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April 16 - 22, 2024

The Threshing Floor of Mount Moriah
The Temple Ins-Tit-Tute

IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names.

I was beside myself in the last update when coming to the heraldic hedgehog, but before getting to that, here's a quote from my chapter where I suggest that a new temple building might not be needed prior to the Day of the Lord because the abomination of desolation might be at the Western Wall:

There is yet the question of whether the abominations will be applied to an edge/corner of the Temple building, or to an edge/corner of the Temple grounds. Strong's Concordance suggests that, in relation to anything having four sides, such as the rectangular holy site, "kanaph" can represent "a quarter" in conjunction with "extremity" or "edge," so as to denote a "quarter edge" or a "quarter extremity." While the English section of my Hebrew interlinear has attempted to bring out this quarter aspect by translating "kanaph" as "corner," the Hebrew word could just as well refer to one of four sides, whereby the NIV's use of "wing" becomes very suitable.

As a matter of fact, the Biblical phrase, "the four kanaphs of the earth" does not sit well as "the four corners of the earth," and does much better as "the four ends of the earth." Now the Bible does not speak of the four ends of the Earth from the standpoint of an astronaut in space, but from the standpoint of a person standing on the ground: i.e. north, east, south and west.

Still, the use of such a term to denote the Temple is unusual in the first place. Why didn't Daniel just say "temple" if that is what was meant? But then, only God knew in Daniel's day that the Jewish holy place would, in the last days, be a small section of one western wall, called the Wailing Wall.

This Wailing Wall (also "Western Wall") was one of four, not of the Temple building itself, but of the very outer walls which surrounded the entire Temple site--outer courts and all. Therefore, it may be hasty to translate kanaph as an edge/wing of the Temple altar, as does the NIV, or as an edge/wing of the Temple building.

Daniel only says, "kanaph" without indication of what it's an edge of.

Load Barone Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

Then, in my last two updates over the last two weeks, I've been investigating evidence that God could be pointing to BYRON Stinson's central role in shipping red heifers to Israel for the distinct purpose of purifying the needs for a new temple building. And while showing that Italian Barone's almost have the Byron Coat, and while Byrons have the Israel/Ishmaelli Coat in other colors, I also ventured to the Irish Byroms/Barone's, and said:

Brown-connectable Italian Barone's almost have the Byron Coat!

Byroms/Barone's have hedgehogs, and Hedge-like Edge's/Eggs were first found beside the first-known Westerns whose giant eagle they share in colors reversed [see anything remarkable with an Edge-Western link? I didn't when writing this.].

"Barkstone" reminds that while Barksdale's have the FIVE arrows in the Arms of Rothschild [founders of modern Israel] in the same colors, I attended the same church with Miss Hicks in Barksdale. Barkers share the Leslie griffin head while Rothschilds are from Leslie's of Rothes.

But it had not hit me yet as to why the hedgehogs should be applicable to the end-time temple, not until 10 am Monday morning, two hours before the update was due for uploading to the Internet:

[Insert Monday -- During the spell-check, I came across this [i.e. a thing I had written in the last update]: "Byroms/Barone's have hedgehogs, and Hedge-like Edge's/Eggs were first found beside the first-known Westerns whose giant eagle they share in colors reversed." In my post-trib book, on a chapter concerning the "wing of the temple," I explain that the Hebrew word for "wing" means "EDGE" or "extremity," and conclude that the abomination of desolation will be at the Western Wall, therefore, at the western edge of the temple grounds. You just saw the Edge's with the Westerns!!! And they came from the Coat of Byron-like Byroms!!!! Unbelievable.

Then, after writing that, I remembered that Eggs/Edge's, once said to be first found in Cheshire with Temple's (!) and Eggertons, are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was only in the past year that Eggs/Edge's were changed from Cheshire to Worcestershire, and only in the past year that Wings were changed from Perthshire to Worcestershire, in time for this update! There could be more to this, but I'm out of time for this week. Stay tuned because I should tackle this in the next update. End insert]

It appears that God is once again speaking to us through this extraordinary heraldic language even though I think He despises the creators of heraldry, likely the Templars and their Crusader friends, the "Christian" Zionists. Bauer-descended Rothschilds love heraldry, and use helmets said to be "TURNed" as code for Turin elements suspect with Turnbulls/TIMPLE's, in Temple/Temble colors. Turins/Thurins (use Bauer-connectable boars) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. And Temple's/Temble's use a giant and black eagle, as do Westerns; the latter were first found in Staffordshire with HICKsons who in turn have "eagle legs" in both colors of the temple/Temble eagle. I'll even repeat that French Temple's share the Coat of French Bride's (BRIGHT branch), first found in Savoy with BRIGANTium, now called BRIANcon, and I've told several times that Irish Brians essentially share the Coat of Heifers/Heffers (Somerset with BRIDGE's). Bright's (share stars of French Bride's, were first found in Cheshire with Temple's/Temble's.

Hugh de Payens, the first TEMPLAR grandmaster, married Elizabeth CHAPPES, suspect from the killer of Jesus, JOSEPH CAIAPHas. Temple's/Temble's are not only in the colors and format of the giant, FOOTless martlet of French Josephs, but it's a black martlet that's in the Crest of Temple's/Temble's, the latter first found in Cheshire with Foots (Temple/Temble colors) who in turn use one of the triple chevrons of Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'!

The Levi's have the Aids/Ade's in their motto who have the Stinson Coat in other colors. Byron Stinson! Aids/Ade's share the black leopard face with Heffer-like Hovers/Hoffers, first found in Westphalia with German Ducks while English Ducks were first found in Somerset with Heifers/Heffers. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with the Battle's who in turn share the giant griffin of CHAFFs, and the latter were first found in Dorset with Chaffins who are in turn in the colors and format of Timple's/Temperleys.

In the meantime, English Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Fly's and CAPlans, share the double chevrons of Chaplains. Caplans have gold griffin heads while the neighboring Chaffs have a gold griffin. The Shield of German Caplans have the colors of the Egg/Edge Shield, both sharing the colors of Timple's/Temperleys and Chaffins.

The English Caplan griffins are in the colors and format of the Chief of English Josephs, and Fly's have the martlet of French Josephs in colors reversed. Thus, the heraldry masters must have known that both Joseph surnames descended from Joseph Caiaphas, the Levite high priest of Israel who contributed to our salvation by offering up the Lamb of God.

Eggs/Edge's were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, Temple's, Timple's/Temperleys, Cardine's, LEGHs, and Foots. The latter are a branch of FIDO's/Fothes' (first found in KinCARDINE), which should explain the "fido" motto term of arrow-using Eggertons. The latter have the Cardine pheons in colors reversed, and while pheons are arrow heads, Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with the Westerns having the other half of the Egg/Edge Coat. Staffordshire is also where LEG-using Hicksons were first found, and then while the Eggs/Edge's can be gleaned with the eagle of Ice's/Ecco's, the latter share an Icky variation with the Hicks'.

Fido's/Fothes' (Timple star in colors reversed) share an "Industria" motto term with the Arms of Rothschild. Fido's/Fothes', like Foots, have one of the Levi chevrons, and Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, traceable to Patria's/Peartree's (Kincardineshire with Fido's/Fothes), were first found in Pavia, a city co-founded by LAEVi Gauls.

Patria's/Peartree's share a white stag head with Fido's/Fothes, and the one of Patria's/Peartree's is in both colors of the giant stag head of Trumps, first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Hahns and Ice's/Ecco's/Ickys. While Ice's/Ecco's/Ickys were first found in ROSTock, Hahns share the giant ROOSTer with German Hanns (Temple/Temble colors and format) who in turn have their rooster in the colors of the two rooster heads of Jonathans/Jonas'. I suspect that the latter come from Templar elements tracing to Jonathan Maccabee, out of whose descendants came the Levite priests of Israel i.e. suspect from the Laevi Gauls in some way. Flavius Josephus traced his priestly line to Jonathan Maccabee.

Jonathan Maccabee was given a second name, Apphus, looking like it could have named, Caiaphas.

The Seconds/Segurs in the "second" motto term of Levi's share the lion of Dile's/Dills suspect in the "dilecta" motto term of Temple's/Temble's (Cheshire with "Hic"-using Dee's). As DILE's/Dills share the lion of English Dee's (probably in the Heifer motto) and Dene's/Deans, they can be gleaned in the "crocoDILE" of Irish Dene's/Deans, which are mentioned because the other Irish Dene's/Deans show only WINGs. Then, Scottish Dene's/Deans happen to share the moline cross of Segni's/SEGURana's, looking like a branch of the Segurs who list Seconds.

Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova with the Doria's sharing the Temple/Temble Coat, and Genova's/Geneva's not only share the Second / Dile/Dill / Dean lion, but also wings on blue with Irish Dene's/Deans. Moline-using Seagars were first found in Devon with Moline's (share black moline with Chives') and CHIVES-related Hycke's/Hacks. The Hyche's/Hake's were first found in Norfolk with the Rye's/Rise's in the "ears of rye" of Sadducee-like Saddocks, first found in Sussex with English Dene's/Deans, Dans and Dane's (share Hicks / Ainsley fleur-de-lys).

Irish Dene's/Deans use "A crocodile STATant proper", and while State's and Propers/Robins/Roberts were first found in Cheshire yet again, Statielli Ligures were in Liguria with the first-known Segurana's, Doria's and Laevi Gauls.

The question is whether there was a strong link between the Wings/Winks and Eggs/Edge's. It would be very good to find a strong link for the pointer to the wing / edge of the temple-something. There's an abundance of eagle wings in heraldry, shared by the Dene's/Deans, and we can couple that fact with the giant Temple/Temble and Egg/Edge eagle. Eagle's are listed with Hegels while it just so happens that Hagels (Somerset with Heifers) share the lone pile of Wings/Winks!

I even trace Eagle's/Hegels to the ACHELous river, the region ruled by mythical king Oeneus whom I entertain from a Jonathan-like tribe from a set of Jonathans descended from the Biblical Jonathan, the pagan Levite priest in Judges. He became owned by some Dean-like "Danites" of Laish. For reasons, I trace "Laish" to the naming of "Elis" at the Ladon-river region in a Greek region politically allied to the CALYDon, home of king Oeneus. It's interesting that CALDers/Cadders, probably Colt/Cult branch, are in the colors and format of the giant Temple eagle. Colts/Cults were first found in Perthshire, where Wings/Winks were said to be first found, which is the Caledonian area of Scotland. One can spot here why eagle wings are popular in heraldry.

Oeneus was made the father of the real Greek city of Methoni (meaning Oeneus elements removed to Methoni), also called, Modon, and it just so happens that the early Maccabees lived in Modi'in of Israel. Thus, Jonathan Maccabee may have been named from the line of Jonathan the Levite. Both Temple's and Eggs/Edge's were first found in Cheshire with Maccabee-liner Maceys and Masseys.

It's important to add that while Daphne was a city/town beside Laish, mythical Daphne was placed by a myth writer in the Ladon river. Daphne, now in Israel, is today, Dafna. The myth writer had Apollo, son of Leith-like Leto, seek to rape Daphne in the Ladon river, and rape was a myth code used for the migration of Tyrians to Crete with the Zeus Taurus. The Leto surname is a giant CRANE in the colors and format of Letters, and half in the colors of the giant Egg/Edge eagle. I trace heraldic cranes to the Ceraunii Illyrians, and Apollo mated with Coronis while the Ceraunii mountains (northern Epirus) were beside Apollonia. The Ceraunii lived beside the Maezaei who were in turn at an Oeneus river.

The Achelous river is near Calydon, where the boar of Apollo's sister was ravaging. This boar was first shot by queen Atalantis while Poseidon had been made the father of Plato's western ATLantis. The Achelous river, the western border of AETOLia, is near Astakos, which can be traced to Sticks (and Stichs), first found in Somerset with Wing-connectable Hagels, Levi-colored Ladons/Ladds (look like Meschin kin), and Leavells/Levels.

Scottish Leavells use piles while Pylos, near Methoni (both in Messenia), was also called, NAVARino. Laevi Gauls lived at Novara (Piedmont with Messena-branch Masci's). Spanish Navarre's use wolves while Leavells had a wolf symbol, from Lupus Laevillus, which I think produced a Lupillus (or similar) variation for the house of Waleran de Leavell.

While Masci's named Dunham Masci in Cheshire, where Eggs/Edge's were once said to be first found, the PATEE crosses of Messena's/Mezzina's are in the colors of the Eggs/Edge's, now said to be first found in Worcestershire with PATTYs/Pati's. Patti is a location in Messina of Sicily.

To make for a compelling trace of Messina's/Mezzina's to the Maezaei Illyrians, the latter were beside the Ceraunii on the URBANus river, and German Urbans share the bend-with-hexagrams with Messina's/Mezzina's. Spanish Urbans share the border of Justine's (Perthshire with early Wings/WINKs), from Justine, wife of Valentinian of VINKovci. The latter's father was emperor GRATian, and Justine's share the border of GREATs/Greets/Greet's, making the Crede's in the Byron motto look like Gratian liners.

Wikipedia's Taphian article: "The Taphians accounted themselves the descendants of Perseus, for the mother of Taphius, their eponymous colonizer, was a granddaughter of Perseus and lay with Poseidon..." How does anyone fail to trace Taphians to Daphne, beside Laish (Phoenicia border region), for while the latter became renamed, Dan, Perseus, son of Danae, was a Greek Danaan, and Poseidon had been made a king of Phoenicia. Tyrians were sea-farers, as were Taphians.

Novara is not far from TURIN and Caiaphas-suspect Chivasso of the Chives'. Ladons/Ladds, in TURNbull colors and format, and sharing black scallops with the neighboring Hycke's/Hykes'/Hacks. The latter's Chives kin were once said to be first found in Devon with Hycke's/Hacks, but are now said to be first found in Aberdeenshire with the Turins. German TURNers share the lion of German Hagels, and Taphians were off-shore of (or even at) the ACHELous river.

Ladons/Ladds were first found in Somerset with an Axe river, and Dennis'/Denys' show only axes. Dennis'/Denys' were first found in Lancashire with the Cavii-like Cave's almost using the Shield of Modi'in-like Modens/Modeys.

Somerset has the start of another Axe river flowing to Seaton, and Seatons/Sittens may have been from Sidonians, who lived in Laish (renamed, Dan). Leiths share the Seaton/Sitton crescents and the fitchee of Tarves' while Chives' were first found in Tarves. Leiths have the Anchor/ANNACKer lozenges in colors reversed, and ANNAS was Caiaphas' father-in-law.

Tarves is in ALBA. Chives' were from the Cavii Illyrians on the Drin river, location of a Has location (ALBAnia) suspect with naming the HASmoneans, otherwise called the Maccabees of Israel. Cavii were not far north of an APSus river, perhaps the thing that named Jonathan APPHUS Maccabee. Cavii thus look like they could have named Caiaphas if they somehow found themselves at the Syria-to-Israel stretch.

HasMONians may have been named after MONunius I, king of DarDANians (near Cavii), from Tyre-like Troy. Laish was east of Tyre. We saw Caiaphas' line looking like it went to Caplans, and they have griffin heads in the colors of the Troy griffins. The latter are positioned in so-called "comBATTANT," and Battants/Battins (axe) were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds. Capelli's were first found in Pharisee-suspect Ferrara with Segurana-connectable Este's, and with Charo's/CLARo's in the "charo" motto term of Caplan-related Josephs. Cavii were near Meteon, and Meats/Meads share the martlet of French Josephs. The latter were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Meat/Mead Shield and Crest.

Leiths were first found in Midlothian with Claro-line Sinclairs, and English Clare's were kin of Clarens/Larins who in turn share the double fesses of Laish-like Lease's/Lise's. The Cavii lived on the LISSus river, and the six pale bars of Lise's/Liss (Hampshire with Caplans) are shared by Cams suspect in the Temple/Temble (and CamBRIDGE) motto. The same six pale bars are with Babwells (giant eagle) who were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Fiers and APPHUS-like APPS'. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's.

As I've said a million times, Fier county in Albania is on the Apsus river, and the Apps-branch Abbe's/Abbys (Angus with Scottish Bride's) can be of the Maccabee-like MacAbbe's/MacAbee's. Bride's are from Brigantium, about 25 miles from the MODANE river (Arc river). Modens/Modeys and Arch's/Arks were first found in BERKshire while Berks/Burghs share the cross of Irons/Orions of AIRAINES (near ABBEville), the namers, I suspect, of Arran, where MacAbbe's/MacAbee's were first found. A brother of Jonathan Maccabee was, Avaran, which could modify to "Aurran."

Note how Avaran-like Haverans are like "Hover." Haverans have a green-Shield version of the Horn/Orne Coat, and the bull / buffalo horns are used by Levi-connectable Hovers/Hoffers. In this picture, all Hover- / Heffer- / Haver- / Coffer- / Kaufer-like terms can trace back to a near-original Coffert variation of Coverts, first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts who are in turn in CURTis colors, and therefore they can all trace back to Curtus Maccabee.

Threshing Floor

Flavius Josephus claimed to descent from CURTUS Maccabee, and Curtis' are in the colors of Courts/Coverts (Sussex with Babwells) who in turn almost have the Babwell Coat. The latter's Crest has a "gold gate", and the Golden Gate in Jerusalem's Temple Mount was straight ahead to the threshing floor purchased by king David, according to a researcher (first name Christian). David's son built the first temple on that threshing floor, and Christian (can't recall his surname) figures that the only place where the threshing floor was is where the Muslim Dome of the Spirits now sits.

The Golden Gate is on the east side, but when people walked through it, the Dome of the Spirits was exactly straight ahead as when a builder draws the line. It's then interesting that while the Dome of the Spirits is on the western half of the temple Mount, near what could be Daniel's "wing," the wing-using Dene's/Deans share the Gate Crest. Dene's/Deans were first found in Galway with Bradys, and the latter, were from PodeBRADY, and it just so happens that the Arms of Podebrady uses a "gold gate"!!! Lookie there.

Babe's share the hand pointing to the sun with Bradys, and it was BABwells having the "gold gate." I've said it a hundred times, that Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset, but are now said to be first found in Suffolk with the GOLDs sharing the gate lion. And Dorset is not only where Chaffs and Chaffins were first found, but also Beautys. In the 1979 dream featuring Sleeping Beauty (see last couple of updates), I said, "she's BEAUTIFUL." And while she pointed, for the first time two updates ago, to red heifers in Jerusalem, it just so happens that the Golden Gate is also the "Beautiful Gate."

German Goldens/Gollens/Gelens almost have the Coat of Keips, first found in Nuremberg with the Kopple's whose rooster (shared with Gallus') is in the colors of the Jonathan rooster. To put it another way, Kopple's are essentially in Temple/Temble colors and format. Then, while I've suggested that "Kepke" is ultimately from "Caiaphas," Kepke's/Kopke's share the upright goat of English Kidds, first found in Suffolk with Golds and Babe's. I trace Kopple's to Koplik (Clausula river) on the north side of the Cavii.

While German Gallus/Kalis' share the Kopple rooster, Italian Gallus'/Galli's share the giant lion of Dene's/Deans, first found in Sussex with Keeps ("galley" ship). It gets very interesting where German Gallus'/Kalis' throw in some BENDy that is almost the Israel/Ishmaelli and Italian BARONE Coat! It gets better because the latter were first found in Flore-connectable Florence with Italian Gallus'/Galli's. A giant rooster is with Italian Galli's/Gallis', and then rooster-using French Galli's have stars in the colors of the hexagrams of Payens/pagans (Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys).

Galli's were from king Gala/Gaia of Numidia, explaining not only the rooster of French Gays, but their being first found in Savoy with Bride's (share French Temple Coat) who in turn share the Galli, Bright and Maceys/Mace stars. The latter's mace is a Maccabee symbol.

Gallia's share triple BENDs (different colors) with Byrons and Israel's/Ishmaelli's, and so it appears that this heraldic direction is pointing to Byron Stinson again. Byrons almost have the bendy of Italian Barone's (Florence with Bruno's), and I'll add that the Flore's / Flora's, sharing the Brown/Brun / Hicks fleur-de-lys, might somehow be able to point to "threshing FLOOR."

With all of these bends, we've now got to take it to the Bends/Bents, first found in Cheshire with Temple's, Brights, Maceys/Mace's, early Eggs/Edge's. The Bends/Bents are suspect from the Bennets (look like GOOD kin) and their Benedict branch, very traceable to the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, where Italian Galli's/Gallis' were first found. Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, went to the rescue of the Pierleoni when the latter had conflict with the vatican, and shortly afterward, Godfrey de Bouillon was invading Jerusalem for the first Crusade. He was the leader of the effort, apparently, for when he died abruptly the year after the victory in Jerusalem, his brother was made the first king of Templar Jerusalem.

The Besants in the Bend/Bent Coat were first found in London with Capes', and the red roundels in the Bend/Bent Coat are shared with the Arms of Boulogne, home of the father of Godfrey-de-Bouillon, son of Goda. Gothelo was the father of GODfrey III, and I can trace the Kepke/Kopke GOAT to these elements.

The FLORE's share the fleur-de-lys of Annas-like Ainsleys, first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams. Goths/Gothels, with a giant hexagram star in the colors of the stars of Scottish Kidds, are in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. The Kepke/Kopke goat is shared by English Kidds, the latter first found in Suffolk with threshing-like Threshers/Thrash's! The threshing floor.

The first kings of Templar Jerusalem were Flemings, and Threshers/Trash's are also Tresure's while the Flemings own the "double-tressure border." Threshers/Trash's were once said to be first found in Somerset with Borders. Threshers/Trash's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Babe's and Golds, the pointers above to the Golden Gate that's in line with the best option for identifying the threshing floor. The Thresher/Trash chevron is an off-red color, as is the double-tressure of Flemings (share Thresher/Trash chevron, but in normal red).

Babwells/BABELs, using a "gold gate," were first found in Sussex with Keeps, and German Babe's/Babels happen to share the mermaid with Byrons. Babe's/Babels have two tails for its mermaid likely because the Arms of Bohemia has two tails for its lion. Podebrady, using a "gold gate," is in Bohemia, named by the Boii of Boulogne-like Bologna, and of the neighboring, Modi'in-like Modena.

Godfrey III (ruler of Lower Lorraine) married Beatrice of Bar, from the Bar-le-Duc area of Lorraine. Barrs/Baars of Bar-le-Duc had been in Byron-connectable BRUNswick (named by Bruno's), and Brunswicks almost have the Heifer/Heffer Coat. Threshers/Trash's were once said to be first found in Somerset with Duck-connectable Borders, and with Heifers/Heffers while German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers and Pansys. The Arms of Dar-le-Duc has pansies. Plus, the lion head of English Ducks is shared by Ferns in the "ferns" of the Threshing/Trash Crest. Ferns have another lion head, now in the colors of the double lions of Duce's whose Coat in turn is the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed.

Godfrey III became margrave of Tuscany, where Bruno's and Barone's were first found. Brunswicks and Duce's have the Jewish Levi Coat in other colors, and while the triple chevrons of French Levi's are nearly a symbol of the rulers of Flanders (see Wikipedia's counts of Hainaut), home of the Flemings at Mons, the Hainaut capital...suggesting that Heifers/Heffers were related to Levi's as per their "mon" motto term. It can explain why Lise's/Lys', likely naming the Lys river in Flanders, have three greyhounds in the colors and format of the Heifer/Heffer Coat. Reminder: Hovers/Hoffers share the leopard face of Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's. The Mons'/Mounds might have the Duce Coat closely.

Overs/Offers (Cheshire with Temple's) use a FRET, and while Ferte's share a giant eagle on gold with Temple's, Ferte-Mace was home to Maceys/Mace's and Masseys/Maceys. Cavii-like Cave's use a FRETTy Shield. Masseys/Maceys share the fleur-de-lys of Lise's'/Lys', and this fleur is also in the Arms of Lille (near Lys river) while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Eggs/Edge's and Wings/Winks. This is the heraldic picture now pointing to the abomination of desolation, and I think Caiaphas descended from the Cavii i.e. living partly at Lissus.

While Hovers/Hoffers use horns, the floor-like Fleurs have a hunting HORN in the colors of the same of Huntingdons, and Huntingdonshire is where Stinson-branch Stains were first found. As we are in Flanders here with Flemings, we can repeat that Threshers/Trash's were Flemish. Why might God point to the threshing floor? The Fleurs above share the checks of Italian Ferrands, first found in FLOREnce. Compare both Fleur Coats with Irish Flemings.

French Locks are with DeLoge's, and English Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Threshers/Trash's. The Scottish Flemings under discussion were first found in Lanarkshire with Lorraine elements, with Boulogne-connectable Swans/Sions, with Locks, with Douglas-related LOCKharts, and with a Douglas location. The Heifers/Heffers might therefore have the DOUGlas/DUGlass' heart, because Heifers/Heffers were first found in the same place with DUCKs/DAX's. There's a Dax location in south-western France about 30 miles from Bouillon.

The Duck/Dax Chief shares the Sutherland stars while Sutherlands tell that they have the Morays stars (in other colors), which I think is the Pret star because Prets are in the Moray motto. The point is, Douglas', sharing the Morays stars, were first found in Moray. Ducs/LeDucs almost have the Moray Coat. So, yes, Douglas' look like a Duck / Duce branch, and Dougal share the lion of Douglas-connectable James' (share Bend/Bent Crest).

FOLLOW. Prets are in the motto of Joseph-related Meats/Meads, first found in Warwickshire with the Camps who are in Meat/Mead colors and format. Meats/Meads were once said to be first found in Somerset with their kin, Arthurs of Clapton, who in turn married the Hicks. Camps were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, with Pullys/Pullens sharing the Meat/Mead martlet and pelican, and with Campbells/Cammells. Then, Camels were first found in Somerset, beside the Chaffs who in turn have lozenges colors reversed from the one of German Camels. The latter share a giant, gold griffin with Chaffs, and German Camels have the Marble griffin in both colors.

Camps are interesting for sharing gold griffin heads with Joseph-related Caplans, yet the ones of Camps are in the colors of the giant Marble griffin while Marble's were first found in Cheshire with Temple's. The latter have: "One line of this [Temple] name claim Burton DASSETT, Warwickshire [same as Camps] as their ancestral home." Dassets (Warwickshire) happen to have the Meat/Mead and Joseph martlet in colors reversed. Then, while Priest-like Prets were first found in Staffordshire with Duck-branch Duce's and WESTerns, German Camps, first found in Westphalia with German Ducks and Hovers/Hoffers, almost have the WEST Coat! Dutch Camps have a giant eagle head in the colors of the Egg/Edge eagle.

As Westerns almost have the Temple Coat, this all speaks for itself to peg the line of Caiaphas the high priest descending to the heraldry-loving Templars (they are in the Temple write-up). Campbells/Cammels use GYRONNy, and Gernons, with almost the Coat of Heifers/Heffers (Somerset with Camels and Pret-connectable Ducks/Dax's), share the Pret lion.

Speaking of Sutherlands (expected in the Pret Coat), it just so happens that Suthers, first found in Suffolk with Threshers/Trash's, share the eagle of Westerns, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Prets.

Suthers are in the colors and format of Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's, and so the latter's leopard faces could very well be close to the Hover/Hoffer leopard face (called "head" but shown neck-less, and therefore is shown as a face) seeing now that Heifers/Heffers were close to Levi's. Hovers/Hoffers have "RED HORNS WEARing a gold crown," and the Wear river is near the first-known Aids/ADE's. ADa of WARENNe, wife of Henry of Huntingdon, jibes with Wearings/Warings (share Warren checks) who in turn share hunting horns on red with Huntingdons, and the latter's, in colors reversed, are RED HORNS. The Stinson-branch Stains were first found in Middlesex with Horns/Orne's (Huntingdon colors) so the red heifers can be a part of this heraldic set.

[Insert -- I missed this. Warrens, Ware's and Wearings/Warings all have dragons in Crest, and the neat thing here is that Warrens were first found in Suffolk with dragon-using Threshers/Trash's for a pointer to the threshing floor. But Warrens were also first found in Surrey with Solomon-connectable surnames which I stumble over below as I follow down this heraldic path. This insert is being written immediately after arriving to Solomons and the Dragon-connectable Paeoni peoples. End insert]

HAVING SAID THAT, IT GET'S AMAZING: the Aids/Ade's use their leopard face "jessant-de-lys," and Jessants (Yorkshire, beside Aids/Ade's) can thus have the Aid/Ade bend on their cuffed sleeve, which itself can link to the sleeve- and lys-using Coughs/Cuffs / Cuffs. While the latter two almost have the Sale Coat, lys-using Sale's were first found in Cheshire with Hoffs sharing the Sale / Cuff bend...while Hovers/Hoffers are Hoffs too. That's a good way to link the Aid and Hover leopard faces.

IT'S CLOSER NOW TO AMAZING: Jessants come up as "Jesse," and German Jesse's/Jeseks share the cuffed, red sleeve with Jessants/Jesse's. Jesse was the father of Israel's king David, and the Ade's/Aids have a form of the Welsh David (Cheshire) Coat, probably with the Levi lion due to Aids being in the Levi motto, because Ada of Warenne married the son of the Scottish king DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? We got here from the Heifer-like Hovers/Hoffers.

Jesse's/Jeseks even have WINGs, and the fleur-de-lys under discussion links to the fleur-de-lys in the Arms of Lille while Lilys, in Horn/Orne colors and format, were first found in Worcestershire with Wings/Winks and Eggs/Edge's. The latter's eagle is half in the colors of the Jesse/Jesek "stork," Jesse's/Jeseks use a "saber," not a scimitar, and Dagger-linkable Sabers/Sabine's (red bull) have a Chief linkable to Levins (beside Daggers).

I've just seen that Sabers/Sabine's (Norfolk with Hycke's/Hake's) call their scallop a "seashell," as do Chives-related Hycke's/Hykes'/Hacks. Chives' were from the Cavii at LISSus, and Lisse's/Lys were first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes'. We can thus take this to Chaffs because they share the griffin of Battle's expected in the embattled pattern on the Jessant/Jesse fesse. And Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with the jessant-using and Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's.

But we're not done because Levi's have the Second variation, in their motto, listed with SEGURs, and "SEGReant" is the type of griffin shared by both Chaffs and Battle's. "seg·​re·​ant. ˈsegrēənt. heraldry. : having the wings exPANDed. used of a griffin or wyvern which is assumed to be ramPANT...". I get this because, though not in the same design, PANDers/Panters share "spur rowells" with Payens/pagans, and Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, tending to verify that Chaffs, Lys', and Levi's descended from Caiaphas. "SegreANT" can be part-code for a family on Norfolk's Ant river, such as the Antrims/Antinghams.

This now gets wild because Antrims/Antinghams (Hoff Coat in colors reversed) share the bend of English Helms while German Helms have a giant helmet in the colors of the three of Panders/Panters. We can glean that the latter were from something like the Pan variation of Payens/Pagans/PAIONs, or even from the Panetta variation of Pane's/Panico's, both surnames suspect from the Paioni/PAEONi people group -- beside PENEStae peoples on the Drin river of the Cavii -- to which the STUBBs PHEON traces, for Paioni were at STOBi, on an Axius river, explaining why Payne's were first found in Somerset with an Axe river.

Stubbs were first in Staffordshire with Arrows while pheons are arrow heads. Stubbs share the pheons of English Helms, first found in Surrey with the SALEmans/Salians (Helm / Sale colors and format) and Salmons, and then Salome's list SOLOMONs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said, wild, for Solomon, king David's son, built the temple on the threshing floor! The Levi-connectable Jessants/Jesse's took us to Cheshire's Davids (see Davis' too), and Levi-connectable "segreant" took us to Helms and Solomons.

Pane's/Panico's (at the Setta valley) were first found in Bologna with SAVENa river, and then SAVENs/Saffins were first found in Somerset with Payne's. BUT WOW, Sevens/Sefferins have a chevron-with-besants to nearly match the two chevrons-with-besants of Payen- and Panter-loving Rowells! Rows have besants on a chevron too. Rowells share the double fesses of ASH's/Esse's, first found in Devon with another Axe river that ends at Setta-like Seaton.

So, yes, Pane's/Panico's in Setta look like Paioni, whose Axius river ended near SITHONia, and Seatons/SITTENs/Satins (Flemings) use the double-TRESSURE border for linkage to Threshers/Tresure's/Trash's.

The "PRAEstantior" motto term of Sevens/Sefferins keeps us on-topic because it apparently has the Stant variation of Stains, said to have married the Yarborough's who in turn have "A falcon PREYing on a COCK-pheasant". Cocks (Somerset with Savens/Saffins and Severs) share the red rooster with Jesse's/Jessants while it's the Jesse's/Jeseks who love the Saber variation of Sabine's (Norfolk with Stain- and Stinson-branch Steins). French Preys/Duprays/Duprats (Auvergne with Mullets, Prats and Bouillons) share the Save/Saibe bend and the hunting horn of Payen-related Mullets (share the three Payen hexagrams).

Moreover, English Prays/Preters were first found in Lincolnshire with the Rothwell variant of Rowells, and with Halps/HALFs too while Halpers/HalfPENNYs were first found in Worcestershire with Sevens/Sefferins, Eggs/Edge's and Wings. Heifers sacrificed at the edge/wing of the temple by modern priests descended from Hugh de Payens? LYNCestis was at the Penestae / Paionia theater while Pennys/Penes' use the LYNX.

I've just realized that Suttons, sharing a Satin variation with Seatons, share the Asty Coat! They both share the Lorraine lion. Paioni were at ASTIbus too, and Astys were first found in Flemish Lanarkshire, where Lorraine elements (including Lorne's) were. Lanarks/LURNacks share the BUS cinquefoil. AstiBUS. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Sittons/Sidewells while Seatons were a Side/Sudy / Suty branch.

The new-to-me-now SUDburys have a SEATed dog, in the colors of the Teeter dog, and then while Scottish Tate's are Teets too, English Tate's (Suffolk with Tigers) have one of the double Seat/Cedes pale bars. Side's/Sutys have a tiger. Ahh, the ravens of English Tate's are called "Cornish choughs", and Tate's even share the blue sleeved arm of Coughs/Cuffs. Though Tate's don't show it at houseofnames, they are said to have a "gold cuff" on the sleeve.

I found Sudburys because EGGards/Agards (Byrom/Barone colors and format), first found in Lancashire with Seats/Cedes' and Furness', are said to have moved to Derbyshire with the first-known Morleys sharing the leopard faces of Byron-beloved Crede's. Furnace's share a giant and seated dog (different colors) with Sudbury. Greets/Grete's (Northumberland with Morells ("ESTo") and Sittons/Sidewells) were first found near the first-known Morleys/Mauls and Morlands/Morleys. The "God" motto term of Greets/Grete's should be cone with Goths/Gothels sharing the giant hexagram of Hagars/Hagards ("ModESTE").

The "coNABOR" motto term of Hagars/Hagards can be partly for English Nabors who share triple bends (different colors) with Israel's/ISHMAELLi's. German Nabors were first found in Prussia with the CONs/Cohens, apparently in "CONabor," and Jewish Cohens/Kagans share the Moray stars.

The thing here is that Furness' (Lancashire with Parrs) share the black border with Parrs who in turn show nothing in their Shield but double fesses in the colors of the double fesses on the Israeli flag. Between those fesses, the flag has the Hagar hexagram in colors reversed! Were Ishmaelites fated to rule end-time Israel aside from God's input in giving Abraham Isaac instead of Ishmael for the Long-Term Plan?

Eggards/Agards share the boar heads of Byrom-connectable Hoggs, and Byroms/Barone's use HEDGEhogs while Eggs are also EDGE's. Morlands/Morleys, likewise sharing the Crede leopard faces, even have Wings while Wings are now said to be first found in the same place as Eggs/Edge's/ADGE's. Wings were once said to be first found in Perthshire with Agard-like Hagars/Hagards (Perthshire with early, Grete-connectable Wings). Hedge's/HADGE's use swans for connection to Seatons/Sittens. CREIGHtons/Creetons (Greet/Grete colors) share the Seaton/Sitton dragon as a head.

Asti province in Piedmont is beside Alba, and while Paioni were at the Albania theater, Italian Alba's have a swan while Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire) probably named Sion, which was also SITTEN. So, one can trace Sithones (CHALCidice) to Sion/Sitten, especially as CHALKs use the swan. Albania had the Apsus river while Apps' were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Stants/Stains who in turn married Yarborough's with a "sine" motto term for the Sions/Swans/Sine's. Middlesex is where Players were first found possibly in the "stork disPLAYed" of Chalk-branch Choke's. Interesting here is that we saw the stork with Sabine-loving Jesse's/Jeseks while David, son of Jesse, chose to live in ZION.

Nordic Sitones lived amongst/beside Swan-like Suevi/Suebi, and beside the SEMNones, from the Sabines and their SAMNite partners in the land of OSCANs. The Penestae were at USCANa. One can trace both the Samnites and Sabines to the Nile delta at SAMANNud, also called, Sebennytos, at GHARBia. I suppose that the Hyksos could apply here.

Satins/Suttons (Sitton/Sidewell colors) are said to have named Sutton Montague in Somerset, where Payens were first found. Satins/Suttins are even said to descend from "Dreu de Montaigu" (Nottinghamshire), and the Montague's share the lozenges of Reno's and Pincs/Pinks while the Setta valley of the PANICo's drains into the Reno river through Bologna, beside the SAVENa river. This city belonged to proto-Bohemian Boii, and Satins/Suttons share a double-tailed lion (different colors) with the Arms of Bohemia.

The last update suggested that I/we can expect future red heifers out of Rockwall county, and while that's beside Dallas, TEXas, Dallas'/Dulles', first found in Moray, share the Coat of the Flemish Biggars (Lanarkshire with Flemings) who named Biggar in Lanarkshire. Texas' share the checks of Irish Flemings, and of the Louviere's while La Louviere is beside Mons.

Dallas' share the stars of new-to-me-now Morie's/Morrier's. I looked them up because the threshing floor was on mount Moriah. Morie's/Morrier's share the chevron of French Mars/More's/Mere's and Marone's, and the latter share the boar head of Duce-loving Schims/Schiens/Shands, but also of Lanarkshire's Lockharts.

Amazingly, if I recall correctly, I initially found Marone's because I guessed that Threshers/Trash's and Scottish Flemings use a shade of maroon color!!! Lookie there, for it really does look like a pointer to the threshing floor.

This floor belonged to Aurunah (non-Israelite), and German Arens are therefore interesting for sharing the fleur-de-lys of Morinis', first found in Modena with Bohemia-connectable Morano's. Jewish Aarons/Arens, perhaps from a priestly line honoring Moses' brother, have hands "CLASping" while Class'/Klassens, suspect from the Clausula river at the northern boundary of the Cavii, were first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers.

The Pings/Pagans in "clasping" are connectable to Byrons, and the Ping/Pagan fleur-de-lys is even in the colors of the same of German Arens. We can now be on the line of Hugh de Payens. Then, while Class'/Klassens use "Lady Fortune", Ladys/Laudymans, expected with the Lords/Lauds on the GLASgow motto, were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the eagle of German Arens. Glasgows (beside Lanarkshire) share the tree-with-mound of Moroni's, first found in Verona with Belli's, a branch of Moray's Bellys. Verona's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' married by Hugh de Payens.

OH WOW. The Glasgow motto even uses floor-like "flourish"!!! The Glasgow Crest even shares a black martlet with the Temple/Temble Crest, and Solomon built God's temple on the threshing floor of Aurunah!!!!! The Let's in the Glasgow motto have the Morie/Morrier Chief in other colors, and the latter share fish on blue with Glasgows, possibly salmon to go with the Salome's/SOLOMONs.

Not only do Morie's/Morrier's share the Dallas stars, but the red crescent with the Dallas Crest. Dale's/Daile's use a giant swan while Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire (beside Glasgow) with Dallas-related Biggars/Giverns. Givens (Lanarkshire) share the Swan/Sion swan. Biggars/Giverns use a "forgiving" motto term that goes with temple sacrifices.

Dallas' have the Sempers in their motto who share the Duce Coat, and it's interesting that Sempers were first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons who in turn share a different-colors Coat version of the Suther-connectable Aids/Ade's. And Stevensons/Stave's share the Douglas Chief.

Dallas' and Biggars are in the format of flame-using Patents/Putins while Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Dallas-beloved Sempers. The latter were a Pierre branch, and Pierre's almost have the Coat of Byron-connectable Bruno's. Patents/Putins are in the colors and format of Popleys/Poppeys while the latter share the Western / Suther eagle.

Then, Poppins/Pophams (share Mens and Glenny Chief-Shield colors) love the Mens' who were in turn at GLENlyon, and while Glenns (share heart with Douglas' and Heifers!) and Glennys share the same footless martlet as in the Temple/Temble Crest, Byron Stinson lives in Glen Rose between a Temple location and Dallas. Glen Rose is near Waco while Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Patents/Putins.

German Glenns were even first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers, and these Glenns have a patee cross while Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with Wings/Winks, though the latter were early in Perthshire, location of Glenlyon. Pattys look like kin of Scottish Petersons who in turn add what should be the Popley/Poppey eagle, for the latter can be from Pavia/Papia with the Pierleoni-like Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, and Pierleoni were named partly after a Peter character. Two Peter surnames share the Pierre bend.

By the way, the dragons in the Threshing/Trash Coat are probably code for the Dragons/DRAINers, whom I trace to the DRIN river of the Cavii, upon which lived the PENEStae Illyrians suspect to the PENdragons (share helmet with Dragons/Drainers). Pennys/PENES' share courant greyhounds (different colors) with Cavii-line Lise's/Lys'. Half the Penny/Penes greyhound is the black one of Dailys, and then Black-related Drains/Drone's were first found in Yorkshire with Dale's/Daile's while Dallas' almost have the Drain and Black Chief.

The "flourish" motto term is in the English-version motto of Rooks, and they also use "shine" while Irish Shine's/Shiners almost have the Daily Coat, but compare also with EGGertons. Rooks share the chevron of Moriah-like Morie's, Marone's and Mars/More's, and the threshing floor was on mount Moriah. Reminder, the Threshers/Trash's and Flemings are suspect with a maroon chevron as code for Marone's.

The only other heraldry I know of with this color are the "CHAPlets" of Saxons, and then Chaplets use swans in the colors of the giant swan once shown for French Josephs. The latter were first found in Maine with the Pellicans while there's a pelican in the Crest of Biggers (same place as Swans/Sions and Flemings). Saxe's (Lincolnshire with Halps/Halfs) use the "partridge" while Partridge's share the checkered Shield of Halpers/HalfPENNYs.

I know it sounds wackie, but DAVID Cassidy was the lead singer on the Partridge family TV show, and his manager was played by DAVID Madden. It just so happens that Maddens share the Coat of Thresher-like Tracys/Trasse's (Devon with Singers), and then Cassidys, sharing the Daily / Shine/Shiner lion, were first found in Fermanagh with Thresher-connectable Marone's. King DAVID bought the threshing floor. Moving on.

Maddens were first found in Galway with the Bradys sharing the sun with Rooks. Galways is also where Lynch's and Teegers were first found while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Lyngs. Lynch's share most of the Coat of Verone's/Vairs/VIRES' in the "vires" motto term of Hoggs. Hedge's/Hegge's share the Coat of Givens/Giverns, first found in Lanarkshire with BOTHwells who in turn share the Lynch Coat while Boths/Booths share the Hogg Coat.

I'll add that while Boths/Booths share the boars of English Bush's (Yorkshire with Boths/Booths and Byrons) while German Bush's, first found in Rhineland with Salome's/SOLOMONs, share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Boths. King Solomon dedicated the temple during the Feast of Booths (or Feast of Tabernacles)! Hoggs can be expected in the HEDGEhogs of Byroms/Barone's, and Hedge's/Hegge's look like a branch of Eggs/Edge's. This heraldry can be Arranged by God so that the edge of the temple grounds, i.e. the Western Wall, can link to the efforts of Byron Stinson.

Rooks are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with the Egg/Edge-and-Wing duo who were pointing to the wing/edge of something at the Jerusalem-temple site. Is this suggesting Rockefellers behind the abomination? Rockets, first found in Languedoc with proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil, and with Rocks/Roque's, use a giant rook.

Back to the "shine" motto term of Rooks (Worcestershire with English Rocks). German Shine's are listed with Scheins while Schims/Schiens, sharing the Marone boar head, share the Drain / Black Chief. Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Halps/HELPs/Halfs while Worcestershire is where their Halper/HalfPENNY branch were first found, and then Halper-like Havers share black rooks with Rooks. The Flanders theater has a HELPE river starting in Belgium, and Haafs/Have's were first found in Belgium. Kent is where Flanders-connectable Louvains and Brabants were first found, as well as Velin-branch Valence's and Halper-like Alberts, and then Velins share "three black ducks" with Haffs/Have's.

Havers, first found in Norfolk with Irish Pratts, share the fesse of French Prats, the latter first found in Auvergne with Preys/DuPRATs. French Prats share the trefoils of Rocks, first found in Worcestershire with Rooks and Halpers.

Just remembered: the Thresher-like Terrace's/Terras' were first found in Moray while German Terras'/Derrah's/Terrah's have more rooks!! The first-known Tarrs/Tarres'/Tara's of Somerset, where Threshers/Trash's were once said to be first found, were beside the Tracys/TRASSE's of Devon. I'd like to record that the latter have "...a silver falcon seizing a mallard."

I was mistaken in the last update when claiming that Linkletters use a mallard. I've changed it, and added this:

Linkletters share a "sheldrake" (looks like a mallard) with Sheldons, and as the latter are in Dragon/Drainer colors and format, it tends to explain "shelDRAKE." The Drake write-up traces to this sheldrake entity, and they have a giant dragon in the colors of the giant Shield lion...Thus, it seems that Irish Shields married Drake's who in turn use "fly" in their English-version motto.

These Irish Shields/Shiels, sharing a "solum" motto term with Stinson-branch Stevens/Stave's, like the "sol" of Rooks, almost have the Shine/Shiner Coat. Dragon-using Ware's were first found in Devon with the Hooks who share most of the Skelton Coat, and then Devons likewise use "sheldrakes." Sheldon-like Sheltons were first found in Norfolk with rook-using Havers.

The last update featured the BARNstaple's, in Stinson colors and format, along with Barnys in the colors and format of Stinson-branch Steins. BarnSTAPLE's were first found in Devon with Staple-connectable Burys, and with the Peters sharing the STAPLE motto, which shares "DIEu" with neighboring Heifers. Scottish Dee's/DIE's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Petersons. The Staple's, with a version of the Stinson and Aid/Ade Coats, share the fleur-de-lys of the Droits in the Heifer motto, and Droit variations look like the Drews who named Dreux in Eure (home of EBURovices), where Albania-like Albins/Aubins are said to come from who were first found in Barnstaple (Devon). Irish Burys/Berrys share the gold boar in Crest with Eure's/Evers and Barone-connectable Vere's/Weirs.

The Staple Crest even shares a lion-crown combination with Heifers! Now we're connecting Heifers with the Catholicized, Pierleoni Jews ironically suspect with a wealthy line from Caiaphas and/or Annas and/or the Herods.

Byron Stinson shipped FIVE red heifers to Israel's Temple Institute. Five's/Fifys were a branch of Fife's, and Fife is where Scottish Coopers were first found who use "laurel branches" as well as the hand holding a "garland," the Stevenson/Stave symbol (the latter list STYNsons/Stinsons). The Garlands use a "chaplet," and so surnames using garlands can trace back to the Chaplets. Irish Gars ("green wreath" to go with green garland above) were first found in Sligo with Hickins and Hickensons while Hicks use the "chaplet" around the neck of a "buck." Bucks, with a motto looking related to the Gar motto, were first found in Norfolk with Hycke's/Hake's.


Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to Kaufman county at the eastern edge of Dallas. Dallas' share the BIGGar Coat while Hicks' are said to have been at Low Leighton, in Essex with the first-known Biggs sharing the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The pelican head of the Biggar Crest is in the design for the Crest of Spear-branch Sprouts, who in turn are in the "trunk of an oak tree SPROUTing leaves" of Nairns. The latter not only share a "chaplet" with Hicks', by as Sleeping Beauty, she appeared with a car while Cars share the Nairn motto. The Spruce's/Sprows' have the vertically-split Nairn Shield in colors reversed.

Sprows-like Sparrows, who love the Rose's of Nairnshire, were first found in Norfolk with BURTs, and with Irish Pratts perhaps sharing the martlet with Spruce's/Sprows except that the latter's are described merely as "birds" for probably linkage to Burts. The flory cross of martlet-using Birds/BURDs is colors reversed from the same of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with French Prats and Preys/DuPrats. The Pane's/Panico's put a "bird" on their tree, and Pane's/Payne's (beside Tree's) have a "BROKEn" spear while Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with English Pratts (same martlet). The Pane/Payne spear is "red" while I trace Reds/Reeds and Pratts (Norfolk with Sabers/Sabine's) to Rieti in Sabina. The Arms of Rieti has a "paratus" or similar motto term. Wikipedia's article on Rieti removed that motto. The Arms of Rieti shares the CAVE fretty, and applies some fish upon it, possibly code for the Fish surname because it shares the fleur-de-lys of Sale's/Sallets whom I trace to the Salto river at Rieti. The Payen hexagrams are pierced, and Pierce's/Piers (Somerset with Pane's/Payne), share the very rare wavy chevron with Fish's. Pierce's/PIER may have been of the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, where Rieti-like Rita's were first found who likely share the Pool/Pole lion because of Vespasia Polla of Rieti. Pools/Pole's were first found in Dorset (beside Pane's/Payne's) with Cave-like Chaffs, and with the Caens sharing the fretty of cave's i.e. in the Arms of Rieti.

Fish use a tiger head while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Threshers/Trash's. I had a dream with an on-fire trash can that I thoroughly explored heraldically. I had noted that Trash-like Tracys/Trasse's, who named a couple of locations near Caen, were a branch of the neighboring, Flemish Trash's (then said to be first found in Somerset) now pointing to the THRESHing FLOOR. Caens (beside Somerset) are also CANs, and Tracys/Trasse's/TRESSE's were first found in Devon with Hooks sharing the Flore and Flora fleur-de-lys.

Hookers share the blue-vaired fesse of Saffers (love Vita's), first found in Devon with Hooks, and Saffers were a branch of Severs/Savers (share Vita annulet), first found in Somerset with Savens/Saffins, and with Pierce's/Piers sharing gold unicorn heads with Saffers. French Saffers (share "falcon" with Tracys/Tresse's and Reds/Reeds) were first found in Burgundy with Save's/Saibe's. The Red/Reed falcon has "WINGs exPANDed", and Panders/Panters share "spur rowells with Payens/Pagans. Are we at the WING of the temple grounds here, with end-time priests descended from Hugh de Payens?

English Saffers share a heron's head with the English Smiths said to be "HOLDING a fish". Holdings/Holdens (Lancashire with Rieti-connectable Cave's) share the red eagle with Scottish Reeds, and these Reeds have an "arm "HOLDING a book". The Arms of Rieti has fish on top of the Cave and Caen/CAN fretty, and, as I've said many times, I smothered the fire that started from the rim of the trash CAN (trash-can dream). Smothers' (not "Smother") are listed with Smithers who in turn share the Coat of Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Sharks while the Arms of Saraca uses a fish too, in the colors of the Ged "pikes," and then Geddes' of Nairnshire use "pike" fish too. The book is also with Roets (Somerset with Pane's/Payne's), from Payne Roet.

The Saffer heron has an "OLIVE branch," and while Herons were first found in Northumberland with Reds/Reeds, herons are used by Heron-branch Horns/Orne's and Haverans while the rooks of Havers can take us to the region of Edge's and Wings.

I stand corrected. I thought that Dome's used a crane, but it's said to be a heron. The threshing floor is probably at the Dome of the Spirits, and there is a Spirit/SPRATT/Sprott surname (related to Pratts?), first found in Dorset with the Caens/Cans. The Nairn-beloved Sprouts share the crossed spears of Speers/Speyers, and the latter share the Roet boar heads because Rothes is at the Spey river.

Therefore, with the Rothschild line in the picture, note that Haverans, possibly from Avaran Maccabee, are in the colors and format of Bauer-connectable Burleys/Bourleys (Somerset again) and MacAbbe's of Avaran-like Arran. The "salmon" of MacAbbe's can take us to Solomons who almost have the Coat of Laws, first found in Northumberland (beside spear-using Salmons) with Herons (almost have Haveran Coat). Amazingly, Laws ("jus") share the red rooster with the neighboring JESSE's/Jessants.

The Salmons were at CATERham, in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne, and we saw how Jesse's/Jessants are in the jessant feature of David-related Aids/Ade's. Yet Salome's/Solomons can point also to Salome Boethus the Sadducee, and then Butts/Boets share the fish, I think, of Nairnshire's Geddes' while the Rose's of Nairnshire are in the Jesse/Jessant Crest. Salome descended from Simon Boethus, a high priest (shortly before Annas and Caiaphas), and his first name suggests descent from Simon Maccabee. Simon Boethus was also Cather-like "Cantheras" by name. English Canters essentially share the six bars of Leavells/Levels.

Caterham of Salmons was highlighted because Catters/Cathers use "salmon HAURIENT" (looks Heron-ish) in the colors and format of Fish's, and in the colors and format also of Fish-and-Heron-loving English Smiths. Catters/Cathers were first found in Berkshire with the Modens/Modeys suspect from Maccabees of Modi'in.

The Orne variation of Horns can go to fretty-using Orions listing Hirams, linkable to MacAbbe's of Arran. Mythical Hiram of the Freemasons (likely code for the surname) is fabulously made the architect of Solomon's temple, yet Freemasons especially love the "PILLARs of Solomon" while Scottish Leavells have piles while English Pile's (share Caen leopard face) can be a branch of French Pile's/Pillars/Pilots while English Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Solomon-connectable Laws and Herons/Hurons. So, the stupids create fables in honor of mere bloodlines i.e. having nothing to do with Biblical characters aside from tracking to those who were of the killers and haters of Jesus. Pillers (not "Pillar") were a Pilate branch.

I see Vespasia Polla as the mother of 4th, 5th and 6th heads of the Revelation-17 dragon, and the first two sons destroyed the temple in Jerusalem. I await the 8th head of the end-times, said to belong to the seven. The Sevens/Sefferins look like Safini = Sabines, and Vespasia married Flavius Sabinus. The 8th head will place abominations on an egde/wing of a sanctuary in Israel.

The Nairn / Car motto is translated, "LATE BUT IN earnest." The Earnests have Heron-like Ernie/Hernys variations. The motto suggests the Butin variation of Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire with Earnests/Ernie's) who share the Capelli "CHAPeau," yet they also share the fesse of German Butts/Bute's/Boets that itself has a fish in the colors of the "pike" fish heads of Geddes', first found in Nairnshire.

English Pike's were first found in Devon with Gates', and Gates'-branch Yates' are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Nairns. Yates', first found in Gloucestershire with the Late's in the Nairn motto, share the "portcullis" gate with Porters, the latter first found in Hampshire with Butins/Bidens. Therefore, the English-version motto of Nairns is studded with surname codes.

English Pike's share the trefoils of Hicks-connectable Ice's/Ecco's/Ickys (share black eagle with Ernests) who in turn are expected with the Egg/Edge eagle (probably a version of the Temple Coat). The Egg/Edge Shield is split horizontally in the colors of Templetons, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Pike's. And Picks/Pix's were first found in Kent with Hedge's/Hegge's.

Hicksons have black eagle legs, and while Hicks are said to have had a branch Legh-connectable Low Leighton, that's in Essex with the Mountains in the Coat of German Ernests/Arnests.

The Nairn-beloved Late's are also Letts expected in the motto of Letter-branch Lauders who share the brown tree stump with Nairns, though Lauders call it a "A tree stump BUDDING." Still, Buddings are listed with Butins/Bidens/BUDINs. The Letters and Lauders happen to share the griffin of wing-using German Wingers, and this tends to reinforce the pointer to the Edge-and-Wing relationship. Butins/Bidens are from the Budini of Kiev living with the ROXolani, tending to explain the "goose sitting on a ROCK" of Letters.

German Wingers happen to use the "goose" too. Goose's/GOOGe's were first found in ROXburghshire, and I expect Ezekiel's Gog as the anti-Christ...with abominations on the wing of the temple grounds. Gogarene/Gugar was a region near (or even at) Lake Van of the Nairn-like Nairi.

Wings/Winks, once said to be first found in Perthshire with Nairs, were from Vinkovci, home of emperor Valentinian I, son of GRATian, and this can go to the Greats/Greets/Grete's (same place as Stevensons/Stave's), and to the Crede's in the motto of Byrons who in turn share the mermaid in Crest with Nairs. Then, Stinsons/Stevensons (Essex with Ernest-beloved Mountains) are in Valentin colors and format, such a remarkable thing where I trace Eggs/Edge's/ADGE's to the Adige river flowing near Vicenza, where Valentins were first found. Valentins use squirrels while Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Eggs/Edge's and Wings/Winks. The Edge-Wing relationship.

The Temple/Temble write-up has what looks like a smokescreen for hiding the realities:
"The manor and church of Temple belonged originally to the Knights Templars, to whom were given many peculiar privileges. This order was founded in the year 1118, when Godfrey de St. Omer, Hugh de Pagans [first grandmaster], and several others offered their services to Baldwin, king of Jerusalem, to defend the pilgrims travelling thither from robbery and violence [baloney]. Baldwin, to reward their services, bestowed upon them a house near the Temple, in consequence of which they were called Knights Templars [baloney]."

The Temple/Temble Crest is a footLESS martlet, and Less'/Lesks/Lush's (Berkshire with Boots) share the boar head of Scottish Rose's, first found in NAIRNshire with Button-loving Nairns. These Rose's married Bosco's, and we saw Boths/Booths related to Bush's/Busch's.

Extreme Kanaph Excitement

I discovered that Miss Hicks moved into a home previously owned by a Childs family when I sent her a LETTER, not knowing her new address. The letter explained the Sleeping Beauty dream. I can link the Child eagle to the one of Este's while ESToiles are the symbol of Hitch's/Hyches'. Este is near the Adige river, and Eggs/Edge's are also ADGE's. Edge- / Hitch-like Hutch's/Hitchens were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs who in turn have half of the Egg/Edge eagle.

Hagars/HAGGE's, with a "ModESTE" motto term, and in Italian Este colors and format, thus look like an Egg/Edge / Eggerton branch. Hagars/Hagge's are even in the colors of German Eggs/Eggers/Eggens. Este's were first found in Ferrara while the Ferrara Coat is shared with Aggers/Augers/Eagers.

Hagar was the mother of Ishmael while Israels/Ishmaelli's were first found in Venice (no evidence given), i.e. near Este. Even if Hagar didn't name a tribe, she may have been named by a tribe that went on to name the Agarus river (now the Siret). For reasons, I trace Trots, with a Coat similar to the Israel/Ishmaelli Coat, to the Trotus tributary of the Siret.

Seir-like Sire's/Sirets/Sirons use "three panels" on their "castle," and Panels are listed with Pings/Pagans having three-and-three BENDs (traces to Pierleoni Jews) almost matching the triple bends of French Grands and Cressents, both first found in Burgundy with Sire's/Sirets/Sirons. The Israels/Ishmaelli's have three bends in half the colors of the triple bends above.

The eagle in the Panel/Ping/Pagan Crest can trace to the Achelous river, home of mythical Sirens, in AETOLia, and then castle-using Athels/Athols, first found in Perthshire with the Justine's sharing scales with Sire's/Sirets/Sirons, nearly have the Trot Coat. Edgar was an ATHELing, and Edgars come up as "Eggar," tending to trace Agarus-river peoples to Aetolia. Eggards/Agards, in Byrom/Barone colors and format, share the black boar heads of Hoggs (expected in the hedgehogs of Byroms/Barone's), and the Book of Enoch claims that the black boar was a symbol of Edom, location of Seir.

The other half of the Egg/Edge eagle is shared by English Kelners while German Kellers/Kelners have eagle heads in the colors of the Temple eagle and the Hickson eagle legs. German Kellers are in the colors and format of OVERs/Offer (Cheshire with Leghs and Temple's), similar to the CHILDren Coat. Hetch's are listed with Child-connectable Hyche's/Hake, and this heraldic set apparently has to do with HOVERing Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks.

Scottish Kellers/KEELers use plates while Plate's were first found in Lancashire with English Kelners, and then Keele's have the Hycke's/Hykes/Hack quadrants in colors reversed. CLOVIS was the son of CHILDeric, and Hyche's/Hake's have the Coat of Clubs/CLOBBES (Child colors and format) in colors reversed. Clubs/Clobbes were first found in Cheshire with Hykes-connectable Eatons. Head-using Heatons, in the colors of Heads/Heeds (Norfolk with Hycke's/Hake's and Bucks), are said to have named an Eaton location in Yorkshire prior to the Norman invasion of England. Plus, the Heatons, which I barely know, happen to share "buck's heads" with Hicks' (Yorkshire with Heatons). It helps to explain why Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty, for Haydens were a Beauty relation.

Hatch's/Hacchs almost have the Coat of Heifers/Heffers, first found in Somerset with the Camels in turn in the colors and format of neighboring Beautys, first found in Dorset with Chaffs (kin of German Camels). The motto of Campbells/Cammells is stacked with pertinent surnames. First of all, while hovering, I woke her when touching her knee, and Knee's/Nee's, expected in that motto, share the cabossed stag head of Acorns, the latter in the Keller/Keeler acorns. Acorns call it a "dear's head cabossed." Both are colors reversed from the Heaton buck's heads.

It's the VISE's (Sussex with Acorns) who share the Acorn / Knee stag head but call it a "buck's head." The full motto is, "Ne obliVIScaRIS." As soon as I touched her knee, she was rising into the sky, and Rise's with Risings/Risons were first found in Norfolk with Hyche's/Hake's, HEADs/Heeds, Haydens, and Leafs/LEVE's. The latter share the bull of Beautys, first found in Dorset with Hats/Hades'. Rise's almost have the Coat of Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's who in turn share the Hover/Hoffer leopard "HEAD." I didn't know Hovers called it a head until yesterday. With Levi's in the picture, note, "obLIViscaris."

Some say that "Gareb" means "leper." Might a Gareb-line family have invented a Leopard surname? German Leopards, first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers, use a "leopard's head in BASE", and it shows as one, with the neck. The beauty is that English Base's/Baise's/BAYs' almost have the Heifer/Heffer Coat! In case French Bays/Bai's (Dauphine, possibly from Daphne elements, with Payens) apply to Base's, they look related to the Kness/Ness Coat. Payens happen to be in the colors and format of English Leopards.

She was hovering in a car, and Cars were first found in Lancashire with Kellers/Keelers (share half the Egg/Edge eagle). "ObliviCARis." And if we ask why God may have arranged Sleeping Beauty to link so well to the motto of Campbells/Cammells, and even to both Camel surnames, we go to the GYRONNy pattern of Campbells/Cammells because Gernons/GARNhams almost have the Heifer/Heffer Coat while CORNERs/GARNers have the acorn.

My interlinear Old Testament translates the "wing" of the temple (Daniel 9:27) as "corner"!!!! I just fell upon that. I don't normally recognize the Garnham variation to Gernons! Corners/Gerners and Gears/Gere's use Edge-connectable wings!

"Corner" is the Hebrew word, "kanaph" (means "edge"), and while trying to find surname like that term, the Kampfs/Kempfs (German Kemp and English Camp colors) were found sharing the Temple eagle. Amazingly, Kampfs/Kemphs share a red and upright lion wearing a gold crown with English Cornwalls! Plus, half the Kampf/Kempf eagle is black, same as the one in the Cornish Crest! Lookie there.

And there is a Kanph and Kaneff surname, though houseofnames doesn't list it. It does list the Kneffs with the Kness-related Nons/Nevins. I showed earlier how Camps link to Marble's and Marble's to Temple's. Kness' are also Ness'/NISH's while CorNISH's come up as "CorNESS." The Non-like Irish Noons have the Rising/Rison Coat in colors reversed, and Kness'/Ness' have a "rising eagle! Good stuff.

English Kemps share the triple sheaves of Clents while the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with the first-known Eggs/EDGE's! Lookie there. Kneffs have a "ViVIS" motto term while Vise's (Sussex with Acorns) share the Knee / Acorn stag head. Corners/Gerners show an acorn but don't call it such. Knee's are also Kness-like Knees'.

PLUS WOW. The Kampf/Kempf eagle is COUNTERchanged on split-Shield colors in the colors of the split-Shield of German CORNERs/Corns!!!! You can't beliepf it. English Corns, sharing the English Camp and Cornish chevron, were first found beside the Branch's who in turn have a not-bad reflection of the Garb Coat. Branch's can apply because they are in the "oak branch" of Corners/Garners, and in the "palm branch" of Kneffs/Nons/Nevins. Plus, Branch's share the coat of Sherwoods, first found in Durham with COUNTERs.

I link the Foots to the "cyFOETH" motto term of Gernons/Garnhams, and it just so happens that Foots share the red griffin in Crest with Corners/Garners. It could be the red griffin of Pomerania, and German Kemps were first found in Pomerania. Foots share a red griffin holding a flag with Brox/Brocuffs, and the latter have the red-version flag of Templar Jerusalem in their Chief.

Broxton is in Cheshire with Temple's, and the Broxtons have a giant fitchee (Temple colors and format) while Gernons were at MontFITCHET. Montfitchets and Fitch's/Fitchets/FITTs were both first found in Essex with Brocuff-branch Brocks, and Scottish Fitts/Fothes' share the Foot chevron. Fitts/Fothes use a CORNucopia, and English Corns have the Fitts/Fothes chevron in colors reversed.

Plus, while Preens were first found in Worcestershire with Edge's, Wings and the Clent Hills, here's the English Kemp Crest: "A gold WHEAT-sheaf with a pelican PREENing." Clents call their sheaves "garbs," and mount Gareb was less than two miles from walled Jerusalem (holds the temple mount). The Garbs, with a not-bad reflection of the French Temple Coat, share double-white wings with CORNER-branch Gernons/Garnhams. Lookie there. Clents share the Coat of DEEDs/Dade's, first found in Norfolk with Wheats, and "deed" is a motto term of Flemings, first found in Lanarkshire with pelican-using Biggars.

The "Lucem" motto term of English Kemps can be for Luce's/Lucys, first found in Norfolk too. Luce's/Lucys are known to use "lucy" fish otherwise called pikes, and then English Pike's share the trefoil of Egg-branch and Hicks-connectable Ice's/Ecco's/Ickys, first found in Pomerania with German Kemps. The Luce/Lacy fish are colors reversed from the fish of Hycke's/Hake's (Norfolk with Luce's/Lacys).

There's another way to link Kneffs to Worcestershire with Wings, by the Lilys is the Crest of Scottish Neve's whose variations are like those of Kneffs/Nons/NEVins/Neivens. Lilys have a swan head, and, minus the symbols on the chevron of Swans/Sion, the latter are fully in the colors and format of Kness'/Ness'. Neve's, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Cuffs (Wiltshire with SHUTE's) and SALE's, were first found in Angus with Sewers/Shuters.

In their motto term, "Guerre," the Shute's (Lily colors and near-format) might have the Gerner-connectable Gears (Worcestershire with Lilys), noting also that Templerite Guerins incorporate the Payen/Pagan Coat. The importance here us that Gerners come up as "Corner," the kanaph entity. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire, where Lille's were first found who share the border of Ware's who in turn have a version of the Gernon Coat.

Scottish Chappes' ("ears of wheat") use another gold "garb," having a Crest identical to the Joseph Crest, almost the Walk/Wach Crest except that the latter's wheat sheaf is green, the colors of the Chappes ears of wheat. Wheats have a green Shield. "Ditat" is a motto term shared between Walks/Wachs and Scottish Chappes', and here we can add that the latter were first found in Stirlingshire with NIMo's.

Ear-like Eyers/Ayers share the Scottish Ayer Coat, and the latter were first found in Ayrshire with Kneffs/NIMs/Nons/Nevins. "DiTAT" must be part-code for tiger-using Ditts because Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Tate's. The Kemps call their garbs, "wheat-sheaves," as do Wachs/Wachs. Wheats and Garbs call their sheaves, "garbs." Kemps have a "Lucem spero" motto translated, "I HOPE for LIGHT," and then "Lighter" is a motto term of Scottish Ayers while Hope's named Hope, in Derbyshire with the first-known Eyers/Ayers.

Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's can be linked to Chives', and so I think we have arrived to the Caiaphas line here with the wheat sheaves and Garbs.

Swan-like Sewans/SALways/SOLways share the saltire of SUN-using English Noons/None's/Nuns (Norfolk with noon-connectable Risings/Risons and Wheats). The NIMo's suspect in the "Amino non" phrase of Kness'/Ness use a "not" motto term while Nots/Cnuts, showing similarity with the Kness/Ness Coat and Crest, were first found in Derbyshire with SOLE's and ear-like Eyers. Nims are listed with Kneffs/Nons/Nevins. Spanish Sols/Solana's share a rare, RED sun with the Asts (Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits, Hover-beloved Heads/Heeds, and Haydens) suspect in the "asTUTia" motto term of Kness'/Ness'. Tute's/Tuits are linkable to the quadrants of Haydens and Hats/Hades'.

There's a Solway bay at the mouth of the Nith river, and the Walks/Wachs of that region have a Coat looking like it has the Garb Coat coupled with the Kneff/Non/Nevin fesses.

The location of mount Gareb is not known with certainty, but when I tried to find it, I used the translation that has the measuring line of Jerusalem, in Jeremiah 31:39, going TOWARD Gareb rather than "over/to" it, as some translate the text. Then, while going toward Gareb but not to it, the line turns toward Goath, indicating a corner of the city wall where it turns to Goath. I figured that Gareb is the hill upon which the KNESSet (Israeli parliament) now sits, or the one beside it. I somehow reckoned (can't remember how) from Ezekiel's temple dimensions that Gareb was 1.67 miles west of the north-west corner of the city, and that's what got me to the Knesset.

I don't know whether I've noticed before, but likely have, that Garbs have a good Coat reflection of the Knesset-like Kness'/Ness'. The latter have a WHITE "eagle rising" to match the white wings in the Crests of Corners/Garners and Garbs. I now find that kanaph-like Kneffs (never knew them before) are listed with Knife's/Nons/Nevins in the "non" motto term of Kness'/Ness' who in turn share the Kneff/Knife/Non/Nevin crescent. Kness'/Ness' were first found in Perthshire with early Wings!!!!!! Do you see that? The kanaph is an extremity or wing/edge or corner...of the something at the temple.

It's probably important to repeat that Wings/Winks were said to be first found in Perthshire with SCALE-using Justine's, for while Cass' use "a pair of scales", the garbs use "a pair of wings". Cass' were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Gareb-like Crabs/Krabbs (share fleur-de-lys of Branch-loving Corners/Garners) who are in turn in the Coat of Bridge's who are in turn in Branch / Sherwood colors and format. Crabs/Krabbs (same place as Dole's) share the fleur-de-lys of Dole's while Dols were first found in Pomerania with German Kemps and Crabbs'/Krebs' (Alan colors). German Dole's use grapes while Grape's are listed with Gareb-like Grabbers.

The Crabbs'/Krebs' have a "crayfish" linkable to Cass-like Casimirs, kin of Lorraine's, interesting where Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Greys/Croys. Moreover, Crays are listed with the Creights sharing the Branch stars, and with the French Crete's while Northumberland is where Greats/Greets/Grete's were first found, suspect from Gratian, father-in-law of Justine above.

Corners/Garners use the branch while Branch's were first found in Westmorland with Letters, and with Levins (share Crapper/Crapp martlet) who are in turn in Crapper/Crapp colors and format. I have no idea what you might make of all of this, or what God might want to make of it, but there you have it, all coming forth from "kanaph." Kness'/Ness' (Perthshire, near Moray) look related to the Moray Coat, and Morays may have been from Amorites at mount Moriah, location of the threshing floor at the north-west corner of the Temple grounds, where I think the line turns from going Gareb-way to Goath. English MORtons have goat heads, and Murtons/Myrtons look related to Israel's/Ishmaelli's.

Plus, wow, I almost missed it: Grape's/Grabbers share the Coat of Goath-like Goats/Gothams!!! The measuring line of the city turned to Goath, and moreover the hexagram on the Israeli flag is the Goth and Hagar hexagram in colors reversed. German Goods/Guts (share Stick Coat) show nothing but "garbs"!

As Hagars were first found in Perthshire with early Wings/Winks, I'll add that while the Biblical Hagar was mother to Ishmael, Israel's/ISHMAELli's almost have the Coat of Crabbs'-connectable Crays/Crete's. Did Hagar go live at mount Gareb? Repeat from above: "The 'God' motto term of Greets/Grete's should be cone with Goths/Gothels sharing the giant Hagar/Hagards hexagram." Goths/Gothels are also GOETH's. The quote above was after mention of Teeters, who have grape's while Grape's/Grabbers share the Coat of Goths/Gothams!!! Lookie at that.

The Modes variation of Modens/Modeys can be in the Hagar motto term, "Modeste," along with the Este's sharing the Aquila Coat. The "ImMOTA" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila can apply to Mota's sharing the Tate rose. Motts/Mottins were first found in Essex with English Este's. I showed earlier how Teeters could be Tate liners. Lake Tatta is near the Pontus, where I trace Ness'/Nice's i.e. to king PHARNaces and her queen, Nysa.

The NESS' share double fesses with Parrs (neither show anything else in their Shields), first found in Lancashire with FurNESS' (share Parr border). The double Parr bars (or someone else's) are on the Israeli flag.

My New Testament interlinear translates Luke 21:20 with "camps": "But when you see Jerusalem being surrounded by camps, then know that its desolation has drawn near." That is, the abomination of desolation at the kanaph of the temple-something, and the first term I tried, to get a kanaph-like surname, was "Kempf." Dutch Camps have a giant eagle head in the colors of the Edge eagle, and Dutch Ness', possibly of the Kneff-connectable Kness'/Ness', have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. I woke Sleeping Beauty, and Jesus said that the Church will fall asleep, to be woken in the middle of the last seven years at the very scripture we just read.

Somehow, it seems that God will hide the identity of the anti-Christ, from the world and the Church, until the brink of Jerusalem's desolation.

The Walks/WACHs even seem to incorporate the Garb Coat upon the Kneff/Non/Nevin fesse.

Temple Institute

In this section, I'm going to split "Temple Institute" into four surnames: Temple's, Ins, Tite's, and Tute's. It's notable that more gold "garbs" are with Comyns (share dagger with Kilpatricks) who in turn have the Courage's in their motto who in turn share the triple fleur-de-lys of Tute-branch Thwaite's (Norfolk with Comyns and Patricks)...which is the fleur-de-lys also of Walks/Wachs (Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Courage-like Corrys) and Staple's. Walks/Wachs are the ones with a "diTAT" motto term.

It's amazing where Courage's were first found in Essex, not only with Morts in the motto of Byron-connectable BarnSTAPLE's, but also with Stinsons who are in turn in the colors and format of Barnstaple's who in turn share the bend-with-trefoils of DUSTERs suspect in the "inDUSTRia" motto term of Walks/Wachs.

Irish Corrys (share Gospatrick saltire), sharing a gold rooster in Crest with Scottish MORTons, have a "A rooster with an ear of WHEAT in its MOUTH". Morts are listed with MOTTs, and the latter, having an estoile, were first found in Essex with the Este's (and Courage's) suspect in the estoiles of Scottish Corrys. These Este's almost have the Coat of Heads/Heeds (Norfolk with Wheats) while Heaths have another gold rooster in Crest.

What makes this heraldic set even more compelling as a Miracle is when we find another gold rooster head in the Crest of Greets/Grete's, first found in Northumberland (beside Crede-loving Byrons) with Gospatricks. The Kilpatricks moved to Kaufman county, beside Heath of Rockwall county. It looks like a pointer to red heifers in Rockwall county.

Gospatricks are in the write-up of their DUNbar kin, and it gets interesting where the Dunbar lion could be the one of Eggertons in colors reversed because Scottish Duns (ANGUS) may have the Egg/Edge eagle, for Eggs/Edge's were first found in Worcestershire with the Dene-beloved Wings while Irish Dene's use wings in the colors of the giant eagle of Irish Duns (Boy/Boet/BO/BUE/Boeddu colors and format) who in turn have an "a-bu" motto term to nearly match the "a boo" of Kilpatricks. Irish Duns ("lizard," almost the Dene crocodile) share a "holly bush" with Kilpatrick-related Maxwells. Hollys were first found in Norfolk with DUNhams and Patricks.

Dene's were first found in Galway with Teegers (Diems/DITTmayers in their motto) while the "diTat" motto term of Walks/Wachs can be for both Tate's and Tiger-loving Ditts, the point being that Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Tate's/Taits.

We can now fathom that the "In" motto term of Dunbars can be for the Ins'/Innis', especially as the latter have a snake in Crest while Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of Irish Duns, and the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs and Tute-branch Thwaite's. The Tate's/TITE's have the saltire of neighboring Gospatricks in colors reversed. The Temple INS-TITE-TUTE. And Kilpatricks even share "laidir" with Byron-like Brians ("UACHtar") who in turn essentially have the Heifer/Heffer Coat.

The Temple Institute now says that it has in its possession everything for the rebuilding of the temple, including red heifers. If it doesn't hurry, the heifers can be disqualified with one non-red hair (it's silly, but this is how they play this). The Institute is led by Yitzchak Reuven, a surname that could be a variation of Reubens or Ravens. It's interesting that Reubens show only three bars while Byrons show only three bends, both in the same colors. Coincidence? The Crede's in the Byron motto even share the leopard face of Stonehouse's.

Stonehouse's can be taken from the English Ins/Innis write-up: "The surname Ins was first found in the parish of Saltash, Cornwall. 'Ince, or Innes, was at an early period in moieties between John de Innes, and Thomas de Stonehouse.'" The white "dog HEAD" in the Stonehouse Crest looks like a match with the white dog in both the Stone and Hayden Crests, and these particular, Head-branch Haydens (Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits) can be gleaned with the TUTE/Tuit and/or TATTon quadrants.

We already have two of the surnames in "INStiTUTE," yet Tatton-like Tate's/Teets/TITE's can also get the Tits in "InsTITute." Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with Thwaits and Thwaite's while Tate's are also Taits. But there's more.

As Ruffs/Roofs/Rolphs and Ralphs use ravens, this symbol looks to be from the Rephaite valley in southwestern Jerusalem, where I tentatively have Goath. The Rephaites of pre-Israel may have been related to a G-less "Gareb," or an Areb-like term such as Arrabka (modern Kirkuk), also called, Arrapachitis, a name like the Biblical Arphaxad in Abraham's ancestry.

The Rephaite valley of Amorites overlooks Hebron, Abraham's home with Amorites. The Ins/Innis above were once said to be first found in Moray with Scottish Ins'/Innis, and the latter's "Traist" motto term looks like code for the Trysts (Cornwall with Stone's) in the motto of Rose-loving Hebrons. Scottish Rose's share the water bouget with Scottish Ralphs, both first found in Nairnshire, near the Rollo's. The latter were first found in Perthshire with Ince-branch Inch's and early Ince-like Wings/Winks.

Now I understand why Ince's (Cheshire with Perthshire-connectable STONEys) and Inch's share the red roundel upon which stands the raven of the Ravens, for king Rollo was also, Rolfe/Rolph.

With Scottish Ins'/Innis having the Moray Coat in colors reversed, we have a potential trace to Jerusalem's mount Moriah, suspect with Amorites that were known to live in Jerusalem concurrent with Israelites all around it.

German Ralphs have a hexagram colors reversed from the one in Ins'/Innis'. The Ralph hexagram is also the one of Hagars, the name also of Abraham's concubine and mother of Ishmael. The Israel/Ishmaelli Coat is shared by Mereys/DeMere's, first found in Normandy with Mars/MORE's/Mere's, and with king Rollo, husband of Poppa of Valois.

The Mars/More's/Mere's are in the colors and format of the Marone's suspect with the maroon color of THRESHers/Trash's, the pointer to the threshing floor at mount Moriah, location of Solomon's temple. Marone's share the boar head of Halys', in the colors of the GOOGE boars, and the Halys river (Galatia) passes close to lake TATTa. Tate's/Teets/Tite's share the Annandale Coat, and one might expect descendants of priest Ananus/Annas in Israel even now.

Teeters love the Grape's/Grabbers, who in turn share the Coat of Goats/Gothams, first found in Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were once said to be first found, and where AINSleys are still said to be first found. Ainsleys were first found in Broxtow with goat-head Bunnys.

The Valois/Valais Coat (Rollo chevron in colors reversed) shares the crescents of Tite-like Tittle's/Tuttle's/TOUThills who have: "The earliest record of the name was Giolber de Totehille, who was listed as a Knight TEMPLAR in 1185." The Tout variation of English Tute's/Toots (probably have the Tatton crescent) is in the Moray motto, and as Ins'/Innis' were Moray kin, we seem to be at the "Temple INS-TIT-TUTE" again with the heraldic set in this paragraph. Tittle's/Tuttle's/Toothills share a black Crest with Rollo's who in turn have a "tout" motto term.

Rollo's (almost share Alter/Colter chevron) can get us to the altar-like Alters/Colters, especially as Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Colts. Alters/Colters use the Catherine wheel of Roets who in turn have the Rollo-Shield boar in colors reversed. Catherine Roet married Mr. Swan-like Swynford, and Swynfords have black boar heads in the color of the boar in the Rollo Crest. Yet the Hoggs have black boar heads too while Swynfords are in Byrom/Barone colors and format who in turn use "HedgeHOGs."

Not only were Byroms/Barone's first found in Brotherton with Byrons, but Hedge's/Hegge's (Agg/Auge colors and near-format) use SWANs while Swans/Sion's were first found in Lanarkshire with Alters/Colters. Is this a pointer to Byron Stinson's red heifers on an altar? Lest you've forgotten, Brothertons share the Heifer/Heffer Coat. Hegge-like Hagee's were first found in Inverness-shire with Crede-connectable Creights while Creightons were first found in Midlothian. Hagars come up as "Hagge."

The Title's/Titlers (East Lothian with Seatons and Rollo-beloved Fortune's) share the crescents of Kens, first found in Devon with a Seaton location, and with the Gates' having a Coat reflection of the Stone's. The latter were first found in Cornwall with Byron-beloved Crede's (OLIVE branch) who in turn share the leopard face of Ins-connectable Stonehouse's (from the Ins/Innis write-up). I've yet to mention the Stoners sharing the eagle with Stone's, yet Stoners use it in colors reversed from the same of Temple's.

More specifically, Title's/Titlers were first found in HADDington, and Haddingtons share the Hayden cross that itself is surrounded bu quadrants colors reversed from the Tute/Tuit quadrants. Ins-TIT-TUTE again, this time from Title's. Above, it was from the Tittle's/Touthills.

"Tout" is a motto term of English Belows (Yorkshire with Touts/Toots/Tute's) while German Belows (Pomerania with Kemps) have the Temple Coat with two heads. The Stoner eagle is that also of kanaph-like Kampfs/Kempfs, and while the latter use "millrinds," the Rinds, first found in Perthshire with Rollo's and Inch's, share the scallop of Sonnys/STONEys, first found in Cheshire with Temple's and Bellows (and Buckleys)!!! Bellow-branch Billets were first found in Devon with Stone-connectable Gates'.

Cheshire is also where Cliffs were first found who almost have the chevron-with-items of Stonehouse's (Ins write-up). Sonnys/Stoneys are in Stanley and Rind colors and format, and early Stanleys did have a Cheshire presence.

Plus, the Kampf/Kempf lion is shared by Rind-branch Rands/Rynds/Rance's. The Rance river is at St. Malo, and while French Mallets/Malo's use buckles, English Mallets (Suffolk with Buckle's and raven-using English Tate's) share the Sonny/Stoney / Rind scallops. English Mallets use the "dear." Stoners share a six-sectioned Shield (different colors) with English Tate's and Dears. Stoners were first found in OXfordshire, the Arms of which has a RED OX, and then the Biblical king OG was king of Rephaites.

Oxfordshire is where Gophers/GOFers were first found while Og-like Googe's share the boar of Goffs/Gough's. Gophers/Gofers share the saltire of Oddie's, a branch of Hoods who in turn have a "Cornish CHOUGH." Cough's and Gough's are like the Gouch/Gooch variations of Googe's.

The Arms of Oxford also has an elephant while Oliphants (share "Tout" with raven-connectable Rollo's) were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's. The latter use a "par" motto term while Parhams (Suffolk with Mallets), sharing the black border with Parrs, have "mallets". Parhams (share Parr border) share the "gamb" with Powys', and the latter's is a bear leg colors reversed from the same of Bellino's, first found in Verona with Moray- / Belly-connectable Belli's. If the black border above is code for Blacks, note the "black birds" of Verone's/Varenne's.

There's another Toothill/Totehill surname looking related to Aids-related Davids. These Toothills show a raven in Crest but call it a "Cornish chough," same as used by English Tate's. These Toothills share the Eyton Coat while Aytons were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's and Hobs. Though not showing in the same design, the Hobs share rising "hawks" with Stonehouse's (just goes to show we can't trust houseofnames to keep their eagles/hawks/falcons straight i.e. they interchange them).

As Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire too, while Aytons are also Artems, I see the Hobs in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs, along with the Stant variation of Stinson / Stein-branch Stains. Both Stinsons and Steins (Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits) share the Aid/Ade Coat is other colors.

The Temple Institute is headed by Mr. Reuven. English Tate's show Reuven-like ravens, but call them, choughs. It makes Coughs/Cuffs appear possibly derived from Coggs and "Gog" and finally way back to "Og," the Biblical, Amorite king of Rephaites. Note how Ducs, sharing the eight-pointed star of Bellys (Moray with Douglas'), look connectable to the Coats of Amorite- / Moriah-like Morays and Hagars. Amore's and Damory/Amori's ("dog's head") were first found in OXfordshire, which doesn't look coincidental.

Again, the Prets (same place as Duce's and Docks) in the Moray motto share the stars of Duce-branch Ducks, and then Duce's share the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons (Norfolk with Bus' and Heads/Heeds). Bramtons use a "dog's head" while Dogs/Doags/Docks, sharing the Bus cinquefoil, were first found in Perthshire with Hagars. How does all that happen? The eight-pointed star was anciently of Ishtar, of Babylon, and Amorites had a capital, Mari, at Babylon.

I haven't been able to venture a stab at what Duck liners may have derived in, in this picture, but maybe they have all come from a D'Og- / D'Hogg like surname. Ogdans ("jacto" motto term) are like "Joktan," son of Eber, founder of Hebrews in Abraham's ancestry. The Eber surname shares the black boar with Hoggs who in turn have an OAK tree. The Vires' in the Hogg motto were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'. Duke's/Dooks, with "chaplets", and essentially in Duc / Moray colors and format, can link to Lorraine with the first-known Chaplets.

The Duke/Dook Crest has a gold griffin, same as the Chaff griffin. The latter's Chaffin branch has a "gold DOG" in Crest, as do Williams (beside Googe-branch Goffs/Gough's) who in turn share the gyronny of Hoppers/Happers (Dorset with Chaffs and Chaffins). Ogdans use gyronny too. Gyronny-like Gernons and Brunswick have the Duce Coat in colors reversed, and Brunswick was home to the Este-related Barr/Baar family of Bar-le-Duc.

While SCHIMs, sharing the GOOGE boar, have a "duce" motto term, OAKleys/Ockleys/Okleys ("CAVeo"), first found in Shropshire with Ogdans, Hunters, and Amore-beloved Talbots, use the SCIMitar. Huntingdons, sharing the Acton fesse, are in Oakley/Ockley/Okley format and colors reversed. The scimitar can be traced to Shechemites at Schimatari (Boiotia), home to mythical OGyges of Acte/Akte. Schimatari is at TANAGRa, home of the mythical HUNTER, ORION). Acton loving Cravens were first found in Yorkshire with Tankerville-branch Tancreds/Tanks.

While Oakleys/Ockleys/Okleys (Shropshire with Burtons, Rudes', Okehampton-related Alans, and Bagleys) share the fesse-with-fleur of Birds/BURDs (beside Shropshire), Burtons use more "dog's heads." Although Burtons and Roots call it merely a "tree," both show it as an oak tree with acorns, and there is an "oak tree" is in the Crest of Hoggs, all trees showing roots, and moreover an "oak tree" is with the Oaks (Somerset with Root-branch Roets and Ducks) who in turn share oak leaves with Alans. Roots share the Coat of Bagleys while Bags/Beags were first found in Norfolk with dog-head Bramtoms/ Leave's/Leve's, and Alan-related Rundels/Roundels. Oakhamptons/Oxnams/Ochenhams share the Duck / Pret stars.

I trace Tanagra elements to the naming of TANKERville's (Lincolnshire with Duce-connectable Prays/PRETers), kin of D'Arques' (Kent with ACTons), but kin also of CHAMBERlains, and then the latter use a donkey, symbol of Ishmaelites. Donkeys and Duncans (HUNTING HORNS) share the cinquefoils of Tankerville's and of Dogs/Doags/Docks, which is some good evidence that Dogs are from an Og line through Ogyges. The latter was a mythical monster, and Og, a giant, had a bed 13 feet long.

SchimaTARi may have been named partly by a Tar entity. Schims love the Duce's while Ducks were first found in Somerset with Roets and Tarrs/Tarres. Then, "Amore" is the full motto of Scottish Terras', first found in Moray with Roet-related Rothes. Scottish Terras' can therefore be sharing the crescent of German Roets. Scottish Roets were first found beside the Cough-branch Cuffs (Wiltshire with MORtons) in turn in the colors and format of German Terras'. Tate's use choughs while English Mortons above share the Tute/Tuit quadrants.

Scottish Mortons were once said to be first found in Cheshire (England), but houseofnames has changed that (to Dumfries) probably because it's lumping them into English Mortons. Welsh Ruds/Rutts use bells while Bells were first found in Dumfries, and then Bell-branch Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Rudes'. This jibes with English Mortons where they are said to have had a branch of RudHEATH of Cheshire. The Heath Crest shares the gold rooster head with Scottish Mortons, and the latter can have the star of Ducks (beside English Mortons) and Prets (beside Shropshire).


John Campbell is probably the most effective, most persistent vax commentator and reporter on youtube:

Youtube apparently doesn't want Campbell on youtube, but is afraid to knock him off. When I loaded the video above, youtube did NOT offer another Campbell video, suggesting that youtube (or perhaps it's the canadian government) could be suppressing his videos as best it can without him knowing about it.

With all the money that Del Bigtree has collected to fight vaccine promoters in court, I've yet to see anything moving forward on that avenue that we can cheer about. His legal team (ICAN) should be able to get emergency court cases due to all the evidence it has proving that vaccines are still harming people. Earlier this year, Mr. Bigtree joined the presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy as his communications director, and, uh-oh, how many times have we seen politics spoiling a good guy? In 2022 alone, according to its Wikipedia article, it took in more than $13M.

Both his personal Wikipedia page and the ICAR page openly slander Mr. Bigtree as an outright liar and a conspiracy theorist spreading disinformation on vaccines. This is where we are today, where the liars, destroyers and supporters of mass-murderers accuse those who point fingers at them. It's going to get worse until the hot fury of God bursts upon them in a flash, in an instant when are not expecting it. Try to guess at how much money Wikipedia loses by openly calling anti-vaxxers "conspiracy theorists." People read these articles, Wikipedia fools, and when they read disinformation that is also slanderous, people won't donate to Wikipedia. I am proud to say that I'd never give this bastion of satan a dime.

I use it, because it's been given to the people, but in reality this is a farce because the managers won't allow all people -- or both sides of a disagreement -- to have equal / final says in articles. Managers of Wikipedia are on-side the devil's mentality in virtually everything touching upon Christian interests. They are satan's gate keepers, same situation as when the scientific establishment boasts that all scientists are evolutionists but won't add that it's because they reject Creationists, and refuse to promote them when they are discovered in their ranks.

It's like a witch boasting that everyone one in the whore house is a whore because whores are more respectable than Christians. Virtually everyone in the evolutionary sciences is an evolutionist because the evolutionist whores strive to hire and promote like-minded whores, not because they are better, smarter or more correct than Creationists. In the same way, Wikipedia uses the pro-vaccine scientific establishment against Bigtree as though everyone within it is necessarily correct over him.

Here's the judicial development of the trucker blockade in Alberta:

Israel has reported that its Nevatim air base was hit by a few Iranian missiles, with light damage, but I'm not biting because the Israeli's could have caused this damage for creating an excuse to strike Iran back. One would think that, if anything can't be hit by missiles in Israel, it's the military bases.

Israel's attack against Iran is forcing Russia to produce Iranian support. There's the Business-Insider headline: "Russia Sends Warships Off Coast Of Gaza In Response To Israel-Palestine Tensions". One video producer numbered them at six. This is, I think, what the prophecy could mean, from Revelation, that the anti-Christ has one foot on the land, and one on the sea. American ships are already there. However, Putin doesn't strike me as having the personality of the anti-Christ.

The British member of parliament, Andrew Bridgen, has not put down his vaccine axe to grind with the bulk of the a demented parliament. I would caution that, when you get to his 5-percent number for 2023, you should assume it to be two or three times too small, until contrary evidence denies it, because government numbers are expected to be downplayed drastically:

I don't know how to comment on this Tucker show on Christian apostasy in evangelicalism versus evangelical politics, leading to Christian persecution, apparently:

On a more comical note, here's Christian Firth of GC strategies, now before the entire parliament in Ottawa, trying to convince the people that he might suffer some mental ailment if he's asked too many biting questions:

Here's is some very unexpected and strange behavior from a pastor, Mark Driscoll, as he sucks up to what looks like a demonically-inspired spiritual "father," Mark Lindell:

Mark Driscoll has seriously offended Christian men, I should add, as being either control-freak brutes or immature momma's boys, nothing in the middle. To me that looks like click-bait material for exciting the ladies and liberal-leaning Christians of both sexes. A heavy-handed message is not necessarily the truth that needs to be faced head-on, but could be click-bait i.e. seeking to reel-in a larger audience for profit.

Mark had a great start as a Christian, but popularity $$$s do things to Christian leaders. Here's follow-up on this dispute, if you're interested:

The shameless John Lindell, in the video above, is like a liberal actor who attacks Driscoll's accusatory spirit, portraying it as evil while totally ignoring the underlying reason for the accusation. It's like when we attack liberals for being baby killers, and then we're framed guilty for attacking and being hateful / unloving.

Note Lindell's hypocrisy and duplicity when he publicly announces his love for Driscoll when it's obvious, by his making this issue public, that he's seeking to humiliate, harm, and punish him...maybe even threaten him. Jesus said, don't let Him return finding us beating-up the sheep.

Straight-as-an-arrow Justin Peters takes on the schemer, Mark Driscoll, who, in this video, definitely looks like a liar to his Christian audience, meaning that Driscoll has become a fraud, like so many others, in it for the fame and money, and desirous of portraying himself as a prophet, which can explain why he attended Lindell's church in the first place. In the meantime, Driscoll puts porno-pictures into the minds of the audience:

The video above speaks on cessationalists, meaning believers who think New-Testament miracles were for the 1st century only. I don't believe that view, and don't know the details of it. Of course God still does miracles in peoples lives to this day, even healings. But, perhaps, cessationalists believe that miracle-workers are not of God, at least not today. I can believe that, to the degree that God doesn't use anyone weekly or even monthly, or perhaps not even annually. But, it's possible that God will use a person for multiple miracles over 40-60 years of Christian service, and nobody but immediate family and friends hears about the miracles. I've not known of anyone I can take as sincere for God who goes about doing miracles from church service to church service, put it that way. More from Justin Peters, on a faith-healer fraud:

Whatever happened to Francis Chan? Last time I heard him, he decided to throw his hat into the ring of a false-prophet cult. And he was building a luxurious home too, and so I stopped listening to him. But his message below is one we can praise:

I think Paul, when he instructed the believers to live quiet lives, wanted them not to risk hampering the good reputations of the believers by meddling or inadvertently starting trouble by the things we say and do. Also, Gentleness, a fruit of the Spirit because it's an attitude of the Spirit, is on the quiet side. I don't think Paul meant "quiet," however, as if it's sinful to be as boisterous as a bird at sun-up when there's cause to be. Of course, the anti-Christs would love for us to go away, be quiet, and stop meddling into their political agendas to destroy Godly thinking. And, of course, God has a very loud Day of the Lord, with a SHOUT from Michael, in His plans.

I didn't know the following about the Amish until now: some of them are anti-Bible:

The way the Amish church above conducts itself, that's the true legalism that can't save because it is absent of Jesus' words. But if a believer in Jesus feels compelled to add New-Testament works to their faith, that is not legalism but a requirement for salvation. What nutbar would say that trying to obey the directives of Paul, Peter, James and Jesus is fruitless "legalism"? Do we really think we can celebrate being saved by "faith alone" without reading the New Testament or seeking to be obedient to it? Are we crazy? Are we as shallow as the skin on the devil's rotten tooth?

Ray, the New Testament reader in the video above, exemplifies what it means to "hate" your own children in order to be worthy of Jesus. Jesus said that this attitude or WORK is necessary for salvation, and who is the anti-legalism nutbar prone to disagreeing with that? Ray was willing to lose his nine children for Jesus, but if he were not, and if he remained with them in the Amish dark instead, for the sake of having community and its benefits, he would be deemed unworthy of Jesus. Ray expresses freedom and light as he speaks, no regrets, though I can sense that it's coupled with a burden of sorrow because he dearly wants all his children to do what he did, for their own sakes, of course.

I know a coffee addict when I see one, brother Ray. I feel for Ray because I'm sure that, when he goes to sleep, his children come to mind, and he's praying for them in despair. There's a question on whether we should allow ourselves to be bogged down by this despair. It's a hard call. It can't be wrong to pray for the salvation of others, and if it's with our whole hearts because we're praying for our own flesh-and-blood, maybe we need to let go to the extent that our prayers are not always bogged down on the same prayers.

There's no sense repeating the same prayer with more heart than we had before because God can't save people no matter how much heart we use, unless, and until, they are freely willing to give their souls to Jesus. It's not enough to believe in Him only; we have got to give up everything that stands in the way between Him and us. This is the Highest Law of God the Father. It's the Good News. It's also the wedge between family members.

Here's the back-stabber, Mike Johnson, who was given the Speakership job to keep Kevin MacCarthy from giving $$$Bs to the Ukraine war, yet he's now allowed the Congress to send $60B, likely strong-armed by the CIA and its tentacles...but that's no excuse, for the CIA is a money-laundering machine, stealing war money and distributing it to it's foreign partners and puppets as it seeks to establish American globalism. Johnson himself worked / compromised with Democrats in order to pass this bill. Zelensky now has new life, and the Russian bear will need to deal with this...possibly by making a deal with the Iraqi Shi'ites and Iran together in order to topple Israel as a means to cripple the dirty, disgusting, hairy American foot in the Middle-East:

I feel bad for people having true and sincere conversions who get caught up deeply into charismatic movements. It's beautiful to see people loving God, and if they do it openly in church, there's no sin to it, unless they don't do it at home or when alone. If it's all for show, then it looks like self-interested behavior. In any case, I feel bad for normal Pentecostals because they are trapped just one small step from outlandish charismatic practices that seek to swallow them alive in a satanic spirit, a counterfeit Spirit of God.

Once a charismatic is absolutely convinced that charismatic churches are the true ones of God, uh-oh, they get trapped. They feel that, if they leave, they are abandoning God. This is very, very bad in many possible ways. Justin Peters has taken the time to give us a history of the satanic, charismatic movements, none of which were necessarily connected to each other. They pop up in different places:

The thing that comes to my mind after watching the video above is how many millions of Christians are so daft, too gullible, or so unable to capture the Truth enough from the Bible to keep away from cult leaders. I mean, if three or four people were so daft now and then, it could be expected from mental difficiencies, but thousands or millions of them, per cult? And then also the mega-church charismatics to boot?? This is such a destabilizing force for normal, dedicated Christians. That is, the ones who go into wackiness give Jesus a very bad name.

Mike Winger has a too-long exposure of Benny Hinn, but I did watch over an hour. When I got down to the following comment at his video, I remembered something:

But at the end of the stage play, Benny blew his anointing around the stadium of thousands. We watched in some apprehension as people fell like dominos around the whole stadium. It started where we were from the front and everyone fell back in their chairs - hard. Including us. I was totally baffled. I'd known the Lord a long time. This was completely foreign to me. It lead to demonic attacks after I returned home. Every time it happened I would pray and the Lord stopped it.

I was at a Jesus 80 (1980) week-end event where I was baptized by charismatic handlers in a pond. Benny Hinn was on stage at the Sunday-night finale. He waved his hands, and although we were a couple of hundred feet away, Diane Oullette and her sister fell straight back, on their backs, like felled tree trunks. They were both directly in front of me. I saw this with my own eyes, and I knew them both well enough to know they wouldn't have faked it. Soon after, only minutes, I left and went to the car before anyone got there, feeling very disappointed. In the car alone, I suddenly felt that my strong faith was being destroyed, because I knew that Benny Hinn was a fake. It was a traumatic experience, I had a hard time controlling my feelings/thoughts, but I fought it off on the drive home. I soon after left the Pentecostal church.

How did I know that Hinn was a fake even though I saw two friends fall on their backs, right at my feet? It taught me that demons attended Hinn's events. I was a lucky one to see the dark realities before more harm was done to me. It's going to cripple a young person's faith to believe in Power-handling preachers only to realize years later that they're money-grubbing thieves unafraid of God, and that they've been their fools. But this is what makes the videos special of those strong believers who explain the fakes yet seek to support the faith in Jesus of anyone who's been hurt by them.

Don't throw Jesus out with the filthy bath water. Never mind how much money and time you've lost to the Hinns of this world, just recover spiritually, get sober, because they make you drunk with folly; they mix up your head with nonsense and confusion. You've been conned, but not by Jesus. Be calm, and connect with the gentle Spirit of God, a healing presence, who comes to those in the midst of considering God and His ways, to those who want to be a part of Him. Stop looking to preachers, and start connecting with Him when you are ALONE. In your secret closet.

Don't assume that all pictures popping up in your mind are messages from God. In fact, consider those pictures to be from your own mind, for the most part, or worse. Yes, God might at times speak with a pictures in your mind, but acknowledge that this is tricky business, that your mind also produces pictures, especially when dosing off. I think it's important to strive in finding good communication with God, but evil spirits might somehow get in the way at times. The Bible doesn't give us a manual on how evil spirits affect our minds. but it does teach us evil ways from Godly ways, and this keeps us safer if we choose the good. And God wants to know the score, how many times we choose the right from the wrong. The less astray we go, the faster we can climb out of the pit to begin chalking up treasures (not gold and jewels) in Heaven again.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture