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August 28 - September 3, 2012

Flash: Carolingians TNTatively from a Samannud line to Samandar
Smoking Gun: Skull and Bones Found at Narbonne
The Roquefort Files: Roquefeuils in the Comminges city of Cathars; Explosive Discovery
Better than Gnostic Teflon
Cheneys Fused to Every Component: Electerek New Insights from Bonneville
The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Stephantsminda; part of the Star-Terek Crew's End-Time Fire
Heraldry, the Canon of the Satanic Bible, Shute's WayWard; Ball lands in Garb-age Dempster

Putin doesn't need his secret service to know what's going on in Syria; he just needs to read the article below telling that the Brits are training Syrian rebels to win their war. He's not going to believe them where the British say:

"We are not 'king-making' in Syria. The UK and the US are moving cautiously to help what has been developing within Syria to improve the capabilities of the opposition," said a British consultant overseeing the programme [he's exposing Obama's role]. "What's going to come next? Who is going to control territory across Syria. We want to give civilians the skills to assert leadership.

...The schemes are overseen by the US State Department's Office of Syrian Opposition Support (OSOS) and Foreign Office officials.

Mina al-Homsi (a pseudonym) is one of the first graduates of the training."

You don't say? A Homs-related surname-term is one of the first graduates in the Topple-Assad school of Do-it-for-the-Civilian scheme. Late in this article, the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Obama are revealed to be under Pollock-Stewart control of the Nazi-suspect type that begs your further considerations. It will appear that the roots of the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff organization are in the same elements honored in the Arms of Dachau, headquarters for the Munich-area concentration camps. The decisions being made in Syria now must be shared by Hillary Clinton in consultation with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Obama's right arm by which he dribbles the globe-trodder ball.

In the article below, an angry-at-Obama Netanyahu appears poised to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Iran has been speaking large for so long concerning that attack that it would be required to retaliate in some drastic, military way. Otherwise, Iran will appear weak and all-noise.

Egypt suddenly appears fully in the hands of the Brotherhood and/or other Muslim fundamentalists, unless the West can buy president Morsi off in some way to make him more secular. If the Islamists prevail with Morsi, and the tribulation is to begin in the next few years, I would say at this time that the best predictable scenario is a Gog under Putin unleashing fury against the West in Syria, followed by an invasion of Egypt to undo what the West is attempting to accomplish there. The West seems bent on pushing Putin's button in Syria, and in the meantime the West has a movement inside Russia to weaken / topple Putin. Under such circumstances, Putin would be compelled to strengthen his hold on South Ossetia, and may even attempt to oust the pro-West president of Georgia with another military invasion.

In the last update, the check-using Fers, Stewarts, Massi's and Cohens / Hohens were traced to Ossetia = Alania, where the Khazars had a capital at Samandar. There seems to be good reason all around to trace the 666 bloodline to this area. It's tracing to the Ardon-of-Alania line from Aretas of Petra in Edom. But before going on, I want to say that my friendly chipmunk drowned yesterday in one of my water containers. It had developed enough trust to jump onto my chair, and leg, as I write away, even to excitedly climb up a few times onto my shoulder for a second before jumping down to the floor in imperfect trust. I took the drowning as a possible sign, and here I now find myself on a Georgian topic that may involve end-time Gog, whom I suspect will be supported by the so-called Warrior Monk, general Mattis of U.S. Central Command.

It's important, not just because Mattis' position almost went to an Allen surname that is now tracing hard to "Alania," and not just because part of Ossetia in Georgia was taken further from the West by Russians in 2008, but because the Fer, Stewart, Cohen and Massi/Mattis surnames all share blue and white checks that may now trace to Chechnya, where a pro-Putin ruler with a Khazar-like KADYRov rules the Chechens. Here's a quote shared in the last update:

Kizlyar is a town in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, located in the delta of the Terek River 221 kilometers (137 mi) northwest of Makhachkala. It lies on the border with the Chechen Republic. The first reference to Kizlyar dates back to 1609, although some historians associate the place with Samandar, the 8th-century capital of Khazaria.{citation needed}

The Terek river flows through Alania, and Kizlyar has become suspect as a Khazar town with some surnames apparently in honor of it. I had traced the checks of the Khazarian Cohen tentatively to "CZECHoslovakia" because Moravia was half that country, while Moravia should trace to the Mures river where Khazars lived. It therefore appears that Chechnya and Czechoslovakia had Khazars in common. I trace Merovingians to the Moravia, and if correct, we should find Merovingian lines to Alania as well, especially as the first Merovingians married into the Bassianus (sun-god priesthood) line now tracing to Alania and Artvin elements.

I would not have mentioned the chipmunk's death for the Warrior Monk alone. If you read the last update, you may know that I traced the Drake surname, and the Drakenberg organization now ruled by the Massey-related Vere bloodline, to "Terek." The trace made a lot of sense. For example, Fers and Vairs link to Cohen / Hohen Khazars by their checks alone. "Jewish" Cohens (a sun) come up as "Kagan," but the theory now is that the so-called "Red Jews" who ruled Khazars (otherwise Terek-like Turks) about the time they had their Samandar capital, were Herod liners of only because Herods were from the Aretas line that ended up in Edom at the time of the father of Herod "the great," who married into the Aretas family. If Aretas traces to "Artvin" and/or "Ardon" (in Alania), then we have a Herod-ancestry trace to Caucasia, and therefore likely to Alania's Terek river. We might even expect some Herod-liners proper out of Israel to be sent to Artvin and/or Alania as rulers by-marriage there.

Herods of Israel are known to be Edomites, but for the first time I now know that his Edomite nature is from Aretas of Petra. Otherwise, Herods may have been something non-Edomic on the male side. I should develop a theory on what peoples Antipater, Herod's father, traces to, and where those peoples may have lived. The Herods proper had converted to Judaism, the very same theme concerning Khazars. The latter, we read in an ancient document, had the option of converting either to Judaism, Christianity or Islam, and chose Judaism. It sounds odd that someone in a high-level position would want the entire nation of Khazars to become religious in some way without having any special bias toward any one religion, and so I tend to reject this story. It sounds like an excuse offered to the world for why they chose Judaism, as if trying to hide their prior bias toward that religion. In the least, there must be more to that decision than mere fancy, and Herod liners ruling Khazars makes sense.

The chipmunk's death, what about that? It was just another routine shock this morning to load the Munk/Monk surname to find a wyvern dragon in the Crest, the symbol of Veres and Drakes! That's why I'm taking the drowning as a sign to us. But what is the sign for? The Drake wyvern has what could be a 666 code at its tail shape. The sign could also be for the Warrior Monk, and/or the Monk bloodline that the phrase may have been named after. I suspect Munich. I suspect that the leadership in the U.S. military is from the Nazi's of Munich [amazingly, as this update rolls on, evidence crops up suddenly, starting from a news article I happened to read at lunch time, for a strong trace of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff to Dachua, on Munich's northern sides].

Moreover, if you read the last update, you know that Alania elements had grouped in Devon, where English Stewarts were first found. I now find that the Munks/Monks were first found in Devon, and use a chevron in colors reversed to the Exeter chevron, as well as lions in colors reversed to the Stewart lion (the latter use a RED lion, as does the Arms of Exeter). We should therefore be on the look out as to who's white-on-red lion the Monk lion belongs, but already the STIVer/STURTifant lion is coming to mind, suggesting, possibly, the STEPHENsminda location on the Terek. [as this update ends, it becomes evident that Veres are rulers in the U.S. military]. The Drake write-up traces cleverly to a duck, and ducks are used both by the Devon and French Stewart surname (the latter no longer show ducks, however, but did until about weeks ago).

It therefore appears that God wants me to investigate the Munks/Monks, or at least make mention of them, for the reason of linkage to the Massi/Mattis surname, and for the reason that general Mattis will soon be involved in the anti-Christ-related Middle East, though we know that Mattis is much behind Middle-East decisions already [though not without the Joint Chiefs of STAFF, who smack of STEPHen]. The fact that I've just traced the dragon bloodline to Alania = Ossetia in Georgia (i.e. ancient home of Gog), and to the border of CAUCasia-like Chechnya now ruled by a loyal Muslim-convert puppet of Putin, may indicate that prophetic events are about to take place in Syria and Iraq. I've been reading that Chechens are supporting the rebels in Syria, to Putin's dismay.

The French Moyne surname uses three roses in colors reversed to the Danish Munk Coat because the English Munks/Monks are said to be from a Moyne family in Potheridge of Devon. Hmm, Potters, in Puttin/PEUTHERer and Putin colors, were first found in the same place as Drakes, who use the wyvern like the Monks!! The sea horse of the Potters has a tail much like the wyvern. Does this mean that president Putin is related to Veres and Drakenberg, and if so, how has that coincidence come about? Is Putin an agent of the Rothschilds who formed Communist Russia in the first place?

[Insert -- Later, be on the look-out for a black ribbon in a Dempster surname related to the leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Here is what you'll find later, but it should be kept in mind until that time:

The Ribon Coat is almost exactly the Lenin/Lennan Coat; the stags are identical, only the green mounds have different shapes. The Coat is in the colors of the Herod-rooted Lannoys. The "STIRpe" motto term of the Lenins/Lennons may be code for Star-Terek Sturs, first found in the same place as Drakes. What could this mean as per blood links between the Joint Chiefs and Rothschild Russia? As Obama is from a communist background, it's very conspicuous now that he is the one who chose a Dempsey surname to rule the Joint Chiefs. Is Dempsey a closet Communist???

If you want a heads-up on why the Joint Chiefs can trace to Munich, see the Shot/Shute sword in the Depster and Dempsey Coats, and zowie what a surprise it was to find that the Dempsey Coat uses a white-on-red lion, the same lion as per the Monk Coat. Have we tweaked your interest? I'll be touching briefly on the 9-11 plot in Pennsylvania later, leading to PUTNam, and so keep in mind that 9-11 involved a fake crash site at the Pentagon, i.e. with military leaders part of that murderous scheme. Things are not what they seem to military-loving Americans, many of them Christians. BeWARE, the devil lurks. End Insert]

It's a good guess that "Moyne" and "Maghan" are related terms because MATHIES/Maghans/Manns look related to Massi's/Mattis', and because the Mathie/Maghan Coat uses the gyronny symbol of MacArthur-related Campbells. The Mathie/Maghan/MANN Crest even used the five-pointed MacArthur crown.

For the record, the French Moynes (Normandy) show as "Lemoine," and then the English Lemon/LeMAN surname (may use the Alan fesse) was first found in Essex, where Campbell-suspect Camulodunum was located that seemed to be part of Alania / Artvin elements.

It may be 666-important that the Gores/Cores, who do use a version of the Alan Coat, were first found in Essex and trace to the Coles (who ruled at Camulodunum when it was Colchester), for I now trace Gores/Cores to Curah in Artvin, and to Corah in Patmos, where Aretas of Petra has been traced. But this 666-suspect location of Chora was a crow-line entity, of mythical Coronis (details a few updates ago), and it just so happens that the Crow surname (camel in Crest), pegged as a 666 bloodline on other considerations, uses the same-colored chevron as the Munks/Monks.

It means that Crow-related Gores/Cores and Monks/Monks had linked up, wherefore it's probably not coincidental that a Gore surname made it to the vice-presidency of the United States in the Clinton era. Al Gore is, to this day, a model globalist stupid, or, to use a kinder word, a stooge of the global "mafia" that is poised to rape the human race. Entering "Maffia" actually gets the Massi/Mattis surname, tending to link them to the Fee/Fey/Fie/Maffie/CUFFIE surname using the Shot/Shute and Aude sword in Aude-sword colors [which is the Dempsey and Dempster sword too, a good reason to link Joint-Chief Dempsey to general Mattis by blood!]. The Cuffie variation was highlighted because the other Irish Fee/Fey surname uses the CHAPman crescent.

[Hmm, the Joint-Chief topic comes about as a result of a news article involving the Ovens/Owens in a Coven/Gavin discussion, and here I find that the Latter Fees/Feys were first found in Cavan, a term that does have a surname and Coat using the Fee/Fey crescent, suggesting that Cavans were a Caiaphas line, especially as Covens/Gavins use the same-colored lion as Cavans (colors reversed to the Monk lion). In the Oven / Coven discussion, a trace to "COVENarum" is implied, and it later starts to appear that Herod Antipas chose to be exiled in Covenarum because the Caiaphas line was there. The thistle in the Coven/Gavin Crest is used by Robins who should be honored in the "robur" motto term of Ribons/Rayburns, who are themselves honored in the Dempster ribbon.]

The "Sola salus" motto phrase of Gores/Cores suggests the Salyes Ligures, and therefore surnames such as SAMAN/Salmon (careful here, because this surname may not trace to "Samandar," though it's entertain-able). I am perplexed as to the origins of this surname (I have multiple options), and am still wondering whether it traces to the "Salome" of the Herod family. Spanish Lemons, who may certainly be a Lemoine/Moyne = Munk/Monk branch, use lemons in the colors of the Herods/Hurls that were first found in the same place as Campbells, and then Herls/Hurls use ducks, the theme of the Vere-Stewart-Devon line...that traces to the Terek river, where Samandar was reportedly located. In the last update, it was found that Clings/Klingers, evoking Star Treks Klingon aliens, use ducks.

Spanish Lemons were first found in Granada of Catalonia, and Spanish SOLs/Solana's were conspicuously first found in Catalonia too. Is Javier Solana from the Herod-related Salomes??? Or should we stick with a trace of the Salyes to mythical Sol, Helios, and El-Gabal? The heraldic sun is used by both Solana's and "Jewish" Cohens/Kagans, but also by the Ardens/Ardennes who trace, surely, to Alania's Ardon river. Like I said, perplexing. I trace the Cohen/Kagan stars to the Moray stars, the Mures-river line of Transylvania, where Drakenberg Veres trace themselves (though I don't think Nicholas de Vere has revealed where exactly in Transylvania his line traces).

Entering "Kisler" as per the Kizlyar location at the mouth of the Terek (at the CASpian sea), we find a tree stump in the brownish color of the tree stump in the Rodden/Rodham Crest, important because Star TREK elements had traced to the TEREK river solidly in the last update (and because Star Trek was founded by Gene RODDENbury). I failed to enter "Kisler" in the last update when dealing with the Kiss and Kessler surnames, but already, I am convinced here in this paragraph that Kislers were Khazars from the Terek! It's a huge stride, especially as the surname is showing no Khazar-like variations, but instead shows as "Karslake / Carselak" and similar terms. It means that other Kisler Khazars should be found in Car/Kar-like terms.

Even better news is that the Kisler/Karslake surname (first found in Somerset, beside Devon) uses the same-colored trefoils as the HEREford RODs!!! It means that the Rods (traced to Rodez of Languedoc), said to be from Herod-like "Hrod," and linked for a certainty in ancient times to Roquefeuils, are part of the Rodden/Rodham bloodline. You can bet your donkey that Hillary Clinton's maiden name links to this Rockefeller-global beast now tracing to a merger with Khazars of the STAR Trek kind. Didn't Bill Clinton arrange for a Kenneth Starr to oversee his Lewinski scandal? The Kisler/Karslake Coat is in the colors of the Star lozenges, and the central symbol of Kislers/Karslakes is even a! Ah-ha-ha.

As the Rods above trace to the Rodes family of Languedoc (this was the family married by the Roquefeuils), the Cathars of southern France are coming to mind as the Kisler-related Khazars of that area. The Star Crest is said to be a cat-a-mountain," a code that may include Cathar-related lines, but in any case, here's from the 5th update of July, 2011: "...Compare with the French Bourges/Burgs. Then, the Crest of the latter is not only a cat -- a symbol of the Lucca Coat -- but it's a "cat-a-mountain," the very same phrase used by the Carling Crest..." There are estoiles in the Carling Coat, and then the Star cat-a-mountain has a paw on an estoile.

There is a Pau location in Gascony (i.e. not far from Covenarum), important because the Paw surnames use peacocks, as does the Comerford surname tracing to the same Gomers as the namers of Comminges (the later name of Covenarum). [Later in this update, the Arms of Martres-Tolosane smack at Comminges is found to use quadrants in colors reversed from the same in the flag of Gascony, but here I now see that the Comerfords use the Martres-Tolosane quadrants, tending to verify that Paws trace to the Pau location.]

Didn't we just learn that Car-terms should trace to Kizlyar's Khazars? Compare "Carling" with the "Karlake" variation of Kislers, and then see all the Carol-like variations of Carlings that could bring the Carolingians into the Khazar picture. I trace Carolingians to Carlisle, but also to mythical GORlois of CORnwall, the father, almost, of King Arthur (he is definitely from the Ardon river of Alania, or vice versa). The Cornwall/Cornell surname was first found in Devon and uses the upright red lion, probably, of English Stewarts, wherefore a Cornwall/Cornell link to Alan-rooted Gores/Cores and Crows is likely. It's suggesting that Gorlois was code for Gores/Cores, surprise, especially as Gores/Cores use the Alan Shield while Arthur's mother (married to Gorlois) gave birth to Elaine (and Morgan le Fay = the Veys, first found in Cornwall).

The red lion of Devon / Stewarts was traced (last update) to the Lusignan-of-Cyprus lion, and the Spock/Speck blue-and-white bars were traced to the same-colored wavy bars in the Arms of Exeter, as well as to the bars in the Arms of Lusignan, important below because the Glass motto, "LUCtor," should link to Luxembourg...that uses the blue-and-white bars again, probably the Lusignan bars. To simplify this, the Stewarts are tracing to Melusine of Anjou / Lusignan, i.e. to the Veres there, not forgetting that the Glass Crest is Melusine (= known symbol of Lusignan but taken on by Veres of Anjou).

The "La Vie Durante" motto of Cornwalls/Cornells should trace the clan to the Salyes on the Durance, as well as to Veys/Vivians, first found in Cornwall. The mysterious Arthurian cult is nothing but a bunch of idiots playing surname games with mythical stories, the meanings of which are kept from us because they are too ashamed to reveal the realities behind what they are proud of, which explains why they are idiots: for clinging to what they are both ashamed and proud of. Spit!

The Burg-related Carlings were first found in LIMERick while entering "Limer" gets the Mar/Maur/Mores/Mere clan first found in BURGundy. Therefore, the Limers/Mars/Mores'/Meres should be part of the Khazar line to Moray, and they sure look like they could be named in honor of Merovingians (Carolingians were partly Merovingians to begin with). There is a likelihood that the Limers/Mars/Mores'/Meres link to the Mires with mirror-like Mireux variation, because the latter were first found in Anjou, while there is mirror-using MERmaid (which I see as the Melusine of the Veres) in the Moray Crest...also appearing in the Glaston/Glass Crest, important as per the Star write-up: "First found in Wiltshire where they held a family seat from ancient times in the village of Longbridge Deverill at GLASTONbury. It is said that King ALFred, King of the west Saxons, camped the night in the Deverill valley before defeating the Danes at the Battle of Ethandune in 878." This ALFred is suspect in the "ELVin Princess' phrase that Veres use for their Melusine.

The Deverill motto (includes "Virtutis comes") shows signs of the Veres, and the Devreux variation is a sign of a Vere trace to Evreux of Normandy. Below, you can see that the five Alfred wings are exactly the five Abreu wings, which not only verifies that Abreu's trace to Evreux, but that the Drake motto term, "Aquila," is for the Abruzzo capital.

The Alfred Coat uses what I now see as an hourGLASS symbol tracing to the so-called hourglass shape of a goddess worshiped by Trypillians (see that last two updates in July, and the first two of August, for Trypillian / hourglass discussions as they were traced to the Glass surname). Trypillians were in the Moldavia theater of Transylvania, and near L'VIV, important here because Stars of Glastonbury use a "VIVE" motto term. That can't be a coincidence because Veys/VIVians trace to Morgan le Fay (same as Melusine of the Veres, I'm sure) of Bute while the Glass surname was first found in Buteshire, and then Veres of the Drakenberg kind say that their Elvin Princess, Melusine/Milouziana, was at first in Avalon (= Bute) before her son ruled Anjou...just before the Fulks ruled there who use the Fer / Massi/Mattis / Cohen / Stewart checks. Fulks use two wings similar to the "Jewish" Glass wings (shown below).

It just so happens that while the motto of both the Arms of Exeter and the Arms of L'viv, is "Semper fidelis," the Star-related Kisler/Karslakes (Somerset, beside Exeter) use "fidelis" in their motto. It's another piece of evidence for the Kisler-Khazar trace to Devon's Alans, highly suspect as mythical Elaine, king Arthur's sister. PLUS, the write-up of the Wolfin/Waldwin/Wallin Coat says that the surname was from king Arthur's sister, and the Coat looks like the Rodden/Rodham (and Rye) Coat i.e. Terek-suspect elements.

The Arms of Exeter are wavy blue bars, a symbol too of the Cass'/Casts and Kiss'/Cush's now tracing to Kizlyar Khazars. But wavy bars in the same colors are used also by German Drummonds, first found in the same place, Hamburg, as Trypillian-suspect Trips. It may be that the HAMPshire location of Drakes and Kaplans traces to "Hamburg."

The Kaplans/Chaplains are being mentioned because they were found to be related both to Aguiars/Aguilars and Scherers / Scherfs / Sheriffs, while the Drake wyvern is used by the Schere-Scherf-related Wilkins. Moreover, the Aguilar surname is now being traced to the "Aquila" motto term of Drakes, which was traced to Aquila, capital of Abruzzo. This is being repeated because the Portuguese Abreu/Abruzzo Coat uses the very same FIVE wings as the Portuguese Alfred Coat, which now tends to clinch the Drake trace to the Abreu/Abruzzo surname.

The five theme is that of Veys/Vivians, Fifes and Fives, all honored by the Arthur Coat's five-like "rests," which can now be traced to "Rostock," for the Sinclair rooster is tracing there suddenly while the Arthur rests have also been called "clarions." I view the rests as ORGAN rests (with five keys, you'll note), and then I did trace "organ" to "ORKNey," home of the Sinclairs. [At the end of this update, the Rostock location is identified with Rockefellers and Fellers, and so note here that the Rost Coat is a chevron in colors reversed to the Feller chevron.]

To show once again that design does matter, the Alfred and Abreu wings are identical to the wings used by "Jewish" Glass Coat"...where one can see an hourglass shape between the wings. This tends to verify that the English Alfreds do use an hourglass code in their so-called "saltire," as well as suggesting that the same hourglass design of Alfreds, used by other surnames, is code for Trypillian / L'viv lines to the Glass surname. The Neuri Nahorites of the L'viv theater are highly suspect here, as well as the Comana- / Komnenos-related clans from black-stone suspect Kamenec in Moldavia, because I trace Fulk Nerra III of Anjou to the Nero/Neriti surname (Lucca, the place of the Star cat-a-mountain) and therefore to the Nerthus goddess of the Vere-rooted Varni of Scherf-related Schwerin on the WARNow river, where Walker- and Wilkin-related Wagrians lived [and where Rostock sits].

I even found that Walkers were named after "Kamenec"; it was put like this in the 2nd update of August: "Interesting is that "Kamenets" [a variation of "Kamenec"] is like "caminata," the Italian for "a walk," while Walkers use a "quam" motto term as well as Comyn and MontGomery colors. Walkers also use "HONESta," which might just be codes for "Homs."" I had been wondering whether the Homes/Humes had a Hone(s) variation. The idea there is that the "quam" motto term used by multiple Templars lines is code for the Kamenec / Comana bloodline out of QUMran.

I now find that the Hones surname shows more blue-and-white wavy bars, and was first found in Hampshire! As German Hones' use half their lion in Exeter-lion red, it's suggesting that the Hone wavy bars trace to the same in the Arms of Exeter. Moreover, both Dutch Bush's and English Hones [and Roquefeuil] use billets (!), important where Walkers use the "HONESta" motto term. The "Howen" variation of English Hones could (should) suggest Cowens / Hohens. Irish Hones' get the Keons/Kewins/Wings that use the same fish as the Kizlyar-suspect Carlings, suggesting strongly that Cohen Khazars are in these Hones' surnames. This tends to add support to a trace of the cat-a-mountain to the Cohen-related Katz surname. In fact, the Katz cat is identical in design to the Carling cat, showing again that design does matter.

The Glass fleur-de-lys is in red, the color of the flory (fleur-de-lys-ended) cross of Carlyle's, who use a "HUMilitate" motto. As Carlyle's are definitely candidates for a trace to the Kizlyar Khazars at SAMANdar, by what coincidence were they first found in the same place (CUMberland) as the SAMAN/Salmon surname? This is now some explosive evidence that the latter surname is in honor of Samandar elements after all. But the thundering discovery is that Carlisle traces to Khazars.

The "opTIMA" motto term of Samans/Salemans now looks like code for the Glass- and Moray-related Timms/Times, who trace to Timnah, where Saman-suspect Samson had a wife. In fact, the Saman/Salmon salmon are in Samson-cross colors, and I fully expect the Uat/Buto cult to trace from Samson to CUMBER terms such as Cumberland [later in this update, it's realized for the first time with some solid evidence that Samandar traces to "Sammanud," a location of the Uat/Buto cult]. The Uat cult was the all-seeing-eye cult, and Terek-based Stars use the all-seeing-eye. Therefore, it's to be expected that the Uat cult was in the Kizlyar land of Khazars. Again, Star-related Glass' were first found in Buto-suspect Buteshire.

As Bouillons use the same flory cross design as Carlyle's, while Car(r)ols/Carryls/Garvils use the same "bello" motto term as Bouillons, it's a no-brainer to link Carlyle's to Carols, and the two of them to Godfrey de Bouillon. The Carol Coat looks to me like it uses the Excalibur sword, but the two lions on either side are now realized to be in the colors of the two lions in the Arms of Terek-suspect Zurich. It can explain why the Arms of Zurich are just blue and white (no symbols), Cohen colors (the Surrey/Surrich Coat uses Hohen checks). These lions are in the colors of the Saman/Salmon salmon, which, I only now realize, are in the design of the Carling / Keon/Hones "fish"!

The Keons are important here because the Salemans (with en 'e') use a variation of the Cheney Coat (I trace both Keons and Cheneys to pharaoh "Khyan").

Whether or not we are ready and able to trace the Saman/Salman and Saleman surnames to the Salomes of the Herods, one thing made certain in the Italian Salmon Coat (Sicily, where the Samson scallops trace, and where Simons were first found), that because it's the Hohen Coat exactly (RED checks), these surnames do trace to Samandar. There's additional proof where German Salmans use the three stars (of Moray?) in the colors of the "Jewish" Cohen/Kagan Coat. Therefore, I am now convinced, that the Sales, who use a version of the Cheney / Saleman bend, trace to Samandar, and that should mean that the Salyes Ligures were from that place. I never would have guessed that Salyes were Khazars, but as such, they should link to the heretic / Gnostic Cathars to their west.

Salemans were even first found in Zurich-suspect Surrey, and then the Hohen-colored checks are used by the Surrey/Surrich surname. The Saleman-related Cheneys, suspect as a branch of Keons/Hones/HOWENs who are in-turn tracing to Kizlyar lines of the Carlisle kind, have been traced to "Cuneo," location of Saluzzo, which must, along with the Salyes, trace to the Khazars on the Terek river. Sooner nor later a Sale-like term should be found in the Terek theater.

ZOWIE, I had forgotten the Saleman write-up when saying above that the Salyes Ligures should link to Cathars: "First found in Surrey where they were Lords of the manor of CATERham from ancient times." CLINCHED!!!! No bout a-dout it. Interesting here is the name of "KADYRov" of Chechnya

It's telling us that the cat used in the Lucca Coat is code for Cathars, especially as the Botters of Lucca, and the Chattan and Cattan Coats all use the same the colors of the Champagne bend (and Cohen checks) now tracing to Kaplans/Chaplins, who are in-turn tracing all on their own to the Kizlyar theater so that we may expect Caiaphas elements to be from that area. Yes, you see, Caiaphas and Herod are both suspect from the Aretas and/or Iamblichus line, and the dragon-bloodline trace to the Kizlyar theater has got to be for more reason than merely the Turkish Khazars. It's got to be for the "Red Jews" amongst the Khazars.

The Scottish Turk/Tork Coat (Dumfries) has the motto, "Pace vel bello." Didn't we just trace the Bouillons, who use a "bello" motto term, to the Kizlyar-rooted Carlyle's? It's suggesting that the Turk surname(s) trace to the Terek. Shouldn't Bouillons link to Payens, whose Shield may be in use by the German Turk/Tuerck Coat? In any case, the ram in the Scottish Turk Crest is indication of the Ram surname (more rams) using a chevron in colors reversed to the Turk chevron.

Aha! The Turks/Torks use the same green bugles (or hunting horns) with red stripes as Hun-suspect Hunters who show a "CURsum" motto term, perhaps half code for SAMander. The English Hunter Coat is split vertically into the two colors of the split Shatner/SHOTbolt/CHATbolt Shield, both in the colors of the Chat/Kett cats. William Shatner traced to Cathars, didn't he? The English Hunter Coat is an image of the Latin/Latton Coat, which for me indicates linkage to the Botter-rooted Kilpatricks. (See Sprows Shield too).

The Botter / Chattan / Cattan bend above (white-on-blue) is used by the Kess/Casey Coat, beside three crows. The Kess/Casey surname is expected to be a branch of the Kett variation of the Chats, and therefore link-able to the Kettles tracing to "Kizlyar." This Chat trace to the Terek explains why English Botters were first found in the same place as Drakes.

Aha! I started loading the Cater Coat at the end of the Caterham paragraph above, but didn't look at it until writing the paragraph above, and going back to the Cater page just now, what did I find but the same fish as per the Saleman / Keon / Carlisle fish. The surname even shows as "Cather"!

It's a very good guess that the Cater Coat is a version of the Pendragon surname because I trace "Uther" Pendragon to the Other surname at the root of Windsors, who were of the same place (Berkshire) as where Caters were first found. I traced the Pendragon motto term, "teipsum," to Tippers and therefore to Tipperary, where Carlisle-related Car(r)ols were first found...who use Saman/Salman and Saleman colors (the latter, from Surrey, are tracing to Zurich, beside Kyburg, where the Carrol lions are tracing).

It's a good bet that the colors of the Botter / Chattan bends are in particular those of the Kettles, the stags of which suggest them to be a Keith branch. Kettles, suspect in the "kettle hats" used by Pappenheims, are being addressed because the Kessler write-up traces to "kettle." That's got to be false, and in reality code for the Kettle branch of Kesslers. The "kettle HATs" recalls the trace of the HADDdington location of Keiths to Hitler-suspect Heders/Harders/Hudders/Hadins and Hattens of the last update.

As Kesslers were first found in Hesse, they must link to the Hesse-Cassel entity where Batavi-related Catti lived, which is now clinching the trace of the Keith Catti to this place, simultaneous with clinching the Keith trace to the Kettle / Kessler Khazars. The Kesslers use what I'm guessing is the Macon/Massin/Mason and/or Louvain lion...used also by SADDLers/Saddle's...who may have developed as Sadducee-liners, in reflection of the Cassel term, from "Saddel / SETTLE" or something similar. After all, the Kessel surname shows also as Saddler-like "Casseler." French Casey's have such terms.

Aha! There is a Cadillac/Cado surname in Chattan/Cato and Cattan colors, first found in Brittany and using four blue-on-white waves, the colors and number of waves in the Arms of Exeter. The Chatan/Cato Coat even uses a triple-tower in gold, the color of the same in the Arms of Exeter.

The Keiths must have been linked with Musselburgh, and therefore with Mussel/MUSCEL, Meschin/MASCULine and Massey elements, which is being repeated because the Maschi/MASKALLy lion, recently traced to the Kyburg lions and therefore now to the Carol lions, is looking like the Kettle lion, a good bet because Masseys were first found in the same place (Hesse-related Cheshire) as the Keith-suspect Chees/Cheatles with a Chettle variation smacking of Kettles. Therefore, add the Chees/Chettles to the Kizlyar line of Khazars, and keep seeking the Herod and Caiaphas lines in these Khazars, for they are tracing to Champagnes, and therefore to Payens / Paines, and therefore to the Malahule > D'Espaines bloodline to le Meschin. The "malum" motto term of Kettles should apply to Malahule.

The Maschi and Kettle lions are gold on blue, the color of the lion at the gate of the triple towers in the Arms of L'viv. This is the Arms with gold blocks that reminds me of the flag / Arms of modern Jerusalem. The Templar flag of Jerusalem were the personal Arms of Godfrey de Bouillon, but Bouillons are tracing to the Carlyle Khazars. That's scary because God doesn't appreciate Khazars running His chosen land. It's scary because God is about to wipe them clean from Israel in a scary end. It also happens to be the reality that the Templar flag of Jerusalem is the flag of Caucasian Georgia to this day, where parts of Alania are still located.

As Kettles are said to be from a Scandinavian "Ketill" term, the Haskels / Askels (said to be from "AsKETILL") should apply who use the vair-fur Shield of English Champagnes...while French Champagnes use the bend of Chattans/Cato's. It means that the Keith bloodline of Cathars / Khazars were linked to Champagnes, no surprise, as Cathars and Templars have been long suspected by many to be of the same Christ-twisting cloth. And, by the way, the vair-fur of Haskels is identical in design to the "kettle hats" of Pappenheims. Here's from the article below: "The coat of arms of the [Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen] district is divided into three fields: left, right and bottom. The bottom of the coat of arms (silver kettle hats on blue) derives from the Counts of Pappenheim, and was taken from the coat of arms of the former district Weissenburg" (brackets not mine).
WEISsenburg, in Bavaria, is suspect with the "Jewish" founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam WEIShaupt, now looking like a Khazar.

It's a good bet that the red Kettle cinquefoils on ermined background are the black ermined cinquefoils on ermined background of the Roddens/Rodhams. I can't recall; was the Starship ENTERprise in the shape of a kettle? Everything if bloodline code to these sorts of movie makers. The Ender/Henter surname smacks of Hunters, and was first found in Cornwall and Devon. The Ender write-up suggests the Botters/Buddins of Hampshire and related Badens/Battins of Somerset : "First found in Cornwall where they held a family seat as Lords of the Castle of BOTTReaux...Since then, their influence has moved east into Devon, Somerset and Dorset."

[ZOWIE, the German Ender Coat compares very well to the Comerford Coat (hunting horns) that traced in an earlier insert to Comminges and Gascony...not forgetting that Herods of Comminges traced to Campbells/MacArthurs while there is a Comerford/Campbellford surname too.]

Here's the Kessler write-up: "...which in turn comes from the Old German word 'kezzil,' which means 'kettle' or 'cauldron.'" It just so happens that both the Kettles and cauldron-like Celts/Cults were first found in Perthshire. I traced the metal-making cauldron years ago to the Khaldi metal-smelters, and it just so happens that I trace "Khaldi" to "Celt." It may be that "Kettle" is a consonant-reversal of "Celt," in which case the Kessler variation suggests that Khazars of Kizlyar may have been an evolution of Celts...or at least of the Celt/Cult surname. This is important because the Pilate pheon has been traced to the Celt/Cult pheon. The RED Celt/Cult stag is in the design of the Rollo/Rollock stag, but the Kettle and Keith stag is suspect too.

The Coulter surname, suspect with Celts/Cults, was traced to the Kolodziej ancestry of Mieszko, and that gets us to Poland, beside L'viv. As the Arms of L'viv use "Semper FIDElis," it's probably not coincidental that the Fiddle/Fidelow surname was first found in Surrey, a place that I trace to "Zurich," while the Kyburg lion is tracing to the Maschi lion that is in the colors of the L'viv lion. It was suspect at one point that "L'viv" was a Levi term, but that may be problematic to reconcile with the L'viv trace to Vivians / Fives / Fifes...unless "L'viv" came first from Levites, and Viv surnames followed.

The heraldic science is working for a trace of Caiaphas ancestry to Kizlyar. I kid you not, that after writing all the above this morning as backdrop, with plans to investigate the Kizlyar location afterward, I went, only just now for the first time, to the article on Kizlyarsky, the area around Kizlyar, and there in the Arms of Kizlyarsky was a grape vine, the symbol not only on the coin of Herod Archelaus, but in the Coat of the Brittany Levines, suspect with the "Jewish" Levi/Levine surname. We are perfectly expecting the Brittany Alans in a trace to Kizlyar!

The Arms also shows some sort of fish, which may be salmon. English Levines (WestMORland) show Cheney-bend colors as well as the footless martin design used by Cheneys, who, along with Salemans and salmon-using Samans/Salmons, are tracing exactly to Samandar, thought by the locals to have been at the same spot as Kizlyar! For the record, the Arms of Kizlyarsky show what appear to be some wheat.

The Arms also show a sun, the Cohen / Sol/Solana symbol. The CATALonia location of Solana's is now suspect with the other Catti lines, perhaps with the CADILLac variation of the Brittany Cato's.

As Levines of Brittany show a Devine-like variation, the Devine surname was checked to find Devon-evoking surnames (not necessarily meaning that "Devine" is rooted in "Devon"), and a gold round-tailed lion that has a mane leaning to one side like the Levi/Levine lion, suggesting that the Devine lion is the Levi/Levine lion, but upright.

As the Dein lion is the Devine lion, it appears that "Dein" is a variation, or vice versa, of some Devine variations. In such a case, because Deins were first found in the same place as Diens, Danes, Danners, Dans, and similar others, it would seem that Devines and Levi/Levines were Danes, and indeed the Blates/Plates use the grape vine too, and they trace to BLATand "Bluetooth," a king of the Danes from the Mieszko line. The swan in the Blate/Plate Crest should trace to Salyes Ligures.

As Deins are now tracing potentially to Levi's, what about the fact that Deins and Caiaphas-suspect Coverts were first found in the same place?

I'm torn between a trace of "Blate/Plate / Blatand" to Bleda, son of Attila, versus a trace to Pontius Pilate. Certainly, Attila fits because he took Alan Huns as allies in his war train to the West, and these Alans may have been from Alania. Attila's Huns had traced well to proto-Khazars not many updates ago (2nd of July).

The "fideli" motto term of Deins traces them to the motto term in the Arms of Devon, suggesting that Devon elements merged with Deins to form some of the Devine variations such as "Davin / Devan." This recalls the trace I make of Devon elements to Diva (the former name of Chester), and the Dives variation of the Diens.

Here's from the 2nd update of July, when I had no idea that I'd be finding Khazars by a Car/Kar terms in this update:

Wikipedia mentions the Khazar beg, "Karadach {dated in Attila's lifetime} was the king of the Akatziroi, a steppe nation allied to the Huns." "AKATZiroi" is another name of Khazars, and it evokes the Cohen-related and "Jewish" Katz surname. Karadach was followed on the proto-Khazar throne by " Dengizich (...spelled Dikkiz on a silver plate; died 468 or 469), ruler of the Akatziroi, was a son of Attila."" I had no idea until now that Attila's son ruled the Khazars. It was just a shot in the dark, a few eeks ago, when suggesting that Huns were from the same peoples as Khazars.

There must have been some lamp posts lit up in that dark shooting range, or I'm one lucky shooter. Attila is now tracing wildly to proto-Khazars, and how I would like to know what sort of name they went by in those centuries. Compare "Karadach" to the Karslack variation of Kislers, and then check out the colors of the English Blade/Blate Coat (Pilate pheons?), reversed to the Kisler/Karslack Coat. It tends to verify that Blades and Blates/Plates trace to the Attila Huns rather than to Pontius Pilate, but on this matter I've got to give it more time in case Bleda was named after a line from Pontius Pilate. It can be true, not only because proto-Khazars are expected from Herod and Caiaphas lines, but because we just saw Kizlyar elements tracing to the Kessler > Kettle bloodline in the Celts/Colts of Perthshire, where Pilate reportedly had a mother.

The Celts/Cults are the ones using the Pilate-surname pheon in colors reversed, and the Blades/Blates use the pheon in Pilate-pheon white. Moreover, Devines have variations smacking of the Vans/Vanes/Vains/Fiens, the clan to which I trace "pheon." German Feins use what looks like the "Jewish" Glass wings, as well as what could be the Botter / Chattan / Champagne / Kess/Casey bend. The Van/Fien Crest should be the bull of Mieskes and Haughts because the Houghton/Haughton Coat is three bars in colors reversed to the French Fein Coat. These pheon-suspect lines are tracing exactly to Blatand's ancestry in Sigrid the Haughty, and I tend to trace Blatand to Huns more than to Pontius Pilate.

The "difficile" motto term of Deins can be for Duffs (from the Fees/Feys/Maffies/Cuffies/Duffies), as they trace to Jupiter of the Romans as well as to the birth of Pontius Pilate. Therefore, while Deins are tracing to Danes of the Blatand kind, as well as to the Stewart lines from Alania, the Dein motto term -- and Dein linkage to Coverts -- is a decent argument for seeing Attila's brother (Bleda) in the Pontius-Pilate bloodline.

From the 2nd update of July: "Attila's brother, Bleda, now seems to have named the town of Bled in Slovenia, smack beside Gorje...and Lesce, the place to which I've traced the Leslies, otherwise known as HUNgarians! Bled is due north of Rijeka...What's that Hun-suspect HOUND dog doing in the Bleda-like Blate Crest?" You can see where Alan-related Gores trace, both to Gorje and to Gorski. But Rijeka uses a two-headed eagle on a rock, the same theme in the Arms of Kizlyar (the town). Under the rock in the Arms, there is a grape vine, and the eagle (I'm assuming it's an eagle) holds what looks like a garland, the symbol of Stevens who traced madly (last update) to Stephantsminda of the Terek river upstream from Kizlyar.

It was just yesterday when an email from Tim was opened showing a computer-enhanced visual of the black stone on an ancient coin [shown later in this update]. We could both make out an eagle carved out upon the black stone. It was the Adler-design type, upright and wings spread out, like the bird in the Arms of Kizlyar that stands on a rock / island. I cannot make out with confidence the small design on the Kizlyar bird's breast, but it seems to be an upright animal in white on red.

As the Crow > Gore traces to Gorski, it's meaningful that the Kess/Casey Coat uses the Chattan bend that has already traced to Kizlyar. It means that Kizlyar is tracing for more than one reason to the Rijeka theater, which was already suspect to be the black-stone location. I now find another two-headed eagle on a rock in Kizlyar, after tracing the Rijeka one to the two-headed Maxwell eagle weeks before the last update, when Maxwells traced to Maca(k)hel of the Artvin theater. But then the Dagestani capital is MAKhachKALa, much the same term, and Kizlyar is in Dagestan. To make this argument more compelling, the Chattans were first found in the same place, ROXburghshire, as Maxwells. (Avars and Laks are the two most-populous peoples of Makhachkala today.)

[WOWIE! After proof-reading here, I thought to check the Prise surname to see if it linked to "Starship Enterprise," and it recalled that I had just seen a Price-like motto term. Scrolling back to find it, a "perfice" motto term was found in the ENDER motto!!! Scrolling back further, the one I was looking for, ""perficio," was found in the Hunter Coat. Amazing coincidence, isn't it, that Enders are also "Henter." BIG REMINDER: the Hunter bugle is used by TURKS/TORKS!!! So, yes the Star Trek crew does trace to the Terek. The Enters trace to king Anders/Andrew of HUNgray. The Prise bloodline could by from "Pharisee."

The Prise/Price/Prise surname was first found in Merionethshire, and so you may wish to come back to this when you see Merion, Pennsylvania, later in this update. The Price/Pryce/Prise Coat uses the Monk / Dempsey / Wallace lion, and roses on stems, and I think the Wallace lion is showing the Dempsey / Aude sword, important because the Pollocks are from Aude and also tracing heavily to Wallace's. The Comerford talbot is in the same colors, and the Comerford bugle is, I think, the Pollock bugle, and in fact while the Comerford Coat is shared with Enders/Henters, the latter use an "aut" motto term for the Pollock-related Audes. We are right back to Nazi elements here, the very theme when we get to the Dempsey-ruled Joint Chiefs of Staff (Audes and Dempseys share the same swords with the Shatner-suspect Shot/Shute cats).

[Insert -- Hmm, William Shatner's new show, "Weird or What," is like the checkered Word/Ward surname (looks like the Massi/Mattis Shield) tracing to SHUTleWORDS, and then both Word/Wards and Shatners were first found in Hertfordshire. "What" is like "Uat" and "Watt," and there is a What/Whadcock surname. The "Vita" motto term seen below in the motto of the Price/Prise Coat, and traced suggestively to Watts, is like the "Fide" motto term of the "Watts," and I now find, during the spell check, that "Vite" or "Vitt" gets the other Watt surname. End insert]

Plus, Chattans use a triple-towered gate, a symbol also in the Arms of Makhachkala. It's interesting that the Arms shows white anchors (grape bunch between them), a symbol of Kyles whose motto term traces them to Gores/Cores. Kyles use the same star colors as Glass', and we saw the Glass/Glaston bloodline trace to Kizlyar via the write-up of Stars of Glaston who definitely trace to Kizlyar. It's a very good bet that "Kyle" and "Glass" are related terms.

It's recalling the Star-like Sturs/Stowers, first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Terek-suspect Drakes.

Look at the Star Trek logo (near top of page) and ask how that cannot be the black stone. This is now the third time in a few paragraphs that Kizlyar is tracing to the black stone, but then see the sun in the Abrams Coat, for it's the surname that now controls the Star Trek empire. It's the same Coat as per the Hesse Coat, not forgetting that Kesslers were first found in Hesse. Note too that the Hesse surname is also "Hessel / Hesler," what we could expect from "KIZLyar." Then, as "Hesse" is like "House/Hause" while I trace that clan to Hazels, isn't it now fairly clear that Hazels are from "Kizlyar"?

The Gomers in the Comerford bloodline trace to this same Hazel entity, and while Gomer was father to Togarmah, the "Jewish" Khazar king, Joseph, claimed that Khazars were from Togarmah.

Islips use the stag laying down in holly, as do Maxwells, but it's been established already that Islips are Hazels / House's, and to this it needs to be added that Dussels use a version of the Hazel Coat, and Dussels (and Hazels) are from Dusseldorf, the location of Essen.

The Esse / Exxon oil company now in northern Iraq illegally could just apply to Kizlyar. The Caspian sea is being raped at this time for its fossil fuels, and may play into the end-time grab that involves the anti-Christ. The Esso / Exxon surnames were found to be septs of the MacIntosh clan, and come to think of it only as I speak, MacIntosh's use the motto of Clan Chattan! Plus, their MacInTOCH variation caused me to trace them months ago to Togarmites.

The MacInTOCH variation was traced to the Tiger bloodline, recalling Esso's "Tony the Tiger." The Esso company today is illegally in Kurdistan (northern Iraq), on the TIGRis river that I say was named by Togarmah. Note that MacIntosh's also have Dol-suspect septs, as well as Comb / Cum terms that trace to Qumran's ESSENes...whom I traced to Essen and the Hazel / House bloodline. It therefore appears that Khazars from Kizlyar were merged in Hesse and Essen with Essenes, but the question can also be asked whether Kizlyar was itself an Essene location. The Cummige sept of MacIntosh's may even link to the Comana > Comminges line.

The Cheney Gang

I've never checked the septs of the Homes until now, and Haliburton is one of them. Other septs, like Eatons and Aitons may be t-version Essens and the like. The Arms of Home show the Capelli / Biden chapeau, which begins to suggest linkage to the Caiaphas line, of no huge surprise when Essene lines are involved. Bidens (Hampshire) trace to Hampshire's Botters/Buddins, and in ancient times to the Uat/Buto cult, and so note the many Uat-suspect septs of the Homes. The Wedborns/Wettborns, for example, to my great surprise, use an eagle head, as do Caseys, as well as a chevron in Casey-chevron colors. The Casey write-up seems like code for the all-seeing-eye Uat cult: "In its ancient Gaelic form, the Irish name Casey was written O Cathasaigh, from the word 'cathasach,' which means watchful." Is Kizlyar tracing now to the Uat cult, again?

ZOWIE! I almost missed it. The Wedborn/Wettborn motto is identical to the Drake motto, thus giving us two reasons for a trace of Wedbornes to the Terek / Kizlyar theater!!! And that's important for tracing the Homes/Humes there, which is itself important for the black stone line that was from Homs. It's now the fourth solid time that the black stone has traced to Kizlyar (there must be other ways, from the info above, that I haven't yet gotten around to showing).

The Watts, using the all-seeing-eye, show a pair of glasses on their oak tree, which recalls the Glass surname traces to Kizlyar. The Watt Crest is almost the Botter eagle. Here's the Vats/Watts of Argyllshire. While Argyllshire is where MacArthurs lived, the Wedbornes/Wettbornes were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Arthurs, and of course Arthurs trace both to the black stone of the Iamblichus > Bassianus line, and to the Ardon river in Alania, upstream on the Terek.

The Haleyburtons/Haliburtons were likewise first found in Berwickshire, and like the Bush's, they use the black boar. It can't be coincidental that while Dick Cheney worked for Haliburton, and was reportedly instrumental in getting the company into Iraq via the Bush presidency, the Cheney motto term, "major," is a reflection of the Haliburton motto term, "majores." Cheneys have already traced with Salyes to Kizlyar. What we are finding here is that the Bush-Scherf Nazis suspect in the House / Hazel / Islip line are linking hard to the Home/Hume bloodline. The Haliburton motto is translated, "I follow my ancestors." Yep, it's true, to the radical.

It's the small inner circle here, that wishes to watch over us all (explaining why Bush legalized spying on U.S citizens without a warrant), so that we don't destroy it. We, the masses, could easily undermine this global cult, and they know it. Probably, if not for God's protection, this cult would not have become a world ruler, as it is, but for the sake of God's glory in defeating the beast in His own creative way, the dragon has been allowed to rise and take flight.

Other septs of Homes/Humes are the Lantalls and many similar variations. This surname (in Haliburton-lozenge colors), showing properly as "Landale" (possible root in "Lan" rather than "Land"), was first found where the Maxwell / black-stone line is expected, in Roxburghshire. The Homes even show Mak / Make / Makke septs. The Landale Crest is a gold garb, and the Coat is in the colors of the Comyns/Cummings garbs. It's a good bet that Comyns and Homes are branches, or that Comana was a Qumran entity that named Homs in Syria. The "holly bush" used by Nazi suspects, Maxwells and Islips, can trace to the "Haleyburtons/Haliburtons." The round-tailed lion of the Deins (who traced to Kizlyar) is used also by holly-suspect Hollands.

Beam me up, Scotty. Haliburtons use a bend in the same colors as the Roxburghshire Scotts, and the Scott-related French Talbots. The same bend again is in the Over Coat while the Over Crest shows what I think are the Casey leaves/branch. The Burton Coat is colors reversed to that bend, with talbot dogs around it. The Burton Shield is also the Bell / Bellamy Shield, which may be an initial indicator that less-than-ethical members of Bell telephone have back-room deals with Haliburton bloodliners to spy on us. Where the Illuminati wants to infiltrate a company board room, Bell would be amongst the first. The Burtons use the talbots likely of the Halls and Hulls, suggesting that Haliburtons were named in-part after them.

Does the oak tree in the Burton Crest, and the "Lux" motto term of Burtons, suggest the all-seeing-eye Watt bloodline? The full motto is, "Lux VITae." "Vita" is a motto term of Enterprise-suspect Price's/Prise's. Lux is a favorite Illuminati term, we can be sure, but there are a major people group in Dagestan called somewhat by that term. Burtons were first found in the same place as Bush's and Walkers.

Now that we've traced the Kizlyar elements to Hesse-Cassel, it's time to re-show the Cassel Coat, and reject the idea that it was named after a castle. The Cassel Coat uses the Irish Casey chevron, and the name sounds like some variations of the French Casey family, which adds support for the Cassel trace to Kizlyar's Khazars. The Cassel Coat is a version of the Kennedy Coat, using the black crosslets of HILLary's, Clintons, and DAVENports. You may have read (4th update of July) on the proto-Khazar, Karadack (affiliated / related to the son of Attila) as his name may have led to the Welsh ruler, Ceredig, son of Kennedy-like Cunedda. As Irish Kennedy's were first found in the same place (Tipperary) as Carols, it certainly helps to link the Ceredig > Cunedda line to Karadach, especially where "CUNedda smacks of "Kun," the same term as "Hun." .

As Carols are suspect with the Charles Martel > Charlemagne line of CAROLingians, it's no surprise that the French Charles Coat uses martlets as code for Martel, as well as what looks like a version (no surprise) of the Arthur Shield. I'm not forgetting my old trace of the Pendragon > Arthur line to the Carlisle location of Scotland, while Carlyle's have already traced to Khazars.

Cheneys, who trace to Kun-like Cuneo that is now looking like a Hun region, use the same martlets as the Charles', in the same gold color. Irish Charles use the same fesse as Alans (strongly indicating now a trace of Charlemagne to the Ardon and Terek rivers of Alania), as well as yet another "fidelis" term used by the Arms of Exeter, all the more reason to view the sword between the Carol lions as the EXcalibur. What's that? The Excalibur between the two lions, the paws of which make a black-stone shape? Yip.

Below is the enhanced image sent in by Tim, showing the eagle upon the black stone. Compare it's shape to that between the lion paws of the Carols. The coin belonged to Uranius Antoninus. The ">Ardon/Artois eagle, on a black Shield, may apply. Note the red eagle head, color of the Casey eagle heads, in the Ardon/Artois Crest. The description doesn't tell what's in the mouth of the Ardon/Artois eagle, but I think I'm seeing a fish tail on one side of the mouth.

Hmm, "Haliburton" smacks of "Ex-Calibur," suggesting perhaps that "HALIBURton" came first, before the formation of Burtons from them.

There can be an argument in the derivation of "Cuneo," either from the Huns (Cunedda comes to mind), or from "Khyan," a Cheney-like term from the Hyksos. The Pepins (= the Merovingian ancestry of the Carolingians) trace well to "Apepi," the name of the Hyksos ruler immediately after Khyan. I trace Apepi to PAPHlagonians, and they had a Heneti branch smacking of "Kennedy / Cunedda." In this picture, the Heneti may have been named after the same elements (Anat is suspect) as "Khyan." It's possible that Huns/Kuns, whose leaders were "khans / kagans," trace to Khyan Hyksos. Moreover, I trace "Anton(y)," and therefore Uranius ANTONinus, to the mythical founder of the Veneti, ANTENor of the Heneti. It's important, because both Merovingians and Arthur's wife trace to Heneti > Veneti, especially to the Gwynedd area ruled by Gwynedd-like Cunedda. But Gwynedd traces to the Venedotia = Veneti of Vannes/Gwened, i.e. in Brittany, where we can expect Hun lines in the Dol Alans.

One can therefore expect that Huns of Attila's house of Dulo (probably named Doly near L'viv) came west with the Alan Huns of Alania, then settled Cuneo, merging there with Salyes Ligurians from the Leda swan line, itself from lake Sevan, near Alania and Artvin. But Artvin was the location of the Hayasa Azzi, whom I see as the same line as Hyksos. Moreover, I see the Iamblichus line to the black stone from the Hayasa Azzi, who were recently found to settle Assisi (in Hyksos-suspect Perusia) and yet have connections to the Magyars (Khazar allies) in the Ticino theater, where I expect a Salyes merger with the Laevi. There is definitely something to all this, and it looks like it holds the basic keys to the realities behind Merovingian make-up.

The question is, did Attila's proto-Khazars merge with the Herod line when it merged with Salyes at Saluzzo of Cuneo? I don't yet know who the Salyes definitely trace to, as per their name. Sulcis, a line to the Contevilles, had been suspect, but I need several lines of evidence all pointing to the same entity before Salyes derivation can be clinched.

Herluin de Conteville is suspect strongly at Herault of Languedoc (because both Villes and Contes were first found in Languedoc). A CASTRes location is on the east side of Languedoc, which may apply to the Khazar lines under discussion, for to the east side of Castres is Dulo-like Toulouse. The latter location is in Haute-Garonne, the location also of Comminges. Thus, a Hun-Khazar merger with the Herod line there is likely.

This would be a good place to mention the Toulon location near the mouth of the Rhone, beside Khyan-like Seyne, as it could just be that the Toul > Dulo entity was a Hyksos one from the start...that was therefore ancestral to Attila's family. These terms possibly have root in "Sol." It recalls the grape vines (Herod Archelaus symbol) of one Dole Coat, but then Kizlyar also uses grape vines to this day, as do the Bleda-suspect Blates/Plates. The last time Seyne-like terms were dealt with was at Siena/Seana near Assisi and Arettium, suspect as hubs of the Iamblichus-Aretas merger.

It just so happens that Cheney-suspect Sheyns/Sheehans (in Chaine/Chenay and Kess/Casey colors) use what looks like the French Casey leaves/branch, a symbol suspect with the Levi's first found in the same place, Perusia-like Paris, as French Caseys. Plus, the latter are shown as "Cazin / Cassin" while Chaines/Chenays are shown as "Chassaing / Chesne." Therefore, the Seyne location, suspect with the Sheyns, may trace to the Cheney gang, especially as Caseys and Levi were first found in the same place as Lys', who trace to the Sion line of Walsers in the Lys valley, the Aosta area belonging to the Salassi.

[I haven't the time to proof-read further. Expect some nasty mistakes as my brain is typing some funny things, like "because" where "became" was intended. If a word seems out of place, it probably is.]

As French Charles' use the Cheney martlet while Irish Charles (sword in Crest) also show a "salus" term, it supports the Cheney-bend trace to the Sale bend, and besides, I do trace the first Frank kings (Salians) to Salyes. But the first Salian king known of (Chlodio) married a Basina...from the black-stone line of Bassianus. That supports the idea that Carols use the black stone secretly. The black-stone line of El-Gabal was traced heavily to Somerset, beside the Exeter location of the Excalibur. Remember too that Leda's swan symbol went to Ligurians, and especially suspect there are the Salyes. But Leda's daughter, Helen, is expected in Hel-like lines such as Holleys, Haleys, Helions, and Haleyburtons.

What's curious is that while the personal symbol of Charlemagne was a black eagle (could have been a hawk, I suppose), none of the Charles Coats shows a black eagle. But the Irish Charles Crest shows the "pilgrim's STAVE" of the Pilgrims and Hawks...who show a black hawk in Crest. The hawk is "CHARged" with a fleur-de-lys, expected in the Charles line, but it can be added that the Hawk fleur is gold on black, the colors of the Salines fleur, and then the Slaines/Slanes in the same colors, use footless martins/martlets in the colors of the Cheney footless martins. "Footless" and "fidelis" are similar terms, and then the Foots and Fiddes/Fothes, using the same Shield, are in colors reversed to Slaines, Salinas, and Carols. ZOWIE, excellent, for both Slaines and Fiddes/Fothes use "industria," a Rothschild term too.

Suddenly, the Footes-related Meschins (because Meschins trace to FOETES/Fussen, a Ligurian area of Bavaria) are linking to the Slaine Coat (in Meschin colors), not surprising where Salyes-related Cheneys link to it because there were Sales-of-Mascy while the Chaines/Chenays use the Masci wing holding what must be the Excalibur (the Chaine/Chenay/CHESne/CHASSaing, wing design was changed very recently, but was definitely the white Masci wing previously; the Chaine wing is now that of the Glass' / Abreu's / Alfreds). Slaines were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Meschins, special home also of the Dol Alans, who lived in OSwestry of Shropshire, a term now suspect with the Aziz > Assisi line.

It just so happens that Slaines use a "comite" motto term as code for the Conte/Comites surname at the root of the Contevilles, whose first representative was HERLuin de Burgo, whom I trace to Herods/Hurls who use a hawk's lure.

The two lions facing one another in the Carol Coat may be indication of mythical Pollux, and therefore his brother, CAStor, may be the root of the Carolingian family. It may mean that the Kas terms, and the Cass/Cast/Cash surname already tracing to Kizlyar, are ultimately from the Leda swan line through Castor. There should be many places named after Castor elements that morphed into Castle-like terms, and Cassels are definitely suspect.

If you look between the paws of the two Carol lions, a black-stone shape can be seen.

Of note is the oak tree in the Coat of Irish Charles, as it smacks of the Hauk variation of Hawks. Slaines/Slanes (Shropshire), who just linked to Fiddes/Fothes by another method, use the green Leslie griffin head, while Fiddes/Fothes (not to mention Carls/Carleys) were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Leslies. As this tends to bring Hungarians into the Slaine / Hawk picture, what about the Turul HAWK of HUNgarian lore? It just so happens that septs of MacIntosh's include both Dol-like and Turul-like terms. Therefore, the house of Dulo is suspect in the MacIntosh's, especially as other MacIntosh septs such as Cunadge, Cunedge, and Cunitch smack of "Cunedda."

Other septs such as Cunnage and Cunnige reflect "Cuneo" and should link to the Conns / Cony's, both of which use Slaine/Slane colors in a Meschin-Shield format, and colors reversed to Fiddes/Fothes. Do Cuneo elements trace to Masseys of Cheshire? Yes, and that's where Meschin-related Foot(e)s were first found. Reminder: the Cheshire surname uses the hawk's lure. The Cony Crest uses black roundels = "pellets", suspect as code for the black stone. The Lacys use pellets too, six of them, and they trace to the mouth of the Rhone, beside Cuneo-suspect Seyne and Dulo-suspect Toulon. The MacIntosh septs such as Cummiges may link to Comminges at Toulouse, not forgetting that Comyns/Cummings were first found in Cheshire. Like the STAVEs of the Hawks, suspect with Stephantsminda at the Terek / Kizlyar theater, the Lacy lion is purple. The Carls/Carleys above use pomegranates in the colors of the Comyn/Cumming garbs, and pomeGRANates are suspect with lines such as Gernons using "CyFOETH" for a motto term, and tracing to Garonne / Gironde elements of the Herod kind.

The Levi lion design is used in the colors of Comyns and Carls/Carleys by the Irish Cary/Harry/Keerie Coat. It can't be coincidental that after saying all the above, the English Cary Coat (Somerset) uses, not just a swan in Crest, but the Sale bend with white symbols like the Sales. AND, English Carys are said to be from Guernsey (a Gernon-like term), where a Footes location sits.

AHA! The Kerry Coat uses the hourglass design, as well as a "black beehive" looking like the conical black stone! Kerrys were first found in MontGOMERyshire (beside the Ordovices), where the Comyns/Cummings ought to trace (partly because they use garbs in Montgomery-fleur colors). Montgomerys were part of the Stewart train from Shropshire to Glasgow!!!

As the Montgomery fleur are in Masci-fleur colors, the Cary/Keerie lion should be that of the Maschi Chief, above the pine CONEs of the Coat. The Maschi and Cary/Keerie lions are nearly identical aside from the direction of the face, and the angle of the front leg. Reminder: MUSkerry in Cork. The Cary/Keerie lion design is showing also in the Haley Crest.

The hourglass traces to Trypillians, suspect from scyhthian-infested Trabzon (Huns were scythians), where the Masci-rooted Meshech lived as Amazons who must have engaged Gomer lines. The last time that the heraldic hourglass shape occurred was as per the Alfred Coat, which uses the Abreu and Glass wings, but recently, the Masci wing of the Chaines/Cheneys was changed to the Abreu-et-al wing. Repeat: the Abruzzo capital used to be Aprutium, now Teramo, like the THERModon river of Amazons, near Trabzon (I think that "Trabzon" and "Thermodon" are the same terms). Repeat: the Forli location of Maschis was traced to the Forrels/Fuhrers who use the Masci / Montgomery fleur. The Maschi write-up: "First found in Rimini a resort town in Italy in the Province of Forli on the Adriatic Coast. The ancient Castle of Sigismono Malatesta is now a ruin." I cannot accept that "Malatesta" means "sick head," but would rather see it as a Malat-Esta term linking to Malet lines. The malet-using Martels are suspect.

Reminder: the Maschi lion, now linking to the Carolingian line of the Cary kind, had been linked to the two gold-on-black lions in the Arms of Kyburg, and here I now find that the Carols use two gold-on-black lions with what appears to be a black stone between their paws...while the Maschi pine cones (much the shape of the Kerry beehive) are likewise suspect as code for the black stone. Hidden shapes between symbols is not a rare feature in heraldry, used for example by the "Jewish" Glass wings to form an hourglass shape.

The staves of the Pilgrim/Pegram Coat are in the colors of the Footes and Fiddes/Fothes, but then the Shields of these surname are in the gold color of the Irish Charles' who use the hawk-suspect oak under an Alan-suspect fesse, as well as the pilgrim stave in Crest.

The dirty secret is that Merovingians and Stewarts were not only from Hyksos of the black-stone kind, and from Herods and other killers of Christ, but from the demented Huns who slashed their way brutally into Europe. English Charles' even use an "HONores" motto term. It's like all the wicked bands banded together to gulp the world's wealth for the purpose of more slashing of flesh, and here we are today living on the foundations of their blood in peace-time New World. But there is no way that God will allow peacetime to continue on such a bloody foundation, for the blood cries out vengeance.

When we enter the Hauk variation of Hawks, German Haugers/Haugens (lozenges) come up in Carol / Hagel colors (the Hagels use the symbols of Kyburg too). It's suggesting that Hauks/Haugers and Hagels / Hagans were one, and then "Hagan" smacks of "kagan," the name of Hun rulers. The Yonges, highly suspect as Hungarians, were linked to Irish Hogens (Tipperary again) partly because they share rings in colors reversed in their Chief. It tends to verify that the Hawks/Hauks use the Turul hawk (not necessarily meaning, though possible, that Hogens and similar others all derive in "hawk"). German Hogers/Hogens (use the Hagan Shield), show three arrows suggesting the three Khazar tribes amongst Hungarians, and they with Hauks/Haugers/Haugens were first found in Bavaria.

The fact that both Hun-suspect Cony's and Hawks/Hauks were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) supports the Hun colors now suspect in these surnames. The staves of the Hawks/Hauks is tracing them to Stephantsminda (near Kizlyar), and it just so happens that Magyars had lived in that Caucasian region with Khazars. Do the geographic math. And who's stag is that in the Stevenage Crest? There was even a Hungarian king Stephen that links to Yonges because Scottish Yonges use what looks like the "rake" in the flag of king Stephen.

The Stevenage stag reminds me of the dream I had in August of 2008 just as I awoke, when a bear attacked two stags by the neck. Later that morning, I found an article in the news: "Russian Bear goes for West's Jugular." I figured that the stags represented Georgia because Russia was just starting to invade Georgia at that time. South Ossetia belonged to Georgia, technically, but in the ensuing 2008 war, Russia took it more forcefully away from Georgia. How about that. I didn't know then that Stevenage, which was linked to Stephantsminda, had a stag symbol (see "Stepantsminda", no 'h', for English articles): a small town in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia. Historically and ethnographically, the town is part of the Khevi province. It is the center of the Kazbegi Municipality. The map at the webpage immediately below shows Stepantsminda just outside the North and South Ossetia borders. The Terek in this article is called the, Thergi. Stephantsminda is said to be named after a monk named, Stephen, but whenever I hear of locations named after monks, I view it is cow-patties to deceive the Catholics. Could this monk be behind "Warrior Monk," and is "Warrior" code for Veres?

The location is said to have been ruled recently by a ChopiKASHVILI family, suggesting that the surname of the current Georgian president, SaaKASHVILI, is to be understood with a Kash term.

Here's a good map of Alania and Khazaria verses North and South Ossetia.

The swan in the Cary Crest is a design used by Lindseys (use the Stewart / Cohen checks now tracing to the Chechnya theater of the Kizlyar kind), and then Lindsey was an old name for Lincolnshire. Plus, the Cunn surname shows a MacSWAN variation. As everything in this picture is tracing to Cuneo's Montferrat / Monforte, note the "Endure FORT" motto term of Liguria-suspect Lindseys, not neglecting the ENDURance river of the Salyes indicated by the first motto term. It's telling me that Durante-related Gunns were from Huns of the Cuneo kind.

The Yonge rings are in the colors of the Cheney martlets, important, not just because Cheneys are being traced to the same Huns as Hungarians had traced themselves, but because "prudentia" is used by both Cheneys and Yonges, and in the meantime the Cheneys also use a Magyar-suspect "major" motto term. For me, it clinch's the Cheney trace to Huns, and identifies Cuneo as a Hun location. But were the Salyes of Cuneo's Saluzzo a fundamental part of the Huns, or of something else that merged with Huns? The Saluzzo Coat shows no symbol, just blue and white colors, perhaps the colors specifically of the Chaines/Chenays.

French Prudes/Prats (trefoils, should trace to the Rodes' of Languedoc, where Lindseys and other Lincolnshire elements trace) look like a branch of the Meschins / Foots / Conys, which tends to trace the prudentia term of Cheneys to the Conys. But then as the Foots look related to Conys, what about the FOOTless martlet of Cheneys? Now we get it. Cheneys link to Foot(e)s / Fiddes/Fothes / Gernons, and Foetes/Fussen.

The Fiddes/Fothes and Cony-related Conns/Cones were both first found in Aberdeen, home of Hungarian nobles, which tends to verify the Hun nature of Conys and Conns/Cones (both use rabbits around the same fesse).

The "fidelis" term that can be code for the Foetes line means "faithful," and that latter term is used (along with "CONstant") in the motto of the Cunns/MacSwans. The excellent part now is that the Cunns/Swans use the Clapton wolf-head design, while "Clap(ton)" traces to "Glaphyra," wife of Herod Archelaus, the one with the grape vine on his coin now tracing tentatively to the Kizlyar grape vine. It's important that I establish a Herod trace to Kizlyar. It's made more excellent as per the Cunn/Swan write-up: "But although the MacQueens held lands of Garafad on the Isle of Skye for several centuries it is likely that the first MacQueen was the Lord of Knapdale in Argyllshire who held Castle Sween." "ARGYLL" not only smacks of "ARCHELaus" (though I'm not at all sure that I should be repeating it due to doubts that I have), but Argyllshire is the location of Herods. It's made exceptional because Skye is where the McLeods had their home, and McLeods are shown with the Herod sept, as well as many Hurl-like and Lure-like septs. Therefore, the hawk's lure, and those surnames intended by its code, trace to the same place as Cunns/Swans.

The question is whether the Alania Huns at Kizlyar came to merge with Herods of the Argyll area, or whether Herods came from Alania in the first place with the Huns. Or both. It's conceivable that Herods in Comana (location of Glaphyra), and perhaps in Commagene, made it to Alania centuries before Attila came through just because Herod "the great" (father of Archelaus) was born from the Aretas line that traces to the Ardon river of Alania. Plus, Glaphyra was herself from an Archelaus surname, while Arthurs, tracing solidly to the Ardon river (see Ardon/Artois surname), have an ARCHibure variation.

The Cheneys and Gravils were both first found in Buckinghamshire. The Gravels use FIVE pellets, an indication of the five theme in the Arthur Coat. That's said because the write-up of the English Ardens/Ardennes (looks like the Alan Shield, no surprise) traces very cleverly (but falsely) to: "dwelling-house, has the curious meaning of eagle valley or gravel valley." Yeah, sure, okay, gravel, whatever you say. The Gravels are likely the Garebite Hyksos (of the Mus-Khyan kind) that I trace to Buckings (same besants as Mus-suspect Dumas'). Note that McLeods also have the Cork sept, for MusKERRY, now suspect with the black Kerry beehive shaped as a black stone, is in Cork. To this, add that bees are used by Bessins that should be encoded in besants.

I've not yet found the location of "Le Mas in the arrondissement of d'Auriol" (from the Dumas write-up), but it's got to be close to Toulon and Seyne. ZOWIE, WOWIE, BANG-ON (do I sound like a nerd? I should be one by now), I've just entered "Toulon" for the first time (what timing zowie) to find the same lion design, almost, as in the Cary/Harry/KEERIE Coat! The difference is, again, that the faces are not looking in the same direction. The Toulon surname is also the Tool surname, and it's lion design is exactly that in the Maschi Chief! (The logo (see top of any page) uses the Cary/Keerie lion, but looking backward).

Therefore, not only is this the Muskerry line (from Lake Van's Mus as it merged with mythical Dia elements from Artvin / Ardahan), but it tends to prove that Toulon and Seyne trace to Cuneo's Cheney line of Huns, and this should explain why Stewarts use their lion in colors reversed to the Tools/Toulons, if you catch the Toulon > Dol drift. The Stivers/STURTifants use their lion in Tool/Toulon colors. Toulon is less than 50 miles west of Marseille (important because Toulon was originally named after Mars), and just walking distance outside the border of Bouches-du-Rhone, where Auriol is located.

Actually, I may have been wrong all along when saying that Auriol is in Bouches-du-Rhone. The article's write-up is tricky when reading it too quickly, as I must have: "Auriol (Occitan: Auriou) is a commune situated in the Huveaune valley close to Roquevaire in the Bouches-du-Rhone department in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region in southern France. Its inhabitants are called Auriolais." Provence-Alps-Cote d'Azur (nasty name to recall) includes Bouches-du-Rhone, as well as Provence, wherefore the La Mas location in Provence, the one that I had been citing a few updates ago, is the one of the Dumas write-up.

The heavy-set or muscular eagles legs in the flag of Provence-Alps-Cote d'Azur looks much like the eagle in the black stone of the coin of Uranius Antoninus.

It's interesting that Auriol is near ROQUEvaire while the Arms of Auriol use a green Shield, the color of the Shield in the Arms of Roquefeuil, and of the Pollock Shield. I can't recall whether I mentioned the Aude department in which Roquefeuil is located, as it tends to support a trace of Pollocks (AUDacter) motto term) to Roquefeuils (both surnames use gold on green). That is, FULbert the Saxon (Pollock patriarch) should trace to RoqueFEUILs. The Arms of Aude are in the colors of the Audley fret. Therefore, Audleys and related Hoods trace to the area of Rockefeller roots.

Roquefeuil is in downtown Roussillon, in the thick of a Thermes region, and beside Foix. The Aude river flows into a canal that reached the Garonne at Toulouse. There is an ORbiu river in the Aude area that also flows into the canal, and then Ores/Orres were first found in the same place as Pollocks. Orres use torteaux, as do Oriels/Orrels that trace to Auriol. There is an Orby/Orreby surname that could apply to this river, first found in Lincolnshire, where I expect Redones out of Roussillon. Zowie, after writing that, the Orby/Orrebys Coat loaded showing the lion design of Carys/Keeries. As that lion is almost that of Toulons/Tools, it helps to trace Roquefeuils to the Roquevaire location near Toulon. But let's not forget Toulouse at Comminges. It just so happens that the brownish boar in the Toulon/Tool Crest is also the Pollock boar, thus clinching the Fulbert trace to Roquefeuils, though more toward Roquevaire.

You've just got to understand that this Audley / Hood line was the Hitler bloodline, which should explain why the Hiedler/Hitler Shield is in the colors of the Aude swords. The sword design belongs to the Shots/Shutes too, and if I'm not mistaken it was the sword design of the Chaines/Chenays until recently, in the same colors. It's important that I fell on the trace of Hitler's mother, who was a Pollock, I am sure, to the Maschis in Rimini, for at that time Hitlers were also traced to Cattolica (beside Rimini), and therefore to the Cottians at Savoy, where the Audes were first found. This discovery then finds the Cattles/Cattells (in Hillary colors) when seeking surnames from Cattolica lines, who, like the Hodds/Hudds and Audleys, use the fret...that I trace to the Masci family. If catch the drift, Rockefellers, of the Pollock kind at least, are part of this Hitler entity from Aude of Languedoc.

Cattles/Cattells are in the colors of the Haskels from "AsKETILL," and could therefore be a branch of the Chee's/Cheatles, the Keith Catti, the Keatons, Seatons, etc. Reminder: Kettles/Ketills (Aude / Hitler colors, colors also of the Pappenheim kettle hats) use their lion in the position and colors of the Maschi lion...meaning that Kettles trace to the namers of Cattolica. As the Kettles use "malum," they should trace to the "Malatesta" in the Maschi write-up. But Kettles are the ones using what should be a variation of the Rodden/Rodham cinquefoils, the ones that are used also by Bus', Hameltons (and Leicester), as though owned by Nahorites.

If you study the Orr and Oriel/Orell pages, you see that Hillary's (and therefore Clintons) apply. Hillary's were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Cattles/Cattells and Dunhams (in Cary/Keerie colors), who use the same spear design as Carys/Keeries, calling out the Obama, Clinton, Kerry trio of the Democratic party top-sters. It just so happens that Orbys/Orrebys use, not only the Cary/Keerie lion design (which is almost the Maschi design), but a triple chevron in colors reversed to the same of Singletarys, who once showed the Dunham spear...because Obama's Dunham line was once the Singletary surname (see Jonathan Singletary online).

As Kerry's use the hourglass Shield, note that the Aude / Hood / Audley fret is the makings of the same hourglass design. This is important because Hitler's father married both a Glassl and a Polzl surname, and because Hitler's nephew, from the Glassl line, re-named himself with a Stuart-Houston surname that is found in Glasgow / Renfrew. The Orr-of-Renfrew trace to the Orbieu river in Aude is therefore important for clinching these ideas. It just so happens that the Corby saltire is in the same black-on-white colors of the Cattell saltire-fret, suggesting that Corbys and Orbys both trace to the Orbieu river.

As I view this saltire used by Corbys and others as the skull-and-bones pirate flag, it's interesting that Kettles/Ketills use a "Bono" motto term as well as having a lion in the colors of the Bone lions. The Bone Coat even uses a Shield in the colors of the Kettle Shield. Therefore, the Skull and Bones surnames should trace to the Kettle Catti (who were the Kizlyar Khazars), the Cattolica-branch Cottians, and Khazar-rooted Cathars of Languedoc to which Keiths were already traced. Yes, I did trace the Bone entity to Bonn of Germany, but that's not very far from Cattell-like Cassel. Recall the suggestion of tracing Cassel elements to Settle terms developing into the Saddle/Saddler surname, for here we are on the Kettles that may apply to Settles (lozenges in the colors of the Arms of Washington state, where Seattle is located).

Zowie, after writing all that, I checked with my Atlas to find whether I had spelled "Orbieu" correctly, and saw a "Corbieres" term stamped along the south-eastern side of the Orbieu river! This Corbieres region is walking distance to NarBONNE! I didn't have the Narbonne term in mind when writing the above. The Aude river flows within spitting distance of Narbonne. For me, because I trace Skull and Bones to Eschol in Hebron, this is all suggesting that Hebron elements were in the Aude / Orbieu theater, and as the Catti are tracing to that theater (in downtown Languedoc), BosCATH in Hebron is coming forcefully to mind as the root of Cathars. As the Bones are now tracing to Narbonne, Eschol elements should be in that area too. But as I link the Garebites to Hebron's Amorites, and because I identified Garebites long ago with crows, the Gorby symbol, it seems that Garebites named Corbieres!!!

Aha! The Corbieres surname (Brittany; why there?) uses three ravens/crows in the colors of the same of the Corbys. Corbetts/Corbins, who also use the raven/crow, were first found in Alan-infested Shropshire, and then I did identify the Alan > Stewarts with the raven-depicted vikings...who used the skull-and-crossbone flag, probably.

[President GorbaCHEV of Russia, who befriended some western powers of the globalist kind, can trace to Corbieres elements in KHEVA, at the Terek theater. More on Kheva later in this update as it traces to Varangians of the Corbieres location. At the very end of this update, the Varangian-suspect Varni trace with Roquefeuils to Corbieres. This raven-depicted location must be an important hub of the Garebites who trace to modern Zionism: the quest to bring Jerusalem back to Amorite control. It's the endtime situation that the God of Israel foresaw from the start, when he chose to set up His own shop at Jerusalem. ]

There is another Bonne/Bone Coat using the eagles in the colors of the Fert eagle!!! Excellent, for the fret-using Audes trace exactly to the Orbieu theater. The Cattle/Cattell fret is a black saltire with a black mascle at the center, just like the skull at the center of the crossed bones. It can be argued here that Eschol is represented by the skull, and that the ROSicrucian cross with central rose applies to the skull-and-bones theme just because the Cattell fret is used by Audleys / Hoods who trace to Aude in ROUSsillon, home of the Redones from Rhodes, said to be named after its many roses. As Skull and Bones is now tracing to the Maschi/MaSKALLy surname (represented by the mascle) beside Cattolica, its not only identifying Skull and Bones with the Hitler bloodline, but suggests the Hyksos house of Mus that I see in Bush-related BosCATH, depicted by mythical CADMUS. You're not understanding me completely until you hear that pharaoh Khyan is tracing from Amorite Zion to "Seyne" at Toulon, not forgetting that RoqueFEUILs had traced to "Valais," where Sion/Sitten is located.

Aha-ha-ha. There is an Italian Narbonne Coat using the Hill tower otherwise called the Moratin tower, but in the Narbonne Chief is a lion in the colors of the Bone lions, and in fact it's the position and colors of the Kettle lion, and is identical in design with the Toulon/Tool lion. The Narbonne surname shows no such variations, but instead shows as "Nardi" and other such terms. Still, "Narbonne" is registered under this surname, or it could not come up. "Nardi" evokes the Neriti variation of Italian Nero's, and for that matter the Nerthus goddess of the Varni traced to the Neriti variation of Nero's (uses vair fur), but must also trace to the Veres of the Vair kind at Roquevaire...near Toulon. At this point, the white-on-red Toulon lion looks to be a colors reversed version of the Russell lion (assumed to be a surname from Roussillon), and probably the Ross lion itself.

French Gorby's/Corbins were first found in TOURaine, possibly being the reason for the Narbonne tower. If correct, it tends to trace the Mauritanians of Templar importance (who I see behind the Moratin / Narbonne tower) to Narbonne and Corbieres!!! That is excellent because the Amorites have always been suspect in the Moors = Mauritanians, but it's also important that we seem to have found the Glaphyra-line Mauritanians here, just about where we expect it, in Herod-Antipas land. The Moratin tower had previously traced heavily to Bouches-du-Rhone (Toulon theater), but then that's where Roquevaire is located that traces to Roquefeuil in the Orbieu theater. And it reminds us that while the Pappenheim kettle hats are tracing to Narbonne, so those kettle hats are usually called "VAIR," now suggesting RoqueVAIRE. Reminder: Keiths, who are a branch of Kettles, were in hat-like Haddington, while Veres were early found in HEDingham elements.

What were vikings doing in Languedoc? Ask the Alans of Dol. I trace part of their heritage to Blatand Bluetooth. The raven-depicted vikings include Rothesay elements that I see in German Rothes using the raven of Brittany's Corbetts. There is a good chance that the Rothes entity of the Pollocks is that of the German Rothes and Rothesay; emailer Pollocks tells me that Rothesay is not to be confused with the Rothes entity of Peter Pollock, and while I know this, it doesn't mean that the two places cannot be related. Stewarts did love Rothesay when it was later taken as Bute, and Pollocks were Alans to some degree. It's appearing that while Pollocks were from Roquefeuil on the west side of Aude, Alans were from the east side of Aude at Corbieres.

Yes, the trace now of the Alans to Corbieres, smack beside Roquefeuil, is further evidence that Fulbert "the Saxon" was named after Roquefeuils, especially as Fullers and Carpenters share designs while Alans of Dol showed the Carpenter Coat for a few brief days. Compare "CARPenter" with "CORBieres," for Carpenters are suspect as Garebites too. Then, as I insist that Hitlers were of the Aude area around Corbieres (and of the Hoods and Audleys), it's very apparent now why the Hitler write-up traces to "hutter = a carpenter": "Finally, the [Hitler] name may be a variant of the surname 'Huttler' or 'Hutter,'...meaning 'carpenter.'" Entering "Hutt" gets the Hoods in Hitler colors, and first found in the same place as English Stewarts. Although the Carpenter Crest is said to be a "gold globe," it may have started as an "orb"...code for the Orbieu river and/or its Corbieres region.

Where weren't the Stewarts? The fact seems to be that the Stewarts at Kizlyar were also at Languedoc. The Varangian Rus were, for a time, in cahoots with Khazars proper, and it just so happens that while I see Varangians from proto-Veres of the Varni, Kizlyar is off the Terek that I trace to the Vere-riled Drakenberg. I even identified the raven-depicted vikings as Varangians proper, but years before that claimed that Varangians were from Redones. Therefore, proto-Varangians were in Roussillon, which on my atlas is marked smack as Corbieres.

As the Varni are thus tracing for multiple reasons to Roussillon, it appears that the Nero bloodline, and/or the Nerthus cult, named NARbonne. It was only recently that the Sinclair rooster was realized to be code for ROStock on the Warnow river of the Varni. And so see the ridiculous but clever write-up of the Orrs now tracing hard to Orbieu: "Orr also came form the Old Norse name Orri, which meant 'black rooster.' " It just so happens that Orrs use this motto: "Bonis omnia bona." It's code for Narbonne, is it not?

The Orr Chief uses a red roundel, symbol of German Rodes', and colors reversed from the besants of Lincolnshire Rhodes.' There can be no doubt about it, that Orrs were from the Orbieu area named after the Corbieres Garebites. It's telling me that Auriol (beside Roquevaire) was a Garebite location, and ZOWIE I had forgotten until loading the Auriol Coat again just now that the surname uses the Moratin tower! It's even in the colors of the same tower used by Narbonnes/Nardi's!!! Design matters!

The lion of the French Narbonnes are in the colors of the four lions that make up the Toulouse Coat, and both surnames were first found in Languedoc. I don't know what sort of bird is in the Arms of Auriol, but it's in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil. These colors are important for tracing the Star-Terek crew, so to speak, to Rockefellers.

The Arms of Roussillon are just red and gold bars / stripes, the colors of the same of Sturs/Stowers. As the raven-depicted vikings are known to have been from the Stout surname, while Stouts show as "Stow," it's fairly obvious now that Sturs/Stowers and Stouts/Stows were from the raven line of Stewart-related Corbieres / Corbetts. As Sturs were first found in the same place as Terek-suspect Drakes, it's yet further reason for tracing Sturs to the Garebites of Corbieres, even as the Vere line is tracing to this area by multiple methods. It's telling me that the colors of the Stars (all seeing-eye) are the three colors specifically in the Arms of Auriol, and that the Star estoiles are in the colors specifically of the billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil.

To this it should be added that Dutch Bush's use billets with their lion in the colors of the Auriol and Toulouse lion, and that the Scherfs, who traced to Schwerin on the Warnow river, use a rose likely for Redones of the Roussillon theater. The Bush's were traced to BosCATH in Hebron, the area now tracing by other methods to Roussillon / Corbieres. It's important that Auriol is near Seyne at Toulon because the Lys surname uses greyHOUNDs (Hun suspect term) in the colors of the as Auriol and Toulouse lions, and the Walsers of Sion lived in the Lys valley of estoile-suspect Aosta. To this it needs to be repeated that I traced Rockefellers long ago to Wallis/Valais canton, the canton after which Walsers were named, and the canton where Sion is located. It's telling me that Seyne was named after the Khyan Hyksos from Amorite Zion, which may go a long way to explaining Toulon as the proto-Dulo entity of Khyan-suspect Attila.

I'm not abandoning my trace of the greyhound to the mythical Graeae Gorgons of north Africa, as I suspect that Huns were named after the same that named HANNibal Carthaginians...who were indeed in the Toulon area.

Repeat: "Toulon is less than 50 miles west of Marseille (important because Toulon was originally named after Mars), and just walking distance outside the border of Bouches-du-Rhone, where Auriol is located." Mars was the god of Amorites, wasn't he? Here's Wikipedia:

"Greek colonists came from Asia Minor in about the 7th century BC and established trading depots along the coast, including one, called Olbia [smacks of an l-version "Orbieu"], at Saint-Pierre de l'Almanarre south of Hyeres, to the east of Toulon. The Ligurians [I trace them to Lachish at Hebron] settled in the area beginning in the 4th century BC.

In the 2nd century BC, the residents of Massalia (present-day Marseilles) called upon the Romans to help them pacify the region. The Romans defeated the Ligurians and began to start their own colonies along the coast. A Roman settlement was founded at the present location of Toulon, with the name Telo Martius -- Telo, either for the goddess of springs or from the Latin tol, the base of the hill -- and Martius, for the god of war.

Isn't Martius from "Marduk," the Amorite god in the Mari theater of Babylon? Marduk is where Star-suspect Ishtar took root (by some curious error, "root" was just wrongly spelled "rook" even though the 'k' is not anywhere near the 't',' but then the Rook/Roke Crest is a raven called a rook, and the raven is upon a Gareb-suspect garb). We can even ask whether the ducks used by Alans, Devons and Skull-suspect Sheldons -- not to mention the duck in the Drake write-up -- are code for "MarDUK." After all, Alans are tracing hard at this time to Garebites of the Toulon-to-Toulouse stretch...which includes the Gareb-like Garonne river.

As the Rodes surname that RoqueFEUILs married are represented in the Rod Coat using a treFOIL, note the trefoil in the Foot Coat. The Foots are from Footes in Guernsey, and that place must be related to the Gernons using a "CyFOETH" motto term, but the point is, Gernons (of Montfiquet) were the ones to which the Herods of Gironde / Garonne traced. As we should expect Foots to have been on the Garonne river, therefore, it's evoking Foix, the place beside Comminges and Toulouse, but also beside Roquefeuil! And Foix was the area to which Faucets (smack of "MontFICHET") of MUSSELburgh were traced, excellent now because Mussels/Muscels use the Meschin Shield while Ranulf le Meschin was the father of Ranulf de Gernon. Faucets even use the same lion in both Crest and Coat as the Gernon Crest. Therefore, the Foot trefoil is somehow the Roquefeuil trefoil, and Foots, though especially "Fichet," are from "Foix."

The Foix area is suspect as the fox line of Samson, and indeed Samsons and Meschins share skull-suspect scallops. Moreover, the Gernon lions (suspect with the Arms of Normandy) are in the colors of the Toulouse / Auriol lion. The Faucet lion is at this time identical in design and colors as the Sam/Sammes lion, and the latter surname was first found in Essex, where Gernons are said to have had a barony.

Both French Foix surnames developed into Foy terms, which can link to Morgan le Fay that traces to the Vaud canton (location of Morges and other Fay-suspect locations) beside Wallis/Valais. The Foix pellets should trace to the Lacy pellets and therefore to Lacydon near Toulon. It can't be coincidental that the Arms of FICHTENberg (Germany) use six pellets under their pine tree, for Foix just traced excellently to "(Mont)FICHET."

We really do need to ask why Herod Antipas was banished to Comminges (probably of his own choice) in the land of Herod-like Rodez elements. Foix is smack between Roquefeuil and Comminges, and Comminges is marked on my atlas (Reader's Digest) as a region going down to Toulouse. Under the double-m of "Comminges," there is a Khazar-like Cazeres location on the Garonne river flowing through Comminges to Toulouse. It's suggesting that the proto-Khazars of Attila's son(s) traces to Toulouse even while it's suspect that Attila's house of Dulo traces back in time to "Toulon" (the latter was named centuries before Attila's birth).

"Telo Martius" reflects Martres-Tolosane (geese, possible code for Gascony, or even for Cazeres), a location named in part after Toulouse, and first found in the canton of Cazeres.

Toulon was also "Tholon," smacking of the Talls/Thalls (and Thule Nazis) that until recently used the bee design of Bessins. The Gernons of Foix elements were first found in MontFichet/Fiquet of the Bessin. Entering "Thole" gets the Toli/Tooley surname (showing a Thole variation), and ZOWIE it uses scallops in the colors of the Cheney martins, important because I've been suggesting a trace of "Cheney" to "Seyne" beside Toulon!!! Good one, John. I think we have found the Thule-Society bloodline here, especially as vikings are tracing to Corbieres...while the Thole/Toli chevron is engrailed and in the colors of the engrailed cross of Sinclairs, and in the colors of the engrailed saltire of Corbys!!!

Thole's/Toli's/Tooleys were first found in Stephantsminda-suspect STAFfordshire, important because Stephantsminda is at Kizlyar's theater of Khazars now tracing to the Cazeres location on the Garonne river flowing to Toulouse. The Cathars may have been named after this location. The Caters/Cathers show a chevron (it's the Pendragon chevron, I am sure) in colors reversed to Tholes/Toli's! This is excellent because the Cater fish are the Saman/Salman salmon, and then in the last update we encountered the CATERham location of Sale-related Salones/Salemans. As Cheneys use a version the Saleman Coat, it again traces them, now without doubt, to "Seyne" at Toulon. Samans/Salmons were first found in the same (Cumberland) place as Corbys, and it just so happens that Kizlyar-related Kettles had just traced to the Corbieres / Narbonne theater. e.

You haven't forgotten, I trust, the Kizlyar's Khazars ruled at SAMANdar. Interesting here is that Sagans, who may develop from "Seyne," use a SAlaMANDER. The Glass' already traced to Samandar/Kizlyar, and then the Douglas/DuGLASS surname uses the salamander in flames too. Flames can be seen in the Turk/Tork Coat, if that helps to make the trace. The Slaines/Slanes, if they were Salyes, trace to the Terek, and the flame-suspect Flemings (to whom the Douglas' belong) were at a Slane castle.

It's feasible that "Glass" is a "Salyes" variation, therefore. In that case, finding the entity in the Kizlyar theater to which the Glass' trace may also find the Salyes entity there. I already have the clue of a Glass trace to Guillestre at the Durance river, where the Salyes lived, and a Glass trace to the Trypillians that trace to Trabzon, out of which came the proto-Sarmatians that put forth the Alan Huns who moved into Alania, where the Terek flows. The trace of the Glass' to the Galli are coming forcefully to mind. Were Salyes a Galli peoples, therefore? Can terms such as "Saluzzo / Salassi" be from the Galli?

The Saine/Saynor surname may apply where it uses two lions in Chief in the colors of the Auriol / Toulouse / Gernon lions. The Saine/Saynor Crest leopard is that of Sarah's/Saires who trace to the Sauers of the Sava river (home of Croatian/Serbian Garebites), important because there is a Save river flowing past Comminges toward Toulouse. Comminges is sandwiched between the Save and the Cazeres. Reminder: Comminges traces to the garb-using Comyns/Cummings.

A few hours after writing here, a Sauna / Sana, location was found near Cazeres.

Here's more from the Toulon article: "Telo Martius became one of the two principal Roman dye manufacturing centres, producing the purple colour used in imperial robes, made from the local sea snail called murex, and from the acorns of the oak trees. Toulon harbour became a shelter for trading ships, and the name of the town gradually changed from Telo to Tholon, Tolon, and Toulon." As Lacy's use a purple lion and trace to Lacydon very near Toulon, it's seems that the purple that I've been tracing to Herod's robe is merely the purple dye of Toulon. But then it was Herod Antipas that placed his purple robe on Jesus at his murder, and Antibes is nor far down the coast from Toulon, while Herod Antipas is the one that was banished to Comminges. Might Herods have worn purple because they were from Toulon elements?

English Lacys use pellets, the symbol of the Foix Coat, but the Foix Coat also uses stars in Moray-star colors while there is a Muret location in downtown Comminges, on the same Garonne river as Cazeres. That surely has to do with Khazars on the Mures river of Romania. There is a CarBONNE location in the arrondissement of Muret, and then the French Carbon/Carbonnel surname (Gascony) uses Bone colors and a crescent in the colors of the Dutch Bone crescent. It's suggesting that the Mauritanians represented in the Moratin tower of NarBONNEs were at Muret.

It's also suggesting that "Garonne" may have been a corruption of "Carbonne" and, therefore, a river of the Garebites, making sense where the river is near the area into which we could expect the spreading out of the Corbieres entity. Reminder: the Garb surname uses the garb in the colors of the Comyn/Cumming garbs, and the Garonne flows through Comminges.

The point was, we read above that the Toulon dye was made from snails named, murex." Who named those snails like the Mures river? Couldn't it have been the proto-Khazars that went on to found the house of Dulo out of Toulon??? Does this mean that proto-Khazars lived at Cazeres??? Apparently, yes, and it is explaining how Caiaphas and/one Ananias were from proto-Khazars, since Herod chose to be exiled exactly at the Cazeres theater. It's even starting to appear that Herods were originally from proto-Khazars in Toulon. I'm assuming that "Attila" was named after "Toulon."

The other French Foix/FOYOT surname was first found in the same place (Paris) as the Caiaphas-suspect Chappes', the Lys', and the Levi's. It just so happens that while Foix was just traced to the Foots, who use the Fiddes/Fothes chevron, their chevron is in the colors of the three chevrons used by the Levi's!!! Excellent, for it's tracing Levi's to Foix, and I did trace Jonathan, the pagan Levite (suspect with the Khyan line of Hyksos) in the book of Judges, to the Samson cult that traces easily to Foix. Plus, the Ley/Legh Coat is a lion in colors reversed to the Gernon-Coat lions while the Gernon Crest uses the Sam/Sammes and Faucet lion. I had traced Jonathan exactly to the blood drops of the Sam/Sammes lion because Jones' use blood drops on their lion.

Note that the Foix Coat immediately above is a good reflection of this Bone Coat, itself a good reflection of the Champagne and Romney bends. We saw earlier that the Foix and Lacy pellets traced easily to Fichtenberg's pellets, and so see the Fichten Coat in the colors of the Herods/Hurls and the Arms of Roquefeuil.

The gold leopards in the Fichten Coat should link to the gold leopard (or is it orange?) in the Saine/Saynor Crest, the latter surname being the one that has already traced to the Save river beside Comminges. It's important here that Saines/Saynors were first found in Norfolk, where Fulkes were first found who are traced in the write-up to Fulk Nerra, for as the Nerra term was linked to Nero's, didn't we just see the Nero/Neriti line in the Narbonne/Nardi surname? That should explain why the Saire/Saynor Coat, ignoring it's Chief, is in the colors of the Narbonne/Nardi tower. And it just so happens that the Saine/Saynor Chief uses lions in the colors of the French/Languedoc Narbonnes!

Now, then, I was going to make the following trace of Foix to Lucca even before I just saw the Lecca location in the Narbonne/Nardi write-up: "There is also a city of Nardo in the province of Lecce..." Therefore, no matter what the write-up suggests on the roots of this surname, it traces to the Nero's/Neriti's, first found in Lucca!!! But that was not the original idea when I was going to trace the Foix bend to the same of the Botters, first found in Lucca!!! That trace was created in my mind when it dawned that Fulks should trace to "Foix," at which time i recalled the Fulk trace to "Velch," not far from Lucca. But in the midst of wanting to tell you that, I also discovered the Narbonne trace to Lucca. Excellent.

It just so happens that the Fulkes of Norfolk, who use the "sera" motto term as code for the Sarah/Saire and Sauer bloodline, show the same spear in Crest as Samans/Salmons. The Saman/Salmon fish are in the Cater/Cather Coat, and then the Narbonne/Nardi Coat shows a CATHERine Wheel. That's no coincidence. It's tracing the Narbonnes/Nardi's exactly to Cazeres on the edge of Foix. I've just noticed that there is a Salat location to the south of Cazeres about ten miles. There is a Roquefort location where the Salat river meets the Garonne. Rockforts/Rockfords use a lion in the colors of the Roque/Rocks rocks. English Rocks use the colors of Roquefeuil.

Roquefort is in the arrondissement of Saint Gaudens, and when we enter "Gauden," we get a French surname (first found in Forez) using nothing but a large grail. Moreover, there is a Valentine location in the canton of Saint Gauden, which recalls the Pollock trace to Roman emperor, Valentinian. You see, the GAUD term can apply to the "AUDacter" motto term of Pollocks, which is to say that Gauden should be of Aude elements, excellent because Pollocks trace to Roquefeuil in Aude. As was expected, Roquefort links to Roquefeuil in this picture. It brings Rockefellers right into Comminges.

The Arms of Valentine (above) use the two Shield colors of the two Pollock clans, as well as a chevron partly in the colors of the Child chevron, important for my trace (a few updates ago) of Valentinian to a merger with Childeric. Valentinian at that time had formed an alliance with Attila's Huns, and so we can assume a trace of some of those Huns to the Gauden theater.

For what it may soon be worth, here is the Arms of Comminges.

The canton of Salat is called, Salies-du-Salat. Roquefort is listed in that canton too. THEN ZOWIE, clicking from that page to the location of Salies-du-Salat, what do we find in the Arms but the rook symbols of the Rooks, Rocks, and Rookbys!!! Plus, the Arms of Salat show a green-on-gold saltire, colors reversed from Roquefeuil colors, and then the Wikipedia article on Pollocks shows their saltire in the same colors!!! Yes, even though houseofnames shows the Pollock saltire in colors reversed. (Here's the Pollock Coat from Wikipedia in case it disappears).

The Gaudettes use bugles in Pollock-bugle white. The Fuller-like Fleur/FLERShart surname (in "Jewish" Pollock colors, and with what should be the Stewart checks in Chief) uses the same white bugle, and then the Rook/Roke motto is translated: "Rooks will FLOURISH while the sun shines."

The Fleur bugle is in the color of the Lys (and Dutch Bone) fleur, important because the Lys entity traces to Walsers of Wallis/Valais canton (the bugle is technically a HUNting horn, likely symbol for Hun lines). This is a good place to remind that Fulbert "the Saxon" was traced to the Wallace/Wallis surname (Alan-of-Dol related) by the prodding of emailer Pollock, for the Wallace/Wallis Coat is an upright white-on-red lion, same as the Toulon/Tool lion now tracing to the house of Dulo.

The Sales (use fleur) are shown as "Sallete." The Sale/Salette bend is engrailed, and as I think the saltire was named after this surname, so the Corby saltire, in Sale-bend colors, is engrailed. It's linking the Sale-line Salyes at Salat to Aude's Corbieres region, which jibes in the Salyes trace to the Sava river's Garebites. But then the Salat location must be the location of the Saman/Salmon surname that uses fish in the colors of the Saleman Coat that itself uses the Sale/Sallete bend. Plus, the Saman/Salmon fish design is found in the Cater/Cather Coat while the latter uses a chevron in the colors of the Pendragon chevron that I say (for certain reasons) uses the Sale/Salat fleur. The nearness of Salat to Kizlyar-suspect Cazeres seems to clinch a trace of elements from Samandar, whom some locals identify with Kizlyar itself, to Salat.

The Cathars of Languedoc are traced to Bulgarians, but Khazars were from Bulgars too:

The Cathars' beliefs are thought to have come originally from Eastern Europe and the Byzantine Empire by way of trade routes. The name of Bulgarians (Bougres) was also applied to the Albigenses, and they maintained an association with the similar Christian movement of the Bogomils ("Friends of God") of Thrace.

Hmm, the earliest-known Komnenos are traced in their article to Thrace, and they ruled the Byzantine empire. But then Komnenos should trace to the naming of Comminges, the location of Cazeres! Clinched: the Comminges location was named by the Komnenos bloodline, and they look like founders, at least in part, of Cathars.

The Komnenos are said to have been from a Vlack (black? As in Black stone?) location in Thrace, and then the Flecks/Flacks and Cater/Cathers both use white on a black Shield. The Vlacks, who use the same Shield colors, show a chevron is in the colors of the Cater/Cather chevron! The Vlacks use the Masci wing in black (evokes the central black mascle in the Cattle fret that may be code for the black stone), and their solid white chevron is of the type used by Ottone's/Odi's (in Aude/Ode colors), whose variations look like they could link to the Aude/Ode surname tracing exactly to the Corbieres theater. (Reminder: Cattles/Cattells are suspect with the Kettles who have already traced to Corbieres and Narbonne.)

Before the Masci wing in the Chaine/Chenay/CHESne Coat was changed, it held the same sword design used by Audes/Odes. That's not likely coincidental in that Audes are herein tracing to Vlacks with the Masci wing (Flecks/Flacks use scallops in the colors of the Meschin / Samson scallops).

Look at the clever liars that Cathars were: "In Cathar texts, the terms "Good Men" (Bons Hommes) or "Good Christians" are the common terms of self-identification." Surely, "Bons hommes" was code for the Bone line at Narbonne. Then, ZOWIE I JUST FELL ON THIS, the French Home/Prud'HOMMES surname uses the Narbonne/Nardi tower in the same colors!!!

I was waiting for the Prude surname to show up because I saw a Prades location in Roussillon to the south of Aude. Entering "Prades" gets the same Coat as entering "Prude," with trefoils (expected in Aude) and the Coat linked recently to the Foots now tracing to Foix, smack beside the trefoil-symbolized Roquefeuil location. The rare black-on-green lion of Spanish Prades is in the design and color of the Foix-related Faucet and Gernon lion. The green Shield here could be the Roquefeuil Shield. PLUS, both the Foix'/Foyots and the Prades' were first found in the same place (Auvergne).

The fert seen in the Aude bloodline may be explained as per this quote:

Their [i.e. the papal allies] first target [against the Cathars] was the lands of the Trencavel, powerful lords of Albi, Carcassonne and the Razes...Simon de Montfort was granted the Trencavel lands by the Pope

CarCASSonne is in central Aude, and I trace Montforts to Monforte and MontFERRAT of Cuneo. Simon de Montfort became a ruler of Leicester in the wake of the Beaumont family, and it just so happens that the Beaumont/Bellmont lion is in the colors of the Bone lions, and the other English Beaumont Coat shows crescents in the colors of the same of the Dutch Bone Coat. The Beaumont/BELLmont lion is in the colors of the BELLamy Coat, and Bellamys were of Fert-Mace. See the Bellamy Shield and Masci fleur in the Leicester Coat.

The Beaumont crescents surround the same lion as used Toulons/Tools, though upright. Isn't that yet another testimony that Seyne at Toulon traces to Cheney elements of Cuneo? Were not the Bush presidents of Skull and Bones while Busca is in Cuneo too?

The circumstantial trace above of Beaumonts to Aude is hardened where they lived in Dorset, for Roussillon-suspect Russells were first found there. The Russell lion is even in the design of the Beaumont lion (design matters!), but in colors reversed. The Russells use scallops in the colors of the Flecks/Flacks now tracing to the Komnenos founders of Comminges and of the Cathars. As the Fulkes just traced to Foix and NarBONNE, it's probably not coincidental that Russells use "Que sara sara" while Fulkes use "Qui sera sera." Moreover, Fulkes herein seem like the Flecks/Flacks, especially as Flecks/Flacks use scallops in Russell-scallop colors. Fulks were first found in the same place as Cattles/Cattels who use the fret in the colors of the skull-and-bones flag. As the Keith-related Kettles ('Bono" motto term) traced to Narbonne partly because they use the Narbonne/Nardi lion, it must be the Beaumont lion too. This is being said because I just caught wind of that the Beaumont-Crest bull head is in the design of the Say bull head, while Seatons of SAYtown are related to Keiths/Keaths, both of them being first found in Lothian, where Faucets were first found who trace to the same place (Foix) as Fulkes. Didn't we just see that Beaumonts trace to SEYne? Just saying. It clinches Beaumont identification with Bellamys because Say's use the Massey Shield and were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Bellamys.

There is a question here as to whether Skull and Bones traces to Cathars, or the enemies of Cathars as led by Simon de Montfort, or both. Was the Montfort side against Cathars for their religion, really, or for some family feud / competition? I couldn't abandon at this time the trace of Stewarts and Arthurians to Cathars. The article below says that Cathars were at times called: "'Textores' (Weavers), from the trade which many of the members followed." It evokes the weaver's shuttle of the Keeps, who are accessed from the "Keep" motto term of Hebrons/HEPburns. In other words, Hebron elements use the weaver's shuttle, and Hebron elements had already traced to the Skull-and-Bones elements now tracing to Narbonne. The Hebron chevron is used by Dutch Bones, but also by the Childs that I trace to the Amorite-suspect, Merovingian king, Childeric, who was from Salyes-suspect Salian Franks.

The trace of Skull and Bones to Narbonne must somehow link to the trace of the same cult to proto-Maccabees of Bononia, who were traced to Bonn in Germany, where the Esus-worshiping Treveri had lived before moving to the other side of the Rhine. Amazingly, while I see Maccabees in Bononia as a Masci line hooked up with the Boii, entering "Stepan," as per the Stepantsminda location at Ossetia / Georgia, gets a Stevani surname first found in Bononia (not far from the Masci's of Rimini), using the Shield-and-Chief combination of the Maschi's. What's amazing is that the Stepan/Stevani Coat uses a "comet," and then the Comet surname uses the same towers as the Narbonnes/Nardi's!!! Unbelievable. Reminder, the Narbonne/Nardi lion has been traced to Kettles who themselves trace to Kizlyar on the same river as Stepantsminda.

I've related several times that Comb-like surnames link to Masci's because they are together a Gomerian/Cimmerian-Meshech duo. The Comet surname is shown properly as, Combe. Cimmerians trace to Wales, and that's where Meschins of Cheshire were to keep watch. The Stepne/Steffany surname was first found in Wales, and looks much like the Stepan surname; both use red Shields, as do Mascis and Maschis. The Stepne Coat (owls) looks to be a version of the Boyd / Lindsey / Stewart Coat, with checks in the colors of the Word/Ward checks. The latter are very important here because they link to ShuttleWORDs/Shottleworths, who are honored by the weaver's shuttle, used also, for example, by the Hebron/Hepburn bloodline of the Keep kind that I've traced to the namers of Kiev.

I'm mentioning Kiev because Stepantsminda "is part of the Khevi province. It is the center of the KAZbegi Municipality." Khevi and Stepantsminda border Chechnya, which should explain the checks of the Words/Wards and Stepne's (though checks are also Khazar symbols). We saw that the Skull and Bones elements in the Narbonne theater traced to Varangian / Rosicrucian vikings, but these were also the founders of Kiev. And, Skull and Bones traces to Hebron in Israel. There seems to be something to a Khevi link to "Kiev," therefore, and the Weaver surname is suspect as part of the Khevi bloodline on look-alike considerations.

It should be reminded here that Shuttles should link to Shots/Shutes, who look like a branch of Shatners/Shotbolts of the Star-Terek crew (see last update for details on that). As Shuttles can thereby be traced to the Terek, they can also be traced to Stepantsminda and Kheva. It just so happens that Shuttlewords use a weaver's shuttle. Note the Attila-like and Dulo-evoking "Utile DULce" motto of Shuttlewords, important because Stepantsminda should trace to HUNgarian king Stephen.

As Hungarians used a stag (the Stevenage symbol) as symbol of their ancestry in Attila, so we find "A dog's head holding a deer's antler in its mouth" as the Stepne/Steffany Crest. The Keeps with weaver's shuttle are in Alan colors, yet use the bend that is the Arms of Baden, where the antler symbol was important in Varangian-suspect Veringens and their Zahringer kin. Zahringers used a bear for their city of Berne, and a bear is found in the Shuttleword Crest. Then, Veringens and Zahringers ruled in Word-suspect WURTtemberg.

We saw Skull and Bones trace to Garebites in Corbieres (in Aude), and there you can see garbs in the Weaver Coat (= Hazel/Hassal Shield). We just saw Weavers by profession in the Cathars, who lived in the Skull-and-Bones theater of Languedoc. It may indicate that Kiev was named after an entity itself named after weavers by profession. Or, it may be false -- i.e. mere code -- that Cathars were weavers by profession. The Shots/Shutes use the sword design of the Audes, suggesting that Shuttlewords should trace to Aude, even as the Weavers can trace, as per the above, to Aude. There is a sword in the Arms of Stevenage.

The Keeps use a canton square, which can be code for the house of Candy/Candida in Savoy, where the Audes of Audeville lived. It may be coincidental, but "Audeville" and "Atil/Attila" are quite similar. Khazars lived on an Atil river:

Samandar (also Semender) was a city in Khazaria on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, south of the city of Atil, in the North Caucasus. The exact location of the city is unknown, but most likely, it was situated on the Terek river near the present-day city of Kizlyar, which, like Samandar, is noted for its vineyards. According to the Soviet archeologist Mikhail ARTAmonov, remains of a large town have been found deep in the woods along the lower Terek.

The SHETTLEworth variation of Shuttlewords can betray their identity as part of the Keith / Kettle line to Kizlyar. And the fact that Cathars, who likewise traced to Khazars of Kizlyar, were just found to be from Komnenos in Vlach of Thrace begs the question of whether "Terek / Drake" evolves from "Thrace / Thraco," or vice versa.

The Samandar article above continues: "The name of the city may derive from the name of a Hunnish tribe 'Zabender'. The Greek writer Theophylact Simocatta refers to a migration of Zabender from Asia to Europe in about 598..." The SAMANDar and SEBENDer smack of the Nile location of Samannud, also called Sebannytos, which evolved into the Sabines and Samnites. The latter predated Attila and the Khazars, and by they time they arrived, the Sabines and Samnites had evolved into the Suebi and Semnones. The Veringens and Zahringers above were related to the Hohen Khazars of Suebi-founded Swabia (partly in Baden-WURTtemberg). Their mutual link shared the red eagle, a symbol of MacDonalds, the ship of which is used in the canton of the Keeps who use the Baden bend. MacDonalds trace to the Dumnonii of Devon, though I traced "DUMNonii" to "Samnite."

One can see here that the red eagle of Zahringers linked to the Sabines (also "Safini") who named Swabia, relatives of the Dumnonii root of MacDonalds, who had a SOMERled chief smacking of Somerset, where Dumnonii lived. Somerset then appears to be named after Samnites of some sort, for even the Savone/Safin surname was first found in Somerset.

The Chemmites that I trace to Samannud were, in my opinion, Gomerians/Cimmerians, the founders even of Qumran to which the Weaver-related Hazels/Hassals trace. The Comets/Combs, let me remind you, were accessed from the comet of the Stepan/Steffani surname, and Cumber terms have been traced to Chemmites. It's Attila-important because he ruled at BUDApest, which traces to the Uat/Buto/Bast cult that Chemmites were into, and moreover there is some online wind telling that Budapest was named, SiCAMBRia, in Attila's time. It therefore appears that Sicambria was related to the Chemmites of Samannud, now suspect as the founders of Samandar.

By what coincidence were the Stephens first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as the Kemmis (and Samson) surname, while Chemmites lived at two Kemmis locations of Egypt, one near Buto? Kemmis' are traced in their write-up to HUMphrey the CHAMBERlain, while Chamberlains use a "quam" motto term for Chemmites of Qumran. The Kemmis surname uses vair fur that in some cases is KETTLE hats.

There is reason to now realize that the Suebi of Swabia were distant kin to the namers of Samandar. This is a huge key, and interesting where Caiaphas lines have traced to certain parts of Swabia. The Uat/Buto cult traced many times, in different ways, to the Veres / Drakes, long before I knew of the Terek river.

Didn't the Terek-river clans trace with Stewarts to Devon? That's where the Trace/Tracey surname was first found. The surname uses a falcon on a mallard duck. Drakes are said to be from ducks somehow. The Tracks/Tricks are in the colors of the Stars, and the Star-Terek crew were traced many times to Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire, and while Shatners/Shotbolts were first found in Hertfordshire, the Derek surname was first found in neighboring Bedford. The latter surname shows properly as Dear/Deer, and then Stevenage, using a stag, is in Hertfordshire, which itself uses a stag...probably as per the heraldic hart.

The Drake motto traces in-part to Abruzzo, where Sabines lived. It's pretty clear here that we're dealing with the Gogi of lake Sevan, who date to the same period as Sabines of Abruzzo and Rome. The same stock as the Sabines from Sevan, that is, look like the founders of Samandar. Gogarene was on the south-east side of lake Sevan, while Shot-like SODUCena was on the south-west side of the same lake. Caiaphas was a SADDUCee. Weren't the Shuttles/Shottles just traces to Swabia-related Zahringers, moments before realizing that their Shettle variation should trace to Kizlyar on the Terek? To help convince that Shettle is a term from Kizlyar, the Settle surname uses the green-on-white lozenges of the Stars! Star colors had traced to Roquefeuils, and it just so happens that SITLers use a trefoil.

Were you keeping in mind, throughout the Roquefeuil discussion, that they are traced (by me) to Roxolani Alans? All that discussion where elements around the Roquefeuil theater were tracing to the Terek river through Alania, the Roquefeuils themselves should trace to Alanians. But it's necessary to repeat that I linked Roxolani to the Neuri and related Budini (the Neuri likely were root to the Nero'/Neriti's that traced to Narbonne) that trace to the Boyds amongst Alans of Dole. Were the Budini not carriers of the Buto cult? Budini are said to have lived in the Ukraine near Kiev, but probably did end up exactly in Kiev. It was the Neuri who lived on the Bug rivers that both in relation to L'viv.

The "Vive" term of Stars traced easily to L'viv (Ukraine), not far from Kiev. The Tracks/Tricks use Star and Settle colors, but also a lion in colors reversed to the Morgan and Duff lion, important because the latter two trace to Fife, the elements that traced hard to "L'VIV." Fife and L'viv are very important for the five theme of Arthurs and kin, and it all traces to Avalon = Bute, where the Uat/Buto cult parked it ugly butt. Weavers use a "fidelis" motto term, used in the "Semper fidelis" motto of both Devon and L'viv.

Thus far, the trace of Shuttlewords has gone so far as Aude, location of Roquefeuil. But we saw Roquefeuil elements at Roquefort of the Comminges theater, and it appears that the Cheevers/Chevys, who smack both of the chevron of Keep-related Hebrons, and of the Weavers, trace to Comminges. First, Cheevers use goats in the colors of the Arms of Comminges, and secondly they use a "foy" motto term that must be for the Foy/Foyot surname traces earlier in this update to Foix, between Roquefeuil and Comminges. It was determined that Cazerers and other parts of Comminges traced to Kizlyar, important where the Chevy variation of Cheevers smacks of Kheva at Stepantsminda. Like the Stewarts and Trace's, Cheevers were first found in Devon.

There is an argument to be made that Cheevers and Hefer-like terms link to "Caiaphas," which means that the Caiaphas line expected in the Kizlyar theater must have been at Kheva. The Stephens (tracing to Stepantsminda at Kheva) use a solid chevron in the colors of the solid chevron of Chappes' who in turn use a long chevron like that in the Arms of Haifa. How much sense does it make to trace Caiaphas lines to that place where Herod Antipas went into exile? Hefers/Heavers were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-suspect Coverts, and use red garbs, as expected for clans in the Aude-to-Comminges stretch (even Gascony uses garbs, and by the way, I traced Aude-suspect Oettingers of Bavaria to a flag of Gascony that was a white-on-red saltire, the Oettingen saltire too, and moreover those are the colors of the Arms of Comminges).

Aha, just as I thought. Next up was the Shed surname, using a falcon, symbol of the Terek-suspect Trace's. Scottish Sheds/Sheddans were first found in Aryshire, the place that uses the "shaw" motto term, important because Shaws are traced to the Sithech term that should connect with Sadducees, as should the Shuttlewords/Shettleworths...and Sheds. I can be more confident of this claim because Kaplans/CHAPlins (first found in the same place as Terek-suspect Drakes) use the same griffin design, and Shield colors, as Sheds! Sheds even use a chevron in the colors of the Stephen, and therefore in the colors of the Chappes, chevron. I think what I have been waiting for, the Caiaphas trace to Khazars, has been found. But the question remains: where exactly in Comminges do the Cheevers, Sheds, and Shuttles trace? Wouldn't we like to know.

The Covert surname, much like "Cheever," could be the key to that question, for Comminges was earlier called, COVenarum, a term that may have been a Cov-Nar compound, as per the NARbonne location. But in what way could Caiaphas trace to Covenarum? It should be remembered that Coverts were first found in the same place as Coppers who trace to the grandmother of Herod Antipas. The Alan-related Coves may apply as they are in Covert colors.

There is a Shutter/Suter surname (in Saine/SAYnor colors) using the same leopard (different position) as Sarah's/Saires/SAYers, important as per my trace of the Say's to "Sais," home of Chemmites near Samannud! This is excellent now that Samandar is tracing to Samannud, for the Kettles have already traced to the Kizlyar (thought to be the location of Samandar), while the Say bloodline included Seatons = Keiths = Kettles. It just so happens that Shutters/Sutars (in Stephen colors) were first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as the Kemmis, Samson, and Stephen surname, not forgetting that the Kemmis surname uses kettle hats. Compare the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat with the Shutter's.

Just before writing the paragraph above, the idea that Shacks became a surname as per the Sheds entered my mind, but I wasn't going to mention it at this time, not until some evidence came forth. A moment or two afterward, I found myself on the Sarah/Sayer surname, which uses the SHAKEspeare bend (because Fulkes use the Shakespeare spear and "sera" motto terms). The Shacks are also "SHAKErly," and so let me add that they use a chevron in colors reversed to the Star chevron...and ZOWIE I didn't recall this until I saw it again just now: the Star Crest is the same leopard, apparently, as per the Sayers and Shutter Crests! Therefore, Shacks developed from the Shutter bloodline, in particular from Sheds. It's telling me that Shakespeares and Sayers were linked to Sadducee lines.

There is a likelihood that the rabbit / hare in the Shack/Shakerly Crest is that of the Cony's / Conns in the colors of Shakespeares. This is being said because I trace Cuneo elements of the Cheney kind to Seyne at Toulon, while we have just seen the Saine/Saynor surname pop into the discussion. It just so happens that Shakespeares use a "sanz" motto term, you see. Saines/Saynors were first found in the same place as Shakespeare- and Sayer-related Fulkes.

I accidentally found the SAYne/SANSbury surname seeking the Saines just now, and they too (as with Shutters/Sutars) were first found in Gloucestershire! That is excellent for my trace of the Say's to Chemmites at Sais. The ermined lozenges of Saynes evoke the ermined lozenges of the SiTHECH-related Shaws/SHAYs and Thicks/Thecks. It's suggesting that Shaws were a line from Sais, or, to put it into better perspective, from the Perseus cult worshipped by Chemmites that traces to Pharisees, the partners in the SANhedrin with Sadducees.

I did not have "SANhedrin" on my mind when saying that "sanz"-using Shakespeares linked to Sadducee lines. As I trace "SADDUCee" to "Zedek," the old Amorite name of Jerusalem, what about the trace of Seynes and similar other to "Zion," suggesting that Sanhedrin was named in-part after a San-like term for Zion. Zion is a hill on the extreme-south side of Jerusalem, and it's the hill with the hedrin-like Kidron valley below it, where Baal and Moloch were worshipped even by Israelites. The Sayne/SANSbury ermines must trace to Hermes, and his mount Hermon had a Sion at its summit, though that summit at one time was named, Ardos.

As the Sayne/Sansbury Crest is the antelope design of the Singletary/Singleton Crest, while Scottish Saynes get the Sinclairs/SANclars, it appears that the SINGULar variation of Sinclairs links them to Singletarys without doubt.

As Weavers trace to Shuttles, it should be said that they too use an antelope.

The Joint Chiefs of Stephens

Back to the Covenarum topic as it may relate Coves and Coverts, for there is a way here to support the finding that Caiaphas is central to these lines. Coves were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Clares, and Coves even use bendlets in the colors of the Clare triple chevron. We just saw the Clare bloodline link to Saynes/Sansburys, and for me that should link them to Seyne at Amorite-suspect Toulon. French Clares/Clerks apparently put out a Clark branch that was related to Cutters who trace to the Cottians mountains on the one side of Cuneo, where Cheneys trace that I say were at Seyne. Cutters use the Saluzzo Shield in colors reversed, and Kaplans/CHAPlins (griffins in Cutter-griffin colors) use the Saluzzo Shield. Kaplins/Chaplins were first found in the same place as Drakes, who use a hand holding an axe in Crest, symbol also of Coves. Thus, Coves can be traced with Drakes and other elements around Comminges to the Kizlyar / Terek theater.

It's possible that "Coven" became a surname in honor of COVENarum, wherefore note that the Coven Chief is in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, and that the Coven Coat uses CinqueFOILs. If Covenarum was named in-part after the Nar entity that named Narbonne, then what we're seeing in this paragraph is a Roxolani-Neuri merger at Covenarum. The Gowin variations of Covens smacks of the Khazar Cohens, and it may be true otherwise that "Covenarum" was named after the Israeli term, "cohen" (that's the term used in the Old Testament for "priest"). Was Caiaphas a priest? He thought so. Jesus called him a tenant, evicted.

It just so happens that the Arms of Roquefeuil are in the colors of a portion of the Arms of Makhachkala, that being a location at Kizlyar. It's important that the Arms of Kizlyar use a two-headed eagle (on what appears to be a rock), as do Maxwells of ROXburghshire who seem evident in "MAKhachkala", and in Maca(k)hel of Artvin. It's also important that the Arms of Kizlyar use the grape vine, a Herod symbol.

ZOWIE, for a long time I have forgotten the surname that uses the Sinclair cross exactly. But as the last paragraph was written, I supposed that "Coven" should have looked more like "Cohen" at one time, and the Conan surname came to mind, the one I had forgotten. Sinclair vikings are tracing to Comminges again.

The Toulon/Tool and Cary/Keerie lions are used by "Jewish" Levi's/Levines in black on white, the color of the Oven/Owen lion, and the latter can be traced, at least tentatively, to "COVENarum." In fact, I identified the upright lion design used by Ovens/Owens, when used by others, with the Levi lion, and it's also the lion of the Shatners/Shotbolts of Hertfordshire. This makes for an interesting investigation that tends to lead to proto-Cohen Khazars of the Hun kind, and it jibes with my understanding that Caiaphas and/or Ananias trace to proto-Khazars.

I kid you not, I am not lying. I ended the morning (Thursday) at the paragraph above, went out to cut some firewood for a couple of hours, then returned to have a tea and read the news. The first article I came to concerned an Owen surname...on his take of the Osama-bin-Laden killing:

A retired Navy SEAL who was present at the killing of Osama bin Laden tells Scott Pelley in a 60 Minutes interview that his book about the raid is not a political statement, rather it is timed to commemorate the 9/11 attack and give credit to the hundreds of people whose work made the mission a success. The former SEAL Team 6 member, who uses the pseudonym Mark Owen, will appear in his first interview on 60 Minutes, Sunday Sept. 9 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

I don't think Osama was killed that day. I therefore feel that this Owen plot is a political stunt to give Obama credit just before election time. The article goes on to reveal (to me) that admiral Mullen and admiral Olsen were two of the plotters in the fake killing.

The Scottish Mullin surname was first found in Devon (i.e. where Nazi-suspect Stewarts were first found), and uses a moline cross in the colors of the Schere/Scherf and Sheer/Shire cross'. That means that Mullen may be a Nazi element in the U.S. military. Mullins even use goat heads identical in design to the one in the Bush Crest. The goat head appears to be the same as the one in the Crest of Covert-like Cheevers (the goats in the Cheever Coat are different), likewise first found in Devon. It reminds me that the Shots/Shutes, and therefore the Shatners/Shotbolts, trace to sling shot in the Arms of Dachau, where Hitler had his concentration headquarters, and where the KAUFERing concentration camp in Swabia was under the Dachau jurisdiction.

This emphasis suddenly on suspicious admirals recalls that Hitler's nephew in Long Island joined the navy, and that the Clark House in the midst of Aryan Nations was made into a navy outfit by the U.S. war president (there was more to it, and it seemed that Nazi friends in the U.S. were stacking up in the navy). That U.S. president, suspect as a Nazi too, was Roosevelt. Here's from the Wikipedia article on Mullen: "President George W. Bush (at lectern) announces the nominations of Mullen (second from left) and James Cartwright (far left) to be Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, respectively, on June 28, 2007, at the Roosevelt Room of the White House." The article also shows that Mullen is in the famous photo (that many think was propped) where Obama's staff watch the SEALs capture bin-Laden. It was on May 1, the holy day of mythical Bel, the day that the Bavarian Illuminati was formed.

It's known that bin-Laden's oil family worked with the Bush oil family, and, again, Obama may have been the man in the faked bin-Laden photos for hoax purposes of the Illuminati's "globe trodders." It just so happens -- ZOWIE I'm just learning this -- that Obama replaced the retired Mullen with a Dempsey surname, using the Shot/Shute swords in the same colors!! The Dempsey Coat even shows the Monk lion in the same colors!!! The same swords in the same colors are used by Swords with SOURdes and Clavin variations, and there is a Dutch Clavin/GLAFiman surname using an upright lion in the colors of the same of Dutch Bush's. The surname is very possibly from Glaphyra. Belgian Clavins/Glaufemans use the same lion but in the design of the Bush's.

The Sword description, "a man's head in profile couped at the neck," suggests the Mann, Cooper, and Neckar-river entities (the Neckar is in the Swabia / Kaufering area). The Sword write-up: "First found in Counties Offaly, Leix, and Kildare, where in 1016, the successor of St. Brigid, abbess of Kildare, was named O Suairt according to the Four Masters." I'm wondering whether "Suairt" and "Stuart" are reflective deliberately, for the Sword swords are in the colors of the Stiver/STURTifant lion, itself upright like the same-colored Dempsey lion.

Aha! The Dempster Coat shows the Sword / Shot sword design in the same colors again, but also the same lion as Dutch Bush's. The Dempster sword is under a fesse in colors reversed to the Alan fesse, which is in the colors of the Amp chevron. I'm thinking that "Demp" is from the idea of d'Amp, and the War Amps comes to mind as a military-oriented scam of the Stewart cult to raise money. The Dempsters (a black ribbon) use the same motto term ("strenue") as Alan-related Pollocks, but as Pollocks were traced recently to Wallace's, by what coincidence is the Wallace lion identical (colors included) with the Dempsey lion???

The Ribon Coat is almost exactly the Lenin/Lennan Coat; the stags are identical, only the green mounds have different shapes. The Coat is in the colors of the Herod-rooted Lannoys. The "STIRpe" motto term of the Lenins/Lennons may be code for Star-Terek Sturs, first found in the same place as Drakes. What could this mean as per blood links between the Joint Chiefs and Rothschild Russia? As Obama is from a communist background, it's very conspicuous now that he is the one who chose a Dempsey surname to rule the Joint Chiefs. Is Dempsey a closet Communist???

Here's from the 2nd update of last April:

...In 1465 [John Cheney] was sent with Dr Goldwell, dean of Salisbury to the King of Denmark. Here, apparently, he got his nickname of "strenuus miles"....If Pollocks were thus Cheneys, then consider that I accuse Dick Cheney of being a Nazi operative while I trace Pollocks to the mother of Adolf Hitler.

The Irish Miles Coat (should link to "Milo de Vere" of Melusine-cult Anjou) looks like it uses roughly the same sword, in the same colors, as the Shutt/Chewte Coat. And the Shutt/Chewte sword is similar to the Chaine/Chenay sword...

There we go: Pollocks had traced to the Shot/Shute sword in that way, and now trace to the same sword by way of linkage to Dempsters (and therefore the Shot/Shute sword of Dempsey's). Are we getting the impression that Cheneys link to Dempseys who now rule the Skull-and-Boner Joint-Chiefs??? It's no small rotten point.

Here's a photo of Dempsey; I gotta tell you, I see the eyes, nose, mouth and general appearance of George Bush Jr. in his face, suggesting that he is a Scherf. Here's the swords in the seal of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, much like the Aude / Shot / Dempsey sword. Is that a garland that surrounds the four swords? Dempsey has more authority in the military than "warrior monk" General Mattis, but Mattis is the one that does the horse work in planning, with Dempsey acting as overseer and inspector.

Dempsey's wife, Deanie, "graduating from LeMoyne College," interesting because the Monk surname is from "Moyne." Her maiden name seems to be impossible to find from articles. She was born in New York, where Hitler's nephew came to live. That nephew (William Hitler alias William Stuart-Houston) lived in Patchogue of central Long Island, near West Islip (central Long Island) where I traced other Nazi suspects.

It's amazing that my first search of the Dempsey surname in West Islip gets a family related (probably by marriage) to the MATTIoli surname. Entering Mattioli gets the same Coat as entering "Mattis." Monkincidence? Reminder: I view the Massi/Mattis Coat as the proto-Stewart Coat.

It's also interesting that West Islip became a topic at all due to a Dein surname from that place that married Scheriffs, and it just so happens that Deins and Mullens share red-on-white crescents. "Deanie" Dempsey certainly looks to apply. Note that the Deins use a lion in the colors of other families related to Dempseys, including the Dempster and Bush lion.

Aha!!! Scottish Deans (first found in the same place as Deins and Coverts) use the Dempsey / Shot/Shute sword (in the colors of the Aude sword) on a moline cross, the type of cross used by Mullins!!! The wing of one Irish Dean Coat is now the wing design in the Chaine/Cheney Coat, which holds a sword!!! While the latter used the Masci wing previously, the Diens, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Deins and Deans, still use the Masci wing, as well as a patee cross, symbol in the Scottish Dean Crest.

It's important that the Chaine/Cheney and Dean wings are also those of the "Jewish" Glass family, for William Hitler Stuart-Houston had a Glassl-surnamed grandmother. There is a Houston location near Glasgow, and the Houston Coat is a reflection of the Mattioli/Massi/Mattis and Stewart Coats. Therefore, when the wing change for the Chaine/Cheney surname was made recently, it was a legitimate one, not randomly chosen. The martins of the Houston (hourglass in Crest) are at this time in the identical design and colors reversed from the Cheney martins! But Coverts use them too in the gold color of the Cheney martins.

As the Deans of West Islip removed to Idaho, in the Post Falls area beside Hayden Lake (location of Aryan Nations), where Clark House sits that I think was used to house Adolf Hitler and/or some of his war comrades, note on the Intelius page above that the third-listed Dempsey-surnamed individual is shown also with a Mackey surname (more swords, from Shute-suspect SUTHERland), and that in the list of relatives (usually by marriage), there is a Clark surname. These other Irish Mackays use chains, and more swords in Crest. Last I checked, the Wikipedia article on Mackays showed them with an Allen sept.

None of this means that these people at Intelius are Nazi operatives necessarily; it would be a shame to slander any innocent person by this part of the discussion, but these "coincidences" need to be pointed out to show family stick-together-ness in areas suspect for Nazi operatives with harmful agendas. The second-listed Dempsey of West Islip shows Casey relatives, and then Chaines/Chenays also show as CHES and CASS terms.

This section on the Intelius topic is an addition after much of the below was written, including the link of the Chaine/Chenay wing to the Geneva-surname wing. That's said because the first-listed Dempsey surname, the one apparently married to the Mattioli's, shows a John Mattioli, and on his page, he shows a Geneva Mattioli as relative; on both pages, John is from Brooklyn, and then Brooks/Broocks (Meschin scallops?) and Brocks are Stewarts / Veres. The Geneva surname uses an upright lion in the colors of the same of Deins, Dempsters, and Bush's.

On John Mattioli's page, there are some Rochester locations assigned to some Mattioli relatives, and Rochester is whether the presidential Bush family had ancestors.

Under one Mattioli listing that includes a Rochester location, there is one Cherylann Mattioli, and then searching that surname gets someone by the same name but showing alternatively as, Cherylann Ann Gierer. It's killing me, for I traced the Geier surname to Nazi's at Meggido, or at Israel's Nesher location down the Megiddo valley. The Geiers use a vulture that I've traced to "Walter" of the Stewart bloodline, and that vulture can be traced Shots/Shutes. BEHOLD: Cherylann Ann Gierer is shown with Grier relatives, and the Griers (Dumfries) use the MacArthur crown, but also, in the Coat's canton, there is shown the Shot-Shute sword!!! It's simply staggering. The Shots were first found in the first place as per the sling shot in the Arms of Dachua, and then Slings also use a vulture, I don't know any other surnames besides these two that use vultures, the symbol of Armageddon in both Revelation 19 and Ezekiel 39.

The Arms of Dachau use a blue-on-white snake, the Visconti snake, I assume. This would be a good place to repeat that Ottone Visconti, the first Visconti ruler of Milan (that term gets a Mullen bloodline), is probably honored in the Ottone Coat uses a tall solid chevron in the colors of the Chappes chevron, which is probably in honor of the long chevron in the Arms of Caiaphas-like Haifa, a short chariot ride from Nesher, where a Geier cement company from Germany, started by a Pollack surname, is situated.

Geiers were first found in Padeborn, and then Pades are very interesting for their "Ardens" motto, especially as Griers use the MacArthur crown. But Pades also use a bend with three gold symbols (mascles), the same as what the Bush fesse used to be, and the same that the Jacques fesse is now (using scallops). To help prove that Ardons are related to Geiers, the Gear Coat uses mascles in colors reversed to the Pade mascles, and the Gears, like Griers, use a canton. The Gear canton has the red Anton leopard head, and Antons (Boofima cult) use the Bush goat head.

ZOWIE!!! The Anton leopard was traced to Mark ANTony in a recent update, but before that was traced to Herod ANTipas at Comminges. I then realized that Herods got the leopard when ANTipater, the father of Herod "the great," merged with Mark Antony...wherefore Pades are looking like a line from antiPATER!!! Especially as PATTERsons figure into this Pade discussion!!!!! It's telling me that the Roman Patricians were not only from "Patmos," and that they not only named the "Petra" location of Antipater's wife (Cypros), but provided for the name of Antipater himself. As Arthurians and therefore Ardens are tracing from the Petra location in that Aretas ruled there, the Pades are strongly suspect with Antipater. The Bush's are tracing from this same Aretas > Cypros > Antipater line to the Herods.

It just so happens that a "DOMinus petra" motto phrase is used by DEMPers/Dampiers. It's in Amp/Impy colors, and both surnames use a black lion / leopard in Crest. It's also in Dempsey colors. It's tracing the Joint Chiefs to Petra and the 666 bloodline.

The Demper write-up: "The family was originally from Dampiere and Orne, Normandy..." It just so happens that the Orr/Ore Shield-and-Chief combination is colors reversed to the same of the Dempers. Moreover, as there is no Orne Coat coming up, the fact that the Schole/Scayle lozengy is used by Orrins/Orens/Orme is very Hebron suspicious. It's where Skull and Bones traces. I can tell you off-hand that Lombards, Bullocks, Pollocks, Oriels and Scholefields/Scofields trace closely to the Orr / Orrin lines.

The Arden fesse is likewise (as with the old Bush Coat that once showed) red with three gold symbols, and the Arden write-up even tells of a location by that name in Yorkshire, where Bush's were first found. As Islips were of the Hazel / House bloodline, look at this code in the Arden write-up: "In Cheshire, Kent and Hampshire, the [Ardern] name assumes the local meaning of dwelling-house..." Ardens were first found in the same place (Warwickshire) as Sheriffs, excellent because Bush's were born Scherffs (later changed to "Scherf"). You're not going to get this on the evening news. Shame on us Christians (including me) who were fooled by George Bush. But then we trusted, that was our only crime, that Bush was telling the truth.

We will see the blue-on-white scallops of the Pades soon, in the PATTerson-related Gays and Sodan Coats, where Gays trace to the Joint Chiefs of STAFF, where the Joint surname traces to the Gay bloodline, if you catch the code-drift. The entire phrase, will be examined for code-work, even the Staff surname of Staffordshire. That section sits below already written as I write here, and so see the Arden write-up again: "This line [from Henry de Arden] can be traced to the present family seat at Longcroft Hall in STAFFORDshire." The Joint Chiefs of Staff are tracing to Herods.

I knew I had seen a sword through a tree somewhere recently, but couldn't recall. I wanted to know because the Grier canton uses that theme. I found it in the Arms of Stevenage. There may be linkage between the two. I see that the Arms of Stevenage uses a red fesse with gold symbols, what we just saw above, and what will be encountered again after passing this Intelius discussion.

After writing that, no guff, and not before, a search was done on George A Gierer because he appears to be the brother/father of Cherylann Ann Gierer/Mattioli (age 49). The search brought up the page below with Cherylann Ann Gierer (age 49) in a Carmel location of New York. I kid you not that Nesher is exactly at mount Carmel in Israel.

What is going on here??

Several modern towns are located on the [Mt. Carmel] range, including...Nesher...and the city of Haifa, on the far northwestern promontory and its base.

ASTOUNDING!!! I can scarcely believe the continuing coincidental developments here. I've just entered "Carmel" with Arthurian Carlisle in mind, to find the CARTmill/CARTmell surname (uses the same lion, sort of, as Dutch Bush's, with a Shield split in Roquefeuil / Herod/Hurl colors), which comes just after seeing the Carty relatives listed for Suzanne M Gierer of ARDmore, Pennsylvania. She is 46, three years younger than the above-mentioned Cherylann Gierer, who is herself listed in Caraopolis, Pennsylvania (as well as in New York). Both women show a George Gierer relative. Susan is also shown as Susan Carty. This could be subtle indication that Carmel's Essenes (trace to the House / Islip bloodline) developed into Cart surnames, and perhaps even the city of Carthage. The MacCarthys/Arthys are coming to mind.

The Caffertys use a green shield too, as does Roquefeuil, and then going to the page on "Michael Carty" of Pennsylvania, we find one such name with a Cafferty relative. Weren't we expecting Covert lines? The coin of Herod Archelaus had a helmet with plumes of feathers, which was found to be honored in the Lannoy Crest. This surname was first found in Bedford, beside HERTford / Stevenage, and then Hertford can be expected to use the red hart stag, which is used by MacCarthys/Arthys! French Lannoys use green-on-white lions and then the Caffertys use a white-on-green horse with a knight upon it in a helmet with plumes of feathers!!! We expect Caiaphas lines with Herods, don't we??? The Caffertys must be one such line!

The Michael Carty that has a Cafferty relative is listed at Wayne, Pennsylvania. Recall the flight-93 investigation, when the Bush- and Cheney-related plotters of the fake crash site on 9-11 was found to trace to the Pendragon bloodline in Pennsylvania. The Wayne Coat happens to be a version of the Irish Arthur Coat using "hurts," and if I recall correctly, the Romulus location in Michigan is in Wayne county, while the founders of the Mormons, who were from the same place (Rochester) as the presidential Bush ancestry, were from Wayne county, New York, and then Mitt Romney, a Mormon supported by the Bush's, who smacks of "Romulus," has a father who was a political figure in Michigan. Moreover, Romulus was co-founded by the Pullen and Pulcipher surnames (see "Pulsipher") while Romneys and Pullens use the same Shield. Pullens (in Chaine/Chenay colors), first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's and Walkers, and use a pelican, as do Arthurs and Waynes, but Pullens (SCALLOPs) also use the black-on-gold martlets of Houstons, in colors reversed from the same style martins of Cheneys ("bull's SCALP" in Crest), who were first found in Buckinghamshire (England).

George Bush was scheduled to give a victory speech for Mitt Romney at Plumstead, Pennsylvania, in Bucks country, said to be named after Buckinghamshire, England. The flight-93 fake crash led to the doorstep of Rollock Inc., whose only listed employee online is a Nagle surname, a branch of the Nail surname that uses the York-surname saltire. The Pullens use a "Nulla" motto term. Plumstead smacks of the heraldic plume that I say honors Herods. French Plumes were first found in Brittany, and were traced largely to MORbihan at Wayne-suspect Vannes.

The purpose of writing the above is as per the Carty relatives listed for Suzanne M Gierer of ARDmore, Pennsylvania, which data was curiously suggestive of the Carmel/Cartmell surname, itself looked up when Cherylann Ann Gierer in a Carmel location was found. Carmel , in New York near Long Island, is in Putnam county, and then the Putnam/Puttenham surname uses the crosslets used by Hillarys and Clintons. Reminder: The Monk-equated Moynes were of POTHERidge.

Bill Clinton's birth father was a Blythe surname, and Blythes (is the billet symbol in their honor?), first found in the same place as Arthurs, use the red-on-white fesse again with three gold symbols, as does the Bush Coat. The Putnams/PUTTENhams were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Bidens/BUTTONs and Bottars/Buddins, while Italian Botters use the same bend as Pullens / Romneys. It's recalling that Joseph Biden is the one who claimed to invent the "reset BUTTON" between Obama and Putin.

Putins/Padyns (in Putnam colors) were first found in Dumfries, across the small waters from Carlyle, where I trace Pendragons from the neighboring Pennines mountains. Interesting here is that Griers were first found in Dumfries, while the Geier company at Nesher / Megiddo was founded by a Russian (spy?), while Dempseys of Joint-Chief importance appear to be linking to Griers. Can this spell part of Obama's re-set button with Russia, and therefore promising an alliance between Gog and a False-Prophet American president (not necessarily Obama)? The Ribon surname -- same Coat as Lenins -- is properly, "Rayburn," and then Rays were first found in Dumfries! That's important because Dempsters are the ones using the ribbon. The Ray Coat looks like a version of the Frey Coat, and may trace to the Rodden/Rodham-like Rye Coat (in Dempsey / Monk colors), traced to Rize at Artvin / Trabzon. The Dempsey / Monk colors are used also by Ryans, and the Ryan surname (Kaplan griffins) may be the next vice-president of the United States, under Romney's term.

The presidential Bush family lived in PENfield (Rochester), while Rollock Inc. (metal-scrap yard a few hundred feet from the fake crash site that had metal scrap strewn around but no airplane) was related to PENFOLD Capital Coal, otherwise called PBS Coal. Penfields were first found in Bedford, beside the Star-Terek clans of Hertford. Like the Drakes, Penfields use the axe, as well as what looks like the Arthur Coat, not surprising where PENfields are a Pendragon branch, suggesting that "PenDRAGON" was code for the Penn line of Drakes...that named Pennsylvania. Penns (in Pendragon colors tracing to the Salyes) were first found in the same place as Salyes-related Cheneys, and Penns use a "Dum" motto term. It looks like Drakes were founders of Pennsylvania, explaining why the 9-11 plot in Pennsylvania seemed to trace to their doorstep. Penders use the Monk symbols but on a blue the colors of the Massi/Mattis Shield.

The Mormon founder, whose Smith surname was found in the ancestry of the Presidential Bush's, was from PALMyra (same Rochester area), like PLUMstead, and then the Cart Coat uses PALM trees. Carts were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Yorks who use the Nagle/Nail saltire. Carts use the same saltire as Desmonds, who were MaCarthys/Arthys, as well as the same saltire as Annan(dale)s, while the latter had an Annandale location in Dumfries, where Putins were first found. This is like a weird-or-what strange dream, but with satan, it's possible.

The ribbon in the Dempster Coat has traced to the Lenin/Lennan surname using the Ribon/Rayburn Coat, but there is another Lennan surname using NAILs through an Arthur-suspect heart, first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as Ribons/Rayburns. The latter Lennans use "majorum" while Cheneys use "major." [Later, you'll have cause for a Ribon/Rayburn trace to the Nerthus cult, as per linkage to the Nails/Nagles.]

It just so happens that Plumstead is in that part of Pennsylvania closest to the Newark airport, where flight 93 took off (but it did not crash). Plumstead is roughly at Doylestown (probably related to Dol), where one Michael Carty is listed that is not the same Michael Carty with the Cafferty relative. Ardmore (at Philadelphia) is about 50 miles to the southwest of Plumstead. By what coincidence is the Wayne location in the same counties (Delaware and Montgomery) as Ardmore??? It's the Arthur-Wayne bloodline.

Irish Doyles are easily linked to Keiths that trace easily to Kizlyar. German Doyles/DULys are in the same colors and smack of the house of Dulo...which does in fact trace to Kizlyar = Samandar.

Another coincidence is that while the Michael Carty with CAFFERty relative is listed at Wayne, Pennsylvania, Ardmore is also partly in the HAVERford county. Keeping in mind that MontGomerys and Humphreys trace to Gomerians of Qumran, see what was found when checking my files for Ardmore:

John and Samuel were sons of Humphrey ap his wife, Elizabeth Powel, daughter of John ap Howel (or Powel, who was buried in the parish church of Llanwddyn, in Montgomeryshire, 24 July, 1636), and his wife, Sibill v. Hugh Gwyn, of Penarth [Pen Arth??? I get it].

They were uncles of Rowland Ellis, of "Bryn Mawr," Merion {Pennsylvania}, (whose land adjoined Benjamin Humphrey's land), and also of Robert Owen's wife, Rebecca, (whose farm lay to the eastward on both sides of Montgomery avenue, between Ardmore and Wynnewood), and of John Owen and Josehua Owen, of Merion...

I just thought that this was important as it's the only Ardmore detail I have in my files, and because this discussion started with the Ovens/Owens, as they might trace to "Covenarum." The Overs and Coverts seemed applicable, and here we find Havers. It just so happens that Havers use the Roquefeuil rooks! Nailed it. It looks good for a trace of these entities around ARDmore to Herods of Covenarum, especially as Montgomerys (close Stewart kin) are in Comyns/Cummings colors while they smack of the same peoples. MOREover, note "ArdMORE," as we are on the Mormon track. Palmyra of New York is said to be named after Palmyra of the Amurru empire, and then we see Merion and Mawr in the quote above. The Havers are in the colors of the Yorkshire Ellis', wherefore note the Ellis surname in the above quote if you missed it.

It's seems certain that the English Lannoys, the ones who use the helmet and plumes, use the Montgomery fleur. But then Caffertys also use the helmet and plumes.

It's seen above that Powels and Howels are the same family. It just so happens that while the sons of a Powel mother were uncles of the Owen surname, Powels use the lion of the Ovens/Owens. The same lion and theme of Powels is used by Sadducee-suspect Shatners/Shotbolts. Howels smack of the Howes listed as part of the House bloodline and should therefore trace to the same Essenes as Montgomerys and Humphreys, and indeed Howels use the same Moratin towers as COMets/Combs.

The Comets/Combs had been accessed from the comet symbol of Stepans/Steffani's, first found in Bononia, where i see the makings of Maccabees. The Chief of Alan-suspect Stepans/Steffani's has the same three fleur as Montgomerys and Alan-suspect Lannoys. Everything here is tracing to Israelites shortly before and during the time of Jesus.

There's a Hazelton location not extremely far from Islip on Long Island. Hazelton is in Pennsylvania, north of Allentown, which is itself not far from Doylestown at Plumstead. One of the Michael Cartys at the Intelius page mentioned above is listed at Hazeltown. The Hazels are easily traced to Essen of Dusseldorf so that we can be more confident that Essenes are behind them. The Hazel Coat uses a blue fesse with three gold symbols, as does the Nagle fesse in the same color. The rabbit in the Hazel Crest is suggestive of linkage to Cuneo elements of the Cheney kind. The Islips use the same stag-under-holly theme as Maxwells who's stag lies in a holly BUSH, while Islips were first found in the same Yorkshire as Bush's, the place that Nagles must be linked to because their German branch show the same saltire as Yorks, suspect as the saltire of Coopers who were first found in the same place as Coverts. Probably, the holly symbol links to the Ellis bloodline, and we just saw Ellis' (Yorkshire again) linked to Covert-like Havers.

Cathian Covert of the Hayden Lake area married the Dein-of-Islip surname that I was referring earlier, but she also had a SurBROOK surname, probably by another marriage. I simply don't know what to make of all the strange coincidences concerning her. The Shurbrook Shield (vair fur) is remarkably like the Mattioli/Massi/Mattis Shield, and Shurbrooks (Massey horse in Crest) were first found beside the Cheshire Masseys / Masci's. Moreover, it was her Dein husband's sister, I believe it was, that married a Shur-like Scheriff surname from West Islip. There was more to the suspicions that I don't want to repeat here, as it's not the central topic.

Entering "Shur" gets the Scherfs, but linkage to the related Sheers/Shires is easy to prove. The Kilpatricks are also "Shera" and "Patchie," evoking Patchogue, home of William Hitler and at least three of his sons. William married a Jacques surname according to his Wikipedia article, and it just so happens that Jacques (first found in the same place as Bush's and Walkers) use gold scallops, the Brook/Broock symbol, and it's on a fesse in colors reversed to the Covert fesse. I recall the previous Bush Coat having a red fesse with three gold symbols, as does the red Jacques fesse. It's coincidence after coincidence.

There are more swords (i.e. reflecting back on the Dempsey / Joint-Chief topic before the Intelius discussion clouded over it) in the French Jacques Coat, in the colors of the Chaine/Chenay and Dean sword.

So support the idea that "Dempsey" is from, D-Amp, or something similar, the Dempster fesse is in the colors of the Gore/Core fesse, and then the Amps/Impy's were first found in the same place (Essex) as Gores/Cores...and Brooks/Broocks. Isn't Al Gore involved in the global-warming scam to pillage more tax dollars from the masses?

Aha! The Amps/Impy's use a chevron in colors reversed to the Hamps/Hamptons (besants in the colors of the Rhodes besants), and the latter's Crest is a wolf in the white color of the Gore wolf! Irish Hamps/Hempsons/Hansons (Derry) use a fleur in the color of the English-Bush fleur. Pendragon-suspect Penny's (look Statton-related) were first found in NorthAMPTON, which is the name of a Pennsylvania county at/beside Buck's county at Plumstead.

As Illuminatists like to use codes, like children playing their games, it's notable that Dempsey and Mullen (the men) are of the "Joint Chiefs of STAFF." It's especially important where I see Stephen-related Stewarts in charge of the U.S. military. The Hamp(ton)s were first found in Staffordshire, and so let me repeat from earlier in this update: "Tholes/Toli's/Tooleys [Dol and Thule suspects from Toulon/Tholon] were first found in Stephantsminda-suspect STAFfordshire, important because Stephantsminda is at Kizlyar's theater of Khazars now tracing to the Cazeres location on the Garonne river flowing to Toulouse." Again, the Toulouse surname uses lions in the colors of the Bush and Dempster lions. The Hamp(ton)s of Staffordshire use the same chevron as Staffs of Staffordshire.

There are easy ways to link the motto of Stevensons (in Stephen colors) to the Amp-related Gores. The "nec" motto term of the Joint surname (in Stephen colors) is used by "Roddens/Rodhams," who not only use a tree stub in Crest (see the tree stubs in the Stubbing write-up), but were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Stevensons. It's clear here that the Stewarts rule the planet as per their hold on the U.S. military, on the British throne, and who knows how many thrones and political empires the world over.

The write-up of the Steffani/Stepne surname, using what looks like the Marx / Boyd Coat: "The Steffany family lived in Pembrokeshire which is derived from the Old English word STYBBanhyp, meaning the dweller by the landing place." Never mind, but think of the Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire.

JOYs/Jays use a blue griffin in Crest, the color of one of the griffin-like eagle in the Joint/JOYnt Crest. It's a match, in my opinion, based on similarity of the surnames. The English Stevenson Coat shows a white-on-red bend, the color of the Joy/Jay bend, which now gets the Joints linked to the Staff bloodline. "Joint" evokes "bone," and then Skull and Bones traces to Bonn, the home area of the Treveri who worshiped the tree-stub cult of Esus. The Stepan/Steffani surname was first found in Bononia. I had linked the Treveri to the Varni, and then the Varn Coat uses the Stubb bend in colors reversed, and in the same colors as the Stubbing bend. The Bush, Walker and Scherf crew were traced exactly to the Warnow river of the Varni. The Stubbing besants are in the colors of the Treeby besants, and that gets us right back to Nazi-town Devon, where the Samandar Khazars are tracing whom we can expect amongst the proto-Varangian Varni. Reminder: the Nerthus goddess of the Varni traced to NarBONNE, as did the Comets/Combs accessed from the comet of Stepans/Steffani's of BONonia. The Treeby lion is used also by Shatners/Shotbolts, and then we just saw that Shots/Shutes use the Dempsey swords.

I'm sure I confuse the gubers out of you. It would be great if I had hired help to paste all the coats in the paragraphs so that you wouldn't need to load them. As it is, I can't handle providing all the links to Coats, never mind pasting them to the page. The only way for you to follow is to digest one section at a time, and to load your own Coats as you feel the need. Use your own extra browsers to do this. You can have many browsers open at once on one browser window, for example by hitting Control and T at the same time (works on Firefox browsers, anyway). There is truly a profound story being told that perhaps you understand better than I, for you have the time to read and ponder, while my time is taken up by writing it all down. It takes me a week of nearly full time work to produce what you can read through in a few sessions over a couple of days. But, really, if you have more time, take it and really learn this story. It's got to be for good reasons.

The Axe in the Sky is already at the root of the tree, 2,000 years ago. It's a phrase spoken by John the Baptist to the Sadducees. On God's clock, the shavings of the Stewart tree will fly in about a minute. Are you prepared for the fury to be unleashed as the Stewart dragon learns that it's time is up?

May we ask why, "Joint CHIEFS of Staff"? Is it code for Israel's chief priests? Didn't Chief-like Cheevers seem like a Caiaphas line? Shouldn't "Caiaphas" trace to the idea of "chief = cap/top." Didn't God taunt his Israeli enemies by calling Jesus the CAPstone? The Capelli's (Pharisee-suspect Ferrara, uses Stephen / Stevenson colors) and Bidens both use the chapeau cap, and Bidens were first found in the same place (Hampshire) that the Joint-Chief-of-Staff phrase is tracing. Joe Biden is even in charge of Iraq at this time on behalf of the Obama agenda there. The Biden write-up traced the Button family to a priestly family in Bath and Wells...of Somerset, where Coffers were first found.

Coffins/Chafens were first found in neighboring Devon, and use a blue raven smacking of the blue griffin of Joint-related Joys/Jays who were accessed some months ago by what I claimed to be an act of God using a rare blue JAY at my house on the same morning that a blue jay was (later) found in a Davor/D'Auver surname. How applicable is it that I was just suggesting Auver-like Overs for a trace to "Covenarum" while Coffins smack of Covens? (By some coincidence or not, the Coffins are also "Chaffine" while Coffers below are also "Coffee").

It just so happens that, after writing all the above, the Joint description to find: "Two eagles' heads conJOINed, the dexter red, the sinister, blue, issuant out of a CHAPlet of oak leaves"! The "conjoined" term, used of other surnames, is now link-able to the Caiaphas-suspect Joints / Joys/Jays. But the Joyners (in Joint/Joynt colors) apply because they are shown as "Genner" while the Joint motto is "Nec DeGENERo."

The Joyners/Genners even use the Dempsey / Shot/Shute sword design!!!!! That clinches the idea that "Joint Chiefs of Staff" is Masonic code for bloodlines scheduled to rule the world using U.S. military and American tax dollars. If you are a Christian supporting "the troops" in the Republican "war of terror," you're in danger of supporting the Illuminati agenda.

The Joyners/Genners (evokes the GONfanon that was traced to the Jays/Joys on the morning of the blue jay) even use a grail cup, which we can assume is secretly in the Coffer/Coffee mug and in the Staufer cup. I always go back to Caiaphas as the root of the grail cup in the hand of the Revelation-19 harlot, or the dirty cup that Jesus used as symbol for the chief priests of Israel. They had as religious custom the washing of cups.

The Joyner/Genner grails are in the colors of the same of English Pillettes, while French Pillettes/Pilates use pheons in Joyner and Joint colors. The red eagle in the oak CHAPlets of the Joint Crest must link to the two-headed red eagle in the Irish Joy Coat, but then Caseys, who trace to Kizlyar (downstream from Alanians who now rule the U.S. military), the Arms of which use a two-headed eagle too, use a red eagle.

There is a Cheff/Chafe surname using the Maness peacock, and Maness' were first found in the same place as Roddens/Rodhams and Stevensons. It's important that Roddens/Rodhams and Stevensons (= kin of the Joints) trace with the Star-Terek crew to the Terek river, for I'm expecting Caiaphas lines there, and Cheffs/Chafe's look like candidates, especially as Coffers/Coffeys use a mug while Staufers use a cup held by a cuffed arm. Plus, the Coffers/Coffees and Coffers/Coffares (in Herod/Hurl colors) are in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil.

While the Joyner/Genner swords are in the white color of the Dempsey sword, the Joyners use their on blue background, matching the same sword of the Audes, thus tracing this lot jointly to Aude, where the Corbieres raven line lived, and beside the Bone entity of Narbonne (it makes sense that the Masonic children of the Joy bloodline chose "joint" as per a bone joint). The Dempseys and Dempsters had linked squarely above to Pollocks, who were from Aude and Aude's Roquefeuils. Audes were first found in Savoy, where the house of Candy lived, and then the Candy Coat uses the same small white saltires as the Joints (!) but in Dempsey-sword colors. (Candys were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as related Clares.)

One can understand here from Candy variations that they were from the Genner-like variations of Joyners. Lake GENeva, facing Savoy, is coming to mind. However, I had traced "gonfanon" to the foil-using Gone's/Gowns/Gowans (Chief in RoqueFEUIL / Coffer colors), now a Covenarum topic as per their Coven variation.

REMINDER, everything you are reading from the time the Covenarum topic above was started as per the article on the pseudo-Owen surname, which article included Mullen of the Joint Chiefs. It was not my idea to be on this topic at this time.

Irish Mullens (CONNacht)haven't yet been shown, who use a sword of their own. They are traced in their write-up to CONCANNons, who smack of the Genner-branch Joints / Joyners. In fact, the Cannon Coat uses the white-on-red bend of Joys/Jays (and "Jewish" Pollocks). We had seen tree stubs in Mullen-related lines, and then another tree stub is used my Italian Milans while "Milan" also gets Scottish MacMullens using the same black lion design as Ovens/Owens lion. How about that? I did not know this when first introducing the Mullens above because they were accessed as "Mullin," which does not bring up the Milan/MacMullen Coat, but instead gets the Moline bloodline using the Bush goat. Here's the Mullin write-up: "First found in at Dartington, in Devon, as well as twenty-nine other lordships throughout England. William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise, Lord of Moulins in 1030..." I'm quite sure that Falaise is a Roquefeuil entity of the Wallis/Valais kind because Fulbert "the Saxon," who now traces hard to Roquefeuils, must have been from Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise.

Emailer Pollock notified us that "the Saxon" (as applied to Fulbert) may be rendered "Wallace" when reading the term in ancient Celtic. It just so happens that between Savoy and Sion/Sitten there is a Saxon location marked on my atlas, not more than 20 miles from Sion and therefore in Wallis canton. Then, I've just noted for the first time ever, there is a Taninges location not more than 30 miles due west of Saxon. Within spitting distance of Taninges, further to the west, is a BONNEville (which we may assume is related to the bone theme of "Joint" because they use a Geneva-like motto term). The latter two are in Haute-Savoy not more than 30 miles from the south shores of lake Geneva, and even less from the Geneva location.

English Mullins/Mullens were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Clares and Candys, both of whom trace to Savoy while Candys use the small Joint saltires. Joint-of-Chief-incidence? No way. The Masons are playing tricks on us, and running the military as they see fit while making the peoples believe the military acts on behalf of America. Patchogue and/or West Islip are in a Suffolk county, Long Island.

The Italian Geneva Coat (Piedmont, location of Cuneo) uses yet another sword, this time held by a lion in the colors and design of the same of Dempsters and Dutch Bush's. In the lower half of the Geneva Coat are a pair of wings in the white color of the Masci wing, yet showing as the wing holding a sword in the Chaine/Cheney Coat that was previously the Masci wing. As the Geneva wings are in the colors of the Chaine/Chenay wing (and Chappes chevron), it's very apparent now that Geneva was named after the same elements that named the Chaines/Chenays. We owe this Hykciting discovery to those who recently changed the Chaine wing design. Tank you. It's tracing Geneva, and the Joints, to Busca of Cuneo, and besides this the Saluzzo Coat-and-blank-CHIEF combination are in Joint / Joyner colors.

As Kaplans/CHAPLAINs (in Geneva-wing colors) link to Scheres / Scherfs / Sheriffs, which is the true bloodline of the presidential Bush's, note the CHABLAIS location on the south shore of lake Geneva. Might this be the Capelli / Kybele / Kabala bloodline? Reminder: Joint-Chief-of-Staff-er Dempseys were revealed as Amps / Hamp(ton)s while Kaplans/Chaplains were first found in Hampshire. Hmm, the Cabbel surname (another sword) uses lattice that I trace to the Cottians, which is very close to Geneva. The Cabbel lattice has a red fesse through it, just like the lattice (in Kaplan colors) of the Caens/Canns that can trace to "Geneva / Cuneo"! It's suggesting that the namers of Chablais were of the Cabbel bloodline.

The Cabbel lattice is in the two colors of the split Shield of Chables/Chapells! The green lion in the Chable/Chappel Crest may therefore be traced to a colors-reversed version of the Morgan lion, for there is a Morges location off the north shore of Geneva. The Chable/Chaplett symbol is called a wreath, but it can be viewed as the garland used by Stephens and Berts, the latter traced years ago to FulBERT "the Saxon" now tracing to the Geneva theater. In fact, Berts are linked to Fulbert because Berts and Pollocks both use bugles, and then while Hunters and Huntingdons (in "Jewish" Pollock colors) also use bugles, Chables/Chapells were first found in Huntingdon. Huntingdons (in Wallace/Wallis colors) were first found in the same place (Essex) as Dempsey-related Amps/Impy's, and Dempsters use the same motto term as Pollocks. Moreover, the Huntingdon bugles are in the white color of the Pollock bugles.

The Garland surname (using the Bert garland) was first found in Perthshire where Caiaphas-suspect Shaws were first found. Shaws use grails in the colors of the Joyner (and Pillette) grails, and then German Joyners/Jenners were first found in Switzerland...though, as usual, Swiss-surname write-ups are as secretive as Swiss banks. You can bet your gold knee cap that Joints trace to these Joyners. Scottish Swords (linked earlier to the Dempsey-Joint crowd) use the Chaine / Geneva wing design, and were first found in Pictish lands, which is where Perthshire sits. The Swords use "a man's head in profile COUPed at the NECK...", while Joints use a "Nec" motto term. The "couped" may be clue to Scottish Coopers (Herod / Caiaphas line), first found beside Perthshire, showing a garland (!), and what could be construed as a couped chevron within a chevron. Dutch Coopers/Kupfers use a green Shield that is strongly suspect with Herod-related Roquefeuil. In fact, Scottish Franks use the same saltire colors as Coopers/Kupfers, while English Franks use the Pollock saltire. On top of that, Blades use the Cooper/Kupfer saltire along with white pheons suspect at the Pictish mother of Pontius Pilate in Perthshire. The Joy bloodline is being dragged into the Caiaphas picture, and I think we should perhaps should ask why.

The Gay's of Savoy might be able to help, whose rooster easily links them to Sinclairs-of-Candy. The Joys/Jays are from Gai, remember. English Gays use scallops tracing to the Sodans of Devon (and to the scallops of Pattersons/CUSSaines, important as per the Caston-variation of Gays), where Mullins were first found who trace exactly to the Geneva / Valais / Taninges elements under discussion: "First found in at Dartington, in Devon, as well as twenty-nine other lordships throughout England. William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise, Lord of Moulins in 1030..." The JOYNt variation of suggested a look at Gayns, and they were first found in Huntingdon too, and they look like Gores who had just linked to the Amps/Impy's of the Dempsey line. It's right down Joint-Chief-of-Staff alley, where you don't want to walk alone with all your money, unless you want it to be stolen to purchase more machine guns for the U.S. military mafia.

French Gains/Genosts were first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes'. It's as though Caiaphas is tracing to the U.S. military that aims to kill God when he returns in the clouds. Should we warn the angels?

Like the Gores, Irish Joys use a wolf in Crest. The two headed red eagle of the Joys was seen recently in the Spock/Speck Coat (same design and colors exactly). It's telling me that Joys link to the Lusatian line of Romans that trace back to the Biblical Ladon dragon.

Suddenly, Joints are showing pointed ears. Joys may be traced to Devon, where expected of the Star-Terek crew that known no bounds, by the Speccots/Specketts, first found in Devon. But the frets in the Speccot Coat trace to Audley elements from Aude, and Aude traces to AudeVILLE in Savoy, where we have the Gay's, and to Oettingens who trace to Gascony's flag, in the colors of the mystery symbol of Comminges...that looks like a quatrefoil. If one takes the mascle away from the Speccot fret, one is left with nearly the mystery symbol, in the same colors, of the Arms of Comminges.

The German Gascon surname uses a duck (think the Drakes of the Star-Terek crew, including the duck-using Clingers of Swabia) in the same colors as Comminges. I think there is something to this, for the French Gascon surname (from Gascony) uses what must be the Tancred Coat but with the Tankerville cinqueFOILs, and then the Tankerville cinquefoils are in the colors of the Comminges quatrefoil-like symbol. Tancreds were of the Rollo line to the Conqueror, and the Contevilles of a Comyn location married the daughter of "the tanner," while the Comyns/Commings are the ones who must have named Comminges!

The colors of Comminges are also the colors of the lone Wassa Zionist star, and I trace the Gace/Gasson variations of Wassa's (= proto-Washingtons) to "Gascony." The goose-using Arms of Martres-Tolosane (beside Comminges) use a lone Zionist star in the colors of the Wassa star. There's the Washington DC trace to Herods, no doubt, but the Wassa star is in the colors of the Coverts, and Caiaphas is probably the bigger hero to satanists than is Herod Antipas. The Arms of Martres-Tolosane even use a fesse in the colors of the Covert fesse. Gascony is also, GUYenne, much like "Gayn."

The Arms of Martres-Tolosane are quartered in colors reversed from the flag of Gascony. In the map at the Gascony article, the river extending from Toulouse is where Comminges and Martres-Tolosane are located.

The stork-depicted Oettingers of Bavaria - Gascony trace to the Odins of Storkhouse and Gisburn, in Yorkshire, home of Bush's, Walkers, and many other Nazi-element families. The Gascony garb is used by GISburns, which is to say those born of the Gas/Gascony line. But the Gisburn garb is in the colors of the Roquefeuil billets. The Roquefeuils of Comminges were Roqueforts, and then the Rockfort Coat uses the same-colored lion as in the Gascony flag. I wonder if the Bush's are keeping Rockford files on us all. For the discussion of garbs in the gold-on-red colors of the Gascony garbs, see Woolworths and kin in the last update.

The Patterson lion (colors and design of the Oven/Owen lion) is colors reversed from the same lion of the Garlands. Scottish Pattersons (suspect with Skull and Bones as per the Patrick saltire) were first found in Ross-shire, and then the Ross Crest uses a garland too. Like Stewarts and Cappes'-suspect Stephens of the garland bloodline, Scottish Pattersons use pelicans. Pattersons/Cussanes (Connacht) are traced in their write-up to Sodhans, which is why they link to Devon's Sodans, but Cussanes trace to "Guiscard," which is the Tancred line, related to Tankervilles, themselves a branch of Tanners now tracing to Taninges on the south side of Chablais, itself the location of a bloodline that includes wreath-using Chables/Chapletts.

Another way to trace Caiaphas lines to the Taninges / Chablais theater is via the VISconti equation with the Wisharts/Guiscards. The line of Ottone Visconti ruled Milan, where the Mullen surname traces, but the point is the Ottone similarity with the Chappes' chevron.

Possibly, the Gays who use the Patterson / Sodan scallops are of the Guis bloodline. See the Guise/Guy Coat (Tankerville colors) suggesting the Chemmites / Kemmis surname, from the wicked all-seeing-father cult of Uat, the cult wishing to replace God. In the write-up, the Guye surname married "Magotta de Burgh (Burke,) daughter of the Earl of Kent..." Therefore, yes, the Joy bloodline looks like the Tancred > Guiscard bloodline that traces exactly to the re-naming of Covenarum by the Burgo-Conteville-Comyn bloodline. The Joint Chiefs are looking like nail-biting Herods, as well as like a shaky-kneed Caiaphas behind his machine gun pointed into the sky, afraid for the return of Jesus. In the meantime, these fire-loving losers are going to perform false signs in the sky with their weaponry.

If Chables/Chapells (Huntingdon) are Caiaphas suspect, then what about the fesse of Huntingdons being in the colors of the Coverts??? Are we now tracing Caiaphas lines of the Covert kind to Geneva? Coverts already traced to Switzerland. Nazi's are tracing here strongly, and then we really do need to ask how Swiss banks can secure money for world-class illegal activity where the rest of the world seems powerless to do anything about it. Globalists try to tell us how they wish to eradicate crime to the point of needing to spy on our computers and telephone calls, yet they allow crime in Swiss banks by the bullions.

Just as Nazi's are tracing to Devon, the English Bonneville surname (pierced stars in Illuminati colors) was first found there, as were the Tanners!!! Therefore, the latter definitely trace to the Swiss location of Taninges.

I was waiting for the blue-on-white Cappeo lion to enter this picture, and here's the first one in the French Bonneville Coat. Bonneville is beside Taninges to which the mother of the Conqueror (= daughter of Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise) is now tracing strongly. It's no small revelation, tank you heraldry clowns for this. Why don't you squeeze your big red nose while you're at it and make us all laugh harder.

I understand here that the Sinclair house of Candy -- same as the Geneva / Joyner/Genner bloodline -- was responsible for the Conqueror's mother, and Rollo Sinclair even married Poppa of Valois, or so we are told, a location that gets the Falaise-like Valais surname. The Valois/Valais Coat uses the same chevron, as well as three surrounding white symbols, as does the Mackay Coat (garland / wreath), and the Roquefeuil-suspect Jests/Guests; the latter's white symbols are swans, evoking the Sion/Swan surname with the Macey GAUNTlet gloves, code for Ghent/Gaunt. It just so happens that the Ghent Shield-and-Chief combination is that of Tanners, and that Ghents were first found in the same Star-Terek galaxy (HAMPshire) as Sturs, Drakes, Kaplins/Chaplains and Joint-Chief-er Hamps.

MOREOVER WOW, the same chevron above, and surrounded by three white symbols, is in the Feller Coat!!! The Feller's white symbols are treFOILS. It's not only proving that RockeFellers were a branch of Valois/Valais, but clinches the Rockefeller link to Jests / Jesters, suggesting that the tops of the Rockefeller rooks are indeed suggestive, deliberately, of the court jester.

Ah-ha-ha-ha-hah, lookie here. The Gester variation of Jesters smacked of ColCHESTER, where Jesters were first found, but that prompted a look at the Chester Coat for evidence that Jesters were Chesters. While the Chester Coat was loading, I recalled that Rockefellers traced to Rochdale not far from Cheshire's Chester, but when the Chester Coat loaded, there was the Shield-and-Chief combination, of Tanners!!! Both use white Shields without symbols, though Chesters use ermine fur. The blank whites Shields are Saluzzo-Shield conspicuous.

French Bonnevilles were first found in Normandy, founded by Rollo. German Tanners use pine cones, the symbol of Maschi's from beside Cattolica that traces to the Cottians, where Savoy is located. At one end of the Cottians the Geneva-related Candys lived, while Saluzzo of Geneva-related Cuneo is located at the other end. If pine cones could have joints, the Normans would...smoke them?

Spocks/Specks, who use the double-headed red eagle of Joys, show a porcuPINE in Crest that I assume should be code for this pine line to Cuneo's Masci's. Later below, Fellers are traced to Cuneo's Montferrat, where you may want to keep in mind until then that Speccots/Specketts use the fret, for the red eagle is shared by Spocks/Specks and Fertes. Having said that, Joys were first found in GlaMorgan = Morgannwg, which should trace to Morges at Geneva. Joys use a "Mors aut" motto phrase that may be in-part code for elements of Aude, where Roquefeuil is located. If you're thinking Amorites at Morges / Morgannwg, the Rook garb and raven should trace to Amorites too. Morges is in Vaud canton, which might somehow be an Aude variation.

The Norman/NormanVILLE surname (gold leopard, symbol of Normandy), first found in the same place (Sussex) as Clares, is of obvious importance...especially as it uses a blank white Shield and a black Chief, the same of the Tanners!!! That clinches the trace of Tanners to the mother of the Conqueror...who married secondly the Burgos that use the Clare triple chevron (which are, not surprisingly, in the colors of the other English-Norman surname). These Burgos were root to a merger of Conte's and Villes of Languedoc as they developed into Contevilles, which tends to reveal BonneVILLEs as a Ville branch. The Villes are also "Deville," and then while Tancreds and Tankervilles are said to be related, Tankervilles are of TANERDEVILLA in Normandy, and they use yet another blank white Shield.

The purple banner held by the Ville lion is reason to trace the Villes to the "gonfanon" banner, especially as the Villes are also "FONs de Ville." There is a chain hanging off that lion, and we just saw the Chaines/Chenays trace to the Geneva surname. The Templar lamb is usually shown with a banner, as is the case in the Crest of Scottish Normans, who use Campbell colors and were first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as Campbells. Reminder: Camps/Champs are in the same colors and use the Kaplan/Chaplain griffin, suggesting a CAMP link to CHAP, wherefore let's not forget the CHABlais location at Geneva that linked to Chables/Chappels.

The green Shield of Chables/Chappels can be linked to the green Shield of Roquefeuils, especially as the latter were Pollocks while Pollocks linked solidly to the Huntingdon location of Chables/Chappels. It's of obvious importance where Fulbert the tanner, at the root of Pollocks, is now linking to the Chablais theater. I'm telling you this because I've been keeping an eye out for billets (defined as gold bars) in the Arms of Roquefeuil, and then the Scottish Norman surname appears to use billets in their Chief (Nassau's use billets almost in Roquefeuil colors). It was evident by multiple means that the Sinclair vikings (raven-depicted, as for example the Rolph ravens) traced to the raven line in Aude and Roquefeuil (Rooks use the raven), but weeks before that, the same vikings had traced to Comminges. It was only in this update that Roquefort at Comminges was found.

It's the Roquefeuils at Roquefort that are suspect with the Caiaphas line at Comminges = Covenarum because Caiaphas lines trace to Sadducee-suspect Cheevers whose bloodline named the Kiev location founded by the same vikings. There's much more to it, including the sharing of colors between Coffers and Roquefeuil. As "Covenarum" is suspect as a Cov-Nar(bonne) combination, it's notable that the Bonnevilles use lions (the cappeo lion colors) in colors reversed to the Rockfort lion. We just saw Bonneville link to the house of Candy, and then the Rockfort motto includes, "CANDor."

By the way, I've just found the Rockets of Languedoc using the Rook / Rockby / Rocker rook. This is actually a great place to bring that topic up because we just saw Mullins / Mullens link to Joints and others who traced us like clowns to Geneva, the point being that Mullins use the moline cross with ends identical to the tops of rooks of the Rockefeller bloodline. Note how the top of the Rocket rook looks like the hat of a jester.

Unfortunately, the Coat of the Colchester Jesters/Gesters is not to be shown. However, Roquefeuil-related Huntingdons were first found in the same place as Colchester, and Chables/Chappels were first found in Huntingdon. Jests/Guests are in Joint colors, and Chables/Chapells traced to the very shore of lake Geneva, where the Joint motto term brought us even before Chablais was a topic. The Jest/Guest Coat (in Rocket colors) shows the Payen chevron, I think, because Payens married the Chappes', and because the French Chaplins use the same chevron.

French Mullins, with another blank white Shield, were first found in GAScony. There is a good chance that the Jesters and Jests, because they use Gas-like variations, trace to Roquefeuil elements in Gascony. Covenarum was in Gascony.

The choosing of Dempsey for the Joint Chiefs of Staff may not have been Obama's decision, as he's likely just a puppet of a higher order. The May-1 bin-Laden hoax, where Mullen and Obama were involved, is clue that the higher order is the Bavarian Illuminati to this day, under other names. Dachau is beside the Bavarian capital, Munich, and entering "Monk," as per the "warrior monk" that now rules Central Command (though he may be only a puppet too) gets a wyvern-using clan of Devon. It seems that Devon was a hub for Nazi elements. The German Munich/Munch surname, first found in the same place (Rhineland) as German Bush's, uses the Boyd checks, apparently, which are Hohen checks of the Stewart kind.

But the Boyd Coat is also the "Jewish" Mark/MARX Coat, which uses the same star as the Bavarian WEIS surname (i.e. the bloodline which visibly founded the Bavarian Illuminati). It's well know online that Karl Marx developed his Communist manifesto out of the Bavarian Illuminati, which can explain how a communist Obama (who seems in many ways to serve the Rhodians that provided the socialist Fabian societies) may be fixed with Nazi elements. Illuminatists are by nature intrusive, undermining radicals (same as rats) that know no laws, protect one another as they conduct illegal activity, and celebrate their cleverness as they go toward Armageddon, proud of standing up against Christ, and viewing themselves as wise for standing up against God, "the cruel one" in their minds. They are the humanitarians who will make the earth better than what God has accomplished, but they do not understand that all evils in the world are due to "humanitarians" from the Greek democrats and the Roman "pax" institutions (peace by war and brutal force).

English Marks use the Dutch Bush lion, both upright and in the colors of the upright Toulouse lions. This is important where the Irish Munich/Mannix/Managan surname (Cork), said to derive in "monk," uses the MacCarthy stag in the colors of the Arms of Auriol, near Thule-suspect Toulon, and beside Roquevaire. The Toulon area even traced to Cheneys. There are simply too many Nazi-suspect stripes in Rockefeller ancestry within these entities for these revelations not to be true. Cork and the Irish surnames are easily traced to the Massey bloodline at the root of the Hitler bloodline. There are lunatics, and of the worst "intelligent" kind, in these entities. It will soon be like Jeckell and Hyde, and their true stripes will begin to show, for there is an appointed time when demons will come out with fury, and overtake their human vessels so that we will see the "lambs" for who they truly are.

The real surname of the above-mentioned navy SEAL, Mark Owen, is all over the internet. It's Bissonette. It was first found in Languedoc, and uses the Stur/Stower Shield exactly, important because Sturs are Stewarts while it is highly suspect that Stewarts rule the U.S. military. Plus, Stewarts are the vein of the Alania / Kizlyar / Terek discussion, and Sturs are suspect as a branch of Stars (all-seeing-eye) encoded in "Star Trek." Sturs were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Terek-suspect Drakes...who are suspect in the Bavarian Illuminati.

Entering Bisson gets the Bessin/Beaston surname, perfect because French Sturs/Esturmys were first found in Manche, where Masseys lived that link to the Meschins of the Bessin. The tower in the Bessin Crest may be for Tourlaville, where French Sturs were first found. If you wish to view black-and-white checks as Illuminati checks, see them in the French Bisson Chief. The red-on-white lozenges of the latter Bissons were found recently in the Statton/Stathem and Coch Coats. Stattons/Stathems (first found in the same place as English Masseys) had traced to a variation of the name of Stevenage, which place is traced to Stephantsminda (Terek river) because there is a Coch-like mountain range there.

Cochs were first found in the same place (Bavaria) that we would expect the Bavarian Illuminati, and use Zionists stars in the colors of the same of the Weis Coat, while the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam WEIShaupt. The Weishaupt surname (meaning Weis-head), using an "ibex head" (= a goat) in Illuminati colors, was first found in the same place (Baden) as German Stattons, who use a goat too (in Steven colors), and that's the symbol of the Boofima > Baphomet cult that traces to Bavaria...which cult is probably overseen in an official capacity to some degree by Drakenberg.

We can trace Rockefellers to the Terek by other means, but as I expect Caiaphas lines at the Terek, first consider that Roquefeuils trace to RoqueVAIRE, suggesting the possibility that Roquefeuil-colored Coffers/CofFAREs are related to "RoqueVAIRE" just because Caiaphas lines are expected at RoqueFORT. Vairs are Veres who may trace to "Fort," but the "Audax" motto term of the English Fort surname is like the "Audacter" of Rockefeller-rooted Pollocks. It's suggesting that Forts were Rockefellers, but in this picture it seems that Veres and Rockefellers were virtually one in their common trace to MontFerrat. In fact, where the Feller Coat was mentioned shortly above, Rockefellers traced excellently to Geneva and therefore to Cuneo, the location of Montferrat.

To make the trace of Forts even harder to Rockefellers, French Fortes were first found in Guyenne = Gascony, the location of RoqueFORT, while English Forts use a quartered Shield in the colors of the same in the flag of Gascony. If that's not enough, French Forts use the same chevron as Fellers (trefoils).

Aha! German Forts use the upright lion in the colors of the RoqueFORT lion!!! This is especially super because, just minutes ago, I scrolled through all the Coats to find which surname uses the Kay bird, for French Forts use it, but I could not find it...until the Rockfort Coat was just re-loaded to show you a comparison with German Forts. There in the Rockfort Crest is the same gold bird used by French Forts (design matters!), Kays, and Kinners. I was going to say that the French Forts may use the Kay bird due to their being first found in GUYenne.

Aha some more! The Ince / Inch Coats use bendlets and torteaux like the Oriel/Orrel Coat (first found in the same place as Ince's). Then, while the Ince / Inch bendlets are in the colors of the Kay bendlets, Auriol is beside Roquevaire! That works.

Aha! I've only just learned that the griffin in the Scottish Kay Crest is the same white one as in the Kaplan/Chaplain Crest. Excellent, as this will help trace Caiaphas to Rockefellers, just as Veres trace to Pharisees. But it's been my opinion for years now that "CAIAphas" traces to mythical Kay/CAI!!! This is perhaps the best evidence yet for that trace, and it's sucking the Kaplans into the Caiaphas fold like a hungry...sucker.

It's imperative that the Kays trace to Cuneo, the location of the Exodus pharaoh, because Rockefellers are about to trace to Cuneo's Montferrat. The father of mythical Kay, Ector, is code for the Ector/Hector surname, and therefore for the HECtor / HECuba / Paris Trojans at the root of Pharisees, the same Trojans that I trace to HYKsos. But Kay's father was alternatively, "Cyner," according to Wikipedia, and then the Kay/Key surname even uses the motto, "Kynd Kynn Knawne Kepe." Here's the Rockfort / Kay bird in the Kinner Coat. As you can see, "Cyner" and "Kinner" smack of "Khyan," the name of the Exodus pharaoh...wherefore Kays/Keys and the Caiaphas line are themselves traced to that man. The Qewe/Kue location in Cilicia's Adana probably applies.

ZOWIE, did you catch the "Kepe" motto term of Kays??? That's the Kaplan Caiaphas dude, isn't it, the one with his thumb on the nuclear button in case Jesus returns for him suddenly. "Kepe" smacks even of the Hebron-related Keeps (first found in the same place as Coverts/COFFerts) with Weaver's shuttle that I trace to Sadducees.

We can therefore ask whether Kinners trace to "Cuneo," especially as the Kinner bend is gold on black, the colors of the Conn / Cony fesse. Moreover, Conns were first found in Aberdeen, beside the Fife location listed for the Kinners. Plus, the Kaplins/Chaplains to which the Kay griffin just traces use the Shield-and-Chief combination of Saluzzo's. Also, the "hope" motto term of Kinners, and their anchor, traces to the anchor of the German Hopes/Hoods/Hooperbuschs, while English Hoods use a fert for Montferrat elements, and link to the fert of AUDleys, who must trace to Aude, where Roquefeuil sits. Might the HOOPERbuschs trace to Cypros-rooted Coopers? Yes, for Bush's already traced to the Cypros line.

The colors of the Hope/Hood anchor are reversed from the FURman anchors, and we are even now on the vair FUR bloodline. The Furmans even show the gold-on-red martins (same design at this time but subject to change) of the Cheneys...who trace both to Cuneo and to the Exodus pharaoh. Note that French Chenays use a chevron like that of Fellers and English Hopes; let me remind that the "PRUDentia" motto term of Cheneys is now tracing to Prades just outside the south-Aude border, and therefore just south of the Corbieres Garebites. Moreover, as Corbieres is beside Narbonne while the Narbonnes/Nardi's use the Moratin tower, see that tower in the German Furman Coat.

Vair fur in the colors of the Nero/Neriti vair and the Vair checks is used by RockeFELLER-suspect Fleurs, while the Nero's/Neriti's are tracing well to NARbonne (i.e. near Roquefeuil). To better explain the Vere equation with Rockefellers, trace the one to proto-Varangian Rus in the ROStock theater, and the other to Roxolani Rus, but then figure in the Vere-Stewart equation because Stewarts and Roxolani were both Alans. Then, consider the Varni goddess, Nerthus, for she traces to the Roxolani kin, the Neuri, who trace to the vair-using Nero's/Neriti's. Can there be any difference between Rockefellers and Veres if indeed that latter were from the Varni? Yes. But the two appeared to merge when the Varni took on Nerthus at Roxolani-suspect Rostock. It was a dragon-infested area (heraldic-ly speaking), and the Vere wyVERN should trace to the Varni.

The Vernons should apply, who use the garbs in the colors of the Comyn/Cummings garbs (both Vernons and Comyns were first found in Cheshire). The Vernons use the Hazel Shield.

As the Reudigni were also Nerthus worshipers in the Varni theater, it supports my trace of the Varni, as with Varangians, to Redones out of Rhodes. I don't think Roxolani proper can be traced to the Rhodes > Redone line, but the Dananns of Rhodes do trace to Tanais in the land of the Sarmatian Alans. Roxolani appear to have taken the far-north route to Scandinavia.

Another Nerthus-worshiping tribe was called, Eudoses, which might just trace to "Aude." Yes, for as Roquefeuils trace to Geneva and Wallis, so Audeville in Savoy faces Wallis and Geneva. Where Nerthus was so important to these tribes, shouldn't we expect her in heraldry? The best idea in this regard, as the wyvern shows no curly eyelashes and wears no dress, is Vere-related Melusine. But then here's the Vernon Crest description: "A demi goddess holding three ears of wheat and a scythe." She's even in green like Melusine, and the Vere wyvern dragon.

The Nortons just came to mind as potential Nerthus-liners; of their three Coats, two use green Shields, and one even has a lion in the colors of the Roquefeuil colors. But this lion is the color of the Morgan lion that traces to Morgan le Fay, highly suspect as the Melusine of the Veres! Besides, the Norton / Morgan lion should trace to Geneva's Morges location, but then Geneva was just found to be of Cuneo elements, which should explain why some Nortons show a CONNacht/ConNAUGHTEN variation. The latter's write-up even traces to MORay: "Great confusion reigns between the Scottish Clan McNaughten (vide). Some learned scholars of the Irish McNaghtens claim to be descended of the Pictish race, being one of three clans of the old Maormors of Moray, Kings of the Picts who claimed title to the Kingdom of Scotland."

Recall the Joys of MORGANnwg, whose "Mors aut" motto phrase suggested Aude and Morgan elements together. The Joys and Spocks/Specks share the same red eagle, but the latter surname includes what was already gleaned to be the bars of Lusignan...where Melusine is known to trace! The Nortons/Connachts appear to use the same sword design of Shots/Shutes, Dempseys...and AUDES!!!

As the Neuri were said by Herodotus to be wolf worshipers, the black wolf in the Norry Crest suggests the Neuri line. As the Norry write-up claims the clan to be a sept of McLeods, who also have the Herod and Hurl septs, it's likely that the Norry fesse traces to the Covert fesse.

Of further interest is the Moratin towers used by Scottish Nortons, for these are used by Narbonnes whose Nardi variation already traced to the Neriti variation of Nero's (vair fur) and therefore traces well to "Nerthus"! I'm convinced much already that "Norton" is a surname in honor of Nerthus.

Scottish Norvilles/Normanmiles (Berwickshire) show a bend in colors reversed to the Varn bend, and even show the martins again, important here because Norths and martin-using Coverts were first found in the same place. It's starting to notify that North and similar surnames were not named after the geographical north, but after Nerthus.

Where Roquefeuils and Stewarts of Aude traced to Garebites, so should the Varni, which is where the Gripp/Grabber/Graben/Craver Coat comes in, same bend as the Varn bend. As Roquefort is at Comminges, it may be that Herod Agrippa had a line to this surname.

I don't think anyone but the Veres have brought forward evidence that an historical Mile de Ver was a count of Anjou / Angers, as is the claim of the Drakenberg Vere who adds that Milo was a son of Milouziana / Melusine of Avalon. But here we now find a Nerthus-likely surname with a NormanMILE variation. Besides, while one Norman surname was shown to use the Shield-and-Chief combination of Tanners, the same combination (almost) is used by Swedish Nords/Norells.

English Norvilles/Norrels use the martlets in other colors, but as they were first found in NOTTinghamshire, what about that Norton/NAUGHTon surname? It now appears that Nortons got their Naughton variation from the Cnut/Canute Danes who named Nottingham. What's interesting here is that the English Norvilles use their bend and symbols in colors reversed to Sales, which may prove that the Connaughten variation of Nortons traces to "Cuneo." After all, the martins in both Norville bends are in the design of the Cheneys using the Sale(man) bend. Of some interesting intrigue is where one Norman-surname Chief uses fleur in colors reversed to the Sale fleur, for this tends to clinch a link between Normans and Norvilles, meaning that Normandy was not necessarily named after "northman" as is assumed, but may have been named after Nerthus. After all, the Sinclair viking rooster traces now to "ROSTock" on the Warnow river.

There are three ways to prove that both English Norman surnames trace to the Normandy Sinclairs: 1) by the leopards used in the one Coat; 2) the Suffolk location of both branches, where Clares were first found; 3) the colors of the three bars of the one Coat, in the colors of the triple Clare chevron. Fourthly, as the Clare chevrons trace to the same of Dutch Burgs, who became ConteVILLEs, it can explain the NorVILLE variation of this family.

AHA! Another key clue to the heraldic mysteries. The Norvell variation suggested "Norbell," which gets the Nobels using blue lions in the colors of the Norville martins, and colors reversed to the North lion. The Nobel lions are in the colors of the so-called "cappeo" lions, the lion colors tracing to Caiaphas and/or Cypros.

The Scottish Normans use a gold-on-black lion, the color of the lions in the Arms of Kyburg (Switzerland), but used also by Hagels...who traced recently to the Aguilar/Aguiar surname itself related to Kaplans/Chaplans. As the latter are definitely a Caiaphas line at the moment, while Normans trace to the Nerthus cult now found also in the Nobels, the case for tracing Kay-line Caiaphas to KYburg has just gotten better. Moreover, the Scottish Norman lion is in the colors of Campbells in particular, because both they and Scottish Normans were first found in Argyllshire. That's just one reason that Cypros, who traces definitely to the MacArthurs of the Campbell fold, can be included in this discussion. Her name smacks of "Kyburg."

It must have been fortuitous timing that the Maschi lion was traced to the Kyburg lions only recently, and on such intuitive basis that I doubt many readers agreed with, or trusted, it. But here I now find that the Maschi lion is identical, colors included, with the North lion. It's important because I've been tracing Coverts to Kyburg while I now find that Norths and Coverts were both first found in Sussex. The Norths even use the Leopold dragon head, while I traced the Coverts leopard to Leopolds. The Leopold dragon is green and should therefore trace to the green wyVERN of Veres, and to the green goddess, Nerthus, in the VERNon Crest. There are even Swiss Leopolds using lions in Maschi / North lion colors. German Leopolds use a solid chevron in colors reversed to the solid chevron of the Chappes'.

After all the above was written, I found what I can only assume to be the Varn / Gripp bend in the Italian Rocco bend. It wasn't a sheer accident, but came with sheer delight. It started with the "Jewish" Feller Coat (no write-up to speak of, as usual with Jewish pages), re-checked just now because it uses the same format as the North Coat. The trace of the Varni to Roquefeuil is new not far above, and so a Feller link to Norths would be highly appreciated. When the FellTRAGER variation of Fellers was spotted a little earlier, it behooved a check for a Trager surname...which, like the Rook Crest with garb, and like the Corby/Corbett surname (in Varn/Gripp/Grabber colors) tracing to Corbieres beside Roquefeuil, uses the raven.

This was doubly welcomed because Tragers smack of the Terek > Drake line. The TreGEAR variation may link to Gears / Geiers / Griers / Gierers. It smacks of the Treveri that are probably a Varni branch. A click to the German Trager/Trogen Coat (Trojans?) got a saw-toothed bend that I didn't at the moment know where to link. But after writing above, the Rocco surname jumped to mind, and what excellent timing, but by then I had already seen the Trager bend, which is identical (essentially) in design to the Rocco bend. Both use perfect-square teeth, though the Rocco teeth are smaller and more numerous. And so there you have the Tragers, who started with the Felltragers, linking to Rocco's, proving, if ever you had any doubts, that Fellers are a Rockefeller branch (and that design matters!). It has the added bonus of linking to the Varn bend, which is remarkable because it comes not more than a couple of hours after introducing the Varni merger with Rockefellers.

As the Treveri worshiped the tree-cutter god, Esus, what about the tree stumps in the Corp Coat? The write-up traces the surname to the Norse for "raven." The stumps are green, perhaps Roquefeuil green, especially if the Corp's trace to Corbieres. The tree stumps are also in the colors of the original Visconti snake. Italian Milan's show a tree stump with Shield colors split into those of the Corp stumps. It's important where Ottone Visconti of Milan traces to the Eudoses, and suggests that the Corp's were raven-depicted vikings. Their tree stump is in the colors of Hamar in Norway, and surrounding areas such as Hedmark. Hamar is in the Sweden border, and then the Swedish Nords use a "green boat."

The Ottone/Oddi chevron is in the colors of the Aude swords, but then the Ottone/Oddi chevron traces to the same-colored Chappes chevron. Could this trace Caiaphas to the Eudoses? Shouldn't we expect "Odin" to be from Eudoses? To where does Odin trace? I traced him to the Sitones of Gotland, which traced to Sion/Sitten, where we find a Saxon location, important because the Nerthus worshipers could easily have been the proto-Saxons. The Eudoses are viewed by many as proto-Jutes, but I trace them to the Aedui peoples of Autun, beside Nevers where I traced Nibelungs and Nobels! It's verifying that Nobels were from Norville elements of the Nerthus cult. Plus, Avallon is in that very Autun area, and that traces to mythical Avalon, home of Melusine = Nerthus.

It just so happens that Tacitus, who gave a list of the Nerthus worshipers, included the Lombards among them, and then the Arms of Lombardy is what looks like a white quatreFOIL on a green Shield (colors of the Milan-surname Shield), the colors of the RoqueFEUIL Shield. It's important because a white quatrefoil-like symbol is used in the Arms of Comminges, where Roquefeuils have traced. The capital of Lombardy just happens to be Milan. The Corp tree stumps are in colors reversed to the Lombardy Arms. Therefore, the Ottone-of-Milan family looks like a Eudoses-Lombardy mix.

It can be added that the Gripps were traced to the Gripel location in Brittany found in the Voir write-up. I won't get into all the details again of the Voir trace to Esau, but will repeat that Voirs use the Mackie/MacKEY lion design, which is almost the Maschi / North lion. As Mackies/Mackeys (on the mainland from Avalon) use a raven while Stewarts were part of the raven-depicted vikings, it's likely that Voirs were of the Dol Alans, who had been revealed in Corp-like Corbieres. Didn't we trace vikings to the Corbieres theater?

The Voir lion should therefore trace to the Nerthus cult of the Varni / North and Eudoses > Aude kind, but besides this the Kays/Keys are now a Caiaphas line as a certainty, if Keys/Kays were of the Mackeys. As we just saw Kays and Norvilles trace to Cuneo elements of the Cheney kind, by what coincidence do Voirs use the same motto term, "prudentia," as Chenays?

This would not be a bad place to remind that the Nagle write-up traces to an D'Angulo surname smacking of the Angle tribe of Nerthus worshipers. Besides, the "nihil" motto term of Veres is code for the Neil/Nihill surname (while German Nagles are also "Nail/Neil." Compare the VERNon Coat to the Nagle Coat above to see that Nagles trace to the Angles. But while Nagles use lozenges on their fesse, Vernons use the garb, which in the Rook Coat comes with a raven. But see that the Rook chevron is in the colors of the Nagle and Vernon fesse, and like the latter two, the Rooks use gold symbols upon it. Don't forget that it's the Vernon Crest using the green goddess. You just saw evidence again that Rockefellers trace to the Nerthus worshipers.

Let's now bring back the Norville/Normanmile surname, and check with the Mile surname to see if it can't be linked to the line of Melusine = Nerthus > Milo of Anjou. The Mile Coat is a moline cross used by the Mullin/Moline/Moulin surname (in Varn colors) that can trace to Milan, where we just saw what looked like Nerthus worshipers. But the Mullins/Moline's/Moulins are traced in their write-up to Falaise, and that was found to be the Rockefeller line. The Milan discussion above landed in the Aedui / Avallon theater so that it does. indeed, trace the Miles, potentially anyway, to Melusine.

The Miles were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Corp's, Bush's, Walker's, blah-blah, and where the saltire of German Nagles traces. The Miles use a gold-on-blue lozenge at the center of their moline cross, and it just so happens that Irish Nagles/Angulo's show the same colored lozenges. The Milo-de-Vere mystery is clearing up, but note also that Mile's were first found in the same place (HAMPshire) as Drakes, where Fellers/Felltragers and the Joint Chiefs of Stiffnecks should trace. The footless martin design in the Miles Crest is shared by Cheneys, Norvilles, and the "new" French Alan Coat, the latter being the military rulers of the global orb. Caw-caw, went the raven, and it crapped all over the planet. And guess who has to clean it up?

The Crow line traces to the 666 of Patmos. The Stewarts probably have the hair at this time to bring it out in spite of the Biblical warnings. That's because the Saxons are predicted to be one of the most crass peoples ever, next to the Trojo-Romans. The goddess in the Vernon Crest is even donning a scythes, nothing of beauty, but a symbol of a crass and brute peoples who are headed for the sickle of God's winepress business.

The "industria" motto term of Miles is used by Fiddes/Fothes, in the colors of the Varns. The Fiddes/Fothes were first found in the same place (Aberdeen) as Orrins using the same lozenges as Lombards/Limbaughs of Renfrew, where also the Orrs were first found who use a Shield-and-Chief combination in colors reversed from the same of Dempers (of Orne), part of the Dempsey bloodline that now advises the president of the United States on how to proceed militarily. Previous to Dempsey, it was Mullen, from the Mile line, I think I'm sure.

"Industria" is used also by the Fleming-related Slanes (Meschin colors), who show a bend in colors reversed from the Varni bend. The Slanes even show martins again, in the colors of the Cheney martins. But as the Slanes were first found in Shropshire (where Meschins were first found who lived there with Stewarts), these martins should link to the Stewart martins. You understand here that the Stewart rule over the U.S. military is also a Vere-of-Varni rule, and including the Massey / Meschin bloodline. Slanes use the green Leslie griffin, and they too were of Aberdeen.

Irish Mullens, who love the sword and use crescents in colors reversed from the Savoy Masseys/Massaie's, were first found in Norton-related Connacht, now tracing to Cuneo. It's the Khyan line of Hyksos with his Mus household that named Moses, and soon, the Second Moses is coming to unleash plaques all over again on his continued insolence.

English Mullens, using the same crescents as Irish Mullens, were first found in the same place as the Norville-related Norman surname, thus supporting the Mullen trace to the Nerthus cult of the Mile / NormanMILE kind. It's the sword loving Saxons and other scyhthian dragons, who, even when the world is at peace, must go round seeking to conquer all, but slippery tongue or by war, whatever it takes.

The Molton location in the Mullin/Moline/Moulin write-up takes us to the Molton/Molson surname, using what should be a version of the Irish Arthur Coat, as the surname was first found in Devon. That should explain the "EX industria" motto of the Mile's, and the sword that crops up continually unto the Seal of the Joint Chief of Staff. It's the Exeter crew from king Arthur, and his Halybes iron sword, a strange band of homosexual warriors.

The Moltons/Molsons, from Meules in Calvados, appear to trace to Meulan, using an Arms (just red and gold checks throughout the Shield) in the Molton/Molson-Shield colors. Meulan was ruled at one time by the Beaumonts, now revealed as Bellamy's. The AshMOLEs can be traced to Moltons/Molsons by way of the Shuck write-up:

"...Their origin prior to the year 1200 is obscured but most assume it to be descended from Herlwin, the Domesday tenant of Shuckburgh who held the manor from the Count of Meulan in the year 1086 or from Alwin, the tenant of the other half who held it from THORKell of Warwick. The Shuckburgh family have held the manor ever since."

It just so happens that Shacks/Shakerlys (probably the Conn / Cony rabbit) use "MOLE hills," and that Shakespeares (in Ashmole colors) use the Varn bend. Shakespeares were even first found in Nottingham, where we saw the Nerthus cult merged as Nortons with Nottingham elements to form the Naughten / Connacht variation, not forgetting that Mullens were first found in Connacht. All of these many traces to Nerthus are new for me, and it's tracing the superior military peoples of the United States to that mother goddess, which should explain why we are inundated with Mother-Earth mentality in these last days.

The Thorkel character of Warwick suggests Angl-Thork, an Armenian god that may reveal Armenian roots for all Nerthus worshipers. Indeed, as the Excalibur sword must trace to Halybes of Phrygia, they do trace to the Armenian line of Manes through to Lydians. Warwick traces to Warsaw, which uses Melusine holding a sword. I now understand this as the Nerthus cult in Warsaw, the Masovia capital, not forgetting that the dukes of Masovia used the red wyVERN of Drakes. WARsaw and WARwick may trace, therefore, to the WARNow river. But as Drakes just entered the picture, what about an Angl-THORK trace to the Terek river. Hmm.


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