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January 22 - 28, 2013

More Solid Evidence that Romans Descended from the 600 Benjamites
King Tut the Specialty of Masonry; Nothing to Toot About
The Flies of Beelzebub Apply to Obama's Massey Bloodline
I Have Found Revelation's Abaddon at Abdon of the Israeli Theater

The following was added to the very end of the last chapter written on solar heaters these past few weeks:

Another Sign? It was the middle of the night on the morning of January 24. A fly so loud that I thought it could be a bee at one point, hovered above my face while in bed. It woke me up. In my unfinished house in the cold of this December and January, I have had a constant stream of house flies and mosquitoes that in the autumn must have ended up in the floor and/or ceiling insulation. They find their way in to my living space. But never in all my life do I recall a house fly flying in the dark. That's exactly the thought passing through my mind as I heard this one hovering like a helicopter in night-time distress two or three feet above my head. I got up to make sure it wasn't a bee, and sure enough, on the wall, a black typical house fly. I normally leave them alone and let them live in the house, but this one I squashed.

As I awoke, I was asking whether this was going to be a Sign of some sort, because peculiar things happen to me routinely that end up connecting that same day (or nearly so) with some topic that I'm writing on. For example, the mouse that ran in front of a podium where Obama was speaking on television a couple of years ago. In my Iraq updates, I had been emphasizing mice Signs in my house at the time, to the point that readers were thinking I could be crazy, and then as if to save me from such thoughts, apparently, God had that mouse appear right in front of Obama for my sake. It, along with other things, tended to suggest that God was pointing out Obama as part of the anti-Christ empire.

As I awoke this time on January 24, the only fly I could think of in heraldry or any recent topic was the "muscas" motto term used by Drakes, which is Italian for "fly." I decided not to mention this fly incident to readers based on the muscas alone; something more needed to happen to assure me that it was a Sign. I could not believe my eyes at the Drudge Report, when I visited it on the evening of January 24: it was a house fly on the center forehead of Obama right between the eyes!! I kid thee not, see
Obama and his fly. Here is the source article in the UK dated January 24.

What does this apparent Sign mean? Why was it given? Why is the fly on Obama's forehead? The photo is only of his head, but with the right hand being the only other body part in the photo? Doesn't the Drake wyvern have what looks like three 6s in its tail?

The photo's at the Drudge page where this photo was first discovered had loaded only partly (I am on slow Internet service here in the country so that photos load slower)). The photos had loaded only partly two times in a row in exactly the same amount so that only the top of Obama's head was showing exactly as far down as the fly. But even the fly was only partially appearing so that I could not make out what it was. It looked like a bullet hole in his head, as though someone had doctored a photo in mocking him for his attempt to enforce new gun laws at this time. I ask you, why did it look like a bullet hole in his head? I'll leave it at that, in case Obama is shot in the head.

Can we expect the 666 commercial system to come out under Obama's next term. If I'm not mistaken, this photo with fly was from his inauguration address. Why did I just spend three or four weeks on four solar-heater chapters, a wholly unplanned and unexpected workload? God has arranged short events over the years (while I've been writing), using props as messages, any thing/object that becomes a part of the Sign where the prop or even its name has special meaning. I think He enjoys speaking that way. I don't think He likes plain English. Whenever an event strikes me as a prop-message, I naturally ask myself what any detail might mean, or whether any detail was part of the message at all. I was asking myself why I killed the fly. Did it mean that Obama will be killed, and if so, why? I didn't take the question seriously, however. There was no evidence that what I did to the fly had any part of the message.

The fly was hovering, which was strange. Houseflies don't hover, do they? But then I don't know what houseflies do in the dark. I thought it was a bee because it was hovering, like it didn't know what to land on. The room's light-painted walls were lit up somewhat by moonlight off the snow, but it was quite dark anyway at the top of the bed.

On the morning of the 25th, as I write here, and just moments ago, it came to mind that I squashed the fly with a fly SWATter, reminding me of warnings given by some Christian (and non-Christian) militia groups that the United States is about to implode under a cleverly-planned martial-law scheme, wherein rebellious American citizens will be attacked by black UN helicopters with the blessing of an American president. In these warnings, SWAT teams are usually part of the helicopter attacks, coming down, while people sleep, from ropes onto building tops. The black fly seemed to me like a hovering helicopter. Swatincidence? Is the United States about to implode from a long-awaited Illuminati plot, under Obama?

Shockingly, those who have been warning of a UN takeover of America claimed for years that it would include an attempt to disarm Americans, what the Obama administration is even now in the throes of attempting. Hmm. The conspiracy websites must be buzzing. The question is, will the attempt blow up in Obama's face so that he tells his invisible bosses he's not going to push it any longer? Or will something else blow up in his face? It's YHWH who has ultimate power, not wee-wee Obama.

I would be very surprised if this fly event were a total coincidence. But why was such a sign given if it's a sign at all? Why would God lead us to believe that something about Obama is important?

I have made it plain to readers that Homeland Security tried to throw me into prison for many years. I was driven to the top of a bridge, in an unmarked car, by police officers bringing me to a night-time jail house for a morning court appearance on a fabricated, wholly trumped charge. It taught me that the chief of Homeland Security at this one outlet was a criminal, willing to send a person to prison on a false charge. I was made to understand how they operate fearlessly while conspiring to do such an illegal act. Sworn affidavits were signed by multiple Homeland Security officers to say that I had committed the crime against them that I did not commit. I do not wish to give the details here of this event in order to protect my identity.

The two men in a small unmarked vehicle, that had no appearance whatsoever of an unmarked police car, parked at the crest of the bridge. It was dark out. They sat there 20 minutes with me in the back seat, hands cuffed. I was seated at the passenger side door a few feet away from the railing. The wait was totally uncalled for. There was no reason for it. No one could survive the fall from the height of that bridge. I knew the stories of traitorous Freemasons being tossed over bridges.

The judge let me free the next morning without much argumentation on my part. I was asking the attorney and the judge for the video of the previous day, where I supposedly committed the crime against the officers. I knew that the video would prove my innocence. The judge could easily see my innocence when even the attorney for Homeland Security did not cry out in any way, in an attempt, to have me jailed. That attorney must have known something. The officers at Homeland Security had spent hours going through my computer before they had me charged, where they would inevitably find my post-tribulation book, and the anti-Masonic Ladon book.

I've told this story a few times to readers, not overly worried that some may think I was guilty of something. It is simply incredible that this event took place as it did, and I feel it was a Message not to be kept to myself. The message is that Homeland Security is operated by bullyish criminals who, like many military men, and like the Romans of old, have no spiritual problem whatsoever to commit terrible acts and murder against humanity for any little act of disrespect. It's like a schoolboy offending a bully not man enough to take it so that he resorts to a violent act. The bully is a bully in the first place due to a spiritual problem that is not easily cured. The bully delights in doing harm to others.

There is a very bad spirit pervading modern law-enforcement authorities; we see it everywhere. Trigger-happy officers are on the rise, having created a spirit of war between they and the people. They speak down to you with crass authority (i.e. no due respect shown for the citizen by design of seeking to anger the citizen), and any small voice of disrespect shown them in return can be severely punished with enjoyment, with their chiefs in full agreement. It's the unspoken law of the land that officers of the law can behave in this way and get away with it. It's the land of the free, but you are not free to tell an officer of the law that you don't like they way they are speaking or behaving. They are not men enough to take it. They are all resorting to abuse of authority, like gangsters winking at one another for this cause of war between they and the people.

Homeland Security, now a tool in the hands of this president, has said this past week that the country could expect an Internet blackout at the hands of terrorists. Really, the terrorists? Isn't Obama just a jungle-bunny terrorizer himself, a savage who goes about spearing the chiefs of neighboring tribes by night, as they sleep, so that he can swallow up all their wealth? In the morning, he dons a suit and tie with his soft-approach face.

Isn't it more likely that Obama and his invisibles are the ones who want an Internet blackout for the purposes of America's re-make-up? Just look at how many things Obama has done in foreign affairs with the effect of weakening America's grip in north Africa and the Middle East. Perhaps Blacks and Hispanics, the Jews and white porn stars, should be asking how many of Obama's invisible people are Muslim Brotherhood activists inside America, with American citizenship, all seeking to change America by force of brutal action. There are many guesses to be had in guessing who exactly Obama is supporting invisibly inside America. The next one year may help to explain it.

The UN is highly anti-Israel at this time. Obama could use the UN to fulfill his Middle East agenda. Watch Obama at his foreign policies. His new administration may be pro-UN by special intent. However, at this time, some of the UN is head-to-head with Obama's drone program in Pakistan, Somalia, and elsewhere. Pravda said recently that Obama has chosen soft-liners for his new foreign-affairs team rather than "hawks," suggesting that Obama is after diplomatic agreement with enemy nations. Agreements are good, unless it's with the devil.

It can't be a coincidence that about half of the Israeli population is now seriously engaging or entertaining a Palestinian state at East Jerusalem. This can only be the doings of a foreign power acting inside Israel over some decades to convince Israelis that such a state is a necessary tool to dodge a deadly evil. You find such actors (= hypocrites) in the UK, but of course inside Israel's political wings too. One can easily trace this foreign power to the Democrats, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and yet George Bush was in on this act too, as if the same that controlled Bush on this matter also controls Obama. You would be wrong to think that the Bush people didn't have Muslim allies working on their behalf in their globe-trodding.

The turning of Egypt's new regime against Israel, effected by a proud Obama who wasted not a moment to take credit for Mubarak's ouster, is a tool in Obama's hands to make more Israelis favor a Palestinian state by fear. And the colder Obama acts toward Israel's leaders at this time, the more isolated the fearful Israelis become. This is Obama's strategy with Israel. He's like a their with a torsion wrench in the teeth of Israelis, seeking insidious entry into their hearts.

Some are saying that Netanyahu may not be the next prime minister of Israel, even though his party won the most seats. It may be wishful thinking. In any case, Netanyahu's party (lost a few seats) must now choose other another party with which to form the bulk of his new government, and the consensus is that he will need to cater to Israelis desiring a peace treaty with Palestinians. In this way, Obama may have a firmer grip on him at this time. The Jerusalem Post has an article, Kerry wants to hit ground running on peace talks. John Kerry has replaced Hillary Clinton as Obama's secretary of state.

Kerry used a religious term: "'My prayer is that perhaps this [past election in Israel] can be a moment where we can renew some kind of effort to get the parties into a discussion, to have a different track than we've been on over the course of the last couple of years,' he told Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which he is the current chairman." Clearly, Obama has chosen another pro-Palestinian pawn. The statement sends dog Netanyahu the message that these past couple of years of cold shoulder from master Obama should turn into warm milk and a cookie, by his willing compliance with the master.

When Hillary surfaced after weeks of not being seen, she was donning eye glasses. "A Clinton spokesperson confirmed that the new specs are related to her head trauma." The article shares evidence that she's got double vision suddenly, but it could be a scam to make her fake concussion seem more credible. Inexplicably at this time to me, her people reported the concussion December 10, a few days before a plane accident in Iran that, according to others, is where Hillary received her head injury. There were some reports from Russian intelligence (they didn't create an issue in the main U.S. media) that she was in a plane wreck (mid-December) en route from Bahrain to Iran, and that her head was bleeding as a result of a crash-landed plane.

As some counter-evidence, perhaps, to any claims that Obama sought to kill Hillary, both Bill and Hillary appeared at Obama's inauguration. However, it could be that they felt obliged to appear in order to cover for their backlash to be applied secretly against Obama in the coming months and years...if indeed Obama tried to kill her while she and Bill know it.

Hillary added nothing that I know of that would damage Obama at her Benghazi hearings before the Senate and the House on January 23. One could argue that she would be frightened to say anything at this time to condemn Obama. Besides, her vengeance against him will need to be secretive, perhaps an assassination when he's least expecting it. Such a plan cannot let the public know that she holds a grudge against him for the crash. There can be no doubt that many media in the U.S. would favor Hillary over Obama in this war.

By now, the Senate and the House may know exactly what was going on in Benghazi but do not wish to reveal the worst to the public and to the world, wherefore they would have convened a safe facade when questioning Hillary.

Russian intelligence added to its story days later: "A startling Foreign Military Intelligence (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Obama was informed by White House medical personal shortly after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's return to the United States [from the Iran crash] that her health prognosis was 'grim' as her likelihood of survival was 'diminishing by the hour.'"

It's not likely that Russians would cause the plane crash and then report on its details like journalists...unless perhaps they wanted to send Obama a clear message that they don't like his Libyan revolution as it spreads into Syria. Some think that Russians had everything to do with the Benghazi attack. I'm not so sure. The lame "effort" (what effort?) of Hillary, Obama, and the FBI smelled of a murder plot conducted by Obama, with Hillary at least winking all the way, against their own ambassador in Libya.

If the Russians caused the crash, they also alienated the Iranians by making them appear as friends of Obama. The Russians claimed that the Iranians were entertaining Hillary in secret talks, and moreover, upon the crash, the Iranians assured her safe passage back to the USA. Either way, Russian intelligence was offering a story that reveals some friction between Putin and the Iranian if Putin was jealous of Obama making in-roads with Ahmadinejad. We can only wonder what Obama was offering Iran for some agreement, but we sure do know it wasn't money from his own bank account.

Or, the Russians revealed the crash for what it was because Putin's people have come to despise the Obama mission in Libya, as it routes Libyan weapons into Syria and elsewhere, to promote globe-trodding adventures. To be sure, no matter how one cuts this, Obama is a murderer. More than 60,000 dead in Syria so far. Wouldn't it have been more righteous to let Assad come to his political end naturally, while keeping him in check without bloodshed? Wouldn't it have been better to let Mubarak live out his political life in the same way? Why has Obama chosen to be a revolutionary free radical abroad while his own nation has a deep financial crisis to be remedied? Doctor? Where in blazing hell are you? Your own country is about to die, and you're looking to use its last loaned dollars to give life to a global beast. Your stink, Mr. Obama, you really do, when you want to play Mr. World Changer as your own wife stiffens in the throes of a choke hold with your own hands tightly around her throat.

Most Americans haven't got the free cash to survive a couple of months under a financial emergency, and all that Obama can muster on their behalf is taxing them more heavily. Yet the Democrats voted in this sham and continue to prop him up as a savior. God is making a mockery of Democrats before their eyes, and they, as always, are blind to the realities. It's absolutely incredible to what lengths a wicked generation will go in committing suicide, and taking everyone down with them, rather than admitting their error in opposing God's people.

Debkafile is an Israeli media outlet supposedly run by some Israeli spy agency. Even if true we can't trust all the claims because spies by nature must create fabrications, and what else could a spy media be for, in the first place, but to create false impressions when needed? Debkafile reported that Hillary was involved in a plane crash in Iran as per a secret Middle East mission in the first week of December. The report jibes with the Russian report to some great extent, and no doubt both reports had the aim of damaging Obama. But that in itself doesn't mean that the claim is untrue; for spies also report truth as it benefits their agenda.

Even the Iranian media reported an American plane landing at the same airport, on December 14th, that Hillary's plane reported landed at. Yet the American media do not think this is a newsworthy story to explain Hillary's absence??? In my opinion, the Iranians lied about the nature of the American plane and of its passengers.

Update of the Iraqi turmoil:

The Sunni protests [against Maliki] erupted in late December...

...On [January 25], many protesters in Anbar, Mosul, Samarra and other Sunni areas shouted cries of "leave, leave" and "the people want to overthrow the regime," a central chant of the 2011 Arab Spring that toppled three Arab dictators.

...The Sunni protests show no sign of abating, and leaders insist they will not abandon their gatherings until all their demands are met. The protesters are seemingly receiving support from political and religious leaders who have been taking a back seat in the confrontations, allowing the protesters to make their voices heard.

It's surprising that the Sunni took this long to do in Iraq what they did to Libya and Egypt, and yet it can be explained with their preoccupation first in Syria. Apparently, the Sunni want to take the entire stretch from Syria to Baghdad, exactly the stretch ruled by ancient Seleucids. All of the top Sunni chiefdoms are being called to this struggle so that we indeed have a situation in which the neo-Seleucid empire of the anti-Christ may be formed. Keep eyes on whose side Obama takes to, not forgetting that Maliki denied Obama the right to keep American soldiers in Iraq past the first day of 2012. Is Obama vengeful?

Hmm, the Algeria hostage crisis this past month was an ambush of a BP oil plant, and then Maliki sicked BP oil on the Iraqi Kurds this past month too. It was reported, and was even taken seriously by Algerian authorities, that the ring-leader of the Algeria hostage-takers were led by a white Canadian, perhaps even two Canadians. Not surprisingly, the Iraqi Kurds are backing the Sunni unrest against Maliki.

Move over Exxon and BP, Chevron is strutting some more stuff in Kurdistan:

Iraqi Kurdistan has awarded Chevron Corp a stake in the Qara Dagh oil block, the region's energy minister said on [January 24]...Kurdistan has upset the central government by signing deals directly with oil majors such as Chevron and Exxon Mobil...

...But Exxon may be moving closer to Baghdad's side in its bitter feud with Kurdistan - with a sweeter deal to keep it operating in southern Iraq on the table, said industry sources.

The Kurd deal with Chevron, the third in Kurdistan, has not yet been signed. The Kurds are urging Exxon to stay with them rather than go back to Baghdad's side, but do note how close the Chevron deal was to the BP-Baghdad deal just weeks ago. It's oil fisticuffs over there, and while the Kurds have much at stake in removing Maliki, what happens when the Sunni take power instead? The north-Iraq Sunni are mortal enemies of the Kurds. I suppose that Kurds would rather have the Sunni to contend with than Maliki's Shi'ites. Perhaps the Kurds think they can power-share Iraq with the Sunni.

In recent updates where bloodline topics were plowed into, the bloodline of Keturah and Biblical Abraham (husband and wife) was traced to Clan Chattan, which includes the MacIntosh's with several Esso- and Exxon-like septs. But Abraham lived in Hebron, and I have been claiming (for some years) that Freemasons who trace themselves back to Hebron use the heraldic chevron as code for "Hebron." For example, the Hebron/Hepburn surname uses a chevron. In recent weeks only, when Keturah's lines became important for the first time ever in my writings, it became very apparent that the crux of Freemasonry traces to Keturah and Abraham.

It became understood that God chose Abraham to produce Israel (with another wife) because He foresaw that Abraham's line with Keturah would create the end-time leaders of the world, those who would issue a 666 in defiance of His kingdom to come. I have mentioned in the past that "EUROPIA," if the 'O' is given a value of 70, as has the Greek omicron (= letter 'o'), adds up to 666. In this world today, there is a European petroleum industry that calls itself EUROPIA. It may or may not apply to the 666 commercial system, but it sure is interesting. ("Europa" is spelled properly) with the other Greek letter for 'o'. omega.) Using the Greek numeral system of ancient times: E = 5, U = 400, R = 100, O = 70, P = 80, I = 10, A = 1. The total is 666.

In the article below, it sounds as though Exxon is backtracking on the Kurd deal due to the Kurd deal with Chevron.

My understanding is that tribes from Keturah came from the shores of the Red sea on the Arabian side, and then, to my shock, Julie sent an email telling that Josephus traced Keturah's children with Abraham to the Egyptian side of the Red sea as far south as Somalia. By the time of her email, it had become apparent in certain various ways that Keturah's tribes included the proto-Dionysus cult out of Ethiopia, albeit I identify his mother, Semele (daughter of Cadmus), as code for ancient Somali. The point here is that the Obama surname out of Kenya was from the Luo tribe which worships an offshoot of ancient Dionysus, in my opinion, from that African region. The Luo god was/is Nyasi / Nyasaye, you see, smacking of Ethiopia's mount Nissa, or the birthplace of Dionysus at a mount Nyse, or Dionysus' nurse, Nysos/Nysus/Nysa.

It had been discovered (recent updates) that Keturah out of the Ethiopia area became the proto-Danaans in Joppa, encoded by ancient myth writers as Perseus, son-in-law of a king of Ethiopia. This Perseus was a Meshwesh people (proto-Masci's out of Tanis) as it named Mycenae in Greece, where Danaans ruled, and then there is no question at all in my mind that Obama's mother (Dunham surname) traces to a Dunham Masci location, which clearly can be identified with Danaans out of Mycenae. It was solidly established in updates going back a few years that Perseus was worshiped by Chemmites that were named after Khemmis, an Upper-Nile city of Yuya whom I traced, as part of Keturah-out-of-Africa, to mythical "Gugu," king of Lydia. That latter trace was recent, but some years ago I traced the Luo tribe of Obama Sr. to the naming of ancient Luwians (Anatolia) because they were proto-Lydians while Dionysus was trace-able to the Maeander river on the south-west side of Lydia.

In a dream that I shared in the last update of last December, where God needed to use a dream to fill in an important gap, it was revealed that the Meshwesh out of Tanis became Hippodamia, a mythical Amazon, wife of Pelops, mythical king of Lydia. "Pel(ops)" was traced to "BELUS/Belas," mythical father of Danaus at PELUSium, the location of Tanis. The dream works, and describes Obama's bloodline to his mother but also the line from Obama Senior's ancient ancestry to Lydians. The dream revealed that the Meshwesh out of Tanis became the 600 "Danites" at Laish (book of Judges), but for many years I had traced "Laish" to "Lyasios," an alternative ancient name for Dionysus.

Now in the news:

President Obama announced [January 25] he would tap longtime foreign policy adviser and popular West Wing staffer Denis McDonough to lead his staff.

Obama, appearing with McDonough at the White House, called him indispensable and "a great friend to me and everybody who works here at the White House."

McDonough is taking over the chief of staff job from Jack Lew, Obama's nominee for Treasury secretary.

Jack Lew??? You can bet that the Lew surname traces to the Luo tribe and Luwians, or at least that Obama thinks so.

The Donough surname, probably a branch of Dunhams, was first found in County KERRY, where we could expect John Kerry to ultimately derive. The Meshwesh were traced (by me) to MUSkerry, beside Kerry. The Donough Coat uses wolves in the colors of the Wolfley Coat, and then Obama's ancestry includes a Wolfin surname that changed to "Wolfley." The white wolf design of the Donough Coat is used by Quillans and by Italian Romans, important because it was made obvious, about the same time of the dream, that the 600 "Benjamites" at Rimmon (book of Judges) were proto-Romans. It's quite possible that "DonaHUGH," a variation of the Donough surname, traces to Hugh Lupus, and Meschin-related ruler of Cheshire, where the Wolfley surname was first found, and where Dunham Masci is located.

Obama's partner in crime, Eric Holder, is Obama's attorney general. It just so happens that the same winged lion design as used by Holders is used by the Lew Crest. Obama has long been discovered as a bloodline worshiper, which can be seen well in a comparison of the Holder Coat with the Dunham Coat. Both Coats use a DANcette, and heraldry symbols are almost always named after surnames.

The article above continues: "McDonough's place in Obama's inner circle was illustrated during the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011. He is among those whose images are captured in a White House photograph seated in the situation room with Obama and other senior officials watching the raid unfold. " I believe that Obama and crew faked Osama's death.

Mythical Gugu of Lydia was given a father, Dascylus, a term that I identified with "Tusculus," a location on the Latin-Etruscan border (smack at the Rome theater). The article continues: "Earlier, McDonough worked as a foreign policy specialist in Congress, including as a senior foreign policy adviser to former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., before moving to Obama's Senate office." Compare "Daschle" to "Dascylus."

I could go on and on, but I have become tired of this. I'm started to puke at my writings. It's got's no spiritual value. I've been at this for too long. I get the whole story already, and it involves the killers of Christ seated as the rulers of Israel, as they evolve into the future 666 masters. Look at how "Dascylus" suggests "Ascalon/Ashkelon," and therefore mythical Asclepios, the medicine god who gave the world a coiled snake for a symbol. You can see that snake in the Donough Crest. Asclepios was a son of mythical Coronis, a term that I trace very confidently to "Chora" on Patmos because the other main city on Patmos, Scala, is easily traced to "Ascalon / Asclepios." In other words, when God revealed to John that there would come an end-time 666 master, John was on Patmos because the 666 line migrated through that place.

Coronis was given a raven symbol, a symbol also of Apollo with mythical Cyrene, meaning that Cyrenians (east Libya, location of Benghazi), and the Meshwesh Muses of Cyrene, were from Chora on Patmos. And the Apollo Muses of Cyrene became the wolf of Roman ancestry that you see in the Donough Coat. And it became clear to me that the Meshwesh were at Messina (Sicily), and that the Messina surname uses a version of the Masci Coat, and it just so happens that mythical Asclepios was worshiped on Messina, and that there was a Scylla monster in myth located at Messina which easily traces to "Scala" on Patmos, meaning that the 666 bloodline founded and named Sicily / Scylla. Therefore, Obama's bloodline traces to Scylla in multiple ways. And Apollo even had a mouse symbol.

I could go on and on but I'm tired now of repeating myself. The message is clear, and it must be a message from God through me (I'm stressing Him not me), that the 666 commercial system is upon us, and that we need to prepare for it.

As promised, I will get you, in this update, some investigations made a few weeks ago on what could be surnames from "Keturah."

The fly event describes at the top of this update was re-considered at this point in the update. I just looked into mythical flies, and this came up right away: "'Baezlbub' is derived from 'Beelzebub', who is more commonly known as the 'Prince of Flies' in myth." Then, I learned that a gadfly bit Pegasus, important because the rider of that winger hose looks like code for Baal:

Which creature of Greek myth was bitten by a gadfly after flying too close to the heavens? Pegasus. Although Pegasus was bitten, this was only intended as punishment for Bellerophon, who had become too proud of his achievements. Once bitten, Pegasus threw Bellerophon and his fall caused him to become blind and lame...Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa. The golden bridle given to Bellerophon by Athena [= Keturah bloodline] allowed him to ride Pegasus. Together, they defeated the Chimera - a challenge set by King Iobates.

It became obvious to me recently that the Maezaei, between the Urbanus / Oeneus river and near the Japodes, were a fundamental part with the Japodes as they became the chief Roman god, Jupiter. It was easy to realize, after the dream, that the Maezaei were a branch of the Meshwesh (also called "Mazyes") that were the 600 Benjamites at Rimmon. I also suspected that "Japodes" traced to "Joppa," but look at who was made part of the Bellerophon-Pegasus myth: Iobates, a term like "Iapodes," the Greek way to spell "Japodes."

Suddenly, I am able to trace Japodes to mythical Iobates with more confidence than ever...because the Bellamys became a fundamental part of the Masseys/Maceys, and the latter use the pegasus symbol in their Crest. That is, Bellamys (easily linked to Bells as they use the same Coat almost) trace to "Bellerophon," who is now suspect from the lord of the flies, Beelzebub. In this way, Masci-related Obama is a Beelzebub bloodliner because Dunham Masci was also spelled, "Dunham Massey." It is a very compelling argument here that the fly on Obama's forehead was a Sign of his trace to Bellerophon and the Gorgon line of Medusa.

But Keturah was traced to Medusa too via her trace to Perseus (at Joppa), the one who killed Medusa that gave birth to Pegasus. Now this is excellent because this morning when I awoke, there were things on my mind that I knew I had to write, although, admittedly, I have been trying to avoid it as it's been very trying lately to go over and over things just to make an additional point. I've been begging God with some alarm for a real vacation from these topics. This morning, I was thinking that Yonge's, whom I had traced to "Juno," Jupiter's wife, and therefore to the Una river that is also the Oeneus river above, were a Keturah bloodline closely related to Maezaei. In other words, Yonge's/Youngs and Jungs trace to the 600 Danites and 600 Benjamites too, but in the ultimate picture, Yonge's were the Heneti > Veneti line that formed the Veneti from the Una / Oeneus river.

If you recall, if you had read it recently, Keturah's son, Medan, traced without doubt to the naming of "Methoni" in Messene (Greece, the founding nation of Messina in Sicily), and it just so happens that mythical Methoni (= the representation of the city above) was made a daughter of Oeneus. And Methoni was beside Pylos that traces to "Pelops"...and Belus (and therefore to Bellerophon > Beelzebub). And if you recall, Hippodamia, wife of Pelops and revealed by my dream to be the Meshwesh > Maezaei, was given a father, OENOmaus, having the same "Oen" root as "Oeneus."

Hippodamia easily traces to Pegasus because "hippo" is the Greek for "horse." She was a queen of Pisa (Greece, north of Messene) that traces to Pisidians (Anatolia) who lived in the midst of, or beside, Lycians, and it just so happens that Bellerophon and Pegasus killed the Chimera dragon in Lycia...on the other side of the Maeander river from Lydia, the latter being the origin of Etruscans according to mythology. And the Etruscans had a Chimera dragon too, but in the land of Etruscans, who by the way are cousins of the Veneti, we find another Pisa location near a Lucca location, and the latter easily traces to the Lycians, therefore. And beside Lucca is Massa-Carrara on the extreme north of the Etruscan lands, which traces in part to Carians beside the Lycians, and in-part to the Massi/Mattis surname, yes the same Massey bloodline using the pegasus symbol. A Massar/Massai surname was first found in Lucca, if that helps, and then the Lucca surname uses a cat as code for Clan Chattan that itself uses the Coat of the Italian Botters, first found in Lucca.

It became obvious recently that "Muskerry" was a form of "Massa-Carrara" so that John Kerry traces exactly to the same bloodline at general Mattis.

But it is plain that English Botters/Bodins (Hampshire) are a branch of Buttons (Hampshire) with a Biden variation. Once again, this discussion -- that started on the Beelzebub fly -- gets us to the Obama administration. Beelzebub was a term that became equated with satan, and I kid you not, I have not in a long time seen a combination of eyes and smirk on the face of any other man that looks like satan incarnate as I have seen in Joseph Biden recently. He is already preparing for 2016, but if Obama gets assassinated, Biden will become the president from that time. Again, the chief of U.S. central command is a general Mattis, with a surname that brings up the same Coat as entering "Massi," a surname that I know for a fact traces to Massa(-Carrara).

I didn't know the whole of this when I predicted, a few years ago, that a mouse bloodline, that being the Masci bloodline, would produce the False Prophet, the man who will oversee the commercial 666. I would not have made that prediction had not God revealed it to me by mouse signs in my house. This message is His message, take or leave it. I've done my job. As much as I've come to loath writing on these topics, I've done my job.

I've said a few times already that a Jim Messina was Obama's campaign manager. It's clear where Obama is from. He's a Meshwesh Libyan, a Cyrenian, an Apollo bloodliner of the 666 kind. Obama is a part of the Destroyer. The wolf comes but to kill, steal and destroy. That sort of thing.

Also in charge of Obama's re-election campaign was Stephanie Cutter (deputy campaign manager), and there is no doubt that "Cutter" traces to "Keturah." Even before finding Keturah's Medan tribe at Medon, mythical son of Kodros (king of Athens), it became obvious that the fish symbol of "KODRos" traced to the fish of Saraka's/Saraca's out of KOTOR." Therefore, Obama likes to chose his people from the Keturah bloodline. Didn't you just read that Athena (goddess of Libya too) made the golden bridle for Pegasus? She was the Atun cult from Keturah's tribe depicted by Kodros. God foresaw long ago that Keturah lines would rule in the Obama administration. That's the story here.

See the fish in the Cather/Catter Coat. Now you know that Cathers/Catters trace to Keturah.

And the 600 Benjamites, who I say were Meshwesh out of Tanis but merged into Benjamite society after leaving Egypt, had married 400 wives from Jabesh Gilead. The only thing that makes this work worthwhile is making new discoveries, and here we find yet another, that "IOBATES" and "Jabesh," which Greeks spelled, "IABESH," are probably similar terms for a reason. In other words, the 600 Benjamites who I claimed were proto-Romans proper went through Iobates (king of Lycia) to the Japodes. To put it another way, Perseus was part of the Iobates bloodline out of Joppa, and ended up in Lycia for a time. From Lycia, the Ligurians were formed where we find Imperia, named, I contend, after the Imperi priesthood of Africa's Boofima cult.

Perseus (worshiped by Chemmites) evolved into Paris at Troy, whom were the makings of the Imperi peoples that were the Boofima priesthood. Boofima had two symbols, the goat and the leopard, and while Dionysus was the reason for the leopard, Keturah was, I think, the Satyr-goat element. The Chimera dragon that Pegasus helped to slay, which I had traced to "Khemmis," was part lion, part snake, and part goat. Bellerophon must have been the Baal bull cult that was the human sacrifice cult of Zeus, but I see the BOOFima > Baphomet human-sacrifice cult as an extension of Baal. It's very likely that IObates named Io, the BOVine goddess of Argos, where the Perseus Danaans ruled. The Chimera dragon is easily deciphered as the Rhodian city of Kamiros.

Imperia is on the Ligurian coast along with Monaco, and while I traced Boofima to the Boeuf surname, first found in PERIgord, it just so happens that the Monaco surname uses a white-on-blue fesse, colors reversed to the Boeuf fesse. These Monaco bar is in the colors of the Botter / Chattan / Romney bars. The Fox article above continues:

Katy Kale is being promoted to assistant to the president for management and administration after serving as the deputy for that post. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco, head of the Justice Department's National Security Division, was selected to take over for John Brennan as advisor for homeland security and counterterrorism once his nomination as head of the Central Intelligence Agency is confirmed.

German Kale's use the griffin design of the Italian Ali surname, first found in Messina. The Scottish Kale's/Coles are easily deciphered as Kyles and Glass', and then while I say that Douglas'/DuGLASS' are a branch of Glass', see the flames in the Monaco Coat, for the Douglas' use a salamander in those flames. The Monaco Coat even uses the white lion of the Dougals. I had traced the Kyle's long ago to the Gels/Gileki, who were in turn discovered as mythical Glaucus, the snake-partner of Asclepios at Scylla (in myth, Glaucus loved Scylla). The green snake in the Donough Crest is likely a symbol of Glaucus.

Note that the Glass Crest uses the Melusine mermaid (or Siren, as some call her) that is known to be a symbol of Lusignan, and yet I traced Melusine (otherwise known as a snake woman) to "Luzica" (a "LUSIGan-like term) otherwise known as Lusatia, where German Kale's were first found.

I know now that Masci's and Messina's trace to king Tut, son of the Yuya bloodline that formed the Atun cult. Tut was a major topic in recent updates. Compare the Taddei, Messina and Bouillon Coats, but then Sprees and Tattons ("of Masci") are obviously related while there is a Spree river in Lusatia, all of which should explain why the Mason/Massin Crest uses Melusine too as well as a motto honoring Speers...who use the Spree and Tatton crescents. Obama is the resurrection of king Tut.

It became obvious that the Akhenaten > Tut line traced to ParaMessu, otherwise known as Ramesses, son of Seti I (see 3rd update January). It became obvious that this was the Perseus line to both Pharisees and Sadducees, and that God had Jesus killed by them because He saw them in charge of the end-time world. All of Masonry, it was discovered, traced to the Ramesses > Seti line. I know where this bloodline ended up, in Aquila (uses an eagle in its Arms) of Abruzzo, 10 miles from the birthplace of my mother where there are many Masci's, Ferrari's, and even some Taddei's. You need to understand what's going on, what God is revealing to me.

Who's eagle is it in the Ramsey Coat? The Massi/Mattis Chief uses the Ramsey eagle exactly. The Massey horse-head design (with tongue) is used in the Ramsey Crest to help prove that ParaMessu / RaMESSES was named after the proto-Masseys. The Ramsey motto ("Ora et labora") is used by Patricks, who are a branch of Maxwells, and then Maxwells use a black eagle too, probably the Roman eagle that Patricians used.

My mother and I spent two months in her hometown of Picenzo when I was a boy. I can understand now that the vacation was for this revelation. We were in Aquila many times, just a few miles from Picenzo. Much later, in my dragon hunt as an adult, after stressing the Vere surname due to Nicholas de Vere, priest of a Drakenberg society, I came to realize that the "Aquila" term in the Drake motto was code for Aquila, the city that I had been in. By some strange coincidence, the "muscas" = "fly" motto term of Drake's seemed to be code for the Masci's of Picenzo, especially as the red-on-white wyvern dragon used by Drakes was the symbol of the duke's of Masovia, and moreover because the Vere's share a version of the Massey/Macey Coat (the one with a pegasus).

I recall that one of my activities in Picenzo, on the most boring of days, was to catch houseflies outside the front door. What are the chances of me doing that by sheer coincidence?

In other words, the mythical fly that bit Pegasus -- which I had never stressed before, not until the fly event yesterday -- was a fly theme which proto-Masci's had adopted somewhere along their path of history, and clearly now that fly was the Beelzebub fly...that applies even to Obama.

General Mattis is called the Warrior Monk, and then the Monk Crest uses a wyvern too (or at least a version of a wyvern). It's very possible here that the Monks link to "Monaco." I'm not going to get into it again, but Grimaldi's of Monaco traced to the Boofima cult for multiple reasons aside from Monaco's location beside Imperia. Drakenberg is highly suspect as a Baphomet entity. My mother is a Grimaldi on one side. She even descends from Masci's, some of whom married Ferrari's. It's clear that Vere's were French Fers and Italian Fulks and Massi's/Mattis'. Just compare all their Coats.

My whole life screams this revelation that I'm on. The American military, and the government, is run by Vere and Stewart bloodliners of the Beelzebub kind. The world is in mortal danger from these suicidal fiends who do not respect nor appreciate human life. Obama chose a Dempsey surname to rule the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then the Dempsey Coat uses the Monk lion. The Monk chevron is shared by Hebrons, Childs, Sellers, and Tudors (the latter are now lumped in with Tut liners). The Sellers (and Tudors) were discovered recently to be from the Silures of south Wales, where Glamorgon is located, where the Lew surname was first found that uses the same white lion design as Monaco's, Dempsey's and Monks.

A certain John Yonge of long ago uses the very same Coat as the Tudor Trevor surname of Wales, and then note how the Trevor Crest is the same type of wyvern (in the color of the Yonge wolf) creature as in the Monk Crest.

The Dempseys and Dempsters both use the sword design of Shots/Shute's that were traced recently especially-hard with Pollocks to the Sadducee bloodline in Placentia. Both Dempsters and Pollocks use a "strenue" motto term. We saw earlier that Placentia's Baez/Pelaiz elements looked like a take from two versions of "Beelzebub," and so note that there is an heraldic "label," that I trace to French Bels/LaBels/LaBaile's, in the Demper Chief. I cannot be sure that Dempers are Dempsters, but the two do use the same colors. Dempers look like they use the Trevor / Sam / Simpson / Sitler lion. See Baileys too who look to use the brownish Pollock boar.

The swords above are used by Aude's too, who are honored in the Pollock motto term, Audacter." Gooch's/Googues, who likely use the Vere boar in colors reversed, as do Pollocks in another color, use "Audaces juvat" as a motto, the "juvat" being code in my opinion of the Jupiter / Jove bloodline (that includes Yonge's/Youngs).

The Sadducees at Placentia have been proven again and again to have been part with neighboring Brescia, and the blue lion in the Arms of Brescia was picked up by Bruce's/Brusi's...whom trace to "Abrussi," a surname in honor of Abruzzo, the larger region where Aquila is located. The Irish Brew surname uses the motto, "Audaces fortuna juvat," as well as the MacArthur crown shared by Mathie's.

The red Dempster Crest lion is shared by Yonge's and English Brew's/Brue's, but note too that the rings in the Yonge Chief are colors reversed to the rings in the Irish Brew and Hogen Chiefs. The Hogens are highly trace-able to Euganeo, an Italian location honored by the Eugene surname (look like a branch of Kale's / Kyle's and Ectors) that itself uses "Audaciter" as the full motto. The Ewen variation of Eugene's is suspect with the "Oeneus"-river bloodline (i.e. mythical Juno and Ino), where I've been tracing Yonge's with a Juno-like motto term. Eugene's/Ewens were first found where MacArthurs were first found who trace to MacCarthys of Muskerry, the kin of Desmonds who use the Annandale saltire.

The Brews are easily proven to be a branch of Bruce's because Brews use roughly the motto of Barone's (more rings), who show the blue Vere boar (thus supporting the Vere trace to Abruzzo along with Drake's). Bruce's use the Annandale saltire as used by the Arms of Ayrshire, where Kyle's were first found, but Barone's use the Annandale saltire as used by Annandale's.

I am very sure that the Eugene's/Ewens/Ewings are a branch of Keons/Owens/Wings whom I trace to pharaoh "Khyan," and this is where the BrueBACHER surname comes in that uses the wing design of German Bachs/Bachers that I've long traced to "Apachnas," the alternative name of pharaoh Khyan. The Welsh Bachs and Bruebachers both appear to use white-on-red bends. I've been saying for a long time, before finding Bruebachers this past week, that pharaoh Apachnas (a Hyksos = Hebrew pharaoh) led to the Abreu/Abruzzo bloodline, namely to the Eburovices Celts at Brescia and Evreux. The Bruebachers prove it...meaning that Bruce's and Brews/Brue's trace to the Exodus pharaoh as well as to Caiaphas and Ananias out of Placentia and Brescia. See also the Buchan and Bedford (666 suspects) lions and their similar motto terms.

German Hogens/Hogers (easily linked to Eugene's) use rams that could be code for Ramesses, the line that is now solidly impressed in my mind as the founding family for Sadducees. As Hogens were first found in Bavaria, while they use arrows, they look like the Bogens who use an arrow because "bogen" in German means, "arrow." The Bogens (branch of Bugs), who gave Bavaria its lozenges (in the colors of the Hogen rams). What's interesting here is that am Emmanuel Bible college (Mennonite roots) in Kitchener, Ontario, was co-founded by a Brubacher surname and yet has a president today with Boughan/Bone surname. I never know what Christian organizations to trust anymore as Masons can be expected all over Christian-education channels.

Irish Boughans/Bowens were first found in the same place (Cork) as Muskerry, and then the English Boughans use the same bend as Botters / Chattans that trace to Lucca beside Massa-Carrara. Strange coincidences. Moreover, as Bogens can be traced to Boofima, as can Grimaldi's, this is a good place to repeat an old trace of the Grimaldi lozenges (same nearly as Bavarian lozenges) to Grimoald of Bavaria, an early ruler from the Garibaldi dynasty of Bavaria.

The Bough/Bow surname and similar others (such as Books/Boggs) have been identified with the so-called "book" in the Roet Crest so that Catherine Roet has been traced to Boofima elements.

The Bauers/Bowers > Rothschilds of Bavaria must surely apply. The Hiedler/Hitler surname (Munich, a Monk / Monaco-like term) uses the Bauer stars, and Bauers use blue wings that can be linked to the wings of the Bavarian Hertzogs / Here's, which are in the design of the Bruebacher and Bach/Bacher wings. The president of the Palestinians has recently made headlines: "'I challenge anyone to deny the relationship between Zionism and Nazism before World War II,' Abbas said." The Rothschilds were a chief Zionist movement at the time of Hitler, but God does not want these Zionists in His Israel. Watch out, fakes, Khazars, Keturah liners. God packs a mean punch, and it's only going to take one.

I wrote at some length on the topic of Hillary's plane crash in the last section of the 1st update in January, telling how it appears that Obama planned to kill Hillary to keep her from telling what she knows on Benghazi. Note the light-blue tie of John Kerry in the photo with Hillary below, for that's the color of UN helmets. Obama announced Kerry as Hillary's replacement on December 21 -- high holy eve of witchcraft -- a week after the plane crash (some large U.S. media reported the plane crash but did not know, apparently, that Hillary was on the plane). The holiest day of witchcraft is May 1, when Obama claimed to kill Osama bin Laden (it was May 1 in the Unites States at the time, May 2 in Afghanistan). May 1 is a holiday to Bel, the Celt god that must surely have been Beelzebub by another name.

We normally think of red crescents as Muslim symbols, but why do we think that Bellamys use red crescents on the Bell Shield? Isn't it true that the crescent is just as much a witchcraft symbol as that of some Muslim nations? Why do French Bells (in the colors of Bellamys and English Bells) use a red greyhound? Isn't that a symbol of the mythical Graeae Amazons of Africa? Are we not on the Baal-ish Boofima cult here that gave birth to Baphomet in Bavaria, where there was a Bavarian Illuminati formed officially on May 1, 1776???

How many of you know that the Red Cross was founded by a Freemason, and that Muslims have a red crescent counterpart organization? Somebody gave Israel a red Zionist star (Magen David Adom) as symbol of its counterpart medical organization, and that's a hexagram according to witchcraft. Why did witchcraft call its evil magic a hex after the number, 6? Who do we know of in ancient dragon-line history that used 6's? The ones who wrote on the 600 Benjamites and 600 Danites are coming to mind because they led to the Masci / Massey bloodline. And this I know: God is the Great Fly Swatter in the Sky.

By what coincidence do the Israeli's call their symbol a "magen" while Majors/Magors/Mayers use a red greyhound of their own? Are those not the Illuminati checks in the Spanish Major/Mayer Coat? Wasn't the first Rothschild named, Mayer Bauer? Do you recognize any symbols in the Irish Magen Coat (in the colors of the Major/Magor anchor)? Doesn't Ireland (Ulster) use a red Zionist star too? In Britain, the Magen David Adom is officially the "Red Shield of David, UK".

[Magen David Adom] was founded in Tel Aviv in June 1930...a First Aid Society called Magen David Adom -The Red Shield of David. MDA's first home was a shop on the corner of Rothschild and Nahalat Benyamin Streets...

A street named after a Benjamin surname? You're kidding? I come across this just now??? What does it mean?

The Grey surname, which we can link to the greyhound for obvious reason, uses an anchor theme that I've identified with Anaki out of Hebron. Note that Magens use the Hebron (and Seller, Child, Tudor, etc.) chevron. The white-on-red Grey lion is identical to the Magen lion. Don't read too fast, but let the meanings of the links sink in.

Didn't I trace the Majors/Magors to Magyars = Hungarians who used a stag symbol in their mythology? Didn't I trace the Rothschild arrows to the Kabar/Khazar tribes of the first Hungarians? What's that red stag doing in the Magen Coat? What sort of phony Israelis are now ruling Israel and wishing to take her Jerusalem away? Aren't the Major/Magor roses those of the Yonge's/Youngs? Why is the Yonge wolf design used by Wolfleys? Didn't Khazar "Red Jews" settle Hungary massively? But they were not Jews at all, unless they had a mixture of the Israeli chief priesthood.

Didn't Obama choose a Dempsey surname to lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and don't Irish Dempseys use the Magen lion? Is Obama a tool of some Rothschilds, therefore? What sort of Rothschilds? Are Rothschilds often divided in their world views? Probably.

Don't Dempsters use the red lion of French Mayers? What in tarnation is going on here? Hungarian "Jews" caused end-time Israel to come into existence, and a jungle-bunny president upholds their agenda? What sort of disgraceful man is this who, after being empowered by American Africans does the will of Hungarian bankers? What does Khazaria have in common with black Africa? The Gorgons. The Amazons of Africa even had blue eyes and blonde hair.

The Magen stag is red, as is the stag of the Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire, where the Dempsters were first found. The Magen stag is used by the Books/Buggs who have been, and will again be traced (below), to Africa's Boofima cult.

The Scottish Kale's/Cole's (mentioned earlier) use the blue pheon of the Celts/Colts, and then three arrows, a Kabar/Khazar symbol in my opinion that links to the same band of Hungarians as Rothschilds, are used by Irish Kales/Hails.

The English Benjamin surname uses a saltire cross with five rings, as does the Coat of Brew-related Barone's, and it just so happens that while we could expect a bear used of Barone's, the Benjamins/Jamin/JAMMES surname uses a bear. If that's not enough, English Barone's use hearts, the Douglas symbol, while English Benjamins use the flame, another Douglas symbol. It means that the "Jamais" motto term of Douglas' is for this Benjamin bloodline. Simply amazing. But why should Douglas' trace to the 600 Benjamites?

The Benjamin rings are colors reversed from the Brew rings, very expected now. The Benjamites are tracing hard through the Sabine land of Abruzzo to the Bruce's.

It's known that the Douglas heart is the so-called "heart of Bruce," thought to be the literal heart of king Robert Bruce of Scotland, the ancestor of the royal JAMES kings of Scotland and Britain. There you have the evidence that Barone's and Benjamins are indeed related. See the blue Bruce lion in the James Crest, and note what should be the Dougal / Monaco lions in the James Coat. It recalls how the Jacob surname had linked without doubt to a Romanov bloodline.

The black scallops of the James' can be linked round-about to the Leader-related Ladons/Ladds, and to the Surrey elements of Latin-related Kilpatricks. This is of Benjamite importance where Leaders and Ladons/Ladds use version of the Meschin Coat. That is, it's already tending to prove that Douglas' and James trace to the 600 Benjamites. Therefore, do not forget that the Bruce kings became instantly Stewarts, and that all royal James kings were called Stewarts, for Stewarts use the Coat of Massi's/Mattis'

As a reminder, the 600 Benjamites that were hiding out in Rimmon traced to the Maschi surname of Rimini, not far up the Italian coast from Abruzzo. But these 600 Benjamites, though I'm sure there were more, and that 600 was mere code, also evolved into Sabines/Safini Italians. Interesting here is that the French Bell surname (shares a greyhound with the Jacobs) uses white crescents in the colors of the Savone/Saffin crescents while German Jacobs use the Bourg/Borgia moline cross, important because Spanish Borgia's use the red Savona bull.

White crescents in the colors of the Savone/Saffin and Bell crescents are used also by TUTtals/Tuthills.

It can be ascertained that a white crescent should be code for king tut because it's the only symbol in the Tout/Tut Coat. Again, French Masseys/Masse's use the Tout crescents. The Savoy location of French Masseys can certainly apply to "Savona," especially as swans are used in the Macey-related Sion/Swan Coat.

Savona's and Benjamins were both first found in Norfolk. If the 600 Benjamites made it to Liguria's Savona, then why not also Monaco too? It easily explains why the Monaco Coat likewise uses the flame of Benjamins and Douglas'. It all suggests that the Benjamites were Flemings, who were a central part of Templars. It may be suggesting that the first kings of Templar Jerusalem were knowingly of the Benjamites, but in any case, the fact that Baphomet was an expressly Templar god tends to link Keturah elements to the Flemings, founders of Flanders. The Benjamin saltire is in the black-on-gold colors of the lion that is the Arms of Flanders.

The Italian Barone's (in the colors of Irish Barone's) can be linked to king Tut, but also to Godfrey de Bouillon, a direct relative of the first kings of Templar Jerusalem. The Barone write-up: "First found in the town of Baroncello, just outside the historic city of Florence." The Taddei's, who use the Bouillon flory cross, were first found in Florence. I've long said that the swan symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon was code for "Savona" of Liguria! Zowie!!! The evidence builds for a trace of the 600 Benjamites to Savona. Bouillons use a "vero belli" motto phrase that ought to link them to the Bellamy / Macey bloodline.

There are swans in the Dutch Dutt/Duyst/Doist Coat.

I recognized the Italian Barone Coat as that of the Ectors/Hectors, the family encoded in Arthurian myth as Ector of Maris. "Another" mythical Ector of Arthurian myth was made the father of Kay/Cai, and it was recently established that the Kay/Key surname traced back to "Kiya," mother of king Tut. This is very good evidence that the Tut bloodline led to the Taddei's.

I need to tell you something. My grandmother was a Taddei. I am not lying here. Trust me. I did not ever know that the Masci's traced to king Tut until very recently. But years ago, when I looked at the mummies of Yuya (grandfather of Tut) and his wife, the wife looked like my Taddei grandmother, while Yuya looked like one of her sons. This Tut line came to me, therefore, which completely shocks me to a dull pain. I'm not very happy about it. Remember, the Keys/Kays are likely a branch of Mackays / Maceys.

To help trace Douglas' to the Tut line, the Arms of Dudley use the Douglas salamander in flames. Remember, Daytons are said to be of "Autun," and Tut was at first a worshiper of the Atun sun god. But as the Tut / Benjamite line traced to Massey liners too, it explains why the Dudleys use the Mason/Massin lion. Yet, the Louvains also use it, and they were a line from Bruce's out of Flanders. Douglas', like the Benjamites are shaping to look like, were a branch of Flemings themselves.

Aha! New discovery. The Pollock saltire is used by the Daddy/Dowd/Doodie surname, and at the top of the Daddy/Dowd/Doddie saltire is the Aude sword design, if that helps to trace the "Audacter" term of Pollocks to Aude's. Moreover, I traced the motto term more closely to the Audleys, who along with Hoods/Hutts use a fret (probably a code for Ferte-Mace, location of Bellamys and Maceys), the symbol of Duttons! The Dutton Coat is a version of the Tatton and Spree Coats. Tattons are said to have been from the Dunham Massey location. There is king-Tut ghost all over this, and Pollocks were Dol Stewarts, let's not forget.

This is a place that should repeat the porphyria condition of emailer Pollock. I took it to task to seek where this genetic disease originated, using the Pollock surname as one clue. Another part of that task was exchanging emails with a woman whom emailer Pollock put me in contact with, who likewise has the disease, and who was very busy seeking to find its ancient roots while she claimed that certain onliners were attacking her computer system to thwart her work...because the root of this "royal disease" is, according to her, to be kept a well-guarded secret. Suddenly, the disease is tracing potentially to the Yuya > Akhenaten > Tut line.

The Daddy/Dowd write-up helps to explain why Douglas' trace to Tut liners: "The original Gaelic form of Daddy was O Dubhda." It makes me think that any Dubh term (Douglas' are called by such) was a variant of a Tut liner for some reason. Indeed, note that Pollocks and Doby's/Dawby were both first found in Renfrewshire, and that the Doby/Dawby helmet is used by Armors who in-turn use what should, more-likely now, be the Douglas stars. In other words, the Dubh link to Douglas' may have nothing to do with the claimed "dubh" = "black" theory, and all to do with the Doby and Dober bloodline.

Frankly, the "DUBHda" term in the Daddy/Dowd write-up serves to prove that the surname was a Doby branch, but the fact the Pollocks share the Daddy/Dowd saltire suggests that Pollocks had come close to Dobys, perfectly expected where Armors trace to "ermine," a heraldic symbol of Brittany/Armorica, where Pollocks claim their roots.

As Pollocks traced hard to Placentia, where the small square is used in its Arms, note that the Doby / Armor helmet is called a "squire's" helmet, for "Squire" is a surname with a Square variation.

Irish Kale's/Hails and Daddys/Dowds share County Mayo in common, and then the Kale's/Hails and Daytons share a red patee cross (in the shape of the Messina patee cross). It tends to prove that Daddys/Dowds are a Tut line.

Did the 600 Benjamites trace to the founding of Romans through their Rimmon > Rimini line? Yes, and the Rome/Room Coat uses the Dayton lion design and colors! Pollocks and their Baez/Pelaiz kin traced to Placentia, and then the "placit" motto term of Rome's/Rooms must apply. The BAEZ/Pelaiz Coat uses half the Pollock / Daddy/Down saltire. It could be pondered here that "Beelzebub" was also "BAEZlbub." Moreover, compare "Pelaiz" with "Beelz."

How amazing that while we are on a trace to Tut, the German Baez surname uses the same black eagle as Ramseys. That is extremely important where the father (Seti) of Ramesses was traced to the naming of Sadducees...who I see at Placentia!

Whatever the "copia" motto term may have meant to you, the Duddle's/Dodds happen to use it too. Duddle's were first found in Cheshire, as were Tattons and Macclesfields, important because an Arms of Macclesfield uses a "copia" motto term. This paragraph traces the Israeli chief priests to the Duddle's/Dodds.

Julie sent in an email recently to share a quote from Josephus:

ABRAHAM after this married Keturah, by whom six sons were born to him, men of courage, and of sagacious minds: Zambran, and Jazar, and Madan [or Medan], and Madian [or Midian], and Josabak, and Sous...The sons of Madiau were Ephas, and Ophren, and Anoch, and Ebidas, and Eldas. Now, for all these sons and grandsons, Abraham contrived to settle them in colonies; and they took possession of Troglodytis, and the country of Arabia the Happy, as far as it reaches to the Red Sea. It is related of this Ophren, that he made war against Libya, and took it, and that his grandchildren, when they inhabited it, called it (from his name) Africa. And indeed Alexander Polyhistor gives his attestation to what I here say; who speaks thus: "Cleodemus the prophet, who was also called Malchus, who wrote a History of the Jews, in agreement with the History of Moses, their legislator, relates, that there were many sons born to Abraham by Keturah: nay, he names three of them, Apher, and Surim, and Japhran. That from Surim was the land of Assyria denominated; and that from the other two (Apher and Japbran) the country of Africa took its name, because these men were auxiliaries to Hercules, when he fought against Libya and Antaeus; and that Hercules married Aphra's daughter, and of her he begat a son, Diodorus; and that Sophon was his son, from whom that barbarous people called Sophacians were denominated."

Josephus is clearly quoting mythical sources, but Hercules was a Danaan tracing back to Samson and the 600 Benjamites, stories that I say were added to the book of Judges by the dragon cult as it had made alliance with Israeli priests. As I said that the 600 Benjamites married 400 women from Jabesh, and as i said that Jabesh looks like it should trace to "Iobates," here's from Wikipedia's Iobates article: "In Greek mythology, Iobates, a.k.a. Jobates, was a Lycian king, the father of Antea and Philonoe." First of all, I now trace Lycians back to "Lachish" of Hebron, and Hebron is where Abraham lived.

Secondly, the 600 Benjamites (= proto-Romans) were identified as Meshwesh who had been from Libya before ruling Egypt (from the 21st dynasty) at Tanis. Therefore, when we see Josephus quote a Hercules entity that fought an Antaeus ally of Libya, it seems very connectable to Antea, daughter of Iobates. It should all trace rather well to mythical Annette, wife of Aeneus (with a 'u'), symbol of Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros river. In other words, it should trace to Aeneas (with an 'a'), founder of the Romans, who had ties with human-sacrificers in Carthage...on the opposite side of Libyans from the Meshwesh of Cyrene. But I found Meshwesh in the CARTHage area too...who traced to MacCARTHys at Muskerry.

If you recall when I first started on Keturah, she was identified with both the Anat and Atun cults, the Atun part tracing to Athena of Libya. Anat, a goddess of the Baal cult at one point but related to Anu's Anaki in Hebron, traces to "Heneti" (ruled by Pelops who was in turn married to the Meshwesh queen, Hippodamia) symbolized by mythical ANTenor, the same proto-Veneti bloodline, I am sure, as Aeneas / Oeneus on the Oeneus river beside the Japodes. Therefore, the Jabesh Gilead location (east side of the Jordan river) was in cahoots with Anaki of Hebron, which jibes with my claim of a recent update, that Jabesh named Jebusites of Jerusalem who merged with Keturah liners out of Hebron to form the Baal > Zeus > Jupiter bloodline.

As Keturah's son, Midian, traces to alliances with Moabites, and as one of Keturah's sons was Jokshan, it stands to reason that a Biblical king of Moab, Mesha, was named after whatever named the Mesha location of Genesis 11, where we find Joktan's sons. As I recently showed how Keturah could be the root of the Hyksos in Egypt, it's very interesting that king Mesha is said to be a sheepmaster. Moreover, as the Keturah line to the Meshwesh in Israel went through Yuya at KHEMMIS, the Moabite god, CHEMOSH, should apply. It just so happens that Jabesh Gilead was on the side of Israel where Moab was too, and so as per the Meshwesh already found married to the 400 women of Jabesh, it certainly makes sense that king Mesha was a Meshwesh himself, at least by marriage. He's found in 2 Kings 3:4.

It appears that he is the Moabite king throughout the entire chapter 3, where in the last verse, facing defeat against Israel, Judah and Edom, the king sacrifices his own son, and heir, to death seeking the help of his god. This was the way of the wicked stupid.

King Mesha was responsible in paying Israel tribute that included 100,000 lambs annually, as well as the wool from 100,000 rams. It has a Hermes ring to it, to the golden fleece ram, that is, for this same Hermes helped Pelops acquire Hippodamia, a Meshwesh queen. In fact, I had identified the golden fleece bloodline with a Laz peoples under Pelops, and traced them back to "Laish," at the foot of mount Hermon. The goat son of Hermes, Pan, had a location, Panias, a couples of miles from Laish. You could to entertain here that "Keturah" named "satyr," so that her tribes should figure into this Panias - Laish picture.

Also keep in mind that the Leaders and Ladds/Ladons use the Meschin Coat, essentially, for the mythical shepherd, Everes, was made a father of Tiresias, who doubled as Daphne's father along with the 100-headed Ladon dragon. The third father of Daphne, Peneus, was obvious code for Panias elements in Greece. It behooves me to repeat now that Pelop's grandson, MeneLAUS, was code for a Las location (Mani peninsula, Sparta), and that Menelaus was involved in a myth having two lambs, suggestive of the lamb symbol given to Menelaus' son, Atreus. Per chance, this golden fleece bloodline through Pelops was from king Mesha, in other words, or it at least married the line of king Mesha in Hippodamia.

There are further points to be made. One, it seems that "Tiresias" was code for a Tyre entity because mount Hermon was due west of Tyre. Moreover, the Israeli tribe of Asher controlled Tyre. With Asher's land, we are now in the stretch between mount Carmel and Tyre, where I see the proto-Zeus bull cult, of Baal. Yes, it's Beelzebub and the fly-line proto-Masseys, right? Let me continue. Mount Carmel is where Elijah humiliated the priests of Baal, and also where I see a proto-Essenes had that had adopted Elisha, the prophet of God who took over in the spirit of Elijah. It just so happens that when the three kings mentioned above were attacking the king of Moab, who seems to be king Mesha, it was Elisha that prophesied their victory over Mesha.

Remember here too that Hippodamia was queen in Pisa, at Elis, a term like "Elisha." I'm not at all saying that the bloodline of Elisha traces to Elis, but that some Elisha-like entity, perhaps named after him, perhaps vice-versa, traces to the naming of Elis. The 600 Benjamites and/or the 600 Danites had been discovered with the Keturah line from Poseidon's marriage with Meshwesh (= mythical Libya), and he traces to the Pisidians as they named Pisa. But there is more, so interesting. The Levites, according to 1 Chronicles 6:74, were granted some locations in the land of Asher: "From the tribe of Asher they received Mashal and its pasturelands, Abdon and its pasturelands..." Is Abdon the "Abaddon" destroyer of Revelation 9? Isn't it suspicious that while Abaddon is said to be the Greek Apollo, that Mashal smacks of the Meshwesh that I see in the mythical Muses of Apollo? And as the Muses were all women, as even mythical Amazons were depicted, note that Abaddon/Apollo in Revelation 9 is involved with locusts having the "hair of women." Why did God use such a symbol as that?

I won't go over it all here, but will re-mention that the proto-Essenes of the Carmel area had, in my opinion, become mythical Eileithyia/Eleuthia, the birth goddess of Crete, daughter of Hera and Zeus. It was evident from king Minos' nine-month symbol that he received the symbol from the Cretan birth goddess, and yet nine also became the number of the Muses. Also, this EiLEITHyia was made a mother of Artemis round-about so that, plainly, she evolved into "Leto," mother-proper of Artemis and Apollo. Therefore, for the first time ever, so far as I can recall, I think that the Abaddon of Revelation 9 can be identified with Abdon in the land of Asher. "Abdon" does not come up at all in all my files.

You understand that we expect Eileithyia > Leto in Elis of Greece, which is where the Peneus river flows. You understand that this same Leto entity also named the Ladon flowing beside the Peneus. Hermes was made born in Arcadia, near the Ladon river so that indeed the Peneus was his son, Panias > Pan. But this was a Keturah line, wasn't it? Didn't she already traces to Pisa?

Didn't Josephus identify Keturah lines with caves? Zeus was himself born and hidden in a cave, which is a theme for the birth-mother too: "In classical times, there were shrines to Eileithyia in the Cretan cities of Lato and Eleutherna and a sacred cave at Inatos."

I tend to trace "Helen," the sister of the Spartan Apollo, and daughter of Leda, to "Elis." Helen was born from the egg of a swan so that she can be traced to the Ligurian swan, where the Meshwesh Benjamites already traced (for the first time earlier in this update). But I trace "Helen" to "Hellespont," where a mythical "Helle" died that was sister to the rider of the golden fleece. Do you see how well that works, especially as "Helles(pont)" easily accounts for "Elis." The Cretan birth goddess can therefore trace to Hellespont, in Mysia. where we expect Meshwesh.

It looks very good therefore, for a trace of the golden fleece line to king Mesha of Moab, who lived in the time of Ahab and Joram, kings of Israel. And yet Mesha's line can be traced to Mashal and perhaps also to neighboring Abdon. My last attempt to trace Abaddon (chief of the abyss) of Revelation 9 was to Abydos...on the Hellespont. Amazing. It's suggesting that the namers of Abdon were the namers of Abydos too.

One of the Judges of Israel was named Abdon: "Abdon, was the son of Hillel, a Pirathonite, and was the tenth Judge of Israel mentioned in the Book of Judges (Judges 12:13-15). He was a member of the tribe of Ephraim..." Ephraim shared the land north of Jerusalem with Benjamites. The article continues: "He was buried on Ephraimite land, in Pirathon, in the hill-country of the Amalekites." The Cretan nurse of Zeus, AMALthea, has been entertained for years as code for an AMALekite entity, and here we find that an Abdon, with the same name as the city that already traced quite potentially to the Cretan birth goddess, was associated with Amalekites.

"Amalthea is sometimes represented as the goat who suckled the infant-god [Zeus] in a cave in Cretan Mount Aigaion ('Goat Mountain')..." It has the same theme as Eileithyia.

Another Biblical Abdon (2 Chronicles 34:20) was a son of Micah, interesting where a Micah was involved with the 600 Danites. Remember, the Michael surname uses, as do the Leaders and Ladds/Ladons, a version of the Meschin Coat.

As we saw above that the king Tut line was none other than the 600 Benjamites as the proto-Romans, and as these Benjamites traced from "Jabesh" to the naming of Jupiter, note that in Wikipedia's article on Ops/Opis, where she is the mother of Jupiter, that she traces to what can only be a Tut entity: "According to Roman tradition, the cult of Opis was instituted by Titus Tatius, one of the Sabine kings of Rome." Ops was made a daughter of SATURn by the Romans, whom for the time being may be deemed the goat entity of Amalthea, even the Keturah satyrs.

My first inkling that the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon were proto-Romans was when realizing that their story on the 400 wives from Jabesh was a story used by Romans too in the Rape of the Sabine Women (see 5th update of December): "The traditions of ancient Rome held that Titus Tatius (d. 748 BC) was the Sabine king of Cures, who, after the rape of the Sabine women, attacked Rome..." It was almost simultaneous with this connection that I saw "Rimmon" as the making of "Rome." I still hadn't realized at the time the "Jupiter" was a form of "Jabesh" (however, that idea may have occurred to me in the past, but I cannot recall it occurring even now).

The Romans viewed Ops/Opis as Rhea, but as Ops/Opis was a bee cult, it can be gleaned with certainty that she was the Amalthea bunch of Minoans / Curetes, and as such, she was also the Eileithyia cult to Apollo and Artemis. It reminds me of the Opis Stinger of Death chapter in my Ladon book, where I claimed that Abaddon was part of Apollo's Opis branch Avvites, and in fact I recall tracing Avvites possibly to the naming of Joppa/Iaffa. This is all very good suddenly for multiple reasons. One, I had mentioned that "Gareb" is said to mean "scorpion," and so I identified the scorpion-like stings (Revelation 9) of Abaddon's locusts with Garebites. Since then, I have proved that Sarpedon, mythical brother of Minos on Crete, was a Garebite entity to the Serbs.

Sarpedon was made the founder of the Ephesus / LATmos entity of the sleeping moon man, Endymion, who was himself a king of Elis, where we can expect Eileithyia's line. And so, yes, the Eileithyia's Cretan city of Lato likely applies to "Latmos." Keturah is all over this because her mythical Kodros line was made the founder of Ephesus.

Moreover, Eileithyia was made a daughter of Hera, whom I've identify (for years, not now for convenience) as a Garebite people out of Jerusalem. Hephaestus, whom I traced to "Ephesus," was also a child of Hera. Again, "Jabesh" and "Ephes(us)" are similar terms. There is a good chance that "Opis" was a variation of "Ephesus," which was itself alternatively, "Apasa" (to Romans, "apis" meant bee; to the Greeks, it was "opis"). There was an Artemis-related "essenes" bee cult at Ephesus (thanks to Julie for that tip), if that helps to trace "Ops" to Ephesus/Apasa, but as Ops was made the mother of Jupiter while Jupiter traces without doubt to "Jabesh," we now know that Jabesh's 400 woman, or whatever the true story was, ended up in Ephesus as Hephaestus. That means that the 400 woman were likely Amazons = Meshwesh, for the sacred island (Lemnos) of Hephaestus was an Amazonian island. It's just as I found previously (via the dream), that the 600 "Benjamites" were in actuality Meshwesh out of Tanis.

The "joke" is on the Masons and Mormons who trace themselves to Hephaestus, for these were not blessed Israelites. But I'm sure that Masons know it, anyway. It suggests strongly that the Opis cult in Italy was at Joppa/Ioppa as CassiOPEIA, the queen of Ethiopia. This is another way of saying that the Mesha and Mashal-Abdon entities described above passed through Joppa, not forgetting that I see Perseus as the very same peoples (= Heneti at the Parthenius river) as Aphrodite, wife of Hephaestus.

It can now be ascertained that Zeus (father of Perseus) was at Joppa as the namer of Joppa, thus identifying Zeus quite likely as an Avvite peoples at Abdon. I'm suggesting that Zeus was also Joppa (a new idea for me right now), not just because Joppa traces to Jupiter, but because I had identified Zeus and Hera, years ago, as the Sittacene and Soducena entities, while very recently "Perseus" was traced to the naming of "ParaMessu," or Ramesses...son of Seti I who was found to be the line to the Sittaceni Caucasians (near, or at, Tanais).

It's interesting that the official leader of Hamas today has a Mashaal/Meshaal surname. I suppose one could say that Hamas is a destroyer.

In the 4th update of last May (2012), I made a good case for tracing Romans to another Rimmon inland from Haifa and Acre. I am now finding that Romans should trace from Rimmon of the Benjamites to the Abdon theater where we also find this other Rimmon (see on map at webpage below). I has said that Jiphtha to the north-west of this other Rimmon was evidence of proto-Jupiter, and I also traced ENDymion suggestively to Endor (south of Rimmon). Jabesh Gilead is shown at the bottom right of the map. As the Meshwesh were from Pelusium and Tanis, depicted by mythical Belus/Belas, see the Belus river flowing to Akko/Acre.

[Continued from an Insert at the end of the December or start of January, I can't recall exactly where -- The Arpad-suspect Carpae (named the Carpathians) on the Roman-Illyricum map are beside a Beissi peoples:

Some scholars believe this Biessi tribe to be the Thracian tribe of Bessi. Other scholars believe that the name Biessi refers to Beskidy Mountains due to the influence of the Romanian ("Wallachian") shepherds who spread their culture throughout the northern Carpathian Mountains (see Gorals)."

As Keturah and the Hyksos lines from her are now tracing to proto-Arpads on the Pek river, and as "KETURah" is suspect as the root derivation for the SATRae Thracians, who had the Bessi above as priests, couldn't the Pek area trace to "Biecz," a city in southern Poland (in Gorlice) that some trace to the Beissi? The quote above comes from the article on Biecz. The shepherd theme in the quote may not merely be coincidental to the "Shepherd Kings" concept that was applied by Josephus to the Hyksos.

Aha, the Peeks (heart in Crest) use the same shape cross as Pecks/Peks, only they call it a "patee." [The latter's is the Messina cross in the same colors.]

I noted that the Arms of Gorlice uses a gold lion while the Gorlice flag is a Shield split diagonally in the colors of the diagonally-split Shield of English Sim(p)sons who have a gold lion on their Shield. Hmm, this potential link can work for two reasons: 1) Simsons were first found in BUCKinghamshire, which can trace to Bachs' expected at the Pek river, 2) the "DeSPERandum" motto term of Simpsons may have a Speer theme in mind, which traces to the Spree river at Lusatia, where Gorlitz is located.

[You should keep in mind here that king Tut elements traced to the Spree river, and that Simpsons, suspect as Samsons, trace easily to the Maceys/Masseys even as Samsons use the Meschin scallops tracing to Scylla at Messina. Moreover, Masons/Massins use a Spree-honoring motto. For new readers, I have traced Masseys and Samson elements et-al for a long time to Hyksos proper in Egypt. This topic you are reading now takes off from a Meshwesh trace to the Margus river (Moesia), beside the Pek.]

Gorlitz (Silesia) is not Gorlice, but both are in the Polish theater. Here's from the 3rd update of December, 2011, when Dol was traced solidly to Doly, at which time I was also on a Ukrainian Roman(ov) investigation:

Hmm, Lesko is located in Doly, not forgetting that the Litch/Leche Coat [green snake {used by Mackesy that trace without doubt to the Margus river}] is the Alan-of-Dol Coat in colors reversed.

WOOOWWWWIEEEE! Not only is there a Roman-like location in Doly, but a Sanok location on the San/Saan river once again smacking of the Saan sept of Sinclairs: "Important cities of this region include Biecz, Gorlice...Rymanow, Brzozow, and Sanok.". In the Arms of Sanok, the green Visconti / Sforza snake swallowing an infant!!! That is just an excellent find for linking the Save snake to Viscontis. But then didn't I trace proto-Stewarts of Dol to the Massi/Mattis surname that I claim was of the Massino-Visconti location? It seems, therefore, that Dol was named after Doly elements!

There was more proof than that for the Dol-to-Doly link. The point here, in order to help prove that Payen elements on the Pek trace to Biecz, is that Hugh de Payen married the Chappes' who use a version of the Ottone = Visconti Coat. I have repeated many times that the upright Sforza lion holds something, so that when we find another lion in the same colors holding something, they are suspect as Sforza / Visconti lines. The Arms of Biezc is an upright lion in Sforza-lion colors and holding...keys [I didn't know yet at the time that the Key/Kay surname traced to Kiya, mother of king Tut]. It's not likely coincidental that the Visconti / Sforza symbol is in Sanok, part of the Biecz / Gorlice theater, therefore. I recall by heart that Ukrainian Romans/Romanovs use a Shield-and-Chief combination in the colors of the same of Davids/Devitts..and Scottish Simpsons!! Wow, just like that, it's true that Simpsons trace to the Gorlice theater.

I raise my right hand and swear to you in the court of God, that when this insert started, I had no idea that I would be on the Devitt and Simpson topic. That topic was already touched upon just two paragraphs below this insert! The only reason that I mentioned the Simpsons above is that I recalled their Shield when writing on the Simpsons below. It was a freak chance that I would be led to the Arms of Gorlice at this time so that the Simpson Shield would still be fresh on my mind. Clearly, the Simpsons trace to Gorlice and to Ukrainian Romans. Didn't Payens link to Rome's/Rooms? Does this all mean that the Pek-river entities link to Biecz?

If Simpsons and Romanovs trace both to the Margus and to Gorlice, what should be the conclusion? The Simpson motto is translated "Never despairing," potential code for Atun liners at Nevers. [I see the English Simpson Coat (in Samson and Sams/Sammes' colors) as a version of the Tudor Trevor Coat. It's making Simpsons suspect as Tut liners].

This insert started with the Litch/Leche surname, which I had not seen until now. German Litch's/Lischs happen to use the upright lion in the colors of the same of Simpsons. English Litch's/Lesch's happen to use a white ermined Shield without symbols, which are emphasized below as per the Satter and Catter/Cather Coats, when I trace Satters to the Satrae suspect as a Keturah line! That exclamation mark is for the possibility that the Beissi of the Carpathians were the Bessi priests of the Satrae in Biecz. If the Litch/Lesch Shield is a version of the Satters and Catter/Cather Shield, then indeed the Bessi priests can trace to Biecz. Okay then, we moving right along.

The green snake is common between the Sanok area and the Margus. The green coiled snake was found in the Conner Crest during the Hun investigation of late, when it was reasoned that "Kun/Hun" was a Khyan term. To now find a Kaona area on the Pek just where the proto-Arpads are expected, and near Passarowitz = Margus, where Attila and Bleda made a treaty, is giving the impression that "Kun" may have derived from "Kaona" or something related.

Further up the Danube from the mouth of the Pek is where Huns settled, at Budapest, shown on the Roman-Illyricum map at AQUINcum, smacking of Quinns/Cuinns who use the PEGasus. The other Quinn surname (said to be from "Conn") shows coiled snakes! Again, the Carpae are shown beside Aquincum, and the Biessi beside are tracing to the Sanok theater's Biecz location.

As Doly is at the Sanok / Biecz theater while I traced Dol to the Dallas/Doleys surname, by what coincidence do Biggars use the Dallas/Doleys Coat? I even claimed that the red stars in these coats belonged to the Glass', and Glass' were traced not many months ago to Trypillians of Moldovia, and I do think Trypillians covered the Doly area too (it helps to explain the Alan - Vilnius - Traby connection). Moreover, I traced Biggars to Romania's "Biharia/Bihor" region at Oradea, which place I link to "Arad" (on the Mures) not far south. There is a PECica location beside Arad within jogging distance. I trace Oradea and Arad to Arados/Arpad in Syria, and therefore to the proto-Arpads / proto-Carpae.

I have always linked Biggars (Flemings) to the Flemish Douglas' (a branch of Glass'), and so what about the so-called "human heart" of the Peck-related Peeks, interesting for being the Douglas heart too. The last time I treated the "human" code of heraldry, it traced to Essenes of the Home/Hume kind, meaning that Homs sounds like the place the Peeks should trace to. That is, the namers of the Pek river should trace to Homs, not far from Arados/Arpad.

As one crosses the Danube from Pek into Romania, there is a Caras-Severin county there, and it's to the immediate south of Arad. Shouldn't this be the Severus-Bassianus cult from Syria's Homs? I had something else to say about Caras-Severin, but now that its article has just been loaded, what was found but a bee in the Arms of Caras-Severin! The bee is used by Bessins who trace to "Bassianus." The Arms even has a Roman look. It's excellent because here's what I was going to say: the English Pace Coat uses besants, a Bassianus symbol, on a purple Shield, the purple likely for the fact that the Bassianus line made it to the Roman throne (with emperor ElagaBalas (died 222), named after El-Gabal).

The Pace's are important here because we just saw Italian Pace's trace to Passarowitz [sorry, this topic was in the first part of this Insert in the 1st Update of January], and then as Meschins trace exactly to this area of the Margus, let it be repeated that they lived in the Bessin while the Bessin Coat uses bees. Plus, as we are keeping an eye out for the Bessi Thracians as they evolved into the Beissi and perhaps into the naming of Biecz, couldn't we begin to identify "Bassianus" (the family included a Maesi surname) with the Bessi priesthood, since after all the Bassianus family was a priesthood over El-Gabal? Again, if Arad can trace to Arados/Arpad in Syria, Caras-Severin can trace to the Severus-Bassianus bloodline.

Plus, "Severus" was a term shown to link to the "Sforza," and we just saw the Sforza snake in Sanok, smack beside Biecz. In fact, the "quince" held be the Sforza lion was traced to Quince's/Quincys (mascles, PEGasus) and therefore to Quinns!

This insert is one mass of clues to the nature of the dragon cult, and it does verify what was discovered in recent updates, that the Attila Huns linked to the Romans. Only now we have the Huns linked apparently to the Severus-Bassianus Romans, though warfare between the two may also be expected.

The Doners/Donahue's [this was written before I mentioned MacDonough, Obama's next chief of staff, earlier in this update], now suspect as Simpsons that just traced to the Sanok / Biecz area, are traced to the Margus immediately after this insert, and so it should be added that Doners use a green Shield, the color of the Quinn Shield, and then while both Quinns and Doners use the coiled snake, the Doners using a green one that should link to the Sanok snake but also to the Margus snake [i.e. used by this Mackesy Coat.]. Scottish Simsons use the Shield-and-Chief combination in colors reversed to the Doners.

It just so happens that while Quinns are said to be from "Conn," the Conners were found in a recent update to use a coiled green snake around a sword, at which time it was traced to the same of the Mackesys...who at bring up the Margeson surname. The other Connor Coat is a green Shield too, adding to the Quinn = Conner suspicion. Both the Doner and Conner snakes are around the sword of the arm-in-armor that I trace to the Mieske/Mesech Arm. The same arm is used by Keons, and as the Keon/HONE Chief shows the eight-pointed Ishtar star, a trace of Keons/Hone's and related Kanes (another green Shield, fish in Doner wolf colors) to Kaona on the Pek is expected. [For those jumping in here, the Pek river had been traced to pharaoh Khyan = Apachnas]

The Armor surname was large in the 4th update of November while on the Dol investigation. The Armor motto phrase, "Cassis tutissima", might just be for Baal's mount Cassius and the Atun > King-Tut line there [when I wrote this, I had not yet traced the Sittacene>Zeus line specifically to Joppa's CASSiopeia as was done above]. After all, that line is expected with CADmus and HARMonia, which was the HERMes/HERMON line suspect at Brittany's ERMINe symbol. What did really name ARMORica (= the older name of Brittany)? The Armors use stars in Moray-star colors that I've been tracing to Mieszko's for years. [When this was written, the Douglas', who use the same-colored stars as Armors, had not yet been traced to king Tut. The "TUTissima" term of Armors can therefore apply.]

I've just learned that the white wolf above belongs to the Arms of Queen's/Sweeneys/Swans whom I had traced to Quinns. It clinch's the Doner link to Quinns (and Simpsons), and verifies the Quinn link to Queens. I had two theories on the "Q" that seems to be the symbol of Trabys/Sadowski's: Queens or Quinns. Note the Khyan-like septs (e.g. Quayn, Kuaen) in the list at the Queen link above.

The Conner oak tree could be for the Joktanites=Sepharvites suspect in Caras-Severin and in the green Sforza snake of Sanok. Not far north-west of Caras-Severin, there is a Savaria area (shown on the Roman-Illyricum map) at the Arrabo tributary of the Danube that I've traced to Arabkha/Arrapachitis (should also trace to Arpad/Arados), an old Assyrian city that should be in the Biblical Sephar area (Strong's Concordance traces Sephar and Mesha to Arabia, but I have no idea why. I say Sephar was another name for Subartu off the Zab rivers of Assyria). I even recall tracing "HERCules to "KERKura," the next name of Arabkha, and so here I see the Hercuniates and Herculia smack beside Savaria. Hercules was a Danaan peoples, and Joktanites were identified with the ox=bull cult of Hyksos (i.e. the Baal of the Hyksos at Saphon/Cassius), as were Danaans, and so Aquincum, very close to Herculia, should prove to be named by the Khyan-branch Hyksos. It had also been established that the Hyksos moved out of Egypt with the Uat/Buto cult, the cult that I say renamed the Aquincum area, Budapest.

It's amazing that, immediately after this insert, the Deas bloodline was touched upon that I've traced to mythical Dia, wife of the Khyan Hyksos. I had no plans of writing all that has been in this insert aside from the original point(s) in the first two paragraphs. From there, the writing just took off...until I got to the Joktanite-suspect Conners (oak tree) with "Dhia" motto term? I feel quite sure that Conners trace, not just to the namers of Aquincum, but to Kaona.

It's possible that Doners/[Donoughs], with their Donarty kin, were named after the namers of the Danube. The Danners/Daniels, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Deins, Diens/Dives' and Dans, use a telling "timeo" motto term that traces them now to the Timachi (mouth of the Margus) and to the Timaeus river (modern Timok I'm assuming) next to the Margus. Cuppae is between the Timaeus and the Timachi at Margus/Passarowitz, and then the Coopers and Coverts, first found in the same place as Danners et-al, are expected to trace to Cuppae. In fact, I traced the Daphne-of-Devon elements to Diva of Cheshire, and later identified Diva with the Dives variation of Diens! The Diens/Dives use the white Masci wing even. It's therefore likely that the Dans are using the Packer/Pecker checks.

German Danners with axes look like a branch of Warners and Turners, who were found related to Time's/Timms, wherefore Danners with Time's/Timms should indeed trace to the Timaeus. It seems an excellent find that (Vander)Beeks, who were looked up as per Biecz, use both roses (Pecker symbol) and the same cross (colors and all) as Peckers/Packers.

Immediately after the Beeks, the Bick(er)s were looked up, first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Peckers/Packers. Bicks use a bend in the red color of the English Warner bend. After the Bicks, the Pex/Pix Coat was found with what could be the Payen format but with the Davenport crosslets. But that was about an hour ago. JUST NOW, "Picker" was loaded to find the Peckers/Packers, and then "Pickering" was loaded to find a blue (crowned) Cappeo lion!!! Yes, the Pickers/Puckers were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as the Bruce's using the same lion. PERFECT for tracing Pickers to the Pek river, right? PERFECT for tracing the Cappeo lion to Cuppae, right? Pickels (pickaxes) were first found in Yorkshire too.

AHA! The blue lion's paw in the Pickering Crest is of the design of the red lion's paw in the Horry/Ure Crest, and the latter surname traced (without doubt) to Horreum Margi on the Margus. This insert had mentioned the San/Saan river at Sanok, and the Saan sept of Sinclairs, when introducing the Sanok location as it might link to the Pek river, and here we find a "Sans" motto term in the Horry/Ure motto.

The Horry/Ure paw was said to be the Toker paw, and Tokers use blue-and-white horizontal bars like Dokers. These surnames had been trace to CAPPAdocia when that region was traced to the Cuppae area (because Caiaphas ancestry is suspect from Cappadocia) so that Horry's/Ure's can indeed trace to Cuppae simply for the link of their Toker kin for Dokers. The Horry/Ure lion is likewise crowned, and in the design of the crowned Picker lion.

It wasn't until now that Pucks were loaded (as per the Pucker variation of Pickers); they show a ring in the colors of the Ottone rings, and thus trace well to the Payen-Chappes group on the Pek. But as Ottone's are suspect with Visconti's, the Pek-river trace to Sanok may again be in play. As the Danners-et-el from Sussex traced to the Pek, it's more than interesting that English Pucks/Puckle's (three hands) were first found in Sussex, where also the Margesons/Mackesys were first found.

Should we ask if "Ottone" is an Atun / Autun element?

When on the Biecz topic (southern Poland), I thought of duke Mieszko. Later, when seeking Biecz-potential surnames with the list above, English Beeks were re-found using the Haught/Haughton bars in colors reversed (I say Haughts/Haughtons are from Mieszko's daughter). Beeks use their three bars in the colors of the same of the Arms of Trebizond Empire. The white ostrich (= Traby symbol) in the Beek Crest allows us to be more sure of a Mieszko link to Trabys. Bests (in Traby-bugle colors) use a white ostrich and a "Libertas" motto term tracing in my opinion to the Cretan labrys axe, for Crete had an ostrich-egg industry.

The "Libertas" motto was seen earlier in the Eden surname, important because Eatons used, until recently, a cross that looked like two labrys axe's. As the Edens are thus suspect with Minoans of Crete, note that Edens use garbs, what should be code for the Garebites as depicted by SarpEDON (that is, a Sarp = Gareb combo with an Edon entity). Now we know as a certainty that Edens and Eatons were in Crete, and indeed I claimed, with a key piece of evidence, that Minoans were from "Manoah," the father of "Biblical" Samson. (Until recently, the Eaton axe-like cross was used by Samsons too, but both surnames have changed their cross designs as of this year.) As the Ladds/Ladons use the black-on-gold scallops of the Edens (Samsons use white scallops), while Sarpedon is known to trace to LATmos, is it also a certainty that Ladd/Ladons trace to Latmos.

This has been a very good find because the Edens and Eatons were already suspect as the Atun cult. Here we now find that they trace well to Latmos, at Ephesus, where mythical Aedon had her father (Pandareus). Now we know that heraldry masters knew exactly where Edens and Eatons (and Samsons) traced.

Aha! As Sorbs live(d) in Silesia, note that Edens were first found in Silesia, thus supporting what already became a certainty by other means: that SARPedon traced to Sorbs.

The Eden Crest shows the Mieske arm, as does the Beast/Bessin Crest, and Bests (same motto term as Edens) are suspect with Beasts/Bessins, therefore, who are tracing to the Caras-Severin area opposite the Danube from the mouth of the Pek. Now, as Keturah traced to satyrs in unexpected, surprising ways, as well as to the Atun > Autun bloodline, here we find a Bessi-suspect merger with Edens who trace definitely to Autun.

As Keturah was discovered with the Eaton-related Samson surname, it should be added that Mieszko's ancestry was in mythical Siemomysl, grandfather of mythical SiemoWIT, symbol of WITkowo (Poland) the Arms of which uses the all-seeing-eye of Uat/Buto, as do Watts and Vatts. It can be added here that White's use the Welsh-Bach vair pattern, and that Welsh Bachs ought to trace to German Bachs from the Pek. The Ishtar-suspect Stars use the all-seeing-eye on the Settle/Settel Shield. Sitlers were likewise (as with Edens) first found in Silesia.

Scottish Whites ("Labore" motto term) use the black eagle design of the German Baez'/Bez' (Mieszko had a son, BEZprym), making it a virtual certainty that Scottish Whites trace to WITkowo. As Scottish Whites thus trace to Mieszko, whose dynasty was from a mythical Piast KOLODziej, the COLDingham location of these Whites looks to be named after "Kolodziej." English White's look like a branch of Welsh Bachs.

Aha! The Scottish White's and Ramseys use the same eagle in the same colors, and then here's the Ramsey write-up: "First found in Huntingdon, where the first record of the name was Simund de Ramesie...In 1196, Simon's son (or grandson) witnessed a charter to the Church of COLDINGHAM." Plus, while Scottish White's use "Labore," Ramseys use "Labora." Therefore, both surnames trace to the Cretan and/or Latmus elements of Sarpedon.

Remember here that Ramseys have proven quite well already to trace to the proto-Sadducee bloodline of Ramesses. Then, the Coldinghams (rams) use what should be the Star chevron, important where Stars use lozenges in the green-on-white colors of the Sitler-suspect Settle's. This paragraph is a good case for tracing the all-seeing eye of Stars to Witkowo.

As Croms are honored by the Sadducee-suspect Desmonds (use the Annandale saltire), and as I know for a fact that Croms trace to Rennes-le-Chateau, I can also trace the Stars and Scottish White's to Rennes-le-Chateau, very important because it's tracing Witkowo to Rennes-le-Chateau. Why is Uat/Buto witchcraft tracing to Rennes-le-Chateau? The Scottish White's, you see, use the quatrefoils of the Croms, and Croms use the cat design of Stars.

As Mormons traced to Lederata, smack in the Pek-mouth area, note that Glenn BECK is a Mormon. Suddenly, he's tracing to the Pek river. The Glenn Beck logo is in the colors of the English Beck Coat (pelican in Crest). German Becks use the gold Zionist star, a Payen symbol, and a dolphin, a symbol of Dauphine, where Payens were first found. One can by now begin to see that Pek / Beck terms link to "PAGan" and other such terms as "Pickan" (pierced gold stars, a Payen symbol too).

It should be thrilling to trace Coopers with the Danners et-al to Cuppae, but as so many surnames are tracing to this area, it's no longer surprising. This is a great place to go back to the theory that Masculine-suspect Petitbois' were linked to Petits and therefore to Smalls. It just hit me while I awoke this Monday morning that the Picenzii, marked on this map of Celtic-Illyria at the Timachi, were related to a man I knew with Picino surname, a term meaning "small." "Piceni" itself may mean "small." The man with Picino name was a very small man, as was his father. When I awoke, and before writing this insert, the Small surnames were re-checked, one of which uses the same saltire colors as the Cooper saltire, as well as a small Shield that I tend to trace to Placentia, location of the Israeli chief-priest line. Then, the Little Crest uses the gold leopard face, used by both Coopers and Coverts (as well as White's and Wrights, the Wrights likely tracing with White's to Piast Kolodziej "the WheelWRIGHT."

The Petits were found to use the Auger / Sforza / Ferrari lion, important where Ferraris are taken by me to be a Pharisee line, and where Sforza's took the titles of Viscontis who I think descended from the Chappes-related Ottone's. The Cuppae location, city of doves, is off the Pek river, where the Chappes-related Payens and their Crete/Cree and Grate/Cree relatives just traced [this must have been earlier in the insert, now in another update]. It just so happens that the Scottish Smalls use the same black-on-white lion -- almost the Levi and Pascal lion -- as the Crete's/Cree's. Amazing.

Levi's were first found in the same place (Paris) as Chappes' now suspect as a line from Cuppae, for the Chappes use a version of the Visconti Coat while the Visconti snake was just seen in the Arms of Sanok when that area was being traced to the Pek river. The Pascals are suspect with the Pascel variation of the Pace's/Pase's that traced to Passarowitz=Margus (beside the Pek), where the Small-suspect Picenzii lived. Amazing. It's working. Once again, a thought while still in bed in the wee hours is proving correct. I started on the computer this morning before 3 am, writing this insert. It's 5:20 now.

The Scottish Smalls use "ratione" in their motto, while the Grate's are said to be from "Rath." It's tending to prove that Grate's and Smalls were from Veliko Gratiste (at Pincum at the mouth of the Pek; see 1st update January for details), suspect with Valerius Gratus, governor of Judea immediately before Pontius Pilate. Downstream from Cuppae (and beside Olmos-suspect Almus), there was a Ratiaria location the inhabitants of which probably lived on the Timaeus. Do we not see the great importance, if in fact the Gratus line was from this place, for realizing the line of Ananias and/or Caiaphas at Cuppae? We even saw evidence of Placentia's small square in the German Small/SchmalBAUCH Coat. And we saw earlier that the German Bachs use the Passaro bull design, in the same colors.

Plus, the Petit-related Augurs are suspect as (proto)Hungarians at Euganeo, but ultimately from "UGARit" in Syria, not very far from Arpad/Arados. With the Smalls tracing to the Almus area, it helps to identify that place with Olmos, quasi-mythical father of Arpad, founder of Hungarians. I recall suggesting that the PESSIT variation of French Petits could trace to the namers of (Buda)PEST" (Hungarian capital).

The Pecker/Packer cross, white on red when the checks are ignored, is potentially the Macclesfield cross (the Arms of Macclesfield use "copia" and the blue Cappeo lion and should therefore trace to Cuppae.) English Smalls may be using the same white saltire. Both English Smalls and Danners (not to mention the Arms of Macclesfield) use a white unicorn in Crest, important where Dans (= Danube suspects) apparently use the Pecker/Packer checks.

ASTOUNDING. The Petitbois term, introduced a few updates ago, led into a vast discussion on Boofima, when YS shared that her relative's LebOEF surname was part of a Petitbois / Metis bloodline of American / Canadian natives. The Metis term was traced to "BaphoMET," a Templar goat decked out like satan. Boofima used leopard gloves (suspect with heraldic lion paws) to conduct goat and human sacrifices. Late in the last update [actually, the 4th of December], the Bermion location to which I traced (years ago) Boofima roots was shown beside Paeonia and the Satrae, two goat entities. Bermion was shown beside EORDaea, what was suspect with mythical GORDias. BUT NOW, upon seeing the SchmalBAUCH variation of Petitbois-suspect Smalls, a Bauch Coat brought up a goat in colors reversed to the Boeuf Coat. Boeufs of PERIgord were traced (by me) to the ImPERI priests of Boofima, and to GORDias, father of mythical MIDas (i.e. Metis-like term).

But what is more, if Keturah was the cause for "satyr" and a Satrae-like term in the Hebron theater, then Boofima should be in honor of her lines with Abraham. The Smells/Smileys (buckle) use half the Small saltire, and Dionysus, a grandson of Cadmus and entertainer of satyrs, had Semele for a mother. In this picture, Smalls came first from "Semele" elements, followed by Petits, especially as French Petits use the Smell/Smiley lion. English Petits were first found where centaurs can be expected. If Semele was a representation of the ancient Somali, then Boofima may have been carried by Somalis to the Petits.

I figured that "Boeuf" was from "Baugh / Bogue" terms, but now with the Bauchs we can trace Boofima more-assuredly to the Hyksos of the Apachnas kind. The Bach "steer" leads to the Steer Coat with lion's paw in Crest! The lion's paw comes out of a "mural crown" that is at times called a "mural coronet." The latter phrase is used by Keturah-suspect Cutters, who are in Bauch and Boeuf colors. The coronet traces both to the human-sacrifice cult of Cronus (SATURn to Romans), and to the mythical Coronis crow that was an Apollo line to Cyrene, home of the Khyan-related Meshwesh, who I say ran the Boofima cult.

The "TU NE Cede" motto phrase of Steers was traced (years ago, not now for convenience) to "Tunis," and the Meshwesh were also in Tunis(ia), a major human-sacrifice center that I trace to "Tanis" in Egypt (where Meshwesh ruled starting in the 21st dynasty of Egypt).

Warners, suspect as Veres from the Varni, are therefore suspect as a fundamental part of Boofima, for a satanic Drakenberg organization is now overseen (last I heard) by Nicholas de Vere. The Warner-related Drake's (WyVERN dragon) trace to the dukes of Masovia in Poland, i.e. the Mieszko's from the Meshwesh. The English Warners (should be a branch of Turner-related Turins) use the mural crown/coronet too, you see. Warners use, "nobis", and Bauchs (with the goat) use "Noblesse," in their respective mottoes.

The Bauch motto looks like part-code for the Esso-like septs of Macintosh's, especially as the list shows many Noble-like septs! This is excellent for two big reasons: the "bot a glove" phrase in the MacIntosh motto, smacking of the Boofima leopard glove. The cat in the MacIntosh Crest even looks like a leopard. It's reddish, the color of the TOKer paw, important because the Macintosh's are also MacInTOCHs, and in fact I traced them to Togarmites = TOCHARians, where Tokers can trace! The "Touch not the cat" motto phrase of MacIntosh's must be for the Touch surname, and of course for the Toch / Toker bloodline.

The "bot" term reminds me of my trace of Boofima to the Italian Botters (in Cutter colors)...who use a bend in the colors of the Chatan and Chattan bend, important because the MacIntosh's are a member of the Clan Chattan. The question now concerns "Keturah," who seemed to link well with "CAD(mus)" and was suspect therefore with the Cati > Hatti line to the west (until it formed "SATrae"?) Recall that Keturah traced virtually undeniably to Jason, whom in the Greek is "Iason," son of Aeson. The Esso-like septs of Macintosh's show "Aeson"! And many like it.

It became clear to me that Tony the Tiger of Esso > Exxon was an idea born from the MacIntosh cat, and that the oil giant was named after a MacIntosh sept. "Tiger" smacks of "TOGARmah," and MacIntosh septs appear to include Gomer lines (Gomer was father to Togarmah). In this picture, where MacIntosh's trace to Keturah, Nobels are from "Nephele / Nephilim," right? The wife of Ixion, right? The wife of Khyan.

The Nephilim in Hebron must have been the makings of NEFERtiti of the Atun cult, the cult that Keturah belonged to at Amarna...beside Minya, the root of Iason / Aeson. I even traced "Aeson" to "Aedon" at Thebes, the carrier of Atun to the NEVERs / Autun area of France, with more evidence than similarity of terms. Some of the MacIntosh septs of the Aeson kind smack of a softened "Autun."

As mythical Teucer was a Trojan founder with Batia as a daughter, what about the Botter kin of this MacIntosh / Toker bloodline? Reminder: I traced Dallas'/Doleys' to the Botter bend, and the list of septs above even shows the Dallas/Doleys.

Interesting is that a Heggie surname is shown as a sept of MacIntosh's while Hectors/Ectors are also "Heckie." We also see some Hick / Hyck septs such as Hychesons...using the motto of the Paine's/Payne's! That's all excellent for a trace to Khyan-branch Hyksos. There is a Mackieson sept shown in the list that should trace to the Margus / Pek. [I didn't yet know when writing this insert that mythical Ector was the line of Kiya, second wife of Akhenaten, and mother of Tut. Compare "Kiya" to "Khyan," for I had been claiming, long before coming to the Kiya discovery, that "Akhen" was a version of "Khyan." Therefore, the Keys/Kays can be a Khyan line too, if indeed Kiya was named after Khyan elements.] End Insert]

Julie has been extremely helpful in putting together the African side of Masonry. It turned out that many of her specialty topics would fill holes in my own findings. She gave us Boofima as a topic, and Catherine Roet's Catherine wheel more recently. You can just sense that the CATHERine wheel is a KETURah symbol due to her links to Hyksos, but even more so due to the "Keturah" trace, without doubt, to the fish of Cathers/Catters. The Scottish Hykes'/Hacks also use fish, and then the English Hykes'/Hacks use a cross in the two colors of the Eaton cross as well as the black scallops of the Edens. Clearly, the Edens, Eatons and Hicks/Hacks are Keturah lines, but as the latter Hykes/Hacks use scallops in the colors of the Meschin / Samson scallops too, it's evident that they are the Khyan Hyksos who had a Mus / Mesha household that named Moses.

[The motto term of Eatons traces them to Rennes-le-Chateau because Quillan is beside Rennes-le-Chateau while the Eaton and Hykes/Hack Coats look like versions of the Kill/Keele Coat. The Samson-related Simpsons and the Doners/Donoughs, who had traced to the Pek, can trace to Quillan too by way of the Doners/Donoughs and Quillans/Killins sharing the same white wolf. Not many updates ago, the da-Vinci cult at Rennes-le-Chateau was traced to the Margus river, and especially to Cuppae at the Pek. The Margus runs through downtown Serbia, and then the Eatons and Edens were just discovered from SARPedon of Crete. The Quill-using variations of the Quillans suggests the Quills (walnut tree) of Cork and Kerry, location of Muskerry. The Quills appear to use a woodsman that is a version of the Taber/Tabor woman.]

Not surprising where we expect Muskerry elements to be kin to Hyksos lines, the Hicks/Hix's use fleur in the colors of the Disney fleur, important where Disneys may trace to the same as Deas' / Desmonds. The latter have been traced to the Ananes at Placentia, but as of recently they are being traced to "Dasmini" on the Margus. The "Piacenza" version of "Placentia" is thereby tracing to the "Picenzii" at the Passarowitz area. If you missed it, modern Passarowitz was earlier called Margus at the mouth area of the Margus river in downtown Moesia. The Mus area of Lake Van is where I had traced the Deas / Desmond clan out of Muskerry, but more recently it dawned on me that "Muskerry" was a version of "Massa-Carrara," meaning that Moesians also named Massa. This is the people who I say named Biblical Moses, not the Israeli Hebrews, but the Hyksos Hebrews, meaning that the namers of Moses became the Mysians / Moesians.

[Interesting now, in that I pegged this same Mesha household as that of the 600 Benjamites, is that there is a mount Tabor location in Galilee, just south of Rimmon, right where I just traced the 600 Benjamites as they were evolving into Romans. The grape bunch in the hand of the Taber/Tabor woman can easily link to Cana and Nazareth, smack beside mount Tabor, in that Jesus made wine at Cana while I trace "Nazareth" to DioNYSUS," god of wine. In this picture, the Tabers/Tabors could trace to Templars in Galilee (after 1100 AD) rather than to more-ancient elements of Galilee.]

Doners [also "Donough"] had traced to Cuppae with the copia motto term of Davids/Daffys, and then the David/Devitt/Daid Coat is an excellent representation of the Simson Shield-and-Chief combination (both surnames using three white symbols in their green Chiefs, and white Shields. [I hadn't yet reported on MacDonough, Obama's choice for his new chief of staff, when writing here, important where Obama has a Wolfley bloodline with a Coat in Doner/Donough colors, and because Doners/Donoughs use the wolf.]

The Deas' are said to derive in "son of David," but Davids do not likely have anything to do with the earliest derivation of the surname. "Daphne" and "doves" at Cuppae make much sense as part of the Deas / Desmond line in light of the Daffy variation of copia-using Davids. As the dove was an Ishtar symbol, note that she was born on Dilmun/Telmon, what should have been a Deylamite entity, exactly what I identify the Deas bloodline with.

I've suggested that the Tatton crescents are the Spree/Sprey and Speer crescents, wherefore there are two points. One, the Speers use crossed spears that were linked recently to the crossed spears of Pace's/Pase's now tracing to Passarowitz. The second point is that the Spree river is in Lusatia, where Sorbs live known to be a branch of Serbs on the Margus river.

A sub-point is that, while Tattons were "of Massey / "of Mascy," Massins/Masons (first found in the same place as Margus-rooted Time's/Timms) honor Speers, probably, in their motto. It helps to identify the blue Massin/Mason lion as the Cappeo lion. The Sussex location of many Dan-like surnames (now tracing to "Danube") and of the Margesons/Mackesys became Saxon territory, and then, independent of any Massey trace to Lusatia, Gewisse, an alternative name for Wessex, was traced to "Kwisa/Quies," a Lusatian river. It reveals a Garebite merger with the Meshwesh of Israel that evolved into Sarpedon of Crete, which later founded the garb symbol of Cheshire, where Sarpedon-rooted Eatons (and Tattons) and Masseys were first found. It's suggesting that the Tanis location of the Meshwesh named the Danube, and the Dan-like surnames of Sussex (includes the Diens/Dives with white Masci wing that traces to Diva = Chester.

In this way, the Deas / David bloodline traces to the Danube where it meets the Margus and Pek, and of course the Deas / Davids trace to the doves of Cuppae. Reminder: mythical Daphne named Daphne in Syria, also called, Harbiye, what I trace to "Gareb" long before this discussion.

To help prove that Spree's/Spreys belong to Speers, they not only use the same colored crescents, but the "simple" motto term of Spree's/Spreys gets the Simpell/Sempell surname (SIMPsons? SAMPsons?) first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as Speers. The Simpells/Sempells use the same motto ("Keep tryst") as HEBRONs/Hepburns. See the Hepps/Heppels too. Keeps, whom I've traced to Varangian pirates, use the MacDonald ship, and MacDonalds were from the Dumnonii > Damnonn line that I trace to "LaceDAEMONia, otherwise called Sparta, where I trace "Speer." Sparta was at Taygeti, where Tate's/Tayte's might trace.

I have, for as long as I've been tracing Lacedaemonians to the Dumnonii founders of Devon and Somerset, been linking them to Danaans in the same Devon theater, but now it can be added that Danube-river Danaans are tracing to the Devon theater. In fact, while I traced the copia-using Davids to "Devon," it suggests that the Danube-naming Danaans at Cuppae trace to Devon, itself a dove-like term. Therefore, the Davids in the Deas / Desmond bloodline can be viewed as the Ishtar dove entity at Cuppae merged with Dasmini elements on the Margus.

Both the Eatons and Disneys (Levi lion design in red) use a "Vincit" motto term, thus tracing them to the da-Vinci cult on the Margus. But as Eatons trace with Edens to Sarpedon-based Serbs, note that Disneys use the same-colored fesse as Cravens who trace to "Krvati," the name for Croatians. While Eatons used a axe-suspect cross until recently, the Cravens honor the Actons who had an AXton Kent, where Massins/Masons and Timms/Time's were first found, and immediately beside the Margesons/Mackesys and Danube-based clans of Sussex. [Insert -- Hmm, Massins/Masons were first on Kent's island of THANet.

WOW! It caused me to check for a Danet surname, and it too uses the Craven / Disney fesse!!! Danets are properly shown as Jordans and Danons, what could certainly be for their origin as Danaans on the east side of the Jabesh Gilead. After all, as Jabesh Gilead there evolved into the Japodes, so Japodes lived in downtown Croatia!!! I still haven't gotten over this discovery that Romans were from the 600 Benjamites. It is very amazing. I recall off by heart that the same fesse (red on white) is used by Rome's/Rooms and Augusts. The red Rome/Room lion is almost the red Disney lion! Amazing, for it's tending to trace the Desmond > Muskerry crowd back to the Meshwesh Danaans of Jabesh, especially as Rome's/Rooms were first found in the same place (Dumfries) as Annandale, while Desmonds use the Annandale saltire.

Reminder: Patrician-suspect Kilpatricks, who honor Maxwells, were first found in Dumfries, and use a motto term like the Desmonds, and then Maxwells use the two-headed black eagle of the Roman empire. The Maxwell eagle was traced to the two-headed black eagle of Rijeka, in Croatia smack beside the Japodes, and "Rijeka/Reka" was traced to "ROXburghshire, where Maxwells (and bee-using Maxtons that may now trace to Ops/Opis, mother of Jupiter) were first found. Maxwells and/or Maxtons were at/near KELSo of Roxburghshire, what should trace to the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river, where the location of GUILLEStre (two-headed black eagle) is located, because the Kelso surname (garbs) is closely related to Salyes-suspect SELkirks (in Sale colors). The Selkirk and Douglas SALAmander is now looking like a Salyes symbol in part, but as Manders use "LAUS Deo" in their motto, it behooves a trace to the 600 "Danites" at "Laish."

It should also be said here that the Durante surname, which traces easily to the Sale surname, has a Dante variation smacking of the Thanet location of Massins/Masons, and of the Danet/Jordan/Danon surname.

The Selkirks use the Douglas/DuGLASS symbols, and I say that the Massin-related Glass surname is from "GILLEStre," but let's not forget that the "Jamais" motto term of Douglas', used also by Selkirks, has already traced quite solidly to the Benjamin/Jamme surname, let's not forget that the 600 Benjamites traced independently to Liguria. Is that not amazing? The heraldry masters seemed to know of Douglas / Selkirk roots in both the Romans and the 600 Benjamites.

The Silks could apply to "SELKirk" because the Silk Crest is a greyhound, symbol of the Douglas-related Jacobs. There is another greyhound, in the white color of the Silk greyhound, in the English Danet/Dannant Crest, and the Danet/Dannant Shield is a virtual copy of the Jacob Shield with greyhound. This is a new discovery just now, and the Danet Shield is just a white-ermined square/canton on a black background, the colors of the Satter and Catter/Cather ermines.

"Jordan" is like "Gordon," and the latter surname was traced to mythical Gordias, but also to PeriGORD...the Boofima cult, in other words. But Boofima was discovered to be a Meshwesh entity from Mysians of Parium/Parion long before finding the Meshwesh only recently at the Jordan's Jabesh Gilead location. Gordias was made the father of mythical Midas, and the latter is said, by Wikipedia, anyway, to be named after an historical king Mita of the Mushki/Meshech.

At this point, it's necessary to add that Ishmael had a son, Massa, brother of DUMah. The latter may have been named after "Edom," but in any case, Massa and Dumah might just trace to the Meshwesh at DUMfries. By what coincidence do the Massins/Masons use a "DUM spiro spero" motto? Ishmael, as another son of Abraham, is predicted in some relationship with Keturah's sons, and indeed Keturah's Atun line (out of Africa) in PosEIDON was traced exactly to a marriage with Libya = Meshwesh. That is, I identified the 600 Benjamites with this Poseidon-Meshwesh line as these very Benjamites co-founded the Phoenicians out of Laish. When we get to Keturah's line at mythical Kodros, we find that he had both a boar and a fish symbol, suggesting that the boar may have been the black boar of Edom (as reported in the Book of Enoch). End Insert]

Assuming that I gleaned correctly that the Tate pale (vertical bar) is also the Deas/Daisy pale, one could watch out for a Tate trace to the Dasmini location on the Margus. It just so happens that Desmonds use the Annan(dale) saltire, as do Scottish Tate's! Annandale's use a "Sperabo" motto term that must surely be code for the same Speer entity as the motto of Cappeo-suspect Massins/Masons. Just like that, Tate's may trace to the Cuppae location.

It can be added that green and white are used by Deas'/Daisys, Doners/Donahue's (another bent arm like the Tate's and Deas') and Dochartys, while Doners (in Docharty colors) with Donough variation already traced with Davenports/Donartys to that similarity between "Donarty" and "Docherty/Dougharty" should first be recognized. Then, the Shield-and-Chief combination of Doners is colors reversed from the same of the Dochartys. As I ventured to trace Cuppae to "CappaDOCia," shouldn't DOCHartys trace to the Docia entity??? Part of Cappadocia included Adana, where Danaans proper of Argos derived.

[Aha! While the Arms of Caras-Severin uses the bee, the KERRY Crest is a beehive with bees, suggesting that Kerrys, and therefore Muskerry, traces to CARAS-Severin. It's an especially good argument where "Muskerry" traces to "Massa-Carrara", in which case Caras-Severin traces to Massa-Carrara too. The area is partly named after the Caras river through Carasova, where the Krashovani/Carasoveni live. "Some of the Carasoveni allegedly originate from Turopolje region of present-day Croatia..." As Croatia uses red and white checks for a symbol, the same-colored checks of the Peckers/Packers and Dans may apply.]

The Dochartys are shown also as Devitts, and use the same Coat exactly as the Davids/Devitts shown shortly above...who were linked to Samson-suspect Simsons. In a nutshell, it traces Dochartys to the Pek river because it was found that the Biecz location, a home of Simpsons, traced to the Pek. Just like that, Dochartys trace exactly to Cuppae (i.e. which is off the Pek).

I don't think that "Docharty" has the same root as "Devitt." Dochartys and their variations may suggest Tokers / Dokers. The "SEMPer eadam" motto of Dokers smacks of the SAMPson / SIMPson relationship to Eatons / Edens. Reminder: as the Sforza's of Sanok (beside Biecz) were carriers of the Visconti snake, it should be reminded here that the Duke's/Doke's (in German Doker and Toker colors) use a version of the Ottone Coat. Why should "Ottone" be coming up here just after mention of "Eaton / Eden"?

The Annandale's already trace to Cuppae for obvious reason (of common linkage to the Israeli chief priesthood), but now we find that the gold griffin in the Duke/Doke Crest looks like the gold griffin in the Annandale Crest, important because the Ottone Coat is a version of the Chappes Coat.

Did "Keturah" Become the Satyr Term?

If you've forgotten, Buckle's and Buckleys both link to MacDonald clans of the Mere kind in Cheshire, and because Cheshire elements trace to Cuppae while MacDonalds are now tracing to the Danube, there is a good chance that these Buck-using surnames, which I have for years identified with "Apachnas," trace to "Pek." Both Buckle's and Buckleys use a white chevron in the colors of the same of Keturah-suspect Catters/Cathers. Recall the Atters/MacTire's above [it's not above anymore as this was written a few weeks ago] with MacDonald ship and looking like a branch of Edens/Edders who can link to Edens / Eatons that definitely trace to Atun. I had ventured to trace Atters to "Attila," but at the time I didn't know that Attila had formed some treaties at the Pek area of the Danube.

I have not at all clinched an Atter link to "Attila," but the emphasis now is on a possible Atter/TIRE link to the Cather/Catter surname, especially as CADmus was from TYRE while the Cathers/Catters use a fish, the symbol given to Cadmus at Butua, smack beside Kotor. That in itself is a very good argument for an Atter = Catter equation, and easily explains why Atters should also be Tyre-like.

As Atters/Tire's were first found in Iona, while their MacDonald kin were in Argyllshire, it's fairly plain that these clans trace back to Io, WHITE COW goddess of Argos. The Buckley bull heads are is the Haught/Haughton bull head, important here because Haughts/Haughtons are obvious kin to the Beeks that traced to the Biecz entity suspect from the Pek river. It then becomes important that Argos traces its roots to mythical Parthenius, and to Tarsus at Adana. The Parthenius river (Phrygia) belonged to the Heneti that I trace to "Anat," wife of Baal at mount Saphon. It could appear that Atters/Tire's were of the Cati of Cilicia's Khassi/Kizzuwatna area, because that place was named after Cadmus of Tyre.

As myth said that Cadmus followed a bull to found Thebes, and as I identified with Io the cow because Cadmus' daughter, Ino, smacks of Ionians and of Inachus, founder of Argos, shouldn't the Catters/Cathers also be from the Cilicians Cati??? Yes, because Keturah's Atun line traced exactly to Aedon of Thebes. The Cather/Catter Coat even uses its three fish (Keon fish design and color) in the white color and positions of the white Buckley bulls.

Reminder, German Bachs use a steer (Ister elements?) that others call a bull so that the Buckley bulls must be the Baal of the Hyksos. Baal and Anat were at mount Saphon (Syria-Cilicia border near Kizzuwatna / Adana / Tarsus, "daughter of Tyre"), where I traced the "Daphne" term! That exclamation mark is not only for the Daphne trace to "Devon," location of the proto-MacDonald Dumnonii, but for the identification of Cuppae's dove entity with Daphne. [Remember too that Beelzebub just traced in this update to Placentia which itself has kinship of the chief-priestly kind with Cuppae.]

Mount Saphon was also called by a Khassi-like term, "Cassius," which is why I traced (years ago) the Hyksos of Kizzuwatna to Baal at that mountain. Baal > Bel may apply to BELgrade, the Serbian capital on the Danube just to the west of Passarowitz and Lederata.

As I feel it's clinched that Catters/Cathers trace to "Keturah," one can begin to draw a line back from Khyan Hyksos at the Pek to a child of Keturah, and then I did find by other means that Hyksos were linked to Joktanites. That is, Jokshan, son of Keturah, and father of Sheba and Dedan, is coming to mind. I traced "JOK(tan)" to the oak, a symbol of Roets with the CATHERine wheel. The Cathars of southern France lived in OCCITANia, what I've traced to "JOKTAN" for years.

Seeking to find whether Catter/Cathers can trace to satyr lines, Satters were entered to find them in Catter/Cather colors, and using white roses, the Packer/Pecker symbol. [I didn't know it until writing three paragraphs lower that Satters and Packers/Peckers were both first found in Berkshire.] Both Satters and Catters use ermined white Shields, without symbols [this traces Catters/Cathers quite hard to the Pek]! Already, I have no doubt that MARK-suspect Peckers/Packers trace both to Passarowitz and to that area's MARGus locality, meaning that Satters ought to trace there on that reason alone. But as Satters are suspect as Sadducee liners, there is that Cuppae location just a spit into the western wind from Passarowitz.

If Satters are regarded as satyrs, we could expect Satters from Pannonia.

Plus, you can go back and read in the last update [I think this was the 4th of December] to find that satyrs of the Satrae kind first became suspect on the Margus river for certain reasons, and were then found there by circumstantial evidence. It really is looking like there was a Keturah > Khyan line.

The Khazars may even trace to Keturah, especially as Packers/Peckers use checks in the colors of the same of Cohen-related Hohens. Some say that Cathars of southern France (to which the Catherine wheel traced) may have been Khazars. The Cazeres location at Comminges, near Saluzzo-suspect Salat, is coming to mind, as the Cathars are suspect there...especially as the origin of Cathars traces to the Komnenos' smacking of the namers of Comminges. The Masonic mystery now appears to be unraveling around Keturah. Wonders never cease. Lest you've forgotten the importance of Saluzzo, the surname by that term uses a reversed-color version of the Cutter Coat.

Another Coat using an ermined white Shield without symbols is the Hepp/Heppel/Epple Coat, of a family first found in the same place (Northumberland) as same-colored HEBRONs/HEPburns!!! Can't you just see Ixion behind the horse in the Hebron Crest? [In the 5th update of December, where this section originally belonged, it was found: "The white ermined Shield of Cuss'/Kiss' can now be trace-able to the same of Satters and to the white-ermined chevron, in colors reversed to the chevrons above, of Catters/CATHERs!" As the Cuss'/Kiss' and related Cass' can trace to "Kos," where Aedon of Thebes derived, it stood to reason that Satters were named after "Keturah," especially as Kos (the island) traces to a god, Kos, of Edom, where I see the origin of satyrs. The three exclamation marks above are for Hebron being a likely place where Keturah lived with Abraham, suggesting as yet another reason that Hepps/Epple's are definitely a Keturah line of mainline Catter/Cather kind.]

The Shield-on-Shield of the Hepps/Hepple's/Epple's, including a white-ermined shield on top, is used by Scotts...who show CATHERine wheels on their ermined Shield!!! I wouldn't be using exclamation marks had this discussion not linked so obviously to the white ermined Shields of Catters/Cathers and Satters.

The Satter Shield-and-Chief combination is that of the Tanners (white Shield, no symbols) too, and the daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise married Herluin de Conteville, who was from the red bull of Borgia's because his father was John de Burgo. And John de Burgo's family ruled a location, Comyn, that should trace to "Comminges" because Comyns (garbs, indicate Amorite lines to Cuppae-related Cheshire) are also "Comming/Cumming." The Tanners use Moor heads in their Chief (appropriate for the Amorites suspects), the symbol used also by Peckers/Packers. The Paine's and related Amore's are Amorite lines, and Paine's traced already to Passarowitz elements such as Pace's/Pase's and Passaro's (Amore's use a motto like the Steer motto meaning that Amore's were kin of Bachs; "Steer" and "Satter" are quite-similar terms). Packs likewise use a red bull.

As Passaro's (use the Bach steer/bull in the same colors) are definitely tracing to Passarowitz, what about their black roundel (a pellet), for pellets are used by Leaders who traced already to Lederata, directly across the Danube from Passarowitz. To remind you again that the Ladon > Daphne line traces to that area, the Leaders use a version of the Ladd/Ladon Coat and Meschin Coats. The Leader Crest is a hand holding a rose stem with white roses, the colors of the Packer/Pecker (and Satter) roses. Ranulph le Meschin, a descendant of Herluin de Conteville, even ruled Macclesfield. These finds amount to a certainty: we are on the Mesha / Mus / Meshwesh household of pharaoh Apachnas.

The Bessin location of Ranulph's Meschin father should trace to the Bessi priests of the Satrae, therefore, and to Keturah, therefore, and so let me remind that Ranulph le Meschin was a grandson, to about five generations, of Malahule of More, whom is honored in the Paine/Payne motto. I fully expect Keturah to be related to Meschins where she was the line to the royal Hyksos of Egypt. To put it another way, Keturah may have been a Meshech people to begin with, as two of her sons smack of "Madai," a brother of Meshech, the man. Gomer (father of Togarmah) was another brother, and I say he traces to "Comyns"...who use garbs in the colors of the Masci / MontGOMERy fleur. We've already seen Togarmah-suspect Tokers / Dokers trace to the Pek.

I didn't know until now that Cheneys and many Buck/Buch terms are listed as septs of the Cummings. I used the Buckingham location of CHENEYs as evidence for their trace to Apachnas = KHYAN, but I didn't know this list of septs until now. The Russells are also listed with Cummings, as well as some Cunn terms. The list of Cunninghams (many Cum terms) appear to apply to Comyns/Cummings. Note that Cunninghams use the Pepin and/or Massey horse design, two surnames that trace to Hyksos. I see Gog all over this.

Keturah's Spartan Goat

Between Arad and Caras-Severin there is a Timis region, important if it links to Timna elements on the Timaeus. "The name of the county comes from the river Timis, known in Roman antiquity as river Tibisis or Tibiscus." The Tibbs surname is very interesting seeing it only after Tubal (modern Tiblisi) elements came to mind. I recalled that I had traced Daphne to Tubal, wherefore we might expect Tubal elements (sometimes paired in the Bible with Meshech) at the Pek river.

I'd also like to say that Dia was from the Armenian theater, where Tubal was located too. The Tibbs surname, you see, shows Tubald and Teupel variations along with Diebald/Diebold. Then, while Nephele (cloud) must have been an alternative of Dia in some way, the Tibbs Crest is a eagle in a cloud! Therefore, the Tibisis / Timis river looks to be an Ixion entity, as expected. Ixion had a wheel as symbol that we can for the moment view as Keturah's Catherine wheel.

Cimmerians, thought to be Gomerians, should trace to the MontGOMERy location (Wales), where Kerrys were first found. Cimmerians are known to have conquered Lake Van just before Ezekiel prophesied on end-time Gog and Gomer. John Kerry looks to be the next U.S. Secretary of State, but didn't Kerrys seem trace-able to Caras-Severin, smack beside Timis / Tibisis?

If therefore Mus of Lake Van elements trace to Caras-Severin, then Dia-rooted elements can trace to the Tibisis river, and therefore to the Tibbs surname with cloud if it links back to the Tibisis. The six crosslets of the Tibbs are used in the positions of the same type in the Clinton and Hillary Coats. It must be a weird-or-what coincidence because Kerry is taking over the job of Hillary Clinton. The same-style crosslets are used by Davenports and the Arms of Macclesfield, while both entities traced to Cuppae.

How be that the Clinton Coat is the Shield-and-Chief combination of Cutters in colors reversed? I may not have mentioned it, but the Tipps Coat was just viewed previously...though it was decided not to make the Keturah-relevant-point on it...until seeing the Clinton Coat. The Tipps won't come up as "Tipp," meaning that the required 's' may be due to "TibiSis." That sounds right.

The Tipps use the Shield-and-Chief combination of the Satters/Setters, who were suspect as the Keturah > satyr line, and so when the Clintons linked to the Tibbs while using a version, potentially, of the Cutter Coat, all of this had to be mentioned. I have always traced the pheons in the Tipps Chief to the Sale's = Salyes...from Saluzzo, and then Saluzzo's use the Cutter Shield-and-Chief combination...meaning that, indeed, Clintons do link, as do Cheneys and Bush's, to Saluzzo. But it also means that Clintons ate Keturah liners.

I've always traced the Tipps' to Helms because I see the Tipps in the Pendragon motto while I link Pendragon symbols to Sale's and Helms. The pheons of the helms is traced (by me) to Veneti elements such as Vannes / Vains/Vans/Feins, what I call the wife of king Arthur.

It just so happens that Pendragons use a white-on-black chevron, the color of the ermined Catter/Cather (i.e. "Keturah" suspect) chevron. Ermines (probably Armenian elements) trace to Vannes too, but I see a white ermined chevron, when linked to Pendragons, as a version of the Wayne chevron. Let's ask, therefore, whether Keturah traced to the Heneti > Veneti line? Yes, because Keturah was the Anat line from Aphrodite to Nefertiti, queen of the Atun cult.

Let's now recall that the Vaughns were linked to Pendragons and Arthurs, for I traced Vaughns and Fauns to mythical Faunus, the Roman goat said to be from Pan ('Faunus" helps to trace "Pan" to "Lake VAN"). By what coincidence do Vaughns, Pendragons and Catters/Cathers share the same chevron??? Clearly, Keturah was indeed a satyr entity.

Don't the Catters/Cathers trace by other means to the Sale's / Saluzzo, and here we find the Sale fleur used by Vaughns and Pendragons. One can even trace "pheon" to the Phone variation of Fauns/Vauns. YS realized that the Faun/Vaun star was the Bois/Boast star, but the latter surname uses the Sale bend, and because it's a branch of Cheneys using the same bend, I trace Bois'/Boasts (came up earlier as "Poser") to Busca beside Saluzzo. YS recognized that the Bois' were a PetitBOIS entity, which was correct.

The Care's/Karre's, looked up seeking Caras-Severin elements, use a bend in Sale bend colors, with white symbols like the Sale's to boot. The Sale-related Bois/Boasts use cinquefoils, the Caras symbol too, but then the Caras cinquefoils are in the colors of the same of Chaters. It's up in the air whether Chaters are Satrae lines of the Keturah kind in Caras-Severin.

Bill Clinton, by the way, was made a Lord of the CINQUEport cities (Masonic title, I'm sure)...where I trace cinquefoils. The Cinqueport cities were in Sussex and Kent, where Margus elements have been tracing.

As Satrae are suspect after "Saturn," and as Saturn was the Roman Cronus, my trace of Cronus to Carians is now coming to bear...though I have never clinched a Cronus identification with Carians. Cronus can be traced with Zeus and Rhea to Crete, and the line to Carians came through Cretans of the Sarpedon kind that already traced to Serbia = Margus. That's exactly where I gleaned the Satrae Thracians.

It was discovered in this update [i.e. back in December] that the Sarpedon line went to mythical PANdareus, the Atun carriers to Aedon, and Pandareus can indeed be a satyr line...even to the Paeonia (location of the Satrae), Dardania and to Pannonia. Therefore, if the Cronus Carians are suspect in those locations, the Caras river and all of Caras-Severin can be applicable to Carians.

The Roet crescents are those too of the Kerns (definitely Carians) who trace without doubt to mythical Endymion at Caria, but more exactly to Latmus beside Ephesus, home of Pandareus. We already know that Roets are a Keturah line, don't we? As Roets were the Boofima cult even before finding that Keturah traced to Boofima, note "PANDAReus" while Dionysus on the Maeander (flows into Caria) was the reason that Boofima used a leopard / PANTHER symbol. The Dionysus-related peoples on the Maeander were the mythical Maenads, loved by satyrs, and then Maenads carried around a so-called "thyrsus" rods, which may have to do with the Atter/Tire bloodline.

The Cronus-Zeus cult was the Moloch bull, human sacrificers, and "Severus" has been traced to the Sepharvite human-sacrificers. There was something in this update or the last that had me asking whether the satyrs were in the LaceDEAMONians. I can add that Lacedaemonians were another way to say Spartans, whom I trace to "Sephar(vites)'. As the Leda Spartans already traced to Lederata, Spartans can be traced to Lederata...a location on the Ister facing Caras-Severin. There we have it.

It was Zeus in the form of a swan who mated with Leda. Leda's husband was TynDAREUS, possibly the same line, essentially, as PanDAREUS. Can Leda be traced to Carians of the Pandareus kind? Yes, for I recall tracing Leto to a location at Ephesus. Now we know that Leda's husband was part code for the Pandareus line to Serbia. What's more, Leto and Leda can trace to Keturah's Letushites, from the grandson of Jokshan suspect with Sepharvite-related Joktan.

I had traced Apollo to Arados/Arpad, which is now tracing to Almus (see Roman-Illyricum map) on the Ister (near Cuppae), a location also called, Lom, evoking the Leummite tribe from Keturah. Both the Leummites and Letushites were from Dedan, brother of Sheba who traced solidly to the naming of Thebes (i.e. where the Pandareus line ended up). When Cadmus slew the Ares dragon as he arrived to conquer Thebes, the dragon lived again, and it was then called, Sparti, an obvious code for tracing Cadmus' Tyrians and/or Boiotians to Leda. It's suggesting that the Pandareus line -- the Atun cult of Keturah -- went to become the Leda Spartans!

Okay, so Leda and Tyndareus were at Lederata, probably with their swan children. And they went as idiotic human-sacrificers into Caras-Severin, and then to Arda, named after Arados in Syria, where proto-Apollo came out of, who was the Spartan Pollux, swan child of Leda. You can bet that Arpad Hungarians were just this line from Keturah and Abraham, settled on the Mures/Marisus as Amorites from Hebron. And the Khazars on the Mures were the carriers of the white-on-blue Moray star, but as we just traced Keturah to the Mures, recall the question that arose above: Were Khazars named from "Keturah" elements? From the Satrae lines of Keturah???

This recalls an online quote I found many years ago, that Khazars were named after the goat. Could it be that "KETurah" was a "goat" term? It could be, if she was an Aryan (i.e. Indo-European) nation.

There is now the idea of Keturah identification with Khazars on the Mures who carried the Moray star to Moray. First up, the Chater Coat uses a cinquefoil in the Moray-star colors. The Chater cinquefoils are in the colors of the Ampton/Hampton cinquefoils, and they seem to me to be a branch of Hampshire elements, where Meon is situated that I trace to the Maeander's Maenads, known historically as Maeonians. Plus, I traced the Atreus Spartans to ATREbates of Hampshire, and Atreus' father, MeneLAUS, was, in my opinion, a Maeonian peoples from the Maenads, and link-able to the "Laus Deo motto of Manders.

Reminder: the Caras cinquefoils are in the colors of the same of Chaters (stag), and Caria was where the Maeander flowed. Therefore, we should expect Keturah elements in Caria that evolved into the naming of Caras-Severin, itself on the brink of the Mures river. It's working. It's tracing Keturah to the Chaters and the Amptons. The Chaters were even first found in Somerset, where I trace Lacedaemonians.

The Chater stag is necessary because the Mures-river Khazars were proto-Hungarians. I know what surname is coming up soon that has three arrows, and so let me remind that the Hungarians were seven tribes of Magyars, and three of Khazars/Kabars, so that three arrows can be used heraldically as a Khazar-of-Hungary symbol. The Magyars immediately before the founding of Hungary had lived beside Pechenegs that should trace to the "Picenzii" at the Margus theater.

The Chaters and Morays are in the colors of the Chattans/Chatto's, from Chatto of Roxburghshire. "Gillechattan Mor is claimed to have been the clan's first chief." The "OmniBUS" motto term of Chattans must be for the Bus / Hamelton bloodline using the cinquefoil of Leicestershire, and to this it can be added that the Danets/Dannants and Kittens/Keetons were both first found in Leicestershire.

It's also important to note that Chaters are traced by their write-up to Carteret in Manche, yet there is no Cart-like variation shown. But the Coat with three arrows about to be shown will be of an Arthur line, and will trace exactly to the MacCARTHys/Artys, an excellent development because it helps to trace them to Dia elements on the Margus.

What has been said above is a conditioner for what I planned to say below, starting with the Demont surname. It was looked up after I saw "Stura di Demonte" in the last update. The Stura di Demonte is a satyr-suspect river, and I was simply seeking whether "Demonte" was a LaceDAEMONian location. That's where I asked whether Satrae were with Lacedaemonians, and as you saw above in the conditioner, I happened upon very good evidence that Leda was the Keturah line. Her swan entity traces to the Ligurian swan, and the Leicester surname happens to use a swan. Chances are, therefore, that the Bus surname traces to "Busca" Cuneo, where the Stura di Demonte flows. Italian Demonte's were first found in Piedmont, the location of Cuneo. They use a unicorn that I have seen to be half goat, for example in the Fire/Feuerer Coat.

The French Demont surname (Moray star?) with De Mone, Demon, Desmon, and Desmond variations easily links to Desmonds whom have traced to Dia elements on the Margus, and have been suggested in a trace to "Dasmini" on the Margus. Both the French Demonte's and French Demonts/Desmonds/De Mone's/Demons are said to have been first found in the district of Puiseau in Orleans. The latter surname uses white roses, the Satter/Satterthwaite symbol. Goatincidence?

The Thwaits/Tweats were treated in the last update as per the SatterTHWAITE variation and location. The Swaits use a white rose too (as with Satters), and are properly, "Sweet/Sweit," no doubt the line of Swietoslawa, otherwise known as Sigrid the Haughty (Mieszko's daughter). One can confirm that Swaits/Sweets are for Mieszko's daughter because Singletarys, who use three chevrons in the colors of the two Swait/Sweet chevrons, use the antelope design of Wheelwrights. The latter are not only representative of Mieszko ancestry, but use the CATHERine wheel now suspect as code for the Keturah line.

The Swaits/Sweets and Catherine-wheel Roets were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Chaters. Amazing, is it not?

The Singletary triple chevrons are colors reversed to the triple Water chevrons, and then Satters/Satterthwaite's are also "SatterthWater." This is clearly the SiemoWIT all-see-eye cult as it links to the all-seeing-eye Watts and Vatt/WATTERs, and so recall that Tate's traced to the king-Tut line of Atun, to which the Keturah line went. Tate's use a Shield in the six-division Wheelwright format, and then the other Tate Coat, with pale, said earlier to be a version of the Deas pale, has now been found to be in the blue color of the Waters (with an 's') pale! The Tate pale even uses more white roses!!! But, of course, if Tut traced so well to Massey liners, he should trace also to Mieszko.

Remember here that we are in the midst of a Demont/DEMON section, checking for a trace to the LaceDAEMONian Spartans. The Tayte variation was suggested for a trace to "Tiye, mother of AkhenATEN, and grandmother of king Tut, but it was also suggested that "Tiye" should trace to "Taygeti," in Sparta, the mountain system where Menelaus settled, the Maeonian entity who married Mysian elements of the Leda swan! (Lydians are said to be a mix of Mysians with Maeonians, if that helps to identify Leda with Lydians).

Moreover, the Demonts/Demons are Desmonds, one branch of which uses the Annandale saltire; the Scottish Tate's use the Annandale Shield-and-Chief combination!

Amazing, for I would never have thought that one could trace Keturah so consistently by following Keturah = satyr leads. The Leda of the Pack is now leading the way.

Did I say that the Keturah line on the Mures should carry the white Moray star? When I wrote that as a prelude to the Demonte topic, I had forgotten that the Demont/Demon/Desmond Coat has one star in Moray-star colors. It's corroborating that Keturah named Khazars. All I could recall was that the Demonte/Demon/Desmond uses "an archer pointing an arrow (at the star). I was going to add that the Archers, showing three arrows, easily link to Arthurs/ARCHibure's, for the Arrow/Arras surname is said to be from Artois. I was going to add more as it came to mind.

I didn't know when I was outlining the plan originally that the Arrows/Arras' use the same fat black-on-white cross as Satter-related Thwaits. I didn't even know that I'd be emphasizing the Thwaits. Both surnames even use gold with their cross.

Moreover, as we are tracing the Atreus > Menelaus line, Arras was also called, Atrecht, after the Atrebates.

Come to think of it, the "honesta" motto term of Archers should be code for the Hones', one of which uses the Honey/Hone bars, and one of which is the Mieske-related Keons using the same white fish as Catters/Cathers. Keons have already traced to the Ister / Pek theater opposite the Ister from Caras-Severin. Reminder: the white ermined Catter/Cather chevron is suspect as a version of the white ermined Wayne chevron, and Wayne's are a branch of Arthurs.

The expectation is that Keons/Hones should trace to Cuneo (i.e. to its Stura di Demonte river) because the "honesta" motto term came from Archers who were themselves picked up from the official description of the Demont/Demon/Desmond Coat. Already, the Keon variation of the Hone's can suggest "Cuneo," but moreover the Dutch Bush's/Bos' use blue billets, the symbol of English Hones! It's suggesting that the Keons/Hones trace to Busca of Cuneo. The Billets and related Bellows use cinquefoils of their own.

Recall now that Fauns/Vauns are Pendragon liners, and that the Catter/Cather chevron is in the colors of the Pendragon and Vaughn chevron. The Fauns/Vauns happen to use one star in Moray-star colors, important because Fauns/Vauns are suspect as the Faunus goat cult while satyr-suspect Chaters use just one star in Moray-star colors.

One may perhaps entertain Keturah liners in the family of Gratian the Elder Funarius, father of Valentinian I, and as wrong as it may be, I'm entertaining that "Gratian" is from Veliko Gratiste, otherwise known as Pincum at the mouth of the Pek. "PINCum" smacks of VINKovci, the city in Croatia of Gratian the Elder. It's a good argument because a Kaona location is on the Pek to which Keons/Hones -- with WING variation -- can trace. Kaona was introduced in the 1st update of January: "The Pek [river] continues to the north through the Kaonska klisura (Cyrillic: Gorge of Kaona), between the villages of Kaona and Turija."

The "honesta" motto term should be for the Honeys/Honys too as they use a version of the English Hone Coat. As the Honeys/Honys use bee hives, a Kerry symbol too, what about that bee in the Arms of Caras-Severin (the Honey/Hony Crest is the Maxton bee design)? This is very strong evidence for a Keon/Hone/Wing trace to Kaona, Pincum, and to Caras-Severin on the other side of the Danube from Pincum on the Pek.

Again, the Honey-related Hone's were first found in Hampshire, where the British-branch Atrebates lived, while Arras was also called, Atrecht, the location of the French Atrebates. It means that the Keturah line from Pelops through to his Spartans was likely in Arras/Atrecht. The Arrow/Arras surname was even first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Hamptons/Amptons...who use cinquefoils in the colors of the Chater cinquefoil. The Hampton cinquefoils are in the colors of the double bars used by the Hampshire Hones' and the Honeys/Honys.

The Chater cinquefoils are in two colors schemes so that they are also in the colors of the Caras cinquefoils, and, remarkably, the Caras surname was first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Satters/Satterthwaite's. I didn't expect that. In this picture, "Caras" and "Arras" appear related because Atrebates can trace from the namers of Hampshire to Hamptons using the Caras cinquefoils.

I took the Arros variation and checked "Carros" to find a family first found in Piedmont (i.e. where Cuneo is), and using the Massi/Mattis Chief, important because I know for a fact (but lost and forgot the evidence) that the Massi/Mattis surname is from Massa-Carrara. That in itself is another piece of evidence. The Massi/Mattis and Carros Chiefs share the same black eagle design (at this time, anyway), as the Caras Crest.

Only one of four surname pages shows a Severin Coat, nine besants in the colors of the gold Arras fleur-de-lys. As the Caras Coat shows nine cinquefoils, and as the Severin Crest is itself a gold cinquefoil, it appears that these surnames belong, not only to Muse lines of Apollo, but indeed to Caras-Severin (in Dacia, what I see as Apollo country). Therefore, Arras, and likely other areas of Artois, trace to Caras-Severin. Why? I suppose we should ask the Bassianus line.

The Sturs, who smack of "Stura di Demonte," have two branches, one first found in Hampshire, and the other first found in Manche, where Chaters were first found. That looks like a match.

[Insert -- There has been plenty of evidence here to show that the Stura location in Cuneo traces to satyrs of the Keturah kind, and even the English Bush Crest shows a goat while Bush's, in being Busch's too, should trace to "Busca." I already know that Keturah liners of the Cutter kind trace to elements from Saluzzo, right beside Busca. AND LOOK; after writing the above, it was recalled that the English Bush/Busch Coat now showing uses a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Arras fleur! Plus, the fleur-de-lys traces to the Lys valley in Aosta, and Aosta was found by a Salassi peoples that should trace to Saluzzo. I can glean that the 600 Danites = Meshwesh in Laish trace exactly to Masseys / Masci's of this Lys valley, for Masseys and Masci's use fleur-de lys too (Masseys use their fleur in the colors of the Lys fleur-de-lys). I have already traced the fleur of German Bush's to the same-colored eagle of the House of Este, and found that Este traces to "Aosta."

Aha! As the Bush/Busch surname should now trace to Caras-Severin elements because the Arras surname just did so, I see that the Bush/Busch eagle is colors reversed, and in the same high-wingtip design, as the eagle of Massi's/Mattis and Carros'.

It's then interesting that, about an hour ago, before getting this far down, I noted a Nera river (Danube tributary) between the mouth of the Pek and Caras-Severin, and Fulk Nera came to mind. I had not remembered at the time that Italian Fulks use a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat. Hmm, the source of the Nera is at a SEMENic mountains (where there is a BOZovici location), and entering "Semen" gets three wavy bars, looking like the Drummond bars, in the colors of the German-Bush fleur. As the Semen Crest is a sea horse amongst the wavy "barry" waves (Barrs use the Este eagle), the wavy Toker bars with sea horses can apply, as can the same-colored bars of German Dokers. In that case, the "SEMper" motto term of English Dokers may trace to "Semenic."

When one crosses the Timis river from the Semenic mountains, an Armenis location is found, which could explain why the two Semen crescents are both said to be, "erminois" (filled with ermines). The Timnah location of Samson's wife is coming strongly to mind here, not forgetting that "Bush/Busch" has traced to Boscath (Hebron) and/or it sister city (in my opinion) of Bozrah (Esau's capital), where Timna, wife of Esau's son, must have lived. Yes, the Bozovici location at the Semenic mountains appears to be from Esau's Bozrah elements (the black Bush boar traces to the black boar of Edom/Esau in the Book of Enoch).

The Armenis river is also "Ormenyes," and for some un-realized reason, entering "Ormen" gets the Butlers surnames, both of which use a version of the Dunham and Randolph Coats. As Irish Ormens appear to use a pelican on the Traby ostrich feathers, themselves coming from the MacArthur crown, it's safe to say that this is the Stewart-of-Dol bloodline using many ermined Coats. I sense the chief priests of Israel here because the Ermine/Armine surname is yet another that uses the Annandale Shield-and-Chief combination.

Excellent! I can now trace AYRshire to Armenis, for not only does the Arms of Ayrshire use the Annandale saltire, but the Ermine/Armine surname is also "AYRmine." That in itself was not enough evidence because it wasn't yet certain that Ermine's/Armoine's trace to Armenis. But then the Simon surnames were entered to see if any would trace to Semenic, and the first Simon surname to come up showed trefoils in the colors of the Ayer quatrefoils!!! This is a wholly new thing for me, a trace of both the Ananias bloodline, and Ayrshire, to the Semenic / Timis theater (not far from Cuppae).

What's more, the Simon Coat above is in the six sections used by the Tate's and Wheelwrights, and then another Tate Coat uses the saltire-and-Chief combination of both the Annandale's and Ermine's/Armine's! That's the clincher for tracing Ayrshire to Ermine's and to Armenis.

Armenis is in Romania. There had to be a reason why, of all the places Romans conquered, they named this place after themselves. It just so happens that I traced the Cole-related Kyle's of Ayrshire very solidly to the COLapis river upon which the Japodes lived. That river was also the Kupa, which I traced to "Cuppae." The point is, the Kyle's appear to be part of the proto-Romans, and one of the seven hills of Rome was even named after a Coel term. That should explain why Ayrshire traces to Romania, and yet what I think this new find does is to peg the proto-Romans in particular at the Armenis theater.

As Annandale traces to the Ananes of Placentia (they pre-dated the birth of Ananias and Caiaphas), I do not think it's a coincidence that both the Arms of Placentia and Hays/Heys, who smack of Eyers/Heyers/Ayers, use small squares. Hays/Heys and Cole's both use a "serva" motto term tracing to "Servitium" near the mouth of the Colapis river.

As Wheelwrights use a six-sectioned Shield too, the Simon surname using likewise must trace to mythical Siemowit, a son of Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright (I've been tracing Cole's for year to "Kolod"). I trace "Piast" to "Bistue" up the Urbanus river from Servitium. In other words, Siemowit should trace, not just to Witkowo in Poland, but to the Semenic mountains, possibly explaining why Polish elements of Mieszko routinely went to Hungarians.

You've seen me trace the Place/Plaiz and Baez/Pelaiz surnames to "Placentia," but here I now re-find that French Simons use a "plaisir" motto term, never before understanding why!!! I now see that Placentia elements were indeed at the Semenic theater!!! That should explain the grails used by Ormens/Butlers..i.e. they are the filthy cup spoken of by Jesus against the Israel priesthood. French Simons were first found in Lorraine, which was itself a "holy grail" line.

Italian Simons use an "ARMatus" motto term that can be code for an element from "Armenis."

I now understand why entering "Ormen" gets the Butlers using the Dunham and Randolph Coats. The latter two are lines from Obama's mother, but her Dunham surname was at one time Singletary until a Jonathan Singletary changed it to "Dunham." I've been saying for a long time that the antelope of the Wheelwright Crest is identical (not including colors) to the antelope in the Singletary Crest. Remember, the Sweets use a version of the Singletary Coat, and Sweets are from Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko.

The Derby/Darby Crest is another antelope, and then the Eyers/Heyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire. I trace "Traby" to "Darby," and then we just saw the five white ostrich feathers of Irish Ormens/Butlers but used also by 666-suspect Trabys (see it below if it disappears from Wikipedia).

In the list of Polish families using the Traby Arms, there are a few Swiat- / Swiet-using ones as well as Tokar-using ones. The Jordans are of special note. Lest you've forgotten, Tokers above traced to the Semen Coat suspect with Semenic right in the face of Armenis. As Armenis seemed to trace to the Dol Stewarts, it's explained in that I see Stewarts behind the Trabys / Astika's of Vilnius (Lithuania). I had even traced Cheshire's Wolfleys, another Obama line, to "Vilnius" elements. End Insert]

You might be asking why, aside from the Bush Crest, I haven't yet found a goat in the surnames under satyr investigation. As Satters come up with "Setter," the German Suter/Seuter surname is interesting, especially as it has a fleur in colors reversed to the Arrow/Arras fleur. [That was written weeks before the insert above found the Bush Coat linked closely to the Arras/Arrow Coat, and that together the two surnames trace to Caras-Severin and neighboring Semenic. Amazing coincidence.]

The Suter/Seuter Coat, comparing very well with the Stair/Stayer Coat, is moreover a fesse in colors reversed to the Leader and Ladd/Ladon fesse's, not likely coincidental. The Leader Crest is even another white rose, the Satter/Setter symbol. Doesn't this trace Satters to Lederata on the Caras-Severin frontier? Didn't Keturah trace to Leda and therefore to Lederata? Apparently, she really does trace to Satters too.

[Insert -- What follows is some emphasis on Somerset. While stressing Armenis above, I found a Simeria location on the Mures river right next to Deva. It reminded me of Devon and neighboring Somerset. The Mures is only about 60 miles north of Armenis, and as the Drummonds (Hungarians) are expected to be from Khazars on the Mures, one can also trace the Semen Coat, which looks like a version of the German Drummond Coat, to Khazars on the Mures. There we may have Keturah right there in the Khazars, and the Catherine wheels of the Wheelwrights can apply, especially as English Wrights use blue and white bars, the colors of the Semen / Drummond bars.

Moreover, the Khazars of the Mures river were named, Marot/Marut, it can't be coincidental that the motto of Scottish Wrights (use the Stewart Coat) is, "Meritez"! The first Drummond was Maurice. As Obama has traced exactly to Wheelwrights and Armenis, it's not likely coincidental that his pastor for 20 years in Chicago was a Wright surname. End Insert]

The Chaters and Suters/Seuters/Sauters were both first found in Somerset, location of the Catherine wheel family, the Roets. This is very important for identifying Suters/Seuters with Suthers/Southerns, who use what should be a version of the Chaucer bend (a Chaucer married the sister of Catherine Roet, owner of the Catherine wheel). The Suther write-up is therefore suspect as erroneous: "This local name was derived from the term 'the southern'...Perhaps Chaucer in his famous Canterbury Tales sums up this surname best 'But trusteth wel, I am a sothern man.'" It's not likely coincidental that the author is a Chaucer. There is no reason that Southerns/Suthers couldn't have been something else, such as Suters or Satters, before they adopted that surname.

To put it another way, Suters/Seuters use a version of the Meschin Shield because Mackays were first found in SUTHERland.

[UNBELIEVABLE INSERT: What's interesting here is that the Seleucids, the runners up to the end-time anti-Christ, were called, "Soter = Savior/Messiah." For example, the Seleucid founder, Seleucus I, was father to Antiochus I Soter....{This insert got so long and so important that it will be included first thing in next update's heraldry topics. It found that Maccabees had merged with Alexander Balas, king of the Seleucids, whose line apparently gave birth to Antipas, father of Herod "the great." Then, a host of surnames were found to which "Balas" traces, including the line of Obama's mother, and the story got simply amazing as it led to the first kings of Templar Jerusalem. This is something God wants you to know. Don't miss it, next Monday about noon]...End Insert]

The Sutherland surname was first found in Caithness, in extreme-northern Scotland. It doesn't sound like south to me, but the write-up still attempts to make the case for a derivation in "south." Caithness overlooks Orkney, where the Keturah-line Orchomenos Boiotians (on the Argo) had traced. We saw that the Demont/Demon surname used the Moray star expected of Keturah's Khazar elements on the Mures, and so here's the Sutherland write-up: "The name was derived from Old Norse suğr or 'south' land, due to the area being south of Scandinavia [blah blah] and the Norse colonies in the Orkney and Shetland Islands...They later intermarried with the great and royal house of Moray; hence, the three stars on the Sutherland coat of arms." It's telling us that Moray stars can be gold on red too.

But whose gold on red did Sutherlands use before adopting the Moray stars in those colors? Or were the stars in those colors to begin with as Sutherlands adopted them from kin? That is the question; I have no answer at this time. One clue to their respected kin is in their motto, "Sans peur." The Sinclairs who come up as "Sun," and who have a SINGular variation, are expected here in the northern parts of Scotland, and in fact a Henry Sinclair was placed in charge of Orkney. This is an especially good idea because I traced Rollo's father (Ragnvald) from Reghin on the Mures to Moray. Plus, Meschins were from Ragnvald's brother (Malahule).

You'll see below why the SINGular and SANClar variations of Sinclairs has been cited. We should also keep in mind that while the fleur of the Suters/Seuters (= the ones using a Meschin-suspect Shield) is colors reversed to the Arrow/Arras fleur, both the latter surname and Sinclairs use a fat black cross in black on white. We are still on the Demont/Demon bloodline if that surname's use of "arrow" pointed to the Moray-colored star applies to Arrows/Arras', and I think it does. [The French Bez Coat uses a single star in the same colors.]

Entering either "Sans" or "San" gets a Spanish surname shown properly as Sanchez, Sanx, Sanz, or Sanguez. There's the reason for citing "SINGular." When "Sank" was entered, there were three white-on-black fish on the Sale / Saleman bend, the colors of the three Catter/Cather fish that trace to the Sale and Saleman bend because Catters use the Salmon/Samon salmon design. And the Satters were first found in the same place as Sanks, wherefore it looks like we're able to get hot on the trail of the Keturah liners in this circle of Nordics.

I've just realized for the first that the "Optima" motto term of Salmons/Samons could be part-code for OPland, what Malahule of More ruled. The "tima" portion can then be for the Time's/Timms (Amore's / Amorites) who trace to a Moray motto, "Deum time."

Here's a mouthful that I've repeated time and again: the nebully design used by Time's/Timms is that of Amore's who use a "malus" motto term and the motto nearly of the Steers who use the Paine lion who in-turn use a motto in honor of Malahule of More.

I see Moray-colored stars in the "Jewish" Salmon Chief, and a bear in the Coat, perhaps important because German Sangs/Singers use a bear. But still, I've seen no gold and red colors by which to identify the Moray stars used by Sutherlands. Nor have we seen one goat, admittedly. Am I sure that Satters and similar terms are for satyrs? Yes, I am.

Sinclairs are said to come from Manche, where the Chaters are said to come from, namely from Carteret. I kid thee not, my fellow goat hunters, I did not enter "Carter" nor "Carteret" until now. Not only does there happen to be a Carteret Coat, but it uses something I've rarely seen, the Arthur-Coat "rests" (I don't know who else uses them). No, they don't look like goats. Compare "CARTER with ARTHUR. It's a match. Chaters come from an Arthurian location in Manche, apparently. This is new to me. The bears above can now apply in that Arthur has been depicted as a bear, symbol of Berwickshire.

The Carterets should be a branch of MacCARTHys/Artys, for they were related to the Deas elements of the Desmonds and Demonts/Demons/Desmonds (= Stura suspects). It once again suggests that Chaters can trace to the Stura river of Cuneo, but at the same time "Carteret" suggests that Chaters were linked to Carthaginians.

In the past, I had struggled to understand and explain why the Arthurs who married Hicks in Clapton (of Somerset) were said to use "clarions," though I understood the meaning: Arthurs and Clares / Sinclairs were related. I found online that the Arthur symbols could be called either rests or clarions, which didn't make sense. But here I find that the Carteret symbols, though identical even in colors with the Arthur "rest," are called, "clarions." Clarions are supposed to be trumpets. The Trumps, like MacCarthys/Artys and Chaters, use a stag. I reason that the Arthur rests were ORGAN rests, and one can see what looks like five keys of a piano from a top view. But the symbols are also code for the Five and Fife surnames. We have finally found the gold on red colors of the Sutherlands, have we not? Even the Claptons use these colors. In this picture, the Southers/Suthers and Sutherlands are not named after "south," but after Chaters of Carteret.

AHA, more clues: the Chedders/Chadders/Chetters were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Chaters...and as Meschin-suspect Suters/Seuters/Sauters (come up also as "Sader") tracing to Lederata. Chedders/Chadders use scallops in Meschin-scallop colors, and they smack of the Chee's/Cheatle's of Cheshire. Chedders/Chadders even use the chevron colors and symbol format/colors of the Catters/Cathers! But I regret to say, the Chedder scallops don't look like goats either. Goat cheese on the other hand...

The CHESneys/Chaine's/Chenays are coming to mind who trace easily to Cheneys who in turn use the Saleman bend. Entering Chesney even gets the Cheneys with Saleman bend. That works with the Catter/Cather trace to the Salmon/Samon salmon, and then Samsons also use scallops in Chedder-scallop colors. They are colors reversed to the Leader / Ladd/Ladon scallops. Scallops in both color schemes above are used by Hykes/Hacks while the fish design of Catters/Cathers is used by Scottish Hykes/Hachs (excellent corroboration of the Keturah=Hyksos theory). It's evoking that Arthur marriage to Hicks of Clapton again, especially as Clapton is in Somerset. And as the Cheshire capital was once, Diva, this paragraph must trace to Simeria and Deva on the Mures.

Chessers are also Cheshire's.

Suddenly, Cheneys are also CHESney because Ches terms are from Ched / Satt terms. For example, Cheese's/CHESERs use the same gold lion head in Crest as the Satter Crest. The lion in the Cheese/Cheser Coat is upright and colors reversed from the upright Saddler lion (which is probably the Massin/Mason lion too, hickspected in Hyksos lines).

There is no Chadler surname coming up, but Chandlers/Candlers use the Levi lion design on a bend in the colors of the Cheney and Saleman bends! Plus, behind the Chandler/Candler bend is the Italian Salmon Shield (Hohen-colored checks throughout). The Chandler lions are probably those of Irish Brians (whose trace to the Durance river). [In the next update, this Salmon line becomes a Seleucid line from Alexander Balas.]

To further the evidence that Ches / Ched terms link to Keturah-suspect lines, Scottish Sheds/Sheddens look to use the CUTTER Shield-and-Chief combination as well as three griffins, the Cutter symbol. English Sheds not only use yet another white rose, but the same patee-cross shape exactly as Claptons. The cross and Coat of the latter Sheds is colors counterchanged, as in the English Hykes cross and Coat.

[As the Chaine's/Chenays/Chesneys showed the white Masci wing until last year, it should be said here that the Macey write-up traces Maceys to Wiltshire, where Edwards (= white-rose Yorkists) and Yorks were first found. The Edwards and Maceys share the same chevron, colors reversed to the York saltire. This paragraph will appear in the next update to show how Alexander Balas can apply.]

The best I can do with these surnames is a trace to Lederata and to the Hyksos found earlier in this update [= the 1st of January, I think] on the nearby Pek river, and so see that Peks use a patee cross too, in the colors of the Shed patee.

We haven't seen goats, but I have just now struck it rich in goats tracing to Boofima. It started with seeking Shed-like terms when I recalled the Kidds and Kidders (as in young goats). If we're wondering whether "satyr" evolved into/from Chater-like term, the "kid" term for goat could apply and even trace to "Ketur(ah)." The first Kidd Coat to load had stars in the Moray-stars colors, excellent because Keturah is to trace to Moray stars. The other Kidds not only use goats in the Moray-star colors, but the goat design and colors is that of Bauchs! The same colors are used, not only by Boeufs of Perigord, but by Boeffs/Buffs...showing yet another white rose. Keturah was a proto-Boofima entity, wasn't she?

AHA! The Boeffs/Buffs use a split Shield horizontally in colors reversed to the same of stag-using Chaters/CHEATERs. Warners and Turners use a Shield split vertically in the same colors, and Turners also show the Catherine wheel! I've said that Turners trace to Tuareg Amazons of north Africa...potential Boofima peoples.

At this point, I entered "Buffy/Boffey/Boghey" to find the sorts of stag heads that look like satanic goats heads. I kid you not, my fellow goat hunters, it came to mind several paragraphs above that certain families stopped using their goats so that they would not advertise their Baphomet roots, and instead started using stags as a replacement. It makes sense because I have traced many stags to Carthaginians, who are expected to be Boofima carriers to European Baphomet. Satanic goats that fit into pentagram stars, for example, have the ear shape of the stag ears, almost pointing downward. Several stags have shown up since the Demont/Demon/Desmond topic was started, and we can also throw in the stag head of Cadders/Calders.

Just found, another stag in the Book/Bogue/Bogg Coat as I considered the Book-like variations of the goat-using Bauchs. As the Book Coat was loading, it was recalled that a book is in the Crest of Roets who were first found in Somerset, where multiple of the satyr-suspect clans were first found. The Book/Bogue stag is red, the colors of the MacCARTHy/Arty stag. The Book stag is the Celt/Colt (Perthshire) stag in the same colors, and the Book chevron is used by Kelts (Perthshire). Colters use the Catherine wheel.

I didn't know until now that Buffs/Bogue's use nearly the same motto term, "quarere," as Roets ("Quaerere"). That term was traced to Carians without doubt. In fact, the Roet and Kern sleeping moons were together traced to the sleeping Endymion at Latmus, exactly where PANdareus came out of!!! We needed that, fellow goat hunters. What satyr of more importance to Masonry could we trace Keturah to than Boofima? Masters use the motto phrase, "quaerere parta tueri," spelled much like "TUAReg."

The Roet-related and BEAUFort-suspect Boughs/Bowes' use the Roet motto exactly. Roets use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combo, colors reversed to the same of Cutters and Sheds/Sheddens. Hmm, as Sutherlands were up SHETland way, it may explain Sheds/Sheddens. The raven in the Shetland Arms belonged to the Stouts, whom you can read about in the Arrow/Arras write-up. Stouts have variations like the Sturs/Stowers. (English Sheds/Scheds are clearly related to Skits/Skeochs).

The bows in the Bough/Bowes Coat remind of the bow and arrow of Demonts/Demons/Desmonds, and so see the bow and arrow in the German Setter/Setzer Coat. It's in Boeuf and Boeff/Buff, and Cutter and Saluzzo, colors. The Demonts had become a topic only due to the satyrs suspect at the Stura di Demonte river in Cuneo. The traces to Saluzzo elements in this discussion are therefore very important because Saluzzo is in Cuneo, and moreover I've traced "Cheney" to "Cuneo." The Busca location beside Saluzzo suggests the friend of Dick Cheney, George Bush, and the Bush's (in Cheney colors) use a goat in Crest.

But there's more, for Cuneo is interior Liguria, and while Imperia (as per the Boofima priests in Imperi) is on the Ligurian coast to this day, the Leda swan traces exactly to Ligurians. In fact, long before this discussion, I traced the swan line to Salyes Ligures. Storks are used by Store's (i.e. who may just be from Cuneo's Stura river), though the birds in the Coat, much different than the stork in the Crest, look like they have the necks of swans. Perhaps they are swans but said to be storks on behalf of the sound of the surname.

The Sturs of Manche can certainly trace to Masci's of Piedmont / Cuneo. Interestingly, Sturs of Manche, who are also "Ester," may have developed from/into "Lester," a variation of the swan-using Leicesters (fleur in Masci-fleur colors).

AHAHAHA! The Lester swan design! It's the Store stork design. Heehee. Good timing.

"PANDAReus" has the sudden look of "panther," the Boofima symbol, isn't it? ZOWIE, while writing that, the Pander Coat was loading, and when finished writing, I looked, and it was the Boeff fesse! The Panders are also "Panther." This is excellent, for Latmus is near Miletus, and in fact some say Pandareus was at Miletus, where the Maeander river passed by...where the Maenads (all females = transvestites) of Dionysus were from, who were chased by satyrs (for the purpose of rape) as one mythical theme applied to Maenads. (I may be the only one to tell you that Maenads were from the Maeander, because myth writers were not apparently telling their secret.) It suggests that "panther" was a term known to the myth writer who devised "Pandareus." Here's the Dionysus - panther theme.

The Suters/Shuters (in Bauch / Boeuf / Boeff colors) show a reddish leopard in Crest, and let's not forget the paw in the Crest of Steers honored by Bachs. It's interesting that the small white shield used by Suters/Shuters is used also by Saddocks/Sedwicks.

Hmm, as I was thinking about a surname that the Imperi may have formed, "IMPERIAL ESSO" came to mind. The Esso-like septs belong to CAT-using MacIntosh's with a "glove" motto term (Boofima priests used leopard gloves in sacrifices)!!!

MacIntosh's were first found in Moray, where Keturah Khazars are expected as they became the Sinclairs honored by the clarions of the Chaters of Manche. Well, I'm guessing that Chaters used clarions because the Carterets, the name of the place where Chaters were from, use clarions.

The MacIntosh-suspect Touch's lead to Audleys of Savoy, and to the Herod-rooted Lannoys / Lyons near Vienne-Isere. The Tocks are the Toques/Tolkiens using a Miletus-suspect motto term and possibly tracing to Telchines of Rhodes, from where I expect the origin of "Herod." The Lannoys are suspect with Herod Archelaus, but his brother, Antipas, is suspect at Antibes, smack beside Imperia. The Tocks, like MacinTOCH, use a Shield like that of the Aeson/Esson sept of Macintosh's. Keturah is suspect from mythical Aeson. The Heths use a similar Shield (all three use solid chevrons), and they are suspect with MacHeth of Moray.

Lets go back to the original topic of this section, the Demonts/Demons/Desmonds with the archer shooting at the Moray star. I showed one Archer Coat but not this Moray-colored Archer Coat with a bunch of grapes. At the time, I didn't have much to say about it. The grape vine happens to be on the coin of Herod ARCHelaus, and ARCHers can be from that name, you see.

If I had said this at the top of the section, when the purpose was to find Keturah lines to the Demonts/Demons/Desmonds, I could have told you that Archie's (in Wayne colors) and Catters/Cathers (probably the Wayne chevron) were both first found in the same place (Berkshire).

JUST FOUND by entering "Gatter" to get Cutters and entering "Gutter" to get "Cutters, and finally entering "Godder" (stag head) to get a family first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as English Archers using the dragon head design of Cutters/Gutters, first found in Dorset beside Wiltshire. Both dragon heads come with mural coronets.

Geddys use a fesse in colors reversed to the Herod/Hurl fesse, and Getters/Jetters use the Cooper saltire.

What's it all mean? The next update shows the Seleucid bloodline with yet another Sign from your God.


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