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April 23 - 29, 2013

Arredondo Just Stands There Not Helping Jeff
Animation, NOT Video, Released of the Explosion Site
Assessing Jeff and the Cowboy In Boston Marathon Crime-Scene "Video"
The Wheelchair Trick from the National Guard SUV

In the last update, I had the impression from a webpage (that I could not re-find) that the communication SUV belonged to an ATX company, but then it was decided to drop that idea mid-week. Just so you know. Also, I use "National Guard" here lightly, for the government has not come out, so far as I know, to identify who the security people under discussion were at the marathon. For weeks it was thought that they were Craft operatives, but then it was discovered that the National Guard did have presence, and yet there may have been others in similar dress that were not from the National Guard. It was learned that the National Guard wore "CST" on their shirts, but the ones under discussion have no such letters.

"CST" is short for "Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team." Ask yourself why such men would be at the marathon while the people at the marathon were not alerted of a mass-destructive bomb possibility? Is this going to be the new style at popular events?

At a webpage below, more National Guard operators are shown above and beyond those of the last update. But, amazingly, they are freely amongst some young helpers who, while having the same-colored beige pants worn by National Guard men, also have the white Adidas tops with three blue stripes down the arm, as seen in the last update on the woman who was pushing the wheelchair of the fake, Jeff Bauman. In fact, the young helpers all have the same red caps and black hoods as the woman wore who pushed Jeff's wheelchair. I'll share the photo's shortly below.

Two of the young helpers are within three or four feet of three National Guard men. Look at how comfortable they are, and how well they fit in, because it looks like the two groups are well-acquainted partners. In the last update, I figured that these helpers were with the Boston Athletic Association, but suddenly their beige pants tends to join them with National Guard. This is very unexpected. Don't you think this is a big deal? It can link Jeff Bauman and his wheelchair accomplices closely to the National Guard operatives...which may explain why Jeff, or whatever his real name is, had no legs before the marathon started. That is, he may have been a victim of a bomb himself, perhaps even a prior National Guard operative.

If you didn't read the last update, it should be said here that I deemed Jeff to be a fake because the distance between his hip and his knee is at least six inches too long for his body. He is therefore wearing Hollywood-type faked injured legs. While some at conspiracy webpages have expressed the fake look of the Jeff photos, yet there is no traction for the idea that his upper leg is too long. I haven't shared it with them because I don't join or contribute at the conspiracy (for lack of a better term) websites, but if you are a member and you would like to share the too-long-leg theory, please do. I hope to email this information to these websites. If you push the idea, make sure you are not identifiable online as per your home address, because this involves evidence that can lead to Jeff's prosecution while exposing the insider plot. It's dangerous to expose yourself while trying to expose a government-beloved FBI operation of this kind.

Let me put it this way, that if medical experts were to discover this too-long leg, they would agree with you that Jeff is a fake. Medical people might not pick up on the long leg until someone clues them in. Notify any doctor specialized in the field, and he/she will tell you (unless they are Obama lovers or speak with political mouths) that Jeff's leg is simply too long to be real.

Or, if you have a computer program that could make Jeff stand up on his feet, you will see how inhuman he looks with legs above the knees almost three feet long. Here's the Jeff photo:

The photo below has the potential to identify National Guard as the people who faked the marathon bomb. One of the two (or is it three?) young helpers with the beige pants and white tops is even pushing a wheelchair. The whole gang are on the finishing line beside a communication van with no writing on it.

I haven't got television where I'm now staying, and so cannot watch the 24-hour news channels to see if the following claim in the article is true:

A detailed, hi-res photo of more "The National Guard" operatives and what appears to be their mobile communications van has just surfaced...

...The mainstream media is engaged in a total blackout and refuses to run any photos of "The National Guard" operatives. This story is quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up in history.

If true that CNN and Fox (etc) are refusing to speak on these men, that's a big deal. They should at least mention them even if they think there is nothing suspicious about it because there is something wrong with the picture. The National Guard people were at the marathon before the bombs went off, making Boston look guilty as sin on at least one count: they took their chances with the lives of the people, knowing beforehand that a bomb might go off.

Some are thinking, me included, that the National Guard men themselves may have detonated the bombs. The major media have the power to investigate such a possibility, but of course they won't so long as the public is happy believing that the Russian brothers did it. I have closely investigated the images of many National Guard men, but not once are they seen checking someone's bag as they walk by the event, before or after the bombings. If they are security people, why aren't they checking potential bombers at the bomb site? I know why: because they know there are no potential bombers there, because they themselves set off the bombs.

How can it be true that the U.S. government requires bag checks and full-body scanning at airports, yet here at an actual explosion where crowds are gathering, the National Guard security people aren't even checking bags???

You understand that the large media are involved in a race to see which one can be the top-dog media. If any one of them takes the position that the FBI and government(s) are involved in a faked bomb event, it will be game over for that media as far as ratings go. The other media will relentlessly mock. Politicians, who have no choice but to go along with the FBI and Obama line, lest they suffer the same disaster, will also mock that media which takes an alternative view. It's to be expected that the insiders know this, and use it as a powerful weapon to their great advantage.

However, the insiders know that some media people, including the media leaders, can become secretly convinced of the alternative view. They may not be able to admit it journalistically, but just the same, it can cause the insiders some damage. The great thing about their inability to talk is that the insiders won't know which media people are secretly their enemies. It's a looming threat for the insiders.

Just found this: "Is it just a coincidence that you've got these Craft International guys at the finish line, 666 Boylston Street, and the first bomb went off in front of the Lenscrafters store..." No kidding? Is that true? Wikipedia: "The first exploded outside Marathon Sports at 671 - 673 Boylston Street..." It may be that 666 is across the street at the bleachers. I suppose that this would be a good time to mention that "National Guard" (it adopted occult-like, human-skull symbol) may have been used as a name because it can be a symbol of witchNational Guard, often called "the National Guard" by insiders. The concept of insiders conducting deadly staged events in their own country is made conceivable when the worst of satanic groupings are involved together in conspiracy. The "coincidence" that they are in high-level governmental positions is from determined efforts, centuries long, of wiggling themselves into those positions. The satanic nature of the movement is why it's called "Illuminati" to this day.

Below is a 36-second news-station video (shared from page above) that I had not seen last week. In the video, people, just before the bomb went off, are facing across Boylston street, with the explosion taking place obviously to their right. At the six-second mark, a National Guard man, apparently, with black cap, black jacket, and beige pants, pops into the video wearing a black backpack. He is visible only very briefly, and rushing. It's the opinion of those who have studied this video and its related details that this black hat is the same one seen in other images, the one with skull logo.

He is followed immediately by a man with white hair (no cap). He wears no backpack, a detail that can peg him as one bomber. A third man follows directly behind in black jacket and beige pants (no hat), and definitely wearing a black backpack. All three are rushing in the same direction, toward the finsih line. At the eight-second mark, the first of these three is approaching toward a fourth man who is definitely a National Guard man, who wears a beige or grey cap but no backpack (he is not visible until the nine-second mark).

This fourth man pops up from behind the stone structure (houses an iron grid with the smoke of the explosion slightly visible through it), and starts dutifully escorting the frightened people to a safer place down Dartmouth. The men are far enough from the explosion (200 feet my estimation) that they do not look involved, perfectly expected. There are two backpacks potentially missing from this scene so that this man may have been one of the National Guard operators who dropped an explosive bag.

Visible from the second of the blast through to the eighth second is a man (white hair, white moustache) in a black top, beige pants, and what looks like a device off his belt above his right pocket. He doesn't seem alarmed nor concerned for being of help. His arms remain crossed even after the explosion. There is just no alarm detected whatsoever in this man. He does not run, but stands there with his arms crossed.

The page above that shared this video calls the man without a backpack, "Waldo." The writer shows a theory I did not see last week. The grey-haired "woman" that was standing between two National Guard men in backpacks is now being identified as Waldo. We cannot see the woman's face because the view is from above "her" head, but the new information shows that this "woman" is Waldo! See the explanation at this website: Guard-operatives-fleeing-first-bombing-with-suspect-update-22.aspx

For some reason, I can't copy the page above to my tribwatch files for you to see in case the webpage disappears. I'll describe a main feature of the page, which has easily convinced me that the "woman" is Waldo. The claim of the writer is that all three men seen in the overhead photo are, with proof given, the first three men in the video above, but Waldo no longer has his backpack in the video. Although I'm not convinced that the one with a white tag on his backpack is the dark-skinned man with a white tag on his backpack, yet, this discovery is not a small. We don't expect Waldo to just lay his bag on a bench somewhere, with all those people around. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS BAG??? He had it on the ground beside him shortly before. The implication is that he dropped it at one of the explosion sites. This is why we need a video of the explosion site before the bomb went off. And Waldo could be why the FBI won't release the department-store video of the site before the bomb went off.

The video camera for the view under discussion was past the finish line (by about 150 feet my estimation) at Dartmouth street. The video starts off aimed up Dartmouth.

At the webpage below (images should be enlarged), you can see two National Guard men standing alone side-by-side in a frontal view. The one on your left has a white patch-symbol at the upper arm, as does the 1st of the three National Guard men in the video above. That same man, in the photo, has a small white symbol on the side of his skull-logo hat, as does the 1st man in the video (very visible at the end of the 7th second). Therefore, it is the same man in both images. (There seems to be two white areas on the top of his hat, yet in fact one of them is merely a solar reflection from the sunglasses, which are seen clearly in the other image of the same man.)

However, the man on your right in the photo looks slightly Negroid; I'll call him a Negro for convenience of identification. His backpack has a white tab at the very top, as does the backpack of the 3rd man in the video, and yet the third man does not appear Negroid in the one instance that the side of his face shows well. On the other hand, there is one split second where the side of his face reminds of the Negro. In the final analysis, it's not much to go on for making comparisons, meaning that the same man may be in both images. In both images, both coats have the same puffiness at the upper arm (to be expected, however, on more than one man if the coats are part of a typical uniform). In both cases, the white tab reaches as high as the neck. However, a comparison of the bag at the very back of it does not look the same. I've studied all the National Guard men closely, but if the two above are not the same man, then I don't know who amongst the others the third man in the video could be.

Now, to assure you that Waldo is in both the photo and the video, you can stop the video in the seventh second to see a black belt extending from his left shoulder, on a diagonal, toward his right hip. The same belt is clearly in the "woman" picture. It looks like Waldo has a purse in that picture, which causes the viewer to think she's a woman. In both the photo and the video, Waldo is wearing the same blue sweater/jacket. This man looks very nailed, and yet there is not much more that can be said because he is not to be found in after-bombing images, whereas many National Guard men are in those images.

Back to the photo at the finish line shown earlier, where the National Guard men are huddled beside the communication SUV (I'll call it the National Guard SUV for identification purposes). There are least two men wearing black backpacks. Why? What could they possibly have in their backpacks? Logic would dictate that National Guard men have a temporary central office or headquarters at the marathon where they can keep their belongings that might be needed for the day. They never strayed far from the finish line, so far as is known. The rest of their belongings would be in their hotel rooms. I doubt very much that they are carrying certain daily needs such as bathroom items or lunches. Backpacks are uncomfortable, and worn only when one is far off from a home or destination location. But here they are beside their headquarters, always seen with backpacks. Another point: one doesn't need a backpack if they need to have a gun on their persons.

In the photo above, the man in beige/grey hat has no backpack, not to be confused with a man in a similar-colored hat at Dartmouth. The one at the SUV appears when three National Guard operatives rush past the bleachers. There seems to be something black beside him that might alternatively be a light-trick in the vehicle's paint job. A close look verifies that the object is not on his back.

If there were two bags having bombs belonging to the National Guard organization, then there is no way that the men would leave the bags unattended anywhere, not even in their marathon headquarters. Two men would always be wearing the bags, and no Boston police officer would dare ask to see what they had inside them. If there were other bombs, as reported by media last week, that did not explode, then it predicts that more than two bags with bombs were being carried at all times that Monday morning and into part of the afternoon. The two bags visible in the photo above are being carried on mens' backs AFTER the two bombs already exploded. Wouldn't you like to see whether the unexploded bombs are in there?

One of the two men wearing a backpack is the one wearing the black hat with skull logo. He is standing near a black man, though his skin looks too dark to be the aforementioned Negro. It's possible they are the same one, however, due to similar hair and hair lines.

Where we entertain that National Guard is guilty of setting off the bombs, we need to ask why two or more of them did not go off? We were told by authorities that two or even four bombs had been exploded, and then we heard nothing more on the matter. I was expecting that the authorities would report what sorts of bombs they were, in an effort to point an accusing finger at some group intended for victimization. Now that no such reports have come out, an explanation is wanting.

So, why were there at least four National Guard operators at the same spot, at the corner of Dartmouth and Boylston, at the sound of the first explosion? Why were they TOGETHER there? If their purpose was to spot potential bombers, shouldn't they have been spread out? Don't you find it strange that the three who were seen in one image some 150 feet from Dartmouth are then seen together at Dartmouth? Why are they hanging together? Why is Waldo not with the other two when the other two are still together after the bombing?

At the page below, where it again speaks on Waldo and his two partners, it shows, for the first time to my eyes, where they were standing in relation to the bombing (the white line in the article is not quite the bomb location, but close; see the smoke still visible that indicates bomb location). Plus, page reveals that they were standing on the street momentarily after the bombing, which means that neither two had their bags dropped as part of the bombing. Therefore, the focus is on Waldo who had his bag, supposedly, on the ground, rather than on his back. (This writer, who seems to be a religious nut of some sort, thinks that the one I see as a Negro is an Israeli. There is indication in the article that he named Waldo originally.)

With Waldo standing in the middle, it jibes with a bomb plot, as though the other two are being protective of the bomb now on the ground in his bag. One of them looks away possibly to assure that there is no one watching. If this is the moment to act, then, yes, they would be nervous. The bag is on the ground, we may assume, so that if he is caught on video laying it down at the bomb location, he could claim that he had it on the ground earlier, that it was just his way of treating the bag at that time, and so he forgot to pick it up after having it on the ground at the explosion site. But that concocted story would be obliterated by the fact that Waldo is found on video sandwiched between two National Guard operators at the moment of the explosion. It looks like Providence that Waldo was caught on that video in that way.

The article above is pointing out that the three men, with Waldo in the middle, were standing just opposite the patio that's surrounded by a railing, where the writer indicates that the three "were here." The writer then asks whether Waldo walked to the right of the patio, to plant the bomb bag. If correct, we also know that he then walked to Dartmouth with the skull-logo guy.

In this overhead view (below), there are small grey tiles beside one end of the patio's railing, and that marks the spot where the three National Guard operators were standing, with Waldo's bag on the tiles. Look at how close he is to the bomb location at that point. Coincidence? Did you notice the little cute baby looking right at Waldo, God's plea to him: don't do it, man, life is precious.

In the video presented above, Waldo is following right behind the skull-logo guy, and yet, in the photo directly above, Waldo is not with him anymore. Plus, the article directly above shows what could be a small white tag on Waldo's bag, in about the same shape exactly as the white tag on the exploded black backpack from a photo released by the FBI. What a coincidence. This man is a prime suspect.

A thought just occurred to me that the FBI was ordered by Obama, when he arrived to Boston on Thursday, to capture and kill the Russian brothers because all of this evidence against National Guard was pouring out. Obama would have had all of this information (and more) last week...that I did not have last week. The whole of this information from the various images really does make a good case for suspecting National Guard and whoever it was that employed National Guard in Boston. But don't expect the Republicans to conduct an inquiry as to who employed National Guard at Boston, because it could become too politically costly.

Do you think it's possible that Republican law makers are not reading up on the National Guard story? They've got to be, because word would spread like wildfire amongst them when just one of them discovered the information you are reading here.

Another question of concern is why the skull-logo guy has his backpack in his hand after the blast. It was on his back at the moment of the blast. The answer becomes apparent below.

We may now know why the FBI won't release the video of the Russian suspect (the older brother) dropping the bag off at the first-explosion site, because that video should have Waldo in there. YES, because the video is said to have been from the department store, meaning the camera was running all along, all day. Wow, that camera has the evidence against National Guard, doesn't it? I wonder whether the owner of the department store is safe at this moment. He'd better watch his back, and maybe not demand his camera system back from the FBI. Waldo is not the biggest story; it's the FBI.

The website below gives another view of the finish line, with the communication vehicle sitting in the same spot as the photo presented earlier. The web owner claims that the vehicle is now parked with an FBI truck:

By the way, as the smoke of the first bomb can still be seen (in the webpage directly above), Jeff Bauman is supposed to be right there, next to the bomb, according to his own words. Expand the photo as large as you wish to see if you can spot Jeff's off-white shirt, with dark-grey sleeves reaching through the shoulders to the shirt's collar. I can't. Remember, this fiend claimed that one of the Russian brothers dropped the bag. Do you see any liar in a cowboy hat? [I didn't at first, but then I found him in one of the scenes at the webpage above.] The man in the cowboy hat claimed he wrapped Jeff's legs at the explosion site. He says he was sitting in the bleachers when the explosion went off.

At first I started to wonder whether Jeff came out of the FBI truck, and while that proved to be wrong, studying the photos closely helped to nail down some further facts. A new photo (below) of the bleacher area shows the National Guard communications vehicle before some of the bleachers were demolished. The Jeff photo was snapped after the advertising was removed from the face of the bleachers, but before the bleachers were demolished. [This becomes a huge point (later in the update) that, in a court of law, could land Jeff in prison with his accomplices.]

The two National Guard suspects are in this new image too. This page claims that the truck is the FBI bomb squad; it has a National Guard operator somewhat inside of it. The skull-logo guy was 20 feet behind National Guard vehicle, with his bag still in his hand rather than on his back, before the mystery truck arrived. Do you think he handed his bag to the FBI in the truck? Look at how he's positioned, exactly where the dark side of the truck will soon be. He's got a bomb in that bag, doesn't he?

It may be that the "unexploded bombs" we heard about were never planted, never intended to explode. It may be that the task of National Guard was simply to hand the dud bombs off to the FBI truck, which would take them to its bomb lab people (not necessarily insiders) as though it came, not from a National Guard people, but from a streetside somewhere, the idea being to feign a terrorist bomb. They never did say where on the streets the unexploded bombs came from. One report had it this way: "Boston police say investigators have discovered four undetonated devices, including one similar to the pressure cooker bombs used at the Boston Marathon."

A National Guard man that I cannot identify is at the open passenger door, partially inside the cab of the mystery truck. We can't see what he's doing. We can only see his boots. Is this where he handed his bag off, then came out with another bag to take away... with toilet paper stuffed inside, so to speak, to make it look full? The positioning of his left boot looks like it betrays his reaching into the truck rather than just standing straight and talking. The left boot slightly off the ground suggests he has more weight on his right foot due to reaching in.

A woman with "FBI" on her top is visible standing at the front corner of the mystery truck; she's speaking to two National Guard operators while the other is partially in the truck. One of the National Guard men outside the truck looks like the one in the beige/grey cap that was at Dartmouth without a bag. He may have planted the bag at the second explosion site, if there was a bag planted there at all. In case the FBI image disappears, here it is from my files:

In this Jeff photo, one can make out that the blue bleacher panels have not yet been demolished. It's possible that Jeff was under the bleachers in his own wheelchair [but another theory crops up later]. If it got too problematic, they could always forgo bringing Jeff out, but clearly, they planned it as something they thought was important in giving the world the impression of severity. If you look over the shoulder of the woman who's pushing Jeff, you can see a couple of National Guard men working frantically on the bleacher wall, way down by the National Guard vehicle (the vehicle is itself slightly visible). It looks like they are messing with the panels, or removing the advertising drapes of that area, or else putting something back on that they had removed. Note that there are two wheelchair flags visible in the scene beside the National Guard men.

Above the visor of the same woman's hat, you can see a blue panel that can be determined NOT to be a front bleacher panel [more on this later in the update], but rather some blue part up in the bleachers. The grey area, under the woman's visor, with a white horizontal bar running through it, is where the front panel once was (or per chance it may be the blue Adidas advert), only now one can view the white backs of the chairs in the bleachers (i.e. the white horizontal bar is a view of the backs of the chairs). Therefore, the panels may have been removed by the time that Jeff and crew are in this image. Therefore, Jeff was photographed AFTER they removed at least the advertising drapes.

After writing above, the image below was found, which is the same image as above but showing a wider area, in case it becomes necessary to use for further evidence:

I looked in all the photos for the woman helper who pushed Jeff away, but did not find her. I can spot several of the helpers repeatedly in the various photos, but not once did I see the helper who pushed Jeff away. It's to be expected because she was an insider. Does her mother know? I hope she's reading. Do the mothers of the National Guard men know what they were doing? They wouldn't believe it.

See the image where the National Guard vehicle arrives in the first place. It's parks several feet from the bleachers. In that image, all of the advertising drapes are on the bleachers. Jeff may be under the bleachers with the woman. In the next image, the same vehicle is parked only about four feet from the bleachers. The panels look undisturbed at that area, and yet we can see a door in the panels through to the underside of the bleachers. The vehicle (with dark tinted windows) has parked smack at that doorway, as if to hide it from onlookers. The vehicle may have two sliding side doors, meaning that one of them faces the doorway into the underside of the bleachers. I'm starting to suspect a trick here.

I suppose they just wheeled him away and hoped that no one noticed. Ask why there are two wheelchairs behind the National Guard vehicle just after Jeff has been wheeled away. You can see the flags of the chairs. It's only a few minutes after the explosion here; wheelchairs don't belong there at the bleachers at that time; they belong at the injury site. But with wheelchairs parked near the door to the underside of the bleachers, it might look less conspicuous when pushing out what looks like an injured man (i.e. Jeff) from that area. Not once, in all the images of the site, did I see the EMT guy who poses with Jeff in his wheelchair photos. Not once did I see anyone wearing the same jacket as this EMT guy, aside from someone else in his own photo.

The time clock on a wire strung across the finish line was removed by the time that the National Guard vehicle parked near the bleachers. That clock is visible when the National Guard vehicle is further away from the bleachers, and it reads, 4: 12:50. From Wikipedia: "At the time of the first explosion [2:49 pm EST], the race clock at the finish line showed 04:09:43." That means the National Guard vehicle was at the bomb site less than three minutes after the explosion.

There is another problem with this picture. With so many injuries, there ought to be at least a half dozen ambulances parked out front at any given time, and yet the two vehicles above, as well as other non-medical vehicles, were permitted to park right in front of the deadly zone, as though their work was more important that saving lives and limbs. Plus, there are few ambulances in the pictures. I see only one, maybe two.

We never see its satellite dish swung open; it always lies flat on the roof, unused. See the image from my files in case it disappears elsewhere:

To the left of the back end of the National Guard vehicle, there can be seen the black man (image needs to be expanded) who appears at the back of the vehicle with all the National Guard men huddled around. He seems to be holding a black bag in his hands while standing in the huddle. On both the left and right sides of the front end of the same vehicle, there are three National Guard men visible; the one on the right in a V-neck shirt is present at the huddle (he is also in the image of three rushing National Guard men, meaning that he was at the marathon during the bombing). The balding man at the huddle (with backpack on), the one who carried the radiation-sensing device, is speaking at the passenger side window to someone in the National Guard vehicle.

There are three new faces at the huddle, including the black man. The two other new faces have black-and-white rectangular design between the tops of their jacket zippers and their throats. Are these the ones who arrived in the National Guard SUV? Why would National Guard people be driving, or riding in, the National Guard vehicle? Hum?

In the image with the mystery truck, look up high to see the marathon man taking pictures. It looks like he is in a proper position to be taking the huddle photo. Is it his own camera, or does it belong to the marathon? Who released the huddle photo? The man looks like (but hard to be sure) the one standing at the huddle with what looks like a camera at his belly [later, the lens on this camera will be seen very long i.e. very expensive.]

While you have the truck photo loaded, look at the man in a blue jacket beside the FBI woman. Doesn't he look like the EMT guy that helped with the Jeff Bauman hoax? He could have slipped his yellow jacket off, and then come back to the scene as one of the FBI guys.

In all the aftermath images studied, I never see Waldo again. It appears that, because he was not wearing a National Guard uniform (he has dark pants in the video), he was one of the bombers. For obvious reason, he was probably directed not to stand in the bomb area with other National Guard men. It may mean that the other bomb was likely planted by a secretly-dressed (not in uniform) National Guard operator.

By now you know that I have studied the images very closely. I've not only expanded them, but looked under a magnifying glass. I've studied many faces and contemplated many things, always looking for clues. Here, then, is cowboy Arredondo's claim:

Arredondo continued with the young man on into the big white medical tent that had been set up for runners who became dehydrated or hobbled during the race...proceeding all the way through the tent to the exit where ambulances had begun to arrive.

A woman had begun pushing from the rear, and a cop had stepped in to help from the front. The young man was still conscious when he was loaded into an ambulance.

I've never seen the white tent. Judging from Jeff's position in the photo (midway between the finish line and Dartmouth, I assume the tent was closer still to Dartmouth. I don't understand why the ambulances are said to have gone to the tent when it seems to make more sense to have them right up at the bomb site. I'm sure I know the answer to this mystery: they couldn't have ambulances at the bomb site who could testify that Jeff was not there.

So, above, the EMT guy was identified as a "cop." Yet, he is not wearing the same yellow jacket that other police people are wearing. Besides, why would a police officer wear "EMT" on his jacket, which was said to stand for "Emergency Medical Technician"? I say he looks like an FBI guy trying to mask himself as a medic, wherefore, if some media person at the event should ask him who he is, he might rightly say that he's a cop. But why is this cop disguising himself as a medic??????

The FBI is guilty as sin for this bombing, isn't it? It's not just National Guard that the FBI was protecting by framing the Russians, but its own skin. The FBI likely hired National Guard, or else was given the task by Obama, to oversee National Guard, for the purpose of setting the bombs. If not for discovering that Jeff was a fake, I may never have realized. Thank you, FBI, for going to the trouble of faking Jeff; I now know what you really are. You can come to get me, but by that time it will be too late. And you had better watch that the person you send is not going to bump into an angel who rolls the stone back onto you.

See this satellite image of the streets, and ask why ambulances would not have used the street cutting across Boylston between the two explosions? That is, the ambulances could have driven right up to the 1st explosion site, then driven forward and away. What's the problem? Why did the injured need to be wheeled so far to the white tent before finding an ambulance? Because the National Guard men and their schemes held priority over the injured.

The timeclock photo has the time clock reading 4: 11:40, about two minutes after the blast [if no longer available at the link above, so see it from my files here at .] This is the clear image having the two National Guard men. Jeff's not there in the scene. [There is a man in a cowboy hat in this scene that I had not yet seen while writing here]. What are you going to believe, Arredondo's testimony, or your own eyes? In this early image, the DARK-BLUE Adidas ad is still on the last panel at the far end of the bleacher. In the photo of Jeff and the cowboy, that last blue panel no longer has the dark-blue advertising, but is instead LIGHT-BLUE. Therefore, in the image below, Jeff must be somewhere between the explosion site and the place where the Jeff photo has him located, just a few feet past the last blue panel. Jeff's nowhere to be found, however.

If Arredondo and Jeff were fabricating, along with the "cop," isn't it obvious what's going on? Too hard to believe that a government would bomb it's own people? Think again. Take out your magnifying glass, and study the scene. You can make out virtually everyone who's there. [When the fake video of Jeff is released, they are going to locate him behind some people (i.e. hidden from view) in the image above, in an effort to explain why he is not visible in these images. More on that later below.] You can also glean that Arredondo (and others) greatly exagerrated the number and severity of injuries.

Moreover, as Jeff had to be lying on the ground, why aren't his sleeves soaked in blood? Even the attempt to paint wounds on his hand look fake. The article says that cowboy picked Jeff up and put him into the chair. But Jeff would have been lying in a pool of his own blood, in the least, which would have transferred to the cowboys white sweater. The article seems to be lying, saying that cowboy was covered in blood. I don't any blood on him.

[Arredondo] saw a big pool of blood and several severed limbs. And there was a young man in a gray top directly in front of him who was trying desperately to stand up.

"He had no legs," Arredondo says.

...The man was bleeding so heavily he seemed likely soon to be beyond help unless Arredondo applied tourniquets...

...Another tourniquet went on the right leg. Arredondo next grabbed a wheelchair that somebody was pushing past. He placed the young man into it and moved it as quickly as he could while still holding up what remained of the legs.

He "placed" Jeff in the wheelchair??? If you could imagine that scene in reality, you know he's lying just by the lack of blood on his clothes. The only explanation is that he, according to the insider plan, was not supposed to play a hero, but took the opportunity to portray himself as such. In other words, he was not, according to plan, the one who lifted Jeff into the chair. You saw cowboy with your own eyes having no blood on his sleeves, yet Michael Daly (writer of the article) lies: "[Arredondo] stood with more blood on the sleeve of his sweatshirt and on his pants and on his shoes..." His knees should be soaked in blood, and yet there are merely some swipes of blood, probably dye/ink.

[For reasons showing that the image above has pasted passers-by, see the start of the marathon topic in the 4th update of next October. I re-visit this marathon topic as of September, with many new images at my disposal than I have here in April.]

Arredondo claims to have visited Jeff:

The week following the bombings brought more than $600,000 in donations to Bauman and visits from celebrities, sports stars and a group of Marines who are also amputees.

I don't know the details, but the picture that comes to mind when reading the above is, of course: this really was a true injury. It's so hard to argue against it after reading it. And that's why you've got to listen to what you see in the photo's rather than what you hear in the media. I accuse the FBI and the Obama administration of crime upon crime until I see Jeff in the videos or photos at the bomb site. It makes sense that they had a party with Jeff to celebrate their triumph over the American people, acting like patriots while bombing their own people. And who really were the "celebrities" that appeared at the party?

The dailybeast article above has the following insight to help identify the running man (in shredded pants) at the bomb scene, the one that was highlighted in what looked like a painting near the end of the last update:

A 20-year-old Saudi man had been running away from the explosions when a civilian tackled him and alerted a cop. But the Saudi had been cooperative and his identification had checked out, making the authorities discount early rumors that they had a suspect.

The date of the article was the 16th, day after the bombing, two days BEFORE the Obama scandal with the Saudi rulers became known. I understand now. I had not previously known that this man running through the crowd was the faked Saudi victim. This man must have been plan A. When the plan failed by Thursday, the Obama dog sicked the FBI on the Russian brothers. And for this crime, I shall personally pray, as I already have, the Obama dog be severely Punished along with the FBI dogs involved.

Here are the scenes of the young man running. You can't find Jeff in there either [when images from this same "video" show Jeff on the ground, he is behind one of the oval highlights].

As was pointed out in the last update, the man is not running straight because someone pasted him in, or, the entire images are paintings or computerized images that are re-set to a poorer, painting-like grade. Be honest with yourself, and predict from the position of the man's right foot, in the first image, where it should land. It should not land anywhere near as close to the woman bending down as it is shown in the second image. If you load the two images on two different browsers, then click from one to the other, you will see better what I mean. It's important because it reveals a sophisticated program in the works, using images, to deceive the masses. The same video experts who conducted other government-sponsored hoaxes are expected to do so again and again.

The Faked Gory Scenes with Jeff Bauman

I cannot believe what was just found after writing the update to this point. It actually reveals the location of Jeff Bauman at the bomb explosion. Some of these pictures are of the same type that I call "paintings," taken from the same camera that took the paintings above. Jeff's legs are missing, and he is clearly wearing a white shirt with dark-grey sleeves. This is a huge boost for explaining the realities of this concoction. These photos will be analyzed by experts and could bring the FBI more than a black eye; God willing we will see its legs blown off. Here you go:

I had seen one or two of the gory pictures (in the webpage above) last week, but decided not to show them to you. I'm glad I didn't. I'm glad that I came to the conclusions above without studying any of the gory scenes. Don't be afraid to look at these pictures, for they are faked. Even the blood is too bright. There are no shoe / boot prints in blood anywhere.

I had seen the gory scene with Jeff Bauman last week, but didn't realize it was him in that early part of my investigations. He is shown in that gory picture at the webpage what should be undisputable, case-closed, he-really-had-his-legs-blown-off evidence. But wait. Any of this can be created wholly on a computer. The images can be taken separately in a studio, and pasted into any scene whatsoever. You know that, right? That's why hardly anyone takes seriously anymore all the strange youtube videos, because no one can tell reality from computer-generated fiction. Sheer fiction can be made to look real.

What we would like to know, therefore, is whether these gory images match the scenes of the real images that are clearly not paintings. For identification purposes, I'll call the real ones the "timeclock" images. I have studied those timeclock images intensely and have found little gore. We should also analyze the gory scenes for evidence of goof-ups.

I know exactly where Jeff should be located on the sidewalk according to the gory photos, but he's not there in the timeclock images. You would think that, sooner or later, Jeff would be visible in the timeclock images, which by the way should prove to be from a video.

The Negro woman lying at Jeff's legs in the gory photos is not in the timeclock photo where the clock shows 4:11:40, just two minutes after the blast. The Negro woman has a red sweater/jacket and white undershirt, and dark boots and pants. You might argue that she got up and started to walk around, but just the same, she's not anywhere to be found in the real photo. [One scene has her in a stretcher in what can be concluded after the two-minute mark].

In one of the faked gory scenes, she is gone, and Jeff is shown alone, with no one attending him. Please go to that picture (I'll call this the Jeff-Alone scene), and please be assured, the bloody scene is faked. Do not get engrossed in the pictures or you may lose good sleep. Load the gory page above on a separate browser so that you can follow along easily. Go to that other scene now, please. You need to know what the American government is doing to your people because this will not likely be the end of it. It's promising the false arrests of many Americans in plots yet to come. Go to the scene where the Negro woman is lying on the ground with the red-headed girl at her feet, and the hooded man at her shoulder. I'll call this the Jeff-Invisible sceneJeff-Invisible, because he doesn't seem to be there.

See the location in which the hooded man is lying, looking fine. He looks like he was pasted in on top of the woman he's actually reclining on casually. He starts out sitting on his thigh, yet, in the Jeff-Alone scene, he's suddenly lying flat on his back as though he's too injured to get up. This might be fine for an old man, but this one is young, and the look on his face before he goes flat betrays any serious injury. I'm sure you'll agree, unless you have an agenda to prove that this event was real.

He is being helped by a person in blue latex gloves, but the person with gloves wrongly wears a dark shirt, not to mention jeans. I have studied all the timeclock images quite closely, and did not see this man...nor anyone one else wearing blue latex gloves apart from also wearing the white marathon tops / helper beige pants / medic yellow vests. Therefore, the hooded man with his helper must be pasted in.

In another scene, where we see the Negro woman on a stretcher, the shoe of the hooded man (extreme left) is added to the picture to suggest that he's still lying there after all that time. Not credible. It would have taken a few minutes to get the woman into the stretcher, and the last thing the man would want to do is lay there, that long, touching a pool of someone else's blood. Besides, as he has seen Jeff in his agony right in front of him, shouldn't he be on his feet helping Jeff???

No one is seen helping Jeff. He writhes there as though no one sees him, which of course is the exact pitiful truth, pitiful because your government winked with those who pasted him into the scene. In fact, Jeff's face does not look quite enough like the same man in Jeff's wheelchair photo. The scene begs the question of why the woman was placed in the stretcher instead of Jeff. All she seems to suffer is a small skin-deep wound to the head, and some slightly ripped boots and pants. Note that neither her boot prints, nor of others, can be seen leaving the blood patch that she was lying in.

Before going on, it should be said that the writer at the gory webpage above is probably wrong for suggesting that these are actors. There may be a couple of actors in the real scene, but the writer does his own purpose a disservice by claiming that the entire scene was staged on the spot with bottles of fake blood, actors in ripped clothes, etc. It would have been impossible to stage something like that in front of innocent on-lookers...unless even the onlookers were fakes while all non-insiders were disallowed into the area or to the windows of the buildings. That seems like quite a stretch, a sheer impossibility, especially as non-insiders would have become suspicious if they were not allowed to proceed to the finish line to watch the race from there. I have a much better idea. The blood is real, except that some was pasted in where possible to increase the gore.

In the aerial view of the bloody sidewalk below, you can see that the bright red that the Negro woman was lying on is merely a faint grey-red area. To find that stain, just follow the left side of the patio in a straight line to the road. Or, look about five feet in from the base of the black lamp post. That stain is on the dark patio stones, but next to it there is another large patch of blood (very visible in the gory scenes) on light patio stones, where the blonde woman sits with only one shoe.

The two blood stains are not in the same positions relative to one another when comparing the aerial view with the Jeff-Invisible scene that has the Negro woman. The center of the bloodstain supposedly caused by Jeff is nearly half way to the road as compared to the center of the other blood stain (which by the way does not seem to have a cause other than the leg wound of the woman lying flat on her back). Under the shoeless foot of the blonde, the blood patch looks greatly exagerrated, and besides, we wouldn't expect her foot to remain in the same bloody spot that long, for the scene has got to be about a half minute after the blast.

Her left leg, all the way to her knee, has already swollen to twice the size of the other leg, but, while I am not a medical expert, I know this cannot happen so soon. Both her legs look badly marred by metal pellets, and yet there is no flowing blood, nor evidence of flowing blood, aside from her ankle area on the one leg. Nor is there any blood visible under the rips in her sleeve. The only way to receive such rips is by large pieces of flying metal. Where's the blood at those rips? Why would the artists not add in some red flowing blood?

If you expand the Jeff-Invisible scene, look at the huge rip (about eight inches long and three wide) in the knee area of the Negro woman. There is no expected blood there either. Do you realize how large and sharp a piece of flying metal would need to be to make a tear that large? Are we to believe that so many pieces of flying metal grazed everyone's arms and legs without touching the skin? Laughable. This scene is a reminder of the shredded pants of the man running, where we are supposed to believe that flying metal blew his pants off while making no deep penetration to blood vessels. Ridiculous.

Look at how long the red-headed girl, in the red-and-black jacket, just lies there, apparently unhurt [have you noted how red-and-black is a common combination at this scene? There will be another woman discovered wearing this color combination later]. She's in the same position when the Negro woman is there beside her, and she is in the same position when the Negro woman is gone.

Don't be an ape. Expect Obama lovers to be apes. Expect medical-expert Obama lovers to be apes. Expect medical experts claiming falsely not to be Democrats to claim the veracity of these scenes. It is extremely important that the insiders win the Internet war on whether these images are real or fake. Expect much money to be poured into the insider effort.

In the Jeff-Invisible scene, what purports to be Carlos Arredondo can be standing there with his hat off. The sweater he's wearing matches the one seen in the real photos of Jeff in his wheelchair, meaning that's it's evidence of his part in a conspiracy. The faked Arredondo is not helping anyone. He has no blood on his clothes that's visible. If you insist that he's not a paste job, then he's no hero. Right in front of him is the Negro woman trying to stand up, but Arredondo offers no help at all. Right in front of him is the red-haired girl on her elbow, wanting to stand, but he's not there to give a hand to help her up. What a farce as he waves the American flag from his hand. I am undecided as yet as to whether Arredondo was pasted in. It's possible that he was permitted to be at the real scene.

The Arredondo scene must be very early because the wood-slat fence seen erect in his scene is down on the ground in the timeclock photo showing two minutes in. Where has the cowboy gone from the time that he's seen standing there to the two-minute mark? If he truly helped Jeff, shouldn't he be visible, at Jeff's side, when the time clock can be seen reading two minutes into the explosion? One way or the other, Arredondo has already proven to be a faker.

Someone might say that Jeff is gone already when we see the cowboy standing there, which explains why Jeff is not visible behind the Negro woman. But that can't be true, not just because it's too early for Jeff to be in his wheelchair, but because Arredondo is supposed to be with Jeff. Besides, Jeff is still writhing on the ground in his original spot when the Negro woman is gone, wherefore, how can Jeff be gone while the Negro woman is still there in her original spot? It looks like the goons screwed up one way or the other, and any one of these arguments should be enough to land these people, and more, in prison for a long time. They are not going to sit back and wait, but will fight back to protect themselves, even if it means arresting Alex Jones on false charges to strike fear into anyone who speaks out.

In the shredded-pants scene (below), Jeff is supposedly lying behind the right side of the oval highlight. As you can see the blue coat and the white coat side-by-side to the right of the oval, as well as the woman in the white top with dark sleeves, you now know that the creators of this painting are the creators also of the paintings in the website above, because the same three people are in those too [it turned out that these images were from a "video]. That's important if the man in the shredded pants, who appears to be the one that was going to be falsely accused, is the Arab that got away thanks to Faisal.

I'm calling them paintings for discussion purposes only, to distinguish from the gory scenes that have a real look. The face of the Negro woman in the paintings looks just like the face of the Negro in the gory scene, yet, if you switch from the paintings to the gory scenes, you will immediately see the difference in "atmosphere" or style; the latter look much more real. Yet it's clear that insiders produced both types. As yet, I have not seen the video made available from which these paintings were taken, and we should never see the video if they know what's good for them.

There are two theories on the production. One, a video shot of the sidewalk was taken on a normal day that was not the day of the marathon. Then, everything we see in the images was pasted in before the marathon. Or, two, each human image in the paintings were drawn by an artist in short order after the bombing, meaning that video footage was taken on the day of the bombing, and then altered quickly.

The Wikipedia Picture

No matter how much one expands the three paintings of the shredded-pants scenes, the faces always look like paintings. On the other hand, the following image from Wikipedia, which has some of the same people in it as the three paintings above, can be enlarged to show facial details that look real. Two sets of fake jobs were released to us. There are over a dozen people around the shredded-pants runner who don't appear in the Wikipedia image or its related gory images.

Wikipedia's article on the Boston Marathon bombings shows an image of the site (link below) with the wood-slat fence still up (i.e. should be before the two-minute mark), and the woman in beige standing in front of the railing. She is standing beside a man in shredded pants down on the ground. He definitely looks like a paste job right in front of a man (yellow cap) walking who seem oblivious to him. We were told that this man in shredded pants was tackled and arrested, and yet there are no tacklers in the Wikipedia image. The man in shredded pants sits completely untouched by anyone near the corner of the patio railing. This Wikipedia image is better than the one I saved:

In case the Wikipedia image disappears, see it here from my files, but for some reason it's not as crisp:

Expand the Wikipedia image large, for detail is very visible. I don't see Jeff's white shirt in there, nor anyone wearing a cowboy hat. Jeff's spot is conveniently covered over with a bald man walking, who is in the Jeff-Invisible scene further away from Jeff, and totally oblivious to Jeff. I mean, if the bald man was right in front of Jeff in the Wikipedia scene, why wasn't he helping Jeff in the Jeff-invisible scene since the two images are just seconds apart? The blonde can be seen sitting there in the same position as in the Jeff-Invisible scene.

Arredondo is in the Jeff-Invisible scene, and yet he's not in the Wikipedia scene. As the latter scene comes earlier in time by mere seconds, we would need to conclude that Arredondo pops onto the scene at the Jeff-invisible scene. Note that he's not walking at the time to reveal where he may have come from. He's got his back to the wood-slat fence. His testimony was that he jumped into the scene over the obstructions. Neither the red-haired girl nor anyone else looks as though she just saw Arredondo jump in from the scaffolding. He has apparently done nothing since jumping in. Why would anyone jump in to do nothing but stand there casually? Is he there to hand somebody a flag?

See the position of the hooded man on top of the woman in the Jeff-Invisible scene, for in the Wikipedia image, he is three feet away from that woman (and looking like a goon straight into the camera). Therefore, in the few seconds between these scenes, his position is drastically altered. You may think it easily possible for him to have dragged himself those three feet, but my point is that he is not at the scene at all, but was pasted in. His change of position is to hide the face of the woman lying flat on her back.

But there's a further problem, critical this time. In the Jeff-invisible scene, the woman on her back has her head past the hooded man, while the Wikipedia scene has the woman's head not nearly reaching the position of the hooded man. They goofed. The hooded man looks into the camera while his elbow lies on the EDGE of the red patio-stone border, while the woman's head is closer to the other end of the same patio-stone border...which is about seven feet wide according to the aerial view. That locates her head at least three feet further away from the man's head. The border can be seen plainly in the Jeff-Alone scene to be at least four feet wide (I count at least six patio stones in width, each stone about eight inches long).

Then, in the Jeff-invisible scene (as well as in the paintings), the hooded man is roughly in the middle of the red-stone area, and you can see that it's impossible for him to have been on the edge of that red stone because the Negro woman is herself well into the red stone. The woman lying flat on her back has changed positions about a foot from the time that she appears in the Wikipedia image to the time that we see her in the Jeff-Alone scene. Her head is now closer to the opposite side of the red stones. You can prove further that she has changed position because the white tear in her black pants is almost off the blood stain in the stretcher scene, while that same tear is in the middle of the blood stain in the Jeff-Invisible scene.

Inconsistencies are suggesting a fake job. In the Jeff-invisible scene, the woman in a spotted coat and jeans is walking into the scene from the opposite direction from where she's walking in the Wikipedia image. They goofed. If these images are truly from video frames, then the video should be able to justify what I'm seeing as unjustifiable inconsistencies. Where is the full video? Why hasn't it been released? [A small portion of the video was released; I'll talk about and show it shortly.]

In the Wikipedia image, the man in white t-shirt is walking fast just three or four steps before reaching the blonde. In the meantime, while he walks his three or four steps, the woman with beige sweater, who seems to be moving very slow, has gone from the front of the patio to the window with broken glass, some 10-15 steps. She walked past the shredded man, the woman in blue at the corner post of the patio railing, and the other person on the ground at the end of the patio; she's never seen helping anyone. The man in blue (he appears in the timeclock photo bending to help someone) has gone from beside the woman in spotted coat to the far side of the injured people. My estimated time between scenes, depending on whether any one of these people were real versus pasted, is 20 maximum, probably less because the woman in blue at the corner post, who does not appear seriously injured, hasn't moved position (when a person has adrenalin and heart pumping fast out of fear, they tend to move by no choice of their own). And the blonde is in the same sitting position all that time. The man in yellow cap has walked some 20 feet between scenes.

No one is interested in Jeff. The question is, why didn't they at least make it look like people were interested in helping Jeff? Was it to allow the cowboy to take the credit? Then why isn't there a shot of the cowboy helping Jeff? Are they preparing to release such an image if they deem it safe to do so, based on whether the public accepts these other images first? The man in yellow cap has not only walked past the man in shredded pants, but he too walked by Jeff without offering help.

There are several people in the paintings missing from the Wikipedia image and from the Jeff-Invisible scene just seconds later. Here's one shredded-pants scene; look at how many of the people there are missing from the Wikipedia image. The man in shredded pants has no sleeve on his left arm when he's running in one image, but the other image with man in shredded pants sitting, has a black sleeve. Are we to believe that there were two men with shredded pants, neither of them showing blood on their legs? Hello? Did the artists have any brains? Apparently not, for they dared release these images too.

The bomb site can be seen in the other paintings where there is a hole in the wood-slat fence. The hole is merely three feet wide and three feet high; the fence itself has not been blown down. The slats are only a 1/4-inch thick, 3/8-inch at most, and yet we are to believe that the explosive force ripped the pants off of one man, and the legs off of Jeff. The bomb quite apparently blew the brains out of the artists.

Now look at the real-timeclock image showing many police officers in yellow jackets and many marathon helpers in white coats all over the injury scene, with many more on the street. Where did they all come from suddenly so short a period after the Wikipedia and Jeff-Invisible scenes? I see no truck on the street that trucked them to the site? Why is there not one policeman visible from the Wikipedia picture through to the Jeff-Alone picture? It doesn't look good. It looks like the insiders want us to believe that all policemen etc. were blocked from the bomb site by the scaffolding and wood fence, and maybe that was just the plan of the bombers right from the start, hum?

Find the person who released the "video," and you will find one of the criminals. Make that criminal talk, and you will find others. Where are the brave judges, lawyers, police officers, and other officials of the land? Where are the heroes? Just be careful.

The Underwear Goon and His Bulging Pouches

I truly do not understand why the "video" below got out (it was not found until all the above was written). How could the people who produced this be so confident that their work would not be discovered with this leaked evidence? Is it right to assume that goons are also dummies? Good chance, and yet there must be another explanation for this. Someone who has this video is releasing it against the will of the producers, possibly, and yet the production itself is like a guilty finger pointing to itself. There are only a few seconds released, but enough to show a damning thing or two, as well as a hard mystery that I cannot at this time solve.

If the video above disappears, search "Crisis Actor Caught During Explosion," or see it here if it's still there:

It's not a normal video. It's like the animation that the FBI showed us for the brothers walking along with backpacks. What a coincidence. Here, compare with the FBI video:

The bomb-scene "video" looks like a literal animation, each still-frame created separately and played back-to-back to create the image of motion. It may not be an old-fashioned animation with each frame drawn on paper, but rather a computer-fabricated animation. It's easy to make this type of animation because it's not smooth-running; only a couple of frames per second is needed (I counted 20 frames over 10 seconds). Each frame is held in view for much longer than a frame would normally show. It's a hack job so far as animated movies go, and yet it's not cheap to produce.

Let's look at the contents. It turns out that there were two men with shredded pants. The one running can be seen right at the start. The other one (no blood, no nothing) is the main subject of the video, and he has two pouches, one at each pocket area, filled with what I'm seeing as spheres about the size of ping-pong balls (pause at the 10-second point to get a good view). Jeff becomes visible only momentarily.

There are three frames total of the running man with shredded pants. The first one is at the very first frame, at the :04 second mark (or see it again at :21), where his position matches this still image that I've been showing all along. The second frame with the same runner is also at :04 seconds, and this time his position matches this still image that I've been showing all along. The third frame at :06 seconds only shows his shoe.

As he is visible only in these frames but not visible smoothly across the page, it is very revealing. It's not a grand coincidence that the person who released the single images released the only two images that show up in the "video." There wasn't anything else to chose from. In other words, it is NOT a smooth-running video with many frames to choose from; it is NOT a video at all. Although I am not a video expert, I think I can bank on that claim. If I'm correct, the actors are not at the bomb site. The entire scene then becomes a studio production (though I still think that they superimposed their production onto the real-site patio stones).

If you can find any motion whatsoever in the "video" above, then I am willing to believe that a true video was first recorded, which then had every other split-second removed. However, each frame looks like a still picture to me, no motion whatsoever in any of them. That makes it a true animation, and, so far as I know, a true animation cannot come from the real scene.

The one who ultimately released this scene of Puffball Underwear Goon must have more of the "video." May we please see it all, we beg you? I tried to save even this fractional part of the video, but my youtube-saving system wouldn't do it. Here's the video at youtube with comments suggesting that the video was posted first by a Heliofant website:

The Underwear Goon reaches for something on his backside. What do you think that is? And why does he wear sacs filled to bulging? I've seen carpenter nail bags that look like the thing he has on. Did the balls get released to create fake blood on the patio? It seems very difficult to believe that balls would be squashed at the real scene to create fake blood, because the balls would themselves remain? Were the balls made of a disappearing membrane? James Bond would have something like that.

Were the people in the scene supposed to squish the balls to create the blood stains? No, because that would locate the Underwear Goon and his accomplices at the real crime scene. This is the major point: he and his pile of accomplices were pasted in. But why?

It just so happens that the largest blood stain on a satellite image is found between Underwear Goon and the street. In the "video," the elderly man in red jacket is sitting beside an elderly woman in red-and-black top, both of them right beside Underwear Goon. The two elderly people can be seen in the Wikipedia image right at the top of that bloodstain. It's really starting to look like the blood of that stain was applied by the objects in the pouches of Underwear Goon.

Or, someone just pasted him and them there to make us believe that idea. But why would insiders want us to believe that? Why would insiders point the guilty finger at themselves?

Look at the significant blood loss (coming in at least four streams two feet or longer) from under the elderly man, and yet his partner is not at all assisting him in his major injury, even after so much time has passed. Nor is he even nursing his own injury. They're pasted in fakes. I do not find these two in the timeclock images.

The Underwear Goon has moved to the corner of the patio railing in the image above, yet his underwear is now black. I don't get it. Perhaps there were too many artists working too fast to keep their story straight. He's given a white stripe around his waist, which is similar to the look of the other shredded-pants man running. Remember, goons cannot not very bright once their corruption makes them animalistic.

Whoever released this short "video" scene looks to have done so to purposely reveal the method by which the blood was applied to the patio. These people would have created a scene that explains how no ball got away that could be found later by a non-insider. This should explain why the goon releases the contents of the pouches right into a pile of people. But if you look closely, the artist arranged the contents to become trapped between some spread legs.

The woman looking like she's weeping suddenly brings her right leg (wearing pants) into the scene. At :07, she starts to swing her leg over to the right; she continues to move her leg about in the same general position until Underwear Goon approaches up-tight with her. At one point, her left leg (bare, lost the pant leg supposedly, but no blood on the leg) becomes visible nearly in a flat position on the ground to her left. Her legs are in a V shape just as Underwear Goon looks like he's doing something unexpected / inexplicable / suspicious with his hands to release whatever type of capsules are in the pouches. The pouches are now directly in front of the woman's spread legs, and where both her legs are flat on the ground, the capsules cannot get away from her. She and the woman next to her seem to have the same mission; we are to think that they were appointed the capsule squashers.

A black man appears in four frames walking with his hands on his ears. He's first seen at :05 seconds. Why would he be covering his ears several seconds after the blast? No one else in this particular scene is covering their ears. But in the shredded-pants paintings, there are other people with hands on their ears. The insiders wanted us to believe that we are seeing the real scene just a couple of seconds after the explosion, while the roar is yet in the ears of some. Yet, where the fence is blown open beside the woman in white top and dark sleeves, the ones closest to the explosion have no problems with their ears. Fake.

Next, go to the :04 mark again and note, in the very first frame, the smoke blocking the view of the runner and one or two heads near the foreground, and yet several of the others in the foreground are absolutely clear, no smoke in front of them whatsoever. In the second frame, the people in the foreground are still quite clear of smoke. Same goes for the third frame, fourth frame, etc...suggesting that they were not at the bomb site.

At :10 seconds, the goon's right hand is more behind him than in front of him. In the next frame, his hand goes even further back behind him to a suspicious, unnatural distance, like someone with an itch on his butt. Seriously, what's his hand doing that far back? His left hand is not visible as though it too is going behind him. Did he get ball bearings shot into his butt? I don't think so. What's he looking for? Still at :10, the goon looks like he's fishing for that white string we can see dangling, or perhaps he's looking for something else. The top of the string comes up to beside the pouch, as though a pull of the string might release the contents of the pouch.

In the next frame, I can't see whether he has the string in his hand. In the frame after that, at the end of :11, an interesting thing can be seen in the black belt he wears. It looks like two white strings are coming out of one hole each in the belt. One of the white strings going through the belt is on the right side of his back, and the other white string on the left side, as though a string each has been arranged for each pouch. It's not because we are super-intelligent that we have spotted this, keep in mind.

In the next frame at :12, it appears that his thumbs have gotten round the strings. You can see that the direction of the string coming out the right-side belt is headed straight for his right thumb. It's not because we are super-intelligent that we have spotted this, keep in mind.

What's left of his pants blocks most of the string, and yet much of the string is visible. In the next frame, both his hands have been lowered significantly as though he's pulling the strings. It's not because we are super-intelligent that we have spotted this, keep in mind. He's facing his woman accomplice straight on at this point, and maybe she's looking out the corner of her eye waiting for the rooster to lay his eggs. In the next frame, his hands are no longer behind him; he looks like he falls after that.

But wait. Why does the video end there with his back turned to the camera? Why can't we see what else the goon does after laying his eggs? Everyone wants to see if his pouches are emptied now, and yet it's left to mystery. Why didn't the one(s) releasing this video give it all to us??? I'm pounding on the table!

Another question. Why is his shirt up so high that we see half his back? Were they trying to make him sexy? I don't think so. Why is his shirt up so that we can see the strings in his belt? Hello? Didn't they want to hide that part? I don't think so. It's obvious that the man is pulling the strings, so why do the insiders want us to think that he's pulling the strings? Why would the insiders want us to think that the false blood was created thanks to the Underwear Goon and all his fellow accomplices? It makes no sense because the appearance of Jeff suggests that they were seeking to create the impression of a real bomb, and real blood. Perhaps the CIA has some sort of tactic called, Confuse Them into Submission.

Let me put it this way: if they didn't want us to know about the pouches and the strings, they wouldn't have had his pants blown off. They would have released the blood capsules in a less-conspicuous way. They could have had the pouches under some loose pants with the strings in the pockets, and the balls falling out the bottom of the pants. Totally invisible. Besides, there's other ways too to feign blood on the ground.

Was the "video" made by conspiracy believers trying to make the world believe that this was a fake bomb explosion by way of actors at the marathon location. Perhaps the conspiracy believers added Jeff to the scene to prove that they too are fakes too. But how could conspiracy believers make this production so fast after the bombing? They don't have that kind of money nor the contacts to experts in this field, do they? How would the conspiracy believers convince the media to release their video images?

The biggest problem: how would conspiracy believers be able to insert some of the people of the "video" into the real/timeclock images? Therein is all the evidence you need that the video was produced by someone having access to the official timeclock images released by such organizations as NBC and AP. But that would be true only if it can be proven that "video" images were pasted into the timeclock images. It may have been the other way around, with people taken from the timeclock photos and drawn into the "video" (I always add quotation makes on "video" to identify which video is be referred to).

Along with the Wikipedia image and this animation, I can count at least five people that are in the animation who also appear in the timeclock photos: person with bright red jacket who stands in front of Arredondo; woman in spotted coat and jeans; heavy-set woman in beige; woman in white with dark sleeves; man in scarlet-red coat. There may be others, but this is sufficient to show that, either: 1) the animation was created after the bombing where the producers made copies of the people at the event; 2) the people who appear in the animation were not at the bomb site but were pasted into the timeclock scene. We need clues to help us nail one option while disproving the other. I can't think of a viable third option.

It's important to find evidence for one option while disproving the other option because we could expect videos by insiders made to appear as though made by conspiracy believers. In this way, the insiders would contend that conspiracy believers have a fake-video operation(s). Is there any way to prove that the painted "video" comes from the insiders rather than conspiracy believers? The fact is, the gory scenes have many of the characters that the "video" has, as well as Arredondo and Jeff. I strongly doubt that conspiracy believers would add Jeff into their scenes if only to prove that he's a fake (by making him bloodless at the knees) because none of the timeclock images show that they in themselves act as evidence to expose Jeff as a fake (i.e. no need for conspiracy believers to fake images of Jeff). The finger points strongly to the insiders as the ones who provided fake images with Jeff seeing that there were no other images.

It can still be said that, although the gory scenes were produced by insiders, conspiracy believers were the ones making the "video." That could explain why the men had shredded pants and yet no wounds, as it tends to make the insiders look guilty of fraud.

Jeff and His Partners in Crime

Lets look at that smoke in the Jeff-Invisible scene. The small remnant of smoke is coming from where we see the woman in white with dark sleeves. The smoke looks added to cover the fact that the heap of people in the underwear-goon scene had been exagerrated in other productions. The elderly couple in red is not visible. If you strain to see through the smoke, the pile of people that was in the underwear-goon scene is not seemingly there. There are people all around made to look like they are concerned for the people in the heap, which may be evidence of pasting into the timeclock scenes.

The real pile is shown in this timeclock image. I see a woman in black with a little blood on her knee (she is supposedly the elderly woman in black and red, though she has the look of youth from behind), a person with purple top, and a person in a purple-and black checkered shirt, only one of which (i.e. the purple sweater) might be in the underwear-goon scene. Other than these three, I see no one at the scene where the woman had spread her legs.

But now, I've found yet another video scene of the pile-up (below), and while it has the woman in a purple sweater, the ball-squasher women are not visible. This scene is a near-perfect reflection of the timeclock image above (man in blue bending down in both images, with person in red coat beside him), and yet there are significant differences if you care to study them. A white cowboy hat appears (upper-right corner), but, once again, we don't see the man's face. Therefore, Arredondo was not likely under that hat. The fence is down, meaning that underwear goon has walked away by now. Once again, the spot where Jeff lay is much blocked, though Jeff's head and shoulders are visible. We still don't see either the EMT guy, or the woman who pushed Jeff's wheelchair. Nor is the wheelchair visible, and here it must be getting well into the third minute. Arredondo is still not helping Jeff.

It should be said that two people in red hats and white coats are found in this image that are, perhaps, to be regarded as the first inklings of the woman who pushed Jeff's wheelchair. We should expect the woman who pushed Jeff to appear in a scene shortly because, you can bet, images are being leaked slowly so that additional information can be added, in case it's needed and depending on how conspiracy believers are framing their arguments. They've had a good time of it accusing the fake legs, possibly explaining why Jeff's legs are not visible in this image (published above April 24, nine days after the bombing). Very apparently, no media has been given the copy of this video nor the painting video. In the same way, we can assume that the gory-scene video has not been made available to any media. Not even the timeclock video has been made available. All cards are being kept in hand in case the story needs to be changed. The media will recognize the inconsistencies between videos, and probably say little.

By the way, I can't hear videos in case you're wondering when I don't comment on video sounds. My sound card isn't working.

In the image above, one can tell that the scene is from a camera in the building because the view is not square with the patio stones, but rather is coming in on an angle, like the one that has the paintings (the latter has a greater angle yet). The timeclock images are perfectly square with the patio. Recall my comment that the one bending to help the hooded man is a fake because he wears blue latex gloves that are found only on people with marathon white coats / police officers / helpers with yellow vests. We now find another fake, in a Marathon blue coat and wearing blue gloves, beside Jeff. This is evidence of a paste, especially as there are zero marathon blue coats in the timeclock image of the crime scene. The man is bending NOT to help Jeff. It uncertain that anyone is stooping to help Jeff in this scene.

It may, at first sight, look like the man in red-scarlet coat is helping Jeff, but a closer look suggests otherwise. The man in red-scarlet coat is bending down in the timeclock scene exactly where Jeff is supposed to be, and yet I know Jeff is not there. Therefore, in the video image above, which the insiders may be trying to pass off as a timeclock scene, it appears that they pasted Jeff in and removed whoever it is that the man in red-scarlet coat was helping. It may not be coincidental that there is a big man blocking whoever it is that the man in red-scarlet coat is helping.

I was wrong at first to think that the red-scarlet man is helping the woman flat on her back in the timeclock image. I now realize that woman is gone at this two-minute point (she is NOT the woman standing up where she once lay). She was lying midway between the fence and the patio, but the red-scarlet coat is now nearer to the fence. This creates another inconsistency because the woman is still flat on her back in the stretcher scene that is past the two-minute mark.

To prove that the red-scarlet coat, in the timeclock scene, is not at the location of the woman flat on her back, draw a line from the knees of the elderly man through the knees of the elderly woman. These two persons are the ones mentioned earlier in red, though the elderly woman (bloody knee visible) is now turned so that only her black clothes are visible. The man is lying on the ground, and his knees are the beige pants. The line though these four knees goes right to where the hands are working of the man in red-scarlet coat. Now go to the video above showing Jeff's head and shoulders, and draw the line again from his knees through her knees to see that the line goes to the hands of the man in red-scarlet coat. He is stooped in both scenes, and it can be determined by various means that the scenes are just a few seconds apart. Therefore, the point is, the woman flat on her back, seen gone from, or standing in, the timeclock scene, or else is an inconsistency proving tampering.

It took me a while to discover that there is a white cowboy hat in the timeclock photo. I did not see the hat earlier because I was looking for it on a typical side view. The hat appears as a round shape seen head-on; it's amongst the scaffolding at the street curb just above the man with a bright red jacket. The man under the hat wears the same grey shirt that Arredondo wears. The face of the man is, again, not visible.

Arredondo (or whoever he is) is stooping slightly for a reason that can not be made out. There is no person visible where he is stooping, and an injured person is not expected at that location some ten feet past the wood-slat fence (the people were on the other side of the wood fence). He is pasted with the man in a red coat fully blocking the view so that we might not see what cowboy is stooping to.

Assuming that they pasted him in just to give the impression that he was indeed there, why wouldn't they have pasted him into the thick of things to look truly helpful? Because, if they pasted him over a person that could see him, that person would be able to testify later that he/she did not see a man in a cowboy hat attending him/her. Therefore, they may have thought best to paste Arredondo where there are no people. It would be a compromise, I suppose (if indeed he was pasted in), and besides it betrays his heroic statements to the press. How can we explain this over-sight of the insiders? Did Arredondo say more to the media than he was instructed, in hopes of achieving fame?

Arredondo, in the Jeff-Invisible scene, looks very out of scale, suggesting a paste. He looks way too large according to his nearness to the red-haired girl. You can see the wood-slat fence at his back, meaning that he is definitely inside the people-side of that fence. He's got to be standing right in front of the girl, therefore. If you draw a line down one edge of the grey patio stone to the fence, it strikes the fence some one or two feet from where Arredondo's feet are predicted to be, and then that patio stone is only about two feet long, meaning he's right in front of the patio stone.

In the fourth shredded-man image below (I've only shown this once before), the scene is identical with a frame in the :08 second point of the "video," just a couple of seconds after we see the black man above with hands on his ears. He can be seen in this image walking away from the underwear goon. You can see the elderly couple in red.

Look at the view of this shredded-man image through the bay window. That is one complicated piece of art if it was not taken by a video camera. Can conspiracy believers really have that sort of expertise at their disposal in fighting the FBI version of events? I'm going to assume that the paintings were an insider production to "prove" the reality of Jeff's injuries. It may be that conspiracy believers created merely the scene with the underwear goon, which is the only-known "moving" part of what is otherwise a set of still images.

Look at all the spectators along the flags not affected by the bomb. They are shown about 10 seconds into the bombing, and yet some are still looking at the street's runners. Why do these people not, as a mass, move toward the victims to help them out? Why, in the least, are they not visible as onlookers in the Jeff-Invisible scene...that's only about 20, 30, maybe 40 seconds in? Where have all those spectators gone? Perhaps they were never there; perhaps they're just a painting.

Here is another photo claiming to be Jeff Bauman in a Red Sox shirt. Near the end of the article there is a picture of a younger Jeff on his feet with a woman, and yet he has an ear lobe there. In the photo higher up on the page, he has no ear lobe. The injured Jeff at the marathon site also seems to have a lobe. It's possible today that a computer file filled with faces can be tapped into to instantly find similar faces; the FBI would have such a system.

Aside from the fact that Jeff's leg doesn't look real in the paintings, there are other problems. First, he manages to keep the leg pointed upward from scene to scene...not due to any reason other than the artist wanting to show it off, because Jeff's story is part of the insider plot and must be protected by the visible appearance of this injured legs. The artist is confident that we won't be able to prove fakery when comparing with the real photo of Jeff at the event. The artist has the fake leg in his possession while creating the images.

The insiders will balk at the claim that there's no evidence of blood in the Jeff scene. The blood on the patio, they will say, is from Jeff. Oh really? Cowboy said that the leg was bleeding bad when he got to Jeff, and here we see him seconds after the explosion, no blood running from the leg. With the leg pointed up, there is expected to be blood dripping down the leg toward the knee. No such thing is visible, either because the artist was an idiot (not likely), or because the crew decided they wouldn't deck Jeff out that way in the real photos. Note that Jeff is conveniently placed with his shirt outside the bloody part of the pavement so that they did not need to supply him with a bloody shirt for the real photo. If someone was able to get that bloody shirt, they could have done tests to prove it wasn't his blood.

That can explain why the FBI appeared at Arredondo's house to take away the clothes he wore at the event, so that no one might test them to discover that it wasn't Jeff's blood upon them. Or, hopefully, the ones who took his clothes were normal investigators who will ultimately release evidence that it was not Jeff's blood.

There is an "excellent" picture in the paintings of Jeff's leg way up high. It's excellent because the flesh of the leg, where it meets the bone, is tight around the bone. This can not be reality. The skin should be unattached to the bone. The skin should be flapping lose from the bone, and yet it looks like the drumstick of a chicken where the chicken flesh starts to form the hard, thin part of the lower parts of a chicken leg. Humans don't have that. Here's a comment from a retired policeman:

That said, I'm a little perplexed at why the skin on the left leg looks as if it's shrink-wrapped around the protruding bone. I've never seen anything like that. Most are flayed open like freaking hamburger meat, even if they're not bleeding profusely..

The comments in the webpage above include passionate and insulting cries begging us to believe that Jeff is authentic. Expect his inner circle to be hard at work at Before it's News. Expect them to lie with sophisticated jargon. Some are expecting us to believe that the explosion burned the legs as to fuse them shut to keep them from bleeding badly. One writes: "Please feel free to explain that to my coworker who is still having shrapnel cleaned from his legs. He was the hooded man in sunglasses..." Lies like that are to be expected at sites with conspiracy believers. Comments like that are supposed to trump all the investigations and the common sense of people who see fakery. Most commentators on that page have not likely investigated deeply, which would only result in witnessing more fakery. Expect some inner circle people to pose as bad-mouthed, idiotic conspiracy believers, like the one who used "black bitch" to speak on the Negro woman. Some are trying to make people feel ashamed for claiming a hoax, hoping the general readership will stay clear of that idea. Never mind the claims at blogging sites, for inner-circle people at blooming sites are part of the sham. Instead, look at the evidence as I point it out over much investigation here.

On second thought, perhaps the entire crew was idiotic, for there is not one drop of spattered blood visible on any of the clothes of the people in all of the paintings. What happened to all that flying metal we heard about? Didn't it strike some of the faces we see? Do you live in Boston? Before they replace the tree at the scene, check for any scrapes or holes made by the flying metal. Not one face has a drip of blood from flying metal...until we get to the Negro woman on a stretcher (scroll down). However, this woman does not have the face of the Negro woman in the paintings. Note the sort of watery blood in the patio stones where she is on the stretcher. It's very unlike the patchy blood seen in the bright-red gory scenes. This watery blood looks real, and yet there seems to be much more than expected from merely the leg wound of the woman on her back.

The location of the woman on the stretcher is beside the blonde woman with one shoe (the latter is visible in the stretcher image too). Her running shoe (not on her foot) is near the head of the woman on the stretcher...i.e. it tells us exactly where the stretcher is located. The black bag that apparently belongs to the blonde is now beside a white area with little blood, whereas the same bag in the Jeff-Invisible scene was beside a bright, exagerrated blood patch. That bright patch is not visible in the stretcher scene. It therefore appears that ambulance people are on the scene at this time, and here they are taking this woman away (with light injuries) instead of taking Jeff away. Not credible.

The man in a scarlet-red coat, stooping over a woman flat on her back, looks natural, i.e. having proper concern on his face, like a normal person would. He can be seen at the same spot in the timeclock photo. It appears therefore, that this man and the woman were real people at the event. If the timeclock photo above disappears [apparently it did disappear by August], see it at from my files:

I'm trying to figure out, as I go along, why the fence was added into this area at all, but the scaffolding seems even stranger. This is a big marathon that does not call for scaffolding between the runners and the onlookers smack at the finish line. It's ludicrous, but I'm sure they have a logical explanation. Do they? Yes, they used the scaffolds to hold up the flags. But isn't there a better way to hold up flags than that ugly sight? Ever heard of post-and-wire? Was the scaffolding and fence there to allow preparations for this hoax? Was the scaffolding there to disallow any outsider from taking a look over the fence?

Arredondo is holding his cherished white hat in his hand, meaning he has no wet blood on his hands at that time. Why is there (in the Jeff-Invisible scene) something in the spot where Jeff is supposed to be, and yet we can't make out what it is? Why does it look like there is no person there? Why do the people, standing a couple of feet from where Jeff's head is supposed to be, seem totally oblivious to Jeff? You know the answer.

In the multiple paintings with Jeff faked in, the shoe of the hooded man can be seen on the grey patio slab (about 16 inches wide) that appears in the Jeff-Invisible and Jeff-Alone scenes. Then, his shoes are three feet away from the slab in the Jeff-Invisible scene. Are we to think that he pushed himself further away so that he could use the injured woman as his elbow rest?

It gets worse. Judging from where his foot is in the beginning, his butt must be in the blood right up tight to the Negro woman. The man's butt is very-apparently in line with the side of the patio stone. Therefore, go to the Jeff-Alone scene, and draw a straight line from the edge of the patio stone up toward the cup in the large pool of blood. If the scene is a true picture of reality, the man's butt was smack beside the cup, smack in the pool of blood. His butt and other body parts should therefore have smeared that blood as he moved positions three feet further away. I see no such smudging. In fact, I see a bloodless spot in a straight line between the cup and the final resting place of his butt.

It gets worse, for it's his left leg that was on the patio stone, meaning that his right leg was flat on the pavement and therefore flat on the blood. According to his position in the paintings, his right foot (and cup) must be under his left knee, assuring that at least the right thigh of his jeans was flat on the blood. Yet, while some of the thigh area of the jeans is visible in the Jeff-Alone scene, it isn't soaked in blood. That's because the hooded man was pasted in.

In the first painted scene, the hooded man's head is directly over the Negro woman's head. He was right in the pool of blood supposedly coming from Jeff's legs. Her head is seen faintly between Jeff's legs (i.e. the artists/insiders are merciless goons for fashioning the scene in this way). Her butt is between Jeff and the cup in the Jeff-Invisible scene, and yet, in the Jeff-Alone scene, where she is gone, there are bare spots in the pavement, without blood, right where her body parts were shifting around. There is no way that she could have been on that spot and not completely smudged up the area noticeably. But there are no smudge markings as we would expect. Besides, we can be sure that the insiders added in more blood than was there originally so that, originally, there were even more bare/bloodless spots around the cup.

Look at that large spattering of blood between the grey patio stone and the cup in the Jeff-Alone scene. Just so you know which I'm talking about, part of that spatter juts into the patio stone. That spatter isn't in the Jeff-Invisible scene. Who put it there?

The Negro woman is gone before the fence was knocked down. Her stretcher cuts right across where the fence once was. On the ground, beside her stretcher, there is a sign that made its way into the photo to congratulate all the insiders. The sign reads:



Did you ever ask why Jeff's leg never straightens in any of the scenes? You'd think he still has the ability to straighten the knee joint, and that the pain would cause some leg motion that would at times straighten the knee joint. But then I'm not a medical man. And so here we hear from a medical man (from webpage above where I got the "paintings"):

I've studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I've been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doa's. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

...If you loose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you're dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened, you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see what's called arterial spurting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the "tourniquet"...

It's not even tied off, it's suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There's no pressure applied. There's no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts). His hands have no blood on them. There's no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

...This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the first explosion.

Insiders will provide their own medical "experts" to say to the contrary. I can't wait for that argumentation battle to begin.

I don't agree with his analysis of the video images. He thinks that Jeff in faked legs is at the bomb site. That's why this update is important, because it gives another theory, that he was in hiding somewhere. He says that the hooded man poured fake blood on the pavement while in the Jeff zone, and later the writer shows a bottle (in one of the gory scenes) on the ground from where he thinks the blood was poured from.

However, the same problem applies that I pointed out earlier: the hooded man's arse and thigh should have smudged the area badly with visible smudge markings, and moreover the sides of his jeans should be soaked in fake (or real borrowed) blood. So, I don't think these were actors at the scene. They may have acted in a studio, with the studio production then superimposed upon the real bomb-site scene. It seems terribly wrong to assume a pure staging on-site in real time.

The webpage (link below) that has the medical quote above shows Jeff, reportedly, in a hospital bed. One problem is that his eyebrows are very far (about one inch) apart while Jeff in his wheelchair, even if we ignore what could be a smudge on one brow, has brows only half the distance. Jeff in the wheelchair is very thin-faced with bony cheeks while the man in the bed has a plump look at the cheeks. The tip of the nose of the man in the bed is dead-center between his eyes and mouth, while the tip of Jeff's nose is nearer to his mouth. They covered the hairline of the man on his hospital bed, if he has a hairline. More desperation on the part of the insiders, isn't it? The problem is, the media putting the insider story out is thousands of times more capable for that effort than the conspiracy believers putting out their views. If not for the Internet, can you imagine how much more the insiders would have advanced by now to manipulate society?

Hollywood has access to hospital beds and hospital studio props which may have been used for the photo above. The men smiling in the picture are brave and stupid all at once for showing partnership with the insiders.

Here's a comment at the page above:

I agree. I wuz an EMT for nearly 28 years, and for six of those I wuz a EMT-P, a paramedic, working on ambulances on my days off...Horrific vehicle accidents, shootings, knife wounds and industrial accidents and NEVER have I seen blood the color in those [marathon] pics.

Another photo of the bomb site has cropped up, only this time from the opposite direction, and it too shows a cowboy hat. Once again, we never see the man's face. The cowboy is now rolling up the wood-slat fence rather than helping Jeff as he said he was. This shows the moment when the police first stepped into the bomb site, taking place before the timeclock scene at two minutes into the bombing. Jeff is supposedly in great pain on the ground just 10 feet from the man with cowboy hat, and so Arredondo's story simply isn't checking out that he hopped over the scaffolding and rushed to Jeff with heroic concern.

The scene looks real, but not everything is likely real. Jeff is blocked from the scene once again, because he was never there. The red-haired girl is now gone, though perhaps they tried to make a little red show in acting as her sweater. If she was there, the cowboy would be stepping on her. If she was there, he'd be helping her before removing the fence. She had little room to begin with. She has always looked faked to me because she lay there in the same position too long with no injuries visible, and no pain or expected expression evident on her face. They may have added her in to cover something, but the point here is that the cowboy is working where she lay as additional evidence that she was never at the site. It's important to be able to prove that pasting was done in the gory scenes, for that's where Jeff appears in all his gory.

The Negro woman (white top, red jacket) can be seen lying in her original spot, to the right of the marathon helper standing in beige pants. It's not correct to have her there, according to the Jeff-Alone scene where the Negro woman is gone and the red-haired girl is still lying there. If the Negro woman is gone, it must mean that the cowboy is well past the red-haired girl in rolling up the fence.

I know what you might say if you're an Obama lover. You'd rather believe that cowboy stepped right over the girl and has passed her by in unrolling the fence. I'm not willing to believe that the girl just lay there while cowboy was coming through, and she's apparently up on her feet according to where we can see her red clothing. As the Jeff-Alone scene (with girl lying down) is later than the point where the cowboy has reached the girl, we have no choice in this picture but to conclude that the girl got up and moved for him, and then laid herself back down in the same spot. Sorry, I don't buy that as reality. Therein is the contradiction, that the girl is up before the Negro in one image, with the reverse shown in another image.

The Obama lover has the additional problem of explaining how the cowboy just left Jeff there all alone in a most-horrific scene. The girl herself looks oblivious to his existence. It's a very good thing that Jeff doesn't bleed normally or he would have been dead by the time cowboy got to him more than two minutes after his legs were gone. If you still want to love Obama after realizing these things, you just be my guest. You might want to think that Obama has nothing to do with this, but that's your love for him doing the thinking.

In the Jeff-Alone scene, see if you can find Jeff's right knee, the one without the bone. If I'm not mistaken, what's supposedly left of Jeff's knee joint is that reddish round thingie near the red-head's head. But that knee is extending about a foot further than Jeff's other knee, which is way out of whack. He had two bare legs earlier in the paintings, and here we now see black pants on his right leg right down to the knee. Even the sinews / flesh hanging down from the left leg looks fake.

In the image with cowboy rolling the fence, Jeff is the unidentifiable thingie or UFO seen past the Negro woman. If we ask why anyone would release this image rather than one showing Jeff plainly, we'll probably get one soon enough from the manufacturers. The fact is, thus far, we got this one, and not Jeff. We got this one with Jeff blocked out. Why? Surely, somewhere along the way of the video, Jeff appears unblocked again. Why not just release the video???

There is a man with yellow jacket bending over to help Jeff, but it's not the EMT guy because the latter has black on his sleeves / shoulders. There is no sign of the EMT guy, and time is running out for Jeff's' blood supply. It's too late now to paste the EMT guy into the scene. It's too late now to paste cowboy stooping down to Jeff. They've played their cards already. The Obama lovers really have a big problem if this should become a national discussion.

Look at that circular black object on the patio stones at the bottom center of this new fence-rolling image. There is a large blood stain next to it that is closer to the injured people than the black object itself. However, that blood patch is not there in the Jeff-Invisible scene, where the black object is in the very same position in the lower-right corner. The blonde woman has changed position, yet her foot remains in the blood stain that it supposedly created in the first place. There is white on the ground under her sock to show where blood was not able to reach due to her sock being planted there for so long (we are to believe).

No matter what the view, we never get to see the face of the woman lying on her back. She is once again blocked.


Now, for the video that's come out showing Jeff being wheeled away from the crime scene. WHAT? YOU'RE KIDDING?

Why did they release it about ten times faster than normal speed??? When should I start to laugh?

The video comes from the upper heights of the scaffolding that, in my impression, was the press box. Why would a major media release this video at this speed? It could only make us suspicious and add fuel to the debate on whether Jeff is for real.

As there was a planned bombing, no media would be allowed into this press box, or whatever it was (one can see a row of cameras on tripods in there), that wasn't privy to the crime. Put this video on a separate browser so that you can follow along to make some big discoveries :

[I apologize if the video doesn't seem available any longer at the webpage above. It is, as of September, partly shown in a Youtube video called, "Boston Bomb Fake Prothetic Falls Off -- New Footage":]

While the scene is not many minutes after the bombing, there is no line of ambulances at the site. Not a wonder, for medics at the scene could easily catch the Jeff hoax. Therefore, the insiders gave some excuse not to have ambulances come right up to the site, even though there were supposed to be a dozen or more people without limbs. With missing limbs, that wheelchair walk that we see Jeff's buddies taking would have meant life and death.

Of course there can be more than one reason why the speed is so ridiculously fast. If the imagery of Jeff's crew is pasted in, we might be harder pressed to discover it at this speed. Guessing, I'd say six out of every seven frames have been removed. But we don't need to check the frames closely for any rotten thing, because the face value tells it all. Not one person that I can see turns to look at Jeff as they wheel him by. Do you think that's reality? I mean, when's the last time a guy in a chair came rolling by you with bones and sinews showing from two legs blown to smithereens? Might it justify a slight turn of the chin as he went by?

I've looked at the one person who seems to be getting out of the way of the wheelchair, but that sudden change in direction can be explained in other way.

The first thing that comes to mind is that they had Jeff hiding out in the blue stand on the right. But as no one looks at him go by, I have a hard time believing that he took the route they are showing us. Note that he arrives to the end of our vision at the same time as another wheelchair. The latter chair is actually ahead of the Jeff crew, and yet we see them sitting way behind in the Jeff photo below. Look on top of Jeff's hair, and you will see the other wheelchair and its crew. Why did they stop?

Yes, if you look closely at the other wheelchair as it races along, the person pushing is a white-coat, while the one in front of the chair has an orangey color, and the one sitting in the chair has dark clothes, just like the three over Jeff's head in the image above. As you can see, the head of the one in dark clothes is lower than the head of the man in red and yellow, because the dark one must be sitting down in a chair. So, why did this chair and its crew stop as soon as it got out of camera view? Did you see where it came from?

Why is it that the first we see of the other wheelchair, it's starting coming into the scene of the National Guard SUV vehicle??? Very suspicious.

The chair and the one pushing it appear out of nowhere at the start of the scene (:43 seconds). There are so many frames missing that someone could be getting out of that vehicle, who we might not be able to see clearly, to become involved with the wheelchair. What would it mean, in your mind, if someone got out of the SUV, and into a wheelchair, in this scenario where we also see Jeff's crew? Wouldn't it suggest that people in and around the National Guard vehicle were feigning an injury victim?

Yep. The purpose could be to bring Jeff's wheelchair by faking the pushing of an injury victim. I can't see any other purpose for risking this wheelchair drive-by at the SUV.

Now you know why you need to read carefully, and follow directions carefully, unless you know how to study the frames yourself. Just so you know before we begin, the black object outside the vehicle, seen after the wheelchair goes away, looks to be the wheelchair seen in this scene [I apologize, but I think this johniesblog website has disappeared; see the excuse here]. Note the location of the white electric cart, for this appears in the wheelchair video. Note too that, aside from police and firemen, there are only two men showing with yellow vests with dark sleeves (one on the finish line and another in the lower-left corner).

There is little way that you can see what's happening in the wheelchair video unless you are a good double clicker with your mouse, and you should have a magnifying glass. I double-clicked so many times that my mouse started not to work well; it started to jump a couple of frames at every double-click. Hopefully, you won't have that problem. After repeating the scene 20 times (that was just for starters), it all started to sink in as to what may have been happening.

The scene plays itself out three times during the video. The first instance starts at :43, but at that time, one cannot make out where the wheelchair is coming from. The second instance, starting is at 1:01, shows the wheelchair coming from about 20 feet in front of the SUV, but it's not at all coming from the injury site. This is in itself suspicious. Shouldn't people in wheelchairs be coming from the injury sight???? Yes, and the only way to have a wheelchair coming from the front of the SUV is to have no one in the chair, otherwise it looks suspicious to the people. I could be wrong, but I'm going to go with this theory.

If you watch the scene repeatedly starting at 1:01, you will notice that, off to the right side of the front of the SUV, there are men in black coats standing that must be National Guard operators because one of them walks to the passenger door area of the vehicle. He walks over just before the approaching wheelchair has arrived.

The chair does a large curve as it comes toward the vehicle because the National Guard people are in the way. Instead of driving around the National Guard men, away from the SUV, the chair is first seen swerving closer to the SUV; it cuts right across the side of the SUV within three feet, by the looks of it. Isn't that suspicious?

Having seen all that a few times, let's start by pausing at :42 seconds. Don't double-click the video image, but double-click the start/pause button. Double-click quickly as many times as necessary to get the new scene started at :43. At that time you can see a black object that is the upper body of a National Guard man moving at the side door area (he is the one who soon hands someone a bag from out of the vehicle). Double-click fast so that only the slightest of movement takes place. You don't want to miss anything. Register in your mind what you've seen taking place. When ready, double-click again and register the event of that split-second. Do it over and over until you get the gist of what's showing. I'll tell you what I see.

There is no wheelchair visible throughout the 43rd second aside from the black chair shown above that never moves. The approaching wheelchair throughout this second is blocked from your view by the National Guard man at the passenger side of the vehicle. At the start of :44, a darkish head with whitish coat can barley be seen directly above his backpack. This must be the person pushing the approaching wheelchair.

For the next point, you need to see the white area between the National Guard man above and a second man with black coat standing off to the right side of the front of the SUV. This white area is rectangular in shape, and it allows us to see someone coming out of the SUV. The head of person in the whitish top (that is being referred to above) is just slightly off the top-left corner of this white rectangle shape. The bottom of the rectangle is actually the top line of the back of the motionless black wheelchair.

Double-click fast to see the next event, which includes the darkening of the head on top of the white coat. That head has also moved slightly (away from the vehicle) as though it's curving in the direction expected of the wheelchair. Double-click one more time and you should see the white rectangle invaded by something black coming from the SUV. On the next double-click, that black object now becomes isolated within the white surrounding color (what used to be the rectangle). It looks like the head and upper body of a person. Do not mistaken this person with the National Guard man at the passenger door, for the latter will come out later from that door area. At this point, the head of the person with a white coat (mentioned above) is directly above the black head of the new person that has appeared. The black person is perfectly upright.

Double click again to see the next event, where the black person is still isolated with white all around, and has moved still further from the SUV. He wears no backpack, for he is too thin to be wearing one. His head lowers down slightly toward his front, like one beginning to stoop. He's on his way into the wheelchair, I figure. We are still in the 44th second. The person with white coat is now very visible to the right of this black person. That is, the person in white is about one human width further out from the SUV than the black person, as expected if the black one is going down into the chair.

Yes, I'm thinking that the wheelchair was empty upon approach, and that someone from the SUV got in. But why? It makes no sense. Why risk this thing?

In front of the white person, and also further out from the black person, there is a low black object that looks square, but with a head on top of it. Don't be deceived into thinking that this is the wheelchair with person riding in it. Instead, this object is a National Guard man standing on the backside of the SUV. You can make out his legs and boots. His job may be to hide what's happening at the wheelchair from the cameras.

On more double-click, and we're into the 45th second. The head of the black image of the person who came from inside the SUV has disappeared, but his body is still visible. he must be stooping to get into the chair. His head is being blocked by a person standing in front of the wheelchair, the one who will be escorting the wheelchair, later to be identified as an orangey person. When the wheelchair has cleared the area, this black person from the SUV is not seen again, thus proving in my mind that he's gotten into the wheelchair.

At the next double-click, a man in grey shirt with black sleeves has walked into the scene (he's to the left of the National Guard man standing behind the SUV), and the wheelchair becomes very visible beside him. One more double click and the white coat with dark head becomes visible pushing the chair. Thereafter, the image of the man in grey shirt walks off, but the black person who came from the SUV is no longer there. That's why I think he got into the wheelchair.

By the way, it turns out on close inspection that the various men in grey shirts and black sleeves are wearing yellow vests that the camera doesn't pick up clearly. The camera also has trouble picking up red hats, though it has no problem picking up the deeper yellow vests.

Lets back up to :43 again and note the man in a grey shirt with grey sleeves walking over the finish line behind the National Guard vehicle. He walks closely around the National Guard man at the rear of the vehicle. He's further from the camera than the National Guard man by the time we see the black man from the SUV lowering his head. He therefore helps to block the view of the man climbing into the chair.

The man in grey shirt stands (from :45) in front of the black wheelchair (the one that never moves) for some seconds of real time while the National Guard man at the passenger door is still there, moving. The latter take a bag from the SUV. Yes, for at :49, the man in grey shirt starts to walk away with nothing visible on his back, and yet he has a black bag on his back just after mixing with the National Guard man that was at the passenger door.

Yes, after doing a small curve away from the vehicle, he comes back toward the vehicle and meets the National Guard man who had been at the passenger-door area. They blend in together as one image for some seconds (of real time), and as soon as the National Guard man is out of the way, the man in white shirt is wearing the bag on his back. The last we see of him, he's watching the injury area with another man in a white shirt with dark sleeves. What do you think they handed him? Was it nothing at all, or to do with the crime?

The National Guard man who handed him the bag turns so that the black backpack on his back becomes visible. I think I know who it is. I have been looking at these men under a magnifying glass for so long that I can sometimes recognize them by sheer body motion. I think it's the one who handled the nuclear-radiation device. During the huddle image, he's the one with backpack near that front side of the SUV.

As was said, the scene all repeats itself starting at 1:01, but it does so just a little earlier than the first time around. This time, the man in the grey shirt who would take the bag starts off coming in from quite a distance from the vehicle. I am absolutely sure that he's coming from the two men standing against the bleachers. At 1:08, one of these two walks away, and the remaining man appears to have exactly the same grey shirt with dark sleeves. The remaining man is doing something in his bag for quite a while. Then the scene ends.

Why should someone get out of the National Guard vehicle to a wheelchair, while at the same time a man comes to the scene to receive a bag from a National Guard man??? By what coincidence do we find these things at the same time in which the Jeff-wheelchair act is being shown???

There is yet a third person with a grey shirt and dark sleeves, and he eventually bumps into the first one who took the bag from the National Guard operator. This third one comes out from the lower-right corner at :43 with a bag in his hand, and he's the one who appears to curve around the Jeff crew in the middle of the street. At :48, he stops in his tracks and looks back, then continues on toward the SUV. At :53, he is right beside the man who took the bag from the National Guard operator. They probably had a quick word, though they split up, perhaps not wanting to be seen together.

Another key point is that, at :53, some National Guard men start to rip away the advertising from the bleacher walls. The bleacher panels would soon be ripped away for inexplicable reasons...unless it has to do with Jeff.

As both wheelchairs arrive to the same spot (under the press box) at virtually the same time, shouldn't we ask why? Were the fakers concerned that Jeff had to arrive at a certain time so as to be consistent in some ways? That is, if he arrived too early or too late, the viewer might be able to catch an inconsistency?

In this long-knee image of Jeff's chair (he's a few feet past the press box), one can see that the last blue panel on the bleachers, appearing under the visor of the woman's red hat, is no longer dark blue, as it was throughout the marathon (while showing a dark-blue Adidas advertisement). In other words, the advertisements on the bleachers must be totally gone by the time Jeff and crew are in the still shot (I'll call it a photo). But, to the contrary, we were shown Jeff arriving to the place of his photo while the advertisements were only starting to come down.

That's an inconsistency. Jeff's wheelchair crew moving along was either pasted in at the wrong time, or Jeff and crew waited under the press box for some time, until after the Adidas advertisement and the panels were removed, before posing for the photo. It's inconceivable (in real life, anyway) that Jeff's helpers would wait even a minute under the press box under his circumstances, and so the first option must be the correct one: they pasted the Jeff wheelchair scene. That's all we need to know that yet another fake job was done using this camera too, and that makes the camera owner part of the guilty insiders. Can these various people not be sued / punished if the police refuse to charge them?

The likelihood, based on where the National Guard SUV is parked, is that Jeff was under the bleachers, and was removed after the National Guard men ripped the advertising off. This allowed the door into the underside of the bleachers to become accessible/usable. Where else would they hide a man in a wheelchair? Not likely in the SUV, though possible, because he would be slightly visible through the glass. The fact that the National Guard men did virtually nothing, and are then suddenly seen working the bleacher advertisement, speaks to Jeff being under the bleachers.

Did you notice that there is no one walking in the same direction as the two wheelchairs? They didn't want people under the press box that were not supposed to be there at that time, right? The three men beside the bleachers (included the one who took the bag at the SUV) were insiders, no problem for their being at that spot. The man in black standing on the bleachers, the one who is seen signaling the National Guard men to remove the advertising, was an insider too. There is one more person only in the bleachers, and he's dressed like a National Guard man (has large white tag at the zipper at the location of the large white tag of the skull-logo National Guard man). He appear in a frontal view here:

By now, decades later, the people who conduct these fake jobs have recruited hundreds of people sworn to secrecy, and proven to be "acceptable" in some way. Loyal satanists come to mind.

Throughout the scene, I counted about 25 people walking in the one direction from under the press box, but only three people, in all that time, walking in the same direction as the wheelchairs. Two of the three wore the white coats with beige pants donned by the National Guard helpers, while the third person can be seen coming around the bleacher corner, like one who had been communicating with the Jeff crew under the bleachers. Isn't this all very suspicious, like a National Guarded secret event? This third person comes round the corner just as the man in black moves to give the signal for removing the advertising.

In one of the images at this johnniesblog page (good shot of the inside of the press box), you can see the corner spot where the third man came from; it appears that one might be able to get in under the bleachers by simply removing (or swinging open) a panel made for the purpose. In the image where this corner is shown, and where there are many people, spot the man in white coat and red hat facing the camera; he looks like the man who pushed the other wheelchair (you can get a close-up of him over the head of Jeff in his still photo).

The one who walked along side that wheelchair wore a yellow jacket with some red (thus his orangey color in the video scene), but I never see any other people in those two color combinations aside from the Boston firemen who arrived late. However, in front of the man in red cap in the crowd above, there is a man in yellow jacket with some red, and he's neither a fireman nor a police officer. He too wears a red cap, wherefore note that the scene above Jeff's head shows what looks like the same two men with red caps. Where it appears that there is long blonde hair coming from under a red cap, it's a deception due to the white shapes in the blue background.

When one expands the image of these two guys with caps, it appears that the blue panel behind the driver of the wheelchair has already been tampered with. In fact, it's not blue at all there, but grey with a thick white horizontal bar. Let me repeat from earlier in this update:

Above the visor of the same woman's hat, you can see a blue panel that can be determined NOT to be a front bleacher panel, but rather some blue part up in the bleachers. The grey area, under the woman's visor, with a white horizontal bar running through it, is where the front panel once was (or per chance it may be the blue Adidas advert), only now one can view the white backs of the chairs in the bleachers (i.e. the white horizontal bar is a view of the backs of the chairs). Therefore, the panels may have been removed by the time that Jeff and crew are in this image. Therefore, Jeff was photographed AFTER they removed at least the advertising drapes.

Although I call it a Jeff photo, it's probably from a video because they had the option of providing for us a particular image that happens to block the panel area. They probably didn't want us to know that the panels were down by that time.

To prove that the blue area above the woman's visor is not a front panel, go back to the scene with the crowd wherein both men in red caps are seen, and look under the press box. From the ground to the top of the front panels, there are six rows of white decoration on the blue "wallpaper." However, there are nine rows of white decoration to the top of the blue area over the woman's hat. As you can see, there is no blue area all along the back of the bleachers, but there is a blue area having "Patriots' Day" written on it. The camera lens taking Jeff's still picture must be striking that blue area above the woman's visor.

Again, there is a timeclock image showing 4:12:50, three minutes after the bomb went off, showing all the advertising on the bleachers. The National Guard vehicle is not yet in position for the wheelchair video. By the time they additionally took the advertising and panels off, it must have been significantly later than three minutes after the bombing...but that's okay because lucky Jeff doesn't bleed when his legs go missing.

Look at all the people in the bleachers when the three minute mark is shown. There is no one visible in the bleachers (aside from two insiders) in the wheelchair video. In the image where the panels are shown coming down, there are two black coats in the bleachers, as well as just one more person with a blue marathon jacket (has dark-blue cap, not light-blue like others). This must be near the time that Jeff was wheeled away, and yet the cord that holds the timeclock, as well as the timeclock, are gone. How long do you think it takes to remove that cord and timeclock? I'd say 10 minutes minimum. But that's okay because Jeff is lucky...

In the crime scene during the wheelchair video, all the flags and all the scaffolding are gone. That takes more than ten minutes.

Is it not conspicuous that bleacher panels are being removed just as Jeff is slated to make his exit? In that image (see it here), the man who gave the order to remove the advertising may be the one in the bleachers with grey hair. I don't know that Jeff is gone yet from under the bleachers at this time, due to the many people around and in the area where he would be photographed. However, the other wheelchair has made its trip by this time with some certainty. The black wheelchair is in position at the National Guard vehicle, but the National Guard men are not around the vehicle anymore. There appears to be a guard standing (like a guard) in the corner of the bleachers.

There are two people in this image with the dull-yellow jackets and dark sleeves that may apply to the one who took the bag at the SUV.

A key factor in this image is that the electric white cart in front of the National Guard SUV is parked right where we see it parked in the wheelchair scene. It didn't start off at that location however. It started off parked beside the SUV, as though blocking a view of the wheelchair as it passed, and then, as soon as the wheelchair takes off from the SUV, the cart also moves to park in front of the SUV. The person driving the cart gets out, and he too has a white-grey shirt with dark sleeves. He walks to the crime scene. Therefore, the wheelchair has left the area of the SUV by the time of this image in which the bleacher panels are in the midst of being ripped off. Almost all National Guard men around the SUV have gone to do something else, but will return, according to images at a later time.

However, there is one National Guard man (shows a black sleeve, anyway, and beige boot/shoe) visible at the open passenger door. His sunglasses are on his hat, yet the hat is not black but more like beige/grey. There were at least two National Guard men at the event with a cap in that color. Here is the image if the SUV huddle with no timeclock cord and no bleacher advertisements showing.

The position of two chairs about four feet from the photo-finish camera at the finish line are identical (roughly, anyway) to the position of the same chairs when comparing them in huddle image and the timeclock image three minutes from the bombing (in the huddle image, only the legs of one chair can be seen). These chairs are moved, however, in the wheelchair video, meaning that the huddle image took place before the wheelchair arrived to the SUV. In the huddle image, the white cart cannot be seen in the front of the SUV for that reason. The chairs are also not in the same position in the image showing the panels ripped off.
The New World Rope

The following eye-witness account was found:

And then there's a jarring interview on a Boston-area radio call-in program called the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show from a woman named "Linda," who says she witnessed the shootout between the two brothers and police in which Tamerlan was killed. The woman, who says she was staying over at her boyfriend's house on Watertown's Dexter Street, claims they "rushed to the front" of the house when they heard the commotion and "saw the suspect get hit by a Police SUV, and then after he was hit, get shot multiple times." Clarifying, under questioning from the radio host, she says he was hit first by the police, and then adds, "from what we saw early this morning I'd be hard pressed to think he was actually pronounced dead at the hospital, I mean from the injuries that he incurred in the street I would say he was probably dead when he was put in the ambulance."...Of course, "Linda" could be a complete fake...

I would like to follow up on that story if time permits. The radio show was in Boston so that one would think the radio station checked Linda's background, and the address of her boyfriend, before airing her story. I would believe her story over the FBI's any split-second if it was to be decided on word of mouth only. Below is more evidence of FBI / police murder as per the Indian man who made the news as a suspect in the marathon bombing only to be retracted as an erroneous story. He was just found dead in a river in nearby Rhode Island (borders the Boston area). The story doesn't look so irrelevant to the bombing anymore:

The family of Sunil Tripathi -- the missing student who was wrongly identified as a suspect in the Boston bombing and whose body was this week recovered from a river -- have expressed thanks for messages of support they said poured in from around the world.

Officials in the US state of Rhode Island confirmed on Thursday that the body of a man that was found in a river running through the city of Providence was that of 22-year-old Mr Tripathi.

Here's another story out April 24:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports today (see English translation here). The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO "Fund of Caucasus" held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.

The Caucasus Fund was established in November, 2008, following the Georgian-Ossetian conflict...

Moscow has explicitly criticized the Jamestown Foundation for engaging in an anti-Russian propaganda campaign...

According to website, The Jamestown Foundation is a known CIA front...

Kurt Nimmo from further claims that CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko were instrumental in creating the organization. Jamestown's board of directors includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski, a high-level globalist operative, initiated the CIA's recruitment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan [this is true] that ultimately produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Zbigniew Brzezinski heads up the foundation's American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, an NGO based at the Freedom House, the latter funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, the CIA front designed to foment color revolutions and overthrow governments. It also receives funding from Soros Foundations, the CIA's Ford Foundation, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the outfit used by the U.S. government to run "humanitarian" NGOs instrumental in running color revolutions in former Russian states.

That puts a whole new twist on things. The main feature of the article is that a Russian newspaper confirms the attendance of the older brother with political-activist organizations, not of the Chechen-radical kind, but of the CIA kind. Putin can now throw a javelin at Obama, if Putin wants to enlarge on this story. But, Putin has been acting very U.S. friendly lately, in regards to the Boston bombing, and hopefully, he's doing so to set Obama up. Last we heard in Obama's first term, he had Zbigniew Brzezinski as his chief foreign advisor. see also:

There needs to be some clarification here. I'm not pro-Putin and anti-America. Don't get me wrong. The Boston marathon bombing was not conducted merely to nab the "Russian" (they are not technically Russians) brothers, but was conducted for other in-house purposes by a corruption-based Obama agenda. So, if I say that I would like to see Putin ruin Obama, that's why. If I say I would like to see Putin ruin the FBI plot in Boston, that's why. It's not because I'm a closet Communist (or whatever they're calling themselves now in humanist Russia). As there is not likely going to be any powerhouse in the United States that will bring disrepute to the Obama-FBI partnership at Boston, I'm hoping for an outside powerhouse to do the job.

The U.S. media really should report on this, to verify one way or the other whether it's true that an official department of the Georgian government did have record of the older brother at the alleged conference last year. Isn't that a story worthy of media attention while the FBI is in the throes of crucifying the family of the murdered brother? To what great extent will the media neglect its job to protect the murderers that Obama and the FBI are proving to be?

I can understand why Russia would ask the FBI to conduct an investigation on the older brother if he was prancing around CIA circles in Caucasia. But even if Russia did not know that, the Russian request to the FBI may have been merely routine simply because the father of the brothers lives over there while the brother lives over here. And, to no surprise if the brother was working with CIA agencies, the FBI communicated to Russia that there was nothing going on in the way of the young man's terror links.

Without further details, it's hard to know what capacity the older brother attended the Caucasus meeting(s) with. It's a good turn of events that can shut the FBI operation down that's now in progress: to make it appear that the terror circle of the brothers is in New York. The idea clearly seems to be the faking of terror cells on U.S. soil for the purpose of furthering security methods intended to control future "unruly" American populations not happy with an installation of "new world order," for lack of a better phrase. There has been a constant drip of disconcerting news concerning Homeland Security for as long as two years that is exactly about the article topic below dated this past week:

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security denied [April 25] that its large-scale ammunition purchases were an effort keep bullets out of the hands of private citizens.

At a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, top DHS training officer Humberto Medina said he could "say categorically that was not a factor at all" in the purchases...[i.e. the purchases have gotten so high that a high-level hearing was conducted to put the spotlight into it]

The Associated Press reported in February that DHS was planning to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds over the next five years, a number that sparked fears of government stockpiling...

But Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif..."The idea that you have to have excess rounds, year after year, flies in the face of common sense"...

In fiscal year 2012, DHS purchased more than 103 million rounds of ammunition, to be used by about 70,000 DHS officers who are currently authorized to use weapons. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Thursday that "the math" didn't make sense, pointing out that this means an average 1300-1600 rounds per DHS officer -- some 1000 rounds more than the average for an officer in the Army.

You can clearly see that Republicans are aiming at Obama, to make this bullet affair make Obama look bad because common sense would argue that Obama is the one who's ordered HS to make the vast bullet purchases. But will his insider plot work? He has already committed toward it, and for him, this is like a sport of winner take all. He'll try to use all government organs to forward the agenda until his own Democrats apply pressure on him due to public discontent. It's money he needs to win this game. I suppose globalists are thinking know that, if giant America can be tied down with ropes, the global elves can rule the world.

I know what's going on in Boston. Instead of trying to defend the National Guard operatives, which will make an international discussion of the issue, the FBI trick is to make the Russian brothers look so undeniably guilty that no one will believe National Guard had anything to do with it. Not a word will need to be spoken about National Guard by the FBI or the Obama people. If they dare speak and create an issue, it will all explode. Therefore, we have a free way to build the case against National Guard, with little ridicule coming from the Obama government for doing so. Plus, the more they try to make the Russian brothers look guilty, the deeper they could be digging their own graves. Here is the expected as of Tuesday April 23 from CBS, though by the 25th it got worse:

"His account so far is that this was driven by his brother. It was mostly done online in terms of radicalization, finding instructions, and so on and so forth and there's no international terrorism organization or Mr. Big behind it," Miller said Tuesday.

Case closed. National Guard didn't do it. All focus on the brothers.

The article says that the brother killed the MIT officer because they needed an extra gun. No worse demons on earth can there be than these boys...who until now showed no such fiendishness. They are even trying to make the older brother look like a terrorist because he argued lately with the leader of his mosque, and yet his mosque is a very moderate one, not at all the radical kind. But they don't point that part out. The article goes on to say: "The brothers then forced the [carjack] victim to make several stops to pick up bombs and cash before he could escape at a gas station." The tarnishing just keeps getting worse. Last week they were picking up only cash; this week they were picking up bombs. Such a laugh. Why wouldn't we have heard the bomb-purchase part last week if it was the report of the SUV driver??? Shouldn't the SUV owner know where they picked up the bombs?

For CBS to report this, you know they are in cahoots with the devil. It comes from a Miller surname at CBS. John Miller, an obvious goon who hasn't checked the facts, but is simply reporting what the police has whispered in his ear. I'm going to show you some further inconsistencies that I didn't have last week concerning the carjacking. But first, look at the state of the new-world America, where the police have became strangers, and your enemies:

The video, shot by a resident from their own house across the street [from the house with boat], shows police barking orders at men and women as they order them at gunpoint to identify themselves, put their hands on their heads, and get out of their own home. They are then ordered to run down the street to be further frisked by police as scores of armed militarized cops look on.

...The story floated in the mainstream media that the door to door searches were conducted with the voluntary consent of the residents of Watertown is clearly false. 9000+ Police locked down an entire city and went in with full force, with armored vehicles and combat gear, all to search for an injured 19 year old kid who turned out to be cowering in someone's back yard.

...The compliant mainstream media reported on the activity without alarm or question. Katy Waldman of Slate wrote an article claiming that under dire circumstances police can suspend 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable searches...

...Police and military are training in these circumstances every single day of the year. They are fully acclimatized to the process, as if it is completely normal. They do not hesitate in carrying out such orders, which are now being implemented whenever the authorities deem a situation to be an emergency.

See the video and images. There is a police officer with his gun aimed at people on a front porch while an elderly woman comes down the front steps. Those steps will never look like home again. Her house has been violated, not by the Russian brothers, but by the police. If this continues, expect a civil war in America. They might get away with it in liberal Massachusetts, but in middle America, these same officers might spark a literal war of bullets. I'm ashamed of Bostonians for putting up with this. Look at how the other officers put up with that mental case in a police uniform who looks ready to fire if the people on the porch just ask him if he's crazy or something. I can't see whether the other officers are pointing guns too, but if so, what a heart-dropping despicable scene. It makes people take up arms against them, and maybe that's exactly what the O-mites are hoping for. The next terrorist act could be faked in Right Wing, USA.

This Boston event comes as Obama wants to strip Americans of their guns. The webpage above was from Alex Jones. The American Illuminati wants to fight a war against the Alex Jones' of the country. The Alex Jones' of the country are hoping that most Americans will side with them rather than with the totalitarians. But it doesn't look good for that hope. And no one will ever know how many across the country would actually fight. It would be a great risk to start fighting, even though middle America has large populations willing to fight at a certain breaking point.

The falsification never ends. Now look:

Alex Jones is not surprised that the media is reporting that Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a fan of his Infowars website, he told BuzzFeed on Tuesday.

You see, what was supposed to be an accusing finger pointed at Chechen terrorists is turning against the "right wingers" of America. They are going to be blamed as the insider terrorists, just as soon as they can get one of them to fire on a police officer. And if one won't fire, they'll feign it, and report it falsely. And the liberals will be jubilant at the murders of right wingers by police, especially if they're professing Christians. Bad Christians will not be distinguished from good ones; they'll all be looked upon as bad, unless they have the state's stamp of approval. A right winger is not necessarily a true Christian. I don't even know the definition of "right winger" except that it's a catch-all phrase for anyone that liberals are disgusted with.

Christians are not supposed to fight this beast with bullets. It will go better to speak calmly and intelligently, no matter how disgusted you are with their authoritarian / brute conduct. I call them goons here, but if arrested, I wouldn't likely do it to their faces unless I was prepared to die. I'm not going to write about them and not use some proper-descriptive term. "Goon" or "troll" are apt terms, things that crawl out of the mud at your feet to eat you for dinner.

Look at how fast the FBI needed the admission of guilt, in an April-23 article just five days after the arrest: "Tsarnaev made his admissions to FBI agents who interviewed him at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds." Imagine that, you're fighting to stay alive, and you're drugged, and the FBI goon comes to your bed side and plies you with questions, just like a goon who can't wait a couple of weeks or more for you to get better. What does that spell to you? It spells GOON, a creature from the dark side. And he's not taking no for an answer. Just sign on the dotted line, and it will all go better for you, they tell him. Like slime, they shoved themselves right into his mouth, and made him speak what they wanted. Or worse, they just made the admission up. Here's another one for good measure:

The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has reportedly cited the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a motive behind last week's attack. According to The Washington Post, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told interrogators from his hospital bed that the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan motivated him and his brother to carry out the bombings...

Investigators say the Tsarnaev brothers may have learned to make the pressure-cooker bombs they used by reading the al-Qaeda magazine "Inspire."

...Federal authorities have dropped charges against a Mississippi resident detained last week for allegedly sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama, Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi and a local official. Shortly after being released, Paul Kevin Curtis told reporters his arrest had been a "nightmare" ordeal.

Amazing. The FBI falsely charged the man of a ricin act that went all the way to Obama. I'm seeing red. The FBI and Obama together are out of control.

Revisiting the Get Away Attempt

All of these "admissions" by the younger Russian brother tend to make unreal police accusations, on the night of the get-away, more believable. That night's events are what normal people are having a hard time wrapping their heads around. On the issue of the owner of the Mercedes-Benz SUV, he's coming out to speak, and every word that comes out of his mouth is to degrade the Russian brothers. Everything he testifies to is to vilify them, and then, he doesn't give his name to Fox, or else Fox doesn't reveal it. Ask yourself whether a "young man" who doesn't speak good English should be driving a Mercedes:

"An unidentified man who was carjacked by the brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing has recounted his harrowing ride last Friday night, which began with one of the men tapping on the window of his car.

"Did you hear about the Boston explosion?" one of the two suspects said, according to a criminal complaint. "I did that."

The man...then removed the magazine from his gun and showed the driver a bullet. "I am serious," he said.

In the following minutes, the three drove the streets of Cambridge, stoping at bank machines where the brothers forced their victim to withdraw money, all while talking of their plans, according to reports. The victim said his abductors only decided not to kill him because he "wasn't an American,"...

As I explained in the last update, everything reported about these brothers from the time he stole the SUV to the time of their capture seemed ludicrous, fabricated. The words you read above are to be expected in a set-up: there is first the admission of guilt for the bombing, then the report of armed carjackers, and even a slur against Americans for good measure. What America should be doing is cross-examining the FBI, because the FBI is not fit to oversee crime in the country.

Hard-core criminals, as you see described above, would NOT let the driver of the car go free. Do you think that after trying to rob a 7-11 convenience store an hour before robbing the SUV, that the brothers would be hanging around within 5 minutes of the 7-11 store, dropping the owner of the car off in sheer kindness, just a mile or so from the 7-11? That's what the FBI wanted you to believe not many days ago. Since then, it appears that they dropped the charge against them for robbing the 7-11, quite possibly due to how it makes their SUV story look ridiculous. However, even though word had it, at one point, that the brothers neither robbed the store nor killed the MIT officer, yet the FBI and/or state police has decided to maintain that the brothers killed the MIT officer.

It might be easy for the authorities to let the 7-11 story go away, but it's impossible to claim that the brothers didn't kill him due to the requirement of an investigation under that admission. In other words, the last thing the FBI wants is an investigation into how the officer was killed, which explains why they are maintaining that the brothers killed him...because the authorities pointing the finger at the brothers were the ones who killed him.

It's clear now why the authorities had to concoct the SUV story, in order to locate the brothers near the dead MIT officer so that they could blame them for his murder too. But it's complete nonsense to believe that the boys would drop the owner of the SUV so close to MIT. The gas station is virtually across the road from MIT, where the officer was shot. I didn't know he was shot in the head until yesterday (Tuesday), but that is exactly where I would expect the FBI to shoot him to keep him quiet.

The state police basically claimed that a car chase with the boys started within minutes of the owner being dropped off at the gas station. Therefore, the FBI has given their plot away. In order to find the brothers immediately, they had to have a method for doing so, and the carjacking was that method. Keep the context in mind. With the National Guard men caught on camera as they were, there is to be assumed a mad rush to get these boys immediately, to keep the National Guard story from exploding into a national discussion. There you have the possible and reasonable motive of the FBI for fabricating the night's events.

Where National Guard operatives, sent in by Obama, are concerned in a faked bomb event at the Boston marathon, don't you think the FBI would kill a lowly officer of the law, if that's what it took to pin the bombing on something other than National Guard? This officer was stationed in the neighborhood where at least one of the brothers lived.

It came out last week that the FBI knew these men from before the marathon, wherefore it's easy to guess that the FBI visited their homes before their photos had been released on Thursday. They already had them "captured" by Thursday, in other words, and the trick from that point was to make them look exceptionally guilty, because they didn't have any other evidence good enough for their purposes.

You understand that the brothers were facing capital punishment if they got caught, and so do you think they would let the owner of the SUV go free instead of keeping him as a hostage? Besides, if they let him go, he'd call the police and report what kind of car they're in. It's ridiculous. If you're trying to get away from the police, you don't want them to know what car you're driving.

It's so suspicious that the FBI changed the story. At first, it said that the brothers just let him go free at the gas station, because at that point the only matter of importance for their fabricated story was to have the man call the police to report his stolen car by dangerous criminals with guns. But then, on second thought, the FBI changed the story so that the SUV owner ESCAPED from the brothers rather than being freed out of kindness. Here's the Fox article above in continuation: "The victim then saw an opportunity to flee and ran to a nearby gas station [makes it wrongly sound as though he ran a long ways], where he asked the owner to call 911, the report continues." There you go, he calls the police. Wow, what a surprise (sarcasm).

But look at how the story is framed so that the police can know IMMEDIATELY where the brothers are. The brothers didn't ditch the SUV owner in a lonely spot far from a phone, but at a gas station with a phone. Therefore, the haste of the FBI in concocting this story caused them to expose themselves. It's a crime to fabricate a police report. It's crime upon crime for many people to be involved in fabricating the same report. But fortunately, many people involved in painting the same picture result in different brush strokes showing inconsistency.

I can't emphasize it enough that the FBI story had the brothers driving for a half hour with the owner of the SUV before they let him off virtually across the street from the murdered MIT officer. Again, if you don't yet know, at least one of the brothers had his home in the very Cambridge neighborhood where MIT and the gas station are located; they knew the neighborhood so that no one can claim they didn't know there way around. No one can claim that they dropped the SUV owner across the street from MIT due to not knowing how close they had come back to MIT or the 7-11. The FBI was so rushed in committing to its story that it made up a very bad one...pointing the accusing finger from the brothers back to itself. The FBI needs to be questioned.

The SUV owner is now trying to make it look like he got away. Wow, I saw my opportunity, and fled. Wowie. But he doesn't of course describe how he got his opportunity, because it never happened. Maybe he'll think of something in a week or two that we might swallow, but for now, he's not sure what sort of story to make up that doesn't sound too Hollywood. In real life, you can't just hop out of a car and run away when the a man in the car has a rifle. You won't get 20 feet with young healthy guys whose future and lives are on the line. And that's exactly why the brothers would not drive into a gas station area to purchase merely food with the owner in the car. We were never told that they drove in to get gas.

You understand that the past history of rotten FBI conduct now requires the FBI to provide more testimony than their own in order to convict the brothers in court. As the situation has been framed by the FBI, there are probably 50 million Americans who would give false testimony at the drop of a hat just to see these guys with the death penalty. It's not hard for the FBI to get false testimony in this case, in other words. If you're a Christian that has good thoughts all the time, you may have forgotten that there are bad people who don't consider themselves bad, who would gladly provide false evidence (it's illegal) for a "good" cause. Every police officer in this case acts as though their own brothers and sisters were bombed by the brothers. But I feel for people innocent of the charges, who are framed and killed, as though they were my own son. That's how I feel in this case until evidence convinces me that they were rotten.

Fox has another story:

Tarek Ahmed was working at gas station in Cambridge, Mass. Thursday night when a young man ran into his store screaming [does this YOUNG man own the Mercedes-Benz SUV?].

"Call the police! Call the police! These people are trying to kill me!"

The young man was allegedly carjacked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the two men authorities now say have been identified as the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

I've never seen this story until now. It's dated the same day as the carjacking. But wait, the two stories are not the same. Instead of carjacking the SUV a mile or more east of MIT, as the police reports had it, the young unidentified man is telling a gas station owner that the carjacking happened at MIT. So, now I understand what the original storyline was: the police had planned to make us believe that, as soon as the brothers shot the MIT officer, they carjacked someone right there at MIT. And for the next act, the owner of the SUV was supposed to get away, and thus the authorities caused him to report: "They stole car and dropped [me] off. It was very scary." That's Fox's report as per what this young man said to the gas station attendant! DROPPED OFF.

In the article, the attendant goes on to say that this young man was PUSHED out of the car at the gas-station store. DID YOU HEAR THAT??? Did you hear the FBI being caught in a fabricated story? The owner was, according to the gas station man, PUSHED OUT OF THE CAR! It doesn't sound like a get-away to me.

Who did the pushing, do you think? Not the brothers. It was armed FBI / police / National Guard agents masquerading as the brothers, right? Indeed, if National Guard was on the line on that Thursday for a faked bombing gone bad, shouldn't we expect National Guard operators as central players in framing the boys? Why was the young man pushed out? Because the fake brothers in the car couldn't wait for him to try to escape, which thing he may never have done. They had to get him out right away, at a telephone.

Big thanks to the Fox report, which may have had the purpose of subtly betraying the SUV story. The Fox story is such that the FBI even had the brothers going in for a bite to eat virtually across the street from where they killed the MIT officers.

Companies that sell prepared food items will often do a taste test before marketing, in order to discover which of their food versions is most palatable for public consumption. In the same way, when FBI stories reach the public, they monitor how well the stories are being swallowed. And that's how they can discover where they've got to change a certain ingredient of the story.

Did you notice that FOX did not say whether this was the SUV owner? I wonder why Fox would be that irresponsible. Perhaps Fox felt threatened by FBI repercussions should it made the FBI look too blatantly bad. The use of "young man" may have been code in alerting the public that he was not the Mercedes driver. Therefore, we now have the problem of asking whether the FBI used two different car owners. After the story of the young man from MIT had to be abandoned, they found an SUV driver who was game in fabricating the story. But instead of having him go into the gas station, they just had him claim that he had done so...because the gas station attendant already had a guy coming in to report the dangerous brothers.

I wonder whether the FBI is capable of killing the younger man to keep him quiet. Lucky for them, his name has not been publicized. Recall that the original police report was that the younger brother may have escaped police in a Honda. That sounds more like the young foreigner's speed. In other words, the FBI fakes carjacked a Honda at MIT, suggesting that, as the story was supposed to go, the brothers drove to Watertown in a Honda.

Now look at this other concocted detail: "According to the official, the bombers repeatedly told the carjack victim that they were going to New York, which is why they used his ATM card at various locations: they needed cash for the trip." But wait. Shouldn't they have driven out of the area first, away from MIT, before going to bank machines and getting food?

Some are going to say that it's impossible for the police to feign being the brothers because the driver of the car would have realized the next day that the faces didn't match. That's why they may have killed the young man.

To prove that the brothers were actually in the SUV, all that the FBI needs to do is release videos from the bank machines. But in the midst of all the accusations, we have not seen any such videos made available. Surely, if the FBI wants a strong case against the boys, they would release the bank-machine videos. So what's going on here? How did the FBI fake the bank-machine visits by the brothers? They must have passed the bank-machine videos with the SUV, but then parked off out of camera sight. They could then let the owner of the SUV get the cash by himself, as if held up at gun point, with perhaps only the rifle made visible to the camera from around a wall. This was late, around midnight, keep in mind. If the FBI released such a video, it would be made plain how they conducted the fake job, and that's why we're not seeing the video if the FBI can help it.

The article continues: "...'If they had accomplices in New York, you'd think they would have had an established contingency plan to get down there to them, and wouldn't be shooting cops and carjacking cars to steal ATM cards to finance their escape,' the official said. "That said, we haven't ruled out anything in New York. We're looking into who they knew down there and was anyone in New York prepared to hide them.'" This official sounds like he's not an insider. He's voicing his disbelief that the boys would act as they had, so strangely unexpected of them, and yet the officer cannot come out to admit that he finds the story unbelievable. Officers are required by sheer force of peer pressure to agree to the guilt of the brothers.

The officer's point is one that begs other questions. Wouldn't the brothers have had a better plan if indeed they were the bombers, than to be found without money, after the bombing? Has anyone asked whether one of them owned their own vehicle? I've never read that they don't for that would tend to put a jab into the FBI story. If they owned a vehicle, they would take it, filled with gas, out of town, far from their own Cambridge community, and then hijack a car in order to keep from being found. Once out of Boston on Thursday night, they would be assured of a long period of safety before the police could catch up to them...but then the FBI could not wait that long to capture them, which is why the FBI story doesn't have them driving out of Boston.

Therefore, the FBI is banking on your believing that the boys were utterly foolish dummies, and to help you believe it, they are coming out with an endless drip of accusations, the latest being that they purchased fireworks in February. The FBI knows by now what petty false claims it can make, and how to do so in order to get away with them, where the accumulation of petty claims convinces you that there must be something of guilt in the framed target. But wait. If the FBI can get away with even one petty claim, it can do the same with twelve. And that's what it's doing right now, petty claim after petty claim added to the Thursday-night set-up.

This is a game of mental chess between the FBI and those who believe in an FBI conspiracy, and clearly the FBI is going to win for the sheer powers of media and politics that it wields...unless there is a gaping hole put through the FBI story that the people recognize, and that the media cannot wholly ignore. The Fund-of-Caucasus story might just become a thing that the media cannot ignore.

The National Guard story is not likely to go away through all this unless those who advance it are silenced. The FBI should be frightened, because it can't keep its stories straight. Another big change in their story now could sink their boat. The haste by which the FBI has concocted its story makes their boat very vulnerable. Any day now, someone out there could arrive with the torpedo. At that point, the FBI will be found hiding out in a boat with merciless peoples shooting them to death inside of it. It would be good to shoot the FBI in the throat so that it can no longer speak lies.

The FBI now has no reason not to release the video of the older brother setting down his backpack at the explosion site. So, what are they waiting for? Why bother with all of these petty accusations when they supposedly have the bombshell in their possession? The FBI can take me to court for my accusations, and that's exactly what I would ask before the judge. Give me a copy of the video FBI; prove you're not lying. When Obama tried that with his birth certificate, it came out with rampant evidence of a faked document (illegal = a crime), yet America re-elected him. It's not me that's the problem, it's them. Obama was able to place into powerful positions his own circle of fiends, not only to protect his political life, but to hatch his agendas.

As I surfed just now to find late developments, I came to the page below with an fine example of a frame job, where there had been a claim that Osama bin Laden's remote communications center had been found. The authorities released a photo of the interior of the communication room, complete with equipment. Then, the webpage shows a photo of the outside of the building, without a satellite dish (har-har)! Below that picture, a little while later, is another photo of the outside of the building, with a satellite dish! Therefore, the authorities (perhaps the CIA in this case) are unafraid of exposing their own guilt when fabricating stories, and expect you to gullibly swallow their stories even after they make the changes that prove their guilt:

The Wikipedia article reports the FBI story on the guilt of the Russian brothers, but makes zero mention of the National Guard operators.

The government has come so close to being caught in this event that the country might be spared another event like it for the foreseeable future. At least, they won't do it again where there are so many cameras. It's ironic that it might be good after all to have a camera on every street corner so that the government can be caught in such crimes.


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