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June 11 - 17, 2024

Apophis Asteroid Could Land in 2029
It's Looking More and More Like it Will

Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names.

If you've heard my possible reasons for God's pointing to the Apophis asteroid, you can skip this section. Or, because it's amazing, why not read it again with some new information.

The major surname in this story is the MacKenzie, wherefore I'll start by repeating that, in 1987, Miss Hicks was the trophy girl for her team when it won a barbecue contest in Baytown, Texas. There's this photo with her husband, Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick, standing with Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot for Bud Light beer. You can read his name, and the names of his two sons, in the photo's caption.

Load MacKenzie Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

I'm including the page above from my files in case the page below disappears. This webpage, showing the newspaper page having the photo above, once allowed me to read the text of the story, but not now.

However, I saved the text (link below), though it's all jumbled for a reason I don't know. It includes: "...Charlotte Kilpatrick, trophy girl;...the second annual Baytown World Championship Barbecue Cookoff at Baytown Fairgrounds. The team is sponsored by Baytown BudWEISER...From left are Doug Going, cookoff co-sponsor; team members Randy Hanle, Leroy Berckenhoff, Dwayne Adams; Charlotte Kilpatrick, trophy girl;..." You can see her holding the trophy to the right of the red border in a photo at the link above.

Charlotte was born, Charlotte Hicks (one can find this online by googling both she and her husband), and there's an Apophis-reason why I'm using her birth surname. The page showing text has since been removed from online access unless one signs in (click link at page below, and sign in to see it).

I highlighted "BudWEISER" because the Weis(er)/Wise surname has a Coat looking related to the English Mountain surname. English Wise's were first found in Devon with Kenns. Although the MacKenzie/KENNeth Crest has what looks like a rock, Hall of Names tells that it's a "mountain in flames." This squares excellently with the Second Trumpet of Revelation, where John sees a "AS a mountain aBLAZE was cast into the sea."

I've highlighted "as," the term used in my New Testament Interlinear by Alfred Marshall (Bible translations usually use "like a mountain") because the MacKenzie motto, of the other Scottish MacKenzie surname, includes an "as ASTRA" phrase, and Apophis is an ASTERoid. These MacKenzie's use a "dexter hand" to go with the "dexter paw" of Kilpatricks, while Huckaby-connectable Hucks share the double fesses of Dexters.

We now begin to ask whether these things are coincidental, or whether God set them all up in order that we may know that this asteroid is landing on earth as the fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet. I didn't pick the Baytown article above out of a hat, and I'll shortly tell why it appears related to a dream I had roughly at the start of April, 1979, almost 50 years to the day of Apophis' return on April 13, 2029, and almost 42 years after the date of the Baytown article on April 9, 1987. I don't remember the date of the dream, but some weeks/months after I had it, convinced that it was a dream from God, I tried to remember the date, and settled on the end of March, beginning of April.

Before I get to that dream, and reveal why I thought Miss Hicks was in it, I'd like to add that the father of Miss Hicks was Mr. Hicks. And king Apophis belonged to a HYKSos people group. An article I read decades ago told that the Hyksos king, Khyan, had a son who did not ascend to the throne, but that Apophis did instead. One can then ask whether God arranged the MacKENZie surname because he knows that it descends from "Khyan."

In the 21st dynasty of Egyptian kings, a few dynasties after the Hyksos were booted out of Egypt, the Meshwesh ruled the Nile Delta in their stead. The Meshwesh (north-African Amazons) probably named the Massylii people group to which the Numidian king, Massena/Massinissa (north Africa), belonged, and while I was in the 1979 dream with dream with Miss Hicks, my mother's Masci bloodline is related to the Massena surname, as one can glean by comparing their Coats. Irish Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys, yet they are also those of Hicks-branch Hooks (Devon).

African Amazons are often called, BERBers, which goes with "barbecue." English Barbers almost have the Coat of the Berbers, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks', half in the colors of the Massey fleur-de-lys. The latter's winged "Pegasus" is probably the one in the Crest of MassenGALE's/Messengers, whom I looked up because the Baytown article has "Bobby Massengale, cookoff co-sponsor." Gale's, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks' and English Galleys, can take us to French Galleys, first found in Dauphine with Galli's who in turn share a giant, gold rooster with French Gays (Savoy with French Masseys and Maschi-connectable French Chance's), whom I trace to Massena's father, king GAIA/GALA. And I haven't even gotten to the point yet, which is: MacKENZie-like Kenza was a Numidian queen.

While I'm here, I may as well add that king Massena joined general SCIPio of the Romans to defeat a Numidian ruler, Syphax. More than a thousand years later, the Masci-branch Meschins married SKIPtons of Yorkshire, who share the purple lion with Irish LACE's/Lacys while Massina's predecessor was LACumazes. Read also as "LacuMAZES," for Meshwesh were also, "Mazyes." Purple is used by Cooks, and the barbecue COOKoff contest can apply.

Especially as Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Gards, I've got to go to the Mazes surname because it shares a "Garde" motto term with English Lane's/Lawns (Staffordshire with HICKsons) while Irish Lane's/Lawns share the fleur-de-lys of English Barbers. This gets Trump-suspicious because the horizontally-split Shield of English Lane's/Lawns is shared with German BOSS' who in turn share "acorns" with Dutch Tromps who in turn have the horizontally-split colors on a vertically-split Shield. The Tromp Coat has a giant eagle in the colors of the eagle LEGs of Hicksons, and, to boot, German Trumps/Tromps share a "stag" head on a blue Shield with the MacKenzie's who in turn call it "caBOSSed".

If that's not enough, the bend of German Boss' is half in the colors of the bend of Irish Lane's/Lawns, and the Leggs, who almost have the Trump/Tromp stag head, were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. The Leggs use a "buck's head caBOSSed", and the Hicks crest has another "buck" head while English Bucks share the motto of Hicksons (Fido colors), which includes "Fide." Leghs/Leys (beside Hicksons) share a giant red lion with German Bucks. It begs whether the asteroid of Revelation is one of the Trumpets in order to point to Donald Trump (though I have doubts), especially if Trump is the president between January 20, 2025 and January 2029.

On this map, it shows a road from the Sleap location of Sleeps, to Hixon (Staffordshire with Hicksons), for a total of 44 miles. The road goes through Market Drayton while Draytons use an eagle leg in Crest on the gold color of the giant HOOVER and HOOTer/Hutter eagle leg. Miss Hicks was HOVERing in a car when she fell asleep, which was after I saw her at the HOOD of the car. Hoods are also Hoots/Hutts, first found in Devon with Hooks, and with English Seagars while Hoovers use a giant eagle leg in the colors of the giant eagle of German Seagars while English Seagars share a pair of wings (half in the same colors) in Crest with Hoovers. It suggests that Hooters/Hutters use the Seagar eagle too.

Again, Hicksons use giant eagle LEGs, and the Legg Coat is exactly the MacKenzie Coat but with a white stag head. I've told a million times that, in the 1979 dream, I touched the LEG of Miss Hicks. I touched her knee, to be exact, and Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs have a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. Downs were first found in Sussex with Mascals, Tromp-beloved ACORNs, and Vise's/Vice's, and the latter two share the black stag head of Knee's. I've included Mascals because they trace to Mascula of Numidia, likely named by the Massylii people group, or vice-versa.

The Staggs/Stage's were first found in Devon (beside Mazes' and Bulls/Bule's both of Somerset) with Syphax-like Spice's, and also with Kenneth- / Kenza-like Kenns'. Messeys were first found in Burgundy with French Mountains who in turn have white bulls, the colors of the Bull/Bule bull heads, and the 1979 dream started with a BULLdog that I deciphered as Donald Trump. It was a short British Bulldog that came walking past my left LEG and Knee height. It JUMPed into a swimming pool, and Jumps (Yorkshire) share the Trump stag head.

The British Bulldog can play to Brittanys/Britains in Mountain colors and format.

Hands/Hanns are in the "hand" of the MacKenzie Crest. The Stagg/Stage stag head is blue, as is the one of Hanna's who in turn have the Trump/Tromp stag head in colors reversed. Hanna's were first found in GALLoway (near first-known Leggs) with Dog-like Dougals who in turn share the quadrants of Bud-like Scottish Bauds and moreover the Dougal motto has "Buaidh." Douglas', who named Castle Douglas near the Kilpatrick castle, were first found in Moray with the Bellys while "bello" is a motto term of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with French Bauds/Bots.

I get the distinct impression that Buds/Bude's / Bute's / Boets were from the Hyksos. The Hurts in the "hurt" of Buds/Bude's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bee's in the Coat of Minds/MUNDs. Bee's almost have the Coat of Ure's/Eure's suspect in the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's. I didn't make Spuds MacKenzie the mascot for Bud beer; how is the heraldry shaping up this way? The Bud/Bude hurt is on a "star," and Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with the Stour river of Sturs while MacKenzie-beloved Asters are Sturs too. Star-using Stairs (not "Stairr") were first found in Kent with Munds/Mundts.

Glasgow is in Renfrewshire, where Hamiltons and Orrs/Ore's were first found. A MacKenzie motto links to Ure's/Orrey's and Nons, and the latter, kin of Knee-like Kness' (Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/Docks), share the crescent of Kness' and ArchiBALDs.

On Wednesday of this week, while into this discussion, a PANE of GLASS, without its frame, was delivered to me, and set in place in the window opening. Pane's are listed with Panico's who share a Kilpatrick Chief. Panico's were first found in Bologna with Guido's/GUIS' who in turn have the Shield of German Balds in colors reversed. GUIScards/WISharts, feasibly of the Weis'/Wise's/WEISERS, were first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's suspect in the "Animo" motto term of Kness'. The Glass was CAULKed on Wednesday, and Caulks/Chalks (Kent with Chaucers) share triple-white and wavy fesses of Sea's, first found in Kent! The Revelation asteroid will land in the sea, and Chaucers share the bend of Asters!!! Lookie there at what the pane of glass has wrought.

It is clear silicone, and Clears are a branch of Clare's who in turn have the Bled Coat in colors reversed while a Bled location is due north of ISTRia. Asters/Sturs are also Isters.

Is God insinuating PANIC when Apophis looks like it's going to land after NASA assures that it'll fly by at 19,000 miles from the earth's surface. I suppose we can say that sea-farers will choke when they drown, for Choke's share the Caulk/Chalk Coat.

Panico's were at the Setta valley that drains into the Reno river, which is why I see Pincs/Pinks as a Panico branch, for they, first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans (share Panico label), share the Reno lozenges. I kid you not, that before putting back the window trim for this pane of glass (it was previously plexiglass), I stuffed PINK insulation where appropriate. French Pagans/Payens are also Pans. Pings/Pagans and English Pagans/Pagnells (Yorkshire) share the Kenny fleur-de-lys.

This pane is so large it needed to be TEMPERed glass, and then Temperleys, in the colors of Scottish Temple's (Ayrshire), can take us to English Temple's, the latter first found in Cheshire with the BOWDens, and with the Birds/Burds (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) in the Panico "bird." Temperleys were first found in Bowden of Cheshire. Temple's share the giant DORia eagle, yet it's also the one of Candels/Candida's/Candi's, first found in Naples with Italian Pagans. Then, DORset is where Beautys/BOWDs were first found. I caulked the glass with SILICone, and Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire with Doors!

The eagle of Temple's (same place as Hick-connectable Leghs/Leys) eagle is in the colors of the eagle legs of neighboring Hicksons while Hicks were at Cornwall's St. Ewe while Ewe's/Cuists have the Temple Coat in half its colors while Temple's named Temple in Cornwall. I was going to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake, and Kiss' have a Cuist-like Cush variation while Kilpatricks use CUSHions while Ewe's/Cuists share the giant Cusson eagle. See that? That can't be coincidental?

Sleeping Beauty was first seen at the hood of a car, and then the Bowden quadrants are colors reversed from the ones of German Ottens (Bavaria with WISE's/Weisers) while Odin-branch Oddie's/Hoddys have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-fret of Hoods (Devon with WISE's). The latter were first found in Devon with the Walerans who have a bull-head version of the Beauty/Bowd Coat, but also with English Ottens who share an upright and giant black bear with BEERs (Devon!). Ottone VISconti ruled Milan, where Bono's (share Odin lion) were first found who almost have the Otone Coat, and the VISE's were first found in Sussex with Oddeys/Hoad's/Odo's. Dutch Tromps, sharing the Temple Coat, can be linked to Vise's and their Acorn kin, and then the Trump stag head is with the Patria's/PEARtree's in the Oddey/Hoad/Odo motto. Pero's share the Wise/Weiser hexagrams.

The glass was caulked with SILICone while SILKs/SEEDYs share the giant lion of Odins. SEEDs are listed with Seats, and Panico's'/Pane's were at the SETTa valley!

[Insert -- During the spell-check of this update, upon getting to the "luCEAT" motto term of Kennys, I wondered whether this was part-code for a branch of Seeds/Seats/Seets, and then I remembered that the other Irish Kennys share the greyhound (different position) of Bologna's! The Setta valley is at Bologna, also called. Bononia, and the MacKenzie-connectable Orrs/Ore's have a "Bona" and Bonia" motto term. I've never known for sure until now that Seeds/Seats are of the namers of the Setta valley. The grayHOUND indicates Hungarians and/or the Huns. See the Hun and Hungar surnames, and compare with Grays. "Bononia" was the name also of Boulogne, home of Eustace II who will be traced to Hungarians later in this update.

The courant Kenny greyhound can be gleaned in the Pepe/Peppard Crest because Peppers use "scythes" while Scythe's/Skits/Skeets/Skeochs share the Coat of Setta-like Sheets. End insert]

Silk-like SELKirks share Douglas symbols and motto! Douglas', sharing "flames" with MacKenzie's (!), may have merged with Glass' to get their DuGLASS variation!! Glass' were first found in Bude-like BUTE with McKINNEY-branch Kims, and McKinneys were first found in PEEBLES-shire with Balds. Baldwins (Shropshire with Hunters) share the saltire of Hunter-connectable Kilpatricks. Peeble's are also Peoples' while Pepins/Pepys are also People's. It appears that the line of king Apophis named Peebles.

Peeble's use "parrots" while Parrots share the Chief-Shield combination of English Lease's (Northumberland with Store's/Sturs) while English Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Sturs and Poppins/Pophams while Scottish Lise's/Lease's (Dumfries again) share the double Popp/Papp/Pope chevrons.

BEHOLD. Choke's were first found in Berkshire with Boots, and with Boyd-connectable Points in the "star of SEVEN POINTS" of Buds/Bude's. Ure's/Orreys can be gleaned as a branch of Aurs/Aures' in the "auro" motto term of Sevens! The latter share the besants of MacKenzie-beloved Flame's. Boyds (Ayrshire with Ure's/Orreys) share two fingers pointing with Points. The Pense's in the Point motto look like kin of Choke-like Coke's, the latter first found in Derbyshire with a Hope location, and Hope's were first found in Shropshire with English Boyds. I'll show later why Hope's are Apophis-asteroid important. Thus, Buds were a Boyd branch almost-certainly.

Dave Boyd Insert (will return to topic after this short section)

This recalls Dave Boyd at my high-school bus stop. This story is in about a half-dozen of my updates to prove I'm not making it up here. The earliest I can find it is the second update of January, 2017:

But one day [Dave Boyd] asked to see my cigarette lighter, and he dropped it (threw it in disgust] to the ground in front of the others waiting for the bus. "Pick it up," I said. And when he refused, I slapped him in the face. Fortunately, he picked it up, and handed it to me, and that was the end of it. But "lighter" is a motto term of Ayers, and Ayrshire faces Bute, where Boyds lived. Therefore, did God make Boyd drop my lighter to make me remember it, so that I would seek the reason for a Lite/Light / Leto / Letter link to Boyds? Leto's use a crane drinking from a POND...

Although Leto's don't mention a pond (my mistake, it only looks like one), it's Apophis-interesting because Ponds, first found in Hampshire with Sturs, and near the first-known Lights/Lite's, are like the Boyd-connectable Points. Ponds even share the black boar head with Boths/Booths. Ponders almost have the Pond Coat, and it just so happens that Chapmans/Chepmans, with a "pondere" motto term, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ponders and Crabs! Apophis is returning in 2029 in the crab constellation of Cancer!!! Lookie there.

Hold on to your wildest expectations: the English Bridge's who use "crabs" have an English Bridge branch, both first found in Somerset with Lights/Lite's, and the second-mentioned Bridge's are in Light/Lite colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. That doesn't look coincidental.

Bridge-branch Scottish Bride's, with a patee cross colors reversed from the same of Ponds, were first found in Angus with the Gardens and Jardins suspect in the "garderay" motto term of Bridge's. Angus is near Crail (Fife) while Crabs list Crails. The Balcons, first found in Crail, share the bend-with-roses of Jays suspect in the "JE garderay" motto of Bridge's. The latter have griffin heads in the colors of the giant Letter griffin!!!! That's a neat-little but wilderness-pointing package. It seems we had best get ready for Apophis. I feel I'd be sinning if I didn't say so.

Jays were first found in Herefordshire with the Crums in turn in Bridge colors and format. Crums can be in the "LuCRUM" motto term of Irish Fords who in turn share the Mountain, Tongue and Blaze martlet. Forts were first found in Lancashire with the Fleetwoods having the same martlets. Ford-branch Forths love the Hinds (Essex with Mountains).

OH WOW, INCREDIBLE. While the Bridge's sharing the Letter griffin have a Coat like the one of Stumps, Letter-branch Lauders/LEATHERs have "A tree stump BUDDing"!!! Their motto is translated, "It buds afresh"!!! I have told many times of a dream, as little as a week from the Sleeping Beauty dream, where there was a bridge and a man wearing a LEATHER jacket. Jackets are listed with JAYcocks!!! Cocks were first found in Somerset with Bridge's!!! I started telling of this dream before I knew of the Apophis asteroid.

English Gards were first found in Kent with Staple's while Jardins almost have the Coat of Stable's/Staplers. Albins/Aubins (bull head in Crest) of BarnSTAPLE are said to be from Evreux in EURE, where Dreux is location while Dreux's/Drews (bull head in Crest) share the giant lion of Leto-beloved Drinks/Drengs. Dreux's/DREWs were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/TREWs, and Mr. Boyd Trew my lighter to the ground, so to speak. Wiltshire is beside the first-known, Boyd-like Beautys/Bowds who in turn have black bulls to match the black bull head of Dreux's/Drews. The latter's "EARS of wheat" can take us to Light-connectable EYERs/Ayers/Airs/EYES', and these ears are "in the MOUTH" of the Dreux/Drew bull while ESRToile-using Motts were first found in Essex with asteroid-like Asters and Este's/EYSts.

Drake's (Hampshire, beside Wiltshire), in Dreux/Drew colors and format, have the Abruzzo capital in their motto. Dragons/Drainers were kin of Mynetts who in turn have Aubin-like "open helmets". Both were first found in Kent with Staple's and Sleeps/Sleaps, but also with Mynett- and Mountain-like Munds/Mundts'. Minds/Munds were first found in Salop with Boyds and Sleap.

Eure's are listed with Ure's, these red lions could be the Ure/Orrey lion. Italian Alba's share the Light/Lite swan. Albins/AUBINs were in Eure, and Dave Boyd threw my cigarette LIGHTER to the GROUND, and Grounds/Grundys (Yorkshire with Rhodes') almost have the Rhodes Coat while Rodez is near AUBIN. Rodez's, sharing the lion of Evreux-line Abreu's/Abruzzo's, were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains whose bulls are in the colors of the bull heads of Bulls/Bule's, first found in Somerset with Lights/Lite's.

I SLAPPed him in the face and said, "PICK it up." He picked it up. Pickers/Packers were first found in Berkshire with Points, and English Pike's were first found in Devon with Point-beloved Pense's and Beers. Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for Boyd Light beer, so to speak. It gets better because English Boyds were first found in slap like Salop, another name for Shropshire that likely named Sleap of Sleeps. It's interesting that slap-like Clappers use a "pike" while Sleeps are also Slippers.

Scottish Boyds were first found in Ayrshire with Pike's/Pickens, but also with Aur-like Ayers who have a "LIGHTER than AIR" motto while Eyers/Ayers/AIRs were first found in Derbyshire. PICK it up! This is all unbelievable, but the Boyd-lighter story is true.

His name was Dave, and Dave's/Davis' were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's who once showed the three boots of German Trips/TREFFs who in turn now show three shoes instead. See that? Albins/Aubins were first found in BarnSTAPLE while Barnstaple's share the TREFoils of Italian Albini's. We just saw that even Boyd's first name brings us to Boyd-like Boots...first found in Berkshire with Modens while Italian Albini's were first found in Modena.

Stable's/Staplers were first found in Somerset with Albin-beloved Bulls, and with Alba-connectable Lights/Lights. Eure's/Ure's are listed with Evers while German Albini's have an "EVERgreen tree." Shoe's love the Tree's (Wiltshire with Bud-beloved Stars), and Tree's share the knight with Shoe's. Staple's were first found in Kent with the Greens in the Albini evergreen. Staple's share jessant leopard FACEs with Morlands, and with David-related Aids/Ade's while the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Lauders/Leathers, a branch of Letters (WestMORLAND), both first found near the first-known, Leto-beloved Drinks/Drengs.

Unbelievably, the Thans in the "Lighter than air" motto, were not only first found in Essex with Asters and Mountains, but share the Basingstoke Coat while it's Poppins/Pophams who were first found in Basingstoke (Hampshire with Aster-branch Sturs!)!!!

Alba in Piedmont is beside Bra while Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with FACE's, and with the Spinks suspect in the "sphinx" of Broke-branch Brocuffs. Breakers in the Brae "flax breaker" were first found in SALOP. I SLAPPed Dave on the face...on his cheek, and Cheeks (Oxfordshire with Bud-beloved Hurts) are listed with Chicks, as are Choke's (Essex with Broke's).

Hope's have a "broken globe" while Broke's have a red lion, the color of the Ure/Orrey lion, holding a "dart" while Darts (Devon) almost have the Sleap/Sleep Coat. The latter were once said to be first found in Salop with Hope's and Boyds, and Broke's were first found in Essex with Asters and Mountains. See that? The Boyd-lighter event appears to be touching upon the Revelation asteroid.

For the first time that I've noticed, the Boot write-up has obliterated all mention of Berkshire, and now has the surname first found in Warwickshire with Pavia's who in turn share the FEET/Fate Coat (look related to Boets/Bute's/Butts and Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia). The Fido's suspect in the Boyd motto are also Fette's. Berkshire is beside Oxfordshire, where Tiens'/Thames' were first found who share the Feet/Fate and Pavia martlets.

Boots, mainly in Beauty/Bowd colors and format, give their boots "GOLD tops" while neighboring Topps use GAUNTlets. Welsh Fiens/Fane's/Vans use gauntlets while Gaunts were first found in Kent with The Fiens/Finis' who in turn share the GOLD lion, yet the Fien/Finis lion is connectable to the WINDow lion paws while WINDsors, first found in Berkshire, have a "fie en" motto phrase. It suggests that early Boots of Berkshire were Windsor kin.

The French / Italian word for "window" is like the FINIStere province of Brittany, and it's Arms shares the upright ram of French, Bauds/BOTs, suggesting that Boots were of the Bauds. Windows use glass, and Glass' were first found in Bute. German Bots are listed with Boets/Bute's/Butts, and the latter share the fesse of Buttons/Bidens, first found in Hampshire with Gaunt-branch Ghents who in turn happen to have eagles colors reversed from the ones of Basing(stoke)s, first found in Hampshire with a Basingstoke location where Apophis-pointing Poppins/Pophams were first found. The Ghent Chief is shared by Scythes'/Side's while Peppers use "scythes." Hyksos king Apophis was Apepi, and Poppins/Pophams share a "Mens" motto term with Pepins/Pepys. The latter share the Coat of Pipe's, first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, and with Scythes-beloved Arrows.

Later in this update, I tell of a dream I had weeks before/after the Sleeping Beauty dream, in which Popeye and I were at the sea floor. Flore's happen to use the Hicks and Hook fleur-de-lys, and Flora's, first found in ASTURius, use the Hook fleur alone. Garden-branch Jardins have a Coat reflection of the Armys/Ermine's (Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Hegels, leg-using Leaks/Leakeys, and giant-leg Prime's) in the "ermine border" of Flora's (share Leak/Leakey fleur). Lakeys, suspect with the Prime's in their motto, were first found in Dumbartonshire with Ure's/Eure's suspect in the MacKenzie and Hicks motto. The Lakey Crest can have the brown wolf of Irish Gards, and Gaunts (same place as English Gards) almost have the Lakey Crest.

Later in this update, I mention that the Basingstoke eagles are in the black color of the eagles of Popleys/Poppey (Yorkshire with Hicks) in turn in the colors and format of Basing-like Bessins/Beasts...and Lake's too. Popleys/Poppeys look like "Popeye," and Popeye smokes a pipe. Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Eure-connectable Bee's in the Bessin/Beast Coat, which is essentially the Coat of Bistone's, first found in Surrey with the Salemans/Salians sharing the Ghent eagles. Bee's incorporate the Sale/Sallett Coat.

Surrey is also where Clappers were first found who share the vair fur of French Fleurs. Clapper-like Clubs/Clobbes' (Cheshire with Sale's/Salletts) use "salmon." I trace Clobbes' to king Clovis, descended from SALIAN Franks of Holland. Dutch Clavers come to mind. Hammer-branch Hams use "salmon," and Hammers are in the Coat of English Martels who in turn have the Dutch Clipper/Clopper Coat ("mallets") in colors reversed. Mallets were first found in Suffolk with "mallet"-using Soams, and with English Charles'. Charles Martel descended from the Pepins who had earlier come to rule the bloodline of king Clovis, son of king CHILDeric. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Beach's almost having the Clapper Coat.

Salmons (Saleman colors) were first found in Cumberland with the Browns/Bruns who not only share the Flore, Flora and Kenny fleur, but share a "FLOReat" motto term with Kennys. "FloREAT" looks like part-code for elements from Rieti because it's on the Sallett-like Salto river. English Reeds/REATs look like kin of Scottish Pike's/Pickens who in turn share the Salome stars.

English Gaunts were first found in Kent with English Gards while the Welsh Gunters suspect in the Garden/Jarden motto use more gauntlets. Dutch Gunters happen to share the Hicks and Flore FLEUR-de-lys while the Basingstoke eagles are in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs. You can't get closer to "Hyksos" than "Hicks."

Gardens/Jardens share the giant and black boar head with French Jarrets, first found in Dol of Brittany while Dols share the wavy fesse of Dutch Gants/Ghents. Boths/Booths, first found in Yorkshire with Windows, use the same boar head. English Jarrets (Shropshire with Dol Alans) probably share the Crest of Scottish Drummonds because German Drummonds have the wavy Dol / Gant fesse three times. End insert]

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German Trips (same place as German Drummonds), once showed boots, they can be linked to Sea's (Kent with English Trips) via Drummonds. Choke's use the "stork" while storks are used by Store's/STURys while Asters/Esters (share Chaucer bend) are Sturs too! Scottish Drummonds (share triple English Stur fesses!) were first found in Perthshire with Cargo's. I looked the latter up because the Revelation asteroid is aimed at cargo ships.

It get's amazing because Cargo's share the saltire of Peerless'/Napier's (Perthshire with Cargo's) who share the "Sans tache" motto of MacKenzie-beloved Ure's/Orreys! Tache's (Suffolk with Drummond-connectable Seamans) share the McBride cinquefoil, related to the Hamiltons (same place as Orrs/Ore's!) who share the cinquefoil of Dogs/Doags/Docks (Perthshire!). I have just stumbled over all of that thanks to looking up Cargo's. Suffolk is where Omans, suspect in the Orr/Ore motto, were first found.

Castle Douglas is off the Nith river of the neighboring Nights/Nets/Knaughts who in turn share the giant lion of Papps, first found in Piedmont with the Pero's/Perino's who in turn have the Weiser-suspect "flaming stars." We can see king Apophis/Apepi in this heraldic set. Lanarkshire is where Papa- and Caulk/Chalk-beloved Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire with BOTHwells, beside GLASgow) were first found who could be sharing the Dougal lion.

Bothwells share the Coat of Lynch's, first found in GALway with MacKenzie-branch Kennys. Lings and StarLINGs were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, with English Knights, and with the Sea-branch Seamans who in turn share the seahorse and wavy bars with Tuckers (Devon with Kenns) while Tucks/Ticks were a branch of Teague's/Teegers, the latter first found in Galway too. Suffolk (beside Patricks) is the location of Eye suspect in the eye of Stars/Stairrs, and in the "I" motto term of KilPatricks. Sea's, Seamans and Tuckers all look related to the Coat of Knightons/Nitons.

Hamiltons (RENFREWshire) share the Dog/Doag cinquefoil while Scottish Bauds and their Bald branch share the ship of Renfrews. Ships/Shiptons use "bellows" while Bellows (Cheshire with Hands/Hanns) are also the Bello's, and they too share the Hamilton / Dog/Doag cinquefoil, believe it or not. That's either why God arranged the plastic bulldog in Hamilton, or why he arranged "Hamilton" to be Mr. Kilpatrick's first name. English Balls (Cheshire with Bellows), with another "hand" in Crest, are also Balders.

However, only Renfrews call it a "ship." Bauds and Balds call it a "galley" likely because Keeps have one while Kepke's/Kopke's almost have the French Baud Coat. Keip-branch Kopple's share the Gallus rooster.

The Legg and MacKenzie stag/buck heads are caBOSSed, and there's a giant bull with English Boss'/Boisville's, first found in Cornwall (beside Devon) with Hicks' of St. Ewe (see Hicks write-up), but also with BUDs/Bude's. Spuds MacKenzie is the BULLdog mascot of BUD Light beer. Dutch Beers (saltire in the colors of the Hickson saltire-by-legs) share the fleur-de-lys of Barbers, begging whether "Beer" was a Barber / Berber variation. I've just checked for a Beerer surname (listed with Beerens), and it's in Trump/Tromp colors and format!

There's more because the bullDOG points us to Dogs/Doags/DOCKs who share the Hamilton cinquefoil, and DOCTOR Hamilton Kilpatrick was posing with Spuds MacKenzie. Doctors are listed with DOCKers, first found in Cumberland with the Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers who in turn share the red bull of English Boss'/Boisville's and Boso's'/Busi's. But there's more because the ermined cinquefoil of Hamiltons is shared with Pepe's/Peppards and Buss', the latter first found in Norfolk with Hicks-beloved Bucks and Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire), but also with the Drops/TROPE's expected in the "drops of blood" of Scottish Kilpatricks. These drops drip from the Kilpatrick "DAGGER," and "Trope" is like "TROPHy girl." Troops were first found in Banffshire, near the first-known Dogs/Doags/Docks, and moreover English Docks were first found in Staffordshire with Hicks'.

It very much appears that God gave the 1979 dream, which was 15 years before I first saw Miss Hicks, and eight years before the barbecue contest. I recall thinking that the woman of that dream was expected to be in my life in relation to a British bulldog, but I knew I'd never own a dog like that. However, in the winter or spring of 1994, I drove to HAMILTON, Ontario, I kid you not, and purchased a five-foot tall, fiberglass British bulldog, which is this one. Probably due to being so busy, I had totally forgotten about the bulldog in the dream when buying the fiberglass dog.

To the best of my recollection, the bulldog was purchased in about February of 1994. By the first of April, I decided to buy a snow-bird property in Texas, and weeks after moving into the vacant land, we (my family) went to church for the first time in Texas, on Christmas day, and there in this church was a woman with too-sexy-for-church dress, which I frowned on. It would have been fine had she not bee so attractive. It turned out to be Miss Hicks, though I never spoke to her, didn't know her name at the time, and didn't see her again until 2002.

In the meantime, we returned home to Ontario on or very near April 8, 1995, virtually, or even exactly, eight years from the cookoff contest. I recall the date because I remember that we stayed exactly 6 months, which was all we were allowed to stay in the country. I remember that we entered on the eve on November 8, the night Bill Clinton lost the Congress.

It wasn't until mid-1996 that I remembered the British bulldog in the 1979 dream, and wondered if the fiberglass dog applied. Shortly afterward, still in 1996, I began to wonder whether Miss Hicks was the woman in the dream, and I think I've offered many evidences that she was. I'm not going to repeat them all. You saw what was written above. It wasn't until 2016, when looking for her husband's obituary, that google brought up the Baytown-Sun article about the barbecue contest. And it was in that year also that I started to use the items in that dream to check matching surnames to see whether God may have used heraldry to make links to prove to me that she was the one in the dream, and I was convinced of it.

The reason I looked up Mr. Kilpatrick's obituary is that I was telling readers about she being in the dream. But when I found him with Spuds MacKenzie a few minutes later, it really nailed it. Since then, I've found the evidence presented above that this bulldog(s) should be a pointer to the Apophis asteroid.

You can find online that the Hamilton-surname family was lord of Brodick and McBride in Arran. It explains why McBride's have the Hamilton cinquefoil in half its colors, but the bigger point is that Brodicks are listed with Bride-like British's, explaining why the dream had a British bulldog. Spuds MacKenzie is not a British bulldog, but a bulldog nonetheless. There's a webpage: "The Story of Brodick Castle, home to the Hamiltons". Believe it or not.

But things get even better in the sense that one would consider it a God-made coincidence, for French Bride's (Savoy with a BRIGANTium location) share the triple stars of BRIGHTS, and then Bridge's (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and Brets/Brits) use "crabs" while the Apophis asteroid will become visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer the crab. As Brights and Bride's share the Brittany/Britain stars, let's repeat: "The British Bulldog can play to Brittanys/Britains in Mountain colors and format."

Bulls/Bule's have bull heads in the colors of the full bulls of French Mountains (same place as their Messey kin), and MacKenzie-beloved English Mountains were first found in Essex with Chance's who in turn have a Cancer-like Chaunceur variation. The latter even share the Chief of Maschi's while French Masseys were first found in Savoy with French Chance's, Bride's and Numidian-liner Gays, while English Masseys were first found in Cheshire with Brights, but also with Birds/Burds who in turn share the Hicks and Berber fleur-de-lys. Queen Kenza of Numidia is the line to MacKenzie's, right? Yes, and she married the ITURean, IDRis of Morocco, tending to explain the "ITUR as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's.

It's then amazing that while the cookoff contest points to Apophis, Cooks were first found in Essex too.

Recall how the Lane's/Lawns (Staffordshire, beside Cheshire) came to topic, for their have a version of the French Bride Shield, and while Brigantium is now, BRIANcon, Irish Brians share the three Lane/Lawn lions. Welsh Brians and BACHs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire, beside Cheshire.

But there's more because Essex is also here Low Leighton is located, where the Hicks write-up has a Hicks branch, and then LIEGHtons/LEYtons (Massey quadrants in colors reversed) were first found beside Legg-like Leghs/Leys (Cheshire again).

The British/Brodick horse could be the one of Masseys and Massengale's because the lion heads of British's/Brodicks (Kent with Masons/Massins) are in the colors of the giant Mason/Massin lion. The "fox" of British's/Brodicks can be the one of Fez's/Fes' because the family of Idris of Morocco ruled at Fez (Morocco, home of Moors). The British/Brodick Coat looks like a version of the Mackay Coat but in the gold-on-green colors of the Morgans and Irish Moors, for mythical Morgan le Fay can be of the Fay variation of Fez's/Fes'.

Both chevrons above have "wreaths," and so the gold "stag" head on the British/Brodick chevron could be the gold "buck" head of Hicks' because the Hicks buck head has a wreath-like "chaplet" around its neck. The Shine's in the translated MacKenzie motto, "Luceo non URO," share the Coat of Irish Fox's/Shinnocks. Ure's are listed with the Eure's suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'.

Ure's/Eure's share the quadrants of Vere's, the latter first found in Essex with the MacKenzie-beloved Mountains, and with the Asters suspect in the "astra" motto term of the other MacKenzie's.

The Bachs were mentioned above because German Bachs/Backs have a giant bull ("steer") in the colors of giant bull of Italian Boys/Boets/BOEDDU's, a branch of black-bull Beautys/Bowds, and Miss Hicks became "Sleeping Beauty," in the 1979 dream, many years before I recently realized that Beautys were a Boeddu branch. I call her "Sleeping Beauty" because she fell asleep, and God, in the dream, told me to wake her, and so I thought I would kiss her awake like Sleeping Beauty.

Beautys were first found in Dorset (beside English Backs) with the Chaffs who in turn share the giant griffin of Battle's, and while the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Boys, MacKenzie's use an "BORDER emBATTLEd". Borders were first found in Somerset with English Backs, Baths, and Battins. Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Welsh Bachs/Baghs, and Biggs (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) can be linked to Hicks' of Low Leighton.

I had reason for tracing German Bachs/Backs to "Apachnas," a Hyksos king who may have been the same as Khyan, and the latter can be traced well to the Kenneth variation of MacKenzie's.

Welsh Bachs/Baghs share the triple stars of Annas-related Wiggons (Cambridgeshire with Annas' and Crabs) while Wigton is where Hanna's were first found. Wigtons were first found in Yorkshire with Popleys/Poppeys and Hicks', and with Anne's/Hanne's whose "buck heads" (gold, same as Hicks buck head) are in the colors of the "buck's heads" of Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams. Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with the Pipe's sharing the Pepin/Pepy Coat while king Apophis of the Hyksos was also, Apepi.

For more on the Apophis asteroid, see two updates from here next Monday afternoon.

Sleeping Beauty and Poison Vaccines

Miss Hicks' knee pointed to the Gows/McGoo's in what I think is a pointer to GO, graphene-oxide in some vaccines. As the Going surname is listed with Gows/McGoo's, lets repeat from the Baytown sun's photo where Miss Hicks appears: "From left are Doug Going, cookoff co-sponsor; team members Randy Hanle,..."

Hannels are listed with Hahn-branch Hanns, and Stephen Hahn was Trump's Drug administrator during the plandemic. Hahns are in Trump colors and format, and both were first found in Mecklenburg with the Bibo's who are said to share the Hahn rooster. The Bibo rooster is on a "cushion", and it just so happens that Kilpatricks use "cushions," as do Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries with Kilpatricks), a potential pointer to Johnsons & Johnson COVID vaccines. Jonathans/Jonas' have rooster heads in the colors of the Hann/Hannel rooster, yet it's also the rooster of Gallus' and Kopple's, the latter first found in Nuremberg with Keips, important because an old friend of mine, Mr. Kepke, pointed to graphene-oxide.

Galli's and Gays above use giant roosters too, and HANSons were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's and Galleys. The latter are in the "galley" of Keeps. The Drayton branch of Drydens are interesting for sharing the demi-lion f Graffs/Graffens, who pointed with Mr. Kepke to graphene-oxide. Drydens show an earth/globe but call is a "sphere," and they share the besant of Hope's (same place as Draytons) who show a "broken globe" in Crest along with a "rainBOW," and then Brocks/Broke's were first found in Essex with Asters and Mountains. Plus, Roets share the Bow/Bough motto and the boar head of sphere-like Speers. The Hope globe is broken down the Atlantic ocean, and they say that Apophis will fly over the Atlantic ocean, and therefore may land there as the mountain ablaze, falling into the sea, of Revelation.

Speers (Renfrewshire with Hamiltons) share the crossed spears of Sprouts (Derbyshire with Hope) in the description of Larrys/Laurie's (Dumfries with Kilpatricks). Speer-branch Spree's love the Sage's in their motto, as well having the Simple's in their motto who in turn have a "KEEP Tryst" motto. Simple's were first found in the same place as Speers, and German Sage's share the "rainbow" with Hope's. Kilpatrick castle is/was at CLOSEburn, and English Sage's have "old MENS' heads WEARING CLOSE caps." Mens' are in the Poppin/Pophams and Pepin mottoes, and Scottish Pope's/Pape's share the checkered bend of WEARINgs/Warings.

We got here from the "sprout" motto term of buds-afresh Larrys/Laurie's, which appears as good evidence that Spuds MacKenzie does point to Apophis along with Poppin-like surnames. Poppo I was the founder of German Babenbergs at Bamberg castle, and then Scottish Bebbanburgs (from queen Bebba) were at bear-depicted Berwickshire's Bamburgh castle. Poppo I was even from a Crab-like location that serves as evidence that we are pointing to the Apophis asteroid.

The Larrys/Laurie motto is translated, "It BUDs aFRESH." Mr. Kepke is Lawrence / Larry by first name, and Fresh's/Frisch's ("GRAPE vine") were first found in Saxony with goat-using WEISS', and with goat-using Kepke's/KOPke's, a branch of Kupe's/Koops while Larrys/Laurie's use a giant cup. It's thus amazing that Bud Light is from BudWEISER. Crab-like Grape's/GRABBers share the Coat of Kepke-beloved Goats, but also of ShakeSPEARs.

Apophis returns in the CRAB constellation, and POPPo I was of GRAPfeld, in Bavaria, where Weisers were first found. GRAFENau is in Bavaria too, and while it has a bear in its Arms, Graffs/Graffens were first found in Switzerland (beside Bavaria) with bear-depicted Bern. The Berns (Switzerland), ignoring their bear, essentially have the Keep Coat in colors reversed. Larrys/Laurie's have a "trunk" while Trunks (share WEIESER hexagrams) were first found in Franconia with Schwabs.

It's the constellation of Cancer while Chance's/Chaunceurs were first found in Essex with Rains in the Hope rainbow. Hope's share the besants of Rainhams while Rain-connectable Rams (Essex with Angers) are in the colors and format of the TOWNsends of Rainham. Rainhams (look like Anger kin) were first found in Forfarshire, near Crail. Crabs are also Crails. The Hope-connectable Drydens were first found in Forfarshire (Angus) too.

Forfarshire is beside the Kidds (and Field-like Fells) of Dundee while English Kidds were first found in Suffolk with Towns, Vine-beloved Tigers, and Plains/PLATTers. Townsands (incorporate Plate Coat) and Rams are in the colors and format of English Plate's, the latter first found in Lancashire with FYLDE and FLEETwoods, and with the Reines-beloved Comets. German Plate's use another "grape vine." Garb-loving VINE's (look like FIELD kin) were first found in Gloucestershire with the Grave's/Greafs who in turn share the WINE/Winn eagle.

Lancashire is also where Bottle's/BOOTels and Forts were first found while English Fords were at WINton. Forts love Aude-province elements, including Rocks/Roque's of proto-RockeFELLer RoqueFEUIL. Wintons/Windons (Wales with Wine's/Winns), in the colors of the Charlie bottles, were first found in Radnorshire with Goffs/Gough's, a branch of Goose's in the goose upon a ROCK of Letters. Gofers/Gophers were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's in the Fort Crest.

Crab-like Krebbs'/Crebs (almost the Keep / CASimir Coat) were first found in Pomerania with grape-using Teeters/Deeters, and Dols were first found next door in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps while English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Crabs and CASS') share the Crab fleur-de-lys. Mecklenburg was home to the WAGRians while Wagers (Yorkshire with Walkers and Close's) share the Sprout hearts. Scottish Hearts share the saltire of Pollocks (same place as Speers). The Close's in the "close caps" of Sage's were kin of Walks/Wachs (Dumfries with Larrys/Laurie's). Proto-Washington Wace's/Wassa's were first found in Cornwall with sage-beloved Spree's, and Washingtons were first found in Durham with the Bows suspect in the sage rainbow.

Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Bebbanburgs. Casimirs use the antler, as do English Bucks who in turn share a motto term with Crays (share Washington Chief) suspect in the "crayfish" of Krebbs/Crebs. The Fish essentially share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans.

Cray-like Grays have the Talbot Coat in colors reversed while Teeters/Deeters have a "dog," often called a "talbot," in Trump / Kepke colors and format. This dog is on a "green MOUNT" while Greens were first found in Kent with Munds/Mundts, and then my old Texas friend, MANDY Teeter, can take us to Mandys/Mondays (Derbyshire with Sprouts and hope) for what looks like a pointer to the mountain-like asteroid of Revelation. Minds/Munds were first found in Shropshire with Apophis-pointing Hope's and Froggs.

Dogs/Doags/Docks were first found in Perthshire with the Bunch's in the "bunches of grapes" of Teeters/Deeters. Froggits (Derbyshire with Mandys/Mondays) use "A PARROT feeding on a BUNCH of cherries". Parrots share the Chief-Shield colors of Sage-beloved Caps/Capes'.

Bunch's share the fleur-on-fesse of Birds/Burds (Cheshire with Brights) while Scottish Bride's (Forfarshire, near Bunch's) use "birds." Bunch-like Bunkers share two Dryden symbols, wherefore let's repeat: "The Hope-connectable Drydens were first found in Forfarshire (Angus) who in turn share the Bute/Butt estoiles." Brights, Brittanys/Britains and French Bride's use stars while Stars/Stairrs (beside Bridge's and Brits/Brets) were likely a Stur / Aster branch. Drydens are the ones with a Sprout-connectable "sphere," a semblance of the "broken globe" of Hope's.

The Hope and Sage rainbow can be a pointer to Rains/Raines'/Reins' (Essex with Asters and Mountains) or even comet-using Reines'. The Legges' suspect in the Rain/Raines/Reins motto almost have the MacKenzie Coat, and Legges are even in SURmon/Serman colors and format who can be part of "SURmounted." Rains/Raines'/Reins were likely kin of Baud-beloved Rams (Essex), and these Bud-like French Bauds/Bots are in Surmon/Sermon colors and format. Italian Botters were first found beside Pisa, and the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed in the Reines Coat. English Botters/Bodys/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Boy-connectable and Boet/Bute-branch Bidens/Buttons/Budins. Hicksons love the Fido's in the Boyd motto.

Trump's Communications secretary was Hope Charlotte Hicks. Perhaps God arranged this to reinforce the prediction that Apophis will land in the Atlantic ocean. The Hope Crest is "A broken globe surMOUNTed by a rainbow," and Mounts, who share the giant Legh/Ley and BARB lion, can be a branch of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. The BARBecue cookoff contest. Charlotte Hicks, Sleeping Beauty, has a Rena middle name. Coincidence? Her father was a Pentecostal pastor, and HOPkins use "pistols" while Pistols are listed with Pesters.

BUDapest comes to mind with Bud Light, for it is a twin city between Buda and Pest. Hungarian myth traces Hungarians to a mythical stag, and Pistols/Pesters use stag heads. Trump-related Drummonds were Hungarian, and Trumps have a giant stag head. Stag-using Staggs/Stage's were a branch of Eustace's (stag) and Stacys (stag), and count Eustace II was father to king Baldwin and Godfrey de Bouillon, suggesting that "bello" in the Bouillon motto is from Hungarian king, Beli, from the CARPathian mountains.

"Belli" is a motto term of CARPenters who in turn share the "globe" with Hope's. Carpenters share the triple pale bars of Longfords, first found in Derbyshire with Hope, and yet Hope's are now said to be first found in Shropshire with Dryden-branch Draytons, and with Sallows while the latter share the triple Carpenter pale bars too. Italian Belli's have them in colors reversed.

Hopkins are in Stair colors and near-format while Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs and trumpet-using Calles'. Stairs were first found in Kent with English Trips while German Trips (once showed boots) were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds named Drymen in STIRlingshire while Stair-like Styre's/Sturs were an Aster/Ester/Stur branch.

Hopkins were first found in Oxfordshire with the Hurts/Horts in the blue roundels ("hurts") of Hobsons/HOPsons. The latter have a Coat similar to the Hope/Hoper Coat, and Hobsons/Hopsons share "fortitudine" with the Hickson motto. Hope Hicks. Bud/Bude's use a hurt too, and BudaPEST fits here with the Hopkin PISTols.

Repeat from above: "It is clear silicone, and Clears are a branch of Clare's who in turn have the Bled Coat in colors reversed while a Bled location is due north of ISTRia. Asters/Sturs are also Isters." Bleda was the brother of Attila the Hun who invaded Italy from Istria-way. He had a military headquarters in proto-Budapest, a city on the ISTER river. Hungarians claim to descend from him. Attila's father was MUNDzuk, what now appears to have become the Mounds > Mounts > Mountains! Spuds MacKenzie points to Mountains and was the mascot for Buda-like Bud beer! Zowie.

Let it be repeated that Styre's/Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Lise's while Scottish Lise's/Lease's share the double chevrons of Clarens/Larins, in the colors of the three Clare chevrons. I trace Leslie's, from Hungarians, to Lesce, right beside Bled. Lesks were first found in Berkshire with Boots, and Bute's/Butts use ESToiles in Bud/Bude colors. Buds/Bude's use an unique, seven-pointed star, and an eight-pointed star was the symbol of mythical Ishtar.

Leslie's love Buckle's, first found in Suffolk with Clare's, and with the STARlings/Starlincks who have the Leslie Coat but with square buckles. The only other square buckles I know of are with Roslins, and the Sinclairs lived in Roslin, at/near to where Poppin- and Pepin-beloved Mens' were first found. English Lease's (a sun for the Sun variation of SinCLAIRs) even have the Clare's in their motto. Poppins/Pophams have both a "Mens" and "mansit" motto term.

French Larins share the scallops of Caps/Capes' (share Chief-Shield colors of English Lease's), first found in London with the Plants/Plantagenets sharing the blue label of Asters/Esters/Isters/Sturs. Claro's were first found in Este-related Ferrara. English Lease's were first found in Northumberland with the Manners/Maness' who share the peacock with Mundzuk-like Munds/Muntz's, and with Tous' in the Bled motto who in turn love the Mans (Aberdeenshire with Leslie's), Shirts (another peacock) and Buttons (Hampshire). Mans love the Dragons, first found in Kent with Munds/Muntz's.

The question now is: has God been wanting to point to end-time Hungarians for any reason, via Spuds MacKenzie? Mountains were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines'/Reins, Hobsons/Hopsons, and with the Fish in the "fish" of Italian BARBa's/Berbera's. Fish essentially share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Faughns, first found in Shropshire with Hope's, Draytons, and Sleap. Fish are used also by Luce's (look like Hake kin) suspect in the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's. Luce's use "fish HAURient," and Haurys, though listed with Halcrows/Hacro's, have a "green mountain."

Just before seeing Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick, I was at the shore of a beach. The "SURmounted" term in the Hope description can connect to the "sure" motto term of Kilpatricks, and Sure's/SHORE's were even first found in Derbyshire with a Hope location, and with Cook-branch Coke's while Patricks were first found in Norfolk with Cough-connectable Cockers/Cockets, CROWS, "haurient"-using Luce's, and with Sure-beloved Hollys. As Hollys share the dog of Hole's/HALLs, note HALcrows.

"SURMOUNted" can be a pointer to Surmons/Sermons/SIRmans who share the white griffin with the Hobson/Hopson Crest! Perfect. SIRE's/Sirets were first found in Burgundy with the Primo's suspect in the "primos" motto term of HOPkins! Perfect. Prime's use a giant leg.

New-to-be-now Surmans/Sermons/Sirmans have a giant GRIFFIN in Trump/Tromp colors and format, and this could be a pointer to graphene. This is a good place to repeat that the Anchors in the Graff/Graffen Coat were a branch of griffin-using Hangers/Angers because English Angers (Essex with Surrs/Sayers) have a different-color version of the Anchor Coat. Anchors are a sea item, and Sharmans/Shermans/Shirmans even use a "sea lion."

English Angers, first found in Essex with Fauci-branch Faux's, share the "lozenge" of Tromp-connectable Fauci's. Do you now see why the Graff/Graffen anchor is so important? But there's more. Hangers/Angers (share "escarbuncle" with English Angers) were first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams while German Popps share the red bull head with Anchors. Say what? We have an Apophis link to Fauci's poison vaccines here? This could be a pointer to anchored ships at shorelines taken down by the tsunamis expected when Apophis strikes the sea. This heraldic set could also indicate that the asteroid is coming as judgment on those who kill and maim with poison vaccines, and use them to enforce the 666. It's likely that "hex" (6) was a Hyksos symbol.

The giant Fauci lozenge latter's is said to be "COUNTERchanged" while Conte's/Counters/Comitissa's (very linkable to Comets and Comine's) were first found in Durham with the Bows suspect in the Hope description, yet Durham is also where SHERwoods/SHIRwoods were first found while the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks can take us to Shire's/Sheers/Shere's.

The Nimo's/Newmarch's have a motto, "I show NOT boast," sharing "I" with the Kilpatrick motto, "I make SURE." EYE is a location in Suffolk, where Sea-branch Seamans (seahorse) were first found. Again, a "sea lion" is in the Crest of Sharmans/Shermans/Shirmans. "pot hangers" are with Danish Cnuts, and Hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire with Potters and their Pot / Port kin. Ships are anchored at ports. Ports share the estoiles of English Bute's/Butts while Spuds MacKenzie can point to BOW-using Buds/Bude's (Cornwall with Score's). Ports almost share the Chief of DRYdens who in turn share the demi-lion in Crest with Graffs/Graffens and Gates'.

Oh wow, it's amazing that DRY's (Norfolk with Drops/Trope's) share the gold-on-blue drops with Cnuts/Note's/Nots and Darlene's. I told a hundred times why the ice-cream girl, Darlene RAY, pointed to poison vaccines, and here it can be added that French Rays have a giant escarbuncle!!! It's the Hanger / Anger symbol too. The Drops/Trope's are from Kilpatrick dagger, and we may as well add that a "dagger" is used by Comet-connectable Comine's, first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's to which the trophy girl can point, Mrs. Kilpatrick. I think this is amazing, especially as Darlene-branch Darlingtons were first found in Durham with Conte's/Counters/Comitissa's. The CONTEville's ruled Comines. The Drys came off of Drayton-branch Drydens, and Draytons are the ones sharing the gold eagle of Hoovers and Hooters to which Sleeping Beauty points.

Dry's use "herons" while Heron-branch HORNs/Orne's (Herons) were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's and Surmons/Sermons. The latter (Trump / Bush/Bosch colors and format) are now pointing to the father of Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick. Surmons/Sermons are new to me today, and as I claim that Sleeping Beauty was on the beach of Jeffrey Epstein, by what coincidence do German Barrs use hunting HORNs? Hunts/Hunters share both saltires of Kilpatricks. Bills share the pelican with Irish Herons/HAVERans. Bill Barr's father was a principal at Dalton, and English Daltons were first found in Northumberland with Herons (share Horn/Orne Coat).

As Dry-connectable Draytons share the HOOVER eagle leg, note "HAVERan." It's possible that Archers below once called their Crest, "Robin Hood," in connection to Hoover-connectable Hooters/Hutters. English Robins were first found in Middlesex with the earliest-known Horns/Orne's (Middlesex and Hertfordshire together). Middlesex is where Apps'/EPPs (view as a pointer to Epsteins) were once said to be first found who share the scallops of Scale's (Hertfordshire), and of the Archer-beloved Caps. Scottish Robins were first found in Peebles-shire with Mounts. Apps'/Epps, first found in Huntingdonshire, share the fesse of Daltons and Huntingdons (more hunting horns).

The Apps/Epp and Huntingdon fesse also of Italian Alda's (Florence with BRUNO's) while Daltons are listed with Altons, and then Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, is that not amazing? I had read that Baars/Bars of Bar-le-Duc were a branch of Este's in BRUNSwick, and it just so happens that English Bruns were first found in Middlesex. Plus, Kennys, who share gold crescents with Kenns, share "floreat" with Bruno's, and even share the Brown/Brun FLEUR-de-lys with both English Brown/Bruns and Hooks (Devon with Kenns)...and Flore's / Flora's. But there's more, because "LUCeat" is a Kenny motto term while "Luceo" is in the MacKenzie/KENNeth motto.

But there's more because Kennys share the vertically-split Shield of Fauci's and Trumps, and while Fauci's were first found in Genova with Segni's/Segurana's, their Seager branch was first found in Devon with Kenns and Hooks, and with Huckabys who in turn share "snakes" with Seagars. Luce's use "fish" while Fish (Essex with Mountains) share the Coat of Scottish Browns/Bruns and vaccine-like Vychans.

The Fido's suspect in the "Fide" motto term of Huckabys and Hicksons share the "cornucopia" with Orrs/Ore's while Orreys come up as "Ure" suspect in the "Luceo non uro" motto of MacKenzie's. Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons, and have a "Bonia" and "bona" motto term to go with the "bon heure" of Hicks. Hamilton Kilpatrick, who married Miss Hicks, was posing with Spuds MacKenzie.

English Bruns were first found at SPITTLEfields, to be exact. I can't understand why God didn't arrange a Spud-like surname to go with Spuds MacKenzie, but perhaps I'll find one as a branch of Spittle's, for the latter were first found in Dumbartonshire with Ure's/Eure's expected in the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's. It then gets incredible because Spittle's share the besants of Flames in the mountain in flames of MacKenzie's. The Nons in the same motto were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs and Ure's/Orreys.

It's as though the asteroid pointed to by Spuds MacKenzie has the Barr connection to Epstein as a target. Bud LIGHT can take us to Lights/Lite's suspect in the motto of Ayers (same place as Beer-like Barrs). The Flame's share a blank, gold Chief with Rock-related Rods (Devon with Kennys, Beers, and Trebys) while Spittle's and Flame's share the Treby besants. It can explain why the MacKenzie mountain shows as a rock. HUCKabys use "rods of Aesculapius," symbol of modern medicine.

English Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the Haver-beloved Rooks, and French Rocks/Roque's were first found in Languedoc with Rodez's and Roquefeuil, a good pointer to Rockefeller vaccines / drugs. Rhodes' have more besants, and English Besants, sharing the Ure/Eure quadrants, were first found in London with the Epp-connectable and Archer-beloved Caps. English Besants share the quadrants of German Mans while Scottish Mans love the Dragons/Drainers. Scottish Mans (Dragon/Drainer colors and format) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's who in turn share the buckles of Spuds-like Spottens/Spauldings, Mellansons, and with the Forbes'/ForBEIS' (bear heads in Boy/Bies colors and format) suspect in the Barwick motto.

While Arks/Arch's (Berkshire with Boots) are in Robin and Heron and Horn/Orne colors and format, English Daltons have an "archer in GREEN" while Archers share the bow with Buds/Bude's. Once again, Spuds MacKenzie of Bud Light looks like a pointer to the Dalton high school. Daltons were first found in the same place as Horns/Orne's. Bud Light / Budweiser loves faggots and sinners. Fagots/Fage's (Auvergne with BAUD/Bods) were a branch of Fauchy-branch Faux's/Fage's. Fauchys use a "grassHOPPER" while English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Spottens/Spauldings. French Grasse's are listed with Grace's in the Forbes/Forbeis motto. Hope's are also Hopers.

The Dragons/DREYners/DRAINers (Kent with Greens) are in the Archer and Larcher Crest. Drains/DROWNs (apt term for Apophis into the sea) were kin of Blacks in the "black cap" of the Dalton archer. Blacks almost have the Sherwood/Shirwood Coat, and Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest. Larchers, first found in Derbyshire with Nots/Note's, and in NOTTinghamshire, love the Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire with early Daltons, Hicksons and Pipe's) with the Pepin/Pepy and Pipe fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Sola's in the Archer motto were first found in Derbyshire.

Nots/NOTE's/Cnuts, in Hope colors and format, were first found in Derbyshire with Kilpatrick-beloved Sure's/Shore's. SHOWs have variations like the Surrs and Score's, and the latter share the cinquefoils of Surrs/Sayers who in turn share the bend-with-cinquefoils of Boasts/BOIS'. "I show not boast." These cinquefoils are in the colors of the Eyer and Ayer quatrefoils.

The Boys were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire with Hanger- and Anger-beloved Buncle's, and Surrs/Sayers (share Barwick motto) even have a "bear" motto term. Nots/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with the Eyers/Ayers suspect in the "EARS of wheat crossed" of Berwicks, and Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Ayers. Barwicks even have "A gold stag on a green MOUNTAIN." Eyers/Ayers have "A BOOTed and armed leg on which there is a spur." Spurrs were kin of Nith-river elements, and Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith.

That gold stag could be the gold buck's head of Hicks because the Bois/Boys and Mount lion is also the one of German Bucks. Barwicks have bear heads in the colors and format of Hicksons who in turn share the motto of English Bucks, and while Hicksons use legs, Leghs/LEIGH's/Leys share the giant lion of Pastors, Bush's/Bos'/Boschs, and Scottish Mounts! English Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'. Hicks are said to have had a branch at Low LEIGHton, in Essex with Bois'/Boys, and Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with Barwick-branch Berwicks.

The father of Miss Hicks was a pastor, and Pastors almost have the Coat of Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs while Boasts were a Bosch branch. English Bois'/Boys, in Boss/Boisville colors and format, and sharing the giant lion of English Mounts, Ure's/Orreys and German Bucks, were first found in Essex with Mountains and English Este's. While Boss'/Boisville's are said to descend from the earl of Moron, Italian Morons have an "oak tree growing out of a MOUNT." The Marano's have the giant Bois / Mount lion in colors reversed.

This now points to Apophis where Marano-like Marine's were first found in Hampshire with the Poppins/Pophams who in turn share the buck's heads of Deerings, first found in Kent with Marine-branch Marines'/Mariners and Sea's!!! Deerings are said to descend from Morinis', first found in Modena with Marano's. The Revelation asteroid is aims at mariners all donning a 666 mark, busy carrying cargo to the satanic world of fools who did not heed the many warnings from Christians: don't receive the mark.

Deerings use "ROEbucks" while Roe's (Norfolk with Bucks) use "Paschal lambs" while Pascals were first found in Essex with Asters. Apophis is returning in 2029 mere days from the seven-day Passover feast, and Pass' are listed with Pascals. "Passe" is a Rollo motto term, and king Rollo ruled from ROUEn, in the vaccine-like Vexin, while Roe's have: "His son Ralph the Red (Roux) went with King Henry to the Crusades and held the Castle of Pont-echanfre near BERNai in VEXIN Normandy." Bernicians include the Barwicks/BUICKs, and probably Brunswicks.

Roe-branch Rows share the chevron-with-besants of Skipps/SKIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lookie there, for a skipper is a ship's captain! Skipps/Skippers were first found in Essex!

Italian Este's share the giant Barr eagle, in the colors and format of the giant griffin of Surmons/Sermons, and pastors preach sermons! Barrs (share Aur/Aures and MurDOCK Crest) were first found in Ayrshire with the Ure's/Orreys probably in the "uro" motto term of MacKENZie's, for Ure's/Orreys have a version of the Aur/Aures Coat/Crest while queen KENZa was from Aures of Numidia.

Pastors and Bush's/Bos'/Boschs share blue billets, and English Billets happen to share the BUS cinquefoil. The English Bills look like they point to Bill Barr because they use "pelican's heads" while Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Billets/Billiards. The Bill rose is on a billet-like item while Scottish Rose's (near Patterson-connectable Troops) are said to have married Bosco's. The Bill pelican heads are in the colors of German Boschs and Bush's/Busch's. Pelican-using and Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with MacKenzie's while Kenns were first found in Devon with English Billets and Maine's, and with the Sodans/Sowdens connectable to Irish Pattersons (share drops with Kilpatricks) of Sodhans of Ui Maine.

Twice U.S. attorney general, Bill Barr, was beloved of the first BUSH president, then hired also by Trump to maintain the Republican deep state. Bill Barr's father was the principal of a Dalton high school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher there. Epstein's island in the Virgin Islands is in the Atlantic ocean. Virgins look like kin of Ure's/Orreys and Aurs/Aures'. Can this indicate that God will be aiming for Epstein's island, and related islands used for deep-state crimes, with the Apophis asteroid? MacKenzie-connectable Asters/ESTers were first found in Essex with Este's (Bute/Butt kin), and while the latter are in the "est" motto term of Pepins/Pepys, the two surnames share horse heads. Coincidences? I don't think so.

The Cnuts/NOTE's remind of the story I've told many times, concerning the NOTE that God told me to write on or near the 13th of April, 1979, no more than four weeks after the Sleeping Beauty dream. Apophis is returning April 13, 2029. I won't tell again here about that note-event, because I'm on a different track at the moment, but it pointed hard to Fauci branches such as Faucets/Fawcetts, Fauchys, Faux's, and Faughns (Longford with Quinns), but as it involved Sharon Quinn (friend of mine), it pointed also to the Quince's/Quincy's in the Faucet/Fawcett motto who happen to share the Anchor lozenges.

God told me to write the note for Steve MELLANsons, and while Mellansons use "rods," French Mellans (share Dryden / Hope besants) share the blank, gold Chief with Rods. Mellansons share the HOCKey crescents, and with Sleeping Beauty pointing to Jeffrey Epstein and Trump together, the report can be added that Trump met MELANia in Epstein's circle of young ladies / girls. Hicks almost have the Hook Coat while Hookers can point to Epstein's hookers. Melonys even share the Bud/Bude bow!

Melonys even use "a SHEAF of arrows" that are very connectable to the Archer arrows because Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/SHEAVES' and Boots, and so Boots are looking like a Bud/Bude and Bute/Butts branch. Irish Melans were first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

As Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Milans/Millens/MELLENTs, we can take this to the Arms of Mellent (Meulan) because it shares the Coat of Flamingo's/FLAMINGS, very connectable to the MacKenzie flames. This is amazing because I purchased the fiberglass British bulldog as part of a lawn-decor business that started with the installation of plastic pink flamingos for special occasions! The Flame's share the besants of Spuds-like Spittle's. I also installed storks for new-baby announcements, and Ukrainian Babys share the Flamingo/Flaming Coat.

But as per BudWEISER, we can take this to Weis'/Weisers because they share the double hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's having "flaming stars"!!! These stars are designed as the Reines comet!

Miss Hicks was the barbecue TROPHy girl, and Barba's/Barbera's have three fish in the colors of the three "hake fish" of Hackets/Hatchets who in turn translate their motto with "hope," and then "hake"-using Hake's/Hyke's, first found in Norfolk with Kilpatrick-beloved Drops/TROPE's and Bakers/Backers, can take us to Hykes'/Hacks, first found in Devon with Hooks and sharing the Baker/Backer scallops. Bakers/Backers share the Blaze and Kilpatrick saltire.

Beaks/Beakers (Dorset with Beautys) share the white OSTrich with Cooks and Coke's, and Osts/Hosts (beside Rich's) share the white bull head of Popp-related Bulls/Bule's (Somerset with Osts/Hosts and Backs). Rich's were first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams. Isn't it therefore true that God arranged this paragraph to jibe with "COOKoff." Plus, Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing in a car on a Beak-like beach, and Hovers/Hoffers (Westphalia) are also HOFFs while English Hoffs/Hough's were first found in Cheshire with Overs/Offers, and with bull-head Houghtons having the triple Beak fesses in colors reversed. CookOFF.

The Revelation asteroid will be ABLAZE, and Blaze's, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', not only share the garb of CUE's/Kews and CLOSE's, but are in Kilpatrick colors and format while Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn. BarbeCUE cookoff contest. Hope's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with a Hope location, and Derbyshire is where Cook-branch Coke's were first found. Yorkshire is also where Tongue's were first found who almost have the Mountain Coat, and it just so happens that Blaze's share the Tongue and Mountain martlet. I would be more shocked if these things are coincidences than for Apophis and its pieces to crash in a sea with trailing tongues of fire.

Sea's (Kent with early Beaks/Beakers) share triple-wavy and white fesses with Beaks/Beakers, though Sea's use them in both colors of the same of German Drummonds (Trumps colors). Donald Trump is said to be descended from "Drumpfs." German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs who use "shoes" to go with the Cook horseshoe, and English Trips were first found in Kent with Sea's and Gore's. Gore's, sharing the Trip crosslets, look related to the Gain Coat while KEVENeys/Gaine's can be gleaned as a branch of Kevens/KEWins who in turn share the Cue/KEW lion and garb.

As Kilpatricks were kin of Maxwells, we can add that the Maxwell motto is shared with Kevens/Kewins. Keen-branch Keons/Owens look like "Kewen." While Sea's use a "salmon," Keons/McCAINs/Owens have a hand "OVER the SEA in which there is a fish..." Oceans, with three wavy bends in the colors of the three wavy "bars" of Sea's, are listed with Khyan-like Cains/Kane's/Keans. In the 1979 dream, I was standing in the ocean off of a beach just before seeing Sleeping Beauty at the hood of a car. Hoods/Hoots use Cook-like "choughs," and Cough-branch Cuffs (share Hoff/Hough bend) were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles', and beside Beaks/Beakers.

I bought my Texas property off of Miss Cooksey, who married Mr. Teague, and Teague's are interesting for being first found in GALway with Kenneth- / Khyan-like Kennys who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Hooks, the latter first found in Devon with Kennys and Hoods/Hoots. Believe it or not. Galways use a "bridge" while Bridge's (beside Devon) have the crab while Apophis will be visible in the crab constellation. The other English Bridge's look like they can be related to Teague-branch Ticks/Tucks.

(For years, I've been wrongly saying that Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend, a mistake from her brother-in-law, Don Friend. I wrongly thought it was her brother.)

Poppins/Pophams share the "bucks' heads" of Biks/Bickers, first found in Berkshire with English Becks and Peckers/Packers while Sleeping Beauty was on a beach while Beach's/Bechs were a Becker branch. I've mentioned many times my SLEEPING BAG dream (about a decade ago) where a man on a motor BIKE, a biker, circled a sleeping bag when pointing to AIDS caused by mRNA vaccines. It makes me think that these similar surnames were from "Apachnas." Beckers (Yorkshire with Hicks) share the blue-VAIRed fur of Hookers and Bachs/Baghs while Hick's almost have the Hook Coat.

English Bakers/Backers (Hooker lion in colors reversed) were first found in Norfolk with the Bags and Fiscs, the latter from the Fieschi associates of Grimaldi's (Genova with Fauci's), and while Bags and Grimaldi's share Shields, they are almost the Shields of Fiscs and French Vairs. English Vairs are listed with the Vere's above (kin of Ure's/Eure's).

The biker was an old friend, David MORley, who pointed to Aids-related Welsh Davids having a "Pax" motto term. These Davids share the Hooker lion, and while GALLops almost have the David Coat, Gallops were first found in Dorset with early Becks (first found in both Berkshire and Dorset). Gale-connectable Nagle's/NEILs were first found in Westphalia with German Becks and Popps, and Irish Neils were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Keep Sharks on the brain, but also their crane for Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Mallets, and the English Crane's use a RAGully staff.

Hooks were first found in Devon with the Kenns, and Khyan may have been another name for Apachnas, or perhaps Khyan was a relative of Apachnas. German Popps have a red bull head to go with the red Boss/Boisville bull, and Popps even share the Bull/Bule annulets. French Packs have a red bull with a tree, and Popps have a tree in Crest between "ELEPHANT trunks" while Ragusa of the Shark-line Saraca's is beside the Elaphiti islands, themselves beside the island of MELITa. English Popps share the double fesses of Barbers and Berbers.

Morleys and their Morland branch could be of the Moor heads of Morano's, and here we can add that their Morinis branch are in the write-up of Deerings (Kent with Sleeps) who share the Poppin/Popham and Bik/Bicker buck heads (but call them "roebucks"). Then, while Morano is a location on the Sybaris river with Shark-line Saracena, the Sleeping Beauty dream opened with a shark, which half-swallowed the bulldog. The latter should be understood as a Hyksos entity. French Sarasins share the giant moline cross of English Becks, and the Sleep-ancestral SELEPitanoi (land of Illyrian pirates) were at least near Kotor, where the Saraca family lived (See Wikipedia's Saraka article). This tends to hint that Hyksos (probably became the "Sea Peoples") had become Selepitanoi in relation to Saracens proper of the middle Mediterranean sea.

Saraca's of Kotor moved to Ragusa near the NERETva river, and Nerets, first found in Brittany with Sarasins, almost have the PACKEN/Pagan Coat while French Pagans/Payens were first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys while Pecker/Packer-connectable English Payne's were first found in Somerset with Backs (beside DORset) who in thru share the bottom half of the giant DORia eagle. Doria's married Arduinici of ONEGLia while Irish Nagle's (nightinGALE) were kin of Gale's (Yorkshire with Popleys/Poppeys). Then, MassenGALE's use a "PEGusus" as code for a surname(s). The top half of the Doria eagle is shared by Basingstoke's, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams who were in turn first found in Basingstoke (Hampshire).


Here's proof, from the Pepe/Peppard write-up, that Nagle's, said to be of "D'Angulo," are also of "ONEGLia," location of an ARDuinici branch: "Gilbert's [de Angulo] second son, Peter Peppard...the first to be sire named Peppard. Peter's grandson Ralph, founded St. Mary's Abbey in ARDEE." Pepe's/Peppards have the Arden cinquefoil in half its colors. The "valore" motto term of Pepe's'/Peppards can be for the Valour variation of Valois'/Valais' because Poppa, Rollo's wife, was "of Valois." Ardens are in Feet/Fate colors and format while the Feet/Fate Coat is in colors reversed within the Pepe/Peppard Coat.

Mr. Grimaldus married CRISPINa, Rollo's daughter, and Grimaldi's were first found in Genova with the Doria's who married Arduinici of Oneglia. The Feet/Fate Coat is three times in the Grime/Grimm Coat, and Fate-like Faiths were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs and Grimaldi-connectable Bags, possibly from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen. Biggs (Pepe/Peppard fleur in colors reversed) were first found in Essex with Nagle-related Angers. Norfolk is also where Bus' were first found sharing the cinquefoil of Pepe's/Peppards and Dogs/Doags (Perthshire with Rollo's). English CRISPINs were first found in Oxfordshire with the Tiens'/Thames' sharing the Feet/Fate martlets.

Pepe's/Peppards share the double fesses of English Bays/Bayes', first found in Colchester (Essex), which was previously Camulodunum, and perhaps the Pepin / Pipe camel is for Camulodunum elements.

As we're going now to Boy/Boet elements, I'll add that Boots are now said to be first found in Warwickshire with Pepe-connectable Ardens. "Ardens" is the motto of Petts/Perts having an Aster-connectable "stork BEAKed and LEGGed red on a MOUNT with BULrushes." Mounts share the giant Legh/Lee lion, and Peppers were first found in the area of the LEGro/Soar river. Legro's share the lion of Soars, the latter first found in Dorset with bull-using Beautys/Bowds, and with Beaks who in turn have a white ostrich to go with the white ostrich feathers of Pepe's/Peppards. Leicestershire is also where Tony's were first found who descended from Malahule, Rollo's uncle. English Boyers/Bowyers share a "passe" motto term with Rollo's, but as Boyers/Bowyers use "passe RICHESSE," it's got to be code for Richeza of Lorraine because French Crispins were first found in Lorraine.

Scottish Bayers/Buyers reminds me of Boyers/Boiers sharing the bull of Boso's except that the latter's is half red, the color of the Boss/Boisville bull. While the latter surname came off of the "cabossed" stag head of Mountain-beloved MacKenzie's (Essex with Bays/Bayes'), it just so happens that Mountains share the Bayer/Buyer martlets. Bull-using French Mountains were first found in Languedoc with Boyers/Boiers!

There we go, a bumping into Spuds MacKenzie after taking off from Pepe's/Peppards (share Bay fesses), who was in BAYtown, you see, for the COOKoff celebration that included Miss Hicks (lived in Baytown at the time). Bayers are even like "Beer," and German Bayers share the bear with Beers. The Beaks even put a "horseshoe" into the mouth of their ostrich, and Cooks (share white ostrich with Beaks) use the purple horseshoe while Irish Lace's, with a purple lion, are in the "interlaced" MASCLES of Petts/Perts. Mascals/Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Bayers/Buyers and Bayes-connectable Bass'. Base's/Bays' have lions in the colors of the same of Peppers. The Pett/Pert mascles are almost the lozenges of red-bull Anchors, a branch of Angers who in turn share the Nagle lozenges, and thus we're back to the Angulo's that directly birthed Peppards.

English Bass'/Bassens, evoking Poppins/Pophams of Basingstoke, were first found in Leicestershire with the Fleetwoods who not only share the Bayer/Buyer martlets, but have the Fauci and Tromp Shields in colors reversed. Tromps and Basingstoke's share the eagle of Doria's, first found in Genova with Fauci's, but Doria's also had a branch in Oneglia.

We got to the Valois'/Valais' from the "valore" motto term of Pepe's'/Peppards, and then French Bays share the triple crescents of Valois'/Valais'. The latter share the Coat of French Conte's/COMITes", first found in Languedoc with Mountains and Boyers/Boiers. The latter's upright and giant bull is in red with the Claro's/Charo's, early found in Ferrara with Italian Conte's. Claro-branch Sinclairs (beside Bayers/Buyers) use a "Commit" motto term.

As English CONTE's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with Bows/Bough's, the Bowyer variation of English Boyers ("CONTEntment") can reveal a Bow-line merger with Boyers. Conte's/Comitissa's share the antlers of Cone's, first found in Kent with Arden-loving Petts/Perts. Bows/Bough's share the motto of Rollo-related Roets, first found Somerset with the Bulls/Bule's in the Arden bulrushes. Beautys/Bowds are in BOUGHy colors and format, and the Boughy Crest has an Angulo-like "angel." English Angels have the Nagle lozenges in colors reversed.

We saw Boyers/Bowyers connecting to Richeza of Lorraine, mother of Casimir of Poland. Casimirs have another antler. Lorraine is where BOIULLons ruled from Eustace II, who himself ruled near the Comines location of CONTEville's. Conteville's married the Meschins in turn descended from Malahule, Rollo's uncle, and while Crispina was Rollo's daughter, French Crispins were first found in Lorraine.

The Rich's/Richess', highly suspect in "ostRICH," are probably in the Boyer/Bowyer motto. Osts/Hosts (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's, beside Rich's/Richess') share the Bull/Bule bull head. Os'/Oz's likewise have white bull heads, but are in the colors and format of Burleys/Bourleys (Somerset) who in turn share a green Shield with both Bower surnames. Scottish Bowers share the bow and arrows with Bowd-like Buds/Bude's. Sleeping Beauty was with Spuds MacKenzie of Bud Light beer, and Beautys list Bowds, first found in Dorset with white-ostrich Beaks, and beside Lights/Lite's of Somerset who have white ostrich feathers. See that?

I showed how Boyds (like the Boyet variation of Boyers) link to Lights/Lite's from Ayers, but failed to mention the "BOOTEd and armed LEG of Ayers/Eyers." Boots were once said to be first found in Berkshire with Boyd-connnectable Points, both sharing two fingers pointing with Beak-related Babe's, the latter once said to be first found in Dorset too. Babe's share the sun with Petty-beloved Needle's, and needles are used to inject poison vaccines, and maybe also to inject the 666 skinchip. Needle's share the Coat of Feather-like Fetters.

Boots are now said to be first found in Warwickshire with Pettys and Ardens while "Ardens" is the full motto of Petts/Perts (Kent with Petits) who in turn have a "beaked and legged" stork. Storks are used by Stur-connectable Store's/Sturys, and ASTERs are Sturs too. The ASTERoid is coming on all who buy and sell with the 666 because many of them will hate God and harm His people.

It's interesting that Pits (Dorset with Pett-beloved Beaks) share the stork in Crest with Petts/Perts because the latter's bulrushes take us to Rush's, in ABASS/Apps/Epp colors and format. Pits use an "ARDua" motto term to jibe with the "ardua petit" phrase of Malcolms/Columns. I've just checked for a abyss-like Abass surname because the abyss of Revelation is a deep PIT (text looks like nuclear-bomb blast). Abass'/Apps'/Epps were first found in Huntingdonshire, right beside the first-known Rush's of Suffolk, where Crane's/Crauns (and Babe's) were first found too who share the fessewise Bull/Bule (and Popp) annulets in colors reversed.

Abass'/Apps'/Epps share the SCALE scallops while English Trips, suspect from the Trypillians of the BUDINi theater, have a "SCALing ladder". Plus, English Trips share the Bass/Bassen crosslets. It could appear that Budini of Kiev were the Abaddon entity. They are the crosslets also of Windsors, first found in Berkshire with early Boots. German Trips once showed boots.

The Revelation abyss is where Abaddon strikes out from to torment 666ers, and Axe-river Baddons/Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's, and with Pool-beloved Pollets. Abaddon is also called, Apollyon, and Apollonia was near BULLis, both locations off of the Craun-like Ceraunii mountains. Apollonia is beside Aulon, where I trace the Alans (Shropshire with Needle's) who became the Pit-connectable Stewarts. Apollo-like Pools (share giant RITA lion), from RIETi's Polla family, were first found in Dorset with Pits who in turn share the checkered fesse of Scottish RITE's/Wrights. Pola is a Pollock-connectable location of Aster-connectable Istria.

Abaddon comes in the 5th Trumpet, probably about a year after the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet. There's going to be plenty of disasters between them to keep our enemies preoccupied i.e. so that they have fewer resources and resolve to harm us.

The abyss of Abaddon is said to be a furnace, and so it's amazing that Furnace's/Furness' share the "black dog" with Chaffins, first found in Dorset with Pits and Chaffs. The latter share the giant griffin of Battle's, first found in Berwickshire with Alan-branch Elons, and with Scottish Rite's/Wright in turn sharing the checkered fesse of Pits and Stewarts. Furnace's/Furness' were kin of Parrs expected in the "passe par" motto phrase of Rollo's, first found in Pert-like Perthshire with Dogs/Doags. Chaffins are also ChaFINCH's while Finchems (Finch branch) share the triple fesses of Pit- / Pett/Pert-connectable Beaks (Dorset with Chaffins/Chaffinch's).

Chaffins are in the colors and format of Temperleys of Bowden, and Bowdens are also Abaddon-like Boddens. As they share the lion of Bushers (Dorset with Pitts and Chaffins, beside Baddons/Battins), the Pit besant can be in the Bowden/Bodden Crest which itself could have the Bush/Bos/Bosch lion within it. Somerset's Baddons/Battins use axes, and the Axe river of Somerset is near the first-known Bullis'/Bulliards.

Temperleys recalls my tempered glass installed this week, and while I've been claiming for years that mythical Avalon is Bute, Glass' were first found in Bute. Avalon is suspect from the Avlona variation of "Aulon," near Bullis and Avlona-like Apollonia. The Velino river is at Rieti!

It appears that mythical Apollo was from the Caucasian Alans through Greece, especially mythical Hellen, brother of DORus, founders of Greece in one myth. The Alan/Allen- / Elon-like Geloni lived with the Bodden-like Budini. Nerets share the Coat of Ments/Mants possibly in the "ContentMENT" motto term of Boyers/Bowyers. Nerets almost have the Coat of Scottish Pagans (Yorkshire with Ments/Mants) while the Paion variation of French Pagans/PAYENs (Dauphine with Bays/Bayards/Bayouds) looks to be from the Paioni of the AXius river. Abaddon-like Baddons/Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with the Axe river and the Payne's. This river is near the first-known Doors/Dorrs and Doris-like Dorset.

Doors/Dorrs were first found in Herefordshire with Jays while Jaycocks/JACKets (Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's) have the French Bay/Bayard Coat in colors reversed. English JACKs (Yorkshire) are in Arden colors and format while Jack-branch Joke's were first found in Kent with Arden-loving Petts/Perts.

I trace mythical Doris (not "Dorus") of the NEREIDs to the Daorsi of the NERETva river, and Nerets were first found in Brittany with Alans. ENARETE was the wife of the other brother of Dorus and Hellen.

Pits share the besants of English Puttens/Puttocks. Is this a pointer to president Putin? Is Putin going to make good on his nuclear threats in around 2030? Putins/Patents use "flamMONT" crescents, looking like a Flame-Mountain merger to explain the mountain in flames of MacKenzie's. Flammonts are listed with Flame's sharing the Pit and Putten/Puttock besants, and sharing a blank, gold Chief with Dutch Puttens.

Depending on how the particulars of the Sleeping Beauty dream are framed heraldically, the dream also points to poison vaccines, which makes sense to me if the 666 will be a door-pass, proof-of-vaccine system. "Buyer" looks pertinent to that picture. Note that Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name, a thing I saw when looking her up many years ago (2011) to find her phone number. Not only do Reines' use a "comet" for what could be another pointer to the asteroid, but we saw that one of the barbecue teammates was Mr. Massengale, and that surname is listed with Messengers, evoking "messenger RNA, usually spelled, "mRNA," looking like "Rena" can point to it.

Massengale's/Messengers share helmets with Dragons/Drainers (Man/Ment kin) and Minute's/Mynetts, both first found in Kent with Masons/Massins. The helmets of both Minute's/Mynetts and Massengale's/Messengers are in the same colors, and Minute's/Mynetts (Kent with Sleeps and Deaths/Darths) are in Beauty colors and format. I trace Mynetts to king Amyntes, son of ARTemiDORos, of the GALatians, a branch of Gauls likely from Piedmont / Liguria (location of Oneglia). Dragons/Drainers are in the Crest of Eitons.

Masci's, a branch of Massena's from Sicily's Messina (beside Saracens, were first found in Piedmont, near Laevi Gauls of Novara and Pavia. Artemidoros can be traced to Artems/AITons, first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and AIDs/Ade's. Eitons (version of David Coat) were first found in Shropshire with Sleap of the Sleeps. Aids are in the motto of French Levi's while Jewish Levi's share the Welsh David, Hooker and Eiton lion. Kent is also where Deerings were first found while Hookers share the "deer" with English Mallets while Melita is near Croatian Ragusa while Sicilian Ragusa is near Malta.

Plus, Irish Nagle's use "nightinGALE," and Gale's (same place as Hicks') share the saltire of German Nagle's/Neils/Nails. The latter were first found in Westphalia with Back- / Beak-like Becks, and with the German Boss' who share gold acorns with Tromps. It gets amazing where Nagle's were of "Oneglia," where Doria's (share giant Back eagle) married Hicks-connectable Arduinici. Miss Hicks adopted a daughter, Geneva, and while Geneva's are listed with Genova's, and while Geneva is where the headquarters is of the World Health Organization, Doria's were first found in Genova with Fauci's (share lozenge of Irish Nagle's) who in turn have the vertically-split Shield of Dutch Tromps who in turn share the Doria eagle, in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs. The Fauci and Tromp Shields are split in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of German Boss', I kid you not.

In the dream, I was transported to the DOOR of a car, and Sleeping Beauty was inside that car. Hicks' of Clapton (beside English Doors) married Arduinici-connectable Arthurs, the latter first found in Berwickshire with the Boys who share the bee with English Doors (look like Gates kin). Bee's almost have the Coat of Eure's suspect in the Hicks motto. Berwickshire is also where Gords/GORDANs were first found who share the boar heads of Roets, the latter first found in Somerset with GORDANO, smack beside Clapton.

But there's more, for Sleeping Beauty was married to Mr. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatrick castle was on the Nith river to which one can trace Knights and Nights, and so look at the Nagle "NIGHTINgale." Sea- / Seaman-connectable Knightons/Nitons were first found beside English Doors. For the greatest effect of horror for getting the anti-Christ's goons off of our shoulders, Apophis should streak down at night with tongues of fire.

Mary Poppins Will Need More Than an Umbrella

I'd like to go back to German Popps, first found in Westphalia with German Ducks while English Ducks were first found in Somerset with the Bulls/Bule's who share the Popp annulets, but also with BRITs/Brets. This seems to play with the BRITish BULLdog that involves Spuds MacKenzie in a pointer to Popp-like Apophis (the asteroid). The bullDOG points to Hamilton-connectable Dogs/DOCKS, and German Ducks are also Dockers. Dogs/Docks were first found in Perthshire with the Justine's, from Justice of Picenum, wife of VALENTinian I, and Westphalia is where duck-using Velins and Velens/Valence's (once showed ducks) were first found while English Valence's, with the Duck/Docker fesses in colors reversed, and even with the martlets of Bret-like Birds/Burds, were first found in Kent with British's/Brodicks. Dutch Hamels are in the colors of Dutch Valence's. It's a little interesting that the Somerset Backs have the Coat of Valance-like Balance's in colors reversed.

Therefore, German Popps are a fundamental/important part of the MacKenzie pointer to the asteroid, a thing I've not stressed. The Valance-like Vails/Vale's share the eagles of Basing(stoke)s while Poppins/Pophams were first found in Basingstoke.

The Boasts/Bois' are also Busts while a "bust of MAN" is with Apophis-like Poffs/Pufka's. Poff-like Pough's/Pows/Poe's have "flames" for only a preliminary pointer to the Apophis asteroid. German Busts were first found in Saxony with Weiser-connectable Weiss' and Pufka-like Kepke's. Scottish Mans, in POTTER colors and format, have the Weiss goat in colors reversed.

Pough's/Pows/Poe's are possibly of the "dexter PAW" of the Kilpatrick lion, for the latter were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Patents/Patients/Putins (Popley/Poppey colors and format) who in turn share crescents (different color) in flames with Pough's/Pows/Poe's. Pews/Pughs, shy of the MacKenzie motto by one letter, share the Kilpatrick lion (!), and even share the Coat of Perkins, first found in Leicestershire with Dexters! [I didn't have Pepe le Pew in mind when writing here!] MacKenzie-beloved Ure's/Orreys use another "lion's paw." MacKenzie-beloved Asters were first found in Essex with English Patents/Pattens while Pattons share the Kenny crescents and fleur-de-lys! English Puttens/Puttocks share the Flame besants! Amazing material, starting with the new-to-me-now Poffs/Pufka's.

[Insert -- Pepe le Pew, the cartoon SKUNK, came to mind after the spell-check, and as he was always after a cat, note that Kate's/Katz's/KATTERbachs share the triple hexagrams of SCHUNKs/Schenks/Shenkers! The latter were first found in Silesia with the Brocuffs who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters!

While Pews/Pughs share the Coat of Perkins (Leicestershire with Peppers!), Schunks and Pepe's both use "ostrich feathers" (!!!) while Light-connectable Feathers and Perkens/Parkinsons (look related to Pepper chevron) both have more "ostrich feathers"!!! You can't believe it. I've just checked Lights/Lite's (Somerset with Cocks), and they too have "ostrich feathers" while Coke's with Cooks have white ostriches. It appears that some Masonic goon invented "Pepe le Pew" on/off of his favorite bloodline. Note Pepe LE Pew, for Pew-related Perkins were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro river, where I've been suggestively tracing Legh/LEE's for years.

This very morning, I saw the biggest-ever TURTLE on my driveway, but I didn't have any idea if God sent it for an heraldic reason. I couldn't think of any heraldic links with Turtle's/Tuttle's. All others have been six to eight inches long, but this morning's was 12 or more. TERTULLus of Perga is exactly where I trace Perkins. End insert]

I was told to WAKE Sleeping Beauty by God's voice behind me, and the Wake Chief shares the red roundels in the Orr/Ore Chief. See how this works? Walks/Wachs (Dumfries) share the fleur-de-lys of Pews/Pughs and Weddings, and the latter (Yorkshire with Hicks and Walkers) have a different-colors version of the Hicks and Hook Coat. Spuds MacKenzie is of Bud LIGHT beer while Lights/Lite's were kin of Perken-beloved Feathers. BudWEISER can point to Weiser-branch Wies'/Wiesers who have a reflection of the Walk/Wach Coat.

When the asteroid hits, it'll be time for the sleeping Church to wake up, time to hold heads high, forget life on earth, just make-do in sweet patience for the remaining time.

Poff-like Popps/Papps/Pope's share the double chevrons of Lise's/Lease's (Dumfries) while Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams, POTTs and Potters. Potter share the cinquefoil of Flowers, first found in Devon with Kenns and Warings; the latter share the checkered bend of Scottish Pope's/Pape's. They are the checks of Warrens, first found in Sussex with Puttens/PutTOCKs. Tocks are listed with Teeger-branch Ticks/Tucks while there's a tiger in the Popp/Papp/Pope Crest.

Pattons were first found in Cumberland with the Kenny-connectable Browns/Bruns while Bruno's share the Pott bend. Pattons share gold crescents with Kenns. Tocks/Ticks/Tucks were first found in Yorkshire with Tickhills, and Tickhill (Yorkshire) is where Anne's/Hanne's were first found who share the Poppin/Popham stag heads! Hanna's (Pough/Pow/Poe colors) were first found beside Dumfries.

The Patiens variation of Patents/Patients is in the motto of Choke-like Coke's.

I'm writing this on Saturday, a beautiful day. I was sitting on the front deck today, for about an hour soaking the sun on a pure-cloudless day. I had the front door open with Christian music turned up, and I was singing to it outdoors, it felt so nice. I then put a coffee cup down between my legs on the step, and the coffee surface glistened in glory as I finished a song. But when the coffee surface became still, there in the near-dead-center of the cup was a distinct (not fuzzy) yellow ball, a reflection of the sun, straight to my eyes.

And so I looked up and saw the spinach plants on the front deck, growing under the STYRofoam, noting the Styre's are listed with Aster-branch Sturs. I needed to put something over the spinach when the sun is high to keep it from bolting. Directly over my head was the pane of glass I installed and CAULKed this week. Caulk-branch Choke's are like the Chocks (look related to Coke Coat) suspect in the cocoa that I had in this coffee under discussion. I've heraldically done "chocoLATE" before, and Late's use "organ PIPES," can we believe it? It's pointing to Apophis/Apepi, just as the spinach did a couple of months ago.

In fact, "chocolate" came to my heraldry discussions from HELEN, my old tenant who had an event on her stair LANDING right at her exterior door where her boyfriend (Dave) left a chocolate treat suspended on the door handle when she was not home. It pointed to Pepin of LANDEN! Pepins and Este's (Essex with Chocks) have the triple Helen horseheads in colors reversed. Coffee's/Coffers pointed to Mota-branch Motels of Taranto, and Motts were first found in Essex too. The Essex's share the Coke and Italian Este eagle. Pepin-connectable CAMULodunum was in Essex.

Both Helen on the landing, and Helens of the Brieux theater, near Brest, pointed to Brix's/Brests who share the lozenge of German Camels expected in the Pipe and Pepin camel head. English Camels were first found in Somerset with the Webbers who in turn have the Pipe and Pepin bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. Bruce's have the Chock lion in colors reversed.

Note that the "Irish cups" of Coffee's/Coffers have handles on them (I don't know of any other heraldic cups with handles). It just so happens that Handle's and Handels were first found in Silesia with SPHINX-using Brocuffs. That's a spinach-like symbol. And Late-like Ladys/Laudymans were first found in Northamptonshire with spinach-like Spinks! Lookie there. Brocuffs even share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks/Broke's, first found in Essex with Chocks and Asters! Zinger. As was said above, Asters share the Chaucer bend! It's also where Biggs were first found while Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen.

I wrote about these spinach plants back in the last update of March, and pointed them to the Apophis ASTERoid. That's why the styrofoam now looks important. There was no styrofoam with the spinach back in March, not until about three weeks ago.

The Brocuff and Brock Chief-Shield colors are shared with Glaze's who in turn share the pheons of Lords/LAUDs who are in the "Lord, "LET" motto phrase of Glaze-like Glasgows. Glasgow is near Lauder, and beside the Biggar location of Biggars and the first-known Scottish Flemings. Biggars share the pelican head with the Sprouts in the "sprouting" oak trunk of Larrys/Laurie's.

I didn't have the Coffee/Coffer cups in mind when I said, "the coffee surface glistened in glory..." Glorys/Lowrys share the giant cup of Larrys/Laurie's, and the latter share the motto ("RepulluLAT") and Crest of Letter-branch Lauders while Late's are also Letts! Lookie there. The Lauder motto is the one translated, "IT BUDs afresh." ITa was the wife of Pepin of Landen, and here we can go to Landons/Langdons (not "Landen") because they use Beer-connectable bears. Landens (Switzerland with bear-depicted Bern) share the six pale bars of Langleys, and, perhaps, the Land variation of Landens can indicate that Apophis will land.

It's amazing that Landons/Langdons share the Coat of Steads expected in the "Steady" motto of Mountain-related Tongue's. Landen-connectable Longfords/LongFORTHs (six pale bars) were first found in Derbyshire with Sprouts. Irish Fords and Forths share the same Shield, and as these Fords have a "LUCrum" motto term that can be of the "Luceo" of MacKenzie's, it appears relevant to Apophis that Fords and Forths share the Mountain / Tongue / Blaze martlets.

English Forts (Lancashire with SHAKE's) share a rock in Crest with Tongue's (Yorkshire with Blaze's), and the MacKenzie "mountain" is designed as a rock (houseofnames does how explicit mountains when it wants to use them, but it chose a rock for Mountains). French Rocks/Roque's were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains, and Rocco's essentially have the Coat of Sprout-connectable SHAKEspears.

Coffee's/Coffers pointed to Motels, and Motts are in Glory/Lowry colors and format. Motleys and their Medley branch were first found in Shropshire with Coffee-beloved Irish's, and they with Coffee's/Coffers share a white fesse with Rish'/Rush's (Suffolk with CHICKens, Oyle-like Owls, and Fleming-related Tresure's). For connection to Asters/Esters and Este's, Motts use an ESToile, and Popeye's girlfriend was Olive OYLE. EstOILE, you see. Spanish Olive's use the owl, and English Olive's were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks, no guff. Oileys were first found in Oxfordshire with Checks/Chicks while Chocks are listed with Chicks/CHICHs! ChichESTERs even share the Flamingo/Flaming Shield and the blue vair of Irish Flemings.

In the Popeye cartoon (setting was Italy, I think), Brutus always tried to steal Olive Oyle, and Mota's with Motels were first found in Calabria, ancient Bruttium. "ImMOTA" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, and Aquila's share the giant Este eagle. Eagle's/Hegels were first found in Lincolnshire with the Armys/Armine's possibly in the armored arm of Motels. Lincolnshire is also where Aquila-like Cheile's were first found who share the Aster/Ester bend.

In March and April, the plants of spinach had me going to Popeye because he loved spinach. Here's what I said in the last update of March:

I had a third dream very near (I mean a couple of weeks or so) to the dreams [Sleeping Beauty included] under discussion, and although I can't remember it because I didn't think it was a dream from God, I've let it slip from my memory. I do remember just two things about it: I was near the sea floor, and POPeye was there!!! Unbelievable. It looks like a pointer to Apophis-like surnames such as Poppys. Ahh, Popeye the sailor man!!! Suddenly, this silly thing is making sense.

The other dream in the quote above was the one mentioned earlier in this update, with a bridge and a man wearing a leather jacket. The SEA FLOOR is now very telling with the Revelation asteroid in mind, and Flora's, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Hyksos-suspect Hicks' and Hooks, were first found in ASTURius, as if God might be wanting to identify the Revelation asteroid with Apophis.

The styrofoam points to Styre's/Sturs, first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams, and Popleys list Poppeys. All I can remember was clear waters at the sea floor, and seeing cartoon Popeye down there. He smokes and blows a pipe, and Pipe's share the Pepin/Pepy Coat. See that? Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the English Bassets who in turn share (almost) the Styre/Stur Coat!!! SEE THAT? Popleys/Poppeys (Bessin/Beast colors and format) share the black eagle with Basset-connectable Basing(stoke)s, and Poppins/Pophams were first found in Basingstoke. In both colors, Basingstoke's share the eagle of Temple's, first found in Cheshire with Bessins/Beasts.

Plus, Styre's/Sturs were first found near the first-known spinach-like Spinks. The latter were first found in Northamptonshire with Vase's/Face's, and the spinach was planted in small VASE's, or planters, and French Planque's/Plants use "cabbages" while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire too. Cabbage's share the Baker/Backer eagle while English Backs share the Popley/Poppey eagle in both colors. English Plants, with a "stag TRIPpant" and sharing the three-pointed label of Asters/Esters/ISTERs, were first found in London with Besants. Recall the stag-depicted Hungarians, and Budapest on the ISTER river.

You will need more than an umbrella to weather the Apophis asteroid (if it lands...and I should be claiming that it will, but I'm afraid of being wrong, and steering you wrong). You're going to need stored foods, because the asteroid will likely cause the food rationing of Revelation, which is in the 3rd Seal/horse. It comes almost-immediately after the 2nd Trumpet (the asteroid), according to my unique and more-correct sequence of Revelation's 21 plagues.

New-Found Rieti Elements

Although I may not remember it the next time it's needed, I'd like to record here: I may have discovered that the Titus Chief is the Army/Ermine Chief for a related reason, for Armys/Ermine's were at Silk Willoughby while Willows/Willoughbys (Lincolnshire with Arms/Ermine') have a "VeRITE" motto term while Rite's/Wrights (share Stewart bend-with-checks) were from Rieti, home of emperor Titus, destroyer of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

English Rite's/Wrights were first found in Sussex with the Packs suspect in the Reed/Reat motto, and while Packs share the anchor of Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys, English Pasleys, said to have named "Pashley in the parish of TICEhurst, Sussex," were first found in Berkshire with the Modens/Modeys who happen to have the Willow/Willoughby fretty in colors reversed.

Anchor-branch Angers were first found in Essex with Mountains and Mountain-like Motts/Mottins, with Este's, and with Tessel-branch Teasels (share Mott/Mottin crescent) who both have the Italian Este / Aquila eagle in colors reversed. "ImMOTA" is a motto term of L'Aquila, and Mota-branch Motels use an Army-like arm. Tice's/Ticehursts are listed with Tiss'/Teese's, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with the Poppins/Pophams whose Chief looks connectable to the Titus /Army/Ermine Chief. The TESSIN/Ticino river runs through Pavia, also called "PAPia," you see, and while the Ticino canton is in Switzerland, Tease's/Tess, with the Army/Ermine saltire in colors reversed, were first found in Switzerland.

Pepe's/Peppards, with the Hicks fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and with the double fesses of Poppin-connectable Maness' in colors reversed, incorporate the English Pavia Coat in colors reversed.

The Salto river at Rieti traces to Salyes Ligures whom I see in the naming of Saluzzo, and the latter are to Sallows (first found in Salop) who happen to use a "willow tree." Swallows, sharing "swallows" with Arundels, were first found in Lincolnshire with Willows/Willoughbys, and the FitzAlans (proto-Stewarts) of Salop married Alice of Saluzzo. The Arms of Rieti shares fretty (different colors) with Willows/Willoughbys.

I claimed a million times that an old girlfriend of my 20s, Mamie, pointed to Mens'/MAME's/Meme's (share red Chief with Poppins/Pophams), but also to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, first found in Hampshire with Tease-connectable Teese's, and with Poppins/Pophams who happen to have a "Mens" motto term.

Mamie had a TEASE symbol, you see, but she also got a THIGH symbol, at her garden, the day after she had the tease symbol. Garden-branch Jardins (share Pavia scallop) almost have the Army/Ermine Coat, and Tease's are also Tyes'/Tighs (share Jardin stars). They were first found near Tickhill (Yorkshire with Popleys/Poppeys, buck-head Hicks, and Ticks/Tucks), and it just so happens that Anne's/Hanne's, first found in Tickhill, share the buck heads of Poppins/Pophams.

However, Anne's/Hanne's use "buck heads caBOSSed, in the gold color of the cabossed stag head of MacKenzie's, and the latter's Kenny branch was first found in Galway with Tick-branch Teague's/Teegers. Boss'/Boisville's share the red bull of Sabine's (Norfolk with Buss'), from Flavius Sabinus and Vespasia POLLa, parents of emperor Titus of Rieti. Pullens/Pullys (Yorkshire with Pale's/Palys, Pavers, and Pavia-related Feets/Fate's) share the Sabine scallop, colors reversed from the Pavia scallop. Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire with Pauls) share the camel head in Crest with Pepins/Pepys. Pauls share the crosslets of Sallow-connectable Carpenters, and Sallows were first found in Salop with the Hope's sharing a "globe" with Carpenters. The Hope globe is broken down the Atlantic ocean.

"Globe" can be code for the Glopeani tribe, an alternative name for the tribe that named Goplo of the Polla-like Poles, where myth had Piast KOLODziej the WheelWRIGHT, ancestor of the real duke Mieszko. Rite's/Wrights (Berwickshire with BOYs) can be traced to "Rieti." COLDs/Cole's, with a giant bull in the colors of the Mieske/Mesech bull head, were first found in Cornwall with giant-bull Boss'/Beville's/BOYville's. It's clearly the line of Vespasia Polla to the Sabine bull in use with Boss'/Beville's, tending to assure that Buss' were a Boss/Beville/BOISville branch, which can explain why Rosco's/Risco's (Cornwall) have the Buss cinquefoil in colors reversed.

The other half of the Mieske/Mesech has "an arm in armor" in the colors of the Meschin scallops, and Ranulph le Meschin married the TailBOIS' of Lincolnshire, where Arms/Ermine's were first found who share the Titus Chief. Plus, beneath the Titus Chief is GYRONNY while Ranulph de GERNON was the son and heir of Ranulph le Meschin. This family married Skiptons of Yorkshire, where Pullens/Pullys were first found whose scallops are colors reversed from the same of Tailbois'.

Scottish Rite's/Wrights share the checkered fesse of Alan-line Stewarts, and these Alans were first found in Salop with Wheels. "Wheelwright." Whalers are Wheelers too while Dols use the whale. The Pollocks, from Vespasia Polla, were birthed from Fulbert "the Saxon," vassal of the Dol Alans. Hamiltons, sharing the ermined Buss cinquefoil, were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, Paisleys, and with the Houstons/Hughstons sharing the Stewart / Rite/Wright checks. Hugh's share the giant lion of Palins, first found in Dorset with Rieti-line Pools/Pulls.

Science Class

As science is now highlighting that living things are built with programs requiring a programmer, the sin of an atheistic creation becomes more grotesque against the atheist. God likely made animals with obvious instinct to show glaringly that all have built-in programs.

While people of the past may not have understood programs, as I intend the term, today we fully understand that robots have programs originating from intelligent beings. We should be able to see more clearly than ever that animal instinct is from an Intelligent Being. Animals are quasi-robotic, doing things without ever being taught to do them, without choice on whether or not to do them, without complaining about doing them, and without rebellion against the Programmer.

When a bird swoops down and manages its feathers perfectly for a perfect landing on any perch it so desires, that's robotic instinct at work. The bird doesn't need to practice this until it perfects it. It's in the genes. We never see a bird over-calculating a landing, or flying into a branch with its head, miscalculating the landing. The same goes for erratic butterflies landing on a flower. They look like they are out of control in their flight, yet they land excellently where they wish to land. It's wing muscles and brain are programmed to allow and cause an erratic, confusing flight path.

Let scientists shut-up about atheistic evolution, because if they do not shut-up and repent, God has said that He will give them a stinging, terrible fate for their souls, and nobody will feel sorry for them, nobody will go visit or comfort them in their torments, once they are exposed as death-toting imposters.

All plants grow by programs. Who in their right mind, today, would contest that claim? How could we use a word other than "program" that doesn't mean the same thing? All identical plant types have identical domino-effect processes. One event triggers one or more events which in turn trigger other events, and this is a built-in program existing in all seeds. The program works not alone, but in conjunction with soil ingredients, water, and sunshine. Atheistic-evolutionary events don't know that seeds need water, nutrients and sun. Therefore, how can atheistic evolution know what programs to install in seeds, and, more importantly, because it's far-more complicated: how can mindless evolution know how to build the program to work in conjunction with certain nutrients (not all), water and sunshine...while defending the plants from various threats?

Why do I even need to talk in this way? Because, evolutionists remain willfully ignorant (i.e. pretend to see nothing) throughout the past few decades in which programs in living things have been elaborated upon in leaps and bounds.

Animals are quasi-robotic, yet nobody views them as robotic because they also have intelligence and choice. Can evolutionists make their robots like that? They never will, though they wish to do so to show that playing God is not impossible at all. Soon, they hope to create life out of nothing, we may assume. They seek the secrets of "dark matter" in order to understand how materials came from nothing or next-to-nothing, yet the more they investigate secrets, the more they see evidence of the God they continue to shun.

Evolutionism is a rebellious house, or the penthouse built upon the house of satan. The latter builds his house in camouflage right next to the Church so that he can attack it more readily and effectively. Next to his house, he has a path with sign reading, "Theistic Evolution This Way."

Men are so powerful, they'll spend 10 or 20 minutes looking for their glasses, cursing and cussing until they give up. Two hours later they walk past the mirror and see them on their heads. POWERFUL MEN. SO SMART. GENIUSES. I'm just as weak, but the point is, I wouldn't maintain the same error for 150 years while, throughout those years, the error becomes progressively apparent as such. Evolutionists pretend to be so smart that they can understand what is ludicrous to everyone else, and even in violation of the laws of physics. They use long-winded math nobody cares to check to "prove" that the atomic world operates on different "laws" (or lawlessness) we all consider insane. But only they and their partners (a conspiracy) are smart enough, and pretend, to understand. It's time to dethrone these fork-tongued imposters.

A frog's eggs progress from a gilled, fish-like tadpole to a lunged amphibian in a matter of weeks, not by evolution, but by internal program. Do the evolutionists really believe that blind-chance nature wrote that program? Are they nuts? Worse: they are so evil, they cling to the God-attacking lie to their deaths. And if God knows that they would oppose Him forever if He allows them to live forever, then they get justified, eternal punishment, and that by nature doesn't feel good at all. They don't get eternal life for a mere human lifetime of common sins (that would not be fair of God), but for opposing God forever.

The caterpillar, a worm, is programmed to enter a cacoon, and out comes a flying creature with fully-developed wings even though the wings did not develop in stages over millions of years of mutational changed through millions of generational eggs. Someone programmed the wings to develop in mere weeks from non-wings. Hello? Don't evolutionists know this? Of course they do. But they explain it with blah-blah such that it sounds as though it conforms to atheistic, evolutionary processes.

There's no end to the amazing and complicated programs that countless creatures possess. When someone looks at it and sees God behind it, having no animosity toward Him, that's what makes Him smile. But when evolutionists teach their animosity toward Him, He might smoulder inside against them, so to speak.

Evolutionists conspired to alter the thinking of future generations by brainwashing the children in schools. It went beyond science class. It was a conspiracy to hire the "right" teachers and principles until the system was majorly atheistic. It took a long time, many decades, and these goons are so impatient at this time that they need badly to get rid of the mental conditioning of parents upon their children, for it's Christian parents, and other traditional parents, who oppose the indoctrination in schools from the atheists. It's the Christians who produce some Christian teachers and principles, and municipal politicians, and this is slowing down the spiritual corruption. This is the weeds amongst the weeds, and we Christians know the fiery ending. Selah. Write a song.

Our enemies would once call for toleration from us when they were pushing abortion and other sins. They would call for free speech so that they could freely teach and spread their wares. But now that they have the main grip on political power, they won't tolerate our speech or morals. Therefore, as hypocrites, they have no chance in the court of God. God will abort them from life more painfully than an abortionist slaughters an innocent and defenseless baby, and God will trash them, murderous, non-Christian mothers included, more disgustingly than an abortionist destroys the carcass of a baby. To us is the glory, and the glory includes their destruction. To us is the glory of victory, and to them is a disgusting defeat. I speak this way because they anger me with what they have done, and still intend to do. They revealed their war even against parents, as if they should own their children just because they go a government-owned schools.

Don't blame us, you nasty evolutionists, don't punish us, for it is God who will punish you. We are not permitted to do so. And we are not doing so. We are not killing evolutionists and abortionists, even though they deserve to be snuffed out from life.

About an hour into this David Knight show, there's talk on evolutionist / atheist indoctrination, in case you haven't been familiar with it:

In canada, atheism took hold in politics and courts under Pierre Trudeau. His son, if indeed he's Pierre's son, is just as bad. If the anti-Christ arrives in a few years, I suppose that trudeau will support him. But not just him, but all Liberals, generally, or at least the Liberal leadership, not to mention the NDP party. We are going to be run through the grinder, Christians, like when the wicked increase the level of torment that goes to them in the end. The worse they do to us, the hotter God smoulders. There is nothing more important than this to concern us at this time, if the anti-Christ is destined to arrive in a few years.

However, this is not to say that we should disconnect from the political arena. For we will suffer more if governments are under liberal-atheist control. It seems to me that we would fare a lot better under the atheist, Pierre Poilievre, than under trudeau. It seems that European Christians will do much better under "far right" governments than Schwabite ones. That's why we should help end-time secularists get into power, if they are truly for religious freedom. Trump, however, I do not trust when he pretends to be a Christian. He to me looks like a cloaked, pro-666 man.

In fact, I think he enforced the lockdowns because he knew the military wanted it to install 5G towers without being seen by most people. He to me seems like a satanic character in lamb's clothing, otherwise he wouldn't be pretending to be a Christian. The danger to American Christians goes beyond his merely pretending to be a Christian to win some Christian votes, because he will once again install satanic men in government-leading positions.

His worldview is deep-liberal, and, without regeneration from the Spirit of God, his immoral and progressive past can only evolve richer when he surrounds himself with dark-Washington leaders. He routinely praises any unGodly character if only that political leader is/was on his side. Trump praised Fauci, for example, just because the two men were partners in lockdowns and vaccinations. If he now criticizes Fauci, it's only as he calculates it to be the politically-expedient thing to do.

As you watch the verbal onslaught against the far-right by the pro-Schwabites, in the video below, you might want to realize that Klaus Schwab resigned recently just in time before this political slaughter against pro-Schwabites. In fact, it is known that the Europeans voted against Schwab himself, but his state media won't tell this to you. Yes, this tidal wave against EUism is thanks to evil agendas from Schwab himself:

The next step is to jail pro-Schwabite criminals now, or recently, in government. They would jail you for merely speaking out against them, in legal protest, and should they not be jailed instead for treason? Yes, of course, for globalism is literally mass-treason against many nations. It's time for a multi-nation "war-right" to materialize against the Nazified Schwabites.

Look at these whipper-snapper, young, Creationist warriors:

A couple of decades ago, I remember reading that Greenland has an average ice thickness of 5,000 feet. Now I'm reading: "Greenland's ice sheet has an area of 1.7 million square kilometers, an average thickness of 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles), and holds 7 percent of the world's freshwater." That's now gone up to 7,400 feet thick.

Next, we want to know what the average precipitation is on Greenland. One of google's offerings: "Precipitation in Greenland averaged 439.54 mm from 1901 until 2022." That's about 18 inches. Yet another google offering, at the very top of the search-result page: "972mm (38.2 inches) of precipitation is accumulated each year." Another offering: "About 331 mm | 13.0 inch of precipitation falls annually. It doesn't appear that the climate reporters know what they're talking about, as if maybe different schools having their own agendas want different figures. Someone else: "Precipitation amounts to 615 mm (24 in) per year,..."

It's been, at most, 5,000 years since Noah's flood. As snowfall never melts on interior Greenland, which is most of the island, one can reckon that there would have been 5,000 to 10,000 feet of ice build-up since the Flood. And that's the thickness now being reported. In other words, there was no ice age. There was a Flood, and immediately afterward there was cold weather in the north, essentially the same as today.

About 20 years ago, I was reading that Antarctica get about a foot of precipitation annually. Google offerings include: "An average temperature of -25 °C (-13 °F) roughly corresponds to an average precipitation of 400 mm (16 in),..." And: "The climate of Antarctica is the coldest on Earth. The continent is also extremely dry (it is a desert), averaging 166 mm (6.5 in) of precipitation per year." It looks like they can't agree yet again. Anyone who claims to know the truth doesn't know anything but what they are told, and there are liars in this world everywhere for different reasons.

"At [Antarctica's] thickest point the ice sheet is 4,776 meters deep. It averages 2,160 meters thick,..." That's about 7,000 feet on average, and so, once again, that amount can be explained since the Flood if only the average precipitation since then was a little more than 1 foot. Someone else isn't sure what the average is: "About 98% of Antarctica is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet, a sheet of ice averaging at least 1.0 mile (1.6 km) thick."

Snow never melts in interior Antarctica; there's a constant build-up. There was no ice age, or the ice would be far thicker both in Greenland and in Antarctica. The scientists are wrong, what else is new?

The "ice age" was invented by evolutionists, though they won't admit the reason, because there claim that humans are about a million years old, is contradicted by the human population today, and historically. The estimated population of humanity 2,000 years ago is perfectly in line with a population of eight people at Noah's Flood. But if humans go back even 6,000 years ago, without a Flood, the population would inevitably much higher than it is now. Besides, the ice age can't hold back populations in the equatorial regions. And so the evolutionists sought evidence of ice sheets forming certain geological scrapes, transports and dumps, and, guess what? They "found" the evidence. But those rock scrapes and transports could have been accomplished by waters when the "rocks" were still uncemented during the receding of Flood waters onto what are now the ocean basins.

I think you will like this movie:


It's a shame that, instead of governments taking the issue to court, it took private citizens to take the issue of fraudulent CPR testing to court. A Portuguese judge has agreed that it was fraudulent:

The time has come when anyone who doesn't want to be lumped in with "conspiracy theorists" is proving to be the sick dog. In every way, the theorists have been proven correct: there were conspiracies, groups and governments who conspired together, or jumped onto the same wagon to join in the same battle against anti-vaxxers, or even pro-vaxxers who were rightfully afraid of the COVID "vaccine." There's going to be no end to the revelations because this was a global conspiracy = lots of people who did illegal and sinful / gross things.

Here's a climate-change conspiracy from the trudeau government, yet another scandal unveiled to, and by, the political opposition, and then splashed on social media...which explains why the flint-faced, tyranno-trudeau government is threatening social media people with jail time for attacking politicians:

The video above says that it took many months for canadian companies to get climate-change money, apparently because companies were unwilling to agree with the harsh desires of the Liberals. Eventually, however, the trudeau government decided it was best to throw the money at them to give appearances of spending tax dollars wisely, even though the companies did not agree to implement the Liberal-desired climate-change measures (too costly for companies, and probably made little sense).

Therefore, it seems a no-brainer that nearly $8B went to companies friendly to the Liberal party, which is a way to buy votes. Yes, it makes perfect sense to use a fraudulent climate-change scare to collect tax money, then distribute it to those who empower climate-change goons. It feeds the vicious whirlwind. The RCMP has all the reasons to arrest the climate-change czar of canada. But as that's not going to happen, it behooves Poilievre to replace the leaders of the RCMP as deeply as they go, who are unconcerned with trudeau crimes.

One can ask whether trudeau is corrupting and ruining the Liberal party, or whether the Liberal party, corrupt prior to trudeau's ascent of the apes, is ruining him. It appears that the Liberal party, being exposed, is what's crippling trudeau, which could explain why the Liberals are finding it hard to ask him to step down for their sakes.

The beauty of vacationing with an electric car is that you can plan the trip around charging stations, limiting your choice of places to go to about two-percent of all options. EVs are a conspiracy to keep people at home:

I disagree somewhat with the claim in the video below, that an increasing number of pastors are afraid of offending people, wherefore they water down the Biblical messages. I would put it differently, going for the jugular: they love to be honored, and by going against modern morality, they know they will be dishonored by outsiders, perhaps municipal politicians, etc., and this to me really stinks bad:

here's a BBC offering to show what sort of snakes that organization possesses: "The miracle shows Jesus as the Messiah. The Messiah is the one believed to be sent by God to be humanity's saviour. Many Christians believe this person to be Jesus.. It was believed that the end of the Messiah's reign would be marked with a great banquet." The last sentence is framed to make Jesus look like a false messiah, who died not only before he gave the banquet, but before he reigned as king. Shame BBC. To the contrary, the Bible tells that banquet is at the beginning of His reign, at an unknown time AFTER his resurrection. Sorry to poop on your snake poop, BBC.

By taking the Biden administration to court, this man was able to force the "discovery" process, and therefore to find the secrets of government-facilitated censorship on behalf of libero-globalist agendas:

Here's a happy story from canada's Rebel News touching upon trudeau's emergency-act crime:

Watch how trudeau, at the near-end of this video, gives an excuse to leave a press conference, on the same day that the Conservatives won a vote to force trudeau's government to hand over documents on the slush-fund scandal. It seems that trudeau, in this video, wanted to see what the vote was, and upon seeing that the Conservatives won, he high-tailed it out of the room to go buy a paper-shredding machine, so to speak:

The slush-fund scandal:

The Auditor General found that the SDTC had "awarded funding to projects that were ineligible, [and where] conflicts of interest existed." In total, $123 million worth of contracts were found to have been given inappropriately, with $59 million being given to projects that never should have been awarded any money at all.

On top of this, the Auditor General discovered that conflicts of interests were connected to approval decisions. As a consequence of this, nearly $76 million of funding was awarded to projects where there was a connection to the Liberal’s friends appointed to roles within SDTC. While $12 million of funding was given to projects that were both ineligible and had a conflict of interest.

In fact, the Auditor General discovered that long-established conflict of interest policies were not followed in 90 cases. In one instance, Trudeau’s handpicked SDTC chair siphoned off $217,000 to her own company.

CTV-headline deception this week: "Are the feds losing Canadians' trust over foreign interference report?". It's deceptive because the FURIOUS voters lost trust months and months ago. There isn't even a question about it, and so the CTV, a quasi-state media, is pretending that canadians are only-maybe starting to get a little uncomfortable.

The anti-globalists just clobbered the EU and its "green" ninny-tyrants, meaning that normal people have some respite:

When I ask youtube canada for "canadian news -cbc -ctv," it's the only way I get rid of a heavy-handed number of CBC and CTV videos that canada is forcing down our throats in all news-content searches, even though it's obvious to youtube I don't click on them. Plus, when doing the search above, aside from a video from the conservative Toronto Sun, I get zero anti-trudeau social-media regulars, meaning that canada programmed youtube to do this.

It means that the youtube robot knows exactly what I do want and don't want, and won't give me what I do want unless it also stacks me with state-media videos, over and over and over and over, each time I click to the home page, giving me the same state-media videos over and over and over for weeks at a time. I'm deliberately being robbed of options I'd rather see in return for options I despise.

Then, as soon as I click on a video that comes up with the search in the quotes above, I get re-stacked with CBC and CTV videos in the right-margin options. This is canada seeking to gain control of the political conversation again, as it was before the Internet. It's not fair, it's not democracy, it's pathetic, and it's against the charter of rights. It's the stinking pigs and boorish hogs in the Liberal party.

When searching "conservative news -cbc -ctv", youtube is programmed not to feed me one, NOT ONE, anti-trudeau video. Youtube canada is an accomplice with Liberal criminals, stinking thieves and boorish tax-collectors.

When searching "anti-trudeau news -cbc -ctv", youtube is programmed not to feed me one, NOT ONE, anti-trudeau video from the daily regulars, but rather gives me videos months and years old that aren't even anti-trudeau. The youtube robot is "pretending" to be stupid by order of its pro-Liberal programmers. And that how things are in canada right now, and a lot worse if we let the Liberals get away with things. It's high-time to uproot the weeds, put them out to dry and wither.

Youtube didn't want to bring up this current Moose on the Loose story (I had to ask it for "Moose on the Loose"):

The schizo-man with the turban and the upturned mustache in the video above is the leader of the communist party of canada who has had the power, throughout the revelations of trudeau's scandals for more than a year, to force trudeau to call an election immediately, yet this schizo-man has refused to force the election in case he doesn't win re-election and thus forfeits his pension for being a member of parliament. Or so go the accusations. He stands with trudeau no matter what he's been guilty of, though at this time he's been forced to insinuate that trudeau should have fired and exposed those who committed treason.

The Toronto Sun claims that Pierre Poilievre doesn't want to read the classified treason report in case he slips up publicly, accidentally says the wrong thing publicly, that is, and then maybe gets arrested by the trudeau goons. Or, he doesn't want to be restricted in talking about it with others, which is what he'll need to agree to before reading it.

When loading the Moose video above, youtube stacked me with seven, out of the first 17 videos, by CBC and CTV. I get this type of ratio steadily every day. But it did not give me another Moose on the Loose video, and that's how pigs works, to deny equal access by the good guys, and violate them in the process. Shame on youtube and google for allowing canada to operate in this way, exactly how youtube and google operate.

Here's some background on treason story above, though, currently, the leaked report tells only of China and India "interference," leaving out Schwabite controls:

It is the responsibility of trudeau to expose those guilty of treason, and to demand their arrest. Otherwise, he's an accomplice with them. It's that simple.

Plus, like Singh (parents from India), second-generation leftist-leaning immigrants will war politically with traditional citizens and their Christian heritage. It was the liberals who upseated that heritage, and the foreigners will finish the job. This is the hope of Schwabism everywhere. I say it's time to abandon canada, abandon the United States, put faith only in the Kingdom and NATION of JESUS, the True Israel. As Christian tradition has been obliterated without even a peep from canadian churches, I can understand why God will cause traditional peoples to weep in despair. You let sin come over you as a wave, and did not, not even pastors and elders, become political mouthpieces to sandbag it.

Here's what every country in the world needs now: speak honestly, be kind to others to promote kindness, be involved with others, taking opportunities to improve them. Show unapologetic disgust for evil behavior to reinforce good behavior. Move conversations to things that matter to God, for He is a builder, constructive, helping the helpers, tearing down the destroyers. Globalists want people isolated, not to become involved with each other, not to speak badly of they, the destroyers. People chat when on vacation, and globalists don't want vacationers. People chat in restaurants, and globalists want to shut down restaurants. They want "social distancing" to become the new normal. We saw it, we witnessed it, we can testify against them now. PIGS. They want the world all to themselves, and want us only as their corporate slaves.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture