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November 1 - 5, 2018

The Pipe Wrench and WikiLEAKs

Update on Julian Assange:

As you can hear, Assange claims that president Moreno wants to give him over to the United States. Let me repeat that, when I went to Texas in 1994, God was all over that trip, making things happen that point to many things, one being Julian Assange. On the day after my mugging, I decided to find property in Texas, and went first of all to Highway 83. At some point between Uvalde and LEAKey, code for WikiLeaks, I saw a Mr. Moreno on a political sign, who was running for some local political office. I recall the name on that sign after all these years, and am not mistaken on the spelling. I wasn't yet to Leakey, but close, when I say the property. I didn't like it, and went next to Crystal City, where God provided black SMOKE out the tailpipe of my vehicle, and cockROACH's behind the motel's wallpaper all night long. I could hear them moving around with a scratchy noise behind the loose paper.

Many years later, when telling readers about how God used the mugging and its morning aftermath for heraldic purposes, I realized that the Smoke surname is listed with Roach-like Rauch's/Rauchers. Incredible. The point in repeating this is that Roach's (share rock with Roque's/Rocks) are likely a branch of Rockefellers, and this family is likely wanting Julian Assange in jail, you see. That is, I think God set the roaches up to say that the Rockefellers are Assange's worst enemies at thus time. It's not a mistake that Smoke's bring up Rauch's (Bavaria), for Smoke's/Smoaks are even amongst the shown variations of Rauch's

If you were surprised by revelations on the Rush's (Roach / Rauch colors) in the last update, as they linked to Roquefeuil, let's add here that Rush's and Roach's share a "Dieu" motto term. Rush's are in Quillan colors, and share the white wolf with them, while Quillan is a location beside Roquefeuil. In the last update, Henry of Rodez, who married Miss Roquefeuil, was traced to Henrys on the Meu river, where Mea's/My's trace that should be in the "ma roche" motto phrase of Roach's.

NEXT, let's repeat that the best I've been able to do with the Assange surname is to assume a branch of Sangs or Sangers/Singers. The latter, can we believe it, share the white, courant horse with Rush's! But there is more, and this is new too, for while the same horses are used by Free's/FRY's, highway 83 up by where I saw the Moreno sign is in the FRIO Canyon!!! Zikers, the Free/Fry horse is even in the colors of the Sanger/Singer horse, strongly supporting my claim that the Moreno sign was code for president Moreno.

A weasel or a mink just went across my window, a rare sight around here. Where you see Frio Canyon Rentals, it's in Leakey, and Uvalde is on the map too (if you get the size right). I was exactly in the Frio Canyon, amazing.

Note how Sangers share the horse-head design once shown for Este's, for "est" is a motto term of Roach's, a motto term shared by horse-head Pepins, the latter sharing the PIPE Coat. The black smoke out the tailPIPE was God's pointer to Roach liners. Excellent, brilliant, and Pepins even share a "Mens" motto term with Crystals. The cockroaches were in a motel of Crystal City, meaning that God set me up in that city for the black smoke and cockroaches to prove better to you that he is the one pointing to Julian Assange and/or Rockefellers. Watch out, demons, God is moving.

But the Smoke's/Rauch's have their bend rising in the improper, heraldic direction, toward the Shield's left side (viewer's right), and that's the same bend as Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). But see a left-rising bend also with Rasmussens/ASSMANs who share some of the Pepin Coat, and the left-looking horse of Jewish Rothchilds. Assmans named Assmannshausen in RUDESheim. Rooks share the raven with the Rothes'/Rothchilds, first found in Bavaria with Smoke's/Rauch's. Watch out Rothschild family, God is looking at you. The Rook sun is that also of Hesse's while Rasmussens/Assmans were first found in Hesse, which is where, they say, the first Rothschild stole his initial vast fortunes.

I'm glad I repeated this event today. It actually started when thinking that the roaches behind the paper were God's code for the government spies on Julian Assange. It's all-too-likely that everything he puts out on the Internet or phone system is spied on by Britain.

As I said, a weasel went by the window as soon as I ended the paragraph with the Frio-county map. And Weasels, looked up only now, happen to be listed with Wessels/Waistells, who share the white, courant horse with Free's/Frys!!! I am sure some readers are thinking that I made the weasel up, but, I assure, you, I am not lying. Weasels share the gold garb with Rooks, and in Rook-sun colors.

More than eight years after I spent the night in Crystal City. I learned that Miss Hicks had attended church in that town before she attended the church I went to. I slept the night in Crystal City on Saturday, and took a tour of the town Sunday morning, when she was probably in church at that time (she lived well outside of Crystal City). Three days after I learned that she had gone to church in Crystal City, God added to the Julian-Assange pointers at a 9-11 memorial (September 11, 2002) in the Nueces Canyon. I sat beside Miss Hicks that evening. Late that evening, at a Get'n Go gas bar in Camp Wood, God gave an event that included the Stanleys, Leaks/Leakeys (leg with bent knee) and Knee's (share the engrailed bend of Leak(eys)) , for it was at this gas bar / corner store that He impressed me with Miss Hicks' beautiful knees. The store is at the corner of what locals call, the Leakey road, and you can see it on the map above, with Camp Wood shown. It's technically called, Ranch road. The point of this paragraph was to say that the Knee and Stanley bends look linkable to the Weasel/Waistell bend with garbs.

I have the feeling that there is much more to the inclusion of the Knee's than I've yet to discover. I can add a new think here, that while Crystals' use "recti" in their motto, Ranch-like Ranks/Rankins use "recte." That's a little amazing because it supports even stronger the connecting of the Julian-Assange pointers of 1994 to the 2002 memorial. My gut tells me that God has a revelation in store against the insider perpetrators of 9-11.

I have a new thing to work with because "recte" looks like code by the Ranks for the Recketts/Ricketts, perhaps another Roach / Rauch branch. Ranks/Rankins (left-rising lance) share the boar heads of Knee-like McGee's (and Mea's/My's). After writing that, I went to do the first of four stucco jobs, and when returning to the computer, I almost didn't catch it, but McGee's and Recketts/Ricketts share also the same swords touching at their tips. It tends to verify that Ranks are pointed to by Ranch road, and that the knee event was placed at Ranch road for a reason, but I haven't a clue at this time. Let me explain why Knee's link to McGee's.

At the age of 12, God gave me back-to-back hockey games that involved a knee in both cases, and the second game had the puck from my stick going over the knee pad of Jim McGee as he kicked his leg out to block it. I can now entertain that those two games are about Assange. You can see God was involved because I was thy one who got the thrilling winning goal in the semi-final game, with just a couple of minutes to go in the game, while sliding on my knees past the goal post. It is so memorable, burned into my memory. The next goal from our team was mine over McGee's pad, and both goals had Steve Tarr getting the assists. The second of the two goals was in the final match, and we won it. It just smacks of a set-up from God. But why?

The knee symbol from my knees and McGee's knee pad connect to the knees of Miss Hicks. It's undeniable, and I'll show you why.

The McGee's are said to have possibly been MacGETHE's, and because they were first found in Dumfries (named by Freys'/Frees' / Frys?) with the Nith river, let's add that there is an online page on the Gethe-like Geddes', saying that they had earlier been Geds on the Nith river. While Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith, Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. She was married to him when at the 2002 memorial. That's a good reason to equate Ranch Rd with McGee-related Ranks/Rankins. But there are at least four further things tending to assure that the two hockey games are about WikiLeaks.

First, her beautiful knees were at the GET'n Go, and that smacks of "Gethe / Ged." Are you not impressed? I'm flattened. This is incredible. (Geds share fish with Geddes'). I don't recall making the case before that the Get'n Go should be reason the drag the two hockey games into whatever God has in mind with her knees. I did suggest that the name of the store can also be for McGoo's/Gows/Gone's.

Secondly, KilPATricks have a Patchie variation, and while PADyns were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, God made me sail the puck over McGee's PAD. God was definitely linking things up to Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick. Padyns even share the Tenant crescent so that it seems that Tenants do use the McGee boar head closely. In fact, I've been saying that I SAILED the puck over his pad for longer than I've had reason to include Tenants in this picture, and the latter happen to use a "sail" with "mast" in Crest! Excellent.

We just saw Ranch-like Ranks lead by their motto to McGee's, and her knees were beautiful at the CORNER of Ranch road. I've said it many times, that my goal on McGee was from when Steve Tarr was in the CORNER of the boards. Turning to face the net with a defenceman pestering him, he saw me alone in front of the net. Thus, the corner theme in all this (can be for Corners/Garners) can be in the Coat of Spanish Vela's, for they use "four torches on blue CORNERs". The Tenants have a "vela" motto term, you see, and Tenants happen to use the McGee boars heads too as well as what could be a version of the Leak(ey) Chief. In fact, this Chief can also be a version of the TROPE Chief, for we won a TROPHy after God got me those two key goals. The Leak(ey) Chief even shares the Hicks fleur. I've shown that this has to do with the Steele dossier without a doubt.

I'm not done with Tenants; I'll come back to them because they with the Vela corners are, I think, in God's stucco story of last week. My first stucco job today was two CORNERs on either side of a window.

It's interesting that Padyns come up as "Putin" while president Putin would help Assange in a snap. In fact, WikiLeaks may have something prepared for a major leak through Putin if Moreno hands Assange to the United States. You can see the Trumps and Trumps with the Corners/Garners in the last update. I'll bet that there is developing a tug-of-war, right now between Putin and Trump, on who will get Assange.

Next, the Knee's can be a branch of Knights/Nights, who show an old Nith-like variation, and share the spur with the Close's, who can be clinched quite well with Closeburn, location on the Nith of Kilpatrick castle. I now have the task of figuring out what other items in the two hockey games apply to the leak(s) I expect from WikiLeaks. Every detail can have a meaning. It started with a slap shot by Steve Tarr inside the blue line. It hit the goalie, knocking him down, and bouncing over his head, then bouncing and rolling to the empty net, but, as God would have it, the puck stopped dead on the goal line. Hee-hee. I was skating toward it by this time, with no goalie in the net, and the excitement made my legs give out. I fell on my knees, embarrassed (it was God who did it to me), and slid by the goal post, poking the puck into the net with the tip of the stick's blade (Sticks share the Sanger garbs), not exactly a picture play. I crashed into the boards, and, as I got up, the bench had cleared, all skating toward me; they piled on top of me mercilessly. It was really a happy moment, my first year in organized hockey.

The bench cleared an piled on me beside the Net. There is a Net surname (near the Nith) listed with Nights/MacKnights/MacNaughts! That's new (don't recall checking Nets), and it reminds that Natts/Nathans (probably the escutcheon of the Dumfries Nitts/Naughts) can be linked to Nathan Rothschild, the second Rothschild. So, the hockey game without Jim McGee is thus playing to Miss Hicks. Nets/Nights were first found in KirkcudBRIGHTshire, while Brights come up as Board-like "Brode." They piled on me after I hit the boards hard (like a suicide bomber, took one for the team).

What good is that event if I can't use any of the particulars to add to the Assange thing? There's got to be more to it, and it must yet be in the future. I remember nothing else in that game but looking at the time clock with about two minutes to go. I was on the bench at that time so that the goal could have been even a few seconds before the end of the game. The coaches did a change and put Tarr and myself on for the last drive. It speaks to me of a nail-biting, last-minute miraculous play by God, coming soon...and we win, Christians. Steve Tarr was a super-star traded to our team near the end of the season; otherwise we stood no chance of winning the trophy. It's so strange that I remember nothing else in the final game but my goal, though I've known that Tarr got four goals. What do we suppose he represents?

I've never been convinced that Knee's are a McGee branch, though the temptation to equate the two has been there. The Geds, I have read, gave their swords to Mackays, and the latter are said to be related to Aoidh's, as are McGee's. I've read that Aoidh's were the MacHeth's of the Moray-Ross area, but then there are the Heths/Heath's, even as McGee's were also MacGethe's/MacHethe's, and so Heths look like a Ged branch. My tenant, Helen, is the one who led me to the Tenant surname, and Hedds/Heeds/Heads happen to use (almost) the Helen Coat in colors reversed. And HADDingtons (Lothian, same as Tenants and BATHgate's!) use the Bath cross in colors reversed. While Baths are said to be of Heth-like Atha's, Randolphs (Moray) use the Bath cross as well as a BAT as code for Bath's, and Ranks/Rankins are suggested in their write-up to be Randolphs. "BathGATE's are also BathGETs," so perfect with for the beautiful knees at the Ranch road's GET'n Go.

It just never ends, for Ranks/Rankins have a tradition of being from a Mr. Rankine of Ghent, who married the Keiths (Lothian), who in-turn lived at first at HADDINgton. The Ranch-like Rench's/Wrench's (look linkable to Windsors) were at HADDENham, and Haddens share the "Suffer" motto of Lothians Haldans, highly suspect from Oda of Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I. Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, and they both share the stag with Windsors, but aside from this, I don't know how Stanleys should relate to Rench's. The latter share the Shield of Lothians Mens'.

I almost missed it: German Rench's share the fleur of LEAK(ey)s!!!! I would have missed it, except that I looked up the French's from earlier of this year, because I reported on what I thought was an event from God, when Michael popped in on me, and took me to his work place, where he put a pipe wrench in a pipe, though that was not the only thing. So, when looking up that page of last April, I found myself having written: "When Michael went to install the CHECK valve, I watched him LEAK water on the floor to get the pressure down. He asked me to watch the pressure GAUGE because he couldn't see it from where he was turning his WRENCH. German RENCH's/Reints'/Renz's share the fleur of Leaks, can we believe it? It's the fleur also of Petro's. Geese flew over my house while looking at this paragraph, and so I tried for a Gause surname as per "Gauge," and got the Gause/GOZEpohls with the same scallop as Meschins [kin of Michaels], expected because the first Meschin was a son of Richard Goz's daughter..."

It must have been a blind spot, because I didn't see that Rench's had a German branch, which is why I almost missed this very-important piece to the Leakey-road puzzle. It appears that God set up the event with Michael to assist in that puzzle. And this is the same Michael in the Volkwagen dream expounded upon later in this update. We just saw that Scottish Rench's/Wrench's share the Mens Shield (as do Leaks!), and PIPE's share the Pepin Coat while Pepins use a "Mens" motto term.

LOOKIE! Stanley held the only American flag that night, and Flags are a Fulke/Volk branch while I trace RANGabe's (imperial Byzantines) to the Anjou of Fulks. If you've ever read from me that Nichols de Vere placed mythical Melusine de Vere in Anjou, I claim her to be code for the real Melissena Rangabe. That works with Ranks and Rench's, and, zowie, Melissena was the granddaughter of king MICHAEL I Rangabe! You can see God in the flag in Stanley's hand because Stans/Stands share the Flag/Fleck fesses, which share the Meschin scallop as do the Gause's that came up as per the geese overhead.

AHA-ha-ha! The Gauge's share the STANDish saltire. And the Knee's play into the gauge-wrench event. Here's what more I wrote in the April update (3rd of the month):

Michael can vouch that I was squatted down, possibly on one KNEE, when telling him the gauge's reading, which recalls an event on the Leakey road where I noted Miss Hicks' beautiful knees for the first time (saw them before but they didn't look beautiful then). The Knee's use the same, engrailed bend as Leaks/Leakeys, you see, and the latter, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. It's half in the colors of the Peerless/Napier fleur. Moreover, that night, at the 9-11 memorial, I was sitting beside her, but when I got up to go speak to the pastor, Stanley came to sit beside her, and Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Wrench's/Rench's), who share the stag with Wrench's/Rench's and Windsors, use the Knee bend too. Stanleys have the motto, "Sans changer," and "Sans tache" is the Peerless/Napier motto.

AMAZINGLY, while the locals called that road the Leakey road because it led to Leakey, it's officially called RANCH Road!!! It's got to be the Wrench / Rench bloodline!!!

It was "Peerless" that got me to tell of that event in the first place, for Michael told me that day that his company was affiliated with Peerless sprinkler systems, and I was all over the Pero's at that time, wherefore I started to poke around with the Peerless surname when I got home. The Peerless/NAPier saltire is in both colors of the Standish saltire! What could this mean as per the Leakey mystery?

It had turned out that Napier-like Napps (look like Side/Sythes' kin) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's/Wrench's while Checks, as per the check valve, share the crescent of Cambridgeshire's Chapmans. Moreover, the Chapman crescent is suspect with Irish Foys (because French Foys were first found in ILE-de-France with Chappes', Levi's and Lys'), who share the EEL with Shiptons (same place as Peare's), and then the eel-suspect Ely's/EALy's (Cambridgeshire) in the Rench/Wrench write-up share a version of the Craven Coat while Meschins married Shipton-suspect Skiptons of Craven. The Iles'/Eels' use roughly black version of the Ely/Ealy Coat, and with the fleur-de-lys of Cambridgeshire's June's. I don't want to go too far off topic, but I should add the following from April:

Yesterday as I write here, my mother's relative, Michael dropped in while doing some work in my area (two hours from his home), and he took me to work with him for a while just to install a check valve in a sprinkler system. This comes a week after I had, and explained, the dream with him in it. He told me that he sometimes gets work from a company called, PEERless, in my area. There is a Peerless surname (roses again) that I can link to Pero's [roses] on the Ticino. The surname happens to use the motto, "Sans TACHE," and the Teck/Tess saltire in colors reversed. Therefore, the Peerless fleur is suspect as the Massey fleur [Masseys share the Vere quadrants]. The Tecks/Tess' are almost-certainly from the Ticino [home of Levi-like Laevi Gauls], where Pierro's/Pero's are said to have been first found.

But what floors me is that while his only appearance in the dream was for a split-second with a VOLKswagen Beetle, Volks/Fulke's share the Shakespeare spear while Shakespeare's (Cumberland, same as Daggers) use a "sanz" motto term. And the Peerless fleur is also in the Volk/Fulke [and Lys] Coat. Amazing.

I would suggest that all the additions to the Leakey topic have not to do with the deep state / Assange, but with a trace to Caiaphas, for Standish's share the Annandale saltire. However, there could be a surprise down the road as per the leak and the gauge. Recall the geese overhead that pointed to Richard Goz, for he married Emma de Conteville, and Geese's/Goes' share the Coat of Italian Conte's.

There is a remote possibility here that JULIAN Assange is being pointed to by Rench's because both they and Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire, and Julius Caesar is suspect as the father of a Junia Caepionis whom I trace to June's. Pipe-branch Pepins share the fleur of Jeune's (same place as Rench's again). Assange was said to be ILL in his confinement with Ecuador, and the Iles'/Eelys are the one's with the June fleur. God can chew gum and talk at the same time. English Conte's are a branch of Cone's while Irish Conans (same fleur as June's) use a fair reflection of the Iles/Eely Coat, and Conans happen to have been first found in Tipperary with the Conte-related Lafins/La Fonts, whom I trace to flag-using Ville's/Font-de-Ville's. Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Flags.

The check valve was installed in the SPRINKler system of a CONDominium, and, I kid you not, Sprinks/Springs are equated in their write-up with Condy-colored LeFONTs/Lafons/Fontains (share three fesses with Fountains). And here's from the Fountain write-up: "John Pherd (died 1225), Bishop of Ely, properly called John of Fountains, was a Cistercian monk of Fountains..." Here's from the Rench/Wrench write-up: "Conjecturally [Rench's] are descended from one of seven Freemen who held this village from the Abbot of Ely". By some coincidence or not, Freemans (Essex, same as Gore's) share the white wolf in Crest with Gore's, and Gore's use the Windsor, and therefore the Rench/Wrench, crosslets. Free's share the Sanger/Singer horse, and thus far I'm entertaining Sangers as God's code for "Assange"...because those who snitch are said to "sing", and WHISTLE-BLOWers link with Whistle's/Wissel to Wessels/Waistells that share the white, courant horse with Sangers/Singers, and while I trace Waistells to Vestalis, he was the grandson of king Donnus in the Italian Dance/Donnas surname! But now there are the Blow-like Plows involved. Is Al Gore in this? For the record, the two Freeman surnames together look connectable to Brests and Launays.

Assange's last-permitted tweet was a chess match with a famous CHECKmate, but I'm not keen on linking this to the check valve. A check valve is a one-way valve (allows water to flow in one direction only). Hmm, if I recall correctly, Michael said that this check valve assured that the fire alarm would not go off at the wrong time due to a drop in pipe water pressure due to a mere leak in the system. The water-pressure behind the valve remains at the same pressure, necessary to keep the alarm from going off, for the alarm goes off automatically when an instrument detects a low pressure (from when a sprinkler goes off). A fire alarm is a lot like someone blowing a whistle on some bad event. Perhaps when the major leak is sprung from WikiLeaks, it will connect to the leak-wrench-gauge event. The Gauge surname is from a variation of proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's.

Back to Ranks/Rankins with a tradition of being from a Mr. Rankine of Ghent. Gents share the Side/Scythes Chief while we saw Napps above with a version of the Side/Scythes Coat (it's funny how I trace Sleeps to lake Scodrus' Selepitanoi (at Butua) while I trace "Scodra" to the family of names which includes Scythe's, for a NAP is to go to sleep). The Side branch of Sutys share the Geese / Conte lion, and Sutys share the "hazard" motto of Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with Keiths and Hadden-branch Haldans (Rench's/Wrench's were at Haddenham). Repeat: "Ranks/Rankins have a tradition of being from a Mr. Rankine of Ghent, who married the Keiths."

Ghents / Gends and Geneva's can be in the "AGENDo GNAViter" motto of Leak(eys). When I asked to sit beside Miss Hicks at the memorial, she said it was reserved for her daughter, Geneva. But she let me sit down, anyway. Geneva never came to take the SEAT, but Stanley did as soon as I got up to get the pastor to have Miss Hicks sing an second SONG. The Songs are listed with the Assange-suspect Sangers with the STICK garbs, and the pastor's surname shares the Kilpatrick Coat. Seats are suspect with the Seaton-branch Side's/Sutys that share the Ghent Chief, and Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Keiths.

Ghent/Gaunt is in Belgium, and the Gends above were from Belgium, but then the Guenets (share the Gaunt bend) come up as Gone's, as do McGee-like McGoo's/Gows, all suspect with "Get'n GO." The Gend cross is in the colors of the Blade / Frank saltire, and while I scored the first goal as a TIP-IN by POKing the PUCK with the TIP of the BLADE of my stick, the Poke's are listed with Pollocks (builders of Rothes castle) who share the saltire of the same Franks above, and while Blade's throw in pheons, the Tipps'/TIPPINs have a pheon version of the Ghent Chief. All interesting, but what can it translate to, in the real world of WikiLeaks-related news? The suspense is killing me.

[Hours after writing here, I found the Borde's to have the Gaunt Coat exactly. Borde's were first found in Forez, beside Mont Pilat, and the Pilate's might just be a Pile branch, for French Pile's are also Pilots. They piled on me after I hit the boards.]

Pollocks are suspect with Pole's/Poole's, and the latter share the giant POST lion. I poked the puck in while sliding past the goal POST. The same giant lion is used by Rita's, who are from Rieti, home of Vespasia Polla, as are Fulks, which can explain why the Flocks use essentially the Pool lion too. (English Flocks share the Flatt/Flete chevron while Fleets share the Flag/Fleck fesses.) Rieti is at the Tarr-like Turano river, in case this applies. Pollocks are proto-Rothschilds, though the latter were directly from Bauers. I poked the puck in while wearing Bauer-brand skates. I remember to this day that my first pair of skates on the ice rink were Bauer brand.

Pollocks/Poke's are also Polks while German Polks share the wavy bend of Dutch Ghents and Dols (Fulbert, the father of the first Pollock, was a vassal of the Dol Alans, who lived in Shropshire with the first-known Rothes and Rudes'). Pollocks were proto-Rothschilds, you see. That first goal has brought us to Rothschilds, not because they will win the nail-biter, but because God will.

For the record, I'll add that Atha's were first found in the same place as Stanleys and Julians. Stanley figured large at the 9-11 memorial as per Morgan-Stanley having offices in the Trade Towers, where one could expect accomplices to the insiders tearing down those building illegally and horribly.

The PUCK came to a stop on the goal LINE, and Line's (vireSCIT") use annulets in colors reversed from the same of German Pucks. The puck came to a stop on the goal line after a slap SHOT by Steve Tarr, from just inside the blue LINE, and Gaunt-related Shots/Shute's (could be the McGee / Rickett swords) are suspect with SCUTE's and therefore with Skeets'/SKITs/SKEOCHs (Ayrshire, same as candleSTICK Kyle's). The Shoe's/SCHUCHs use a "knight issuing at the knees." And when I asked Miss Hicks, on the night of her beautiful knees, if the seat beside her was reserved beside her (she knew I was asking to sit there), she said it's reserved for her daughter, but that, if she comes, "you can SCOOT over." Scoots (East Lothian again) are listed with Schuch-like Skugals.

I've heard that Mike Pence wants Assange in jail, but Trump probably wants Assange to help him out, though I can't be sure of what Trump wants. The feather in the Scoot/Skugal Crest is called a pen in the Carlisle Crest. It's probably a pen also with Scoots because the two courant greyhounds of Scoots is shared by Penes'/Pennys. Pens happen to come up as "Pence." The "RECTum" motto term of Pens/Pence's can again be for the McGee-related Recketts/Rickitts. Scoots and Penes'/Pennys share the black greyhound with Schutz's (Rhineland, same as Natts/Nathans) and Palmers/PARMers, (Farmer branch?) while the Taro river flows to Parma, tending to verify that God spoke "scoot" through Miss Hicks for our connecting the memorial to the two hockey games. Schutz's share the Solway saltire while the Nith river pours into the Solway bay.

It just so happens that Penes' trace excellently to the Penestae people, the proto-Pendragons, and the latter's "teipsum" motto term is suspect with the Tipps'/Tippins. I scored on a tip-in with the puck on the goal line that was the end of Tarr's slap shot.

The slap shot (part-code for Salop?) knocked the goalie down, and Goleys/Galleys happen to use greyhounds in colors reversed from those above.

Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick said I could scoot over, and because Scoots ("HAEC" motto term) share a black hunting horn with Patch's (suspect with the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks), the gold tower of Padyns/Putins (same place as Kilpatricks) can be the one in the Scute Chief.

She said I could SCOOT OVER, and Overs may have been Offers too while God set me up in Victoria for a coffee and a NEWSpaper on the morning that I decided to check out land in Frio Canyon and Crystal City. I did nothing in Victoria (Texas coast) that morning but get a coffee and newspaper to check out the want-ads, but decades later, I learned that Coffee's/Coffers (like "Offer") use a "victoria" motto term. I was en route to meeting Miss Hicks, by the will of God, that morning, when she lived in the NUECES canyon. And it just so happens that the hourglass design used by Skeets'/Skits and Skate's/Sheets is almost the one of News'/NUCE's . "Scoot over" thus looks related to the News'/Nuce's and Skeets'. Overs have an Over location in Cambridgeshire, where News'/Nuce's and Stanleys were first found, and Stanleys share the bend of Overs. If News'/Nuce's (same place as Chapmans, share red perchevron with Chapmans) use chaplets, there's one in the Hicks Crest too that can apply to the Stanley stag.

I'm just wondering whether God set up a Sign for some victory in Victoria, like our hockey victory. I was mugged the night before, and was very afraid of losing my life at the start. I blocked the muggers "weapon" with my knee. I didn't know what it was as he plunged it toward my gut. It turned out to be a fake weapon, a piece of plastic. What does that mean? Fake NEWS? Victory over fake news? Is God launching a crusade against fake news? That would help Christian persecution greatly.

I was on SKATE's when I poked the puck in and went crashing into the BOARDs behind the net. The Boards (Sussex, same as Saddocks) use a version of the Chaddock / Chadwick / Saddock/Sedgewick Coat (all four use eSCUTcheons in relation to the Arms of ROCHdale), and these surnames can be linked to the Chads (Norfolk, as Skate's/Sheets) that share the potent cross of Skate's/Sheets. Sometimes, escutcheons are altered to BORDers by making the escutcheon (a shield) larger; see the border of Skate's/Sheets). Do you see how neatly God created events in my life. Never again wonder what he was spending His time on before he created the universe. This heraldry project took a lot of time. He had to name a lot of towns and stores and all sorts of things, lining up all the ducks, more complicated than DNA. Creating all the species was powder-puff by comparison.

I poked the puck in that was the slap SHOT come to rest, and while Shots are Shute's too, Suters/Sewers/SUITs share a version of the Board Coat too. God gave me a dream about Obama's billiard hall, where there was a SEWER SHOT that I took in the dream's scene immediately before I saw Obama in a SUIT. In his suit, he was on a SKATEBOARD.

I was driving a Nissan when I was mugged. The Nissans share a white escutcheon with Boards, making yet another link between the hockey games and my first trip through Texas en-route to the 9-11 memorial. Nissans are from queen Nysa, wife of Pharnaces of the Pontus. Nissans share the double fesses of PHARnaces-liner Parrs, first found in Lancashire with Furness'/FURNACE's, both of the latter sharing a black border with Skate's/Sheets. Lancashire is also where Chaddocks and Chadwicks lived.

Lest we forget, "vireSCIT" is a motto term of Line's (Puck annulet?), while I went into the boards after poking the puck in when it was on the goal line. Board-like Brode's (Terras star?) share the black griffin with Scotts, and one Scott Coat shares the Terras Coat (like the Stanley Coat, could have the Stanley stag in Crest) while Terres' are listed with Tarrs. Steve Tarr was in the corner of the boards when he passed to me, and I backhanded it over McGee's knee pad. The other Terras' look like a branch of Rothes', and share rooks with Rockefeller liners. The Terras' share the Hockey/Hockley crescents.

Nissans are also Nees', and share the same bend as Knee's. The Nece's, almost the Nuce variation of News', likewise use double fesses, and they are the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans. Finding the Nees' just now finally identifies the Knee's (share stag head with Nees'/Nissans) as a line from queen Nysa. There is a Nuse/Newes'/Nuce surname with double pale bars, but I don't know what to link them too. Perhaps the same-colored bars of Nie's/Nays/Nye's.

Hmm, the Board-like Broads (love the Sava's/Savage's, share lozenges of English Shaws) not only use a single pale bars colors reversed from the two of Nuse's/Newes', but perhaps the Aston lozenges. It's just that Astons came up just moments ago as "Assan," when checking for an Assange-like surname. The idea here, where God sees that I wouldn't find an Assange surname coming up, is that he used Assans/Astons to represent Julian Assange, and then had me going into the boards to find the Broads (shares savage with WOODs) in an event that links to Camp WOOD's CORNER STORE on a Leakey road (could be far-fetched), for the Store's/Sturys use a good reflection of the Broad Coat. In this picture with the Newes' included, I can see a WikiLeaks leak to the news that gives a great victory after the nail-biting struggle between the deep state and Trump supporters (Corners link to Tromps / Trumps). I'm struggling.

I saw Miss Hick's knees through the GLASS of the DOOR at the Get'n Go. I eventually (long-time coming) realized that this was part-code for Mr. Glas, and part-code for EcuaDOR, for Mr. Glas, who supports Assange to this day, was the vice-president of Ecuador before Moreno took over. The president under Glas was favorable to Assange, protecting him from the United States, but the Trump administration has changed all of that through Moreno. Mike Pence is suspect here as well as some hard pushing by the CIA. Yet Crystal City suggests that Rothschilds / Rockefellers are at work, and who knows but these are the ones behind 9-11.

There is no Goal surname coming up, but Gole's/Cole's (Celt/Colt pheon) share the Glass stars, and were first found near Glasgow (roughly where Colters were first found), and near the Cole-branch Kyle's that use candleSTICKs. I got the two goals with my stick. Sangers use the Stick garbs. Hmm, is Ann Coulter for or against Assange? I don't know (I don't load her videos).

The bench cleared and piled on me beside the net. The Bench surname not only has a fret version of the Rhodes Coat, but both surnames use a "meum" motto term. In the Bench Crest, the gold tower of Padyns/Putins. Would you care to figure out the meaning here as it could relate to the Rhodian Illuminati? I could be wrong to even point the Bench's out as per that goal. It's hard to say, and there can be countless possibilities as per meaning until other links are made that can shape a story more solidly. But wait. The "bench" means my TEAM MATE's, and Mate's use a version of the Mander / Rhodes cross, wherefore it appears that Bench's (Nottinghamshire, same as MANSfields of MAMEsfelde) do in fact belong to that goal. No Team surname comes up, but Teems/Tiems (escutcheons) are the ones with the BLADE.

I made a one-piece scaffold years ago to finish the exterior up high. I "wheel" it around the house by flipping / rolling the entire unit, and by now the spikes have loosened from all that flipping. I therefore didn't want to roll it away from the backyard because I've got some high siding still to do there, but as I'm running out of money again, I've decided to rent the upper floor. And for that, there were six corners yet to do on the front, so I rolled the scaffold to one of them. I placed the planks on, only to have stucco problems. I started to complain a little before God because I felt the problems were His idea to make a lot of points about stucco-like Astakos, and later that day, I realized that the planks were His pointer to the Plants/Planque's of the Fulks, which piece of news was inserted into the last update where Plants/Planque's had already been brought up due to their Broom/Brome kin, for I was given some BROMix brand stucco, which I'm now using. English Planks even share the giant lion of stucco-like Stocks/Stoke's, so amazing.

[Insert -- from the next update: "I've found a Scaff/Skeffington/Scaffington surname (bull heads) with the Melusine mermaid in Crest which can trace this surname with the scaffold's planks to Fulks...The two "Augusta" motto terms of Scaffs/Skeffingtons is super because "angustis" is a motto term of Cabbage's while Plants/Planque's use cabbages! Bingo. I'm going to paste this in the last update." End Insert]

Before I go on, it can be added that Plank-like Blanks may have been a branch of White's, and the Bromix did dry white.

The point here is that I started this stucco job late this year in a rush for getting tenants. I remembered that it's the Tenants who have the "vela" motto term while Vela's use TORCHes at the four corners, and I started the Bromix job yesterday at two of four window corners, on the interior of the house, planning to do the scaffold area today due to a warmish day and non-freezing night afterward (it froze last night). The bigger point is that Fulks who became PlantaGENETs / Plants have a mythical ancestry is TORQuatus, suggesting the Velo torches. The Turks/Torks (Dumfries) even use a "vel" motto term, suggesting now that Turks/Torks were the reason for "Torquatus."

I trace Fulks and Flags/Flecks now to the imperial Flavians, and the latter I trace to Pasi's/Pace's, wherefore let's add that Turks/Torks use, "Pace vel bello." The latter term, when used by Bouillons, traces to something in Bologna, I think, because Godfrey de Bouillon had a father in Boulogne, and Pasi's/Pace's were first found in Bologna. The Tork-like Torys (Torcy colors) show two, perhaps three, signs of linking to Godfreys, and the Torys are said to have moved from Lincolnshire to Dumfries, the latter being where Turks/Torks were first found. The Tory tower suggests Thors / Tours / Towers, and the Tory tower is gold, as it the one in the Crest of the Dumfries Patents/Padyns/Putins.

The Harcourt Danes had a TORCY/Torville location that could have been the Torquatus entity. Note their TURCHetil of Torcy: "ERTEMBERGE DE BRIQUEBEC. Children: i. TOUROUDE, SIRE DU PONTEAUDEMER, b. about 950. ii. TURCHETIL, SEIGNEUR DE TURQUEVILLE, ancestor of the celebrated Harcourt family of Normandy and England. iii. WILLIAM DE TORVILLE." The Beaumonts descended from the Harcourt and Torcy-related Humphrey de Vieilles, and Vela's use torches. Were Fulks from Danes?

It's very interesting that the "Turris" motto term of some tower users such as Torys is like the Terres variation of Tarrs while German Turks share the Hockey crescent. This update soon gets to SchimaTARi, very complimentary to the Turk/Tork hunting horn, which suddenly looks very meaningful in identifying Tarrs from some ancient Hyksos-related entity. The Zeus Taurus = Tyre elements in Cilicia (Tarsus, Taurus mountains) comes to mind. Are Tarrs from something in Cetis? God always traces my special events to Cetis, so why not Steve Tarr too?

It's probably Torquatus-important that Turks/Torks use the HUNTING HORN, for his mythical son was portrayed as a hunter, and Horn-like Orion was a mythical hunter too. The Turk/Tork hunting horn is the green one with red stripes of the Hunter surname:

Tertulf or Tertullus is a legendary figure, not appearing in any known contemporary records. He should not be considered historical. The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum says "Torquatus sive Tortulfus genuit Tertullum", recording that he was granted property by Charles II the Bald, King of the West Franks. He was Seneschal of Gatinais. His son Ingeler [historical] was the first Count of Anjou.

According to the legend, Tertulf was a hunter and outlaw who lived in the woods...

He was supposedly a descendent of Princess Plantina [there is a Plantin surname], sister of the Fairy Princess Melusine. Cute story.âtinais-Sénéchal-of-Anjou/6000000002043265621

I had not read this earlier when connecting Helen my tenant to the Leakey topic. The Leakey road is technically Ranch road, and the Ranks/Rankins suddenly bring to mind the imperial RANGabe family of Byzantium, for INGelger had been suspect with INGER the Varangian (real person) who married Melissena (!) Rangabe. I insisted that mythical Melusine above code for this historical Melissena, and that somehow her family line with Inger was in Anjou.

It's amazing here that Corners/Garners share the sword of Mochs/Mouchers, whom I traced to Mochrum, where Turks/Torks are said to have been. Gospatrick, in the Dunbar write-up, are said to have been in Mochrum (Dunns use the same sword design as Mochs). Gospatricks are thus easily deciphered with the Dumfries Kilpatricks, and the Gospatricks share the Curry/Corry saltire while "Cura" is a motto term of Moke's. AND BINGO, the Scottish Mochs/Mochrys use a scimitar, which traces to Schimatari (Boiotia), home of mythical Orion! It now points smack to the Fulks for ancestry in the Orion hunter. Perhaps CORNers (acorn) and Acorns are a hard-C Horn element. I'm assuming that Turks/Torks use a rock.

The Corner-loving Vela's use an eagle for their trace to the Astakos area along with the EAGLE surname (to the ACHELous river near Astakos). And the Vela eagle is in the colors of the wings used by German Fulks. Excellent, for the six Eagle lions (in Stock-lion colors) are those of Savage's in colors reversed, and Woods not only use the savage, but share the gold fitchee with the Window surname (shares lion paw with Savage's). We saw that Tertullus was a hunter in the woods, and so I'm wondering whether my wood scaffold applies. Sauvage's were first found in Champagne with RANGers.

I don't know why the website above has Tertullus born in Rennes of Anjou. I don't know a Rennes in Anjou, and Anjou is not-exactly in Brittany with the Rennes there. But the Raines', who share the Eagle lions, in the color of the lion of Planque-related Cabbage's, are from Brittany's Rennes, which is in Vilaine, which term I see with "Vilnius," Lithuanian home of Astakos-liner Astikas' (they married Traby, and the Arms of Traby uses the horn too). The English Rangers/RINGers are also "RAINgar," suggesting the possibility that Rangabe's named Rennes and Rennes-le-Chateau. Raines' and Rings/Rinks even share the Brome/Broom chevron!

Reines' use the comet while I see Comets with Comyns/Comine's, which was ruled by John de Burgo, which can explain why the website above makes Hugh de Bourges the father of Tertullus.

French Rangers had a Rangeard branch in Pas-de-Calais (Comines is in that area), home of the father of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Wikipedia's article on Michael I Rangabe has/had the Arms of Rangabe, which is a white flory cross, same as Bouillons. The latter happen to share the "bello" motto term with Turks/Torks, perfect.

The Ranger write-up then has Mr. Rangeard, born in Ranger-like Angers in Anjou. English Rangers/Raingars were first found in Essex with Angers, the Melusine-loving Vere's, and gold-fitchee Quints that share the lion paw with gold-fitchee and QUINT-like WINDows. If that's not enough, the Window lion paws are in the colors of the Sforza lion, and the latter's holds a QUINCE. It therefore seems that the stucco job on the window corners yesterday is a pointer to the line of Quintus Caepio. The Corners even share the fleur-de-lys of this Rangel Coat, in Rangabe colors.

The Plant-like Blands (share the Tipps pheons) are said to have been in Sedburg, where Dents (almost the Bland bend) were first found who share the Hound lozenges, and there is a greyHOUND in the Bland Crest. The Tooths, said to be from Hugh cum dentibus, were first found in London with English Plants and Plantagenets.

As we can see, there is lots of heraldic value in the Bromix stucco, moreso if you are familiar with the entire stucco story of the past week or two, yet I have come up with nothing here, since starting with the Tenants/Vela's/Turks, to enlarge upon the WikiLeaks factor or my hockey games. The best I can say is that Sedburg is in Yorkshire, where Leaks and Tute's were first found, and that this Arms of Rothschild shares two motto terms of the Dents.

As Rennes is off the Meu river, where I trace Mea's (share the McGee / Tenant boar head), note that "mea" is a motto term of Blonds while Blands are said to have named a Blond location. It's making Blonds suspect with PlantaGENET, which recalls the "AGENDo" motto term of Leaks. The latter use the bend of Knee's/Nays while Nie's/Nays (Essex again, same as Raines', Rangers, Angers and Vere's) almost use the six bars of Blonds. Miss Hicks (now over 60) was/is a sun-bright blond.

Essex is also where Hockeys/HOCKLeys were first found that share the Hazel fesse-with-crescents, and while Hazels share the leaf design of Hock-possible House's, Hose's share the bent, human leg with Leaks and pertain with them in the Steele-dossier crime. House's are the ones calling their leaves, "cabbage leaves," and cabbages are used by Plants/Planque's. Hosleys (Oxfordshire) look like they can link to Hucks and Huckabees, especially as Hucks share the double chevrons of Dexters, first found in leg-suspect Leicestershire (Legro river) with Hose's. Raines' use a "leges terrae" motto phrase. Lots of stuff there to digest, including the Terre/Tara variations of Tarrs. Terra's/Terras' (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds) use a rook version of the Dent Coat, but is also a version of the English Rothes Coat! It recalls that Dents share two motto terms in the Arms of Rothschild.

As I said, the year I played with Steve Tarr, I wore Bauer-branch skates, and the five arrows you see in the Arms of Rothschild are in the Coat of Bowers who share the green Shield with Bauers and Bourlys/Burleys (from Boura in the Ladon-river area, home of Taphians with a branch also at the Achelous). The Skate's/Sheets happen to share the black border with gold symbols with Hosleys/Hostlers (share fish with Hykes'/Hake's), Parrs and Furnace's while Raines' use a "PARium" motto term. Miss Hicks moved from the Nueces Canyon to Furnace-like Forney, and Forneys share the Raines' / Brome/Broom chevron. Hykes'/Hake's happen to be from TURKil Hako! It recalls that German Turks share the Hockey crescent! It's right down the Broom alley because mythical Torquatus was the ancestor of Geoffrey Plantagenet-Fulk, the one who wore a sprig of broom in his hat as code for Brooms ("sprig of broom" in their Coat).

Parrs share fesse colors with the Hosleys/Hostlers, who may have named Austins that link hard to Quints.

Actually, the Vilaine area that houses Rennes does link to Sticks, and the Chief-Shield combination of Vilains is shared by Ghents suspect in "PlantaGENET." I suppose the pointer here is of a Fulk origin at the Astakos area of Calydon.

Speaking of hats, my hat trick came to mind as per my resuming organized hockey at 16 years of age, when Miss Hanson was my girlfriend. English Hansons share the Chief-Shield color combination with Vilains, and put the Rennes lions in their Chief. Good one. I recall only two goals that game, the third one being a deflection off my stick from a slap shot at the blue line. I was in front of the net screening the goalie, with my back to him, and when the puck came to my stick, I deflected it between my LEGs hoping the goalie couldn't see it. The Hatrick surname shares the giant and red lion with Leghs/Lighs/Leys.

I've said it before, that Mary Nigro was with me on the night of the hat trick, and Marys happen to share the Hatrick lion in both colors. We both worked at Knob HILL Farms about a year later, and about the best I could previously do with Hills is link their tower to Planque-liner Plunketts (from Tertullus of Perga), yet I can now trace the tower to the tower-using Torys that look linkable to Torcy's Torquatus > Tertullus > Fulk > Plant/Planque line.

But there's more. I've recently explained that German Hansons link to OTTONE Visconti of Milan, and here I can add that while one Puck surname uses a version of the Ottone Coat, the other Pucks show only hands i.e. Hands/Hans' can be a Hanson branch. The Hand/Hans hands are in the same colors as the Puck hands. What in my life wasn't set up by God? There is reason in the Coat of English Hansons (Yorkshire, same as Dents) for their link to Dents.

The other goal I recall was an outright DEEK (on a break-away) of the goalie. I recall trying so hard to confuse the goalie that I confused myself and went into the boards behind the net. And so I've just looked up Deeks, to find them with Dike's. Miss Hanson is the one who sold me an ice cream the first time I asker her out, which was part-code for Cremers/Cramers (share a Hanson fleur-de-lys). German Cramers use a ram in Deek colors, and Deeks are said to be of Ramerus de Dikes. "Ramerus" looks like "Cramer." Rams use a version of the Ottone Coat because "vis" is a motto term of Rams.

Deeks/Dike's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers, and while German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Dike's and Gilberts (share Hicks/Hake chevron), the Hykes'/Hake's are said to have included Gilbert Hake. Hykes'/Hake's are the ones from Turkil Hako, and Turks/Torks show a ram in Crest, believe it or not. As I've said repeatedly, Miss Hanson was a tall blonde with model's look, as was Miss Hicks, but here is where I've found a connection between the two in a way I don't recall before. The Ram Crest shares the Turk/Tork / Hand/Hans chevron.

At the time, Sam's restaurant was selling ice cream out of a small window, and that's where I lined up to ask Katrina Hanson out. I took her out in a friends Valiant, and it just so happens that Windows, in Valiant colors, were first found in Yorkshire with Valiants (shark). Just wondering whether the "vel" motto term of Turks/Torks applies to Valiants.

Schimatari and Mokissos

Repeat while on the Turks/Torks: "AND BINGO, the Scottish Mochs/Mochrys use a scimitar, which traces to Schimatari (Boiotia), home of mythical Orion! It now points smack to the Fulks for ancestry in the Orion hunter. Perhaps CORNers (acorn) and Acorns are a hard-C Horn element. I'm assuming that Turks/Torks use a rock." I trace Mochs to Mokissos, near late Tatta, and the latter can be in the "expecTATA" motto term of Sharks. Sharks can be traced well to Saraca's, whose Kotor home was likely the reason for "KATRina." To make a long story short, Kotor is from Keturah (Genesis 25) in her line to mythical king Kodros of Athens, a city in Attica suspect with Aedon of Boiotia, and while "Attica" smacks of Attis (sun God of Phrygia), he's named after the Hatti on the Halys river, location also of Mokissos...which happens to be in Turk-like Turkey today.

To make another story short, "ACORN" traces to the Maccabee of Israel, AVARAN HACHORANi, and HAVERans share the Coat (different color) of Horns/Orne's, no coincidence, tending to support that the acorn-using Corners use the Moch sword for a Mokissos line. I can spot what God was getting at with the inclusion of Miss Hanson in this picture, a pointer to Israel's high priest, Annas, killer of Jesus, and likely descended from the Maccabee king-priests. Schimatari has been identified (by me) as the Biblical Shechemites, probably in league with the Levites of Laish that trace to Calydon, and then to Annas himself, for the Maccabees were hard-pressed to find Levites for to become the lawful priests, right?

You've just got to understand here that God used Steve Tarr for a reason, and this Orion > Orne topic fits excellently, for Caen is probably the most-important part of Orne. As Caens share five white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby (see Traby article at Wikipedia) along with their hunting HORNs, I trace Caens to the Ceno river near the Trebia river (named by kin of the Astakos line, right?). The Ceno pours into the TARO, and, I kid you not, Wikipedia's article on the Ananes Gauls said they lived between the Taro and the Trebia. Annas was also, ANANus. You've just got to understand this.

Steve Tarr and I, a Masci on one side, were used by God, and the Orne river was home to all sorts of Masci branches, all from Maccabees. All the emphasis on Dumfries in this update can't neglect the Ananes Gauls who named Annandale (in Dumfries). My goal from when Tarr was in the CORNER of the boards was against Jim McGee, and McGee's were first found in Dumfries. When God does it, there's an important reason. The Rome's/Rooms (share the Caen fesse) of Annandale use a Coat much like one Moch Coat so that, it seems, Mokissos traces to Orion at SchimaTARi. Just look at that? What named SchimaTARi? Was it a Shechemite merger with proto-Tarrs?

Mokissos was related to mythical Muksus, also called, MOPSus, at Clarus (Caria), explaining why Haverans were first found in Ireland's County Clare (named by Clare's). Irish Clare's likewise use five, white ostrich feathers so as to make at least a loose link to Ananes elements. One Moch Coat is like the MOPPS/Moberley Coat, which is what convinced me that Mochs are from Muksus-like Mokissos. I still trace Corners/Garners to Val Trompia, and while the Arms of Waterford county shares the Tromp/Trump stag, Currys/Corrys that were suspect with the Moke motto above, and Haverans, were at Waterford. Micks share the Corner and Plow fleur-de-lys while Plows share the coat of Curtis' (farmer with plowshare in Crest), from Curtus Maccabee.

I kid you not, after writing the paragraph above, I went back to work to do the second window corners in stucco (four corners so far), and then did some firewood work until dark. I then cleaned up around the windows, and the last thing I did before getting back on the computer was to MOP the floor!!! With a real mop, not a sponge. I'm always amazed by perfect timing like this. God does what he wants with me, without my knowing. He caused me to leave off at the paragraph above.

The Mopps'/Moberleys share the double fesses of Washingtons as well as the red canton of proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's, and Mochs almost use the full Washington Coat. The Burleys who ended up tracing to Greece's Boura were originally taken from the Modburley variation of Moberleys. I suspect that Wassa's are from Wassukanni, the Mitanni capital, and Keturah had a couple of sons, Medan and Midian, who could have named the Mitanni. Just be floored, because Moses married a Midianite from the area of the Kenites. The latter are said to have been associates, at least, of Shechemites. I trace the Kenites to the Kennati priests at the Cetis area (at Olba to be exact, but who knows where else they were). Cetis is not far from Mokissos. It's because of Moses having been a Levite that I expect pagan / wayward Levites with the Shechemites.

But there's more, for the Wassa and Mopps canton both use a white symbol within it, as do Tute's/Toots, and then the other Toots share the quadrants of Tattons who happen to share the Tute/Toot crescent. Mokissos is smack beside lake Tatton-like Tatta, and Tattons are said to have married Massys of Cheshire, where Mopps' were first found.

MODburleys look like a Modi'in merger with Burleys. Maccabees of Israel originated at Modi'in. Burleys share the white boar head with McGee's, and the latter's variations are suspect with a branch of Gettes' (ancestors were on Dumfries' Nith river), from "Cetis," I think. The white boar head is likewise used by SCHIMatari-liners Schims/Shands/Schiens ("VirTUTE"), and the latter's Chief is also the Mopps/Modburley / Washington Chief, are you not impressed? God has taught me well to be able to discover these things, I dare not take the credit. The Schim/Shand boar head is used in both colors by Mole's, and Shechemite-liner Shake's/Shacks use mole hills. Yup. Schims/Schiens are a branch of Skene's/Skins ("VirTUTis"). Shake's use mole HILLs (trace to Plancia Magna), and then there was Skene-like ESCHYNa de Molle (married royal-to-be Alans). I'm wondering whether Turkil Hako was of a Turk-Hill merger, for Turk liners trace to Plancia.

Hang on to your hats. Mokissos is on the upper Halys river, and the Haly surname shares the Schim/Shand / Mole boar head!

The Chand variation of Schims/Shands (Washington Chief) must be a branch of Cantons, for while Wassa's use the canton, the Canton/Gandon surname has the Washington Coat in colors reversed. Schims thus look like a Shechemite merger with Cantons/Gandons. The latter's chief share the Annas star, yup.

The ice-cream sold to me by Katrina Hanson, whose first name traces well to Keturah, was figured out as God's pointer to Ananes Gauls in CREMona or nearby Crema, for Cremona is near Placentia, the latter on the Trebia where the Ananes are known to have lived. But they could of course been in Cremona. CROMby's (Burley colors) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Chands and Skene's/Skins.

The Cromwells are excellent for using the Annandale Chief-and-Shield colors as used by Bruce's of Annandale, but let's add that Cromwells were early in Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were first found who have the Chief-Shield colors of Cromwells in colors reversed. Cromwells were first known in TATEShall/Tattershall, a potential lake-Tatta element because Cromwells had a manor in Derbyshire, while Derbe is near lake Tatta. One Tate Coats shares the Annandale Chief-Shield colors. The Cromwell bend on gold Shield is shared by Claro's/Charo's, and we saw that Mopsus was in ancient Clarus (he was a false prophet in Clarus, but he had another station near Cetis, in Cilicia). Wikipedia: "A historical or legendary Mopsos or Muksus may have been the founder of a house in power at widespread sites in the coastal plains of Pamphylia and Cilicia (in today's Turkey) during the early Iron Age."

As I said, Keturah traces via mythical Kodros (father of mythical Medan-like Medon), to Kotor, home of Shark-liner Saraca's, and Kotor happens to be in the ballpark of the SELEPitanoi Illyrians, whom I trace to SALOP's Sleeps, who share the double fesses of Cantons/Gandons. The shark of Valiants is clever because Kodros had a fish symbol, but also a boar symbol in case the Schim/Chand boar applies. It's online that a son of Kodros founded Ephesus, which isn't true exactly as reported because this was myth code, but, the point is, Clarus is beside Ephesus, an Amazonian city of Artemis, twin brother of Apollo. Mopsus in Clarus ran an Apollo-divination cult.

More from his Wikipedia article: "Mopsus, a celebrated seer and diviner, was the son of Manto, daughter of the mythic seer Tiresias..." That's Tiresias, father of Daphne, a city beside Laish, and son of EVERES ("shepherd seer"), which is the Hyksos line out of AVARIS and into Cilicia, then over to the Achelous, where I trace pagan Levites of Laish. Manto is said to have named Mantova, near Cremona, and as I said, I suspect that God chose Katrina Hanson for me because she looked like Miss Hicks. To the near-south of Mantova is Midian-like and Modi'in-suspect Modena, which I trace to "Methoni," a Mitanni possibility. Methoni was mythicized by ancients as a daughter of Oeneus, king of the Achelous region.

I got my ice-cream from Katrina at the restaurant of a Greek, Sam, and this can be God's pointer to the Samson Danites, who conquered Laish. Sams/Sammes' (same lion as VisCONTI-suspect Conti's) can be a pointer to Beth SHAMESH, a city in the stomping grounds of SAMSon, but also near Modi'in.

More on Mopsus: "He distinguished himself at the siege of Thebes..." That's in Boiotia with Schimatari. And see this too: "Ovid places [a second Mopsus] also at the hunt of the Calydonian Boar..." in Calydon, where Oeneus was king, and where Apophis-branch Hyksos traced as per "my" stucco story.

I've had a bad day because the stucco of yesterday dried grey, not white. The test piece (2 inches) looked much whiter. I won't be doing the stucco at the scaffold until I get pure white. I wonder what more God may have on this stucco job.

As German Hansons trace to VISconti's, who, I am sure, were named as per Wisharts/Guiscards, let's add that while the Sicilian Guiscards were sons of TANCRed, Orion was from Schimatari and TANAGRa. Tancreds are a branch of TANKERville's. Tacks, said to be of Tankerville's, use a "NOBILItas" motto term that can bring the Knobs/Knobels (share arrow with Tacks) into this. "NobiliTAS" looks like code for the Tass/TAQUE surname, which shares the Dagger/DACKer scallop as well as the Sabine scallop, I assume, because Daggers/Dackers share the Sabine bull.

I knocked off for the day at the paragraph above, and awoke with a new realization. When one applies stucco to a vertical service, much of it spatters on the floor. It was on the baseboards, floor and window sill. The best way to clean it rather than smearing it wet: let it dry a bit, loosen it up and sweep it. That's what I did. That's what I did before applying the mop, I swept the BROMix stucco with a BROOM!!! Incredible.

Mythical Tertullus was made the husband of Petronelle de Gatinais. She may be a myth code for a Peter line, but there is a real place, Gatinais, and the Arms of Gatinais shown here use what looks like a version of the sprig of broom in the Brome/Broom Coat. The sprigs also look like bulrushes while bulrushes are used by Petro-like Perts/Petts. Also, Peter Pollock can apply because Belgian Flecks use the Shield of Fleck-like Fulke's/VOLKs (Norfolk, same as English Flecks), and roughly half the Pollock/POLK/POKE saltire. The Belgian Flecks share a wavy bend on red with Jewish Pollocks.

Wow, this goes to when I poked the puck into the net (this had linked to the GATINais-like GET'N Go), or the hat trick when Mary Nigro was with me, for Nigro's share ears of wheat with the other half of the Arms of Gatinais above. I have this recorded in other updates: "...the Crest of the Pert/Pett surname uses: 'A silver stork beaked and legged red on a mount with bulRUSHes...'" The fact that it uses "legged" recalls GET'N Go on the Leakey road, for leg-like Leak(ey)s use a human leg. And, as I said above: "The Hatrick surname shares the giant and red lion with Leghs/Lighs/Leys." Wow, such sweeping coincidences. Perts can be from Perta on the shores of lake Tatta, bringing us back to Mopps liners at Mokissos!

By the way, "ears of wheat" are used by Scottish Chappes', first found in Sterling with Guiscards/Wishards, the latter descended directly from Schimatari- / Orion-suspect Tancreds, which tends to explain why Wheats/Wete's (Joseph Chief?) share the garb of Tancred-liner Tacks. Mary NIGRO worked at KNOB Hill Farms, and we just saw the Tacks linking to Knobs/Knobels. Mary Nigro slept in the basement alone with Caiaphas-suspect Mr. Kepke when I threw a party for Knob-Hill-Farms employees. Denardo was there.

Mythical Tertullus was made the husband of the GET'N-Go suspect, Petronelle de GATINais, and Get'n Go is a gas bar, selling PETRO! The Petro surname share's the Rench fleur, which is also the Hicks / Leak fleur!!! Wow.

However, I can't immediately see how this apparent Mokissos line to Tertullus of Gatinais makes sense with the other things I've found in regards to the Get'n Go, but the human leg in the Arms of Fussen (on the LECH river) was key in linking hard to the Steele/Fusion dossier. Wait! Aha! That dossier was paid for by PERKINs Coie, and the Perkin/Parking surname is from Perga, home of Plancia Magna's husband, Tertullus!!! PLUS, ZOWIE, Tertulla was the wife of Flavius PETRO to whom Fulks trace by other methods! Recall the gas-like Gause's that came to topic with overhead geese just as I was discovering the Rench's/Wrench's that linked firmly to Leak(ey)s and Ranch = Leakey road. That's amazing. Gause's even share the Flag/Fleck scallop while the Flagi location of Flys was also, Flavian.

Gause's/GOZepohls/GASepohls linked by their scallop to Richard Goz, and GOSpatricks can be a Kilpatrick branch while it was the beautiful knees of Mrs. Kilpatrick at the Get'n Go gas bar. There is even a Gatton/Gattyn Coat looking a little similar to the Goz Coat, and I actually looked Gattons up as per the Yatton location of Wicks, and Wicks were looked up only to check whether God places a clue there for linkage to WIKIleaks. Yatton-like Yate's use gates, you see.

Gattons (Kent, same as Hamons) are said to be from Hamon de Gatton, and Hamon de Masci of Cheshire comes to mind where Mr. Goz was his Le Meschins grandfather. Both Gattons and Goz's use a different-color version of the Hamon / Branch Coat. Wicks (probably the Baden/Battin Shield) were related to the Carys of Leavells. The Bordons share a similar Shield wherefore the Wick Crest can have the crossed swords of Boards (Somerset, same as Wicks). The Wick Shield is also that of Axelrods while David Axelrod was Obama's Carl Rove. PORTIShead is on the Gloucestershire-Somerset border, and while Yate's use PORTcullis gates, they were first found in Gloucestershire.

Repeat: "The Petro surname share's the Rench fleur, which is also the Hicks / Leak fleur!!! Wow." I always link the Petro's to Flavius Petro of Rieti by the look of their Coat to Reeds, and Yate's were at Hood-Ridding while Riddings are listed with Readings. In the dream with Miss Hicks, I first saw her standing at the hood of a car! The Cary's of Somerset look right for that picture, who are expected in the "Cari" motto term of Wicks. Hoods were at Rieti-like Rattery. Seatons, whose "yet" motto term was suspect with Yate's/Yeats, had a Seaton location at the end of the Axe river (Wicks / Axelrods use axes for that river or its neighboring Axe river); Seaton is in Devon, where Hoods were first found.

The reason that the Parking/Perkin surname can be traced to "Perga" is that "Simplex" is a motto term of that surname while Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX, as you can verify on this page. It doesn't look coincidental that Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. The page shows that the father of Plancia magna, Julius Plancius VARus, may have been the line to Vere's who claim the county of Anjou immediately before Fulks, for Varus was in close cahoots with Tertullus, Plancia's husband; hence mythical Tertullus, father of the Fulks. The myth writer must have known that Fulks were from the Plancius-Tertullus marriage, and perhaps Vere's were pegged with Anjou only on a guess, on the basis of "Varus."

In the quote above, note "Marinus," for Marone's/Maroons (version of a Mar Coat) share the Schim / Mole / Haly boar head. In the picture to follow, Marinus is suspect with Myrina on Lemnos. Mokissos was on the Halys river of the HATTI, in case the HAT trick applies, but let's recall that the boar was a symbol of Kodros in Attica, a term suspect with the Hatti sun god. The Hatti were in Phrygia, home to mythical Marsyas, whom I trace to the Mary-like Marsi in the area of the Flavians below. If you read about Mr. bocci ball, you may recall that he lives in the land of the Marsi, and that Bocci's/Brocato's share ears of wheat with Nigro's. As I said, Mr. Kepke, suspect with the namer of Caiaphas, slept one night in my basement with Mary Nigro, and Chappes' share ears of wheat while Keppocks use garbs that might just be called sheaves of wheat.

Pollocks (PETER Pollock was the first of the surname) are from the family of Flavius PETRO, whose son (Sabinus) married Vespasia POLLA. Petro himself married another Tertulla, and while Plancia's father was from Galatia, where BROGITarus (Phrygians were also BRIGians) was from who is in the BROCATo variation of Bocci's, Brogitarus' grandson (Artemidoros) was the grandfather of Julia Polla. I kid you not that while frog-using FROGGits can be gleaned from "BROGITarus." I purposefully excavated seven small frog PONDs at my place to help eat the garden pests, and the ponds all became infested with bulrushes! That looks like God's pointer between the ears of wheat of Bocci's/Brocato's, the ears of wheat of Caiaphas-suspect Chappes', and the bulrush-using Perts/Petts, suspect from Flavius Petro in a line to Petronelle of Gatinais. Why the "nella" ending?

I'm not done, for the frog ponds can now point to Ponds and Ponders, who share the same Coat, and Ponders (same place as Chapmans and Capone's) are in the motto of CHAPmans! Bingo. And Ponders (near the first-known Plantins of Berkshire) share the black patee cross of Plantins, who were looked up as per, "Plantina," mythical sister of Melusine, and alleged ancestor to Tertullus of Gatinais. The Plant-beloved Cabbage's were near Berkshire...and neighboring London, where English Plants/Plantagenets were first found with Cabbage-like Capes'. It does appear here that Caiaphas (parents allegedly unknown) should be from the Brogitarus > Laevillus line.

I should add that while Froggits (share parrot, like "Pert," with Pettys) were first found in Derbyshire, Brogitarus' son (Amyntes) conquered Derbe, and perhaps lake Tatta too. As I child, I lived in Mr. bocci ball's home for an entire summer vacation with my Masci mother (he had married a Masci). He took me to his bocci-ball match one day, and getting bored after a while, I had to trouble him several times with the request, "can we go now?" And each time, he would respond, in Italian, "In a minute, in a minute." The Minute's/Mynetts are from "Amyntes," which is why Brocato's are definitely from "Brogitarus," for God set up that vacation to teach me that my family descended from Caiaphas, or that his descendants were stacked in the area of L'Aquila.

Flavius Josephus, a Jewish general in a war against Vespasian, got his name by betraying his Jewish people, and going over to Flavius Titus, a grandson of Vespasia Polla. Josephus claimed to be from the priestly line of Israel, and so we can imagine that other priestly families made a deal with Titus and Vespasian (brothers) when Titus was about to conquer Jerusalem. They probably purchased their salvation in the deal. These Flavians lived down the Salto river from the Marsi at Ves-like Avezzano. The latter is down from mount Velino, which figures large in heraldry, and may be to the Valiant surname.

On my first date with Annas-suspect Miss Hanson (her surname links to VISconti's), my friend, Mr. Quinn, loaned me the Valiant of his parents while they were away on vacation. Can't the Quinns (share winged horse with Masci-branch Masseys) be from Quintus Caepio? Annas' daughter married Caiaphas, which is how the latter (first name Joseph) became the high priest during Jesus' Crucifixion. The other Quinns use snakes, and the Marsi had a snake goddess (Angitia).

Look. As I said, German Hansons have the Visconti's all over their Coat, including the lozengy of Scottish Lombards (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks). Visconti's ruled the Lombardy capital. Miss Hanson worked at Sam's restaurant, and Sams/Sammes' share the Conti and Lafin/La FONT lion, and then French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with FONT-de-Ville's. LAFINs/La Fonts were first found in Tipperary with the Irish Kennedys (definitely from the Kenite line to Kennati priests of Cetis) while Scottish Kennedys use the motto, "Avise LA FIN." And the Avis' are listed with the Avezzano-line Avisons. The latter share the black anchor with Italian Marsi-suspect Marone's/Marincola's, and share two Zionist stars in Chief with both REITman surnames, thus traceable to "Rieti," home of Flavius Petro on the same river as Avezzano.

Merone's/Merrins were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas', and may be with the Mansfield chevron. Mansfields (Nottinghamshire) share the maunch with TICKhills, and while Annas-like Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill, the mother of Julia Polla was Julia TYCHE. The Illuminati can run, but it can't hide. God has been watching closely, writing down all their deeds for Judgment Day. Tickhill is in Yorkshire, where Scottish Mars were first found.

So, by following Miss Hanson pointers, we came to Avezzano, down from mount Velino. This term is related to mythical Avalon, which is the island of Rothesay off the coast of Ayrshire, where Scottish Kennedys and CUNNinghams were first found. The Bible has the SHECHemites with the Kenites, and Cunninghams use a SHAKEfork, no guff at all. Rothesay was invaded by the raven vikings of Shetland, and while German Rothes/Rothchilds use the raven, let's add that the "Industria" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild (with 's') can be gleaned with Dusters, for they look linkable to the Coat of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's').

The Scoop on the Oust Family

When I swept the floor with the broom, yup, into the DUSTpan the pieces of stucco went. Dusts/D'Ousts/Dousts are suspect at Brittany's D'Oust, location of La Chapelle-Caro (new to me)! Here we have the evidence that English Josephs, with a "charo" motto term, are of La Chapelle-Caro, for double Joseph chevrons are those of Chapelle-like Chaplains. The Charo's/Claro's are from Clarus, I'll bet. Taylards (Tilurius-river liners) are said to be Chapell kin, and they share the Chives quadrants and have the looks of Hykes'/Hacks. The Chives moline can easily be a version of the SinCLAIR cross because Moline's were from "the tanner" of Falaise. Chapelle-Caro (near Vannes) shares the double fesses of the Vannes'/Ness' and Nice's, from queen Nysa. D'Oust is in Pontivy, where I trace the Ponders / Ponds/Ponts in the motto of Chapmans, first found in Cambridgeshire with Taylards.

By the way, there's a Chapele/Chapell and a Chapelle surname with different Coats. The latter use a cross in the colors of the Corry/Curry saltire, making them suspect with the Caro location in D'Oust. The Chapelle cross is also that of Mea's, from the Meu river very near the Oust river.

I can add that while Tailers / Tillers / Taylards are from the Tilurius, that's where I trace German Tile's/Tillers/Tillerts without a doubt, and I was sweeping the stucco from the tile floor. English Tile's (kin of Joseph-related Drake's) are from a Tilley location next to Caen = Ceno-river elements.

I've just checked Pans as per "dustPAN," and they are with the Payens. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes and possibly also Catherine Sinclair (a Claro)!! Never underestimate the anti-value of the dirt in your dustpan. Even the chips of stucco in the dustpan are telling me that Caiaphas had ancestry at Astakos. For years, I failed to recognize that Chaplains were Joseph kin, even though Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, because the Chaplain Coat was showing only one chevron (now show two), and it happens to be in the colors of the one Pan/Payen chevron.

I'm going to guess that Dusts use the Anne/Hanne stag head in the colors of the Vere and Annas star, for Dusts were first found in Vere-laden Oxfordshire, where Pears/Peare's were first found who are likely in the Warden pears. While Annas-suspect Miss Hansen lived on Warden avenue, Wardens use another "Industria" motto term. The Rink variation reminds me of the ice rink with my Bauer skates. The Ice's/Icks were first found at Rostock, land of the Vere-suspect Varni (they trace to the Warden-like Vardiae), and, interestingly enough, Merone's (same place as Annas') share the VARN scallops. The Merone scallops are on a chevron, as with the Ring/Rink scallops. The Ike-like Hykes'/Hacks (Chives quadrants) share the Ring/Rink scallops (both colors). It appears that Rings are from Melissena Rangabe, part of Inger's VARANgian line.

As Miss Hanson's ice-cream pointed to Ananes at the Cremona area (very near Placentia), note that Ananes were at the Taro, asking what "BrogiTARus" was derived in? Mr. Bocci ball lived/lives in PICENZE, and the Ananes were between the Taro and PIACENZa (Placentia). It could appear that Ananes were amongst the namers of Picenze, and that this whole batch of dough, yeast and all, got to Brogitarus. Note that the Baez/Pelaiz Coat, suspect with Placentia, uses what could be the Fleck bend or half the Pollock saltire along with checks in the colors of the similar Hanson / Lombard lozengy. English Flecks share the Palmer/PARMer Coat, and the Taro flows to PARMa, so near to Placentia that it does appear correct to trace Baez'/Pelaiz's to "Placentia."

Let's add that while Lombards and Pollocks were first found in RENfrew, English Hansons use the Raines lion. I see RENfrew from the Reno river near the Pane's/Panico's of the Setta valley (Reno tributary). Moreover, as Hansons are linkable to CONTEville's, they ruled Comines while Comyns/Comines use the Avis/Avison Coat, with the Joseph garbs. The Comyns are in Comet colors, and Reines' use the comet.

The dustpan was used in the foyer while Foys/Foyers/Foix's share the split Shield of German Edens (Glass stars?) while the Renfrew surname was at EDENburk (looks like an Edinburgh branch). Renfrew is at GLASgow. The stars of Edens ("Libertas") are in the colors and format of the Reno lozenges. The Pane's/Panico's place a bird in their tree, and while Birds share the Bouillon cross in colors reversed, Godfreys share "Libertas" and the griffin with Edens. The father of Godfrey de Bouillon was of Boulogne while the Reno flows into Bologna, where Pane's/Panico's were first found. The English Edens use a "sit" motto term, and are in Seaton/Sittin colors while this surname is suspect at "Setta." The English Pace's (same place as Birds) share purple with the Raines-branch Wrens, and the Bologna Pace's share the crossed spears of the Speers of Renfrew, whom I trace to the Spree river at the area of Silesia, where German Edens were along with the ancestry of SITlers. The latter got suspect with the lion of FAUCets (East Lothian, same as Seatons/Sittens, smack beside Edinburgh), of FOXside, and that latter place is suspect with the Seaton-branch Side's/Suddys, yet it's now suspect with "Foix" of the Foyer kind. The De-Pols/Pole's were at Foix-Candale.

Annas' father was Seth (lived in Syria), and while Seth's are listed with Sithech-descended Shaws, the Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, suspect with "Caiaphas," were first found in L'Aquila, seven miles from Picenze. The ears of wheat of Bocci's/Brocato's are sometimes called, "sheaves." My staying in Mr. bocci ball's home for two months at the age of 10 underscores that God called me for this unique purpose. At the age of seven, there was a voice on the lawn, with no one anywhere near me, saying, "will you live for me?" I said, no, because this voice startled me. The voice did not introduce Himself, and I was not familiar with the concept of God at that age.

One of my biggest neglects (slap me hard) since emphasizing the Knee's/Nee's is the "Cas NE CHARO y wlad a'i mago" motto of Josephs, for Knee's/Nee's share the blue bend with Charo's/Claro's. As Josephs share the Comyns garbs, the "Cas" motto term is likely for Cass'/Casts, who use "fountains" into which entity I include Ville's/Font-de-Ville's because I think Conteville's were a Conte merger with them. It's now interesting that Font-de-Ville's use a flag, for it recalls Stanley at the 9-11 memorial, holding the American flag on stage and working into Miss Hick's knees, for Stanleys share the Knee bend too. The stags they share are for the Staggs/STAGE's (share blue stags with Hanna's), and he brought the flag, from where I had been seated exactly, to the stage.

Lest you've forgotten, La Chapelle-Caro is in D'Oust, and Dusts/D'Ousts look to be using the Anne/Hanne stag head in Annas colors. A few minutes after writing that, I found a stag in Dust-stag colors in the Arms of Caro. The Clare Crest has a stag head.

Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Chapele's, which recalls Chapelle-Caro to which I now think Josephs had linked importantly. French Josephs share the martlet of Flys (same place as English Josephs), and Flys were at FLAGi (Flavian by an alternative name). Whatever the Chapele symbol is called, a chaplet or a wreath, it was probably a chaplet at one time. French Josephs once showed a giant swan in the colors of their martlet, and Chaplets use FIVE swans in those colors suspect with QUINTus Caepio. As the latter's Caepionis line traces to Capone's, note that the latter were first found in the same place as Stanleys and Tricks (share green lion with Chapele's!), for while Chappes' share ears of wheat with Nigro's, I got a hat TRICK when Mary Nigro accompanied me to the game. I kid you not, she lived in BUTTONville, and Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Josephs) share the chapeau (cap) owned by Chapelle-like Capelli's! Zikers, it never ends.

The Hanna's can be suspect with Hannibal Barca of Carthage, for his brother was Mago, apparently in the Joseph motto. I'm now amazed, for there is a Hannibal/ANNAbel surname (sharing the stag with Anne's/Hanne's too) who share the two fesses in the Arms of Chapelle-Caro!!! Zowie. Hannibals/Annabels were first found in Norfolk with FLAGs/Flecks, Fountains and BARKs/Berks!!! "Barca," Hannibal's father, had become suspect with Berks and therefore with Berkshire. The only Berk surname coming up, when entering "Berk," is that of Irish Burghs who happen to use the Conti / Lafin/La Font lion. English Burghs were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, and I witnessed several times that one Dutch Burg Coat was the triple Clare chevrons. It's making John de Burgo suspect from Hannibal. The latter attacked the Romans at the Trebia river, making me suspect that his name was related to the Ananes Gauls at that river. He may have been called by the Ananes for protection from the Romans. Why do Barkers almost use the Pole/Poole Coat?

Fulks traced with similar Pollocks/Polks and Joseph-related Flys and Flags/Flecks to Rieti's Flavians without doubt. There was a question as to how "Fulk" might have been formed from whatever formed "Flavius." The point is that the Pole/Poole lion is also that if Rieti-line Rita's, and Poole is a location beside the first-known Roets, another Rieti line. The Rita's use "pieces of WOOD," which recalls that mythical Tertullus, the patriarch of Fulks, was a hunter in the woods. Did Barca liners merge with the Flavians at some point? Was Vespasia Polla a Hannibal line? Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, where the Avezzano's, as rulers of Avesnes, trace by marriage to rulers of Champagne. Remember, Avesnes-like Avisons share the Comyns Coat, and Comines is near Avesnes (French-Belgian border).

Avezzano is on the Salto, and then Ariege in southern France has a Salat river. Ariege, between Comine-suspect Comminges and Foix, has a Sentenac-d'Oust location. As Poole's are from the Salto, note that Poole is near the mouth of the Stur river (beside Hampshire), for Sturs, first found in Hampshire, share the Arms of Ariege and the Arms of Foix (see French Sturs for that). As Sturs had an Ester/Aster branch, the Osters could be D'Oust liners. In this picture, Sturs can actually be Oust-river liners. I think it was Margaret de-Pol who was of Foix-Candale, and the "AUDaciter" motto term of Pollocks is suspect with neighboring Aude, location of Quillan. Hmm, the current mayor of this d'Oust location is Mr. Durand, which recalls that I trace the Durance river to Durants and to "Turano," another river that flows with the Salto through Rieti.

The very difficult Dulys/Oylie/Oullie surname has finally been understood, thanks to being first found in Oxfordshire with Dust/D'Ousts, and thanks also for being in Quily colors, for there is a Quily location in D'Oust of Brittany. Quillan, is not far from Sentenac-d'Oust, and the Quillan surname has a wolf in the colors of the Dust/D'Oust stag head. As Quillans use an empty gold Chief with just a giant symbol in the red Shield, it's a perfect reflection of the Annas Coat. And when we have Caiaphas-suspect Josephs tracing to D'Oust elements, it seems that we have the devil by the tail, which is God's right of vengeance.

And hey, the Hosleys/OSTleys/Oastlers were likewise first found in Oxfordshire, giving cause to expect D'Oust liners in such surnames as Hose's, House's, D'Hossier's/Dossier's, Hazels, Hockeys, and Hesse's. Note that Hesse-Cassel is suspect with the Cassels that share the triple Clare chevrons, for Clare's are suspect with Caro at D'Oust. As the double fesses of La Chapelle-Caro are those of Ness'/Nice's, tracing from queen Nysa with the black-border Parrs and black-border Furnace's, note that Hosleys/Ostlers share the black border. The latter's many fessewise bars are in the colors of the Parr fesses.

The Armys/Ermine's (large ermine), who share the Chief-Shield of Annandale's, could be in the arms of Dusters.

I've just remembered that German Stevens use the three Stur pale bars, but as Tarrs use pale bars in these colors, it reminds of Steve Tarr. If God wanted to make a Steven link to Tarrs, why? Note that Stevensons use a bend like that of Dusters, and that the Duster bend with trefoils is shared by Barnstaple's/ BarnSTABLE's, first found beside the Tarrs. Tarrs are from the Ananes that named Annandale, aren't they, from the Ananes on the Taro river, isn't that right?

Stable's use the Army/Ermine / Annandale Shield with the Annas stars, I assume, in Chief. Stable's also share the acorn with Tromps while Barnstable's use a "reGARDez" motto term. Valentins were first found down-river on the Adige past lake Garda, and while Bruce's of Annandale had used the blue Brescia/Brixia lion, the latter location is beside Val Trompia to the other side of lake Garda. The wings of Barnstaple's tells that they are using a version of the Valentin Coat.

Repeat: "The Chapelle cross is also that of Mea's, from the Meu river very near the Oust river. " Mea's share the blue fitchee with the Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple. Compare the other Stevensons (could be a blue version of Stable Chief) with the Armours, for the Meu runs through Cotes-d'Armor (share armed arms with Dusters). If we now ask why Rothschilds linked to Dusters, it should go to the Dol-associated patriarch of Pollocks, for Jewish Rothchilds, Dusters and Stevensons all share the same bend as Jewish Pollocks. While all three Peter surnames can trace to Peter Pollock, the Peters of Devon (location of Barnstable), who share the Rothes raven, shares the motto (includes "rien") of Staple's. The latter use the Rothes lion design, and the latter's lions, smacking of the Terras rooks, are in the colors of the Rennes-line Raines' while Rennes is between Dol and the Meu. Rennes-le-Chateau (beside Quillan) is near Sentenac-d'Oust.

As the Pollock patriarch lived in SALOP, what about the SLAP shot of Steve Tarr from the blue line? That was the shot that I poked in, sliding past the post, as code for Pollocks liners at Poole, near the Stur (Poole's share the Post lion). If the Pollock patriarch, FULbert, created the Fullers, they share three red fesses with Sturs and can thus link to the same of Foix and Ariege (location of Sentenac-d'Oust).

Recall Obama's billiard hall, for it can be viewed as a POOL hall too. My sewer SHOT on a pool table was found to be God's pointer to Sewers/SUTERs, and from this I gathered that PETER STRZok was a Stur-river liner (Sturs are also Sturs'). That pool shot was about the dossier, and for the first time, it appears that the Dossier/D'Hosier surname (Bavaria, same as Rothes/Rothchilds) is an Oust liner. Fulbert was the name also of "the tanner," and the Arms of Vilaine shares the Tanner Chief-Shield colors. The cue ball was a page on the table, code for Lisa Page, and French Page's share the Pool lion. Page's are a branch of Payens and Paine's/Payne's, and while Rieti-line Roets (Somerset, same as Paine's/Payne's) descended from Payne Roet at the Estaples area, the Staple / Peter motto term, "rien," is suspect with Ryans/Ryne's that share the Paine/Payne motto. Is this a pointer to Paul RYAN, the so-called RINO? French Payne's have a Coat linkable to Leo's, from the Jewish Pierleoni of Rome, named after a Peter, and then the Rita's with the Pool lion were likewise first found in Rome.

Rieti probably had some Marsi, and the Mar Coat looks like a version of the Paine/Payne Coat. The earls of Mar were at Angus, where Futters were first found suspect in the Fuller motto, but also where Sewers/Suters were first found. The Steele / Fusion dossier was pointed to by Fussen, also called, Foetes, a possible Futter line. The Steele dossier started with the Washington Free Beacon, and Paul Ryan might certainly have been in on that Republican effort to thwart Trump. Fullers use a beacon.

The dossier was pointed to by MAULs/Morleys (Yorkshire, same as Billiards/Hillards) for more reason than their sharing the Dossier/D'Hosier Shield. The Mauls/Morleys were in my dream, beside the MALL PARKING lot I walked into, and Parkings are listed with Perkins while Perkins Coie, suspect with my pool CUE, purchased the dossier via Fusion GPS. Hillard-like HILLARY Clinton paid and directed Perkins Coie to do this dirty work.

"Malo mori" looks like it can be honoring the Mauls/MORleys. The Ryan / Paine motto is, "MALO mori quam FOEDari," with a Futter-like term included looking like it honors Foetes too. The Futter fesse, in the colors of the three Fuller fesses, is colors reversed from the Paine fesse, and while French Paine's use a fesse in the colors of the three of Fountains, the latter's are red, as are the three of Fullers. Lafins/La Fonts were first found in Tipperary with Ryans/Ryne's, which recalls that Pane's/Panico's/PANETTA's were at the Setta tributary of the RENO while Reno's/Rhyn's share the lozenges of Panico-branch Pinks/Pincs while Pings are listed with Paganells (Yorkshire, same as Pinks/Pincs and Mars with the Paine lions). It reminds me that Pane's/Panico's report a BIRD in their tree, and Birds/Burds now trace to Berthe (line to FulBERT?), from the line of Tulls/Tolle's that share the Paine lion. The Tulls/Toole's are the ones who share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's, whom God linked very, very hard to the Steele dossier. For one thing only, FISKs use the pyramid too, and they are God's obvious pointer to the FISA court, called the FISC, which is the corrupt court that permitted the Steele dossier to stand against Trump in a nasty, political-spy campaign by the FBI.

I'm wondering why the Sewers/Suters have a Coat like that of Pinks/Pincs? Leon Panetta was a CIA Chief under Obama, wasn't he? Yes, and his deputy was Morley-like Michael Morell as well as Stephen Kappes, possibly from the Payen marriage to Elizabeth Chappes.

The Volkswagen Dream Unleashes King Arthur

Good morning, it's still only Thursday. The Tile's entered the discussion yesterday just after the dustpan, but this morning the Foys/Foyers came to mind as per the Foyer, which is where I've applied stucco to the two windows, one on either side of the front door. As Foys/Foyers come up as "Foix," couldn't they have been Fulks? The stucco had led us to the Plantagenet-branch Fulks. I already have some evidence, from years ago, that Foyers/Foix's are from Fulke's/Volks, first found in Norfolk with SPROWSton. If I recall correctly, the Sprows birds (look like martlets) are called, birds, excellent if true because Birds/Burds use the Bouillon cross (in colors reversed) while Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with one of the two Foyer/Foix surname's, which is more evidence that Birds are from Berthe. We saw the Pane's/Panico's said to use a bird, and that was when I was linking the Foyer Shield to German Edens, who came to topic as per proving a "Reno" trace to "Renfrew," and in the process, the Bouillons came up with the Eden motto. It makes Sprows' suspect as a Speer branch.

The other Foyers/Foix's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's, what a coincidence. And the split Sprows Shield is that of the Ile-de-France Foyers/Foix's too. It's just amazing that this foyer came to mind immediately after the D'Oust topic because there is a Sentenac-d'Oust smack at the Foix area. My DUSTpan in the foyer was also part-code for Pans/Payens, and Mr. Payens, the first Templar grandmaster when Godfrey de Bouillon led the conquering of Jerusalem, married Miss Chappes. Just look at what God has wrought with a stucco job gone wrong on me, and, I take it, it was His idea, not mine, to postpone this stucco job for about four years.

Also this morning, the HOUSTons came to mind as a good possibility for naming the Oust areas, for there is good evidence (this will flatten you) that the Hughston variation is from Hugh D'Avranches, yet Mr. Payens was Hugh too. Wikipedia once reported, then removed it, that Hugh D'Avranches had a Flaithe nickname, which I recognized from "Flaad," the patriarch of the Dol Alans, explaining why Houstons, first found in the Renfrew / Glasgow area with a strong representation of the Stewarts (= royal Dol Alans), share the Stewart checks. Plus, Robert D'Avranches is known to have married a woman from Dol, daughter of a ruler of Oakhampton in Devon, where English Stewarts were first found.

It can be shown that the Flatts/Fletts and Fleets are a branch of Flags/Flecks and therefore Fulke's/Volks. And the Flys, said to be from Flagi, use the same martlets as Houstons and Josephs!!! Amazing.

Plus, as the Houston hourglass is likely code for Glasgow elements, it's notable that Avranches-suspect Branch's share the Glass stars. It's also notable that Miss Hicks lived in Houston while Hicks use an "heure" motto term suspect with "HOURglass" as code for Eure. The latter is the location of Evreux, from the Abruzzo/Abreu surname that I say was responsible for the two Arms-of-Normandy leopards in the same colors, which are thought to be the three lions in pale in the Arms of England because Geoffrey Plantagenet was the ancestor of English royals as per Henry II. John of Gaunt/Ghent, suspect with "PlantaGENET," entered that royal picture soon after, and he married the daughter of Payne Roet while Roets use the book while Books, who look to be using a version of the Branch Coat, and mainly in Flatt/Flete colors and format, share the hourglass with D'Avranches-suspect Houstons/Hughstons. As Branch's are suspect with "AVRANCHes," one could get the impression that Hugh D'Avranches was related to Hugh de Payens or Elizabeth Chappes.

De Payens is thought by some to have married CATHERINE Sinclair, and Payne Roet's daughter was a Catherine too. The Commit" motto term of Sinclairs is code for variations of the Conte's, and the mother of Hugh D'Avranches was Emma de CONTEville.

The Hick stag (wears a chaplet that can connect to La Chapelle-Caro at the Oust river) is called a buck while Bucks are like the Bouk variation of Books. Again, Miss Hicks lived in Houston while Houstons share the hourglass with Hicks. And the Bucks share the Conte/COMITissa (and Cone) antlers while COMETS are in Comyns/Comine's colors while the Conteville's ruled Comines. The Buck Shield is split horizontally in the colors of the Sprows / Foyer/Foix Shields.

Although the Sprows' are Dutch, I reported years ago that the town sign for Sprowston, which is still showing at the top of its Wikipedia article, is split in half vertically in the colors of the Sprows Shield, and the sign has one white bird on the black half, like the three white birds on the black half of the Sprows Coat. It's a hit. Levi's are expected in Livings/Levins (Westmorland, same as Branch's) that share the Sprows martlets. Branch's are suspect with the Glass stars, and God chose to give me the symbol for Knee's from when I saw Miss Hicks' beautiful knees through the GLASS door at the Get'n Go corner store.

Now watch this. I chose not to get windows with the plastic frame because I hate plastic, and wood frames shot sky-high in price thanks to tree huggers. So I ordered GLASS PANES for all windows that do not open, without frames, and these are the ones I applied stucco to this week. The Pane's are likely the Pans/Payens, but, I kid you not, the Sprows Coat shares the tree with Pane's/Panico's, and I did read and report that there is a "bird" in the Pane/Panico tree, very important if the Sprows use "birds" too, for Sprows' share the Foyer/Foix Shield, and the latter were first found in the same place as Chappes'. One can spot the marriage of de-Payens and Miss Chappes in this. It tends to show that the Templars descended from the killer priests of Christ who perhaps knew where the Romans left behind some temple gold they did not find.

As I said, the glass DOOR and my two window panes on either side of my front door. The English Doors use a vertically-split Shield in half the colors of the same of Fulke's/VOLKs. This recalls the dream in which there was a white VOLKswagen Beetle [see next update for the meaning of the Beetle and bucket together] in a parking lot of a mall, and I saw a BUCKet in the back seat of this car before I entered the mall because I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. I was mixing the stucco in a bucket. I have a feeling that God put the bucket in the dream to connect to this stucco story, but also to connect Buckets/Buchards to Fulke's/Volks. While Morencys were first found in Ile-de-France with Foyers/Foix's, the founder of Montmorency was BOUCHARD II! Morencys are using the Burgh/Berk cross, I fathom, from the Conteville's that link to Bucket-like Bucks.

And while God showed in another dream with a mall parking lot that it was code for Perkins/Parkins, they are from PLANCia (!) Magna and Tertullus, the ancestor of mythical Tertullus of the Fulks, and of the Plants/PLANQUE's. That's why there was a Volkswagen in the dream. And here I find the giant Plank lion with Irish Doors. Scottish Doors, who share a lion paw holding a spear with Paine's/Payne's, happen to use the leopard faces of one Write Coat (Berwickshire, same as Books/Bouks) while the other Wrights share the Houston checks while Houstons share the hourglass with Books/Bouks.

The Buckets put holly in their Crest, and one Holly Coat is a reflection of the PLUNKett Coat (from Plancia). These Hollys (Norfolk, same as Fulke's/Volks) look like a branch of Halls/HOLE's.

In the dream, when I got to the mall, seeking the bathroom, there were two halls to choose from, and that's when I saw the arrow pointing to the bathroom. The arrow was not straight, but bent, as if to indicate a curved path to the bathroom. Hard mystery to crack, but a broken arrow comes to mind as part-code for Brocks/Broke's, or the Bruge's/Bruggs (BUCKinghamshire) that share the cross of Arrows/Arras (from the Artois capital, near Bruges, Belgium). That works, but why put the BATHroom in with that picture? It recalls that Baathists (of Syria and Iraq) were co-founded by Mr. Fleck-like Aflaq and Mr. Bitar while Bitars/Butters and Aflacks both use the same cross as Bruge's/Bruggs and Arrows, how amazing, for it explains why I had to go to the bathroom after seeing the bucket in the back seat of the VOLKSwagen. I had to urinate, and the urine symbol was that of Orion in SHECHemite Schimatari, and Fulke's/Volks share the two-tipped spear of SHAKEspeare's!!! Zikers.

The Arrows/Arras' even share the fleur of Flagi's Flys (the Fly Coat is showing again). The Brome-like Bronsons use a reflection of the Fly Coat, with possibly the Arden cinquefoils.

[Insert -- I'll return to the flow from above, but first. When I lived a couple of months in the home of Mr. bocci ball, I was bored one day, and found myself catching flies outside of a door to a storage room across the street from his home. When my father arrived near the end of the vacation, he took a lamb, laid it tied on a table with it's head past the table edge, and with a bucket under its throat, he slipped a knife through the lamb's throat with me standing there, watching. The terrified lamb made no sound, even as prophecy says that Jesus would be like a lamb that does not open its mouth at the slaughter. The lamb quietly slipped away. Michael of the Fly-related Volkswagen is a relative of Mr. bocci ball's wife. The flies I was catching look like God's pointer to the Fly-related Josephs, and thus the bucket looks like code for a Fulk-related line from a killer of The Lamb of God.

Later in life, my father told me that he had been a BUTCHER, a term like "Boucher." That's very impressive. The Butcher surname (Salop) is also "Boucher." How about that. But it won't come up by entering "Boucher."

More recent than the Volkswagen dream, I had another dream with a large container in the shape of a tall bucket, which was in the dream immediately after I spoke to the previous owner of my Jeep. I complained to him because the door handle was broken. It was a long dream that I can't get into right now, but it makes the Jeepma's/Cheps look like a Caiaphas line too, from Broke-line Brogitarus, as expected. End insert]

The Fulk spear can be code for the Spear-like SPRiggs, for Plantagenets were related to the sprigs of broom that had been part of my stucco-sweeping event. "Stucco" includes the Stocks from the Caen area, who share the other lion of Planks, and Caen is in Orion-line Orne. The Spears/Speers share the Roet boar heads and Roets love the Books/Bouks. Now watch as I quote from the Arrow/Arras write-up, with the Buckingham location of Bruge's/Bruggs in view: "Sir Robert Arras held the village of BROMley [!!!] in that shire from Robert De Toeni, he was Lord of the manor of Arras in Buckinghamshire." Can we believe it, the BromLEYs/BromLEGHs/BromLEIGH's (Staffordshire, same as Arrows/Arras') probably use the Leighton/LEYtons Coat, but it's in the colors of the Ley/Legh/Leight Coat [Butcher lion?] that has a BROKEN SPEAR in Crest! The broken arrow was in the mall, and the Bromley quadrants are also those of Malls/MARLYbone's (Cheshire, same as Leys/Leghs), not to mention those of Seaton-related Says, the latter first found in Salop (beside Cheshire) with Leightons/Leys and Michael-related Meschins/Masculine's [and Butchers]. There's no way that a human's brain during dreams can make heraldic connections such as this, even if one's a heraldry expert. The dreams last for seconds, and it takes me years to decipher their entireties.

The Michaels with the Meschin Shield use MASCLEs, and so with the Seatons figuring into this, it explains why the bucket was in the BACK SEAT of Michael's Volkswagen, especially as Seats share the double pale bars of Spriggs!!! Zowie, this is incredible. The Seats are also Cedes', in the motto of Steers, and Backs use the steer. Ladds/Ladons use the Meschin Coat almost in colors reversed, and Latons (Massey quadrants in colors revered) are listed with the Leightons/Leytons.

[Insert -- Hours after writing here, I recalled MICHAEL Bouchard. The last time I saw him, he was with the woman (forget her name) whom I kissed in the kitchen during a party, and Kitchens use water bougets, symbol of Bouchards, I have read. The water bouget (said to be a water container) is suspect as a water BUCKET, and this is why I'm highlighting, MICHAEL. Buckets are also Buchards. They can be suspect with the Bach variation of Backs, for the bucket was in the back seat of Michael's Volkswagen. Amazingly, French Bouchards use three leopards in pale, in half the colors of the three lions in pale of Plantagenets. There we have the reason that the bucket was in the VOLKswagen. Amazing. As I've said before, Mike Bouchard lived next door to my friend, Barry, and Scottish Barrys use a "legi" motto term, making me wonder whether God placed those two men as neighbors just for this paragraph. Otherwise, how can I explain this coincidence? End insert]

I went over the Volkswagen dream before but did not land on the Bruggs and Baathists, however, so far as I can recall, but I did do a lot on the Michael surnames because the Volkswagen was owned my a Michael. One Michael Coat, I now see, shares the Broom/Brome chevron. While SPRiggs use the rose-leaf design of Sobers, the Michaels use a "SUPERo" motto term. The Michael scallops are colors reversed from the Ladd/Ladon scallops, and they both share a wavy fesse in colors reversed. P> I can add that the bathroom SIGN with the broken arrow was God's code for Sion/Sitten, for Seatons are also Sittens. They were first found in Lotan-like East Lothian with Keiths/MASCALa. It's interesting, as per VolksWAGEN, that Wagens/WagHORNs, share a wavy fesse with Michaels, and it's a Sion-swan version of the Meschin Coat, which suits the Swan/Sion/SINE Coat, once showing gauntlet gloves, a Macey symbol, and, besides, the Swan/Sion/Sine chevron is also of Maceys. Wagens share the fesse and swan with the Yorkshire Wagners.

The broken-arrow sign was pointing down the hall to the bathroom, and there were two HALLs. Halls (same place as Lucy Taillebois, a Tilurius-river suspect) and Hulls use the same Coat, with the talbot dog (in both colors of Tillers and Tailors) that belongs to Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first Meschin (traces to the Maesa-Avitus family in or near the Tilurius). That dog is white, and there is such a white dog in the Swan/Sion/Sine Crest. Therefore, the mall's sign seems to be God's code for this surname without a doubt, and He used a Volkswagen not only because Fulk elements are involved, but because Wagens/Waghorns are a branch of Sions/Sions/SINE's.

I was very intrigued by the broken arrow-sign pointing to the Middle-East Baathists, but on this I cannot fathom how that group is related to some of the surnames that the dream points to, though Bitars/Butters share the red heart with Sions/Sine's. They are likely from the Botters (or Butteri cattle ranchers north and south of Rome), whom I think named the Bautica river, which has a source in Aosta not far from Sion/Sitten. I do trace the Bautica's ARDuinici to Artois, and that's where the broken-ARROW sign pointed to exactly, the Arrows/Arras', that is, who share the Bitar/Butter and Aflack cross. Bitars/Butters were at ARDoch.

I once theorized that Baathists were plugged into Syria by the Round-Table, Rhodian Illuminati, in its quest for globalism, but this was before I realized that the Rhodes Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat. At one time, the U.S. supported the Baathist, Saddam Hussein. The Bitar/Butter Crest is a strong arms holding a bow, very-possibly a version of the Arms of Rothschild.

I could never make sense of Aflack variations, but this surname was first found in the Scottish area of the first-known Bitars/Butters. The first old variation of the surname is given as HAGHENlek, and it turns out that Irish Hagens/Hagans show what I assume is a flag. Dutch Hagens share the Brix/Brest lozenges, or, better yet, it's a colors-reversed version of the Louis Coat while Lois' were first found in Artois, and are in code for mythical GorLOIS, whose wife was the mother of mythical king Arthur. Perfect. While PENdragon mated with Gorlois' wife to produce Arthur (why did the myth writer chose this adulterous relationship?), PENNingtons share blue lozenges with Louis', and, in colors reversed, have four of the five Percy lozenges.

I trace lozenges to Losinj (Croatia), and, if I recall correctly, Losinj is in the Gorski area to which Gore's trace well, and Gore's are definitely in "GORlois," for Gore's share the Windsor crosslets while Windsors were from the OTHER surname while the myth writer gave "UTHER" as Pendragon's first name. We are now in the land of Japodes and BREUCI (upper Sava), potential proto-Brix's. I always link Brescia's/BRIXia's Lane's/Lanos to Launays (latter sharer the Percy lozenges) because Launay is near Brest, but I've never realized until now that ELAINE, Gorlois' daughter, was code for Launay. The latter location is near Vannes/Gwenea, where I trace king Arthurs wife.

Gorlois' wife was made, IGRAINE, and while her representation eluded me always, I think I can see that she's code for the Ceraunii further down the Sava. The Grains have variations like Grane's/Grounds/Crannys / Crane's/Crauns who are from the Ceraunii. Percy's (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) are likely of mythical Percival, a term much like "Breuci," and it's known that Percy's shared the blue Louvain/Louvier lion, the color of the Bruce / Arms-of-Brescia lion.

Aha! The Grain eagle is that of Winns/GWINNs too, and Arthur's wife was GUINevere. It looks like a match. Aha! The Grain colors are in the Grane/Ground/Cranny Chief. The Grain Shield (it's the Grave/Grieve Coat too) is split in the colors of the Fulke's/Volk and Fleck Shields. Avalon's Morgan le Fay was a daughter of Gorlois, and Morgans are in Grain / Winn/Gwinn colors. Fay-branch Veys/Vivians (Ceraunii-suspect CORNwall, same as Gorlois and Pendragon), have a Coat connecting to Fife's (branch of Five's/Fifys); Bitars/Butters were from the Fife area. Pfieffers/PFEYfers are in Morgan / Grain colors.

There you go. King Arthur was code for a part-Ceraunii element, and part Penestae element. King Arthur's Avalon is from Aulon/Avlona, at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus, where I trace the Seleucids that Daniel connects to / identifies with the end-time Anti-Christ. Many years ago, I predicted that the neo-Seleucid element in end-time prophecy would be the Baathists (same area that Seleucids ruled, between Baghdad and Antioch). This prediction was prior to my delving into heraldry.

Beside the Breuci (on this map) are the LATOvici, possibly the proto-Latons/Leightons/LEYtons, and then the Leys/Leghs/Leights share the Fife / Five lion. The latter surnames can be suspect with the 5-like symbol of Arthurs, or the five keys on that symbol (organ rest), but Five's may have named themselves after Quintus Caepio, whom I trace to the Colapis river to the south side of the Latovici. Quints, that is, who were first found in Essex with WATERs and Bouchier's/Bowsers, the latter being the ones with WATER bougets.

Here's how Leightons entered the Volkswagen discussion: "Can we believe it, the BromLEYs/BromLEGHs/BromLEIGH's (Staffordshire, same as Arrows/Arras') probably use the Leighton/LEYtons Coat, but it's in the colors of the Ley/Legh/Leight Coat that has a BROKEN SPEAR in Crest!" LOOKIE: The Fife's happen to use the Chief-Shield colors of Leight-like Late's/Letts/Leyts, and the latter use ORGAN pipes! It proves that the organ rest of Arthurs was designed to link to Five's and Fife's. Late's/Letts/Leyts even have a different-color version of the Fife Chief. This is all new to me. Late's/Letts share the Peare stars while Fife's use an "oPERA" motto term suggesting the Pero's. Late's/Letts were first found in Gloucestershire, beside the Arthurs of Clapton.

"BOUCHIER" was looked up because I recalled that Force's share three leopards in pale with Boucher's. It was recalled when I saw the "Force" motto term of Leys/Leghs, and upon loading Force's, their Bourcier-like Forcier variation looked like we should try for "Bouchier" (the Butcher/Boucher/BOURCHier write-up says: "Anciently the family held lands in Burgundy, to which they gave the name BOURSieres"). Force's were first found in the Perigord area, where I trace the Boofima cult wherein its priests wore leopard gloves. Hence, the leopards of Force's.

As Bullis' use red roundels, one Seleucid suspect became the Shirts/Sherards, who are loved by the Tous'/Tosino's, and the latter are in the motto of Bleds while there is a Bled location a little up the Sava from the Breuci. Bleds use the Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and Arthurs use clarions. The Arrow/Arras cross is that of Claro-liner Sinclairs too. There is a Bullis location beside Aulon/Avlona, and it's on an Oust-like Aous river. The Oust runs to Vannes/Gwenea, suspect as king Arthur's wife.

While Lesce is beside Bled, the Lesks (Berkshire, same as Windsor castle, where Sava-river Gore's connect) are said to have been from Loches, and then the wife of Fulk I of Anjou was Roscilla de Loches. Loaches'/Locks share the Coat, in different colors, of the neighboring French Veys while Locks/Licks and Lochs/Logens share the swan. This was the line of mythical LohenGRIN (suddenly smacks of Graine's), the swan knight, son of Percival. French Veys use their cinquefoils in colors reversed from the Ardens, and then Ardons are also Artois'. There's another reason that Michael's Volkswagen links king Arthur with Fulks. The "sera" motto term of Fulke's/Volks should be for the Sarah variation of Saire's, a probably branch of Sava-river Sauers, but, in any case, the "Bear and forbear" motto of Sarah's should be for Forbes' (Aberdeenshire, same as Five's) whose muzzled bears are shared by Percivals.

The giant fleur-de-LYS of Fulke's/Volks can thus trace to Artois' Lys river, though the Butter-suspect Bautica has a Lys river of its own flowing into it. The Butteri cowboys had a northern boundary at VELCH (Tuscany), where Fulks should trace because Italian Fulks were first found in Tuscany. In fact, Italian Fulks use a version of the Massy/MATTIS Coat while Mathis' (Burgundy, same as Loches') share the Chives moline, and this ugly creature was from the Cavii at Lissus (beside Mathis river), the proto-Lys/Lisse surname, for Chives' (CATS, Mosca leopard in Crest) named Chivasso, on the Bautica river. The Massi/Mattis and Fulk checks were used in the Arms of Massa-Carrara, which is smack at Lucca, where Botters were first found! I'm getting perty good at this. While I see the Force-loving Leys/Leghs using the lion of Ranulph le Meschin, the Mosca's of Tuscany share the leopard with Force's (in the colors of the Lucca "CAT" that looks like a leopard), and the Force's are in the colors of the SFORZa lion, which holds a five-suspect quince flower. Suddenly, "Bouchier" looks like a wild variation of "Sforza" if Force's named Boucher's (questionable).

SUDDENLY, having been led to Mattis' -- and this is just hours after I watched general Mattis spew poison at Russia, AGAIN -- the Baathists are coming to mind again. I've always wondered whether the Iraqi Baathists will side with Russia or the United States, and we have yet to see after the current lull in the war.

I almost forgot. King Arthur was born at Cornwall's Tintagel, which I trace to the ATINTanes (Ouse river) at the Ceraunii mountains. It's extra evidence that Ceraunii named Cornwall. There were the Cornovii of Cornwall, and the Cornovii of Cheshire, where Ranulph le Meschin ruled...who traces to the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii (of Serbia). The Maezaei smack of the Massai/Massars, first found in Lucca with Botters, As I've said, English Botters are using the red eagle in the Ardon/Artois Crest.

Clapton is at Portishead, and Portis' are listed with Force-like Porch's, suspect with PORCius CATO, in case the cats above apply. The Cato's/Chattans and Chatans do apply because they share the Botter bend, but then the Cetins/Cattans use cats too, and they are from the Cetina = Tilurius river with a source near the Ceraunii. The Cetina/Cattan cats share pellets (black roundels) with the Tiller lion. The Cetin/Cattan fitchee is in the colors of the Tarves fitchee, and the cat-using Cavii were first found in Tarves. Pellets share the Pilotte and Shaw Coat, and French Pilote's (Burgundy, same as Mathis') share the pheons of Carnys, likely from Carni (on map above) further up the Sava from Bled and Lesce, for the Chives' are also Sava-like Shewas', and, besides, I trace Leslie's to Lesce while Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves'...and with Forbes' suspect in the motto of Sava-suspect Sarah's/Saire's.

Just realized: the Emona location shown on the map where at Bled and Lesce are not shown was suspect with Mons in Hainaut, and it just so happens that the Mons'/Mounts (Lesk colors) share the Ley/Legh/Leight lion! Zinger, Emona is smack beside the Latovici that were suspect above with Leightons/Latons. That's a good set of traces to have. The Leto crane now makes sense as a Ceraunii-Latovici merger. Chives' use cat-a-MOUNTains, yup. The other Mounts share the giant lion in both colors of the same as Sava-river Sauers. These Mounts use a "conSTANTer" motto term that can be suspect with the "obSTANTia" of Arthurs (for the Stant/Stand/Stan surname). The latter Mount lion is colors reversed from the giant one of JOPlins (Chief-Shield colors reversed from the same of Late's/Letts), and Japodes are smack beside the Latovici. Were the Latovici the Laish > Ladon line to Latins? Looks like, for Japodes named the Roman god, Jupiter. Hmm, was Goplo of Poland a Joplin line?

Back to Bouchard II, founder of MontMORENcy, for the red tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest traces well to Terentia MURENa, whose brother conquered the Salassi of Aosta, location of the upper Bautica and its Lys tributary. Murena's share the red tower, and Terentia married Cilnius MAECenas of Arretium, now Arezzo, like the Arras capital of Artois.

This trace to Arthurian elements to northern Croatia is new to me. The Ardiaei / Vardaei were in southern Croatia, but here we have the Ardiaei merger with Ceraunii in chief king-Arthurian myth. It's taken me this many years to figure it out, thanks first of all for realizing that Crauns and crane's were Ceraunii liners. The Sharks who use the crane are the Saraca's of Ragusa in the Ardiaei area merged with Ceraunii. The dream with Miss Hicks opened with a shark in a POOL with a British BULLdog, and that was thought to be a Bullis merger with Ceraunii, logical. The British surname can now be traced with Berth's/Brets/Brits to Berthe, and I have all my ducks in a row on what to say first thing this Friday morning.

First, before I emphasized anything in Croatia, I had determined by some clue that king Arthur was a redone Rus, and after that predicted he would be a Slav Rus where Salop was named by Slavs. I didn't yet know that Sleeps of Salop trace to the Selepitanoi at the southern area of the Ardiaei territory, and here I can add that the upper Sava is in YugoSLAVIA. The Alans of Dol, from Aulon/Avlona at the Ceraunii mountains, were in Salop. I now trace proto-Dol to Tulls/Tulia's, and their using the checkered Shield of Mattis' and Fulks is important where I determined that the Stewarts think, and want, to own the American military. That is, they do what they want even if presidents don't want to. This is the shadow government.

The bathroom in the Volkswagen dream led to Baathists, founded by Mr. Bitar while Bitars/Butters are in the BUTTERflies of Tulls/Tulia's, the latter from the ancestry of Berthe, suspect with "Brittany." The butterflies can thus be for the Flies of Flagi, which link to the Flags/.Flecks, like Mr. Aflaq, the other founder of Baathists, and of course Flecks are a branch of Volks in the Volkswagen dream. And Flecks produced Flatts, like "Flaad," the father or son of the first-known Alan of Dol. The Flies share the Joseph martlets, and Josephs use a Flaad-like "wlad" motto term, possibly for the Vlads, first found in Westphalia with Alan-of-Dol kin, the Velens and Velins. Velens and French Alans share the red martlets of Berthe-liner Birds/Burds.

The Berthe/Bret/Brit Coat and Crest looks linkable to Fife's, and the British/Braddock surname (fox?) has symbols (chaplets?) upon a chevron in Morgan / Grain colors. The lion heads of British's/Braddocks (Kent, same as Louvains and Masons/Massins) are in the colors of the Louvain / Mason lion, but also in the colors of the lion heads of Levi-beloved Cretien's/CRESTiens. The Crests happen to use the three bends of Ments/Mants, suspect with Kent's Minute's/Mynetts, whose line traced excellently to Berthe, for her husband was the son of MUNDeric, who was in turn a son of ARTEMia while Amyntes (a few centuries earlier) was father to ARTEMidoros (suspects the Arduinici marriage with Doris's). The Artems, first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, are AITons properly, and the Aids (Berwickshire too ) are in the Levi motto along with Cretien's/Crestiens. MUNDeric lived at or near the time of MUNDzuk, father of Attila the Hun and Bled-suspect Bleda.

The Vardiae version of "Ardiaei is to Vardys/Virtys in the "virTUS" motto term of Brittanys/Britains, and the Bleds love the TOUS', who not only use a shirt, but tell that it has buttons too. The Bidens/Buttons are said to be from Bath and Wells, where Baths and Battins/Badens were first found who were in the bathroom of the Volkswagen dream. That very bathroom led to Arrows/Arras' of the Arthurian cult, and as it was a BROKEN arrow, it also traces to BROGitarus with Broke's/Brocks, father of Amyntes. And so we can see what all God was doing before creating the universe; trying to figure out ways to get these things across using a stupid man, and under the rules that God gave Himself, never to communicate to him in plain English. After more than a decade of plugging away, I still haven't got it all figured, but He has lots of time.

My Long Trip to God's Plow Event

Next, I've got to tell of the day that I drove four hours to get the plow installed in Guelph. The mechanics were going to take a couple of hours, and so I asked the office guy if I could get a lift to the MALL, because I'd rather be boiling in oil than waiting that long on a chair in a boring waiting room. I had some lunch there, and started to talk to people beside me with an accent, and they said they were Croatians. Hmm, are Plows (share the Dole fleur) from Croatia somewhere? Are Plows Flavians? This event didn't come to mind until Friday morning, the day after I linked Malls to the Leighten/Laton Coat, and the latter to Latovici in Croatia. How about that.

At the appointed time, I called the mechanic's shop, to find they hadn't yet started. In circles around the mall (indoor) I walked, and came to a shoe store. I needed "slippers" for the winter, because my floor is cold, and my old boots, which had been my slippers, had become ruined. So, I bought another pair of boots (short kind, lined), which are on me right now. As I trace Cravens ("VIRTus" = Massey-line symbol) to Croatians, it's notable that Actons (Craven fesse colors reversed) are in the Craven motto, and that Actons have an Axton Kent, where English Trips were first found while German Trips once showed the three Massey boots (same colors, same format). Massey-line Meschins, from Croatia's Maezaei, married Skiptons of Craven. I with a Masci mother bought boots while the plow was being installed, and Plows were kin of Maccabee-liner Curtis'.

I was in a mall, and another dream pointed to Mauls/Morleys, who share the scallops of Tailbois'/Tailboys', from the wife of Ranulph le Meschin, whose brother married Skiptons of Craven. Perfect. And, believe it, the same scallops are with the Scale's (Hertfordshire) while the Kent Trips (same place as Massins) use the "scaling ladder." The five Arms-of-Traby ostrich feathers are in the Scale Crest, signalling that Trips were from the Trebia river, which gets important there as per the Ananes, for Caiaphas-suspect Capes' share the same scallops again. Capes' were first found beside Hertfordshire, where Scales' and Titus' were first found who in-turn share the Chappes Moor head! And while Annas of Israel was also called, Hanan, Hanans (Massey Shield) share roughly the Mall/Marlybone Coat! Zinger, we can see why God set up the plow event. But what do Jeeps have to do with Maccabees? KEPka's, right? It's affirming that the Kepke surname was a Caiaphas line.

As English Trips share the crosslets of Windsors (and Hamburgs/Hamburys), it's of apparent relevance that the Boot surname was first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle. But there is more, because the same crosslets are used by Gore's, whom I trace to Gorski of northern Croatia. God timed my trip to Guelph just in time for that batch of about eight Croatians who came to sit beside me at the lunch table. We talked and talked, as they were retired, with time on their hands, just like me. I might even remember a bit of what we talked about.

I now recall that, as soon as I entered the mall, I entered a phone store to inquire about cell phones. There is a Phone surname listed with Fane's, from Fano, on the Italian Coast opposite Croatia. Were Fane's at Bute? When it was time for me to call the mechanic, I left my Croatian friends to use a phone BOOTH, and BOTHwells are from Bute! Amazing. I then bought the boots.

They were ALDO brand; they were not bought because I like Italian shoes, but because they were on sale under $100. The left one is already ripped at the seam, we get what we pay for. Seam-like Seamans share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with the boot-using Trips!!! I'm flattened by this. The Seas' share the Seaman bars, and were first found in Kent with Trips!

[I was loading Semans a half-hour ago when speaking on Seman de Stoke's. You'll get to that topic later, but after loading Semans/Seamans, I came up here to add a subtitle to this section, because it got so long. And upon adding the subtitle, I got to reading and added a few things above, including all that you just read on the Trips. I then got down to the part where I had already written about the ripped boot, though the Seamans were not yet part of it, and so it floored me to see Seamans in the "seam" term I had already written previously. God made the seam in my left boot. But He pays back, don't worry, if we're good. So, I have proven that the boots I purchased were pointers to Trips and Masseys. It's a very good start.]

Alda's, first found in Ayrshire with arrow-using Margys/Mackeys (they get bigger below), use a "constantia" motto term, like the motto term of Mounts that traced to Emona, smack at Bled and the Latovici to which Malls connect. I bought the boots in the indoor mall that day while they were MOUNTING the plow. After the Bartons owned Old Barton Hall in the Booth/Bothe write-up, it was owned by Booths, and Latovici-suspect Leighs afterward. The Bartons happen to share the red boar head with Lesks, from Lesce, smack beside Bled! Croatian territory, right? That's why I had to use the phone BOOTH in this event, which I used several times due to the longer stall at the mechanic's shop. It was a terrible day. I should have chosen the boiling in oil.

The British/Braddock Coat is a reflection of one MOUNTING/Mountain Coat, and both surnames were first found in Essex with the boot-like Bude's that share the Morgan lion, and then the Bude's of CORNwall (named Bude in Cornwall) are in Bute/Butt colors while the latter shares the dancette-fesse of Plows!!! Is that not astounding? Plows were first found in slipper-suspect Salop with Sleeps. Bude in Cornwall is related to mythical GORlois, the Gore line we just crossed above.

It occurred to me that "slipper" is like "SELEPitanoi," and that the boots can be code for Bute, which is mythical Avalon of Arthurian elements. Dutch Veys, for example, use a boot. Boots were once shown for French Masseys/Masse's, suspect with Massa-Carrara, i.e. in the area where Butt-like Botters were first found. The Massai's/Massars of Massa-Carrara use lions comBATTANT, and Badens/Battins (beside Bude) are Battants too. The Massai/Massar lions are almost the colors of the Morgan / Bude lion.

Mountings/Mountains were first found beside the Cetins/CATtans and CHADs of Norfolk. You saw the cat-of-mountains of Chives' link to Cetins/Cattans, and the latter share the split colors of Aldo's/Alda's, first found in Tuscany (home of the Butteri / Botters) with Tous' and the Taddei's whose Chief the Aldo's/Alda's roughly share. The Chattans ("bot" motto term) and Chatans share the bend of Bute-like Botters, from the BUTTeri cattle ranchers.

Taddei's probably link to Bauts/Bots of Auvergne because Taddei's share the cross of Auvergne's Bouillons, whom can be traced to the Bautica where it was also the BALDea, which I think named king Baldwin of Jerusalem, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon. I assume that the brothers were born in Artois. They descended from Gothelo, and then the Goths/Gothels share the JEEPma/Chep Zionist star. The plow went on my Jeep! The Aldo's just led us here!

Taddei's and Aldo's / Alda's thus trace well to Clermont-Ferrand's Tullia of Lyon i.e. the Tulls/Toole's that share the Massi/Mattis / Arms-of-Massa-Carrara checks. Massi's / Massai's are from the Maezaei of Croatia, right? I spoke to Croatians at lunch just before buying the Aldo boots. The same checks are used by Italian Ferrands while English Ferrands share the Taddei / Alda Chief roughly (different cross species).

Arthurian myth placed eight witches under Morgan le Fay, for a total of nine, the number of mythical Muses, in Avalon. The Muses were proto-Masseys, and they included Maceys, who are like the Mackeys (they come up by loading "Margy"). The Mackey/Margy wrote-up treats them as a branch of Mackays, whom are from the Isle of Man, which shares the raven in its Arms with Mackeys/Margys and the Arms of Shetland. Then, because the raven-depicted vikings (see Wikipedia's Raven banner) of Orkney and Shetland had invaded Rothesay, which was later Bute, it stands to reason that Maccus vikings were on Bute, which is off the coast of Ayrshire, where Mackeys/Margys were first found.

As the Mackeys/Margys use two ravens (Rothes/Rothchild symbol) hanging from an ARROW, were are right back to Artois elements of Arthurians. And that's why the ORGAN of Arthurs can be code for some viking family in ORKNey. Organs share the Ice trefoil, and Ice's were first found in Rostock, the land of the Varni vikings / proto-Vikings. The lion in the Mackey/Margy Chief is colors reversed from the lion of Bute, used, for example, by Rorys, as per Rory MacDonald of Bute. MacDonalds share the Ferte eagle, and Ferte's were definitely from Vardys/Virtys i.e. from the Ardiaei. The Varni worshipped Nerthus, probably named after the Neretva river of the Ardiaei. There were Illyrian pirates down there in Croatia, and I did trace the Greek raven to Croatians and Serbs. Mackeys are from the Maezaei of Croatia, right?

The hanging ravens speak to me of the pot hangers of Danish Cnut's, vikings who conquered at Hampshire, where Potters and Hangers were first found. These can be gleaned, by the sharing of the escarbuncle between Hangers and Angers, to be Anjou elements i.e. mythical MeluSINE of Avalon, a witch entity just like the nine witches. Vikings were worse than garbage. Garbage can't hurt you if you don't touch it, but Vikings were garbage that attacks you, robs you, rapes you, kills you.

I traced the black, double-headed eagle of Maxwells to Rijeka, in Croatia beside or amongst the Latovici / Japodes, before knowing that Maxwells (from Maccuswells) were from Maccus vikings. The Jeepma's/Cheps/JAPPa's happen to share the black, double-headed eagle, symbol of the Roman empire, and Japodes named the Roman god, Jupiter. The Arms-of-Rijeka eagle pours water into the seas from upon an island, and the water is from a jug much like the so-called chalice (pouring water) of BELLO's/Belows/Bellauts (Pomerania) that share the Jeepma/Chep eagle in both colors. Bouillon's use as "bello" motto term so that, indeed, the Jeepma/Chep star is that of Goths/Gothels. This Gothelo > Bouillon entity was depicted by God in Christine Peare, the girlfriend that Mr. KEPke took away from me when we both sold shoes...and boots.

In another dream of recent years, Kepke came walking up my driveway past the garage where the Jeep with plow gets parked, and the Chep variation of Jeepma's looks like a Kepke entity, therefore. This gets good. Paul Smith followed Kepke up the driveway, and he once owned a red Jeep, the color of my Jeep. I figure that Cheps named Chepstow, near Magor (MONmouthshire, possible from Emona at the Japodes theater), for I believe that God used Kepke as a symbol of Caiaphas- / Kepke-like Syphax, a Numidian ruler whose image on a coin reminded me of Kepke, and who was seeking to take the kingdom of Hannibal, brother of MAGO, who I think is in the Joseph motto, which can underscore why French Josephs are in the colors of Jeepma's/Cheps, Jonathans/Jonas' and Plow-like Blows i.e. like "Below." (I almost missed the Below-like look of Blows, for I intended to mention Blows as per the Blue's of Arran (beside Bute) who share the rooster design of Jonathans/Jonas'; the Heths/Heaths can be using it while Blows were at Bloor Heath. Heths/Heaths share the Peare stars and have an "EsPERE" motto term, and Peare's were first found in Fier-liner Oxfordshire with SHEPtons/Shiptons.

Monmouthshire is where Phone's/Fane's/Vans (Macey gauntlets) were first found, and "bellow" FANS are used by Sheptons/SHIPTONs, whom I think were SKIPtons (of Croatia-liner Craven!), whom Meschins married that trace to the Numidian king, Massena, who attacked Syphax with the help of the Roman general, SCIPio, you see. Not only do Bellow-like Belows share the giant Jeepma/Chep eagle, but, in different colors, the Syphax-like Spicks/Specks/Spocks do too.

SPECCOTS use Massey-line FRETs on the same bend as KEEPs (Sussex, same as Mascals, from Mascula of Numidia), and the Keep galley ship, shared by FERTE-related MacDonalds, trace to Galleys, first found in Dauphine with Gala-liner Galli's (Gore/Jore Chief?), from Numidian king, Gala/Gaia, father of Massena. The Galli's and Gays (same place as boot-liner Masseys/Massa's) share the gold rooster with Heths/Heaths, and MacHeths are said (by some) to be of the Mackays / Margys/Mackeys (Maxwell-of-Rijeka kin), whom were from Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys, all of this from the Maezaei link to Ferte ancestry in the nearby Vardaei (Croatia, everywhere here).

The Mickey/Mitchy page, which shows the MacDonald eagle with two heads, now thus the Spick/Speck eagle, tells of MacDonalds of Keppoch. It clinches MacDonalds with both Keeps and Keppocks. I'm guessing that the Mickey/Mitchy Coat has the MacAbee/McCabe salmon. If the Crest is a dagger, that's a symbol of Mickey- / Mackey-like Mackays. Anyone for a Big Mack? No thanks, I'd rather have meat.

Note that Mechs/Meeks/Meech's/Meiks (Mea/MEIGH boar head) have a "JUNGor" motto term seeming as a combination for the Croatian-liner Jungs/Youngs/June's and Croatia's Gorski elements. Gore's were first found in Essex with Youngs/Yonge's. Mr. Kepke lived beside Mr. Young, and he worked for the latter (in used furniture). Mechs/Macks share a Macey-star / Gore-star version of the Masci bend. I worked for the same furniture store with Kepke and Mr. Young's son, Rick. Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, as though it was God who named Rick for this Croatian revelation. The Youngs had a greyhound, symbol of Gore's/Jore's. Rijeka, the Gorski capital, is also, Reka. If that's a jug in the Arms of Croatia, named by the Anglo elements in Croatia, it could be code for Juggs/Judds, probably from Brittany's Jugon, near/at the Meu, where I trace Mea's/Meighs that share the Jugg/Judd / Mech boar head. With these Mechs tracing to Rijeka, why not also the MAXwell eagle?

Did anyone watch Maxwell Smart getting his nose caught in the door of a phone booth? Didn't we see God tracing Phone's and Booths to my chat with Croatians? In the Phone/Fane write-up, Fane liners (sept of Mackays) were married to Peshalls of Kent's Tunbridge, and the very same Meschins who had married Skiptons of Craven also married Clare's of Tunbridge. Peshalls look like variations of English Pasleys, suspect from Pasi's/Pace's, who get connected with Colchian Croatians below.

I can't think of one friend or significant person in my life with a MacDonald surname.

Why would God use an event with a Jeep, plow, mall and boots if it showed all things I already knew? I assume the event is to teach me what things were on Bute. I already knew that Massey liners were there, but the Plow-like Blows are interesting for the Blue's/Gorms of neighboring Arran, for the Danish vikings had a mythical Gorm, ancestor of king "BLUEtooth," as they call him from his name, "Bladent." The Blue/Gorm roosters can thus link to the rooster of Gays, first found in Savoy with boot-liner Masseys/Masse's.

I don't even know where Keppoch is, and am not familiar with MacDonalds of Keppoch. I claimed that Stewarts seized Bute as soon as they mounted the Scottish throne, but this claim was years before realizing that Alans were from Aulon/AVLONa. I now find: "The MacDonalds of Keppoch are descended from Alistair CARRACH MacDonald who was a younger son of Good John of Islay, Lord of the Isles, 6th chief of Clan Donald and his second wife Margaret Stewart, daughter of King Robert II of Scotland." The Isles were Maccus' territory too. That quote involves the first, royal-Stewart family, which, as Alans previously, married Ferte-Mace's Robert D'Avranches of Cheshire, a perfect setting for king Maccus.

"CARRACH" comes from Proculus Charax (known to descend from MACCabees), the proto-Carricks who married the Bruce's of Annandale. That is, Margaret/Marjory Carrick was mother to king Robert Bruce I, and as Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys, the Margy variation tends to speak for itself, but moreover Mackesys are listed with Margesons, first found in Sussex with Keeps (share galley ship with MacDonalds) and Carrick-related Sheers/Shire's (and Norths who are coming straight at you).

Mackesys/Margesons were beside the Cabbage's whose lion Mackesys/Margesons share, and while the Angusta location I see in the Cabbage motto was at or beside the Trotus river, the Trots/Truths (Berkshire, same as Boots) are in the motto of Cabbage-colored Allisons whose dog in-turn would be the black Carrick / Sheer/Shire dog in colors reversed. These Allisons were from MacDonnells of Keppoch so that it makes sense to have Allisons sharing Carrick elements.

This is all amazing because I've told of the event many times before, where Kepke and I were sitting on the HOOD of my car (in the Knob-Hill-Farms PARKING LOT, watching my girlfriend, Allison Bauer, getting into the car of a fellow worker, Mike Denardo. She left me for him. We all worked at Knob Hill FARMS, and Plows share the Shield of Curtis' who use a FARMER with a plowSHARE over his shoulder. Share's are with the Sheers/Shire's that just linked to Allisons!!! Tis incredible. And Farms/Farmers have the colors and format of Keppocks. Farms/Farmers share the gold, black-stripped hunting horn with Curtis-like Courts/Curtais'. The other Farmers share the lion heads of Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Keppocks) who in-turn share the colors and format of Farms/Farmers and Keppocks. Dance's share the Bute/Butt horsehead in Crest, which looks important as per the MacDonalds of Bute. Bude's and Curtis' share the same DANCEtte.

It's as though God used two events, decades apart, to point to the Plow relationship with Bute / MacDonald elements, for Scottish Allisons are said to be from Mr. MacDonnell, and MacDonnells (MacDonald eagle and galley) tell of an Alistair (obvious Allison element) that formed the Keppoch branch. On top of this, English Allisons and Hoods share the "black bird", as one of the two surnames calls it, while the other calls it a "Cornish chough."

Curtus' were first found in Warwickshire with Share-suspect Sheriffs, for while Share's almost use the same cross as Schere's/Scherfs, the latter look like Sheriffs. As Garts (same place as Sheers/Share's) share the Sheer/Share fitchees, the Sheriffs can be gleaned with the Gard-Morinis relationship that I'll discover below.

As per the parking lots in this story, the Lots share the two-headed, black eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps. As Kepke needs to link to Syphax liners of the Spick/Speck kind, which seem to include Speccots, by what coincidence were Speccots first found in Devon with Hoods who share the fret with Speccots (the latter thus look to be using the Keep bend closely).

As I said, I was fired from Knob Hill Farms, and immediately after visited Kepke at his new shoe-selling job, at which time i went to another shoe store in the same MALL, asked if they needed help, and got the job on the spot without a formal interview or resume. The store was called, FREDelle's, like the Ferte eagle shared by MacDonalds / Donnels.

MacDonnells throw in a raven upon a rock (suggest the Rooks) in Crest, and we saw raven vikings as conquerors of Bute. Rooks are used by the Bavarian Terras', and that's the MacDonald / Donnel motto term! Bavaria is where raven-using Rothes'/Rothchilds (no 's') were first found, and the hood event involved Allison BAUER while the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer! Knobs (Bavaria) share the arrow (I assume) of Rottensteins/Rothschilds (with 's'), and while one Bude Coat shares the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Bourlys (Somerset, same as Tarrs/Terres'), the other Bude's share bunched arrows with Bowers and the Arms of Rothschilds. It seems like definite proof that God use both the Knob-Hill-Farms even and the Jeep-plow event for pointing to Rothschilds in Bute/Rothesay/Avalon.

I kid you not, I almost missed it because I didn't load Bude's until now: Bude's share the same dancetty fesse as Plows and Curtis'!!!! It's in the colors of the Dance/Donnas surname, and this Donnas family, the Cottians of king Donnus, is where the waist of Miss Peare traced without doubt, which was a symbol given to her when she came from her stage onto my stage. MacDonalds and their kin use two "PER" motto terms, and their "Per mare" motto phrase is for Mare's/Mayers/Maires' (MacDonald ship), first found in Cheshire, where king Maccus sat down with Saxons to form a league. Mare's thus speak to MAYER/Maiar Bauer. Maccus was the line to Mackays (at Moray), who share the colors and format of French Mare's/Mars/MORES' (Moray colors). Rothes is at Moray with the Rose's in the PERO/Pierro Coat (Alan fesse).

As per Knob HILL Farms, the Hills share the tower of Plunketts while the line of Plancia Magna is expected with PARKINGs/Perkins. My sleeping-bag dream had a SLEEPing bag on a HILL (recalls my SLIPPer-boots), and after I picked it up, I walked across a ROAD into the parking lot of a mall, and finally I walked into the Mall's front door and saw Kepke's woman, Miss Peare, upon a stage. This dream was decades after I saw them both, but near the time of the dream where Kepke was walking up my driveway, followed by a sickly-looking stag. The STAGE's/Staggs probably own the stag.

It appears more evident, now, that SELEPitanoi Illyrians were on Bute with the Ardiaei > Arthur entity. Plows were first found in SALOP with Rothes', Rudes', and Sleeps, fitting perfectly with the Plows sharing the Bude dancette. Selepitanoi were at lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts who have one branch using the other Terras Coat, while the Terras' with rooks have a Coat version of Salop's Rothes'. The Alexander in one Scott write-up traces to Alexanders (KinTYRE, beside Arran, Bute), who share the MacDonald motto as well as the MORTE/Mott crescent. The myth, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," was about king Arthur's death on Avalon, we get it, especially as Darths/DEATHS (can be gleaned from the Penestae to Pendragon / Penbroke's) use the Morte/Mott crescent. The Arthurian myth writers were merely playing surname games with their fables. Bude's even share the "hurt" (blue roundel) with Irish Arthurs.

We now know as a certainty that God set up the Jeep-plow-boot-slipper event as a pointer to the Kepke / Keep / Keppock bloodline. As per why Mike DeNARDO was involved at the Knob-Hill-Farms parking lot, get ready, for Denardo's/NORDi's (Hill tower?) share the NORTH lion, and North's share the Plow fleur-de-lys!!! Wowwie. The Hills are in Hall / Hull colors, and the latter two share the dogs (same colors) of the MacDonnel/Keppoch-related Allisons. Allison Bauer got into the car of Mike Denardo, and would not come out when I went over to her. Kepke and I then watched from the hood. Allison left me, a Masci liner, for a Denardo, and both the latter and Maschi's use the same lion. As Denardo was likely born, Michael, it's notable that German Michaels use the Denardo / North lion in colors reversed while Norths were first found beside the English Michaels (Meschin branch) of Surrey, same place as Allison-linkable Sheers/Shire's.

In fact, Michaels are also MITCHells while Mickeys/Mitchys are said to be "descended from a Michael MacDonald of the branch known as the MacDonalds of Keppoch"!!!! It's just so unlikely to make link after link like this from one or two simple events. The Knob-Hill-Parking lot was God's pointer to MacDonalds of Keppoch. Shore's/Sure's (in Kilpatrick motto) were at Derbyshire's MICKLEover while Mickle's/Mickels (spur) are in Sheer/Shire colors and format while the other Kilpatricks are Sheera's too.

God put me together with Kepke at age 11 for this revelation, didn't He? Kepke was on GREG Fisher's lawn when I met him, and Carrick-colored Gregs use what looks like a version of the Sheer/Shire Coat. Fishers use a "ReSPICE" motto term suspect from Syphax. The Arms of the MacDonalds of Keppoch, the Mickeys/Mitchys, and German Fishers use a white fish, recalling the white fish of the Croatian Saraca's, who were initially at Kotor, smack beside BUTua! So, trace Butua's fish symbol to MacDonalds of Buteshire. German Butts/Bute's/Bots use the fish too.

By now, we could be getting the impression that Jeepma's/Cheps/JAPPA's are from Croatia's Japodes? Why else would God have chosen a Jeep for this event? Jeepma's trace with Maxwells to the Primorge-Gorski capital.

The Arms of the MacDonalds of Keppoch use it white on green, the colors of the Ham and McCabe salmon, and Hams with Hammers were first found in Surrey too, along with Sheers/Share's, Keeps and the host of others involved. Surrey is beside the Kent Trips who share the HAMburg/Hambury crosslets. The Plows got suspect with Blue's via Blows, and here it can be repeated that McCabe's were first found on Arran with Blue's, in the MacDonald theater. This was Argyllshire and Buteshire, and Argyllshire is where Herods/Heraults were first found while God pointed to Denardo's, who come up as "Narbonne." Herault in France is at Narbonne.

The Hamburg/Hambury tower is shared by Shoe's, which can help to explain why Hamburg Trips now show shoes instead of their boots.

As I've repeated many times, a Bute/Butt Crest shares the black horsehead that was showing in an Este Crest at one time, and Este's formed the Guelphs. God had me get a plow in Guelph. I was attracted that far away by the very-good price. It was a major undertaking because they couldn't install the plow that first day, I had to drive home and return several days later. When finally I drove the Jeep home, in the rain, the roads froze near home, and crossing some train tracks, the front end swerved from side to side about four full swerves, four times toward one ditch, and four to the other, each time I thought I was headed into the ditch, but it managed to straighten out each time until it regained a straight line. The front end was too heavy with no weight in the back, when on an icy road, and we had pumped the front tires to a maximum pressure (like balloons, little traction on ice) due to the plow being too close (about 2 inches) to the pavement.

The Ice's were first found near the first-known boot-using Tripps/TREFFS, and Ice's happen to use TREFoils. I asked Allison out immediately after Darlene Ray left me (it was God, makes me a winner, then a loser, as He wishes/needs), and Miss Ray had the ICE-CREAM symbol. Cramers/Cremers (Ditch/Dike colors) use the ram, and the Ditch's/Dike's (Cumberland, same as their Daggers branch) are said to be from RAMerus de Dikes. Then, as this swerving-toward-the-ditches event happened immediately after crossing the train tracks, it's interesting that Drigs, who share the Track/Trick Coat, were likewise first found in Cumberland. As the plow event proved to point strong fingers to Bute, the Track / Drig lion can be the Morgan lion in colors reversed.

The Trains/Trayne's, meanwhile, were first found in neighboring Northumberland. I actually went to town between this paragraph and the one above, and passed those tracks, at which time Sewers / Siwards / Swords came to mind as per my use of "SWERving" above. It works, first of all because all three surnames are suspect from Siward of Northumberland. The Sewers are listed with Suters, however, which makes Sewers look like a merger with Shute's/Shots because they share the three swords of Swords, and the latter are definitely from Siward (he's the "Sword" in the Sword write-up who defeated MacBeth.)

When I used "balloon" above to describe the TIRES, I didn't know that Trayne's are said to have been closely associated with the royal Baliols. Alexander, brother of king Baliol, is in the Scott write-up, and this Alexander traces to the Alexanders of KinTYRE, you see. The Tyre's (MacDonald symbols) are also Tire's! Just amazing. Balloons/Baalhams/Ballams share the white estoile with Motts, and I always see the Mott crescent with the Alexander crescent because I trace Alexanders to the Alexander-named Maccabees that got the named from the Maccabee alliance with king Alexander BALas of the Seleucids, suspect as end-time Baathists.

I see Motts from a Modi'in element of Maccabees. Baliols are said to be a branch of Bailys, both first found in Northumberland. It just so happens that the Baily Coat is a good reflection of the Mota Coat. Mota's are suspect in the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila.

Years before knowing of Baliols / Baily, I traced the "Ubi" and "ibi" motto terms of Newmans to the Maccabee-suspect MacAbee's/McCabe's. This was based on a "Numenor" code form a fictional story by JJ Tolkien, who placed the island of Numenor within eye-shot of his island of "Avalone." Thinking that Avalon of Arthurian myth was Bute, I identified Numenor with the island of Arran, knowing hardly a thing about heraldry at the time, not knowing that MacAbee's or anyone else was first found in Arran. Years later, I learned that MacAbee's were related to the namers of ABBEville, near Arran-like AiRAINES (see Iron/Hiram write-up). It was a pleasant surprise because, by that time, I equated the Raines lions with the Newman lions at least partly due to knowing that Raines' were from Rennes, roughly on the Meu river that flows into Cotes-du-NORD, location of Mott (not far from the first-known Voirs that share the North / Denardo/Nordi lion). You can read that in the Mott write-up. So far, so good for linking Motts indirectly to MacAbee's.

Some years after that, I bumped into the "Ubi" and 'ibi" motto terms of Bailys, and read that were from "Bailleul-En-Vimeu which is about six miles south of Abbeville..." Perfect. It not only shows that it was correct to trace the Newman motto to MacAbee's, and the Newman surname to Tolkien's Numenor, but it tends to agree with a trace of Alexander, brother of Baliol, to Alexanders on Kintyre, beside Arran.

One can figure that the Mota's of a Mottolo entity at Train-like Otranto link to the nearby Motels of Otrant-like-Taranto, and while the Motel horse has an arm in its mouth, Cotes-du-Nord is also Cotes-d'Armor. The Armours share both the armored Arm with German Newmans and the stars of Bailys. The "terras" motto term of Alexanders, which can include the namers of Kintyre, finds that one terras surname uses the motto, "Amore," which connects to the "Ubi amor ibi" motto phrase of Bailys.

If you know my story of the Coffee's/Coffers and Taranto, as per their link to the News', it's interesting that News' can thus be Newman liners. In Fact, Coffee's/Coffers share the same fesse as MacAbee's. The other Coffers suddenly look like they have a different-color version of the Alexander Coat. These Coffers were first found in Somerset with the Roets who share the Bowes motto, and the Trayne's are said to have married Bowes' (could therefore be the Train lion in Crest). Somerset is also where Taranto-like Trents/Trans' were first found, and this area was founded by the Dumnonii, who I see as the Irish Damnann, a term like the Irish version of "Donald." In other words, I trace MacDonalds to the Dumnonii, and SOMERled MacDonald is even fundamental to the Keppoch branch.

As Catherine Roet owned a wheel, symbol of Carrara at Massa-Carrara, the "Quarere" motto term of Roets can be code for Carrara liners. The Roet connection to Bowes' is what tends to identify them as a Bower / Bauer, which can explain why Bourlys were likewise first found in Somerset. Bude's of Cornwall, who share the bow with Bowes', is not far off. Catherine's father was from Picardy, location of SOMerset-like Somme, and its Abbeville location.

The only reason I had for linking Trains/Trayne's to Ditch's/Dike's is the swerving I had at the train tracks, but I have just fond the Boze's/Bois' using cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Ditch's/Dike's, and Trayne's married Boze-like Bows/Bowes'.

I'm going on a longish diversion here with the Beze variation of Bessys/Besancons, assuming that Boze's/Bois' were their branch, all from the Bessi priests of the SATRae Thracians that I trace to the "Stura" river in Cuneo. The Boze's/Bois' are said to be at least related to Bosco's, and Busca is in Cuneo. The two DuBois surnames give indication of being of the Dutch Boschs/Bush's/Bos' (share billets with Beze's/Besancons), and of the Saluzzo's from Saluzzo, beside Busca. The Dubois' are a key topic below as the stucco story of last week continues. The Besse are on the map beside the Serdi that I trace to Swords, you see, and we just saw Swords pop up in the swerve of the train-track event. Tracks smack of Thracians. We saw Boze's suspect with Bowes', kin of wheel-liner Roets, and so the wheel in the Crest of DuBois' looks applicable. Roets became Beauforts directly, and they use a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of these DuBois. The other Beauforts are in Boze/Bois colors. I trace the Tous'/TONSo's to the Tonzus river that has a source near the Serdi, and Swords use the motto, "ParaTUS."

Finally, I trace the Lillae location beside the Bessi to Lissus of the Cavii because it's smack beside Besse-like Bassania on the dark map below. "BASSANia" should trace to BESANcons/Beze's, right? Looks good. Tyle is beside the Tonzus and near the Bessi, and then Tile's had a Tilly location in the BESSIN. Bessins share the bee with Boys, while Dubois' and Beze's/Bois' are also Boys'.

I was actually singing du-bee-du-bee-du... during the musical part of another version of Wayward Stranger was on my stereo system. I was singing those words while writing the last sentence above. So I loaded DuBie's to find Dubais' with three escutcheons in the colors of the one of Chadwicks and Chaddocks. I was staring, wondering whether God was in this. I then recalled that royal Duncans are also DunCHADs, and that "DUNCan" traces to Mt. Dunax (top-most Hebros river) smack beside the Serdi and the Bessi!!!! Zikers, God even makes me sing words or non-words without my knowing.

If all of this is good and mainly correct, let's add that while I almost swerved into the ditch about eight times, maybe even ten (it lasted a long time), the Ditch's are Dike's, first found in Cumberland with Daggers who trace to the Dexaroi on the same river as a BOIUS area (shown on the light map above).

As Acre's (share a black fesse with Carricks) are clearly a Dagger branch, note that they use the June fleur, for I trace June's to a Junia Caepionis, all three the daughters of Servilia Caepionis. Now, at the dark map, look to the north edge of lake Lychnidus/Lychnius for Pons Servila, and then see Kerax at the western edge of the same lake. This is new to me. Pons Servila has been a blind spot for me. I had traced Junia Caepionis, more on a circumstantial set of guesswork than evidence, to the family of Quadratilla Bassus and Lupus Laevillus before knowing that their son, Proculus, had a Kerax-like Charax surname. The area of the Dexaroi has strongly traced to Herods, who furnished the Alexander-Maccabee line to the wife of Quadratilla's father, QuadRATUS Bassus, whom I trace to Sub RADICE, because it's beside Tyle (above), explaining his daughter, QuadraTILLa.

Therefore, this Bassus family traces to the area of the Bessi and to Bassania, where I expect the Bassianus version of "Bassus." It all works super, and can explain why God led me to this family with the swerve at the train tracks in the Caiaphas-suspect Jeep. He always leads me to this family. My guesswork on Junia claimed that Caiaphas was born between herself and Quadratilla Bassus. At best guess, I thought that Caiaphas could be a son of Miss Caepio, mother or grandmother of Severus of Akmonia, himself the grandfather Quadratus Bassus.

There is one thing I neglected to say about the swerve, though I did mention this to readers in the past. I was thinking of my dentist at the moment that the swerve took place. I was wondering whether to make a formal complaint against him for what looks like malpractice on me. The swerve made me think that, if I lodged the complaint, I'd be in for a rough ride. Oh no, not another rough ride ahead for more pointers to Caiaphas.

Shortly after the swerve, I had a dream in which my dentist and I, the same dentist above, were on the golf course together. When we were done playing, the details of which I can barely recall, I was in the back seat of his car, and he was driving. He then laughed at the red buttons on my shirt, and the dream ended. That back seat was deciphered in the past. Recall the bucket in the back seat of the Volkswagen, for I realized today, while driving to town, that the bucket is a symbol of Caiaphas. I'll explain later. The back seat is code for steer-using Backs/Backs, as well as the Cetis-suspect Seats/Cedes' in the "cede" motto term of Steers. I was in the back seat, the dentist was STEERing the car. I get it. On the light map, on the Strymon river of the Satrae, see DENTHEletae, right beside Mt. Dunax.

The red buttons immediately went to the red shirt with buttons of Tous'/Tonso's, from the Tonzus river, location of Sub Radice and Tyle. There we now know why I was thinking of my dentist when the swerve took place. God even made me think while not informing me that it was Him making me. He rarely tells me what he's doing, and the same can apply to you. God is there, all along, creatures of doubt, and you can't know it unless he makes Himself apparent in some way. You need to look for Him, then you will find Him, for he rewards the one who wants Him. Get His attention. You can figure a way if you want it badly enough. Otherwise, he doesn't want you no matter how good you are. Yes, he wants you if you're good, but if you don't want Him, all your goodness is spoiled. You will fade and die in your sins.

To prove to me that the red buttons trace to the Tonzus, the Buttons/Bidens share the Capelli chapeau, and "Capelli" is like the Cabyle location on the Tonzus. Compare Cable's to Radice's for extra evidence that they do trace from those Tonzus locations. Then compare Cable's to Caens, in the BESSEN. Cable's were first found in Somerset with Roets, and beside the Dorset Tile's that had a Tilly location near Caen. It's all good. The Roets who were related with the Bowes' along with the Trains can be from the RHODope mountains between the Satrae and the Bessi, though Roets trace excellently to Caria's Rhodes.

Back now to Knob Hill Farms, with Kepke as code for Caiaphas. As per our sitting on the hood, it could have been of the Mustang or the Impala; I drove both while working there as a stock boy (it was a cut-rate grocery store), and Heids are also HAGELshiemers, which traces with Hagels to the Stock-liner Astakos area. Hoods were in Rattery, and Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks who in-turn share the single pile of Hagels, which amounts to evidence that Hoods were used of God in pointing to Heids (Bavaria), who have a single, bendwise arrow in colors reversed from the bendwise arrow of Rothchilds/Roddensteins (recall the broken arrow in the MALL after I was in the mall parking lot with the Volkswagen). Bauers use WINGs. Recalling that Allisons just linked to Carricks and Sheers/Shire's, it's notable that the latter have a different-color version of the Rattery Coat, both sharing the three fitchees sometimes shown on the Arms of Carrick...which, as a whole, is used by the Ayrshire Kennedys (which is how I know that Carricks were from Proculus Charax of Cetis).

Proculus was the son of Quadratilla Bassus, the line to the Bessin, home of le-Meschin, husband of Miss TailleBOIS, explaining why Carricks use the talbot dog, and why Bute-liner BOTHwells (same place as Carricks / Kennedys) use a BOY in Crest. Boys share bees with Bessins. Kepke, Denardo and I were all stock boys, and Stocks (same lion as Tails/Tailers) are said to be from near Caen i.e. in the Bessin. The "fortis" motto term shared between Stocks and Cabbage's (Northamptonshire), and the Stoke's of Northamptonshire, suggest they surnames share the same lion.

The Heid bend is a white one, as is the Rodden/Rodham bend, and the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow acts as the Rodden/Rodham bend in both colors. Hoods were at RATTERy, which can apply to Rodden / Roten elements; Rotens happen to share the Reitman Zionist stars. Rats/Raids were in Nairnshire with Rothchild-beloved Rose's, and Rose's were at neighboring Rothes in all likeliness. The bend of Jewish Rothschilds is the Rodden/Rodham bend too, with roses upon it. Rad's share the same Zionist star, but in the colors of the one shown for Jeepma's/CHEPs, and Rodhams were first found in the same place as Keep-loving HEPburns.

Roddens/Rodhams were first found in Northumberland with the Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns that share the white horse with Jewish RothCHILDs. The Childs/Chills whom I link to the Chillingham location of Hebrons happen to use the ROAD eagle, which is a good and additional reason to see the road in the sleeping-bag dream as code for HILLary Rodham Clinton, especially as I was on a HILL before crossing the road.

The stages in the sleeping bag dream were suspect at least partly with PLATforms. That's what I called them initially. When Rodham Clinton's email scandal was unleashed in the news, she changed her private server to one from PLATTE River Networks, which, if I recall correctly, was in Denver along with an office of PERKINs Coie, the lawyers she hired to conduct the criminal Steel dossier (that Republicans are, by and large, turning a blind eye to). As I said, before seeing Miss Peare (she worked for Reitmans when I met her in the MALL) on a wood platform, I had walked from the ROAD into a PARKING lot of a mall, and Parkings are listed with Perkins. Roads can be suspect with Rodhams, therefore, but let's add that while Mike Denardo was in a parking lot at the time of the hood event, Denardo's use the Catherine wheel, known symbol of Catherine ROET, a surname suspect with RUEDESheim/Rudesheim of Germany, suspect with the Rudes' of Salop.

It just so happens that the "alteri" motto term of Rodhams gets the Alter variation of Catherine-wheel Colters, first found in Lanarkshire with Allisons!!! Wow, a combining of the parking-lot event at Knob Hill Farms to the sleeping-bag dream just made sense of why Allison got into Denardo's car. And ALTers recalls the Aldo-branch boots purchased in the other event that had linked to the Allison event.

Aha! This is good. Robin HOOD is in the Crest of ALTons (Nottinghamshire, same as Robin's sheriff), and they share the fesse of Italian Aldo's/Alda's, which recalls that the Aldo boots were code for Bute = Rothesay, named probably by a Rodham / Roet branch. Alters/Colters were first found near the Alda's, both roughly between Rothes and Rothesay. I suggest that Colters were an Alda merger with Colts/Celts. The "Nec" motto term of Rodhams traces to raven-viking Stouts from the Neckar river's Stuttgart (Baden), and Neckers happen to share the Colt/Celt stag head.

There is an item on one red antler of the Neckers, and the red antler was symbol of Baden's Varangian-suspect Veringers. There is a Rodden river in Salop, where Rothes' were first found. It was determined that the Veringer antler is that of Casimirs, from Casimir of Poland, who married the Varangians of Kiev. Casimir was a son, if I recall correctly, of Mieszko II Lambert. Then, the daughter of Mieszko I, Sigrid the HAUGHTY, is suspect with Haughts/Haughtons, and we read in the Rodham write-up: "John of Roddam held land in Little Houghton in 1337." Mieszko's were of ancestry in mythical "KOLODziej," like "COLT," but also called "Piast the Wheelwright," and Wheelwrights, first found in Yorkshire with Hillards/Billiards, share the Catherine wheel with COLTers.

Sigrid was also named, Swietoslawa, and one can see why Sweets link to English and French Lamberts (Moray stars?). The latter use a version of the Hillard/Billiard Coat, and their Billiard/Billet branch is a branch of the Billets and Bellows who use a reflection of the German Lambert Coat. Relationship with Payens can be seen between French Lamberts and Billiards/Billets. The latter are looking like Pilate's, and the latter's pheon is colors reversed in the Colt/Celt Coat.

Shopping-Cart Dream Re-Visited

I should record here that the Handle's share almost the French Lambert Coat, for in a dream with the Jeep, I complained to its previous owner, Joseph, that it had a broken door handle. The Jeepma's share the Zionist star of Billiards/Billets, which are the Lambert stars quite apparently. Aha! I have figured it out. As per the DOOR handle, the Scottish Doors share the leopard faces of WheelWRIGHT-suspect Wrights! The other Wrights share the Stewart checks, and Wheels were first found in Salop with proto-Stewarts Alans.

Before complaining about the door handle, I was riding a shopping cart down a steep road while standing on it's side. That's how I arrived to Joseph, who sold me the Jeep in return for gutting out and rebuilding his bathroom. Carters use another wheel, and there is a Shop surname using what looks like the Carrick dancette because the Shops are curiously listed with variations such as Shorelands/Shirlands suggesting a branch of Sheers/Shire's/Share's. At first, I could make no sense of this, especially as to how it links to the Jeep's door handle. I wasn't happy enough to put the Chep variation of Jeepma's beside "Shop"...until I realized that the Shop Chief-Shield colors are those of JOPlins!! I think they are Japodes liners like the Jappa variation of Jeepma's. Joplins were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams.

The Joplin Chief shares the Shoe star, and Kepke sold shoes at SCARborough Town Center while Shere's are a branch of SCHARE's/Schere's. The Austrian Schere's (share "ears of wheat with Chappes'/Cheaps) use the split Shield of Tarves', and Tarves' use the fitchees of Sheers/Shire's, and to top it off, Shops/Shorelands/Sherlands are also SHAWlands while Chives' of Tarves -- Caiaphas suspects just like Jeepma's/Cheps, Cheaps and Kepke's -- are also SHEWas'. So, my shopping-cart ride to the previous owner of the Jeep has led where God wants it to lead.

And there is a Schaw surname listed with the Schore's/Shows, by the way, sharing the Chapman/CHEPman crescent. "Show" is a motto term of Nemo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps, how about that. As Shaws are from Shawia Numidians, the shopping cart was likely part-code for Cirta, the Numidian capital.

As Shire's are thought (by me) to be a Shire branch, it's notable that a squire's helmet is in the Crest of Twitch's/Twiggs that share a dancette in Chief with Shops/Shirlands/Shawlands. The Poindexters, with a "Nemo" motto term, use an "esquire's" helmet. The single Poindexter star is that of Show-like Shoes, and therefore it;s the Joplin star too. We got to the Schare's in the first place, sort of, with Kepke and I selling shoes at Scarborough. I think I now know why God put us in shoes together, immediately after we both worked Knob Hill Farms, because Shoe's are from Shawia Numidians. It's beautiful, because Syphax, a Numidian, is suspect with Spice's (Capone colors and format), who use a version of the Scarborough Coat, and the latter's has the same chevron as Quints. That spells Quintus Capone / Caepionis. It's perfect.

Scarborough's (Keep colors) were first found in Yorkshire with Keppocks, and they use nearly the same look. While Kepke was with Miss Peare, he left her and got engaged with Miss Walsh, and while one Walsh surname uses "AuSPICE NUMINE," the other uses "TRANSfixus." The Trans'/Trents must be from Terentia Murena, for Scarborough's share the Murena tower. Terentia's brother was a Roman general who conquered Aosta's Salassi, and Aosta is home to WALSers, a branch of Walsh's.

It appears that God named Nikki, Miss Walsh's sister. Nikki was likely born, Nichole, and so when we load Nichols, we find the surname sharing "sed" with Walsh's, and having a pheon in colors reversed from the Walsh pheon. We then find that Nichols are said to be from Nicholas D'Albini. When we follow through to Albini's of Modena, that's where Murena-like Marano's, Morano's, and Morinis' were first found. Why is this so important to God that he might have named Nichole just for making the discovery? Marano's, who have a Mauritano variation much like the Moratin of Murena's, share the WALLIS/Wallace lion while the Walsh swan traces to Wallis canton's Sion/Sitten. Yup, Walsh's were, as with Walsers, named as per the namers of Wallis canton.

Hackets/Hatchets look like they have the Albino Chief but with the Chief-Shield of Morinis'. The Hackets/Hatchets use three fish in the colors of the Saraca fish, and the latter's fesse is that also of Modena's Cassano's, a family that I trace to proto-Herod Macedonians. Hyksos-like Hackets are interesting because I felt that the Hyksos king, Khyan, should trace to Saraca's, while Hackets were first found in Khyan-like KilKENNY. One Kenny Coat (Brown / Flora fleur?) shares the Hockey crescent, and the other Kennys share the Morinis fleur. As the Kennys with the Hockey crescent use a split Shield colors reversed from the split Tarves Shield, Hackets look like a branch of the Hack variation of the Devon Hykes', especially as the Hykes'/Hake's use fish. In this picture, there is a good chance that Kennys went through queen Kenza of Aures (Numidia).

Aha! The Kenny split Shield is that of Fuggers while Fuggers use both fleur of both Kennys while Hockeys share the pierced stars of Foggs and Figgs, tending to make a loose link, in the least, between Hockeys and Kennys.

I thought that I was deviating from the Walsh line when going to Hackets, but it just so happens that the other Fuggers share the black and upright goat with Walsers. Then, the Moline's use the black goat too while Dutch Walsers have the black Moline moline in colors reversed, but the black moline is that also of Numidian-suspect Chives', first found in Tarves and sharing the Hykes/Hack quadrants. Hackletts use axes, a symbol in the Crest of Zahringer-suspect Zerrs/Zehrs (Bavaria, same as Fuggers), and the latter are said to have a hatchet in their Shield, tending to equate Hackets/Hatchets with Hackletts. The latter have Mr. Weaver in their write-up, and Weavers (Cheshire, same as hazels) share the Hazel Shield while Hazels share the Hockey fesse-with-crescents. Hackletts share the Coat (almost) of Haxwells/Axelrods from Hackinsall.

The split Shield in the Arms of Wallis and the Arms of Sion/Sitten has colors reversed from the split Trans/Trent Shield. As the Arms shares the stars of Wallas-like Glass', that's probably why Glass' share the mermaid of Walsers. As Pasleys/Paisleys were at Glasgow, what about the malPAS barony controlled by the Albini's of Nichols? These Nichols were first found in Cheshire with Pace's while the Pasi's to Paisley are also Pace's.

When we load Nicholsons, the Scottish branch has a red-eagle version of the Scarborough Coat, the one with the Murena towers. And red eagles are those of Tarents. A read of the Nicholson write-up brings us to the MacDonalds, who use the red eagle too, in both colors of the Nicholson eagle. Look at what we are learning here just because Kepke got together with Miss Walsh (never married her, was very temporary). I suppose that Nicholsons were part of the MacDonalds of Keppoch.

As for the naming of Christine Peare, Christine's share the Shaw Coat, and were first found in the Isle's.

One thing I cannot realize here is why I was riding the shopping cart. Couldn't there have been 100 ways to use such an item aside from riding it like a skate board? Shopping carts are for grocery stores, and Kepke and I both worked in a grocery store. In that picture, Kepke gets linked to the Jeep. Spice-like Spicks use the Jeepma eagle in red, the color of the eagles above. I've checked the Ride and Riding/Reading surnames but have nothing to say. But Rollings (share "Numine" with Walsh's) and Rollo's ("passe") give me something. The wheels of the cart were rolling down that ROAD, and Roets have a wheel symbol while sharing the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed. The Roads have the spread eagle of Childs while the Tarent Coat is a colors reversed version of the entire Child Coat. Childs are Chills too, perhaps from CILnius Maecenas, husband of Terentia Murena. Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with the Celts/Colts met earlier with Roet liners, and with Shaws that are part of Shops. Looks good for a rolling shopping cart.

Aha! Rollo's use a black boar in Crest, the color of the boar heads of Ridings/Readings/Reddins (same place as Keeps). It just so happens that Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford while Swynfords use black boar heads too. The Porcius boar is black, and Spicks use a PORCupine. Porcius Cato had land, and probably lived, in Sabina, location of Reading-suspect Rieti. Reeds share the book with Roets.

Rollo's were first found beside the Nemo's (Annandale saltire?) that love the Shop-related Shows/Schaws, as well as beside the Chappes/Cheaps that may be of the Chep variation of Jeepma's. Again, Shop-suspect Joplins share the Shoe and Poindexter star while the latter love the Nemo's. I rolled down the road to the Jeep, and complained that there was a part missing in the door handle.

Kepke and I hit off a good friendship at the age of 12 when we collected GOLF balls in the river of golf ranges, and we started our first tax-free business together selling the balls to the golfers as they came by the greens. We sold the golfers their own balls back, true pirates we were but without the eye patches. There is no Golf surname, and because God gave me a dream with golf balls appearing out of white ground, near the time of the Kepke-at-my-driveway dream, it makes for a good guess that God's golf theme is for Guelphs, because the Jeep's plow was installed in Guelph.

Guelphs were a branch by marriage of Este's, the latter near Istria and suspect as named after it. Rijeka, where king Maccus should trace, is at the northern end of Istria. "Rijeka" can be of Richeza, wife of Mieszko II. Cnut was the grandson of Mieszko I, all from the GOPLO mouse tower's Piasts, whom I trace to the Bistue locations you see on the old map above, between the Ceraunii and Maezaei. Therefore, we can expect these Illyrians in Rijeka, which on the map is near TARSatica, a possible proto-Tarrs line. Why could SchimaTARi's namers have named Tarsatica? Why were Shake-beloved Mole's first found in Roxburghshire with Maxwells? I showed why my first goal from Tarr's slap shot should link to Pollocks, and they are a known sept of Maxwells, the one's whose double-headed eagle should be in Rijeka. I trace Pollocks to Istria's Pula/Pola because its cross is in the colors that Pollocks used for their saltire. You can bet, therefore, that Vespasia Polla was of Pola/Pula.

We now have some good cause to link JOPlins to "GOPLo," and both to Japodes at the Rijeka area. As I said, Croatians were KRVati, which is one reason that I trace Cravens to Croatians, and so let's add that while Rich's are also Richeza-like Richess', the neighboring Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed. My friend. RICK Young, the next-door neighbor of Kepke, can apply because Youngs are from Una-river elements (beside Japodes). Ricks (Arthur colors and format) use BOTTONy crosses, and were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, and Button-using Tous' are loved by Bleds. Rijeka is near Bled, and then Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with the Maxwell Crest.

But wait, "Goplo" traces excellent with Kopple's to Koplik, which was also, Cupionich, so much like "Caepionis." Couldn't it appear that Joplins should trace to Koplik instead of the Japodes. Then again, Japodes were on the Caepio-like Kupa river, and who knows how many version it went by. This is hard work, if only God could speak plain English.

I realize that the heads of historians will be spinning at all of these excellent links, but God had a lot of time on His hands, and he has zillions of hands to do zillions of things at the same time, it is just incredible that Existence has a God at all, let alone a God this powerful. We and life together are truly fortunate, yet mankind has squandered The Plan all away for brutal selfishness' sake. What a wasteful and dread shame.

The "Garde le FOY" motto term of Ricks can trace to the Este area down the Adige from lake Garda. Foys/Foix's share pellets on a white bend with SHEEPs (ESToiles), and Jeepma's/Cheps/Jappa's are expected with Japodes at Rijeka, also called, Rika. SHEPtons/Shiptons use bellows, remember, while Belows use the Jeepma/Chep/Jappa eagle.

Alan-suspect Lane's use three "English lions" and a "Garde le roy" motto. These Lane's with the Launays are thus suspect with the three Plantagenet lions, both using them in pale (vertical), and in the same colors.

When loading Irish Brone's, to check if they were a branch of Brome's, I started to find the Belows in this update at the very second I was singing the word, "below," from the song, Wayfaring Stranger. And that's why this paragraph is here. The Irish Brone's/Browne's share the Below / Jeepma eagle, all in the colors of the Fulk wings (eagle wings, I assume). Most of the next section was written by this time, and it has other evidence that Brome's were Bruno liners. For example, Bromicks/BURNys use a BROWN Crest.

Boy-O-Boy, it's "Bomix"; Get a Grip, Man

At lunch Friday, I called around to fix the stucco problem, which, for one thing, discovered that there is no problem with the Bomix stucco. Yes, a woman I spoke to today corrected me to say it's "Bomix," not, "Bromix." What a lousy mistake for me to have made since the last update. I apologize. It's not a brand I've known.

The good news is, I made a larger test sample (click to see along with the planks I had set up on the wood scaffold), sitting on a paint stick upon the window sill, and the color is bright white outdoors, but when I bring the stick to the interior of the window jamb, the color is as dark as you see the stucco in this interior photo. The outer jam is visible next to the interior jamb, meaning that the low-UV glass (allows low ultra-violet light to get through) is altering the white to a hugely-different gray shade. There you can see the glass PANE, no plastic frame. Note that I had put the test sample on a PAINT STICK (happened to be handy at the time) with no thought of the Sticks that trace with "stucco" to Astakos, and that Pane-related Pans/Payens have a Paint-like variation.

In fact, I trace Payens/Paions/Paionts to Paioni, which, I think, I had traced well to Panias, beside Laish and Daphne, and the latter's Taphians were right at the Astakos theater. In fact, as Payens were first found in Dauphine, they may have named it. Or, they were with Daphne elements in that area who named it. The Arms of Dauphine uses the old Daphne symbol, the dolphin, code for her station at the Apollo divination center in Delphi, like the Mopsus cult represented by my mopping the foyer FLOOR. Floor-like surnames linking to Rieti's potential Herods are straight down the pipe.

The dolphin is shared by James', who came to mind when I was telling you about the window JAMBs. James' can be sharing the Pool / Rita / Roy / DOUGAL lion. The Roys were first found beside GLASgow, and share the James lion too. The James motto is suspect with the DOUGLas/DuGLASS motto. The first king James was a Stewart, and while Stewarts were thick in Glasgow, the Stewart-related Lane's loved the Roys.

The foyer will help to make amends as I look into Bomix-like surnames. The best I could do thus far is the Baums and Baumgartners. Jewish Baumgartners use the split colors of Foyers/Foix's and Sprows', and while Foix may have been Fulks, Sprowston is in Norfolk, where Fulke's/Volks were first found who share a singe white fleur-de-lys with Jewish Baumgartners, and the Fulke fleur is in the colors of the Dutch-Bone fleur. The Bom-like Bone's (possible the Pullen bend) are Bohemian-suspect Bohuns too, probably from the BONonia version of Bologna.

In this picture, we are still in the family of Brooms/Brome's (and Planque's) who came to topic as per my mistakenly spelling it, "Bromix." Jewish Baums, with crossed spears in the colors of the same of Pasi's/Pace's, are expected to be Bohemians at the Pasi's/Pace's of Bologna. That is, the proto-Bohemians were the Boii of Bologna, and German Boms/Bohems (Bohemia) are said to be of Bohemians. I'll even show you a bag of Bomix on the tile floor in the foyer; this photo was requested today by the DauBOIS company (Montreal, (800) 561-2664) that distributes it, can we believe it? I almost missed it. It appears to be God's pointer to the Boii.

For the record, German Baumgartners use a "fence" around a tree. French Baums (Dauphine) are excellent for their "pas" motto term, and their "guide" motto term, for Guido's/Guis' (share Dubois/Bois/Boys lion!) were first found in Bologna. If correct that Pasi's named VesPASia Polla, that's where spear-using Fulks trace (she married a son of Tertulla), and Pasi's trace easily to Pasleys/Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire with Polla-line Pollocks and the Speers who use their own crossed well as the boar heads of Rieti-line Roets sharing the tree with the Pane's/Panico's and Baumgartners (and the Brittany Dubois'! I almost missed mentioning the Daubois company). It could appear that Bomix was God's pointer to Baums too, for you saw my GLASS PANEs, and GLASgow is in Renfrewshire!!! Hee-hee. Saved by the Boii...who formed Bohemians in PANNonia (the Boii are on the old map above in Pannonia).

The Bute-liner Bothwells have a BOY PULLING down a pine TREE, and Pullings/Pullens are Vespasia-Polla liners.

Baums could be from Poppo I Babenberg of BAMberg. As soon as I saw that English Bamburgs/Banbury were first found in Oxfordshire, it got interesting, for that's where Peare's were first found suspect from a Peter, such as Flavius Petro of RIETi (married Tertulla above), for I met Miss Peare when she worked for REITmans, and the German Reitmans use Zionist stars (symbol of Pero's, branch of Pierro's) in colors reversed from the same of Bamburgs/Banburys. (I didn't yet know that Gartners were first found in Oxfordshire too!). The same Reitmans use a rose in the colors of the roses of Pero's/Pierro's, first found at Pavia/PAPIa, a possible Poppo liner. The Peeble's/Peoples', who share the parrot with Jewish BaumGARTNERs, should be a branch of the People variation of Pepins. Parrots use pears, and Peare's are Pears.

Aha! The Reitman Chief/Shield colors are those of Spriggs! The sprigs of broom are all Fulk liners from Rieti, right?

It just so happens that the Rothschild-related Pettys (share Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, for one) use green parrots too, and trace well to PIETas-Julia, because it's at Istria's Pola/Pula, where proto-Rothschild Pollocks trace, and suspect with Vespasia Polla that was also suspect at Baum elements in Bologna! Is that not amazing? Bauer-branch Bowers (share Arms of Rothschild) were first found in Peebles-shire. German Gartners were first found in Bavaria with Bauers, Rothes'/Rothchilds and Bamberg, and use a giant scallop in colors reversed from the same of Rieti-liner Pullens and Sabine's.

By the way, the split Gartner colors are those of the eggs/EDGE's that I trace to the ADIGE river by lake GARDA, proving that Gartners/Gardners are from lake Garda elements. Both surnames use a single white item on their split colors, the Eggs/Edge's likely using the Este eagle. Eggertons/Edgertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's) use bunched arrows, symbol of Rothschilds.

This recalls my old trace, but never re-visited, of Pepin of Landen to queen Bebba of Babbenburg, and Bamburgh castle in the Berwickshire theater. That's one reason that Bamberg suspects just linked to Pepin suspects.

Bamberg is where Wise's/Weis's were first found who share the Zionist star of Pero's. English Wise's share "SaPERE aude" with Bromicks/Berneys (bow and arrow). The lion in the Crest of English Wise's is also used by Bologna's Guido's/GUIS', the latter variation easily evolving to "Wise." Guido's are said to be a branch of Woods, though I see only a merger between the two, and Woods share the tree with the Baumgartners suspect with Boii of Bologna. A tree alone is used by Booms/Boemers, and a tree is important to the Renfrewshire Hamiltons.

It could appear the Brome's/Brooms merged with the Burns, but as the latter were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's, whom I've insisted were from Berenice Agrippa, by what coincidence was she engaged to be married to Flavius Titus of Rieti? They probably had at least one child. I still think the Bernicians (at Bamburgh castle) were named after her.

Peter Pollock was at Rothes in or beside Elginshire, the latter where Bromicks/BERNeys were first found. The latter are in the colors of Jewish Pollocks while the Burn/Bernes' write-up tell of a Bernys in the barony of Renfrew. If that's not enough, I've just noticed that the two stars in the Burn/Bernes Chief should be the two in the Dutch-Reitman Chief while there is even a "READy" term in the Burn/Bernes motto! The black Zionist stars of Burns are also in the Bernice Chief.

The stucco representative who gave me the bags of Bomix is Mr. Malone. The Malone's share the Morgan / Moore lion, and with its three stars it all gives the impression of a Pollock-Coat version. The "ad" motto term of Malone's can go to Ade's/Aide's because they share the bend of Jewish Pollocks. I trace Ade's to Ada of Warenne/Varenne, in HUNTINGdonshire, which can explain the Pollock hunting horns, white as with the Huntingdon hunting horns. The Huntingdon Coat reflects the Bromick/Berney Coat, and the latter use "aude" while Pollocks use "Audaciter." That's working, and I told you "Bromix" when I thought I heard it on the phone with Mr. Malone. Maybe he did say, "Bromix."

As Varenne's/Verone's use the raven, not only can they link to Peter Pollock, but to the Varni vikings. As per Shake's below, let's remind that Varns/Warnochs share the Shakespeare bend, in the colors of the Varenne/Verone ravens. Varns/Warnochs were first found in Ayrshire with the Cunningham SHAKEfork, the Nons/Nevins in the Shakespeare motto, and the raven-using Mackeys/Margys.

The "STRenue" motto term of Pollocks was suspect for an line from Istria, such as Stars (Pollock / Malone colors roughly) or neighboring Sturs (Poole is near the mouth of the Stur). The "Vive" motto term of Stars can be for Vivians/Veys, the line of Morgan le Fay, and Malone's share the Morgan lion while Stars share gold estoiles with Bute's/Butts = Avalon liners. It's working. The Star chevron is colors reversed from the same of Shake's, and horns are code for elements of Orion of Shake-liner Schimatari. Shake's use mole hills, and while Schims share the Molle boar head, a daughter of Eschyna de Molle married the second Pollock, Robert. I trace Morgans to Morges on the north shore of lake Geneva along with Pully, and Pullys are listed with Pullens, from Vespasia Polla. Why is the Pollock boar BROWN?

Stars are in the colors of the Flint flint stones. BAMM-BAMM, the son of BARNEY Rubble. Fred and Barney went to the Water Buffaloes lodge (Masonic), and the buffalo is used by Pohls and Zahringers of Baden. Badens/Battins share the eye with Stars. Recall BarnSTAPLE's, for Staple's share the motto of Pollock-suspect Peters. Why did Barney Rubble wear BROWN?

As Burns could have named Bruno's, by what coincidence were Brome-like Barone's first found in Florence with Bruno's? Browns (Cumberland again) even use a Coat a lot like that of Burns. It appears that Berenice-Agrippa liners were in Florence with Fulks, kin of Massi's, and so I'm now wondering whether her secret child with Titus led to Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus whose daughter had a Maesa surname, somehow. One Barney Coat looks linkable to the Arms of Saraca, and Saraca's were in Dalmatia with Julius Bassianus. The Saraca fesse is also the Bernice fesse! The Arms of Rieti at Wikipedia have had their fish colors changed; they are now in the colors of the Saraca fish. Why are the Rieti fish on fretty? Fretty is suspect from Dalmatia's Vardiae, perfect, and Vardy/Virtys (barons of Ferte) share the moline of Firenze-like Fiers. The Rieti fish were once near black, as I recall them, the colors of the Glasgow fish, and Pollocks with Pasleys/Paisleys were at Glasgow. Glass' were first found in Buteshire. The Aldo's/Alda's of Florence use Agrippa-suspect griffins. The Rieti flag is half purple, the color of the Pace Shield, and as the latter's has besants, Pasi's could have been Bassianus'.

It's known that Colchians settled off the coast of Pola/Pula, and in Croatia, and Colchians had previously lived at Pasi-like Phasis. I read that "pheasant" was coined on "Phasis," and there is a Pheasant surname, with pheasants in the colors of German Bessens/Besants, and first found in Middlesex with English Besants/Bessens (Vere Shield) and Vere-liner Fiers/Fere's. The German Bessens look like they're playing Bamm-Bamm. I'd say Colchians were thick in Croatia's Losinj/Lusen (islands off Istria) because it smacks of Lazona of the Lazi at the Phasis area. VesPASia thus looks like a Colchian from the namers of Pola/Pula. Colchians could have named Croatia's COLapis river. There is a lozenge-like location in Normandy, and Istria-suspect Stars use lozenges. Vere's share the blue boar with Irish Barone's.

Colapis liners are suspect in the "culpa" motto term of Vespasia-Polla liner, Pullens. Excellent. The Pullen pelican simply reveals that Pellicans, first found in Maine with Josephs, are a Vespasia-Polla line. As one Patent/Patten surname shares the entire Pullen motto, while the other Patents are the Padyns/Putins in Dumfries with KilPATRicks, they both look like Antipatria / Antipater liners. Patents/Pattens share the green Leslie griffin, what a lescincidence. Lesce is near the Colapis. Pullens us footLESS martlets, and Less' are the LESKS (yup'er) who use a boar in colors reversed from the Bards that likewise have a green griffin. I'm pretty sure Herod Agrippa's had green, scaly skin. Leslie's use the motto, "GRIP fast." Yup'er, it sure looks like griffins are code for Agrippa's. And Fasts/Fastoffs (and Falstaffs) share the quadrants of Pettys i.e. suspect from Pietas-Julia = Pola/Pula. (Falstaffs tell me that Fasts share the Fall/Valle/Vel bend.)

As I trace Herods to Antipatria, what about the Boius area up-river from it on the old map? Could Dubois' be from that place? This question might be answered in the insert above on the Boze/Bois surname.

The Gard griffins (Gripp colors) look like a substituting in their Chief of the Joseph martlet in the Pullen Chief. The Gard griffins are in the colors of Garts who happen to use the two lions in pale of Jewish Levi's, and these Garts were first found in Surrey with the earl of Surrey's daughter, ADA of Varenne, whom I trace to the Ade's/Aids in the Levi motto. These are the colors of the Agrippa-suspect Gripps/Grape's, and while Jewish Levi's come up as Levine's, another Levine Coat uses the grape vine, which happened to have been a symbol on the coin of at least one Herod (Archelaus). Garts share the same fitchees as Tarves' and Shire's/Sheers (Surrey), the latter suspect with the Sheera variation of KilPatricks, i.e. who are part of the Antipater line to/from the first Herod. The Kilpatricks share the Gart lion too. Herods were known Edomites, and the Book of Enoch gives the black boar as a symbol of Edom, which is a symbol of GARDens.

There is a blood reason that I see the Bernice fesse with the same-colored one of Modena's CASSANDRa's/Cassano's, which I say because Gards have a Coat version of Modena's Morinis'. The latter are in the write-up of Kent's Deerings, and Gards were first found in Kent. Herods were descended, I feel sure, from Macedonian king, Antipater, father of king CASSANDER. Deerings can be from the notion that "Ragusa" (home of Saraca's) means "deer."

The Arms of Croatia shares the Vair/Feuers/Viers, suspect with Fire variations. FLORence is also FIREnze, expected with the Ferrands (Florence) that share the Italian-Fulk and Vair-related Fer Shield...all share the checks of Dutch FLEUR's. Aha! Florys share the Burn fleur (it's the fleur of Flavius-like Plows too). The heraldic flory cross of Florence's Taddei's now makes the latter surname look like an emperor-Titus line. By what coincidence was the Titus surname first found in Herod-like HERTfordshire? The lion in the Titus Chief looks like the lion design in the Arms of England, and the latter is the Plantagenet Coat. The Lane's share these British lions probably because they were the royal Stewarts who retained their Alan identity. These Lane's love the Roys that could be with the Pool / Rita lion.

English Ferrands use two items in Chief in the colors of the two Reitman stars in Chief. Burns and Bernice's (and Pollocks) use hunting HORNs, and Bassianus' trace to Orne's Bessin, home of Meschins that use a reflection of the French Ferrand Coat. Note that Fulke's/Volks share the double-tipped spear with ShakeSPEARE's (CUMBERLAND, same as Burns / Bernice's / Browns!) who in-turn share the bend of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's! Cumberland is where Daggers were first found who trace to the Dexaroi at Antipatria/Antipater, where I trace Antipater, father of the first king Herod (Agrippa's father, I think). The same bend is used by Sarah's while Fulke's/Volks use "Qui sera sera" for a motto. I've never felt this sure that Berenice Agrippa was to Browns / Barone's, all thanks to the tip-off from Brome's/Brooms, which entered the discussion with my mistake of misspelling "Bomix."

The Firenze surname (Florence) has a BROWN wolf holding a sickle or scythe, and this city's name smacks of Fier county down the Apsus river from Antipatria. I'll bet that Herods of Israel had a good relationship with the imperial house of Titus and Vespasian. Hmm.

It could be coincidental, but the Mix's/Micks, like "BoMIX," share the fleur of Burns/Bernes'. Mix's/Micks were first found in the area of the Spree river, and Spree's share the crescents of both Speers (Renfrewshire) and German Bamburgs/Bambergs, thus making Mix's/Micks traceable to Bologna on two counts (one with Pasi's/Pace's). And the three Mix/Mick fesses are colors reversed from the same of Fullers and English PASleys. Recall that Baumgartners are suspect with Boii of Bologna. The Pasleys/Paisleys are expected from Bologna, and they share a tree with Baumgartners. As Paisley is at GLASgow, the Bomix stucco fits well with my stucco job around the glass pane. The Foys beside Glasgow are in the "Garde le roy" motto of Lane's, and the Gard griffins are easily linked to the Gartner/Gardner griffins. The other Gards share the brown wolf with Firenze's. Fullers were early in Hertfordshire, where Titus' were first found, and, again, Gardners can be using the Sabine scallop (colors reversed) while Vespasia Polla married Flavius Sabinus, father and mother of Titus.

Pasleys were at TICEhurst, and German Tice's have variations looking like the makings of Thistle's in the Pasley/Paisley thistles.

When my father worked real-estate with Bruno, they bought houses adjacent to one another on a Reesors street. The Reesors share the vaired cross of the Yorkshire Ferrands.

Florence is at the ARNo river while Annas' are also ARNissa's who share the star of Annas-like Angus', but the point is, the latter's two stars are in Chief, in the colors of the two stars in the Reitman Chief. It very-much appears that God put Christine Peare at Reitmans, a few stores down from where I was selling shoes, then made her like me, then took her away from me with Mr. Kepke. I've got a feeling that this was due to the Keeps in the motto of HepBURNs, first found between Cumberland and the first-known Keppocks/Kippax's of Yorkshire.

The Hepburn motto ("Keep tryst") loves the Trists (same stars as Annas star), first found in Cornwall with Tristans, and Arthurian myth has a mythical Tristan. Tristans are said to be from Bampton, and Bamptons are also BAMtons. They have a Coat almost in Keppock colors and format, and share lions in the colors of the Bramton/Brampton lions. It could be that Bamburg / Baum elements merged with Bramtons (Devon, same as the Tristans of Bampton), for Brams/Breme's were first found in Bavaria with Bamberg. Could Bramtons (Semper/St. Pierre/St. Pere Coat) have been a merger with Barone's to form Brome's?

It's been a good day on Bomix. The Bromix mistake wasn't wasted.

Whether the Bomix comes out white outdoors will be known Monday morning, because Sunday was a beautiful / critical day for applying it, and that's what was done just in time before rain and then too-cold weather.

Caravan News

Here's a report on the nature of the "caravan" from eye witnesses we can trust. Judicial Watch tells that it wasn't a caravan, and there were almost no women and children. It looks fake, in other words, for photography purposes. When political groups make news, it's fake news. It's been the way of the deep state for decades, hasn't it? We just didn't realize until we could communicate with one another online. All the tricks are being exposed. The news is an empty suit. We need to know who organized this, but why can't the Republicans dig in and discover it? Surely, with so many people involved, there's ways to discover the organizers. Surely.

The video above says that Sara Carter went down (more than a week ago) with Judicial Watch, and here she is on Fox with only a few minutes to tell what can't be told in this short time, especially as the Fox guy interrupted her as though he didn't want her to say too much, or whatever Fox head cheeses decided should not be said, One comment of many like it on the page: "Jesse, Sara was there. Why didn't you let her talk more? You kept repeating the same thing, all the same talking points as other FOX journalists. She could have added so much more!" Sara went down and schmoozed in the caravan crowds, yet she gets only two minutes or less to tell of it, and Trump with Fox gets the rest of the six minutes: "Sara Carter is Fox's star investigative reporter. You'd think that the brass and the hosts could allot her a couple of minutes to tell what she knows. It's not the first time I've seen her involved in these abrupt segments." Apparently, she and Fox are not permitted to point fingers at organizers inside the United States.

It's starting to look like the Palestinians of Gaza versus the Israeli military. Sara says that the organizers are from Guatemala's leftist groups, but that does answer for the off-timing (approaching cool weather) of this alleged migration, smack at election time in the United States. I don't think it's Guatemala that wants to oust Trump as much as Obama. Like everything Obama touches, this too is a failure. No one wants to oust Trump at this time but Obama, Hillary, Rosenstein and several Republican lawmakers involved with Middle-East-related corruption. If you think the American military is spending money in the Middle east because it cares to help Muslims on the streets, get a breath of fresh air, get thine head working rather than believing what you hear from the military.

Now listen to Mike Pence tell that it's the Guatemala government that has informed the United States that leftist groups in Guatemala / Honduras are responsible. But I say we should not be so trusting, because the Guatemala government may be working with Americans (for a reward, of course) and therefore merely launching deception when blaming it on an organized group in its own country, for that to me sounds like the Twilight Zone i.e. highly unlikely. Pence says that the group wants to challenge American law, but this is the Twilight-Zone part, though if the outsiders have the support of the Obama circle, and other Democrats wanting more voters, along with their deep-state lawyers, then it makes sense.

Therefore, the money funding this thing is not a group inside Guatemala, for it would NOT take a huge legal risk to change American law by such a useless event as this. Instead, the purpose of this is to make Americans sympathetic to changing the immigration laws, and for this American insiders are needed. It's obvious who those insiders are. They are therefore paying for this. So why didn't Pence of Fox point to the insiders?

Lou Dobbs had Sara on back in October, and she reveals the scam, even men with children that are not their children, and CNN Spanish focusing on the women to give this a family white-wash when in fact the marchers are almost all men behind the motherly facade at the front of the line. When you get to the Hannity part of the video below, stop watching and instead watch the fuller Hannity video, with Sara's personal video included, below this none:

It's starting to appear that this effort has been in the works for a year or more, timed for the election. It's a great example of fake news unloading a known scam upon the people. That's called a conspiracy, and people need to be jailed. Media heads need severe punishment. Where are the Republicans? Why is no one pointing to American insiders? Trump, you can't be that stupid to think the Central Americans organized this. Here's Sara on Hannity:

Just look at the t-shirts, no creases, as we would expect if they slept the nights in tents, or parks, or even motels. My clothes get creases just sitting in a drawer; how do spare clothes in a backpack, especially if used for a pillow at night, not get creased? I have yet to see where these people sleep nights, which is such a strange omission. Don't we expect Fox to show pictures of where they go nights? Did Fox not allow Sara's night video? Where are pictures of their tents at dawn? What do they when they awake, iron or dry-clean their clothes? At 2:55, some people are lying down in daylight, but upon what looks like patio stones instead of the softer grass beside them ??? Everyone else is standing. I see no tents, no blankets, no food cooking, nothing that could be construed as a camp.

Who feeds them? See 3:12. It looks like they each get an entire chocolate bar, and one person sticks it into a pocket rather than eating it due to be famished. No one is asking for a second, or looking disappointed.

Sara appears here with her normal hair rather than the playboy-bunny look that Fox provides its females.

If you search "CNN live" at youtube, you get all the same day's shows, but if you do "Fox live," you do not get that day's shows. Great shame, youtube, blatant cheating, worthy of condemnation. Youtube tries to make it as hard as possible to find the same day's Hannity show, for example. Youtube knows people want the same day's show when they search, "Hannity," but, too bad, says youtube, we're here to cheat democracy our way.

When you go to Youtube's Fox page, no Fox Live link shows up, but there is a CNN link, and when you click the CNN link, the CNN page you go to has the CNN Live link right at the top. Youtube is thus condemned as a filthy cheater, supporting the filthy liberals to boot. And that's only one example of countless on how they cheat the better people.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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