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In the article below where the writer portrays Obama's role in weapons shipments to Libyan rebels, I may beg to differ with the portrayal. It's about a new revelation that when Obama gave Qatar the nod to send weapons to Libyans in their fight against Qaddafi, some weapons slipped into the hands of terrorists. Was it really against Obama's will for that to happen, or did he secretly arrange it? After all, the article says he secretly permitted Qatar to send weapons in the first place. Surely, Qatar had conversations with Obama on this matter so that the two understood one another's positions. The media always seems to give Obama the benefit of the doubt that he's acting as a good American might.

The media people either don't recognize, or simply won't admit it if they do, even with evidence from his fiscal-cliff behavior, that he's anti-American. The media people always seem to include statements to cover for any potential scandal that could apply to Obama in their story. In the New-York-Times article below, there is care taken to make Obama seem innocent of anything that might apply of a sinister nature, even while this article comes after the Libyan-consulate cover-up by Obama himself in which there was a great shift in U.S. policy. He's even hoping for the country to crash financially to some degree; it's blatantly obvious. There is a host of secret activity that he's engaging in that the media do not "find" until it's too late, as though media people are afraid of a backlash from a mafia group if they interfere by revealing things too early. Now that the election is over, Obama secrets are slipping through the cracks:

During the frantic early months of the Libyan rebellion, various players motivated by politics or profit -- including an American arms dealer who proposed weapons transfers in an e-mail exchange with a United States emissary later killed in Benghazi -- sought to aid those trying to oust Colonel Qaddafi.

... American officials say that the United Arab Emirates first approached the Obama administration during the early months of the Libyan uprising, asking for permission to ship American-built weapons that the United States had supplied for the emirates' use. The administration rejected that request [not really], but instead urged the emirates to ship weapons to Libya that could not be traced to the United States.

"The U.A.E. was asking for clearance to send U.S. weapons," said one former official. "We told them it's O.K. to ship other weapons."

And that's how governments wink to one another when involved in secret conspiracies. Didn't Obama and his advisors know before the weapons were sent that Qatar wanted to arm Sunnis? Wouldn't the Libyan ambassador (Stevens) under Obama have been privy to some details of this weapons transfer? Might he or Sean Smith have found the dirty truth of the matter so that he/they had to be destroyed to protect the secret?

Hmm, okay, as some American company (Turi Defence Group, owner, Marc Turi, Arizona) distributing weapons wanted to profit on supplying the Libyans, couldn't that have been a scenario for Obama to secretly apply conflict of interest on behalf of his friends? Was Marc Turi a friend of the O-people, in other words?

Another article uses the "sanitized" term to describe the article above: "The real story, or the heavily sanitized version of the real story, is slowly dribbling out of the mainstream media. And there are a few things to keep in mind while reading through this New York Times piece. 1. Qatar has ties to Al Qaeda, runs Al Jazeera and was responsible for much of the Arab Spring." Obama wanted the Arab Spring, didn't he?

This article below (definitely portrays Obama as guilty) points out a piece from the New-York-Times article above: "The United States, which had only small numbers of C.I.A. officers on the ground in Libya during the tumult of the rebellion, provided little oversight of the arms shipments [from Qatar]." Did Obama arrange as few as possible agents in Libya so that Americans might not discover what was really taking place? Didn't we hear in the consulate cover-up scandal that the O-dministration didn't want a large American footprint in Libya, no matter that the ambassador begged for a bigger one like one begging for his life? Stevens must have become suspicious as to why Obama refused to give him some protection.

Obama could have chosen a better way to arm the Libyan rebels, you see, but using Qatar and similar others was a great way to arm the militants who seek to destroy American interests in the Middle East, and now as far west as the Mauritanian / Mali theater.

The second article above shares the bits on Marc Turi, and concludes: "The relevance of this story to matters at hand is shaky. So why include it and make it so large a part of the article? That's an interesting question. And a trail worth following." Yes, and is the Turi surname from Tuaregs of Mauritania / Mali? The Tury/Tory surname uses the Moratin tower design. Here's the thing that might blow the lid on Hillary's part in the murder of Stevens:

In March 2011, just as the Libyan civil war was intensifying, Mr. Turi realized that Libya could be a lucrative new market, and applied to the State Department [= Hillary] for a license to provide weapons to the rebels there, according to e-mails and other documents he has provided...

He also e-mailed J. Christopher Stevens, then the special representative to the Libyan rebel alliance...

Mr. Turi's application for a license was rejected in late March 2011. Undeterred, he applied again, this time stating only that he planned to ship arms worth more than $200 million to Qatar [it's like he knew exactly what to ask for in order to be approved this time, as though Hillary and Obama were forcing him to comply to their demand]. In May 2011, his application was approved. Mr. Turi, in an interview, said that his intent was to get weapons to Qatar and that what "the U.S. government and Qatar allowed from there was between them."

Two months later, though, his home near Phoenix was raided by agents from the Department of Homeland Security. Administration officials say he remains under investigation in connection with his arms dealings. The Justice Department would not comment [that's Eric Holder, the other anti-American fink-face who supports Obama's every shady act].

Mr. Turi said he believed that United States officials had shut down his proposed arms pipeline because he was getting in the way of the Obama administration's dealings with Qatar. The Qataris, he complained, imposed no controls on who got the weapons. "They just handed them out like candy," he said.

It sounds as though Turi came to view both Obama and the Qatar operation with disgust. But it doesn't necessarily mean that Turi and Obama were not friends in the first place. Suppose Obama directs Turi to apply to Hillary's department for to direct weapons into Libya. After Hillary turns him down, Obama tells Turi to re-apply, only this time Turi is to wish his weapons to go to Qatar, and meanwhile Obama has a talk with Hillary about Qatar's offer to send weapons to Libya. Hillary approves Turi this time. therefore. One would think that Obama would chose an American company / person he could trust to get weapons to Qatar where Obama himself gives Qatar the secret nod to help fight Obama's war against Qaddafi.

Did Obama think he was fooling the world into thinking it wasn't his particular war against Qaddafi?

What went wrong between the O-people and Turi? Why did Turi need to be warned? At least, I think off the cuff that he was being warned when his home was invaded. Perhaps Turi has made some statements to the press for to expressly disclosing to the world that Stevens' was aware of his weapons application to the State Department. Perhaps Turi was made frightened by Homeland Security's intrusion and decided to protect himself by coming out and revealing this secret so that foul play yet to happen to him might point toward Obama. Is Turi meaning to tell us that Stevens knew too much for his own good about the Qatar conspiracy? Is this why Obama did everything in his power not to seek the real attackers of the Libyan consulate, because he knew that the leader(s) of the attackers could be traced back to some weapons-related relationship with himself? Were the attackers with one of the extremist groups receiving Turi's weapons via Qatar? That's what it looks like. And they all had to silence Stevens and Turi.

At the whims of Obama, Hillary is openly criticizing Russia even while exposing her own folly for seeking to become a partner with Russia: "Dmitry Peskov, Mr Putin's press secretary, called Mrs Clinton's comments 'a completely wrong understanding' of integration efforts [with Europe].' 'What we see on the territory of the ex-Soviet Union is a new type of integration, based only on economic integration. Any other type of integration is totally impossible in today's world,' he said." But Hillary is warning the world that Putin seeks to worm into the old-Soviet black nations for globalist reasons, and of course the gripe of the West is that Putin seeks to take the hearts of those nations away from integration with the West. But the underlying tenor of Hillary's remarks is in line with the bitterness growing between Obama and Putin as per the Syria situation.

When Hillary made it appear that she wanted to have relations with Putin, did she think she was fooling him? Did she think she could get Putin to become a Western puppet who would conform Russia to Westernism? The schism between the United States and Russia persists even while Russia is engaged with the Europa harlot unto a marriage of convenience. Hillary is signalling that with Putin back, the breath of fresh air from Medvedev is over.

The reasons for the latest barrage of missiles from Hamas is not yet comprehensible from a military standpoint. Why would Hamas start a war with more fierce than a few years ago when it knows that such action would critically wound itself all over again, more than before? Neither Egypt nor Hezbollah were on board with the recent barrage. There was no one backing Hamas in the Israeli theater.

Some are suggesting that Iran wished for Hamas to rain the newer missiles on Israel as a warning to Israel not to strike its nuclear-bomb plants. There are at least two reasons to object to this. First, it assumes that Hamas agreed to a suicide on behalf of Iranian concerns. Second, it assumes that Israel would be more deterred against Iran when logic might suggest the reverse. That is, if Iran is willing to send into Israel missiles of this new caliber, Israel has all the more reason to snuff out Iran's nuclear capabilities.

'For me, the clue is that Hamas started to shoot missiles immediately after Obama secured his re-election. The war suddenly took media attention off of Benghazi and Petraeus, where Obama was about up to his chin in stirring waters. One theory I have is that Obama needed Hamas to dispense of some missiles obtained indirectly from Obama's secret weapons programs. Libya had missiles that went astray. But now there is reason to ask whether Turi may have supplied the Qatar > Libya plan with missiles that ended up in the hands of Hamas.

If there is a question of whether Obama was able to successfully ask Hamas to commit another suicide mission against Israel, the question may have no teeth because, as we have just seen, Obama and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood agent played key roles in the cease fire...which saved Hamas from another Israeli romp. In other words, Obama may have been asking Hamas to get rid of some missiles (and in the meantime test Israel's response capability to the new missiles) but with the pre-planned strategy of getting a cease fire when Israel amassed tanks on the Gaza border.

Or, Obama asked Hamas to shoot the missiles expressly to check the performance of Israel's Iron Dome interceptors. Obama can communicate with Hamas through numerous Muslim Brotherhood middlemen. Obama is not so much a Muslim friend as he is an anti-Israeli, in my opinion. I believe that Obama, who revealed his disgust for Jesus, has a satanic underskin seeking with others of the same mind to destroy Israel. The first step is to get a Palestinian state that can seriously infect Israel from within, followed by a fatal ambush when Israel is lulled into seeing the mirage of a peaceful movement. I'm not necessarily saying that, in order for the anti-Christ to arise in Israel, it's necessary that an official Palestinian state be formed first that Israel agrees to. That may never come.

It should be obvious by now to the mirage creators that Israel won't bite on that idea. The alternative for undoing Israel is the finding of common agreement by several anti-Israeli groups to invade it by force on all sides. The enemy already has a sizable Palestinian zone on the neck of Jerusalem. It's the job of the Palestinian Authority in that zone to create the mirage. It's the job of the Palestinian-Authority president to create the Palestinian state on "peaceful" terms.

If correct that Obama has a secret agenda with Hamas, we should expect him to speak abrasively against Hamas, as he just did openly (when he fully supported Israel's right to defend itself). Hamas would understand that sort of talk to be faked. No problem. But if Obama did not have a secret partnership with Hamas, we might expect him to be very careful not to alienate Hamas from himself. We would therefore expect him to speak as though on the fence between the two fighting sides, as though seeking reconciliation between them, as was his attitude in the war a few years ago, when he showed undue sympathy toward Gaza.

This picture that I have of Obama fits well with a picture of a False Prophet allowing that anti-Christ to have his way with Egypt and Israel. But Obama does no longer seem to fit the shoes of the False Prophet for other reasons. And I have a hard time seeing president Hillary in 2016 as the False Prophet. So, at this time, I'm perplexed on who the False Prophet might be. A Democrat president following on the anti-Israeli heels of Obama in 2016 would be a good candidate. A Biden-Putin relationship in 2016-2020 might prove to be it. In the meantime, we must continue.

Again, I can't see Egypt under Morsi and the Brotherhood as a situation requiring the Egyptian invasion of the anti-Christ. In a scenario where Obama is in secret cahoots with Hamas and with Morsi, a secret not to be known by some of his highest officials, one can see the hedge of Israel slashed contemptuously to the ground, as though the times are coming very ripe for God's invasion of Israel. We would expect a test of God to Israel first, to see whether the Chosen People will seek Him for protection, or rather trust in their weapons. We know from prophecy that Israel will fail God in this regard, and that he will hand Egypt to a cruel master just before the Appointed Time. Morsi's time as Egyptian leader may even be very limited, as the forces against him are quite riled, and intent on removing him immediately:

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, protected in his palace by tanks and troops, stood by a controversial decree that expanded his powers and warned [December 6] that he would not tolerate efforts to overthrow his government, which was rocked by violent clashes overnight between his supporters and opponents.

On the one hand, it's less likely that this unrest will overthrow Morsi as the previous one overthrew Mubarak because the last one had Obama supporting the uprising. But then there is One more powerful than Obama who could support the present uprising. We shall need to wait to see how long this shaved hedge remains cut near ground level, or whether it will grow back again before being re-cut. It's also interesting to ask why Morsi and Hezbollah didn't support Hamas militarily at this time. Again, the purpose of Hamas at this latest skirmish may have been to reveal the capabilities of Iron Dome.

It's probably by no coincidence that Morsi took dictatorial powers just as he brushed shoulders with the Omeoba administration on the Hamas cease fire. It's as though too many things happened immediately after the re-election of Omeoba not to betray his itchy fingers to get on with his secret agendas as soon as possible. It's as though his re-election needs caused his agendas to be placed painfully on hold. President Omeoba is the shape-shifter whom you never know. When he lies, he speaks his native tongue.

The Benghazi investigation continues. Hillary is yet to be questioned in a hearing. It appeared feasible that Obama sent her to Asia purely because the Benghazi scandal was heated too hot for she and he to handle, and that's about the time that Obama went to Thailand. The fact that Obama's cruise through though Asia had him landing first in Thailand recalls an email I received claiming that Obama's true father was a noble / royal in Thailand. While it was an interesting theory that I investigated briefly, I didn't latch onto it. But now, there just might be some truth that Obama has some ties to Thailand's upper crust. He lived in that neck of the world as a boy with Soetoro surname.

The point is, Hillary went straight to Israel and Egypt fresh out of Asia, making me suspect that Obama spoke to her in Asia on the latest status of their cover-up. He may have told her there that he arranged Hamas to fire some missiles to take media attention off (an old trick according to conspiracy theorists) of Benghazi, and that he had arranged for her to see Morsi for to create the cease fire. Or something to that effect.

When the Egyptian military came to side with Morsi this past week in the street-demonstration crisis, what a change from the Egyptian military of not many months ago when it sided against the Brotherhood. Did a president O have anything to do with this? How much does the United States have a say, by the financial aid that the O-dministration grants it, in what the Egyptian military chooses to do?

Obama can't act too vividly like a hypocrite at this time. As he viewed the former movement of the Muslim Brotherhood a democratic movement when it ousted Mubarak, he can't show himself opposed to the present demonstrations seeking the ouster of Morsi. Therefore, Obama let it be known that he admires Morsi for seeking talks with his opponents. But why hasn't Obama made a statement condemning Morsi for placing himself above the highest courts of Egypt? That isn't democracy. That's ruling Obama style if he could get away with it here. Here's an article; see if you can find where Obama blasted Morsi for making himself a dictator:

Here's another article; see if you can find it there:

Clearly, Obama accepts Morsi as an acceptable leader having placed himself above all law. That's because the purpose of Morsi in doing so is to pass some key doctrines desired by Brotherhood agents that they know the courts will oppose. Way to go, Obama, hypocrite. He tries to make himself appear fair and balanced and democratic in what must have been a press release, and yet he ignores the real issue regarding Morsi for which the demonstrators are screaming and being killed.

We don't really know what Obama and Morsi said on the phone; we only know what the press release said he said. What else did they say?

Consider also the willful blindness of the three media outlets above and below for not mentioning Obama's hypocrisy, but instead simply publishing Obama's press release. The Washington Post shares the same, including: "The United States also has urged opposition leaders to join in talks without preconditions." Say what? Obama wants the opposition to go speak with Morsi without first demanding that Morsi place himself back under supreme-court review? Way to go Washington Post, hypocrite, for not making a story out of that.

And Obama portrayed himself as Mr. Democracy when it came to ousting Qaddafi. Suddenly, democracy doesn't matter anymore in Morsi's case, which should guarantee in your mind that Obama is pro-Muslim Brotherhood. This is the organization that Obama wants to rule Jerusalem, and it just so happens that Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood chip off the old block.

We might even ask whether Obama's plea to Morsi to cut out the violence is selfishly motivated because a bad reputation earned by Morsi reflects badly on him. Yet he is quite willing to have Morsi act as a dictator even while Obama pretends to be opposed to Assad. You can bet that the Russian media are going to be fair and balanced on this one, gladly pointing out the ding-dong that Obama likes to play. A ding-dong is an empty suit. Zero value. At least if he were consistent we might be able to score him a one.

Obama is the guy full of himself who doesn't seem concerned about the stink that he does to himself in his fever to achieve great success. Ditto for Morsi. The two are twins at this time. Fox News has reported that Obama declined to respond to Morsi's power grab, which tells us that Obama is a sheer failure. What ill-effect could it possibly have on Obama if he cried out against Morsi? A spokesperson (Victoria Nuland) for Obama's State Department had no bones when speaking out against the Morsi power grab. Why hasn't Obama done the same? He's had more than enough time by now. The article below tries to make it appear that Nuland's words are Obama's, but are they really?

The Morsi meeting with some opponents took place on Saturday; he's calling for some of the heat on his back to cool:

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi is preparing to modify the controversial decree awarding himself sweeping powers, putting him above the law, AFP quoted Prime Minister Hisham Kandil as saying on Saturday.

AFP quoted Kandil as saying to Al-Mihwar television that Morsi has tasked six officials who met with members of the opposition to "modify the constitutional declaration."

He could be bluffing, hoping the demonstrators go home, hoping they won't come back in such numbers later.

Here's the Moscow Times on Putin and Morsi:

"[Putin] has expressed hope for constructive cooperation with Egypt's new leadership in the development of Russian-Egyptian relations and safeguarding peace and stability in the Middle East," the Kremlin said in a terse one-sentence statement on its website [June 25,2012].

The news of Morsi's election came on the eve of Putin's visit to the Middle East. Putin, who arrived in Israel on Monday for talks that focused on Syria and Iran, intends to visit the Palestinian territories and Jordan as well.

Russia needs to treat Morsi's victory carefully because the Muslim Brotherhood is supporting forces battling Russia's ally, Syrian leader Bashar Assad, said Theodor Karasik...

"Morsi's win will bring vigor to the Syrian opposition and place the Kremlin in a more precarious position regarding Syria," he said.

...It is unclear whether the victory of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi might force Russia to reconsider its attitude toward the organization, declared a terrorist group by Russia's Supreme Court in 2003. The court ruling said the Muslim Brotherhood was actively involved in recruiting supporters for its radical cause against non-Islamist governments within Russia and other former Soviet republics.

That was a half-year ago. Is there a stage set there for a Gogi invasion of Egypt? I suppose it depends on how much Morsi has affected Putin's fight in Syria, and how irate Putin becomes should he loose Syria to Obama too. If Obama wins Syria, and Russia sends its camps to take Obama's puppets out, war can escalate to Syria's neighbors. It would be an ideal time for Iran to back Russia so that an invasion into Lebanon could follow to remove the Lebanese elements that tie the hands of Hezbollah. It could all happen too fast for the United States to react with any gravity. Russia could then have more access to the Leviathan oil promises recently discovered off the shores of Lebanon, a situation that would end Putin's "friendship" with Israel. But in the midst of anything in the paragraph taking place, I'd be looking for Putin's camps (not necessarily Russian soldiers) to go in a run Iraq, a situation that I cannot fathom at this time.

While Obama operates as a laughable, under-experienced falsifier failing to look at his sins in the mirror, Putin is a very smooth operator, consistent and steady. It's no match. But Obama has advisors to act on his behalf to shore up some of what he sinks. Putin appears to be trying to court Morsi as late as November; it's the power-play he plays everywhere now, trying to out-friend the friends of the O-nited States. It may be too early to ask whether Russians will invade an Egypt under the Brotherhood; for Egyptian power could revert again to the secularists before the time of the anti-Christ arrives.

Let's assume that Morsi's name reveals his Amorite background and that, as might be expected from Biblical considerations, a Hyksos Egyptian king will rule the country in the end times. "Morsi appointed two brothers, both respected judges who are independent of the Brotherhood: Mahmoud Mekky, a senior judge, is now his vice-president, and Ahmed Mekky is his justice minister. The Mekky brothers are part of the Reform Movement within the judiciary, and its agenda is to roll back the powers of the second arm of the Mubarak military state..." Might the Mekkys be from the Meshwesh? This is where it could be prophetically important that Obama traces to Massey liners. Hamas is still ruled today to a large degree by a Mashaal surname.

At this time, I don't know where Mashaal lives. The last home I knew of was in Damascus. Here's Mashaal as per this past weekend:

Khaled Meshaal will attend [December 8] the celebration ceremonies to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of Hamas.

Khaled Meshaal, who had been prevented from crossing into Gaza during the rule of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, was welcomed by Gazans after 45 years in exile.

...Making a statement here, Meshaal said reconciliation agreement with [longtime Palestinian enemy] Fatah will succeed, and disunity will end in Palestine. "Today marks the emancipation of Jerusalem, the return of Palestinian refugees and victory," he said.

...Meshaal said "The only way to free Palestine is resistance."

Well, what do you know? Googling "Mashaal lives" just now got this recent article: "Current politburo head, Khalid Mashaal, lives in exile in Qatar." No kidding??? The article also says: "Mashaal's deputy Mousa Abu-Marzouq, who resides in Cairo..." Wikipedia's article on Mashaal confirms that he's been back in Qatar.

Suddenly, we can envision the reason for Qatar's involvement with the Libyan weapons transfers...that I accused earlier in this update to be partly for arming Hamas. I had no idea then that Mashaal was in Qatar. Amazing coincidence. And with Mashaal's deputy in Cairo, a triangle seems to be forming toward an O-mbush against Israel. Mashaal became a Muslim-Brotherhood member more than 40 years ago. He lived in Qatar before he went to hide out in Syria. With the Brotherhood opposed to Assad, he had to flee Syria. He stabbed Assad in the back, so to speak.

With Mashaal now back in Qatar, it seems a no-brainer that Obama arranged a deal with Qatar so that Mashaal could decide where some of the weapons (including Turi's?) could go. This is the huge importance, that I did not know at the top of this update, for the coming out of the Turi story. Turi must be knowingly, perhaps purposely, notifying Israel that Obama was secretly working with Mashaal. And that explains why Obama was kissing Netanyahu's donkey this past skirmish with Hamas. Obama has been caught red-handed by Israel, and is vulnerable to another embarrassing, if not critically-wounding, scandal.

It's imperative that Obama remove Netanyahu from power in the next election soon to be held. It's 0's next big task. But Netanyahu has a smirk on his face because he could soon have, if he doesn't already, ammunition to use against Obama if his agents interfere with the election. Israel's spy network should be able to discover Obama's plots with Qatar now that news has slipped out.

The party in opposition to Netanyahu is willing to sell Israel out to a Palestinian state in order to knock Netanyahu from power early this coming year. That's what Obama wants to see. But Mashaal won't accept merely a Palestinian state unless it's big enough; he's rejected the state solution ever since Arafat advanced the possibility. Mashaal wants war with Israel unless Israel retreats from the vicinity of Jerusalem. Can we predict another Netanyahu victory, therefore, so that war does arrive as God wants it? Or is it too early still for the Appointed Time? Yes, I think it is. I don't think it will come under Netanyahu, even if he wins re-election, though it could possibly start at the end of his next term.

Will Putin succeed in winning Hamas and the rest of the Brotherhood over to his side? It looks dim at the moment. But what if Putin becomes anti-Israel suddenly as part of his effort to court the Brotherhood?

The writing is on the wall for Israel. In a J-Post article detailing the Mashaal celebration in Gaza: "...'Fatah is waiting for the end of the Hamas celebrations to launch unity talks,' he said. 'The division must end so that we could benefit from our unity.' Abbas is scheduled to meet with Mashaal in Cairo soon to discuss ways of ending the dispute, he added." Mashaal himself is calling for reconciliation. When that happens, Israel has one more serious problem to worry about.

With the British press pushing the idea this week that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons on it's citizens, it's a wonder anyone reads British news anymore. Does anyone really believe that Assad would do something like this when his political life already hangs by a thread? Rather, the British press, BBC included, is spreading a false story to hasten Assad's demise:

As fears grow in the West that Syrian President Bashar Assad will unleash chemical weapons as an act of desperation, NATO moved forward Thursday with its plan to place Patriot missiles and troops along Syria's border with Turkey to protect against potential attacks.

I don't know if they are serious about an invasion, or just giving the impression so that Assad loyalists have one more reason to quit.

I used to think that, as soon as Americans left Iraq, the Sunni Baathists would all gang up on Maliki. But the Syria war has perhaps re-focused the Baathists there for the time being. The direction is still right, in the main, for prophetic fulfillment; we should not stop watching at this time.

In the article below, there is cause to believe that general Petraeus was being milked by Fox-news leaders for to have him run in the 2012 election, with financial support from Roger Ailes (Fox chief) and Rupert Murdoch. Ailes and his news reporter deny that there were any serious intentions. The interview between Petraeus and the reporter (MacFarlane) was taped secretly against the will of Petraeus and the reporter, and revealed by the Washington Post. In this picture, the Hillary circle may have prompted the recent ruin of Petraeus because she may be set to run in 2016, and because her people may have caught wind that Petraeus was open to a 2016 run. At the bottom of this article, there is a link to an article where a whistle blower tells that the FBI has collected, or is nearly finished collecting and storing, virtually every email from every emailer (in the United States alone?) with Obama's blessings. There is another link telling that the FBI seeks to undo Rupert Murdoch, yet the question is whether the FBI dances to the tune of one Obamafia.

Democrats are mocking Fox on this one, as if Fox is not really "fair and balanced" (a slogan used Fox news). But it's no secret that Fox is a Republican organ. And being such doesn't mean that it's automatically hypocritical for claiming "fair and balanced." That phrase means that, unlike the Democratic organs that try to pass off as news organizations (when in reality they are social-engineering programs), Fox tells the Republican side of the story. Therefore, they are truly more fair and balanced.

My beef with Fox is that it stresses corporate matters that matter little to most people. Fox is too much about money matters while giving mere lip service to the mortal threat to society: bad morality. Even when Fox is stressing common jobs, that can be interpreted as good for corporations. There is the misconception today that bad morals are not linked to the critical parts of the societal machinery, that the world will still turn with immorality in the hopper so long as the economy is secure. But churning out bad morality affects the people who run the economy, and the economy has been taken to the cliff over decades by immoralites such as Obama and other liberals. Hedonism today does not want to pay the national debt, for hedonism wants to continue down the party path to its destruction. Hedonists say that when they die, they would like to be in a sexual climax. They say we're here for a good time, to hell with everything else. Immorality is defined as making the wrong decisions, and American liberalism is defined as the right to make wrong decisions, to hell with what anyone else thinks.

American liberty, the thing that even Fox supports, is the ruin of the nation if it's not harnessed by some safe guards preventing bad decisions. The Constitution of God is what America should go by, and in His Constitution, it is not a "right" of any individual if it badly affects the whole. The American Constitution gives mere lip service to God, but Republicans would want Christians to fight for the original Constitution (now under threat due to O-Democrats) and for the Freemasons that gave it to the country. Even Putin has good enough sense not to go down the path of unrestrained American "freedom." As a rider on a horse needs some ropes to keep the horse straight and doing a proper good job, so societal freedom needs some ropes to safeguard the good of the whole society.

"Bad" can be defined as climbing the tree, hanging off of it, eating the fruits, and hacking it down, all for the enjoyments thereof, and "good" can be defined as nurturing the tree. Hedonists are the irresponsible ones who enjoy the tree without wanting to maintain it. Hedonists are the ones who want others to carry their sleds up the hill so that they can enjoy sliding down. I was turned into a hedonist in my teens by liberals; I know what they think like. I had conversations with liberals in my 20s when they were no longer ashamed to speak their minds. They are hedonists who take from the world without concern for its condition. If the leaders of the nation do not think this is a major concern for repair, or if Fox thinks that the economy trumps liberal badness, then they will all go to Hell with the liberals. What good are more jobs when the people who do the jobs are bad? What good is trickle-down when badness trickles down? What good is an upward movement from the grass roots when the roots are badness?

God's not asking for a level of goodness that humans are barely capable of with all the pressures of common life. But stamping out the bad things is as easy as deciding to do so. Stamping out the bad people, or making them go back under the cover of their closets, is not so easy. It requires major media to start doing the job. It requires re-educating until people see the light and start driving the bad back into their closets out of a sense of shame. In my generation, they all came out of their closets to spread like yeast into the whole batch. Good people don't want to have bad people in the closets of society, but what other choice is there if the bad refuse to become good? The bad have so proliferated in my generation alone that the good are being driven into the societal closets.

I just read a headline suggesting that rural America no longer matters. To put this in other words, the slim election victory of Obama signals that only liberal cities carry the stuff of the future. Or, rural areas (sometimes classified as "Bible belts") that have conserved traditional values have failed. It's no longer wishful thinking because Fox and other Republican media organs are starting to abandon the pursuit of goodness in favor of becoming what the liberals were like back in the 80s. From there, it's only a short jump to what liberals were like in the 90s, when they paved the door open to queers coming like a flood from their closets with gross tongues stuck out into our faces.

So, if you are going to be happy with your children having good-paying and secure jobs while surrounded by liberal scum in the workplace, then I say you should watch Fox and go gladly down the path that its now taking. It may even be true that one central purpose of Fox has been to grab Christian viewers by lip-servicing them, and finally to take them small-step-at-a-time into the moral trap.

Continue to make right decisions; stay moral. "Moral" carries the idea of thinking things through, what judges are supposed to do. It's contemplation not in the Yoga sense for personal gratification or personal progress, but rather a seeking for a stable, noble fiber for use in sewing together a national society. The American constitution failed to be that noble cloth because it permitted all fibers in the knit regardless of quality, integrity, or viability with other fibers. A better constitution is required that defines what fibers can and cannot be used. If a nation doesn't think it has the right to throw away and burn the bad fibers, then it should at least allow the good fibers to trump the bad ones. The bad fibers should be kept in the attic or closet and never used. But in God's Kingdom, the Constitution requires that bad fibers be burned so as to not waste space in the closet. In His kingdom, even the closets will be clean of corruption.

You would do far better to watch Fox, if you must to track news events (I do), while resisting its particular social-engineering projects, and to wait for the Kingdom instead. In the meantime, you can contemplate what a noble society should look like. Hopefully, your household here on earth looks similar. If it doesn't yet, it gives you something to do instead of merely waiting. You are the judge of the moral fiber that is your household. Do you value clean floors more than Godly attitudes? You have work to do, because floors don't make it into the Kingdom of God. But children can.

To what sort of fibers are your children clinging when they live in your house? Are their bedrooms made of a fiber that you don't permit in your living room? In the West, the living rooms have become the cities, strung together with newer, plastic fibers that tend to plasticize the peoples. They all think that they are enjoying life in the cities if they have been successfully plasticized. That's because they no longer know any other kinds of fibers. If they try to live in the country after being plasticized, they will find themselves in culture shock and being rejected due to incompatibility with country fibers. And country folk can be very vengeful on people who abandoned them for the cities.

When a peoples can't see past their own fibers, neither can they objectively see the condition of their own society in order to judge whether its best or even good for them. But the Bible is a view, from way up high, upon the poor materials that man has used for to build a dome into which he happily encloses himself. So long as he resists the Material of Heaven, he only sees the lights reflecting off the dome roof, and so he becomes. Whatever light enters his eyes, so he becomes. If he rejects the Light, he builds a dome with its own light, and so he becomes. He then fails to realize that the White Light of God is made of all colors combined, solid and complete. Instead, he views White as a bore because, instead of bringing him pleasure, it brings him work to do fixing up a moral fiber that he doesn't even care for. He prefers the strobe lights and the dance in the city to the White Light of Correction.

The Bible is a view on the dome roof with White shining upon it, exposing what the people within the dome refuse to see. Even if a witness goes in to tell them that the roof is about to cave in because there is a fat devil at the top, they treat him like a maniac seeking to undo their dome life. When the witness says that he's seen God and a new Place way out of reach from the dome-roof monster, they think he's a half-crazy paranoid freak in wishful thinking because he can't make it as a successful dome dweller. And they advertise everywhere, warning that the losers are trying to destroy their way of life, and, out of envy, hoping to make everyone else a loser too.

It's a very dirty job, but somebody has to do it, to notify the city dwellers that the dome isn't made with the proper fibers for a reason, because the fat devil wants the dome to collapse. It's not a welcome message in the first place that the dome needs to be rebuilt with better fibers, but when the people carrying that warning also believe in a real devil, the message has no chance of wide acceptance. And that's why it's a dirty job, because those who persist can even get killed for persisting.

And that's why Fox does not take the message to the masses, because Fox primarily wants to survive, and to thrive. Fox therefore walks the fence between the inside and outside of the liberal dome, the fence that tends to keep the peoples from wandering outside, where the White Light shines on the fat devil stomping on the roof. An understanding of Bible fibers is what exposes the cheapness of the dome roof.

The Bible is a dry and choking song unless the strings are recognized, but being more complex than the cheap ones used by man, Bible strings are not prone to being recognized for usefulness, but more like ropes to prevent the freedoms enjoyed by dome dwellers. Nylon strings or complex strings, that is the question. Manufactured strings, or the New-Song strings placed in our throats by God, that is the question. And the only reason that the question exists is because God has thus far not exposed Himself to dome dwellers. He first of all wants to see what dome dwellers will chose to live like when they think He's not there to see, and secondly He wants to expose how they chose to live on the day the dome comes crashing down. On that day, they will meet the fat devil, the black light of whom they adopted and danced to, when he crashes their party, and they won't like him...because he'll be tied up with a chain, without freedom, without a voice, without power, without promise, a loser.

Why did God take so long to expose all the losers in the cities growing so tall? Because, with every passing, painfully-cruel century, more and more millions of people were granted opportunity to find freedom outside the dome. They not get to have freedom from the din, they get a new set of vocal chords uttering the moral code of God, the Constitution of Domeless Society...where a White God is permitted to sit on a white throne defined as fair and balanced prosperity, as well as on a white Judge's seat to provide fair and balanced moral determinations by which the peoples can learn and get along. It's not quite Heaven yet, but that will come down the straight-white road.

If one doesn't like white, what color should be used to describe clean? Are you a typical dome dweller taking one or more showers a day but not washing your heart? If we don't like the "moral" word, just use "white and clean." Being moral means to do no harm. If you don't like the idea of doing no harm, what could be the problem and the reason? How can one wash the heart if the White and Clean Code is left in the closet or taken out only to be trampled? Whose trampling the White Moral Code? The liberal, everytime he argues to a liberal judge that Christians do him harm by seeking to take his right away to enjoy spiritual mud baths. In the Court of America, spiritual mud wresting has rights equal with the free exercise of the White Spirit of God.

The liberal judge does not consider the harm that spiritual mud baths have on society. The liberal judge decides only on whether the individual wanting to take mud baths has that right to do so regardless of what others might think of it. The liberal judge has not the inclination to consider his own prediction, fully understood by himself, that society will be harmed in certain ways should everyone practice mud baths.

You realize of course that I am not talking about literal mud baths. I'm using it to represent such things as homosexuality, adultery, pornography, prostitution / escort services, drug addiction, gambling, or the downgrading of the fetus to less than human status so that it can be destroyed without legal penalty. If everyone were engaged in porn or prostitution, everyone would be a cheat in marriage. The more the homosexuals, and the more freedom they have to operate, the more they make converts, the more that children and teens will be targeted, and the more that marriage will be downgraded. The more the abortion, the more the abortion, evil enough in itself. The more the abortion, the less value that infants are given, and the more killing of living infants there will be. The more the abortion, the more the degradation of mothers who won't value their children as much as before. Doesn't the liberal judge understand damage to society done by these things? Yes. Then why does the liberal judge give citizens rights to exercise destructive things legally? Is the liberal judge in a mud bath of his own? Or, would he like to be in some? Or, does he just hate God that much?

Attila the Hun Definitely from Pontius Pilate

Here's a paragraph from the last update that I'd like to elaborate on:

One can therefore glean a kinship between Pollocks and Jacobs, and because Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term, they trace to the de-Poles of Foix, and then Foix is beside Aude, Roquefeuil, and Rennes-le-Chateau. Where is Caiaphas hiding in all this? For one, I say he's in the green Shield of Roquefeuil, Pollocks, Franks, Coffers and Blades/Blate's. It is not likely coincidental that Pilate's use the same colored pheons as Blade's/Blate's, or that the Blade's/Blate's use a saltire that is the Pollock-and-Frank saltire, for Roquefeuil-rooted Pollocks and Alans were virtually one.
The nucleus in that paragraph, by which I mean an alliance of families joined to lines from Israel's chief priests for which I don't have a fixed date prior to the viking age, is separate from the Meshwesh / Tuareg element of Masonry, but the nucleus became a special crux of Masonry that I can now define as Caiaphas-and-Herod-related Templarism. Templar vikings, you see, merged with Meshwesh Masonry from Herod-associated Moors. Somehow, the Pilate line got into the mix, of no surprise, and my theory is that the Pilate line went to Blatand Bluetooth via Bleda, brother of Attila the Hun.

It sounds crazy to trace a name developing from "Pilate" to "Bleda" if we view Hun ancestry purely China-way. But I became convinced that Pilate's line went through Bleda, and therefore though his brother Attila, and that Attila's House of Dulo named Dol, where Alans lived who were allies of Attila. I am about to show solid evidence for the Pilate = Bleda equation. In order for this to be true, it must be imagined that an ancestor of Attila, perhaps as close as his own father, merged with Romans of the Pilate kind. We will find a black double-headed eagle below, the Roman-empire symbol, in this very investigation.

One needs to be initially convinced that Bleda's descendants led to Blade's and Blate's before Bleda can be accepted in conjunction with the line of Pontius Pilate. For this purpose, let me requote from the last update:

German Blate's/Plate's use a grape vine, a symbol on a coin of Herod Archelaus. This grape vine belongs to the French Levine's, first found in the same place (Brittany) that was home to the Magdalene cult of the Dol Alans, explaining why the grape vine is used also by German Dols/Dole's (Bavaria). Note the green Shield in this Dol(e) Coat, expected to be the green Shield of Illuminati-rooted Bauers (Bavaria) and Bowers because French Alans use the same stars in their Chief as the Bauer stars.

As you can see, there seems to be a contradiction in which the same elements trace both to Dulo-suspect Dol, and to Herod liners in north Africa. But it aligns with my hunch that the stag of such surnames as Hands, Anne's, Hanna's and Annabels/Hannibals is the stag of Hun-rooted Hungarians too. The Hands are said to be from "Han/Hans," but as the Hand-Crest stag is in the design of the MacCARTHy stag, it is seemingly more-certain that Hands trace to CATHaginians, not to Hungarians/Huns. But that's the rub: the contradiction can be explained where the ancestor(s) of Attila were from Hannibal-related Carthaginians, and they in turn from the Glaphyra-Herod associations with Mauritanians.

Hannibals fought the Roman empire several centuries before Attila. Along the way, one could expect a Hannibal merger with some Romans, and then we find the Roman emperor, Valentinian III, making an alliance with Attila's Huns. This is extremely important where I was able to trace Pollock ancestry to Valentinian III using heraldry clues coupled with the Pollock trace of others to Clovis (and/or his father), who lived contemporaneously (5th century) with Valentinian III. As one example of heraldry clues, the Valentin Coat uses a bend in the colors of the "Jewish" Pollock bend. There is a good chance that the green squirrels in the Valentin bend trace to the Decks/Daggers and therefore to Dagobert.

It was just in the last update where Lavalle's (Brittany) were found to be a branch of Boofima-related Mathers/Matherne's. Here's the black-on-gold eagle of the Vale's (Turnbull colors) along with the black crosslet used by Julians, suggesting strongly that LaValle's could be, as with Vale's, from the line of Valentinian. Vale's are said to be from a castle in La Val (Marne, Normandy).

For me, the Julian / Vale crosslet was the makings of the Nazi swastika, wherefore the "nati" motto term of the Pollock-related Frank surname is provocative where Adolf Hitler's mother was a Polzl. I traced the Hitler bloodline to "Aude," a place respected in the Pollock motto. It's important because French Julians and German Hiedlers/Hitlers share the stars of French Alans and German Bauers.

It can't be coincidental that Dutch Valle's use a bend in colors reversed to the Pollock and Valentin bend. Therefore, resist all attempts of others to convince you that Val-like surnames trace to some "valley." The importance here is that while the first-known Pollocks were in the camp of the Dol Alans, we can trace Pollocks to the Attila Huns by way of the first known Pollock (Fulbert) living in Dol / Shropshire. As Dutch Valle's are also "Fall," you can begin to see the Fellers > Rockefellers as Valentinian's descendants.

Here's from an Attila article:

In the late 420s, Attila's uncle Rua seized power over all of the Huns and killed the other [Hun] kings. This political change resulted from the Huns' increasing reliance on tribute and mercenary payments from the Romans, and their decreased dependence on pastoralism.

Rome payed Rua's Huns to fight for them...

There you have Rua, possibly married to a Roman, and therefore possibly married to a Pilate liner. Attila and Bleda succeeded Rua, you see. Let's investigate. Might we be able to find a surname that was in honor of Rua? The Rue's are also "Ruel," smacking of the Rule's in the Turnbull write-up. The last update emphasized Roll-surname identification with Turnbulls, and traced Turnbulls to Glaphyra-Herod associations with Mauritanians. Thus, we have the chance already, based on heraldry clues, of a Hun-bloodline trace both to Romans and to north Africa.

From the Rue/Ruel write-up: "First found in Normandy where this eminent family held a family seat in the honor of the seigneurie of Launay. This north country family lived almost exclusively in the provinces of Normandy, Brittany, Picardy, Artois, and Flanders." It sounds very Arthurian=Herod, and indeed the Launay location smacks of Lannoys who trace exactly to the Glaphyra-related Herod.

If we want to prove that Rue's/Ruel's were from Rua the Hun, we need to find linkage to the Dol Alans. the Brittany location of the Rue's/Ruel's begins to make the link. But then the Launay surname (lozenges in Bauer-star colors) shows the same leopard (almost) as Danish Bauers (linked to Blatand Bluetooth, right?). The spotted leopards are identical, even in color, except that they don't face the same direction. The Danish-Bauer leopard is important, not only for verifying the Boofima trace to Bauers of Bavaria, but because it comes with a blue "hurt," symbol of Herod-rooted Arthurs. I now trace Arthurs to "Aretas" III in Edom, whose close kin, Kypros, married Antipater (father of Herod "the great"), the one who made an alliance with Mark Antony, whom I see in turn behind the red leopard of the Anton(y) surname.

Again, French Alans and French Bauers use the same-colored stars, wherefore we can now be more-assured yet that Rue's/Ruels trace to the Brittany Alans and therefore to Rua. It can then be added that Herod-suspect hearts are used by Rule's/Roulls (ROXburghshire). What a coincidence, for Douglas' use hearts too, as well as the salamander-in-flames found in the English Julian Crest, while French Julians use the Alan / Bauer stars too. (I had no idea in the last update that I may have been of the Rua-Hun line when investigating Rolls and Turnbulls.)

As I identify "MagDALENE" as typical Masonic code for such surnames as Dallens and Delaneys and therefore trace to the idea of D'Allen (both Dallens/Delaneys and English Stewarts use the red lion), what about the Delaune/Deloney/De Lawny variations of the Launays? The Douglas crown design is found in the Crest of the Lawns, who themselves use the Julian / Bauer / Alan star colors.

At this point, one can suggest that the red Stewart / Dallen lion is a version of the red leopard of Antons / Mays / Franks, but then more red leopards appear in the Plate/Blate Coat. Beside the Plate/Blate leopards are three scallops in the colors of the Pilate pheons. German Plate's (grape vine) are the ones tracing to Herod's coin along with the Lannoys (the coin has both a grape vine and a helmet with feathers; Lannoys use the latter design).

The Rue/Ruel Coat happens to use a red lion, and perhaps "Rua" meant "red" as "Bleda" may have meant, "blood." In any case, the trace of Rua the Hun to Pollocks of Roquefeuil can be implied in the treFOILs (= Roquefeuil symbol used by Fellers) of the Rowe's (red stag), for German Rue's are also shown as "Rowe." I have never before entertained that the Rollo Rus were from Rua the Hun. It becomes important below as I tend to prove that Bleda traces to the mother of Pontius Pilate in Perthshire, for the Rollo/Rollock surname, which uses a stag, was first found in Perthshire.

In fact, the Rollo stag design (shown part-way down the Rollo page) is that also of Colts/Cults, first found in Perthshire, and using a pheon in colors reversed to the Pilate pheons. Both the Colt/Celt stags and the Rowe stags are red, and then the Rollo's and Rowe's share the same-colored chevron, thus tending to prove that Rollo's are to be lumped in with Rue's/Ruels. What you are reading is incredible, but true, I guarantee it. I know my heraldry enough by now to make a solid claim when I see it.

In the last update, the Petitbois elements from the Metis / Medusa elements of Boofima traced well to the Pett/PERT surname that I link to "Perth(shire)." For the Metis cause of the last update, this would be a good place to remind that I ventured (months/years ago) to trace the "metam" motto term of Scottish Bowers/Beauers/Bowyer to the Gorgon Medusa elements of Boofima. One could get the impression that "Petitbois" is a Bohemian line of the Bauer kind to Perthshire.

I'm not quite ready to show how Bleda and Pilate's can together trace to the Pictish mother of Pontius Pilate, but I'm getting there. First, it needs to be established that Bleda / Rua trace to Rockefellers. By now we have gleaned that Rua traces to the Boofima cult suspect with Hannibal Carthaginians wherein both groups practiced human sacrifices. Carthaginians were prolific in horrific sacrifice's that you don't want to hear about. Carthaginians were Tyrians to begin with, and Tyrians (= bull / Taurus elements) may have named the Tuaregs to which I trace the bull-using Turnbulls...who were a branch of Boeufs, and first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as their Rule/Roull kin, for which reason the Boeuf fesse should trace to the same-colored chevron of Roquefeuil-related Rowe's.

Perhaps the best evidence that the Rua > Bleda line trace's to Blade's is that "ruah" is Hebrew for "wind / spirit," while the Wind(ell) surname uses a green cross in the two colors of the Blade saltire cross. This is extremely important because it nails down the Blade trace to Bleda, which then confuses the Blade pheons with the Pilate pheons as though Pilate's should trace to Bleda rather than to Pontius Pilate. To confuse us all the more, or rather to enlighten, the Blade's are traced in their write-up to Danes. It can be realized here that Danish Bauers are none other than these green-Shielded Blade's from Danish king, Blatand Bluetooth. I'm not going to get into it here, but the BURSEblade entity of Blade's traces to the Percival bloodline / surname.

The Blade's were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Anne's/Hanne's, and the latter use the same stag head design as Wind(ell)s. But that's the kicker, for Winds, already suspect in the paragraph above with Rua the Hun, even use the stag at all, let alone a stag design of Hun-like Anne's/Hanne's. But then ask why the Windsors use the Wind(ell) stag head in their Crest, for that traces the royal house of Britain to the Huns, not to Jesus or Judah or king David of Israel as these royals might like for us to believe. Yes, the British royals are part Stewarts, themselves from the Huns.

Surely, when Hungarians traced themselves both to Attila and to a stag, they were tracing to the ancestry of such lines as Anne's/Hanne's. But HORTons were likewise first found in Yorkshire, and they use the same stag head design, thus suggesting that Hungarian ancestry was in Herods. Yes, for English Horts/Hurts (another stag) and Scottish Harts clearly show signs of linkage to Herods/Hurls. English Hards use yet another stag while the German Hards/Harts show a red stag called a "hart." It can be gleaned that Herod liners had linked to Hun lines, bringing us back to the trace of Huns to Hannibal-related Glaphyra lines out of north Africa.

Going back now to the German Roll/Roil write-up: "There are two possible origins for the name. Firstly, Roll may have originated as a diminutive of the Germanic personal name Hruodilo or Rudelin..." The idea here is that Rua the Hun, regardless of ruah = wind, was given a red-like theme as per Hrod-like variations of "Herod." Like the Rowe's, Rods, said to be from "Hrod," use trefoils. The Ruttle/Rudd surname, brought up just now as per the RUDELin term in the Roll write-up, gets a scroll in the Crest, important because the Roll write-up continues: "Alternatively, the name may be derived from the Middle High German word 'rolle,' meaning 'scroll' or 'list.'"

The white martins/martlets (code for Martells, probably) of the Wind(ell)s may be the same of the Sadducee-suspect Saddocks/Sedgewicks of HEVERsham. The English HEFFERs (Somerset) show the Douglas / Lawn crown again...shown until recently in both the Capet and Martell Coats. Isn't this the Caiaphas bloodline to the throne of France? The Heffers even use a "mon" motto term that for me should be viewed as code for a Hasmonean / Maccabee line. Coffers/Coffare's were likewise first found in Somerset, and they use the crescents in the Irish Heffer Chief. The latter Coat compares well with the Italian Frank Coat, itself a reversed version of this Hungarian flag.

The Ruttle's/Rudds use what must be the Macey chevron because the bells in the Ruttle/Rudd Coat suggest Bellamys. The latter lived at Perche, which place I trace to the "Percival" surname of Somerset, where the Burse's/Burce's and Purse's/Pierce's were first found. Yes, this is why I trace the "BURSEblade" entity in the Blade write-up to the Percival cult. There is a very good chance that Berks / Burgo's and Perche's were one.

This is where it gets interesting, not only because "Winds(or)" has been identified with the Vince and Da-Vinci-code entities at Rennes-le-Chateau, but because Windsors, a known branch of Geralds, use a version of the Desmond/Gerald saltire belonging to Annan(dale)s. For new readers jumping in here, the "Crom" motto term of Desmonds/Geralds is for the Crom surname using the same white quatrefoils as the Vincent surname, both surnames of which trace to Rennes-le-Chateau, and therefore to the Da-Vinci-code scam that seeks to kill Jesus all over again by destroying those who have placed their trust in Him.

The line of Caiaphas, perhaps more than any other line, was found by my investigations to date at Rennes-le-Chateau, and so we should expect the line of Ananias at Rennes-le-Chateau too. It might be arguable that "Gerald" is a variation of the Herald/Herod/Hurl surname, especially if I'm correct in tracing it to HERLuin de Burgo-Conteville, for his Burgo line (married Rollo's line) may trace to the naming of BERKshire, where Windsors were first found.

The high priest Ananias, as for example in Acts 4:6, is also "Annas." It really does smack of the Anne/Hanne surname too. But thus far I have held off making the link directly. I would rather theorize for the time being that the high priest was named after Hannibal elements in Bononia...with the Boii who formed the Maccabees. However, tracing Hannibals of northern Italy to the Rua / Attila Huns allows Anne's/Hanne's to be expected in mergers with descendants of Ananias. And that's where the Anne/Hanne merger with Herods of the Horton kind comes in. For one Herod of Israel married a Boetus line of Sadducees expected from the Boii ancestry of Maccabees. Maccabees were high priests of Israel before the Sadducees took over. It is in Acts where we find that Ananias and Caiaphas belonged to Sadducees (not Pharisees), something I glossed over for many years (when I didn't care which of the two groups they belonged to).

By the way, Hortons, by their purplish dolphin, can trace to the Reagan dolphin and therefore to Ragnvald, father of Rollo. It's right down the Rua line to Rule's, Rolls and Rollo's.

The Rael/Rhaell/Rhael variations of German Rolls suggest, not only "Ralph" possibly, but Royals and Reals. The Douglas crown of Lawns was just shown with a "Roy" motto term to boot, and here we find the same crown in the Spanish Real/Rey/Reina Coat. For me, this is the Martin / Martel bloodline, but the new point is that even surnames such as Reys and Raines are suspect from Rua the Hun. Reminder: the Lawn-suspect Launay location is in the Rue/Ruel write-up. If Raines do apply, then note that I trace them to: 1) "Renfrew," where Hun-suspect Pollocks were first found; 2) Rennes of Brittany; and, 3) Rennes-le-Chateau. That's no small revelation if correct.

Indeed, as I identify Roquefeuil with Roxolani Alans, it's interesting that Huns are traced by historians to Sarmatians, founders of Alans. The evolution goes like so: Scythians > Sarmatians > Huns > Gok-Turks > Khazars/Bulgars/Magyars/Turks.

Of some interest, the last update had a Marie REINE Matherne, wife of Jean Francois Leboeuf. Why MARIE? The Reine/Rhiner/Rainer surname (Bavaria) says it's from "Ragin," defined cleverly as "hardy." I assume that this surname named the Rhine river and/or the Rhineland, where Bush's were first found. But Regensburg in Bavaria, on the Regen river, comes to mind too, where the Bavarian lozenges surfaced.

[Raines-related Randals use a blue wolf in Crest. By no coincidence, German Randals use "plates." The Raines and Randals do indeed trace to the Rua > Bleda bloodline. But before writing this paragraph, and even before coming across the blue wolf again in the Randal Crest, which I did not recall was there, the paragraph below was already written.]

I can't help but think of "blue blood" now after having traced the mythical blue wolf to Huns. "Blue blood" is a phrase used by British royalty, and can be alternated as "royal blood," or "royal blue." With the Royal surname now tracing to Rua, "blue blood" is making more sense, especially if "Bleda" meant "blood." Did you note the blue Shield of Reals/Reys/Reina's? Rolls/Raels have a blue Shield too, as do French Reals/Rele's showing three of the MacArthur crowns in the colors of the three Pilate pheons. All four blue Shields use white symbols upon them. It's Gogi-ville white-on-blue.

Hmm. Checking French Reys, they were first found in the same place as Pilate's. It once again urge's me to view Pilate's as a from of "Bleda," but I'm not willing to abandon the trace to Pontius Pilate. It could be that Huns came to dwell in Burgundy because lines of Pontius Pilate were already there. If I'm not mistaken, Sicambrian Franks, some of the first Franks proper that came out of Sicambria, a name for Buda(pest) when Huns ruled it, became allied with Burgundians. Someone online claims that Bleda's alternative name was "Buda." But suddenly the Pessit variation of Petits (see last update for details) is coming alive as those who named the city of Pest beside Buda.

It may be a lucky strike that I happen to be on the French Rey surname at the same time that the Petit entity is being mentioned, for while that term was traced to the Boeufs / Leboefs in the last update, I happened to focus only hours ago on the Ecorcheboeuf/ESCORcheboeuf variations of the Boeufs. I've burned the "ESCARbuncle" symbol of Reys in my head for a while (maybe two years) because I want to understand for certain what it stands for. I have some reason to believe that something like it will have to do with the 666 symbol on people's hands. Note here that I trace the 666 lovers to tattoos, for Huns used tattoos. The Schore's are in the colors of the Pilate pheons and may even trace to the Pilates by way of the Schore pillars.

The Asker/Askey Coat (in Buncle colors) could apply to the escarbuncle in that the Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Turnbull Coat. The Ascer/Asher/Azor/Hasser/Passer Coat (duh, why "Passer"?) uses a blue fesse, the color of the Boeuf/Tournebulle fesse. It could also be using the Annandale saltire (on gold background) as used by Bruce's. The Passer variation can trace to the Pace/Pase surname (Bononia) Pilate colors. The Pasetto/Pasutti variations of Pace's/Pase's smacks of "Pessit." As this latter term is now tracing with the Roll line to BudaPEST, the "passe" motto term of Rollo's/Rollocks can apply.

The Pesters/Pistols mentioned in the last update can therefore trace to Budapest, explaining why Pesters/Pistols use stags. Red ones, even [the color of the Malcolm stags for a petit reason below].

I've been waiting for white-on-black stars ever since seeing them in the English Rue/Rowe Coat. I now find them in the Italian Pastor Coat. French Pastors use a red lion, the color of the Petit lion, and to boot the latter Pastors show billets, important in the Pilate investigation. The French Pastor lion happens to be in the two colors of the French Rue/Ruell Coat! Thus, I'm convinced: Pastors and similar others trace to Hun-related Budapest.

The French Rue/Ruell half lion appears to be a colors-reversed version of the German Martin lion.

As the Pastors with billets use a version of the Dutch Bush/Bosche Coat with billets, the Bush's should trace to Budapest too, especially to "Buda," and indeed both Bush's and Booths use black boars. The only difference between the Pastor and Bush Coats is the number of blue billets, five versus three.

The Sangleboeuf variation of Boeufs could suggest "sang," the French for blood. The variation could be interpreted as "blood of Leboefs." Interesting here is a potential trace to the Sangarius/Sakarya river of Phrygia, where I traced Boofima elements. Mythical king Midas of Phrygian elements was given donkey ears, and then there are donkeys in the Asker/Askey Coat.

The Royal/Riall/Ryle Coat happens to be a bend in the colors of the Dutch Valle bend. For me, that traces Royals/Rialls, Rolls/Reals, etc., to the Hun alliance with emperor Valentinian.

Time now to investigate the French Pilate surname, fully expected to trace to Bleda with the Blade surname. It won't take long to show that Pilate's trace to a Pict-like motto term so that indeed, Blade's are revealed to be a line of Pontius Pilate. First, it can be repeated that English Pillette's/Pilotte's use grails, and that the Arpad Huns/Hungarians made blood oaths by drinking blood from a grail cup, in the style that Jesus urged His apostles to drink a symbol of His blood. I don't know that "Bleda" meant "blood," but if so, one might venture a trace of the Arpad blood oaths back to the Attila Huns.French Pilate write-up: "The Pillette surname comes from the Old French word 'pilot,' meaning a 'stake,' or 'pile. I'll assume that the heraldry master writing this bit knew exactly to what the Pilate surname traced, and that either the Stake or Pile surnames apply. One Pile surname, using what I view as the upright Levi/Levine lion in Levi-lion black on white, is also shown as "Pilot/Pilet."

The other Pile surname traces to "stake" or "post," wherefore it's not only interesting/pertinent that both Post surnames are in the colors of the Pilate pheons, but "Post" evokes the Pessit variation of the Petit surname tracing to a Bois bloodline suspect now with the chief priests of Israel. Remember, Petit's are trace-able to Petts/PERTs and therefore to Perthshire, wherefore from this alone one can expect Pessit-like surnames to link to the Pontius Pilate bloodline. French Petit's/Pessits were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Pilate's. These Petit's use the lion of Pharisee-suspect Ferrari's, first found in the Bononia theater. I knew nothing of Petits until the last update, thanks to a YS email. But who was that email really from???

In the last update, the Petitbois entity was traced quite solidly to Bosco's. It was said that the Bosco pillars are white like the so-called "columns" of the Schore's (smacks of the ESCORcheboeuf variation of Boeufs), but at the time I didn't mention my old trace of "column" to the Malcolm/MalCallam surname. It's not only important because the Malcolm/Malcallam Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Andrews Cross, thus tracing (without doubt) Malcolms to king Andrew I of Hungary, but because I have just searched for "petit" in all my files to see if I had ever mentioned the surname before. And that's why I'm mentioning the Column/Malcolm surname, for it uses a motto, "In ardua petit." As you can see, there are the red stags of the Colts/Cults of Perthshire in the Malcolm Coat! It's yet another reason to trace Pontius Pilate to the Huns. Did you note the colors of the stars in the Malcolm Coat?

While a red stag is called a hart, Malcolms were first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as Herods/Hurls who all their own have traced to the Hun(garian) stag. One Petit write-up traces without surprise to 'small," and while it's conceivable for the Small surname to be a branch of Petits, note that one Small surname uses what is nearly the Levi lion while the German Smalls/SchMALs use the same-colored saltire as the MALcolm saltire. But the Small saltire is in the two colors of the Copper/Cooper saltire that traces easily to the mother of Herod "the great."

I'm not jumping at the origin of "Petit" in Smalls, for a Pett-like entity is suspect behind it. It could be that whatever named Smalls came into marital contact with whatever named Petits so that the two terms were thus born. The Schmalls look like Ashmoles/ASHMALLs (in Darth/Death colors), and were perhaps a branch of the same-colored Ashmans whom I trace, tentatively anyway, to "Hasmon(ean)" = Maccabees.

Here's the last part of the Pilate write-up: "First found in Bourgogne where they held a family seat at Chantrans, and this main stem of the family became a representative of the Bourgogne aristocracy." Chantrans smacks of Cantii elements from Ixion. English Petits were first found in Kent, founded by the Cantii. How about that. It's suggesting that Budapest's Huns, who must have lived with the Pan satyrs, so to speak, were in cahoots with the centaur founders of Kent.

Let's look at the Chanter surname since there is no Chantran-like term that gets a surname. I had seen the Chanter Coat a day before checking the Small surname above, and here I find that English Smalls (Derbyshire) use nearly the cross of Chanters Leicestershire). If it helps to make the Chanter connection to "Chantrans" more solid because the two surnames were first found beside each other, we can move on.

The Chanter Coat shows 12 billets. I trace mythical Ixion to code for ancient "Sion / Zion," and he was the father of centaurs. The French Billet surname shows three Zionists stars in the colors of the Pilate pheons, which for me is sufficient evidence that the Chantrans location of Pilate's traces to Chanters.

Three more white Zionists stars are in the German Pester Coat while English Pesters/Pistols were first found in the same place as Chanters. Once again, Pilate's are tracing to Hun(garian)s.

Now, what similarity do you see between "ChanTRANS" and the motto term, "TRANSfigum," of the Perthshire Colts/Celts? Suddenly, the Pictish mother of Pontius Pilate is tracing to Chantrans / Chanter elements. As I trace Colts/Celts to Colters, who themselves trace by their wheel and surname to Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright, it's conspicuous that German Centers/Sanders/Senters (in Chanter colors) use the Mieske bull head. Then, both Wrights and English Centers/Senters/Sainters use gold leopards. The "Saint" term gets the Sinclairs, which is the Rollo line expected at Pilate's mother, and the Sinclairs use a cross in colors reversed to the Chanters, and in the colors of the Small cross.

What's interesting here is that Ixion must always trace to Dionysus, whose mother was Small-like Semele. If we were looking for horses in this picture, there's a unicorn in the Crest of the Smalls who use the same-colored cross as Saints/Sinclairs.

I traced that mother of Pilate to D'Arths/Arth's, first found in Stirling (beside Perth), largely due to the "dart" in the Colt/Celt Crest, but due also to the logic of tracing her to the Arthurian bloodline. This Colt/Celt trace to the D'Arths included the Darths/Deaths (in D'Arth/Arth colors) that I see in the code, "Le Morte d'Arthur," but this trace was long before the trace just now of Smalls to the picture of Pilate's mother. The Smalls and Darths/Deaths share crescents in the same colors, you see. And the crescents of the Smalls are those using nearly the Chanter cross.

If I'm not mistaken, the Darth/Death griffin is that in the Vince Coat.

Moving on from the Chanter topic, we need to look at the Billet bloodline as per the Chanter billets. The term itself smacks of "Pilate," or at least can be what we might expect in a Pilate variation. I've already shown above the one Billet Coat with three Zionists stars in the colors of the three Pilate pheons. It just so happens that I traced pheons to mythical Pan at Lake Van (founded by Biaini peoples), as he evolved into Phoenix and the Phoenicians at Panias/ the foot of mount Sion. Sioncidence?

Plus, Pan was a half-goat creature in cahoots with the similar Centaurs now tracing to Chantrans, home of Pilate's. If that's not enough, Pan's cult could have named Pannonia, the name of proto-Hungary, the land ruled by Attila's Huns. The PetitBOIS-suspect Boii lived in Pannonia too, wherefore "Petitbois" is now turning out to be a Boii merger with Budapest elements.

The other Billet Coat is a version of the Bellow/Ballot/Bellet Coat. And it's the Bellows/Bellets who show a "PECTore" motto code that must be for the Pict mother of Pontius Pilate. It's the German Bellows/Bellauts who show the black-on-gold double-headed eagle that traces to the Roman emperors, expected of Pilate's, but then perhaps also of the Bleda-Hun line. It's troublesome, however, that "PECT" is like "PEST" in this particular discussion. It's troublesome because a trace to Picts may be deemed in error.

But then we do need to ask who it was that traced Pontius Pilate's mother to a Pict. Was that trace, mentioned by Wikipedia, due to such things as you have just seen, where some imagined Picts rather than the city of Pest? Or, as Celts inhabited Pannonia, might the proto-Picts have been there too as the named of Pest? Picts, they say, were named after their tattoos, and while I may not agree, it's safe to say that Picts did paint their bodies as did Huns.

Well the natural think to do is to find surnames honoring Picts, and the first one up is the Picket/Pigott/Picots surname first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Bellows with the "pectore" term. It's very welcome because Pickets/Pigotts/Picots use three arrow heads that can be deemed the same, roughly, as pheons. For example, Mansons use both the arrow heads and the pheon. PLUS, both Bellows and Pickets/Picots use wolf heads in Crest.

The Pickets/Picots call their symbol, pikeheads. Perhaps its a spelling mistake and the writer meant "pickheads," but in any case, the arrows look neither like fish heads not pick heads. In my mind, the Pike/Pick/Pickon surname is a branch of the Hyksos as represented by Ixion.

The Picenti variation of the Pace/Pase surname is coming to mind, important not just because it's in the colors of the Pilate pheons, but where the "passe" term of Rollo's/Rollocks traces to them, for the Rollo-related Rowe's (red stag, as with Rollo-related Colts/Cults of Perthshire) look like they use a version of the English Pike Coat. Rollock and English Pike's share a blue chevron. Plus, Rollo's/Rollocks and Pickets/Picots share a "tout" motto term. For me, that clinches it: the mother of Pontius Pilate traces both to Rollo's and Colts/Celts of Perthshire, and to the Picket / Bellow families in Cheshire.

In the last update of November, the Pigs/Pigcs (black boars in Picket colors) and Peggs were dealt with: "The wedge design used by Peggs was used until recently in the Watch/Wadge/Wade Coat." I was pointing out a trace to Uat/Buto. It's telling me that other Pict-suspect surnames trace to Budapest. I now find that the Watch's/Wadge's use stars in the colors of the Rue/Rowe and Pastor stars!

Besides, the other English Rowe's use the Templar lamb that they call the Pascal lamb while Pace's/Pase's/Pacenti's show a Pascel variation. What does Cheshire and the Bononia location of the Pace's have in common? For one: the MaccaBoi, so to speak, the founders of the Inter-Testamental priesthood of Israel. For two: the Mus-Khyan Hyksos who lost their empire in the Ten Plagues. I often trace those Hyksos to the Uat/Buto cult that should apply here, a cult that had a Bast lion goddess that was traced some years ago to Pest.

While tracing Bush's earlier to Budapest with Pastors, I decided not to say anything about the gold-on-black lions of the Bushers. But I now find a lion in those colors in the Picton Coat. Is this evidence that Picts / Pictones can trace to the naming of Pest?

The Arms of Budapest show a slanted cross in Crest, sinister or meaningless for a Christian, but a slanted cross always appears with the Templar lamb. The Arms also shows a gold lion, the colors of the Picton and Busher lions. There's a gold lion also in the Arms of Pest County. I had traced this gold lion to the same of Wittelbachs, though the latter use theirs with black background, thus matching the Picton lion above. I trace "Witt" to the Uat cult, and "Bach" to the Apachnas line that I see in the Pike's et-al as well. The Wittelsback Coat uses the vair fur, a symbol of White's.

The Uat/Buto cult was merged with the all-seeing-eye of Horus, and then while watts and Vatts/Watters use the all-seeing eye along with an oak tree, so the Packs use an oak tree behind a red version of the Bach "steer." The Pack bull is obviously the red Borgia bull because French Borgia's and Packs were both first found in Languedoc. The Borgia's were Conti's who trace to "Khyan." With Bush's tracing to Budapest along with Packs, the Polish Pack/Pace fleur could be a version of the German Bush fleur, but in a Mus-Hyksos picture, the Pack/Pace fleur is likely more-directly linked to the Massey Fleur.

The Lys fleur can apply, for it's not only in the same colors, but the Lys surname was first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes', while Pace's/Pascels and Pascals (Levi lion) were branches of Payens who married Chappes'. How possibly can a Pilate investigation lead to the Levi lion and to Hugh de Payen, who was the Templar "high priest" that married a Chappes, unless the Caiaphas line was in the Chappes'?

The Roets/RoWatts/RUEtts, who use the Watt / Vatt oak, must be part of the Rue line from Rua the Hun. All these years, while knowing that Templarism was based in Rus, and especially in the Rollo Rus, I did not know how Templar-key the Huns were. But Roet elements are predicted to be Herod lines too. The Roet/Ruett Coat looks like it could be a version of the English pack Coat.

If the mythical blue wolf traces to Huns, might the blue lion of Adels trace to "Attila"? Why is there a "Jewish" Adel surname using the same blue lion, but with a crown? A blue lion is found in the German Wend/Wendler Crest, and then Winds/Windells just traced to "Rua". If we're convinced that Pesters trace to Huns of Budapest, by what coincidence do German Pestors and Tills/Thillers both use white-on-red rings? Why are Tills/Thillers in Tool colors? No surprise: the brownish Tool boar is also the Pollock boar.

Why are the Tiller lions, which I think are the Levi lions in colors reversed, described with both a Pass-like and Pilate-like term: silver lions passant guardant pellette. Pelletts, like English Pillette's, use grail cups and a chevron, all in identical colors to one another.

To show further that Tills / Tillers can trace to "Attila," the German Bolts, whom were just entered to check for links to Pelts or Pilate's, use what looks like the single arrow between the Till/Thiller rings. But that's not all, for English Bolts use the griffin design of English Wends, themselves in the colors of the Tills. (The Wend griffin is the Ali griffin).

I had traced the Rothschilds confidently by their arrows to Hungarians (because Hungarians are known as the ten arrows on On Ogur). But the Rothschild/Rothstein/Rochstein Coat uses a single arrow in the colors of the Till arrow! Now you know what sort of Jews the Rothschilds are, or what sort of Jews the "Jewish" Adels are. Khazars, right? Fake Jews of Germany and Hungary, and God is about to wipe them clean from His Israel, for the tenants of that land have been given new landlords after the chief priests failed God sorely at the murder of Jesus. But the new landlords will not be the Rothschild crew.

There is a single arrow in the mouth of a stag in the Blood/Blud Crest. The Blood-Crest stag is in the design of the Pester stag, but the Blood Coat shows three stags in another design. If you haven't forgotten that the Busher / Wittelsbach and Picton lions traced to Budapest, see now the same-colored lion in the Blot Coat.

Aha! As the Blots were first found in Rion, we can check if that term traces to Bleda's uncle (Rua), and so it turns out that Rions are Role- and Real-like. This find can't come at a better time, just after the re-mention of Pictons, for Rions/Riole's were first found in Poitou, home of Pictones!!! I was going to mention in the paragraph above, but then decided not to for lack of evidence, that the Blot stags are in the colors of the Turnbull bulls, and here we are at the Rioles in what should be a branch of Turnbull-related Rule's and Rolls.

I've just entered "Rollett" as per the Riolett variation of the Rions/Rioles, and what came up but the Rolls with lions in the colors of the Blot lion! As Winds traced to "Rua," what of the "wind" motto term in the translation of the Parker motto? The Parkers, both of which use stags, are suspect in the "roll of PARCHment" that is the Roll/Rollett Crest. Parks are on obvious branch of Stewarts using the red Colt/Celt stag again.

I am very perplexed at how terms that I'd normally trace to the Rus / Rhodes are now tracing solidly to Attila's Huns. Attila predated the Rus proper. There needs to be a separation of Rus lines proper and Rua lines. It can become convolution to keep this straight by heart. I cannot possibly remember everything in this update so far. But one clue is that Rua traces to Roll-like terms. The Ralphs / Rolphs, it should be pointed out, use water bougets, as does the Scottish Rose surname. As this Rose clan lives/d smack beside the Ross clan that definitely traces to Hungarians, we even have Rus-like surnames tracing potentially to Rua lines. Indeed, the Scottish Rose write-up traces to the Bosco clan that has already traced (with Petitbois) to Budapest!

The Bissets in the Rose write-up trace easily to "Pest," and besides, Bissets (first found in Ross-shire) were a branch of Drummond-related Bassets. Note that the Basset wavy bars are a match with the Bois/Bosc bars. Drummonds (Perthshire) are now suspect with the Trum term of Turnbulls. Note the Levenax in the Drummond write-up.

Whose saltire is the Levenax/Lennox saltire if not that of Ananias, the Levite? Or, he was a Levite on one side only. The other side, I expect, was Roman in some way. Whose white roses are on the Levenax/Lennox saltire? Those of Eburovices Hebrews, right, the co-founders of York.

Templarism and Rosicrucianism is worse than I'd ever thought it could be by tracing to Varangian Rus. It now traces big-time to the Attila dogs too. Thankfully, God forgives dogs, cats, and even rats. But ardent dragons from Ananias and Caiaphas have their place Prepared, and no dog should ever want to be there.

It was shown above that the Watch's/Wadge's use stars in the colors of the Rue stars, but the Wage variation evokes the Wagrians whom I trace to Wagers/Wage's (hearts) and Walkers of Yorkshire. Wagrians lived in the realm of the Varni whom I see as proto-Varangians. It means that Rua looks to be tied to the Wagrians and Varni together, explaining, for one, why the Bush's (Yorkshire) from Budapest married Walkers. In this picture, the Walker rings, gold on red, might be a version of the white-on-red rings of Tills/Thillers and Pesters.

Waggs/Wege's (Somerset, same as Roets/RoWATTs) use rings of their own, in the colors of the Watch's/Wage's, Pigs/Pigcs, Peggs and Pickets. It appears here that Uat elements morphed into Wag-like terms from Wadge-like terms. In that picture, Wagrians were Uat/Buto elements.

It's Not Auger Until the Fat Lady Sings

All the above was written yesterday. I awoke this morning with the wonder of yesterday's new revelation: the ample proof from heraldry that Templarism is much about the Rua bloodline. Actually, the wonder is how I could have missed this for so long. At some points over the years, I was thinking to drop my trace of "Dol" to Attila's house of "Dulo," but in recent months, evidence started to pop up for a heraldry trace of Stewarts to Bleda. Yet, even then I didn't bother to investigate Rua. I suppose I got sidetracked.

Here we are now finding what some readers may think it merely sensational, that Rua's line was also Pilate's line. Then, the things that crossed my mind moments ago while still in bed are super verifications and keys for another matter that readers may have interpreted as just another crazy stretch on my part. How many of you believed me when I said that proto-Arpad Hungarians/Magyars had ancestry, not just in north Caucasia with Khazars, but at Euganeo of Padova in northern Italy's Venetio area? Not many of you, I'm sure, took to that. Yet I insisted repeatedly, like someone dropping the ball. But this morning was amazing, a grand slam home run.

I had traced the Auger surname to Ugors at Euganeo, and Magyars / Hungarians were Ugors. I had also realized in that claim that the Merovingian ancestry, which they traced to the Veneti, was in the Euganeo area, itself beside Este. There were many things said of that picture, but the get to the point, it just so happens that Merovingians Franks are said to have been a cross between Salians and Sicambrians, the latter being from Budapest. I've already pointed out that Salians lived amongst or beside BATAVI whom I have traced to "PADOVA," but this morning it was realized that "Petitbois" is a term that named, not just Buda and/or Pest, but Padova and its Po/Padus river, also called, Bodencus, like "Buda." Padova is not far from the Bois of Bononia, and for all I know the Boii were in Padova as well.

In fact, Merovingians trace to the line of mythical Merops > Aedon line in Thebes of Boiotia, suggesting that Merovingians and Boii were a closely-related peoples, or that the Boii of pre-Frank times developed into Franks proper. The Boii lived in two places, Pannonia = proto-Hungary, and in the Padova theater. Sicambrian Franks then look like a branch of Pannonian Boii / Boiotians while Salians can be traced to north-Italian Boii / Boiotians, and these are the expected namers of Buda(Pest).

I'm being confident with what's said above because it dawned on me while still in bed, that the upright gold-on-blue lion in the Arms of Pest County are the colors of the upright French Petit lion. No sooner had I started to trace the Budapest lion to the upright Ferrari lion in the same colors (because Ferrari's were first found in the land of the Veneti) that I remembered the Augur lion, upright and likewise in the same colors! That's when I knew there was a home run, so badly needed, on the Augur claim. It was the "AGENdo" motto term of Augurs that convinced me to trace them to "EUGANeo," though the match with the Ferrari lion played a role too.

None of this would have been discovered had it not been for the YS' email (last update) on the Petitbois part of her relative's ancestry. Or, had her close relative not been from a Petitbois-related line, the emphasis in the last update on the Petitbois entity would not have materialized. Look at what it has wrought. It's important because the chief priests of Israel - another sensational-like claim of mine -- were from this theater of northern Italy. It may be true that I have yet to provide special evidence for the Pharisee link to Ferrari's and Parisii, but Lord willing the fat man won't sing until it comes in.

If I'm correct to trace "BOOFima" to "PAPH(lagonia)" and to Hyksos pharaoh, APOPHis/Apepi, then it needs to be repeated that while the Petitbois entity was intricate with the LeBOEF surname in the last update, and while it has just traced to Padova in Venetio, it's known that the ANTENor-depicted Heneti, otherwise called Paphlagonian Heneti, became the Veneti. Antenor was a Trojan, and then Troy was beside a Padasus location to which I trace the Padus/Po river. The Hyksos of concern to Masonry always trace to Trojans. Therefore, for the time being, Petits should trace to the namers of Padasus.

I've just entered "Pades" to get the Pett/Pert Coat. I'm noting that it was first found in Kent, where Ixion's centaurs are expected. The Pades/Pett/Pert Crest is a stork amongst "bullrushes," and for me this term evokes the possibility of the Rua lines to Rose's and similar others. The English Rush surname uses the horse design of Freys/Free's, as well as rings, a symbol of Attila-suspect Tills/Thiller and Pest-suspect Pestors. The Rush - Frey relationship evokes the fundamental trace I make of Varangian Rus to Frisians (the peoples who honored mythical Frey).

The Frey/Free horses are said to be COURant, evoking the COURaboeuf variation of Boeufs. This can mean that the Frey BULLrushes may be part code for the Tournebulle variation of Boeufs. The Frey Crest is a sword through a "moor's head," thus tracing this Frisian clan to north-African Gorgons, exactly where Boofima traces. This Frey branch was first found in Wiltshire, beside Dorset where Russells were first found. For the time being, a Frey trace to Russells does not necessarily trace the Rush surname to Rua the Hun, but Boofima does, in my current opinion.

As I've repeated many times, the German Frey Coat is the Massin/Mason lion, thus creating the "Freemason" term as code for those two surnames. Massins/Masons were first found in Kent, where the Frey horses are expected to trace, and Massins/Masons are expected in the Mus / Mesha house of pharaoh Khyan, who I say became Ixion and his centaurs. Thus, the German Freys (Bavaria, where Boofima is expected) are tracing to Meshwesh of north Africa, what I say were the Gogi-rooted Meshech, even the Gorgons from Parium/Parion of Mysia, where I see the ancestry of Pharisees. Compare "Frey" to "Ferrari," then note the Pharisee-like terms (e.g. "Phreeze") in this alternative Free/Freys surname.

It's a bold claim that Pharisees trace to Boofima human-sacrifice cults. As the Frey surnames were accessed due only to the bullrushes of Petit-suspect Pades/Petts/Perts (mascles), note the latter's motto translation, "FERvent."

It just so happens that German Rush's use the white arrow (two of them crossed) in the design of the white Till/Thiller arrow that is between the rings. Doesn't that tend to prove that Rush's, who also use rings, trace to the Rua and/or Attila line?

Whose black wyvern dragon is that in the English Till/Tiley Coat? As there is an axe in the Crest, it's the Drake wyvern (for Drake's also have an axe in Crest). Thus, the Attila lines trace with the red Drake wyvern to dukes of Masovia, as expected where Attila traces back to Hyksos. The Drake motto not only uses "MUScas," by "Aquila," code for the Abruzzo capital. It just so happens that the Abruzzo/Abreu surname was first found in Padova, and that's where I trace Veres (i.e. to Ferrari's) that now oversee the Drakenberg-dragonblood organization. It's Hun blood, isn't it?

The "captat" motto term of Drakes proved to trace with the "gait" term in their write-up to the Gettys / Geddys, but as Gettys use pike fish, can't we trace them to the Pickets/Picots (using "pikeheads") that have just traced to the namers of Pest? Besides, I have consistently traced Drakes by other methods to the Uat/Buto cult of Hyksos. You might want to look at the four Foys surnames because Pickets/Picots use a "foys" motto term. I know that they trace to Shiptons and Skiptons of Yorkshire, founded by the Abruzzo > Eburovices peoples, but it can be added that English Foys (Lacy kin), who use "pellets" as with the Foys'/Foix's, were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Rush's.

Both Rush's and Pickets/Picots use a white wolf head, which helps to trace Rush's to Huns at Budapest. But the white wolf was traced with Gore's/Core's and Gowers/Gore's to Quillan, smack beside Foix, for more reasons that the white wolf of Quillans/Killins. Isn't it a little conspicuous that while I'm insisting that Caiaphas lines trace hard to the Quillan - Foix stretch, the Pilate-suspect Pickets/Picots are now tracing hard to Quillan and Foix? As the Foys'/Foix's are said to be from Foix/CANDale (Centaur line, right?), it recalls the CHANTrans location of the Pilate's. The Foys/Foix' not only use more pellets, but stars in the colors of the Pilate pheons, and then the Pickets/Picots -- the ones with a "foys" motto term -- show pheon like arrow heads that they call, "pikeheads."

Apparently, the Pictones of Poitou / Poitiers were at Foix, beside Rennes-le-Chateau where the Boofima cult is expected, and then the Pickets/Picots were identified with the Petitbois elements (the Petit/PESSIT surname included) of Boofima. Thus, Boofima is tracing to Pictones at Poitou, about 100 miles north of Perigord. As both Gore's/Core's and Pickets/Picots use a white wolf, there is a question of whether the Couraboeuf variation of Boeufs (first found at Perigord) traces to the Gore/Core surname. Gore's/Core's (suspect with Medusa Gorgons) are definitely a branch of WINDsors and therefore trace to Da-Vinci elements as well as to the Winds that traced to "Rua." It just so happens that Gore's/Core's were first found in the same place (Essex) as the Free/Freys/Phreeze surname that has itself traced with Rush's to Rua. The Frey/Free bullrushes appeared to trace to Roll- related Turnbulls, and then as we find a TOURnebulle variation with the Boeufs, I'm noting the Tour location of France not far north of Poitou.

At this point, it's necessary to bring in the "ears of wheat" in the Candal Crest, assuming that Candals trace to Foix-Candale. I've routinely traced ":ears" to the Caiaphas / Sadducee line, especially as Saddocks/Sedgewicks use "ears of Rye." It was found that Saddocks and Rye's/Rise's were first found in the same place, Sussex, where Coverts/Cofferts and Coppers/Coopers were first found...whom are expected in the Foix theater for other reasons that those laid out here. The question is whether the Rye's/Rise's are a Rua line too. If so, it;'s very notable that the Rye/Rise Coat uses the ermined fesse of Roddens/Rodhams.

It's interesting that the Candals are also "Condel" while George Bush made Condeleezza Rice his secretary of State. Rice's are now identified as a branch of Roque's, which helps to trace Saddocks/Sedgwick elements of the Rye/Rise kind to Rennes-le-Chateau, smack beside Foix and Roquefeuil. You understand that Caiaphas implications at Rennes-le-Chateau if true that Saddocks were Sadducee liners. Reminder: as of this update, "Rennes" is itself traceable to terms from "Rua."

The Saddocks/Sedgewicks are the ones using footless martins (A Covert symbol too) in the white color of Rua-suspect Winds. The colors of the Wind martins are those of the Frey/Free and Free/Phreeze horses. The Winds are those whom trace to the Mary Magdalene cult, at Rennes-le-Chateau, of the Da-Vinci kind, and then this once again verifies that the Magdalene cult, and it's disastrous theory that Jesus had children in marriage, was an invention of the dread enemy of Jesus: the Caiaphas-line Sadducees.

With the Candals/Condels (Yorkshire, where I expect lines from Pharisees and Levites) tracing now to the Israeli chief priests, lets bring in the Chanters that traced well to the Chantrans location of Pilate's. The Chanter Coat is in Saddock colors, and uses billets, a symbol in the Arms of Roquefeuil. It's clear to me from the Burgh cross in the Candel/Condel Coat that they are a branch of Conte's and Borgia's. Borgia's married Candida elements who were together at Spain's Gandia Safor that traced hard to Sfroza's...using the Ferrari / Auger / Budapest lion. This is cause for seeing Pharisees of the Ferrari kind in the Candal/Condel line. My guess is that the Candals/Condels use the Over bend, for I suspect Overs to be from Hoffer elements of the Caiaphas kind.

The Sforza's were first found in Rome, the Latin theater. The Latins/Lattins use what I say is the skull-and-bones saltire, a black-on-white one, the colors of the pirate skull-and-bones flag. Latins were traced hard to the Kilpatricks, who use the same-colored saltire, wherefore I'm very willing to trace the Petits to "Patrick" too, and therefore to Patrician liners of Rome. It might be important that Latins/Lattins were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Freys.

The only reason that I've introduced Latins/Lattins here is that the Petit write-up traces to "little" while the Little Coat uses the Latin/Lattin saltire in white-on-black. As per their write-up, Little's (first found in Roxburghshire) can be traced to Latins/Lattins: f"Adam Lityll was a tenant of the Douglas Clan in the barony of Kilbucho in 1376. A branch also moved further northward to Aberdeen [Hungarian realm], but the main branch of the Clan remained around Roxburghshire. By 1350, they had become an established Clan closely affiliated to the Douglases and their territories were located in the Scottish West Marches, approximately twenty miles due north of Carlisle." That distance north of Carlisle gets one to the Annandale theater, where Kilpatricks were first found, and then the Annandale saltire, with gold Shield as used by Douglas-related Bruce's, is found in the so-called "canton" of the Italian Latin/Latoni Coat.

This is the Ladon dragon affiliated with the Ananias line, isn't it? If Little's trace to Petits, then one can imagine that Petits were Romans / Latins at some point, and that an English family from Latins took opportunity to create a Little surname in honor of the Patricians who had themselves become Petits.

Reminder: Sfroza's and Petits/Pessits use the same lion, as do Auger elements at Padova that trace with Petits/Pessits to Budapest, and Little's may be using a "MAGnun" motto term in honor of Magyars. The gold leopard in the Little Crest may be that of Coverts/Cofferts, especially if "Auger" traces to Overs who appear to be in the Candal/Condel bend. Overs and Scotts both use the same-colored bend, and Scotts were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Little's. But black-saltire and Roman-eagle Maxwells, honored in the Kilpatrick motto, were first found in Roxburghshire too. And Pollocks, who use a motto term similar to the one in the Eugene Coat, and who traced to Attila's Huns already, were a branch of Maxwells.

More evidence that "Euganeo" should trace to the Magyar Ugors is that the Eugene Coat uses the same saltire that in Scotland is the Andrew's Cross. I traced the Auger family at Euganeo to Carolingian royals at "Aachen" (i.e. I see "Euganeo = Aachen"), also known as Aix-la-Chappelle, and then the Capelli surname was first found in Bononia, the Euganeo theater roughly. Plus, a half lion in red is found in both the Aachen and Eugene Crests, and one Petit Coat uses a red lion. Whose crescents are those in the Aachen Crest?

The crescents are in the colors of the Small crescents. Petitincidence? I had said above: "The Smalls and Darths/Deaths share crescents in the same colors, you see. And the crescents of the Smalls are those using nearly the Chanter cross." The Chanter cross is in the colors of the Latin/Latin saltire, and in the colors of one Kilpatrick saltire, and Chanters traced to the Chantrans location of Pilate's while Pontius Pilate was a Roman governor.

I even traced the mysterious father of Pontius Pilate to Ardea (Latin area south of Rome), where I trace Arthurs and therefore the Darths/Deaths. As the Rutuli had their capital at Ardea, might we venture a trace of Rutuli to Rua? I have routinely traced Roddens/Rodhams to Rutland at Leicester, where Pilate-suspect Chanters (in Saddock colors) were first found!!! Zowie.

And we just saw the Rodham-related Rye's/Rise's (suspect with Sadducees of the Saddock kind) trace well to Rua. I traced the Rice and Rise surnames to Rize, in southern Caucasia beside Ardea-like Ardahan and Artvin, and surmised that the Roxolani Alans, who I trace to Roxburgh, were related to the namers of Rize.

By what coincidence does the Rutland motto use "Post," a term that can trace easily to "Pest." If correct, then Rutuli look like they founded the Rua alliance with Romans. Reminder: RUTTLE's/Rudds/Rutts use a scroll in honor of Rolls who definitely trace to Rua. The question is, were the Rutuli at Rome before the birth of Rua?

It means that the trace of Rua to Pilate is now practically confirmed. Amazing. Thank you, heraldry blabber mouth.

AHA! The Yorkshire Rudds use the upright lion, in the same colors, of the Petits / Augers!!!

The Rutuli (whom I have been wrongly spelling, Rutili, for years), have just been looked up, and look at this Turnbull-suspect line that they were merged with: "In Virgil's Aeneid, and also according to Livy, the Rutuli are led by Turnus, a young prince to whom Latinus, king of the Latins, had promised the hand of his daughter Lavinia in marriage. When the Trojans arrive in Italy, Latinus decides to give his daughter to Aeneas because of [blah blah, it's just myth, vague reflections of real history]..."

It just so happens that Virgil traced Aeneas to a near-marriage with Carthaginians at Tunis. That's where I trace Turnbulls / Boeufs too. Thus, if you were convinced that Turnbulls traced by the Rolls to Rua, you can be assured that Rutili trace to Rua too, and as you can see, Rutili pre-date Rua so that he can indeed trace to the line of Pontius Pilate...whose father I traced to Ardea.

This is tracing proto-Hungarians to Rome / Ardea, which evokes my old trace of Hungarian-suspect Yonge's ("jeune" motto term) to Juno, the Roman goddess. But Yonge's were traced to the line of Pontius Pilate for more reason that the "piles" that Scottish Yonge's use. I was confident of the Yonge trace to "Juno," not just because German Jungs (stag) smack of her, but because Yonge's traced with Duffs to the mother of Pontius Pilate. Duffs, first found in the Perthshire theater, use a motto term smacking of Jove = Jupiter."

The rings in the Yonge Chief are colors reversed to the rings of the Ugor-suspect Hogens...who smack of "Euganeo." I didn't know when finding that connection that rings (used by Tills and Pestors) would trace to Attila at Budapest. The Hogan write-up has the audacity to falsely trace "Hogan to the "Irish Gaelic word 'og,' which means 'young.'" That must be mere code for their Yonge/Young kin.

The red lion in the Yonge Crest is a half lion, symbol also of the Aachen and Eugene Crests. It's no coincidence. It's adding to the evidence that Bleda was named after a Pilate-like term because Rua was himself from the line of Pontius Pilate.

While Yonge's use a black wolf, Pickets/Picots use a white wolf. The wolf is a Roman symbol from Roman inceptions. Gore's/Core's and Gowers/Gore's use the white wolf, and Gore's/Core's and English Yonges were first found in the same place (Essex). While Yonge's use a "praestat" motto term that I've viewed as code for the Israeli priesthood, Pickets/Picots, who traced already to Pest, use "prest." Can Petits trace to the Israeli priesthood? Isn't that the revelation as I awoke this morning, when it became apparent that the Petit lion was the Auger lion was the Ferrari lion?

If you valued the "prudentia" motto term of Cheneys in recent updates, note that Yonge's use it too along with "praestat." Zowie, after writing that, the Pruden surname was loaded to find the Petit / Auger / Ferrari lion (!), albeit just the head of that lion. Prudens were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Latins/Lattins and Pharisee-suspect Freys. The PROTHers/RHYDDerchs are coming to mind as a branch of both Pridens and Ruttle's/Rudds. The Riders/Rythers use three black upward ermines, which are essentially the three black upward "pikeheads" of the Pickets/Picots, wherefore one can assume that Riders and Rhydderchs were Rutuli lines to Rua.

It should be said that Pharisees predated by far mythical Frey, and may have predated Frisians proper too...whom I trace to Briges/Phrygians, the hub of Boofima. You understand that human sacrifice can only be a demonic activity.

Amazing. I was planning to say at some point that the Aiken surname, which I trace to Euganeo / Aachen elements, uses roosters, the symbol of Homers/HOLMers. I now find that the Prudens above are "PrudHOLMe's too. That clinches the Home/Holm trace to Euganeo, and to boot it must be added that Aikens and Yonge's both use "Robere/Roberi" in their motto's. Homers/Holmers use a crossBOW, symbol also of the Latins/Lattons.

As I trace the Bows/Boughs to "Boofima," the crossbow can be part-code for Creusa, wife of Aeneas whom can be traced to the Tunis Carthaginians. The Cross/Croce Crest happens to use a stork, a symbol seen earlier in the Pades/Pett/Pert Crest. That surname traces tentatively to the Petit elements of Boofima. The latter stork is in "bullrushes," a term that traced on two counts to Rua. I've traced mythical Creusa (long before finding the bullrushes) to the Hros = Rosh in Rhodes, important here where the bullrushes is code for Rush's. The Nordic name for horse is/was "hross," and Rush's use horses.

The Moloch bull was a human-sacrifice cult of Tyrians, the founders of Carthage in Tunis, and so "bullrushes" can be deemed part code for that cult. The TurnBULL bull is in the design of the Bach "steer," and Steers use a "Tu ne cede" motto phrase that's code, in my opinion, for "Tunis." In my opinion, Moloch traces to the gold calf that Israelites created in their wilderness of sin.

The heraldic lion's paw is now suspect with the leopard gloves worn by Boofima priests when they killed their sacrifice. It just so happens that the same white lion's paw was just found in two places as the surnames above were investigated. The first one was found in the Creuse Crest as I investigated the Creusa trace to Carthaginians and/or to the Crossbow / Cross bloodline. The second paw was found moments later in the Steer Crest, thus verifying that Creusa was in Tunis, and that Creuse's (Cheshire) did indeed stem from mythical Creusa. I suspect that the Roman line of Ananias trace's to Creusa's husband, whom I view as a Heneti code. Huns and Hannibals, right?

The Cross'/Croce's and Cruce's/Croix' together look like English Masseys and French Masseys respectively. If Petitbois were half natives of the Metis kind, as YH claims, by what coincidence do I routinely trace natives of North America to Massey / Meshech liners?

After writing all the above, I got back to some emails. Here's what I wrote YS at that time:

...I said it in the updates but wanted to tell you personally that the Petitbois entity you introduced turned into a great term as far as the importance of the Petit surname goes, as you can see in the next [= this] update. Is "petitbois" a term used by locales in your area to speak of Metis? Any idea where the term comes from? Just to give you a heads up in case it means anything to you, a "littleboys" code is used by Peverels and perhaps by Vaughns. I'm going to look at that to see if anything crops up of a connection. I'm suggesting that a bloodline honoring "petitbois" may have used "little boys" as code for that term.

WOW!!! After writing you the above, I decided to look at the pertinent surnames to see if I should add anything before sending this email. I could not believe my eyes. By "pertinent surnames" I'm referring to the ones in the 4th update of last July, which I loaded moments ago in seeking where I had written on "littleboys." In that update, I said:

"Dangerously interesting is the Littleboys variation of the Peverels, evoking the young men shown on the Arms of Masculine, and the little boys with green snakes round their necks in an Arms of Vaughn. The Fauns, I see, are in the colors of the Peverels and Nottings."

Just now, the Notting/Knutt surname was the first one loaded, to find three [downward] pheons in the colors of the [three downward] Pilate pheons...Astounding. This simultaneously verifies that the Petitbois term is indeed connected to the Petit surname. I'll write on this in the next update to see if more can be gleaned.

I consider this to be from the Lord through you. What next?

After that, the Peverel/Littleboys Coat was checked to find three garbs in the colors of the Pilates / Nottings. The Peverels were even first found in NOTTINGhamshire. "Cnut" named Nottingham, and Cnut (the Great) was a grandson of BLATand Bluetooth to whom the Pilate surname has already been traced, loosely anyway. Thus, the Petitbois entity is highly suspect now with the Dane line of Blatand > Cnut and/or Cnut's mother, Sigrid, daughter of Mieszko I.

Aha! To prove linkage to Sigrid the Haughty, the Peverley variation suggests the Beverley surname that uses the same white bull heads in Chief as the Haught/Haughton Crest! Excellent. The two Coats are in the same colors, and as Haughts/Haughtons were first found in Cheshire, the Beverley Coat should be a variation of the Buckley/BULLkely Coat (using the same white bull heads and the same chevron). Note that this Vaughn Coat uses the Mieske/Mesech arm, and a chevron in colors reversed to the Buckley / Beverley chevron.

It's already apparent that the Fauns / Vaughns are from mythical Faunus, the Greek Pan of Pannonia. I had traced Faunus to a surname in the household of Valentinian. Perhaps I'll get into that in the next update. However, as I'm sure that the Vains and similar others are Faun branches to be identified with the Veneti, and because I view Pan as a Phoenician entity, "Veneti/Venice" is revealed as a variation of "Phoenicia." Again, I trace the pheon to Pan elements out of Lake Van.

Beverleys are also BEAVERley, and I say that Bavaria-like surnames should trace to "Boofima," important not just because I expect Petitbois and LeBOEF elements to trace to Boofima, but because a blue fesse, the Boeuf/TourneBULLe symbol, is used also by English Bevers/Beavers (Berkshire). The Beavoirs variation is much like "Boeuf" and "Beaufor(t)."

I have so much to say already on this find that it should be cut short now, and go into the next update. I apologize if you wanted it all now, but I'm out of time for this week.


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