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April 26 - May 2, 2016

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Not long ago, the president of Syria was jubilant with the assistance of the Syrian Kurds. But last week, fighting broke out between the two sides because the Kurds have become demanding. They've set up their own country in northern Syria, which is prophetically interesting for being the location of ancient Carchemish. Here's part of the story out early this week:

Let's assume that these Kurds retain the Carchemish area until the 70th Week. As Isaiah 10 hints that the anti-Christ will invade Carchemish successfully, what Middle-East group best fits that picture, with Kurds having jurisdiction over the area? The language of Isaiah 10 says that the anti-Christ will take the area, as it does other areas, with ease. That rules out Assad as the anti-Christ, in my opinion, because he's not exactly had an easy time of things. The Sunni Syrians seem best to fit the picture of taking northern Syria from Assad. The fight for Mosul, slated imminently, will aggravate tensions between Kurds and Sunny. There is simply no doubt about that. The Iraqi Kurds will participate in the Mosul operation, as things now stand. When the Iraqi Kurds begin to argue their cases for taking a leadership role over Mosul, the disgruntling amongst Sunni will spill over into Syria, fueling animosity there against the Syrian Kurds. This looks like the next battle, which gets more and more ironic. This time, the Sunni whom have been Assad's enemies are predicted to fight Syrian Kurds along with Assad. All three sides will be shooting at one another with the Kurds being the underdogs, surrounded by three enemies (includes Turkey).

Russia now needs to chose between the Syrian Kurds and Assad, the natural choice being Assad. But with Russia helpless to help the Kurds, they look doomed to retreat to a nook. It will strain the Kurd-Russia alliance. The Americans will of course side with the Syrian Kurds for to have them weaken Assad as much as possible, which can explain why these happy Kurds have been oinking from the American trough lately. Turkey's unhappy about American assistance for these Kurds. Everything screams stalemate, yet some doomsday scenario can be envisioned if some large break in the stalemate dam starts to flow by the will / plot of God. I'm referring to the overflowing army of Daniel 11:22. The victory of that army allows the anti-Christ to step in and do his deceptive work. The way Daniel puts it, one can't know whether the army is that of the anti-Christ. I decided that it wasn't.

I see Russia's role as a middleman / negotiator between Assad and the Kurds, to convince Kurds in accepting less area and less authority, the purpose being to bring both sides to an agreement. Russia needs these Kurds to focus on ISIS, but America will be happy to see a Kurd v Assad war. America would be giddy to see the Russian weapons in the Kurd camp fired against Assad. Putin would be dismal with such a thing, the prediction being his greater support for Assad at the cost of losing the Kurds altogether to the Americans, at least temporarily. The Americans are giving appearances of helping the Kurds to fight ISIS; Russians will hold feet of the Americans to the fire on that score.

The government of Iraqi Kurdistan claims to have no idea what the plans are for attacking Mosul. It appears that the Americans and Iraqi's are keeping this plot to themselves, allowing Iraqi Kurds to gravitate a little toward the Russians. "'We are requesting...that we have a clear understanding who is going to play what role in this [Mosul] plan and what the chain of command structure is for any military operations to liberate Mosul,' Talabani stated at a conference hosted by the Wilson Center in Washington, DC....On [April 20], KRG Interior Minister Karim Sinjari said that Kurdish Peshmerga forces would participate in the offensive to recapture Mosul, albeit they are not planning to go inside the city itself."

How should we read that? Does it mean the Kurds have been permitted to fight along with the Iraqi's, or that they are merely dreaming to do so? What caused them to announce that they will not go into the city? If cowardice is the basis for the decision, it's not something to announce publicly. There's another reason for the announcement, isn't there? Did they know that the Iraqi's / Americans had a problem with their going in so that, until now, the Kurds were ignored as part of the Mosul operation? That is, were Kurds ignored because they wanted to go into the city too? Why would the Americans not want Kurds inside the city? How can not going in re-take the city? Have the Americans decided that there should be no outside witnesses to what shambles they are working out for Mosul? By now, I know that there is no serious effort by the Americans to get ISIS out of Mosul. Quite to the contrary. If the Iraqi's succeed, it will be in spite of the American will. Will the anti-ISIS Sunni be allowed into the city?

In the meantime, Iraqi Kurds are looking for more favors from Russia. More weapons, that is, and, according to Sputnik, an agreement has been reached between Baghdad and Russia on supplying Kurds with further Russian weapons. This little partnership between the Kurds and Russia promises to make Russia-valued spies of the Kurds, informing the Russians on what's going on in Mosul. It can explain why Americans don't want the Kurds inside the city. Surely, the Iraqi's would like Kurds inside the city to take some of the pressure and risks off of Iraqi fighters. However, there is a possibility that the Iraqi's don't want Kurds in the city so that they can't take credit for liberalizing it, for such a thing would cause Kurds to argue on rulership over Mosul.

In mid-week, the Americans came out with the "news" that the Mosul operation is going to take place in June. This is more than dumb, to tell the enemy when the assault starts. It's probably deliberately beneficial toward ISIS. The Americans have even blabbed on the number of Iraqi brigades: "seven to 10 Iraqi Army brigades or 25,000 troops". The Americans have also blabbed on other matters. "'Some of those are {Iraqi} forces coming from the south, some of them are two brigades of Peshmerga coming from the north,' Mr. Carter told members of the Senate Appropriations Defense subcommittee. Those forces are expected to be in position before the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts June 6, Washington Times said. American commanders in Iraq also expect to have the group's main supply lines south of Mosul cut off by the time the Iraqi and Kurdish forces are in position, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Steve Warren said Wednesday." Why is American giving the supposed enemy the heads up? Why has it taken so long to cut off ISIS' supply routes into Mosul? If that had been done a year ago and more, ISIS would not have dug into Mosul as much as it has to date., Kurds nearly ready for fight to reclaim Mosul: Pentagon

We haven't heard the Americans tell the world that they are leaving some residents of Mosul, whether pro- or anti-ISIS, with no utilities more than a month before the slated invasion of the city. Motives for such a thing can include: 1) to weaken ISIS; 2) to strengthen ISIS; 3) to force ISIS to flee before the invasion arrives. This week, the Americans told ISIS that the supply routes will soon be cut off, suggesting to ISIS fighters that they should leave NOW.

One of my predictions is that the Americans will allow ISIS to escape into Syria, where it can do battle with Assad. That seems a reasonable conclusion. While the Russians may be permitted to do nothing but watch Mosul, the Russians have the green light to attack ISIS refugees into Syria. It appears that Americans are about to enter Mosul with what could be viewed as a headquarters.

Take it or leave it from an anti-West Russian news outlet:

On 25th April Dr Al-Azzawi added: "More war crimes have been committed by American Coalition, yesterday April 24, 2016. The coalition airplanes bombed Rashidiya water treatment plant left side of Mosul city and Yermouk electricity generation station in the right side of Mosul. Through targeting these populations' life sustaining necessities, the coalition is committing genocidal action towards Mosul residents in the pretext of fighting ISIS." While Russian media is slanted in favor of Russia, at least there is hope of getting news that the West won't always publish.

Here's from another Russian media: "The ultimate purpose of the United States deploying 250 US military personnel to Syria is to reclaim the city of Raqqa from Daesh terrorist group, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said at a Senate hearing on Thursday." Carter said that it's Obama's will to deal with Raqqah. What I don't understand is how the Americans are permitted into this Syrian city. Has Assad given them the okay? This is the Syrian capital of ISIS that Russians are hoping to take with the help of Assad. I think this spells a lot of trouble. I don't think the Russians will move over in Syria. This coincides with the Mosul operation. It seems natural that ISIS fighters in Mosul will gravitate to Raqqah, if the situation is made allowable.

On April 26 from the BBC: "...the Syrian government reported that 150 US troops had arrived in the town of Rmeilan in Syria's predominantly northern Kurdish province of Hassakeh, denouncing it as an 'illegitimate intervention'." I assume that these are 150 of the 250 reported. What are they really doing there?

Then, on Thursday, the West bombed a hospital in Aleppo, blaming it on the Assad side: The Guardian in the UK says: "It fitted a pattern of systematic targeting of hospitals by the government of Bashar al-Assad, as the situation in Syria's divided commercial capital grows more desperate. Schools, markets and a search and rescue centre have also been hit in the past week." I will NOT believe that Assad did this. There can only be one culprit: the Western coalition. It's the West that badly needs an excuse to go in a get Assad out, one way or the other. And this is its desperate, murderous method. Here is from day one: "A US state department official said it appeared that the bombing was conducted solely by the Syrian regime... " It's impossible for Assad to have done these things recently while agreeing to a truce sponsored by the West i.e. with the entire world watching. Assad would never do such a thing on yet another count: it puts pressure on Putin. The West is now pointing fingers at him as well as Assad. This is the West at its diabolical best. Mass murderers on behalf of its Middle-Eastern plots.

"The U.S. State Department said Syria's air strike on the hospital in Aleppo was 'reprehensible,' and it called on Russia to use its influence to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government to stop the attacks." John Kerry doesn't need to know who actually did it; his job is to blame Assad from day one, giving the world the message that there's just no doubt about it being Assad. "U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Russia had an urgent responsibility to press the government of its ally Assad..." I guarantee you, Assad did not do this. There is zero advantage for doing so, and everything for him to lose, including Russia's blessings. The West has "witnesses" telling that bombs are falling everywhere in the city, "like rain." It's the sort of over-statement that plays well to the US / UK trick.

Assad is the president of a nation on a global spotlight, not a mere military rodent in the dark who can afford the harmful publicity of such war crimes. Assad has everything to gain by abiding by the truce, and by being on his best behavior. And that's why the West did this, because Assad is headed for continued victory in merely playing by the truce rules. When Assad ordered his planes in due to continuation of the war by the other side, the West brought in some of its own smart missiles for to blame on Assad. It's that simple to figure.

Here is a serious story that Donald Trump's new, number-one manager has had ties to pro-Putin Russian billionaires:

What if president Trump becomes friendly with Putin?

Headline in Egypt: "Egypt Jailed 11 Men Accused Of Homosexuality". I think jailing them is better than letting them operate freely. Unless they are sent a strong message, they will continue to increase their numbers until it comes around to your teenager. At that point, you might want to do something a lot more than jail the one(s) responsible. My country has betrayed me by making homosexuals free to prowl on my sons. There is no one I can turn to if one of my sons is turned into a queer. "My" demented government (courts included) has washed its hands of guilt in this regard. I wish for the sons of all pro-queer leaders to become queers. Well, not really. But I'm that angry about it.

The Purpose of Galveston? I'd Like to Know

What you are going to see is that my Galveston experience is all about the Gala>Massena bloodline, through Sicily and Calabria, and to Freemasonry's Arthurian cults as they developed into the current rulers of the greedy financial world. In God's eyes, greed is synonymous with blindness, and blindness can't control the world. Blindness is destined to crash. Two updates ago, I came across Piers Gaveston. He wasn't looked at until now. He came up in the last update as the first earl of Cornwall. He is predicted to be part of mythical Tristan and mythical Gorlois, both of Cornwall. Let's see whether heraldry indicates such links. There is a Dutch Gaves/Gafert/Gavel/Gavi surname said to use a "yellow bird," and then the Yellow surname happens to use nothing but a fesse in colors reversed from the Meschin fesse. This is important for a couple of reasons: Piers Gaveston was a Skipton entity married to Margaret de Clare while Skipton-related Meschins were themselves married to Clare's. Moreover, Meschins of Skiptons were also married to the royal-Duncan family, which included the royal Malcolms, and then the Treys, resolved with Tristan in the last update, use a column in Crest while Malcolms list the Column surname. The common bond in all of this are the Meschins.

It's interesting that while my Galveston experience reinforced God's concern with the Knee's, the Malcolm's/Columns look like they can be using a version of the Knee Coat. The Knee's were traced to an Eye location (Suffolk, where Clare's were first found), and then the Yellows show a YellEYE variation. English Jordans -- linkable to Yellows, as we will see -- were first found in the same place as Eye, and share the gold crosslets of Gore's while the latter trace to mythical GORlois without a doubt. It looks like we have already found a Gorlois link to Gaveston's Cornwall elements.

The Gore crosslets are expected to be those of Tints, from Tintagel, birthplace in the Cornwall theater of mythical king Arthur. It needs to be repeated that TintaGEL was discovered with the GALE's (CORNwall), for they share the blue uniCORN with Tints. The lion heads on the Gale fesse are in the colors of the Jordan lion, a fairly-clear indication that Jordans were Gore / Gorlois liners. I like to point out that while Tints (Somerset) are said to be of WREXham, the same-colored Rex's (Somerset) share the Coat of Cravens (in colors reversed), important in this discussion because Skipton is in Craven. Tints are said to descend from Arundel elements, making them linkable to Jeffrey-suspect Aarons/Arens. Rundels were first found in the same place (Kent) as the Axton location of Craven-related Actons.

Gale's use a "Qui SEMIN" motto phrase, and use a fesse in the colors of the fesse barry of SEAMANs/Semons. The Trey column is upon the sea as code for the Seamans and the related Sea's/Sees' (Saraca fish?), and the Seamans were first found in the same place as Eye yet again. The "petit" motto term of Malcolms/Columns is expected with Petits, the French branch using the same lion as Jordans. English Petits show the same lion (probably the royal-Scottish lion belonging to Stewarts) as Galves'/GALLego's, and then see below how Petits can link to king-GALA liners. The colors of the two Seaman crescents are able to reveal them as a branch of the Saracen surname. Petits are said to be from an Ardevors location in Cornwall.

I hadn't included Laevillus' mother until finding the Bible/Bibo surname in the last month, which uses a rooster (= a galina in Italian), a symbol now resolved to be from surnames honoring "Gala," for while king Gala (Massena's father) was also "Gaia," the Gays use the rooster. And it's probably the gold rooster of Claro's = Sinclairs, but it's in the Galli/Gallix/Gaelis Coat too. English Gays (Sicilian-representing scallops) were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Yellows, and as the Gells/Yells are using a version of the Varn Coat (Sicilian-representing scallops), were's probably upon the Massey-related Vere's too. Poitvins (kin of Galli's) use a JAY on a rock, and while one can find another rock in a Jordan Crest, it just so happens that it's the same Jordans using the Petit lion, tending to indicate that Petit's were Poitvins. English Petits were first found in the same place as Massins/Masons and Louvains.

Malcolms/Columns call their stags "deer," a symbol that has traced with Mallets to Melita and nearby Ragusa, home of the Saraca's. Between Melita and Ragusa are the ELAPHIiti islands to which the elephant traces in the Arms of Oxford. There is another Ragusa near the Saracens of Syracuse (Sicily). Saracen-related Craigs / Craigie's have a motto being traced to Vibia VARia. From her son, Lupus Laevillus, the line goes to Leavells/Lovells, first found in the same place as Leavell-related Percivals and Pierce's/PIERS. And you will soon see Craig liners linking to Piers Gaveston. What is this telling us, that Laevillus' family in 100 AD had descendants in Sicily? Or was it the other way around, with Laevillus' family originating from Massena-line Sicilians? You will see below why Craigs were a Massena line.

It was my prediction, shortly before knowing of Laevillus and his mother, that the line of king Massena, as he merged with the line of general SCIPio (about 200 BC), formed / raised the Maccabee king-priests of Israel. Laevillus married what must have been the most-prominent Maccabee line into the Christian era. He married the Bassus' of Cetis, which were found not many months ago as Bassianus' at the Cetina river. Proof of this Cetis-Cetina link included up to three or four surnames with black-on-gold fesses, the Yellow symbol too. What exactly was this yellow bird beloved of Gaves'/Gaferts/Gavi's? Why does it look like a sea GULL???

Here is how I first learned of Piers Gaveston: "Skipton is in the West Riding of Yorkshire, where Dents of Sedburgh were first found, and this is where the Dent lozenges can be those of Giffords if the latter were Cliffords. Skipton, the Clifford write-up says, was granted to a PIERS de GAVESton, and afterward to Cliffords, and it just so happens that Gavestons are listed with Gavers'/Jeevers/Geffers [i.e. like "Gifford], evoking the Geve's/Jeeve's that were suspect (last update) with the Coat of Dent-like Denets." Skipton is in Yorkshire along with the first Bruce-like Percys that share the Louvain / Massin/Mason / Bruce lion.

What we have here is the line of king Massena of Numidia, merged with a family member of general Scipio, leading to the Meschin-Skipton marriage. As Massena's father was Gala, the Gaves-beloved Yellows, who are in the colors of Gells/Jells/Yells (same place as Skiptons), are suspect with lines that honored "Gala." It's important to note that Yellows and Gells are in Carrick colors, for Carricks trace to Agrigento, a place said to be founded by Sicilians at nearby Gela. As Gela is itself near Messina, chances are that king Gala was named after the same that named Gela. The latter was in the Saracen theater, wherefore note that the Saracen surname (Yellow colors) shares black crescents with Yells/Yule's (from Yell in Shetland), the latter even using a Numidia-suspect "Numine" motto term while sharing "virtute" with the Chives' whom I say were kin of Shawia Numidians. There is a question on whether Gaves'/Gavi's were a branch of Chives'.

The Saracens of Sicily had traced to Samsons (share the Meschin scallops), and then Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire while the Clare wife of Piers Gaveston was the earl of Gloucester. It's notable that "GLOUcester" can evolve into the GLOVe surname while the latter shares the same crescents as Craigs. Plus, before noting that Gloucester could have formed Glove's, I was asking whether "GALVEston" applies. When loading the Gloucester/Gloster surname, it was found with the same red-on-white lion as Galves'/Gallego's. As the Samson motto honors the Letts (Gloucestershire), let's repeat that the ORGAN pipes of Letts can trace to the namers of ORKNey, beside Shetland. It makes Galves'/Gallego's suspect as Gela Sicilians.

As Glove's are expected in a merger with Gaunts as per the gauntlet glove, note that the Glove Crest uses gold wings, probably eagle's wings (but not said to be), for Ghents use gold eagles. Plus, Glove's were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Wings/Winks. There is a question on whether the Glove chevron is that of Pierce's/Piers, and just as likely it's the Goz/Gos chevron as per the GalleGOS variation of Galves'. The first Meschin had Richard Goz as his grandfather.

The Yell fesse is black, like the Yellow, Craig and Jordan fesses, and the Yell crescents are in both colors of the same of Craigs (= Carrick ancestors). It seems clear enough that Gela Sicilians got all the way to the vikings of Shetland, where the Stout vikings lived who conquered Rothesay, later the island of Bute. It should explain why the Bute's/Butts share the black horsehead of Dance's. It is speaking to me of the Arms-of-Stuttgart horse as the namers of that place trace to the Stout vikings. The Carricks even use a dancette-fesse in the colors of the Yellow fesse. While Saracens use a black wolf, and Gells/Yells a black greyhound, Carricks and Crags use a black talbot dog. It's clear enough that Carricks were Gala > Massena liners.

The Carrick dancette ought to link to the Dents (same place as Dance's, Gells/Jells, Crags and Skiptons) and Denets. The latter can be of the Denets listed with the Brittany Jordans/Denons who share a red-on-white fesse with Dance's. The JOUR-terms of Jordans suggests the French Gore's/Jore's that are very linkable to the Brittany Alans, which can explain why English Alans = Stewarts were first found in the GORlois-of-Cornwall theater. English Stewarts use a raGULLY feature suspect partly with Ragusa elements, for French Sarasins were first found in Brittany too.

Yellows are said to be from Jordan de Yellewe. The "yellow BIRD" of Gaves' can link to the Alans by way of the Bird/Burd martlets, shared in the same colors by French Alans. Yet, Birds/Burds are using the flory cross of Bouillons in colors reversed, while Gavestons have variations linkable to the Jeffreys, suspect with Godfreys. If it were not for crossing Piers of Gaveston less than two weeks ago, I probably would not have told my Galveston story. But to put it another way, I would not have told that story, claiming it to be an act of God for your understanding, had the Jeffrey Crest not used a small cloud over the sun, the very thing I saw in the sky that struck me as an omen. Hours later, I was attacked in Galveston. The Dance's share the red Godfrey lion head.

Piers Gaveston was of Gascony. It's been a long time since linking the Gascony flag to Cheshire's Meschins. I can't recall why I made that link regularly, or whether it was clinched. The gold Gascony garb was suspect with the same in the Arms of Cheshire. "Piers Gaveston's father was Arnaud de Gabaston, a Gascon knight in the service of Gaston VII of BEARN. Gabaston had come into a substantial amount of land in Gascony through his marriage to Claramonde de Marsan." That can explain why Bearns, Marsans and Gavestons all use the white fleur-de-lys, as do Masseys. The Marsan fleur are in the colors of the Meschin scallops, with the Marsan fesse possibly a white version of the gold Meschin fesse. The Cheshire Marlys can apply here. Marsans share the black greyhound with Gells/Yells.

[I didn't know till days after writing here that there is a Gabas river starting in Bearn and flowing toward Mont-de-Marsan.]

From the Messina area of Sicily, just trace this thing to Saracena and Laus in neighboring Calabria (where king Arthur's sword traces), and include the Saraca's there who had a white-on-blue fish evolving into the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys, the latter being the only symbol showing for Gavestons. I had traced the Saraca fesse to the same of Bernice's, and while the latter were kin of Burns, it just so happens that Burns came up above as "Bearn." I think I have thus found a Bernice-Agrippa line in the Bearn entity of Gaston VII. Or, the Agrippa entity was one married by the line of Piers Gaveston, for the Burns/Bearns share the white-on-blue fleur of Gavestons. The Gripps share the same bend as Gells/Jells and Varns, how about that. Are the Gastons using the gold Varn scallops? After all, the Gaston checks are those of Vairs/Fers'. The Verona's/Vairs use the same fish as Saraca's. The viscounts of Bearn (page below) may even be using the red Arms-of-Oxford ox.

The colors of the Gaveston / Bearn / Bush fleur are expected to be directly from the Saraca fish as it formed the fleur-de-lys from the Laus name of Ragusa. The Lys surname happens to share the greyhound with Marsans.

The Burns/Bearn write-up says that they came to their Cumberland location during the reign of Edward I, and the latter, along with his son (Edward II), are the two who loved Piers Gaveston (some think they were queers). The Burn write-up says that the family's history back from the time of Edward is virtually unknown, but here heraldry has apparently discovered that Burns were from Bearn of Aquitaine. "The viscounts of Bearn (Basque: Bearno, Gascon: Bearn or Biarn) were the rulers of the viscounty of Bearn, located in the Pyrenees mountains and in the plain at their feet, in southwest France. Along with the three Basque provinces of SOULE, Lower Navarre, and Labourd, as well as small parts of Gascony, it forms the current departement of Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64)." Just before reading this quote, I was going to say that Gastons share the owl with a surname treated in the last update, which was the Seville's/Saville's, checked in the first place for links to Swale's / Swallows. Might the Soule location apply?

There is a Soule surname listed with fish-using Sole's/Solnier's (Gust chevron?). It just so happens that Gastons were first found in the same place (Surrey) as the Arun location of swallow-using Arundels. This plays to the cloud-using Aarons/Arens that I linked to my omen along with Melusine's mirror (you need to read the story two updates ago to know what I'm fully taking about). The Subola version of Soule, in the 7th century, is like the derivation given for Sole's. At an earlier time yet, the namer may have been Sober-like, even as a modern name is yet Zuberoa: "At the time of the Roman arrival in the 1st century, Soule was inhabited by an Aquitani tribe named SUBURates, who spoke the Aquitanian language (a form of Proto-Basque)." In Insubres' are coming to mind.

The last update had continued the new theme that Cohens / Hohens were from Kos (Caria), but as the Kos god of Edom is thought to have been an owl, the Saville's became suspect with the Swabian elements of Hohens. And here we find both an owl, and the Hohen Coat, with Gastons. The Surrey/Surrich / Sure surname can even trace to Zurich, in the face of Swabia. I feel very sure that Bush's were from Bozrah of Edom, and so it's notable that Bush's and Bosch's share the giant Gaveston fleur. Melita, beside the Edomite-suspect Elaphiti islands, was traced to Caria's Miletus, between Clarus and Kos. The Elaphiti islands were, in my opinion, from Eliphas, Esau's son in Bozrah. Melita was linked to mythical Melusine, but she is otherwise suspect with the Cohen / Hohen Khazars. Therefore, I'm thinking that Gastons of Bearn (all the way back to Gaston I) were Hohen-liner Khazars, with ancestry in Kos.

As Bearn merged with Foix while there was a house of Foix-CANDALE, note CENTILE II, father of Gaston I of Bearn. As I trace Foix to the fox in the Fez bend, it's notable that I link that Fes bend to the Porci bend, for the line of Porcius Cato might just be the reason for Bearn's house of MontCADA. Porcia's share the black boar (old symbol of Edom) with English Bush's, and the latter share the eagles of Ghents, while Candale (Aquitaine) was the makings on the house of Kendel wherein the family of John of Gaunt/Ghent had ruled. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of French Gastons is that of eagle-using Ghents. Dutch Ghents can be using the Swale fesse closely; the latter's fesse has a nebuly = cloud feature. As Dols use the same fesse, it makes Swale's highly suspect as a branch of Arundel-beloved Swallows (because Arundel was ruled by Alans of Dol).

In using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tanners, English Ghents trace very well to Alice of Saluzzo (she married FitzAlans of Arundels). Saluzzo is beside Busca, no coincidence, both near the Tanaro river. It means that the Ghents are indeed using the Bush eagles, and that Bush's with German Bush's/BUSCHs (Saluzzo colors) are from Busca. It's interesting that while the Solnier variation of Soule's is like the Saulnier variation of SAUNier's, the latter were first found in the same Gascony location (Perigord) as Boeufs/SANSboeufs, the latter using nothing but a fesse in colors reversed from nothing-but-a-fesse of Ghents and Swale's.

Of further interest, I linked the line of Porcius Cato to Rita's, and so the Rita lion may be in the Gascony flag. The Tibur location that Porcius Cato became involved with, at least in his writings, was traceable to Tippers, and as Kendals are said to have had a branch in Cornwall, where Tippers were first found, it seems that Kendels are using a black version of the Tipper Coat. The "RESurget" motto term of Kendels is much like a motto term ("resurgo") of Jordans (= Gorlois-of-Cornwall liner), and, to boot, this motto term becomes decipherable with the Kendel write-up, for it speaks of a Richard Kendle of Treworgy (in DULOE of Cornwall), the burgess of LUNCESton, and then while the RES surname uses a LANCES, "TrewORGY" appears to be honored in "resURGet".

John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet, suspect with Rita's. As the Catherine wheel was indeed the symbol of Catherine Roet, note that Catherine wheels are used by Colters who in-turn use a chevron with wheels in the colors of the chevron with fleur of Bearns/Burns. Colters were first found in the same place as Sions/Swans that once showed gauntlet gloves. Wheel liners are suspect with Redones, who were surely in Gascony.

The fleur of Gavestons and Bearns is used by Dole's (with an 'e'), making them suspect with Duloe. Could Dole's be using the Bernice fesse in colors reversed? Yes, it could be, because it's the Arms-of-Saraca fesse in colors reversed while the Saraca fish is expected exactly with the fleur in the colors of the Dole fleur. Bernice's, Bearns and Dole's share pierced, Zionist stars.

The last update found that cloud-using Jeffreys, while first found in Peebles, use a Phoebus motto term. But here I find that Gaston X of Foix-Bearn was called, Phoebus/Febus. A ruler of Foix-Candale married de-Pols/Poles, suspect with Pollocks, first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as a Bernys location in the Burn/Bearn write-up. An English Bernys surname was first found in Surrey, where Gastons were first found! The Bernys' can be using the Treeby besants, for Treebys can be a branch of TREWorgy. The PIECE of wood of Rita's traces to Renfrewshire's Paisley. Paisleys (roses) can be using the Sion/Swan chevron because the first Sions/Swans were near to Paisley. Compare with the Edward Coat. The water bouget of Scottish Bernys'/Bernice's links to the Rose clan, who were in turn married to Bosco's. Rose's are suspect with Rus from the Redones, also called, Ruthene's, wherefore note that Ruths and Rodhams (beside the Bernice's) look related, for the motto term of Rodhams gets the Colters.

Ruths are listed with the Moray Randolphs, and the other Moray Randolphs share the black bat with BASTONs/Batons, first found in Cornwall (where Piers Gaveston was earl), and looked up in the first place as per GaBASTON, father of Piers Gaveston. From this perspective, "Gaveston" appears to be named after the Bastons. French Bastons were first found in Poitou, and may be using the Poitvin Shield. The question is: why is there a "Ga" on the front of "Baston"? Was it originally a GALA-Baston line? After all, Galli's use a version of the Poitvin Coat. Can't this make the original Gavestons the same as the namers of GALveston?

If Gabe's/Goobs and Gabe's/GABBERs were formed from "Gabaston," it's interesting that they use swords in saltire in the colors of the Gopher/Gover/GAVER saltire. There is a demi horse in the Crest of Gabe's/Goobs, and as they were first found in the same place (Baden) as Stuttgart, it's probably the demi Stuttgart horse. It's evoking the Yell location of Shetland, and the related Yellows beloved by Gaves', and Gophers/Gavers are said to be Flemish i.e. can trace to Holland. Gaves' (Dutch) list "Gavre / Gafert."

Baden traces to Badens/Battins (an eye), which was gleaned, years ago, as part of the Baston/Baton line, for while Badens/Battins were first found in the same place as BATHs/Atha's, the latter share the same cross, colors included, as BAT-using Randolphs. We have just seen some fair evidence that Gophers/Gavers (Oxfordshire) were from Gabaston, father of Gaveston. Plus, the axe in the Baden/Battin Coat is for Somerset's Axe river, where Were's were from who are said to have merged with Giffards. Edward I is in the Baden/Battin write-up, though the sentence appears botched.

I've just looked up Gaffers (Yorkshire, location of Skipton, possessed by Piers Gaveston) to find them likely using the Ruth/Randolph chevron. It's white, as is the Pier chevron. The gaffer chevron is in the colors of the three of Singletarys, and both have an antelope in Crest. The Singletary may have been formed by Obama's ancestor, Jonathan Dunham, who changed his surname to, Singletary. The Dunhams use the same Coat as English Randolphs, and the Gaffers / Singletarys are in the colors of Scottish Randolphs and Baths/Atha's. This tends to work in revealing that Gaffers were a Gopher/Gaver and Gabe branch. The Singletary antelope design is shared by Wheelwrights (Catherine wheels, trace to Roets of Somerset, location of the earliest-known Badens/Battins and Baths). Singletarys share the martlet with RUTHERfords, which should explain the Ruths listed with the Moray Randolphs.

Compare the Gabe's/Gabbers / Gabe's/Goobs with Italian Pace's/Pasi's and Speers for a trace to Paisley. Both Gabe surnames use the sword in the colors of the Aude sword, and while Foix is beside the Aude area of Roussillon, Pollocks (Paisley area) use an "AUDacter" motto term. There are numerous ways to trace Pollocks to Roussillon elements, including the Rodham-related Watsons, which the family of Peter Pollock married, for Watsons were first found in RUTland. Rutlands and Rutherfords share the "orle" border, and while Rutherfords and Rodhams share "Nec" in their mottoes, Stuttgart is on the Neckar river.

Gaffers are in Jewish-Pollock colors, and Pollocks were from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle. Rothes is at Moray, where Gaffers are tracing. Alans and Pollocks both married Eschyna de Molle, and Molle's share the white boar head of Googe's/Gooch's and Goughs/GOFFS (Gabe/Goob colors). Molle's and Googe liners were first found in Roxburghshire, where Rutherfords were first found. The raven-depicted Stout vikings of Shetland conquered Rothesay, expected as part of Rothes, for the Pollock-related Alans had an unusual interest in Rothesay. English Rothes were first found in Shropshire, where Peter Pollock's father lived along with the Dol Alans. Ruths come up as ROTHERs, while German Rothers are listed with Rothes' who share the raven with the Arms of Shetland. Ruthers/Reuters share the brown horse with Fullers, the latter suspect with Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock.

The green-on-white cinquefoils in the Gabe/Goob chevron can trace to the Loche's, whom I see from the wife of Fulk II of Anjou. There is some heraldic reason to view the Polk variation of Pollocks as betraying their Fulk / Fleck links. The way I understand Wikipedia's Clan-Pollock article, Peter, son of Fulbert, lived in Pollok and thus took on that name. It doesn't necessarily mean that Peter was a Pollok before that time. It may be that the Fulks of Anjou were at Pollok and other parts of Renfrewshire. The Anjou line of Melusine is in the Crest of Glass' (first found in the Rothesay theater), suspect with Glasgow in Renfrewshire. Therefore, Melusine may be in the Moray Crest due to Peter Pollock's Fulk links. While Pollocks are a sept of holly-using Maxwells, I had been reporting, for some years, that the Mire's/MIREUX's, first found in Anjou and representing Melusine's MIRROR, were using holly. The Maxwell stag is with a Holly BUSH, and we saw why Bush's can link both to Gavestons and to the Rose-Bosco's, the latter living at Moray.

There are so-called "lodged" stags (in a resting position) that are code for the Lodge's/Loge's, said to be from a Loges location, and Maxwells (same place as Googe's / Molle's / Rutherfords) use a resting stag, as does the Crest of Irish Ruths. The Maxwell description: "A stag lodged proper, in front of a holly bush proper." Propers are Robins while Robins share the thistle with Paisleys. The only surname coming up as "Loges" was first found in the same place (Burgundy) as the Loach's above. Burgundy is where Primo's/Primeau's were first found that use a mirror and three roses in the colors of the Loach / Gabe cinquefoils. Prime's share the human leg of PROPHets/Profetts, perhaps a branch of Propers. Prophets and Prime's both show the spur while the Bearns / Bernice's use stars called, "spur rowells."

Loches is where Lusks were first found who may be from Lesce.

Irish Ruths use an standing stag in their Shield, symbol also of Powers who have trefoils in the colors of the Loach's cinquefoils. Pockets/PAUCHERs use a giant cinquefoil, that of Blanks, and at one time Blanks were said to be first found in Shetland. I've been linking Powers and Palins/PAWleys to Paws for a long time, and while both Paw surnames, including the German Paws/Pauers/PaurBUSCHs/PAUKERs (Baden), use the peacock...and while Peacocks were a sept of Pollocks, it just so happens that Foix-Bearne had been meshed with Pau. "The House of Foix eventually extended its power across the Pyrenees mountain range, moving their court to Pau in Bearn." It looks like the de-Pols of Foix-Candale were Peter-Pollock liners mixing things up in Pau. Why does the Arms of Foix use three PALE bars?

The Pau page below show peacocks. For example: "According to Paul Raymond [and Gaston of Breuille]...the old arms [of Bearn-Basque country] were Argent three pales of gules with a peacock spreading its tail the same perched on the middle." The three pales are in the colors of the same of Knights. The Arms of Pau are said to use "cows," but then Cowes is near Poole, and Poole's were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Palins/Pawleys.

"The name of [Pau] was recorded in the 12th century. The inhabitants of the city are known as paulins in Occitan, and palois in French. Their motto is Urbis palladium et gentis." Urbans were kin of Massena's. And the Powers use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of gentis-like Ghents, probably no coincidence, as John of Ghent was in Gaunt-like Candale. It looks like we have definitely found the city out of which Powers and paws passed through. And Pau is beside Gelos.,_Pyr%C3%A9n%C3%A9es-Atlantiques#History

The "Palois" version of Pau's people may indicate Pelaiz's (Paez variation) having half the Pollock saltire (Pelaiz's are now being gleaned as a branch of Frank-related Blade's/Blaits). There are three Paulin surnames, and the one first found in Burgundy uses the Galli rooster! Pau is beside Gelos, right? This merits telling that the Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy) are suspect in the Loges saltire, but these have been traced to the saltire of Jeffrey-related Jeffersons. I, a Massena liner, was mugged in Galveston by a Negro representing African Moors as they merged with the Jeffrey / Godfrey / Bouillon circle of chief Crusaders. Hmm, his fake weapon turned out to be a blunt piece of PLAStic, like "Pelaiz" (it was half the black casing of a remote-control unit used for televisions, etc.). There is a Plas/Plasak/Plasnik surname, first found in the same place as Basina, wife of the first Merovingian Frank, and, they say, Pollocks trace to Clovis, their son. It was for this reason that the two Frank surnames of concern, one using the Blade saltire, and the other the Pollock saltire, were suspect with the Clovis Franks. The Negro clasped both hands around my throat, which spoke to me, recently, of the two hands from clouds of Aarons, but here I find that Plas'/Plasniks use "two hands holding a pine cone." Maschi's use pine cones, and I'm, generally speaking, a Maschi liner.

I have a Taddei grandmother, and Taddei's use the Bird cross in colors reversed, while Gaves' use the gull-like "yellow bird." Italian Paulins/Poli's (a vase) share the three Galli stars, both in their respective Chiefs. The other Jeffreys are using the same lion as Palins/Pawleys, and the latter share three black-on-white stars with the sun-and-cloud Jeffreys.

English Paulins/Pawlins show no Coat, but have a decent write-up. Pullens/Pulleys share the pelican with Godfreys. French Pols/Pohls/Pauls have a lion holding the same sword as Aude's and Gabe's/Gabbers, and were first found in Picardy, where Powers are traced in their write-up. As Powers are in Chives colors while being first found in the same place as Chives', the Chives-suspect Cavetts, first found in Picardy, are coming to mind.

The first-listed ruler of Foix, at Wikipedia's Count-of-Foix article, is Roger I, son of a countess of Bigorre. The Arms of Shetland uses a "Byggar" motto term, and Biggors/Biggars/GIVERns (Khazar suspects of the Cohen/Koen kind) were first found in the same place (Lanarkshire) as Colters. As the RODham motto can bring up the Colters/Alters, one can fathom a Rodham / Rutland trace to Redones / Ruthenes of the Foix theater. Foix is beside, or was even part of, Roussillon. Kos is near Rhodes. The Henry's of Rodez were gleaned with the Henry surnames, and one of them shares the Bird/Burd martlet in the same colors. The Foix-suspect Fes' were first found in the same place -- Gaver-like Auvergne -- as Bird-related Bouillons. The Givern variation of Biggars can apply to Geevers / Gavers, etc.

The Arms of Gelos uses a trumpet and a white horse head on what could be a blue "hurt," an Arthur symbol. Arthurs use "rests" that were once called "clarion" trumpets. The Gelos horse head is in the colors of the Trump stag head. The rooster of Gallura (Sardinia) was used by Visconti's, whose Milan branch is suspect with Ottone's (Arms-of-Gelos colors), a possible branch of Others/Otirs and therefore of Uther Pendragon in CORNwall. Some trumpets are called, CORNetts. I'm reading what looks like a quote in a blog: "The Cornett surname is of Old Breton-French, and originated in Brittany..." Cornetts could therefore have been part of king Arthur's wife, code for Vannes/Gwenea, itself suspect with the Fane's from Fano, beside the first Maschi's. The white horse was seen earlier with Gabe's/Goobs.

Note how Cornetts are in Meschin colors while first found in the same place as Skipton. The Cornett chevron is colors reversed from the Levi chevrons while Cornells/Cornwalls use a "La vie" motto phrase. The Cornett chevron is used by Foots and Fothes', the latter using a CORNucopia. Foots and Fothes' are part of the "cyFOETH" motto term of Gernons, but that motto can also be part-code for Keys. It sounds a little like "Caiaphas," and then a footless martlet is used by French Josephs in the colors of the Fothes / Cornett chevron. It should be added that the Corney variation of Cornetts may betray their origin in the namers of Carni at the Bled and Lesce theaters (upper Sava river), Lesce being where I trace LESlie's suspect in "footLESS." The Leslie's were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Fothes'. Gernon was the name of the son of Ranulph le Meschin, but Wikipedia's article on Eustace II hints that he was a Gernon liner.

We might like to know whether Carnys/Corneys (share white pheons with Bled-liner and Pelaiz-suspect Blade's) are using the Gabe/Goob sword and/or the lion of Galves'.

It just dawned on me that Claptons use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Place's/Plais', both using the counterchanged feature that's part-code for Counters/Conte's, kin of Cone's. Claptons (share patee cross with Massena's) came to mind because, I've read, an Arthur family shared the clarion with a Hykes family when the Arthurs married the Hicks of a Clapton location, in Somerset, in the Cornwall peninsula. As I trace Claptons to Glaphyra Archelaus, who married the Massena liner, JUBA of Mauritania, perhaps his name is at the root of Gabe's/Goobs. Or, compare "GALVeston" to "GLAPHyra." It reminds me that while the thief demanded the keys to my vehicle when he had his hands on my throat, the Clavers/Cleavers use the key. The Kays/Keys are even part of Arthurian myth, made the son of sun-using Ectors. Of interest here is that Glaphyra's Archelaus family ran a priesthood not far from the sun-god cult of El-GABal (started at ARETHusa).

The EMESA location of the El-Gabal cult has been suspect with "Massena." It looks like Glaphyra married far-off Juba because his name may have had something to do with "Gabal." Pendragons are traced (by me) to the Penestae Illyrians to the near-south of ancient GABULeum. Clavers use towers that I trace to Tuareg Berbers known to be in the Mauritania theater. One of the Barber / Barbera surnames shares the red-on-white saltire of Annandale's, from the Ananes Gauls in Placentia, that city being where I trace Place's/Plais' and Pelaiz's. The thief attacked me with plastic. Plas/Plasniks use two hands on a pine cone, the Maschi symbol. The Claver/Cleaver fesse is in the colors of the same of Meschins. The Penestae evolved into the Penny/Penes surname that shares the black greyhound with Gells/Jells.

Plas' were first found in THURINGia, where I trace Tuaregs, and moreover Thuringia was home to Basina, from Julius Bassianus, priest of El-Gabal, and whose daughter was also named Emesa-like Maesa. This can't be a coincidence because I trace the alternative name of Basina's son, CLOVis, to Clopton/Clapton liners.

Let's repeat from above to see that the clarion trumpet may have been for something in particular from the Gaveston family: "Piers Gaveston's father was Arnaud de Gabaston, a Gascon knight in the service of Gaston VII of BEARN. Gabaston had come into a substantial amount of land in Gascony through his marriage to CLAREmonde de Marsan." I went on to say: "That can explain why Bearns, Marsans and Gavestons all use the white fleur-de-lys, as do Masseys. The Marsan fleur are in the colors of the Meschin scallops, with the Marsan fesse is possibly a white version of the gold Meschin fesse [both on black]. The Cheshire Marlys can apply here. Marsans share the black greyhound with Gells/Yells." Having said that, by what coincidence did Arthurian myth have an Ector de MARIS, like "MARSan"? Start asking whether Kays/Keys can trace with Ectors to Aquitaine, for there are other reasons for expecting Shawia there.

Amazing. Claremonde just reminded me of key-using French Clermonts (Claviere colors) whom I link to key-using Claviere's (married French Mountains). Clermonts (same place as Galli's) even list a Claremond variation. However, while the Claviere description tells that they use four keys, houseofnames is showing them with the HAND, and it's on a red Shield, as are the Plas hands. Masseys, Massena's and Masci's use red Shields. English Claremonds share the dolphin with Marlys. As Claviere's were first found in the same place as Bouillons, they can link well to Jeffreys, Taddei's (share red triple chevrons with Clare's) and the yellow bird. French Claremonds were first found in the same place (Dauphine) as Payens while Payne's share the motto of Giffords. Payne liners can easily have been a branch of Pine's/Pyne's.

The English Claptons (same place as Meschins and Masseys/Maceys) share the Coat of Wingers/Wingate's (may explain why Masci's (version of the Massena Shield) use wings in place of the Massena patees). Aside from footless martlets in colors reversed from the Joseph martlet, Wingers (Marsan colors) use a "Suum CUIque" motto that I see as part-code for key liners in Qewe/Kue of Cilicia. This place was near the Cappadocia area of the Archelaus priesthood. "Suum" can be code for Sohaemus, a priest of El-Gabal (during the Herod era) who married two Drusilla's, one a Herod and the other known to descent from the Massena Numidians. DRUsilla liners may have formed the Treys/Treis', first found in Cornwall. True's/Trews (same place as Winger-suspect Claptons) can also be Drusilla liners, for while Hume's/Home's honor the True's (more black greyhounds) in their motto, Emesa became, Homs. Wingers/Wingate's share the Shaw hind, apparently, for Shaws use a "qui" motto term. I happen to think that Shawia Numidians named Qewe. Note that the Cowes' are using PENNants.

As Claptons of Cheshire are said to have had a family seat (later) in Clopton of Suffolk, and Suffolk is the location of Eye, wherefore the hand holding an eye in the Baden/Battin Crest seems applicable, for Clapton is a Somerset location while Badens/Battens were first found in Somerset. It was only very recent when I saw the Eye location in my atlas, which was immediately linked to Knights and Knees, and so while the thief's hands were on my throat in the same minute that his plastic weapon deflected off my knee, it's interesting that Plas'/Plasniks use two hands holding a pine cone while Battins use a hand holding an eye. The event was in Gala-suspect Galveston, and then Galli's were first found in the same place as Pine-possible Payens. These are both suspect with Pendragon liners, and so let's add that while Has is on the same river as the Penestae and Gabuleum, Trews share the black greyhound with Penes'/Pennys so that Drusilla liners might be traceable to Gabuleum, where Sohaemus should trace.

Repeat: "It just dawned on me that Claptons use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Place's/Plais', both using the counterchanged feature that's part-code for Counters/Conte's, kin of Cone's." Place's show an axe in Crest, the Baden/Battin symbol! Placentia is on the Po river, once called the BODENcus. Baden of Germany was home to Zahringers that share the antler with Counters and Cone's. Zerrs/Zehrers likewise use an axe in Crest. Just take this axe over to the axe in the Crest of Drake's, first found in the same place as BODINs and Buttons, and note that while Drake's use the red-on-white wyvern that was the symbol of the dukes of Masovia (Poland, where the Mieszko dukes ruled), the Place Crest has what should be the Mieske arm holding an axe. The Claptons mention Cnut in their write-up, and he was the grandson of Mieszko I. The Richs'/Richess', suspect with Richeza, wife of Mieszko II, were first found in the same place as Drake's and Buttons, and Rich's use BOTTONy crosses (button ends) as well as a white wyvern.

Ask again why the peacock-using Pau's/Pauers were first found in Baden. French Pau's are listed with Poix-like surnames and even a Bolt-like Pault surname. French Pau's are shown properly as Pots, and may be a branch of Potters (same place as Budins/Botters and Buttons). Potters are in the colors of Porters/PAWters, and French Porters, in Pot/Pau colors (neither use symbols), were first found in the same place (Berry) as Pots/Pau's. The Pots/Pau's are suspect as a merger of Pau liners with neighboring Poitiers / Poutou.

While the Arms of Pau use a peacock PERCHed on a middle PALE bar, Porters use bells that can be code for Bellamys of Perche. It's not coincidental that the Botter/Budin eagle is said to be perched on an item. Bellamys use a fesse in colors reversed from the Pot/Pau fesse. German Pau's/Pauers use a chevron in the colors of the two Perche chevrons. As Bellamys were Alan kin, the Lons location beside Pau is Alan suspect. French Porters share the bend in both colors of the Pale bend, and the latter's write-up traces to "'pale' and 'eye'", making Pale's/Paleys (Yorkshire, same as Pulleys that share the Italian-Botter bend) suspect with the blue Knee bend. Pale's use the camel while Camelfords/Cambellfords (and Comerfords/Comforts) use the peacock, and may be using the cross of Baths/Atha's.

The Masovia capital, Warsaw, uses the Melusine mermaid holding a sword and shield. I trace "Warsaw" to "Warwick," where Claptons and True's/Trews/Tree's were first found that must be honored in the Massey tree. The Cheshire Claptons use WAVY bendlets for a link to the Webers and the Cheshire Weavers, kin of the Cheshire Hazels that I trace to the namers of modern Has, on the Drilon river to the near north of Gabuleum. These same Masseys once showed the same boot as Trips (Trebbia river of Placentia?), and while the latter now show shoes, the Shoe surname uses a tree and a knight said to be shown down to the knees. Knights and Knee's are suspect with Cnut liners, right? Yes, and they are now suspect with the Knee / Eye relationship with Claptons. The Eyes'/Eyers are Shaw liners, and they show a leg bent at the knee. My leg was bent fast at the knee to obstruct the coming down of the Negro's plastic "weapon." Seconds earlier, he knocked the mirror off the ceiling of the truck.

Why do TREYs use a TREfoil, a symbol that can belong also to boot- / Shoe-using Trips/TREFFs? Note that while Treys/Treis' can be Drusilla liners, the other Treys are also DRILon-like Trails/PENtrails ("DiscRIMINE"). Unfortunately, I really don't like making surname connections to "Drusilla," as I always feel shaky doing so. But, once in a while, I attempt linkage to Trew / Drew liners.

It's a little interesting that Treys/Trails have a little of the look of the French GOBELs/Gobe's, for the latter are using the Macey Shield and the Masci wing. Apparently, the Mieske arm is holding an arrow in the Crest of English Gobels/GodBOLTs, and then Bolts and others use the so-called BIRDbolt (arrow) that can be of the yellow-bird liners now tracing to Massena Numidians. Gabe's/Goobs are in Gobel colors. Mieszko was descended from mythical SIEMowit of the GOPLO mouse tower. Goplo has been suspect with "Gabal," and Siemowit with Sohaemus. "SiemoWIT" was suspect with Poland's WITkowo, which uses an eye on what looks like a glory. The so-called "glory" is in the Great Seal of the United States along with an eye. Siemowit's son, Lestko/Leszek, may have been code for the namers of Lesce. "Although proof of his actual existence is unclear, if he did exist, he must have been an influential person, because the tribes that lived in present-day Poland were known as Lestkowici." It's understandable that the so-called Piast Poles out of the Goplo area were linked to Saraca's of Ragusa (Dalmatia), not far from the Bistue locations (light map), in the Maezaei theater, to which I trace "Piast." This can explain why fish in Saraca-fish colors are in the Coat of German Gobels. The Bassianus' that birthed Julia Maesa were in Dalmatia too.

Juba may not have been the first term of its kind. But, right now, I'm entertaining his line to such things as Gabe's/Goobs and Gabaston > Gaveston, with GALvestons suspect as their kin but named in honor of Gala (Juba's ancestor). Bolts were first found in the same place (Mecklenburg) as Trumps, with the latter perhaps in Arms-of-Gelos trumpet. While Trumps use a stag head, there's one with an arrow through it in the Bolton Crest. Boltons share "vi" and "virtute" with Chives' whom trace very well with Mathis' to the Cavii at the Mathis river, the source of which must have been home to the Penestae. The Mathis river is where one may find Tirana, and then it's the key-using Propers that use a "Tyrannis" motto term. Chives' are suspect with "qui" terms linkable to a hard version (I forget the spelling) of "Shawia."

I sometimes avoid bringing up Massey liners because they are too much a re-occurring topic. I can bring any section of an update to Massey liners very quickly because all of heraldry revolves around them. It wasn't many years ago when this became a clinched fact. I feel that God chose me to make light of this. Unfortunately, my Massey side traces to Tyrians of the worst kind. This will be the satanic entity that rules the pre-Armageddon world. I'm still wanting to know whether I have mentioned all of what God wants mentioned as regards the Galveston attack. I am brought to the point, again, where the birth of Caiaphas, is suspect from the El-Gabal cultists.

I almost forgot. The Levi-suspect Livers/Levers (Lancashire) use a gold ROOSTER on a trumpet, tending to clinch a Gala-line link to the Gelos trumpet...meaning that Massena Numidians were at Gelos and neighboring Pau (of Bearn). Remember, this area of southern France was arrived to by following the ancestry of Piers Gaveston. Liverpool is in Lancashire, right beside Cheshire, and Trump-suspect Boltons (Gernon lion?) were first found in Lancashire. In fact, Little Lever is in Bolton borough. The Burns/Bearns were suspect with Bernice Agrippa as her family could have named Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus, and so while AGRIPPa" is suspect with Mieszko-associated GRIFFins (Pomerania, beside the Bolts), it's not likely a coincidence that Bolts use the giant griffin. It should be recorded that the horse in the Arms of Gelos is surrounded by a gold ring that can be someone's annulet.

The Liver/Lever Coat is probably sharing the Key/Kay bendlets, and if Keys were Shawia liners, then the Lever rooster traces all the better to the identical one of Galli's / Gays. It's clear to me that the engrailed bendlet of Levers is part-linkable to the engrailed Sinclair cross, especially as clarion trumpets are expected to be of the Claro > Sinclair bloodline. Therefore, Piers Gaveston's mother, Claremonde de Marsan (suspect with key-using Claremonds, right?), must have been a Sinclair liner. The red Pau cows can be of the red bulls of Charo's/Claro's, therefore, especially as the latter use a bend in the colors of the same of Pots/Pau's. The Marly dolphins ought to trace to the dolphin in the Arms of Dauphine...where Galli's were first found.

It's notable that one of the Arms of Bearn-Basque has three pale bars in colors reversed from the three fesse bars of Marlins (Lancashire). But as the three pale bars are those also of Knights, while Pots/Pau's are suspect with the Knee bend, we are back to Cnut liners...Danes, just like the Sinclairs. Of all the items in the Galveston event, the Knees are expected most prominent. Asking why Cnut liners ought to take that place, it brings to mind that NATO was ruled recently by the Danish leader, Anders Fogh RasMussen, a Massena liner. Cnuts and Rasmussens share the uniCORN with Tints and Gale's, the Cornwall partnership that included Gala liners to the Pendragon > Arthurian beast. We now have a Mr. Trump seeking the American presidency whom is suspect from Arthurian clarion liners.

The Knee write-up, I've just been reminded, are traced to a Neat-like term, while Neats use a red bull head, supporting the trace of the Knee bend to that of Claro's/Charo's. As Neats were first found in the same place as Capone's, Julians, and June's (suspect with the birth of Caiaphas), let's repeat that Charo's are in the motto of English Josephs, for the latter use a green PERCHEvron, the color of the Neat chevron. The black griffin is shared by Needs/Name's.

My Hockey Year at 16

It wasn't until now that I thought to look up the Negro surname to check whether I was attacked by such as per the surname. But first, I want to say that, after playing organized hockey in my 12th year, my family moved out of town to the country, and I wasn't able to play until I had a drivers licence. It was in the 12th year that God, I have claimed, gave Signs for this revelation today, when, in back-to-back playoff games, I scored back-to-back goals where the knee was a central symbol along with Steve Tarr. This is why I've come to emphasize the Knee surname of late. Tarrs were traced to the Taro river beside the Ananes Gauls and their Anamari branch.

In my 16th year, I had a Danish girlfriend with Hanson surname, but I recall joking with her to the effect of, "Ha, I got three goals when Mary came out, but only one when you came out." It was a bit rude, I must admit, and I was probably enjoying the moment because I enjoyed the three goals, two of which I can remember. I don't remember much else in that year. Mary was never my girlfriend, just wanted to be; I don't remember what the conditions were that she would come out to one of my games while I was with Hanson. The point is, Mary's surname was Nigro; she was Italian (I never had an Italian girlfriend, but gravitated to / felt comfortable with blue-eyed Germanics, Hanson included). In light of what I'm about to say, I think that this Nigro-Hanson duo is important because Hansons are suspect with Annas, Caiaphas' father-in-law.

With Knee's now tracing well to Charo's/Claro's, it's conspicuous that the latter were first found in the same place (Ferrara) as Italian Nigro's/Negro's. The last paragraph to mention Charo's/Claro's above was written in the morning, but I had not yet thought to check the Negro surname, not until after dinner time. Did Someone put the Negro surname into my mind at just that timing? That's why the two girls came to mind, especially as they were at my hockey games.

Spanish Negro's use three pale bars (as do Knee-related Knights) in the colors of the three Levi chevrons.

Irish Hansons are also HAMPsons so that, perhaps, the Hampshire's (show no Coat but have a page) may have been Annas liners i.e. the Hampshire location of Charo-loving Josephs may have been inhabited by Annas liners. The swan design showing in the past for French Joseph is in the Coat of Russian Hansons (Prussia and Denmark). Coincidences? Italian Negro's' share "ears of wheat" with Scottish Chappes', and while ears of wheat are sometimes called garbs, English Josephs use garbs in the two colors of the Negro ears. And ears are suspect with Eyers that list an Eyes variation very traceable to Eye, a location associated with Knights and Knee's. How about that! Even my 16th year of hockey had elements tracing to Knee's. Plus, I had forgotten until now that the motto of English Josephs has a "ni" term while Nie's/Neys (same place as Quints) are said to derive in "atten (e)ye," which looks like code for the Eyes'.

German Hansons (Ferrara / Sforza lion?) share the blue snake with Chappes-suspect Visconti's. There are two reasons to expect the Hanson lion as the Sforza lion. One, the latter holds a quince (flower) while Quince's share mascles with English Hansons. Two, the Sforza's took the Visconti titles and were therefore able to use the Visconti snake as their own symbol. A third reason is that while the Visconti's ruled Milan, that was the Lombardy capital while the same Hansons having the Sforza-suspect lion and snake have lozengy in the colors of the same of Scottish Lombards/Limbaugh's. Moreover, the Negro's use FIVE ears of wheat, the number expected as code for Quince's and Quints. Another example is where Josephs were definitely kin of Caplans and Chaplains while Chaplets use five swans in both colors of the Joseph swan.

With the expectation that English Hansons are using mascles linkable to the same of Quince's, by what coincidence do these Hansons share white-on-black lion in their Chief along with Cabbage's (Levi chevron?), first found in the same place (NorthAMPTONshire) as Quince's/Quincys? Can't Amptons/Hamptons/Hamps (CINQUEfoils) be of the Irish Hansons/Hampsons? I suppose what this can be telling us is that Annas liners named Ampton as much as they named overlapping Hampshire.

Not only do Hamptons share a red chevron with Quints, while Amps/Imps (same place as Quints) use one in colors reversed from the Quint chevron, but while Eye is smack beside Diss, the Diss Coat uses roundels upon a chevron in colors reversed from the same of Hamptons/Hamps. This makes the Diss chevron to be in both colors of the Amp/Imp chevron. The red roundels of Diss' are shared by Ore's who are not only kin of Visconti-suspect Guiscards/Wisharts (same place as ear-using Chappes'), but were first found in the same place as Lombards/Limbaugh's. As rulers of Lombardy are in the write-up of Other/Otirs (Ampton colors), we can glean that the latter were Ottone's/Otto's (share the perchevron of French Chappes', first found in the same place as Levi's). I'm not making these things up from my imagination. The Amps/Imps even share the leopard face's of Ade's that can be found in the Levi motto.

Here is from ancient information:

Eth. ANANES, a tribe of Cisalpine Gauls, who, -- according to Polybius (2.17), the only author who mentions them,-- dwelt between the Padus and the Apennines, to the west of the Boians...It has been conjectured, with much plausibility, that the ANAMARI of the same author (2.32), a name equally unknown, but whom he places opposite to the Insubres [founded Milan], must have been the same people. (Schweigh. ad l.c.; Cluver. Ital. p. 265.) If so, they occupied the territory on which the colony of Placentia [p. 1.130] was shortly after founded; and probably extended from the Trebia to the Tarus.

The Tarus is the Taro, the meaning of Steve Tarr, who got back-to-back assists on my two goals of importance in the 12th year. So, you see, my 12th year traces to the same elements as do the things I remember about my 16th year. I remember hardly nothing about either year except the highlights that have been explained. Had I not scored three goals in one game, I probably would not have remembered what I said to Katrina Hanson as regards Mary Nigro, for I wouldn't have mentioned it at all. The three goals made the event memorable. The only one I recall vividly is where the defenseman took a shot from the blue line, with me facing him in front of the net. The puck arrived along the ice in front of me so that I could re-direct it by letting it bounce off the stick, allowing the puck to slide between my legs. I turned around to see, and it was in the net. I remember it because it was a very happy goal, having had the full intention of fooling the goalie in that way. I have this feeling that between the legs is somehow meaningful. Between my knees??? I'm suggesting that God enabled me to score, and was using, the three goals so that I could tell this story more than 40 years later.

But the only elements that seem important in my 16th year are the names of the two girls. "Negro / Niger" can modify to "Neyer," and therefore to the Ney variation of Nie's. Here are the Nigels/Nigers (same place as mascle liners) with lozenges in the colors of the similar Quince/Quincy mascles.

It only hit me now that "AnaMARI" is like "Mary." The Ananes have long been suspect with Hannibal. The Boius (same as Boii) in the quote above had joined Hannibal when he invaded the Trebbia river. I didn't realize that possible significance of "Mary" until trying for a Katrina surname. Not finding one, the Catters (strong Keturah suspect) were loaded to find them first found in Berkshire, home of Windsor castle, relevant because the Others/Otirs are said to have been proto-Windsors. Catters are in MARson colors. ANAMari became a little suspect with the Name's who may be using the lion heads of Levi-beloved Chretiens. The Marsi-suspect Marici lived in the same place as the Laevi Gauls.

Having said all this, I did NOT have in mind the Negro thief with his piece of plastic. Again, the plastic is suspect with the Place/Plais bloodline that I had been tracing to Placentia for some years. There seems to be some Message here that the Negro / Niger surname was in cahoots with Ananes / Anamari Gauls between Placentia and the Taro river. I didn't know that the Anamari were on the verge of the Taro until after I decided to tell the Steve-Tarr story.

The Catters use fish, symbol of mythical KODRos of Athens, the line from Keturah and Abraham. The Abraham-suspect Bramtons (NORFOLK) use red lions along with Mary's (NORFOLK). That makes Marsans (part of the Piers Gaveston discussion) more suspect in using a version of the Catter Coat. The latter has previously been suspect with the Coat of GLOVE's (NORFOLK), whom became suspect (in this update only) with GALVES liners, and then Galves' use the Mary lions in both colors. It once again indicates that the Negro thief was code for north-African Moors to the Ananes. The gold-on-red castle in the Galves Coat can be the white-on-red one in a Hanson Coat. It can even be the MARtin castle.

The Marys even show mirror-like variations such as "Mirrie." Martins and Martels were first found in Gascony, origin of Piers Gaveston, and beside the Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou who use a Martel-like myrtle tree. The Negro knocked my rear-view mirror off, but only when he pushed my HEAD into it. Heads (unicorn heads all around) were first found in NORFOLK. We then read that the earliest Heads were first found in NOTTinghamshire, where Annas' were first found. The Head unicorn is thus expected to be the Nott/Cnut/Knot unicorn, and Cnuts are expected as Knee liners, right? Nottings share a blue bend with Knee's, and in both colors of the bend of Charo's (same place as Nigro's). The unicorn is shared by Rasmussens, and he was Danish, as was Cnut, as was Katrina Hanson. It can appear that Ananes Gauls gravitated toward the Danes, but lets not forget that the Nith river, and the Nitts/Naughts, were of Dumfries, where Annan(dale) is located. Scottish Hennings/Hainings, who share mascles in the colors of the Quincy mascles, were first found in Dumfriesshire.

Heads are suspect with HADDingtons, home of Catti-liner Keiths. Hats may be sharing the split Shield of Decks/Daggers, suspect with the Ticino/Tessin river, home of the Laevi. Hats may be using the quadrants of Tute's (NORFOLK), first found in the same place as Catti-suspect Cattels.

As I said a few updates ago, I asked Katrina Hanson out (for the first time) while lining up to get some ICE CREAM from her. I can now add that Placentia was built at the same time (as a result of the Romans losing to Hannibal) as neighboring CREMona. Croms (black CAT) were first found in Berkshire i.e. same as Katrina-like CATTers. Ice's/Icke's were first found in Rostock, on the verge of southern Denmark. Blake's share the fret with Berkshire's, and show a CADDell variation, a branch of fret-using CATTels.

I kid you not, that Miss Hanson worked at an ice-cream place on the main corner of a small village of GORMville. Mythical Gorm was father to the royal Danes! Gorms/Blue's use the rooster = Gala Numidians. They say that Negro's were called, "bla" = "blue." BLAtand was a real Dane king said to descend from Gorm. Britannica speaks on vikings called, "dark Dane's." It looks like God planned our move away from town to the Gormville area so that he could prepare the way for the compelling things that you are reading.

Nottings are said to be from "Brown as a nut," pure code. The red squirrel in the upper half of the DECK/Dagger Coat is "cracking a nut" in the Crest of Gilberts ("TEG" motto term). "CRACKing" is code for Carricks because Gilberts use the Arms-of-Carrick chevron. Carricks trace to fish-using Saraca's that were originally from KODRos-like KOTOR, and thus these surnames link to fish-using Catters. Tecks/Tess'/Tease's use LEAVES, and are suspect with the Annan saltire in colors reversed. Tease's/Tighs were first found in Nottinghamshire. Kotor is beside Butua, and the Bute/Butt horse head is also the black unicorn head of Heads. Bute's/Boets use a fish.

Cracks/Cricks, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Crags, share a white lion in Crest with Marys/Mirrie's. Cracks/Cricks use "paty" crosses while Patys share the lions in the Chief of English Hansons. They are white lions, and there's even another white lion in the Paty Crest.

I'm impressed. Good night.

Good morning. Some things have come to mind already. I didn't realize while on the Hat / Haddington surnames that three goals in a game is called a HAT trick. Also, Miss Hanson was one of the best-looking girls around. She was on the exceptional side, tall, blonde, perfect face, not an ounce chubby, model-like. I had to muster all my courage to ask her out, but realize now that the event was Planned i.e. a miracle; it explains my "luck". I wouldn't have mentioned this if it was irrelevant, but I think it gets relevant now. That's because, when older, she could have been better looking than Farrah Faucet (I never did see Hanson when she was older). I will come to another story, later, having Farrah Faucet involved.

The Keiths of Haddington were likely with a Catti branch that had named Haddington, and this area had a Musselburgh location that's found in the FAUCet write-up. Believe it or not, Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up as the builder of Foxside castle (makes the Quincy mascles trace excellently to the namers of Musselburgh). De Quincy ruled Winchester while Winchesters (mascles) use the gold Quint fitchee, and the latter's is held by a black lion paw, the color of the Faucet lion. Look at what Katrina Hanson has led us to. Why is the Faucet bend called, compony? See that Comps/Camps use a Coat like that of Capone's.

English Hansons not only use the same black lion as per the Faucet Crest, but mascles in the colors of the giant mascle of Faux's (Leavell kin). Amazing coincidence. And when I get to Farrah Faucet later, it will be concerning a woman with Quince-like Quinn surname. Believe it or not, the Quinns were part of my first date with Hanson. Amazon coincidence.

MUSSELs are listed with mascle-like Muscels, the latter using the colors, fesse and format of Meschins/MASCULine's, the bloodline to which I belong. I don't think these things are coincidences. RasMUSSENs can be Mussel liners. Yes, for Faucets are said to be of a Tranent entity, while Walsh's use a "TransFIXUS" motto. The Ficks are listed with Figgs (same place as Julians, Capone's and June's), obvious kin of Foggs/Foghs. It recalls Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Compare Ficks/Figgs with Jeffreys. The Fix's/Ficks share fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Irish Hansons, and the latter are easily linkable to Jeffreys. The wavy blue fesse bar of Fix's must be that of English Hennings.

French Faux's (Gascony, linkable to the Gaveston elements at Bearn) are listed with the Saunier liners that trace by their Coat to Julius Caesar's Cotta line.

I now have reason to believe that the hat trick was itself an Intended miracle (drats, I thought it was due to skill) for heraldic reasons. The Tricks/Tracks/Trigs (same place as Julians, Capone's and June's) share the sun with Hesse's (and Jeffreys), and Hesse was founded by the Chatti. It was KATrina Hanson to whom I spoke concerning the hat trick. I never spoke about it to anyone else. Likely, the Cassel location near Hesse, and the Cassel surname (Arms of Carrick), were Cattel / Caddel liners. Lately, the Blake's/Caddells were realized as a branch of Blaze's, Bleds and Blade's. The second goal in the hat trick was simply a deflection off the BLADE of my stick. I'll explain it later. The Bleds/Blez' are the ones sharing the triple chevrons of Mathie's/Matthews, and the other Mathie's use a Faucet-suspect motto. Moreover, as Blaze liners are expected with Place's/Plais', at Placentia, note that the full Mathie motto has a term like the Annandale motto.

I didn't realize until this morning that the Keith Chief can be using the three pale bars (same colors) in the Arms of FOIX-Bearn! I'm floored. Faucets list FOXside's, and it's their Foxside castle that's a couple of miles from Musselburgh. The Faucet Crest: " arrow with silver feathers." Fetters share the giant sun with Hesse's. Arrows share the gold-on-black fleur-de-lys with Irish Hansons, and while Arrows are said to be from Arras (Artois, stomping grounds of the Jeffrey / Godfrey bloodline), Hanson-suspect HAINaut (and the Lys river) is right beside it. Hainauts share the black and upright lion with Faucets (Jewish Levi's use it in a different position), and while the counts of Hainaut shared the three black-on-gold chevrons of Levi's, they are in the colors of the three pale bars of the Castile Negro's. One of the Jeffreys share a black canton with Irish Hansons. Note that while Arrows are also "Aris," the Heslingtons/Hazeltons use both "aris" and "FOCis" in their motto.

The HAINaut's use the same lion as Sams/Sammes', and Miss Hanson worked selling ice cream in a place called, Sam's. It's interesting that German Rasmussens show an Asam variation. I wonder whether the Sams were a Rasmussen branch, therefore. The Sam lion has blood drops, as does the Jones lion, and, it just so happens that I ventured to trace Jones' with Sams, many years ago, to the Danites of Laish that took on the Levite pagan priest, Jonathan. Why is there a DANish Rasmussen surname? The rooster-using Jonathans are also Jonas', and they use the rooster design of Blue's/GORMs. Amazing coincidence. The Bleds are also "Ble," like bla = blue, and Bleds use a triple chevron in colors reversed from the Danish Clare's.

The UNIcorn of Hats has been traced to the Una = Oeneus river, wherefore the unicorn is suspect with Oenotrians/Enotri in the Cornwall / Cornett / Cornelli bloodline. I've identified OENOTrians with JONATHan-line Levites out of Lys-suspect Laish. The Una river has been identified as the reason for Juno and Uni, the chief Roman and Etruscan goddesses respectively. Just think of it, what it means, that a wicked part of the line of Moses traces to such. The June surname was first found in the same place as Julians and Capone's, probably because they stuck together ever since Julius Caesar had an affair with Junius liner, Servilia Caepionis. This is playing to the birth of Caiaphas, apparently, especially if Hansons were from Annas' daughter whom Caiaphas married (no one knows her name, apparently). I can understand why God would create my short-term relationship with Miss Hanson for this cause.

The June fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the Marsan fleur. Again, the hat trick was scored when Mary came to the game. Marsans (expected from Bearn) share the greyhound with this Arms of John Yonge (sinister-bend split, matches the sinister bends of Rasmussens. Massena's and Masci's), a copy of the Trevor Coat, both using the Sams/Sammes lion in colors reversed. Trevors (= Tudors = Taddei's = Bouillon kin) were first found in the same place as Jeffreys. Welsh Jeffreys (the ones sharing a black canton with Irish Hansons) use the same black and upright lion as Hansons / well as Palins that trace hard to PALINurus, beside the Oenotrians of Saracena and Laus. The Yonge/Young motto suggests that they are a branch of June's/Jungs.

Yonge's (three piles) were kin of English Pile's (three piles) while French Pile's use the Jeffrey lion once again. Why were Bled's first found in the same place as Bled-like Pilate's that share the pheons of Carnys from Carni, beside Bled? If Carnys/Corneys were a branch of Corneys/Cornetts, why do the latter use the Capone chevron? Cant' this picture link Yonge's to June's? Yes, and Bled is not far north from the Una river.

While the cows (why aren't they bulls?) in the Arms of Bearn may be code for Cowes', the latter use "pennants" while Pennants share the Trevor Coat too. Pennys/Penes' share the black greyhound with the Marsan Crest. The Penestae had a capital, USCana, that can trace to Oscans in the Marsi theater. Why should Penestae / Oscan liners trace to the Bearn country of the Basques? Why do Basques call themselves EUSKals?

The sun-using Jeffreys, I now realize, are using the six pale bars of German Julians in colors reversed.

French Faux's/Fage's are listed with Cholnes' that may be using the fleur-de-lys of Danish Hansons. As the English Faux's were first found in the same place (Essex) as COLchester, that place may have been named after Saulnier > Cholnes liners. There are good arguments for tracing Colchester and the Cole's to the Colapis river, beside the Una.

I am reminded that I linked Marys to Irish Dallens while German Dallens once showed the pine tree of French Constantine's/Constance's (same place as Cotta's)...who might be using a version of the Galli Coat, French-Julian stars included, with the Conte / Dallen crescent between them. Italian Conte's use the same lion as Hainauts. English Constantine's (Berkshire, same as Croms and Catters) share black fleur with June's, in both colors of the same of German Rasmussens. I had identified the Mary-Dallen link as the cause for a Mary-MagDALENE code that eventually led to Da-Vinci / holy-grail lore out of Septimania (Languedoc, where Cotta's, Conte's, and Constance's) were first found). Dan Brown's Da-Vinci Code (fictional) revolves somewhat around a Sauniere surname known to be from Father Sauniere, builder of the Magdalene church in Rennes-le-CHATeau. Vincents share the quatrefoils of CAT-using Croms. Conteville's were from John de Burgo whose line led to Berkshire-suspect and cat-using Berks/Burghs.

While I don't agree with the claim that Irish Dallens/Delane's originated in "Slaney," I feel compelled to agree that Slaneys were merged with Dallens. Dallens and Marys share the red-on-white Alan lion so that "Dallen" looks like an Alan term. French Alans share the Julian / Constantine stars. Flemish Slains/Slaneys (Shropshire, same place as the Alans and FitzAlans of Arundel, the latter beside the first English Josephs) use a "comite" motto term that should be code for the Comitissa / Comites variations of two Conte surnames. As SLAINs use footless martets (in SALIAN-eagle colors) in the colors of the same of Cheneys, while the latter share the bend of Salians/Salemans (at CATERham!) and Sale's/SALLETTs, it stands to reason that Marys and Slaine's were from the Marsi of lake Fucino, near the sources of the SALTo river. Yes, for while Conteville's ruled Comines (Artois, Lys river), the Comyn/Comine surname (NORFOLK) shares three gold-on-blue garbs with English Josephs and Avisons, the latter suspect with Avezzano upon the Salto river. And, it just so happens, the Slain/Slaney martlets are colors reversed from the same of French Josephs! That's why the blasphemous Mary-Magdalene lore should be the attempt of the line of Caiaphas to keep Jesus dead. Avisons/Avise's are in the motto of Cassel-related Kennedys.

It's notable that Hanons/Hanans can be using a version of the Sale/Sallett bend upon the Massey Shield, as per the Sale's-of-Massey surname.

The Comyns are said to have been from a Commins Coch location in Powys. As the Powys surname uses a bear PAW, I'm seeing Comyns liners merged with Pau of Aquitaine, which was not far from COMMINGes, like the Coming variation of Comyns. It's feasible that Powys was named by Pau / Paw liners. Comminges is beside Foix and Rennes-le-Chateau. One of the Herods of Israel was banished by Augustus to Comminges. Smack in Comminges there is a Salat river with mouth beside Catter-like Cazeres. This is where I expect the Cathar cult.

On the side of Comminges nearest Pau there is a Save river, and while Save's are suspect with Leslie's, Leslie's were first found in the same place as a TARVEZ location. Then, between the Save river and Pau there is a TARBES location. This finally gives a good idea for the derivation of "Tarves," from the TREBIA river. It's exactly where Hansons are tracing. There is an argument to be made here that the Chives' of Tarves were a branch of Save liners. Is there a reason that the vertically-split Shield of Tarves' is colors reversed from the same of Danish Hansons, and in the colors of the same of Norwegian Hansons??

Not only do Mathie's/Manns use a "FAC ET" motto phrase, but an upright lion in both colors of the same of Trevors / Pennants. Why do Trevors look like Tarves'? Are Marsans expected as Meschins? That can trace Traviss', who share the Meschin scallops, to the namers of Tarbes. It can then trace back to the Trebbia's AnaMARI. That is, the Marsan area of the Gabas river looks like a settlement of the Anamari.

Mathie's are suspect with Chives' and Mathis' from Cavii on the Mathis river, but then as Chives' / Cavii can thus be expected at Tarbes, it's not far from Faucet-suspect Foix. One Foix surname was first found in the same place as Chappes', Levi's and Lys' from Lissus of the Cavii / Mathis theater. The Tirana location on the Mathis can trace to the Tranent entity of Faucets!

The Gabas river meets the Arros river flowing right along the Marsan foothills. It recalls the arrow in the Faucet Crest. The Arros is beside the Oscan-possible Osse river. The Marsan Coat is in the colors, and almost in the full colors and format, of the Mussels. On the north side of the Marsan mountain, a MIDOU river flowing by NOGARo. It recalls that the Arms-of-Pau peacock is on a MIDDLE pile.

In Wikipedia's Pau article, the Pau piles are collectively called a fence (alternative name). When I realized that the Negro's weapon was a piece of plastic, I ran toward the vehicle, jumped a privacy FENCE to the street (to find him gone). Was he code for Nogaro? Nigers use lozenges in the colors of the Quince mascles while the Faucet castle was built by Saer de Quincy...whose first name is like the Sava-river Sauers. This can make a Niger link to Nogaro. Plus, the Negro's/Nigro's were first found in the same place as red-bull Charo's, possibly linking to the cows of Pau. It has been resolved that Negro's/Nigro's were kin of Josephs whose garbs trace to Comminges via the Coming/Comyn surname.

Another thing just realized. When he had his hands on my throat, he repeated, "Give' em over, give' em over!" The Give term reminded me of the Givern variation of Biggars/Biggors, and then Nogaro is at the Bigorre theater. The Overs, perhaps a branch of Givers/Ivers/Eure's, not only share a blue bend with Biggars, but with Knee's.

Near the Gabas river, the Gave de Pau river. Lookie: "Its main tributaries are the Beez, the NEEZ, the Ouzoum and the Ousse." The plastic weapon hit me on the KNEE. Hmm. The Knee/Nees surname uses a bend in colors reversed from the Save bend. Hmm. Here are Neez variations: "The Neez (aka Nez, Nees, Neys...)..." The blue Knee/Nees bend can be that of Charo's and Pale's, for pale bars are used by Nie's/Neys and Spanish Negro's. Pau has an Arros-de-Nay location using five black-on-gold lozenges, the colors of the Nie/Ney/Nay pale bars. The Peacock surname (peacocks) is showing black-on-gold mascles, no kidding.

More. From the inside, I locked the back hatch of the truck with VICE-grips, and then the Vice/Vise surname uses a giant stag head in black on white, the color of the Knee/Nees stag head. This escaped me earlier. Again, the Vice/Vise stag head has a cross between the antlers, as does the stag of Jeffrey-related Eustace's (both use the same-style cross). Jeffreys are the most-important surname in my claim that the Galveston event was His Planning...right down to the use of vice-grips, right? I mentioned earlier that the Vehicle was a Nissan, but neglected to say that the Nissan surname (sinister bend) has a black (or dark brown) stag head centrally. It's described: "...Overall, a gold bend sinister and a silver escutcheon charged with a deer head." The Nissan Coat has two double fesse bars in the colors of the same of Parrs and can therefore link definitely to the Manner/Maness surname, the latter's peacock able to trace Nissans to Pau.

To the list of stag-using surnames such as Anne's, Annabels/Hannibals, Hands, and Hanna's, add the Hannings (Somerset), though they call them "cabossed deer." I would suggest that Hannings are using the Keith Chief, which traces Hannings to Musselburgh, for Hennings share plate's with Mussels...which nails the stag-using Han liners with the Keith stag.

The Gave river might even be a version of "Save." It's possible that "Jeffrey" was a Gave/Gafert/Gavre variation. The latter's yellow BIRD links to Bouillons, right? Yes, and de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II of Artois, where the Arras capital can trace by the Arrow/Arris/Arros surname to the Arros river (there's an Arroses location nearby). Baldwins and Bouillons were traced to Arduinici of the Bautica/Baltea, and the Arduinici there were traced to Artois. Here we are finding the same elements at Tarbes. The Gave has a source at Tarbes, as does the BAISE surname, the latter likely of the Baise/Base surname (double BRUNswick lions can be a BURN/Bearn branch) because Base's/Bassans share black hunting horns with Burns/Bearns. This Arms of TRABY (Poland) likewise uses black hunting horns. What were Poles doing down in Basque country?

I had claimed that French Baise's/Biaz'/BEZ' were from the Mieszko Poles. French Baise's/Baiz's can explain the Baez variation of Pelaiz's and thus link to Placentia liners along with Tarbes' trace to the Trebbia. The Vice-GRIPs can enter the picture here where Burns/Bearns were a line of Berenice Agrippa along with Bernice's/Burness', who likewise use black hunting horns. It appears that Baise liners may have named the Beez tributary of the Gave. I expect BEZprym, son of Mieszko I, to be of this entity. Repeat: "The Gripps share the same bend as Gells/Jells and Varns, how about that."

Peacocks are a Pollock sept, and can be expected from Pau elements as per the de-Pols of Foix-Candale, the point here being that Peacocks list a Peas variation while Bees'/Bie's list "Beas." The Bees/Bie surname shares the white-on-black fleur-de-lys of Marsans and Sale's/Salletts! And it's a version of the Hanan Coat with the Sale/Sallett bend upon it, now very traceable to the Salat river of Comminges. The green dragon in the Bees Crest is probably the green dragon of Emona (Bled / Lesce theater), very suspect in March and early April with Mons in Hainaut. The Beez is near a Luz location that can be of the purple-lion Luz' (Spanish), and thus link to purple-lion Skiptons (and Lacys) where Piers Gaveston ruled Skipton.

So-called PEAScods are in the base of the Coat of Cullis' (same place as Tarves). In the Cullis fesse, perhaps the Gabe sword. The Cullis' can be in code in the portCULLIS gate of Yate's and Porters. The latter had a branch in Cole-related Kyle so that Cullis' may have been Cole / Colchester liners. As these trace to the Colapis, which was also called, the Kupa, it seems that Cullis' are using the colors and roses of Cope's/Colps and Copps. I recall that one of the latter two were first found in Aberdeenshire i.e. same place as Cullis'. Cope's/Colps are said to be first found in Northamptonshire i.e. same place as Quincys (share mascles with Peas'/Peacocks). The Cope's/Colps, highly suspect with Caepio's, use a motto like that of Pennants, and can therefore trace to Cowes, and, perhaps, to the Pau cows. Cope's/Colps can be using the Hanson fleur because those particular Hansons were very traceable to Tarves'. Red roses are found with other Hansons along with their blue snake; if it's the Visconti / Sforza snake, then Cope's can be a branch of Chappes'.

Repeat: "De Quincy [builder of the Faucet/Foxside castle] ruled Winchester while Winchesters (mascles) use the gold Quint fitchee, and the latter's is held by a black lion paw, the color of the Faucet lion." This is a good reason to trace Cope's to general Quintus Caepio. He had stolen a vast treasure in Toulouse, opposite the Garonne river from Comminges, just in time for Julius Caesar to get some of it when he had an affair with Quintus' granddaughter. It's logical that some of that treasure remained in Comminges with Herods, etc. Cope's are said to have had seats at Herod-like HARDwick and Hanson-like Hanwell, both at Banbury.

German Hennings (Hanson roses?) use both the Cope chevron and the red Cope roses. Then compare the Cope / Copp Coats to the Hands/Hants that list "Hans". The Hand/Hans Crest uses the stag design of English Powers, and, I now realize, the Irish Power and Palin Crests are comparable to the Chief of English Hansons. Hennings, Hands', Hanna's, Hanne's and similar others are Scandinavian names. Can they really trace to Hannibal?

As I say that Hands are kin of Hanna's (share stags with Arms of Macclesfield), note first that the latter share the black fitchee with Davenports of East Cheshire, location also of Macclesfield using a "copia" motto term. Another Arms of Macclesfield was showing the Davenport fitchee. The point here is that I've found an Irish Grimes surname listing Gorm-using variations, and then the other Grimes'/Grimms were first found in East Cheshire. The Grimes'/Gormlys (version of Marlin Coat?) use footless martlets in colors reversed from the same of English Grimes'/Grimms . The latter call them, "three red birds," explained where Birds share red martlets with them. They can be the red martlets of French Alans too because the Grimes/Grimm Coat has somewhat the looks of the Richmond Coat while Alan the Red of Brittany was awarded Richmond (Yorkshire) to rule from the Norman invasion of England. Both Coats use double bars, and the Richmonds do call them "gemel," which can trace to Camulodunum (Colchester's earlier name). And while Macclesfield uses a "copia" motto term linkable with Colchester liners to the Kupa river, the Arms of Colchester uses a cross either in the colors, or colors reversed from, the same-type cross of Macclesfields.

Repeat from above while on Loches liners:

Burgundy is where Primo's/Primeau's were first found that use a mirror and three roses in the colors of the Loach / Gabe cinquefoils...

Loches is where Lusks were first found who may be from Lesce.

Lesce is right beside Bled and Carni. It's interesting that while Eschyna de Molle was traceable to Tusks / Tasks, for example as per the highlighted red tusk in the Molle boar head, the Lesk/Less (Berkshire) boar head is all red. Then, Tasks were first found in the same place (Essex) as Colchester and the Quints. The latter must trace to the Colapis river, as must Colchester. The Colapis is closer to Lesce and Bled that the Una. Tusk liners can be of Etruscans i.e. of TUSCany, where Una liners became the chief goddess. Primo's were suspect with Junia Prima Caepionis.

Lesce is on the Save/Sava river that can trace excellently to the Save river of Comminges. Note that the Gabe's are in the repeated quote, for there is a Gabas river flowing from Pau to Marsan, linkable of course to Gabastan, father of Piers Gaveston. Lesks/Less' were first found in the same place as cat-using Croms, and it's where cat-using Berks/Burghs should trace. Basque's call themselves, Euskals, a lot like, "Eschyna."

I took Miss Hanson out for the first time in a car borrowed from my Gormville friend, whose surname was Quinn. Aside from one Quinn surname sharing the winged horse with Masseys, the other Quinns (share the snake with Hansons) are in the colors of Hanon-like Cannons (Irish). I'm not saying that Quinns were a branch of Hansons, but as closely related as Caiaphas was with Annas. English Cannons/Cannings use Negros / Moor heads. The motto of the latter suggests the Italian Vigils using the same bend as Irish Cannons.

It was shortly after scoring the goal on McGee that my family moved away to Gormville. McGee was a friend of mine in a bad circle of friends, but things were going to get worse. I met Quinn (when we were 13) at the new school I was sent to in Union (unicorn / Juno liner?), which was the same town that had the hockey rink for my 16th year. Quinn would be sentenced to probation for stealing a new sport scar from a new-car parking lot, with his friend, at 13. We had some good times, but at a great cost to me. Unions/Anyans/Annians/Inions/Onions (Quinn/Cuin / McGee colors), whom I've not known before, look like a branch of Annans/Inyaney's/Anenys.

Quinn helped to get me deeply into drugs in parties that he would throw at his place when his parents were up at the cottage for the weekend. He had an attractive sister (blonde, model like) several years older than us. Later, perhaps three or four weeks after I turned my life to Jesus (nearing 22), I awoke with an audible message: "Write this down; you're going to have an argument with Steve tonight." This is the same Steve who lived down the apartment hallway from Quinn after both had been newly married. There was no reason, in the morning, for us to have an argument that night. As I awoke, and immediately before the message came to me, I saw a beautiful woman in a snap vision, with a head / mental problem (not a physical injury), and I said to myself that she looks like Farrah Faucet. No kidding.

Steve held a party that night with the regulars, but half of them left early to go to a bar, and I went with them. When I got back, he was upset with me going, and spoiling his party. I didn't know this until later. In the meantime, when we all got back, I sensed the Spirit come on me to witness to everyone there, and Dennis' sister was sitting beside me at the table, concerned and calling me a "fool" for having this new outlook. Barry piped up to support my right to have this belief, and so Quinn's sister, angel-like on all other occasions, got promptly up from her chair, walked over to him (he's a big, strong guy) and punched him in the mouth. No one in the room could believe this, and Barry just sat there doing nothing, bleeding slightly from the lip. The woman felt a little bad for this and left the apartment, walking down the hall to Quinn's place, but as she arrived to the door, she was heard screaming at the top of her lungs. I ran down to see, and as she was losing her mind, I got down on one KNEE, and looked up to the ceiling, praying to Jesus, when, as soon as the prayer was out, she stopped screaming. This was in full view of her brother and others, and perhaps also herself (I had my back to her).

So I asked the others to put her on the couch and give her a drink. And when she was on the couch, she stretched her hand out toward me, and said, "I love you." I can't express to you what a thrilling event this was for me. I had forgotten all about the snap vision of that morning, until after I got home. And I was amazed. After she was put on the couch, I walked back to Steve's, and he started showing resentment for my leaving the party. And so I took the note out of my pocket that God directed me to write, and told him that it was written that morning, but Steve commented that I had written it that evening, after I left his place.

A little later, Steve was challenging me concerning the healing powers of Jesus. He had blood in his ear, and challenged me to heal it. After I prayed for him, he said, "okay, now watch. I'm going to put this Q-tip in my ear to draw blood," but when he had done so, no blood was on it, and he was impressed. He never did become a Christian, so far as I know.

Now think about this as concerns the Faucets and their Quincy kin. I assume Saer de Quincy's bloodline was in the Faucets, that is. Here is a Miss Quinn whom I saw as Farrah Faucet earlier that morning, but, when seeing her, I didn't yet know it would be Miss Quinn in the evening. They don't look exactly alike, but I now get the point. Almost 40 years later, I'm writing about it, thinking that Quinns must have been Quincys and therefore Quints and therefore Caepio's. I've mentioned several times that the Quinn snake design is used by Shells, and, as you can see, Shells use the Massey fleur. I assume it's the Massey fleur for the Mussel / mascle reasons above, but also because Quinns share a flying horse with Masseys. On a black Shield, the Shell Coat is the Marsan Coat. Note that the Shell snake is blue on white, the colors of the Visconti snake, and therefore linkable to the blue Hanson snake. I took Miss Hanson out for the first time with Mr. Quinn's car.

A Marsan link to Masseys / Meschins is important because the same family was traced to the Garonne river by other methods.

Back at about 17 / 18 years of age, while still in Gormville, my parents went away, which saw me inviting friends over from work, and we had got a set of drums into the basement, and we went on late. I think it was that night, or the next, or soon after, when Kepke slept in my basement with Mary Nigro. Kepke (a very lusty fellow in those years) is the character in other events in my life that were meant as Signs for this work, and he was a representative of the Syphax Numidians. I can't tell that story all over again here, but it strikes me that he would be sleeping in my basement with a woman whose surname is now expected with Numidians. When last mentioning Kepke (1st update of April), I failed to say that, years before I told the Kepka story, the picture of Syphax at his Wikipedia article had reminded me of Kepke. The two men look nearly identical. It wasn't until later that "KEPKe" was realized as a hardened version of "Syphax."

Kepke would be the one, when both of us were shoe salesmen in the same mall, to take Miss Peare away from me. Her surname can be of the Piers-Gaveston bloodline. The evidence keeps on building that, in the decade following the lightning bolt (age 11) to my chimney, God would begin a string of events in my life tailored for my heraldic work. It all seems wrapped up in Caiaphas' unknown history / ancestry. Yet God knows it.

Steve's surname, MELANson ("a bundle of rods with an axe in the middle"), can be a Milan line. In fact, Scottish Milans/Millens are said to be Buchanans that trace with Buchans to Buxentum, beside Palinurus, Saracena, Blanda and Laus i.e. the Oenotrian theater. Buchanans share the Hainaut / Sam lion with Simsons, and it's the latter who use an Enotri-like motto term. The Simsons also share three crescents (Saracen symbol) in Chief with English Melansons while French Melansons were first found in the same place (Brittany) as Sarasins. The Brock-loving Alans of Brittany can link to Spinks by way of the sphinx of Brock-related Brocuffs, and this is where the Spink eagle can be the Melanson eagle. Spinks (same place as Quince's) share mascles with Quince's, and as Quince's are like "Quinn," let's repeat that Quinn's sister was shown to me in the morning vision to look like Farrah Faucet. Why? Why do Faucets share the Milan / Buchanan / etc. lion? Isn't the Faucet lion that of the Hansons who share the Fauk/Vaux mascle? The Spinks use FIVE mascles. Reminder: German Hansons can trace to Milan if their lozengy is that of Lombards/Limbaugh's.

In all the times that the knee was being emphasized lately, I hadn't yet considered that I went down to one knee when praying for Miss Quinn. In the circle of friends kept by Mr. Quinn, this was an odd sight. The following winter, I was speaking to both him and his sister, about the Bible, when they moved into the same house together. After that, I didn't see them again. Although my Christian life started with a bang, which caused me to evangelize for a few years, it became pretty tame afterward. There were not miracle workings. It wasn't my calling. Probably, the full day when on my knee with Miss Quinn was for my benefit as much as witnesses, for it gave a great boost to my faith. It is so nice to know that God, the awesome God, is actually in my life, and that he knows me. What a difference this was to the sometimes-fun but futile life I had been into. There was now hope for much greater things, and, best of all, I knew the Truth. Thank you, Lord, for showing yourself to me in my time of great need. I was amazed to learn first-hand the absolute ignorance of the world at large when it came to faith in God, even when one speaks on Him to them. They were clearly happy without Him, and wouldn't have wanted Him in their lives even if he did exist. I cannot understand how people can take this view in life.

There may be some things about God not to human liking, but this is small reason to betray your soul for an eternity. Probably, the things we don't like about God are misunderstandings we come to. I recall being confronted with a small sample of the Old Testament at 11 years of age, when it seemed to me irrelevant / far-removed from modern life. I certainly didn't want to conform to those old peoples. But, when we are young, we have illusions as to what we will become as adults. For me, none of the expected greatness in adult life materialized. Reality in the 1970s was pitiful. The world was nothing but a vast money-making machine where we were required to fill a tiny, insignificant spot for 40 years or more. What kind of life is that?

And when my Christian life started out with a bang, I was hoping that God would make it a regular pattern, but it didn't happen that way; I was disappointed. My evangelism, aside from some personal contacts with friends and family, came to nothing. I decided that sharing tracts massively was basically useless. The peoples were not shining up to Christianity no matter the style of tracts. People were intent on moving away from Christianity, and had no fear of forsaking God. It was depressing, a thing I had to deal with. God's enemies were in my everyday world, and I could not change it. They were in charge of the world, and leading it to oblivion. It's not less so here in 2016. Things have gone far past the edge, but while I'm speaking this on a moral level, the world ignores that part, looking instead to the financial health of the nation. For them, money-go-round is the blood flow of society. It's not a wonder that Westernism is based on pluralism; it doesn't care what you believe, so long as money goes round.

Instead of receiving my great experience, the message that came with it, and celebrating with me, my circles of friends made me dejected. But I don't get depressed anymore; I just don't care about the ignorant enough to get depressed. The punishment that will come to them will be well-deserved. There is a vast tide of satanism influencing all children from the youngest of ages, and the peoples don't view it as satanic. I don't fret anymore about this because I know that God can snatch any person, at any time, from this downward spiral. I am one with God, in heart, anyway, on the destruction of the willfully ignorant. It usually involves the leaders of the countries, right up to the top. This is the reality. It's not part of some whacko conspiracy theory.

In my purest sentiments, I do wish the world would just find God and come back to its senses. It's such a simple thing to accomplish. It's based merely on a decision. But the world seems to believe that it's "progressing" to something wonderful that would not be permitted under a system that honors Biblical values. It doesn't seem to get it, that operating on Biblical values is not just for its own sake, but comes with a God who becomes pleased, a God that then helps the world, becomes involved with it, to overcome its problems. That's what those old, out-of-date men in the Bible were talking about as far back as Moses. The world has always had the problem of forsaking God. Why? For one thing, the world is ruled by the wicked. It's the brutish and selfish who usually seek and gain the power structures of a nation. How will that be beneficial? Although the Bible points the Romans out as the most-terrifying dragon to trample the world, Washington DC has patterned itself after the Roman senate right down to the architecture of its capital buildings.

Washington DC is evidence of a Masonic cult unafraid to pose as Godly while seething with satanic breath. It's the very same spirit that we see in the False Prophet of Revelation 13. Washington DC, including Thomas Jefferson, was a friend (or more) to the Bavarian Illuminati. Jefferson had good words to speak concerning Adam Weishaupt. Jefferson was a political animal, not a man of God. "We the people" was a figment of the imagination. The meaning behind the phrase was incapable of becoming rooted as the reality of the land. The rulers would prevail over the peoples, very predictably. The government has become a beast of its own accord, not serving the peoples, but feeding off of it to grow as powerful and as large as it possibly can. It has become a fat parasite on "we the peoples," and is squandering the peoples money for to control numerous nations perpetually in an effort to form a globalistic society patterned after its own Washington-DC heart. The sold-out-liberal peoples of Washington are not at all prepared to steer their world toward Biblical values. Washington is not 80 percent liberal by an accident.

How much time is left on God's clock? Well, with Washington in such deep debt to the tune of tens of thousands per working person, it hasn't got much left to control the world. To do so perpetually requires a steady flow of tax dollars. There is no use in plotting the overthrow of several nations today if money can't be spent tomorrow to keep those nations in tune with Washington. This beastly parasite realizes that it's main obstacle is Russia, or that without Russia, America would not need to concern itself so much about governments in Eurasia departing from loyalty to Washington. No sooner does NATO form a friend that Russia seeks to steal it away. A situation like this, while running out of money for the foreseeable future, requires a desperate act of removing an anti-West Russia for to replace it with a pro-America Russia. That is what we can bank on as being the current reality. The bad-mouthing of Putin, and the great decrease in oil prices, all starting in the past year, is likely part of that agenda. It's been on-going since the end of WW2.

For a while, Russia was starting to play a Washington tune, but Putin and the American parasite in Iraq brought that to an end. No one wants to be a true friend of a parasite bent on controlling the world. I personally can think of much-better political systems than Washington DC, and even the American peoples, by-and-large, loath Washington. It is a fantasy that Washington is the best the world has to offer. Not that Washington is sincerely concerned with making the world better, unless "better" is defined as the successfully Washington-izing of the nations. Under George Bush, we heard leaks telling of an organized move to democratize the world. I know what it means, not as angelic as the movers would have us believe.

So, we have come to a point nearing the end of Washington's big spending, and much still hangs in the balance of the Middle East. Obama's great expenditures served to cause the nations to view Washington as critically-wounded on the verge of dying altogether. It doesn't spell "successful." If America had more money, it would be doing more in the Middle East, be assured. The best it can accomplish now is a stalemate, hoping to keep Russia from moving in with larger ambitions while America is bleeding its last dollars. For a while, they raised revenue with higher oil prices, but this served to make Russia stronger too. And the global-warming hoax that promised to bring in extra, precious dollars has become much a flop. Now what? Has God noticed that the rebellious nations are right where he needs them, desperate and helpless? Will God now have pity on them? Or is he reaching for his earth-shaker?

The way that prophecy explains it, the world will become desperate, while God waits for the world to turn to Him in their sorrows. But Revelation prophecy claims that, although the world comes to experience terrible things, one calamity after the other, it still will not turn to Him. That's what's going on now. Obama, with the entire nation seeing the writing on the wall, is full-speed ahead with a Christ-less agenda. And even most voting Republicans are willing to set up a president that has no love for Jesus.

Obama's latest defense minister:

Carter received a B.A. in his double-major of Physics and Medieval History from Yale University, summa cum laude, in 1976. He then became a Rhodes Scholar and studied at the University of Oxford, from which he received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics in 1979. He worked on quantum chromodynamics, the quantum field theory that was then postulated to explain the behavior of nuclear reactions and the structure of subatomic particles. He was a postdoctoral fellow research associate in Theoretical Physics at Rockefeller University from 1979 to 1980, and a research fellow at the MIT Center for International Studies from 1982 to 1984.

Carter is one of the intelligent idiots of this world. They are the most-dangerous kinds of idiots, power or no power, but here we have one in a high position of power that involves the Middle-East quagmire. He has all the earmarks of an incubated globalist tool for the Godless, end-time agenda. "He ultimately rose to become chair of the International & Global Affairs faculty, and Ford Foundation Professor of Science & International Affairs, at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government."

I've just noted that Ashton Carter is on the board, along with Joseph Nye, of Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Nathaniel Rothschild, banker, is listed on its Advisory Board. The Belfer center was named by a man with Belfer surname, a lot like the surname of prime minister Arthur Balfour, satanist in league with Lord Rothschild, and likely part of the Rhodes-scholarship-toting globalist lunatics. Ashton Carter appears to be one of these dangled puppets. Such desperadoes are chained to governments because they don't want to spend their own money advancing their globalism. Instead, they get the "we the people" to spend it by force. "Belfer was founded in 1973 by biochemist Paul M. Doty as the 'Program for Science and International Affairs' within Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences to provide analysis on arms control and nuclear threat reduction...In 1997, following further endowment, the center was renamed as the Robert and Renee Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs in honor of Robert A. Belfer, founder of Belco Oil & Gas Corporation." Nuclear reduction is, of course, not so much about reducing American nuclear weapons as keeping other nations from becoming nuclear. It's an appropriate concern, but America still works on advancing the shape of its nuclear technology. Ask Carter. This is the technology that makes Armageddon no longer a laughable prediction. The Armageddon seed is right under Carter's nose in more ways than one. How will he contribute to it for the remained of this year?

Carters were first found in Winchester, and may thus have links to Quintus-Caepio liners of the Faucet kind. Repeat: "RasMUSSENs can be Mussel liners. Yes, for Faucets are said to be of a Tranent entity, while Walsh's [married by George Bush Jr.] use a "TransFIXUS" motto. The Ficks are listed with Figgs (same place as Julians, Capone's and June's), obvious kin of Foggs/Foghs. It recalls Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Compare Ficks/Figgs with Jeffreys. The Fix's/Ficks share fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Irish Hansons, and the latter are easily linkable to Jeffreys." I now find that a version of the Fix/Fick Coat is used by Belfers/Belfords. Both share the wavy blue fesse of Dols in colors reversed, important for my claim that Stewarts run the American military. I can't be sure whether Belfers were a Balfour branch judging on information to be gleaned from their Coats, but have some reason to view Belfers as Bellamy liners. Dols were first found in the south-Dane theater.

The reason that the repeat above was included was to show how Belfers can link to the Faucet-Hanson-Quinn story presented in this update.

The Arms of Rothschild that I show regularly can be found on Wikipedia's page for the father of Nathaniel Rothschild above. The Arms is described officially with ostrich feathers and buffalo horns. However, I didn't know until now that the central shell / scallop was called a "Target." They say that Rothschild own Dutch Shell oil, and so let me remind that the snake design of Quinns is that of Shells. The other Quinns are in Carter colors. Targets ("RATione non vi") are listed with owl-using Taggarts/Toggarts/Tegerts. They are in Teague/Teeger / DOTY colors while Teague's use a "diem" motto term that gets the Diems/DITTmayers. Then, Ditts/Diots, the possible makings of Dotys, use a Teeger-suspect tiger (oddly without stripes).

This Jewish Rothchild Coat looks like it's a version of the Massena Coat, in combination with the Rasmussen unicorn, and throwing in someone else's sinister bend. Most symbols face the Shield's right side, but the Rothchild horse faces left = sinister.

I understand that the leaders whom I call stupids / tools are expected to be shining lights for the future, but they reject the Lamp of God for their feet. Where can the blind lead but into the quagmire? You don't need to be very intelligent to figure this out, but you do need an understanding of Truth. When God is in your world picture, you have a new perspective on humanity too. And you agree with God that the present masses are complete fools, just as you were before you knew God. There is no comfort in taking this perspective. The masses are the ones who ruin YOUR society. It's your world as much as it is there's, except that they have spoiled it to the point where you don't want it to be called yours. You no longer want to have anything to do with it for fear of being lumped in with its punishment.

When Jesus said that the Law must remain until all things are fulfilled, he intended that the penalty of the Law must remain in place until after the Father makes him the Judge of the earth. Jesus did not come to judge the earth, yet the Father will make him the Judge at the final hour. On behalf of the Father's vengeance, Jesus will become the world's terror because the peoples refuse to be afraid of God in their rebellion. They are unafraid because God allows the weeds to grow with the wheat until the end, making it appear that God's judgment on earth will never come to pass. If it were not for the people whom God has numbered, whom have yet to be snatched away from this world, the world would have met its end in the past. Not until the full number has been saved will the seventh trumpet sound. I wonder what it will be like for the very last person to be saved. Will he/she be the talk of the Next Age?

Stoltenbergs and Bauers: Cream of the EU Crop

Revelation has a list of the 12 tribes of Israel that omits the tribe of Dan. It couldn't have been an oversight on the writer's part, but it goes unexplained. Apparently, Dan will not be a respected tribe in the New Age. Some believe that the anti-Christ will be from the tribe of Dan for this reason, but other explanations exist. While Denmark's Rasmussen is no longer the NATO Chief, Jens Stoltenberg, from Norway, is. Feasibly, he may go back to the Danish Norwegians. Stoltenberg is a location of Holstein, near the German-Danish border. Germo-Swiss Stole's (antler) use a sinister split in their Shield.

English Stole's surname uses a leaf, and it's with a dove, like the same of the Leve/Leaf surname. The Stole's were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Leavells. Aside from the Holstein nettle leaf, the Arms of Stoltenberg uses what looks like blue roundels upon a cross formed of blue leaves. There are leaves with the Stoltenberg surname, and there was a prominent Levite in Laish when it was renamed, Dan, by 600 cruel "Danites." I say that they were proto-Danaan from Tanis, but then it's known that Meshwesh ruled Egypt from Tanis. My inclinations were to identify these Meshwesh with MUS of Lake Van long before arriving to the RasMUSSEN/ErasMUS surname. I predicted that Moses was named after these Mus elements at the basis of the royal Hyksos whom held the Israelites hostage prior to the Exodus. Don't let the dating system of Egyptologists fool you, they have that dating system wrong. In my opinion, the Hyksos ruled Egypt when Moses was there.

I don't know how to rectify the Biblical claim that the tribe of Dan came to live in Dan, for it was not the land allotted to Dan in earlier times. I don't know how to rectify this in light of my belief that Dan was named by Tanis liners, not the tribe of Dan. Perhaps Tanis liners had disguised themselves as from the tribe of Dan in an effort to settle the area without assault from Israelites. Later, true Danites from their allotted land came to live in Dan for that reason, and feasibly they all melted into the Tyre area while abandoning Israel altogether.

The Apostle Paul was not only a Benjamite, but he was from Tarsus (Cilicia), what the Bible claims as a branch of Tyre. Moreover, Tarsus was where the Hyksos settled after the Exodus, as well as the location of Adana, where proto-Danaans settled. While I say that Moses lived in the Mus household of pharaoh KHYAN, it's interesting that the CENO river is a tributary of the Tarsus-possible Taro river. In my 12th year, I claim that God gave my readers a Sign involving me, a Mus liner, and Steve Tarr. Mus of Lake Van, now that I think about it, was at Tarun!

While the Rothschild shell / scallop is white, the color of the Meschin scallop, it's called a "TARget." This can be play on an arrow target. The Rothschild/Rothstein arrow is in both colors of the Rothschild target. The Massey-suspect Shells (and Ross') use the same colors. Lake Van had some Rusa kings that fit excellently in with the Biblical Rosh, partners in Ezekiel 38 with TOGARmah, a term like the Toggert surname (ROSS-shire) that lists Targets. Mus was of the Meshech, part of the Rosh-Togarmah partnership. Gogarene was itself in Armenia, at Van-related SeVAN. The "RATione" motto term of Toggerts reminds me of the rat-trap symbol that God has used in my house as code for Rats/Raids (same area as the Rose's / Ross') and Trabys together, interesting where Trabys share ostrich feathers with the Arms of Rothschild. The Trebbia is near the Ceno, and, moreover, the Ananes lived between the Trebbia and the Taro.

The "non" motto term of Toggerts must be for the Nons/Nevins using a "branch of palm in base", and then Palms/Parms, who can trace to Parma, where the Taro river flows, use the Massey fleur once again. The "Vivis" motto term of Nons/Nevins can jibe with the "vi" of Toggerts.

Recall that "Belfer was founded in 1973 by biochemist Paul M. Doty," for Dotys share the double-black fesse bars of Palmers/Parmers (same place as Palms/Parms). It seems evident (from a comparison of Coats) that Palmers/Parmers were a branch of Flecks while the latter use the Meschin scallops. While the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by a Weishaupt surname, it uses an IBIS while Biss' use the same scallops as Meschins too. Therefore, the new realization is that Targets/Toggerts are part of Ezekiel's Gog alliance for an event against Israel that has not yet come to pass. Late in Revelation, near to where Dan is omitted, we read that Gog will go on after Armageddon to plot more enmity with Jesus. It appears here that Rothschilds are part of the intelligent Gog stupids. Yes, very dangerous.

Armenians were definitely at Panias, smack beside Dan, and Lake Van was in Armenia. In fact, I say that Panias (or Banias) was a Van branch. The peoples of Lake Van were called, Biaini, and probably other similar terms. Fano, home of the Massey-related Fane's/Vans, was beside Rimini for obvious reason; I think I have this right. Therefore, Mus elements at Panias are expected with the so-called Daniy = Danites of Laish. Why did the Samson myth writer(s) have 600 Daniy at Laish as well as 600 Benjamites of Rimmon, the latter tracing to Rimini, home of the first-known Maschi's (PINE cones)? While Panias was in the vicinity of Tyre, why do Maschi-loving Hamons use "ATTIREs of a stag" along with a "pean chevron"?? Pean is heraldic ERMINe of a certain color scheme, and ermine is expected to trace to Mount Hermon, location of Panias. Peans are listed with Pyne-like Payens/Paions, terms much like "Panias." Is anyone going to help me teach this? Google is at war with this work; is anyone able to help by echoing the things I'm saying? Why does God want this information out there?

If indeed the Rothchild (no 's') surname is using the Rasmussen horse and the sinister Masci / Massena Shield, it's notable that the Stoltenberg description has an arrow, symbol of the Rothschilds/Rothchilds/Rothsteins. Here's the Stoltenberg description: "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." Stahlens/Steels use an arrow too, along with a griffin that's able to trace to Pomerania, near Stoltenberg.

Scottish Steels (same place as Masseys) and are said to trace to a Loges entity, which recalls the Logans that use a red heart PIERCED with nails. Let's keep in mind that while Leve-related Stole's were first found in the same place as Leavells and their PIERCE and Percival kin, mythical LOHENgrin, the swan knight and son of Percival, is traceable to swan-using Logens/Lokens/Lochs and Locks, and therefore to Logens/Lennans and LOHANS/Logans, the latter two being the ones sharing the pierced heart with Stoltenbergs. I always trace swan liners to Sevan, location of Gog. Isn't it Communist-suspect (read world-control freaks) that while we saw Stahlins/Steels above, the Scottish Steels have led us to Logens/Lennans, kin likely of Lennons/LENINs?

Here are the Locks ("non") using the same swan as Russian Hansons, and looking like they share the Rat/Raid Coat. There is a Ratzburg near Stoltenberg. As Miss Hanson has been gleaned as part of the Mussel- / Rasmussen-Faucet bloodline, lets bring in the LEE/Legh/Ligh surname that I trace to Ligurians, for Logens use a "MAJORum" motto term while Farrah Faucett married Lee Majors. He was not the seven-million dollar man, nor the five million dollar man, but the SIX million. Why six? Wasn't he half computer? Are not anchor-using Majors kin of Anchors/ANNACKers? The latter share gold-on-red LOZENges of Nigers/Nigels (same place as Steels), in the colors of the mascles of Faucet-related Quincys. The Galveston Negro, symbol of the Jeffrey bloodline, tried to STEAL my truck. Here are the English Steals (same place as Meschins) using the same checks as MAJOR(domo)s, as well as the red lion heads of Jeffrey-related Godfreys.

Hmm, compare "Niger" with "Anchor/Annacker." Put an 'A' on the front of "niger." If this is the correct way to view things, Nigers, and perhaps Negro's / Nigro's, trace to something at Agrigento. Compare "Nigel" with "Nickel" or the NISSEL variation of Nissans. Imagine, therefore, if Nissans were a Negro branch. The Negro attacked as soon as I unLOCKed the door of the vehicle, and he attacked in fulfillment of the cloud-on-sun omen that's in the Crest of Jeffreys, first found in the same place as LOCKS. The Rothschild bloodline was first found in the same place.

Here are the Nickels (giant pheon), first found in the same place (Cheshire) as the Steals! Amazing coincidence. There is a raven in the Nickel Crest, the Rothes/Rothchild symbol.

My truck was a Nissan while the Steals have billets in Chief in the colors of the Nassau billets. English Golds, who were checked due to the "gold" endings on Nissan variations, use the same lion as Nassau's. Nissans (sinister bend) were first found in Hamburg, beside Stoltenberg. The Steels/Stalls/Stahlins even use two pale bars in the colors of the two fesse bars of Nice's/Ness'. English Stole's use lozenges in half the colors of the Niger/Nigel lozenges, and while the Stole Shield is a copy of the Packer/Pecker Coat, the latter (from Norman vikings) use a Negro in Crest. I've got to say here that I see Ness' as Mitanni-based kin of Wassa's and Washingtons.

The Naso's/Naseau's/NASSINi's use mill stones reminding me of the hanks of cotton of Cottons. Aren't Hanks/Anks potential Anchor liners? It's interesting that Naso's were first found in Florence because the Stoltenberg heart brought the colors of the Florence Taddei's to mind. Dutch Naso's/Nassau's had merged with Rangabe-suspect Orange, and Rangabe's share the white flory cross with Taddei's. The rulers of Orange used the hunting horn, the only symbol showing for German Golds, no guff. It looks like we've found Nassau's in Nissans. Here's from the 3rd update of April, noting first that Rothschild-suspect Targets use a "vi" term:

As Modane [Mitanni suspect] is across the Cottian peaks from the Cottian capital (Susa), it's very interesting to find now, that Orelle is a location in the arrondissment of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne [Modane area]. Shouldn't that be the Aurelia-Cotta line? It just can't be a coincidence that Ankins/HANKins share fretty on red with Cotta's/Cottins while Hanks (Ankinton location) are kin of Cottons. And ZOWIE SHOCKER, while I've been tracing the "vi" motto term of Chives' to the Viu valley near Susa [Cottian capital], Hankins use a "vi" motto term!!!

The Mitanni lived on the Habur river, beside Armenia, and perhaps in Lake Van. Hankins, with fretty in the colors of the Anchor lozenges, were first found in the same place as Stole's and Badens. The Drakenberg Vere's, from the Drago river of Agrigento, traced themselves to two very-ancient entities: 1) Mitanni; 2) Anunnaki = Anaki. Hankincidence? I don't think so. Hanks were from the Drago river, weren't they? The rulers of Maurienne had provided rulers of Dreux, a location in Abruzzo-suspect Evreux. Abruzzo was made of Hebrews from Habur-river elements in Israel's Hebron, wasn't it, for Hebron was the home of the Biblical Anaki?

As the Anchor Coat is a version of the English Hanning Coat, and while Scottish Hannings use mascles in the colors of the similar lozenges of Anchors, it can appear that Hank liners were a branch of Hannings / Hennings, which tends to tie "Anak" to "Annas" of Israel. Scottish Hannings/Hennings were even first found in the same place as Annandale. It appears here that the Keith Catti were none other than the Cotta's, for it seems certain that Hannings are using a version of the Keith Chief too. Hannings must have been Hankins (Hanning colors), you see, who use the Cotta fretty in gold. It tends to mean that Julian liners, to some degree, were in the Keiths. Note that Cassels share the dolphin with Caesars, and that the Cassel fitchees are almost the Julian cross. Another thing, that while Hennings use the Toker sea horse and Toker bars, Teegers share the Julian cross in both colors.

I had traced Cottians vaguely to the Varni Nordics, and the Varni (Stoltenberg area) were traced to Ferrari's that use the same lion as Nassau's. The Ferrari-car logo is the Arms-of-Stuttgart horse, as well as the symbol of Italian Forts, first found in Ferrara. The STOWell variation of Stole's can betray that Stoltenberg was a Stow/Stout-viking line i.e. the raven vikings that include the Bavarian Rothes'/Rothchilds. Things make sense like that. The antler of German Stole's traces to Zahringers / Veringers of Baden, location of STUTTgart, and the Stole antler is even in the colors of the Arms-of-Stuttgart horse. Zahringers used buffalo horns, a symbol in the Arms of Rothschild.

These liners haven't changed their pirate ways to this day. They legalized theft while ruling England, and carried their trade to America as the Baconian Rosicrucians. They created the upper-crust thieves versus the common peasant workers because they didn't have the fairness policy of Jesus. The vast wealth of Rothschilds is not yet enough; the trolls continue to seek more wealth rather than giving back to the consumers. Nigels are said to have been treasurers of the Norman kings of England directly after the control-freak Conqueror. He wanted to record the colors of everyone's socks, if possible. What was the difference if John owned two cows versus four? What business was this of the king? Why were the people made to feel that the king had spies watching them? Didn't the king reward the best things for the best amongst his killers? Is that the way to establish a kingdom pleasing to Jesus? I don't recall the Saxons going to Normandy to attack it.

"LohenGRIN" can be a Grimaldi liner because swan-liners were of Liguria, where Grimaldi's lived. My Massey-line mother is a Grimaldi in one of her parents. The Grimes'/GORMlys, obvious kin of Grimes'/GRIMMs, were found for the first time in this update, so long as I can recall. Grimaldi's are expected with the lozengy of Irish Weirs, and I think one can expect that Varni were Danish to some degree. With the Nickels, the Nail-related Nagle's that trace to Liguria's Oneglia came to mind. Can't the Nails/Nagle's be in the nails of the Logen heart? Oneglia is near Grasse, a possible branch of Grazio's, kin of Nassau-possible Crispins. Was Crispina a Grazio liner? Crispins/CREPins (kin of Damorys / Amore's) use barry in the colors of the Grimes/Grimm bars.

One of the first-known Varangians was Harald, brother of Rurik. Harald temporarily ruled Schleswig i.e. the Stoltenberg area. I have a Ferrari grandmother that herself had a Taddei mother, if I'm recalling things correctly. My mother has green eyes. Where did they come from? She was born in central Italy (Abruzzo). Why did I attract Nordic ladies? Or, why was I attracted to them? Wait. Isn't this God's story? Gorms are expected from mythical Gorm of the Danes, and, as I've been chosen to do this work for being relevant to the lines that God wants emphasized, I can start to see some other Danish ancestry in me if her Grimaldi line was of the Gormlys/Grimes'. Remember, we moved to Gormville where God got me Miss Hanson, a Dane.

Just months after leaving Hanson, Miss Bauer (the surname that named Rothschilds), another blonde, blue-eyed darling, was going out with me for about two months. Recall those Russian Hansons that use the same swan (color included) as Locks, for the latter were first found in the same place (Peebles-shire) as the Bowers (share green Shield with Bauers and Burleys) who use the five bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. Lord, what was going on in my romantic life? Were you giving me girlfriends? Let me repeat that, between Hanson and Bauer, there was another blue-eyed darling, as cute as cute could be, Miss Rae. I don't recall how long we were seeing each other, but in the ballpark of mere weeks. I was 17. She was selling ice cream at the grocery store where I had taken a job, and I asked her out while buying from her. I had never spoken to her previously. It was cold risk. It means that there were two blonde cutesies, back-to-back, whom I asked out in cold blood...and I survived with a yes from both. That's a miracle, isn't it? They both left me. Was there something wrong with me? I had never been "dumped" before. What good are miraculous powers that last mere weeks?

Masseys are from Tanis liners, right? Yes, and I've shared an online quote many times concerning a Grimaldus who married Crispina, daughter of the Norwegian Dane, king Rollo. Ranulph le Meschins is online as descending from Malahule, Rollo's uncle. I wouldn't be surprised if my ancestry goes directly back to Rollo's father, and to Rollo's daughter.

Repeat: "My truck was a Nissan while the Steals have billets in Chief in the colors of the Nassau billets." Nassau's share the Arms of Eu while Eu was ruled by the Clare-Crispins. Doesn't it seem that a Grimaldus marriage to Crispina should link to that picture? Monaco's may therefore be using the Nassau lion.

"Gorm" can be suspect with the WORMs and FORMans (same place as ROSlin's Sinclairs), the latter two sharing the same dragon in Crest as proof of being branches. It can be realized here that the gold martlets of Formans are those of the Grimes'/Gorms / Grimes'/Grimms (same place as Steels). It's a wonderful addition to the Grimaldi link to Danes, and English Hennings (plates) even share two blue-on-white, wavy fesse bars with Formans, and both even share a red Chief. The sea horse of Hennings betrays their link to the Tokers, Sea's and Seamans. Note that hand-using Hagens (Ferrari lion?), a known Danish name, shares the blue fish with Sea's.

The Forman Chief uses what I regard as the Brunswick lion, and Rothschilds were first found in Brunswick. The Forman chevron is in the colors of the same of BALFOURs. Seatons / Suty were Balfour kin and meanwhile Seatons link excellently to Formans, making it likely that BalFOURs ("FORward" motto term) were a merger with Formans. The wavy blue bars in the Forman Coat can play to the same in the Coats of Fix's/Ficks and BELFERs, not forgetting that Fix / Fick/Figg liners were also Foggs/Foghs. Doesn't that link Arthur Balfour to Fogh Rasmussen? As was said, the Fogg/Fogh Coat, annulets and all, are reflective of the Frocks/Froggs, while "frock" is a code in the Grimaldi write-up. The Grimaldi's use lozengy in the colors of the Stole lozenges. The two Forman bars are in the same colors of the same of Nissans, and Negro's/Nigro's (Joseph kin) were first found in Ferrara too.

I had traced Formans to "FORUM Allieni, the name of proto-Ferrara in 70 AD. The Forts, first found in Ferrara, use the same fesse as Alans and Rundels. The black Fort horse has got to be the black one in the Este Crest, for Ferrara had a special relationship with Este. The Este-related Capelli's trace to the Hampshire Josephs (same place as Drake's) that use a "charo" motto term for the Charo's/Claro's, first found in Ferrara. I think I probably trace smack to Joseph Caiaphas too. The French Josephs use the swan design as Hansons and Locks.

So, what was the significance of Miss Rae? Ice and Crem liners were treated earlier. But can't Grim(aldi) liners be Crem liners? As Miss Bauer (worked in the same place as me) followed immediately after Miss Rae, by what coincidence do Rae's use three stags in the colors of the three boars of Bauer-related Burleys??? This is a new discovery right here. I've never considered making the Rae-Bauer link earlier. Don't you find that amazing? What else did God do in my life for this work today? You see, it wasn't my imagination that, throughout the course of my heraldic writings, unusual events from God were taking place around the house, with various animals, all clues to help me along, all telling me that God was overseeing this project. I should be floored, but this has been going on for years; I'm used to it. It's not for my entertainment. It will accomplish all that He intends.

Burleys (same place as Stole's) were looked up in the first place (years ago) as per Modburleys (same place as Steels), suspect with the Washington bars because they share a red canton, with a white symbol within it, with Wassa's. The Rae description: "A stag at gaze proper." Gaze's are listed with Wassa's. But the Modburley bars are those of Ness', and can therefore be the pale bars of Steels/Stahlens. Bigot de Loges is in the Modburley write-up as well as in the Steel write-up. This Loges entity is what tended to link the Logens / Locks to the pierced heart of Stoltenbergs, a very-important link for clinching Steels with Stoltenberg liners.

Do you remember where Tarves is now tracing? As per Tarbes, it was gleaned that they were from the Trebbia river. It flows to Placentia, very near CREMona, where I trace Crombys that were first found in the same place as Tarves. Crombys are in Rae colors, no kidding. Tarbes is at Bearn, and Bearns were first found in the same place (Cumberland) as Rae's. As I trace CUMBERland to UMBRia, where Grazio's were first found, what about the GRACIeusete" motto term of French Rays?

I was pretty sure that Rae left me for another guy, for she was gone cold without explanation. She wouldn't return my calls. I remember losing Miss Bauer to husky Mr. Denardo, a fellow worker, in the workplace's parking lot. I walked over to the car where Bauer got in with Denardo, and spoke briefly to her, but she seemed intent on staying in the car. So I left, and sat with Kepka on the hood of my car, watching on as the reality set in. I had gotten Kepke a job there, which nailed our friendship for the Peare-Walsh episode of my life starting almost immediately. I wasn't sleeping or "going all the way" in those years. Perhaps I felt that sex had to do with total commitment. While on the one hand I wanted to get serious, I needed to take it slow before jumping into a marriage. With God straining at my oars, I was bound to maintain some morality, which is probably why I became unhappy with my peers from this time onward. Perhaps Miss Bauer was "hot to trot" at this time, but, ultimately, it wasn't God's plan for me to be with Rae or Bauer any longer. Apparently, the Purpose had been served: back-to-back, short-term relationships with Rae and Bauer. The two surnames have just spoken a short but powerful story, but look below to see what Danish suspects the Denardo's lead to, including the Nortons that share Rae colors, both sharing green Shields with Bauers.

It wasn't long after (I was still carrying the loss of Miss Bauer) when moving to the big city to sell shoes. Kepka went ahead of me to get a shoe-salesman job, prompting me to get one at the competitor in the same mall. The Kepke-Nigro sleep-over in my parents' basement was before the shoe job, and after losing Bauer. Was there a meaning to that, or is it going too far to view it as an act of God? I don't know what the two did that night. Nigro's use ears of wheat while Saddocks, first found in the same place as Norths and Rye's, use ears of rye as code for Rye's, perhaps a Rae/Ray branch. The "proper" motto term of Rae's signals the Robertians = Capetians, known to descend from the Worms entity of Germany.

These Denardo's/NORDI's (Maschi lion?) are clearly a branch of NORTHs (Maschi lion?). The latter may be sharing the green dragon in Crest as per the same of Formans / Worms, for the North lion is in the colors of the Ferrara lion, and Charo's (Ferrara) are expected to trace to Bearn / Gaveston's/Jeever's. Worms even use the Charo bend in both colors. Norths share the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys with Gavestons/Jeevers. I can envision Gaveston-of-Bearne liners in Narbonne. The Denardo surname lists Narbonne's for a reason. Narbonne is at Herault, and the Heraults are listed with Herods/Haralds, whom I traced with Seatons to king Maccus, son of king Harald, a bunch of viking stupids between Ireland and Scotland. Scottish Nortons (merged with MacDonalds) were first found in the same place as Heraults...that use another green Shield. Nortons were descended from AENEAS Lally.

Norths may have been named after Nerthus, the Varni goddess. The Northerns/Nothings (Cnut suspects on the one hand) are using the green dragon again, in Crest, for a possible trace to Worms and Ferrara. This time, the Northern dragon is understood with certainty to be the Seaton dragon, but then the first Seatons were of the Musselburgh area. The Spice arm holds a "fire ball," and Fire's/Feirers use the Rasmussen unicorn, I assume, which again links to Musselburgh liners. The Balls ("A hand and arm in mail, grasping a fireball") use a "FulCRUM" motto term, and the Ice's were first found in Rostock, home of the Varni. That's a nice way to put "ice cream" together. Remember, Miss Rae sold ice cream, and Rae's/Rays are in Cromby/CRUMMY colors. Amazing coincidences. While Vibia Varia was suspect with the Varni, what about the red rooster of Cramers/Creamers, matching the red rooster of Bible's/Bibo's?

The Balls (Cheshire) are clearly using the black-on-white lion of Mails/Meils (Cheshire), and so when you get down to MALAhule below, take note that Payen liners are seemingly involved, for "grasPING" is partly suspect with the Ping variation of Paganells.

Note that Ice's/ICKE's (trefoils, can trace to Trips of Hamburg) are using the top half of the FICK/Fix Shield while Walsh's use a "TransFIXus" motto, for Walsh's can be linked to Walkers, the latter first found in the same place as Northerns, Pings, Wagners and Wagers, the latter looking like the Wagrians who lived smack at Rostock. I became acquainted recently with a woman (no relationship between us) who buried her husband in her backyard. She put a crow / raven ornament at his grave. He was Mr. WAGner. Were the raven vikings at Rostock? German Wagners use the griffin traceable to Pomerania (Rostock is in western Pomerania). Wagers use hearts, symbol of Stoltenbergs that are from Stoltenberg, to the near-west of Rostock.

However, Stoltenbergs are not showing what their description tells of. Instead, they show quadrants in the colors of the Say quadrants, and Seatons are said to be from Say. This means that Stoltenbergs can be a merger with Norths / Northerns/Nothings (Suty colors), especially if the latter were Nerthus liners. Norths are in the motto of Sutys, who in-turn have wavy, blue fesse bars along with Formans i.e. who share a green dragon in Crest with Norths, Northerns and Seatons. I trace Seatons/Sittens to the Sitones of Sweden, across the waters from Rostock. Sitones lived beside the Sviones (can explain the Cromwell swan) when the Varni were in the Rostock theater along with Lombards (recalls that German Hansons can be using the Lombard lozengy).

Note that Northens/Nothings don't have variations like the variations of Cnuts/Notts, yet they have a Coat similar to the Cnuts/Notts, explaining the Nothing variation as the merger of North liners with Cnut Danes. That is, Denardo's were linked to Danes, and there is a Danish Bauer surname. This reminds me that Danish Bauers use a blue roundel = hurt, what may be in the Arms of Stoltenberg! That can explain why Stoltenberg now leads NATO, a Rothschild smoothie / puppet. The Danish Bauer Coat looks to be a version of the Jewish Wagner Coat. Mrs. Wagner, whom I stopped visiting due to her "problems," showed me her silver bracelet made by her husband. She was not ashamed to tell me that he made it from the silver he personally pulled from the teeth of Hitlers murdered, Jewish victims. This silver and gold was to be given to Hitler's regime, but Mr. Wagner had stolen some of it.

Heraults/Hurls and Herls/Hurls share the Hurt/Hort fesse (Eustace stag, with arrow thrown in), and then the hurt of Danish Bauers should link to this set of families. It jibes with the claim that Rothschilds were part of the Round-Table Illuminati. Herault is in the land of Redones, where Cecil Rhodes should trace. The proto-Rus were from the Redones, right? Expect the Hurt cinquefoils to be those of Potters, for Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" while Hangars were first found in the same place as Potters (sea horse).

Cnuts/Notts (gold ermines on blue) almost use "pean," defined as gold ermines on black Shield, and meanwhile the Cnut Coat is a near-reflection of the Pean/Payen/Pagan Coat. What business did the Templar-Payen line have with Cnut Danes? Ask Panias and neighboring Laish, at ermine-like Hermon, the likely namer of "German." Ask the Herminones Germanics. Cnut was the grandson of Massey-liner Mieszko I, from the Mus elements at Panias, right? This was Tyrian / Sidonian wickedness from way back, explaining their viking history.

One of the things I found interesting with Kepke and I working in the same mall was that it was in a Scarburgh part of the city. I was working on the Scarborough surname that lists Scarburghs just before introducing the Kepka topic (in the same update, roughly in March). It must have been Planned from above, for the Syphax-suspect Spice's (sleeve with CUFF) look to be using a version of the Scarborough Coat. The latter even use the same chevron as Quints while Syphax and Quintus Caepio are both suspect with the line that named Caiaphas. Spice's use the colors and format of English Capone's, and then Italian Capone's were first found in the same place as Denardo's/NORDi's/Narbonne's. Why do Scarborough's share the red tower with NORTons/NAUGHTens? The latter were Cnut = Northern/Nothing liners, by the looks of it.

Colchesters (Leavell colors) use the same chevron as Quints and Scarborough's.

French Rays use an ESCARbuncle, part-code for Buncle's so that Scarbourough's are perhaps in the first half of the term. A Syphax trace to the Varni can trace them further to Varangians of Kiev, which can explain why Kepke's father was Ukrainian. Scarboroughs were originally found in the write-up of Sichs/Sykes (share tortoise with Bigots), first found in the same place as Rae's/Rays, and using a "qui" motto term that I regard as a code for Numidians (Syphax was a Numidian).The Sichs speak on Tatton Sykes of Scarborough while Cromwells (Charo/Claro / Worm Shield?) were from Tattershall. Balls use "FuCRUM "digniTATis." Tate's use the raven. Was "Sich" short for a Syphax variation? The Sichs share the fountains and chevron of Cass'/Cash and Cush's, evoking the cushion that the Bible/Bibo rooster stands on. If ice cream traces to Rostock, might it have been named after the Cramer / Bibo rooster?

While Denardi's and Norths are suspect with the Maschi lion, the Maschi-related Hamons use a chevron with ermines in colors reversed from the same of Spice's. The latter were first found in the same place (Devon) as Space's/Specotts (Quint colors), which assumes that they were branches. Specotts are said to be from a Specott location held from a Mr. FitzBerner, while Berners/BURNers/BEARNers share the quadrants of Espaine's/SPINeto's in colors reversed. There can be something to this where the English spike is an Italian spina (it doesn't necessarily mean that either surname was originated in a spike / spina, but may have developed that theme later). Berners/Bearners are traced in their write-up to elements in Essex, where Quints were first found. The Barnston location of Berners was apparently the reason for Devon's Barnstaple location. Reminder: Rae's were first found in the same place as Bearns/Burns and Sichs, wherefore note the similarity between "Syphax" and "Spagne."

As the EsPAINE's/EsPAYNE's/ESPAGNE's (Somerset, beside Devon) are said to be from the brother of Roger Toeni, while the Tosni branch of Toeni's are known to be from Malahule, this surname traces to Balso D'Espaines, great-grandson of Malahule of More. I see the latter in the "Malo mori" motto phrase of Paine's/Payne's, but as Paine liners are in code in the "chevron pean" of Hamons, it stands to reason that Spice's (suspect with the Hamon chevron) trace to this Espaines bloodline of Norman Danes. And Paine liners are from Panias in Phoenicia, right? Beside Dan, right? Where the Mus Danaan were, right? Yes, and Balso D'Espaines was a grandfather of Ranulph le Meschin. Spice's use a sleeve, the Toeni symbol (it's in the Arms of Leicester).

The ermine colors of Cnuts are used by Darlene's/Darlings (same place as Spice's and Speccots), who were not looked up until now, not until the paragraph above was written. It shocked me because Miss Rae was Darlene. The Darlene Crest has a "female figure" holding a book. From there we go to the line of PAYNE Roet, for Roets (same place as Espayne's) use the book too.

Darrels (Moor head) are said to be Orells, apparently, from Airel of Manche. The write-up mentions Dyarells of SHUDY Camps in Cambridgeshire, perhaps a Suddy / Suty / Shute line. It can perhaps explain why Camps use the colors and format of Capone's (Cambridgeshire).

And so ends God's story, for this week, anyway, using my youth for what Danish thing he wants us to know.


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