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February 7 - 13, 2012

Becoming Heutter than Ever for Finding Montana's Hitlers
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Scherfing U.S.A.
Mangled and Maunched on by Sharps
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Don't Step on My Berry Nice Blue Fur Shoes

You'll see below where Hitlers were likely settled in Post Falls, Idaho. This was the topic near the end of my previous work (link below), accessed from the last update. My story begins with a Cathian Covert Surbrook who emailed me for years on the post-tribulation topic and Iraq updates. I eventually learned that she was concerned with the idea of a brutal UN take-over of the United States, an idea that I and other prophecy watchers keep eyes on, but it's also an idea promoted by neo-Nazi groups as their excuse for anti-government action.

I think I know where I am going while on this neo-Nazi topic. I think God is wanting true-Bible believers warned about having elements of white supremacists on their tribulation retreats. Some of their capital U.S. locations are being disclosed in this update. But what I think God is leading us to is the understanding that thugs of Adolf Hitler's people are found in the Montana to Washington stretch. Some of them should be insiders, knowing much of what and why they are all about. Many of their recruits may not be insiders, but even if they end up on your tribulation retreat, their contact with insiders could mean agony for you and all those with you. It may even turn out that the 666 commercial system will be issued by people in cahoots with Hitler's elements in the United States.

I am coming to the Aryan Nations topic while simultaneously investigating the Nazi nature of the presidential George Bush's, and way up there at the top is where we can expect the 666 system to be initiated. The two topics appear to dovetail, with more evidence of a Surbrook trace to Long Island coming below.

I have never desired to belong to Christian militia groups. I say this right up front in my introduction in the post-tribulation book. I also believed (when I wrote that intro) that some conspiracy theories on the pre-tribulation annihilation of the United States should prove to be faked assessments / prophecies by a certain mysterious group not easily identified. Suddenly, I'm looking at the white supremacists for those false rumors.

I'm not saying in this update or the last that Cathian is Nazi agent necessarily, but that Aryan Nations in her area may have influenced her thinking. Just because God may use a person in my email life with certain bloodlines / surnames to help lead us to discoveries on our end-time enemies does not mean that the person used is necessarily one of them. However, having said that, you will see evidence below that some Cathian's closest family members are located in three nor four places (California, Idaho, Indiana, and Texas) where white supremacists have dug in. Eventually, I think I'll need to focus on what damage they can do to tribulation survivors of the true-Jesus-loving kind.

Before I get to the Hutter-like location at Post Falls (Cathian lived in Post Falls), I'd like to give you an idea of how important the area is to neo-Nazis of the "Christian" kind. None of the sort of info in this page was known when writing the last work; this is a developing story that I claim is the story that God wants you and I know.

[MIND BOGGLING INSERT -- I touched on the Butler surname (uses the same Shield as Obama's Randolph surname) in my previous in relation to the Beatles band out of Liverpool. I had the mild suspicion (not taken seriously) that Cathian's and/or her daughter's business name using, "Bead it," was somehow standing as code for the Bead/Beadle surname/bloodline. I've known for years that Bottles/Buthills were first found in Liverpool, where the Beatles band came from when "invading" America with revolutionary / destructive social influences.

Probably, most people do not find the Beatles destructive, but then these are largely the same people who think the open spread of porn is of little consequence. These are heavily part of the things for which God has prepared Armageddon.

It seemed to me that the Beatles were themselves named as code for the Bottle/Buthill and Beadle bloodline, you see, but it was harder to believe that Cathian's business name (in north Idaho) would be created purely as code for that bloodline. Yet, I entertained the idea, and found myself on the Buthill link to the Butler surname in the last update, not knowing yet what you are about to read:

"Aryan Nations is a white supremacist religious organization originally based in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Richard Girnt BUTLER founded the group in the 1970s, as an arm of the Christian Identity organization Church of Jesus Christ–Christian..."

It's important to know that Richard Butler was not from the north Idaho area, but set up shop there for a reason. What was that reason? Was he an insider who knew the location of the families related to Adolf Hitler and others who escaped Germany with him?

Without going into details, God has largely used emailer Patterson for part of the tribwatch revelation, and in fact it was she who forwarded the online idea (see 4th update last April) that George HW Bush was a Nazi spy of Hitler's group (Cathian stopped writing me shortly thereafter. Hmm.) Emailer Patterson forwarded a dream-like vision (I realize how cultish this may sound) that I believed was direction from God, and the message to us (on a "Cappeo"-named blue lion that linked to the York and Copper surnames) just happened to conform to the name of her horse which she revealed to me much earlier. The horse is "Copperchief," but having nothing to do with the horse's name, we both agreed that "Cappeo" meant "alpha" or "first" or "cap=chief" even before I got to the Copper surname. I concluded that God prompted her to name the horse to later verify that her vision was from Him, and not merely a product of human imagination.

In the same way, "Bead It" may have been chosen by Cathian for no reason other than God's pre-determined choice to give us clue that Butler's group is to be investigated for links to the Hitlers. Again, Hitler's bodyguard (Otto SKORZeny) whom on his deathbed confession claimed that George Herbert Scherff Jr. became president George Herbert Walker Bush, said that Hitler escaped to Montana...beside Idaho. After being led to neo-Nazis of Idaho only last week, I now find a sub-division in Post falls named, Heutter. The Hiedler/Hitler surname is said to be from, "Hutter"!!! I'll come back to the Heutter topic with a Google map. But first...[End Insert]

Here's the Google map that I found this morning from a webpage of a church at Liberty Lake / Greenacres. You might like to zoom in and out before reading on to check the nearness of Post Falls to Hayden Lake, location of Aryan Nations. Even better, put the map on a separate browser so that you can resort to it at any time during the discussion. (Depress your control key and the letter 'T' simultaneously to get a new browser, or hit the + sign (Firefox) at the right end of the menu bar in the browser.) See also Coeur d'Alene smack beside Heutter and Hayden:

Michael Lombard and Jerald O'Brien lead a small Aryan Nations faction based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Church of the True Israel, a small group that distanced itself from Butler and his neo-Nazi ideology in the late 1990s, still exists in Hayden, Idaho.

In my previous work, I showed that various surnames linking to the Covert surname also linked to Oxfordshire, and now I find an O'Brien in charge of an Idaho group on the east side of the Heutter sub-division. The O'Brien Coat uses the Oxford-surname lion design, you see. French Briens use the same saltire as the York surname with "cupias" motto term. And it just so happens that the Oxford elements linked to Coverts had been the Parisii Gorgons, co-founders of York.

As the Hitlers of Long Island were traced (my previous work) to Stewarts / Allens out of Brittany, it may be of no surprise that French Briens were first found in Brittany. (Briens are easily traced to Salyes Ligurians, and to Sales-of-Masci.)

As it had been determined (in the previous work and elsewhere) that the Covert-related surnames were of the Parisii Gorgons from Mysia and Troy, I expect to find the Halls / Hulls in the Hitler topic, from Hellespont in Mysia, and it just so happens that the Yorkshire Hallams/Hallands use a blue on white lion, what was identified as emailer Patterson's Cappeo lion (she is a Hall on one side). Hulls, who use the Hall talbots, were likewise first found in Yorkshire. All my work on Halls / Hallands several months ago was the result of emailer Patterson's influences. i

On the Google map above, I found a Troy location south of Post Falls (some locations will not appear on the map without zooming in / out to various degrees). Beside Troy is Moscow and Pullman, two terms that I identify with Meshech or Masseys and therefore with Cheshire (beside Lancashire, where Singletarys were first found). The Pullman surname evokes "Polzl" (I think the final 'l' is a prefix), the maiden name of Adolf Hitler's mother. The Musk/Muscat/Mousquette surname (first found in the same place as English Randolphs) uses the same antelope design as Singletarys, the surname that was changed (by Jonathan Singletary) in Obama's bloodline to "Dunham," Obama's mother's surname which uses the Butler / Randolph design.

Zoe Surbrook (Cathian's mother-in-law, I think) has two brothers of the DUNcan surname in her obituary, meaning that she is a Duncan herself. Corinne Dein, Cathian's mother-in-law, is a DUNlop apart from her marriage to a Dein. Cathian is registered online in Seattle (amongst other places), where Obama's DUNham mother attended university about the time she found herself with the future president. I realize how odd it seems that I tend to trace Obama to Nazi elements (I've been doing it for about two years), but the elitists way above the skinheads in the Nazi pyramid may not be committed to the white "race" so much as to money and power for building their Global Village.

The heraldic term, "broken," is being traced to the Brook / Broke bloodline, keep in mind, and Singeltarys use a broken version of the Dunham spear. Dunhams use a martin, and Singletarys use martin birds as do Coverts, and then emailer Patterson is also a Martin bloodline. The wife of Wayne Surbrook (possibly Cathian's husband at one time), Laura K. Surbrook, is also shown as Laura K. Patterson, and her page shows two Patterson relatives (in Zoe's obituary, her son Wayne is said to be husband of "Laura"). Laura is listed in Portland and in Washington state.

A longtime emailer with Pollock bloodline was from Washington state too, in Seattle. There is a Polish pattern developing here in Hitlerite-ville USA that squares too easily with Pollocks of Renfrew...whom I may never have emphasized had it not been for the Pollock emailer.

We saw a suspect Pullman location of north Idaho above, and so we check the Pullman surname...first found In Yorkshire! The Pullen surname (Romney Shield) was featured in my previous work. It just so happens that Pullmans use footless martins too. Coverts and Coppers/Cowpers (York saltire), who sound like branches of one another, were first found in the same place (Sussex).
To the immediate (about five miles) north-west side of Pullman is Albion, a Stewart entity even aside from the Shropshire location in which Albions were first found. The Albion Coat is the blue lion of the Massin/Masons, the blue lion highly suspect as emailer Patterson's blue Cappeo lion (because her lion is the Bruce-of-York lion, easily traced to the lion of Louvains used by Massins/Masons).

The nearby locations of Colfax (surname of Warwickshire) and Colton (surname of Cheshire) are easily linked to Mieszko Poles from a KOLODziej entity, and to Stewart-related Kyles / Coles of Scotland. HARKEN YE, for this is the Polish connection. The black-on-gold bull of the Coles and Mieskes was found also in the Metzger Coat. The Pohls use a similar buffalo head, in the same colors, and while Hitler's mother was a Polzl surname, it was also spelled "Pohlz." The same man, Alois Hitler, who was married to Hitler's mother, was also married to a MATZelsberger surname.

Therefore, we seem to have definitely found the family of Hitler in the United States, and we can surmise that the American government at some point after WW2 protected their secrecy there.

PREPARE FOR A SHOCK. "White Aryan Resistance" (WAR) is a neo-Nazi white separatist organization founded and led by former Ku Klux Klan leader Tom Metzger. Part of the American far right, it is based in WARsaw [caps mine], Indiana and is incorporated as a business." I did not know this (yesterday) when I touched upon Jeffrey M Dein. I had said:

Now the Veres who ruled Oxford for centuries trace from Warsaw (where the Arms use Melusine, a favorite Vere symbol) to Warwick, where Sheriffs [i.e. like "Scherff / Scheriff"] were first found. In an online directory, Corinne Abbott Dein was related to 33-year old Jeffrey [M] Dein of Warsaw (not to be confused with Jeffrey A. Dein of West Islip, Corinne's son), the grandson of Zoe Surbrook according to Zoe's obituary (this is one reason to expect Jeffrey M. Dein as Cathian's son (or son by marriage) with her husband, Jeffrey A. Dein).

Coincidence after coincidence, the background of a long-time emailer (consistently for more than a decade), Cathian Covert Surbrook, is leading us to neo-Nazis. I assumed previously that Zoe was Cathian's mother, though there is a chance that Cathian was born a Covert and then married one of Zoe's sons as well as one of the Deins. Whatever the case may have been, the advances in the Hitler topic that this family is providing are growing tails in the shape of a swastika.

If you have your map handy, Zoe was from Otis Orchards, on the north side of Liberty Lake. Both locations are sandwiched between Post Falls and Spokane.

The mystery is that Cathian is not mentioned as a surviving kin of Zoe Surbrook. Cathian's daughter, according to her own Facebook page is Julia White. Yet while Julia White is mentioned as a granddaughter of both Zoe and Corinne in both Zoe's and Corinne's obituaries, Cathian is not mentioned in either one. No daughter at all is mentioned in Zoe's obituary, though four sons, two sisters, and seven grandchildren are. That's what makes her suspect as a Covert by birth, but married to both a Surbrook and a Dein. If this is true, then she married a Surbrook first, for in her marriage certificate to Jeffrey Dein, she's listed as "Cathian Covert" as well as "Cathian Covert Surbrook." The problem with a Cathian marriage to a son of Zoe may be that Julia White should not technically be represented as Zoe's granddaughter.

Cathian's marriage to Jeffrey Dein is registered (between 1960 - 1985) in Riverside, California, the location of a white-supremacist group. One Nazi leader of Riverside, Jeff HALL, was murdered, apparently, and then the area has a "National Socialist Movement."

[Update April 2015 -- I've only just realized that the page above loads for a short time only, and then flips to another page with Quebec addresses. Therefore, let me paste the information here before it disappears altogether:

California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984 Marriage & Divorce

Name: Jeffrey A Dein
Spouse: Patty L Allen
Divorce: date - Riverside

...[two rows down] California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985 Marriage & Divorce

Name: Jeffrey A Dein
Spouse: Cathian Covert
Marriage: date - Riverside

[next row] California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985

Name: Jeffrey A Dein
Spouse: Cathian C Surbrook
Marriage: date - Riverside

I find this suspicous. See the same topic in the 4th update of April, 2015, where I add: I'm on dial-up Internet, and so the flip to the Quebec page takes about 10 seconds, but if you're on high-speed, the flip should be almost instant! What are the chances of this flip happening if the Dein / Covert circle were not responsible? End update]

Somewhere along my investigations of the Surbrook family in the Intelius online directory, a surname came up that reminded me of Janet (no need to give her last name). Aside from Cathian befriending me very closely in my email life, Janet said to me right-off that God had informed her she should be living on my trib retreat some day. This was an unusual statement / request, but she persisted with that view in several emails over a period from about 2008/9 to 2010/11. At one point, she disclosed her home to be in California. Looking her up on Intelius just now (I'm not in the habit of snooping on people as I need to do, right now), she showed up in Riverside!

What is going on here? There have got to be 2,000 significant locations in California, and she shows up in Riverside???

One of Zoe's four listed sons is Wayne. A Wayne Surbrook (age 63) of Spokane, an "ordained minister," was touched upon in my previous work and shown to be a satanist of sorts, though he might not regard himself as such. There are two photographs of Wayne that I have seen, to be discussed later. In both, he's bald. It just so happens that white supremacists, or "skinheads," have the habit of shaving their heads. What a shiny coincidence.

I had found a Julie M. Dein of Spokane who attends/attended (with her husband) the church mentioned above at Liberty Lake / Greenacres. There is nothing amiss that I can spot at the website of that Valley Real Life church. It's sounds like my brand of Christianity. As Zoe was a church planter, while Cathian claims to be a pastor and "Reverend," it's possible that Zoe and her husband (or one of their family members) founded that church. It may be that Zoe's religion was Biblical, but that Wayne dived into channelling. I know by her own admission that Cathian was into witchcraft at one time.

It sounds like Julie M. Dein is related to Cathian's husband, the father of two sons listed in Warsaw, Indiana. I'm guessing that Jack Dein, Julie's husband, was related to Cathian's husband, especially as that husband (Jeffrey A. Dein) was son of Corinne from Suffolk county on Long Island (where Corinne died), where also William Hitler came to live under a false Stuart-Houston surname. What is going on here???

[Insert -- The following was discovered after this update was finished, just before publishing. The Hiedler/Hitler write-up traces to "carpenter," and then the Carpenter Coat uses bars in the bar colors of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, and moreover Carpenters were first found in Suffolk, England.

Carpenters not only use "belli" in their motto, but the same full motto as Scottish Belleys/Bellis, and the Italian Belli Coat (Veneti realms) is a reversed version of the Carpenter Coat! This is news to me. The German Belli Coat shows a flaming beacon, and then the Beacon/Bacon surname was first found in...Suffolk! That's the Bacon surname that wanted to create the New Atlantis in the United States on behalf of Rosicrucians.

As the Mengzies surname (suspect as a Mengele branch) is much a part of this update, note that the Bacon Coat is a reversed version of the Mens/Mengzies Coat. I must spoil the surprise here by telling what was told below, that the Mengzies use an "I zal" motto phrase that looks like code for elements of the "Islip" location in Long Island's Suffolk county. One can suspect that Mens/Mengzies' were involved in the founding of Islip.

Later, the Hitler surname will be traced to lake Fernan, beside Heutter. At that time, several fern- and ferm-like terms will be given for evidence, along with fire-like surnames for which flames are used as symbols. The Bacon motto uses "firme," and the flaming beacon is their symbol.

There is similarity between the Miner and German Belli/Belley Coats, important where the Mengel Coat uses an owl, symbol of (Miner-like) Minerva, a mythical demoness and child-abduction cult (how expected of Nazis, who went by night abducting Hebrews). You can see both a "minerva" motto term and an owl in the Prime Coat. The bent human leg that is the only Prime Coat symbol suggests the bent human legs in the Arms of Isle-of-MAN.

Keep eyes peeled for Prime-like motto terms in the Shurley and Sure Coats. End Insert]

In my previous work, I showed that the immediate ancestry (Glassl surname) of William Hitler (Adolf's nephew) was of Renfrewshire elements. It was just my tossed-in but respected theory that William Hitler would trace to the Post Falls area, and here, a day or two later, a Heutter location at Post Falls is found. Amazing. It's beside Coeur d'Alene, smacking of the Stewart (or "Stuart") related Alenes/Alans. Jeffrey A. Dein was married to an Allen surname just before marrying Cathian.

It's possible that Cathian named her daughter, Julia, in respect of Julie M. Dein. I've also found a Julie Dein of Nampa, Idaho, and the following clip:

In Idaho, gang members come from all races, cultures, and social classes. Contrary to popular belief, Idaho gang members are not all Hispanic youth from single parent households and low-income neighborhoods in the Nampa/Caldwell area or youth with shaved heads from the mountains in Northern Idaho.

It's interesting that the Caldwell location is at Nampa because, on Julie M. Dein of northern Idaho, I have this in my records: Julie Dein is a licensed real estate agent in Spokane, agent for Coldwell Banker Tomlinson N..." I'm not at all pegging Julie here as a Nazi agent (I don't know either way), but am pointing out the Coldwell/Caldwell surname (related to Yonges and Mathies, and Speers of Renfrewshire), which I tend to link to the Coles/Colds / Kyles. Caldwells/Coldwells just happen to have been first found in RENFREWshire. Fancy that.

[Insert -- Why Coldwell BANKERS??? Later, George Herbert Walker, a banker of Bush ancestry, will be touched upon in a suggested trace to the Surbrook / Scherff family of suspects. Here is what was said in my previous work:

...I now find that the three red-on-gold diamonds in the Chief of the Arms of Thomas Randolph are used by the English Wilk Chief!

My point was that Wilks and Walkers were related (evidence in the German-Wilk Coat), but this is being repeated because the alternative Scottish Coldwell Coat uses the same three red-on-gold diamonds / "lozenges" as the Wilks and Arms above. Why are the cocks in the Coldwell Crest "couped"? The Coldwell Coat above uses pike fish, and so compare the Pike Coat to the Colder/Coulter Coat, and beware Anne Coulter and friends, for she has shown some anti-Christian colors while supposedly promoting Christian-conservative values.

Zowie, I almost missed it. The Pike and Colder/Coulter chevrons are used also by the English Hands/Hants, and Irish Hands/Lavins use red-on-gold lozenges too!

NOW LOOKIE HERE! The Hands/Hants (using PALMs of hands) use blue-on-white, the colors of Hamps/Hamptons (from north Hampshire) and Amsdens/Hamdens. "Hants" is a term for Hampshire. Then, Julie M. Dein of Coldwell Bankers is shown as "Julie Amsden"!

What a coldincidence since Hands and Coldwells both use the same lozenges. End Insert]

The reason that Matties/Manns and Renfrew's Speers can be linked to Coldwells is that they both share the same motto, "Fac et spera." Now while William Hitler's grandfather (= Adolf's father) was married first to a Glassl, his second wife was a MATZelsberger surname. In the previous work, I entered "Matzel" to get the German Mathias/Mathies Coat, with Shield in colors reversed from the Italian Massi/Mattis Coat. Just saying.

[Insert -- The German Belli/Belley Coat above -- accessed from Hitler-related Carpenters -- looks like the Massi/Mattis Coat, and Masseys were from, or at least linked to, Bellamys and Bells. End Insert]

The Mann surname might, of course, apply to "Maness," but the point is, we just saw a Ku Klux Klanner by the Metzger surname above, whose White Aryan Resistance is based in Warsaw, where Jeffrey M. Dein lived, the son of Jeffrey A. Dein and Cathian (later married / mated to a Maness). What is going on here???

A Michael Dein (link below) is also listed in Warsaw, Indiana. A Michael Dein and Jeffrey M. Dein are listed in Corinne Dein's obituary as two of her grandchildren, suggesting that both are Cathian's sons (actually, they may not be her sons, but rather her husband's sons from another marriage). In fact, Cathian and her daughter are listed at Intelius as relatives of Michael Dein. That now places two of the sons in Warsaw.

On the Intelius page below, there is a Julia M. Dein, age 36, unlike Julie M. Dein above, age 48. The younger Julia is listed in Post Falls (Idaho) and West Islip (Suffolk county), New York, the home of Corinne and Jeffrey A. Dein too. The younger Julia is also listed as Julia M. White, and is therefore suspect as the daughter of Jeffrey and Cathian.

Here's a digest of what happened when Butler's Aryan Nations in Idaho started to fall apart: "When the dust settled, three Aryan Nations' factions emerged: 1) the remnant Aryan Nations headquartered in northern Idaho and led by the ailing Richard Butler and Shaun Winkler..." More footless in the Winkler Coat, of a surname from Winchul of East Cheshire, where the Macclesfield Cappeo lion resided, so to speak. Dutch Winklers use the Mens/Menzies/MENGzies Shield, a Mengele-suspect surname [to be elaborated on later.] Same article says:

Church of True Israel. The first splinter group from Aryan Nations. It broke off in 1996 (but did not become active until later). In 1998, the Spokane Statesman Review spotted Charles Mangels wearing a Phineas Priest belt buckle. Prominent leaders: Charles Mangels (MT), James Dillavou (IA), John Miller (MT), Ed Dosh (MT), Stanley McCollum (AL), John Burke (ID). Headquartered: Originally Noxon, Montana, then Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

NOW THAT'S AMAZING, for when I recently treated Josef Mengele (Adolf Hitler's physician and fellow mass-murderer), I concluded that the German government was faking the finding of his bones, that he survived the war and escaped the Allies, and that he too should have removed to Montana! Charles Mangels, you notice, was of Montana.

When "Mangels is entered, a Mansell surname comes up much like "Maness." As per John Miller quoted above, also of Montana, I should mention that the English Millers use a blue wolf, a topic later in this update, and were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts and Deins. Mangels use sideways "maunches" (otherwise called "sleeves") as code for Manche in Normandy.

[Insert -- See "sleeve" in my previous work, where the term is said to be an alternative name for the English channel at Manche. See the sideways Mangel maunche right-side up, and called a "man's red sleeve," in the Hasting Coat, and ask why such a Conqueror-important thing as Hastings should use Manche as its symbol. The Hasting sleeve is in the colors of Veres and Masseys of Manche, and then entering "Mans," as per the description of the red sleeve, one gets the Vere and Massey Shield. The Manner variation of that Mans page is found in a page arrived to by entering "Maness." Like Millers, Coverts and Deins, Hastings were first found in Sussex, the general location of Hastings and the other four Cinqueport cities.

German Mans/Manner Coat uses a "savage proper," and Savages were first found in Cheshire. I didn't know until recently that the lion design used by Savages was the upright Levi lion, and it's even in Levi-lion black-on-white. That's important because the Mans/Manner Coat uses the Levi/Levine lion (in white) along with its "savages proper." The Proper/Robin surname then uses "Manus" (!) in its motto, thus clinching the suspicion that "proper" in heraldry can be code for Propers/Robins (and French Robers/Roberts).

In the motto, "Manus" is interpreted as "hand," and then the Irish Hands are shown properly as "Lavin" (or "Glavin"), thus tending to link "Jewish" Levi/Levines to Lavins and Cheshire's Hands/Hants.

I had no intention to trace Mangels to the blue wolf in this insert. But suddenly a new realization, that "Glaven" refers to Cheshire's Claptons, who use a part-blue wolf. It's helpful that the other Claptons/Cloptons (Warwickshire) use the colors of the Hand/Glavin lozenges. I had traced Claptons to Clavers (Meschin-style Shield), who use a key in Crest like the Propers/Robins, and the latter use the MacKEY lion design. We are seeing another way here to link the Pharisee- and/or Sadducee-suspect Levis link to chief Maccabee suspects.

IN FACT, I've just noticed that the Dutch Claver Coat uses a wavy green border, like the MacAbees of Arran (whom I've linked to nearby Mackeys of Ayrshire), and like the Italian Massars to which I trace MacAbees (Massars were first found in the same place (Lucca) as Botters, whom I trace to Bute beside Arran and Ayrshire). Moreover, I wasn't going to get into my trace of Savages to the Save/Sava river, even though the Seager elements of the blue-wolf line trace to it. But as I find myself on the Italian Botter Coat, compare with the Save Coat. If that's not enough, French Sauvages use a red-on-white heart, as do Buters.

Hmm, as Dougals use an upright white lion of the Levi-lion kind, meaning that they use the Savage-lion design in white, it's interesting that the Douglas heart is in the colors of the Sauvage heart. Moreover, both Savages and Dougals use a lion paw in their Crests, and the Paw surname uses almost the peacock of the Maness/Manner Crest...while the white Levi lion was found in the Mans/Manner Coat! When things click along this good, the skinheads are clicking their heels in a march to come get me.

It's the Austrian Saiers/Sauers' who are said to be named after the Sau/Sava river (same as the Save/Sava), and then Sawyers and Seagers were both first found in Norfolk, where key-using Clavers (Levi-suspect now) were first found! The key bloodline includes Kays/Keys, who smack of the key-using Sheaves / Shaws (long suspect as the Sadducee and/or Pharisee bloodline), and then "Shaw" and "Sheave" smacks of "Sava."

Later, the blue wolf will be traced to Butua and nearby Bar, which locations were on the coast from the Sava river. In the northern parts of the Sava lived the Japodes, beside the Una river that named Juno, wife of Japodes-like Jupiter. These chief Romans were wolf-liners, and then as I traced Hungarian-suspect Yonges to "Juno," note that the Yonge Crest uses the same wolf design as the Randals, whose "numerum" motto term can be traced to Arran.

If you check the Italian Sheaves Coat (with keys), you'll see a Chiapponi and a Chiava variation, term smacking of Claptons and Clavers. "Chiava" in Italian means "key," while Clavers use a key in Crest. But as we are on the Levi bloodline too, new readers should be notified that while the Laevi Gauls lived near the Ananes Gauls (on the Po river), "Chiapponi" smacks of Caiaphas, son of Annas/Ananias, these Levite men being both cunningly involved as primaries in the murder of Jesus Christ.

I apologize for this longish insert that seems off-topic, but it rather does apply to Hitlers and "Heutter," for later we will see Hatters/Hedericks link to the HUNgarian blue-wolf line, fully expected where the blue wolf is said by others to be a Mongol-related entity (hence "Mengel" and "Mangle"), the place in the world where HUNs are said to come from. End Insert]

If it seems an oxymoron to find a True-Church-of-Israel organization of Nazis, it's because Aryan Nations was British-Israelite, the idea that European whites were from the Israelites. Their beef was against the "Jews" of Rothschild and company, however, who thwarted Hitler. It is now apparent that these militia groups arose to seek vengeance on the Rothschilds whom Hitler failed to conquer, a vengeance corresponding to the take-over attempt of the United States too. These militias (who give Christians a bad name) consist of low-class Hitlerites, I'm thinking, who may or may not have the blessings of more-elite Hitler elements in the Montana-to-Washington stretch.

As it was explained in the previous work, Hitler did not side with Mussolini by chance. I had traced Hitler's bloodlines to the Forli theater, especially to the Maschis/Maskalys that were traced solidly to MUSSELburgh of Lothian. I now find a MUSSELshell location in Montana:

The Militia of Montana was the creation of two brothers, John and David Trochmann...

...On March 3, 1995, the day after Stanton was sentenced, two Freemen were stopped in Montana's Musselshell County...

It was an attempt to capture / murder the judge who sentenced Stanton. Note that Mangels was of a Polson location:

The ''constitution'' of the CTI was signed by five founding members in November 1996 and filed in Montana, Burke said.

The ''commanding officer'' of the council of prelates is Charles W. Mangels, of Polson, Mont. He has long had ties with the Aryan Nations and once was its Montana state leader.

...All five founders lived in North Idaho or northwestern Montana and once were tied to the Aryan Nations.

Here's Charles, who is not writing it himself, at Mylife gets info that Charles himself has registered for himself. Keep in mind that Hitler's mother was a Polzl surname, and ask whether her bloodline was in Polson. Also wonder if he was a son of Josef Mengele:

My name is Charles Wayne Mangels. I was born in 1951 [could be from a false birth record]. I currently live in Polson, Montana. Before that, I lived in Polson, MT from 2008 to 2008. Before that, I lived in Polson, MT from 1999 to 2009. I am related to Nicholaus Mangels [could be a falsity to protect real father], I am also related to Walter Mangels, who is 94 years old and lives in Polson, MT. I am also related to Phyllis Mangels, who is 92 years old and lives in Polson, MT. I am also related to Jessica Bird, who is 47 years old and lives in Hardy, AR. I am also related to Kayleen Mangles, who is 55 years old and lives in Polson, MT.

The Bird Coat is not only a fesse in colors reversed to the Covert fesse, but uses footless martins as with the Covert Coat. Didn't we just see above that Charles Mangels runs a neo-Nazi organization in the Indiana location where the Dein is listed whom I view as brother to Cathian Covert?

Hmm, the Polson surname was first found in CAITHNess, and uses, in my guestimation, a Mackay / Macey Shield. Polesdons/Pulsdons/Pulsiphers, like Birds, were first found in Cheshire, home of Maceys. The Polesdon/Pulsdon/Pulsipher Crest is, I think, the Maxwell stag, for Pollocks are a Maxwell sept.

[Insert -- Later in this update, Pollocks happen to link solidly to Hitler's mother. For now I would like to share that German Pohls use "plumes" in Crest. The German Plume/Plumer surname uses a Shield split in half diagonally, as do Hiedlers/Hitlers and Heidlers. Amazingly, because I found (about a half hour ago) that Heidlers were concentrated on Staten Island (NY), it came to mind to check the Staten Coat (upright goat) at this time, even though it's not part of my original point. It too uses a split Shield diagonally.

The original point was that Bavarian Plumes/Plumers have a variation like "Plummer," and the Plummers use the same motto term (audacter) as Pollocks. AND, there is a Plummer location not far from Hayden, Idaho. (Both Palms and English Plumes use vair fur.) ]

Let me comment on Deena Hooper below. Why "Deena"? Emailer Pollock shared with me once that her father, with Comfort bloodline/surname, had an heraldic symbol, a white dog, about the house. This was learned at the time that we noted the white talbot dog in the Comfort Coat. But it also uses a Blue INDIAN peacock, symbol of the Maness Crest. I'm keeping in mind that Denes/Dines of the Idaho area are "Indians." The point was, the Comfort motto: "So ho ho DEA NE." The Deins are also "Dean," you see, and Cathian Dein was later Cathian Maness. It's all so spooky, having written her perhaps a hundred times over the years.

Moreover, when emailer Pollock's father married a Pollock bloodline, he married kin because the Peacock surname is said to be a sept of Pollocks. Not only is the Peacock Shield a reflection of the Covert Shield, but emailer Pollock herself lived in Seattle, where "Cathi Dein" (55 years old, same age as Cathian Covert) is registered online. End Insert

I have not much idea how I might at the moment find links between the Polson Mangels and Josef Mengele, but one would think that others had suspected the same link and investigated it. It could be that Charles was related to all the Mangels ancestors he claimed above, and that Josef Mengele came to live among them due to some kinship. At Intelius, Charles Mangles is shown related to Deena Hooper, who's surname is listed under German/Bavarian Hoods/Hopfers. Coopers/Coppers were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts/Cofferts.

[MANGNIFICENT INSERT -- Some days after writing the above, I finally got round to the Mengel write-up: "...Mengel is derived from the Middle High German word 'mangaere,' meaning 'trader, peddler." Checking the Manger Coat (also "Monger / Mansher"), an anchor in colors reversed from the Hood/Hopfer/Hooper anchor. There you have evidence of the merger of the two surnames. End Insert]

In her page, Thelma Hooper says that she's related to Deena M. Hooper (age 33). Thelma, she says, was born in 1945...the last year of WW2. We may wonder whether there was a Hooper Nazi come to Montana with Hitler at that time. By some coincidence, there is another Deena M. Hooper (link above) listed in Riverside, CA (!), age 46. Her age translates to a birth about 1966, a decade before I envision the marriage of Jeffrey A. Dein of Riverside to "Cathian Covert Surbrook".

The actor, Dennis Hopper: "An early role of Dennis Hopper on the Twilight Zone, entitled 'He's Alive!'" It's referring to Hitler. Why did a Hopper surname star in a show, Hitler's alive?

[Insert -- Later in the update, the Moratin tower of Furmans and Bavarian Scharfs is touched upon. The Hoppers use the same tower ditto for Clavers). In my previous work, a man with Furman or Ferman surname was shown in a video featuring Hitler's nephew. That particular Furman / Ferman was a friend of that nephew's son on Long Island. End Insert]

I didn't know in the previous work that Aryan Nations was the INTERNATIONAL representation of the group. Yes, it's a small group that doesn't deserve international status, but, the point is, the claim tends to square with the suspicions that post-war Hitler and Mengele had found security in those parts. At least some of the founders of these groups are suspect as insiders who knew it. From the article above:

Militia members believed that these unseen [Jewish-Illuminati / Rothschild] powers were using the United Nations to overturn the Constitution and invoke martial law as they absorbed the United States into an international totalitarian state. Resisting this New World Order became the core ideological and rhetorical theme for MOM [Militia of Montana] and much of the patriot movement"

So, you see, they use the truth about Rothschilds, as had Hitler, to find recruits, and they use a Christian front to suck the money of Christians, and to secure the membership / crowds they so badly need to look credible / respectable. It may be these types that Nicholas de Vere despises, in favor of the royal breed. Or, we may be surprised to find that Nicholas gives them support.

The birth of Richard Butler (Aryan Nations founder) goes back to WW1. We see below that he was of the Identity Movement, otherwise known as the "extreme right" racist Christians. I agree that there are racist anti-white leftists -- Hispanics, Blacks, and Hebrews who would never vote Republican for that reason -- but as a Christian, I cannot support violence in that ethnic war, and must strive to love all irrespective of skin color / ethnicity. We greatly outnumber the "far right" and are yet lumped in with them by leftists. The Day of Judgment is coming on leftists, but some militia and non-militia Christians alike have the idea that they must create Christ's kingdom on earth aside from His literal Appearance. These are, surely, the "foolish virgins" who will be amongst post-tribbers in the very last times.

Butler (b. 1918), is a World War II veteran who later worked as an engineer for Lockheed in southern California [!], where he was introduced to Identity teachings by William Potter Gale, a retired colonel (and aide to General Douglas MacArthur in the South Pacific)...By the mid-1960s, Butler had fully embraced Identity and served as National Director of the Christian Defense League, an organization founded by the most prominent popularizer of Identity, Wesley Swift. Butler worked under Swift for 10 years until Swift's death in 1971, at which time Butler proclaimed his Church of Jesus Christ Christian to be the direct successor to Swift's ministry. Butler moved the congregation to northern Idaho where it became, in his words, a "Call to the Nations" or Aryan Nations.

By what coincidence does the Swift Crest show an arm holding five bunched arrows, one of the chief symbols of Rothschilds? What this could mean is answerable only by the mind willing to be twisted in seeking the realities. Did Aryan nations serve Rothschilds or war against them? Only the mind willing to follow the twists and turns of Illuminati history may know for sure.

It just so happens that southern California, where Butler originated, is where Riverside is located, the place of Cathian's marriage. The article continues:

...Several Aryan Nations associates have acted on this call to arms. During the early 1980s [under president Reagan and his vice president, George Scherff, if you don't mind me putting it that way], for example, Butler followers joined with members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance and Ku Klux Klan splinter groups to form The Silent Brotherhood, known more widely as The Order, which planned to overthrow the United States government in hopes of establishing an Aryan homeland in the Pacific Northwest. In order to raise funds for this revolution, members of the group went on a crime spree...

...Hayden Lake, Idaho an otherwise peaceful community was long considered by many white supremacists to be the "international headquarters of the White race," as Butler dubbed it.

Probably, there were elite elements in Idaho in contact with the Bush - Scherff elite, which is where the Scheriff links to Jeffrey Dein are expected (by me) to have relevance.

On the map, note that Hayden lake is about six miles (north-east) from Heutter, if that helps to identify Hayden with the Hiedler/Hitler surname. Between the two locations is the Dalton Gardens area, and then Daltons/Altons (green dragon) were first found in Lancashire, where Butils and The Beatles came out of, and where William Hitler lived before moving to Long Island, home of Jeffrey A. Dein, whose sister's daughter married a Scheriff of Long Island.

Probably by no coincidence, English Altens show Robin HOOD, a character that Nicholas de Vere says he traces to. Like Daltons/Atlens, Veres use a green dragon, and the so-called "Vere star" is used by Trists while Daltons/Altons use a "tristus" motto term. There we have the Veres, suspect in the Cathian circle of Nazis, smack in Hitler-ville, Idaho, so to speak.

Wasn't Robin Hood of SHERwood Forest? Might there be Sherwood links to "Shers/Scheres/Scherfs? After all, the Sherwood Crest is roses on a stem, the symbol of both Scheres/Scherfs and Walkers...and German Wilks.

Recalling the Stanton-surnamed supremacist, by what coincidence is the Stanton Coat like the Shurbrook/Sherbrook Coat (both use "vair" fur, as doers the Swift Coat too)? The Stanton surname was first found in Nottinghamshire, where Robin Hood plots touched upon. Sherwoods are said to be partly from Nottingham.

The Shurbrook Coat looks like the Massi/Mattis Coat because it uses the Massey horse...a horse used also by Odins/Oddies of Yorkshire (and king-Arthur-related Pepins). The Stands/Stains (in Stanton colors) were likewise first found in Yorkshire. I had linked the "obstantia" motto term in the Arthur Coat to the Stands/Stains, and often I thought that I should retract the idea. HOWEVER, I now find the "consilio" motto term of Sherbrooks leading to the Consell surname using the same symbols as the Arthur Coat(s)!!!

Plus, I had found the same symbol (almost anyway, though it now looks like an elephant head) in the Arms of Oettingen, a surname that I traced solidly to the Odins of Yorkshire above!

I had traced the Arthur symbol, the organ rest, to "Orkney," and to the Orchard/Urchart surname. ASTOUNDING, the last few paragraphs were inserted above the paragraph below that was already written and sitting right there. I had no thought of the Otis-Orchard location when I wrote this paragraph or the ones above! I should add that, because Arthurs use a pelican, the pelican-using Oddeys/Oadts should apply.

While you're on the map, see how close Otis-Orchards is to Post Falls and Heutter. Reminder, Zoe SURbrook and husband, Burch, were from Otis-Orchards. By what coincidence do both the Otis/Oats and Orchard/Augher surnames use the same colored chevron, while both were first found in the Cornwall peninsula.

If that doesn't convince you, recall from my previous work that the Cathian circle of surnames links to pear-like surnames, or surnames such as Maness using a "Pour y" motto phrase for the Pears/Pearls (the Covert leopard) and Purys (footless martins) of Oxfordshire. THE POINT IS, the Orchard/Augher Coat not only uses pears, but the same pears as as the Abbotts, first found in Oxfordshire...and using the German-Troy unicorn.

Abbotts came up in the previous work because Jeffrey A. Dein was son of Corinne Abbott Dein (of Suffolk county, Long Island). Amazingly, when Wayne Surbrook (a satanist / New Ager in Christian disguise) was investigated, he was found on a Christian webpage ( where a Jacob Israel is featured as a writer/teacher, and Jacob's page says he's from Centereach, New York. Checking, it turned out that Centereach is in Suffolk county, Long Island!!!

There is a Reach/Riaech surname that could apply. Just like the "Jewish" Reich surname, it doesn't show a Coat even though it has a page.

[Right now, you are only about half way to the discovery of the Glazebrook surname married by Wayne Surbrook's brother. The Glazebrook write-up tells that GREYSbrooks of Warwickshire are one of their branches, while the Reach/Riaech write-up traces to "'brindled' or 'grayish'..." Fine codework, that's all, for the Brind/Brame surname was likewise first found in Yorkshire. The Glazebrook Coat shows three reasons for a link to Masseys.]

AHA! The Orchard/Urchart motto: "Mean well, speak well and do well." I recall that the Spokes are also Specks, and they come up also as "Speak"!!! It suggests that the Spokane location, smack beside Otis-Orchards, was named after the Speaks/Spokes, or vice versa. A couple of days after finding this, I learned that the other Orchard surname with Augher variation is, not only in Auger/Eager colors, but the Augers/Eagers use the motto, "SPECTemur agendo"!

I might admit error where I previously traced that motto term to the Space/Speccot surname, except that it's in the red-on-gold colors of the Orchard/Urquart Coat. It therefore appears that Speccots and Spokes/Specks were related.

[Insert -- I traced the other Auger motto term to Euganeo, beside Este, and so let me repeat here that the blue-wolf investigation will later lead straight to Hungarians of the king Andrew kind. As I trace his bloodline to "Andrew's Cross," otherwise known as the Scottish flag, see Andrew's Cross in the Eugene/Ewing Coat (colors of the blue wolf). But also note the "Audaciter" motto of the Eugenes/Ewins, for they lived near the Pollocks (who use "audacter"). Then, compare the Scottish Anders Coat to the Pollock Coat. Therefore, if you agree that the Pollock bloodline named Hitler's mother, ask why the blue-wolf Hungarians seem to link to the Hitler bloodline.

By the way, I indicate Inserts so that you can delete or move them elsewhere if you wish to follow the original topics with less confusion. End Insert]

[SUPER AHA INSERT -- While on the Scherf topic, it's taken me a long time to get round to entering "Shar," which was done while on the Sherwood / Shire/Sheer topic further below. "Shar" gets the Shaws with "I mean well" motto! My only explanation at this time is OrCHARd.

That is, Orchards must have linked to Shaws, and because Shaws are now suspect as Shars and SURbrooks, how is it coincidental that the Surbrooks under discussion were of Otis-Orchard, while both Orchards and Shars/Shaws use a "speak well" / "mean well" theme as code for Spokane elements...and, no doubt, a Mean-like surname??? Entering "Mean" gets the Meghans/Meekins/Meehans, suggestive of the German Magnus surname with Mang variation...that's shaped Mangel-like.

As the blue-wolf line will be linked to mythical Perdix, who was anciently given a partridge symbol, see the partridges in the Char(d) Coat. Then, as per the code work, "partridge in a pear tree" (the song has many other codes), see the "desPERandum" motto term of Char(d)s, not forgetting that OrCHARDS/Aughers use pears in their Coat. The Perdix-like Parts/Perrots use pears too. Perdix elements were traced long ago to Berry, France, location of the Cher region. End Super Aha Insert]

The Orchard/Urchart Crest is "A nude lady holding a sword in one hand and a PALM leaf in the other. Melusine in the Arms of Warsaw holds a sword in hand, but let me remind that a Plummer location is not far south of Otis-Orchard. The nude woman is likely Melusine in the Moray Crest, for Orchards/Urcharts were first found in Elginshire = Moray. It's amazing because, in my previous work, Moray elements were traced to Amorites of palm-like Palmyra.

Melusine is in the Britton/Brittany Crest too, and there we see (in the Coat) blue blood drops on black, a symbol in the Crest of Mangus'/Manns (a "Per" motto term), a possible Mangels/Mansels branch. The two surnames are in colors reversed. [This paragraph was already here when the pear-laden Insert above was conceived!]

The Germo-Austrian Hooter/Huter/Hutter surname ("eagle's leg") may apply to Heutter, Idaho. "Utter" find otters and may therefore mean that Hitlers were from the (Others/Hotters/Oders of Windsor relations whom I trace to Arthurian code, "Uther Pendragon." In this picture, Heutter was related to Otis-Orchards by blood.

What struck me regarding the quote below is that Michael Maness, the man whom Cathian identified to me personally as her husband/mate, is listed in an online directory both in Texas (at Markham county, beside Houston) and Idaho. Unfortunately, the Aryan Nations' branch in Texas is of an unknown location so far as I've been able to discover online, but as O'Briens use the Oxford lion, I can't get the fact out of my mind that Coverts link much to Oxford elements. I'm kicking myself for failing to record a fundamental surname to this topic using a Shield of nothing but red and white diagonal bars, as used in-part by both the Swiss Kreis/Chrysler and Hiedler/Hitler Coats:

In 2009, Aryan Nations Revival based in Texas merged with Pastor Jerald O'Brien's Aryan Nations based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, since both parties were ardent Christian Identity adherents. In early 2012, Kreis quit the Aryan Nations while in prison, passing leadership to Drew Bostwick

Insert -- This may be a good place to mention that the two Post Coats, and the two Falls Coats, use white on blue, and then the Falls lion is identical to the German Post/Poest lion! Who would of thought? Dutch Posts use a black bugle, as do English Briens, and the Brien bugle smacks of the Traby bugle, which jibes now with a previous suggestion that Posts/Poests were from "Piast" Poles. As you may know, I trace the trefoil used by Falls to Trabys of the Trip/Treff kind. The Falls (also "Fallis") are suggested in their write-up to be the bloodline of the "tanner of Falaise," the man whose daughter was mother to William the Conqueror.

The SHERidan Coat may be a version of the Falls/Fallis Coat. Then the Sherards use a peacock, and almost the same Coat as the German Rodes, which is very good here because ancient Roquefeuils married the Rodes clan (of Rodez, Languedoc). It's via the trefoils of English Rodes' that we can clinch the TreFOIL as symbol for RoqueFEUILs.

Recalling from the Mangel "maunche" topic earlier, that it is used as the Hasting-Coat "sleeve," the suggestion was that the Conqueror, who won his war at the Battle of Hastings, was chiefly of Manche elements that included especially the Vere / Massey Normans. The point is, the Toner Coat uses the same sleeve, and that term is too close to "tanner" to be ignored.

As I also trace the trefoil, especially when white on blue (as with Falls'/Fallis'), to RockeFELLERs, they may have named Post Falls. See the white-on-blue trefoils in the Feller Coat, and compare the Fells to O'Failins. I traced Rockefellers to the Valais/Valois surname, using the same colors again, and so compare the three red roses in the to the Valois/Valais Chief, then ask again why Heutter is in Post Falls. Or, ask why Heutter is beside Coeur d"Alene, where a Brien surname came to rule a Nazi group.

The three red roses in a line show up in relevant places later below. End Insert]

I googled "Nazi" and "Aryan Nations" along with all of Cathian's surnames, but found nothing except a Surbook character with Nazi-ish cartoon characters that may or may not apply to Cathian's Surbrook kin. If Cathian's kin were involved with Aryan Nations, they may have been the silent invisibles, the strings-pullers, the insiders higher up in the pyramid, the Order. Let me re-quote: "Butler followers joined with members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance and Ku Klux Klan splinter groups to form The Silent Brotherhood, known more widely as The Order, which planned to overthrow the United States government in hopes of establishing an Aryan homeland in the Pacific Northwest."

The Bosticks use a muzzled bear head, symbol of Maceys and Mackays, and were first found in Cheshire. It's the Alis-surname bear in particular that's said to be "muzzled" as code for Mussel-like bloodlines...such as Mussolini. The father of William Hitler, and the father of Adolf Hitler himself, were both named, Alois Hitler. The Lois-surname ostrich may apply because I view is as code for the German form for "Austria." We will see ostriches again below.

The Bostick bear head rests on top of a tree stump. This recalls my fundamental link of Masseys to Bush's and similar others such as Boschs and Bos'. Via the Bus cinquefoil, as it applies to the Rodham cinquefoils, I must link the Rodham tree stump to that of Bosticks. As tree stumps are used by German Brocks/Brockens/Brokkes, I think we can be confident that Brookfields trace to witchcraft-infested Brocken mountain (Germany).

All entities in the paragraph above are Bute elements, I'm sure, where also the MacAbees were located. I'm repeating this because the MacAbee Shield is used by BROOKfields. It just so happens that Brookfields use "ears of wheat," symbol that I trace to the line of Israeli chief priests who murdered Christ. I often find the line of inter-testimental Maccabees-proper with the line of chief priests, and this is yet another example.

WOW. After wondering whether Utters, Others, and similar others might link to "Otis"-Orchard, the German Otter Coat was found to reflect the Coats of both Brookfields and MacAbees.

If the question is whether Brookfields can be linked to "Surbrook" and/or "Shurbrook/Sherbrook," consider first that entering "Shur" and "Sher" gets the Bush-related Schers/Scherfs. Then consider the Kilpatrick Shera variation and the Kilpatrick motto, "I MAKE sure," which I trace to Maxwell/MAKESwell-branch MaccaBEE liners (the Maxton/Makeston relatives of Maxwells use a bee...the same bee as per the Arms of MANchester). Kilpatricks have been traced to Butteri, who were at Bute.

The Glass surname (Melusine) was first found on Buteshire, and the Glassl surname belonged to William Hitler's grandmother, I'm fairly sure. Now as Melusine is a known symbol for Lusignan's inhabitants (called Melusines), and as the Arms of Lusignan (blue and white horizontal bars) reflect the Arms of Luxemberg, the "Luctor" motto of the Glass Coat may be code for the Lux Coat using a black-on-gold bull head, the symbol, essentially, of the Pohls/Pohlands. AGAIN, Alois Hitler married both a Glassl and a Polzl surname.

Melusine is usually shown with a mirror, which I'm sure is code for the Mire/Mireux surname but potentially a double code also for the Glass bloodline. Though I cannot find a way to get to the description of the German Pols/Pohl Coat, it looks like the man holds a mirror. On the man's head, a black feather...or "plumes," as the Pohl/Pohlman surname call thjeir black and white feathers.

Mari, goddess of the Basques, can apply to "Mire," meaning that we appear to be tracing Melusine to Amorites of plume-like PalMYRA. Mari was the Amorite capital on the Euphrates.

Maxwells use holly in the same fashion as Islips, and I think that Mire's/Mireux's once showed a holly tree.

Suffolk county covers the entire northern half of Long Island, but virtually all relevant surnames / entities that I've traced there are concentrated in the center of the island, as is the case with Centereach, West Islip, Patchogue, and Babylon. The Arms of Suffolk County is a bull. The west side of Long island is BROOKland, and might just apply to "Surbrook" is a distant way. [As per the blue-wolf topic, where Sagans are prime suspects, GD just informed me that Carl Sagan -- enemy of Christ and model evolutionist thinker -- was born in Brookland to Ukrainian "Jews."]

Now Wayne Surbrook is said online to be an ordained minister. In the previous work, it was shown that Wayne was described (by someone who was praising him) as a typical New Ager, mixing Christianity with religions having nothing to do with Christ. In Wayne's webpage above, after a fellow New Ager wishes him happy birthday, Wayne says: "Thank you! I can officially apply for S.S. [Social Security] today if I were to choose to do that... GAWD... can I really be that F___ing old?" It's not exactly how an ordained minister should reflect himself in public, on a Christian website even.

On the same page, the same female friend (Astari Waters) says to Wayne: "Wow, I just saw that you are in AZ? Haven't seen you around in a while, since Bill. I thought you were in Spokane?" It tends to prove that this was Wayne Surbrook, son of Zoe. Here's Astari's page:

...My life skills come from many directions, since a child. I have represented many different religions and belief systems as a minister, seer, reiki-energy master...

My consulting classes involve perception, the ability or process of acquiring one's own life direction... while selecting and organizing ways to reach a higher sigma...[that term could relate to "Sigma Chi" cult]

As Cathian is found as "PastorCCovert" of Liberty Lake, and as Zoe was a church planter along with her husband of nearly 66 years, it's possible that they planted at least one church in their home area. Cathian never did tell me where she was a pastor, but rather suggested that she had taken the educative channels for acquiring that title. She is found online as "Rev. Cathian C. Maness", but in her facebook page she doesn't mention a husband, though Michael Maness and his mother are accessible through it.

On the page below (dated June 29, 2010), "Pastor C, Covert" does not portray her marriage to Michael Maness: "My best friend, a helicopter pilot, is working in the Gulf, in Louisiana, right now, and he reported to me yesterday that the place we used to fish in Port Fourchon (just a few miles from Grand Isle) just got covered with crude and gas sheen."

But in a page of comments in regards to the funeral of Corinne Dein, one comment of August 2008 is signed "Mike and Cathian Maness." Her previous husband, Jeffrey Dein, also gives a comment at the same page.

Michael Mark Maness is found in a photo with his helicopter on the facebook page of Carol Maness, his mother. Online directories locate Carol in Washington state. Further plugging away suggests that this Maness family was rooted in George Maness' of Washington state, the oldest one being born 107 years ago.

In seeking Cathian's address last year, to see if she was alright after failing to email me back over a several weeks, I found several addresses, wherefore I didn't know which police department to call. The Post Falls address (which I won't give here) happens to be just yards outside of "downtown" Heutter. It verifies my hunch that she has been Directed into me email life to lead us to Hitler's friends in the Montana theater. Amazing story, is this not? PLUS, smack beside the "Heutter" stamped on the map, we find West Reeves Street. The word, "Sheriff," is said to derive in "Shire Reeve."

The Reeves (roses, as with Sheriffs) were first found in Suffolk (England), and that may link them to Suffolk in Long Island! That's where I first caught wind of the possible Nazi ties to Cathian's Dein relations, as per the granddaughter (Jennifer Scheriff) of Suffolk's Corinne Dein.

As Julia M. White (36) is also listed as Julia M. Dein. But Julia is listed in West Islip and Post Falls. Jennifer Scheriff, listed also as Jennifer A. Carabia, was a daughter of Corinne's daughter, April Carabia. Jennifer is listed only in New York, but not Idaho. The husband, Daniel Paul Scheriff, is listed in West Islip too, but it's not necessary that he be a Nazi agent to make these traces substantive, for it has done the trick regardless by finding Hitlers in Post Falls. I think.

Are any of the people I name here in potential trouble with the law from my work? Only if they have reasons.

Oonagh Mary Scheriff, listed as Daniel's relative, is listed in Amityville, North Babylon, and Patchogue (all on Long Island), Patchogue being where William Hitler lived with his three or four sons. Daniel Scheriff is the only one of that name listed in all the U.S. There is only one Kim Scheriff (age 52, Deer Park) listed in all the U.S., and she too is listed as a relative of Daniel and Oonagh.

There are only two Kenneth Scheriffs (one age 62) listed in all the U.S., both in New York. Kenneth J. Scheriff (Bohemia, Suffolk county), age 52, is listed as a relative of Oonagh, Lisa, and Kim Scheriff.

The question is whether the family of George Herbert Scherff, Hitlerite elite, was on Long Island. Should we be seeking the father of Daniel Scheriff? Daniel and Jennifer Scheriff, ages 47 and 44. The two Scheriff males both age 52 are too young to be Daniel's father. Oonagh Scheriff (53) is shown with three Neal relatives, and is likely a Neal married to Kenneth or Theodore Scheriff, for Oonagh is also shown in one listing alone with Theodore E. Scheriff. There are two Theodore E. Scheriffs, ages 63 and 56. Every Scheriff so far was born after WW2.

But a Theodore Scheriff (listed alone, no relatives) of Green Bay, Wisconsin, is listed at 104 years. There is a 55-year old Julie A Dein listed in Madison, Wisconsin, who could be his granddaughter where his daughter married a Dein. Per chance, Corinne Dein (born 92 years ago) may have been a mother of the man who married into the family of Theodore of Wisconsin. That's good in theory because it was the Deins of Corinne in the first place who were married to New York Scheriffs.

It could suggest that New York Scheriffs born in Adolf Hitler's generation may have come from Wisconsin. Julie A. Dein of Wisconsin is listed also as Julie A Langenberg, a German surname. Three Langenberg relatives are shown in Julie's page, and only Dein relative is shown, Frank Joshua Dein, age 60, of normal age to be her husband or brother. Frank has no relatives shown aside from Julie.

It's hard to decide from the above data whether Julie is a Dein or Langenberg by birth. But look at the coincidences. First, the Langen Coats use the Oxford lion, and Langenburgs show three white roses on stems (!!!), same as the Surbrook-suspect Sherwoods. Those three exclamatons are for the roses on stems (rare, most heraldic roses come without stems) in the Schere/Scherf Coat.

Julie Dein/Langenberg is listed with an 80 year old Patricia Langenberg from Maryland. All her locations are in Maryland, suggesting that Scheres/Scherfs might have been in that state. There is a GEORGE Scherf (one 'f") listed in Maryland (Severna Park) at age 101; birth date, about 1910. I read that the family of George Herbert Scherff Sr. (Hitler's agent) changed the surname to one 'f'. (For some reason, now that I need to give you the page address for George Scherf of Maryland, it won't come up).

Now it just so happens that the Seal of Maryland uses the Calvert Coat, and Calverts, as with Walkers, were first found in Yorkshire. Prescott Bush married a daughter of George Herbert Walker.

The Arms of Maryland use the motto: "Fatti maschii, parole femine." I didn't know this when I traced Hitler's Masci sides to the Maschis/Maskalys. "Parole" may also be a code (the Pearls of Oxford?).

The reverse side of the Seal of MARYland uses the phrase, when translated, "Lord of Maryland and Avalon," smacking of Melusine of Avalon that was traced to Mari elements of the Basques.

There's a George Scherff listed in Haverstraw, New York (near Long Island), age 117, with birth date about 1894/95. Adolf Hitler, born 1889. Unfortunately, I don't think the birth date of George Herbert Scherf(f) is known to those trying to link him to George Bush. Conspicuously, Wikipedia doesn't show an article on George Herbert Scherff. (The page for George Scherff of Haverstraw is not coming up now, though it did yesterday.)

If thou likest a good logic puzzle, engage thyself. "Tesla moved to the United States in 1884, where he worked for Thomas Edison who quickly became a rival...During the 1890s he and his assistant George Scherff [Sr.] worked with x-rays, radio..." According to this, Scherff was a man already in the 1890s, and may therefore have had a son in 1894/5 (when George Scherff of Haverstraw was born), or in 1910 when roughly George Scherf of Maryland was born. We are looking for an American -- who spoke good English -- to be the son George Herbert Scherff Sr, that son then disguised as George Herbert Walker Bush.

Why was this photo of (link below), and/or article on, the father-and-son Scherffs, found in the Idaho Observer, of all places? It tells that Skorzeny's death bed confession included the point that George Scherff Jr. was George Scherff Sr's "adopted son." If true, we don't know the first president Bush's birth surname. The writer claims that George Scherff Sr. was Prescott Bush, but I'm doubting it now. Prescott was reportedly born in Columbus Ohio, May 15, 1895, way too late for Scherff Sr. to have been a man in the 1890s. Hmm, I have George Scherff of Haverstraw (NY) born 1894/95, but unfortunately, I can't get his page again.

GOOD THEORY: Prescott Bush was the same as, or related to, George Scherff listed in Haverstraw. There is a George Scherff (no age or relatives given, could be an old/dead man) listed in BEDFORD, Ohio. The same page shows a George E. Scherff (age 69) in Columbus and Hunstville, both locations in Ohio. REMINDER: Prescott Bush is reportedly born in Columbus, Ohio.

There is another George W. Scherf (one 'f''), no age given, listed in New BEDFORD, Massachusetts, perhaps linked to the Bedford, Ohio, above), with relative, Florence Scherf, age 92.

Obviously, the George E. Scherf of Ohio is a prime suspect for Bush-Walker relations. On this page, he's shown also in Bowling Green, Ohio. I had found a page (address not recorded, and not coming up today)) for a George Scherff (no age shown) listed in Bowling Green, Ohio, and with a relative, Teddy Lee Scherff (58), who turns out to have a listing in Oyster Bay, just outside Suffolk county but still on Long Island!

George A Scheriff (72) is listed in Bohemia in Suffolk county, Long Island.

The Justin Scherff (31) listed with Teddy has three Ohio listings (four of them on this page). A Carl Henry Scherff, age 94, related to George and Teddy, is also listed in Bowling Green (and two other Ohio locations). Carl's wife / sister (I assume, because she's 90) is shown with an alias surname, "Schereff."

Again, Prescott Bush married a Dorothy Walker, daughter of banker, George Herbert Walker, born in 1875, about the date expected for the birth of George Herbert Scherff Sr. Both Walkers and Schers/Scherfs use roses with stems. There is a George Herbert Walker (80) listed in both Kennebunkport, Maine, and Garden City smack beside West Islip. Kennebunkport, the estate of the Bush presidents, was built by George Herbert Walker, father-in-law of Prescott Bush.

If you read my previous work where the ancestry of Prescott Bush in Rochester (NY) was linked to the founders of Mormons in the same area, note in the page above two George H. Walkers, age 23 and 73, listed in Rochester.

As Prescott's father was Samuel, I tried for a Samuel Scherf in Ohio and got one whose name is also shown as "Scharf." There are some of those spellings in New York. One Scharf Coat shows WHITE-ON-BLUE wolves, colors reversed from a blue wolf, and the German branch (early "Scharpf") was first found in Bavaria. The latter's write-up traces to "Sharp." The Sharps/Scharps ("Dum spiro spero") use a downward pheon in Pilate-pheon (also downward) colors...WHITE-ON-BLUE. [It was while writing this paragraph that "Saracen" came to mind.]

It was said above: "the Carpenter Coat uses bars in the bar colors of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, and moreover Carpenters were first found in Suffolk, England." But now, entering "Carp" gets the Karp/Karpf/Karpf/Carpff surname. Unfortunately, the page shows no Coat. German Scharfs use all four colors of Carpenters and Hiedler/Hitlers, meaning that Carpenters -- and therefore Hiedlers/Hitlers whose write-up identifies them with "carpenter" -- may have been a corruption of the Scherff bloodline.

In a totally unrelated investigation, the next thing found of importance was the same tower, in the same colors, used by both Bavarian Scharfs and Portuguese Fernans. What timing, for this was just discovered by zooming in on the Google map to the east of Heutter, on Fernan lake. German Furmans use the same tower in different colors, important for linking Ferns-et-al to Ferms-et-al.

Cheshire's Fernans/Vernons were granted lands by Hugh Lupus, whose personal wolf is white on blue. What a "coincidence." But how can it be that Scharfs are related to Hugh? I have no idea, and I've been at this heraldry a long time. I do know that Hugh's family was involved with Maceys, Fertes, Ferriers, and Dol's Stewart line, but "Scharf" is a difficulty at the moment. The best I can do is regards the Meschin-Talbot link to Carricks, who I link to Sherrys.

Aha! No sooner mentioned that a solution arrives. The Sherry Coat, I've just noticed, is like the Austrian Schere Coat.

The design of the Scharf wolves is used by Cheshire's Claptons/Cloptons, but even that doesn't easily reveal who the Scharfs were as a people entity. To support the Clapton link to Scharfs further, the other Clapton Coat page has them first found in Warwickshire, where Sheriffs (red roses, as with Scheres/Scherfs) were first found.

On the shores of lake Fernan, there are several roads by that name, but also a SHERman Ave. and a Hazelwood Dr. Okay, so who were the Shermans that named the road?

Sherman Avenue is a main road going west and changing into Northwest Blvd., which itself takes one up toward Heutter. Again, in downtown Heutter there is a West Reeves St., and Sheriffs are said to be from "Shire Reeve." But then the Shire/Sheer surname is an obvious branch of Carrick-related Sherrys, too much like "Sherman" to be ignored.

As you can see that the lake is on the east side of Coeur d'Alene, note the Alan oak leaves in the Sherwood Coat. The hazel leaves of the Hazel/Hassel Coat are on the same-colored Shield. Hmm. AND, Sherwoods, as with Fernans, were first found in Cheshire, a very welcome match, don't you think, just as Scarfs are tracing to Hugh Lupus and other Cheshire elements?

What's fertile with possibility here is a suggestion in my previous work that "Islip" could be rooted in the same as the Hazel surname. I did NOT know about this Hazelwood Drive at the time, nor had I any idea where Scheriffs of Islip might trace to in Post Falls. But, suddenly, there is reason to link Fernans to Scharfs, Shermans, and Hazels. Again, SHERwoods (of Robin HOOD fame) use roses on stems, as do Schers/Scherfs.

It's possibly not coincidental that "HEIDi's Cottage Classics" is shown on the map at Hazelwood Drive.

ZOWIE, the Hazel Crest is a squirrel, code for the Squirrel/Squire surname (with squirrel in Coat)...using a "Tiens FERME" motto (!), having the same motto term as the Hayden Coat!!! That's not small potatoes. We are into the big time here. The Hayden motto, "FERME EN Foy"! Wow. We may be the only outsiders to know where Hitler and his fellow goons hung out to dry. Do you suppose he hated shaving off his mustache?

Hey-hey, the Furmans/Foremans and Daltons/Altons both use a green dragon in their Crests, and Dalton Gardens is between Hayden and Heutter.

If the Hayden motto is code for Fermans, then very apparently these Vere-suspect bloodlines were in the area. Both Furmans/Foremans and the Firemans/Firmans use anchors (Heidler symbol), and Ferns use the lion heads of Firemans/Firmans. Why was the boxer named, GEORGE Foreman?

BIG TOOT. "Sherley" was entered, and there in the Crest was an old man with white hair and beard, as with the Sage Crest. I was NOT going to mention the "Sage Truck Driving School," shown on Heutter Rd., just 400 feet from Reeves St! Sherleys were first found in Derbyshire, where Sherwoods and Shores were found early. The only wonder is that there isn't a neighborhood with swastika-shaped streets.

Not far above, I had been wondering whether "Schar(f)" was ultimately a consonant-reversal from "Saracen," and I now find that the man in the Sherley Crest is a "Saracen." Moreover, recall that I had been wondering why Scharfs should link directly to Hugh Lupus, who himself came up in Cheshire's Fernans/Vernons. Both the latter and BROOKfields use a "scythe" (like a sickle) with their "ears of wheat," and then Carricks, whom I trace to a hard-C version of "Saracen," use a "BROKEn spear," a term that I tend to trace to Brokes/Brocks from Broc of the Anjou area. If that's not enough, Austrian Scheres use "ears of wheat!

I tried "Shar" a few moments ago to find the Shaws/Sheaves whom I've long traced to the ears-of-wheat bloodline i.e. that of Israel's chief priests. This investigation couldn't possibly get any more wickedly fiendish.

The "corMORANT" term in the English Scharf write-up is probably code for Mauritanians / Moors, because the tower of Bavarian Scharfs is what I've called the Moratin / Moreno tower (gold Shield, as with Sarasins).

I mention Carricks (colors of the Sarasin/Saracen Coat, and of the Schere/Scherf cross) because their Crest seems to use the same ostrich design as Beaks, which is perhaps important where George Herbert Walker had a Beaky bloodline in his mother's maiden name. There is further potential here to link George Walker to Scherffs if both Scherffs and Carricks were Saracen lines. The name was early, "Beche." (The Beak Coat looks like they were of, or linked to, Drummonds of the Trebizond kind.)

Now it can't be coincidental that the ancient Thomas de Vere referred to by Nicholas de Vere was traced by me from a Vere line in Cheshire that I linked directly to Hugh Lupus (cannot recall, nor find, the details), then through Marjory Carrick to Thomas Randolph , first earl of Moray. For, French Sarasins (Brittany of all places) use the Randolph Shield of Moray. Moray's Randolphs use horseshoes, a symbol also of Ferriers whom Hugh Lupus gave titles to. The Beak ostrich holds a horseshoe, you see.

The English Beche/Beechy Coat uses a red "vair" fur. Why a fur? The fur is in the colors of English Bechs/Becks, and Beckys/Backies. The lion head designs, in the same colors even, of the Ferns and Firemans/Firmens, are used by Becketts. What a furincidence. Both Firemans/Firmens and Bechs were first found in Yorkshire, where English Walkers (crescents, Saracen symbol in my opinion) were first found.

It should also be mentioned that Beaks are said to be Flemish while "flames of fire" are used by Beckeys/Backies. What's with that Fur / Fir relationship to Beaks-et-al?

Let's assume that the anchor of the Firemans/Firmans trace to the anchors of the English Hoods/Hutts/Hudds, German Hoods, and German Heidlers. Isn't that able to explain Fernan lake smack beside Heutter and Hayden? Again, the Fermes use the same anchor/Coat (in every way) as German Hoods/Hutts, and then Germo-Austrian Hooters/Huters/Hutters had been found with an "eagle's leg," the symbol of Cheshire's Hixons/Hicksons.

What do you see, knowing that I've previously traced Becks and Bachs to "Apachnas," the Hyksos pharaoh? Welsh Bachs use vair fur too, and a black talbot in Crest, symbol of Carricks and Shires/Sheers.

The Hyksos eagles legs are in the colors of the Carrick and Sarasin Coats, and then the Carrick ostrich, a version of the Beak ostrich, has emphasis on its "gold legs." It's a little off-topic at the moment, but why the legs? Beckers (Yorkshire, as with Becks and Walkers) use a Shield filled with more vair fur, and a stag head like that of the Legge Coat.

The Becker stag is in a square called a "canton," and then we find a Shield filled with vair fur and another canton in the Beche/Beechy Coat. This time, the canton shows a single "gold pile" on blue, the colors of the three piles in the Pile Coat. The Pile Coat itself has a canton, with a gold leopard head, the symbol in the same top-left corner of the Beak Coat. Never mind if it all confuses you and gets to be too much at times, just acknowledge linkage. Heraldry is a system of keeping track of linkage of kin (besides, I need to record things for future use).

It just so happens that while the Hagel Coat likewise uses a single pile, the Bavarian Heids are show with a Hagelshiemer variation. The temptation is to equate "Hagel" with "Hazel," but I did not at first see heraldic reason for doing so (both Irish Caseys and Scottish Cassels use the same Shield). Then the Hagel Crest was checked out, which looks like the leaves of French Caseys/Casailes'.

As you can see, the leaves look identical in both cases, and yet the Casey/Casailes leaves are called "laurel branches," while the Hagel leaves are "an olive branch." THE POINT IS, I traced Caseys/Casailes to Cassel near Hesse (for more reasons than similarity of terms), and then Hazels are also "Hassal." Thus, Hazels can link to Hagels of the Heid kind.

Amazing, for both Sherman Drive and Hazelwood Drive (next to each other) are off of Lakeview Drive at FERNan lake, and a shop named "Heidi" is on Hazelwood, a name that Hiedlers/Hitlers would be have been apt to give their people.

This latter investigation started with George Herbert Walker, to check whether he might link to the Scherffs so as to link his grandson, George Herbert Walker Bush, to George Herbert Scherff. Not only are the Walker and Schere/Scherf Coats similar, but they both use Shields split in two vertically, as do Bavarian Cassels and Ferns. But the Hiedlers/ Hitlers (use the Hesse-Coat sun) and Heidlers (first found in Austria, as with Scheres/Scherfs) also use split Shields, only in the diagonal with the Sherville Coat.

Shervilles use a gold garb, seen in recent surnames, as for example the crest of the Caseys who use the Cassel Shield. That Casey Coat uses eagles (that link to Lake Van phoenix), the symbol of Hagels (said to derive in "eagle" but I'm open to other ideas). The gold garb is also used by Cheshire's Weavers using a version of the Hazel Coat, and then Ferriers also use the gold garb. In these cases it's understood to be the gold garb in the Arms of Cheshire. I typically trace "Cheshire", "Chester," and the Chees/Cheatles of Cheshire to "Hesse" and/or the Catti of Hesse, meaning that there's a trace to Cassel of Germany too. In this picture, Cassel and Hagel elements were the namers of Hazelwood Drive.

It's important to see the Sherville Coat and to understand this paragraph. The bottom half of the Sherville split Shield is blue, as with the bottom half of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, and the top half of the Heidler Coat. The top half of the Sherville Shield is green, the color of the German Bauer and Scottish Bower Shields. The blue half of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat shows the German Bauer stars, and the Hesse sun. Firemans/Firmans use the sun too, with anchors, the symbol in the blue half of the Heidler Coat. Both Heidlers and Shervilles use white lions. Have you understood?

But Firemans/Firmans/Virmans also use a sun in their Crest superimposed on the red "Crusader cross," the same red cross used by Wears/Weres. VERY IMPORANT, for Firemans/Firmans were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Walkers, while George Herbert Walker was a Wear on his mother's side. Prescott Bush married Dorothy Wear Walker.

The above has the potential to trace Walker- and Scherff-liners to Fernan lake and area, does it not?

[Insert -- Unfortunately, there are no variations shown in the Sherville page. Trying to find other terms that brought up the same Coat, I happened upon "Sherson," using the same shield as German Heids/Hagelshiemers! While the latter's bend likely uses the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow, the Sherson bend shows...suns in Hesse-sun colors! While you are viewing that, click to the "Jewish" Hesse Coat to see another Shield split diagonally, with blue on the bottom half, as with Shervilles and Hitlers. The only problem, or key, is that the Sherson term gets the Sheppherdson surname.

There is an explanation, for, as with Shersons/Sheppardsons, Sheeps/Shipmans use a white bend, and both Ships/Shiptons and Shipper/Shepherds were first found in Oxfordshire (elitist Vere / Wear stronghold). I've noted that the Shipper/Shepherd Shield-and-Chief combination is that also of the Mens/MENGzes, of the surname using a "savage" that is a copy of the SHERley "Saracen." The Mens savage even has a band around his head, a Saracen symbol in heraldry.

That can't be a coincidence, meaning that Sherleys and Shersons/Shepherdsons are related to Hitler-related Shervilles.

Aha! The Sherley motto uses, "praemium." The last update in January explained that topic (as it related to Paris-based Trojans), as per the Sure/Shore surname using "Perimus liciti"...the same motto as Caens who use more gold leopard heads, symbol also of Coverts. That Sure-picture evokes Cathian Covert SURbrook, and then I tend to link the Mens/Mengzies surname to the surname of her mate, Michael Maness. The Covert martins are even the same gold martins in the Fernan Coat, suggesting that Coverts ought to have been related to the Fernans that named Fernan lake smack beside Post Falls where Cathian lived.

Aha! The "I zal" motto phrase of the Mengzies smacks of "Hazel," and besides, we can expect Josef-Mengele bloodlines in the Heutter / Hayden theater. "Izel" brings up the Lyles/Lilles, and may suggest a Lyle root in the idea of "isle," a term much "Islip." I've just noticed that the Islip/Haslip surname was first found in the same place as Scherff-suspect Walkers!

Amazingly, having just entered "Isle" due only to the paragraph above, the Eyles/Eeles/Eels turned up in the colors of the Shipton Coat. The latter uses an eel in Crest. Just look at how near the paragraph above happens to be to the Shipton topic, by no design of my own. As Islips were first found in Yorkshire, co-founded by Parisii, I'd say that we're dealing here with the Lys/Lisse surname, first found in Ile-de-France = Paris, also called "Isle of France." The Isles/Eyles use fleur-de-lys, after all.

BINGO BONGO BINGO, ALL YE SKIMMERS BEHOLD. While the Islip Coat uses the Maxwell stag and "holly tree," the Maxwells call theirs a a holly BUSH proper." Let's not forget that Maxwells are KilPatricks/Sheras/Patchies with the "I make SURE" motto, and that Patchogue is beside Islip.

[Insert in the Insert-- Earlier, the Weavers were shown with a version of the Hazel Coat. I can now report that a "Liliae" motto term is used by Webbers. It tends to suggest that the Izel/Lyle/Lill surname links to Hazels after all. Webbers use another Drummond-like Shield seen not far above in the Beaks...who were suspect as a branch of Beakys whom George Herbert Walker married.

For "Shephard." I'm thinking ancient Sepharvites that I trace to Sephardic "Jews" of Spain. One god of Sepharvites was ADRAMmelech (2 Kings 17), a term that I traced (without relenting) to "Drummond." As I think that Sepharvites and Moloch were also the Baal cult, I recalled that Shiptons use "bellows," and so I just took another look at the Bellow/Ballow find the same Shield-and-Chief combination as Shippers/Shepards and Mens/Mengzies! All three of them leave their white Shields blank, without symbols.

Both Balls and Bellows were first found in Cheshire, and both use the colors of the Brittany Balls. Cheshire's Balls use "A hand and arm in mail..., and Mails/Meills use the same colors and were first found in Cheshire. Semi-mythical Milo de Vere of Angers / Anjou is coming to mind, son of Melusine of Avalon (I trace the latter location to the Baal-suspect Apollo/Abello cult). The Miles (in Sparr/Spark-of-Cheshire colors) and Mills/Meils are in the same colors again, both first found in Hampshire, where Drakes were first found whose red wyvern traces to the same used by dukes of Masovia (Poland). Again, Warsaw is Masovia's capital, and the Arms of Warsaw use Melusine.

The "Fulcrum" motto term of the Balls looks like code for Fulks (first-known counts of Anjou), and so let me repeat that I trace Melusine's Spree > Speer elements in Lusignan / Anjou to "Sprowston" in Norfolk, where Fulkes/Folks were first found who are traced in their write-up to Anjou Fulks. The War/Weir write-up traces Veres of Oxford's founding to Sprowestun (Roxburghshire). The Vere-related Speers / Sprees may apply to Sepharvites, suggesting the same root for the Sprows entities.

The Cheshire Balls use a ball, and though there are many kinds of balls that may have been used, they chose a "fireball." Why that? Didn't I link Fires/Feuerers to Veres already? The Firemans/Firmans come to mind.

The axes in the Shipper/Shephard Chief are suspect as code for JOKtan elements, for Joktanites (ancient Hebrews) not only lived anciently in Sephar and Mesha (see the end of Genesis 10), but one of Joktan's sons, Hadoram, smacks of Adram. In the past, I've tended to trace "Joktan" to the ox symbol, especially the red Oxford ox and red and Lusatia ox (the Spree river is in Lusatia, and Lusignan traces to "Luzica" = Lusatia). Molech was a bull, as was Baal, you see, and we have seen bulls from Poland link directly to this Hitler topic. End Insert in the Insert]

I'm not sure whether the "Honor" motto term of Sherleys or the "honesto" term of the Izel/Lyse motto is code for anything, but "Hones" (Silesia) happens to bring up another Shield split diagonally, and another white lion, on red, as with the white Heidler lion. Hones' variations include Hain, Hainel, and Haynes. The Haines and Hannitys ("firme" motto term!) , both of Lincolnshire, come to mind.

Irish Hannitys just happen to use the same lions, in the same colors, and with the same split Shield of, the Ferns. Fancy that. Aren't you glad I bothered to hone in on Fernan lake? I might have missed it.

Amazingly, this insert was written after the paragraph below was written and sitting right there. The Chief of Vere-related Shippers/Shepherds, where this Insert began, shows axes. End Insert]

Aha! Wears/Weres are said to have lived on the river Axe, and then due to the family being first found in Devon, the Hykes/Hacks, also first found in Devon, look like the Axe-river peoples. The Wear/Were write-up: "Today in Britain, Weare and Lower Weare are small villages in Somerset, England, on the River Axe, south of the Mendip Hills [why the "ip" ending, as in "Islip"?]. And in the US: Weare, New Hampshire [!!!]; and Weare Township, Michigan are listed....Some say, in early times before the 12th century, the Weare-Giffards of Brightly and Halsworthy took the name Weare and eventually dropped the Giffard portion of the name."

What do we get but an axe in crest of the Warwick Coat!

The three lions in the Coat are in the colors of the War/Weir stars.

[Insert -- Amazingly, there is a Sharon Surbrook listed as a relative of Wayne E. Surbrook (63), son of Zoe Surbrook. On her page, Sharon (64) is also a Haak (by maiden name, I'm assuming).

That term gets only Dutch Haaks/Hacks/Heckels. Taking a look at Hickies (another Oxford lion, this time in Sherley colors), we find the motto, "Honor virtutis praemium," the SHERley motto exactly! It suggests that Sharon Haak was already SURbrook kin when she married a Surbrook. The Hickie metal glove holds a "baton." End Insert]

As Hazels are also "Halswell," emailer Patterson may be interested in the Halses/Halls', first found in Devon. As she has both a Hall and Martin bloodline, she might also check out the Dutch Hall triple-chevron used in the German Cassel Coat that itself uses the French-Martin castle.

So, who knew that Wears were Giffords too. Not I. Giffards use the Paine/Paynell motto exactly, which is part code for Malahule of More. Paynells have got to be a branch of Pagnells (Yorkshire, as with Walkers) as well as Payens/Pagans, whom I trace to "Apachnas" elements too. In other words, the Wears look like the same Apachnas elements as Beaks, and then George Herbert Walker, with a Beaky mother, married a Wear.

If that's not enough, the Paine/Paynell Coat is the Covert Coat because both (as well as similar-Coated Pages) were first found in Sussex. This now explains all the vair fur that we've been seeing, which Pappenheims of Germany call "kettle hats" in honor of "Ancitel," of the Malahule bloodline. Paines are traced (by me) to Balso D'Espaines, also of the Malahule bloodline.

[INSERT -- The following was discovered in my files days after the Gifford topic above:

Jeremy Patrick SURBROOK...Jeremy died June 23, 2011 in Phoenix, AZ of heat-stroke related causes. He was 41. Jeremy spent most of his life in the Seattle area....Survived by parents Patricia Levin (Bothell, WA); David and Tanya Surbrook (Oakdale, CA), fiance Mary Gifford (Phoenix)...He was pre-deceased by his brother Jonathan Surbrook, grandparents Patrick and Lucille Deane, Burch and Zoe Surbrook...

"David and Tanya" refers to David Surbrook, Wayne's brother. Wayne was himself living in Phoenix. David's son was set to marry a Gifford. Recall the Hands/Lavins, suspect as Levis, for we now find that David was married, or so I gather from the above, to Patricia Levin. Judging from the above, Patricia Levin was a daughter of Patrick Deane. Wait till you see what Tanya's maiden name is.

Note that Patricia was from a Beatle-, Butler-, or Bottle-like Bothell location, probably named by Bothwells who use the Orchard/Augher Shield (pears) and a motto term ("urgentia") like the "agendo" term of Augers (we don't forget that Surbrooks were of Otis-Orchard). The Augers use the lion of Ferraris whom I traced to "Pharisee" (there's a lot more too it than similarity of terms), IMPORTANT because Patricia apparently married Levins!

Were Giffords just seen as a branch of Wears? I trace Ferraris to Veres. Were Giffords traced to the bloodline of Pagans/Payens? Augers use the Pagan/Payen Shield.End Insert]

As Cathian Covert was also a SurBROOK, what about another "BROKEn spear" in the Paine/Paynell Crest? The Paine spear is said to be "tilting," and then Tiltons use more gold-on-blue garbs...used, for example, by Hazels who trace, not only to Cassel, but to Fernan lake in Idaho, where Cathian Covert lived/lives. The Tilton Crest compares well with the Scottish Pagnell Crest.

I had linked Pappenheims to Papes who use the Hall / Hull talbots, which should explain all the footless martins that we see. It's convenient to be back to Coverts (another gold lion head), for they use footless martins as do relevant others of the Vere liners, and I wanted to mention that the castle of the German Cassels happens to be the castle of French Martins.

Again, I'm not claiming that Cathian or any of her relatives are Nazi operatives, but am becoming sure that God sent her into my email life due to the surnames that she has had, and because of the locations she has been involved with, the lump-sum being an ability to trace Hitler and some of his Nazis to those same elements. Yes, I do see evidence that Cathian is herself a Nazi operative, but evidence is not necessarily proof. Water may look like vodka, but water has no proof. The same applies to Michael Maness. I am not however saying that I have proof of water in these bottles.

After writing all that, I got online again to see if more could be found on Wayne Surbrook, the "ordained minister" who's into satanic activity of the seer kind. And then I found a channeler by the surname, LightWALKER. How coincidental. Here is Charles Lightwalker, and here is what he says:

Channeling occurs when another consciousness is allowed to align with the channeler for the purpose of communication and the sharing of information. The channeler steps back in consciousness and allows the entity [stupids] to move through them to use their mind, emotions, and vocal chords.

Later, on the same page:

Wayne Surbrook - Yakima WA
I needed some answers and Charles had them. Accurately and precisely, one after another, he was able to provide them for me in a very professional,gentle, and straight forward way. I have been searching for my soul mate for ever... I was advised that I would meet her within three months. Two months and one week later, we were married. I am most honored and privileged to have met Charles Lightwalker. People of his caliber are few and far between. Thank you, Sir.

Freaking us out now:

Charles currently serves as Co- Director at The Family of Light Healing Centre located in Spokane, WA USA. He is an ordained minister and Certified Spiritual Healer. Charles has studied in alternative healing methods, i.e. Reiki, Vibrational Medicine, Stone Medicine, Spiritual Healing, Yoga, Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Medical Intuition, Shamanic Healing, Color & Sound Therapy, Dance Therapy, Kryahgenetics, Quantum Touch, and Reflexology.

In my previous work, I shared the following on Wayne Surbrook, almost the same description as Charles':

Wayne Surbrook- is a Medical Intuitive, Certified Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister, Quantum Touch Practioner, and Authenticated Shaman, has Masters in both Usui Shiki Royoho Reiki and Crystaline Reiki, and has perfected an Extremely Powerful Method of connecting a person with their true identity, that Thoth has called "Multi-Dimensional Frequency Transference" or MFT. He is currently studying Vibrational Yoga and will soon be a Master/Teacher of that modality. He is a board member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives; a member of the International Association of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards; and a member of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the Metaphysical Research Society. Occasionally, he works with Dr. Elizebeth Hooker and the Warm Mineral Springs Wellness Institute in Warm Mineral Springs, Florida.

Wha-aat? Did the same person write the same description for both men? Are they the same man? If not, they are very close friends, both from Spokane (Wayne runs a car-transport business out of Spokane). Compare the photo of Wayne Surbrook to the photo of Charles Lightwalker. Here's an older photo of Charles. The two men don't look the same, I don't think, but one can use the photo of another to create a false identity for himself online.

Here's an alternative photo of Wayne. In both cases, Wayne is bald, meaning that he could be a Nazi "skinhead." In the page above where Wayne is described, it starts off like so: "Phineas Parkhurst Quimby - Dr. Quimby, with his clairvoyant faculty..." Earlier in this update: "In 1998, the Spokane Statesman Review spotted Charles Mangels [Militia of Montana] wearing a Phineas Priest belt buckle." The Phineas priesthood is a Nazi / skinhead group.

On the page below, Wayne has Charles Lightwalker listed as one of only two friends.

At Intelius, there is a Charles B. Lightwalker listed as a relative of Rochelle Lightwaker, herself listed in both Washington state (Carlton) and Naples, Idaho. The latter is 60-70 miles north-west of Nazi center at Hayden Lake. "Naples is near the land features of Caribou Ridge and Ruby Creek. The Ruby Ridge conflict of 1992 happened nearby." The story of Ruby Ridge is one of post-tribulationists seeking a retreat. It concerns Randy Weaver (Iowa) and his wife, home-schoolers (at least one of them seems to have been a Mormon), going to Idaho in 1992...when there wasn't a 666 system viable as yet. It's a very upsetting and telling story that the police shot Randy's 14-year old son, Samuel, in the back.

I started seeking my own trib retreat in 1994, but the idea of becoming government-rebellious wasn't in my heart, even though in my Christian disappointment I came to detest the secular, and even satanic nature, of modern government movement...throughout the West. For me, it was a no-brainer that we are not to fight the government with bullets. Choice words can inflict far more repairs, and we are called to be repairers, not destroyers. There are vicious dogs in the government's police system who need rebuking, and even the politicians themselves are often criminals, but we are Called by God to play it peacefully, as lambs. Just do it, and wait for His Guns to unload. The world will never see those dogs again after that, except as they hide in their holes and lick the feet of God's Elect. The time now is for them to condemn themselves by what they do. God is recording everything. His Spirit is a secret webcam that can infiltrating every room.

It's amazing that David's wife was Tanya J. GLAZEbrook (69) (both she and David are listed in Oakdale, CA, and in Miami), for it not only suggests the Brook bloodline, but the Glass surname. English Glazebrooks/Glasebrooks were first found in Yorkshire, and use "Dum spiro spero," THE SAME MOTTO AS Sharps!!!

Is that not something??? Earlier, it was found that German Scharfs were from "Scharpf." AND, English Scharfs were likewise first found in Yorkshire. As this looks like the Walker-of-Yorkshire connection, by what coincidence is Wayne Surbrook a close associate of a Lightwalker surname?

AHA! The downward white-on-blue pheon in the Sharp Coat is used by the Yorkshire Glaze surname! (Gleasons might just use the Heid and/or Sherson/Shepperdson Coat.)

NOW THIS ALL IS GREAT, for it had been the theory that "Surbrook" was a branch of "Scheriff" and/or "Schere/Scherff," and here we find a David Surbrook married to a relative of the Scharfs.

Zoe Surbrook has two brothers with a Duncan surname, meaning that she had been a Duncan herself. The Duncan Coat uses the same bugle, almost in the same colors, as the German Scharf(f)s!!! This is so fresh out of the tribwatch oven that's it's steaming hot! I'm amazed, and my risky hunches are being vindicated. Praise God. But what's He up to? Where is He going with this? Who stands to get into trouble? Or is it just a warning for those who may plan trib retreats with white supremacists?

See the Donkey/Duncan Coat, and compare the donkey-using Chamberlain Coat with the Duncan Coat in the paragraph above.

The German Scharff bugle is in the colors of the Pollock bugle, important because Pollocks were first found in Renfrew (location of GLASgow), while the grandfather of William Hitler of Suffolk (New York) has, I'm sure, a Glassl surname as his mother. It seems obvious that Glazebrooks were related to Pollocks, therefore. Again, emailer Pollock was from Seattle, where Cathian was once registered, and emailer Pollock was married to a surname using the same bend colors as Heids and Gleasons (all three surnames use red symbols on their bends).

WHY ARE POLLOCKS IMPORTANT? William's father (Alois Hitler) was only a half brother to Hitler's brother, meaning that the two brothers had different mothers, one good reason not to give Adolf's mother -- a Polzl -- as the mother of William's father. Are we understanding now why God sent emailer Pollock into my life some dozen years ago.

I cannot reveal the surname of emailer Pollock's Jewish husband, but a very slight variation of the name gets a surname (pelican in Crest) with the three Oxford lions They are in all three colors exactly of the lions in the Irish Brien/Brian Coat. English Brians then use a bugle in Traby-bugle colors. With a one-letter change in the variations of the mystery surname in this paragraph, we are left with a Traby-like term, and besides, there are other excellent reasons for tracing the mystery surname to Trabys.

I don't want to go over all the details for tracing the 666 bloodlines to Trabys, Astikas, and the pelican-using Stewarts/Stigweards of Renfrew to which I trace the Astikas. But I will re-mention that the Greek letter "sigma," was once "stigma," and that Wayne Surbrook belongs to a Sigler-org ministry, named after a couple with that surname. Reminder: the page features Jacob Israel of Centereach, NY, smack at Suffolk county, Long Island.

Sigler ministries teaches Universalism, the Christian concept held to by Christian liberals and some evangelicals / charismatics. It's the idea that there is no Hell or any form of eternal garbage dump for souls, that all people born will eventually make it to eternal life in Christ-likeness / God-likeness, even if they need some purgatory beforehand. It's a convenient religion for soft-core Christian sinners and New Agers, and it tends to convey to Christians subtly or subliminally that Jesus and New Testament writers were cruel and speaking falsely to promise / decree eternal condemnation. Some of you who have read my warnings on "Manifest Sons of God" teaching, beware Sigler ministries:

Some Evangelical Universalists avoid using the word "Universalism" to describe their beliefs, perhaps because of the negative connotations of this word among conservative Christians. Alternative terms that are in use among Evangelical Universalists include the "Larger Hope" or "Blessed Hope" and the "Victorious Gospel" [pre-tribulationists are famous for the "Blessed Hope" phrase].

Charismatic Universalism is marked by its emphasis on theosis; the idea that the return of Christ is a body of perfected human beings who are the "Manifested Sons of God" instead of a literal return of the person of Jesus; the idea that these Sons will reign on the earth and transform all other human beings from sin to perfection during an age that is coming soon...

Many Charismatic Universalists meet in house churches or do not belong to a church at all [many Universalists don't credit most churches with true Christianity]. Most of the evidence of Universalism existing as a school of thought within the Charismatic movement is found in a large number of internet-based ministries that are informally networked with one another.[31]

Going to #31 as per the last sentence, we read:

31 ^ "is one of the largest collections of links to Charismatic Universalist websites, ministries, house churches and groups". Retrieved 2011-11-09.

Their is a "Jewish" Sigler Coat showing a Split Shield in green and red, the Rothschild-and-Bauer color combination. It uses scythes or sickles, symbol also of Brookfields and Fernans, the latter likely naming Fernan lake beside Heutter.

It just so happens that minutes before knowing of or viewing the Seal Coat, I determined to show links of Siglers to the blue-wolf line. I decided not to place that topic here, but later below, when extrapolating on the blue-wolf line (it will be linked to Seagers). When reading the write-up on German Siglers, who come up as Seagles too, I found that they are traced to "the German word siegel,' which means 'seal'" Aside from "Seagle" also getting the Seagers, the English Seal(y) Coat showed the same wolf heads as the Yorkshire Scharfs, who use white-on-blue wolf heads suspect from blue-on-white wolf heads from some other surname.

While Scottish Millers use the Seagle/Seager "moline" cross in white-on-blue, English Millers use blue-on-white wolf heads! It's probably relevant that the one Miller surname (Dumfries) uses a "Manent" motto term while the other Miller surname was first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts, for Sur- and Sheer-related Kilpatricks were of Dumfries too.

I should add that the blue-wolf line will be traced from the house of Attila's Huns, called Dulo, while proto-Stewarts of Dol (honored the wolf / dog) are suspect from Attila's Alan Huns.

Earlier in this update, I featured a friend of Wayne Surbrook, Astari Waters, who works in professional occult practices, and says that she helps people "to reach a higher sigma." We could get the impression that the 666 bloodline will be an American-Nazi-related one out of Stewart-ville (so to speak), Renfrew, and then the Waters surname was first found in Shropshire, where both Pollocks and Stewarts were living before moving to Renfrewshire and surroundings.

For what it might later be worth, the Glazebrook write-up suggests links to Greasboroughs/Gresbrokes, using coneys = hares. The write-up: "Descended were the Greysbrooks of Middleton in Warwickshire who settled there in the early 15th century."

AHA! Had we seen anchors in Heidlers and Hoods? Another anchor, and an "Anchor fast anchor" motto, in the Grey Coat. That Coat is a Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed to the Glass Shield-on-Shield. It definitely appears that Anna Glassl-Horer (William Hitler's grandmother) was from the Glaze, Glass, and Glazebrook bloodline. I now recall the trace of Nazis to the Gels/Gileki.

AMAZING. The Glazebrooks use the same Mackie/MacKEY lion, in the same colors, as the Propers/Robins/Roberts (key in ostrich's mouth) and related French Roberts/Robers. The Propers/Robins (who I trace to Poland) are the ones using a "Manus" motto term!!! It's just one thing after another here linking apparently to Cathian Covert Surbrook Dein Maness. Recalling the Haaks, by what coincidence do Propers/Robins use "Manus haec" as a phrase?

Reminder: There is a Sharon Surbrook listed as a relative of Wayne E. Surbrook, son of Zoe Surbrook. On her page, Sharon (64) is also a Haak (by maiden name, I'm assuming).

There's a Julie C. Dein of California on the Dein directory-page above, shown also as Julie C. Farrell. It evokes the Forli topic (birthplace of Mussolini) in the previous work that I traced to Forels/Forrelles. I now find that entering "Farrell" gets the Forel/Forrelles Coat. Smack beside West Reeves Street in "downtown" Heutter, there is a West FERREL Street. Ya, amazing coincidence.

As it seems that Hiedler/Hitlers were a branch of Hoods/Hutts, let me repeat from the previous work: "The Forel Coat is just about the Vogel Coat, interesting where Ray LaHood (Obama's secretary of Transportation) married a German with Vogel surname." Why is Ray LaHood's son now under suspicion for spying in Egypt, and contributing to the rebellion there that Obama stands up for in hopes of an Egypt controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood? As of this week, the old-school Egyptian military yet controls the country, until the Muslin Brotherhood and it's political allies can arrange a new government.

Wayne's wife, Laura, may have been Laura K. Surbrook (39), the only Laura Surbrook that comes up. She is also shown as Laura K. Patterson, and shows two Patterson relatives. She's listed in Portland and in Washington state.

[Update May 2015: Finally, a reader discovers that Cathian had married Thomas Surbrook. This topic along with the Scheriffs is revisited starting in the 4th update of April, 2015.

The Blue Wolf Huns

Before sharing a myth-code studded work passed to us by emailer, GD, see this.

Since De Guignes [a writer, smacks of "Genghis"] linked [Huns] with the Xiongnu who had been northern neighbours of China...However, there is no evidence for a direct connection between the Xiongnu and the Huns.

GD shared that three surnames, Millers, Randals, and Wooleys/Wolfleys, use a blue wolf. This is a good place to repeat that Randals were Rains who were related to Wrens of the Rennes-of-Brittany line to Renfrew, where the Nazi-666 bloodline is now suspect.

Here are clips of the myth that reports to be the roots of Genghis Khan. Keep your eye out for a term like "Xiongnu," smacking of "hound":

-- The Secret History of the Mongols
Shuurgan traced his finger in the dust and sidled closer to the embers. At his back, from within the canvas tent faintly lit with its own sacred fire, came the muffled grunts and moans of the young wife in her labor...

Shuurgan knew already that the child would be male. The bones had foretold it on the very night that the woman now squatting over the birth bed had revealed that she carried Saikhan's child...It seemed a lifetime ago that he had followed Saikhan across the vast distance between here and the Sayan Nuruu...Saikhan had become as if born of these mountain people, who called themselves Khangbaa, even taking a survivor as his wife. And now he was about to reap the fruit of that unusual marriage. What sort of man will be born of such a foreign union, Shuurgan wondered.

...And then [after the birth], from the north end of the canyon, came a low howl. It rose slowly into the night, and was joined by others. The wolves seemed to answer the infant's wail...

It was the Chinese Year of the Black Water Tiger, the Roman year A.D. 462..."Listen to him howl!" she said...The Guardian of Great Tree of the Underworld had sent a new spirit to live in his son...

[Saikhan's] broad shoulders touched the edges of the door as he passed through. Cloudy green flickers of eyeshine met him, and for an instant, the form of an enormous, blue-grey wolf flashed at the edge of the firelight. Saikhan dared not speak or threaten the silent, watching shadows...

...The whitish birth caul on the baby's skin shone pale blue in the starlight [smacks of blue-blood]...Look down, Great Ones [ the gods]. Bless and protect my son.

"Khokh Chono," chanted Shuurgan, "Sayan Chono. Blue Wolf, Sage Wolf. The Seven Suns flashed for your coming, Chono. I give you the name of those who sing for you. And also will you be called Sayan, for the ancient mountains, the sage mountains of your father's homeland. If ever you are lost, the Sayan will call you home."

...Unaware of them, the child raised his voice in protest as the cold bit him. The shaman lowered his arms, pressed him against the FUR (vair fur was originally blue and white] at his belly and rocked him. Slowly, his chanting softened and stopped. He stared, glassy-eyed [Glass-surname code?] at the boy he held, then slowly raised his face to Saikhan.

"An iron seed will come from these loins," murmured Shuurgan. "Seven hundred times will the winter come again, seven hundred years will our people struggle and die. Yet seven hundred springs will bloom when the Iron Son of the Blue Wolf of Saikhan will deliver them and be Khagan of the World" [Jewish Kagans also come up as "Cohen," and the German Cohen Coat is filled with blue and white checks, symbol also of blue-blood-suspect royal Stewarts].

...Great things will come of you, Sayan Chono, he whispered through his teeth. "The Voice of the Third World has said it will be so. Tonight, it begins."

I've always wondered whether there was a reason for my being born blue. My Masci mother told me so, though she feels that it was due to waiting too long in labor before getting to a hospital. Yet we see above that Saikhan's newborn was hinted at for having pale, blue-ish skin. Saikhan is the name of a region in northern Mongolia, and yet I have suspicions that certain Templars and Freemasons created this story because they trace themselves to that place. Whether rightly or wrongly, I think they trace themselves to that place.

I apologize for saying wrongly in my previous work that the blue wolf was son of Shuurgan, the seer.

Let me start by addressing the phrase, "'Khokh Chono,' chanted Shuurgan, 'Sayan Chono. Blue Wolf, Sage Wolf. The Seven Suns flashed for your coming..." First, "Gog, as with "Khokh," also meant "sky = blue." The blue wolf was hinted at being blue by the light of the night sky on his white-afterbirth skin. Second, the hound-like "Khono" suggests Huns/Kuns, but then Cohens/Kagans were from Bulgarians of the Khazar kind, while Saikhan is the Bulgan part of Mongolia. Even the Irish Cohens use white on blue.

Thirdly, the terms seem to be to be code for Sagans and Sages/Sagars, whom I've linked in the past (i.e. before getting to this story) to Seagers/Sugars and Sawyers (both first found in Norfolk). It just so happens that Seagers/Sugaars use white-on-blue, and the same moline-cross design as Millers who themselves use blue wolves as an alternative symbol.

The clincher's to identifying "Saikhan" and "Sayan" as Sagans is the latter's salamander-in-flames symbol, which is not only used by dog-like Douglas', but was traced by me (long before seeing this story) to mythical Teucer, son of ScaMANDER, and founder of salamander-like Salamis (Cyprus). The Teucer bloodline is where I see the code coming in where we read that the blue wolf was born on "the Chinese Year of the Black Water TIGER." Douglas', also white on blue, and likely of the white-on-blue Dougal lion, are said to be named after "black."

Hmm, the Waters' Coat shows a blue bar called a "pale" in heraldry, and waters' were first found in Stewart-infested Shropshire. The Waters' pale is in the colors of the Pale Coat bend, which may now explain why the blue wolf's skin was said to be "pale" and blue.

As for the "manders" implied by "Scamander" and "salamander," I trace them to Maeonians on the Maeander river (Turkey), even to the mythical Maenads of Dionysus upon that river. It just so happens that I trace DioNYSUS and his mount Nysus to "Nuzi," in ancient Assyria just off the TIGRis river, which river I think was named by Togarmite scythians. I also think that Tocharians, who lived in northern Russia and toward the orient, ie. toward Mongolia, were the far-north Togarmites cited by Ezekiel 38's chapter on far-north Gog. I identify mythical Teucer with that Togarmite / Tocharian peoples, and trace them to Tokers/Toggers (white on blue), first found in Devon, where Manders (and Sages/Sagars) were first found...who use a "Laus Deo" motto phrase, a phrase term that is atop the cultic Washington Monument.

The Coplestones -- first found in Devon -- use a blue wolf in Crest, same design as the Miller blue wolf.

Not only are German Manders blue and white, but English Manders use gold-on-red roundels, the colors of the Irish-Cohen roundel...looking much like a sun.

Why are there "Seven Suns" and an "iron sun" in the blue-wolf prophecy? Entering both "Sun" and "Sayan" gets the Sinclairs whom I've traced to Santones (France, whom I've traced in turn to Sintians of Lemnos, whom some say were the Sindi of northern Caucasia (home of scythians, near Khazaria), founders of the Indus region at Pakistan and India, on another Tocharian frontier. Mythical Dionysus was actually placed in India for a war there, but also had a home on Lemnos, where Sintians proper were from. Lemnos was the metal- / iron-making island, you see, so that one could call it "iron sun" as code. When Hephaestus was banished to Lemnos, he was made to fall from the sky, as though he had been a sun god.

But Helios the Galli-of-Phrygia sun god (the Maeander has a source in Phrygia) traces from Rhodes to Redones to the Rhodes surname first found in Lincolnshire, and even the Rhodes Coat uses gold-on-red roundels, on a red cross, as with the Manders. The Maeander river flows into the sea at Rhodes, you see. The Galli used snakes coiled in a helix around a staff, as did the Gels/Gileki (in my opinion) Iranians to whom I trace Nazi "Aryans," but then the Seager/Sugar Crest likewise uses coiled snakes around a staff.

This list of Douglas septs not only shows Sant and Sand-using variations that may trace to Santones, but "sure"-using Kilpatricks are shown as their sept. Some blue-wolf Millers were first found in Dumfries, where Kilpatricks were first found.

While "Shuurgan" seems to be a consonant-reversal from "Sugaar," it can also stand as code for the Shur/Schere/Scherf surname. Otherwise, it can be code for the Shures/Shores and related Sherleys/Shurleys (both of Derbyshire, Traby suspect). But the Sherks/Sharks are prime suspects because they not only SERGid variation, but a trefoil (Trip/Treff = Traby code) in the colors of the Rode(s) trefoil.

Trabys are wolf-important for their trace to Trabzon, original home of Amazons of the Artemis-wolf cult...which Herodotus traced north to the Sarmatians / Alans in north-western Caucasia. That's where Sindi lived too.

[Insert -- An hour or so after writing the above, I happened to check the Wolf surname, finding one that not only uses a blue wolf, but a "praemium" motto term, the same term of the Sherley/Shurley motto! Hmm, both the Mengels and Prime surnames use owls. End Insert]

It was GD who write in the Rainy surname in regards to the Rains and Randals that I had pointed out. It was then found that Rainys used the Shield-and-Chief combination of Mens/Menzies/MENGzies (and not far above it was discovered further that Mens/Mengzies use the Shield-and-Chief combination of Shippers/Sheppards, linked to SHERsons/Sheppardsons). Amazingly, GD then wrote in to say Randals use a blue wolf, even the blue wolf design used by Wooleys/ of Obama's bloodlines. I don't have the room here to explain that Wooleys/Wolfleys had traced to Vilnius elements, which are themselves said to be rooted in wolf lore.

The idea coming to mind with the timing of GD's blue-wolf topic is that Josef Mengele was from "Mongol" elements. As per Charles Mangels of the Militia of Montana and WAR, I now see that Mangels use a black-on-white chevron, same as the Shures/Sures and Sargents/Sarkins, a clan possibly linking to "Shuurgan." It just so happens that the Mengel Crest is flames (i.e. used in the salamander-in-flames symbol of Sagans and Douglas').

A quick check online for heraldic blue wolves got the following interesting points:

...which I've created due to research on my surname Burian. I believe I can show this name as originating from the Siberian "Buryan" tribe...

I believe this tribal name is also the name and a proto-Hyperborean [means "far-northerners]tribe, where one can reduce this to Boreans.

...To date Siberian Buryans, they would also be Paleo-Indians who came to America...Thus, American Indians are my distant cousins, allowing for the fact I'm also Bohemian...[how amazing as GD is Bohemian to some degree and studying native American migrations from the orient, including Mongolia]...

Buryans were called the "wolf people", and also Buryan means "loosely" Sky-God...

Buryans would be "blue wolf" as is Burte Chino (blue wolf) in Mongolian mythology....The Buryan (Burjan) is al-Burjan lands in Iranian mythology and today called Georgia, but wherein in Romania, you find Colchus people who originate from Georgia. The term Iberia I believe is I-Berians...

...Burjans were [in Lemnos] with the Amazons [he didn't peg Sintians, apparently]...

Many Mongolian moons ago, i.e. before I came to this piece above, I identified Hyperboreans with Apollo, the wolf bloodline of the far-north, and traced him back in time to dog terms ("dehae") that produced Dagestani, next to Iberians. I assumed that Dagestani elements morphed into Dacians of the Romania theater. On a different track, I found that Freemasonry traces principally to mythical Perdix, whom I traced solidly (thanks to myth codes) to Bari in southern Italy, and to the Berry / Cher area of France. I think that the Masonic compass and square are symbols for Perdix, inventor of carpentry tools, though in another light he was an extension of the metal-craft cult of Hephaestus in Crete. A son (Iapyx) of Daedalus of Crete is known to trace to the Bari area, Apulia/Puglia to be exact, which smacks of "Apollo."

That's where the Hungarian Arpads come in, suspect as a Magog line from Huns. I've just read one indication that the blue Mongolian wolf mated with a doe, and Hungarians trace themselves to a stag in depiction of Attila's Huns. I typically link Apollo's harp symbol to the Arpii/Carpae, who lived beside Dacians, who named the Carpathians, and who apparently co-founded the Hungarian Arpads. I had even traced Apollo to Arpad/Arados in Syria, the origin, I conjectured, of the Arad and Oradea regions in Romania's Carpathian theater.

What I'm learning is that while the stag represents Attila's Huns, the blue wolf represents Genghis Khan's ancestry. Recall the seven hundred years in the blue-wolf myth, for the blue-wolf son of Saikhan was born seven hundred years before Genghis Khan. Yet the blue wolf son was dated 462, not long after the death of Attila, which may have been the writer's idea: to link the roots of Genghis Khan to the house of Attila. The writer of the blue wolf story is Dana Krempels (copyright 1999). Hmm, the Cramps, white on blue.

Aha! Just what I had been waiting for, the Sinclair-rooster design, used also by KOPPELs. It's in the Irish Kramp/Cramer Crest. I had been waiting for it due to the blue wolf in the COPLEstone Crest. Dana Krempels may have seen a blue wolf in her family heraldry. Hmm, I had linked the Koppel rooster to the same-colored rooster of Aikens, who smack of "Saikhan." Aikens had been traced to proto-Hungarian elements in Euganeo (Padova), and therefore to Augers...and Ugors of the Hungarian kind. If you know your Ugor history, they were Huns or relatives thereof.

Earlier, I had shown that the Mengel write-up traces to a manger-like term, and that Mangers use an anchor in colors reversed from German Hoods/Hoopers. I can now add that the Manger/Monger/Mansher Coat and anchor is virtually identical with the Major/Magor Coat, of the surname I link to "Magyar."

Both Mangers/Mongers and Majors/Magors use greyhounds, though Mangers/Mongers use it in white. That's excellent because a white greyhound is in the Trader Coat, showing that the writer(s) of the Mengel Coat were liars when they said: "...Mengel is derived from the Middle High German word 'mangaere,' meaning 'trader, peddler.'" In reality, they secretly meant that Mengels were related to Traders, shown properly as: Trage, Trager, and Drage. "Trader" is the only d-version seen in the list.

Again, the blue wolf story was written by a Krempels surname, and then German Kramps/Krupps/Kropes show the bull horns of the Cheneys, I assume, because the Cheney motto uses "major." This is very good because I had just finished linking Irish Cramps to Koppels, whom I traced, along with Gobels, to "Goplo," Poland's home of the Mieszko dynasty. The Gobels use the Masci wing, as do the Chaines/Chenays.

Gobels and Chaines/Chenays have white on blue in common, Macey colors. As Chaines/Chenays are largely called "Chesne," cheese comes to mind because Goplo had a so-called Mouse Tower. The Cheese/Cheser Coat happens to be in the colors of some Gobel Coats, and the moreover Cheese's/Chesers were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Seagers and Sawyers, but the point is the Cheser-like Kaisers/Kaizers, who smack of Khazars (it could be wrong to link to Khazars, however).

Kaisers appear to be related to Cassers/Casse's (Meschin-colored scallops) with Deschaseaux variation, for Kaisers use the French royal crown used by Capets and Martels (German Cassars/Gassers may use the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin, whose Goz/Gois bloodline I've traced to "Gascon"). Plus, both Martels and Cassers (not to mention Martel-related Martins) were first found in Gascony. I think the Gascony theater is where the Cathars were first found, who were Templar-related "Christian" mud of the Gnostic kind. REMINDER: German Cassells use the castle of Gascony's Martins.

French Mongers were first found in Gascony, and may certainly apply.

The same Casser bloodline can then be traced to Cheshires/Chessors, first found in the same place (Essex) as English Martels, who use hammers as potential code for the Maccabees...whom I say were somehow related to Maceys (Cheshire) and similar others. After all, somewhere along the path of the Huns to Nazis, and then to the 666 system, I expect descendants of Maccabees and Sadducees / Pharisees.

Did you read where I traced "Cheneys" to Sheehans/Sheagansand similar others? Recall that the blue wolf was named, Sayan, and that entering that term gets the Sinclairs. But then the Chain/Cheyne/Sheyne surname> (no 'e' at the end as in the ChainE/Chenay surname) uses the same fat cross, in the same colors, as the Sinclair cross.

Just like that, the blue wolf is trace-able to Chaines/Chenays/Chesnes and company, and then as the George Bush's are suspect as Nazi elements in high places, should be suspect Dick Cheney too?

Hmm, how interesting that, when seeing the blue-on-white fleur-de-lys of the Pedell/Pedler Coat, I couldn't recall who else had used them. I've just found them again in the Gingrich Coat, which I stumbled upon just now in checking to see whether Newt Gingrich might show links to the Nazi elements in this update. The Peddell term had been entered a while back after reading the write-up of Mengels tracing to "traders" and "peddlers," and so the Pedler variation of Pedells was very welcome. The Gingrich Coat was looked up because it makes sense that Nazi elements in high places should still be in a position to carry on in America's highest office. I tend to think that God will allow a way for his arch enemies -- from Israel's chief priests and the Herods -- to run end-time globalism.

I had found good reason for Gingrich links to the Rich surname (looks Vere-ish and Drake-ish), which happens to use a "Garde la foy" motto...code, we may assume, of the Gardes who use the same wolf design as the blue wolves shown earlier, as well as a "hawk's lure" used by Cheshires/Chessors.

I had originally found the Garde wolves (years ago) via the wolf heads of Fiddles/Fidlers, who look like a feasible Pedell/Pedler variation. As the latter were accessed from the Mengel write-up, by what coincidence is it that the Garde Shield-and-Chief combination is yet another instance of the Mens/MENGzies Shield-and-Chief combination???

That tends to prove that Mengel and Mengzies were related branches, and my wave of writing has picked a fine time for discovering this, just when I'm on Mongolian elements. I'm convinced: Hitler's Josef Mengele was a blue-wolf Mongolian entity in Europe.

Now that the direction has led us smack to Cheshire elements, it's time to show the white-on-blue wolf of Hugh Lupus, himself a Goz. Don't believe Wikipedia where it says, "[Hugh] would also earn the nickname Lupus (Wolf) for his savage ferocity against the Welsh." Wikipedia articles can change, and at one time it had said: "Hugh d'Avranches (died 27 July 1101), called the Fat or the Wolf (Latin: Lupus, Welsh: Flaidd)..." That is, it had been circulated that "Flaidd" meant wolf, but when one knows Robert d'Avrances of Macey, Hugh Lupus' kin, was linked to Dol Alans (and to Montgomerys of Stewart kinship), it becomes clear that "Flaidd" links back to Flaad, father of Alan of Dol / Shropshire. Montgomerys of Shropshire, where Meschins were first found, use the Masci fleur.

If true that Stewarts used a wolf symbol, I have yet to see it with clarity. Aside from the Hugh Lupus wolf, I don't know of it off-hand for certain. It seems to have disappeared from Stewart Coats. Hugh's son, Richard, is shown with a white-on-red wolf. The Welf/Wolf surname, first found in Cheshire, shows gold-on-red wolves. But German Wolfs show blue wolves. Did we see that Millers use a blue wolf? Yes, and German Millers use a so-called "Catherine Wheel," as do the German Wolfs with blue wolves. That's a family match.

The Catherine Wheel should be a symbol of the Cathy/MacCarthy/Arthy surname because the latter's stag is used by the Scottish Scott Crest while English Scotts use Catherine Wheels. Scotts can be discovered (by Coat comparisons) as Talbots, but the Scott motto, "Amo," is code (I've maintained) for Hamo de Masci / Hamo de Macey.

A half hour after writing that, I red online that the blue wolf mated with a reddish doe, and it just so happens that the MacCarthy/Arthy stag is red.

The suspicion is that the wolf line came to Hugh from Flaad of Dol, and the good news is that my trace of "Flaad" to "BLATand" BLUEtooth proved correct, and for that reason I say we can trace the wolf to German Blates/Plates. I now see that English Blates/Blades use a black talbot (could be a form of Alan-based wolf) and a white-on-green Coat, the color of the Dutch Wolf wolf. Green and white are the colors also of the Miles...who use the Miller mill stone.

While it's English Millers who use blue-on-white wolves, suspect as Hugh Lupus' wolf in colors reversed, English Milners use the Clapton (Cheshire) wolf design. That design is used also by Sigler-related Seal(y)s, important where the blue wolf was traced to Miller-related Seagers/Seagles.

So there we have it, the big-bad blue-wolf story undressed. Ah, er, with fur shaved clean. But there is more, for I traced the Danes of Blatand's line to raven-depicted vikings (otherwise known as Stouts, who came to use a "plate" = white roundel) who conquered Rothesay, later called Bute...the island using a blue-on-white lion (Rorys and Crichtons use it). Bute -- Apollo's Avalon -- would soon-after be owned by royal Stewarts, who ascended the Scottish throne via Bruces...who already owned the English blue-on-white lion...from the blue lion of Levine-like Louvains.

As we can see, the Stout "plate" is white-on-blue, the color of the Plate Coat scallops. Therefore, Plates and Blates were also the blue-wolf bloodline. They link to Brittany by way of Levines, who use the Blate/Plate grape vine. Grapes/Grips were traced to Gripel in Brittany (home of Voirs/Voyers).

Earlier we saw that Coplestones/Cobbelstones (leopard heads) used a blue wolf. I would link them to Cophams/Cobhams (Kent) who can be linked further to Alans of Dol, but also, I think, to Pears (leopard heads) of Oxfordshire. Cobhams were accessed from the Roundel write-up: "First found in Kent where they were a branch of the great Baronial family of Cobham, seated as Lords of the Manor of Roundell in the parish of Shorne." As Roundels were traced fundamentally to king Arthur's round table, I note that Cobhams use the Scottish Arthur Shield, while Coplestones use the Irish Arthur Shield (blue roundel). The Roundels, however, use what looks like a version of the Alan Coat. The Illuminati Round Table is known to be from the sun-god Rhodes surname, with leopard in Crest and roundels in Coat.

So, it hardly appears that the blue wolf originates in Mongolia. It appears more likely to originate in the Danes...who merged with proto-Alans of Dol that were themselves, I think, from Attila's House of Dulo. However, that may be a deception. It may be that the blue color of the blue wolf is what originates in Blatand Bluetooth, while the wolf came from elsewhere. As Welfs / Guelphs were a branch of Estes, the wolf might trace to Este in Padova, beside Euganeo that I traced to Ugors. Bulgars, just like the Huns. The house of Este used a white-on-blue eagle, and any Welf line from Este might have used a wolf in that color. It was the color of Hugh Lupus's wolf.

The House of Welf is the older branch of the House of Este, a dynasty whose earliest known members lived in Lombardy in the 9th century.

Or, the House of Welf may have used colors reversed from Este. Here's a blue-on-gold wolf in the Arms of Welf.

BY coincidence, both Hugh Lupus and Welf IV died in 1101:

Welf I (died 6 November 1101, Paphos, Cyprus) was Duke of Bavaria from 1070 to 1077 and from 1096 to his death. He was the first member of the Welf branch of the House of Este. In the Welf genealogy he is counted as Welf IV.

So, you see, he wasn't the first Welf, and by some flicker of hope from the logic further above, Hugh Lupus may have been from that Welf bloodline. The Welf above was son of Azzo (of Este), a term that may have given the Goz bloodline that was that of Hugh Lupus. Azzo even had a son named, Hugh, who was ruler of Le Mans not very far from Avranches in Normandy. It was Azzo's wife who had titles in Le Mans. Her mother in turn was Bertha de Blois. BLOIS?

You guessed it, the French Blois Coat is white on BLUE, using scallops, in fact, and white-on-blue scallops are used also by Plates. And guess what Plates use? Bells. Why Bells? Because, from the Plates and Welfs, the wolf must trace further back in time to Apollo/Abello = Baal > Bel. That should explain why the bell pattern "vair" (originally in blue and white) is called a "fur." Recall the wolf head in the Bellow Crest, and note that Bellows were first found in Cheshire. They use the colors of the wolf of Hugh Lupus' son.

BUT look, blue wolves were used by rulers of Cheshire after Hugh Lupis:

Wolves appeared frequently in English heraldry. A shield bearing two wolf heads was attributed to the Earl of Chester, circa 1070. "Two wolf's heads erased azure" were later used on the arms of subsequent Earls.

Edward IV (1442–83) used a white wolf for one of his badges, along with a white lion, denoting his descent from the House of Mortimer.

Hugh Lupus was an earl of Chester from 1071, about the time the above claims the appearance of two wolves in Chester. "Azure" is blue, but unfortunately the article doesn't tell who in Chester used an azure wolf. Hugh Lupus joined with Montgomerys in the quelling of Wales, and then Mortimers were from the lands of Montgomery, suggesting that Hugh's white wolf passed to Mortimers, and then to Edward IV.

What about all that talk on Hyperboreans? Well, the blue Vere boar might be a Borean symbol, though I tend to trace it to Eburovices of Normandy. There's a red "dog," as it's called, in the Scottish Barry Crest; it's clearly the Clapton / Milner / Miller wolf-head design. French Barrys use a black talbot dog. Borns, like French Berrys, use a white horse, except that it's winged, suggesting Bellerophon and his Pegasus ally. Why Barrys? It just so happens that Barrs, who use the Este eagle, were from the Baar branch of Estes.

The fact that the black Labrador dog was called a talbot suggests that Talbots had been a wolf line but linked to a Labrador-like entity. I traced Barrys to Perdix elements on Crete, where the kin of Perdix, Daedalus, built a labyrinth. Also, Crete had a double-headed axe, the labrys, which is used, I think, by the Blois Coat. Where was Blois? " the capital of Loir-et-Cher department in central France..." We're humming along now, for I traced Perdix, aside from this evidence, to Berry at Cher.

The Bituriges lived in Berry, and an ancient Bellovesus largely represented a Bituriges force.

Okay, so now you know, the blue wolf was from Baal > Apollo, as it merged with Perdix elements from Bari in Apulia. It moved up a ways in Italy into Avellino (Campania), then to Avallon at white-on-blue Champagne, beside Cher / Berry. That should explain the bell-pattern fur used by the Scottish Champagne/Campen Coat. Champagne is also beside Bar-le-Duc, a Barr-of-Este entity.

If it's hard to imagine Hyperboreans in southern Italy, myth had Hyperboreans coming to Greece, to the sacred island of Apollo at Delos, at term like "Talos/Talus," the alternative name of Perdix, or sometimes made the parent of Perdix. It all evokes Dulo and Dol.

In my previous work, the Sorry/Sawrie surname was happened upon which seemed enough like "Sawyer" to be applied to Seager. It was shown that Sorrys/Sawries have a Coat like that of Skulls and could therefore trace to Hebron's proto-Skull-and-Bones cult. I had even said that Sorrys linked to "Tyre / Surru" and therefore to Seir-ians, and therefore to Syria and Tarsus, but especially to the proto-Cadmus cult out of Boscath in Hebron.

The term, "decato," was going through my mind at the sight of the "Diktis" motto term of Sorrys, but I couldn't find the term in my files. But this morning (Sunday), Derketo (or "Derceto") came to mind, and I remembered that she was the mother of the Syrian / Aramean goddess, Semiramis. Wikipedia says that Semiramis was "the daughter of the fish-goddess Derketo of Ascalon in Syria and a mortal." fish theme is named after the fish monster of Greek myth, Ceto, which leaves us to ponder what "Der" and "Atar" might refer to.

In any case, I do not see in the Derceto article a Decato-like variation so that it's premature to link the Sorry motto to her. However, the Sorry motto term, "simplex," may be code for a Sim-like entity that ultimately traces to the same that named "SEMIramis. Note first that Simpsons use a Shield split diagonally similar to the Tudor-related and Traby-based Trevors (both Tudors and Trabys used ostrich feathers).

Then, the Simple/Semple surname -- first found in Renfrewshire with bugle using Pollocks -- uses bugles (a Traby symbol) around a Hebron-colored chevron filled with lattice, the lattice being a symbol of mythical Siemowit, ancestor to Poland's Mieszko dynasty. "Dagome," Mieszko's alternative name, can be traced to Samson-ite elements amongst Dagon-based peoples in his Timnah area...beside Hebron. Moreover, Simples/Semples use the same motto (Keep tryst) as Hebrons/Hepburns. (Siemowit is shown with lattice design on his stockings at his Wikipedia article.)

It's already beginning to look as though Sorrys/Sawries trace to Semiramis > Dercato elements, but more evidence is visible. In the previous work, Sorrys/Sawries were linked to Amorites / Mormons out of Palmyra, and it just so happens that Dercato, also called "Atargatis," was worshipped in Palmyra, and all around it. Dagon, an Amorite god, was also given a fish tail, and Derceto was rooted anciently in Ascalon of Syria, which tends to trace her to Ascalon of the Philistines, where Dagon had been set up as god.

In myth, Semiramis lusted for the statue of the "Armenian king Ara," while in another myth, Pygmalion of Cyprus lusted for the statue of Aphrodite. Atargatis is easily pegged as Aphrodite out of Cyprus, whom I've have traced to "Euphrates. Ares, the special mate of Aphrodite, should trace to Mari (Amorite capital on the Euphrates) because Romans called him Mars. There was an ancient Ar/Ara god in Armenia, just one rung lower in importance to Aramazd, a Hermes-like term if ever we saw one.

The sub-point is that Cadmus represented the Hermes cult in the Tyre area, and I trace Cadmus' Cadusii Armenians to mythical Attis (depiction of Hattusa), the castration god. You can read for yourself that Semiramis was a castration cult too. The main point is that Cadmus was given a fish symbol at Budva/Butua (Illyria), which until now I have not linked back to the fish tail of Atargatis. The fish symbol at Budva/Butua, north of a Bar location on the Adriatic coast, was traced (by me) to the white-on-blue fish of the Baars of Bar-le-Duc. The fish seems to have everything to do with the house of Este, therefore, which house I've traced to "Ishtar." Then, "Atargatis" is said to be named in-part after "Ishtar."

See the fish of German while English Butes/Butts (estoiles) use the same horsehead design as Estes.

NOTE: Atargatis was a cult of Syrians who restrained from eating fish in honor of the goddess, while the Vatican proclaimed that fish must be eaten on Ishtar-like Easter. Hmm, the day before Easter they call "palm Sunday," possibly suggesting a secret link to Palmyra. Although God decreed for His people to eat lamb on "Easter" (though God never called Passover by that term), Vatican popes directed that lamb must NOT be eaten, but that fish should be eaten instead, on Easter Friday, as though secretly honoring of Atargatis / Dagon. Some say that the papal hat is deliberately, but secretly, in the shape of a fish head.

Fish heads are used by German Barrys. I had traced the fish heads to mythical Perdix because, in myth, he invented the saw when seeing the jaw of a fish. That was one clue to a trace of "PERdix" to the Barry bloodline. (If you're interested, French and Irish Barrys trace by two clues to Desmonds of Muskerry, part of the CadMUS cult from Mus at Lake Van, Armenia. Bar-le-Duc is on a Moselle river named by mythical Muses).

Over and over again in my Butua- Bar-fish investigations, the fish was often white on blue, the color of the Este eagle. This Sorry topic could therefore be the blue line to the blue wolf (Barrys use their white fish on red, their bar colors (heraldic bars are called "barry"), and then Scottish Barrys use a red wolf). Can the Sorry surname (red on white) be linked to this fish cult? Yes, the Sorry motto term, "Factisque," links to the "Fac et" phrase of Coldwells/Caldwells, who use waves in one Coat, a symbol often of Atargatis, and pike fish in another Coat. Hold on to your gills...

First, both Coldwells and Simples/Semples were first found in Renfrewshire, suggesting that "simplex"-using Sorrys should link to Coldwells too, which now helps to trace Sorrys to the fish cult of Syria, as was suspected even before finding the Coldwell pikes...which by the way are in the gold-on-blue colors of the Baar fish of Brunswick. BUT LOOK, I had traced the Coldwells to the proto-Gettys elements in Lithuania because pikes (though this is only one of multiple reasons) are the symbol of Gettys/Geddys (blue and white pike)...who smack of AtarGATIS!!! That's so fresh out of the tribwatch oven, and so overdue, it's burnt to a crisp.

I link the Speers for red-crescent reason to Sprees, and Sprees use "Soyex SAGE et SIMPLE" for a motto, and then Speers and Coldwells were both first found in Renfrewshire.

The Coldwells were Colds/Coles and therefore Kyles who lived in Ayrshire (beside Renfrew), where Scottish Pikes/Pickens were first found. I trace Kyles back to the Galli cult, which were the priests of Attis who castrated themselves. At one point, mythical Cotys (i.e. Ceto- / Gatis- / Gettys-suspect) was made the father of Attis instead of Manes (= Dionysus Maeonians), and then as Cotys was a Thracian goddess of the wicked kind, what about the Getae Thracian tribe? The Dacians, whom I'm assuming were the Hyperborean-Apollo wolf cult, are said to have been a branch of the Getae, and then there is Bar-le-DUC, perhaps of DACian elements. The other Sorry motto term, "DICtis," almost like the Greek "ichthys," meaning "fish" (compare "ichthys" to "cetos," another Greek word for a fish).

In my previous work, I showed the blue greyhound of Kelly-related Kelloggs, and then the Kellogg chevron is in the colors of the English Pike chevron. The blue-wolf story presented above was written by a Krempels surname, and then the Kelloggs are said to be from Grampian. Cramps happen to use a chevron in colors reversed from Kelloggs. Thus, it looks like there is a blue-wolf line to Kyles and Pikes, a line that also used a blue greyhound (Kellys use a green greyhound).

If you are interested, the Dehae (meant "dog") peoples, from whom Dagestani (west side of the Caspian sea) descended, lived on the east side of the Caspian sea, where also the MassaGETAE lived. I trace the Apollo wolf cult to the Gorgons at southern tip of the Caspian, at Verkana/Hyrcania = "Wolfland," and the southern tip of that sea was also where the Gels/Gileki lived...whom I identified as one of two coiled snakes in the Hermes caduceus. That Gileki snake was also linked to the coiled Asclepios snake, and Asclepios was linked to "Ascalon."

No matter how you cut this, it's the Ceto > Ladon cult which Ishtar rides upon, the Biblical dragon through Lydians to Latins, and beyond to Lithuanians. After passing through Cotys and Attis to mythical Lydus = Lydia, the wolf cult transferred from Leto / Latona to her twins, Apollo and Artemis. Lithuanians respected wolves but also a goddess, Lada, and had a Verkana like Perkunas as Lada's mate.

Lithuania's Vilnius location (using waves in its Arms) is now easily marked out as a location of Atargatis' European tentacles, but I traced "Vilnius" to the Fond de VILLes of Languedoc, who were in turn linked to the "fountain" symbol of heraldry, which is not really a fountain but rather blue and white waves, as used for example by the Cass/Cast Coat...which in the Crest uses weight scales, another symbol in the Arms of Vilnius.

"Cast" may therefore relate to both "Ashtoreth/Ishtar" and "Castor", the latter the son of Spartan Leda, and twin brother to Apollo-like Pollux. I traced Pollux to "Puglia" because he was made a pugilist (boxer) in myth, and so the double names for the same place, Apulia and Puglia, seem to be from Apollo versus Pollux entities. In fact, Spartans are located by historians in the Taranto area of Apulia, and Taranto uses mythical Taras riding a dolphin. NEW: compare "Taras" to "ATARgatis." But then also ask whether "Talus," the alternative name of Perdix, morphed into "Taras."

And didn't we already trace the blue wolf line to Bari in Apulia, though in reality it looked like a Bar-fish trace to Bari?

The trace of the "Sorry" term to "Surru," ancient name of Tyre, is now applicable, I think, to the mythical DACtyloi Minoans of Crete, the island through which Perdix elements went through in finding Bari. The "Dictis" motto term of the Sorry motto may even relate to "Dactyloi." It should also be said that the Bar / Budva fish was traced (by me) to the white-on-blue fish of the Sorry-like Saracas/Sarakas of Kotor and Ragusa (up the coast from Budva).

It's becoming clear now that Barrys link to bar-using Sturs/Esturmys, trace-able to "Ishtar" because the French Stur surname was first sound in the same place (Manche) as Easters/Asters/Isters/Stur. As I trace "Manche" to the Manx peoples on the Isle of Man, note that red-wolf Barrys use "Regi legi fidelis," apparent code for the legs in the Arms of Man, and in the Arms of Fussen/Foetes on the Lech river of Bavaria, the latter (near Manche-like Munich) being one entity that I tend to link to Munich's Nazis.

For the first time, and only because this is being discovered the day after finding the Mangors/Mongers, I see that the French Stur/Esturmy Coat is a variation of the Manger/Mansell and Major/Magor Coats. How ABSOLUTELY TRUE because Mengels/Mansells use "maunches"!!!

[Insert -- Julie just emailed to say that there was a St. Mang character made famous in Fussen, and I think that's because his term represents the same stock as Manx peoples:

St. Mang's Abbey, Fussen or Fussen Abbey...

Benedictine abbey of Saint Mang was founded in the first half of the 9th century...The reason for its foundation goes back to the hermit Magnus of Fussen (otherwise known as Saint Mang)...,_F%C3%BCssen

We can imagine that, sometimes, patron saints are fictional, and their names are codes for pagan-honored elements. In this case, the German Magnus/Mang surname should apply because it doesn't seem coincidental that Fussen uses a version of the Isle of Man. End Insert]

Earlier in this update, the Mengel write-up saw the "mangaere" term that introduced the Mangers/Mongers in the first place. Mengels were first found in Bavaria, and use the colors of the German-Barry fish. German Barrys use "Fidus" and "regi" in their motto, code apparently for the Rhea cult of Crete removed to Ragusa, but also for "Foetes." I traced "Rhea" to ancient Rhagae/Rey (now in Iran) near the Gileki.

Thus, the blue-wolf Mongols are suddenly tracing to the Atargatis-cult Sturs and Easters, jibing with the earlier conclusion (before introducing or conceiving Atargatis) that the blue wolf merged with the Bar / Butua fish entity.

Heraldry is a powerful tool for uncovering people movements that the world knows little about. It is very important for heraldry masters to conceal their secrets revealed by heraldry, and therefore they take pains to mislead you when it comes to the meanings of heraldry symbols. Ignore the websites claiming to know what heraldry symbols mean. Take my experienced word for it, they are either lying or repeating the lies of liars.

The Hatter/Hetterick/Hederick Coat uses three red roses in the same basic way as Mangers and Majors/Magors. The top half of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat is almost the Hendrick/Hendry Coat, and while the latter's Crest uses "cupid," there are three red roses, on stems, used by Copes. The Cope chevron is in the colors of the Hand chevron, suggesting that the Hendry cupid is indeed code for Copes / Copps.

Kupes/Koops use "candle sticks," and then the Candle/Cantwell Coat uses rings in the colors of the English Walker rings. Significance coming straight away.

Hendersons use "A cubit arm holding a gold star..., strongly suggesting links to Hendricks/Hendrys. The Henderson crescent is in the colors of the English Walker crescent, and then German Walkers likewise use (as with Hatters/Hedericks) a red rose on a stem. The crescents are in colors reversed from the Anderson crescent, suggesting that Andersons and Hendersons were one and the same family. DANISH Andersons use a blue-on-white, and white-on-blue, WOLF!!! I didn't know this when tracing the blue wolf to Danish royals of the Blatand kind.

This is the place to remind that Blatand Bluetooth was of the SIGRid-the-Haughty bloodline, Sigrid being the daughter of Mieszko I. I had traced her to mythical Sugaar, you see, and it just so happens that the blue wolf had traced to Blatand as well as to the Seager/Sugar bloodline. THUS, somehow, the blue wolf Mongolians (or Huns) trace to Mieszko, and it just so happens that Hungarian royals keyed up with Mieszko's line. In fact, it is said that Geza, father of king Stephen I, married Adelajda, sister of Mieszko I.

Now, as I had suggested that vair "fur" refers to the blue wolf, what about the alternative "kettle hats" for the same fur? Why "hats"? Might it be for the Hatter surname that started this discussion, that led -- unbeknown to myself when it started -- to the Anderson blue wolf? If Hatters/Hedericks are a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers, and there was some evidence above, then we have just seen a Hitler link to the Dano-Polish blue wolf.

The Anderson wolf has similarity to the German Fleming wolf design, and Irish Flemings use....kettle hats!!!

The apparent link of the Hatter roses to the Major/Magor roses not only brings to mind that the Major/Magor Coat is virtually identical with the German HOOTER/HOPfer/Hood Coat, but it reminds of my Major/Magor trace to Hungarian Magyars, whom must have weighed heavily in heraldry toward lines of king Andrew I, otherwise known as Anders. IN FACT, Swedish and Danish Andersons also come as "Anders," with the Swedish branch using the Henderson (and Walker) crescent. But that's not all, for as you can see that the Henderson Coat uses white-on-red piles in the horizontal direction, ditto with the flag of king Stephen I of Hungary. Stephen preceded Andrew I by a couple of generations so that Andrew should have received ownership of his flag.

Aha! The Hatter Shield is a good comparison with the German Anders Shield.

As I tend to trace arrow symbols to the On-Ogur entities that were the proto-Hungarians, note the arrows in the Knobel Coat, for Hendersons use a "nobilitat" motto term. English Henders/Henters/Enders show three arrows.

The Knobelin variation is so much like the Gobel/Gobelin surname that I've just got to show the bows and arrow in the Godbolt/Gobel Coat, for it's the French Gobels who are also shown as "Gobelin"! As the latter show the Masci wing, Gobels were traced to Goplo, the origin of Mieszko's dynasty, meaning, suddenly, that Knobels trace fundamentally to "Goplo."

It can ascertained that the Sorry/Sawrie Coat, which likewise uses arrows, has the white rose of the Dutch Nobels. The engrailed Sorry bend is identical to the Cayce bend, and then Caseys use a cloud in Crest that I identify with mythical Nephele (she was a mythical cloud), whom I've traced to "Nobel." The Cayce motto includes, "jungit," what I would trace to Jung-related Yonges/Youngs, for some years ago I traced the Scottish Yonge piles to the piles of king Stephen.

It just so happens that the Scottish Anderson Coat shows another engrailed saltire, in the red-on-white colors of the engrailed Sorry and Cayce bends (= half a saltire), and that the Anderson motto, "Stand SURE," reflects the Cayce motto, "Distantia jungit." The Stand/Stain Coat then uses engrailed bars, and another cloud in Crest much like the Casey cloud. The Standish saltire is in the colors of the Anderson saltire, and moreover I trace the Standish saltire to the Annandales, first found in Dumfries, where "SURE"-using Kilpatricks were first found. (There are good reasons for identifying the red Anderson stars as those of Botters, Biggars and Dallas'.)

Thank you heraldry for giving up these things. My pleasure, I'm sure. As "Sure" gets the Scheres/Scherfs, it's important that Walkers were linked above in particular to Hendersons. "Sure" was an Anderson motto term. This solidifies the Walker link to Scherffs and provides a solid premise for the theory that president George Bush was George Scherff, son of a Nazi.

The Hendersons show a Kendrick variation, and then "Kendrick" gets the Hendricks/Hendrys using what looks like half of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat (red and white diagonal bars).

You may have realized that the Hungarian arrows belong to Hungarian Hussians (military units on horseback expert with bows and arrows), whom I've traced to Hessians of Hesse (because "Huss" gets the Hesse Coat), which was part of Hesse-Cassel. I traced Caseys independently to that very Cassel entity.

AMAZING coincidence that the Casey Crest is another "cubit arm," with a cuff even.

The Sorry and Cayce bends somewhat reflect the engrailed Pike/Picken saltire, important because Magyars had been allies with Pechenegs in the Khazar theater. That's no small point, identifying Pikes with Pechenegs.


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