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August 1 - 7, 2017

I Drank Turpentine to Uncover the Murderer of Steve Scalise
Proof of God in the Bra-Pero Connection to Bree-Peer at the Loon
Cindy Richardson Was at Second Base, and So Was Steve Scalise!
Now I Know that God was Touching Upon JARRY Peterson

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again.

The following title adds to my confusion: "*UPDATED 7/11 9:15 PDT* Forensicator: "The Rabbit" Drops 28,000 Private Hillary emails." The colon suggests that Forensicator said/wrote this line about White Rabbit. However, in my last update (link at top of this page), it dawned on me that the Forensicator doesn't mention either Seth Rich, the Hillary emails, nor White Rabbit in his celebrated analysis (of a Guccifer-2 file) that was released either on the same day (July 9) that White Rabbit released the near-29,000 emails, or the next day. on the 10th. Nor did I see Forensicator mention those things elsewhere. Therefore, the parallel or the relationship between White Rabbit and Forensicator may be the doing, either carefully and deliberately, or carelessly otherwise, of certain web owners.

It struck me that the Forensicator could be a deep-state agent whose purpose it is to draw people away from the White-Rabbit story and onto the Guccifer story. The motive would be to get less people to download the Hillary emails until such time that the deep state is able to get them all offline. The owner of the webpage (onehope2016) with the title above has a link to some work by the Webb-Goodman duo whom were realized as DNC / government agents in my last update. This duo were trying to destroy the White-Rabbit story. They call their online organization, CROWDsource the Truth. If that name was out before the DNC (Democrat National Convention) hired CROWDstrike to feign a Russian hacking of the DNC, then it could be that Webb and/or Goodman chose that name because they were/are Crowdstrike operatives.

It doesn't matter how much mainline truther information a fake truther has on their website. If it's already out there, it does little harm to repeat it, but the payback for faking truther websites could be great because the owners get to be spies on what other truthers are up to, and they may even get their identities.

The page from onehope2016 provides a link to the White Rabbit's page, and the latter character had the link to where one could download the near-29,000 Hillary emails. Unless there's a trick involved, the fact that onehoipe2016 provided the link to White Rabbit's page argues for his being a genuine truther. However, I was at the download page (!N2YjFCzQ!dP66-Chxpr7jM-KCho04Dw) early in the last update, and it was apparently working fine, but on Monday, the last day of the update, the link to that page got me only a blank page. Therefore, if an entire lot of truthers were depending on that page, it may have been ruined almost immediately, before they were able to discover whether it was safe to download the emails. I recorded the link in the last update, and it's identical to what's there now for the blank page. Therefore, someone removed the material from the download page, or somehow made it invisible. And White Rabbit has not said anything about it on his page, yet anyway (I read it in its entirety this morning, Monday the 31st).

I'm not saying that the Forensicator and onehope2016 are deep-state operatives. I'm just saying what I did for the reasons that I did. The question that arose in my mind, in the last update, was whether the file, 7dc58-ngp-van.7z, which Forensicator has been involved with, was part of the White-Rabbit dump. I tried to discover the answer, but no one that I found has said so. One page that downloads the file says, "7dc58-ngp-van.7z 678 MB." White Rabbit's 29,000 emails is 542 MBs in total, suggesting that it's too small for what Forensicator is working on. I'm not sure why Forensicator claims that the file is 2,000 MBs (or 2 gigs).

"56 days ago" as of July 31, 2017 (below), someone asks George Webb if 7dc58-ngp-van is identical to part of Guccifer's release, implying that it's part of Guccifer's release. Forensicator claims that it is part of Guccifer's release, from September of last year. It's old material, therefore. We ask why the Forensicator and others didn't realize earlier that the transfer speed was a key for disproving a hack job. Did the White-Rabbit release have part of the Guccifer file, which, for the first time, allowed someone to calculate the transfer speed? If not, by what coincidence did Forensicator come out with the eye-popping news on the same 24-hour period as the rabbit's release? Can it not appear that Forensicator and others at VIPS are trying to take the thunder from the White Rabbit?

Attention George Webb research team regarding NGP VAN: 7dc58-ngp-van...Go to the folder "Stuff For Mike --> WH -->"Contact List-Complete List.xlsx" and you'll find a complete database of DNC officials with their Blackberry Phone Numbers, Personal Phone Numbers and email addresses. This includes Debbie Wasserman-Schulz...and many many others [is this bait for a reason? Is it to detract from White-Rabbit dump?]

[56 days ago] HI. Im just trying to piece all of this together and wondered if you could help. Is this recent 7dc58-ngp-van dump is the same as the original Guccifer 2.0 dump?

The first post on the page was 58 days ago, or June 3, well before White Rabbit came out (July 9). June 3 was during the time that Webb and Defango were at war on the issue of who had the White-Rabbit file first, or who had the original file versus an altered file, all mud and confusion that I blame on the Webb team, which I strongly believe is working for the DNC. Later, a Trish Negron was on Webb's team claiming to receive White Rabbit's thumbdrive (= Hillary emails), from the hand of the rabbit himself, on June 1 (see "June 1" in my last update for that faked story). It's clear to me that the Webb team knew that the White Rabbit was about to come out with the email dump, and so they planned beforehand to hijack the move, or ruin it, or cloud it.

I'm not yet convinced that 7dc58-ngp-van is from Guccifer's release. Perhaps Forensicator and others have fabricated that story. Someone writers: "Part 1: Comparing George Webb's & Guccifer 2.0's 7dc58-ngp-van Files, how to find the original file from September 14, 2016 and how to get the "thumbdrive" version released by Jason Goodman, Trish, George..." This person is under the impression that the White-Rabbit thumb drive had the 7dc58-ngp-van files. Where did that impression come from?

Just so you know, here's from the Forensicator: "This study analyzes the file metadata found in a 7zip archive file, 7dc58-ngp-van.7z, attributed to the Guccifer 2.0 persona." It could sound as though he's not attributing it to Guccifer, but that someone else is. Ultimately, the files must be from Wikileaks, for which Guccifer merely claimed credit. That is, Guccifer falsely claimed to steal the files from the DNC, and to pass them on to Wikileaks. However, for all we know, this 7dc58-ngp-van file could be a DNC concoction, given to secret DNC workers for to pull some slippery work on truthers. After all, the Forensicator claimed that there's nothing of importance in the files. He was wondering why Wikileaks would even bother to release this material. But if the DNC released it as a faked part of the leak, then we expect that little of value is in the files.

In other words, the DNC, as my theory, released this file, apparently through Disobedient Media. Whether or not the Forensicator and VIPS are part of the con job, I can't say. But if the DNC released it, then the key finding of the Forensicator and the VIPS team together, the fast transfer speed, will probably prove to be, by pre-arranged design, a nothing burger. The Republicans have complained of being fooled time and again on gotcha-burgers that, in the end, are found to have no meat = a distraction from the enemy to take sights off of other matters.

On July 31, I tried to load another URL on White Rabbit's page, but the page came up blank-white, just like the page with the purported 28,000 emails. I was afraid to download the emails, and so I haven't seen them. White Rabbit claims that Trump was notified about them, and that the emails are being examined by some. He apparently has made himself responsible for updates. I have reason to believe that White Rabbit, or this White Rabbit story, will crush the Clintons and others. I feel that I have God's promise on this, which is why I'm covering this story, and making calculations on the various players. It probably won't be me personally that destroys whatever God's about to destroy, but I feel I have Assurances that God wants my readers to know before it happens.

For those who know my white-rabbit story (in recent updates) when I was nine years of age, and how it pointed to Bra in Cuneo, let me add that while the Clinton Coat target="_blank" uses the Saluzzo Chief and Shield, it also uses the six fitchee crosses of Tarves', in the same two colors. It is an amazing thing that the Hillary surname uses the same six crosses, but, the amazing point is, I was tracing the Chives' of Tarves (Scotland) to Ceva before clinching the Clinton Coat with Alice of Saluzzo, and it just so happens that Alice's mother was Luisa of Ceva. "Chives" traces very excellently to Chivasso at Turin, which is on the north side of Cuneo. And Saluzzo is in Cuneo. Do you understand this? My white-rabbit event pointed to the area of Italy where the Clintons and Hillarys trace, and here a White Rabbit character of Twitter -- some 40 years after my white-rabbit event, and less than a week after I re-told my white-rabbit story (1st update in July) -- dumps Hillary Clinton's emails at a time when she can be investigated and jailed along with others in her criminal circle. If God is in this, they have no-where to hide.

Alice of Saluzzo married Mr. FitzAlan of Arundel (England), and the Arundel surname shares swallows with the Swallow surname. It appears that "Swallow" was a variation modified from "Sallo / Saluzzo." There is a Sallow/Sallis surname, first found in Salop/Shropshire beside the first Sales', and where the Alans and FitzAlans lived. This tends to prove that Swallows, Sales' and Sallows were Saluzzo liners.

The Swallow-loving Arundels position their six swallows in the way that the Clintons, Hillarys and Tarves' position their fitchee crosses, and they are even colors reversed from one another. If you would like to see six lions in the same colors positioned in exactly the same way, load the Savage's (at the Clinton link above), first found in the same place as Sale's/Sales'. Savage's were realized/clinched, in the last update, from SAVIGliano. Here's from the last update:

Pelosi's (columns) were first found in Savigliano, in Cuneo province. I didn't know this until now. See the Cuneo map below to see Savigliano smack beside Bra! Saluzzo is on the opposite side of Savigliano...>

This is just incredible, but it's all true. God used me at age nine to tell you this story. My white-rabbit and bra event is promising me that it would be about the murder of judge Scalia, which half the American nation (disregarding biased Democrats) more than half-thinks was by the Clinton / Podesta crime ring. And then we had the Republican, with a Scalise surname, almost murdered recently, and he lies right now in serious condition in the same hospital as where Seth Rich was murdered.

Sallows/Sallis' use a willow tree (use website below to verify) while Willows use so-called FRETTy while Bra and Savigliano are at MontFERRAT. The Alans of Dol and Shropshire have, for several years, been traced to the naming of Langhe, smack at the Bra theater. The bra that I touched, from upon a cage with white rabbits, was hanging on a laundry line, and I had reason, just before this event came to mind for the first time, to identify a LAUNDRomat event with the LANDERs/Landens. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, when seeing that Langhe-like Langleys use exactly the six, vertical bars of Landers/Landens. And Sallows/Sallis' use these six bars in red and white. Clearly, God is speaking to you; listen up. Scottish Landers (possibly the Alan fesse) even share a hand from a cloud with Jewish Arens/Aarons, suspect with Arun, the place (in Sussex) that named Arundels.

Dols share the whale with Shallows/Shelleys, and perhaps "Scalia" is itself a version of a Saluzzo variation such as, Schallow. Shallows/Shelleys share the black anchor with Avise's/Avisons, whom I trace to Avezzano on the Salto river, the river to which I trace the namers of Saluzzo. The Shallow whale is said to be spouting, and there is a Spouting surname ("salus" motto term!) listed with the Spoltons/Spauldings, the surname from Ranulph le Meschin...of Cheshire, where Sale's/Sallets were first found. Meschins have got to be Massey liners, as I am, and Shelley-like Shells/Schells/Schellers (Seller colors) happen to use the same fleur-de-lys as Masseys. Sellers, first found in the same place as Tarves (and Turins), are probably using the Shaw cups in the colors of the Shells/Schellers. In case you don't know, my mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and while they were first found in Piedmont, location also of Cuneo (and Turin), Masci's named Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey in Cheshire. The Arms of Cheshire share the gold-on-blue garbs of Avisons, and my mother's town of birth is maybe 50 miles from Avezzano.

Interestingly, the Comens, who are bound to be related to the mother of Ranulph le Meschin, use the Avison Coat while Comeys can be a Comen branch. At this time, James Comey is trying to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution. Comeys and Comens can be from Como, near Piedmont, and/or the Como/Comiti/Comini surname. The Conte's (Maschi kin round-about) have a Comiti-like variation while a Comyn/Comines location (or two) was ruled by the Conteville's that provided Meschin's mother. There are two Comey surnames which I gather are Gomer lines, related in ancient times with the Meshech to which I trace Meschins, etc.

Now you know better why I'm wrapping myself up in Twitter's White Rabbit. The very top of White Rabbit's Twitter page has the Forensicator story, perhaps by a government agent wishing to hijack White-Rabbit readers to the very-juicy Forensicator story, to get them away from the Hillary emails. Anything to do with July 5 pertains to the Forensicator's analysis of 7dc58-ngp-van.7z (dated July 5). As you can see, it's a 7-ZIP file, as is the file with the purported Hillary emails (I know this because I mentioned it two weeks ago (3rd update of July)). The following is a short conversation by people posting on the rabbit's page one after the other on July 10 (2016). Keep in mind that DNC / deep-state people are expected on this page on July 10, for it's the day after the rabbit released the emails. We should therefore expect the DNC to be amid the posts seeking to create disinterest:
Josh Emerson begins by saying, ""checked [rabbit's] files it's all old crap. google "F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05764262" from the initial Wikileaks dump". Um, the problem is, how can we compare the two in such a short time? The rabbit's file is 542 MGs, and probably mostly in text. That's a lot of writing to look over in one day or less. Did this crapper, Emerson, really compare some old Wikileaks files with the rabbit's email dump? Or is he just part of the DNC team?

Next post, it's Gordon Gillespy, saying, "Is it a ripoff from Wikileaks or is it via another source?" As you can see, Gillespy gives himself away as anti-rabbit by using "ripoff." Next, Not Sure responds, "Dunno, but I have the same file that I downloaded 13 September 2016. So...this isn't new stuff." That's the date of the Guccifer claim for a Wikileaks dump, and so what we have here is someone maybe trying to falsify the claim that the White-Rabbit material is old Wikileaks material, nothing for anyone to bother about. Frankly, I don't believe that Note Sure has the same file in his computer. Note Sure then adds, "No problem. The OP [the rabbit, I assume] must just really be out of the loop. Or worse, but I'm optimistic."

Later on July 10 just after someone says, "is this just a repeat of already dumped files?", another says: "I've heard, this is old dump. Someone sent them to Trish. They sent it out to crowd source it &it had virus." There you have someone trying to frighten the list into not downloading the emails. The most notable thing on the page is that the rabbit doesn't argue against these charges.

It's true that Forensicator has a nasty blow against the DNC in the main point of his analysis, but this may be the price that the Hillary people --- or those most targeted by the email dump -- are willing to pay. The Forensicator may not be with the DNC, but more with the Hillary circle. On the other hand, I truly wish that Forensicator, and VIPS, are not the enemy, because their main point is that Guccifer (a self-proclaimed hacker) was not the source of 7dc58-ngp-van thanks to the 14-second transfer time of that file, too fast to be a hacking over the Internet. The Forensicator thus points the finger to an insider in the DNC, yet he refuses, as does VIPS, to entertain that Seth Rich is the one who stole 7dc58-ngp-van. On the one hand, it seems that VIPS is doing great damage to the DNC, but it all hinges on whether their transfer time is correct. At any time, they could come out to say that they were mistaken, and others on this team may have sent the Trump team that very message, to disregard the entire matter. In any case, those who are now pouring over the rabbit's Hillary emails are not likely to go away based on what tricks VIPS may, or may not, be playing.

Let's go back to Emerson's statement, "checked [rabbit's] files it's all old crap. google "F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05764262" from the initial Wikileaks dump". Ok, I've googled it, and it led to the page below, some information that was unclassified on July 31, 2015. Today, as I write here, it's July 31, 2017, hmm. The page is about Hillary Clinton's business overseas in 2009, her first year. But there is nothing one can do to comment on whether Emerson's claim is true unless one also has the White-Rabbit file to compare to:

By the way, this morning, in the last update, I added a part about a moose in my backyard. As I've seen a moose here maybe three times in almost ten years, I had been wondering whether it pertained to the Mussi / Mucci surnames that were emphasized (in that update) as per Mr. "ScaraMUCCI." Well, tonight I find that, after only ten days as Trump's image maker, Trump supposedly fired Scaramucci (he technically resigned). Or, maybe he was already promoted to a higher post, to be announced. This evening, in the darkness, there was noise in my backyard, the walking along of a large animal, and it was in the backyard that the moose appeared twice this morning. Sputnik's story says that Scaramucci's "wife filed for divorce shortly after he accepted the position as Communications Director." She's made to sound like a Trump-hating liberal, but I'm guessing. Follow my advice, Mr. Trump. Go to a Bible study.

Below is an article on Bible studies in the White House. Some names of the attendees are mentioned, including Jeff Sessions, but Trump isn't one of them. Let's hope this article isn't a trick to soften the hearts of Christian voters toward Trump. At this time, even the Rasmussen poll, which is generous to Republicans, has Trump's approval rating below 40 percent, and that's got to mean that Christians aren't very happy about him. Scaramucci may have had everything to do with the bouncing below 40. I don't know what he was thinking, to talk as he did, in full view of the world. Shame, Scaramucci. There is a certain species of humans intent on talking crude at all times. One sees it in blogs. They hope to change everyone. They are insulting beasts for whom the deepest parts of Hell are reserved.

So why the moose sighting? Coincidence, or an act of God? I thought it was pretty amazing as per where the moose sighting was placed in the update, in a paragraph about the Clintons, Clints, Cline's and Clements. The Moose/Mose surname could be using the Clinton Chief, and as such the Moose/Mose surname looks like a branch of the Saluzzo-area Masci's. Mucci's/Machi's almost use the Mace/Massey fleur-de-lys.

I am absolutely sure as to why Avisons use the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs. It has to do with the Marsi Italians at / near Avezzano. The Marsi are very close to my mothers place of birth. Scottish Mars, whom I linked to Tarves in the land of the earl of Mar, come up as "Maas" (why?), and the Mar/Maas Coat is using the double lions of Gernons in white. Ranulph de Gernon (earl of Chester, Cheshire) was a son of Ranulph le Meschin, earl of Chester. On a blue Shield, the Gernon lion is the Maschi lion, and the latter's lion is alone in a Chief all in the colors of the lone star in the Moose/Mose Chief. This star is used by Maceys. The Gernon lions are the two BRUNswick lions, and Bruno's were first found in the same general place (Tuscany) as Mucci's/Machi's. Messeys, who use the flag of Marsi-suspect Mercia, were first found in the same place as French Mars. I assume that Mercians had been in Cheshire prior to the Meschins there. The Maas/Mar Crest has a BROWN leopard as likely code for Bruno liners, and Browns share the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Masci's. Mosca's (Tuscany) use a giant leopard, which is in the Chives Crest. Why is all this important? Because I've long predicted that Meshech > Masci liners will furnish the False Prophet and/or the anti-Christ.

The prediction is based on Signs that I think God has given me since moving to this property. I have the sense that the white-rabbit story is part of God's method to serve readers with evidence that some of my messages are from Him, and so I tend to think that there is an important Purpose to it all, largely related to prophetic fulfillments and Christian endurance until a post-tribulation time. It's exciting, but also a working responsibility when this revelation goes so slowly. On top of the prediction based on Signs, I feel I have the proper view of Ezekiel 38 where I see its Gog as the anti-Christ, and I tend to think that the text makes the Meshech the chief Gogi tribe. In ancient times, there was a Gogarene/Gugar location on the east side of the Moschi mountains. To my surprise, after reading prophecy for 15-20 years (to about 2000), I never read one prophecy writer that made the Gogarene-Moschi connection. Gogarene was on the south-east side of lake SeVAN, a lake said to be named after Lake Van, location of Mus.

I've naturally thought back to events that can be remembered in my youth, to check whether God had created them as proof for me that He's calling me to a specialized program. I had written about my mother's report to me, when I was too young to remember it, of drinking TURPENtine on the stairs. I was brought to the hospital. I recall bringing up the Turpen surname, but I don't remember what I said about it. Here I can ask why my mother bothered to tell me that the turpentine was on the stairs. Why not just say that I drank turpentine? Why mention that the bottle or jug was on the stairs? Ahh, Scalia can be hopeful in his grave. In Italian, stairs are "scala," and the Scala/Scalise surname (Tuscany) even uses a ladder, which is a scala in Italian. Congressman Scalise is now in the hospital. And the Turpen Coat is a white-on-red bend (bar) with three black items upon it, while the Rodham Coat is likewise. Coincidence?

It could appear that God is pointing to Hillary Rodham Clinton with the killing of Scalia and/or attempted killing of Scalise.

Trope-like Trips use a "scaling ladder" as code for the Scala/Scalise surname, and Drops/Trope's (Shield filled with drops) are in code with the Turpen-Crest description: "A silver griffin with gold wings, PATTERned with blood drops" (can be verified below). PATTERsons use blood drops too, and they are a branch of KilPATRicks that use more blood drops, a symbol from the namers of TROPoje at the end of the Apsus river, the river that had AntiPATRia as a location, where Patricks and Pattersons definitely trace.

The Comens trace to the namers Kuman, which is itself on/off the Apsus, and Comens share the dagger with Kilpatricks and Mackays of SUTHERland, explaining why the Suther/Southern Coat is a version of the Turpen Coat. It tends to clinch Turpens were the namers of Tropoje and the scaling-ladder Trips. The next amazing thing is my recollection of throwing my sister's doll on the same stairs where I drank turpentine. The Dolls are listed with Dols that use a wavy fesse in the colors of the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, first found in the same place as German Trips (Massey kin). Drummonds are expected at KilDRUMMy castle, the capital of Scottish Mars.

Plus, the Drop/Trope lion is that of Scottish Mars, whom, as I said, were connected to TARVes, a term a lot like "TURPen/TURBin" (I'm not sure whether the latter connection should be suggested, but it works well).

The importance of the DAGGER is where a DEXARoi peoples lived at Antipatria, assuring that the heraldic dagger is code for lines of those peoples. Although I haven't clinched the trace of Deckers/Daggers or Daggers/Dackers to the Ticino/Tessin river, I think I have clinched a trace of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks to that river, and so it's now notable that a Turbin-like Tarbin Coat (same place as Drops/Trope's) is a good reflection of the Tease/Tigh Coat. Besides, the Tarbins/Torburns/Thurburns (Turin/Thurin colors) shares the Sutherland stars, and Rodhams share a version of the Suther Coat. Then, if you load SUTHERlands, you'll see that they use the Moray stars (in someone else's colors), which are in the Billiard/Hillard Coat.

In the sleeping bag dream, the sleeping bag was picked up by me on a Hillard-like Hill, or a Salop-like slope. The Sleeps, first found in Salop with Hubert-suspect Rothes/Wroths, use white-ermined fesses on red, while Roth-like Rodhams use a white-ermined bend on red. I've never made this point before. The Rodham bend has been suspect with the same-colored one of Jewish Pollocks, and it's known that the father of Pollocks (Fulbert) was in Salop with its Alans / FitzAlans. The Rothes put the same lions on their bend as Pollock-suspect Petersons, which is a mighty argument now that I know the guilt of Peter Peterson of the CFR. Hillary Clinton said, with the nation watching, that she as secretary of state will take orders from the unelected, non-government body of CFR! This is at youtube for all to see. The Rothes description: "A lion's head FACing forwards, crowned of gold." The location of the first Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs (ermined-white bon red) in Moray (same as Rothes castle of Peter Pollock), suggests that the Face/Fessy cross (white on red) is that of the Moray Randolphs.

You just saw Turpens/Turbins link to Hillary Rodham Clinton as though by Design of her Creator, and here it just so happens that Tarbins use a version of the Blythe Coat. And she married a son of Mr. Blythe. Either I'm a nut making all of this up, or it's true. Blythe's were first found in the same place as Aids that use the Rodham / Turpen bend. It's important below that Aids share the black-on-white leopard faces of Kittings/Keatons.

Tarbins are said to have derived at Chittingly, and it just so happens that Chittings (same place as English Kidds) use the Aren/Aaron QUADRants as well as QUATRefoils, while QUADRatus Bassus was at Cetis, where I trace Kidds (and maybe Kite's / Kitts), a term like "Chitting." Cetis was also "Citis," a term in the Caen motto, and Caens trace with Kennedys (same fitchee crosses as Tarves', Clintons and Hillarys) to the Ceno tributary of the Taro. The Kennati priests of mythical Ajax were at Cetis' Olba/ORBA location, and the Scottish Kidds (first found near the Turins / Tarves') use an "ORBem" motto term, you see. Plus, the Kidd Shield without symbols is the Saluzzo Shield and thus links to the Clinton Shield.

Kitts were first found in the same place as Apps' and Fiers, and the Apsus river with Tropoje are both in Fier county. It's apparently tracing Cetis elements to the Apsus river, and indeed I showed how the line of Quadratus can trace to Antipatria-like Antipater, a Macedonian king, ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia. It turned out that this was the line to Antipater, father of the first Herod.

There is reason to view the TARBins (Annan colors) from the namers of the Taro river, which is near the TREBia. The ancient Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and the Trebia, and the Ananes trace excellently to Annandale, in the same place as well as Rome's/Rooms/Rume's that share the red fesse with Tarbins (Trebia liners too?) and Tease's/Tighs. The latter were first found in the same place as Annas', and the two share the same star, and it's the star also of Fier-based Vere's (Fiers are also Fere's). Thus, Annas' can be identified with some facet of the Ananes Gauls. Besides, the Arniss variation of Annas' has been traced to Arnissa, an old location one major river (Genusia) north of the Apsus. Once one is on the Genusia, one is near or amongst the Cavii peoples from whom the Chives' of Tarves descend. The Ceno tributary of the Taro has a source near GENoa, making it suspect with the Genusia liners. Face's/Fessys were out of Genoa's Fieschi family.

The Trebia and the Taro are tributaries of the Po river, and the Tarbins use a motto term, "dirigPO." I drank Tarbin-like turpentine, it just can't be coincidental. I suppose that the motto term can also be code for the Drigs and Triggs/Tracks, but what's very interesting here is that Drig-like Drinks/Drings (same place as Rodhams!) use a blue pale (vertical) bar while the Scalia ladder acts as a blue pale bar! I DRANK the turpentine that was on the scala! Amazing. In colors reversed, the Drink/Dreng lion is the Drop/Trope lion. This is drop-dead evidence against the Turpens and Tarbins, but why them, I would like to know? Is it for the Tarbin link to the Blythe Coat?

Mr. Morinis of Kent is in the write-up of Drink/Dreng-likely Deerings, in Turin/Thurins colors. The Drink/Dreng write-up suggests that Deerings (Turin colors) can apply as one of their branches. The Tring/Thring variations of Drinks may indicate Turin/Thurin / Turano liners (the Turano is near Avezzano). The Drengs are traced twice, in their write-up, to Nottinghamshire, where Annas'/Arniss' and Tease's/Tighs were first found. The Dreng location of Yorkshire can explain why Scottish Mars were first found in Yorkshire. These Mars had been suspect with Maurice/Marot Drummond, the first-known Drummond, grandson of king Andrew I of Hungary.

It just so happens that Italian Morinis' were first found in the same place as, and are related to, the Cassandra's/Casano's (kin of Pattersons/Cassane's). King Antipater's son was Cassander, no coincidence at all. There can be no doubt about it: the Deerings are part of my drinking turpentine. Some Morinis/Mori variations suggest the Damori's/Amori's and Amore's, both first found in the same place as Clintons, which place was ruled centuries by Vere's from Fier county. The wavy Amore bars suggest the Drummonds as kin, and the latter use three fesses in the colors of the two of Morinis'/Mori's/Morati's (Mar/Mores / Martin colors). The Kildrummy castle of Mars is coming back to mind. Mars/Mores' share the Patterson/Cassane scallops.

I predicted from a sleeping-BAG dream that the killers of Scalia would prove to be of Morleys / Morlands / Marleys / Marlboroughs/Marburys, and here I can add that Drinks are said to have included a Dring location in Marlborough. I think this is huge where we just had Rodhams linking (for the first time) to the sleeping bag while the Morleys were pegged circling the sleeping bag before going up to a Rod-like road! Amazing. This is incredible for the writer (me). The Rodhams have an "alter" motto term that brings up the COLTers/Alters (near the first Pollocks) using the Catherine wheel owned by Catherine ROET, and while the "nec" motto term of Rodhams can be for Necks/Neckers (probably the COLT stag, but can be of Rod-like Reeds too), the Ness' use two fesses in colors reversed from the same of Sleeps. As You need to keep in mind that when God creates an event, it can have layers and layers of pertinent material. A Masci-Grimaldi liner (me on both my mother's sides) drinking turpentine is all about the murder of Scalia, and Bags use the Grimaldi Coat as well as the Gang cinquefoils in colors reversed. Gangs are in the Drummond motto.

PLUS, I can loosely link Rodhams (Alda colors) to Turpens (drops) by way of the Alters/Colters (Lanarkshire), assuming that the Alter variation is of the Alda's/Alde's (nearby, Ayrshire), who in-turn use a "VirTUTE" motto term and a Chief looking connectable to the Chief of Drops/Trope's, first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Irish Tute's. The latter share the Tatton quadrants while Taddei's (same place as Italian Alda's, from Taddeo AldeROTTi!) share two symbols on a white-on-red Chief with Alda's/Alde's. The latter, who share the griffin with Turpens, even share an ermined-white Shield with Rodhams. Although this may only link the Rodham kin of Alters well to Turpens, it's the Rodhams who share three black symbols upon a white-on-red bend with Turpens.

I am therefore convinced that Hillary Rodham Clinton is being Pointed to as the killer of Scalia / attempted killer of Scalise, with both the turpentine event and the sleeping-bag dream.

One suspect of Scalia's murder, from real-world events, is John B. Poindexter, wherefore it's notable that the lone Poindexter star is in the colors of the lone Moronis fleur. It was long before knowing of PoinDEXTERs that Dexters/Decksters were suspect with the Dexaroi at Antipatria. While Squire's share the red squirrel with German Decks/Decksters, the Poindexter Crest is an 'eSQUIRE's" helmet. Moreover, when I was touching the bra on the laundry line, I had climbed steps = scala to a DECK in order to do so. The rabbit cage was built in under the floor boards of this deck, just as though God knew what he was doing when he set up this event.

In colors reversed, the Poindexter star is that of Saluzzo-related Clintons, and one can glean that HUBERTs were merged with Sale's/Sales'/Salletts. John B. Poindexter invited Scalia to his ranch along with some 30 others from a Catholic cult (Int. Order of St. Hubertus) expected to be politically opposed to Republicans and therefore to supreme-court justice Scalia. The invitation was to go QUAIL hunting, and so God may have arranged that type of hunt because the Quail surname (Isle of Man) uses more drops (symbol of Tropoje liners)...water drops this time, and it just so happens that the Water surname uses the three chevrons of English Cassandra's/Cassane's for yet another trace to Antipatria (highly expected, but not yet clinched, with king Antipater / Cassander). So, as you can see and verify, the quail theme points exactly to a circle of Antipatria families that includes Poindexters/Puddisters (looks like Podesta's can apply).

I've just checked for a Potes/Pots surname (Poindexter colors) in case the Poindexters were first a PODESta line that later merged with Dexaroi liners (i.e. the Dexters). The Potes'/Pots', in Porter colors, were first found in the same place as Porters, and the other Porters/Pawters are suspect as a branch of Potters, both first found in the same place as Cassandra's/Cassane's. The Potes/Pots fesse is also the one of Italian Cassandra's/Casano's, and the latter's stars are in the colors of the Poindexter star.

Plus, if you investigate Scalia's death, you'll see that he was found dead in bed with a pillow "over his head," interpreted by some as a pillow between his head and the wall. It just so happens that I've been linking Cass'/Cash's and Kiss'/CUSH's (same chevron as Quails) to the CUSHION of drop-liner Kilpatricks, and therefore to the Cassane variation of drop-liner Pattersons, and the BIBo's even use the Cock / BABcock rooster on a cushion while Cocks share the Bag Coat. I imagine that quail can be considered cocks.

The dream's indication that Morley liners were involved with Bags and Sleeps (Salop/Shropshire, where the Saluzzo / Swallow / Shallow / Doll/Dol line was) is now indicating the Morinis line, for Morley-like Morello's use a version of the Morinis Coat. Sleeps trace well to a Selepitanoi peoples on the north of the Cavii. At the end of the sleeping bag dream, I was in a mall, strangely upon a wooden platform or DECK, beside another platform that had LOUISE Phillips and Christine Peare upon it. It's pointing to Luisa of Ceva, suspect from the Cavii. Louise Phillips even went out with a Moreno character, who must have been chosen for her in order to make the Morinis link to Morleys. I had pegged the Morleys with the dream's sleeping bag before discovering that Scottish Morleys are Maule's ("Clementia"), can you believe it? I can now add that Morinis' share two white fesses with Sleeps.

The last update showed via a moose incident why Clements were a Clinton branch. I already know that Clintons trace to Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luisa of Ceva. But there's more, as though God is always pointing with these things to the Clintons. Christine Peare was taken from me by Mr. Kepke, whose surname has been traced to Keppocks that use a version of the Blythe Coat.

Back when I was 19 years old, I SLEPT with both ladies above in my bed (nothing happened). I awoke in the middle of the night pulling / squeezing Christine toward me with my hand over her waist and on her belly. It felt so good. As soon as I became conscious, I let go, and went back to sleep. She had been my girlfriend for a short time, and later we all three shared an apartment (though she was with Kepke at the time). In the sleeping-bag dream, some 40 years later, it ended with Christine Peare coming over to my platform, and with me pulling her toward me from her waist. It felt so good in the dream, just like 40 years earlier. And the dream ended like that, much like a tease. It looks like Sleeps are to be part of the revelation, but I can also mention that Decks/Daggers use a split Shield in the colors of the split Maule/Morley Shield, and the latter use a "TECte" motto term suggesting something of Tecks/Tease's.

Like Scottish Mars/Maas' and Keppocks, Scottish Maule's/Morleys, who share white scallops with French Mars/Mortes' (and Meschins), were first found in Yorkshire. Mars/Mores' (and Messeys) were first found in the same place as Mathis' who share the black moline cross of Chives', and Cavii were on the Mathis river. It seems very clear that the sleeping bag dream was pointing to a Selepitanoi / Cavii line to Luisa of Ceva > Clintons who would later name Salop, where Cony-related Meschins were first found, as well as Belly-suspect Bellamys (Macey kin) that share red crescents with Keppocks and Belly-like Blythe's. I pulled Kepke's girl toward me from her belly, and Bellys use a Peare-like "Per" motto term. Peare's were first found in the same place as Clintons. Plus, Clent is a location where roughly Fullers were first found that share the beacon with Belli's

The only other things I can recall with the stairs, where I drank turpentine, was sliding down its banister, and sliding down the steps on my BELLY (we moved from there at age 5). Go ahead and check that the Banisters are in the Meschin write-up, and traced to Yorkshire. Reminder: Turpens and Rodhams use a version of the Aid Coat, a surname first found in the same place as Blythe's...and Ardiaei-based Arthurs. Bellys were first found at Morinis-suspect Moray, and Blythe-suspect Billiards/Billets and Billiards/HILLIARds use the Moray stars. Plus, the two fesselets of Bellamys may be there because they are in the colors of the two Morinis fesses.

While living at that place, at about age four or five, I urinated on Pino, by accident, and this event proved to be code for king Pinnes of the Ardiae, a people group living on the north side of the Selepitanoi. The Arthurs call their symbols, rests, perhaps a double-meaning code one of which is toward the sleep theme i.e. as code for Selepitanoi. Sleeps are suspect with two of the DART fesses because Ardiaei had married DARDanians. At one time, and for many years, Chives' were said to be first found in Devon, same as Darts.

It's important that the saltire of the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks comes with LEAVES while being colors reversed from the Annan(dale) saltire, for it discloses an Ananes-Gaul merger with Laevi Gauls on the nearby Ticino. One can now enter the motto of the French Levi surname, which is part-code for the Aids that share the white-on-red bend, with three black items upon it, with Rodhams, Suthers and Turpens.

Poor Hillary; she seems to be His target. She should have stayed home to bake cookies. Instead, she joined satanism and took on its fruits just to become famous.

If God wanted to indicate the Clintons from the Chives', why didn't he make my friend, and Miss Peare's boyfriend, Mr. Clinton or Mr. Chives' instead of Mr. Kepke? The Kipax variation of Keppocks can indicate the Shivas variation of Chives', with Chives' of Tarves linking to the Clinton Coat, and meanwhile the Keppock Coat links to Bill Clinton's father. The Keppocks (same place as Billiards/Hillards and Toots/Tute's) use crescents colors reversed from the Tute crescent, and Chives'/Shivas' use a "VirTUTE" motto term so that a Chives link to Keppocks is reinforced. Then, the Dart canton square can be that of Tute's because an Ardiaei queen was Teuta.

Finally, we note that Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Perthshire, near Tarves, and that Italian Sheaves' were also Chiava's, and from there we go to doctor Sava, the chief suspect in the murder of Seth Rich (same hospital as Scalise), and the self-same physician who announced Scalise's condition soon after his hospitalization. At that time, Sava said that Scalise's condition could get worse with an infection, and indeed his condition worsened to serious, not likely from a natural infection, however. Google " sava podesta " for more on that situation.

Good morning on the 2nd. Prior to this update, I had the sense that I didn't yet fully understand why Christine Peare was in the sleeping-bag dream concerning the murder of Scalia, but my pulling her toward me at her waist / belly made me realize how Bellys can link to BILLiards and HILLARrds, which itself speaks to some kin of Clintons (same place as Peare's), but can even look like it's spelling out Bill and Hillary Clinton. But that's only for starters. It's been a while since I've had one of those snap visions (about a second long, a picture in my head that seems to be from God), but had one last night, of a leather boot for males. I realized what it was for, and that I had yet to speak on the German Trips, who once showed the same boots as French Masseys once showed.

While Billiards/Hillards were first found in the same place as Keppocks, Miss Peare's boyfriend (promised to marry her) had a father with Kepke surname from the Ukraine, which was is the location of Kiev, a term I ventured to connect with Kepke-like Keeps before Mr. Kepke ever entered my discussions. I became more confident that Keeps and HEPburns were of Kiev's namers after he entered discussions. Keeps are in the "Keep tyrst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, first found in the same place as Rodhams, and moreover Trysts (share "nec" with Rodhams) use a "TREPidum" motto term that tends to clinch linkage to Trypillian ancestry.

Kepke got a job as a shoe salesman. While I was visiting him in the mall where he worked, I applied for a job in another shoe store (same mall), and was hired. I was transferred to another branch of the store, to run the place myself. I have told this story before, but I couldn't remember the name of the area where the second store was. It was in CedarBRAE!!! And the mall was on street called, Lawrence, which is Kepke's first name. Miss Peare worked in the same mall as Kepke, at REITmans, suspect with Reids/Reeds, and then the Lawrence motto is "Be Ready." But, the point was, God must have gotten Kepke the shoe salesman job because German Trips, from Trypillia south of Kiev, use shoes. For me, God is telling us that Kepke was a Kiev liner.

Now if you're convinced that God was in that event for a reason having to do with exposing Clinton, let me say that you may have heard of Linda Tripp. She's the one who exposed Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, and thus ruined his presidency, shaming him. But Who, really, was shaming Clinton??? Ahh. And the greater point is that English Trips (Kent) use a SCALing ladder, which now promises all-the-more that God will expose the killers of Scalia from the Clinton crime ring. The Lewinsky event had the Republicans trying to impeach Clinton, and we can be sure that those trying to impeach Trump now well-recall the attempt.

There is so much to say I'm tripping over it. The shoe-using Trips are Treffs too while Swedish Walls use TREFoils, the RoqueFEUIL > Rockefeller symbol, which explains why Dutch Walls share a the rock with Roque's/Rocks (same place as Roquefeuil), and why the other Rocks use the trefoil. The Walls are necessary here as per part of the description of the Shoe surname: "...a silver tower topped with a TREE, and with WALLS on either SIDE." There is so much to say. It's very interesting that Kepke dropped Miss Peare for Kim WALSH (they got engaged), a potential Walls liner, and then Kim-like Kime/Kemmis' use the same crosslets (same colors) as English Trips. And the Kims (cinquefoils) were first found in Bute, which is indicated by heraldic boots. Kyme's/Kemmis' were first found in Lincolnshire along with Rhodes'.

I have reported many times that Trips/Treffs showed the same boots as French Masseys, and the latter's Coat was changed too, to as TREE. I, a Massey liner, could have applied at some other store at that time, but, no, I got a job at a shoe store too, and so it appears that the Shoe tree is the Massey tree because Shoe's and Masseys got together. The Tree's are the True's beloved by the Hume's that use the Touch lion in colors reversed, and I touched the bra, suspect with Brays/Brae's that named Cedarbrae, where I sold shoes. I will soon get to the Cedarbrae link to the Bra area.

Miss Peare's REITman store can link to Rod lines from Henry IV of RODez, who married Miss Roquefeuil, explaining why RODs use the trefoil too. Then, Reitmans use the same Zionist stars (same colors) as ROTens, who can be a branch of cinqueFOIL-using RODDENs/Rodhams. The Reitman stars (called mullets) are PIERCED! Plus, the "side" term in the Shoe description is used for the description of the Road/Roder eagle, which is on it's side.

Remember, the last thing in the sleeping-bag dream, which is also about the killers of Scalia, was my pulling Miss Peare from her waist toward me (the meaning of this is later in the update). I had walked off a ROAD into a mall as code for the Maule's/Morleys, and they share the scallops of the Lincolnshire Tailbois'. Maule's/Morleys are also using the split-Shields of Wallis canton (where swan-using Walsh's trace without doubt) and its Sion location, which was also called, Sitten, and then Sittens/Seatons are a branch of SIDE's/Sudys and Sutys. Recall the WALLS on either SIDE of Shoes, and we thus know that Shoe's were at Sion and Wallis. The Sions/Swans share the swan with Lindseys (same place as Sions/Swans), whose surname was the old name of Lincolnshire.

It may be that God named LINDa Tripp, for English Trips (Kent) use the crosslets of the Lincolnshire Kime's/Kemmes'. Again, the Kims were first found in Buteshire, where the boots of German Trips/Treffs trace. The Glass', first found in Buteshire too, share the mermaid in the Crest of the Massey-like Masons/Massins, first found in the same place as Trips. Glass' probably named Glasgow, roughly where Lindseys and Swans/Sions were first found. Glasgow is where Houstons, who use an hour GLASS, were first found that share the Lindsey fesse-with-checks.

Chances are, God arranged for me to work in Cedarbrae for the purposes of this revelation. Much of my heraldic knowledge seems to be for the purpose of proving that He was indeed involved in creating the events. There is no way for me to prove these events as from God apart from many years of heraldic experience. For about the first five years, I was not aware that God chose for me to study heraldry (I thought it was my own doing). I then began to notice that Someone was helping me along, to learn it (I broke all barriers like no outsider ever has on heraldic secrets and understanding), and, finally, I began to realize that heraldry would prove that events in my life were from Him. At first, I didn't know why. However, not all links made are for proving something about God, but for proving that the links exist, and for your better understanding as to what entities surnames trace to.

So, upon recalling the name of the Cedarbrae area, the Cedars were just loaded, and they are with the Cotters, suspect with the royal Cottians at Susa, in Piedmont along with Bra. In fact, the Cutters use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Saluzzo's and Clintons in colors reversed, and Clintons (and Peare's) were first found in the same place as Cedars/Cotters! I'm amazed. As soon as I quit the Cedarbrae job, I got an apartment and moved in with Peare and Phillips. But why her surname, PHILLips, and why do Phillips share the same star as BILLiards? There is a Bill surname using the Shield-and-Chief colors of Clintons, and first found in Somerset, beside the Cutters of Dorset, both areas along the Stura-like Stur river. The Stura is near Saluzzo. The Bill axe's are called "wood bills," evoking the "pieces of wood" of Reitman-like Rita's. Rita's have been traced to the Poole lion, and Poole is a location near the mouth of the Stur. Bills and Pullys/Pullens share pelicans, and Pellicans were first found in the same place as Billiards/Billets.

Finally, just look at how "Kiev" is like Bill Clinton's ancestry in CEVA. Like I said, when God does something, it's done beautifully. The dream ended with Christine and Louise on decks, and Bill's ancestry is in Luisa of Ceva. As was said, the Decks/Daggers share a split Shield in the colors of the same of Maule's/Morleys (same place as Billiards/Hillards), and the decks were in a mall. This is now very impressive. For understanding the meaning of Peare on my deck, which involved her BELLy, see the second discussion below on Recks.

We now have evidence that Kiev was related to Ceva and the Chives' together, but as we saw how the Trips (scaling ladder) worked into the discussion, let's add that TRYPillia, home of the ancient Trypillians, was said by one reader to be south of Kiev.

If you load Sutherlands (keeping in mind the Suther connection to Rodhams), you'll read that they use the Moray stars (in someone else's colors), which are in their proper colors in the Billiard/HILLard Coat. The sleeping bag was on a steep slope (maybe 35-40 degrees) which can be viewed as a HILL, possibly Intended as code for Hillard / Hillary liners. A man with helmet and motorbike came off the Rod-like road at the top of the hill, then rode down the hill, past me after I picked up the sleeping bag, and circling around, he rode back up, following me up the hill to the road. While I crossed it into a mall parking lot, he rode away down the road, suggesting that whatever he depicted is to be linked to Sleeps, Bags, Hills, Masci's, Grimaldi's, Biks/Bicks, and/or Roads / Rhodes' / Rodhams. We might even say that he was a rider, for the Ryther variation of the Rider surname (same place as Billiards/Hillards) is like the Rother variation of Moray's Randolphs/Ruths (Rodham colors). And the Rothes', suspect with the Sale/Sales Coat, were first found in slope-like Salop along with Sleeps.

The Biks/Bicks use three stag heads in the colors and positioning of the three Suther stars. While Suthers use spread eagles on their bend, their Crest has a spread eagle half in white, the color of the giant spread eagle of Roads/Roders (Rodham colors).

Why did David Morley come to mind as the one on the motorbike? In the dream, the man didn't necessarily look like Morley, but he did come to mind, and I did explore that possible connection, and later learned that it was spot-on. I can add here that the David surname is yet another one with the Rodham / Suther bend with black item upon it. After resisting the connection for some years, I was satisfied that Davids were of king David I of Scotland, son of Malcolm III of Moray. Malcolm's wife, before he married her, was in exile in Kiev along with king Andrew I of Hungary, and Hungarians trace their ancestry to a mythical stag, which I think is code for an heraldic stag. Malcolms use the stag in the colors of the same of Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire along with the Drummonds, themselves known to be born from George, son of king Andrew. Andrew married a royal Rus of Kiev, suggesting that the Ross' (Russell / Rhodes lion in colors reversed) were Varangian Rus of Kiev. It's begging a Kiev connection to France's Rodez and Roussillon.

Let's go back to the Hebrons/Hepburns suspect with Kiev liners of the Keep kind, for the Chillingham location of Hebrons tends to suggest that the Hebron Coat is a version of the Chill/Child Coat, and that the latter line named Chillingham. The Chills/Childs (see also Kilners) use spread eagles in the colors of the same of Roads/Roders. This gets extremely interesting where Killers use one fitchee cross in Crest in the black color of the Hillary / Clinton fitchees! And while Morleys are suspect with the Morlaix location of Marleys (same place as Saluzzo-suspect Huberts), the Marleys share dolphins with Killers! I didn't know this when predicting that Morley liners would prove to be the KILLER of Scalia.

Or, put it this way, that the dream indicated the rider on the bike to be the killer. The rider wore a helmet, and Poindexters use the helmet while John B. Poindexter is a leader, perhaps second in command, of the St. Hubertus cult. The Killers share the motto of Alexanders; the latter share the crescent of Huberts; the latter use a version of one Helm Coat while German Helms use the helmet. Plus, the Helm / Hubert / Rothes/Wrath / Sales Coat is a version of the Terras Coat, and Killers use a "terras" motto term. Terras-like Tarves' use the six Clinton / Hillary fitchees. The other Terras surname uses the motto, "Amore."

Now that we have a good handle on what God was taking about with the dream, lookie: the "Per mare" motto phrase of Killers and Alexanders is the full motto of Reuters/Reuthers, who probably use the Rothchilds (no 's') horse. English Mare's were first found in the same place as Huberts (and MASSeys), while Scottish Mare's bring up the Mars/MAAS'. Aside from the International Order of Saint Hubertus, there is an Order of Saint Hubertus that was founded by Bavarian elements. Rothes' and Rothschild-based Bauers were first found in Bavaria along with Weis', and the latter not only share the Zionist star of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), but are suspect in Adam WEIShaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.

The French Mars/Mare's use a version of the Mackay Coat, and then there are the Mackeys/Margys of Ayrshire (i.e. same place as Killers), who share the arrow with Rothschilds/Rothsteins, and moreover share the raven with the Bavarian Rothes'/Rothchilds.

The sharing of the black fitchee between Hillarys and the similar Killers makes the two appear like branches, though Killer variations suggest otherwise. Yet, Killer variations such as MacIlWRATH/MacIlRAITH/MacIlREACH suggest a line of Rothes/Wraths. Perfect. Wreaths/Craiths (beside the Raiths/Rats, Ross' and Rose's), first found in the same place as Reach's/Riochs, can thus be using the Rhodes / Russell lion (Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar = Illuminatist globalist). Raiths/Rats probably use the anchor of Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire with Killers, suggesting that Kyle's (their candleSTICKs suspect with the Traby-ASTIKas marriage) could have been named in honor of (i.e. their merger with) Killers. At Wikipedia's Traby article, we learn that Astikas' were from the RADZiwills, revealing that Raiths/Rats/Raid's apply. And then there are the Bavarian Rades'/Raeders/RADENmachers with the Zionist stars of Billiards/Billets (see also the near-same Zionist stars of Rotens).

Ayrshire Hosted Ticino Elements

Here's the Arms of Ayrshire with the Cunningham shakefork, the Arms-of-Carrick / Kennedy chevron, and the Stewart checks. Note the motto, "God SHAW the RICHT," the latter term looking like it honors one of the Killer variations. Shaws are said to be of Stick-like "Sithech." Considering what I'm about to say, it doesn't appear coincidental that the Squirrel-related Decks/Daggers use a split Shield with symbols all in colors reversed to the same of German Recks/Reichs, first found in the same place (Switzerland) as Ticino canton and the Tease/Tess/Teck surname. The Arms of East Ayrshire is the one with squirrel (some squirrels are said to be "cracking a nut" as code for Carricks). As you can see, this paragraph is powerful, especially as English Recks/Ricks share a motto term of Carricks.

One website displaying the Arms of East Ayrshire says that the squirrel was taken from an Arms of KilMARnoch, a Mar line, apparently, which reminds that the Laevi conquered / founded Ticinum with the MARici. Then, the Marici-like Marks share checks on a fesse with the Arms of Ayrshire. There are two Kilmar surnames, one bringing up Kilners, and the Scottish Kilmars/Gilmore's (Ayrshire) having what looks like the Mackay Coat but with the Masci fleur-de-lys. Mackays use a wreath as code for the Killer / Wreath line, I now assume, and Scottish Kilmars use a wreath but call it a "garland of Laurel."

The Kilmar/Gilmore feather is called a "WRITing pen in BASE." One Base surname uses the two Mar/Maas lions in gold, and the other Base's/Bassens (Basina, wife of CHILDeric, comes to mind) share the black hunting horn with BERNICE's' (same place as Daggers/Dackers) while Wrights were first found in Berwickshire, land of BERNICians. It just so happens that Kilmars share the same motto term as Bernice's, a term suspect with Severus Bassus and Severus Septimius, husband of Domna BASSIANus and father of Carrick-suspect Caracalla. Excellent. And while Kilmars are expected with the Mackay Coat and the Masci fleur, Domna's sister was Julia Maesa Bassianus.

The double-pale Base/Bassen lions are those of the Meschin-liner Gernons, and of Brunswicks, while Bernicia was once called, BRYNEICH, almost "Brunswick." The Bars/Baars of Brunswick, suspect with Bra, moved to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. It dawns on me here that the rick-using variations of Killers can be from Richeza of Lorraine, wife of Mieszko II.

Bra is beside the BRUNo's of Asti, and so Bra liners can be expected in Bernicia / Berwickshire, where Blythe's were first found who married Hillary Clinton. I touched the bra, and Touch's (same place as Huberts, etc.) use the lion of Home's/Hume's (Berwickshire) in colors reversed. Lorraine's and Touch's share the upright, green lion.

Bernice's share "vincit" with Shaws i.e. in the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire. The 666-suspect hunting horns of Traby (Poland) are likewise black, and Traby married the Astikas' suspect in the Sithech entity of Shaws, and in the Kyle candlesticks. The Candle's/KENTwells are suspect from Kenza, the wife of king Idris (Morocco) who lived in the Aures land of the Shawia Numidians. "IDRis" is suspect in the "itur" terms buried on the Kenneth, Shaw and Kilmar mottoes.

It's not a surprise, but very welcome, that Scottish Write's use the white Kilmar feather in the base of their Shield, as well as the checks in the Arms of Ayrshire. That's why Kilmars use a writing-pen feather. We thus have every reason to link Kilmars/Gilmore's to KILMARnock, origin of the East-Ayrshire squirrel suspect with the Deck/Decker squirrel. The Write's are a branch of the Piast Wheelwrights, and the Piast eagle is in the Coat of laurel-using Lorraine's (but also suspect with the Road /Chill/Child eagle). The last I saw Lorraine, by girlfriend that links to the bra event, she was carrying an infant CHILD. I had traced mythical KOLODziej the Wheelwright, of the Goplo mouse tower, to COLTers (wheels) and Cole's (probably the Mieske/Mesech bull), and Kyle's claim to be Cole liners.

The Arms of East Ayrshire has a cogWHEEL in Chief, and Wheelers, who evoke Rod Wheeler, investigator of Seth Rich's murder, were first found in the same place as Squire's/Squirrels (bear paw, can be a Bernician symbol). Amazingly, the Rich/Richess surname, looking linkable to Richeza of Lorraine, share's a "Garde" motto term with the Ayrshire Carricks!!! I have no idea how many eons God used up to plan this revelation. Remember, the white-rabbit Conns / Conys introduced from the bra event were linked to the Ayrshire Cunninghams because the Cunningham 'Y', their only Coat symbol, is the logo of Twitter's White Rabbit, the one claiming to have almost 29,000 Hillary-Clinton emails online. And, I kid you not, the Wheelers share the green-on-gold upright lion with Lorraine's, indicating that Piast the Wheelwright was part-code for Wrights as well as Wheelers. Or, Mouse-Tower liners were at Ayrshire.

If that's not enough, the "Avito" motto term of Wheelers is for Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Maesa's father was stationed in Dalmatia, what is now the Croatian theater, and Croatians include the Cravens of Yorkshire, who use more fitchee crosses.

The red squirrel, and the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, of GILberts (same place as Patch's and Stewarts) applies to the Ayrshire squirrel because Carricks are know to descend from a Gilbert character. But they evoke the GILmore variation of Kilmars. The "Teg" motto term of Gilberts is a great reason to link to the red squirrel of Decks/Daggers, but then the Teague's share the Julian crosses while Julians can morph to/from Gil-like terms. Beside's, the Tease's/Tighs are suspect with Decks/Daggers at the Ticino. It's bringing to mind again that KilMARs were of the Marici of Ticinum. German Marks and French Gilberts share the black, two-headed eagle that can certainly be of Julius Caesar. It's used by Mackay-related Maxwells (Kilmars use a version of the Mackay Coat, right?).

The Write motto, "MERITez," is now connectable to the Morinis/Moretto surname that uses two fesse bars in colors reversed from the same of English Wrights. You can't argue with the facts. Bernice's use a version of the Cassander/Casano Coat (Dexaroi liners to the Mackay dagger, right?), first found in the same place as Morinis'/Moretto's. The dagger-using Kilpatricks have an Irish branch with a Patchie variation while Patch's (Antipater > Cassander liners, right?) use more black hunting horns. AND LOOK: the Patch Crest is virtually the arm-with-fitchee of Killers! Patch's likely use the Alan oak LEAVES. These Dol-based Alans were of Shropshire, where Wheels were first found.

Back to the COGwheel, which the article claims to be a symbol merely of local industry. Hear me, ye naive, I have tens of thousands of hours in heraldic experience, and have seen countless times that symbols are code for other surnames. The Cogs, perhaps a branch of Cocks, use the same leaf design as Tease's/Tess'/Tecks. Houseofnames, when it knows that two surnames are related due to using the same symbol, is apt to take the symbol (same design) of the one and use copy-paste it to the other. Leaves have got to be a symbol of ther Ticino's Laevi just because Tess' use it. Cogs were first found in the same place (Northamptonshire) as the Cabbage's suspect with the Levi chevrons and the Levi lion in colors reversed.

The small "mill rinds" of Cogs look like saltires, and are in the colors of the Cog bend, which may be half a saltire for a reason. There is a Saltire/Salter surname using ROUNDELs (Rundels/Roundels use the Alan fesse), exposing themselves as FitzAlans of Arundel's marriage to Alice of Saluzzo. Some Miller surnames use the WHEEL, we get the meaning of "cogwheel," therefore, a Cog merger with Wheel liners. A saltire in the colors of the Cog mill rinds is used by Solways/Salways/SALLOWaye's (as per the Solway firth at Annandale and Dumfries), for Shallows (we are back to FitzAlans of Saluzzo here) use a wheel-like whale while Wheelers are also Whalers while a whale is used by Dols. If that's not enough, Scottish Millers (share the two fingers pointing of Alan-related Boyds) use a cross in the colors of the Annandale saltire, and were first found in Dumfries. Scottish Millers use "optima," part-code for Timms/Time's (same place as Rundels) who use the Morinis fleur-de-lys (because Timms were first found in Kent with Norman de Morinis in the Deering write-up). The nebuly pattern around the Timm/Time chevron is, in the same colors, around the Moline cross of Scottish Mills/Mile's. Wheels use the moline too.

I kid you not, that I told the following story to readers because I thought it was an event set up by God. I was driving TAXi for a while, and often worked all night. One morning, I had to pull over to the shoulder to get just a few minutes some SLEEP (my eyes wanted to close while driving), and a police officer knocked on my car window (woke me up), who recognized me from when we were 13 years old in the same class. I had been at that school for only two months, and did not know Norm Miles any better than that. And here I find myself tracing to Taxi-like Tease's/Tecks and decks while crossing the Miles surname. It's amazing. English Miles' share the mill rind with English Mile's (no 's'), and the latter were first found in the same place as the Josephs suspect with the garbs of Comyns (dagger), from Kuman in Fier county. I assume that Norm Miles was born Norman, evoking Norman de Morinis!!! Incredible. Plus, the Tax/Dax/Dachs/Das surname uses two swords in saltire, in the colors of the Tease/Teck/Tess saltire, and in the colors of the one sword of Irish Miles'!!!

With a trace to Dexter-related Dexaroi, it's now more meaningful that Scottish Mile's/Mills use the same star as Poindexters. As there are fingers pointing (same as in the Point(er) Crest) with Scottish Millers, we may be learning here that POINDexters were Point(er) liners. Mile's and Scottish Millers share the moline with Fiers for a potential trace/link of Mill liners to Fier county i.e. the Dexaroi theater. It can be gleaned that the cross of Scottish Millers is that also of the Adams/Caws of Annandale, from Adam Kilconquhar (husband of Marjory Carrick), whose mother was Mrs. Comyn. As Adams use the Sutherland stars, it's likely that their Caw variation was as per a merger with Mackays/Caws (dagger, yep), who use a "Manu" motto term for their Isle-of-Man ancestry.

Wheels use the MOLine, as well as a blue boar head that is colors reversed from the MOLLE boar head (Eschyna de Molle married an Alan). The Molle boar head is that also of Irish Marone(y)'s that use yet another reflection of the Mar/Mores and Mackay Coats. Italian Marone's/MaronCOLa's share the anchor with Kyle's and Cale's. Recall that Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire, and they lived in East Ayrshire, where the Arms uses a cogWHEEL. The Marone anchor is black, as is the anchor of Avisons (same Coat as Comyns), and the Marone Zionist star is black, as would be the same of Morans in colors reversed. There is much I'm leaving between the lines for the thinker to realize (otherwise I would never get done).

Into August 3, CNN continues to cover the Seth-Rich story as a fake one released by Fox news. It should be evident that the invisibles behind Fox are not the invisibles behind CNN. The latter has been owned by Ted Turner, whose surname links well to both the Warner and Turin-Thurin surnames. The latter links to Tarves along with the fitchee crosses of Clintons. English Turners use the giant and black mill rind seen twice above, and were first found in the same place as Clintons. Australian Turners (version of Warner Coat) use roundels. German Turners (the Thor towers and the Thor elephant trunks) share the Catherine wheel with some Millers / Milners.

If you don't know, Ted Turner had merged CNN with TIME-Warner. Remember, the Time's are listed with Timms (Morinis fleur) in the motto of Millers. One Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames had the motto, "Deum TIME," a good reason for identifying Morays with Morinis'. I like to point out the "Dum" motto term of Masons while Masons and Morays share the mermaid in Crest. Dutch Millers/Milners use a sword that is a single pale bar in the colors of the pale bar of Drinks/DRINGs, suspect with the Deerings said to descend from Norman de Morinis. I drank TURPENtine to indicate the killers of Scalia, and Turpens got suspect as a Turin line. I'm a Masci liner, first found in the same area as Turin (and Saluzzo).

Not only do English Warners (same place as Dexters) use the bend of Turins/Thurins, but there's a brown squirrel in Crest, the colors of the East-Ayrshire squirrel. In Italian, "marone" means, brown. I'm guessing, but Warners use half the Annandale saltire as used (with gold Shield) by the Arms of Ayrshire. A good way to realize that Turners were close to Millers is where the mill rind suggests a fundamental Mill-Rind merger, and Rinds use a "DiuTURNitate" motto term. The term indicates the Tate's too, who share the same pale bar as Drinks, but as this pale bar is suspect with the Scalia ladder, note that Scalia's were first found in the same place as Tate-like Taddei's. Scottish Tate's/Tatts use the Annandale Coat.

Morinis' and Cassandra's were first found in Modena, like the Modi'in location of Israel's MACCAbees, the line through king Maccus of Man to Mackays and Maxwells. Perhaps God arranged the Quails to be first found in Man for the reason that Scalia went quail hunting on Poindexter's ranch. I am convinced beyond doubt that the sleeping-bag dream pertains to Scalia's killers from something of the Morinis' (Masci fleur colors reversed) and involving Poindexters (Macey star colors reversed).

I drove taxi between the time that Mamie and I split, and the two times that I was called upon to pick her up when she called for a cab. We ended up seeing each other again while I was still driving taxi. Mamie was resolved as God's symbol of Manfields (Manche / Manx liners), from the Isle of Man, who named Mamesfelde in Nottinghamshire i.e. the same place as Tease's/Tighs. Very impressive.

The PoinDEXTER Crest loves the Squire's/Squirrels/SQUARE's, and Dexters use a canton that is sometimes called a square. Another black hunting horn, with gold stripes so as to match the Traby horn, is used by Weights that are in-code with the so-called "weights" in the Dexter Crest. I was POINTing at the bra while touching it, which may have been God pointing to POINDexters. Poind-like Boyds use two fingers POINTing, and the checks of the East-Ayrshire Arms are said to belong to Boyds of Kilmarnock.

The same striped horn of Weights is with the Loudons/Lothian (Shaw / Sheaves kin), and then "The [East-Ayrshire] coat of arms features most of the elements from the Kilmarnock and Loudoun arms and the Cumnock [Comyn-like term, home of Kyle's] and Doon Valley arms." Loudons/Lothians share the pine tree with Boyd-suspect Bothwells, the latter from Bute across the waters from Ayrshire. Doons are with the Dunns that share the sinister-facing gold buckle of SPOUTINGs/Spauldings (share "SALUS" with Adams), which recalls the whale spouting of the Shallow/Shelley surname, which itself is using a black anchor (see them below). I just so happens that Kyle-like Cale's/Cahils (share "confido" with Boyds as part-code for Conteville's of Comyns) use a whale spouting while sharing the anchor in Crest with Kyle's. However, rather than being a variation of "Kyle," the similarities between the Shallow and Cale Coats suggest that "Cale" is a hard-c version of "Shall," which can identify Cale's as Saluzzo liners.

By the way, Shalls/Schals (same as Bush's/Buschs from Busca (beside Saluzzo)), share blue roundels (called hurts for a reason) with Saltire's/Salters, Arthurs and Table's, and, in fact, the Shall/Schal Coat is a version of the Table Coat. This situation was encoded in king Arthur's Round Table symbol, an apparent code that includes Rundel/Roundel liners, for Table's share a red fesse with Rundels/Roundels. The Shalls/Schals were first found in the same place as Schutz's/Shutz's that share the Solway/Salways/SALLOWaye saltire, which is excellent for making the obvious links. It's clear even that the "salus"-using Adams of Annandale were in merger with Saluzzo liners that named the Solway firth, but we can start to glean that Alice of Saluzzo had some Ananes Gauls in her blood. The Hurts (same stag as Eustace's, branch of Staceys), first found in the same place as Saluzzo-liner Clintons, link very well (won't go to details here) to Herls/Hurls = Herluin de Conteville of Comines in Artois.

Having shown that Poindexters are from the Dexaroi suspect with Decks / Daggers, let's add that Dexters were first found in Leicestershire, location of RUTland, where I trace Rodhams (share "nec" with RUTHERfords who in turn share an "orle" with Rutlands). See the Rodham tree stump with Watsons, first found in Rutland. Poindexters use an esquire's helmet while Squire's/Squirrels share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers, and the latter are suspect with the split-Shield of Maule's/Morleys, itself a Coat version of Chads, first found in the same place as Hillarys. The Killers were first found in the same place as Scottish Kennedys while helmet-using Irish Kennedys share the dolphin with Killers.

I can glean here that Maule's/Morleys use the scallops of Tailbois', first found in the same place as Rhodes'. They are white scallops, the color of the Russell scallops. I first identified the BIKE rider with David Morley, but can now see that he was generally the Morinis / Morello bloodline. It just so happens that while the Biks/Bicks/Bikers were suspect with his bike, they share gold-on-red stag heads with the Deerings said to descend from Norman de Morinis.

The Biks/Bicks are definitely part of it, and I even rode by bike up to Lorraine when asking her out for the first time. I've previously discussed the "Nemo" motto term of Poindexters, which is for Nemo's/Nimoys, and then Leonard Nimoy played Spock (satan) on the Illuminatish show, Star Trek. The Spock surname is listed with Specks/Spike's, and Dutch Bickers happen to use spikes.

Scottish Bikers are interesting for bringing up the Moray-related Biggars (compare with Moray's Dallas'/Dulles').

If I now investigate why Louise's surname was Phillips, or why she should be in the sleeping-bag dream beyond her first name's linkage to Ceva-Saluzzo-Clinton, I can add that while one Phillip surname uses an "amor" motto term that can be for Amore's / Damorys/Amori's (Drummond bars?), first found in the same place as Clintons, the other Phillip Coat (has the look of the Billiard Coats) can be construed as using a version of the Mackay Coat. This latter Philip Coat has the Moray / Billiard/Hillard star, likely, because it also has the swan of Swans/Sions/Sine's (Macey liners), first found in the same place as Byggar. Swans/Sions once showed the gauntlet glove, a Macey symbol too, but now shows a falconer's glove while French Falcons share the crescent in the same Phillip Coat.

Amore's look like they can be a Moray / Morinis/Mori branch, right? It's known that Mackays of Sutherland were at Moray / Ross-shire, and Ross' of Ross-shire are said to descend from an Andrew, which I sense is ultimately from king Andrew, father of Drummonds. So, I can glean that king Andrew's Drummond line up in the Moray-Ross area was later in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Clintons and Peare's as per a connection to those surnames, and I've been tracing the Amore Coat to the Leavells for a long time, while knowing that Leavells are descended from Percivals and Pierce's/Piers i.e. like "Peare." The Clinton stars (same as the Macey and Malcolm stars) are said to be PIERCED (see also Billiard/Billet stars with holes in them), and Mackays use the stag too so as to show links to Hungarian liners around Moray.

Like I said, Mars are suspect with Maurice Drummond, and French Mars/Mare's use a version of the Mackay Coat, itself a version of the KilMAR Coat. Clearly, French Mars were up in Ayrshire with the Maceys/MARgys there (Marjory Carrick comes to mind with "Margy"). The Mars at Kildrummy castle must have been identical Mar liners. The Drummonds are the ones with three fesses in the colors of the two of Morini's/Mori's/Moretti's (same place as Morotti's/Morano's/Moranda's), and I trace Morays to Khazars of Biharia, (like "Byggar"), way over in Romania. These Khazars were led by MenMORAT.

By the way, Percivals use bear heads and Squire's/Squirrels use the bear paw as well as a "Tiens" motto term likely for the Tiens'/Thames', first found in the same place as Peare's and using a version of their Coat. From that picture, link the squire squirrel to Decks/Daggers.

We saw why Clintons were a branch of Clements/CLIMERs (compare with Morinis-like Marina's), but if you load French Clements, the hollow star can be a giant Moray star (why is it hollow?). The Moray-suspect rider on the bike and I CLIMBED the hill.

Let me repeat. At the home of Jerry Peterson, where I climbed the stairs = scala to a small deck (maybe four-feet square) where Mrs. Peterson would hang the laundry, I recall only two things about his basement: 1) his tiny, kid-size billiard table, and the blonde tenant that owned the bra on the laundry line that I went to touch after climbing the steps. So, you see, the murder of Scalia is pointing to the Billiards/Billets / Hilliards (same Coat, virtually, as the Billiard/Billet Coat).

Yes, under the deck I was standing on, there was a cage with at least one white rabbit, and because Bra is in Cuneo, I realized that the Conys and Conns, who use white CONEY rabbits, applied to "Cuneo." Months after introducing this story, at the risk of seeming far-fetched, I was floored when finding that a chief of the Council on Foreign Relations, Peter George Peterson, married Mrs. COONEY!!! It was so amazing to find this, explaining why the rabbit cage was owned by another Mr. Peterson. It must have been God who led Mr. Peterson to building that cage, etc., so that someone in my readership can use the information for whatever God intends. If it helps your weak faith in God, excellent. The discovery of Peter Peterson was in an update of only last month. This story is only beginning.

The Tenants use the Chief-and-Shield color combination (red and white) of Montferrat. Bra is at Montferrat, no coincidence at all. In the Tenant Crest there is a "mast with a sail" while Sails are listed with Sale's/Sales', no coincidence at all. God set that blond up as a tenant to prove to you that He was in the bra event. You can see the symbol-less Arms of the Montferrat counts at Wikipedia. The DeVasto branch of Montferrat was in Saluzzo, and the Saluzzo's use a symbol-less blue-and-white combination of Chief and Shield.

Tenants may be Tanaro-river liners that named the Tyne river at/near the area where Tenants were first found (West Lothian). Then, Tyne's were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as the Breakers/Brecks beloved of the "flax breaker" of Bra-suspect Brays. Bra is about 5-10 miles from the Tanaro river, and Tanners happen to use pine CONES (as do Maschi's) while I, a Masci liner, was standing on the cage with the white CONEY rabbits while touching the bra. The Conns and Conys use a version of the Meschin Coat, and the Meschin scallops are in the Flack Coat (i.e. as per the flax code). You can't argue with the facts.

Lothian was stacked with Flemings from Belgium, and Flemings were heavy in Loon. While searching for the Montferrat Arms, I've just come across a Loon-Chiny-Montferrat entity related to Loon-Chiny of Belgium's Loon location. It evokes the LUNEburg location of German Langs, whom I trace to Langhe at Montferrat. In fact, the Loon-Chiny-Montferrat Arms uses the two curved fish of the Bars of Brunswick while Luneburg was paired politically with Brunswick. The Luna's happen to share crescents with Tenants, and Tenants use a BROWN Crest, recalling the Bruno's of Este-like Asti, about 25 miles down-river on the Tanaro from Bra. Bars use the Este eagle. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc (Este colors) in Lorraine use these curved fish in white. There you have the Bra link to both Lorraine (my blonde girlfriend) and to Bar-le-Duc! Excellent. I am impressed, Oh GOD!

Lookie: "The most important cities (bonnes villes) of the [Loon] county were Beringen, Bilzen, Borgloon, BREE, Hamont [Hamon de Masci?], Hasselt [near Landen], Herk-de-Stad, Maaseik, PEER [!!!] and Stokkem." I'm having trouble spotting Loon on a map, but Wikipedia says it's west of the Maas river, and so is Landen. As the laundry line proved to be code for Landers/Landens, note that there is a Tenant-like Tienen location a few miles northwest of Landen. Landen and TIENen are in Brabant, and "The County of Loon...mainly lying west of the Meuse river (Dutch: Maas) in present-day Flemish-speaking Belgium, and east of the old Duchy of Brabant." On my atlas, Landen and Tienen are on the east side of Brabant. Are you impressed? Did God do this? Did Masci > Massey liners name the Maas/Meuse?

I ventured to suggest a trace of BRAbant, years ago, but tentatively only for lack of evidence, to "Bra." I TOUCHed the bra, and Touch's use the HUME lion in colors reversed, while English Brabants use a "fesse HUMEtte." Are you not impressed? French Brabants share the Moor head with Tanners, and were first found in the same place as Billiards/Billets and Josephs, the latter using the Cheney martlets in colors reversed. I remember two things only in Jerry's basement, the tenant that owned the bra, and his kid-size billiard table. I've never before been on this Bra link to Brabant, Loon, Chiny, etc.

As per Tienen, there is a Tien surname listed with Tiens/Thames' (same place as Clintons / Peare's), in Breaker/Breck colors. The Tiens are said to be from the estates of Chiny-possible Chinnor. The Tiens happen to share gold footless martlets with Cheneys, and in both colors of the martlets of Fate's/Fademore's beloved in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys! Futters/Fotys, suspect with Lorraine's beautiful feet, use a MASTiff dog, evoking the mast of Tenants!! Excellent. And Foot-related Fothes were first found in the same place as Tarves.

It's rare to find gold-on-gold, but both the Chinnor-like Kinners and the Cogs use, and they moreover use the same bend. If you go back to the Cog discussion, you'll see a few anchors, the Kinner-Crest symbol too, as well as the Hope's in the Kinner motto. The Tiens happen to use the Anchor/Annacker lozenges in colors reversed as mascles (hollow lozenges).

The Leavells of Meulan/Mellent were of the Vaux surname, which shares the checks in the Arms of Meulan/Mellent of Louviere's. There is a La Louviere location in Hainaut that should apply to this discussion. Mellents happen to use the same bend as Peirs/Peers (Hume colors), first found in the same place as True's. And Brabants (same place as Louvains) use a fesse HUMette." Do you understand fully? Hume's must be using the Touch lion, and BRAbants must be Bra liners.

The Vaux-branch Faux's use a giant mascle in the color of the mascle at the center of the mill rinds that were seen in the Cog discussion. It begs whether Mellent (ruled by the Montfort-related Beaumonts that mothered Waleran of Leavell) was named by Mill liners, but in any case, Montforts are expected from Montferrats. French Faux's are listed with Chaulnes', smacking of CHALONS-sur-Marne, where MumMOLIN ruled who should trace to the molines of Mill liners seen in the Cog discussion. French Faux's/Chaulnes' (who speak to a Chaulney merger with Vaux liners) share the fleur-de-lys of Croziers who I say use part of the Arms of Clermont-Ferrand (same place as Croziers) that was ruled by an ancestor of Mummolin, he being Decimus Rusticus of Lyon. Lyons with Lannoys happen to use the Touch lion while the other Lannoys use the feathered helmet of True's in the Hume motto (that's a great way to connect the Hume lion to that of Touch's).

Therefore, my touching the bra was important. It wasn't enough to see it. God made me touch it. And Rusticus-like Rusts/ROOSts (same place as ROSE-using Brabants) share the Clinton / Hillary fitchees in both colors. It's important that the Peir/Peer bend looks like the Arms-of-Champagne bend, for the rulers of Chiny are said to be from both Lorraine and Champagne. Peer-like surnames are often said to be from Peters, evoking the Petersons.

It floored me to read of LOUIS, second count of Loon, while I have just crossed over the Peare Coat within that of Tiens (Salop, same place as Sleeps). I SLEPT with, and lived together with, LOUISe Phillips and Christine Peare, and they both appeared in the sleeping-bag dream about 40 years later. I didn't yet know of the Peer location in Loon until after seeing Louis of Loon. Things started to add up, and Lewis' even use the Phillips lion in colors reversed! The Arms of Loon-Chiny-Montferrat use the same lion as the Phillips, and the latter's motto loves the Amore's, first found in the same place as Tiens and Peare's, and using a white dog head identical to the Futter/Foty mastiff (Tenants use the mast with sail). Brabants were first found in the same place as Mast(er)s (and Masons), who share a mural crown with Amore's.

There is even a Louis/Lewie surname, first found in Lorraine, and using (I assume) the lozenges of Bricks (Massey liners) and Brix's/Brests (Bruce liners) while Brest is a Brittany location in Loon-like LAUNay! Excellent. And Launays use the PERCY lozenges!!! It's raining links. The fitchee crosses of the Arms of Loon-Chiny-Montferrat are in the colors of the same of "salus"-using Adams.

The Arms of Peer use bars (not surprising) in the colors of Leavell / Stur bars, and the Stura is a Cuneo river flowing down to the Tanaro. Leavells are known to descend from de Percivals (it's in the Leavell write-up), and Percivals were first found in the same place as Piers/Pierce's, absolutely amazing. Tyne's use bars in the colors of the Blond bars suspect with the Leavell / Amore bars. Leavells were first found in the same place as Chiny-like Chine's (share vair with Quints), and they both share red bars. No Chiny surname comes up. Chine's use the Kemmis/Kenys Coat while Kemmes'/Kyme's use crosses in the colors of the near-same crosses in the Arms of loon-Chiny-Montferrat.

Mr. Kepke bragged about having sex with Miss Peare and KIM Walsh on the same day; he promised both marriage but didn't deliver to either. Chiny is in Walloon, a location that some lump in with Wales, i.e. like the Walsh surname. After moving out of the apartment where Peare and Phillips lived, I went straight-away to be with Miss Whelan, and Whelans happen to use the Brick Coat as well as the gold Kim stag head, though Kim's use it in brown. Miss Whelan's sister happened to be going out with Rick Young at the same time, who lived beside Kepke's place. Youngs share the three piles of Scottish Leavells. On Young's driveway around that time, Vince PIERCE (i.e. Leavell kin) punched Kepke in the face. A few years later, my boss contracted a job with Frank, and the latter brought along his employees, Vince Pierce and Mike Oddie (or maybe Oddey), and the latter had punched me in the face (no reason whatsoever) when I was about 12.

About the age of 12 (no later than 13, a kid I didn't know except to see him, who lived beside the house of Miss Whelan, attacked me as I walked by his place. Mike Oddie was there as the other's buddy, egging him on to punch me out. We danced around for the longest time like boxers, but neither of us threw a landing punch. Finally, Oddie jumps on my BACK with sounds of derision, but he didn't do anything more than that, and the two bullies left. The Bachs/Baghs, first found in Whelan-like Wales, use a reflection of the Kemmis / Chine Coat. Amazing coincidence.

German Bachs/Backs use a steer while Steers use almost the Amore motto. Steers (Sturs?) share the mural crown with Amore's, and the "me" motto term of Steers is for the Mee's (share "numine with Walsh's) that share the FACE cross (i.e. as per the punches in the face). Mee's named the Meu river near Brest / Launay, and Brix's/Brests use the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed. The Meu is the location of Montfort, the namers of which probably named Monforte near Bra. The Odins/Oddie's/Oddeys (same place as Oddie's, Bruce's and Percys) and Wallis/Wallace's use the same giant lion as Montforts. An alternative Arms of Loon-Chiny even use the two-tailed Montfort lion.

We saw the Bra link to Tenants; the latter use the boar head of Mee's and McGee's. I was with Jim McGee when Oddie punched me in the face. In my first year of organized hockey, at age 12, Jim McGee was a goalie along with Mr. Kepke. I scored on both. As an absolute fact that I've repeated to readers many times, the goal on McGee was an act of God, mainly for revelations on the Knee and Tarr bloodlines.

Tarrs (same place as Leavells) use TEN (Tyne / Tenant code?) pale bars in the colors of the Leavell / Stur bars, and in the colors of the TEN bars of the Loon-Chiny Arms. There are TEN crosslets in the Kemmes/Kyme Coat in the colors of the crosslets in the Arms of Loon-Chiny. The house where I drank turpentine on the stairs had the number, 10, and the Stares surname is listed with Steers that happen to use a passant lion in colors reversed from the Drink lion. Saltire's/Salters use ten billets while Saluzzo is near the junction of the Stura and TANaro rivers. Jim McGee and I, along with GREG Fisher, hung out in a group led by Roy TANNER. The Gregs (Carrick colors) use two of the three Levi chevrons which were used (three of them) by the counts of Hainaut. A Hainaut location is on my atlas about five miles south of Landen (Landens/Landers use the LANGley bars), and closer to Landen than is Tienen. It thus appears that God named Fisher's first name.

There is an English Fish surname that is the only one I know of, aside from Pierce's/Piers, that use a wavy chevron, and both are in the same colors. I trace the wavy code to Weavers, a branch of wavy-bars Webbers that happen to use part of the Este-related Pepin Coat, which must be from Pepin of Landen.

Plus, as Tiens use a version of the Peare Coat, let me repeat (verified in earlier updates) that I first saw Miss Peare as she walked across the front of shoe store (in a MALL) where I was a new shoe salesmen. She was walking along with Kepke. Miss Peare worked for REITmans, and German Fishers use a "waREIT" motto term. It was a mall in Scarbury, and Scarburys (same place as Keppocks and Pierce-related Fish's) use a Coat much like that of Keppocks, and also like that of Spice's while Fishers use "reSPICE" and Scottish Walsh's (same place as Scottish Leavells) use "AuSPICE." I assume that Reitmans are Rothschild / Roten / Rade liners, and, besides, Scottish Walsh's can be with the Rodham/Rodden tree stump round-about.

The Arms of Chiny use fish in the colors of the same of Bar-le-Duc. Chiny is near Bouillon, but Bouillons were first found in the same place as French Croziers beloved by the Odin/Oddey crozier. Scottish Croziers were resolved with the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, not far from Chiny. The Odins / Oddeys may even be from the following Otto of Chiny: "Arnoul, a [Chiny] successor, regularly confronted Count Godfrey of Bouillon, leader of the first Crusade and nephew of Queen Mathilde. They eventually became friends and Arnoul entrusted Godfrey both his sons, Otto and Louis, to take part in the first Crusade. Returning from the Crusade, Otto, was in turn count of Chiny..."

Lorraine was at first Lotheringia. "The Counts of Chiny were part of the nobility of Lotharingia that ruled from the 9th to the 14th century in what is now part of Belgium."

Rod Wheeler is intent on finding facts. He says that one of his main opponents is Aaron Rich, Seth's brother. In a youtube video (by Outer Light, August 1), Wheeler says he went to question Al Capone, who I say was a co-sponsor to Seth's murder plot, and when getting to his place, Capone said, "I was expecting you." Wheeler goes, huh? And Capone said that Aaron tipped him off. One cannot get more knuckle-brained, and disrespectful to your own dead brother, than to be in cahoots with one who provided part of the murder plot while fending off the one who wants to find the true murderer. This is how it has become with spiritual animals. Capone told Wheeler that he can't talk about email, anything but email. That is, Seth's emails, we may assume, and so we see that Capone must have known something about Seth's emails? What in Seth's emails was able to give away the true murderer? Wheeler thinks he knows.

Aaron then called Seth's girlfriend, and directed her not to talk about Seth's emails. Wheeler discovered this when he afterward visited the girlfriend. We may understand why Aaron is a bonehead (he is said to work for a defence contractor, and possibly in cyber security, the very thing that works against hacking, and probably does it's share of hacking for the military), but why would the girlfriend refuse to talk?

Seymour Hersh is claiming that he is privy to an FBI report claiming evidence on Rich's computer that he gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Hersh isn't revealing the name of the FBI people who supposedly have the report, and he moreover gives his story out with less-than-respectful terms, which is why I'm ignoring his story. I want the story from an agent of God. Hersh seems like a human pimple to me.

I think it's great that Mueller is investigating Trump because it's obvious to all but blind-bat Democrats that Mueller is biased toward Hillary Clinton. Things like this can backfire if there is a will, and, with Trump, there is a strong will. At one time, virtually all media outlets were controlled by the animals who support Clinton, and there was little chance to strike back for making things backfire. This is the first update that the Drinks/Drengs entered the topic of the Scalia murder, though I think it pertains to Scalise because I was hospitalized after drinking turpentine. Call it a genuine coincidence or otherwise, but I noticed how the Drinks use a pale bar reflective of the vertical ladder of Scalia's/Scalise's. That all Scalia's/Scalise's show on their Coat. Here I can add that Dutch Muellers use a vertical sword in the colors of the Scalia/Scalise ladder; that's all that Dutch Muellers show. The other two Mueller Coats are Jewish, both using the Catherine wheel for linkage to Catherine Roet, a likely branch of Rodhams.

So, this revelation from an ancient event in my life comes out while Scalise is in the hospital, while Mueller, who loves Rodham Clinton, investigates Trump, and while Trump calls his legal team to investigate Rodham Clinton. Mueller is now going after Trump's financial dealings, infuriating Trump, and signaling pay-back to Mueller and Clinton. Remember, Turpens use a version of the Rodham Coat. To help verify more that the stairs = scala are pertinent to Scalia and/or Scalise, the latter surnames were first found in the same place as Taddei's, the surname of my great-grandmother, and I slid down the same stairs (many times, very enjoyable) as had the turpentine, on by belly, while Bellys share the white-on-blue rose with the single pale bar of Taddei-like Tate's. The Tate's also share the raven with Rothes' and Rolphs while Rolphs (same place as Rose's and Rats) share the water bouget with Rose's and Banisters, and I slid down the Banister on the same stairs.

I have seen that God has invested a great deal in this revelation. He will not do such a thing without payback to me, for my time and work, but I consider it an honor, anyway, to be part of doing Justice to corrupt police departments that support corrupt politicians. As another example of how God has fixed things to convince the reader, note that Banisters are said to have held the lands of BILLEsworth while Billes' use the Shield-and-Chief combination of Clintons, while Billesworths/Billinghursts share fitchee crosses with Clintons, and while the target of God must include BILL Clinton. The Billes Chief uses pelicans while Pellicans were first found in the same place as Billiards/Billets.

The Billings, first found in Lancashire with Banisters, use more fitchee crosses, and I recognize them as the Craven fitchees because Skipton, said in the Meschin write-up to have belonged to Richard Banistre, is in Craven (Yorkshire, same as Billiards/Hilliards and Belows (one 'l'). The Billiards/Billets are expected as a branch of Bellows because Bellows share the Coat of Billets, and then the Skipton-like Shiptons use fans that they call, bellows. So, therefore, Billesworths/Billinghursts were a branch of Billiards/Billets / Hillards. The Meschin write-up speaks of a "vague" connection to RHUDlans. RUDyards then share a fretty Shield with Belows, and moreover use the Coat of Tute's/Touts (same place as Belows) while Belows use a "Tout" motto term. By the sounds of it, William Meschin married Banisters in Skipton.

The Bains/Beans/Vans come to mind with Banisters because they are a sept of Mackays along with Fane's/Vans (Macey kin) that themselves evoke the bellow fans. Having said that, there is an Italian Banis/Bino surname (roses, same place as Scalia's) with what could be a version of the Macey / Mackay Coat. I read that Bellamys married someone in Ferte-Mace.

Although a porch railing is not technically a banister, I was standing on the porch railing, in the same house as had the stairs and banister under discussion, urinating, when Bino-like Pino came walking around the corner, and got it on the head. The reason that I remember this is that he looked up to check out where the water was coming from, and it went bulls-eye into the middle of his mouth...something I can never forget. There has got to be meaning in that, and there is, for I did discover it with mythical Orion and Uranus. Orion was the Hunter, and the only other thing I can recall about Pino is a man in his garage showing me a rifle, which I assume was a hunting rifle. Poindexter's Order of St. Hubertus has a hunting symbol, as did St. Hubertus. Huberts and Pino's share crescents.

The Hubert crescents are those of Craigs, and the latter are in the write-up of Bien-loving Carricks. The following in italics was inserted earlier in this update when finding the Recks as per the "rectumque motto term of Huberts:

Here's the Arms of Ayrshire with the Cunningham shakefork, the Arms-of-Carrick / Kennedy chevron, and the Stewart checks. Note the motto, "God SHAW the RICHT," the latter term looking like it honors one of the Killer variations. Shaws are said to be of Stick-like "Sithech." Considering what I'm about to say, it doesn't appear coincidental that the Squirrel-related Decks/Daggers use a split Shield with symbols all in colors reversed to the same of German Recks/Reichs, first found in the same place (Switzerland) as Ticino canton and the Tease/Tess/Teck surname. The Arms of East Ayrshire is the one with squirrel (some squirrels are said to be "cracking a nut" as code for Carricks). As you can see, this paragraph is powerful, especially as English Recks/Ricks share a motto term ["Garde"] of Carricks.

Just like that, Recks trace to Carricks, tending to prove that Huberts are using the Craig crescents. My guess is that "rectumQUE" is part-code for the Kays/Keys, beloved in the Shaw/Sheaves motto as "qui," because Kays/Keys use two bends in the colors of the Hubert bend. It's interesting that while Marjory Carrick married secondly the royal Bruce's, they were from Abruzzo, where key-using Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found. Moreover, the Bruce lion is in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia, a location beside lake Garda, where the "Garde" motto term of Carricks should trace. Marjory first married Kilconquhar, whose Comyn mother I trace to Como, between Garda and the Ticino.

Likewise between Garda and the Ticino were the INSubres (founded Milan) while Ince's/Ins' and Inch's (who were in the same place as Huberts) share black-on-white bendlets without bends with Kays/Keys. Innes' use the Billiard stars in colors reversed, and were first found in Moray while "more" is a motto term of Kays/Keys. French Billiards were first found in the same place as Pellicans that are in-turn in the pelican of Pullens, first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's and Billiards/Hillards, and I see Pullens using a version of the Gard Coat.

So, I'm now trying to discover, largely by guessing, which media stories God will use to advance His agenda. I'm also trying to guess from all the Signs how the Judgment will arrive down to some details. It's probably important to Him that I predict ahead of time how things will pan out, good for strengthening your faith in Him for the final Call at Closing Time. I noticed that Peter Smith was murdered recently when investigating the Clintons, and he was found with a BAG over his head while God used a sleeping BAG to indicate the killers of Scalia. I knew a Peter Smith from church, and I saw his antenna fallen in his back yard due to a storm (as I recall it, it was truck by lightning). Will there be lightning involved when shutting down some Clinton communications?

It was after writing the above that I realized why the sleeping-bag dream ended with my pulling Christine Peare by her waist toward me. When I slept with she and Louise, I was pressed against her (no gaps between us), with by hand on her belly, pressing her against me (she was facing away from me). You might know the feeling with your spouse, but it's not anywhere near as nice when you've been single and you find yourself waking up like that (she was attractive all-around). Well, I had the same sensation in the dream, only God ended it before our bellies made contact (drats). The point of this part of the dream must have been her belly. My hands were around her waist, pulling her belly toward me.

I realized that the Bouillon motto, "A vero BELLO CHRISTI," is the reason that she was CHRISTine. In fact, a year after she had no longer been with Kepke, she and I got together. I picked her up in my FireBIRD, and, for a reason I cannot recall, brought her over to Jeff Moore's place. Not only do Bouillons and Bellys together use the Moor head, but Godfreys are said to be a branch of Jeffreys. I assume that Jeff was born, Jeffrey. As per the FIREbird, the BIRDs use the Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed. The Fire unicorn was traced to the same (different colors) of Demonte's, who named the Stura-Demonte valley in Cuneo i.e. near Saluzzo. And another unicorn is in the Christine/Christian Crest, and still another with the Pierce's/Piers. The "acuta" motto term of Bellys could be for Cutter liners.

To convince me further that Christine (and her belly) was code for Godfrey-de-Bouillon liners, the Christs (expected in the Bouillon motto) use virtually the Reck/Reich Coat, which we just saw as a version of the Deck Coat. I pulled her belly toward me on a wood DECK, and while she worked at Reitmans, Rita's use a "piece of WOOD" as well as the lion of Poole's from Poole at the Stur-river area.

I can add that WREXhall is said to be the location of a branch of Tints (unicorn), who use a COUCHant lion. After we visited Jeff Moore, we drove to her apartment, where I stayed the night on her COUCH. There were reasons for not sleeping with her: 1) I was hurt all the while that she was with Kepke; 2) she wasn't a Christian; I wasn't wanting to start something with a non-believer again; God didn't want me having pre-marital sex. Wrexhall can be suspect with the Rex variation of Recks/Ricks, who use bottony crosses as code for Buttons, first found in the same place as Sturs (share the red fesse with Buttons). Sturs share three red fesses with Italian Belli's.

Belly-like Billys are listed with Billiards/Hilliards, who use the Moray stars while Bellys were first found in Moray. And the "per" motto term of Bellys can be for Peare/Pear / Peer liners (what else could it be for?).

I'm not done because I had my hands around her WAIST when pulling her belly. I kid you not, that a few months after being on her couch, I was lying in a Tint-like tent, in a sleeping bag, with Mamie, and she would not allow me to get a nice hug, but turned away, looking away from me. I had to make-do with my arm draped around her waist, same position as Christine and I. There is no Waist surname, but there is a Waistell surname listed with English Wessels, whom I traced to the Cottian king, Vestalis, son of Cottius. There are interesting things here.

The Waistell/Wessel garbs are those also of English Josephs, first found in the same place as Sturs. German Wessels then use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Maule's/Morleys, exactly pertinent to the mall I was in with hands around her waist. Impressed? The "TECte" motto term of Maule's/Morleys can even be for Deck / Teck liners. But that's not all. I predicted that the killers of Scalia would be the Morley / MORland bloodline, for the two use essentially the same Coat. It just so happens that English Waistells/Wessels were first found in WestMORLAND, itself suspect with Moors! This is amazing.

But that's not all, for Wessel-like Wissels/Whistle's (same place as Tints) use the Tint lion.

The Poole lion is in the colors of the Lewinsky lion, and Lewinsky's are said to be first found in Polesie (Poland). The Lewinsky lion is said to be WEARING a crown, and Wearings happen to share the hunting horns of Breakers suspect with the Bray/Brae flax breaker. Besides, the Peir/Peer bend is colors reversed from the Wear/Were bend, and Wears (Axe-river area, same as Bills and Tints) use the Tint crosslets in colors reversed. Aha! Lewins use stag heads in the colors of the Wearing / Breaker stag heads!In colors reversed, the Lewinsky lion is blue, as is the lion head in the Crest of English Wards (same place as Brays/Brae's) who share the Wearing / Warren checks. And Irish Wards use crowns, evoking "wearing a crown."

There's more. For Maule's/Morleys use "Clementia" and "RIGore." We already saw (last update) that Clements were Clintons, and so God seems to be pointing, once again, to Clintons with the sleeping-bag dream on Scalia's death. The "riGORE" motto term can be for Rex's/Ricks and Gore's together, for they just about use the same crosslets, the Gore's using those of Trips...which recalls Linda Tripp. And, Bill Clinton's vice president was Al Gore, what a gorincidence.

Aha! The Riggs share the black rooster in the Crest of Billys/Billiards/Hillards. It seems that God has spent enormous time rigging up Clinton's demise. Or, with His brain, maybe it took one second.

Miss Peare was always fond of me. Even though I was transferred away from her mall, where she could be alone with Kepke, she ended up living in my apartment, while Kepke should have had a few words opposing that idea. I didn't touch her while she was living in my place for many months. But she was always pleasant toward me. Later, she told me, before Kepke dumped her, that she regretted choosing Kepke over me, but I shrugged her off. I was hurt over the way she let me go, but I continued to visit with both as friends, anyway. After I became a Christian, I visited my Grimaldi cousin with Roxanne, a girlfriend of about six months. I can't recall why, but while at his place, I was on the phone with Miss Peare for a short conversation, and she was glad to hear from me.

For the life of me, I can't imagine how I ended up on the phone with her. I wouldn't have called her for merely a chat while with Roxanne. I don't two-time, and Roxanne would have been offended. I had not seen her for at least two years. Kepke had moved on from her by this time, and was at my place with his future wife almost a year earlier...when I was with Kelly, who was introduced to me by Carol, wife of Jeff Moore. Carols and Kellys both use lions facing one an other.

So, how did I end up on the phone with her (no cell phones in those days for her to call me)? Was it some Uncontrollable Force wanting to make a Dino / Grimaldi link to Christine's / Peare's some 40 years later?

Almost immediately after Roxanne and I broke up, that's when Peare and I got together for a visit to Jeff Moore's. It's another bizarre thing, because I had frowned badly on this guy by that time; why was I at his place? Was it Something uncontrollable? He was turning into a cult-leader-like Christian. And when we arrived, what did he do but take her into his bedroom, with his wife at home, on the pretence of witnessing to her. Miss Peare was model-like, very attractive, and she was in high heels that day, and nice skirt, very lady-like.

It's hard to say whether Rox liners were Rex's/Recks/Ricks, but it's interesting that Roxburghs share the blue-on-white pale bar with Drinks and Tate's, the latter using white symbols on the bar along with Drinks. The Drinks are highly suspect with the killers of Scalia while pointing to Rodhams. It appears that God set up this visit, for Grimaldi's first name, Dino, has a surname that shares "Libertas" with Godfreys. We saw why Christine Peare and Jeff Moore both link to Godfrey de Bouillon. But there's more, for Dino's (share red chief with Tate-like Taddei's/Taddeo's) are said to be from Taddeo Dini. And when my grandmother died who was a Taddei on one of her parent's side, it was Roxanne who attended the funeral with me. She and I didn't visit any other relatives.

Having said that, isn't it simply amazing that the Taddei/Taddeo Chief uses the Bouillon cross in both colors??? The grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, Godfrey III, married Miss Bar whose family included Tuscany, where Dino's and Taddei's were first found. That's why Godfreys share the "libertas" written across the Dino Chief. Dino Grimaldi's father (my mother's brother) probably didn't realize that he was naming his son for this revelation. And Grimaldi's use the BAG Coat. The suspense never ends. What has God wrought?

One can glean that the blue Scalia/Scalise (same place as Taddei's) pale bar links to the blue Tate pale bar via a Taddei > Tate line. In the rungs of the Scalia/Scalise ladder, one can glean billets (to see billets, see Dutch Bush's, for example), which should explain why English Billets share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Dino's, and why the cinquefoils on a red chief of English Billets are in the colors of the crosses of Taddei's on a red Chief.

If that's not enough, Godfreys use pelicans while Pellicans were first found in the same place as French Billets/Billiards. Pellicans had been traced to Clapton's alternative name, Portishead, and then the Portis/Porch Coat uses the same cinquefoil as Billets. Clapton is in Somerset, home of an Arthur clan that is known to have married the Meads who use a version of the Godfrey pelicans. And this partly explains why Godfrey's father lived in Artois. Billets were first found in the same place (Devon) as Monaco-suspect Monks.

Royal Grimaldi's now rule Monaco, still, and one of the latest Grimaldi princes married Grace KELLY, who I think was murdered in a car crash. Grace Kelly was responsible for the Massy barons of Monaco, making my mother's Grimaldi line suspect from there, for she's a Masci on one side. Dino and his father have been fond of Franks, and Monaco is virtually upon France.

Like was said, I was with Mamie shortly after the night spent at Christine's, but not before being with Lorraine. I thought that I must have been doing something right, for all three were to-die-for babes. Alas, it turned out that it was nothing but a miracle. As I said, Mamie was representative of the Manfields / Mangels/Mansells, Massey- and Mackay-related lines from the Isle of Man, the namers of Manche, where Vere's (Massey Shield) were first found that we can expect in the "vero bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons. Besides, Irish Weirs, a branch of Vere's, use the Grimaldi / Bag lozenges.

Who else did we cross from the Isle of Man? Oh, yes, the Quails. Scalia went quail hunting, and died after leaving the dinner table to go early to bed, according to John B Poindexter, who sat beside Scalia (according to Poindexter).

When I say that Scalia killers were of Morleys / Morlands, it's loosely speaking, for all I know. But I now have another theory, starting with the premise that God arranged the Killer variation of what otherwise look like Craith/Raith / Reach liners in Inverness. I can assume this premise where the Killer Crest is the black Clinton / Hillary fitchee. I can assume that God created the Killer variation to point to the Clintons, and the Killers happen to share dolphins with Marleys from Morlaix. We saw how Maule's/Morleys were first found in Yorkshire along with Mars/Mass', and then western Yorkshire goes down upon Westmorland. And we saw the write-up of Drinks/Drings with a Deering term linking to Morinis'/Mori's. We saw Deerings sharing the stag heads of Biks/Bicks/Bikers while I pegged the rider on a motorbike as David Morley before finding one speck of heraldic evidence for it.

Plus, Hillers/Hille's/Hillebrands (probably the Rothchild horse) were first found in Bavaria with the same-colored Rade's suspect with the Raids/Raiths/Rats up with the Rose's, beside Inverness-shire, and beloved in the Reck/Reich and CHRIST Coats. Hillers/Hille's are also in Billiard/Hillard/Hiller colors. The Billiard stars can be gleaned with the Rade stars, and Monaco's use them too (in both colors). In fact, the area of the Monaco/Monica Coat with those stars show roses, as well as the same lion as Poole's, and where this lion may be of the Polish Lewinsky's, note that her name was MONICA Lewinsky. Did God have her named for to make the Hillary / Clinton link to Monaco?

The Wattle/Wadlow/Wardlow surname was likewise first found in Inverness-shire, and they were looked up only now, a total stroke of luck, because it was now that I checked the Hiller description, which brought me first to the Billiards/Hillards/Hillers, with: "A black rooster with red beak, WATTLE, feet." I already know the Beaks to be of Poland.

The other Wattle's/Wheatlys (of the Waistell variation of Wessels?) look to be using the Wissel/Whistle lion, and moreover these wattle's were first found in the same place as Wissels/Whistle's and Trents (roses), the latter using the split Shield of German Wessels, whom I suspect with proto-Washington Wassa's. Washingtons use the double fesses of Ness' that probably named the Ness river in InverNESS. And Wreaths/Craiths/Raiths (Inverness) use almost the Washington Coat. That works, especially as Rade's and Rotens share the white Zionist star with Wassa's.

As for the feet in the Billiard/Hilliard description, that's for the Feet/Fate surname beloved in the Cheney motto. And on Chiny, we have this: "From 980, Arnoul of Burgundy-Granson, a descendant of Charlemagne, became the first Count of Chiny." Gransons (same place as Billiards/Hillards and Feets/Fate's) look to be using half the Vienne eagle, pertinent where Vienne was the Burgundy capital. It was the capital of dolphin-using Dauphine, anyway, where one should trace the Killer/MacilCRAITH/MacIlRAITH dolphins. Then, with Wattle's/Wadlows first found in the same place as Craiths/Raiths, note the Wattle/Wheatly description: "A blue shield with a silver horse on green GROUND." It just so happens that Scottish Grounds (compare with Rhodes', Deacons and Decans, not forgetting the Rodham trace to Rutland) bring up Crannys/Crains while Gransons are also Grains while English Grounds (same martlets as Feets/Fate's) are also Grundys. Scottish Grounds can be using the Hebron lions.

If you recall, there was evidence that God wants us to know of a Montferrat / Bra link to Loon-Chiny's Bree and Peer locations around Landen. Bree's are listed with Brays/Brae's, and Beers share the bear with Percivals / Berwicks.

I don't recall the color, but I was on Chris Peare's horse. It was probably my first time ever riding a horse. Kepke was there that day. And while Keeps are in the Hebron motto, Hebrons share the white horse with Wattle's/Wheatlys. And Peare's waist is suspect with this circle of surnames. It's as though God does things beautifully, level after level, for the Wattle/Wheatley Chief has the stars of both Tiens and the related Peare's (same place as Clintons), and meanwhile the Tiens throw in the Feet/Fate martlets. In the Tien Chief, mascles, the Wattle/Wadlow symbol. This recalls the possibility that the Tean variation of Tiens is from Teano, home of ancient Sidicini peoples in Campania (Italy), which is the alternative name of Champagne, the ancestry of the first count of Chiny. And the Champagne's use a bend much like that of Peers/Peirs.

The design of the Hebron horse head is that of Horse's/Horseys (Gran-like gyronny), and both were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Greys and Joplins. We read that Merlays owned a Horseley manor, and later it was owned by Greystocks. The latter use wreaths, and suggest that the Stock / Stake lion is the Grey lion. The Grey lion is the Joplin lion, and the Joplin Coat is a version of the Wattle/Wheatley Coat. I apologize for the complications. I was just trying to prove that I was on Peare's horse for reasons outlined here, though there could have been more to it.

Sidicini may have named the Sithech term in Shaw ancestry, and Christine's are fabulous for being first found on the Isle of Man while using a Shaw Coat. I had traced the Seaton-suspect Setantii Brigantians to the naming of Sitric, grandfather of Maccus of the Isle of Man. You may have gleaned without my telling you that my pulling Peare from her waist on the deck can indicate a Waistell/Wessel merger with Ticino liners. Decks/Dagger use a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of German Wessels.

Just realized. She was Kepke's girl, and Kepke's were Keeps (same place as Arun), a branch of Hip-like HEPburns, and Scalise was shot in the hip! I pulled Peare toward me by her hips, on a deck, while the Hips/Hipkin Coat is a version of the Deck Coat!!! And if I view the deck as a PLATform, it's evoking Platte River, the secret server of Hillary Clinton that surrounds her scandal. But why was Louise on one of the two decks?

Clues to the Attempted Murder of Steve Scalise

Here's how I got Peare before Kepke. We were all four (including Louise Phillips, who worked at the same mall we others did) in a bar / dance room in a basement. And in a hurry to get her before Kepke did, I asked if she would like to go outside. She got up and we hurried up the STAIRs, and while we were kissing outside the front door, Kepke came up. Disgusted, he got the bouncer (heehee) to kick us off the property. The strangest thing is, he kicked us out (I'm laughing as I recall this). Anyway, this idea that the stairs may have represented Scalia is a new idea now. I then loaded the Paloma's again, because that was the name of the bar. I found that Spanish Paloma's use two pale bars ("palets", like "Platte") in colors reversed from the pale bar formed from the Scalia/Scalise ladder. I then remembered that the bar was the spot of choice for nurses from a nearby hospital, and Scalise is still in a hospital now. Italian Paloma's (dove with olive branch) were first found in Bar-like Bari.

Now listen. I had just quit my job at a CedarBRAE shoe store when moving in with the two ladies. I was running it alone, which was why I quit. I was sent there by the manager of the other store, whom I heard was a cocaine addict. That could be meaningful, because the crime ring under discussion likely sold cocaine. I can link this Cedarbrae store to the touch-bra incident, and will later explore the connection of Shoe's to Poindexters, showing that the latter link to Touch's. The Cedars/Cotters use lizards, which I trace to Lizarts/Lazarts, and the latter use three pale bars in blue, the color of the Scalia/Scalise ladder-pale bar. Moreover, as the ladder is a scala, one can add that a Scale surname shares the scallops of the French Larins/LAUREN, first found in Provence. These are also the scallops of Mauls/Morleys. We have a story, especially as the Cedarbrae store was on a street, Lawrence, and because Bra-like pale BARS are expected through Lorraine. I had traced the Larins/Laurens to Larino down in Apulia, where Bari is located! Bang.

Lizarts were first found in Provence, too, you see, where there ruled Guerin of Provence. In the Guerin write-up, we are told that the family were grand masters of the Order of St. Jean (John) in Jerusalem, explaining why Guerins use the Payen/Pagan Coat (= Paionians expected both at Langhe and at Mont PILATE with the Billiards/BILLETs). This Order was also called, HOSPITALLERs, you see. I am therefore taking this Cedarbrae-shoe event as God's code on the Scalise shooting, and meanwhile I'm linking to the Paloma BAR.

To help prove the Payen link to Guerin of Provence, the Yorkshire Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Paganells (same place as Billiards/Hillards) use the bends of Spanish Guerra's in colors reversed. The Italian Guerra's use three blue bends in colors reversed from the two Paloma bars. Payens/Pagans were first found in the same place (Dauphine, area of Mont Pilat) as French Page's/Pagenels, which is beside Provence. French Page's/Pagenels use four fesse bars in both colors of the Paloma pale bars. English Page's (pheons) share the dove with Italian Paloma's, and so I think this clinches the Paloma bar as a Sign from God for linking to Billiards/Billets. We are seeing a Paloma link to Mont Pilat.

I had and shared on a dream where I was in Obama's billiard hall (this was when Trump was starting out as president). When I saw myself taking a shot on a table, the cue ball was a PAGE on the table. God verified twice that the piece of paper was to be regarded as a page for the Page surname(s). It suggests a Page link to Billiards (almost the pierced stars of Payens/Pagans), who use three Zionist stars in the colors of the three Pilate pheons. The Page's share the

I've already mentioned (months ago) that Louise worked at Penningtons (why a store for overweight women?). I've already mentioned that Penningtons share "amore patria" with Phillips, this being evidence that God set this situation up. I've already told that Irish Phillips'/Philbens share wavy bars with Amore's and Damori's (same place as Peare's), and that while Louise went out with a Moreno character, the Phillips/Philben bars are colors reversed from the two bars of Morinis'/Mori's (same fleur as with Pungs/Paganells).

I've already mentioned the Pennings/Pennys having a lynx in Crest that applies to a Lyncestes area of Macedonia / Paionia, in a trace to the namers of Langhe at Bra, but I don't recall whether I told that Brays/Brae's were first found in the same place as Pennings/Pennys. Amazing, is it not? Right now. Loretta Lynch is under investigation for a crime involving both Clintons. Lynch's use the lynx too. Mrs Lynch was Session's counterpart under Obama.

Here's on Lynch's guilt this week:

Paionians from Astibus are expected at Asti, near Bra, which pegs the namers of Este with Paionians. Bra-area families traced to Loon's Bree and Peer near Tienen, and here I can add that Squire's/Squirrels use a "Tiens FERME" motto code while the founders of Este were at FERMo. It strikes me here that while the Este eagle is in the Chief of Segni's/Segurana's (share the Seagar moline), "Seagar" is nearly "Squire." I've never realized this before, but I did trace Segurana's to Valentinian I, and squirrels happen to be used by Valentins (first found near Este).

Amazingly, while I could never recall Miss Whelan's first name, I recalled it now, Karen. Karens/Kerns (sleeping moon crescent) were traced to the moon goddess (Selene) of Carians, who was in love with an eternal sleeper. I was able to glean that a Luna location beside Massa-CARRara was of that Carian cult, for Caria had a Masa/Maso Sea Peoples. In other words, Belgium's Loon can be expected with the Carian migration through Luna, for Loon is on/off the MAAS river. The Spanish Luna's are very linkable to the German Lambert Coat, and while these Lamberts are said to have named Lambertus of Maastricht, English Lamberts (same chevron as English Page's) are said to be from counts of Mons and Louvaine i.e. in the Loon area. If you click to French Lamberts (Dauphine, same as Page's/Pagenels), it's the Billiard Coat (same place as Pungs/Paganells).

I've already told that, immediately after asking Louise to leave the apartment, I was with Miss Whelan. Whelans share a string of blue lozenges with Penningtons, and the latter probably use the Percy lozenges in colors reversed. Percys were first found in the same place as Paloma-like Palms that in-turn use the fleur of Bricks, and Bricks (same Coat as Whelans) can be traced to a location beside Mont Pilat. I'll just repeat what was said above so that you're convinced that God placed Louise at Penningtons, and then into my life for this revelation:

There is even a Louis/Lewie surname, first found in Lorraine, and using (I assume) the lozenges of Bricks (Massey liners) and Brix's/Brests (Bruce liners) while Brest is a Brittany location in Loon-like LAUNay! Excellent. And Launays use the PERCY lozenges!!!

So, Louis' connect excellently to Penningtons. These multiple coincidences linking Louis' and Phillips' to Penningtons speaks loudly. What is God trying to say?

Both the Phillips and Phillips'/Philbens use a black lion with a GORGED crown / collar around their necks, and this speaks to GEORGE, son of Andrew I, the father of the first Drummond, for the wavy Phillips/Philben bars are those of German Drummonds (same place as shoe-liner Trips) in colors reversed. Drummonds were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as the Cluns using the Saluzzo Shield for a connected reason. I can see already that this discussion will lead to the surname of JACK Sava, the physician who was (and may still be) over-looking Scalise's condition, the one I fear wants to kill him. I've been linking the Coat of Jacks (Yorkshire) to that of Blythe's for a lot longer than I've heard of Jack Sava. Did God name him "Jack" to point him out (through me) as one in Clinton's crime ring? Sava's wife / girlfriend was involved with uranium (I can't recall details), which can relate to the Hillary-Mueller sale of uranium to Russia. The story is that 20 percent of enriched American uranium was given by the Obama administration to a Russian company.

The symbol of Andrew I has been resolved as the stag, used by the Perthshire Colts/Celts/Cults. Follow me here, for the cauldron of Spanish Paloma's will bring us to a branch of Colts/Celts/Cults. The Wings/Winks, from the SAVA-river area (VINKovci), were first found in Perthshire, explaining why English SHAWs use a "VINCit" motto term. It's now important that Palm's use a "justus" motto term, for Justine, daughter of Justus of Picenum, married Valentinian I, born in Vinkovci. Thus, Paloma liners, if they include Palms, can trace to Sava-river families. To no surprise, Justine's/Justus' were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Vinks. I've been tracing the "causa" motto term to Cass'/Cash's and KISS'/Cush's for a lot longer than when I first told of kissing Miss Peare at the Paloma. I've got goose bumps here. God Almighty.

[Insert -- I will return to the Colt discussion, but first this spectacular insert. This was written the day after the above. The Paloma dove has an olive branch, and Olive's/Oliffs (see dove of Leafs/Leve's), first found in the same place as Face's/Fessys and Brays/Brae's, share the rooster (almost) in Crest with Kiss'. The motto phrase of Fesse's/Face's, "signo VINCes," gives away their trace to Segni's/Segurana's (same place as Fieschi family) and its Vinkovci line in Genoa. The Bray flax breaker is partly for the Flacks (same place as Palmers) that use a version of the PALMer Coat! Excellent; it's making a Bra link to Paloma's. There's a question on whether the black greyhound of Palmers is that of Pennings, and Olive's themselves use a black greyhound head.

Bra is in an area where the Swiss cross was rife, and Fessys/Face's (wreath, but called a laurel branch) use that cross. The part-black Olive COCKatrice is said to be "wattled" and "COMBed" red, as is the black rooster of Landers/Landens (Switzerland) that apply to the bra's laundry line. And Landen is at Loon. Combs are also COOMs, and they share the red-on-white lion with COONeys, perfect for linking to the coney rabbits under the laundry line.

Feasibly, if Cooms were Conn / Coon liners, the Paloma bar has just led us to the bra event that is itself to be used in predicting the killers of Scalia and/or attempted killers of Scalise. The Combs/Cooms with Coomes variation even come up as "Coones." Coon" gets Cunninghams. The Coames variation suggested a look for Coanes' (share red rooster with Kiss' and Cocks), and they are listed with Cockayne's/COCAINE's! That should explain the Olive cockatrice. I expect Cocks with Grimaldi's of Genoa, who were somewhat related to the Fieschi. The Badcock variation of Babcocks (red rooster) can be from the Baddesley origin of Coanes'/Cocaine's.

When we enter "Baddes," the Yorkshire Bate's/Bats' come up (somewhat evoking the shooting of Scalia while he was playing baseball). The "corde" motto term of Baddes'/Bats' is very welcome because I came across the Cuntz's/Kunts (acorns) while loading "Coons." This is spectacular. First of all, the Courts/Coverts (pale bars in the colors of the Paloma pale bars) use a "GrandesCUNT" motto term, but this recalls Cindy Richardson at a baseball diamond!!! I've told this story about Cindy a few times i.e. I'm not making it up here. French Courts can be using the Breaker/Breck hunting horn so as to link to Bra liners.

I took Mamie to a church affair of the young people I was involved with, and it included the pastor's daughter, Cindy. I was hugging Mamie at the batter's box (I've mentioned this location before, I'm not making this up), when I caught sight of Cindy looking unpleasant toward us (maybe she was jealous, maybe I had crossed the line by hugging / kissing her at such an event). The Cindys are also CUNTYs!!! I can barely believe this. I have told readers before that Cindy was at second base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't remember anything else that night, only Cindy looking at us from the direction of second base (she was straight out to center field), and about spot-on at second.

Plus, Cindys/Cuntys use two pale bars in blue, the color of the Scalia/Scalise ladder-pale bar. I now know that this event was set up by God, it's obvious, to speak on Scalia, but there is more, and you need to hold on to your chair. First, as we arrived here with Babcocks/Badcocks, I should repeat that a Mrs. Babcock and her son had hold of my checkbook, and they wrote out and cashed six checks signed falsely in my name, a crime that I would excpect of the Clinton crime ring.

As I said, I had a job in a pizza restaurant when with Mamie. After telling this story about two times, it started to dawn on me that God got me the job as per some message that He had on pizzagate. Cindy and her parents walked into this pizza restaurant, and I happened to serve their table that night. To the best of my recollection, this was the night that Mamie visited me in the restaurant.

I've already said that Cindy's surname, Richardson, shares black-on-white lions in Chief with Oulette's, and that I happened to be living in an apartment of Paul Oulette at the time that I took the pizza job. It just so happens that the Oulette Crest is "A black moorcock, with WINGs expanded, combed and wattled red." That is just incredible, especially as it's in both colors of the cockatrice of Olive's (and the rooster of Landers/Landens), and Olive's came up only as per the Scalise-suspect Paloma topic. The Ouele variation of Oulette's may indicate an Olive / Oliver branch, and Spanish Olive's use an Ouele-like owl. Perfect. It appears that God put me together with Paul Oulette to help make the Scalise link to stair-climbing Paloma event with Chris Peare.

To put it another way, the combed code is what brought me to Cindys/Cuntys, and therefore to Cindy Richardson, in the first place, at the baseball diamond, and the Combs/Cooms had already connected to Cooneys, the marital surname of the wife of Peter George Peterson. And Petersons use lion heads in colors reversed from the Richardson lion heads.

Having said all that, by what coincidence was Steve Scalise involved in a crusade against pizzagate?!!! In case you missed the point of Mamie and I at the batter's box, let me repeat so that you may get the sense of a crime ring again: "The Badcock variation of Babcocks (red rooster) can be from the Baddesley origin of Coanes'/Cocaine's. When we enter "Baddes," the Yorkshire Bate's/Bats' come up (somewhat evoking the shooting of Scalia while he was playing baseball). The 'corde' motto term of Baddes'/Bats' is very welcome because I came across the Cuntz's/Kunts (acorns) while loading 'Coons.'" And that's when I recalled Cindy at second base. Mamie was a symbol of Isle-of-Man liners, and Baddes'/Bats' happen to share "manu" with Mackays. Cockers use a MAN's head.

The Cindy/CUNTy Crest is feasibly the passant lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia, origin of Brix's/BRESTs. The Trompia valley at Brescia is where I traced the acorn-using Tromps, and we just saw nothing but acorns from Coons'/Cuntz's/Kunts. Perfect. Acorns are for Maccabee lines from Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, likely though Maccus of Man. That can explain part of why Mamie was chosen by God to be at the baseball diamond with Cindy. Mamie had large breasts (i.e. as per the Brests), and represents the Mamesfelde location of Manfields in the same place as thigh-like Tease's/Tighs. I had recalled noting her beautiful thighs as one of those things that struck me as God's code, and it worked excellently with the Tighs that happen to have a Tyse variation. And TYsons/Tessons (Touch lion in colors reversed, potential Ticino/Tessin river liner) use a lion in the colors of the Cindy-Chief lion. But can Mamie and/or Cindy also give clue to the one who shot Scalise? We may not know until he's caught.

What follows is a clip from the 2nd update of this past May, without changing a word, I swear in God's honor. The connection of this event to Scalise shooting did not enter my mind until now. Scalise wasn't shot until June 14:

Before coming to the deadly crashes of Diana or Grace, I told the story of inviting Mamie to a church affair in a park, and as I was with her at a baseball DIAMOND, the daughter of the pastor didn't like it. That may be why I remember the event. I don't remember anything else we did that evening. I don't remember the face or presence of anyone else at that event, just the pastor's daughter (she was out by second base) frowning on my hugging Mamie near/at the batter's box. Both Diamond surnames use lozenges (fusils) in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy, but royal Grimaldi's were married by Grace Kelly, not Lady Diana.

It gives me goose pimples to read that. One thing we can expect, the killer for hire could be close to Jack Sava. The Cooneys use the same lion as Sauers, the latter said to be from the Sau = Sava river. The Coneday/Cuneday/Caundey variations of Cindys may indicate a branch of Conns/Cauns / Conys / Cone's / Conte's. By now you may know that Cone / Conte / Cony liners were all connected to the Masc(h)i > Meschin line through Dunham-Masci (same place as Sava's/Savage's), and it was a Masci as well as a Grimaldi who touched the bra at the home of Jerry Peterson.

Until now, I have not been able to understand why his name is Jerry. I stood up just now and asked God why, as I went to get my soup for lunch, and when returning, I entered "Jarry," and the Touch lion came up!!! It's the surname I normally call the Garry/Hare Coat, and it shares the green lizard with Cedars/Cotters that entered the discussion with CedarBRAE! The Jarry/Garry Crest shares the snake with Save's. It's also the O'Hare surname, recalling Madalyn O'Hair (anti-Christ) whose body was found cut into pieces on a ranch of the brother of the Mrs. Teague (passed away) from whom I purchased Texas property. What are the chances that, after an absence of four years from the time of purchasing the property, I returned to that Texas property on the first day that the police were lined up along the ranch's roadside as per O'Hair's murder? For any law officials reading, this may indicate that the people involved with her are also involved with Scalia / Scalise.

The symbols of Organs/Horigans/HORENs (branch of Corrigans) make the surname look like a branch of Jarrys/Garrys/Hare's. They both share the trefoil and lizard. There was something gnawing on me to compare the Organ/Horigan Coat to that of Currys/Corrys (trefoil)," which now makes sense, for Currys/Corrys were first found in Arms of Waterford, an Arms of which uses the Trump/Tromp stag head. Then, realizing that Organs/Horigans can be a branch of Horns/Orne's/HERONs, "Horen" was loaded to see if it would get Organs/Horigans, and it did. Thus, because Orne's/Horne's share the three herons of HAVERANs, one can now clinch Jarrys/Hare's with AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee, which, as we saw above, needs to link to Val Trompia, i.e. to the acorns in the Dutch Tromp Coat. Yes, for the Currys/Corrys (organ/Horigan colors) happen to share a reflection of the Bryson Coat, and the other Brisons are the Brix's/Brests from Brescia, location of Val Trompia. The Correns are a Corry branch, as well as being the kin of Cecils that use the six Sava/Savage lions in colors reversed.

I don't recall ever looking for a Sava surname, but it was just found moments ago with Savage's...who happen to use six of the Richardson / Oulette lions in the shape of the Clinton / Hillary / Tarves fitchees. The black lion paw of Sava's/Savage's can be the same of Quints that itself holds a fitchee. A black fitchee is in the Crest of Hanna's (Tromp/Trump stag head?), first found in Galloway, where Gallerys/Galloways were from that are expected in Mr. Galleri of the Sauer write-up. The Sauer lion is expected with Galloway's Fergus'/Forgus'/Farris', and Coons/Cunninghams love the Forkers/Farquhars.

Richardsons (Cheshire, same place as Sava's/Savages, now expected from Savigliano at Bra) are said to descend from Cheshire's Belwoods (same pheon as Brisons), and Belwoods (same place as Touch's) use nothing but three, white pheons, the Pilate symbol. That brings me to the same topic as before this insert began. The "esPOYR" motto term of Coanes'/Cocaine's/Cockayne's can be for the Poyer variation of Payens/Pagans, and the Coanes/Cocaine rooster is colors reversed to the moorcock / cockatrice above. End Insert]

The Colts/Celts were merged with Pilate's (Save colors) of Burgundy, where Save's were first found. The Sava was also the Save river. Mont Pilat is in Burgundy, at MontBRISON, and French Brisons are listed with Brix's/Brests, who use three lozenges in the colors of the three Pilate pheons. The latter is colors reversed between the antlers of Celts/Cults. Scottish Brisons share the white pheon with Pilate's.

For those who don't know, Wikipedia's Pontius Pilate article says/said that his mother was a Pict of Perthshire, which I found correct for two reasons: 1) the Pilate pheon is colors reversed between the antlers of the Perthshire Celts/Cults; 2) Mont Pilat (near Montbrison) has a peak, Perdrix, like "Perth." English Shaws were first found in the same place as Windsor castle, and Windsors/WINCers ("fie en" motto phrase, stag head, same saltire as Brisons) trace exactly to Finistere and its Finis/FIEN surname. Finistere is at Brest / Launay, and the Arms of Finistere uses the upright ram of Bauts, first found in the same place as Christ-related Bouillons. Croms/Crums, who share the VINCent quatrefoils, were likewise first found in the same place as Windsors (use the Trip / Gore crosslets).

Back to the gorged crown of the Phillips, for the Jacks use the scallops of Belgian George's, who in-turn use the same bend as Save's. The latter were traced to the bend of Leslie's, who, along with George of Drummond, were Hungarians And to show that George's apply to the gorged crown, English George's (share the dove with Paloma's and Leafs/Leve's) may be with the Phillip lion in their roundels (= Arundels in Clun in Salop = Shropshire), for the one George fesse is in the colors of the three of Phillips'/Philbens (Levi lion?).

The English George fesse is colors reversed from the same of Hinds, and the latter share the Brix/Brest/Brison lozenges. The English Crone's (crown) use the Massey / Palm / Brick fleur. The gorged crown is used on a HIND (Shaw symbol too) by crown-like Crauns/Crane's that were traced very hard to the Ceraunii Illyrians on the Urbanus tributary of the Sava. Again, the Brisons are in Pilate colors as per Mont Pilat being at MontBrison, and while one peak of that mountain looks related to Perth, Sava-like Shaws and George-liner Drummonds (fesses in Hind-fesse colors) were first found in Perthshire. You can't make much better sense of things than that.

The Ceraunii lived beside the Maezaei, explaining why Massena's (share patee crosses with Crauns) use the Urban bend with symbols, which are in the colors of the Leslie bend with symbols. This helps to trace the gorge-suspect George's to the Sava river, and this idea can be advanced if George's use the Hind fesse so as to link to Sava-like Shaws. Irish Leslie's share the white wing with Masci's, a Massena branch by the looks of their Coats, indicating Maezaei up at Lesce. I know for a fact that the Pilotte cups trace with Cups/Cope's/COLPs of Colp (same place as Leslie's) to the Kupa/COLAPis tributary of the Sava, with a mouth near Lesce. Petersons were first found in the same place as Colp, which can't be too far from Rothes castle, itself beside the first-known Rose's beloved in the Cope/Colp Coat.

The Shaw hind is PIERCED, as it the boar of Pollocks (compare with Scottish Andrews) suspect with Peter / Peer liners. English Shaws use "PATItur," code for Patti in Messina (where Italian Pati's were first found). Pattys/Paty's share the lion of Petersons, I assume. Thus, Peter George Peterson can relate by his very blood to this Drummond-Leslie entity from the Sava.

George was in Scotland in 1055, about the time that Leslie's arrived with queen Margaret's mother. She married Malcolm III when she arrived, and the Malcolms/Columns (stag heads) were recently traced to the French Messeys/Messier's, first found in the same place as Pilate's and Save's. English Messier's were first found in the same place as Pilote's. The thing coming to mind is Peter GEORGE Peterson, for Scottish Petersons were first found in the same place as Leslie's. And Petersons share "sine" with Palm-beloved Justus'/Justine's while there is an argument for linking the Pilote's and Pilotte's to the Paloma palets.

It is my strong opinion that God pointed to Peter George Peterson (chief of Council on Foreign Relations, still living) as part of the murderers of Scalia. Irish Leslie's use one wing in Crest, and Wings/Winks (billets, not them again) were first found beside the first Leslie's. I traced Leslie's to Lesce on the Sava river perhaps seven years before hearing of Jack Sava. The gold lion of Irish Leslie's can be the same of Swedish Petersons. By what coincidence do Swedish Petersons throw in the Zionist stars of Urbans? Proto-Pollocks (Fulbert the Saxon) were close to the Dol Alans, whom I trace to Aulon/Avlona at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus.

Back to the George roundels, for Arundels married Luisa, the daughter of Kiev-suspect Ceva, and king Andrew's wife was from royal Kiev, as was the wife of Casimir of Poland (son of Richeza of Lorraine, if I recall correctly). Kepke and Louise were at the Paloma that night, and Ceva is suspect with the Chives', first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Leslie's. The Shewas variation of Chives' looks Shaw- / Sava-possible. Casimir's use the Wessel antler in colors reversed, which is red, the color of the antlers on the CALDer/Caddell stag head (Colt/CULT stag head is red). The Caulders (Inverness, where did we see that before?) were looked up because I can't figure out what else the cauldrons of Spanish Paloma's could be code for.

So, the Paloma's (palets in Pale colors) suspect with the Scalise pale bar in colors reversed, are linking to the Pilote bloodline, as might be expected where the Paloma pale bars are called, palets. As palets are multiple heraldic pale bars, one can expect the Pale's (camel) to be a Pallet branch, and so we ask whether Pale's are using the Leslie bend for a trace to Lesce. That location is beside Bled, and Caulders/Caddells share the stag with Bloods/Bluds. Moreover, the Blake's/Caddells can apply where the Blaik/Bleak variation of Blake's might be of the Bles variation of Bleds. German Camels happen to use one lozenge in Brix/Brest- / Hind-lozenge colors.

If Peers use the Champagne bend, it's notable that Pallets were first found in Champagne, and use a boar head in colors of the Caulder/Caddell stag head. The boar heads are in the colors of the Porcia boars, evoking Porcius CATO, perhaps a Caddell liner. Cato's/Chattans (same place as Leslie's!) and Chatans use the same bend as Save's!! I wasn't expecting anything to work so well. The Pallets can be of the Pellets that use the cups of Pilote's / Pilotte's and Christine's. That's amazing, for I kissed her first at Paloma. The Kiss' come up as "Cuss," perhaps in code with the "amiCUS" motto term of Chatans (share red symbols with Save's on their identical bends).

The Chatillon family was of Champagne, and, as you can read at their Wikipedia article: "The counts of Chatillon added to their title that of prince of Porcien." For that reason, I can expect the descendants of Porcius Cato in Champagne, but also at Chatillon, which is now Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin, a descendant of Lyon. Clan Chattan's motto (used "bot" for Botters) starts with "Touch," and Touch's use the Lyon lion, right?!!! Now we know that Clan Chattan was from Chatillon, and that it was specifically from the Rusticus > Mummolin line.

The decks that I and the girls were on, in the dream, may even be called PALETs / PLATforms. Decks share the squirrel with Valentins (first found in Vicenzo, a version of "Vincent"). Valentins put their squirrels on a white bend, the color of the Save bend, and one can glean that the Valentin bend links to those of Stevensons and therefore of Rodhams. We just saw why Valentinian should trace to Palma-like Palms. Spanish Urbans look like they can link to French VINCents.

And Penningtons share "vincit" with English Shaws while the other Shaws use the same three cups as seen above. As Christine's were first found on Isle of Man, we can expect Man elements merged with Shaws in royal / noble circles.

I have traced the Window surname to Finistere at the Brest / Launay theater. I was HUGGing (and probably kissing) Christine, standing in my bedroom, a couple of weeks after kissing her at the Paloma. Kepke and Louise were in the living room, and Kepke piped up, sating loudly, "He just wants to use her. He doesn't love her." It was a low-down blow, but it worked. She walked out the room, indicating either that she liked Kepke better than me, or that she was gullible. I walked out, slammed the living room WINDOW, broke the GLASS, and I didn't fight to get her back because I was offended by how fast she left my arms. If anyone lacked love, it was her. We were too new to each other to be "in love." HUGO's share the Glass mermaid, and HUGHstons use an hour lass. Hughstons were first found in the same place as Pollocks (Glasgow), and Hugs/Hughes' (same place as FONT de Ville's) use what could be the Swedish Peterson Coat with the three Fountain bars thrown in, and, believe it or not, Kiss' use so-called fountains...though I see them as three wavy bars...that happen to be in the colors of the wavy Phillips/Philben bars.

The Phillips with the "PATRiae" motto term and the same lion as PATTERsons/Cassane's mention Philip of Macedon, which may be a shot in the dark, yet I trace Pattersons without doubt to king Antipater / Cassander of Macedon.

Here's on Steve Scalise from a week ago. He's out of the hospital!

I found it strange and even inexplicable that while they claimed to load the injured Scalise into a helicopter landing in the baseball field, they showed his stretcher wheeled in from the street and through the baseball field to some ambulance doors (assumed by the viewer to be the helicopter, but maybe not). Yet, the story was that he was shot at second base, then crawled further into outer field, away from the street. How did he get onto a stretcher out in the street? Is this fishy? One is able to prove from a video of the shooting that it was a false video taken on another day, not the day of the baseball game. One can see people (even a child) at the sidewalk area acting like there's no shooting while the shooting goes on (= sound added to the visual), and there's even a jogger on the sidewalk jogging TOWARD the shooting. That can't be real. But why would the enemy of Scalise have shot him while also distributing a false account of the shooting?

This case is a serious one for God, because Scalise was starting a crusade against child porn, and so we may infer that his enemies are child-porn advocates, lunatics, demons. But as they got away with a faked scenario, there is reason to link them to the government or deep state part of it, and that has every signal like so-called pizzagate. John Podesta, involved with Jack Sava and his wife / girlfriend, is at the center of pizzagate.

The Puddister surname is with Poindexters, which uses a "right hand CLENChed," suggesting perhaps that the family did not want to use "dexter hand" because it reveals that codework is used for other terms in the description. On the other hand, The Right surname (same place as Blythe's and Hume's) uses two fesses in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons. That's a better theory. There is a Clench surname, and it uses the Hume lion which I linked to the Touch's and therefore to my hand touching the bra. I actually remember stretching to touch it, having to do so with a finger pointing, meaning that other fingers were bent over or clenched. I've been having the sense that the lone Poindexter star is the lone Shoe star in colors reversed, and this is where the Shoe tree may prove important because Hume's love the Tree's/True's. The Poindexter hand is cuffed gold, and Cuffs use a version of the Hubert / Sales Coat.

The Shoe's use a knight issuing from the knees, and Knights were first found in the same place as English Blois'. The counts of Blois had merged with counts of Chatillon, that being the alternative name of Chalons-sur-Marne. I now need to repeat another story. I lived 25 or more miles from Karen Whelan, and probably for this reason she got herself another guy (i.e. one she could see more often). Kepke and I discovered where she was going out on a date; we probably got the information from Rick Young, who was dating Whelan's sister. Kepke lived at 31, Young at 29, and Whelan at 6, for a total of 66, and Kepke's backyard backed up to yards on Dexter street, which is not only part of Poindexters, but is suspect with the dexter/right hand to which the 666 will be applied.

By the way, a Knight branch may have named the Neckar river because the German Neckers (Bavaria) are also NICHTers, and because the Dutch Neckers use a red stag while the red antler was used by Baden's Veringers. The Neckar is in Baden. The Nechelere variation of the German Neckers (share the pale bar with Knights) may be a branch of Nichols/Nickle's (Necker colors), who use the Marlborough pheon. [I didn't yet know up here that Ruthens, using the three pale bars of Knights, can trace to Zahringers of Baden. Watch for the Ruths/Rothers and Muschatov topic (below) to see how.]

Kepke and Whelan lived on a street, Corsen, and Corsens happen to use lozenges in colors reversed to those of Whelans and Bricks. The Corsen lozenges are the three of Brix's/Brests, and you may recall from above how the Currys/Corrys and Correns (both from Waterford) helped us to trace to Brixia's Val Trompia. But this is just a backdrop to the point.

As I said, we discovered where they were going to date, and we showed up there ahead of them to surprise her. It wasn't my most-refined moment in life, but perhaps I can blame it on God, for they chose to go to a restaurant in the Scarbury mall, many miles from her place, totally unexpected except that it's where Kepke and I sold shoes. Kepke and I didn't choose this restaurant, but then who did? We were seated already when the couple arrived, and as I stood up to go to her, Kepke says to me, "be non-CHALLANT." I suppose he could see that I was about to be less than non-chalant. I was surprised by his use of words, and frankly didn't think I could be non-chalant. And so I took her away from her date, and we sat down at a cubicle, but nothing I could say would convince her to be with me, so, I gave up. End of story.

Maybe not. Some 40 years later, I checked the Challant surname, as this term from Kepke stuck in my memory all that time. Challants are listed with both Chalons surnames, and, as we saw, Chalons-sur-Marne had counts merged with counts of Blois, and the counts of Chalons share the pale bars of Knights, I assume for good reason. And Knights are the ones beloved in the Shoe surname, you see. The shoe-salesman mall, the chalant term, and the Challant link to Knights. It works. And I can even explain why God chose Karen Whelan for this.

The Knights were first found in the same place as the Deise/Dice surname, and the Arms of Waterford uses a "deise" motto term for its Deise region. The stag head of Waterford traces with the Trumps to Val Trompia, and, as was said, the Curry Coat is a good reflection of the Bryson Coat. This Bryson Coat shares the spur on red with Knights, and the other Brisons are the Brix's while Whelans use the Brick Coat that has the Massey fleur. I know they are the Massey fleur because Bricks are from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of le Meschin, the first Meschin. And I, a Masci, dated Miss Whelan. The Orne/Horn / Haveran line of Hachorani Maccabee, which we saw through the Dutch Tromps, named Orne, the river flowing to the Bessin, home of Mr. Briquessart above.

There were reasons for identifying Orne's/Horns with the lizard-using Organs/Horigans / Corrigans, and it just so happens that the Lizarts/LesSARTs show "Sarde/Sardo," tending to explain "BriquesSART." Lizarts use three pale bars in the colors of the two of second-base Cindys/Cuntys, and the Courts/Coverts that love the Cunt(y) line in their motto share blue pale bars with Lizarts. De Briquessart married a daughter of Emma de CONTEville, and their son (le Meschin) married Lucy Taillebois, while Tailbois' share the Annandale Coat while Annandale was up by the Nith river to which "Knight" traces. There is a County surname first found in CORRIGan-like Cork, and Corks/Core's use lion tails (code for Tailers/Tails) in the colors of the Tailer / Peterson / Rothes lions. Tailers were first found in the same place as Arun, and Core's/Corks share the hand from a cloud with the Arens/Aarons.

Well we saw how Cindy at second base was involved with Baddes/BATS' from a Baddesley entity in the Coanes/Cocaine write-up. Not only did I trace Babcocks/Badcocks/BATcocks to Babon, son of Mummolin, and Badon, grandson of Mummolin, and not only was Mamie at the batter's box with me who smacks of "MUMmolin," but he was descended from his great-grandfather, Rusticus of Lyon. And the Bats use virtually the Rust Coat. These Bats share the bats of BASTONs/Batons, which reminds me of Boston pizza. I can't recall with full certainty whether the pizza place I served Cindy at was Boston pizza, but Bostons use a giant lion in the colors of the Cindy lion, and colors reversed from the giant Lyon lion. It's also the Tyson lion having to do with Mamie's thighs.

Bats were first found in Rutland, same place as WATsons, and Watts share the eye with Battins (branch of Baths), code for an Eye location at Diss, where the Deise/Dice surname was from. Baths use the cross of bat-using Randolphs.

Let's cut to the chase. Why did God choose Cindy Richardson for second base, the position of Steve Scalia? Such a mystery. And why did God concern himself with putting Mamie at the batter's box for a trace to Mummolin elements? Rutland is part of Leicester, and Leicestershire is where Dexters (share a red canton with Knights) were first found who made up the Poindexters, we may assume, and the Poindexter star is suspect with the star of Knights while Knights were first found in the same place as Diss. The Arms of Leicester use a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the two of Cindys. It's Poindexter-interesting that Cindys, on either side of their Leicester-suspect cinquefoils, use two pale bars in the colors of the two chevrons of Dexters.

So far, that's the best I can do to tell why Cindy was at second base. I've got to assume that she was God's code for the shooters. And John Poindexter was suspect in the murder of Scalia. Plus, the Arms of Leicester uses the Toeni / Hasting sleeve, which is a maunch, the symbol of Manfields i.e. the surname resolved with Mamie!! Excellent.

Shoe's share the feather with Rights/Wrights, and so let me repeat to show that the two Cindy bars can link to the Poindexter kin of Rights/Wrights:

The Puddister surname is with Poindexters, which uses a "right hand CLENChed," suggesting perhaps that the family did not want to use "dexter hand" because it reveals that codework is used for other terms in the description. On the other hand, The Right surname (same place as Blythe's and Hume's) uses two fesses in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons. That's a better theory.

The two Right bars are in the colors of the two Cindy bars, and the Cindy Chief might have the Hume / Clench lion (round-about, loosely speaking, as always). The Clench's use a hand themselves, and are said to be from near the Wootten rivers and Marlborough. Kepke's fiancee, Miss Walsh, lived on a street, Woten (Wootens use the engrailed Bat saltire, in the colors of the saltire of Rusts, first found in Kent along with Wootens). When she was seeing another man, Kepke went nuts and screeched his tires (I was there, I heard it) while driving very fast around the corners on Dexter street. How interesting. Her house backed up on Dexter (as did his own), and he was thinking to send her a message, but this act was very nutty of him. The wedding plans were later made with her, but he backed out.

The Walsh's love the Mortons in their motto and in their Shield symbols, and Mortons were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as PoinDEXTER-beloved Clench's and Topps. The Topps share the gauntlet hand with Clench's, and Topps are expected in the Shoe description: "...a silver tower TOPPED with a tree, and with walls on either SIDE". Side's/Sudys use the Chief of Gaunt-related Ghents. Intriguingly, I've just tried for a Toppin surname, finding it with the TURPENs (I drank turpentine on the scala and went to the hospital), first found in Dorset, beside Wiltshire. Moreover, Dorset is where Quints were first found that share the chevron of Scarburys (share tower with Shoe's), and Kepke sold shoes at Scarbury mall.

Scalise got shot in the hip, and the Shoe knight has a sinister hand on his hip. The description doesn't mention the hip part, but I looked through my files for just this situation spelled out, and found it with Monahans: "A knight in complete armor resting the sinister hand on the hip and holding in the dexter a spear tilting thereon a forked pennon silver charged with an escutcheon of the arms." Monahans share the feathered helmet with Lyon-related Lannoys so that if Monahans (Shoe star in colors reversed) trace to the Rusticus > Mummolin line, so can Shoe's or Knights. The Tree's/True's in the Shoe tree likewise use a feathered helmet, and there are feathers in the Shoe Crest. Did God arrange a bullet to the hip to point to Shoe's, Knights or Monahans?

I was selling shoes for what others were calling a cocaine addict. And it's the COCKayne's/Cocaine's that led to Baddes'/Bats'. Babon (uncle of Badon) was the father of Grimo, and Cocks use the Grimaldi Coat. The Grimaldi's of Monaco can be in the Monk surname, and Monahans show "Monck." I also recall going to some night life with a fellow worker (Mike) in that shoe store, and he said, "let's go into there," and it was filled with transvestites. I was horrified. Wasn't Scalise's work against the pizzagate theme much opposed to transvestites?

The person blamed for the shooting was James Hodgkinson, but there was reason to believe that he was an insider taking blame falsely to cover for the real shooters. The Hodgkinson motto is that of Peters and Staple's, and the latter use the face-fleur combo of Morleys and Morlands.

Amazingly, the Hips'/Hipkins were traced with Apps' to the Apsus river, location of Tropoje, where the drops of Turpens trace. The Toppin variation of Turpens suggests a second Tropoje that's on my atlas near Koplik, and was found spelled as, TOPoje. Koplik was also Cupionich, like the Caepionis surname from Quintus Caepio, and we just saw Turpens/Toppins, first found in the same place as Quints. The first time that I saw Hipkins, I checked Hopkins (same place as Clintons), and found pistols around a chevron in the colors and format of the Capone Coat. The manager of the bar where Seth Rich was on the night of his death is Joseph Capone, and he was at the White House four days earlier, the day after (July 5, 2016) some material was stolen from the DNC. Seth Rich was shot by a pistol! Amazing. The Pistol surname (Leicestershire) happens to use the same chevron as Quints.

My understanding was that the material stolen on July 5th was distributed on the first anniversary of Rich's murder by Twitter's White Rabbit, but there may be some online trying to hide White Rabbit as the source.

Of further interest is where Turpens/Toppins -- same lion heads as Richardsons -- are highly suspect with Scalise's shooter, for why else did God make me drink turpentine on the scala? And then Cindy Richardson was also made a code for Scalise's shooter. Amazing. The Apps' are suspect with the lozenges of Schole's/Scayles', for Scale's (Arms-of-Traby feathers) use the Capes / Apps scallops, thus dragging Scalia/Scalise suspects to Apsus-river elements. The Drinks are the ones with a pale bar in the color of the ladder-pale of Scalia's/Scalise's, and Drinks are said to have had a Dring location in Wiltshire's Marlborough, which location we just crossed with Poindexter-beloved Clench's (same general place as Topps).

I have predicted that Marlboroughs / Morleys were of the killers of Scalia, and soon after I was led to claim that Peter Peterson was involved in the murder of Scalia and Seth Rich. And here I find that Petersons use lion heads in colors reversed from those of Richardsons / Turpens, and, besides, the Peterson Coat is a great reflection of the Marlborough Coat (same place as Richardsons, Huberts). But to now find Drinks at Marlborough, it tops everything off. The Capes' / Apps' / Scale's even use the Maule/Morley scallops.

Cindys use two pale bars in both colors of the Drink pale bar, and in the colors of the Dexter chevrons, and Dexters were first found in the same place as Pistols. It could be that God arranged the Pester surname to get a Pistol variation for to make this revelation. If this is correct, and if the Pistol kin of Hopkins are a branch of Hipkins/Hipps', we may assume that God caused the bullet for Scalise to miss the target, hitting him on the hip (it reminds me of a dream I had many years ago, when a bullet fired at me hit my belt buckle and bounced away, a miracle).

I'm starting to think the unthinkable, that God directed heraldic codes centuries ago just for this revelation today. I'm starting to think that he planned on using heraldry tracking to undo the end-time Masons to which heraldry belongs.

The Hibbs were checked as per part of the Hips write-up, finding that Hibbs share salmon with MacCabe's/MacAbee's, and it seems that the latter were a branch of the Abbs variation of Apps. When Comey was fired, Andrew McCabe was made the acting FBI chief. He's a Democrat leaner. Not until Trump's man, Chris Wray, gets in while McCabe's influence be curbed, we may assume. It is coming.

I was just asking whether God had Mr. Rich named as Seth for a reason. Seths are listed with two Shaw surnames i.e. like "Sava." My understanding is that Jack Sava was not born with that surname, and so we can ask who it was, really, that changed it to "Sava" in order to indicate the Shaw bloodline behind the DNC deep state. We saw that Turpens share the bend with black symbols of Rodhams and SUTHers, and the latter happen to use black spread eagles, the SETH/Shaw symbol, suggesting that Suthers and Sutherlands were Sithech liners. This particular Shaw Coat is a version of the Ayer Coat, and Kyle's of Ayrshire are the ones with the candleSTICKS as code for the Sithech term in Shaw ancestry. This was the Traby-Astikas line, and the Arms of Traby (Tropoje liners?) use the five ostrich feathers in the Scale Crest.

And Scottish Seths/Shaws use the dagger, from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river that named Poindexters. Thanks to the Christine's, we can now guess that the "mean" motto term of these Shaws is for Isle-of-Man (= Mamie) liners. One Mean/Minn/Mence surname is using a dancette having upon it pale bars in the colors of the Cindy pale bars.

It's all confusing. There are too many suspects, but then there is more than one victim, and many accomplices can be assumed. It would be interesting to know who was at bat when Scalise was fired upon. In was covering the story from live feeds about an hour after the shooting, when the testimony of Jeff Flake seems contradictory. He first said that Scalise, with bullet in, ran toward the street at the right-side dug out (this has probably been erased from all public records), and soon-after changed the story to crawling out deeper into the field. He was lying. Why? It looks like the one plan was to send the ambulance to the street, and to provide the media with a faked loading of Scalise onto an ambulance at the street, but when they learned of a helicopter scheduled to land on the field, they went to plan B, explaining why a person who looked like Scalise was being wheeled upon a stretcher onto the field but from the street.

Later, when a video came out purporting to be the real shooting, though it was false, Jeff Flake is the first person seen running out of the dug-out to check on Scalise's condition. He and others huddled around the body, and that's how the video ended. The only problem was, there was no Scalise there. The video showed what looked like a body on the field, but it was not, because the video was taken on a different day. I can only imagine that the plan was to kill Scalise, eventually, anyway, so that he would not be able to talk to reveal what really happened. I get the impression that the same murder team who did Seth Rich was doing Scalise, for the two both ended up under Jack Sava. The latter was surprised when Trump got involved at the hospital, and perhaps he made sure that they would not end Scalise's life by a trick. The Dutch Flake/Flack surname happens to share the lion heads of Petersons, but this is not necessarily evidence of a close link, and not sufficient in itself to make a Jeff-Flake link to Peter Peterson's CFR.

It gets more interesting where Brooks are said to be from Broc of Anjou, for Flecks/Flacks (in Flake/Flack colors) were first found in the same place as Fulke's, from the Anjou Fulks. The Flake's/Flacks share the black wing with German Fulks (and German Peers/Peters/Petersens). The Shield of Belgian Flecks is instrumental in making the link to the Shield of English Fulke's. From Wikipedia: "Representative Mo Brooks, who was also at the practice, witnessed the attack and said he saw someone with a rifle behind the third base dugout. Brooks then heard Scalise scream from second base. Scalise crawled into right field, bleeding. Senator Jeff Flake and Representative Brad Wenstrup, a former combat surgeon, ran to assist Scalise after Hodgkinson was shot." The Brooks Coat is almost the Stick Coat, and uses scallops half in the colors of the Fleck/Flack scallops. This recalls the FLAX breaker of Brays, for Breakers are Brook-like Brecks.

In other words, God may have had me touch the bra partly for exposing Mo Brooks and Jeff Flake. Adding evidence to the guilt of Jeff Flake, I was HUGGing Mamie at the batter's box, and while the space between the wings of German Fulks looks like an hourglass, that's the symbol of Glasgow, home to Peterson-possible Peter Pollock. Note that the Polk variation of Pollocks is like "Folk/Fulke." Besides, the Pollock saltire is in Fleck / Folk/Fulke colors. While there are Jewish Pollocks, so there are Jewish Glass' that happen to share two giant wings with German Fulks. Plus, the Scottish Glass' share the same mermaid-with-mirror as German Hugo's. Plus, as was said earlier, Swedish Petersons look like they use a version of the Hug/Hughes Coat, can you believe this?

Flake late this week:

“I wish that we, as a party, would have stood up...when the birtherism thing [by Trump] was going along,” Flake told NBC during the interview. “That was particularly ugly.”

Flake also called out the GOP for supporting Trump’s chants to “lock her up” about opponent Hillary Clinton during his campaign rallies, as well as for releasing what he said were false facts and conspiracy theories.

“We shouldn't be the party for jailing your political opponents,” Flake said.

There you go, the Flake sympathizes with the Obama camp. " Or when particular ugly conspiracy theories go out, or simply fake news, stuff that is just demonstrably false. We ought to stand up and say, ‘Hey, that’s just not right.’”" One could get the impression he's a big-media fan, deep-state stooge.

Thanks to Nicholas de Vere -- who spoke of Melusine, mother of a fictitious Milo de Vere, count of Anjou -- I discovered her mythology elsewhere online. When learning that her dragon tail was turned into a fish tail, I started to recognize that she was the heraldic mermaid. For example, Nicholas said that she was in Avalon (mythical island) while her son ruled in Anjou, and by that time, I had deciphered Avalon with the island of Bute. The Glass' are said to have been first on Bute. Plus, years later, I came across the Mire's with MIREUX/MIREUR variations, first found in Anjou, and this can be realized as the surname (or at least part of it) for which the mermaid's MIRROR stands. In other words, the Hugo's and Glass' relate to Fulks, the first-known counts of Anjou, and Nicholas de Vere was beating around the bush with mythology in honor of some secret connection of Vere's to the counts of Anjou. Why a secret? Because it was a satanic cult, for he was a priest of Drakenberg.

I was hugging Mamie at the batter's box, or very near to it. Had Cindy not given me the evil eye, I probably would have forgotten that event, as it was just a hug, so what? I can't remember all the times I hugged her. I still can't explain why we were at the batter's box, as it has something to do with the plotters against Scalise, but Bat liners proved to link to the ancestry I give Mamie in terms of surnames, and so I assume that the batter's box is important for identifying another culprit, such as the man who was at bat when Scalise was shot.

Continuing from the Wikipedia line above: "Senator Rand Paul, also a witness, said he heard "as many as 50 shots". Scalise, initially conscious, went into shock while being taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center in critical condition, where he underwent immediate surgery." Others say he was NOT critical until after the doctors started to treat him. In any case, Rand's first name may have been chosen to link this thing to Obama, for he's a Randolph by his mother's side, and Randolphs of Moray (where Peter Pollock had a castle) use bats as well as the Bath cross. "Rand" can even be in the "PerseveRANDo" motto term of Anjou-liner Brooks. Rands were first found in the same place as Flecks/Flacks and Folks/Fulke's.

The Rand lion has three chevrons on its side in the colors of the three of Singletarys. Obama's mother's Dunham surname (share the Coat of English Randolphs) is known to descend from Jonathan Dunham, who changed his surname to Singletary. Folks/Fulke's use a spear in Crest, and Speers were first found in the same place as Pollocks. I've never thought anything but that God brought emailer Pollock into my email life. She told me that Peter Pollock was commissioned by the king to build Rothes castle, but she didn't know where Rothes castle was. I bumped into a Rothes location one day on my atlas, up at the Moray area. By that time, I was already entertaining a Rothes link to Rothesay, the earlier name of Bute. Later, I read that the raven vikings of Shetland conquered Rothesay (Peters use the raven as do Rothes'), and so the Avalon-Melusine of the Vere's may have been heavily of Fulk-Pollock blood.

Emailer Pollock told me that her husband was murdered. He was Mr. Speer. I don't know his first name nor his identity, but it's enough to know that he was murdered, for I have every inclination, now, to believe that God is after his murderer(s), and that it will overlap the other murders I've been treating.

I've been using "batter's box," and so, just for fun, I loaded the Box' find them in Wiltshire (location of Marlborough), in a village of Box, where, we read, there was a tunnel almost two miles long proceeding to Bath (that's the Bath location of Somerset, of the Bath surname mentioned above). And did I say that Cindy gave us the evil eye? Yes, but I wasn't thinking of the eye symbol of Battins/Badens, first found with Baths in Somerset.

After Scalise was reported to be well, three weeks into his hospitalization, and on July 5, one year exactly after the DNC theft: "On July 5, 2017, the Congressman was returned to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) after becoming ill with an infection related to the shooting." But they decided to release him, which took place on July 26. My advice to all is to act as the best whistle blowers ever, and to be careful to wear a miraculous belt buckle.

Mamie and I at HOME plate, and Cindy Richardson not liking it. The Home's/Hume's use a lion in the colors of the Cindy lion. The motto of Richardsons suggests the Quire's/Guire's to me, and they happen to use the Coat of Cafferys, which look like a branch of Coffers, who in turn look like Coverts, a branch of Courts/Coverts that use the "GrandesCUNT" motto term, as well as sharing blue pale bars with Cindys/Cuntys. Furthermore, Quire's/Guire's and Cafferys share the feathered helmet with Hume-beloved True's. The Quire's/Guire's may be a branch of Jarrys/Garrys who happen to use the Home/Hume lion in colors reversed. Therefore, Mamie and I may have been at home plate for the reason of this paragraph too, but it seems to me that in order for multiple situations to fit the props of the event, God would need to manipulate symbols and terms before the event, creating them in some cases, so that they would fit the props.

One of the most damning accusations against the Clintons in Conservative social media is that they stole billions of dollars from Haiti relief after pretending to raise money for the quake victims. At that time, email Covert claimed to me and others, by email, to be involved in Haiti relief, with the helicopter of her common-law spouse, Mr. Maness. The Maness'/Manners, a branch of MAME's/Mens'/Mengzies', use two blue fesses that reflect the two, blue pale bars of Cindys. Mamincidence? How can we have yet another situation fitting merely a simple event with Cindy Richardson at second base, and I with Mamie at home plate? Did God put Miss Covert with a Manners surname to make the event fit the heraldry? Why was there a helicopter involved, which was the thing also used to pick Scalise up on the baseball field? Did God cause the Covert surname to become merged with Cunt(y) liners so that Cindy Richardson would fit that picture? Did God name Cindy? How big is this revelation, and why?

The Maness motto suggests kinship with Parrs, who use two, blue bars in both colors of the Cindy bars. These double bars belong to HarCOURTs, for the Harcourts use the Maness peacock. Therefore, just like that, the Maness' bring us to Courts/Coverts, if Harcourts were partly named after them. By taking a look at the Hare/Hair Coats, (compare with Dunhams / Randolphs), we find that HARcourts were named after them, or vice-versa, and then the Jarrys/Garrys are also Hare's.

The "Pour y" motto phrase of Maness' can be for Purys/Bureys, first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Peare's and Clintons. It dawned on me only now that "Burey" can indicate the Bree location in Loon, where we find Peer too. For, Bree's are listed with Brays/Brae's that are in Pury/Burey colors. I haven't tried for the Lune's until now, and that gets the Lyons i.e. same lion as Jarrys/Garrys/Hare's! Jarrys strongly represent Jerry Peterson's bra event! Mamie is herself tracing to Rusticus of Lyon, and let's not forget that Miss Peare's first name is a surname from the Isle of MAN.

To help prove that the Maness/Manner motto term is for Purys/Bureys, the Mame's/Meme's/Mens are said to be from a Culdares entity in "GLENYlon," and Glenns with Glennys (Mame/Mens Chief) share black martlets with Purys/Bureys. I think there is an error in the spelling of that word in quotation marks, as it should be "GlenLYON," I kid you not: "Meggernie Castle is a castle in the heart of PERTH and Kinross, in central Scotland. It is located halfway up Glenlyon, where the river Lyon flows through on its way ..." The Lune's/Lyons were first found in Perthshire! Excellent, for I arrived to the Lune/Lyon lion after predicting that Purys/Bureys were from Loon.

I can't find Culdares, but as Colts/Cults were first found in Perthshire, it recalls the Caulders/Cadells, suspect with the Paloma cauldrons. And the Paloma's use two pale bars in the colors of the Court/Covert pale bars. Plus, Paloma was a topic only because I asked Miss Peare up the bar stairs for a little kissy-dew (ahh, youth). And I was with Mamie only because Bra-suspect and Burey-like Barry asked me to go camping with the gang. When I arrived, someone opened the back hatch of a truck (I was maybe asking where Barry was), and there was Barry and Mamie at the far back of the cab, and Mamie looking bare-breasted i.e. with her bra off.

The day after writing here, a Pero/Peri surname ("flaming stars") was discovered, first found in Piedmont i.e. same place as Bra. The surname is essentially a Per one (said to be from "Peter" but I'm never sure with such claims) with several different suffixes. The Coat uses a single pale bar in familiar colors, in the colors of the Paloma pale bars. Therefore, I have reason to believe that I kissed Peare at Paloma for making a Peare connection to Peri's of Piedmont. There are two Flaming surnames, one being German Flemings, and Flemings lived in Loon. Dutch Flamings use a Shield if gold-and-red checks (Leavell line) that are in the Chief of Irish Flemings. La Louviere is beside Mons in or beside the Loon area, and Louviere's use the Flaming Coat exactly. The German Flamings use "A demi-wolf and ostrich plumes," and Lois', first found in Artois, which may have been part of the Hainaut that includes La Louviere, show nothing but an ostrich.

Amazingly, while we can start to see a Peare link with Louise Phillips to Loon-Chiny, better now with the Lois ostrich, the German Plume's/Flaums, highly suspect as Flemings / Flamings, use the same Zionist star as Reitmans. In light of the fact that Peer was discovered after first finding the Loon-Chiny-Montferrat Coat, and because Montferrat is in Piedmont, the Pero's/Peri's were fairly-obviously through Peer. The Ferrats/Fers and Vairs/Fers' share a Shield of checks with Flamings / Louviere's, and the Irish Flemings even use a Shield of "vair fur," the symbol also on the bend of English Plume's. I've never known the Ferrat / Vair checks to be Flemish symbols especially, but here they are at least connecting to Flemings (the Checks/Chicks were first found in the same place as English Plume's).

English Lannoys use "A chevalier's head in a helmet and plume." These Lannoys can be with the fleur of the Piedmont Masci's because the French Lannoys (had Lannoy locations at the Artois theater) share the lion of Touch's, first found in the same place as Dunham-Masci, thus tending to trace Touch's to the Bra area, all thanks now to knowing Christine Peare.

While the Manner-related Mens'/MENGzies (suspect with Christine's with the Manx on Man) had a branch on the Lyon river (Lyons/Lune's use the Lannoy / Touch lion), the Maness/Manners love the Peer-like Parrs (double-blue fesses) in their motto, and in their double-blue fesses. The Maness/Manner fesses are colors reversed from the Pero pale bar, and Maccus of Man is said at Wikipedia to have had a sit-down with Saxons in Cheshire...a few generations before the first Meschin arrived, and also before Hamon de Masci arrived to Dunham-Masci. Peare's share black stars with Hamons, and Hamons use a "Per" motto term. It appears that Maccus' family was in cahoots with the Normans of the Bessin, itself beside Manche and Ferte-Mace, and for all we know, the Masci circle started the war against England, for the Conqueror's father-in-law was styled, "the tanner," which I see as the Conqueror's secret code for the Tanaro river (Maschi's and Tanners share the pine cone), secret because he didn't want to reveal the Italian side of these Normans. The two lions of Normandy, called leopards, can be the two lions of Gernons (Granville colors), or even the Mosca leopard.

One climax of this update was the discussion of Rodhams as it led to Taddeo AlderROTTI, at which time I had looked up Rotti's to find them listed with Perone's, first found in Piedmont i.e. where Pero's were first found. The Rotti's/Perone's can be using the Rita lion, which can explain the Rotti variation. That then links Rodhams to Rita's, which is the proto-Pollock line from Rieti, the dragon line from emperor Vespasian. The grand revelation now is that Christine Peare was a Perone liner from Peter liners from Flavius Petro, Vespasian's grandfather, and origin of Spanish Petro's who use almost the RIET/Reed Coat. As Taddeo Alderotti was part of the Taddei's, note that Petro's use nearly the flory cross of Taddei's, but recall also that Christine Peare links by her first name, and her belly symbol, to the Bouillons that use the Taddei flory in both colors.

The Scottish Riets are with the Rats/Raiths ("Spero"), said to be from Wraiths, and this surname was first found beside Peter Pollock's Rothes castle while his line is from the Shropshire Rothes'/Wroths. As Riets/rats were first found in Nairnshire, it's not surprising that Nairns (same motto as Cars) use a giant wreath, yet call it a chaplet. While the Nairn Crest shows nothing, the descriptions website says it uses: "A trunk of an oak tree sprouting leaves." Rodhams use: "A stump of a tree with leaves."

My girlfriend, Diane MUSCHATov, once said she liked the band, the Cars (who I didn't like), but why do I remember that little thing? Was it for the paragraph above, to link Muschat liners to Nairn elements? I happen to link the Car / Nairn motto to Sere's (rose), Seers and Zerrs/Zehrers, suspect from the blue-antler Zahringers, kin of the red-antler Veringers that trace well with Casimir of Poland to his wife from the Varangians of Kiev. Diane's parents were Ukrainian, home of the Varangian RUS that can be in the Rose's of Nairnshire. The RUTHene of France were over by the Ukraine too (perhaps also in Romania at Biharia), and I see the Ruths/Rothers (same chevron as Cars and Sere's and Seers) using a version of the Rodham Coat. The Nairn-like Neuri were in the Ukraine too, on the Bug river, while the Rose's share the water bouget with Bugs. Thanks to the car clue from Diane, I've just noted that Seers (share eagle with Zahringers) use a reflection of the Ruth/Rother/Randolph Coat, a way to expect Zahringers bat Moray. And I can also trace Muschatov-like Muscats to Rothes castle at Moray. I used to repeat that the Musts/Muscats one showed the rare lion design still showing in the Rothes Crest. Carincidence?

Aha. The Ruthens/Wruthvens/Rothveyns ("Deed shaw") use the three pale bars of Knights, who were traced above to the Neckar river of Baden for the first time that I can recall. The Neckar is suspect in the "nec" motto term of Rutherfords and Rodhams. Besides, the Neckar is the location of STUTTgart, while the raven vikings of Shetland had conquered Rothesay, while the raven vikings were led by one STOUT character. The Seers use two stars in Chief in colors reversed from the two in the Angus Chief, and Ruthens were first found in Angus. Plus, I know a Ruth who buried her husband, Mr. Wegner, in her back yard and then put a crow symbol (or was it a raven?) on the grave! I saw the grave and the bird myself! A raven is a crow. Wegners use the Catherine-ROET wheel, but as Rodhams are Roet liners loving the Catherine-wheel Colters/Alters, and as this very picture is to link to the road in the sleeping-bag dream on the murderer of Scalia, by what coincidence is the single Wegner pale bar in the colors of the single ladder-pale bar of Scalia's?!!! Zowie. It appears that God created that back-yard grave event, or, at least, to the point of adding the crow/raven, and even put me together with Ruth (not in a relationship).

By what coincidence is her name, Ruth? By what coincidence did Rodhams trace to Tuscany (i.e. to the Taddei's and Alda's) exactly when the "alter" motto term of Rodhams was treated earlier? Scalia's were first found in Tuscany. In colors reversed, the Alda/Alde griffin is red, the color of the Wegner griffin. Wegners have a GREYhound facing to the sinister side of the Shield, making the Wegner fleur suspect with those of Masci's. It's easy to tell that "greyhound" is code for Greys (same place as same-colored Rodhams) and Huns. One Hun Coat can be of the Sere / Seer / Ruth chevron, and the other Huns/Hundt's (greyhound in Grey-lion colors) were first found in Swabia, part of which covers Baden / Neckar river. The first Huns are also HunGATE's while Gate's use a split-Shield in the colors of the same of the Tuscany Alda's.

You are not going to believe this. I did one job for Ruth, when she asked me to fix the cracking grout between the stones that were her front-door steps. I decided to remove the rocks and re-apply them (new cement, new grout) to form brand-new steps = SCALA!!! It's just incredible.

Repeat: "While the Nairn Crest shows nothing, the descriptions website says it uses: 'A trunk of an oak tree SPROUTing leaves.' Rodhams use: 'A stump of a tree with leaves.'" Sprouts (crossed spears), first found in the same place as Weirs/Wiers that I trace to the Varangian location of Wieringen, share the gold-on-blue (WARREN colors) hearts of Wagner-like Wagers, expected from the Wagrians on the Warnow river of the Varangi-suspect Varni/WARNi. The Varns share the ShakeSPEARE bend.

I, a Masci, dated Muschatov. Le Meschin's son was named, de Gernon, and Gernons are from MontFIQUET, which may be in the Rodham motto term, "deFICIT." Montfiquets/Fichets/MUSCHATs (compare with Cars / Ruths/Rothers) share the triple chevrons of Waters in the water-bouget symbol. Montfiquets/Muschats were first found in the same place as water-bouget Bouchier's/Bouchers (probably using the Morency cross as per Bouchier II, founder of Montmorency). There is a Fichit/FITCH surname to which the Hillary / Clinton fitchees can relate. Rusts/Roosts use the Hillary / Clinton fitchees in the same colors, and ROSTock is on the Warnow river.

As you may know, German Rothes/Rothchilds use the raven alone. The English-Rothes description: "A lion's head facing forwards, crowned of gold." The BalFOURs use "FORward" as their entire motto, and Wards use the Warren Coat. Variations like those of Balfours are found with the two Beaufort surnames, and it's known that Catherine Roet was directly a Beaufort. One of the Beauforts shares the Balfour chevron. Lord Rothschild schemed with the satanist, Arthur Balfour, to replant Jews in the land of Israel. Had the Rothschilds at that time not been part of secret societies, we might view their Zionism in a better light. But even God predicts Armageddon upon their Israel. Catherine is in one Beaufort write-up with her Swynford surname. These Beauforts are said to be from Norman lords of the manor of Swanton-MORELEY.

It struck me above that the Amon variation of "Hamon" was in honor of Mons. I wasn't going to mention it, but a few minutes later, as per writing "Gernon," and seeing the Granville location in the Hamon write-up, Granville's (the Arthur symbols, traces to Artois, at/beside Mons) were loaded to find the motto round-about of MONans! Monans were traced to the proto-Maccabee, the Dardanian king, Monunius I. Later, these Dardanians married the Illyrian tribe of Ardiaei (BC times), the proto-Arthurs.

Before finding Monunius, I had traced proto-Maccabees to the Mat river, then called the Mathis, which evokes the Mate's/Mathes/Matheys (Champagne), not forgetting that Mathis' were first found in the same place as Messeys = Maccabee liners. The Dardanians were easily within striking distance of the Mathis river, and the Cavii on that river even trace to Chivasso in Piedmont (Chives's use the Mathis cross), which is on the Bautica river, home also of the Artois-related Arduinici (Ivrea). The Monans even use a flory cross in both colors of the similar moline of Mathis' and Chives'. I trace the Flemish Baldwins to the Baltea naming of the Bautica.

As there is a modern Has location at the most-northern part of the Mat, which is as close to Dardania as that river can get, I assumed that the first-known HasMONian, Mattathias (direct father of the Maccabee brothers), was named after the Mathis river as that term was carried to northern Italy, when the Romans sent a Mathis entity to Israel, I assumed, to fight the Seleucids there. Mattathias was then called a HASmonian for being of a Mon / Monunius-related Has entity that would name Has. The Sleeps use two of the ermined Dart fesses, and the SELEPitanoi and the Ardiaei were at RHISINum, and that's why Monans use a RISING eagle.

As you saw, I traced the Maccabees to the Orne river, and you saw why lizard-using liners such as Organs/Horigans should have been Orne branches. Here I can add that while Ferte-Mace (predicted origin of Hamon de Masci / Hamon de Massey) is near the source of the Orne, the Granville's call their symbols, organ rests. The Irish Arthurs call them "rests" only, and Scottish Arthurs call them clarions (the Scottish-Arthur chevron is in Clare-chevron colors). There is a Rist surname with the Risings, which can well-explain the Arthur code.

As Mamie's thighs impressed me while turning out to be certain code for Tease's/Tigh/Tye liners, and because TYsons/Tessons use the Touch / Lannoy / Lyon lion in colors reversed, I'm going to assume that the Manche and Isle-of-Man liners (represented by Mamie) of the Masci kind were on the Ticino river with the Laevi and Marici Gauls / Ligurians. With the trace of the Hamon side of Masci's to Mons, the Hainaut capital, by what coincidence have I never seen the three Levi chevrons (both colors, that is) anywhere but in Wikipedia's article on the counts of Hainaut? Mascle-using HAINs were first found in the same place as ANNANdale, and the gold griffin in the Annandale Crest is that also of Granville's. In the Hamon write-up, a de Granville ruler was a son of one Hamon. Again, Tease's/Tye's (same star as Annas') were first found in the same place as ANNAS', and Tease's/Tecks/Tess' use the Annan saltire in colors reversed while putting LEAVES upon it.

English Hains (blue pale bars) use "an arrow RESTing...," and Arrows/Arras are from the Artois capital.

The Levi chevrons are black, as is the Hamon chevron. From all of this, one can gather that proto-Maccabees were on the Ticino, and that Romans sent them to be the official priest-kings of Israel because, somehow, the Romans knew that Laevi claimed to be from ancient Levites. Mattathias lived in Israel by about 175 BC, and the Roman general, Scipio, who traces to the Meschin-Skipton marriage, when he lost the war of Trebia to Hannibal, retreated to, and built Placentia, which was the location of the Ananes Gauls who named Annandale. I know this because the Bruce's of Annandale, destined to be Scottish kings, were from Brescia, near Placentia. And we saw why Avaran Hachorani Maccabee traces to Val Trompia (north side of Brescia). The Manders using the same saltire as Annandale's have acorns (Hachorani symbol) in the mouth of its plover. These Manders use a Coat version of the Rhodes' who are in-turn first found in the same place as Hains, Hannitys/Henage's and Tailbois, the latter sharing the Annandale Coat.

I don't find it easy to identify the ancestry of Touch(e)'s with their Tough/Tuff variations, but assume them to be a distant variation from Ticino, perhaps a Touques-river liner. If correct, it's feasible that Tafts/Tufts (Cheshire too) and Taffys have their origins at the Ticino. The Taft/Tuft is a version of the Branch Coat, and the latter, if all in black, is the Hamon Coat. Branch's are from Hugh D'Avranches (son of Richard Goz), uncle of the first Meschin, and an associate of Hamon de Masci. The Hamon Shield is colors reversed from, and thereby identical with, half the Goz Coat, itself much like the Macey Coat on the other half.

The Touch's, descended from Goz-like Joslin, are said to have been lords of Audley. The first-known Audley was sheriff of Shropshire, where Meschins were first found. As the first Meschins son was styled, de Gernon, he may not have carried the Meschin name to his children. That leaves William Meschin of Skipton as the possible Meschins of Shropshire. When we go to the Audley Coat, there's a giant fret with a mascle in Hain-mascle colors, and Audleys are said to be of Heighley castle while Heighleys are in Touch colors with perhaps the Peer bend. By marriage, the Audleys of Heighley became the kings of the Isle of Man. While Heighley was also HEYley, the Heys were first found in the same place as Justus'/Justine's who share the AUDE sword (white, as in the Heighley Crest), and as the Shaws sharing the cups of Man-liner Christine's.

The High/Heye Coat (same place as Cheneys) shares the cross of Chains, and is identical to the Coat of Haddocks (suspect in the motto of squirrel-using Gilberts, of the Carricks in the same place as CUNNinghams). The Haddock / High fleur is shared by Irish Conans (same place as Carrick-related KENNedys) while the Scottish Conans use the same cross as Haddocks / Chains / Highs. This speaks to a Cheney connection to Conans / Coons / Cony from Cuneo, and, moreover, the Chaine's/Chenays/Chassaings (Masci wing), whose write-up can connected then to Cassane's, use the same sword as Aude's.

It get's more interesting where Audleys were Oddie's / Odins/Oddeys, for the latter share the crozier with the Wears that use the Peer / Heighley bend in colors reversed, and throwing in the red crosslets of Tafts/Tufts. Aude's were first found in Savoy, and FACE's/Fessys share the cross of Savoys, and Mike Oddey punched me in the FACE. Punches use fesses in the colors of the Leavell fesses, and my punch was related to the punch in the face of Kepke by Vince Pierce, while Pierce's/Piers were Percivals, the Leavell ancestry. Pierce punched Kepke on the driveway of Rick Young (I was standing there watching, the only one watching), and Youngs share the three piles of Scottish Leavells. I'm going to have a talk with God about that punch. Did it need to be so hard? Youngs love the June's sharing the fleur of Conans.

After the Kepke punch, by a span of maybe four years, my boss (Steve) was hired by FRANK, and the latter brought his two employees along for building a steel boat house. Vince Pierce and Mike Oddey were those two employees. It looks like God set that up. The Monans and Granville's that share a motto round-about (same words in a different order) use one that I see as code for the Franks; the German branch uses leopard faces (the most common heraldic face) with what could be the Annandale saltire one way or the other.

When we follow the Joslins, we find a "mon" motto term, expected with Amons/Hamons in their trace to Mons. We're keeping in mind that the counts of Hainaut trace to the Laevi on the Ticino, and that the Touch's that brought us to Joslins can be Ticino liners too. Plus, the Joslin motto has "deVOIR" while Voirs use the lion of Maschi's, first found in Rimini, which I see in the "discRIMINI" motto term of Hamons. The lion in the Voir Crest is called "St. MARK," what I see as code for the Marici partners of the Laevi, founders of Ticinum.

Ticinum was renamed to Papia/Pavia, which I trace to Scotland's Peebles, where Mons' were first found that use the lion of Leghs/Lea's (Cheshire), and Joslin's have a falcon's LEG in Crest. Brays/Bree's (colors and format of Hamons), now tracing to Bree, near Mons, use eagles' legs. My touching the bra can now have an additional meaning of Laevi living with Masci's at Bra. The HughLEYs (Heighleys?) of Shropshire are in the Legh write-up as founded by Hugh de Lea, ancestor of Lea's of LANGleys, and we saw that I interpreted the laundry line with the Landers/Landens that share the six green-on-while pale bars of Langleys!!! In all the time of making the laundry link to Langleys, and Langhe at Bra, I did not know of this Lea-of-Langley entity...until just now! Zinger. It greatly helps to identify leg-using Brays as Bra liners.

So, I must have started this conversation way up while moved by God, for how else do I explain what we just saw? God wants to prove to someone out there that the touch-bra event was from Him.

Now that I have identified Jerry Peterson with Jarrys/Garrys, let me go over my bedwetting event, which I connect to John Podesta's "wet works" and Elmendorf's "bedwetters." See that Wikileaks topic online, suspect by some as referring to the murder of Scalia to which Podesta was privy. My mother was chewing me out one morning for wetting my bed at roughly age 6 (we moved there when I was 5, anyway). And up popped Jerry Peterson from the backyard window, hearing what my mother had said, and he made fun of me through the window screen, otherwise I probably would have forgotten the event. I can still hear his voice. Why Jerry? I had never seen him in the back yard before. If he came to call on me, what was he doing in the backyard alone? We had a front and a side door, and we used both. Did God provide this event to give a clue to the killer of Scalia? On the same night that the bra event came to mind, some months ago, so did this bedwetting event, and I had been writing about the "bedwetters" at that very time.

I can't find heraldry symbols from Jarrys linking to anything pertinent besides the Dunhams who birthed Obama. And the Dunns use buckles in the colors of the Wetter/Wetting buckles. But perhaps his Peterson surname is more interesting where the CFR's Peter Peterson may have wanted control of the supreme court, for Scalia was part of the right-wing tipping of the Final Court. Scalia's death was followed shortly by Obama talking from a podium, snickering through a sly joke about Scalia, because Obama got to pick the next supreme-court judge. One can tell that Obama felt sooo-very lucky for this turn of events.

"Scalia repeatedly called upon his colleagues to strike down Roe v. Wade. Scalia hoped to find five votes to strike down Roe in the 1989 case of Webster v. Reproductive Health Services but was not successful in doing so. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor authored the decision of the Court, allowing the abortion regulations at issue in the case to stand but not overriding Roe. " The vote was 5-4 for Roe v Wade. It wasn't until Bush appointed two conservatives to the supreme court that there was a marked and repetitive 5-4 victory for conservatives, but the five failed to strike down abortion.

My enemies are saying, "zip it up." But I say, "watch your backs for a strike from God, you won't like it." Right, Lord? This is your war, isn't it? Home PLATE. The illegalities of Hillary's emails-server scandal is centered on PLATTE River, the company that ran her private server. The company is so guilty that it took the 5th when before Congress. See that here:

The theory here is that Steve Scalise was investigating the pizzagate accusations surrounding the Clintons, and perhaps Scalise was looking to bring Platte River to some congressional inquiry, when, bang-bang, he was shot to zip up his mouth. Recall that Peter Smith, when he was investigating the Clintons recently, was found dead by an apparent suicide. I knew a Peter Smith whose back-yard antenna (he was probably using it for radio) was struck down by lightning (or maybe wind, but hard to see how), and the theory now is that the event was a symbol of Clinton's communications for her private server, for such things go through the antenna on a tower. That works. And it predicts some fast-and-furious lightning.

God can chew gum and walk at the same time; we can't rule out more than one meaning per event. "Antenna" is like "Antonin," the first name of judge Scalia.

German Manners/Mans, first found in Styria, are using the Massey quadrants and a savage. If we trace Savage's (same place as Masseys) to Savigliano, near the Styria-like Stura river, and roughly where Masci's were first found, that works. I, a Masci, was with the Mame's/Meme's/Manes = Manners at home plate. Cindy was on second base, and the Cindy Coat is a good reflection of the Cedes Coat that is in the motto of STEERs. Cedes' share the same lion as Manners/Mans. Both the Cindy and Cedes Crests are blue. Did God arrange the heraldry here to fit that simple event in the baseball field? Is God allowed to do that? By what coincidence is the lion in the Arms of Styria in the colors of the Home/Hume and Cindy-Chief lions? The Styria lion is white and upright, as is the white one in the Manner/Man Crest. Styre's are listed with English Sturs, and French Sturs were first found in Manche, home of Masseys, and suspect with the Manx peoples on Mamie's Isle of Man.

Did God arrange for Scalise to be on second base when shot? By what coincidence do Seconds/Segurs use nearly the Manner/Man Coat? By what other coincidence do Seconds/Segurs share gold-on-red lions with Base's?

Next, I would like to know why God named Jerry Peterson with that first name, if that's what He did. Are the Jarrys related to Petersons as well as being code that Touch's (same lion as Jarrys) prove the touch-bra event to be from Him? Jarrys share "Fear" with Peacocks, and I had read that Peacocks were a sept of Pollocks, the latter expected with Petersons. Peacocks were first found in the same place as the Fear-like Wear river. In consideration that PeaCocks come up as "Peas" while sharing the white fesse with Cocks, I'm guessing that they were Paisley / Pace/Pasi / Pace liners merged with Cocks. And Spanish Paez's/Pais' use half the Pollock saltire.

The "mait" motto term of Jarrys can be for Mate's/Matheys/Mathes' that use the Mander Coat (same place as Wear/Were's) while sharing besants with Peacocks and Pace's (same place as Touch's). It's important here that German Manders are also the Manners use sinister-rising bends (familiar colors) as code for Masci liners, and they can be a branch of the Massey-related Manners, not forgetting that a peacock is shared between Maness'/Manners and Hare-branch Harcourts while Jarrys are also Hare's. The Mate-related English Manners use a plover bird facing sinister, and Peacocks use mascles. Cindy's father was the pastor of the church. He had a secretary, Carol. Do you know who married Carol? David Morley.

Here's the current state of the American nation in a few minutes from Hannity:

The nation is so whacked out, as if no one knows how to handle the problems. In the 16th minute, they are talking about the Freedom-of-Information-Act requests being abused by the FBI, not giving up documents that the general public has a right to have, or giving them up blacked-out. This is incredibly easy to fix. Appoint sheriffs in every state that can be called by phone by people being abused. The sheriffs go in to every government agency that fails to produce the documents, and jails the chief of that organization until he says "uncle," but adding one month to the jail time after that to assure he/she doesn't do it again. It will take less than six months of this type of action before all organizations hear of it, and, I guarantee, all chiefs will tell their staff to give up the documents as the law requires.

The video reveals that Mueller made a panel for a grand-jury investigation against Trump, the best thing that can happen to Republicans because it gives them the opportunity to send torpedoes over to the Democrat ship. Every firecracker Democrat action will have a torpedo reaction. The problem is, Democrats are starting to realize that the backlash is hurting them more than they are hurting the Republicans, and, the related problem is, they may stop shooting firecrackers soon. On the other hand, Mueller is a jerk, whistle while you work. He's going all-out trying to destroy Trump before it's too late, because his administration will gain the keys to jailing him. The only question is, will Trump get bruised too badly to retaliate as fully as he should? Will he be made to long for peace so that he puts down his axe-to-grind?

Okay, the issue above is explained by Judicial Watch in the video below, and what you are about to see is a typical mechanism where the government tells the media what to talk about i.e. the talking points. This is how they get the media to conduct even their false-flag operations, simply because the plotters have more power than the media bosses, and, of course, the powerful work hard at securing loyalty from media bosses, one way or the other, depending on what's needed for each individual. I've been wondering whether Jeff Sessions is an honest broker, for people of truth, and this video gives an opinion:

f Under my law above, Jeff Sessions would now be in jail courtesy of the FOIA sheriff. The video claims hastily that the redactions are ultimately from the chief of the Department of Justice, which is Sessions, but, the truth may be, the redactions may have come from lower down. Still, the president will hear of this, and Sessions had best get to the issue right away while he's already in deep waters as of a couple of weeks ago. Under Obama, Judicial Watch had no chance, but as we can see here, the DoJ knows it had best give up some documents while under Trump. The reason that it's great for the Democrats and Mueller to continue to punch the lights out of Trump is for reasons such as Republicans everywhere getting these desired documents that turn out to be the torpedoes. Mueller wants Trump to slow his blowback with the threat of this new panel, but I think this panel is impotent, a paper tiger. In the meantime, Trump sees the corrupt tactics because it's all hitting him square in the eyes.

Hillary Clintons pay-to-play crime is in the 10th minute. Judicial watch has just received 500 of her emails that speak on this. The trend is like a massive dam about to burst on the Clinton crime ring.

Justin Bieber, now attending Bible studies, has claimed that the music industry (or just the evil parts) is controlled by pedophiles. He claims that his bosses tried to make him have sex with a child, and that he was to kill the child afterward, all caught on video so that he would never tell, that they might control his life. This is his claim.

Here's Al Gore with a demonic face and ugly soul telling a lie to the world. There's more youtube material making fun of Al Gore.

Mark Dice has a certain way about him that many find entertaining, but youtube despises him. Whenever I click a video by a new owner, youtube will suggest other videos from that owner over the next two, maybe three days. Noting that I hadn't seen a Mark Dice video suggested in several weeks, I searched "mark dice" and loaded some of his videos, watching them, but after going to a another video owner, youtube did not suggest one Dice video. I loaded more dice videos, repeating, and still no Dice videos were suggested after I went to someone else. Youtube is therefore hiding videos owners that have high viewership, who are making a mark against liberalism. Youtube needs to be jailed. I do not find Mark Dice capable of being offensive enough by his outspokenness, combined with his dorkiness (it's put-on, anyway, for laughs), if that's what we should call it, to be suppressed at youtube. Here's part of the real problem in big, "respectable" news, as Mark points out well:

Mark (clean vocabulary) can give us a very good education on how the big media are in fact politically corrupt behind the fine suits. His style attracts young people, and that's a great thing. Christians are all looking for the few saviors that will beat the liberal media up, give power back to the good people, but, it ain't gonna happen due to censorship. The ones deserving censorship are getting their voices out instead. It's Necessary to justify their Armageddon. Here's many headed to Armageddon in the finest of clothes:

Here's Dice being his usual insensitive self as he conveys indignation upon sorry-donkey liberals. I didn't say that his insensitivity is uncalled for. The reason that I'm suggesting this video is to remind us of how terrible liberals feel for the looong moment until Trump is gone. If he wins again in 2020, suicide rates will go up, no kidding at all. The question is: what will evolve from the deep hurt that liberals are subjecting themselves to? What are they thinking in their secret hearts toward ultimate retaliation against conservatives? Are demons giving them an education on how to kill?

The willingness of the big media to become wholly fantasial, and these are the ones leading the way in coaching the unrest in liberal minds. Be prepared to be mistreated if you reveal that you are not one of them. Come out of her, My people:

If she had a gun, she may have used it:

Liberals have robbed me of a better society, and they have deprived me of better humans that can rub off on me to make me better. You can make exactly the same accusation on your own behalf. Liberals need to be killed, and they will be aborted against their wills, in horror. This is the brute message of prophecy; if anyone has an argument with this, speak to the One who promised the mass-murder. We are witnessing why the mass-murder is necessary, and so expect the world to get still worse. And hang in there, trying not to be a worse human yourself as you bump into the low-grade attitudes of liberalism in our faces.

You can't make as many videos as Dice has, and not get some things wrong, and you can't do his act as much as he does without crossing the line at times into the dorky sphere. He deserves credit for his agenda; his heart is generally in the right place. And he's loyal for a laugh every once in a while:

Here's a video by a Christian with a video, TRUMP CONCEDED: COUP SUCCESSFUL.

I was wondering whether the military demanded Priebus to go, and when Trump argued that he can't afford to fire another top man (for looking bad to the Republican party), the plan was birthed to bring in Scaramucci temporarily to force Priebus out, then replace Priebus with a military man. I've got to agree with the video speaker above: it looks like Trump has capitulated to the CIA. The latter gets to tap Trump's phones, and that of his staff, but Trump can't spy on the CIA chiefs to see what they are doing...until Trump gets the CIA leadership under himself, and until he minimizes the Democrat / globalist rats.

It seems to me that it cannot be impossible for a president to re-shape the CIA and other Intelligence communities. If an Executive Order can be made for anything, order that Intelligence cannot tap phones without a warrant, and that copies of all warrants be sent to the White House for supervision so that the White House knows who's being spied on, in case it's some of its own people. Trump's supporters are now leaking to get Trump's enemies. Although the leak below may not be on much, it's still a leak, and it means that a leak war should escalate, and the war's too young yet to know who the victor will ultimately be. At first, the CIA has the upper hand, until the Trump team gets better at the machinery:

President Trump gave H.R. McMaster a vote of confidence after the national security adviser's rivals seized on a letter McMaster sent to his Obama predecessor Susan Rice giving her continued access to classified information.

McMaster's letter, which his supporters said was routine, was apparently leaked to imply that the Army lieutenant general was helping Trump's enemies. McMaster's feud with other powerful camps inside the White House has been well-documented, and a recent spate of firings by McMaster appears to have ratcheted up tensions. But Trump issued a statement late Friday supporting McMaster.

...It was revealed on Wednesday in news reports that Rich Higgins, who served as director for strategic planning at the NSC [National Security, the Muslim-scare people under McMaster], was fired July 21. Higgins had been an ally of senior White House adviser Steve Bannon.

And last week, Derek Harvey [former military and Intelligence officer in Middle-East war], a top Middle East adviser who served as special assistant to the president and senior director for the Middle East on the National Security Council, was also relieved of his duties.

Just because Trump supports someone today doesn't mean he/she won't be gone tomorrow. In my opinion, the Muslim-scare people need to be ignored. Trump needs to ignore the Middle-East wars. Then he can focus on fulfilling his promises to voters, to get re-elected. But if he depends on the deep state to get him re-elected in return for being a good puppet, he may as well close his eyes in death early, spare himself the agony of living. The Commander-in-Chief has dread enemies on his own turf to deal with; expending his time for killing Syrians and Iraqis is sinful and less than futile. It's a no-brainer. God cannot fault anyone for staying out of Middle-East war. To God be the destiny of the Middle East. It's just a no-brainer.

Never mind the American constitution. This is futile. The country is to be run on the simple words of Jesus Christ, for this will automatically fulfill all the good things in the Constitution. As it is, the satanic enemy uses "constitutionality" as a redesign (with redefinition) for its own type of society. The Constitution never intended equal bonuses for sinners and non-sinners alike. It never intended that sin should be separate from crime. Sin hurts others; it's the very definition of sin. Since when does the Constitution give rights to hurting the people? Faggots prey on young boys. Faggots turn into child molesters as surely as Colorado's liberals will turn from pot smokers to harder drugs to pimps and hookers to criminals, rapists and killers. You need only look at the evolution of Hollywood society (not just the movies) over the past 50 years to understand the human degradation. You can't cover sin with a lavish fur coat. Should there be no laws in place to prevent degradation from the hands of the sinful? When Jesus arrives, there will be such laws.

As per Rich Higgins above:

A top official of the National Security Council was fired last month after arguing in a memo that President Trump is under sustained attack from subversive forces both within and outside the government who are deploying Maoist tactics to defeat President Trump’s nationalist agenda.

His dismissal marks the latest victory by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster in the ongoing war within Trump’s White House between those who believe that the president is under threat from dark forces plotting to undermine him, and those like McMaster who dismiss this as conspiratorial thinking.

Ahh, so, Mcmaster might counter White-House people who think that Trump is under attack from the CIA, etc., a great reason to at least suspect that McMaster is a deep-state operative. "Higgins’s memo describes supposed domestic and international threats to Trump’s presidency, including globalists, bankers, the 'deep state,' and Islamists." I can agree with that, where the Islamics are those inside the country, in suits, not sleeper cells, whom Obama empowered throughout government / judiciary institutions. "The memo characterizes the Russia story as a plot to sabotage Trump’s nationalist agenda." Higgins sounds like a messenger of Trump's social-media messagers. Therefore, it could appear that Trump is ignoring them, though it was McMaster in the position to fire Higgins, not Trump. "McMaster fired Derek Harvey, the senior director for the Middle East, last week. Also a Bannon ally...McMaster has pushed back on such efforts, reportedly telling an NSC town hall meeting that 'there’s no such thing as a [Obama] holdover' and emphasizing career staff’s loyalty."

It could now appear brilliant that McMaster is Trumps' worst enemy on the home turf, and that he will secretly counter Trump's immigration programs. Recall the CFR operative, Scaramucci, speaking derogatory evil of Bannon. It's a real toss-up to know whose side Trump is on, but if he fires McMaster, as it seemed he might recently, there could be hope of breaking the deep-state foothold further. Here's a scathing critique against McMaster:

I'm not familiar with the speaker above. He's an Alex-Jones associate. I'm sharing his videos because I think he's got a key axe to grind against McMaster. But the speaker thinks Scaramucci (worldly ambitious, worldly unGodly) is good for Trump (worldly ambitious, worldly unGodly), which makes me question his quality.

Trump himself chose McMaster, though others may have made the choice for him, to replace Flynn after he was forced out by leakers. There was a coup against the sorts of people Trump was choosing for his administration, and even Bannon was downgraded. I don't know what the original choices of Trump would have amounted to for the national agenda, and we may never know, but the outcome of having McMaster has turned out to be a tornado for the White House. Here's hoping the trees will fall just right, as God intends.

McMaster must have access to prime Intelligence through the grape vine. Trump may feel that his own hold on power is, soon to be, strong enough that he can undo the McMaster decision. The next NSC chief should not stress Muslim terrorism inside the country, but should monitor CIA activity inside the country with the justification that there are unknown / unidentified trolls inside the CIA empowering nationalist enemies. The president has the power to pass such a program, but he'll need to tighten security for all family members until the sewer pipe is unclogged, and the sewage is flushed out to the street pipes.

The American economy is doing great at this time, yet the president's approval rating is at a mere 39 percent. How can this be explained? There can be no other explanation but that Trump appears to be a deep-state puppet. He will seek to make appearances that this is not so, but the voters have their social-media people to make them aware of what's really going on. Trump will need to actually attack the deep state if he wants to be re-elected. This is perfect, a perfect situation. Let the deep state fight harder, so that Trump fights harder. Let it be Decision Time.

The deputy of Justice (Rod Rosenstein) says that a new FBI group has been formed to seek FBI leakers. It's a good start, but this chief is the one who appointed Mueller. Can we trust him? His Fox interviewer, in the 4th minute, says that some of the leakers are not of the faceless deep state, but in the White House and in Congress. This is a slippery suggestion. Why should leakers in the government or legislative bodies not be part of the deep state? If they are faceless, they can also be the faces in Congress. The trick is to discover the motives behind the leak, and the agenda of the leakers. You can't tell me that there are no theories in the Congress or in high-level government positions on what those agendas are. One rift is obvious: long-term Middle-East war and false-flag events, borrowed trillions, versus those that don't want any of that. But this is probably of the Republican invisibles, and Trump's numbers are down precisely as he's kissing the hand of the Republican Congress dishing out the steaming-hot Russian sanctions. That's part of the Middle-East war, and Trump's voters know it.

Then there is the Democrat deep state seeking to weaken Trump for 2020. It should be easy-as-pie to identify those players. Trump may be ignorant in this regard, but there are experts who know the Democrat wicked very well, and these are all the guys that Trump's been firing / downgrading, I think. McMaster is suggesting that these invisible Democrat operatives don't exist. There could be nothing better than that statement by which one can identify McMaster as Trump's enemy. So, he needs to quickly admit he made a mistake in hiring him. Real quick, before McMaster digs in and has the opportunity to send Trump a backlash.

Part of the problem in his numbers is all the firing. It makes it appear that the president really doesn't know how to run a White House ship. In my opinion, don't try to run it, just let it float. You can't run a ship in a storm, or your will ruin it. Let it float, put down the anchor, and make the storm subside. The storm needs to be dealt with. He needs to go after the ones causing the storm. Kelly is now in charge of piloting the ship, and some are saying that he will create an opaque screen, something like the non-transparency of the Obama ship. That allows Kelly to run things without anyone knowing where they're going. The voters might not even know whether Kelly is attacking the ones who created the storm. Kelly might even make a deal with them, and then take credit for ending the leaks. Shame if he does that.

Echoing the Marines’ credo of “God, Country, Corps,” Kelly said he expects all of them [in the White House] to put country first, the president second, and their own needs and priorities last...

...Kelly’s influence was seen in Trump’s unusual late-night statement on Friday in support of his National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, with whom he’s been at odds on and off for months. Both Kelly and Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner have helped shore up McMaster and resist calls for his ouster by some on the far right, who sought to question the Army lieutenant general’s support for Israel or decry his views as too conventional or globalist for Trump’s brand. Trump backed McMaster as a #FireMcMaster campaign took flight on Twitter.

Uh-oh. Kelly loves McMaster. I see. Kelly nodded when McMaster fired a couple of workers recently. I see clearly. Kelly tells the White House that country comes before the president, and so he develops the country definition for the sake of his own agenda, and thus gets to be the true president, or so he thinks. "In his first week, Kelly also quickly moved to take control of the door to the Oval Office... Kelly insists that anyone who wants to see the president now must go through him." I almost feel like swearing. He wants to determine who gets to chat with the president, etc? So, he decides what information gets to the president and what doesn't, exactly how I imagine the operations of the CIA, FIB, etc. Why can't Trump be seen by whomever wishes? The problem was the leaks, not those employees who wanted to see the president. Is Kelly going to watch all videos of those who go in to speak to him on the excuse of trying to catch leakers? Is Kelly the biggest spy of all?

Joining Kelly at Bedminster this weekend is Rick Wadell, a deputy national security adviser and major general in the Army Reserve, and White House staff secretary Rob Porter, whose job it is to filter the materials others are seeking to get in front of the president. Kelly has asked Porter to help vet documents before they reach Trump’s hands.

Can that sort of power be abused? Of course. Kelly can now make new rules on what gets though. If I were the president, I would tell Porter myself what gets through, what doesn't. And all that doesn't get through goes to a file that is open for me to peruse at anytime. What will Kelly do with what doesn't get through? Send it to oblivion? Will the voting block be abused here? I would not trust Kelly so fast with power on this facet of business. Try easing into the job, Mr. Kelly, and show some respect for your boss. You were not hired to revamp, but to improve.

Kelly seems like the type to tell the president not to tweet messages. In that case, who really is the president? If Kelly decides what messages get out, who really is the president? If Kelly decides, no, you can't tweet blue, but you can tweet red, who really is the decision maker? Is Trump about to take a back seat in return for an easing of the storm? Just great. The ship can then be steered by Kelly.

"Chief of Staff" means that Trump works to fulfill his own promises, and Kelly is subservient on all of those issues, moving all staff members to comply with the president's agenda. Trump has advisors by which to reach decisions on how to proceed in fulfilling promises, and Kelly is not one of them. Kelly says, "yes sir," and clicks his heels to Trump, not the other way around. Kelly is hired to be the work horse that assures that the staff do Trump's work, and, preferably, they will enjoy their jobs, unlike an army barracks. No one likes a control-freak boss, Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Kelly's job is to catch the leakers, not scare them into leaking less. Put it this way, that if Kelly succeeds in ending the leaks, he's part of the people for which the leakers are working. Obviously. Kelly might slowly change the agenda sufficiently to satisfy the invisibles, and the invisibles would no longer demand the leaks. But if Kelly does Trump's will, as Priebus was supposed to do, the leaks should continue. It's not Kellys job to subdue the leaks, but to catch the leakers, for their presence in the White House is ruinous at any moment. Even if they don't leak to the media, they will leak to their invisibles.

The presence of leakers under Priebus was a great sign that Trump's agenda was bothersome to the invisibles; they are not to get their way because they are obviously corrupt, and because no one elected them. This is how we will know that Trump is in the back seat: when the leaks stop.

If Kelly were good for Republicans, there should be a firestorm from liberal media. But the Huffington Pest says only that Trudeau is happy about Kelly. Canadian liberals are control freaks, it's well known. Canadian media does nothing but tell hapless Canadians how to think. But if here now Kelly, barely out of the shoe-shine shop and in the door, is telling the president not to use Twitter to announce policy decisions, it's not Kelly's job description, ever, to tell the president what to do. It's the other way around. Kelly doesn't run the White House; he does what Trump tells him to do; otherwise the nation has no backbone in the president. Kelly is the manager, not the boss. The White House design can certainly be Trump's job, in which case Kelly assures that the design sticks. Trump sets the style, the format, the tone, and Kelly watches, listens, and learns to do it for him. Kelly does not come in with his own design, then tell Trump to conform and stay out of it. If that's what Kelly wants, get out! Now!

Trump has months longer in seeing how the WH operates, and here a green rookie comes in to lead the entire affair from day one??? He's got to be trained, doesn't he? Who will train him? Doesn't Trump want to train him? Too much of a bother? Doesn't Trump want to see Kelly operate as Trump wants to see operations? How can Trump do a good job if he's got to dance around Kellys program, afraid to step on his toes? Isn't that like an outsider? On the other hand, Trump can't be turning Kelly into his slap-around. Kelly is to be submissive, but Trump needs to be a gentle, likable. Trump has problems being likeable with his me-first attitude. Prediction: Kelly will get Trump out of the House as often as possible.

Victory needs to be complete with conquering the risks. Let the leaks go on so that you can catch the rats, and find true, pure victory. Making them go quiet in the woodwork isn't close to victory. You won't get good sleep like that, no satisfaction, no applause. Set the rat trap, and win the war. Forget the Middle East, and make the rats go crazy with noises. You will find them better that way.

The United States is preparing for all options to counter the growing threat from North Korea, including launching a “preventive war,” national security adviser H.R. McMaster said in an interview that aired Saturday on MSNBC.

Whose idea is this? I can't believe that Trump made this decision...that the people need to live with. Why should a war be started where Korea is just being a big dink? Korea is not going to bomb America. If anything, the deep state will, then blame it on Korea. This now looks serious because the White House is saying that Korea had its last chance. I have a few months of extra food because I fear food prices will go up.

McMaster's foes are being portrayed as "far-right." But even if the far-right start the complaints against him, others, myself, for example, can agree regardless. By what coincidence has the military moved a man in the White House on the brink of war? They convinced Trump to do this, didn't they? Did Trump promise his voters a war? The best way for the deep state to ruin Trump for 2020 is to make him go to war.

Here's an NPR story dated August 1, which calls the Seth-Rich revival in May a fake story. Poor, short-sighted NPR, the national propaganda network. Before reading, know that NPR portrays the initiator of the revival, Ed Butowsky (Trump supporter), as a sinister man for wanting to put the Russia-hacking story to rest with the concept that Seth Rich leaked the emails. This story is about Rod Wheeler, Butowsky's ally in the common cause, becoming upset with him as well as with Fox for rudely hatcheting his story in May. There is also talk from Butowsky that Trump was promptly in-the-know about this Seth Rich story, before it arrived on Fox, but as there is a law suit(s) involved from Wheeler, it can explain why Trump didn't say anything about (or openly support) the Seth-Rick revival, even though it greatly benefited him, and was expressly intended to do so. Butowsky has nothing to be ashamed of, though NPR (the way it frames the story) would like you to think so:

The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter [Butowsky] of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye [note choice of words = collusion] of the White House to concoct [I don't think the story was fabricated] a story about the death of a young Democratic National Committee aide [Rich], according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The explosive claim {sets up a smear article with "explosive" when the suit isn't exactly phenomenal] is part of a lawsuit filed against Fox News by Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for the news network. The suit was obtained exclusively by NPR [yippee for NPR].

Wheeler alleges Fox News and the Trump supporter [Butowsky] intended to deflect public attention from growing concern about the administration's ties to the Russian government. His suit charges that a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her [Malia Zimmerman] story.

...Fox News declined to allow Zimmerman to comment for this story.

The story, which first aired in May, was retracted by Fox News a week later...

The lawsuit focuses particular attention on the role of the Trump supporter, Ed Butowsky, in weaving [sounds crafty, like one creating a false story, but it wasn't false] the story...Butowsky offered to pay for Wheeler to investigate the death of the DNC aide, Seth Rich, on behalf of his grieving parents in Omaha, Neb [actually, it was on behalf of truth, mainly, and to help Trump, nothing sinister about that].

On April 20, a month before the story ran, Butowsky and Wheeler — the investor and the investigator — met at the White House with then-press secretary Sean Spicer to brief him on what they were uncovering [Trump must have heard about it, absolutely, and Trump must have liked the story].

The first page of the lawsuit quotes a voicemail and text from Butowsky boasting [maybe it wasn't quite boasting as it was announcing] that Trump himself had reviewed drafts of the Fox News story just before it went to air and was published [sounds fair enough, nothing wrong with that as it stands].

Spicer now tells NPR that he took the meeting as a favor to Butowsky, a reliable Republican voice. Spicer says he was unaware of any contact involving the president [sounds like Trump didn't want to be involved because people like those at NPR will cut him to shreds over nothing]. And Butowsky tells NPR that he was kidding about Trump's involvement [sounds like Trump let it be known to all involved that he doesn't need this headache. However, it was probably a lie because he must have heard about it].

"Rod Wheeler unfortunately was used as a pawn by Ed Butowsky, Fox News and the Trump administration to try and steer away the attention that was being given about the Russian hacking of the DNC emails," says Douglas Wigdor, Wheeler's lawyer.

It's a long article. The long and the short of it is that Wheeler feels that all three entities were using the Seth-Rich issue to save Trump from the Russian-collusion, but were not interested in actually solving the Rich murder, which was essentially his job. It was my prediction that Trump cared only for self, but not for Rich, and I blasted Trump because this is not only about the murder of one man, but of a crime ring(s) that would kill even he and his teammates. And it's about the destruction of the nation by the deep state.

There is nothing wrong with letting the Seth-Rich story solve Trump's Russia-collusion problem naturally. There is nothing wrong with what Butowski was intending to do. It was not wrong for Butowski to pay Wheeler to dig up dirt on Washington police, the FBI and the DNC, or to announce through Fox that the Washington police and its mayor were acting corruptly, or to announce that Seth Rich may have been the leaker. Those are dandy things, but Wheeler might have done those things for free. He was under the impression that he was being paid to find Rich's killers, and perhaps it's true that Butowski wasn't emphasizing that thing. Perhaps Butowski was afraid for his life, all the more reason that Trump needs to find the killers.

The problem was with the lunatic Democrats who cried foul because Butowski was trying to torpedo their Russia-collusion agenda. And another problem is on Trump if he's doing nothing to expose the killers. Hopefully, this NPR exclusive will be picked up by all major media to expose Trump the do-nothing but whatever is good for him. It's fine to combat Russia collusion with Seth Rich, but first find his killers, stupid, and then you shall be a hero as well as vindicated.

The article shows that Butowski became nasty toward Wheeler, accusing him cheaply of being an untruthful, DNC pawn. I don't recall Wheeler doing anything to deserve either charge. I do recall that he stopped talking when Fox defamed him, which is understandable, especially in light of Rich's parents being staunch DNC advocates, and for that reason ordering Wheeler to stand down (shut his mouth).

But while NPR and others love to point this feud out, and in the meantime to tarnish both men, they see nothing wrong with the FBI, even when the NPR spells out its corruption with this: "A spokeswoman for the FBI tells NPR this week that the agency has played no part in the investigation of the unsolved homicide." Tell me this isn't so. The Washington police can't find one lead, and wrongly frames the murder of an employee of a federal organization as part of a local robbery, and the FBI sees no reason whatsoever to make it their own investigation???? Tell me this isn't so.

The FBI is a federal agency, and is therefore hiding behind that screen, not willing even to entertain that Rich was killed for political purposes...which makes it a federal crime. We now have news reaching Trump (vie VIPS) that DNC material was copied five days before Rich was shot and killed. That theft of material is therefore a federal matter in itself, with or without the murder that can certainly be a political one. So, the FBI MUST get involved. Trump has every opportunity as soon as Mueller is out of the way, and Wray is in. Mueller is the one who, while under Hillary Clinton, delivered enriched uranium personally to Russia. It probably involved the wife / girlfriend of Jack Sava, the murderer / co-murderer of Seth Rich. Ironically, it was Wikileaks that uncovered this uranium sale.

Wheeler and the Fox reporter he was working with claimed that an anonymous FBI operative ("federal investigator") saw computer evidence that Seth leaked the DNC files. What did the FBI do about this possibility? Nothing? Hopefully, the identification of this investigator will come out, and, hopefully, he may prove his claim. On August 1, the Senate gave the OK (92-5 vote) to Wray. When does he start?

Trump on August 1: "I want the attorney general to be much tougher. I want the leaks from intelligence agencies, which are leaking like rarely have they ever leaked before, at a very important level. These are intelligence agencies we cannot have that happen." Sessions claims to be abiding by this directive. Will he just pussy-foot around? Will he go for lower levels and leave the higher?

When God does something, it's always beautifully done. He's intelligent, knows what points to make that are needed, and he's invincible in his tasks. I want to see what he will do. It's interesting to me. But how can I know what he's doing versus regular news? Things are turning against Hillary right now, as of today. There are several things working together right now against her. Or so it seems. While Republicans have been stingy, sidetracked by tricks and threats, or just-plain weak, God can use the weakest amongst them to become strong. And I fully expect that he will play tricks on the liberals who try to resist his coming wave(s). If the liberals think they are stronger than Jesus because they have come up better than Christians for controlling society, it's only because God has stood down, to see what they would do apart from his opposing fully. I miss the work of God in silencing his ruinous enemies. It doesn't matter that they have the potential to love one another, or to be comical or delightful or polite or charming. If they have many good qualities in a jacket with demonic values, it's a desirable drink laced with strychnine to the human race.

By the time that the "progressive" or liberal has matured fully, all the beautiful qualities will have vanished because they were merely faked in the first place, in order to make the godless message more palatable for forming liberal gangs. After the beautiful is sacrificed, the animal surfaces. That's what we have today, the animal. And this will progress farther until they start to act and sound insane. After that, they will even look insane from time to time. This is guaranteed because demons are just such animals, and God will deliver the willful sinners to them. Their thoughts will be hijacked by demonic impulses, like a short circuit in their ability to be beautiful, or of high quality. They won't be able to get it together due to demons sending in their impulses, and you will see signs of their mental lapses, as they lose the battle with the demons that they do not acknowledge, because they consider themselves too intelligent to believe in demons.

But those of us who acknowledge demons in the earth are aware that they can infiltrate our thoughts, and we keep guard against them; we pray for God's power to deliver us from them, that we might progress healthy. We ask God to send His impulses into our minds, i.e. to remind of his will and words, and thus we are the true progress of humanity. We are the true free, liberated from demonic impulses. The animals in our midst have shown themselves to be absurd. We are witnesses of this, and the liberals (free from God) will not cease to pretend and announce that they have the upper road while we walk the backward road. It's sheer deception; those willing to abandon God, that's the lie that they will cling to. Once the other side has attained animal, our persecution is just around the corner.

Great news: CNN has picked up the NPR story, and has interviewed Butowsky with the headline across the screen that the White House created a fake Seth-Rich story. This is excellent because it gives the Seth-Rich story legs. CNN and other may be thinking that they can win this issue, but I say that they will create a trap for themselves when the opposing side comes out with some silver bullets.

Butowsky says, on CNN, he's never talked to Trump in his life, and in his next breath says Trump is not involved in this issue at all. Well, how would he know if he's never talked to Trump? Butowsky then goes on to look like a liar. He is turning out to be the loser of this issue. What's his problem? He's now vilifying Wheeler, and, frankly, I'm going to disregard Butowsky.

Fox's blatant problem is that it took back (canceled) its Rich story by insinuating there were things wrong with it, but didn't bother to tell what parts were wrong with it. So, Fox is not credible on this matter. It has motives for stifling the progress of the story. Why couldn't it have just make a correction, pointing out where the story had gone a little wrong, then allow the story to continue? Because, probably, the deep state that owns Fox chiefs got involved behind the scene.

John Podesta is highly involved in political activism. He's trying to keep Trump-Russia-collusion alive, which I think is great for bringing the Seth-Rich issue back to the fore. In the meantime, Republicans, with Trump's press spokeswoman leading the charge, are turning the finger back at Hillary's uranium deal with Russia (involves Mueller). The more this gets legs, the more-likely that Mueller will be investigated for his role in selling uranium to Russia. Sean Hannity has just predicted that this Mueller story will explode within the next two years. The situation couldn't be better for a backfire on the Democrat criminals, with Mueller seeking to subdue / ruin Trump right now. Again, the more the Democrats try to ruin Trump before the Republicans get opportunities to throw their full legal weight against Omaba's forces, the more the fire will be turned up against the Democrat criminals. It sure has been nice not seeing Obama's face in the news each day. One would think that, by now, the democrats would have let up on the collusion charges, but nope:

A new report released by a D.C. think tank closely aligned with top Democrats claims there was “clear collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election, calling it “the biggest political scandal in American history” [laughable].

The Center for American Progress (CAP), the left-leaning group formerly run by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta [that explains it], released the report from its Moscow Project on Wednesday (Fox news).

Meanwhile, the Democrats close their eyes at the Clinton staple: the use political power for secretive conflict-of-interest, figuring clever ways to make big money. This is all that both Clintons do, use their political positions to make money. Clearly, the sale of uranium to Russia was for money. And, probably, Wasserman was paying the Pakistani brothers because they were selling stolen, Congressional secrets around the globe. Wasserman and others were probably getting a piece of the easy money. Hillary was able to sell her own government secrets because she was using a private server. And Obama was just like that, without regard for the nation, regarding only money-making opportunities through the use of official powers. The absolute worst of it is that half the population (Democrats) is blind to it due to political fervor. Can you believe that such a thing exists, a fervor that keeps people from acknowledging the obvious truths?

Trump signed the sanctions against Russia this week, claiming that the congress forced his hand. Fox reports that the majority vote doesn't allow Trump to veto the sanctions. I can't be sure whether Trump is unhappy with the sanctions. Russia is fuming.

Drudge has a headline: "Trump Says USA 'Losing' Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals..." Why is Trump feverish over Afghanistan. Since when are Afghans dangerous to America? Doesn't he have better things to do than to kill Afghans? Once, Trump was not a murderer, now he is. Why is it fine to become a murderer when one becomes the American president? His deep state briefings turn him into one. The military and their Intelligence people are led by demons, guaranteed. And the nastiest, most-clever demons wish to live in the White House as a priority for obvious reasons. Does satan himself choose to visit the White House regularly? Think about it. Where would he place most of his eggs? Prophecy makes him the ruler of end-time Rome.

"Tense meeting" is an NBC headline (Trump enemy), probably exaggerated to make Trump look at odds with the military. Now that Obama's not the president, NBC has no problem mentioning the "mineral wealth" of Afghanistan. Here's from the same article where Trump is said to want to replace the military chief in Afghanistan with Mattis: "Over nearly two hours in the situation room, according to the officials, Trump complained about NATO allies, inquired about the United States getting a piece of Afghan’s mineral wealth and repeatedly said the top U.S. general there should be fired." Trump, willing to kill for ther spoils of Afghan war. A monster, beloved by some Christians. Afghanistan was the first choice for Bush as a result of his 9-11 scam. Figure it out? It wasn't a war to kill bad people, but to worm into a position with hands on the country's wealth. With all the problems on his American plate, do you really think that Trump cares for the state of the Afghan government to the point of pushing more war there? There's no end of Muslim nations to "save" by invading...all in the name of making America great again?

Zowie, just look at the money-monster that the article paints:

Trump vented to his national security team that the veterans told him forces from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have not been helpful, and he lamented that China is making money off of Afghanistan's estimated $1 trillion in rare minerals while American troops are fighting the war, officials said. Trump expressed frustration that his advisers tasked with figuring out how the U.S. can help American businesses get rights to those minerals were moving too slowly, one official said.

Those are real humans in American military gear, Mr. President, and the Afghans you wish to kill are real fathers and husbands. Are the metals in Afghan rocks so important that you would order their deaths for it? Daniel 11 says that the anti-Christ will love precious stones, the symbol of the rich. Can we figure out from this that satan will produce a man that loves precious stones?

The article, from first to last, paints Trump as off-course with all the generals, even Mattis. But I can't trust a pro-Democrat article when treating an issue of a Republican president. The writer likely has a bent to make the president look worse than the truth may be. However, it is logical that, if Trump wants to "win" the Afghan war badly enough to cause waves in the military leadership, the entry into the story of Afghan minerals and other wealth is likely correct.

Trump's secretary of Treasury wants to raise the debt ceiling. The biggest surprise here is that Trump was the hypocrite in hiring a Wall-Street man for the secretary of Treasury. Interest on the American debt goes to make bankers fabulously wealthy without lifting a finger to do any work, or be of benefit to the people. The greater the debt, the happier the bankers. Many try to convince us that America borrows from China (as though from the Chinese government), but I think that the claim of borrowed Chinese money can be purely a hoax, or, at best, deliberate disinformation. The truth may be that the money is obtained from Chinese banks with Western roots or footholds, and that the bankers who are the true loaners deliberately cite China to make the American people think that the money is not borrowed from Western, international banksters. I ask you, why would the United States government borrow from the very Chinese government that it opposes? It only makes the Chinese government richer, does it not? Fox news is arguing, "It would be foolhardy for the president to veto any legislation to raise the debt ceiling..." For the life of me, I can't see why it's foolhardy to refuse to put the people in greater debt. Fox is a deep-state puppet, isn't that right?

The West conducts faked terror acts from lone wolves because they are far easier to fake than if the attacks come from groups that then need to be found. Obviously, if the attacks are faked, the FBI and other spy agencies don't want / need to be troubled seeking a group that doesn't exist, and then looking stupid when it can't find it, or risking illegalities when fabricating a fake group(s). This explains why an article on the next, fake al-Qaeda reads: "The first video message from Hamza released a year ago hailed lone-wolf terror attacks..." (Daily Mail). Hamza is supposedly bin-Laden's son. He's now in the news as desiring to lead al-Qaeda, which, for me, verifies that Baghdadi is dead as per months ago (May, I think it was, when the Russians claimed they got him). "A former FBI agent who has read letters written by a 22-year-old Hamza, which are now declassified, said he seems motivated and prepared to avenge his father."

This seems like preparation for the use of this man, and his group, by Mattis, Kelly, and Trump. If Trump doesn't know that Hamza is an American puppet, I'd be surprised, and the globe trodders will need to work around him. If Trump knows it and is going along with it, then he has agreed to be the next Obama, a puppet himself of the Middle-East warriors, the international deep state.

Hamza is merely a bogeyman that does not exist as such. "He was filmed calling for terrorist attacks on London, Washington and Paris in an audio message released by the organization in 2015." Yep, that was a Western plot in the planning since then. We saw clowns at work when there were police officers with their pants down on the street during a terror attack. It was simply incredible that the major media did not do a story with their pants literally off, actors changing clothes on the sidewalk to pose as part of the attack. This is what's been going on, guaranteed. Trump has shown signs that he's willing to stay hush on the faked attacks, even though he became the president by quasi-promises to do something against false-flag events.

Trump, if you do this, curses on your head, you imposter. Deceiving the nation is not the job description of the president. I don't care how much you convince yourself that it's good for the nation. At the root of this garbage is the take-over of a world region not your own, and it's completely murderous and ruinous. The article says: "'He's basically saying, 'American people, we're coming and you're going to feel it. And we're going to take revenge for what you did to my father…Iraq…Afghanistan'…the whole thing was about vengeance,' Soufan said". Translation: expect more lone-wolf terror acts. But knowing that repeated lone-wolf attacks look suspicious, the government goons then frame family members and friends of the attacker, and jail them. It makes the act look less of a lone-wolf deed, and I expect them to get better at widening the acts to more-numerous numbers as they practice their theater.

Sometimes the attackers and friends are real, and other times they don't exist at all. If some Muslim can be convinced by undercover FBI / CIA agents to do a trick, they like it best that way, safer, more credible. But it means real civilian deaths and real injuries, like in 9-11. World, these imposters are deeply cruel, demonic, while they keep angelic faces.


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