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December 6 - 9, 2010

I Teague I Saw a Perdix Cat in Espanola
A Hard look at Herod-like Surnames

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December 6

Sometimes I contradict myself because I'm throwing out and recording ideas that might prove helpful later on. I'm not so dogmatic on my traces as to remain closed to other possibilities. But on the Teague/Tiger surname, and it's tiger symbol in representation of Teucer Trojans, I feel confident, and I feel it is a great key for unlocking doors that up until now haven't been opened.

The Teague link to the "Seager" saw bloodline, so to speak, seems solid too. It got me to thinking that the saw symbol of Perdix was from Teucer elements. That is, some S-version branch of "Teucer" became the sega=saw symbol of Perdix because Teucer was associated with a Perdix-like peoples/geography.

I had suggested that the island of Piraeus at Grecian Salamis was a Perdix entity. "Another" Teucer was made a descendant of Telemon, ruler/founder of that Salamis, and so we see that this entity was the Deylamite people represented by DaeDALUS, and as Perdix was made close kin of, or even the same as, Talos, I think we are definitely talking the Salamis theater, especially as Daedalus started out in Athens, where Salamis is located.

So what was the S-version Teucer that became the sega=saw symbol? I'm not sure, but Sugaar popped into my head as I was contemplating this while still in bed (I wake up wondering or planning what to write on). Sugaar was the Basque dragon, husband of a Mari goddess: "Sugoi, another name of the same deity, has two possible interpretations, either a suge + o[h]i (former, old serpent) or su + goi (high fire).[citation needed] There is no likely etymology for the third name of this god, Maju." That derivation is not likely correct, as it looks like typical desperation. Why not try tracing first to a Sugaar-like peoples/geography?

The Maju term is the reason that I shared the quote, for it smacks of the Maybe/Mabee surname...using a tiger (!) and a wyvern dragon. The Maybes were from Kirkcudbrightshire, where the Slom/Slone surname (yesterday's topic was first found. This location is in the Wigton theater to which I trace some of Hannibals Carthaginians.

The wyvern, being the Vere species, is interesting where Veres trace themselves to Picts/Scots, for we read that "Sugaar seduces a Scottish princess in the village of Mundaka to father the mythical first Lord of Biscay [= Basques], Jaun Zuria." Note the MunDAKA, if you read yesterday's update on Deak-et-al terms that I linked to "Teague."

This potential Maybe trace to "Maju" caused me to think that Maybes were also Mays, leading to a leopard in the May Crest. The Maybe wyvern is spotted, you see. This paragraph was inserted here after the below on Dionysus and his Maenads was written. "May" may be code for his Maenads (pronounced, May-nad), you see. The May Coat also uses blocks, in the color of the blocks of the Plock Coat (see yesterday for a Plock trace to the Neckar river, where also the Teagues were traced). ZIKERS, I just checked the Plock Coat and it's the one using, "In deo fide," the motto of the Medley Coat...with tiger!!! I kid you not, that the below on the Dionysus leopard (his favorite fur) and the mention of the Medley tiger and motto was written before everything in this paragraph happened. The Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire, which also blends excellently with what was already written below.

But at this point, I have no idea what the "daka" could stand for. It appears again in the Mari article as "Murumendiko Dama." In that article, we find a salamander-like term in the midst of a satanic Christianity:

"In various legends Mari is said to have sons or daughters, but their number and character fluctuates. Maybe the most famous were her two sons, Atxular and Mikelatz. Atxular represents largely the Christianized Basque soul, becoming a priest after having learned from the Devil himself in a church in Salamanca and then having escaped. Mikelatz instead seems to have a more negative or wild character and is sometimes assimilated into the spirit of storms, Hodei or embodied as young red bull."

A red bull is the central symbol of Oxford, where Veres ruled for England. The bull made it to the Arms of Salamanca. I doubt that the name of the location has anything to do with a salamander, aside from possible links to Salamis and Teucer. The city was founded by a Vaccaei, and though Wikipedia suggests "slayer" as the derivation of the term, I would contend that it derives from vacca=cow/bull, even the Dionysus Bacchus bull cult (term evokes yesterday's Bach/Baugh topic). The city's name was also "SalMantica," which could indicate the Dionysus Maenads=Maeonians.

The Vaccaei article tells that they were associated with a Turmodigi peoples, which smacks of "Thermodon." The city of Themis, on the Thermodon, was traced (by me) to the Thames river, where Oxford is situated, suggesting that the Amazons of north Africa, whom I trace back to the Thermodon but forward to the Rus-icrucian Illuminati, were in the Salamanca theater.

There is a Septimania-like term in the Vaccaei article, where one of their listed cities is Septimanca/Simancas. This is conspicuous where the Mary Magdalane cult was formed in Septimania of southern France, and once again we have a Maeonian-like term in SeptiMANIA. In fact, the mythical Meanads were encoded with insanity likely because "mania" sounded like "Maeonian."

The point is, Mari of the Basques could have been root to the Merit/Merrey surname that I think links to the Mary portion of the Magdalene cult. The Merits look like the Damorys/Damarys (first found in Oxfordshire!!!), and as the latter use Drummond waves, see that the Spanish Marina Coat also uses Drummond waves (I trace "Drummond" to "Thermodon," wherefore I feel like claiming that proto-Drummonds have just been found in the Turmodigi Celts.

The Italian Marina Coat uses waves too, but in a saw-like fashion, and then in the Vaccaei article we see a sega-like location: "Although [the Vaccean homeland] borders are difficult to define and shifted from time to time, it can be said to have occupied all of the province of Valladolid, and parts of Leon, Palencia, Burgos, Segovia, Salamanca and Zamora."

I traced the Marina surnames to the Amazon goddess, Myrina, who was a depiction of the city of Myrina on Lemnos, the island that Dionysus was on after taking Ariadne from the MINOANs (i.e. like "Maeonian") of Crete. But there was also a mythical Myrina of the north-African Amazons.

The Salamanca article tells that the city was defeated by Moors, and it's the Moors to which I trace the Damorys. I traced those Moors to the More of the Rollo Rus, but I also saw an Amazon branch on the Mures/Maros river of Transylvania to which the Rus were likewise linked (by me). I had linked the Merits (Normandy) to the Marots that lived on the Mures. Apparently, the Rollo Rus were a combination of Mures elements and Moors. I would now venture to claim that Moors=Mauritanians were named after Myrina>Maritsa Amazons.

I traced the Mures to the Maritsa (= Hebros) with a mouth (at Aenus) in the Lemnos theater, wherefore we could now link "Maritsa" to "Myrina" as well as to "Mars" i.e. Mars and Myrina were the same peoples, likely Amorites from Mari on the Euphrates. The Damory surname has an Amori variation.

The Vaccaei are said to have been a fellow tribe with the Arevaci,, and their article has a Teague/Taig-like and a Teucer-like term in conjunction with Segovia:

The nucleus of the Arevaci homeland was centered on the modern provinces of Soria and most of Guadalajara up to the Tagus sources, extending to the eastern half of Segovia and the southeastern Burgos, but for a while they dominated parts of neighbouring Zaragoza province. They founded or seized several important city-states...namely...Termantia (Montejo de Tiermes – Sória) also named Termes or Termesos}...Other towns often mentioned in the sources, such as Segovia, Ocilis, Comfluenta, Tucris, Lutia,..."

If I'm not mistaken, the Turmodigi were between the Vacceans and the Arevaci, and so Termantia/Termes should belong to them.

Interestingly, Segovia was beside the Lusones (on the Ebro river). As I think I'm tracing Solymi-branch Deylamites here to Basque land, the fellow tribe of the Solymi, the Lasonii come to mind. I wouldn't mention the Leto-like Lutia term in the quote above, but as Avila is between Salamanca and Segovia, it smacks of Abila (Damascus theater) to which I trace one of Leto's twins. She gave birth to Apollo (and Artemis) on Talos-like Delos, remember, and as we see signs of ArTEMIS Amazons here, we could expect Leto here too. The Tagus watershed drains through Avila.

There's another sega-like term among the Thermodon-like peoples: "In the 2nd Century BC [the Termodigi] established a state with Segisama, also named Segisamone or Segisamum (Sasamon -- Burgos; Celtiberian mint: Sekisamos) as its capital..."

These peoples were so-named in Spain not long after the brothers, Bellovesus and Segovesus, ravaged much of central Europe. And in the Lusones article, we find: "The Lusones joined their neighbours the Arevaci, Belli and Titii (Celtiberian)..." Then, on the Belli:

"Of mixed Illyrian and Celtic origin, probably related with the Belgic Bellovaci, they migrated to Iberia around the 4th Century BC...Their early capital was Segeda (Poyo de Maya -- Zaragoza; Celtiberian mint: Sekaiza), subsequently transferred to nearby Duran de Belmonte and later offset by Bilbilis"

Another sega term...and all of them are in the realm of mythical Sugaar. The Belli lived on the Ebro river, and my guess is that they were the Abello=Apollo cult out of Abila. I had traced Samson to a merger with some Avvites, who I identified as the proto-Apollo cult.

To the Romans, Bacchus was the homosexual cult of Liber, smacking of the labyrinth, a Minoan bull pen attributed to Daedalus. Leonardo da Vinci (or some suggest one of his fellow artists) had painted Bacchus but tried to pass it off as John the Baptist. We get it, Leonardo, you were a Christo-pagan of the Myrina=Mari cult, and your MONA Lisa smacks of Maenads too.

I can't recall the excellent evidence that traced Minoans back to Samson, wherefore I link them to his "father," Manoah. The Belli article days that Belli merged with Cratistii, who might just be Cretans. Troy was founded by Cretans, and that could suggest a Teucer trace to Cretans (Trojans were co-founded by Teucer and SAMOthrace elements of DarDANUS). The Cratistii lived on the upper Tagus valley.

Here's what I think. The heraldic tiger is code for Teucer and his bloodlines, but may be a variation of the leopard that was a special symbol to Dionysus. The latter was in the India theater fighting a war, and that's where Tocharians lived, whom I trace to Togarmite namers of the Tigris river. I think Teucer depicted the Tocharian-branch Togarmites. It may be coincidental that India has tigers, because I find it difficult to see the tiger as code for both India's tigers and the Tigris river, and yet the Medley Coat, with a tiger in the Crest, used an India-like motto: "In deo fides."

In the middle-region of the Tagus river there lived a Carpathian-like Carpetani peoples. This evokes the migration of the Arpii/Carpae down the Hebros/Maritsa river (Thrace) to Lesbos, and indeed the Ebro in Spain can now be traced to the Hebros/Maritsa. For the Mures river was in the midst of the Carpathian mountains. It was mythical Charops who fathered the Carpathians that migrated down the Hebros, and in myth this bloodline was depicted as the Muses and with the lyre (Apollo symbols too). Later, Iberians out of Spain (assumed to be named after the Ebro) would found the Heberites of Ireland who also use a lyre symbol.

In that little paragraph we have a potential Mures-river connection to Moors in Spain. It should also be said that Mures-river peoples by the name of Szekelys are trace-able to Sicily's Sicels (I make the trace anyway) because Sicily's Scylla monster is paired with the Charybdis monster, that smacking of mythical Charops.

In the Carpetani article we find a SAGUNtum location The Arms of Saguntum look much like the Arms of Aragon and Roussillon, but I would add that the Merit/Merrey Coat is quite comparable. And since I'm suggesting a trace of the salamander bloodline to this region of Basque-land, I should show the salamander of the Sagan Coat (I'm not necessarily suggesting a strong link between Sagans and Saguntum).

The wider area that finds Saguntum also has a Sagert location, and entering that term brings up the Seager Coat. This surname is said to be from "Sigar," but uses a Sugar variation that has in the past brought mythical Sugaar to mind. This convinces me that the tiger of the Maybe Coat traces to Sugaar=Maju.

When I read of Segeda, also called, Poyo de Maya (a capital of the Beli Celto-Illyrians near Saragoza), I noted that the city was associated with a nearby Bilbilis location, which evoked the Bilis river to which I traced Babenbergs. It's been a long time since I seen the Bilis term online, but I had found it to be a river of Paphlagonia or Pamphyllia, I can't recall which one at the moment. I suggested that the German/Austrian Bils surname, using a Coat filled with black and gold checks (i.e. Illuminati-like), applied to the Bilis river and it's Babenberg offerings.

I mention that because the Spanish MAYor/Major surname, uses a Coat filled with black and white checks. So I looked into it just now, and found that the Mayors were first in Navarre, not far from Segeda/Saragoza (the latter, too, is on the Ebro). It was only after loading the Navarre Coat that I saw this next statement smacking of PAMphylia: "Its principal city is Pamplona."

By that time, but only moments before, I had already seen a very Gareb-like term in one of the articles I've presented today, or one that I viewed, but I can't find the term just now. The point is, German Babenbergs lived early in BAMberg and GRABfeld. The second point is that I have several times mentioned a trace of Nibelungs from Egyptian queen, NEFERtiti, to a hill (can't recall the spelling) beside mount Gareb (Jerusalem), and then to Nevers (France), eventually suggesting that Navarre could apply.

It was suggested a few months ago that the Spanish Pelaiz surname, using the same-colored checks as the Bils, should trace to "Bilis." The Pelaiz surname smacks of the Placentia location (Po river) where lived the Laevi Gauls/Celts of Bellovesus affiliations. And just look at the Navarre-like location as I quote what was said in the final update of November:

If it sounds too wild to trace priests of Israel to northern Italy's Gaul's, another website might change your mind, for it tells that a third wave of Gauls from France included the Laeves/Laevi and the Ananes. The Laeves settled the north side of the Po at Novara, and the Ananes took the opposite bank at Placentia.

I hate to tell my Pollock friend this, but if the Pollock Coat is a variation of the top half of the Pelaiz Coat, then Pollocks are "Jews" of Pharisee stock. So it seems. I see that the French Levi Coat is in the colors of the Pelaiz/Bilis checks.

ZOWIE, that little link just got us (finally) the meaning of the Pollock motto term, "Audacter," for the Levi motto is, "Aide dieu au second Chretien Levis." Checking the Aide surname, a white diagonal bar on red, which has got to be a version of the Jewish Pollock Coat.

So I went back into my files seeking the other clans to which I've linked the "Audacter" term, and found the "audaces" of the Irish Baran Coat, which Coat uses the Aide colors and nearly the same design, with a boar in Crest like the Pollocks, though blue like the Veres...that I trace to Bernicians=Varangians. One should be able to link the Barans to Bernicians...who had a Bebbanburg branch at BAMburgh that should link to Babenbergs of Bamberg! PLUS, the Aide surname was first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire, home of Bernicians. PLUS PLUS, the Baran write-up tells that they were granted lands by the Clare line at PEMbroke, a location that I've been tempted to trace to "Bamburgh" or "Bamberg."

The Czech Baran surname has variations (e.g. Baranek) smacking of Bryneich, the old name of Bernicia. The Coat uses the lion discussed recently as per FE's email, which I linked to Vere roots in Italy. It also uses a bear, standing on the Roque/Rockefeller rock, and that jibes with the "audax" motto term of the Roxburgh/Rokesburgh Coat.

The Baran motto also uses "Fortuna," and I've traced Pollocks to the Fort surname because the English Fort motto is, "Fortis et audax." The Fort Crest is A lion seated on a rock holding a cross. We get it. Fortunately for you, I don't have to be very smart to figure these easy things out. I only need to apply the time to hunt them down.

I would trace the Aide/Ade/Edie surname to the Odins (Aid colors) because they use the Czech Baran lion, and because I trace Odins to Oettingens using a white saltire on white (see Wikipedia), the reverse of the English Baran saltire, and in the white-on-red colors of the Aid Coat. The Odins also use a white horse, symbol of the Roxburghs. The Maxwell stock of Pollocks was first in Roxburghshire.

Let's not forget in all those details that they started with a Pollock link to the Levi motto, which supports my trace of Pharisee and/or Maccabee stock to the Piast Poles. The Levi surname was first found in Ile-de-France, which is at the city of Paris, a term from Hyksos-based Troy that I trace to Pharisee stock.

As for the "Chretien" motto term of the Levis, that reveals a link to Louvains (and possibly Loves/Luffs), for the Chretien Coat uses blue-on-gold lions, the same as the Louvain Coat. THEN, the English Fort fort is called a "tower," giving indication of a link to the Tower surname, where we find variations such as "Lof(wick)." The Luff Coat uses the same lion heads as in the Chretien Coat.

Recalling that I linked the three fat Levi chevrons to the two fat ones of the Scottish Oliver Coat (surname first in Roxburghshire), see that the Loeffer Coat uses two (same as the Olivers) chevrons in colors revered from the Olivers.

The Scottish Turin Coat uses, "Audentes Fortuna Juvat," while the Irish Baran Coat uses, "Fortuna juvat audaces." Both Coats use boars.

Much thanks to FE for her Slabough tip (Coat uses the Sagan salamander). As the surname was first found in Polesie province of Poland, I went back to fetch where I had read the same, and found it 2nd update of last February in a surname that can be linked, like the Sagan surname, to the Perdix carpentry tools. Keep in mind that I trace "Brunswick" to "Bryneich" and therefore to the Baran-Pollock relationship above:

The Arms of Brunswick used two gold lions on red, said to be from England...See the two lions in the Arms of the Duchy of Brunswick, and then note the Caspera motto term. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Polish Casper Coat uses a gold lion on red. The Caspers were "First found in Polesie...It was in this province that the renowned Radziwills and Sapiehas held their vast estates."

Note the red Veringen antler at the bottom of the Arms. Then see this Arms of Veringen: the antler with the upright red lion on gold, like the Casper Coat!

As you can see, the Casper Coat uses a compass, a carpentry tool, like the square, that became the major Masonic logo seen everywhere in front of Masonic lodges. In the update above, the Casper topic continues:

Perhaps not by coincidence, the Casper lion holds a compass, a Masonic symbol...that draws circles. Perhaps not by coincidence, Bruno the Great is portrayed in a circle. Perhaps not by coincidence, Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings, assigned magic rings of power to a Sauron character. The German Saur Coat uses a red lion on white, and in fact it's the Sauer surname that should link to the red-on-white lion of the Russells...with "Che sara sara" motto...Unbelievably enough, the Sauer write-up traces to a Casper name:
"The [Sauer] family, which originated from the Sau [also "Sauv"] river region [Austria]...Dieteri Galleri was the first to take on this name, and according to chronicles, appeared under the name Caspar Sauer as early as 1313."

I didn't know then that the Sauers were the Perdix saw cult. Therefore, know that Perdix is the basis of the Brunswicks and Bernicians...whom I trace to Zahringers, fellow bloodline with the Veringens.

Perdix, the special root of Freemasons. But why? Do they know they link to Pharisees? Is that why they are secretive? There must have been many families from Paris-Trojan and Perseus-Danaan stock, but not all can link to the root of Freemasons in the Massin/Mason (uses the Louvain lion, both surnames of Mason-infested Kent) fold. Could it be, therefore, that Freemasons, of the Rus stock of the Rosicrucians, actually hooked up with Pharisee-proper bloodlines? That's what I suspect.

Why does "Vere" smack of "Phar," while their Massey kin smack of Maccabees? Who were the Veringen, anyway? Bernician stock from pre-Christian Rhodes, I'm sure, but how and when could they have hooked up with Pharisee-proper families? That's what I'd like to know.

As I wrote "whence" above, Shakespeare came to mind because, while yet in bed wondering what to write on, the "Shaker" term came to mind as a possible Seager variation. So I finally got round to looking at the Shaker surname, but one didn't show up, until I entered Shake to find the Shakerly surname. I've seen it many times, and it uses mole hills, wherefore see the Vere-like boar in the Mole Coat (first found in Roxburghshire), and as the Moles use "Post," see the Mole colors in both Post Coats, and perhaps you recall my mention of the Piasts at the root of these Post surnames. Again, I've traced Maccabees and/or Pharisees to the Piasts. It always comes back to Piasts, to whom I've traced Pollocks and their Meschin/Massey kin.

I don't want to get back into it all, but the Shakespeare surname leads to the Bugs surname, and to the same-colored Bogans, and should therefore suggest that Francis Bacon was William Shakespeare, as some claim. The Shakespeare surname should also link to the Speers and Sprees, and to the Lancelot cult of Banisters (Bugs bouget symbol) and Banes'. Shakerlys were first found in Lancashire, where Banisters and Lancelot were found.

Aha! As per the Slepowron location where Slabaughs live(d), the Sleep/Slape surname should apply because it was first found in Shropshire=Salop, the place to which I trace"Slab." The write-up traces to a slippery place. "Look honey, a mud hole right in front of our house. Let's call ourselves the Slips." I don't know off-hand what that Coat could link to.

December 7

As per yesterday's statement, "know that Perdix is the basis of the Brunswicks and Bernicians...whom I trace to Zahringers, fellow bloodline with the Veringens," could we surmise that Zahringers were Sauer-ingers? That looks good because Sauers were traced to Russells while Zahringers to Varangian Rus. The antler used by Zahringers and Veringens was traced to Poland (Silesia), which is where the Tishes were first found who use the "elephant trunks" also used by Zahringers, though the latter call them buffalo horns.

Tishes are shown as a sept of McLeods along with Teague-and-similar septs, wherefore Teagues could have been from Silesia too, if they were Tishes. And among Silesians is where the Piast kings were formed. In the last update, we saw that Siemens (using a slab possibly for the Polish Slabaugh surname) also use the elephant horns, and they very-likely link to the Siemowit entity that was made ancestral to Piast kings.

The point is that, since Piasts have been traced to the Samson cult, and it to Edomites, the elephant could depict Eliphas, the first-listed son of Esau (Genesis 36:10). We also saw that Veres of Oxford use an elephant, and they were likely Varangian elements linked to Zahringers and Veringens. Rus have been independently traced to Horites if the latter were the proto-Horus cult, and Eliphas had a Horite woman as a concubine. Her name, Timna, smacks of Eliphas' first-listed son, Teman, and these terms should link to the Timnah region where the Samson cult was located. "Sam" and "Tem/Tim" are similar but, I'm not making the connection, yet anyway.

The point of bringing up the Veres was to ask whether the "elvin" or elf theme of the Veres is code for elements from Eliphas. Tolkien had some elves with a Vere-like name. Stewarts and Merovingians have just been traced to Edomites, while Veres claim to be Stewarts and Merovingians.

The Zahringer and Veringen antler (a red one and a blue one) is found in various heraldry of Baden-Wurttemberg locations because that's where the family ruled. It's also where the Neckar river flows, where Stewarts, Teagues, Rodhams (= Rus, I'm assuming), and Veres have been traced (see last update page). The Dutch Necker Coat uses red antlers (on a stag).

Veres were closely linked to, if not a branch of, the Fulks using falcons as symbols, wherefore see the following falcon from a Neckar-like term:

"Horus was also sometimes known as Nekheny, meaning 'falcon'. Some have proposed that Nekheny may have been another falcon-god, worshipped at Nekhen (city of the hawk)..."

If Horus was a depiction of Horites out of Edom, then we should find the falcon/hawk in the heraldry of some clans tracing themselves to Edomites. Fulks might have ultimately been named after the Horus falcon, but the point is the so-called "hawk's lure" used in the Crest of the Herod Coat, albeit the surname is said to be from "Harold" (I have my doubts). "Herod" and similar terms are listed as septs of McLeods.

As per the Neckelere variation of German Neckers (said to be from the Neckar river), the same-colored Nichols Coat could apply, and they were first found in Cheshire, where the Harolds/Herods were first found. And the Cheshire-surname Coat also uses a hawk's lure.

Cheshire had Rus in the form of Meschins and Masseys whom I am very sure trace to peoples of Edom. The Harold/Herod Coat has variations, Harrell, Hirrell, and Hurrell, that I traced to Herluin of Conteville, an ancestor of the Cheshire Meschins. There is another Hurl Coat not showing "Harold" but showing Herral, Harrell, Herrel, Harle, Harel, Heral, Hurl, and Hirl. The Latter Coat is in the fashion of the Meschin Coat.

I'm therefore wondering whether the Contvilles were also Herods, but, not wanting to be identified as such due to the anti-Christian nature of the name, went with Hurl-like versions. (The king Herods are known to have been Idumaeans=Edomites.)

The Arthur Coat (surname first found in Bernician territory), used a "hurt," which I've thought was code for "Arthur." But I now see that "hurt" is Herod-like. Was the Arthurian cult, known by me to be a branch of Merovingians and Stewarts and Veres, an Edomite entity? As Arthur was a Rus peoples (in my calculations), note the Irish Arthur Crest: "A falcon volant jessed and belled" (link above). Horites? I think.

Entering "Hurt" brings up a Hurl-like Coat, first found in Oxfordshire. And what about the Harts? Irish Harts are also "Art." Why do German Harts/Herds use a red stag, like the Dutch Neckers? What commonality did Neckars have with Herods? Horites, right? The king Herods were named after Horites, weren't they?

English Herds/Heards (swan, otter), having no Hart-like variations showing, nevertheless use hearts. The Coat looks related to the Sion/Swan Coat. The latter, using a red heart too, was first in Lanarkshire, it too using a red heart. But the Lanark surname was first in Argyllshire, where the Harold/Herod/Hurl surname was first found.

The Herd/Heard motto uses "sapienter," smacking of the Polish Slabaugh write-up: "It was in this [Polesie] province that the renowned Radziwills and SAPIEhas [caps mine] held their vast estates. Wolczyn was the seat of the Czartoryski family." Czartor??? Is that the Polish part of Arthur?

Remember, Slaboughs should trace to "Salop," where the Arthurian cult was infested. And the Art/Hart surname is also "Cart." The Czartor" term also brings the Carter surname to mind, which is interesting in that it uses cartwheels, the symbol also of Piast the Wheelwright. Moreover, as I trace the Arthurian cult fundamentally to the Waynes/Wains (Arthur-like Coat and Crest), who appear named after "wagon," so the Carters were first in WINchester.

As the Slabaugh write-up mentions both the Sapiehas and the Radziwill clan (from a Radvilla surname), note the Rads write-up: "Rads is an occupational name...a name for a wheelmaker or wheelwright. " If you don't know, Radziwills were at the root of the Trabys, who use a 666-like Traby Arms perhaps not by coincidence. To now link the Trabys rather solidly to Piasts, themselves from Seleucids, speaks to the anti-Christ entity in the Traby family.

The Rads use three white Zionists stars on blue, like the Goths and Hagars. It is the star of these families and their other relations that I think made it to the Israeli flag. I think it's an Edomite/Ishmaelite bloodline. I kid you not, that this paragraph and the one above it are inserts after the below, including the paragraph below on the Kern surname, was already written. I was just at the Radvilla webpage where I spotted their place of origin: Kernave (in the Sirvintos district of Lithuania; evokes the "serva" terms of the Coles and Hayers; I trace the latter to Hagars-et-al). It doesn't escape me that Trabys are said to be named after "horn," and that "Kern" can be rooted in corn=horn. Can we keep a Kernave trace to Cornwall in mind, specifically to the Arthurian cult of Cornwall? Cornwalls (the surname) are also "CARNwell."

The symbols of the Siemen Coat are much like those of the German Kern Coat, surname first found in Silesia. This surname was dealt with recently. I loaded the Carney/Kearney Coat immediately after it, and said I didn't know what it's "Sustine" motto term could apply to. But Tishes were likewise first found in Silesia, and two days after mentioning the Carneys (last update page), I came across the Sish surname as per seeking Tish kin. The Sish surname is properly Siston, from a location of that name.

I can link Sistons/Sishes to Carneys, for Tish variations - Tischle, Tischler, and Tishel -- smack of the Thistle/Thissell/Thisle surname...using pheons in Sish colors, AND almost in the colors of the Carney/Kearney pheons! (The Kearney Crest uses a sword/dagger with a squarish handle reflective of the Mackay dagger handle).

The Carney motto includes, "abstine," while the Scottish Arthur motto includes "obstantia." I traced the latter to the Stand/Stain Coat (in Pendragon colors), but didn't realize then that "Stain/Stane" could be Seaton/Sayton variations, and as the latter were from "Say town," I traced them to the same-colored Says (Arthur colors, first found in Salop)...whom I traced to Sais, which is where I suspect "Siston" to trace to.

German Stains use the English Stain colors, and the German Coat looks link-able to the Sals/Sales of Mascy, first found in Cheshire...but I trace them to neighboring "Salop," where I'm sure the Clapton side of the Arthur surname lived (the Arthur surname had merged with Hicks' of Clapton, Somerset). The Sals/Sales not only use pheons, but white fleur-de-lys on black, colors reversed from the Pendragon fleur.

I traced the "teipsum" motto term of the Pendragons to the Tipps surname, using pheons again on a Shield in Pendragon and Sal/Sale colors. PLUS, the Tipps use the black bull head of the Say Crest (the Mieske Coat also uses a black bull head, if that helps to trace these clans to principal Piasts).

Talbots were also first found in Salop, and as I link the French Talbot Coat to the Sal/Sale Coat (because I see Tals and Sals to be the same clan), I should show the Harding Coat (surname first beside Salop), a little like the French Talbot Coat.

Let's not forget that English Talbots use a Sellick/Selioc-like Coat so as to link to Seleucids of Sulcis (where I trace Silesians and the Mieszko Piast). And let's not neglect the possibility that the king Herods trace to Seleucids, for that seems logical in my mind. Sellicks were first in Herefordshire, and I have typically linked the here/Hare surname with the Harz/Hart surname.

I'm interested in finding the Sapiehas clan in the West. If they were the Tipps, then we could imagine Tapps too. The Tapp Coat is interesting because it looks like it uses elements of the Winchester Coat, and while Winchester is in Hampshire, Tapps were first found in Dorset, beside Hampshire.

That's just for starters, because the Topps surname was first in Wiltshire, beside both Dorset and Hampshire. The Welsh Win(n) Coat has a green Shield, the color of the Arms of Wiltshire, but as the Winns are also "Gwinn," mythical Guinevere and her husband (Arthur) come to mind as a possible Carter-and-Winn relationship in the Hampshire theater. There is a Cart surname, first found in Wiltshire too!

The Winn/Gwinn and Winchester crosslets are used in the Wilton Coat, that being a term of Wiltshire's Wilton location. The Wilton Crest is an owl n(with blue ribbon), possible Edom code, and the Wilton Shield looks like a cross between the Arthur and Wayne Shields.

The Wiltshire article has a term smacking of the Sales of Cheshire, and if true that the Sales were from "Salop," and therefore part of the Slabaugh clan (from SLEPowron), then a Slabaugh trace to Wiltshire, and therefore to the Tapps of Wiltshire, is made feasible: "Salisbury Plain is famous as the location of the Stonehenge stone circle..."

The Topps are then interesting too, for they use the Wayne gauntlet (= metal glove). Only now, the Topp gauntlet is holding a hand. That's good, for not only do I trace the Arthurian cult, and the Mieszko>Meschin line to Salop, to the Hannibal CARTHaginians, whom I've suspected in the Carters of Hampshire, but the Cart Coat uses palm trees that I suggested were code for the same as the hand symbol. And there is not only a Hand surname first found in Cheshire, but it's also "Hants" so that it should link to the Hants region of southern Hampshire.

It's the Hanna Coat that I'd traced to Hannibal, and there is the same crosslet in the Hanna Crest. Hannas, Hands, and Carts all use a stag, and the Hanna stag has a bell round its neck, code, I think, for the Annabel/Hannibal surname...with yet another stag.

But all this is just circumstantial evidence for a Tapps and/or Topps trace to "Sapie." I can add that the same crosslet above is used by the Davenports of Cheshire, whom I trace to the Daphne cult of Devon, and to the Taffy/David surname of Cheshire, and to Cheshire's old capital, Deva (later Chester), as well as to the Downing/Douning/Dunham surname that I trace to Dunham Mascy (Cheshire). The Down/Doun Coat is yet another stag. I strongly claim that this Daphne cult was the Hyksos coming to Britain.

All that is to say that there is a Taffie surname smacking of "Sapie." The Coat uses lattice, a symbol I trace to Guiscard, who merged with Saracens that could have been Hannibal-related Carthaginians due to the "card" in his surname.

Now, I linked the Guiscard/WiseHEART surname (Robert Guiscard was also "Wiscard") to the Viscontis, and they are known to be linked to the Sforza clan...who I linked to the Savary surname. It just so happens that, at the very beginning of this Sapie hunt, before coming to the Taphie and Guiscard topic, I had entered "Saffer" first of get the Savary surnames.

By the way, the Guiscard/Wiseheart Coat uses so-called "piles," which are very reflective of the rake-like Pile Coat.

I'm in the midst of seeking links of Heart-like terms to "Herod," and here I find myself on the WiseHeart surname that, if it is the Guiscard surname of Robert Guiscard (it does happen to be in Tancred colors, after all), would indeed trace to the Samson cult, for Guiscard linked up with Saracens from the Samson cult.

The French Saffer/Savary Coat is in Guiscard/WiseHeart, and both surnames use eagles. The English Saffer/Savary Coat uses a HEROn (with olive branch).

NOW BEHOLD at what I just stumbled upon, now knowing until after writing all the above. In the last update page, I suggested that the Slabaugh surname could have been linked to the Baugh surname, and the latter uses a red Shield upon which is a blue and white bell pattern, just like the red Shield with blue and white bell pattern of the English Saffer Coat!!! I'm convinced: Saffers were from the Sapiehas clan among which lived the Slabaughs.

I had just traced the Slomski variation of the Slabaughs to the Slom/Slone surname of Wigton, where the Hanna surname was first found. AND, I did trace Piast Poles to Carthaginians of the Hannibal fold, for the latter appear to have founded Sulcis (according to Wikipedia). All the stags in the Hannibal picture are traced by me to the ANTler symbol for the HENeti to which I trace "Hanni(bal)."

The ZAHRingers should apply, especially as I traced Dido-branch Carthaginians to the Sava/Sau river after which the SAUERs were named. Sauers use the Slom/Slone lion.

The Cornwall Coat has the same lion (same colors), in case the Radziwills of Kernave trace to that place. After all, the Trabys did have a Treby branch in Devon, where the Cornwall surname was first found. The Cornwall motto term, "durante," evokes the Durance-river and Durante-surname topic in the last update page, as per the Salyes Ligurians on the Durance/Durantia river (Liguria).

Remember, the Wigton stars are in Sellick star colors. AND, I've just discovered today, the Scottish Night surname was first found in Kirkcudbrightshire (where the Sloms/Slones were first found) of the Wigton theater, while the English Knight Coat uses the cloud-like border of the Sellick Coat. The Night write-up traces to Templar knights, but I think the Arthurian knights are not to be discluded. "Knight" looks rooted in "konig"= king. But then the Naughtens come to mind too.

I kid you not that the paragraph was inserted after writing on the Naughtens/Nortons below. I didn't enter "Night" because I saw similarity with "Naughten," but because I was thinking that Na(c)horites of Dionysus, off his sacred island of Naxos, should have become a night theme, for the Greek night is "nyx." I was thinking that the Night surname could link to Dionysus, therefore, and to Nahorites.

The Night Coat uses a spur, and going back into my files to find who else uses it, I found the Dingwalls and the Wiggins!! I had traced Wiggens to Wigton, to no surprise, but the point here is to clinch a Night relationship with both Wigton and the Sellicks, which evokes the Hannibal trace to Sulcis.

I had linked the Wigton star to the star of the Vicker/Wickers surname, first found in Argyllshire where the Nortons were first found. Like the Nortons. Vickers use the crosslet that's popping up plenty today. The Vickers tree stump could link to the Rodham tree stump because Rodhams use "nec" while Nortons were apparently on the Neckar river (see yesterday).

I recall tracing the spur of a Cole-clan (i.e. Ayers/Hayers, in Wigton-star colors) to a spur in the Polish theater (can't recall where), and the Cole Coat uses a black bull (i.e. the Mieske symbol) and was first found in Cornwall, where Pendragons were first found. That is, Arthur was born from Cornwall elements. Both the Coles and the Scottish Hayers use "serva."

The Wiggen Coat just happens to use three white stars on blue, the Baugh Coat symbol. That may not be coincidental. The Scottish Cornwall Coat(ravens) uses three gold stars on red. Hmm. AND zowie, the Cornwall Crest is a boot,

The following is surprisingly supportive as per a trace of the raven-depicted vikings to Rothesay=Bute. By the time I had just seen the Scottish Cornwall Crest's boot (it looks like a boot, anyway) with raven nested upon it, I had already seen the boot with spur in the Dutch Vey Coat. I had recently traced the boot symbol of heraldry to Bute (and mythical Butes), and in independent traces had linked the Vey surname to Morgan le Fay, head witch on Bute=Avalon. Finally, the English Vey surname was first in...Cornwall!

As per the Slodski variation of the Slabaughs, there is a Slade/Sled surname using "audax," a term emphasized yesterday and linked to Pollocks and to Bernicians.

The Sforza Coat uses a lion holding a "quince." A what? I dunno, but there is a Quince Coat with a write-up familiar to the topic at hand: "First found in Northampton, where they held a family seat from very early times and the first of several to bear the name Saer de Quincy (Saer I) was lord of the manor of Long Buckby...This line produced Saer de Quincy (1155-1219), 1st Earl of Winchester."

Saer? I was on this topic a year or so ago and did link the Saer term to the Sauers. It was shown in those days that Sava-river clans led to Sauvages (of Champagne), who use a red heart, same as the Herd Coat found today, with Sapienter motto term. The Scottish Stot/Stutt Coat uses a red heart too, which i found when seeking Stuttgart links to the Sled/Slade surname above, for it uses black horse heads, the Stuttgart (Neckar river) symbol. Certainly the swan in the Herd Crest links well with the Sava because I traced the Lohengrin swanline to that region.

The Otter symbol of the Herds could be code for the Other/Otter surname, root of the Windsors, and, I think, of UTHER Pendragon. It's as if multiple Arthurian traces are now being made to the Slabaugh theater.

The HORTons? Another stag, and what I would interpret as the Daphne dolphin. The surname evoked "Norton" or Naughtons who were first found in Argyllshire where the Harold/Herod/Hurl surname was first found. I do link Horites of Edom fundamentally to Nahorites.

I'm open for correction on the Harold/Herod/Hurl trace to Herluin of Conteville. The symbol in the Coat looks like a Torah (= Biblical scroll of the Old-Testament Israelites), but then it could also be a large block. Recalling that I trace the block symbol to Plocks (Neckar river) and Pollocks, I see that the Harold/Herod Coat is in Pollock-Shield colors. Argyllshire is at mainland Bute, but also close to Renfrewshire, where Pollocks were first found.

There is proof that Veys trace themselves to Judah, if Vey roots in the Trelowarrens refers to this Warren surname using "Leo de juda," or "Lion of Judah," as a motto phrase. But in the heraldic ballgame with Freemasonic players everywhere on the field, one doesn't necessarily believe it when a clan traces itself to israel. Since when do Israelites use a wyvern dragon, a Coat filled with checks (= Illuminati symbol), as does the Warren Coat? And isn't that rather a Vere branch? Veres were on Bute as Melusine.

Dragon-line Veres are very self-interested and self-respecting braggarts. They like to be honored, and to be called, "noble." Who else in the Bible liked the first row seats because they thought highly of themselves?

After writing that, I asked the Lord in frustration: "who were the Hurls?" A moment later, "Warrell" came to mind as a possible Warren combination but modified to the Harrell variation of the Hurls. I waited for the Warrell/Worrall Coat to load, and instead of anything Hurl-like, a Teague-like Coat popped up.

The Wirrals of Cheshire could apply, especially as the Harold/Harrell/Hirrell hawk's lure is used by Cheshire elements. Wirrals use "gold cups, a proud secret symbol possibly of a trace to the Pharisees.

Next the Earl surname seemed possibly related, and that's when I recall that the only Teague I ever knew married an Earl Teague. Earls were first found in Somerset, and that was found just a minute after I had wondered whether the "Summum" motto term of the Teagues referred to Sommers/Somerset elements.

The Errol Coat; another raven. Variations include a Warrell-and Harrell-like Arrel, and Errall, Arrill, Errill. They were from Erroll of Perthshire, and said to be part of the Hay clan. That's the Hay/Hayer clan of Perthshire using a "serva" motto term...that could link to the original homeland of the Radziwills.

EXCELLENT! For the Rads use white Zionist stars on blue, symbol of the Hayer-like Hagar(d)s of Perthsire!!

Finally for today, the Pharisees had a tradition called "corban," and the Corban Coat uses ravens. I don't yet know whether a link can be made between the Pharisaic corban and the corvos=crow/raven symbol. The Corban Crest is an elephant.

Whatever happened to the three-month freeze deal proposed by Obama, that Netanyahu "approved" so long as Obama would ink the proposal on paper? The last line of a story out today is, "The letter has not yet arrived." We wonder whether it will take three months to arrive.

The last I heard, Allawi was in London fearing for his life to be in Iraq. But I'm sure he's talking to Iraqi agents and mustering plans for action, thinking that Maliki will try to subvert his party one way or ten others.

Who says that Obama would dare intrude into the affairs of other governments? Obama denies this at every opportunity. But, the headline, "US warns of aid cuts if Sadr bloc takes certain Iraqi ministries." The political war with Iran is on; to which country will Maliki be most-loyal?

"...The comments by a senior US embassy official were the clearest public statements yet of US determination to try to limit the influence of the Sadr movement if it continues to rebuff American overtures. The hardline Shiite bloc won the single biggest number of seats in the Iraqi parliament in March 7 elections but refuses to meet with American officials.

"We accept and understand there are going to be Sadrist ministers, but some of the ministries that have been mentioned in the press as potentially going to the Sadrists happen to be ministries that we look at very closely," said the embassy official in an interview with the Monitor on Saturday."

Wait a minute. What does he mean, "we look at very closely"? It means that "we" -- the O-dministration -- want to control certain government posts if they happen to be not to our liking. Can world leaders do that? Is that legal in the world court? Isn't it simply un-Democratic?

If the world is stupid enough to lift Democracy to a position of glory next to Godliness, then why does it complain when the devil hijacks democratic governments? It's to be expected that evil will have a say in a democracy simply because evil people are part of the people. Even Western courts give evil people equal rights. And the worst part of Democracy: the devil has long-ago hijacked Western democracy, but the leaders don't care, or don't acknowledge it, or are helpless to do anything about it.

A Democracy works only when God's standards are made Constitutional. A Democracy works when Christians define what is good, and what is evil, and then disallow what is evil as the groundwork for the Democracy. In God's government, people are not allowed to say or do anything they want to. Modern freedom and liberty is not God. Freedom in God's government exists outside the realm of evil. We are free to do anything, but evil. How can there be a successful democracy unless all evil is outlawed before the democracy takes effect? But Western leaders call this the censorship word.

There's really only one solution: divide the country into two. The Christians on one side, and those who hate Christians on the other. That's exactly what is about to happen, and the ones who hate Christians won't like where they are about to be located. It's really hot down there.

What happens when the world trains more and more professional hackers? What happens to the world doing business on a foundation of computer networks? What happens when people in the corporate and governmental worlds compromise the secret documents of their own companies/institutions to "news" organizations such as WikiLeaks? There is nothing that can weaken the Illuminatists like sudden exposure at the "wrong" time. WikiLeaks is threatening to expose BP and large banks, and the way he's being treated, and the way he's sounding, it looks like it's going to take place. See

December 8

A man that does his duty or keeps legal in business does things that will disqualify him from the Kingdom of God. A man approaches a mini-storage unit with one item and asks what the rate is for one compartment for just one day. The owner says that the rates are only per month, $100, but that he'll do a day rental for $50. The man says, "I'll give you $20." The owner turns it down and sends him away because the owner doesn't want to be bothered to open the door and close it again for a mere $20.

But a Christian owner, who reads the Word and knows to be charitable in life, would have opened and closed the door gladly for no money in return, just as a favor to the man, and to put a smile on God's heart. Both owners do what's legal, but only one gets into the Kingdom.

One doesn't have to read the Word over and over again to know what sort of charity pleases God. It's not the reading of the Word that blesses, but doing things for others. A business should be concerned not only about self, but about the other half of the deal: the "consumer."

Prices are being held high through the current recession. Is this charity? Business people have developed a certain mindset that products for sale must have a certain percentage of mark-up. But why? Suppose a retail store only needs to order one item, but not stock it. How much does the store want for making a phone call, unloading the box from a truck, and then putting the box into the customer's vehicle? Some store owners simply won't touch that for $50. Any common worker would find $50 per 15 minutes of time a dream come true. But some items in a single box bring in $500 profit. Is it right for a retail store to make a percentage of mark-up, therefore, when the profit is that high for a single item? You know God doesn't like it. But this is standard Business 101 in the world today. It's taught to the people.

A man purchases 10,000 square feet of floor space to serve as a warehouse but with a small retail room at the front. He pays a million dollars for the place, which sounds like a lot, but it's only $100 per square foot. He has more than $100 of product per square foot (including the isles) sitting in the warehouse. He only needs to sell less than the full contents of the warehouse, once, to make his money back for purchase of the building. Does God think that his prices are too high? It depends on how long it takes to sell his product, and how much he makes on products not stocked. If he sells the entire contents in one year, he is charging too much. But standard Business 101 says that this is the right way to operate, and of course it's legal even though their are losers: the consumers (forced to pay too much).

What's this got to do with prophecy? Everything. Globalists want globalism to make their business profits still more lucrative. They never have enough. They never think of the "consumer" except to think of him/her as a consumer of their goods. They devise ways to lure the consumer into paying as mush as possible. They never ask how much the fair price is. One doesn't have to be fair to be legal, and that's the difference between the laws of man and the Laws of God.

Is it right for one man to have 10,000 square feet of floor space, putting out of business, or in the poor house, everyone else in town with just 500 square feet? Does God only concern himself with the successful people? Shouldn't the laws of men try to balance such situations, or protect the smaller guys? There are no such protections or agendas that I know of. The Walmarts of the world are moving in everywhere.

But the reality is that the Walmarts of the world are punishing small businesses that were charging too much. The Walmarts of the world can be successful because they only need charge less than the small business, and that's easy because small businesses were too high in the first place, for they operated on the mark-up of standard Business 101.

But the Walmarts of the world aren't in business to be charitable; they undercut the small guys... by as little as possible to lure everyone their way. People will shop at Walmart, me included at times, to save five or ten dollars.

The Walmarts of the world could charge a lot less and still put food on the yachts of its owners. The other reality is that the Walmarts of the world are asking manufacturers for their seconds, the slightly defective products that would otherwise need repair or the scrap heap. You'll find many of these seconds at the local dollar store, but some are "good enough" to be sold at the giant stores. The Walmarts of the world are making more profit on seconds than they do on firsts, and consumers are the ones who get burned when the seconds fail before their time. Ahh, the lure of the Walmarts of the world. When will we ever learn?

You might say that common people have never lived better than today. But I would say that God never intended man to work a full year with a couple of weeks vacation time. If He wanted that, he would have created do the work a lot better. But God despises the tall skyscrapers, the symbols of too much work done by the peoples. Work, work, work; build, build, build. Is this what God intended for humanity?

Some people like to work because life gets boring otherwise. But that's only because they haven't enough money to do anything special when not working, for the modern world has taken too much of their earnings just to pay the bills. What about six months of work and six months of sailing in your own sailboat? Elect me, and that's what I'll give the peasants. Obama has no such thing in mind for you, and neither do other government leaders...who get more than two weeks off each year.

Yes, God said there are six days for working, but that's not His Law. He doesn't say, "Thou shalt work six days per week and no less." The Law speaks only to Lawbreakers; in this case, only to those who love to work and/or to make money seven days per week. Some companies have 14 or even 21 days per week by operating double or triple shifts. To these, the Law says, restrain yourself, and in the meantime give the slaves/servants a break too.

But the Law doesn't suggest that it's good to work a full six days. It simply leaves six days per week open for work, and simultaneously puts the entire nation on a holiday all on the same day. Excellent idea, O Lord, but even that was recently done away with in some circles, when Sunday was turned into a regular day. And just as satan would have it, Friday night to Saturday night -- the official Sabbath time -- became "party time," a time to get drunk or stoned, or to meet the neighbor's wife at a motel room while the husband is at another motel room with someone else's wife.

Why is the next life called a "Rest" in Hebrews? Is it because God is going to put us to work six days per week? Wasn't work a curse of God in the first place? Didn't He say that man had to work by the sweat of his forehead in return for breaking His Law? Yes, but He didn't mean that we should love our curse, or make servants (or robots) do the work while we rake in more money than we deserve.

For a good and charitable man (I'm of course including women), God always has the option of lessening the sweat, or of making pleasant experiences out of some parts of the work day or job description. And we have future hope in the Rest while we continue in the temporary curse.

God knows that work is good for us, that difficulties make us apply ourselves to learn and be useful, and that no-work turns us into soft reeds or lazy bums. The curse of work will be turned into a blessing. All things WORK for the good of those who love God, but for those who hate God and love their money-making machines, weeds will sooner or later spring up in their machinery, and their sweat will pour out in buckets in the Hot Dark Place, where there will be no rest, day or night.

Do you want the curse of life eased? Take every opportunity to be charitable in your work life. God cannot be unfaithful to His own Word. He said that we will be paid back for what we do, and we can depend on it. Sometimes, "give and it shall be given unto you," has not God, but other people, doing the giving in return; it's only a natural expectation, a natural "law" that even pagans recognize.

Murphy's Law applies to those that are not charitable. God will make situations visibly difficult and ironic for those not practicing sufficient charity. These situations are wake-up calls, not necessarily God's vengeance or spitefulness. Is your life empty? Practice some form of charity. There's a lonely person right down your street. There's a Christian not being charitable enough, doing himself harm, and he needs to be charit-ized. Go show him some charity, and teach him the Light thereby.

What does it mean that we are the Light of the World? Are we merely to teach Truth and give correct direction to God? Aren't we to simultaneously perform some form of good, to meet whatever need we sense that someone has at the moment? There is no other way to make the inside of the cup clean. The dirty insides of the cup were defined by Jesus as greed and pre-occupation with self-interest. That behavior doesn't disappear unless we replace it with a better thing. Does the Water of Life flow inside of us only to meet our own needs? But God wants humanity living in love of humanity.

And that's where the weeds of humanity make me fall. For instead of love, I have hate for humanity, because it has become hateful, worthy of being hated, and God hates it too. I am being ripped off because the society I live in has been taught standard Business 101, and all sorts of similar things that I cannot appreciate. Many rules of modernistic society make life more difficult for me, and on top of that their is spiritual toxicity everywhere, from pornography to abortion to acceptance homosexuality and other liberal forms of human behavior that God never intended.

In short, I don't want to live among dogs chasing the bones of other dogs. I'm not the robot/machine that globalists want to make of me. Governments were formed to do the business of the people at no profit; now governments view the peoples as tools for making profit. The government has become a parasite, feeding on the peoples, seeking to make government grow on the labors of the people. And globalist dogs are behind the governments, to forge life as we know it today, hoping to make us all into the sort of dogs that we always knew, from childhood, was wrong. Most people have accepted being such dogs. But I'm a rebel, and like God, I seek their downfall.

When I go about my day on my trips to town, I try to be pleasant, even though I know that the streets are crawling with God-haters. I try to be uplifting even though I'd rather be somewhere else. I come home very depressed at times, like one who has not been filled to satisfaction by the trip to town. All that existed in town was robots...not programmed to smile or to be charitable. So I smile on them when I'm able, just to get some smiles in return. At the check-out counter, I try to gab with the cashiers, hoping to find some humanity still left inside them. But as you know, cashiers are programmed by their bosses only to say a pleasant hello, and after that they want you gone as soon as possible because time is money.

Imagine how a big city has this situation magnified as compared to a small town. That's why the buildings of the big city must shake and crumble. It's not as though God hasn't given the dogs enough time to see their own dung. They live and tread upon it daily, and yet they say, "I love the city." They don't want to be "country hick" that don't know fashion. Yet the fashion designers are sleazes, intent on luring the peoples into purchasing sex-driven fashions...because "sex sells."

"I love the city," they say, because that's where the moneys at. They don't realize that the money is the dung that lines the streets. They don't realize that they are the willing robots of the corporate giants. They look at the skyscrapers and fail to see that they were built on the money that the robots have worked for all their lives. Instead, they are proud of the tallest skyscraper. And they marvel in the City Lights, as if the lights are not intended to lure them to spend money.

Where the city has no skyscrapers, there are apartment buildings built to save costs by building up through the air rather than laterally along expensive ground. But who made God's ground so expensive? The City. The more expensive the ground, the more taxes the government gets to take from the robots. All land starts off as government-owned land, and then it's sold to a poor sucker who thinks he's found a dream lot. When the suckers build their building on the land, they then have to pay the government money for the rest of their lives, or lose their properties altogether. It's big business with a knife at your throat. Some cities and towns even call themselves "Corporation."

Where the city has no apartment buildings, the houses are crowded close to one another deliberately, like suckers in a can. For the ground is sacred to a city, the foundation for making money from the suckers. Governments have no thought for giving each homeowner as much land as possible between his house and the neighbor, which they could do by creating a law for the purpose. We know that builders of housing communities want to crowd as many houses in as possible, but should our government agents be willing tools of these builders? On who's behalf does the city government act, anyway?

Yes, homeowners have a "choice." There are some exclusive areas in a city with large lots, but only millionaires live there, who got that way with the help of governments that respect "successful" people, who "found" success by over-charging the people because governments do not limit the profit margins that businesses can make. The same city government has a law that forbids us to locate a small tool shed too close to a neighbor's property...lest we offend the neighbor.

City governments are run by a mayor that is usually a "successful" person, and whose friends are likewise. Mayors are in te habit of helping out their friends with governmental help. Why have a perfect stranger build a housing community or a retail plaza when the job can be given to a good return for a "favor." I wouldn't call that charity, though. Giving so that we might have a return is not charity. As Peter says, if we give and don't suffer for it, we shouldn't expect a reward from God. His point was that our sufferings are not for nothing. There will be a Reward. And Jesus said that successful people already have their "reward," and shouldn't expect one Later.

Do not be a successful person, moneywise, if you want the things of God. Never permit yourself to make more money than you deserve or need. Are you really worth $200 per hour, dentist? A carpenter uses a much bigger drill and only makes $40. He lugs much heavier material than a dentist for a cavity filling. The dentist works in a comfortable setting, but carpenters and other builders need to work in some very lousy conditions.

And so some carpenters could start to justify charging as much as dentists. This is another evil of the rich class: the lower classes strive to charge as much as they. But if the dentist would charge only $40 per hour, carpenters would be happy with $15. And the suckers of the city would find more money in their pockets when building their homes. $40 per hour is a fantastic wage. A typical man eats $10 per day (or less). One making $40 per hour has his food paid after only 15 minutes of work. Isn't that hourly rate enough, therefore. Ancient peoples had to work hours daily for their daily food. By what obscenity do we permit dentists to make hundreds of dollars per hour?

Lest you think you have it good for working so little time each day for your food bills, think again. The powers that be (non-governments includes) have arranged the prices of others things to be such that everything we earn, less some pocket money, goes to pay for them. It is said that less than one percent of the population owns more than some 90 percent of the nation's money.

If we think it unwise for governments to legislate caps on incomes, then we could expect federal governments to create a national atmosphere wherein those that make too much are made to feel ostracized rather than honored. We could expect the government to create an atmosphere of fairness for the business community; there are many Biblical themes that could be borrowed for the purpose. But if this were to happen, Armageddon would have to be postponed.

It's true that the common person owns more things today than any other generation of man, but that's largely because governments have gone into huge debt. That action put more money into the community than the community deserved. I don't know how much money each household owes toward the national debt, but if the household were to reduce all its things by that amount, there wouldn't be many things left in the house. Even the junk drawer might become empty.

My children, if they turn out to be common workers, may need to work 20 years to pay off a house mortgage, where the house is just wood, caulk, concrete and glass fibers. None of those materials are (or should be) expensive, and the land under the house is just dirt that was already there; it doesn't cost anything. But the labor to build the house and to produce the materials is through the roof. And the land's price has been hi-jacked by money-sucking dogs of many species. And that's why my children will work many years to pay for their houses, and why they too will tend to become dogs in a dog-ridden world.

God is not happy with all this. Something has to be done. He is restricted only by his Timetable, for by His wisdom he declared a Certain Day for Action, which has not yet arrived. We don't know all the reasons for the choosing of That Day, but one New Testament writer suggested that God's "slowness" is for making more converts. And that slowness was declared in the first century! Aren't we glad today that God did not choose 1930 or earlier as The Day?

To explain how Wikileaks is able to continue amid the push to stop it dead, I found this: "Wikileaks is still online. The full site is duplicated in more than 500 locations." The article says that Visa and mastercard, which many assume will be at the heart of the skincode system, are working to kill WikiLeaks. There's a real war going on, and WikiLeaks chief has been arrested, not on charges having to do with the leaks, but on sexual-assault charges...that he claims are trumped for the purpose at hand.

As per my theory that Obama and WikiLeaks chief have a pact, it could explain this:

"The Obama administration's glib, nonchalant response to the Wikileaks security breach...While the president himself has said virtually nothing about the scandal, the response of his proxies has been even worse. Attorney General Eric Holder assures us that he's doing something, but won't go into specifics. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made light of the issue, joking: 'I'm writing a cable about it, which I'm sure you'll find soon on your closest website.' White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs downplayed the impact of Wikileaks, telling Fox and Friends: 'We should never be afraid of one guy who popped down thirty-five dollars and bought a web address.'"

Apparently, Obama has directed his staff to just ignore WikiLeaks.

Maliki hasn't even formed his full house yet, and yet Allawi is already threatening to jump ship:

"Iyad Allawi, who won the most votes in Iraq's elections, threatened to quit a power-sharing government in an interview with Britain's Times newspaper [yesterday].

'Power-sharing is not happening,' Allawi said. 'It is not set to work in a meaningful way... If it does not change, I will not participate.'

...'Iran has obstructed the way to power-sharing. They have a red line against me personally and they do not want Iraqiya [= Allawi's party] to participate in the new government.'"

Allawi sounds like he's aping the O-Western line against Iranian influence, and more and more indications are advancing to the effect of Iran's hold on the New Iraq. This situation will more-easily allow anti-Western interests into Iraq, and one of them coming to mind is Russia, and another is Gog, the man.

Maliki is telling that his new government is essentially formed:

"DAMASCUS - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has promised that his new coalition government will be ready by December 15...

...When the deal to form a new government was finally approved in November, United States President Barack Obama spoke to Allawi over the phone, assuring him that the council [a new one, headed by Allawi] would have real powers, almost equal to those of the prime minister, and would not be a symbolic or ceremonial one."

BUT, is the new council a Western one with Allawi serving as mere puppet? Has the O-West tried to cleverly arrange a co-rule of Iraq through the formation of this council? What's to stop Obama from giving Allawi "advice" when this council takes effect, and what's to make Allawi reject that advice? We can assume that Allawi will be given typical Illuminati treatment: either shape up to our agenda, or be ruined. If things get really bad, Allawi's family could be threatened.

The article goes on to say that Allawi, not a government member himself, could become the speaker of the House, sort of:

"...In addition to hammering out the logistics of the new council, the Iraqi National List (al-Iraqiya) that is headed by Allawi is making strong demands...[for] expanding the powers of the speaker of parliament, who [the Iraqiya party] got to name in November, and not sharing them with any of the speaker's deputies.

The Iraqi National Alliance (INA) is strongly opposed to this suggestion, realizing that it would make Allawi the de facto speaker of parliament, in addition to his duties as council chairman. Among other things, Allawi's Iraqi National List was earmarked to name the minister of foreign affairs, but it is now clear that post will continue to be held by the Kurds..."

One gets the impression that globalists are toying with Allawi, making him think that they are for his interests. But Allawi can't be that dull. He's only playing stupid, hoping that Western fingers can get him higher into Iraq's power structures. He's apparently given his entire fate to Western fingers. But then, if there is success, he will owe the fingers their due, and their due is always too high.

The West now has the Kurds, Allawi, and some of the Baathists, for use in controlling Iraq. The article goes on to give some details of the developing oil situation, including the choosing of a deputy for the oil department, and all this must be supremely important to globalists. Apparently, Maliki has charge of the oil industry, and he has some bones against both Obama and Putin.

Another article today, "Iraqi Kurdish region to resume oil export": "...'The problems between Baghdad and the {Kurdish} region are supposed to be resolved and they will start to export crude oil in early next year,' [Iraq's Oil Minister] Shahristani told reporters at a news conference in Baghdad." Sure, the problems have been resolved already because Maliki needs the Kurds right now to form his government. But next year is a long ways off, and global oil interests have already been waiting too long.

The more that Maliki sees O-fingers working with Allawi to undermine his government, the more that Maliki will seek to keep the O-oil people shut out. The O-people would like to worm their way into friendly relations with Maliki, but Maliki appears dedicated to Iran instead. Moreover, it couldn't have escaped Maliki that O-claws are seeking to grip the Kurd oil fields too.

December 9

Everyone's got personal demons at one time or another, but I mean that literally. The job of a demon is to take glory and pleasure in deceiving us. They will act like friends beside or within us to capture our trust, and if they can convince us that they are the Spirit of God within us, they can seek to make us into false Christians or worse, false teachers/prophets. But the person who knows the Word of Jesus will not be deceived easily. Jesus came and spoke Truth so that we might read it and know a means to defeat our personal demons.

The job of a demon is to change our behavior. Sometimes a normal soul at peace will take on a sudden demonic tangent. But the one who knows the Word cannot go far down an erroneous path, unless they have become accustomed to disobedience for the pleasure that it might provide. There is a difference between the one who is misled unhappily, and the one who loves to be misled, who calls the wrong road the right way, who says good guys finish last.

I've recently been to the house of a Mormon from a Mormon family. She is the wife of a friend that I go see whenever he invites me (every few months for the past two years). She'll watch any evil movie (at home), and invite me to see it too, and yet she can turn on a dime and start preaching and teaching Biblical concepts like any typical Christian (though she also keeps the strange Mormon ideas too).

One can know the word of God and yet not always obey the Spirit of God that warns to refrain from evil pleasures and behaviors. But worse, it can become a pattern based on searing one's own conscience. The Pharisees were like that. Some of the Israeli priests didn't even believe in eternal life, yet we can assume that they brought their sons up to be fellow priests or priest-like.

A demon is nothing to fear except for the sheer "hell" that they can make of our life and soul. They cannot kill the body like a murderer can, or they would have done us all in by now. But they can influence the thoughts and cause all sorts of destruction thereby. They can also give birth to desires by thoughts or pictures created in our minds. They can not only cause us to decide a certain issue or controversy in one way or the other, but can create an entire world view -- any belief system whatsoever -- for us to adopt.

Where does the Mormon idea come from that God has a flesh body, and that all men will become Gods, Saviors ruling their own planets with their own Marys and "Sons of God"? There have been millions, even billions, of ideas on what God is like, and how we as humans should live for that God. Individuals the world over develop such ideas for their personal "benefit." But Christians stick to the Word of Jesus, trusting that His ways are the only right ways, no matter how ferocious demons might be toward us. They can try to make us feel like losers, of no report or value. They can make others hate us, isolate us, persecute us. Jesus is an example of such treatment. But by the Truth we will conquer, Lord willing, even if by the skin of our pants.

There is no way that demons will escape their reward. And when God comes with terrifying Appearance, the demons will be solidly in place within the souls of those who have hated God. The peoples will be terrified, and will be treated without mercy. But there will be others who have not hated God, yet lived much of life in ways catered to them by their personal demons. According to Jesus, I don't think they're going to be Saved.

If you want to be a true Christian, know Him. Know first what He says, and keep to the Way. One can't read the words of Jesus just once and then apply himself to the Christian life. It takes training. But it also takes careful inspection of what's going on in the thoughts, of who is governing or facilitating the thoughts. It's a job to remain a Christian in this world, and as with any work day, weakness, tiredness, and apathy sets in after "the work day." Keep it light and on cruise mode, for too much strain in trying to be a Christian can lead to burn out. And weak periods can be taken advantage of by impish spirits.

I can't imagine a healthy Christian who watches television without qualms. The commercials alone are enough to make one suppress or forget the Christian life. A constant diet of television will not only kill your dedication to God, but will show Him how little you truly love Him. The idea that demons wish to present to your mind apart from television are impressed much deeper with television, for the people who produce television can be led/influenced by demons. Then there are satan worshipers who make that sort of corruption part of life's goals, and they do know the power of television and other "arts" for the purpose.

Why do people latch onto demons happily? Because they give powers, or at least the people think they have access to powers that will make them "successful" and/or provide a full life...unlike the empty ones that a good guy lives (so they think). Often, these are powers to deceive and trick others, powers for "getting ahead." The person who uses such deceptive or pathetic means does not advertise it, yet glories secretly in it. That one is locked-in with demonic influence. That one will do much evil to others to make a "better" way for himself. Secret adultery, and cheating in other ways, is his personal glory and pleasure.

Demons will empower such a one, and that in a nutshell is the makings of a group of people that run the world, the Illuminati, as some call it, though there are many such groups, not all affiliated or seeing eye to eye. They spread their ways when ruling the world, and create copies of themselves to be their friends, associates, business partners, fellow politicians, or even priests/pastors.

But God laughs without regard for these types. I know, I was one of them. Good for me, I changed my ways in my early 20s. The repair job was difficult even then; imagine how hopeless it must feel for someone wanting to change ways at 70 years of age. That's my friend who married the Mormon. He started out as my landlord for a few months (while I was purchasing a piece of land), but then motioned that he wanted to become friends. Last time I visited, she was telling us that he had changed his ways lots toward God in the past couple of years. I hope it hasn't been the Mormonism.

It takes time to make a person desire God or to see his need of God, and then it is still more difficult to make one see the Correct God (especially if he has a Mormon wife). There is no way to direct one to the Correct God unless one points to Jesus. When one thirsts for Jesus and reads His Word, the Light enters in and starts to make the soul cleaner. That's just how it works, just The Plan.

I sat at a table in this household quite a few times with Mormon missionaries that she invited over on Sundays after church. He would knock on my door to invite me for lunch at those times. The Missionaries would pray at the table, and then after lunch would give their message of God, and they sounded so very much like regular evangelists. They were both young men and women no more than about 20 years old, serving their mandatory two years as "missionaries." They were deceived into believing that they are "elders" for God, and they were sent into an incorrect view of God even while having slices of the Truth.

It's a mind-bending reality. They share God's Word on the one hand, and simultaneously share from a Book of Mormon that was written by an adulterous band of wicked Freemasons. They truly believe that they are Christians, and may even strive at times to be such, yet they hate/reject a Protestant, or an evangelist of that stripe, because he/she is not into Mormonism, which they consider the true path of God. And they (though not just Mormons) work to convert and trap anyone who has had some desires to turn onto God.

Jesus said of the Pharisees that they travel far and wide to make converts, and then make them twice the sons of hell that they are. That's what those young missionaries can expect if they remain Mormons. They cannot be wholly deceived; there must be some evil vein in their souls that keeps them in the Mormon church. I don't know what that vein is, but they will not acknowledge, openly anyway, that Mormons were founded by, and run by, false Christians, even though it's obvious.

It's a difficult thing to explain. Pharisees claimed to love Moses and the Law of God, yet Jesus said they had no love of God in their hearts. How can such a contradiction exist? Yet the contradiction ruled the entire nation of the Jews. And later, the same contradiction conquered Jerusalem and made it twice the city of hell under Templar powers.

I don't know whether demons stick as a rule to certain bloodlines, but certainly the concept of personal demons suggests that they remain in households so that children become influenced by the same demons affecting the parents. Even though they don't acknowledge the household demons, all household members can develop some mindsets that are generally comparable. But what happens in households where the people invite the demons to participate in their lives?

A group of satanists is subtly dangerous, and if the household isn't such a group, any member can join a satanic church, and that's the local Masonic lodge. Underneath the gentlemen are their demons seeking various sorts of soft-core malice that can be engineered into hard-core destruction.

One needs to look this reality in the face. We must tell our demons that we are not going to empower them by going along with their plans for us. Just resist, it's easy if you want to, and the demons will flee seeking better prospects. They might return, and they might find you on guard, or not. There are no rules that they play by.

And that's the meaning of the Coming Rest. No more demonic plagues. No more slithering snakes in our midst seeking the soul's destruction. The Rest is Release, like one suffering a painful ailment when, suddenly, it just vanishes, replaced by perfect peace. Blessed is the one going through the door of death, finding it.

It turns Jesus off when a Christian brags or feels proud about personal commitment to God, and yet routinely fails tests under demonic activity. Every demonic attack is a test. And God watches, or at least the results are reported to Him. Don't be like the Pharisees who couldn't get mercy from God because they failed even to acknowledge their weaknesses and sins. Acknowledging sin is the only way to begin receiving mercy. You'll read that in the Bible. The next step is to feel badly for sin, and finally there must be an attempt to correct the behavior.

The more that demons get you down with bad situations and crises, the less you'll be able to muster mustard for changing bad behavior. But God wants an effort anyway. The Rest will be a better Release for those that try and succeed than for those who try and largely give up. Aging doesn't make us stronger, and that's partly why older people have a harder time changing. Get it right while you're young, and you're off to the races. But get it right, says me to myself as well, before it's too late.

Wikileaks is saying that the only way to stop it is to shut down the entire Internet. Could this be the plan? For globalists to shut down the Internet temporarily while they conduct a massive world-changing plan? That way, what they're doing won't get around, and in the meantime they can persecute and try to "purge" the Internet of their enemies. Just a thought.

There is a whistle blower by the surname of Tucker who claims to spill the beans of annual Bilderberg meetings. More than a year after When Tucker claimed that one meeting discussed the implantation of the skincode, I wondered whether he was a fake planted by the Bilderbergs themselves to report false things, toying with the Internet's conspiracy hunters. That suspicion was before I got to the Tokers and Teagues and other things Teucer.

Not everyone with a Tucker name is an Illuminatist, of course, but in this case one can wonder. Are there Illuminati groups in conflict, one or more groups opposing the Bilderbergs?

Entering "Tucker" brings up the Toker Coat. I would suggest that Tuckers are among the Polish/Bohemian bloodlines, and can assume that some Illuminati groups oppose the Polish/Bohemian bloodlines. The paw in the Toker/Tucker Crest is said to be a lion, but it's in tiger colors, is it not?

Let's assume that Tucker is genuinely reporting the realities:

"The 2010 Bilderberg agenda has been revealed by veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker and it paints a picture of crisis for the globalists, who are furious at the increased exposure their gatherings have received in recent years, as well as being dismayed at their failure to rescue both the Euro and the failing carbon tax agenda, but more alarmingly according to Tucker, the majority of Bilderberg members are now in favor of military air strikes on Iran" [hmm, Tucker has his own political hopes].

...According to Tucker, Bilderberg luminaries are dismayed at the fact that 'many important people' are not attending this year because, due to increasing exposure, invitees are 'getting in trouble at home' and constituents are embarrassing them by asking irate questions such as 'what are you doing with these monsters?'

"...This dovetails with the revelations overheard by Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton at the Hotel Dolce Sitges before the meeting began when he heard conference organizers lamenting the fact that protest numbers are growing at Bilderberg events each year and that they represent a 'threat' to Bilderberg's agenda."

Could such a thing shut down the Internet? Yes, if globalists can't get their major agenda passed, all because of Internet freedom of information, the globalists will at least wish to shut the Internet down. Their problem is, they want a global Internet economy, and would therefore be shooting themselves in the foot.

They've got to figure a way to shut down their enemies while keeping the Internet open...OR, shut down the whole thing temporarily while they deal with enemies and meanwhile re-hang the main strings of their global agendas.

The article continues:

"...In addition, prominent Bilderberg Zbigniew Brzezinski [Traby family], the man who warned recently that a 'global political awakening' was threatening to derail the move towards global government, was expected to be in attendance at this year's meeting.

Tucker named his source as an international financial consultant who personally knows Bilderberg members and has done business with them for the past 20 years.

Turning to Iran, Tucker said that many Bilderberg members, including Brzezinski, were in favor of U.S. air strikes on Iran and were 'leaning towards war'...

Where proud globalists (who joke about being God) are severely frustrated and therefore gravely desperate, they might do what their consciences warn against: an invasion on Iran. This is the fast-route to dealing with the Iraqi failure, and we might assume that commander Mattis is for an invasion on Iran too, perhaps in the throws of planning it's final steps.

Then again, Tucker might be a Bilderberg plant for sending political enemies false but useful information. If Iran can be made to think that globalists are actually planning an attack, Iran might became very malleable, or even topple-able, to be replaced by a West-friendly regime.

Now that WikiLeaks has gotten into the ExpoSay business in a threatening way that the proud peacocks never imagined, we can wonder how much more nail-biting the globalists can take before shutting down the Internet. Even if Wikileaks is another tool to send false (or true) but useful information to enemies, it can be deemed a threat to justify shutting down the Internet...which might be a good thing for Christianity as it plans its trib retreat (the last thing they need is to share info on trib retreats online).

I read yesterday that the Russians are laughing off WikiLeaks as nothing troublesome to the reset button. That's exactly what a planned WikiLeaks operation would be expected to do, to offend the Putin team only minimally so as to make it appear like an authentic leak, and then be absent of any serious American agenda to minimize/humble the Putin machine toward a joint West-Russia globalism.

Tucker gives the impression that Bilderbergs want the Euro to succeed, which could be true, but then there are globalists who want it replaced with a global currency...and they could just be the Bilderbergs. In other words, what if Tucker is reporting false info to the effect that Bilderbergs want the Euro to succeed when in fact Bilderbergs are the ones seeking to replace it? One way to disguise the assault on the Euro is to have Tucker announce that Bilderbergs are for it:

"On the subject of the euro, Tucker said that the Bilderberg elitists were determined to save the single currency even as it collapsed to a new 4-year-low at $1.19 against the dollar yesterday afternoon. As we have highlighted, the globalists are panicking at the euro's fall...If the euro were to cease to exist, it would all but derail the ultimate agenda for a global currency because the perceived stability of using one currency for a plethora of nations would be discredited."

But what if the Euro was intended just a stepping stone and a pilot project all at once toward a global currency?

There seems to be no doubt that Tucker opposes Obama. Tucker could be a Republican tool, therefore, and indeed the Republican Illuminati works out of the Bohemian Grove likely because they are from the Polish/Bohemian Illuminati. Then again, I did just trace Obama's a Hillary's bloodline to the Neckar river, where I think the Teagues (Tucker-like heraldry symbol) were too. Perhaps the Teagues are fighting it out for world supremacy with the Tokers. I wish it were as simple as that.

Do you remember Obama's plan to charge banks a fee toward an insurance policy fund for failing banks? "Tucker said that Bilderberg were intent on mandating a bank tax paid directly to the IMF to fund global governance and a global treasury department under the IMF, and that this would then merely be passed on to the consumer." This rings very true to me, suggesting that Tucker is for real.

Yet the question must be asked how the Tuckers and Jones' of the Internet world can survive when creating so much dismay and ruin for globalists agendas in the trillions of dollars. Bilderbergs can afford some hit people, and it wouldn't be the first time that political enemies were "taken care of."

All the Internet cries are out to everyone: Obama is a scam working for globalist obscenities. And so far as I know, Brzezinski still works on his shoulder. Isn't he also from the Polish bloodlines?

Remember, entering "Tuck" brings up the Teague-like Toke/Touques/Tolkien Coat. Jim Tucker was not on my mind at all when introducing and expanding upon the Teagues, Tougues, Tokers, etc. He came to mind only recently, which is why he appears here today.

I was on the Taffey surname earlier on this page, and mentioned the Taffy/David surname too that I link to the cartoon character, Daffy Duck. Look at the Irish Duck write-up: "First found in County WestMeath, where it belonged to the sept whose chiefs were lords of Gailenga Mor, now Morgallion. The annals tell the story of how the men of Teffia (County Meath) slew Cuan O Lothchain..." It appears that the creator of daffy Duck has this family in mind, and the Duck surname is properly Lohan/Logan, no doubt the Lohengrin and Logen/Loken swan line.

I see a link of the Taffey Coat's lattice to the Cott Cottians, who lived in interior Liguria (where the swan line lived). Note that both the Ducks and the Taffeys use "hoc" as a motto term. I had traced the Cott surname to the Codds, and they to the Hacks/Hicks, not just because the latter use a hake fish, a species of cod, but because both Shields are identical. The Hykes were first found in Norfolk, where the English Ducks/Duches were first found.

"Daffy Duck is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons," created by Tex Avery and Bob Clampett. The Avery Coat is in Vere colors, using what appears as the Catholic sun god (held by a lion's paw; a lion's paw is also the Tucker Crest). The sun god is the gold besant, used also by the Clampett/Clement Coat! Family ties, no doubt. The latter Coat uses the same saw-like symbol as the Marina Coat, and I link that latter surname to the French/NormanMerits/Mereys, who I suspected (months/years ago) are in code in "Merrie Melodies."

I've been on this Daffy Duck topic before, and the reason that I linked the Magdalene cult fundamentally to the Merits/Mereys is that I had previously traced the Magdalane cult to the red-on-white lion of the Irish Dallens/Delaneys (to make a long story shorter). Then, when entering "Merrie," a red-on-white lion was found in the English Merrie/Merrey Coat. The latter surname -- also first in Norfolk with the Ducks/Duchs -- was from a Meret location of Normandy and should therefore link to the French Merits/Mereys, also first in Normandy.

It should be said that the English Merit/Morritt Coat, in Toke/Tuck colors, uses the Toke/Tuck griffin.

As per the Mirrey and Mirrie variations of the Merries, there is a Mire/Mirey surname (Anjou) using a "shrub," perhaps code for Shropshire elements. Hmm, in the same way that "Salop" may have developed into "Shrop," the Mire surname may have been "Milo," the name of Melusine's son, Milo de Vere of Anjou! Or, the Veres may have used a Milo de Ver character that didn't exist in Anjou as code for this Mire family of Anjou.

German Mires/Meiers appear derived in "Mayer," and they use a beautiful blonde (she's in blue on white, Lusignan colors) that could be a refined Melusine. The latter also appears as a beautiful blonde, as for example in the Murray/Moray Crest. Her tail is green, as is the Mire shrub. "Jewish" Meirs/Meiers are in the Mire/Mierer colors, and use a fleur de lys, the symbol of Anjou.

I had remarked that Fulks from Anjou (and kin) used a Shield split in half vertically, like the Maybe Shield. But this alternative German Meier Coat (and the Dutch Meier) do the same. The split Shields of the latter use trees, as does the Maio Coat (colors of the Mire shrub). Tolkien's Maia/Maiar elves come to mind.

German Mires/Meiers (said to be from "mayor") could link to the Maybe surname (with tiger) that I thought could link to Spanish Mayors/Majors. The Crest of the May/Mai surname looks like a tiger in the red color of the Tucker/Toker "lion" paw. The May Shield compares with the Avery Shield, which could be the Alan Shield in colors reversed.

I recall that red square as in the Merrie/Merrey/Mirrie Coat was linked to the Magdalene cult, and it included the same square in the Tout/Tutt Coat. But I don't recall whether I mentioned that the Murray/Moray motto includes, "tout."

As Fulks use "Chi sera sera" as a motto, see this: "According to the Valaquenta in The Silmarillion, each of the Maiar was associated with a particular Vala; for example, Osse and Uinen, who were spirits of the sea, belonged to Ulmo, while Curumo, who came to be known in Middle-earth as Saruman, belonged to Aule the Smith. Sauron also belonged to Aule, before he was corrupted by Melkor."

We know that Fulks developed into Plantagenets, so now is the time to reveal (if I haven't already) that Plantagenets were also the Blocks and Plocks, and, as I suggested (some years ago), "Polk/Pollock" and "Fulk" are essentially the same family.

Here's how it works. The May/Mai Coat uses rectangular blocks, gold on red, indicating kinship with the Plocks/Plucketts (Vere colors) who use red on gold square blocks (German Blocks use red on gold rectangular blocks). The French Plante Coat then shows Plock/Plunkett-like variations such as Planque and Planquette. The Plucketts are also "Plucknett" and "Plugenett."

Daffy Duck was voiced by Mel BLANC.

In my mind, this is proof that Mays/Mais were Fulks too, and to support it, the Plante Coat (Pollock colors) uses the green-on-gold tree of the Maio Coat. Mays/Mais were first in Sussex, where Medleys were first found; the latter use nearly the same motto as the Plocks/Plunketts.

The Plunk/Plunket Coat (surname first in Oxfordshire) has a "lente" motto term, possibly code for the LINDOS-like Lent/LENTON surname, found first near Oxfordshire and LONDON. English Plantagenets were first found in London!

Lentons were first found in Buckinghamshire, where the Highs (Lenton colors) were also first found...who use the symbols of the English Merits (with Toke/Tolkien griffin). The Toke/Tolkien motto uses a Milo-like term.

The Tolkien term is "militia," smacking of "Merrie Melodies." There is a Millet surname first found in...Buckingham! French Millets have a Milez (i.e. like "Milo") variation.

As I trace the Thames river in Oxfordshire to Themis in the ancient Thermodon/Trabzon region, it must be added that the German Milt Coat (Tolkien colors) uses the same design (three horizontal black bars on white) as the Arms of Trabzon empire. DaMorys of Oxfordshire were traced to the THERModon for using DRUMMond waves.

Miltons (split Shield again) were first found in Oxfordshire! I'm hooked: Milo de Vere and his Melusine mother was a Milt and Milton bloodline, linked to the split-Shield Fulks of Anjou. It wouldn't surprise me if they were named after mold and mildew, eh?

There is an English Melody surname, but listed under the Moody clan (though it's traced to "melodia"). The Irish Melody surname is said to be neighbors of the Kennedys, which may explain why both Kennedys and Lents use dolphins.

When seeing that Irish Kennedys were first in Tipperary, the Pendragon link I made (via their motto) to the Tipps surname came to mind, and then, entering "Tipper," a clan first found in Cornwall came up, very interesting because the Pendragon surname was also first found in Cornwall. AND, the Tipper/Tippet Coat uses...dolphins! I see these as Daphne symbols, and I do trace Daphne to the Cornwall peninsula (at Devon).

German Dippers are very Daphne-like, and the Coat with bugles smacks much of the two Pollock Coats.

The Tipper Crest is an arm holding an anchor, same as the English Avis Crest, meaning that the "avise" motto term of the Scottish Kennedys applies to the Avis and Tipper clans. That in turn means that Tipperary (and Kennedys) traces to the Tippers...and likely to the Tipps/Tippins.

As per the theories that the Mires of Anjou were the Milo "elves" from Melusine, and that Melusine Veres were the Meschins/Avranches of Cheshire, we find a Meir family first in Cheshire, but these are the Mares and DeMares, no doubt the DaMorys/DaMerys from Vere-infested Oxfordshire.

The Illuminati. Seek no further. Daffy Duck rules them, and like ducks, the proud and arrogant murderers will sink when the Shotgun of Heaven arrives. Hunting Season is almost here, and we will use their hides for sandals. Or, let the globalists give back to the people what they have stolen, and repay all for the hellish trouble that they've caused the world.


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