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November 13 - 17, 2010

The Madd Wine of the Anti-Christ Cult
(important additional information on the Mattis bloodline)

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November 13

"It was not long after Osama al-Najafi officially became the top Sunni politician in Iraq that he faced his first crisis: dozens of Sunni lawmakers abruptly walked out of Parliament.

Mr. Najafi, the legislature's new speaker, had a difficult choice to make...

So Mr. Najafi, the son of a wealthy and politically connected family, played it both ways. First he distanced himself from the bloc that was walking out, saying that his primary duty was now as speaker.

Then he walked out.

A few moments later he returned, overseeing a Thursday night session that was destined to sting Iraq's Sunni minority as lawmakers nominated Nuri Kamal al-Maliki for a second term as prime minister, a position many Sunnis regard as rightfully belonging to their candidate, Ayad Allawi of the Iraqiya bloc.

...In a nascent government dominated by familiar players, Mr. Najafi is the inner circle's new face, a former engineer who has been accused of harboring sympathies for Mr. Hussein's Baath Party...

...When Mr. Maliki prevailed instead, many Sunnis felt cheated.

'Our country was stolen,' said Saad al-Hamdoumi, a real estate broker in Baghdad. 'We believe there was an agreement made behind closed doors between Shia and Kurds.'"

Indeed, although all the bad bands of Iraq are having a bash in the Mushroom, they can't get clean because of all the Shi'ite around. The Mushroom is maintained by Iranium and his CoManiac of the Plutonium family, explaining why the guitar strings of the Toilets and the Kinks light up when they vibrate, for the place is heated by radiation.

Iranium has stationed a big kuard from the Pee-Pee-K to walk the beat, and make sure that Allawi and the Kards don't come in. Another Pee-Pee-K member, a former beatician from the Paper Towels, plays the waste cans for the Glad Jihad Knights and the Pipes, a band playing their grenades so loud that it blew everyone's mind.

The Paper Towels played raggae music, but not good enough to get an audience, and that's why the Mushroom is always filled with smoke, for there are no fans. Nobody likes these bands but themselves. The Dope Dispensers are so bad that they never worked in the Mushroom. The Diaper Tables folded long ago due to outcries amongst the al-Kida infantry, for they were out of BagDad, unable to do change-ups. And the Insargeants ordered the infantry to chuck-up all over the Mammas and the Pappas. No one was safe anymore.

The gas from the infantry was so bad that Maliki wouldn't come into the Mushroom often. And if ever he wanted to slip in secretly to make a dope deal with Iranium, it had to be with the blessings of Iranium's janitor, whose secret job was to assure that the Dope Dispensers didn't work there. This was fine by Maliki because he has so much power in BagDad that he doesn't need to wash his hands in innocence anyway.

Maliki doesn't know that the janitor is a drummer from another bad band, the Second-Hand Army, which is why his other secret job is to clean BagDad's clocks with wipe-out. Maliki only knows about the other secret job of the janitor, to beat the daylights out of Sunniside. Maliki is doing his part to assist the janitor, by turning off the electricity five times a day exactly at prayer times. The janitor has been given a mandate by Maliki, to remove the scum of the I-Rock Baathtubs.

But right now, the Baathtubs are having bash in the Mushroom because Iranium, who's had a fall-out with them in the past, wants to cut a deal with the band concerning a shower of some sort. The word in DC is that it concerns an AC hydro-genetic bomb that leaves the Palace Tunes unaffected, and can target only Signists and other adverse-teasers of prime minister InterNet Yahoo, explaining why InterNet Yahoo got a virus slipped into Iranium's nuclear pants while he was in the steam room with Osauna been-Laughing.

Iraniam maintains that claims by Washing DC about a secret bomb plot are nothing but a sham-pooh with PR conditioners. Washing DC fired back that it's not sending the wrong massage, that Iranium clearly is rubbing against UN sinktions, and has no justification to use the false-ettes to wipe clean his facade. Iranium's Janitor countered back that he'll shut off the taps, causing the price of U.S. bath oil to sky-rocket, and run world economy down the drain, and that Glad Jihad and the Pipes, at the final stand-za, will take it from there to the sewers of the Muslim Brothelhood, where O-sauna makes his obscene videos.

It doesn't matter to me whether anyone thinks I'm crazy for taking the position that 9-11 was an inside job. Not many months ago, I figured and shared in an update that the Arabs falsely accused of the event would not be placed on trial unless they agreed to plead guilty with a deal. I said this because the long and carefully-watched trials, if the Arabs plead innocence, would jeopardize the true plotters, who are Westerners. Today we read:

"Khalid Sheik Mohammed, considered the mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, is likely to remain in military detention without going through a trial in the near future, according to officials in the Obama administration, reported The Washington Post [last] night.

The administration has determined that Mohammed cannot be put on trial in a federal court due to the opposition of lawmakers in Congress and in New York.

Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo said Friday that the trial of the professed mastermind shouldn't be held in New York state... ...In March 2007, the Pentagon issued a statement in which Mohammed confessed to the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, and to having a central role in 30 other attacks and plots in the US and worldwide that killed thousands of victims.

'I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan,' Mohammed told the military."

One can see why the likes of this man was used as a false perpetrator of 9-11, for he has done things already to deserve the worst punishment possible, and could very well be convinced to confess to masterminding 9-11 in return for some leniency. I note that the article above does not state his admission to the 9-11 plots. Perhaps he did confess to officers, only to change his mind, thus delaying the court proceedings.

Bad news this morning for the poker game's winner in the headline, "Iraq's Allawi: power-sharing deal 'is dead'":

"Former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's Iraqiya was the final big group to agree to join a coalition this week in an accord that gave Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki a second term.

But two thirds of Iraqiya members walked out of parliament on Thursday saying a deal between blocs was being violated.

Allawi said some Iraqiya members might join the government, but the 'main bulk' of them, including himself, would stay out.

'We think the concept of power-sharing is dead now,' Allawi told CNN in an interview. 'It's finished.'

Asked how the end of a power-sharing deal might affect a future government, he said, 'For Iraq, there will be tensions and violence, probably.'"

Why did two-thirds of the Allawi crew walk out just after on the very day/evening of the parliamentary session wherein "Lawmakers elected Osama al-Nujaifi, a Sunni leader of Iraqiya, as speaker, and reappointed Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, as president. Talabani then nominated Maliki as prime minister. Allawi was made head of a yet-to-be-created policy council"? Why were they present during some of nominations and then angry soon after? Were they there to secure for Allawi the special-committee chair, only to walk out as per a pre-determined plan for strengthening his chairmanship's status?

It's like giving Maliki the piece of steak, then as it's about to hit his mouth, the steak is taken away until a better deal is granted.

Or, perhaps Allawi and the others are not bluffing, and have no intention of joining the Maliki government. I suppose that they will retain the chairmanship of the special committee anyway. I don't know whether the committee falls under the jurisdiction of the Maliki government. Perhaps not. Perhaps there's a distinct separation. We read further: "Allawi told CNN he was thinking of forming a parliamentary opposition rather than taking part in the government. I will not be a part of this theater,' he said. 'This is a new dictatorship that is happening in Iraq.'"

Strong words, ones that Obama might be secretly very happy to hear. Another article seems to clinch the idea that the walk-out was pre-determined:

"But shortly after Sunni Arab and Iraqiya member Osama al-Nujaifi was chosen as speaker, verbal clashes erupted, with Iraqiya complaining the power-sharing deal was not being honoured.

Specifically, it called for three of its top members, barred for their alleged ties to Saddam's Baath party, to be reinstated before voting for a president.

When their demands were not met, dozens of lawmakers left the chamber...

The power-sharing deal stipulated...It also established a statutory body to oversee security, a concession to Allawi, who had held out for months to regain the post of premier.

Iraqiya has said its participation rests on four conditions: a bill forming the security body, a committee examining cases against political detainees, codifying the power-sharing deal and annulling bans on the three Iraqiya members."

The Allawi crew couldn't have believed that the four requirements would be dealt with and even granted in the short span allotted before the voting for the president. It sounds like they brought a mountain to the table knowing that it's rejection would give cause to a walk-out, but not before they got their government position (as Speaker) locked away.

The special committee, which I half-suspect is a Western plot to control Irano-Maliki as much as possible (when necessary), is based on Iraq's security, just the military area that the globe trodders are expected to want to control. One can easily topple the Iraq government if it knows the secrets of the nation's military. Apparently, Allawi will get to know those secrets, and then bring them to London, where he lives much of the time.

In another article telling that the parliament is meeting today to "discuss" the ban on the three friends of Saddam, we read: "Allawi, led members of his List out of the chamber hall after a disagreement over the ban." It was Allawi himself who led the walk-out. And it appears that he is strongly in bed with some Baathist elements, whom have given him the mandate and responsibility to stay out of the government until Baathists are granted some better political rights.

The questions are: 1) how far will the Baathists push Allawi; 2) how far will Allawi be pushed before opting out of his alliance with Baathists; 3) how much will Maliki and fellow Shi'ites give Allawi on behalf of Baathist interests? Doesn't this situation look like it'll end in a Baathist uprising when the Shi'ites give but a morsel, refusing to grant the beef?

"One of the three members who were banned earlier this year from running for parliament, because of charges that he was a Baathist, is Saleh al-Mutlaq, believed to be the Iraqiya List's pick for foreign minister." Here's what I wrote in the fourth update of march:

The next Coat that was loaded after loading the Loge and Leigh Coats was the Modley/Medley Coat , which happened to use the Loge and Leigh lion in Loge (white on red) colors... The only reason that I entered "Modley" was per the MODburely variation of the Moverley/Mobley surname (i.e. I figured that there could be some Modley branches of Mobleys [the latter were from a Loges character]). It was then found that the Modley Shield is in the colors of the Mabey/Maybe Shield, and that Mabeys were first found in Kirkcudbrightshire, smack beside Wigton!

The Modley surname brings me right around to the Matley/Matleigh surname, first in Cheshire. I have some suspicion that the Iraqi Sunny, surnamed Mutlaq, who was barred from running in the election, may not only link to the Matleighs, but to the anti-Christ when he rises in Iraq. Therefore, the finding this morning that a suspected American al-Qaeda operative surnamed Mobley may have much to do with linking the American army in Iraq to the per the False Prophet link to him. Or, if the American military/government is to usher the anti-Christ into Iraq, the Illuminatists of the Mobley>Matleigh fold may have much to do with it.

There are two Mobley Coats, both using scales in the Crest. Both Coats use the Washington-surname Shield. The Mabey Crest uses a wyvern pellettee, that latter term discussed yesterday for the first time ever (by me), and found to be code for the holy-grail Perdix bloodline, the same bloodline that founded the Washington surname.

The Mabey Coat uses a tiger, but the Tiger Surname, having a page, shows no Coat.

In the 6th update of May, I again mentioned Mutlaq, this time with the Maddock surname, the Shield of which is Maybe Shield. In the 5th update of July:

I had mentioned the Medley surname (in the eighth update of February) in conjunction with both "Medvedev" and a Sunni leader in Iraq with Mutlaq surname...who, because he was tossed out of this past election due to Saddam-Sunni ties, could possibly facilitate the movement/uprising leading to the revelation of the Sunny-backed anti-Christ. In that update, I linked the Medley surname to the Matleys/Madleys of Cheshire. The obvious importance in those terms, which I didn't know then, is in the Mat-like surnames that I've been recently linking to Mitanni roots.

What about central commander of the American military, James Mattis? He was introduced in the 2nd update of July as the potential anti-Christ, or his American ally and link to the American president (not necessarily Obama). I showed there that he was nicknamed, "Mad Dog Mattis." Code for the Maddock/Maddox surname??? The write-up: "The Welsh surname Maddox is derived from the early Welsh personal name Madoc. This was also written as Madawc and Madog, from the Old Welsh name Matoc, which had the literal meaning of goodly."

The Maddox surname uses the two colors most used in Poland, and was first found in HEREfordshire, where the Sellick/Seliock surname was first found...that I link to the Seleucid>Silesian bloodline, the bloodline that the anti-Christ might also be from. The English Here/Heyer/Heyre Crest (surname looks Hagar-like) may use a variation of Bauer wings because the German Here Coat uses the Bauer wings nearly exactly. The Masci wings (Shield in Maddoc colors) appear to me to be exactly the Bauer wings (though separated), and the Masci surname was found in Piedmont, where the Massi/Mattis surname was found too. Under a magnifying glass, I (vision-impaired) count 13 feathers on the Masci wings.

I identified the Sellicks as the Sals/Sales of Mascy in Cheshire, and figured that they were the founders of, or named after, Salop=Shropshire, where Modleys (Maddox colors), Meschins and Bellamys were first found. Mobleys and Matleys (uses Bellamy Shield) were first found in neighboring Cheshire.

November 14

The surnames in late yesterday's update, having to do with the anti-Christ cult, apparently, will be from the Guiscard bloodline of the Rus. Here's how.

Before awakening, I wondered whether the ending of the Maddox/Madoch surname, which I had reason yesterday for linking to Cheshire's Matleys, was from "Doke." I recalled that Dokes/Dooks use a blue and white Coat reflecting that of the Italian Ottone Coat (surname very Odin-like), which I link to Ottone VISconti (very satanic symbol), the first Visconti ruler of Milan, who belongs to the region of Massino-Visconti in Piedmont. That region is the one that I link to the Massi/Mattis surname, noting also that blue and white checks in the latter surname are in Doke and Ottone colors.

Bear with me those who know these things until I get to what's very important. I had trace the VISconti surname to the GUIS/WIScards in southern Italy for more than similarity of terms; the Milan surname was first found in Messina (Sicily), giving reason for tracing Ottone Visconti of Milan to Messina, and that in turn gave reason for linking Messina to the Massino region of the Visconti clan.

Therefore, even before getting out of bed (I usually do my update planning before getting into the cold of the house), I had been thinking that the Mattis surname of Italy, and the Maddox/Madoch surname which I linked yesterday to "Mad Dog Mattis," was from the Guiscard Rus and their Saracen allies from the Samson cult.

The first think I did when getting to the computer, before the water had even boiled for a coffee, was to look at the Dock Coat (Maddox' are also "MadDOCK"), for I already knew what the Doke/Dook Coat looked like. I was very happily surprised to be reminded that the Dock Coat uses cinquefoils in Tankerville colors, and that Tancreds are said to be a branch of Tankervilles, for Guiscard's father was Tancred (from the house of Hauteville). The Tancred write-up even links to Antioch elements (which will come up again below as per the Milan surname):

"[Tancreds] were descended from Tancred, son of the Good Marqis, who governed the principality of Antioch as Guardian of the Emperor Bohemond II. Tancred, whose barony was in Normandy in 912 A.D. was also the sire of the celebrated Tankervilles."

Is it a coincidence that while I'm tracing Mad Dog Mattis (ruler of the American military worldwide) to the anti-Christ cult, and he to the Seleucid bloodline from Antioch, that the trace of the Mattis and Dock/Dog bloodline has just been made to Templar rulers of Antioch?

When I re-saw the tree stump in the Milan Coat this morning, I recalled seeing one late yesterday. It turned out to be in the Here/Heyer Coat, a surname that was brought up only because the Sellicks/Seliocks (whom I think were Seleucids) of HEREfordshire were brought up. AND MOW ME DOWN, Sellicks had been brought back up ONLY BECAUSE the Maddox surname was first found in Herefordshire!!!!!

I was insinuating that the Maddox clan was a Seleucid bloodline linked to commander (James) Mattis.

The Docks/Dogs/Doaks were first found in Perthshire. The Here/Heyer surname, moreover, which smacks of the Hagar(d) surname first in Perthshire, smacks also of the Hayer surname using what should be a variation of the Tankerville Shield-on-Shield. It starts to appear, therefore, that the Guiscard merger with Saracens led to the Massino/Mattis link to the Docks, Hagars (white and blue again) other Hagarite-linked families in Perthshire.

A new discovery, I think: the Heyers/Hayers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire (Cheshire theater), where the Heres/Heyers/Heyres were first found!!!

Recently, I've been connecting the Hayer Coat to the same design in the HOLDEN Coat, which surname seemingly applies to the Otone/OLTEN surname below, in a paragraph that was written before the paragraph above.

There's more this morning. I didn't discover the Otone/Olten surname of Cheshire until months after finding and sharing the Ottone Coat of Italy. I didn't realize, when first finding the Otone/Olten Coat, that it was a near-match with the Modley/Medleycott Coat (surname first in neighboring Shropshire, where Matleys were first found). This discovery happens to come today because the Modleys were a topic of late yesterday.

Therefore, there is every reason to connect the Massino region of the Viscontis, and the Masci clan of the same Piedmont region, to Mads, Meds, and Mods of the Mascy- and Meschin-related clans of Cheshire, and that's where the next discovery of this morning comes in huge (I don't recall making the discovery in the past, for my memory has been clouded by the difficulty of keeping it all straight), for I claimed that the Mascys/Meschins were also the Massins/Masons, first in Kent, and that the latter trace to the Massino of Visconti blood.

The huge discovery relates to the Scottish Docks traced this morning to the Viscontis. I was so busy writing the above that I didn't have time to check the English Dock/Dox Coat, which is the Massin/Mason lion!!!!!! HOOOWWWWWWWIE!

I have so many things yet to say I'm tripping over them. 1) The English Docks/Dox surname was also first in Shropshire; 2) the MODburely/Moberly surname (Washington Shield) was from a Loges surname, while the Hayers of Perthshire are said to have been around LOCHnarty; and both Loch Coats show swans indicating that the surnames were doubt related to the Leighs/Leys/Lighs/Leghs of Cheshire using the personal lion of Ranulf le Meschin; 3) the Loge Coat nearly uses the latter lion in colors reversed, and the surname is also "Lodge," as though playing on words with Masonic lodges; 4) While the MODburLEYS/MobLEYS use the Washington Shield, the Mauds of Cheshire, from Italy, apparently use a form of the Wassa (=proto-Washingtons) Coat; 5) As "Maud" is said to be derived from "Montalt," perhaps all other Mads, Meds, and Mods originated, or were otherwise linked to, the Monte Alto in Italy to which the Mauds are traced; 6) Mauds/Mods/etc of Cheshire were apparently from the Ottone-Visconti line to Cheshire's Otones/OLTons/OULDens because Mauds are also "Molds/Moulds." In other words, the Monte Alto of the Maud write-up should link to the Visconti family; 7) the "HAUTEville ancestry of Tankard>Guiscard could apply to Ottones>Otones, and while there are no Haute or Hauteville Coats, the Oddo/Otton Coat is in Ottone colors; 8) my "Guis(card)" trace to the swan-using Gois (or "Gos") bloodline (said to be from "Guise") of the mother of Ranulf le Meschin should link to the Gasson/Gaze variations of the Wassa surname; 9) point nine, appropriate for Cretan/Curete topics, happens to be that "GuisCARD" looks rooted in TanCRED, the letter possibly in "Crete," explaining well why the Rollo-Rus line of Guiscard was in southern Italy in the first place.

Zowie: the Card surname, in colors reversed to the Oddos/Ottons, was first in Cornwall, where Oddos/Ottons were first found. We wonder, therefore, whether these Card elements are involved with the Joker in the Iraqi poker game. Isn't that wild? The blue Card Coat lion could be the Dock and Massin/Mason lion, and the Cards could be linked, alternatively, to CARThage. The metal-working craft to which the Card write-up traces could link to either Hephaestus>Daedalus cult on Crete, or their Dido-branch Carthaginians.

As evidence of a Visconti link to the Massi/Mattis clan of Italy, I had shown months ago that the German Matt/Matlin Coat uses the design of the Ottone Shield. But very recently Tim sent in an identical design used for a Carius Coat (i.e. I'm insinuating Icarius, son of Daedalus, symbol of Carians>Carthaginians). We don't forget, therefore, that Dido was from historical Pygmalion, king of Tyre and son of Tyrian king, MATTan/Mittan.

English Mattins were first in Ligurian Leicestershire, and they were also "Martins." The Mattin Coat is a Washington-like Shield, and I trace the latter surname to the Mitanni, as I trace king Mattan/Mittan.

No surprise: Mittans were first found in Shropshire, where Modleys/Medleycotts, Matleys and Docks/Dox' were first found. SURPRISE: the Mittan Coat uses the Massi/Matti double-headed eagle with bent neck!!! The Mattin Shield is in Modley-Shield colors, and reflects the Maybe Shield better (see yesterday for Maybe links to Medleys et-al, and a Sunni of Iraq with a similar surname).

ZOWIE, after writing that, I realized that the Medley Crest is a tiger, the symbol also of the Maybes!!! I had accidentally loaded the Medley Coat just now when searching for the Mittan-like Shield I had seen yesterday in the original Medley>Maybe topic. How striking that it was the Maybe Shield instead, also using a tiger, which is a rare symbol in my heraldry hunts.

The "In deo" motto phrase of the Medleys strikes me as code for the Indus/India-related bloodlines, for India has tigers. I'm thinking the Sintians of Lemnos here.

As per the Mattan/Mittan bloodline, I'm now reminded of the Madden surname in the Partridge Family (television series), for it seems here that the Maddens and Matt-et-al do trace to mythical Perdix (who was anciently given the partridge symbol). The Madden write-up traces to "'Mac an Mhadaidh,' which is probably derived from the word 'madadh,' which means dog."

The MadDOX surname is evoked, as it relates to the Docks/Dogs. The Madden Coat is a falcon on a mallard DUCK!!! The Mallard surname appears to be a Milner variation.

This paragraph is being inserted here between the above and the Paris-topic below that was already written. This paragraph was not intended to be inserted here to compliment the Paris-like topic below, and in fact I didn't even know that the Paris-like topic was there when I decided to write this: Shields divided in half with blue and red, as for example the Maybe and Mittan Coats, have recently become suspect by me as relating to the flag of Paris. I'm thinking Parzival/Percival and Perdix. I traced Paris' Gorgon founders to the Muses of Parion, Mysia, which I repeat here for the Muse topic below as it seems to relate to the Mad topic at hand.

[Continuing from 9) above]
10) The Ottones of Italy were first found in Perusia/PERGia, what smacks of the Perseus bloodline to Perdix and its Berry/BOURGes elements; 11) Let's not forget that Bellamys were first in PERCHE before becoming the Ferte-Maces>Mascys of Cheshire, and that the MatLEYS of Cheshire use the Bellamy Shield. I had traced the "VisCONTI" to the Contevilles at the root of Ranulph le Meschins bloodline, and Contevilles were also BURGOS from John de Burgo; I had traced Guiscards to the Gauts>Cotts and therefore Cottians of the Piedmont/Ligurian theater, and that line should explain the MedleyCOTT variation of the Modleys. The white lion of that surname should link to the Montfort white lion, a surname that I trace to Monforte and Montferret of Piedmont.

SURPRISE: entering "Model" gets a Middle/Mittel surname first found in Shropshire, where the Modleys/Medleycotts were first found, and they use a the Sellick Shield!

Middles/Mittels use a saw-like symbol (as do the English Stewarts) i.e. perhaps intended as code for Perdix/Talos. I do think that "Salop," and Sales and Talbots of Mascy, trace to the Talos-cult, whom I theorize was mythical Telchis (code for Telchines), and I (tentatively) trace king "Seleucus" to "Telchis" elements too. But I won't be happy until I know exactly where "Seleucus" comes from.

Middletons use the engrailed cross used also by the swan-using Locks. As Middletons were first in WestMOREland, they should link to the Medal surname using "mori" in the motto. Curiously, the Medals are the Dougals/ Doke/Dook colors. In this picture, the Dokes, Dougals, and Docks, and likely the Douglas' and Tooks/Tolkiens too, were from the MadDox/MadDock clan, some using the Dox/Dock endings, others sticking with the Mad beginning.

We can even ask whether the Docks were named after "LangueDOC," meaning "Language D'oc," i.e. the language of Occitania, the region that I trace, as I trace OXfordshire (see below), to "JOKTAN."

The Italian Motel/Motola surname was from Taranto in Puglia, where the Perdix cult was among the Pygmalion>Dido-branch Daedlaus cult. The surname smacks a little of "Mosul," where I expect the Matley-related anti-Christ to arise. Once we get to Mosul-like surnames such as Mosel and Mouse, we're into the nine mythical Muses (= Mysians) leading to Meschins-et-al. I just noted that the Mouse/Mewes Coat (in Masci colors) reflects the Oxford-surname Coat, making sense because Vere rulers of Oxford were fundamentally Masseys/Mascis.

Curiously, entering "Maas," the alternative name of the Meuse and Mosel rivers (near MAAStricht) to which I trace the Masseys=Muses, brings up a Marr/Mare surname, first found in Yorkshire, where the Mouse/Mewes surname was likewise first found.

The MAUDLen/MAGDALEIN/Madley Coat was entered, and this paragraph and all the below was written, BEFORE getting to the Model and Motel and other 'l' versions above. The surname is said to be "derived from the Hebrew 'Magdalen,' meaning "woman of Magdala." It uses Drummond waves and Masci=Coatfleur-de-LEY, and was first found in Vere-infested Oxfordshire, where the Drummond-related Damorys/DaMARYS were first found (see 1st update of October for more on this topic). The Damorys were also "Maresc," wherefore they were linked to the Demarres/Marres/MAREYS. The Drummonds (whom I trace to ADRAMmelech of the Joktanite Sepharvites), using "Gang warily" for a motto, were proud to be a Vere gang, apparently.

Apparently, the anti-Christ cult is an extension of the Mary-Magdalene cult, which cult did not link to the Biblical Mary Magdalene, but was formed as word-play on certain surnames of two clans, the Mares/Marres and the Allens/D'Allens of Dol. The latter became the Scottish Stewarts using a variation of the Massi-Mattis Coat.

Apparently, the Mary Magdalene cult was fundamentally part of the Maud- and Mad-et-al surnames. Indeed, it was recently discovered that the "TEMERE" motto code of the Holdins was for the ship-using DEMERES and Meres/Maires of Cheshire, and today it was found that Holdins were Ottone- and Maud-related!

Before knowing of the Magdalene trace to the Demeres/Meres, in my first cracks at tracing the Mary Magdalene cult, I had traced it to the Merits/Mereys of Normandy, who happen to be "Demeres" as well.

The Dutch Mere Coat is the Massin/Mason and Dock/Dox lion. This is no paradox anymore because the fog is really clearing up.

The Sunni Baathist surnamed, MUTLAQ, is now in the midst of the Iraqi poker game. I've suspected that commander Mad Dog Mattis is among the Globamists now siding with Allawi, and it's Allawi who's calling the political shots of Mutlaq in that poker game (i.e. the government formation). The question therefore is, are Mutlaqs and Mattis' related by blood, and are Mutlaq's political stands those of the American military in Iraq? Things to watch for.

If true that Mutlaqs are Matleghs/Matleys et al, one needs to consider that the Baathists may in the first place have been founded in Syria as an attempt of the Western Illuminati to get a foothold there. Or, the Baathist founders rebelled against the Western globalists and formed a Muslim-based Illuminati, with some reconciliations occurring since then. I just don't know.

It still intrigues me that every bloodline expected (by me) to link to the anti-Christ circle is a Rus bloodline. I still don't know if Russians will be involved, As per the heraldic flame symbols discussed recently, the Putin/Padyn surname uses it too.

I thought of checking the surnames behind the Mod Squad television series, and the creator's surname was Ruskin, a surname first found in Perthshire. Peggy Lipton (mentioned in the Lipton- write-up) played the sweetheart on the show, and the Lipton/Lupton Coat resembles the Ruskin Coat. Liptons are in the colors of Middletons (Sinclair-of-More Cross?), which I mention because both surnames were first found in WestMORland.

The wolves in the Lipton/Lupton Coat, and because the clan was from a Lupton location, suggests that the surname was from "lupis." The scallops in the Chief suggest the Scylla monster (at Messina), depicted as a wolf with many heads. Consistently, the Rollo/Sinclair Rus continue to trace to Messina and Scylla.

The Lipton black chevron has white lilies, in colors reversed to the Pendragon chevron with fleur-de-lys. The Lipton chief has a "Tau" (between the scallops), which is Greek 'T', suggesting a T-surname. The Pendragon chevron, white on black Shield like the Ruskin chevron, has a "tiepsum" motto term that I think is code for a T-surname. The Tipps Chief uses pheons, as does the Ruskin Coat, and the Tipps Coat is in the same black and white colors. Some of the Tipp variations are teipsum-like. I recognized the black Tipp bull head as the black one in the German Pohl/Pohland Coat, first found in Silesia!

Everything Mieszko, including the black bull head of the Mieske/Mesec surname, is not to be viewed so much as Polish, but as Silesian, from Sulcis. This, I think is the guts of the anti-Christ bloodline back to Seleucids, as relates to Western Rosicrucians/Templars/Sionists and/or Nazi Aryans.

The Mod Squad starred Michael Cole, and the Cole Coat uses...a black bull!! These Coles, whom I typically trace back to Piast Poles, were first in Cornwall, where the Pendragon surname was first found. I had traced mythical Gorlois of Cornwall, the father of king Arthur, to Gorlitz in Lusatia. The Cole motto uses "serva," what I suspect is typical code for Serbs/Sorbs. Sorbs were in Lusatia and Silesia, and it is they who became the Serbs, if I recall correctly.

The Arms of Gorlitz uses the double-headed eagle on the colors of the Coles and Mieske bull, and in the colors of the double-headed eagle with bent necks, of the Massi/Mattis Coat!!! The theme music of the Mod Squad was by a Hagen surname. The blue-on-white fish in the Irish Hagen Coat has three fins in the same position as the white-on-blue fish in the Arms of the House of Saraka. That suggests Hagen links to Khyan-based Hyksos, and Saraka links to the hake fish of the Hykes/Hack clan. This is all-too kagan/Cohen Khazar, from the Marots of the Mures/Maros, the root of the Magdalene cult's Mary/Mere branch.

The other player on the Mod Squad was of the Andrews surname, known to be the root of the Ross clan...that I say was founded by Marot Khazars in the family of George of Hungary, son of king Andrew and father of Marot/Maurice Drummond. AND THAT reminded me that the official name of clan Ross was anciently "Rosich." The Ruskin surname created the Mod Squad, you see.

The other Mod-Squad cop was of a Williams surname, which recalls my trace of the "Gyula" Khazars on the Mures to the Will and William/Guilliam surnames. The German Williams surname, using a heart and found amply in the Bayeux (where the Mieszko clans were), does not appear when entering an s-less "William."

Gorlitz has a Muskau location directly across from a Leknica location, and when that prompted a check of the Musk(at) surname, which I know to be a Mousquette clan, an Antelope was found in the Crest, not only smacking of the antler in the Arms of Muskau, but of the antelope in the Tipps Crest.

No sooner has the American election passed that Obama has started to dig into Netanyahu with under-handed techniques he wouldn't have used in the run-up to the elections: either Netanyahu agrees to a settlement freeze, or Israel won't get some aid:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said [today] that the proposal put forward by the US for a 90-day settlement freeze in exchange for UN support and military aid is not final.

'This proposal was raised during my talks with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. It is still not final; it is still being formulated by Israeli and the American teams.'"

But Netanyahu has no desire to comply with Hillary, and is expecting his government to cover for him by rejecting her proposal. "Speaking at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said 'if and when it is complete, I will bring this proposal to the appropriate Government forum, which in this case is the Cabinet'." We get it.

The J-Post features a New York Times story where the CIA permitted Nazi war criminals to stay in the United States for whatever reasons: "According to newspaper, the report cites help that CIA officials provided in 1954 to Otto Von Bolschwing, an associate of Adolph Eichmann who had helped develop the initial plans 'to purge Germany of the Jews' and who later worked for the CIA in the US."

The Eichmann surname looks Aiken-like and evoked the recent discussion on Hagarites as they could be linked to Acra>Acre and the Acker clans, wherefore the Eichmann Coat was loaded to find exactly the tree-stump design in the English Here/Heyer Coat! There was just one difference, a small something on the budding branch on the right side of the Eichmann stump, which turned out to be an acorn (i.e. an oak stump), clinching the link to the oak/acorn-depicted Aikens-et-al.

That really does support a theory wherein Nazis were anti-Jew because they were Hagarites. However, the Nazis targeted not Jews alone, but Rothschild Zionism, and therefore targeted non-Israelite Hebrews...perhaps of the Khazar kind in particular. Perhaps the other Rosicrucian bloodlines, not touching the Khazars, were simply the Hyksos>Hagarites and therefore typically anti-Semitic at all times throughout history.

One could theorize that the difference between Templars and Rosicrucians is that Templars were Khazar-oriented and Zionists, whereas Rosicrucians were Hebrews from Greek and Egyptian mythology, Horus and Ares, and all other related "gods" and fantasies. The Templars and Rosicrucians merged, but ultimately split. That much is known, though there were also mergers to some degree in various areas.

I don't know the details of the history of that relationship or non-relationship, but it's the Hagarites that we are to be on the watch for as per Christian and Israelite persecution. The Rodham Crest uses a tree stump, and the fact that these stumps appear to be oaks evokes "Goeth's Oak" stump at the Buchenwald Nazi concentration Camp (without the 'B', that location becomes "Uchen"). Regardless of what is said by others about Goeth's stump, the fact is, the Goth/Goeth Coat uses the Zionist stars of, and in that same colors as, Hagars of Perthshire, and the Goth/Goeth surname was first found in Perthshire.

It's hard to understand this. It's as if the Zionist star was originally based in anti-Israelis, who then merged with Marot-based Khazar Hebrews, who then became modern Zionists together...propping Israel up as a nation, and giving the country the Hagar and Goeth symbol as its flag. It's as if West-like Israel is run in large part by Khazars and Hagarites, and then confounded with spatterings of true Israelites, whoever they are. Likely, the Khazars and Hagarites in Israel are not always getting along, and they both have very long tentacles reaching across the Atlantic.

Possibly, the difference between Rothschilds and Rhodians is that Rhodians are the Hagarites, and in fact, I put Obama into that camp, and he is known, with Bill Clinton, to be a Rhodian. I don't know which, Rothschilds or Rhodians, have more power in the CIA. But my guess is Rothschilds.

I trace the Khazars on the Mures in-part to Khazar kagans, but in-part to Rhodes Hyksos in Rhodope of the Hebros/Maritsa river. Therefore, as one example of Khazars merging with Rhodians, were have the Marot-surnamed Khazars that founded the Templars. The Rosicrucians may have been Rhodians in France: the Redones, as they formed the Rus side of the Rollo Rus. The other side of the Rollo Rus was the Marot Khazars. I hope that clears up a little for you, but it certainly leaves questions.

It's too simplistic to trace Rothschilds to Khazars only; they trace also to Meschin roots in Seleucids of Silesia...whom I think were from Rhodes, ultimately.

Zowie, the German Buchen Coat is an oak tree, as though it may have been the "Uchen" surname linking to Eichmanns and Aikens. The Buchens, first found in Bavaria, look like Bogens of Bavaria to me (whom I identify as Bauers/Bowers at the root of the Rothschilds). As you may know, I linked the Hitler/Hiedler surname to Bauers.

In Iraq, the same Allawi who said a day ago that he would not form a government with Maliki, was back into the parliament with his crew, saying that they will definitely form a government with Maliki."...Mullah said later that three senior Iraqiya members [including Mutlaq] who were barred from standing in the March elections over their alleged ties to ex-dictator Saddam Hussein's Baath party would be reinstated within 10 days. Parliament's failure to do so on Thursday prompted the walk-out.";_ylt=AhLQDGoEHw.jSp_O1sRgyX75SpZ4

The poker game is over, unless Allawi gets up on the other side of the bed tomorrow morning. As of today, the government has been formed, aside from the choosings, of who's who, on the lower rungs. In the next month, it is being said, the details of the Allawi-led committee, which I think is a Mutlaq-led committee, will be hashed out, meaning that at any time in the next month, the government may again be not.

November 15

The US-proposed settlement freeze that Netanyahu is pretending to support must have some backbone behind it, seeing that nothing's going to change unless there is some spine, which I'm assuming is a UN-included plan to make a Palestinian state happen in three months. I'm also assuming that the plan will be based on the same cold-shoulder tactic Obama is now employing, withholding key support for Israel unless Netanyahu complies.

We fully understand that Netanyahu has been barking up Obama's tree to get military assistance against Iranium, and that Obama, wheeler and dealer that he is who likes to have his cake and eat it too, is withholding any talk on the subject unless he gets the freeze nod from Netanyahu.

To get the cheese that hoodlum Obama is holding out, Netanyahu only needs to bring the three-month freeze to a vote among 15 voters in his security cabinet. If they vote it down, Netanyahu still gets the cheese. If only he gets the vote for the freeze, Obama has agreed, though not on paper, to no longer push for the building freeze, which can only mean that Obama has informed Netanyahu, though not on paper, that, if he doesn't get the first building blocks of a Palestinian state in the next three months, the United States will turn away and leave Israel in the cold-zone...which could be the makings for the Biblical great-tribulation of Israel.

Netanyahu and his fellow anti-freezers must be hashing out a plot of their own to make it look like they're complying seriously with Obama's wishes, and perhaps Netanyahu is even hoping in his heart of hearts to get the freeze passed so as to make it appear that he is VERY O-bedient (he knows that a three-month freeze will do nothing to change the current ground in the "peace talks").

As the vote stands today, according to the Jerusalem Post, it's looking very close, seven to six in favor of the freeze, with only enough time on the clock for a field kick. The situation looks dim for the Jerusalem Anti-Freezers because two of the 15 are abstaining from the vote. Why? Because they want assurance from the Washington Trolls, IN WRITING, that the Trolls will no longer try to advance the settlement football in Anti-Freezer zone after the three months (brilliant strategy).

This can only mean that the two abstainers sitting on the bench are Anti-Freezers, and as such, all they need to do is change their minds, and get into the game, in order to defeat the Trolls. But if the Anti-Freezers can get something in writing first, something that gets coach Obama to enforce no future cold-shoulder tactics, the Anti-Freezers will be able to take the Supper Bowl home, and feast in a thaw.

Therefore, Obama and his fans inside Israel must be working hard right now to convert just one Anti-Freezers to pro-freezer. He has the support of Israel's defense star, Ehud Barak, who is saying this: "Either we reach an understanding with the Americans or the Arabs will before us, and then we will have to deal with it."

In other words, Obama has made it clear that, if Netanyahu continues to be stiff-necked against the O-dministration's wishes, the Hillary Whip Company will start making love to the Arabs inside Israel. Jimmy Carter's got his cologne and leather pants on already, in antici-participation.

The next three months appear critical because Obama knows that the Swooping Repealicans are coming to town. That's probably why Obama has decided to act immediately after the election, while the Repealicans are yet busy in a giddy huddle...forming their many murder plots against Democrat gains.

The Palestinian Stiff Necks are in the wings re-cooping from their latest loss. They've always had a poor roster, for which reason they have yet to win a game in Jerusalem this past half-century. What was left on their bones after their latest roasting was tossed very disrespectfully into the Supper Bowl...that the anti-Freezers are hoping to feast on as soon as the Trolls leave town disappointed. The fans of the Stiff Necks are crowing things like: "If the news is true about there being a settlement freeze that excludes Jerusalem and that takes the criticism off Israel, I cannot imagine that would be acceptable to the Palestinian side or the Arab side" (said Hesham Youssef, an official with the office of the secretary general of the Arab League).

I regret that the game in Iraq has been in over-time for so long, and that the Baghdad False Starts have yet to be salvaged by the Rus Saviors. Right now, in the game between the False Starts and the Mosul Destroyers, there are so many flags on the field that we'll need to wait for the referees to sort it all out. The ball has been fumbled so many times in this game that even the Bushington Hackers are surprised.

The Hackers came to Iraq in a dust storm when the Iraqi Baathdads were in first place. The Hackers installed a new green-zone turf that the False Starts found impossible to catch on, and as a result, they are limited to carrying the ball forward by the quarter back never giving up the ball. The quarterback must be very pushy therefore, in order to advance just one or two yards at a time, but his anxious team mates start running forward before the ball is hiked. That's because the hiker, Madinejad Jihad, secretly wants a new quarterback that can throw long bombs. And that's why this game never gets anywhere:

"The [Iraqi] coalition has emerged after months of backdoor incriminatory negotiations and dealings between various political groups, with more Iranian than American influence at work...

...n theory, the system should deliver Iraq a workable government. But this may not turn out to be the case in practice.

For a start...Al-Sadr and his Mehdi army are backed by Iran...

Al-Sadr has been in a self-imposed semi-exile in Iran for a while, but he is a figure that Washington has viewed as most militant and detrimental to its plans to transform Iraq into a stable democracy....

...Iraq is now in the grip of long-term structural disorder, and at the mercy of its neighbours, which have not reached a regional consensus on the country."

Once again, we read of foreign intrusion into Iraqi's election mud, and a muddy turf is where the Mosul Destroyers work best, especially when the False Starts have trouble running even on a clear day. We know that the Destroyers have a training camp in Syria, and that the Dam-Ask-Us Assassinids are more than willing to get involved in the game, now well into sudden-death overtime. The only hope for the False Starts is their Washington training camp, the Democrat Profits, who want to purchase the Assassinids for the Atlantean Football League, and thereby pull them out of the Arab League.

The Profits, who want to own everything, are eyeing some of the best players of the Mosel Destroyers, meaning that the prospects for the False Starts could start to look better. But the Profits, who don't like to get their assets into hot water, are thinking to dump the best fancy-footers of the False Starts since the quarterback doesn't give the ball to anyone else anyway. The false hopes for the False Starts will then amount to a false profit in the red zone.

To make matters worse, there can be no doubt that the affiliate of the Democrat Profits, the Pentagoon Mad Dogs, will jeer the False Starts as soon as they lose the sudden death overtime. And that is going to get the quarterback, Neuri-always Unlucky, replaced with someone that can actually pass the ball. As can be expected of the Mad Dogs, they will try to run the Baghdad team with or without the consent of the Profits' management, and there's just no telling what sort of wolfen quarterpack the Mad Dogs will get in replacement.

They might even get one that takes the ball well from the hiker, Madinejad Jihad. It can't be good news for the world, though, that "Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, welcomed [yesterday] the recent agreement among Iraqi political groups on the formation of a national coalition government."

And after trading away the dog house, if necessary, to acquire the long-bomb retrievers of the Iraqi Baathdads, the Mad Dogs could take Baghdad by a new storm, this time with a winning team that beats the dung out of all other Iraqi teams. At that time, the president of the Democrat Profits, Bark Hustlin' Obama, might start to smile on this risky strategy of the Mad Dogs, risky because long-bomb retrievers need a quarterpack that can throw high, long and straight, spinning the ball perfectly so that it becomes a missile in the sky. That's where the Pentagoon comes in, for it happens to have the latest smart-football design that stuns the audience with amazing accuracy.

Bark Hustlin' Obama was the reason for the Democrat Profits. He'd gotten the team success by having his quarterpacks practice the art of secret handoffs. Unfortunately, the rushing plays were too hastily planned, and even the running packs lost their footing. By the end of the first half, the stadium's seats had all emptied. The manager, too embarrassed to go to the dressing room, went out for a stroll, where a flock of Repealicans hit him, sending him over some train tracks, and, to make a long story short, he never went back to the club, but ended up the dealer in an Iraqi poker game, where the managers of the best clubs in Iraq were heavily engaging their vices in a dangerous saloon.

The Mad Dogs have sent some of their people to look for him in Iraq, thinking that he might be with the Allawi Paradigms, and sure enough, that's where he was staying, until Allawi folded his hand, whence the Hustlin Obama disappeared off the face of the globe again. His wife says it's just fine by her because he's never been stable.

She confessed that he's got manic depressive tendencies, but that he's dangerous only when in the manic state, when he thinks he's God. Otherwise, between manic periods, he's depressed and smoking hash pipes, thinking he's a holy man of God. He can't decide whether to be God or a holy man of God, but there's no in between as a third choice, she said. Ever since he's become the president of the club, she added, "it's like being married to a blip on my radar screen. I never know what he is, friend or UFO."

It turns out that alias, Wild Joker, the quarterpack the Mad Dogs wanted to have for the Baghdad False Starts, has been leashed by Bark Hustlin Obama, and that's he's trying to slip Wild to the Allawi Paradigms. Unfortunately, this is all I know to tell you; everything else, including the Iraqi future, is much a mystery to me, because the mud thickens: "Ramin Mehmanparast reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran will make every effort to provide political and spiritual support for the new Iraqi government and the Iraqi nation."

On top of these uncertainties, the Moscow Potentials have been working on a trade deal with the Allawi Paradigms. The Potentials' owner, Mr. Potent, says that he'll make a deal with anything that sounds like money; even nickels turn his crank. He doesn't like the Americans with their paws in the Arab Football League, and needs to beat them to a new franchise with the would-be Kirkuk Oil Slicks. And just like oil, the Cards are telling us that, while they're in for the new government, they are also very slippery, and can slide away at any moment:

"...Citing the case of Kurds, the Iraqi military intelligence officer, on condition of anonymity told AHN over the weekend, that it would be not possible for Maliki to 'backtrack from whatever the Kurds may think was promised to them.'

" Mincing no words, the officer said, 'In short, whatever is currently being hailed, nearly universally, in this office's assessment is setting the new government up for serious infighting, inertia and subsequent collapse.'

...There was also talk of Maliki agreeing to nearly 19 demands of Kurds including an autonomous region of Kurdistan with political, economic and military power.

Moreover, leaked Iraqi intelligence assessment documents obtained by the AHN, raised serious questions like where was the 'written agreed-upon coalition document, signed by the parties,' and 'where was the agreement with Kurds in writing.'

Calling it a 'meeting of the minds,' the Iraqi intelligence documents asked, 'what was agreed to - by whom and to be implemented by when?'"

Translation: Nobody knows what's going to happen, but the God of Strange. Woe to the nation under the angry thumb of the God of Strange.

I'll let you know how terribly the sudden-death overtime ends for the False Starts, after the last false start, whenever that may be. Chances are, Wild Joker will decide to play for the Mosul Destroyers, and we will need to see whether the Allawi Paradigms and the Moscow Potentials swear a pact with the Destroyers to end the career of the only quarterback in the league who can't pass the ball.

Mr. Potent says he loves the sound of "quarterback" because it reminds him of money.

With Obama awol, the Democrat Profits are no longer:

"Just before they adjourned in October, Democratic lawmakers talked about returning to a 'lame duck' session after the election with an ambitious to-do list.

The list included spending bills, tax-cut legislation, a Dream Act to carve out a path to citizenship for young illegal immigrants, and a measure that would require corporations and unions to disclose their campaign contributions.

Democrats even suggested the lame duck session could include a repeal of the ban on gays serving openly in the military and an attempt to merge House and Senate energy bills to incorporate provisions that address climate change, such as a renewable energy standard.

But after losing at least 60 seats in the House and six in the Senate, the Democrats' lame duck ambitions appear to have fizzled."

There's a happy ending. Enjoy.

November 16

The "contradiction" presented, wherein I've traced Varangian Rus to both Redones and the Varni Nerthus worshipers, can now be better explained as per the trace of the Roxolani to the Nerthus worshipers, and to Rostock of their domain. Varangians are the co-founders of Moscow, and as such the red of Moscow can trace to their Rhodian side. The white dragon of Arthurian myth was made the symbol of the Saxons, and quite apparently, the Varni and their fellow tribes were the proto-Saxons and Angles.

The red and white dragons, the red and white roses, the red and white stripes of the American flag, and the many other red and white heraldry/flag combinations, are, I think, a testament to the red and white Rus lines, the Rhodians and the Roxolani. The red and white did conflict with one another, but also merged so as to form the red and white heraldry combinations, wherefore the Varangians may have described that merger, and that jibes with my decade-old theory, that Rosicrucians proper are from Varangians.

I think there is a better explanation for the two colors aside from the white=northerners and red=southerners. I view the Roxolani, who were Rus Alans, as the white because I think "Alan" was a white term. For example, the Alans were also "Irons," and iron was discovered by the Alan-like Halybes of the Alan-like Halys river, and then we find that the Halybes sound like "alba" meaning "white." Moreover, iron was invented after gold and copper, wherefore iron would have been regarded as a white metal. In heraldry, silver is also white.

The ROXOLani and/or another Rus-Alan term may have given birth to the Russell surname, which uses WHITE scallops (and red lion). My trace of scallops to Scylla (Messina) can now be linked to the Halybes with more certainty, but in particular to Hyksos-related Halybes. Or, rather, the Halybes can be discovered to have been Ixion-based Hyksos. For I have very recently realized that "LAPith" was a variation of "Halybe," possibly of Halab=ALEPpo (Syria). Halab was close to the Meshech of Mazaca, and they in particular may have become the founders of Messene>Messina.

The point is, Scylla's co-monster, ChaRyBdis (in Halybe-founded Calabria), was traced (by me) solidly to mythical ChaRoPs and his grandson, ORPheus. The latter's cult was myth-wise sent scurrying, by defeat in war, down the Hebros river and into the island of Lesbos for refuge, where the Lapiths were living (yes, for mythical Lapithus was made the father of Lesbos). At the website below, we find that Orpheus was king of Ciconians, who were the Kikons, and they were made the brothers of mythical Hebros because they lived on the Hebros, at RHODope. Already, the red and white Rus lines were merged there.

I had traced "Kikon" to mythical "Ixion" solidly, and Ixion was king of Lapiths, which can only mean that Lapiths and Kikons were merged on Lesbos and elsewhere. Therefore, the fact that the Charops line was merged with Lapiths makes it very likely that Calabria and Charybdis were just those two peoples that were at the root of Russells, Samsons, Meschins, and other surnames using scallops as heraldry symbols.

It dawned on me this morning that Hercules depicted the Alans too, perhaps even Halybes, for his son, Hyllus, smacks of the Alans while his mother, ALCmene, smacks of the Gileki. I don't know whether I had ever realized that the mythical Alki giants, to which I trace ALKmene, were from the Gileki (also "Gel") bloodline...that I trace to "Alan" and "Hellen" and "Galli." I see that Galli founders of Galatia, on the Halys river, as evidence for a "Galic(ia)" trace to "Gileki."

At the page below, where Lapithus is said to be the son of Aeolus2, code for the Aeolian islands off of Scylla and Charybdis, we find that Lapithus was mothered by Cyane2, a pharaoh-Khyan term if ever we saw one! This is new to me and definitely supports my trace of "Ixion" to "Khyan." We read that Cyane was a daughter of a Lapith-like term:

"Cyane 2 was daughter of Liparus [= code for Lipari, an Aeolian island], who was chased from Italy and came to the Aeolian Islands...Liparus' father was Auson, an Italian king. Lapithus 2 is father of Lesbos, who became king of the island of Lesbos and called it after himself. Lesbos married Methymna, daughter of Macar 1, who reigned in Lesbos. Some say that Macar 1 is the son of Helius and Rhode 2, but others have called him son of Crinacus, son of Zeus."

The Rhodian merger there with the Aeolian line of Lapiths is in my mind a Hyksos-Danaan-of-Rhodes merger with their ancestors, the Alans of Tanais. Together, they were living at Rhodope on the Hebros, and that was Aphrodite, who was just equated days ago with "Perseus," a Danaan peoples.

The contradiction wherein I trace Perseus to both Parthian Gorgons and to the proto-Danaans of the Tanais river is actually a key for explaining the make-up of the Greeks, for they were called alternatively Hellenes and Danaans, as well as the Greco. They were Hellenes after the Alans of the Tanais river, who were Sarmations, who were a mix of Amazons (from Mazaca) and GARGarians, hence "Greco."

I think what happened was that the same peoples, the Gels/Gileki, became r-version "Gorgs." Thus, Hercania=Verkhana (modern Gorgan) and the Gileki were one, and they were alternatively the l-version Colchians and r-version Georgians/Gargarians. They were also the l-version Cilicians and the r-version Argos from Tarsus of Cilicia. In this picture, "Hercules" (a Danaan peoples) should trace to Gorgons from "Hercania," and his son, Hyllus, to l-version Gorgons on the Halys...the Kabeiri cult of Aphrodite.

I don't know when the Samson myth was written, whether before or after the invention of "Hercules." Some myth writer(s) could have noted that Hercules and a Samson-like peoples in Palestine were related. Or, if the Samson myth came before Hercules, some myth writer(s) noted that a Hercule-like peoples in the Greek theater were from the Samson "Daniy." I don't think it's coincidental that the city of Samsun is off the mouth of the Halys.

I have every sense that the Galli priests of the Kabeiri cult of Aphrodite were just that Samson>Hercules>Hyllus line of transvestites, and that the (long-haired) Samson cult can now be identified solidly with the Perseus Danaans in and around Joppa. Moreover, as the city of Samsun was also "Amisos," it appears that the Samson cult was Amazonian, but the fact that both the Samson and Meschin surnames use the same WHITE scallops suggests that the Samson Amazons were related to Mazaca in particular. In fact, without any thought of these things, I had traced Hamo(n) de Masci of Cheshire to "Amisos" by first linking "Hamon" to "Amos." It is a simple matter to trace the Amazons/Meshech of Mazaca to the Amazhigen and Gorgos of north-Africa, where I traced the Mascis/Masseys independently of these things.

I have no problem identifying "Hebe," wife of Hercules, as the same Apiru/Abiru-branch Hebrews that named "Aphrodite" (or vice-versa), and then identifying Hebe further as the Apiru that were the proto-Argos/proto-Danaan Hyksos out of Egypt...that founded Adana and Kizzuwatna at Tarsus (not far from Halab/Aleppo and Mazaca). The Halys river today is the Kizil, smacking of Kizzu(watna), suggesting that Hyksos of Cilicia were on the Halys, jibing with a Halab trace to the Halybes on the Halys, who were of mythical Lapithus, the Ixion/Khyan-based Hyksos, even the Kikon line to CYCNus: the Ligurian swan.

As Cyane was daughter of Liparus, and he the son of Auson, we'd like to know who the latter represented so that we can better trace pharaoh Kyhan back to his Egyptian roots. I'd say Auson was Aeson, father of Jason, who, as an Argonaut entity, married the Amazons of Lemnos. "In Greek mythology, Aeson or Aison was the son of Tyro and Cretheus, who also had his brothers Pheres and Amythaon. Aeson was the father of Jason and Promachus..."

I'd say that "Pheres" was code for mythical Aphareus, whom I identify as Avaris, Hyksos capital, and that Tyro and Cretheus was the Tyrian line of Hyksos to the Curetes of Crete. The problem here is that the Aeson link back to Tyrians appears to bi-pass the Hyksos of Cilicia, and yet it's known that Argos was founded by Tarsus, and in fact may have been a variation of "Tarsus." And of course the Cilician>Argos line is made apparent in the Argo name of Jason's ship. Moreover, it's known from the Bible that Tyre/Tyrus was the "daughter of Tarshish [= Tarsus]."

Therefore, Auson looks like the Kabeiri on Lemnos, as they evolved into the Vulcan cult. I do link "Aes/Ais(on) with the Aex/Aik terms given anciently to HephAEStos/HephAIStus, and then I link "Jason/Iason" to Iasius/Iasion, mythical founder of the Kabeiri on SAMOthrace. Auson depicted the historical peoples, the Ausones. "The core of the Ausonian people lived in a territory called Ausonia (sometimes used for extension to denote the whole Italy): in the 8th century BC it included what is now southern Lazio and Campania until the Sele river. According to different classical sources the Ausones were also settled in Calabria."

Mythical Auson was made "son of Ulysses and Circe (or Calypso)". "Calypso" looks Calabria/Halybe-like, but the 'p' suggests the Lapith-branch Halybes in particular. I think what we have in Circe-versus-Calypso is yet another r-versus-l Gorgon=Gileki peoples.

My previous trace of the Aes terms to the As/Asii/Assi peoples now gives another reason to trace Aeson directly to Hyksos, for I maintain that "Hyksos" was a version of "Hayasa-Azzi" (of the Amazon/Gargarian theater). Also, as Teucer was co-founder of the Trojans along with the brother (= Dardanus) of Iasius/Iasion, it gives reason to trace "Teucer" to the Tocharian/Togarmite kin of the Asii/Assi.

The Ausones article: "The first Greek settlers found Italy inhabited by three major populations: Ausones, Enotri and Iapyges." The IaPYGes were already traced to Pygmalion-related Tyrians. The Enotri or Oenotrians should trace to mythical Oeneus, father of Methoni, the city of Methoni/Modon in Messene (Greece). That is very amazing, not because it's known that Messene founded Messina in southern Italy, but because I identified Methoni with the Mitanni years ago, and now very recently, without any thought of that, I figured that Pygmalion's father, Mattan/Mittan, was named in honor of the Mitanni out of Egypt.

"Oeneus," because it's said to mean "wine man," is trace-able to Dionysus, the chief Kabeiri-cult transvestite symbol, but also a peoples on Lemnos. Methoni smacks of mythical Methymna, wife of Lesbos, son of Lapithus. Again, the Mitanni appear linked to Khyan Hyksos.

There is a question in my mind now whether "Iapyges" can be linked to "Lapith," and so I note that the city of Lapithos on Cyprus could have been related to mythical Pygmalion (same bloodline as the historical Pygmalion), who loved Aphrodite of Cyprus.

The Ausones give us very good reason to trace Tyre-based Hyksos to Latins, Romans, and Etruscans: the Biblical dragon. I know that some readers resist my trace of Hyksos to Romans/Latins because the evidence may not have been spectacular for such a heavy/important trace as that, but I think much of the above, being compelling, clinches the trace.

I say it again: the Hyksos that were booted out of Egypt, as a result of being drastically weakened by the Ten Plagues, became the Biblical dragon of Rome, even the Europeans>Americans and other Atlanteans, and in the very end time will do battle with Christ and with Israel.

Today was the first time that I theorized the Russell derivation in a Roxolani term. In the past I traced the Roxolani to the Roques=Rockefellers, first found in Languedoc, but that's the location of Roussillon too. The Rosellan version of that place is not only Alan-telling, not only very much like "Ros-Allan" that "Roxolani" means, but I had thought to link it to Roslin of Scotland, home of the Clares>Sinclairs and there fellow Masons/Rosicrucians. Tim had discovered that Roquefeuils of Languedoc had married the Rhode surname of Languedoc, and as the Rhodes surname was first in Lincolnshire, note that the Roslin surname (buckles) was first in Lincolnshire.

It was when I read (months ago) the Roslin surname write-up that I found Rockefeller links to the Rigby and Rookby/Rockby surnames: "Hence, conjecturally, the [Roslin] surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Rigsby, Rocelin, a Norman noble who held from the Archbishop of York who was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086." AND, the Rigsby Crest, like the Russell Crest, uses a goat.

AND, Rigsbys were first also found in Lincolnshire, making us wonder whether "Lin Colony" (= Lincolnshire) or its alternative, "Lindsey," and its root on Lindos, Rhodes, was named after Alans.

Even before starting out on this topic three paragraphs ago, I had checked the Rachel surname, as that popped into my mind when considering a search on Roxolani-like clans. Neither the "Jewish" Rachel nor the Scottish Rach pages show Coats, though they have write-ups. These surnames smack of "Rocelin" above.

We know that Rhodes and Redone elements were colored red, but the Rach write-up traces to white: "The Scottish Rach surname comes from the Gaelic 'riabhach,' meaning 'brindled,' or 'grayish;' as such, it was thought to have been a nickname for someone with streaks of gray or white hair." I take this derivation and its definition with a grain of salt, but do think that white was important to this Rus bloodline, wherefore it wouldn't surprise me should the surname be actually rooted in a "Rox(olani)" element.

The Rachel write tells that the name was "Reichel" in Germany, and there is a Germano-Swiss Reichel/Rike Coat shown. It uses nothing but a red and a white rose! As this Coat was loading, before seeing the Rike variation, the location of Rice in the Thermodon/Hayasa-Azzi theater came to mind. In fact, I traced the Rice Coat (uses rook-species ravens!) to the Rooksby Coat and Rook Coat many months ago, before I knew that the heraldic ravens were officially called, "rooks."

I didn't read the Rook motto, or at least I don't remember reading it, in the beginning: "Rooks will flourish while the sun shines." The puzzle is that ravens/crows in Greek myth depicted a dark-skinned/haired tribe of a white-depicted peoples.

Rice in the Thermodon theater is beside Ardahan, wherefore I am confident that the Rice surname traces there because the motto is, "Secret et hardi." Ardahan was where I traced the Deylamites (= a Gileki branch) depicted as Ixion's wife, mythical Dia. AND, the Arthurian cult was painted as a red dragon.

The Rice/Rhys surnames smack to me of mythical Rhae (in reddish Crete)...whom I trace to Rhagae of the Gileki theater, but then there was also Resht in the Gileki region. I am fairly convinced that Roxolani roots in that same theater was the Biblical Rosh, an Aryan (i.e. white-depicted) entity before it arrived to the Rhodes>Crete kingdom. The Reis Coat page shows Ray and Rey variations, the alternative names of Rhagae.

Wow. The Reis Coat uses fleur-de-lys in a so-called "escarbuncle, and while waiting for the Buncle page to load, I was doing two thinks: 1) thinking that the escarbuncle colors are those of the Arthur surname because I could read that the Buncles were first in Berwickshire, where Arthurs were first found, and, 2) I was thinking, before the Coat image showed (write-ups usually show first when one is, like me, on dial-up Internet service), of the buckle symbol and surname, when the buckles of the Buncle Coat appeared.

And MORE WOW!!! Previously, I had traced the buckle symbol to the Buckleys of Masci (Cheshire), but I didn't load the Buckley Coat again (see 7th update in October for more on Buckleys) until after writing all the above, which was after I saw the "temere" motto term of the Buncles. When the Buckley Coat loaded, there was the motto, "Nec temere nec timide"! Okay, so no surprise, really, that Buckleys were Buncles and all in turn were Meres/Demeres and other Rus pirates. And didn't we just see buckles in the Roslin Coat?

Compare the Buncle buckles to the colors of the buckles in the Stubb Coat, and read that Stubbs were Bellamys. Stubbs and Buncle buckles are in the colors of the Gracie Coat, being suggested due to the Reis motto. The Irish and English Grace surname was first in BUCKingham. The Buchingham surname was first in OXfordshire, exactly where I would trace the bull cult of Bacchus.

As per the obvious Reis link to Buncles and Buckleys, note that the Buckley Shield is colors reversed to the Welsh Rice Shield, thus linking the Buckley Rus to the Rockefeller kind. I would guess that Buckleys trace to the Dionysus bull cult of Bacchus. We're back to the Bach surnames and their trace to the Bauer wings and their Bogen-et-al relatives in the Bavarian Illuminati. Disgusting cult; human animals by night, greedy businessmen by day.

Cut off any thought of the Rachel surname tracing to Rachel, wife of Isaac, son of Abraham. And don't think that the "sara" motto term in the Russell Coat traces to Sarai, wife of Abraham. Instead, trace to Sarmations>Saracens and their Alan tribes. If you're thinking that Sarai was named after Sarmatian elements, or that Rachel was named after Roxolani elements, I've beat you to it. I don't have a comment, though, at this time, as the ideas are sitting in my throat like a choke.

The Rices (Welsh) were first in CarMARTHEN, where red-dragon Merlin/Myrddin was its code. And in neighboring Shropshire, we find Myrddin's symbol, the martin, used in the Rossal Coat. The Coat is obviously the Bellamy Shield, as both Bellamys and Rossals were first found in Shropshire. The Rossal write-up mentions a location of that name in red-rose Lancashire.

Safe to say, the Rich(ard) surname traces to the Rooks (and Rigs), as both use the same colored chevron, and both were first in Yorkshire, home of the white rose. The Richard lion should be the Bruce-of-York lion.

The Scandinavian god, Rig, is a symbol of different ethnic Rus, and in one myth he depicted the sons of black and red haired peoples, though he was most keen on his blonds:

...That night Ríg slept between the pair in their bed and then departed. Nine months later Edda gave birth to a son who was svartan (dark color of the hair)...

Travelling further, Ríg came across a nice house...Nine months later, a son, Karl (churl, freeman) was born whose face and hair was red....

Travelling further, Ríg came to a mansion...Móđir gave birth to a beautiful baby named Jarl (earl, noble) whose hair was blond...

Through warfare [what else do Rus pirates do?], Jarl became lord of eighteen homesteads with much wealth besides. Jarl also gained the hand of Erna...[who] bore eleven sons to Ríg-Jarl but no daughters...

The youngest son, named Kon [off the idea of konig=king, just as "Rig" is play on "rex"], was the best of them....

One day, when Kon ung was riding through the forest hunting and snaring birds, a crow spoke to him and suggested Kon would win more if he stopped hunting mere birds and rode to battle against foemen, that he should seek the halls of Dan and Danp who were wealthier than he. At that point the poem breaks off.

...A marriage by Kon ung into the family of Dan and Danp seems to be where the tale was headed..."

We get it. A crow=raven=rook sent the Rig-branch Rus to war against a Dane peoples (not necessarily all of them), but ultimately Danes were also from Rig ancestry, and together they merged to form Jotans, Angles, and Saxons. In Britain, they warred again as white-versus-red dragon. In the end, they'll destroy one another permanently, because they have their stolen money on the brain, money accumulated throughout the centuries, passed down to ruler-upon-ruler.

The Modir term in the quote above, the one depicting the red skins, may have been code for the Mod terms earlier in this update, and/or the Mitanni.

The Great Slide Ruler in the Sky is measuring their wealth for apportioning it equally to the twelve inch worms of Israel. Each inch is meek, lowly, unheard of. The Israelites are the best-kept secret because the Hebrew-Rus dragon has neglected it, shunned it, covered it up with dirt. The Rose stinks to high Heaven, and what's kept concealed under the Rose upon the Rosicrucian cross is not Christ, but the blood of murder. Blessed are the Israelites, forever. But I'm not taking about those who rule Israel right now.

The God of Strange has a plan for the leaders of modern Israel, and it's founders. If only it were just as bad as what happened to Khyan in the sea of Reeds. The Measuring Stick in the Sky is many reeds long, each reed a tormenting blow to the heads of state. Atlantis shall sink, and the pirates shall weep as it sinks with its age-old treasures. They won't lament the deaths of their own citizens at that time, but (as per Revelation 18) will lament the ruin of their financial empires. Like I said, scum pirates. If the deaths of a million people could bring them $1000 each, they'd probably go for it.

Israeli leaders have given the 0 a tougher time than he bargained for. If the 0 now agrees to the demand below, the Arabs will gang up on him:

"The security cabinet will not vote on a US proposal for a three-month settlement freeze until the Obama administration's promises are officially delivered to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in writing, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor said in an interview with Army Radio [today].

...Meridor stated that there were four major promises that he expected the US to fulfill in exchange for the freeze extension. Firstly, that the three month freeze would not be followed by any additional US requests for further moratoriums in the future. Secondly, that the US would use its position as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to block Palestinian attempts to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state in the international body. Third, a military package provided to Israel by the US that would allow Israel to maintain a military advantage over its neighbors. And lastly, an assurance that the issue of borders would not be discussed independently of other core issues such as security and the right of return."

I can't see how Obama could agree to all that. It's therefore brilliant because it reveals the jack-ass behind the wolf's clothing. Only an ass would strive for a Palestinian state at Jerusalem. Only a utter fool. There is no hope for such a one as this.

BUT, the asses are very big, and Israel is very tiny, no matter that it has Illuminati strings of its own. Ultimately, the Illuminati asses will prevail in a scenario like this wherein Israel goes to lengths to humiliate them. But the God of Loads is not only preparing a troublesome time for Israel, but one much harder for the biggest asses of the world. Israel will survive, at least. If Israel is to cry out from the dust, how low will the hee-haws become? In this Story, he who laughs last will never laugh again, just as Jesus said.

The more Obama loses points politically, as he did again in his Asia tour, the more he'll be determined to win one against Israel. We shall soon see whether he signs on the dotted line, or whether he brings out the boxing gloves.

Mr. Potent is making news on Israel's border:

"Russia will provide the Lebanese army with free helicopters, tanks and munitions in a deal that will boost the country's poorly equipped military, officials said [today].

The announcement came at a time when military assistance to Lebanon is under scrutiny after US lawmakers demanded assurances that American aid will not fall into the hands of Hizbullah.

...The news about the Russian aid came just days after two key members of the US Congress released their holds on $100 million in US military aid to the Lebanese army."

Is this a case of Putin trying to out-do Obama, or of both working in concert to stack Israel's northern border? Where's that Israeli peace conference that Russia promised to host in 2010?

The senseless murders of "Christians" in Iraq continues, event after event. It looks like a trend, and the only good news can be the flight of believers from Iraq. There are urgings toward that solution.

I'm hoping that you are finding comfort in these days where poverty of spirit could take hold of you at times. But there's the silver lining: it's only a re-occurring depression and not constant or chronic. Blessed are those who mourn and take refuge in the steadfast God who makes the inner life fretless, even if for now we are bored and dissatisfied with the conditions of life on the outside. When pirates run the planet, we don't expect good things to crop up at any time. We might be tempted to enjoy the wrong things.

In returning to God, and holding Him in our hearts, we will find the wiggling way through the Gate. Though we barely get in by the skin of our pants, yet the gate shall be behind us forever more, and our wiggling forward shall come to a Rest. A rest is always followed by a sweet sound.

I wonder what Jesus sings like. Does the Father sing too? What kind of instruments do they have There?

November 17

Allawi went to London without telling his fellows:

"...When asked if the government could last long, [Allawi] said: 'No'.

He said he would not join a new cabinet. 'I am not going to be part, in any case, of the council of ministers. It is not currently suggested or offered or the Iraqiya list want me to be a member'.

Allawi said he had not decided whether to accept a new senior new role offered to him, presumably the head of a yet-to-be-created policy council.

...Allawi said he was in London for his daughter's wedding. Some Iraqiya lawmakers said they were surprised he had left Iraq at this time and that he had not told them he was going.

...Iraq needs a stable government to rebuild infrastructure and exploit its vast oil wealth...


Aha! Allawi is talking the oil, and meanwhile he's on the board of an oil company with tentacles from Iraq and reaching Putin, which is at least part-owned, I think, by Rothschilds. See the 6th update in October, where it was quoted:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has discussed energy cooperation in the Middle East with Chairman of the Board of Directors at oil company Crescent Petroleum Hamid Jafar, the Russian government's press service said on Saturday.

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who is a member of the board of directors, was also present at the meeting."

There's much said on the topic in the October update, including the fact that Crescent is eyeing Kirkuk oil. The October discussion checked surnames in the Crescent and Crescent-related companies, finding some surprising "coincidences" linking to Trabys, the Maels/Meles with Putin-like Coat, and the Viscontis of the Milan region...which, it occurs to me only now, could certainly explain why Putin is a super friend of the Italian leader, Silvio Berlusconi, who has the Visconti serpent shaped crop-circle like into his lawn so as to be visible from the air.

Berlusconi and Putin are engaged in a scheme to bring gas to Europe from the Middle East! "In November 2007 Italy's state-owned energy company Eni signed an agreement with Russian state-owned Gazprom to build the controversial South Stream pipeline"

I was just re-reading bits from the October update, where I did not think of the Berlusconi link to the Viscontis, and got down to the following without making the "BerLUSConi" link to "Lesce":

The other company that is with Crescent is OMV from Austria, where German Bauer's were from initially. I say this because I suspect that MOL is a Rothschild company...The Sua/Sava/Save (tributary of the Danube) runs through Croatia, and the Crescent company [part-owned by Dana Gas] had deals made with Croatia. The source of the river is in old Veneti regions.

LOOK. "The Sava is created by two headwaters, Sava Dolinka (left) and Sava Bohinjka (right) which join between the Slovenian towns of Lesce and Radovljica."That smacks of the Radziwill surname at the root of the Traby family of Poland, who I trace to Tudor TREVor. It was the Mosten Coat, found when entering "Moson," that uses the Trevor Coat!!

sixth update October

I was only starting, at that time, on Sava-river emphasis, and would soon trace the Lesce location to Leslies...who use buckles! See the Buncle-buckle discussion yesterday as it linked to Rus clans of the Massey kind.

There are no Luscon or Berlusconi Coats that come up at, but there is a Lusk/Lush surname said to be named after Loches of Normandy (both Loch Coats (= Ligurians) use swans, and I trace the swan line to the Sava region). The Loches location evokes the Loges surname that was found (see earlier in this update) to be related to the MedLEY/ModLEY line of Ligurians that I link to Massis/Mattis' of Piedmont (= interior Liguria)...and to the anti-Christ cult, AND it just so happens that entering "Loche(s)" (with an 'e') brings up a French clan first in Burgundy, where the Loges surname was first found.

I can't help thinking of "MEDvedev," and the bear or mede=honey meaning of this surname. BERlusconi could also be a bear tern.

Entering "Lucon" brings up the Lutons of Bedfordshire, whom I identified as Meschin-related Ligurians...because the Luton/Lintone location of Bedfordshire was on the Lea/Ley/Luye river that was anciently "Lig(e)an" and "Lygan"..."dedicated to the god Lugus'."

The Arms of Luton show a bee hive, garbs (Cheshire symbol), and the sort of white-on red cross seen in the Liguria and Milan theaters.

I never did mention Milan (not far from Liguria) in the October update, but the MOL company was in nearby Mantua. I had said: "MOL purchased Mantova refineries in northern Italy, and Mantova/Mantua is not far from Massino...that I trace to the Massin/Mason surname. That could somehow explain the Mosonyi surname of MOL's CCEO." Remember, the Milan surname was first found in Messina.

The Mael/Mele surname was brought up in that update for two reasons: similarity with "MOL", and the Maelor regions that the Trevor surname had ruled. But now, looking at the Visconti write-up, we find that they were first found in Milan, which is also "Mailand" ( and "MEDiolanum"). Therefore, I checked the Mail surname to find the Mael/Mele Coat (surname first in Cheshire) come up, which is much like the Putin/Padyn Coat (with inflamed crescents).

Some months ago, I ventured to find two or three surnames in Sussex that I thought linked to Russian surnames of political importance today, and therefore developed the theory that Rothschilds had stacked Communist Russia from Sussex-related surnames. The Medley surname was first found in Sussex, though I can't recall whether Medleys had anything to do with my trace of Russians to Sussex.

As the Maybe surname was mentioned in the Medley topic as a Medley branch, let me re-mention that the Maybe Crest is a wyvern "pellettee," for as I just traced that heraldry code to the Pellet surname, I see that holy-grailer Pelletes were first in Sussex!

The Medley Crest is a tiger too, and YS wrote in immediately after I mentioned the white tiger of the Medley-related Maybe surname; see earlier this update where I say that the Tiger surname shows no Coat but does show a write-up. YS said that Putin owns a tiger.

I checked and learned that it was a birthday gift. "Putin refuses to say who gave him the cub for his 56th birthday...The Ussuri tiger is also known as the Siberian, Amur or Manchurian tiger. Fewer than 400 are believed to survive in the wild."

When I entered "Tige" and "Teague" (in search of Tiger-surname relations), it was found that the motto uses "metuam," smacking of the "Ad metam" motto used by Scottish Bowers. Some of the Tige variations, such as Caig and Keague smack of "kagan," which is conspicuous because many trace Bauers>Rothschilds to Khazar kagans. The Tiges/Teagues are in the colors of the Tokes/Touques.

We also read at the article above: "He hasn't decided what to call her, but is leaning toward MASHENka or MILashka" (caps mine). Hmm, Massey- and MOL-like. That is, he may have been thinking to name it, somehow, after the one who made the gift, perhaps in the Visconti-of-Milan and/or Massino theater. Entering "Mashen" doesn't bring up a Coat, but "Massen" brings up the Massin/Mason surname, first found in Kent...where the Tokes/Touques/Tolkiens were first found! The Mash/Marsh surname (in Massin/Mason colors) was also first found in Kent.

Tokes use "MILitia" and "MULtiplex" motto terms, perhaps as code for Miltons, for they use a Shield just like the Maybe Shield (with white tiger). The Miltons (who I recall tracing to Leslies) are said to be Camvilles, smacking of the Camerons that use the bunched arrows of the Arms of Rothschild. I wrote all that while waiting for the Camville Coat to load, and there was a leopard in the Crest that looked at first like a tiger. The Camville white lions are the Modley white lions (and Medleys use a tiger too) .

AMAZING. After writing all that, I went back into all my files searching for other heraldic tigers, when I came to this: "Ahh, there is an English PuttenCoat [it's not the Putin Coat] with black stars on white, same as the Medley Coat, and THEN, when trying Putt, we get the Pott Coat with the same lion/tiger, essentially, sitting on it's rear, as the Medley Crest! DING DING. WE HAVE SOMETHING."

The Puttens/Pottens were first in Sussex, as were the Medleys, and of course I entertained back then that Medleys were linked to Russian president, Medvedev. The point here is that the Putt Crest, though it's said to be a "leopard sejant" (as with the Camville Crest), is exactly the design as the Medley Crest, which is said to be a "green tiger sejant, tufted and maned gold"!!! The Medley Coat is in Tige/Teague and Toke colors.

Therefore, the Camville>Milton surname DOES likely link to the "militia" and "multiplex" motto terms of the Tokes/Touques, and the latter MUST be, therefore, branches of the Tiges/Teagues and/or Tiger surname(s). Tigers were first in Suffolk, smack beside Kent. To the other side of Suffolk is Hampshire, where the Potters (Toke and Tige colors) were first found.

I had traced Tokes to Tokers/Tuckers, first in Devon, who use a saw-like bar like the Dutch Puttens/Putens. The Tiges/Teagues also use a saw-like design. We will see clans first in Somerset below, who should have been closely related to the Devon Tokers.

I had argued that Maybes/Mabeys were Medleys-et-al because MoberLEYS (first in Cheshire and held by Bigot of Loges) have Mod-using variations, but it strikes me now that "MoBERLY/MoBERLEGH" is like "Berlusc(oni)." That thought caused a check of "Berlesk" and "BerLUSK" (without luck) to see if there are any signs of Moberley links to the Lusk Coat. BUT, the Berley/Berlegh Coat was found to use boar heads, the Lusk-Coat symbol.

Berleys were first in Somerset, where the Medes (pelicans, a Rus symbol) were first found. The Bourley variation of the Berleys smacks of the Bauers...who, as Rothschilds stacked Communist Russia begging with president Lenin. The Lenin surname in Britain is also "Lennon, and a variation of the Scottish Logans is "Lennan." Irish Logans are also "Lohans," and that connects to Lohengrin the swan knight, and to the swan-using Lochs and Logens/Lochs/Lokens. THEN, the Berleys are white-on-green, colors-revered to the Loch/Lokes of Burgundy.

ALSO, the Berley/Bourley Coat uses a green Shield, as does the Scottish Bower Coat AND German Bauer/Bower Coat! The latter are also Burrs, reflecting the Burrley variation of the Berleys.

I think we have something here, therefore, even a Moberley/Modberley-of-Cheshire link to the Rothschild bloodline, which is yet more evidence of a Rothschild root in Meschin and Massey Rus. And it appears that all of the above had Visconti roots.

As we're apparently tracing mythical Lug lines to lion lines, I should add that the Lyon Coat is green-on-white, the colors of the Lochs/Lokes of Burgundy. The city of Lugdunum, later "Lyon," is located where the swan/Sion-like Saone river flows into the Burgundy! "Burgundian refugees from the destruction of Worms by Huns in 437 were resettled by the military commander of the west, Aetius, at Lugdunum, which was formally the capital of the new Burgundian kingdom by 461." Aetius smacks of my Aedon of Thebes trace to Autun's Aedui Lugdunum.

After writing that, the I tried other Luskoni-like surnames, and so entered "Lucer" to find the clan first in Somerset (as with Berleys and Medes), and that Lucers held the estates of MAIDenbrook! The Maids/Mauds were first in Cheshire too, and I traced them earlier in this update to Viscontis!! I see the Maid/Maud Coat as a Wassa variation because Moberleys/Modberleys use the Washington Shield. NOTE that the Maid/Maud Crest is the same lion head as in the Lucer Coat!!! The same lion head is the Lyon Crest!!!!

Entering "Maiden" brings up the Madden Coat with mallard duck, and meanwhile the Irish Logans show a Duck-surname variation. This suggests that Lucers/Lucars were Logans. After the Lucers, "Luke" was tried to find the Lucks...using mascles as do the Lucers!

Entering "Lugan" brings up the Lukes/Luchs, and as Italian Lukes are Lucianos, see the eagle in the Massi-Mattis Chief, almost the eagle in the Luciano Chief. The French Luciano/Lucien Coat uses the same eagle, apparently, in a different position.

The Luce/Lucy Coat uses three fish in Luciano colors, but the fish are not the same, said to be "fish haurient," perhaps code for Haur-like Hager variation. YES, for Hawers/Havers (rooks) were first in Norfolk, where the Lucys were first found.

Earlier in this page I wrote: "The theme music of the Mod Squad was by a Hagen surname. The blue-on-white fish in the Irish Hagen Coat has three fins in the same position as the white-on-blue fish in the Arms of the House of Saraka." Now I can add that the Italian Luciano Coat uses the same fish. Though not like the Keon fish, the Luciano fish are used by the Kanes/Kaynes (in the colors of the Berleys), and the alternative-Kane Coat uses the Luciano fish in Luciano-fish colors! That's a family match, suggesting links to the Khyan Hyksos that I trace from Ixion-based KIKONs to the Ligurian CYCNus=swan.

As we're likely dealing with Mascis=Masseys=Massis/Mattis because I identify mascles (hollow diamonds) with them, the boot in the Hagen Coat is probably linked to the boots in the French Massey/Masse Coat. These Masseys were first found in Savoy...i.e. interior Liguria, where we expect the LUCiano-et-al surnames to trace.

Lucans, who are expected by some to furnish the anti-Christ's 666, were first found in Salop/Shropshire, where Meschins were first found. Variations of the Lucans include "Lewkin," measuring up to the Lewker variation of the mascle-using Lucers.

Just as I thought, the Lugan Crest used the pelican, and as the pelican is used by the Arthurs, note that both they and Lugans were first found in Berwickshire. The ermines of the Lugan Shield are expected in the Arthurian bloodline to Brittany.

I then tried for a Ligan surname as per "Lyon," and found one using a garb in Crest. The surname is said to be Flemish, and the write-up suggests a trace to Lingones, who I identify with mythical Lynceus: "The Ligan family originally lived in the parish of Lingen in the county of Herefordshire." On the last update page I had said:

Lynceus likewise traces to Ligurians, for he was made son of mythical Aphareus (= Avaris elements in Greece), who was brother to Leucippus, and there happened to be a Leuci peoples of Gaul to the immediate north of Lingones/Lugii, the latter apparently from the Lynceus cult (see also sixth update of July). By another myth writer(s), Lynceus was the son of Aegyptus, brother to Danaus. Aphareus and Leucippus were made sons of Gorgophone [= Perseus line that I traced yesterday to Perdix]."

Ligans were first found in Herefordshire, and use German Haer/Here/Heran colors. I may not have stressed it in the past, but Haers/Heres could have been g-less Hagars. The Hearns (another green Shield) have a Haveran variation smacking of the Hawers/Havers that were just linked to the Lucy surname's "haurient" motto term, suggesting that Hearns should also link to that term. Hearns use herons as play on words, and yet another pelican in the Crest that links to the Arthur pelican, for the Hearns use a "ardua" motto code.

I was going to add above but decided not to, that the haurient-like Haers/Heres and Ligans are in the colors of the Milns, for it seemed to me that Ligans could connect with Milan seeing that the English Heres use a tree stump, the Milan-surname symbol. I decided to add this now that the ardua code above has been mentioned, because Milns (moline cross) use "arte."

The Ligan link to Haers could be support for a "Bellam(y)"="Flem(ing) equation because Ligans were Flemings while German Haers (also "Haars") use a Shield like the Bellamy Shield.

The Miln Crest is "Pallas's head vested green, in a blue helmet with a plume of red feathers." "Pallas" may connect with the Arthur motto term, "impelle," which may be clue to the meaning of the pelican in a Pelle>Pallas clan. The Plumes (in Haer colors) were first in Brittany and Bavaria.

As the Arthur symbols, organ rests on hurts, should link "Art(hur)" to "Hurt," so there is a Hurt surname from the Saxons (mythical king Arthur was at first proto-Saxon). But this suggests the Harts/Arts, who I think were Haars>Haers>Heres from the stump-infested Haar region of Germany. The Heran variation of the Haers/Haars not only smacks of the Hearns, but of Haran, the ancient Mitanni region to which I trace Hagarites/Nahorites.

Entering "Haran" brings up a Niall-related clan in Ireland, which jibes with the "Nil" motto code of the Herons. As you may know, I already traced the Nialls/Neils to Nahorites/Nachorites of the Norton/Naughton kind. The Harans are also Horans and could trace to Horites>Horus.

The first thing that was planned for today's update had to do with the "labori" motto term of the buckled Stubb Coat. I was going to re-tell that it could link to the Lieber(man) surname, and that the German Lieber write-up traces the surname to "'flatterer' or 'smooth talker,' exactly how Daniel 11:21 describes the end-time anti-Christ (see the Hebrew text for the Hebrew word, "intrigues," derived from "smooth") he wiggles politically into the end-time Seleucid kingdom, which I assume is the Baathist sector of (northern) Iraq.

The Lieber surname was first found in SILESIA!!! The last time that I had mentioned the Lieber surname and it's smooth-talker definition, I did not know (or don't recall it, anyway) that Silesia was a Seleucid domain!!! The Lieber Coat uses an oak branch, and the Shield could be linked to the Acton Coat and/or the Arms of Babenberg (Austria).

The point that should now be added is that Putin's foreign minister has a Lavrov surname, wherefore he might just become the anti-Christ.

The Laver surname could apply as it sounds like the Louvains with Louverne variation who use the Massin/Mason lion, and were likewise first found in Kent. The Louvains/Leuvens had been traced by me to the Silesia theater's L(a)uban-like locations. The Louvain write-up traces to a marriage with Percys, who were first in Yorkshire, where the Labors were first found. The Labor Crest is an all-seeing eye, thought to be a symbol of the Rothschilds.

I'm suggesting a Percy trace back to the Perdix cult of Crete, while the Daedalus' LABYRinth is in code with the labori motto term and the Labors, and the Liebers. We may recall the red and white stripes of the "Bury-France" Coat (and similar Berry Coat) that was linked to Perdix, and, not forgetting the Burr>Berley topic today as it applies to Bauers, see red and white bars in the Loves/Luffs, who first in Suffolk (beside Kent) where the Louvains had some associations, according to their write-up. Lavers were also Lauffers.

The Laverock Coat (surname in the Yorkshire theater) is also red and white, and is even the same as the Lieber Shield.

See Lauban in Silesia for Louvain possibilities. The German Laub/Lauben surname could apply, perhaps even the oak tree of the Lubes, or the Lobes/Lowers from Bohemia.


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