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January 1 - 8, 2024

Perpetual-Motion Wheel -- Needs Lead

I need to take a break from analyzing the perpetual-motion wheel I've been talking about for a few weeks in a row. This thing really taxed my mental state. I've been feeling dizzy and off-balance for weeks, right some of this period. I don't know what it's from. It's frightening in the sense of, in case it gets worse into my 70s. I don't want to be physically debilitated. I can tolerate how it's been thus far, but it's been a daily thing now for about two or three weeks. I've not had this before.

I didn't think the draw package my computer came with was worth anything, but I'm going to make some simple drawings with it, to explain why the sun is under 20 million miles away, according to NASA's own data. Back in Texas in the early 2000's, I figured a way to find the sun's distance by following two eclipse lines to its edge. People in the past were unable to use this method, but with NASA's data, we now can, yet the establishment, steeped in mortal sin as it is, has not told us of this method. Why not? What's it been hiding?

Seriously, why has the educational system hidden this method from us? SERIOUSLY, this is such a simple and absolute full-proof method, yet you haven't heard about it. WHY NOT? If it doesn't work, then the system would have told you, "by the way, it doesn't work, and here's why." Instead, DEAD SILENCE.

One lunar eclipse line goes to the edge of the sun, right? Every drawing you see of a lunar eclipse has an earth umbra going to the edge of the sun. Right? Yes, and every solar-eclipse line goes, where? TO the edge of the sun, wow, we have two lines to the edge of the sun, and so all we need to do is get the angles of those lines, and we can follow them through space until they meet.

WHERE DO THEY MEET? At the edge of the sun. Can we find how far they go into space until they meet? YES ABSOLUTELY. This is fundamental math, even I figured it out to tell where the lines meet, in miles, manually, without an angle calculator.

At first, being new to this topic, I was confused on how to use a solar eclipse in conjunction with a lunar eclipse to get the correct solar distance, but eventually I found a way. Here's a drawing:

You would think that NASA's eclipse pages would state plainly the distance to the moon during the eclipse, in miles/kilometers. But, NO, no way, but WHY NOT? Because that's one of two requirements for knowing the true distance to the sun using eclipse lines. You cannot know how wide the umbra is, where the moon passes through it during a lunar eclipse, unless you know how far the moon is. And you cannot know the angle of a lunar eclipse line to the sun's edge without the diameter of the umbra in miles/kilometers.

And guess what? NASA's lunar-eclipse pages don't tell you the umbra's diameter in miles/kilometers. BUT WHY NOT. It seems like a good thing to do for street people like you and I. Is NASA only trying to be good to astronomers who know how to convert the umbra diameter from the "angular diameter" that the pages show? I don't think so. I think NASA is trying to hide the true distance to the sun, which it knows. How can it not know? What excuse are the astronomy bums using to squelch what these lines reveal? I say NASA doesn't want people like me to know those distances in miles because it's just a small step, from there, to finding the angles of the eclipse lines.

In Drawing 2 below, we see how to view NASA's given angle to the edge of the sun, of .2624 degree. I also show how to find the angle to the solar edge from the lunar-eclipse line by forming a simple, right-hand triangle, shown in red:

There are just two things missing in the drawing above: 1) the lunar distance from earth, which NASA suspiciously doesn't grant the world, in any of its eclipses, and; 2) the angle of the lunar-umbra line to the solar edge. But NASA does give the angular radius of the moon at the peak of the eclipse as .266 degree. The angular diameter is the size of the moon as seen from earth by the eye.

As the moon diameter in this eclipse was .532 (twice .266), all we need to do, in step one, to find the distance to the moon (at the peak of the eclipse) is to divide 360 degrees (a full circle) by .532, to find how many lunar diameters there would be, back-to-back, in a perfect circle around the earth. That's 360 / .532 = 676.69 moons. As each moon is 2,159 miles wide, that perfect (but imaginary) circle is 1,460,977 miles in circumference. The earth is smack at the center of this circle.

To find the diameter of a circle, it's the circumference divided by pi, 3.14. So, 1,460,977 / 3.14 = 465,279 miles. The reason we want the diameter is because the moon, at the eclipse, is exactly half as far, or 232,640 miles. That's it, we're done. We can now find the angle of the lunar-umbra line to the solar edge. Here's a drawing as per this lunar-distance situation, if you think it's needed:
Just put 232,640 into the 'b' box of the calculator below, with 1015 in box 'a'. The alpha angle, 'a', is given above these figures after you hit "Calculate." This angle is what we want where Drawing 2 asks you to find the angle of the tip of the red triangle. You will see .25 degree as that angle (but to get more decimal places, use the calculator's alternative angle as 0.0043629 radians. Ask google to convert those radians, and you'll find them converted to .24998 degree).

See Drawings 4 and 5 before going on to see better where I'm going:

We now have the angles of both lines to the sun's edge that go out at the same time: during the eclipse. We need only find a way to know how far from the earth these lines will meet. The lunar-umbra line is at .24997 degree, and the solar line is at .2624 degree for reasons that Drawing 2 will indicate.

We just put 1 mile into the calculator's 'b' box, and .2624 - .2499 = .0125 degree (just the italicized number, of course) into the alpha-box, with nothing in all other boxes. We are now asking the calculator to tell us the distance that a line at .0125 degree moves, from a zero-mile position to begin with, after it has spread out for one mile of forward distance. The result is on the 'a' line as 0.00021817 mile. That's not very much, but then the sun is very far away.

In other words, the solar line catches up to the lunar-umbra line by 0.00021817 mile per every 1 mile forward toward the sun. As the two lines begin an earth radius apart, which is 3,960 miles, we know what we need to do here: 3,960 / 0.00021817 = 18,156,800 miles. That is, .00021817 x 18.1568 million miles forward gets 3,960 miles across (perpendicular to the forward advance). We don't want to go more than 3,960 across because that's how far apart the two lines are when they start the "race."

After 18.16 million miles forward, the two lines meet, what don't we understand about this? It's not from my numbers, but from NASA's. I checked a dozen or so eclipses very carefully, and they all gave solar distances in this very range, mainly from 17 to 19 million, if I remember correctly.

I implore you to think about something very hard. Astronomy has announced that the Apophis asteroid will be passing the earth by a near-hit of under 20,000 miles, in 2029. As 18 million is 1/5th of 93 million, it means that, according to astronomy's own data, the solar system is five times smaller than they say it is. This means that, when they calculated to velocity and size of Apophis, they got it five times too fast, and five times to large, for a total of 25 times more momentum than it actually has.

That's why I want you to think hard, for momentum is the only thing that keeps the asteroid from being pulled in by earth gravity. TWENTY-FIVE TIMES less momentum, and that's not all. On top of this, the 20,000 miles they estimated is in accordance to the size that they think the solar system is, meaning that it can be passing by at just 4,000 miles from the ground instead, according to their calculations of its orbital path. Five times closer, five times slower, and five times smaller/lighter.

This space rock looks like it's going to surprise the world. Four-thousand miles is just one earth radius. I think it's going to hit, because, as the world is, it seems that the timing is right to fulfill the asteroid in the Book of Revelation: the 2nd Trumpet, described as something like a mountain all ablaze from the sky, and landing in the sea.

I imagine that food will become scarce at that time, explaining the rationing that comes about at the 3rd Seal, which is a plague to take place shortly after the 2nd Trumpet, for the 21 plagues of Revelation have this sequence: 1 Seal, 1 Trumpet, 1 Bowl, 2S, 2T, 2B, 3S, 3T...7 S, 7T, 7B. It may all be a mistake, but I think people ought to save foods now for that time. I opened a jar of hydrated chicken and ground beef this week. The chicken was dated July, 2021, and it was fine, no off-smell, no-off taste, though I've kept it under a mild freeze (freezer on high temperature) most of this time. Beef was fine, tastes normal when re-hydrated. Chicken can be eaten without re-hydration. Drying foods is by far the best way to store when storing lots of it.

I don't want to be guilty of not warning people. Some of my main work on the eclipse data is at 5th update in December, 2021.


Speaker Mike Johnson has released the January-6 videos, but caved when he didn't allow them to be released online. Instead, people need to go into the Capitol Building to view them, and of course nobody's likely to spend days and days there to get the footage. I have thumbs-down for Johnson's cowardice on this issue. If these tapes belong to the public, then give it to the public online that they might peruse the footage from their homes. Bad move, Johnson, very lousy of you.

Plus, it's not enough to release the footage. What needs to happen is investigations into anyone who was smashing windows, or inviting people into the building amongst law officers, to see whether they were part of a pre-planned, federal-government conspiracy. The evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of that view, and so Johnson can yet do more in preparation for when Republicans run the White House in time to prosecute the guilty, if only they would put in the proper FBI director and U.S. Attorney General.

There's nothing out of the ordinary, at present, in Israel for a time of war. The Palestinians are showing again that they can't take Israel, even though they have amassed weapons for years.

No surprise to me, that piece of trash, Alan Dershowitz, was part of some court issues several years ago. News out this week, as per some of those documents unsealed, include: "'Epstein required Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida but also on private planes, in New York, New Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands,' one of the documents says. '…Dershowitz was {also} an eye-witness to the sexual abuse of many other minors by Epstein and several of Epstein’s co-conspirators,' it adds." And Fox-new boss has not only been kind to Dershowitz, but Hannity and others have him on his shows.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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