where I trace proto-Mieszko's too.

"While marching north again, Malcolm [III] was ambushed by Robert de MOWBRAY, Earl of Northumbria, whose lands he had devastated, near Alnwick on 13 November 1093. There he was killed by Arkil MOREL, steward of Bamburgh Castle..." (Wikipedia's article on Duncan II). The Mowbrays once again use the Montfort / Marano lion. English Morels were first found in Northumberland too, and the Brittany Morels are Maurels too while Italian Maurels have a Morinis-like variation. The Mowbrays were beside the Odins of Yorkshire who in-turn use the same lion, but with a crozier, the Coat exactly of the Greenwich's, first found in Kent with the Morinis > Deering line. The Odins and Oddie's are said to be Odo, ancestor of the counts of Holderness and Aumale, wherefore see this: "William le Gros [may have been a Goz], William le Gras..., William d'Aumale, William Crassus (died 20 August 1179) was Earl of York and Lord of Holderness in the English peerage and the Count of Aumale in France. William married Cicely, Lady of Skipton, the daughter and co-heir of William Fitz-Duncan by his spouse Alice, Lady of Skipton, daughter of William Meschin..." Aumale is at the Bray river (Normandy), suggesting that Montbray elements were of that entity. Hugh D'Avranches was also Hugh le Gros, and his father was Richard Goz.

Odo who? "Odo was Count of Troyes and of Meaux from 1047 to 1066, then Count of Aumale from 1069 to 1115." Clicking the Meaux link brings one to the Wikipedia page on Champagne, the Arms of which (Oddie / Aude / Rangabe colors) looks like the Pullen Coat. As his name was also, EUDES," it's interesting that the Oddie saltire is in the colors of the Arms-of-Rangabe cross, for Inger and Melissena Rangabe birthed a daughter earlier, EUDokia. The Rangabe's use a FLORY cross now linkable to Rumillys at Fleury.

Aumale at first went by a Marl name, like the Merril variation of Muriels. Muriel got her Rumilly surname by marriage, yet it's interesting that her husband's father was a Rumigny, for Romneys share the Shield of Pullens i.e. from Vespasia Polla, Pollock ancestry. There's confusion here if true that Vespasia's ancestry goes to the namer of Pollok, not necessarily to Peter Pollock, unless he was a Rumilly, for that too can link back to Vespasia Polla.

The marriage of Meschins to Skiptons is via this Cecily. Her family was in Skipton from the time at least of Muriel. Whether Rumillys were directly from general Scipio, I can't know, but as he was a Roman general, Rumillys and Romneys/Rumenels may have been named after Romans. The Piast eagle we saw is in the colors of the Masci eagle wing, and Masci's use a version of the Massena Coat while it was king Massena who had an alliance with general Scipio. It could appear that Massena's Numidian line went to Piasts / Mieszko's, which is what I've been claiming as per BISTue in the Maezaei / Ceraunii theater.

How do we think that Alice Meschin, Cecily's daughter, got to marry the royal-Scot Duncans? Was she just gorgeous, or was their a blood link? The Duncans (beside Dogs) share the cinquefoils of Dogs, and DOUGlas' share a Chief like that if Rumillys, and Cecily's husband was a son of Mrs. Taillebois so that herein seems to be how the Talbot surname got the talbot DOG for a symbol. Douglas' were at Moray, and their Chief along with the Rumilly Chief use the Moray stars, and thus Rumillys can link to Peter Pollocks castle at Moray. In fact, the Carnys who use a version of the Rumilly and Douglas Coats put the Pilate pheons in their Chief while that pheon is with the Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire with Dogs.

Next, it's pretty amazing that while Duncans are Junkins too, which evokes both the Yonge's and the June's / Jeune's whom Yonge's loved, the Dog Coat is a good reflection of the French Jeune Coat while Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and English Jeune's. Moreover, the Yonge's (Rome/Room lion?) share piles in the colors of the Rumilly piles, giving me the impression that the line of Junia Caepionis bumped into the Scipio bloodline.

Perthshire is where Cluns were first found who share the Saluzzo Coat (for a good, Alan-of-Dol reason), and both have the Chief-Shield colors of Rumillys. Peter Pollock's father (of unknown parents) was a vassal of the Dol Alans. Cecily was of Harewood while we saw Harewoods with the Lorraine bend. If I'm correct about the Fast bend being a version of the Lorraine bend, then let's remention that Fast-suspect Vasto's were Montferrat rulers in neighboring Saluzzo. Here one can muse concerning my theory that Renier/Rainier of Montferrat looks like the namer of Renfrew, where the village of Pollok is/was situated. It could again appear that Peter Pollock was a Rumilly line.

If the English Frank Coat, sharing the Pollock saltire, has a falcon in Crest, then I would add that French Falcons share the Rumilly / Fleury crescent. Dutch Fleurs could be sharing the white Pollock horn. It's interesting that Laurette's bring up the French Fleur Coat because Laurette of Hainaut was mother to Alix of Montmorency, wife of Simon de Montfort.

The Carny kin of Rumillys were traced to Carni, a location on the upper Sava in the land of Japodes, which were not only the proto-Romans, but were close to Una-river liners that named mythical Juno (chief Roman goddess) and Junia Caepionis'. So, the Rumillys can thus trace to June's and Yonge's, explaining their use of the Yonge piles, I gather. Carni is near Emona (upper-right of this light map), which I trace to Mons, the Hainaut capital. Lesce is beside Emona, and while I trace Lesce to Leslie's, who use a "fast" motto term, it's known that Leslie's took Pollock titles by marriage. The Pollock saltire traces to the Arms of Pula/Pola, shown on Istria to the south-west of Japodes.

William Meschin, husband of Cecily (of Rumilly, in case you've forgotten), was a ruler of COPEland while Cups/Cope's/COLPs (lived at Colp) are from the COLAPis river of the Japodes, also called the Kupa. The Pullens, with the Romney Shield, use a "Culpa" motto term. The It's near the Hungarian border. Bled, beside Lesce and Emona, is suspect with Hungarian ancestry in Attila the Hun, brother of BLEDa. The English Yonge's, with the "jeune" motto term, and first found in Essex the Quints -- suspect with Quintus Caepionis, grandfather of Junia Caepionis -- use three roses in the colors and format of the three Rule/Roul hearts. The Rule write-up has a myth concerning St. Andrew, which is the Christianized code of pagans for king Andrew I of Hungary (son of a RUS), whom I trace to Andrew, patriarch of the Ross clan (Montfort lion?), beside the Rose clan to which the roses of Hungarian-suspect Yonge's use. The Scottish Yonge's use the three piles of Scottish Leavells, first found in Roxburghshire with Rule's/Rouls.

The Rule heart is shared by the Champagne Sauvage's while the Cheshire Savage's, with the Quint lion paw, are also Sava's. There you have more reason to trace this picture to the Carni area. But there's more, for the six lions of Savage's are those of Cecils/Cecilys in colors reversed, and Cecils even use an "una" motto term. If you look on the light map between the Oeneus (Una) and Colapis rivers, you'll see a Rumilly-like Romula location. I almost missed it. Romula looks like the naming of mythical Romulus, founder of Romans along with mythical Aeneas, who looks like code for "Oeneus," the alternative name of the Una.

Romula, and Romulus with Remus, needs to trace to the Benjamite merger with JABESH-Gilead, and the Jeepma's/Cheps have Jabesh-like variations. I trace Japodes to "Jabesh" for good reasons.

Here's from the Rule write-up having a Yonge-suspect term:

Saint Rule or Regulus ( fl. 8th century?), was the legendary founder of the see of St. Andrews. "He is a leading character in the story of the journeyings of the relics of St. Andrew. Accordingly to ancient writings, "after some wandering, Regulus reached Scotland, and on a hill called Rigmond (Kil-rymont, or St. Andrews) met the king of the Picts at the head of an army. The king was UNGus, son of Urguist, who had already been warned in a vision to offer the tenth part of his inheritance to St. Andrew...

The Drummonds (Rule / Yonge colors) are known to be directly from George, son of king Andrew I. German Drummonds share the wavy fesses / bars of Semans/Semones', now suspect with Simon de Montfort. The Ross lion is not only the Montfort lion, but the Simon lion in colors reversed.

Lookie: "Ung" is a motto term three times of the Burghs/Berks who share the Morency cross, and "Roulers" is in the Morency write-up. Beautiful. And Montforts married neighboring Montmorency. It now tends to explain why the Scottish Rose clan uses water bougets, the symbol I trace to Bouchard II, founder of Montmorency. It thus tends to support the Montfort lion with Ross'. The Berks/Burghs are definitely from John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville; the latter's granddaughter was Margaret Goz, mother of William Meschin, husband of Cecily of Rumilly.

Follow. Drummond-possible Trumps have a white stag head in both colors of the stag of German Youngs/Jungs/June's, a good reason to equate Trumps (Drummond colors) with Drummonds (Hamburg, near first-known Trumps). Other white stag heads are with Dusts/D'Ousts and DUNSTANs, both using the same stag head, apparently. Robert I of Rumilly was:"Son of RANFRAI De DUNSTANville de Romilly". "Ranfrai" is an apt term for elements of Renfrew i.e. location of Pollok, and the third Pollock was himself a Robert, whose brother's family had a Muriel, name also of the wife of Robert Rumilly above. The Arundels, expected as the FitzAlans who married ALICE of Saluzzo, are in the Dunstan write-up, and Rumillys were suspect with the Saluzzo Shield. FitzAlans were in Clun of Shropshire, explaining why Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat.

Keep following. Dusts/D'Ousts were treated in the last update, traced to the Oust river of Brittany, near Launay. The latter is where Rule-like Ruels/Roulier's are said to be from. Launay is near BRESt while Lane's/Lano's were first found in BREScia/BRIXia. Brests/Brix's use the lozenges of BRICKs in colors reversed, and Bricks (Massey fleur) are suspect from Ranulph de Briquessart, father of the first Meschins whom Cecily married. The Whelans share the Brick Coat, and were first found in WATERford, the county of which uses a stag head in Trump stag-head colors, and the Correns, first found in Waterford too, share the black escutcheons of Cecils/Cecilys.

As I said, I dated Miss Whelan of a street named Corson, and Corsons/Carsons, who share the Brest/Brix lozenges, also share the Rumilly crescent. Corsons/Carsons were first found in Dumfries with Rums/Rome's/Rooms. Miss Whelan's sister was dating Rick YOUNG at the same time, and I probably met Miss Whelan when Rick (old friend, lived on Corson street too) took me to their place. Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, can we believe this!?! Rumillys were at Skipton in Craven!!! And, as I said, Cravens were from Croatians, who lived where the Japodes had lived, as well as at the Una river!! You see, God had set that event up for this purpose, about 40 years ago.

English Rolls happen to share lions in escutcheons with Cecilys. Remember, Rule's apparently had the myth with Young/Young elements to the Ross' / Rose's. Rolls are said to be of the "Norman family of Rollos of Roullours in Calvados..."

Whelans have variations like the Fallens/Fallons, and this is where the Rumilly rock may come in again. Fallens share the giant and rampant greyHOUND, in the colors of the giant Grey / Montfort lion, of Hundts/Huns. That could trace things again to Huns at the Bled / Lesce area, and it just so happens that Barnstaple's share the Leslie griffin. As Barnstaple's share the Rock / Rod / Albino trefoil, it reminds that the Arms of Rijeka/Reka/Rika (like the Rick surname), a location near Bled, has an eagle upon a rock, though I don't know that it's called a rock. The Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple look to be from the namers of an Aubin location near Rodez, and the latter is where I trace Rods because Henri IV of Rodez married a woman of Roquefeuil. I expect Roxolani Alans at Rijeka, and it's known that Attila the Hun, of the House of Dulo, conquered some Alan Huns, then took some of them as allies in his raiding of Europe. Roxburghs (said to be a Rookby branch) use an "AUDax" motto term while Roquefeuil is in Aude.

Anything involving the Alans of Dol can be inspected for sign of Pollocks, who are now looking like a Romula > Rumilly line. The Roxolani, or Rus-Alans, can be expected as the Biblical Rosh-Meshech alliance, even as the Alans of Dol were merged with Masseys. Eschyna de Molle married an "important" Alan of Dol, and it just so happens that Molle's were first found in Roxburghshire with GOOGe's/Gooch's, a Gog suspect. Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollok, and they share a single pale bar with Roxburghs. Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells (Roxburghshire), and while I trace the black Maxwell eagle to Rijeka's (two headed, symbol of Rome), Maxwells are a branch of Mackays that were at Moray with Peter Pollock. His Rothes castle looks like at least a cousin of the Rus / Rosh.

The Mackay motto suggests Fortriu at Moray, but the Dulles/Dallas/Doleys (house of Dulo?) write-up speaks to a Forres location at Moray. Dulles (Moray), in Roxburgh colors, probably use the stars of Glass' who named Glasgow at the Pollok theater. In keeping with the link of Junia Caepionis to the Rumillys, seen above, it just so happens that the Forres/Fore/Forray Coat (Moray) is part of the Jeune Coat. Reminder, Jeune-loving Yonge's share the piles of the Roxburgh Leavells, and the Rumillys use several piles in the same colors. Hawise (same as "Avise" assumed), daughter of Ciceli Meschin of Aumale married William de Forz/Fortibus, which can apply to Forres / Fortriu.

It's notable here that the Avis/Avison surname uses the garbs that were the Arms of Cheshire i.e. home of William Meschin's family. There is a Fors/FORCEr surname (leopard faces) with the appearance of the Meschin Coat, making the leopards of Force's look like the Mosca leopard. The Fors/Forcer chevron has the annulets of Hogans, I assume, who were first found in Tipperary with the Irish Kennedys and LAFINs/La Fonts while Scottish Kennedys use an "Avise LA FIN" motto term! Perfect. The Hogan Chief with annulets is a colors-reversed version of the Yonge Chief, and proto-Yonge's at the Una river are expected to have merged with Maezaei there, who can be expected with the Massai/Massar surname, first found in Lucca beside the first-known Mosca's. Meschins were viscounts in the Bessin, and Forez is where BESANcons were first found whose billets must be code for Billiards/Billets, first found in Maine with French Fors'/Poseys/Pousins.

The house of Dulo is suspect at TULLia of Lyon at Auvergne's Clermont-Ferrand, and it just so happens that French Jeune's, now suspect with the Dog/Doag Coat, were first found in Auvergne. DOUGlas' were first found at Moray with Dulles'.

The Forray-like Forreys/Fairie's (plow), who lived at RUTHERglen, were first found beside Glasgow, in Lanarkshire, where the Biggars (and Duals/Dalyells) were first found who share the Dulles Coat. The latter's write-up claims a Dallas location at Moray. The "I dare" motto of Duals could be for German Dare's/Derrs that share the Avis/Avison Coat, Dalyell was a region of the Clyde river (i.e. same as Pollok), and Clyde's share the Alan fesse. Repeat: "As Stewarts share the BROKE/Brock motto, Bolingbroke's can be with the Dol fesse."

Let's go back to Mowbray, in Saint-Lo with Rumillys of Fleury. The Brays/Brae's now work into this, suspect from Bra, smack beside Monforte (Cuneo) while Mowbrays share the Montfort lion. Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's who in-turn use an "angustis" motto term while Augusts share the fesse of Rums/Rome's and the eagle leg with Brays. Angusta (Carpathian mountains) is probably a version of "Augusta." Romers share seven mascles in the colors of the same with Quince's (same place as Cabbage's and Brays), which are in the colors of the nine Rouen mascles.

Brays are said to have had a Bray location in Eure, and that's the location of Romilly too.

Rouen was Rollo's capital near Romilly of Les ANDELys, which I trace to ANTALya, beside Perga, home of Plancia Magna, the line to Cabbage-using Plants/Planque's. Cabbage's share the lion of Tails/Tailors, suspect with Taillebois' who married Bolingbroke. Romers happen to be from "Gerald de Romare, feudal lord of Bolingbroke." We saw Rumilly elements earlier with Bolingbroke, where Cecily de Rumilly married a brother-in-law of LUCY BolingBROKE (Brays use a "flax BREAKer").

Same write-up: "A castle was built {at Bolingbroke} by William de Romara, Earl of Lincoln, of which his descendant, Alicia de LACEY, was dispossessed by Edward II." Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Skipton) happen to share the rare purple lion with Skiptons, and Rumillys were basic at Skipton. "Alice" was a name beloved of Rumillys and Skiptons, and so Alicia de Lacy looks related.

Aumale is at the Bray valley, and the Odins with Oddie's, from Odo of Aumale, were first found in Yorkshire with Skipton. With Rums/Rome's and Romers working into Rumillys this with an Augustus-Caesar possibility, and tracing via Cabbage's back to Plancia Magna, whose husband was from Rome, it could really be, as I am sure it is, that Skiptons descend more than two thousands years from general Scipio. Quince's are in the quince held in the paw of Forz-like Sforza's, first found in Rome. Rumers/Reimers (Austria, same as Sauers) may this be using the black Quint lion paw, which is the lion paw of Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire, same as Meschin rulers). Sauers are from the Sava river. Quints were first found in Essex with Skipps/Skippers, the latter using a version of the chevron-with-fleur of Cope's/Copes', first found in Northamptonshire again i.e. with Quince's, for example. Cope's/Copes' share a version of the Copp and Cup/Cope/Culp Coats, of a Colapis/Kupa entity at the Sava.

Rumers/Reimers (Benjamin colors) and Reims together can be of the mythical Remus line that I see from the namers of Rimini, from the Rimmon location of the 600 Benjamites who married 400 wives of Jabesh-Gilead. Rumers/Reimers may be with the Masci wing because Maschi's were first known at Rimini. The Meschin who married Rumilly was ruling Copeland.

The "animo" motto term of Cope's/Copes' can be for Nimo's/Newmarch's. The Romer write-up: "...Gerald de Romare, feudal lord of Bolingbroke whose son, William de Romare was in 1118 Governor of Newmarch, Normandy..."

Recall the dart of Broke's/Brocks, from the Dardanians, and look on the light map for the Scupio (otherwise called, Scopi) location in downtown Dardania. Scupio is shown on the Margus river, and Margesons/Mackesys share the Cabbage lion while sharing Carrick colors, and then Margys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire with Marjory/Margaret Carrick. The Margesons were also Argensons, suspect from D'Arque's/Darks partly because they use a purple arm. Also, "William d'Arques was descended from the Vicomtes of Arques who held a castle four or five miles from Dieppe in Normandy." Dieppe is at the mouth of the Bray river, and Brays were first found in the same place as Cabbage's.

Darks/D'Arques' were first found in Kent with Marges'/Marsh's (Nimo's/Newmarch's are also NewMARSH's), but Darks also had a Melonsby location in Yorkshire so to have possibly met Skiptons there. Melons (Marges/Marsh colors reversed) were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'. We have reason above to see Margus-river Moesians / Dardanians with Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes' and Guiscards. The latter descended from Tancreds / Tankerville's (Lincolnshire, same as Romers / Bolingbroke), and the Tankerville write-up has Ralph de Tankcarville married to "the daughter of William, the Viscount d'Arques."

Stirlings (Chappes Moor head) share a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat, and the latter have been traced to Stobi, a Paeoni city neat Scupio. I trace the Paeoni city of Astibus to Asti, smack beside Bra and Monforte. [Irish Langens use a passant version of the Montfort lion.] The Lyncestis area beside Stobi goes to Langhe (a branch of Alans/Alengs), the area around Asti. Lyncestis is from mythical Lynceus, son of the brother of Danaus, the latter from the Tanais river of the Alan Huns. Langs (and Stewarts) use the pelican for Pelagonia, beside Lyncestis, and so we can fathom that Paeonians were at the Pellicans on Maine, where I trace the line of Joseph Caiaphas. The Paioni line of Payens/Paions married Elizabeth Chappes. Stobi is on the Axius river, and Paine's/Payne's were at least near one of the two Axe rivers of Somerset. I trace Caiaphas to the Cavii on the Drilon river, near the source of the Axius.

Tankerville's share a Coat version of the donkey-using CHAMBERlains (Duncan / Donkey kin), who can be gleaned with the Chambre location on the ARC river so as to identify Darks/D'Arques with it. But on whether Arque or Ark liners did merge with Margesons, I can't be sure. Nor can I be sure that Marjory Carrick was named after Margus-river Moesians, though the PICENSii are on the Margus upon this dark map, and Pike's/Pickens', first found in Ayrshire with Talbot-loving Carricks, could give that impression. It makes sense that Pickens' use the Sutherland stars in connection with Mackays of Sutherland because Mackeys/Margys were likewise first found in Ayrshire.

The Treble Clef and Music Cassette

I had a special event with yet another negative / unfortunate thing, this time a flat tire on the Safari, code for Severus liners that may be in the Rumilly motto, "PerSEVERE." The flat-tire event was immediately after a church service in which Mrs. Kilpatrick and I both wore green. When I went to the van in the church parking lot, there was the flat tire. In church that day, Mrs. Kilpatrick came to take both my hands to pray, when the pastor asked people to pray for someone. The pastor's surname, Johnson, uses a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, and so does the Blazer/Blase surname to a lesser degree. I wore a green blazer to church that day that I've never worn to church before or since. I went over all the items as best I could, a couple of months ago (in the 3rd and 4th updates of September).

Blazers/Blase's were thought to be Bled liners at that time, and it just so happens that Rumillys were tracing to the Bled theater. Blazers/Blase's are from Blay, near Le Molay, near Remilly and Fleury, amazingly enough. Bleds are Ble's/Bles' too, you see. Blazers share the Chief/Shield colors of Rumillys.

There's more. Cecily de Rumilly was Lady Skipton, and Skipton titles (the castle, anyway) went to CLIFFords. On the day I wore the green blazer, I also wore, for the first and last time, a tie with treble clefs (birthday gift). The Cleffs are listed with CLIFFs, can we believe this? Cliffs are also Cleave's while Cleavers use a version of the Meschin Coat, and Lady Skipton married Meschins. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Cleffs. As the Clive's (Stick colors) are said (in Cleff write-up) to have married the Styche's, whom I say were part of the Lithuanian Astikas' that married TRABy, the TREBle clef looks to apply.

Recall the Stock location of Somerset. It's beside the Trebys of and Treble's, both of Devon. Treble's show no Coat, but Treebys (Chief in Stick colors) share the Stock lion minus a tail, and it's the Tail/Tailor lion too. Traby of Poland was related, I claim, to the Somerset Sticks (almost "Stock"), who were married to the Clive's of the Cleffs. Is that not amazing? The treble clef was on my tie, a BIRTHday gift, and Births/Berts (beside Berths/Brets of Somerset) were first found in Devon too, and share black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby. It was a birthDAY gift, and the Somerset Days (location near Saint-Lo) are also Deys while Tie's/Dei's are Dye's. Dee's/Die's (Hick colors) use a "Hic" motto term. Could I possibly have invented this story? The YEALmton location of Trebys recalls that Yells share the Stick garb.

But there is more, for Songs/Singers (Devon again) share the Stick garbs. Who arranged for these links? Mrs. Kilpatrick was/is a singer, and even gave me a studio-recorded cassette. There is a Casset surname sharing the three fesses of the Cheshire Haughts/Haughtons, and the Meschin scallops, suggesting that Cassets are a branch of Chesters (Meschins ruled out of Cheshire's Chester). Chesters share the Chief/Shield colors of Vilains, suspect from Vilnius, where the Stick-suspect Astikas' married Traby of Poland (see Wikipedia's Traby article). Therefore, even her cassette tape links to Trabys. WHY? Did God arrange for tape-like Tapleys/Table's to be of Cheshire? The Tableys, we read, sold their titles to Masseys.

Hmm, Tables also sold their titles to Brertons, who share the double fesses of Stans/Stands/STANTs that I see in the "ObSTANTia" motto of Arthurs, Irish Arthurs share the hurt roundel with Tapleys/Table's, which is what likely formed the symbol, "Round Table." The point is, with her cassette in my shirt pocket, Mrs. Kilpatrick came to sit at my TABLE for the first time ever, but I prompty STOOD up and left the table, offending her, even though she spoke four hours on the phone with me that day, because, a minute after she gave me the cassette from the pew in front of me, STANley (i.e. like the Stans/Stands) walked in (hadn't been out to church in months), and plopped himself right beside her shoulder (her husband wasn't there, probably out of town to visit family), as close as a boyfriend would. And I saw. It was four days before the 9-11 memorial, where he came to sit beside her again, after I got up. She was at least in the process of adultery. It came to spoil our friendship. The second time, he was with a flag, and Flags share the double Stan/Stand fesses too.

In the Brerton write-up, a Briarton location t Stockton-upon-Tees. Briars look like a cross between Rums/Rome's and Copelands.

On the night of the memorial, I was helping the crew pack up the musical equipment, when she came near asking where her tape was (used for the instrumental for the songs she sang earlier that night), and a few of us looked for it, but I found it first and handed it to her. She took it with a little disgust, because I had accused her earlier concerning Stanley. About 20 minutes after handing her the cassette, we crossed paths at the Get'n Go, where God gave her a knee symbol.

I have labeled the Fane's/Vans/PHONE's the "wife" of king Arthur, which makes a good case for seeing the music tape as code for Arthur-related Tapleys/Table's, for I asked her to bring a recording of her music to church while we were on the phone.

I kid you not, that on the night she gave me the cassette (I recall putting it into my shirt pocket), I sat down with John Chambers first. Here's from the English Chambers'/Chalmers: "John de Chambre from the Earl of Lincoln, who was Constable of CHESTER." This is why I first guessed that the Casset surname was a branch of Chesters/Chasters. In fact, for a couple of years many years ago, I was insisting that the Cheshire garbs were of the flag of Gascony, and here I find Cassets first found in Gascony. Chaster-like Castors/Costors (probably the talbot dog) have a Meschin- / Mussel-like look but with the same besants in Chief as Trebys.

The tie was a gift from Norma, and I think I can explain this too, for one Norma/Norman surname (Hamburg, same as Trips) has a giant savage. Treble's are also TRIBle's, and Trips once showed the boots that French Masseys once showed, and these Masseys were first found in Savoy with French Chambers, from Savoy's Chambre, on the same Arc river as Modane. The Savage's (same place as Chester and English Masseys) have been determined as kin of Eagle's who in-turn trace to the ACHELous river, location almost of Astikas-suspect Astakos. That was easy, and Savage's are also Sava's while Shaws are said to have ancestry in some SITHECH entity that connects with the candleSTICKs of Kyle's (from the Colapis tributary of the Sava). English Shaws/Sheaves, first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's and Modens (Arc river and Modane), share the full motto of Chesters.

The "qui" motto term of Shaws/Sheaves' has been taken as evidence that Shaws were a branch of the KEY-using Sheaves'/Chiava's, the latter first found in Abruzzo. The Abruzzo surname is also like the Abreu surname of my employee, who let me live in her home while I was away from Texas for almost three years between the time of receiving the cassette tape to when I returned with the blazer and tie. She threw the birthday party for me as per the tie gift. She wanted me to marry her, which is why I didn't sleep with her. She heard me tell of Mrs. Kilpatrick and the dream I had; at the time, I didn't have the evidence I do now that she was the lady in the dream, but it was still taken seriously. The point is, Miss Abreu stole the cassette from my dresser, which seems to verify that Cassets were a Chester branch because Sheaves' connect both to her surname and to the Chester motto.

Not finished. The cassette was given to me after I called her at her home Sunday to say that her song that morning in church was nice. But my motive was to inspect whether she might be the woman in the dream, and for this I had no plan; I was just winging it, wanting only to know whether she was open to me, for I was thinking that we were destined to marry when she becomes a widow. She talked to me for hours that day, and when I said I had better get going for the third time, she coaxed me into going to church that night, which is when she handed me the cassette. She coaxed me by saying that her daughter was singing that night. Not wanting to disappoint, I went, but the daughter never showed. Her name is Geneva. Can you believe it? The Geneva surname (Piedmont, same as Masci's, same lion as Abruzzo's/Abreu's) shares the white, upside-down Masci wing with the Dives', the latter from Diva, the alternative name of Chester! Unbelievable. This is all new, and things like this never stop coming. But we never got married, such a mystery.

Repeat: "I opened the Bible, and said to Him that I was going to land my finger wherever it landed, and it landed smack at, "You shall have a song." It was an act of God that day. But why at Kelly's house? I don't know." First of all, Kellys could be a branch of candleSTICK Kyle's, and Songs share the Stick garbs (some call them wheat SHEAVES for an indication of the Abruzzo Sheaves'). Secondly, Kellys share two, combattant lions, with a white tower between them, with Abreu's. Kellys were first found in Dublin, an origin of barons of Massy. Amazingly, when the actress, Grace Kelly, married Grimaldi's of Monaco, she started a baron Massy in that place. My mother is both a Grimaldi and a Masci, and her brother's son, Dino, smacks of Deans.

The Dives' are also Diens, first found in Sussex with Deins/Deans who have the Chief of the Savoy Masseys in colors reversed, and yet another giant lion like the Abruzzo/Abreu lion. The Geneva's are also Genova's, and the Segni's/Segurana's of Genova have an eagle in the colors of the Geneva/Genova eagle wings. Is it possible that Scottish Deans, first found in Sussex with Diens/Dives' and Deins/Deans, have the same moline as Segni's/Segurana's, in both colors? Yup. Genova is another home of Grimaldi's, kin of Fieschi's = Fessys with a "signo" motto term. My mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila, where Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found.

At one time, Masci's showed two white wings. They were changed, one becoming gold (both on red), the colors of the five wings of Portuguese Abreu's. Miss Abreu, my employee, was Portuguese. The Seagars, who have the Segni/Segurana moline in colors reversed, use two wings in Crest, one white, one gold, evidence that the Genova/Geneva wings are the Masci wings. The Aquila surname share's the Este and Segni/Segurana eagle. The green snake of Seagars became suspect from other green snakes with the snake goddess of the MARsi, who live in Abruzzo. This was before I realized that the green Seagar snake applies wildly, because they are Sugars too while mythical Sugaar, husband of MARi, was a Basque snake god. Was Diva and the Dives named after some form of "divination"?

The Marsi snake goddess was ANGitia, and blue keys are shared between Sheaves/Chiava's and Angels/Angela's (lamb, False Prophet symbol here?). "Angitia was a goddess among the Marsi, the Paeligni and other OSCAN-Umbrian peoples of central Italy. She was associated in antiquity with snake-charmers who claimed her as their ancestor...The Romans derived her name from anguis, 'serpent,' hence the form Anguitia." The Penestae, the line to Pendragons, lived at Oscan-like Uscana. It was up the river of the Chiava-like Cavii. The Chives' are also Shaw-like Shewas', and apparently named Chivasso, in Piedmont, where Masci's were first found.

There is a Dives river near Ferte-Mace, going down into the Caen / Bessin theater. There is another Dives surname sharing the Taillebois scallops, and Taillebois is a location in Orne, where the Dives has its source. Taillebois is very near Ferte-Mace. I'm assuming that peoples on the Dives had named Diva prior to the Norman invasion of England, explaining why Masseys settled around, and ruled in, Chester.

Maceys/Mace's share the gauntlet glove with Fane's/Vans/PHONE's, and she talked four hours on the PHONE before giving me the Chester-representing music cassette (Christian songs). Miss HICKS gave me a MUSIC tape, which recalls that I trace Hyksos to Mus of Lake VAN, where I trace the Phone's!!! Wow. Music was the symbol of the mythical Muse's! God caused me, a Muse liner, to phone her that day, to serve evidence that Fane's/Vans are indeed from Lake Van.

The Music/Musy/Musse/Mucie surname (Brittany) has a giant gold eagle, where the gold Masci eagle wing may derive. Rumers/Reimers have gold wings in both colors of this eagle, making a case for Rumilly / Romney trace to a Rimini branch. Romneys share the vertical, sleeved and cuffed arm with Rumers/Reimers, and Massey-colored Reims (crane, traces to Ceraunii at proto-Piast Bistue) share the armored arm of Mieske's/Mesechs.

If I recall correctly, Clovis loved the city of Reims, and his bloodline (i.e. Childs) shares the Piast eagle, the eagle also of Cecily of Rumilly. Childs are in the colors of Clovis-suspect Clubs (Cambridgeshire, same as Rumillys), and the club is often seen in the hand of the savage while Savage's share the black paw with Rumers/Reimers. Bessens use both the Massey Shield and a club. The club of Bessens (Austria, same as Rumers/Reimers) is in the hand of an armored arm, itself in a crown suspect with Ceraunii. In the Bessin Crest, two white wings, a Masci symbol. Armors share the Rumilly stars and the armored arm.

Angitia goes back quite a ways. "According to Gnaeus Gellius (late 2nd century BC), Angitia was one of the three daughters of Aeetes, along with Medea and Circe, two of the most famed sorceresses of Greek myth." Gnaeus may not have known that Aeetes was a version of the Phrygian sun god, Attis, which agrees with a Marsi trace to the Phrygian goat, Marsyas. Phrygians are known to descend from Armenians, and the Hatti of HATTUSA, whom Atti(s) represented, were from CADUSii Armenians, represented also by CADmus, a Cadusii-Mus combination. The Armenians were represented by HERMes, namer of the Hermus river in Lydia, the latter being mythically the son of Attis. Near the mouth of the Hermes, Foca (Phocaea, Ligurian foundation), suspect with "Fucino" of the Marsi. Lydians became Latins, who lived beside the Marsi, and traced themselves to Circe, code for Circasia, home of Aeetes and Medea. Cadmus married ARMENIA-liner HARMONia, from the Aras river between SeVAN and Lake Van. Medea was the line from Keturah, who probably lived in Hebron with Abraham, and "Hebron" can be expected with the "ABRUSsi" and with "Hebros." The Abruzzo capital was Aprutium, suspect with "Aphrodite," mate of Ares, father of Harmonia, and later transitioned into the Roman Mars = Marsi.

Modern pagans who consider themselves the science wise men (fools, as of old) put Aphrodite and Mars in the solar system on both side of earth, bless their wicked souls. They did not name the planets after their Biblical heroes because they were of cheap and senseless wickedness. They feed the human race lies and tricks as their demented minds go.

"Luco dei Marsi is a comune and town in the province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo region of central-eastern Italy. It is part of the Marsica...The name derives from a nearby wood, Lucus Angitiae, 'Sacred Grove of Angitia,' referring to a divine sorceress of the Marsi Italic tribe. During the Middle Ages it was a fief of the d'Avalos". From the latter term, probably from mount Velino of the Marsi, we just take it to the nine witches, the number of the Greek Muses, of mythical Avalon.

I didn't intend to get sidetracked by the cassette story; it's brand new here. Where was I? Oh, yes, the tie with large, conspicuous treble clefs. It took a little courage to wear it, but the jeans helped. It would not have been appropriate with dress pants too. Tie's/Thigh's share the wolf with Cleffs; the latter's are those of Quade's/Wade's so that we're on Lupus Laevillus. His wife, QUADratilla, descended from SEVERUS of Akmonia, where I trace the SAFARi. It had a FLAT tire, and Hugh Lupus (first Norman ruler of Chester), at his Wikipedia article, was once said to have had a FLAITH(e) name. Wikipedia removed it along with his white-on-blue wolf head, the color of the Scarf wolf head. Trabys/Sadowski's (Yorkshire, same as Skipton) use a scarf in the shape of a Q, suspect with Quade's. Didn't we see Treble's linking too Traby of Poland? Here we find the Polish Trabys/Sadowski's linking to Cleffs/Cliffs.

"Flaith" became suspect with Flaad, ancestor of the Dol Alans because Hawise (Avise?) of Dol married Robert D'Avranches (some tell that he was of Ferte-Mace).

The wolf head of Hugh was then put back up, but now it's gone again. His son's article has a white-on-red wolf head, almost the gold-on-red of the Cheshire Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'. The Tie/Thigh wolf is red on gold too. The son's wolf head is surrounded by the same crosslets as Gore's/Core's, and the latter use the white wolf too. The flat tire tends to be informing that Hugh Lupus was from Lupus Laevillus. Why a tire? Couldn't there have been some other flat thing on the Safari.

The Tie's/Dye's (Yorkshire, same as Skipton) were at Wakefield, and Wakefields share the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs, which are gold like the Stick garbs. I'm assuming that the Stick garbs could have been the Cheshire garbs but then placed on a black background to match the Cleff colors. Skiptons share the purple lion with Irish Lacys, and English Lacys share the knot (purple) with Wake's (Lacys call it a "fret knot").

Can we believe it? The garbs in the Wakefield Crest have one in the Blazer Crest. I wore the tie with blazer. It was the only time I wore a tie to that church in some 100 attendances.

There are so many amazing things in this story. The split-Shield of Wakefields is that of FLEETwoods in colors reversed, and Flatts are also Flete's. The martlets of Fleetwoods are in the Blazer Chief. The Fleetwood Crest is another white wolf, the Avranches symbol in Cheshire. In the Fleetwood write-up, Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood, and Heskeths (Lancashire, same as Fleetwoods) share the Stick garbs, and are said to have married Fyttons (Cheshire) who in-turn use the Hesketh bend but with the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs instead. The "Quod" motto term of Fleetwoods gets us to the Quoid variation of Quade's i.e. right back to the Cleff Coat.

The Cheshire garbs were used by the Blondville Meschins, and Blondville's happen to share six, black fitchees with Tarves' while the latter's split Shield is that also of Fleetwoods. See also the split-Shield of Maple's and their Chives motto. Maple's are now said to have been first found in Essex, with Quints who share the red lion in Crest with Tarves'. Travis'/Travers share the Meschin and Fleet / Fleck scallop.

Tie's/Dye's can be suspect with the stars of Hamons, who included Hamon de Masci of Cheshire, an associate, if not a relative, of Hugh Lupus. Hamons (version of the AVRANCHes-like Branch Coat) use "the atTIRE's of a stag", a fancy way to describe the Conte and Cone antlers in honor of his Conteville ancestor. The Meschins, anyway, were from Emma de Conteville, though the Wikipedia bosses at Hugh Lupus' article, who are hiding his wolf head (in Este colors), doubt that Emma was his mother. The Hamon motto has Rimini within it, where Maschi's were first found who use pine CONES. As Cone's use a version of the Conte Coat, it seems certain that Masci's of Cheshire were from Conteville's.

So, the atTIRE's of a stag makes it appear that God chose the flat tire to point to my Masci bloodline, and to Hugh Flaith Lupus simultaneously. The Flatts/FLAITs/Flete's are in Hamon colors and format. Don't fool with God. The tie I wore was for Cheshire elements, too.

I had to be given a flat tire (yeah, sure, thanks, Lord) because it made me JACK it up to put on the spare. Jacks, first found in Yorkshire with Skiptons, share the scallops of Prayers (Cheshire). Mrs. Kilpatrick came to me, seeing me all dressed up, and took my hands for PRAYER. Hands were first found in Cheshire. I didn't know that Praers were of the Vardys/Virtys, barons of Ferte-Mace, until the week before I told this Blazer-tie story, what perfect timing. Here's what I shared: "William of Ferte Massey was 'Father of Margaret de Praers (de Dewhall); Hamon de Mascy, 1st Baron of Dunham Massey...'" Is this not all amazing?

I had written, "She was standing in the ISLE when we made eye contact (when she came over to me), and the Isle's (June fleur?) share a version of the Tie/Dye Coat (family from near WAKEfield). The Tie's/Ties'/Dye's share the Hamon stars." The Isle Coat looks like a version of one CONan Coat.

I took off the blazer, and got down on by butt, slipped the jack under the van, and put on the spare tire. The Spare's are said to have named Sparham, "held by Osbert from Robert Gernon." Gernon was the surname of the son and heir of Ranulph le Meschin. The Spare's use a giant stag head in the colors of the giant eagle of Sparrs and Ferte's. Sparrs share the MacDonald motto (includes "terras") and eagle, and Tire's (show the same eagle) are clearly MacDonalds, can you believe this? I did not get this Spare - Sparr part when I first told the story in September.

My blazer has small checks in green and black, and for this the same checks of LinkLETTERs (ducks) came to mind, as I know no others having checks in those colors. I then discovered that Linkletters were first found in Orkney with Flatts/Flaits. This was good because Link-like Langs, of the duck-using Alans/Alengs (once showed ducks), use LETTERS, and Flaad, Alan ancestor, had been suspect with "Flatt." The Letter surname shows the same bird in Crest (swan or goose) as the English Sparr/Spark Crest.

Linkletters use the mallard duck, and Mallards/Milwoods (probably a Mile / Miles branch) share the black moline with Chives'. By the 4th update in September, I told that I wore my Docker shoes with the blazer and tie. But I missed telling that Dockers are listed with German DUCKs/Duckers to whom the Alan ducks definitely trace, for the French Alans that once showed ducks now show the Velen martlets while I have it recorded that Velens once showed ducks, as Velins still do. Velins and Velens were first found in Westphalia with Dockers/Ducks. Ain't that cool? And the Dockers were LEATHER shoes while Leathers are listed with Linkletter-suspect Letters! Zinger. You can't make up a story like this and have this much heraldry apply so systematically, unless you are God. I didn't realize until now that Scottish Langs (letters ABCDEF) were first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Leathers.

The 11 Docker bars are in the colors of the nine of Cavetts, whom I trace to the Cevetta river at Ceva. Isn't this a Chives branch? Luis of Ceva was mother of Alice of Saluzzo, wife in-turn of a FitzAlans of Dol / Shropshire. They were called FitzAlans of Arundel by that time, and Arundels use six swallows in the pattern of the Tarves fitchees. The Arundel write-up: "LINCHmere [yup] was held as of the honour of Arundel, by William de Perci, at an early period, and afterwards became the property of the family of Fitzalan." How did we get to a LINKletter-like entity by following the Docker Coat? We even stayed upon the Dol Alans expected with Linkletters (version of the Stewart fesse, and share ducks with Alans).

The other Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers (Kilpatricks use a dagger), who happen to use the Prayer and Jack scallops. It's telling me that Ducks were from the Dexaroi near or at Bullis / Aulon/Avlona. The Dagger-like Dexters/Decksters, found in the "dexter paw" of Kilpatricks, were first found in Leicestershire with the namers of LINColnshire.

The Swallow-like Sallows/Salis' (almost the Knight/KNITH pale bars) are said to be from an old, Salwe variation, and Salweys are Solways/SALLOWays too while the NITH river, flowing past the Kilpatrick castle (Dumfries), dumps into the Solway bay. It appears that the Shropshire Alans were up at the Nith theater. NITTs/Naughts (Dumfries) share the same checks as Stewarts. Kilpatrick castle is at Closeburn, and Knights share the SPUR with Close's. Spurrs and Supers were first found in Devon, and Supers share the Kilpatrick saltire.

Swallows share swallows with Arundels. Were Swallows named after keepers or lovers of swallows? Swallows share the tree with the Shropshire Sallows/Salis'. It looks like the Salyes Ligurians, or the Salassi of Aosta, potential namers of Saluzzo in either case. That's how surname variations often work, from a non-dictionary term to a dictionary term. Soft-headed historians often think it's the other way around. They say things like, "The place-name [Lincoln] is derived from the British name Lindo, which means lake, and the Latin word, colonia, which means settlement or colony." Lincoln was also Lindsey, but, the question is, which came first, Lindsey or Lincoln?

As Rhodes' were first found in Lincolnshire, I trace Lindseys to Lindos, a major city on the island of Carian Rhodes. Doesn't that make more sense? I trace Ceraunii back to Caria, and forward to the crown often seen gorged around something's neck (see Crauns/Crane's), as the Lincoln lion shows. The Ceraunii mountains are right at/beside Aulon/AVLONa, where the duck-liner Velens and Velins trace due to being Alan kin. Ceraunii were after the mythical Coronis entity, and her father PHLEGyas, is suspect with PELAGonia (in the Stewart Crest), beside LYNCestis, where LINColns could possibly be traces. Recall Bolingbroke of Lincolnshire, how the term can trace to Aulon and neighboring Bullis on two counts.

It appears from the Lincoln write-up that Lincoln was the name of a Normandy location, and transferred to Lincolnshire by AluRED of Lincoln, perhaps play on Alan the Red (Brittany) of Yorkshire's RICHmond, for Alureds share the bottony cross with Rich's (Richmond colors). I not only trace swan-line Ligurians to lake LYCHnidus, smack beside Lyncestis and Pelagonia, but I trace the mythical Swan Knight, LOHENgrin, to Ligurian swan liners (Greeks called them after mythical king Cygnus of Liguria). Lohen-like Logens/Lochs and Locks both use swans, we get it (the myth writer invented a person as code for a surname(s)), and, can we believe it, Lohans/Logans show a Duck variation, which is reason to see Lincoln as a Linkletter branch.

Again, the Danaans of Argos were placed in myth first at Rhodes, I kid you not, and their patriarch was mythical Danaus, uncle of LYNCeus. Follow the logic, stay clear of soft-headed or deceptive historians. Don't let their "expert" label fool you. Lindseys use the swan, we get it now. If not mistaken, the swan is in a CROWN (symbol of Alureds too). And, yup, the Lindsey Shield has the checkered fesse of Stewarts. It appears that Lindos liners from Rhodes merged with swan elements at Lychnidus, right? And lake Sevan (Armenia), a term like "swan," was anciently, LYCHNus. Yup. It was the lake of Gog.

An hour after writing here, I loaded the Penes/Penny Coat because it shares the courant greyhound with Craws/Cranshaws, and because I've known the LYNX in the Penes/Pennys Crest. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Lynx on a crown of the same design in the Lindsey Crest. Penes' are expected from the Penestae down the Drilon river from lake Lychnidus.

In the Richmond write-up: "Richmond in Surrey was anciently Sheen..." It reminds of the Schims/SCHIENs and their branch, the Skene's/Skins. The Schims/Schiens share the boar head of GOOGE's, the latter first found in Roxburghshire with Molle's, and not only did ESCYHNa de Molle marry an Alan-Stewart, but Roxburgh is suspect from Roxolani Alans...whom I think were at Rich-like Rijeka/Rika. That can explain why Alan the Red was interested or integral with Richmond at Sheen.

Danaus was code for Egypt's Tanis location, explaining why his brother was made, Aegyptus. Tanis was at a wider area of PELUSium, which I assume became "Belas/BELUS" to the Greeks, the mythical father of Danaus and Aegyptus. It seems to me that, due to Alan Huns at Tanais (Caucasia), one should begin to entertain a Belas trace to Bullis (also called, Byllus). I found it curious at first, when reading that the Alans Huns of about 400 AD landed in north Africa after being in La Mancha of Spain. Why go there? It appeared to me that they had kin at Tanais-like Tunis, which I assume was named by the Massey-line Meshwesh who had ruled Egypt at Tanis, starting in the 21st dynasty. The Massey-like Numidian people group, almost bang-on like Massilia, that birthed Massena (suspect as a proto-Skipton element) was suspect at the naming of Massilia/Massalia (now Marseilles), where Ligurians were founded by a mythical Gyptis (see Lacydon myth). Marseilles is at the mouth of the Rhodes-suspect Rhodanus, and Rhodes is where the Danaans were, the brothers of mythical Aegyptus. Follow logic, abandon the soft-brained historians who conjure traces merely from their "expert" word-studies. Does the city of Quick have a duck shaped hill; ahh, they say, Quick was named after a duck's quack, therefore. Brilliant, say all the other historians, be our leader. A would-be leader later comes along, and notes that the duck-shaped hill was formed in an earthquake. Ahh, the quack of a duck was named after the quake. Brilliant, you be our leader. They usually / typically look to shapes in the geography rather than to previous people groups / families, making fools of themselves.

Afterward, I assumed, the Alans out of La Mancha and/or north Africa named Alauna in Manche of Normandy, home of Masseys. If it looks like a duck...

I had read that Lindseys were in LINColnshire. LINKletters and Lindseys both share checks on a fesse, giving the impression that LinColony was a Lyncestis colony in relation to English, Scottish and German Langs. The Lindsey write-up has the Toeni's (maunch) in Lincolnshire, who were more-importantly in Ligurian-suspect Leicester (Leicesters use the swan). Randolph of Toeni is said to have named Linesi (between Lincolnshire and Leicestershire), a lot like "LYNCEStis"), and thereafter the "Lindeseya" term appears in the write-up. So, Lindseys were of the Toeni's, suggesting to me that Rhodians of Lindos were amongst the Toeni's, now traceable to Tonbridge's who share the Hood crescents, important for the below as I continue with Mrs. Kilpatrick.

The write-up tells that Lindseys were chased out of England by the Norman king, to CRAWford of Lanarkshire, which smacks of the flight of both Meschins and Alans to the Lanark / Renfrew theater, where Swans/Sions were first found. One Crawford write-up suggests a name after the crow, and Coronis was a mythical crow. Craws/CRANshaws/CRANKshaws (Rochdale) suggest the crane-using Cronkite's. Coronis' elements could be expected at Pelagonia / Lychnidus (German Langs use the Pelican).

Scottish Crawfords (Lanarkshire) have a write-up: "the [Crawford] family resided in this area as early as the 11th century when Alan, the youngest son of the 4th Earl of Richmond, received a large grant of lands from King William the Conqueror." How did we get back to Alans of Richmond here? By following the Stewart-related Lindseys, who were chased out of England by that same king who granted Crawford to Alan of Richmond. Lanarkshire is where Caseys were first found who use "crows," I did read this.

Still in the Crawford write-up: "Galfredus Crawford would gain lands in Clydesdale [Clyde's use the Alan fesse] and his son, Sir Reginald, acquired the barony of Loudoun..." What a letterincidence, for Letters/Leathers are from Lauder at Lothian, and Lothians are also Loudouns. Lothians (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags and Rollo's) use what could be the talbot dog of the Lincolnshire Taillebois, and it's brown like the dog of Lots, first found in Kent with Alureds (recalls "Alured de Lincoln, who came from Normandy with the Conqueror").

Lothian is where Lindens/Lintons (Letter/Lauder colors) were first found who share the acorn with Scottish Langs. West Linton is near Lauder. The Chief-Shield colors of Lindens/Lintons is shared by Capes', and the latter's Chief must therefore have the Linden/Linton acorn. Capes' were first found in Lindon-like London (!) with Teeth, and the latter share the Letter/Lauder griffin! It appears that London is a Rhodes element possibly of the Danaan kind. The Linden/Linton roses can trace to Lindos because Rhodes is thought to be named after its roses. We read also of a Linton in the ORKNeys, where I trace the ORGAN pipes of Letter-like Letts.

The two Linton locations are both near ROSLin, and Rhodes' share the RUSSELL lion, in colors reversed from the Ross lions. One Henry Sinclair of Roslin ruled in the Orkneys. There were multiple Henry Sinclairs of Roslin, perhaps descended from the multiple Henrys of Rodez. The first Henry Sinclair of Roslin came from Hungary with princess>queen Margaret, and she had spent exile with Andrew I of Hungary, in Kiev with Varangian Rus, and this is the Andrew line I give as the founding of the Ross clan.

Tooths love the swan-liner PALMans. Rollo-like Rollers/Rollesleys share the white-ermined fesse of Crawfords...used also by Italian PALMers while English Palmers/Parmers share the courant greyhound with Craws/Cranshaws (and lynx-using Penes'/Pennys), which brings us back to my FLAT tire because Palmers/Parmers use a version of the Fleet Coat, linkable to Flatts/Fletts for more than similarity of terms. And Fleets (Meschin scallop) were first found in Lincolnshire, how about that.

The flat tire proved overwhelmingly to be on Massey/Macey elements of Cheshire, from the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii, and here one can point out that Coronis-expected Crone's (lion in a crown, yup) and Palms/Parms (Yorkshire, same as Skipton) both share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys, in the colors of the same of Lys'/Lisse's who likewise use courant greyhounds. Lys' were from the Lissus location down the Drilon river from the proto-Penes' above. German Crone's use the Cronkite crane with rock in foot, and there is a modern Krume location on the Drilon between the Penestae and Lissus. English Crone's (with Massey fleur) use the colors and format of Crows, first found in Norfolk with Palmers/Parmers, but these are the colors and format also of Childs and Clubs (Childeric and his son, Clovis), and there is a club in the Crest of Palmer-related Fleets.

When the Kilpatricks left my area of Texas, they moved into a home owned by Mr. Childs (previous owner, I assume), and Clovis is suspect at Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle, for Close's are also Clovse's. Patricks (share the Kilpatrick saltire) were first found in Norfolk with same-colored Palmers/PARMers, and Parma is at the Taro river, which has a Ceno tributary to which I trace Caens. Patricks are said to be from La Lande, near Caen. This is a new trace for me, and so it can be added that the Ananes Gauls at the Taro named Annandale, near Kilpatrick castle.

When I left Texas (for my other home) soon after the 9-11 memorial in 2002, Mrs. Kilpatrick was driving a rusty Jeep. When I returned in 2005, with my blazers, new shoes, new shirts, half expecting her old-age husband (more than 30 years older than she) to have passed away, she was driving a Cadillac Escalade. The Jeep is extremely important because I left for town one day, leaving off where I written about her in my dream of 1979, the dream where a beautiful woman appeared whom I thought was going to be my God-given wife. Later, I pegged her as Mrs. Kilpatrick. All sorts of things took place to convince me that Mrs. Kilpatrick was the dream's woman, and when she came to pray with me (2005), taking both my hands in the process (her husband was there), it seemed like another confirmation.

After she let go of my hands and started to return to her seat across the center isle, she did a fast, part-curtsie (in the isle) toward me. It strikes me here that curtsy-like Curtis' (farmer with plowshare over the shoulder) share the Plow Coat, and God showed me, in the last update, that my Jeep's plow tells an awesome story. On the day that I left off telling about her standing at the HOOD of a CAR (Carian / Ceraunii suspects), in the old dream of 1979, someone left a medallion on the hood of my Jeep. So, my question is, why did she own a Jeep too? Was it rusty as code for Rusts/Roosts, since, after all, they share the Kilpatrick and Blazer/Blase saltire? [Irish Langens happen to share the Tool and Tolle/Tull lion while these surname are expected from Tullia of Lyon, wife of Decimus Rusticus and ancestor of another Rusticus.] What could Jeepma's/Cheps have to do with the line of Rusticus? Nothing comes to mind.

[Insert -- After writing here, I came across the Langens, which is why they were inserted above. Dutch Langs/Langens share the Zionist star of Jeepma's/Cheps, but this alone is hardly cause for a meaningful / close link. Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg, and so I looked up Oldens (lion in a crown) to find an Escalade-like term: "The Dalden variant has a most interesting history found in Dawdon or Dawden, Durham. 'There was once a castle or peel here, which in the first ages after the Conquest was the seat of the family of Escolland, who, it seems, afterwards assumed the name of Dalden...' It was also for two centuries a favourite seat of the family of Bowes." And, wow, Oldens/Aldens use the same crescent as CHEPmans! Zinger, it could appear that God named the Escalade to make this link right here, because the couple was driving a Jeep before the Escalade. The Chepman crescent is partly red, as with the Durham crescent. Is ESCOLland of Israel's Eschol valley?

God is a fountain of love to teach us to be loving, pity the atheists missing out on this king of substance, who work like madmen seeking to destroy everyone's Faith.

When seeking Mrs. Kilpatrick's new address online, to write her a letter, I came across a Daddy surname given by directories for her adopted daughter, and Daddys are with Dawden-like Dawds. Confirmation? Daddys/Dawds share the Pollock saltire, and Hamiltons (colors and format of Oldens/Aldens), the first name of Mr. Kilpatrick, were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Is this confirmation that Oldens/Aldens apply to their two vehicles? Dalden was home to the Roet-related Bowes', and Roets share the tree with Hamiltons. The latter are said to descend from earls of Meulan, possibly the Beaumonts, and, if so, by what coincidence are there many of the Olden/Alden crescents in one of two Coats of English Beaumonts?

Mrs. Kilpatrick was born a Hicks, and this surname loves the Touts (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) with the Olden/Alden crescent.

Can we believe it? The Beaumont Coat has the same lion of Montforts, though it may not have been that of SIMON de Montfort originally. The previous owner of my Jeep was of Italian Simons with this lion in colors reversed. The English Simons speak on Simeon of Durham, and then of Saint Simeon STOCK, relevant because I see the Stock (shares two tails with Montfort lion) and Stake lions as that of Montforts. The Wells (Lincolnshire), in the SAW/Shaw motto, use two tails on their lion too, and the Hamilton tree has a SAW in its trunk. The well lion is in the colors of the MELLENT/Millan lion, and Meulan was also, Mellent. Sawers/Sawyers share checks on a fesse with the Stewarts that were rife in Renfrewshire.

German Wells share the giant pelican design with German Langs and DeVAUX's while Wells are a branch of the ValliBUS variation of Vaux's that share the Arms of Meulan. The Hamilton cinquefoil is that also of BUS' (Norfolk, sane as Sawers). It's a white cinquefoil, perhaps the one also in the Chief of letter-using Langs. I didn't know I'd be back to Langs when starting this insert with, "Dutch Langs/Langens share the Zionist star of Jeepma's/Cheps, but this alone is hardly cause for a meaningful / close link." It seems to me that I'm to see Jeepma's/Cheps as something of the Beaumont > Montfort line.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was given a beautiful symbol in my old dream (started with a BULLdog), as code for Beautys who share the Waleran bulls, and Waleran de Leavell married a daughter of the Meulan Beaumonts.

The Bowes write-up gets us to Richmond: "Another source claims 'about the time of the Conqueror, there was a town (on the site of the Castle of Bowes), which the tradition of the family states, was burned. It then belonged to the Earls of Brittany and Richmond." End insert]

Just as I was on the ground, ready to get the jack under the Safari, the Kilpatricks drove by, out of the parking lot, and they had a perfect view of me, and so I waved to them. They were driving their Cadillac, and this is the first time, that I can recall, telling that this vehicle looks like God's code for Caddle's, two such surnames both listed with Blake's and sharing the giant fret of Cattels/Cattle's...but then a large fret is used also by Hoods. When I first told the story of the blazer, I was linking Blake's to Blazers, because I had shortly before gotten the inkling that a Blake variation traced to "Bled." Blazer variations look like they could have been Bled branches. The Rust saltire is that also of Blacks (Lincolnshire).

" of the first references to the family Black is when Blaecca was a prefect of the city of Lincoln, England in 628..." That was not long after Rusticus at about 450-500 AD. "Blaecca" could be of the Blay location of Blazers. Blake's share a leopard in Crest with Rhodes'. Rusticus of Lyon was the great-grandfather of MUMmolin, and "meum" in the Rhodes motto should apply because Rusticus' daughter, ARTEMia, can be to the Artems/Aitons, who use a rose version of the Rhodes Coat. The "rarius" motto term of Artems/Aitons can be for Ruricus, Rusticus' father (think Redones of France as they became Varangians under Rurik). Artemia was wife to Florintinus, possibly the line to the Fleury location of Rumillys, for while Cecily of Rumilly was also of Harewood, Harewoods share the Lorraine bend with eagles (Linden eagle?) while Florents/Florence's were first found in Lorraine. The Lorraine Coat shares the green lion with Lyons.

"Meum," I've just realized, can be part-code for Mea's/Meighs, for they have what could be a colors reversed version of the Rhodes cross-with-lions. Amazingly, The Henrys were first found on the Meu river, where I trace Mea's, and these Henrys were traced suggestively / tentatively to Henrys of Rodez. That works better now. Mea's/Meighs themselves link to the blue fitchee of Albins/Aubins (Barnstaple) while there's a Aubin location near Rodez. Henrys were at Mott, and Enrico's share the Modey/MODEN fretty while Motts/Morte's are MOTTINs too. The myth, "Le MORTE D'ARTHur," taught me that the Mott/Morte crescent is that of Deaths/Darths, and in the latter's Crest, the green trefoil, shared by Rod / Rocks / Albini's / Barnstaple's. Flanders is the origin of both Mea's and Deaths/Darths, and Flanders includes Artois.

Cecily of Rumilly married the Tracy bosses of Barnstaple, and then there's CECIL Rhodes of modern globalism. Tracks/Triggs, first found in the same place as Rumillys, share the Lorraine lion in both colors.

Back to Artems/AYtons, probably a branch of Eitons/EYtons, and probably the namers of EYEmouth, a few miles north of Berwick, near a branch of Blake's. Blake's and Rhode's share the gold leopard with AIDs/Ade's, first found in Berwickshire with Artems/AITons/Aytons. I'd say that the line of Artemia of Lyon was at Berwick with Eye liners of some sort. This could be regarded as Merovingians in Britain as the Arthurian cult.

One Blake write-up traces to a Mr. Caddell le Blac, and says that both Blacks / Blake's and Caddells continued as separate lines. Did God provide the Cadillac for the Kilpatricks to show a Kilpatrick connection between Blake's/BLAIKs and Blazers/BLAISE'? I have a hard time believing that God would provide anyone with a Cadillac, just so you know.

Might Blacks have been from Alan the Black, brother of Alan the Red? These brothers are in the write-up of the Brittany Brians, where their names are, "Alain," suggesting that Lains/Lane's use the triple Irish-Brian lions. The Brient in the write-up of Brittany Brians, a brother of the two Alains above, is said to have been a ruler of Vannes, and the Kilpatricks drove by while I was fixing the flat on my VAN. Irish Brians share a "laidir" motto term with Kilpatricks. What are the chances? r

Not convinced that my van was code for Vannes? Why does the French Blaise Coat share a sinister-rising bend and the red rose with Jewish Rothchilds (no 's')? I have been connecting the Jewish Rothchild Coat to that of Dusters for as long as two years (not making it up now), and Dusts/D'Ousts are expected from the Oust river with a mouth at Vannes, how about that! My blazer and my van just traced to Vannes.

The Fane's/Vans are suspected by me at the naming of Vannes, and their "fano" motto term suggests the Fano location smack beside Cattel-like Cattolica. Also beside this location is Rimini, where the first-known Maschi's were first found who share the lion of Voirs, the latter first found at Gripel, near Vannes. The Voir-Crest lion is called that of an "EVANgelist." The flat tire had already traced to Masci / Massey liners even before this part on Vannes. Is this not peculiar? Should I say that it's strange? What sort of work is this from God? What is He up to? Meschins and Masseys were along the Orne river, and while Orne's are Horns too, the German Blaise's show nothing but hunting horns.

Hold onto your hood. I recalled by heart that Voirs were at PenHOET and Gripel, but I have never been able to connect Penhoet to anything, which is why I don't mention it much. A minute ago, I was wondering whether Penhoet is a Hood element, like the Hoot variation for example. And I recalled the Hotts (fairly new to me) and loaded them. I then went on to write in the paragraph below, and after mentioning the PENdragons, I came back to view the Hott Coat, finding that they were first found in D'Ouste!!! Incredible surprise. This is the D'Ouste in the area of Foix, not the Oust river at Vannes, but I'd say the two Ousts are related. Just look at the timing of my finding a surname linking to the Dusts in the paragraph above this one, mentioned along with the Hott-like Penhoet area at Brittany's Oust theater! Shocker.

The Oust flows through Pontivy, where I trace Ponds/Ponts and their Ponder branch in the CHEPman motto.

The reason that I purchased a Safari is that it was the roomiest family van, which was needed because my business required stuffing it with pink flamingos and other lawn decorations for parties. I'm telling this because the Vans/Vaux's/Vance's are a branch of the Vaux's who use the full-checkered Arms of Meulan, as well as the full-checkered Flamingo Coat, with checks in the colors of the Party/Pardy checks. Therefore, it appears that God chose the flamingo business for me. The Vans/Vaux's were first found in east Lothian with Flemings such as Seatons. FLAMINGO's must be Flemings because their checks are shared also by Irish Flemings. Amazing.

The old dream of 1979, with Miss Hicks, opened with a British bulldog in a pool. It was white with large, black spots like those of a holstein cow, not small leopard spots. I therefore expected my future wife with a bulldog in the picture. A few months before seeing and meeting Miss Hicks for the first time, I purchased a fiberglass British bulldog (3-D), white with large, holstein-type spots in chocolate brown. It did not yet make me remember the dream, for I had been married almost ten years by that time, and had forgotten the dream. The dog was purchased as an addition to the lawn-decor party business. In 2016, I was looking for Mr. Kilpatrick's obituary, and found it, but not before finding his photo with Spuds MacKenzie (both in the same photo), a bull-terrier mascot, in the Baytown Sun. Mrs. Kilpatrick was in another photo on the same page. As I said, Mr. Kilpatrick's first name was Hamilton, and I purchased my bull terrier from Hamilton.

Here's a photo of the bulldog (stands about six feet tall).

Back to ESCHYNa de Molle, for Eskins/Erskins share a single pale bar in the colors of the same of Blake's, and the latter were from near Molay. The Pense's in the Eskin/Erskin motto gets that eagle again shown for Cecily de Rumilly, which we last saw with Lindens/Lintons, suspect with Lyncestis liners and very connectable to Linkletters and Letters both. The PENSE surname is like the Penes variation of LYNX-using Pennys. To this we can add that Pendragons are in the colors of the letter-using Langs. Cecily married the brother of the wife of Mrs. Taillebois, and the Eskin/Erskin pale bar is shared by Tails/Tailors.

Aha! Hottens are with Haughts/Haughtons/HAUGHTENs having three fesses of the letter-using Langs. The fesse of Huttons is colors reversed, and may have the Hicks buck bead because there's a Hutton in Yorkshire. The Yates write-up: "Old Hutton in Westmorland was another family seat. "HOOD-Ridding, an ancient mansion, has belonged for more than two centuries to the family of Yates."

Repeat: "Mrs. Kilpatrick was born a Hicks, and this surname loves the Touts (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) with the Olden/Alten crescent." Her aunt's husband told me that she was born a Hicks, probably by the will of God, on roughly my last month in Texas. He had come to my place to get a contract for selling my place, at which time he told me that the Kilpatricks had their estate listed with him at that time, a surprise to me. Later that day, I went to town, and drove past the Kilpatrick gate (house cannot be seen) as I always do when going to town. I had never seen them before at or near the gate as I passed by, but on my way back home, there was the real-estate agent at the gate, with Mrs. Kilpatrick coming out to see him or let him in. I honked my horn as I passed. I'm not making this up, I've said it at least a couple of times in the past. I TOOTed the van's horn, and the Touts in the Hicks motto are also Toots.

Recall that she was at the hood of the car in the dream, while Hoods/Hoots became suspect with the Hotts of D'Ouste while PenHOET (VANNES area) is at/near Brittany's Oust, for the Hickeys share the lion of Voirs of Penhoet. Voirs are in the Oliphant motto along with Touts, and Oliphants use three of the Tout crescent, as do Oldens/Aldens who became suspect above with the Escalade of the Kilpatricks. Is that not incredible?

"Sir William Oliphant, of Aberdalgy gallantly defended Stirling Castle..." Stirlingshire is where Chappes'/Cheaps were first found that can thus be suspect with the Jeepma's/CHEPs of OLDENburg, and Hicks happen to have a CHAPlet around the neck of their buck. She was driving the Escalade when she passed my flat tire.

This recalls my pointing out that Hamiltons are in Olden/Alden colors and format, but here I can add that Oliphants were first found in Perthshire (beside Stirling) with the Dogs/Doags sharing the Hamilton cinquefoils. There was a bullDOG in the dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick.

I was just reading the Hicks write-up, and can, as of the last update's finds, trace an Essex region of the Hicks, Low Leyton, to the Bled theater. What are the chances? Essex is the location of Colchester, from the Colapis river. Between that river and Bled were the Latovici that were traced in the last update to Leytons/Latons. The Breuci beside the Latovici may have named the Bruce's of Yorkshire i.e. same place as Hicks. The neighboring Japodes became suspect with the Jappa variation of Jeepma's/Cheps, and that traces their double-headed eagle to the one in the Arms of Rijeka. It's as though Chappes' were a variation from the Kupa name of the Colapis.

The Latovici recalls what I thought was a clinching of Kilpatricks with the Latin/Latton surname that uses a saltire in both color schemes of the two Kilpatrick Coats. The Kilpatricks were "always" LATE for church. The Letts/Late's can be a Laton branch. Leytons/Latons were first found in Shropshire with Hunts, and the latter use the Latins/Latton Coat (virtually)! It means that Latins were a Leyton branch. Why are Kilpatricks tracing to the Bled area? The Blazers are suspect with Bleds. Kilpatricks share the green dragon in Crest with Blake's, and the Seatons of a Say location in the Orne region.

I wore the blazer with the tie having treble clefs upon it. The Cleffs (Shropshire) are said to have been at Moreton-SAY (Shropshire), and the Shropshire Leytons/Latons share the Say Shield. Yup. You can't make this stuff up. One Morton branch was first found in nearby Wiltshire with Latins/Lattons (Estoutville kin). Wiltshire is beside the Ladds/Ladons and Bow(es)-related Roets. Stuteville's are thus discovered with a version of the Latin/Latton Coat, bow or crossBOW in Crest shared too. The "LAIDir" motto term of Kilpatricks thus looks like it's for the Laid variation of Ladds/Ladons.

The real ESTATE agent I told you about was Mr. Casey. As I trace Stouts to the Stout vikings that had a raven banner, and while ravens are a species of crow, by what coincidence do Scottish Caseys use crows heads while "estate" is like "ESTOUTeville/ESTUTEville." If God set that up, it couldn't have been on the spur of the moment. I think the Stout viking (Stoti) is in the Stute write-up, and while Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire, Stute's share the heart with Lanarks. The latter probably use the Hamilton cinquefoil because I saw Hamiltons on a Lothian map about the area of Lanark.

Lanarks share the solid-white chevron with French Chappes', and the Lanark chevron is colors reversed from the solid chevron of Chepmans/Chapmans. That looks meaningful. The Zionist star of Jeepma's/CHEPs is shared by the Perthshire Hagars, and they were beside the first-known Chappes'/Cheaps. The Perthshire Oliphants share three crescents with Seatons/SITTENS, expected as kin of the Sion's/Swans of Lanarkshire. Sittens (had a tribe at Sion) are suspect from mythical STHENelus, father of the Ligurian swan king, Cygnus.

In the dream, Miss Hicks wore a bathing SUIT at the hood, which can be our pointed Hikke de Sauteby in the Hick write-up, for German Sauts (semblance of the Hick Coat) are Sutters while Suits are Soutars/Sutters too. As the Sauts/Sutters were first found in Austria with Sauers of the SAU/Sava river, it appears that Hicks can trace to Bled too, for that's almost in the Austrian part of the Sava. I suspect the Sarah's/SAYers from Sauer elements, and they share the leopard in Crest with Suits/Sutters.

Sarah's/Sayers are interesting for using a version of the Low Coat, and being first found in Essex with LOW Leyton, where Hickes' had titles! Zikers, when things click that good, it's time to praise God again. Both the Lows and Sarah's use three items on a gold-on-black bend with black bendlets to boot.


In the 2nd minute of RT below, Assange's mother claims that a deal was made, according to the former, pro-Assange leader of Ecuador, to hand Assange over to the United States. This deal, it claims, was as per Trump's vice-president's visit to Ecuador. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a vice-president doesn't take his marching orders from the CIA. Surely, this was Trump's direction. That's because Trump is an imposter, not for good, but for evil. He talks as though he's for good, because it's his game to get re-elected. He has allowed evil to go rampant, and has cost the Republicans the House, because the more voters believed and respected the Democrat machine than steered away from it. That's because Trump failed to expose Obama's elite when he had the opportunity. There is no other way to explain it, the democrats misbehaved badly, and were half exposed in criminality, but the Democrat media was allowed to convince the middle that the fault lies with Republicans.

Trump without legs, it will look good on him, for the Democrats will now play the same nasty, scheming, cheating games for the next election season, which started November 7 of this week, and Trump must pay the price for his bad decisions, because no one else deserves it. God does not need Trump, in case you are unaware of this.

If good people do nothing to curb corruption due to fear to what the liberal media can do at elections, then a war strategy against the media is needed, law suits, because there is only one way to curb media wickedness, by telling a judge of that wrongdoing. IT WON'T HELP TO BEG THE LIBERAL MEDIA TO KNOCK OFF IT'S FALSIFICATIONS AND SLANDER. The media considers it a good victory today for their parts.

The failure to expose the Obama circle was partially Sessions' fault, and he's been fired on day one of the election loss. But more blame goes to Rosenstein than goes to Sessions. This time, Trump may do things the right way seeing that he's not God; he could not win the house even with his late nation-wide blitz. Do it right, expose the corrupt enemy without mercy.

When Sessions is finally off the job, Rosenstein will no longer be the head cheese over the Mueller "probe."

Trump fired Sessions so fast here that he apparently wants to pin the loss of the House on Him. I think Trump is correct to do this. But for it to be more correct, Trump needs to choose another Justice leader to make amends for Session's omissions. With the RINO's and other Republicans who showed no interest in nabbing the Obama crime ring, they should now start to do the opposite in efforts to get back the House. I think these loosers are recognizing that they lost the house by being kind to the Obama / Hillary ring. Let's hope. Some of these wax-faced Republicans would have been on fire against the Hillary circle is she had beaten Trump. It's because they don't stay on fire that they lose power back.

There is something very suspicious about the appearances of a powerful Democrat come-back this week while the same machine didn't make a dent in the Senate, almost as though some upper-level invisibles decided that they were going to divide the House and the Senate to protect the deep state as the main purpose. The upper-level invisibles (could be Republicans in this case) are willing and prone to cheat with computerized voting machines, and this may explain things. Knowing that Democrat leaders have lost their good senses, this deep state would not have wanted the Senate and House both in Democrat hands. The invisibles can only do so much to rig, but in close calls, they can put their agenda over the top.

If Trump had looked into voter fraud during the loss of Roy Moore, he could have stifled it for these elections, but, thinking he's God, the president thought he could keep the House by his own talents in spite of voter fraud. It is easy to spot that voter fraud is taking place just by noting the obvious attitude of leading Democrats. How can the president allow this to go on? The corrupt are seeking to grab power by every trick possible.

When Trump sits down with an "applicant" for the attorney general, he needs to ask pointed questions? Any boss has the right to hire the man he wants for certain jobs. He needs to ask the applicant: will you uncover voter fraud? Will you uncover Obama-circle corruption? How would you do this? What is your level of commitment? Will you bring sanctuary cities to court, or arrest their governors? There's nothing wrong for a boss to get the man who'll do the right things, but this fool didn't ask Sessions what he was going to do when he hired him. This arrogant boss, who thought that his godhood would work out all things, move all obstacles, wasted two years and lost power to the corrupt. He's a huge disappointment. He needs to make amends starting now, and he knows it.

It was reported, on the day of the election, that ICE would NOT keep tabs on voter fraud by illegals at voter booths. Who decided this stupid tactic at a time when illegals had more confidence than ever to vote illegally? Is Trump that stupid, or does he march to the orders of some invisibles? How will voter fraud by illegals be curbed unless there are undercover ICE agents at polling booths? Not all, but some of them, and let the illegals know it. Make it risky to vote illegally. Publicize punishments for illegal voting. How possibly can it be that the Trump government has nothing to say about it's monitoring of election booths? They say that there are monitors, but then why are they not coming out to disclose how many illegals and dead people have voted? Who are the ones using dead people as their means to vote? Is this a small thing only? Where are the publicized prosecutions of such people so that others won't try it in the next election? How can there be justice if no one prosecutes? This is going toward lawlessness.

In his press conference the day after the election, Trump came out bragging, saying it would have been a worse loss without his help. He looks tired but shaken, even humiliated, not jubilant, yet he comes out bragging. He takes credit for the victories of others because he visited their states in the past month, oblivious or unconcerned as to how this insults the winning teams. Is there any hope with this man?

The vile and the loosers have risen higher to power, and he's now talking nice about Democrats in hopes of working together??? In that case, you can depend on this fool to do nothing to cut out Democrat corruption. This man wants to succeed so that he can brag; it's all he thinks about. So, he now wants to succeed with some niceties to the vile and the spiritually demented, who would never give him an inch for his programs, and will seek to destroy him with endless slander instead. The best scenario is that Democrats seek to destroy him, to give him not one inch in partisanship, and thus knock the president off of this nicety track. We have seen what Democrats are, and the most-important issue is not letting them in power ever again.

In the 43rd minute, someone asks Trump whether his government has monitored Russia and China as per election interference, such a joke, because he says that his Intelligence people have done a lot of work on it. The Russians and Chinese are not the ones rigging the votes, or playing tricks with machines, or urging illegals and other offenders to vote fraudulently. Where is the FBI's report on these matters??? This is a disgusting president. He will never heal a nation when he allows bogeymen to rule the day while ignoring the real criminals who set up the bogeymen.

At every instance of Democrats mentioning Russian interference, Republicans should instantly pull the trigger and shoot them with Democrat interference in elections, and the best way to do this is to work hard at catching them so that the ammunition is ample. Below is evidence of election corruption on the part of Democrats, in Broward county, but why should it be there alone???

Marc Elias, the same individual hired by Clinton to purchase the Steele dossier, has been retained by Democrats in relation to the Broward controversy. And Trump is verbally promising to act to check this act of what he calls, corruption. It looks as though, with Republicans not having the House, they can take their soft gloves off and punch away the Democrats with their bare knuckles. I can't tell you how boring and disappointing Republicans, as a lot, were the past two years. Aside from a few, they were so protective of losing the House they lost it...due to having little offense. However, they may have lost it due to systematic voter fraud. By now, the Democrats have many methods to miscount right under the noses of monitors. And, some monitors can be secretly threatened.

The Democrat acting as the instigator of the Broward conspiracy is Brenda Snipes. The Snipes surname (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) happens to use a version of the Clinton Coat. As you can see in the video above, the Florida governor wants to know how Snipes came up with an additional 78,000 more votes (still going up), but she won't allow Republicans to see these votes, even though a judge has ordered her to allow them to see the inners of this fiasco. Will nothing come of this? Will the Democrats get away with it? If Democrats cheat while the entire nation watches, why wouldn't they cheat in the election-night count?

The governor has no one to blame for himself, for Snipes (supervisor of elections) was caught breaking the election laws in 2016, yet the Republican governor didn't punish her, didn't dismiss her, and here she's come round to do it again, no surprise. The foolish Republicans need to PUNISH PUNISH PUNISH, or the cheaters will steal the nation to themselves, making everyone as much the cheaters that they are, if possible.

The use of Marc Elias in this scandal underscores how Trump failed the Republican party. Instead of sending Elias into shame, Trump permitted him to become a success, and therefore a hero. Just before the election, Trump promised to unveil, finally, the FISA applications, and then changed his mind. The revelation of those applications, and similar documents, would have shamed all involved, including Elias. As a signal that Trump realizes his error, he fired Sessions immediately, but if he thinks this will pacify his betrayed voters, just let him try to fool them again with Twitter rhetoric. He had best deliver because the firing of Sessions has their hopes up again. Now, finally, they are starting to think, Trump will do what he's got to do. One more let-down in this regard is a slitting of his own throat.

It's possible that the Democrats manufacture voter ballots before election night, and somehow slip the boxes into the voting rooms. If they can't sneak all the boxes into the count, they might say, after the Democrat loses and election, "hey, look, we have found thousands of ballots that weren't counted." That's what could be happening in Florida and New Mexico right now. If you think this is nonsense, how is it not nonsense that the people counting missed 80,000 votes? How many boxes does that number amount to? How can so many boxes hide from the counters? Nonsense. Therefore, new boxes were brought in by the Snipes team, and these people should be jailed without mercy so that others won't try this in the future. If they get away with it now, shame on Republicans because the enemy will do it again as a certainty. Even if they don't manage to swing the election, while not being punished, they will cheat with confidence in the future. PUNISH, or you hate your nation. Punish your unruly sons, or you are irresponsible, unfit to lead. Jeff Sessions hates America. He can say he loves it, but his actions speak louder.

Will the acting attorney general take on Snipes and her accessories? All he needs to do is to ask the FBI to look into it, and then to double-check that the FBI is properly treating the situation rather than helping Snipes, as Comey helped Hillary, for example. There needs to be an overseer organization of the FBI and CIA that gets bonuses for catching them in illegal / unethical activity. They need to get good bonuses to protect from being seduced into a secret / winking partnership. The bonuses must match any bribes that the FBI might offer, plus some, so that the overseer will want to expose all bribery attempts, which of course protects against bribes being offered in the first place.


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