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April 7 - 13, 2015

This Update is Wholly on Flight 93 on September 11
The Official Black-Box Data Verses the Low Flight
A Nose-Dive was Impossible
What Are the Chances of a Crash Three Feet From a Road?

I'd like to continue on the topic of Flight 93 from the last update. The advantageous thing about 9-11 is that it happened while Bush was the president, which had the Democrat armies seeking with great passion anything that could verify the event as a hoax. Had the event been under Obama, these armies would have remained largely flat-footed. I'm not suggesting that the Democrats assessed the event as a hoax just because their enemy was the president. I personally oppose the Democrats to this day, and was in favor of Bush at the time, and even saw some justification for his invasion of Iraq...though the manner in which it was done seemed brutal. But I sense that the desire of Democrats to expose 9-11 transcended Bush-bashing...because Democrat organizations had to be involved too. I assume that, to some unknown degree, the desire to expose the Boston Marathon was not as passionate for Democrats as exposing 9-11.

Before going on, I'd like to show an image that did not at first load properly in the last update. It shows an excellent image of the crater that does not agree with what the networks put out. This image would be a good one to have on hand throughout this update, so put it on a separate browser. It looks like the image was on the 12th at the earliest. It's midday with the sun pounding on the road i.e. no shadows from irregular elevations on the road. One can spot that the service road (unpaved) ends directly at the one end of the crater. The brighter part of the road even ends in a curve smack into the crater (!), as though vehicle traffic was coming and going from the crater. However, the road does not look traveled beyond the crater. This is very clear. The perpetrators may not have been able to alter it because it may be a satellite image.

Here's a message from a democratunderground webpage:

Not one person witnessed human remains at the Flight 93 crash site on 9/11. Despite many people searching for remains of anything throughout the immediate area none were seen. Naturally I found this to be very surprising when Wally Miller [local coroner] showed me the photographs he took on the following day after stating he too did not discover any remains on the 11th.

The photographs Wally took showed very little evidence of human remains. So little one could attribute it all to coming from one human being. There were several photos of a severed left arm...The amazing part is that all of these remains photographed by Wally on the 12th were in plain view laying in dirt. The only dirt [sic, I think he meant "road"] in the vicinity is the dirt road which the plane allegedly crashed by. Everyone was traveling up and down this road and many people wondered off into the area of the blast trajectory into the woods. None reported seeing any such thing and let me tell you the half an arm would have easily been noticed.

To put it concisely, the FBI planted human remains at the crash site the night / day after the crash...meaning that there was no crash, but rather there was an effort to feign one from the government level on down. Miller does not seem to be a part of that hoax, or, at least, he did his best to distance himself from it had he originally agreed to it. The sloppiness with which the Pennsylvania site was prepared could explain why Miller wanted to distance himself. The last thing he wanted was certain infamy in his local circles.

The FBI also provided Miller the list of names of who he would find and provided [DNA] samples of those said individuals to Miller. So they gave Miller the names of the victims, the remains of the victims, & the DNA samples to test against those remains to confirm their identities."

Either the FBI was fully confident that giving these things to any coroner whatsoever would do the trick, or they had coached Miller, with his agreement, to make the trick work. If Miller was not privy to the hoax, then we must assume that the body parts were those of some passengers on the Flight-93 list. In this picture, the hoax takes on a gruesome, criminal color. It requires that some of the passengers let off in Cleveland were taken and killed. It can thereby explain why the plane had to land in Cleveland at all. See last update for "Cleveland" for that part of the story.

The alternative is that the FBI submitted body parts from those not on the Flight-93 list, as well as submitting corresponding DNA samples, and then gave Miller a list of names that were not from the people who had owned the body parts, but of passengers on the flight list. Still, it begs the question of whose body parts they were. There is the obvious understanding that a coroner would know how old the body parts were, whether a day, week or month. If Miller was not privy to the plot, the FBI must have provided fresh body parts. Upon these considerations, the safest, most-convenient, and most-logical choice (for the plotters) was to kill some of the passengers on the list, and submit their body parts. This sort of thing transcends politics. It is very unfair for the official-storyliners to accuse truthers of hatching a "far-fetched" theory merely to play politics, or to somehow insult the families of the passengers. You can expect the stooges of the insiders to make such accusations.

Later, the writer above, who calls himself Domenick at this particular blogging site, and says he's spent an enormous time interviewing as many of the relevant parties as possible, adds this: "wally miller did not want to meet with me. he did so as a favor to his state rep. it is what it is. now that i've spoken with miller and understand how everything happened i understand why he didn't want to meet with anyone who knew what they were talking about and can put two and two together......i say the fbi gave miller everything he needed to find everything they needed for an official story. this means miller was played like a fiddle not actively participating." It sounds like a suggestion that Miller became part of the FBI plot, at least to some degree. We can assume that the FBI has ways to make people act in a certain way. Whereas it seems clear that Miller was not an FBI pawn on the first day, it is debatable as to what he became afterward, for example, frightened by threats. It's not unthinkable.

My purpose in covering this event in a prophecy-related website is to expose the condition of the globalists in the Middle East, more like Hitler's diabolicals than humanistic agents. They arrived to the Middle East on the back of 9-11, and from that standpoint, they could be expected to find methods to remain in the Middle East akin to their 9-11 method, which was to blame Arabs for an attack on America. This method is in play to this day. If my website were influential, I might have received a call by now.

There may have been body parts in the forest on 9-11 because it was safer to plant them there, but there were no body parts in the open where a person may have come by prior to the set crash time. It simply wasn't safe to place body parts in the open until after the explosion. One could easily envision a meeting where these things were discussed and agreed upon. One must also envision meetings to discuss the location of the crash site, with several options on the table. They chose a site off a road that was little used, and moreover that included Rollock scrap yard because the insiders knew they could get the Rollock owners to agree with, and contribute to, the plot. They put the crash site directly beside the shoulder of the road after considering the pros and cons. It was dangerous to fix a site beside the road, but necessary to do so for covering the track marks in the soil from an excavator. The soil had to be turned fresh soon before the crash time, requiring an excavator. If one end of the hole were at the hardened shoulder, th track marks would be minor at that point. But covering 100 yards of track marks, for example, would show clear evidence for doing so.

In the last update's testimonies, there was no one who said there was the smell of jet fuel at the crash site. One man described the smell, saying that it was NOT jet fuel. But here we now go to one of the firemen who not only said he smelled jet fuel, but said he saw obvious body parts, what others did not say. Here then, is an insider-suspect, something we should not be surprised to bump into.

"After calling for backup from several area fire companies, King and the other firefighters, who had never responded to an airplane crash, surveyed the scene...King recalls the paper strewn in the trees and clothing and shoes scattered on the ground. There were no bodies, he says. Just body parts....

King is also the Assistant Fire Chief of the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department. He was one of the first emergency workers at the scene of the crash...

...He was not sure what scene to expect at the crash site. When King and his crew arrived, they saw what smoking pieces remained of the plane. "There were small pieces everywhere and small signs of human remains. It was total destruction."

...King: "We stopped and I opened the door. The smell of jet fuel was overpowering. I will never forget that smell; it is really burnt into my mind. ...I walked down the power line and got my first glimpse of human remains. Then I walked a little further and saw more."

This account is has a contradictory ring in comparison to the reports of several others, who saw nothing of the sort when they first arrived. King has seemingly joined the criminals. How did he get that way? Was he threatened and purchased? Or was he a secret dog from the start: "Patrick Madigan, a commander with the Pennsylvania State Police, described: 'When I looked at the pit, I didn't realize that was where the plane had crashed. I thought, at first, that it was a burn pit for the coal company.' A fireman said this was where the plane went into the ground. 'I was amazed,' Madigan recalled, 'because it did not, in any way, shape, or form, look like a plane crash.'" Read that again if it didn't sink in. There was a fireman at the scene who already knew that the plane went into the ground.

That in a nutshell sets off the questions from truthers, but when you add in the overblown statements such that were made by Rick King, truthers get more suspicious. "And although Flight 93 was reportedly 'heavily laden with jet fuel' when it crashed, investigators found no contamination from jet fuel in the soil and ground water around the site...The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) began taking samples of soil and well water from around the site about a week after 9/11, to see if they had been contaminated by Flight 93's fuel or other toxic materials." I think Mr. King loses on this on. It kind of makes him look like a liar.

Here's something that brings the beast in me to the surface: "DEP spokeswoman Betsy Mallison said that, 'whether it burned away or evaporated, much of {the plane's fuel} seems to have dissipated.'" Everyone local person was amazed at how this hole looked nothing like a plane crash, and then, the person who knows best that zero jet fuel was at the site continues to spout off that a plane crashed there anyway. I had best laugh this off, keep the beast repressed. Fossil fuel in dirt does not disappear in a matter of days.

While King claimed falsely to smell jet fuel galore, he does not speak on a huge fire expected of spilled jet fuel at a crash scene. King lived less than a mile away, and said he was at home when the explosion went off, but he does not speak on any soaring flames seen while his truck neared. He says nothing about a flowing stream of black smoke. Just a mushroom cloud. The same blog includes two other firefighters who can be placed into the insider category: "Lieutenant Roger Bailey, Somerset Volunteer Fire Department: '...Mail was scattered everywhere. ... the one guy who was with us almost stepped on a piece of human remains. I grabbed him, and he got about half woozy over it.' When former firefighter Dave Fox arrived at the scene, "...He saw three chunks of torn human tissue..." But the next blogger points out that these reports came out months later, which of course turns them into weak arguments. Later in the blog, we find that "the so called firemen and 1st responders...gave their accounts in a book published 1 year later." One would think that important sightings such as these firemen described would have been part of their original stories from day one. Apparently not, wherefore they were lying the lies that the perpetrators needed them to lie after many Americans started to spot, and write about, the problems with the official storylines.

Here's on Rick King, same fireman as above, from the last update, speaking at an early time: "Rick King, 42, of Shanksville, was behind the wheel of the first fire truck to arrive at the crash scene...heard Flight 93 scream overhead, seen a massive fireball light up the sky and felt an explosion rock the entire town of Shanksville...But besides a burning landing-gear tire, smoldering branches in the nearby WOODS [caps mine] and a few brush fires, there was little to indicate a jetliner had just crashed, he says." No body parts mentioned. It doesn't sound as though he was initially an insider puppet, for "a few brush fires" does not jibe with a plane crash.

And then there's the problem of Doug Miller and Blair, who said they arrived before the firemen, and put out the fires themselves. Likely, what King meant was that he saw smoke smouldering from what had been brush fires. It seems that the testimony of Miller and his friend arriving with fire extinguishers to put out the lowly flames could not possibly place these two men in the criminal category. The insiders would want the largest flames possible. No one spoke of avoiding the great heat from large flames in the crater. It is clear that Miller and his friend (Blair) had no political motive to tell such a story if it was told on 9-11, for this event was not a political one at the time. No one blamed it on Bush at the time. It is inconceivable that deliberate, false witnesses appeared on behalf of truthers as early as 9-11 or the days afterward. There were no truthers at the time.

Domenick then comes back to level this statement from Jeff King: "we did a couple searches of the woods, sent firemen in they kept coming back...nothing. i mean you didn't even see any evidence of humans at all...'" Months later, he was prepared to lie, and make money at it. It means that the enemies of Jesus Christ will purchase liars. False testimony will be the name of their game, and they will imprison people on false charges.

From the shoestring website above, here are three insider-suspects judging from how they introduced a ridiculous theory to save the day for the perpetrators:

Bob Weaver, the ranking Pennsylvania state trooper at the alleged crash site, recalled: "I was totally amazed that this big plane was just swallowed up in the ground. ... It took a while for it to sink in that there was an airplane in there." Michael Soohy suggested that the moment the plane hit the ground must have been "almost like a dart hitting a pile of flour. ... The plane went in and the stuff back-filled right over it." And Fire Chief Terry Shaffer said he thought that "the earth literally opened, swallowed the aircraft, and closed up."

When all else fails, bring in the circus.

Who took the picture below with the firetruck in the background behind the still-smoking crater? Someone was there with a camera, so why didn't this person share more pictures with the world? The photo is cropped so that we can't see to the sides of the hole much. There is no LONG wing scar before it drops into the crater, as the aerial images show after being tampered with. The shallow and grassy indentation closest to the viewer in the image below can only be of the dark tip at the top of the aerial photo.

In the aerial photo, note the minor depression that looks like a rabbit trail that goes off the top side of the crater for a distance of about a crater diameter. That's been reported as the place where the plane's tail fin sliced into the ground. How can anyone can swallow that?

It can be gleaned that the wing scar to the top of the page is roughly 50 feet long, but in the image above taken from the ground, it can be gleaned that the wing scar together with the crater amount to 50 feet max. Notice that the crater ridges are not dark and rounded as in the pictures taken at ground level, but light-grey and peaked. The inside of the crater, even in the shade, is mostly light grey to the very bottom, contradicting the fires / smoke seen inside the crater. I do not think there is any justification as to why this image is in such low resolution, for it is not a satellite image. Whoever was taking pictures could have flown near, and no doubt did so, to provide a highly-crisp picture, but, the fact is, this image was false, and we are not to be given, so far as they can swing it, a crisp image.

In the image below, it was determined that the people were shrunk roughly in half to make the crater appear twice as wide than it truly was. Taking the humans as the yardstick, the crater here measures about 45 feet wide (or long) from front to back. This is more like the distance desired by the perpetrators. For one thing, it helps to make the distance from the center of the crater, to the end of the wing scar, more like 50 feet. One can compare humans to crater in other photos to verify that the ones below are half their normal size. I do not view the dark perimeter of the crater as burnt grass, but as over-turned soil when men made the crater ridge. The wing scar in the image below looks longer and more horizontal-trenchy than the more-natural one above that seems to descend at a faster rate.

The official story has the plane entering the hole at a 40-degree angle, but the crater's round shape denies this because a cylindrical tube entering the ground at 40 degrees requires an highly-elongated oval crater. That's just fact-of-physics undeniable. It is an assault both on the aerial images and the ground images to claim a 40-degree entry angle. So why did the official line make such a claim? Because, the plane that everyone saw was incapable of doing a nose dive better than 40 degrees. Probably, 40 degrees was the best the perpetrators could give it. Let's look at this and assume a passenger jet, Flight 93 itself.

It was already low in the sky as it approached. Just 1.7 miles (= 10 seconds roughly) away from "crash," it blew the leaves of Viola's trees. How possibly could its nose be 90 degrees to the ground ten or fewer seconds later? This is a monster craft, not an agile military jet. To do a curve, from a near-horizontal position over Viola's house, in order to satisfy the round crater, a passenger jet requires plenty of altitude. I don't know how much, but it doesn't matter, because a perfectly round crater, with the plane disappearing into the ground, requires a plane with no horizontal (parallel with the ground) motion while striking the ground. A perfectly round crater dictates that the plane be moving 100 percent downward with virtual-zero lateral motion. If it has significant lateral motion while pointing straight down, the nose will slide along the ground, with the tail coming to slam the ground ahead of the nose.

Plane's don't have much brakes. Small flaps are all the brakes they have. How does one stop a forward motion of 580 mph hour (official-report or media-report velocity) in the few seconds remaining? Forget it. If the pilot decided to put the descent rate to the max (probably not a typical descend method), the plane could find itself flying across while pointed down. Even if it could maintain that position for long (which it can't), the "trick" won't work to get the plane fully into the ground.

With a plane flying in at over 550 mph in forward motion, at Viola's house, how will it get up high enough to do a perfect nose dive with all lateral motion eliminated? The time restriction makes it impossible. From Viola's, it had only three seconds at most for the rise, three seconds at most for the leveling out, and three seconds to get the plane moving fully vertical without any lateral motion. Forget it. And that's why the government criminals had to opt with a 40-degree angle, with much lateral motion yet remaining, but in doing so, they contradicted the "artwork" in the crater. They didn't think it would become an issue. We were all to think: there's the crater, there's the wing scars, a plane surely landed there, end of story.

A passenger jet cannot lose much of its forward motion in five or ten seconds no matter what the pilot does, nor how high the plane is to begin with. But in the situation at Lambertsville, the plane was extremely low to begin with; therein is one Achilles Heel of the government criminals.

It's interesting that Viola did not hear a plane coming in for 10-15 seconds, as claimed by Lee Purbaugh's workmate at the scrap yard. "'We didn't hear that plane coming until it was right on top of us.'...She said the plane appeared to be gliding into the ground." "Gliding" may have been her word for the lack of engine noise on the approach to her house.

A low-flying plane will not be heard for a far distance. In order to be heard for 10-15 seconds, a plane moving toward a person at 550 mph needs to be at least four miles away (10 seconds total). The horizon over a flat land is three miles away. But if it's low to the ground, it's not likely to be heard for even two miles away. If its trying to sneak up to the crash site, with engines quiet at times, it can be considered a virtual glide at those times, but it can turn up the engines at any time to sound as though it just appeared overhead. I would take the testimony of the people at the scrap yard as worthless.

There is another explanation. If a military plane is moving 700 mph, it's moving 1,027 feet per second. At the speed of sound, it's moving 1,127 feet per second. A plane moving at 700 mph can sound like a missile. The difference between slower passenger plane coming in and a missile is that the missile comes faster so that it whooshes by without notice of coming in. The mayor may have heard a plane coming in at nearly the speed of sound, explaining why he would not have heard it coming in for long.

Starting at 5,000 feet away, a plane moving 700 mph will take (5000 / 1027 = ) 4.9 seconds to reach you. But its sound will take (5000 / 1127 =) 4.4 seconds to reach you. In those 4.4 seconds, the plane will have moved about 4,520 feet toward you. Therefore, you will hear the plane when it's just (5,000 - 4,520 =) 480 feet away, and it will cross over your house (1027 / 480 =) .46 seconds afterward. You'll hear it for a half second only before it whooshes by like a missile over your house. I have no idea what it would sound like after it has passed at that velocity.

The faster a plane flies toward the crash site, the longer it can glide afterward without engine noise. That would have been the logical choice for the perpetrators, wouldn't it?

In the last update, there was testimony from a Terry Butler of Stoystown Auto Wreckers, and here this Domenick (user-name) says he's from that ace / area. Let's repeat from Domenick from the same page that I've been quoting from until now: "What I find most troubling is that it took me nearly 5 minutes to drive to the crash site from Stoystown Auto Wreckers and Rollock Scrap Yard is less than 100 yards from the crash site and yet none of their employees seemed to have gone out to the scene. Instead it was Bob & Doug arriving [first] several minutes [after the explosion]." What an excellent point because one would expect the entire workforce at the scrap yard to stop immediately to check this spectacle out...unless they were the guilty party that created the crash site. If we could be that fly on the wall again, we might hear them deciding as a group that all Rollock employees should not go out to be seen because they might not be able to keep their guilty faces from showing. Well, something like that.

Here is a map showing Lambertsville, home of Viola Saylor (the crater is not at the memorial). She says: "It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a 'thud.'" It's hard to imagine a large passenger plane, in such short time, doing both: gaining any sort of elevation while crashing on the ground. Something's wrong.

Keep in mind that "[The FBI] final story is that [Flight] 93 nose dived from some 3000 feet at least, straight in the soil." That blogging statement was in 2009, and is credible because the FBI did need to portray a dive from a significant height...which is why Viola and the others have exposed the FBI for the frauds that they are, from the top of their command, anyway. Imagine, law-enforcement people, the leaders, breaking the law like this. Shame, deep shame. To prison with you all! Throw away the keys!

On the map below, one can see why the plane should have made a sharp-right turn, if you first draw a line from Stoystown through Lambertsville. From Lambertsville, the path needs to turn right fairly significantly to fly over the crash site. The community of Indian Lake is shown beyond the lake by the same name, and the alleged debris field at Indian lake (the lake) is shown, where a plane dropped materials according to multiple witnesses. I'll deal with some of that later to suggest a growing idea, that the government put out those reports.

Here's one of the government-side bloggers after insulting and frustrating a truther for typical sport: "Many people in Pennsylvania saw the Boeing 757, traveling at low altitude and high speed, roll to the right and plummet upside-down, nose first, towards the ground. Many people witnessed the subsequent enormous explosion and fireball. Val McClatchey photographed the mushroom cloud." And that's how they think. It seems to them that anyone who denies a crash, upon all of this evidence, is a mal-intented individual. But no one saw the plane actually strike the ground, and even if one says he did, there are several reasons for entertaining him as a false witness of the government. There was no such thing as a truther on day one.

Those of us who watch prophecy because we trust that Jesus will return are not surprised that the nation leading the world is diabolical at this time. It is new knowledge to those of us who see it this way, but even before 9-11, the Christian community had large reservations concerning the immoral direction of all Western governments. Put all things together to date, and there can be sensed something fearsome developing before us.

The blogger I'm talking about, after succeeding in upsetting the truthers, comes on with, "Off with you now. Back into your hidey hole, safe from all the evidence, where you can mock the family members of 9/11 victims all you want." The idea there is to win as many readers as possible by making truthers look heartless, insensitive, diabolical, malicious. Aside from the points I've taken from it, the blog is not worth reading. Trust me.

Here is a curious thing from the shoestring site, five witnesses seeing paper "everywhere" that does not appear on either the aerial nor ground pictures, and was not mentioned by the bulk of those who gave their descriptions of the site. Two of the five are already suspect with the insiders, and a third (Kelly) was one of the witnesses of the jet flying low over her house:

However, although witnesses noticed a surprising lack of plane wreckage and human remains at the supposed crash site, large quantities of paper debris were seen and recovered from there.

Kelly Leverknight recalled seeing "a bunch of paper." Faye Hahn, an emergency medical technician, said she saw "papers everywhere." Upon inspection, she found these were "pieces of mail." Roger Bailey recalled that "mail was scattered everywhere." And Rick King similarly recalled, "There was mail scattered everywhere."

Lee Purbaugh, one of the first people to arrive on the scene, initially thought the aircraft that crashed "was just a cargo plane carrying some mail, because when he ran up to the actual scene, he didn't notice any carnage, just some mail around," according to the Daily American. According to Jere Longman, the items Purbaugh saw included "envelopes with California addresses, magazines, {and} paper on the ground and in the trees." Some of the envelopes were burned but others were undamaged.

The Independent reported that Flight 93 was carrying "7,500 pounds of mail to California" when it crashed. According to Roger Bailey, in the days after September 11, pieces of mail found at the crash scene would be gathered into a recycling bin and, periodically, the post office would send a mail truck to take away a load.

The perpetrators must have gotten the mail when they got some of the passengers back at the Cleveland airport. It doesn't look like they had it planted immediately, but, perhaps took much of the day to arrive by truck, even as the body parts were not found until late on the 12th. If it can be proven that the plane didn't land there, this mail, the more it's confirmed to have been from the cargo deck of Flight 93, the more the perpetrators can be found guilty of a faked landing, and with the blood of passengers on their hands. Again, everyone reported small metal debris on day one, but few reported these papers for day one...unless it was later in the day. There's no way the paper from Flight 93 could have been there when Rick King arrived, and in fact he said nothing of the papers on his day-one testimony so far as I've read.

Let's put it this way, that if these papers and envelopes with California addresses were "everywhere," the other witnesses, such as the first two to arrive, would have picked them up and reported, "we found mail with California destinations." It is inconceivable that they would not look at those envelopes, seeing a lack of bodies and fuselage parts to inspect. If the envelopes were the only thing of interest, the first several people to the site would have picked them up! The reports caller them "papers," but if they had California addresses, then they were not just papers, but envelopes. There is no particular reason as to why the envelopes would have opened upon exiting the fuselage, spilling their papers. In the main, they should have become released as sealed envelopes. No one to the crash site would have failed to pick up envelopes to see what they might have been. The perpetrators are therefore guilty of planting the envelopes.

In the 2nd update of March, 2012, where I dealt with Flight 93, I found the Leverknights (about two miles from the crash site) living on the same side of Lambertsville Road as Viola Saylor. Here's something that one investigator (Christopher Bollyn) had to say:

Then there are those who had obviously been told to tell lies. I would consider Bob Leverknight to be a member of the latter group. As I reported from Somerset:
I spoke with Bob Leverknight, correspondent with Somerset's Daily American, at the newspaper's office about how Flight 93 disappeared into the crater without leaving a trace. Leverknight, an active member of the Air National Guard, was assigned by the editor to handle my questions. His answers were quite incredible. About the disappearance of the plane, Leverknight said, "It {the ground} liquefied." One of the plane's massive engines, he said, "bounced" off the ground and was found at a very considerable distance -- in the woods.

The ground did not liquefy and swallow the plane as Bob Leverknight told me at the office of the Daily American and nothing bounced off the ground. These are lies that surround the deception...

The webpage above happens to show the tampered crater from an aerial not shown in the last update. The same aircraft is predicted to have taken the aerials presented in the last update, for one can spot that the tree shading on the ground is near identical in all tampered aerials. Below is the image (from a television network, apparently) in case it disappears from the page above; one wing scar can be seen protruding from some dark shade.

I don't know the date of these aerials. One of them appeared on NBC. On the image above, showing a very wide area around the crater, no scattered papers can be seen. There are some white objects in this ground image, but even if they are all papers, we don't see it "everywhere," and none of it looks like an envelope. It is not likely that they would drop Flight-93 mail on this area prior to the fixed explosion. The reason that more ground images are not available of the crash site while the smoke is still rising should be to keep us from knowing that there was not paper "everywhere" at the time. I have yet to see a ground image of the burning / smoking forest. Why should that be?

Pardon me. I kid you not, that just as that was being written, the new-to-me image below was loading, showing the hole still smoking, WITHOUT scattered paper so far as we can make out. The image shows worked soil to the front of the crater, as though the crashing of the nose cone sent soil flying forward (the wide aerial image above shows no such thing, showing only green grass beyond the crater). There are some white / bright objects in that area, but they could just as well rocks. One can make out the width of this hole, from wingtip to wingtip, as roughly three of the small trucks shown on the road, or about 50 feet across, far short of the roughly 125-foot wing span of Flight 93. The image seems clearly to expose that the wing scars were not nearly provided as long and narrow as the tampered images suggest. Moreover, the image shows that the front of the crater has a ridge some three feet or higher above the grass line, while the back side of the crater has zero ridge showing above the grass line. But in this ground image, there is a slight ridge at the back of the crater, and it's not much higher at the front, certainly not three feet high. In the ground image, there seems to be little, if any, soil splash to the front of the crater, for we can make out green grass.

Plus, as you can plainly see, the tail fin that supposedly sliced into the soil is not to any degree visible in the grass. They claimed that the plane entered the hole while flying upside-down, wherefore the tail fin made a slice in the dirt, but as you can see, the green grass is continuous, with no slice, so sign of dirt kicked up by a tail fin slicing through. In fact, the camera view is directly in line with the "rabbit trail" that the tampered image comes with, suggesting that the rabbit trail was never formed by the workers, but was purely an invention of the image doctors.

Now here is a snippet from the 2nd update in March, 2012, while the entire affair was still green on my mind:

Viola Saylor saw Flight 93 pass very low over her house in Lambertsville, which is a mile north of the official crash site. She was in her backyard when she heard a very loud noise and looked up to find herself "nose to nose" with Flight 93, which she says was flying "upside down" as it passed overhead. It was blue and silver, she said, and glistened in the sunlight.

It was so low that it rustled the leaves of her 100-foot maple tree in her yard. It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a "thud," she said. "It was real still for a second," she said. "Then all of a sudden" she saw a "very quiet" and low-flying white "military" plane coming from the area of the crash site, flying towards the northwest. "It was flying very fast, like it was trying to get out of here," she said. "A second or two" behind the "military" plane were two other planes, which Saylor described as "normal" planes.<

I'm choosing a velocity of 1000 feet per second as the plane speed because I believe it was faster than the maximum for a passenger, and because it's a nice round number to follow. Viola's house, 1.7 miles = 9,000 feet away from the crater, makes the plane over her place about nine seconds to it.

I have an incredible problem believing that a passenger jet should be flying upside down when in fact there were no terrorists on board. Flight 93 was reported (by United Airlines) on the Cleveland airstrip AFTER the fixed explosion here. Not only was the plane upside-down (not necessarily with wings perfectly parallel with the ground), but it supposedly went higher in altitude for a second or two, meaning that the nose of the plane was pointed up for a second or two. Let's assume that her three seconds was more like five and that the nose started to go down with three seconds left; it does nothing to help the official storyline. How can a plane with nose up three seconds before crash get the nose down to a 40-degree angle? Was this a fish in water?

It doesn't matter whether we view Viola as an insider or not; her testimony ruins the official storyline on the nose dive. Back in March 2012, I said this: "Viola is on the same side of Lambertsville Rd as the Leverknights, meaning that the plane, if it was the same plane at all, flew straight down the Lambertsville Rd for at least one mile. The map does not show a flight path in that fashion." The map below shows only two roads at Lambertsville; I forget which one is Lambertsville Road, but it doesn't matter. Pick either road, and the plane will not be flying southeast as the bulk of witnesses suggested. Therefore, the low-flying plane either did not fly over Viola's house; either did not fly over Leverknight's house, or there were two planes coming toward the "crash site." The latter is not really an option so long as at least some of the witnesses are reliable, for none spoke on two planes coming through at near-tree level.,+Stonycreek,+PA+15563,+USA/@40.0578229,-78.8763439,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89cae23bcb202efd:0xdfc849a7ebc519a5

Who was Telling the Truth?

Lambertsville Road is the white one (1007) on the map, which is aligned roughly due south-north. Here's the Flight-93 investigator on Viola's location: "bob blair and doug miller both described seeing a commercial airliner to me miles prior to the alleged crash site on route 30 heading in that direction which would place it passing over viola saylor's house...viola's house was slightly north/northwest of the crash site at 1318 Pompey Hill Rd in lambertsville..." I assume what Domenick did was to go with the two extinguisher men to the spot where the plane was first spotted, and the two then pointed where in the sky, and how in the sky, it continued from there. They apparently agreed that it went over Viola's, which tends to suggest that Domenick has not ruled her out as a false witness.

I hope Domenick's correct on Viola's address. But if this is correct, the Google distance meter has her home more like 1.7 miles north of the crater, which is good to know. Viola permitted her address to be granted online. Pompey Hill Rd is the same one as Cemetery, accept that it's on the west side of Lambertsville Rd. The Google pointer for Viola's house is near the corner of Lambertsville and Pompey Hill, and I've read that she was at the 6th house in from Lambertsville road. This information, allowing for one to resolve the flight path, was not known until Obama was the president. Judging from some conversations I've been reading, some of the accounts you are about to read concerning witnesses nearer to the crater than Viola, were not known even by Domenick as late as some part of 2008.

Google has been refusing (today) to give a pointer for the home of Kelly Leverknight, or for any address I might try that is near her place. But I fell upon a means to get the pointer to show up. She was/is at 417 Lambertsville Rd, which is shown by the pointer at this Google map to be .2 mile north of Pompey Hill, and on the west side of Lambertsville Rd.

To this point, I had yet to discover which way Viola had the plane going as it crossed over her place. But here it is: ""flight 93" passed over viola's house at a very low altitude just above the trees headed in the direction of the crash site." Domenick is fairly meticulous, though in other conversations, he had Viola's house merely ballparked at only a mile from the crater. I'm getting to understand better how he thinks. I like the way he thinks, actually. It sounds like the plane took a virtual straight path from the two extinguisher men to the crater, and going over Viola's house in that straight path. I wish I could confirm that, because Mr. Butler had a wide right turn to the crater. I've noticed, on the page above and others, Domenick hasn't mentioned Terry Butler's story.

"'I heard the plane going over and I went out the front door and I saw the plane going down,' said Leverknight, 36. 'It was headed toward the school, which panicked me, because all three of my kids were there.'" What school? Which way was it?

The plane had to be flying more east than southeast across the homes of both women, in order to make a sharp right turn to the crash site. If it was flying southeast, there would only be a slight right to make.

The map below has the crash site more pinpointed than the Google map with the memorial. Both maps shows the service road smack beside the crater. The wing scars were dug out perpendicular (90 degrees) to the service road, and then we can see that this road is aligned southeast at the crater, meaning that the nose of the plane crashed pointing southeast according to the official story. That is, the perpetrators planned on having the plane appear crash-landed in a southeast direction. If correct that it turned significantly right before crashing, then it was flying east (or worse) as it crossed Lambertsville Road.

See where Terry Butler was, at this Google map showing Stoystown Auto Wreckers. He's one of a few claiming that the plane banked to the RIGHT. I'll assume that Terry (about three miles away) could see the plane the entire right turn. Kelly's testimony included a plane flying EAST (her word): "Kelly Leverknight was watching news of the attacks on New York and Washington when she heard the plane. It sounded like it was flying low above her home in rural Pennsylvania, moving from west to east. It was an odd enough sound that she stepped outside to have a look" ( (09/12/01). East could have been a little southeast, but then east is needed to corroborate Butler's turn. That's my point.

The Google map does not show the location of the crater, showing only the memorial beside it. Look at how they have the memorial a full mile from Lambertsville Rd. It could give the false impression that the crater was that far from the road too, which it was not. Just so you know. The Google map has the service road almost parallel with 1007. Enlarge the Google map until the circular Approach Road appears; the service road is between 1007 and the southern part of Approach Rd.

It's notable that Kelly's not giving the impression of a plane directly over her house. It doesn't seem close enough, anyway, or she might have emphasized the loudness. For her part, Kelly says the plane's "belly" could be seen, suggesting that it was flying right-side up without abnormal / vertical wing alignment, and moreover it sounds at least near to her house. By the sounds of it now, the plane flew between the homes of both ladies, which are estimated to be 1,000 feet apart in the least.

See the maps (best to load therm on your own browsers), trying to envision the flight path from the auto wreckers so that the plane ends up eastward while crossing Lambertsville Rd. That's a left turn. Butler didn't say anything about a left turn, in what I've read, anyway.

Here's a notable item: "Kelly Leverknight, whose home is a couple of miles from the Flight 93 crash site, adds that planes going overhead are nothing unusual here because the area is a 'military flight corridor.'" Ahh, let's keep that in mind with all the fancy flying reported by several witnesses. Her husband and father-in-law were both active / had connections with the military. Her father-in-law (Robert Leverknight Sr.), who had died recently in 2,000, had a funeral service at a Masonic lodge.

Let's verify Kelly's location. Online info found this: "SSgt Robert G. Jr. married to the former Kelly McAllister, Stoystown..." A blogging site found a Leverknight family at 417 Lambertsville Rd, and the page below finds Robert G Leverknight listed at 417 Lambertsville.

The translated page above makes the following observation (I can't verify nor deny) where suggesting that hills between Terry Butler and the crash site would make it impossible for him to see the last part of the flight, where Butler claims the plane went "flip to the right and straight down" over a tree line. I suppose it's possible for "straight down" to be true even if the right turn started as far back as Viola's place. Butler's story becomes problematic in the specific direction that the plane crashed. How could a plane turning right way north, at either woman's house, end up crashing southeast, 1.5 to 2 miles south, unless it first flew south for that distance? That's not "flip to the right and straight down" unless "down" means "straight south." In this scenario, however, "down" sounds like the crash.

Put it this way. Why would the pilot (no terrorist, just an experienced military pilot knowing his route) want to make a sharp right after turning east over the Lambertsville road? Did he want to follow the populated road to be heard by as many residents as possible? Shouldn't he have made more of a straight-line path to the crater, and never mind the eastward path and the required turn thereafter?

Here's from March of 2012 when I had access to Google Earth: "Upon checking with street view up and down Lambertsville Rd., something resembling a typical public school between 417 Lambertsville Road and the explosion site could not be found. {Later, in the testimony of Susan McElwain, we learn of a school to the south of the explosion site.}" As Kelly said the craft was headed directly for the school, that means the plane went south. It sure seems like a contradiction on her part to say it was going east if it went south.

But I don't know whether the school above is the one where Kelly's kids were. Might the school be on the east-west road through Lambertsville, called Cemetery Rd? I don't think so, for, obviously, no matter what direction the plane was passing her house, she saw it fly south, which requires the school to be southward too.

I realize how dry topics can get when they involve "which way did the plane go"? Feel free to pass on this section. But it's important to fish out the liars from the others. There is a question here on whether Kelly's testimony was an insider plot to discredit Viola's testimony, for the latter's was most-damaging to the FBI.

If we assume that all three witnesses were correct, the plane's path was a zig-zag in the last three miles, which is to say it included both a left and right turn. If we knew the number of seconds that it took to go "straight down" after the "flip to the right," it could be of great help in deciding whether he was telling the correct story. Did his "straight down" last less or more time than his turn"

The crater is about 1/3 mile to Lambertsville Rd. on "My" map . Once the plane passes the homes of the two women, we imagine that it travels at least a third mile to the east of Lambertsville road, meaning that there's no way to get to the crater but with a purely southbound flight, yet the wing scars point southeast, requiring a significant LEFT turn at the very end.

Here's another witness (spoke out on the 11th) that I suspect on the false side besides those at Rollock (at least the ones on the job that day): "Linda Shepley: She hears a loud bang and sees the plane bank to the side. {ABC News, 9/11/2001} She sees the plane wobbling right and left [same out-of-control-like description as Purbaugh], at a low altitude of roughly 2,500 feet, when suddenly the right wing dips straight down, and the plane plunges into the earth. She says she has an unobstructed view of Flight 93's final two minutes." That's seems way too long to have seen it, perhaps for the purpose of falsifying its origin before entering Stoystown air space.

Blair and Miller estimated their plane height at 500 feet, and here Shepley has it at 2,500 feet just before crash. That plays to a nose dive and to the cloud mentioned by Butler. As Shepley uses "straight down," the phrase used by Butler, she can be used as evidence that anyone claiming a right bank was coached by the insiders. While her "plane bank" (doesn't say right or left) was part of her account on day one, the quote doesn't tell the date of her right bank. Perhaps the plane was banking left, but then came the plot to declare a right bank to discredit Viola. How could a right bank discredit Viola? Because she probably had the plane flying over in a southeast direction, needing no flipping right turn. Am I suggesting that Kelly used the "east" word to discredit Viola?

Perhaps Kelly, on day one, claimed that the plane was headed toward her school. Then, later that day, or the next when the insiders needed it, she changed the flight path to east to (for example) discredit Viola. Kelly's east version appears in St. Petersberg Times the day after (i.e. on the 12th). It wasn't Viola's flight path that needed discrediting. It was other things she said. One could imagine the FBI planting bad rumors about her to local media and politicians, urging all to ignore her story.

Let's now go to an alternative testimony as told by Mr. Butler; this time he tells us the length of time between the right turn and the crash: "Terry Butler, at Stoystown: He sees the plane come out of the clouds, low to the ground. 'It was moving like you wouldn't believe. Next thing I knew it makes a heck of a sharp, right-hand turn. It banks to the right and appears to be trying to climb to clear one of the ridges, but it continues to turn to the right and then veers behind a ridge. About a second later it crashes. [St. Petersburg Times, 9/12/2001] " "Heck of a sharp" turn would suggest, in the least, from southeast to south, or east to southeast. It doesn't matter which, he has a major problem with his story, because there is more right turning after the heck of a sharp turn, and no left turning at all. It could seem that he's trying to corroborate Kelly's "east" word.

Remember, I'm assuming about nine seconds remaining Viola's / Kelly's. We assume that his right "bank" is more than a second long. A bank to me sounds like a long turn. He says the right turn "continues" after the bank, which sounds like it, too, is more than a second. Frankly, it sounds like the entire path, from the home of the two women, is nothing but a right turn (it's a wonder that the plane wasn't going back to Stoystown by then). In other words, his right turn seems grossly exagerrated, as though he wanted to stress "right."

If it continued turning right to the very crash, the wing scars would have been more parallel with the service road. Quite to the contrary, the scars were perpendicular to the service road. This makes Butler's testimony very weak, especially if there was a right wing way down at the last second or two. Moreover, depending on how sharp his initial turning was, he might have missed the crater altogether, coming up shy of it. In order to reach the crater at all, after a sharp turn near the homes of the women, the pilot needed to fly straight a considerable distance. But even if he had done so, and turned right only near the end, he still ends up, at best, with wings parallel to the service road. I don't see how Butler's story can work, and that's not an exaggeration.

There needs to be a motive as to why Butler and Shepley had this right banking. If it doesn't help get the plane in the proper position at the service road, and if it wouldn't likely be to discredit anyone having a left banking, then it would seem to be fashioned to discredit someone with a straight, southeast path. If that was Viola's path, then she probably didn't know that people were working to discredit her story. Domenick tends to say (in his quote above) that the path was straight from Stoystown Auto Wreckers through to Viola's, though I don't want to put words into his mouth. If the plane came passing southeast at over Viola's house (it would never have made it to the crater), it is a certainty that Butler was giving a false report.

If correct that Butler was providing a false testimony, then perhaps, because his account tends to corroborate Kelly's, they were both in on the same false impression.

I find it hard to envision an upside-down or spiraling plane doing a turn. Perhaps it was spiraling before the turn, but it couldn't have been spiraling during the right turn, for a turn has one wing higher than the other. Viola and another witness (Muro) suggest that the pilot was perhaps spiraling between her place and the midway point between it and the crater. It tends to deny a sharp right turn at that time. To put it another way, Butler's right turning immediately after Viola's house denies her story.

Fortunately, we have this from a "53-year-old carpenter": "Charles Sturtz, a half-mile from the crash site: The plane is heading SOUTHEAST [caps mine] and has its engines running. No smoke [from the plane] can be seen. 'It was really roaring, you know. Like it was trying to go someplace, I guess.' {WPXI 11 (Pittsburgh), 9/13/2001}" I don't know exactly where he lived, or whether the plane went directly above him, but his words locate him on Lambertsville Road. In fact, if one draws a line along the service road to Lambertsville road, that's roughly where he lived.

As Mr. Sturtz has the plane going southeast on its final second, it jibes with the direction of the wing scars, and moreover, if it's perfectly southeast at that point, the plane would be in the midst of making a slight LEFT turn...because a near-perfect southbound path was required from the corner of Lambertsville and Pompey Hill. That contradicts Mr. Butler. Plus, Viola likewise used the "roar" word. One would think that, even though the perpetrators sent in a plane to do a fly-over, they would have smarts enough to bring it in a direction to match the wing scars.

Sturtz's testimony as follows was published on the 12th: "Charles Sturtz, 53, who lives just over the hillside from the crash site, said a fireball 200 feet high shot up over the hill. He got to the crash scene even before the firefighters. 'The biggest pieces you could find were probably four feet {long}. Most of the pieces you could put into a shopping bag, and there were clothes hanging from the trees." - (09/12/01)" That's a big explosion. Clothes hanging in the trees looks suspicious, of course, without clothes in the field, especially as the woods were beside the wing rather than ahead of the plane. I don't see anything in his testimony that would necessarily make it part of the conspiracy.

Viola claims to have seen a second plane at the crash site after the explosion. She may have had a better view 1.7 miles away than Mr. Sturtz at only a half mile away, depending on geography:

At least four witnesses who were at the crash scene within five minutes of the crash told WTAE's Paul Van Osdol that they saw another plane in the area. Somerset County resident Jim Brandt said that he saw another plane in the area. He said it stayed there for one or two minutes before leaving. Another Somerset County resident, Tom Spinello, said that he saw the plane. He said that it had high back wings. Both men said that the plane had no markings on it, either civilian or military. The FBI said that it does not think that it was a military plane, but it would not rule out the possibility of it being a civilian plane. " - (9/12/01)

I'm not sure whether I trust the latter witnesses, actually.

Apparently, Domenick with Viola decided that the plane was about 100 feet above her garden hose. I had imagined more than that because her maple tree lost leaves as it passed, and the tree itself could be assumed to be 30-60 feet high. It seems a little dangerous for a pilot to be flying so close to some tree heights. The pilot seems to have been instructed to be heard and seen by people of downtown Lambertsville.

Here is another right-turn witness: "Rob Kimmel, several miles from the crash site: He sees it fly overhead, banking hard to the right. It is 200 feet or less off the ground as it crests a hill to the southeast. 'I saw the top of the plane, not the bottom." [Longman, 2002, pp. 210-211] " "Several miles" sounds more than three miles, further than Butler, but the latter had the plane "dropped out of the clouds", making for yet another contradiction, apparently. Kimmel's plane path is mainly easterly as it banks "hard to the right" to a hill at his southeast, which could still be prior to reaching Stoysville. It suggests a southbound flight while cresting low over this hill.

The two other men from Stoystown, Bob Blair and Greg Miller, are not thus-far suspects. They had the plane "spiraling to the ground", suggesting that it spiraled for the last leg of its flight right up to the point of explosion. But Butler's sharp and large right bank didn't allow a spiral at that time, unless a plane can turn while spiraling, an impossibility, right? Miller had a vertical wing at one point, apparently part of the spiral (though it may have been an extreme deep turn), and while Viola had the plane upside-down, it was right-side up some two or three seconds later, which amounts to a spiral, I think we can gather...meaning that Miller and Blair sound bang-on, no contradiction with Viola, but contradicting Butler. Blair said: "The plane was coming in on a slant and really hit the treeline at an angle.'"

I think what I need to do is order a pizza, and kick up my feet, let the blood drain out of my weary head. Dare we ask what direction Blair had the plane banking? What if he said it was banking right? Oh no. But here is what looks like a right bank before it got to Kelly's: "[Blair] noticed the second plane because he had heard on his truck radio earlier that the FAA had grounded all aircraft, and he said it was flying east -- the same direction as Flight 93." Therefore, as it was eastbound up at Route 30, it must have turned right to Lambertsville, not necessitating an eastbound flight, and another right turn, as concerns the path over Kelly's.

Here's Domenick on the reliability of Mr. Blair:

after i told bob about what the fbi told doug he laughed and said he knew what a c130 looked like and they sure didn't see one of those. bob told me he was pretty familiar with types of airplanes and had never seen one like the one they saw that day...bob blair and doug miller...were directly underneath of it...bob said you could 'just tell' that it was a military plane although he never saw one like it before [this wasn't the faked Flight-93, but another plane appearing later].

he was willing to draw it for me and everything. we spoke for well over a year at least on 10 different occasions. i spoke with his wife who passed away several times before i ever spoke to bob. she was an amazing woman and bob is a really great guy. but along the way something happened. you could tell when someone wants to talk about something and when someone don't and bob definitely did and we had many many great conversations about that day. i suppose i was a great outlet for him to talk about things....i just had that impression. but i dont know suddenly bob changed his number and never made anymore attempts to contact me.

i dont know why. i have nothing but respect for the man and felt we had sort of developed a friendship over the phone. i'm not going to pester him. i know his story and i am grateful to have spoken with him. i've actually spoke with bob blair more than any other witness and went over his account with him more than i have with anyone else. im thankful for that and i can share his account in depth and that works for me.

It sounds like Domenick trusted the extinguisher men. It doesn't sound as though they were toying with him, stringing him along with false claims. It wouldn't make sense for them to be insiders while claiming a military plane. The spirals of the first plane they saw are making sense. But Domenick clarifies on another webpage: "bob blair and doug miller both described seeing a COMMERCIAL [caps mine] airliner to me miles prior to the alleged crash site on route 30 heading in that direction which would place it passing over viola saylor's house." I can definitely see the military having spy /cargo planes specifically intended to look like passenger planes (too fool the enemy or the public), but with greater capabilities, and of course these crafts would be top secret for obvious reasons.

The following is very troublesome for the perpetrators: "Paul Muro was in his yard in Lambertsville when Flight 93 passed overhead. Muro, who lives a half-mile closer to the crash site than Saylor, said the plane was flying rightside up and normally, although it was very low." There is one thing that makes the Muro and Saylor testimonies seem authentic rather than conducive to the perpetrators: they both had a low-flying plane seconds from the crash site. It was anathema to the FBI account. With Muro some two or three seconds closer than Viola to the crater, he was just six or seven seconds away (providing that he was indeed a half mile from Viola's). As Mr Sturtz was closer to the crash site than Viola, it's not likely that his report of an southeast path was as far north as Viola's, which is to say that it was southeast at another time. I suppose the jet was flying mainly south from the two women, and then curving east = LEFT in order to be flying southeast to the crater. Yet, I have yet to read from anyone that a left turn was made at the last seconds, probably because it wasn't a turn to speak of, but a very gently one. The ones who have a drastic right turn are the ones suspect in giving false testimony.

Question: why did the pilot follow Lambertsville Road? He wanted to be heard and seen, right? The whole world was supposed to hear from many people on how crazy the plane was being affected by some crazy terrorists at the wheel, and then, in the end, surprise, it turns out that the American government, the military, the FBI, and many others, were the lunatics.

There is no way for a low-flying craft to do a nose dive in two or three seconds unless it was already in a nose dive, or unless it's in the mouth of Lee Purbaugh. It begs the question: why did the pilot get direction to come in low if the purpose was a nose dive? There can only be one answer: the lunatics knew that, no matter what story they gave the masses, they would gulp it down as certain fact. They don't have time nor desire nor inclination to check the technical facts.

As Paul Muro has the plane spotted right-side-up, do we discredit Viola? Or do we conclude that the plane was indeed spiraling? Blair, of Stoystown...was traveling in a coal truck along with Doug Miller of Somerset, when they saw the plane spiralling to the ground...'I saw the plane flying upside down overhead and crash into the nearby trees. My buddy, Doug, and I grabbed our fire extinguishers and ran to the scene,' said Blair." But Mr. Blair said "a huge silver plane [flew] past him just above the treetops", while Mr. Butler, from virtually the same location, had the plane coming down from the clouds.

Paul Muro had the plane moving south (see chart bottom of page).

Can the military have jets that look like a passenger airliner, capable of spiraling at low altitude? The reason that the plane was spiraling is, not because the terrorists were pulling every lever in sight, and punching as many buttons before the real pilots outside could bang the cockpit door down, but because the perpetrators wanted us to think so.

I've got trouble with this next one, where it drops like a rock:

"When it decided to drop, it dropped all of a sudden, like a stone," said Tom Fritz, 63. Fritz was sitting on his porch on Lambertsville Road, about a quarter mile from the crash site, when he heard a sound that 'wasn't quite right and looked up in the sky.

"It was sort of whistling," he said. "It was going so fast that you couldn't even make out what color it was."

I'm having trouble with the whistling versus the roars. They are not anything alike. This man sounds like he's lying. We have all heard the roar of excelleration at airports. I don't think a plane can go from a roar to a whistle in one second. I haven't read anyone else hearing a whistle.

One good thing, this Fritz story proves that the crater can be .25 mile from Lambertsville Rd. I don't think any house on that road could have been closer than that distance. He claims to have seen the plane, but if he couldn't say whether it was white or grey or colored, perhaps he only saw it out of the corner of his eye. He has it dropping like a nose-dive situation, though he doesn't say that he saw it nose dive. There could have been some forest between him and the crater (I can't do Google Earth to check), too high for him to see over. Besides, there is no such thing as a nose dive or a "drop like a stone" where the plane is roughly 300-400 feet above Viola, and with similar height over Mr. Muro, while the plane is moving so fast you can't tell its color. Shutting the engines down to an idle for the last second or two does nothing to slow it down for a nose dive. This was not a fish in water. A heavy plane through mere air has great limitations on movements.

Let's recall Viola's words, "It was blue and silver, she said, and glistened in the sunlight." The same statement has she and her sister "nose to nose" with Flight 93. It was coming right at her, in other words, while she claimed to be in her backyard. Her story can be corroborated where we now know that her house is on the north side of Pompey Hill Rd., meaning that her backyard faces north.

There would be merely a reflection off the plane, for a split second, if it was moving east, and a small reflection could be predicted off solely the one side of the nose cone, if moving south. If light were shining off one point of the cone only, it could be rendered an unspeakable reflection, not a speakable "glistening." As she did not hear the plane until it roared, it was probably descending.

If the purpose was to sneak up to the town and then boot-it away before anyone got a good look, then the pilot would have allowed the plane to descend to a certain maximum point before safety became his issue. On the other hand, the wonder is why he/she would have flown across Lambertsville's main four-way intersection, if the purpose was to be unseen. Possibly, if not likely, there was the purpose of flying near an insider(s) so that he/she/they could give their pre-packaged account.

Viola's behavior in opposition to the FBI is not necessarily solid evidence that she was not an insider. While her 100-foot aspect does not appear to be helpful to the insiders, the upside-down part, and the "passenger plane" part could be construed as helpful. Good thing that other witnesses nearer to the finish line put the lights out on the nose-dive. One might argue that Viola's claim to an eerie silence may have been to give the naive the impression that, at the last second, the plane fell from the sky to the crash site. However, the official plot would not likely have planned such an erroneous picture.

At the velocity that this jet was moving, even if it was as slow as 550 mph, it would have passed 100 feet along in one tenth of a second. My guess, she would have needed a half second, at least, to make out the color or even shape. I wish I could see the video because, while one writer (LaBTop) has her seeing the white side, another speaker at a different page said that the ground-facing side visible to Violet was the blue one. With the nose cone coming in straight-on with her own nose, how could she see both white and blue? As I understand it, Flight 93's true bottom was completely blue, and its top was completely white. How could she tell whether the tail fin was right-side-up or upside-down, if the whole aircraft merely flashed by nose-to-nose with her? Unfortunately, I've not read how long she saw it for. Can her words still be true if she saw it for two seconds = 2,500 feet = .5 mile maximum? "'We didn't hear that plane coming until it was right on top of us,' she said. 'Then there was a roar.'" If things like this weren't a part of this story, where would the mystery be?

Below is an account as assessed by commentator, LaBTop, on Domenick's video. Here's what to keep in mind (from Viola's lips) as you read it: "It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a 'thud.'" How did she know it tried to go up??? (Her three seconds seem to be a little too fast, but this is not proof of giving a deliberate, false account.)

[Viola] was standing in the door at the back of her house, and she saw it coming towards her from over the hill, flying over the Oak tree. So, the plane flew from North to South [rather than south to north].

...I have listened out a few more times to Viola's interview from the opening post, and this is what comes out of it as the basics:

She first heard a deafening roar coming her way, standing in her back door, looking north, then she saw a big passenger plane with a row of windows, flying towards her at approx. 100 feet high (30 meters), as if it would hit her. The plane flew upside-down, she thinks, because the fins of the tail part were under the plane. She also describes it as having the blue line along the belly in the wrong place, the silver top side was now down and the blue line was on top, that's another reason she thinks it flew upside-down.

It passed her 30 meters above her head, and then was out of sight at the other side of her house...

She went in the house with her sister, who was speechless but also saw the same plane, and the sister left the house shortly after. Then Viola went to her porch, about 5 to 10 minutes later, and sees a new plane coming to her, but now from the side of the crash crater, the south side. This plane was "bigger, white, with two kinds of eyeballs on top of this plane" and flying medium low. The fact that she described it as bigger as 93 and military-like with swept-back wings is amazing. It will be difficult to find a picture of such kind of plane which she could recognize. If we find one she does recognize, that will be an interesting day.

Right after this bigger one flying to the north, a littler, white or silver plane came flying by at a higher altitude, coming from the opposite direction, so from north to south...

I wish I could hear the video. The way it's told in the quote above, it seems that she did not run to the front door to watch it for the rest of it's flight, though that would have been the logical thing to do. If she didn't run to the front door, how would she have known that it tried to get up higher? Where she says: "It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds" before going quiet, and because she gave the impression of only a second or two of eerie silence, the three seconds are not enough. There should have been more like seven seconds. I don't know how old or healthy she was at the time, but I could run from a back to front door in four seconds or less under such circumstances, leaving only about five or six seconds of flight left. Is that what happened in her case?

This second plane is a difficulty, for everyone else looking to the sky at that time should have seen it too if it flew over Lambertsville Rd. I am not reading such a thing from anyone else, though Domenick says: "[eyeball plane] was witnessed by viola, bob blair, doug miller. bob said he wouldn't call it a fighter jet but said it was definitely a military plane...both men had this plane pass over their heads at treetop level while at the crash site. this was several minutes after the explosion...[another smaller plane] is gone before bob blair and doug miller arrive." Very difficult. After the crash explosion, the eyes of many would have been that way. However, a news report said that Lambertsville only had about 20 homes at the time (perhaps a mistaken report), and we could assume many gone to work.

Viola's 100-foot claim was perhaps exaggerated to the max to help make the government nose-dive seem as impossible as possible. But when she claimed the plane to be flying southeast, there is no reason to suspect a deliberate error on that aspect. If it were in-truth flying east over or near-over Kelly's place, there would have been no nose-to-nose sighting by Viola, at which point her entire account breaks down. What was her sister telling the world? I have no idea.

Domenick, by the way, was gracious and helpful in that page. On page two, he says, "i've spoken to susan, viola, rick chaney, bob blair, doug miller, and several other eyewitnesses." He never mentions Kelly, who should be part of the Viola topic. Perhaps Kelly won't talk to him.

On page two, LaBTop, who's got hold of the "official" (haha) black-box information, says: "Domenick, or any other person, please go out and interview her sister too, her neighborhood villagers at that time too, find as much corroborating evidence as you can, that the plane Viola saw on 9/11 was really flying as low as she reported at her house, and ALREADY upside-down, while the NTSB data show us the first moment of flying upside-down five seconds later than the moment the plane passed Viola's house."

I'm sorry for bringing out the numbers here, but this is important in the lie-test quest. LaBTop has calculated about 16 seconds (to crash time) left from Viola's house using the velocity (416 knots = 479 mph = 700 ft/sec average) that the black box indicated for the last 12 or 13 seconds of flight, which is another way of saying "what the insiders want you to think the true speed was." I'm not interested (right now) in those velocity figures, but am interested in the fact that they had the plane turn upside-down, for the first time, at 10:03:00 am, with seven seconds left until crash time at 10:03:07. Using the black-box velocity figures (all shown in the webpage above), LaBTop has the plane turning upside-down five seconds after passing Viola's, a clear problem for the insiders, especially in light of Muro's right-side-up plane just three seconds (roughly) past Viola.

I imagine that the black-box data was prepared before September 11, and they may not have been able to change any information within it after they "dug it out" of the ground, after which it had to be taken by some authority for inspection. In my opinion, the perpetrators would have altered the figures, after the crash, to jibe with Viola's account, IF THEY COULD. Apparently, they were unable. The FBI knew exactly how far Viola lived from the crater, if they wanted to know.

Black boxes are not supposed to lie about speed, altitude and timing. Great work, LaBTop, whoever you are, for this: "NTSB [black-box inspectors / reporters] shows plane flipped upside-down for the first time at nearly 1 km high, 5 sec later than Viola has seen that plane flying very low over her house between 10:02:55 and :56." That's not the reality, just the "reality" according to the black box, so don't get the two mixed up.

We can look at this another way. The FBI needs to have the seventh-last second at a point before Viola's, which works out to a jet velocity of greater than 880 mph. That is, i.e. over the last seven seconds, the jet flew 1.7 miles at 880 mph. We don't know how long prior to Viola's the jet was on its back, but that only increases the jet speed from 880 mph. I'm not at all suggesting that this represents the true velocity of the faked Flight 93, but that, according the the black box -- in order to make it jibe with Viola's account -- the FBI needs to have a velocity of 880 mph, almost twice the velocity claimed by the faked black box.

One theory that may not hold water (we'll have to see if yes or no) is perpetrators having the black-box data rigged a certain way before the 11th, then directing the pilot to go upside-down at a certain spot that would roughly correspond with seven seconds before crash (as a passenger jet flies), and that the perpetrators didn't know what the witnesses might say, or what private investigators (such as truthers) might find, to prove inconsistencies to the point of exposing a hoax. Again, the Achilles Heel of the fools was their low flight over, not just Viola's, but over a stretch of Lambertsville Rd.

This is a good reason not to view Viola as an insider: "At 12 seconds before impact, the NTSB placed the plane at circa 4028 feet above the ground." The figures show the plane descending but yet 3,000 feet (roughly) above Viola's door step when the plane first flips to its back. The black box has the altitude plunge more than 2600 feet in the last six seconds. Let me record it here for anyone who wants to use it:

10:02:55.....394 knots.....6210 ft[above sea level] = 4028 ft[above Lambertsville] = 1227 m/ground
10:02:56.....396 knots.....6066 ft/sea = 3766 ft/gr = 1148 m/ground
10:02:57.....399 knots.....5950 ft/sea
10:02:58.....423 knots.....5760 ft/sea
10:02:59.....426 knots.....5556 ft/sea
10:03:00.....413 knots.....5341 ft/sea = 3159 ft/gr = 963 m/ground,

NTSB shows plane flipped upside-down for the first time at nearly 1 km high, 5 sec later than Viola has seen that plane flying very low over her house between 10:02:55 and :56.

10:03:01.....419 knots.....5123 ft/sea
10:03:02.....424 knots.....4818 ft/sea
10:03:03.....432 knots.....4430 ft/sea
10:03:04.....438 knots.....4019 ft/sea
10:03:05.....446 knots.....3642 ft/sea
10:03:06.....458 knots.....3148 ft/sea
10:03:07.....488 knots.....2182 ft/sea = 0 ft/gr = 0 m/ground, it hit the ground.

The numbers above should not be under-estimated. They are the official government-plot numbers that deny pre-planned coordination with Viola, for she had the plane ascending after it crossed her house. It makes sense that it should ascend at that time due to being so low, and as per the roar of the engines that was, very apparently, for the purpose of gaining altitude. There is no altitude-gain in the numbers above. It's straight down, a picture jibing with the reports of Kelly Leverknight and Tim Butler. The latter had it coming from the clouds not much sooner than where we see 4028 feet in the list, a perfect reflection of the FBI numbers. But Blair and Miller of the same Stoystown area did NOT have the plane up high.

I didn't come across LaBTop until after forming my own opinions on the reliability of the Lambertsville witnesses. He thinks pretty much as both I and Domenick do on virtually all important Flight-93-related matters. And that's because first thing's first: no plane in the crater. No nose dive. The rest falls into place, and the government comes out exposed. You don't need to take it to court, or call it up and give it a piece of your mind. Just know it's condition, and expect more of the same. Accept the cruel reality on the leader of the free world, and once in a while, share the reality with someone, which, over time, weakens the ability of the destroyers. They are indeed destroyers, and they devise serious operations for world-wide projects. If you don't like the word, "globalism," use "international leaders" or "international pests." This is their determination: to convince the American people to sponsor their globe trodding.

Here's to show the difference between someone who really wants to know the facts, and those who want to cloud them as part of their jobs. Just after LaBTop comes out with his black-box arguments, a few demoniacs, using degrading terms, come on to discredit him, no surprise whatsoever, because he has a nuclear weapon that he's sharing:

...sorry LaBToP, but your over-analytical skills simply lead you down the primrose path into non-comprehension, and you end up seeing things that aren't there...

...To use those people's initial comments, in that way, is dishonest. They were in NO POSITION to accurately estimate anything. Eyewitness reports are notoriously inaccurate...

What is important is that there were HUNDREDS [greatly-exaggerated number) of OTHER people on scene, for investigation and recovery and clean up...WHY IS IT that the 'eyewitness testimony' of one, or several, people is somehow accepted, and seen as "gospel", yet the experiences and stories of HUNDREDS of responders on scene, are not??

Once you know you're right about this issue, people like the above are a simple matter to deal with. Don't fear their arguments framed with superiority, but answer them, because they leave holes for you to shoot through the size of an airliner. Notice how eye witnesses are deemed unreliable in this particular case, because Viola was one. You may have read about all the conflicting eye-witness reports concerning the planes at the Twin Towers, and you may have wondered how the witnesses could have gotten it all so varied / screwed-up. This is for good point on how the perpetrators can create conflicting reports via their own false witnesses so that, in the final analysis, no eye witnesses can be deemed reliable. This would play well to the plotters in any faked operation they conduct.

Some of the false witnesses, and perhaps even some of the paid actors / operatives at the scene, are expected in the blogs of truthers. There can be no denying it. It is very easy to spot them because a normal, uninvolved person, after seeing LaBTop's numbers, for example, would tend to agree that there is a conflict between the numbers and the witnesses on the ground. A normal person, regardless of whether they believed in a true plane crash, would try to explain the contradiction one way or the other, and generally have a different attitude than the writer above. But the insider worms and trolls begin instantly to slander, malign and confuse, often in groups of two or three when it's very-important to put the information down. They have learned to act "normal" to disguise themselves, but even that becomes very apparent at times because they are trained to use certain tactics, which they inevitably use. The very clever means they are instructed to utilize exposes them, for normal people have no such training, and therefore do not show it.

The reason that I value / consider the initial comments of eyewitnesses at the scene, especially those who were early, is that the HUNDREDS of OTHER people on the scene for investigation and recovery and clean up are suspect as insider stooges, hand-picked by the FBI...that was commissioned by a higher authority to conduct the rest of the hoax. It's not as though the writer above doesn't know this, but that he/she doesn't want you to think it. Instead, he/she gives the people inside the FBI pig pen an image of superiority and professionalism the likes of which truthers can only dream of.

It is to be expected that the images of white and yellow coats inside the crater area, sifting through the soil under FBI oversight, are largely faked images with many of them pasted in. There may have been as few as three such white coats, for all we know, because the FBI would not allow news media the freedom to come in and reflect the progress to the public. Rather than trust these images and the like, those who suspect a government hoax respect the earliest witnesses. They try to find the truth-sayers amongst the witnesses.

Good job of presenting the information Lab & Dom. Don't mind the amateur debunkers, who are obsessed with analyzing the psyche of a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, instead of responding to the information which is being presented and bringing something of value to the table. Obviously, this is a little above their heads and they have to stick to their schoolyard bully tactics which expose them for the frauds that they are.

On and on the back-and-forth goes, which tends to hi-jack the discussion. LaBTop (and myself) was astonished that even the truthers did not elaborate on his numbers. Perhaps they had to pass on all that math. I can understand that. A shoot-down responder comes on as if to deliberately take the topic away from LaBTop's black-box discussion. Want to see the ignorant side of humanity in one post?

All of the evidence points to the fact that Flight 93 the Boeing 757 Did not Crash in Shanksville. There is an abundant amount of evidence that proves this.

Baloney. I'm quoting the OP video of eyewitness Viola Saylor who said a very large plane flew upside down over her property so loudly that she needed to cover her ears, shortly followed by a muffled BOOM. She was there, and you weren't, so I'm certainly going to believe her over you and your conspiracy daydreams.

Viola and others heard the BOOM, therefore Flight 93 crashed. You can't get more ignorant than that, or more shallow, if you prefer a nicer term. I'd believe the BOOM was the crash too, if I saw plane parts on the ground, and nothing else abnormal. We now have the black boxes, fixed by the government, conflicting with eye witnesses on day one, before there was any-such thing as a truther. Is that not worthy of intelligent comment? Viola had no idea when she gave her testimony that the FBI was setting up a deceptive plot at the crater. The dragon above does not respond to the conflict between Viola and the black-box numbers. Instead, he/she changes the subject, and simultaneously pours mud on truthers.

For further investigation, LaBTop shares this: "The Flight 93 recording started at 9:32 AM. through the end of the flight. See FBI report, "Transcript of the Flight Voice Recorder for United Flight 93," Dec.4, 2003; See also 14 §§ CFR 25.1457,91.609,91.1045, and 121.359. Evidence derived from audio readout of CVR from Flight 93...since it lacks 3 minutes of flight deck recording, it ends at 10:03, when we know now that the real crash time was 10:06, according to lots of official sources." After that, the thread was hi-jacked, never coming back to topic as per page 5. Don't bother reading it all, trust me.

On whether Viola was telling the whole truth, there is this:

rSpieker - May 15, 2009 02:16 PM (GMT)

I've watched the interview with Viola Sailor in the Shanksville Files Vol III. Great work !

In the interview from about 13:20 to 14:30 Viola explains in depth, was she had seen. She believes, that the plane was upside down because the top [facing the ground] was deep-blue...

I wish I could hear the video, but lightning put out the computer-sound capability, and out here in the country, I can't download long videos but over several hours that makes Internet use slower in the meantime. There could be a grave problem with Viola's claim of seeing the bottom glistening, while she was in her back yard / back door. I don't know whether she went to watch the plane from the front of the house. If not, she has a grave problem with her words, if indeed she spoke those words in the Berliner's quotations marks. Google brings only two pages up when searching "shiny silver glistening in the sunlight," both of them from the same invisionfree website, both of them from the Berliner (Paul Spieker), who goes on to say that Viola mentions "silver" three times in the video while Flight 93 shows with a grey paint (some planes don't use paint; others use it glossy).

Nobody has mentioned that her glistening remark has been a problem for her story, and no one I've read even speaks about it as any having issue. One person seeing here video adds: "then she saw a big passenger plane with a row of windows, flying towards her at approx. 100 feet high..." The plane was therefore not perfectly nose to nose with her, but flew over some distance from her rooftop, enough to get sight of the blue part of the skyward side.

As she saw the silver side down, how possibly could she have seen it glistening? The white part on the side of the plane could not reflect sunlight to her eyes because the curvature of the fuselage was away from her eyes. An explanation would require a nose-up to the point of about 45 degrees in order for the ground-facing side to reflect sunlight to her eyes. And how could she see the blue side, now facing the sky, unless the plane was turning or not flying directly over her house? As she herself claims that it was flying nose-to-nose with her, it couldn't have flown far off from directly over the house. If we imagine the path slightly away from her house, I think the right choice would be between her house and Kelly's so that it was flying a perfect southeast, or a little less south than that. Here in this webpage there is claimed to be a picture of Flight 93 three days before crash, with the underside painted blue, but with the blue reaching partly up the side of the plane.

I'm of course keeping in mind that if Viola's sighting is correct, then the perpetrators used a jet with blue on one side to feign Flight 93. But no one else reported the blue.

Her sighting of the blue side, as well as the glistening silver side, could be explained where she ran to the front of the house to watch the plane fly away. If it had been flying somewhere between east-south-east and southeast while turning right toward the sun (with the sun was further to the south), a turn would have required a wing down so that she might have seen the blue side / top of the plane. But it would NOT allow her to see the ground-facing side glisten. For that to be true, the plane must have righted itself i.e. flying right-side-up during that right turn, meaning that she could see the glistening on top AS WELL AS the blue underneath. Or, she got her story wrong because she was lying. But I'm speaking as one in the dark until I hear her in the video.

Assuming she wasn't lying, here's the overwhelming evidence that she watched it fly away:
"It flew southeastward for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a 'thud,'she said.

We now ask whether Muro, too, was a false witness for the sheer purpose of corroborating Viola's false testimony:

Paul Muro was in his yard in Lambertsville when Flight 93 passed overhead. Muro, who lives a half-mile closer to the crash site than [Viola] Saylor, said the plane was flying right-side up and normally, although it was very low.

Muro told AFP that he also saw a large silver plane approaching from the south, the opposite direction of Flight 93, above the crash site at the time of the explosion.

Just to clarify what Viola first saw, here is how LaBTop described her words: "She also describes it as having the blue line [where blue meets the light color] along the belly in the wrong place, the silver top side was now down and the blue line was on top, that's another reason she thinks it flew upside-down." But as I said earlier in this update, someone said she saw the blue side down, which sounds like a contradiction, but not if the plane flipped over after it crossed her house. (The website above has a good chart for anyone wanting to research the particulars of who saw what.)

Here is a false witness (she probably saw the flight but was an insider with a canned story), noting that she too saw a SILVER plane, meaning that the faked flight was indeed sliver, as Viola says:

Paula Pluta of Stonycreek Township was watching a television rerun...when the plane went down about 1,500 yards from her home along Lambertsville Road at Little Prairie Lane [on the Google map midway between crater and Viola's]. "I looked out the window and saw the plane nose-dive right into the ground," she said, barefoot and shaken just 45 minutes after the crash.

The explosion buckled her garage doors and blasted open a latched window on her home [exaggerated account, expected of false witnesses], she said. "It was just a streak of silver. Then a fireball shot up as high as the clouds [exaggerated]..."The plane didn't slide into the crash. It went straight into the ground. Wings out. Nose down." - (09/12/01)

As you can see, this account was published the day after, and tends to affirm that the initial plot was to claim a perfect nose dive. I am hard on Pluta only because she claimed a perfect nose dive. Dead give-away. Her house (west side of Lambertsville Rd) must be very near Muro's.

Spieker says: "It took until 2008 that were able to receive the data of the fdr and the radar-data under the rules of the Freedom of Information Act. And it took another year that Warren Stutt from P4T was able to "crack" the raw-file of the fdr so that we are now able to read the data (e.g. the very important navigation data) that the NTSB simply embezzled." It means that truthers didn't have the black-box data until about early 2009, prior to the April date of Spieker's piece. The black-box material posted by LaBTop, as I presented it earlier, is dated the 5th of January, 2009.

Spieker focuses on the low plane flight past Viola's place. On the significance of the black-box data, he says the same as LaBTop.

At the blog below (Dec 13, 2009), Paul Spieker once again sets out to discuss the flight path like one having passion, and, in midstream, he says something potentially damaging to the credibility of Viola and perhaps also to that of the two-extinguisher men (Blair and Miller). He says something I've not read before: "This [path] is directly towards Bob Blair & Dough Miller at the autowrecker-site...Immediately after the "crash" autowreckers called Viola because they feared that the plane crashed directly in Lambertsville when seeing the smoke rising. First I couldn't understand this. But now, from this angle of view, itīs clear for me." He emphasizes that the geography can substantiate the phone call, but says nothing about how suspicious it seems that two locations involved as witnesses called one another seconds or minutes after the crash. Was that call really made? Who says? Was it from Stoystown wreckers? Domenick says he drove to the crater from Stoystown wreckers. n

I've seen three occasions from Spiker where his words are potentially damaging to Viola's account and credibility, even while he claims to support her testimony. On all three occasions, I've not read the same from anyone else. At first, I was suspecting that he was a faking insider with the purpose of discrediting Viola, just as the black-box data made it's way to truthers. But he seems to have way too many anti-government posts to be a secret insider. It was interesting to find, in the several pages I read, no responses from him to CIT posts made by Domenick, not even the one that Domenick posted on May 15, 2009, the day that Spieker posted his glistening post on Viola. Comments on Viola, and that topic generally, end shortly after SPIEker writes in May, and frankly this seems astonishing to me because the black-box data versus her account is a very big deal. Below is the list of his CIT posts, where one would find it very hard to view him as a secret insider.

The Achilles Heel of the Government Criminals

[This section was written before learning of the black-box numbers. Square brackets are additions after learning of the numbers. The black boxes verify what I did not know as this update began, that the government hoax had decided beforehand to have the plane enter the ground upside-down.]

I'm sticking to the Achilles Heel, where a nose dive from a low-flying craft, seconds from the crater, is impossible. And that's why the storyline turned out to be, not a nose dive, but a piercing of the ground at roughly a 45-degree angle. Lee Purbaugh, more than a year later, was quoted in a media saying that the plane was descending at 45 degrees. But if it was 50 feet over his head at that angle, it would hit ground 50 feet from his feet, with the fireball singing his eyebrows. Poor Purbaugh, he doesn't know his geometry, and he was a friend of government criminals too boot.

You can easily draw on a piece of paper a plane 50 feet high, with ground contact 600 feet away, to see what the angle of descent would have looked like in that situation. Their problem is, the further they make the crash from where Lee says he was, the less the angle of descent. Using 600 as the figure, the angle of descent would have been one inch per foot of forward motion. Do you think the plane could penetrate deep into the ground at that small angle? How can Purbaugh and his bosses get out of this one? The ground / crater shows no such thing as a plane coming in at the angle dictated by Lee's words.

[No matter, the government had the superior black-box testimony that can disregard any eye witness. If the question is why they didn't have Lee's account matching the angle-of-descent in the black-box numbers, it's probably because the perpetrators didn't think anyone would investigate how far Lee was from the crater. Everyone was simply to believe in the story as reported.]

And so what exactly was the angle of descend, keeping in mind that it did not ever contact the ground? Viola said that it was trying to get up at the final few seconds. It doesn't sound like the terrorists were trying to go down in a fast nose dive. Why would the plane go up if it wanted to crash? How could it crash if it was still going up at the last second?

Viola's word, "gliding," is a tough one. She must not have meant that the plane was on a glide while the engines were roaring, unless she picked the wrong word where it should have been more like "swerving" left or right. Perhaps she intended "glide" because she heard no engines on the approach to her house. Apparently, the plane was gliding on the approach to her house, meaning that it was descending. A plane from 5,000 feet up can glide for quite a ways. [Mr. Purbaugh's workmate, who said he heard the engines for 10-15 seconds before the crash, plays to the black-box data where the plane was supposedly high in the sky.]

For argument's sake, I'm assuming that the plane was as high as 400 feet above Viola's trees. A descent rate of 400 feet over 1.7 miles is 22 feet per second. But if the question is whether the plane can position itself at 40 degrees to the ground within 1.7 miles of flight, perhaps this can explain why Mr. Butler (about three miles away) had the plane descending from the clouds in what may have been a false testimony to assist in getting the plane to a 40-degree angle. Even if the clouds were 7,500 feet up, a 40-degree angle after three miles of travel is not a problem.

One other problem is with the ones who created the crater oval in the wrong direction. The hole is longer in the direction through the wing line. The ones who tampered with the aerial photos had it photographed from a sharp angle so that it looks more round i.e. the oval shape in the wrong direction is eliminated. Who to blame for the wrong shape?

There is no sign whatsoever at the crater that a plane slipped into the ground on an angle. It's not going to make a round hole. There cannot be one (honest) judge in all of America who investigates that crater and comes out agreeable to a plane slipping into it at 40 degrees. But if the judges are not speaking out concerning what they clearly see as a government-conducted crime, what sort of judges are they? Spineless comes to mind. Or, putty in satan's hands. Or, concerned more with keeping a good-paying, respectable job than administering justice and stamping out crime.

Here's Fox perhaps speaking to some of the ground images that we've seen:

FOX News reporter: I want to get quickly to Chris Konicki; he's a photographer with the Pittsburgh affiliate of FOX affiliate. He was back there just a couple of minutes go and Chris, I've seen the pictures, it looks like there's nothing there except for a hole in the ground.

Chris Konicki: Ah, basically that's right. The only thing you can see from where we where, ah, was a big gouge in the earth and some broken trees. We could see some people working, walking around in the area, but from where we could see it, there wasn't much left [implies the plane went down there because media people need to say the "right" things].

...Reporter: Smoke? Fire?

Konicki: Nothing....No smoke. No fire. Just a couple of people walking around. ...

Reporter: How big would you say that hole was?

Konicki: From my estimates, I would guess it was probably about 20ft to 15ft long and probably 10ft wide.

Reporter: What could you see on the ground if anything other than dirt and ash and...

Konicki: You couldn't see anything. You could just see dirt, ash and people walking around, broken trees..." - FOX (09/11/01)

The hole he describes is an oval shape if it's 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, but that could be deceptive because it doesn't give the direction of the oval. In this aerial image below, which looks like it could be a satellite image, the hole is wider than it is long???? Was the Fox reporter lying?

In the tampered image below, they put some grey fuzzy over the crater, and it's not smoke (because the tree shadow extending over the crater demands that the time is at least nine hours after the crash). Secondly, there is no crater whatsoever "below" the wing line, which serves us two important points with which to knock the lights out of the perpetrators: 1) the plane could not have gone into the ground upside-down; 2) the only option is a perfect nose dive.

There's nothing else you need to know to assure that the crater was faked. See the plane entering the crater upside-down in the image below. On a passenger plane, the wings are always at the bottom of the fuselage. If the plane went into the dirt upside-down, the round crater should be on the opposite side of the wing line than what the images show. In the wide satellite image above, the plane was traveling away from the camera (no one disputes this direction). The engines must always be on the opposite side of the wing line from the fuselage. Yes, during normal flight, the engines are under the wings, but the crater excavators did not make engines holes on the opposite side of the fuselage hole. It doesn't matter whether you view the plane going in right-side-up or upside-down, the dopes didn't get the engine holes on the correct side of the wings. They appear to have included engine holes, but on the wrong side, and it is the attempt to include two engine scars that makes the whole crater look oval in the direction of the wing line.

Domenick: "even viola is clearly puzzled by the direct straight down 90 degree impact angle of the crater." Many others say the same.

With the plane moving down the road = away from the camera, a large part of the crater should exist "below" the wing line if the plane entered the ground at a 40-degree angle. There is absolutely no crater segment "below" the wing line, meaning that the perpetrators cannot appeal to any angle but 90 degrees = straight down. It should be clear from this that the perpetrators commissioned the excavator to dig a hole that feigned a plane nose-diving straight down, and not upside-down either. The story changed when the public started to give the FBI headaches concerning their ridiculous claims, and some very important people all across the country / world started to agree with these questions.

[The argument above suggests that the perpetrators were able to alter the black-box data, after the crash, to a 40-degree angle and with a plane upside-down. If that's not correct, then I can see only one other alternative: the excavators goofed bad, unbelievably. Perhaps the satellite image showing the true shape of the hole was not supposed to get out. There is only one such image online. Had that not gotten out, the photo doctors may have created an oval hole in the right direction.]

It's a wonder that while the FBI didn't talk to Viola, they agreed with her assessment of a plane flying upside-down. How can that be? Apparently, the authorities, when they got to the site and started talking with anyone important from local councils, decided that they had best go with a plane coming in lower, on an angle. Hopefully, no one would notice that the crater was not the right shape for that angle, but they put word out that the hole was longer than it was wide. And the perpetrators got a bright idea [whether before or after the 11th, I am not sure at this time], to report a plane entering the ground upside-down, because a plane entering that way has the passenger compartment facing the ground. It would make it very hard for body parts to exit the plane because, even with a disintegrating fuselage, the bodies would be blocked by the floor. If you draw the 40-degree-angle plane on paper, seats and floor together, you'll see better what I mean. The floor would direct all body parts into the ground rather than allowing them to find the outdoors. Some very good news: the crash didn't happen, you don't need to engross yourself thinking about it. The bad news, who knows what happened?

Let's keep on repeating that while it was logical to have government-supporting false witnesses on day one, no one expects false witnesses for the other side on day one, for there was no other side on day one. It took time to sink into some minds that the storyline was a fabrication, and even the storyline itself took some time to get out. It was the locals, more than anyone else, who knew the storyline was not adding up.

Just because Viola didn't speak to the FBI doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't on-side with the FBI. We could expect the FBI not to speak with certain witnesses to give appearances that there was nothing between them. But, regardless of whether Viola and Muro were on-side or not with the FBI, their low-flying testimony denies a nose dive of any kind. Worse yet, the dart-flour effect is made much less likely with a plane coming in on non-flour (i.e. rocky dirt) at that angle. One expects the nose to scrape the ground like a sled, finding frictional resistance in the slide process so that the tail comes simultaneously smashing to the ground...and the plane thereafter slides along the ground rather than penetrating it deeply.

One doesn't expect a flimsy plane (just a hollow tube) coming in at merely 40 degrees to pierce the soil continually until the tail too becomes buried. And that's probably why there were a couple of reports where some of the tail went flying into the woods. After they entertained / decided upon an upside-down entry, the tail became a liability where the tail scar (in the ground) simply doesn't exist where it should, if the plane entered upside-down. They tried to put a tail scar as much as they thought they could get away with in the tampered images, but lacking any scar in other images, this becomes just another way to discover the criminals.

A passenger jet can descend safely at 5,000 feet per minute, which works out to over 80 feet per second. But at what angle does the nose point with that speed of descent? My math suggests about five degrees off horizontal. It's not going to be 40 degrees, that's for sure. Let's say that the terrorists chose to drop at a rate of 10,000 feet per minute from a near-horizontal attitude, meaning that the plane can drop from 400 feet to zero in less than three seconds. Time-wise, that works, but angle-wise, it's no good. It's not good enough to get the angle at 40 degrees. More height, more time, is needed.

Here's one online quote: "An Indonesian transport safety panel partially blamed the pilot for ignoring the 15 warnings, and for causing the aircraft to destabilise by trying to descend too fast and too steep."

Here's advice to an airbus pilot (as it needs it) in an emergency situation needing to get back to earth. "You can't descend too fast because it would rip the wings off at more than 10,000 feet per minute." Point taken. Poor 9-11 slobs. If wings can be broken off an aircraft with wings flying the wrong way against air at 500 mph, how did the wings not break off when two planes supposedly slammed into the steel columns of the Twin Towers? People really need to learn their aircraft physics so that these inconvertible demoniacs, and their deranged successors, can never get away with these sorts of things again.;wap2

But none of that is what happened in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. Witnesses agreed that the plane did not break apart, and, to prove it, no wings were found on the ground. There was therefore no attempt to descend too fast, and 10,000 feet per minute might only be about a 10-degree slant, anyway, at 550 mph. So how did the plane get to 40 degrees? Now that the crash is portrayed at only 40 degrees, the argument for complete disintegration of wings and other parts is no longer valid. They must have been planning on a straight-down nose dive in order to explain why no recognizable plane parts were visible.

One witness even had it flipping end to end. Ignore him. Mr. Thornsberg said it was wobbling (no big deal, can be done with full pilot control), others said it was spiralling (we've seen it in air shows), and another said it was flying upside down FOR A FEW SECONDS, which can be accomplished by a polished pilot while he blows a bubble to popping with his chewing gum.

For argument's sake, lets say that the plane was just beginning to enter full loss of control over Mr. Muro. Actually, it doesn't matter whether it went into a suicide dive or a random somersault, high-jump, hop-skip-n-jump, or a whirly-twirly on the high bar. It's not going to end up sticking into the ground like a nail out of pressurized air gun...because a plane is not a nail. But you knew that, right?

Let's start again in another way. First, it could not have had much of an angle while flying over Viola's or it would have struck sooner than it did. If the plane is one inch long on your desk, then the distance from Viola's to the crater is 35 inches along your desk. If we say the plane was 450 feet high at Viola's, then it's three inches high on your desk. Make the right corner of your desk the crater. Put a pen down in front of you 35 inches from the corner, and set the pen three inches from the edge of the desk. Just like that, you can be the pilot now. Point the pen directly at the corner. That small angle is already more than the angle the plane had while over Viola's.

Move the pen toward the crater while making it end up at a 40 degree angle once there. You can see that the pen is turning (or tilting) as it goes so that, when the tip (nose cone) reaches the crater, the top end (the tail) will have more forward momentum than the nose cone, a situation that is greatly amplified when the nose rubs the dirt, sending the tail forward past the nose so that the plane does a tumble rather than a pierce. In order for the pen to do a pierce rather than a tumble, it would need two things: 1) land just right like a perfect javelin shot; 2) have a backbone like a javelin.

Granted, if a javelin tilts forward as it comes down, there is a chance that, instead of tumbling, it can pierce the ground if landing just right. However, the top half of the javelin wants to continue going forward even while the tip has stabbed into the ground. The top half will not continue forward, however, because the soil has sufficient hardness in gripping the lower end, which acts to put the breaks on the upper end. But the javelin needs to be strong enough to take the pressure, otherwise it will split at the middle. As you know, a fuselage is not a javelin.

Let's imagine just the fuselage itself, nothing more than a tube made of thin aluminum. There is a giant machine in the sky that gently accelerates the fuselage to 550 mph straight down into the dirt. It's not four inches wide, nor six or eight, but about 16 feet wide. It's not three feet long nor six, but 150 feet. Don't you think that the full forces of momentum, flowing through the aluminum as it strikes the ground, will press it to bend and finally buckle? Do you imagine that this tube will remain perfectly straight as it grinds its way past the resisting and deflecting dirt? In the old days, that's what was called a ninny. Today, the word wouldn't be so kind.

Let's not kid ourselves, the plane did not come striking perfectly straight. It had to have some tilting one way or the other, and this would have acted to accelerate the bending and buckling. Once buckled, the aluminum was done for; the next step was tearing followed by a smashing onto the ground with whatever repercussions it meant in the world of random physics.

Now lets take it one step further, and that will be all for today's physics class. This time we imagine the great machine in the sky accelerating the fuselage to 550 mph at an angle of 40 degrees in a perfect javelin shot without any tilting, and without an arching as it goes. Actually, this situation can be viewed identical with a straight-line bullet in the shape of a fuselage. There is no use including a nose cone on this tube because it will be smashed on contact with the ground and pushed into the tube anyway. So, just imagine a cylindrical tube with an open end at the bottom.

The open end is not going to make a flat contact with the ground if it's coming in at 40 degrees. One side of the open end strikes first. What's going to happen? The opposite side of the open end will continue forward because it hasn't struck anything yet. What's going to happen to that poor, skinny aluminum when one side of the tube wants to go forward at full punch, while the other side is inhibited by the dirt? It depends on how fast it's going. At 550 mph, this is not on the helpful side, but on the very-destructive side, wouldn't you agree?

Here's the black-box numbers for the final few seconds where 2182 feet above sea level was the supposedly ground level at the crater:

10:03:01.....419 knots.....5123 ft/sea
10:03:02.....424 knots.....4818 ft/sea
10:03:03.....432 knots.....4430 ft/sea
10:03:04.....438 knots.....4019 ft/sea
10:03:05.....446 knots.....3642 ft/sea
10:03:06.....458 knots.....3148 ft/sea
10:03:07.....488 knots.....2182 ft/sea = 0 ft/gr = 0 m/ground, it hit the ground.

The plane, according to the numbers, did not fly a straight path to the ground, i.e. continuously at the same angle. It was slightly less angled on each second before the "crash." That is, with each passing second, the plane was more angled. It was making less horizontal distance, and more vertical distance, with each passing second, meaning that it did not have a bullet-like path. It's top end, the tail, had more forward momentum than the nose.

The numbers suggest a dropping of 966 feet in the final second while traveling at 488 knots = 560 mph = 820 feet per second. This is impossible if the velocity is the true velocity. It's only possible if it were the ground velocity, defined as "the horizontal speed of an aircraft relative to the ground." If it were doing 966 feet per second ground speed with a simultaneous descent of 966 feet, the fuselage would be at 45 degrees, but as it's portrayed as flying a little less than 966 feet per second in the last second, it amounts to an angle more than 45 degrees (slightly more vertical than horizontal). But in the second-last second, between the elevations of 3642 and 3148, the drop was only 494 feet. For just one second of time, that is a large shift in aircraft angle, ballparking it at 30 degrees versus 50 degrees a second later. The aircraft either could not accomplish this, or, even if it could, was tilting fast and predicted to tumble upon striking the ground. (See next update for more details on these chart numbers).

The FBI has taken the world for fools. The FBI needs to be punished for this deed. The FBI has commissioned many people to break the Laws of God on behalf of this deed. The FBI has urged many hundreds of millions of people to believe and propagate the lie. The FBI has broken the laws of the land, and obstructed justice for this deed. The FBI has convened in conspiracies to thwart those who wanted the truth to be told. The FBI threatened those who wanted the truth to be told, in some cases with death. The FBI protected the president of the United States as he played a key role in this deed. The president of the United States protected the FBI and the military in their crimes in regards to this deed. But this deed pales in comparison to the havoc accomplished at the twin towers, all done for finding popular support for Middle-East adventures. The United States killed more Americans in that adventure than the Iranians and their allies could have killed in one hundred years through terrorist acts. But now look at how many Sunni enemies the West has made for itself...while Obama holds the hand of Shi'ite Iran hoping against all odds to pacify it.

Here's the extend of drop in each of the last few seconds:

10:03:01.....419 knots.....5123 ft/sea...[218]
10:03:02.....424 knots.....4818 ft/sea...[305]
10:03:03.....432 knots.....4430 ft/sea...[388]
10:03:04.....438 knots.....4019 ft/sea...[411]
10:03:05.....446 knots.....3642 ft/sea...[377]
10:03:06.....458 knots.....3148 ft/sea...[494]
10:03:07.....488 knots.....2182 ft/sea...[966]

Some of the increase in drop per second is due to greater velocity per second, but the rest is due to the tilting of the plane (let's say it was clockwise). To set this up, first understand that, if, when it had dropped to 4818 feet, it maintained the same angle and velocity for the next second, if would have dropped another 305 feet (roughly), as it did the previous second. No brainer.

Next, let's wrap our heads around the effect of the tilting, in this case, the plane is tilting clockwise. The small increase from 419 to 424 knots is only six or seven mph more, or ten feet further along (horizontally), meaning that the extra drop, above 305 feet, due to increased velocity was less than five feet, not much compared to the full extra drop of 83 feet (388 - 305). Therefore, about 78 feet of additional drop (above 305 feet) was due to a tilting action, and no one expects a plane tilting clockwise as it flies to tilt counterclockwise for one second. That's said to set up the following.

As you can see, the angle actually goes the other way when dropping just 377 feet, the second after it dropped 411 feet. ??? Again, the no brainer: if, when it had dropped to 4019 feet, it maintained the same angle and velocity for the next second, if would have dropped another 411 feet. Yet, instead of falling another 411 feet, it dropped only 377. The fact that the velocity increased during this second means that the expected drop should have been a few feet more than 411, lets say about 415 feet. The plane was already tilting before this second took place, which expects a drop of even more than 415 feet. How then did the drop occur as low as 377 feet? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that means its nose went up while tilting clockwise. It's like asking a hand on a clock, when passing the four, to go backward toward the three. It's like asking the blade on a wind mill to cease turning clockwise for one second, and turn the other way, then proceed again clockwise.

Did the terrorists raise the nose from the cockpit controls while determined to do a hard crash? That makes no sense. The hard dive assures a tilting action.

Last option: people who fabricated the black-box numbers simply goofed by giving these figures. Yes, that is much more likely.

It doesn't look like this animal can be defeated by anyone, but then it's reserved for the Truther in the Sky. Jesus.

Indian Lake; Scene of Unexpected Commotion

There is a lot of information one must gather before trying to tackle the continued flight path after it passed the crater (I wasn't planning on going this deeply). Did it go straight, or, which way did it turn? How long did it stay low? Did it come back to the scene pretending to be another plane? Is it the one that flew over Indian lake dropping debris? Why would the perpetrators drop debris so far in front of the crash site? Wouldn't it have been enough to create a local debris field? Probably, the ones who dropped the debris at Indian lake were not of the same team of players whose job it was to make the crater. The ones who dropped debris may be taken as more-serious players who went out of their way to make the event look as authentic as possible. But why not drop all that debris closer to the crater?

Much of the debris was, according to accounts, dropped over the lake water so that it could not be easily identified as faked Flight-93 parts, though cargo from that flight may have been used. And, if they had time to remove some seats, etc., that would have done the hoax well. Three days later, this was published: "Fleegle [employee of Indian Lake Marina] said he climbed on the roof of an abandoned cabin and tossed down a burning seat cushion that had landed there. By Wednesday morning, crash debris began washing ashore at the marina. Fleegle said there was something that looked like a rib bone amid pieces of seats, small chunks of melted plastic and checks." A seat cushion atop a roof, where no one can see it, and yet bodies nowhere? Then the same suspect who finds a rib bone washed ashore in more seats way over in Indian lake. When do I start to laugh? I already did.

Fleegle's account has the markings of an insider con-job, suggesting that other marina workers may have been too. Therefore, when Carol Delasko, one of the marina's employees, claimed debris falling "like confetti raining down all over the air above the lake", the account is suspect. She even described the explosion cloud as "light," which tends to expose her.

For this hoax to work best, they needed actual items from Flight 93. The mail that was likely scattered the night of the 11th suggests that other items from the flight had come along. It could have been scattered at Indian Lake too in order to explain why so little debris was at the crater area. It would allow the goons to put out media reports that debris was sent flying for miles. Only those who investigated these claims would be able to learn and conclude otherwise. But, there's a catch. One will never get to the truth by assuming that all witnesses were sincere in telling the facts as best they could. One needs to fish out the false stories and glean how their stories were false. The more confusion that the insiders can create with the witnesses, the longer it takes to arrive to the truth, and the safer the criminals.

Here's Fleegle contradicting the extinguisher men who said they were alone when they arrived to the crater site: "Like I said, probably within, within 45 seconds or a minute of impact, we were there. We were there before any fireman, any paramedics, or anybody; we were on site. When we got there, there was a plane flying up above and he was smart, he flew straight for the sun, so you couldn't, you couldn't look at it and see exactly what type of plane, or if it was a fighter or what it was. But we caught a glimpse of it and as he was swinging, he was basically traveling in the same direction as the plane." If he's an insider, why was he admitting to another plane? There is an explanation, and, besides, admitting to this plane allows the insiders to tell their version of what Viola and others saw.

As you can see, this "other" plane was headed in the same direction as the crashed plane, and since it was going into the sun not long after 10 am, it was going southeast, jibing with the direction of the wing scars. But as Fleegle knew that the crashed plane was going southeast, this part of his account could not have been early in the game. He had to wait until the "fact" came out concerning the plane's direction, by which time he and the insiders could have heard that Viola and others saw a second plane checking things out.

Actually, it seems very daring or stupid for the insiders to have a plane come check out the crash site at the time of the crash. It begs the question of what could possibly have been so important about bringing that plane in. Whatever the reason, I'm going to conclude tentatively that the Fleegle plane was the fly-over plane = the fake Flight-93 that the extinguisher men identified as a military plane doing spirals. It's logical to assume that the faked flight continued southeast for some time, and its flying into the sun happens to make a lot of sense. Such a route would have it cross along the southern part of Indian lake, where some debris was in fact found. But if this plane scattered some debris, it wasn't from aboard Flight 93.

Fleegle then makes a statement making him suspect as a shoot-down fabricator:

So I was sitting there talking to another guy and I was telling him about, you know he said: "Did you see the plane crash," and whatever, "Was you there?" and anything and I told him the whole story and I was explaining to him about whenever we were standing in the office and the lights flickered, and everything, and there was another gentleman sitting in the room in front of me that was retired from the Air Force and soon as he heard me say that he immediately stopped me and said, "Tell me this..." and I told him and he said, "Well, I'm retired from the Air Force." He said that plane was shot down and I said, "Why?" and he said because whenever the flickered, they zap the radar frequency on everything before they shoot and he said, "That's why your lights flickered. Your lights didn't flicker from the impact, your lights flickered because they zapped the radar system before they shot it."

That is one excellent piece of argumentation. The only problem: there was no shoot-down. There was no crash of Flight 93. The military didn't need to put out the power to shoot a missile, because no missile hit the crater area. All that metal junk in the crater speaks to no missile striking there. Yet, the mayor of Indian Lake reported "a loud roar above the house that sounded like a missile." It's just incredible to think that the military was going to shoot a missile directly above the mayor's house. ??? I'd prefer to believe that the mayor was an insider seeking to promote the shoot-down hoax. I'd prefer to believe that they had the mayor make such a statements to give the shoot-down hoax more teeth.

I can't listen to videos at this time to comment on the one below with Viola speaking, as presented by Domenick. She and others did not see any damage to the faked Flight 93. In the blogging section of the page below, he has much info not obtainable elsewhere on these matters:

Someone nearby: "The plane [while flying] seemed to be fully, or largely, intact. 'I didn't see no smoke, nothing,' said Nevin Lambert, an elderly farmer who witnessed the crash from his side yard less than a half-mile away. Lambert also said he also later found a couple of pieces of debris, one a piece of metal, less than 12 inches across, with some insulation attached." This piece may have come later from another plane flying over, or even men on the ground spreading it near the crater area. The plane taking aerial shots (the ones available online) would be a good one to suspect in dropping debris. It's aerial shots were taken late in the evening on the 11th, with no one and no vehicle at the crater. Not much later, at dusk, would have been a good time to drop debris. Having the authority to fly over the site to take pictures, it had reason to fly low, allowing debris drops from being seen widely.

No one reported the plane with anything to suggest a missile strike. Even Donald Rumsfeld blurted out one day that Flight 93 was shot down. While that statement was retracted or framed as an accidental slip of the tongue, one wonders whether it wasn't a deliberate ploy to give the impression that the plane did crash at the site. Perhaps the statement was made to fuel conspiracy theorists into arguing for a real crash. It worked. Perhaps this ploy was badly needed at the time when the FBI was becoming concerned over what a disastrous botch-job the crater scene had become. Let's not feel sorry for them. We still want to know where the FBI got its body parts, lest your mind starts to slip and think that the whole affair was a predominantly harmless hoax.

Domenick, who believed and promoted the shoot-down theory, later came to change his mind. He put it well: "if Flight 93 is shot down it isn't an inside job." If they shot it down, it becomes a terrorist act, not a faked terrorist act. For the perpetrators, it's far better to be charged with shooting the plane down under dire circumstances, than orchestrating a faked event. Therefore, the missile theory appears to have been born from, or at least drawn-along by, Internet stooges of the perpetrators. Domenick: "...and i believed for many years that the plane was shot down. people can see in my interview with wally miller 5, 6 years ago that then i believed it was shot down. i couldnt explain what happened at indian lake. but then i looked through the coroners photos. when i walked out of his office that day was when i had to accept that not only was flight 93 not shot down, but no one died anywhere near that field that day."

It wasn't just debris that was reported as falling over Indian lake, but plane parts, a claim feeding the shoot-down theory:

Human remains recovered in Somerset
By Robin Acton and Richard Gazarik
Thursday, September 13, 2001

Evidence collection teams late Wednesday [September 12] recovered the first recognizable human remains from the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 in Somerset County.

...Meanwhile, investigators also are combing a second crime scene in nearby Indian Lake, where residents reported hearing the doomed jetliner flying over at a low altitude before "falling apart on their homes."

"People were calling in and reporting pieces of plane falling," a state trooper said.

I don't know what an ordnance bomb looks like (before it explodes), or how large it is, or how difficult it would be to plant near the crater, or how destructive to surroundings it might be. But I am sure that the military has access to types made specifically to cause little damage to the surroundings while making a very big show in the sky. For this, they need heat- and smoke-producing agents, not a big deal whatsoever for the military. There is a cancer growing on America, the military leaders. All the authorities have become worse than liars. Now they play deceptive games with the minds of those they claim to serve. Some people are very happy to believe that a plane hit, end of story. They don't want to view their government as corruptly as a hoax of this magnitude would measure it.

At the link below, you can read killtown's analysis on the smoke cloud in McClatchey's' photo. I don't have the ability to check the correctness of his conclusion when he claims to show the real size of the cloud if it were at the crater. He claims he had the methods to prove that the cloud, as it appears in the photo, is much too large. My understanding is that one can measure the size of any object if the distance to that object is known, but, drats, I don't know how. I would not be surprised to find that the perpetrators increased the size of the cloud to exaggerate the size of the explosion.

I don't have a problem with the perpetrators taking true photographs and videos of the crater explosion from more than one camera, then choosing which one(s) to release. They wisely chose to release only one photo, and no video of the fireball. I can't bring myself to believe that McClatchey was working on her own aside from being part of the perpetrators. Spot in her story that which corroborates the idea of an exaggerated explosion, and note that she lived on Indian lake, where insiders may have had the task of engineering the false idea of a massive scattering of plane debris out that way: "A large rising mushroom cloud was photographed within seconds after impact by Val McClatchey, who was nearly shaken off her couch by the crash, causing her to run out with her new digital camera and without aiming, snapped the only known photograph of the explosion before dropping her camera." Nearly shaken off the couch requires a severely-vibrated house. How much was she exaggerating? Can she be trusted at all?

Val McClatchey lives Southeast of the crash site directly in between the site and Indian Lake. On the morning of 9/11 Val was sitting on her couch when she first heard Flight 93 fly over head. The problem is Flight 93 never flew over her house. After she heard the plane she said she looked outside the window and caught a glimpse of it before it crashed. But knowing what I know from all the other eyewitnesses this simply cannot be true.

If McClatchey's original claim was to seeing a passenger jet fly over her place, then, because Flight 93 was not to get as far as to her place, she is easily identified as a coached false witness. But as this claim seems like an incredible screw-up under a coached situation, might we decide that, perhaps she was telling the truth when saying "she thought [it] was a small plane". Or, perhaps she made that up later to cover for her original blunder. After all, it's suspicious that she dropped her camera after the first picture (may initially have implied she broke it), and moreover she was too far away to feel an explosion that "almost knocked her off her couch." It sounds like an exaggeration one would expect from a coached situation. There were people much closer to the crater who were not nearly knocked off their couches. In what I've read on Lee Purbaugh, he didn't say anything about being knocked off his feet, or material landing near him seconds later. Witnesses who over-explode the destructiveness of the explosion become suspect.

I haven't found the date that she submitted the photo to the FBI or news stations, but "She says the photo sat in her camera for a few days until the state police and FBI had put a call out to people in the area for photos, debris, or any other evidence of the crash." The FBI, in other words, needed her photo right away. It hit the media.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter whose side she was on; it's her photo that matters. The link above convinces one easily that the explosion in her photo is not of a jet-fuel explosion, not just because the color is wrong, but because there is barely a pillar/trunk to the mushroom. It looks like a single explosion, and then nothing more after that, exactly what the sightings from many locals corroborates. Her cloud speaks to a planted "bomb" but without a blast of metal shrapnel. No witness I read reported metal blasting through their windows nor into their exterior siding. But there were loads of debris at a certain area of Indian lake, as though the explosion was a basketball player making the hoop cleanly from the center line.

I'll have to assume that Lee Purbaugh was outside when he saw the plane above his head, and that he had a direct line of sight of the crater spot. He could probably claim that the wing spars protected him from receiving any shrapnel from the explosion. None the less, it's notable that his vice-president mentioned no fireball while Lee did, a full year later:

...[Purbaugh] told the Daily Mirror. "...It was coming down in a 45 degree and rocking from side to side. Then the nose suddenly dipped and it just crashed into the ground. There was this big fireball and then a huge cloud of smoke."

But did he see another plane? "Yes, there was another plane," Lee said. "I didn't get a good look but it was white and it circled the area about twice and then it flew off over the horizon." - (9/13/02)

Why would the insiders want people to mention this white plane? Did the FBI have an explanation for it? The first I've heard of Purbaugh mentioning this white plane is above, in September of 2002. To some degree, the insiders had to give the nod to much of what locals were decided upon. However, I don't know how long Lee was a local to that area. Chances are, he was "hired" by Rollock only to do the trick that he did. His first day on the job was the day before the explosion. By admitting that they saw a smaller plane, they could alter the type that was there, and stir confusion concerning the motives / agendas (of the planes).

I don't know the timing of these reports:

At the horse-shoe shaped Indian Lake...several eyewitnesses recalled hearing "a screaming thing" that "screeched" as it passed over the golf course and lakeside community immediately before a huge explosion shook the ground. Chris Smith, the groundskeeper at the golf course said something with a "very loud screeching sound" passed over in the immediate vicinity of the golf course before he heard a huge explosion. "It was like nothing I've ever heard before," Smith said. The explosion that followed sounded like a "sonic boom," he said. Smith and others said they felt the shock wave from the explosion. Smith said he was used to seeing a variety of military aircraft from the nearby Air National Guard bases in Johnstown and Cumberland, Maryland.

Another groundskeeper said he saw a silver plane pass overhead toward the crash site from the southeast after hearing the loud "screeching" sound. The large silver plane was at an elevation of several thousand feet, he said. A local veteran who flew combat helicopters in the Vietnam War said that the high-pitched screeching sound was indicative of a missile.

...Shown a photo of an A-10 "Warthog," the groundskeeper identified it as the kind of plane that circled the crash site at a very low altitude three times before flying away. He recognized the two vertical fins on the rear of the plane. "Nobody was interested in what we saw," he said. "They didn't even ask us."

One would think that at least one of the "extra" planes over Indian lake could have been the faked Flight-93. But wouldn't a plane rising fast have had engines screaming? Couldn't a military plane break the sound barrier to create the sonic boom that we read in the above quote? The groundskeeper may have heard an actual sonic boom, not the crater explosion that he says sounded like one. The plane that supposedly crashed wasn't supposed to be flying over the Indian Lake, and yet the "a screaming thing" that "screeched" did fly there. Unfortunately, I don't know the direction that it was passing, whether away from, or toward, the crater.

Domenick: "i have spoken with a couple of people who describe this 'screaming' sound. some said like a missile. there is no evidence of a missile that i have found anywhere so the assumption has to be that this was the sound created by a large plane traveling at a high rate of speed at a low altitude. we don't know what the exact sound was that these witnesses heard. the most common description has been "screaming" though..." Here's a list of Domenick's blogs at CIT:

The fewer military / police people that trust them, the weaker the criminals in government become. September 11 served to weaken them, not strengthen them. The Boston Marathon served to weaken them further. If they don't realize it, it's because their pride / confidence blinds them. The Internet has weakened them enormously. But, shudder, would Christians actually support them? Well, there are Christians, and then there are Christians.

The Lonely Escherich Images

There is a short-cut to explaining the following, or the long-cut. I think I'll take you through the long way so that you can see how this was arrived to. It started with this quote:

A few years back, amateur photographer David Escherich of Stoystown snapped a photo that went global within hours.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Escherich snapped the picture of downed Flight 93...

"I was going through Friedens when I saw a huge plume of smoke, unlike anything I've ever seen before," Escherich said. Escherich continued on with his day and stopped at the Stoystown post office...

Not long after the crash, Escherich was on the scene. Emergency personnel were only just arriving. Undetected, he grabbed his camera and set up his tripod and fired off 10 shots before being asked to leave.

"I was about 150 yards away from where the plane hit," he said. "But then I did as they said. I packed up and left."

...The following day, The Associated Press sent the Shanksville photo around the world. It is believed that Escherich captured the first images of the crash site...Tribune-Democrat (10/06/07)

I don't know what photo this could be. I don't think I've seen it. There are problems with this account making it hard to swallow where he was asked to leave as emergency personnel arrived. The fact is that the perpetrators had very few pictures released because they wanted it that way. Therefore, even the officially-chosen photographers had to have an excuse for taking few pictures. It's hard to read the above as per whether Mr. Escherich took ten of roughly the same shots from a tripod in the same spot, or more than one shot with the tripod in more than one spot. He is said online to be a professional photographer.

It sounds as though he finished taking pictures a whopping 150 yards from the place. If that's correct, he was 1.5 football fields away. I find that hard to understand because his camera has a zoom out, so why stay / go back 450 feet? Or, if he's lying, why lie? At first, I thought the answer was that he was 450 feet down the service road, taking a shot of the smoke plume. But that didn't work because he could not have arrived in time for the plume, IF, that is, his story is true about being inFriedens (hwy 281) five miles (as the bird flies) west of the crater, but further by road.

Plus, he had gone into the post office, he says, which, if true, would have made him arrive at least 15 minutes after the explosion. I say, "if true," because I think I've just caught him as an accessory to the crime of providing a false image. This part of his story may be to hide the fact that he was at the explosion site from the start. It seems odd that he, a photographer with his camera with him, sees a massive explosion in his "back yard" but then pops into the post office, even making it sound as though he's in no hurry while in there. I could understand it better if he just needed to fire off an important letter first that couldn't wait a couple of hours, but that's not his story. "He was aware of the devastation at the World Trade Center. At the Stoystown post office, a friend encouraged him to investigate what had happened. With his camera in his car, Escherich decided he would." It's sounds like he had to be pushed a little to go. "Uhhh, well, heck, okay I'll go check it out. It might be interesting."

Something seemed wrong with this man from the time that I read his story. I'm not sure whether the "Emergency personnel" in Escherich's story speaks to the firemen, or to medical people arriving later, but what authority would either of them have had in asking him to leave? I don't think firemen or medical people can ask people to leave a public road, or someone else's property, when the place has other people there too. Upon finding his photos, there were police officers in the them, but they had not asked him to leave to that point. If there was one police boss that was an insider, while Escherich was himself not an insider, the police would surely chase him out immediately.

My take is that he was telling this part of the story to make it sound as though the perpetrators had rejected him, to make it sound as though he was not an insider. His story ends with, "It is believed that Escherich captured the first images of the crash site", suggesting that he was there before Mr. Stahl was taking pictures with 30 friendly firemen...who didn't ask him to leave, apparently, but allowed him to take his pictures:
"Mark Stahl...followed plumes of billowing smoke to the scene. Carrying a digital camera, Stahl arrived at the site 15 minutes after the plane fell from the sky. He began taking photographs of the still-smoking scene. Later, he showed them to people who crowded around his car in a cornfield filled with reporters, photographers and large television trucks spouting giant satellite dishes.

...About 30 firemen were at the scene when he arrived, Stahl said. He didn't realize a passenger jet had crashed until a firefighter told (09/12/01)"

We have two photographers at the site, but then there were many others who were there from nearby so that an extraordinary number of pictures should be available online of this spectacle. My question is, why did I have a hard time finding Escherich's images? When I did find three of them, they were the best-quality images of all. I had not bumped into any of them while writing on this topic, while visiting many Flight-93 webpages. What's going on? Why didn't the media use his images more than the others?

By the way, where did such an army of firemen all come from so fast? Can they all receive the message from their boss, leave work, run to the firehall to get dressed, and be at the site, all in less than 15 minutes? Shouldn't the ambulances and medical responders have been even faster?

After reading his story, I went surfing for more on Escherich, but found little, as might be expected if his photo had been phased out by the perpetrators. The Google results page for " david escherich' 'flight 93' " totalled a whopping (sarcasm) one page. Google brought up only nine webpages, in all the world, containing both phrases. One of the nine was a military webpage having "Photo by David Escherich of Stoystown," but the page loads only in the HTML form, for which reason the photo is not showing. The page once showed the photo, I must assume, until the owner made the page non-loadable, perhaps deliberately. The phrase above is outlined in this Google-search result:

A fire fighter emerges from smoke and debris of the World ...

Photo by David Escherich of Stoystown images/shanksville1.jpg images/arrowup.png 27 0 FEMA investigators sift through the rubble at the crash site of flight 93 ...

Click the link above to go to the military page that, for me, was showing in HTML format only (by the time you read this, the military may have the page showing normal again). None of the several photos on the page are showing. The Escherich photo has this HTML command and caption: Photo by David Escherich of Stoystown]]> In other words, this particular photo shows firemen in the scene. But is it the Escherich photo that was given to the Associated Press? One would think that by googling " 'david escherich' 'associated press' ", Google would bring the AP article up on the first result page. Nope. The AP article doesn't come up at all. That's not right. Did AP obliterate their Escherich article?

That defence page has two Shanksville images, the other one being a FEMA image. In other words, FEMA and Escherich alone are representing the page's Lambertsville crash.

When not finding the AP article, I gave up seeking his photo, though not before clicking one more article in the Google results that had his name. While that article was loading, the conversation above was cut and pasted to a back-burner page, deciding not to include it in this update. But when I got back to that last-chance article (LooseChangeforums), it said this: "Escherich took 10 pictures, but I've only seen 3 of them. They are located at the link:" Clicking it, I kept my fingers crossed, hoping the page wasn't a dud. The three images were showing, but right away I could see why they were suspicious.

They are on the website of the Stoystown firehall. They cannot be copied to anyone's computer, either by saving the images individually, or saving the entire page. In this way, the images can be removed from world view at any time. Perhaps no one but the firehall has them anymore.

Enlarge the center image in the firehall page and compare it with the image below showing the same burnt-out trees from a slightly-different angle. Why are the burnt-out trees in the one below barely visible as such? I didn't even know that there were burnt out trees in it until finding the Escherich image. Was someone trying to hide these trees? Look at how obvious the burnt-out trees are in the firehall image. They are the focal point of his picture. It appears he set up his camera, which is in the field toward the scrap yard, to get the perfect shot of this small, burnt-our area.

It can be estimated that the top of the trees (gone) would have had branches approaching 40 feet on average, with flames rising higher. No one I recall reading spoke of this. Nobody I recall reported a 40-50 foot fire in this forest smack beside the crater. That would have been a major event beside the rest of the place where virtually nothing of interest turned up. There were casual reports of some "broken" trees, but not a large, burnt-out section such as this appears to be. Try to imagine how large a fire this was to begin with, asking how it didn't set the entire forest on fire. How could two men, arriving in less than five minutes, put out all the fires with their fire extinguisher, if this forest was ablaze at the time? Domenick said he arrived in five minutes but that the two with extinguisher were already there.

In fact, all three of these men, as well as other early arrivals, in conjunction with the rise of truthers, are probably the reason that the perpetrators needed to scrap their Escherich photos. But that can mean only one thing: the photos were tampered with. If this is how the government operates, with the media in assistance, how will the public ever know reality anymore? Isn't that in itself a disgusting crime and a lowly sin? What kinds of worms are these people? Why fear such dogs? There are many more good people than the few animals who are doing these things. How long will Americans put up with them? Alas, you can't convince the majority that the photos are doctored. They are unwilling to believe this concerning their military, and Christians, yes Christians, are a large part of the problem. Somehow, Bible-belt Christians have fallen in love with the modern military, and George Bush had much to do with it.

You know what it looks like to me? It looks like broken trees with smoke doctored into the picture. The trees were perhaps prepared beforehand, and the smoke afterward. The perpetrators were apparently planning on having these images as part of their main storyline. Even though some people got there very early to spread the story that this was NOT a plane crash, yet AP and members put some Escherich images out anyway.

We do not see the firetruck hoses rolled out and spraying, nor ready to spray, and no evidence that they had been sprayed to put the fire out. The large image clearly shows the hoses still rolled up on the truck top. Can you tell where the smoke is coming from. I can't. What looks like burnt-out branches are not. It can be gleaned that they were broken off. Many/most of the trees can be recognized as softwood trees (their branches start low to the ground), the needles of which send up rapid, furious flames that assure forest fires. Usually, the lower branches of softwoods are dead or partly dead i.e. ignite easily. But in all that smoke and what looks like a set of trees ravaged by fire, there is only one branch still smoldering, and easy paste job. There's no smoldering from any side of any trunk.

The impression the photo doctors were gunning for is either a splash of jet fuel into this part of the forest, or ignition from the fireball's heat. But local witnesses tell us that this mini-forest fire did not happen. If they didn't create the impression of the one large branch smouldering, they may have gotten away with claiming a grass fire only, and that the trees were dead beforehand, not burnt up.

There is what looks like a single, large tree trunk at the front of the firetruck that divides into two trunks. In any case, this tree(s) is behind the crater in "my" image.

There are the claims of over 50 witnesses on this page. Not including the mention of the fireball, there are only two witnesses mentioning "fire": 1) Kelly Leverknight; 2) Michael Merringer. The latter was early to the site, before the police, and therefore before the Escherich images. Merringer said: "Everything was on fire and there was trees knocked down..." But the crater was on fire too, so that we don't know whether he meant the forest on fire. I didn't see trees knocked down, and "everything was on fire" sounds exaggerated.

One testimony I find suspicious comes from Eric Peterson, who lived close by and says he saw the plane overhead: "'There was a great explosion and you could see the flames. It was a massive, massive explosion. Flames and then smoke and then a massive, massive mushroom cloud.' Peterson called 9-1-1 and ran to the crash site but found only burning jet parts, pieces of clothing, and seat cushions.' - (09/12/01)" He not only seems to be stretching the size of the explosion, but wants his hearers to think a jet landed there. Still, he doesn't mention the forest fire. The fact that he says he ran to the site may indicate that he was there already, one of the people who set various things on fire. I'm not accusing him, just approaching this the way the FBI would...when doing a proper job in forming suspects.

None of the Escherich images show any mail, let alone "mail scattered everywhere," which is what Rick King, the assistant fire chief, claimed. When Kelly Leverknight got to the crater scene, she claimed "a bunch of paper." Lee Purbaugh claimed mail too. "Mail everywhere" doesn't mean just in the forest, or a part of the forest, or just in front of the crater. "Lots of mail" is acceptable, but "mail everywhere" is clearly incorrect. One can assume that no mail survived in the burnt-out forest. Where was it, then? Why doesn't it show everywhere in the Escherich images? It may have been there the next day, but it doesn't look like it was there on day one, does it? Why would King and Kelly lie about this? Were they setting up the FBI's plot to use the mail to "prove" that Flight 93 came down here?

"Rick King, 42, of Shanksville, was behind the wheel of the first fire truck to arrive at the crash scene...heard Flight 93 scream overhead, seen a massive fireball light up the sky and felt an explosion rock the entire town of Shanksville...But besides a burning landing-gear tire, smoldering branches in the nearby woods and a few brush fires, there was little to indicate a jetliner had just crashed, he says."

The forest fire was already out when he arrived, and according to the Stahl testimony, Rick was less than 15 minutes in arriving. Does it look to you as though the woods in the Escherich images took less than 15 minutes to burn that way? The upper trees are gone. Upper branches are green = wet, and do not burn like dry wood.

Apparently, David Escherich didn't want to be associated with his own images online. Or, he didn't want to share them with the world. Doesn't that play into the idea that the perpetrators decided not to go with that part of the hoax?

Next, see the image below showing what must be the burnt-out area, except that not one tree has a char mark:

Here is the same from my files in case it disappears:

To verify that it's the same woods that appears to have been burnt out, see below that there is only one such area in an aerial view:

It's an official "Government Exhibit." Why are trees lacking any sign of burning? Why does the ground lack any sign of burning? If this is not the same burnt-out area, why are the trees all dead in this area?

We can spot more photo problems in the comparisons of the next two images. See the three men standing on the grass where the ground slopes down to the top of the crater. In other words, their feet appear to be higher than the crater tops.

In a view of the same three men, at the same spot (close, anyway), no such decline exists beside the crater's ridge. In fact, the top of the ridge is clearly higher than the surrounding ground, and higher than even their feet. Nor is there a slope behind the men. Why did they doctor is a slope in one of the images? Because, the crater ridge does not show in either the Escherich images or this one. One must assume that the crater ridge is below normal ground level, but in the image below, the crater ridge is once again showing above the surrounding ground level:

In the image above, note the impossibility of a plane coming in at 40 degrees. Just imagine the path of the wings as they hit dead-center in that too-small wing scar (each wing was more than 50 feet out from the fuselage). At 40 degrees, much more of the dirt bank would have been removed. Where are all the firemen? Who's taking this picture?

The image below was saved from Google's image page, and looks to be an Escherich image due to the camera positioning and timing. It's very conspicuous that all the men are merely standing around the firetruck while several smoky areas are in the forest behind them. They have a very small truck with little water. They don't have a second truck. Shouldn't they be unrolling and preparing their water hose(s) just in case a fire flares out? Of course...unless the forest smoke was pasted into the image.

Lee Purbaugh should have been the first person to the crater, right? He said he went to it: "'I never in my life thought I would see a plane crash right before my very eyes,' said Purbaugh, who was at the wreckage within minutes after the crash." Why didn't anyone report him there? And why didn't anyone report his boss there?

[Title of article:] Property owners try to put past behind them

"The mangled heap of iron and steel actually belongs to Rollock Inc., a scrap metal business owned and managed by the father-and-son team of Tony and Chris Kordell of Bedford County.

Chris Kordell, the company's vice president, said he was the first person on the scene when United Airlines Flight 93 went down.

"At first I thought it was our oxygen tank exploding, but then I realized that wouldn't have been loud enough," said Kordell, who speaks in the lilting accent of his native Australia. "When I ran out of the office, I saw a tail of black smoke." - (09/11/02)

What? No large fire? Why only smoke after the fireball rose up? How can there be a huge fireball with minimal smoke afterward? You need to ask the military or their bomb makers. Why didn't Purbaugh and his boss get fire extinguishers, shovels, etc., to go put out what fires they could in the grass? When the two extinguisher men arrived, as well as the others a minute or two later, they should have found the scrap-yard workers trying to stamp out the brush fires, if this was a real situation. Right? They may have been afraid of approaching the crater while still smoking hard, but it cleared up fast, obviously, because the extinguisher men put out the fires to a safe condition less than five minutes in. How could these two men possibly lie about such a thing? The subsequent photos attest to the truth of their account.

Obviously, the media, no matter how much they would have liked, were virtually incapable, for sheer business reasons, to bring an article against Chris Kordell to the effect that made a connection between his scarp-yard parts and the metal scrap over the crater. If George Bush owned the scrap yard, that would have been a media frenzy, however. There is precious little to be found on Chris Kordell. Who chose the statement above as one of his few media-intended ones? Black smoke, is that all he mentioned? And why was that precious-little one year after 9-11? What did he say from day one? Did no one interview him? Did he refuse to be interviewed? Isn't that a story in itself? What damage did the HUGE explosion do to his buildings? Were metal pieces buried in the walls of his building?

The FBI had a sure-fire way to deal with the threat by claiming it to a be a "crime scene," with no one allowed in without its permission. And indeed it was a crime scene, with the FBI as a chief crime agent. But in no way would they have conducted that hoax beside Rollock if the Kordells were not involved. We imagine that no one was allowed to inspect the Rollock property.

In his quote, Lee framed his story by having two stages: 1) the coming in wobbling at 45 degrees; 2) a dip and dive. He does the same at another time: "There was an incredibly loud rumbling sound and there it was, right there, right above my head -- maybe 50 feet up... I saw it rock from side to side then, suddenly, it dipped and dived, nose first, with a huge explosion, into the ground." {Independent, 8/13/02}." The same statement appeared in the same UK media on October 24, 2002. But it is impossible for him to see wings rocking, followed by "suddenly" dipping > diving, in the roughly 600 feet (a second) it had yet to fly from 50 feet over his head. There was no time for his "suddenly." That term represents a shift in an event, as in going from a rocking to a new situation, now a dive. A plane can't dive in half a second. Probably, he was allowed to chose his own words by that time, without (much) coaching.

The webpage above has four different accounts by Purbaugh to four different media, but none mention the fireball except the Mirror (UK) more than a year later. Although other witnesses definitely demand that a fireball of some sort was part of the explosion, there didn't seem to be emphasis on it's HUGE size until later. If they wanted the fireball emphasized, they would have allowed part of it to show in the McClatchey photo. Perhaps Mr. Sturtz was over-reacting with it being 200 feet high. Or, perhaps he meant that the orange color could be seen only rising as high as 200 feet. The McClatchey cloud seems to be at least that high, but does not appear to have a heat source in its interior sufficient to cause ROLLS of billowing action. That is, the cloud appears to have come to its final ferocity, if ever it had ferocity.

Here's what must be an exaggeration or a lie if the men with extinguishers were telling the truth when they said the fires were not a problem to put out: "The explosion unleashed a firestorm lasting five or 10 minutes and reaching several hundred yards into the sky, said Joe Wilt, 63, who lives a quarter mile from the crash site." Never mind 200 feet, now it's over 1000-1500 feet high! The green grass all around the crater screams that five or ten minutes of burning was way too long.

Which way Is the Sun Shining?

Using this image, let's show more tampering, and this time it's serious because the perpetrators wanted to change the sun direction, apparently, at least at one point, though this does not appear to be so in the Escherich images. . The only reason I can think of for wanting to alter the sun's true direction is to alter the direction of the flight path at crash time.

Which way do you think the sun is shining in the image above? The trees are lit up toward the left of the image (i.e. as though the sun is from the left). The front of the vehicles, facing left, are bright. The shirts on the people, and everything else, indicates that the sun is coming from the top-left corner. As it was roughly 10:30 am at the time, in September, the left side of this image is the east side. The top-left represents the south-east side, and indeed a sun at 10:30 am should be at the south-east. The sun at perfect south-east in September would be at roughly (very rough) 9 am, which is the direction that the wing scars are facing. This agrees with the wing scars facing southeast in both image below:
In case you need to verify the direction of the wing scars, here's a repeat from earlier: "Enlarge the Google map here until the circular Approach Road appears; the service road is between 1007 and Approach Rd."

But "this image (three men reduced in size), which is known to be doctored already, has tree shade coming from the top-right = southwest. The tree shade is to the cockpit side of the wing scar, whereas other images, including the Escherich images, has the sun from (what would be on this image) the tail-wing side of the wing scar.

To prove that the wing scar faces southeast, this aerial (and the other, related aerials) has long shade corresponding either to near-sunrise or near-sunset. With a little study, one can become sure that it's near sunset, with sun coming from the west, making the wing scar face southeast. In yet another aerial image with the same shade shape, we find "TUESDAY" (= September 11) on the television screen, and one can again see that the dirt road is well used only up to the crater, but not beyond.

I find the memorial a very sick thing and feel sorry for the locals who have this over their heads to perpetuate a government-sponsored lie. This is mental anguish, and becomes bizarre where some locals like the extra money that this brings to their community. Here is an aerial view of the memorial, which project purchased the land of the Rollock scrap yard, and assured that no one would go dig at the "crash site." The service road with crash site is to the far left:

There are a lot of intelligent people in the country who have remained silent. Often, the active truthers are those willing to take a chance, allowing the authorities to put their names on a list that one day could become a kill list. Intelligent people know this. We are obviously dealing with something akin to Nazi's, if not the very off-shoot of the Nazi's proper. There is even a Berlin location near Shanksville, suggesting that the area may have been settled early by Germans. We shouldn't think that German-background Americans are necessarily Nazi types, but we could expect Nazi blood and Nazi hearts to find their way to German communities. Obviously, the Obama government is not purely of that bilk, but what happens when the next Republican comes to live in the White House? Will the Bush circle succeed in placing yet another Nazi operative in there? Will Christians help in this effort? What then?

President George Bush Sr. was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., to a Nazi operative. This is online for all to know. Look at the Austrian ESCHERrich/ESHERick surname (gold-on-purple lion), how it looks like a version of "Scherff / Sheriff." It's interesting that the Escherich Coat uses "plants" in saltire while the English Plant surname shares the red rose with the Schere/Sherf surname. Both the King and Escherich Coats use a gold, upright lion, and the gold-on-black King / Kingston lion was traced to the same in the Arms of Kyburg, that being a location right beside ZURICH, a place that I trace the SURRICH variation of Surreys, and then the Sheers, who share the cross of Schere's/Scherfs, were first found in Surrey (England).

It looks like Escherichs/Eshericks and Scherffs both could have been from a variation of "Zurich," and so let me repeat that the Hiedler/Hitler surname uses a diagonally-split Shield, as does the Arms of Zurich.

Recall the local coroner who seemed to start off as a non-insider (could have been a faked act) that handled the FBI DNA and body pieces. Here he is latter catering to the FBI on yet some other turf:

Miller recalled his arrival at the crash site about 20 minutes after the plane plummeted to the earth and described how the aircraft came down at a 45-degree angle. He explained how the cockpit broke off at impact, bouncing into a wooded area of about 60 acres. The resulting fireball scorched about eight acres of trees, he said.

The remainder of the plane burrowed deep into the ground, creating a long, narrow crater." - (05/30/02)

Had I known this particular thing about the coroner from the start, I would have labeled him instantly as an insider. And that's how the FBI got away with the body-identification aspect of this hoax. It continues with more of what I didn't know, though this statement is dated in 2008: "The front 1/3 of the plane, including the cockpit, slammed into the ground off of the wing and the front 1/3 broke off and flew up into the trees and there was a fireball behind it and the remaining 2/3'rds went down in the ground." - Wally Miller (Sept. 2008)"

The acrobats of the wretched in trying to make sense of that crater. I have my own sins to be concerned for when I die, but these people, woe to them. This only goes to show that they did want us to believe in a forest fire. But we just saw how the trees were not charred in that area. Even the ground looked clean. But, NOW, for ONE THIRD the fuselage to have broken into pieces while flying into the forest, it only stretches the mind more when asking: where was it all? Why didn't anyone see it all? But here's reason to claim a contradiction with those who argue the complete disintegration of the front end: "Uh, this sounds like they are saying the cockpit was actually still somewhat intact after the alleged crash if passenger remains* were found inside!"

The article tells that the FBI quietly put this nose-cone claim in a foreign media in 2009 instead of American media. It also tells that truthers have by-and-large never heard of this claim. Probably, this was an original storyline that got buried with Escherich's photos. Probably, this new idea was arranged when few were buying the penetration of the flimsy fuselage into the ground, but also to make their job of pulling the pieces of the ground much easier. And so they opted to have the more-solid material in the wing area as the agents of ground penetration. Unfortunately, the wing spars -- solid metal beam(s) about 20-24 inches and 125 feet long -- are tens of 1000s of times more resistant to ground penetration...explaining why you didn't hear of this, until now.


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