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April 23 - 29, 2019

Mike Pence Looking like a Child-Trafficker Supporter, in the Least
God Wildly Confirms the Sleeping-Bag Dream, Connects to Pence
I've Never Yet Seen God's Heraldic Confirmations Like This on Pence

If you finish this first two sections, you will not be disappointed. Take your time, for this is the mother of all heraldic revelations thus far in my work. This is the best that God has ever done using heraldry, and I've been waiting for something like this for years.

New texts are out from Strzok and Page. I'm watching Bongino in the 8th minute, and am struggling to figure whether he really has something (it depends on who "Katie" is) on Mike Pence's former chief of staff as a mole in the Trump team. Watch the show yourself to see what you think, but don't fast forward because he sets this up by mentioning the replacement of Pence's chief of staff. After that, be sure to see the piece at 6 minutes, where you read, "Katie's husband":

On the approach to the 10-minute mark, Bongino confesses that he's not sure whether Katie is the wife of Pence's former chief of staff, Josh Pitcock, but he goes forward assuming this to be correct.

Bongino then goes on to show the backdrop for the 9th day after the election (the timing of the texts mentioning Katie's husband), to do with Trump getting word from Ash Carter that the Obama people are spying on him at Trump tower. It therefore looks as though Strzok and Page are scrambling to figure out another way to continue surveillance on the new president, and suggesting a mole.

I've just looked up Katherine Seaman, whom Bongino has pegged as "Katie," and this discovered an article (April 26, same day as Bongino show above) where Mike Pence talks about this very issue:

Vice President Mike Pence's former chief of staff, Josh Pitcock, has responded for the first time to speculation in conservative media outlets that FBI agents wanted to use him to infiltrate President-elect Trump's transition team in 2016.

Driving the news: In a statement to Axios, Pitcock said he had "no contact" with either former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok or former FBI attorney Lisa Page — the officials at the center of the speculation — and "took zero actions on their behalf."

Pitcock also said there was "no infiltration through me or my wife," an FBI agent and another focus of the speculation...

But Pence is taking the issue seriously, and is demanding further investigation into the possibility of attempted infiltration into the Trump administration and its 2016 transition team — which started with a letter from top Republican senators raising questions about a text message exchange between the two former FBI officials.

However we may wish to view Pence's involvement, whether he's a mole or not, this tends to verify that Bongino is correctly interpreting Katie. But, apparently, he got this from the news. Bongino didn't mention the Pence story. It's possible that Bongino figured out the Katherine-Katie link on his own, but chances are pretty high that he was told by the news. If the latter is correct, it appears that Bongino is guilty of what Trump does: take credit himself for what he doesn't deserve.

Bill in the exchange below is Mr. Priestap. This week has been very bad news for Preistap, look out. The CI guy, I think, refers to Joe Pientka (FBI):

Strzok: Or, he’s “the CI guy.” Same.might [sic] make sense. He can assess if thete [sic] are any news [sic] Qs, or different demeanor. If Katie’s husband is there, he can see if there are people we can develop for potential relationships

Page: Should I ask Andy about it? Or Bill want to reach out for andy?

Strzok: I told him I’m sure we could ask you to make the swap if we thought it was smart. It’s not until Mon so Bill can always discuss with him tomorrow.

There you see Preistap assuredly a part of this plot to make mole-ish relationships. Strzok's been asked by Preistap to talk to Page, and Strzok begins by asking her a question on her opinion: "Talking with Bill. Do we want Joe to go with Evanina instead of Charlie for a variety of reasons?" She doesn't show much admiration for the swap. Strzok tries to push his thinking on the plot. Page doesn't seem to like it, and suggests that Andy McCabe, her boss, could make the decision. Then she implies, why don't you get Bill to talk to McCabe about it? Strzok then drops her the news that she's been chosen to do the swap, and so I assume Preistap talked with McCabe to get Page to do the swap. Why her? Is it because she's a female? Or was she more expendable (she's just a lawyer, an outsider) if something goes wrong? Some quotes have "Charli" instead of "Charlie." Who could Charli be? A woman? Charlotte? Mike Pence's daughter is Charlotte. "Evanina" is William Evanina.

Was the original plot to have Joe go with Charli, then swap Charli for Evanina, or was it Evanina with Charli originally with Joe then swapping for Charli?

On Sunday, after almost all of this update was written, I checked for the Pence-family rabbit (mainly white, some black) and found at least one startling thing; they named it Marlon Bundo, and the Bund surname (BEDfordshire!) shares talons with Bra-suspect Brays/Brae's, what an incredible coincidence. This has my head spinning. Marlons are listed with Marleys, whose Coat has all three colors of the Con(e)ys and Conns, the latter two using white coney rabbits and suspect from some family in Coney-line Cuneo, the location of Bra. The Marlon/Marley bend is in the colors of the same of Gells/Jells (Yorkshire, same as Jumps), and that's in the colors of the fesse of Jell-like Yellows/YELLEYs. The yellow bed. Be amazed, for the Yellow/Yelley fesse is in colors reversed with Bundys!!! I'm shocked. The Bundys (same chevron as Ile's/YLLEYs) use an "ORBis" motto term while Kids use "ORBem." [Update May 2 -- Christopher Steele has/had a business, ORBIS Business Intelligence.]

(Use the Bund link above to load any Coat of Arms, which you need to do in order to follow best; it's a big task to follow along, I know, but you'll appreciate it a lot better taking it slower).

If you click the link above, the title to the page is: "Mike Pence's Gay Rabbit Is the Newest Kid-Lit Sensation" I can't believe this. I've not seen this before:

...Second Lady Karen Pence and their daughter Charlotte have written a children's book called, Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President. Written By Karen and illustrated by Charlotte, the story features the Pences' real-life pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo...

...It stars a black and white rabbit in a glittery bowtie who falls in love with another boy rabbit named Wesley, only to be told by a Pence-esque stinkbug that they can't get married.

I don't trust Pence anymore. He looks like pizzagate material somehow, perhaps involved at its business end. The hunch is that God arranged for the Pence's to name the rabbit what they named it in order to make a Pence link, this very day, to my white-rabbit theme.

Months after introducing my white-rabbit event, to which I had connected the Coneys and Conns from the start, I found Peter Peterson, former chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, married to a founder of Sesame Street, Mrs. COONEY. I was and still am sure that God was pointing to that marriage because the white rabbit(s) in the cage beneath my feet was owned by a Peterson family. It had me wondering whether pedophiles / sex traffickers had started Sesame Street as a means to do some dirty business on the side.

You will be shocked at what I have just discovered, if you are familiar with my writings on my white-rabbit theme. For those not familiar, let me put down the backdrop before explaining fully, but for those who know the backdrop, let me first say that Wesleys share the scallops of Scalia-like Scale's and those also of Morleys/Mauls. Besides this, the Wesley write-up has: "Conjecturally the family are descended from Hardwin, a Norman noble of Scales, who held the village of WESTley from the Countess Judith..." This is just incredible, for I did not know until now that Marlon Bundo was a faggot rabbit wanting to marry Wesley.

I'm going to add here, before giving the backdrop, that Wesleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Dive's who share the same scallops again, and throwing in a dancette as code for king Donnus (he's the line to Dance's/Donna's/Donnas'), grandfather of VETSALis, the line to Westly-like Wests and Wesley-like Wessels/WAISTells. Incredible. I'll come back to this at the backdrop.

Here's the backdrop, which gets long. Thanks to WikiLeaks, the emails of John Podesta were revealed to the world. At the time that I was reading his emails for the first time, to a Mr. Elmendorf, when I discovered his "wet works" phrase suspect by others with the murder of judge Scalia, I went to bed and started to think back to the bra I touched as a child of about nine. It was at the home of my friend, Jerry Peterson. By that time, I had already suggested to readers that the Conys and Conns were named such after "Cuneo," and so that night in bed I realized that my touching the bra while standing over a cage with white rabbits was God's pointer to the white rabbits in the Coat of Conys and Conns. For, Bra is in Cuneo. You can now appreciate better why it was a shock to find, many months later, Alex Podesta dressed in a kiddy, white-rabbit suit. It confirmed that God was using my childhood event as a pointer to pedophilia.

Cuneo is in Piedmont while Dance's/DONNA's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont. I've thought that God showed, on another night in bed, that DONNA BRAzile (descended from Braswells) is to link to this Bra theme, but that's another story yet to be fully unfolded.

As my mind wandered (in bed) back to the bra event, I remembered Jerry Peterson popping up at my bedroom window, on the outside, in the back yard, making fun of me: "Aha, you pee'd your bed, you pee'd your bed." I was about six years old, and while my mother was chewing me out for this deed, or in any case talking loudly, Jerry just happened to be in the back yard, overhearing my mother. It freaked me out to see his head pop up in the window screen; I was completely embarrassed, but if not for Jerry being there, I would never have remembered that event. I cannot remember once when Jerry was in my backyard, especially not alone. I assume he came over to knock on the door, to see if I wanted to come out to play, but I now know that God sent him, arranging that event. The reason that this event came to mind in the first place is due to what I had read online, probably earlier that day, that the along with "wet works," "bedwetters" was used (either by Podesta or Elmendorf) in the email exchanges revealed by WikiLeaks.

So, you see, there was a connection between my bedwetting event and the bra event. Later, I realized that the stairs (SCALA) I had to climb to get onto a small deck (made for putting clothes on the line), from which I touched the bra, may have been God's pointer to judge Scalia. The white rabbit(s) was under the floor of this small deck about 4 feet square.

I cannot remember whether my sleeping-bag dream was before or after that night when the two events came to mind. It may have been on the same night. In the dream, I picked up a sleeping bag on a hill, afterwhich a rider on a motor bike came along down the hill, circled the area where I had picked up the bag, then followed me up the hill and back onto the road just as I was crossing it. I don't remember having the sleeping bag when crossing the road. As he drove away, I entered a mall parking lot, then entered the mall where I was in a scene with Christine Peare's WAIST that was found to be God's pointer, without doubt, to Wesley-like Wessels/Waistells. Is that not amazing? I did not know of Wesley the faggot rabbit until now...but if I had known, I would have suspected Mike Pence and/or his wife as a fake Christian over this one thing. What business do Christians have writing on gay rabbits to children??? It stinks badly.

On the morning of this dream, I found a membership photo online for the International Order of St. Hubertus. They all wore black robes with a single, red stripe down one side. That night of the dream, as with other nights going back a long while, I had slept under a black sleeping bag with a red stripe down one side. I then instinctively knew that God gave the sleeping-bag dream in order for me to know that Scalia was murdered by at least one member of the St. Hubertus group, for some 30 men or more from that group were hunting with Scalia on the ranch of John B. Poindexter the weekend of his murder. It was amazing to discover the Podesta-like Puddester variation of Poindexters. It was as amazing to find that a white rabbit is used by Esquers, who were found seeking the reason for the so-called "esquire helmet" of PoinDEXTERs. It looks like Intelligent Design behind the heraldry for to point to guilty parties. Why do Dexters look linkable to Braswells???

Eventually, I began telling readers that the rider on the motor bike was an old Christian friend, David Morley (same church as where I invited Mamie). I was thinking that the murderer should be either a Morley, or a similar surname such as the Marleys of Morlaix, first found in Cheshire with MALLs/MARLYbone's. You get it, that since Morley drove away while I walked into a MALL parking lot, the Marleys and Malls/Marlybone's make sense, which was a great way to prove that David Morley was the guy on a bike, for he owned a bike, but you just wait until I tell you how I knew he had a bike.

Only now, instead of assuming that the murderer was a Morley or Morley-like surname, perhaps the reason that God put him in the dream was to prepare for my discovery, today, of MARLON Bondo. For the Marlon surname is listed with Marleys, incredibly enough. But just look at what I have told readers as many as five or six times since that dream; for example, from the 4th update of September, 2017:

I saw David on his motorbike only once, that I can recall. I was a tenant on a Marlin street when he came up on his bike unexpectedly, with CAROL [his wife] on the back. The Marlins/Martleys, suspect with the Marleys (look merged with Huberts) from Morley-like Morlaix, happen to use martlets, code for Charles Martel, founder of CAROLingians.

But, now, how'about that Marlin street, for Marlins/Marlans can easily be a branch of Marleys/Marlons, is that not wild? I can now claim: I lived on a street set up by God to one day point a guilty finger at Mike Pence, I can feel it in my Marlybones. Adding to the evidence for the justification of God's finger of guilt, Huberts were first found in Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's and Marleys/Marlons.

AND WOW, I hadn't had reason to load Huberts until now, and they happen to have a "RECTUMque" motto term, like the "rectum" of Pence's!!! It's as though the murder of Scalia by the Hubertus cult somehow touches on MICHAEL Pence.

I will now repeat that the dream with kids jumping on a yellow bed had the kids of a MICHAEL. I'll also repeat that I was inquiring about the yellow bed from a salesman, while the Salesmans/Salians were first found in Surrey with Michaels. If that is not enough, just compare the Salesman Coat to those of Sales' (Cheshire, same as Huberts) and Huberts while noting that the Salesman Coat has the Bush/Busch eagles, and looks like a version of the Cheney Coat. It just so happens that, perhaps arranged by God to connect these players, Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys. As Bush-liner Busca is in Cuneo, Cheneys became suspect from a Cuneo family, is that not wild? Did the Bush-circle war hawks have Scalia murdered, or did they at least assist in the murder?

After mentioning to readers that David Morley was likely the rider in the dream, I probably loaded English Morleys several times without noticing that there was a Scottish Morley surname too, and, zowie, how beautiful, it was eventually loaded to find it listed with MAULs. Perfect, extra verification that God gave the you. It wasn't given for me alone. But we can now add the ultra-shocking, for the Morleys/Mauls share the Wesley scallops, is that not the neatest little package for catching child-molesting faggots? Do you have any idea what Jesus is going to do to these types? You cannot imagine the pain and the torment that these types will soon suffer.

You are going to be shocked at what I have yet to say, that came to mind only now. I was going to remind you of the Wesley write-up: "Conjecturally the family are descended from HARDWIN, a Norman noble of Scales, who held the village of Westley from the Countess Judith at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book." Again, the Wesley (and Morley/Maul) scallops are those of Scale's too, tending to verify what that quote claims. I was going to say that God apparently made the Wesleys descend from Mr. Scales in order to connect this revelation to judge Scalia, but I then loaded Hardwins (Cambridgeshire, same as Wesleys), and saw black talbot dogs, not surprising because the same scallops are used by Tailbois', a Talbot branch.

I wasn't even going to mention Hardwins. I got up hungry, and made some popcorn. While it was about to pop, I remembered my black lab, KATIE/Katy (we never did spell it). I started to laugh and laugh, because the black talbot dog is a Lab species, and because "Katie" is being reckoned, this week, as the wife of Joshua Pitcock, Pence's former chief of staff! Just look at that fabulous piece of work by the Creator.

Here's from the 5th of March, 2018: "I had to give Sassy away when going down to Texas, and it was on that trip that I purchased a black Labrador pup (Carrick symbol, right), which my son named, Katie. Amazing. She was picked up with the Ford, and Fords use a black dog. I had to give Katie away when I returned to Texas, and with her new owners she got killed by a car while chasing a cat. I loved Katie." Her litter was bred as HUNTINg dogs. Scalia was murdered while hunting in Texas.

The Carricks and Crags share the Hardwin dog, but then Carricks also share a "garde" motto term with Pitcocks!!! Just looks at that. It appears to be God's arrangement to show His involvement in this picture for pointing my Katie to the Katie in the Strzok-Page texts. Katie was always chasing cats, like a terror, the love of her life.

The Chief/Shield colors of Hardwins (Herod suspects) are those of Kate's too, adding to the weight of evidence of Intelligent Design behind these heraldic "coincidences." Kate's were first found in Michael-like Mecklenburg, and they even share the hexagrams of German Michaels. I'm impressed.

For those of you who know from recent updates that God probably set up the Reines surname (comet, Pisa Coat in colors reversed) to point to Ping Pong Comet pizza, home of pedophilia / child trafficking, let's add here that Pings/Pongs/Paganells link to Pincs/Pinks, Reines-like Reno's, and Panico's/Panetta's/Pane's near or on the Reno river. Although the vice-president is Pence, there is a Pense/Pinson surname said to be of a PINCon location. It's interesting.

The Pinc/Pink Coat (same lozenges as Reno's) is almost the Sewer/SUIT/Suter Coat which God used for pointing to Obama Soetoro, and God showed me that the SUIT worn by Obama, in my dream where I sewered on Obama's billiard table, was connectable to the bathing SUIT worn by Charlotte RENA Hicks in my dream with she in it. But when I was making the link of those suits, I hadn't yet heard of pizzagate as it related to Pink-like Comet Ping Pong, nor had I re-discovered or emphasized the comet of the Rena-like Reines'.

My last night with Paionian-depicting Lorraine was due to a grass stain on the butt of her bleach-white PANTS (it appeared to me she was on the grass with a married man), which pointed to the Panthers (helmets) sharing "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans/Paions, and to Pansys/Pantzers/PANCE's, amazing because the coney rabbit in the Cony Coat is said to hold a pansy! Incredible. We now have reason to suspect Mike Pense with that grass stain, for he owns a white rabbit. I don't have time to contemplate more on this new idea at this time.

Aha! Why is the BRAswell Coat almost that of Grace's/Grasse's??? Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile says that her ancestors had been Braswells. My Lorraine had linked to the laundry line upon which the bra hung, and in relation to this same Lorraine, I saw my landlord clubbing a rabbit to death in my LAUNDRY sink on a street named Laun-like LEVENdale, the same street that had the laundromat where I met Lorraine on our first date. The landlord lived immediately next door to a laundromat, in the same plaza that has/had a second laundromat where I met Lorraine. What could that clubbing to death of a rabbit, for food, mean?

Wow. Pansys/Pance's show only doves (Page symbol too) while Dove's use the WEST DANCEette (!) in colors reversed, and the "ma vie" motto phrase of Wests is that also of Pitcocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Recall Wesley, the faggot rabbit devised by the Pense's, for Wesleys are WESTlys too! The heraldry is trying to indict Mike Pence. That dancette recalls that I was dancing with Mamie, in her Leven-like LIVING room (she had thrown a party), about an hour before getting to Lorraine's place, just before she came home from a walk (July night) with a married man, and a grass stain on the side of her butt. I POINTED unhappily at the grass stain, and that was the end of the relationship.

However, two or three weeks later, by some miracle, I saw Lorraine at a city bus/subway STATION as I was getting off a bus while she was first in line to get on. Our eyes met as I got off and walked past her. The Stations/Stathams (Cheshire, same as TUFTs/Tafts/Tuffs, and Touch's/Tuffs suspect with the BOSton lion) share the Pinc/Pink and Reno lozenges. And the bus theme with Lorraine (I met her at her bus stop) was about Bush's and Bosco's ("TUFTs of grass" on their pillars). In the dream with Miss Hicks, I TOUCHed her knee, and the Knee Crest has the red eagle in the Tuft/Tuff Crest. The black Knee stag head could be that of the Wesley-related Hardwins.

The Dove motto is for Patiens'/Patents, whose crescents in flames look linkable to the Pitcock Crest. I can glean that Dove's/Dows are a branch of Dovers, and from the latter's cinquefoil that I can see that Dove's/Dows were kin of Porter-suspect Potters. The Patiens/Patent Crest shares the gold tower with Comets. Charlotte Rena Hicks became Mrs. KilPATrick, and while Kilpatricks/Patchie's were first found in Dumfries with Patiens'/Patents, Hope Charlotte Hicks was mucking around with Rob Porter when both were in Trump's White House. Kilpatrick Castle is on the Nith river (Dumfries), and the Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries) use a Coat like that if Pitts, suggesting that Pitcocks may have been a distant Kilpatrick branch. The Nitts/Naughts share the Raines lion.

The Pitcock Surname

I've looked up the Pitcock surname, finding both acorns and a "GARDE" motto term! Zinger. I've been saying for a while that acorn-using Dutch Tromps along with German Trumps/Tromps trace to Val Trompia at lake GARDA. German Gardners even share the vertically-split Shield of Pitcocks! The acorn-like Corners/Garners (use one acorn) are said to be a branch of Gardners. The Pitcock Crest is even the black Gard griffin, a great way to prove to yourself and others that motto terms are often secret codes for kin.

Here's from two updates ago: "Dutch Tromps share the acorn with Bede's, I wonder why it took me so long to find this latter part. The dream had me ordering a yellow BED, and only afterward were the kids jumping on the bed's mattress." The Jumps share the Trump/Tromp stag head, tending to place president Trump in connection to the dream. In other words, the yellow-bed dream was discovered to do with something at lake Garda, and here I find the Pitcock surname linking to it. I'll need to let that sink in as per what it could be pointing to. The dream's kids were those of Michael's, and we may assume that Mike Pence was born, Michael, wow. The yellow bed was in a fake retail store.

Dutch Tromps have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Tarves', and the Chives', first found in Tarves, have a "vi" motto term while Pitcocks use "vie." The PitCOCK rooster is likely that of Cocks and Babcocks, but more importantly that of Bibo's. The latter's rooster is said to be that of Hahns (see German Hanns too), and while the latter's is white like the Pitcock rooster, the Hahn rooster is in both colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head while both surnames, along with Bibo's, were first found in the same Nordic area (Mecklenburg). The top half of the Pitcock rooster is in half the colors of the Hann / Kopple rooster.

Mecklenburg is beside Hamburg, where Trump-like Drummonds were first found who roughly share the three wavy fesses of Seamans (the latter's may not officially be fesses, but bars, though Sees'/Sea's/Seighs have the three Drummond fesses). Katherine Seaman, Strzok's assistant, married Joshua Pitcock. Does that look like a pointer of God? It sure does to me, especially as Seamans were first found in Surrey with Michaels. Pence is starting to appear sinister.

I claim that Bibo's are from "Vibia," mother of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, and while I have read that his son was Proculus CHARAX, the CARRICKs share "garde" with Pitcocks. Moreover, Vibia can be gleaned in the mottoes of proto-Carrick Craigs and Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks). Craigs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives' of Tarves.

It wasn't long ago when I suspected Rob Porter as a mole in the Trump camp, and here I'd like to add that Porters use a portcullis gate, a term like that of "Proculus," while Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire with Carrick liners. I've been wondering whether a portcullis gate was a very clever invention to secretly indicate Proculus of Gates-like Cetis. Rob Porter (in Trump's White house) was committing adultery with Hope Hicks, Trump's former Communication chief, and Hicks were first found in Derbyshire. Hahns share blue wings with proto-Rothschild Bauers, but also with Here's/HEYERs while EYERs (Derbyshire, same as Here's/Heyers) are also Ayers, the namers of Ayrshire. Mike Pence replaced Joshua Pitcock with Nick AYERS, big hmmm.

One of the biggest reasons that the kids on yellow bed point to pedophilia is when God used Mamie, in my 20's, to point to pizzagate pedophilia. I didn't know of this pointer until recent years. I must now repeat that, about an hour before I caught Lorraine with the grass stain on her butt, I had danced with Mamie in my first-ever encounter with her. A few weeks later, I gave Mamie a Bible, and a short while later (was with her only for a couple of months), she said she left it under a BED while on a TRIP. The Bible's are listed with Bibo's! Recall how Seamans worked into things, for while they almost share the fesses of Drummonds, the latter were first found in Hamburg with TRIPs/Treffs, and then English Trips use a "scaling ladder" as code for ladder-using Scalia's/Scalise's.

As was said, Mamie became my girlfriend when she abruptly sat on my LAP uninvited at a camp site. Laps/Lapps (beside the Babe's) share the mermaid with Prestwicks, and a Prestwick location is near Kyle of Ayrshire, where Scottish Porters were first found. The Porter gate is code for Cetis-like Gates'. A "gold(en) gate" (I've read the description) is used in the Babel/Babwell Crest, and BabCOCKs share the red Bibo/Bible and Cock rooster, no mistake. German Babels/Babe's use the mermaid too, and are now said to have been first found in Wurttemberg, but this was not always so. Here's from the 2nd update of April, 2009: "...and when I checked the Walser surname at [FE's] direction, there appeared what I regard as (a two-tailed) Melusine, the symbol of various surnames and used in the Babel Crest, the latter surname first found in Basil, Switzerland."

I made the mistake of saying it was in the Babel Crest (should have been in the Shield). The point is the Basil location, for Hugh-like Hugo's, first found in Basil too, use the giant mermaid too, and in both colors of the Lap/Lapp mermaid. It's suggesting HUGH de Payens, right? Hugo's share a black anchor with Avis'/Avisons, the latter being in the motto of Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks), they being from the Kennati priests of Cetis. Kennedys share the red chevron that is the Arms of Carrick, and they add the black fitchees of Tarves', interesting where Tarves-Shield colors are used by Hugo's. The Lafins/La Fonts (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys) in the Kennedy motto are a branch of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, and Hugo-like Hugs happen to share the three fesses of Fountains, in the colors of the one fesse of Payen-like Paine's/Payne's and Leo's. You can't say I don't know my heraldry much.

Leo's are from the Pierleoni Jews, who were supported by Godfrey III, father of the wife of Eustace II. The Ville's / Fonts are part of the line of John de Burgo of Conteville and Comines to HUGH Lupus. Comine's share the Avis/Avison Coat. The latter surname is highly suspect with Vise's/Vice's (compare Crest with Eustace crest), a branch of, or merger with, Eustace's, from Eustace II, father of the first king of Templar Jerusalem (lived contemporary with Hugh de Payens). Vis'/Vice's share the black stag head with Acorns. Avis/Avisons are said to be from St. BENET of Holme (Norfolk, same as Comine's), and Bennets with their Benedict branch are from Leo Benedictus, a Pierleoni founder. My girlfriend immediately before Lorraine was Miss Bennet.

At her garden, God gave Mamie a thigh symbol (I've mentioned this at least a dozen times) for the Tease's/Tyes', who come up as "Tee," which thing is being said because Prestwicks use a "te" motto term.

With the acorn-liner Bede's now figured exceptionally into the yellow bed's meaning, it's very interesting that Pence's/Penns have roundels colors reversed from the same of Bede's. It just so happens that the Pence/Penn Coat is a version of the Craig Coat, which recalls Greg Craig (Obamaite, Ukraine scandal) making the news a few days ago. Gregs (two of the three Levi chevrons) are in Carrick colors.

The "RECTum" motto term of Pence's/Penns, wow, sounds like a faggot term suddenly, but there's more, for I see that term as part-code for Reckits/Rickets (scimitar) who in-turn have a "Quid" motto term while Quids/Quade's are from QUADratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus and mother of Proculus Charax!!! WOW! And, as I've said, the morning after Mamie sat on my lap, we went for a WADE in a lake while Wade's are listed with Quids/Quade's! God's been pointing to things, in this picture, in relation to Trump's White House. As I said, the afternoon after we went for a wade, God gave Mamie a symbol at her GARDen as proof that she was a pointer to BABons (share black boar head with Gardens).

[On the day after this update was published, I was at the Wikipedia page for Josh Pitcock, and saw that he was preceded in his job, as Chief of Staff to the Vice President, by Steve Ricchetti!!! It's almost "Ricket"!!!]

Babon was the son of Mamie-like MUMmolin, and the Moline's happen to share the black moline cross with Chives' (first found beside Gardens). MumMOLIN-suspect Moline's share the goat head of BLOWERs, in the colors of the goat of mermaid-using Walsers, this combination being very important as per whistle blowers late in the page two updates ago (everyone needs to read that section).

There is more, for I once reported on the online photo of Mrs. Pence holding a white rabbit, while God showed me that the white rabbit (see Alex Podesta) is His pointer to the pedophilia of the Podesta brothers (John Podesta was Hillary's campaign manager in the 2016 election). This is getting intriguing if not down-right revealing.

The Pitcock write-up traces to "Paeda" (looks like a smoking gun for pedophilia) which may have to do with Pitcocks being a branch of, or marital merger with, the Badcock variation of Babcocks. Badcocks are suspect from Badon, a son of Babon's nephew. What do we make of the pedophile-like Pidocock variation of Pitcocks? Is this a line from "PIEDmont" or the namers thereof? Bra and the Dance's are from Piedmont.

All of these interesting links confuse me. Maybe you can do better than I at interpreting things. Is Pence or Trump one or two of the bad guys in this, or of the good guys? The white rabbit entered God's pointers at my age nine, when I reached out to touch a white bra on a laundry line while standing over a cage having white rabbits. This event came to mind on the same night that I was shown a thing about John Podesta, but it would be months before finding Alex Podesta online posing in a white rabbit suit with pedophile / faggot symbolism.

[Insert one day after this update was published -- I didn't know until today that Pence's chief of staff has been Marc SHORT since March of this year. It recalls when I put a dead squirrel through my Sears LAUNDRY machine when I didn't know it had died in the pocket of my SHORTs. I have told that story to readers many times. "Marc Short was born in Virginia, the son of Richard T. "Dick" Short III..." Dutch Dicks are expected to be a branch of Dutch Dyke's, who happen to use a red squirrel. The squirrel in my pocket was a red one. See the next update for a phenomenal addition to this insert. End insert]

While God's pointers almost always point to the line of Laevillus and Quadratilla, there seems to be simultaneous pointers to offensive players in the deep state. The bra touched upon the BABE symbol that God gave Lorraine, my girlfriend until the night I first met Mamie (this was not the night she sat on my lap). English Babe's were first found in Dorset with Pitts, which potentially places Josh PITcock into this picture. Pitts (stork in Crest) are said to have had a Pett location in Kent, and Kent is where stork-using Petts/Perts were first found as well as the Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto.

The Pett/Pert stork (almost a crane, may have been a crane) is in BULrushes, and Bulls, first found in Somerset with Pitcocks, share the white bull with Pelosi's/Pilati's. Bulls share three annulets fessewise with Rush's and CRAUNs/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Bullis'/Bulliards), the latter's three being colors reversed from the three of Bulls for an excellent trace of Crauns to the CERAUNii mountains, beside Bullis. One can then see a link of Bulls to Bolls/Bole's (boar heads in Bull / Pilate colors), whose cups are in the colors of the same of Pillows/Pilotte's, first found in Lincolnshire with Bolls/Bole's, perfect.

My claim has been that God arranged some heraldic connections and symbols, and later made me somewhat of a heraldry expert, to convincingly point to deep state players. Pitts happen to share "ardua" with Malcolms/COLUMns while the bra event is also suspect in touching upon Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile, Jack Sava, and Peter Peterson of CFR. Pelosi's, first found in SAVIGliano, smack beside a Bra location, use COLUMNs, you see, so that it now appears that God set the Pitts up to link to Pelosi, begging whether Mr. Pitcock is so linked. Nancy Pelosi becomes the president if Pence and Trump are removed. As I've said, there was a time in my 20s when at least three people said to me, you look like Brad Pitt. Why was that? Why do Savage's/Sava's share "te" with Pitcocks?

As I said, I invented a fence post, and took the idea to a trade show in New Orleans, the hometown of Donna Brazile, a BRASwell liner. The product had been temporarily called, "PILLAR Post." There was much more to that story. I will repeat here that God connected Donna to the Jeffreys with a "Post" motto term. Donna Brazile was made the interim chief of the DNC just when Jack Sava contributed to the murder of Seth Rich. Brazile wrote a book to deflect from that murder, pinning the DNC "hack" on Russians. Lots of crimes here, Mr. Barr, for you to find glory in, if you care to reveal what really happened. It can't be that hard to do if you just demand the DNC server system; you can then shame and punish the FBI under Obama for not demanding it.

It appears that God provided a "dona" motto term for the Dons because they almost have the Braswell Coat. The Dons and Jeffreys together were evidence that God arranged my mugging in Texas just after I entered the state from Louisiana, location of New Orleans. The Jeffrey Crest is almost the Lease Coat, and Brazile's middle name is, Lease. Two or three hours after entering Texas on that day, I saw an OMEN in the sky, a small cloud covering the sun with a feeling inside of me that something bad was about to happen. Decades later, I discovered the cloud-over-sun of the Lease / Jeffrey surnames while omen-like "OMNia" is a Don motto term. That night of the omen, I was mugged, and thought I was going to be shot by a black man about 1 am.

The Malcolm/Column write-up: "Their ancient Clan seat was at Poltalloch near Loch CRAIGnish." Malcolms/Columns use a "PETit" motto term for showing linkage to Pitt liners, and here it should be added that Gard-like Yardleys share a Petty Coat, both sharing martlets that, in colors reversed, are green, the color of the Gard martlets. Pitts (Pett location in Kent) share the stork with Petts/Perts, the latter first found in Kent with Gards and Petits. In the Obama dream, we were in the BACK YARD of his billiard hall when he did his dance, skated on his skateboard, and frowned upon an unidentified employee whose BACK was turned to both he and me. Recently, this back symbolism was identified suggestively as a pointer to Jim Baker of Obama's FBI, a likely traitor to the Obamaites.

For heraldic value, the Yard Chief is a reflection of the Moline Chief while Moline-related Chives' were in Tarves, the latter likely from a family in Tarvisium/Treviso, not far from lake Garda. VIO's/Vito's were first found in Treviso, and the Pitcock motto happens to use "vie." The Tarves' share the six fitchee crosses of Hillarys and Clintons, all three surnames using the six in the same pattern, the pattern also of the same-colors lions of SAVIGe's/SAVA's, suspect with SAVIGliano. What should we glean from these links? Mamie and I were wading in a lake, and Lake's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons and Snipe's) use six fitchees colors reversed from those of Clintons and Hillarys, and moreover the Lake Coat looks like a version of the BRAS/Brace Coat. Doesn't it appear that God set up those "coincidences" to point the Clintons to His bra theme?

The Meullers (not "Mueller") use a "pair of SNIPs," and Snipe's/Snape's have a version of the Clinton Coat, making it appear as though God is connecting Robert Mueller to the Clintons for some reason. The Snipe's use portcullis gates, what a porterincidence.

I made a change to the 2nd update of this month a minute ago, to this:

If one enters "Page," the French Page's/Lepage's were first found in Dauphine, and use the same Coat as Lepage's/Lapps, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'. Hugh de Payens [first grand master of Templars] married Elizabeth Chappes. No one in the world wants a Caiaphas surname, so they changed it to Chappes and other such variations, we may assume. The Chaffs (Dorset, same as Quints) share a giant, gold griffin with Hammer-loving Alberts. The Chaff Chief has the three lozenges of Fells, first found in Dundee with Kids, in case they inter-married.

As the Lepage's come up as Lapps, I got to wondering about Mamie on my lap again, then remembered that she was able to plop herself there only because I DANCED with her at her party a few weeks earlier. It was the first time i met her, and the second time was when she was on my lap. The four fesses of Lepage's/Lapps are in the colors of the four pale bars of Dance's/Donna's!!! Wow.

As I said, we danced in her LIVING ROOM, when no one else was dancing, and there was no dance floor set aside anyway. Keep in mind that God used Mamie's bible-under-bed to point to LAEVIllus, for Laevi Gauls were at Pavia, near the first-known Dance's/Donna's, and Livings/Levins can be expected with Laevi liners even to French Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'. Jewish Levi's may even have the Savage/Sava lion, and here with bed-liner Mamie we can ask why the Savage lion paw is black like that of BEDfords. Or, it was resolved several months ago that the Bible under her bed was a pointer to Bedinghams, and the Stouts (Oxfordshire again), said to have been in Bedingham, happen to use three of the four Lepage/Lapp fesses. Amazing, is it not, how much linkage there can be, in a couple of paragraphs, to my first two times with Mamie some 35 years ago?

The black lion paw is even shared by Quints, first found in Dorset with Babe's, and suspect from Quintus CAEPio. Babe's were first found beside English Lapps, the latter first found in WILTshire, which I assume is the location of Wilts in the Savage write-up. SAVIGliano is roughly between the dance's and the Laevi Gauls at Pavia. Caepio's line is known to have become the Caepionis', and Capone's use a reflection of the Camp Coat. Mamie sat on my lap at a CAMP site about a month after God gave Lorraine her babe symbol, at the very time he gave Lorraine her a feet symbol, and Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat. Did Mamie's garden symbol trace with Bede's to lake Garda? Yes, and Camps (reflection of a Gardner Coat) have griffin heads colors reversed from the Gard griffins, and the Gardner griffin heads.

Her beautiful feet were how he gave her the symbol, and they were on the PAVEment of Yonge street (in Richmond Hill) at the time. Yonge's (Essex, same as Quints) love the Jeune's in their motto, and Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-like Capone's, and with June's, and three great-granddaughters of Quintus Caepio were three sisters, all named JUNia Caepionis.

As was said, my high-school pals, the Gardener brothers, moved to my area in Gormley directly across Woodbine avenue from a JUNK YARD. With Yards suspect as a Gard branch, it's notable that Junk-like Jungs/June's/Youngs use a stag in the colors of the Jump and Trump stag heads. What could this mean if God has made these links? We already saw why Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Camps) should point to Val Trompia (beside lake Garda) with Bede's. Were Jumps a June branch and/or Junia liner? As was said, the "JUNGunter" motto term of Gardens looks to apply here.

As I said, when first getting to the camp site, Mamie was in the back of a pick-up with Barry (not his pick-up). The latter owned a blue Volkswagen Beetle, and Beetle's happen to be a branch of BEDwells/Bidewells (Bedforshire), for they have the same Coat and Crest. Beetle's and Bedwells share the lozengy of Vaux's and the Arms of Meulan, this being the line between Laevillus and the Leavells. This lozengy is half in the colors of the same of Laevillus-liner Cocks, and of GRIMaldi's, the latter suspect from Grimo, brother of Babon (the line to BabCOCKs, kin of Cocks). The Gardners and I both lived in GORMley when they lived across from the junk yard, and Gormleys/Grimes' are a branch of Grimms/Grime's, the latter using three of the Pavia fesses with martlets. The Grimm/Grime Crest shares the green martlet with Gards. If that's not enough, the third brother with Grimo and Babon was BODEgisel, what looks like a possible line to the namer of Bodenham of the Bedinghams to which Mamie's Bible pointed. The Gorms are listed with Blue's, and Barry had a blue Beetle.

I've just realized that Barry's mother may have paid me to paint her rain GUTTERs because Barry was a GUITAR player. He would often play his guitar, and sing too, when the gang was over to his place. Gutters are listed with Cutters (Dorset, near the Bedinghams)) who share the dragon head with the Bedingham/Bodenham Crest. Guitars have a giant griffin colors reversed from the Gutter/Cutter dragons. Camps (Yorkshire, same as Campbells) are in Campbell colors, and the latter share the gyronny symbol with Guitars (Spanish). The Guitar griffin is half in the colors of the Gard griffins, and in the colors of the griffin heads of Sheriffs (version of the Bedingham/Bodenham Coat).

The Gunters in the Garden motto might just have been a Gutter branch. The Gunter stag head is split vertically in colors reversed from the split colors of German Gardners and Pitcocks. The stag head is half black, the color of the same, viewer-facing Acorn stag head. We can assume that the acorns of Bede's and Tromps is in honor of Acorns. In the Acorn Crest, a crowned heart, the symbol of Douglas' who in-turn share the salamander-in-flames with the Segans/Sagans suspect in the "SEIGNeur" motto term of Pitcocks. The latter have flames in Crest coming off of what could be the fireball of English Balls/Balls'/Balders (possibly a line from the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, whose surname is highly suspect from the namers of Bullis in Epirus).

Wow, I almost missed it. At nearly 9 am Monday morning, three hours before this update is due for publishing, I added the Sees'/Sea's/SEIGHs above because they have the Drummond fesses exactly while the similar Coat of Seamans technically uses six bars in the same colors. It seems that God has used heraldry here to link Seamans to the Pitcock motto!!! Wow, it tends to show that God is interested in this Pitcock news story of this week. Dutch Tromps share the acorn with Pitcocks, and Trumps/Tromps (Drummond colors) are expected as a Drummond branch. Earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy castle, and Mars (Yorkshire, same as Jumps) come up as "Maa" while Pitcocks have a "ma" motto term. Sees'/Seigh's were first found in Kent with Pitcock-related Petts/Perts, Petits, the Pett location of Pitts, and the Gards in the Pitcock motto.

"The text messages have prompted speculation from conservative media outlets that “Katie” refers to the Katherine Seaman, the wife of Jack Pitcock, Pence’s former chief of staff, because Seaman worked on the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into the Trump campaign. Pitcock denied any involvement with Strzok and Page or their investigation in a statement provided to Axios." Speculation??? How can it be speculation when Pence and Pitcock have replied as though Strzok was talking about Pitcock? Surely, Katherine needs to be investigated to see whether she was rabidly anti-Trump in her part of the FBI attack on Trump. It would be a lot cleaner simply to ask Strzok who he meant by Katie? How long should it take to ask him? A phone call to him should do it, but if he refuses to answer, why? Nothing we read from Pence and Pitcock thus far denies that Katie is Pitcock's wife.

Kate's are also Katz's/KATTERbachs, and then while Balls, whose so-called "fireball" is in the Pitcock Crest (perhaps under a different name), have a "FulCRUM" motto term while Crums/Croms have a CAT in Crest, and to top this off, Crums/Croms were first found in Berkshire with CATTERs. That works to neatly point Kate's to PITcocks, amazingly enough. It tends to be verifying that God named my dog as a pointer to Katie Seaman Pitcock.

Seamans were first found in Surrey with Michaels and Salesmans. In the dream with kids jumping on a yellow mattress, I walked into a store I suspected to be a fake store, or a front for some other activity. I've read that child porn is run this way. Seamans come up as "Semen," and are linkable by their almost-Drummond fesses to Trumps, the latter being the ones who share the Jump stag head. Is God pointing to Trump as a child-porn villain?

WOW, lookie. The Salesman/Salian write-up: "Not surprisingly, the family Coat of Arms shows salmon swimming." The Salmons have salmon in Salesman/Salian colors, and the salmon motto has "saPIENTia, which recalls that the "Joe" in the Strzok-Page texts is Joe PIENTka!!! It's as though God has thus connected the Katie in the same texts to this Joe.

PLUS, the McCabe's use a salmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Incredible.

More from the Sees/Seigh write-up: "Hence, Seal at the Domesday Book was held by Geoffrey de Rots as an undertenant from the Bishop of Bayeux." Jewish Rots are also the Rothchilds (no 's'), and they happen to share the Jay fesse with roses while Pitcocks use a "je" motto term. Jays were at De GAI while the Savoy Gays share the gold rooster with Pitcocks.

There is a Seal surname (shares drops with Pattersons/Cassane's) looking very connectable to the Coat of English Gays, Bernice's, Cassandra's/Cassano's, and Sodan/Sowdens (the latter suspect in the Sodhans of the Patterson/Cassane write-up). Bernice's are traced by me to Berenice Agrippa, a Herod, and the Herod-like Hardwins share these colors. The Seal-like Sailers share the three wolf heads of Seals, and throw in the heads of Agrippa-suspect griffins. The Seal griffin heads are likely those of Mosters/Masters (Kent). The "has most" motto phrase of Sailers suggests the line to Hazels/Hassels, first found in Cheshire with Sales', and having a version of the Seal fesse-with-symbols, in the colors of the Bernice fesse. Hazels are kin of Weavers who I say own wavy features, like the wavy bars/fesses of Sees'/Seighs and Seamans.

As Seatons ("HAZard") were at a Say location, and are in Say colors, the Sailer and Seal wolf heads connect great to those of Cliffs/Cleave's, for the latter were at Mortone-Say of the Says. Cliffs/Cleave's and CLAVERs/Cleavers (Cony / Conn colors and format) are expected (for good reasons) from "GLAPHYRa" Archelaus, who married two Herods. Glaphyra was of a religious cult in Cappadocia, and queen Nysa of Cappadocia was the descendant of king Cassander of Macedon, the line to Cassandra's/Cassano's and Pattersons/Cassane's you just saw. Pattersons are of the line that likely named AntiPATER, father of the first Herod, father in turn of Herod Archelaus.

There is quite a bit of speculation online that Pence was trying to ruin Trump in order to become the president. While the hard evidence is lacking, this heraldic section has me open to the idea.

Imagine if I'm wrong about all of these pointers to Pence and Pitcock? Or, could it be possible that the pointers are all mere coincidences? The last I want to do is vilify a true Christian. To be fair, see the video below to check out how Pence's political positions are all mainline Christian, and how he has angered spiritually-daft liberals. Until this update, I had defended him against those who accuse him, without evidence, of supporting elitist pedophilia:

Weep State News

When Australia tries to convince the world that it cares about the environment, see this:

We wonder how many western countries are doing the same. Liberal California is. I don't know what can be the problem. I mean, if the market is buying x amount of plastic product, why can't x amount be recycled? Apparently, some companies don't want to make their products with re-cycled plastic. But I've yet to hear this from the three videos I've watched. Apparently, Western governments allow companies to choose non-recycled plastic. So much with caring for the environment. The bigger companies maybe want to have new plastic because it looks better, increases sales. Is that really a good-enough reason to reject recycled? No.

According to the Zolna Report, WikiLeaks dumped the following as per Assange's arrest. I assume that this material is fairly lame, intended as a threat to release harder material if Assange is mistreated. I'll let others pour over it, to report anything if there's anything new to report:

I didn't hear of this dump at Fox. There's files for Clinton emails and Podesta emails. Here's one story on it (is this someone's trick, releasing old material?):

Right at the start of the video above, the article announcing the dump is by DC Clothesline. Hmm, for those familiar with the clothesline story in my previous updates, that's interesting. It turns out that DC Clothesline has an article from a Christian Trump supporter:

...Trump does not walk on water. Only one Man did that.

I am not one to support my candidate in everything they do or say. No human deserves a pedestal like that.

I believe we are responsible to choose the best candidates we can and then hold their feet to the fire.

Even the best politicians tend to be a little bit slimy. I’m sorry if that hurts the feelings of the Trump worshipers, but Donald Trump is lying and needs to acknowledge that he knows damn well what WikiLeaks is and what part Julian Assange played in his election.

On Sunday, Sarah Sanders claimed that President Trump was making a joke when he said, “I love WikiLeaks” in 2016, as she appeared on Fox News Sunday.

After Assange's arrest on Thursday, President Trump was quoted as saying, “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing. I know there is something having to do with Julian Assange, I’ve been seeing what happened with Assange, and that will be a determination mostly by the Attorney General… I know nothing really about him, it’s not my deal in life.”

You sure talked a lot about something you know nothing about during the 2016 presidential campaign Mr. President.

So, we have Sara Sanders lying for Trump, and Trump behaving as though his voters are fools. It's of course Trump trying to protect himself from those who despise Assange, and it's also Trump the hypocrite, which he acts more routinely than his worshipers will admit publicly. Trump is, in fact, dangerous to the county due to this attitude. He's not fulfilling his responsibility, to wipe out high-level corruption, but is actually protecting it JUST FOR HIS OWN POLITICAL SURVIVAL.

I don't know how his poll numbers went from the low 50s to the high 30's immediately after the Mueller report came out. It's possible that even poll numbers are being manipulated for political purposes. This poll gives appearances that the political middle sides with the Democrat view of Mueller. Or, perhaps, his poll numbers went down because of his crapolla on his not knowing Assange. Says the article above: "Do you know that candidate Donald Trump mentioned WikiLeaks at least 141 times in the last month of his campaign?...Cut the crap President Trump. Your base is waiting to hear the truth. If you think that Assange needs to be prosecuted because of his dealings with Bradley (I will not call HIM Chelsea) Manning then tell us that and state your case. Don’t act like you do not know who Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are."

The Democrats are turning up the heat so much on Trump now that maybe he'll deem it necessary to clean swamp against his will. He has been indicating for a long time that cleaning swamp is one of his playing cards, yet has refused to play it. In fact, with the outing of the Mueller report, Trump went back to a sit-back mode, saying he'll allow Barr and Graham to clean swamp. He wants no part in the battle, but he'll take the glory if anyone ends up in jail.

I like Dean Garrison, the writer above: " I did not vote for a President that would keep bending to the Deep State, or that would duck them and try to hide. I voted for, what I believed was, a President that would finally shoot straight with and stand up for the American people. I’d rather see Trump go down with the ship than have him lie to us." If all of his supporters would have possessed that correct attitude from the start, Trump would have been faster to play the cards he needs to. Nothing will be accomplished about government corruption my simply talking about it. As we can see, the liberals are not accepting correction just because corruption is exposed on Fox. The liberal media will be more than happy to have any one of these corrupt actors as the next president, which horrible situation may very well become Trump's legacy.

I actually deleted the story above on the WikiLeaks dump until I found that DC Clothesline sponsored Mr. Garrison's article. For all I know at the moment, he could be with the organization. It was deleted after loading the Podesta email file, which turned up a bunch of inscription-like codes, nothing readable. There is a chance that this dump is just an old dump, yet look at the Clothesline headline: "Bombshell! As Promised, Assange Dumps ALL Wikileaks Files - Here They Are!" It looks like click bait. Where did Assange promise this? One could not make out what Assange was saying when he was arrested. Some claim to know what he was saying, but I've heard or seen anything to prove it. The article says: " As co-founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange was arrested and dragged from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he stated the files would be dumped, and unlike the state controlled media, you could bank on him following through with what he said."

The sentence above has a link to this Washington Standard page, but there is nothing on it to prove that he stated the files would be dumped. How can DC Clothesline justify this claim? I'm disappointed.

I've clicked on the Clinton-emails link, and this time there are readable PDF files showing emails of unclassified documents. I'm keeping in mind that any of the emails, Hillary's or otherwise, can be faked emails to give probing eyes (or later investigators) the sense that everything at the state department is being done honorably. I would like to pass on to you that, whoever downloads these Clinton files may become a target, to some degree, of her protection team. I've taken the chance to open a couple of emails. There are people who know the political players around her far more than I do; we can let them tell us things from these dumps, if there's anything to be told. Generally, if the files have been declassified, there's no smoking gun likely, and, besides, the declassification could be part of a trick, to help give her the respectability she doesn't deserve or the cleanness she doesn't have.

I feel that America is at the threshold, imminently, for a Christian-persecution program, and, once it starts, the wolves will gather. One way to start it is with the destruction of churches blamed on ISIS, in which case high-level police people are sure to be a part of it. Get ready for it. It could still be years away, but by "imminent," I mean that it could be as early as this year or the next. I sure hope not. I hope it never comes, but things are smelling badly now for something like that. If Trump is staving that situation off for a few years, he's not preventing it from coming at us when he's gone from the White House. Once it starts, it could catch on in other countries.

Wow, another score for Judicial Watch. This time, an FBI official testified under oath that some Hillary emails were found in Obama's White House, and there is even a court order against Obama and some of his shadow-ites to answer questions:

Here's the short announcement from Judicial Watch:

It doesn't sound as though Trump's FBI gave this information up willingly. I suppose the question is why the FBI found Hillary's emails in Obama's office in the first place. Was the FBI tasked with this by Rosenstein for the purpose of checking to see how much damage there was to Obama in Hillary emails, or was it to delete / alter damaging emails?? Or, is Trump's FBI quietly seeking information to pounce on Obama and the Clintons? I absolutely don't hold my breathe on the latter scenario, but it's possible.

In the video below, we find that the FBI agent who revealed Hillary's emails at Obama's office was Bill Preistap:

The video shows that Nadler has ordered about 80 people so far, mainly from the Trump team, we can assume, to sit and answer questions. This is on Trump's head; he's responsible. The democrats see trump quaking in his boots, afraid to attack the Obama circle with his own work, and thus they are heating things up for him in order to make him more fearful yet. All-Mueller long this was the game, and the Idiot in the White House refused to act to protect himself. THERE IS NO OBSTRUCTION in defending self, nor in releasing guilty material against the Obama team. It is not obstruction if Obama criminality happens to shift the focus onto his people. This is what needs to be done, to shift the focus overwhelmingly. Trump has mountains of material by which to do this, yet NOTHING will he do.

I would suggest you listen closely to "Amazing Polly" (I'd change her name if I could) because Sri Lanka may have been an Obama false flag that will bring similar faked terror attacks inside the United States:

Hillary may have already started an anti-Christian campaign had she won the election. I've got to tell you, Polly was pretty amazing in that video. I understood what she was getting at. Hope you did too.

Lou Dobbs is spreading this new story on Hillary's emails in Obama's office(s). I wonder whether JW has access to these emails? Apparently not. Here's another video by a newsy-like lady with her own news show (she never gives opinions but we can guess what they are):

This news comes from a FOIA request by Judicial Watch in 2014, that long ago. In all of this time, Obama has been hiding these emails from the people. Isn't that guilty? Isn't he an accomplice to her crime? How can anyone destroy government communications that are her very own, and still be free on the streets? What's Obama going to say? When did the FBI find the emails on his systems, before or after Trump was elected? Isn't Preistap guilty of a cover-up for not disclosing this information willingly as soon as the scandal broke? yes, but that makes everyone on Comey's team guilty?

My question is whether Preistap admitted the existence of these emails as a trick, agreed to by Obama and others, AFTER the emails were cleaned up so that now, if they are obtained by Republicans, Hillary looks clean, as though all the hub-bub was for nothing.

At the approach to the four-minute mark below, Trump takes credit for the swamp's woes at this time. "I am draining the swamp," he says. Aside from firing Comey, he's done nothing I know of to assist in the present woes of the guilty. If what he means that he's going to drain the swamp, then say it like that, but to rob others of the credit for the current woes of the guilty is sickening. Mueller's backers failed due to others discovering the FISA scandal. Horowitz was responsible for some of it. Trump takes credit for every good thing that happens, or frames good things as though "we" has accomplished it.

An April 24, the Trump Twitter account: "....Congress has no time to legislate, they only want to continue the Witch Hunt, which I have already won. They should start looking at The Criminals who are already very well known to all. This was a Rigged System - WE WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP!" That's better, because it is in a future tense, but, if he aims to do nothing in the future while talking the credit with "we," that's the sort of desperate, deceptive man I see in him. If he's in desperation, then DO SOMETHING YOURSELF, thou bozo!

By 8am on the 25th, there's no tweet from the president congratulating Judicial Watch for the work it did that both he and congress failed to do. How about the president start filing some FOIA requests of his own, and then shut up about draining the swamp until something of value at least materializes from his hand. SHUT UP, BOZO, until you do something yourself. Who are you trying to kid? This man has been woefully disgusting. He lets others do the work for fear of repercussions on himself, and then takes the credit when the others find some success. All the while, they crave his help, but he refuses to lend it, doesn't even lift a finger but to tweet from the sidelines. And all of his worshipers say, isn't he wonderful?

How long will it be until he declassifies the guilt of our enemies? Why isn't this his first priority? He could be hoping and waiting for an excuse from Barr that let's him off the hook for failing to declassify. Barr could say that Trump should not declassify anything while there is an ongoing investigation. In the end, Barr could release a hand-slapping punishment for Obama and cohorts, maybe just a reprimand. Barr could arrange to end his investigations after the 2020 election, for if Trump wins, he could then betray the voters. Or, if Trump loses, he could betray the voters. The idea now is probably to string the voters along. There are voices already telling voters that Barr will do what the voters want done, and Trump himself inspires the voters in this way by his endless tweet-lashings. The false-hope inspirations. If that's the sort of punishment you like, go for it, Trump worshiper.

Trump tweet on the 24th: "Can anyone comprehend what a GREAT job Border Patrol and Law Enforcement is doing on our Southern Border. So far this year they have APPREHENDED 418,000 plus illegal immigrants, way up from last year. Mexico is doing very little for us. DEMS IN CONGRESS MUST ACT NOW!" But there was another report this week saying that Homeland Security dumps 1,400 illegals daily on American streets...probably because it doesn't want to "waste" its allotment of government money by assuring they go back home. That's called hypocrisy. That's called a crime, because it's illegal to let illegals go free in the country. It's going to cost tax payers a lot more to dump illegals inside the country than to ship them back home.

The people are being made to accept law breaking by the government. Why didn't Trump mention this dismal part of the program? Because, his tweet-job is to create a great image of himself. Like the devil, he has no humility. Like the devil, he's got half-truths. And Christians love this????

What normal person tweets: " I will be interviewed by @seanhannity tonight at 9:00 PM on @FoxNews. Enjoy!" Here I am, ENJOY? Has this man no shame to brag like that about his own person? Tell me, can you tweet to the world that since you're appearing on television, all your supporters should enjoy? It's just not the way normal people talk. DO NOT BECOME LIKE THAT. It's downhill.

I say that Trump may not want to mention Judicial Watch's find because he doesn't want anything to do with attacking Obama on a criminal level. Hannity mentioned the JW find on the evening of the 24th, but having watched the entire show, I don't think Hannity mentioned the phrase "Judicial Watch." Hmm, his guests did. I'll be watching tonight (25th) as he talks with Trump to see if this issue comes up.

YOUTUBE IS HIDING HANNITY'S SHOW WITH TRUMP. Start watching John Solomon on Hannity about the middle of the second minute to see a new story that he's apparently breaking, that Obama himself started the Russian-collusion project by attacking Paul Manafort way back in January, 2016, Solomon isn't flinching:

Trump is on at about the 15th minute. He admits on this show that, as soon as he was elected, he wanted to move on from having Hillary dealt with. He says he doesn't regret it, even though, before the election, he knew how she broke laws. He's never did want an elongated, deep emphasis in the news on the Obama people, because it would detract from himself. That's typical for someone who loves self as Trump does. Ask: why could he make the indictment of the Obama people his part of his own tasks? BECAUSE, he didn't want to attack Obama. Trump has not mentioned Obama on Hannity, even after the Bombshell report from Judicial Watch. Does that look hopeful to you? What if Trump asks Barr not to go after Obama?

Trump adds NOTHING NEW; he only tells us what we already know in the news. This guy's supposed to be the president, but he CAN'T ADD ONE SOLITARY THING to the things we know. SHAM! LISTEN TO ME: SHAM.

Hannity then asks him if he'll declassify, but he does not answer. Instead, he goes on about how wonderful Horowitz is, but there are big reasons not to think so. We will be able to score Horowitz very well when he comes out with the next report. If he adds nothing much from what we already know in the news, know. Trump deflected from the declassification, but Hannity asked him again, point blank (good man), and Trump (bad man) was forced to say, yes, he will declassify. He has no choice, and he adds an excuse for not doing so earlier.

Half the country, and many world wide too, were roaring in their homes when Trump said, yes, he will declassify. It was a big noise, guaranteed. I'm sure I felt an earth tremor under my chair. However, Trump has made promises before and not carried them out. Hannity should have asked when, soon, or more like a year from now. Now would be a good time for Obama to assassinate Trump. The sooner he declassifies, the less danger he's in.

Here's DiGenova adding another new thing this week, that a FISA judge is upset with how Obama's FBI treated him:

The wheels are finally moving over to Obama's turf. See the video above near the end of the 23rd minute to hear some more new news concerning Obama's spying since about 2012. For those who can't watch videos, it's DiGenova saying that four FBI contractors (used when the FBI doesn't want to get caught doing a criminal thing) were spying on Republicans. It's a no brainer, it really is, but it's nice to see that this is coming out now. Why didn't trump mention Obama??? It's nearly midnight on the 25th, and Trump has yet to congratulate Judicial Watch for the Preistap-Obama find. But don't worry, Trump will find a way to seize the credit for that too.

Horowitz is under great pressure to get out everything, because if he misses anything deliberately that later comes out, it reflects badly on him. The tide turned on Horowitz at just the perfect time, with his having a few months to get everything into his report that he probably hoped to leave out. We're hoping, anyway, that Barr has pressed his delivery buttons.

It's time for Obama to take off his skates. He had them on until now because Trump has been anything but threatening. Others have been doing the digging, give credit to where credit is due, and do not leave Jesus out of this, for it seems to me that He's bringing this on. There is only one GREAT ONE, and it ain't Trump. Obama might need a false-flag operation every week soon, to give the CNNs of the nation something else to talk about, but it appears that everyone's going to hear of these things because the leftist media cannot afford to ignore such news after having been bashed badly on the collusion sham. It will soon be time for a great host of whistle blowers, and even traitors once loyal to the deep state. If they try an assassination, the people will be more determined to fight, and to punish harder. The more the rats resist, the harder they will be punished. Perfect. It is imperative that our enemies be crippled.

Tom Fitton claims that his organization has found emails with what sounds like a title or sub-title, "Clinton Cover-Up Operation." Whoever wrote that, and whoever partook in it, is in trouble, unless Barr decides to be a wimp. Enemy forces are either working him over as we speak, or are gearing up to do so, in order to make him afraid. Guaranteed. He needs to shed Rosenstein fast, because he's a danger to justice and even to Barr.

On Fox and Friends, on the 26th, the story on the so-called "lovebirds" says that a Senate committee released transcripts of their texting, and so I suppose credit goes to Lindsey Graham for at least allowing the leak. It says that Page and Strzok were interested in developing "potential relationships" with Trump people in order to spy. Moles. But you don't send moles into a political camp only to spy what the threats to yourself are; you send them in to ultimately destroy. It needs to be understood that this effort was not only to get Hillary elected, but to prevent Trump from revealing things he knows or may know about her and Obama's crimes. This story begins at the end of the 4th minute:

Did Horowitz reveal this thing above, that the FBI was seeking to make moles of Trump people for to spoil an election bid? Why shouldn't we also assume that they sent moles in to begin with, people on the enemy side to begin with offering key services in order to get into the camp? Nothing on Obama is mentioned in this story; all blame thus far goes on Strzok's head. I have NEVER seen evidence from anything said between Strzok and Page to prove or even begin to show that they were having an affair. No sweet things are ever said. I have never seen them hint at a date they were on, or going on, or how great it was, or thank you for this or that. NOTHING. There is nothing to show that they were in love or in lust.

Why wasn't Judicial Watch's story mentioned on Fox and Friends? It's a big story. Obama claimed a while back that he didn't know about Hillary's private server, and yet his office got many emails from it. Is that not the leading story of the week? Is Fox trying to deflect from this because it thinks there will be repercussions from the O-mites if it talks about it??? Is this not traitorous to the viewers? I suggest that Tom Fitton stop boasting on Judicial Watch's successes. I understand that, as the president, his job is partly to advance the organization's value, but it's sufficient to tell of successes without boasting, because it's a turn-off for many. Youtube is no doubt seeking to hide this story, another sham.

Part of the Preistap story is his admission that Hillary was part of a "grand jury investigation" concerning her Blackberry, but Preistap may have not been full with this admission. What grand jury? Wouldn't it be true that Obama wanted Hillary to use a private system so that his agendas globally could be hidden from the public? Isn't Obama the major criminal in this crime? Didn't he convince Hillary to do this, and isn't she covering for him to this day? Part of Preistap's list of those who received emails from the private server was the Secret Service of Obama. Why would Hillary be communicating with Obama's body guard?

Hannity did do the Preistap-Obama story on the 24th, but I'm wondering whether Fox has asked him to hush this. What cause would anyone have to download tens of thousands of Hillary emails onto Weiner's laptop? One possibility: Obama and/or Hillary ordered the destruction of some Hillary emails, but wanted them stored in a safe place for future reference. He/she chose Weiner's laptop.

Hannity did not at all discuss the ramifications of Hillary's emails in Obama's office. Those of you who know my writings well on an Obama dream I had (two weeks after Trump became the president) will know that he was dancing joyously and SKATEboarding in the third-last and second-last scenes of the dream, but in the last scene, Obama was downcast due to a gripe he had with an employee (I interpret this as a traitor, someone like Preistap, or someone behind Preistap's coming clean). Earlier in the dream, God was pointing to the FISA scandal. I've interpreted the dancing and skating as Obama's joy in the first two years of Trump's presidency, when the new president refused to do anything, and when Trump's attorney general was useless to investigate or prosecute.

That's been said due to Tom Fitton's choice of words this week: "'This astonishing confirmation, made under oath by the FBI, shows that the Obama FBI had to go to President Obama’s White House office to find emails that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or hide from the American people.' said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. 'No wonder Hillary Clinton has thus far SKATED – Barack Obama is implicated in her email scheme.'" That's very interesting. Here's Preistap's answers to JW's questions:

If you have loaded the page, you see the law suit where Preistap refuses to answer questions of a non-government body, arguing that it's beneath the FBI to do so. Oh yeah, is that right? The FBI is now the lowest worm far beneath Judicial Watch, so let us trample on this thing until the ugly guts coming spilling forth. Push this body off the cliff until the inners come bursting forth against the sharp rocks. Where's Trump's FOIA requests? Does he lack money to bring such suits? yet Trump doesn't need a FOIA request to obtain information on the voter's behalf. Still, this louse refuses to enlighten his voters, and, perhaps, when he does declassify, it will only be the lamer material, or things already known.

Here's Preistap's lawyers arguing that Judicial Watch isn't worthy of being answered properly: "Non-party E.W. Preistap objects to Instruction 2 to the extent it requires him, with respect to any portion of any interrogatory that he is unable to answer fully and completely, to (1) "provide all facts" in support of his inability to answer; (2) to "describe all the efforts" h "made to locate the information needed to answer the interrogatory"; and (3) to "identify each person, if any, who is known by [him] to have such information." This Instruction constitutes multiple additional interrogatories, ones that are unduly burdensome and disproportionate to the needs of the case." "Unduly burdensome" means that the FBI thinks it should not need to do some extra work to get merely JW some facts.

As we can see that Preistap's team sought not to give up any information, especially the names of guilty parties, on mere excuses, we can also surmise that Preistap gave up damaging information for fear of being discovered as a liar under oath. Or, some of the information he admits to was already spilled before the Republican committees, and he therefore had no choice but to add to it some details.

Preistap identifies the three individuals who received most of Hillary's emails, up to 2/3rds of them, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jacob Sullivan. Abedin was/is Weiner's wife. Preistap says that those three, and others on his list, were interviewed by the FBI, but we can glean that these interviews were: 1) to do damage control and to hide the worst of the emails if possible; 2) to make appearances of conducting an investigation.

One can see in this suit that the FBI has a lot more to reveal on Obama's criminality, and that of the FBI's too, than Preistap allows. His team is doing nothing more than covering the facts up. Preistap's team assures that we are looking at 18 pages of almost nothing but crying the blues on giving the people their right to know FBI business on bad presidents, his shadow staff, and presidential-candidate she-wolves.

"Finally, subject to and without waiving the above-stated objections, in response to portion (iii) of Interrogatory 9, Mr. Preistap states that the FBI reached no "conclusions" with respect to the "adequacy" of the search referenced in Interrogatory 9." In plain English, Judicial Watch asked Preistap to give an opinion on whether the search for Clinton's guilt was adequately performed by the FBI, and Preistap, in refusing to give his conclusions, incriminated her in the same way as the 5th incriminated Loretta Lynch. Why do we think that this latter she-wolf is missing from Preistap's list of those receiving Hillary emails?

The Obama team was expert in giving appearances of doing righteous work. Everything evil thing they did had a secondary task of making proper appearances, for the record...which is why Loretta Lynch emailed herself to say that Obama had done everything by the book, anticipating that this email would be discovered by the Trump team. In that case, the team was sure to delete as many incriminating things as they could possibly find. Imagine the "unnecessary and burdensome" workload that the FBI was tasked with to find those incriminating things upon, and within, the mountains of governmental material. Whew, they sure did pierce themselves with many griefs, and now the time for skating appears to have come to an end for yet more griefs. It's like a slow and torturous death.

Here's a new video from Australia on Julian Assange, who's shown on a skateboard, going down a small ramp, in the Ecuadorian embassy just after the 9-minute mark. Hmm. The ramp in the Obama dream was exactly of that size, only it was a curved ramp, and he was going up the ramp. Still, who provided this picture of Assange on a skateboard, and why?

In the same Obama dream, I shot, with a pool cue, a paper plane into the corner pocket in what was a sewer shot. Assange's second-last tweet from the embassy was titled, "Paper Planes." It gives me the impression that Obama is about to get into trouble from Assange's testimony. At 11:10 of the video, Assange is shown dancing, and immediately afterward, his skateboard scene is shown again. In the dream, immediately after my sewering of the paper plane, Obama was dancing in a dark suit, and immediately afterward was skateboarding up a ramp in his dark suit, the suit being necessary to identify that God is the author of the dream, and pointing to Barry Soetoro.

Rosenstein this week gave a speech to the Armenian bar Association, and his main message was to remind the nation of Russian interference. Rosenstein thinks he can hang his hat on that thing, justify the Mueller probe with it, but that thing was a farce. Republicans have yet to see that it was a farce, and there are hasty thinkers like Mike Huckabee, for example, buying into it, spreading it around. Stop. Think. The bad guys needed their excuse to elongate the Mueller probe, and that's where they devised Russian interference. Even if a couple of creeper Russians were toying with the electorate through Twitter and the like, that is NOTHING TO SPEAK of let alone a basis to justify the Mueller probe. No one has proven that the Russian government was behind any of the Russian agents toying with the electorate. I'm very sure that there were Muslim creepers toying with the electorate in favor of Obama; did Rosenstein go after them?

Trump is now saying, "we caught them," in regards to the spies spying on him. Why does he include himself? How did he catch anyone?

Let any good man tell you, the cure for America is Joe DiGenova here:

DiGenova is right about Republicans cowering in the face of Democrat media people telling lies they know to be lies. They cannot defend themselves because they lack the passion...because they know they are lying for the media boss. The problem with do-nothing Republicans is that they lack passion for the good. They cave to the evil. Elect passionate Republicans, speakers-outers, but beware of electing fake speakers-outers, like Trump. Oh, he speaks out, yes, but that's all. Any president with passion for the right thing would have started January 20th to expose, punish, and make a proper example of the deep state. Instead, he said that the Clintons were good people, let's leave them alone. NEVER FORGET THAT. It tells you what was in his heart.

In all that time that Sessions did nothing, Trump did nothing. Does that look like passion to you? He could have made up ground for a do-nothing attorney general, but instead he did twice the nothing that Sessions did. All of the good people had passion, hoping in Trump, but he squandered it, profaned it. He's full of excuses for not carrying out his promises. All the while that he did nothing, scandal after scandal broke, and the agenda to punish built into a huge mountain, precisely because he did nothing but let the mountain grow larger, but also because his supporters were duped and stoned on a Trump drug of some sort, unable to put his feet to the fire, unable to see through him. Now that the deep state has become the weep state, thanks to others, Trump is ready to become the leader of the pack. It's sickening to watch this man.


When he sees his base slipping away, he'll produce the action, but I predict he'll produce only what little is needed, each step of the way to 2020, to string the base along. He has shown this attitude thus far; why expect anything different now? As long as the Pirro's and Ingrahams and the Dobb's treat him like a darling, he'll do as close to nothing as possible. They are digging their own political graves to think that a Trump win in 2020 is all that matters to stave off the Democrats.

There needs to be severe punishment until the left can no longer operate as it has, to be given something to think about for a full generation. Then only can the country be taken back from the ruin they have made of it. Trump thinks that in one year he made American great again. What dope is he on? Below is the man of passion who had the guts to beg a procrastinating Trump to declassify. Trump told him okay, but betrayed him the next day:

As you watch Amazing Polly below, note the Nazi element within the United States as the topic spills over to the CIA mind-control programs of the 1970s, after George Bush Sr. (Nazi) had been in charge of much in the CIA. Prepare for a depression:

The satanically-wicked are running free with governmental support. It was the case before Trump became the president, but in one year or less Trump made America great again without sinking one claw into the skin of the satanically-wicked??? When can I start to laugh? And Christians celebrate this poor excuse for a leader? The measure of a man is how he reacts to evil, but as Trump did nothing when he could do vastly more than the average man, so he is less than nothing. A man's measure is his deeds, and when good men do nothing, they become nothing. How worse is a man who was not good to begin with? Mr. Casino-Adulterer never had a moral bone to offer America, which is why he is useless at fighting evil. He would rather partner with it, though, in this case, he attacks it (verbally) only because it attacked him. Otherwise, he says, leave them alone, they are good people. SPIT!

We may forgive if he repents, but do we respect him as a demi-god? It's how he wants to be perceived. Do we as followers of Jesus oblige his desire to be highly appreciated? The higher they are, the harder they fall. Stay away, or you fill fall with him to nothingness. Find your love of Jesus again.

Do you realize that Trump can request, right now, that Obama be arrested for knowingly communicating government business on Hillary's private server? Do I think that Trump doesn't want the people to realize this? Yes, I do. Didn't he just say that he's giving decisions over to Barr? Give me one good reason that a man who made promises, who got elected on those promises, should gave the decision making to an unelected man? Why should Barr be left with these decisions? Trump acts like one crossing his fingers and hoping Barr will do the things he promised to America? What!? TELL Barr to do the right things. Don't wish and hope as though the decision were not yours to make.

If I were your president, I would call Barr to my office. "Mr. Barr, do you have any desire to arrest Obama now that Judicial Watch has uncovered absolute evidence of his guilt?" If Barr says, no, I would ask for the reasons, to publicize them to the world. And down on his head the Republican voters would come. I would order the emails to my desk, and publicize them to the world, and heap scorn on Barr for allowing the guilty to go free. I would do the same with every guilty Obamaite, publicly expose their crimes my personal self, without concern for whether I would be elected again, and I would heap scorn on Barr for not doing the job he swore to do. His friends will become the hypocritical media and their ludicrous viewers. First thing's first: to do the right things without thought for the outcome, without trying to predict whether the outcome would be good or bad for your fortunes or those of any advisor. Do the right thing, and pay a price, if necessary. God will come down and land on your crusade as its figurehead, sooner or later, if one maintains doing the right. My vice-president and chief of staff would be tasked with obtaining and releasing all the evidence of Obamaite guilt, and there would be more options for me, if I cared to go with them. And when the deep state conducted some act of rebellion, I would fight it with my military if needed. God bless the man of action who does the right.

Who would become the attorney general today if Barr were assassinated? Rosenstein has a motive for plotting that assassination. The second in command at the DoJ, and the third in command, needs to be one who despises Obamaites for the things they have done. What's wrong with Barr that he's keeping Rosenstein on? What kind of mud-soup is Barr slurping that he would keep a pig as his deputy? Of whom would Barr be afraid if he were to ask that disgusting Rosenstein to go home? This is the same Rosenstein who arrogantly pushed Mueller on the nation like a bad dream, but not even Trump sent him packing. What mystery is this? What fears do these men have that they continue to do the wrong after swearing to make sacrifices for their country??? Are they setting Republican voters up for another dismal agony?

I know. Trump doesn't want to celebrate JW's find this week because it invigorates the voters once again to call for punishment. Trump must be planning a let's-move-on program, something I think he's been working on for a year without any possibility of success, because the voters will not cease to clamor for punishment. I also think Trump has a second program, to give appearances that he's going to do his utmost to punish.

I'm going to guess that, when Hannity noticed the absence of Judicial Watch in Trump's tweets, he began to avoid the subject too, because he wants to be on good terms with Trump. That's the problem with being a media boss or personality; you are forced to do the wrong with those you need for the success of your show.

Tom Fitton made it to Hannity on Friday night, but without Hannity being the host. Youtube made this video hard to find; it's not as easy as asking for Hannity videos; I had to scroll down to roughly the 25th video after asking.

Part of the problem is that media elves are distorting reality deliberately, which needs to be punished in order to curb corruption. Trump caved and no longer sought to do anything about Democrat voter fraud, which is a great threat to the nation because Democrats likely have no chance at gaining power without fraud. See this from Project Veritas:

Leftist news media must report the news properly and honesty, or Barr should scare the pants off of bosses with a criminal suit against one of the leftist biggies. It doesn't matter whether the suit is won or lost, so long as it frightens the others for a time. Then do it again a few months later with another leftist biggie. The tax dollars will be well spent if it reins in media corruption, which is a form of voter fraud by creating the wrong sort of voters with disinformation. Leftist media is all about making leftist voters, and that's fake news whether or not they happen to report true things. It's not news at all, but rather an ongoing political advertisement. For as long as the suit is active, that media especially needs to watch its every step because any further corruption could be caught and added to the suit's package. Many suits will be won when the judges are anti-leftist. This is the way to take America, guaranteed, from the corrupt. A few jail terms for leftist bosses, what could be sweeter? Awake sleepers, go get your victory. God's agenda to expose the wicked will be accomplished. We have witnessed their deeds and even their worse future plans.

One thing I cannot understand: why do Trump-supporting video producers, and Fox news too, show the faces and bodies of the likes of Page and Strzok, or Obama and Clinton, over and over again when they include them in their shows? Why do they put these criminals into our faces over and over again? Are they this sick for money that, while railing against the bad guys, they use their pictures over and over and over to our puking thinking to give their videos / shows more respectability? The least they can do is paint some devil horns on their heads to make us laugh. But to show the same pictures over and over again to add "value" to their shows, what sadistic tormentors.

The Line of Pontius Pilate

While on Mamie earlier in this update, the following came to mind, which resulted in the addition of the following to the 3rd update of last month:

Manders/Manners look very traceable to MUNDERic, father of Mummolin, explaining why Manner-branch Mens' are also Mame's/Meme's. Munderic's wife descended from Gallia (mother of Tullia of Lyon), which should explain why the three, sinister-rising bends of German Manders are colors reversed from the three bends of Gallia's.

Although I've got to repeat myself here in places for new readers, there will be new things for others. Mamie's thigh symbol was clinched with Tease's/Tyes' for more than one reason, including her being pointed to, by her large breasts, to MAMESfelde, a location of the MANSfields, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'.

The Mansfield write-up claims that Mamesfelde was named after "breast," and though it is incorrect to trace the Mansfield surname to "breast," it's perfectly fine for God to use a large-breasted woman to point to Mamesfelde under this condition. But why did he point there?

After discovering Mamesfelde, I discovered that MENS' (looking very linkable to "MANSfield") came up as Mame's and Meme's, giving birth to my claim that Mamie was a symbol for Mens' / Man / Mander liners into or out of the Isle of Man. We will see evidence of this as the topic veers to the line of Pontius Pilate. That could partially explain why God is pointing there.

In the quote above, we can see the logic that Mens liners became Mame's/Meme's due to there descending from Mander-like Munderic, father of MUMmolin. We saw earlier in this update why Mamie was a pointer very hard to Munderic and Babon. These Merovingians (6th century) lived not long after Laevillus of Cetis, to whom Mamie likewise pointed. The family of Laevillus and Quadratilla had some ruling position in Jerusalem in 102 AD, if I recall correctly, not long after Pontius Pilate was a ruler there. The high priest in Jerusalem when Jesus was arriving to his ministry, Annas, is suspect in the Annas surname, first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes', and sharing their star.

Shortly after her thigh symbol was given, I invited her out to an outdoor Bible-study group, of which I remember nothing but seeing her at the home-plate area of a baseball diamond. I walked up to her, and KISSed and hugged with her. The red rooster of Kiss'/CUSH's is the red one of Bibo's/Bible's, the latter one standing on a CUSHion for obvious reason i.e. as code for Cush liners. So, you see, there was yet another event set up by God, and engrained in my memory, as His pointer to Laevillus using Mamie. The assumption should be that the line of Laevillus led to Munderic, the Manders/Manners, the Manners, and the Mens', to name a few.

The hugging that we did at HOME PLATE can go to the Hug / Hugo = Hugh-de-Payens discussion you may have read earlier in this update (it was linked rock-hard to Joseph Caiaphas, high priest of Jerusalem at the Crucifixion, and a son-in-law of Annas above). Mamie was in that Hug / Hugo discussion. The Hugs, first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, share the Fountain lion as well as the three fesses of Fountains, and it just so happens that the symbol of Kiss'/Cush's are called, fountains, though these fountains look linkable to German Drummonds for a reason you will soon see.

I'm repeating this event at HOME plate, not only because German Manders may be using a "home," but because Plate's can be from "Pilote." I don't think it's a coincidence that Home's/Hume's use a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Lyons. You saw why German Manders link by their triple bends to Gallia's, from Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon. Munderic married a daughter of ARTEMia of Lyon, and Home's/Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with ARTEMs/Aitons. It's important that the latter use a rose version of the Rhodes Coat, for the latter's cross-with-besants is a version of the Mander/Manner saltire-with-besants.

Just so that the reader is convinced that Gallia's are from Gallia, they were first found in Milan with Italian Maurels (probably the Dol fesse), from "MauriLION," Mummolin's father-in-law.

Next, we tell that, for a decade previous to recently, the Mander-related Rhodes' were said to have been first found in Lincolnshire, where Pillows/PILOTTE's were first found. Repeat from earlier while on a definite Bull and Craun trace to Bullis: "One can then see a link of Bulls to Bolls/Bole's (boar heads in Bull / Pilate colors), whose cups are in the colors of the Pillow/Pilotte cups, perfect." Bolls/Bole's were first found in Lincolnshire too. It can be gleaned that Manders descended from Maeonians on the MAEANDER river, which has a mouth not far from the Carian island of Rhodes. I trace Carians to the Craun-line Ceraunii expected at or beside Bullis.

The city of Lindos on Rhodes named the Lindsey location, now called, Lincoln, yes of Lincolnshire. The swan design in the Lindsey crest is shared by German PLATE's, that's right, but I also did see this swan design used giantly in the Shield of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Plate- / Pilate-like BILLETs/Billiards. The latter's Coat happens to be a white version of Payen/Pagan Coat, and the latter surname was first found in Dauphine with Gallia-like Galli's and Galleys. Not only did Dauphine likely cover Mont Pilat, but the Dauphine capital at Vienne is near Lyon.

Although GlenLYON is spelled wrong in the Mens write-up, yup, the Mens' are said to have had a branch there. Glenlyon is in Perthshire, where Lyons were first found along with Drummonds whose German branch have three fesses looking very linkable to the three, same-colored bends of Gallia's. And while the Drummond fesses are wavy, as are the three of English Bassets, see Besancons/Bassets below. The three fesses of Bassets (Pepin and Pipe kin) are those of the Perthshire Drummonds, and the Basset motto shares "Pro rege" with the Lyon motto. The "patria" motto term of Lyons is for Antipater of Macedon, whose line is known to go to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, daughter of queen Nysa of the Pontius-like Pontus. You are learning things here. PERTHshire has just got to be related to PERDrix, one of the peaks of Mont Pilat.

Why do Perdrix-like PARTons/Pardons share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens'? As we saw Mens/Mame liners being of the breast-depicted Mansfields, how is it that Dolly Parton has large breasts, and why are Dollys/Dooleys linkable to their Saluzzo Shield to Alans of Dol, a location that was named from some element to or from "Tullia" of Lyon (Tulls/Tolle's share the Stewart checks)? The Saluzzo Coat is used by Cluns, first found in Perthshire, that's right.

And while Saluzzo is beside Busca, Bosca's use a pillar (with "tufts of grass" pointed to by my last night with Lorraine) while Pillers are also Pillows/PILOTTE's, that's right. Heraldic pillars are interchangeable at times with columns because Pelosi's/PILATi's use columns. Pillow-like Pellowe's/Peluts (Dauphine, that's right), smacking of the "PLOVer" of Manders/Manners, happen to share the same-colored saltire with Malcolms/COLUMNs, that's exactly right, and the latter throw in the stag heads of the Perthshire Colts/Celts who in-turn have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed.

Antipater's son, king CASSander, is likely to the Cass/Cash surname that shares the fountains of Kiss'/Cush's. Herod Archelaus, who had married Glaphyra of Cappadocia, was banished by Caesar Augustus to the Vienne location you saw above. You can easily put together a story here because this Herod was a grandson of another Antipater, father of the first, most-detestable Herod I. Why does "Herod" look like "Rhodes"? Why does "ArcheLAUS" look like the "laus" motto term of Rhodes-related Manders/Manners? To what should we trace this motto term?

Just so you are convinced of these things, let's also bring in the 11 billets of Besancons/Bassets, in Billet/Billiard colors, and first found at the Forez mountains smack beside Mont Pilat. You can even find "Foret" in the Lyon write-up while Forets are also Forez', who happen to share the fesse of Herods/Heraults/Haralds, highly suspect as a Herod line to Harald (son of Sitric Caech), king of the Isle of Man. You recall that Mamie was met for the first time on my last night with Lorraine (she had pointed to Paionians, the line to Payens/Pagans/Paions), and the Lorraine's happen to share a green and upright lion with Lyons and Lannoys. Okay, we have a story. Rhodes and Carian elements linked to the line of Pontius Pilate, right? Mamie is a symbol of Carians on the Maeander river, settled later at the Isle of Man. Mythical Lug(h) was placed by some ancient writers) on the Isle of Man, and Lyon had earlier been, LUGdunum, "fort of Lug(h)."

I cannot believe that this information has not yet found some wide circulation on the Internet. Please do feel free to share it whether you mention me or not. This is what God wants to reveal.

The Mens Chief-Shield colors are shared by Glennys, and by Billets/Bellows. There we have the Pilate- / Plate-like Billet surname again, only now with the PILLOW-like Bellows. The Belows/Bella's happen to come up as "Pellowe." The fox in the Billet/Bellow Crest might be of the fox (unless it's a wolf) of Dutch Thighs/Thys, for the three horizontal stars of Tease's/Tyes' are in the colors of the three, horizontal cinquefoils of Billets/Bellows.

The Mander/Manner Crest is a Pillow-like "PLOVer (bird)"; I have seen the description, and have recorded it several times. The Pillow surname is also the Pilotte surname, sharing the Coat of Christine's, first found on the Isle of Man. You may have read of Miss Philips, an old girlfriend of mine at age 19, friend of CHRISTINE Peare. I'm going to the Philip surnames now, likely from Philip of Macedon, who had some good relationship with Antipater and Cassander (can't remember the details).

As you saw, the plover is half-described as a bird, in brackets, and the Bird/Burd flory cross is in colors reversed from the same of Bouillons, the latter being the ones with a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase to which Christine Peare pointed without doubt. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Shiptons that use "bellows" (I've read and recorded this description many times). The "puro" motto term of Bellows/Bello's is like the "Pour y" phrase of Manners/Maness', and Purys/Bureys (Glen martlets?) were likewise first found in Oxfordshire along with Drummond related Amore's and Damori's/Amori's, the latter duo beloved in the "amor PATRIAE" motto phrase of the Welsh Philips...who happen to share the giant lion of Pillars/Pilots with a Billiard-like Pillier variation. One can glean here that the Philip motto is in honor of the AntiPATER line to the family of Nysa of the Pontius-like Pontus. It opens the possibility that this Macedonian line birthed Pontius Pilate from royal-Pontus elements.

The crown gorged around the neck of the Philip lion is an heraldic feature I see in the line between the crown-like Ceraunii Illyrians and the Crauns/Crane's who likewise use it. These Illyrians likely named the Ceraunii mountains in Epirus, and it just so happens that Epirus elements were of Philip of Macedon, who is in the Philip write-up. The Ceraunii mountains are near a Bullis location while the Bullis surname is also Billiard-like "Bulliard." Beside the Ceraunii mountains was Aulon, home of the proto-Alans of Dol, the line to Tullia of Lyon. Beside Bullis were the ATINTanes, the line to Tints and Tintons (Mansfield colors and format), the latter using "royal tents" to which my first night with Mamie pointed. For after she sat on my lap, we slept in the same tent. All we did was sleep, because she teased me, which is another reason that her thigh symbol the next day has been clinched with the Tease's/Tyes'.

The next day, she was in her bathing suit, at her garden, and her beautiful thighs were burned into my memory, I still see them to this day. Did we see Mamie pointing to the line of Artemia of Lyon, and did we see her from the Maeander river, the line likely to MUNDERic, husband of Artemia's daughter? Wasn't this all linkable to Rhodes? That's why her BATHing suit was important in that event, for Baths use a colors-reversed version of the Rhodes Coat, and a lion-version of the Artem/Aiton Coat. More: the Bath lion happens to be in the colors of the lion of TINTS, that's right, first found in Somerset with Baths. God is great, give Him a hand, and ask whether the bathing SUIT is a pointer to Suits/Suters, first found in Angus with Gardens, and sharing in Crest a seated, gold leopard with the Rhodes Crest. Both seated lions have something around their necks. If this doesn't amaze you, you're not following well enough. Rhodes' have a "meum" motto term, what a Mumincidence.

God pointed to the Suits/Suters in the dream with Obama's BILLIARD hall, and in that case, Obama wore a dark suit, code for his Suter-like Soetoro surname. If you think my brain could figure out, while asleep, that Obama should be wearing a suit because Suits have a Soetoro-like variation, you would be dead wrong. In that dream, I sewered a Suter-like shot on his billiard table, and Sewers happen to be listed with Suits/Suters too. My brain can't do intelligent things like that in a whacky dream, but if God is the author of the dream, that explains it.

Did we see Mamesfelde in Nottinghamshire? Here's the Rhodes write-up: "A family named Rodes or De Rodes flourished for 500 or 600 years in Lincolnshire, Notts {(Nottinghamshire)}..."

I'm not done with the plover. Here's from my 3rd update of march: "The Mander plover came to mind when reading that Philippopolis (beside ASSus) was eventually named, PLOVdiv (the suffix is for "deva," said to mean, city). It can be argued, as Wikipedia does, that "Plov" is a variation of "Philip" over multiple changes by the Thracian locals." Philippopolis, at the upper Hebros river near RHODope, was named by Philip of Macedon (father of the brutal tyrant, Alexander "the great"), that's right. This opens a potential disagreement: does the plover trace exclusively from Plovdiv liners, or is the plover a code for surnames such as Plows, Pillows, or Pellowe's? We just saw why the Philips surname should trace to Pilate's / Pilotte's, and even to Pontius Pilate, and we saw Pillows listed with Pilotte's, first found in Rhodian-line Lincolnshire with early Rhodes elements.

Where should we expect Maeonians in the Hebros of Rhodope area of Thrace? I see Maeonians from Armenia's Mannae (and mythical Manes), and while Armenia was UrARTu/Ararat ("ar" means "mountain"), the ARDA river is a Hebros tributary. The Arda entity became the Ardiaei Illyrians who married the MONunius DARDanians, the line to Darts/Dards, and Mannae-like Maine's (Devon, same as Darts/Dards and MOONs) happen to use a dart. Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine.

French Pilote's were first found in Burgundy (Mont-Pilat theater) with the Mars/More's who use a reflection of the French Philip Coat. Both Coats are versions of the Mackay Coat, and Mackays ("Manu" motto term) are from king Maccus, son of Harald above, the rulers on the Isle of Man. Again, Christine's, first found on Man, share the Pillow/Pilotte Coat, both sharing the chevron of Mackays, Philips and Mars/More's. The French Philip Coat is in all three colors of the Plow Coat, and the latter's fleur de lys are shared by English Dole's while Plows were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans...from the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus.

Irish Dole's happen to use two borders of Pilate-suspect billets, traceable to "Bullis/Byllis" (beside Ceraunii mountains), as well as sharing red stag heads with Pilate-kin Colts/Celts and Rhodes-like Reeds. In the Dole Crest, a red stag head gorged with a crown round its neck, that's right. And German Dole's share the same grape vine with German Plate's, that's right.

As was said recently, the fish in the Arms of Saraca became the white-on-blue fleur-de lys used by the first Merovingian kings, and we can see easily how this thing led to the Lyon-related Merovingians in contact with Dol-line Tullia. The Mars/More's above suggest Merovingians, but there were also the Mars of KilDRUMMY, likely of the Scottish Marrs (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes'), whose double lions are the one of Tools and Tulls/Tolle's.

Saraca's lived at Ragusa, and the white-on-blue fleur above happen to be used by Raggs/Ragges'. English Stewarts use a RAGully pattern on their bend, a gold bend like that of Raggs/Ragges'. Scottish Stewarts share the checks of Tulls/Tolle's, and the Stewart kin of Boyds share the checks of German Dole's. Both Stewarts and Boyds share checks on a fesse with Marks, the latter from the Marici on Pavia, suspect with the Marsi-line Merovingians of Abruzzo, who lived around mount Avellino (off the upper Salto river), a place I trace to the Avlona version of "Aulon," home of the proto-Alans of Dol at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus. This works doubly well where I trace "Abruzzo" and it's Aprutium capital to "Epirotes," the name of the people of Epirus. Moreover, Aprutium is now Drummond-suspect Teramo.

Ragusa was also called, "Laus," like the Lys surname depicted by the fleur-de-lys. And so we have got to ask why "laus" is a motto term of both Manders/Manners and Arbuthnotts, the latter being kin of Oliphants, from the Elaphiti islands beside Ragusa.

If you have been loading all the Coats, contemplating on what I've been saying, you will follow all of this well. Recall the Forez mountains beside Mont Pilat (near-west of Vienne / Lyon), for the Forez/Foret surname (Savoy, east from the Vienne / Lyon area) shares a "Tout" motto term with Oliphants and Pellowe's/Belows. The double lions in the Forez/Foret Crest are combattant, same as the Abreu/Abruzzo lions, but are in the white of the double-Marr lions. The rulers of Mar were at Drummond-suspect KilDrummy castle, which is not far from Tarves, that being a line from Travers/Travis' expected in the "Tout travers" motto of Forez's/Forets. Remember, the latter's fesse is shared by Herods/Haralds, first found in ARCHELaus-like ARGYLLshire. Herod Archelaus was banished to a spot between the first-known Forez's/Forets and Mont Pilate.

Could ArcheLAUS liners have been formed from some elements that named Laus at Ragusa? Yes, for the Arms of Saraca shares a blue-on-gold fesse with Bernice's, a surname tracing well to Berenice Agrippa, a Herod close to Herod Archelaus. The same fesse happens to be shared by Cassandra's/CASSANo's, the line from king Cassander, the known ancestor (Wikipedia says so) of Nysa of Cappadocia, and Herod got his Archelaus surname when he married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia. The Philip / Pillar/Pilot lion is probably in the Coat of Pattersons/CASSANE's, a line to Antipatria/Antipater, a location near Macedon expected from Antipater of Macedon, father of Cassander. It seems to me that Pontius Pilote's surname was named after something from Philip of Macedon.


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