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May 17 - 23, 2016


The Syrian axis, along with the Syrian Kurds, have announced the imminent attack on the ISIS capital in Syria.

According to Interfax: "05/17 22:44 Lavrov: We don't support Assad, we support fight against terrorism (Part 2)". That seems shocking enough, looking like Russia has distanced itself from Assad. Not really, but the statement can appear that way, or that Russia is neutral as concerns the fate of Assad. Probably, this was said to give appearances to the West that Russia is not backing the Syrian attack on the ISIS capital. The Kurds are wanting this to be their city when taken from ISIS, and Russia needs to play both these Kurds and Assad as the latter two dicker for the city's primary control. As the main element in the peace talks, Russia needs to show a neutral face.

As the Syrians are telling that they aim to attack ISIS' capital (Raqqah) from three sides, does this mean that the fighters will escape into Turkey? Where will the monster go lick its wounds if ISIS is chased out of Mosul too? Won't a concentrated war begin if ISIS loses?

The Unites States is clearly competing for Raqqah with the Syrian axis:

The United States is not planning any joint operations with Russia to liberate the Syrian city of Raqqa from Daesh, US Department of Defense spokesperson Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza told Sputnik on Friday. "We are not planning any operations with Russia to jointly liberate Raqqa..."

Media reports on Thursday indicated that Kurdish forces may be planning an imminent operation to liberate the Islamic State stronghold. According to reports, coalition aircraft [who, the U.S.?] dropped leaflets over the city on Thursday, calling on civilians to evacuate.

During a US Senate hearing earlier in May, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter stated that the ultimate purpose of the United States deploying additional military personnel to Syria is to reclaim Raqqa from the Islamic State.

I see. The U.S. wants to lay claim to the Raqqa operation, and wants Russia to stay out of it. Achem. What took you so long, Obama? Now that Syria is going in, suddenly you're doing a parallel operation. Achem. The Syrian Kurds are being portrayed as part of the American thrust. "The top US commander for the Middle East secretly visited northern Syria on Saturday, for a first-hand look at efforts to build cohesive alliances of Arab, Kurd and other local fighters to defeat the Islamic State (IS). U.S. Army Gen Joseph Votel flew into northern Syria..." It looks like this important flight is to slant the Raqqah offensive toward Western authority. Good luck. Ultimately, this is Assad's turf.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurds are on their knees with the U.S., wanting support for their "divorce," as their leader is calling it, from Iraq. And not happy with the U.S., Kurdistan is still cuddling up with Iran: "Interior Minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Abdelkarim Sinjari underlined that KRG is willing to further deepen its highly important cooperation with Iran. "The relations of the Iraqi Kurdistan region with the Islamic Republic of Iran are of strategic importance; we are trying to broaden such," Sinjari said in a meeting with Iran's Kurdistan Governor General Abdel Mohammad Zahedi in the city of Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan Region on Thursday, Fars News Agency reported."

From Sputnik:

Russia has offered the US to launch joint airstrikes in Syria against the al-Nusra Front, one of the most dangerous militant groups in the Middle East. The initiative would be a logical part of the war on terrorism, but may face some unexpected obstacles.

...However, the Pentagon has rejected the offer.

"We do not collaborate or coordinate our operation with the Russians. As the Secretary [Carter] has said, Russian operations are supporting and enabling the Assad Regime which is like pouring fuel on a fire. We remain focused solely on degrading and defeating ISIL [Daesh]," US Department of Defense spokesman Matthew Allen told Sputnik

I see. The Americans had recently agreed to work with the Russians on the Western-backed peace initiative, but when it comes to attacking Nusra Front, Assad's enemy, suddenly the United States doesn't work with Russia. I see. I see very clearly, and so does Russia, laughing. "Russia and the US have been in bilateral talks over a plan to end the Syrian war. Moscow's offer on joint actions against al-Nusra Front was aimed at eliminating one of the main obstacles in the peaceful settlement." Makes the Americans look hypocritical. The Russians are laughing because it's obvious the Americans want Nusra Front to thrive, meaning that the U.S. military / government has egg on its face. Shame, America, talking like such an angel, but using terrorist groups to realize your Middle-Eastern schemes. Probably, by using the ceasefire, the West was hoping to keep the Syria-Russia axis from invading anything. Didn't work. It only allows both sides to rest for going another round.

What happened to the invasion of Mosul announced by Iraq? Now look: "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the launching of an offensive to retake the Islamic State stronghold of Falluja after the military told residents on Sunday to get ready to leave before fighting started." It goes on to say, "But Islamic State still controls vast swathes of territory and major cities such as Mosul in the north. Iraqi authorities have pledged to retake Mosul this year, although some officials question in private whether the army will be ready in time." What officials? Americans? Yes, probably. The Americans, so worried about losing the ISIS backbone for their own use against Assad, have continually been using the excuse that Iraq's military is not ready for a Mosul operation.

As this war for Syria grows more strenuous, it's bound to create a backlash from Russia to Israel. For some time now, a friendship of sorts, perhaps mainly feigned, has been expressed between Russia and Israel. But with Israel opposing Assad, and Russia holding to him as its foothold in the Middle East, the friendship is bound to show cracks as the going gets tougher. Israel's anti-Assad position is with the gamble that the next Syrian government will be less anti-Israeli. The best way to accomplish this is for an American victory over Assad, and the implementation of a pro-American leader in Syria. Yet this is not what God wants to see of end-time Israel. Besides, Israeli trust in America has recently been exposes as a hoax. America is not in the Middle East for Israel, at least not under Obama. Nor was America in the Middle East for Israel under Bush.

America wants peace in the Middle East so long as it's heavily tilted pro-West. But this necessitates an intrusion on Russian interests in the latter's own back yard. Russia is absolutely correct to desire trade ties with Middle-Eastern nations, just as no one can argue against America wanting trade ties with its neighbors. But in order to retain a pro-west Middle East, the West needs to slime Russia, and it's this thing that is fundamentally wrong, whether or not Russia is a superpower. It's simply wrong to pour slime over a nation when seeking to intrude its neighbors. The West intruded into the affairs of the Ukraine to make it a pro-West nation, and this got a Russian backlash. We probably haven't seen the end of it.

Direct competition for the Middle East is not anything I recall during the Cold War, albeit I wasn't following news very closely in those years. The current competition has the Russian media bragging about its military powers, trying to make Russians on the street believe that Russia is not the underdog between it and the U.S. military. This should come as a shock, for it signals willingness from Putin to use the military, and we have seen this already in Syria in direct confrontation with U.S. interests there. So, we have arrived to witnessing the fruit of the Cold War, an imminent hot war smack in Prophecy Land. This can go on for years, with twists and turns no one can predict the whole of.

These things are, in my opinion, pre-prophecy events that need to pan out as prophecy expects them. We do see a strong Russia-Iran relationship, but if this is Ezekiel's Gog, whom do we think is Togarmah. Meshech and Gomer today? Perhaps its countries like Ossetia and Chechnya, the northern Caucasus within the Russian political sphere. If correct, one can see that Ezekiel's prophecy is yet a good distance in time away. We would first need to see dire animosity between Russia and Israel. We know it exists already between Israel and Iran, but, so far, Russia is too preoccupied in Syria in a tit-for-tat struggle with America to be so much as toying with an invasion of Israel. It seems that such an invasion represents an ambitious program. If I'm correct in seeing Isaiah 10 as the invasion of the Russia axis into Israel, we need to see a Russian agent taking Damascus first.

The U.S. may be using smoke and mirrors in Syria at this time to distract Russia while there's a secret plot to assassinate Assad. An event like that is one where I can envision the Russians moving in to take control of the nation on behalf of Assad's supporters. It would place a Russian agent in Damascus. Either Syria or Iraq can fulfill the end-time neo-Seleucid kingdom prophesied by Daniel 11.

If Russia is forced to take leadership in Syria, a next logical move would be the continuation of the war against ISIS, and this could see the Baathist Sunni installed in Mosul on Russia's behalf. We never hear much about the Iraqi Baathists; it's always about ISIS. I suppose that the Baathists are behaving themselves, which, if true, can catapult them into a leadership position in Mosul. Assad is himself a Baathist so that we expect many Baathist leaders put in place directly under his own leadership. Thus, a Baathist sweep between Syria and Mosul is not unimaginable.

If the Russians were to simply flex their muscles and use them to a fair degree, the West would back down helpless. In seeing this, the bear would continue to gobble up all it can. If something like this takes place, and if the Russian agent in Damascus is also anti-Israeli, we should start to get word out that prophecy could be in fulfillment. I would expect the West to practically beg Russia for a partnership in the Middle East in an effort to appease its anger. There are not going to be many Western leaders eager to start a military confrontation with Russia, even if it is the underdog. Sometimes, underdogs win, and there is too much at stake here to risk a loss. Russia might be happy with a partnership with the U.S. if Russia is in the driver's seat, or even if the West accepts Russia's right to be in Syria.

What would make a Russian agent in Damascus want to invade Israel? Hezbollah, for one. Hezbollah is in Syria supporting Assad as Iran's agent. Damascus is near the Lebanese border so that a Russian agent in Damascus could have a clear path to northern Israel, aside from pro-West Lebanese elements standing in his way. It's do-able if Hezbollah is determined enough to create a schism in its own country. And the Russian agent might think that taking Israel away from the West is the ultimate ticket for revamping the Middle East toward a pro-Russia position.

But if this is to become close to the reality, then we are to be looking for an overflowing army to be swept away just as / before the Russian agent arises. My view of the prophecy (Dan. 11:22) is that the leader of the nation is overthrown by the overflowing army, afterwhich the anti-Christ steps in to assist the losers. It doesn't predict Assad's assassination, but more like his military defeat, unless the prophecy refers to the Iraqi leader. Daniel doesn't tell which nation it will be, telling only that it will be a neo-Seleucid kingdom. The Seleucids ruled from Babylon (near Baghdad) to the heart of Syria.

But wait. What if Assad's defeat has already been fulfilled? He was as good as dead, until the Russians stepped in to take his case. For all we know, Russia has an agent in Damascus already, working closely with Assad. Or, this agent might soon be applied there. Or, we could be 50 years off. No one is trying to tickle your ears here. The hard fact is, we might die before prophecy takes place. Yet, we would be foolish not to keep watch, because others need us to alert them, and things can start to happen fast.

The following article takes the position that the U.S. truly seeks to liberate Raqqah:

The raw Sunni recruits in crisp camouflage uniforms, popping off rounds at the firing range at a U.S. training camp here, illustrate the dilemma for the United States as it seeks to form a strong military force to drive the Islamic State from its capital, Raqqah.

The United States could try to build the Sunni army it would want, ideally, to capture Raqqah, a Sunni city. But that might take years. Or it can go with the army it has, which is dominated by the tough, experienced Kurdish fighters from the YPG militia. They're anathema to Turkey, to the north, and to the official Syrian political opposition. But the rampaging Syrian Kurds get the job done.

The United States is trying to do some of both, by building a new opposition coalition under the makeshift banner of the "Syrian Democratic Forces," or SDF, which integrates Sunnis, Christians, Turkmen and other inexperienced fighters with the larger, powerhouse that is the YPG. That's not ideal politically but it makes military sense.

"We do, absolutely, have to go with what we've got," says Gen. Joseph Votel, the Centcom commander who oversees the war here, at the end of a long Saturday spent touring SDF bases. A small group of reporters was on the trip on condition that we couldn't write about it until we had left the country. It was a rare chance to report from inside Syria

It could take years? Yes, if the U.S. has it's way, yes. And why did the commander take reporters with him unless the O-dministration wanted to make a big deal over this Raqqah visit? Yes, because the U.S. seeks to make the Raqqah offensive it's own ballgame, taking it away from the Russian axis. But Raqqah is not Iraqi Kurdistan. Raqqah is under the Syrian umbrella. The Americans are meddling under the Syrian umbrella. They don't mind meddling because they have this fantasy that they are the angels of the globe. It's very predictable that the U.S. would turn Raqqah into an anti-Assad fort, which only aggravates the war further. What king of an angel is that?

The U.S. has the problem of having the Syrian Kurds as the primary fighting force against ISIS, and while the Americans inside Syria would try to secure the safe flight of ISIS fighters to some other city / town, the Kurds won't abide by such a wish. Nor will the Kurds like to see Raqqah go to the Sunni. There really is a question on the depth of loyalty between the Syrian Kurds and the U.S. In fact, these Kurds are likely using the U.S. for whatever they can. Ultimately, these Kurds know they need to wheel-and-deal with Assad for Syrian territory; it's not the U.S. whose going to give them some, by the looks of things as they now stand. Then again, if Daniel 11:22 refers to the future defeat of Assad, we should be expecting a reversal in Assad's fortunes. Russia, in a bid to take Kurdish loyalties away from the Americans, is trying to lure the Kurds to itself with a promise of negotiating on their behalf (with Assad) when it comes to setting up their Syrian territory.

In the meantime, Turkey is vehemently opposed to this Kurdish state in Syria, and the enmity happens to revolve around ancient Carchemish, which, according to Isaiah 10, is taken by the anti-Christ.

So, the American angel is willing to be used by the Kurds in an effort to keep these Kurds from turning closer to Russia, but that's not really the definition of an angel. It's a liar. By now, the Kurds know it. If the U.S. insists on staying in the Syrian quagmire, it cannot operate angelically. It is but a man, evil in all his ways, and you, Christian American, need to recognize it, stop playing the patriotic fool. There is only One Righteous, and America, from the government to law makers to military is far worse than a filthy rag. This American rag is drenched in the demonic grease that facilitates its war machine. Why can't you see it? End-time preaching is not to the unconverted only, but to Christians in love with America. How far down the tunnel of Tartarus must America go before patriots realize that this thing stinks? You can't lump America in with Jesus. You should abandon all notions that see Jesus overseeing America.

We have yet to see where the 666 system originates. It's going to be from a government with ooh-ahh / "miraculous" sky power, which doesn't speak to ISIS or Kurds or even the Syrians and Iraqis. Best guess: still the American government, owner of the American military.


When it was discovered that Lupus Laevillus (first-century Israel) traced (not too-many weeks ago) with the name of his mother to the northern shore of lake Geneva (Switzerland), I was hoping that FE, a resident of that area, was reading along. I had not heard from her for a long time. But she wrote on May 7 to say that she had been at that area of my updates, and added a few things that led me to Neuchatel, north of Geneva.

The Arms of ROCHEfort use eight symbols (besants) around a border. The Baudry surname with the ROOKs suggests the ROQUEfeuil family in Switzerland, which compliments my trace of it to the namers of neighboring Valais. Nothing else concerning the heraldry of both Baudry surnames can suggest Roquefeuil, but when we get to the Boaters/Bowaters/Boughwaters, they have eight footless martlets around the border, a reflection of the Arms of ROCHdale. That latter place is suspect with the Rooks and Rookbys both using rooks. As I know that Henry IV of Rodez married a daughter of Roquefeuil, finding that the Henry martlets are in the red of the Boater martlets is excellent to corroborate the trace of the Roquefeuil-Rodez marriage to Baudry and/or other parts of Neuchatel. Note that Henrys and Rooks share the blue chevron, and that Rooks use it in colors reversed from the same of Sions/Swans/Sine's.

Boaters even throw in a single, white-on-black crescent, the symbol of Motts/Mottins who were first found in Cotes-du-Nord, smack where/beside the first French Henrys. Plus, the Boater crescent is on an escutcheon in colors reversed from the same of Saddocks who in-turn share eight footless martlets around a border in the colors of the same of Rochdale. This place is in the same place (Lancashire) as the first Chaddocks, while Chads are expected with a version of the Arms of Sion. Reminder, Henry-suspect Enrico's use the fretty of Modens/Modeys while the latter can be traced well to Modane and/or Switzerland's Moudon, suspect with the Motts/Mottins.

This finding of Boaters is excellent for another reason, where the Boater Coat is a reflection of the Nitt/NAUGHT Coat! It can start to link Naughts to "NEUCHATel." The NITTs/Naughts (Hound colors) were first found in the same place (Dumfries) as the NITH river, home of the proto-Geddes Geds, and then Geddes' are sharing the Chaddock / Chadwick escutcheon. The canton of Valais (also called "Wallis") named the Walsers who are not only using the split colors of Sion and Valais, but share MeluSINE with the Glass' (BUTEshire), and then while Klassens use "Lady Fortuna," the Nitts/Naughts use a "fortunae" motto term. Excellent. Plus, I have been tracing the Fortuna talbot to the same of Huns, and the Hunds/Hundacre's use more rooks! Excellent. Plus, as Melusine is known to have been of the so-called Melusines peoples of Lusignan, it seems that the three fesses of Baudrys are a version of the Arms of Lusignan. If that's not enough, it's suggesting that LUSignan elements named LAUSanne near Neuchatel.

This recalls that while Aubin is near Rodez, the English Albins/Aubins (share green Shield with Arms of Roquefeuil) share the blue formee-fitchee cross of Mea's/Meighs, from the Meu river, where French Henrys are said to derive, explaining why Italian Albino's, first found in Modane-like Modena, share the trefoil of Rods, the latter from the Rodez-Roquefeuil merger. The Saraca's were traced through Modena to Sion, and the Arms of Saraca share white-on-blue fish with Geds. Furthermore, Saraca's lived in Ragusa, what was also called Laus, and this place, along with Laus beside Saracena, was traced to "LAUSanne" on less evidence that what has just been found here. The Arms of Baudry itself uses the white-on-blue fish, an excellent indication that Baudry was named by peoples in Budva, anciently Butua (lower-left of light map), smack beside Kotor (not shown), where the Saraca's are said (Wikipedia) to have lived before moving to Ragusa.

This predicts that the Roche's/Roach's are using fish because they named Rochefort. Note that the so-called moline cross of French Roche's has the same tops, like fish tails, as the rooks shown above.

It just so happens I opened FE's Neuchatel email while dealing with a woman in the last update, whom I half-suspect to be my future wife (as explained), and her surname is Kilpatrick (first found in Dumfries), a surname that had a castle on the Nith river! Zowie. And Kilpatricks share the black-on-white saltire with Boaters! Zinger. And the Kilpatrick-related Patch's share the black hunting horn with Bernice's and Burns, while Bernice's share the Arms-of-Saraca fesse. This all allows a trace to the fish of German Boets/Butts/Bute's (fish on a fesse, same as the Saraca fish) because they can be suspect with Boaters / Baudrys, and, for that matter, it's evoking the Bauts, first found in the same place as Bouillons (Sion liners). The latter use the flory cross of Birds/Burds ("mea" motto term!) in colors reversed, and then Birds/Burds share the red-on-white martlets with Boaters! Bingo. And Boets became suspect with "BOETus," the name of the house to which the Saddock-like Sadducees belonged in the time of Joseph Caiaphas and Annas (both high priests of Israel who together killed Jesus)! The lines from Annas (or ANANus) trace to Annandale, in Dumfries, right?

Annandale was traced to the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, but here it may be correct that the white-on-red square in the Arms of Placentia are showing in the Arms of Saint-AUBIN-Sauges (Neuchatel). Although I don't know the official name of the Placentia square, it could be the Geddes / Chaddock escuthcheon.

Incredible. While Mrs. Kilpatrick has a Hykes maiden name, the Hykes'/Hacks (same place as Caiaphas-suspect Chives', and Patch's) are using the version of the Chives Coat while the latter share the black-on-white moline of Roche's. The other Hykes'/Hake's use fish!!! I would not have known her Hykes maiden name had not my real-estate agent, her aunt's husband, told me just before moving away from Texas. The Hicks of Somerset married an Arthur family that traces to the Arduinici on the BAUTica river. The Patch's share black martlets with Glenns and Glenny while the Nith has a Glencaple location. German Glenns (Peebles-shire, near the Nith) are in Hick colors while sharing the PATEE cross in the colors of the same of Claptons, important because the Hicks who married Arthurs lived in Clapton (Somerset). Glennys were kin of Manner-related Mens' while Manders use a "laus" motto term. As Douglas Castle is near the Nith, the Douglas heart can be in the Glenn Crest.

Clovis was born, Chlodovech, and then CLYDEsdale is beside Nithsdale. Clydesdale (Lanarkshire) includes the Biggar location. Clauds have a Clausel variation that I trace to the Clausula river (like "Close") near Kotor. As I claimed years ago that Rice's (share raven with Rooks) were either a branch, or a close merger with, Roquefeuil / Rockefeller liners, it's now notable that RISinium/Rhizon is beside Budva and Kotor. It's also notable that Baudrys use bars because the Bar location near Budra should apply. Barrs were first found in Ayrshire while the Nith has a source in East Ayrshire. Barrs (hunting horns) use the Este eagle while Mens' (Glenny Shield) and Este's are in the motto of Pepins = Merovingians. Este is in PADua/PADOVa, part of the BATAVi Franks, in my opinion, the known ancestors of Merovingian Franks. It's a good bet that the Baths / Battins/Badens were Batavi Franks that named Germany's Baden. Both Bute's and Bude's use an Este-linkable star theme. Mythical king Arthur (code for the Arthur family) was gleaned as a Merovingian family in Britain.

It can now be added that the fesse in the Arms if Bevaix (Neuchatel) is colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Saraca, and that Bevaix likewise uses a white-on-blue fish. FE started out the email by indicating the similarity of "Bevaix" with "Vevey." Vevey (near Lausanne) had already traced to Veys/Vivians, and therefore to Morgan le Fay of Avalon = BUTE. And Vevey is at the very area where Lupus Laevillus traced. Laevillus' mother, VIBia Varia, was then suspect with the namers of VEVey and the VIVians. Note the "Vive et Vivas" motto term of Craigs, for they share the white-on-black crescent with Boaters! This is excellent because I've been tracing "Carrick" to "Saraca" while Carricks (talbot) are said to be descended from Craigs. One side of the Arms of Bevaix looks like it uses a version of the Arms of Sion / Valais.

It strikes me here that the BoWATER variation of Boaters is for their merger with the Waters, for the latter can be share the three Arms-of-Baudry chevrons in colors reversed. It's feasible for "Water" to be a version of the Walser / Walter / Walter/Watter / Watt / Vatt surnames. The latter two use glasses hanging from a tree while Glass' (BUTEshire) share Melusine with Walsers.

Did you ever watch ROCKFORD FILES? I tried to avoid it, but it strikes me here -- knowing that the Masonic-related movie / television / music industry uses heraldic code in the names of their products -- that "File" is like "RoqueFEUIL. The latter syllable was traced to Fullers, for example, who may thus be using a red version of the Baudry fesse bars (the first Pollocks lived near Bute). The Fullers were pegged / assumed to be from the first known Pollock (FULbert), and to this I can add that Daddys/Dowds share the gold-on-green Pollock saltire. Daddy's cropped up in the last update because I had found it as a surname listed in some directory for the adopted daughter of Mrs. Kilpatrick. Daddys are mentioned because of the "DAT" motto term of Irish Rocheforts, and because the Arms of Roquefeuil are in Daddy / Pollock colors.

I would guess that the French Rocheforts/Rockfords are using a version of the SOLway cross because "sol" is a motto term of Rooks. There is a Solway Firth (body of water) that leads to Dumfries; the mouth of the Nith is at this Solway Firth. The bird in the Crest of Irish Rocheforts is said to be a robin, as is the SULLivan Crest. CAROLingian Franks (partly Pepinids and represented by Martel-like martlets) were assumed at the naming of CARLysle, opposite the tip of this firth from Dumfries. The Nith has a Carron Waters tributary, and then Irish Carrons happen to share the CAMEL head with Pepins. This is amazing, for GLENNs / Glennys were assumed to be from GAULONites of Israel's GAMALa location! Stunning. I didn't realize until now that Glenns should have named Glen.

As Letts use organ pipes as part-code for Pepin-related Pipe's, the latter sharing the camel too, it's likely that the Carrons are using the Annas Shield, for I view Letts with a version of the Annan and Annas Coats combined. Pattersons, said to be a branch of Patricks (I agree), use another camel head.

Irish Rocheforts ("ALAS") are said to have been Latinized as "RUPE Fortis," and so Ropers/Rupers were looked up (checking for identification with Roquefeuil liners). Irish Rocheforts can be using the lion of Pools/Pulls and French Pohls/Pols, and for this cause I'd like to repeat that Pullys/Pullens are suspect with "feuil" along with Fullers. Entertain a Rockefeller trace to Pully, therefore, for Pully is smack beside LAUSanne. Ropers have a "Lux" motto term while LUXembourg is part of the LUSignan family of terms. There is a Lux/Laux surname sharing the black-on-gold bull head with German Pohls (LUSatia theater). The latter are likely using the three feathers in this Arms of Rothschild because it uses buffalo horns as well.

Lux's are said to be from Baden-Wurttemberg, clinching their link to Zahringers of that place, for the latter used the buffalo while the Pohl bull is said to be a buffalo. "Buffalo" can be code for a Boeuf- / Boeff-like variation of "Bouillon." Enter "Pohl" at this description page:

It can be gleaned here that the Rochefort / Pool lion is that of Rita's, and that Boeuf-related Roets (originated in Picardy) are involved, who trace back to Pollock / Pully roots in Vespasia Polla, mother of a dragon-related Roman emperor, the one who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, and whose family I think adopted / protected at least one member (Josephus the historian) of Caiaphas' family. Roet-related Karens/Kerns were first found in the same place (Silesia) as German Pohls.

Ropers are said to have had relationship with Holdens (red eagles without beaks called "allerions" as code for the Allers), the latter using escutcheons in colors reversed from those of Chaddocks. I see the Roper Coat / eagle as that of Ardons/Artois' (Casey eagle?), and then Artois (beside Picardy) traced with near-certainty to the Arduinici. It works because Artois' share the red eagle (in Crest). The Arduinici of Ivrea (Bautica river) are known to have had a branch in ONEGLia (Liguria), part of the NAGLE bloodline. Nagle's are said to be from an D'ANGULo character while Ropers use an "ANGLis" motto term. That explains it.

Arduinici of Oneglia married the Doria family, and Doria's use an eagle in colors reversed from the Roper / Artois eagle. No kidding, the Ardon/Artois eagles were traced to the red eagle of English BOTTERs! It predicts that Botters, no surprise really, were a branch of the namers of Baudry. This has got to be from the house of Boetus.

If the red Artois eagle has a key in its beak, it can be of the keys in the Angel Coat. The "Francis" motto term of Ropers can be for the Frank surname sharing the Pollock / Daddy saltire, and moreover Franks use a "nati" motto term that can be for Nith-river liners of the Natt/Nathan kind. Natts/Nathans are probably using a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat so that the namers of Neuchatel can be Rothschild liners for yet another reason (the first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan). Rothschilds were descended from Pollocks and thus trace to emperor Vespasian. Holdens share "Nec" with RODhams and RUTHERfords.

The Arms of Cortaillod (in Boudry) are in Roquefeuil colors, and use a potent cross, symbol of Templar Jerusalem.

The problem with a trace of "Nith" to "Neuchatel" is that the latter is said to have derived in "neu chatel = new castle," and it's pretty hard to argue against that. One possibility is that a surname arose from "Neuchatel" that then named Naughts and Nitts and later the Nith. This river was the Novius to Latins. I'm not very keen on this idea, but it's worth presenting here. I don't know when the Nith was named. Look at some variations of Naughtens (falcons). The Naughten description assures that they had merged with the Swords. It's the so-called "falcon CLOSE" in the Naughten Crest that betrays this surname from the Nith, for that's the location of CLOSEburn, where Kilpatrick castle was located! Amazing. I would guess that the Naughten swords are a version of the Frank saltire. I see the BORDer swords in the Naughten Coat.

As Pollocks are said to be derived from Clovis, the British Frank surnames were assumed to be from Clovis, son of CHILDeric, and the Close surname even shows a CLOVSe variation. I am beside myself here because, when looking for Mrs. Kilpatrick's address five years ago, so that I could mail her the package, I found that her house was listed also with a Mr. CHILDs (probably the previous owner). Scottish Naughtens can be linked to English Thors because German Thors trace to THURingia, where Childeric's wife (Basina) lived. As Carolingians were named after CHARLES Martel, a Pepinid and therefore a Merovingian, note that English Charles' share the Child eagle. The Charles Shield is split horizontal in the colors of the same of at least one Arms on the Baudry page. French Charles'/Charlotte's/Charlemagne's (German-Glenn chevron?) use martlets, no surprise.

"One of the most important Merovingian cemeteries in the [Neuchatel] canton was discovered at Les Battieux in Serrieres." This would be a good place to add that Serrieres-like Sears and Sere's share the same chevron as Childs, and that Sere-related Zerrs/Zehrers (Zahringer bloodline) use hatchets as code for Hatchets/HACKETs (same fish as Geds), linkable to the Hack / Hake variations of the Hykes'! Amazing coincidences. Hatchets/Hackets (share "spes mea" with Birds/Burds) can be using the Rod trefoils, not forgetting that Birds share the red martlet with Rod-related Henrys. It's linking Hacket liners to the Meu river (Brittany). Compare the Hicks (Datt/Dade colors) with the other Birds. Chances are, the Hick stag head connects to the same of KEITHs because the Birds are probably using the fesse of CHETTle's/Chee's (same place as Chettle's).

Les Battieux in Serrieres reminded me of the Bats, Baths/Atha's and Battins/Badens (same place as BORDers), all related and linked to the bats of Scottish Randolphs (same cross as Baths/Atha's). This works because the Rands (same place as Touts) show the three white-on-red chevrons in the Arms of Neuchatel (and Baudry), and, moreover, while Dunhams share the Coat of English Randolphs, the Singletarys/Singletons share the same three chevrons (along with more martlets). It's important because Jonathan Singletary, ancestor of Obama, changed his surname to Dunham, surname of Obama's mother. The Birds connect to Taddei's in relation to the Bouillon bloodline, and the Hicks use a "Tout" motto term. Compare Tottens with Chettle's / Rands. Singletons are said to have had a branch in Lancashire so that their martlets can be those of Rochdale.

Bute-like Butlers (cups) use a version of the Dunham / Randolph Coat.

This has been a rare, short update.


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