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May 1 - 6, 2019

Another Dream Proves News-Relevant
I Went Skiing as a Pointer to Andrew McCabe
My Shorts

I had a dream mid-week. I don't remember any scenes, just the saying, "the password is Weisman." I can't be sure if the spelling of the latter term was like that, rather than "Wiseman," but I lean on "Weisman" aside from the fact that Andrew Weissmann has been the lead lawyer for Mueller's 16 other rodents. Under Obama, Weissmann "has been the chief of the criminal fraud section of the U.S. Department of Justice."

There is a question on whether God pre-arranged symbols for any surname, in a specific attempt to point to certain individuals with this dream. The word, "password," leads quickly to what looks like two Mueller-related things. Also, there is some heraldic value in following "password" and "Weissman" that touches upon Caiaphas-line suspects.

Naturally, I loaded the Words, the Pass'/Pascals and Weissmans / Wisemans to take a preliminary look at what this dream could be about. One of the first things to be noted is the white bend on checks of English Words, for it's used also by Wards who in-turn have a motto, "COMME je FUS," looking like a pointer to James Comey and Fusion GPS. Fusion-like Fussen happens to be a location in Bavaria, where Weis/Wise's and Wies' were first found who share two white wings in Crest with Weissmans/Wisemans. The latter's wings are partially blue, same as proto-Rothschild Bauers, first found in Bavaria with Weissmans/Wisemans. Comme's/Gumms were first found in Cambridgeshire with Fuss'/Fusswells/Fussils, and the latter's cross is in the colors of the Pass/Pascal cross.

(Use the Weissmann link above to load any Coat of Arms, which you need to do in order to follow best).

What are the chances that Scottish Words should be first found in Stirlingshire with Lecks while Fussen is on the Leck river, while we just saw Word-branch Wards pointing to a Fussen-like term? The Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Words is that of Comme's/Gumms, and both have white items in their Chief. It appears that God chose "the password is Weisman" in order to nail James Comey with the Fusion-GPS crime.

I have to admit, that when I awoke this morning with this dream on my mind, I once again, as I often do with dreams at first, doubted that it was God's pointer. I didn't see enough, in my head, without getting on the computer, to verify that God was in it. Then, when starting to investigate on the computer, things like what you saw above materialized. But lookie here at what else materializes, for if God wanted to point to Perkins COIE (the law firm of Hillary Clinton which hired Fusion GPS to conduct the crime), we could expect His doing so with Coys, who use the Coat of English Wisemans exactly! Bingo. Comme's/Gumms were first found in Cambridgeshire with Fuss'/Fusswells/Fussils...and Coys!

We can even suggest that "the password is Weisman" is God's code for the spying operations conducted by the Mueller rats into other peoples' personal files. They justified it by inventing a crime (pretext) that did not take place.

The "inDIGNE" motto term of Scottish Words suggests the Diggens/Dickons/DICKIE's, and it just so happens that one of Mueller's 17 lawyers was Ryan Dickie. Just look at that.

From Diggens/Dickens, we can go to Decans and Deacons because both use a version of the Pass/Pascal Coat if all we emphasize are its eagles. ArchDEACONs/Archdickens share three black chevrons (rare) with French Levi's. The three of Archdickens are colors reversed from the three of English Wise's ("SaPERE"), which is completely astounding seeing that Dickens entered the discussion at the motto of Scottish Words. The Wise Crest is even a red lion, the Decan / Deacon symbol (compare with the Rhodes').

The black-on-white lions of Pass'/Pascals are shared by Jewish Levi's, and English Words are good for connecting the three leopard heads upon their bend to the same of Levi-beloved Aids/ADE's, whom I trace to ADA of Warenne, and it just so happens that Warrens use a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the same of Wards and Words.

Lookie at what was found a couple of hours after writing the paragraph above: "Weissmann...then clerked for Judge Eugene Nickerson in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York." The motto of Nickersons/Nicholsons shares "AD astra" with FISCs/Fisks!!! The FISA court, called, FISC, was used in the Fusion-GPS crime!! Is it not remarkable that we came to "ad"-using Fiscs while speaking on Ada of Warenne?

The Fiscs/Fisks share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's, and as Stelli's share eight pointed stars with Batti's, Battistelli's can be gleaned with a Steele branch, especially as the latter shares billets in Chief with the Battistelli Chief. Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele to conduct the crime at the FISC. The Crest of Fessys, whom I see as a Fisk branch, share roughly the symbol of Scottish Words.

AHA! Eugene Nickerson's mother was Miss COMstock (Comey branch?), and the motto of Comstocks/Cumstocks is "Nid CyFOETH" (entire motto of Gernons), which I've traced to FOETes, the alternative name of Fussen!!! Amazing, for it seems that God wants to drag Nickerson into this picture. Fessys are said to be from Burghs, and then there was John de Burgo of Conteville and Comines. John de Burgo was the gr-gr-gr-grandfather of Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon.

Steele's were first found in Cheshire with Nickle's/Nichols, the latter sharing the Coy / Wiseman pheon. Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon was an earl in Cheshire, where Dons were first found who share the double chevrons of Nickersons/Nicholsons (Cumberland, where Meschins ruled). The Nickerson/Nicholson Crest shares the red Steele lion head. Comstocks (Wales, same as Macey-related Fane's) share the elephant with Mascals and are thus suspect as a Comine branch at Commins and/or Commins Coch of Wales (those locations are in the write-up of English Comine's).

Back to the Diggens variation of Dickens/Dickie's, suspect from the Word motto. Decans and Deacons share the red lion with red-lion-head Steels. The Digg/Duck lions are those of Duce's (full Gernon Coat in colors reversed), first found in Staffordshire with Diggens/Dickie's. Duke's might be sharing chaplets with Words.

I see Warrens from the Varni Germanics, whose goddess, Nerthus, is a form of "Neretva," the river of the VARDaei, the fairly-obvious line to the Varde's in the Ward write-up. There's lots of heraldic value there for the lines of the Jews who killed Jesus.

"Varde is a motto term of MANDELs/Mansells/Mangels, tending to explain the WeisMANTEL variation of Weissmans, for German Mandels/Mantels share the Zionist Weis/Wise hexagrams. Wies' (Dol fesse?) likely share the heart of Wagers, the latter expected from the Wagrians on the Warnow river of the Varni.

AIDs/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Artems/AITons, and the latter's Coat is much like that of Pass'/Pascals where the latter use red eagles with their red cross. The red eagle is that of Ferte's, and Vardys are said to have been rulers of Ferte. It makes surnames such as "Ferte" and "Ferrat" suspect with "Vardaei," and it just so happens that Fers/Ferrats use a Shield filled with checks half in the colors of the Warren / Word / ward checks. As the Vardaei were also called, Ardiaei, the line to Arthurs (Berwickshire, same as Artems/Aitons) and the Arduinici, it explains why the Arduinici of Ivrea are at MontFERRAT. Fussen-like Fossano is beside Montferrat. An Arduinici branch was at ONEGLia, the line to Nagle's and Nagle's/Nails/NEILS, which should explain the "Nil" motto term of Scottish Words. Diggs/Ducks are in Duck/Logan while Ducks/Logens use NAILs.

Having said that, the Fers/Ferrats are likely a branch of Vairs/Viers'/Fers', for they both use a Shield filled with checks, the latter using them in the colors of the same of Fiscs/Fisks. The rulers of Montferrat, when they ruled as Vasto's in Saluzzo, used a blue Chief with white Shield, as do Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's.

Staffordshire, where Diggens/Dickie's were first found, is also where Stops/Stubbs were first found who share the Coy / Wiseman pheons. The Stops/Stubs even share the bend-with-buckles, in colors reversed, with Stirlings, first found in Stirlingshire. It's very likely that Scottish Words use a CHAPlet because Stirlingshire is where Chappes'/Cheaps' were first found, and, besides, Cambridgeshire, where Ward-beloved Comme's/Gumms were first found, is where Chapmans/Chepmans and Capone's were first found.

French Josephs once showed a giant swan in the colors of the five of Chaplets. Words use chaplets likely. The password is Weisman. It can be gleaned that English Josephs were kin of Caplans and Chaplains, so why not also Chaplets?

The Word write-up: "The surname Word was first found in Stirling...which now makes up parts of the Council Areas of East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, North Lanarkshire and Stirling, where they held a family seat in their territories." Lanarkshire is where Joslyns were first found, potential Josephs, and Joslyns do use the giant chaplet. Beside Lanarkshire were the Paisleys/Pasleys, from the Pasi's/PASCELs, yup. The latter share the thistle with Scottish Words, and this thistle may be from the area of Pithiviers, the latter being where Aude's lived. Aude's are expected in the mottoes of Pollocks (at Paisley) and English Wise's.

So far as I can tell, I've exhausted discussion on this morning's dream. I deleted the part where I said I became a Christian on Demaine crescent, but am re-telling it for a couple of reasons. I was saying that my first girlfriend as a Christian was Miss Pascal. I had never seen her before when we first kissed, but she happened to live a few houses down from me, both of us on Demaine. I was asking how that street name may have had other pointers to Andrew Weissmann, because this morning's dream suggested a Weissman link to Pass'/Pascals. But not finding any other links, even though I checked out the Diane and Muschat surnames, I deleted the entire entry.

However, I remembered that Weissmann attended Geneva university, and that Geneva's/Genova's share white wings with Weissmans. And when Geneva's/Genova's loaded, zowie, it was seen that they share the horizontally-split Shield of Weissmans in both colors. Did God arrange for Weissmann to attend that particular university just to make this link of his to an event in my life? What for? Thus far in my work, Geneva's are a pointer to pedophilia. This came about through a 13-year old girl, Geneva, the adopted daughter of Miss Hicks, and the latter was in a dream I had, in 1979, about a week after I became a Christian on Demaine crescent. I met Miss Pascal about three months after this dream.

Plus, my third and last girlfriend while living on Demaine was Diane MUSCHATov, a Ukrainian (!), and then Diane's/Deans were first found in Sussex with Diens/Dives', the latter sharing the upside-down (rare) white wing with Geneva's/Genova's. I can glean that this is the white wing of Masci's (Piedmont, same as Geneva's/Genova's), and Masci's are a branch of Sussex's Mascals, and probably of Muscats / Muschats (related to Gernons). Plus, the latter share the upright lion of Diane's/Deins! That's pretty amazing. What does it mean? Does it point to the Ukrainians now making news in the real Russia-collusion to destroy Trump? Diane's parents still had their Ukrainian accents. It appears that Weissmans use the Massey fleur-de-lys.

Is it coincidental that Italian Diane's use three crowns only in the colors of what look like three crowns of Scottish Steels? Doesn't this look like a pointer to the Steel dossier?

Keiths come up as Mascals, and their three, gold pale bars in Chief look linkable to the three, gold Steel billets in Chief while the Steel lion is also that of Muscats/Mousquette's. The black antelope of the latter is that of Singletarys too, and while the three chevrons of Singletarys are colors reversed from the same of Muschats/Montfiquets, the Singletary antelope has plates (white roundels), the symbol of Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels who named Musselburgh in the Lothian land of Mascals/Keiths. But what could all this mean as per the Weissmann rodents? Why would God put me together with Miss Muschatov even if it was intended to point to Weissmann's rodents?

Pass/Pascals are said to have had a branch at Much, and Much's are listed with Muschats. I've been claiming for years now that God chose my girlfriends as part of this heraldic revelation, and there you have more proof where Miss Muschatov links to Miss Pascal.

I'd like to refresh your memory as to how Fiscs/Fisks entered the discussion above, after you read below on Rod Fisk and William Campbell in the Uranium One scandal:

...But unbeknownst to his colleagues, Campbell also was serving as an FBI informant gathering evidence that Fisk, Tenex executive Vadim Mikerin and several others were engaged in a racketeering scheme involving millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks, plus extortion and money laundering. Justice Department officials confirmed the emails and documents gathered by Campbell, saying they were in the possession of the FBI...

Campbellís debriefing files also show he regularly mentioned to FBI agents in 2010 a Washington entity with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton that was being paid millions to help expand Tenexís business in the United States. The entity began increasing its financial support to a Clinton charitable project after it was hired by the Russians, according to the documents.

Campbell is/was the client of Victoria Toensing, wife of Joe DiGENOVA, which name starts off much like "Diggen." Hmm. I have, for a long time, been linking the Fisk-like Fieschi of Genova to the Genova/Geneva surname. The latter's white wings are suspect with the same-colored (both colors) eagle of the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova, and found in the motto of Fieschi-like Fessys.

Repeat: "Lookie at what was found a couple of hours after writing the paragraph above: "Weissmann...then clerked for Judge Eugene Nickerson in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York." The motto of Nickersons/Nicholsons shares "AD astra" with FISCs/Fisks!!! The FISA court, called, FISC, was used in the Fusion-GPS crime!!!" That's how Fisks entered the discussion on the password-Weisman dream, after it had already provided crisp pointers to the Fusion scandal.

Soon after, the Geneva's/Genova's entered like so: "However, I remembered that Weissmann attended Geneva university, and that Geneva's/Genova's share white wings with Weissmans. And when Geneva's/Genova's loaded, zowie, it was seen that they share the horizontally-split Shield of Weissmans in both colors." Then the Ukrainian, Miss Muschatov, entered. The writer of the Hill article above is John Solomon, the same who's breaking the story on Democrat collusion with the Ukrainian government, the same whom Mueller ignored and protected.

Uranium One was Obama's crime. It is one thing to get along on friendly terms with Russia to stave off a nervous world, but quite another to invite Russia to own a large chunk of American uranium, which only makes things more nervy, especially as there is every inclination in me to see Obama's goal as destroying the United States. If Obama is behind the current attacks on Trump, let him become naked.

Uh-oh: "Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI....[Campbell] collected over 5,000 documents and briefs over a six year period, some of which detail efforts by Moscow to route money to the Clinton Foundation...The Obama FBI knew about the bribery scheme, yet the administration still approved the Uranium One deal. To thank him for his service, Campbell was paid $51,000 by FBI officials at a 2016 celebration dinner in Chrystal City". Chrystal City??? I didn't know of this city until now, but God did send me to Crystal City of Texas to point out crimes of Rockefellers.

Just because the Obama government was spying on the Russians in their Uranium endeavors does NOT necessarily mean that the Obamaites were not seeking to score lucratively in that game. Perhaps they were spying to assure the success of their crimes, and of course to assure that the Russians kept their sides of any bargains, a primary one of which would have been to keep the operations absolutely insulated from media and public. Mueller knows a lot of that thing, and Barr may be on-side with the Republicans who opposed it. The FBI wants us to believe that it permitted Campbell to do things illegal for Americans, on behalf of Russians, so as not to blow his spy cover, but what if some FBI people were a benefiting part of those deals without Campbell knowing?

Hmm, why didn't Mueller oppose the Uranium One deal? What stake did the Bush's have in this? Why do Weissmans share the giant Bush fleur? Were Mueller and Weissmann working together against Trump and Manafort in order to suppress / hide their own unauthorized involvement in the Uranium deal?

"Of note, Rod Rosenstein failed to interview Campbell before prosecuting Vadim Mikerin when Rosenstein was Maryland's chief federal prosecutor, instead relying on the evidence Campbell had gathered. This backfired after prosecutors insisted on sitting down with Campbell to glean more information - forcing prosecutors to recast their entire case against Mikerin." Hmm, it was Rosenstein who hired Mueller to go against Trump and Manafort.

Campbell said: "On two occasions my [FBI] handlers were particularly excited, claiming that my undercover work had been briefed to President Obama as part of his daily presidential briefing." Ahh, Obama wanted to know everything that was going on, the invisible clown seeking to juggle between acting for the people and in reality working for self. He always tried to keep his fingerprints off of corrupt operations, and his puppet fools, whose fingerprints he wanted on those operations, protect him to this day for fear they will all turn on one another.

When Campbell asked the FBI why all of the illegal schemes he uncovered weren't being prosecuted, he was explicitly told it was political:
"I remember one response I got from an agent when I asked how it was possible CFIUS would approve the Uranium One sale when the FBI could prove Rosatom was engaged in criminal conduct. His answer: 'Ask your politics,' " Campbell said.

Since his undercover work in Russia, Campbell has undergone 35 intensive radiation treatments after being diagnosed with brain cancer and leukemia.

Ah, they are murdering him quiet, after using him.

I find it amazing here that the Weissman Shield is the Genova Shield while both surnames share white wings. The Genova wing design is that of Bauers, first found in Bauer-like Bavaria with Weis', Wies', and Weissmans. The dastardly Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam WEIShaupt. The Bauer wings are blue, as are half the Weissman wings. This heraldic link of Weissmans to Genova's may have been God's arrangement for pointing to Joe DiGenova, who, I assume, is or was Campbell's lawyer too. I think that, under Barr, DiGenova's knowledge of what went on might just be revealed, if Barr doesn't get killed first, all the more reason to declassify first, before anyone gets killed in order to stop declassification.

ďIíve never heard of such a case unless the victim is dead. Iíve never heard of prosecutors making a major case and not talking to the victim [Campbell] before you made it, especially when he was available to them through the FBI,Ē Dershowitz said.

ďIt is negligence, and Iím sure there will be internal issues with the Justice Department and U.S. attorney for making such an obvious mistake,Ē he said.

Dershowitz must know it's more than mere negligence of a mistake. It was part of the corruption plot not to interview Campbell because the plotters had decided beforehand what the storyline should be, and Campbell, not part with the plotters, could only cause the storyline problems with the truths he knew. If the Clintons were making money on this, why not Obama and the highest levels of the FBI? Why not Loretta Lynch?

What else could, "the password is Weisman," mean? Is Weissmann the man that allows others into the Mueller program? Can no one get in unless they know the password with Weissmann?

I struggled while writing the above as to why my second girlfriend, when living at Demaine crescent, was Kelly. I can't remember her surname. I had suggested that she was a pointer to John Kelly, and here it's interesting that Welsh Johns can easily be a branch of Welsh Jone's/Jones' who share the giant Kelly lion. While pondering this, I recalled that Grace Kelly married prince Grimaldi of Monaco, which made me recall that Monaco's share the giant Kelly lion too. Then I remembered my reading that Grimaldi's of Genova were related to the FISC-like Fieschi there. Immediately as I finished the last sentence, I realized I had been singing, "GRACE will lead me home," from a song, Grace Will Lead me Home, by David Dunn. It was nearly ended, meaning that it was probably playing as I mentioned Grace Kelly. Confirmation that Kellys are to be linked to Grimaldi's?

Grimaldi's share the COCK Coat, and Jone's/Jones' were first found in Denbighshire with a Commins location of the Comine's, yet a little to the south, still in Wales, is a Commins COCH location. Cockers/Cockets were first found in Norfolk with Comine's. Grace's/Grasse's named Grasse, near Monaco, and then English Grasse's/Crace's (Lincolnshire, same as Kelly-like Keele's) once again have the Kelly / Monaco / Jones lion, not to mention the James lion in case James' are a Jones branch. It's colors reversed in the Jean/Janes Coat. Checking Leads as per "Grace will LEAD me home," Leads apparently use a so-called COCKatiel in Crest. That's pretty amazing. I know for a fact that Presleys use a cockatiel.

In fact, it's utterly amazing, for Presleys use two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and then Kellys use a white version of the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat (both have a white tower between two lions combattant). That is astounding. What are the chances? CockaTIEL's are probably part-code for Tile's, who use a cockatiel-like wyvern dragon (two legs only).

Immediately after writing "Jean/Janes" above, a song line played, "Your GRACE has FOUND me just as I am," from a song, Majesty. I then wrote the part on Leads and Abreu's. Founds are also Fontes'/Fonds, first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's whom I see in the Conteville's, the ones who ruled Comines (Artois), Commins and Commins Coch. I've got to tell you, these types of song miracles from God regularly come on Saturday nights. I think this instance, and the last two, have been late on Saturday night.

For those familiar with my work, you may have read that when I was at Kelly's place, God promised me that "You shall have a song."

More amazing. I've just looked up the Tonsings, the closest thing I could find to "Toensing," the surname of Joe DiGenova's wife. I recall that Tonsings use candelABRA, apparent code for Abreu-like Abra's/Abreys (same place as Keele's and Cheile's). That's amazing because we just saw Kellys with a version of the Abreu Coat, and, besides, CANDLEsticks are used by Kelly-like Kyle's, is that not wild? We got here from DiGenova's wife. I've got the distinct feeling that this attorney duo are being pointed to by God. But why?

WOW! "You shall have a SONG." Songs/Singers share the three garbs of Sticks in the candleSTICKs of Kelly-like Kyle's!!!

I believe that God showed us that this very song theme from Kelly belongs also to Miss Hicks and her daughter, Geneva. It was shown on the night of September 11, 2002, when I sat in the latter's seat, and beside Miss Hicks, on the night she sang two songs, when God pointed to Leaks, who share the Demaine fleur. This was 23 years after I first saw Miss Hicks in a dream at Demaine crescent. The thing I did immediately before sitting next to her was to set up her camera, and it's Camera's/Camerons who love Cheile's in their motto. God verified that Camera's/Camerons were being pointed to with Miss Hick's sandals and the "scoot" word that came out of her mouth. It sounds crazy, I know.

If you read about my mugging (late April, 1994), you may know that I was in Victoria, Texas, the day after, for my first and last time. That day was an act of God, a prelude to what he would do at the 9-11 memorial, when I sat beside Miss Hicks. Four days before that memorial, Miss Hicks told me that her former church was in Crystal City. Eight years earlier, my trip through Texas ended in Crystal City on the evening of the day when I was in Victoria. I stopped there for nothing other than a coffee and a newspaper by which to find some local properties for sale. Coffee's use a "Victoria" motto term.

Now, let me repeat concerning Mr. Campbell, the client of VICTORIA Toensing: "Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI...To thank him for his service, Campbell was paid $51,000 by FBI officials at a 2016 celebration dinner in Chrystal City". What think ye? Was God pointing to Victoria and Joe?

Go ahead and compare the Coats of Dutch Victoria's/Fichters and Fiscs/Fisks. Joe is everywhere in the news speaking against FISC abuse. I don't think he's finished yet. I watch him often. And he's a lawyer. Go get 'em Joe.

It has been my opinion that God used Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial (our church out it on) because He wants to expose the criminals who conducted 9-11. Robert Mueller was chosen to be the FBI director by George Bush six days before 9-11. Mueller is the one who used the FBI to protect 9-11 criminals, it's as obvious as obvious. This Miss Charlotte Hicks is suspect as God's pointer to Hope Charlotte Hicks, who was dating Trump's Rob Porter, and then Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle? Coincidence? A minute after writing the last sentence, wondering what else to add, I found myself singing "victory" in the song, "Victory in Jesus." It must be Saturday night. Irish Victorys/Nabo's/Victoria's share the head of Cockers.

I apologize for being a mystery for some long-time readers. Here's me last month at over 60, after punching away at a keyboard full-time for about 14 years straight, taxing my memory banks on the vast heraldic field while following depressing Middle-East and American's a wonder I'm still breathing:
selfie photo

Deep State News and Opinions

Rosenstein resigned on Monday night, hurray. We now get to see what sort of replacement there will be.

Ben Rhodes has made news this week, claiming that neither he nor Obama knew anything of the FBI probes into Trump. But the Strzok-Page texts betray Obama's personal claim that he was uninvolved where one of them wrote that Obama wants to know everything they were doing at the FBI.

Hillary made Hannity on the 29th, but he neglected to mention the story from Judicial Watch last week, where Priestap confessed that her emails were found in Obama's personal office. I don't get it. So far as I know, Trump has neglected to celebrate this story too. Perhaps Trump doesn't like Judicial Watch because it attacks his state and justice departments for covering up the crimes. Trump clearly wants to get past these crimes to issues that benefit the country. Uh, achem, curbing the criminals in the Democrat party is one of the best ways to benefit the country. Stiff punishment will make all would-be Democrat fiends think more than once to conduct unlawful programs, and will also help to keep Democrats out of power longer, the very best thing that could happen to the country. But punishment of the crimes gives Trump no glory, the thing he thirsts for, because he himself has not wanted the punishment.

Hillary and her husband did a stupid thing when they attacked Barr. Bill said that Barr did not speak the truth on the Mueller report. Uh-oh. Why would Bill be this stupid, which only eggs Barr to justify himself? Because, there must be a conspiracy amid the Obamaites and Clintonites to put down the apparent current direction of Barr to expose them, and, naturally, the Clintons can't ask their puppets to go live attacking this move if they too do not. Or, if they go live, their puppets will too. However, the Clintons did not attack Barr harshly at all, apparently afraid to do so. Okay, let the war begin, and let Barr not cave or disappoint. And, Mr. Trump, get out of the way, because the greatest obstruction to justice on these worms has been you. Big stories on them detract from your spotlight, isn't that right? When are you going to replace Wray? How dare you speak out against the Democrat liberals while doing nothing to demand from Wray that he indict the guilty. Where is your righteousness, Mr. Rump? Have you ever asked Wray to indict one person? Why not, Mr. Obstructionist?

Surely, Trump speaks with Wray and his representatives almost daily. Or, he should be in order to keep track of what's going on in the way of indicting the criminals under discussion. But there is no evidence whatsoever from investigative reporters or leakers that Wray is moving toward indictments. I am absolutely certain that Trump wants it this way. But even if Wray is forced by Barr to indict, Wray will probably try to stand in the way of successful indictments. There is an easy fix, where Barr appoints a trusted deputy to oversee the indictments of Obamaites, and leaves Wray to concern himself with street criminality. What has Wray been focusing on, anyway?

Wray is a Yale product. During his rise to power, he was buddies with Comey and Mueller. How could Trump pick this man to head the FBI, therefore, when Trump knew first hand of criminality in Comey's FBI? Doesn't this seem to you to be some sort of sick joke on the people? There is a cancer at the top of the FBI, and Trump has been directly responsible for it's continued growth. What has Trump done to eradicate this disease? How can Trump get away with calling out for punishment, from this day forward, unless Wray is moved out of the way? To put it flatly, Wray is one of the criminals. By assisting the criminals, he becomes a criminal, everyone knows and understands this. Trump has NOT spoken out against Wray as he deserves. Trump therefore becomes guilty with Wray's obstruction of justice. Praise be to Judicial Watch for calling Wray out rightly as an obstructionist and a Mr. Magoo (blind eye) for the deep state. The FBI is led by a criminal, and Wray will of course not want to be reminded of it.

Without Rosenstein to protect him, Wray may suddenly find himself very alone when looking up, but if he looks down, there are many supporters beneath his level. Rats everywhere in the FBI, placed there by the highest-level rats over the presidencies of both Bush's, Clinton, and Obama. How can it be any other way?

Wray came out publicly to push Rosenstein's baby, that Russians were not only interfering in the election, but were interfering in American politics to that day. But there was nothing substantial to show that things were any different from Russia than throughout Obama's years. There was nothing, essentially, to be concerned with from Russia, and it was obvious to Wray and everyone else, from 2016 stories in the biggest Russian media, that Putin favored the election of Trump. Yet Wray came out sounding as though he were part of the anti-Trump crusade with this interference issue...that survives to this day like a bull in Trump's china shop. On the news, Wray said, as late as mid-2018, that he does not believe the Mueller probe was a "witch hunt." Doesn't that say it all? Wray went on to portray Mueller as a great man. Doesn't that prove Wray as one of the anti-Trump criminals? Doesn't it prove that Trump is like a stupid bull in his own china shop?

Here's the stupid bull: "I announce today that I am making a friend of Robert Mueller the head of the FBI." And later on, he appointed a friend of Mueller to be his attorney general. Is this some sort of sick second, joke? We will need time before answering. We will need to see what Barr does to obstruct the justice that Trump's voters demand. It's going to be very, very tricky for Barr to obstruct. There's no excuse good enough. Most of the media representatives in the Republican camp are demanding justice. There is great need for justice, for a back bone.

Enter Julian Assange, such perfect timing. The going report is that Barr wants him in the United States to punish him according to the will of the chief spies whose vengeance burns against him. Regardless of what Barr wants for Assange at this time, the situation is perfect for Assange's' lawyers to minimize his punishment by offering the real story behind Russian interference. If the Mueller probe was all there was, then Trump would not need Assange at this time, for Trump has won over Mueller. But the Nadler bull remains and is preparing a rampage, changing the entire game for Trump. And Wray with Rosenstein are grooming this bull, we can be sure, for maximum effect.

Assange is, or so it seems to me, the single-best reason for the interference bull in the china shop at this time. The greater the rampage from Nadler's bull, the greater the value of the Assange card at this time, which in essence becomes a Trump card. Trump badly needs this card, and Barr is therefore caught between it and the vengeful spies who, by the way, are criminals themselves so that their playing card is reduced in value.

How much ear should Barr give the likes of Brennan to his calls for punishment on Assange? Shouldn't Barr use Brennan's call for punishment as a measuring stick on Brennan's own crimes? The spy chiefs are lamenting that Assange exposed the methods that spies use, but Brennan's and Clapper's and Comey's methods have been shown to be criminal, tending to justify Assange for his efforts to expose methods of the spy orgs. To put it another way, it is sheer hypocrisy for Barr to side with Brennan, Clapper, Coats, Comey, etc. without also exposing and punishing them for their criminal methods.

If Barr starts off seeking to minimize the crimes of the spy agencies, I predict it to be a great time for whistle blowers. For, it seems to me, that people in the spy orgs are hoping dearly at this time that their bosses become ruined, and made an example of, because, believe it or not, there are good people in there. The problem is, who's definition of good people do we use? Wray himself said that the FBI has good people, and of course he means anti-Trumpers, or those who support Comey. The Bushites.

A few months after Wray came out to give the leftist media fodder against Trump's witch-hunt accusations, the FBI's James Baker, a Mr. Magoo as I view him now, was in the news:

The video page above reads, "Republican lawmakers say former top FBI lawyer James Baker testifies to 'abnormal' handling of Russia probe." It seemed to everyone that the trusted FBI lawyer broke down and started to talk against his boss' will, Obama. Namely, we heard that Baker attacked Rosenstein in the throes of McCabe attacking Rosenstein, and this double-pronged attack tended to secure the end of the Mueller probe in a nutshell. Rosenstein, its leader, had been found-out, and Trump had a chat with him too, where Rosenstein's legs were cut off from beneath his torso. To this day, no one is crying at Rosenstein's resignation. Baker's resignation was inevitable, and that too took place. But these men are still alive, and can grow their legs back unless the entire gamut of their deep state is severely punished. Not only can they be resurrected, but without punishment they will acquire the good spirits to incubate their own clones for future, high-level corruption.

Baker and McCabe were, apparently, seeking to help themselves by exposing Rosenstein. Besides, the duo disliked Rosenstein for his part in getting Comey fired. We can gather that this duo talked mainly because they hope for mercy from the Trump side, and to that end, Rosenstein, this week, himself lavished beautiful compliments upon this disgusting president in what everyone views as his sucking-up. Trump is disgusting because he is personally responsible for the thriving of the deep state with the choices he made for its leadership positions. To this day, the deep state remains on the attack in the quiet of its freedom. We could all see this attack in Rosenstein's eyes when he was standing naked behind Barr at the latter's report on the Mueller report. We could all see in Rosenstein's eyes, it ain't over, I'm going to kill this guy.

And how did Rosenstein get caught? He was caught trying to get moles to wear wires for to catch Trump in some net. It's exactly the reason for organizations like WikiLeaks. We have got to give credit to where credit is due, that while WikiLeaks was once applauded by Democrats, it's now seeking to help Trump...because it's not a partisan organization, a breath of fresh air, is it not? WikiLeaks appears to be genuinely opposed to deep-state corruption, and in this way it is a boon to any attorney general, unless he's a deep-state stupid. WikiLeaks is on Barr's side if Barr truly wants to cleanse swamp, and although Trump has known this about Assange, he lately said, "Assange who? I don't know anyone by that name." What a disgusting president this is.

We shall hear, hopefully, from Barr, on his position for or against Assange. It's fine for Barr to spell out any crimes or near-crimes that WikiLeaks has been guilty of, but by the same token, Barr can point to the good that WikiLeaks has done so that the organization is not viewed unrightly as all-bad. And the greatest deed WikiLeaks can do at this time is to reveal that Seth Rich gave it the DNC files that the DNC claims from the Russians. This is a big deal. WikiLeaks is the champion bull fighter in the ring. With one spear aimed just right, the china shop can be saved.

Let's put this into perspective. Both the Obamaites and the Muellerites wanted to destroy Trump's ability to expose their crimes. If they could not remove him from Office, they would try to keep him from talking with dark, threatening clouds held constantly over his head. As Obama's FBI suffered one set-back after another, though the fort was held by Wray in a way favorable to Obama, the attack of Baker -- one of the FISA rats along with Rosenstein -- against Rosenstein was like a sports match where a 1-1 tie was broken into a 2-1 lead, and this is how that game ended, with a defeat of Rosenstein, Obama's and Hillary's last hope. For Rosenstein owned the cannon that assured Wray's holding the fort, but with Rosenstein's demise, the writing was on the wall for Wray's undoing too.

In other words, if Baker had denied McCabe's admission that Rosenstein was dead serious about spying on Trump, the game would have ended with an Obamaite victory, and McCabe's admission could be ridden off as a lie to serve self. Instead, to everyone's surprise, Baker betrayed the Democrats for which he had worked up until that point. For all we know, Baker was Obama's confidant. "In January 2014, [Baker] was appointed General Counsel of the FBI." This was late in Obama's criminal rein, and he needed a confidant as the FBI's top lawyer. Here's a Politico story from less than a month ago:

James Baker, the former top lawyer of the FBI, told lawmakers last fall that there were widespread concerns inside the FBI that President Donald Trump had attempted to obstruct the bureau's investigation into his campaign's links to Russians, according to a newly released [by Doug Collins, Republican] transcript of Baker's testimony.

Under questioning in 2018 from a Democratic committee lawyer, Baker described numerous officials [all rats, right?] who were distressed that the president may have obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.

OK, we get it. Baker is one of the rats turning blind eyes to the FBI's own obstruction of justice as per the crimes of Comey and his peers. It's sick, like rot, like a cancer. It continues to this day. The attack on Trump continues thanks to Trump, yet all of his supporters blame everyone but Trump. The article goes on to add Baker's claim of McCabe telling him that two members of Trump's cabinet were willing to remove Trump from Office. McCabe was trying to get Baker on-board this movement, apparently. But Trump left this festering rat in his position at the head of the DoJ for a few months longer until Barr was hired.

I ask you, is it a proper thing to do to leave such a rat in office for months longer after he's been caught as he was? Does this make sense to anyone? How could removing a rat IMMEDIATELY be a bad thing? I know. Trump was worried about losing the mid-term elections, which he lost, anyway. He didn't want to rock the boat lest Rosenstein's friends caused a bad election outcome, which only goes to show that Trump is lying when he says that 99 percent of the FBI and DoJ are good people. If that were true, eradicating Rosenstein and Wray on a mere hunch of their infidelity would have been a safe thing to do.

Trump fired Sessions immediately after the mid-term elections, showing either that he was afraid to do so before the elections for fear of losing seats, or because the loss of the House signalled to him that he best get rid of that sore spot in his government. I tended to think that the removal of John Kelly and James Mattis, immediately after the mid-terms, showed Trump to be concerned about rats in his White House, meaning (in my eyes) that any friendship Trump had with the deep state was just a poor choice rather than a secret agenda he had from the start. But sometimes I wonder whether he teeters between jumping into the swamp with both feet versus going forward with his pre-election promises to clean swamp. For sure, Barr is giving his White House a breath of fresh air. Barr is making Trump look and feel a lot better than Sessions did. This is a new game now. Hopefully, Barr will not end up a dud.

The Horowitz report is about to come out. A few months ago, it was disclosed by Republicans that Comey is under investigation as per his leaks to the media. It is important to realize that Horowitz can obstruct justice, for example, when searching for the answer to that question, he finds some crime or unethical practice committed by Comey, but "justifies" leaving it undisclosed because it doesn't fit the framework of an investigation into media leaks. So, for example, Horowitz discovers Comey's central role in a murder plot, but doesn't mention it because he's commissioned to find evidence of a mere leak to the media. I can, and do, view Horowitz in this way.

Much of what he comes out with is predicted to be what's already known, and much of what's already known is likely by-design the tip of the criminal iceberg of those who control the things that get out. It seems that the only things necessary to be spilled are the things that spoil the opposing party satisfactorily sufficient for the needs at hand. Is Hillary politically dead? Yes, wherefore the powers will cease going after her. That's what we're seeing. But Hillary is politically dead only for her own resurrection; she can still sway others on behalf of the political mob's aspirations. Without punishment, the Clintons will continue to hammer away, as will those much younger for a lot longer.

Whenever we search for a particular news story, Google inevitably brings up all of the major leftist news stories on the first page, minimizes the presence of conservative stories. Even so, the left lost the election, and can once again lose the House in 2020. That's how horribly shocked the leftist leaders are, that even though they have the vast advantage in controlling thoughts and beliefs, they yet do not have a proportional edge in the voter count. That's how to know that leftists are bad news indeed, for if the media playing field were level, leftists would be a fringe party. Yet, to our amazement, they are plowing forward at this time with the most-leftists platform, with things they dared not try even a decade ago. I suppose that, with their fight against Trump not going well, and only about a year to go before the heated part of election season, they are desperadoes (rhymes with "tornadoes") trying something new and dangerous, like wrecking their own party with a whirlwind of nonsense. Will the Republicans hold off on the biggest criminal revelations just because it looks like they have 2020 all wrapped up? Pray not.

There are people who believe that Mike Pence seeks to become the president earlier than Trump would like. The last update showed why I am now very open to Pence being a sinister man. I engaged the current news-making of Pence's former chief of staff, Joshua Pitcock, who was replaced with Nick Ayers. The latter quit the position this past January. "In December 2018, multiple news organizations described [Ayers] as a leading contender to succeed John F. Kelly as White House Chief of Staff, but he decided not to take the job. In addition, Ayers also stated that he would leave the Trump Administration by the end of the year...Ayers announced he would depart the Trump-Pence administration at the end of 2018, in a Tweet on December 9, 2018." That all sounds as though Ayers is being loyal to a Pence presidency in 2020.

In May of 2017, Assange claimed (but didn't reveal his inside information) that Hillary Clinton was supporting / seeking a Pence takeover of the Trump presidency. It implies that such a move was taking place. Youtube has this story though remotely. Then, in 2018, I recall reports that Ecuador initially changed its tune, against Assange, when Pence visited president Moreno.

I see absolutely no evidence, in the news, that Pence is a sinister man, or a fake Christian. Anything's possible, but it's also possible that anti-Christians are starting yesterday to slander Pence because he's presidential material for 2024. having said that, the last update convinced me to being open to a sinister Pence. If God was in all of those heraldic coincidences for the reasons I thought He might, then I assume that He will soon affirm in some way that Pence is a fake.

Look at how Trump made a hypocrite of himself by dangling himself as an Intelligence puppet:

That's been his problem all along. He promised to clean swamp, then waded into the swamp. Intelligence is the diseased swamp. There is no human cure for those who engage in professional spying; their souls are given to satan. They recognize the power of spying to fulfill agendas by short-cuts and fraud, by mobster tactics and blackmail; they give their souls to satan to possess such powers. Assange was trying to clean swamp, and Trump took the side of the swamp. Trump loved WikiLeaks because it destroyed his opposition, but, now being the president, he acts like he loves Intelligence more. He knows that many war hawks in his administration, including Pompeo and Pence, would desert him if he were to side with WikiLeaks at this time. So why did he choose them in the first place??? Why does he handcuff himself into his own handcuffs? Isn't that stupid?

Something tells me that WikiLeaks will succeed to a certain point in this battle, and that Trump will be shamed for opposing what are now his friends. Democrats are already humiliating Christians for siding with this empty president. Trust in God to deal with our enemies.

Some say Papadopoulos was an Intelligence stooge to begin with. Watch him below to see what you think. Assuming he's telling the truth, look at how the American deep state signed on the British to get Trump. This is the same British which gave Assange the rope to his neck, and which would fling him that way across the Atlantic to the deep state, the same deep state that wants not to be found out for its crimes against Trump, crimes that Assange can uncover, yet Trump says, "Assange who?" What an idiot president, what a louse, what a spineless jackass. I profane your president, Christian media warrior:

Papa's story doesn't wash. He says that some British company he never knew, the London Centre of International Law Practice, asked him to become, and then made him, a director of the company. Nonsense. A few weeks after accepting the job, he tells the company he's quitting to go work in the Trump campaign. Nonsense. He looks more like someone who was part of the Law-Practice scam with the prior knowledge that he would become a mole in the Trump camp. So, the Law Practice company acts upset that he's leaving when in fact it was part of the plan. This law company then says, to the effect, "wait, before you quit, I want you to meet somebody in Rome. It has to do with Trump. We're going with you. We have nothing better to do."

Papa then plays like an idiot to the Fox viewership, saying, oh well, okay, I went go to Rome, what the heck, even though I was quitting. I had nothing better to do.


Papa then admits that the Italian foreign minister is waiting in Rome to greet him, like we're to believe this was not a set up against Trump with Italy playing along. The foreign minister has this Mr. Mifsud waiting, oh boy oh boy. Mifsud has some candy for Papa, some dirt of Hillary, but we have got to be absolutely stupid to think that Italy wanted Mifsud to meet Papa in order to help Trump. Papa wasn't even a part of the Trump campaign yet. Clearly, this was an orchestrated plot for the Europeans to string Trump into a bad scene, one in which he's drooling over some bad press for Hillary...which, by the way, isn't illegal, nor is it even unethical. If I were running for the presidency against Hillary, and someone filled me in on some evil things that Hillary did, I'd not only want to know about it, but I'd want to tell the voters promptly. If this was all the deep state could invent for an insurance policy, the deep state is brain dead. Now is the time to kill this sick beast.

Mifsud is not a Russian, according to Dan Bongino.

It seems to me that Papa is making up a story on Fox where he looks like the victim. It seems to me that Italy had invested a lot in a Clinton presidency, by which I mean to say that Hillary invested criminally with Italy. When she lost to Trump, several global deals that were prepared fell down dead. She was prepared to waste American tax dollars on several other nations in return for some of that cash, from those nations. Italy, the devil. Hillary, the witch.

I suggest that the FBI rats decided to charge Papa in order to scare him into not talking, but here he is talking anyway, in what looks like vengeance for the FBI jailing him, and with his own twist to the story, making the deep state look criminal. Excellent. What's the deep state to say in rebuttal?

Things are a gittin' mighty complicated for the brain dead. They can't keep track; they can't predict what happens next. The train is choo-chooing too fast...except that Trump the Slump is taking his sweet time, giving the deep state time to calculate its best reactionary moves. Hurry up, you donkey, and get them while they're down. Send them running, make them make mistakes, confuse the rotten guts out their ears. HAVE NO MERCY. Quash today.

Papa is hoping that Trump will declassify his discussions with the spies who used him. It can be assumed that, even though Papa was knowingly and agreeably part of the plot, he had to play along with each planned encounter as though he was not knowingly a part, for everything had to be recorded...because the deep state may have needed to use the recordings in court against Trump. So, because Papa played along like he was an innocent victim, he can claim that in fact he was even though he was not. The only way for the deep state to prove that Papa was a conspirator is to confess that it itself was a conspirator, and Papa is banking on that confession never happening. That's my take, because Papa could not be so stupid that he was played the way he claims to have been played. The smoking gun against him is his accepting a directorship in a company in cahoots with the Italian government at the time of his becoming a feigned Trump insider.

Here's Nunes on Mifsud late this week:

Someone online: "The USA is in big trouble folks !! Not only are the dems anti Americans!!! Itís also the people that vote them in !!!" That's why the FBI cannot be 99-percent good. Half of the FBI or more is willing to vote Democrat. When things go to the brink, as they are headed now, what does it tell you that half of the military votes Democrat? It's a good time to get self-sufficient, but there is a risk: you may never need to get self-sufficient in your lifetime.

Democrats are bringing the nation to the brink of civil war. It is not the Republicans doing so. When the Democrat leaders bring the nation to the brink of war, they deserve death, for they would have American killing American just to get their spoiled, political ways. Let not American kill American, but let Americans kill the Nadlers and the Schiffs of the party, and their invisible bosses. Unless Barr frightens and subdues these leaders, they will never cease to cause schisms designed exactly for their civil war. They seek to bring Americans to their side of this war daily through their loyal press. Every day is their opportunity to amass fighters for their side. "Kill" them now, or be killed.

By the way, it can be proven well that the Pettys share the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild for a related reason. The first Rothschild, who got his riches partly from a ruler of Hesse-Cassel, named his first son, Nathan, probably because Nathans/Nations / Natts/Nathans were Rothschild liners. Irish Pettys use a so-called "needle," and Needle's/NADLERs, who share the Hesse sun, were first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were said to be first found for over a decade until this year or last.

The moment that Barr indicts one of them, they will arise like an empty tempest, like when Hollywood makes fake wind with fans, or fake thunder with metal sheets. It will be mere noise, the perfect time to pounce on them mercilessly, for if they did have true weapons, they would use them. We are seeing this with Nadler's control of the House. Lest they control the DoJ and the military again, they must be wiped away now, like the snot from America's nose. Trump has wasted more than two years, and still will not declassify. He is buying time by saying he'll declassify when "they" say it's needed. Why is he waiting for "they" to ask for declassification? They already asked for it. The voters already asked for it. Fox already asked for it. Trump the Slump on a donkey's back is no warrior. Strap up the war horses, Nunes. Leave Trump in the dust.

You can't convince me that declassifying tomorrow is better than declassifying yesterday. Whatever benefits there may be claimed for declassifying in the future are still benefits if the documents are declassified today. Hurry, because the chain-rattling enemy is working on a strategy to keep declassification from happening. Take the clothes off of the Democrat leaders today by declassifying today. Then, when they raise a hub-bub on any matter, everyone will see that they are detestable in their nakedness. For if they go against Barr on a mere minutia while ignoring the gigantic crimes of Democrats, will they not be totally naked and detestable?

Why can't the president beat Horowitz to the punch? Why can't the president declassify the things that Horowitz should have requested for declassification? Where are Horowitz's requests for declassification? Why can't Horowitz release the parts of his reports already finished? What secrets does he want withheld, and why? Make naked the criminals. Stone them in the public square because, instead of repenting, they are anti-Christs willing to start a civil war in order to succeed with their societal engineering. To satan they have dedicated their souls, and they shall die a horrible death, with agony, no matter how peacefully they slip away from this life. For at the second they are on the other side, horror and torment, just the way God planned it for them. For those who believed they were getting away with their rebellion against God, surprise.

The visible Nadlers are making such imbeciles of themselves that they are predicted to lose steam. Their passion cannot last, because they know that their invisible overlords are asking them to ruin their careers on their behalf. How far can they go looking this stupid? Sooner or later, they will need to say, to their overlords, you protect yourself, I'm finished. The call for Barr's resignation is a big step toward the ludicrous.

By the way, for those of you knowing my squirrel saga, where there were two squirrels visiting my garage daily all winter to eat by crumbs: there's just one squirrel left, so far as I can tell. I haven't seen the two together in over a month. I recently reported (2nd update last month) on a weasel that I say God brought to my computer window (in my back yard) as his pointer to whistle-blowers. I saw it in the garage about five days ago, then in the backyard later that day, but also late this week likewise in the back yard. It was once sniffing around the ground, not far from where I figure the two squirrels have their burrows. It's possible that the weasel ate the one squirrel. I had suggested that the two squirrels portrayed Mueller and Barr. Which of the two do you think got eaten recently? Just a thought.

That weasel's timing a few updates ago was pretty amazing, just as I was discussing the FBI's Jim Baker as my best guess for identifying the last person in my Obama dream, the one that seemed to betray Obama:

The Bakers are in the same sentence with Flags, and the flag was beside Miss Hicks between, or immediately after, her two songs. All interesting. I just saw a weasel go by. I'm not lying. This is incredible. I had been wondering whether WHISTLE blowers would be pointed to by Whistle's/Wissels or Wessels/Waistells, and Weasels are listed with Wessels/Waistells!!!!!! Just look at the timing, just as I was on the topic of whistle-blowers...

...The second event I remember that night was when, as we sat around the camp fire, Mamie plopped herself on my lap uninvited, and I put my arm around her waist. I remember that, but only that while she sat there. I don't remember how long she was on my knee, or her getting off. The third event I remember that night is when we got into the tent, and into her sleeping bag, when she refused to let me hug her warmly, or at all. We went to sleep with she faced away from me, my arm hanging over her waist, the latter being a symbol now, for whistle-blowers. This third event was the tease symbol I spoke about.

...The sleeping-bag dream ended with my pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist, and it felt so good. If Waistells/Wessels are God's code for whistle-blowers...

With this interpretation of the waist, let's go to Mamie's waist. I arrive to the camp site [real event], and she's in a COVERED pick-up with Barry i.e. Barry Soetoro, who was a secretive president. The next scene I remember, victory for me. She stuns Barry right in front of him, by sitting on my lap, and I put an arm around her waist, code, I will assume, for a whistle-blower against Obama. I told you you'd love this candy. The next scene I remember, she teases me in the sleeping bag, which God set up partly because he was pointing to Tease liners, but also because he knows how carried away I could get if she were to be warm and open. She forces me to go to sleep with my arm draped around her waist, code, I will assume for another whistle-blower event. Which one? Well, because it happened in the sleeping bag, we take it over to the sleeping-bag dream, and that's where there was the it-felt-so-good waist scene with Peare.

Now, for something I've mentioned a few times before, though not yet in this update. After Mamie and I stopped seeing each other (I don't remember how that happened), I ended up moving into a certain house where another tenant was a taxi dispatcher, and he landed me a job as a taxi driver, set up by God, I feel sure. His name was Bill. Why Bill? One day while driving cab, Albert calls and says he's going to WHISTLER mountain to work for the winter. He had gotten multiple sclerosis (MS), and couldn't get a job easily, but this is where he got a job, all the way across the country in British Columbia. God did this, didn't he? God had whistle-blowing on His mind, didn't he, with Whistler ski resort?

So Albert says, would you like to move into my apartment so that I don't lose it? I promise, he said, that when I return, I'll live in the lower-quality half of the basement...which is where I had lived previously. So, I moved in, and he left. And then came the day when the dispatcher had me pick up Mamie, and I drove her home, and I spoke with respect, but things were on the nervy side, I recall. Then came the second call to pick her up, and this time, things were relaxed, and I asked her out, and we went out shortly afterward, and I took her home to Albert's place after an evening at a little cafe with live music [owned by a Jew with Israeli accent], while Albert was at Whistler. So, I'm pretty sure that this represents another victory for the good guys by a whistle-blower that only He knows of.

I've told this story before, I'm not lying. Our last moments together were on Albert's COUCH, and after that, I sensed God saying, don't see her anymore. So, we never saw each other again, and she never called, anyway. I happen to know that the Tent-like Tint surname use a "COUCHant" (lying-down) lion. The neighboring Tintons use "royal tents." Mamie and I were in a tent in one of the waist events with her, and it just so happens that Whistle's/Whistlers/Wissels, first found in Somerset with Tints, share a white-on-red lion with them. Amazing.

In other words, Tints were probably Whistle kin because God had it arranged in preparation of the event with Mamie. I can see the importance for proving that the waist symbols are correctly interpreted as whistle-blowers. Some of these Coats, and the marriages that provide the symbols, go back a thousand years. Tintons were at Tudy while Tudys were at Staffordshire with WESTons, which could appear as proof that Tints are using the Whistle lion. Staffordshire is where Blowers were first found, hee-hee. "It was originally a name for someone who worked as a blower, or one who plays the horn."

Some Nordics / Germans can't pronounce, "whistle." It comes out, Vissel, which is a surname using only fish in the colors of the Ham / McCabe salmon. Is this a "prophecy" that whistle-blowers are going after McCabe. Have they already blown their whistles? Hams share the unicorn in Crest with Tints.

[Insert, the day after writing above. This is shocking. The Walsers, who essentially share the Blower / Moline goat head, use "halbert" axes!!! STUNNING. I have seen these axes described as both halperts and HALBERTs as code for axe-using Halperts/Halberts. It means I was correct in the theory that God set up the Blowers as code, with Albert Oosteyn, for whistle-blowing as He predicts / plans it...:

I thought that it was some amazing material. English Alberts even use a "sledge HAMMER" while English Hammers, first found in Sussex with Hams, are in Ham colors. The fact that Hams use their salmon in the colors of the McCabe salmon had me thinking that God planned it to point Nelly Our's use of her ham radio for her secret communications with the FBI and ultimately McCabe (the FBI must own a ham-radio outfit). She was getting her ham-radio licence at the very time when this attack on candidate Trump was taking place, and she may have already been working for Fusion when she was getting it (I can't remember the timing). As I've said, the can of ham I've been using as a squirrel dish to feed the two squirrels all winter was once a can of Mario's HAM. That can-dish still sits outside in the garage (this morning, less than an hour ago, I put in the crumbs of honey-roasted peanuts I ate last night).

[Insert May 15 -- See the 3rd update of May for what looks like a Halpert/Halbert pointer to Stefan Halper, who was a dossier actor and was revealed in-part by a whistle blower, Adam Lovinger. You will be amazed near the end of the heraldry, in the May update, because it proves to point to Mr. Lovinger with Albert Oostyen central in the picture, but with the SLEDGE HAMMER of Alberts too. Hammers are a Ham branch. End insert]

Mario's/Mariels are in the green-and-white colors of Radi's, Hams and McCabe's. German Wessels, who use a HORN, have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's (Bavaria). The Hosier-like Hose's have bent human legs, as does the Arms of Fussen (Bavaria). In the Hose Chief, the same lion head as Steele's. German Wessels have an antler, code, I say, for Les ANDELys, where Hose's are said to have had a branch. The Ouse variation of Hose's could explain, "OOSteyn" (he was Dutch). Or, Dutch Oos'/Oz', with more green and white, share the white bull head with OOSTeyn-like Osts/Hosts. The latter's wings can be those of Noyers because Hose's/Ouse's were at Noyers.

Those same green-and-white colors are in a Simson Chief, and I attended Albert's funeral with a Miss Simpson of Texas. I actually took her skiing!!! Amazing, for I've been on skis only once in my life (there may have been a second time earlier, but I cannot remember it), on the day that I took her. I was flying down a slope, great fun, because I didn't yet know how to turn left and right on soft snow. She didn't know how to walk on snow let alone ski on it, but that is what happened when she flew up from snowless south Texas to see me: we went skiing. God must have arranged that day for linkage to Whistler ski resort! If I recall correctly, we went skiing at Collingwood's Blue mountain, and, zowie, the Blue's/Gorms were first found on Arran with McCabe's!!! Incredible.

I don't know of any other ski resorts besides the popular Blue mountain, and we did drive way up in that area that day. In fact, I know we were through Collingwood; we had breakfast there, I'm sure, and can even remember the spinach omelette I ordered. At the time, I was about to marry her, but sensed God saying, no. The spinach-like Spinks (Northamptonshire, same as Quint-suspect Quince's) share the eagle of Noyers.

Albert happened to pass away while Miss Simpson was visiting. I was asked to be one of the pallbearers. Is that meaningful where Glenn Simpson was the founder of Fusion GPS? Was that God's sign that Fusion is about to be buried, so to speak, in death? Glenns are expected at the naming of GlenLYON (Perthshire), where Lyons were who share the giant Mario/Muriel lion. German Glenns were first found in Westphalia with German Wissels.

The sledge hammer of Alberts is likely part-code for Sledge's/SLEIGHs/Sleys, who go well with the Whistler SKI theme. The Sledge's/Sleighs (Halbert colors and format) have three OWLs in the colors of the three HOWELL towers, and Howells (like the Howl variation of Owls) were a large topic in the April update quoted from above, as per Thurston Howell (Gilligan's Island), who was played by the actor, Jim Backus, who led me to think that the last person in the Obama dream was Jim Baker.

His name was Albert Oosteyn, with an Austin-like surname. The Sledge's/Sleighs share a lion holding a gold fitchee in Crest with Quints (Essex, same as Sledge's/Sleighs), and one can glean that Austins (share the Quint chevron) share the Quint lion paw. The Cottons who took over the Sleigh property in Ash (Derbyshire) are likely from the Cottians. Portuguese Austins might just be using VESSELs, wouldn't that be something if correct? My files indicate that they are "grail cups."

Albert Oosteyn went to Whistler mountain, and while Whistle's are also Wissels, German Wissels use two giant wings in colors reversed from the same of Jewish Glass'. I see "Glass" (share mermaid with WALSers) from "Wallis" canton after which Walsers (halbert axes) were named. Walsers lived in the Lys river of AOSTa, tending to explain why Scottish Glass' have the Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. The Oos' and Osts/Hosts look like Aosta liners.

On my last date with Mamie, with my taxi, we went to the restaurant-cafe of Joe Fix. This was immediately before bringing her home to Albert's apartment, and here there are multiple points to be made. While Albert and Mamie were about the WAISTels/Wessels and Whistle's/Wissels, WESTons share the eagle of Fix's and the Doria's of Genova, which is where Fesch-like Fieschi lived. Fix's look very connectable to potential variations of Feschs and Fiscs/Fisks (estoile, Fesch symbol too), and Feschs share crossed, white swords with taxi-like Tax's/Dachs, the latter probably being a branch of TEASE's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Vests/Vestens). God had given Mamie a tease symbol.

The DANCEtte of WESTs is evidence that Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as king Donnus) were from king Donnus of the Cottians, whose grandson was Waistell-like Vestalis, and then the Steele lion head is in the Coat of English Dance's. Moreover, as I've said several times, I was in the process of building Mr. Fix a DANCE hall in the basement of his restaurant when I took Mamie to his place. Westons are said to have been at Orne, and while Orne's are also Horns, German Wessels use a horn.

Back to skiing at Collingwood, for CollingWOODs are interesting where Collins share the gold griffin with sledge-hammer Alberts while Woods (Leicestershire, same as Hose's/Ouse's) use a savage while the Albert sledge is swung by a savage. The Albert griffin is that also of Shorts. The Republican, Doug Collins, of the Judiciary Committee, comes to mind, who just spoke out against Nadler.

My Shorts

Here is what was added on Tuesday, to my last update:

Insert one day after this update was published -- I didn't know until today that Pence's chief of staff has been Marc SHORT since March of this year. It recalls putting a dead squirrel through my Sears LAUNDRY machine when I didn't know it had died in the pocket of my SHORTs. I've told that story to readers many times. "Marc Short was born in Virginia, the son of Richard T. "Dick" Short III..." Dutch Dicks are expected to be a branch of Dutch Dyke's, who happen to use a red squirrel. The squirrel in my pocket was a red one. End insert

I was just looking at the Post surname because I had hung the shorts on my living-room post to dry, after it came out of the machine. The squirrel was still in the pocket at the time. At some point, I smelled something as I walked past it to the bathroom, but I didn't know what it could be, and eventually the odor subsided as the shorts dried. It was only when I went to slip the shorts on that I felt something in the pocket. Reaching in, it was a fur ball.

The first thing I noticed was that the Chief-Shield colors of the Post Coat is that of Brocks and Brocuffs. But I could not see how this could apply to anything in regards to Pence or any of his three chiefs of staff. Then it was recalled that I set the surviving squirrels free at a BROOK!!! I will verify that "brook" is the word I used (on multiple occasions) to describe the place where I set them free, and this one squirrel in my pocket is no exception. Brocks were first found in Essex with Brooks! The Brook write-up: "The Brook family lived in Essex. The name, however, derives from the family's former residence in Broc, in the area of Anjou, France."

Earlier today, I checked the Brooking surname, finding it listed with Brooks. However, I can't recall whose article I was reading that was involved with the Brookings Institute, which is why Brookings were checked.

While writing the paragraph above, I added the following square brackets to the last update:

The "RECTum" motto term of Pence's/Penns, wow, sounds like a faggot term suddenly, but there's more, for I see that term as part-code for Reckits/Rickets (scimitar) who in-turn have a "Quid" motto term while Quids/Quade's are from QUADratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus and mother of Proculus Charax!!! WOW!...

[On the day after this update was published, I was at the Wikipedia page for Josh Pitcock, and saw that he was preceded in his job, as Chief of Staff to the Vice President, by Steve Ricchetti!!! It's almost "Ricket"!!!]

There were all sorts of similar heraldry-related surprises in the first half of the last update. It was as though God arranged the heraldry beforehand to point at Pence and his chief of staff, Joshua Pitcock.

Below is more shocking material from the 4th update of October, 2017, when I was seeking to understand what the 16 squirrels may have represented that I caught with one rat trap in what was then my attic.

In the 4th minute [Sekulow] says that he thinks there were 16 members on the committee that agreed to sell the rights to American uranium mines to Russians. Hillary Clinton was a member. There were 16 squirrels caught in my attic. I verified that there were 16 members...and it's interesting that a 17th squirrel got into the attic through a small opening at the solar panels, which squirrel was never found.

...I heard a squirrel [the 17th] inside the soffits, running on top of the soffit, in the middle of the night. It had been doing this earlier in the year before I was completely finished sealing the entire attic. SO I went up trying to figure out where it had gotten in, and found an opening about eight inches long and 1.25 inches wide, just big enough for a squirrel. This opening was at the top of the solar panels. I was telling readers that this could have been a Sign as per the Solar and Panel surnames (Panels in Yorkshire), but it would be a while yet before coming across the Painells in the Sola/Solney write-up. I was floored.

I didn't know why God would want to indicate the Sola-Painell relationship with the 17th squirrel, but, moments ago, I noted the "sola" motto term of Eyers, I kid you not. This would not have been found had God not given me the dream, last week, of the square made of light. I know by heart that Ayers/Airs use the motto, "Lighter than air." The square made of light was, as I said, hovering in the AIR. Is that not amazing? It was about head height in the air between me and Bill Clinton. Panels, who are the Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Pangs/Paganells, share the fleur of Sheriffs.

Is that not incredible? I had forgotten about that dream with the carpenter's square made of light. It tended to clinch the Ayers as a topic with the 17th squirrel, but I did not know until last week that Nick AYERs replaced Josh Pitcock as Pence's chief of staff. Incredible. And the panel surname is listed with the Pings/Pongs, which makes this even more incredible if you've been reading lately. See "Ping Pong" in the last update, as per Comet Ping Pong of pizzagate (pedophilia) infamy.

Here's the Sola/Solney write-up: "The surname Sola was first found in Derbyshire [same as Eyers/Ayers]...They were descended from a noble who accompanied King William whose home in Normandy was at Subligny near Avranche. Richard Subligny was Bishop of Avranches. They acquired considerable estates in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset by marriage with the Painells..." There you have it, the reason, apparently, that God arranged for me to leave a small opening at the solar panels for this 17th squirrel. It's pointing to Mike Pence and Nick Ayers. Marc Short replaced Mr. Ayers, and, believe it or not, the Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire with Heyers, the latter sharing blue wings with Shorts. The chances of things clicking like this are remote.

The squirrel in my shorts was the 8th one, and I thought that God arranged it to be such to point to the 8th head of Revelation 17, because it seemed to be the last one in the family (before the other eight entered the attic). When this one was the only squirrel to get away from me amongst those that survived the rat trap, and because it got away from me twice, I named it, satan. The story is in the 2nd update of November, 2014. After it escaped from a bucket, and was free in the house all night long, it was caught in the morning, and then this happened:

...I took satan into the vehicle for a drive to the creek. The night before, to assure that he didn't chew his way free, I put him and the home-made squirrel cage into a large plastic container with lid. I knew he might run out of a good source of oxygen overnight. In the morning, not a sound from within. I shone a flashlight through a small opening in the lid, but couldn't see him. Perhaps he was under the cage. In the vehicle, I thought that I could remove the lid to see if he was still alive, since, after all, I didn't mind him being free in the vehicle. I was planning to open a door, anyway, to let him "escape" at the creek. As soon as the lid was off, out he popped like jack-in-the-box, and ran to the passenger door. A sleeping bag on and spread over the seat didn't allow me to see what he was doing down on the floor at that spot, where he remained until arriving to the creek. I opened the passenger door, but he would not come out. It had run up into the dash, into a small spot behind the heater ducts, and would not come out. I could not get him out. I could not believe my luck.

So I drove home with this squirrel up in the heater duct. Note the sleeping bag mentioned, because it's the same one I spoke on in the last update. The sleeping bag may have been in the vehicle because I was taking some laundry to the laundromat, which should explain why my shorts were in the vehicle at the time. I assume that satan became cold, and therefore got into the pocket of the shorts; it may have come and gone many times from that pocket, until it died of thirst. I didn't wash the shorts in the brand, new laundry machine until the next spring. The shorts were in the house all winter long without any smell from that squirrel. It puzzles me as to how there was no smell.

The Short surname was first found in Dorset with Pools, and with a Poole location. Poole is right beside Hampshire, and the latter is where Caplans were first found who share the Short griffin head. German Caplans then use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Pitcocks, and the latter were first found in Somerset, on the opposite side of Poole. Nearby were the first-known Penes'/Penne's/Pennys (lynx, for Lynch's), whose greyhounds are split in the same colors.

Again, Poole is right beside Hampshire, and the latter is where English Posts were first found. As I said, I hung the shorts, fresh out of the machine, on a nail in a post when the living room was still under construction. English Posts share the giant Pool lion as some evidence that Posts and Shorts were close enough geographically to have been related. As additional evidence that God arranged the shorts event, there is a Cowes location off the shore from Poole (on the Isle of Wight). I kid you not, that when I loaded the HEATER surname earlier today, a high-school girl, HEATHER, came to mind. What are the chances of that? I was remembering that she was the girlfriend of Colin COWLEY, but this was BEFORE COWes came to mind. It was also before I discovered that Mike Pence's mother was born, Miss CAWLEY. What think ye of that? I then loaded "Heather" to find a gold-on-black rooster, the colors also of the Pitcock rooster. What are the chances?

Heaters were first found in Devon with Pense's. The Haytor/Heyter variations of Heaters might even be an Ayer / Hayer/Heyer variation, especially as candleSTICK Kyle's (AYRshire) claim to be related to king Cole while Cole's (beside the Sticks and Heaters) share the bull with Heaters.

It's interesting that Cowes/Cawe variations such as "Coo" are like "coup," and that the Cowes/Coo symbol is called, "pennants," a potential Pence branch. The Coe variation is a lot like, Perkins Coie, the lawyer's office hired by Hillary to conduct the coup on Trump.

WOW!WOW!WOW! Get a load of this! The COOPs/Cope's use a motto, "Aequo adeste animo," and the Pennants use, "Aequo animo"!!! That is incredible. The chances are so remote for such a thing. It appears to be Intelligent Design to link Pence to Cowes'/Coo's.

Here's more from the November update above:

...I'd like to ask what the chances are that this eighth squirrel, after the previous seven looked like a Sign for the first seven heads, has yet to go for the peanut butter after more than a week of regular, daily visits to the attic floor. I put plenty fresh peanut butter on the trap a few days ago, and have moved the trap around to where I hear it coming down to the attic floor, right above my bed. This morning, it was making noise in the very part of the attic where the fresh peanut butter is located. The previous seven went for the peanut butter one after the other in quick succession, but not this eighth one. I am eager to know the outcome, and what it might be as a further Sign.

I called the brook a creek in that update. But in the 5th of December, 2016, for example, it was a brook: "I had no idea that there were so many squirrels up there until the rat trap caught them, easily, one after the other. About five survived the trap while caught, including satan, and releasing them in a bucket (a little tricky), I drove them away to a brook (I have a heart). But satan got free in the vehicle, and went up the heater area, refusing to come out, and so I drove it back home."

When learning that Mueller had 16 lawyers, but that he hired another so that many were calling them the 17, it seemed that my 16 squirrels, plus the 17th, were pointing to Mueller. If the new information in this update is of God, it now seems that Pence has been on Mueller's side secretly. That's my hasty guess, anyway.

Tonight (30th) as I write here, Hannity reported a Federalist story in which it is announced that Obama's campaign paid $972,000 in 2016 to a law firm (Perkins Coie assumed) that in-turn paid Fusion GPS. Hannity said nothing more on this. He had Tom Fitton on tonight, but did NOT ask him about Hillary's emails found in Obama's office, which is really bothering me.

Here's from the last update:

My last night with Paionian-depicting Lorraine was due to a grass stain on the butt of her bleach-white PANTS (it appeared to me she was on the grass with a married man), which pointed to the Panthers (helmets) sharing "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans/Paions, and to Pansys/Pantzers/PANCE's, amazing because the coney rabbit in the Cony Coat is said to hold a pansy! Incredible. We now have reason to suspect Mike Pense with that grass stain, for he owns a white rabbit. I don't have time to contemplate more on this new idea at this time.

That was entered in the update late in the week. I can now add the PENDERGRASS variation of Irish Penders, for they are much like the Pander variation of Panthers, or the Pantzer of Pansys. Plus, Pendergrass' smack of helmet-using Pendragons, who are from the Pence-like PENEStae living smack beside the Paionians. The Penes'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with Bra-like Brays/Brae's, and we could even add that the lion heads of the Cheshire Penders/Pinders are in the colors of the Post / Pool lion.

Without going over it all, Lorraine' pointed hard with her bus stop to Pepin of Landen. For example, Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, and from the Paionian city of Stobi, use a version of the Pipe and Pepin Coat. This is why I resolved that God set up my first date with Lorraine by having us meet at my LAUNDRomat, on the evening of the day when I asked her out at her BUS stop. It's important here that the giant Bus cinquefoil is colors reversed from the same of Pockets/Pouchers, for I can even link the squirrel in my pocket to the "tufts of grass" of Bosco's, the latter expected to be a branch of Bush's and therefore possible Bus liners. Pepin of Landen married a women from METZ, on the border of the Lorraine area of France, and this is why I think God set me up with Lorraine at a laundroMAT.

It had really floored me to find that Landens were also laundry-like Landers, you see, convincing me that God set up the date starting from the laundromat. A little later, while on the Bra theme, I was seeking surnames that could be from Langhe, an area at or beside Bra, and came upon Langleys, who share the six pale bars of Landens/Landers, what an amazing find. I can now add that, if the black portion of the Landen/Lander rooster head were in colors reversed, it would be the gold-and-red rooster head (same design used) in the Crest of heater-like Heathers/Heaths/Heths. The squirrel destined for my pocket went up the heater duct, and the rooster head in the Heather/Heath Shield is in colors reversed from the Landen/Lander rooster head. (There was no way into the dash compartment, in my Safari van, unless it went into the heater duct.)

The pale bars above are in the green-and-white colors of the Valentin squirrels. Valentins were first found near Este, and Pepins use an "est" motto term while sharing the horse heads of Este's. I hung my shorts, and the dead squirrel, upon a NAIL in a post, and Nails/Nagle's share the blue-on-white, engrailed saltire of Greats, the latter having been resolved with "Gratian," father of VALENTINian I. In the Great Crest, a gold rooster head, no guff, the color of the Heather/Heath rooster head. The squirrel hanging on the nail had earlier been up the HEATER DUCt, and Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with Ducks, duck-using, Valentin-like Valins, and also the Velens who once showed ducks too, are you not amazed??? Duck liners are suspect at Lorraine's Bar-le-DUC, and Ducks use bars.

The Pense eagle is that also of Lorraine's and of Bar(r)s, can we believe it? Pense's even use the colors of Great-like Grazio's (black rooster head), who share the pomegranate with French Crispins/CREPons, first found in Lorraine. Greats are also GREEPs, I kid you not.

There had been a question on whether the Grace's/Grasse's / Grass' were a Gratian line, and here one can add that the Post lion is also that of English Grasse's, first found in Lincolnshire with pansy-using Coneys. I feel sure that Conys are with a version of the Meschin/MACHINE Coat for a related reason, which can speak to the laundry MACHINE (God could have used the laundry theme for this squirrel in a way aside from the machine). Meschins were Masci's, and the latter were first found in or near Langhe / Bra.

In keeping with Lorraine's pointers to Paionians, we can take this to the Paion-branch Payne's/Paine's with a Pansy-like Panes' variation. Pansys are also Panse's, and Paine's/Panes', first found in Somerset beside the Pense's/Pinsons/PINCons (like the Ping variation of Panels/Paganells), have a BROKen spear, and then Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with Brooks. I took the squirrel to the brook, but it ended up on the nail in my living ROOM. The motto of Rooms/Rome's loves the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/Paganells. French Paine's/Payne's are in Pense/Pincon (and Grazio) colors).

Pense's/Pincons were first found in Devon with Pagan-like Page's, who share the dove with Pansys. The Page pheons are colors reversed from those of Stops/Stubbs, and as the latter are expected with the Paionian city of Stobi, Page's can be expected with Pansys to be a Paionian line. There is a question here on whether my gravitating to Page's, from Lorraine's pointers, has to do with Lisa Page. I've told it many times, that I remember nothing of my first date with Lorraine, after seeing her come into the laundromat, but having our first kiss at a picNIC table in a small park across the street from her apartment. This may be where she got her grass stain on my last night with her. The Kiss/Cush surname uses "fountains," and Fountains use three fesses in the colors of the one of French Paine's/Payne's, just as though this event had eyes and knowledge of heraldry.

I reasoned that God set this kiss up, and it was such a great kiss that I can still remember sitting there with her, on that picNIC table. It's important because NICKle's/Nichols use pheons in the colors of the Stop/Stubb pheons. What are the chances? Plus, aside from any of this, and long before I knew of Lisa Page, I traced the Page doves to a Cuppae location, called "city of doves," near the source of the PEK river. The PICnic table.

if you think that these are just coincidences, lets read it as "PICNic," looking now like "PICENum," undoubtedly pointing to Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I. What are the chances? Plus, Nickle's/Nichols were first found in Cheshire with the Pic(k)ots/Piggots whose pheon-like arrow/spear heads are called, "pike heads."

At the mouth of the Pek river, a PINCum location to which I traced Pincs/Pinks / Pane's/Panico's / Pings/Pongs. Pense's were at mont PINCon. The PICENsii can be seen near the Cuppae location (to their north) on this old map below, where Pincum is "Punicum":

"PUNicum" evokes the "imPUNE" motto term of POINdexters, and Pense's/Pincons are also Poincons, wow, that's new. In the last update, I showed why my sleeping bag pointed to John B. Poindexter as a potential murderer of judge Scalia, and this sleeping bag was on my front seat when the Valentinian-related squirrel went into the heater duct.

Back to the PicNIC table, for I've not known until now that Neece's/Kness' were also Nichs. We saw why the picnic table links exactly to Justine of Picenum (daughter-in-law of GRATian), who can be proven to be ancestral to Justine's/Justus' (share a gold border with GREATs), first found in Perthshire with Neece's/Kness'/Nichs (Justine's/Justus' colors). The "Animo" motto term is not only like the "Nemo" of Poindexters, but we saw "Animo" earlier like this:

WOW!WOW!WOW! Get a load of this! The COOPs/Cope's use a motto, "Aequo adeste animo," and the Pennants use, "Aequo animo"!!! That is incredible. The chances are so remote for such a thing. It appears to be Intelligent Design to link Pence to Cowes'/Coo's.

Can we believe it? I've been tracing Coops/Cope's / Cups/Cope's / Copps to Cuppae for years. And that's the general area to which Pennant-like surnames trace. It's the Cowes'/Coo's who use pennants. Cowes-like Coweys were first found in KinCARDINE while Cardine's/Cawardens (you've just got to be amazed), first found in Cheshire with Nickle's/Nichols and Pickots, share the Nickle/Nichol pheons (both surnames use "FIDE"). From the Cowey write-up: "One of the first records of the family was Herbert de Cowy who witnessed a charter by NICHOLAS de Dumfres in 1394."

Kincardine is in Aberdeenshire, where Cups/Cope's, Turins, Tarves' and FIDo's/Fothes'/FETTe's (cornuCOPia) were first found, and therefore one can glean that Coweys have a boar version of the FEET/Fate and Pavia martlets. The Cardine/Cawarden Coat is a reflection of the Brace/BRAS Coat. Heaters (probably the white Bull/Bule bull) share a white bull with Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in SAVIGliano, smack beside Bras-like Bra, and then Savage's were first found in Cheshire too. The latter's lions are a reflection of the Tarves fitchees, and Tarves' link well to Turins, the latter sharing the Cowie boar heads.

The Chives' of Tarves were of Chivasso, near Turin, which is very near Bra and Savigliano. The "pro te" motto phrase of Savage's is likely for Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia, as well as for the Tease-suspect Teys/Tays looking like they have a blue version of the Living/Levin Coat, the latter looking like Laevi, co-founders of Pavia. God gave Lorraine a feet symbol on the PAVEment of Yonge street (Yonge's share the Leavell piles) for connecting her to Laevi at Pavia, and our first date included the laundromat at the corner of Yonge and LEVENdale (Richmond Hill, Ontario).

I've only now checked the Woodbine surname because Colin Cowley lived at the corner of Woodbine avenue and Major MacKenzie. Woodbine's are said to have had a Woodbine location in Kincardine. This reminds that Woods use a SAVAGE.

Bill Barr's Looking Good

When Kamala Harris questioned Barr as to whether Trump has asked him to start investigations, he said, no. What he should have said was, "No, but I wish he would." That would properly ruffle the Democrats. "I wish he would. He should ask me right away. I'm here, I'm open for business on finding criminals. That's my job, Kamala. Do you know of any criminals in the Democrat camp, Kamala? Be sure to let me know of any, especially if they violated your president."

You see, Democrats are trying to condition Barr into thinking that it's wrong for the president to ask him to start an investigation. It's not wrong, and it's absolutely proper. Barr has the final say on whether a request from Trump ends up in an investigation. Any citizen, including the president, can ask the attorney general for help against a criminal enemy. Democrat efforts to curb or cripple Barr to do his job is nothing short of obstruction on behalf of Democrat criminality. Barr can arrest these Democrats for obstruction if they go too far seeking his demise just for doing his job.

Bill Barr has given indications that he's looking into the dossier scandal, whether it was part of Russian collusion, and, he said, he has yet to discover whether Mueller included this particular collusion in his collusion hunt. Uh-oh, Mueller's in trouble, because he ignored it. He knew all about it, for it was plastered all over the news, but he rejected it as worthy of his time. Uh-oh, that makes him look like a political animal, uh-oh, everyone was wrong to say that he's an up-standing, independent player. Uh-oh.

Barr has the right stuff. He said to Mike Lee of Utah that it seems too short of a guilty mark on Trump if his DoJ enemies were merely going after Carter Page. By all appearances, Carter Page was a concoction to justify spy programs on others in the Trump camp. Barr seems to be implying or saying that he's looking to see what other spy programs were in effect against Trump to justify the attack. All we can hope for is that Barr is sincere in this effort, and that he won't be persuaded to cancel his investigations thereof.

Thanks to some leaking by the NY Times and the Washington Post, we learned that Mueller actually wrote Barr in March to say how disappointed he was with Barr's summary (it was intended as a digest) because Barr didn't pontificate or cry on Mueller's behalf the nuances of his obstruction case that he himself admitted to be lame.

The video below has some laughs at how picky-picky the Democrats are being. It starts with Mueller crying the blues on Barr's shoulder because the latter didn't announce Mueller's work in a way that the leftist media could appreciate. Well, Mueller, if you want the leftist media to have your side of the story, go ahead and give it to it, but for you to expect the attorney general to do it for you, who do you think you are? Your work was a waste of time, thou clown, and it was also over the line into criminality, yet you want Barr to portray it as respectable? Barr calls Mueller's attitude "snitty," hee-hee.

Barr needs to state his opinion that Mueller's report was loathsome, and for this reason he cannot bring himself to praising or crediting any of Mueller's work. It's that simple. The Democrats are demanding from Barr to go against his own mindset on the matter, just because they want to be able to score political points. Boo-hoo, the Demobabies are wanting to turn a dismal defeat on Mueller's part into something respectable out of Barr's mouth, but the more they go down this dirty-diaper road, the more it's predictable for Barr to feel compelled to show why Mueller's work stinks. Barr should simply state: I see less than merit in Mueller's obstruction case, so how can you expect me to advertise it for you as a respectable thing?

Here is Barr telling that Trump had the right to derail Mueller under the circumstances that there was no crime, and that Trump knew it:

The slander from the media against Barr is atrociously criminal. This should not be permitted. Can't Wray support his attorney general by at least threatening the leftist propaganda machine? I don't see one lie from Barr, yet they are all in concert accusing him of being a serial liar. This is not permitted in the concept of free speech, because it is a slander campaign without basis. The leftists are seeking to scare Barr into inaction, but I see a back-fire not only because it's human nature to resist intimidation, but because Barr feels he has a responsibility, as the top law man, to honor the laws. The crimes he's sworn to look into are those of the DoJ; they are not the crimes of others, but of what is now his own house. How possibly could he neglect such crimes? There are so many of them in a not-so-well coordinated conspiracy.

One could see on Barr's face at times a deep disappointment (like when can I get out of here?) at what he was going through. In controlled patience, not once did I see him lash out when I know I would have. All in all, I am surprised that he is not so much a friend of Mueller after all. However, Mueller is guilty as somewhat of a ring-leader of a seditious plot, and Barr may not be willing to prosecute him or others based on how assininish has been the fuss from Democrats over the smallest of issues, promising louder childishness if Barr dares indict someone. That's the Democrat game, to give appearances of stomping in impeachment tantrums should Barr go to indictments. It's an empty bluff; ignore them. Let them fume and fuss alone amongst one another; let them be afraid at what's coming down.

The invisibles have only one track at this time, to get rid of Barr in any way possible. Here is evil incarnate, that they are now fabricating slander against him too. It's going to set Barr and Trump against them, hopefully, like whirlwinds. To put this another way, however they feel that Barr should be treated for no crime at all is how Barr must treat their co-conspirators who've already been resolved guilty for orchestrating criminal works.

No one is safe with the likes of Democrats in power. Morality is safety-ness. When everyone is moral, people feel safe. Safety and peace are related. But Democrats are willing to slander and wrongfully punish in order to take power, and when they get into power, they use evil to maintain power. This thing needs to be destroyed without mercy. Pelosi herself was a high-level part of the fabrications against Trump, and here she's on her moral high ground a pathetic hypocrite. I've never seen anything like this, from the entire party leadership, a bunch of shameless projectors of their own sins. Best thing, ignore them, stay mature, for the demodipers know nothing about it.

Those of you who have renewed your minds with the words of Jesus and the Apostles, you know that you came to the spot or the level where you could see right through Democrat leaders, long before their obvious duplicity now, whereas 40 percent or more of people are either unable, or are desirous of jumping in with their wicked attitudes. When Jesus said that we should rejoice over, or celebrate, the Kingdom, this is what he meant, that the Word conditions us to have sound minds, useful minds, sanity. We don't get eternal life alone, but healthy thinking. If we listen too much to Democrat rattiness, it's going to spoil what we have, for the purpose of demons is to upset us. Ignore the demodipers, let them destroy one another, but not us. By convincing one another to lie and to slander, to hate and to foment, they are destroying their own souls.

How much value would you place on the ability to escape the wiles of devils thanks to the Word of God? Did Jesus come to die only? Didn't he also speak the things we needed to hear for a healthy mindset? Get healthy today; betray the Democrat camp. I'm not suggesting that anyone joins the Republicans, but rather that everyone should join Jesus so that ONENESS OF MIND could pervade all societies of every color of every place. Now that's wisdom, multiculturalism in Jesus, or, even better, a melting pot over the fires of the Holy Spirit. Let's all be friends in Jesus, because liberals are busy tearing people groups apart in the name of advancing an anti-Jesus monster.

How many of you have the ability to see through Rosenstein this past week, as he now tries to act like one of us? What a chameleon.

The New York Times is admitting of a new mole in the Trump camp, and, yup, she's an FBI man. The story is early in Fox's Hannity for May 2. I suggest that the New York Times is leaking this story because it makes the FBI appear concerned that there may have been a Trump-Russia conspiracy. The FBI players need to convince Barr that they sincerely believed in a conspiracy, to a degree sharp enough to justify spying. But this won't hold up due to the way in which the players went about things, clearly intent on destroying Trump rather than charging him with any crime. This female mole needs to explain why she asked a Trump man whether Trump was in cahoots with the Russian government? Where did that idea originate? Was it a pretext fabricated by the FBI to "justify" moles and other methods of spying? That's a crime, and when done after January 20, 2017, without calling-out the endless media reports as fallacious, it's treason and sedition. Again, because the DoJ did not correct the media as it contributed to the sacking of Trump, that's sedition. Sedition: "conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch." Yup, the leftist media is guilty.

The DoJ under Sessions and Rosenstein is guilty for not interjecting amid the media reports. To interject: "hey, wait a minute, that's not right." Mueller did that only once, when Barr came on board. Mueller is guilty of allowing the media to foment sedition. But Mueller's boss, Rosenstein, is the man who would see the media fed horse manure. And Sessions, just because he recused himself, is not off the hook for not interjecting, for even though he recused himself, he had every responsibility to oversee what Rosenstein was doing. Sessions had every ability and all responsibility to check whether Mueller had found any proper guilt in Trump. Sessions had every capability to see firsthand that Mueller had NOTHING, yet Sessions neither interjected, nor stopped Rosenstein in his tracks when he should have.

This behavior is likely the way the FBI has treated many other political enemies, yet as no one has ever stood up against the FBI for the lower levels, no one every heard of this behavior, much. But now that they practiced their wares on a president, many are talking about it, and thus it has been revealed. This cannot be the first time that the FBI has done such things. The spy system has been abused before MANY times for political advantages, it's simply a no-brainer to think that way. The devil has always been in politics; how can we assume that the FBI has always been angelic until Obama? Nonsense.

Some may try to convince us that Rosenstein was on Trump's side all along, egging Mueller along to his own demise. Rosenstein is saying all the right words at this time to act like one of us. But this doesn't hold water, for it was Rosenstein who led the campaign to popularize Russian interference. The only good news is that if he wants to be taken as being on our side all along, he will need to come clean with Mueller's deepest sins. But even if he does, it's not absolute evidence that he opposed Mueller while overseeing him, for Rosenstein might be seeking to save his own reputation by throwing Mueller under the bus.

Wikipedia: "...Mueller investigation, started as a covert United States counterintelligence investigation of the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. According to its authorizing document, which was signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on May 17, 2017, the investigation's scope included allegations that there were links or coordination between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government as well as "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation." Does it look as though Rosenstein started the probe to trick Mueller into condemning himself on Trump's behalf? It looks instead as though Rosenstein was the spearhead of the probe.

In the video above, as per Solomon's revelations, one can glean that Mueller's persecution (not a spelling mistake) against Manafort makes Mueller appear as a player in the Ukrainian conspiracy to ruin candidate Trump.

Hannity almost always fails to continue a conversation when started by his guests. Instead of continuing, he interjects with a new question that he's apparently prepared before the show. This is a lousy way to treat guests, as though everything they just said goes unheard, or is treated with triviality. Note how Sara Carter speaks without a word in response by Hannity, as though he doesn't value anything she said. Hannity does this to others too. Fewer guests per hour could correct this.

Trump is preparing his declassification dump, and he's going to do this with himself the center of it all, as though he's now the leader of drain the swamp. He said he'll declassify everything as soon as "they need it." Who's they? They needed it yesterday, stupid. Why are you taking so long? Are you making this into your political advantage?

As things heat up for the villains, their less-passionate on-media pawns will be less able to do the will of the invisibles, because these pawns are being "asked" (commanded) to make idiots of themselves knowingly on their behalf in front of entire viewerships. This predicts that the invisibles will float the idea of coming out self-servingly to show the pawns how it should be done.

It's not Barr's job to put out the "summaries" (explanations) that some Democrats are demanding of him. If Mueller wants to propagate his own thinking, or the best of his attempts to undermine Trump, he can do it himself. If it's wrong for Mueller to do it, it's dead wrong and a trap for Barr to do it. The Democrats are trying to get Barr to give a thumbs-up acceptance of Mueller's project because this project is likely to land him with an indictment, we hope. This call to openness from Democrats is exactly what will make them look like hypocrites when they soon call for closed-ness on the troubles about to be experienced by Democrat players, just as they were very happy that the Sessions DoJ closed all things to those seeking to expose the Democrat sedition.

No matter that the Democrats may be at least partially correct for their criticisms on Trump, the Republicans voted for him because he had the right promises, and the main one, I believe, to put him over the top, was his promise to eradicate Democrat criminals in high places. These Democrats are the ones who will jail conservatives on false charges. We are seeing their false charges in the media every day. They have no souls. They will kill born babies, they will jail innocent people, they will kill innocent people who stand in the way of their societal engineering, in front of their struggle for absolute power. This is why they deserve death, this is why they needed to be severely weakened starting two years ago, so that, if they do get some powers, they will be weaker, more afraid of repeating what they did to Trump, for they will abuse the spy powers once again if they have absolute powers.

What they did under Obama they did when they did not have control of the House and Senate; imagine if they did have it. The goal on behalf of their soul-less purposes is to set up a Democrat machine -- which includes vote rigging and superior propaganda machines (media) -- that can never be defeated again. This is why Democrats have been fuming mad, to the point of becoming lunatics, ever since George Bush took power from Clinton's successor. George Bush didn't win the election; Republicans who despised the Democrat direction did. Ever since Reagan befriended Christians and got elected, the Republicans knew that their ticket to power was in Christian voters. The junior Bush faked being a born-again Christian to get to power.

Trump didn't win the election; Republicans who despised the Democrat direction did. McCain lost because he was half a Democrat direction. Romney lost because he's a phony, freakish Christian. What's wrong with Republicans that they refuse to front a normal Christian for president? If you're a Christian, surely you know that Christians vote Republican only because they fear the Democrat direction. Much of the credit goes to Fox news, of course, but it's far from being a Christian organ. Media is the way to power, a great reason to sue and expose leftist media at every opportunity. Trump has been very helpful to this end. It really is a good turn for the country. But crying out against the media with words alone has proven not to curb media deception and tricks, at least not sufficiently. It should, in the long run, curb some of their deception when the people come to no longer trust the media.

It stands to reason that God is causing Democrats such intense irony mixed with pain that they are losing their souls, minds and throwing away their good consciences. They are sacrificing their integrity and their respectability; we are seeing it before our eyes. Has anyone ever seen leaders act in the way Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi are acting at this time? The entire lot of them is saying whatever they think it takes to regain power, and the media stupids are holding hands together saying the very same things. They seek what works, anything as long as it works, you just never thought that a country could be led by this type of behavior, yet Trump has been handing power back to them by refusing to attack them with the finality that the situation requires. It is dangerous if Trump and Barr attack them only mildly because the fiends will spring back and punish us back for the harm we do to them, once they retake power. The fiends need to be crippled severely, or this nation is doomed to lunatics.

The rest of the world will follow the false characterizations of themselves, their tricks, their moral facades. Canada's liberals are ready as we speak. Canada too wants immigrants, because liberals buy their votes with government favors / hand-outs. It is beneficial to liberals if they divide whites from immigrants to better assure the latter's liberal votes; it's insane for people in power to do this, but it's the new liberal wave before our eyes. Europe had dedicated armies of voters following Obama's tune. This is the anti-Christ in the making. They cannot see, will not see, that they are fulfilling prophecy. Brazenly do they plow "forward" to their anti-Christ society, absolutely sure that Jesus is not who he claimed to be. It is debatable as to what particular year the world arrived to the threshold of the anti-Christ society, but no Christian denies that we are slipping ever-deeper toward it with each passing year. It's a no-brainer that spy programs are recording who we are, where we live, what we own, because liberals know that we will oppose their anti-Christ society.

It seems to me to be best if we move to different properties at the very latest time, where we will not use phones, for people are being forced to register their phones online, where government and anti-Christian spies have access to it all. Registering a phone reveals your address for anyone online to see. It is a myth that such registrations are secure, and liberals definitely will lie about the security of the Internet, for this is a vital part of their anti-Christian agenda, to force us online to give up personal information.

So, suppose that we knew the arrival of the Anti-Christ, the man, to be in 2024, for example. If we all moved to a new property in 2023, and did so without use of phones or Internet, that would give liberals a headache in finding where we are. Yes, they could eventually find us, but it will take time to find most of us, and it's better they spend their time trying to find us rather than exerting their persecutionary measures against us. Even if they do find us, what will they do if we have broken no laws? Ahh, they will make new laws for us to break, such as we cannot share home-grown foods, or even that we cannot grow them on some faked health concerns. Ahh, but where will they put us all if we break laws such having more than one family on a single-family estate? I think the time is coming when they will treat everyone with demonism so badly that some of us will be happy to be murdered just so that God can give them back the torment they deserve. We will win this war.

Why can't Jay Sekulow suggest to Trump to go after Mueller as per the latter's malice. His probe was sheer malice, was it not? Isn't malice against a sitting president worthy of punishment? Isn't Mueller guilty of more than malice? Shouldn't everyone on the other side of Mueller make an example of him lest others do the same again soon? Look, the House already wants to do the same again, probably because Trump and his supporters are lame in their reactions. Trump is apparently going to be more closed to House requests (from Nadler), which is the right thing to do to protect his staff, but that's hardly a reaction. The level of reaction needed can be measured as sufficient when the likes of Nadler and Schiff back off for fear of getting the same treatment. So long as Nadler attacks, it's because Trump is lame. It is not petty to take Mueller to court; it's absolutely necessary. Just think of all the dirt that could be found on the 17, in the discovery process of legal proceedings, if Trump sues Mueller.

At the end of the week, after a phone call with Putin, Trump said that it's good for the superpowers to get along. I agree, yet the Democrats are wanting to portray this as some sinister desire within the president to betray the American nation on behalf of Putin's desires. That's the essence of their collusion accusations. If they are not paranoid lunatics, they sure behave like them.

I've never seen anything like this before, how did she do it:

It should take 300 years to learn this perfect performance:

I don't think it's possible to top that one, at least not for his age. In case you missed the long-haired dude below last month, here he is again. At first, you probably think, this guy can't sing, then you discover he's an artist too:

I've got great speakers, and music like this is amazing, well worth the hundreds of dollars, because the speakers last for years and years. Do yourself a favor, get some nice speakers, really big. That song gets me up. Trump's mad because I'm not talking about him, oh well. I think this singer's a little crazy, but at least he looks happy. The ending on this second song might get you to laugh. He is crazy, but I like it. He did all the work, and we get to enjoy it without lifting a finger, without a dime paid. Hey look, he got a haircut:

He's going to burst a brain nerve if he keeps that up.


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