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January 9 - 15, 2024

My New Task: To Get Some Video Accounts

If you tried to get into the last update from the Index page, sorry, I didn't have the codework done right, and the page therefore wouldn't load. It's working now. It's on the topic of the perpetual-motion wheel, which topic I think I'll move on from now, and return to later, if needed.

I was thinking that the "Ten Commandments" could be re-stated as the "Ten Priorities." Why would God burden us with laws? Why can't we just free-wheel? For our protection. When God commands us to love, it's a necessity to protect you. If others love you, they won't do evil against you. If we all love, we all grow healthier, more vibrant, more equally prosperous. To love is better than being kind with a gift. To love is to feel for the other's misfortunes and disappointments. This message is needed more now than ever, for, just as Jesus predicted, the world will grow cold in love just prior to His coming.

Early in the book of Romans, the apostle Paul suggests that he didn't always know what to say to God in prayer. It suggests that he was just like us, unable to find the right words, struggling to make a connection. And for whatever reason(s), God has decided that He won't talk back in plain English, often won't respond at all if He's unhappy with us. But more than ever, we need God to respond to us, or we may fall away from the faith. The Bible makes it plain that God wants us close to Him; if He's not happy with our distance from Him, it can explain a coldness from Him in return, as we deserve.

The mystery of the Crucifixion is in how it informs us that God wanted to be close to us. God suffered when Jesus suffered, but when it was all finished, the suffering, God was able to bring people to Him in the way He wanted them to approach Him, in gratefulness, appreciation, but also with a genuine sense of owing Him for our lives. It's not easy to put into words the full extent of what God accomplished with the Crucifixion. But His message is clear: he wants to be a Father to loyal children. He did not wish to go forward in Creation with half-loyal children, traitors and back-stabbers on some days, and thankful only when God gave good gifts. I don't think anyone has a problem understanding this.

And when we talk to God, telling Him that we know a little of how He must feel to see mankind spit into His face, that's where a relationship with God starts. This is the Crux of the Crucifixion: God was fed-up with lousy children, and determined to make loyal children by undergoing the ultimate Act Himself.

But genuine loyalty is not the only thing. There is something underneath loyalty, a reason for it. The true child of God understands how God feels with the problems at hand in this present era, this history. And we have been given hints that God wants to be one with our spirits. This is the direction things are going in. And we have no modest idea what it is to be one with God. Which one of us can grasp how almighty and all-knowing He is? What is it about us that deserves to be ONE WITH GOD? How incredible is it that God would want to be one with merely you and I? We are less than ants in His sight, completely stupid by comparison, utterly incapable...which is why He can't stand the haughty who think they are like the gods. To recognize how small we are before God is to compliment him, but it's also the beginning of smartness.

I can understand why God decided that, above all, going forward with Creation must be based on love. It's what makes for health, for community, joy, fulfillment. All of life is worthwhile when people have a sense of being one with each other. Love makes everyone safe to live amongst. When nobody fears a passer-by or neighbor anymore, this world will have passed away. I don't think this world will ever be like that until this history has been Finalized. In the New Kingdom, love will be security and prosperity. Death and disease will vanish, and with them will disappear the medical establishment that feeds off of our ailing bodies.

Some people just don't value love. They prefer to amass and enjoy while forsaking love. God's interested in those willing to learn the ideal of treating others as you treat self. When we recognize that others are just as important as ourselves, that's civility. That's the stuff of community. There's nothing strange about the calling of God.

The New Testament is all about behavior change. Paul even lists many bad traits and good traits. He has the famous love definition in 1 Corinthians 13.

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Can you do all that? All the time?

I've spent the last week drawing to create a slide presentation for uploading to social media. It's my first crack at this. I don't use a credit card, so I've got to make due with free software, not the best. I'll drop the near-30 drawings here in case you're interested in this topic, feel free to expound in your own video presentation, you can borrow any idea you wish, even re-do the drawings as you think best, or make a computer animation if you have the capability.

This is the truer atomic model that evolution-based science rejects just because it doesn't permit the big bang to create the universe. This is the shame of the scientific establishment on Judgment Day. The order that you find these files in is the order that I've thus far (not very far yet) decided to present them:

To verify that ring magnets on a stick hover at increasingly higher levels with height, you can see them in real life at the 1:55 point of this video. Shortly after these ring magnets are shown, at 2:21, the guy shows a computer animation of kinetic atoms in a container, which I am in the midst of proving cannot exist. Proof that they cannot exist is in the ring magnets he himself showed. All of his mumbo-jumbo on "quantum locking" can be defined simply as a balance between magnetic and gravity forces; don't get fooled by "quantum", which hides in a skirt of mystery the simplicity that's behind the hovering or hanging of the cold magnet:

Air atoms are "locked" (not really, but only slightly) between the pull of gravity and the inter-repulsion of one another. Air atoms thus hover...even in the open atmosphere rather than repelling one another into outer space. Atoms can't fly around, and while many physicists have understood that they cannot be flying around, the establishment has maintained the kinetic theory to this day. Why? Why such insistence in the face of obvious defeat? If those who define quantum locking don't even mention gravity as part of the effect, that's how you know that dishonesty / ignorance is at play from those who've created the definition.


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