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September 11 - 17, 2012

On Ribbentrop and Goebbel Nazis
Do they identify Martin Dempsey as a Nazi Operator in the U.S.?
Obama's Grandfather, Lewis Stevenson, White Man???

No sooner did the ribbon of the Dempster Coat show up in the last update of August that I came across the Goebbel surname of a Nazi stooge carried along by the hot wind of Hitler's passionate, but false, promises. Obama (or perhaps someone else) choose a Dempsey surname to head his military nation, which uses the same swords, in the same colors, as the ribbon-using A HREF="">Dempsters. Goebbel, as with a von Ribbentrop surname, was foreign minister to Hitler's regime.

We might be able to imagine a Nazi foreign minister involved in a Roosevelt deal to airlift Hitler and friends to America when the 1945 crunch came. Roosevelt may have conveyed to Hitler's people that America could no longer stand the world pressure expecting him to engage in the war, and that if the Allies should look like they were defeating his Nazi's, Hitler could be rescued with a plot to make it appear a suicide.

"Joachim von Ribbentrop was born in Wesel, Rhenish Prussia, to Richard Ulrich Friedrich Joachim Ribbentrop, a career army officer, and his wife, Johanne Sophie Hertwig." Already we're finding a Herod-suspect mother for Ribbentrop. Can we imagine a Herod line wanting to rob the Jews of Germany, killing them if necessary?

But before going to the Hertwig Coat, I'd like to mention the similarity between "Rhenish" and Renfrew, for Roquefeuil-related Pollocks were first found in Renfrew (big proto-Nazi hub), and Pollocks are suspect for furnishing Hitler's mother's Polzl surname. It just so happens that the Dempster motto term, "strenue," is used also by Pollocks. I've had my eye out for years on any other surname that might use the term, but until the Dempsters, it was not seen.

Rockefellers are fast becoming prime suspects in the end-time fire-from-the-sky technology that brings a dictatorial 666 system to the world. The Nazi's were on the cutting edge of technology for use in conquering the world, and Revelation makes it plain that the anti-Christ beast will be honored / respected for possessing military might. It seems that some world crisis will crop up, and that the anti-Christ's military will remove the threat, to the great relief of those who honor him, which we must assume to be the bulk of the world.

For the discussion immediately below, you might want to keep in mind that the Traby part of Pollocks was traced to the Hamburg / Polabia theater (to the Trave area and the Trip surname), highly suspect of late with the proto-Roquefeuils that in this area were roughly one with Varni. The Traby bugles may be in the colors of the Varns for the Traby-Varni relationship, and as the Varni-Roquefeuil family was just identified as the ancestry of the Sinclair vikings at Rostock, it's important that the five white ostrich feathers of Trabys is used by Irish Clairs/Clares too. The latter's feathers are standing out of the crown of the Herod line of MacArthers. Whenever I say "Pollock," think Herods from Languedoc / Gascony, yet their name traces to Goplo of Mieszko ancestry, where we might expect "Geobbel" origins.

I've traced the Renfrew term to Rennes in Brittany, and even to the purple-lion Wrens (ravens), but this possibility of tracing "Rennes" to "Rhineland" is new to me. Wrens get us to the Trips (first found near Rhineland), for Wrens use the same crosslets as Hamburgs and Trips/Treffs. "Dempsey / Dempster" seemed like a d'Emp term traced well to Amps/Impys and Hamps, which might just trace Dempseys to HAMBurg (on the southern fringes of Demark), a term that may have started as a Camber-like term, for example from the Cambria that was proto-Denmark. In that case, Dempsey's / Dempsters start to look like Gomerians / Chemmites, the same that I say named Comminges.

Chemmites were Danaans, keep in mind, whom we can expect as the founders of Denmark. But Denmark was also Juteland at one time, and "Jute" (and its variations, such as "Eoten") smacks of "Uat," the Chemmite religion. Roquefeuils at Comminges trace to Alans of Tanais, where I see both Gomerians/Cimmerians and the origin of Danaans.

The Wren crosslets belong also to Gores, first found in the same place as Amps/Impys, and Dempsters use the Gore fesse over their sword. A Dempsey trace to Hamburg is probably a Pollock trace to Hamburg, and because Gores trace there, Dempseys / Pollocks can too. Soon I'll show that Dempseys were a branch of Peters from Peter Pollock (Peters turn out to be from the Buto alternative of the Uat cult), amazing to me because the Peter topic followed in the last update on the heels of the Dempsey topic. Pollocks trace by their motto term to Roquefeuil in Aude, the latter being another Uat-like term that should trace to the Eudoses, suspect by some as proto-Jutes.

As the Gore motto traces to Salyes while the latter's Sale branch are in the white-on-black Pendragon chevron, it's notable that Windsors (from UTHER Pendragon) likewise use the Gore / Wren Hamburg crosslets. It's therefore likely that the Wren ravens, in a white-on-black chevron, are on the Pendragon chevron, even as Arthurian elements trace to Brittany (i.e. where Rennes is located). Raven lines had traced strongly to Aude.

Rennes-le-Chateau may trace to Rhineland elements, a new idea for me. Rhineland is where German Bush's were first found. Dempsters, now under a US-Nazi microscope, use the same lion, in the same colors, as Dutch Bush's. The Rhineland juts from Germany straight into Holland.

It appears that the purple Wrens who named Renfrew were related to porphyria-carrying Pollocks of Renfrew, from the porphyria line of the Varni > Varangians. That was said before realizing, the next day, that English Peters use "rien" in their motto, as well as a raven in their Coat, a Wren / Varangian symbol. As per that picture, I'm leaving room for a "Wren/ Rennes" trace to "Varang," rather than to "Rhine." The point is, Rennes / Renfrew was traced (by me) to Rangabe Byzantines, whose genes may have been in the porphyria-suspect Komnenos Byzantines. The importance of tracing Pollocks / Peters to Comminges elements, independent of a Komnenos trace to Comminges, is thereby underscored.

I now find that the Rangabe cross design is used by Stairns, a surname that was just looked up in seeking the surname behind the "strenue" motto term of Pollocks (and Dempsters). And the Stairn/Stern Coat not only happens to be in Varn colors, but uses the Kay bird used also by Rockforts...yet another reason for tracing Pollocks (and Dempseys) to Roquefeuils. Mythical Kay was even a son to Ector, which must be part of the "AudACTER" term of Pollocks.

As Stairns/Sterns are thus tracing to Roquefeuil lines, it begs the question of whether they are part of the Stars, in Roquefeuil colors. The Dempseys / Dempsters too, traced to the Star-Terek crew in HAMPshire, home of Sturs and Drakes. It would appear that Sterns are part of the Stur /Star bloodline.

It's time to bring the Parkers (MacCARTHy/ARTHy stag) into the discussion, a branch of Parkinsons that in the last update were looked at in a discussion on Parkinson's disease. Parkins (to be viewed as Par-kin) became slightly suspect from the "Peer" variation of German Peters, because Parkers use Roquefeuil / Pollock colors, and were first found in DERBYshire. Derbyshire uses a stag, symbol of Ribons/Rayburns, and Dempster-honored RibbenTROPS look like they should connect with Derby/Darby elements.

I failed to see the "fluctu" motto term of Parkers in the last update, which looks like code for Vlach, the place in Thrace where Komnenos were from before mounting the Byzantine throne. That is an exceptional clue to show that Parkinson's disease and porphyria are genetic diseases from the same bloodlines.

Emailer Pollock reminds me that porphyria was generally strong in Hungarians, and they are suspect in the Magor variation of one Major surname. Magyar Hungarians traced to a mythical stag, symbol of Parkers. Emailer Pollock has pretty much decided that Hungarian porphyria is from the connection of king Andrew I of Hungary to the household of Vladimir the Varangian ruler of Kiev. It just so happens that another Parker motto term, "flatu," smacks of Vlad / Flaad. To this, add the trace of Alans to the Attila Huns that Hungarians trace themselves to, for Pollocks were Alans using the Flaad name. These terms smack of "Bleda," Attila's brother.

The Dutch Vlach (and related Fleck/Flack) surname was traced to Walkers at the time that Walkers were being traced to Wagrians on the same Warnow river as Rostock, but that was before realizing that Walkers were named after "camina," the Italian word for "walk," suggesting that Walkers were from a Komnenos bloodline out of Kamenec of the Varangian theater. Komnenos and Parkers are thereby traced to Roquefeuil-Varni elements, as expected if Parkers were from Peter Pollock.

Pollocks are highly suspect as Herod liners due to multiple connections, and the Parker stag is the HORTon stag. Then, I traced Pollocks to Mieszko based partly on the Pole-like Bole surname likely for Boleslaw, Mieszko's son, and so what about Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife currently of the prince of Wales? The "Ich Dien" motto of the Prince of Wales "organization" leads to the Dien surname using a Masci wing, the wing also in the Vlach Coat (Flecks/Flacks use the Meschin scallops), which is itself in the colors of the Parker / Horton stag. Horts (the Meschin fesse?) are also "Hurt," and Scottish Harts use Pollock / Roquefeuil / Herod/Hurl colors. In fact, Scottish Harts use the Pollock saltire with a trefoil. Irish Harts are also "Cart," wherefore let's not forget the MacCARTHys stag of the other English Parkers, or that MacCarthys were in cahoots with MUSkerry.

The Vlach Coat uses a tall, curved chevron (similar to the Parker Shield), as do Ottones/Oddys, while the "Audacter" term of Pollocks is now tracing to Ottones/Oddys. The latter are identified as Visconti's of Massino-Visconti, if that helps to explain why the Masci / Meschin bloodline has just entered the Parker topic. My first trace of Parkinson's disease was to Masci's, but that trace had nothing to do with Parkers.

Amps/Impys use a chevron in the colors of the fesse used by Amp-suspect Dempsters, and the latter's sword traces to Aude and therefore likely to Ottones/Oddys of Massino-Visconti, globalism-important because Massino likely links to the Massi/Mattis surname that I say now rules Central Command...with his boss, Martin Dempsey.

The black leopard in the Amp/Impy Crest should link to the black lion in the Demper/DamPERE/DamPAR Crest, but note that the Demper Coat uses a black-on-gold lion, the color of the Peter/Petry lion. And, Dempers even use a "petra" motto term. It therefore appears that Dempers were named in-part after Dempseys and in-part after Peters/Peers.

It's not very hard to realize here that Dempers are from the 666-loving bloodline out of Patmos, for the Peter/Petry surname above is in Traby-bugle colors, and uses a white peacock much like the white ostrich of Carricks, while Trabys use white ostrich feathers. Just like that, Dempster-suspect RibbenTROPs are tracing to Traby elements, as they should. Pattersons, let's not forget, use DROPS, likely symbol of the Drops/Trops.

By some coincidence or not, the Carricks, said to mean, "rock," the definition also of "peter," use an ostrich with orange legs, like the Peter peacock.

Carricks (in Sheer colors) are easily traced to the black talbot of Sheers, and Sheers are part of the list of surnames of 666-loving Kilpatricks (not all Kilpatricks, of course, I'm speaking Masonic mentality). The right paw of the black Kilpatrick lion (must link to the Peter/Petry lion) is said to be on the head of the dragon, and similarly, it's the right foot of the Peter/Petry peacock that rests on the mascle, indicating that this Patrick = Peter line from Patmos knew itself to be the 666 bloodline. Again, Scottish KilPatricks use the Maxwell saltire, the mother stock of Pollocks...who are likely represented by the pelicans of Scottish Pattersons, said in their write-up to be from "Patrick."

To help prove that Peters were Pollocks, both Paw surnames use the peacock, symbol of the Pollock sept of Peacocks who use mascles, what the Peter bird is shown with. Paws can be identified as Powers, who use the trefoil and stag.

Look at how close Rhineland is to the mouth of the Rhine, where Merovingians / Batavi lived, but also the area of Woerden that has become so important in the last few updates because it had the El-Gabal cult. The ShuttleWords are traced to Woerden, and then Shots/Shutes/SHUTTs use the Dempsey / Dempster sword too, as does the Aude surname. Some say that Pollocks trace straight to Clovis, an early Merovingian, who had a mother in Basina...from the Bassianus bloodline of El-Gabal. Goebbels should apply to "Gabal."

How did the Rhineland become a topic in this update? From the Ribbentrop Nazi who was born there. As we've just seen Pollocks trace to ribbon using Dempsters, by what coincidence are Pollocks part of the Alan line to Stewarts while the Arms of Woerden looks like the Stewart Coat? It's therefore expected that Dempsey liners should be from Woerden, and that idea was in my head before seeing the Arms of Utrecht, a lion in the same upright position and in colors reversed from the Dempster lion. Both the Dempster and Utrecht Arms are quartered in red and gold. I wrote all the above while not knowing this. Woerden is in Utrecht. Martin Dempsey, Obama's choice for leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is from Woerden elements, isn't he?

As Demspters use a Pollock motto term, the OUDEwater location in Utrecht is Pollock-conspicuous, especially as the Arms of Oudewater use a wavy bar in colors reversed to the wavy bend of "Jewish" Pollocks. They say that "Oude" in this case means "old," but entering "Ode" gets the Oddie and Aude both surnames in the colors of Ottones; Oddie's are definitely a branch of Odins and thus trace to Oettingens / Oettingers.

This new Pollock identity with Utrecht is reinforced by my trace (some months ago) of the Pollock bend to the Arms of Vienne, and here I now find a Vianen location (using "columns") in Utrecht. There is a Belgian (also Luxemburg) Vianen surname using a fesse in Pollock-bend and Vienne-Arms colors.

It can be added here that Atrecht/Arras in Artois was traced in the last update to the Arros river in Gascony. Atrecht was the Atrebate capital, and the same Atrebates lived in Dempsey-suspect HAMPshire. Dempincidence?

The Drakes of Hampshire can easily trace to the TRECHt term in "Utrecht" (in Drake colors), and it just so happens that I trace Atrebates to Odrysians (at Arda) in THRACE. The Drake wyvern was traced to the wyvern used by dukes of Masovia (Poland), and so see this from the Utrecht article: "In Roman times, the name of the Utrecht fortress was simply Traiectum denoting its location at a possibility to cross the Rhine [probably best to ignore the stated definition there]. Traiectum became Dutch Trecht. The U comes from Old Dutch 'uut' meaning downriver [maybe they are wrong there too]. It was added to distinguish from the other Tricht, Maas-tricht." It's giving the impression that the namers of Maastricht linked to Masovia's Drake bloodline.

The Arros has a source in the area where the Osse has a source, and the latter river is where the Hose/Ouse surname was traced without doubt, which uses three human legs as does the Arms of Fussen/Foetes on the Lech river of Bavaria. The Vianen location is itself on a Lek river, and Lug, the sun god, was in the Netherlands, naming both Leydon and Luxemburg...and Lugdunum Covenarum not far from the Osse river. It was reasoned in the last update that the Other surname should link to the Osse river, and here we are now on UTRecht, a term that easily morphs into "Uther" / Other." There is a Dutch Otter surname that can apply.

One Herod was banished to Vienne-Isere, beside Lugdunum, and we can probably guess correctly that Lugdunum Covenarum was named after Lugdunum. But why were the two Herod brothers of France each at their own respective Lugdunum locations? Reminder: Herod-suspect Lannoys use the Lyon lion, and Lugdunum was later called, Lyon.

The Odins of Yorkshire and Oettingens of Bavaria have traced to the Aude line of Pollocks, and then there is the Oddie surname of Yorkshire using a white saltire, the color of the Oettingen saltire. It just so happens that while Pollocks trace to king Andrew of Hungary (the Scottish Andrews use the Pollock saltire, almost), the so-called "Andrew's Cross" (= Scottish flag) is used by Oddie's. Why? It should have to do with a trace of the Uat-Buto cult to Attila's Huns at Budapest.

I've know for a long time that the Malcoms/MacCalams (stags, Hungarian symbol) use the Andrew's cross in colors reversed because he married Margaret, who was hiding out with Andrew before he became king. But MalColms/MalCOMEs/MacCalams (stars in Comyns/Cummings garb colors) are also "MalCOLLM," smacking of the "column" used in the Arms of Vianen. How strange that Herods out of Vienne-Isere should trace both to Scottish and Hungarian royalty. Isn't it the Alan > Stewarts that were both in the Malcolm and Andrew lines, and couldn't "Lannoy" be a version of "Alan"?

The Vianen/Viani surname is in the colors of the Waynes who use a pelican likely for the Pollock / Stewart line. The Waynes are Arthurs, honored in the "ardua" term of Malcolms. The Malcolm write-up makes it fairly plain that they were merged with MacArthurs / Campbells. It's telling us that Vianen was a Veneti element, the "wife" of king Arthur, and that jibes with the trace of proto-Merovingians a(t the mouth of the Rhine) to the Veneti. In other words, expect the proto-Merovingians -- Salians and Batavi -- in Utrecht and especially at Vianen.

In the page above for the flag of Vianen, we find that it also uses the same fesse colors as English Alans, and then French Alans, until recently, showed the star colors of the Malcolms. We read that the flag's fesse "was designed c. 6 years ago by Mr. Otto ter Steege." The colors of this Vianen flag are those of the Other/Oter/Otter Coat, and it just so happens that Stewarts show a STIGweard variation that can trace to "Woerden," especially as Woerden uses the Stewart Shield, almost. Like Stewarts, Staggers (stags) were first found in Devon, and are in Word/Ward colors, as are Stegmans.

Where weren't they? Where did the Stewarts get the money to be everywhere in Europe and beyond??? Perhaps we should ask their pirate flag, if it could speak to confess the murders at the hands of these vagabonds.

The Dempsey topic introduced in the last update of August, and treated further in the last update, dove-tailed with the Massi/Mattis surname now in charge of U.S. Central Command. Here's the Rhineland article at Wikipedia: "At the earliest historical period, the territories between the Ardennes and the Rhine were occupied by the Treveri, the Eburones...On the right bank of the Rhine, between the Main and the Lahn, were the settlements of the Mattiaci, a branch of the Germanic Chatti..." The Mattiaci had been dealt with months ago, traced solidly to the Massi/Matti/Matteuci surname. I won't elaborate on these topics again, which involve proto-Maccabee (HasMONean) lines from Bonn to the Ubii Franks (i.e. the Boii at Bononia); suffice it to say that we're looking for MAEONians as they passed through Arda / Odrysia enroute to becoming the Atreus > Menelaus Spartans, the root of Atrebates. The Main location off the Rhine could be one of their stations, you see, and the Arthurian cult in Rhineland was also at Mona / Menai.

As per Ordovices at Mona, here's a Hord Coat (Shropshire) I don't show often, using yet another raven, and what looks like the Massey horse design in Crest. The Hord Coat, though using royal blue, looks like a version of the Massi/Matti Coat, the one I trace to the Stewart Coat.

Pollocks had been traced solidly to Herod / Arthur lines for weeks up until the last update. Pollocks are now found merged with Dempsters using a ribbon for the Ribbentrop surname (assuming) that, in Nazi camps, married HERTwigs. We not only find a heart in the Hertwig/Hartwig Coat (Hanover), but the same leaf design, that I witnessed and wrote about several times, of the French House and Hazel surnames, no longer showing as of this year. The House Coat now uses the Hazel "hazel slip" (code for Islips), though House's call theirs a "cabbage leaf." How telling that while Cabbages (NorthAMPTONshire) are also "Cobell" -- suggesting the Goebbels / Gobels -- both Ribbentrop and Goebbel were Nazi foreign ministers.

Edward House was just one world war earlier, and he wanted Woodrow Wilson to be the communist king of the world under Rhodian / Rothschild oversight. Should we check to see who Wilsons were from? Scottish Wilsons (Fleming wolf design) use "vincit" twice in their motto, as well as "qui," two indications of the Caiaphas line. But Why were Wilsons from Caiaphas? We should ask the Chappes' and Sinclairs, both of whom are said to have been married to Hugh de Payen.

Scottish Wilsons use the Shield and Chief combination colors of Tanners, and are in the three colors of the Williams (gyronny), wherefore the line looks to be from William the Conqueror's mother's second marriage: the Falaise-Conteville Hugh Lupus D'Avrances, who ruled where Wooleys/Wolfleys were first found. That's said because the "Wulson" variation tips us off to a Wilson-Wooley connection, only to find Irish Wilsons using their green wolf in the colors of the Wolley/Wolfley Shield, and that both surnames use a singe gold fleur-de-lys.

Obama is a communist, and he is from a Wolfley bloodline. But why were Sinclairs part of the line to globalist communists? Ask the people around the Round Table of the Rhodes' Rus.

The Williams were shown at their Wikipedia article as a sept of Mackays (raven-depicted line), who use bears for Berwickshire's Arthurian elements. Wilsons were first found in Berwickshire. It's the pirates, you see, who want their government to rule over dancing, possession-less puppets with numbers on their foreheads instead of spirits in their souls. Arthurs were first found where Wilsons were first found, and by now you get an indication that Wilson and Rothschild bloodliners were in cahoots together in the schemes of the first world. Wiilliams use the gyronny used also by MacArthur-related Campbells.

Campbells are suspect with Hamps and therefore with Dempseys, which defectively traces Dempseys to the Iamblichus line that would soon form the priesthood over El-Gabal in Syria. It's explaining why the Dempsey / Dempster bloodline just traced shortly above to the El-Gabal area of Woerden.

Hertwigs/Hartwiggs are in Wigg/Wiggins and Wick colors; the latter are clearly Veres and Drakes, vikings that I think "Wick" honors. Wiggs (Williams colors) even use the gold-on-black estoiles of the Wilsons.

It's hard to imagine Herods in Languedoc as vikings, but, it's even harder to imagine them taking a lowly floor-sweeper job. Herods in Israel considered themselves too special to hold ordinary jobs. Anything but, including pillaging by war.

The half-red lion head in the Wigg/Wiggins Crest belongs also to the Crest of the Hose/Ouse surname that traced to the Osse tributary of the Garonne, just to the west of Comminges. Both the Wiggs/Wiggins were first found in Leicestershire, and Herods are now suspect with Rutland at Leicestershire.

In the Peter discussion, their mascles were identified with the Michaels/MITCHells (Surrey) and their kin, the Meschin vikings; Rhudlands are found in the latter's write-up probably for the reason that Meschins had solid mergers with Ligurians to Leicester. Here's the Rutland/Rutlan-surname write-up: "The [Rutland] family name was anciently seated as Lords of the Manor of MITCHam in Surrey...Mitcham was recorded as being held by the Canons of Bayeux [where Meschins lived]." As Peters use the Meschin-honoring mascles, one can expect that the Herod blood in Peters was at Rutland, and that Rutland was named after the Rods, especially as both Rods and Roddens/Rodhams use FOILs, the symbol of Peter ancestry in Roquefeuils.

The Wilson wolf is in the colors of the Lannoy lions. English Lannoys (the ones with the Herod-suspect plumes) were first found in Bedfordshire, where the Star-Terek crew of the Stewarts and Drakes was traced. The Wilson estoile is the Star estoile, apparently, for Stars use lozenges in the colors of the Wilson wolf. The raven-depicted vikings that were Peters/Petrys use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Cabbages/Cobells, and there is the possibility that the Wilson fleur on a black Chief is the Cabbage/Cobell fleur on a black Chief. It's looking like the Cabbage's were the Mieszko-of-Goplo link to Sinclairs at the Rostock theater. There is a way to trace "Cabbage" to "Cappes" because Mieszko had traced to Ottone Visconti.

The half-red lion head of the Hose's is half blue, and in the design of the same-colored lion head in the English Peter/Petry Crest, which tends to trace Peters to the Osse river. As Peters trace to Patmos, where Hyksos were traced, note the Husaby variation of Hose's as it should link to Hucks and related Huckabys.

As per the Wiggs and similar others suspect as vikings of the Sinclair kind, let's check out the Vicks/Levicks. One can see them linked to "Leveque," where French Sinclairs were first found. English Vicks/Levicks would have you believe that the surname is from "l-eveske = a bishop," but they were first found in Lincolnshire, where I expect Rhodian Rus.

The idea in the German Vick write-up, that the surname is from "Frederick," does not sound correct. These Wicks were first found in Bavaria, where the Fussen/Foetes location sits that was recently linked to the Hose/Ouse surname. Didn't the Wiggs/Wiggins just trace to the Hose/Ouse river?

Interesting here is that Hose's are said to be from an Les ANDelys location (in Eure), while Henri II of Rodes had for a mother, Ysabeau de Roquefeuil, daughter of Raimond d'ANDuse." Raimond's grandfather, by the way, was "Bertrand, Sire d'Anduze [in Roussillon theater]...Bertrand married and then adopted the name Roquefeuil from his wife..." It is suggesting that FulBERT "the Saxon," father of Peter Pollock, was named after the same entity that named BERTand Roquefeuil, which tends to trace the Bertrand line to Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise.

There is a Bertrand surname (Provence), using the single Masci wing design in Crest, though it's of course not the Masci wing only. The Bertrand wing is black, the color of the same wing in the Coat of Meschin-related Dutch Vlachs. The latter surname (now identified with Komnenos founders of Cathars) is expected at Cazeres, smack beside Roquefort on the Garonne. The latter term is suspect with the Le-Meschin's son's surname, de Gernon, a surname using a motto code for Fussen/Foetes location now tracing to the Osse tributary of the Garonne. That's why the Les-Andelys location of the Hose's should link to "Anduse."

As Roquefeuils are from AnDUSE, shouldn't it become an important question: what was Anduse from? It smacks of "Landes," where the other Roquefort location sits, on the Douze river. Moreover, as Landes is at the Biscay / Aquitaine theater of Basques, who called themselves, Euskals, by what coincidence does the Vick/Leveske surname trace itself to a "Henry le Euske" (13th century)?

German Vicks can be linked to English Vicks/Levicks as per their Crest, "A man in blue holding a club," for the Club/Clobbe surname traces to the Glaphyra > Clovis line...because Club/Clobbes use the same chevron as Childs, the surname now tracing to Clovis' father, Childeric.

It's perhaps interesting that the Club/Clobbe Coat is in the colors of Coverts, and uses footless martins, as do Coverts, for "Clovis" / "Clover" and "Covert" are similar. It could suggest that Caiaphas-suspect Coverts put forth Clovers/Clavers using a key in Crest, a symbol I trace to the Caiaphas line of Sheaves/Shaws. By some neat coincidence, the Glaphyra > Clovis > Clover line does link to the Sinclairs who were piped together with trefoil-depicted Rockefellers.

The Clovers/CLAVERs (in the three William colors) use MORATIN towers, and GLAPHYRa had been married first to the king of MAURITanians...before she married Herod Archelaus (this is the one now tracing to the Wilsons). The Cappes' may use Moor heads for that Mauritanian line. The Moratin tower had traced otherwise (on independent considerations) to the Bassianus bloodline that Clovis had a mother from. The green-on-white clovers in the Chief of Dutch Clavers may be considered as the green-on-white trefoils of the Rod's. These clover / trefoil colors may be the reason for the same-colored Wilson wolf / Lannoy lion.

I'll repeat that the Cliffs/Cleaves (in all three William colors again) use a trefoil centrally, as well as the Clapton/Clopton wolf design. With these lines tracing excellently to one another, and to the El-Gabal cult of Bassianus', it isn't enlightening to find the Word/Ward and Warenne checks in the Clifford Coat? It's not only tracing Glaphyra to Woerden, as expected, but to Varni elements at Woerden. It's giving the impression again that Herods rejected a floor-sweeping job for an education in piracy.

Recalling the Fleming wolf design used by Wilsons, it suggests that the wyVERN dragon of Wills (all three William colors yet again) links to the green wyvern of Baldwins, which is used in red by Cliffords. Drakes use a red wyvern, and then Wills use the arm and axe, a Drake symbol. Wills use besants, no surprise.

As Varni were traced to a merger with the Rods of Rodez and therefore with the Herod / proto-Roquefeuil line to the vikings, note that the Clifton Crest shows the white Peter peacock (almost), for Peters were Roquefeuils > Pollocks.

Cliftons can be traced to Vicks/Levesks, and therefore to Sinclairs of St. Clair L'Eveque, by the Clifton location in Ely, which smacks of St.Clair-sur-Elle. The reason I say that is because the eel of the Crest of Shiptons (Oxfordshire) can be linked to Skiptons by way of the "scip" term to which Shiptons are traced in their write-up, and then the Skipton write-up: "Skipton Castle was acquired by the Cliffords." This traces Herod Archelaus, who must have held some of Glaphyra's titles / wealth, to purple-lion Skiptons.

Recall the Peter/Petry trace to purple-lion Wrens. It just so happens that the Bellow Crest uses a black wolf head, a symbol of the Cliffs/Cleaves, important because purple-line Shiptons use three so-called "bellows" as symbols. Bellows are from Moreton in Cheshire, and therefore expected to be of the Conteville line (rulers of Moreton and Comyns) to Hugh Lupus D'Avrances. Intermediate in that line was the Conqueror's mother, the Falaise suspect with Peters.

I'm keeping in mind here that "Avranches" smacks of "Varangi" and of "Wieringen." The Moretons can be suspect with the Glyphyra Mauritanians, especially as Moretons use a chevron in colors reversed to Childeric-suspect Childs.

German Bellows use a two-headed eagle in the colors of the Varns, which I say because these Bellows are traced in their write-up to Mechlenburg-Schwerin, where the Warnow river has its source. If "Mechlenburg" is a Maxwell / Maxton entity, note that Maxwells likewise use a black double-headed well as the Islip stag that traces to the House / Hazel / Dussel bloodline now suspect with the Osse and Douze rivers. Peters, who are somehow from Maxwells, have just traced to the Osse river.

Like Maxwells and Islips, the House-related Cabbages/Cobells use holly. And while Peters and Cabbages/Cobells are in Varn colors too, both trace to Poles at Goplo. Both the Cabbages/Cobells and COVENs/Gavins use a fleur-de-lys on either side of the Chiefs, perhaps indication that Cabbages and other Goplo birds (i.e. roosters) were at Lugdunum Covenarum. Like the Koppels, the Lug sun-god had a rooster symbol.

The holly symbol traces to Holstein's witch, Holle, and Holstein (Denmark) is not far from the Warnow. Plus, Ellis' of the same Yorkshire as Skiptons likewise use Varn colors, and they use a woman with disheveled hair, symbol of Holle. It must all be the Sinclair line out of Rostock and into St.Clair-sur-Elle, and of note here is that the first Varangians proper, Rurik and Harald, brothers, had ruled to the immediate north of Holstein, in SchlesWIG. If I were to guess a trace of the Harald variation of Herods/Hurls, it would be in the Varangian Haralds as opposed to other Haralds.

Rurik founded WIERingen (Netherlands), like the Weir/Vere and Wier surnames. Weirs/Veres were first found in the same place (ROXburghshire) as Maxwells, and by now we should be convinced that Maxwells trace to Mechlenburg, home of the Bellows, especially as Bellows-honoring Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire, where Veres ruled. German Wiers use Varn colors yet again.

If the question is: was Woerden related to Wieringen, note that Words/Wards use the Warenne (and Clifford) checks, for "Warenne" should be in honor of Wieringen. Cliffords, and therefore Clavers et-al, are looking like Clares/Clairs, as though the two surname could be variations of one another. Reminder, Coverts, now suspect with Clavers/Clovers, use a fesse in the colors of the Child / Hebron / Bone chevron and the Skull bend.

Ask whether "Schles(wig)" might relate to "Eschol" of Hebron, and to the Skull / Schole / Scholefield entities, for Skull / Bones elements are suspect with pirates. In fact, I've traced the skull-and-bones pirate saltire to the Maxwell saltire. In some lore, the skull in that pirate flag is said to be the skull of Mary Magdalene, wherefore recall from above that "vincit" is used twice by Wilsons, who had traced to Wiggs/Wiggins and Vicks/Levesks. Place your bets on whether the worshiped skull was in reality that of Herod Antipas?

The Vick/Levesk bar is called a "pale inVECTed," suggesting the VICtor / Vince bloodline. YES, for Victors/Fichters also use a pale.

Recall the black-and-white checks at the floor of the Magdalene church in Rennes-le-Chateau, for the Schole/Scayle Coat uses them, almost. Technically, the Scholes use a Shield filled with black-and-white lozengy, but the Arms of Woerden show black lozenges (in Varn colors) highly suspect with the black stone of El-Gabal.

Continued from yesterday

Is there a Woerden Rat in the Vatican Today?

As Wiggs/Wiggins had traced to Wilsons / Wills / Williams, the heart of HertWIGs (first found in northern Germany) can therefore be the heart of German Wilhelms, first found in northern Germany. If it seems unlikely that all Coats of Wills / Williams should speak to William the Conqueror, it could be that heraldry incorporates no surname unless it's Templar important. Heraldry took off in the Templar era, and the dragon carved as part of viking ships (I'm assuming before the original Templars) may even be regarded as the original dragon of heraldry. Although one may not tend to link the viking dragon to Latins / Romans and therefore to the Biblical dragon, I did find evidence of Valentinian-Roman elements merged with Clovis...that turned out to be proto-Pollocks. And before that find, Mieszko was himself found to be from Clovis.

All of heraldry tends to go back to the Clovis-barbarian merger with "holy" Rome, and this is where the papal mitre -- or the Vatican link to El-Gabal -- may have started. Clovis' father was very early in Vatican history, and usually, the earliest roots of an organization are sacred to it. I don't make my traces for the sake of creating a good story line; if I traced the fish symbol to the Clovis fleur-de-lys, it was due to where the clues led. When I saw the fish symbol from the line of Iamblichus > Bassianus, it wasn't for the purpose of tracing the fish to the Clovis line. The fish of the Salmons / Salians is definitely the heraldic fish that I trace to the Clovis fleur-de-lys. The fish symbol goes way back before Clovis to mythical Kodros, and from his line in Ephesus to Kotor and neighboring Butua, now "Budva," much like the "Batavi" living beside the Salian Franks that had at least one Basina in their early history.

What possibly could have made the vikings consider themselves so holy as to become the Templars with Jerusalem on their passions? It's evident to me that they were from the Herods and killers of Christ, and that they knew it, and while I can't imagine that they would divulge that secret to a Christian organization, it was certainly likely that the Roman church, started by the apostle Paul, had been infiltrated by the Roman dragon before the rise of Merovingians. I can't imagine that the Christians of Rome who followed sun-worshiping Constantine I were the true Christians for long, but then I don't know how powerful the Catholic delusion was when it announced that the Franks had converted to Christ. And much of the history that we are fed concerning the Rome-Frank merger was probably written by the players.

The question now is: does the papal mitre trace to the Bassianus bloodline in Woerden? Did the Vatican have its sacred roots in Woerden's cult by way of the historical papal merger with Merovingians from the Netherlands?

The Bavarian pope today has heraldry using a bear (see it at his Wikipedia article), and I do think that the bear traces to the Rus-viking Varangians, the same that founded bear-depicted Moscow. The bear of the pope is said to go back to St. Corbinian in quite-early papal history, and I have it as written evidence in several updates / chapters (i.e. long before getting to Woerden recently) that I've viewed the Bavarian lozenges originating in the Corbinian circle of Bavarians. By what coincidence does the Arms of Woerden use blue-and-white lozengy, the Bavarian symbol to this day?

The Arms of the present pope Benedict (Ratzinger surname) uses a curved, tall, solid chevron, red on gold, the colors of the bugle and small saltire in the Arms of Woerden. On one side of the curved chevron is Corbinian's bear, and on the other side is the so-called "Moor [head] of Freising," smacking of the Freie / Phreeze bloodline that looks to be part of the Pharisee bloodline. The Caiaphas-suspect Cappes' use a tall solid chevron with Moor heads, and it's (in my opinion) a version of the tall, curved solid chevron of Ottones/Oddys who are tracing to Bavarian Oettingens. Bavarincidence? Oettingens trace to Yorkshire's Odins / Oddie's, and York was co-founded by Parisii suspect at the root of "Pharisee."

The Oettingens are tracing to mythical Odin, and in his pantheon of gods there was a Frey -- god of Frisians -- that is likely a version of Odin's wife, Frigg. Wieringen of the bear-suspect Varangians is in northern Netherlands facing Friesland, and the latter country has a LeeuWARDEN location using Word/Ward and Warenne colors. How about that.

The symbol inside the solid chevron of the present pope's Arms is a scallop, symbol that may go back to "Eschol," the point being that the Arms of Woerden use black lozenges, the color of the lozengy design of Scholes. Don't we want to know whether Woerden and Leeuwarden are named after the same elements? The paragraph above already starts to make that suggestion.

The crown in the Crest of the Leeuwarden Arms shows a clover/trefoil, expected where Cliftons trace to the Glaphyra > Clovis > Clover line. That was the Mauritanian / Moor line, right? You got it. Both the Arms of Friesland and Denmark use hearts. Why? Was it due to Herod pirates that didn't want to mop floors for a living? How many priests were made because men without occupational hope didn't want to mop floors? Wouldn't we like to know when Herod liners first infiltrated the papal seat?

Also in Frisia, a Drachten location...that may have been of the Drakes. Drachten is in Smallingerland, which uses a red stag, called a "hart." Why? Whose stag did Herods cling to? The red stag of German Harts/Hards is almost identical with that of Smallingerland. Interesting here is that Hertwigs use a red heart, what became sacred to the Catholic church.

Who were the Hertwigs? Oh, yes, the surname that Ribbentrop married. Hertzogs, kin of the Heres first found in Bavaria, were first found in Bavaria. We might ask whether the black ribbon of the Dempsey's is the color for the black part of the Hertwig Coat showing the red heart. Can we ask whether Martin Dempsey is of the same Nazi cloth as Ribbentrop?

Hey, wait a second; didn't Dempsey's trace to Woerden with Pollocks? Aren't the present pope's Bavarian elements tracing to Woerden too? Hey, didn't the Corbieres region of Pollock-rooted Aude trace to Corb-using surnames like the Corbinian term to which the pope's bear belongs??? Don't Oettingens trace to Gascony through Aude? It was a pope that gave Gascony its flag using the same-colored saltire as the Oettingen saltire. Vat is going on here?

Are you aware that Hares / Heres use the same style Shield-and-Chief combination as Fishers? Dunhams and Randolphs, who share Shields, use the same style too, and in the Dunham / Randolph colors this style is in the Butler Coat (grails). By what coincidence does the heraldic / mythical fish trace to Kotor and neighboring Butua/Budva??? The mythical Fisher king looks like a Herod, doesn't he?

Let's look at the Ribon/Rayburn description: "Silver on a green base with a roebuck drinking out of a brook, and on an ermine square at the top a knight's helmet." Hmm, those are the colors of the split Shield of Smallingerland, and it along with the Ribons/Rayburns uses the stag.

The Ribon statement appears studded in code. Why is the Ribon stag drinking from a "brook", and why is it called a buck? Brooks/Brecks and Brocks were first found in the same place (Essex), and the Bricks use lozengy in the colors of the Bavaria / Woerden lozengy. Bricks use the Shield of Whelans/Failins now tracing to Roquefeuil elements. Just like that, Ribons/Rayburns are tracing to Herod elements of Gascony. English Bucks use a fort-like term that should trace to Roquefort (see the Rockfort/Rockford and Fort topic in the last update or two).

Brocks/Brokes (use Stewart motto) trace to the Brocken mountain in the HARZ mountains. Brocken was a Star-Terek topic in the 4th update of August (because Roddens and Brockens both use tree stumps), at which time the WERNigerode location at Brocken was mentioned. This area was renown for witchcraft, the love of Nicholas de Vere, chief prince of Drakenberg. You may be able to catch a trace of Weringerode to Drachten in this paragraph alone, and that's without the extra clue of similarity between "WERINgerode" and "Warrene / Warden."

One could read "WERNIGERode" as "Veringen / Veringer," the name of rulers of Baden-Wurttemberg that used antlers, but then their Zahringer kin used the bear of Berne. As Varangians came to use the corvos = crow/raven, as do the Corbins/Corbetts/Corbie's, what if the Zahringer bear traces to that of St. Corbinian?

Aha! The reason that Ribons call their stag a buck is that the Buck Coat has a Shield split horizontally in the two colors of the split Shield of Hertwigs! Therefore, Ribbentrop either married a Hertwig because they had shared Shields, or they shared Shields because they got married. Either way, the black ribbon of the Dempsters does trace to the Ribons/Rayburns and to Ribbentrop! Or, put it this way, that due to the marriage, Ribbentrops are disclosed as a branch of Ribons/Rayburns, and it's all too likely that the Dempster ribbon must apply.

German Bucks are now showing the same lion, in the same colors, as English Stewarts, which is the Dempsey lion in colors reversed.

Prior to Ribbentrop being the Nazi foreign minister, the job belonged to a Konstantin von Neurath, the surname of which smacks of Nerthus and the Neuri all at once. There is a Neurath/Neurad/Noradts surname (smacking of "NORAD"), using a turquoise color not often seen, and the Weis star, likely, though the star is used larger by Vicks.

The ending on "Nerath, and especially the NewROTH and NewRATH variations, look like Roth elements, perhaps even Ratzinger elements. Raths use the Wick axe, apparently, and of course the Drake axe comes to mind. NORAD is a military alliance of northern Westerners. Like Garebite-suspect pope Ratzinger, the raven-using German Roths are Bavarian.

I now have the clues for tracing Ribons/Rayburns to the Comminges theater. First, we note that Ribon-honored Brooks/Brecks are from Broc at Anjou, suggesting the Veres. The Brook/Breck motto, "PERSEverando" can be traced to the Perse/Pierce surname (Percival cult) with unicorns in the colors of the Brook scallops. These colors are also in the Peter mascles, and then while German Peters are "Peer," Perse's/Pierce's are also "Peers." English Peters were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Bucks, strong evidence already that Ribons/Rayburns trace to Peters of the Roquefeuil kind.

The Brook scallops are gold, the color of the scallops in Ratzinger's Arms. The Brook Crest is a blue BEAVER that I tend to trace to Vere's of BAVARia. There is a Bavaria-related surname (Bayerns) using bears that smacks of "Bauer," Rothschild ancestry. The pope's scallops are in the colors of the scallop used by Shell Oil, owned by Rothschilds.

The fort theme in the Buck motto can trace Ribons/Rayburns to either of the two Roquefort locations. The "perseVERANDO" motto may also trace to Varni of the Anduse kind. It was proto-Roquefeuils that ruled Anduse; I don't know what surname they were from at Anduse, but wouldn't we link to know? Until we can nail down what Anduse was from, we might consider as a possibility "Andech," the Este branch tracing to Dachua in Bavaria that has recently traced to Dax down-river from the Douze, which itself smacks of "AnDUSE." One Roquefort location is on the Douze. And Peters had traced to the Osse, and I think these elements connect, as per the cabbage leaves of House's, to Cabbages/Cobells.

I had traced the Cabbages/Cobells to Bakers partly because Dutch Bakers/Beckers use the same as what House's call cabbage leaves. English Bakers (black Chief, as with Cabbages/Cobells) use the skull-and-bones saltire with scallops, and as scallops are used by Brooks, the buck drinking from a brook in the Ribon/Rayburn Coat is revealed from the Baker / Becker bloodline as well as from the Buck surname. Expect English Bakers to use the Fleck/Flack scallops that should be of the Vlach line to Cathars of Cazeres at the other Roquefort. Do you see the trace here of Ribons/Rayburns to Comminges?

As Peters from Peter Pollock are tracing exactly to the surnames under discussion, see the wavy white-on-red bend of German Bakers, for it's the "Jewish" Pollock bend too! At this time, their wave designs are identical.

Raymonds were just looked up for possible links to Ribons/Rayburns, and there in the Raymond Chief (Devon) were two fleur-de-lys on either side of their Chief, the Cabbage/Cobell symbol too. When we get to French Raymonds, ZOWIE, it uses so-called "orbs," while the Orby / Corbie surnames were just traced to Corbieres smack next to Roquefeuil! And French Raymonds were even first found in Languedoc!! These heraldic "orbs" of the Raymonds are what the Vatican liked to use, thus tracing the Vatican to the Corb / Orbieu bloodline in Aude now suspect with St. Corbinian, himself suspect with the Oettingers that trace to "Aude."

The French Raymond Chief is, I'm guessing, from the French-Alan stars (not showing at this time), and from the Valois/Valais / Conte crescent, for Contevilles of Comyn trace to Comminges. Plus, English Contes, first found in the same place (Durham, region that traces to the Salyes) as English Bakers, use antlers in the colors of the Buck antlers, yet another reason for expecting Ribons/Rayburns at Comminges elements. The Baker scallops are in the colors of the Sale/Salette fleur, while Salat is at Comminges. The engrailed Baker saltire is used by Corbie's.

The buck in the Ribon/Rayburn Coat, as well as the Ray bloodline itself that apparently morphed into a Ribon surname, has just traced without doubt to Aude, the location of Corbieres, and the ORBieu river at Corbieres. Orbys were first found in the same place as Peters and Bucks, and like Corbie's/Corbetts/CORBINs, Peters use the raven. The Orby lion is in the design and colors of the Irish Harts/Carts (another fort-like motto term there), while Scottish Harts use the Pollock saltire, in colors reversed to the saltire in the Arms of Salat, smack beside Cazeres / Roquefort in Comminges.

The Orbys are also "Orrbey," recalling the Orrs of Renfrewshire, the place to which the Peter-related Wrens trace to (who use a purple lion suspect with Herods). It just so happens that while we saw the red hart/stag in the Arms of Smallingerland, which was a stag suspect with the Ribon/Rayburn buck, the Small surname not only uses the Aude sword design, but was first found in Renfrewshire. Is this capable of tracing Smallingerland to the Herods of Gascony? German Smalls were first found in Schleswig-Holstein, and use the same saltire as Coopers/Coppers, who trace to the mother of Herod the great pirate.

PLUS, as Woerden-suspect Leeuwarden is in Smallingerland, by what coincidence does the Aude sword show in the Coat of Shots/Shutts...who should trace to ShuttleWords?

The Schmall variation of German Smalls had me looking up "Scam" to see where the Smalls may have formed. Scams are listed under the Scones. The stone of Scone??? Did Herods achieve the crown again at Scone? It was only the Scottish crown, but, still, it was a crown nonetheless. Far better than being janitors, they thought.

It just so happens that the Scams/Scones use the Moratin tower that should trace to Herod and Glaphyra. The Scam/Scone tower is in the colors of the same of Italian Narbonne's/Nardi's/NORDine's, and as the Scam/Scone Crest is the green wyVERN, it tends to verify that Narbonne's/Nardi's are from "Nerthus."

As some faint evidence that Scams/Scones were Smalls, the tower of Scams/Scones is in the colors of the buckle used by Smells/Smileys (bend in Peter-bend colors), who use fort- and Vere-like motto terms. The buckle can certainly be for the Buck bloodline, not forgetting that Buck-honoring Ribons/Rayburns had Dempster kin tracing to Woerden, itself being examined for links to Leeuwarden at Smallingerland.

The "INDUStria" term in the Smell/Smiley motto may be code for Andes and/or Anduse. The Smell/Smiley Crest is a crescent in the color of the same of Languedoc's Raymonds, who use Smell/Smiley colors. The Raymond orbs traced to Corbieres, and then the Smells/Smileys were first found in the same place (Cumberland) as the Corbie's that use the Baker skull-and-bones saltire. Skull and Bones was traced to NarBONNE, beside Corbieres. It was reasoned just prior to this update the raven-depicted viking of the Nerthus kind were at Narbonne and Corbieres.

So, Smells/Smileys definitely trace to Aude, and for that reason, since Pollocks use a motto term for Aude elements, the Smells/Smileys are predicted to use the Peter/Petry bend. That's Herod-important because the Peter / Smell bend is half the Cooper/Copper saltire. It suggests that the Aretas > Kypros line went to Peters/Petrys, which is what was gleaned by tracing both Peters/Petrys and the Petra location of Aretas III to Patmos.

There is an Italian Andes surname, using a purple Shield. It was first found in Valentia, Calabria, what could certainly be named after the Roman emperor, Valentinian (5th century AD)...who happened to merge with Clovis-line Merovingians (my idea) of the proto-Pollock kind. By what coincidence are Pollocks now tracing to the house of Andes-like Anduse?

The idea that Andechs may be Andes' elements reminds of the trace of Andrew of Hungary to the Ticino/Tessen river. German Anders use a white-on-blue fesse that may apply to the white-on-purple bend (no symbols) of the Andes'. Enders/Endergeests use a quartered Shield in colors reversed to the quarters of the Gascony flag, as well as the Feuerer unicorns. There is an "aut" term in the Endes/Endergeest motto, and because Smells just traced to Aude, it can be added that the Ender stars are in the colors of the same of Languedoc's Raymond who use orbs for the Orbieu river in Aude. Reminder: Pollocks use the same saltire as implied in the Scottish Andrew Coat, and porphyria, suspect now in the purple Shield of the Italian Andes', was both a Pollock and Hungarian disease.

Smallingerland is in Friesland, in case you've forgotten, and then the Scottish Ray Crest not only uses the same stag, almost, as the Ribon/Rayburn Crest, but the Ray Coat shows the white-on-green stags in flight (Smallingerland symbol) like the same-colored horses in flight of the Freys = Frisians! These are the colors of the split Shield of the Arms of Smallingerland!!! It means that LeeuWarden (in Smallingerland) was indeed important to Freemasonry, especially as the German Freys/Frei's are encoded in "Freemason" (because the latter surname uses the Mason lion). Wardens even use pears in green-on-white, and were first found in hart-like HERTfordshire (Smallingerland uses a red HART-stag).

The Pear/Pearl surname was first found in Oxfordshire, but it's the Abbots of Perthshire who use pears as well as the Pear/Pearl Shield. In the Abbot Crest is the Feuerer / Ender unicorn.

Aha! Scottish Wardens use yet another "Industria" motto term, as with Smells/Smileys. It suggests strongly now that the term is code for the Ender bloodline, and without doubt the Smells are tracing to Smallingerland. The white crescent is used in both the Warden and Smell/Smiley Crests.

Aha! Wardens just happen to use a gold-on-blue lion, symbol of the Arms of Leeuwarden...and of the Nassau Coat using the lion design of the Smells/Smileys.

Orange-Nassau is at the junction of the Durance river with the Rhone, while Provence / Var is to the immediate south of the Durance, and is the location of Draguignan, a term much like the Drachten location in Smallingerland. The billets in the Nassau Coat are much like the checks of the Wards and Warennes.

A lion in colors reversed to the ones above are used by Nobles, important because I've traced them to Nibelungs, who were in Frisia and, according to my findings, were part of Varangian make-up. The "Fortitudine" motto term of Nobles is used, almost, by Smells/Smileys, tending to support the Smell trace to Smallingerland.

Both Nobels and Smells were first found in Cumberland, as were Wartens (the "sleeve"), thus clinching the Smell trace to Smallingerland. The Warten sleeve is colors reversed from the same of Mancells/Mangels, named in honor of Manche, where the English channel is called "The Sleeve." The point is, Veres are from Ver in Manche, if we had any doubts that Leeuwarden was a Vere center.

I traced Hyksos to Cumber terms as well as to Ixion and Nephele, the latter seemingly named in honor of the satanic Nephilim line to Nibelungs. Nibelungs were Burgundians, from Bornholm off the Rostock coast. By what coincidence were Draits/Dreys first found in Burgundy while the Drachten article says, "Drachten began as a small community on the east side of the Drait River." Moreover, the Drakes trace themselves to the way in which a duck walks (sheer cowpatties), and Draits/Dreys use five ducklings! That was much needed to clinch the Drake trace to Drachten.

The Drachten ducks are in the design of the Devon ducks, and the border between the two halves of the Devon Coat resembles the border in the same-colored split Shield of Shatners/Shotners (at this time, the borders in the two Coats are identical), highly suspect with Drakes in the Star-Trek lines...that already traced heavily (last couple of updates) from Alania to Devon, where Stewarts were first found whose Coat changed recently from what used to show ducks.

Nobels use three besants on a red fesse, the symbol shown until recently of the French Clairs/Clerks (Limousin), and then Nibelungs were also at the Vexin, in the viking land of Norman Sinclairs. I've always linked Nibelungs to Jerusalem and fundamentally with Garebites there, wherefore let me remind that the Smell/Smiley bend is half the Copper saltire that should trace to Covenarum, re-named by Gomerians of the Comyns kind who use the colors of Smells. I see the namers of Cumberland as Gomerians, and then a Cymbri peoples of proto-Denmark called their land, Cambria / Cyinbrica.

Come to think of it, there was in some cases of old terms an m-to-b switch so that "Gomer" may have become Gober > Copper > Cypr(us). Just a thought. It's necessary for the Perseus-worshiping Chemmites of the Nile to trace from the Exodus Hyksos -- Ixion, husband of Nephele -- to Danaans > Denmark, but then Perseus was identified as Aphrodite, who was made born in Cyprus (named after copper mining). The Exodus pharaoh was Khyan, like the CYINbrica term for the Cambrians of proto-Denmark.

As we are on the Burgundy topic, the Messeys/Messiers, first found in Burgundy, need to be re-mentioned because they use the same saltire as Coopers/Coppers, and meanwhile trace to the Mus household of the Exodus pharaoh. Nibelungs were traced by me (years ago) to Nevers, beside Autun that traced to mythical Aedon of Thebes, the city founded by CadMUS.

Avallon, beside Autun, traces to Avellino in Campania, beside Calabria, where the Andes surname was first found. If the latter traces to proto-Rockefellers in Anduse, it's important that while Roquefeuils were merged with Herod suspects, Herods of the Roquefeuil theater had traced to CAMP-BELLs and MacArthurs around Bute = Avalon. This paragraph looks like good evidence for an Anduse trace to the Andes surname. The Andes use just a white bend on their purple Shield, and the Roque rocks are white, on blue.

If you recall why Shots/Shutes trace to Woerden and therefore likely to Leeuwarden, then let it be added that Wardens and Shatners/SHOTbots were first found in the same place (Hertfordshire). Shatners and their Hertfordshire location were pegged only weeks ago as Star-Terekers = Star-Drakes before coming to the Drachten location at Smallingerland. Hertford is beside Bedfordshire, and then the pear-using Abbots were "First found in the counties of Oxfordshire, Huntingdon, Bedfordshire..." The Lannoys, who use Smallingerland colors, were a Herod line first found in Bedfordshire.

The Arms of Bedfordshire use a pale and surrounding colors like the DUTCH Victor/Fichter Coat.

Bedford is beside Buckinghamshire, where I trace "Apachnas" because Khyan-like Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire. You may think it shallow when I make such long traces, but I can't always elaborate fully to repeat reasons for the traces I make with confidence. The pine tree of Fichtens traces to Pines/Pynes and therefore likely to Payens/Pagans, whom I also see in "Apachnas." How do Apachnas elements trace to Bedford? Ask Padova's Trojans that landed in the Woerden theater as Batavi.

The Bedford surname, first found in Hertfordshire, uses what I used to call the cloud-like border (Nephele was given a cloud symbol). Earlier in this update, it was discovered that the same type border around the Vick/Levesk pale was called "invected" for the pale-using Victors/Fichters. The Pale surname uses a bend in colors reversed from the Peter/Petry and Smell/Smiley bend, which is now suspect as half the Cooper saltire. Bedfords and Peters both use black lions. Why should Bed elements be tracing to Roquefeuils > Pollocks? As the Herod liners in Hertford as they developed from the Rodes' that Roquefeuils married, and don't forget that Hertfordshire had Alanians/Ossetians tracing to Alans of Pollock kinship.

It just so happens that Betts are in the colors of Bedfords, while Betts use "Ostendo" and "ostento" in their motto (Ossetians?), while Ostens use a Shield like the German Peter/Peer Shield. Austins/Ostiens (black lion's paws, symbol of Bedfords) were first found in...Bedfordshire.

Therefore, who were the Betts that we might better identify the namers of Bedford? Dutch Puttens are in the colors of Austins, and English Puttens in colors reversed to Bedfords / Betts. Putins use a bend in colors reversed to the Bett bend. Potters, in Bedford / Bett colors, use cinquefoils in colors reversed to the same on the Bett bend. Pewters use a "paly" Shield (same vertical idea as a pale) in the colors of Bedfords / Betts / etc.

It's clear to me that Bedfords were Butteri to the Bidens/Buttons, Bath/Athas, and Badens/Battins. Bidens/Buttons first found in the same place as Potters and English Botters, and beside the Puttens of Sussex. Putins/Padyns were first found in the same place (Dumfries) as Butteri-rooted Kilpatricks (= Peter bloodline), who use a saltire in the colors of the Putin/Padyn bend (= half a saltire). These are from the Caucasian Bats, not surprising after Bedfords / Betts / Peters just traced to Ossetians of Alania.

It's suggesting that Peters were named after Butteri. It's telling me to seek Butteri on Patmos as the 666 entity there in the days of the Apostle John. Doesn't it suggest that PATmos was named after Butteri elements?

See the skull-and-bones saltire in Kilpatrick / Patrick colors in the Bat/Baat Coat, and note that Bats were first found in Rutland, where I trace Roddens and therefore Gene Roddenbury, founder of Star Trek...the people / entities which trace heavily to Hampshire, location of Botters, Potters and Bidens/Buttons. AND, Rutland traces to the Rutili in the Butteri theater.

French Bats use the Moratin tower and were first found in Languedoc. It's important because Bats are now suspect from Patmos, and the 666 elements there are suspect from Aretas III at Petra, who has already traced to Herods in Languedoc. Moreover, the Biblical/Revelation dragon was traced to Lotan > Ladon, and there is a Luton location in Bedfordshire. Butteri (Latins, I'm sure) were even traced to "Bozrah," where Esau ruled whose son married a sister of Lotan. Butteri's and Nero's/Neriti's were both first found in Lucca, and it's the Neriti-suspect Narbonne's/Nardi's who likewise use the Moratin tower.

The Luton surname uses the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil. The Luton write-up tells that it was also "Linton," and then a Linton surname (using the Luton eagle design) was first found in Lothian. Lintone's use red roses and are therefore likely from Lindos on Rhodes. The Rhodes surname was first found in Lindsey, now called Lincolnshire, and that all smacks of the Roquefeuil marriage to the count of Rodes/Rodez.

The Luton variations, Leuton, Leueton, and Lewton, are now suggesting a trace to "LEEUwarden," for Wardens were first found beside Bedfordshire (i.e. in Hertfordshire). Leviathan, a sea dragon, can be identified with Lotan, the seven-headed sea dragon off of Syria. I reckoned that Leviathan was named after "lew = lion" because Nergal was a mythical lion and the husband of Laz, the Caucasians that lived beside/amongst the Bats, and who I see behind the Lotan > Ladon dragon. It can suggest that Lotan, the man in Edom, was named after the Laz - Nergal cult. The point is, Leeuwarden, said to be named after the lion, is also "Liwwadden," much like "Leviathan."

In any case, the Wadden/Wading surname (patee cross) is in the colors of Bedfords and Betts, and shows the patee cross, a symbol of Claptons who trace to Glaphyra. I picked the Clapton patee cross out for the Waddens/Wadings because Wades use the same saltire as Coopers/Coppers.

But at Wikipedia's article on pope Ratzinger, he's got a patee cross at the neck of his robe. And what, we would like to know, was "VATican" named after? If Bats, uat Bat entity in particular do we think applies?

Wades were first found in Durham, which traces to the Durance, near Draguignan, and where the Salyes lived who trace to the Sales using fleur-de-lys in the same colors of the Wadden/Wading fleur. The question is still whether Sales / Salemans / Salmons trace to "Salome," daughter of Kypros, but for now the point is that the Vatican fish suspect in the papal mitre is likely the Salmon fish....that traces to Butua, itself from the Uat/Buto cult. Vat was that? Oh, I see, the Uatican.

The Waits/Weights are the ones with 666-suspect bugles in Traby bugle colors. The Weights were accessed from the "weights" used by Dexters/Decksters, and these are likely the duck line of Drakes / Draits/Dreys. As Dexters use the two chevrons of Hucks, apparently, while Huckabys use five (the number of Drait ducks) of the same-colored chevrons, it's recalling the Hose/Ouse/Husaby surname from the Osse river with a source at Tarbes. The Arros river to the immediate west of the Osse, also with a source at Tarbes, goes right to the northern limits of Dax!

It's the Dexters that 666 lovers are in love with, a symbol for the right hand / foot in heraldry.

Why do Waiths/Watts use a single eye in their Coat, symbol of African Gorgons from the Uat/Buto cult?

The Dax surname even shows a Duck variation, which goes far in clinching the Varni link (i.e. out of Drachten) to the Comminges theater. The red lion heads in the Dax/Duck Coat are used by PATTERson-related Sodans/Sowdens, first found in Devon (while Devons use ducks). We saw the same lions heads earlier in this update in the Hose/Ouse Crest! Sodhams use blue scallops, the color of the Wadden/Wading scallops. It just so happens that Dexters/Decksters and Hose's were first found in the same place (Leicestershire).

The colors of the Huck / Dexter chevrons are in the horizontal bars of English Treys (cinqueFOILs), said to be of a Manor of Laventhan (Cornwall), another Leviathan-like term. The Treys have variations like the Drey/Dreyes variations of Draits, wherefore Treys would trace to Drachten, in the Leeuwarden theater. The Drayer variation may suggest Tragers, who were just found in the last update as "Jewish" Felltragers in the Feller-Coat page. The Drest variation of Draits may suggest the Trists/Trests (first found in the same place as Treys) using a motto term in honor of Trips / Trabzon, apparently.

ZOWIE, I've only just learned, seconds after writing the above, that Scottish Treys/Trails, first found in Bedfordshire, use the Feller/Felltrager chevron and white-on-blue trefoil!

Just like that, Drakes and Roquefeuils can be proven to be family, as was suspected. And we have a good list of Drake branches above that I've not known before. It's one thing to know of Drake kin by merger, but Drake branches are going to be very helpful. The obvious merger of Drakes with Trabys is easily explained by the Drake-wyvern trace to Warsaw in Masovia, as a Traby location is not far from there, but then there is the Tree/Trow/Trew surname, first found in Warwickshire, that can now be counted as another Drake branch of the Drey kind. As with the Lannoy helmet and plumes, Tree's/Trows/Trews use them too, Traby-important because feather plumes can be construed as ostrich feathers. Lannoys were first found in the same place (Bedfordshire) as Treys/Trails/Treyles. As unreal as it sounds, the Trail surname is a Drake branch/variation.

Treys/Trails use a "column," a symbol used also by the Arms of Vianen in Utrecht, location of Woerden. As the implied link therein between Leeuwarden and Woerden is in itself very important, it may for the moment be dwarfed by the fact that Lannoys use the Lyon lion, and therefore trace to neighboring Vienne-Isere, where Herod Archelaus was banished...who used a helmet and feather plumes on his coins. Is that not one giant step, where no man has gone before? It's tracing Herod Archelaus from Vienne to Vianen.

If Treys can be Trails and Trellys, the Droles (blue pansies) can apply, especially as they use the same chevron as Treys/Trails. Droles were even first found in Languedoc. AND, there are six trefoils in the TROWel/Trouel Coat (in the colors of Trips / Hamburgs), more confirmation that Masonic / globalist Drakenberg and Rockefellers are pirates together, soon to enforce the 666 upon their naive subjects.

From my Skincode chapter: "It has come to light that Mastercard has produced and distributed smart cards covered in triquetra -- an occult symbol -- so that the cardholder's photo/face is covered with them. The triquetra is a petal-like design which appears to be formed by joining together three sixes...See photo..."

Why is it called a triquetra? What is a quetra? I dunno. Or, was that name given to it because it smacks of a T-version Drake? You'd like to see the Trick/Trigg Coat; it's a green lion, the color of the Lyon / Lannoy lion, and it uses Roquefeuil / Rod colors.

Frank Marshall Davis Fell from Grace

Does it mean that the 666 will be part of the Trick/Trigg/Track bloodline? Isn't that the Star-Terek crew to Obama? Yes, for the spears in the Trick/Trigg Chief are used by Dunhams too. The Dunham spear is in the Warden Crest too. One might get the sense that Obama is predicted to further the cause of 666 development through his economic team.

Obama's secretary of Commerce, John Bryson, quit just weeks ago after allegations of a hit-and-run event. Scottish Brysons use cowboy spurs, probably as code for the same Speer bloodline through Norfolk as represented by the Dunham spears. The Fulkes of Norfolk use a spear too, that of Shakespeares who use the Varn bend. The Sprowston location in Norfolk is a Spree > Speer bloodline from Lusatia, and DUTCH Sprowes use the oak tree, as do all-seeing-eye Waiths/Watts suspect with the 666-suspect Waits/Weights...and the Wades / Waddens from the Wadden variation of "Leeuwarden," important because Wardens and Dunhams use the same spears.

Plus, as was just said that Leeuwarden is suspect from the Nergal-Laz duo, so Lazi are expected in the naming of Lusatia. Dunhams are suspect as Danes from the Danaan tracing to Tanais, where Alans lived who named Alania where the Terek flows. Below, we get to a new theory on the real father of Frank Marshall Davis, with a Stevenson surname; I kid you not, I did not find, for the first time, this new online idea until part-way through this update, after Stevens / Stevensons had been traced (within the past month) to the Step(h)antsminda location on the Terek river. Moreover, the Trick/Trigg surname came up at the end of the last section just before the section below on Frank Marshall Davis was already written.

That is, I had no idea when the Stevenson > Davis section was written that I would come to a Terek-like Trick/Tregg surname with the Dunham spears. I find this situation so "coincidental" that I'm inclined to believe already that LEWis Stevenson is Obama's true grandfather. But before getting to the Stevensons, I'd like to treat the surnames of recent secretaries of commerce under Obama.

The Scottish Bryson Crest shows a gold bugle with black stripes, colors reversed from the Wait/Weight and Traby bugles. Is that not something to be concerned with when the three strings on the bugles in the Arms of Traby appear to advertise the 666? The same colored-bugle (black with gold stripes) is hanging on a tree in the Lothian Coat; glasses are hanging on a tree in the Watt Coat; and the Dexter Crest is described, "weights hanging on a tree." The tree in this case can easily represent the Tree/True/Trow surname that is highly suspect with the Trick/Trigg bloodline.

The single pheon in the Bryson Coat is itself suspect (by me) as a tattoo instrument with ink cartridge. The Uat/Buto cult to Waiths/Watts goes through Butteri and their Kilpatrick branch at CLOSEburn (Burns also use the black bugle, as does the Patch branch of Kilpatricks), and the cowboy SPUR is found in the Botter-colored Close/Clovse Coat, a surname suspect with the Glaphyra > Clovis line. By what coincidence did I write the above before seeing the black bugle with gold stripes in the Close/Clovse Coat???

Did you read the part in the 5th update of August where the Samannud area of Uat-infested Egypt traced to the "Samandar" capital of the Khazars? It is thought by locals of the Terek river that Samandar was at Kizlyar, just downstream from Stepantsminda. It was addressed in that August update that at least one historian/writer traces "Samandar" to a "Zabender" tribe of Huns...highly suspect by me to be from "Sebannytos," an ancient alternative name of Samannud. It's not at all unlikely that certain Huns would be named after Sebannytos elements because the Uat/Buto cult traces to "BUDApest," where Attila's Huns ruled for some time. Plus, Attila's son was involved with proto-Khazars. If that's not enough, Attila's brother, Bleda, can trace to the Blates/Blades using the pheon, the Bryson symbol.

As the colors of the Close/Clovse and Traby HUNting horns are also in a Brian-Crest bugle, it's likely that Brysons were Brians, from Briancon on the Durance. The Spurr surname (garbs), first found in Star-Tereky Devon, even uses the Botter bend.

The Fulkes of Norfolk are to be highly suspect with the Speer line of Norfolk to which Obama's mother traces. I had traced Ingelger, the father of the Anjou Fulks, to the Harcourt Danes in Torcy/Torville. That was a topic going back years and explained to a good degree in the 7th update of October, 2010. It's there that I have the following eye-popping message:

...The next thing I did was to check how close Torcy, also "Torville," was to Parez, and instead I found the following website when googling "Torville Torcy": "Ancestors of Massey's." [keep in mind that Massi's/Matti's and Fulco's use the same Shield]. And here's what I read that I had never read before:
"Yves L De Criel, Lord Bellesme Of Belleme & Alencon , son of Fulk De Belesme 'Count' Of Corbonais and Rolais De Corbonais Cnts. Of Corbonais, was born about 940 in Normandy..."

Son of FULK de Bellamy!!! The Corbonais location...may indicate linkage to mount Gareb elements. Not far down the webpage there is Torf of Torville, who is said to have been "a great Norman feudal baron...Probably he was a grandson of one of the viking chiefs of Scandinavia who accompanied Rollo about 900 A.D. in the Norse invasion of northern France. He married about 950, ERTEMBERGE DE BRIQUEBEC. Children...TURCHETIL, SEIGNEUR DE TURQUEVILLE, ancestor of the celebrated Harcourt family of Normandy and England."

That quote tipped me off on an Ingelger trace to Harcourts because Ingelger's father is said to have been some unknown quasi-mythical Tertullus, son of TORQuatus. It's now suggesting that Terek elements had been in Torcy, and that Terek Huns / Khazars were behind Fulk ancestry, which tends to explain why Italian Fulco's use the Cohen checks. Therefore, likely, the Dunhams were of the Harcourt Danes, especially as I've already traced Dunhams to the Dunham Massey location. In other words, the Dunham link to the Tricks/Treggs looks to be telling us that the latter were Torquatus / Turchetil elements at Torcy / Turqueville.

It's telling you that Obama's mother was from the Massi/Mattis bloodline, while general Mattis was made Obama's chief military man under the Obama administration. It's telling you that Hun-Khazars were part of this wicked bloodline...seeking to subdue the entire planet today with all sorts of schemes. The Norfolk Fulks can easily trace to Nero's/Neriti's from the same place as Botters, beside Massa-Carrara, which should explain why the eagle of Hampshire's Botters/Bodins is almost the "FALCon" of the Waith/Watt Crest. Again, Waith-suspect Botters (i.e. the Uat/Buto line) trace to Kilpatricks at Dumfries where Torks/Turks were first found. Torqincidence? I think not.

The "fortis" motto term of the Close/Clovse surname, and it's colors in those of the Rockforts and Forts, suggests that the Roquefeuils are involved here too. The dexter arm of the green lion in the Close/Clovse Crest holds an axe, a Drake symbol. Who else uses a green lion? Ah, yes, the 666-suspect Tricks/Triggs. As the Close/Clovse lion comes out of the MacArthur crown, we could also link the lion to the green one of Lannoys.

Rockefellers come up again when seeking others using the "funera" motto term of Brysons. Both Brysons and Moles/Mows, first found in ROXburghshire, use "post funera," and then MoleWORTHS use vair fur. While Moles/Mows use the Moray / Weir/Vere stars, Moleworths show a "VINCIT AMOR patriae" motto, suggesting Amorites to the Da-Vinci cult/bloodline. Reminder: Amorites and Garebites are equated in my work, and WoolWORTHs use garbs in Bryson colors, while spur-using Brysons are related to garb-using Spurrs.

The Worths (Devon, again) are said to be from a "word" entity, helping to trace Worths to Veres of Woerden / Leeuwarden. Both the Worths and German Bellows use black two-headed eagles, and because the Bellows were from Mechlenburg-Schwerin, between the Warnow and Hamburg, it helps to trace MoleWORTHS to Worths because Moleworths use the crosslets, in the same colors, as those of Trips and Hamburgs.

As Obama is known to be from a Wolflin > Wolfley line, his choice of Bryson for his commerce overseer suggests bloodline lust where Brysons are in the colors of both Woolworths and Wools, the latter using "woolpacks," a Wooley/Wolfley symbol. Where Close's/Clovse's trace to Clovis, it's interesting where the Wool chevron is also the Child chevron. Wooleys had traced to "Vilnius," where Trabys merged with 666-suspect Astika's, and like the Arms of Vilnius, 666-suspect Dexters use a weight balance, as do Cush-related Cass'/Cash's that seem encoded in the "cushions" of Kilpatricks that look like the woolpacks above. P> Heraldry is a monumental game of symbol adoption according to sound-alike terms, the creation of men thinking more like children than men worthy of leadership positions. Obama has proven to be one immature tool who cannot handle the job even though he has the largest advisory team ever. And the reason that he can't handle the job is because he's not doing the straight-forward job, but is twisting his leaders into facilitators of destructive schemes...for which the peoples might like to see him assassinated.

Minus the vair of Moleworths, their Coat is a Shield-on-Shield in the colors of the Cass/Cash Shield-on-Shield. I trace the hunting horn to Huns / Hungarians of Huntingdon, where the Moleworths were first found. Stewarts at the Astikas merger with Trabys are highly suspect at Huntingdon, as it was ruled by the line of David I, who made Stewarts his advisory committee. Did the Stewarts earn the position on merit, or due to their blood matching that of David's mother? Obama's Dunham line traces to Randolphs, who were themselves a Bat/Butteri branch at Moray, related there to the line of David I, which may have named the Irish Davis'...because they use the Rod trefoils while David I build "Haly Rod" House to his mother.

The Hunters were traced in the last update to the "ENTERprise" code used in Star Trek, and only after that was it discovered that the bugle of Hunters is in the colors of the same of Turks/Torks...first found in the same place (Dumfries) as Closeburn and Kilpatricks. The white greyhound in the Hunter Crest may link to the same in the Arms of Cazeres, where I expect the Cass'/Cash's to trace that are honored, I think, in the Kilpatrick cushions (and in the Casan/Cassain variation of Irish Pattersons).

It's the scum Hun-Khazars, you see, to Komnenos-related Cazeres at Comminges, where the Herod scums lived who chose piracy over earning a living by honest work. Herods may even have named the HARcourt Danes, for Sinclair Danes have already traced to the right and left, top and bottom, of Comminges.

To prove that Hunters are to be connected to Kilpatricks, the "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks had helped to link them to the Latins/Lattons using the same black-white saltire as English Hunters (Shropshire)...both using the split Shield in the colors of the same of Dutch Sprowes. Irish Brians use "laidir" too, as well as an arm and sword, another Kilpatrick symbol.

When I saw (just now) the two lion's paws in the Crest of the other Irish Brians, it reminded me that the Boofima cult had priests wearing leopard gloves when conducting goat or human sacrifices. The Boofima cult was amongst an Imperi peoples in Africa, which I traced to Imperia on the Ligurian coast. The Durance river of the Brian's, and Draguignan, are just inland from Imperia, important because the Drakenberg organization is highly suspect with the Baphomet organization. Kilpatricks use a dexter lion's paw on a dragon in what I perceive is code for the 666 on the right hand and forehead.

Baphomet was also called "the goat of Mendes," which helps to trace the cult to the lunatic Maenads of Dionysus, for he wore a leopard skin. The Manders, first found in Devon, use a "Laus Deo" motto phrase that I traced to Dionysus years before knowing of the Mander surname. I traced Boofima to the Butteri cowboys in the land of Latins, and while I cannot recall all the details for that trace, I can now add that the Manders use a saltire reflective of the same of Italian Latins, who use the cowboy symbol of stirrups. The Latin saltire is even in the colors of the striped Spanish Mendes lion.

The international symbol for "six" (see near end of Wikipedia article on six) in the world of sea-farers is simply three blue-on-white bends rising from left to right, the symbol of German Manders.

"Laus Deo" is written at the top of the Washington Monument, and its 6,666 inches tall. The width is 55 feet, or 660 inches.

Therefore, add Manders (and the Maness/Mander surname) to the growing list of 666 suspects, but note that Manders use besants on their red cross, as do Rhodes' ("Deus" motto term") that show a leopard in Crest. The Maeander flowed right toward Rhodes, wherefore the Dionysus leopard symbol made it all the way to the Rhodes', suspect at Rodez, the Haly-Rod suspects behind the Davis bloodline.

This rather new idea of tracing David's Haly Rod to the Rodes-Roquefeuil merger suggests the involvement of the Pollock element within the Stewarts around David's throne. I would definitely like to know how David's mother was a Roquefeuil > Pollock bloodliner, and with this clue, a person may able to clear up the mystery behind the debatable ancestry of David's mother's mother. It should be added that the "Jewish" Pollock bend is in the colors of the Welsh Davis / David bend, which tends to clinch what I was hesitant to do for years: trace David I to the David / Davis' surnames.

The reason that I'm confident that the red-on-white saltire of Manders is the red-on-gold saltire of Latins is that both saltires are used by Annan(dale)s, from Annandale in Dumfries. The Latin version of the Annandale saltire is used by Bruce's and the Arms of Ayrshire.

Manders were first found in Devon, a Star-Terek bastion. I'm indicating again the Star / Stur bloodline, like "stirrup," first found in the same place as Terek-based Drakes and Botters. The Mendes' were first found in ASTURias, and Sturs are also "Esturmy." This is the MeneLAUS line of Maeonians to Meon of Hampshire, and Drakes must have been part of that Meon entity. Look for tranvestites and scum-bag homosexuals in Meon, therefore, and please don't call me a homophobe without justification, because homosexuals are to be dreaded indeed. If God will not permit them into His kingdom, their "lifestyle" is to be to be stamped out indeed.

Meon is at Petersfield, but as Peters are now suspect with Butteri, it's bringing the Botters to mind, first found in Hampshire too. Petersfield is near West Meon, itself in Winchester, and it just so happens that both the Peter and Winchester surnames use mascles. In the Winchester Crest, the right paw of a blue lion is on a mascle, and in the Peter Crest, the right foot of a peacock is on a mascle. The crossed swords of Winchesters look like the Aude swords, important because Pollocks trace to Aude elements. Thus, Peters are now tracing even to Petersfield and Winchesters.

It's been a while since checking the Peacock Coat. Where is once showed either gold-on-red or red-on-gold mascles (the latter are the colors of the Winchester mascles), it's now showing black-on-gold mascles, the colors of the lozenges in the Arms of Woerden. That's important because both mascles and lozenges (similar shape) are suspect as secret code for the black-stone cult.

Recalling the "stone of "Scone," or the Scams/Scones who traced above to LeeuWarden's Smallingerland, it's of sudden interest that the Small / Smell/Smiley bloodline smacks of SEMELE, mother of Dionysus.

The Peacock fesse is bordered like the pale of Vicks (both in the colors of the "Jewish" Pollock bend) who call theirs "inVECTed," wherefore "WINCHester" may be part of the Da-Vinci / Ficther / Fichten bloodline. In fact, there is a Winch surname, first found in Bedfordshire, and the Bedfordshire Arms is a black pale partly on red, the colors of the Dutch Victor/Fichter pale. These are the colors of the Winks too. And Wingers were first found in the same place (Durham) as Peacocks. See also Winklers (Cheshire).

Interesting here is where I trace "mascle" to the Maschi/MASKALLy surname using pine cones, while German Fichter/Fichtens use a pine tree. It's suggesting that the WinCHESTER / Peter mascles are for Maschi's / Meschins in particular, and Meschins ruled at CHESTER. Both the Winch's and Bedford Arms use scallops, but Bedford uses them in Meschin-scallop colors. Peter Pollock at Moray likely blended with the first earls of Moray, the Randolphs, that is, who I trace to Meschins of Cheshire, and while the Moray Randolphs use (probably) the MACCLEsfield cross, English Randolphs are in the colors of the Peter bend (not forgetting that Peter-related Butlers use the Randolph Shield).

The Moray Randolphs use a bat, and then the Bett surname had related to Bedford. The commonality between Bedford (not far from Meon / Petersfield) and Petersfield should prove to be the Butteri. But lest we think that this discussion predicts an Obama win in the next election, let's not forget that Romneys use the Botter bend too. And Romney is a Mormon that can trace to Moray elements. Romneys even use the Shield of Pullens who trace easily to Pollocks / pelicans.

There is a theory online (not exactly gone viral) that Frank Marshall Davis was an illegitimate son of the Lewis Stevenson (son of Adlai Stevenson), who supposedly had an affair with a black nurse in Kansas, Obama's grandmother. None of the article mentioning this told why they would link Davis to the Stevensons, but one can find the reason:

...Cass Canfield, Jr., a New York publisher, had connections in Kenya to arrange for a "cover"...Canfield had ties to Kenya as he had adopted the illegitimate son of an English royal who was born to wayward young woman, of the Vanderbilt family. Both the royal and the woman were members of Kenya's Happy Valley set. Canfield learned of the infant as his family and the matron of the Vanderbilts had attended the same church in New York. Adlai Stevenson and Cass Canfield went on a secret mission to Kenya to arrange for a "cover" father for Barack Obama. Though Obama was born in Hawaii [not necessarily true], the fact that Obama Sr. was not his real father obligated McCloy to secure a social security number for him. He accomplished this in Connecticut where McCloy was a resident. McCloy lived in Cos Cob, a suburb of Stamford. He was next door neighbors with Frederick Warburg, the head of the Warburg family who shared ownership of a bank with the Rockefellers. Remember Chase Manhattan?

There you have the theory. It can explain why Obama's mother was an employee of Rockefellers, and why Davis' use the Rockefeller trefoils. As Pollocks trace easily now to both the David and Davis surnames, while both Pollocks and Stevens are related to Alan-Stewarts, I think it speaks for itself on the bloodline lust between Davis' and Stevensons.

Wanders/Winders are looking like they could be a branch of Vanderbilts because 1) the Wander/Winder Coat is a Shield filled with checks in the two colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil; 2) German Wanders (Glass wing design) use a bend in the colors of the "Jewish" Pollock bend. Wanders/Winders use the full motto of Pullens, and what could be the Alan fesse, for Vanbderbilts use acorns and oak leaves, while Alans use oak leaves.

Adlai Stevenson was a high-level political figure who had need to keep his reputation untarnished:

Stevenson was born in Los Angeles...He was a member of a famous Illinois political family [Illinois, location of Chicago, Obama's political turf]. His grandfather Adlai E. Stevenson I was Vice President of the United States under President Grover Cleveland from 1893-1897. His father, Lewis G. Stevenson, never held an elected office, but was appointed Secretary of State of Illinois (1914-917) [war years, communist "Dru" era] and was considered a strong contender for the Democratic vice-presidential nomination in 1928. A maternal great-grandfather, Jesse W. FELL [CAPS MINE!], had been a close friend and campaign manager for Abraham Lincoln; Stevenson often referred to Fell as his "favorite" ancestor. His mother was Helen DAVIS Stevenson [CAPS MINE!]. Stevenson's eldest son, Adlai E. Stevenson III, became a U.S. Senator from Illinois (1970-1981). Actor McLean Stevenson was a second cousin once removed.

There you go, the idea that Frank Marshall Davis was given that surname because Lewis Stevenson was a Davis on his grandmother's side. Helen Louise Davis was a daughter of Pantagraph publisher W. O. Davis and granddaughter of Jesse Fell [co-founder of the Republican party].

Clearly, the Fells and Davis' came together. However, I'm assuming that Fells and Davis' came together to share the Rod trefoil centuries before the Fells and Davis' under discussion.

Fellers/Felltragers use trefoils too, and they linked to Tricks/Triggs using the Dunham spear in Roquefeuil colors. It merits a paragraph of its own.

I don't see coincidence there. I think the Davis' were, like the Fells, bloodline worshipers of the globalist kind, and Davis' met a Dunham probably because she was chosen as an employee, or other kind of worker, by the Fell bloodline (I don't know what she did for Rockefellers).

Frank's mother is said to be Anna Marshall, and Marshalls are Keiths who trace, as do Moray's Randolphs, to Macclesfield / Mussel/Muscel elements. The Faucets of Musselburgh (where Keiths lived) had traced to Foix, smack beside Roquefeuil.

Here's the Fell Coat, blue-on-white eight-pointed / Ishtar stars, and lozenges. The same-colored lozenges are found in the Whalen/Failin Coat. There is a string of four lozenges in the Whalen/Failin Coat, and there would probably be five if not for the Chief being in the way. There is a string of five lozenges in the English Marshall Coat. That can't be coincidental.

Scottish Marshalls (Lothian) show a small saltire in the colors of the Fell / Whalen/Failin lozenges. The latter show a stag in Crest, the Keith-Marshall symbol. Keiths ("vincit" motto term) have a red Chief with white Shield, the color combination of the Whelan/Failin Shield and Chief.

Bricks use a full version of the Whelan/Failin Coat and Crest, and then they both, judging from the Massey fleur in the Whelan Chief and the MUSSELburgh location of the Keiths, look to be from the Briquessart > Meschin/MASCULine line. Bricks should trace to Brigantium, otherwise known as the Briancon location that Brians...and Brysons ought to trace to. Obama chose a Bryson (a product of Stanford and Yale) to rule his commercial empire-to-be (he hopes), and, I suppose, to communize it as best he can under the radar. But Bryson was caught by the police and now needs replacing.

Previous to John Bryson, Obama's secretary of Commerce was Rebecca Blank, who is now in charge again with Bryson's resignation. If I recall correctly, the mother of president Lenin of Rothschild-Communist Russia was a "Jewish" Blank surname. That is very telling, indeed. Obama must be working for Communist Rothschilds as well as socialist Rhodians.

ELECTRIFYING. French Blanks use the chevron and three surrounding symbols (upright lions) in white, as does the Feller/Felltrager Coat! The "Sans tache" of French Blanks evokes the Dax line.

The 666-Dexter topic had linked to Waits/Weights, and the other Weight surname is properly, "White," what we could expect of Blanks / Blancs. Recalling the three blue-on-white bends that act as international six, see three more bends in those colors in the Italian Blanc/Bianco Coat. These bends are in the colors of Fells / Failins.

ZOWIE, WHAT AN EYE-POPPING REVEATION HERE, for previous to Rebecca Blank, the commerce chair went as per an Obama choice to Gary Locke, and it just so happens that entering either "Lenin" or "Lennan" gets the same Coat (the same stag as used by Ribons/Rayburns, important where Obama chose a Dempsey while Dempsters use a ribbon), while the other Lennans are also Logen/Logan, like the Loken variation of German Lochs/Lohans who use the Scottish Locke swan.

There seems to have been some carefully-chosen bloodlines out of Britain to create Russian Communism, and Obama must be one of those tools. The "Assiduitate" motto term of Loche's (Campbell colors) may suggest the Iamblichus > Azizus bloodline, but in any case, the Assi surname, first found in the same place (Shetland) as the Scottish White surname, uses a weight scale / balance, symbol of the White-suspect Weights/Waits, as used by suspect with French Blancs. The Loche motto even uses "DESDia," like the DYSTar variation of Dexters. It's making Dexsters look like Estes / Andechs, the Ishtar harlot of Revelation 17. Like I said, scum...and proud of it.

In the write-up of Scottish Whites (quatreFOILs), there is a "Huita" term that's been burned in my head as good reason to trace to "Uat," but here I've just seen "Huite" in the AssidUITate term, and the fact that there is also a 'd' after "Assi" suggests the Dwights (Derbyshire)...who just happen to use a tiger in Loche colors!!! The other Loche's use green cinqueFOILs.

Then, a trefoil, in Rod / Davis trefoil colors, in the Dutch Dewitt Coat. The trefoil is on a bend in the colors of the Spurr / Botter bend. Here's on Jesse Fell:

Fell co-founded the town of Clinton, Illinois and worked to create DeWitt County...

...after several years running a fruit orchard in Adams County, [Fell] returned to McLean County and work as an agent for the former Alton & Springfield Railroad to secure the right of way through McLean County [a Republican in California was the one who named Stanford University, and he too was into railroads]. He helped found the town of Towanda and with his brother founded the town of Dwight....

There in one Fell article, you have both the DeWitts and Dwights; I didn't know that when first coming to the Dwights above. Dewitt Clinton was named after his mother's DeWitt surname from an upper-crust DeWitt family. When I wrote the parts before the quote above, I didn't know that Dewitt country is beside Logan county. How about that.

It's very interesting to find a Fell surname involved in railroad so close to the Ohio base of the Rockefeller Standard Oil company, especially as Rockefellers had difficulties when seeking to distribute oil by railroad. Hmm, John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, also founded the University of Chicago.

Compare "Stanford" to "Standard," for Stanford University was founded by British Illuminatists suspect in the formation of Republicans. The Standard/StanHART/Stonerd surname even uses the black eagle design of Whites, but in the colors of the same black eagle in the Scottish Fall/Phail/Vail Coat! And, Stanfords use the vair fur of Whites, and were first found in STAFfordshire, highly suspect with STEPHenson/Stevensons bloodline. Falts were first found in Staffordshire, if that helps to make the case.

Adlai Stevenson even named one son, John Fell Stevenson. The Falls use the colors of White-suspect Loches and Dwights. No surprise now. The Falls use the eagle design of Scottish Whites using quatreFOILs. Earlier in this update, the question arose as to what a "quetra" refers to in "triquetra," at which time it seemed that "Terek" applied to the term. But, now, Khazars / Cathars are suspect in "quatra," for Khazars lived on the Terek.

It can be ascertained that Locke's use the engrailed Sinclair cross in saltire form, and so it's important that they and Dwights are in Varn colors, because Sinclairs were found to stem from Varni. But these became the Varangians, founders of Moscow. President Putin, by the way, supposedly got a tiger for his birthday, and that may be code for his tiger-related bloodline. For example, Medleys use a green tiger, and Putin chose a MEDvedev to temporarily replace him as president. Both Puttens/PuttOCKs (stars in colors reversed to Put(t)ins) and Medleys were first found in Sussex, beside the Drakes of Hampshire. Petersfield of Hampshire is near the Sussex border, and then Leningrad was, if I'm not mistaken, changed to Petersburg. What's with that???

It just so happens that we just saw another tiger in the Dwight surname that can link to the Blank ancestry of president Lenin? Can this reveal Putin to be a Rothschild-of-Russia pawn? Or, at least, that he started out as one? When Putin seized the owner of a large oil company in Russia, the company was handed over to the oversight of baron Rothschild of Britain, at which time I assumed that Putin and Rothschild were not in cahoots with one another. That is, it seemed to me initially that baron Rothschild was a natural agent of the oil company and therefore Putin's enemy. Reconsidering now, it's possible that Putin and Rothschild conspired together against Yukos. Here's an online statement giving you an idea on this story: "In 2003 [baron] Rothschild [IV] came under scrutiny when Russian oil industrialist Mikhail Khodorkovsky's shares in YUKOS passed to him under a deal they concluded prior to Khodorkovsky's arrest." The victim's surname smacks of Kotor / Kodros / Cutter elements.

English Stevensons use green leopards on a fesse that must be the Rodden/Rodham fesse, for both surnames were first found in NorthUMBERland, where the Uat cult is expected. We are Star-Trekking again because the Stevensons were traced to Step(h)antsminda on the Terek river. That means that Stevensons should link to the Tricks/Treggs/Tracks, relatives of Obama's mother.

What apparently happened is that Frank Marshall Davis recruited his own son, brainwashing him, for the communist cause. But Obama was more than old enough in his 20s to make his own decisions. The power of Rothschilds lies not in their virtues, but in the money -- evading poverty and nobody-ness -- that they promise those who serve their global plots.

The Locke swan traces easily to Ligurians, and as always, the Salyes are suspect there. English Dewitts/Jowetts even use the Durant ship, and Durants trace easily to Salyes on the Durance. It's important because Cutters linked to Salyes, and then we find that Adlai Stevenson "obtained a position at Cutting, Moore & Sidley, an old and conservative Chicago law firm." Cuttings were first found in the same place as Dunhams, of obvious importance if Adlai Stevenson was Obama's great-grandfather. Cuttings use the lattice/fretty I tend to trace to Cottians (see the Cott/Cottin lattice), but they also have a blue Chief, the color of the Dunham / Randolph Chief.

Moreover, minus the lattice, Cuttings use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination (colors reversed to the Cutter Shield-and-Chief combination). The griffin in the Cutting Crest is even in the design of the English Witt griffin. The Cutting fretty design is for the Ferrat > Ferte bloodline, and then Fertes use the Adler eagle design that should be code for the Adler surname, the entity that may have named "Adlai." The Adler, albeit used by many surnames, is a symbol of Vanderbilts.

Let's go back to Cass Canfield, Jr., who adopted a royalty son partly from a Vanderbilt bloodline. The Canfields use a Shield filled with lattice/fretty too.

The Wander/Winder motto term, "palleSCERE," is now link-able to the Schere/Scherfs, for the Wilkins ("prudentes" motto term has traced several times recently to Cuneo, at the Cottian mountains) use the Schere/Scherf Shield with a wyvern dragon in the colors of the Wander/Winder checks. If you recall the Canfield-Vanderbilt quote above, it was suggested that a man with McCloy surname helped to find Obama his false Kenyan father, and that McCloy was a next-door neighbor of the chief of the Warburg banking family. Although there is no Warburg Coat coming up, linkage to Vere elements of the Warwick kind seems logical enough. Scherf-suspect Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire.

By what coincidence does the McCloy/Lowes Coat use the same-colored bend as the Varns / Shakespeares while using a "Spero" motto term? The McCloy/Lowes Crest is even the Cutting griffin design.

The Cutting, MOORE and Sidley company may even trace to Moray, where Obama's Randolph line traces. Irish Moores use the upright lion in the colors of the same of Tricks/Treggs, and the latter use the Dunham spears. That doesn't seem coincidental and tends, on the whole, to support Adlai Stevenson as Obama's great-grandfather. Scottish and English Moores use the colors of the Cutting scallop (which may or may not be coincidental), and use a "Duris" motto term for a trace to the Durance / Durantius river(s).

I trace Obama's mother to Dunham Masci, but then Durham was also Dunholme at one time, and the Durham surname almost uses the Scottish Moore fesse and stars. It's the Weir/Vere fesse, actually, with the Moray stars. These same stars -- bingo -- are in the Chief of Scottish Stevensons! And these Stevensons use a Shield-and-Chief combination of the Saluzzos / Cuttings. Bloodline worship, you see, in high places of Chicago, people carefully chosen to sell their souls for tool transformation.

Yes, recall that Obama was with the communist Weather Underground, code in-part for the Weathers/WITHers, for With-like surnames are now figuring into the all-seeing-eye discussion, including the all-seeing-eye Waiths/Watts. Weathers/Withers were first found in the parking garage of the Starship Enterprise -- Hampshire -- where Buto-rooted Butteri lived. In the Adlai article: "In 1935, Stevenson returned to Chicago to practice law. He became involved in civic activities, particularly as chairman of the Chicago branch of the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies (known often as the White Committee, after its founder, William Allen White)." Never mind the name of the group. What was it really up to?

The Chemmites of Uat-Buto traced to the Kemmis surname, first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as Stephens, who use the colors of the Kemmis vair fur. The black stone of El-Gabal is likely hidden in various heraldic shapes, one possibility being the vair fur, and another in the solid chevron. The solid white-on-blue chevron of Stephens is much like the shape of the bell pattern in the Kemmis vair fur, and it dawned on me some weeks ago, with very good reasons, that the white papal mitre is secretly the black stone. Is there a black mitre that you know of?

English Whites/Weights were likewise first found in Gloucestershire, and they use blue-and-white vair fur. The other English Whites, first found in Durham, use both the Fall eagle design and the vair fur. The latter Whites use what looks like the Nero/Neriti Shield, making sense where Nero's were first found in the same place as Italian Botters. The black wings of the Whites / Falls look like the shape of the black stone.

Adlai married a Borden, and the latter surname uses axes, a Drake symbol. "In 1928 Stevenson married Ellen Borden, a well-to-do socialite. The young couple soon became popular and familiar figures on the Chicago social scene." Axelrods, first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Fall- and White-related Standards, use axes too, of the Borden axe design, and were likewise in Chicago:

David M. Axelrod (born February 22, 1955) is an American political consultant based in Chicago, Illinois. He was a top political advisor to President Bill Clinton [a Rhodian Scholar, married a Star-Tereker] as well as campaign advisor to President Barack Obama during Obama's successful run for Presidency.

As per the Cutter-surnamed architect of Clark House, and the involvement in Idaho of the U.S. Navy as dictated by war-president Roosevelt, lookie here:

In 1940, Colonel Frank Knox, newly appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as Secretary of the Navy, offered [Adlai] Stevenson a position as Principal Attorney and special assistant. In this capacity, Stevenson wrote speeches, represented Secretary Knox and the Navy on committees, toured the various theaters of war, and handled many administrative duties. Since Knox was largely a figurehead, there were few major roles for Stevenson, However, in early 1944 he joined a mission to Sicily and Italy for the Foreign Economic Administration to report on the country's economy. After Knox died in April 1944, Stevenson returned to Chicago where he attempted to purchase Knox's controlling interest in the Chicago Daily News, but his syndicate was outbid by another party.

In 1945, Stevenson took a temporary position in the State Department, as special assistant to the Secretary of State to work with Assistant Secretary of State Archibald MacLeish on a proposed world organization. Later that year, he went to London as Deputy United States Delegate to the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations Organization, a position he held until February 1946. When the head of the delegation fell ill, Stevenson assumed his role. His work at the Commission, and in particular his dealings with the representatives of the Soviet Union, resulted in appointments to the US delegations to the UN in 1946 and 1947.

It doesn't tell at all whether Stevenson was in on the navy outfit of Idaho, but it's something to keep eyes out for. His global reach is evident in that quote, however, but it doesn't seem that he was a Nazi operative judging by his work with the Allies, but then spies can act like allies to the Allies. His contact with Russians is something to consider in light of his being a potential American communist.

Stevenson was chairman of the Chicago branch of the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, known also as the White Committee i.e. named after a White surname. The Whites/Weights of Gloucestershire happen to use that green dragon head used by Covert-suspect Leopolds, though Clarks use the same design. The Leopolds above were first found in Florence, not far from Lucca, where the Uat/Buto cult can be expected. Then, amazingly, German Leopolds use a solid chevron in what could be construed as colors reversed to the solid Stephen chevron. In other words, Stevensons can trace, with Roosevelts, to the Nazi ballpark of Hayden Lake / Coeur d'Alene.

In another, worshipful article on Adlai Stevenson: "He courageously vetoed a bill, overwhelmingly passed by both houses, which would have set up elaborate procedures for detecting subversives and require loyalty oaths of teachers and state officials..." Hmm, no matter what he said publicly in his opposition to the bill, ask: why would he do that?


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