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June 18 - 24, 2013

The Obama embarrassment is about to grow worse if he escalates the Syria conflict by entering the war theater. Even though George Bush had plenty of evidence that Saddam had killed thousands of Iraqis with chemical weapons, still, it was not enough to justify an Iraqi invasion in the eyes of Democrats. Now, Obama, on the skimpiest of evidence of Assad's chemnical-weapon use, is prepared to militarize. In fact, if he had his way, he would have already done so, even without the chemical claims. It's hard for Democrats to argue that Assad is a worse dictator than Saddam, wherefore, if they are not hypocrites, let Democrats oppose Obama's war against Assad.

Has the evidence has been faked:

The United States, Britain and France have supplied the United Nations with a trove of evidence, including multiple blood, tissue and soil samples, that U.S. officials say proves that Syrian troops used the nerve agent sarin on the battlefield. But the nature of the physical evidence -- as well as the secrecy over how it was collected and analyzed -- has opened the [Obama] administration to criticism by independent experts, who say there is no reliable way to assess its authenticity.

For the unexpected idea (that I've entertained) of a Russian Gog uniting with al-Qaeda to attack Egypt's Muslim-Brotherhood government, the following is somewhat interesting:

The Egyptian government has declared a high alert in the Sinai Peninsula following a high level of Al Qaeda terrorist activity in the region.

The terrorists have set up a military base in central Sinai, Egyptian security officials told the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency on [June 17].

Curfews have been imposed on the Sinai cities of El-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafiah, which straddles the border with Hamas terrorist-ruled Gaza.

Some 30 jihadists from Gaza entered the region via the tunnels, officials said, and it is believed they may join demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood planned for June 30.

Al Qaeda terrorists kidnapped at least seven Egyptian security officers earlier this year.

It just goes to show that, even though the Egyptian government has become much less disposed to keeping the peace with Israel, yet the anti-Christ may yet need to attack Egypt to fulfill Daniel-11 prophecy. On the other hand, the stranglehold that the Muslim Brotherhood wields in Egypt may soon be a thing of the past if the Egyptian military has it's way according to this story below on the current situation. It sounds as though the military is prepared or even anxious to topple Morsi's government:

[President] Morsi appointed el-Sissi as military chief and defense minister, leading many to believe he would be beholden to the president. But el-Sissi, through a series of subtle but telling hints, has shown his displeasure over Morsi's policies.

Here's the short story from Egyptian media:

Protesters have put up 15 tents at Egypt's Defence Ministry starting a sit-in to demand that President Mohamed Morsi is dismissed from office and that executive power be handed over to Defence Minister Abd El-Fatah El-Sisi.

The sit-in demonstration appears to involve conniving between its leaders and Sissy, and Sissy seems very willing to escalate the demonstration into the start of a coup process. But even if not, it's a surprise to learn just now that Morsi's pick for miltary chief, after Morsi fired to old-guard leaders, has turned against Morsi.

Why should we believe the FBI anymore:

A New York man who allegedly wanted to kill President Obama and apparently blamed him for the recent Boston bombings has been arrested for trying to build and detonate a weapon of mass destruction.

Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, of Galway, N.Y., spent months designing and constructing an X-ray system that would emit deadly amounts of radiation and could be detonated remotely, according to the FBI. Crawford recruited Eric J. Feight, 54, of Hudson, N.Y, to join in the plot, and both were arrested Tuesday, the FBI said.

Crawford and Feight allegedly planned to hide their weapon in a truck and FBI experts said it would have been "functional" and "lethal."

According to the FBI, Crawford cited "a political figure" and a Muslim organization as "potential targets." Sources familiar with the investigation identified the "political figure" as Obama.

"Obama's policies caused this," Crawford allegedly wrote in a text message on April 15, the day a series of bombings killed three and injured scores more at the Boston marathon.

Why should we believe the FBI anymore?

The following article speaks as though surprised, but, really, didn't we expect it:

Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst and Bush-era NSA whistleblower, claimed [June 19] that the intelligence community has ordered surveillance on a wide range of groups and individuals, including high-ranking military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.

He also made another stunning allegation. He says the NSA had ordered wiretaps on phones connected to then-Senate candidate Barack Obama back in 2004.

“They went after–and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things–they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial,” Tice told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frog Post News.

He went on: “But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people.”

Then Tice dropped the bombshell about Obama...

...FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and Tice agreed that such wide-ranging surveillance of officials could provide the intelligence agencies with unthinkable power to blackmail their opponents.

Certain Somebodies not in official power wanted to rule the nation the way they saw fit, and, obviously, they are snakes. That is the true and meaningful story that the media refuses to tackle, which is why whistleblowers are important. Media doesn't mind reporting a conspiracy if whistleblowers take the risks. Poor, spineless media. And the FBI wants to remove even their nerve.

WikiLeaks just threw some gasoline onto the conspiracy fire. On [June 19], they Tweeted: "Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died [on June 18], saying that the FBI was investigating him."

...Michael Hastings...was tragically killed this week in a car crash in Los Angeles, after his car hit a tree. Hastings is believed to have been alone in the vehicle.

Hastings was a reporter, the reason for sending shock waves up the spines of all reporters who might dare report a story seeking to expose the FBI:

Questions persist following the death of Michael Hastings Tuesday, after reports that the award-winning journalist told WikiLeaks the government was watching him.

..."Michael Hastings was a journalist who definitely gave the government trouble, the Pentagon trouble, so if they were surveilling him it wouldn't be that surprising," said friend and fellow journalist Cenk Uygur.

A freelance photographer who captured footage of the fiery crash also recorded dashboard video that he believes shows Hastings speeding and running a red light before the crash [were his gas pedal and break lines compromised?].

Police have not yet confirmed that the person killed was Hastings because the body was reportedly burned beyond recognition.

One friend who declined to speak on camera said Hastings was very paranoid that he was being watched by the FBI...

How horrible and tragic. Just like that, a horrible end.

Late in the week, we find what was already known, that Facebook was formed as a spy tooil for the dark side of government:

Friday Facebook announced the fix of a bug it said inadvertently exposed the private information of over six million users when Facebook's previously unknown shadow profiles accidentally merged with user accounts in data history record requests.

...The personal information leaked by the bug is information that had not been given to Facebook by the users - it is data Facebook has been compiling on its users behind closed doors, without their consent.

Edward Snowden has come out to call his own government "agressively criminal." The two words together portray reckless brutes who will punish you to the extreme for a slight offence, or even no offence at all if you happen to be politically opposed to them.

Snowden has a strategy: "'All I can say right now [June 17] is the U.S. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me...Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.'" I continue to follow and comment on this story because the outcome is vital for how badly the governments of many nations will be able to track and know details on those who will reject the end-time system.

Whether or not we can trust the chief of New York police, the fact is, Snowden is right: "Police Commissioner Ray Kelly [surname uses an enfield griffin, the Hiedler/Hitler symbol too] launched a stinging rebuke to the federal government's secret phone and Internet monitoring campaign -- and suggested leaker Edward Snowden was right about privacy 'abuse.' 'I don't think it ever should have been made secret,' Kelly said today, breaking ranks with US law-enforcement officials."

It's always possible that leaders who come out to speak in this way do so falsely while their own organizations are snooping as badly as the NSA. Note that Kelly speaks only on the fact that NSA did it without first informing the people. Kelly, bonehead, it's wrong whether or not the people are informed. You can't spy on the people and expect to be appreciated, unless one is a Democrat unable to break with Obama, or a Republican unable to break with Karl Rove and Dick Cheney (the latter also came out to condemn Snowden for obvious reasons). The NY Post article continues: "The NYPD secretly spied on Muslim organizations, infiltrated Muslim student group and videotaped mosque-goers in New Jersey for years, it was revealed in 2012. The NYPD said its actions were lawful and necessary to keep the city safe." The article also says that Obama and Holder are "monitoring" the NY police department. What kind of world is this that Kelly himself is pushing???

Kelly can spy happily on his city, but when Obama spies on his department, Kelly goes sour. I say that if Obama wants to spy on us, then I tend to favor the Snowden leakers in order that someone is, in effect, spying on Obama. I can tell you without doubts that, when Christian persecution arrives, Christians will leak heavily because they are true to God far more than they are loyal to Obama or his successor. The trick for the government will be to strike fear in Christrians beforehand, so that they don't leak on the Internet for fear of being identified. The coming battle largely concerns Intelligence on Christians, especially if anyone of us supports, and reports on, the whistleblowers.

It's important, therefore, that Christians drop their love of the Bush-Cheney-Rove team, and start to argue against its spy machine...that Obama-Holder now operate. The courts will have more power to shut that machine down if "terrorism" inside the U.S. and Britain can be exposed as fakes for the express purpose of advancing the spy machine. But before that can happen, a substantial percentage of the population will need to be convinced that faked terror acts have been conducted. If there is anyone who knows that the attacks on New York on September 11 were faked, it's the NY police chief. Unless he is a bonehead, he knows, and yet he cannot speak up because he knows that the perpetrators are powerfully dangerous (it's possible that he was an insider). It was necessary for the Bush team to spy on America to assure that the faked attacks were not being compromised by police departments, media, and the like.

If Obama's people can read my emails without breaking the password, then you who send me emails can be read too. I am no longer in the United States due to the way I've spoken against Homeland Security. I feel safer where I'm at now, and, hopefully, the FBI cannot access my emails unless Americans email me. PRISM is a system that can snoop freely on emails of Americans as they correspond with someone outside the country. From time to time, I have gotten emails from a few saying that they had been reading me for years, but had not emailed me until then due to the warning I have at the email page. I think if you email me once or twice over the years, it's not necessarily a big problem, but that's your decision to make. You could go on an anti-Christian list even if you email me (or similar website) once. Hitler is alive and well in the CIA, and Stalin is alive and well in the White House.

When Sharyl Attkisson of CBS was seeking to expose the Benghazi scandal, CBS (an O-tool suspect) persecuted her. She now claims that her computer was turning on and off in the middle of the night during that period (late last year). That was happening to my computer too last year. What kind of a world is this that government snoops can go in and even delete some of your hard drive? If you are on wireless, there is probably a button at the front of your laptop that allows you to shut it off during the night, or when you are not using it. Wireless is typically left on at all times so that anyone can enter your computer at any time, preferrably when you're not using it.

I turn my wireless button off even when living in an area that has no wireless capability due to lack of towers for the purpose. That's because satellites may be able to plug into my computer using the wireless port. There may come a day, and it may already be here, when computers no longer have such a button, or, even if they do, satellites may be able to enter computers regardless of that button's position.

Last summer, I was standing at a neighbors front porch, facing my house, when a lightning bolt went down at my house. It was the only lightning bolt on that day. It was from a lone cloud passing over. Sure enough, when returning home, my phone modem was knocked out, but, also, my wireless capability was gone. And, I no longer had sound. But when replacing the computer board that operated the wireless connection, there still wasn't capability, meaning that the lightning knocked out a part of the mother board, and yet, miraculously, the computer worked seemingly as well as it did before the lightning strike (it hit the telephone wire and came in through the modem port). Did this unlikely lightning bolt take place so that I would share this message with you? In the trib, or even earlier, remove your wireless card.

Why do I think that happened? Does God know something that we don't concerning satellite-wireless potential to get at computers even in the remote country, even when the wireless button is shut off? I was wondering whether the slight harm to the mother board disallows proper operating of spyware from others, or whether it disallows destructive viruses from being carried out.

Imagine computers made from the point of manufacture for the express purpose of spying. I cannot imagine this NOT being the case even now. Which computer brands are best for spying purposes? We should like to know.

..."Metadata is the perfect place to start if you want to troll through millions of people's communications to find patterns and to single out smaller groups for closer scrutiny,' he said. "It will tell you which groups of people go to political meetings together, which groups of people go to church together...the more Americans rely on their smartphones and the Internet, the more metadata is generated...Metadata "is more useful than (the) content" of a telephone call, email or Internet search, Drake said in an interview. "It gets you a map over time. I get to map movements, connections, communities of interest. It's also a tracking mechanism."

I've been using Yahoo mail from the start, and, perhaps to some advantage, Yahoo rebelled against PRISM and actually went to court concerning it:

Mayer and Bell [at Yahoo] stated that they were legally unable to publish details of request numbers under the FISA. "We strongly urge the federal government to reconsider its stance on this issue," they wrote, before outlining plans for more transparency about the data Yahoo shares with law enforcement agencies.

"Democracy demands accountability..."

However, a Yahoo opposed to snooping today is not necessarily a Yahoo opposed tomorrow. If you use Google's gmail, I would suggest abandoning it. Do not give true, personal information when applying for an email account (yes, I mean lie). They have no right to it, but force you to give it.

A few weeks ago, I reported on the Tea Party Fire Ants doing a boycott of Fox news because the latter was starting to abandon conservative view points for doing an experiment in leaning more liberal. Fox ratings were plummeting as a result. But now, Fox has re-hired Sarah Palin in what must be a new deal with conservatives of the Tea-Party kind. In other words, Fox is hypocritically conservative, lip-service only, wherefore be cautious. Don't give your heart to it because it's not what iot pretends to be. It pushes a conservative agenda for the purpose of making money. You can't have much of a bigger hypocrite than that. However, it is very welcome to have Fox reporting against Obama's spy machine.

Liberals are satan's friends. There is no attempt to exagerrate the problem by calling them that. It's a simple fact. By "liberal," I mean the humanoids devoid of God's heart, bent on twisting every issue against Him. CNN feeds them, coddles them, and reports on them:

Last month only 37% of the public thought that the IRS controversy led to the White House, with 55% saying that agency officials acted on their own without direct orders from Washington. Now [June 18] the number who say the White House directed that IRS program has increased 10 points, to 47%...

The article above says that the youth are primarily the ones who are happily blind / ignorant. In fact:

Students at George Mason University (GMU) signed a petition early this month asking President Obama to listen in on the "private conversations" of all Fox News employees and their families.

..."We want the to be able to legally read their private e-mails and listen in on phone conversations between Fox News employees and their associates and their families," Joseph explained to students, asking for their support.

Who is this Mr. Joseph, nutcase? It's Dan Joseph of Media Research Center. He's going round the country teaching the naive generation to accept spying on conservatives as a normal practice. Isn't the Joseph surname a line from Caiaphas??? Is Joseph Caiaphas alive and well, here to lead the way for to kill Christianity in due time?

How can it be that half the American population still believes, at this late time, that the IRS was NOT targeting the Tea Party / Conservatives? The liberals: happily blind, happily wicked, happily lying to themselves and their friends. These will advance the 666 skincode. An emailer (I won't identify him/her) sent me the following item recently, which was news to me. It's called the biostamp, a tattoo-like patch worn on the arm having computer potential to perform certain "miracles." Read about it here:

The IRS is a tool to squeeze tax money out of citizens, and no one knows tax fraud better than the IRS. Snooping is a tool to be used in catching tax frauds. Obama, in the opinion of those who see, has a prime mission to squeeze as much tax money as possible. But this is also the current aim of globalists at large, who are willing to trick the masses into paying more taxes for such "crises" as global-warming, etc., etc., etc. (see flu tax). John Kerry is, right now, out to convince the world of the global-warming crisis, meaning that Obama has directed him to begin a new campaign to fix the global-warming image. The money is needed to build globalism, and it explains the following event this past week:

Leaders from eight of the world's wealthiest countries spent the final hours of their summit Tuesday focusing how to make sure that multinational companies can no longer rely on shelters and loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

The article starts off by focusing on British tax avoidance, and names Guernsey and other Channel Islands as tax havens for the fraudsters. One could get the impression that the Rhodian Illuminati is involved there, and so see what the article goes on to say: "The goal of cracking down on tax avoidance, bringing greater transparency to it, this is something we've pursued in the United States, and we agree with Prime Minister Cameron [surname uses the five Rothschild arrows] that we can work together multilaterally to promote approaches that achieve those objectives," said Ben RHODES, President Barack Obama's deputy national security adviser." A national security advisor would be part of the high-level group in charge of faked terror acts, and we recently saw American terror acts faked just before they did the same in London. Ben Rhodes is an anti-America operative, a delusional fake. He and they cannot succeed, but will try anyway.

In a war, money is needed. Globalists are by nature always at war because no one likes them aside from their own trollish kinds. The article goes on to say: "Campaigners for greater tax transparency [codeword for more taxes captured] appealed to the G-8 to ensure that reforms benefited [i.e. more tax money goes to] the poorest countries of Africa, South America and Asia..." This sounds like charity, but in fact, when globalists give money to nations, those nations are expected to accept Western control to some degree. The money is given under certain conditions that we may not hear about. Your money is thereby needed to make the world conform to the Rhodian element.

Contrary to what you may feel, globalists are not in control. They seek it, but it's ever illusive. If it were not illusive, they wouldn't be forcing globalism or it's qualities upon us. "Forcing" means that it's unwanted, and "unwanted" means that they will have traitors:

...If the secret [FISA] court has been breached, it would be one of the most significant intelligence failures in U.S. history, potentially giving America's adversaries a road map to every suspected agent inside the United States currently being watched by the FBI, according to the officials...

The statement is telling us that all spies are spied on (and they know it) by the highest levels of their own spy organizations. This is to better assure that potential leakers have something to fear. Then, the problem is, the more surveillance the higher-ups wish to do, the more spies they'll need as a result, which increases the risk for creating leakers. It only takes a few leakers to get the country to come down on the government heads. If Obama gets away with this latest one, the next leak will not be received as kindly by the public...unless another 9-11 is faked. And that's the greater problem, because faking large events comes with its own risks that can land people, even Obama, in jail for a long time. The 9-11 fake did not go over well, even though it managed to "succeed." A substantial number of people, worldwide, are open to the possibility that 9-11 was faked. A second 9-11 will be scrutinized all the more as a result.

There is nothing that makes me appreciate the Lake of Fire more than what Obama just said:

The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 1797 [forbids abortion in the last four months], which would unacceptably restrict women's health and reproductive rights and is an assault on a woman's right to choose. Women should be able to make their own choices about their bodies and their health care, and Government should not inject itself into decisions best made between a woman and her doctor.

The statement is wholly oblivious to the child, stressing merely a woman's right to choose. It's this murderous liberal mentality that will also usher in the dark period that brings on Armageddon and the Lake of Fire. It's this murderous mentality that will seek to have Christians murdered in the name of eradicating them, and in the name of silencing the truth.

The bill passed: "[The bill] passed 228-196, with 6 Democrats voting for it and 6 Republicans voting against it." This is to let you know that 188 out of 196 Democrat LEADERS of the country think it's fine to kill a child in the womb beyond five months, and probably even at nine months. I will never forgive them nor other liberals for this senseless slaughter of countless, precious human lives. On top of this, liberals are the ones who created, and then protected, the sexual revolution that, by and large, is responsible for high abortion numbers. On top of this, the sexual revolution caters to the porn that made a significant number of men mentally sick. But now they are aiming their porn at children, and the leaders are doing little about it. The Lake of Fire burns hot for liberals. The horror on their faces, and the shrieking when they arrive there, will be well earned.

I do not believe in a place of limbo after death, nor a purgatory, nor any temporary place in which the dead person is held until the first and second resurrection. I believe in "soul sleep" (not literal sleep) because it makes sense, and because it's the best explanation for when Jesus said to one thief on a cross, "Today, you will be with me in paradise." If the thief was literally in paradise on that day, then the First Resurrection (see Revelation 20), occurring much later (at the Second Coming of Jesus), is no longer meaningful. Therefore, at the death of either the person destined for Life or for the Lake of Fire, I believe the soul goes unconscious until the resurrection, which makes it seem (to the dead person) that they go IMMEDIATELY from the moment of death to their resurrection. That's how I think it will be for liberals who mock us and mock God, SUDDEN SHEER HORROR at the point of death. But if you tell them this, most will mock, and gamble in hopes that there is no God.

The more he practices his public-policy statements, the more Obama speaks like the devil. Here is another example: "'[The NSA spy program] is transparent," Obama insisted. "That's why we set up the FISA Court.'" To use "transparent" for a secret court, that orders Internet companies and others to conceal their facilitation of snooping, is wholesale deception. It's very typical of how liberals argue, bending even the rules of argumentation, bending the mind. If ever the liberals needed a reason to turn Obama off, ignore him, and let him fall to his own plight, this should be the straw that breaks the camels' back, and yet liberals are expected to follow this piper to Hell.

The Bush-Whacko Nahorites

Speaking of camels, the Nahorites are coming to mind. Nahorite Hebrews were traced years ago (by me) to the Alans/Allens of Dol. More-recent finds only corroborated that Alans (and their Boyd kin) trace to Nahorites of the Budini / Neuri kind. Edward Snowden was an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton (prestigious consulting company) for a short time when he defected. It just so happens that I've been identifying HAMELtons as CAMELot lines (named after a god, Camulos) for years, and tracing them to "Kemuel," Nahor's third son. Camulos ought not to have been named directly after Kemuel, of course, but after a certain peoples who carried the Kemuel name forward in some fashion or another.

The point is, Buz (Biblical term pronounced more like "booz") was Nahor's second son, wherefore Booz Allen Hamilton is a very conspicuous name, as though Masons of the Nahorite kind joined to form the organization. In fact, it became evident to me that the Alan/Allen bloodline rules the U.S. military, by and large, today. As only a single example of the evidence, a John Allen surname just about made it to the chief of Central Command during the first Obama term. Instead, the job was given to James Mattis, and then entering "Mattis" got the very Coat that I had previously identified as the makings of the Scottish Stewart Coat. Here's a bit on another Allen surname:

Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President Jim Allen leads the development and deployment of the firm's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Technical Analysis service offering in support of the intelligence community (IC).

In addition, Mr. Allen directs several hundred staff members assigned to the firm's U.S. security sector in central Maryland.

...In 2004, Mr. Allen joined the firm after a distinguished career at the National Security Agency (NSA), including service as Deputy Director for analysis and production. His assignments included positions with other members of the IC.

See the trefoil of the Gamels/Gammuls which links them to Rockefellers. The Neuri lived in the area of the Roxolani, to be understood as a Rox-Alan peoples. If the Rox part became the Rockefellers (as I claim), you can see here that Nahorites are fundamental to globalism. This is not a coincidence, in my opinion, but rather, God, who forsaw that Nahorites would rule globalism in an evil day that was antagonistic to His Kingdom, chose the seed of Abraham, brother of Nahor, to defeat the end-time Nahorites. And that seed of Abraham translated into the people who believe in Jesus. When the Nahorites touch us, they will touch the apple of God's eye.

The Carlyle Group was part of the 9-11 scam, according to the conspiracy theorists. We now read that "Booz Allen Hamilton is majority owned by private equity firm The Carlyle Group... " By what coincidence does the Carlyle motto use a single term, "HUMILitate"?

Long before I became a believer in the 9-11 conspiracy, I traced king Arthur's father, Pendragon, to Carlyle in the border area of Britain and Scotland. Then, when investigating 9-11 in depth, I concluded that the Pendragon bloodline was at it's root. The Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati (late 19th century) chose to honor the Pendragon bloodline in it's so-called "Round Table," which was partly code for the Round surname with a version of the Pendragon chevron. Whatever the Pendragon entity had been (Merovingians in my opinion), it found itself at the head of globalism, and so see that the leopard design of the Rhodes' (uses the Sinclair cross in red) is in the Crest of Hammels/Hommels. The rings in the Round Coat should therefore be link-able to the ring seen round the Hamilton oak tree.

Yorkshire's Walkers not only use rings, but a "quam" motto term that could be for the Gammel / Camel / Campbell/Cammell bloodline. Three Walker Coats use the red-and-gold colors of the CAMerons and GAMble's (but I also see signs of the Conteville's of Comyns in the Walker symbols).

Recalling (from late in the last update) that the Conqueror Sinclair married the Pollock-branch Rockefellers when the Conqueror's mother married the daughter of "the tanner," and that both Rockefellers and Sinclairs were traced by me to Rostock, it seems evident that the Sinclair vikings had been Roxolani-Nahorites. This could explain why the line of Pharisees in Ferrara had found their way, as the Varni, at Schwerin, near Rostock (the Pharisees were also at Montferrat, on the TANARo river). That is, the Nahorites and the priests of Israel were both Hebrews, both likely to find one another in times of war trouble.

As the blame for 9-11 disaster lies at the feet of the Scherfs = Bush's, what is that rose-on-stem (i.e. Scherf symbol) doing in the Crest of the Gamble's? As Hamiltons are said to be from a HAMBLEton location, we may assume that Gamble's apply, and indeed they use a red Shield with a white-ermined Chief, the colors of the Hamelton cinquefoil. The ROSTers/Rostrons are registered with Rawstorne's, and, while using Gamble colors, were first found in Yorkshire...where Gamble's and even Wagers were first found who should trace to the Wagrian Polabians at ROSTock.

Why should Bush's link to Hamiltons? Ask the Booz surname. It wasn't until AFTER claiming that Hameltons were Kemuel liners that I discovered the ermined white-on-red cinquefoil in the Bus Coat, identical to the cinquefoil of Hameltons.

The article above shows the Booz organization entering the front door of the IRS just 15 years ago: "In 1998, Booz Allen was chosen to help the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) modernize and shed its reputation for dismal customer service [blah blah]..."We made some very dramatic changes in the way the IRS is organized," said CEO Ralph Shrader." What comes to mind when you think of viking liners of the globalist kind inside America's money bag? Did you ever doubt this could happen? Aren't vikings by nature the seekers of things that don't belong to them, things they haven't worked for? What difference is there between the devil and the vikings? Didn't the vikings use a skull-and-crossbone flag?

The article adds: "A June 28, 2007 [while Bush was president] Washington Post article related how a U.S. Department of Homeland Security contract with Booz Allen increased from $2 million to more than $70 million through two no-bid contracts..." Obama was soon-after the happy recipient of this booming deal, but, the point is, one could get the impression that George Bush, the creator of Homeland Security, was in cahoots with Booz Allen Hamilton, important because I trace "Bush(er)" and "Buz" (Nahor's son) to "Bozrah," Esau's Edomite capital.

Both the German Bush(er)s and English Gamble's use a large fleur-de-lys, and the Gamble's, fist found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's and Walkers (and Eburovices Hebrews), use their fleur in the colors that the English Bush's once showed it.

In 2006 (under George Bush), Booz Allen Hamilton got the goat of privacy-rights advocates, seemingly paving the way for government-sponsored espionage that culminated in the spy machine now in the news:

The role of the consulting and engineering firm Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. in providing oversight for the SWIFT surveillance program...was called into significant question today by the American Civil Liberties Union and Privacy International...

...After it was revealed in June that the Bush Administration was sifting through the records of financial transactions carried out by a financial cooperative, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, an uproar ensued over the lack of legal basis or oversight. In response, the government claimed that the searches were audited by Booz Allen (though the details of that process were never made clear).

Among the research findings contained in the memo is that Booz Allen is not only one of the largest government contractors, with hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts awarded each year, and therefore heavily dependent on the very agencies it is supposedly overseeing, but also that:

its staff includes many former members of the military and intelligence community, including a former director of the CIA [an Americanized Nazi?] and a former director of the NSA.

it has a history of working closely with security agencies on electronic surveillance, including the now-defunct Total Information Awareness program run by Admiral John Poindexter.

it has been at the forefront of a push to increase Information collection from the private sector by the government...

It's a shame if Christians need to depend on the anti-Christian ACLU to combat the global beast in America. The ACLU is a twisted bird that prioritizes individual freedom over the moral health of society overall. The global beast, in the meantime, is that which pollutes the moral health of society. Only blind men disregard morality, which is what Jesus meant when he said that a blind man will lead a blind man into a ditch. Unfortunately, we all must live in this ditch called, end-time world.

The Hamilton CINQUEfoil is important for tracing to Hastings, one of the five cities called "Cinque Ports," and yet the FOIL term is code for RoqueFEUIL lines. You may have seen the Hastings surname late in the last update, using the Tonner and Toni "sleeve" and thus connecting to the Conqueror's "tanner" family as it entered England at Hastings. It's known that the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil is used in the Arms of Leicestershire, but then the Tony sleeve is likewise in the Arms of Leicestershire. One gets the easy impression here that Nahorites were part of the Conqueror's Sinclair bloodline. The Tonner / Tonnerre topic (of the last update) was all rooted in Pollocks, first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as Hamiltons. Pollocks were in the least a quasi-branch of Alans/Allens out of Dol.

To prove that cinquefoils are code for the Cinque Port cities, one of them was Dover while the Dover surname uses a large colors reversed from the Dove's/Dows (Berwickshire). Both surnames use a white turret in Crest (used also by Rnglish Walkers), but inside the Dover turret is a green wyVERN dragon that once again traces (with Walkers) to the Rostock theater.

Without any other clue in mind, it dawned on me to trace Walkers to Kamenets in the Ukraine (home of the Neuri and Budini) because "caminata" in Italian means "a walk." However, the viability of this trace was reinforced by my linking Walkers to the Burgo's = Conteville's of Comyns. Not only did I figure that "COMYNs" was a term related to "KAMENets," but Walkers and Conte's share a white-on-blue crescent, the colors of the Arms of Kamanets (see article below). The Dovers and Dove's can be traced tentatively to the "dava" term in the following quote from Wikipedia's Kamenets location:

Several historians consider that a city on this spot [at Kamenets] was founded by the ancient Dacians [in Moesia], who lived in what is now modern Romania, Moldova, and portions of Ukraine. Historians claim that the founders named the settlement Petridava or Klepidava, which originate from the Greek word petra or the Latin lapis meaning "stone" and the Dacian dava meaning "city".

It's feasible that "caminata" was a term formed from the idea of a walk across rocks/stones. In any case, note the Romania location in the quote above, for Wallachia is in Romania, a term like the WALCHer variation of Walkers. For me, this suggests that the WAGRi(ans) at Rostock / Schwerin had been a Walker-like peoples from Wallachians. George Walker Bush happened to marry Laura WALSH...probably by no coincidence.

Long before I knew of the raven in the flag of Wallachia, and long before it dawned on me that the Sinclair vikings were at Rostock, I traced the raven-depicted vikings to the Sinclairs. It very much appears that much of Masonry (always rooted in the Mieszko bloodline in Massovia) traces to Wallachians, and this has to to with the Traby Poles as they issued from Trypillians in the Wallachia-to-Neuri stretch as they evolved into the Trip surname, first found in the same place, Hamburg, as the German Bugs who trace to the Bug river, the Ukrainian home of the Neuri (around L'viv). And because the Varni and their kin at the Rostock-to-Hamburg stretch worshiped NERthus, it dawned on me that she, a mother-earth goddess, had been the hourglass goddess of the Trypillians, named after the Neuri. Connections can be made through heraldry.

For example, in the Wagrian article: "In 1066, the Wagri allied with the Wilzi..." The year, 1066, is the year that the Conqueror busted England at Hastings. This was about 200 years after the Varangian vikings, whom I trace both to the Sinclair-raven vikings and to "Varni," had been in Kiev (Ukraine), the home front of the Budini. By 1066, Inger the Varangian had been married to Melissena the imperial-Byzantine noble who I identify with the heraldic mermaid, known to the Vere's and to European myth as Melusine, the snake goddess. The Wilzi above can be traced to the Waltz surname, an obvious branch of the Walsers known to be named after Wallis/Valais, the Swiss canton where we find Sion. Both the Waltz's and Walzers use the Melusine mermaid, as does the Arms of Warsaw in Massovia, near a Traby location of Poland where Trypillians settled. Melusine is also in the Crest of the Glass surname which I trace to the hourGLASS symbol of Trypillians, suggesting strongly that shapely Melusine (i.e., given an hourglass waist) was the Trypillian goddess, which in turn suggests that Inger and/or Melissena (historical people) had ancestry or in-laws in the Trypillians.

I also see the Bush and Stein goats in the Waltz and Walser Coats (see also the Hammel goat, in the colors of Hammers and Hams)), important because Steins (means "stone") trace to Kamenets. As the Ruthene peoples (Slav Rus) had spread into the Kamenets theater, it's important that: 1) RothSTEINS/Rothschilds use the eight-pointed star (of Ishtar) used by Dutch Steins, the Arms of Wallachia, and, possibly, the German Walker Coat (I'm counting seven points, but it's in the colors of the Wallachia star); 2) German Rothes use a raven and therefore trace themselves to Varangians; 3) Rothschilds proper trace to Khazars, the ethnicity of Melissena, wife of Inger the Varangian; 4) both Rothschilds and Ingers/Enders (first found in the same place as Stone's) use arrows.

As Kamenets' previous name is said to derive in "stone," it can't be coincidental that the Stone's use a gold-on-blue spread eagle, the colors of the spread eagle in the Arms of Wallachia (Bush's use a spread gold eagle too). Plus, the Stone's use cinquefoils, suggesting linkage to the Hasting / Dover area, thus tracing Dovers / Dove's well to the "dava" term in the previous name of Kamenets. The "Vive at vivas" motto of the Stone's is an obvious code for L'VIV, the Ukrainian home of the Neuri.

Therefore, much of Masonry, after tracing from king Massena of north Africa to Mieszko, was merged with Nahorite (non-Israelite) Hebrews in relation to the venture of the Varangian Rus (from Sweden) to Kiev, Red-Rus Galicia/Halych, and what became Moscovite Russia. However, the "Red Rus" / Jewish rulers the Khazars, with whom the Varangians engaged, had traced to the priestly Israelites of the Casey kind (the latter merged in Lithuania with the Trabys proper), even as I traced the Pharisees proper in Ferrara to the Varni > Varangian line. Think about it, for this mix is what spurs globalism today all in preparation for the fires of Hell.

Now the "quam" motto term of Walkers traces well to the Quam/Queen/Swan/Sweyne surname because Waltz' and Walsers were traced solidly to the Sion/Swan/Sweyn entity. The latter are in the colors of Kamenets and, as evidence of their trace to Kamenets, their Crest shares a white talbot dog with the Stone Crest. It is highly likely that the Sion/Swan/Sweyn heart is the Douglas/DuGLASS heart, thougn Wagers use the heart also and were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as the Bruce's that the Douglas heart is known to depict.

Douglas' trace (in my opinion) to the Trypillians at Lithuania's capital (Vilnius), but Douglas' also trace to Saluzzo, beside Busca, meaning that Trypillians were at Saluzzo / Busca. The way to trace Douglas' to Saluzzo is by their use of the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief color combination. Thus, Douglass / Trypillians trace to Biblical Keturah, for I traced Cutters (version of the Saluzzo Coat) with absolute-zero doubt to "Keturah," second wife of Abraham, brother of Nahor (Genesis 22). In those days, one could expect Keturah (Genesis 25) to have had some alliance with Nahorite pagans. The Douglas', you see, use the salamander, which may be the same as the so-called "evett" lizards in the Cotter Coat.

Keturah traced most-definitely to mythical "Kodros" at Athens, who was anciently given a fish and a boar symbol. The Kodros fish then traced with mythical-Cadmus Boiotians (beside Athens) to "Kotor" at the Budva area of the Illyrian theater, the latter suspect with the Budini, and of course with the boar-using Bush's that trace to Busca.

Speaking of the Ruthene in the area of the Neuri (the latter are suspect as the namers of Norway, where Sinclairs came from), look at the surnames below that speak of them, not forgetting that there were Ruthene also in the Roquefeuil = Roussillon = Rodez area of southern France.

If you check out the woodcutter code in the Hamilton write-up, you can trace the family to the Rodans/Rodhams, who use a version of the Hamilton cinquefoil as well as a chopped tree stump. Before knowing of this Hamilton-Rodham link, I had traced "Rodham" to "Rut(land)" on the edge of Leicestershire (i.e. where the Hamilton cinquefoil is used). It just so happens that the Rutland surname uses a shield within a Shield, as do the RUTHERfords (of ROXburghshire) who trace, I am sure, to the ROTHES castle operated by Peter Pollock, kin of the Alan Stewarts and, as I now maintain, descended from the Tonners. The Dol location of the Alans has already been traced excellently to "Doly" in the Ukraine.

Rutherfords (share "Nec" with Rodhams) are using the Rockefeller rock in Crest, which traces to Reka/Rijeka at a Gorski area (of Illyria) where the Gore's definitely trace, now evoking mythical Gor, co-founder of Norway along with mythical Nor. If correct to trace the Roxolani to Rijeka just because Rockefellers trace there, then the Neuri allies of the Roxolani should trace to the Rijeka area too, where they picked up the Gorski entity before naming Norway. The Gore's (branch of Alans) even use the Trip / Hamburg crosslets as evidence that Trypillians were at Gorski. Instead of the white talbot used by the Stone Crest, Gore's use a white wolf in Crest, and then Herodotus said that the Neuri worshiped wolves. Thus, a Neuri-Kamenets-Gorski merger is evident at the root of Norway.

The Sitone's of Sweden (reported by Tacitus) lived beside the Sviones in the time, I'm assuming, that Tacitus revealed the Varni, REUDIGNi, and other worshipers of Nerthus. The Sviones can be identifed as proto-Svi = proto-Swedes (i.e. beside Norway), but the Sitones are traced by me to "Sitten," the other name of SWItzerland's Sion. In Germania: "The Sviones are bounded by the Sitones. While they are like each other in other things they differ in the one respect, that a woman rules over the Sitones." It sounds as though Sitones should have had a goddess at the heart of their religion, and Nerthus comes to mind. Tacitus wrote/published Germania in 98 AD, about the time that I say the Pharisees had developed into the Varni, and this could explain "Sion" from "Zion," the latter being another name of Jerusalem, where the Pharisees had lived prior to 70 AD (making the connections is easier than showing correctly the migratory lines from place to place.)

By some coincidence, the anti-Christian Nero had taken the Roman seige of Jerusalem to 69 AD, when he died, and then the Nero surname is also "Neriti/Neretti," much like "Nerthus." Yet, "Nerthus" can be traced to "Neretva," an area on the Illyrian coast near Kotor / Budva. It just so happens that a Dorsi peoples lived at Neretva, suggesting mythical Nerius, husband of mythical Dorus, a peoples depicted as fish, thus explaining the ancient fish symbol at Kotor and Budva. But I trace Dorus to proto-Dorians at Dor (northern Israel), beside Megiddo, the latter naming, in my opinion, the Migdones (Dorian theater of Greece), a fellow tribe with the Sithones who quite obviously became to Sitones of Sion and Scandinavia.

With Bush's linking well to Hamiltons, the woodCUTTER code must be for the Cutter surname using the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief color combination in colors reversed, thus tracing Hamiltons to Busca and Saluzzo. That explains why Cutters and English Bushers were first found in Dorset (location may trace to the namers of the Durance river, where the Saluzzo-suspect Salyes lived who formed the Pendragon cult now in our faces with the Rhodian globalists).

As per the Shrader surname that was the CEO of Booz Allen, the Shrader Coat uses a lion with crown in the colors of the Stewart lion, used also by Crate's/Craiths, suggesting a SHRADer = CRATE equivalence. Crate's/Craiths are said to be from "Rath," but I view them as a branch of green-dragon Crichtons/Craightons from ROTHESey, now Bute. The people of Bute (definitely trace to Budva/Butua) became the Bothwell surname, for one, and then Booths share black boars (anciently a symbol of Edom/Esau) with Bush's. David Rockefeller Sr. (a Republican), the oldest surviving Rockefeller, married the late Peggy McGRATH. As the Cotters must trace to Kotor at Budva, the green dragon in the Evett Crest should link to the Crichton dragon (the Cotters use "evett" lizards for the obvious purpose of honoring the Evetts for kinship reasons).

When I investigated the expected Nazi links to the Idaho / Montana theater, I discovered first that the Nazi's appeared to be infiltrating the U.S Navy, and secondly that the WW2 president, Franklin ROOSevelt, had arranged for Adolf Hitler to find refuge at Hayden Lake, Idaho (home of Aryan Nations thereafter) by unexpectedly opening a large naval base nearby...that had run of the Clarkhouse mansion in Hayden Lake in 1945, just when Hilter needed it. The previous owner/builder of Clarkhouse was a personal friend of, and boater with, the German emperor. Now see this: ...Booz Allen has long navigated those waters well. The firm was founded in 1914 and began serving the U.S. government in 1940, helping the Navy prepare for World War II" (article below). It's under that scenario that Booz Allen Hamilton may have bumped into Nazi-spy agents in the Navy, and together they are predicted to move forward to infiltrate the Bush-associated CIA.

The article has the following offering, which reminds me that a Baker surname, and a Baker location in Montana, became a focal point in my Hitler-escaped-to-Montana investigations. It was Otto Skorzeny who, on his deathbed, confessed that Hitler escaped to Montana. Keep in mind that while Hitler's mother was a Polzl surname tracing especially well to pollocks, German Bakers and Jewish Pollocks both use the same wavy white-on-red bend, in Hamilton colors:

If the U.S. boosts defense spending in its quest to stop Osama bin Laden's alleged terrorist activities, there may be one unexpected beneficiary: Mr. bin Laden's family.

Among its far-flung business interests, the well-heeled Saudi Arabian clan -- which says it is estranged from Osama -- is an investor in a fund established by Carlyle Group, a well-connected Washington merchant bank specializing in buyouts of defense and aerospace companies [can easily obtain the know-how to bring the twin towers down].

Through this investment and its ties to Saudi royalty, the bin Laden family has become acquainted with some of the biggest names in the Republican Party. In recent years, former President Bush, ex-Secretary of State James Baker and ex-Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci [Carlyle bloodline?] have made the pilgrimage to the bin Laden family's headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Bush makes speeches on behalf of Carlyle Group and is senior adviser to its Asian Partners fund, while Mr. Baker is its senior counselor. Mr. Carlucci is the group's chairman.

..."If there were ever any company closely connected to the U.S. and its presence in Saudi Arabia, it's the Saudi Binladin Group," says Charles Freeman, president of the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington nonprofit concern that receives tens of thousands of dollars a year from the bin Laden family. "They're the establishment that Osama's trying to overthrow [debatable]."

Homeland Security (DHS) used to be, in-part, the immigration and naturalization service, the government organ at all border crossings with power to allow or disallow entry into the country of any person. But now Homeland Security is out purchasing untold bullets and riot gear, and planning to make a massive number arrests, quite apparently. What for? Who is the O-government planning to intimidate and provoke?

Unlike the DHS, the NSA is an intelligence agency, not a domestic law enforcement agency. It cannot arrest those suspected of wrongdoing. That power of the federal government lies with agencies under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department, the Treasury, Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies.

...President Obama signed an executive order on February 12 establishing DHS's role in securing the nation's cybersecurity...

The DHS would receive cyber threat intelligence from other intelligence agencies -- including NSA...[Homeland Security has access to your cosmic book as put together by NSA]

...Former Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio told a court in 2007 that Qwest was denied lucrative multimillion dollar contracts with the NSA after he refused to involve Qwest in the agency's warrantless surveillance program. Nacchio's disclosure was part of an appeal to an insider trading conviction, for which he is currently serving a six year prison sentence.

The NSA chief is desperate: "The National Security Agency and Justice Department mounted a vigorous defense...with NSA chief Gen.Keith Alexander claiming they have helped prevent 'potential terrorist events' over 50 times since 9/11." Baloney. If there were 50 attempts, a significant number should have succeeded. Besides, most terrorist types within the country are smart enough NOT going to email or telephone one another their plots.

If there were 50 botched jobs, there should have been several cases where the individuals / teams simply didn't say anything to anyone about their "projects." In such cases, it is near-impossible to catch them until after they do damage. I am convinced by the virtual absence of genuine terror events that they do not exist in America as any sort of speakable threat. In fact, faked terror events could inspire some Muslims in the country to do a terror act of their own.

Consider how much less than perfect the U.S. spy machines were in Iraq after years of efforts. Didn't the Americans have the run of Iraq's Internet and phone lines? Why then, were they unable to catch all the terror plots? How could it be, therefore, that the NSA caught 50 out of 50 plots in America? Why should we believe NSA?

Immediately after the hearing in which Alexander spoke on the 50 terror attemps, he said to the FBI deputy director: "Tell your boss I owe him another friggin' beer." This was caught on a mic left on after the hearing. It suggests that the FBI did NSA a special favor by mentioning a few details on four of the 50 cases...but why should we believe anything the FBI says?

For Obama, the issue is not the degree of "transparency" or "balance" in the spy machine that he supports wholeheartedly, but rather it's the fact that he was elected (in 2008) in large part for campaigning against this very spy machine. Leading Democrats were scathing against Bush at that time, calling it illegal. Even Jay Rockefeller was opposed...though he did not, suspiciously, pursue it with an official investigation even though he was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligencein in 2007 and 2008. This Rockefeller introduced legislation (Cybersecurity Act of 2009) in Obama's early months (April 2009) that welded cybersecurity with the Department of Commerce, calling certain private firms to have access to the program.

If there were nothing illegal about it, how can we explain this statement: "The state of affairs, in other words, is so grave that two sitting [Democrat] Senators went as close as they could to violating their unconstitutional security oaths in order to warn the country of information that otherwise would not have been declassified until April of 2038, according to the Verizon court order obtained by Greenwald." Surely, these Democrats knew of the abuses.

The article goes on to give an example of what I predict, a wholesale program to frame innocent victims:

Outside of Washington, D.C., the frustration that Wyden and Udall have felt has been exponentially magnified. Transparency supporters, whistleblowers, and investigative reporters, especially those writers who have aggressively pursued the connections between the corporate defense industry and federal and local authorities involved in domestic surveillance, have been viciously attacked by the Obama administration and its allies in the FBI and DOJ.

Jacob Appplebaum, a transparency activist and computer savant, has been repeatedly harassed at American borders, having his laptop seized. Barrett Brown, another investigative journalist who has written for Vanity Fair, among others publications, exposed the connections between the private contracting firm HB Gary (a government contracting firm that, incidentally, proposed a plan to spy on and ruin the reputation of the Guardian's Greenwald) and who is currently sitting in a Texas prison on trumped up FBI charges regarding his legitimate reportorial inquiry into the political collective known sometimes as Anonymous.

When I had a house just 90 minutes from the Mexican-US border, my computer was seized by Homeland Security at a border crossing. I was dragged into a jail cell while they went through the computer for as many as several hours, which had nothing in it aside from my post-trib book, and the anti-Masonic Ladon book. After being unable to find anything in those books that could be used to arrest me, I was arrested on a trumped/fake charge of assaulting the officers (I was cleared of the charge and released the next day in court). Three officers signed affidavits claiming that I raised a fist, and one said that I tried to grab a gun from an officer. Neither of those things took place, but, rather, a half dozen officers pounced on and abused me, taking me to the floor while nearly breaking an arm behind my back. I ended up like a dog with one of their boots on the back of my neck, saying, "Lord, forgive them because they really don't know what they are doing." I didn't know at the time that one officer, at least, had his gun out, pointed at me.

My "crime" was that I chose not sit for an interview that day, after being told that I didn't have to. As I was grabbing my coat on the chair to leave, an officer from behind rudely pushed me (hard) into the chair, and the others standing in a circe all around pounced on me like animals. I learned a lot that day, and figured that, perhaps, God wanted this to happen for me to alert you. I have since maintained the message that, in the future, Christians will be jailed on trumped charges by their own Homeland Security people. Watch out. Do not trust.

A very nice thing is happening where Obama is slated to be in Berlin just now (last Wednesday) as this scandal is sending shock waves through Germany. Whereas 200,000 attended his Berlin speech in 2008, only about 5,000 attended last week. The nice thing is, Germany is poo-pooing on Obama's thick skull.

There is some evidence out now that tends to point the finger at a government for bringing down the TWA 800 flight: "Skeptics have long theorized that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by sinister forces...'They waited until after retirement to reveal how the official conclusion by the (NTSB) was falsified and lay out their case.' The documentary, "TWA Flight 800," will premiere July 17, the 17th anniversary of the crash."

It's exposure after exposure these last few weeks, and, hopefully, it's time to put some of the devils in prison. If conspiract believers win this TWA fight, it opens the eyes of the world to what governments do in the name of their self-interest. There is no government that hides more intently behind an angelic veil than "democratic" America:

Many witnesses to the accident had seen a "streak of light" that was usually described as ascending, moving to a point where a large fireball appeared, with several witnesses reporting that the fireball split in two as it descended toward the water. There was intense public interest in these witness reports and much speculation that the reported streak of light was a missile that had struck TWA 800, causing the airplane to explode.

The conpiracy believers were right on when they suspected that the FBI was in collusion with the perpetrators of this murderous act:

Approximately 80 FBI agents conducted interviews with potential witnesses daily [probably to get a list of who they were, and to monitor them]. No verbatim records of the witness interviews were produced [what??? you're kidding???]; instead, the agents who conducted the interviews wrote summaries that they then submitted. Witnesses were not asked to review or correct the summaries....

This "crash" was just five years before the 9-11 disaster. If you read the last update, you may have read the part where I traced the Bush-related Americanized Nazi's to Islip, Long Island, near where Adolf Hitler's nephew was living with his sons (they lived in Patchogue), wherefore let me add, from the TWA article above: "Attention was drawn to data from the Islip, New York, ARTCC facility that showed three tracks in the vicinity of TWA 800 that did not appear in any of the other radar data." The "crash" took place at Moriches Bay on the SOUTHERN SHORE of Long Island, just as the plane passed the Islip part of Long Island. "Islip is one of ten towns in Suffolk County, New York (USA). Located on the SOUTH SHORE of Long Island...",_New_York

Patchogue is on the south shore too, and closer still to the crash site. There's something like 10 miles between Patchogue and Moriches. Could we begin to imagine a secret Nazi spy machine developed on Long Island? Although Adolf's nephew denounced Adolf, why should we believe the nephew? What other Nazi war criminals settled in Long Island under faked surnames?

Some may ask me: "If Obama was planning faked terrorism, why would he announce the end of terrorism?" Two things come to mind: 1) he wanted to stop spending war money in the Middle East and instead beef up his military at home for a re-vamping of the nation according to Rhodian socialism; 2) it wasn't his plan to fake terror plots, but the plans of those who started under Bush; Obama was compelled by forces to ride along with the plots.

Here's the story from Fox / Associated Press, which whole-heartedly believed, or at least portrayed the position, that 9-11 was NOT an inside job:

A handful of aviation experts, including a number of investigators who were part of the original probe of TWA Flight 800, have come forward in a new documentary to say evidence points to a missile as the cause of the crash off the coast of Long Island 17 years ago.

...The half-dozen investigators whose charges will be fleshed out in a documentary set to air July 17 - the anniversary of the crash - say they were never allowed to get at the truth. But they are confident a missile brought down the plane.

"We don't know who fired the missile," said Jim Speer, an accident investigator for the Airline Pilots Association, one of a half-dozen experts seeking a new review of the probe. "But we have a lot more confidence that it was a missile."

..."It all fits like a glove," said Tom Stalcup, a physicist who is considered one of the foremost independent researchers and participated in the documentary, said during a press conference on Wednesday. "It is what it is and all the evidence is there."

Hank Hughes, a retired senior accident investigator for NTSB, said probers were not allowed to seek answers once the FBI took over the crime scene...

...Speer, who says he found explosive residue on a part from the right wing which also had three holes, agreed.

"It's obvious that the truth was not allowed to be pursued," said Speer. "A majority of people working in that hanger did not feel as if the evidence was properly being handled."

The people at Fox cannot be completely naive due to their love for George Bush. Can they? The great thing about the FBI refusal to entertain the missile theory back in 1996 is that the FBI and others, including Fox, cannot now blame the missile on terrorists. For if it was a terrorist missile, the FBI would not have denied it. Therefore, the plane fact must be that the U.S. government -- the military leaders, anyway -- murdered the people on that plane. The motive should prove to be the "eradication" of someone(s) on that plane...OR, perhaps the plan was to blame terrorists except that the plot was spoiled for some reason(s) for that purpose.

Here's a late development on the AP scandal:

The CEO of the Associated Press told an audience [June 19] that the Department of Justice has succeeded in muzzling government employees from talking to AP reporters in the weeks since the seizure of AP phone records was revealed.

"What I learned from our journalists should alarm everyone in this room and I think should alarm everyone in this country. The actions of the DOJ against AP are already having an impact beyond the specifics of this particular case," AP CEO Gary Pruitt told an audience at the National Press Club..."Some of our longtime trusted sources have become nervous and anxious about talking to us...In some cases, government employees that we once checked in with regularly will no longer speak to us by phone, and some are reluctant to meet in person."

..."I can tell you that this chilling effect is not just at AP, it's happening at other news organizations as well"...

..."The government may love this. I suspect that they do," he said. "But beware the government that loves secrecy too much."

Before Obama celebrates, he had better make sure he can handle the backlash. This announcement signals that Obama's attempts to repair the situation with AP did not work out.

Latest on NSA Scandal

After Edward Snowden was officially charged with crimes by the Oh-oh-government, the scandal is going international with a louder noise, making Obama look like an idiot for persecuting a man to the ends of the earth for merely reporting Intelligence over-reach. Here's a message from China:

"...persistent claims from Washington about Chinese theft of American companies' trade secrets.

"These, along with previous allegations, are clearly troubling signs. They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyberattacks, has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age," Xinhua, China's official news agency, said in an editorial on Sunday.

Regardless of how the United States responds, it's now in the open that the American government does hack computers. You can't put a good face on that. In fact, the NSA director (Keith Alexander) admitted the hacking while trying to put a good face on it.

Snowden just left China like a hot potato for another country, and is under the protective wings of both Russia and WikiLeaks:

Russia defied White House pressure on [June 24] to expel former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden to the United States before he flees Moscow on the next stop of his globe-crossing escape from U.S. prosecution.

...The 29-year-old flew to Moscow as a transit stop before heading elsewhere, several sources said. But reports he would fly to Cuba were put in doubt when witnesses could not see him on the plane, despite heightened security before take-off.

...But the Russian government ignored [Obama's appeal to turn Snowden over] and President Vladimir Putin's press secretary denied any knowledge of Snowden's movements.

. The world now awaits to see how Obama will chastize or even persecute the Chinese and Russians, and others, when the blame is squarely on Obama's shoulders for not admitting the obvious, that his government is guilty of snooping over-reach for the dismal purposes that the world always suspected of American military. When Obama was elected, he portrayed distance between himself and the military that even the Europeans dislike. But now, Obama is seen as oneness with the globe-trodding that Europeans have frowned on. For Obama to advertise his one-ness before all the world is truly the embarrassing part. Fortunately for Obama, he doesn't know how to blush...because he has no conscience. He's a sociopath.

Below is an interesting journalist-versus-journalist story that sits at the crux of the snooping scandals. It's government-supporting journalists versus people-supporting journalists, a war that needs to be fought:


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