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November 29 - December 5, 2016

The Hitler Enfield Griffin to the Tay River
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As with most updates in the past many months, this one is not proof read. It's written in basic language as I go along from day-to-day, trying to keep it simple. Expect some typing mistakes. This long update has many new and key revelations in the heraldry department, and digs deeper into Hitler kin as may pertain to the end-time wicked one.

One of the things going hand-in-hand with the watching of prophecies, when they can be imminent, is the quality of faith. Jesus said that faith will become weak for many immediately before his appearance. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have a problem with certain scriptures. It makes me ask questions. And I think there are a lot of people who would love to put faith in Jesus, but are having a hard time knowing whether he really is the living Son of God. The very concept or promise of eternal life, bypassing the sting of death, and having a better life to wait for, are dynamics that any ordinary person should desire / value. Some people react to the extreme, thinking it all too good to be true, and there is procrastination or hesitation because they don't want to put faith in something that may not be true. One of the first questions from someone with very weak faith would be whether or not the New-Testament writers were telling the truth, the whole truth, so help them God.

The best approach to Jesus is to clear the mind of everything that his enemies have said about him, and to read the things that the New Testament writers claim for him. Once you have read the gospel accounts, you can ask questions. You can talk to others about your questions, but you will probably defeat the purpose if you listen to the enemy, for he has created many underhanded ways to discredit the Bible as a whole. It generally works best on those who don't know the scriptures very well. It doesn't work on those who know the scriptures with a healthy faith. If there really was anything to the enemy's arguments, there should not be millions of believers who know their Bible very well. People are not prone to believing myth. I personally have been a believer for almost 40 years, and so just check out what I have to say.

First off, I am wise enough to know that evolution, apart from the existence of a God, is impossible. Life is before my eyes along with an array of non-living wonders sufficient that I know, without a doubt, that a Creator exists. And if there is someone who can produce all that I see, all the I understand, and all that is too high for me to understand, then I will also rule out the belief of some that God directed long-age evolution as the scientists teach it. In fact, I think evolutionists are some of the biggest dopes this world has to offer. There is a God, a Creator, and if you don't at least believe this, I frankly think there can be little hope for you. You would fall under the category of a complete dope, blind to the very miracle of your own life. Sorry, but facts are facts.

Assuming that the reader believes in a Creator but doesn't know whether he is the father of Jesus, versus the Allah of Muslims, or some other type of God who has not revealed himself by any writings, we can begin from there. Let's ask whether it's logical for God to want to reveal himself to mankind, but let's also ask why his revelation of Himself would be insufficient to most. Clearly, God remains hidden from men for the most part, leaving us mainly with the riddle of Creation. It acts bountifully as evidence of his existence, yet he himself seems to remain hidden from our senses. Is this a game that he delights in playing? Does he enjoy being invisible, to spy on us, to watch what we do and say? Or is it a major project of some sort akin to what the Jewish Bible tends to claim, often between the lines? Is it logical for God to want to communicate with us in some way? If so, why did he choose the prophets rather than just appearing before the people at regular intervals, just to say, "here I am, your boss in living color." I think the latter method would have eliminated many of the wars and other atrocities, but this is not the way he chose to behave toward us.

One can get the impression that God wants to give us marks, or to score our deeds, as a teacher does with an essay or an exam. We are granted life in a free world, and we either pass or fail. This seems to be what his project entails, according to the Jewish Bible, though I would argue that life is also a boot camp, a training ground, specially for those who pass the test. In order to make the testing proper, he had to remain invisible so that those who fail are proven guilty by their deeds. If God showed up in living color every couple of generations to a portion of every nation, the wicked would behave better but not according to their true hearts. But if they came to believe that God does not exist, then they will do such things as kill one another for more land or water or riches, and thus prove to all that they are worthy of failing God. In the same way, those who do not believe in God yet act pleasing enough in his sight will be approached by Him, and they will be able to sense his being, and this is what gives them faith. It may be stronger at times, or faith can weaker when we forget that we did sense his spirit. Some will say that God saved them in some way, they are absolutely sure, but later they can come to doubt it to some degree. It's hard to re-live the moment afresh when faith sprang into our hearts.

I assume that God really enjoys the tasks of conforming some people (those who pass) to his personality. I imagine God completely bored, alone in the universe, until he got this plot in mind to make mankind, to set up the Creation in such a way as to become an interesting testing ground. It's not my fault that I imagine him alone; it's the best my mind can come up with if there was nothing yet created. How long was he alone without creatures? Such a riddle. What are the details of the rebellion against him by some creatures (i.e. angels)? It's not for us to know at this time, but what we do understand is that he left them on earth along with mankind. Or did he? How can we know whether this is a fact versus some fabulous idea from Jesus? Why are devils rarely in the Jewish Bible, to be followed by Jesus who met them every day? Did Jesus' disciples invent demons-everywhere, and were they lying about Jesus as the Son of God, or was Jesus truly the Son of God who frankly revealed that rebellious angels live in humans as a fairly-ordinary thing?

We come to terms with our limited understanding. God has chosen to be somewhat invisible, yet Jesus appeared to me, before my eyes, in a vision. And it gave me a terrific jolt of faith. I was able to read the Bible as though the words were precious and alive. What I would have viewed previously as ancient junk suddenly became alive as Truth, the remedy for all mankind, the Bare Reality. God forever. What a beautiful thing as compared to what this world had offered me to that point in life, which was trash, anyway. When I read from Jesus that a person who comes to the knowledge of God goes to sell everything in order to buy life with God, I understood. Suddenly, Jesus was not any longer just some ancient man in sandals, but the superb Being in my spirit. And very often, as I contemplated things about him, there would be a sort of thankful, appreciative stirring, or soft-energy flow, in my being. "It" was urging me on, telling me that He loved me for the things I was thinking, the choices toward Him that I was making. This warm sensation came without a voice, and would at times start in my chest and work down to my legs, or to my head. Or it might start in my head. It was so satisfying and felt so clean and safe that I was sure it was God himself. It was a thing I could sense, unavoidable, a lovely sensation, not powerful or intrusive / rigorous but more like gentle and warm. God feels like a gentleman. When I finally got to the part where Jesus said that "living waters" would "flow" in people who had the Spirit, I could scream, yes, that's what I've got! That's why people who are Bible based are always saying, "Hallelujah," and "praise God," and similar things. They may not be the most intelligent or refined or sophisticated people, but they are Chosen, and that's having a lot more than the rich will ever-ever have.

Alas, my circle of friends would not believe my report concerning Jesus. And others outside that circle asked me such things as not to force this message down their throats. They were incapable of understanding what they were passing up. It was just a figment of my imagination, so far as they were concerned. I had flipped, become a nut. I realized that nothing I could say could convince them, and I knew that not one soul whom God had chosen would be missing from eternal life. There was just one thing to do: let God save people, because it's His joy, for everyone, to do it in a certain way, a little different with each one.

You are not permitted to know whether he exists within your grasp unless he chooses you. If you don't care, there is a good chance that you will never be chosen. If it bothers you to think that you might not be chosen, there is hope for you. Just go grab hold of Jesus. Just do it faithfully, and you will not be disappointed.

We wouldn't call Jesus a creation, as the Jehovah's Witnesses do, but rather we would call him a reproduction of God, similar to the way that a man reproduces part of himself in his son. If this seems credible to you, then you should have no problem believing that Jesus was born of a virgin, for if he was born of a man's seed, he would cease to be the full or pure reproduction of God. He wasn't in his spirit half man, half God, but rather he was fully God in a human body.

Well, life was meant to be more than a testing ground. Jesus acts as our coach, our trainer, and he acts through that Spirit I was talking about. I don't think there can be a difference between that Spirit and Jesus, though I confess that the sensation that comes over me is voiceless, which is not to say that it does not communicate anything. Like I said, it feels as though He's breaking forth uncontrollably with thankfulness toward me, just as though He loved me. Why? What do I do for Him? Well, I believe, and when I think about him, I might speak loving, or correct, or meaningful words toward Him, and he reciprocates at times, not always, but at times. I've felt this living-water flow in me probably 300 times, maybe more, and as recently as this week. Sometimes, when I feel afraid, he offers peace with this inner "stirring." It's not a circular stirring, as with a spoon in a cup of coffee. It's an energization moving through, like Life itself. It's what Jesus meant by the Truth and the Life. It seems like the Life Energy that abides with God, shared with us. It's probably just a token of what great Life there is in store after the passing of this body. There are also times of very-subtle sensations that do not climb as high as "flow / stirring."

There is an abundance of head-knowledge proof, but it can be shaken by arguments set forth by our enemies. Why go for platinum when you can go for gold proof? Read the words of Jesus and follow his directions if you want to have strong faith and a sure sense of salvation. You might be your worst own enemy. You might have the propensity to shake God off even after you have received Him. That is a battle of faith, and the Spirit wishes for all to win it. The Spirit is delighted when your heart is winning.

There is no Bible in the world claiming to possess the words of God aside from the Israelite Bible. The story therein is not often a pretty picture, but it's all the world has, the supposed truth of mankind's problems. Muslims hijacked the Israelite Bible, and the God of Israel, altering them drastically unto forming their own, obviously-false religion written by men. You might inevitably ask, how can we know that the Israelite Bible is from the words of God when its possibly written only by men? This is the book that I viewed as ancient junk, i.e. written by men totally irrelevant to the world today, but when Jesus introduced himself to me, that's when I learned that the Law of Moses and the Prophets were reliably the words of God. Yes, these words can be taken either as the words of men, or the words of God, and perhaps some additions by men were placed into the original texts, but the only thing that matters since 1990 years ago is whether Jesus is who he said he was. You don't need Moses anymore. You don't need to read the prophets. All you need is Jesus in your soul. It can't be more simple than that, aside from the requirement to continue in him, not to lose your mind and betray him.

One can be saved apart from reading the word of God, I feel sure about this. If one finds God in the heart and does the will of God, nothing can shake that person's faith unless the person itself shakes God off. People in lands, throughout time, without the Word of God, had the Spirit of God knocking on their doors. God was making himself known to them even though they had never heard of Jesus. It makes God happy to deal with the chosen, to save them in the midst of their toils in this riddle-ridden globe. And it makes God very happy to destroy those who routinely seek to destroy the faith of the chosen. If you think that you are chosen material, go like mad to grab hold of the Kingdom of God. And be very happy you did. No matter how small you are in this world of evil, God will make you bigger than the greatest in the earth.

There is some good proof in Isaiah 53, starting at the tail-end of 52, that Jesus would be sacrificed to death for the sins of Israel, but then raised to become the eternal ruler of the world. How did Isaiah know about Jesus 700 years before he was born?

And Daniel 9 speaks in a curious way about the cutting off of the Messiah after 69 weeks. Daniel claims, in what looks like a realistic recording of the story by his own pen, that an angel came to him to say that God wants him to know of a 70-week period. The angel said that, from the decree to start of the rebuilding of Jerusalem, there would be 70 weeks only until the eternal restoration of Israel. Wow, how exciting was that for Daniel to hear? The resurrection of Abraham and others, a little more than one year off. But this prophecy would not have gotten any traction if God meant 70 literal weeks. Yet the prophecy remained in the book of Daniel centuries afterward. Daniel himself would never have allowed the prophecy to remain in his book, when, 70 weeks had passed and, nothing. No lightning in the sky, no planetary shaking, no son of man in the clouds, no nothing. Yet, Daniel allowed the prophecy to remain in his works; he did not destroy the recording even though it made him look like a false prophet.

Someone, I don't know who got it first, got this idea that each so-called "week" was a period of seven years, not seven days, and he started to count off seven periods of 69 years, because the prophecy says that the Messiah would be cut off after the 69th week. And although it's not absolutely certain as to the year when the streets of Jerusalem were first rebuilt, it's known that the year was close to 450 BC. And with Jesus crucified in about 30 AD, that's a total of about 480 years. If you take out your calculator, and do 7 x 69, you get 483 years.

Whatever you do, don't take Wikipedia's article on the 70 weeks seriously; it is filled with the words of an idiot(s), and there are others writing wrongly about it, which is another example of why head-knowledge proof doesn't always work well. There is no end to the twisting of Scripture by people trying to mark themselves out as gifted beyond the norm, which is why they take positions not normal. If you want to use this prophecy as proof that Jesus is the promised messiah, you need to find the year when the decree went out to rebuild Jerusalem. There is some disagreement on the particular year, because we don't know which decree it was, but you will find (not without some trouble) that it was close to 450 BC.

There are corrupt English versions of the Daniel prophecy used by some who wish to corrupt the prophecy as they like to see it. Therefore, get the feel for reading backward (right to left) in a Hebrew interlinear, for this is the text of Daniel as closely as one can get it. Some are saying that the messiah comes after only seven weeks, but the interlinear below makes it apparent that he comes after seven plus 62 weeks:

I don't recommend the very-advanced article below for people unfamiliar with the 70-week prophecy, but I would like to quote from it: "There can be no doubt for anyone familiar with the available chronological sources that we have the regnal years of Artaxerxes I accurately fixed. Indeed, the dates are so well set in the cement of these sources that it is hard to imagine any kind of future discovery that could possibly move them." This king's first year was 464 BC. The writer believes that the decree in the 70-week prophecy was this king's decree found in Ezra 7, at the start of the king's seventh year, which I peg at the start 457 BC, though the writer uses the beginning of 458, curiously enough, but later amends it to 457.

I cannot recall exactly, from my investigation for the year of Jesus' birth, and therefore for the first year of his ministry when he was "about 30" years of age, but my best recollection was that he started his ministry in 27 AD. As the start of 27 AD is 26 years after 0 (there was no 0 year, it started with 1 AD), we add 457 + 26, it comes to 483, exactly 69 weeks = 483 years. Amazing. The writer above, from the Adventists, has done some phenomenal investigation, and resolves that the 69 weeks lands on 27 AD, regardless of when Jesus started his ministry.

I've just fetched some of my previous work on the birth of Jesus:

Luke 3:23 tells that Jesus was about 30 years old when he began his ministry (at the baptism given Him by John the Baptist). Second, Luke 3:1 tells that Jesus started his ministry in the 15th year of Caesar Tiberius. The problem has been that Tiberius started a joint reign with Caesar Augustus in 12 AD, but reigned alone starting in 14 AD, wherefore his 15th year has been debated because it can fall either in 27 or 29 AD. The good news is, one can easily discover which of those two years is correct, and then count backward 30 years to His birth. In neither case will it get us further back than 4 BC.

John 2:20 is key for solving the problem, where we learn that the Jerusalem Temple was in its 46th year of construction at the near-start of Jesus' ministry. Thanks to the internet, I easily found that the temple was started in Herod's 18th year. The bad news is that his 18th year lands in either 20 or 19 BC, but the good news is that it doesn't matter, for this purpose. For when we add 46 years to 20 or 19 BC, we land in 26 or 27 AD, wherefore 29 AD is not an option! That is, it is a concrete matter so far as I am concerned that Tiberius' 15th year was not 29 AD, but 27 AD. Having made that solid conclusion, I then subtract 30 years from 27 AD to find the year of Jesus' birth: 4 BC (not 3 BC because there was no year 0).

The conclusion of that piece had nothing to do with trying to make it fit with 457 BC. Honestly, until now, I had no idea that there were exactly 483 years from the decree of Ezra 7 to the first year of Jesus' ministry. I've never delved into those 483 years; I simply accepted that it was close enough to 483 to be factual, and left it at that. This is really stunning, and can explain why many seek to distort / shroud the 70-week prophecy. This prophecy says that AFTER the 69 weeks, the Messiah will be "cut off." It seems that God did not wish to use "killed." The prophecy does not tell how much time after the 69 weeks the Messiah was killed. The prophecy was clearly a message from the Creator, and it was shrouded in difficult / confusing language so that the Jews of Jesus' time would not know it had to do with Him (otherwise they may not have offered him up to die). They did what they did in spite of the miracle-working evidence from Jesus that he was the Son of God.

Here is a Google page for the edict of Artaxerxes:

Of course, those who wish to shroud the prophecy more than God did will say that the 70th week was a seven-year period in relation to Jesus' Crucifixion. This is of course problematic because Israel's restoration, as the prophecy itself promises, did not come to pass at that time. We therefore need a better understanding in spite of those why cry foul when we add a gap of unspecified time between the 69th and 70th week. Their problem is that the text has a Roman prince destroying the Jerusalem temple (70 AD) before the 70th week, and that already puts a gap of some 40 years between the 69th and 70th week. In fact, it was not the Roman king who destroyed the city and temple, but the king's son i.e. a prince, and most translations I've read use "prince" for the Hebrew word (#5057 in Strong's) in this prophecy. Strong's says that it can be interpreted as "commander," and that is exactly what prince Titus was.

So, the sequence of events is the coming of Messiah after 69 periods of seven years each; his willing and glorious sacrifice for our sins; the destruction of Jerusalem by the prince of a "coming people"; wars and desolations until the end; and finally the 70th week wherein the anti- Christ puts Israel through a furnace of affliction as a mere prelude to setting up an eternal Israel, with all fat-cat billionaires dead and gone or subdued in shame, with the meek of Jesus inheriting their earth. Selah. Good job, Father. If the Rothschilds should like to believe in Daniel's prophecy, they are very welcome to give up their riches to the people from whom they stole it from, and they can then ask for the Holy Spirit too.

When anyone who has weak faith ponders the Daniel prophecy, given from an angel of God, it really is a magnificent affair. There is an urgency to the message, and it is a most-spectacular piece of evidence that the enemies of Jesus are cruising for a very sore bruising, indescribable, in fact, where I see their souls in utter rot, and their screams left unheard. You don't want to be there. If this cruel and foolish world has left you bankrupt, take hold of the treasure before you. Jesus said it was fine to seize the Kingdom of God. Grab it fast and hold it tight. How many times will you ask Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins in return for being an insider? He'll hear you the first time, but, what the heck, ask four or five times just to show you mean business. It shouldn't take but a few minutes, and you'll want to communicate again and again when your heart is more-fully in it. God wants people to turn to Him in communication with a full heart (it doesn't need to be excessive), not with Catholic rigmarole. Speaking to God with a full heart is very very good for your healing and well-being. Some people are simply incapable of asking for forgiveness, because they don't want to let go of sins.

When Jesus said that the Father seeks those who worship in truth and in Spirit, he meant communicators with a pure=honest heart. Rigmarole is fancy- dancy rhetoric or canned ritualism. Be yourself, not like the slick priest who allows people to call him, "father," a blatant violation of Jesus' words. Be your lowly self; acknowledge how far lower you are than God. Be as a child before Him, and as long as you speak your heart truthfully, he hears you. It is disrespectful to make gimme-gimme requests, but you can cry out for your loved ones if they are in trouble or wayward. In all of this, you will strengthen your faith, because God rewards those who come to Him in sincerity.

If you don't love God, you cannot do anything; you are ruined. Can you find a few things for which God is worthy of your love? No? Then you are a ruin, and an instrument of ruin for others. Love. It means to appreciate, to value, to desire to be with, to work with as a team. If God is not worthy of you, then you are a perfect ruin.

I visited the so-called Toronto Blessing church once, and never again. The people claimed to have the Holy Spirit in very weird ways, with unholy / unusual body movements coupled with strange noises that can only mock God. You may have heard about this movement, akin to the holy-laughter movement. It was obvious to me that demons were acting the role of the Holy Spirit, providing some form of inner energy meant to counterfeit the Holy Spirit. And these believers were deceived by this demonic scam. How can we protect ourselves from demons playing the part of the Holy Spirit in our beings? How can I know for sure that the gentle sensations I experience are from Jesus as opposed to a clever demon? It's frightening just to ask the question. Imagine the receiving of a nice sensation from a demon that causes me to thank God, and to enjoy the sensation, and meanwhile it's from a horrible idiot either in or beside my body.

Imagine a practicing homosexual who has come to terms with his sin to the point that he thinks to be fully accepted by God. There are such in the world who attend church. I can imagine demons infesting his soul in a counterfeit-God bid to deceive him all-the-more. Demons have had plenty of time to test what does and doesn't work best to cosy up with humans. In once incident, demons that infested a single man, making him act abnormal, were begging Jesus to let them go into pigs rather than into the air or the abyss. It seems that demons like to live inside bodies, I have no idea why, nor is it explained in the Bible. What comfort or joy do they receive by living in a pig?

When we know the Word and see ourselves violating it, we defeat demons through Obedience. It seems logical that obedience to God gives protection from demons. There is nothing to be ashamed of, necessarily, if demons are seeking your downfall. Expect them to slither near you when you become a believer, seeking ways to hamper / destroy your Christian walk. I can't understand what makes demons tick this way, knowing fully that every act of sin toward us will have pay-back from God. This is why they are the utter epitome of an idiot mentality. The chief demon: insane with fury. After almost 40 years of being a believer, I can testify that demons cannot harm me so long as I don't do their will. I could care less if they are in my room as I sleep; they cannot fool me; they cannot make me like them.

I am not afraid of the dark. God is there, everywhere. You will notice that, when you speak to God, there the Spirit may come through immediately, just as though He were there all along. I don't know how God can perform this ever-present state for every single believer in the world, but that's a great definition of "Father." I suppose that he can allow a demon(s) to come close to us, at times, to see how we will deal with its scheming upon us. I have never sensed that a demon has power to control body motion, or to move objects in the room as you might see on a horror movie, and I feel that their powers are limited to altering our thinking and some of our emotions, for example, instilling fear. Of course, their chief aim is to rob us of faith in Jesus, even though this will provide for them the greatest level of eternal punishment. It is impossible to understand the beastly nature of demons, too stupid to do the best for their own wellness. It is impossible to explain how beings can act in ways that bring certain torment upon themselves. Surely, this is the definition of insanity. If they seek to rob us of faith, then they know that Jesus is who he said he was, but then, if they know that Jesus is their Judge, Prosecutor and Jailer, shouldn't they cease from opposing Him? Isn't that the wise thing to do? Yet, satan, in Revelation, is said to be at the height of his fury when he realizes that the final few years have arrived. It's inexplicable. He's known this Day would come eventually.

The same inexplicable hatred will infest humans in the last few years, who will take their irresistible opportunity to persecute us as badly as ever. There must be such a thing as humans fully affected by demonic controls, once they have willingly allowed the thought processes of demons to form their routine behavior. If you happily allow demons to educate you long enough, you will become like them in actions too. People are then willing bodily members of demons, whose body movements can be controlled, for example to physically kill us. While a demon cannot cause a rock to fall upon us, he can cause a person to attack us.

I suppose that there are different levels of demons, some more brutal or powerful or stupid than others; some might even be timid or on the verge of rebelling against satan for rightful fear of God. Whatever the hierarchy in the camps of demons, Jesus sets us free from that wicked thing. Is this a small thing? Non-Christians mock the freedom that Jesus gives, unable to understand it. They think they have much more freedom than we do because they are unencumbered by God's rules while we are enslaved by the rules. They fail to realize that their willful freedom to act in sin equals deeper enslavement to demons that are bent on destroying their souls. This is why the Obama's of the world are idiots, claiming to have high wisdom and proper education, but blinded by their own arrogance.

The offices of the ACLU are infested with demonic controls. Where worldly liberty has its headquarters, there is the demonic dog house. Washington DC is a chief dog house. How can we possibly honor this city when it is sure to be infested with the best demons satan has to offer? The New York Times, another dog house. They are all over the country, giving spiritual weaponry to Liberals. We are in a to-the-death war, and the Christian has no business being patriotic toward a nation infested with demonic logic. Do not be deceived by the Bill O'Reilly of America. Keep your heart with Jesus alone, and you will not be disappointed. Patriotism asks for your entire heart, but this belongs to God. Do not give it to Donald Trump. The American military under the Republicans is not about to grow Christian fur, but the military will put out propaganda to convince you that it has Christian / angelic values. Just look at the mess made in the Middle East by the American military. Prophecy does not say that the Middle East will be saved by the chief worldly nation. Instead, prophecy says that God will gather all nations to a bloodbath in Israel. If you follow prophetic lines, you come to realize that the United States is an extension of the Roman beast given to satan. In the Middle East, the Americans and the EU leadership are still working hand-in-hand.

Daniel paints end-time satan inhabiting the human body of the anti-Christ, where the body speaks and acts brutally for satan. Daniel has two ways of painting him. In Daniel 7, he's the leader of the end-time Roman beast. The same is made obvious at the last verses of the 70-Week prophecy (Daniel 9), where satan is the "prince" who destroys Jerusalem, yet comes again at the end of history as the desolator in the last verse. But in Daniel 11, end- time satan is an extension from the Seleucid kings that had conquered Jerusalem. The two pictures of satan have the destruction of Jerusalem in common, as does the end-time anti-Christ. We need only to understand how this end-time person connects from the end-time Seleucid entity to the European Union, and the American coalition now in the Middle East probably has something to do with it. The military must, at times, play the leading role there, having more authority, it thinks, than the U.S. president concerned about other things, or not in-the-know of the situation on the ground as well as the military chiefs. Therefore, the anti-Christ might turn out to be the military chief of the United States. I'm very open to this theory, although it is also possible that the West is the harlot of Revelation 17. She is portrayed in a league with the seven hills of Rome, which are identical to the seven horns on the Revelation dragon.

Trump may instruct general Mattis / Petraeus to make a league with Putin, and the general may then form a relationship with the chief of Russia's Middle-East military. But even if this takes place, I cannot see how a Russian anti-Christ, be it the military leader or not, can be an extension of Daniel's Roman beast...unless Daniel's prophecy paints him as such purely due to the alliance above with the American coalition. In this picture, Daniel's Roman beast, and the Revelation harlot, is the American- led coalition, and it decides that the agenda of a Russian anti-Christ is to be followed to the letter, because it is an agenda that the two agree upon. The Western False Prophet therefore calls the world to honor the anti- Christ's directives. The two are working hand-in-hand, but the Russian takes the lead perhaps due to his success and his bold, confident attitude. I don't see anything like this happening anytime soon, but do see that the Trump administration can be a stepping stone toward it, or even the fulfillment in his second 4-year term.

With Trump working sincerely with Russia to rid the regions of ISIS, large strides can be made to that end, and the world can then honor this partnership, depend upon it, value it for further developing a stable Middle-East. But chances are, neither of the two will be fully sincere, or charitable toward the other. I'm not seeing angels of God. Something's going to give way to evil and breakdown of the partnership. With Trump already elected, this comes out: "'We [American defense] have no plans at this point to cooperate with Russia in that way,' Cook stated when asked if the Washington would cooperate with Moscow to validate Daesh targets in Syria."

Although part of me doesn't want to set off the end-time alarm at this time, another part of me wants to watch the Trump game very closely, with one hand on the alarm button.

Magyn Kelly, Va-Va-Va- Voom

I didn't get around to reading Magyn Kelly's battle with Trump and Roger Ailes (founder of Fox Television) until this week. I've got to hand it to the feisty darling of Fox News, she's stood up for what's right. Trump is exactly the type of man that the purist feminists of the 60s began to bash. Although I don't like what feminists became afterward, I do support the purest feminists seeking to tell the story of husbands gone sour. Magyn Kelly's claims of sexual harassment from Ailes was instrumental in getting him to quit as Fox CEO, earlier this year. Magyn then lashed out at Trump again, way-to-go girl. Here is one tough woman a husband can be proud of.

I don't know Kelly's background or how Christian or not she is. I've just read that she wears 4-inch heels, a thing that most Christian women would accuse as being seductively wrong. Kelly understands that, if she's going to flaunt her beauty, ever-growing problems with men are bound to arise. Perhaps Kelly could tone it down a bit, but Fox would have nothing of that, for her beauty is probably half the reason that she's risen as the hottest news anchor in the world at this time. Sexy women are an integral part of Fox's money game.

Before going on, Magyn is not as gorgeous as she appears on television. Television and news people have methods to enhance one's looks enormously. They can even make Hillary Clinton look good at her age, but when these methods are not used, Hillary looks awful. I'm trying to judge her on her looks, but I am making the point that Magyn isn't really the goddess that she appears to be. I surf the web with pictures turned off, to make loading faster, and so I didn't even get a peek of this woman while reading a few articles on the topic. I was impressed with the things she was saying, and how she was handling the heated battle. She took on the president of the United States, and when Sean Hannity stood up to denounce her as a Hillary- loving feminist, she poked Sean in the eye too. Zowie, we could use someone like this as the president, someone who tells it like it is regardless of how it affects her job, or her relationship with fellow Fox people.

Of course, the Liberals are very giddy over all of this, and they are wanting her to come over to the Liberal camp. If she goes, I'll respect her less. If she stays with Fox, perhaps she can clean it up. Go girl. But I'm probably dreaming again. For all I know, she really did want Hillary to win the election. In that case, why am I bothering to write about her? If she actually voted for Hillary, she's nothing, a big-mouthed zero. Her giving the impression that she has morals goes out the window if she desires Hillary as president. If she voted for Hillary, Fox would do best to get rid of her now.

What the Republicans need is someone speaking out, without apology, in the way that Magyn spoke out, but at the same time this person needs to be the real McCoy on the moral level. Instead, the Republicans, thanks much to Fox, fronted this Trump garbage. I read a piece where Magyn was going after Hillary as well as after Trump. Now that's respectable. It's about time that conservative news channels called a spade a spade. Sean Hannity is concerned only with putting the best-possible face on Trump, but even that is hideous. Shame Hannity.

What follows is Magyn speaking on Hillary, and while she may not be trying to malign Hillary's character, Magyn does speak the truth:

“They're both [Hillary and Trump] in their own version of a presidential protection program,” Kelly said. “You say they've designed her situation so she's not in a place where she feels uncomfortable or anything unexpected could come at her, which is why she sat for half an hour with Mary J. Blige, the singer, which is why she did 'Entertainment Tonight' this evening, which is why we just found out that when she went on the Steve Harvey show, she had every single question given to her in writing in advance and then she feigned surprise as the questions were asked.

After reading that, no one can say that Magyn's chief concern was to see Hillary win the election. While her words sound like a smear, they are not. They are simply honest, and they show the proper disdain for the way that Hillary managed this aspect of her campaign. Magyn goes on from where I left off above: "And then Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10 o'clock [Hannity, I think], will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn't exactly expand the tent for either one of them. There. That's my two cents.”" Zikers, the Liberal media don't deserve this anchor. This is one that the conservatives need to keep as the role model for all the rest.

I have read a couple of sexist remarks from Trump, and I know his type. He's garbage. The United States will now be run by garbage, on par with Bill Clinton. And while Republicans made Bill Clinton's affair an enormous scandal, which I supported, they would seek to protect Trump from the same sort of behavior. Let me tell you something; Clinton and Trump are sleazy male tramps. Honesty is sexy. Magyn doesn't need the 4-inch heels; it's her honesty that's a gigantic turn-on for the public. News watchers crave honesty, telling the facts frankly.

Then again, it is always possible that the women at Fox were a stacked Liberal deck of false accusations against Ailes', seeking to destroy Fox's reputation. Look at this riddle: "This is what Ms. Kelly had to say about Roger Ailes only one year ago on the Charlie Rose program: 'I really care about Roger. And he has been nothing but good to me. And he's been very loyal. And he's had my back. And he's looked out for me.'"

Trump's turned to world-class bankers to run the American treasury department. The Trump team asked the CEO of JP Morgan to take the job, but he refused it. Such a low-down disappointment for all who voted, and all who hoped for a good man in spite of his rough edges. It turns out that Trump's rough edges are only the beginning of what grunts deeper inside the man. Demons? Probably. "President-elect Donald Trump has narrowed the field of candidates for Treasury secretary to Steven Mnuchin and Jonathan Gray, multiple sources tell CNN. Mnuchin, 53, is a former Wall Street exec turned Hollywood producer. And Gray, 46, is a billionaire in charge of real estate for the Blackstone private equity firm."

Steven Mnuchin was born to a Jewish family, circa 1963. He is the son of Elaine Terner Cooper, of New York, and Robert E. Mnuchin, of Washington, Connecticut. His father was a banker, a partner at Goldman Sachs, in charge of equity trading and a member of the management committee, and the founder of the Mnuchin Gallery at 45 East 78th Street, New York. He graduated from Yale University.

Mnuchin amassed a fortune estimated at over $40 million while working for Goldman Sachs for 17 years, where his father had worked for three decades and had also made a fortune.

In 2002, Mnuchin left Goldman and worked briefly for his Yale roommate Edward Lampert, chief executive of Sears. He also briefly worked for Soros Fund Management in their private equity division during the "Goldman" period with Jacob Goldfield [Jewish surname] and Mark Schwartz [Jewish surname].

I'm seeing a lot of Jewish bankers here. It's business as usual for Trump, that's the problem. As for Jonathan Gray, a Democrat: "In 1995, Gray married Mindy Basser at Temple Beth Zion Israel in Philadelphia". I think I'd rather see Magyn Kelly for president.

It appears that Aleppo is all but captured completely, a symbol of Assad's new life. The only thing I despise more than the Iran-Syria axis is the O- nited States. The only thing I should despise more than Obama is Trump. There is no great hope for the Middle East with or without the West's hand. It's brother against brother, and the West only sets that conflict to a higher temperature.

With a secretary of treasury having a past in a bank potentially in bed with Illuminati elements (or call them what you will), it becomes possible for the Trump administration to start pushing through a skin method of purchasing, a thing that banks would love to see to simplify transactions. Some 90 percent of treasury staff are in the Internal Revenue Service, which itself is expected to hail the electronic society because it makes tax evasion much riskier when every purchase is recorded with the buyer's name attached. In the meantime, I'm looking to re-define the invasion from an unidentified army into the neo-Seleucid kingdom of Daniel 11:22. The verse says that the army will sweep away the enemy before the face of the anti-Christ, but that the anti-Christ will arise with the losers even though the people reject him as leader. I can't say that the invasion of Mosul is that sweeping victory, but it is turning out to be a sweeping victory because it is a huge city while ISIS has not been much resistance at all:

In an interview with the Associated Press, published on [November 29], Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reiterated an earlier pledge to retake Mosul from ISIS by the end of 2016, arguing that the extremist group is incapable of taking the battle into next year [wow].

“We have seen the whole organization collapsing in terms of standing in the face of our own armed forces,” al-Abadi said. “The success of liberating a huge area indicates that Daesh(ISIS) does not have the gut now or the motivation to fight as they were doing before.”

...On the other hand, a US State Department spokesperson, John Kirby, said the difficult battle in Mosul would take a longer term...Brig. Gen. Yahia Rasoul, a spokesperson for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command leading the battles in Mosul, said earlier this week that the forces had become in control of 50 percent of the province of Nineveh, where Mosul is located.

Others are saying 60 percent, and the Americans are playing to their own slow tune when they say that victory should last longer than the Iraqi's claim. The Americans play this tune constantly in opposition to ISIS, like the weariest player on a team trying to drag the rest down. So, just in case it works out as fulfilled prophecy, the anti-Christ can stand up in Mosul as a result of this Iraqi-coalition invasion, while a skincode system may appear in the United States under Trump. I'm not holding my breath, but this may prove to be worth saying at this point in time. Verse 22 does not say that the defeated army is that of the anti-Christ, but 23 says that the defeated ones join him in creating a strong kingdom from a small band of defeated fighters.

When VeriChip announced the end of its skincode about seven years ago, chances are that it was a postponement only. Chances are that not everyone was happy with the decision to postpone. We were led to believe that it was a marketing decision, as though the public was not ready for it, and likely that was true. However, I can imagine another reason for postponing it: to take heat off from the many Christians announcing the arrival of the mark of the beast. While in postponement, the lovers of the skincode could work secretly to refine the system for when it's finally unleashed.

The decision to bomb all the remaining bridges between eastern Mosul (Nineveh) and western Mosul came as the Iraqi's were doing a surprising job of sweeping ISIS away. For all we know, the decision to bomb the bridges was made by the Americans to keep the Iraqi's from crossing over to the western side efficiently. That idea didn't cross my mind last week. If the western side remains barely invaded, it's hard to see how Mosul can be taken before January, but I think that, even if it's not taken by then, it can be a situation such that clear victory can be already announced. In any case, Nahum 1:11 says that an evil one who hates God will arise in Nineveh, and while this could possibly refer to western Mosul, it can certainly also refer to eastern Mosul. We really do need to ask why an end-time leader in northern Iraq should despise the God of Israel, and say so. Wouldn't that be for the purpose of gathering Islamics to his cause?

Elsewhere in his remarks, Abadi [Iraqi president] said he had been assured by US President-elect Donald Trump that his incoming administration would offer greater logistical support to Baghdad in the campaign against terror.

On the campaign trail, Trump had implied he would seek Iraqi oil in return for US support.

...Abadi said, "The Iraqi people will not allow any country to take possession of their own resources."

The article claims that there is Iraqi movement into western Mosul: "There are also reports that Federal Police forces are busy clearing buildings and roads in the southwestern quarter of Mosul of booby traps and hidden ordnance. Soldiers from the 9th Armored Division and the 3rd Brigade of the Iraqi army are making headway in the western suburbs of Mosul as well." I have not read anything about the northern prong of the invasion.

In this picture, the "ruler of the covenant" in Daniel 11:22 (see interlinear version below) could be Baghdadi, who is reportedly trapped in Mosul. Iraq is saying that the fight is between 100,000 Iraqis versus as few as 3,000 ISIS fighters in Mosul, a picture that could be viewed as a flood sweeping through the city.

The army has high confidence from the taking of Fallujah earlier this year. With Assad claiming that Aleppo is all but taken, it makes it very difficult for northern Syria to act as a new nest for ISIS. I really can envision that ISIS fighters from both Syria and Iraq will end up straddling the Syria-Iraq border that, in the south, turns into the Syria-Jordan border. Entry of ISIS into Jordan allows a direct strike on Jerusalem. Below is what I assume to be a live map (dated November 28 or 29th) for showing ISIS-held territory around Mosul. Below that map is one of Syria showing very small pockets is ISIS-held lands near the Israeli border as of January of 2015:

But then see the map below that, dated October 31, 2016, to find that ISIS territory now includes a long swath of starting to the east of Palmyra, and extending toward the northern Israeli border. Moreover, the map shows that pockets of Syrian rebels, feasibly hostile to Israel, have developed near the Israeli border. Old-Testament prophecy claims that the enemy will initially enter northern Israel, and while it doesn't say whether it will be from Syria or Lebanon, Isaiah 10, which I view as an end-time prophecy wherein the anti-Christ is called a "king of Assyria," says that Israel will be invaded by this king after he has taken areas around the Syria-Turkey border. Nineveh just happens to be the ancient Assyrian capital. Isaiah 14 once again calls the anti-Christ an Assyrian even though Isaiah 13 calls him the king of Babylon. It suggests that he takes Baghdad too, an extreme modification to the situation as it now stands. Of all the players in the Iraq-Syria theater at this time, which do you predict could/will take Baghdad? If it's not ISIS nor the Baathists, what about either the U.S. or Russia together with them?

Although Hezbollah is now fighting against ISIS, the prediction is that, when ISIS alters its agenda toward Israel, if indeed this is slated to occur, Hezbollah will gladly become part of the Israeli invasion, which suggests that Iran will too. It will be a real game-changer.

A curious feature of Revelation 16 are the frogs that come out of the mouths of the anti-Christ and his False-Prophet partner. My best show at interpreting the frogs is the French, for they historically got the code name, "frog." I decided that is came from Franks descending from PHRYGians, for even the first Franks proper traced themselves to the Veneti while pre- Frank ancients traced the Veneti to the Heneti that lived in Phrygia. Moreover, Phrygians were Trojan allies while one can make a good case for tracing Paris and Troyes to Trojans. Franks are a branch of Germanics, and while I found good evidence to trace "Germania" to "Armenia," I had read that Phrygians were likely descended from Armenians. I was able to find overwhelmingly that the latter claim was correct, though evolutionist stupids would have you believe such things that Germanics evolved from apish creatures in the far north, anything but from the area of Noah's ark (at Armenia).

The paragraph above was written after seeing an article from Pravda that tended to mock the West concerning the quasi-support of Russia by the next potential French president, Francois Fillon:

In a recent tweet, Fillon wrote: "Islamic totalitarianism, American imperialism and the dynamic Asian continent threaten Europe. Do not let them tear Europe apart." Note that there is not a word about the so-called "Russian threat."

"We need a new French diplomacy," the presidential candidate wrote for Le Mond newspaper. He calls to conclude real partnership with Russia for common security and common prosperity. "We are far away from each other, but we need Russia on all issues," says Fillon. According to him, France should play the role of the "balance of forces" and implement it in a "global and independent diplomacy."

Speaking in a debate with [his rival] Juppe last week, Fillon made it clear that he wanted to create a union with Putin in solving the Syrian crisis. Bashar al-Assad may be a dictator, but he was the only one who can help the West cope with ISIL.

The French presidential election is less than 6 months off, and Fillon (said to be a "liberal"), the previous prime minister, is the nominee for the Republicans, and said to be the favorite to win the election. It appears that he and Trump could get along, and that Trump may Fillon's Middle-East philosophy to bring hawkish Republicans on-board this new strategy of partnering with Russia. For years to come, there my be a move toward sharing the Middle-East pot with Russia in order to quell the cold war. I wish prophecy were more revealing on this, but until one nails down the nationality of the anti-Christ with certainty, it's all up in the air as to whether we should expect a West-Russia alliance as a main facet of the end-time program.

The Pravda article makes it clear that Fillon does not love Russia, but is willing to tolerate an alliance with it for the sake of stamping out terrorism. This is very doable under the condition that there is no special love for Russia. Fillon takes the position I've taken, and speaks against the Western scare-mongers: "'The Russian Federation is not a threat for Europe, although certain political forces are trying to convince us of the opposite. It is wise to use the policy of sanctions that has not brought any good to France, but has brought losses to French farmers and pushed Russia towards Asia? This policy has failed and it is time we should admit it,' Fillon said in the debate. Fillon was immediately dubbed as Putin's agent, just like Donald Trump was. In response, Fillon said that he considered the Russian leader a major professional, but he rejected any direct support from the Russian president. 'We have worked with Putin before, when I served as the French Prime Minister for five years, and he was the Russian Prime Minister,' Fillon said. 'If I win the presidential election in France, I will try to build a normal dialogue with Russia. France should sit at the table of negotiations with the Kremlin, without waiting for consent from the United States. We must try to reconnect, and even if it does not materialize at once, it should let us bring Europe and Russia together,' Fillon said. Whammy. He beat Sarkozy and another rival to win the Republican nomination with that message included, which was essentially a message against Obama's current policy.

The two Fillon Coats, in conjunction with the two Pont Coats, and the fact that French Fillons/Filliats and French Ponts were both first found in the same place as Pilate's, has me thinking that "Fillon/FILLIAT" is a branch of "Pilate / Pilotte," and that they descend from PONTius Pilate. The blue VAIR fur that fills the Shield of English Fillons is in the Chief of Quints, first found in the same place as Fillons. I see Quints from the ancestry of Caiaphas, who together with Pontius Pilate had Jesus murdered for no crime at all. As I now trace Caiaphas with ancient Caesars to Khazars, and as I identify Khazars with Cohens and Hohens, compare Hohens with Vairs/Fers' first of all, and then see the Fers using the Cohen checks in the colors of the similar Fillon vair. The Fillon unicorn can therefore be closely related to the Fur/Fire unicorn.

As both Capone's and Julian-related Alans are now being traced to Avellino / Campania, note that Champagne (near Avellino-like Avallon) was also "Campania," and that English Champagne's likewise use a Shield filled with vair fur. The English Alans share a red-on-gold fesse with French Ponts. It was only two updates ago when I was venturing to find whether Flotts and similar surname were a line between the Flavians and Flaad, ancestor of the Dol Alans. At that time, Flotts, Flattens and similar others were under investigation for descending from some Flaus-like variation of "Flavius," the latter being the Roman house that conquered Jerusalem as prophesied in Daniel 9:26. But here we find Flotts-like Filliats that tend to disclose themselves as Pilate liners, not Flavians. However, I am open to the idea that "Pilate" was of the family of terms that produced Flaus-like terms.

Again, Josephus the historian, and Israeli general in the 70-AD war against Romans, and suspect as kin to Joseph Caiaphas, escaped the Roman invasion by betraying the Jews and becoming "adopted" by the Flavian emperor, Titus. The Flaus-like Flesh/Flagman surname, like the Jewish Fleishmans, shares the double chevrons of Josephs and CHAPlins. While Reeds/Rieds trace to Rieti, home of Titus' family, the Fleishmans use "A gold shield with a man in RED holding an axe standing on a green MOUNT." The Red surname is listed with Reeds. While the triple Levi chevrons were used by counts of Hainaut, where the capital was Mons, note that the Mons surname is listed with Mounts who share the Arms-of-Hainaut lion. Levi's were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-like Chappes' that happen to share a Moor head with the Titus surname. I think it speaks for itself about a bloodline that knew its origin from a Titus-Caiaphas relationship.

The article goes on to show past reasons for Russia-French friendships, but does not mention that France sided against Bush's invasion of Iraq:

It is not only Fillon, but the French establishment in general that tries to establish a favorable dialogue with Russia. France will therefore try to stand up against the USA by making steps towards Russia. Why not? Suffice it to remember Stalin's efforts to help France join the UN Security Council, when the Anglo-Saxons considered France an accomplice of Hitler. In addition, Nicolas Sarkozy helped Russia during the armed conflict with Georgia. To crown it all, Gaullist views about a special role of France as a mediator between Russia and the West are still alive and require implementation.

One thing I strongly dislike from Pravda is its reoccurring support for Stalin.

I had missed a piece from Sputnik last week telling that the Turkish president, angry with the West, spilled the beans on America's support for ISIS:

"The United States sometimes provide air support, but, unfortunately, we see the IS armed with weapons produced in the West. Of course, they {US} do not say they support the IS, but we see that half of their weapon airdrops end up with the Kurds and half with the IS," Erdogan said in an interview with the Israeli Channel 2 broadcaster

The article is dated a week ago, wherefore Google should be able to find it if one searches a phrase written in the article, but I've just searched, "half of their weapon airdrops end up," to see who else is carrying the story, or whether the West is, but Google says that no one on the internet is using that phrase. Therefore, Google is gagging / censoring some (or lots of?) Russian news. It's a sensitive time right now to be highlighting Erdogan's accusation against the United States, for it was only last month when Western media reported the American airdrop of weapons that "mistakenly" went to ISIS supposedly meant for the Kurds. The story was found here:

Erdogan's accusation is bitter, for if the American weapons go to ISIS rather than to Kurds, all the better for Turkey. Yet, if Erdogan still makes light of it, he must still be angry concerning the attempted coup against him. Frankly, I believe that his accusation is truth. It's so logical. Erdogan is betraying the Americans out of anger. He would not have divulged this had he not been furious against the U.S. And then the Iraqis are often saying the same: "Iraqi Member of Parliament Majid al-Gharawi recently stated that all information available 'pointed out that US planes are supplying ISIL organization, not only in Salahuddin province, but also other provinces,' according to Iraq TradeLink...Gharawi suggested that 'the US is trying to expand the time of the war against the ISIL to get guarantees from the Iraqi government to have its bases in Mosul and Anbar provinces'." That sounds very logical. And Iraq may take its sweet time with, and finally deny, the Mosul base desired by the Americans. In the meantime, Iraq uses the Americans to at least make a good show of bombing ISIS, no doubt criticizing when not enough is done.

In late December, 2014, yet another Iraqi lawmaker, Nahlah al-Hababi, questioned the motives and commitment of the US and its anti-ISIL coalition and claimed that the terrorist groups are actually receiving a large amount of aid dropped by unidentified aircraft.

Hababi is quoted by FARS News Agency as stating "The international coalition is not serious about air strikes on ISIL terrorists and is even seeking to take out the popular Basij (voluntary) forces from the battlefield against the Takfiris so that the problem with ISIL remains unsolved in the near future."

...She also was quoted as saying that "The ISIL terrorists are still receiving aids from unidentified fighter jets in Iraq and Syria."

...In October, 2014, "coalition" forces dropped a number of aid supplies and ammunition allegedly intended for the Iraqi people and anti-Isis forces on the ground into territory controlled by ISIS. The "mistake" was confirmed by Iraqi officials and parliamentarians.

These are all good reasons for the Americans to ramp up their imagery that makes it appear that they are doing the best they can to hate ISIS. Probably, the Americans had planned to reinforce Mosul's west side when they bombed out the bridges between west and east, making it hard for Iraqi forces in the east to get to the west side. But just as the Americans were hailing that move (I'm theorizing), out to Tal Afar came Iraq's Hashd army to block supplies into western Mosul and to block escapees from Mosul. Excellent move, Iraq. That's why I believe that the Americans bombed the Hashd tent. It makes perfect sense. I have been reading reports that, whenever the Americans are upset with what the Iraqis do, the demonic brats produce some military "accident" to send Iraq a message.

I'm Ready to Trace "Caiaphas" to Antipatria

It could be a coincidence that KilPATRics use a dagger that sounds like it's code for the ancient DEXARoi peoples at AntiPATRia. But the other "coincidences" to follow would suggest that it's not coincidental. Antipatria was on the APSus river, and then there is a HIPS surname using what looks like a colors reversed version of one Decker/Dagger Coat. Just take your time and look at that before going on. On top of that, a dagger is used in the Comyn Crest while there is a Comyn-like Kuman location in Fier county at the mouth of the Apsus river.

Plus, the other Decker Coat is a good reflection of the Arms of Carrick, in particular the Arms having a red-on-white chevron surrounded by three black fitchees. Carricks are said to be from CRAIGs while ancient ACRAGas (Sicily) was on a Hips-like HYPSas river, suggesting that Dexaroi and/or other Apsus-river peoples were on the Hypsas. There may be an argument to be made that a consonant reversal from "DEXARoi" named the Drago river, the alternative name of the Hypsas. The Drake surname was first found in the same place as the Josephs that share the Comyn garbs, as well where the Liss surname was first found. I have repeated many times that Carricks descended from a Gilbert character, explaining why the Gilberts use the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, as well as sharing the red squirrel (said to be CRACKing a nut as code for Carricks) with Deckers/Daggers.

As Lissus was the name of a location in the land of the Cavii peoples, I feel ready to announce that the Cavii were named after the same that named the Apsus. The dragon in the Drake Coat is code for the Dragon/DRAINer surname that traces well to the DRIN river of the Cavii, the river where Lissus is found. The Liss Coat is using the six blue-and-white vertical bars of the Cams, from the Cam river that named Cambridgeshire, where the CHAPmans and Capone's were first found. Compare the Decker chevron and crescent to the same symbols of Chapmans. Then, see that the Lys/LISSE surname shares the white-on-red fleur-de-LYS with the Deckers/Daggers. On top of that, the CAPES' (Lys / Hips colors), first found beside Cambridgeshire, share the symbols of Apsus-like Apps'/Happs'/Abbs'.

Having said all of that, making a very good case, I ask: why would the name "Caiaphas" trace to the namers of the Apsus river and/or the Cavii? Well, Caiaphas came to Israel during the lifetime of the first king Herod, son of Antipater, and I have read that Antipatria was also called, Antipater. Plus, before many of the links above were established in my mind, I was saying that the Henry surname, which shares red footless martlets with Hips', was from Henrys of Rodes/Rodez, and that Rodez was a Herod establishment, probably from Herod Antipas directly, son of the first king Herod. With the Josephs, who likewise use the footless martlet, tracing to Joseph Caiaphas, it makes sense that both Caiaphas and the Herods had ancestry at the Apsus river.

Herod Agrippa was father to Berenice, and she has been traced to the Bernice's and Burns, both of which were first found in the same place as English Daggers/Dackers, and both of which have Coats reflecting the Henry Coat. The Burn motto must be part-code for the Readys, very likely a Reed line out of Rieti, from which we can expect both Josephus and Caiaphas elements. The Ready share the swan with Cambridge's and French Josephs (the latter's martlet once showed as a swan). Burns are said to have named a location where Pollocks were first found, founded by a Peter Polloc so as to trace well to Vespasia Polla (married the son of Flavius Petro).

The Dagger scallops can easily be a gold version of the Apps / Capes scallops, which simply alludes to a Dexaroi-Apsus merger. But the red bull in the Dagger Crest is that also of Sabine's while the grandfather of emperor Titus was Sabinus, a Flavian from Rieti. As I've repeated many times, the red scallop of Sabine's, in colors reversed from the capes / Apps scallops, is shared by Pullens/PULLeys while Sabinus married Vespasia POLLA. Therefore, I with the great help of the Lord Jesus, through many online helpers, have made this full-proof discovery that you are reading, and we should want to know why God has imprisoned me to this task for at least ten years now. Pulleys use footless martlets in the colors of the same of French Josephs.

Why do Romneys use a version of the Pullen/Pulley Coat? The Romney bloodline named Romulus in Michigan because it's in Wayne county while Wayne's share the pelican with Pullens/Pulleys (and Pollens/Paulins), and moreover Romulus was founded by a Mr. Pullen and a Mr. Pulcipher. Thanks to a reader, the Pulsiphers were found with a Coat at houseofnames, and the surname is shown properly as "POLESdon," using the Sabine stars. Therefore, Vespasia Polla, and her son -- the fourth head of the Revelation dragon, the emperor under whom Jerusalem was conquered, and whose army fought against general Josephus of Israel -- traces to Mitt Romney, now being considered for the secretary of state.

You can see another story when comparing the Cassius/CASANO Coat to the Bernice and Sodan/Sowden Coats, then comparing the latter to the Patterson/CASSANE's while noting that the other Pattersons share yet another pelican. Finally, note that Sodans (same place as Cavii- lines Chives'), likely from the Sodhans in the Patterson/Cassane write-up, share blue scallops with Pollens/Paulins. From there, it appears that the Palin/Pawley lion should link closely to the Patterson/Cassane lion; the latter's shares blood drops with the KilPatrick dagger, and moreover Pattersons are said to be a branch of Patricks so that Pattersons trace to Antipatria too.

One day, a steady reader with a Patterson bloodline emailed to say that she had a dream, as she awoke, of a blue lion named "something like Cappeo." I knew that it was the blue lion of Macclesfields (same place as Polesdons), for the Arms of Macclesfield uses a "copia" motto term. This reader knew nothing of the Macclesfield lion and motto term, but here I can add that Rieti-liner Reeds use a motto, "Pax copia," and moreover the Cope's (Burn / Ready chevron?) share the chevron and red roses of COLPs/Cope's, said to be from Aberdeenshire, where Scottish Reeds were first found who are suspect with a version of a PETRo Coat. And Pullens/Pulleys use a motto term, "CULPa." It seems that God chose a reader with Patterson surname to deliver to the readers the message of this copia bloodline traces to Vespasian and Titus, and as this duo conquered Jerusalem together, we could expect that the end-time anti-Christ may be a Vespasian liner too. Vespasian claimed to be God, an item that is prophesied for the anti-Christ too.

And through all of this, I fully expect that the Cope bloodline is from the namers of Caiaphas, suggesting a link to the namers of the Kupa/COLAPis river, the rivers of the Japodes that named the chief Roman god, Jupiter, from where mythical Romulus can be expected, for there is even a Romula location near the Colapis. See the left side of this old map:

Note that the Cole's use a bull, thus linkable to the Sabine bull, a good way to make a Vespasian-line link again to the Colapis river. And while Rieti is near Avezzano, the Avisons not only share the garbs of Comyns (from Kuman at the Apsus) and Josephs, but feasibly the anchor of Cole- related Kyle's, the latter first found in the same place as Carricks that trace to Acragas, now called Agrigento, the Arms of which I have traced to the Anchor/Annacker Coat.

I reasoned that Vespasian's grandfather, Flavius Petro, was named from AntiPATRia elements, and that proto-Herods could have passed through the Rieti area in naming the Herods proper. The Petro Coat could feasibly be using a gold version of the Bouillon flory cross, but then just check out the Birds/Burds for a return to the Hips martlets, and moreover note that the Petro fleur-de-lys are in half the colors of the Lys/Lisse fleur.

Although there are long stories to all of the entities I've been touching on, and although I can't begin to know much of the stories, it appears that we are talking about the root of the Roman beast of Daniel as it passes through Vespasian to the anti-Christ. Wikipedia does not know the ancestry of the royal Seleucids other than to say that it was from, or associated with, Thesprotians of Epirus. Note how near Epirus is to Antipatria, for the royal Herods of Israel married the line of Mattathias Hasmonean, father of Jonathan Maccabee, ancestor of Josephus, and close partner with the Seleucid king, Alexander BALAS. It strikes me that the name, Alexander, used by later Maccabees, was in honor of Alexander Balas, suggesting that the Maccabees married his family. "AristoBULUS" was a name used by the Herods that married the Maccabee line, and so note BULLIS on the lower-left of the map above, between Epirus and the Apsus river. Bullis is right beside Aulon, known as Avlona too, which I trace to Avellino. It just so happens that while Caiaphas married a daughter of Annas, the Annas surname shares a star in the colors of the stars used by the Bullis/Buliard Coat (see Billiards, same place as French Josephs). The Bullis/Buliard stars are inside roundels, code for the Rundels and Arundels both of whom had merged with Alans i.e. from Aulon.

It can be gleaned that the mythical Romulus wolf was from the Hirpini of Avellino, no doubt a demented Apollo cult that worshiped less than trash. As Apollo is the likely namers of the Poles, and possibly also of Vespasia Polla, note that Billiards are likely using the Lambert chevron, and the black rooster of KOPPLE's that trace to the Polish mouse tower in GOPLo, where I say that the anti-Christ / False Prophet must trace back to. If Romney becomes the secretary of state, he may also be the False Prophet, and so let's repeat that Romneys share the Pulley Coat. As the Romney Crest has "Two cubit arms in blue, hands holding a red escallop," check out the blue lion of Cubits/CUPids (scimitars), suggesting that they were Kupa liners i.e. as were the Pullen- beloved Cope's/Culps.

Cubits/Cupids were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as the Sabine's sharing the red-on-white scallop with Romneys and Pullens. It now becomes clear that the blue lion in the dream of emailer Patterson was that of the Cubits/Cupids/Cobbets/Cobberts and its branches. See the blue lion in the Arms of Copeland.

I can now fathom a blood link between the proto-Seleucids and the Herods out of Antipatria, and then over to Flavius Petro of the Jupiter > Romulus line. It can explain why the global beast of Daniel proceeds from Alexander the Great of Epirus, to the Seleucids, to the Romans. While the Antipatria line rebuilt / renovated the temple in Jerusalem, lavishing it with gold suspect from Quintus Caepio, Vespasian and Titus took the temple gold and destroyed the temple in so-doing.

This is all very creepy, but let's not forget that we are dealing with men only, like ships blown by demonic winds to where they know not. Or, we are dealing with Masonic imbeciles prepared to destroy the world while seeking their greater money-lot in it. What a whacko history mankind has forged. What a hopeless creature we are without God's rubbing off on us. We become like the ones we "hang out" with, but if God comes near to us, we become like Jesus. Take your choice; which do you think is of higher quality? While we can't have God as close to us as we would like at this time, at least in such a way as we can become more like Jesus, the New Testament promise is that, when He appears, we will become just like him. Jesus calls his faithful to long-term patience, and it is indeed very hard to practice for most of a human lifetime. We could be thankful that it's not 150 years long in this evil generation. Don't give up; find ways to enjoy / fulfill / tolerate / endure your life while you wait, keep daily or near-daily (not every second every minute every hour) communication with the Spirit. You never know how much he may be appreciating your words, just because you speak them His way. No fancy, persuasive, eloquent words needed, just your real self, which is the meaning of the Biblical sackcloth or the Biblical bare feet.

Before I knew of Fier county and it's neighboring Aulon location, proto- Alans were traced to Forum Allieni, the name of proto-Ferrara from at least 70 AD. I reasoned that the namers of Pharisees had named Ferrara, and that proto-Alans were fundamental with some Pharisee escapees from the 70 invasion of Jerusalem. That was before I emphasized Josephus as kin to Joseph Caiaphas, a Sadducee high priest of Israel. So, I now think that I can trace namers of Pharisee's to Fier too. There is a Fier surname (compare with the Petro cross) listed with the Vere branch of Fere's/Fears, and it just so happens that the Fiers share a blue bend with Joseph-beloved Charo's/Claro's (red bull), first found in Ferrara, and that the two surname share Coats in colors reversed from one another.

The Charo's/Claro's/CHIARO's can be traced to Palma di Montechiaro / Parma di Muntichiaru, near Agrigento, and while I say that proto-Carricks descended from the Acragas name of that place, note that the Chiarelli variation suggests the Carelli's said to be from a Caro family, yet there are several Carrick-like variations such as, Caracci. As the Carelli/Caracci Coat has a palm tree over vertical bars in the colors of the vertical Tarr bars, and as I've traced Tarrs with the scimiTAR to the Taro river at Parma, let me say that Palms are also Parms while Palmers are also Parmers. It appears that there was a connection between Palma di Montechiaro and Parma on the Taro.

The Palmers/Parmers were even first found in the same place as the scimitar- using Cupids/Cubits, and while the latter use clouds with their "battling scimitars," the McLeods/Clouds (bull) use flags as code for the Flags/Flecks (same place as Palmers / Cupids), who share a version of the Palmer/Parmer Coat. The Flags/Flecks are in the motto and scallops of the Samsons who show a blue lion (Cupid symbol) in their Crest, and as I trace Samsons to the Samsam Saracens of Sicily, note that Carelli's/Caracci's were first found in Sicily. Close to the Saracen location of Syracuse, there is a Chiaramonte location, wherefore compare "SARACen" to "Carrick."

Compare the "sera"-using Fulke's (same place as Flags/Flecks) to Belgian Flecks, asking why Fulke's are said to be from Fulk Nerra while Nero's (share blue vair fur with Palms/Parms) may be from emperor Nero, who more-or-less preceded Vespasian.

Two updates ago, Flecks were looking like the terms I was tentatively tracing to the namers of Flavius, and here I find the following in Wikipedia;'s article on the Chiaramonte family of Montechiaro: "Traditionally, direct male descendants of Manfredi [Chiaramonte] are called Pietro, Ugo or FLAVIO – Pietro the foundation stone, Ugo the king of Sicily and Flavio because of Sicily's bright yellow sun. At present, the family uses the Cardone surname." This article is where one can find the Mosca family that is in the motto of Drake's, thus assuring that Drake's trace to the Drago river.

Disregarding the given definition of "Flavio" with the Sicilian sun, it appears that Flavius Petro of the imperial Roman bloodline traced forward to Manfred Chiaramonte and his Mosca wife. Her name was Isabella, which reminds me of Isabel de Molle, daughter of Eschyna de Molle. Isabel married Robert Pollock (!), brother of Peter Pollock, the first two Pollocks. Not only do I trace Pollocks confidently to Flavius Petro, but the Molle's share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schands whom I had suggested in the SCIMitar. Plus, Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croce too, while Croce's (look like Massey / Mason kin) are suspect from mythical Creusa at Acragas, as well as with the Creuse area near the first Bouillons. The latter share the flory cross of Birds/Burds while the latter share the red-white martlets of Hips' who in-turn trace excellently to the Hypsas = Drago river of Acragas.

Note that Cards share the cloud and the blue-on-white lion of the scimitar- using Cupids! That tends to assure that the Cardone's of the Chiaramonte line were also Cards. And it explains the palm tree of Carts (Carthaginians?) as code for Palma di Chiaramonte. One can trace this Caro entity to Massa-Carrara, and to the Pisa lion that matches the Cupid / Card lion, but note that the Pisa lion (two color schemes) can also be the same of German Croce's and English Creuse's (same place as Masseys/Maceys and blue-lion Macclesfield). As English Croce's share nearly the Mason/Massin motto, trace this lion also to the blue one of Masons/Massins, from king Massena of the Carthage area. The Cards come up as "Cert," likely from Cirta, the Numidian capital (for Massena was a Numidian). Tarrs were first found in the same place as Reed-related Roets that can link to Rita's that use the same lion yet again.

An event in my life showed that Tarrs could have been related to Masci's, and here Tarrs are tracing to the Mosca bloodline.

Caiaphas is suspect from Khazars several centuries after his descent from Carthaginians. The Khazars go to Hohens and Cohens, and Hohenstaufens are known to have been in Sicily, especially with the family of emperor Frederick II, father of one ManFRED, father in turn of a Sicilian queen (Constance) with his wife from Savoy, which should explain why the Arms of Barcelona use the Savoy cross along with the Aragon bars. Constance married Peter III of Aragon, but why is his name Peter? Why do Constance's share the eagle of Fred-like Ferte's, suspect with Ferte-Mace, home of the Macie- branch Masseys that are known to have married Bellamys? There is a section below that can argue well, now, for a trace of Bellamys to an aspect of Barcelona. The Hohenstaufen line thus goes through Frederick III of Barcelona and Sicily, father of Manfred, duke of Athens. I'm going to trace his to the Syrian Baathists.

The Arms of Massa-Carrara share the checked Shield of Cohens (and Fleck- related Fulks), as well as the Massi/Mattis checks, wherefore note that the latter's Chief is that also of Spanish Cardone's (the Paisley thistles?) and Italian Fulks. As Josephs use a "mago" motto term along with their "charo" motto term, and as it's been expected to trace to Mago, Carthaginian brother of Hannibal, two sons of BARCA, note that Frederick IV, king of Italy, was from the house of BARCElona. The Chiaramonte family is said to have supported Frederick IV, and this name comes from his descent from Frederick Hohenstaufen.

Barcelona's rulers descended from rulers of Aragon that, I now think, must be using the same bars as Tarrs and Carelli's/Caracci's. Cardone's were first found in the same place (Castile) as Petro's.

Repeat: "Tarrs were first found in the same place as Reed-related Roets that can link to Rita's that use the same lion yet again." As I link the "piece of wood" of Rita's to Pasi > Paisley liners, the Cardone thistle can indeed be the Paisley thistle. I feel sure that VesPASIA Polla was a Pasi liner to the Pollocks of Paisley. Note that Paisley was home to Stewarts and Houstons that share the Massi/Mattis and Fulk checks, for while Houstons use the hourglass as code for Glasgow (Paisley theater), the Jewish Glass' can be using a version of the German-Fulk wings, though the Glass' use the wings in the colors of the Masci wing. Moreover, Scottish Glass' share the mermaid (highly suspect with Cohen liners / Khazars) with Masons/Massins.

The Bellonids in the House-of-Barcelona article are suggesting the "bello" motto term of Bouillons, the Belli's, Bellamys, Bellino's, and the Bellows / Belows (FRETty). The Bellonids are placed (in their article) in Septimania during the Carolingian era. BALANcors/Balance's (probably the Piast eagle) share the white wing with Masci's / Glass'. The Belli's share the beacon with Fullers, and both use red bars that may now ultimately be from the Aragon bars. Fullers recall that the Dol Alans, relatives or associates with the Fuller-suspect father (Fulbert) of the first Pollock, are very traceable to La Mancha of Spain, as per the Alan Huns there in around 400 AD. These Alan Huns then went to north Africa, but returned to Alauna in Manche of France, home of Masci-related Masseys (married Bellamys), suggesting that the Alans in north Africa may have contacted Massena liners.

Note how the three Fuller / Belli bars can be the two of Italian Ballons while the latter's are in the colors of the two Hannibal/Annabel bars. Are English Ballons using the Palin lion because Palins (probably a version of the Sabine Chief and Polesdon stars) are Bellonid liners too? Do French Ballons (Brittany) share large ermine spots with Balas' because Bellonids were from Alexander Balas (Seleucid king?). Balas' share the antelope design of Piast- liner Wheelwrights.

The Palin lion is colors reversed from the lions of Welsh Bellons, and then the Powys' share the Bellino bear paw in colors reversed. The Bellons have the same cross as Sinclairs while the latter were initially Claro's that can trace to the Montechiaro / Chiaramonte bloodline. I suggest that Bellons are using the lions of Raines', from Rennes of Brittany, though Rennes-le-Chateau of Septimania comes to mind too, as does Renfrew, home of Paisley, Glasgow, the Dol Alans and the first Pollock. The Wrens are said to be from Raines', and Wrens share the purple lion with Meschin-related Skiptons, suspect with the Skiptons that use BELLOW fans. Skiptons trace to an alliance / marriage between general Scipio and king Massena.

To top it off, red scallops, the color of the Sabine / Pulley scallops, are in the Coat of Spanish Bellons (pilgrim's staffs). There is a heck of a lot to chew over in all of this. The Shield and border of Spanish Bellons is that also of the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau. Here is Bello, ancestor:

The Dol location traces to the Dulo house of Attila (he was allied to Alan Huns), and these Huns must trace back to the namers of HanniBAL, partially named after Baal, apparently, suspect in the Bello bloodline, for Baal is expected to have become the Bel of Celts, who by the way is expected in the Bavarian Illuminati, for that cult was founded (by a Jew) on May 1, the holy day to Bel. There is a good chance that the Alan Huns of Spain went to north Africa to be with their Hannibal ancestry. The Alans are known to be related closely to the Bellamy elements that married Ferte-Mace. This Barcelona area is new to me, and it's tracing Hohenstaufens through Manfred Chiaramonte to Ferte-Mace, which expects Maceys / Masseys to trace to the Massi's/Mattis', who bring general Mattis to mind. I am about to show you several ways in which the Mattis bloodline, now tracing through the Mosca's, is that of Ezekiel's Gog and Meshech, and moreover how it traces to Obama's mother. I have seen it all in an hour's time thanks to the Savoy connections of Barcelona.

Again, Bellons have the same cross as Sinclairs, but one should compare the Bellon Coat to that of PETERsons (Aberdeenshire, same as Petro-descended Reeds) for a trace of the latter to Peter III of Aragon. When I was seven years old, I heard a voice as I ran across the lawn: "Will you live for me." There was no person in sight. I didn't know it then, but I was being called to the massive investigation that has thus far culminated in what you are reading. One of my first friends at Jay street, where He asked me to live for him (I told him no at the time), was Jerry Peterson, whose father was Polish. I was running across my front lawn, from Jay street toward the house, all alone, and heard a very distinct voice, "Will you live for me," as I started to run. It was out-of-the-blue, and there is no way that I was imagining this; it was real. I stood in the center of the lawn thinking about this stranger, not even introducing himself, and, somewhat afraid or lost for words, I said, "No, I want to have fun." Jays have now become the epitome of my dragon hunt.

Note that the Peterson cross is colors reversed from the same type cross of Sinclairs, for the Peterson cross is white, the color of the same-type cross of Savoy / Barcelona. Jay street was mentioned because I now know that Jays trace to king Gaia, father of king Massena. My mother is a Massey liner on her mother's side, and from the same bloodline as Obama's mother. So much in my life was intended to help me with this far-reaching revelation on the Massey bloodline to the anti-Christ organization. Of all the Massey bloodliners in the world, why me? Obama probably doesn't realize that his attacks on Assad are attacks on his old kin. It is now clear to me that Obama is a Mosca-Chiaramonte liner from the Sinclairs.

Syrian Baathists, to whom president Assad belongs, were founded by a Mr. Bitar and a Mr. Aflaq, while Bitars and Aflacks (recalls the Flecks, etc., that trace to Palma di Chiaramonte) both use the same type cross as Sinclairs, and in the same colors. However, the Baths/Atha's use it in both colors of the Savoy cross, and these Baths trace to the bats in the Coat of the Scottish Randolphs because the latter use the Bath cross too. English Randolphs use the same Coat as Dunhams, and the latter surname is that of Obama's mother while a check of Obama's family tree shows Randolphs within it. Dunhams trace to Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey, in Cheshire, home of Masseys. The Dunham's in Obama's tree are from Jonathan Singletary, and Singletarys/Singletons, suspect with the Singular variation of Sinclairs, share the antelope design of the Mieszko (mouse-tower) Wheelwrights, which reminds me of when a mouse came into view at the White-House podium just as Obama was about to come out to speak to the nation on national television. At that time, and for months previous, God was showing me that the False Prophet / anti-Christ would be from a mouse entity, though I had not yet discovered the mouse tower said to be Mieszko's ancestry by a writer, Gallus AnonyMOUS, whom I trace to Gala, the alternative name of king Gaia. Keep in mind that the heraldic ANTELope traces to ANTALya Pisidians, for I will soon re-explain the Massena trace to the Pisa Amazons in light of this Mosca topic, and note how "Mosca" looks like a perfect mouse entity. Mosca's were first found in Pisa of Italy.

In fact, the mouse-using Misls were traced to the coats of Davids (Cheshire) and Davis' while I have agreed with others that Obama's true father was Frank Marshal Davis, who took nude photos of Obama's mother than can be found online. Obama's family tree includes a mayor Wolflin of Germany, and while these Wolflins are said to have changed to Wolfleys, the latter were likewise first found in Cheshire. So, you see, the mouse line is already involved in Syria as we speak. It was Obama (or his superiors) who chose general Mattis to head the military's Central Command.

I can glean that Mosca's trace to the Moschian mountains of ancient Colchis, right beside Soducena and Gogarene on the map below. As I claim that king Massena's alliance with Scipio produced Mathis-suspect Mattathias, father of the first-known Maccabees proper, while Sadducees are known to issue from Maccabee king-priests, it's likely that Sadducees were from the namers of Soducena. As JUGURtha was the son/grandson of Massena, compare his name with GUGAR, the Assyrian version of "Gogarene." It can appear that Ezekiel's Meshech, Rosh and Gog trace exactly to the Massena line highly suspect with the Mosca bloodline. The Meshech were also "Mushki." In this way, general Mattis, now tracing well to the Mosca kin of Massi's/Mattis', can be a Meshech liner, and linkable with the Romney connection to Peter of Barcelona.

The Arms of Aragon are shared by the Arms of Roussillon (in Septimania), and the latter was, in my opinion, from "Rosh," for the Redones of Septimania were also called Russi and Ruthene. Ruths/Rothers (compare with Rodhams, Wolfins/Wallins, and Jewish Pollocks) are actually listed as Randolphs, and first found in the same place, Moray, as the bat-using Randolphs. These bats are expected from the Caucasian Bat peoples that named Batumi, smack beside the Moschian mountains. Moray is where I traced the More location of the Rollo / Malahule bloodline (which was the Claro > Sinclair bloodline) before I traced the Khazars of the Mures river to Moray, and so note that Sinclairs lived at ROSLIN while the Spanish call Roussillon, ROSELLON. It explains why Sinclairs share the Bellon cross. It's the CHIARAmonte-Mosca line to the Bellonids of Barcelona-Hohenstaufen connection. The ROTHschilds trace definitely from the Rothes castle at Rothes, Morayshire, which was built by Peter Pollock.

As this Frederick / ManFRED entity of Khazars is tracing hard to Ferte- Mace, note how the English Macey Coat can be a version of the Billiard and Lambert Coats that both use the same stars as Morays. Lamberts connect to Mieszko II Lambert. Scottish Maceys are listed with Mackays that use a motto as code, in my opinion, for Fortriu, an alternative name for Moray, for Mackays were in the Moray theater. In fact, some confuse Mackays with the MacHeths of Moray, but I say that the Heths are from the Atha variation of the Baths sharing the cross of the Moray Randolphs (this is the Barcelona cross too, remember).

The "manu forti" motto of Mackays is code also for the Isle of man, ruled by the family of king Maccus, said by some to be from Normandy, and therefore very suspect with Maceys at Ferte-Mace (Normandy), for it's known that Maccus was speaking to Saxon rulers in Cheshire. I trace Macclesfield of Cheshire to Maxwells/MACCUSwells that use the Sinclair cross as a saltire, and moreover, with Peter of Barcelona tracing to Antipatria with Kilpatricks, note that the Kilpatrick saltire is that of Maxwells too while Kilpatricks use a "make" motto code for Maxwell liners. And this bears repeating, to make the point stronger, that Peter-descended Pollocks are regarded as a sept of Maxwells. Thus, king Maccus is tracing to the Mosca bloodline, and that's where the leopards used by the earls of Macclesfield come in, for Mosca's, as well as the Arms of Normandy, used leopards.

Cordons, suspect with Cardone's, use a Coat reflective of the Mackay Coat.

By the way, my Microsoft search feature (at the browser's Start button) will not find the earls of Macclesfield in any of my computer files, indicating that Microsoft and Google are blacklisting the Arms as shown and explained by my files. Indeed, a Google search for "'earls of Macclesfield' tribwatch " does not (at this time, anyway) bring any of my files up showing the Arms. The search brings up only 15 webpages, several of which are mine at tribwatch, but not one of mine that are brought up have the phrase "earls of Macclesfield." Way to go, Google and Microsoft, censoring my material and that of others. But, in the end, I will have judgment on you. If God is with me and this revelation, what will your punishment be, do you think? This reveals that Microsoft and Google are in bed together censoring a whack of anti-globalist material, as expected. I rarely come across anti- globalist material, which was once rife.

As Antipatria is now being claimed as the home of proto-Herods, note that the Herod surname is listed with Haralds, and first found in Argyllshire i.e. the waters where the Maccus family ruled. Maccus' father was Harald. Moreover, the Herod/Harald surname (Pollock colors) shows "Heraults" while Herault is an area beside Roussillon, making it even more certain that Maccus was a Mosca liner through Maceys / Masci's. I have traced Masci's to mythical Mucius, and Google along with my Microsoft button have censored all my pages on this Mucius topic, which involves the sinister direction of the Masci and Massena bends.

When I first saw that Masci's used the same fleur-de-lys as France, I didn't think much of it as per a Masci connection to Clovis, the reported owner of the fleur-de-lys. There must be thousands of surnames using those fleur in those colors. And I noted that Masseys use fleur in the colors used for them by Lys'/Lisse's. Later, when I realized that Masseys were at the root of the code, "Freemason" (compare Masons with Freie's, sharing the Macclesfield lion), I started to keep closer tabs on where Massey liners trace. It eventually came to Basina, mother of Clovis, tracing from Bassania at the Mathis river, to the Bessin, the Normandy home of the Meschins, a little north of Ferte-Mace. Note that the Macclesfield cross is that of Barcelona.

It seems that the Mathis river, and the Mathis - Chives merger, should connect with the Massi/Mattis elements of Massa-Carrara. Knowing now that the latter trace to the Carelli's/Caracci's, kin of Chiaramonte's, it explains why the Mosca leopard design is in the Crest of Chives'. The latter are from the Cavii peoples that lived at Lisse-based Lissus, smack beside Bassania. Only Bassania is not on the map below:

Again. Mosca's were first found in Italian Pisa while the proto-Massey / proto-Moschian Amazons were of Grecian Pisa. HERODotus claimed that Amazons were from the Thermodon / Mazaca area, smack at / beside the Moschian mountains, and as Amazons proper were in Mysia, it speaks for itself to indicate that the Mysians were of the namers of the Moschi mountains. The Amazons of Lemnos were made related, by at least one myth writer, to the golden fleece of Colchis, and Herodotus said that Amazons of Thermodon mated with Gargarians = the Georgians that came forth from Colchis. The city of Myrina on Lemnos was mythicized as an Amazon goddess by the same name at the Atlas mountains of north Africa, home of Numidians i.e. of the Massena line. There is a lot that can be repeated here, but I won't do it all. It now seems clear that Plato's western Atlantis (with king Atlas) was much about Numidian lines out of the Atlas mountains, and the Tuareg Amazons of those mountains can even be the line to Tarrs. As the latter just linked to the bars of ARAGon, note that golden-fleece myth had the ARGO ship land at Lemnos before going to fetch the fleece from the Ares dragon in Colchis. The Bistones peoples of Cyrene (home of Meshwesh Amazons) worshiped Ares, and the Bistone surname shares the Coat of Bessins, both using the bees worshiped by the Frank king, Childeric, Basina's husband and Clovis' father.

Plato's Atlas was made the son of Tyrian Poseidon, and the latter's name is from the Pisidians at Antalya. The latter's Attaleia version obviously named Atlas, but no one makes this claim, as logical as it is. Hardly anyone wants to spread my super finds because I am an anti-globalist, Christian nut. It is easy to realize that Pisidians named Pisa, home of the OenoMAUS Amazons that trace to mythical Oeneus, father of Methoni (a real city) in Messene, the latter being the name given to Messina in Sicily that probably named king Massena. Oeneus was king of CALYDon, a term tracing to the Khaldi of Thermodon, and this helps us to trace Amazons of the Oeneus kind to the Oeneus / Una river, where the Maezaei are stamped on the map above that put out Julia Maesa Bassianus, part of the Bassania bloodline to Basina. That's why the Masci fleur-de-lys are very close to the Clovis bloodline. Basina was from Tarr-possible Thuringia, traceable to Turin, the area of the first Masci's. The English Charles', possibly from Charlemagne, may be using the Masci eagle (wing).

The Chieri and CHIVASSO areas near Turin speak to me about the CHIVES-Mosca relationship, and as such Turin is suspect with Tuareg Amazons. Check out how the motto of masters, first found in the same place as Masons/Massins, looks like it honors the Tuaregs (don't spell it "Tuareg"). Merovingians claimed to be from a mythical QuinoTAUR. The Chives-Coat cats are in the colors of the Bellon / Peterson / Patty lions.

The Chiaramonte's who married Mosca's are said to be from Charlemagne, and he was a Pepinid, from Pepin of Landen who married Mattis-like Metz. That works nicely, and I have thousands of similar links that historians would love to clinch, but they dislike my work because I'm a Biblical Christian, and would not want to give me credit for these links that they have been unable to make. The last thing they want is for my work to grow legs that walk all over end-time globalism. But you watch, because God will use this work to undo them at their Achilles' heel. Share my work in webpages at your own risk, because there is a risk. Where is the credit that God deserves for exposing your ancestral snakes, historians? Are you going to bash and censor this God further?

There was a Clarus location in the Amazon area of Ephesus, and as this was in the Caria theater, the Chiaramonte family was in fact a Caria-Clarus entity. When we go back to the "charo"-using Josephs that had linked to the footless MARTLet, that's code for Charles MARTEL, Charlemagne's grandfather.

We saw earlier that the Barcelona Manfreds produced a ruler of Athens, interesting where mythical Kodros of Athens, who traced to Abraham's children with Keturah, had a son said to be the founder of Ephesus. KETURah's son, Medan, is traceable to KODRos' son, Medon, and both can go further to Methoni. Kodros was given a fish symbol anciently, and for this reason he traces to the fish of Saraca's, who lived at KOTOR. Moreover, Medea, the princess of Colchis that took a ride on the Argo ship, rode a chariot of dragons (i.e. read as the Ares dragon in Colchis) to Athens, meaning that Medon and Medea were that same thing. In fact, Meleager, king of Calydon and husband of Atalanta, links hard to Oeneus of Calydon, father of Methoni. The Abraham above is the Biblical Abraham, father of Isaac, fathers of Israel. He had a second wife aside from Sarah, the latter somewhat suspect from the proto-Saracens, whatever they may have been.

As the Peterson and Bellon Coats reflect those of Pattys while the latter trace to Patti of Sicily, let's now go to Vinciguerra d'Aragona, cousin of Frederick III, and a military captain in Patti. Vinciguerra "was rewarded with the lordship of Termini and the county of Novara, which had been his maternal grandfather's, in 1364." Novara was home to the Laevi Gauls that I trace back to the Biblical Jonathan, the pagan Levite of Laish. His is his name that I trace to "Oeneus," and to mythical Juno from the Oeneus (or Una) river.

Vinciguerra was "the eldest son of Sanciolo d'Aragona and Lucia PALIZZI", evoking the Spanish Baez/PELAIZ surname that shares checks with Hohens, and using what I see as half the Pollock saltire. Note that the Spanish Luz's (could be a form of the Cupid / Cert lion) share the purple lion with Lacys and related Skiptons for a trace back to Scipio liners at Pelaiz-suspect Placentia.

"From [Vinciguerra's] nephew MATTiotto, the son of Sancho, he inherited the county of Cammarata in 1369. In 1371 he became Baron of Militello, his own father's barony..." The latter term strikes me as per a "Militia" motto term of Tooks/Touque's, first found in the same place as Masters, Masons, and Massey-related Hamon(d)s. I always trace Methoni as a Mitanni line to Gace's/Wassa's, and Gace happens to be a location on the Touques river (Normandy), where we also find Lissus-like Lisieux. Patti is in Messina, which is named after Messene, location of Methoni, begging the question of whether Methoni elements named the Mathis river (has a mouth beside Lissus).

Pattys are using a form of the Nitt Coat, which uses the same checks as Massi's/Mattis', and as Nitts are likely of the namers of the Nith river, home to the Kilpatrick castle, Patti appears to be named from an Antipatria line, especially as Kilpatricks have a Patchie variation. It should be part of the Apsus > Hypsas migration to Acragas.

The Took/Touque motto term has been suspect with the Carian location of Miletus (not very far from Clarus), and I think the Masters and Roets share a Caria motto code. The Masa Sea Peoples of Caria should play to this, as should the Pelops Lydians (i.e. Sea Peoples) that married the daughter of Oenomaus. The Lydian capital, Sardis, is suspect with the Shardana Sea Peoples thought to be of Sardinia. The "mea" motto term of Tooks can be for the Mea's/Meigh's, suspect with the Macclesfield cross now tracing to the Arms of Barcelona. Mea's/Meighs trace well to the Meu river, home of the Brittany Henrys that trace to the Hips martlets. And by the way, the Charo- loving Josephs are said to descend from Henry Joseph. Wikipedia's article on Dagome (= Mieszko I) says he has ancestry in Sardinia, the island where we find the Seleucid location of Sulcis, recalling that Carthaginians had some alliance with the Seleucid kings. But we should also keep in mind the strong alliance between Alexander Balas and Jonathan Maccabee, for this is expected to trace to Josephus (he himself claimed that Jonathan Maccabee was his ancestor).

Josephus was the Roman historian, and I am the historian of the God who will crush the head of Josephus. The head of Josephus is the snake that conquered Jerusalem. Watch out for betrayals, Western snakes, for the end times is defined by them. It will be snake eating snake until the fattest snake is left for the Flashing Sword of the One with a Robe dipped in Blood.

We read: "In 1355 [Vinciguerra] rebelled against his cousin Frederick III, who in December sent him to Patti as Captain to serve until December 1356. With GUGlielmo Rosso and CORRADO Spadafora, the captain and castellan of Lipari, he joined his younger brother Sancho (Sanciolo) in a pro-Angevin revolt in 1357... It just so happens that Corrado-like Cordons were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Pattys. Italian Corrado's look to be using the Macey stars, therefore. The Curro/Corro variation suggest Currys/Corrys that use a saltire in the colors of the Barcelona cross, and a saltire in the colors of the same of Gospatricks. The Cords share red hearts with Corrado's, and may connect to the Bitar hearts.

Aha! The Cords brings us to the Courts/Coverts, suspect with a mysterious kaiser Coffert that I'm still wanting to find, whom is supposed to be related to / associated with Hohenzollerns and/or Hohenstaufens. And look, the Courts/Coverts can be using the eagle in the Massi/Mattis and Cordone Chiefs. The Courcy kin of Courts can suggest Corsica, beside Sardinia. It's very interesting that the six Court/Covert bars are half in the colors of the same of Cams while Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire. Then, lookie here from Italian Capone's/Caputo's/Capua's: "First found in the reign of the Hohenstaufens in Sicily, which lasted from 1194 to 1266. At this time Corrado Caputo, nephew of the Emperor Frederick II, was Prince of Antiochia [Antioch in Syria] and general vicar of Sicily." Antioch was named after Antiochus, son and heir of Seleucid I. Sulcis is also called, Sant'Antioco, supposedly by a saint of that name, but I say there was no such saint, but that it's code for Antioch elements.

I had suspected that "BarceLONA" was named partly after the Spanish Luna's (compare with Lamberts), first found in Aragon, and tracing to ancient Luni of Italy, near Massa-Carrara. And here I find that the Italian Luna's using the upper half of the Court/Covert Coat! Hmm, the Lent Coat (Dauphine's dolphins?) looks applicable to the bottom half of the Court/Covert Coat while Luna's included the Lunati's. Plunketts, from Plancia Magna (Herod liner), use a "lente" motto term. As Plancia's husband, Tertullus, traces to Fulk ancestry while "Plancia" traces to the Planque variation of Plants/Plantagenets (= a Fulk line), it's notable that the Luna's, Massi's/Mattis, and Italian Fulks are using an eagle in the colors of the German eagle wings. But why is Plancia tracing also to Courts/Coverts?

The Lone's are in Court/Covert colors and use a "garde" motto term that can possibly indicate that Gards are Corrado liners, or Cardone's from the Chiaramonte's. Gards use the Shield-and-Chief color combination in colors reversed from the same of Spanish Luna's. The Lone stars are in the colors of the Lure star while Gards use a "hawk's lure." These Lone's use another color scheme for their stars that is that of the Casano/Cassandra stars, while the Cassandra's/Cassane's share a white tower in Crest with Lure's and English Gards. The "agendo" motto term of Lure's has been traced to Euganeo, down off the Adige river from Garda at lake Garda. The "SPECTemur" motto term of Lure's should be for the FRET-using Speccots, but there are Spanish Murs/Muriels that happen to have been first found in Aragon.

As Murs/Muriels are said to be from the Jaca mountains while I see good potential for a trace to Muriel Pollock, niece of Robert Pollock who married the Molle's, it seems that Jacks/Jacques' are in Mur/Muriel colors as per the line of Jacques de Molay. French Murs are also Murons while Marone's/Morooneys share the Molle boar head (red TUSKs included), which suddenly explains the MULrooney variation. Murs/Murons share a lozengy Shield with Lombards/Limbaughs, first found in the same place as Pollocks and Eschyna de Molle, and moreover use the same black-on-gold eagle of Courts/Coverts, etc. Italian Lombards, first found in TUSCany along with Fulks, get us the Lure / Lone stars again, perhaps. The latter Lombards should have their stars with Tous'/Tosini's.

French Lombards are very interesting for sharing the Quint chevron and the black June fleur, suggesting Quintus Caepio's line to Servilia, his granddaughter, wife of a Mr. Junius. These Lombards were first found in the same place (Provence) as Larins (same scallops as Capes'!) while Scottish Larins/Clarens, using two chevrons in the colors of the Clare chevrons, have chevrons in the colors of the Lombard / Quint chevron. Larins/Clarins are in the colors of Clairs/Clerks that come up as "Clarin." They are also in Tarr colors, and while Tarrs are suspect with Tuaregs (unusual vowel combination), Larins/Clerens use a "tuirc" motto term (unusual vowel combination). Recalls the "pilgrim's staffs" of Spanish Bellons, for Staffs/Staffords likewise use the same chevron as Quints, and one can trace the bend-with-buckles of the Stubbs of Staffordshire to both Chappes surnames via the bend-with-buckles of Stirlings/Sturlings. This may be the best paragraph one may ever develop to show that Quints were from Quintus Caepio, and so lets add that Lombardy's capital is Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled while Ottone's share the Chappes perchevron, in the colors of the perchevron of Stave-related Stevens. From here, for to Windsor- related Gore's (they were truly of mythical Gorlois and UTHER Pendragon), for Windsors are from the OTHERs/Oters (Ottone kin, I gather) said to be the Windsor line from Lombardy, and from Gore's we may link to Cordon-like Gords/Gordons. As Stubbs can trace to Stobi, a major Paionian city, note that Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes while the Guerins (expected with Provence) use the Payen/Paion Coat.

I now have Coverts traced to Corrado's of the Hohenstaufen kind. As Cordons use what looks like the Mackay Coat, while Mackays were first found in Sutherland, I suggest that French Courts are using the Sutherland = Moray stars. The Cordon goats can be those of a Spanish / Italian surname, something like Cabrera, that was related to Montechiaro. Note that Italian Cabrera's are said to be related to a ruler of Angers (Anjou), recalling the mention of Anjou in Vinciguerra's article, and recalling that Italian Fulks (ruled Anjou) share the Court/Covert eagle too, as well as the checks of Rangabe-liner Cohens. Then, the Rangabe-suspect Orange's use a hunting horn in colors reversed from the same of French Courts, suggesting the Rangabe Khazars.

Suddenly, the Covert/Coffert leopard FACE plays to the Macclesfield / Mosca leopards, for the Macclesfield / Barcelona cross is that also of the Face's/Fessys. The "vinces" motto term of Face's suddenly suggests that Vinciguerra was named from Vinkovci elements with little doubt. Vinkovci was the birthplace of Valentinian I while Valentins, in Covert/Coffert colors, were first found in Vicenza. Valentins have already traced without doubt to Rodhams and Stevensons (not to mention Levi-beloved Aids), and that brings up the Wolfins/Wallins, who look like they can be using the Melusine theme in Crest that is used by Walsers, a branch of Wallace's/Wallis' (Wolfin/Waller colors). The Levi are suspect with Laevi Gauls, and we saw why Vinciguerra can be of the Laevi of Novara. Jewish Levi's are probably using the Capone/Capua lion round-about, and I think the chevron and lion of Cabbage's (same place as Face's/Fessys) applies to Levi's.

Compare Coverts/Cofferts to French Charles'/Charlemagne's, a good reason to trace the martlets of both to Martel. As Coverts share leopard faces with the Shield of the Macclesfield earls, see that the French Charles' share a gold-on-red chevron with those earls. Irish Charles' even share crowns with the Grands that are in the motto of Courts/Coverts! In the Crest of Irish Charles', another pilgrim's staff/stave! Irish Charles' and Face's/Fessys both use a "Sub" term to begin their respective mottoes.

The Hawks came to mind at the "Sub hoc" motto phrase of Face's (see the Hocks below). As Hawks use pilgrim's stave's while Stave's are listed with one of the two Stevensons, zowie, it recalls the pilgrims staffs of Spanish Bellons, highly suspect from the Bellonid ancestry of the Barcelona rulers under discussion. If you connect the Stave stars to Morays and to Douglas', note that Douglas' share the salamander-in-flames with Sagans/Segans that are part of the "segni" motto term of Face's along with Seagars / Segni's/Segurana's, the latter first found in Genoa, location of a Fieschi family to which I trace Face's/Fessys. It is amazing to me as per how much heraldry is suddenly tracing to Barcelona. Douglas' share the red heart with Corrado's and Cords that brought Coverts to topic.

The Levi motto term, "second," should be for Seconds/Segurs, first found in the same place (Limousin) as French Clairs/Clerks (Mosca leopard?) Levi's and English Clairs both use three chevrons on gold. Clare's of Kent married Meschins.

It was recent (last update) when I touched upon a Clark merger with the family of a Mrs. Covert that I think God sent into my email life for a special cause. Therefore, look at how the Clark Coat reflects that of Stave's/Stevensons, and moreover Clarks were first found in the same place as Stevensons and Maness'. Mrs. Covert had been married to Mr. Maness while she was emailing me. As I said, Clarks are likely a branch of the Clerk variation of Clairs, and that traces to Montechiaro liners, right?

From some Stevenson variations, and the similarity between one Stevenson Coat and one Stein Coat (leopard faces, see the Aids too), one can glean that the Cabrera / Cordon goat goes to the German Steins, but let's also mention the Russell goat, for Russells are expected with Roussillon. From the Stains/Stands (share the Stevenson Crest), go to the Coats of Flecks and Palmers, first found in the same place as Stayne's/Steins, thus clinching the Stein and Stevenson trace to Palmi di Chiaramonte. Aids were first found in the same place as Arthurs suspect with a code for Stands in their motto.

There's lots of codework in the Spanish Cabrera Coat: "A silver shield with a border made of BOULDERs proper, a black goat rampant against the dexter side of the border." Bolders (an arrow called a "bird bolt") look linkable to Jewish Aarons and the latter share the hand-and-cloud theme of Stevensons and Stains/Stands. The Bolder colors and dove suggest same-colored Liefs/Leve's, first found in the same place as Stayne's/Steins.

English Cardone's use doves too but call them pigeons as code for the pigeon-like variation of French Page's, first found in the same place as Payens/Pagans. English Page's then use the Cardone Shield exactly but call their birds, doves. The Page's throw in black pheons, a Cord/Court symbol. Therefore, Payens were related to the Cardone surname used by Chiaramonte liners, a branch of Cards and Carts. As Lambert Page is in the Page write-up, compare the Page chevron with that of English Lamberts, said to be of the Lambert of Mons, where the Levi chevrons trace. English Lamberts are also said to be from rulers of Louvain, suggesting that the blue Card lion is that is Louvains too.

French Lamberts were not only first found in the same place (beside Provence) as Page's and Pagans, but use two chevrons in colors reversed from the two of Dexters who are in-turn in the Cabrera codework. Compare French Lamberts to both Stevensons/Stave's and Provence's (not to mention Chards/Charts), then trace to Guerin of Provence because Guerins share the Payen/Pagan Shield. Provence's were first found in Burgundy, where the line of Gothelo > Godfrey ruled, and where the Bosonids ruled from Charlemagne, relevant because ther Chiaro/Charo/Claro bull design is used by Boso's/Bosins. Guerin's father was thought to be William of Gellone, at the Herault area of the Septimania / Redone theater. VinciGUERRa may have been a Guerin / Guerra liner. Note how Spanish and Italian Guerra's can be using the bars of Burgundy.

I've been over much of this territory before, but never with the Chiaramonte line to Barcelona in the picture. The bird bolt of Bolders and Bolts brings us to the Birds/Burds using the cross of Bouillons in colors reversed. As Bouillons use a "bello" motto term, and as Godfrey de Bouillon was descended from Gothelo, it's very notable, not only that GOTHs/Gothels (same place as Basina) use a Zionist star in the colors of the Provence / Lambert / Billiard stars, but that Bellonids are said to descend from Wilfred the Hairy, from GOTHIA (southern France). It appears that the Septimanian elements that Bouillons and other Frank-Templar goons can be expected from were from this Bellonid line, but as the chief Templars included the Sinclair Normans, they too trace to Bellonid circles. This Wilfred the Goth predate's Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, the latter being the one who established an alliance with the Jewish Pierleoni in Rome. I suspect some Jewish elements of the Caiaphas kind in Gothia.

Gothelo's line is known only as far back as Wigeric of the Bar-le-Duc area of Moselle (northern France). Wigeric was born roughly when Wilfred the hairy died. Wigeric's first son happens to have been a Frederick (count of Bar). Bars are in Gothel colors.

Wilfred Borrel was the son of Wilfred the Hairy of Gothia. Borrels, who may have been Bars, share the red bull with Chiaro's/Claro's and Boso's. The Borrels and Barrels (both first found in the same place (Dauphine) as Page's / Pagans / Lamberts, use the engrailed cross of Macclesfields / Sinclairs / Rhodes' in blue, as do the Hardys that should prove to be the Hardys of Douglas ancestry. It really looks like the Gothelo line was somehow linked to Wilfred the Hairy's son. Might Barrels be using Burgundy / Guerra bends in red? Barcelona's (Castile) are listed with Barro's/Barrals/Barretto's who look linkable to the Huns while Huns have been linked to the Greys, first found in the same place as Stevensons, etc. It reminds me of Stephantsminda, a location in the area of the Khazars as they developed from Huns.

Let me tell you a story. Every once in a while, while writing on these topics over the past decade. I get a feeling that something which stuck in my mind in my past stuck because God made it stick for future link-making. Everytime I cross the Barret surname, it reminds me of Larry Barret. He was on my school but for high school, but I remember nothing of him but the location of his house, and his girlfriend, Laura. Many times I had wondering how Laura relates to Barrets, and perhaps Larry liners too. Well, it just happened. The Barks use larks and the Larks are also LAURks/Lauerks. So, Barks come out looking like Barcelona liners. Larks are using the same chevron as Levi's, and moreover the same martlets as Levins. Larry lived in a little village of Gormley on the way, and Gormleys use more martlets, as do the Grime's in the colors of the Covert/Coffert martlets, while Gormleys show a Grime variation. Grimaldi's share a lozengy Shield.

The hawk's lure that we saw is code for Hawks that use PilGRIM's staves, as do Pilgrims (scimitar). To top it off, Grime's show a green martlet in Crest, the color of the same of English Gards while it's the Irish Gards with the hawk's lure. Very impressive, and it came at you all because I remembered Larry and Laura. I even wrote that before finding that Gards use "A silver tower between two LAURel branches." No guff. Larrys/Laurie's use laurel too. Grime's were first found in East Cheshire, location of Macclesfield. Apparently, Gards share the Steven chevron (because Stave's are listed with Stevensons). Grahams. looked up as per a variation of Gormleys, share the falcon with Stevens, and a Chief in colors reversed from the Gard Chief. Grooms use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Gards, and Scottish Crone's using half the Grimaldi lozengy use a fish in Crest that can link to the same of Lawrence's.

Larks may have named Arks as L'Arks, for Arks were first found in Berkshire, along with Modens/Modeys. Modane is on an Ark river, and some say that Hannibal, son of Barca, crossed the Alps at the Modane area. Irish Barrets even use a multitude of horizontal bars in the colors of the two of Hannibals. See also the Barrie's.

The brother of Godfrey de Bouillon was king Baldwin of Jerusalem. The Baldwins, highly suspect with a version of the Sinclair / Balder cross, happen to share a green wyvern dragon with both Guerra Coats, and the Guerin write-up traces to a Templar cult of Jerusalem. German Balds/Balderichs are using the hourglass-like shape of Guido's, suspect with Guido Guerra of Bologna (Italy). Godfrey de Bouillon's father ruler Boulogne in France. Coincidences? Do Balders use a "Constance" motto term for queen Constance of Aragon?

The Wilfred article has Bishop Idalguer of Vic. The Vice/Vise surname shares the black cross between antlers that are also between the antlers of the Eustace stag, and then Eustace II of Boulogne was father to Godfrey and Baldwin. Some say that Godfrey de Bouillon had a swan symbol, and there the Hocks not only use a large swan, but an item between the antlers of a stag. Vice's were first found in the same place as Coverts/Cofferts that are tracing well to Face's/Fessys, suggesting, perhaps, that Vic was of the Vessey variation of Fessys. German Vicks just happen to share a giant Zionist star on blue with Goths/Gothels!

English Vicks are traced in their write-up to "l'eveske," which reminds of the Normandy location of L'Eveque where Sinclairs lived. Note the color of the star of Leveque's/Levesque's, and see that they could be using the Lambert lamb, which, if correct, traces to Mons and therefore can reveal L'Eveque's as a Levi branch. The L'eveque star is in the color of the French-Lambert stars, and the latter share the chevron of Liefs/Leve's. Levicks (look like a merger with Saddocks) may be with the Levin/Livin martlets in colors reversed; the Levick martlets are black, as is the Joseph martlet while Josephs were first found in the same place as Billiards/Billets (same chevron as French Lamberts) who may be using the L'Eveque star. Lamb-using Pascals show the same lion as Jewish Levi's.

? The L'Eveque star is alone in the Chief, but instead of being central, as is the case with almost all lone-Chief symbols, it's over to the Shield's right side (viewer's left), as is the lone-dog head in the Chief of English Barrals. The two symbols are both in the colors of the Bar / Este eagle.

Petraeus Doesn't Show a Coat, but...

Trump met with Romney a second time, this past week. It looks like he likes Romney. And instead of Mattis for Defense, it could be Petraeus, a former CIA director. Trump has announced that he will give FBI great abilities to hack computers. The old system of protecting privacy, once supported by governments and everyone else, is now out the door, seemingly never to return. Democrats in the Senate just tried to get a resolution passed to curb government-spying capability, but only because they see Trump now in charge. Hypocrites.

I think I have realized that the Sodhan root of Pattersons/Cassane's is a branch of Sudys/Side's, kin of Sutys, the latter sharing a "hazard" motto term with Seatons/Sittens. Therefore, I expect Seatons in merger with lines from king Cassander of Macedonia. The Cassane variation of Pattersons was very instrumental, recently, for clinching the Patterson trace to Antipatria, because Cassander's father was king Antipater of Macedonia. It stands to reason that his name is directly linked to Antipatria, beside or even once a part of Macedonia.

I have linked the black Patterson/Cassane lion to about a half dozen surnames over the years, not all necessarily wrong. As Palins share the Polesdons stars while Pullens share the pelican with Scottish Pattersons, it argues for linking the black Palin lion to the Patterson lion while viewing Palins as a branch of Pullens/Pullys. There is a Pully location on the north shore of lake Geneva while Sitten/Sion is no far off. While Palins share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Powers, Powells share the same lion as Palins and Pattersons. Then, while Powells are said to derive from "ap-Howell," the mother of general Petraeus is a Howell surname. She is a New Yorker, and gave birth to Petraeus on the Hudson river, New York, and can therefore link to PATCHogue (New York), home of Hitler's nephew. I view Patch's with the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks. The latter, by the way, share a green dragon with Seatons, another reason to view Sodhams and Sodans/Sowdans as Seaton liners (because Patricks are a Patterson branch, or at least distant cousins).

I'm suggesting this Hitler-possible link because Petraeus was, as was George Bush Sr., a CIA director, and it makes sense that Americanized Nazi's continued to control the CIA after Bush left it. In my opinion, Obama got rid of Petraeus because he knew too much, and was not fully complying with Obama's evil in Libya / elsewhere.

The Powell Crest is a green griffin that could be a form of the Seaton dragon. English Patents not only use this green griffin too, but show the Pullen/Pully motto exactly. Just like that, we are finding that Petraeus' father may have married heraldic kin when he married Miss Howell, a thing we might expect from people with bloodlines on the brain, a thing we could expect of Hitler's Rosicrucian cult. I have claimed that George Herbert Bush Sr. was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., I read that these Scherffs changed the spelling to "Scherf," and there is a Scherf surname listed with Schere's, wherefore note that Patents / Pullens use a "palleSCERE" motto term while the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks is of the Shere's/Shire's that use nearly the Schere/Scherf cross. Therefore, very safe to say, Petraeus descended from king Antipater of Macedonia.

It's Seaton-important to note that Scottish Patents/Padyns/Padgens (Kilpatrick colors) use flames, for Seatons are a branch of Flemings. In the crest, there is a tower in flames, a the Howell symbol. In the Patten/Padgen Coat, crescents, a Seaton symbol are in flames. Pattens/Padgens were first found in Dumfries, location of Kilpatrick castle, yet another reason to view the Kilpatrick dragon as that of Seatons. A black lion, the color of the Patterson / Powell / Palin / Side / Levi lion, has a dexter paw on the head of the Kilpatrick dragon. Anything in that description could be code for kin, and so note that the Head surname has a unicorn in Crest, symbol of the Tints and gale's that I trace to Tintagel in Cornwall, birthplace of mythical king Arthur. As Pendragon was Arthur's father, while he traces excellently to the Paeoni-suspect Penestae peoples on the DRIN river, along with the Dragons/DRAINers, note that Heads use three unicorn heads in their Coat in the colors of the three helmets of Dragons/Drainers.

Ballons/Ballins use the Palin lion, and were first found in Cornwall. Miss Howell gave birth to Petraeus at CORNWALL-on-Hudson. I trace TINTagel to the ATINTanes on the south side of Antipatria (see map if you'd like to check it). The Penestae are on the north side of anti- Patria. The Paioni are to the east, and on the north side of Macedonia. French Page's, a branch of Payens/Paions/Pagans, have a variation much like the Padgen variation of Dumfries Patents/Padyns, which suddenly asks whether Payens were initially a branch of Antipatria liners to Patricks.

Having said that, let's add that variations of Hiedlers/Hitlers can include Heids, and the latter are listed with Hede's/Hedelins. The Head Crest shows a horse head design once shown by the Este Crest in the same colors, and while Bars are known to be Este kin, note that the Hiedlers/Hitlers use bends in the colors of the French Barral bends. Go ahead and compare the Hede Coat to that of Este's. This reminds me that the Hitler bends are in the colors of the same of Ectors (they were mythicized as King-Arthur knights) while both use suns, and so note how "ECT" can be a hard version of "EST." I wrote a few times that the Este horse head was that of Bute's, and so note that there is a Bude location in Cornwall that links excellently to king-Arthur elements in Cornwall (Pendragons were first found in Cornwall).

Barrals were first found in the same place as Page's / Payens. R epeat: "Barcelona's (Castile) are listed with Barro's/Barrals/Barretto's" It just so happens that one Barret Coat uses a white horse, the Este-Shield symbol. The Barret Crest is a black talbot, the color of the Este-Crest horse and the Hitler-Crest griffin. Bars descend from Bar, near Butua (modern Budva). English Barrals show a talbot head in Crest too. Next, see that Spanish Barrals use the same tower as Howells, and the two greyhounds in the Coat face the tower, and are in contact with it, just as the Kelly lions face the white Kelly tower. The Kellys (Hede/Hedelin colors) are known to use a so- called Enfield griffin, the symbol of Hiedlers/Hitlers. From Wikipedia's Petraeus article: "a longstanding family friend of the Petraeuses, Jill Kelley." The Kelly description: "A green enfield on a ducal coronet." The Patents and Powells are the others with a green griffin in Crest!

Here's from a news article:

Mattis met with Trump on Nov. 19, and Kelly met with him the following day. The retired officers have long been colleagues and friends, with Mattis serving as a two-star general in charge of the 1st Marine Division during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and Kelly serving as his one-star assistant commander. They also have long personal and professional relationships with Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, who commanded the 5th Marine Regiment under Mattis during the invasion and is now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As Kellogs use more talbot heads, they can be reckoned as a Kelly merger with Borrel liners i.e. from Wilfred the Hairy in / near Bar-le-Duc. As Pepin of Landen (Flanders) married Metz, while Metz was in/beside the domain of Gothelo's ancestry, let's add that Pepins use an "est" motto term as well as the white Este (or Barret) horse heads. German Pape's not only use more talbot heads, but in black.

Something had put it into my head that the Heads were has liners, from modern has on the Drin, for example, of from Hazels who trace well to the Has area. I can now add that Hazels show as obvious kin to Weavers while the Webber branch of Weavers use the Pepin / Pipe bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. Moreover, as modern Krume is right beside Has, note that Krume's were first found in the same place as Pape's while Hede's/Hedelins (Kelly colors), I kid you not, share the Krume crescent! Zowie.

The Hede's/Hedelins are feasibly using a white version of the Bellamy / Hazel C oat; Bellamys (trace to the south shore of lake Geneva, at the Arve river) share the Seaton crescents. The Hazel Crest shares "A squirrel cracking a nut" with the Carrick-liner Gilberts, and this recalls the black talbot of Carricks that links square with the black talbot head of the Scherf-related Shere's! Yes, and the Arms of Carrick used black fitchees, the color of the Shere fitchees, around the Gilbert chevron.

The Enfields are sharing the footless martlet in the colors of the same of Pullens/Pullys. I am going to seek a link of BARCelona, later, to Berks/Burghs, wherefore note that Enfields were first found in Berkshire, and that Fields/Felds share garbs with Comyns while Berks/Burghs are definitely from John de Burgo of Comyns.

I don't think that Powells had been Howells to begin with, as the Powell write-up states, but I will entertain that Howells were something else that came to use a Powell-like variation, or vice versa, when Howells merged with Palin / Pullen liners. Powells are said to be from a king Cadel, which reminds of the FRET used by Blake's/Caddells/Caddle's and Cattle's. I was going to say earlier that these two surnames are now tracing by their frets to ManFRED / FREDericks / WilFRED, but I had not loaded the Blake's until now, to see that they are likely using the Mosca leopard! I kid you not, that I traced Hitler's mother (years ago) to Maschi's, first found in Rimini, which is beside CATTOLica, and I sensed that she should trace to Cattle's too for that reason.

Cattolica is beside Fano while Fane's share the gauntlet glove with Maceys, from Ferte-Mace. The "fano" motto term of Fane's can be intended in the Welsh "fynw" of Powells. Fane's/Vans are identified by me with Veneti, the peoples (as Paphlagonian-Heneti) to which I trace Pepins. It seems rather certain that Ferte-Mace was a Manfred liner of the Mosca's, but let's add that the fret includes a giant mascle, likely code for the Muscels variation of Mussels, and then Mussolini, from the Rimini area, was Hitler's ally. Musselburgh is in HADDington, making the latter suspect with Has / Hazel liners such as Heads / Hede's. As Keiths were first found in Haddington (same area as the first Seatons), and as Keiths are said to be Catti, if becomes clear that Cattolica was not originally that name, but rather traces to the Chatti of Germany's Cassel, a Caddell-like term. Hazels use "hazel slips" as code for Islips/Haslips, and then Patchogue is beside West Islip, where a key Scheriff family lived while Sheriffs use a fesse in colors reversed from the Hazel fesse. As Keiths are said to have formed Marshalls, though I don't think it was true quite that way, compare Musso's/Mussolini's with English Marshalls.

It just so happens that Cassels use the Kennedy Coat while the latter used the Carrick Arms with black fitchees included. Plus, Cassel was joined politically as HESSE-Cassel while Hesse's share the sun with Hiedlers/Hitlers, a sun that I trace to ancient Gabuleum (on the old map above), near HAS, and therefore to the sun god, El-Gabal. Sheriffs use an "ESSE" motto term. German Cassels show the three Clare chevrons in both colors, in colors reversed to the Bled chevrons, recalling that Blake's actually turned out to be a variation from the Bled location near the southern Austrian border. The leopard we see in the Blake/Caddell Crest is passant, as is the Clair/Clerk leopard. Cassandra's/Cassane's share three red chevrons with Clare's, and colors reversed from the same of German Ash's, bringing to mind the Mr. D'Esse Court to which the Devon Ash's (Has liners?) are traced, evoking the Courts/Coverts that link to Clarks as well as now tracing to Barcelona's Mosca elements. Coverts/Cofferts use another leopard.

I trace El-Gabal liners further to "Goplo," the Polish mouse tower originally ruled by a mythical Popiel that I've traced to Pepinids. Note how Poppins/Pophams (share "Mens" with Pepins) can be using a version of the Keith Coat. As Seatons/SITtins were first found in the Haddington area too, note the Poppin motto term. "manSIT." One can see that French Gobels are using a version of the Macey Coat, especially as the Gobel wing design was once the old Masci wing design (itself no longer showing). Another Gobel surname shares the camel with Pepins and Pipe's.

The Veneti branch of VENETHI (probably the Vandals = Wends) were in Poland, if I recall correctly. Popiel candidates include PAPHLagonian Heneti > Veneti, Pepoli's, Popoli's, and Popleys, the latter's Coat reflecting that of Patents/Padyns, kin of camel-using Pattersons/Cassane's. Compare the Italian Ballons to Mens', Poppins, and Maness'/Manners, the latter using the double-blue bars of Parrs. It can suggest that "MANSit" is code also for Maness / Manner liners.

So, there is good cause now to trace Hitlers to Borrel, son of the Goth founder of Bellonids. It recalls my trace of the Nazi's to the Goths long before I knew that the Gothel variation was linkable to Gothelo, the line forward in time to royal Jerusalem. Hitler-related Rothschilds founded modern Israel (no secret), and must have given the flag of Israel the Goth star in colors reversed. If I recall correctly, the Israeli flag has two bars commonly called GEMEL in heraldry.

Barrets share "Pour" with Pepin-related Maness'/Manners, and "bien" with the Carricks sharing the black talbot with Pape's. Carricks use "Garde bien," while Gards share a version of the Pullen/Pully Coat. Irish Gards (HAWK's lure) share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Pepin-related Mens' and Poppins/Pophams. As Gards above use a wolf, see the Gard-like motto term of Wolfins/Wallins. The pour-suspect Purrs happen to share the Polesdon / Palin stars, and probably the black martlets (of Pullens?) of the Mens-related Glenns / Glennys, the latter suspect from the Gaulonites of Gamala that I see in the Pepin camel.

As the green griffin of Patents and Powells is shared by Leslie's and Bards/Beards, let's add that Bards can be Barret liners. In that case, Borrel may have been named as a variation of the Bards/Beards, which seem to be named after BARTHolomew, the founder of Scottish Leslie's. As the Barton / Less boars apply quite-obviously to the Bard/Beard boar, the BURLey boars come to mind with "Borrel." I view Burleys as Bauers sharing the green Bower / Bauer and Pollock Shield. But them compare "BURley" to Purrs/Bureys. I always trace the Barton boars to the wolf heads of Fiddle's/Fidelows that I see in the Gard motto. The first Rothschild was born a Bauer and had close association with William of Hesse- Cassel. The Fiddle wolf heads are in the colors of the stag of the Kissane's/Cashmans ("FIDELi" motto term) that are found in the Patterson/Cassane write-up.

The Barrie's not only show the red wolf head of Fiddle's, but use a "fidelis" motto term and bars (called "barry") in the colors of the Irish-Barret bars, making Bartons look like a line of Barrys. I'm not of the opinion that Bauers relate, however.

The Burley boars are in the colors of the Newton SHIN bones, and Shins are suspect with Skins, Scheins/Shine's and Schims/Schands, the latter sharing a white boar head with Burleys and likely tracing to the Tarr elements at Aragon along with the SCIMitar. Skins/Skene's even use wolf heads in the colors of the Bart boar. All of this is being mentioned as per the SNAIL of German Bartons, for German Snells, with three acorns in colors reversed from the three Burley boars, list SCHNells that brought Scheins to mind in the first place, and it's working great. The Scheins even share the counterchanged and giant fleur-de-lys of Banners while the same Bartons with the snail, who show no Crest at houseofnames, are said to use: "A red banner attached to a gold pole." Snells/Schenells were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Bauers.

Scottish Banners ("patria") that likewise use a banner were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Leslie's and Skins/Skene's. Banners have been traced solidly to the Panaro river in Modena, where Cassius/Casano's/Cassandra's were first found. This paragraph is indication that Cassander elements were in Modena. Why? Did it have to do with the said fact that Cassander's descendent (Nysa) married a ruler of Bithynia suspect with Severus Bassus of Hasmonean-suspect Akmonia? The first Hasmonean lived in Modi'in (Israel). Why do Nice's/Ness' share the double bars of Italian Ballons? Didn't we see how Bellonids trace to the Goths/Gothels i.e. sharing a white Zionist star with Rotens / Oswalds? OSburns use a "bello" motto term.

I think I can now identify the Has location (now in Albania) as a Cassander entity by the fact that Ash's are traced to a Mr. Asse while Assi's share the weight scale and fasces (Fieschi symbol?) with the Arms of Vilnius, where I trace the weight scale of CASH's/Cass' that use a chevron in the colors of the two Ash chevrons. German Ash's happen to use three chevrons in colors reversed to the three Cassandra/Cassane chevrons. How about that. As I tentatively trace Cash's/Cass' with their kin of Kiss'/Kish's to the naming of the Moldova capital, while ancient Trypillians lived in Moldova, note that Traby of Poland merged with Vilnius (see Traby article at Wikipedia). Assi's are said to be related to OSwalds (Ashborn colors), and, recalling the Snell acorns, here's the description of German Oswalds: "An oak trunk with acorns, between two red probosces." The latter may be code for Bush's/Buschs / Boschs that use another giant fleur-de-lys as well as more boars. The Oswald chevron is in the colors of the German-Ash chevrons.

Trace the Oswald trunk to Watsons and see how Watsons trace Rothschild / Rodham liners in Austria two updates ago. Specifically, that's where I found the Rotens that happen share white-on-red Zionist stars with German Oswalds. Therefore, when we read that proto-Rothschild Bauers were first found in Austria and Bavaria, note that Oswalds were first found in Bavaria. Osborns were first found in the same place as Axton, from Axtons/Actons who share a white-on-red fesse with Ashborns. Suddenly, all of these surnames are tracing to Cassander. Danish Bauers (a hurt) use two white-on-red bends, the colors of the bendy of Hiedlers/Hitlers.

English Snells look to be using the Fier/Fear Coat, recalling Fier country down the Apsus river from AntiPatria. We are well beyond the realm of coincidences into the domain of factual traces. The moline cross shared by the two above beings Eschyna de Molle to mind, for Molle's share the Schim/Schand boar head. And while her daughter married Robert Pollock, the Pollock sept of Peacocks use a motto, "Be JUST and FEAR not," which can now be gleaned as code for the Justine's that likewise trace to the Arms of Vilnius, along with elements from Justine of Picenum that led to moline-using Sibalds and Segni's (I won't re-explain all that here). Fiers (said to be a branch of Vere's) are the ones suspect with a version of the CHIARO/Claro Coat, and the satanic Drakenberg Vere's include the Mosca-loving Drake's. The latter's red wyvern can be gleaned in the Ash Crest.

The snail-using Bartons have a motto phrase, "All is," and then Alis' use a fur tree while Furs are listed with Fier-like Fire's. It makes perfect sense that Cassandra's/Cassane's use "alis" in their motto, suggesting a Cassander line to chiefs of Fier county (Albania). The Alpins use a fur tree too, and they had been traced tentatively, long before I learned of Fier county, to Albanians, and Albino's were first found in the same place as Italian Cassandra's/Cassano's. It is making sense. Therefore, the Fire's/Furs and all vair-fur users trace well to Fier county.

Alis' are said to use a MUZZLED bear, suggesting Mussels at Musselburgh because Cassander liners are now expected with the Keith Catti. Again, the three Cassandra chevrons are shared by German Cassels, and Cassel was founded by Chatti, or, at least, the Chatti lived at Cassel. It stands to reason that Cassander liners named Hesse.

I don't recall if I have ever found any surname sharing the three chevrons of Levi's in the same colors. I usually suggest that they were red chevrons to begin with, and turned into the black-on-gold colors of Flanders when Levi's made up the counts of Hainaut. And so while Levi's use a "second" motto term, note that while Seconds are listed with SEGURs, Cassandra's/Cassane's use "ProSEQUOR alis." As Clare's share three red chevrons with Cassandra's, it's not likely coincidental that Seconds/Segurs were first found in the same place as Clairs/Clerks. That place is Limousin that traces certainly to Lemnos, which was offshore roughly from Bithynia.

This all makes the Cassandra stars suspect with Annas' if Annas liners named Hainaut, yet the Cassandra stars are expected to be close to the Vere star for more reason than an Alis merger with Fier liners. The Kissane's/Cashmans share "nihil" with the Vere motto. I claim that the pagan Levites of Laish evolved into the Oenotrians/Enotri that are in the motto of Scottish Simsons along with another "Alis" motto term. English Simsons use the same lion as Flanders, and I trace Flanders to "Blanda," a location near Laus / Saracena of southern Italy, home of the Enotri. As the Simson Chief is colors reversed from the Albino Chief, note that Alis' use a Coat reflecting that of Alpins. Thus, along with my discovery that mythical Kenneth MacAlpin was a Numidian line from Guerin of Provence and likely from the ancestry of Guido Guerra, let's add that he should also be from Modena liners, for Guido's were first found near Modena.

From a Simson trace tentatively to Levi elements in Modena, we go to the Sutys using the same lion, noting its "HAZard" motto term, and we note that it uses bars (called "barry wavy") in the colors of the same of Gregorys, important because Gregors are said to have been from king MacAlpin. Wavy features belong to Weavers (see wavy Webbers), and they had merged with HAZels. Therefore, Seatons are now tracing to Cassander's Hazel line out of Has on the Drin, which can identify the Seaton dragon with Dragons/Drainers. To prove that Sutys are using code in their motto, Nothings share the Seaton dragon too.

As a side-note, Sutys use "the HULL of a Ship," and Hulls are from Kingston while Kings and Kingstons use lions in colors reversed from the Suty lion. Moreover, Ships use bellows.

So, now that we have Sutys tracing to Cassander liners, while wavy Sodans/Sowdans use the scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's in colors reversed while the latter are said to be from Sodhan liners, it appears that the Patterson lion is also that of Sutys (and Sitlers). Going to Side's/Sudys (share tiger with Osborns/Asborns), there's another lion in the colors of the Suty lion, though it's now passant in position, as are the black Levi lions. Sodans share a blue fesse surrounded by blue symbols with Cassandra's/Casano's. As Kissane's/Cashman's share "nihil" as code for Neils/Nihills, let's add that the Sodan stars are on a fesse in reflection to the fesses of Nagle's and Vere's/Weirs, for German Nagle's are also Neils.

It gets interesting where Gregors are said to be from a Hardy, son of MacAlpin, while Hardys share the cross of Borrels. It's an excellent way to trace Kenza of Aures (Numidia) to Kenneth MacAlpin, a trace I've already made through William of Gellone (count of Toulouse) of the Catalonia theater. Gellone's became suspect with king Gala/Gaia of Numidia. He traces to Gays, first found in Savoy, and it was Savoy that merged with Barcelona! I get it. Gays use the Sinclair rooster. Gregors use a motto term, "rioGHAL," which may be code for king Gala.

Toulouse is right across the Garonne river from Comminges, suspect with the Commings variation of Comyns, and while at least one Comyn(s) location was ruled by John de Burgo, there is a good chance that the red Borrel bull is that of Spanish Borgia's (Aragon!), now suggesting that Borrels were Burgo liners. It just so happens that Herod Antipas, son of the first Herod, was banished from Israel to Comminges, making the Hardys suspect as Herods. French Borgia's were first found in Languedoc, and use a moline cross in the colors of the BERK/Burgh cross. Languedoc is where Conte's and Ville's were first found who made up the Conteville location of John de Burgo. Borgia's use eight "gold flames."

By the way, as frets now trace to a Manfred-Chiaramonte line to Barcelona while Berks are suspect with the namer of Barcelona, note that the fret is used by Berkshire's, and that the latter share a blue bend with red-bull Chiaro's! Bango. It went off-topic, but it was worth it.

Sodans were first found in Devon, and it I recall correctly, the mouth of the Axe river through Somerset is in Devon. There is a Seaton location at / near the mouth of this river. That's why I think Sodans are Seaton/Sitten/Satin liners. On the old map see how close the Axius river is to the Drilon river (now the Drin). Follow the Drilon to its source at lake Lychnidus, for another map (below) that I use has a Sation location along the southern shore of that lake. This map is where you can find the Cavii and Bassania:

When you've found the Drilon on this other map, go to the northern-most part of it, for that is where modern Has and Krume are. Between Has and Sation are the proto-Arthur Pendragons, which should explain the "hazARD" motto term of Sutys and Seatons. On the south side of the northerly part of the Drin, you can see CREVENia, and that Cravens honor the Actons/Axtons while even sharing their fesse, and the fesse as ASHborns (roughly the motto of the Mens'). The Ashborne and Cassandra stars can be those of Annas' because the latter show "Arniss" (Fier colors) while there is an Arnissa location on the map above to the west of the lake. Arnissa is near the ocean, and not far north of Fier county, which should explain why Vere's use the same-colored star.

Fier was found only recently, but I had a hard time for about a decade trying to clinch Vere ancestry. As Tease's/Tighs use the Annas star too, note that Teague's are also Teegers, suggesting linkage to the Osborn/Asborn tiger. Arnissa is not so far from Antipatria so that Annas of Israel may have had kin from the Apsus river, and, for now, I am tracing Caiaphas, his son-in-law, to the namers of the Apsus, and to the Cavii at Has. In the past year or two, I have been tracing Teague's to the near- birth of Caiaphas, at Opgalli, wife of Teeger-like Tigranes Maccabee, a Herod liner. Teague's share the cross of English Julians and can therefore fit my theory that Caiaphas was born from a line of Julius Caesar and Servilia Caepionis.

As Sodhans share the stars of French Alans, the red lion in the Sodan Crest is likely that of English Stewarts, first found in the same place as Sodans. That can explain why Pattersons share the pelican with Scottish Stewarts. French Alans share the stars of French Julians while German Julians use the Seaton crescents in colors reversed. It tends to speak for itself, but let's add that Cavii-liner Chives' (share moline with Fiers) were likewise first found in Devon. Before I entertained Hebrews in my dragon hunt, I traced mythical Daphne to the naming of Devon, at which time I did not know that there had been an ancient Daphne location smack beside Laish. Since then, I have traced Laish to Lissus, at the mouth of the Drin river. PENdragons were first found beside Devon, and they should trace to Peneus, a real river that was made the father of mythical Daphne, and very- likely named after Panias, likewise beside Laish.

They say that DUMNonii founded Devon, and they trace well to LaceDAEMONians, who were Spartans and therefore living in / beside the Ladon river, which was an alternative father of Daphne. The pagan Levites that I trace to Enotri were in Laish, according to the Biblical book of Judges, and then while we saw that the Chief of Enotri-liner Simsons (could be of the Samson Danites in Laish) can be a version of the Albino Chief, English Albins were likewise first found in Devon. If I'm not mistaken, Albania reached up to where the Cavii and Lissus are stamped on the map. Therefore, I expect that these pagan Levites produced Caiaphas from a line of Cavii, and Seatons et-al may have been from the namers of Sadducees, though the Sitten variation suggests the Sidonians, for Laish is said to have been a city of Sidonians. Sidonians appear to have been in Devon.

The Sitones lived in Scandinavia, part of the Nordics that made up the Sviones and SEMNones, from the Sabines and SAMNites, and I think this was the crux of the Samson line. I have it from emailer Patterson that Caiaphas will trace to a blue lion, one of which is in the Samson Crest. The Sams/Sammes' share the same lion as Sutys / Flanders / Hainaut, and it has drops on it, as does the Patterson and Jones lion. These Jones' therefore got suspect with Jonathan, the pagan Levite of the Danites in Laish. Servilia Caepionis was a Livius liner married to a Junius liner, from mythical Juno on the Una = Oeneus river, where we can trace OENotrians (same as Enotri). Near the mouth of the Oeneus, a SERVitium location to which her name can trace, for "Caepio" can be of the namers of the neighboring Kupa. June's were first found in the same place as Caepionis- like Capone's and Julians, and June's share fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Pendragons who trace to Panias, about two miles from Laish. This is what Freemasonry is really all about, the killers of Jesus.

The Samson write-up could be quoting lore from the Alans of Dol where a bishop, Samson, around 550 AD, is said to have founded the abbey of Dol. Samsons are in Pendragon / Chives colors, and while Samsons once showed the same cross as Eatons (patee cross traces to Patti), who trace with Edens (Seaton colors, look merged with Arthurs) to Messina along with Samsons, the Eaton Coat has quarters in colors reversed from the same of Chives' and Hykes', the latter not only first found in the same place as Chives' (and the Dol Alans after they became Stewarts), but sharing the Samson scallops. It speaks quite well for itself in linking Chives' to Samsons. The latter's motto has been resolved as code for Leto liners, and mythical Leto was at Clarus / Ephesus, near Samos.

Now, check out the colors of the Zollern quadrants, noting yet another black talbot head in Crest that can go to the Shere's = Scherfs of Kilpatrick elements suspect with general Petraeus' surname. I can't recall which, but either/or the HohenZOLLERNs and Hohenstaufens used these very black-and-white quadrants, not to mention that one or the other use the same lions as Side's/Sutys, three of them in pale, all black, and then the two Levi lions are black and in pale (code for vertical direction but assuming it's for Pale's/Palys, yet another Pullen suspect). It's notable here that while Pape's use the black talbot head, Pape's/Pope's share checks with Hohens. While Pape's show a Babenberg- like variation, it's notable that Babenbergs, founded by Poppo I of Bamberg (Bavaria), share three chevrons in the colors of the same of Cassandra's/Cassane's. This is part of the reason that I trace the wife of Pepin of Landen to queen Bebba of the Bebbanburgs, of Bamburgh castle of the Bernicians. To this I'll add that Bernice's share the fesse of Cassandra's/Casano's so that we have a trace, now, of the Cassander line to Bernicians (to the near-south of Seatons of Lothian).

The long paragraph earlier on the Quintus-Caepio line got to the Stubbs, said to be from Water-Eaton, and Waters use three chevrons in the colors of the Cassandra chevrons. Stubbs are suspect from Stobi of Paeonia, smack where we can expect Cassander liners. I can glean that Stubbs are in Meschin colors for a reason, for the Stubb buckles are black, as are the buckles of Guys said to be from Guy of Spoleto, and then the Spoltons/Spauldings use buckles and are said to be directly from Ranulph le Meschin. Meschins were first found in the same place as Bellamys (Shropshire), said to be in Stubb ancestry. The Stubb-related Bellamys were on the Dives river, and so note that Stubbs are in the colors of Diens/Dives' (still show the old Masci-wing design in the same color). Ranulph ruled at Chester, previously called, Diva. Diens/Dives share the patee cross on black with Eatons, first found in Cheshire. The "labori" motto term of Stubbs must be for Labore's who share the eye with Vatts/WATTERS'. The latter share the oak tree with Gregors, first found in the same place as Vatts/Watters'. As Gregors are being traced to Numidians, note that the Vatt SPECtacles can be for Syphax Numidians of the Speccot/Space kind. Diva is suspect with "Devon" (where Speccots were first found) with the line of Meshwesh-related Daphne (in the Ladon river, land of the Oenomaus Amazons), wherefore note how Ladds/Ladons (beside Devon) and Leaders can be using Meschin / Eden / Samson / Hykes symbols / colors.

Kissane's/Cashmans are also "GUISSman," the Guiscards share the heraldic pile in the same colors with Bambergs (and Pile's). Why on earth did the painter add a PULLY in this painting of the Guiscard brothers, Norman rulers of Sicily, the ones who made an alliance with the Saracen chiefs, Samsam and Timnah??? The Setantii Brigantians were up Bernicia way, and they most-of-all are suspect with the namers of Sitten/Sion, but naming also the Seatons/Sittens (Daphne / Panias / Laish at Phoenicia was at mount Sion, more or less). Why does the Bamberg Coat share red crescents with Seatons? Why did the Banbury location of England produce a Bamburg surname in Bamberg colors? Are Banburys/Bamburgs using the Oswald / Roten stars?

Rotens became connected with Roddens/Rodhams that trace very well to Rutland elements. The earliest-known Mens', called the Manners, are said to have been dukes of Rutland, while one of their branches moved to Lothian, where Seatons were first found, and near Bernicia. They are said to be from Mesnieres of Normandy, but then Maccus of the Isle of Man is thought to have originated in Normandy.

Pepin's wife was of Metz, and the Metz orb, surrounded by besants, was traced to Orba/Olba at Cetis/Citis, ruled by the Maccabee-Herod line that married Quadratilla Bassus, wife of LAEVILus. Leavells/Lovells use more piles, and were first found in the same area as Bernicia. Note that Leavells share a red fesse with Caens (in the BESSIN) that use a "citis" motto term. The Leavell piles are in the colors of the piles of June-loving Yonge's, suggesting that the line of Servilia Caepionis Junius went to Quadratilla Bassus. While Servilia's line together with that of Bassus' has been pegged with birthing Caiaphas for an assortment of reasons beyond that which can be re-explained here, it's very notable that I will never forget the swan design used by French Josephs, before it was changed to the Pully martlets, a swan design found in the Crest of Carys, who were looked up because Leavells were at Cary castle. It stands to reason that Carys were Charo liners beloved of the motto of English Josephs, but as that traces to the Mosca-related Chiaro's/Charo's, the lion of Irish Carys should be that of Maschi's.

The Barcelona kingdom that I was looking at briefly above spoke on Catalonia, where Solana's were first found that come up as "Soler," like "Zollern," which can indicate that Solana's share the sun of Hesse's, because "CATALonia" might just be a Cattel / Caddell / Cassel line. Solana's use wolf heads while Leavels are said to derive from a Lupus-like version of "Leavillus" while Laevillus had a Lupus middle name. Leavells do not originate in a Lupellus-like term, but they seem to have developed one or two. The Solana's are in Leavell colors, and I talked earlier on how the Hesse sun can trace to the El-Gabal sun god suspect from Gabuleum. Recall that Maceys trace to Gobels, for El-Gabal was at EMESA, beside the ancient (100 BC) Massyas area of northern Lebanon, while at least one El-Gabal priest (Sohaemus) was married to Drusilla, a descendant of king Massena, and moreover Bassus' evolved into Julia Maesa Bassianus (her line ends up at Caen of the Bessin).

Why do Gabal-like Cabels (same place as English Leavells) use the Caen Coat with red fesse? Both Cabels and Caens use FRETTY, a good reason to trace to Manfred Chiaramonte-Mosca, and another good reason to interpret Carys as Chiaro's and Maschi's. This recalls how Masci's traced closely to Childeric and Basina, as well as to the Charles'. The Cabel Crest compares with the same of Bessins/Beastons and Bistons, using the erect sword of ancient Bistones.

The Bessins and Bistones compare very well with the Dumfries Patents, all sharing the same bend as sale's/Salletts, and the Cary Coat even looks to be using the Sale/Sallett bend. The Salletts were traced to the Selletae (center-right of map below), smack beside ancient Cabyle. Now you know that Cabels were from the Hebros-river region. Cabyle on the TONZus river traces hard (through the Tous'/Tosini's/TONSO's with shirt and buttons) to Capelli's and Bidens/Buttons, the latter suspect with the Cassander line to the Bithynians. The latter lived with or near Paphlagonians, and moreover Bidens/Buttons share the red fesse with Cabels. They say that Bithynia was related to Thyni, and so see the Thynias point on the shore of the Selletae theater, and near a Tonzus location that can explain the Toeni / Tony variation of Tosni's. Thynias point is in the land of Astica, suspect with the Astikas' of Vilnius. Why do we see Samae beside Astica?

Tous'/Tonso's were first found in the same place as Mosca's, and the man wearing the shirt with buttons looks like a boy, a known Meschin theme. Both Tosni's and Meschins are known to descend from Malahule, son of EySTEIN, and then one Stein Coat shares the eight-pointed star with Tous'/Tosini's. I always trace the Meshwesh of Tanis to the so-called Danites that conquered Laish (they may not have been from the Israeli tribe of Dan, therefore). Samsons share the Meschin scallops. As Jonathan's Levites of Laish are being traced to Juno / Oeneus, note that Ina, the chief Etruscan goddess, much like the "Una" variation of the Oeneus river, was wife to Thyni-like Tinia. That can explain why the Samae are in/beside Thynia. Again, the Bidens/Buttons share the chapeau cap of Capelli's suspect with the Caiaphas Levites, but especially with the Joseph-related Caplans and Chaplains. Josephs and Caplans were first found in the same place as Cassandra's/Cassane's suspect with a red version of the triple Levi chevrons.

The SALMydessus area beside Thynias point was traced to Salem = ancient Jerusalem in the time of the Samson story...which I think was myth code written by the rebellious Levites that joined Jonathan, and tacked to the back of Judges along with the story of the Benjamites of proto-Rome Rimmon that married 400 women of JABESH-Gilead that I trace to the naming of JAPODes = Jupiter, husband of Juno. "Rimmon" then goes to Rimini, where Maschi's were first found.

Another surname first found in Devon are the Powers who link well to Palins and therefore to the Patents-et-al that started this section while on general Petraeus. Having seen that Antipatria-Cassander liners go to Modena, here we find that the Devon Powers share the trefoils of Albino's and the Barnstaple's, from Barnstaple of Devon, where Albins (Simson / Power colors) were. The Barnstaple's ("ReGARDez") share the green griffin of Patents and Powells, and may be using a version of the Stevenson / Ade Coat.

The Power Coat is a near-perfect reflection of the English Munichs, listed with MANG terms bringing Joseph Mengele (Nazi) to mind. This may be a good place to add that, while Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found in Munich, Trump's nominee for Treasury secretary (oh-oh) is Steve MNUCHin. To what do you expect German Munichs to link to? I'm going to guess that their double blue bars are those of Maness'/Manners, from the Isle of Man, home of the MANX peoples, and the Manner-related Mens' are even "MENGzes." As Mrs. Covert married Mr. Maness, lets add that while she said her Covert father was from Hohens, the German Munichs put the Hohen Shield behind the double blue bars.

After moving to Lothian from Rutland, the Mens' are said to have moved to Culdares in Perthshire, and as the Colts/Cults (Pilate pheon in colors reversed) were first found in Perthshire, note that they share a stag head with the Calders. The Mens' have brought us to a line from the Pict mother of Pontius Pilate. It should be added that the Glen Lyon area of Perthshire, home of the Mens, "given over to the MacGregors" (Wikipedia on Glen Lyon). As Herod Archelaus was of Lyon elements, recall that Gregorys are from Hardys. Some Herod liners are suspect from Rodez, where Rodhams, etc., can trace.

The Calders are traced to a Mr. Cadella, recalling the Blake's/Caddells, and their link to Chatti of Cassel, and so let's add that Mens' of Lothian may have been with the Keith Catti, explaining why Keiths share a red chief with Mens'. From this, one is inclined to see Caddell / Cattle liners as a consonant-reversal variation of Calders / Cults/Colts/Celts, but I would say it was the other way around, starting with Cass-like terms, then Caddells and finally Cults. Perhaps we are on a Cassander line here to the Cults/Colts. As the Cootes / Coutts were a branch of Cults/Colts, note that one Coot(e)s surname (Cass/Cash chevron?) uses the Keith motto in reverse, as do the Gregor-related Alis' with muzzled bears tracing to the Musselburgh home of Keiths. Kenneths, probably from Kenneth MacAlpin, use stag heads too.

The Calder antlers are red, and the Coutts antlers are blue, the colors respectively of the Veringer and Zahringer antlers. As those two families were from Baden, beside Swabia, the latter home to Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns, let's keep in mind that Coverts descend from those circles. Zahringers founded bear-depicted Berne that may have been Bernicians in some way.

Perthshire was a main haunt of Picts who brought forth MacAlpin. The Mengzes article says that Culdares was owned by MonCreiffe's originally, and the Moncreiff article says that "In 1544, the Clan Moncreiffe supported the Clan Ruthven in a clan battle against the Clan Charteris." The Ruthven article then shows the clan badge (ram's head) with the motto, "Deid Schaw," like the Fleming motto, "Let the Deed Shaw." Well, Shaws were not only first found in Perthshire, and not only share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets, but they were Shawia Numidians, and Kenza, whom I say named mythical Kenneth MacAlpin, was a from Aures, Numidian home of the Shawia. Surname's with a ram's head include Dunfords, which recalls that Obama's Dunham mother descended from Randolphs, for Ruths' bring up the Moray Randolphs. Dunns are from the Bernicia theater.

Dunbars (share the red rose with Moncreiffe's) are said to have been kin of GosPatricks, and Dunns use PADlocks as well as a key, symbol of the Sheaves and Shaws. The Dunn Crest: "A right hand holding a key proper." Propers/Robins/Roberts (same place as Dunham-Massey) use a key in the mouth of an ostrich. Scottish Dunns: "A gold lizard in front of a holly bush proper." Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells use a holly bush too, and, if I recall correctly, the wife of William Hitler (of PATCHogue) has a surname using holly. The other Scottish Dunns use a white double-headed eagle in colors reversed from the same of Maxwells. These Dunns were first found in Tayside / Angus, while Moncreiffe's were on the Tay river to Tayside, a very decent indication that Moncreiffe's/MonCREYfe's were Grey liners.

Kilpatricks use "I make sure" as code for Maxwells and Sure/Shore liners, and Moncreiffe's use "Sur," while Sure's/Shore's, linkable to Bosco's via German Schore's/Schaws, use holly (and the motto of Caens). Shore's/ / Schore's (SKORzeny liners?) thus look like the Sheera > Shere > Schere/Scherf line that was illegally adopted by the Bush family (from Rochester's Penfield, New York) that saw the two Scherff-line presidents, the ones who took down the Twin Towers in New York, falsely blaming it on Arabs.

Hitler Connection to Shawia, No Kidding

Both Kenneths and Shaws use "itur," which I see as code for IDRis (or the ITUReans that I think named him), husband of Kenza. The Kenneths also use "uro," apparent code for an Aures line. The Moncreiffe's use a red-on-white lion, the colors of the Aures/Aur lion! This is new to me, and it's just great. This lion is expected in the Guerin Chief.

At houseofnames, Moncreiffe's use a red lion in both Shield and Crest, as do Aures'! What do we suppose the "Mon" is for? Or is this a Monk term as in Monk-Reefs? Monks use lions in colors reversed. The MonCREYfe variation may suggest the Grey lion, same as the Monk-lion colors, and then Grimaldi's may be Gri- Mallets, as in Grey-Mallets. Creys share the red-on-white Moncreiffe lion. I trace Greys to the mythical Graeae of north-African Amazons. The other Creys were recently resolved with the Levi lion, and as a branch of Levi- beloved Chretiens/Chrestiens. As Levi's were counts of Hainaut, the Mons capital comes to mind. The Arms of Hainaut use a red lion too, in both colors of the Mons/Mount lion.

Watch how Ruthvens link to Dunbars (between the Bernicians and Lothian) that use the Grey Coat. "[The Ruthven] first settled in East Lothian [first Keiths were there] but by the end of the twelfth century they were in Perthshire" The three red bars of Ruthven can therefore be the three red ones of Keiths. Shaws share "vincit" with the Keith motto and a "qui" motto term linking to the key of Dunns. This is only the start of the Dunn links. The Irish Ruths share the oak tree with Alpins / Alis' / Gregors, and what looks like the white Power / Munich/MANNIX stag; the Ruth stag has red antlers. Lest you forget, both Munich surnames trace to Mens / MANESS liners, and Mens' are the ones that got us to Moncreiffe's and Ruthvens. Perthshire is on the south side of Morayshire, and Scottish Ruths/Rothers, in Rodham colors, were first found in Morayshire.

Now, as Powers are said to be from Pois of Picardy, while the Rodham- related Watsons of Rutland traced to Wattens of Tyrol (Austria), where the Rotens were picked up, note that Wattens (from Mr. Tyrell) are said to be from Pois (or Poix) of Picardy too. It looks like we have a story.

The besants on a black bend of Wattens are shared by Stubbings, suspect from Stobi, not far from a Boius area on the old map that starts roughly at Sation (other map), where Seatons/Satins may trace. It may be that Pois is from that Boius land (at the sources of the Apsus river). Boius is beside the ATINTanes while Tints share the same crosslets, in colors reversed, of Wattens. Tints are in Fur/Fire colors and share the unicorn with them for a feasible Tint trace to Fier at the mouth of the Apsus. The Wears (same place as same-colored Powers), in fact, share the six Watten crosslets in both colors (!), while Fiers are Fere's too. Wattens were first found in the same place as Annas/Arniss' that at-least partially trace to Arnissa, at the north side of Fier county. The Watten besants on gold are shared also by Trebys/TREEbysn (Palin lion in colors reversed?), first found in the same place as Wears / Powers, and possible the reason for the Watt / Vatt trees.

Thors, with the Trunk-loving German branch first found in Tyrol, have an English branch likewise first found in Devon. Watsons use the tree trunk / stub, and Stubbings are traced to tree stubs. As you can see, the English Thors/Tours use the Howell towers in colors reversed, and that brings us back to Miss Howell, mother of general Petraeus. I hope you are enjoying the mysterious story. The Tours are said to have conquered Cameys in Wales, and then Cameys' are said to be from Keith, a location in East Lothian. Yep. Cameys use the Fraser Coat, and are said to have lived along the Tweed river to Bernicia, same as the first Gordons. It reminds me of the Keith Catti that I found (forget their name) on the Stur river, in Worcestershire, where Watts were first found.

The Camys'/Kemmis' (three red bars of Ruthven?) look linkable to Bachs of Wales. German Bachs use a steer while Styria is beside Tyrol. The Arms of Styria use a lion in the colors of the Power / Munich/Mannix stag. The Hume's use the same lion, and honor the True's/Tree's that trace together to Lannoys and Lyons, recalling Glen Lyon of the Mens' and the Moncreiffe's, Ruthven partners. The flag of Styria is a simple one split horizontally in two colors. in colors reversed from the horizontally-split Power Shield! I'm not up to speed on Hitler's Austrian connections, but some of this material can apply.

The Camys/Kemmis' actually use the Coat of Chinns/Chynne's (same place as Tarrs) that come up as "Shin," perhaps the intention of the Newton shin bones. As the scimiTAR links to Schims/Shands and Skin liners, as well as tracing well to Guy de Spoleto and Camerino at the Taro river, it's now evident that Camerons / Camyes' and Camys' -- and their variations -- were from Camerino (see 1st and 2nd update of last month for that term). The Arms of Ruthven can thus be using a version of the Tarr bars, and makes the Keith / Stur bars suspect with them. As Tarrs linked to Aragon while the latter share the Arms of Roussillon, it speaks for itself in a Ruthven trace to Ruthenes in Roussillon. The Moncreiffe's are traced in their write-up to kings of Ireland's Tara around 400 AD.

The Sturs are a branch of Easters, and then there is an Easter Moncreiffe estate in the Moncreiffe write-up.

The Hiedler/Hitler griffin has a stirrup in its mouth than can be for Stirlings/Sturlings / Sturs, for the lion of Danish Bauers holds an axe that can be for the Axe river of Somerset, while the southern Stur begins in Somerset and flows down to Poole, perhaps the line to Hitler's mother (Polzl).

Camerons are the ones with bars in the colors of the Tarr bars, but as Camerons share the five, bunched arrows that are the Arms of Rothschild, note that Camerons are linkable to Ruthvens liners. Ruthenes were not only in France, but in Slavic-Rus regions of eastern Europe. The Cheile's in the Cameron motto were first found in the same place as Spoltons/Spauldins and Rhodes', and might be a branch of Kellys (i.e. who share the Enfield griffin with Hitlers). Cheile's lived in GosBerton, recalling the snail- using Bartons/Bertons that led to Snele's/SCHNells = Scheins and Skins that are bow touching upon the Cameys' / Camys'. Amazing. Ranulph le Meschin was the grandson of Mr. Goz, possibly of both the Gosbertons and the Dunham- related Gospatricks of NorthUMBERland (Spoleto is in UMBRIA), where Maccus' father made an alliance with Saxons. The Dunbars are clearly using the Coat of Greys (first found in Northumberland).

The Dunns share gold and sinister-facing buckles with Spoltons/Spauldins so that Dunns trace to Guy of Spoleto through Meschin avenue's, suggesting that Dunns were Dunham-Massey liners. While Spoltons share a six-sectioned Shield with Wheelwrights, and Singletarys (from whom the Dunham-Obama line descends) use the antelope design of Wheelwrights. This recalls the links between Guy and the Piasts. The Piast eagle is white like that of Este's, and DunBARs definitely trace to Bar-le- Duc / Lorraine. Dunns use two eagles both half in the colors of the Este / Bar eagle, and while Dunns are tracing to Dunham Massey, it's notable that Wolfs/Welfs were first found in the same place as Dunham-Massey and Wolfleys, for Obama's Dunham side is said to descend from the Wolflins > Wolfleys. Welfs are a known branch of Este, and Wolflins have just become suspect as a Welf branch. Wolfleys share the so-called flaunch with Hobbits that may be in the "habito" motto term of Dunns. Plus, while Dunbars use the Coat of Greys, Wolfins/Wallin share the bend of Rodhams, first found in the same place as Greys. Clearly, Rodez / Ruthene elements were merging with the Meschins / Masseys, as one could expect from a Meshech-Rosh history. Was Richard Goz a Gogi line?

I didn't know until now that French Bertons were first found in Lorraine (Lorraine married Mieszko II and therefore uses the Piast eagles in both colors). Lorraine's use laurel, which recalls Larry Barret and his girlfriend Laura, for "Barret" is much like "BERTon." French Bertons are said to descend from Bertrams, and Russells are said to descend from Mr. Bertram. As Russells were first found in the same place as Palins (and Quints sharing the vair of Cameys' / Camys'), the Russell Chief (Meschin scallops) looks linkable to the Palin and Power Chiefs. It's a good bet that the red Russell lion, expected of Redones, is that of Aures' / Moncrieffe's (red ROSE). At Wikipedia, the Ranulph-le-Meschin lion is presented in red-on-gold. Note that the With lion is both in those colors and in the colors of the Russell / Moncreiffe lion, for Bartons/Bertons use the motto, phrase, "All is WITH." You can read in the write-up of English Masseys that Hamon de Massey of Dunham-Massey was from Ferte-Mace. The French Masseys use a "tree WITHout leaves," and the Tatton write-up says, "heiress of William WITHenSHAW, alias Massy..." The Withs share white wings with Masci's.

The Meschin who married Skiptons used "Alice" for at least one daughter, suspect in "ALL IS with." Therefore, French Bertrams > Bertons sharing the Macey stars look linkable to snail-using Bertons/Bartons, and it connects via BertRAMs to the Russells with the Meschin scallops, and from there one goes to Roslin, in Midlothian beside Lothian's Musselburgh that's in the muzzled bears of Keith-related Alis'/Alice's. And Dunbars are said to be of the Lothians. I traced Bertram>Russells to ram-using liners a while back, but here a ram is found with the Arms of Ruthven, speaking well for an expected Russell link to Ruthenes. The Dunfords use a ram, and Trump's news is what tipped me off on Dunfords to begin with, such great timing, because the Dunns and Dunbars came to topic only after looking up Dunfords, and look at all that it has found.

Poors/Pohers were likewise first found in Devon. As Hitler's father married Miss. Glassl, I would suggest that Poors are using the Glass stars on the fesse of the Lords in the Glasgow motto, for Lords use cinquefoils in colors reversed to the Camey cinquefoils (they trace well through Lauds to Amtons, for Ladys/Laudymans were first found in NorthAmton). It just so happens that the Lord sleeve is called a maunch, as is the sleeve of Mangels/Mansels! There was/is a neo-Nazi working in Montana, Charles Mangel, and then Hitler's bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny, reportedly claimed on his death bed that Hitler escaped to Montana...and Charles Mangel is why I believe that the death-bed confession is true. Charles Mangel therefore became suspect with Joseph Mengele (perhaps his son, perhaps the son of a Mengele relative). Notice that this part of the discussion comes while partially on the Mens'/MENGzes' and Munichs/Mangans (the latter share the Power stag now tracing to Styria).

The Mangel/Mansel Crest is simple "A flame," and Flame's (may not apply) are once again with besants on black. The Mangels/Mansel Shield is a reflection of the Cootes Coat, and Cootes came up as per the Culdares location of Men's. As the Coutts and Colts both use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, note that Lords/Lauds use the Pilate pheons in both colors! The Ladys/Laudymans are not only using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens', but a reflection of the Anchor/Annacker Coat, important as per the Heidler anchor. Ladys/Laudymans share the same annulets as Walkers, recalling that George Herbert Walker Bush was said, by Skorzeny, to be George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi.

Heidlers/Heidts (still suspect with Hede's Haddingtons) use the same lion as Monks while Munichs are said to derive in "monk / munk." I've read that general Mattis is called the Warrior Monk because he likes to read a lot. But, perhaps, it's because he's related to a Monk bloodline. In any case, Monks were first found in the same place as Powers and Ash's, and the latter share a COCKatrice in Crest with Monks (Ashborne colors). The cockatrice was reckoned as code for Cocks because they share the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's while the latter ruled at Monk-like Monaco. This indicates that Cassander lines to Ash's bumped into Grimaldi's of Liguria, but as we saw Cassander lines merging with the Fiers = Vere's, lets add that Irish Weirs share the Grimaldi lozengy too. It's in the colors of the Munich / Hohen checks, and both these checks and the lozengy fill the Shields. In an Arms of Prussia showing all the various ruling elite, the Hohen checks and the Grimaldi / Cock / Weir lozenges are side-by-side. One can also see three red-on-white chevrons that can be close to the Ash chevrons.

It's important that the cockatrice is a version of the Drake wyvern so as to trace to the Drago = Hypsas river, and from there we go to the Apsus river, location of Fier county. I have read that a Mr. Mhaoir, a name in the Weir write-up, is the chief of Clan Vere at this time.

The cockaTRICE is expected to be code for the Trice/Tryst surname (monk colors, beside the Monks) that share white-on-red stars with Vere's and Ashborns. It's interesting that while I trace the Keeps in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns to the namers of Kiev in the Ukraine, where Kepke's are from, there is a Ukrainian Munich surname (shows no Coat, however).

Back to the Glasgows, for they are showing the martlet design of Rutherfords while Ruths come up as Rothers. Rutherfords share the "orle" with Rutlands, and "nec" with Rodhams so that a Rutherford trace to Rothschilds / Rothchilds/Rothes / Rotens seems assured, especially as Rothschilds descend from Pollocks (in Glasgow) while Maxwells are the mother trunk of Pollocks while Maxwells were of Maxton, as are Rutherfords. Recalling the trace of Coutts to Baden, that's where the Neckar river flows. Stuttgart on that river traces to the Stout vikings (rapists) that owned the raven (rapist bird), but the raven is used by Rothchilds/Rothes' (rapist humans) too.

Recalling Dick Cheney, vice president for George Bush Jr.'s "fato" is a motto term shared between Cheneys and Rutherfords; both use martlets, and Cheneys share gold ones with Fade's/Fatmore's. Compare the latter with Coverts/Cofferts, both in the colors of Fadens (Kintyre). It appears that Nazi's from Hitler circles have indeed ruled the United States recently, and are bringing the nation to a raped destruction. Yes, they are raping the country, and planning worse. Therefore, stop being patriotic, and lean only on Jesus. Don't fight the inevitable destruction of this wicked nation. Let it go. Wait for salvation, and their destruction by Jesus. The only thing we can do is to use good behavior to make a good example, and some salt to correct the wrongs, but let go of patriotism in the meantime. Separate your heart from it. I think this is good advise.

Reuters is saying that Trump chose Mattis for secretary of defence. Trump's telling his people to inform the public that he's already busy trying to fix the American economy, but this may be a smokescreen to hide his plotting the rape of America. We will see, the truth will come out into the open.

I have seen Rothschild suspects using the strong arm, supposedly a symbol of Communism, and in fact a downward arm with clenched fist is evident between the wings of Bauers (same stars as Hiedlers/Hitlers and Maceys). Strong arms may be in play with the Speranza's, wherefore I'll record here the "esperance" motto term of Moncreiffe's. Dusters/DEUSters use two arms, while strong-arm Bitars/Buttars use "DEUS" for their motto. The Bitars use another motto term suspect with strong-arm Darks/D'Arque's. As SPERanza's use "two green branches in saltire" (branch species not relevant to kin), they look linkable to the Pasi's and Speers using spears in saltire. The BRANCH's are suspect with Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes, for the Branch Coat is like the Hamon Coat. As SHERwoods/SHIRwoods (said to include old SCIREwode's) share the Branch Coat, I suggest that the "Sur esperance" motto of Moncreiffe's is for Shere/Shire liners too. In fact, Sure's/Shore's share a black-on-white chevron with Sherwoods (same place as Conteville's that married Richard Goz to birth Hugh Lupus). The "silver BRANCH of roses with green leaves" of Sherwoods is linkable to the rose on stems of Walkers and Schere's/Scherfs. The Sherwood roses are white, as are the roses of the Pasi-line Paisleys/Pasleys, first found in the same place (Glasgow area) as Speers and the Pollocks suspect with the Polzl surname of Adolf Hitler's mother. As Hitler's father married Miss Glassl too, note that Sherwoods and Branch's share the Glass / Gleason stars

It's notable that Sure's and Sherwoods share a chevron in the colors of the Cass / Cush / Kiss chevrons, for Kilpatricks trace to the area of Cassander's family. This is a good place to mention that while the stirRUP of Hiedlers/Hitlers can be for the Rupps/Crupps/Crope's that use "the attires of a bull," Hamons use the "attires of a stag." The only surname coming to mind with that common term is the Tire surname, likely of KinTYRE, where Fadens were first found that are a branch of the Fade's/Fatmore's from the Cheney motto, and so just compare the Rupp/Crope bull horns to the "bull's scalp" of Cheneys. The latter use "three gold birds" while Stirrups use "a white bird." It's a white crane, nevertheless, same as the Crane crane, and the crown at the bottom of the Stirrup Coat indicates mythical Coronis liners, and "Crope" could be from the Greek, "corvos" (= crow).

The thing that alerted to the trace of some heraldic crowns to Coronis, and to the Ceraunii peoples of Illyricum, was the crown gorged around the neck of the Craun/Crane hind. The Faden Coat looks very linkable to that of Polleys/POLHELS, a decent reflection of "Polzl," and Polleys use a hind too: "A hind's head between two branches of oak bearing golden acorns." Polleys look to be using the Other/Otir Coat so as to link to mythical GORlois, and the Gore's share the same crosslets as Polleys. I always connect the Gore crosslets to the same of Trips, who have a branch first found in the same place (Hamburg) as Rupps/Crope's. Shaws use a hind with a "PATItur" motto code. I traced Coronis to Chora of PATmos.

Crauns use patee crosses in the colors of the Faden / Gore crosses. The Crane's use "a black crane standing on a green STAFF ragully in base." As Staffs are suspect with Quints, lets add that Quints share the vair of Cameys' / Camys' that list the Shins/CHYNNE's, potential Cheneys. The Crane's are traced suggestively to Crannes, in Maine, where Josephs were first found who use two black birds i.e. the color of the Crane crane.

The Mangel / Munich liners are not only suspect with the Manx peoples in the Isle of man, but with the naming of Manche, location of Crociatonum, also called CRONCiaconnum, and then Cronkite's use "a crane with a rose in its beak." Potent-liner Croce's use "A stork holding a cross formy in its beak." I trace "Crociatonum" to ACROCeraunae (see lower-left of map below), beside Aulon/Avlona, home of the proto-Alans of Alauna smack at Crociatonum. Note the Ceraunii mountians beside AcroCERAUNae. Note Bullis nearby, where the bull horns above may trace, but also note that Bullis' list Buliards while Billiards were first found in the same place as Crannes. My implications all looks correct, including the trace of some heraldic cranes to mythical Coronis Lapiths. Coronis' crow symbol comes from her mating with Apollo, the likely namer of Avellino, a good reason to trace that location to Aulon/Avlona.

The Atintanes of the Bullis / Ceraunii-mountain area go to Tints that use the crosslets mentioned above, and who are of Tintagel, where mythical Gorlois' wife birthed king Arthur. When are historians going to give God the credit for this work? How many of hundreds of links must I make, unknown to historians before, before they start to quote me? Alas, they hate the underlying side of my story, and would rather continue telling their made-up lies as to what people and place names derive in. A sorry bunch, most of them.

The Stirrups use the same crane as Cronkite's (Kidd colors), and it dawned on me while writing this update that Hitler lines could have named the Kite's / Kitts / Kidds. It came to mind a day or so before coming to CronKITE's, and it just so happens that Hitlers use the stirrup. The Kidds trace to "Cetis" because the Kidd motto includes "ORBem," while Orba/Olba is at Cetis. Amazingly, I traced Orba to the Urbanus river, location of the Ceraunii peoples!!! We may now how a good idea as to what Hitlers derive in, the Herod-Maccabee-Bassus line. The Cronkite's even show "KrangHEID," and are in Heidel/Heidl colors. As the latter are using a version of the Rothchild (no 's') Coat, note that Kidds may be using a white version of the Bauer Chief. The Rothchilds use the Zionist star in the colors of the same of Tulips, while Kitts share the tulip with Tulips.

Aha! The Kittle's/Kettle's (Kitt / Kite/Kett colors) were first found in Perthshire, and look like a branch of Keith Catti. Keiths have already traced very well to Cetis > Cetina liners. Hittle's are in the same colors, and show properly as Huters/Hutterers, and Hiedlers/Hitlers are said to have Hutter and Huttler variations. The Hitler write-up should be ignored when deriving the name in a German word for "carpenter." Any non-dictionary surname can evolve an in-dictionary variation a thousand years after it's first used.

The only other surname I can think of off-hand with stirrups are the Italian Latins. For years, the saltire of these Latins has always reminded me of Hinks, and it just so happens that Hinks use the saltire along with lions in the colors of the Heidler lion. Moreover, the Hinks use them as lion heads in the colors of the Monk lion heads. The Hinkley Crest then share the sun (almost) or star with Hiedlers/Hitlers, and we know that a Mr. Hinkley tried to assassinate president Reagan. However, the Hinkley Crest is called "a star of TWELVE points", using a term much like the TEWLOP variation of Tulips. Was there a Tewlov / Tuwloff surname too? Spoltons/Spauldins use a "Hinc" motto term.

The eagle's leg of Hittle's/Hutters is shared by Augusts, and then the swastika was suspect with the cross of English Julians, first found in the Cam-river area. The Cameys' / Camys' are the ones showing the Shin variation that can link to the Newton shin BONES, and then Kittle's use "Bono" in their motto while Camys/Kemmis' were first found in the same place as Kite's/Ketts. It makes sense for Hitler, the dictator, to trace to Caesar, the dictator, for both wanted to conquer all of Europe.

The Camys'/Kemmis' share three fesse bars in red with Sturs, and this is where the Stirrup comes in well, especially as Sturs list "Styre," recalling the Bach steer and the fact that Welsh Bachs share what looks like a version of the Camys/Kemmis Coat. And Backs (with a 'k') were first found in Somerset, where the Stur river starts, and where the Shins/Chynne's were first found that use the Camys/Kemmis Coat exactly. Somerset is where Leavells were first found using bars in the colors of the Stur bars, and as the Keith bars are suspect with the Stur / Camys bars, note that Keiths have traced to Cetis, where the Bassus family ruled that married Laevillus.

Reminder: "Cameys' are said to be from Keith, a location in East Lothian." Cameys, first found in the same place as the Bowers that use the bunched Rothschild arrows along with Camerons, were from the write-up of Tours/Thors, suspect from Thors of Tyrol, beside Styre- like Styria. And Camerons use three fesse bars in colors reversed from the same of Sturs/Styre's. Bowers and Cameys were first found in Peebles-shire, home of Stevensons who may be using a white version of the Bauer Chief. Stephantsminda of the Khazar theater comes to mind. It's on/near the TEREK river, which I traced to Gene RODDENbury's Star Trek show, for Roddens were first found in the same place as Stevensons. And the Stars became suspect in the Star Trek codework, who may have been Stur kin. The Stevenson Coat compares well with the Tay Coat.

I can now add that while captain Kirk was the lead actor of Star Trek, German Kirks share the giant white-on-blue tower of Scone's while there is a New Scone location right at the mouth of the Tay river. As I trace Stevensons to Provence's, by what coincidence do Scone's use a green wyvern, symbol of Guerra's suspect with Guerin of Provence? Who's white Zionist star is in the Scone Coat? On the one hand it, goes well to Gothelo in lower Burgundy, and on the other it goes well to Hagar(d)s of Perthshire, for Perth is also at the mouth of the Tay. Expect the Aures- Shawia lines of Kenza at the Tay, right?

It reminds me that some view William of Gellone as Guerin's father. Gellone monastery was near Narbonne, and then the Scone tower is used in both colors by the Denardo's (branch of Norths) that come up as "Narbonne." Italian Narbonne's use a lion in colors reversed from the Guerin lion. Some Gellone variations are like some Julian variations, a good reason to trace Gellone's to Gela, and therefore to the Drago river of Agrigento, and from that picture, go to Draguignan of Provence. There is more on Gela and Julians below.

The Peels not only use bunched arrows, calling them "sheaves" of arrows, but they use the motto, "Industria," a motto term in the Arms of Rothschild. The Peel-Chief bee is in the colors of the Bauer Chief. The Peel Crest has a shuttle. "InDUSTRia" is suspect with Dusters because they show Coats like the Rothchild (no 's'), Heidlers and Hiedlers. For the first time ever, I have realized that the "Deus" motto term, shared by Kellys, can be code for the DEUSter variation.

The above is good reason to view the Cheile's as a branch of Keele's so as to explain why they share the Enfield with Hitlers. Although the Hiedler description doesn't call it an Enfield (at this time, anyway), I must had read it somewhere. It could be that the description removed "Enfield", for I have always been sure that Hitlers use one. The first mention in my computer files for "Enfield griffin" is in the 1st update of April, 2012 (unless Microsoft is hiding earlier mentions): "Kellys use an enfield griffin, the symbol of the Hiedler/Hitler Crest." How did I know that Hiedlers use an Enfield? I don't make up things like that out of thin air. Wikipedia: "The enfield is a fictitious creature sometimes used in heraldry, having the head of a fox, forelegs like an eagle's talons, the chest of a greyhound, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf." It's therefore the typical griffin but with three dog species thrown in. Griffins as a whole are suspect with "Agrippa."

A few updates later: "The Frey/Free Crest is even includes a sword enfiled by a moor's head (perhaps part-code for the Hitler Enfield griffin)." Again, no explanation was given as to where I learned of the Hitler Enfield. But in the 2nd of August of the same year, the Gaine's were mentioned using the Kelly Coat and Crest, only the Gaine Enfield is in another design, that of Hitlers! Yes, I now recall it all. Houseofnames has several griffin designs, but the Gaine / Hitler design is rare, and so houseofnames must have known what it was doing to use the Gaine design for Hitlers. The weaver's shuttle is used by Kiev-suspect Keeps, and then the Gaine's show "KEAVeney." English Gaines/ENgaine's are in ENfield colors and back to the Gore / Windsor crosslets, and while the Windsor ancestry of Others was depicted by Uther Pendragon, it reminds of the Penfields and the greyhounds of Penes'/Pennys ("lynx on a CROWN" in Crest).

Wikipedia's Enfield-griffin article traces it only to Kellys, and adds a quote:

I have searched in several works on heraldry for a description of the enfield, but without success. It does not appear to be a cognizance of much in use, and it does not appear to be found in Gwillam's "Display of Heraldry" folio: not even in Cap 26 of that book, which chapter treats solely of fictitious creatures...Neither is the term enfield given or explained in Crossley's "Signification of things borne in Heraldry".

The Kelly description: "A green enfield on a ducal CORONet." As a coronet is a crown, it's another way for one to know that some heraldic crowns are code for a Coronis line to the Ceraunii. Notice how close Servilia-suspect Servitium is to the mouth of the Urbanus river. On this river, and near the mouth, an Ad Ladios location to which stirrup-using Latins may trace.

Welsh Bachs share a black talbot in Crest with Crope-like Grove's (Capes scallops?) and Irish Shins, and while the Rupp variation of Crope's can possibly be the reason for the StirRUP variation, Stirrups were first found in the same place as Annas' who share the Bach stars. The talbot surname uses the Grey Coat in colors reversed, and talbots can be from the Taulantii peoples at the Antipatria / Cavii theater. The eagle's leg = talon is used by Taulantii-like Talants/Talons, in the colors and format of Capone's, first found in the same place as Julians.

Wikipedia's article on the swastika shows a jewel made of a perfect swastika from the ancient land of the Gels/Gileki, which is why I suspect that "Julius" can trace to a variation of those peoples. The Camys/Kemmis and Kite's/Ketts were first found in GLOUCestershire, which can apply to Gileki liners. The Gela founders of Agrigento come to mind. If I'm correct in tracing Caesars to the naming of Khazars, the Nazi's may have been vastly of the Khazar Jews seeking to rid the land of other kinds of Jews. In this way, the Nazi "Aryans" may have been of the Togarmite side of Khazars.

It's interesting that the ancestry of the president Bush's was in Enfield- like Penfield, for Penfields are in Enfield colors. Again, while Hitler's mother was a Polzl, Pulleys use the same martlet as Enfields (Berkshire), and Polleys/Polhels share the hind with Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's. Hinds (just lozenges) were first found in the same place as Cheneys. Penfields use the colors and format of Arthurs and can therefore be reckoned with Pendragons and the Penes/Penny surname (black GREYhounds) that uses a lynx probably for Lyncestis in Macedonia. Penes'/Pennys were first found in the same place as Ladys/Laudymans that share the Walker annulets. "Quam" is shared by Walkers and CAMbridge's probably for the Cam river, roughly where Julians were first found. As I said earlier, the Lady/Laudyman Coat traces to the Arms of Agrigento, as does the Anchor Coat, and then the anchor theme is beloved by Greys (Graeae Amazons, right?). Wikipedia says that Agrigento was founded by peoples of Gela, no guff, the city that is highly suspect for naming king Gala (the Amazon), for Gela is beside Messina while his son has been called, Massena. Walker-like Walch's (share annulets) use a "numine" motto term suspect with Numidians.

Did Gala named Julians? Was Julius Caesar a descendant of Massena? What if "Gala" had a "Sala" variation that is in the salamander of Julians? Why do Manders use besants? Why do German Manders share sinister bends with Massena's? Besants trace to Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa suspect with the Hitler griffin. Note that the Douglas' share the salamander, and that Douglas' share a Coat much like that of Kidds. Suddenly, the Douglas Chief can connect to the Bauer Chief.

The Kidds were first found in Dundee, at the mouth of the Tay river, and the Tay Coat is a good reflection of the Kidd Coat. Wikipedia's article on the Tay has a map showing a Crieffe location beside this river. As Creiffe is near the Allan river, I'm going to guess that Kidds / Tays / Douglas' use the Saluzzo and Clun Shield, and will repeat that FitzAlans of Clun / Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of LUISa of Ceva that I am sure is in "GorLOIS." Note the Leven location near the Tay, for Levens share white martlets with Tays...and Enfields, which reminds me of New Scone at the mouth of the Tay, and that Scone's share a white-on-blue tower with Kellys!!! And the Kellogs (Aberdeenshire) share a blue-on-white chevron with Tays! It's offering reason to view Kidds as Hitler liners at the Tay theater. Note the Taylard- possible talbot dogs of Kellogs.

The Chives Tiye to Yuya

As Chives kin are expected in the namers of Ceva, note that TAYlards/Tailards use a Coat much like that of Chives'. Taylards are thought to be Taylers/Tailors who use lions in the colors of the mountain cats of Chives'. But this gets tricky / irrelevant for tracing Tailers and Taylards to Talbot liners, if Taylards were originally "Tay." Talbots use the Grey Coat in colors reversed, and the Talbot lion is also the Moncreiff lion, however. Another Coat with the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's / Tays are the Clintons that share six, black fitchees with Tarves', and the Chives' are said to have had a branch at Tarves (same place as Kellogs), not very far from the Tay. Clintons were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Lille's while the Dundee's use a giant lily in Tay colors. The DunDEE's are suspect with Aberdeenshire's Dee river, but then Dee's have variations like the Tay-like Days.

If Douglas' were a branch of Dogs/Doags, or vice-versa, the latter can be the reason that Talbots chose a dog for their special symbol. It just so happens that Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire. The CADOG in the Dog write-up can be of the Chaddocks / Chadwicks that use a version of the Enfield Coat, no guff. If we'd like to know whose white-on-blue lions the Kellys use, try the Dougals on for size at this point. Historians, you owe your teacher a shiny-red apple. As we can expect the Shawia line to Kenneth MacAlpin in Perthshire, that's probably why Dogs share the thistle with Alpins. And Thistle's share the pheon on blue with the Pilate's that were reportedly birthed by a Pictish woman in PERTHshire. Repeat, one of the peaks of Mont Pilat is PERDrix, making that report look very correct. Thistle's share the blue-on- gold bend with French Talbots in all three colors. The other Talbots use a Coat like that of Chadocks and Chadwicks, and there is a lily in the Chadwick Crest, no kidding. Make that a big shiny-red apple.

Kellogs can be gleaned with the variations of Calahans/Kelagans (wolf, perhaps one part of the Enfield griffin), for they are said to descend from a king Cealachan, and then Kellys are said to derive from a Cealach entity. But, probably, this term was something quite different before the Irish slaughtered it. The English version may be best figured from a look at Cheile's and their variation, noting that Keele's/Kills (same place as Cheile's and Ivo Taillebois') are sharing the Taylard quadrants, but they are also the quadrants of Zollerns that share the talbot head with Kellogs. .

With Kellys tracing to Shawia Numidians / Tuaregs / Mauritanians (see the Moratin tower), let's guess that the fox part of the Enfield is for the Irish Fox surname using the same lion as Aures'. German Fox's, in the same colors, use a wolf as well as a fox, and it looks like the Fleming wolf, especially as Dog-suspect Douglas' are Flemish. The lion part of the griffin could be for Dougals. The greyhound can come in where the Aures lion is that of dog-liner Talbots, in colors reversed to the Grey lion, itself in the colors of the Hun talbot and Hun greyhound. Note that the first Huns are in the colors and format of the Dogs/Doags, but, in blue, look like the Kellogs. Trace the suffixes on the first Huns to the Geddes' that share the Chaddock / Talbot escutcheon.

Aures was also "AWRaba," and as the Davers are said to be from D'AUVERs and Auvers-le-Hamon while using a jay and sharing the Zionist Massena star in Massena / Masci colors, it speaks for itself in a trace of Massena liners to Aures liners. The Jays are said to be from "De Gai," and Massena's father was Gaia. Jays (share the blue Jefferson griffin) share a blue Crest with Davers, and are in Macclesfield colors. As Davers were first found in the same place as Clare's, they look to be using the Clare chevron in colors reversed. The Davers chevron is in the colors of the same of the Macclesfield earls.

So, what put the Kite's and Kitts into my head the day before coming to KronKITE's that then brought the Kidds to mind? And here the Kidds have traced well to the area that Kellys trace to that I have never known before. And when the Kite's / Kitts came to mind, it was for thinking that such terms could be hard versions of Hit(ler). By that time, Kidds had already traced to Cetis. And, some years ago, Kellys were asserted with CILnius Maecenas, who married a Murena family that is listed with Moratins who share the Tuareg-suspect tower with Kellys. Later, I ventured to trace Cilnius' to Chills/Childs, who happen to use the colors and format of Dogs / Huns. As Maecenas' ancestry was suspect with the naming of Maccabees, and as that requires there acquiring the sinister feature, note the wolf of Kelly-branch Calahans: "facing sinister".

It was mythical Mucius (or Romans) that had a left-hand symbol, and there was a surname from him, Mucianus, much like Maecenas. Reminder: Microsoft removed this term from my computer-search feature, and Google removed the term from all Google searches, but I have since then (fall of 2015) mentioned it several times, and Google has allowed those cases to be found, as of this week, anyway. But Google is yet a rat in my eyes, refraining from rotten behavior only after it gets caught. What's Google got against the truth?

Time now to go back to the "enfiled" term that was suspect years ago with Enfields. The File's happen to use gold calves, the symbol that I saw with my own eyes with German Bachs, before it was changed to a full-blown bull called a steer. As we saw Welsh Bachs looking like Camys/Kemmis, well, they were first found in the same place as Kite's/Ketts...and File's, no guff. The gold Bach calf was indication to me that they were from APACHnas, the Hyksos king that, I read from someone, was the same as pharaoh Khyan. I don't recall whether this trace was the beginning of my claim that Apachnas was the Exodus pharaoh, but that claim made sense where there was a gold calf made, in honor of Egypt, during the Exodus. The question is, why was the calf removed VERY shortly after I mentioned this theory?

As we saw the Bach steer traceable to Styre's/Sturs, by what coincidence do they use red fesse bars, the colors of the Barry/Berrys barry? The Berry location in France was anciently AVARICum, like the Avaris capital of the Hyksos.

In the File Crest, a garb, the Field symbol. The Fields, after they became File's, may have developed a Veal variation due to the calf symbol that they had adopted from Bachs. are listed with Vile's that may

Chemmis was an ancient location, home of Yuya, father of queen Tiye, whose name can trace to Tay. Yuya was a Mitanni liner, and the Mitanni should trace to Methoni and Modena, and may have been of the namers of Modi'in, the city of Maccabees that existed under that name in the time of Joshua, about the very time that the Mitanni had an empire in the Euphrates river. I had read that mythical Menelaus lived his old age in Messene, location of Methoni, and then I was able to resolve that "MeneLAUS" was code for the Mani peninsula of Sparta, and the Las location there that I had found also as "Laas." Manders use "Laus Deo" in their motto, suggesting that Mens' and Manners were from the Mani peninsula. The Munichs/Mannix's may also be from Mani. The mountain from which Mani extends is called, TAYgeti.

Having said that, zowie, it was time to check Tiye-like surnames, and Dutch Tie's/Thye's/Tye's use the red Fox wolf, no guff at all! English Tie's look like they can link to Dee's / Days. The Tie Chief is three stars in colors reversed from the same of the Power Chief, and then the other Powers are the ones with the Munich/Mannix Coat.

I kid you not, a new realization right this moment, and it's huge. Chemmis was also called, Akhmim, like AGAMEMno, Menelaus' brother!!! Zowie, I have never realized this before. It tends to clinch the Tiye trace through Taygeti to the Tay river. The brothers were golden-lamb sons of Atreus, of a people that named the Atrebates of Artois and Hampshire. Gloucestershire may have been the farthest reaches of Atrebates in England.

I claim the Egyptologists have their dating wrong on Egyptian kings in the range of their 1300 BC and earlier, which is why no one says that Apachnas was the Exodus pharaoh (he becomes too early, by the error, for the Exodus). But I do. As the Exodus pharaoh, Apachnas had a daughter who named Moses. Where did she get this name? Not very long after Apachnas, Yuya's grandson, king Akhenaten, led Egypt to a new god, Aten/Atun, which lead to Aedon of Thebes, Boiotia, perhaps named after Thebes, capital of Egypt which had destroyed the Hyksos in the reign of Khyan's successor, Apophis/Apepi, suspect with the Pepinids. He is suspect with mythical Epaphus, who was merged by writers with Io, goddess of Argos, the city ruled, thanks to a golden lamb, by Atreus. It suggests that the Hyksos had gone to Argos/Mycenae, followed there by the Chemmis liners. Or, perhaps, the Chemmis liners joined Hyksos liners in Phoenicia / Cilicia / Anatolia and ended up at Argos together.

As Atreus was a son of Pelops, it means that I can now trace Chemmis liners to Pelops of Lydia with certainty (it was done before, anyway), and to his marriage with the Oenomaus Amazons. As the latter need to trace back to Laish, Laas on the Mani peninsula looks like one of their haunts. Also, mythical Laius of Thebes elements probably applies. "YUYA" was traceable, by its variations, to "GUGU/Gyges" of Lydia. Also, Lyaois, a code for Dionysus, traces excellently to Laas where his all-female Maenads were on the Maeander river, the proto-Mani. It explains "Laus Deo" of Manders.

Now picture this. Jonathan the priest in Laish, descendant of Moses, had kin named Moses (my theory), or whatever they used as a variation, which trace to the naming of Messene, and possibly Mycenae. The Jonathan line goes to OENomaus, so that this alternative (non-Israeli) Moses line went to "Maus". Then, Oeneus birthed Methoni in Messene, proceeding through Messina, and to the Maezaei at the Juno theater, to Julia Maesa, who was traced to lamb-using Lamas' (understood as French LaMas'). By another line, perhaps, there was Mycenae to Cilnius Maecenas. This latter would best fit the Atreus > Menelaus line to the Tay river, and so Kellys to that place came from the Cilnius line. Wikipedia says that Cilnius' were in Arettium (modern Arezzo) as early as 400 BC, and that suggests a migration to Artois' capital, Arras, by the Atreus > Atrebates line. Indeed, Arras was also called, ATRecht after the Atrebates. It means that the gold lamb line can go to the naming of Maccabees, which may be the lamb theme in Revelation 13.

As I see the Laish line to Lissus and therefore to the Lys/Lisse surname, and while Masseys use the Lys/Lisse fleur in both colors, as does the Arms of Lille near the Lys river of Artois, see the giant fleur of Maus'/Meusels/Mausers, said to mean "mouse catcher," but we know better than the guessers. Recall that lily of DUNdee's, and the fact that Duns are from Dunham-Massey, for the fleur-de-lys is a lily. It was also called Dunham-Masci, and Masci's use more fleur. You see, Meshwesh, or something of that nature, were probably in Laish / Daphne / Panias / Sion with the Samson-based Tanis- ites. Now you better how to interpret both history and mythology. I never thought I'd live to be an interpreter of mythology; I can think of better things to do, but this is about prophecy, ultimately.

One of my earliest jabs was to interpret the golden fleece line as the Colchian Lazi. I knew nothing of Laas in Mani at the time. I just figured that the Lazi were linked to the Pelops Lydians, and from there they went to the Ladon river from the Lazona country of the Lazi. I didn't yet know that there was a Daphne location beside Laish, but I did know that myth writers had Daphne swimming in the Ladon river, where Apollo wanted to rape her. She ran, they say. Apollo was fixed with Daphne because his mother was the Leto > Leda line, to Spartans, yes, and Menelaus married Helen, daughter of Leda, code for the Hellespont, which you will find in golden- fleece myth. Later, I found a myth about Menelaus and two lambs. The golden fleece was a ram, an adult lamb. I got it. I knew the minds of the myth writers, just playing with real history, inventing stories about it. The Romans called Leto, Latona, and as such she was the Lydian / Lazi line to the Ladon river, which the myth writers turned into a multi-headed dragon. Where else do we find a multi-headed dragon. Oh, yes, in Revelation 13, a partner of the beast with two horns like the horns of a lamb.

Just after that comparison struck me, I found a seven-headed dragon in Syria, named, Lotan. Apparently, Revelation plays on this bloodline to, well, to me, for one. But also to Obama, and to many Freemasons. I am the mouse catcher. I will toss them into my garbage can, and they will rot in the trash dump. Obama, you have less than 30 years to live. It shall not be long. Forever, you will disappear. You will never come back to the land of the living, to see the New Creation. And your entire circle of goons will disappear, never to affect and infect humanity again. Praise Deus, the Laish Levites will never fool the world again with a counterfeit Israel. The land of Israel is about to be cleared of Rats and Roten things.

Take that giant fleur-de-lys of Maus', and take it to the Panaro river with the same of Banners. We are now in Modena, from the Modon variation of Methoni. And the Albino's of Modena share the trefoils of the Dusters/DEUSters whom look like Rothschild kin. Rothchilds use a sinister bend in the colors of the Barnstaple bend that itself has the Albino / Duster trefoils. They are the Rod trefoils, aren't they? Yes, for Albins are also Aubins while there is an Aubin location near Rodez. Henry IV of Rodez married a daughter of RoqueFEUILS that got represented by treFOILs, and maybe other foils too. The Albins/Aubins use the Barnstaple bend on a green Shield, the colors of the Bower / Bauer / Bourly / Pollock Shield. And the Pollock-based Peters not only use the raven of Rothes/Rothchilds, but the motto of the Staple's.

According to some myths, [Chemmis] was where Isis bore her son Horus, or else hid him from his wicked uncle Seth. According to a different myth, this was where Shu and Tefnut [Daphne?] were born as the children of the king of Lower Egypt (Nile delta, home of Hyksos]. Certain late traditions (like, for example, Herodotus) say that it is an island floating in a lake near the temple of Buto (that is, moveable and thus better protected from Seth). The temple on the island was dedicated to Harkhebis (= 'Horus of Chemmis').

Wasn't Horus code for the Hros = Rosh to the Ruthenes / Russi of France? As Horites were in Edom, I have interpreted Osiris as Seir of Edom, and Isis as possibly an Esau-based cult. The son of Esau is said in the Bible to have married a sister of Lotan, and this family must have come from Lotan, the dragon-cult of Seir-like Syria. From there, it becomes Ladon with 100 heads, thus exposing itself as the Laish line, suggesting that Seir of Edom was a Syrian / Assyrian entity that named Lotan, the man, but passed through Daphne, Laish, Panias and Sion. Seatons/Sittens use a dragon, and can be pegged as the Sidonians of the Laish area because they named Sitten/Sion of Switzerland. It gets confusing where the Seaton dragon links to the Dragons/Drains, from the Drin river, for that's the location of Lissus. Possibly, the Drin-river dragon cult amongst the Penestae, from Panias, evolved a Dragon surname for obvious reason.

Apparently, the Drin was earlier the Drilon, possibly named by the Dorians that are usually associated with neighboring Macedonia. I trace Dorians to Odrysians at the Arda area of the Hebros river, and that's also where the Atreus family traces. The Arda meets the Odrysians at Orestia, and then Orestes was a son of Agamemnon and therefore Atreus' grandson. As the Drilon was proto-king-Arthur, it predicts Arda elements at the Drilon along with its Atreus-related Odrysians. I see Odrysians with mythical Dryas, father and/or son of a mythical Edone king, Lycurgus, and they say that Edones had a fellow tribe in Sithones (Sidonians suspects to Seatons) and another in Macedon-suspect Mygdones, suspect from Megiddo and neighboring Dor, both in northern Israel not far from Laish, etc. The Edones may have been an alternative name for Edomites, but maybe not.

Out of this devilish serpent comes the Cavii, kin of Mosca's, kin of Drake's that use another dragon, highly suspect from the Dragons/Drains, and moving it to the Drago river, itself filled with Gela's Sicilians from beside Messina, where Samson lines lived. MOSca's can be from PatMOS, and Patmos liners are expected at Messina's Patti, but this can argue for a Patmos trace through Antipatria, near the Ceraunii mountains from Chora of Patmos. Patmos needs to be a station of Apollo's Muses, an all-women cult, wherefore note that Apollo in Revelation 9 is given a symbol of long hair like women.

Daorsi Liners Found

Dorians are expected in Thessaly, home of Ixion, brother of Coronis. The Doris/D'Orris surname is said to be from "Thessalie," though I don't know what this refers to. The surname is framed as an Orris line rather than a Dor-like one. The surname share's a bend with Orrels/Orells, whom I see sharing the Coat of Saxons (both of Lancashire). I can now prove that the chaplets used by Saxons are a line of Chappes, as per the Doral surname said to include the Orrels, and sharing the Chappes Moor head (this may be a sheer symbol of the Coronis crow = whites in north Africa). The Doris' are said to originate from "D'Airel," and from Airel in Manche, but this may not be the ultimate origin.

It is Caiaphas-important that French Josephs once showed a black-on-gold swan, the colors of the Chaplet swans. We now have a trace of Chappes' to Dorals, and they happen to use the same lion as Sforza's, which itself holds a quince as code for a line from Quintus Caepio. The TAYlards/Tailards were kin of Chapells. As Caiaphas is suspect from the family of SEVERus Bassus, note how SFRZa's can be Severus liners. Saffers use five hawks in the positions of the Chaplet swans. Dorals are traced to Mr. Orell, awarded by the Conqueror a Saxon location 12 miles west of York, at Broadsworth, and this is towards Lancashire. Broads happen to share a black-on-white pale bar, with a white symbol upon it, with Taylors (Chives kin), suggesting that the Taylards were related to the Chaplets in the Saxon Coat. Chapells (Power Shield?) use the chaplet too. If Taylards (almost the Chives Coat) were of the namers of the Tay, it speaks of the Chives trace to that area, but then why not Chaplet liners? In fact, Scottish Chappes' were first found beside Perthshire.

The Doral description says that the Doral Crest is alternatively a silver goat's head with gold horns (Bush-Crest symbol). Irish Doors show the Doral lion. Unfortunately, I don't have much idea on how to interpret Dorian lines in order to take a stab on whether either of these are, but I do claim that a sect of Essenes in the Carmel area were responsible for the essenes bee cult of Ephesus, and while Dor and Megiddo are at the Carmel area, English Doors/Doare's show no symbols but bees.

I have a super realization here of the Door and Doral lions are the Sforza lion. To put it another way, there is a super argument for so identifying them as such. It started with the fact that the two black bendlets of Saxons are shared by Ince's and Inch's, who moreover share red roundels with Orrels, and whom I trace to the Insubres, founders of Milan, where Ottone Visconti kicked off Visconti rule. It's known that the Visconti snake symbol passed to Sforza's, indicating a marital merger. Well, it's the Ottone's that share the long, white-on-blue perchevron with French Chappes', and it's the Visconti-suspect Wisharts/Guiscards that were first found in the same place (Stirling) as Scottish Chappes', and this is now topped off with the discovery, thanks to the Dorals and Doors, that Chaplets were a Chappes branch. Hmm, the bee-using Doors use a split Shield in the colors of the Otone/Olton quadrants, and nearly the Door / Doral lion. The Innus' are said to be of Angus, which, like Stirling, is near the Tay river. The Innis' (with an 'i') use the Moray stars, which are in the colors of the Stevensons / Tays / Kidds / Douglas', and moreover they use Zionist stars in colors reversed from the same of the Perthshire Hagars. This is a great way to trace Insubres and Visconti elements, with Caepio / Caiaphas suspects, to Perthshire along with the line of Yuya / Akhenaten (father of king Tut).

Recalling that Wigtons worked out to be from Guy of Spoleto, here I find that Ince-in-Makerfield is in a borough of Wigan, in Lancashire i.e. where Saxons and Orells were first found, not to mention the Chaddocks / Chadwicks who trace to the Dundee lily with Talbots. The Davers that proved to be Massena Numidians honoring their Jay/Gai = Gaia line in their blue jay, were at Wigmore, and Meschins use the Guy buckles. It argues for identifying Guy of Spoleto as a Gaia > Massena liner. Jays can be using the Stevenson bend, but then that's the Rodden/Rodham bend too. Jays were first found in the same area as Clent, which traced hard to Clintons (1st and 2nd update of last month)! Rutherfords were at Maxton along with Maxwells/MAKESwells, and that can identify MAKERfield with Maxwell liners.

Wigans were first found in CAMbridgeshire, suspect with Guy's Camerino area, now begging whether Camerino was a Chemmis line. Wigans use a form of the Annas Coat, as close as one can get to it. As an early Wigan character is said to be of Leicestershire, I can glean that Wigans are with a version of the Hamilton Coat, and while Hamiltons were first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as Ore's, the latter not only share red roundels with Orells, but use a good reflection of the Wigan Coat, and piles in colors reversed from the same of Wisharts/Guiscard!

Zowie. And Ore's use a cornuCOPIA. As I trace Orells, Ore's and Orleans' (more red roundels) to Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, it's a good bet that the cornucopia is code for the Caepio line that he was virtually married to (he had a long affair with Servilia Caepio(nis)). Capone's and Julians were first found in the same place as Wigans!!! Caiaphas was the son-in-law of Annas, and the Wigan Coat is virtually the Annas Coat!!!!! This paragraph should be shared with people to get their comments. It's the Rutherfords and Rutlands that use so-called ORLE borders. Why?

Wigtons not only have the Meschins in their write-up, but an Akeman de WIGENton, like the Akmonia location of Severus Bassus. AND ZOWIE SOME MORE, the Wigtons are the ones with the three Capone Stars!!!!!!!!! Again, I claimed that Caiaphas should be a Caepio in the family of Severus Bassus (a man in 25 AD) long before this evidence came in. They say that no one known the parents of Bassus, but I think it was covered up. Akemans were first found near the Tay river. ArBROATH abbey is in the Akeman write-up.

The Wigton write-up speaks on a barony passing from William Meschines to an ODOARD character, and variations of the Daorsi include Duersi and DAVERsi, no guff. Macclesfield came up when mentioning Davers earlier, and it just so happens that I've been tracing the black Davenport fitchee, used in an Arms of Macclesfield (same area s the first Davenports), to the same in the Crest of Hanna's, first found in Wigton!!!! Zowie, that identifies Hanna's with great certainty as Annas / Massena liners, and as "ardua" is in the Hanna motto, note that Devon-like Davers use the colors and format of Arthurs, first found in the same place as Artems/Aitons and Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's who share the Stevenson bend i.e. in the colors of the Jay bend. Annas was also called, Hanan / Ananus. There is nowhere one can go in heraldry without Massena liners cropping up. If not mistaken, William Meschines above is the one who's family married Skiptons (same place as Wigtons), from general Scipio, ally of king Massena at the time when the Daorsi were still at the Neretva. Their capital on that river was gone by the time of the first Herod. Where did the Daorsi go? To Rome, where Severus-suspect Sforza's were first found?

The Hanna stags are in the colors of the blue jay. While Jays were first found in the same place as Jeffersons, the latter share a blue griffin with the Jay Crest, as well as the blue leopard face with Henage's that come up as "HANNITY," and moreover Hanna's are said to be from Gilbert de HANNETH. As Jeffersons (besants, expected) are using the same saltire as Messeys, Note that the Welsh Jeffersons/JEPHsons appear to be using a version of the Coats of Greys and JOPlins, both first found in Northumberland, and suggesting that Jeffersons may have been from Japodes on the Kupa river. That's where I trace the Caepio-line lion, which is blue, the colors of the Jefferson / Hannity leopard face. Face's share the cross of Macclesfields. .

The Heneage's are said to be of a Hainton location, yet I can't see where they got their Heneage variation. It can appear that they birthed the Hinks because they use the Annan(dale) Coat in the colors used for it by Bruce's and Ayrshire. In fact, as the Hink saltire and chief reflects those of the Tailboys, the latter were from Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulf le Meschin (William's brother), and then both Henage's/Hannitys and Tailbois' were first found in Lincolnshire. The latter place, originally Lindsey, was from Lindos on Rhodes, where I trace the Khimera dragon of Lycia. This dragon was defeated by BELLerophon and his Pegasus, which is why I trace the Massey pegasus to it, for Massey married BELLamys. The Khimera was traced tentatively to "Chemmis" years ago, and I've been seeking evidence for it since. It was apparently named after the city of Kamiros on Rhodes, a Cimmerian city by every appearance, and therefore where Rosh and Meshech can be expected. Rhodes was home to TELchines that may apply to tail liners. In fact, it just hit me that while Tolkiens look like Telchines, Talbots were from the Touques river while Tolkiens are listed with Touque's!!! Zowie. It looks like Talbots / Tailbois' were from Telchines as a certainty. I have forgotten about Telchines for years. Kamiros is good entertainment with Camerino / Camerons.

Aha! There are Hanks in the Hink write-up, and while French Cottons are where we find Cotta's, English Cottons use "hanks of cotton" in the colors of the Aurelia stars. Hanks were first found in the same place as Henage's/Hannitys and Hains. It's apparently saying that Annas liners connect to Aurelia Cotta, and that Hanks are included as Annas liners. In fact, Hanks recall the Anchors/ANNACKers, and then Scottish Hains (same place as Annandale) use mascles (hollow lozenges) in the colors of the Anchor lozenges.

This is a good place to mention that Oswalds use probosces' that look much like the "black horns" of Bracks, for Oswalds share the Zionist stars of Rotens and Gace's in both colors, and while there is a Gace location on the Touques, I trace Gace's to the Mitanni, highly suspect from Yuya / Tiye. This is a place to repeat that Tease's/TIGHs, what can be from "Tiye," use the Annas star! The other Tease's probably have the Annan saltire in colors reversed. As the other Tease's are Tess'/Tecks, and because they use leaves, and because they were first found in Switzerland, I trace them to Laevi on the Tessin/Ticino river. TYsons were Tessons, making the Ticino suspect with Tiye liners.

Tysons use the same lion as Hume's/Home's that can trace to Homs (home of the El-Gabal cult), though I also expect them from QUMran, Israeli home of another branch of Essenes. QUMRan looks like "Gomer," the latter said to have developed into Cimmerians, which is why I traces the Khimera dragon to Essenes expected at Ephesus. It's therefore interesting that Talls (same place as Basina) and Bessins both use bees, making king Childeric traceable in this picture to the essenes bee cult, yet the fleur-de-lys of Childeric's household needs to go back to Laish, which was re-named Dan by what I claim to be proto-Danaans. At least one myth writer claimed that the Danaans built Lindos before they ruled Argos, but then the Yuya > Tiye line was in Argos with king Atreus, right? And Danaans were from Tanis, where Meshwesh are known to have ruled starting in the 21st Egyptian dynasty.

Telchines, myth writers claimed, were from SICYon, mythicized as SISYphus, and if I recall correctly, Bellerophon was said to be descended from Sisyphus, ruler of Corinth (smack beside Sicyon), location of the golden- fleece line that was also in PELops). This is why I trace SEGOvesus/SIGOvesus, and his brother BELLOvesus, to whatever Bellerophon represented, probably mythical Belas/BELUS (known father of the Danaans) from PELUSium, location of Tanis. This is all brilliantly the truth that yours truly offers the historians for nothing in return but a red shiny apply to show good will toward me and my God. I'll be waiting until hell freezes over.

Bellovesus, whatever he was, is credited with the establishment of French Gauls into northern Italy, and they included the Laevi Gauls, and this is a great way to reason a trace of the Laevi to the Rhodes-theater Danaans i.e. from Laish. You can't give historians better logic than that. If the Levites were in the Lapiths, note that my trace of Coronis (a Lapith) to Chora of Patmos is out to sea from Caria, the Bellerophon area. She even smacks of CORINth, right? The Corks/CORE's/CORRs happen to use lion TAILs only, and they are in the colors of the Taylor lions! Zowie, more logic. Moreover, the Cork/Core Crest has clouds, symbol of Nephele, wife of Ixion, Coronis' brother. It really appears that the Lapiths included Bellerophon's Corinthian ancestry, and as he is suspect with Belas, father of mythical Danaus and Aegyptus, he traces to Dan = Laish.

Ixion was traced by me to pharaoh Khyan because Ixion's symbol was a wheel, probably a chariot wheel (Hyksos are said to have introduced the chariot into Africa). Bellerophon's symbol was the white horse. As Hyksos trace to Berry = Avaricum, see here: "The Bituriges (Bituriges Cubi) were a tribe of Celtic Gaul with its capital at Bourges (Avaricum), whose territory corresponds to the former province of Berry...They joined Bellovesus' migrations towards Italy, together with the Aedui, AmBARRi, ArVERNI..." The Aedui are from Autun, which i traced to Atun, the sun god of Tiye's family. The Varni Nordics worshiped Nerthus, whom I traced to "Neretva."

As the Imperi peoples of Africa ran a Boofima cult that led to the Templar god, Baphomet, which i trace to PERIgord, not far from Berry, lookie here from the article above: "A passage from Livy, (Ab Urbe condita V, XXXIV), "summa IMPERII penes Biturges", meaning "all the power in the hands of the Bituriges", has become the motto of the city of Bourges." Note the "penes" motto term, for Hannitys, first found where Lindos liners lived, share the black and courant Penes/Penny greyhound. I see the courant code for Correns that share the BLACK (CORONis colors) escutcheon shields of Cecils, and then much of insidious globalism is a take after Cecil Rhodes. The Cecil motto uses "COR UNUM," I kid you not, and they happen to use lions in the colors of the Tailer lions!!! Zowie, this is a good morning. Cecils also use "una" while the Ceraunii are marked beside the Una = Oeneus river. That's yet another reason to view Lapiths as Levites from Laish.

As Cecils were first found in the same place as Chives', they connect because both use white-on-black cats, but also because the Cecil bars are those of Cavetts, from the Cevetta river at Ceva. The six Cecil lions are in the positioning of the six Tarves / Clinton fitchees, and the Clintons use the Shield of Saluzzo's while Alice of Saluzzo was daughter to Luisa of Ceva. Cecils are said to be from Maurice de Cassel, and Scottish Cassels (Lincolnshire) use black fitchees too, making the gold garb in the Cecil Crest suspect with the Avise/Avison garb. Avisons / Avezzano's are now resolved with the Ausones of Italy.

But there is more, for while the Penes' trace to the Penestae, they were near PELAGonia (Macedonia), and then Ixion and Coronis were children of the Lapith ruler, PHLEGyas, suspect with a line from Biblical Peleg, one of the first proto-Hebrews. Pelagonia is right beside LYNCestis, and the Penes' are the ones with the LYNX. Moreover, the only daughter left to mythical Danaus was married to the only son left to Aegyptus, and he was LYNCeus, I kid you not. That parks the Danaans on the Dorian-suspect Drilon river, location of Lissus. The logic, the logic, undeniable, inevitable. The Erigon river through Pelagonia apparently named Aragon in Spain, and the Aragon river is tributary to the EBRO river. Peleg was a son of Eber. This definitely looks like an Argos line, but let's not forget that Ixion was in Thessaly (land of Muses), where the household of Aeson and Jason was, who were the chiefs of the Argo ship. Jason went to live with Medea in Corinth. Plus, I view "Aeson" as a version of "Aedon" of Boiotia, for the Argo ship was filled with many Boiotians. That was the line of the Atun sun god.

The Wikipedia article above fails the reader by not pointing out the following: "The historical writer Livius marks that [Bellovesus] was the son of the sister of the king Ambigatus. His family belonged to the tribe of Bituriges..." It looks like Bellovesus was from the Hyksos out of Pelusium and into Avaricum. The Bituriges-like Bitars lead to the Darks/D'Arque's, and while Mr. Malet is in the Bitar write-up, the Bigots use the same scallops as Mallets, very interesting because Bigots (Ile-de-France) were just looked up as per "AmBIGATus." Pigots can be traced to Ile-de-France from their "foy" motto term. The other French Foys use a sinister bend in the colors of the BOTTER bend. Irish Foys share the eel with Bellow-loving Skiptons, and Bellows can of course be Bellovesus liners. Amazingly, the Sichs (fountains), just looked up as per Sigovesus, share the TORToise with English Bigots! Wow. And while the Sechs are listed with Saddocks, suspect with Sittaceni liners, they were a fellow tribe with TOREATae. Plus, Hannibal probably crossed the Alps at the Ark-river theater to which D'Arque's may trace. Bigots show a tortoise yet their description is: "A demi triton adorned with flags." Treeton/TURTons use a banner from a mural coronet, and their green trefoils traces with banner liners to Albino's at the Panaro-river area, in Modena, like Modane on the Ark river! The TORTONA location near the Trebbia makes sense for Turtons. They call their canton a "square," a symbol in the Arms of Placentia at the Trebbia. Perfect as per the Hannibal invasion. Bellovesus predates Sadducees and Hannibal by a few hundred years. Did he lead to the naming of HanniBAL, and did Hannibal invade Italy via the land of Bellovesus Gauls for that reason?

If the question then becomes whether Bar at lake Scodra was an Avaricum area related to Berry, note on the map that Bar was home to Labeates, a term much like "Lapith." Bar is not on the map, but is on the shore between Scodra and the sea.

From Corinth, queen Medea rode her chariot like Santa Claus on his sled to Athens, and there her line was Medon, son of fish-depicted KODROS, who traces to KOTOR, not on the map but at Butua, beside where Labeates are marked. Then go to the other map, below, and see the CLAUSula river, in the land of the Labeates, for Medea rode her chariot in the sky pulled by 12 dragons, the number of Santa Claus' reindeer. Okay, so the dark Masons gave Christmas their satanic entity of Medea, but why were reindeer chosen to represent her cult? Because, Dalmatia's Ragusa (near Neretva's fish people, the Nereids) is said to mean "deer," and the fish-using Saraca's of Ragusa, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article, were initially in Kotor. As KETURah was Abraham's other wife, while her son was MEDAN, I trace mythical Medea (why was she made a witch) to Keturah's children with Abraham, but when we ask what Sarah was named after (Abraham's other wife birthing Israel), the proto-Saraca's / proto-Saracens come to mind, possibly the Lotan dragon of Sarah-like Seir. In this way, the seven-headed dragon of Revelation was directly countered by God, in His Story, by stepping into history and giving Abraham another wife to birth Israel, the nation through which God would destroy the dragon, which nation includes me.

Saraca's were traced to the Cassius/Casano's of Modena, not far from the Reno river, and Reins are listed with Reno's. Otone's/Oltens are said to have formed a Noulton variation, causing a look at the Noltens. As the latter were early at CHENoltone, I'm guessing a good guess that Noltons are using a version of the KENNedy Coat, which is a version of the Cassel Coat. German Noltens/Nolte's share green trefoils, and a blue Shield, with Albino's of Modena. Noels use a "buck at a GAZE," and said to have been al MILNese, what looks like a name for peoples of Milan i.e. where Ottone ruled. German Bucks share the black wing with German Noltens. CHENeys were first found in BUCKingham, making Cheneys trace to the Kennati priests of Cetis (Cilicia) along with Kennedys. The Hyksos (Heka KHASEWET) were definitely in Cilicia's KIZZUWATna area.

Bucks can be a branch of Bachs = Apachnas liners. Bucks (Lincolnshire again, home of Rhodian-based Hyksos) look to be using a version of the Coat of English Cone's and Conte's while Italian Conte were kin of the Lafins/La Fonts in the Kennedy / Cassel motto, and moreover Conteville's ruled Comyns while Comyns share the three garbs of Avise's likewise in the Kennedy / Cassel motto.

Chad liners, and also the Chives cats, can be Seth cousins that named a Cetis line to the Cetina river, otherwise called the Tilurius, where TAYlers/Tailers trace well, for Tillers/Tylers (share Tailer lions in both colors, all in Taylard colors too) definitely trace there. I know that Tillers trace there because they use one of the similar Coats tracing to BRATTia, an island off the mouth of the Tilurius. And this is to be put beside the BROADSworth location of Mr. Orrel in the Doral write-up, for Broads (Coat like that of Tailers!) can likewise be a Brattia line. I had missed this while on the Broads earlier.

Brattia (on the map) was also called, Brac, and German Bracks use a reflection of the Tiller Coat, throwing in a talbot dog. It's not called a talbot, but rather just a dog, indicating the Dogs/Doags. And Dougals share a lion half in the colors of the Door / Doral lion, and in both colors of the BRADD lion.

This now reminds of the Daorsi peoples, going by other names, on the Neretva area that is marked the Naro river on the map. It is to the near-south of the Tilurius, and then I traced the mythical Nereids to the Neretva area because they had Doris as their mother! It's good reason to view Dorals and even Orells as Doris liners, probably from mythical Dorus, the co-founders of Greece and likely the Dorians. It may mean that Dorians used Ore-like terms before they arrived to Aurelia Cotta. Both "dor" and "ora" mean "gold, you see. I'm nor suggesting that Dorians were rooted in "gold," but that a people group would inevitably give the terms that meaning long after they have been around in various forms. Wikipedia:

The Daorsi lived in the valley of the Neretva River between 300 BC and 50 BC...

Daorson [on the Neretva] was built around a central fort or acropolis, surrounded by cyclopean walls made of huge stone blocks (similar to those in Mycenae, in Greece).

...The remnants of numerous wine amphorae have been found, including some ceramic fragments. The most valuable of the finds is a bronze helmet decorated with a series of Greek mythological figures, including Aphrodite, Nika, Heli, Dionysius, MUSE, Pegasus.

None of this was on hand when speaking on Mycenae and the Maus line earlier. Note that Pegasus is beside Muse, for Masseys use pegasus! And I trace Masseys, especially Julia Maesa, to the Tilurius, for her father was given a position in Dalmatia (location of the Tilurius) by emperor Caracalla (married Julia's sister). Caracalla (not his birth name) had an Aurelius name. Plus, Tillers use a reflection of the Meschin Coat.

Recall that Dorals and Bush's share a white goat head with gold horns (though Dorals are not showing it). I do think that the Nereids were Nahorites, and Bush's have been suspect from Bus, Nahor's second son. I trace Bush's (black boars) to Bozrah, the Edomite capital, because the Book of Enoch claims that a black boar was the symbol of Edom. But I think that Bus (Esau's not-too-distant cousin) named Bozrah because it can explain why Esau went to live in Edom.

Let's go back to Orells and Saxons first found in the same place as Chaddocks / Chadwicks, Sadducee suspects from Cetis, for the red roundels (called torteaux generally) of Orells, Ore's, and Orleans' trace to the Toreatae scythians that were a fellow Maeotian tribe (probably the area that named Medea) with Sittaceni, the latter being probably of the SITHECH term to which Shaws are traced. Shaws are in the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire, and Kyle's of Ayrshire use CandleSTICKs, we get it, and Sticks share three gold grabs with Comyns / Avisons. I read that the Hros were from Caucasia, and then the dark counterpart of mythical Horus was Seth. Shaws actually list a Seth surname. Therefore, I'm seeing Sittaceni in Egypt as the naming of Seth, probably related to the namers of Zedek at Jerusalem, and possibly of the future Zadokite priesthood of Israel. As Switzerland's Sitten is in Wallis canton, which term modifies well to "Glass" in light of the mermaid shared by Walsers and Glass', note the HOURglass of the Glasgow Houstons. Might that be part-code for Horites of Edom out of the Sitten area? The same mermaid is used by Morays who once had an alternative Coat showing with the motto, "DEUM TIME," apparently code for TIMna of Seir, EDOMite wife of Esau's son, Eliphas, whom I trace to the Elaphiti islands smack beside Dalmatian Ragusa. How did Masonic elements know of this trace to way-back-when?

By the way, Davers were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Diss'/Dice's (from a Diss location of that area) who share the colors and format of Davers, and throw in torteaux.

Remember, Horus was made born in Chemmis, a not-bad reason to trace Cimmerians to that place, for Cimmerians were from Caucasia, and moreover they had been kin to the Ukrainian Royal Scythians while the Hros were definitely in the Ukraine. In the dispute of historians as to who were the true Rus, the Varangians of Kiev or the Ruthenes of the Ukraine, some hold to the latter and call them, Hros. Cimmerians, centuries after Yuya, joined king Rusa of Lake Van, near Soducena (see map below), very soon before Ezekiel 38 mentions Rosh.

The Cimmerians of Lake Van, as well as the Royal Scythians returning from a bashing of the Medes (said to be named after mythical Medea, but we know it was the other way around), both pillaged (what stupids did best) into Lydia way, where Gugu of Lydia (beside Mysia) arose at that very time, a term like "Yuya." Lake Van was the outskirts of the Mitanni kingdom. I'm going to bet that Yuya was from Mus of Lake Van, likely home of the Mushki. I interpret Ezekiel 38 (not all versions include Rosh) as saying that the Mushki were the chiefs of Gog. The Vere's who trace themselves to the Mitanni (how do they know?) share the Massey Shield, and as Vere's now trace hard to Fier county, we can expect Yuya / Gugu liners there. Gugu, they say, crept up after more than 500 years of Mysian rule over the kingdom that he ruled, and myth writers attributed that Mysian rule to Hercules = a Danaan, who likely acquired his mighty code from the Samson account. I traced Hercules elements to northern Wales (Rhos area) and Powys, home of the Welsh Cimmerians.

The father of Gugu was made DASCYLUS, who I trace with Lydians to TUSCULUS, at the Etruscan/Latin border. Mythical Lydus, code for Lydia, had sons, Tyrrhenus, code for Etruscans, and also a Tarchun/Tarquin-like character smacking of Tarun at the Mus area of Lake Van. There was a mythical Turan goddess at the Velch area of the Etruscans. I expect her cult at the Turano river through Rieti, and then the Marsi up-river had a snake goddess (Angitia) that might apply. Mythical Sugaar, a snake god, represented by the two green snakes in the Seager/Sugar Crest, was married to a Mari goddess. The Nairi of this area of Lake Van, who pre-dated the Rusa kings by far, are suspect with mythical Nereus, husband of Doris and founder of Nereids. As the Chemmis line is tracing to the Tay river at Perth, note that Nairs (the mermaid in Crest again) were first found in Perthshire, for an ancient Nairi peoples (predated king Rusa) were ruling a kingdom at Lake Van. Note that Nairs are with the Pilate / Cult pheon (Shaws of Perthshire use the Pilotte cups).

While Vere's trace to this Melusine mermaid, she was initially a dragon woman of Lusignan, with a dragon tail, yet the fish tail developed. As I trace Nereids, a fish-depicted peoples, to Nerthus of the VARni, it can explain why this mermaid should be a Varni entity altogether. The VARNi predated the VARANgi, and the latter were first heard of in history with Inger, husband of Melissena Rangabe, explaining why the Vere's call their mermaid, Milouziana / Melusine. Recall the Guerin trace to Shawia, for Guerra's use a green dragon. Green-dragon Seatons, cousins of green-dragon NORTHens, come to mind, and we saw the North-related Narbonne's/Denardo's tracing to New Scone at the Tay river. And, by the way, SCONE can be a SAXON variation, for Chapell liners (in the Saxon Coat) can trace to the New-Scone area with their Taylard kin.

"The Hyksos used Egyptian titles associated with traditional Egyptian kingship, and took Egyptian god SETH to represent their own titular deity" One can start to imagine that Seths/Shaws, and even Seatons, were Hyksos liners. Chives'/SHEVas' use the Hykes quadrants, right? Yes, and Chives have a "virTUTE" motto term that can be for lines of king Tut (Yuya's great-grandson). Tute's share the crescents of Massey-related Tattans (like "Tutankhamun") and Duttons, both with versions of the Tute/Tuit Coat.

Wikipedia has Tiye born around 1400 BC, but as Egyptian history has pushed dynasties too far back in time, to about 700 years before the Flood, I would push this date back to about 1450, roughly the time of the Exodus at 1446 BC. Two of Tiye's children included ThutMOSE and SITAmun, and we can gather that Tut, her grandson, was named from this Thutmose entity. Going back from Thutmose to the ancestry of "Mose," we would probably find that Moses was named after the same thing. As Moses was 80 years old at the Exodus, it's not a long way back. The Hyksos that I say named him were Asians, and adopted the gods of Egypt, choosing evil Seth as a chief god. It seems that Tiye like Seth too, for her first-listed son is Sitamun ("Amun" was a chief god too so that "Sit" is the root term). While historians are not all of the opinion that Yuya and Tiye (his daughter) were Mitanni, here we find some extra evidence, where the Hyksos may have been from the general area of the Mitanni (centered around the Habur river of Aphrodite).

Seatons/SITTens had a location in Devon, where Hykes' were first found, and their Seaton location there was at the mouth of the AXE river, which traces well to the Axius (downtown MacEDONIA), and may have been a Hyksos-honoring term. The Axius has a mouth at Mygdonia, and Mygdones were said (Strabo, I think) to be a fellow tribe with Seaton-suspect Sithones (in Chalcidice). The mythical EDONIAN king, LYCURgus, was code for proto-Ligurians, whose mythical king was Sithones-like STHENelus. The latter's son was a swan king, and Leda, who birthed the wife of Menelaus -- the line from Chemmis, birthplace of Tiye -- laid two swan eggs. These eggs are suspect as code for the CICONes (like "cock / egg"), on the map not far across the sea coast from the Edones, and it so-happens that Sthenelus' son was CYCNus, like "cygnus," the Greek for swan. While one egg produced the wife of Menelaus = Laish liners, another egg produced a wife of his brother, Agamemnon, the Akhmim = Chemmis line, right? Therefore, the Chemmis liners went through Apollo > Pollux.

While the Axius goes through Stobi, there is Devon's BarnSTAPle location that can apply. As Stobi is in downtown Paionia, we can add that Payens/Paions were first found in Dauphine while 'Devon" is like "Daphne" (= Lotan liner through Laish). Spartans were LaceDEAMONians that I see in the Dumnonii of Devon and Somerset. There is even a Staple-FitzPAINE in the Staple write-up, which is a location in Taunton, while Tauntons were first found in Somerset, location of the Axe river. Tauntons are traced to a Tone river, and as Eatons share the Hykes quadrants and cross (reflective also of Taylards), it appears that the Tone was an Edone entity along with Eatons and Edens (share black scallops with Hykes'). Seatons/Sittens were first found smack at the EDINburgh theater, in Lotan-like Lothian six miles from Roslin that itself traces to Russells sharing the Hykes scallops. I always link Staple's to Roets at Etaples, and Roets bring us right back to Rhodian liners.

Somehow, the Cicones and Edones got to the Spartans. Note that Tonys/Toeni's were at Ligurian-suspect Leicester, home to the Legro river. The Tony's were somehow the Tosni's, and while some say the latter were also Todini's, the latter are in the Tute/Tuit write-up. I'm now tracing Tosini's/Tonso's to the Tonzus river that happens to flow to Orestia, part of the Akhmim = Chemmis line. Coincidence? I'm not so sure that Toeni's were purely Tosni liners, but may have been a merger with Tonso's that then developed Tosni-like variations. Recalling that the Melusine-Vere line is from the Mitanni, let's start at the Templar family of Raoul I of Lusignan, for peoples of Lusignan were Melusines. His daughter married Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford, and as Hereford is where Jays were first found that linked solidly to Annas liners, let's tell that Bohuns and Jays both use a white bend.

Humphrey then birthed Alice, wife of Roger V Toeni of FLAMstead, a Fleming suspect, for Flamsteads (Flamm/Flame colors) are in Flanders colors, with a lion in colors reversed from the black Flanders lion. Yet, the Flamstead lion is passant, like the black Levi lion, and the three fesse bars of Flamsteads are in the colors of the three Levi chevrons, which were used by counts of HAINaut in Flanders. Recall that Henage's/Hannitys of HAINton use the leopard face of Jeffersons, who in turn use the griffin of Jays, both surnames fist found in Hereford, and then Henage's were in the land stacked with peoples from Lindos, Rhodes.

As Tosni's descended from MALAhull, whose line also led to Meschins of Cheshire, the MalliBONE's of Cheshire get interesting because Bohuns are also Bone's. Moreover, the Mallibone Coat (version of the Massey Coat) is a great reflection of the Hanan Coat. One can add that, if Tonys/Tone's were Edones liners, Eatons were first found in Cheshire. Note that the Hanan Coat likely has the Sale/Sallett bend, for the latter surname traces to the Selletae on the Tonzus river, location of Cabyle that traces with the buttons in the Tonso/Tosini Coat to Caiaphas-suspect Capelli's. The Edens ("sit"), I have just learned, are not only using the colors and format of Davers (blue jay!), but the two were first found in the same place, as were the Clare's who married Meschines in TONbridge. Tonbridge's use one fesse in the colors of the Flamstead fesses, no guff. Nicholas de Vere traced his Mitanni line to Tunbridge Wells. Davers are tentatively suspect with the Daversi = Daorsi, the people living in the river to which I trace the Varni and Angle goddess.

Malahule got suspect with Massey liners at Massa-Carrara, home of MALAspina's, and I've just learned that Spina's use the same Zionist stars as Davers. The Nero's/Neretti's, like the Naro/Neretva river of the Daorsi, were first found in the same place as Massa-Carrara. It recalls NARbonne, and Narbonne's/DeNORDi's were first found in the same place (Naples) as Spina's! North's (sharing a dragon in Crest with Northens/Nothings), sharing the Narbonne/Denardo lion (could be Maschi lion), were first found in the same place as Davers!!! I didn't know it until now. It looks like Davers were from Daorsi, and Norths from the Neretva. If I live to 1200, I will have the entire world of bloodlines figured out, but, for this year, the Daorsi have been found in heraldry. How about that.

Albanys (same place as Meschins) use the Mason/Massin lion, and the latter use Melusine too, as well as a motto honoring the Speers, apparently. Mallone's (almost the Hume lion) use a knight holding a spear, and moreover I can glean that they trace to the feathered helmet on a coin of Herod Archelaus via Home's/Hume's, True's, and Lannoys / Lions. The Knight surname, hmm, was first found in the same place as Davers. I think I can also spot that Mallone's trace the Sitric > Maccus vikings from Ireland, whom I suspect in the Sitters/SIDEwells, sharing the black lion of Side's/Sudys and Sutys, and the latter are the ones with the "nothing" motto code for Northerns/Nothings. Mallone's were first found in Connacht, and Irish Connacht actually list NORTons while English Nortons (Kent) share the Mallone lion. The Naught-like variations of Connachts remind me of the Knight trace to the Nitts/Naughts at the Nith river (Dumfries), so that if the Knights were linked to the Davers, one might expect Daorsi in Dumfries.

The North-Crest dragon is black, as is the Norry-Crest wolf, and there were a Neuri peoples (wolf worshipers) on the Bug river of Ukraine that trace to the Bugs, first found in the same place, NOTTINGhamshire (i.e. a Nothing term if ever we saw one) as Annas' and Tighs/Tye's. Norths have already traced to New Scone at the Tay, and Norrys were first found close by, in Aberdeenshire. The North dragon is gorged with a crown, code, I feel sure, for Ceraunii liners. I had actually found at least one crane that was code for "Ukraine," but that was before Crane's were traced to "Ceraunii." It could just be that the two entities were cousins. Bugs share the water bouget with Rose's, indicating some Hros from the Ukraine.

Bugs are in Varn colors, as well as sharing a fesse in the colors of the Tonbridge fesse. This makes sense where the Varangians were in the Ukraine, where they may have gone to be with their ancient kin, the Neuri, for this people may be a branch of the Neretva liners that named the Varni goddess. The Melusine mermaid is traced by Veres to Angers, like the Angle's that also worshiped Nerthus, according to Tacitus, who lumped the Eudoses in with that goddess. The Eudoses are thought to be the Jutes, who had Edone- like versions such as "Eoten / Jotan / Ytene." It might just make a TON of sense, for Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells are in Kent, a place thought to be founded by Jutes.

Nicholas de Vere's book, "From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells," can speak to the Khazars of Transylvania (Biharia), beside Ukraine, for Fers and Vairs/Fers' use the Cohen and Hohen checks, and Melissena Rangabe was a royal Khazar on one side. The Rose's lived smack at the Moray theater, where I trace those Khazars. That area of the Rose's is called NAIRNshire, and Nairns happen to use a chaplet, while I witnessed, several years ago, that German Bugs use the same footless martlets as French Josephs (since then changed to another bird species). It's speaking of a Caiaphas trace from Khazars to Nairnshire.

Tarves is very near to Nairnshire, and I've just looked to see if there is a Kassar surname (Bavaria), finding that it shares a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the Tarves Shield while both use the upright red lion suspect with Aures. One explanation is that Kassars/Gass' are Gace/Wassa liners while Tarves'/Tarwas' are a Tar-Wassa combination, but nothing in the heraldry of either can prove this. I've claimed that ABERDEEN,, where Tarves' were first found, was from KABARDINo, which was smack beside the center of the Khazar empire. Perhaps the Terek river has to do with Tarves'. The Magyars had joined the Khazar branch of Kabars, and Leslie's were Magyars that settled Aberdeenshire. These Kabars were from Biharia, yes the ones at Moray, near Tarves. Therefore, Kassars/Gass' look like Khazars.

It just struck me that Kassars should relate to the same-colored Kenneths (stag, Magyar symbol), whose "Sic" motto term was suggested for Sichs that share the Coat of Cass' / Kiss' / Cush's. Sichs share the "qui" motto term of Shaws, and Kenneths were Shawia liners. The Kassars are traced to an early member in Alpfen, smacking of "Alpin," Kenneth's father. Kenneths use the flame, traceable still tentatively to Trypillians of Moldova / Ukraine, and then the Cass' / Kiss' can be from Kisin'ov, the Moldova capital very near the Ukraine border. The "as" motto term of Kenneths can indicate the ancient Assi (probably Asians), whom I have traced to Cassi liners that I ultimately see from ancient Kassites (Persia) to mythical Cassiopeia. "CassANDER" can be very related to that line, for Cassiopeia's daughter was ANDROmeda, a Mede suspect, while Perseus married her. I trace Perseus to Paris of Troy, and Cassandra was made his sister. Trojans evolved into Romans, and with Julius Caesar suspect at the root of Khazars (called Hazars by some), let's add that I trace "Julian" to Gels/Gileki of Gilan in the Mede theater, and on the shores of the CASpian sea. "'Kassite' is one of the tribes that lived in southern part of Caspian Sea with two major branches..." Khazars were at the northern shores of the Caspian sea. AZERbaijan (of the Azeri peoples) is on the Caspian sea.

The Nairs/Nayers use Melusine in Crest. I do not think that Nairns and Nayers were an Ayer branch due to Ayers (Aures suspects) sharing quatrefoils with the Nairn chaplet, but rather I'd say the two lines merged and took on spelling forms from one another, which can explain why Nayers share the upright red lion with Aurs/Aures'. It tends to ask whether Orr- related Aurelia's were Aures liners, in which case Aures' Shawia can go to Caracalla, especially as it's known that his father was from north Africa. The Caracalla-related Carricks were first found in AYRshire. Some Arms of Ayrshire use the Gilbert squirrel.

Mallets were first found in the same place as Daorsi-liner Davers, and this recalls that the gorged deer of Mallets traces to Melita, an island near deer-depicted Ragusa (at Asamum on the map)! EXCELLENT, for Melita is smack off-shore from the Daorsi. French Mallets use buckles in the colors of the Candle/Kentwell, and the latter (soon to become Gaunt suspects from Gaia) were likewise first found in the same place as Davers and English Mallets. Spate's (blue jay) will become very suspect with Syphax Numidians, and will be found below as per a Gayspitz variation of Gay liners in Belgium.

Mallibone's are traced to "Mallbanc," and then Malbanks/Milbanks use the same bend (both colors) as Jays, yet were first found in the same place as Rodhams and Stevensons with the same bend. It makes Milbanks suspect as Malahule liners, and from this one can also suspect Mills / Milners, and even Milo de Vere, fictitious son of the Melusine mermaid, for the Mallibone Coat is also a version of the Vere Coat.

Recall that Hinks and Hanks proved to be Hain / Annan / Hannity liners, for Hinkleys were first found in Leicestershire, home of Toeni's/Tonys. Then, hanks of cotton are used by Cottons said to be from TOSEland in Huntingdonshire (home to the first Taylards). Ah, the Hangers in the Cnut description share a blue griffin with Jeffersons who in-turn share a blue leopard face with Henage's/Hannitys. As Hangers are Angers too, it's a way to trace the Anaki to Melusine-of-Angers liners, the claim of Nicholas de Vere. But that encoded line must, in the real world, be of Inger the Varangian. As Ingers are listed with HENDers, hmm, compare with "HANNITy."

English Gaine's/INGaine's were first found in Huntingdonshire (beside the first Davers), and they are in Davers (blue JAY) colors so that, probably, Gaine's are Gaia liners, for they even show "GAYne." They are said to be from "Engen near Boulogne," wherefore it's notable that they are colors reversed to Eustace's, and moreover, while Bouillons were first found in AUVERgne, Davers are said to be from a French location of AUVERs. This makes Auvergne suspect as an Aures/Awraba liner. colors. It's the Irish Gaine's that use the Enfield and Kelly Coat. The stated derivation of Irish Gaine's is typical Irish garbage, for houseofnames often supposes, without evidence provided, that Irish versions were the originals. It roots "Gaine" in "Geibheannaigh," a typical example of how the Irish slaughter terms to where they no longer give clear hint of the real derivation. later in the write-up, that slaughtered term is said to be a sept, but septs are not necessarily identical with the mother trunk. That slaughtered term brings the Heneage's/Hannitys to mind.

As Huntingdonshire is where prince David of Scotland ruled before he became the king, and as Davids were first found in Cheshire, and as I still think that Davids (Levi lion?) and Davis' have Coats linking to Misl's that are of mythical Siemomysl of the mouse tower, I would suggest that the Kelly / Gaine / Scone towers are code for the mouse-tower liners, even if the towers derive in Tuaregs. For the mouse tower, which is a mythical item, may have been a Tuareg line. I note that "Geib" looks like a Keep term so that it can be a Syphax-Numidian line. Hear me out. Popiel, the first character in mouse-tower myth, is expected to be a Pepin, and Pepins share the Webber symbol, and the related Weavers can be Kiev liners too. Then, the Maus surname happens to use a giant fleur-de-lys in the colors of both the Pepin / Pipe and Webber fleur, and Maus' (Levi colors) show "Meusel," like the Maisel/Meisel variations of Misl's (use a mouse instead of the David / Davis lion). Both surnames were first found in Austria somewhere; I wonder where.

Webbers share the wavy fesse bars with both Drummond surnames, and Drummonds were from the Perthshire / Stirling theater, where New Scone is along with lily-using Dundee, and the Webbers (Talon/Talent colors) show a "Liliae" motto term (as well as a "telis" motto term suggesting the Talls that trace to Basina, whose line was co-ruled by Pepins. Here are the Spanish Tells/Talles' with probably a gold version of the talbot Coat. German Tells/Tallers share the Misl lion. Pepin of Landen married Metz, a location in the Meuse / Moselle theater, which place is strikingly like the Misl and Maus variations, and this is now a virtual clinching of a Popiel = Pepin equation. To the Dutch, the Meuse is the MAAS. I get it.

It's known that Drummonds were from Magyars i.e. who were in the Ukraine theater before being in Hungary, but it's a fact of history that the first Scottish Drummond, Maurice, was a grandson of king Andrew I of Hungary who was himself in exile in Kiev along with king David's mother (Margaret). She was an Atheling-branch Saxon, and then Atholls (Perthshire) share vertical bars in the colors of the wavy Webber bars i.e. suspect with the Drummond bars.

When we go to Landens (three vertical bars, as with Atholls), they use a sinister bend = Massey liner, as well as rooster heads in both colors of the Kopple/Kopple rooster, the latter surname being of "Goplo," location of the mouse tower. Historians and family-researchers can learn a whole batch here. The Piast eagle is the Chill/CHILD eagle, a surname from Basina's husband's name, and Hebrons/Hepburns were from CHILLingham while sharing the Chill/Child chevron, a white horse head with Pepins, and HEPburns use a "Keep" motto term while Keep's use a "weaver's shuttle." A child could see the obvious connections here. Este is said to derive in Franks, and Pepins ("est" motto term) are obvious Este liners along with Weavers ("Esto" motto term).

The Chill/Child Coat may even be a white version of the Daver-related Diss/Dice Coat.

French Josephs use two giant birds (swan and Martel-based martlet) in the colors of the giant Kopple bird. I have held a theory for years that other giant birds in these colors were safeguarded (my Masonic masters) and intended to be code for Joseph-Caiaphas liners in particular. I've known that the Jonathans/Jonans (suspect from Jonathan Maccabee, ancestor of Josephus) use two roosters in these colors, and the doubling up in heraldry called, gemel, code for Israel's Gamala, very apparently. Owls/Howls use three owls in these colors, and so note how "Owl / Howell" and a K-less "Koppel" can be branches, for Howells use the white tower! And the Howell towers are colors reversed from the three of Thors/Tours, and in Chill/Child colors while Childeric ruled at TURNai, suspect with THURINgia, Basina's homeland. German Thor(n) were first found in Tyrol so that, perhaps, the Maus / Misl's were from there.

The colors of all these birds are those of Flanders / Levi's while Howells were first found in MONmouthshire, suspect with Mons in Flanders. The Monmouths use bars gemel, and share a red and upright lion with the Arms of Hainaut (GAYne-suspect Heneage's/Hannitys were from a Hainton), and Gay's use a giant rooster too. There are Belgian Gays (first in Hainaut) with "crow's feet," suggesting Ceraunii liners, perhaps the Foots / Fothes', both with a chevron in the colors of the Levi chevrons, for while I trace Foot liners to Cheshire's Gernons (Ceraunii?), the latter are using two lions in pale (Levi-lion symbol) in the colors of the Lee/Legh lion. The Monmouth lion is missing a leg, suggesting the Lee's/Leghs that happen to use the red-on-gold lion of Mons/Mounts and the Arms of Hainaut. The Fane's were first found in Monmouthshire, and they use GAUNTlet gloves as code for Gaunt (Gayne liner?), at the Lys river (near Mons) to which the Maus fleur traces, and then Landen is not far off from this theater, nor is the Boulogne area of Gayne's. Landen is beside a Hannut location smacking of Hannitys of Hainton.

The Crows not only use more roosters, and a CAMEL (Pepin symbol), but are in Child colors and format. Aha, Belgian Gays are "GAYANT"! That explains why Maceys use the gauntlet glove, because Gaunt was named after a Gaia > Massena line! Yes, and that can explain why Louvains use the Mason/Massin lion, and why both were first found in the same place (Kent) as Gaunts/Gants (and Brabants). "Kent," said to be named after the Cantii, may even be from the namers of the Kenza Numidians. The Kyle CANDLEsticks come to mind. Candle's (probably the Lady annulets), said to be from Gilbert de KENTwell, are in Daver colors, and first found in the same place as Davers. Cantys/Candys were first found in the same place as Candle's (use a canton). It's known that Kendals (Tipper kin) are from the line of John of Gaunt in Candale (Aquitaine).

There is overlapping here of what could be Kenza-versus Gaia liners/ Kendels, clearly related to Pendragons, can indicate that Kenza liners got merged with the Oscans of Italy, from Uscana of the Penestae. As the Kendal and Tipper dolphins trace to the Tipperary Kennedys, note that Scottish Kennedys honor Avise's/Avisons, now very traceable to "Ausones," a partnered people with Oscans. Hoskins use a "reSPICE" term suspect with Syphax liners. The Hoskin Coat is a reflection of the Gate Coat, making Gate's traceable to the Geta family of north Africa that named Geta, Caracalla's brother, and moreover Syphax was a Getuli Numidian. Caracalla is suspect with Saraca's at Ragusa i.e. the Daorsi theater. Hoskins might be using the Daver chevron, therefore. The Kendal motto includes "resurGET." Syphax was taken prisoner to the Tiber river, where Tippers can trace. Gaine's/GAYne's use the crosslets linking strongly to Gorlois and Pendragon's Uther name.

Spitz's (Styria), looked up as per the Gayspitz variation (Belgian Gays), use sinister-facing unicorns, recalling the sinister bend of unicorn-using Rasmussens/Assmans (Hesse) suspect with Akmonia and Hasmoneans = Maccabees! I kid you not, after writing the above on Davers, Spate's were checked (as per seeking Spitz kin) to find a blue jay in Crest, same as the Daver Crest! And Spate' were first found in Kent!! If that's not enough, the Spate's use a reflection of the Hill Coat (see Craigs). I don't find hills in many descriptions, but here one description proves to be code for Hills. The Spate motto is a reflection of the Chives motto, suggesting that the Spate Coat is linkable to that of Tailers that use the Chives lions = cats. I suggest that the Spaight variation shows hint of the Syphax Numidians. The Bavarian Spade's (Spitz colors) are using mascles, by the looks of it, in the handle of their spade's, and they are in the colors of the lozenges of Anchors that trace with Craigs to Agrigento. The Anchor Coat is the one reflecting the Lady Coat.

The Spitz description: "...a gold unicorn rampant facing the sinister; 2nd and 3rd, blue with three green hills, a tunnel in the center one." I'm surprised that they are not mounds for the Mons surname, but then perhaps Hills were their close kin. Tunnels/Tunna's/Tunocks (Tony liners?), from old Tunnys, use the Zionist star in the colors of the same of Rotens, while Rothchilds (sinister bend) use a sinister-facing horse in the colors of the Rasmussen/Assman unicorn! The Rasmussen bend-with-fleur is that of Pepins (and mouse-tower Maus), and English Assmans use it with the Massey fleur-de-lys. Rotens can trace to Tyrol with Rads (see 3rd update last month), again making the Maus' and Misl's suspect from that place. Roddens/Rodhams were first found in the same place as Hebrons suspect with Varangian RUS in Kiev, I trace Rodhams to Rutland of Leicestershire, the latter being home to Tonys/Toeni's. Watsons, who married proto-Rothschild Pollocks, were first found in a Rutland location, and they trace excellently to Wattens in Tyrol. The red rose of Hebrons, suspect with Rus liners at Ross-shire / Moray / Nairn, is shared by the MonCreiffs that brought Ruthven to topic, which proved to be of the Ruths/Rothers of Morayshire, and the red rose is also used by the sinister Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). German Rothchilds/Rothes are the ones that brought the Diss' to topic because they "Display" a raven.

Suddenly, MONcreiffe's can be Mons liners, for Monmouths (and Mauds/Molds) share the same lion as Hebrons and Moncreiffe's!! The Andrew known to be at the root of the Ross clan, of Ross-shire, is likely from Andrew I of Hungary, whose mother and/or wife was a Varangian Rus. The Andrew in the Scottish- Ross write-up is said to be the founder both of Ross' and MacKENZIES, and then Kenneths, whom I traced to Kenza of Aures apart from this extra evidence, were first found in Ross-shire. Kenzy's are listed with Kenneths.

As Rasmussens come up as "Eras," I identify them with the "erased" code of heraldry. The Pepin-related Pipes, who I trace to Paphlagonians that happened to have lived right at the Akmonia area, use: "A camel's head ERASED bridled and ducally gorged in black."

Ceva in Ireland

Scottish Andrews look to be using the Pollock saltire, and what follows is the Pollock link to Rothes liners expected first of all at the Shropshire Rothes,' in the same place as the father of all Pollocks. Keep in mind that Fulbert (the father I speak of) was a knight in the service of the Dol Alans, and suspect to the mother of Hitler.

The Dowell variation of Dulo/Dol-suspect Dougals/Dools suggests Dowlings/Doolins (surname of William Hitler's wife) that look like they use the Panico/Panetta Coat but with the North / Narbonne lion. Dowlings are interesting for sharing the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's and Douglas' while first being found in Laois (Berk/Burgh colors), like Luisa a Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. It recalls the near- certain trace of Alice of Montferrat (related to Saluzzo) to the Irish Berks/Burghs as they themselves merged with the line of Brian Boru. Berks/Burghs not only share a lion in the colors of the same in the Arms of Laois, but the cat with Ceva-suspect Chives'/Shevas'!! The Luisa-Laois link is completely far-fetched, unexpected, and apparently true. Aha, the "roy" motto term of Berks/Burghs gets Roys with the Dougal / Dowel lion, and first found in Lanarkshire (Glasgow theater, Hitler-associated area), where the Lanarks share a red heart with Douglas'! Zikers. Laois was related to O'Rourk," who can be of Rory MacDonald, for Rory used the blue-on-white lion of Bute, colors reversed from the Dougal lion.

See the Rorys with the Caepio-line lion. Note that Rourks (CAVAN) use two lions in Laois-lion colors, but they are passant and in Levi colors, and moreover they are black, the colors of the two passant Levi lions. The SERViendo motto term of Rourks can be for a line that named, or even from, Servilia Caepionis. With Chives' tracing to O'Rourk's domain, it speaks loudly of Joseph Caiaphas. Just compare the variations of Cavans/Keevans to those of Irish Gaine's/Keaveneys i.e. that use the Hitler / Kelly griffin. Soon, I'll show Gaine's tracing to Gaia where English Gaine's trace to Flanders, which shares the Laois lion.

The Rourk motto term seems obviously for Governs (same lion as Dowlings / Norths), first found in Cavan, perhaps a branch of Giverns listed with Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire. Biggars trace to Biharia, home of the proto-Hungarian Kabars that trace to mythical Melusine in the Crest of Glasgow-suspect Glass', first found in Buteshire (yes, location of Bute). Biggars are in the motto of Shetland, home of the raven vikings that, I had read, conquered Rothesay, later renamed, Bute (same Bite as above). Clearly, this was the line to German Rothes/Rothschilds. Rourke's are suspect with the Varangian founder, Rurik, living at the same time as Inger, Melissena's husband. Rurik founded Kiev. The Varangi are suspect with "AVRANChes," and the latter are in the Branch surname that shares the stars of Glass' and Biggars. Look at all that the historians are missing for being turned off by my Lord. They can dive off of a cliff, for all that God cares. History will move on without them.

Ingers are listed with Enders, and Rourk's use a "ServiENDO" motto term. I think that clinches Rourks with Rurik. The Inger arrows are red, as are those of Peels; the later not only use bunched "sheaves" of arrows," but show a full motto, "Industria," a motto term in the Arms of Rothschild. The scallop at the center of the Arms could be the Capes scallop from Servilia Caepio.

A great way to trace "Serviendo" to Servitium is where Lurch's/Larchers and Archers, sharing a version of the Inger/Ender Coat, use dragon heads emerging from "mural CORONets," what looks just like a crown gorged around the dragon necks. This practically clinches the gorged-crown symbol with the Ceraunii, who were smack at Servitium...suggesting that Quintus Caepio may have been of the proto-Serbs. See also the Gore and Cole mottos, for both surnames trace to the Colapis = Kupa river. French Archers (not the ones with the mural coronet), first found in Provence, share the crescent of Provence's and Archibalds. With Douglas' (share the Julian salamander-in-flames) now tracing to Saluzzo liners, the Provence Coat can be suspect with the Douglas Chief.

As Provence's are suspect with the Grace/Grace chevrons, note that the English Archers were of UMBERslade, for Grasse liners trace to Grazio's, first found in Umbria. The Slade's (look like a Mens-Este-Pape combination) use nearly a Pollock motto term. The MURAL Coronet suggests connection to Muriel Pollock, and as she was a daughter (if I recall correctly, but maybe a granddaughter) of Peter while Robert was his brother, two sons of Fulbert the Saxon, it's notable that Archers are traced to Fulbert L'Archer, father of Robert in the time of Henry I, who ruled until 1135, at the time of the births of Peter and Robert (around 1100-1125). At his Wikipedia article, Henry I is decked-out in Pollock colors, and he holds what looks like a chapel while Chapels share a green Shield with Pollocks. French Chapels were first found in Forez, and Forez's are likewise in Pollock colors. Ottone's, first found in Perusia along with Grazio's, use the perchevron of Chappes', what a chapellincidence.

Umberslade was acquired when Robert L'Archer above married Sebit, daughter of Henry of Villiere's. English Villier's ("COTIcula" motto term) use a "CRUX" motto term while Eschyna de Molle, mother-in-law of Robert Pollock above, married Robert CROC. It could therefore be that Robert Pollock was Robert L'Archer while the two Fulberts were one man. English Villiers (Leicestershire) are said to have shared the three cinquefoils of Hamiltons (same place as Pollock) that is in the Arms of Leicester. French Villiere's share the French-Archer crescent and become suspect with the Font-de-Ville's (same place as Cotta's) whom I say merged with Conte's (same crescent again) to form the Conteville's, and then the English Villiers use the same red cross as the Berks/Burghs that are from John de Burgo de Conteville (great-grandfather of Hugh D'Avranches). We have come around to the surname that brought the Rourks up in the first place.

It can be added that Lafins/La Fonts and Italian Conte's use a lion in the colors of the Rourk / Arms-of-Laois lion, explaining the so-called heraldic FOUNTains in the Arms of Laois, same fountains as those of Segovesus- suspect Sichs ("qui ASSiduus"). I can now explain that these fountains, used by Cass', etc., are inside roundels because Rundels married the daughter of Luisa of Ceva!!!! Zowie, the secrets coughed by heraldic symbols knows no bounds. Isn't the Cough Coat of the Rothes'/Wroths/ROOTHAMs and Sale/Sallett Coat? I smell something Roten. Wroths/Rothes' were first found in the same place as Clun, yet these Saluzzo- related Cluns were first found in Perthshire.

Can't this trace the Rurik Varangians to Hugh D'Avranches, whom I know to have had Dol connections? Can't it trace the same Dol > Avranches line to Fulbert of Pollock? The Villier Crest is a white lion, the color of the Rothes lion, and the first Pollock from Fulbert built Rothes castle in Moray. In fact, the raven-using Peters even share gold scallops with Villiers. Heraldry has apparently revealed that Fulbert was Fulbert L'Archer, whom may trace to Lurco, father-in-law of pelican-suspect Appius Pulcher. The Pelle's, perhaps in the Pulley/Pullen motto, use a wreath with a pelican inside of it that may have been a chaplet. This may reveal that Wreaths (Ross lion in colors reversed?) were at least Wroth/Rothes kin. Wreaths are said to have been at a Clunes location while Clun is a Shropshire location tracing to Alice of Saluzzo. Clunes is said to have been in the lands of Frasers...who use the Cameys Coat THAT SHARES THE RED CROWN with Larchers!!! In the mural Larcher crown, a white dragon, a symbol of Saxons.

Wreaths/Reaths/Creaths are possible Rieti liners because Rieti is at the Salto river. They have been suspect with the Rome/Room fesse for a reason. It's interesting that Rome's/Rowans (said to be from Rouen) share gyronny with Titus'. The Spanish Petro's were confirmed from Flavius Petro of Rieti (emperor Titus' great-grandfather), and Spanish Petro's use a flory cross in colors reversed from the one of Carysle's while Carlisle is very-near Annandale, the place that Rome's/Room's defended. When the Carlysle Shield is in white, it's flory become's the Bird/Burd flory, and the other Birds use the fleur-de-lys of Petro's on the same fesse as Rome's/Rooms and Wreaths. This is all new right here. I just never would have guesses, from the shown Wreath variations, that they were Rieti liners. But they come up as "Reath" too, and the city was also, Reate. How about that. I was probably wrong in everything else that I traced Wreaths too, including Cretans.

English Bush's once showed a red fesse instead of Black, and the gold fleur upon that fesse was then in the same colors as the Bird/Bird fleur, making sense where the Salto river at Rieti traces to the namers of Saluzzo, beside Busca. The Bosco's in the Rose write-up can then indicate that the rose in the Bird fesse is for Scottish Rose's. With the black fesse, the Bush eagles are those of English Ghents.

Note "CarLYSle," for the Cavii at Lissus trace to Ceva. The Lysle's/Lisle's are listed with Lille's, and said to be from Alice, wife of Warine de L'isle of Shirburn, the seat of the earls of Macclesfield. What were the earls of Macclesfield doing in Oxfordshire? The Rieti-liner reeds share a "copia" motto term with the Arms of Macclesfield. Were the earls flirting with the first-known Clintons in Oxfordshire, who use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's? Yes, for Clintons share the six fitchees of Tarves' while Chives' are said to have been in Tarves. Lisle's/Lille's use "patee fitchees." The Lisle/Lille Crest is a "swallow in flight," and swallows are a symbol of Arundels, who use six of them in the formation of the Clinton / Tarves fitchees! 'This paragraph is confirming that Lissus liners to Lille (Artois) and its nearby Lys river include Cavii liners through Ceva. They should be expected at Carlisle too, and of course with Annandale.

A couple of hours after writing here, Fontana's (Castile, same as Petro's) were looked up to find them using the Carlysle flory with red scallops, symbol of the Sabine's. Excellent corroboration of a trace to Rieti (Sabinus was Titus' grandfather). How did Rieti liners get to Castile?

Recalling the very-recent investigation on where Flett-like terms were Flavian liners, I here find the Fletts (Swallow colors) when loading the Flite's as per "swallows in flight." We find another Alice, daughter of Gilbert of Gaunt, in the write-up of Saluzzo- colored Swale's (probably using the Dutch Ghent fesse). Swale's (Este colors) use "este" and Lysle's/Lille's use "honESTO." As I am sure that Gaunt/Ghent was named by Gaia Numidians, Swale's / Swallows, a hard term to trace to anything I can think of in north Africa, might just be from a Shawell-like term. The Shovels come to mind. A branch of Shovels was at Knowlton of Kent, and Knowltons/Noltens, first found in Kent, were resolved with a version of the Kennedy Coat, a surname from the Kennati priesthood that may have named Kenza. It recalls the Gaunt-related Kendals of Kent.

Wreaths were first found at InverNESS (near / amongst the Ross / Rose clan), yep, near Perthshire's first-known Cluns. Wreaths are therefore suspect with the Ness fesse, which, when doubled, makes the Wreath Coat identical with the Washington Coat. Cameys were traced to Chemmis' Yuya line, as were Washingtons. How about that. It just traced Tiye liners to Inverness, not far from the Tay. Nice's/Ness' have recently become suspect from Nicomedes of Bithynia, but were previously traced to mythical Nestor at Pylos, as well as to the nest in pelican designs. Stewarts call it "A pelican feeding its young," and Youngs (Servilia- Caepionis-Junius suspects), first found in the same place as Quints, use piles...and roses (i.e. probably for Rose's at Ross-shire).

English Stewarts: "A stag statant proper with a crown around its neck." I had missed this when tracing Alans to Aulon at the Ceraunii mountains. It's just another way of saying that witchy Corinthians / Colchians of old were in Manche. A good way to trace Stewarts to Alauna at Crociatonum is the VIREscit motto term, code for the Vire river at that area. Robert Croc is expected from there, and his wife (Eschyna de Molle) married an Alan-Stewart as well. The Conte's may have named the Contentin of that same area. French Constantine's (ended up in Brittany) show Contentin-like variations, and share the French-Conte / Archer crescent between what should be the French-Alan stars, though they are also the French Julians stars that underscore the Alan link to a child from Julius Caesar and Servilia Caepionis. English Constantine's share black fleur with June's/Juens while Youngs use a "jeune" motto term, and that's how Alans can be related to Youngs (share the black wolf with Cluns). The Constantine fleur are in the colors of the Joseph birds, and in the colors of the Maus / Rasmussen / Pepin fleur. I am not sure whether Constantine's trace to the emperor or some other Constance entity.

Proto-Alans of Forum Allieni were traced to the Setta valley, home of Panico's, and French Constantine's appear to be using a version of the Panico Coat. There is some lore that Agatha, mother of queen Margaret, mother of David I who was linking to Maus liners earlier, was a descendant from Constantine. While I figured that Margaret got to name her last two sons, one being AlexANDER, like "Anders" I of Hungary, and the other David, I didn't know about David, son of Andrew I, until now:

The names of Agatha's immediate descendants — Margaret, Cristina, David and Alexander — were likewise extraordinary for Britain at that time. They may provide a clue to Agatha's origin. The names Margaret and Cristina are today associated with Sweden [origin of Varangians], the native country of Yaroslav's wife Ingigerd [Yaroslav was the Varangian king of Kiev]. The name of Margaret's son, David, mirrors that of David of Hungary, like his elder brother Solomon a son of Andrew I of Hungary and Anastasia of Kiev. Furthermore, the first saint of the Rus (canonized ca. 1073) was Yaroslav's brother Gleb, whose Christian name was David.,_wife_of_Edward_the_Exile

It appears that Agatha was a Varangian, or a Hungarian, or a Ukrainian, perhaps a sister of Andrew's wife. In any case, it looks to me as though Andrew got Margaret one night or more, and she birthed one of his sons. Later, she honors him in the names of two sons. The Sword surname has what looks like a garbage explanation for the Clavin/Claveen variation of his name. I see that it can relate to the Glavin/Glavy variations of Irish Hands, who suddenly bring the Henders to mind that come up as Inger. Very interesting, for it may reveal that all/many heraldic hands were Ender liners. The reason that this paragraph exists is that Gleb the Varangian brought Glavins to mind. The lozenges of Hands/Glavys always remind me of the lozenges in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl or Moray (see his Wikipedia article), where Malcolm III ruled. The Arms of Thomas include a stag, not only the symbol of Hungarian roots / kin, not only a symbol of English Hands, but used by the Malcolm surname, which itself uses Scotland's so-called Andrew's Cross in colors reversed. It should be obvious to historians where that cross originates, but it's as though historians are stumped by their own idiotic-syncrasies. It's as though, whenever they try to derive a mystery term, they can only see about three yards away, as though everything needs to be named after some local feature / item.

Swords are from Siward of Northumberland, who defeated MacBeth...enemy of Malcolm III, future husband of Margaret above. Siward defeated MacBeth, though not completely, three years before Malcolm had MacBeth killed so as to become the new king of Scotland. Margaret's family in Kiev / Hungary was then welcomed to Scotland, and she came in a ship piloted by Maurice Drummond, Andrew's grandson. The "Paratus" motto of Swords is, if I recall correctly, used in the motto of the Arms of L'viv, Ukraine.

I traced Thomas Randolph on an educated whim to Randolph/Ranulph Meschin, but that was years before learning recently that le Meschin (same place as Hands) is behind the Spoltons/Spauldins, who share buckles with Scottish Leslie's, whose patriarch came with Maurice Drummond and married a sister of Malcolm III. As Guy of Spolton (Massena suspect) owned buckles too, and as he traced to the mouse tower, it's notable that Mieszko's came to marry Kiev Varangians (see Casimir of Poland). Between Siemowit and Siemomysl of the mouse tower, the writer of the myth placed a Lestko character that can explain the Leslie's in Scotland.

While French Guys show buckles, English Guys show lozenges on a red shield. There are also the Dutch and Belgian Glavins/Glavens with a lion half in the colors of the Ross lion, both sharing red Shields with Swords. While I suspect that Varangians were of the Sinclair vikings from MORE, note that Guys were first at ElMORE while Elmore's/AILmers use the Sinclair cross surrounded by ravens. The Ailes' then share vertical bars in the colors of the same of Atholls while Margaret was an Atheling. While Atholls use six bars as indication of links to Bar / Barry liners, Ailes/Ayles' (of Aylesford) use three fat bars on a gold background, which recalls that Levi's once showed three fat chevrons on a gold background. The Aylesfords then use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the other Elmore's so as to tend to clinch an Atholl link to Guys.

Another red Shield, in Sword colors, is used by the Cheshire Davids along with a "Pax in COPIA" motto term, a good reason to identify the David lion with the Levi lion. It can very-much appear that Levi's were merged with the Atheling Saxons. Compare the David bend with lion to the bend with leopard faces of the Aids in the Levi motto, and I'm sure you will agree that I've got this right. Recall that Agatha (king David's grandmother) is thought to trace to Constantine, kin of the Dol Alans, for French Davids (lilies) were first found in Brittany. French Davids also use a lyre while French Leirs/Layre's, showing the Meschin scallops, were first found in Dol.

It strikes me now that the Pollock motto term, AudACTor, may be both for the Audes that use SWORDS alone, and for AGATha liners. Actons, in Jewish- Pollock colors, were first found in Cheshire and Shropshire. In Shropshire, they were at Acton-ROUND, and Rundels/Roundells and Arundels are known Alan kin. The Lance's that could be in the Acton Motto use nothing but a fesse in colors reversed from the Alan fesse. French Lance's use one star in the colors of the French Alan stars, and in the colors of the stars of Italian Res'/Dere's that use Lance's. The Leirs even show Dere- like Daire's/Dayre's. The trefoils beside the Lance star are in the Dowling/Dooly Chief. It looks like Actons, whether or not they named Agatha or vice-versa, trace to circles of Dol Alans with little doubt. As Agatha was the wife of Edward the Atheling, note that Edwards (looks like a Macey Shield) use stars in Chief in the colors of the same of Res'/Dere's, as well as more stags. After reading the Edward write-up, see the Salisburys, speaking on a Norman-Saxon Edward character, and using the same lion as Glavins/Glavens. Was Agatha related to Gleb, whose Christian name was David, and did his line lead to Mieszko's in getting to Fulbert "the Saxon"?

Recalling that Fulbert got suspect with Archers, note that the Edward chevron is that of French Archers too, and from the latter, we went to Grazio's of Umbria, and it just so happens that Spoleto is in Umbria. Then, while Pollocks link to Bowers, the latter share five bunched arrows with Camerins who smack of Camerino, ruled by Guy of Spoleto.

Welsh Edwards may be using the David / Davis lion because Davis' were first found in Wales (beside the Cheshire Davids, themselves beside Shropshire). The Edward Crest is a white dragon, same as Archers / Larchers, but, in the case of Edwards, it shows as a white wyvern, symbol of the Wessex Saxons. Until now, I didn't know that the Edwards are of Edward the Atheling.

As Edwards have long been suspect with the Macey Shield, while Maceys share the gauntlet with Fane's from fano, beside CATTOLica, I am thinking that "Athel" is from "Cattel / Caddell." Blake's/Caddels (mascle-like symbol) may be using the Mosca leopard, and the Maccus vikings had made alliances with Saxons so that Maceys should be from Maccus. The Dowlings/Doolins use the same lion as Maschi's, first found beside Cattolica, and the Brittany Voirs use that lion too.

Cattle's and Caddells use a fret that is a saltire combination with a mascle. It can indicate the Saltire surname because it uses Alan-related roundels, and was first found in were Talbots that use the same basic Shield. The Saltire's are going to trace to Sale/Sallett lines from the Salyes namers of Saluzzo, that location married by FitzAlans of ARUNDEL. The rooster design in the Saltire Crest is used by Heths/Heaths, Atheling suspects at MacHeth of Ross-shire. In colors reversed, the rooster in the Heth Coat is the Kopple rooster. I've known that Heths use a version of the Edmond Coat, and that Edmond Ironside was an Atheling, but it just hit me now that Edmonds are using the Maus/Meusel fleur-de-lys! The Jays are said to have been at Heath and Jay.

Remember, Pepins use these fleur too, and they traced, either with Pepin of Landen and/or his wife from the Moselle river, to the queen-Bebba Bernicians that married Saxons. The Edmond Crest is apparently the Durant ship, and other Durants (from the Durance river of the Salyes, say me only) use the Sale/Sallett fleur-de-lys. The "mieux" motto term seems like code for the Meuse/Mass river, skirting the theater of Picardy, where LeMIEUX's were first found, along with the same-colored Cavetts that trace to the Cevetta river at Ceva, where we can find the mother of Alice of Saluzzo. The mother's name (Luisa) can now be tracing, by some peculiarity, to the Rurik-Varangian line in Laois.

I have always traced Alans to Nahorites, from as long ago as eight years, especially to the Neuri of the Bug river. I now have added insights starting with the Camille's who came to mind with Kemuel, Nahor's third son. Keep in mind that Bus, Nahor's second son, traces to Busca while Bosco's were with Rose's while Rose's share the water bouget with Bugs. Italian Camille's were first found in Rome, and they use the now-illegal metal on metal, the colors of Italian Lane's/Lano's. Spanish Camille's use the same symbol as Italian Camille's, and are said to be from Llanes. We have a story.

Just as I was thinking about a fairly-recent trace of Porcius Cato (owned land in Sabina, had a childhood in Abruzzo) to the Syphax line at Rome -- because Porcia's use the black boar, a Bush symbol and a symbol of Edomites -- the Irish Lane Coat was loaded, but not a second before Porcius Cato came to mind. Just compare the Lane's with Porci's. They are the same Coats in colors reversed. Abruzzo was identified as Hebrew, and the namers of Abruzzo were traced to EBUROvices that, I had read, were in Brescia, where the Lane's/Lano's/Delano's were first found, who, by the way evoke world-war-II president, Franklin Delano ROOSevelt (Rose liner, right?). The German Ebers use the black boar too, and suddenly we can understand that Hebrew Edomites were the ones with the boar symbol as code for Eber, their father. Nahor descended from Eber.

Roosevelts have two Coats showing, one burying an "itur" motto term as do the Shaws that share "qui" with the other Roosevelts, and suddenly the Roosevelts can be identified as a merger with Shawia. I was able to glean that Roosevelt allowed Hitler to hide out in Montana, and probably at Clark House, Idaho. Note that Roosevelts share red roses on a stem with Schere's/Scherfs. The Christs/Kirsts/Kists use roses while Roosevelts have a motto, "Vescitur Christo."

The Arms of Camilla Parker Bowles uses a blue boar in the colors of the Brescia and Bruce lion. The boar head in the Arms is in the colors of the Molle boar head. Dutch Molle's have a mole in Porcia-boar colors. Bowles', perhaps like "Bugle" originally, of a Bug-river liner, that is, use black boars, and a chevron-with-symbols in the three colors of the fesse-with-symbols of Bush's.

I'm out of time for this week. I'm placing the NASA update at the end of the third update of this month, nearer to January 1 for a reason. For an interesting continuation on Constance of Sicily's line to the Jewish family of Ferdinand II of Aragon, with apparent connection to the Moden/Modey surname, see the 4th update of this month. It will seem certain that Ferdinand descended from Modens because Modane is in Savoy.


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