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October 29, 2010

The Deylamite News
Pygs Tayls
Dirty Diapers and Other Filthy Rhagaes

October 31

October 29

Yesterday's trace of the Cheshire Dees and Crewes to Cher/Char and neighboring Creuse of the Limousine theater was also a trace to the Vienne theater that saw some Sava-river elements just days before. It's as if these writings are being Co-ordinated specially for finding key links. There is no doubt in my mind that the Berry region of Cher/Char was founded by Daedalus>Perdix elements from Crete (see yesterday), and as that's what the Dee surname belongs to, the fact that the Irish Dey/Dea Coat uses the Sava snakes speaks to the merger.

To then find the Dee river of Chester/Cheshire flowing into Wales, and into a Daedalus-like location there, it speaks to my trace of mythical BritoMartis of Crete to the Merlin/Myrddin cult of Wales.

As the Sava region is suspect as the root of the Austrian Illuminati (at Carinthia) that furnished the Bavarian lozenges, it would appear that Daedalus elements were also in the Sava area...which was in Serbian territory, that I trace to the Cretan myth code, Sarpedon, a term that easily provides for a snake symbol.

As Daedalus was a craftsman aspect of the Hephaestus cult, we can expect Daedalus elements in Limousin, for that region was definitely named after Lemnos elements. I say that Char was also of the Vienne theater (both use a white wave in their Arms), even though there is some good distance between the two, because the stretch between them includes the Santones=Sintians of Lemnos. As Charente, (uses diamonds/lozenges in red and gold) is where Santones=Sintians of Lemnos were found, and because I had traced that region to Illuminati-related Carinthia of the Austria's Vienna region, I think, safe to say, Cher/Char was named after the same elements.

That's important because the partridges in the Char Coat suggests links to Perdix the partridge, giving hint that Perdix peoples were also in Carinthia. Unfortunately, the German Berry-Coat (uses the fish/jaw symbol of Perdix) write-up doesn't tell where in Germany they were first found. But one can assume that Carinthia, Charente, and Char were named after Icarius elements, perhaps Carians, perhaps the Curetes of Crete, who may have been the same peoples anyway, especially as Sarpedon of Crete was founder of some Lycians and of Miletus in the Carian theater. Icaria was off the coast of Miletus.

Perdix was the inventor of the compass, a chief Masonic symbol, if that helps to reveal the "importance" of this entity as regards the Illuminati. "Berry" sounds much like "bear" and, having Baery and Baerie variations, may therefore have been the Bayer surname that named Bavaria. If so, we have the roots of the Bavarian Illuminati in Perdix elements. Bayers were first found in "First found in Lower Austria and Tyrol." The German Bauer Coat is in the colors of Lower Austria. It borders Moravia, if that helps to link the Khazars of the latter to the Bauer>Rothschild line.

But Khazars may not be the main root of the Illuminati, though we can suspect that some Illuminati circles who value their Khazars sides may be in conflict with those who value their Greco-Cretan or Greco-Rhodian sides. Let dragon eat dragon, as is fitting for creepy crawlers.

We are not dealing with anything remarkable here, nor profound, just lustful men cheating their way to the money bags of the world because, they are fools. They abandon their souls and all that is good and righteous for, money and power. Nobody likes them. Not even themselves like themselves. They make alliances only as it fits their schemes, but it translates into wars between them. Unfortunately, they send the sons of other families into war, to fight their wars, and, as Jesus said, tax collectors collected taxes from the sons of others.

Tyrol is red and white, the colors of the German Berrys. The Berrys use a red shield, perhaps the cause for "Rothschild=RedShield." There is a TAUERn mountain system, snacking of "Sau" and the Sauer surname from the Sau/Sava river, stretching from Tyrol into Carinthia. "Tyrol" and "Taurern" may have had the same roots, perhaps Tyrians, perhaps even Dido-related Tyrians. "In A.D. 745 [post-Garibald] the former Slavic principality of Carantania became a margraviate of the Bavarian stem duchy under Duke Odilo, whose son Duke Tassilo III..."

The English Barn Coat looks Berry-interesting because it uses a saw-like bar. I was just thinking moments ago that these types of bars (English Stewarts use one) are code for the Perdix invention of the saw. Suddenly, we have the significance of all my Bernician discussions in Perdix. And as I trace Bernicians to Zahringers of bear-depicted Berne, who used elephant trunks that double as prairie-buffalo horns, note that this symbol is used in the Crest of the Arms of Carinthia. Hmm, could "Zahrin(ger)" be a soft-C version of "Carin(thia)"? If so, Zahringers could trace to Icarius in particular. But as the Tauern mountains ate also in Carinthia, note how "Zahr" smacks of "Sauer/Zauer," and that "Sawyer" evokes the Perdix saw symbol. Hmm, the Sawyer/Sauer motto uses "treuveras," a little like "Tauer."

An hour or so after writing that last paragraph, there was time to look up a Tauer-like surname, and I found a Tauer surname itself...first in PERThshirte!!! It's properly "Taw/Tawse." It uses "Deo" as a motto term, which I'm suspecting to be the Dees and/or Deys.

More amazing. I had traced the Tuareg Amazons of north Africa to Tuirc surname found in the Campbell write-up: "The Clan Campbell was known as the Siol Diarmaid an Tuirc or, alternatively, the Clan Duibhne..." I now find the SCOTTISH Tauer surname listed under a clan using the SCOTTISH Campbell Coat! That in a nutshell can serve to trace the Sava-river clans to north-Africa, and we do note the crescents plastered all over the Tauer/Taws Coat.

It's just incredible that Emailer Patterson has traced negative Rh blood to Tuaregs, and that her own Patterson bloodline, using a camel as symbol, likely for a Cammell/Campbell branch, seems to be from Tuaregs.

On the last update page, I traced the Scottish Grahams to Hannibal Carthaginians, and not only do Grahams use a Coat in Campbell colors, but they use the motto, 'Ne oublie," smacking of the Campbell motto, "Ne obliviscaris." Note the CARIS in the latter. I think these codes are for Nephele, and alternative of Dia. The Graham Crest is a "A falcon killing a stork," but that could be code for a stork-line family merged with a falcon line. Hold on to your DIApers, because we're about to see another stork soon, in the Dia family (this section on Campbells and Grahams was inserted after much of the below was written).

In the Berne-Coat write-up, the founder of the city was "Duke Berthold V of Zaehringen", which I point out because his first name smacks of "Perd(ix)" and the Pert surname that I thought could link to the Bert surname.

It's possible that "Zaeringen" is rooted in "Dae," which may explain why the English Day/Deie Coat has a Bauer-star look to it. The shape of the tail and position of the legs of the leopard in the Barn Crest looks much like the Danish Bauer leopard. The Barn (also "Bernys") surname is said to be from "bairn," smacking of "Bayern=Bavaria." It's hard to make out the difference, if any, between the Barn and Tuttle leopards.

The Sarah/Sayer motto shows two "bear" codes, and uses what should be the Barn leopard because the Sarah Coat is in Barns colors.

But if "Zae(ringen)" is rooted in Dae(dalus), then that could suggest that "Sau" is likewise, meaning that the Sava river was named after Dae(dalus) elements (that easily explains why Dees use the Save snake). AND THEN the DOLinjka region at the source of the Sava looks like it was named after (Dae)Dalus elements.

Hmm, the German Dol/Dollen Coat uses a white wave positioned like the white wave in the Arms of Cher. German Doles use ostrich feathers, a "vine stock," and a green Shield like the Bauers, and were first found in Bavaria.

Wow! The Daal variation of the German Doles suggested that Dales could be related, and the Dales not only use DAYle and DAEle variations, but a swan! The Crest is a stork, recalling the stork in the PERT/Pett Crest, which was among bulrushes depicting the Rush surname...that I traced to Rasht of DEYLamite territory. Wow! The clickety-click dancing shoes are still ON.

It should be pointed out that Deylamites (some have it "Delymite") can be expected to have traveled across Europe with their Gileki neighbors/kinsmen, who I identified as the Helios line to Rhodes, but also to Glaucus at the Scylla and Charybdis monsters, which were in southern Italy where other Daedalus-out-of-Crete elements settled. The CHARybdis monster could have been Icaria elements, but in any case, I see a definite Charybdis trace to Cher because the Arms of Cher uses an indented border on a red Shield that is like the "red bend engrailed" in the Pert Coat, the latter using scallops as symbol for Scylla.

In myth, Gerana was a crane goddess, but sometimes also a stork, the stork that delivered (or abducted?) babies. Gerana/Garanus" smacks of the Car terms under discussion.

The question now is why the swan should be used by the Dales/Dayles. As the swan line was traced concretely to the Sau/Sava river, and if that river was named, not after Sheba, but after Dae(dalus) elements, then doesn't that reveal the swan line in Daedalus? I did trace Dia to the Aras river in the Sevan theater, and as I had her pegged most-precisely as the Deylamites in the Ardahan region (some yet persist in Sunni Iraq to this day), note the Pert motto, "Ardens."

The stag in the Dey Cest (this Coat has the Save snake) is exactly like the Venus-Coat stag. You may have read where I suggested that some heraldic stags have antlers in mind as symbols for the Aphrodite-based Heneti. Venus=Aphrodite was the mother of Aeneas, and he must have been Aeneus, husband of Aenette, the Heneti code. But as Aeneas was then merged with Dido to a great extent, my trace of Dido to Daedalus, and my trace also of the Deys to Daedalus, suggests that the Deys were of Dido elements carrying the Venus>Aeneas bloodline to the Meshwesh>Masseys.

That can explain why Dees were in Cheshire, on a river of the same name running through Chester. BUT, as per yesterday's find of the Crewes/Creuse surname in Cheshire at the very time that Cheshire's Dee river was found, it makes sense that the Dees were also linked to mythical Creusa, wife of Aeneas. John Dee was a major Rosicrucian in the royal courts of the Stewarts, friend of Francis Bacon.

Dee End is Near. Dee-Day is Coming.

LOOK, the English Dia/Dye/Tie/Dei Chief uses black stars on white, the same as the Bacon Chief, thus proving well enough that Dees were Dias/Dyes. The same star is used by the Ashtons, and they use a boar, the Bacon symbol, as Crest. Ashtons were Astons who use the Dia Shield. I just read at the Pert page above, reminding me that the Pert mascles are officially "lozenges," and they are in the red and gold colors of the Charente lozenges. No surprise anymore. Perts were definitely the Berry peoples of Berry/Bourges, in Cher.

The same colors are used by the Dutch Burgs/Bergs, using red-on-gold diamonds that are lozenges officially. These are the Burgs/Contvilles that led to the mother of Ranulf le Meschin, which could explain the M-like (it might not be an 'M') chevron in the other Dutch Berg Coat. Nearly the same chevron is used by the Sherry Coat, and while that surname was traced to the same chevron in the Arms of Scheyern (Bavaria), I now wonder about Sherry/Scheyern links to "Cher."

It is very appropriate, if this discussion is being led by God, that I should now find myself on the Daedalus bloodlines immediately after stressing Kyhan-Ixion bloodlines to Britain, for Dia was Ixion's primary wife. What I didn't know was that Hephaestus depicted an aspect of Dia, which makes some sense as per my identification of Hephaestus as Halybes, for they lived not far from, and perhaps at times smack in, Ardahan. Also, both Hephaestus and DIONysus were given lameness/limps from birth.

It's hard to believe that I have obliterated the Sheba-and-Dedan theory of the Sava-and-Dido alliance. If both Sava and Dido trace to "Daedalus," and he to Dia, wherein can we rectify a trace to Abrahamic Sheba and Dedan? It's still possible since we are dealing with the Kabeiri cult of Hephaestus, but either there has got to be evidence for the theory beyond similarity of terms and a trace of Hebrews to the Hephaestus>Daedalus entities OR there has to be evidence that Dia carried Abrahamic Sheba and/or Dedan.

I've already traced Dedanite tribes to Lemnos and to Leto, but that was based on similarity of terms alone. Still, where several similarity-of-terms traces go to the same ballpark, as in the Sheba and Dedan discussion a few days ago, one has hope for a grand slam.

The Sheep surname just occurred. Could it be that Sheeps/Shipmans and Ships/Shiptons, both using the black-on-white colors of the Dia/Dye Chief, are Sheba entities in disguise? Sheeps/Shipmans use so-called "estoiles," what I suspected (months ago) was code for Ashtons/Astons, and we just saw that Ashtons and Astons use black on white, even the Dia symbol. The Ships/Shiptons "were Lords of the manor of Shipton-on-CHERwell..." (caps mine).

There's no Cherwell Coat, but "Charwell" brings up a black and white Carvel/Carwell Coat, from Carvile, Normandy. The Carrs were first in Lancashire, where Ashtons and Astons were first found, and the Carr Crest is a sun, smacking of the "sola" motto term of the Charwells, wherefore it seems that Charwells and Carrs were both related to Ships/Shiptons, and they to Ashtons/Astons, and they to Dias/Dyes. Irish Carrs use estoiles and more estoiles (= Sheep/Shipman symbol) on a Save-colored Shield.

Already we have found a decent Sheep/Ship link to the Daedalus cult, not forgetting that some Dee clans use the Save=Sava snake that is at the moment under investigation for Sheba links.

The Carr motto, "Sero sed serio," could be code for the same-colored Sauer Coat/Zauer (surname from the Sava river). It's the same color used by Sauvages for their heart. The so-called "bellows" of the Ship/Shipton Coat are heart-shaped. The Sheep/Shipman Coat is in the colors of the Sellick Coat, and both clans were first found in Herefordshire; the Sellick Coat should trace to the Arms of Cher (ignore the fleur for now), which uses a white wave on its red Shield, perhaps evolving into the white-on-red Sheep/Shipman bar.

NOW FOLLOW at your own peril, holding your heart lest it pops at what I'm about to show. The red heart on white is used also by the Douglas clan of MORAY relations, and they were associated with the Biggar Flemings (traced by me to the Mures river and/or MORAVia), who use red stars on white, the Carr symbol. And the Biggar Coat is on a Shield that is colors-reversed from the Save Shield.

The Dallas/Dulles Coat is exactly like the Biggar Coat. The Dallas surname also shows some Dol-using variations, that should trace to the Dolinjka region of the Sava. Did you spot the Dallas trace to DaeDALUS? Or to Talos, father of Perdix? The Dallas motto is....PARATus!!!

Did your heart fall out?

The Masonic representatives of these clans (amounting to a small fraction of all members) knew exactly what satanic elements they loved and cherished. The Cretan cults were the worst ever to creep this planet. I used to think that paratus-like terms were codes for Pratts, and they well could be, but now the codes are more-deeply the Perdix entity...that I suspect on Rhodes. That is, I suspect that "Talos" was from "Telchus," mythical code for the Telchines of Rhodes. I trace "Seleucus" to "Telchis."

I had traced the Talbots to "Salop," and from that I figured that Talbots, first in Salop/Shropshire, were the Sales/Sals (same engrailed bar as Perts) of Masci. The Dallas surname occurred to me only after coming to the Sales surname when seeking Talos-possible variations.

Knowing that Talbots/Taillebois were likely bois-less at first, I figured (months ago) that they were the TAYLor/Taillefer/Tail surname, smacking now of the swan-using DAYLes/Dailes (in English-Talbot colors). The Taylor Crest uses the same leopard mentioned above, appearing to be a variation of the Tuttle leopard. French Talbots use a Coat similar to the Tuttle Coat. The TAYlor leopard could be the SAYer leopard

The red lion in the English Talbot Coat could be the Sauer lion just because we have a Talbot-Sauer connection now. I have suggested that Sarahs/Sayers were the same as Sauers.

The Tribwatch Team gives the world the leads, and the world has others better positioned than we for packaging things in neat books, forever exposing the...dodos.

As Daedalus likely depicted (at least in-part) the Icarian realm of Dodecanese, we should check the Dode surname. Tim might like the pomegranates in the French Dodo/Dode/Dodolin Coat with Dodds variation. The Dodds, like the Dees, were first in Cheshire.

That could bring the pomeGRANATe very close to Ranulf de GERNon, son of the Meschin. The Dode Coat not only looks like the Bellamy Shield, but the red lion on gold is thought to be the symbol of "the (i.e. Ranulph) Meschin." It suggests Dode links to Duttons and/or Tattons of Mascy, who are in the colors of the German Dode surname. The French Totals use the same colors, and they were first found in Calvados, where the Gernon surname was first found. Kerns use a crane and Garners have a Karen variation, all possibly meaning that there was a crane-and-pomegranate-honoring Rus line that named Carinthia and Charente.

The pomegranate was a symbol of Hera (= Rus/Rosh bloodline), and it was she who turned Gerana into a crane (or stork). The webpage below tells that a pomegranate to the Greeks is "rhoa/rhoie" or "side." I would identify that term as code for Hera's mother, Rhea, whom I traced to Rey/Ray/Rhagae near Rasht and the Deylamites. The pomegranate looks like the "eye of Horus," not only because Hera was the Horus cult, but because the pomegranate symbol looks like an eye. Moreover, as peacock feathers have "eyes," the peacock is also said (at the website) to be a Hera symbol.

We get it, cult: you created a false god to act as your father, an all-seeing Rus god with no ears, no mouth, no brain, no nothing. Unfortunately, the Rus cult today has turned into god, and wants to be the father-figure of all mankind, through technology, though not exactly a very good father, unless one who uses sons for personal enrichment is a good father.

Now the true God wants all men to be obedient to Him, but not because He is on a control-freak obsession. God knows perfection, and knows that in order for His sons to achieve perfection, they've got to get in line with His ways of thinking and living. He's commanding us for out own good.

Gerana appears linked to the PYGmalion>Dido line, for she was A PYGmean [caps mine] woman, and wife of their king, Nicodamas, by whom [Gerana] became the mother of Mopsus..." "Another Mopsus" was the son of Manto, daughter of Tiresias (= Tyrus), that being the chief Hyksos line out of Tyre. It appears, therefore, that the Dode-surname pomegranate relates to the Pygmalion>Dido cult. I haven't got a clue where to trace "Mopsus" accept to my lost bucket somewhere.

I've just gone to the Gilan article at Wikipedia (where we find that Rasht is its capital) and found a TAYLsh/Talesh region and language smacking of the Tayls/Taylors. I mean, there I was tracing "DaeDalus" and Dia to the Deylamites, and here I find a Dalus-like peoples in the Deylamite theater, who apparently were Deylamites.

Entering CHARlotte (which I think means starlight) brings up the Charles/Charlemagne surname. Hmm. The Irish Charles motto uses "SubDITus," "salus," and "regis/regni," perhaps code for the Rhagae/Rhea line to Dido's Talos/Daedalus cult. And that reminds me of Zeus' cult at Dodona, for "Zeus," from its Dio(s) variation, can itself morph to "Dido."

THE FIRST NEWS ARTICLE I GOT TO TODAY WAS THE HEADLINE, Ashton: Iran offers to resume talks on nuclear program. There's really no article to speak of at that link. The point is, I haven't seen her in the news for some time, and here when I trace Ashtons to the Dee Illuminati, she pops up.

It just reminds me that the world is controlled to the teeth by the same Tyrian bloodlines that seek to murder God's agenda for the human race. His agenda starts with Israel, which is to be an example to the rest of the world of a Godly model of perfection. Jesus said that He will get the job done, even without the natural-bloodline Israel. That's his job: the Son obeying the Father to make all men like the Father. Those willing will find life; those not willing will be put into the bird cage, and never released again. God has thrown us a rope, called the Holy Spirit. Some climb, others swing or dangle, but most don't even want it.

In another news page, the CARlyle surname, with Bouiillon cross.


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