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June 5 - 11, 2012

Making Hay out of the Makeswell Romans from Caesarea
Horsing Around with Julius Caesar's Roots in Helios
The Hot-to-Trot Hores of Rhodian Rome
Helios and Dan, the Studs, Galli-op Together to Lanuvium's Green Serpent
There's a Big Pilate of Manure in Perthshire

From someone on my email list sending me the following emails:

June 9, 2:12 am -- "I've suddenly started receiving dozens of emails from you (all the same as this) I deleted the first lot and now another 10 have arrived!"

June 9. 9:02 am -- "YOU ARE SENDING ME ABOUT 15 EMAILS, that is too much."

I wasn't sending anything. Someone else with access to my email account has maliciously sent email in the name of tribwatch to people that have emailed me. Who's been spying on my email account?

At the same time that some of my readers were sending notices to me about tribwatch emails that didn't seem like they should be from me, I received such an advertisement from LG's account though she denies sending it. At the very same time again, I also received an ad from someone on a wholly different email account of mine, who claimed that she didn't send the ad, meaning that someone or some computer has also gone into my private email account. Just so you know.

Here's mail from YS:

John [I] wanted to make you aware of the second set of earthquakes in Italy, all in the same area again, the Emilia Romagna region, many of the castles with damage, one is the castle Estense originally erected by the Este families, along with many the Ferrara, Bologna, Milan, Crevalcor, Mantua, Verona area; this area was also known as the Italian Communist Party region of Italy.

I didn't know that the Communists, who were in power in Italy, were from there.

Perhaps what came to your mind as you read late in the last update is not what came to my mind. Perhaps you saw things that I haven't yet. When the dust had settled after the update was over, I saw what I thought was a main reason for Coverts having become a topic. The trace of Hofs / Covert bloodline to Bute and it's mainland had to do with a the Vey / Fife bloodline at the Perthshire area; that is, even the Veys / Fifes were discovered satisfactorily as Hofs / Coverts. To put it another way, there was sufficient evidence found to show that Duffs, first found at Perthshire and living in neighboring Fife, were D'Hofs, so to speak, a bloodline from a PfieffenHOFen location in Baden (Germany) and consequently suspect from the Coffert bloodline. This is a new idea, that Baden elements were at Bute, but it jibes perfectly with my fundamental trace of the Arthurian cult to Baden.

I'd like to show you the English Baden/Battin Coat (in the colors of the Kemmis "vair fur"), with new realizations in mind since the last time that the surname was emphasized. The Crest is A hand holding a human eye. The hand has recently become suspect as an Ananias-line symbol, and Hum terms have become suspect as those for QUMran elements of the Chemmite kind. It's indicating that Baden/Battins were a cross between Essenes and Ananias bloodliners, and to prove it further, the Coat uses axes, a symbol that was recently understood as one of Essenes bloodliners going through the Esus cult. It's also important that Chemmites had the Uat/Buto cult which was itself a fundamental part of the Horus all-seeing-eye cult, thus tending to prove that Badens/Battins did understand their roots in Chemmites.

We can readily see that "Baden" and "Bute" are similar enough to "Buto." But we can go back to Yuya of the Atun cult because he lived in Kemmis, city of Chemmites. If we trace "Atun" to Aedon's Boiotians, we have the basis for terms like "Baden" and "Bute." In other words, Boiotians/Boeotians appear to be the carriers of the Uat/Buto all-seeing-eye cult to the West's Illuminati. The Arthur write-up traces the clan to "Aedan Mac Gabrain," but the point here, because Coverts were traced in the last update to Kays/Keys, is that the Kemmis surname shows a Keymich variation that could reveal the origin of Kays/Keys.

[Insert -- Hmm, it just so happens that Chamberlands become a topic later in this update, while the Kemmis write-up has this: "First found in Gloucestershire [where Samsons were first found]...Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Pickwick or Wickwar, held by HUMphrey the Chamberlain, who was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086." If I recall correctly, I had identified Chemmites with Cumber terms, for example, SiCAMBRIA, the alternative name for BUDApest, before finding the CHAMBERlains in the Kemmis write-up). There is all sorts of indication that the Arthurian cult was from Camber / Cimmerian elements in Wales.

Aha! The Human/Yeoman surname was first found in...Gloucestershire. It uses the Fulke / Shakespeare spear and a chevron in the colors of the Pendragon chevron. The spear is important for a trace to Zahringers of Baden, for I trace them and Arthurian elements to the Spree river (Lusatia). The strong arm that holds the Human spear is found in the Crest of the Bitar/Buttar surname of the Fife / Perthshire area, though I trace that surname to Baths of Somerset, where the Badens/Battins were first found who use a "human" eye. The strong arm is a Communist and Rothschild symbol, and Rothschilds are generally linked by writers to the all-seeing-eye cult of modern times.

As Bitars/Buttars are said to be Picts, the Pickwick lands (held of Humphrey the Chamberlain) may apply to Picts. As we are definitely tracing the Pendragons to the Bitars, it must be added that the Pendragon helmet is code for the Helms who use white pheons, the colors of the Pilate pheons. One gets the sense here that Pontius Pilate's birth to a Pict woman of Perthshire (not my idea originally) had to do with the Pendragon bloodline, in particular with that Bitars/Buttars, but the new sense is that it had to do with the Caiaphas-suspect Covert bloodline in the Fife / Perthshire area.

It must not be neglected here that mythical Kay (a grail entity of king Arthur) traces to the Ectors/Hectors, first found in neighboring Angus. In fact, Kays are easily linked to Kinners, first found in Fife. What we're seeing here is a Uat-Buto link of satanism to the Caiaphas line in the area of Pontius Pilate's birth. One Kay write-up even traces Kays to Gloucester, which supports a link of Kays to Gloucester's Kemmis/KEYmich surname:

First found in the Pipe Rolls for NorthUMBRIA where Britius filius Kay is listed there in 1199. Cecilia de Kay was in the Pipe Rolls for Gloucestershire in that same year. Another early record in the Pipe Rolls is of John del Cay in 1207 in London. John del Cai was Sheriff of London in 1201 and may be the same person as the aforementioned Pipe Roll entry. The Hundred Rolls of 1273 list a Jordan Kay...

JORDAN Kay? The Qumran Essenes were near the mouth of the Jordan. The axe symbol of Essenes (and Badens/Battins) can even go back to the floating axe (of Elisha) on the Jordan. As we just saw Kays having some rule in London, it should be added that Pendragon had been given holdings in London. End Insert]

What did I see in the last update? I saw the Duff = Caiaphas line at Perthshire, where Wikipedia says that the mother of Pontius Pilate may have lived. I saw that this "coincidence" must have had something to do with the Caiaphas line -- perhaps even Caiaphas ancestry, is the point. It begs the question of whether Caiaphas was related to Pilate.

By what coincidence did we see Coverts and Hohens (named after "priest") mixed together as one? As per the Pilate pheons, consider that "PHEon" and "Fay" are not a bad match. The Fein bloodline comes to mind, but especially "FIEn," for it became obvious to me that the Fey/FIE/DufFIE/CufFIE bloodline was the Hof / Coffert bloodline at both Fife and Bute.

One would think that something so "important" as the Caiaphas line would merit it's own special symbol, and that's what I'm looking for. The way I see things, the descendants of the mother of Pontius Pilate would not have regarded important the killing of Jesus in far-off Israel...until Christianity itself became important a few centuries later, which is about the period of the Arthurian cult in Britain. I see the members of that cult taking pride in the killing of Christ because the cult had ancestry in the very people who had something major to do with the Crucifixion. The parts of the Arthurian holy-grail cult in the Fife area -- the Kay / Ector parts -- are link-able to the Hof / Coffert lines as of the last update, but Arthur's death was located at Bute, where a branch of the Fife area Feys had been located, and "Arthur" himself, because the Irish Arthur surname uses "hurts" as code likely for Hurts / Harts / etc., is suspect as the "Herod" line. [The Insert above was written days after what you're now reading, and so the hearts in the Bitar/Buttar Coat ought to be regarded as part-and-parcel with Arthurian hurts.]

I had even found an Arthur branch (the Arths/D'Arths) in Stirling, beside Perthshire, that may prove to be a key for Pilate's birth. The Arthurian cult in Stirlingshire is thought by some others to have been on Stirling's Allan river, thought to be the mythical, Camelot-related CAMallan river. The Cam surname, like the Kemmis surname, was first found in Gloucestershire.

In the 4th update of May, the Cam/Kames Coat was shown to be this Arms of Richard Amerike, and then another Arms of Richard Amerike was shown with what should be the CAMeron bars. Camerons were first found in Angus (= the Fife / Perthshire theater). It can't be coincidental that the Campbell/CAMMEL write-up traces the clan to MacARTHURs, or that Campbells were in the Bute theater. Then, as the Hume write-up traces Humes to a Kames location, it becomes obvious that the human eye of Badens/Battins is for the Hume/Home bloodline. And to clinch the link of Badens/Battins to the Arthurs, Humes/Homes were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Arthurs.

It was found in the last update that the Campbell/Cammel Shield is used by Lands, and then Allan-like Allgau (in Bavaria but on Baden's steps) became a topic in the last update as per the Camelot- / Pepin-related location of Lindau. [This line from Lindos may even have named London. I apologize for writing "Landua several times in the last update for what should have been "Lindau"]

The Arms of Lindau uses the gonfanon of the "the arms of the counts of Montfort" (Montforts are suspect as the Pharisee line at MontFerrat). It makes me suspect that the Merovingian element that was fundamental to the Athurians was that of the Pepins, and indeed I am now tracing both Pepins and "Ananias" to the Heneti, the peoples that I had identified years ago (i.e. before engaging Ananias in my topics) as Arthur's "wife."

Virtually everything that I considered the Illuminati prior to my concerns on the Pharisees et-al are now looking wildly like Maccabees, Pharisees, Sadducees, Herods, Levites, Pilates and Gratus', and of course the bloodlines of both Ananias and Caiaphas. Shame on the Arthurian cult. Before any of these ideas were occurring to me, the gonfanon was traced (two updates ago) to the Coverts, though before that and more heavily, the gonfanon was traced (same update) to the Vanes/Fanes with FIEn and VEYnes variations. I didn't know at the time (last week in May) that I'd be on a Covert trace to Fies/Feys in the very next update.

[This very topic will lead to the bloodline of Julius Caesar later in the update, with the revelation that Julians are also Gillians, wherefore see now that the Fie/Fey Coat is very similar to the Gillies/Gilles Coat. Later yet in the update, the Fies/Feys will be traced to Nesher in the Haifa / Megiddo theater, and so it could just be that Gillies and Julians were from "Galilee." After all, Japodes / proto-Romans were traced in a recent update to that very area of Israel.]

The Pilate pheon was not on my mind as anything relevant to the Covert > Fey bloodline, but then, many updates ago, the pheon was traced suggestively to the Feins / Fiens based on similarity of terms. The Waynes using the Arthur pelican should be lumped in with this gonfanon bloodline, for I see "Wayne" as part of Arthur's wife.

The "gon" part of the gonfanon (did you ever ask why it was called that?) had been traced to Gaunts/Ghents, a term smacking of the Heneti and therefore suspect as part of Arthur's wife. That wife (Guinevere) can be traced to several entities, including the Venedotia who founded Gwynedd, the Gwened/Vannes location in Brittany, and likely Guines in the Flanders / Artois theater where the first kings (Bald bloodline) of Templar Jerusalem came out of. Does that wife represent the Pepinids alone aside from the Ananias line, or the Ananias line aside from Pepinids, or both?

As just suggested, the gonfanon seems to trace to Arthur's wife in both the gon and fanon cases, explaining why the gonfanon was a take from a "banner," for Banners / Banes' / Banesters are of mythical Ban, father of Lancelot.

I've had a very strong sense that the Ananias line goes to Kilpatricks near Annandale, and that one symbol of the killers of Christ is both the black-on-white cross (used, for example, by Balders and Sinclairs), and the black-on-white saltire used by Kilpatricks and their Maxwell kin. It's understandable that the symbol of Christ's murder should be a black-and-white (Illuminati colors) CROSS. [The Bitars/Buttars also use a black-on-white cross.]

Kilpatricks even use "cushions," bringing to mind the Casey / Cass/Cash bloodline now suspect at the birth of Ananias. As the birth of Pilate to a Pict woman in Perthshire is attributed at Wikipedia to a Roman ambassador to the Britain conquered by Julius Caesar, note that Caesar himself smacks of the Casey / Cass/Cash bloodline, but also know that Caesar was of the sacred Patrician bloodline (of Romans) to which I trace KilPATRICKs. The Kilpatrick saltire can be traced fairly solidly to that of the Latin surname. In this picture, I'll need to adjust my thinking from previous insinuations wherein the Casey bloodline was traced to "Khazar"...unless Khazars were named after "Caesar." Imagine that, the Caesar-Ananias bloodline forming the Khazars. It seems ridiculous, but then I know that some Khazars were attempting a conquering of Jerusalem at roughly the same time as the first Crusade, and besides, ruling Roman elements were being flung around the world to all ends of Europe, so why not also as far as Khazaria?

Khazars had been involved to some degree with the Varangian Rus, until the Rus conquered Khazaria. If correct to identify the Sinclairs (= chief Templars) with Varangians, then we could expect that Khazars and Varangians together should have been from the priestly line of Israel. I don't know which vikings in particular used the black-and-white pirate flag (skull and bones) -- that may have been related to the Kilpatrick saltire -- but I do know that Templar pirates used that flag. The flag may have started off as crossed bones alone to indicate (proudly) the death of Jesus, with the skull coming later as code for the Bone-related Skull bloodline. It's very interesting that while I traced Bononia to the Bone/Bonne surname at the root of Skull and Bones, Bononia is the location where I see the proto-Maccabees, whom I also see in the Maxwells that use the Kilpatrick saltire.

Certainly, the rising phoenix symbol attributed by the cults to the rise of the Roman empire could have to do with re-engaging the goal of Caesar to rule the entire world. Hitler's quest may have been such an attempt by the Caesar-Ananias bloodline. The swastika is even a black-on-white cross, something that was not on my mind when suggesting above the black cross of Balders/Batherstains and Sinclairs, the chief Templar entities. The BALDWINs use the same (almost) green dragon and tower in Crest as do WALDWINs/Wolfins, and then the Wooleys/Wolfleys use the Kilpatrick "cushions" but call them "wool packs." One Kilpatrick Crest is even the Levi lion on the back of a green dragon.

Balders/Batherstains use a "Constance" motto term that should trace to the Lindau area at lake Constance / Bodensee. If fact, I trace Pepinids to "Peebles(shire)," beside the Balders of Lothian. Scottish Balds were first found in Peebles, but German Balds/Balderichs were first found in Baden. There's your Illuminati basement in downtown Hohen-ville. The latter even have a BaldHOFF variation. It appears that Templars were based in the Hohen-ville basement.

There's a good chance that Bald(er)s were Balt(er)s and therefore Walt(er)s. Balters were even first found in Swabia, and they use the Constance pine tree! (The Balter bear is probably the Zahringer bear.) As Dallens use the same pine tree design, it's likely that Dallens were of the Allens who named Allgau at Lake Constance. In fact, as the lake was also called, Bodensee, what about the Boyds (Hohen checks!) who are said to be fundamental to the Alan > Stewart line?

There are some Walter names in the Boyd write-up. I am sure that Boyds were from the "Budini" blonds/redheads, meaning also that Budini were at Constance / Allgau. [As I'm about to launch in the Julian / Gillian topic, the Geloni who lived amongst the Budini are coming to mind.] Therein, in the Boyd trace to Bodensee, do we have our Bute trace to the Baden theater. [Note that both Boyds and Badens/Battins use a hand in Crest.]

The Welf-Este > Andechs bloodline, traced to Wooleys/Wolfleys in the last update in May, should therefore figure into these rotten bloodlines. The Estes had been traced to "Histria," beside the Japodes who were ancestral to Caesar, and therefore to Caesar's Patrician line that is tracing to Kilpatricks and Wolleys/Wolfleys.

Moreover ZOWIE, I had even traced the motto term of Duffs to mythical Jupiter! For me, that reveals a Caiaphas line merged with Romans at Perthshire. One could get the impression that Caiaphas got to marry a daughter of Ananias because Caiaphas was related to Pontius Pilate and/or Valerius Gratus.

Lets not forget that (said to be from "Patrick") are also Cussanes, too close to "cushion" to be coincidental. Moreover, Scottish Pattersons use a pelican-on-nest, as do Pottens/Potingers that I traced to Pottendorf very near Wolfsthal, the location of the Wolfley / Welf bloodline found in the last update in May. The Wolflin / Wolfley bloodline in Obama's ancestry was from Orsingen of the lake-Constance area. It may even be that "Constance" and "Cussane" are related terms. The alternative name of lake Constance smacks of "Potten" and the Butteri to which I trace Kilpatricks and Pattersons.

The Patterson/Cussane write-up traces to Sodhans of Hy Many / Ui Maine, terms smacking of the Human/Yeoman surname. I'm not at all given to the Patterson write-up that derives "Casan" in a Pat-like "path." Heraldic write-ups are filled with lies on derivations of terms. The Patterson camel easily traces Pattersons to Lindau - Pepin elements, but as per the sentence below, the Patterson camel out to trace immediately to the MacARTHUR > Campbells/Cammells line.

The Pattersons who use the pelican (an Arthur and Wayne symbol too) were first found in the place (Ross-shire) where Dingwall was a capital, and the Dingwalls use a fleece symbol, which is a lamb, which could connect to the Wolfley wool packs. This trace of Wolfleys to Dingwall makes sense where Kilpatricks use the wool packs but in honor of Pattersons/Cussanes. Besides, the Dingell/Dingwall Coat uses the cowboy spur, as does the Botter-suspect Close/Clovse Coat that I trace to "Closeburn," where Scottish Kilpatricks were first found. Dingwall reminds of the RangenDINGen location in Baden not far from Orsingen or Landau. Rangens/Rainhams were first found in Forfarshire, beside Fife.

If this gives the impression that Pattersons got hooked up with Rangabes, it can not only explain why the Patterson/Cussane scallops are in Rangabe colors, but it brings to mind the idea of a Roman-Patrician merger with Byzantine Khazars. That is, a Caesar merger with Khazars. Did you get the implication? And wouldn't you know it, that while I think the Rangabes (from Melissena, from royal Khazars) were depicted by mythical Melusine, she appears in the Crest of Morays (in Rangabe colors) who lived smack beside Ross-shire.

Someone in that bloodline could have gotten the impression that a Caesar merger with Rangabe Byzantines merited a black double-headed eagle, the symbol of Patterson-related Maxwells. Moreover, Rangabes were identified as a basis in the Andechs kingdom apart from thoughts on two-headed eagles, and there's a double-headed black eagle (known symbol of Rome and Byzantium merged) in the Arms of Rijeka...where Andechs ruled and where Maxwells were traced. The Dingwall Crest is a stag laying down, the Maxwell Crest symbol too. Therefore, some Hum-Dingers are to be expected in the Rijeka theater. The "favente" term of Dingwalls brings the Latin Fabians to mind.

[As the Scholes and related Scofields will become an important pre-tribulation-rapture topic in this update, see the Italian Fabian Coat, like the Schole Shield. The lozenges used by both Shields are tracing well to Losinj near Rijeka.]

Emailer Patterson is even a Hall bloodline on one side, while Maxwells use holly. She is also a Martin on one side, and they were first found in the same place (Gascony) as Cassers/Casaults who use the Hohenzollern (and Haught) bars...which is what had convinced me that Cassers were Khazars. The Christian-heretic Cathars, whom some claim to be Khazars, lived in southern France, in Languedoc (= Redone France) to be exact, where Constances were first found who are now suspect as part of the Landon > Pepin line to the Patterson camel. The Lindau area of Lake Constance is definitely expected in Redone France. As Pattersons just traced to Rangabes in Ross-shire / Moray, I've got to repeat that Hohens and Cohens were identified (by me) years before this update as a Melissena-Khazar line on one side. The other side of Hohens traces definitely to the red eagle / phoenix of Zahringers, and then Caseys use red eagles.

We now have yet another entity to which Caseys-et-al may trace: the Gnostic-Christian Cathars. That is especially compelling because even English Constances/CUSTers use a red eagle (in the colors of the Ferte and MacDonald eagle). As I tend to think that Patterson/Cussanes trace to Cass'/Cash'/Casts, who happen to use the same "fountains" as Cuss'/Custes' (Lincolnshire, where we expect Lindos > Lindau elements), the trace is a great argument for linking "Cussane" with "Constance," for here's what was said in the last update: "With Lindau, we're in the lake Constance area, and so of special note is the wavy blue bar [in the Arms of Lindau] said to be a symbol for that lake. It could be that other blue bars in other Coats are for the Constance theater, or even for Lindau itself."

The Boyds who are tracing to Lake Constance-Bodensee use a "CONfido" motto, and "constance" is said to mean "faithful," as does "fido." But I think that this faithful / fidelity theme somehow links to "Foetes/Fussen" near lake Constance. Again, Fussen is on the Lech river and traces to the Ligurians who lived in Redone France. [This entire dragon cult is tracing to Rhodes, where Julius Caesar will trace too, which may perhaps reveal that Cathars were named after "Caesar".]

I see the Raines and Randals as Rangabes, and I see their white-on-black lions as those of the MacAbee-related Newmans, the point being that, by some curiosity, Newtons use crossed shin bones in the colors of the MacAbees. Why crossed shin bones, the pirate-flag symbol? Didn't raven-depicted vikings take Rothesay, smack beside Arran where MacAbees and Newmans lived? Shouldn't we view Newtons as a fundamental part of the Caesar-Ananias line, therefore? Unbeknown to many Christians, Isaac Newton, a prophecy buff and professing Christian, was a leader of the Rosicrucian organization, "Royal Society of London." As Rosicrucians should trace to Rhodes, might that be equivalent to the idea of, Royal Society of Lindos?

Scottish Londons were first found in...Fife. English Lindons were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Badens/Battins, thus tending to make a trace of these Lindons and Londons to Lindau and Landsberg, the latter near Baden. I include Londons in that trace because they use "sum" twice in their motto, likely code for Somerset elements that I trace to Danaans of sun-depicted Rhodes. Sommers/Summers use a white ermined fesse, as do English Londons/Lunnens.

I trace Chemmite Danaans to "COMBERs/COMMERs, who should apply to "Sommer" because I do trace Danaans to the Dumnoni founders of Somerset. MacDonalds (from the Irish Damnonns) trace to the Dumnoni, and then the Combers/Commers even use a Dumnoni-like "dominaBITUR" motto term. One can even see a buried term smacking of the Bituriges Gauls and the Bitar/Buttar surname.

As per the Closeburn location of Kilpatricks, what was found in the last update should be repeated: "Amazing. German Cassers/Gassers/GASTER/Kausers, first found in Bavaria, use a red lion partly on gold Shield, while the lion of the Klaus/Clauser surname, first found in Bavaria, is red-on-gold." There was more to it, but for the point here we see that the Close bloodline appears merged with a Caesar and/or Khazar bloodline, and meanwhile using the lion color found in the Duffs of the Perthshire area (Londons of Fife use that lion, which is the official Scottish lion). It can give the impression that Pontius Pilate and Julius Caesar were indeed related; i.e. that the Roman ambassador to Perthshire was a Caesar bloodliner.

[After writing that, I was able to go online to check the Julius Caesar article, and was reminded that he was from the house of Julio-CLAUDius. The Close /Klaus surnames can certainly be versions of "Claud." One variation of the Claud surname is "Cloux." The Clauds smack of Khaldi that I trace to such entities as Celts, which term will become Pilate-important below.]

It's now extremely interesting that the Scott-surname Coat, using CATHERine wheels, uses the same Shield as English Fabians! It suggests that "Caesar" was in honor in "Cathar." Aside from the Latin background of Fabians, the Fabian Societies in Illuminati England were the highly-idiotic socialists whom are yet devising means to reduce the Western world to their dictatorial Communism as outlined by Karl Marx. The Fabian Societies were championed by Round-Table buffoon, Cecil Rhodes. Only a buffoon would give his fortune to creating a global system to his own liking, and for his own special bloodlines. Count him out as a total loser...just like Bill Clinton and his Rhodian wife (it's not what a person achieves in the way of a job that makes him great, but how he handles the job once hired. Bill did not perform honorably in his job as president).

The griffin design of the Scott Coat is used, in the same colors, by Balts/Bolts/Bolds, whom are suspect in balder Templarism. The Balt/Bolt Crest uses the griffin design of Tooks/Tolkiens of Kent, where the English Scotts above were first found. It's very important if I'm correct to trace "Tolkien" to "Telchines" of Rhodes, for that's where i trace "Seleucus." It just so happens, you see, that Seleucus-suspect Sellicks/Selliocks use the Scott and Balt/Bolt Shield too! This paragraph was much-needed to clinch what was only theory beforehand, that Sellicks/Selliocks were Seleucids. Keep in mind that the Scott surname is easily identified as Talbots, who were from the Taillebois' in Lindos-infected Lincolnshire, and who have a Tailer/Taylor branch (Somerset) using the Levi lion.

The Italian Cassar/Cesaro surname was found to use an oak tree, begging the question of whether the oak (a Zeus symbol of old) was a fundamental symbol of the Caesar line. When I was on the Ialysos (Rhodes) topic in the last update, I had wondered whether "Julius/Iulias" traced to that term. Julius Caesar was not the topic at all until this update.

The other entities that I trace to Rhodes are Herods and Seleucids, and there are some prophecy-related ideas as to why the Roman Caesars should trace to Seleucids, though until now I had no idea how so, aside, possibly, from a trace of Caesars to Alexander the Great.

Chances are, Salyes-branch Seleucids of the Redone theater merged with Cathars of Languedoc, explaining why I repeatedly tend to equate / link Talbots (= Sellick kin at Shropshire) to the Sales-of-Mascy. Even Talbots use the Scott Shield that shows the CATHERine wheels, and then while Ranulf le Meschin of Cheshire (where sales were first found) married Lucy Taillebois, and while the Cheshire garbs trace to Gascony, the Mieszko-suspect Cassars (first found in Gascony) use scallops in Meschin-scallop colors.

If all of this tends to link Meschins to Julius Caesar's Seleucid blood, it could explain why the Meschin-Coat format is used by Latin-suspect Ladds/Ladons (Somerset) and Leaders (Pilate-suspect "pellets" in Coat). Isn't this the Biblical Ladon dragon???

The Meschin link to Seleucids is not new, but what is new is the Caesar link to Seleucids. This idea that Julius himself traces to Rhodes is sitting well with me if only for his bloodline link to Seleucids, otherwise, Romans and Seleucids became enemies in times before Julius Caesar. In other words, he may have been the glue between the two enemies.

Julius Caesar invaded Brits just before the birth of Ananias. But even if Ananias didn't have ancestry in Britain by way of Caesar, I'm taking the position that Ananias at least had his descendants in Britain, perhaps even his own children / grandchildren if, for example, some of Pilate's children removed to the Perthshire area in relation to the Roman war against Israeli / Jerusalem in 66-70 AD.

A thought when trying to figure what surnames may have come from "Julius" may include Hollys because Caesar-suspect Maxwells use holly (reminder; the Maxwell saltire is used by Patrician lines). From the last update: "As Helms were first found in SURrey, let's consider a "Surrey" trace to "Zurich" as we go along, for Maxwell-related KilPatricks have a "make sure" motto phrase that traces partly to "Makeswell" and partly to Sures/Shures using holly..." Do I now have a particular reason for linking the Julius-Caesar line to Sures / Surreys / Zurichs? As of the last update or two, yes: the Coverts.

As Coverts had been linked to Kay/Key elements at Zurich, let's bring in the Inces / Inches who use two black bendlets just like the Kays/Keys. Inches can be traced tentatively, on similarity-of-terms basis, to "Hinks" who use the Annandale saltire on gold background (as for example the Arms of Ayrshire do). Then, the same saltire is used by Italian Latins (i.e. making the Inch link to Latins, I'm assuming), while English Latins have already been traced solidly to Kilpatricks. Italian Latins, first found in the same Etruscan area where the Butteri-cowboy suspects, the Botters, were first found, use "stirrups," another cowboy theme likely, though probably by design the term looks much like code for an "Ishtar" line...exactly where I expect her, amongst Lato-Romans.

In other words, the Ince link to Kilpatrick Latins can be taken for a Caesar link to Inces and related Kays, which brings to mind the suggestive trace (of long ago) of Kays to "KAIsariya," also called, Caesarea. In this picture, Kays are looking like a Caesar bloodline, and then the mythical father (Ector) of Kay/Cai uses a sun that likely represents Helios lines from Rhodes (i.e. see the sun in Ector Coat).

[Insert -- I wrote this section while unable to get online for a few days, and so did not know/recall at the time that the full name of Caesar was GAIus Julius Caesar!!! It could even mean that the Jay/Gai, Gay and/or Geier/Gayer topics of late were Julian lines.

Julius' nephew, Augustus Caesar, was of the OCTavian family, and he too named himself Gaius Julius Caesar, which makes the ECTor > Kay/Cai relationship conspicuous for linking to the Caesars. However, as Romans were traced by their own people to Trojans, I'm retaining the "Ector" trace to king Hector of the Trojans. It's Maxwell-interesting that while the Octavians produced several caesars, "The [Octavian] name was used by gens Maecia, and an Octavia Valeria Vera lived at Ticinum [= Pavia] in the 2nd or 3rd century..." Might that be hint that Valerius Gratus was an Octavian bloodliner?

If you read the short article, you'll see that Romans/Latins named themselves after numbers at times, which begs the question of whether Septimania (southern France) was named after the SeptiMUS surname, or whether the Merovingian Quinotaur and/or the Sforza "quince" was named after the Quinta surname, or whether Ticinum was named after the DECiMUS surname.

Romans had an Order named after horse riding: "The Roman equestrian order (Latin: ordo equester) constituted the lower of the two aristocratic classes of ancient Rome, ranking below the patricians (patricii), a hereditary caste that monopolized political power during the regal era (to 501 BC) and during the early Republic (to 338 BC)...During the Roman kingdom and the 1st century of the Republic, legionary cavalry was recruited exclusively from the ranks of the patricians..."

It seems highly likely that the Latin stirrups were a symbol of the Equestrian Order, and yet we can still ask why stirrups were used rather than some other horse-related symbol.

I've just learned that Julius was born in the Suburu part of Rome, while the Super/Soaper surname uses a black-on-white saltire! "SUBURu" may even be the makings of "SFORza."

Later, the Wing surname becomes important as per the Masci eagle wing, which I say because Wings and Supers use billets in colors reversed from one another. Wings were first found in Perthshire, and use a Pilate-suspect "pile". That seems like a flashing red light.

Wings could possibly link to the Ince and/or Hink bloodline, but as the Wings are said to have been in Rutland (at Leicester), they were likely one with the Ing(e)s, first found at Leicestershire. The Sforza "quINCE" may even relate to the Ince surname...meaning that the Wings, Ings and Inces may all trace back to the Roman number five (called "Quintus")!!! It brings the Fife and Five/Fify surnames to mind, but also the 5-like organ rests in the Arthur Coat! That's very important in a discussion relating to Rome... because Arthurs are traced to "Ardea" (not far south of Rome).

Not only does it appear that Wings at Perthshire trace to the Pilate line, the Five/Fify chevron is in the colors of the Valery chevron that I trace to Valerius Gratus!

As Ligurians named Leicester's river, let's consider the red roundels = torteaux used by Inces, who by the way had an Ince location beside Chester, where Meschins ruled. I trace these to Tortona near Ticinum, and then the black-on-white bends of the Ince's suggest Salyes Ligures, just what I expect if the Wing surname related to the Masci wing in particular. End Insert]

I think the Levi lion situated on the back, or at least the back end, of the Kilpatrick green dragon is a deliberately-devised picture of Ishtar (the Biblical harlot) on the Biblical dragon. It seems clear here that the Ishtar-like term (i.e. "stirrup") amongst one Latin surname, and its Annan(dale) saltire, represent exactly the same line of Israeli priests as the Kilpatrick Levi lion. It's a testament to the historical but generally-unknown fact that the Ananias line had linked to Romans by marriage. My theory is that an important Roman married in with Maccabees who put forth a parent of Ananias.

I hope I haven't been wrong in tracing "Ananias," or "Hanan" as the Jews called him, to "Ananes" Gauls (on the Po river near, and related to, Brixia), for it would be my monstrous blunder if that were the case. This is why it's important that Kilpatricks and Annandale are in the same Dumfries location, beside Galloway, a place smacking of Gauls/Gali. As the Ananes Gauls pre-dated Ananias, I can assume that the Roman/Latin who married the Maccabee priesthood in Israel was from the Ananes. The Ananes (at Placentia/Piacenza) were not too far from Modena, where I see Maccabees, but then in the area of the Laevi Gauls were the INSubres that I tend to trace in-part to "Ince / Innis," and in-part to "EBUR(ovices)" that lived at Brescia.

The Arms of Brescia is an upright blue lion, which is not only the Bruce lion, and not only the Samson Crest lion, but the Bend/Bent Crest lion. This is important because the Ector sun comes on three bends, and when a surname uses three bends, it could seem that the Bend surname should be fundamental to it. The "timide" motto term of the Bends can probably go to the Timnah location of "Biblical" Samson.

Nothing in heraldry would have existed in this regard, nor would there have been anything of Freemasonry / Templarism, had it not been for Jesus. It was the massive popularity of Jesus that created the Kilpatrick symbols, for example, or that made a cult out of those who had contributed to his death. This is the stench in God's nostrils every time that He looks at the world.

As Ayrshire uses the Annandale/Inyaney saltire, we can trace Ananes to Ayrshire. The question then becomes: was neighboring LANarkshire named originally after the idea of L'Annan? Recall the Lennan/Logan surname -- first found in Ayrshire -- of the last update, for it was thought at that time to link it to whatever "Lanark" may have been in earlier times (the Lanark surname shows Lorne-suspect variations). It just so happens that Irish Lennons/Lenins/Linnanes use a "stirpe" motto term smacking of the Latin-surname stirrup symbols. Lennons/Lenins also use "hibernico," smacking of Eburovices, whom are also called, Ebroicum. The idea here is that certain dragon-pertinent Latins had merged with odorous Eburovices of the Brescia / Insubres kind in becoming the Lennans/Lenins/Linnanes...first found in GALway.

It just so happens that Lanarkshire uses a heart (the Lennan/Logan symbol), potential symbol of Herod and/or the Arthurs, perfectly expected in a line that created the chief priest of Israel...who ruled Israel in harmony / parallel with Herods of Israel. It was a major point in the last update that Campbells/Cammels (said to be from MacArthurs) use the Land Shield, for as Campbells and MacArthurs were of Argyllshire, they too were in the Lanarkshire theater. If we can therefore view "Lennan" as a French version, L'Annan, then it would appear that the Ananes Gauls were one with the Landons who put forth the camel-using Pepins, which jibes with my trace of "Pepin" to "Pavia/Papia" on the Ticino river where Laevi Gauls lived. That's no small realization because it traces Ananias blood to Landsberg and Lindau, explaining why Caiaphas lines appeared to be there massively.

Under the circumstance wherein Lennans are tracing to dragon-pertinent Latins, Irish Lennon/Lennins use a stag that must somehow be a version of the Maxwell stag. We can debate the reason for this stag (I think it's immediately the MacCarthy-of-Desmond stag), but for now the Lennon-Maxwell link should be viewed (for investigation purposes) as the Ananias-Maccabee merger. When did "Lanark" first form its original variation; where are the namers of that place thought to trace from?? Did they come to Britain as Ananes during the Roman invasions? Or did the Ananes come to Lanarkshire before the Roman invasions, and did they have something to do with the birth of Pontius Pilate?

As Maxwells of Lanark / Lennon associations should have become the Mackies/Mackeys of Ayrshire, and are expected thereby also amongst the Mackays (of Sutherland), by what coincidence are the Vains/Vanes a sept of Mackays while the Fein and similar variations of Vains are like "pheon," the Pilate-surname symbol? This is not the first time that I've traced the father of Pontius Pilate to Lanuvium elements. That is, I think Lanark was named after Lanuvium elements, the place where I see Pilate's father. In that case, the Ananes must trace to Lanuvium, explaining why Latins and Ananes appear merged by other means. If we strip the 'L' from that Latin city, we're left with "Anuv(ium)." Why? Anubis, the Egyptian small-dog god?

As Lanuvium was founded by a mythical character from Argos, can we ask if I ever traced Anubis elements to Argos? I did, where Anubis is equated with the Avvite god, Nibhaz. I see mythical Abas of Argos as an Avvite peoples, and moreover I traced Apollo back to Avvites but also forward from Greece to the Roman wolf symbol. If, therefore, the wolf line of Romans was heavily invested in Lanuvium, the fact that Jesus called Herod a fox may be some indication that Herods were out of Lanuvium.

Reminder: the Samson myth has him catching foxes in the Avvite theater near Timnah. We just saw a Timnah-like term in the Bend/Bent motto, and it just so happens that mythical Abas was a representation, according to others, of the ABANTians!!! Zowie. We've not only just traced the father of Lancelot to Abantians, but have verified that Avvites and Anubis were at Lanuvium. Hmm, when we strip the 'L' from "Lancelot," we have an Ince-like "Ance."

This trace of Lanuvium to the Ananes does not necessarily discredit a trace of Ananes to Heneti, for Anubis appears named after Anu (Sumerian god), and his wife, Antu, was later the goddess, "Anat," that I trace exactly to "Heneti" and "Anatolia." In this picture, one can trace Lanuvium to ANTalya of the PISidians, and probably make a link of those peoples to "AnuBIS." After all, Anu was related to the Abzu/Apsu.

Here is another coincidence: the Arms of Ayrshire have "shaw" in the motto while Shaws/Shays, suspect already as the Kay/Key and Caiaphas bloodline for other reasons, were first found in Perthshire (i.e. place suspect for Pilate's birth) and even use the same-colored grails as the Pillets.

There were other reasons to make links between Ayrshire and Perthshire, including the trace of MacAbee colors to the Deas (= Desmond) surname using a bee on a daisy, and then Desmonds use the Annandale saltire (i.e. as does Ayrshire). Shouldn't this too be something of a Maccabee affair with the mother of Pontius Pilate, who is highly suspect with Shaws of Perthshire? But as I trace Shaws, Kays, Ectors, Yonges and Duffs to Italian elements, I'm looking for the Pictish surname for that mother.

I traced the Pilate pheon to the same in colors reversed used by Celts/Colts/Cults. The latter's pheon is used beside a stag, which can be assumed to be the Maxwell / MacCarthy stag. I'm keeping in mind that I independently traced the MacCarthy-Desmond family (of MUSkerry) to ancient Lake Van, exactly where I trace the Vain/Van(e) sept of Mackays. While MacCarthy/MacARTHYs of Muskerry were/are in Ireland, MacArthurs were in the Mackie/Mackey and MacAbee theater.

It's notable now that Abantians lived on Euboea, a Boii-like term, meaning that Maccabees may have had their Bee / Baeus roots in "Euboea." When considering this, keep in mind that Argos had married honey-Melia of bee-line Boiotia (i.e. it tends to link Boiotia with Euboea). In fact, it was Inachus (mythical founder of Argos) who was related to Melia, and he smacks of the Ince / Inch / Innis surname now tracing to the Lanuvium > Ananes line.

To support that trace further, the green snake in the Innis Crest should apply to the same used by Lanuvium. As Lanuvium elements are suspect at the birth of Pilate, see that Hagars of Perthshire use a Zionist star in colors reversed to the Zionist stars of the Innis'. As Hagars use "ModESTE" in the motto, "Hagar" could link to "Auger," the Pharisee-suspect surname that I trace to Euganeo, beside Este. As the Arthurians traced their grail cult mainly to mythical Bors, what about the "conBOR" term of Hagars?

Were Hagars a part of the Hays/Hey = Hof bloodline that traces to the Perthshire theater on multiple counts? As I trace Pilate's mother to the Celts/Colts/Cult, first found in Perthshire, where Hays/Heys were first found, what about the fact that the Kelts, first found in Perthshire, use the same-colored chevron as English Heyers/Ayers? German Hayers/Hauers [Hores?]) were first found in the Lindau / Constance / Zurich area of Germany and Switzerland, which were just found to be the Hof / Coffert theater. Both Perthshire Hays/Heys and German Heyers use a red Shield on a white Shield, and English Heyers/Ayers even use a spur on the back of a foot. The rising Hay/Hey eagle even has the look of the Botter eagle.

As we are tracing now to Avvites, what about the Avvite donkey god, Tartak? They say that Tartus on the Syrian coast was named after off-shore "Arados," but doesn't that location go through "Rhodes" to "Arthur"? That is, Arthur might just have been the donkey of the Avvites, a symbol given anciently to Apollo (and king Midas).

In this picture, Avvites trace to Apollo-like Avalon and Avellino in Campbell-like CAMPania, and in fact Avellino was at first, ABELLinum, which is why I trace "CampBELL" to that place. The point is, MacArthurs were the roots of Campbells, thus supporting a trace of the Arthurian cult to Avellino's Avvites. As Lanuvium is smack beside Ardea, we have further cause to identify Lanuvium with the Avvite-suspect god, Anubis, and moreover it tends to trace "Ardea" to "Arados" at donkey-suspect Tartus. The seven-headed Lotan dragon swam off the coast of Syria, you see, and Lotan is expected in the Latins all around Ardea and Lanuvium.

In the 1st update of last October the Italian Lanes/Lanaro surname (besant, as with Bends/Bents) was found, with Lancca variation smacking of Lancelot. The surname was first found in Brescia/Brixia, and therefore tends to prove that Lane terms did come forth from Ananes. Ananes may even trace to Lancashire, therefore. Irish Lanes use what should be the red-on-gold bend making up the Arms of Baden (i.e. Landsberg is near Baden), used also by Lorraines that I trace to Lornes and Lanarks/Larnacks. In the same update, the two-headed eagle of the Laner Coat was mentioned, and to prove now that Laners trace to Lanuvium, they use the same small saltire, in the same colors, as English Candies, while Italian Candis/Candidas (black eagle) were first found in Naples, the Campania / Avellino theater.

It's probably not coincidental that the Candi/Candida eagle is in the colors of the Coles bull, for Kyles use candles while Candis/Candidas have candle-like variations. The Kyle location in Ayrshire is beside the Campbells/Cammels that I trace to Campania / Avellino, and moreover Coles ruled Camulodunum, thus making the Campbell/Cammel link to Camulodunum very hard. But it also tends to trace the MacArthurs to the Laners (and Candies / Candis), exactly what is expected as per Ardea being beside Lanuvium.

You may have spotted Kyles / Coles in the mottos of the Hays/Heys and Heyers/Ayers, not surprising because Kyles have their Kyle location on AYRshire. What is surprising is that Kyles / Coles are now tracing to a link with the Hof / Coffert elements that I see in Hays/Heys, and to prove this idea I had traced "Cole" to "KOLODziej," a term given by others to the Piast > Mieszko dynasty. Aside from the similarity of "Kolod" with "Celt/Colts," which is important in itself in this Pilate discussion, the point was that Mieszko's daughter became the Haught/HOUGHton surname for a Hof reason (that was discovered in the last update).

I traced the COLTers to "Kolodjiez" because Colters use wheels, while the full title f the mythical character was "Piast Kolodjiez The Wheelwright." Colters were not only first found in Lanarkshire, but they use CATHERine wheels, a symbol now suspect in "Caesar" elements. German Colters/Goltzers were first found in Baden, the Hof theater.

I didn't realize at the time of the October update that the Laner eagle should trace to the Roman eagle of Maxwells. How important is it in this picture, if the Maxwell HOLLY bush represents the Roman line of Julius? Here's from the first update in October:

Italian Lanes were first found in Brescia/Brixia. As per the Trentino location in Brescia province, entering "Trent" ("Augeo" motto) brings up an "eagle rising," a phoenix theme, while the Terrant Coat above uses red (on white) eagles that I consider phoenix. As I trace the phoenix to Mus [also called, Taran] at Lake Van, check out the "FuiMUS" motto term of the Bruces. Why Bruces? Because they were mainline Brescia elements.

We might wonder whether the Augeo motto term links to "Augustus," who took Rome over from Julius Caesar.

We saw red-on-white eagles in the Caesar-suspect Casey Coat, and then the Cassane-suspect Constances/Custers also use a red eagle while they trace to Lake Constance, location of Lindau. But the trace of this eagle to Mus explains why Fertes (who put out Ferte-Maces) use the Constance eagle too. What we're seeing in the quote above is Van elements evolving into the Veneti (where Ferrari lived), and passing by Brescia as the Ananes, but also as the Lanes. If this assumes Lake-Van elements at Ardea / Lanuvium, there's an Ardahan region near Lake Van that should explain it. As Lake Van was heavily Nairi, we could expect Nahorite Hebrews in Brescia's Eburovices, and then as Nereus merged with Doris, so we find that the Taran/Terrant surname was first found in Dorset. It suggests that Taran elements, and therefore Mus elements, were on the DURance river, which river is near both Turin and the Mascis.

If the above makes a fundamental link of Nahorites to Taran, it should explain why Taras, the god of Taranto (Apulia), was made both a dolphin and a son of Poseidon, for Nereus and Doris were made Poseidon-related fish.

Hmm, the Archers and the Archibure variation of Arthurs were a topic in the last update, wherefore "Lanark" may have been a Lane-Archer combination. The Darks of Arques were touched on, and they use a saltire in the colors of the same of Maxwells / Kilpatricks.

Bruces lived at Annandale, and use the Annandale saltire in the colors used by Ayrshire, Hinks and Latins. Chances are, Bruces were Ananes Gauls, and then their other home was in Yorkshire, the location wherein I see Pharisees, and where I expect the Paris elements of Chappes' and Levi. In the last update, it was discovered that Heys/Hays (eagle rising) were Coverts/Cofferts of the Duffy and Coffer kind (I should have made the link to HAYden lake at the time). Duffs were likewise first found in Perthshire. We even have reason to see the Ananes in the line of Judea's Roman governor(s) just before Pilate got the job:

Valerius Gratus was the Roman Prefect of Iudaea province under Tiberius from 15 to 26 AD. He succeeded ANNIUS [caps mine] Rufus and was replaced by Pontius Pilate.

The government of Gratus is chiefly remarkable for the frequent changes he made in the appointment of the high-priesthood. He deposed Ananus, and substituted Ismael, son of Fabi, then Eleazar, son of Arianus, then Simon, son of Camith, and lastly Joseph Caiaphas, the son-in-law of Ananus.

It appears that Ananias/Ananus may have been related to the Roman governor(s) of his time. What's with that Fabi character smacking of Latin Fabians??? And as I tend to trace Eleazars and Simons of Israel in that time-period to Maccabees, what's with that Camith term in the Simon family; it's looking much like the Chemmites?

Did I suggest that the black-on-white Sinclair cross ("engrailed") was that of the chief-priest line, a variation of the Kilpatrick and Maxwell cross? Rollo was a Sinclair, and then the Rollo/Rollock surname uses the same stag (see half way down the page) as the Celt/Colt/Cult stag (Perthshire), and moreover Rollos were first found in Perthshire. By now, no one can accuse these ideas as ridiculous or unfounded. The pattern is always the same. There were common components between the Perthshire and Bute areas involving the killers/enemies of Christ, and they knew it, though by secrecy and deception, the truth was lost from the general public.

My bet is that the green dragon of Baldwins and Kilpatricks is a take on the green snake in the Arms of Lanuvio. Who is that war goddess in the Arms? Chances are also that this green snake belonged to the Visconti > Sforza line. Who had it first, Lanuvium or the Viscontis? Why did the Visconti snake have, by design, seven coils (shown with only six at the link above), as though symbol for the seven hills of Rome?

[The Bisconti variation of Viscontis may betray their Basque / Biscay nature. Julius Caesar was born in Suburu, a term like "Sforza," a spot in Rome on the east side of Esquiline hill. The Basques call themselves, Euskals, and may therefore be from that hill.]

Lanuvium (near Rome) was home to a Roman ruler in Syria, and then the father of Ananias is said to have been a Syrian:

Syria was placed in charge of Judea from the time of these Judean governors:
After...AD 6, Quirinius was appointed legate governor of Syria, to which the province of Iudaea had been added for the purpose of a census.

Born in the neighborhood of Lanuvium, a Latin town near Rome, of an undistinguished family...

What other rulers from Lanuvium were in Syria that may have given birth to Ananias?

"Annas {also Ananus or Ananias}, son of Seth (23/22 BC&-;66 AD), was appointed by the Roman legate Quirinius [of Syria] as the first High Priest of the newly formed Roman province of Iudaea in 6 AD..."

We have Ananias appointed by a Roman from Land-, Lanark-, Lane-, and Lennon-like Lanuvium. I've known this for some time, yet it's only now that Lanuvium is looking like the root of "Anane."

AHA! With the idea above that "Lanark" may have been a Lane-Archer combo, see here:

"Publius Sulpicius Quirinius (Greek - Kyrenios or Cyrenius, c. 51 BC - AD 21) was a Roman aristocrat. After the banishment of the ethnarch Herod Archelaus in 6, he was appointed governor of Syria.

Herod ARCHelaus was banished to Vienna of Burgundy, and the Pilate surname was first found in Burgundy. We might expect that "Vienne" elements became Arthur's wife, therefore, explaining not only the ARCHibure variation of the Arthurs, but wildly supporting the Arthur = Herod theory. It then tends to prove that the heart symbol of Lanarkshire (and the Lanark surname) is both for the Herods and MacArthurs. For me, that is a clincher; the Arthurian cult was based on the Herod line of the Herods who had ruled Israel, and the cult was in some significant way out of Vienna...near Macon.

Smack beside Lanuvium is Ardea, a term much like "Herodia" (i.e. Herods may have developed out of Ardea), the place where Aphrodite / Venus first appeared in Italy. She was representative of the Heneti that I trace to Arthur's wife, and therefore Heneti should have named Vienna. But as I trace Pepins to the Heneti, I figure that the Landon ancestry of Pepins was also Heneti, meaning that Heneti were founders of Lanarkshire, or that the Ananes founders of Lanark were named after Heneti. See how "Ananes" may have developed from the idea of "Vannes" (Brittany).

"Quirinius" was an ancient deity of the Sabines whose cult was on one of the seven hills of Rome. The cult was known as "Quirites," smacking of the Curetes of Crete, or the Carthaginians.

Let's go momentarily back to the Darks of Arques, likely part of the Archer bloodline now highly suspect from Herod Archelaus. In the New Testament, Jesus was forced to go see king Herod during his kangaroo-court proceedings. Herod mockingly placed his purple robe on Jesus, which may be the reason for the purple strong arm in the Dark Crest. Ask why the Revelation dragon is scarlet (= red-purple), and why the harlot on its back wears a purple robe? Yes, purple was the color of Romans, but what elements exactly in the Romans brought the purple color to them? Was it the Ardea location leading to the Arthur/ARCHibald and Herod surnames? Red should go back to Herod-like Rhodes, but the Curetes of Crete and Carthaginians go back to red-purple Phoenicians...whom I trace from Lake Van's phoenix symbol to the Heneti (in this picture, "Heneti" may be from "Pheneti", so to speak).

I've already mentioned (but only once before) that "Archelaus" could trace to "Argyll(shire)," where MacArthurs brought about the Pepin- and Land-related Campbells. But Arthur ancestry in Stirling (beside Perthshire) is also suspect at the birth of Pilate. In other words, per chance, Herods may have been from Arthur blood, not vice-versa.

True, I did trace "Argyll" to "Argos," but then Lanuvium is said to have been founded by mythical Diomedes of Argos. Does anyone sense that Danaans of Argos were at Lanuvium? There is much said about the potential for the Israeli tribe of Dan to have gotten a snake symbol due to the blessings that Jacob gave to his 12 sons. "Lanuvium" can trace to "Lindos," the Danaan city on Rhodes. Therefore, is Lanuvium's green snake that of the tribe of Dan? Is this why the tribe of Dan is left out of Revelation though it will not exist in the After-Age?

Helios of Rhodes was, I believe, the Gileki and Galli peoples, both of whom used coiled (= helix) snakes (the Kyles use a coiled snake and should apply to Helios lines, especially as "Cole" smacks of "Sol"). I cannot see that the Gileki / Galli were the tribe of Dan, but a merger is likely. If correct to trace Galli through Galilee in northern Israel, note that Dan elements conquered Laish and settled northern Israel above Galilee. A Helios merger with the city of Dan (formerly Laish) at mount Hermon is easily predictable, especially as Hermes (god of Hermon) was given the caduceus rod as his symbol, which was a pair of coiled snakes.

Keep in mind here, in all the implications that must be going through your mind, that I identify the Hermes Cadusii peoples at Hermon with CADmus, whom I trace through the Cilician Cati to the Hatti on the Halys, where I expect the Galli (Galatians later settled the Halys). It appears that Helios was largely a cult from the city of Dan, thus explaining Danaans on Rhodes. I've always hesitated to make a Danaan link to the Israeli tribe of Dan, but in this picture, it looks to prove correct...unless there had been ancient confusion between Danites and Tanis / Tanais elements.

Kaisariya, Cathars, Caesars, Khazars, or all of the Above

A good point here is the Adana location at Tarsus, where I know for a near sheer-fact that Danaans lived before reaching Argos (others have traced Argos' historical roots to Tarsus). Adana and Tarsus were near Mazaca = Kaisariya = Caesarea, which gives us a third, and possibly the best, option for tracing the Casey / Casser surnames (and similar others) that seemed very recently to be at the root of the Ananias bloodline.

It may have been hasty to trace the surnames to "Khazar," but maybe not if Khazars came forth from that location. I don't know whether the location went by a Kaisariya term before the Roman Caesars arrived, which just happened to be like "Caesar," or whether "Kaisariya" is just a version of "Caesar." I'm leaving those two options on the table for now. I do know that Herodotus traced Amazons from the Thermodon area -- who must have had a capital at Amazon-like Mazaca -- to Tanais (at the Don river) in northern Caucasia almost where Khazars had ruled from (they ruled from the north shores of the Caspian but expanded toward the Tanais/Don river). In fact, I trace Danaans to "Tanais" anyway, so that there could be a Tanais link of Adana. Moreover, as Danaans were on Lindos, thanks to Tim I can report that the Lindsey surname has the septs of Downeys, Dooneys, Douneys, and Dunneys, which at least verifies a Lindsey trace to Rhodes. (In the 1st update of August, 2011, Downeys were traced to Briancon and the Salyes on the Durance river.)

This is important because Kays and Innis-suspect Inces / Inches both use two bendlets in the colors of the Salyes bend. It tends to trace Ananes elements, if indeed they were "Innis" too, back to Caesarea. The Ananes-suspect Heneti lived on the Parthenius river to the west side of the Halys, and Argos was founded partly on a mythical Parthenius entity.

Covert-branch Caiaphas elements at KYburg, who should trace to CAPPAdocia elements at Kay-suspect Caesarea (there's a second Caesarea, in Israel, also called "KEYsarya), were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Adana-suspect Deins, Diens, Danes and Danners. That in itself is supportive of the Covert trace to Cappadocia (where Mazaca was the capital). The Diens use the Masci wing so that even Mascis-et-al should trace to "Mazaca," and then the Thermodon Amazons had moved to Mysia...where Clarus is located (beside Ephesus) to which I trace the Claro/Sinclair DANES and related CUTTers); Mazaca's Amazons must have named Mysia.

One can see in all this that Ialysos in Rhodes can indeed be the reason for "Julius," especially if Caesarea was named in honor of Julius Caesar (I can't get online right now to check as lighting has fried my 6th modem in three years). Aside from this conversation, I trace "Ialysos" to "Helios" and "Halys," and it just so happens that Caesarea is on the Halys. [Here's the Caesarea article:

Kayseri was originally called Mazaka or Mazaca by the Hattians. It was changed to Eusebia after Ariarathes V Eusebes [Essene element?], King of Cappadocia (163-130 BCE). It was changed again by Archelaus (d. 17 CE), last King of Cappadocia (36 BCE-14 CE) and a Roman vassal, to "Caesarea in Cappadocia" honour of Caesar Augustus...

Archelaus, king of Cappadocia??? Might Herod Archelaus have been from him?]

If we are convinced that the chief priests of Israel were given a grail symbol (they liked to wash cups almost ceremonially), then note how "Cilix," mythical founder of Cilicia, smacks of "chalice." That is, I suspect that the Cadmus > Cilix line of Tyrians to the Tarsus area of Cilicia was the reason for the grail / cup symbol long before the births of Ananias and Caiaphas. But as the Cati peoples of Cilicia lived in KHASSI / Kizzuwatna, it's already apparent that these peoples named the Hatti on the Halys, and so why couldn't they also have named "KAISariya." In other words, before Julius Caesar was born, Mazaca may have been named alternatively after the KHASSI / KAIS term that applied to the grail-depicted Cati > Hatti bloodline, which I identify with mythical Atti(s), father of Lydians and therefore of Latins (from whom Julius may have come).

In that picture, "Caesar" may have been named after Kaisariya elements, not vice-versa. If "Julius/Iulius" traces to "Ialysos," then I would go further and trace it to "Halys and "Helios." The theory here is that Danaans once at Lindos had settled at Lanuvium (Latin area) after they started to rule Argos, and that it was the Danaans amongst the Lanuvium Latins who put forth Ananias out of the Caesarea / Syria theater.

Revelation says that one of the seven heads seemed to have had a fatal wound, but it arose to what appears to be world power, a picture of a rising phoenix, if you will, or the revival of the Roman empire. One of the seven heads refers to one of seven Roman Caesars, but then the seven heads are also said to be the seven hills of Rome. Should we be looking for the rise of the Quirinius bloodline that placed Ananias in power in Israel? Can that question have any meaning to us?

It's a good possibility that Kays trace to Kaisariya so Kyburg at Zurich = Turicum can trace to "Tarsus / Taurus" elements. There's a Turan location smack beside modern Kayseri (= Caesarea, under discussion). These elements are suspect as the namers of Trojans, and as we are concerned with the Paris / Hector Trojans as they lead to "Pharisee," so we find that the Ector/Hector surname was made the mythical father of Kay/Cai. It's known that Lydians were Trojan allies so that Trojans look like they came through the Cati > Hatti line to Lydians (beside Mysia, where Troy was located). Trojans were a marriage of DarDANUS with BATia so that Roman PATricians may have been from "Batia." Pharisee-suspect Phrygians were also Trojan allies.

It appears that Phrygians named Paris, and therefore the city of Parion/Parium in Mysia to which I trace mythical Priam, father of Paris. But as Phrygians were also called Brigians, what about Brigantium = Briancon on the Durance river? The DRAGuignan location is not far from Briancon, and it smacks of Draco, what I think came from "Thraco/Thrace," the country that Trojans are thought to be named after. Trojans were traced mythically to the formation of Romans so that, you see, Julius Caesar can indeed trace back to the Kaisariya theater on the Halys (and beside the Taurus mountains that I trace to the similar place (Tarsatica) on the north side of proto-Roman Japodes). This is a good place to repeat the mythical Trojan, Capys, whom I trace to "Cappadocia" and view as the proto-Caiaphas line. Others trace Capys to a Capua location (Campania, Italy) and therefore to the Capua surname first found in Naples.

By what coincidence was Ananias' father named, Seth, like the Sithech term that grail-using Shaws/Shays/Sheaves are said to be named after? By what coincidence are key-using Italian Sheaves/Chaves also "Chiapponi," about as close to "Caiaphas" as one can get? Don't the keys in the Sheaves/Chaves Coat suggest Keyseri/Kaisariya?

Quirinius was a Sabine entity, and Sabines were at home in Abruzzo, where the Italian Sheaves/Chaves surname was first found. Another early Sabine entity was Titus Tatius, and then the father of mythical Diomedes of Lanuvium was "Tydeus." It could give the impression that Lanuvium was founded by Argives / Danaans from the land of Sabines.

In the last update, it was very welcome that, not long after tracing Coverts to Kyburg and then also to Ky-like "Kay," Kaybournes were found using footless martins, a symbol of Coverts. But I didn't mention (because it didn't come to mind yet) that the black-on-white lozenges of Kaybournes can link to the ermined black-on-white lozenges of English Shaws/Sheaves, the Shaw branch using the "qui" motto term. This Kaybourne evidence, new to me, nails the Kay/Kay bloodline to the Shaws/Shays, with the effect of stapling the Caiaphas-suspect Coverts to Caiaphas-suspect Sheaves > Shaw bloodline...all the way back to mythical Capys at Kaisariya/Keyseri. Kaybournes use the Cobb martlets.

Ermines are a symbol of the Hermes line, surely, and Germans have a Herminones branch that easily trace to Sion at mount Hermon. German Herminones (= proto-Germanics), worshipers of Zio, trace easily to mount Hermon and Sion, and then a god of Germans, Mannus, smacks of the Maness surname now used by Cathian Covert. It's important because I trace the Hermes Armenians to the Manes > Atti(s) bloodline while identifying Atti(s) with the Hatti founders of Mazaca. There is a question of whether the Hatti were Hittites, who smack of "Hitler." Again, as the Hiedler/Hitler Shield has been found in the Arms of Zurich/Turicum, the latter may trace to the Taurus mountains at the Mazaca theater, or even to the Turan location at modern Keyseri that can be traced to "Taran" at Lake Van's Mus province, what I trace to "CadMUS," the Armenian line that carried the Hermes cult at Hermon to the Hatti. Let's not forget the ancient swastika bracelet (in Wikipedia's swastika article) showing a perfect swastika, for it was found in the land of the Gileki whom should trace to the Hatti-related Galli. Here in the land of the Hatti are your proto-Nazis, all ironically from mount Sion.

666ers and their Bold-Faced Agenda

There seems to be a bloodline all the way across the path of history that wants to rule the planet at any human cost, and for further human exploitation. Second place just won't do; it continually seeks to resurrect it's old glory. It appears to be the grail line of Cadmus, from Mus at Lake Van. It seems that God chose this bloodline to do the dirty work in sacrificing His Son so that in the end times that bloodline could receive the brunt of His Wrath. God will allow it to become resurrected in the very last years in order to whack it while in glorious flight, like Zeus striking an annoyance with a bolt of lightning. And the destruction of this stubborn, psychotic bird will be to the music of celebrations. The weight on the human race will be lifted, and new stars will arise who never had the same hope from this world. Death, suffering, and unthinkable evil and tragedies (and even mosquitoes) will be done away with. The Roman phoenix will make war with the Reserved-of-God, but the Bride will escape as an eagle in great flight (Revelation 12).

The 666-like image in the strings of the Traby bugles is interesting where Trabys trace to Trabzon, near an old Genetes location to which I trace the gonfanon-branch Heneti. That is, the Lake Van phoenix, which we may call Taran or Mus, traces to Genetes, and from there to Ghent/Gaunt, and to the Macey, Vain and Wayne gauntlet gloves. I'm writing this paragraph because, years before discovering the Traby bugles, I suspected that Drummond bankers of London (founders of Irvingism and the Catholic Apostolic Church, now the New Apostolic Church) were behind the formation of the pre-tribulation rapture theory. It seemed at the time that this rapture theory was developed to keep the Bride from preparing for the 666, and though I should have pegged the London Drummonds at that time as those behind the move toward a 666 banking system, I didn't go that far with any emphasis. Now, however, I can add that I've traced "Drummond" with confidence to "Thermodon," the river near Trabzon.

I don't know the geography of that Trabzon / Thermodon land very well, but do know a few things. One, it was beside the land of Gog, and the Amazons had merged with Gargarians that can be traced easily to the Paris / Parion Gorgons at the root of Trojans. Two, the Pyxites river flower there, and it just so happens that it's an easy trace of Scottish / Caledonian Picts to that area, because the Khaldi lived in the Trabzon / Pyxites theater (it may not be easy or possible anymore to find the Pyxites river online aside from my own works). The point is that while the 666 traces well to Trabzon, the Picts are said to be named after painting themselves with tattoos. The 666 mark of the beast (Revelation 13) is likened to a tattoo in the hand or forehead. The Greek letters that spell "666" are chi-xi-stigma, using two terms like the Key surname tracing to Mazaca, home of the Meshech that are said to be Gog's allies in the end-time flight of the old lunatic bird.

It just so happens that the mother of Pontius Pilate is said to have been a Pict from the Perthshire land of Picts. The Pilate pheon (could be a version of the ermine that traces to Vannes) is used in colors reversed by the Celts/Colts/Cults who smack of the CALEDonians, and besides it seems logical that Celts and Gauls together trace to the Khaldi and their Halybes allies (on the Halys). So, there we have a good clue as to where the 666 system will come forth from: the Pictish bloodline, the Drummond bloodline (first found in Perthshire), and the Pilate grail cult of the Perthshire Shaws. The Drummond bankers of London that gave us pre-tribulationism had been working with the Royal Bank of Scotland. There are Royal Banks elsewhere, but what parts may British royals have in these banks?

The Digital Angel skin chips now appear to be a thing of the past, for the time being anyway, apparently because the people were rejecting them. I read recently that the skin chip went belly-up in 2010. The new trend, I also read, is toward a tattoo-like Universal Product Code. Here's an update this month in my Skincode chapter:

I didn't know until now that "[VeriChip] was discontinued in 2010 amid concerns about privacy and safety. Still scientists and engineers have not given up on the idea. A handful of enterprising companies have stepped into the void left by VeriChip, and are developing ways to integrate technology and man. Biotech company MicroCHIPS has developed an implantable chip to deliver medicine to people on schedule and without injection. And technology company BIOPTid has patented a noninvasive method of identification called the "human barcode"

I find it hard to believe that people would wear a visible bar code in the hand or forehead, and so I'm looking to an invisible one instead. Next up, from the 2nd update of last April:

As promised in the last update, I would investigate in this update the Teck entity that was associated with Edward VIII, and so I should mention that Livingston club is held by the "DEXter hand." If that's not enough, the Hands/Hants were first found in Cheshire too, and they are now tracing to Ananes Gauls, cousins of the [Levi-suspect] Livingstons, I assume. Late in the last update, the Teck entity was traced to the "Ticino" river, where the Laevi lived.

Moreover yet, the Savages were first found in Cheshire, and the Livingston club is held in the dexter hand of a "savage." If that's not enough, the Savage Coat uses the upright Levi lion in Levi-lion colors...

Revelation 13 predicts the skincode will be placed in the right = dexter hand. But while we may have thought that this decision will come down to technical interests, might it become the decision of Levi-related families who use "dexter" as a beloved heraldry code? For example, the Ananias-suspect Hands? Couldn't they have had a dexter code at some point? What about the Dechs / Decks / Tecks that I trace to the Ticino, where Ananes Gauls are expected? As I trace Ananes to Heneti, who were the Venus-stag line, what about the stag in the Celt/Colt/Cult Coat? I definitely see a Khaldi merger with the Heneti in the land of the Nazi-suspect Hatti. I can't imagine any psychopathetic group more apt to unleash a mandatory (at the pain of death) skincode world than Nazi lovers.

I always trace the Hand/Hant surname to the same-colored Hanna surname (said to be from "Hannethe") first found in Galloway. If that's named after Galli/Gauls, then it's likely also the land of the Celts from Trabzon. And both Laevi and Ananes were Gauls. Kilpatricks of Dumfries are beside Galloway.

Are Kilpatricks routinely traced to Ananes? See from the first update in last January:

Revelation predicts a mark in the right / dexter hand or foreHEAD, and then we find "dexter" in the Kilpatrick write-up. In fact, the dexter paw (or hand!) is used and placed on the "head" of the dragon. Here's the full KilPatrick description: "A green dragon reguardant, surmounted of a black lion guardant with his dexter paw resting on the dragon's head."

One can't get much more Revelation than that. It's looking as though the very bloodline that had Jesus executed will also put out the 666. When I traced the Butteri bloodline of Kilpatricks to Lanuvium several months ago, I don't recall knowing that the Arms of Lanuvio used a green snake. Again, Lanuvium is traced by others to Argos, where Samson's Danaans ruled, and the tribe of Dan in Revelation 21 is missing from the list of Israel's 2 tribes. Many Christians had interpreted this omission as Danites furnishing the anti-Christ, and they pointed to the serpent by the roadside that was said of Dan, the man, the son of Jacob. The Pharisee-suspect Veres use a green dragon. You can see the Moray stars in that Arms, not forgetting that Moray stars are used also by the Weirs/Veres...and Innis' who not only smack of "Annas," but who use a green snake [later, Innis elements will be traced to Annius Rufus, a Roman governor of Judea shortly before Pilate; don't miss that section].

Innis' also use Zionist stars in the colors of the same that is the modern Israeli flag. Could it seem that modern Israel was given in dedication to the Ananias bloodline? I had traced the Inces / Innis to "INSubres" living in the Laevi / Ticino theater, though I wasn't able to clinch the link. It's still on the table, however. It indicated to me that Insubres were a branch of Ananes with an Ubre-like entity, for it just so happens that Eburovices lived at Brescia (hard to find online but I saw it with my own eyes).

After writing all the above, a new modem was purchased and I was back online. Here's from a May 21 article compliments of YS:

As Western diplomats meet this week in Baghdad to try to coax Iran's leaders to disclose its full nuclear program, Gen. James Mattis will be keeping an eye on the Persian military.

Mattis wanted to send a third aircraft-carrier group to the Persian Gulf earlier this year, The Daily Beast has exclusively learned...

But the president wanted to focus military resources on new priorities like China, and Mattis was told a third carrier group was not available to be deployed to the Gulf.

The carrier-group rebuff in January was one of several for the commander responsible for East Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Working for the Obama administration, Mattis has often found himself the odd man out -- particularly when it comes to Iran.

Military sources close to the general tell The Beast that Mattis was worried that the president's decision, announced in November, to fully withdraw from Iraq would leave the U.S. military without access to the country's bases and with few options to project power in the region....

"General Mattis is a key player in administration debates and a vital implementer of the administration's policies," said Denis McDonough, a deputy national-security adviser and one of President Obama's most trusted advisers on foreign affairs.

Those who have worked with Mattis say his views when it comes to Iran are more in line with those of America's allies in the Persian Gulf and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than with his own government's. At a recent charity event for Spirit of America, Mattis, known by admirers as the "warrior monk"; and by detractors as "Mad Dog Mattis," said his three top concerns in the Middle East were "Iran, Iran, and Iran."


There's a green snake in the McDonough Crest, which I thought was amazing because it was found just after suggesting that Danaans of the Downey kind should have been in Lanuvium. It seems as though YS sent the email at just the right time.

Obama's own mother has, in my opinion, a Danaan bloodline. You just heard me trace the rising eagle from Lake Van to Muskerry, beside Country Kerry, but that was before I was able to get online to get the Mattis article. The Donough surname uses a rising eagle in Chief, and was first found in Kerry! God still invests Himself in those of us who have been part of this revelation. If this continues, we'll soon find the person who invented the mark of the beast. We might ask why the Marcus surname was invented, which surname I'm tracing to the Marici peoples who lived on the same river -- the Ticino -- as the Laevi. Were the Marici related to the Picts or other tattooing peoples?

[Insert -- ZOWIE BEHOLD SPECTACULAR!!! While proof-reading the above, the Best surname was loaded as per "beast," but I walked off before viewing the Coat. I walked to my interlinear Bible to look up the Greek word for "mark" in Revelation 13. I started some breakfast and a coffee while wondering about the Greek word, "charagma," and I considered the Graig / Craig surnames. That is, I was wondering whether God in Revelation used "mark of the beast" to indicate a beast-like and a charagma-like entity/surname. I knew that Carricks are said to be from "Craig," and so started wondering about my trace of "Carrick" to "Saracen," for I tend to see Saracens in "KaiSARIYA," especially as mythical Capys was made a son of AsSARACus. As Assaracus was likewise a Trojan, one point is that Trojans, if I recall correctly, used tattoos.

When finally getting back to the computer screen, there in the Best Crest was an ostrich, the Carrick symbol!!! But it's also the symbol of 666-suspect Trabys.

The Craigs use crescents (Saracen-surname symbol) in the colors of the Darths/Deaths and related Aachens, an important topic at the end of this update with new revelations. Carrick-related Kerricks use a Pilate-suspect pile, and a "calTROP" that looks like the Priestly/Presley symbol, and Kerricks were first found in PRESTbury, making them suspect as the Israeli-priest line.

Kerricks show a buried "quam" term, important because I link that term to the House bloodline, and Darths/Deaths will link exactly to the Hazel / House bloodline out of Essen at Dusseldorf. Don't miss that discussion below. I trace "quam" terms to "Cumbers / Commers," and then Saracens, who use their crescents in Carrick-Coat colors, were first found in CUMBERland. The Saracen Shield is in the gold color of the Sarks/Surreys/Surrichs, and the latter clan was first found in Devon, the very place that will be emphasized in the Essen topic. Again, Surreys/Surrichs should trace to Covert and Hitler elements at Zurich, and Zurich in-turn can trace to the Taurus mountains at Saracen-suspect Kaisariya. As Mazaca, that location must trace to Cheshire, where the Beast(on)/Bessin surname was first found...that uses what I suspect is the bend of Seleucid-related Sales(-of-Masci).

I see that the Beaston/Bessin bee design has been changed. It used to be identical to the bees in the Boy Coat, and in the Thule-suspect Tall/Thal Coat (Carricks use talbots). Talls/Thals (ostrich feathers, linking to Carrick and Best ostrich) were first found in Turicum-like Thuringia. The Bee Coat uses the Sale bend and the Hanan / Massey / Bessen Shield, as well as the dragon-head design (in green) of the NorthUMBERland Clarks, important because Clarks and Houses have been linked already to Nazi suspects in covert USA.

Dutch Bests are also "Beest." I've traced French Bests/Bes' to the Mieszko line. End insert]

The wolves (Fleming wolf design) in the Donough Coat are white on green, colors reversed from the Deas/Daisy surname (Angus) that is known to be from the Muskerry Desmonds. Deas variations -- Dease, Deasson, and Dasone, along with "Des(mond)" -- may suggest D'Esau / D'Essene, explaining why there seems to be a Deas link to MacAbees. There's a phoenix-suspect red eagle in the Cromby Crest, and while Crombys were first found beside Angus, Desmonds use a "Crom aboo" motto that must be in-part for Crombys and in-part for the bees of the Deas Crest (which I think are a symbol-in-turn for the MacAbees).

Reminders: Maxwell-Ros' use a saltire in the colors of the Annandale and Desmond saltire, and Maxwell-related Kilpatricks use "a boo" in their motto. Sullivans use a similar term ("abu"), and because MacAbees use salmon, they ought to trace to the same peoples (the Salyes) as "SulliVAN." It can't be a coincidence that Desmonds were MacArthys to an integrated point, while Sullivans use the MacCarthy stag design. Earlier, it was shown that the Downey lions traced to Salyes, suggesting that the Danaans I imagined at Lanuvium were also in Liguria. To this idea, the Sullivans use yet another green snake (i.e. symbol of Lanuvium). [In the Insert above, the green dragon of the Bees came with a bend suspect as that of Sales = Salyes Ligures, and I think the Sale bend was once the Maxwell / Kilpatrick saltire because "saltire" smacks of the Sallete variation in the Sale page.]

While Kilpatricks have the Levi lion on top of a green dragon, the other Sullivan Crest is a robin on the back of a green lizard. Note how Sullivans divide their symbols and Shield into black-and-white, as do English Latins/Lattons. This trace of Sullivans to Lanuvium may suggest that the "Lamh" motto term of Sullivans is of the Lam-like surnames using Lan terms too (I recall such a discussion in one involving Landons).

The Sullivan robin is very interesting for tracing Sullivans to the white pheons of the Robins, the pheons that I see as those of the Pilate Coat, for the Deas' and related Crombys are from the Perthshire theater. If you recall the trace of Rangabes to the Rangen/Rainhams, first found beside Angus, it's very conspicuous that Crombys use the same style cross, in the same white color, as the Rangabe cross. The link of the Deas' of Angus to the MacAbees is important for the "ubi" and "ibi" terms used by Newmans -- who use the Raines lions -- for this tends to link Rangens/Rainhams to that picture (Raines use "leges" in their motto). The Rangen/Rainham Shield-and-Chief combination (in Rangabe colors) is used by the Saluzzos (a Cottian-suspect Cutters), first found in Piedmont (i.e. the Salyes and Cottian theater, where the MacAbee salmon trace).

If you were convinced that the Saraca fish evolved into the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys, as used by Bush's and Bos'/Boschs, and if you were convinced very recently that Rangabes were behind the white-on-blue colors of the Este eagle, and if you were convinced also that Ragusa (also called "Laus") of the Saracas linked to the Rijeka theater of the Andechs (where the black double-headed Maxwell eagle had been), see the white-on-blue fleur de lys in this Wrangle Coat. That should explain why the Rangabe cross is a "flory" cross (having fleur-de-lys ends). It suggests that Rangabes came from the Laus location that was also Ragusa [later, another Laus location will be traced to Herod AcheLAUS in an interesting way], which may suggest a fundamental relationship between the terms, RANGabe and "RAGusa."

The Raines were first found in Essex, where Colchester = CAMULodunum is located, and then the Bus and HAMELton cinquefoils are identical so as to suggest that they were from Nahor's sons, Buz and Kemuel, the latter's descendants founding (in my opinion) Camulos (the god) and Camulodunum. As this traces Rangabes to Camulodunum (not forgetting that the Kyles / Coles of that place had traced excellently to the Rijeka / Gorski theater), it means that the Rangabe-suspect Bush and Bos/Bosch clans should trace to "Buz."

The Bus and Hamelton cinquefoils are white on red, just like the cinquefoils of the Lam/Lamb Coat. If you recall the trace of George Bush to Palmyra elements and to Palm(er)s etc. (this was at the time that my neighborhood robin flittered on my window for five hours until I got the whole Intended message; see 1st update last April), then zowie, we now see a "Palma" term in the Lam/Lamb motto.

Anytime I see NorthUMBERland, where Lams/Lambs were first found, and a Covert Shield, as Lams/Lambs use, I think the Bush-related Nazis. Coverts were traced to the gonfanon banner, and the Lam/Lamb Crest uses the Templar lamb with banner. The gonfanon thus-far is usually found in red, the color often of the banner of the Templar lamb; e.g. the Pascals (rising red eagle with Levi lions).

The Lam/Lamb write-up: "First found in Northumberland, where they were Lords of the manor of West Denton." Denton sounds like a Danaan bloodline, and Coverts were first found in the same place as Dane-like terms, such as Diens who use the Masci wing, which eagle wing I do now see in the German Bus Crest. It recalls my trace of Bush's and Hitlers to Mascis, and that was before I had traced Coverts to Hitlers in the last update (nor forgetting that Chaines/Chenays use the Masci wing too). Now see the black-on-gold eagle of the German Bus', for the Massi/Mattis Chief uses it.

Not only were Dentons/Dantons first found in NorthUMBERland too, but they too use the same eagle in Crest, and more cinquefoils in Chief. Thus, I imagine that Coverts and these Danaan lines had merged, perhaps explaining why Cathian Covert married a Dein (Sussex). The Dans (Sussex) even use Hohen-colored checks, and we saw (in the last update) Coverts linked fundamentally to Hohens. Part of Covert-related Swabia was in Baden-Wurttemberg off the Neckar river, and then German Danners/Denners/Danes were first found in Wurttemberg. Scottish Danners were first found in Sussex too, and use two "nec" terms as code for the Neckar.

Rodhams use "nec" too, were first found in NorthUMBERland, and even use cinquefoils that I've linked to those of the Bus' and Hameltons. I now realize that the Rodham cinquefoils are those of the Dentons/Dantons, and for me a Rod link to a Dan clan is cause for a trace to Danaans of Rhodes. It's the Rosicrucians in our faces, isn't it? They hate life and love death, explaining why they are continuously seeking to harm the world with their secret agendas that in-the-meantime suck the world's wealth and power structures to themselves. Over and over again, God hammers them into futility, yet they arise again and again, never learning their lessons. Even the Rodham tree trunk with new shoots is a symbol of promised revival.

The Sussex Danners use black-on-white lozenges (called "fussily" in this case), which should link to the same-colored Lossings who use, in my current opinion, a version of the Latin/Latton saltire. Reminder: lozenges and Lossings are now being traced to Losinj in Gorski, and in that theater were the Latovici Illyrians/Celts next to the proto-Roman Japodes.

Kaybournes (lozenges) were traced in the last update to Coverts at Kyburg. As Kyburg is at Zurich while Surrey became suspect as a Zurich line, it's notable that Gastons (Surrey), who were found linked fundamentally to Coverts (last update), use Hohen checks as do the Dans of Sussex, who in-turn use their checks much like those in the Sark/Surrey/Surrich Coat. The Dan Crest is a monkey, symbol of the Crest of the Desmonds who are tracing to the Ananias line.

THUS, there seems to be a fundamental link of Danaan lines to the Caiaphas-suspect Coverts, and these Danaan lines are tracing to the Lanuvium theater of Latins / Romans suspect in putting forth Ananias.

The reason that I've been capitalizing UMBER in "Northumberland" is because YS had inquired about Neville Chamberlain, distant cousin of Houston Stewart CHAMBERlain, author of "Foundations of the 19th Century," what YS calls the "Nazi bible." Both Chamberlain Crests use a DONkey, symbol no doubt for the Donkeys and Duncans. But what I want you to know is that the last time I treated Chamberlains, they were traced to old-Egypt's Chemmites (worshipers of Perseus-branch Danaans, suspect in the ancestry of the Paris > Pharisee line), where I trace Cumber and Umber terms. Since then, I've traced Chemmites to the naming of "Qumran," and have identified "quam" motto terms as code for Qumran's Essenes. IT JUST SO HAPPENS that the Chamberland motto uses "ProESSE quam"!!! YS has set off a fiery rocket just when needed.

If that's not enough, recent updates stressed Essenes near Haifa, largely at Dor, and the latter place was traced solidly, not only to the Durance river, not only solidly to the Nahorite-Daorsi merger at Neretva (between Ragusa / Butua), but solidly to Dorset, where Chamberlains were first found. Isn't this the Megiddo bloodline that will arise again for the last time?

REMARKABLY, I did not know, when capitalizing "NorthUMBERland" above, and did not know until this minute, that the Donkey/Donkin surname was first found in Northumberland! The Donkeys/Donkins even use the cinquefoils of Lams/Lambs, likewise first found in Northumberland. I can indeed ask whether the False-Prophet lamb relates, for I expect him (or will it be a she-beast Hillary in 2016?) from the donkey-depicted Democrat Party of the United States. The Lams/Lambs trace to Seleucid-related Sullivans (black boar) with "Lamh" term, and while Armageddon starts at Essene-related Megiddo, it ends in the land of black-boar Esau, where vultures are promised by God as the Final Feast of the rising eagle. At that time, the tail of the phoenix will burn until generations are no more, and the globe trodders will know not to arise again, yet Revelation 20 has them rising yet again near the end of the generations. Such a nasty bird, like one that needs a hammer to the head to put it out of its misery.

Recall William Hitler (Adolf's nephew), who chose a Stuart-Houston surname to hide his Hitler identity. I had mentioned Houston Stewart Chamberlain in the investigation on William Hitler, and had traced his family to the area of Cathian Covert Maness (Maness' were also first found in Northumberland). In fact, I traced William Hitler to the family of the husband with Dein surname that Cathian married before she took on the Maness surname of another man. I had linked William Hitler to the Islip and House bloodline, suspect as an Essene bloodline, just as Chamberlains are now suspect. The point is, William Hitler's grandmother was a Glassl surname while stars in the colors of the Glass stars are used by the Lam/Lamb Coat.

French Chamberlains even use a white Shield on red Shield, as does the Glass Coat. French Chamberlains even use the same stars as Lamdens.

The related Duncans were first found in the same place (Forfarshire, beside Perthshire) as Rangens/Rainhams, and then the latter ultimately trace as Raines to "Renfrew," where Glasgow is located, and where Houstons were first found, who use a version of the Stewart checks (Scottish Stewarts lived largely in Renfrew too). The Duncans / DunKELDs can be highly suspect in the Celt/Colt/Cult line back to the Perthshire mother of Pontius Pilate.

It can't be coincidental that Rangindingen in the area of Swabia where Hohenzollerns lived is beside Jungingen, for a variation of the Duncans is "Junkin," thereby verifying that Rangens/Rainhams were linked to Rangindingen. And as the Scottish kings of the Duncan bloodline ruled in the Moray / Ross-shire theater, the "dingen" in "Rangendingen" should link to the old Ross-shire capital, Dingwall. In fact, while the Dingell/Dingwall Coat uses a gold fleece/lamb, the Duncan-related Lams/Lambs use a lamb in Crest.

One of my first traces of Pilate's mother was to the Yonges/Youngs; the trace of his mother to Duffs came afterward. German Youngs/Jungs (in the colors of Andrew's Cross) are in Rangabe colors. Duffs were traced (in the last update) exactly to the Rangendingen / (Hof)Stetten theater. This new find that links Duncans to Rangens is excellent, for the Dingwall write-up traces to Yonges! Yes: "First found in Ross-shire, where John Yonger of Dyngvale..." We easily see that Yonges were Jungs were Junkins were Duncans, all related to Essene-suspect Chamberlains. I had traced Yonges to the Roman Juno, and Duncans even use a "pati" motto term as possible code for the Roman patrician bloodline. In this picture wherein "JUNK", "DING," and "DUNC" appear to be related terms, Duncans trace to Juno. It just so happens that I traced Juno (Jupiter's wife) solidly to the Oeneus = Una river, beside a Lam-suspect Lamatis location (to which I trace the "Lamb" motto term of Sullivans).

Here's from the last update: "It is therefore illuminating to find that the French Angers Coat uses blue-and-white quarters, colors reversed from the quarters in the Arms of Jungingen, that location being in the Zollernalbkreis along with Rangendingen." Compare John the YONGER to "Anger / Unger." The German (Bohemia) Unger write-up: "The Unger surname comes from the German 'ungarn,' meaning someone from Hungary (a Magyar)." It recalls that I had suspected Hungarians in royal Scotland even before the arrival of Drummonds and Leslies. It is now suggesting that Duncans were those Hungarians. In fact, the progenitor of the Drummonds, George, son of king Andrew I, had married a Podebrady woman in Bohemia, and I thought I had found those Bohemian elements in the names of royal Scotts. I now find that Ungers (in Donkey/Donkin-cinquefoil colors) were first found in Bohemia.

The idea at the top of this update, that Drummond bankers were proudly the 666 bloodline, can now be superimposed on the 666-suspect Traby bloodline (Polish) in yet a different way; Drummonds not only link to Traby-suspect Trips of Hamburg, where German Drummonds (Rangabe / Moray / Pilate colors) were first found (remember, Scottish Drummonds too were first found in Perthshire). I had found a personal Coat of a John Yonge, Welshman, to be identical to that of the Trevor Coat, of the Trevor Tudor bloodline in Wales that traces solidly to Trabys (because both Trabys and Tudors use white ostrich feathers, and because "TREVor" and "Traby" are similar enough). That's one indication that Drummond-related Duncans / Hungarians link to Trabys, but there is also the Donkey and Duncan bugle, a symbol of the Trabys where we find strings looking like an advertisement for 666 (if the Traby Arms disappears from that page, see it here).

Nazis and Pre-Tribulationsim? Say it isn't so

Renfrew's Stewart-related Pollocks, who also use bugles -- making them suspect as a Traby bloodline -- use a gold-on-green saltire as does the Scottish Andrew Coat. I would suggest a link of the Germo-Bohemian Unger Coat with that of the Scottish Glass Coat, and therefore with Glasgow. The footless martin in the Glasgow Crest should link to the same of the Rutherford Crest. Rutherfords and Rodhams both use "nec", and the Rodham cinquefoils are in the colors of the Donkey/Donkin cinquefoils; the Glass Crest uses Moray's Melusine while there is a Rother surname first found in Morayshire.

[Insert -- I haven't checked yet whether there is a "he" term applied in Revelation to the False Prophet beast, which should rule Hillary Rodham Clinton out. But the idea that Bill and Hillary could make for a two-headed lambo-dragon team is certainly compelling. I continually have in my mind the idea that Hillary is a Nazi element. Hillary got to my brain while proof-reading the Chamberlain discussion, as per the white-on-red cinquefoils of Chamberlains and Scottish Lams/Lambs that I thought could link to the Rodham cinquefoils. Lookie at what I've just found: the Clint write-up traces curiously to a "cliff," but then the Clifftons use white-on-black cinquefoils, the colors of the English Lam/Lamb cinquefoils, colors reversed from the Rodham cinquefoils.

As Lams/Lambs and Rodhams were both first found in Northumberland, where peacock-using Maness'/Manners were first found, what about the peacock in the Cliffton Crest?

In my anxiety, I had just accidentally entered "Hillary" instead of "Rodham," and there were a slew of six crosslets in the same style, positions, and colors as the six Clinton/Glinton crosslets! The Clinton Shield-and-Chief combination is also that of Saluzzos; herein should be the Clinton relationship to Bush's and Cheneys...though Bill's true father was a Blythe surname. Yet, not likely coincidental, both Blyths and Clints use gold-on-red garbs.

Irish Lindens are also "Glindon," which traces Clintons/Glintons to Rhodes, where Rodhams trace. In fact, it explains why Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar. It's all in the global-village family, isn't it? The gold leopard used by English Lindons (and Coverts) suggests that the Blythe Coat is a colors-reversed form of the Covert Coat. It's a remarkable link because, the more I go on with investigations on Coverts, the more that Coverts link to high places. As the Lindon leopard heads are in the colors of the lions in the Arms of Kyburg, it can trace Lindons / Clintons to the Hitler theater of Zurich, smack beside Lindau. Irish Lindens use red banners, perhaps linkable to the same of Pascals and Scottish Lams/Lambs. Reminder, the Scottish Lams/Lambs, aside from linking to Rodhams in my mind, use the same-colored fesse as Coverts.

Scottish Lams/Lambs even use stars in the colors of the Glass stars, important because the Glass surname/bloodline came to mind when seeing the Glinton variation of Clintons (that came to mind moments before tracing Lintons / Clintons to Kyburg). That could link Clintons to the Glassl surname that Hitler's father married. Checking further by entering "Glenn," what what popped up but a red heart (symbol of the DuGLASS/Douglas branch of Glass'), and the Covert-style martlets.

German Glenns/Glanes were first found in the same place (Westphalia) as the Dussendorf and Essen locations that will trace below with certainty to the Hazel / House bloodline. Moreover, Glenns/Glanes use a chevron in the colors of the Clint chevron, meaning that Glenns and Clintons are very-likely branches.

The "Palma" term of Lams/Lambs gave me the sense that the surname traces to the bloodline(s) of plotters of 911 in Pennsylvania, and then I saw that the Clinton Chief and it's symbols are in the colors of the Nagle fesse. It was then seen that both Lams/Lambs and Nagles use "non" in their motto, which is a term that I had traced to a small kingdom (I can't recall the name of it). Entering "Non" gets the Nevins/Newings, and I do recall the Nieves in that discussion. There are clues in the latter two surnames that the Vey/Vivian / Fay entity at the Fife theater is involved.

The Clints lived at Clint in the parish of Ripley (Yorkshire), and then the Ripley Coat uses the Morgan lion. As the Ribble river starts in Yorkshire, it appears that mythical Morgan le Fay, which was traced to the Covert/Coffert bloodline, was on the Ribble. A tree stump not quite like that of Rodhams appears in the German Rebel/Robel Coat, and because the Masci wings appear with the stump, I trace the surname to the Ribble river passing by Cheshire.

The Rebel/Robel Coat uses the same split Shield as the Dutch Sprows who trace definitely to Sprowston in Norfolk, and Norfolk is where the Clinton-related Hillary surname was first found, but also where the Dunham surname of Obama's mother was first found. Yet, I trace Dunhams to the Dunham-Masci location in Cheshire. The Clintons and Hillarys both use the crosslet used by Davenports/DONartys (Cheshire). Reminder: "Daven(port)" traces to Diva, the Cheshire capital, and Diens/Dives/DYONs use the Masci wing too, in the colors of one Rebel/Robel wing.

So what we're seeing here is an heraldic link between Clintons, Rodhams and the Coverts of witchy Feys of the Covert kind. Obama connects as follows, and his lines are suspected Hitler relatives too, including the Glass'. First, Rodham-related Rothers are properly shown as "Randolph," a major Obama bloodline that uses the same Coat entirely as Dunhams. Both Rothers/Randolphs and Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray, and Dunns/Douns use "padlocks," while one Moray Coat no longer shown uses "fetter locks." As Fetters were first found in Bavaria, it must be in honor of "Foetes," otherwise called Fussen...not far from Orsingen, where Obama's Wolfin > Wolfley line traces.

The Dunn/Doun Crest is a key, suspect as code for the Keys/Kays, especially as Dunns/Douns were first found in Angus, where mythical Kay's father (Hitler-related Ectors/Hectors) was first found. Then, when padlock-like "Paddle/Pedler" was entered, zowie, there were three white-on-black lozenges, the colors of the Kaybourne lozenges...that use the same black martins as the Covert-suspect Cobbs and Rodham-related Rutherfords. Cobbs were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as English Randolphs, beside the Norfolk Dunhams.

It just so happens that the Kaybourne and Paddle/Pedler lozenge diamonds are colors reversed from the fusil diamonds of the Covert-related Shaw/Sheaves who use "qui" in their motto! Paddles/Pedlers use a banner in Crest (i.e. Coverts linked to Banners), and yet another "non" motto term. It appears strongly that Coverts are involved here in Obama's Dunham ancestry, to no surprise, for not only were Coverts first found in the same place as a slew of Dunn-like surnames, but Coverts were just traced to the Fey bloodline of the Angus theater...which was discovered as the Duffie bloodline, itself suspect with the Davids/Daffys whom I trace to Devon > Diva elements.

Dunhams are not only "Downham," but "Dounham," and so should link to the (Downs/Douns (stag, important below). The latter were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts, Diens, Deins, Danes, and Danners. As it's very suspect that these are Danaan lines, what about the new idea that the green snake is that of the tribe of Dan? Is that what the Solanas are, the line of Dan from sun-depicted Rhodes and leading to the line of Obama's mother? Rhodians are simply everywhere in modern globalism, but is it specifically the Danaan element from Rhodes that has created modern globalism?

It's amazing is that, just before this section of this insert, I opened a YS email where the other Solana Coat is shown using green serpent heads, now suspect as the Revelation dragon in the Arms of Lanuvio. This other Solana Coat shows a gold sun on blue, the symbol of the Fetter Coat! It's important because the Solana Coat shown at houseofnames uses wolf heads. The idea seems to be that there is a fundamental link between the Solanas/Soles and the Obama Wolfin line that then goes to the Moray areas as per the green snake of Moray's Innes'. Keep watch below for Innes-like Annes that link to the Dunham bloodline.

Not long ago, I showed that Obama's good friend and likely partner in American communism, Bill Ayers, was linked to the Weather/Wither surname In other words, the American-communist terrorist group, Weather Underground, was found to be code for the Weather surname because it uses "A hare holding three ears of corn." The "ears" were linked to the Eyers/Ayers bloodline...which I now see again using "sola" in the motto!!! I had added that Hares were first found in AYRshire, and that they use a Coat much like the English Randolph Coat. I now find that Fetters are also "Vether"!!!!!

Zowie, you can bet you pipe bombs that Obama was part or Weather Underground. As the Weather/Wither hare is blue, the color of the Hanna stags, I'd say that the Weather/Wither crescent is the one in the Hanna Crest. The Hannas are suspect as an Ananias line if only for their "ardua" motto term, which makes "Wither" suspect as a branch of Baths/ATHAs, the Arthur-cult kin of Randolphs. After all, the Weather/Wither crescents are colors reversed from the Darth/Death (from D'Ath) crescents.

Moreover, I had stressed in another update, even two, that the "ground" term in the Solana write-up was for the Ground surname. I now find Obama linking to Solanas while Weather UnderGROUND may be part code for the Ground surname.

The Solana wolves are colors reversed from the Welf/Wolf wolves that trace to Hugh Lupus, the very man of Cheshire to which I traced the first earl of Moray, Thomas Randolph. Wolfleys were first found in Hugh's Cheshire, but as they likely trace to the Orsingen Wolfins (it's online that the latter did change their name to "Wolfley"), what about the "Fides" motto term of Welfs/Wolfs, which term I identify with "Foetes"?

[I kid you not, that this paragraph was written before I knew that the Donahue wolf was the same design as the one in the Ground/Craney Coat! Both wolves are on green backgrounds.] The Donahue Crest not only uses a green snake, and the variations not only smack of Don-Hugh, but the Coat uses wolves (and a rising eagle), suggesting strongly that Donahues are the Dunham line to Hugh Lupus. The Dunham merger with Hugh must have been one of the Danaans / Dumnoni of Devon and SOMERset with Normans of Hugh Lupus. While the German Somer Coat uses a sun and a fox in the red color of the Solana wolves, English Sommers use a dancette (Dunham / Randolph symbol) in the colors of the Donahue wolves. Herein, in the Somer(set) line to Cheshire, appears to be the Solana merger with Dunhams, and it therefore appears strongly that Solanas, who are also "Sole," are none other than the Seleucid-suspect Sales of Cheshire (but using the Somer sun).

I'm keeping in mind that I've traced "DUMNoni" and "SOMER(set) to "SAMNite," a tribe of Atlantean Sabines/Safini, for the Saffins/Savones were first found in Somerset. Safini are suspect as a line to "Sforzas" who likewise use a green snake, but the point is that I trace "Sabine" and "Samnite" to Sebannytos, also called Samannud, in the Nile delta, where Tanis was located. I see "Samannud" as the line to mythical Samson, who is identified in Judges with Danaans and/or Danites.

The trace here to Devon and Somerset must align with the proto-Arthurian cult there, for Scottish Randolphs use a bat, and the same cross (in the same colors) as the Bath/Atha surname, first found in Somerset. But I think the Randolph cross is that of Macclesfield, for which reason Randolphs trace to the Maxwell family in Cheshire, that being the 666- and harlot-suspect bloodline. The write-up: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Macclesfield, held by the great Earl Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, who was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086." Reminder: the Maxwell saltire is used by Kilpatricks who show a Levi lion on the back of a green dragon. That's being repeated because the Macclesfield cross is an engrailed cross in colors reversed from the engrailed cross of the Grounds/Grundys...who use red Levi lions.

If it appears that Grounds are tracing to the Mascis of Cheshire, it should explain why the elephant of Grounds/Cranys is found in the Mascal Crest (Mascals, suspect as the Norman Danes, were first found in the same place as Coverts and Diens/etc). In this picture, "Maccles(field)" and "Mascal" appear to be related terms. Yet, Macclesfield was early, MAKESlesfield, smacking of the Makeswell variation of Maxwells. Rothers of Moray were also Rutherfords, who were first found in the same place as Maxwells and Maxtons. As you can see, Maxtons use the Davenport crosslet in blue, and Davenports were from the same eastern part of Cheshire as Macclesfield. In this discussion, the Cobbs are important for their elephant, for the footless martins of the Cobbs are uses by Rutherfords.

Both clans use black martins, the color of the Glenn martins, and then both Clinton-related Glenns and Clints use a chevron in colors reversed from the Maxton chevron, while Clints use gold garbs, the symbol of Cheshire. The Garebites to which I trace garbs were identified recently as Amorites in particular, whom I trace to the namers of Moray. Apparently, Amorites (the namers of America) were in Cheshire before getting hold of the Moray earldom.

It's interesting here that the Arms of Szapary show an angelic woman that I think is secretly Ishtar (war goddess in her time) while the Arms of Lanuvio show a female war goddess. As the Szafari variation smacks of Sforzas, and as the latter were first found in Rome, it now makes better sense to trace the Sforzas to Lanuvium. Again, this must be the Biblical identifying possibly as the tribe of Dan. Does it make sense to view Dan as a harlot if Danites became proudly paganized?

To help prove that Sforzas trace from Sebannytos/Samannud (a location of the Uat cult and Chemmite-branch Danaans), the "vair fur" used by Kemmis' and Uat-rooted Whites is used also by SFOR-like Savorys...first found in Dumnoni-founded Devon...beside Somerset. (Safers use rising eagles perhaps in portrayal of a rising Rome.)

The Arms of Thomas Randolph are lozenges in the colors of the Solana wolves, but in Thomas' Crest is a stag head, a symbol of Dinneends/Dineanes who use many Dine-like variations. We just saw such terms (i.e. the Diens/Dines/Dives) in relation to Cheshire's capital, where Hugh ruled. That's extra evidence that Thomas traces to Cheshire. Note "DineANES," for Ananias-suspect Annes/Hannes also use a stag head (in the colors of the Welf/Wolf wolves). Dunstons likewise use a stag head.

Did I trace Dunhams-et-al to Devon and to Davenports? Yes, and Hannas, who use stag heads as do Annas/Hannes, also use the Davenport crosslet. Rodhams use "alter" in their motto while Hannas use "alta." The Rodham Coat uses the bend, I think, of the Cheshire Davids/Daffys whom I think trace to the same Devon > Diva elements. These Cheshire entities were AntiChrist Undergound, you see. Why this write-up in the Hanna page: "Most likely, however, given the family's Gaelic origins is that it was an anglicized version of the Gaelic 'O hAnnaigh', meaning 'descendant of Annach', a byname meaning 'iniquity'." I don't know what Annach it's referring to, but if it doesn't link to Ananias, I'm rejecting it. Hannas were first found in Galloway, where Ananes Gauls are expected.

The Dineneend write-up: ..."O'Duinnin of County Kerry was often anglicized to 'DOWNing'." Dunhams are also shown as DOWNhams, a term I trace to "Devon," where I trace the Meschin-related Diens/Dives and Clinton-related Davenports. Meschins were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Dunnings/Downings who use the Derby/Darby antelope design (Derbyshire and Shropshire are both beside Cheshire), and then an antelope is used by Singletarys who use the spear design of Dunhams (it's online that Obama's Dunham line was at first the Singletary surname). Darbys are suspect as a 666 bloodline.

The paragraph above is good evidence that Obama's mother traces to Dunham Masci, but then the Donnings/Downings/Dounings are obviously related to the Dunnings/Downings, and they use a Crest that I see as the Mieske/Mesech bent arm, for the griffin design in the Coat is that of the Alis of Messina. But the Alis were specifically at a Terme location, smacking of "Thermodon," a term that I link to 666-suspect Drummonds, but one I view as an m-version "Trabzon." Not only do I trace TRAB(zon) to "Darby," but Irish Darbys are Drummond- and Thermodon-like "Dermit" too. End Insert]

The whole of this [Rangabe-Hungary topic] is the Magyar-Khazar alliance that came to Moray from the Mures. It's the Cohen / Hohen lines, in other words, from Melissena Rangabe. As Rangabes are now discovered in the Perthshire theater, they Cohens / Hohens came to merge with the Irish-Scots that must have gone back to Pilate's mother. The Hohens are now suspect with the Caiaphas lines in the Perthshire Duffs and Bute's Feys. Melusine-using Glass' were first found in Buteshire = Avalon, where Melissena-Rangabe elements lived (as per mythical Melusine) but also where Duffs=Feys and Coverts were traced in the last update. When Adolf Hitler's father married a Glassl surname (she was Anna Glassl-Horer.), didn't he marry the Caiaphas line? When Adolf Hither's father married a Polzl, didn't he marry a Maxwell / Pollock-Traby / Rutherford 666er line? Haven't Rutherfords been shown in various ways to be a Covert line too? Are these things all coincidences, or did the various lines that go back to Christ's murderers all cuddle together in many instances for forming a proud satanic alliance?

Here's the Hore/Hoar eagle, on a Shield like that of the Thule-suspect Talbots and Scotts. The Scotts were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Rutherfords and Maxwells. The Hore/Hoar eagle design is used by many...including Whites, Dentons, and Bus', all three surnames suspect from the Uat/Buto Chemmite-Danaans who infested Hungary's Budapest before conquering Bute. Reminder: the Uat-related Watts use a pair of GLASSes, and Glass' were first found in Buteshire.

At the top of this update, when I wasn't able to get online, I hadn't checked Julius-like surnames. I now find that the July/Julian surname is also "Gillian," smacking of the Gileki/Gels that I trace to the Glass/Gilleglass surname. In fact, it was a very good thing when it was found that the DuGLASS variation of Douglas' identified the clan with the Glass bloodline; more recently, proof of that idea came in strongly. I now find that the July/Julian Crest is a salamander in flames, the Douglas/Duglass symbol!!!

When not yet having means for checking the Julian surname, I traced Julius Caesar's Patrician bloodline to the Kilpatricks, and now find that both Kilpatricks and Julys/Julians use a black-on-white saltire. It means I'm sane after all, and that you can share these things with straight-jacket thinkers without being ashamed of me for walking on the wild side of historical interpretation. Thanks be to heraldry and the Internet, we're putting straight-jackets to shame. They can't so much as fathom a Trojan trace to Franks, and because the Trojan trace to Romans is mythical, they shun it, even though they know that Romans are largely from Veneti (said to be from the Trojan elements of Heneti).

The Douglas motto is that also of Sellicks (suspect using the Glass Shield) who likewise use a Shield design like the Hores/Hoars, thus tending to prove that the latter were the bloodline to Anna Glassl-Horer. It suggests that Hitler's father married a woman who had married a Seleucid. Hores should be more-specifically the Orrs of Renfrew (!) and the Orrels (the latter use bendlets like the Inces / Kays). It just can't be a coincidence that Glassls can trace to Glasgow in Renfrew, meaning that Hitlers father had a pre-occupation for marrying Renfrew elements. But why? Where are the Hitlers of Renfrew, we may ask, and why is the Hiedler/Hitler Shield in the colors of the Renfrew-suspect Rangabes? As Rangabes were Cohens / Hohens, note that the Surreys/Surrichs use Hohen checks, for the Hitler Shield is tracing to the Arms of Zurich.

Although the Renfrew clan doesn't show a Coat, the Reynfrew variation suggests the Reyners/Rainars, who use a Shield-and-Chief combination in Rangabe colors, as well as estoiles (in the colors of the same of Butes/Butts who trace to Butua beside Kotor) that I see as code for the Estes (whom I rooted recently in Rangabes). If you recall my trace of Hereford to Herzegovina, the theater of Rangabe-colored Saracas that I think Rangabes got hooked up with, then note how Herefordshire is where both Sellicks and Reyners/Rainars were first found. If you recall the trace of the Andech-of-Este theater to Salyes Ligures, note that the Rayner/Rainar Shield-and-Chief combination is that of the Saluzzos (of the Saluzzo location in Este-like Asti), and colors reversed from that of Cutters who trace to the Kotor location of Saracas. Is it finally making for unashamed logic that reveals heraldry as your map to understanding history and the movements of man?

You may have read recently where the Gores traced to Gorski (Andechs theater) without doubt. The Gores use the Wren crosslets, and Wrens are said to be from the Raines. The purple lions in the Wren Coat likely trace to the so-called "Purple Room" of imperial Byzantines. The broken spear in the Wren Crest looks like the Dunham and Singletary spear (Singletarys use a "broken spear"), and ZOWIE a new realization: I had traced "broken" to the Brokes/Brocks (Stewart motto and lion), but now see that the Broke/Brock Shield-and-Chief combination is that of Cutters and colors reversed to the Renfrew-suspect Reyners/Rainars!!! Stewarts were much at home in Renfrew, and were there, surely, a part of the bloodlines to Adolf's father.

Moreover, the Gore trace to Gorski included the trace to the same area of the Kyles / Coles (namely, to the Colapis river where mythical Jupiter = Japodes lived, where we expect the roots of Caesar), and it just so happens that Brokes/Brocks (who are now tracing to the same area) were first found in Colchester. I venture to link Brocks to Bars-of-Este, meaning that I see them as BARocks, which conspicuously smacks of Barack Obama just because Brocks link to the Dunham / Singletary spear in the Wren Crest. I now see that the Dunham Shield is almost the Broke/Brock Coat! Zikers, there is a good chance that Barack was not born with that name (where's the certificate?), and that it was created because he was a spy. If that be true, what about his middle name, "Hussein"? Is it code too? For Hussites? For Essen / Essenes?

Brock-related Wrens were first found in DURham, which was also called, DUNholme. Yes, and as Brock-related Cutters were first found in DORset, these clans appear to trace to the Daorsi of the Kotor theater. You can take them all the way back to Dor and Megiddo, where they will soon be, if they are not already infiltrated Preparation for their Big Dinner.

I say that Anna Horer was from Julius Caesar on her Glassl side. That's the new theory now. I recall tracing the Nazis and their swastika to the Gileki Aryans (= proto-Glass surname). I was therefore correct at the top of the update when tracing "Julius" to "Ialysos" and "Helios"...if I was correct in the first place in tracing the Gileki to "Helios." The Gileki, if they named Cilicia, were the pagan-grail line.

It's a little interesting that Hores use a spread eagle while Geiers/Gayers/Gires use a vulture. In Ireland, the Obama-related Hares are also "Garry," you see, and Hares/Garrys ("Fear" motto term for Veres) use a green lizard...and yet another green snake. I kid you not, that when I started this paragraph, I did not have the salamander of the Julys/Julians in mind, but if I'm not mistaken, judging by the shape of the tail, the Hare/Garry lizard is that salamander!!! That tends to locate both the Julian and Vere bloodlines at Nesher near Megiddo.

The Hare/Garry Coat even uses green trefoils, the symbol of the Irish Davis Coat (I think Obama's true father, or father-in-law of sorts, was Frank Marshal Davis). Irish trefoils / clovers are a symbol of "saint" Patrick, though this must have been mere code (to fool Christians) for the beastly, green-dragon line of Kilpatricks.

JUST FOUND. Look at how the July/Julian/Gillian saltire looks like a swastika! Have we got the Nazis nailed down to Caesar? YES! Hitler must have been trying to resurrect Caesar's Roman empire. [Dunright Fool! Obama must be trying to do the same with Solana.]

What are the chances that, while the Kilpatrick saltire traces to the swastika, Patricks should use a Horer-like "Ora" motto term??? Like the Glass', Patricks (black-on-white saltire; must be the swastika line too) appear to use a white Shield on red Shield, though the Rutherford Coat also comes to mind.

LOOKIE HARE: Geiers were first found in PADEborn, and entering "Pade" gets the Peats/Perts/Petts first found in the same place (Kent) as Patricks. Now you know.

I think we're getting warm. July is the summer month, and as Summers/Sommers use a sun = Helios, might the "Julian" trace to Helios of Rhodes explain why Romans made July the summer month? I think we're hot-on-it.

As Hores/Hoars use the same eagle design as the Denton Crest, what about the two red bars in the Denton Coat, as they may apply to the same of the German Ness/Nas Coat? Does this suggest that "Nazi" is a Ness-bloodline term? Shouldn't any clan using a pelican-on-NEST trace to the Nest variation of Ness'? Stewarts use the pelican-on-nest, as do Patrician-suspect Pattersons. English Ness' (Sussex, home of Coverts and Danaan lines galore) even show a "Nassi"...and a "Nesser," reminding of the Walter-vulture trace (last update) to Nesher, near NAZAReth in the valley of Megiddo. Nesher, says Wikipedia, was founded by a Geier entity.

Come to the Big Dinner, God is telling the sons of the dragon, where eagles and vultures will eat until satisfied on your flesh. And while they eat, they will defecate on your flesh, because you stole from, and defamed, the Creation of God. What God created in His image, you made into the image of demons.

Washingtons use the same red bars as Ness', and the red-on-white stars used by Glass'. Washingtons look very Nazi-line-ish.

UNBELIEVABLE. I wrote all the above before getting to the topic of Robert Harward. He was a message in YS' email on general Mattis. Harward is a navy SEAL that has become a deputy for Mattis. I've just checked the Harward page to find the Denten / Hore/Hoar eagle design (wing tips are very high up) and a HORwood variation. What remarkable timing, not just by me here, but by YS in sending in the info. The Harward/Horwood Shield is, like the Massi/Mattis Shield, filled with checks.

The Massi/Mattis eagle is in the colors of the Hohen eagle, but also in the colors of the German Bus eagle, which is the eagle style used by Hores/Hoars and Dentons. The Bus Coat above is where the Masci wing appears in the Crest. I had traced Hitler's mother to Maschis of Rimini, and then found very good evidence for tracing "Rimini" to Rimmon near Nazareth. But long before that, I traced "Rimini" to mythical Remus, brother of Romulus, founder of Rome, ancestry of Julius Caesar. Maschis use the pine cone, a symbol of DioNYSUS...whom I trace to "Nazareth." This place was in Galilee, a term that I traced to the Gileki > Galli line. Is Revelation all making sense yet?

The Vulture Dinner is even in Revelation 20 (see also Ezekiel 39). The birds there are, in the Greek, called much like this Ornes term that gets the Herons, first found in DURham that may trace to Dor near Nesher!!! Moreover, as we saw the Grounds linking to Obama, note that the Ornes/Heron heron is used in the Ground Coat (although it's called a crane in that case as per the Craney / Crain variations).

The Hore/Hoar eagles are white on a red bend, just like the Lorraine eagles. It could be that "Lorraine" is from the idea of L'Orr / L'Hore, you see. Here's what we get when entering "Orren" as per the Lorren variation: black-on-white lozenges and two chevrons reminding me of lozenge-using Kaybournes. Again, the Orrels apparently use the Ince bendlets because Ince's use torteaux as do Orrels, but then the Ince bendlets could be the Kay bendlets.

Orrs and Orrels (both use torteaux roundels) may link to the Doris/D'Orris (Dauphine) who use a wavy bend similar to the bend of "Jewish" Pollocks. How did Pollocks get to be "Jewish"? If I recall correctly, Pollocks traced by a reliable method(s) not many weeks ago to Essenes in particular. The point now is: everyone in this paragraph appears to link to the women that Hitler's father married.

Lorraines (Northumberland yet again) use, not only laurel, symbol of DAPHne, but lions in colors reversed from the DUFFie / Morgan lion. Lorraines may have furnished the Lornes (Bute theater) that I identify with Lanarks. The latter, like Douglass', use hearts, which is important because Hitler's father married a Hore-related woman with a DuGLASS bloodline (thus far, the heart is a Herod symbol).

The Gilles (now suspect from the Julian/Gillian bloodline of Nazis) use what I'm guessing is the Morgan lion and the black Esau boar. The write-up says that "Henry Gille moved the family name [from Yorkshire] to CUMBERland in 1200 and the family gave its name to the village of Gilsland." The "Domine" motto term of Gilles gives the impression of linking to the Edinburgh motto, and then Edinburgh is in the same place (Lothian) as where the Gillies/Gilles were first found (who I think use a galley ship). Lorraine was also called LOTHERingia supposedly after a French king, Lothar.

As further evidence that Lorrains/Lorrens were Orrens / Hores/Hoars, Orrens were first found in Aberdeen, beside Fife and Perthshire where the Vey / Fay / DufFIE / Fife bloodlines lived that may be apparent in the Lorraine lions. In fact, Lornes were first found in Aberdeenshire.

Furthermore, Lorraine is in the Esus theater, and north of the Vienne location that Herod Archelaus (of Israel) was banished to. As Herod the Great had married a Doris, I've always held the possibility that the Doris/D'Orris surname may link back to the children of Herod the Great in Vienne. I now consider a link of "Archelaus" to "Argyllshire" (see last update for not-many details), where the Fay and Herod elements -- and Herod-suspect MacArthurs -- had alternatively lived.

The Arthur Coats use a five-like symbol, and Arthurs trace to Vey/Vivian / Fay elements of Fife easily. The Five/Fify Coat uses a red-on-gold lion, important in the Hof / Covert topic of the last update. The same-colored lion is used by Duffs, you see. The Five/Fify chevron is in the colors of the Vey/Vivian chevron. As with Lornes, Fives/Fifys were first found in Aberdeenshire.

I link Lorraines to the Lauries who likewise use laurel -- in a grail -- and who were first found in the same place (DUMfries) as Kilpatricks and Annandale. Note the Esus-suspect tree trunk in the Laurie Crest, for it's the Rodham tree trunk too, and I'm about to shift topics to the Wings, first found in Perthshire but linked to Rutland, the very place to which I trace Rodhams...though in the past I've traced Rutland to the ancient Rutili peoples at Ardea / Lanuvium. The Wing write-up: "First found in Perthshire where they were conjecturally descended from a Saxon Thane from Wing in Rutland (near Luffenham) in England." The Ornes/Heron write-up: "It may also be a local name given to someone who lived in one of the settlements of Horne in Rutland, Somerset, or Surrey..."

CONTINUED from Yesterday; involves the paragraph above

Wings use red and black (rare combination); the same color combination makes the split Laurie Shield. Templetons (Ayrshire) use the same color combination in their Shield-and-Chief combination, and then the Temple write-up traces to a Temple location in Leicestershire, where Rutland is located, thus assuming that Wings and Temples / Templetons were related. Wings came to my mind only last night as per the Masci wing. Until then, I assumed the Masci wing was simply a symbol for the eagle in general. I now find myself tracing Wings to Temples, who were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Maceys / Masseys.

As I traced Masci bloodliners to "FreeMason," so I trace Temples to "Templar." In fact, Temples use the eagle in the colors of the Massi/Mattis eagle, which is the surname that I trace to Massino-Visconti (Piedmont) and therefore to the Massin/Mason/Macon surname. Proto-Wings of Rutland were near Luffingham, and I think Luffs/Loves were of the Louvain bloodline while Louvains of Kent use the same lion as Massins/Masons (also of Kent), a lion used also by the Freie/Frey surname.

It seems that the "Mattis" and similar variations of the Massis/Mattis' should trace to Mattathias Maccabee, and then I now see that the Temple surname (which I haven't touched on for many months) uses the "quam" motto term now being traced to Essenes.

Luffinghams use eagles. They're in the style and colors of the Salian/Saleman and Bush eagles, which reminds me of the Busce location at Saluzzo (Piedmont). Both Bush's and Sullivans use black boars, and the color of the Bush fleur-de-lys is now in the colors of the same used by Mascals (and the Spanish Salines), who use the Ground/Crain elephant in Crest that should trace to the same Esau line as the Bush / Sullivan boar.

It's important for various reasons that the Temple Crest is a black footless martin. One reason: this style martlet is used by Wingers, thus tending to prove that Wings do link to Temples. Wingers use their martlets in the colors and design of the Cheneys, and then Chaines/Chenays use the Masci WING. Reminder: Cheneys use the Temple footless martin on the Sale and Salian/SALEman bend that traces to the same peoples (Ligurians) as Leicester's namers. See similar martins in the Sale-suspect Slaine/Slane Coat. The latter use a gold-on-black bend that is now being watched for links to the same in the Arms of Kyburg; it's already interesting that Kyburg was introduced in the first place with a link to Coverts, who use the same martin design as Slaines. (The "comite" motto term of Slaines ought to link them to the Contes/Comites.)

I've just noticed that the Louvain lion style, which used to show exactly that of the Massin lion style, is now the upright Levi lion. In fact, the Massin/Mason lion design has also been changed to the same one now used by Louvains. Both surnames used to show the so-called forked-tailed lion, as for example used in the Saddler Crest. It's high-priestly conspicuous that the Sadducee-suspect Saddlers have the upright Levi lion used also by Maccabee-suspect Massins/Masons and Levi-suspect Louvains, and then the English Free/Frey surname (in colors of the MacAbee salmon) shows Pharisee-suspect Phrese / Phreeze variations. This paragraph alone is very convincing toward a trace of Freemasons to Israel's chief murderers.

As Times/Timms were likewise first found in Kent (i.e. as with Massins and Louvains), it may be that "Temple" evolved from the Times/Times...whom I trace to "Timnah," sister of Lotan, who married Eliphas (son of Esau). It's a good argument, for I traced Times/Timms to a "Deum Time" motto once shown in an alternative Moray Coat (no longer shown), while Morays and Massins/Masons both use Melusine.

Entering "Lovingham" get the Louvains so that Luffingham is indeed suspect with the Massins/Masons, which in turn tends to identify a Levi location (i.e. Luffingham) at Rutland/Leicestershire. It may even mean that the Masci-suspect Leicesters/Lesters (swan) trace to the Laevi Ligurians in particular. Louvains use "vayne" endings at times, and then both Vains/Vaynes/Fanes and Swans/Sions (Levi lion in Macey colors) use the Macey gauntlet gloves.

The "Ne vile" motto phrase of Vains/Veynes/Fanes suggests the Nevilles using the Annandale saltire in colors reversed. NeVILLES could be from the Fond de Villes who were traced in the last update to a location smack beside Sulcis = Sant'Antioco (Sardinia). In fact, I traced the "gonFANON" banner to the Vains/Veynes/Fanes and then found a (purple) banner used in the Fond-de-Ville Coat.

It's important that the Neville write-up links to Gaceys, who were proto-Washington Wassas, for I tend to trace the Wassa/Gace/Gasson bloodline to WISharts/GUIScards and VIScontis while Villes were related to the Contes / Contis/Comites that are suspect as a Herod line of the Herluin-de-Conteville kind. "The Neville family lived in Durham. Their name, however, is a reference to Neuville, Sur Touques of Orne in the canton of Gacey, Normandy, the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066." I had gotten to the Ornes/Heron/Horne surname above before re-discovering the Nevilles here. I had tentatively traced the Ornes to the Megiddo eagles / vultures, at which time the Durham location of the Ornes/Herons (in Neville colors) was traced to Dor (Revelation 19 uses "orneois" for the flesh-eating birds at Armageddon).

It just so happens that the English Contes/Comitissas were first found in Durham. We saw earlier that Slaines use a "comite" motto term that should connect the Salyes to the Languedoc Contes/Comites, and so what this conjures up is a Seleucid presence in Durham.

German Wingers/Wengers use the goose in Coat and Crest, though I'm not sure where at the moment to link it. This paragraph is located under the Gassons for the goose reason, however. The Conteville line to Hugh Lupus had married the GOZ (sometimes "Gois") bloodline of Hugh's father. I'll come back to the German Wingers after re-mentioning Cheneys (who use the martlets of English Wingers).

Did we see Wing bloodline at Rutland of Leicester? Yes, and it's helpful in proving that Rodhams were indeed from Rutland because Wingers use the same ermined white bend as Rodhams. A white-on-red bend is used by Aides/Addys/Eddies, and then the French Levi motto uses "Aide."

I'm not sure why Levis would be linked especially to the Aides/Addys, though Ottone Visconti comes to mind. The gold leopard head of the Aides/Addys can link to the two related Caiaphas-suspects, Coverts and Coopers/Coppers, both of which use the gold leopard head. The Levi motto also uses "Chretian," and then the Crete Chief shows a black-on-white lion, colors of the "Jewish" Levi (and Capua) Coat. The Aides/Addys even use black-on-white leopard heads in the Coat.

The Cooper/Copper leopard-head design is specifically that of the German Le(o)pard surname, and English Lepards were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts and Coopers/Coppers. But a leopard head is also in the German Hoff Crest, and they were first found in the same place (Westphalia) as German Lepards.

As per the Luffingham location of proto-Wings, "Luff" may have been the idea of L'Hoff," and so allow a short excursion to the Hoff surname, which uses the same bend as Cheneys / Sales, and is said to have had locations in Leicestershire, Durham, Derbyshire and Cheshire, all (Ar)Megiddo(n)-suspect areas. Ligurians, from which Cheneys trace, were trace-able to mythical Lycurgus of the Edones (Eatons were first in Cheshire), and Edones had a Mygdone tribe that I link to "Megiddo" (because Dorians were partly MacEDONIANs.) German Hoffs are also "Hoffer" (could trace to "Haifa"), and then both Hoffer-like Overs (Cheshire and Derbyshire) and Bucking(ham)s use blue-on-gold bends (I expect Apachnas lines at Armageddon). Cheneys (use the Winger martlets in the same colors) were first found in Buckingham, and use bull horns, possibly linked to the bull of German Hoffs.

German Wingers use the white-on-red griffin of the Alis, first found in Thermodon-suspect TERME of Messina, which is not only further corroboration that Wing(er)s link to the Masci wing, but identifies Wingers with a line of 666-suspect Amazons from TRABzon to Derbyshire's DARBys, and Ireland's DERMits Mascis were Amazons. Let me now repeat from not far up: "...the Donnings/Downings/Dounings are obviously related to the Dunnings/Downings [Derbyshire], and they use a Crest that I see as the Mieske/Mesech bent arm, for the griffin design in the Coat is that of the Alis of Messina." The bent arm is used in the Chaine/Chenay Coat holding the Masci wing, and while that wing holds a white-on-blue sword, there are white-on-blue swords in the Irish Dinneend/Downing Coat.

The Dermits look like they use the Windsor crosslets because the Arms of Camilla Parker-Bowles (wife of the current prince Charles of England) uses a white boar head in colors reversed to the blue Dermits boars. Camilla's Arms even use the blue boar. . Note that the Bowles scallops are in the colors of the Cheney martins, and that the Bowles boars are in the colors of the Bush boars. The Bowls boar is between white wings. The Parker stag head is in the design of the Windsor's, and almost like the stag head in the Dinneend/Downing Crest. Parkers were first found in Derbyshire, where the same-colored Dunnings/Downings were first found. As the latter use the Darby antelope design, while Singletarys use an antelope in Crest, the Dunham line to Obama is a 666 bloodline of the Danaan-Amazon kind.

Note the footless martins yet again in the Singletary Coat, and then, because Dunhams use the Randolph Coat, see the Singletary triple chevrons in the Rand(olph)/Rynd Coat (uses the Ley/Legh lion). Rand(olph)s/Rynds (Cheshire) not only use a white boar head in Crest, Leys/Leghs show another broken spear in Crest, this time held by a cuffed arm in a striped shirt that looks much like the striped shirt in the Crest of Cheshire's Wolfleys. Obama's Dunham line is all over the broken-spear line because Singletarys use a broken spear, thus tending to clinch the Obama trace to Cheshire's Wolfleys.

German Leys use that gold leopard design of the Caiaphas-suspect Coopers/Coppers (and Lepards), and Lys' were first found in the same place as Levis and Caiaphas-suspect Chappes'. The German Ley chevron is in the colors of the three Levi chevrons.

Compare the Dunham / Randolph Coat with the Shield used by Camilla where her white boar appears. I would even venture to guess that the Camilla Shield is the Cutter Shield. Scottish Randolphs use a cross in the colors of the Windsor saltire.

So, who really does rule the modern United States (going all the way back to the first George Bush) if not the House of Windsor? Remember, the American flag uses the Moray / DuGLASS stars, and Randolphs ruled Moray. But as the first George Bush was a Nazi operative of the Scherf kind, shouldn't the House of Windsor in charge of the last several U.S. presidents be the same as the Glasgow / Renfrew / Stewart elements that merged with Hitler's father? Did you note that Rands/Rynds should link to the Renfrew/Reynfrew / Reyner bloodline?

The first George Bush was born a Scherf(f) from a Nazi family. Months before I recently found the Hitlers related to Zurichs, I traced the Schere/Scherf surname to elements of Surrey, out of which came the Surrich surname. The Schere/Scherf cross is black (design compares with July/Julian cross), and has the makings of the swastika.

Prior to the first George Bush, president Reagan was brought to power, and then the Raines write-up traces to "Ragin." The Raines motto term "leges," suggests links to the Rands/Rynds using the Ley/Legh lion.

Prior to Reagan, Carter ruled the Unites States, and Carters were first found in WINchester i.e. a possible Windsor entity. The Carter Coat uses the Sforza lion hold in a "quince" that is code for Quincys, or for "Saer de Quincy (1155-1219), 1st Earl of Winchester."

The Nixons? Leopard heads and suns, clear indications of Rhodians.

There's a question as to whether "Wing" can trace to "WINDsor/WINZor," for I tend to trace the latter to Wends instead. As proto-Wings of Rutland show a Wink / Wynk variations, and as they are tracing to the Latin area of the Rutili, what about the fact that the Italian Latin Coat uses the saltire of the Hinks (it's an Annandale saltire-and-Chief combination)? In fact, while Wings were at Luffingham near Rutland, note that both the Hinks and Luffs/Loves use the same three lion heads (colors reversed, however) in their Chiefs. The Hink Crest: wings.

Hinkleys were first found in...Leicestershire! It looks like we just found the Masci wings in the Hinks and Hinkleys...which may explain why the Massey Coat is quartered in the colors of the Hink saltire. This is important because the Ananias-suspect Hanas use the Massey Shield while Hinks use the Annandale saltire. Besides, Hinks are suspect as Inces and/or Innes' who are in turn suspect with "Ananes."

The idea that the Temples are the root of the Templars is where French Temples (no write-up, suspicious) use the same chevron, and nearly the same stars, as Payens (Hugh de Payen was the first Templar grand master). Now you know. Compare the Temple and Payen Coats to that of the Masters, first found in the same place as Master-suspect Massins/Masons and Luffingham-suspect Louvains. Templetons use a temple in the colors of Covert-related Paine (another broken spear). This is metal-hard evidence that Payens were of the Israel chief priests.

The "parta" term of Masters suggests the Leopards/LePARDs who use the same Coat, nearly, as Payens and Temples. It may verify that Lepards were L'Pards / L'Parts. Lepards were first found in the same place as Paines (and Coverts / Coopers who both use the gold leopard), explaining why German Lepards (show the Cooper/Copper leopard head) use a red-on-blue chevron to match the red-on-blue fesse used by Paines. Parts/Perrots use pears in the colors of the Paris/Pares unicorns, a symbol in the Master Crest (a Perrot surname took a stab not many years ago for the U.S. Presidency).

The Paines, Masters and Temples all use "quam." Now you know that they all trace themselves to Esau-ites at Qumran. The Chamberlains use "ProESSE quam," and then French Chambers (look like Masci elements of Savoy) use a red-on-blue bend suspect with the colors of Paines and Lepards. The Temple-suspect Times/Timms use roughly the same goat head as the English Bush Crest, and I trace Bush's to "Bozrah," Esau's capital in Edom, for the Bush Coat uses the black boar (symbol of Esau according to the book of Enoch). The style of boar now used by Bush's is the same as the black boar in the Gilles Crest (Edom-like "Domine" motto term), and it just so happens that while Gilles were first found in the same place (Parisii-founded Yorkshire) as Bush's, the Gillies/Gilles were first found in Lotan-like Lothian. Does this trace the swastika line of Julians/Gillians to Esau / Essenes? What could make for better logic?

After noting that the Hore-suspect Orrens use a Shield filled with lozenges just as in the Schole Shield, it was seen that Wings use a Shield filled with the same-colored "billets," and even use the same black crosslet as the Schole Crest. Reminder: I trace Scholes to "Eschol" of ancient Hebron, where Boscath is located that smacks of the Boschs / Buschs/Bush's, and we just saw that Wing bloodliners are related to Bush's.

At this point, the Scholefields/Scofields (in the colors of Skulls, Hebrons, and Dutch Bones) came to mind because it was a Scofield surname that propagated the pre-tribulation theory in Christendom after the Drummond-financed Irvingites had condemned themselves by failed prophecy (the Drummond church claimed to be the new 12 Apostles of Israel = Europe, and that Christ would return in their lifetimes). Prior to Scofield, a John Darby propagated the pre-tribulation theory, and Darbys are suspect as Drummond-related Traby 666ers. The Hebron-surname motto uses "tryst" instead of "trust," and then the Tryst/Triss motto ("shows "nec" twice) uses a Trip- / Traby-suspect "trepidum" term, reflecting a Trip-Edom combo.

Hebrons are also "Hepburn," smacking of the Happ/Apps/Abbs surname (suspect as Habsburgs of Austria) using the Arms of Austria for a Shield, As Happs/Apps/Abbs use the Capes scallops, while Hugh de Payen married a Chappes surname, it seems a given that the Happs/Apps/Abbs were not only a C-less version of "Chappes' / Capes, but use the Paine fesse, important because Paines were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-suspect Coverts, who likewise use the Paine fesse.

Happs/Apps/Abbs use "Domine" as do Gilles, and as we just saw Gilles merged with Bush's, wherefore Coverts are once again tracing to Bush's, verifying all the more that Coverts were/are active / high-level Nazis.

Scholefields/Scofields use the same Shield as Coverts / Paines / Happs/Apps/Abbs, suggesting strongly that Scofields are part of the Caiaphas line to Templars. The Happs/Apps/Abbs not only use that pointy-winged eagle that has been all over this discussion, but black-on-white lozenges, the Schole symbol.

As this now traces pre-tribulationism strongly to Nazi elements, I want to repeat my theory of many years ago, that may have been jotted down in the very first chapter of my post-tribulation-rapture book. The theory was that pre-tribulationism was devised to make Christians "disappear" by force of military action by satanic forces, and I used the Nazi concentration camps as evidence that such plots had been afoot. It appeared to me that Christians were supposed to disappear in a rapture just before, or at the start of, WW1. It seems that the plot was engaged by the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses at about the time (1913) that the Scofield Bible was finished / published. The JW founder, Charles Taze Russell (why "Taze"?), predicted Armageddon for 1914, and when Jesus didn't appear, he yet claimed that it was an invisible coming of Christ, the very idea (not found in the Bible) devised in the pre-tribulation rapture.

Russells (DORset) are the ones use a "Che sara sara" motto smacking of Caesarea / Kaisariya." The Tase/Taw surname was first found in Perthshire, and uses the Campbell / Land Shield, as well as a motto similar to the one used by Perthshire Duffs. As I trace the Landon > Pepin line to Pavia/Papia on the Ticino/Tessen river, the Tase/Taw surname could apply to that river, and may therefore link to the Laevi Gauls on that river.

Pre-tribulationism was also called, "dispensationalism," a doctrine invented for some strange pursuits, apparently:

Lewis Sperry Chafer (February 27, 1871 - August 22, 1952) was an American theologian. He founded and served as the first president of Dallas Theological Seminary, and was an influential founding member of modern Christian Dispensationalism.

...he ministered as an evangelist in the Presbytery of Troy in Massachusetts and became associated with the ministry of Cyrus Scofield, who became his mentor.

During this early period, Chafer began writing and developing his theology. He taught bible classes and music at the Mount Hermon School for Boys from 1906 to 1910. He joined the Orange Presbytery in 1912 due to the increasing influence of his ministry in the south. He aided Scofield in establishing the Philadelphia School of the Bible in 1913...

...Chafer had a tremendous influence on the evangelical movement. Among his students were Jim Rayburn, founder of Young Life (as well as many of Young Life's first staff members), Kenneth N. Taylor [surname uses Levi lions, is Thule-suspect], author of The Living Bible translation [extremely bad translation, may have been named in honor of Levi bloodliners such as green-snake Livingstons], and numerous future Christian educators and pastors, including Howard Hendricks [Hand = Ananias bloodline?], J. Dwight Pentecost, Charles Caldwell Ryrie, R. B. Thieme, Jr. and John Walvoord, who succeeded him as president of DTS.

Of course, "Chafer" smacks of the Capes lines, and the Chaipes / Chapier variations of the Scottish Chappes', first found beside Perthshire. Chafer also smacks of "Sheaves" who use a Chiapponi variation like the variations of Chappes'.

There is a Dutch Thieme/Tieme Coat showing aa blade of a tool," which may be part-code for the Thule bloodline, especially as the Blades (pheons in Pilate-pheon white) use a talbot while I trace "Thule" to Talbot-related Thalls/Talls. The Thieme Coat also shows "three small shields," a feature belonging to Hays/Heys...expected at Hayden Lake (Nazi headquarters in the United States). The small Shields of Thiemes are in Tool-Coat colors, and colors reversed from the small Shields of Hays/Heys. (French Chamerlains use a small Shield in the colors of the Thieme small Shield.)

Walwoord, Ryrie, and Pentecost were all pre-tribulation biggies whose job it was to infect Christian evangelicalism with pre-tribulation doctrine as undeniable Bible-supported fact. The Pentecost/Pankhurst surname, because it uses the MacCarthy stag, may be from the Pendragon > Arthur line. We saw above that the Tase/Taw surname traces potentially to the Laevi on the Ticino, but then the Pendragon chevron is essentially identical to the one used by Liptons/Luptons, and in the latter's Chief there is a Tau of St. Anthony." In this case, I venture to identify "St. Anthony" as code for the Boofima-related Anton/Anthony surname (red leopard head, as with Nixons), first found where we'd expect Lindos-branch Rhodians. The Rhodian-suspect Russells use the Baphomet-suspect goat of the Anton Crest.

I traced Antons to Carthaginians, who, like the Boofima cult, were human-sacrificers. The Antons were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Bowles, and then the Anton Shield uses a feature seen also in the English Parker Coat ("certa" motto term indicating MacCarthys and Carthaginians). Like Parkers, Annabels/HANNIBALs use a stag, and the Parkers of Derbyshire even use the MacCARTHy stag design.

While Schole-related Wings use "blackamoor's heads," Chappes' use Moor heads. Moreover, the Schole-related Happs/Apps/Abbs use the scallops of the Capes', in white, the color of the Russell scallops.

As I trace Decks to the Ticino, see that the Deck Shield is also the Scholer/Schuler Shield (evokes Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral, fake-Christian pastor). Another pre-tribulationist leader was Thomas Ice, and checking his surname, we find yet another Shield like the Decks, and even showing Icke and Ecke variations suggesting the idea of "D'Eck / D'Ick." It's evocative of the Andechs-branch Estes because Estes were founded by Azzo / Ezzo terms, probably related to the Ecco variation of the Ice's.

The Chafer surname is white on royal blue, the colors of the Chappes Coat. Chafers were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Scholefields/Scofields. Chafers use the Ishtar star and crescent symbol, as well as black martlets in the style used by Cheneys and Schole-related Wingers. The Chafer link to Wings / Wingers suggests that the black Chafer martlet links to the same of the Wing-related Temples. I don't know off-hand what the Hebrew word for "chaff" is, but Armageddon's fighters (i.e. the conquerors of end-time Israel) are likened in the Bible to chaff in the wind.

I'm very skeptical of the Scofield Bible school established by Chafer and Scofield. Such things may have been far-reaching programs for infiltration purposes. The fact that it was in Philadelphia brings to mind my trace of Pendragons to "PENNsylvania." Moreover, Bush's and Cheneys were traced to the 911 plot that appeared to have some key plotters in the Philadelphia area. PENfold Capital (also called PBS Coal) is a company suspect in Pennsylvania's 911 plot, and George Bush has ancestry in Penfield, New York. Isn't this all Skull-and-Bones wickedness?

We saw in the Chafer article that "Among [Chafer's] students were Jim Rayburn, founder of Young Life..." It just so happens that the Rayburn Coat uses the Lennon stag, and that the Logens/Lennans use nails in their heart. I trace the nails to the Nail/Nagle surname, and it was a Chris Nagle who works/worked at Rollock Inc., a company owning land at/beside the fake-crash site said to have been flight 93 of 911. PBS and Rollock had owned the same land (Rollock operated a scrap-metal operation a few hundred feet from the fake crash site that was littered in metal parts not all likely belonging to any plane).

The Rayburns are also RYburn, which behooves a look at the Ryes of Sussex who are encoded in the "ears of rye" of the Sadducee-suspect Saddocks/Sedgewicks of Sussex. Scottish Chappes/Chaips use "ears of wheat." The "ears" are code, I think, of AYRshire elements, and Logens/Lennans were first found there (as were Wing(er)-related Templetons). The Rye Coat is nothing but an ermined white bend, the symbol of Chafer-related Wingers (and Rodhams). In the Chafer article: "[Chafer] taught bible classes and music at the Mount Hermon School for Boys from 1906..." Why Mount Hermon, which was a pagan mountain that I trace to Hermes and therefore to ermines.

Scottish Rays were first found in Dumfries, exactly where we would expect the Caiaphas line. The Ray write-up traces the surname to "deer," the Rayburn Lennan symbol. The Ray Crest stag is a version of the Rayburn-Crest stag. It suggests again that Caiaphas-related Lewis Chafer was in cahoots with a Caiaphas- and/or Ananias-related Jim Rayburn.

Wrays were first found in the same place as Chafers and Scofields, and the Wray Chief uses footless martins. The Wray Crest is an ostrich. Wrays use the colors somewhat of Rangens/Rainhams/WRAYnhams, which might suggest that Rays and Wrays were Rangabes. I trace Rangabes of the Raines kind to the naming of "Renfrew," where Stewarts lived that were a fundamental part of the Trabys...who use the ostrich feathers. The Scottish Stewart Coat is in the colors of the Rangen/Rainham and Wray Coats, and the English Stewart/Stuart Crest looks like a version of the Rayburn stag.

There are so many connections everywhere, and linking to so many topics, that I can never remain on-topic in the updates. But sooner or later it comes back around. We're back to Renfrew, the Nazi-Hitler hub that provided Ann Glassl-Horer (I'm sure).

Do you think it's likely that Nazi infiltrators into evangelical church circles are taking down information on Christian families for to make Christians "disappear" at a certain time? I had quite a few reasons to believe that Nazi agents formed Christian organizations as covers for their spy operations. But might they be spying the politics of the country while also spying the Christians? Consider the Jehovah's Witnesses, who are urged by their superiors to go door-to-door, at which time they will easily discover where evangelicals live. That's because evangelicals, at one time or another, invite them into their homes, or just talk with them at the front door about the true Jesus. JW's keep records of their encounters for follow-up work. What sorts of records are they keeping on you, and where does the information end up?

Every pastor has access to a list of his membership's addresses. I'm not trying to make you fear you own pastor, but what about the future plots of 666 bloodliners, knowing beforehand that evangelicals will reject them? Won't they want to know where we all live? Are they preparing another Crystal-Night ambush? Are evangelical churches being stacked with pastor-spies?

On the same day that I wrote further up that the Pollock bugles should link Pollocks to Trabys (this is not a new idea of mine), an email from GD: "'s an odd name -- I'd never seen it before; where it will eventually be useful, haven't a clue. In this short email, GD had compared the Polkinghorne Coat to the Arms of Trebizond Empire, and yes it's the same, but there's more to this. First, "Traby" is said to mean "horn," and the Traby bugles are called "hunting horns." Second, for the last few updates, I've been tracing the Haught Coat to the Arms of Trebizond, which tends to prove my claim for years now, that Pollocks/POLKs were from the Mieszko line (Mieszko's daughter was nicknamed "Haughty"). Therefore, this paragraph not only links Pollocks to Trabys and Mieszkos, but links Trabys to Mieszkos. It's important where the Houghton variation of Haughts was recently linked to Hofs and Cofferts, for it suggests again what was already discovered recently by other means, that Mieszko was a Maccabee line married to a Caiaphas line of the Covert kind. How else did Mieszko's daughter get that nickname?

If correct, it may mean that Mieszko (suspect from Seleucids of Sardinia) married the Traby line as well as the Caiaphas line, indicating that the latter two had merged...which is not surprising where the Caiaphas line is tracing to Mieszko-like Mazaca = Kaisariya, near Trebizond/Trabzon. The revelation here is that the Covert line that brought about Sigrid the Haughty should, like Trabys, be 666-suspect. And that's where the Scholefield/Scofield Coat comes in, not only because it uses a fesse in Covert-fesse colors, but because the Scofield bull design is identical to that in the Haught Crest! SHOCKING. It's tracing the anti-Christ line to Mieszkos of the Covert kind, but even tracing pre-tribulationism's biggies to the Mieszko Poles.

Consider Hal Lindsey, a huge tool of pre-tribulationists. Isn't his surname from Seleucid-suspect Rhodes? Didn't Hofs of Germany link to Land elements from Lindos? Lindseys were first found in Lanarkshire, though I hadn't known this consciously when tracing the Lindau and Landsberg areas of Germany to Lanarkshire. Lindseys use a Stewart-like Coat with Cohen checks, looking like a cross between the Stewart Coat and Stewart-related Boyd Coat. "Landon" might even be from "Anton" because the Antons use a red leopard that should trace to Lindos, because Antons were first found in Lincolnshire, also called "Lindsey" in earlier years.

If I'm not mistaken, I had traced Pollocks to Essenes in particular, wherefore the axe in the Polkinghorne Crest is a welcome sign. The fact that Polkinghorns use the Haught Coat in colors reversed means a fundamental (not distant/lose) Pollock link to Mieszkos. We see it again in the "AUDacter" motto term of Pollocks, for entering "Haughty" gets the Auty surname...which for some curious reason uses the same Shield essentially as Halls and Hulls. (Like Halls, Hulls and Autys, the Bavarian Oettingens use a talbot dog.)

The Aude surname was suggested earlier for the Pollock motto term, which happens to use the same sword design as the Shots/Shutes introduced in the last update as per the sling SHOT in the Arms of Dachau. If you read all that, you known that Dachau was a headquarters for Nazi concentration camps that included one at a Coffert-like Kaufering location. The Shot motto was traced to the Geier founders of Nesher in Israel's valley of Megiddo because both Geiers/Gayers and Slings/SintzenHOFERs use vultures.

Insert -- Zowie, it was found after writing here that the Shot sword appears in the Fie/Fey/Duff/Cuffie Coat, which tends to support a trace of the Caiaphas line to the Nesher / Haifa area. Note that the Fie/Fey Coat uses a ship under the sword, for the Arms of Haifa uses a ship too. There's a similar sword in the Fey/FaHEY Coat (Hey terms were discovered in the last update to be part of the Hof / Covert bloodline to Feys). End Insert]

The Horne surname uses herons, and then entering Heron gets the same heron design and a Haveran variation that I traced to Eleazar AVARAN Maccabee, whose line I think led to Ananias because the latter named his son, Eleazar. As per what you've just read, that Pollocks / PolkingHORNEs were merged with Hofs / Cofferts, what about the HEFFRon variation of Herons/Haverans???

Who else uses the pelican-on-nest of the Herons/Haverans? The Pollock-related Stewarts, and the Maxwell-related Pattersons. I repeatedly trace Pattersons of Ross-shire -- the ones who use the pelicans -- to the Drummond founders of Ross. There is much 666 in this paragraph.

The Heron/Haveran pelican is used also by Pottens/Potingers who are highly suspect from the ZINZENdorf line out of Pottendorf. That surname evokes the Slings/SINTZENhofer surname. Do the math (so to speak) and draw your lines.

The Henry Drummond of London (there were more than one) who financed the Catholic Apostolic Church (the founders of the charismatic tongues movement simultaneous with the founders of pre-tribulationism) had Edward Irving for his head pastor. The and Crest use holly, which may connect to the Halls / Hulls, but the point here is that Maxwells, who are now identified as fundamental to the anti-Christ, use holly too. The nephew of Adolf Hitler (mentioned above) had married an Irish woman whose surname (I can't recall it) also uses holly, and then the Essene-suspect Islips use the Maxwell holly and stag. Maxwells are the mother-trunk of Pollocks now tracing to the anti-Christ line of the Caiaphas kind, and it just so happens that Irvings were first found in Dumfries, where Caiaphas and Ananias lines are expected. Moreover, both Drummond Coats use three bars, as do Polkinghornes, Haughts and Trebizond.

The Irving write-up: "As far as records are concerned, the earliest listed was William de Irwin, an armor bearer to King Robert the Bruce. He received a grant of lands encompassing the Forest of Drum, on the banks of the River Irvine." That can't be coincidental. It means that Henry Drummond and Edward Irving were church builders on the basis of bloodline worship (or at least bloodline respect).

ZOWIE, I've just found evidence that the Irving holly links to Hollands, for as we find "Lar Avon" in the Irving write-up, so the round-tailed Holland lion is used by Avons (the river Irving was also "Lar Avon"). The Avon/Even Crest stag compares well with the Stewart Crest stag, though it's exactly the Rayburn stag.

The Avon/Even write-up: "The surname Avon is a patronymic surname created from the Welsh personal name Lefan, or Evan, which is a cognate of the personal name John." I think the "John" part is amiss, for the "Lefan" part must be for the Louvain surname...because the upright Louvain lion is colors reversed to the upright Avon/Even lion. The Louvain lion is the blue Bruce lion used also by Hallands/Hallams of Yorkshire (where Hulls were first found).

Louvain in Belgium was also "Leuven," and so let's check out the Leuven surname, with variations such as: Laurfing and Lauerfingen smacking of Lorraine that uses the Baden bend; Laufer and Lauffe that smack of Luffs/Loves, though we may also glean a L'Hofer idea there. The surname was first found in Wurttemberg and Switzerland, and then at the border area of both places is ALLgau, suspect with the Hall/Aule / Holland bloodline. Entering "All" or "Aul" gets the same clan (in Leuven colors) first found in Basel, in northern Switzerland near Allgau.

The Ault variation of the Alls/Auls suggests that Haults/Holts using a "HUmiles" motto term," and then in the Auley/Cauley write-up: "...The former name denotes a son of Auley, while the later denotes a son of Auliffe or a son of HUMphrey" (caps mine). As there are some variations fronted with a 'C', the Auliffe term appears to have formed the Cliffs and Clifftons (ostrich). While the latter are in All/Aul and Leuven colors, the Cliffs use wolf heads, what appears to be between the wings of the Leuvens. We got to the Louvains and Leuvens via Avons, and then both Avons and Cliffs were first found in Herefordshire, while Auleys are said to descend from HEREmons (the Clifford write-up has a Clifford location in Hereford) In this picture, Cliffs and similar others may have been Levi lines originally. Even "Auliffe" has a Luff or Leaf look to it. You may have read some updates ago that the ostrich of John of Bohemia traced to the Brabant / Hainaut area of Belgium, and that the Arms of Hainaut use the Levi chevrons. French Brabants even use a black-on-gold bugle, the colors of the Traby bugle.

If you were expecting Alls/Auls to be at Allgau, in the Swabian theater of Hohenzollerns, you won't be surprised to find Scottish Auleys/Cauleys using Hohen checks. In fact, English Cauleys use a quartered Shield in the colors of the same of Hohenzollerns / Zollerns. Just like Halls and Hulls, the Zollern Crest uses a talbot dog. That clinches the Hall trace to "Allgau"...where Pepin / Papenburg suspect Lindau is located.

If the question is why the Louvains / Leuvens appear above to have been at Allgau, the answer should be in the Landons of Belgium (ancestors of Pepins).

I've moved what was left of this update (including Essen / Dusseldorf topic) to the start of the next update due to it's importance.


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