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September 25 - 30, 2012

Deeper and Deeper into Herod Space We Go at Warp Speed
Chekov, the Actor had a Communist Father in Chicago. What?
Melusine of the Vere's found in Jerusalem Queen from a Guy-of-Rochefort Bloodline.
An Abundance of Boofima Insights from Montlhery. Where?
Palins are Rogue-fellers, and How.

In the last section of the second update of this month, some evidence that Obama's father was Frank Marshall Davis, was presented, with the online theory (may have started as a tip from someone in-the-know) that Frank's father was Lewis Stevenson, son of high-level politico, Adlai Stevenson. When I shared that Adlai "obtained a position at Cutting, Moore & Sidley, an old and conservative Chicago law firm," I didn't know that Obama met his wife there:

Sidley Austin LLP, formerly known as Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP, is the sixth-largest U.S.-based corporate law firm with approximately 1700 lawyers, annual revenues of more than one billion dollars, and offices in 18 cities worldwide...

U.S. President Barack Obama was a summer associate in the Chicago office, but never joined the firm as a full-time associate. He met his wife, Michelle Obama (who was an associate at Sidley Austin at the time), while he was a summer associate at the firm.

I wouldn't have known this if not for Lee emailing it in. I even featured the Austin surname in the same update above that introduced Adlai Stevenson. Thanks Lee for this, and it's good to hear from you at this very time, because you, I am sure, are the one who emailed a couple of years back that Rockefellers had been from Roquefeuils, whom I had never known of until then, who married into the family of Henri of Rodes. That topic is now a center piece of this dragon hunt, as it comes upon temporal anti-Christ elements flocking around the Rhodian "Round Table." These birds of a feather are about to have their wings clipped. But first, God must allow them to do the unthinkable, for "an hour," so that it will be plain to all what animals they are inside their humanist facade.

The quote above reveals that Wood and Austin surnames had joined the Sidley circle of lawyers. What you are now reading was inserted here after much of the below was written, leading to an emphasis of surnames using black lion's paws. During the writing, the black lion's paws of the Arthur-Coated Austins (first found in Bedford) was not at all on my mind, but the topic led to two surnames using "osten-like motto terms. For example, if you read the rest of this page, you will come upon this: "...the Netts, with a black lion's paw in Crest, are in colors reversed to Kimbals and Gambles, and in the colors of the Bedford-related Betts (Osten-like motto terms, perhaps related to "Joktan")." Bedfords (HERTfordshire) use a black lion's paw too.

Then, a little later, I came across the thought that Logans -- who will be featured again in this update as a Herod line (as they were in the last update) -- were Ogens, Hogans and Ogdens (gyronny!), and while the latter use an "ostendo" motto term, they smack of "JOKTAN," important because Roquefeuil-Herods were in OCCITANia.

It was found that Ogens and Ogdens both use the same oak-tree design(with eight acorns), you see (i.e. proves kinship), and I now find here that the Wood Coat uses the same tree, used also by the Watts with an all-seeing-eye above it!

Later below, I went on to tie the Netts, Nettles, and Needles to Nails/Neils, with other important discussion in addition, and although the topic included Gambles as per the "gambs" of Bedfords, I was too busy for "Proctor and Gamble" to enter my mind. Many people report that Proctor and Gamble is a satanic corporation, but it wasn't until writing here that Proctors came to mind. How astonishing to find "three black nails (on a gold Shield) in the Proctor Coat!

Moreover, as Netts use a "bird bolt" with their black lion's paw, the Birds/Burds became a central topic too, and Birds even identify as part of the "holy grail" Bors line of Arthurianism. The point here is that the Proctor Crest is the same red martin as the Bird/Burd Crest!

If that's not enough, Austins, first found in Bedford, likewise (as with Bedfords) call their black lion's paws, "gambs". This find supports the trace of Gamble-suspect Iamblichus to Austin- and Osten-suspect Ossetia, where the Ardon and Terek rivers flows that formed the Star-Trek crew, including Captain Kirk played by William Shatner, who's surname variations shows "bolt" endings.

Shatners/Chatbolts use black lions, indicating that the black lion's gambs trace to the black stone that was overseen by the Bassianus priesthood of Emesa, a bloodline said to be from the Iamblichus line of Emesa. The Gamble Crest even includes a BLACK rose. AND, Shatners/Chatbolts were first found in the same Herod- and Arthur-suspect place as gamb-using Bedfords.

The world of surnames is becoming yet smaller. If you care to scratch the surface of this bunch of surnames, I'm sure you will find them as a single bloodline all coagulated in the upper neck of the Illuminati pyramid. It's just a matter of time before the whole monument suffers a lethal stroke. No top-of-the-line bloodline transfusion will make the Rockebrain well again. For a period called, the Lord's Day, the beast will lie in a paralyzed state, but will yet arise in a haunting state for a last-ditched effort. Take heart, Frankenstein will not rule the world forever.

The Illuminati is indeed taking the world into a futurism where no man has gone before, and it's starting to make Christians spiritually sickened already. There is a remedy: ignore what the beast will do, because it is only for a short time, to be followed by an end that is a quick and permanent Restoration of goodness.

When Cutting, Moore & Sidley was mentioned in the last update, I didn't know that one of the leaders in Obama's re-election campaign is Stephanie Cutter, once with John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. Her Wikipedia article says that she has risen to become the most important person, for this election season, on either the Democrat or Republican side. She is involved in a pro-Obama organization under her literal boss, Michelle Obama. Was she chosen for bloodline lust?

The last update ended with concentration on the Herod line to Glass elements. I didn't show the Glasgow surname's symbols, which lead right back to Herods, very obviously, and even to the black boar of Esau. If this exercise that you are about to witness does not convince you that heraldry mottos are often code for kin, then perhaps nothing will. Take it slow if necessary, and understand what you are learning.

Here's the Glasgow Coat, black fish (a rare color for a fish so far as my investigations are concerned) surrounding a blue-on-white chevron. It's probably a version of the Hort/Hardy Coat with black boars surrounding a blue-on-white cross. There are two, even three, actually four, reasons for this Glasgow link to Herod-suspect Horts/Hardys.

One reason is the "Lord" motto term of Glasgows, suggesting the Lord surname using blue-on-white cinquefoils and fesse. The Hurts use cinquefoils, but clearly "Lord" is to be understood as from, L'Ord / L'Ort, explaining why Lord colors are used by Horts, and why cinquefoils are used by Hurts, who come up also when entering "Hort." You are clearly on the Arthur bloodline here (because Irish Arthurs use blue roundels called a "hurt").

In the last update, the Douglas bloodline had linked to the Fleming, Jocelyn of Louvain, who created a noble Percy bloodline...that I identified with mythical Percival, who I identify with "Perche," a Normandy location of Bellamys. That location smacks of the perch fish, by the way, so that fish could be expected in the Bellamy bloodline and/or their kin. In the last update, the falcon's legs in the Jocelyn surname were mentioned, and then the Arthur-Crest description (hurt link above) says: "A falcon volant jessed and belled." It is apparently code for the Jocelyn-Bellamy bloodline.

The description may even indicate that Jess-like terms are for JOCelyn lines. The Jess surname uses roosters, what I now see as code, at times, for Rostock. As of about two updates ago, I've started tracing the so-called "rests" of both Arthur coats to "Rostock" Sinclairs of Rostock, to be exact (Lords were first found in the same place as Clares). By what coincidence is it that I started tracing Herod-related Roquefeuils/Rockefellers to Rostock just two or three updates ago, while entering "Jest," much like the "jessed" term of Arthurs, gets the Guest/Jeste surname using the Shield format of the trefoil-using Fellers/Felltragers??? (The chevron that both surnames share are in Bellamy-fesse colors.)

The Lord cinquefoils are in the colors of the (H)Ampton cinquefoils, and Amptons not only use Gore colors in their chevron, but like Gores/Cores and Gowers/Gores, they show a white wolf in Crest.

More white wolves (Clapton species) are used by Ards/Airds/AYRds, first found in Ayrshire. The Ards/Aire Crest is the Sinclair rooster in red, and the "vigilantia" motto term of Ards/Airds is shared by rooster-using Aikens/Atkins, of Lanarkshire, who come up as "Ogen." It makes Aikens very suspect with at least a Logan merger.

If you're getting the impression that Lords may have been Ards, you'd want to check the Lards, who use the Yonge piles in the same colors (Yonges use a wolf too), and for a Crest the Lards show a "woman's head," which we can assume to be code for the Head/Heed surname using three white-on-black symbols (unicorns) like the Ards. Can we see that "Ard" became "Head/Heed" because "Ard" was ultimately from "Herod"? In other words, Heeds are suspect as r-less Herods. When I first tipped you off on the "Logan" link to "Hogan" at the top of this update, I didn't yet tell you that Hogans use the Yonge Chief in colors reversed. I'll get to that later in this update, but it's suggesting again that Herods link to the heart of the Logans, especially if piles are for the line of Pontius Pilate. Indeed, by what coincidence do both French Pilates and Lords use white-on-blue pheons???

As Logans were first found in the same place as Ards/Airds/Ayrds, you'd have to speculate on whether the Logan heart is for that line directly. Yet, as Irish Harts/Arts/Carts were first found in Meath while Irish Logans were first found in Westmeath, it's a good bet that Harts/Arts and Ards were identical at some point.

The Jess surname was first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as the ROOKBYs and Rooks (and Meaths); Rooks use the same-colored chevron as Glasgows. Meaths use the same colors, and my bet is that they are a Masci-related branch of Mathies (gyronny), whom I link to MacCARTHYs/ARTHYs for more reason that the MacArthur crown in the Mathie Crest.

In should therefore be added that the Roxburgh/ROOKBY/Roxbury Coat (see last update), using the motto term, almost, of Roquefeuil-related Pollocks, is in the colors of the Glasgow Coat. It's important because Glasgow was the home of early Pollocks, including Peter Pollock (son of a FULbert)...who was commissioned by the royals to be in Moray. The Douglas', who are part of the Glass bloodline that named Glasgow, use the Moray stars for reasons apparently not known. Here in this paragraph is one possible explanation: a Douglas link to the line of Peter Pollock at Moray.

Now that Rockefellers have linked to Glasgow, of absolutely no surprise because Fulbert, progenitor of Pollocks, has been identified as a RoqueFEUIL, we should expect Pollock lines to use foils, as for example we just saw the Glasgow-related Hurts/Horts and Lords using cinqueFOILs.

It's easy now to link the Lord-related Horts to the Sullivans, themselves from the Salyes, for the Jess fesse is in the colors of the fesse of Lambins, who use "salus" as code for the same-colored Sales/Salettes. Sullivans do not only use a "lamh" motto term as code for this Lambin / Sale line, but the Sullivan Coat shows the same black-boar design as the Lanarkshire Horts. The Sullivan Coat above even uses a fesse in the colors of the Jess / Lambin fesse. (It makes sense for the Jess surname to link to these surnames because they belong to the Arthur bloodline while Irish Arthur's use "jessed" in their Crest description.)

Of further interest is that the Lambin fesse was linked suggestively in the last update to the Kelso fesse, while here I am finding that both Rooks and Kelso's share the gold garb in Crest (the garb and raven had linked hard for the first time to the Roquefeuil theater of Aude in a very recent update). It was already proven in my mind that Rockefellers trace to the naming of Roxburgh by the Rookby variation of the Roxburgh surname, but here we are finding the same Rockefeller-Roxburgh link because Kelso is in Roxburghshire.

The Glasgow motto is, "Lord, let Glasgow FLOURISH." It wasn't many months ago when I found the white Pollock bugle in the Dutch FLEUR Coat, wherefore it's now a given that Glasgows linked closely to Fleurs. The two Fleur Coats combined betray their links to the Irish Fleming Coat, no surprise now that Glasgows are identified with the Douglas Flemings (from Lanarkshire). It can't now be coincidental that the Rook motto uses, "EfFLORescent," especially as I trace the "vair" pattern of French Fleurs the vair used by the Nero/Neriti surname, first found in Lucca, near FLORence.

The Rook motto is translated as, "Rooks will FLOURISH while the sun shines," which is clear indication of the Roquefeuil merger with Herods of the Lord / Hort kind. But the Hort surname using the black boars is shown properly as "Hardy," and then Scottish Harts/Herts (in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil and of the Herods/Hurls) use the Pollock saltire with a treFOIL. It's simply undeniable that Herod liners from the house of Roquefeuil are all over this discussion. This Herod topic has got to be what God had intended to reveal to you via my dragon hunt. I claimed years ago (see first chapter of my Ladon book) that He directed me to hunt down the Buzites...who were eventually identified with the Budini.

The Neriti variation of the Nero's is of importance here because it traces to the goddess, Nerthus, which in turn traces to the Neuri, a peoples in the Ukraine that I've linked fundamentally, years prior to Roquefeuil emphasis, to the ROXolani Alans. Moreover, the Neuri were kin to the Budini who trace without doubt to the Boyds, who use the Stewart checks in the colors of the Fleur vair. It's known that Boyds named Bute, and it just so happens that the Glass surname was first found in Buteshire.

It's known that Bothwells were named after Bute, and then both Booths and Bush's were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Rooks / Rookbys, and both Booths and Bush's use black boars, the color of the Sullivan / Hort boars. And as Sullivans trace to the Salyes (especially because Brians use the Sullivan motto term), note that Saluzzo in Cuneo is beside Busca. This is extremely important for proving the Glass-surname trace to GUILLEStre, at the Durance river, where Briancon and the Salyes were located. Guillestre is directly opposite the Cottian Alps from Busca and Saluzzo. The Saluzzo surname uses a Shield-and-Chief combination in the white-and-blue colors of the Hort cross (surrounded by the Hort boars), you see, and in the colors of the Glasgow chevron, which is an additional reason for tracing the Glass bloodline to the Cottian theater i.e. Guillestra.

Back now to the Jest/Guest surname suspect with the "jessed" code of Irish Arthurs. The Jest/Guest motto uses, "gladio," what should prove to be a d-version Glas surname. The Glad(win) surname uses the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination. The Glad(win) surname shows the Aude sword design, and Aude colors, which effectively traced the Glads to the Aude-related Pollocks of Glasgow. That's not likely a gladincidence. Audes are said to be from Audeville in Savoy, at the northern end of the Cottian Alps.

French Glads/Glets/Glots (fesse in Alan-fesse colors) are in Glass-stars colors, and first found in Brittany, where the Boyd / Alan origins of Pollocks were. The Glad/Glet/Glot write-up: "The family were well established in the region of Dol..." The English Glads (STAFFordshire) above use a bend in colors reversed to the "Jewish" Pollock bend. English Glads show "Clad" variations that may reveal similar others to be of the Glass bloodline. Glads are in the colors of the Gloss surname using the bend of the Flemish Biggars. The latter use the Glass stars, and the same Coat as Dulles'/Dolles'...Moray elements suspect from "Dol."

French Clots/DuCLOS/DuCLAUD (Lorraine) use Alan colors, and may trace to Claudius, the Roman emperor that was part of the Roman line from Julius Caesar to Nero. Pollocks were traced to emperor Valentinian, known to be from the line of emperor Vespasian, who took power from Nero, the last emperor (at that period) of the Julian line. I view Claudius, Nero and Vespasian as three of the seven heads of the Revelation dragon.

The Clos and Claud terms were highlighted above because they smack of the Close/Clovse surname that I trace to the Chlode-related family of Clovis. It had been found, when on the Pollock-Valentinian topic (several weeks ago) that the Valentinian link to Pollocks was exactly at Childeric, father of Clovis. From the DuCLAUX variation, one may glean that the Clock / Clack surnames should apply, and indeed Clocks/Cloaks (garbs in Woolworth-garb colors) use a chevron in colors reversed to Clots/Duclaux's. Clocks are in Clack colors.

The Culters/Colters (Lanarkshire) made it to the Fleming topic in the last update, and here in the Clad = Glass topic I find that the Catherine Wheel of the Culters/Colters is used, in the same colors, by German Glade's/Glodde's/Gluds.

There is a Claux/Clot/Claude/Clos surname (probably the Ferrari lion), first found in Languedoc. The write-up: "The surname Claux is a variation of the Latin name Claudius, a Roman family name derived from 'claudus' meaning 'lame.'" I wouldn't take the lame definition seriously, but would rather link to a lame-like surname, such as Flemish Lambins/Lamyns. The Roman flamen priests are likely the root of Flemings. The Dutch Flamen/Vlaming Coat is just a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the checks in the Chief of Irish Flemings, and the upright Claux/Clot/Claude/Clos lion is in the colors of the upright German Flamen/Fleming wolf.

The Claux/Clause/Clos write-up goes on to say: "This name was made popular as a result of having been borne by a seventh century saint who was bishop of BESANcon." Clovis had a Basina for a mother.

As Glasgows can now be linked to the Norfolk Fulkes/Folks and Speers / Spars, the Class/Clasen surname should first be shown, using a woman standing on a "sphere." Speers were first found in Renfrewshire, you see, the location of Glasgow, and yet they trace to the spear in the Fulkes Crest. The Glasgow oak tree can be linked to the Watts and Vatts/Watts using a pair of glasses on their oak. Watts were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Jests that use the motto, "Ferro non GLADio," tending to verify that Ferrari's should be part of this Fleming-Glass topic, especially as Flemings use "vair" (bell pattern) while the Vairs/Veres use a Shield filled with Checks half in the colors of the same of Dutch Flamens. Fers also use a Shield filled with checks, and Jocelyns, by the way, use a "Faire" motto term.

The Glasgows can be linked to the Speer / Spar bloodline in Norfolk by way of the oak in the Dutch Sprows Coat, which surname links definitely to Sprowston in Norfolk, near Sparham. As one Sullivan Coat shows a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of the Sprows, it's yet another reason for tracing Glasgows to the Salyes theater at Guillestre. I don't yet know why the Flemish Julians/Gillians should trace to Guillestre, but for the time being I'm expecting that Julius Caesar had kin who named that place, whose kin made it to the Flemings of Belgium / Holland. German Julians use vertical bars in the two colors of the split Sprows Shield, as well as the Glass wings used also by English Watts.

As Watts were of the White bloodlline (more vair pattern), it explains why the Class woman on a sphere holds a "BLANKet" in her hands. The Blank surname(s) obviously apply here to this part of the Glass bloodline. German Blanks even use the same lion as the Claux/Clot/Claude/Clos lion, while French Blanks use the format of Fellers and Glasgow-related Jests (the latter are the ones using the "ferro" and "gladio" terms).

The Jessops (Yorkshire) not only use stars in Glass- and Gleason-star colors, but show horizontal blue-and-white bars, the symbol of the Arms of Lusignan (home of Melusine), where the Spree > Speer bloodline traces from Luzica/Lusatia before making it to Moray as the Melusine mermaid in the Moray / Glass Crests. Gleasons/Glissanes, by the way, were first found in the same place (Tipperary) as same-colored Sullivans, and use the Sale bend in colors reversed. Actually, the Gleason bend looks like a version of the Botter bend, important because Botters were first found in the same place (Lucca) as Nero's, where the Glass bloodline has already traced by way of the Feller-suspect Fleurs.

The Germo-Dutch Joosts/Josts even use stars in colors reversed to the Glass stars, and a fesse in the same colors...which I'm seeing as the colors of the Julian saltire that I trace to the same saltire that was an old flag of GAScony, which is being said because I'm trying to figure out what peoples / geography the Jess / Jest bloodline was from. The Joosts/Josts use their stars in the color of the Zionist star of the proto-Washington Wassa/Gaze/GASSON surname...suggesting strongly that the Washington-surname stars are the Glass stars.

The trace here of the Jess / Jest bloodline to GAScony elements jibes with the trace I make of the old flag of Gascony (a white-on-red saltire) to the saltire of Oettingens...who trace to Aude elements, for one, but also to the Odins of Yorkshire, where Jessops (and GISburns) were first found. Odins use the horse design of Glasgow-related Roxburghs/Rookbys, a branch of which was first found in Yorkshire.

The Odin write-up: "First found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the manor of Storkhouse, Gisburn, and Withernsea in that shire. They are conjecturally believed to be descended from Count Odo who was also ancestor of the Counts of Aumale and the Lords of Holderness." Holderness may apply to the Class woman "holding" a blanket (anytime a heraldic description uses " holding," the Holden / Holder / Colter bloodline should be suspect / considered). The Withernsea location prompted a look at the Wither/Weather Coat, which uses a chevron in the colors of the Gust chevron, and Gusts have been on my mind ever since coming to the Jests.

Apparently, the Jess / Jest bloodline was from "Gascony," the home of Herods and reaching to the Aude frontier. Gastons even use a Shield filled with the checks of the French Vairs/Veres, while the so-called "Vere star" in the English Vere Coat is in colors reversed to the Glass star, or in the colors of the Joost/Jost stars.

Gastons can be traced by their owl to the Osse river on the west side of Comminges in the heart of Gascony. For, the Yost variation of Joosts/Josts suggests the Hosts / Hose surname(s), and Hose's/Husabys (already traced to the Osse river) should link to Huckaby-related Hucks using the owl. Hucks use their Huckabee-colored chevrons in the colors of the Glasgow chevron, but because Hucks were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Rooks, it's apparent also that Hucks use the Rook chevron (same colors as the Glasgow chevron).

The Osse river was treated recently, and said to be beside the Arros river that traces to the Arras surname, said in it's write-up to be from Artois. In the last update, the Gouy locations of Artois were traced solidly to Roquefeuil elements, and even to the Salat location beside Roquefort / Comminges, just 50 miles from the Tarbes area where the Osse and Arros share a source. But I now find that the Osse is a tributary of the GELISE river (itself flowing to the Garonne). How about that!

The Lords, obvious Herod-liners honored in the Glasgow motto, use a "maunch," code for Manche, where Veres were from. But look at the Lord description: "A dexter arm in a blue maunch, cuff gold." Why is a cuff mentioned here? Coverts/COFFerts are always tracing to Veres, and then the Covert/Coffert fesse is in the colors of the Joost/Jost/Yost fesse. It may prove to be important that these colors are those in the Arms of Comminges.

The Cuffs (Norfolk) use their own cuffs, and show by their bend (with white fleur) to be a branch of Sales/Salletes. Can you glean here that Coverts/Cofferts trace to Salat, beside COVENarum??? Can you glean it if only for the discovery in this update that cuff-using Lords are a branch of Herods of the Hort / Hardy kind?

The "baton" of the Cuff Crest is like the spear of Fulkes/Folks (Norfolk), with point on both sides. The Glass bloodline, including the Glasgow surname's oak tree, just traced to Norfolk's Speer / Spar bloodline honored by Fulkes. The latter are said to be from Fulk Nerra, a Nero/Neriti suspect, important because the Baton surname is in the colors of Italian Botters, first found in the same place as Nero's/Neriti's. Did the Glass surname trace to the Saluzzo theater by other means than the trace above to Salat? Yes, and the Batons use the Shield-and-Chief combination of the Saluzzo's.

In this picture, the Sale/Sallete pheon is that of the Lords, albeit the latter use their pheon in the colors of the Pilates. That's Pontius-Pilate important where Coverts/Cofferts are from the Caiaphas and/or Kypros line.

The black engrailed bend of the Sales/Salletes can now be considered for a link to the black, engrailed cross of Glad- / Claux-like CLAYTons/CLAUGHtons.

Douglas links to Glasgow are evident again in the 1600s, and even there we find a Lan/Len term:

Archibald Douglas, 1st Earl of Ormond...was the eldest son of William Douglas, 11th Earl of Angus and 1st Marquis of Douglas, by his first wife, Margaret Hamilton, daughter of Claud Hamilton, 1st Lord Paisley [in Glasgow], was born in 1609. In a charter of the barony of Hartside or Wandell, granted to him and his father 15 June 1613, he is named Lord Douglas, Master of Angus, and it is by the title of Earl of Angus, which became his on his father's elevation to the marquisate, that he is generally known. In 1628 Angus married Lady Anne Stuart, second daughter of Esme Stewart, 3rd Duke of Lennox, Charles I being a party to the marriage contract.,_1st_Earl_of_Ormond

Stewarts had been rife in Glasgow from centuries earlier. Hamiltons, as you can see, were in Hartside, the place that is suspect for naming the Logan/Lennan heart, and so "Lennox," belonging to Stewarts at that time, looks like if is a term related to LanARK. It was established fairly well above that "Lanark" is partly for "Herod Archelaus," and then even Mr. Douglas Angus above was named ARCHibald. It became obvious that Lanarks link to Herod-blood Lannoys, and that the Lennan variation of Logans ought to apply. The Lennox Coat even uses the same saltire as Ananias-suspect Annan(dale)s, very important because Logens/Lennans trace themselves to Bruces from Brescia, near the Ananes at Placentia.

The HAMELtons (same cinquefoil as Bus', in the colors of the Boyd checks) are thought be me to be of the CAMMELL variation of Herod-related Campbells, trace-able to "Kemuel," son of Nahor, important because Boyd-Stewarts trace to Buz, son of Nahor, while Glass' trace to Trypillians in the vicinity of the Nahor-suspect Neuri. Hamiltons were first found in Renfrew, and even use the oak, a symbol of the Glasgow surname.

The Hamelton and Bus cinquefoil is uses also by Blanks (Shetland), important for where Blanks trace to Whites and therefore to Watts. The Hamilton oak is used also by Watts, and the Vatts/Watt(er)s were first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as Campbells, where Hameltons are to be expected. As Vatts/Watt(er)s likewise (i.e. as well as glasses-using Watts) show the all-seeing eye, this discussion traces to the Uat/Buto cult, which once again serving to reveal that Buto was named after Buz while Uat was named after Uts, (the Biblical spelling of Uz), the first-born of Nahor (Abraham's brother).

The other Watts were first found in Worcestershire, and one Worcestershire Watt clan uses billets, a symbol in the Arms of Roquefeuil, which is situated in old Occitania, where I trace the oak, and what I say was named after Joktan, son of Eber, patriarch of the Hebrews. The billets of Roquefeuil are being cited because French Blanks use the Shield format of Fellers, and besides, the Blank / Hamelton / Bus cinqueFOIL should be code for Roquefeuil elements, perfectly expected if we think that Joktanite Hebrews should have moved into Europe with Nahorite Hebrews. The Corbieres/Orbieu areas beside Roquefeuil have already traced to Garebites at Jerusalem.

As the raven traces to Garebites, what about the Scal-land term in the motto of the Arms of Shetland, where Blanks were first found where the raven is a central symbol? The Shetland Arms even uses "Biggar," Fleming-important where the motto uses "Logam Scal-land," apparent code for Herod liners of the Logan/Lennan (= Fleming) kind.

The cinquefoil colors above are found in the cinquefoils of the English Billet Chief, and then French Billets are in Roque-rock colors, important where Roquefeuil uses billets. The pierced French-Billet stars are in the positions and colors of the Feller trefoils.

The English Billet Chief is the Bellows Chief too, meaning that Bellows (accessed from the bellow symbols of Shiptons) look like a variant of "Billet," explaining the Ballot and Bellet variations of Bellows. German Bellows were first found in Pomerania, beside Mecklenburg to which I trace "Maxwells," who use a two-headed black eagle, symbol of German Bellows. I am fairly convinced that the Maxwell stag is that also of the Logans/Lennans.

[Insert -- The Bolts become a topic below, where the brownish color of the Pollock boar becomes comparable to the Bolt stag, suggesting here that Bolts are a branch of Billets / Bellows. The Maxwell stag is also brown rather than typical gold. We will also find the Bilder surname below (apparently a branch of Billets), first found in Hamburg, beside Mecklenburg, location of the Varni-Roquefeuil bloodline in the time of Jesus that soon after merged with Herods.]

Joktan's brother, Peleg," may even be in the Blank term, though Blacks, Plocks, Blocks and Pollocks better reflect his name. Even "PLACentia" may apply to Pelegites. Blocks ("oak stump") show the same-colored chevron as Glasgows, and in fact, both surnames use two black symbols above their chevrons. It's telling us that Blocks were Pollocks. As Blocks (white rose of York) are in York colors, and were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Yorks, their blue-on-white colors easily trace to the Cappeo = Bruce lion, and therefore to Ananias elements in the Brescia / Placentia theater.

The Lennox Coat uses a white-on-red rose, symbol of the Joosts/Joosts, but the Swiss Justs/Justens use a chevron in the same colors, the chevron colors of Hebrons (and related Childs), who themselves use red roses for their Rhodian elements. The Justs even use the same wing design as "Jewish" Glass' with what appears to be, in both cases, an hourglass shape between the wings. As Houstons were first found in the Glasgow area, chances are that the JUSTEN variation is in honor of Houstons...who use an actual hourglass in their Crest. It just so happens that Houstons use the same black-on-gold footless martins as Plocks/Plucknetts, something I did not consciously know when introducing Plocks immediately above this paragraph.

It appears here that Houstons were with Pollocks to some large degree. It's probably not coincidental that the Plock/PluckNETT / Houston martins are used (in red) by Birds while Netts (in Nettle colors) use a "bird bolt" in Crest.

The Birds were first found in Cheshire, where Hugh D'Avrances ruled to whom the Houstons/HUGHstowns may trace. Hugh ruled Macclesfield/MAKESlesfield, a Cheshire city using the Cappeo lion, and suspect with "Maxwell/MAKESwell," the mother trunk of Pollocks. Macclesfields use a cross in the colors of the Justs/Justens, expected where Justens are Houstons/Hughstowns from Hugh of Cheshire.

The "Cruce" motto term of Birds should be code for the Crew/Creuse surname (Cheshire), using a white-on-blue lion that should be the Cappeo lion in colors reversed. The Forts and related Rockforts (clever "veriBUS" motto term) use the same lion as Crews, which once again tends to trace the Caiaphas / Kypros>Herod lion to Roquefort at Lugdunum Covenarum.

Now that Gores are tracing to Herods out of Covenarum, it's of obvious importance that the Cruise surname (Bedfordshire) is a reflection of the Gore/Core Coat. Bedford is beside Hertfordshire, where the Star-Terek crew had traced. For example, Star Trek was founded by Gene RODDENbury, and the lead actor of Star Trek has a Shatner surname (in Nett colors), first found in Hertsfordshire. Shatners have many "bolt" endings, now suggesting linkage with the bird bolt of Plock-related Netts. It just so happens that Blocks use a tree stump, symbol of RODDENs/Rodhams.

It's suggesting again that the white-on-red bend of Roddens/Rodhams is that also of the "Jewish" Pollocks," making more sense where Peter Pollock of Moray (father of Pollocks) was of a Rothes entity, while the Rother/Ruth/Randulph surname was first found in Moray and uses a version of the Rodden/Rodham Coat. The Pollock bend likely traces to the same-colored chevron of Bullocks, first found in Roxburghshire. Like the Rodham and Ruth/Rother chevron, the Bullock chevron is ermined, and white on red.

The Birds/Burds in this picture suggest the Berts (and the Bards from BARTHolomew Leslie), who use a bugle, a Pollock symbol, for which reason I suspect that Berts were from "Fulbert," father of Peter Pollock. As the Ful aspect of Pollocks were from Languedoc, note that the Cruce/Crois surname was first found in Languedoc, and that Birds use a "Cruce" motto term. The Cruce Coat is a thick gold cross, the color of the Pollock saltire.

It's my estimation that the Cruce/Crois surname links to the Cree's/Crea's, using stars in Glass-star colors. The Cree's/Crea's have a Creight variation suggesting the Crichtons/Creightons, who use a green dragon head, probably link-able to the green Leslie griffin in the Bard Crest. The Bard Coat is a gold boar, color of the Pollock boar, and by other means it can be established that both Pollocks and Leslies / Bards trace to king Andrew of Hungary, wherefore Fulbert looks like a Roquefeuil / Feller merger with Bartholomew, the Hungarian father of the Scottish Leslies. It's important that Berts are in Cree/Crea colors because Berts use a wreath in Crest (albeit it's the Ross "garland") while Cree's/Crea's come up as "Wreath." And, the fesse of Wreaths/Crees/Crea's is in the colors of the same of the Bert-suspect Birds/Burds.

We saw that the Cappeo lion linked to the Malcolms/MalCallams because the Hallams/Hallands of Yorkshire used it, but that lion is also in the Crichton/Creighton Coat, and it's the Bute lion from Rory of Bute, important where Glass' were first found in Buteshire, which had been ROTHESay in earlier times, while the English Rothes surname (Shropshire, home of Pollocks before Glasgow) comes up when entering Wreath-like "Wreth." As you can see, we are back to the Sale bend with the Rothes, and a trace, therefore, to the Salyes theater, where Glass' have traced already by multiple means.

Pollock-related Blocks (who may have predated Pollocks) calls their oak a "stump," while the Stump/Stompes surname uses what is almost-certainly a version of the Coat belonging to Sale-related Gores/Cores. The Gowers/Gores, by their "Frangas" motto term, were already linked to the Pollocks of the Frank-surname kind, but it can be added now that Gowers/Gores use the flory cross design of Birds/Burds. The Plucknett variation of Pollock-related Plocks gave us the bird-bolt-using Netts...showing white-on-black scallops, the symbol of Flecks/Flacks who traced to the Vlach line of Komnenos at Cazeres, beside Salat (and Roquefort), where the Sales/Sallete surname should trace along with Pollocks.

Thus, via the Rothes surname using a version of the Sale bend, Pollocks trace once again trace to Lugdunum Covenarum, smack beside the Save river that traces well in multiple ways to the Sava/Save (Croatia), where Leslie's (bend in colors reversed to Save bend) traced solidly (there are two Lesce locations on the Sava that I apply to Leslie's). One Gore/Core motto, remember, traces to Servitium on the Sava, while another Gore/Core motto term traces to the Sales/Salletes.

The Covert / Cooper link to "COVENarum" is brought to bear where both surnames were first found in the same place (Sussex) as the STUMps/Stompes, and besides, the Covert leopard had been linked to the same of STEMs/Steins, while Dutch Steins use the eight-pointed star along with RothSteins/Rothschilds. It's telling me that Stumps/Stompes' were Steins / Stones of the STAMford/Stanford kind, for the latter surname uses the same lion design as English Rothes. Stamfords/Stanfords look like they use a version of the Nero/Neriti Coat, important where the Save bend is in the colors of the bend of Botters, first found in the same place as Nero's/Neriti's.

Black Christmas'

Coverts had linked to Leopolds, who use the dragon head, likewise in green, of Crichtons/Creightons. The same dragon-head design is used by Clarks, who show a chevron in the colors of the Glasgow / Block chevron. It gets interesting now where Kaplans/Chaplins had traced to Coverts already, and to Caiaphas without doubt, for Irish Clarks show a griffin-head design used also by Kaplans/Chaplins, but then the design belongs also to Stumps/Stompes. The Stumps use their griffin heads in the colors of the Netts and Nettles (and Rothes), and then Natali's show more eight-pointed stars. See also the Diane/Natali surname.

Having thus linked Stumps/Stompes to Stanfords and Steins, what about the green garland in the Stan/Stain Crest??? It was Berts (and Coopers/Coppers) who use that garland, and Berts had linked to Birds/Burds, and therefore to bird-bolt-using Netts. Both Natali surnames above were first found at Venice, and I did find Bard-related proto-Leslie's (years ago) in Padova, a region of Venice where Bruce-related Abreu's were first found who use the Glass wing design.

I lost the online evidence of the proto-Leslie trace to Padova, but here it can be proven to some degree, where the Gore-suspect Cruise/Cruse surname was first found in Bedfordshire. It was recent when evidence was shown again that Bedfords, related to Betts, traced to the Batavi, who smack of "Padova" and trace to Padova without doubt in my mind. The Cruise/Cruse surname ought to link to the Cruce surname found in the Cruce motto term of Leslie-related Birds/Burds. Like the Netts, the Bedford surname uses the black lion's paw, and it just so happens that it's the Nett lion paw that holds the bird bolt. Bedfords were first found in the same place (Hertfordshire) as Shatners/ShatBOLTS!

The Crews (Roquefort suspects) even use another lion's paw (666-suspect symbol), but they call it a "gamb," suggesting the Gambles (Nahorites of the Campbell/Cammel / Hamelton kind) in the colors of the Bards (who show the Leslie griffin). Like the Bards, Campbells/Cammells use the gold boar, a good reason to trace Crews to Roquefeuil's links to Campbell-related Herods. It's clear here that Bards and Burds/Burds trace to the Venice theater along with Netts / Nettles tracing to the Natali's of that theater. Bards were first found in Lanarkshire, where Herod-Archelaus lines lived, and so note that while Herod Archelaus was banished to Vienne-Isere, the Vienne surname (should trace to the Veneti) uses an eagle in the colors of the Bards / Gambles.

The Bolts, first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Boltons and Bolds, use the Leslie griffin in black. It adds to the evidence that the bird-bolt is to be treated as a Leslie entity of the Bard kind. Boltons use the same-colored chevron as Berts, tending to drag Berts into the Bard family, as expected. Bolts use the Levi lion in gold-on-red, as do the Place's...that may trace to Placentia's Ananias line. The Bolt chevron is in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire. The Place's use "coppice" in their write-up.

The Bolton stag is shot through with an arrow, and is shown in the brownish color of the Pollock boar, itself shot through with an arrow. The Pollock saltire had been traced to the Spanish Pelaiz surname, and the Place surname shows a Plaiz variation.

The checks of the Pelaiz surname should trace to the same of the Bils, whom I suspected to be Bilderbergs. The Bilder surname (Yorkshire) happens to use a version of the Bert Coat, suggesting what many are telling us online, that the Bilderberg conferences are run by Rockefellers. In case one disappears, I had best explain the Bilder and Bert Coats here: Bilders use a red-on-white chevron surrounded by three black bugles in the same design as the three black bugles of Berts who use a red-on-white chevron in the same format.

By what coincidence do German Bilders use the Annan(dale) saltire???

We just saw not far above that the Billet surname traced to Rockefellers, wherefore the Roquefeuil billet symbol is probably for the Bilder bloodline too. Compare the Fallis Coat to the feller and Billet Coats.

German Blocks use billets that are called "red bricks," and then Bricks use a Shield version of the Whelan/FAILen coat.

Let's get back to the lion's paw of the Crews, which they call a gamb. Gambles (crane) had been previously considered for linkage to "IAMBLichus." The black rose in the crane's mouth may be in that rare rose color for the black stone that the Iamblichus line came to oversee. The Gamble-like Kimbals use the same white-Shield-on-BLACK-Shield as Bedfords, and the latter use both lion's paws and a black lion in Crest, once again suggestive of the black-stone line. The Netts, with a black lion's paw in Crest, are in colors reversed to Kimbals and Gambles, and in the colors of the Bedford-related Betts (Osten-like motto terms, perhaps related to "Joktan"). We just saw Bards tracing to the Nett lines in Venice, and here we now find that Betts are traced in their write-up to Bartholomew: "However, the name is undoubtedly occasionally derived from the male personal name Bartholomew..." I doubt that "Bett" derives in "Bart / Bert," though I wouldn't deny the links to it. I'd suggest that Betts and Bedfords were named after Budini lines in Padova, because Gambles and Kimbals are suspect from "Kemuel," not forgetting that cinquefoils, the Bett symbol, are used by Kemuel-related Hameltons and Bus'. The Bett cinquefoils look like those of the Roddens/Rodhams.

The black Bedford lion is "holding a sphere between the paws." It was the CLASS woman that stood upon a sphere. The Christmas surname will be treated soon below, found to use the martins of the Houstons of GLASgow, and of the Natali-related Plocks/PluckNETTs. There is therefore a question as to whether Christmas' (definitely a Gore entity) were a branch of Crews / Cruise's / Creuse's (Rooks use the CROW, keep in mind). Important here is the "fortuna" motto term of Bedfords, as it should link to Rockforts and Forts, Herod liners. Bedford (and neighboring HERTford) had accumulated Herod liners from Lannoys, in the least, who were from Vienne's Herods. The Crews, Rockforts and Forts all use the same lion, shared in England by Douglas-suspect Dougals, and the latter are suspect as a Glass bloodline, therefore. The Christ Crest uses a single wing in the design of the "Jewish" Glass wing.

Natali's (means "Christmas" to Italians) suggests that Noels should be part of this picture, and indeed French Noels use the Feller Shield format with the Falcone/Falconte / Conte crescents. English Noels (lattice/fretty in Gamble / Bard colors) were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as Stamfords/Stanfords...who use lions in Noel colors. It's going to come around to Logans/Lennans now, and so note the clever use of the "Yule LOG" in the English-Noel write-up.

The "Jes" motto term of Noels is easily linked to the Jests/Guests, who, like the French Noels, use the Feller format. The Jess surname shows a bend in the colors of the Stan/Stain bends, important because Jests had become a topic as per the "jessed" term in the Irish-Arthur description, while the Arthur motto term, "ObSTANTia," may trace to the Stant/Stand variation of the Stans/Stains. French Noels use their format with the crescent colors of Falcons, and then the Arthur description is "a falcon jessed..." Therefore, we are still tracing Herod liners in this Natali - Noel discussion.

Jess' and Gambles were both first found in Yorkshire, important because gamb-using Crews are tracing to Leslie-Birds of the Venice theater, where Natali's were first found who are suspect with Noels.

The Steyn variation of Stans/Stains smacks of "Oosteyn," a Dutch surname like the Ostens who traced to the same place (Ossetia/Alania, location of an Ardon river) as Arthurs. The JOOSTs/Justs may be related to "OOSTeyn," for Joosts use two colors of the Ostens, and the latter throw in a bend in the gold color that permeates the Gamble / Bard / Vienne / Noel surnames. The Vienne eagle was pegged to be the Ferte eagle in colors reversed so that the Noel fretty design should indeed apply to the Vienne bloodline.

By now you know that Arthurs trace to the Veneti, and to Merovingians that traced themselves to Veneti, but I traced the Batavi root of Merovingians to Padova, suggesting that proto-Leslie-Birds at Padova had much to do with Merovingian make-up. Indeed, Leslie-related Pollocks are traced by others to Clovis, and besides, I had found proto-Hungarians exactly in Padova, at Euganeo to be exact. I had traced "Euganeo" to "Aachen" of the Carolingians, and therefore to the Aiken/Atkins surname, using roosters and a Shield much like that of Jess Coat. Just like that, the Leslie-Bird topic has led again to Herod Archelaus' stomping grounds at Lanark, for Aikens were first found in Lanarkshire, where also Bards were first found...who were the Leslie Hungarians!

It should be repeated here that Lannoys use the Lyon lions, and that Lyon/Lugdunum is smack beside Vienne-Isere. English Lannoys were first found in Bedfordshire, exactly where the Padova topic is now tracing. Neighboring Hertford easily links to Herods, and even uses a chevron in the colors of the Vienne's, Gambles / Bards / Noels. In fact, the Hertford chevron is the Arthur chevron, which identifies the Hertford location with the Arthur "hurts." The Arthur hurts come with "rests" that were traced to the same ROSTock entity as the Sinclair roosters, and that of course drags the Aiken roosters into this picture. Reminder: the Ards/Airds use the Aiken rooster and motto term.

Herod Archelaus used a helmet with feathers on his coins, and English Lannoys use the same, wherefore we should expect Logens/Lennans in this Leslie-Bird-of-Padova / Natali-Noel topic. The swans of the Noels should therefore trace to the swans of Locks and Lokens/Lochs.

Secondly, entering "Diane" gets both the Natali's and the Deans, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts / Coppers / Stumps. The Diane/Dean lion is even in the colors of the Bard boar, the Vienne eagle, and the Gamble fleur. The "nihil" motto term of Dianes/Deans traces to the Neils/Nihills and therefore to the Neils/Nails, and therefore to the nails in the Logen/Lennon heart. That heart is again in the colors of the Bards / Viennes / Gambles / Noels...and Hertfords / Arthurs...and Veres.

A fesse in these colors is used by the Christmas/ChristMUS Coat, and then in the Christmas fesse there are martins in the colors of the same of Houstons and Natali-related Plocks/PluckNETTs.

The swan is used not only by Noels, but by the Christman surname (Hampshire), suggesting that the latter were a branch of Christmas' i.e. suggesting strongly that Noels were related to Christmas', Christmans, Christs, and Kreis'/Chryslers. The latter, along with Christmans, are in Crew/Crewes/Creuse colors, and though this in itself is not enough for a strong "Crew/Creuse" link to "Christ", the similarity of terms supports it. Plus, the Cruise Coat looks to be a version of the Gore / Christmas Coat, and that the Cruise surname was first found in Bedford, while Bedfords had already traced to Natali-related Netts.

As Christmas' were first found in the same place, Essex, as Veres, and moreover because Christmas' use Vere colors, note that Plocks/Plocknetts (Vere colors) were first found in Vere-ordered Oxfordshire. Gores/Cores were first found in Essex too, and the Christmas fesse just happens to be in the colors of the Gore/Core fesse. Just like that, Christmas' trace to Herod liners. As there is a Plock location beside Poland's Masovia that should apply, this is a good place to re-mention that Gores linked to proto-Mieszko's of Gorski kotar.

Masseys and Veres (both had branches in Masovia) use the same Shield so that "ChristMAS/ChristMUS" may be a clever play on the Massey surname even while Christmas' trace to Natali's. To this it should be added that Diens/Dives use the Massey wing while Plock-related Pollocks were of the Massey bloodline. Plus, Christmans were first found in Hampshire, where Drakes ("MUScas" motto term) were first found who use the red-on-white wyvern, symbol of the dukes of Masovia.

The Pollock-suspect Blacks use the star in the colors of the Glass'...and the Maxwell saltire, probably. But Blacks also use the red-on-white crescent, the colors of the Dein crescents. The Christmas Coat even uses coneys (rabbits), traceable to the same of Meschin-related Conys / Conns. It's getting us back to a Glass trace to Cuneo, opposite the Cottians from Guillestre.

As extra evidence that Pollocks were Blacks, the Irish Blakes/Caddels use a fret (probably symbol of MontFerrat in Cuneo), symbol of Hoods/Hutts and Audleys to which the Pollock motto term traces (loosely, anyway) without doubt. The Aude's were of Audeville in Savoy, beside the Aosta area with a Ferrat region of it's own. And although I haven't emphasized it in this update, the Glass stars trace to the Wallis/Valais bloodline in the Sion/Sitten area of Switzerland, a cherished root of Templar Zionists. The Zionist star is used by the Swiss Kreis/Chrysler surname in the colors of the Moray star, and the Walsers, named after Wallis/Valais and situated in Aosta, use the same mermaid as the Moray / Glass Crest.

The Crews/Creuse's, using a lion paw/gamb, had linked by the black color of that paw to Kimbals/Kimbles and Bedfords (both using the same Shield-on-Shield), and therefore to Kimble-suspect Gambles. The Iamblichus line of Emesa/Homs had been suspect with the all-seeing-eye cult of Uat/Buto because I viewed the cult's Chemmites as the Gomerians who named both QUMRan and Homs. I trace the Games/Cams, Kemmis' and Sampsons, all first found in Gloucestershire, to the Uat/Buto Chemmites of Kemmis in ancient Egypt. Therefore, the Bedfords and Betts ought to trace to "Buto," and therefore to the Badens/Battins (use the all-seeing eye) of Somerset, where the Iamblichus line had been traced apart from these considerations. In other words, Nahorites of the Uts, Buz and Kemuel kind traced to the Iamblichus family.

There are several points to make in this regard. First, Betts use a motto, Ostendo non ostento, translated, "I show, not boast." It's remarkable that while the Nimo's/Newmarsh's use a motto, "I show, not boast," both they and Boasts/Boas'/Boyes' use cinquefoils, symbol of Hameltons and Bus', indicating that Boasts/Boas' were Buzites of the Bus kind. And it just so happens that the Shows/Schaws (Oliphants?), shown properly as "Schauer," were first found in Baden. It's important here that while Nimo's/Newmarch's use the Annandale saltire as used by Ayrshire, the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. It's therefore Caiaphas-important because, while I see Ananias in the Annan(dale) bloodline, I trace Caiaphas and Ananias to the Shaws.

In short, the Betts using, "I show not boast," look like a branch of Boasts/Boas'/Boyes, and that tends to trace Bedfords to the same because I am convinced that Betts and Bedfords were one line. The Betts use three cinquefoils on a white-on-black bend while Boasts use three cinquefoils on a black-on-white bend. The case is thus made once again that motto terms are often code for kin. (So why haven't heraldry writers online pointed this out? Why isn't it a widely-publicized fact of heraldry?)

But the Bett cinquefoils are called "five leaved flowers," and it just so happens that the Flower surname uses one large cinquefoil in the white color of the one large cinquefoil of the Bus surname, and colors reversed to the Bett cinquefoils.

The Flowers are traced in their write-up to "fletcher, or maker of arrows," and then Fletchers use pheons in the colors of the Flower cinquefoil. The Flager/Flegger variations of Fletchers suggest the flag-line motto term in the Samson surname, and then both Samsons and Flecks/Flacks use scallops in the colors of the Fletcher/Flegger pheons and Flower cinquefoil, with connections very obviously apparent. The same-colored scallops are used by Netts, you see, who had been suspect as Natali's at Padova, a place that I view as home of the proto-Batavi. The Netts/Nate's even use a black lion paw, symbol of Bedfords, thus linking Netts to Betts.

The scallops above belong also to Meschins, and le-Meschin's son, Ranolph de Gernon, was traced (by me) to the crane symbol because "geranos" is Greek for "crane"...important where a crane is used in the Gamble Crest, for Gambles trace to gamb-using Bedfords while Meschins were related to Ligurians in Bedford. The Gernons even use lion colors of the Lee/Ley lion that I say was the personal lion of Ranulf le Meschin. But Gernons use a black lion in Crest, symbol also of Bedfords. The Meschin bloodline is trace-able to the Mus household of the Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, and this is cause for repeating the ChristMAS/ChristMUS surname, especially as Crews/Creuse's (suspect with Christs) were first found in Cheshire, where le Meschin and de Gernon ruled.

Moreover, Betts show the same leopard in Crest, almost, as the Blake Crest, indicating Buz links to a Pollock line, but not forgetting that Pollocks were from Masseys of the Mieszko kind. By the way, the Blackwood Coat shows evidence of the Bellamy > Massey and Conteville line to le Meschin, but the point is that while Irish Blakes are shown with a Caddel variation, both those Blakes and Cattles use the fret symbol (with a "mascle" at its center), which traces to Ferte-Mace, where Bellamys linked to the Maceys/Masseys. Actually, there is the further point that I traced Cattles to Cattolica, a location beside Rimini, the latter being where Maschis/Maskallys were first found who are suspect with the MASCULine variation of Meschins.

The Gernon motto traces to Foetes/Fussen, in the same place (Bavaria) as Walsers were first found who are a Glass bloodline from Guillestre, on the same river as the Salyes who trace to the so-called Sales-of-Mascy. And the Walsers are said to have lived in the Lys valley of Aosta, where roughly the Ferrat area is. Moreover, pharaoh Khyan is traced to "Cuneo," where MontFerrat applies, and if that's not enough, I trace "Apachnas," the alternative name of Khyan, to such terms as "Buckin(g)," while both Khyan-suspect Cheneys and Kimbals (Bedford shield-on-Shield) were first found in Buckingham. It just so happens that the Meschin bloodline was closely linked to Cheshire elements of Buckleys/Bulkalys (chevron in the colors of the Buckles)," and other such surnames.

The BULkaly variation of Buckleys exposes that the Buckley/Bulkaly bull heads are indeed the bullheads of the Pollock-suspect Bullocks. It can be established by various means that Hyksos founded or at least merged with the Zeus bull cult.

it just so happens that Leslies, who use buckles, and who just traced to Natali's of Venice, and to the bird bolt of Netts, were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as a Buchan location. It's important because Natali's are suspect with the ChristMAS/ChristMUS line, itself suspect with the household of Apachnas. The Buchan surname uses black lions, which we see all over the Bedford / Nett bloodline. Plus, while the Bedford motto is, "Animum fortuna SEQUATur," Buchans use, "Non inferioria SECUTus." If that's not enough, the Buchan Crest shows "The sun shining on a sunflower," and it was the Betts who use "flower" in the description of their cinquefoils, in the colors of the Buchan lion heads.

To help prove that the Crews/Creuse's are Christmas- and Christman-related, the Crew motto is, "Sequor nec inferior," which honors the Buchan motto vividly. As Crews use a lion's paw too, a symbol used by Kilpatricks for love of the coming 666 commercial system, it's reminding of the trace I make of Hyksos and (Kil)Patricks" to Patmos, where a Gore-Core-suspect Chora location is situated that was anciently represented by the mythical crow, Coronis, mother of ASCLEPios, himself representing the Scala location on Patmos. Moreover, the Nettles (in Nett colors) use two serpents entwined around one another, a symbol of the Asclepios cult.

Reminder: the Christmas line looks like the Gore/Core line partly because the Christmas fesse is in the colors of the Gore/Core Crest, and partly because the two surnames were first found in the same place. Again, the Christmas martins are used in those colors by the Glass-related Houstons and PlockNETTS.

The Hyksos-suspect HuckaBYs/HuckaBEEs use the single serpent around a staff, the very symbol of Asclepios, and then the Netts are suffixed with "by / bie / bee" terms. Here's the Huckaby write-up: "The ancestry of the name Huckaby...comes from when the family lived in the village of Huxtable in East Buckland in the county of Devon." Buckle-incidence? See yet another fret in the Buckland/Bucklin Coat, of a surname first found in Buckingham.

Did Leslie's trace to Netts? Leslies use "buckles." And the single Glass wing seen in the Christ Crest is in the Irish Leslie Crest.

By some twisted irony, the Christ bloodline turns out to be from Patmos' 666 bloodline, and the Christmas', already suspect from the KHYAN/Apachnas line, even use "CONEYs." They are in the white color of the Coney and Conn coneys, and as you can see, the latter two surnames use the Meschin-Coat format so as to link, indeed, to the Mus household of Khyan. The Christmas' even use the footless martins in colors reversed to the same Cheney martins. In the Cheney Crest, a "bull's scalp," suggesting Asclepios once again.

Many think that the 666 may be implanted in the skin by a needle, which term reflects "Nettle." Revelation 13 predicts a tattoo, which is indeed an ink injection by a needle. It may be that the medical establishments will be held responsible for 666 implantation/injection, important where the American Medical Association uses a logo with a serpent entwined around a rod. The Nettles, lest you've forgotten, use two snakes entwined around one another.

The Diane/Natali surname uses crown designs very much like the Spanish Capet and French Martels showed at until recently. The Diane/Natali/Nadali Coat uses its crowns in the colors of the sun used by Needles/Nadals/Nadlers/Needlemakers. It can't be coincidental that while English Dianes/Deans use "nihill," the Neil/Nihill surname is implied in the Neilder variation of Needle's/Nadals. The NAYLdor variation suggests the Neils/Nails/Nagles that I trace to the nails in the Logan/Lennan heart. It's the Herods at the tip of the 666 needle, isn't it?

The Buckland lion is in the design and colors of the Neil/Nihill lion, and the Buckland stag should therefore be the Lennon/Lennan stag. Below the Neil lion, the KEON fish that I trace to pharaoh Khyan. That fish traces to CadMUS at Butua/Budva, who I see in the line to Maschis at the CATTolica theater. Bucklands are the ones using the fret as code for the Macey/Massey bloodline, albeit Bellamys were at Ferte-Mace who should trace to "Baal," the ancient bull cult likely linking to the bulls of the Buckley/Bulkaly / Bullock bloodline. The Baal bull was the same as the bull kiln used in the Moloch human-sacrifice cult, the same also with the Zeus Taurus that was made a son of Coronis-like Cronus.

The Christmas', having linked exceptionally well to Gores/Cores that trace likely to Chora, and therefore to Coronis, are expected to be from the Cronus > Zeus cult. The coneys of the Christmas' should therefore trace to mythical Ixion, whom I see from "Khyan," and for this reason I'm asking if Nephele (Ixion's wife) is in the Needle / Neil bloodline. For example, the "Nihill" variation of Neils may be from elements named by "Nephele." I'll assume that Neils/Nihills came first, to be followed by Natali's, and I do see that "Noel" and "Nihill" are similar.

The Neil/Nihill lions are holding a red hand; three six-pointed estoiles (i.e. code for 666?) across the Chief are positioned such that one point of one estoile is at the hand. Yep, it happens to be a dexter red hand, what Revelation 13 predicts. Therefore, add six-pointed estoiles to the list of 666-suspect codes.

The Butes/Butts (motto suggests the Bus / Boast bloodline), who use three estoiles across their Chief, trace with certainty to Butua/Budva (sea horse), as does the sea horse used by the Keon-suspect Irish Cohens/Coyns. The horse in the Bute/Butt Crest is therefore a symbol, likely, of the Hyksos as represented by Ixion and Nephele, parents of the Centaurs (code for a horse-associated peoples).

Entering the "posse" motto term of Butes/Butts, what comes up but the Posey/Posett surname, using three suns in the colors of the in Bute/Butt estoiles, and in the colors of the single large sun of the Needle/Nayldor/Neilder Coat.

As Rollo's/Rollocks use the "posse" term too in their motto, it's evoking the flight-93 hoax on 9-11, as per the Nagle surname that was (and may still be) employed at Rollock inc., the company with a metal scrap yard just a few hundred feet from where the plane supposedly crashed (it didn't crash, there was no evidence of a plane there; there was only metal scrap strewn around that came from Rollock. It makes Chris Nagle, the only employee I could find at Rollock, suspect as one of the 9-11 criminals. For legal purposes, I say "suspect," not necessarily "guilty."

This new find of a POSey trace to Butua is excellent for the trace I made of the BOS/Bosch and Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys to the white-on-blue fish at Butua and neighboring Kotor (home of Saracas who use that fish). This find comes just as I'm mentioning the Neils who use the white-on-blue Keon fish that was the first-ever fish traced to the Saraca fish. That trace was before realizing that the Saraca fish evolved into the fleur-de-lys, because, for one reason, Ragusa, home of Saraca's, was also called, Laus.

Earlier in this update, when writing the following, I was wondering whether the fleur-de-lys under discussion, was a take from the spokes in the white-on-blue Catherine wheel (known symbol of torture) of the Glades: "The Culters/Colters (Lanarkshire) made it to the Fleming topic in the last update, and here in the Clad = Glass topic I find that the Catherine Wheel of the Culters/Colters is used, in the same colors, by German Glade's/Glodde's/Gluds. " It just so happens that Saraca's lived in Cather-like Kotor before living in Ragusa. AND, as you know a duck when you see one, let's add that the Kotor location had been traced to Cutters (in Culter colors), who use a Shield-and-Chief combination in colors reversed to the same of English Glades.

It therefore behooves me to trace "Kotor" to Cathars at Cazeres. It means that Ixion and Nephele are tracing from Kotor to the Cathars, and indeed, Ixion was depicted in myth under torture in hell while tied to a wheel. Nephele had been identified (by me) with Aphrodite, wife of Hephaestus, who was himself traced to "Ephesus," founded by the son of mythical KODRos, and the latter was himself given a fish symbol anciently (wherefore it's an easy trace of Kodros to "Kotor"). That's what allows us to trace Ixion and Nephele to Kotor too, and for that said, we can trace Neils to Kotor if only for the "Nephele" link to "Nihill" that was just suggested, though the Neil/Nihill fish itself traces to Kotor, you see. The heraldry masters knew all this, at one time, anyway.

As Colters/Cutters are now being revealed as a branch of Cutters from Kotor, it's easy to trace the Kolodziej > Mieszko line at the Gorski / Sava theater to Kotor, expected where Kotor is beside Butua/Budva, known location of mythical CadMUS (i.e. of the proto-Mieszko line). The Mieszko line had a Masci branch, not only at Cadmus-suspect Cattolica / Rimini, but in Aosta, where the BAUTica/Baltea river flows into Piedmont, where Masci's were first found. Until recently, the Este surname used the same horse design as the Bute/Butt Crest, which is what allowed me to trace the sea horse in the Arms of Budva to the Butes/Butts and Estes, and to identify Estes with "Aosta."

The "Pax in bello" motto of German Bauts suggests Payens/Pagans that I trace to "APACHNas." However, the Baut Coat is a white-on-blue solid chevron, the Chappes chevron too, important because Hugh de Payen married a Chappes.

Who were the Logans/Lennans with "Hoc" motto term? Not the Lennans / Lannoys, necessarily, though a merger between the two is implied in the Logan write-up. Logans may have been from the idea of, L'Ogen, and therefore look like Hogens, who use rams in the colors of the Logen/Loch and Lock swans. French Bauts use a ram in the colors of the Hogan rams. Why? Do Logans trace to the Bautica river? I know that mythical Lohengrin traces to Ligurians that lived at that river.

Entering "Ogen" gets the Aikens/Atkins using the same oak tree as Ogdens, and this is suggesting Joktanites for the Logan surname. The Ogen/Aiken chevron is in the colors of the Ogden gyronny, and as the Campbell gyronny traced to the gyronny in the Arms of Gironde (location off the Garonne river), it's a given once again that the Logan heart traces to the MacArthur root of Campbells, and to the Herod root of MacArthurs on the Occitania. I have been tracing Joktanite Hebrews to Hyksos for quite some time, and have no reason to change course.

The "ostendo" motto term of Ogdens tends to verify that Ostens are a Joktanite line to Occitania. The Arthur-honored Stans/Stayns were traced suggestively in this update to "Oosteyn," and therefore to Oosts and Joosts/Josts, and here in the Ogden motto we find "jacto," what could be code for a hard-c version of the Jests / Joosts. The Jackets/Jaycocks, for example, or even the Jacks. Irish Arthurs use a "jessed and BELLed" description phrase, important for where Logans traced to Jocelyn of Louvain, who became a Percy from what I think was the Perche location of BELLamys. But, now, it just so happens that mythical LOHENgrin, the Swan Knight, was made a son of the Grail King, PERCIval. And Logans/Lennans come up as "LOHAN."

The nails in the Logan heart can be linked to Needles, as we just saw shortly above, and therefore to the injection theme of the 666. And here we just found that Logans are central to the chief Arthurian bloodline depicted with the "holy grail." Arthurian myth identifies the chief grail bloodline with mythical Bors, though the Ectors come a close second who use a triple bend (red-on-white). The international number in the marine world for 6 is a blue-on-white triple bend. The Bors surname uses "cooking pots," and Potters show a sea horse, as well as cinquefoils in colors reversed to Betts...who trace to the same place, Butua, as the Potter sea horse. It's that Buzite line again from Nahor, not the blessed Israelites who warned all Hebrews in the land of Israel to distance themselves from idols, but the idol-worshiping Hebrews themselves, the ones for which God's wrath burns until Armageddon.

The Betts use "Ostendo non Ostento" for a motto, which can now link Betts and Bors-suspect Potters to the Ogden > Logan bloodline, expected where Logans are a chief part of the Bors grail line.

The Potter cinquefoils are in the colors of the Flower cinquefoil, and Flowers are honored in both the Buchan and Bett descriptions. The Bett motto term is translated, "I show not boast," and Boasts (Buckingham) use a version of the Bett cinquefoils on the Sales bend, but in the colors of the Cheney (Buckingham) martins on a Sale bend, important because Cheneys trace to "Cuneo," location of Cutter-related Saluzzo and neighboring Busca, albeit the Betts ought to trace to the Bautica river of Aosta, where the Aosta location was founded by a Salassi peoples.

You realize that Busca traces to the Bos / Bush / Posey line out of Budva, and Poseys are the ones accessed from the "posse" motto term used by Rollocks. It just so happens that I charge both George Bush and Dick Cheney with high-level compliance in the 9-11 scam that created the flight-93 hoax at the yard of Rollock Inc. If I were a police department, I'd have them arrested, but not to worry, because Dick Cheney is just a failed heartbeat away from the Courtroom of God.

The Cheney and Boast colors are used by Bortons, who happen to use a "bonum" motto term suggesting the Skull and Bones cult that Bush's are charged with. The Borton lion head design is used by Bauts. The Bortons are bringing Birds/Burds to mind with "BORTon," especially as both Cheneys and Birds/Burds use the same footless-martin design. Plus, if I recall correctly, the English Bush Coat shown until recently used red fesse with three gold symbols, one symbol being a fleur-de-lys, while the Birds above show a red fesse with three gold symbols, one symbol being the fleur-de-lys. The Bird/Burd Crest shows three bends in what look like black-on-white, the colors now showing in the English Bush Coat.

Bortons were first found in Warwickshire, where the Scherff-suspect Sheriffs were first found. This is important because George Bush Sr. was born a Scherff (it's online for anyone to see), and then passed along into America as a Nazi spy with the Bush family out of Rockefeller-suspect Rochester. The Kaplan oil scandal in Texas is suspect with the Bush oil family because Kaplans use the same griffin design, in the same colors, as the Sheriff Coat. Kaplans were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drakes, who trace to dukes of Masovia, where the capital, Warsaw, traces to "Warwick." Kaplans even use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination.

That sets up the Bordens/Birdons/Burdons, who use axes (the Drake-Crest symbol) in the colors of the Sheriffs / Kaplans. It's suggesting that both Bortons and Bordens are Bors-grail lines. Bordens were first found in the same place (Essex) as Veres, Gores, and Christmas'. When I wrote, "The Borton lion head design is used by Bauts," it wasn't yet known that the white Borden-Crest lion has the white lion head in the Baut Crest.

As the Birds / Bordons/Birdons are apparently equating with Bauts, we could expect a Bauten surname from "Bordon." It just so happens that Hampshire is where Bottons/Boutons/Buttons/Bidens (in Bird/Burd colors) were first found who use what looks like a version of the Cheney bull's scalp, important because Birds/Burds use the martin design of Cheneys. The Borts/Barto's, first found in Piedmont, and in the colors of Botters, look like they should apply, especially as Botters/Bodins trace well to Bottons/Boutons/Buttons/Bidens. The write-up of the latter traces them to Bath and Wells...of Somerset, where Borders/Bowrders, (no Coat showing) were first found.

If the Bors line appears to be tracing now to the Masci's of Piedmont, it can explain why the Masci bend with three fleur is apparent in the Boris/Burys Coat. This surname was first found in Devon, beside Somerset. It's fairly obvious that "Bury" can trace to the Burroughs/Burrows/Burgh surname (wreaths), and it was first found in Hampshire, same as Botters and Buttons/Bidens. The "Animo" motto term of the Burroughs (in Nimo/Newmarsh colors) is probably for the Nimo/Newmarsh bloodline, but then BEDfords use a similar term, "Animum."

The wreathes of the Burroughs/Burrows can be linked to the Wreths/Rothes (of Pollock) line if only for the Masci link to the Burroughs. Irish Burroughs/Burrowes/Brews use "Audaces fortuna juvat," indication of a link to Pollocks, and therefore to the Forts (Maxton bee) and Rockforts = Roquefeuils of Aude. Irish Burroughs/Brews (in Duff colors) use the five-pointed MacArthur crown in their Chief along with what looks like the Irish Hogen Chief, suggesting again the MacArthur link to Hogen-suspect Logens. The Wreths/Rothes trace to Rothschilds, no doubt, known to trace to Bauers and Bowers, wherefore did you note the BOWRder variation of Borders?

It's important here that the Hogen Chief had been traced to the Yonge Chief because a Yonge motto term was traced to mythical Juno just before finding that Yonges linked to Duffs using a Jupiter-respecting motto term, "juvat," the term used in the Burrough's motto. Both Duffs and Burroughs use red lions, but the Duff lion, and the Burroughs Shield-and-Chief combination, are in colors reversed to the Abreu lions, important at the Brew variation of Burroughs.

In this picture, the mythical Bors grail line is also the Bruce line, or generally from the Eburovices. One can simplify it with the black-on-white bore of the Eber surname as it traces to the infamous Esau. But English Bush's now use the black-on-white boar where I'm quite sure that English Bush's used, until recently, a version of the this Bird/Burd Coat. The Bird/Byrd fesse may be in the Broy Chief because Irish Burroughs/Brews show a Broy variation. Here's a Brew/Brewse Coat. Here's the Brewsters of Lanarkshire, using estoiles in the colors of the Este eagle.

The "Cruce" motto term of Birds/Burds should link to the Christmas bloodline due to evidence earlier in this update, and this must have to do with the Rosy Cross of Rosicrucianism because early Rosicrucians (eg. Johannes Andraea) used a cross surrounded by four symbols (often four roses), as for example is used by Birds/Burds. It just so happens that while Christmas' trace to Natali's suspect in Padova, that's where Abreu's were first found. Reminder: the Netts, using a BIRD bolt, traced to Natali's.

The Arms of Templar Jerusalem used the same cross-and-four-symbol format as the Birds/Burds, and those Arms are said to have been from the personal symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon (his Wikipedia article shows him with the Templar-Jerusalem cross), who traces easily to the Bautica/Baltea river, because, for one, French Bauts were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Bouillons. It just so happens that the flory cross used by Birds/Burds is in colors reversed to the same flory cross used by Bouillons, while the Bouillon motto is, "A vero bello CHRISTI."

As Christmas' and Gores were obviously related, note that the flory cross is used also by Gowers/Gores. You now every reason to trace the Godfrey-Bouillon Rosicrucians to the Bors > Bird/Burd grail cult, and to the Natali / Noel line to the Nails, Needles, and nail-using Logans. Moreover, as Logens / Locks / Lokens are being identified as we speak with the Bors grail cult, it should be added that Godfrey de Bouillon is said by many others to have owned a swan symbol. His surname, of course, traces to the Perche / Percival line of BELLamy.

The flight-93 plane crash was a hoax conducted by the Pendragon > Arthurian bloodline in Pennsylvania. It became obvious in the aftermath of 9-11 that this particular bloodline is a powerful global cult easily (or perhaps not so easily) escaping prosecution, even though it was obvious to tens of millions of Americans that 9-11 was an inside job. Yes, tens of millions, not just two or three, or ten or twenty. The police are frightened to touch this cult.

It was only after writing all the above on the Gamble, Nett, and Bird topic that the nails of the Proctor Coat were found. It also turns out, in supporting the "Logan" trace to Yonge-related "Hogan," that "Toujours" is a motto term shared by Proctors and English Yonges, first found in the same place (Essex) as Bordens, Christmas' and Gores/Cores. It was only after writing the above that I re-discovered the black lion's paw of Osten-suspect Austins/Ostians using a version of the Arthur Coat. The stag (lying down) in the Austin Coat is probably the one used by Lennans/Lennons. The Austins even use "three black lions' GAMBs erect, erased." That is, the lion's paws of Austins, like those of the Netts, are called, gambs.

Spanish Austins use "Crux" as code, likely, for the Christmas / Crewes / Gore bloodline (it's the Birds/Burds who use "Cruce"). As that bloodline was just traced to the Chora > Coronis > Christ, by what coincide do English Austins use a "mural crown" that is often called a "mural coronet? Scottish Austins even use "corona" in their motto.

Grail cups are used by Portuguese Austins, important because heraldry shows Portuguese Abreu's (i.e. herein pegged as the grail line to Birds and mythical Bors) with the wing design of Glass'.

Here's from the 1st update in February, 2010, and so let's not forget the trace (1st update this month) of Henry I of England to Henri of Rodes, for Henry of England married the line of Stewart-loving Margaret of Scotland, now suspect, as per her Holy Rod House, from the Rod/Hrod and Rodes surname of Henri of Rodez, who married into Roquefeuil:

Wikipedia: "Flaad and his son Alan had come to the favourable notice of King Henry I of England who...gave him forfeited lands in Norfolk and Shropshire, including some which had previously belonged to Ernulf de Hesdin and Robert de Belleme." Hesdin was in Picardy too...under the realm of Artois. Montreuil is the umbrella region around Hesdin, wherefore let me repeat from the last update that Geroie Montreuil had a son, Ralph Mala Corona Giroie. The point is, some think that the Geroie family descended from the Goz family.

It was thanks to FE who gave us the Giroie tip. That term never made it big as a topic, though it was linked a few times to mythical Geryon, the owner of the Orthos dog now suspect as the root of the Arthurs (i.e. in the Ordovices of Wales). However, Ralph Mala Corona Giroie is now working well into the Choro > Coronis Gore entity from Patmos, very suspect as a 666-loving bloodline. If we expect the 666 to be issued by Gog because that number will be the number of the name of a Gogi man, then consider the similarity of "Gorgon" with "Geryon," but also consider two other things: 1) Wales uses a dragon in the red = quasi-scarlet color of the Revelation 13 dragon that puts out the 666; 2) "GORgon" may be at the root of "Chora." Gorgons were included in ancient "giants," and indeed Al Gore is a tall man.

As Geroie MontREUIL rhymes with FEUIL, note that the Montreuil/Monron surname uses the Vatican orb, what was traced recently to the ORBieu river at CORBieres, beside RoqueFEUIL. The Montreuil/Monron surname was first found in Provence, and uses the white crescent on royal blue, as does the Savone surname, suggesting that Montreuils had been of Savona, beside Provence. But a white-on-blue Crescent is used also by Contes, who are suspect with Contevilles (= Burgo's) that merged with the Goz bloodline in giving birth to Hugh D'Avranches. It's telling us that the Goz bloodline is indeed that of Giroie/Geroie.

Hugh called, "Flaidd," married a Claremont surname, which not only uses trefoils, but was first found in Lincolnshire, a place expected for Rhodians and therefore the trefoil-using Rods.

The Monron/MontRONT variations of the Montreuils may suggest that Round/Rownds surname to which the "Round Table" links with certainty. The Round/Rownd chevron is in the colors of the Pendragon chevron, and both surnames use white symbols upon their chevrons, the Tables using rings that are an Illuminati-power symbol. Rounds/Rownds were first found in the same place (Essex) as Gores/Cores, Christmas', Bordens and Veres, and then Bordens and Rounds both use white lions in Crest. One can see the significance here of the Bors-suspect Bordens in the Round-Table cult.

As Montreuils were first found in Provence, note that Var and Draguignan are in that area, for Bordens use axes, the Drake symbol. However, axes trace to Essenes which the Table motto ("Esse quam videri") appears to honor, especially the Essenes of QUMran.

The CHAMberlain motto, "ProdESSE QUAM conspici," can link to the Round motto. Chances are, the Chamb-like Camps (in Campbell colors) apply, for it just so happens that the Chamberlain Shield is the Arthur chevron...meaning that Chamberlains look like part of the MacArthur-Campbell family. French Chamberlains use "nihil," and all that it means in tracing to Neils / Nails.

It can be gleaned that the Rownd variation of Rounds is for Rowans. It just can't be another coincidence that while MacArthurs are traced to Herods of the Campbell family, the English Rowan/Rohan/Rome Coat is the gyronny pattern in the colors of the Campbell gyronny.

As th the Round/Rownd surname is at the root of the Round Table Illuminati (Tables use the Arthur "hurts"), by what coincidence are Irish Rowans/Rogans in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, even showing a trefoil to boot in those colors? These Rowans even use a "CRESco per CRUCEm" motto, which provides two further reasons for a Geroie MontREUIL link to RoqueFEUIL.

It should be repeated here that the Gowers/Gores, found in the last update to be Gouys, had traced (last update) to Gouy locations in Artois (i.e. where a Montreuil location sits) that themselves use Roquefeuil colors in their Arms; for example, the Gouy-Saint-Andre and the Arms of Gouy-en-Ternois.

There are more trefoils in this English Row Coat, of a surname first found in Norfolk, where the Dol Alans received lands, some of them from a Hesdin surname, from Hesdin, we may assume, near Montreuil. Surprise, Hesdins/Hestons use the Gore type crosslets, both on a red Shield. The Row trefoil is in half the color of the Rock/Rooker trefoils, and the Rock/Rooker trefoils are in the colors of the billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil.

It has just reminded me that the shape of the tops of the rooks in the Rock/Rooker and Rook / Rookby Coats were traced to court jesters recently, not long before the Jest surname was brought to topic as per the "jessed and belled" falcon of Irish Arthurs. It just so happens that the Jest surname uses the format of the Feller Coat!!!

Keeping in mind now that the sun and the besant traces to the Bassianus priesthood over the sun god, El-Gabal, note that while Rows use three besants on a blue-on-white chevron, Rooks use three suns (i.e. about as close as one can get to a besant look) on the same-colored chevron. It's telling us again that Rowans are Roquefeuils. In fact, the Rogan of Rowans variation suggests the French Roques/Rocks. In this picture, Roe versus Wade (the legal battle that opened the American floodgates to the abortion of human life) was a Rockefeller effort.

Should we ask why Sarah Palin named her book, "Going ROGUE"? The question belongs here because entering "Palin" gets yet another black lion. Her book was edited by a Bellow surname. Earlier in this update: "The English Billet Chief is the Bellows Chief too, meaning that Bellows (accessed from the bellow symbols of Shiptons) look like a variant of "Billet," explaining the Ballot and Bellet variations of Bellows." In other words, Bellows/Bellets are a branch of the surname honored by the billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil. Coincidence, or is Sarah Palin a Rockefeller operative?

The Monron variation of Montreuils looks to be a version of the Munroe/MunROW surname, first found in CromARTY. The Cromarty/CROWmer surname uses a chevron in the colors of the same of Pendragons / Rounds surrounded by crows/ravens. It evokes the "Crom" motto term of Desmonds because they were part of the MacCarthys/ARTHYs.

Near the top of this update, the ARDs/Airds, first found in the same place as Logens, had been found to be the same as Harts/Arts/Carts at the root of the Logen heart symbol. The Ards had been linked to gyronny-using and MacCarthy-related Mathies because Logans and Harts/Arts/Carts were from Meath, but the new point here is that Ards use the Munrow eagle-head design, further indication that Montreuils were Herod liners.

The Mate/Mathy/Mattei surname uses the Mander saltire with besants, revealing that the Mann variation of Mathies is from the Manders. If you know the Mander / Manner topic from my writings, the Mathies are herein tracing to mythical Menelaus, Spartans from Maeonians and Lydians. The Mate/Mathy and Mander saltire is in the colors of the triple chevrons of English Mathews/Mathie's. The line of Maeonians to Menelaus included an Orestia location and a mythical Orestes character (Menelaus' nephew) at Arda on the Hebros river. The line to the Arts of Meath must have to do with that picture. "MUNRow" may even be a variation of "Manner." Rockforts were first found in Meath.

Yet another reminder is that the Ards use a wolf in the colors of the Gore/Core and Gower/Gore wolves, and moreover the Ard wolf design is used by Claptons (i.e. Herod and Glaphyra elements, as with Lennans and Lannoys). The Gower link to Gouy near Montreuil is now telling me that Ards are to be traced to whatever named Artois, and it just so happens that the Artois surname comes up when entering "Ardon." The Artois/Ardon Crest is a red eagle head, the only symbol of the Munrow Coat. Surprise; it means that Ards trace to the Ardons/Artois' and to Gores of the Montreuil kind, jibing with a trace of the Aretas Petra-icians to Patmos / Chora.

Manners use a white Levi lion in Crest. There were three other white lions seen in Crests above, those of the Bordens and Bauts, and one of the Rounds/ROWNds, suspect as an affiliation with Manner-suspect MunROWs.

Hugh D'Avrances Flaidd used a white-on-blue wolf suspect as colors reversed from the blue wolf of Hun lore, important because the Flaad>Alans of Dol, suspect in "blue blood," had a dog symbol in their early years that should be exactly the blue wolf. It's being said because I've just found a blue talbot dog in the Damory/Amori/DaMARY Crest. Damorys were looked up because Gambetts were just looked up who use three red-on-white bars; I've known for years that Damorys (MontMorency bloodline) use the wavy Drummond bars in red on white. I trace the Drummond bars to the three bars of Trebizond, and therefore to Amazons at Trabzon.

It just so happens that Gambettes have a Gambe variation suggesting linkage to the 666-suspect gamb symbol of Bedfords and related others. Trabys of Trabzons became a 666 suspect line for other reasons, starting with their HUNting horns that I trace to Huns.

Check Mate

The last three paragraphs were on the morning (as I write here) after watching William Shatner's tribute to Star Trek. The show was boasting that real technology in our modern world was much due to the vision of Gene Roddenbury. Near the end of the show, the skin chip was featured, promising to connect man's brain wirelessly to computers within 10 or 15 years, and one clip mentioned that people who don't engage this chip-in-the-brain system will be regarded as backward, out of style, and dummies. You can clearly see where this is intended to go, and as Shatner boasted in the show, "to where no man has gone before": an attempt to make man super-intelligent with instant communicative access to computers. While we old folks are not the target of such futurism, our children and grandchildren are exactly the a slow-but-sure social-engineering project of the Illuminati.

Shatners were first found beside Bedfordshire, and no doubt had branches in Bedford. Shatners use black lions from which the black gambs (lion's paws, in case you've forgotten) of Bedfords, or vice versa, derived. It was very recently when the Bedfords were linked to Betts, wherefore it's conspicuous to me that Gambe's have a GamBETT variation. The black lion's paw in the Kilpatrick Crest is a symbol of the 666; trust me on this, because Bedfords are the same Butteri line to Patricks, from Patmos, where Gores, Geroie's and the whole Aretas > Herod lot had been that ended up in Artois. The Italian Botters use the bend of CHATans and Chatans, and Shatners are also "CHATbolt." Italian Botters are suspect by me as the emperor-Nero line (married to an Agrippa), yet another 666-suspect line known to go back through Julius Caesar to Roman Patricians. In my estimation, Nero is the "death" of the Revelation beast that in Revelation 13 and 17 sees a resurrection in an end-time Roman empire, an important revelation to our world that came from Patmos.

By finding the Gambe's/Gambetts just now, I think I have also found a Montreuil branch of Iamblichus importance. In seeking the Damorys after finding the Gambe's, I had forgotten the spelling so as to get the Demare surname first (in the colors of Dumaurier cigarettes), which uses scallops (traces to Scala on Patmos) and, like the Gambe's, was first found in Normandy. In fact, Demorys were first found at CAMBray of Normandy. GAMBincidence?

The next surname that I got to in seeking Damorys was the Demory surname, using black lozenges that I now trace to the black stone bloodline..because, for one, black lozenges are found in the Arms of Woerden, where the imperial Bassianus bloodline had a station. Shatners are suspect with Shuttlewords (motto appears to honor Attila of Dulo) using black weaver shuttles nearly in the shape of a lozenge. The black stone (triangular) was in the shape of the upper part of a lozenge.

It just so happens that Demorys have Moreault/Moreaul/Morreaul and other variations smacking of Montreuils, and moreover, Dumauriers and Montreuils were first found in the same place (Provence). If that's not enough, the latter two surnames use crescents in colors reversed. Dumauriers look like a branch of Speers using the Glass stars. By now, I am quite sure that Damorys and similar others were from Moray elements, Khazars especially, that is, as they linked to Byzantine elements of the Rangabe and Komnenos kind in the area of Glasgow / Renfrew, early home of Speers.

Huns and Shatners are important because Star Trek cast -- especially Chekov, played by a Cohen-suspect Koenig surname -- traced to the Khazars on the Terek river, flowing past CHECHnya into the domain that Attila's Huns, who were proto-Khazars, had conquered into. When tracing Chekov to the Terek river, it dawned on me that Cohens use a Shield filled with checks for Chechnya elements. The Arms of Woerden appear to use the Cohen / Stewart checks, and the red-on-white crescent of Speers and Dumaurier's is shared by the Check/Chick surname. But look at what I wrote many months (2nd update July, 2010) before the Terek topic arose:

If one were to write "666" in Greek, I suppose (I really know nothing about this) one would use the letter for 600, followed by the letter for 60, followed by the letter for 6, or the letters chi, xi, sigma (the latter is our 's'). What could this mean, if anything?

The chi letter looks like our 'x' and is pronounced "k," while the xi letter is pronounced, "ks" like our 'x.' Therefore, all three letters together appear to pronounce: Chiks's, which looks a lot like "Hyksos."...

Wikipedia's article on the Greek alphabet tells that, originally, a sixth letter, now gone, stood for the number six, and later the six was represented by the similar-shaped 's':

"Digamma [shaped like out 'f'] disappeared from the alphabet because the sound it notated, the voiced labial-velar approximant [w], had disappeared from the Ionic dialect and most of the others. It remained in use as a numeric sign denoting the number six. In this function, it was later conflated in medieval Greek handwriting with the ligature sign stigma [shaped like our 's'], which had a similar shape in its lower case form."

In this case, 666 may have been more like Chixof or Chixov. It now sounds like a fine Russian word/surname. In fact, there is a Russian Chikov surname.

I think I have it. The officer of Starship Enterprise was the anti-Christ [loosely speaking]. Actually, there is a Chekov surname and locality in Moscow.

Check out the Checkoff program that the United States Department of Agriculture is involved in. Essentially, the fight for Christian Americans in gathering their tribulation foods will be a fight against the United States Department of Agriculture, according to a growing number of Christian writers. That Department is, I and they believe, seeking ways to keep Americans from self-sufficiency. The suspicion is that the Department does not want Christians to live isolated when the skincode is enforced. INTERESTING find here just now, since "Checkoff" could be a secret version (i.e. that the Department knows) of "666."

I had no idea when writing the above in 2010 that I would be heavily involved today in surnames relating to Star Trek. Perhaps the second surname suspected as a 666-loving one, after the Trabys, was the Drakes, due to the three 6's that may be deliberate in the three curves of the Drake-wyvern tail. But that suspicion was long before coming to the Drake-like Terek term. As Veres now rule the Drakenberg witchcraft cult, note that Damorys were first found in Vere-infested Oxfordshire, and that the blue Damory dog is in the color of the Vere boar, for the Vere boar is highly suspect in mythical Bors because Veres trace easily to Abreu/Abruzzo elements that furnished the Eburovices. Again, the Iberi lived in the Terek theater.

To this picture, add the fact that the international marine number for 6 is symbolized by three blue-on-white bends (why blue?), the color of the single bend used by 666-suspect Damorys ("Drummond" traces to the "Thermo(don)" location beside Trabzon, and probably to "Teramo," Abruzzo capital). It just so happens that Mory-like Murtons/Mertons/Myrtons use three white-on-blue bends. The Myrton variation can link to the Mire/Mireux surname, first found in Anjou and therefore suspect with the mirror of Vere-beloved Melusine found in the Moray and Glass Crest.

The 666 is tracing heavily from the Hun line to Khazars as they developed into the stars on the American flag. Khazars have been conflated with "Jews" of Germany and Hungary, keep in mind, as you read this:

[Walter] Koenig [= Chekov on Star Trek] was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of businessman Isadore Koenig and his wife Sarah (nee Strauss). Koenig's parents were Russian Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union; his family lived in Lithuania when they emigrated, and shortened their surname from "Konigsberg" to "Koenig". Koenig's father was a communist who was investigated by the FBI during the McCarthy era. ]

A Communist in Chicago? From the Obama-of-Chicago gang? Didn't Obama just trace to Adlai Stevenson of Chicago, through the communist, Frank Marshall Davis, while the Steven surname traced to Step(h)anstminda on the Terek river??? Weird or what? Lithuania just happens to be the home of Traby-related ASTIKa's, whom I trace to "STIGma," especially as Astika's were in Vilnius while the Arms of Vilnius uses a Roman fasces / fagot, defined at times as a "bundle of STICKS."

The stigma letter 's' is more-usually, "sigma," and then "signo" is used by the Fessey/Vessey motto, a surname that comes up as "Face." It may indicate that the Fessey/Vessey surname is to be included in the fasces symbol of Vilnius, especially as entering "Traby" gets a symbol in Fessey/Vessey colors.

In a recent update, the Samandar area of the Terek was traced from the Uat cult's Samannud area of the Nile delta to the Hun-Khazars at Samandar. I think William Shatner's new show, "Weird or What," is code for two entity's, the Weir/Vere and Word/Ward bloodline to Woerden, and the Uat cult leading to White, Watt, etc., surnames. Bwa-hah-hah, evil laughter. Remember, Fers and Vairs use Shields filled with checks.

Entering either "Koenig" or "Konigs" gets a blue saltire, the color of the Cooper/Copper saltire tracing to Herod's mother, who was of the Aretas line that was in alliance with the Gambe-suspect Iamblichus line. And here I am finding that Gambe's/GamBETTs link to Khazars of the Damory kind, who link further to the Shatner-related Bedfords / Betts via the 666-suspect gamb symbol of Bedfords. The Betts are the ones using "osten" terms tracing to Ossetia, location of the Terek, and then Coopers/Coppers use the hand-and-garland, symbol of Scottish Stephensons/Stevensons who not only use Moray stars in Chief, but were first found in the same place (Uat-suspect NorthUMBERland) as Roddens/Rodhams, important because the latter use a white-on-red fesse, the color of the English Stephenson fesse.

Samannud was also "Sebannytos," trace-able easily to the Samnite-related Sabines/Safini, and therefore to the Savone's/Safins...using the same crescents on royal blue as the Demory-suspect Montreuils. We just saw Montreuils link to Roquefeuils, wherefore note that both Italian Savona's and Rockforts use what I call the Kay bird. Plus, the Dumaurier's/Morie's, first found in the same place as Montreuils and Drake-suspect Draguignan, use what could be a version of the Feller/FellTRAGer Coat (Star-Terek suspect surname). As further evidence of a feller link to Dumaurier's/Morie's, Pollocks were traced solidly to Fullers and Roquefeuils, while Pollocks were first found in the same place as the Speers that seem apparent in the Dumaurier Coat.

By what coincidence do both Fullers and Damorys use three red-on-white bars? The Fuller bars, not wavy like the Damory bars, are identical to the Gambe/Gambett bars.

Let's go back to the communism of Chekov's father, and ask why Gene Roddenbury's team had him on the show. Is it clue that the creators of Star Trek were themselves closet communists? Chekov, or Walter Koenig, even attended a socialist college in Grinnell college (Iowa). The Grinnell-surname Crest turns out to use a black bugle, the color of the Traby bugle. As the GRINnell-Coat bugles are white on a black-on-white fesse, these being the colors of the Sale fleur-de-lys on the same colored bend, and because I fundamentally link Salyes Ligures at the Provence theater to the Ligurian swan line (to which Montreuils obviously linked), by what coincidence was the mythical Swan Knight named, LohenGRIN???

Suddenly, we have cause to trace Salyes and Grinnells to swan-related, Herod-liner Logans. But the trace can be expanded because Grinnells are shown properly as "Greenhalgh / Greenhow / Greenhough / Greenhall," which may reveal why the garland in the Bert Crest (uses the same black bugle as Grinnells/Greenhalghs) is green. The Grenwich surname uses Grin terms.

Uh-oh, a Christian organization forming a Phi-Beta-Kappa cult:

Grinnell became known as the center of the Social Gospel reform movement, as Robert Handy writes, "The movement centered on the campus of Iowa (now Grinnell) College. Its leading figures were Professor George D. Herron and President George A. Gates"....

As the 20th century began, Grinnell established a Phi Beta Kappa chapter...

...The social consciousness fostered at Grinnell during these years became evident during Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency, when Grinnell graduates Harry Hopkins '12, Chester Davis '11, Paul Appleby '13, Hallie Flanagan '11, and Florence Kerr '12 became influential New Deal administrators.

Oh no, a Davis surname involved from Grinnell in Roosevelt's course-changer. Hopkins, by the way, use roses, as do Roosevelts, but Roosevelts also use ostrich feathers, seen in the Traby link above. Like the Roddens and Stephensons (GREEN leopard heads), Davis' use a white-on-red bend, and Frank Marshall Davis was of the Chicago area too, as was Chekov and powerful Adlai Stevenson (ran for U.S. president shortly after Roosevelt).

It just so happens that Stans/Stains/Steyns and Stephensons both use their hand-and-green-garland from a cloud while Stephensons are also STEENson, thereby revealing that Stans/Stains were a branch of Stephensons/Stevensons. Steins/Stems use their leopard heads in the same fashion as Stephensons, on a bend in colors reversed to the Stephenson bend. The Roosevelt roses are on stems likely for a trace to the Stems / Stamfords/Stanfords. This paragraph is suggesting that Steins and Stanfords were either named after Stevensons, or merged with them. The Stein leopards were traced to the Covert leopard, wherefore the Hopkins look like the Hof / Cop(e) / Cooper elements to which I link Coverts. I recall linking Coverts to Primes while Hopkins (flames in Crest) use a "primos" motto term.

As the New Deal administrators included Paul Appleby, it should be added that Coverts and Applebys share the same gold footless martins, and that "footless" is suspect with "Foetes," which place uses human legs bent at the knees, the Prime symbol.

AHA! When finding that there is an Appleby location in WestMORland, it behooved a look at the Moreland surname (first found in Westmorland), using one giant gold leopard lead, called a "leopard's face jessant-de-lis," the same as the leopard heads of Coopers/Coppers, first found in the same place as Coverts!! Why a "face" rather than a "head"? Coverts and Face's/Fesseys (suspect as Macclesfields) share the same colors, and both Coverts and the "copia" motto term of Macclesfield are suspect as Caiaphas and/or Herod elements. COPEland (in CUMBER) is beside Westmorland, in the Carlisle theater, and like Roddens, Copelands were first found in NorthUMBERland.

The Covert martins are, therefore, link-able directly to Apples and Applebys. The write-up of Apple's (in Bright colors) has the audacity to trace the surname to someone with "bright cheeks," but entering "Cheek" gets the 666-suspect Checks/Chicks. It just so happens that Apples and Applebys use SIX footless martins.

Aha! Entering "Jessant" gets the same Coat seen earlier in this update when entering "Jess" as per the jessed Arthur falcon. It's extremely important for verifying that the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs is for the Stan/Stain surname that comes up with "Stant," for both that surname and the Jess/Jessant (and Jessop) surname were first found in Yorkshire, and both use engrailed black-on-white fesse's. Note that the rose in the Jess/Jessant Crest is held by a sleeve with a CUFF, for Coverts use a COFFert variation.

The fact that Paul Appleby (born in GREEN county, Missouri) was a product of Grinnell (Lohengrin swan line) behooves me to repeat that Jests use the Feller Shield format with swans. It should also be important that Jests and Jessops traced to the Glass surname, suspect as a Nazi-respected line. It's known that Nazi operatives used Christian-society facades in America. It's very possible that subversive Nazi elements in America worked together, when tolerable, with subversive communist groups.

In the list of the New-Deal operatives from Grinnell, we saw Hallie Flanagan (born a Ferguson). It just so happens that Flanagans use "a green BORDER," and a "DEXTER cubit arm in armor holding a blue flaming sword," while Hopkins use a flaming castle/tower. As soon as FLANagans loaded, they seemed like LENnans to me just now, and then it turned out that both Flanagans and Ogens/Aikens and Ogdens -- two Logan/Lennan suspects -- use the eight-acorn tree, as do Flanagans and Flannerys. From the last update while on the Logan/Lennan heart symbol: "The Hart/MacCart surname (Levi lion design) has a An arm COUPed, erect, holding a sword FLAMMANT," obvious code for the Kypros > Herod line to Flemings of the Arthurian / Excalibur kind.

It could therefore be that the Flanagan term is a cross between the Lennan surname and the Fleming / Flamen surname. Again, the Dutch Flamen/Vlaming Coat is filled with checks.

Flannerys trace to "eyebrow," but then Watts use the Flannery tree with the all-seeing-eye. Brows show up as a Burgh/Brugh branch using more swans, and likely trace to Bruges/Brugg, Belgium/Flanders. Neither the Flannel/Flanhill surname, from which I found Flannerys, nor the Plans/Planers (Bohemia), nor the Borders, show a Coat, although they all have pages. Flemings use a double-tressure BORDER, and Flanagans a green border, you see, which seems like code now for Bors-suspect Borders. The Bors were just found to be Birds/Burds / Bordens / Bortons, who were easily traced to Bruce's/BROWse's...from Bruges/Brugg. Brugs use a so-called "blue border."

As you can see above that Plans/Planers are looking like Flannerys / Flanagans because they show no Coat, see the oak tree in the French Plant/Planche/Plantagenet Coat, for it's telling us that Flannerys are Plantes/Plantagenets...tending to trace "genet" to the Flanders entity of Ghent/Gaunt. Here's falling upon the Plant/Planche write-up by no Montreuil-design of my own: "First found in Normandy where they were formerly seated in the honor of the seigneurie of De Planques in the region of Pas de Calais in the arrondissement of Montreuil sur Mer." Veres claim to be a superior branch of Anjou's Plantagenet line, which merged with the Sinclair line of England by giving birth to Henry II, son of a daughter of Henry I and Geoffrey Fulk Plantagenet. The latter is said to have worn a sprig of broom in his hat as the reason for "Plantagenet," but I think this is code for the Broom surname, meaning also that I seek another derivation of "Plantagenet." Brooms use a wyvern dragon in Crest, and were first found in Kent, where Louvains, Brabants, and Gaunts (all from Belgium/Flanders) were first found. For me, that clinches the broom codework. Gaunts even use the colors in Geoffrey's shield.

At Wikipedia's Geoffrey Plantagenet article, he is wearing gold-on-green garb, the colors of Roquefeuil and of some Gouy entities of Artois. He is shown with three gold-on-blue lions upon his shield, which can be deemed the gold England / Norman lions/leopards, seen also in the English Plantagenet Coat, albeit it using the Levi lion design (as do the Irish Brians in the same colors and the same number). Geoffrey's father in law was a great-grandson of Fulbert of Falaise, whom I view as a Roquefeuil.

Geoffrey is Templar-important because his father, Fulk V, was king of Jerusalem. Fulk become the Jerusalem king when marrying the Fleming, Melisende, daughter of Baldwin II, king of Jerusalem. Her name not only smacks of "Melusine," but I traced mythical Melusine/Milouziana of the Veres to "Melitene," because that area was part of the empire ruled by the Mitanni, to whom Nicholas de Vere had traced Veres. Now see this:

Melisende (1105 - 11 September 1161) was Queen of Jerusalem from 1131 to 1153...She was the eldest daughter of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem, and the Armenian princess Morphia of Melitene. She was named after her paternal grandmother, Melisende of Montlhery, wife of Hugh I, Count of Rethel. She had three younger sisters: Alice, princess of Antioch; Hodierna, countess of Tripoli; and Ioveta, abbess of St. Lazarus in Bethany. Hodierna's daughter, Melisende of Tripoli, was named in honor of the queen.

It can appear here that Templars at Jerusalem engaged Melitene because they had been anciently from that place. But why Antioch too???...what had previously been Harbiye...from Garebites, says lonely me.

At her article, Melisende is clothed in green, as is Fulk's first wife (Ermengarde de la Flech) at her Wikipedia article, and green is the color of the Melusine mermaid. Chances are, Melisende's grandmother by the same name traces to Melissena Rangabe, half Byzantine, and half Khazar. Wikipedia has no article on the elder Melisende, but she was of Montlhery: "Montlhery is a commune in the Essonne department in Ile-de-France in northern France. It is located 26 km (16.2 mi) from Paris." Ile-de-France was home to the Caiaphas-Levi line, wherefore that Essones department sure does look Essene-important. Like the Chappes' of Ile-de-France, the Essone surname uses a solid chevron.

It's now apparent that the Melise surname is for the Melisende line, for the Melise Coat uses swans in the colors of the Chappes', and they are the Rangabe colors too. Melisende's father (Baldwin II) was preceded in Jerusalem by king Baldwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, the latter having the swan symbol. Moreover, both Bouillons and Chappes use Moor heads, and Bouillons use the Rangabe cross design. The Melise / Chappes colors are those also of Moray, where we can expect the Melusine line. Ingers, perhaps from Melissena's husband, use the same colors again.

I had traced "Fulk" tentatively / suggestively to "TheoPHYLACtus" Rangabe, father of Melissena Rangabe. Here we find that Fulk V had married a woman from Flech, smacking of "Vlach" (Thrace) where the Komnenos Byzantines are said to have been from. As Geoffrey Plantagenet was Fulk's son with the Flech woman, the porphyria GENE should be in the PlantaGENEt line. The Byzantines of the time had called themselves, porphy-genet, so to speak. For example, emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos, grandson of the Amorian emperors who uses checkerboards on their coins. Constantine above is said to have been a son of Basil I (see him at checkerboard link above), who married the daughter of Melissena Rangabe.

Chances are that "Pollock" traces directly to "Flech," or to the stock that provided Flechs. Ask why "Fulk" and "Flech" are so similar; could Fulks themselves trace to the Vlach entity of the Komnenos? Pollocks are Roquefeuils, and both of the latter use green Shields, the color of Melisende's clothing, but, again, Geoffrey Plantagenet is himself decked out in the colors of Pollocks / Roquefeuils. Mythical Melusine of Avalon was none other than mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon, for at Morgan's Wikipedia article, she too is decked out in gold and green, the colors even of the Morgan-surname lion. The artists knew their heraldry.

As for the Montlhery location at Ile-de-France, it happens to link to the Damory topic that came up above, if I was correct months ago to identify Damorys with MontMorencys/MontMurans, first found in Ile-de-France. Wikipedia:

The Montlhery noble house was related to the Montmorency family; Thibaud, the founder of the Montlhery dynasty, was the brother of Bouchard II, the progenitor of the Montmorency house. Thibaud ruled from 970 to 1031 and was succeeded by his son Guy I [Gouy bloodline? Probably], who ruled until 1095. Guy I's children married into other local noble families: his daughter Melisende married Hugh, count of Rethel...Another daughter, Alice, married into the Le Puiset family, and a son, Guy, became count of Rochefort. Guy I was succeeded by Milo I, followed by Milo's sons Guy II and Milo II.

There are several excellent and enlightening points here, first the Milo name in the quote above. Nicholas de Vere used "Milo de Vere" for a son of his mythical MILOUZiana/Melusine, count of Anjou, who may himself be a mythical code. Indeed, I reckoned that it was code for the MILES surname, and so see that the Miles Coat uses the moline cross with ends just like the Roquefeuil rooks, for we just saw that MontlHERy and Monmorency made it the rule over Rochefort (in Ile-de-France).

Prepare to be shocked. Read slowly, carefully, get it all because it has to do with present leaders in the United States.

Montlhery is new territory for me. The "Her" term in "MontlHERY" was highlighted above to suggest speculation on what may have been a Herod term, and that was before I loaded the Hary term to find a lion in Levi-lion design, important because I expect Herod liners with Levi's expected in the line of Caiaphas and/or Ananias. This is especially true now that we are finding Montlhery and Rochefort situated at the same place that the Chappes and Levi's were first found.

Entering "Hery" or "Hary" gets a red Levi lion (appropriate color for the Herod line) in the upright position, and yet another lion's PAW in the Crest, important for the Palin discussion below, for Palins use the upright Levi lion in black, as well as the Shield-and-Chief combination of Irish POWers suspect with the Paw surnames.

It was seen not far above that Sarah Palin used "Going Roque" as probable code for Roquefeuil elements, and so lets not forget here that Roquefort is at Covenarum, where Herod Antipas was banished, and where Caiaphas lines are suspect. I can now add that more trefoils, undeniably a Roquefeuil symbol, are used by English Powers. Plus, Palins were first found in Dorset, where Russells were first found who trace to "Roussillon," in Languedoc where both Roquefeuil and Rodez are located. Russells even use the Shield-and-Chief combination colors of Palins and Powers (but without the Palin / Power dancetty symbol), and, like Palins, Russells place three white symbols in their black Chief.

The Russell , Palin and Power Shield-and-Chief combination colors are those of Tanners, suspect from "the tanner" of Falaise, the latter term being what I see in the formation of the Feuil term of Roques (both Fallis' and Roques use white-on-blue). Tanners use Moor heads, and MontMORENcy/MontMURANs are highly suspect from Mauritanians = Moors, especially the Moreno/Moratin surname. Glaphyra, if you haven't yet read it, was married to a king of Mauritania, and here we are finding a Morency bloodline at a MontlHERy location. Even the Chappes' use Moor heads, suggesting strongly that they were linked to MontMorency and Montlhery.

It's thus already undeniable that Palins trace to the Rockefellers. The Power trefoils are even in the colors of the trefoils of Rods/Hrods (HEREFORDshire), but let's not forget that the Davis surname also uses trefoils in these colors, for the spear in the Hery Crest is that also of Dunhams, and the Dunham Coat uses the Power and Palin Shield-and-Chief combination (but in different colors).

It was a SHOCKER to enter "Moren" moments ago to find the same lion exactly as used by Palins! It's the upright Levi lion in Levi-lion colors!!! It means that Morens / Montmorencys had linked to "Jewish" Levi's, thus verifying that Chappes' use Moor heads for the Montmorency line.

As I go along, are you understanding that this Caiaphas line through Paris is also that of Melisende, strongly suspect in the Melise surname using what should be a colors-reversed version of the Chappes Coat? Didn't I trace Veres to Pharisee-suspect Ferrari's? Can we better see Pharisee roots in the Parisii, therefore?

When the Bouillon swan symbol in the Melise Coat was mentioned a little earlier above, I didn't yet know that Melisende was a daughter of Guy of Montlhery / Rochefort. This should explain why the Guy/Guis Crest shows a swan. You can now figure that the Guis variation led to the Goz / Geroie bloodline that included the Montreuils near the Gouy locations of Artois and Picardy. It was the Contevilles who married the Goz surname to provide the rulers of Chester, but as Contevilles had been the Burgo's, by what coincidence does the Montmorency Coat (in Burg colors) use the same cross as the Irish Burghs?

The upright black Levi lion is even in the top corner of the Burgh Coat, within the "canton" that is code for the Cantons, probably a branch of the Candida's, first found in the same place (Naples) as the Capua/Caputo surname, using a black-on-white lion, the colors of the Levi lion (yes, you can trace the Capua's and the city by that name to the Chappes').

In this paragraph, there is part of the Montmorency write-up that appears to link to Herod liners of the Logan/Lennan kind that are themselves very link able to the swan-using Locks / Logens/Lokens. It's not only telling us that Montlhery should trace to Herods in the Logan heart, but it's very important because Lennans link to Lannoys (Picardy) that were of Herod Archelaus, while Montmorencys were, without doubt now, Mauritanians from the wife of Herod Archelaus. "First found in Ile de France, where the family has been a prominent family for centuries, and held a family seat with lands and manor. The family were well established in the region of Paris at Siene-et-Oise [Sion elements?]...the Princes of Monmorency, Counts de Logny, Viscount Roulers." LOGNy.

The Hery/Hary surname (shown properly as "Urie/Ure" and possibly related to "Eure" of Normandy) was first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as Logny-like Logans. The Ivar/Eure surname (same Shield as Hanans) is also "Ure." If it's suggesting that Eure was named after Herods of the MonltHERY kind, I would tend to disagree, opting rather for another explanation. The point here is that Ards, likewise first found in Ayrshire, have just been found to be the representation of the Logan heart, and the Ard Coat shows the Clapton wolf design while Claptons too trace to Herod Archelaus.

The Ard wolf is in the colors of the Gore/Core and Gower/Gore wolf, and the latter two surnames traced to the Roquefeuil-related Gouy locations of Artois, where Ards ought to trace for obvious reason. The French Guys (buckles) were first found in Picardy, where Lannoys were first found whose English branch uses the helmet-and-plume symbol of Herod Archelaus. Do you understand what all of these "coincidences" mean? It means that they are not coincidences, and that God's work through a few dragon hunters is revealing what no public domain has known before: that Templars / Freemasons / Rosicrucians were from the killers of God's only begotten Son, and that heraldry masters knew it yet disguised themselves as holy men of Godly enlightenment.

The Power surname using the trefoils (and the MacArthy stag design in Deas colors) itself traces to Picardy: "Other instances of this same [Power] name are thought to come from the name of the town of Pois, in Picardy, France. Natives of this town were called Pohiers..." English Plants/Plantagenets use the MacArthys stag in red.

The Hery/Hary/Ure surname uses the same motto, "Sans tache," as with French Blanks using the Feller and Jest format. It's more indication that "Hery / MontlHERY" is a Herod line. One Plank and one Blank surname uses the upright Levi lion in the colors of Ferrari's, and in colors-reversed to the same lion used by Palins and Morens. The Herys/Harys even use the same lion, in the same colors, as the Russells, first found in the same place as Palins. English Planks/Planques were first found in Wiltshire...beside Dorset where Palins were first found, thus tending to verify that the Plank lion is the Palin / Moren lion. Then, not only do these other English Plantagenets use the Levi lion in gold (colors of the Plank lion), but the Hary/Carry lion is also the Levi lion design in gold. The latter is the surname using the Dunham spear, and the Hary/Carry lion is in the colors of the Dunham Coat, itself a version of the Palin Shield.

Having said that, the French Plants/PLANQUEttes show a patee cross in the colors of the same of Claptons, which again makes the link to Herod Archelaus and the Montmorency line from his wife.

The Blanks trace to Whites who use the vair fur, but then vair fur is also in the Guy/Guis Coat, and the latter surname (swan, links definitely to Guy of Montlhery) was first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as the vair-using Kemmis' that trace to Uat's Chemmites.

The Hery/Hary and Russell lion is seen also in the Scottish Wreth Coat, wherefore let's re-quote from the Montlhery article: "Guy I's children married into other local noble families: his daughter Melisende married Hugh, count of RETHel...Another daughter, Alice, married into the Le Puiset family, and a son, Guy, became count of Rochefort. Guy I was succeeded by Milo I, followed by Milo's sons Guy II and Milo II."

Interesting in the latter half of the quote is that "Alice" is a name I always trace to the Meschin marriages to Skiptons of Craven, for Cravens use the same fesse colors as the Wreth fesse, and half the colors of the Puis/Pond/Pountz fesse. The "Lucent in tenebris" motto of Irish Morens/Morans may apply to Moor-using Tanners. Irish Morens/Morans share Zionist stars with Spanish Lucens/Luca's, and we could expect Mauritanians in Spain. But then Spanish Luz's/Lucio's share purple lions with Lacys and related Skiptons, which should not be coincidental...meaning that Spanish Morens/Morans are of the Montmorency family.

I traced the Alis/Alice surname to the Italian Ali's of Messina, and the latter use the griffin of Dutch Andels in colors reversed, important because Lucens/Luca's were first found in ANDELusia...which place may be named in-part after a Luz / Lus / Lacy element. It's interesting that Lucens/Luca's use white-on-blue Zionists stars, the colors of the Moray stars, and colors reversed from the Zionists stars of Innes', first found in Moray, for the Dallas' were likewise first found in Moray, and they might just derive from "AnDALUSia," or vice versa. Shouldn't Morens/Morans trace to "Moray"???

The Le Puiset location (Eure theater) of the Montmorency bloodline should trace to the Posts, for they use the same lion as Forts and Rockforts ("ALAS" motto term!). A daughter of Guy I (ALICE) married Le Puiset while Guy's son was count of Rochefort. It suddenly traces the Fortes and Rockforts to Rochefort at Ile-de-France rather than to Roquefort at Comminges, but in no way would I abandon a trace of the same surnames to Roquefort. Both Post surnames use the colors of the Lucen / Moray stars, and while Posts were traced suggestively to "Piast" for years, so I have been tracing the Moray stars to sons of Mieszko (i.e. see the Bole and Bez surnames for Moray stars), a Piast bloodliner. Moreover, I trace Piast Kolodziej to Colters using the Catherine wheel in Moray colors, and the Catherine wheel is now reckoned as code for Cathars at Cazeres, smack beside Roquefort. Therefore, it appears that Alice (Guy's daughter) married Piasts when she married Le Puiset, and indeed the Alice-using Meschins in Skipton have been traced exactly to "Mieszko." Dutch Posts use the black bugle, and I link black-bugle Trabys fundamentally with the Mieszko line.

To prove further that Posts refer to Le Puiset's Piast bloodline (this is new to me right here), English Forts use the Maxton bee and the Pollock motto term (almost), and Bole's use the shot-through Pollock boar in black. Mieszko's sons were BOLEslaw and BEZprym.

Moreover, we saw that Melisende (sister of Alice) was a daughter of Guy I while a Milo was a ruler of Le Puiset, and then Veres have traced by the Drake wyvern to dukes of Masovia, and by their Melusine dragon woman to Melisende and Milo of Puiset.

It's hard to say at the moment whether the Puis/Pond/Pountz surname applies to Puiset, but the Crest shows the eagle design of Whites, the Scottish Whites, for example, who use the Shield-and-Chief colors of the Palins, Russells, Powers, and Tanners. The Irish White Crest even shows the same lion as used by Palins / Morens.

From the Le Puiset article: "In the Middle Ages it was the site of a lordship within the County of Blois and Chartres. The lords descended from the counts of Breteuil, and often also held the position of viscount of Chartres. They participated in the Norman Conquest and the crusades of the 12th century, and were cousins of the dynasty of the Kings of Jerusalem." That should explain why one Blois Coat uses dragons like the leopards (very Boofima > Baphomet suspect here) of Bouchards (Bouchard II was founder of Montmorencys), and why the other Blois Coat (blue Shield) uses the colors of the Posts / Boles, which are also the colors of Champagne.

And here's one possible cause for the colors of Champagne, the Bar fish: "Milon [Milo IV] du Puiset (died August 1219) was a French Crusader from Champagne. He was Seigneur du Puiset, Vicomte de Chartres from 1190, and Count of Bar-sur-Seine from 1189. He after his son Gaucher, who was killed in July 1219, in the fighting near Damietta at the end of the Fifth Crusade. He was the last of the Counts of Bar-sur-Seine of his line. After his death the County of Bar-sur-Seine was absorbed into the County of Champagne.",_lord_of_Le_Puiset

There is some vast discovery to be made here in this new Piast find. First, the Gooch/Gouch surname uses white-on-blue boars, the colors of Blois', Champagne, Bars of Bar-le-Duc, and Boles, and then the cups/grails of Pollock-related Boles are filled with white boar heads. It means that Gooch's/Gouch's, using "Audaces" (i.e. like the "Audacter" term of Pollocks), trace to "Gaucher," son of Milo IV of Le Puiset, thus clinching the Piast trace to that place. In this picture, "Blois" appears to be of "Boleslaw."

The white-on-blue bend that is the Arms of Champagne matches with the bend of Pullens, who use a Pollock-suspect pelican in Crest, as do Scottish Pattersons whose Irish branch uses scallops in the same colors, which are in the colors of the Blois scallops. The Blois Coat with scallops even uses a patee cross, code for the Patrick / Patterson bloodline...of Roman Patricians, which brings to mind the Romneys using a version of the Pullen Coat.

It became obvious in the last few years that the Republican party got controlled by Polish-ancestral elements including Pauls, Pawlentys, Palins, Romneys, and others. While the Patterson pelicans trace to Poles too, Pattersons use the same lion as Palins / Morens, and moreover the Cussane variation of Irish Pattersons is said (in the Patterson write-up) to be from "Kissane," wherefore Kissanes/GUISSanes are now looking like they are from the Guys/GUIS surname.

From the Guy/Guis write-up: "It is believed that Sir William first held the manor of Highnam from Gloucester Abbey but by the later marriage of Anselm Gyse to Magotta de Burgh (Burke,) daughter of the Earl of Kent, he acquired the Lordship of both Highnam and Elmore in Gloucestershire." That tends to verify that the Montmorency Coat is that of Irish Burghs, but the point here is yet another evidence that Guys/Guis' trace to Guy I (nephew of Boucard II Montmorency) of Rochefort, for raven-using ElMOREs use the same bird design in Crest as the Rockfort Crest! We are on a roll, all over the Drake cult of Boofima. Trust me.

It's clear that the Elmore ravens link to the Rook ravens, and Rooks use a blue-on-white chevron, the colors of the Char(t)/Chard chevron, important where Milo IV of Puiset was vicomte de Chartres. The Chartres Coat (double tressure border) is likewise blue-on-white, and it happens to be a blue fesse, the Weir/Vere symbol. In the Weir/Vere Crest, the Bole / Pollock boar. If Chartres is tracing to Piast the Wheelwright, it should explain the cartwheels of CARTers i.e. Carters look like a branch of Chartres'. CARTHaginians were deplorable, demonic human sacrificers, same as the Boofima cult.

It's the Bouchard term (may be read as BouCHARD or BoughARD, or both), founding surname of the Moorish Montmorency family, that is alerting me, in conjunction with the Bouchard leopards, to the Boofima cult, from Africa. "Boof" can change easily to "Bough," you see. German Beoffs/Buffs split their Shield in the two blue-and-white colors common to this Piast discussion, and show a heart in one half. The Boeufs/Beefs/Coraboeufs, first found in Perigord, show a blue-on-white fesse, the Chartres fesse. That can't be coincidental. I was actually expecting a Boeuff-chard entity for the Bouchards, and here I find a Boeuffard variation of the Boeffs/Beefs.

For those who trace Baphomet to "Bavaria," the colors in the paragraph above are the colors of the Bavarian lozenges. But then the Beavers use a blue fesse once again! The Arms of Oxford and the Beavers together use the beaver symbol. But why does Canada use it nationally?

German Beavers use Bavaria colors and were first found in Bavaria. In fact, the German Beavers use the split Hitler Shield in colors reversed. I traced the Hitler-Coat symbols to Ectors/Hectors, father of mythical Kay. The Mieszko-related Haughtons are also "Hoctor/Hector."

The Boofima cult must always trace to Veres of Drakenberg, and so note firstly that Elmores were first found in the same place as Veres. Secondly, Weirs/Veres use the Moray / Piast stars too, and so we can glean that Veres of some kind were in Puiset...yes, the Vere-Melusine line, but we should identify them by some other surname too. Consider the Kays/Keys who use the Elmore bird, for MacKEYs use the Elmore raven and were first found overlooking Avalon, where Melusine is traced by the Drakenberg Vere. Bwa-hah-hah, evil laughter.

Veres are looking like the Elmores (Essex) here, explaining why English Elmores (in Vere-of-Essex colors) use an axe (Drake-Crest symbol) in Crest, and were first found in the same place as Drakes.

Bouchards were of the bloodline that created the so-called "water bougets" (water jugs of sorts), which YS, in a genius moment, deciphered as "water bucket." It just so happens that Buckets/ Bochards/BuCARDs, use the GUISCARD piles, and that Guiscards had been traced by two of their symbols, lattice and pulley, to the Piast Poles!!! That exclamation trio is for the Guiscard trace right here and now to the Guis variation of the Guy I bloodline in Piast-based le Puiset. It should mean that the "tenebris" motto term of Moren-related Lucens is code for Tancreds known to be at Guiscard ancestry, though Tancreds were also HAUTevilles that I've traced to "Haughtons" from Sigrid the HAUGHTy, daughter if Mieszko I.

In a brilliant stab by Tim, we discovered that Hautevilles, who show no Coat, were Hawthorns, using the Tancred chevron, and cinquefoils in colors reversed to Tancred-related Tankervilles. Hawthorns and Tancreds even use the same chevron colors as Thibauds, important because the father of Bouchard II was Thibaud. Thibauds were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as the Puis/Pond/Pountz surname. I expect the Burghs behind the Montmorency Coat to be named after Burgundy elements.

The water bouget was gleaned to be part code for the Water surname, but not until now has the code been deciphered in full, for Chartres and Puiset are in Eure-et-Loir, using a triple red-on-white chevron, symbol of the Waters. Waters were even first found in the same place as Elmores. Elmores (ravens) were found in the Guy/Guis write-up, of a surname tracing without doubt to Puiset. Interesting here is that Rolphs / Ralphs use both the raven and the water bouget, and the white lion head in the Rolph Crest is identical to the one in the Carter Crest, thus assuring all the more that Carters were from Chartres elements.

English Rolphs (Norfolk) are now showing white lions too (in Crest and Coat), but the one in the Coat is ermine-spotted, reflecting the spotted leopards, in the same colors, of the Bouchards!!! I get it now. I have rarely had much to say about Rolphs, but I get it now. This other English Ralph/Rolph Coat likewise shows ravens, but also the Rockefeller trefoil.

There is a question here as to whether the Tuboeuf (and similar) variation of Boeufs/Beefs should link to "Thibaud," but in any case, the Tournebulle variation of Boeffs/Beefs suggests a look at Turnbulls (Roxburghshire, where I trace the Maxton- / Maxwell-branch Mieszkos), who use winged bulls in the colors of the Mieske / Cole bull. Scottish Turnbulls use a bulls in the colors of the Haughts/Haughtons/Hectors, and both use a white bull head. It just so happens that I trace Maxwells to "MECHLenburg," where Trumps (white-on-blue again) were first found who smack of the TRUMBell variation of Turnbulls (in Varn colors).

The TOUCHeboeuf variation of Boeufs/Beefs suggests the Touch / MacInTOCK bloodline. The Touch surname was first found in the same place, Cheshire, location of many Mieszko lines, as Haughts/Haughtons/Hectors. The Touch symbol is a green-on-white lion, symbol of Lyons and Lannoys. What's interesting here is that while one Lannoy surname uses a helmet-and-plumes in Crest, the Tarn Crest shows a helmet. It's suggesting that Herod Archelaus links to Mieszko's via Turnbull lines. But as Turnbulls and Touch's just linked to Boeufs/Beefs, what about that heart in the German Beoff/Buff Coat???

A heart in the same colors is in the MacIntoch Coat with a "Touch" motto term. But even before coming to this, I was thinking to link the Bouchard leopards to the cat of Clan Chattan (included MacIntochs) because Chattans and Chatans use the same bend as Pullens / Champagnes now linking to Montmorency elements. As the latter trace to Moray, so we find that MacIntochs were first found in Moray, where even Mackays had ruled.

I can't see coincidence when Beavers, Boughs (pronounced Bawf) and MacIntochs use the same upright Levi lion in the same red-on-gold colors. The Lee/Ley/Legh lion is identical, and I see that surname as Ligurians while I traced Boofima to Imperia of Liguria. By what coincidence do Imps use red crescents in the two colors of those lions while showing a black leopard head in Crest? The Imps (colors reversed to Gores) were even first found in the same place (Essex) as Boofima-suspect Elmores / Veres / Gores.

The Imps are the ones who came up as "Amp" in the Dempsey investigation not many weeks ago, and then Pollock-related Dempsters (same fesse as Gores who traced to Mieszko's at Servitium) use the lion again in the same colors! It appears, therefore, that Dempseys, the surname now in charge of Obama's military machine, trace to the Imperi peoples that oversaw the Boofima cult's leopard-associated human sacrifices.

When Al Gore said he invented the Internet, he may have been meaning to say that he was part of a key decision to give it to the world as a spy tool. Ultimately, the 666 banks on Internet spying to control the masses. The Internet is definitely a military tool. Obama is a spy and control freak of the highest order .

BINGO! I didn't realize immediately after MacIntochs entered the discussion that they are the ones having an Essone septs and many like it. The Montlhery area is in the Essones department of Ile-de-France! See MacIntoch septs.


Where Ogdens and Occitanians are involved, there is a question of whether the nation of Gog was a Hebrew species, for example of the Iberi and/or Avar kind in Caucasia. The Biblical Gog pre-dates the Gok-Turk scythians by several centuries, but compare "Gok" to "Jok(tan)," as ask whether the ending in his name refers to Tanais, home of the Alans, living beside the Iberi. The Alans were forced into Alania, with a Turk-suspect Terek river flowing into Dagestan, where Avars lived. Can we ask whether the namers of "Occitania" had a soft-c version that created "Ossetia" (the alternative name for Alania), and therefore whether "OSSET" is in honor of some "JOKTan" entity?

If "Jok" was the root of "Gog," or even if Joktan was named after the entity that became Gog, then Joktanites look like the Iberi in the Ossetia theater simply because Joktan's father was Eber. Joktanites can then be expected within the Danaans that came to the West with Hyksos, but then even "Hyk" can be from a Jok term. I had traced Hyksos to Trojans, but then compare "Turk" with "Troj" and "Thrace." Long before the Gog of Ezekiel 38, there was a Turrukku/Turruku/Turrukkaen peoples from Iran, threatening conquest into Arrapha, otherwise known as Arrapachitis, what looks like "Arphaxad," the man in the Genesis genealogy that was shortly ancestral to Eber and Joktan. Compare "ArrAPACHitis" to "APACHnus," the alternative name of the Hyksos king. Khyan.

Arrapha was also "Arabkha," which for me reveals the origin of Arabs, especially as Arabkha was in what is now Kirkuk, not far from Muslim-like Mosul. Some, including myself, believe that Nahum 1:11 speaks to the end-time anti-Christ (whom I view as Gog) launching out of Nineveh, what was situated at what is now Mosul. To put this in short, certain brutal Arabs may we a wild-donkey of a people, with short violent tempers, because they were the ancestry of the Gogi scythians. The Bible at Revelation 20 makes it plain that Gog and Magog is interested in world conquest, achieving rulership of the anti-God world.

Mythology gave Hermes a son, Arabus, but Hermes was a peoples of Armenia (Caucasia, south of the Iberi), where Haik/Hayk was a major god. In this picture, the Hyksos that evolved via Cadmus (husband of Armenia-like Harmonia) at Tyre into Trojans were a Hermes line from Mount Hermon (east of Tyre) to the Hermus river in Lydia (beside Troy), home of the Biblical dragon, Ladon, who was given 100 heads as a symbol for its many monstrous branches. It's not proper to call Latins, Hebrews, but that seems to be the truth. The Latins should prove to be the Lazi merger with the Caucasian Bats who named Batia, mythical mother of Trojans...leading to the Bedford / Bett elements in this update, having now traced to mergers with Herod elements in Occitania. Gog and Herod, isn't it, in the veins of Rockefellers?

Tracing Joktanites to Tanais' Alans is made sensible again where my findings had Nahorite Hebrews merged with the Alan branch of Roxolani. Herodotus, himself suspect from the proto-Herod line, wrote not long after Ezekiel, and traced Sarmatians = Alans back to Gargarians and Amazons at Thermodon. I say, perhaps all alone in the world, that Amazons were the Meshech that Ezekiel lumped in with Gog. In this picture, the Alans carried the torch of Gog to the Turks and Huns. The torch was a symbol of Artemis, war goddess of Amazons, and I say that torch made it knowingly to the Statue of Liberty. The Attila Huns have been traced (by me) to Dol and it's Alan-surname bloodline, and Hungarians, descendants of the Attila Huns, have been traced to Alan-related Pollocks. But Hungarians have been traced also to "Jung" and Hogan-related Yonges/Youngs, while Hogans are now looking like Joktanite-suspect Ogdens, Ogens and Logans / Logens/Lochs. I've not forced this idea into my topics by some pre-determined scheme to shovel my personal impression upon the reader.

By what coincidence do Locks and Logens/Lochs use SWANs, a symbol of mythical CYCnus, and what I trace to lake "SEVAN," the location of ancient Gogarene/Gugar??? Sevan was even called after the Gogi there. Therefore, it appears that Logens/Lochs and Locks trace both to Gog and to Gog-suspect "Joktan."

Ezekiel lumped the nation of Put into the Gogi frame, and while Put is usually traced by others to Libya, the Caucasian Bats make more sense. One might think that Ezekiel would have mentioned the distant location of north-Africa when including Put into his "far north" topic. But he didn't. It reads as though Put is one of the far-north peoples. The Bats lived at or beside Poti (otherwise called, Phasis by Greeks). This doesn't mean that Bats couldn't have formed a Put entity in the Libya domain, for Greeks had pushed their salty way into north-African coast lines.

One can imagine "Poti" evolving into the Pots and Potters, and indeed we saw that the Potter cinquefoils linked above to the Flower cinquefoils, while Flowers were honored in the Bett motto. The Potter cinquefoil can even be traced logically to the same used by Nahorite lines, for example the Bus surname. If that tends to reveal that Bats / Put were named after Buz, it can reveal that the underworld god, NERgal, husband of mythical Lazi, was named in-part after variations of "Nahor." There is a good chance in this that the "gal" part of "Nergal" lead to the Geloni/Gelonus peoples who merged with the Neuri-related Budini.

When the above was written, I had not yet re-viewed the three Pot Coats. The last Coat that had been loaded when writing this section was the Munrow Coat, but when loading the Pot Coats from the Munroe page, what did I find but the Munrow eagle-head design in the French Pot Crest. To this it needs to be added that the pot design of German Pots is used by the Bors surname, indicating that Pots are right down the Arthurian-grail-cult hell-hole.

But it's also suggesting that Pots were merged with Iberi Caucasians, for the Bors line was just traced to Eburovices! It means that Arthurians (and Eburovices) trace to the Caucasian Iberi, who actually had a branch in Spain, called Iberia in earlier times. It jibes excellently with an Arthur trace to the Ardon river of Alania, the Iberi theater. It's telling us that Pots and Potters do trace well to Caucasian Bats / Put / Poti.

Potters even use a sea horse in Crest, symbol of the Tokers who smack of "Teucer," father of mythical Batia, mother of horse-depicted Trojans. Tokers (Cornwall peninsula) use drops, symbol of, and for, the Drops/Tropes (suspect as a branch of Trypillians).

AHA! Potter use a "fesse," smacking of "Phasis." Then, the Pass/Pascal surname (Levi lion) uses a red cross, and in colors reversed from, of the type in the Fessey/Vessey Coat (it's the Templar cross used by Caucasian Georgia). The Pass/Pascal Coat uses a red eagle, symbol of the MunROWs, but the Pass'/Pascals also use the pascal lamb, symbol of the Rows! Fesseys/Vesseys (another "hoc" motto term indicating Gog / Hyksos) use the green garland that traces, via the garland of the Stephen bloodline, to Step(h)antsminda, on the Terek river as it flows past Alania through the land of Varni-suspect Avars. But the green garland is used also by Bors-suspect Berts, now looking like a branch of Iberi.

The enGRAILed Fessey/Vassey cross is in the colors and style of the Bath/Atha cross, and the latter belong to Buttons/Bidens and Badens/Battins. This is your Gogi bloodline to Obama's vice president.

But Romney's vice president wanna-be, with a Ryan surname, traced not many updates ago (4th of August) to a Rize location, smack at Trabzon. You see, the world is moving toward a Gog in charge of world affairs. Obama and Bush both had/have a Rice-surnamed operative in high-level positions (Susan Rice in the case of Obama), and both are women, perhaps deliberately reflective of the ancient woman-only symbol of Amazons. There was even talk that Romney might have chosen Condeleezza Rice as his vice-president. The Ryan Coat is in Rye colors, and the latter uses the same bend as Star-Tereker Roddens/Rodhams.

One can make a case that the besants (on purple Shield) in the Pace Coat trace to the "pheasant" said to be named after Phasis, for both the Pheasant and Besant surnames were first found in Middlesex. Therefore Paces trace well to Phasis' Georgians.

I have traced the red eagle to Lake Van (Armenia), home of the Nairi empire. I concluded that the red eagle morphed into the phoenix, old symbol of whom Cadmus belonged who carried Armenians through Lydia and Troy/ Illyria's Butua/Budva, a location using a sea horse today.

The link here of Munrows to the Pot bloodline begs the question of why Montreuils/Monrons/MontROWs should apply to Pots. We saw that Montreuils linked to the Gouy area of Artois, which had been identified shortly before as a Gower/Gore entity. We saw that Montreuils were Roquefeuils of that Gore order, and named "Giroie/Geroie," smacking of mythical Geryon, suspect by me as Gorgons > Georgians from Herodotus' "Gargarians," mates of the Amazons whom he traced from Trabzon to the Alans.

Geryon is mentioned in the article on A CORUNa (skull-and-bones symbol in its Arms), and I agree that Geryon traces well to A Coruna. This location is in north-western Spain facing CORNwall i.e. whatever named Cornwall also named A Coruna, and by now you can suspect this whatever to be the 666-elements from Bat-suspect PatMOS, not forgetting that the Nairi lived at MUS, also called Taran, and that a red eagle is used by Taran(t)s. It just so happens that the Taran(t) eagle is in the design and colors of the Pass/Pascal eagle.

Cornwall is where mythical GORlois, essentially, birthed the Arthurian cult. We saw that the LOIS surname, suspect in the "GorLOIS" code, uses only a white ostrich, symbol of Trabys who trace to Trypillians. We saw that Gores/Cores use the same crosslets as Drop-suspect Trips/Treffs in the area of this Trave area of the Varni / Wagrian theater. Trips (use the French-Massey boot so as to link to Amazon-suspect Meshech) are being traced to Trabzon-suspect Trypillians.

The Neuri had been traced acceptably to me, only recently, to the hourglass goddess of Trypillians, but in no way was I trying to make a Nahorite link to Trypillians just because Nahorites had been merged with the Roxolani traced by Herodotus to Amazons at Trabzon, where I think "Tryp(illian)" traces. Where the hourglass symbol of the goddess was cause for the Glass surname, albeit I trace the Glass bloodline to Galli, it jibes with the independent trace of the Alan surname to Neuri and Budini, for Alan-Stewarts came to live exactly at GLASgow. And for some updates in a row, I've been stressing Stewart links to proto-Roquefeuils in the Varni theater, where Nerthus, what I think was the hourglass goddess, was worshiped.

Aside from Ezekiel, the prophets of Israel did not stress Gog. Gog seems foreign to Israel throughout the inter-Testamental period, and then suddenly, after Jesus did His work while tolerating world-ruling Romans in Israel as though it was God's will, Revelation brings Gog into the picture of a worldwide anti-Christ. Gog and Magog are said there to be principals of the entire end-time globe, yet Daniel reveals end-time rulers to be Romans. Ezekiel and Daniel lived in the same period, yet Daniel makes no mention of Gog. Jesus verified that Daniel was a prophet of God, to be understood by His Church, but so far as I could see, Jesus never once mentioned an Ezekiel quote. Jesus did mention vultures at His coming, a theme used by Ezekiel 39 and Revelation 19 as symbol for the anti-Christ's destruction at the return of Jesus.

What, then, is end-time Gog? The violent Muslims bent on world war? The Romans? The European Union? The Alan-Stewarts bent on Democratic-farce world rule?

What is the False Prophet that Revelation 20 lumps in with the anti-Christ? While a Mormon president of the United States makes for an excellent fulfillment, in my opinion, of "false prophet," yet Romney and his Republican backers would have us believe that they are avidly pro-Israel. That does not make for a good recipe for the False Prophet. But we have yet to discover into what direction the Round Table (loosely speaking) would force Romney's foreign policies should he defeat Obama. Or, the way the world is being ordered at present, one can imagine a man more wickedly false than Obama becoming the U.S. president after the 2012-16 term.


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On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence -- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find -- that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

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