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August 8 - 14, 2017

Coverage on God's Plot to Punish the Clintons -- This is No Clickbait
Jay Sekulow Part of God's Touch-Brasier Plan?
See the Hare-Raising Milkshakes at the End of This Update

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

NBC's Pizzagate Accusation

This section was written lower in this update, but I wanted to move it to the top to assure that you don't miss it:

It's the 9th as I write, and the following pizzagate video, dated the 5th, wasn't found on youtube until now. To my shock, this story was out from NBC (Chuck Todd), though some years ago. A state department official (unnamed ambassador) was being investigated for pedophilia allegations, when the investigators suddenly dropped the case because of pressure from higher up. And, says the video, this was under the leadership of Hillary Clinton:

Don't worry, God will give them some falling rocks to hide under. Regardless of why the higher-ups wanted the case hushed, it's an obstruction crime to hush it, and works against catching child-sex amongst government officials. The people, and especially people in government with children, want to know who this official is. Now that Trump owns the secretary of state, we expect a full report from Trump himself. Right?

One small media: "Hillary Clinton team members 'threatened the lives' of NBC investigative reporters in order to shut down an investigation into a State Department pedophile ring cover up scandal, according to a member of the NBC production staff. The day after an NBC news broadcast broke the news of a pedophile ring cover up within the State Department, 'members of the Clinton team' contacted executives at NBC and threatened reporters working on the investigation with 'the most serious kind of consequences'." Ask: why did the Clinton team need to call NBC at all? So far as the story went, it did not target Hillary herself. But these threats are a self-inflicted wound. At least one of the Clintons is thereby making it plain that the pedophile suspect(s) touches closely to the Clintons, or that further investigations will uncover something awful as pertaining to Hillary. Was Steve Scalise investigating this very thing?

This story is from an inspector general during Obama's first term:

However NBC viewers were puzzled when the explosive investigation was suddenly dropped by the network, pulled from the NBC website, and never mentioned by the network again.

“We were devastated when we got pulled from that investigation,” the assistant producer said. “The executives pulled us into a room, which was unusual back then, and told us we had to drop it. They’d been contacted by members of the Clinton team. They were made aware of ‘potential consequences’, the most serious kind, if we continued with the investigation.”

“We had to make a choice between continuing the investigation or risking our lives. Obviously, as you know, as history shows, we decided we had to drop the investigation.”

There you go, a death threat that wasn't posed necessarily as one, but the media bosses understood it as one...because it involved the Clintons. Is this any way for anyone to run a country, Mr. Trump? We now have every reason to hear from Trump on this matter, and if there is nothing to the story, then Trump can say so. But if there is something to it, we expect Sessions on this right away.

When someone brought this story up on Reddit (doesn't remove foul language, shame) four months ago, the opposition came in right away (at the top) to quench it, quoting Wikipedia's Howard Gutman article, which provides names of individuals involved (allows us to google-search better):

The state department inspector general cleared the department of any wrong doing, which is strangely missing from commonsenseevaluation's rehosted article which seems to have originated on a few days ago [it's not strange to have it missing -- to ignore it -- since the inspector general was apt to deny the truth for avoiding punishment].

A State Department whistleblower alleged that an Inspector General's report accused Gutman of soliciting prostitutes and minors for sex while serving as Ambassador, but that Undersecretary of State Patrick F. Kennedy (Assistance Secretary of State for Bill Clinton] ordered it removed from the report. Gutman denied the accusations as "baseless" and the State Department adamantly denied that any allegations of questionable or illegal behavior by diplomats have been covered up, and that any proven wrongdoing would be punished administratively or prosecuted criminally [no one takes this as the final word]. On June 11, 2013, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that the allegations were under active investigation by an independent inspector general...

After his completion of service, when he was free to talk, Ambassador (Rtd.) Gutman appeared on a popular Belgian talk show [why not on American?], Reyers Laat (nl), and addressed the allegations and "nonsense" [same as all others accused of pedophilia]...Finally, in October 2014, the State Department investigation [how about letting someone else investigate it?] cleared Ambassador Gutman..."

There you have what should be the best defence that the liberals can muster. It's a great reason for the Trump team to do an investigation, because nothing much can be more important to the Justice department than politicians abusing children, covering up crimes from the highest level, and threatening media bosses until they cover (kill) an important story.

As for Patrick Kennedy above, here's from his Wikipedia article, which has one of his statements on ambassador Stevens (murdered by the Obama administration), blaming the ambassador for being in Libya willingly without boots on the ground to protect him. On Kennedy: "The Republican minority on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence alleged that Kennedy, as Under Secretary for Management, failed to approve requests for additional security in Benghazi and Tripoli, and failed to implement recommendations regarding high-risk diplomatic posts that had been issued after the bombings of embassies in 1998. In fact, the facility was classified as a U.S. Special Mission, which was then a novel category, that required a waiver which 'legally allowed the CIA annex to be housed in a location about one mile from the U.S. special mission.'" Why was the CIA so close to Stevens? To protect him, or kill him? We recall that at least one military man at that CIA location revealed how the CIA ordered them not to go protect Stevens. This was a news fact.

Kennedy's article has a paragraph on the Gutman story, and reveals that CBS was onto the story:

On June 10, 2013, CBS News reported that a memo from an official [the whistle-blower, I assume] in the State Department inspector general’s office alleged that the then-current ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, was ditching his security detail to engage prostitutes and underage children, and further alleged that Patrick F. Kennedy had killed the original investigation in order to protect Ambassador Gutman and maybe others. On June 11, 2013, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that the allegation regarding Kennedy was under active investigation by an independent inspector general. On June 21, 2013, the White House announced Denise Bauer as the new nominee to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.

That gives us the easy picture. Carney admitted that the State Department was involved in an investigation on one of its own members, and we can understand why where it involved pedophilia. Pizzagate (Wikipedia does this a hatchet-job) was yet three years away, and not many had reason to believe that the Clinton circle was infested with pedophiles. Even liberals were disgusted with pedophiles, but now that the Clintons are seemingly protecting them, expect some liberals to suddenly fall in love with pedophiles. Once the state department had started to carry out the investigation, it is completely expected that Hillary would kill it. And the investigation had begun, not because there wasn't evidence. There obviously was some. [The Carney surname comes up later in this update as part of the Arundel bloodline that merged with / married a Clinton family].

Gutman [nice Jewish name], an Obama appointee, once represented Susan Rosenberg [nice Jewish name], a former member of the Weather Underground accused, but never indicted or convicted, in the 1981 Brinks robbery...". Some elite group was able to legally protect Weather Underground. Obama's connections to Weather Underground, or at least its leadership, was as per Bill Ayers. Knowing that groups often name themselves after their cherished bloodlines, I found it interesting that Weathers/Withers use a hare in Crest, and Ayers, Eyers/Ayers and HEYERs can be branches of Hare's. Obama's mother was a Dunham, and Dunhams (same place as Weathers/Withers) use a version of a Hare Coat. I'm asking whether God provided this Weather/Wither hare in connection with my White-Rabbit discussions. Dunns use buckles in the colors of the Wetter/Wetting buckles. Hmm, it recalls the term, "bedWETTERs," that was a part of my white-rabbit event. Amazing coincidence. "Bedwetters" was a term in an email to Clinton's campaign manager (John Podesta) when the latter use "wet works" (slang for murder) in an email to him. Did an old member of Weather Underground perform the murder?

Did we see a Kennedy character above? AYERs were first found in AYRshire with Kennedys, and the latter use the colors and format of the Weather/Wither Coat. I expect Ayrshire to be named by Hare liners, and I trace Ayers to "Aures," Numidian home of the proto-Shaws. The family highly suspect with this Numidian line to Ayrshire is that of queen Kenza, a term like "Kennedy" that almost certainly was a line to Kenneths. Kenza was married to IDRis, which may have formed an Under-like surname (such as INDERs/Enders) in case "Underground" was code for two surnames.

I've looked at Gutmans, a possible branch of Goths/Gothels who use the Zionist star of Ayer-like Hagars (same place as Shaws). The Jewish branch of Gutmans uses "a man holding a BOQUET of flowers standing up to his waist in WATER." Waters may be a branch of Weathers, and the description evokes the heraldic "water bouget" symbol (used by Rose's), as well as reminding of Christine Peare (see last update) upon a deck or PLATform. Why is the Gutman man up to his WAIST? Miss Peare linked hard to Godfrey de Bouillon, the great-grandson of Gothel-suspect Gothelo. Here's three snippets from the last update:

In the sleeping-bag dream, some 40 years later, it ended with Christine Peare coming over to my platform, and with me pulling her toward me from her waist.

...I noticed that Peter Smith was murdered recently when investigating the Clintons...I knew a Peter Smith from church, and I saw his antenna [suspect with ANTONIN Scalia] fallen in his back yard due to a storm...and the theory now is that the event was a symbol of Clinton's communications for her private server, for such things go through the antenna on a tower.

...Just realized. [Peare] was Kepke's girl, and Kepke's were Keeps (same place as Arun), a branch of Hip-like HEPburns, and Scalise was shot in the hip! I pulled Peare toward me by her hips, on a deck, while the Hips/Hipkin Coat is a version of the Deck Coat!!! And if I view the deck as a PLATform, it's evoking Platte River, the secret server of Hillary Clinton that surrounds her scandal.

On top of this, Jewish Gutmans share flowers with antenna-like Antoni's/Tonys, and knowledge of Bill Clinton's sexcapade(s) broke in his adultery with Gennifer Flowers. Note that the Antoni/Tony Shield has what looks like a water line, and moreover shares two stars in Chief in the colors of the same in the Clinton Chief.

I realize that a new reader might look at all this as strange talk on my part, but I include it for those who have read at least some of the last few updates. God continues to act with small events in my life to expose the Clinton murder ring. Those who read the last update may know that I had a touch-bra event that helps to reveal the killer of Scalia. That event involved white rabbits under some scala (stairs) of a deck or platform, and this event was pegged in the last update with the Jarrys/Hare's as central, and here we are now upon the Weather/Wither hare, a thing I haven't as yet brought into the discussion. Twitter's White Rabbit was discovered only on July 10; he claimed to release almost 29,000 Hillary-Clinton emails (no liberal media are touching this story, even to shoot it down).

The Bra location in rabbit-line Cuneo is suspect with Brays/Brae's (not far from the first-known Clintons). The Clinton surname was definitely merged with Cuneo elements, and the Brays use a FLAX breaker as part-code (probably) for Flacks/Flecks/FLAGs (same place as Weathers/Withers). German Gutmans use a knight and a FLAG facing to the sinister side (Shield's left is reversed from viewer's view) as evidence of Cuneo liners of the Masci kind. The Flowers are said possibly to be a branch of same-colored Fletchers/FLAGGers/FLEGers.

Here is a serious article (and a video) claiming (from Ed Klein) that someone high in the Department of Justice has offered Clinton a deal, which is: if she admits breaking the law on the email scandal, Sessions won't bring charges. That is fantastic. It means I can now go break the law, then sign a piece of paper saying that I did it, and go free without punishment.

Well, Trump has tweeted that he loves Jeff Sessions again after the latter came out to signal a war on leaks. Sessions pretends to make the leak crisis look as though it has to do with insiders (with security clearances) leaking data that is harmful to the nation when foreigners get wind of it. The real leak crisis is not that at all. Instead, it's insiders using leaks as political bullets. And the only way to solve this is to forbid Intelligence from recording everything we all say, and to repeatedly remind the nation that godlessness will create societal dangers.

All dangers vanish when the people honor God, not only because Faith makes people resist evil, but because God fights evil on behalf of the good. But if the leaders are evil, refusing to honor God for the sake of their lifestyles, then God will not restrain evil on their behalf. He will let evil swallow up evil, which is not survival of the fittest at all, but the sure destruction of the fittest. If the wealthy think they are the fittest, not for long.

I'm not suggesting that tapping into phones or computers should be outlawed. But the way to do this is to share (by force of law) tapped conversations of criminals or potential criminals with five other agencies acting as civil-liberties groups to assure that they really are potential criminals, not merely politicians. At leave five such agencies are needed to make it less likely for the deep state to "own" all of them. All tapped conversations then go into a single databank where any citizen can acquire permission to see whether he/she has been the target of a tapping. Recording all conversations en-masse must be made unlawful because there is simple access to them.

One of the most to-be-watched stories of last week is where Judicial Watch, after being stone-walled by the Department of Justice under Obama, received redacted (partially-blacked out) papers from the Department of Justice under Trump and Jeff Sessions. The DoJ implies that the redacted parts have no valuable data, but are hidden from public view as per routine practice. Instead of suggesting some lower-level people that could be sympathetic toward the Clintons, Judicial watch is accusing the "Trump Administration" of covering for the Clintons. The DoJ (in a Fox story of August 7) has implied that this is a laughable / ridiculous accusation.

All that needs to be done here is for Judicial watch to write to the president, asking him to review ther redacted parts, and to give a statement as to whether some criminal aspects are being kept out of public view. The president can then make a statement or refuse to. If he refuses, I would find that suspicious.

The Congress has just started a move to investigate Lynch and Clinton, probably for this reason of Judicial watch uncovering papers that the FBI claimed do not exist. There can be little doubt that the investigation will look at the redacted parts. But, Congress is filled with deep-state movers and shakers, and for all we know they will railroad the investigation.

If Trump wants his base to be happy again (it's not very happy now), he needs to do more than what he did last week, brag about how he personally is improving the economy. Mr. Trump, you haven't got a clue as to whether you are responsible for anything better now than under Obama. For all you know, it could be simply because Obama is gone. What about making a tweet on these redactions? Your base wants to see you saying something with teeth when it comes to doing justice against the Obama crime ring. Call for the papers, read the redacted parts yourself, and make a statement. The people have a right to know what happened to protect Hillary's criminality. Otherwise, takes your lumps. On August 7, Trump said that his base is as strong as ever. Liar, shame.

Trump likes to portray himself as gifted, but here where he confronts a problem, instead of tackling it, he tries to raise his numbers by bragging, taking credit for good things that happen to be taking place. Mr. Trump, why not raise your numbers by tackling the cause for your low numbers? That seems like the thing a gifted person would do. Instead, you throw your voters a falsehood. It's creepy. It's just what Obama did. Do you have the same coaches as Obama now?

This is a big story. Judicial watch has hundreds of pages, supposedly non-existent, touching upon an act of obstruction of justice by Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, giving Trump an excellent opportunity to fulfill his promise to punish Hillary. Here's a great way to get his base back. What will Trump do? Fox and Washington Examiner carried the story, as well as many small media outlets. Trump's people will inevitably catch wind of this if they haven't yet (hard to believe they haven't yet). What will John Kelly advise the president? To let it slide? What will the president do? Let it slide?

"It is jaw-dropping that the Trump administration is blacking out key information about how the Obama Justice Department tried to spin Loretta Lynch's scandalous meeting with Bill Clinton," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a press release. "President Trump should order the full and immediate release of these materials."

[It's extremely interesting that I had been wondering, during the spell check of this section, whether my pulling Miss Peare from her waist was code for a WHISTle-blower. I had previously figured that the WAISTELL variation of Wessels (WestMORLAND) could apply to her waist, and then there are the Wissels/WHISTLE's (same place as Peirs and Percivals) who share a string of lozenges with Percys. About a minute after wondering, the spell check came down to "Fitton." Wondering whether this was a Wetter/Wetting branch, I loaded the surname to find the Waistell/Wessel bend with "WHEAT sheaves! Amazing. And Wheats/Wete's were first found in the same place as Weathers/Whithers while Watts and Vatts/Watters use what one can construe as an all-seeing-eye (so appropriate as per a whistle-blower). Might this imply that Tom Fitton is God's anointed whistle-blower, so to speak?

As I've said a few times, my bedwetting event was at JAY street, while Jay Sekulow is a co-founder of Judicial Watch. I was still on Jay street in the touch-bra event.

Richard Bussel is in the Fitton wrote-up, and Bussels (same place as Bush's/Buschs) use WATER bougets and the Mason/Massin motto. The water-bouget Rose's have Bosco's in their write-up, all tracing to Cuneo's Busca, right beside Saluzzo. English Shaws (version of the Watch Coat?) list "Sheaves" while Irish and Scottish Shaws come up as "Seth," while Rich's were first found in the same place as Josephs who share the Fitton / Waistell sheaves in both colors.]

The big liberal media are not carrying this story either, a HUGE testament to how they are dishonest with the public. As a rule, they carry only what's hurtful to the Conservatives. Why bother to listen to the big media at all? I don't. But I do use them. Matt Drudge is a sick, mental case. Not a day goes by when his list of stories doesn't include some crude / horrendous sexual deed. Who cares, Drudge? Are you nuts? Why make your readers sick each and every day? Are you some kind of pervert? But I still load his page to see if there's something of interest to me. Often there's not one headline that remotely interests me, because I don't like the world at its best while Drudge shares the stories of those who love the world. His page has lots of people checking in because the world is sick of the liberal media, not because Drudge is anything.

I've heard that Trump is on a vacation for two weeks or more. If you can handle the computer voice, here's a concise video of this story's meat:

It's not only about what Clinton and Lynch discussed, but what the DoJ and the FBI were doing to cover this meeting's substance, back under Obama. The story now continues under Trump, and we would like to know whether Trump is in charge of this affair, or whether deep-state operatives, kind to the Clintons, are? Does the CFR have reach into Trump's DoJ? If something of that nature does, we can expect silence from Trump as deafening as the silence from the liberals. It wasn't many days ago when Trump directed the chief of the DoJ to go get Hillary, and here we are with the golden opportunity. But, Trump may, for obvious reason, only want Sessions to attack Hillary on her Russia connections. That's no good. His voters will see right through it. Here's a golden opportunity to catch Bill Clinton in pure obstruction of justice. Voters hired Trump to wipe out injustice in high places. Get you wiper out, Trump, and start wiping. Tell Kelly to mind his own business, which is your business.

I am now entertaining the possibility that Judicial Watch will be part of God's work to catch the Clinton crime ring more than Trump. I have no idea how long it will take, in God's schedule, but I have got to expect that what he's doing through me means something terrible for the Clintons. The fact that Trump's numbers are down can tend to compel him to attack the Clintons in order to rest more-assured that he doesn't lose his base. If this is what it takes to use the Trump bonehead, go for it, Lord of all the earth.

That video spells something that the Trump team at Justice CANNOT ignore, if it knows what's good for it. And if the liberal media doesn't do justice to this story, it's like piling dirt on its own casket. There you have a non-government agency (JW) getting NEW Hillary emails and related information though a long and stingy FOIA process, wherefore we expect that Jeff Sessions should have had it long ago, yet we heard NOTHING, NOTHING from that man. And that's why Judicial Watch has an axe to grind with him, though by some logical explanation from Sessions it's maybe hasty to grind it. The Trump team may be forced to save face by coming out with some material complimentary to what JW already has, but every voter expects that the Trump material will be a lot better than what JW gets at a turtle's pace, and with no power to force the DoJ to give all pertinent material.

There is the possibility that Trump is afraid to attack the Clintons, and may therefore have asked Sessions to go low and slow on it, or maybe to not go after the Clintons at all. But the things coming out of my updates of late suggest tragedy for the Clinton crime ring. So, this now takes up much of my daily thoughts and prayers. I don't pray long. I'm not a man of many words in prayer. Mainly, I'm giving thanks and expressing my excitement, but also mentioning that this takes a lot of patience for a mere human. For all I know, not much is imminent. I'm in the complete dark. But the timing of "my" material is perfect for this developing crack in the Clinton-crime-ring wall. All I can do is wait to see what takes place, but I anticipate more snap visions, unusual experiences, dreams, etc., to indicate the direction in which we should be looking. I've never been involved in anything like this, I should be grateful, and I am.

Here's some details on the JW release at the start of this month. You can tell that many money-donors to the Clintons were terribly horrified to see her lose the election, because they were paying the Clintons to get some returns from president Hillary. Nyet, go cry, all. I hope it hurts.

It's possible that the DoJ didn't want to release this information to JW because the Congress doesn't want the defense to know what Congress knows about the defense, hoping to catch the defense in lies while under oath. If this were the case, the congressmen could have explained it to JW, and the latter, being a conservative body, would probably have complied with the will of Congress. However, I don't yet have confidence in the Congress to do what's right. They talk a good story, but the voters aren't seeing their expectations for this time period.

The video above already shows that Huma Abedin broke the law by using Hillary's email server, and, of course, Hillary should have been arrested by now. Why do we think Sessions hasn't arrested her? Because he loves her? That can't be correct. Then why? Are they waiting to do it later for a strategic reason? In the meantime, are the Clintons really preparing assassinations? Who cares about them anymore? The liberals are moving on, leaving Hillary in the dust. Bill? A nobody. It hurts Hillary so much because she wanted most of all to be a "somebody." She loved the fame, and wanted appreciation for fulfilling liberal programs. Her pain has already been great, but she does need to be jailed to send a message. Otherwise, Trump will not win in 2020. The American conservatives are sick of faking leaders.

I haven't yet heard of any recently-released email sent by Obama to Hillary's server. Did he use an alias to hide his communications on that server? Or did he simply refuse to use it because he at least had some fear of being caught? Here's Fox deriding the liberal media for not covering this story. We are seeing what looks like Judgment on / Shaming of the liberals, and it's only beginning.

Turning to another story, I regret that it comes from a computer voice. It speaks on some evidence (or hearsay?) that Trump-man McMaster has leaked to the liberal FBI quasi-chief, Andrew McCabe:

The leak from McMaster to McCabe is at 2:20 of the video; it's according to a tweet from Sara Carter (journalist). She says that there's word of McMaster "communicating internal politics to the liberal FBI chief.

The problem is, it says that Trump (or is it Kelly?) wants to replace McMaster at National Security with the CIA director. Or, maybe that's not a problem if it's meant to be Pompeo's demotion while simultaneously clearing the chief seat at the CIA, in order to put an anti-globalist in charge of the CIA. Maybe I'm dreaming. But if this comes true, CIA files, lots of them, will be accessible to the anti-globalist movement. Pompeo was a Tea Partier, and so he can't be all bad, but wait; he turns out to be an idiot:

Pompeo supports the National Security Agency's surveillance programs...

Pompeo has advocated for rolling back post-Snowden surveillance reforms, saying "Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all metadata, and combining it with publicly available financial and lifestyle information into a comprehensive, searchable database. Legal and bureaucratic impediments to surveillance should be removed. That includes Presidential Policy Directive-28, which bestows privacy rights on foreigners and imposes burdensome requirements to justify data collection" (Wikipedia).

What Trump needs to do is to force Pompeo to stand outside with all his clothes off, tied to a tree on each hand and foot. Everybody should have the right to see his nakedness without his ability to do anything about the invasion of his privacy, until the day that he is dead. That's roughly how I would treat spies, if I were the president. For he wants to collect our private lives until we are dead. Find another way to fight crime, but this idea of full right to record everything about everybody is what's causing Trump's nightmare at this time, and ruining the nation. Pompeo is too idiotic to reason this out. Trump picked an idiot for the CIA. WHY? Did Trump want the spy power advocated by a complete, nation-busting idiot? Here's a video that, when it gets to Klayman, tells that there were two leaks (last week) from Intelligence on Trump's general, on-the-job conversations. What better way to compel Trump to curb spy powers? But is Trump himself an idiot who wants greater spy powers?

Once the spied material is gathered to an Intelligence field, someone needs to be its gate keeper to assure that Intelligence doesn't access the material without a warrant. The deep state will work to making the gatekeepers their stooges. Just like that, there will be political attacks using the spied-out material. And, much of the material can be transferred from the government files to the private files of Democrats, to be used at will for political purposes against Republicans, and vice-versa. This is why the Pompeo's of the world are idiots.

The deep states in both parties then use tax-payer dollars to build the biggest computers to store the material, and copies thereof, but in a bonanza state of mind they will work to make collection easier by rigging all computers for it. They will sell anti-spy systems that are in truth their very own spy systems. Computers will come from the factory pre-built with their spy systems. They will make Google and others "appreciate" their needs to spy on the country for it's own "good." Eventually, the Google bosses will become sheer agents of the deep state so that no convincing is needed. That would be the direction that the idiots would put the nations on, the direction that the United States is now on. We know this tanks to Snowden, whom Pompeo wants dead. I say tie Pompeo up in the sun without water until he's dead, and let Americans use their computers feeling assured that his eyes are not watching, or his mouse not clicking to record our private conversations. Shame, Pompeo, great shame, your mother is ashamed to have given you birth. Ask Pompeo how he would feel if we, or just one person, could have everything he says recorded.

Why did Trump choose a three-star general (McMaster) to run National Security? Is it necessary to have a military man in charge of that thing? Trump made no bones about this belief that Muslin terror in America is real, and this came after he himself admitted that 9-11 was an inside job. So, we glean that Trump speaks garbage, and was speaking what the war-mongers wanted him to say. Up until last week, we saw the president choosing a military man for running his own House. If Obama had been doing things like this, he would have been called a military-state dictator. Why should White-House workers work under the shadow of a military that is likely watching their every move?

Most Republican Christians probably liked Brietbart's activities in media and politics. The founder of Breitbart was murdered, if that tells you how badly the liberal crime ring opposes his organization. Steve Bannon (I know little of his views) is a Breitbart agent, and McMaster has fired three pro-Bannon individuals all in a tide, and this was after Trump replaced a pro-Bannon individual with McMaster himself. One might get the impression that Trump faked a stance in order to win sufficient right-wing votes to get elected, then as president developed sly ways to deploy the deep state to rid his team of Bannonites. There are Republicans crying out that McMaster is an anti-Trump player because he's firing Trump's team, but Trump himself hired McMaster. All of this comes as Trump's ambassador says a last chance has been given to N. Korea. One can imagine that Kelly is in the White House to assure that the military has spy-oversight over employees through a war with Korea, and through up-scaled war in the Middle East. It's not others who are the big-baddest wolf; it looks like Trump himself.

There is no war in Afghanistan. There is only an American military presence there that wants to stay forever. The lords over the war are not in a hurry to win it because that means leaving the country. The Taliban was never attacking the United States. It is a crime for the media to publish known falsehoods, and Trump wants the media to publish all falsified, government-conducted terror acts inside the country. Trump is therefore an imposter, pure and simple, and his numbers are down because that fact is being realized by those who voted him in. Even those who still support him in the polls realize, in their heart of hearts, that Trump is an imposter, a fake before those voters he wishes to secure. Whenever Trump opens his mouth to the public, it's for winning in 2020.

He just told sessions to go after Hillary. But why doesn't Trump do it himself and take the credit? It would be magnificent for his numbers. If Judicial Watch can get her emails, why can't Trump? When will we see his tweet that he's got all her emails that she said did not exist? But if Trump doesn't do this, it's because he's betraying his voters. He can't get away with being a fake under the current conditions. Hillary is a rat in a corner at this very time, and Trump needs only to chop-chop, yet he's not even in the room. WHY? Instead, he's blaming Sessions for not going after her, throwing him under the bus as an excuse for not going after Hillary himself. He publicly ridiculed Sessions as a sign of his own idiotracy. Trump is running an idiotracy government.

Social media speculation of a sex-trafficking ring in the nation’s capital has burned up social media sites for weeks. Complicating matters is Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s decision not to comment on anything WikiLeaks-related for months.

Explosive claims by Internet sleuths, which were prompted after reading stolen documents belonging to Mr. Podesta, have been derided as “viciously phony” by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. A tweet by Mr. Breitbart shortly before his March 1, 2012, death is now being cited by online researchers as proof that they are onto something big.

“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Mr. Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011.

The conservative icon’s death at age 43 was attributed to “heart failure.”

He was dead March 1, 2012. Wikipedia makes it appear as though his heart attack was confirmed, and that there was a medical check-up done to assure no drugs were put into his system (to cause his collapse) via his food / drink. In fact, we don't even know for sure that he died of a heart attack, or, if he did, it may have been caused in the hospital by the murders, Seth-Rich-murder style.

Mr. Breitbart appears not to have been a conservative in the beginning. "Walking back to his Westwood home shortly after midnight, after a glass or two of wine at a local bar, he suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk, a few feet away from his house. A passerby who saw him fall called 911, and paramedics transported him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 12:19 am." Did he really collapse naturally? Was the 911 driver part of the deep state hoax? Questions questions.

If there was foul play, the criminals had a great screen of protection in Orsen Bean: "[Breitbart's] father-in-law, the comic actor and conservative activist Orson Bean, was reportedly at Breitbart’s home the night he died, and saw him collapse. He later told reporters that his son-in-law had a history of heart problems—a revelation that came as a surprise to many of his friends." If he's lying, the only explanation is that he was an accomplice to the murder. The political stakes of Breitbart doing so much damage to liberal causes could certainly result in liberal activists acting as accomplices to murder, and Mr. Bean may have been one. Just look at Seth Rich's parents, opposed to finding the real murderer of their son because they've been convinced not to give the Democrats a bad name by doing so. The article goes into Breitbart's possible alcohol / drug problem, but this is a red herring. Plenty of 43 year olds had been / are into much-heavier drugs who don't fall down and die within the hour of a heart attack.

I can't help notice that "BREItbart" might be a Bray/Brae liner. Note that while Bra is near Turin, the bart-like Bards/Beards use a giant boar in the colors of the Turin/Thurin boar heads. Plus, Bards/Beard use the green griffin head of Leslie's, first found in the same place as Turins/Thurins and Beans. "Breit" is even like "Bart." German Barts use a man with BEARD.

If you've been reading lately, you'll know that liberal crime-ring killers are related to my touching-a-bra, code for Bra and the Touch surname. I will, later in this update, provide a digest of the last update's proof that God was in my touch-bra event, and that it pertains to Hillary Clinton (generally, anyway) as the killer of judge Scalia. The Touch surname is in code in the motto of the Beans. Beanincidence? Or did God provide this situation as a clue???

They rated Scalia's death as a heart attack too, and failed to do a proper autopsy. Touch's were lords of AUDley, and first found in the same place as Masci- / Macey-related Hamons, and Brights (possibly Breit branch) use the Macey stars, very likely. Hamons are said to descend (at least partly) from Hamon DENTatus, and if there was an Audley marriage to Dents, one could develop an "Audentes" motto term, used by Turins/Thurins, that is, to honor the descendants of that marriage.

I can glean that the Chatham location in the Hamon write-up is from Porcius Cato, for Turins/Thurins (Keith colors) use the same bend as Porci's, and are said to have included CATALdo Porco, a term like "Chatillon." Porcia's (with an 'a') share the boar with Bards. I showed in the last update why Knights (three pale bars) were Porcius-Cato suspects in the naming of Chatillon, and here I can add that Turins/Thurins use a "knight's helmet" while Helms use a Coat in reflection of the Dent Coat.

The "fecit" motto term of Bards (share a motto term in the Arms of Edinburgh) should be code for Faucets, first found at Masci-liner MUSSELburgh (near Edinburgh), and Chatillon is at/beside the MOSELLE theater. Faucets were first found in the general area of the first Keiths, said to be from "Catti." Keiths come up as "MASCAL," and Audleys use a giant, so-called fret, having a so-called MASCLE at its center. The giant fret is shared by CATTLE's and Blake's/Caddels (share red bend with Porci's). Keiths/Mascals share three pale bars on red with the counts of Chatillon. You can't argue with the facts.

The last update showed KNIGHTs tracing to, or being a branch of, Neckers/NICHTers, and here I can add that the latter use a single pale bar in colors reversed from the same of Blake's/Blaiks. Perfect logic where Knights are using the three count-of-Chatillon pale bars (in someone else's colors). .

Finally, while the counts of Chatillon were partnered with counts of Blois, the English Blois' (same place as Knights) use dragons in colors reversed from the Breit/Breitbach dragon (same as Drake dragon and therefore linking to dukes of Masovia).

"Blois" is much like the Blaik variation of Blake's (bend with symbols in the colors of the same of Turins/Thurins). Blois' can be of the Bles variation of Bleds, from Bled, beside Lesce (both on the SAVA river), where I trace Leslie's, and I see the Leslie bend as a colors-reversed one of Save's. The latter use the same bend as Chatans / Chattan's/Cato's. The latter are said to be of Clan Chattan, and the motto of the clan is used by Beans.

Bleds use the triple chevrons (in colors reversed, of Clare's, themselves first found in the same place as Blois' and Knights (three red pale bars, the color of the three chevrons of Clare's). My last update (link at top of this page) has talk on Jack SAVA, the chief physician of a Washington hospital who's highly suspect for killing Seth Rich in-hospital.

I have an abundance of evidence that God has provided heraldic clues on the killers in the Clinton crime ring, and here one can add that Seths are listed with Sava-like Shaws. It's as though God named Seth Rich's first name to make the link to his murderer so that He could later reveal it by working through my heraldic knowledge.

The murder of Breitbart looks like it should become part of my discussions. There was evidence that Seth Rich was unhurt by the bullet shots, and one therefore needs to ask whether he was yet shot at that time when he was supposed to be. On the phone, he apparently told his girlfriend, with the police in his presence, that he was fine. Perhaps Seth collapsed as per what someone put into his drink in the bar that he was attending before his walk home. "According to The Hollywood Reporter, the [Breitbart] had his last drink at The Brentwood fifty minutes before he collapsed on the sidewalk, after talking politics with a man sitting next to him at the bar." It's a situation in which the one talking to him slipped "turpentine" into his drink, but that would have seemingly required accomplices to make Breitbart look away from his drink...unless the bartender was involved.

I was just wondering whether God placed a Sign with the name of the bar, Brentwood. I was floored to discover that Brents use the Breit dragon in colors reversed!!! Wow. Both dragons are giant, the only symbols in both Coats. Plus, the last update showed that my drinking turpentine (probably three years old or less) on the stairs = SCALA (and being hospitalized) was absolutely God's codework for pointing to Hillary Clinton as a killer. A poisoning of the drinks of Rich and Breitbart are coming to mind. Scalia died after dinner while sitting next to John B. Poindexter, and the latter said that Scalia was not feeling very well, deciding to go to bed early, while he was having dinner.

After ending the paragraph above, I got to asking whether "Orsen" was chosen by God to act as a Sign of the murderer. I then recalled that Obama is descended from a mayor Wolflin of ORSINgen (Germany). I then recalled that I introduced the Horse surname (same place as Rodhams) in the last update, and re-loading it, I found it using the colors and format of a German Brent Coat, itself looking like a version of a Mackay Coat, important because Beans, I have read, are a sept of Mackays. I think I'm already convinced that Breitbart was murdered by the Democrats, and that Orsen Bean was their willing accomplice.

I've tried to remember any event in my life where beans are involved, but cannot. Beans are a branch of Fane's whose "fano" motto term indicates Fano, an Italian location beside Chatillon-like Cattolica.

I then questioned whether God named Breitbart's first name for additional clues of foul play, and it turns out that the Andrew username uses a "VicTRIX" motto term while Trix's/Tricks / Drigs can be a branch of Drinks/Drings (same place as Horse's and Turpen-related Rodhams). The last update showed how the Drinks/Drings, as per my drinking TURPENtine, pointed at the killers of Scalia and/or the attempted killers of Steve Scalise. The Bean motto is not quite like the Clan Chattan motto. Instead of "glove," the Beans use "targe," a term like the Track variation of Trix's/Tricks. The Trix's/Tracks share the green and upright lion with Touch's/Toughs who are likewise in the Bean motto!

Plus, the Glove's are in-code with the gauntlet glove of Fane's/Vans, a Bean branch. Gauntlets are code for John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Roet, part of Rodhams and similar others. Targe-like Targets (compare with Chives motto), who bring up Taggerts, were first found in Ross-shire, near the Rats/Raits that should be in the "Ratione" motto term of Targets/Taggerts.

I read that Obama's Orsingen ancestor, mayor Wolflin, was of a family that changed its spelling to, Wolfley. Wolfleys (Touch colors) were first found in Cheshire (same as Touch's), where Hugh D'Avranches was the Norman earl. The Wolfley wolf is colors reversed from the wolf head that was the Arms of Hugh D'Avranches (his Wikipedia article is/was showing that wolf head). Targets/Taggerts (feasibly the Bessin bend) come up as Tackers, but the English Tackers/Tackleys (same place as Clintons, Clinton colors) use Hugh's wolf head. Watts and Vatts use specTACLES."

Greg Gutfeld of Fox was a close partner of Andrew Breitbart: "Andrew was about waging war with the left by using the left's tactics. His foot soldiers are everywhere now, and their footprints are all over the faces of the shocked liberals who never saw them coming." Yes, the Republicans had to learn to use the sleazy tactics of liberals, forced to enter into war against it, and it worked. Trump is now abandoning this group that got him elected. Trump is saying this week that he is responsible alone for his election win, words of the naive. The voters elected you, and that was based on your promises, your stated agenda, but afterward, Mr. Imposter hired the deep state against his own voters. "But when [Breitbart] saw the Clarence Thomas hearings, he transformed from a goofy, partying liberal into a libertarian/conservative Reaganite...Andrew was the Tea Party’s heart and soul. " Hmm, Thomas was a supreme-court justice, like Scalia before him. The Democrats showed their true colors by trying to keep Thomas out of the court through a high-level investigation like when the Sadducee imposters condemned Jesus with false witnesses.

Andrew brought down Anthony Weiner, and maybe Hillary Clinton. Not many people remember who Anthony Weiner was before he became Anthony Weiner. He was a liberal star, likely the next mayor of New York City: a brash, arrogant, self-confident jerk with plans for the White House. It was Breitbart who helped exposed the man who chronically exposed himself to others.

...Consider the second wave of scandal that erupted days before the 2016 election. It was the insertion of Weiner, late in the game, that helped torpedo Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Now people were writing about, and thinking about, her email scandal again...

There you have a motive for murder. And while Breitbart died way back in 2012, its Weiner and his gang now looking like they are in hot water, if only Trump would empower his Breitbart members. But look, the president is allowing a deep-state creep that will surely try to railroad the prosecution attempts on the crime ring. And this is the very crime ring that would love the opportunity to kill Trump. Like I said, he's running an idiotracy. There is hope, however, because Trump wants to survive, and the only way will be to turn his dogs on the Democrat crime ring, ignoring the deep state.

Here is another coincidence, or a Sign, however you may wish to view it: the Weiner surname is the one that Michael Savage was born with. I don't know why he changed it, but the Sava surname is listed with Savage's (Cheshire again), who use six lions in the colors and shape of the six fitchee crosses of Clintons and Hillarys.

Once the war with Korea starts, we won't get much other news for a while. It appears that the Americans are prepared to kill a lot of Koreans who have no say about their leader's attitude. It's plain to everyone that Kim is just a little, dopey kid on the block, unable to harm the United States, and so the aggressor really is Trump if he attacks. Trump has promised on camera to destroy the nation if Kim continues to mouth off. This is a sign of Trump's immaturity dressed as a "real man." Trump, the dope, has been acting "big." Shut up, Mr. Trump, and do not start another war. No one who's normal wants you to. I've seen too many war-happy Christians following Trump; get hold of your senses.

Trump's like the guy in the bar who gets offended, and, drunk, wants to fight without thinking over the consequences. Only, Trump wants to use military fury, not just fists, on Kim and his people. Although Kim says he's going to nuke America, every normal person knows that he's faking. No, Mr. Trump, you are not justified to drop bombs on Kim just because he's testing missiles. The United States tests missiles, and goes to war against other nations a lot more than Korea does.

The rulers of the planet don't realize that the methods they use on others will justify God's fury on them. By our own words we will be Judged, said Jesus, and so Trump needs to be more careful with his attitude, for if he justifies fury on a nation that has not attacked his own, how will he argue his case before God's fury on America? Or, if Kim gets fire and fury for merely being belligerent, how will America, the nation with the chief, grossest sins, escape the fire of God? Part of America's sin is it's lust for money. Trump right now sits in the category of, how hard it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. When Trump gives 90 percent of his wealth to the cause of Christ, then I will respect his touring evangelical churches to seek their support.

There is a chance that things can escalate via Russian / Iranian involvement, but that's maybe what the Republican war hawks want. Is Trump going to kill innocent people (Koreans) just because of one, Korean bozo? Normal people wouldn't, but the deep state isn't normal. If you really are big, Mr. Trump, if you really have inner strength, and wisdom, walk away and laugh Kim off. He's merely mocking you, but you have no right to start a war just because of that. The entirety of you, ego included, is not worth it, Mr. Trump. No one should have to go to war, or die, merely because you are offended by a Korean clown. If you go to war, it's because you are a tiny, little nothing. Do the right things, and we'll praise you for it. The next time that Kim shoots a test missile, shoot it down. Then go on TV and smile. It will make you look a lot bigger than if you attack a country with fury.

By what coincidence did news come out this week that Kim has missiles capable of reaching any part of the United States? This looks like a farce. The Americans even claimed to get hold of Kim's map showing intended targets that include Austin and Washington. This is ridiculous, a false flag. I would prefer to believe that a globalist deep state wants to nuke America, and in choosing where it will occur: preferably on the east side of the country during westerly winds. Austin looks "perfect."

All media pictures of Kim have, until now, been with mocking laughter on his face, making him appear crazy. But now, they're putting up a dread-serious face. Before Trump was elected, he thought it best to destroy / take over Korea earlier rather than later, on the argument that the nation will have more missiles later. Yes, but it won't have enough to be a real threat for a long, long time. The threat is being invented, and Trump is looking like a deep-state fool.

Here is another small man: "US Defense Secretary James Mattis issued a dramatic ultimatum to North Korea on Wednesday to 'cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and destruction of its people'". So, this murderer is willing to kill innocent people just because Kim launches test missiles. Mattis thinks he's excused of murder just because he's in the military. He and his think-alikes have been drumming up reasons to justify war. We don't even know whether Kim is making the threats accused of; it could be fake news.

It should be obvious to anyone that North Korea won't attack South Korea. The politics is not on N. Korea's side, and it's suicidal to attack anyone. But Mattis wants us to think there's no other option but an attack on Kim. The fact is, North Korea wants nuclear weapons precisely as a deterrent against the globalists who want to take over their nation. Korea is not on any offensive. The Americans have been desiring to invade it, which explains why Kim is portrayed as a lunatic dictator. The American rhetoric appears to have gone past the point of no return. Buy extra food now that won't go to waste. Trump should know better than to use a bluff when nuclear war is at issue. It's an unwritten rule that bluffs should never be used, as the other side can take one seriously and thus start the war. Kim's guilty only of trying to keep respect for his nation in the face of drawn-out American criticism. Iran plays the same way. Is this any reason to start a war?

The greatest danger to America is when God decides to attack it. That's when He can use Russia or China, or famine from globalists. The best advice before it's too late for the West: try to see through the sweaty robes and poverty of Jesus, prior to his glorification, to his place at the right hand of God in sheer holiness. Let the nations respect Christ as the King and Judge. Let the nations have peace under One system, Christ. This is what's called, Light. "The Light of the world" means, Someone who can actually rule while bringing pleasure to God, making safe the world. The Advocate of those who trust in Him will win their forgiveness and life.

Fox has a headline: "In the event of a North Korean nuclear attack on Guam, Japan’s new defense minister said Thursday that his country’s military could shoot down the missiles before they reach the U.S. territory." Japan's begging Trump not to attack. Don';t worry, trump, we can shoot down the missile for you, don't attack Kim. And so what's Mattis' excuse for not shooting the test missiles down instead of starting a war? Why are the media portraying Kim's theatrics as something dangerous? Because, the deep state wants us to think that Kim is dangerous. It's been blatantly obvious for years. The deep state thinks it now has the man on the American throne to carry out the strike. CNN headline, ridiculous: "CNN Offers Citizens of Hawaii Advice on How to Survive a Nuclear Attack".

Democrats are taking the same position I do, but for other reasons: it facilitates their political war on Trump. "'General Kelly and others on the NSC team were well aware of the tone of the statement of the president prior to delivery,' Sanders said. 'The words were his own. The tone and strength of the message were discussed beforehand.'" My guess: they were not even Trump's words; Sanders is saying that because, otherwise, it looks like Trump is just a puppet of the Mattis team. Or, the military allowed Trump to say certain of his words that the military agreed with. Sanders is confessing that Trump was uttering words desired by the military for the public to hear. The military / CIA speaks puppeted statements to the world routinely through many avenues, and wishes that there was no president to get it its way...precisely the reason that it seeks to turn a president into its puppet. The military wishes to rule the nation's foreign affairs; there's no other name for this but a globalist monster.

Trump appears ready to make his war hawks infatuated with his furious fire from the sky. The words chosen were, "fire and fury" like never seen before.

There was talk that Obama wanted to begin unwarranted, martial-law activity. The following report by Lisa Havens is appreciated. It tells that Obama had in a place a military plan to affect the federal election under the circumstances of a cyber attack on the voting process (we can see here how the cyber-attack scenario is made to appear real before us at any time). How better to control the outcome of the vote than by doing such a thing? It shows him desperate not to give the election to Republicans, his worst nightmare. And who really believes that there would be a cyber attack on the election? I don't. It looks more like something the Obama goons would fake. Once the military is used to "guard" the election, the O-people would sit down and discuss how well the plan went (how little resistance there was from the public to military use), whether a similar, but more-sinister plot, should proceed to put martial law in place, if only in part of the country as a trial balloon for doing even worse. But Obama and his goons got cold feet, and didn't use this election-busting plot.

In my opinion, the 15-page concoction that Lisa speaks about is not needed. If there were a cyber attack on any part of the election, there is already in place an expectation that the FBI can become involved. But this concoction makes it clear that Obama wanted to use the military for such a thing, and that's the Frankenstein part. Where is it justified to use a war machine for a cyber attack? Isn't that the job of Intelligence? It wouldn't be a crisis, anyway, because the country can always conduct an election with no computers used. Just paper and human counters is all that's required.

I'm left to believe that the deep state uses whatever options are open to it to test a martial-law situation, because, at any time, the population can explode in the face of the deep state, and turn the better half of gun-wielding government employees against it. This is what the deep state is afraid of, betrayal of, and disobedience from, the police and military they hope to use in a popular war against them.

Lisa says that the plan was not to be leaked to the public. Here's a paper story on it: "Time magazine, which obtained and published the 15-page Concept of Operations document on [July 20], wrote that the plan was put in place to counter 'Russian hacking.'" The actual word 'Russia' appears nowhere in the document, however."

Looking into this matter further, the plot was justified as per a Russian hacking of the election. It's got to be bogus. Time says that the plan was hatched in October, the month before the election. Time: "For example, hackers could fairly easily undermine a Secretary of State's website, where a state's voter tallies are reported..." Yes, especially where the secretary of state is using a private server without all the protections of government servers. Yes, and if the Russians knew plenty about government operations, it was thanks to Hillary's private server.

One method that liberals use to empower themselves is by giving the impression that more Americans favor their programs that is actually true. By the weight of faggotry news thrown at us, we might not think that roughly two percent of the country engages faggotry. Who cares about these dogs? Why have they become so important? The liberals. One suspects that the dogs are in leadership positions, otherwise they wouldn't be making the news constantly. I read in an article above (Gutfeld) that Andrew Breitbart was pro-faggot, and that one of his buddies includes Matt Drudge, whose website constantly throws faggotry news at its readers, as if anyone cares. Let's extol men who like male organs in their mouths and anus', shall we? The Sodomites. The Fury of God.

There is great hope for faggots, if they stop doing it. But the liberals are urging them to be proud of their sickness, and to spread it to your kids. We need to ask Matt Drudge what's wrong with him. He's pushing stories on sex robots? Maybe he likes children too, because, judging by the headlines on his pages, he cares for informing us on the sickest sexual acts, including bestiality, and he wants his readers to read about these things. Who cares about such losers that would buy a sex robot? Does Matt want me to imagine sex with a machine? Matt, are you okay? Do you need to be put away? Ever heard of assisted suicide? Maybe you need it.

I take issue with Lisa's headline: "America Is Going DARK and Will Be Taken By SURPRISE This MONTH!" When we click the video, it's just on the solar eclipse. Lisa should not be an Avid supporter of Trump and a Christian at the same time.

Do we really think that Russia or China wants to starve millions of Americans with a cyber attack? I don't. But I do know that wicked globalists think it's necessary to reduce the population. The best protection against a cyber attack (is the idea mere invention, not even possible?) is for the United States to stop wars overseas, respect God, and be the example of following Jesus' commands. It doesn't enter Trump's mind, does it? Jesus, the man in traveled sandals, and probably in faded robes, isn't good enough for the luxurious Trumps of the world, and so God is allowing them to be taken away by those who promise freedom and abundance (make America great again), when in fact they are headed for Hell.

I wish that everyone had a country retreat for self-sufficient survival, but the world isn't built that way. We need to ask why the American government has leaked signs in the past many years that it doesn't want people capable of growing / raising their own foods??? Big, good question. In my opinion, your worst enemy is the population-control globalist, not Korea, Iran or Russia. We can only hope that God will not permit the weeds to kill off a large chunk of mankind in a faked cyber attack.

Here's John Kelly's own words to prove that he's censoring the material that gets to the president's desk. If Trump has not asked for this policy from Kelly, then Kelly is suspicious. It's not his job description to decide what does or does not get to the president. I would be ticked if my manager (my employee) made that decision on by behalf. If Trump has given Kelly the right to this policy even before Kelly knows what sort of material Trump likes / dislikes, that's suspicious. I didn't watch past three minutes.

Here's why Kelly is predicted to oppose the Bannon side of things: "...John Kelly, who has been increasingly defensive of McMaster, a longtime friend and fellow general..." Politico claims that Bannon is the one inciting his media supporters to attack McMaster, a risky thing if true because Trump is predicted to choose warmth toward the Kelly-McMaster team at this Korea-sensitive time.

If Trump cares about his self-respect, it's time to tell Mueller to cough up one piece of justification for his investigation, and, if he fails, he's fired. Trump was right to allow Mueller to conduct the investigation for a time, but it's time to let him go. Tell him that he can start his investigation later, once he has sufficient evidence of collusion. There is no justification for using an investigation to look for the initial evidence of guilt. If that's justified, then Trump can do an investigation on Mueller for anything his heart so desires. Trump is allowing himself to be disrespected by Mueller, afraid of the backlash should he fire Mueller. The right thing to do now, seeing that Mueller is digging deeper to find dirt precisely because he has found no dirt, is for Trump to shame him as Comey was shamed, and to then investigate them on evidence already existing on them both.

On Wednesday, from Politico, more trouble for Hillary, who had her emails on Benghazi destroyed:

...a federal judge is ordering the State Department to try again to find emails Hillary Clinton wrote about the Benghazi attack.

U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta ruled that the State Department had not done enough to try to track down messages Clinton may have sent about the assault on the U.S. diplomatic compound on Sept. 11, 2012 — an attack that killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

I assume that the judge is referring to the state department under Obama. His order now comes while Trump is in charge. There is nothing wrong with Trump asking Sessions to do his best on this. It can be said that Trump's presence in the White House is greatly facilitating the empowering of Judicial Watch, even though the two are not seeing eye-to-eye on all matters. Judicial Watch is undertaking the task of cleaning swamp in voter-registration corruption. It is going after several California counties: "In addition, Los Angeles County officials informed the project that 'the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.'..Eleven California Counties Have More Total Registered Voters Than Citizen Voting Age" If that means 44 percent ghost voters (from people passed away, illegals, etc.), then we need to ask how possibly the Republican guards of the nation, or the guards of the state, allowed the situation to develop? What guards?

Here's the situation in a Florida Democrat district; what will the Democrats do now that millions of fake voters are being wiped out from their rank-and-file? Why would Democrats fight for illegal immigration unless illegals can be used for illegal votes. What mafia is engineering that program? This is another developing scandal that have Democrats making idiots of themselves in denying the problem They are setting themselves up for looking ignorant. They can argue ignorantly all they like, but the ones they hope to clinch as voters are walking away in the meantime. Therefore, they will not only lose the illegal votes, but some legal votes. There is no hope for the wicked once the truth manifests a boldness.

Watch the video below until the third minute to some Democrat criminals of high places. You should be shocked at what governmental puke you are about to see. It's not only about urging Mexicans to vote illegally, but about giving them American tax dollars in order to purchase their lifetime voter support. Only criminal behave this way. And they are in government positions EVERYWHERE.

Was no one watching to assure that voter fraud such as this didn't take place? It's hard to believe. It must take years to build the data base to 44 percent more than actual voters; it can't happen all in one year? Where else is this taking place wherever liberal scoundrels control the voting system? Why did it take Judicial Watch to find and deal with the corruption? It smells of Republicans afraid to do anything about it, or knowing as deep-state agents not to try. It's not the Russians, stupid.

The first three minutes of Hannity is good. I'm not thrilled after the three minutes when he accuses McConnell of failing the Obamacare vote when the fault lies with the Republican senators who refused to repeal it. Hannity then shows a Trump statement where he admits that his first priority as president has been to build the American nuclear arsenal to greater heights. How's that any different than what Kim wants to do? Is this part of "make America great again"? How about just making America clean again? That will be better.

Here's an explanation of Hillary's guilt from H.A. Goodman...who is swearing lately anymore, praise God for that. Goodman treats this and related topics daily, excessively. Notice that this illegal scandal is ultimately on Obama's shoulders, for he knew she was on a private server.

If you want more, here's CBN featuring ACLJ's Jordan Sekulow:

It's not a wonder that they want to kill Trump. Things are only getting under way, and already there's enough discovery for a full-blown criminal case. Yet, the underlying schemes of Obama's people are not yet fully known. That's why an investigation is needed, because hiding emails is not just a crime, but a crime to cover crimes. The Justice Department released emails to ACLJ that revealed Loretta Lynch using an alias name during communications, a clear sign of guilt on some matter(s). She cc'd a few people when using the alias, meaning that the others receiving the email were fine / comfortable with the alias, and that they had received other emails with that alias. Another person using an alias was the corrupt Eric Holder, the O's previous Attorney General. Here's the proof of her using an alias:

I'm finding this interesting, the Sekulows going over the new emails, one by one, and telling the story behind them Jay Sekulow (the father) became one of Trump's attorneys this past June:

This story (Bill making a trip to an airport to intercept Lynch there) is extremely damaging to the liberal media precisely because it's a significant story that they refuse to cover. The more this story grows teeth, the more shameful the liberal media looks for mumbling toothless. Martin Brodel says that the FBI leaked to Bill Clinton concerning some important matters, and he then found where Lynch was landing, and waited 30 minutes at the airport for her plane's arrival. Lynch then lied on media about what they were discussing, all a few days before Bill's wife was scheduled to testify. Yes, the media covered the story, but only Lynch's account of it, not seeking the reality nor raising doubts about her story. So, this is killing the major media all-the-more, just a fantastic thing. Keep on silent, it's the best thing for sure. The expectation is that Bill Clinton coached Lynch on how to deal with any trouble that Hillary was headed for.

In another video by Brodel, he mentions a disturbing claim by judge Napolitano, that both the State Department (Tillerson) and Jeff Sessions are blocking the obtainment of Hillary emails.

I recall being disappointed with Napolitano for his pro-abortion position. Perhaps I misunderstood him, perhaps not, but in a ReasonTV video out in 2011, he claims to be pro-life, with life beginning at conception. Did he flip, or was I mistaken? He said that anyone who kills an unborn child ought to be prosecuted. I agree. A woman has no right to kill another human being just because she carries it. If she wants the child, and someone else causes its death, she can sue for the death of her baby, just as though it were a human being. It is unacceptable to argue that the unborn child is a person depending only on whether the mother wants it to be born.

Someone at Brodel's page: "Martin, Its really interesting that clinton and her family and the rest of her close cohorts just left for Canada once she found out that the investigation into her e-mail scandal was reopened. Wonder why that is?" Canadian media say they're off to a vacation in Quebec. Mr. Trudeau had best call the Mounties to keep tabs on this walking crime. Start your crusade against the Clinton deep state today. At your own risk.

NASA Gives Us Reasons to Expect Deep-State Hoaxes

Tired of Hillary news, etc? Here's the Mars hoax now developing (I'll return to the Hillary topic above after this section), which informs us as to why NASA has been slowly seeking to convince the world that life was possible on ancient Mars. This is what NASA had intended to reveal years ago, but not many would go for it. NASA may think the time has come to try to fool us, now. Have the wisdom to realize that the NASA photos are faked, doctored:

Note in the opening minutes that the first speaker is intent on connecting the ancient Mars civilization with the Egyptian pyramids. But NASA is suspect in this fabrication before him. It's just so exciting as compared to a dead planet that never had any life or water. NASA got bored, so, now this new thing to tackle, to fool the masses. How old are these faked pictures, we may wonder? How long has this hoax been in the making? I assume that the speaker is not with NASA, though perhaps the two are in agreement for doing this presentation at this time.

The second speaker claims that NASA is hiding the truth of Martian civilizations, but this is a method to make it more believable, if you are gullible. NASA doesn't want to be the one to be ridiculed, and so it will provide the faked photos while others can advance the hoax. Do we really think that aliens had nothing better to do than to carve faces many milers wide, just to gawk at them from space? The third speaker, at about 10 minutes, starts to show photos with artificial-design features...and even trees! Try to have sense enough to know that NASA doctored these. The doctoring could not come from the UFO groupies alone, for NASA would then expose them for altering NASA photos (unless NASA gave them the wink to doctor their own).

He talks about nostrils, eye-sockets, etc, but these were not of the original photos, but rather from images tampered with, and you're led to believe that reliable computer enhancements created the facial detail. One can alter an image greatly with a little computerized "enhancements." Besides, the faces look human. Are we to think that the earth was populated by these aliens, and that we today are their descendants? Looks like that's the plan. Look at how the female face looks absolutely human. I get it, I see what they are doing. What wackos there are at NASA. I've never seen the female face before.

The computer magician then claims that there are earthly letters (the English alphabet, for example) written on the surface (27th minute). Guaranteed, there will soon be buildings too. But I'm outta here, not watching it anymore. Here's some moon footage, wondering if it's legit NASA footage in the first minute. I don't expect NASA to be advertising this, as one can see regular men on the moon without suits or helmets.

In the 10th minute, NASA makes the dread mistake of having sound on the moon. America has been nothing but a show, since at least the 1970's. The United States has been image-making, nothing more, like people who hate life, cons, diabolical with unhealthy interests, despising the brotherhood of mankind, to be punished soon, stay tuned. I'm reminded that Justin Beiber just claimed that the goons wanted to record him having sex with a child, killing him afterward. That's a way that NASA could have gotten the astronauts to lie to the end, and of course their family members could be killed if they talked on their death beds.

Faked Mars images (on earth) are less than 1.5 hours in; if you haven't seen the rodent on Mars, and other damning things, this part is a must. NASA can no longer engage in hoax's, or the peoples will expose it. NASA needs to rely on others, now, to push it's hoaxes. Trump is one of their willing fools, whose trying to get NASA more tax money. Trump wants only to be re-elected. Why isn't execution automatic for a convicted child-sex offender?

Let me enlarge on that Beiber theme. If every willing-at-first, controlled-later pawn or puppet of the deep state was initiated by forced sex with a child, then the deep state ought to be almost wholly made of pedophiles. I'm feeling as though I want to hurt someone again, when I think of men penetrating children. I actually start to feel murderous. Do you? Are you as normal as me?

Nearing the two-hour mark, there's a scripture. I'm enjoying this video even though I've seen many of the points before. At 1:58 hrs, the LEM takes off from the moon, but there's nothing showing to keep it straight up and down. They would never take the chance like that with three men inside. They didn't even test this ship on the earth, or one like it. Multiple jets are required to keep the craft straight up and down, and the computers in the late 1960s were insufficient to control this automatically. As the craft rises, it can never go straight up perfectly, and once it's off-course from the true vertical, it will continue go off, creating an arc to the lunar surface, unless jets are activated to alter the arc (no working jets are seen in the video). But the jets are even more dangerous, if operated my the men manually, which is why they can't make such a craft on earth (or we would have seen one).

For the military, a craft like the lunar lander is ideal when a straight-down landing is needed. But it's obvious that even modern computers can't control such a craft, or we would have seen them. Once one jet is sprayed to correct an arc, it required other jets to correct the revolving effect of the first jet, etc., etc. You can see the complications. They can't even make an unmanned craft such as this because, obviously, they tried it only to see crash after crash. The reason that they haven't shown us the tests is that it reveals the lunar hoax.

Here's the first Apollo landing shown as if one were looking out the lander's window. There is never any chaos in the landing, no rocking of the craft whatsoever, it's just all-too perfect (with obvious sound effects fabricated), and this is the first time the driver(s) landed this craft anywhere, after moving at hundreds of miles per hour across the ground (actually, it never happened, this is not a true picture). It's ridiculous now that I think about it. The problem was, adults were not thinking back in 1969, or people generally were not science-smart. They were instead trusting NASA. The rest of the video after the landing is old, nothing new, just so you know. If you watch it, note that there is no three-second delay in the communications between those on the moon and those on earth. Note too that one can see right through the astronaut at times, as though they pasted him into the scene (why release it like that?).

If you're wondering why there are damning films of the Apollo program, it's because people were able to obtain footage that was not supposed to be released. When you see obvious problems such as unsuited men on the "moon," those parts were not supposed to be publicized, and they failed to remove the film from the top-secret files. I have no idea why they failed. They probably had so many takes that it all become complicated, and some employees paid to handle the hiding of the damning parts may have left some damning material on file because they were forced to assist the hoax.

At 2:07 hours, it appears that Neil Armstrong is speaking code, as though he regrets not being able to expose the lie. he first mentions parrots in a joke, and then speaks on "those who can REMOVE one of truth's protective layers," perhaps to say that, if he told the truth (as a parrot would betray its owner's activities), he would be eliminated. He was talked into doing the hoax as though it would be great for him, but they needed to have methods to assure he didn't talk. He's still guilty, but it appears that he came to despise those who used him.

As soon as I chose one video on those arguing the real size of the moon or distance of the sun, youtube started to engulf the suggestions margin with flat-earth material, to make it less likely that we would find some decent, damning material on the true distance to the sun. It is definitely not 93 million miles away. They (evolutionists) expanded the true size of the solar system (long before NASA existed) to accommodate their fantasy, a vast size of space, needed for the big-bang hoax, or creation by natural causes. The youtube dictatorship will not permit me to block flat-earth videos, or any video or topic, because youtube needs junk to clutter up our seeking true knowledge from those not in the anti-Christ deep state. NASA may even be providing the junk by paying some to produce it. At times, youtube is programmed to be dysfunctional. Probably, some of the most damning material on NASA is being buried by youtube.

So, if you ever see a show presenting Martian rocks as formed by water erosion, or if there appears to be river beds formed by flowing water, it's absolutely true, for they are showing us earth geology. Is there a name for people like this? Is there a name for those who teach false education as though they were masters of education? Isn't that demonism?

When someone on the moon is viewing earth, it is supposed to look four times wider than the way we see the full moon. Try to imagine the moon four times wider in both directions. That would be massive. The earth never appears that large in moon photos. Probably, in the 1970s they had hand-held cameras with sufficient zoom to make out individual lunar craters, small as compared to an earthly mountain system such as the Alps or Rockies. Why is it that NASA didn't send such a camera to the moon, to show a zoom of some earthly land mass? Or, why have I never see a team orbiting the earth zooming in and out on various, cloudless parts of the planet, rather than showing only the typical, cloudy planet as a whole (we can't even trust that these are real shots).

The hoax to convince mankind that there was no Creator, just evolved aliens who populated earth, is on the fast-track now. Mars now harbors train stations, buildings...and this would never stop until the government teaches in elementary textbooks that aliens were on Mars. That's where this is predicted to be going. Their problem is, the evidence against NASA has become overwhelming so that the very pictures used as proof of alien life are unreliable. The more that NASA puts out faked images, the more it's exposed. It always blunders. People tend to resist liars dressed as professors, and these truthers stab NASA in the back at the opportunities. Here you go, see a perfect pyramid on Mars that NASA must be responsible for (who else?):

It seems that NASA is not taking credit for the pyramid. It's safer that way. As you watch the other items, have the wisdom to know that the pictures are from composites on earth, and/or computer creations added into the images. NASA cannot show anything unique on Mars that is a true picture of something on earth because it could/would be recognized by someone. Therefore, NASA is now creating landscapes on computers, of all planets and moons. Image the audacity of these imposters, inventing the cosmic "realities" passed on as education. Here you go, some computer animation of Mars looking far different than older pictures that just looked like earth landscapes (the lunatic "music" made me quit early):

To see the height of stupidity, here's an issue involving Walter Cronkite, who saw and reported on, while covering an Apollo mission live, a box or boxes on the moon. The speaker asks why Cronkite was suddenly cut off from the television screen, for 20 minutes. The speaker moves on to the testimony of another man who saw boxes on the moon. The stupidity comes where the speaker prefers to view the boxes as alien buildings (that NASA is covering over) rather than realizing that the boxes were buildings on earth to store the property of the hoaxsters. Clearly, if the boxes were truly on the moon, there is no reason to hide them from the world, but would instead have constituted the most-fantastic discovery, to NASA's credit, of the millennium. But if they were buildings on earth, that's why Cronkite was cut off. What a joke:

Here is another idiot claiming to have found many unnatural objects on the moon. He can't grasp a NASA hoax:

Platte-River Who?

The IT company Hilary Clinton chose to maintain her private email account was run from a loft apartment and its servers were housed in the bathroom closet, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Daily Mail Online tracked down ex-employees of Platte River Networks in Denver, Colorado, who revealed the outfit's strong links to the Democratic Party but expressed shock that the 2016 presidential candidate chose the small private company for such a sensitive job.

One, Tera Dadiotis, called it 'a mom and pop shop' which was an excellent place to work, but hardly seemed likely to be used to secure state secrets. And Tom Welch, who helped found the company, confirmed the servers were in a bathroom closet.

It can also be disclosed that the small number of employees who were aware of the Clinton contract were told to keep it secret.

The way in which Clinton came to contract a company described as a 'mom and pop' operation remains unclear.

However Daily Mail Online has established a series of connections between the firm and the Democratic Party.

Platte River Networks worked for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper - once heavily tipped to be Clinton's 2016 running mate - during his election to be mayor of the city in 2003 [that can explain why Hillary used Platte].

The company's controversial vice president of sales David DeCamillis is also said to be a 'big Democrat' supporter who offered his house to Joe Biden for the party's convention held in Denver in 2008 (opens up another possibility that Platte for Hillary was Obama's idea].

...In March Clinton said she wiped the server clean but experts say some of the more than 60,000 emails she deleted may be recoverable. The server is now in the hands of the FBI who took it off Platte River Networks hands last Wednesday (Daily Beast).

Wouldn't Platte's three bosses have discussed the risk of doing top-secret data for Hillary? What or who talked them into doing a thing that could get them jail time? Shouldn't congress discover how much Platte was paid? Congress writes Trump, asking to "borrow" his attorney general, and Trump gives it thumbs up. What's the problem? Platte has used the 5th while questioned before congress, and so this is a case for the attorney general, because the 5th implies criminality.

She almost got away with it, but, oops: "March 20, 2013 – Clinton's private email address,, is made public when a Romanian hacker named 'Guccifer' (whose real name is Marcel Lazăr Lehel) hacks into longtime Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal's AOL email account and leaks images of his inbox – including emails from Clinton" He was not Guccifer 2.0, but the original Guccifer. The article says that she didn't have Platte for her full four years at State: "June 2013 – Hillary's team shifts control of the email domain to an outside IT contractor in Denver called Platte River Networks, and sends the original server hardware to a data center facility in New Jersey, where it is erased." The article doesn't name the first server from 2009. "2008 – Hillary Clinton acquires a personal email server for her use in running for president, and has it installed in her Chappaqua, New York home. January 13, 2009 – Internet records show that the domain '' was created." It seems to me that, because she canceled her first server once the cat was out of the bag, that the first server was very guilty. Why is Platte River the central focus, therefore, of the article?

Guilty: "February 27, 2015 – State Department staffers tell Benghazi committee aides that Clinton had used her private address exclusively during her tenure at the agency, and that they don't have any of her emails other than those she provided voluntarily." Obama knew that she was using her own domain for her emails. He's guilty, so why isn't he before congress? Too holy? You've got to be kidding. The fact that Obama knew this is one of the biggest testaments to his "running" the nation as an imposter.

Why was this necessary, do you think: "March 4, 2015 – The Associated Press [probably not doing it's best to get the whole truth] reports that it has traced Clinton's private email address back to a private server at her Chappaqua, New York home, and that the server was registered under a fake name." Why did it take two years to make this finding? Were the media hoping the story would get off their chests? Can't AP tell us who the real server was? Can't Trump tell us? Is Trump a sham? Is congress really powerless to tell us? Was the server part of (or a go-between) the Council on Foreign Relations?

The most-painful thing about this, for Hillary, is that she came to believe that she would become the president in spite of this monstrous scandal. Her supporters assisted in creating that belief, as well as the typical liberal pollsters, and, when reaping exactly the insanity she deserved, she blamed others. Deserving jail, she wanted to be president. This is liberal USA. The world is no longer in love with it.

Whoever loves / respects mother or father or brother more than Jesus, God will judge that person as unworthy. But in their own eyes, the Clintons are all-important. Your fight, Bill and Hillary, is with Jesus. If you don't stop seeking the world for yourselves, you will fall into His trap, worse than what you've already experienced. Count yourselves as nothing. Humble yourselves. Let others have the power who are better than yourselves. Be gracious, and give yourselves up for your crimes. Then, pray to God for forgiveness because you give yourselves up for your crimes. God will respect that. Stop attacking those who don't like you; you have earned whatever they feel against you. They don't hate you in a vacuum. You have both been disgusting, and once you acknowledge this, healing can begin.

The problem is 2015: "August 11, 2015 – The FBI takes possession of Clinton's server hardware and three thumb drives in her lawyer's possession, which are said to contain copies of everything she turned over to the State Department." That time period was under Obama, and the FBI would have cleansed the data on the server. Comey's testimony (under Trump's term) did not condemn her for anything found on the server. A week later:

The IT firm [Platte] hired by Hillary Clinton to oversee her private server has told ABC it is "highly likely" a backup copy of the server was made, meaning any emails Clinton deleted before she handed the server over to investigators may still be accessible.

...ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl said the firm hired by Clinton in 2013, the Denver-based Platte River Networks, said it was "cooperating with the FBI.”

It seems the FBI should have had no excuse at all as to why it couldn't get all the emails she deleted? And the FBI had one choice alone, to arrest Hillary (and later, Obama) for the private server. When Clinton testified that she never used the private server for top-secret correspondence, the FBI would naturally ask her what email account she did use. But it turned out that she did not ever use the government (state-department) email system, according to the state department itself. The onus is on her to show where she did her confidential state business. And it means that the FBI needs to be jailed for collusion with a guilty Obama, whose foreign plots he didn't want anyone to discover, which is why Hillary used the in-house server. It makes no other sense that Hillary would use a private server to hide an agenda(s) from Obama, for he would have ordered her to use the state-department server, if he wanted it, for where he could see at any time what she was doing. Clearly, Obama wanted Hillary to use the private server to protect the criminality / immorality of his foreign plots, but this aspect of Hillary's scandal isn't the focus of the Republicans. Why not?

Here's crafty Hillary whom the Republicans can see straight through: ""I was permitted to and used a personal email..." There is no excuse, even though she used the excuse that she didn't realize how wrong it could be. But who is implied in "I was permitted." Whose authority did she need to check with before she could use it? So, this is Obama's scandal, but the Republicans are not framing it that way. She needed permission to delete all that state business, and Obama was obviously responsible for that too. It's unthinkable that she would delete state business without at least informing Obama first.

From the businessinsider article above: "The new server was run by Bryan Pagliano, who had worked as the IT director on Hillary Clinton's campaign before joining the State Department in May 2009." There seem to be a few Italians involved. Jason Chaffetz (House Oversight) summoned Pagliano by subpoena to appear before his court, but he didn't show up. He just didn't show up, twice. How's that for admission of guilt? Did the other Republicans make this an issue at all? "As it turns out, after all these months, Chaffetz is still not over Pagliano's aloof response to his committee's subpoena and has sent a letter to Trump's new Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking him to convene a grand jury or bring charges against Pagliano for his failure to appear before Congress...Of course, Pagliano's attorneys defended his actions back in September [2016] saying that he had already "asserted his Fifth Amendment rights" and refused to answer any questions."

So, Obama can operate state business with a server intended to hide his agendas and programs, then delete all emails, and the Republicans will allow him to get away with it. That's what this is. Chaffetz quit in disgust of this very situation. It's very convenient for the deep state to justify using the 5th amendment because Chaffetz, for example, is motivated by a "naked political agenda" (words of Pagliano's lawyer). If this is justified, then the party in party can never investigate the crimes of the opposing party, perfect for the deep-state mafia. The criminals just won't show up to answer questions. So, the onus is now on Jeff Sessions to change the course of this stand-off situation, and to sink some deep teeth into the brazen Democrats. But Sessions looks like a weakling if only you look at him.

It's interesting that both the Chaffetz-like Chappes surname, and the Paglia/Paglione/Paglienti surname use "ears of wheat," part-code (in my opinion) for the Eyers/Ayers / Heyers, and therefore linkable to the hare of the Wheat-like Weather/Wither surname. There is a Wheat/Wete surname (same place as Weathers/Whithers, and Dunhams with a Coat version of the AYRshire Hare's), and sharing three gold garbs in a box-less Chief with Josephs, the latter traceable to Flavius Josephus, who may have been a grandson of Joseph Caiaphas i.e. the line to the Chappes'. We saw these garbs, or wheat sheaves as some call them, with Waistells and Fittons in what became a new theory of God's whistle-blowers with the president of Judicial WATCH.

Note that the Ayrshire Hare's use two fesses in the colors of the two chevrons of Josephs and French CHAPlins/Caplains. Amazingly, the Chaff surname (shares gold griffin with Caplans) shares the peacock of Hare-liner Harcourts (share the two gold fesses of Hare's). HarCOURTs were first found in the same place as Clintons, and Courts/Coverts and Coverts were first found in the same place as Arun that named the Arundels.

English Caplans, with a reflection of the Clinton Coat, were first found in the same place as Josephs. This makes Caplans, Chaplains and Chaplets all traceable to Alice of Saluzzo, and as it was the FitzAlans of Arundel and Shropshire who married Alice. While FitzAlans lived at Shropshire's Clun (I had read this), it's notable that the Clun surname, using the Saluzzo Coat exactly, was first found in Perthshire, right beside the first-known Chappes' that use the ears of wheat. As Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, it's notable that "PAGliano" can be a branch of the Pagan variation of Payens (share pierced stars with Clintons in the same colors).

This apparent connection of Chappes liners to Clintons can be shown in other ways that involve Clinton links to Chives of Tarves (Tarves' share the six Clinton crosses). The pierced Clinton star can be gleaned with Spurrs for the latter's star, and those of Payens, are called, "SPUR rowells." The Spurr Crest (called a "WHEAT sheaf") then shares the gold garb in the Joseph Crest. Rowells use roundels as code for the Arundel line that likely connects with FitzAlans of Arundel, the ones who married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Chives-suspect Luisa of CEVA. The Spurrs were even first found in Devon, where Chives' were said, for years previous to this past year, to be first found.

Josephus killed his own Israelite people to save his own skin. He betrayed Israel, and went over to the house of emperor Titus. As the Titus surname shares the Chappes Moor head, and as Josephus claimed to be from a priestly line, it makes sense that the house of Joseph Caiaphas (may have been dead in 70 AD, may have been alive) betrayed Israel to save its skin, and that Josephus was at the charge of this plan. The Stirlings ("gang forward") can be gleaned with the Chappes Moor head because Chappes' were first found in Stirling (location of an Allen river). As Stirlings share buckles on a bend with Leslie's (same place as Tarves), and as I say Leslie's use the Save bend (recalls the SHAWs of Perthshire, beside Stirling), it seems that the Save bend is (round-about) in use by Spurrs. As the Stirlings/STURlings use a reflection of the SALEman Coat, both with the same bend as Sale's/Sales' (Saluzzo liners), chances are that Stirling (the location) was named by a people who had also been on the Stura river of Cuneo, i.e. near Saluzzo.

I'm now thinking that God may have named Bryan Pagliano as hint of connection to Briancon, on the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures suspect in the naming of Saluzzo. Irish Bryans, who happen to share the lion of Titus', use an arm out of a cloud, much like the Coat of Arundel-suspect Arens/Aarons. This Briancon link to Saluzzo reminds me that I equated the Bryan lion with that of Oxfords (three of the Harcourt bars), now interesting where Clintons (and Harcourts) were first found in Oxfordshire...with the Peare's and Tiens who themselves had traced to the Bra area of Cuneo.

Bryans can be sharing the three Tailer lions in pale, important where I linked the Tailer lions to the same-colored Chives cats. Tailers (Sales colors) were first found in Sussex and Kent, where Arun and the Rundels/Roundels (Alan fesse), respectively, were first found. This increases the chances that Alice of Saluzzo had a line connecting with Briancon. The Clinton stars can therefore be those of Brights (same place as Sales') if they trace to Brigantium, the alternative name of Briancon.

When I stood on a PLATform / deck (compare the Deck Coat to that of Paglia's) to touch the bra, with white rabbits under the platform, God created the event at the home of JERRY Peterson, who turned out to be code for the Jarry/HARE surname, you see, just as though God wanted to include the Har / Harcourt line into this picture of Clinton's guilt. Suddenly, the Peterson lion heads are notable for being in the colors of the Tailor lions, especially as Petersons were first found in the same place as the first Chives' in Tarves. The Peterson cross is colors reversed from that of Chives'.

But God did not give use the touch-bra event just to provide education on where the Clintons trace in Cuneo, or that they linked up with Paioni there. I can guarantee you that Petersons and Clintons (share the Rust crosses) together trace with Sinclairs to Rusticus of Lyon, as do the Touch's and Garrys/Hare's. But I didn't do a decade of heraldry work just to point this out. It involves the line of Joseph Caiaphas to a wife of Payens/Pagans (some say Hugh de Payens married Miss Sinclair of Roslin), but God did not provide the touch-bra event for this knowledge. He provided it to indicate that He will deal with the Clintons. They appear to be under His special wrath, they and their supporters. How bad will their demise be? In this current world, their demise depends on what's proven against them, otherwise, if nothing is proven, punishment won't come until their deaths. That's my question: will the Clintons be undeniably revealed (stripped bare in a court case / leak / confession) before their deaths, perhaps this year?

The Shafts (Cove / Covert colors) were looked up seeking a branch of Chaffetz's. While Cove-like Coughs/Cuffs use the SALE bend, Shafts use a SALAmander in flames, and what could be both the Hebron and Ruth/Rother chevron with the Moray stars in colors reversed (for Douglas' of Moray use the salamander in flames too). Shafts are said to have been in the area of Aynsleys and Vaughns (Macey-related Fane's/Vans?), the latter sharing the Sale / Cuff fleur, in my opinion.

[Insert -- Any link of a surname to Vaughns can be to Sale-suspect Pendragons, and while the latter share a motto (almost) with Shaws, Shafts may have been a Shaw branch, especially as I've just found (during the spell check) a way to link Shaws via Watch's to Cornwall, where Pendragons were first found. The Watch's (colors and format of Shaws/Sheaves') are said to have been at a manor of WESTcott, which recalls the Waistells/Wessels, whom I had traced to the royal Cottian, VESTALis. The Cottians were linked to Cotta's, and there you see "WestCOTT." Perfect. It's tracing the Cottians to Cornwall. And when we go to the Westcott Coat, is shares COVERED cups with Shaws/Seths. The Westcott fesse is colors reversed from the COVERT fesse, and we saw above that I suggested Cove's and Coverts as kin of Shafts before this insert was conceived. Syphax married a woman engaged first to Massena (both were Numidians prior to the birth of Caiaphas), and while Bussers use the same motto as Massins, the Busser chevron is that also of Shafts while Busser-related Bush's were from Busca, the area of the first Masci's i.e. from a line of Massena (or Massinissa, as he's better known).

In this way, I can trace the Caiaphas-suspect Chaffetz's / Chaffs to Shawia Numidians, and claim that "Shaw(ia)" was actually a variation of "Caiaphas" over some centuries of changes. Queen Kenza's name was traced at least tentatively or suggestively to the Kennati priests at Cetis, then over to the Pendragon-related Kennedys that use the colors and format of Weathers/Withers. As I have many reasons to believe that Joseph Caiaphas was birthed of a line from Julius Caesar's affair with Servilia Caepionis, note that Caesar's mother was Miss Cotta. Then, as I have reason to believe that Mr. Kepke has a surname from a Caiaphas / Syphax variation (Syphax was a Numidian), it's interesting that the Westcott fesse can be the Keppock fesse, but see also the fesse of CHAPEAU-using Bidens (same place as Josephs). Servilia was a granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio, and Quints were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Chaff's. Quince's were first found in the same place as Brays/Brae's that use the colors and format of Shaws / Watch's, the latter a possible branch of the Wade variation of Quade's whom I trace to QUADRatus of Cetis. Ayers, with a version of one Shaw Coat, use QUATRfoils. End Insert]

Some say Bryan Pagliano has died. "Top Clinton aide Johnston Wilson McGill, 34, was found dead of an apparent heart attack just one day before he was summoned to testify about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server by GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. Given that there’s no record of a top Clinton aide named Johnston Wilson McGill, and that GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy wasn't leading an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when rumors of McGill’s supposed death went viral, we’re reporting this one as fiction." The question: is the Clinton team putting out fake-death reports to scare others into not revealing Clinton secrets? Or, to make the real murders suspect as fake news? Snopes is correct on this one: "Reports that an FBI agent investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a private e-mail server killed himself after murdering his wife are just fake news."

Here's Judicial Watch (August 11) shining the light on Trump's justice department yet again. This time, a court, this week, ordered Justice to search for Hillary's Benghazi-related emails. Judicial Watch insinuates the Trump team in collusion with the Clinton criminals. The lawyer who's one of the speakers verifies that the Justice department has not yet searched for emails in the possession of Clinton aids (wow). Think of how troubling this is, that while Hillary deleted her emails, one way to obtain some of them is to get the emails of those she emailed, yet the people under Sessions have been unwilling to do it, apparently, so that someone had to get a court to enforce it. This is a nightmare for Trump's voters expecting Trump's team to get the truth. The longer this takes, the more that the Clintons can wiggle. There are now too many people for the Clintons to kill; it's time for others to come forth and leak the flood what they know.

Lou Dobbs has this story, saying that the judge in agreement with Judicial Watch was an Obama appointee (wow), Amit Mehta. Just look at how struck Lou Dobbs is on this Trump failure.

Napolitano weighs in:

The Clintons need to leave Canada quickly to deal with this. It's BAAAAD.

The Tucker-Carlson show weighs in:

You need to see Napolitano's statement just after the one-minute mark: "the lawyers who represented the Obama State Department are the same lawyers who represented the Trump State Department, and they made the exact-same argument...all [including Trump's Department] protecting Mrs. Clinton..." There is ballistic fire and fury here aimed at Trump's crotch. Isn't Napolitano the one whom Fox fired for supporting talk on the Seth-Rich murder?

The video above mentions the FBI raid on Paul Manafort, whose surname can trace to Monforte, beside Bra. If Trump doesn't nip Mueller very soon, the Mueller team will squeeze Manafort like grapes in a press, and get a false confession out of him that is damning to Trump. That's the fear of those who know the situation. As Napolitano says, the FBI could not have obtained a warrant to raid Manafort's home unless there were some criminal goods on him. For Mueller to get a significant confession, the crime needs to be severe. And it's even possible that the FBI has framed Manafort for something very serious. Manafort was the Trump counterpart of Hillary's Podesta.

In the first minute of the Fox video below, we hear yet another excuse from Trump's Justice as to why they didn't bother searching the emails of chief Clinton aids: the public outcry had died down!!! That is a stab in the hearts of Trump's voters, and a stab in Trump's promise to arrest Hillary.

The bottom line is this. The emails between Clinton aids and Clinton herself are in the possession now of Session's Justice Department. There is NOBODY stopping Justice from looking into those emails. They need no permission from anyone to look at them, and yet, according to their own words, they have failed to look at the emails. We haven't known about this until now, but it had been predictable under the condition that Sessions really wasn't looking to arrest Hillary. There was always the chance that Sessions was planning to arrest her, but wanted to do it by surprise so as to get the best situation for the prosecution. For such a surprise attack, it would be best to let the Clintons think that the emails of the aids were not being busted open. In any case, chances are the Sessions himself has already seen the worst of the emails of the aids. And there is the chance that nothing condemning is in those emails. There is the good chance that anything condemning was deleted by the aids, of course. Obama would have wanted it that way. But Jesus has the last say in what the final result will be.

My problem is that the judge's order pertains only to Benghazi-related emails. I say that ALL of the emails of all of her chief aids need to be given up to a Republican, anti-Clinton panel seeking evidence of crime for the future prosecution of Clinton. The great thing is, the enemy is investigating Trump on virtually zero evidence, meaning that the enemy cannot justifiably play-down a Clinton investigation.

A purpose for the establishment of FOIA is to prevent injustice and corruption in government, but if a FOIA request is simply ignored, shouldn't the Justice Department move in and correct it with a hard fist? Yet, here we have the Justice Department guilty of hiding information from a public request. It's just so much cesspool, and Trump is wading in it. Yes, the one who promised to clean the O swamp is wading in a cesspool in his own backyard.

At this point, I'm not sure whether Sekulow is still Trump's lawyer. Sekulow was probably hired to rid Trump of Russian collusion, but this same Sekulow is now a charging bull with horns aimed at Session's arse. We have yet to see whether Trump is happy or unhappy with this charge. When Trump came out to kick Sessions butt recently, was that part of the Sekulow charge? Here's from early 2017: "Jay and Jordan Sekulow of the Religious Right legal group American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) used their podcast yesterday to discuss Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be attorney general, which Jordan Sekulow called the 'most exciting' of all of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominations for the ACLJ."

This court order, along with a related one from the same judge, tends to assure that Sessions will comply with Sekulow's requests for all emails pertaining to Elizabeth Carlisle, the alias used by Loretta Lynch. It seems absurd that anyone should need to force Sessions hand on this. Lynch held exactly the same post as Sessions now holds. One expects that Sessions' team included a branch looking at Lynch's emails, and by necessity bumped into her alias email account. One idea that a bright lawyer would not overlook is the checking of whether emails not in her mailbox turn up in the boxes of those she communicated with. In this way, it becomes known that she deleted official government business. And we fully expect from Sessions a full report of Eric Holder's damning activities with Obama. If Trump fires Sessions and replaces him with a person refusing to be a deep-state puppet, expect Obama and the Clintons to go on more extended "vacations."

I don't know how Christian, or what sort of Christian, Jay Sekulow is. But my impression is that God may be giving him success in association with my (or His) white-rabbit prediction against the killers of Scalia / attempted killers of Scalise. Note how the SCALia/Scalise surname can be a branch of "SEKULo." It was on Jay street that, all alone on my front lawn, I heard a voice, "Will you live for me." That must have been to indicate to readers that this revelation can be trusted.

Aside from Ed Klein's factual statement in the 3rd minute of the video below, I claimed that both Obama and the FBI wanted her to lose the election because her presidency would cause the House Republicans to investigate Hillary's conduct at Benghazi, etc., feverishly. Klein says that Hillary was crying on the phone, blaming her loss on Obama and James Comey. However, when Trump won, Hillary's supporters in the media started to go after him to impeach as soon as possible, which had the effect of angering the Trump team to the point of giving Hillary's team a backlash, and this is where we are now, with the Republicans smashing her face with left punches, with Democrats merely jabbing, unable to do damage, Comey thrown over the ropes to his concussion, and Obama in hiding, losing sleep. And this is just for starters. All of the pain and suffering caused by Democrat impishness over decades, upon Christians, appears to be falling back upon them from their God Almighty. It looks like Judgment has arrived, when every jab of the Democrats turns into a hard Republican left to the red eyes of the Clinton team, and the best is being left for last when it's Obama's turn to step into the ring.

The problem with having Sessions at odds with the voters' will: Trump can't fire and replace Sessions if the Senate refuses to pass a replacement. Sessions is a senator, and probably has enough Senate support to refuse Trump a replacement. Sessions already offered to resign at Trump's pleasure, which changes things in that respect, but if Sessions digs in long enough as the AG, he could refuse to resign. Assuming that he stays on, this success in the hands of Judicial Watch acts to force Sessions' hand, especially if Sekulow is still a respected part of Trump's legal team.

As fate would have it, "On March 10, 2017, Sessions oversaw the firing of 46 United States Attorneys, leaving only his acting Deputy Dana Boente and nominated Deputy Rod Rosenstein in place after Trump declined their resignations." Trump protects Rosenstein's job, and Rosenstein pays Trump back by appointing Mueller to undo Trump. In the meantime, Trump chose Sessions, who recused himself at Trump's great disappointment. It looks like Trump sorted darkness for himself. Yet, the Mueller incident can be a victory for Trump's voters. The Republicans would be portrayed as nasty (by liberal media) if they were the only ones conducting investigations. So long as Mueller spins his wheels against Trump, the media has no way to hurt Trump if he should demand a criminal investigation. Go for it, Mr. Trump. Go for a knock-out. If you want to be re-elected with a landslide, you've got to go for the Obama rats. Start where he's vulnerable, where he's clearly guilty with Hillary. Then discover sin after sin until the media looks to be absolutely stretching things when trying to spin things their way. The Republicans need only to keep the middle on-side, and we can assume that the middle likes honesty, hates mafia, whether it's religious or not.

We now await to see whether Chris Wray is another darkness-side pick by Trump. Will Wray help or hurt Mueller's cause? Wray has been the FBI director for two weeks already, but, so far, no one I've seen has commented on any input he has had. He may be the type to resist any bad press for the FBI, and will therefore resist knocking the lights out of the corrupt elements in the FBI. Or, to our surprise, he will turn out to be a shining light on the decay, then scrape it out. An FBI director must lean heavily toward honesty and moral cleanliness. He cannot lean Democrat for those two reasons, but he should tend to lean Christian-conservative because that's the cleanest most-honest place in America. The Democrats are the ones who give Christians a bad rap, and a dirty, corrupt police force. Democrats are experts at spinning evil into good, and good into evil. They would take a bad Christian and hold him up as the symbol of Christianity. Uh, no, the Symbol of Christianity is Jesus, no longer in dried-out sandals and unwashed beard. He's now radiant, glorified, and is coming with a New Name.

I have yet to add to my conclusion in the touch-bra event: Peter Peterson (married Mrs. Cooney) of the Council of Foreign Relations is behind / beside the Clinton-crime ring. That's not an accusation on my part, just an assessment of the way I view the props in the event. Unfortunately, I haven't bumped into any articles to show how Peterson's friends can link him to the Clintons. I did talk about Peterson a few updates ago, showing that he may be a contributor to the globalist purchasing system, which can explain why he should be part of the touch-bra event. I would temporarily place him in the False-Prophet camp.

"He was one of 40 billionaires, led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who agreed to give at least half their wealth to charity. Most of his giving has been to his own foundation, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which focuses on raising public awareness about long-term fiscal sustainability issues" (Wikipedia). Didn't Cecil Rhodes also give away much of his wealth toward globalism? Can fiscal-sustainability issues be part-and-parcel with those who tip the world into a skin method of purchasing? Why was a billionaire chosen to head the CFR? Are only the fabulously wealthy smart enough to work an agenda? Or has the CFR agenda been, in the first place, on behalf of the fabulously Trump? "In 1969, [Peterson] was invited by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller III, CFR Chairman John J. McCloy, and former Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon to chair a Commission on Foundations and Private Philanthropy, which became known as the Peterson Commission...He succeeded David Rockefeller as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1985 and served until his retirement in 2007."

It seems to me that rich people, George Soros being a prime example, wish to use their wealth to make the world spin the way they think it should. No one but Obama can find fault with fiscal responsibility; even Bill Clinton practiced it (I wonder what his motives were): "In 1992, [Peterson] was one of the co-founders of the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan citizens' group that advocates reduction of the federal budget deficit. Following record deficits under President George W. Bush, Peterson commented in 2004, 'I remain a Republican, but the Republicans have become a far more theological, faith-directed party, not troubling with evidence.'" I can't figure out what the last part of that sentence means, but it doesn't sound as though he was happy with the sway of Christian voters.

Why would God use Jerry Peterson's home for the touch-bra event, if indeed He chose that place to indicate Peter Peterson? The first proof I had that God created that event was in the white CONEYs (or rabbits) in a cage beneath my feet as I touched the bra. It would be months before finding Mrs. COONEY, Peter Peterson's second wife. Cooneys can be using the lion of Manforts/Montforts in colors reversed, for a trace to Monforte of Cuneo, beside Bra. It can also be the red lion of Leghs, for Brays/Brae's use eagle's legs. Moreover, while Brays/Brae's use a FLAX breaker, the Flacks/Flecks share the double-black fesses of Stans', while Maurice Hubert Stans preceded Peterson as the Commerce secretary. Recall the double fesses of Hare's, Harcourts. The Conans (the Sales fleur in colors reversed) use one fesse in Flack-fesse colors.

The cloud in the Stans Crest indicates the McLeods/Clouds, who use flags as likely code for the Flag variation of Flacks/Flecks. The Stans' have a write-up concerning a Staines location in Sussex, the county where Arun is located (its Arundels married Cuneo's Saluzzo), recalling the hand out of clouds (the Stans symbol) of Jewish Aarons/Arens. The Erens/Erringtons use more double fesses, and they are the fesses of Manner-beloved Parrs while Manners (same place as Erens) use the Harcourt peaCOCK. The Cocks share the red rooster in the Eren Crest. It makes us ask whether Erens/Erringtons and Aaron were just a Hare branch. The Errington-like Herrings (same place as Clintons) are using a Coat version of the Hebrons (same place as Erens/Erringtons), and both may be using the Cooney lion closely.

By a stroke of luck, the Arney surname (properly the Carneys) just came to mind as an Arun possibility, and they show the Cooney / Hebron / Herring lion too, and put it on the Saluzzo Shield! Excellent. The Aren-like Rons/Ronnys/Runnings share the Herring / Covert fesse, perhaps. If you were reading on the TIENen trace to the Bra area, note the "tine" terms buried in the Arney/Carney motto. The Harcourts and Clintons were first found on/near the Thames along with the Staines location (above) in Sussex, and the Tiens are listed with the Thames surname.

Peter G. Peterson, business partner to Maurice "Madoff" Greenberg and Sith Lord Henry Kissinger...has a plan that will save our country. It's the IMF austerity package for the USA, but it's for our own good. Trust Mr. Peterson. President Obama has.

By executive order, on February 18, 2010, Mr. Obama created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. This is the outside the Constitution, bi-partisan budget commission that a coterie of financial syndicate insiders spearheaded by Peterson have been maneuvering into position for almost two years.

The recommendations to come out of this commission will be fixes offered by the same Ponzi scheme crime artists who created our problems in the first place [they created the huge debt, now will take new taxes by force to supposedly pay for it].

...Taken together, these solutions amount to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) austerity plan for our United States. If we allow Peterson and his fellow collaborators to go unchallenged in this effort, we will be destined to learn what many hapless countries already have: the IMF is the extremely efficient enforcement arm of the international crime syndicate's loan sharking operations. And, they break more than legs.

With the fiscal commission required to deliver its recommendations by no later than December 1, 2010, the timing allows for full details of the austerity measures to be conveniently withheld from the American public until after the election on November 2. Co-chair of the Commission, former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson has already confirmed this will be the case, stating that it would be "total cremation" to let out details before the election.

I don't understand the ins and outs of this issue enough to comment, but this page thinks that Peterson is government-linked, globalist bankster pure and simple. Once they are dependant on a new tax scheme, they can eke out the most taxes if they rid the world of cash. You can't evade taxes in the 666 system because all your purchases and sales are automatically recorded. This is where they are going fast by making the new generation accepting of a no-privacy lifestyle.

Many people think the TC [Trilateral Commission], created in 1973 [same years as UPC] by David Rockefeller, is a relic of an older time.

Think again.

Patrick Wood, author of Trilaterals Over Washington, points out there are only 87 members of the Trilateral Commission who live in America. Obama appointed eleven [13 percent] of them to posts in his administration.

Keep in mind that the original stated goal of the TC was to create "a new international economic order."... ...In the run-up to his inauguration after the 2008 presidential election, Obama was tutored by the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski [the latter is on Wikipedia's page for Traby, where the Arms looks like it holds a 666 in the strings of the horns].

In Europe, the financially embattled nations of Greece and Italy brought in Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti as prime ministers. Both men are Trilateral members, and Monti is the former European chairman of the Trilateral Commission.

In the US, since 1973, author Wood counts eight out of 10 US Trade Representative appointments, and six out of eight World Bank presidencies, as American Trilateral members.

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote, four years before birthing the TC with his godfather, David Rockefeller: "[The] nation state as a fundamental unit of man's organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force. International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation state." Several other noteworthy Trilateral members: George HW Bush; Bill Clinton; Dick Cheney; Al Gore...

Does all this offer a clue as to why the US economy has failed to recover from the Wall Street debacle of 2008, why the federal bailout was a handout to super-rich criminals, and why Obama took actions which prevented a recovery?

That's the same as saying that elected politicians are of less quality to call the future than the very-rich bankers. I see a disconnect between the globalists and the people who elect officials to do the peoples work. And the media, traitors, are with globalists. The media cover politics, though, yet the media is the tool seeking to connect the people willingly to the globalists. Unless the globalists can get the people behind them, they will not be able to rule comfortably. At any time, rebellion and resistance. They had to put away their skincode, and they are loathed everywhere more now than then. Even the nasty and demented liberals that love the globalist-toting media hate the bankers. It looks hopeless for the globalists, yet they have the power to skim some of our taxes, or seize our money in endless schemes, thanks to the media that empowers them. So, Judgment also on the media bosses, it will surely be.

Christian, don't act hopeless; you will see their sorry demise. If they brag on the power to order the earth, they will fall weaker harder. The more money they boast in, the more wretched and poor they are. It's the law of God. It's not their faces you see when they are at public functions that matters, but their sorry faces when they are all alone, without God in their hearts and minds. Think of it. Do you want to be like that just to have more money than you need? What fools. They are disconnected from the people, and disconnected from God, what utter fools. It's the Christians who run the real earth. It's the salt of the earth who change minds, hold out the Way and improve hearts. Making machinery for assembly lines is like death in comparison. Loaning money to make money is not a profession deserving of running the world. What do greedy beasts know about bettering the planet? They know only to better themselves.

I would probably give Peterson the benefit of the doubt that he really did care about paying off the debt for the benefit of the people, but his being in the bra event, and his being the chief of the CFR, leads me to conclude tentatively that he's more the devil. CFR doesn't call itself a foreign-policy counsel, but foreign relations. That's the Revelation prostitute, isn't it? She screws with everyone in high places, and loves jewels just like the fabulously rich. She lives in richness while killing the saints of Christ. Who in the world could this be? God is going to bring a couple of lamp stands that will torment her partner, the 666 enforcer. Why would God want to make the beast angrier with a duo that will accuse the beast to its face? Because, He is angry himself. It will be the showdown, time for us to lift up heads.

I hate to break it to you, but Jesus' solution for poverty is much like that of Democrats, to take it from the rich. But God plans on doing something more than what Democrats would: kill the rich. It's simple. But, first, the rich will make an utter stench of themselves. They will plot to play God, to order society in the biggest crime job ever, with murders everywhere of those who rebel or even those unwilling to play along. That's what the bra event was, a digest of the killers. And he was using a kid to touch it who would one day write an online book on preparing to fight the 666 with stored foods.

I've asked myself why a bra had to be the symbol of choice? Why not a bush since Bush's/Buschs were from Cuneo's Busca? Why should Cuneo's Bra location be the center of the story? I honestly don't know.

Ahaha, do you know what just happened? After writing the above, I reflected on the Savage's (linkable via Chives' to Clintons) being from Savigliano (between Bra and Saluzzo, but focusing more on Bra, the Brayman surname came to mind, and loading the Brayman Coat (same place as German Bush's/Buschs!), there was a savage! Excellent. It proves that Brays were Bra liners, and Savage's were Savigliano liners. "A gold shield with red border, displaying a savage supporting a pine tree." And while Maschi's use the pine CONE, Brayers (just came to mind) use a version of the Macey / Platte Coat, substituting what can be the Clinton stars with the Masci fleur. The Brayers almost use the Bush/Busch fleur. I, a Masci, touched the bra. Why did God do this with me? Breyers (with an 'e') were first found in Rhineland with Braymans and Bush's/Buschs.

Brayers (eagle rising) are in Mast/Master colors, and first found in the same place. And while the bra belonged to the tenant at Jerry's place, Tenants use a MAST with a sail in Crest as part code for the Saluzzo-line Sales'/Sails (same place as Masseys/Maceys and Dunham-Masci). The Brayns/Brains/Brans (Hainaut) have a Coat looking linkable to an Irish Brian Coat, now begging the question on whether the namers of Bra named Briancon. But what does it matter?

The bra was on a LAUNDRy line, and while it was proven that German LANDERs/Landens / Langleys (FitzAlan suspects) were the meaning, Scottish Landers (Rundel / Alan Shield?) share an arm holding a sword and coming from a cloud with Irish Brians. Amazing.

I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT BEFORE to check for a Brasier surname until now. There are two of them. The English branch (Somerset) is in Blond colors, and I clinched Blonds as part of the touch-bra event, even as the tenant was a blond. The Blonds have been traced (by me) to the bars of Leavells, and the latter were first found in the same place as Brasiers/Brasers/Brazers (and Peirs)! That's the first wow. The second wow is that I traced the Leavell bars to Amore's and Damorys (same place as Clintons), and the Brasiers/Brasers use the motto, "AMOR patriae" ...which is a phrase used by Phillips. Louise Phillips was on one of the platforms with Christine Peare (blonde), in the MALL, just before Peare came onto my platform, when I pulled her by her waist / belly toward me. The Belli's use vertical bars in Amore-bar colors. Peare's were first found in the same place as Amore's / Damorys. Amore's ("MALis" motto term) , Blonde's and Leavells all use nebuly bars, as do Maria's/Marina's. The Malis'/Malise's (beside Somerset) are said to have named MeLEWIS, and they use swans (in Lois-ostrich colors), symbol of Lohengrin, the Swan Knight, son of Percival i.e. the Leavell line. The "cede" motto term of Amore's can be for Cedes, suspect with Cetis, where Quadratus' family ruled (married Lupus Laevillus) whom I trace both to Leavells and to quatrefoils. The Brasiers show nothing but quatrefoils. You see, that bra has led us to Laevillus, suspect was Caiaphas' grandson.

Brasiers/Brasers may have been a branch of Bras'/Brace's, first found in the general area of the Clent hills (I can't say here whether this was a Bruce branch). The Bras'/Brace's share the armored ARM (why not a leg?) while Armys/Ermine's use a version of the Scottish Bruce Coat. The armored arm is shared with Armors, and Amore's are also Armers while Cotes-d'Armor is in Brittany beside Vilaine, while the Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Cedes, while the Vilain Coat is a version of the Tanner Coat while Tanners are suspect at the Tanaro river, the Bra theater. The Bras/Brace Coat can therefore be a version of the Plunkett Coat, for Plunkets were first found in Vilaine (same as Dol Alans). We read that one of the first of the Brasier line was Mr. Brazur of Shropshire i.e. where the Dol Alans removed to. If this reveals that a Bruce line named Bra, then it should be added that the Dol Alans went on to marry King Bruce, but let's not forget that Alans also named Langhe at Bra. There is the unknown parts of the royal-Stewart line, from Saluzzo blood, and others of Cuneo for I don't know how long prior to Templars, and coupled with Masci blood.

It was resolved that Plunketts were of the Planquet variation of Plants, and that they traced without doubt from Plancia Magna to the Fulks and Plantagenets. The "plena" motto term of Tenants can be for the Plene variation of Plantagenets (Brian lions?). The Plants/Planque's/Planquette's use cabbages while Cabbage's (Peterson lion?) were first found in the same place as Brays/Brae's. While Jugon is in Cotes-d'Armor, the Juggs/Judds share the white-on-red boar head with Tenants. The latter use crescents in colors reversed from that of Motts, first found in Cotes-d'Armor. The "Deus" motto term of Tenants is expected with German Deusters/Dusters that share armored arms with Bras'/Brasers. AND UNBELIEVABLE: Dutch Deusters/Dossens use three pale bars in the colors of the six of Langleys / Landers/Landens!!! The bra on the laundry line of the blond tenant, at your service. Landers/Landens share the sinister feature with Deusters/Dusters.

This reminds that Dussels (Hazel branch) are Dossen-like Dussens (share green trefoils with Deusters/Dusters), and it just so happens that they share the same fesse as French Brasiers/Brasets! Excellent. And the Hazel-possible Haas'/Heslins use a hare. Jewish Haas' use a white-on-white "hare courant" (no legs touching the ground). Hazels share the Weaver / Brasier fesse, and Pepins share part of the Webber Coat.

Jerry's mother was Italian, and her name was Maria. She would make us milkshakes (Cony-related Cunninghams use a SHAKEfork), the thing I remember most about her. "Sekulow" may be a branch of Sheckletons/Shackle's (Alan / Rundel fesse?). The Sheckleton poplar tree can be code for mythical Popiel of the mouse tower, whose suspect with Pepin lines i.e. from Pepin of Landen. Popoli's (same place as Capone's) are in Sheckleton colors, and use a letter on their Shield, a feature also of Lander-related Langs (Bra is in/beside Langhe).

Spanish Maria's could be using the Brayman / Masci fleur because Italian Maria's/Marina's (Lander colors) have been traced to Clements...long before realizing that Clements were Clint(on) liners. Italian Maria's/Marina's were first found in Genoa, where Face's/Fessys trace who are in the Brayn/Brain leopard faces.

I almost didn't check. But during the spell check, 90 minutes before this update was due, I re-loaded the Shake's (Landen / Langley colors), having forgotten that they have a hare in Crest!!! The milkshakes were, therefore, compliments of God for this Sign. The Shake's happen to be in Jarry/Hare colors! Bingo. Shake's use a motto term suspect with both Anticks and Hume's (the latter use the Touch / Jarry/Hare lion in colors reversed). Anticks/Enticks were first found in Surrey along with English Hare's.

Time for a few giggles. Here's the first episode of Beverly Hillbillies:


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