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April 9 - 15, 2024

Red Heifers, Continued
God Points to the Edge of the Temple

IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names. Scroll down past the motto of each surname you wish to check.

This update continues from Byron Stinson in the last update, the red-heifer man of Texas. I think I can fish out a reason that God arranged a "Crede" motto term for Byrons, for Crede's (share Beak leopard face) were first found in Cornwall with Batons/Bastons, and with the Tippers sharing a blue-sleeved arm with COWs/Cough's/Cuffs ("baton" in Crest) while English Cuffs were first found beside Beaks. The "Cornish chough" of Hoods applies here, which holds a white anchor, the color of the anchor held by the blue and cuffed sleeve of Tippers. But I'm not done with this, and added this paragraph mainly due to the potential Cow link to Crede's.

I'll even add that Pendragons (Cornwall with Crede's and Tippers), who I think have the Tipper-like Tipps' in their motto, have the Cow/Cough fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. The Tipper sleeve with cuff is shared by the Spice's (Devon with Hooks) suspect in the "Respice" motto term of hook-using PRIESTlys. Priests are needed for red heifers.

The main point: the Crede leopard face is in both colors of the same of English Feltmans, first found in Middlesex with the Stinson-branch Stains who in turn have the double Feltman fesses in colors reversed. Thus, Crede's, who moreover use a dove, can point to Byron Stinson. Dove's have the West Coat in colors reversed for what looks like a pointer to the Western Wall, yet it can also be a pointer to the Mount of Olives because the Crede dove probably has an olive branch in its BEAK. The Temple Institute wants to sacrifice red heifers at the Mount of Olives.

Hoff-like Offalys, with "Cornish choughs BEAKed and legged red," have an "olive branch" in Crest, as do Hagels (Somerset with Heifers). As Crede's were first found in Cornwall, they likely adopted the Offaly olive branch (or vice-versa). English Olivers were early in Cornwall, and they with Scottish Olivers have olive branches too. In this way too, Byron Stinson can point to heifers at the mount of Olives.

The Crede Coat even reflects the one of Rockwalls and Wests while Rocks were kin of Rods, the latter first found in Devon with Wests. As was explained, there is a good chance that red heifers will come from Rockwall county, in the future. Nobles of RODez married Isabel of ROQUEfeuil, explaining the Rod-Rock relationship, and Rhodes' incorporate the Bath Coat in colors reversed while Bathursts (share the patee of Beak-like Peaks) are in Feltman colors and format.

It gets better from here, for there's a gauntlet in the Feltman Crest to take us to Ghents, first found in Hampshire with the Ports (share Bute/Butt estoiles) in the Feltman motto, and Ghents have a Chief in the colors and format of the Chiefs of Feltmans and Tipper-like Tipps'/Tippins. The latter, first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, share the Ratcliff bull head, and although I don't know what heifer-significance John Ratcliffe could have, he lives in Heath, a topic in the last update with Rockwall, but I had forgotten all last week that Heath is a city in Rockwall. The point here is that while Heaters have bull heads, Heaths/Heathers have a Coat and Crest resembling the ones of English Olive's i.e. who could be in the beak of the Crede dove.

Heaters share the broken spear with the Feltman Crest, and while Crede-loving Byrons were at Brotherton while Brothertons share the Heifer/Heffer Coat, Brothers/BRODers share the greyhound heads of English Olive's. Feltman-connectable Bathursts, first found in Sussex with Boards/BORDs, have a "Tien" motto term while Tiens'/Thames' were first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers/Broders. Bathursts have a "foy" motto term while one of the French Foy surnames was first found in Auvergne with the Bouillons in turn having the Felt Coat in colors reversed.

German Feltmans look like they share the German Caplan Shield while those Caplans look related to the Shield of German Gardners while English Gardners, sharing the Bathurst patee, were first found in Oxfordshire with same-colored Brothers/Broders. English Caplans, sharing gold griffin heads with English Gardners, have a Chief in the colors and format of the Ports (Hampshire with Caplans) in the Feltman motto.

The Vile's in the motto of Caplan-loving Griffins use calves, what a cowincidence. The Vile Crest is shared by Caplan- / Chaplin- related Josephs. Cough-like Calfs/Caufs use RED calves for a good pointer to the red heifers, and Chaffs (Dorset with Beaks) use a giant Griffin. Vile's are in Salem/Saleman colors and format while Cows/Cough's incorporate the Sale Coat while Salome Boethus of the Sadducees may have been related to Chaff-like Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus.

Vile's were first found in Gloucestershire with Walls/Whails, and this together looks like a pointer to potential animal sacrifices at the Wailing Wall (another name for the Western Wall). The thing I neglected to mention in the last update, with the Whelans/Failins/Phelans, is the Falls/Phale's having a Vail variation like Vile variations. Falls/Phale's share the Temple eagle. It just so happens that TIMBLE's/Turnbulls are in Fall/Phale colors and format! It suggests that Timple's/Temperleys (Cheshire with Temple's/TEMBLE's) and Temple's had been Turnbulls.

The amazing think is that Timple's/Temperleys are in the colors and format of Chaffins/Caffins/ChafFINCh's (Dorset with Chaffs and Beaks), and then Finchems and Feins/Finns, both essentially sharing the triple Beak fesses, can be in the "FINem" motto of Priestlys (Yorkshire with Timble's/Turnbulls).

While Falls/Phale's share a black stag head with Knee's/NEE's, the Velis'/Veils in the Griffin motto phrase, "NE vile velis," share the black Fall/Phale and Temple eagle, and were first found in Northumberland with Stinson-branch Stevensons/Stave's. Plus, French Bride's (Savoy with Byron-connectable Briancon) share the stars of French Temple's while the Scottish Bride Crest (black eagle head) is in the Fall/Phale Crest too.

The Knees/Nee stag head is in both colors with the Vise's suspect in the "Vivis" motto term of NEMs/Nons/Nevins, first found in Ayrshire with Templetons, and sharing the crescent of Knees-like Kness'/Ness' ("non" motto term). I took the Nems from "fiNEM," and then Neme's/Name's have lion heads in the colors of the Fien/Finis lions. Kness'/NESS' may have named the Ness river of Inverness-shire, where Falls/Phale's were first found.

"Non" is also a motto term of Tippers in turn in the colors and near-format of Kness'/Ness'. Tippers share the crosslets of Darcys/D'ARCys while Darks/D'ARQUES' were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis'. ARCHibalds share the Kness/Ness and Nem/Non/Nevin crescent. Dutch and German Ness' list the Nos surname in the motto of French Chambre's (use the Arms of Chambre) from Chambre on the ARC river of Savoy. This is Byron-interesting because Briancon is directly over some peaks from the Arc river, and the Byron-beloved Crede's were first found in Cornwall with ARCHdeacons who almost have the Crest of the Irish Brians almost having the Heifer/Heffer Coat.

The Chambre Shield is shared by Pools (Dorset with Chaffs, beside Deacon-connectable Baths), and then the Pollets in the Pool motto have a Coat version of the Aude's (Savoy). "Aude" is a motto term of English Wise's (Devon) whose triple chevrons are in colors reversed from the same of Cotys'/Archdeacons (Cornwall and Devon), and the peaks above are in the COTTian Alps. French Cotys'/Cottons almost have the fretty Shield of Caens (Dorset). Knee's/Nee's were first found in County Down with Prays sharing the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes'. The latter were first found in Staffordshire with Docks while Deacon-branch Decans named Docking (jibes with unexpected Cotys' listing with Archdeacons).

Once said to be first found in Dorset, the Babe's, kin of Beaks and likewise sharing the Crede / Feltman leopard face, were first found in Suffolk with Deacons and the Olive-beloved Owls/Howls. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Fiens/Fane's (share gauntlet with Feltmans).

While German Babe's share the mermaid with Byrons, I've got it recorded a million times that Babwells were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Stinson-branch Stains. It's where Feltmans were first found who share the leopard face of Byron-beloved Crede's, and Stain-branch Steins share the gold leopard face with Stinsons/Stevensons. Bathursts are fully in Feltman colors and format, and Babwells are now said to be first found in Sussex with Bathursts and Leopards.

Babwells almost use the Coat of Courts/Coverts (Sussex), and the Scottish Grands expected in the latter's motto were first found in Inverness-shire with Crede-like Creights while French Grands (share Crete bendy) were first found in Burgundy with Crete's. The Stand variation of Stains is in the motto of Scottish Grands, wherefore we have yet another pointer here to Byron Stinson just because "Crede" is a Byron motto term.

Repeat: "The Tipper sleeve with cuff is shared by the Spice's (Devon with Hooks) suspect in the "Respice" motto term of hook-using PRIESTlys. Priests are needed for red heifers." Spice's (share towers of different colors with Priestly) are in Trudeau colors and format, and Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with the Foys in the Bathurst motto, but also with Chappes' and Levi's. The latter have three of the Spice chevrons.

Turnbulls/Timble's are much in Leeder colors and format, probably because the latter share the gold boar head with Turn-like Turins. Turnbulls were first found in Yorkshire with Leeds, and the latter are interesting for possibly using the eagle of L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital) because they share a cockaTRICE (different color) with Abruzzo/Abreu-connectable Priestlys. Trice's/Trysts (Cornwall with Byron-beloved Crede's) share a gold Crest with Leeders, and the Trice/Tryst Crest looks like a dove, the Crede symbol too. As Dove's almost have the Coat of Wests, the triple Leed eagles can be the giant eagle of Westerns, first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs who in turn share the pheons of the Cornwall-branch Tristans.

One of the English TRISTan surnames, the ones first found in Cornwall with Trice's/Trysts, are in the format of Scottish Turnbulls, and colors reversed from them. The other English Tristans were first found in Devon with the Kings in the Scottish Turnbull motto. Kings share the lion of Kingstons, first found in Yorkshire with English Turnbulls.

Scottish Turnbulls have a motto, "I SAVEd the King," and English Turnbulls are in the colors and format of Ladds/Ladeys (Somerset with Cocks, SAVErs and Bulls) who in turn share black scallops with neighboring Hykes'/Hacks (Devon with Wests) who in turn were kin of Chives' of TARVES, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins, and suspect as a branch of Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. Chivasso is near Turin, we get it. As Ladds/Ladeys were first found in Somerset with Backs, Leeds (Yorkshire with Hicks) can be using the giant Back eagle.

With Turnbulls/Timble's (same place as Hicks') being in Temple and Hickson colors, it's remarkable that Turnbulls were at WAKEfield (WACHefeld) while God told me to WAKE Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) when she was in my Sleeping Beauty dream (see last update for details). Beautys share three black bulls with Turnbulls.

I'm saying this because I've just recalled that, while Miss Hicks moved to Kaufman county, Kaufmans/Kaufers have the giant anchor of Welks/WilkensHOFFs in colors reversed while Walkers were first found in Yorkshire with Turnbulls and Hicks', and while Walks/WACHs (share Wakefield sheaf/garb) were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Wakefields share the green wyvern dragon with Wilkens. And while Turnbulls are in the colors and format of Ladds/Ladeys, these English Walkers happen to share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans. There's a lot going on here, but if God is in this with his directive to wake Miss Hicks, why?

Irish Kilpatricks list a Sheera variation. Wilkins, sharing the vertically-split colors of Sheer-branch Scherfs/Schere's who in turn look like kin of German Walkers/Welkers, have a "pruDENTes" motto term while Dents (Yorkshire again) share an "Industria" motto term with Walks/Wachs, and with the Arms of Rothschild. Will the Rothschild banking family, the de facto owners / rulers of Israel, allow animal sacrifices only to start the Armageddon clock?

German and Scottish Walkers share the crescent of ARCHibalds and French Archers/Arquette's, and Archibalds were first found in Roxburghshire with Walch's/Walsh's, and then Darks/D'Arques' are in the write-up of Tankerville's, first found in Lincolnshire with the Wake's who in turn have the double fesses of German Walkers/Welkers in colors reversed. Tankerville's were kin of CHAMBERlains, and Chambre is on the ARC river. The earl of Lincoln is in the write-up of Chamers/Chambers' who in turn have lion heads in the colors of the giant Lincoln lion.

Stevensons/Stave's use a "garland" because German Stevens share the Coat of Garlands, both sharing the triple pale bars of Scottish Walkers, and the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs/ARCHibure's. Burleys/Bourleys, first found in Somerset with Schere-beloved Sticks, share the green Shield with proto-Rothschild Bauers/Bowers.

Scottish Chamers/Chambers share the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs. English Boyers/BOWYERs have a brown falcon in the same rising position as the brown eagle of Chamers/Chambers. Scottish Bowers share five-bunched arrows (different colors) with Rothschilds. English Chamers/Chambers' are excellent for their checks in the colors of the fretty of Modens/Modeys, from Modane, likewise on the Arc river. Modens/Modeys were not only first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, but with the Sheaves'/Shaws (six bunched arrows) suspect in the sheaves we saw above with Walks/Wachs and Wakefields.

Scottish Chamers/Chambers look like they adopted the Coat of Rums because the latter were first found in Dumfries, and here we can go to Forney-like Forrans/Forehams, in case they apply, who look like Ford/Forth kin, because they have a "LucRUM" motto term. Fore's/Forez's/FORETs look like they can apply to Forths. BalFOUR ("FORward" motto) are in Rockwall colors and format, and this gets amazing as per the well-known Balfour Declaration that put modern Israel on the map with greedy-Rothschild assistance.

Foreham-like Formans, sharing the green dragon with Wilkins and Wakefields, and first found in Yorkshire with Wakefields, Walkers and Firmins, happen to have a chevron-with-martlets in the colors and format of the chevron-with-anchors of Firmins, all in the colors and format of the Byron-beloved Crede's. That's new a looking red like a holy cow.

It seems that the Beauty dream was given to me/us in anticipation of Sleeping Beauty moving to Kaufman. The Fermen variation of Formans is even in the motto of Beauty-related Haydens. Plus, while Sleeping Beauty was at the hood of her car to begin with, the Firmin anchors are in the colors of the giant one of German Hoods/Hope's. The white anchor of English Hoods can be the white Kaufman/Kaufer anchor because Jewish Kaufmans share the crescent of Kens (Devon with Hoods), and because the Hood anchor is held by a "chough."

Beauty was in front of the hood when I was WALKing toward her. I first saw her walking around the fender of the car to the hood, and Fenders, sharing the otter head with Balfours, were first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters and WALKINs/Wakelins! I have rarely come to the latter surname, not until fairly recently, but it applies very well to the Wake scene for some mysterious reason. This dream is now shaping up as a pointer to Israel's temple endeavors.

Walkins/Wakelin look like kin of Ainsleys who in turn have two "for" motto terms, and share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Ainsleys share a "king" motto term with Turnbulls, and Kings (Devon with KENS') share the Walkin/Wakelin lion. Ainsley Earhardt, mother of Hayden, works for KENS TV in Texas before going to Fox. Ainsley was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, in my opinion of about three years or four old.

Ainsleys have a phrase, "for my king always," and there is an Always surname (Suffolk with Owls) looking related to OULlette's and their Aulnay/OULney branch, but as the Always look like kin also of LINColns, note that Suffolk is where Lings and StarLINGs/StarLINCKs were first found. Forran-connectable Fords have an owl. Then, Ainsleys have a "For my country OFTEN" motto phrase, and although there is an Ofdenson surname, houseofnames doesn't list it.

However, Hoff-like Offens/Owens/Hovens happen to share the giant Always lion (minus the gold crown that belongs also to Jewish Levi's). But then Offens/Owens lead to German Offens/Hofners/Hoffens/Oveners, first found in Brunswick while Brunswicks have 2/3rds the Heifer/Heffer Coat! Beauty. The Annas-branch Ainsleys got us here. Annas was one of the Chief priests who OFFERed Jesus up as the PassOVER LAMB.

As Offens/Hofners/Hoffens look like Rothschild/Roddenstein kin, it can take us to Speyer, where Rothschilds/Roddensteins were first found, though my best recollection is that they were previously said to be first found in Brunswick. Wikipedia's Speyer article says that the first Jews there were about a century after the fall of the Khazar empire. The Rothes location in Scotland is on a SPEY river, and while Leslie's were earls of Rothes, it's interesting that the Leslie Coat is much like the Over/Offer and Haafner/Hefner Coats. The latter can have the lion of Irish Leslie's. Rothes was at the theater of the Rose surname, and Kaufs along with Jewish Rothchilds use roses. The Varangian RUS conquered Khazaria.

Leslie's share buckles with Roseland/Roslins, and Spree's, sharing the Speer/SPEYER crescent, were first found in Roseland (Cornwall). The Roseland/Roslin buckles are square, and the only other square buckles I know of are with Starlings/Starlincks, first found in Suffolk with the sun-using Babe's sharing the Crede leopard face, and with Clare's, a branch of the Sinclairs/Suns of Roslin, a location in Midlothian, where Crede-like Creightons were first found. What would be the chances that Spree's would share the white dove in Crest with Crede's?

Of all the surnames first found in Cornwall, Speyer elements thus look like Crede kin, and to top if off, Crede-beloved Byrons share the mermaid with German Babe's/Babels while the eagle of Babwells/Babels (Sussex with Puttens) is used also by Puters/Pewters, first found in Cornwall with a Powder location, where Crede's were first found. English Babe's, first found in Suffolk with Rush's, were once said to be found in Dorset with Roslin-like Russells, and with Rochford-connectable Pools/Pulls.

Red-rose Rossalls (share Watson chevron) are said to have named a Rushland location, in Lancashire with Orrels, which should explain the "orle" border of Rutlands/Rushlands. The Prime's suspect in the Rushland/Rutland motto were first found in Lincolnshire with Rossalls/Roslins and Wake's. Orrels share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs and Ore-connectable Wake's ("ora"). Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers, Dober-related Haldans, Pollocks of Rothes, and orle-using Knocks/Knox's.

Jewish Pollocks share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") and Dobermans, and the Leslie's became earls of Rothes with marriage to Pollocks of Rothes, and to Watsons of Rothes, the latter first found in Rutland and sharing the white griffin head with Dobermans and Pools/Pole's (Dorset).

Scottish Watsons, first found at Edinburgh (6 miles from Roslin), share the BROWN tree STUMP with Roddens while Stamps have a black-Shield version of the Rush Coat. This recalls the Rothschilds/RODDENsteins of Speyer that I think were once said to be first found in BRUNswick with Offens/Hofners/Hoffens. The latter are suspect in the motto of Ainsleys who in turn share the scimitar with the Halden-branch Haddens (more red ROSES), and Hayden is the daughter of Ainsley Earhardt. Brunswick is about 50 miles or less from HALDENsleben, and Mieszko I of the Spree-river theater married Oda of Haldensleben as well as Dober-line Dobrawa.

EARhardts/Airharts, sharing the Brown/BRUN fleur-de-lys, were first found in Bavaria with German Rothes'/Rothchilds and German Harts and Harz's, and then the Snake's/Snooks (brown eagle) in the Earhardt Coat were first found in Kent with English Rothes', though the latter were once said to be first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river. Earhardts/AirHARTs thus look connectable to Roddensteins of Brunswick / Speyer, and Scottish Harts even share the Scottish Pollock saltire.

Barrs/Baars of Brunswick can be of the Scottish Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with AIR-branch Ayers ("air" motto term) who are both in Crede colors and format! If I'm correct in pegging Ainsley Earhardt as the second Sleeping Beauty, then she too was hovering as a pointer to red heifers, suggesting that the Rothschilds should have some role in red-heifer politics.

It's important that Ayers/Airs share the bent leg with Leaks/Leakeys while leg-using Prime's are in the Lakey/Lacky motto. If Ainsley is Sleeping Beauty, I touched her leg when waking her, and Leaks/Leakeys, sharing the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys, were first found in Lincolnshire with Wake's and Prime's. Lakeys/Lackys were first found in Dumbartonshire with the Hanan-connectable Eure's/Evers/URE's suspect in the Hicks motto. Scottish Ure's are listed with Orreys, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Ayers.

While Brunswicks almost have the Heifer/Heffer Coat, and while Irish Heffers have the crescent of Scottish Harts in colors reversed, Byran-like Brians do have the Heifer/Heffer Coat while Byrons have Air-connectable Crede's in their motto. As Irish Harts almost have the Brunswick Coat, we can even take things to the Harz/Hardt mountains not far from Brunswick, itself near the first-known Kaufmans/Kaufers of Hanover. Proto-Rothschild Bauers share blue wings with Here's/Herrs and Air-branch Here's/Heyers.

Snake's/Snooks (brown Crest) and Walks/Wachs (same place as Kilpatricks) share the fleur-de-lys of Kilpatrick-connectable Perkins (near Rutland) of Rochford who in turn have a "Simplex" motto term to go with the Simple's (same place as Speers/Speyers) in the motto of Crede-connectable Spree's. Rocks and Sun-loving Rooks were first found in Worcestershire with Watson-branch Watts, and Creightons (same area as Scottish Watsons and Suns) have the Rochford Coat in colors reversed.

The Hook-connectable Hockeys, sharing the Watson crescents, were first found at Rochford, in Essex with the first-known Stinsons, and Hooks were a branch of Hicks', first found in Yorkshire with Byrons and Close's. Byrons are expected from Briancon/Brigantium, the line to Brights who nearly share the Hockey Crest, and Brights share the triple stars of Close's and French Temple's. Close's almost share the motto of Irish Harts.

I think one key in all of this heraldry is where Sleeping Beauty was HOVERING when I woke her. After walking to her car, she was hovering inside of it. While Hickson-connectable Temple's were first found in Cheshire with Hoffs/Hough's and Overs/Offers, both linkable to Hovers/Hoffers/Hoffs, the Kaufmans/Kaufers have the giant anchor of Welks/WilkensHOFFs in colors reversed. With Heffer-related Coffers being first found in Somerset with Heifers/Heffers, let's repeat from the last update as per Miss Hicks moving to Forney of Kaufman county:

Forney is beside Rockwall county, and Mondo Gonzales says [I heard him in a video] that red heifers are being bred in Rockwall too in hopes of getting the Jerusalem temple going. Rockwalls (BalFOUR colors and format) almost have the FORney Coat.

Rockwalls share the chevron of Rochells/Roswells/Rothwells, yet the latter have two chevrons, and they happen to be the two of Ash's/Esse' for a pointer to the ashes of a red heifer. Each of the Rochell/Roswell/Rothwell chevron-with-besants is in the colors and format of Airs/Eyers and Crede's, what are the chances? The Rockwall boar head, in colors reversed, could be the black boar head of ASHtons, the latter first found in Lancashire with Orr-branch Orrels while Orr-related Wake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Rochells/Roswells/Rothwells.

Lincolnshire is where English Brands and Brandens were first found, who look related to Turnbulls/Timble's (Temple/Temble / Brand colors) because the Brand Crest share the red cockatrice with Priestlys. The Spree river flows at BRANDenburg. Brandens (could have Rothes lion head) have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed, and Sleeps (once said to be first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river) were first found in Kent with Rothes' and Earhardt-beloved Snake's/Snooks. To put it another way, Wake's and Brandens both share double-red fesses.

The Rochell/Roswell/Rothwell Crest has the Rock trefoil, likely, held in the mouth of a red stag that heraldry calls a "hart," at times, due to the red stag of German Harts/Herts and McCarthys/Artys.

A famous peak in the Harz/Hardt mountains is the Brocken, and Earhardts/Airharts share the fleur-de-lys of Hooks and Brocks, the latter first found in Essex with Hockeys of Rochford. Hire's/Hare's (Hair/Hare colors) share the Hook Coat. Ainsleys were first found at BROXtow. Brox's/Brocuffs (share Shed/Shedden Chief-Shield colors), sharing the potent cross of Sheds/Scheds, have an "ORIEnte" motto term, and Scottish Hairs/Hare's (share Hire/Hare fesse) were first found in Ayrshire with Ayers, Orreys, Skits/Skeets, Sheds/Sheddens and Templetons.

Brox's/Brocuffs share the Jerusalem-Templar flag but with the red potent cross of Sheds/Scheds, Sheets/Skate's (Norfolk with Hips'/Hipkins), and Skits/Skeets. Brocks (share Brox/Brocuff and Shed Chief-Shield colors) have a "VireSCIT" motto term. Hips'/Hipkins share the sphinx with Brox's/Brocuffs.

If God arranged Earhardts to link so well to Ainsleys, why? Why might English Hairs/Hare's have the double Wake fesses in colors reversed while Wake-related Orrs may have been of the Orreys? Wake's and Orrs both share the red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne, and this city was home to a count Eustace, father of the first Templar king of Jerusalem. See Annasthing suspicious here?

I was told to wake Ainsley EarHARDT. Wake's use a "wake KNOT," and Cnuts/Knots were first found in Derbyshire with Ear-like Eyers. Walks/WACHs look like kin of WIES', first found in Silesia with Brox's/Brocuffs. Wake-beloved Orrs have the three Guiscard/WIShart piles in colors reversed, and German Wise's/Weis' (Bavaria with Herzogs/Hartochs), sharing the hexagram of Jewish HARTs/Harz's, are amazing as per WisHARTs! The latter were first found in Stirlingshire with Bald-branch Bauds, and while the first Templar king of Jerusalem was BALDwin, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. These Templar elements are suspect in descending from Caiaphas, who married the daughter of Ainsley-like Annas.

Weis-branch Wies' share the heart of the Hartz'/Harz' (Bavaria), in the colors of Jewish Harts/Harz's. Wies also share the star of Bauers. Orreys almost have the Aur/Aures Coat and Crest who were in turn first found in Bavaria with Earhardts, Herr-branch Herzogs/HARTochs (share blue wings with Bauers), and Bauers. Isaac Herzog is currently the Israeli president, and the Israeli flag almost has the hollow hexagram of Jewish Harts/Harz's. I trace this hexagram, this "star of David," to Khazars.

German Harts/Herts (Bavaria) are listed with Herod-like Hards. Hugh de Payens married the Chappes', and while Payens/Pagans use "rowells," Rowells/Rosewells/Rothwells share the red stag with Harts/Herts/Hards. Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Guiscards/WISharts, and French Chappes' share the tall and solid "perchevron" of Ottone's, suspect with Ottone VISconti.

The potent cross of the de-Bouillon family probably became a flory cross due to links with Florence elements, for example the Taddei's (compare with English Ferrands) who share their flory cross. Tattons were first found in Cheshire with Birds/Burds in turn having the Taddei flory in colors reversed. The "Cruce" motto term of Birds/Burds (and Crose's/Cross') goes to the potent cross because it was developed from a crutch symbol for the Crutch's/CROOCH's. The latter have black formee-fitchee crosses similar to the black one of Broxtons, and Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with the potent-using Croce's/Cross'.

Cruce's/Crois' share the English Brun Coat (share Scottish Crozier cross) while Bruno's were first found in Florence with Taddei's. Scottish Crozier's look like Flore / Flora kin, and French Croziers were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. Tattons (share Hayden quadrants) share the crescent of Ains' and Touts/Tute's while Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk with Fountains) were kin of Haydens and Hats/Hades'. The other Haydens have a "foy" motto term while Foys/Foix's were first found in Auvergne, and in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's.

HUGH de Payens, the first Templar grandmaster, married Ms. Chappes. Hugs/Hughes' (Languedoc with Flag-loving Fonts) have triple fesses in the colors of the triple chevrons of Taddei's (Florence with Italian Fulks). Hugs/Hughes' were obvious kin of Fountains/Fonts (Norfolk with Flags/Flecks). Italian Fontana's, sharing the Temple and Fulk eagle, were first found in Bologna with Ping/Pagan-related Panico's. Spanish Fontana's/Fonts have a red flory cross. Fulk V became a king of Templar Jerusalem. His Zionist movement goes on today with the Rothschilds, and Texan Christians in assistance. I don't want to be a part of Rothschild Zionism, are we nuts?

Tatton titles went to the Etchells who almost have the Coat of Rowells in the Payen "spur rowells." The Etchells use their chevron with an emBATTLEd pattern, and Battle's share the giant griffin of Chaffs, and the latter were first found in Dorset with the Chaffins who in turn are in the colors and format of Timple's/Temperleys. See anything suspicious?

German Brockens/Brocks (tree stumps or trunks) are in Brand colors and near-format, and the Hands in the Brand Coat are also Ains-like Hanns (Cheshire with Temple's/Temble's). Air-branch Here's/Heyers have a tree stump, and Stumps, in the colors and format of the Scottish Turnbulls/Timble's in turn sharing "king" with the Ainsley motto, were first found in Sussex with the Pellets on the Branden lion, and with Grand-loving Courts/Coverts. The Save's (Burgundy with Creight-related Grands) in the Turnbull/Timble motto use snakes.

Ainsley's daughter is Hayden Proctor, and while Brox's are also Procks/Brocuffs, the Proctor Crest shares a red martlet with the Crests of Birds/Burds and Weddings (Hicks / Hook Coat in other colors). Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with Temple's/Temble's (Proctor / Broxton colors). The other Cheshire Birds/Burds share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. The Temple's/Temble's have a black martlet in Crest, the color of the same of Wedding-branch Weeds/Weedins and Rodden-related Rutherfords (share "orle" border with Rushlands/Rutlands).

Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray with the Rothes location on the Spey river, and Roets share the Speer/Speyer boar heads. Roets were from PAYNE Roet (from Roeulx), and Payens/Pagans use "spur rowells" while Rowells are listed with Ash-connectable Rochells/Roswells/Rothwells. Spurrs were first found in Devon with Ash's, WISE's, Brock-beloved Darts...and with Burd-like Berts, a branch of Burts, the latter first found in Norfolk with Haydens, and with Rows sharing the red stag head and green trefoil of the Rochells/Rowells. The Ayer/Air leg has a spur.

While Ainsleys and Annas' (Cambridgeshire with Proctors) may have been of the Ains' / Hains', Roeulx is in Hainaut, and Payne's Wikipedia article has him descended from counts of Hainaut (scroll down to House of Flanders) who in turn essentially use the triple chevrons of Levi's. I'm still seeing red heifers with Levites, and Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Heifers/Heffers and Cocks. To boot, the triple Levi chevrons look related to both Ash surnames. English Ash's share the red COCKaTRICE with Priestlys (and Brands).

Mons is the Hainaut capital while the Arms of Hainaut shares the lion of Mons'/Mounds, first found in Peebles-shire with Bowers. English Mounds/Munds share bees with Leafs/Leve's, and the latter share the dove with Trice's and Crede's, both first found in Cornwall.

Bloodlines From Temple Masters in Jesus' Days

I added a paragraph to the last update on Tuesday, which you may have missed. It was added after a paragraph showing MORENcys, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes', but also touching upon Morano's of Modena:

As Boii were in MODENa, while Maccabees = MaccBAEUS were in Israel's Modi'in, there appears to be a connection. The 1st-century priests of Israel descended from the midst of Maccabee king-priests. The Moden/Modey fretty is on what looks like boots in the Sabo Coat, and rabbi Sabo was contacted by the Temple Institute for a showing of the five red calves managed later by Mr. Stinson. They must be boots because Boots were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys.

Also, as I identify mythical Avalon with the island of Bute, note that it was where a witch, Morgan le Fay, lived. She was a half sister of king Arthur. It's interesting that Ferrells share the giant Morgan / Moor lion, for the red calves initially belonged to a rancher, Donald Ferrell, and MacDonalds were all around Bute. I don't know why Leinsters are listed with Leicesters/Lesters, but Leicestershire is where English Moors were first found while Ferrells were first found in Leinster. English Moors almost have the cinquefoil of Kims, first found on Bute.

[Insert - I didn't know until the day after writing here that Bryne's, sharing the Byron mermaid, were first found in Leinster! The Byrne Coat is incorporated by the Hollys/Cullens who have the same mermaid in Crest! This heraldic set looks like a pointer to both Mr. Ferrell and Byron Stinson, who's introduced immediately after this insert.

And it's the Hollys/Cullens who were at Heber! Hebers will be engaged soon i.e. written the day before this insert.

Although the Boso description says that the bull holds a "banner," I recall it being a card. It certainly doesn't look like a banner, and I've never seen houseofnames use a banner like the one showing. Cards list Certs suspect in the "Certavi" motto term of Byrne's, or in the "Ceart" motto term of Irish Kilpatricks in turn sharing an "laidir" motto term of Irish Brians. The Card/Cert lion is colors reversed from the Brin/Bryne lion, and Irish Byrne's came to mind at the site of the Bryne variation. Something, out of the blue, caused be to check for a Brin surname while writing the "My Re-Birthday" section. End insert]

At least five of Ferrell's calves were/are managed by BYRON Stinson. The myth, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," which was about the death of mythical Arthur on Avalon, looks like code for Motts/Morts, with a Moden-like Mottin variation, because they share the Death/Darth crescents. Then, while Modane (not Modena) is on an Arc river about 25 miles from BYRON-connectable BRIANcon, and while Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys, Arthurs curiously have an ARCHibure variation. Irish Brians share the triple Heifer/Heffer lions, a topic of the last update. And Stinsons/Stevensons were first found in Essex with Motts/Morts/Mottins.

The Kims of Bute share the cinquefoil of Hefer-like Hebers who in turn have a "Prest" motto term suspect with the Prests/PRIESTs. Did the Ferrell surname not lead us to nobles of Bute, and now we're pointing to what looks like a Hebrew, priestly line? Bute was earlier, Rothesay, and "Jewish" Rothschilds trace to Rothes in Scotland, the line that could have named Rothesay.

Rothschilds were directly descended from Bauers sharing a green Shield with Bowers/Bure's (Peebles with Kim-branch McKinneys) and BURleys/Bourleys (Somerset with Rothschild-branch Roets and Heifers/Heffers). The Ade's/Aids suspect in the "Ad" motto term of Bowers/BURE's were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs/ArchiBURE's. And another green Shield is with Pollocks of Rothes.

Somerset is also where Bulls/Bule's were first found whose white bull heads are in both colors of the giant, French Boyer/BOYE bull, and then Scottish Bowers/Bure's are also Bowyers. The bull-using Boys/BOETs/Boeddu's are suspect with priestly-line Bute liners, I'll explain as I get to it.

The Boyer bull is almost used by Boso's/Busi's, except that the latter's bull is half red, i.e. like a red heifer. I'm pretty sure that the Boso/Busi bull holds a "card," and Cards were first found in Shropshire with proto-Pollocks and Breakers/Breaks while Boso's/Busi's mention an Englishman, "Boso BREAKspear." Spears (Renfrewshire with Pollocks and PASleys) share the Roet boar heads, and while Spears were kin of Pasi's/Pace's, the latter were a branch of English Packs (share Pasley ANCHOR) while French Packs have another red bull, and while Anchors/ANNACKers, suspect from the Biblical Anaki of Heber-like HEBRon, have a red bull head. I'll repeat that Hovers/Hoffers have red bull / cow horns, I don't know which.

For Boso's, Hall of Names (link top of this page) tells that their bull holds a "banner," making sense where Banners can be shown from Bohemians, from the Boii. I think it's important that while Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Mrs. Kilpatrick. Kilpatricks have a "Ceart" motto term looking like code for either for Carts, or for the Cert variation of Cards.

Compare "Cert" with "Crede," and then take it to Palmers (Norfolk with Patricks) because Carts use palm trees while the double fesses of Palmers are in colors reversed with the Feltmans/Felthams ("palma" motto term) in turn sharing the leopard faces of Crede's. Palmers share the double fesses of Felt-like Fleets and Flags/Flecks, and then Flys of Flagi were first found in Hampshire with the Ports in the Feltman/Feltham motto. Palms (Yorkshire with Crede-loving Bryons) share the fleur-de-lys of Decks/Daggers while Kilpatricks use the dagger. Decks/Daggers share the squirrel (different colors) with Stinson-connectable Valentins.

Ports, first found also in Hampshire with Hangers (share "esCARbuncle with Angers) have a Chief in the colors and format of Angers, the latter first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons. The Ports share the Stevenson/Stave chevron, you see. We got to the Ports from the Crede-connectable Felthams, and Ports take us to Stinsons round-about.

Feltmans/Felthams, with a broken spear, have "carries" and "booty" in their English-version motto, and while Crede's were first found in Cornwall with Bude's (Bute/Butt colors), the Cards/Certs (Somerset with Carrys and Roet-related Spears) were a branch of English Carrys while Irish Carrys use a spear. The Ports share the estoiles of Bute's/Butts. Ports were also first found in Dorset with Boet/Boeddu-branch Beautys/Bowds. Therefore, Sleeping Beauty is connecting to the Crede's in the Byron motto [see that link again in a Sunday insert below, suggesting that God wants us to be attentive to future red-heifer plots].

SEVEN spears are used by English Dockers, first found in Cumberland with red-bull Daggers/Dackers. Why seven? Sevens/SEVERins/SEFFERins, looking very connectable to red-bull Sabine's, have a "PRAESTantior" motto term that can be for the Prests/Priests but also the Stants/Stains, a branch of Stinsons/Stevensons. "Praestat" is a motto term of Leavell-related Scottish Youngs (Northumberland with Stevensons/Stave's), while English Youngs were first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons. The unfolding of heraldry in this update is pointing to Hebrew priests.

The Boso's/Busi's remind that Bus' (Norfolk with red-bull Sabine's!) almost have the Kim / Heber cinquefoil. And Hebers were first found in Yorkshire with BUSH's and Boot-like BOOTH's/Boths both sharing the black boar with Ebers (!), and with the English RICHMANs/Richmonds, but also with PRIESTleys/Presleys sharing the tower and lion of Heber-like Abreu's/Abruzzo's who in turn share the Heber lion. BOTHwells use a "boy." Rabbi Richman, co-founder of the Temple Institute, is heavily involved with Ferrell's red heifers.

The English Heber Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed from the horizontally-split German Richman Coat, and the latter shares the horizontally-split Board/Bord colors, which looks like a pointer to Byrons of Brotherton. Boards/Bords (Fort colors), suspect with the Forts in their motto, almost have the Coat of Chadwicks (Lancashire with Forts) who in turn almost have the Coat of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks, first found in Sussex with Boards/Bords. Brothers/BRODers were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bee's in the Fort Crest, and so Byrons look like they were in a place named after the Richman-connectable Bord bloodline. This paragraph looks meaningful as per two men involved with the heifers, and we can add that Heifers/Heffers were first found in Somerset with the Borders/Boarders, and with the Battins/Badens sharing axes (different colors) with Bordens/Bords.

The Richmans/Richmonds (Yorkshire with Labors and Hicks) share the double set of bars-gemel of Labors in the "HIC labor" motto of Dee's who in turn share the Heber / Abreu/Abruzzo lion, in colors reversed from the Leiber/Laib lion. There's no way to leave Miss Hicks and her leg symbol out of this discussion. I'll get to her as I can. The Laps/LABBS' happen to share a mermaid (different color) with Byrons (Yorkshire). I trace Laps/Labbs' to the Labe river of Boii-founded Bohemia.

The two combattant greyhounds of German Richmans are in the colors of the two combattant lions of Kellys who in turn nearly have the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat. Kellers have eagle heads in both colors of the Hickson eagle legs, and the Leghs/LEE's (Cheshire with Hickson-connectable Temple's and Eagle-related Savage's) can be in "LE Morte d'Arthur." Swiss Hebers have more eagle heads on what I think is the BRUNo Coat, and Leibers/Laibs were first found in BRUNswick while Brunswicks almost have the Heifer/Heffer Coat.

Here's what was missed in the last update: the "Prest D'ACcomplier" motto of English Hebers, which should be part-code for the DACK variation of Ducks because they were first found in Somerset with the Heifers/Heffers whose lions in turn are colors reversed from the Dack/Duck lion heads!!! WOW! And the Dack/Duck lion heads are in the colors of the show-nothing-but two and giant lions in pale of Ash-beloved Duce's (Brunswick Coat in colors reversed) while Heifers/Heffers (Somerset with Camels) have show-nothing-but three giant lions in pale! Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire with Labors) have a camel head and the Leiber/Laib lions. So, yes, Hebers look like a Heffer branch, and Hovers/Hoffers were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks/Dockers.

Then, while Miss Hicks was HOVERing on her BACK (see last update for details), English Backs (Somerset with Heifers/Heffers share the Coat of Westerns, first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons and Duce's!!! We just walked into that through an open door. Plus, Daggers/Dackers, first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns, have a RED bull while Swiss Hebers have BROWN eagle heads.

We can repeat that English Temple's have their giant eagle in the colors of the eagle legs of Hicksons. Westerns were pointers to Western Wall in the last update, and I think it's far-more possible that a mini-temple, or an altar, anyway, be build at the Western Wall outside of the Muslim Temple Mount, than for a full-blown temple inside the Temple Mount.

Back to "d'AcCOMPlier," for Comps/Camps, once said to be first found in Yorkshire, share the griffin heads of Brothers while Brotherton is in Yorkshire. I was floored in the last update to find that Brothertons share the Heifer/Heffer Coat, but this find wouldn't have been had not the Bryon write-up told that Byrons were in Brotherton, can you believe it?

Back to "d'accomPLIER," for Players/Pleyers were first found in Middlesex with Stinson-branch Stains who themselves were once said to be first found in Yorkshire. Byron Stinson shipped the red heifers to Israel (to the Temple Institute, I assume).

It may be nothing, but I'll show it anyway, from "Temple InSTITute," to be read as "InstiTUTE" too. The Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire with Hicks and Stits/Stots) are in the Hicks motto, and Stits/Stots may have been a branch of State's/Stathams (Cheshire with Temple's) suspect in the "PraeSTAT" motto term of Youngs. If we ignore all Stit/Stot symbols, we're left with the Chief-Shield color combo of Prests/Priests (Yorkshire with Byrons). "PRAEStat." Suddenly, the heraldic connections and their storyline in this paragraph seems compelling as being arranged by God.

As the purpose of the heifers is to make purification ashes out of them, I found it amazing to say (last update): "Ash's/Esse's share the red cockatrice with Presleys/PRIESTlys!!!" Priests/Prests/Press' (Yorkshire with Hicks and Hebers) were first found in Hertfordshire with Hutch's/Hitchens while Hicks almost have the Coat of Hooks in the Priestly Coat! I missed the latter last week because I neglected to load Priestlys to see their "grappling HOOKs" again, also called "grappling IRONs."

Hooks were even first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's, Darts and Stewarts while Brocks (share Stewart motto), using both a "dart" and the Hook fleur-de-lys, were first found in Essex with Hicks' of Low Leighton. Legh-connectable Leightons, with almost the quadrants of Eure's suspect in the Hicks motto, were first found in Shropshire with the proto-Stewart Alans/Allins. Hicks, with the Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed, translate their "Tout" motto term as "ALL IN."

I've shown many times how Irons/Orions/KENirons of Airaines trace to "Arran," where McBRIDE's were first found who share the cinquefoil of PRESTons (Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Hegels). The "PraESTO" motto term of Scottish Prestons (version of the Este Coat) can indicate the Este's named Esse's, and the "praeSTEM" motto term of the same Prestons can be code for the Stem variation of Stinson-branch Steins.

If that's not enough, the Este's were first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons, and Essex's, sharing the eagle of Italian Este's and Fauns (Devon with Ash's/Esse's), were first found in Middlesex with Stinson-branch Stains, with Players suspect in the Heber motto, with Byron-connectable Bruns, and with Fiers. Prestons use an angel while the Rams (Essex again, with Angle-connectable Angers, an Anchor/Annacker branch), with a "fieri" motto term, are in a QUADRANT of German Angels.

QUADRants are suspect as code for Quadratilla Bassus, and Quade's are also Quoids while "Quod" is a motto term of German Angels. It's a little interesting that while Byrons moved to Lancashire with Claytons, Lancashire is where English Angels were first found while Italian Angels share triple-white bends with Byrons. Then, the BROWN lion in the Chief of Italian Angels can connect to Bryon-branch Barone's because they were first found in Florence with Bruno's.

The Italian Angel Coat looks related to the one of Scottish Ingle's (Somerset with Brunswick-connectable Heifers/Heffers) who in turn share the double Ash/Esse chevrons. With all the bulls in this discussion, let's add that bull-head Bulls/Bule's (same place as Heifers/Heffers) share the annulets of Engle's, the latter first found in Bremen, possibly named from the Byram location of Byrons.

By the way, I've just found Byroms/Byrams (Yorkshire with Byrons), said to be from the Pool area of "Barkstone-ASH"!!! This can explain why Byroms/Byrams have one of the double Ash/Esse chevrons, confirming all the more that God arranged the heraldry around Bryon Stinson, ash expected by now, anyway.

Barkstone's (Yorkshire) even share the Stevenson/Stave fleur. And Barks (Norfolk with Larks and Steins) have BROWN "larks" while Larks have a sheaf-version of the Stain and Stevenson/Stave Crest, and then it just so happens that the sheaf of Larks is the gold one in the Stinson Crest! Brown-connectable Italian Barone's almost have the Byron Coat!

Byroms/Barone's have hedgehogs, and Hedge-like Edge's/Eggs were first found beside the first-known Westerns whose giant eagle they share in colors reversed.

"Barkstone" reminds that while Barksdale's have the FIVE arrows in the Arms of Rothschild in the same colors, I attended the same church with Miss Hicks in Barksdale. Barkers share the Leslie griffin head while Rothschilds are from Leslie's of Rothes.

As per the Kenirons suspect in the Priestly "irons" which I've seen called "hooks" too, KENs (Devon with Hooks), sharing the crescent of Jewish Kaufmans, were first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's and Hoods/Hoots, the latter sharing a white anchor with German KAUFMANs/Kaufers (Hanover, near Brunswick and Bremen). Devon is beside the Coffers/CofFARE's and Heifers/Heffers.

Miss Hicks moved to FORNEY in KAUFMAN county, beside Rockwall county, and red heifers for Israel are being raised in this Rockwall county (topic of the last update). Coffers/Coffee's share the green dolphin in Crest with French's (Devon, beside Coffers/Coffare's) who in turn just about have the Rockwall Coat. The only difference is that Rockwalls add a boar colors reversed from the Eber boar. The Eure's/Evers share the Weir/Vere boar...which reminds that Byron-like Irish Barone's share the blue boar of English Vere's! Byrons list Barone's too.

Not in the last update: Forneys, with the French Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Languedoc with French ROCKs/Roque's, believe it or not.

Irish Barone's were first found in Waterford with wailing-like Whelans/WHALENTs, and Waterfords/Waterville's use lilies while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with English Rocks, Rooks and VALENT(in)-beloved Squirrels. Waters/Waterville's were first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons who are in turn in the colors and format of the Valent(in) and BARNstaple's. Bernie's/Barnys are in the colors and format of Stinson-branch Steins. Can this heraldic set predict red heifers offered up at the Wailing Wall?

The bull-head Albins/Aubins were first found in Barnstaple (Devon with Hooks), and Staple's (Kent with Eure-connectable Hevers) share the Hook fleur-de-lys. Stable's/Staplers, looking linkable to Angus' and Jardins of Angus, were first found in Somerset with Heifers/Heffers. Stable's/Staplers share the Chief-saltire combo of Annan(dale)s while Hanans almost have the Coat of Eure's/Evers, and Ananus, the chief priest of Israel, father-in-law of chief priest, Caiaphas, has been called, Hanan, by Jews. We got here by following Stinsons to Barnstaple's.

BarnSTAPLE's share the trefoils of Italian Albini's, first found in Modena. Can we be back on Maccabee elements here? Yes, for Staple's, first found in Kent with Masons/MACONs, share the fleur-de-lys of Mack-related Masci's, and German Albini's have the colors and format of Scottish Mackays ("MANU"), from king Maccus of the Scott-Irish sea, son of king Harald of MAN. It's therefore interesting that Haralds, sharing the Fore/Forez fesse, and first found at the Scott-Irish sea at ARCHELaus-like Argyllshire, come up as "Herod" while Herod Archelaus (brother of Antipas) was in Vienne, so that his descendants could have been in nearby Macon and Forez.

One could get the impression that Herods disguised themselves as Haralds, though the surname is also, Hurl (all septs of McLeods), evoking Herluin of Conteville and COMINES, grandfather of Ranulph le Meschin, and husband of HERLeva of Falaise. While Comine's are also Comings, Cominges is where Herod Antipas, Archelaus' brother, was banished from Israel. Herls/Hurls (share gold fesse with Herods/Haralds/Hurls), sharing the fesse of Herod-like Hurts/Horts, are in Meschin and Mussel (PLATEs) colors and format.

The Travers in the Fore/Forez motto were kin of Meschins, and share the ROCKwall boar head. French Rocks/Roque's named Roquefeuil, the line, I think, to Falaise, and to the Falls/Fallis', first found in Midlothian, where BREADs/Bradds were once said to be first found who are in turn very linkable to Maceys, Mackays and Brights. Breads are also Breath's, and Seatons are said to have a fire-breathing dragon, shared by CREIGHTons, which recalls how the Crede's in the Byron motto can link to Creights. Creightons were first found in Midlothian with Falls'/Fallis', and the Creight lion if colors reversed from the Fall/Fallis lion and the Bread/Breath lion head.

The Grace's/Grasse's expected in the "grace" motto term of Creightons named Grasse (Provence with Boso IV) near Antipas-like Antibes. And English Grasse's (Lincolnshire with Bull-connectable Bole's) share the Fall/Fallis lion, in Boso colors. The Boso bull holds a "card" while the giant Card lion head is in the colors of the Creighton lion. Creightons were first found in Midlothian with Claro-line Sinclairs/SAINTs, and Claro's/Charo's almost have the white-and-red Boso bull. Card-like Carts were of Castle Cary, thus linkable to Charo's and Carys (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's).

The red Claro/Charo bull is in the Crest of German Senders/SANDers (Rhineland with Salome's) while "God SEND grace" is the full Creighton motto, noting that "God" is in the Sinclair/saint motto too (suspect as code for Goths / Goods / Goats). Goats/Gothams share the Coat of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grapps/Grape's. Irish Senders/Sanders use plates while German Plate's use a grape vine.

Why do we think that, while Falls/Fallis' can be gleaned as a Feller branch, Fells share the lozenges of Caiaphas-like Chaffs? The latter were first found beside Percival-related Leavells of Castle Cary, in Somerset with Percival-like Pierce's expected in the pierced stars of Salome's. There's a very good chance that Caiaphas' wife was directly related to Salome Boethus. Chaffs were first found beside Buttons (share Butt/Boet fesse) and Botters. Chaffs were first found in Dorset with the Beautys/Bowds suspect as a branch of Boets/Boeddu's. What's left to the imagination in this bare-naked, obscene picture?

Fellows share a motto term of Bernice's/Burness', suspect from Berenice Agrippa, and while Herods included Plancia Magna, "MAGNAnimiTATE" is a motto term of Fellows while Tate's/Teets share the Chief-saltire combination of ANNANs. Caiaphas married the daughter of ANANus. Bernice's/Burness' were first found in Cumberland with Ever-loving Burns, and Evers/Eure's almost have the Hanan Coat, both in Leavell colors while "oblivisCAR" is an Ever/Eure motto term.

Hurts/Horts, in Brother/Broder and Gardner colors, were first found in Oxfordshire with them both, and the latter two use griffins while I think Griffins were from Herod AGRIPPa's. The Gripps/Grapps/Grape's, in the grapes of German, Pilate-like Plate's, can be of the "grappling irons" of Priestlys. German Plate's share a white swan in Crest with HERDs/Hurds, and Priests/Prests were first found in HERTfordshire. Pilate's probably named mont Pilate at/near the Forez foothills. I trace Irons/Orions to Arran, where MacAbee's and McBride's were first found, at the Argyllshire theater, and Hurts/Horts almost have the McBRIDE cinquefoil. French Bride's are from Briancon, near Modane on the ARC river, suspect from Herod ARCHelaus.

Note "HERALDry." King Harald's father, king Sitric CAECH, was in Northumberland, where Hortons lived who are in CAKE/CakeBREAD colors and format. Hortons were first found in Yorkshire's BRADford, in Morley, and then Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Strange's while Strong's share the Vienne Coat. This Bradford is where Priestly are said to have been. The Hortons use the dolphin, as does the Arms of Dauphine, and while Vienne-Isere was the Dauphine capital, it's not far from Antibes. Monks, much in Priestly colors and format, use a COCKatrice, a Priestly symbol too, and Cocks share the Coat of the Grimaldi's of Monaco. Herods of Israel considered themselves Hebrews.

Albins/Aubins are said to be from a Taurin location in Hebrew-line Evreux (in Eure county). There is an Aubin location near Rodez, and Rods, first found in Devon with Monks, Albins/Aubins and Barnstaple, share the Barnstaple / Albino trefoil. German Albini's have an anchor while Anchors/Annackers (suspect from Hebron, near Modi'in) have a red bull head.

New: the "auDACES" motto term of Irish Barone's takes one to Dack-like Daces'/D'ARCys, possibly of the Arc river, for the Aude's suspect in that motto term were first found in Savoy with the Arc river. Daces'/D'Arcys share the Hayden bull and the Heber cinquefoil...believe it or not. Haydens (Norfolk with Heads/Heeds and Steins) were a branch of Heads/Heeds, and the latter have the Scottish PRESTon Coat in colors reversed. Did the Byron-connectable Barone's just point to Israeli priests?

A Daces variation listed with Arc-river liners can indicate a Dack-of-Duck merger with Arc-river liners because Audes share white swords with German Tax's/Dacks, and here we can go to the Texas' because they share the Shield of English Vaux's, first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Byron- / Barone-connectable Browns/Brone's/Bruns.

Tax's/Dacks have a saltire-by-swords in the colors of the saltire of Tess'/Tecks (LEAVES), traceable to the Laevi Gauls at the Tessin river which begins in Switzerland with the first-known Tess'/Tecks and Swiss Hebers. English Hebers use a motto term, "D'ACcomplier."

The "PREST d'acCOMPlier" phrase of Hebers can indicate the Prestons because they share the cinquefoil of Ardens, first found in Warwickshire with COMPs/Camps, and with the Sheriffs who not only share gold griffin heads with Comps/Camps, but share the demi-lion in the Crest of German Ash's while the Esse variation of English Ash's is in the Sheriff motto. This same demi-lion is used also by Griffin-like Graffs/Graffens (Switzerland) and Gates' (Devon with Ash's/Esse's), and it's gold, the color of the giant lion of English Hebers. Hesse's and French Ardens the sun while Sinclairs/Suns and Claytons (share "quam" with Sheriffs) share the engrailed cross of Compo's/Champels.

Hebers were first found at Yorkshire's Marton Hall, and Martons happen to share the double chevrons of Ash's/Esse's. Martons were first found in Lancashire with the Byrons who married Claytons. This looks like a pointer to Bryon's involvement in securing heifer ashes. English Martins share the double fesses of Preston who named the union of Preston in Lancashire's Leyland. Huttons, first found in that Preston location, have a Coat much like the Crede's/Creeds that can be of the "Crede" motto term of Byrons.

Byron Stinson is from Texas along with the FIVE red heifers. The Irish Barone's share the FIVE annulets of Candle's/Kentwells, and the latter have a semblance of the Stinson/Stevenson and Stain Crests. Why might Italian Candels/Candida's/CANDI's share the English temple Coat? Candys were first found in Suffolk with Candle's/Kentwells. English Candels were first found at Cundall of Yorkshire's Clay while wealthy Byrons out of Yorkshire married Claytons! English Candels were at BIRDforth, and while Byrons can trace to Briancon/Brigantium, Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with BRIGHts and Temple's!

Scottish Vaux's are priest-perfect here for sharing the bend-with-stars of Salome's while Salome Boethus was from a Sadducee family. Salome's were first found in Rhineland with the German Fortuna's to be expected in the "Fortuna" motto term of Irish Barone's. The Laws (Northumberland with Stevensons/Stave's) suspect in the "LA fortune" motto phrase of black-boar Rollo's share the Salome bend-with stars too. The Italian Fortuna's were first found in Florence with Bruno's, and while Fortuna's use a giant dog, Dogs/Doags/DOCKs were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's. English Docks were first found in Staffordshire with Duck-branch Duce's.

Moreover, while Byrons were at Brothertons while Brothers are also BRODers, BORDers sharing the Duck/Dack star share the crossed swords of Tax's/Dacks, and while Aude's have white swords too, the Aude Coat is on a black Shield with Pollets, first found in Somerset with Borders and Ducks/Dacks. All of this is from the Irish Barone motto.

The Daces/D'Arcy bull is also the one of Beautys/Bowds, a branch of Boets/Boeddu's traceable to the Boethus-branch Sadducees (in the time of Jesus). The island of Bute can be of the Bute's/Boets who in turn look linkable to the Prest/Priest Chief.

Miss Hicks played Sleeping Beauty, and here it should be pointed out that Sleeps have the double fesses of English Prestons in colors reversed. Sleeps were even first found in Kent with Arc-like Darks/D'Arques'. AND WOW, just fell upon this: I've known that Darks/D'Arques' are in the write-up of Tankerville's, first found in Lincolnshire with English Prestons...and so, yes, Sleeps look like Preston kin.

Darks/D'Arques were first found in Kent with the Snake's/Snooks, and with the Sea's in the Hycke/Hack "seashells." Snake-using German Shells (Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers) have a different-colors version of the Hicks and Hook Coat, and Hyche's/Hacks were first found in Devon with Priestly-beloved Hooks. German Shells share the fleur of Palms (Yorkshire with Hicks), and Palmers were first found in Norfolk with Hycke's/Hake's.

It recalls Hycke-connectable Hutch's/Hitchins, first found in the same place as Prests/Priests suspect in the Heber motto. Though not in the same colors, Prests/Priests share triple ESToiles in Chief with English Bute's/Butts, and while Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat, English Este's almost have the Coat of Scottish Prestons.

Tankerville's can be gleaned as CHAMBERlain kin, and Chambre is on the Arc river under discussion. I trace TANKERville's to TANAGRa of BOEOTia, home of mythical ORION, and as Tankerville's have a Coat reflection of Sadducee-like Saddocks, it tends to reveal that the Boethus house of Sadducees had been from Hebrews of Boeotia. Perhaps these Boeotians named "MaccaBAEUS." SALMON-using MacAbbe's were first found in Arran, a place trackable to Priestly-beloved Irons/ORIONs of Airaines, and SALOME Boethus was a Maccabee-Herod. Maccabees lived at Modi'in of Israel, and Modane is on the Arc river.

Recall rabbi Sabo, for boot-using Sabo's share the Moden/Modey fretty and the tree of Aquila-like Quills/Woods, and of Reefs/Rice's suspect in the "REFiciar" motto term of ARCHibalds. Arks/Arch's were first found in BERKshire with Boots and Modens/Modeys, and moreover Berks/Burghs share the cross, almost, of Irons/Orions. The Sabo tree is also of French Packs having a red bull with it. The red bull is also with Sabo-like Sabine's, is that not incredible.

Check this out: I'll bet that rabbi Sabo doesn't know his bloodline used a red bull. The Sabines of Sabina in RED-line Rieti were "Safini" to Italians, and Saffins, sharing the Archibald crescent, were first found in Somerset with Heifers/Heffers! Reds/Reeds ("PAX" motto term for Packs) were first found in Northumberland with Stinson-branch Stevensons/Stave's. Saffins share the triple stars of French Bride's, first found in Savoy with Briancon and the Arc river.

The Saffin / Archibald crescent (almost the one of Hazels/Hessels and HOCKeys) is also the one of German Silvers, first found in Hesse, and then Hesse's/Hessels are very traceable to ASH's/ESSE's (Devon with Hazels/Hessels, Priestly-beloved Hooks, and Siver-branch Saffers). Then, English Silvers, first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's and Prestons, share the triple lions of Irish Brians, which are also the triple lions of Heifers/Heffers (Somerset with Sivers). I'll bet that Mr. Sabo knows nothing of this.

Lincolnshire is also where Wake's were first found who essentially share the double fesses of HARKens, red like the double fesses of Prestons. Harkens use dancetty-fesses while English Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Wakefields. Harkens were first found in Norfolk with Preston-connectable Heads/Heeds and Beauty-connectable Haydens. Harkens (hawk?) are also Hakons while Hake's were first found in Norfolk too.

Then, Harkers/Harcourts, sharing "bon" with the motto of Hicks (Yorkshire with Brotherton and Dance's), and having the double Wake fesses in colors reversed, were first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers/BRODers who might have one of the Harker/Harcourt fesses. BOARDs were first found in Sussex with BONE's. Templetons were first found in Ayrshire with Harker-branch Hairs/Hairs, and "LE bon TEMPs" is a Harker/Harcourt motto phrase while Hicksons are linkable to Temple's, the latter first found in Cheshire with Leghs/LEE's. Hicks' (one of the Harker/Harcourt fesses) use an "en bon heure" phrase translated as "in good time," virtually the meaning of "Le bon temps."

However, I don't know whether "Harker" was developed as an Arc-river entity, for Harcourts look like a Hare branch. On the other hand, "VIENdra" is a Harker/Harcourt motto term while Vienne-Isere was named after the Isere river into which the Arc flows, near Chambery (not to be confused with Chambre on the Arc). Isere-like Israel's/Ishmaelli's look like Bryon kin while being in Harker/Harcourt colors. Byrons were at Brotherton while Brothers were first found in the same place as Harkers/Harcourts.

Vienne's share the Coat of Strongs, the latter first found in Somerset with Borders while French Bords were first found in Forez, near Vienne-Isere. The Isere was probably in Burgundy, and the latter is where Crete's were first found possible of the "Crede" motto term of Byrons. Crete's share a bendy Shield (different colors) with both Israel's/Ishmaelli's and Byrons.

I'll add that Irish Brians were first found in KilKENNY while Irons/Orions are also KENirons. Kens were first found in Devon with Ash's/Ese's sharing the red cockatrice with Iron-loving Priestlys. Devon is also where Kill-connectable Hykes'/Hacks were first found while Hatch's/Hacch's almost have the Heifer/Heffer Coat. Kennys were first found in Galway while Galways (Cork with Kill-like Quills) love the Bride-connectable Bridge's (Somerset).

I'm unfamiliar with Hutchs/Hitchens and Hitch's/Hyche's (Hickson colors), but took them just moments ago from a Hutch-like term in the Hickson write-up. Hitch's/Hyche's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Rockwalls while the Hicks Crest is a "buck" head. Bucking(ham) have a bend-with-besants in the colors of the bend-with-eagle-heads of Swiss Hebers.

Silesia is also where SPHINX-using, Brock-branch Brocuffs were first found while Northamptonshire is where SPINKs and Brays/Brae's were first found. Not only do Brays share black eagle legs with Helds/Helts (share Hickson Coat), but Spinks share the mascles of Cloughs while Claytons are also Cloughtons while Byrons were first found at Clayton. Bray in Evreux is in the land of Abreu/Abruzzo elements, the Eburovices of Yorkshire, where Clayton and Brotherton are located.

The Breakers/Breaks in the Bray "flax breaker" were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, and with the Jarrets sharing the Eagle/Hegel lion. Assume L'Aquila elements in these eagles flashing up all over the place, asking if the descendants from the killers of Jesus ended up amid Hebrews of Abruzzo. The Dol Jarrets have a giant boar head in the colors of the giant boar of German Ebers, and Swiss Hebers use BROWN eagle heads on the BRUNO Coat. Bruno's were first found in Florence with Byron-branch Barone's. The Dol Jarrets share the Coat of Gardens, first found in Angus.

There are FIVE red ANGUS heifers from Donald Ferrell. Ebers share a black boar with Gardens of Angus, and Jardins of Angus almost have the Angus Chief. The Angus' were first found in Fife while Fife's were a branch of FIVE's/Fifys. Byron Stinson managed the delivery to Israel of Ferrell's FIVE heifers. Five's/Fifys were first found in Aberdeenshire with RED-branch Reeds who in turn use a "book" while Books have an "hourGLASS." Glass' were first found in Bute with the Kims sharing the cinquefoil of English Hebers. Glass' even share the mermaid in Crest with Byrons. Hour-like "heure" is a Hicks motto term while Hever- / Heffer-like Eure's/EVERs were kin of Vere's who in turn share the Angus / Jardin star, colors reversed from the Glass stars.

Back to Coffers/CofFARE's, for Fare's (Cumberland with red-bull Daggers/Dackers) share a giant and gold anchor with PFIFers , and the latter's is in the colors of Ferrells/FARRells. Farrs (Yorkshire with Hicks) share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. French Farrels/Forels share the Weir/Vere stars and the KAUF roses. Pfifers were first found in Austria with Ebers, and the Arms of Austria is the red fesse of Cofferts/Coverts.

The Angus-like Annas' share the Angus star, and Jesus was put on trial at the home of the former chief priest, Annas. Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire. In the morning, after Annas sent Jesus to Caiaphas' home, the "court" decided to execute Jesus for no other reason than His becoming too popular and influential for their comfort, but also because Jesus offended them with truths about their characters.

Repeat from above: "The two combattant greyhounds of German Richmans are in the colors of the two combattant lions of Kellys who in turn nearly have the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat." Kellys and Keele's/Kills ought to be a variation of L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital. English Richmans/Richmonds were of Richmond, a location of the same Alan character(s) in the write-up of French Brians, and we can add that Garden-branch Jarrets were first found in Brittany's Dol, home of Alans. English Jarrets share the lion of Eagle's/Hegels suspect from "Aquila" too. German GARDNers share the Templeton-Shield colors, and English Gardners were kin of Brothers while Byrons named Byram of Brotherton.

We saw the Motts/Mottins above, and then "ImMOTA" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila. Plus, here's from the last update: "The Byron write-up: "As a Norman name, they claim descent from Beuron, near Mantes," and then "manet" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila."

Manets were first found in Savoy with Briancon and the Arc river. Manets share the WESTERN Coat with a giant black eagle, same as on the Arms of L'Aquila. English Temple's (Cheshire with Brights) almost have the Manet Coat while Bright-branch French Bride's (share French Temple stars) were first found in Savoy too, and then Briancon was once, BRIGANTium. Scottish Bride's, with a black eagle head, were first found in Angus.

French Temple's share the Coat of French Bride's and French Harveys, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's. Garveys share the double chevrons of Scottish Olivers. The Garvey patee is colors reversed in the Coat of Scottish Bride's (share Oliver martlets). French Bride's were first found in Savoy with the Harvey-like Arve river.

French Temple's now look like they were named after the first Templars, led by Hugh de Payens, husband of Elizabeth Chappes. Payens/Pagans are in Temple colors and format, and while French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans, Lepage's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Temple's. Temple's use five-pointed stars, and Payens/Pagans use six-pointed stars they call "spur rowells." Spurrs were first found in Devon with English Page's. Asch if this is fun. Yes, and Devon is also where ASH's/Esse's were first found who share the double chevrons of Rowells! Might some end-time Templar / Masonic elements be doing the red-heifer plot? This is not a holy endeavor.

But what I missed last week is that Pohls/Pohlmans were first found in Silesia with the Helds/Helts sharing the Hickson Coat. There are two black feathers in the Pohl/Pohlman Crest that can match the five black feathers of German Walls, an apparent pointer to Western/Wailing WALL.

The buffalo topic brought up the Boeffs/Buffs and Beefs/Boeufs/Turnebulle's, but I neglected to mention the Templar god, BAPHomet, suspect by me as an evolution from the Boofima human-sacrifice cult of the ImPERI peoples who look like they named PERIgord, because Beefs/Boeufs/Turnebulle's were first found there.

[Insert -- On Sunday evening, I took some rest with a lie-down on the couch, and while there I remembered something from the last update. Late in the last update, I told a story involving Miss Hicks and her buffaloes, which took me to buffalo-head Pohls/Pohlmans. I'd like to repeat what I said because I missed the Greets: "The first time I spoke with Miss Hicks, immediately after my GREETing her, she mentioned the buffaloes on her ranch. And I responded, 'you mean the ones with BIG HEADS.'" Note: Biggs share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and Biggs were first found in Essex with Hicks' of Low Leighton, and with Stinsons/Stevensons. But that's not why I'm sharing the quote above.

Achem, there is a Greet/GRETE surname, with virtually the HEATH Crest to boot (Heads are also Heeds), and you just saw "big HEADS." Achem, but I neglected the Greets/Grete's (in the last update) that is almost the Crede surname in the Byron motto!!! WOW. And Greets/Grete's were first found in Northumberland, where Stinsons/Stevensons were once said to be first found! DOUBLE WHAMMY. Greets/Grete's are said to have been at an OVERs region in Shrophsire, beside the first-known Overs/Offers.

Plus, Greets/Grete's share the saltire of Nagle's (Westphalia), and this surname, I claim for good reasons, named Oneglia, which is now IMPERia, traceable to the Imperi peoples of Boofima Irish Nagle's use a NIGHTingale, and Gale's (Yorkshire with Byrons) share the Greet/Grete saltire too. One can glean here how the Greets/Grete's can be traced to Byron-Crede elements in Yorkshire with Nagle-related Gale's. Crede's were first found in Cornwall with the Cole's having a giant bull in the colors of the giant buffalo head of Pohls/Pohlands, and COLchester were kin of Neals/O'Nails while German Nagle's are listed with German Neils/Nails. The Arms of Colchester uses nails.

Here's how to trace Nagle's to Oneglia. Irish Nagle's share the lozenge of Fauci's, first found in Genova with the Doria's (share a Temple Coat) who married Arduinici of Oneglia, and Fauchys were first found in Perigord, as were Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. English Faux's were first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons, and then Stevensons/Stave's share the stars of Scottish Morays and Irish Murrays/Morays while the latter's motto is, "Imperio."

Plus, Morays share the mermaid in Crest with Byrons! I usually use exclamation marks when things pan out unexpectedly. Byrons and Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with the Touts in the Moray and Hicks motto. The Prets in the Moray motto were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons and Duce's, and as Prets have the Duce lion in colors reversed as well as the Duck/Dax stars, it appears that the Prets have the lion of Heifers (Somerset with Ducks/Dax's). Again, Greets/Grete's share the saltire of Nagle's, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers. DOUGlas' (Moray) share the Stevenson/Stave Chief.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, God made me believe that she would become my wife, which is why I prioritized this dream from the start. And so, starting in 1996, I suspected that Miss Hicks was going to be my wife, maybe, after her husband, more than 30 years older than she, passed away. And so, in 2002, when she and I were attending the same church (he was 75 at the time), the time came when I thought I had best introduce myself, and as she walked by at the lunch room of the church, with her husband there, I reached out my hand, "Hi, I'm John," and she SHOOK it!!! This is wild.

I've been on the Shooks before, a variation of the Shoe surname. I've seen the description of their Coat using both a knight and a "wall"!!! It looks like a pointer to red heifers at the Western Wall. Nights / Knights can even be traced to the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. The Tree's on the Shook/Shoe wall use a knight too. English Shooks are listed with Shake's.

LOOKIE. Shooks/Shoe's and Pohls share the gold feather in Crest, and while the line of emperor Valens and his brother, Valentinian, are in two Feather motto terms, Valentins are in Stinson/Stevenson colors and format!

Tree's were first found in Wiltshire (beside black-bull Beautys) with the Frys/Freys suspect in the "frying pan" of German Pole's/Pohls (share feather with black-buffalo Pohls/Pohlmans). French Pohls/Pole's share the lion of Freie's/Freys (Bavaria with Shooks/Shoe's. Freie's/Freys share the horizontally-split Shield of Poindexters who in turn share the lone Shook/Shoe star! It's almost the split Shield (colors only) of Boeffs/BUFFs. The "esquire's helmet" in the Poindexter Crest can take us to the Squire variation of the Squirrels in the Valentin Coat. No guff.

The Poindexter fist (shared by Fists/Fausts) is said to be "cuffed," and while English Cuffs were first found in Wiltshire too, even with CLENCH's/Clinch's, and Irish Cuffs list the Cows. Instead of calling it a fist, PoinDEXTERs call it a "right hand CLENCHed," but then a right hand is also a DEXTER hand. As Tree's/TRUE's were first found in Wiltshire, the "True" motto term of Home's/Hume's is expected where they share the Clench/Clinch Coat. [End insert]

My Re-Birthday

Before getting into the heraldic investigation on the topic of this title, I'd like to show how Jesus explained the born-again experience from John 16:8-11. He says that when he sends the Holy Spirit to His people, the Spirit will "reprove the world" concerning three things: sin, righteousness and judgment. "Reprove" sounds like a kick in the teeth of the devil, making him a weakling before Christians in terms of winning them over to himself, especially not as easily as was done to pagans, and now to secularist and atheists.

I recall that, immediately after allowing the Spirit to enter me, I had an entire change of eyes. I recognized the sin of the general world, and acknowledged that the devil is active in people. And in recognizing the basics between right and wrong, that's what righteousness is all about. I simply understood. Some call this "seeing the Light," others call it "having my eyes open," and there are others ways to describe it. The words of Jesus in the Bible just confirmed that what was going on in me was from His Spirit. I knew He was real before seeing the evidence in the so-called "shroud of Turin."

At 21 years of age, I began asking questions as to what the reality was in the universe. At about that time, I was at the home of Joe Oullette, and his mother had a Christian program on her television, where the man was talking about the Holy Spirit, and I took a keen liking to what he was saying. She told me at that time something that hadn't come to mind on my own thinking, that the God of the Bible is the reality of the universe. It seemed like a reasonable claim, and so, some days afterward, or maybe even the next day, I can't remember, I talked to God and asked Him for the Holy Spirit. I don't think I was speaking audibly, but found myself asking with all my soul, three times.

It must have been my time, it must have been God arranging that situation, because a few seconds later, I sensed a presence all around me, a power in the space of room, so hard to explain precisely in words. And as it seemed to be pressing upon me, I became afraid and resisted, telling it, "no," because this was foreign to me. But after thinking it over for some seconds, and seeing this as the opportunity for what I had just asked for, I permitted the entry...because I came to conclude that this must be the Spirit of God. And once He had entered, I felt what seemed to be an indwelling peace of Jesus, so hard to explain precisely in words. There was nothing evil in this presence, just peace-shine from within me, and a huge relief. I had received gold, nothing better can one have. The true God answered my prayer.

The inner shine waned so far as I could sense it, yet for the first time ever, I regularly received waves of "Living Water" coming through my body for a few seconds each time. I noticed that these waves would always come when I was thinking something, especially when learning things from the Bible, and so it seemed that God's Spirit was showing me His pleasure in what I was thinking, like when a trainer shows approval to urge, "keep doing it." It made me happy to receive these waves of what felt like approval, love, encouragement, and acceptance all wrapped up.

I had done lots of drugs, and probably needed a more-thorough washing of my inners than most others, more inspiration to overcome, and more correction and healing of my mind. Here's an ex-drug addict telling that he received what I received, as best as I can tell from his words:

I remember when I was born again and this was straight after I was baptized. When I came out of the water I felt a waterfall of love flowing through my body coming from above and it was the most unbelievable experience of my life. I tell people it was like a mothers love for a baby times a million. That's my way of explaining. You can't really explain it unless it happens to you.

When I tried to share my faith, people immediately blocked me from talking, and I never got to the point in explaining what exactly had happened to me, because they didn't want to hear about Jesus at all, fearing, I suppose, that I had just gone crazy or something. It was all bitter-sweet, and I became sore against my fellow citizens, learning the meaning of "obstinate." But, I was free from their grasp, I was free from what ailed them, and free from their final fate.

This is what true freedom is, not the freedom to speak my mind or do things as I please, but free from the chains of evil spirits, and free to express myself as God accepts. It's best freedom because being free to do as I please is infested with eternal dangers, but receiving the freedom of God has eternal assurances. Reception of the Holy Spirit is called a "deposit," when God purchases us with a small payment, and returns to take the package at a later time into his possession.

When one is sure that the Spirit has entered the body, life changes. It becomes a "game" of understanding what exactly God is doing with the person, and I see myself and other Christians often mistaking their own thinking with what God has in mind, so easy to do. This situation is like when Jesus said that we don't know where the wind is blowing from or going to. We just don't know what God is doing through us, except, at times, until after He's done it.

We don't have a grasp on God's acting within us, as Jesus did. He needed no personality or mental changes, but we need lots, and so expect God to start with that rather than doing big miracles to change the world, as you might like to do so much. God's job is to clean us up, and if we clean up, He'll come take the full package into His possession. The Spirit within us doesn't make us instantly perfect, as Christian-cult leaders would be prone to thinking, for God won't throw us through the hoops, but rather wants us to learn to jump through them on our own. He wants us to choose the right on our own, with the Spirit acting as the coach, the trainer. We are not little-God in human bodies, as Kenneth Copeland, a cultist, insists.

We need to un-educate ourselves from all of the education from the secular teachings and concepts not in tune with God. We need an entire re-vamping. But if as new Christians we go forward with "the flow" of secularism in order to belong to everyday life, we become more like monsters, in danger of being cut off from the Vine.

If true that the churches went along with the secularists in the vaccine programs, this is a dismal failure, like when a Christian runs away from the hoop instead of trying to go through it. The vaccine program has been a death trap, and do churches refuse to acknowledge it to this day? I don't know. I have no idea how all the churches are handling this, but for those who are failing God on this issue, it might be a good example of what the end-time apostasy might look like: going with the flow of the educational channels (e.g. the news media) of the secularists until there is a disconnect with Jesus.

We don't need to know the parable of the four seeds if nothing can rob us of the Godly gold, if we know we are watching our own souls to keep it from behaving in ways defined by the Bible as evil, if we are doing it because we know that Jesus wants us to. That's what the Faith is, to make corrections for Him, to be vigilant (attentive) for Him. This is our work for God, and there is no greater worker than God. If we fail at times but express sorrow to Jesus, that's why He died, that we might be allowed to go forward to the goal of CLEAN in spite of our failings. The parable helps us to understand the particular threats to our rich soil. Eat your Bible spinach today, and stay strong.

Repeat from above:

Byron Stinson is from Texas along with the FIVE red heifers. The Irish Barone's share the FIVE annulets of Candle's/Kentwells, and the latter have a semblance of the Stinson/Stevenson and Stain Crests. Why might Italian Candels/Candida's/CANDI's share the English Temple Coat? Candys were first found in Suffolk with Candle's/Kentwells. English Candels were first found at Cundall of Yorkshire's Clay while wealthy Byrons out of Yorkshire married Claytons! English Candels were at BIRDforth, and while Byrons can trace to Briancon/Brigantium, Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with BRIGHts and Temple's!

The Candle's were loaded on Wednesday, about four days after it dawned on me to wonder whether the Lord might give me a sign as to when I was born again. In my head, I was thinking that maybe, for a sign, the lights would go out soon, and I'd need candles by night. Didn't happen. Sunday was April 7 (day before the eclipse), and the best I was able to do to peg down the day of my re-birth was April 1, give or take about 10 days. I made this guess some months after that day, and was leaning toward late March, but I could not be sure at all.

Then, on Tuesday, I was sitting in the sun, and seeing the small planters with SPINACH seeds in front of me on the deck, I decided to count them to see if there were 45, for I've been born-again for exactly 45 years around this time of the year. The problem is, there were only 44 planters. I counted more than three times.

I was able to easily remember that I brought the plants into the house by night twice before, on Monday evening and Sunday evening, which allowed me to be sure that I planted them on Sunday, which I'm sure was the day that I was wondering whether God would give me a sign as per my spiritual birthday. As I showed (last update) from a 2016 update, the Popeye dream was the first one I had as a Christian, and it was about a week after my re-birth, or less, I just have no good idea on how many days passed. The last update spoke of that dream and included the spinach-like Spinks as per the spinach symbol of Popeye.

Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Vase's/Face's, and there were 44 mini-vases.

I'm not having a garden this year because I have too much work to do around the house. But, on Sunday, I decided to plant ONLY spinach this year, and keep it on my deck with some protection from the deer. I was counting the spinach plants, because I thought that they might tell when the Popeye dream took place. But, the problem is, there were not 45 plants, but only 44, which may mean that the Popeye dream was not 45 years earlier from when the seeds were planted, on April 7.

Still, the day after (today, as I write) counting to spinach, I came to the Candle/Kentwell surname, not for any other reason of their sharing the five annulets (same positioning) of Irish Barone's. That caused me to load Italian Candels to find a Temple Coat, but also the English Candels at BIRDforth, which can link to the Brotherton location (Yorkshire with Candels) of Barone-like Byrons because Brothers are also BRODers while Birds are also Burds.

I've claimed that God used my 24th BIRThday to point to Burt-branch Births/Berts, and so, yes, the Candels of Birdforth can point to my 45th spiritual birthday. If correct, I was born again on April 10, 1979, because today, as I write, is April 10. That could put the Popeye dream on April 13, 50 years before the Apophis asteroid arrives.

English Candels use EARS of wheat while Wheats were first found in Norfolk with Burts (share Birth/Bert Coat). I link heraldic ears to Earhardts, and then Ainsleys share the cross of English Candels (Yorkshire with Hicks) upon which Ainsleys place the Hicks and Bird/Burt fleur-de-lys.

Note how the Forts/Fortys can be of "BirdFORTH," and though not in the same colors, Birds/Burts of BROXTON with share martlets with Fords/Forths/FOURth's (Bird/Burt rose in colors reversed). Broxtons share a black fitchee with the Fort/Forty Crest, and Brox's/Brocuffs happen to have a Spink-like sphinx, as do the Hips'/Hipkins (Norfolk with Burts!) who in turn share the Bird/Burd martlet! They are FOOTless martlets, and the Crest of Foots (Cheshire with Birds/Burds and Temple's) is much like the flag-using Crest of Brox's/Brocuffs. The latter's flag is probably the Dart Coat because Brocks have a "dart" in a paw of their Crest lion. Foots are in temple colors.

The Lux's (TurnBULL/Timble colors) in the Brox/Brocuff motto have a giant bull/buffalo head in Temple colors and format. The Brox/Brocuff Chief has a version of the Jerusalem-Templar flag said to be owned by Godfrey de Bouillon. The Lux's could have a buffalo head because it could be code for a Bouvalon-like variation of Bouillons. The latter have a FLORy cross colors reversed from the same of Birds/Burds. Flore's share the Bird/Burd fleur-de-lys. Pohls use a "buffalo" head, and its showing exactly as the Lux Coat. Luce's/Lucys were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and Bird-connectable Hips'/Hipkins (share sphinx with Brox's/Brocuffs).

The only other sphinx I know of is with the Openheimers who have an eagle in the colors of the Temple eagle. The other German Openheimers are excellent for their anchor in the colors of the giant Kaufman/Kaufer anchor. We can then ask about the endings of BroCUFFs/BrockHOFs, for Hoffs/Houghs were first found in Cheshire with Temple's, and with bull-head Hottens/Houghtons. The anchor is white, same as the Hood/Hoot anchor that is held by a "chough."

Lux's were first found in Swabia, named by the Sabines out of Sabina, land of Vespasia POLLa, wife of Flavius Sabinus. It can explain the ancestry of Pohls, and then German pole's/Pohls have a "frying pan" while Pans are listed with Payens i.e. from the Templars. I can trace Joseph-connectable and martlet-using Flys of Flagi to these Flavians, suspect from Flavius JOSEPHus. As the latter claimed to be from Maccabee king-priests, it makes sense that Flys share the Levi (and Foot) chevron. The Foot Coat looks related to the ones of Flag-connectable Floats/Flotts and Flatts/Fletts.

Lux's are said to be from "lynx," and while that could be some off-the-wall idea, Pennys do use a "lynx" in Crest. Spinks were first found in the same place as PENNYs. As HALFs/Halps can be of the duck-using Haafs/Have's while Ducks were first found in Somerset with Heifers, it speaks for itself. HalfPENNYs/Halpers share the checkered Shield of Pepoli's (Bologna with PANICo's) while Popleys/POPPEYs were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans and Pinks/Pincs. The latter not only share the sleeved and cuffed arm of Cow-branch Cuffs and Tippers, but gold fitchee crosses with Halfs/Halps and Halpers/Halfpennys. Tipper elements are expected in the motto of PENdragons (Cornwall with Tippers/Tippins).

The Pendragon motto term is "TEIPSum," and Tipps'/Tippins were first found in Lancashire with Forts/FORTYs and Travers. There were FORTY-FOUR vases of spinach, and Fore's/Forez's/FORETs, possibly of Forneys, have the Travers in their motto who share the boar head of Rockwall (BalFOUR colors and format)!!!! Stunning, for while John Ratcliffe lives in Rockwall county about ten miles from Forney, Ratcliffs (Lancashire) share the Tipps/Tippin bull head!!!! The 44 vases just took us here. It recalls that my buffalo conversation with Miss Hicks was when we were both 45 years old. But there's more.

The Stevenson/Stave and Stain Crests both have a hand from a cloud, both HOLDING what Stevensons/Stave's call a green "garland," and then BIRTHs/Berts (Devon with black-bull Walerans, FORTibus', and Heaters) have the same Crest except that they show the whole ARM holding the same green item. Arm-using Armors share the Stevenson/Stave stars, and Stinsons/Stevensons use leopard FACES while Face's list Vase's (same place as Spinks). Are the 44 vases of spinach pointing to Stinson and heifers out of Rockwall county?

Birth-branch Burts were first found in Norfolk with Stinson-branch Steins and Stave-loving Pilgrims. Stinson-branch Stains almost have the Coat of black-bull Ratcliffs while Cole's (Cornwall with Tippers and Byron-beloved Crede's), possibly in the "Coelum" motto term of Stevensons/Stave's, have a black bull in both colors of the Pohl "buffalo."

My impression is that Sleeping Beauty HOVERing FLAT and LEVEL on her BACK was Intended as a pointer to Levites offering heifers because Waleran de Leavell links us to the Beauty bulls while Leavells/LEVELs were first found in Somerset with Backs. Yet, German Backs have the Heater bull while Ratcliffe lives in Heath while Beautys were first found in neighboring Dorset with Heed-branch Hats/Hades' who in turn share a Hayden cross. Heaters were first found in Devon with Forty-branch Fortibus'.

It's interesting that Fortibus' (beside Carys) have the stars, in colors reversed, of Cars, the latter first found in Lancashire with Fortys and SEEDs/SEATs. Beauty was hovering over the SEATs of a CAR, and the 44 PLANTERs have spinach seeds in them! Planters/PLANTAGENETs were first found in London with the Capes'/Capets suspect in the "CAPTivus" motto term of Devons! Capes' are suspect from "Caiaphas." Hugh de Payens married the Chappes', and while Payens/Pagans use "rowells," Rowells/Rosewells/Rothwells share the red stag in Crest with Planters/Plantagenets.

It just so happens that French Planque's/Plants use "cabbages" while Cabbage's/Cubbalds were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks and Vase's! That's pretty cool; I don't feel so crazy now for introducing the spinach planters as a topic to explore heraldically.

English Planque's/Planks, first found in Wiltshire with Frys/Freys, have the Hugh Coat in colors reversed, and German Pole's/Pohls use a "FRYing Pan" while Pans are listed with Payens. Fry-branch Freeze's/Freys' are also Pharisee-like Phreeze's. PLANCia Magna was a Herod, and a priestess of Artemis; such a stupid woman, seeking honor by taking money from worshipers of a goddess that doesn't exist.

Geoffrey Plantagenet was of the Templar family of king Fulk V of Angers, and English Fulke's (Norfolk with Flags/FLECKs) have a split Shield linkable to the same of Belgian Flecks and Spanish CAPETs.

I included "hovering FLAT" because a church event with Miss Hicks pointed to Flatts and Linkletters, both first found in the Orkneys. The Linkletters were a part of the event because they use green-black checks, the colors of the tiny checks in the blazer I wore that day. I wouldn't be repeating this, but I deliberately planted 2022 spinach seeds in red vases, and the 2023 seeds in green vases, but when I ran out of green, I used black for green. There are 20 red vases, 22 green ones, and TWO black ones.

[Opps, sorry, counted some green ones for red because they were all in the same batch. It turns out there are 11 red ones, 32 green, and moreover I missed a black one so that there's three of them. Rather than delete the following insert starting with two-like Tews, I'll leave it for heraldic value. However, three-like Tree's/TREWs use a knight while TEWs share the triple Knight pale bars.]

[Insert -- Two black vases, and moreover I planted TWO seeds per vase, but I was reluctant at first to bring Tue's/Tews/Tewells to topic on that basis, yet here I am. They share the triple pale bars of Knights (share spur with Closeburn-connectable Close's), first found in Suffolk with Link-like Lings and Starlings/StarLINCKs. The Wings in the Tue/Tew/Tewell Crest were first found in Worcestershire with Knightons/Nitons, but also with Deck-connectable Squirrels who have the Tiens' in their motto who in turn share the stars of LETTs/Late's who in turn use "ORGAN pipes" as part-code, I strongly assume, of a family in ORKNey, where LinkLETTers were first found. And Popeye smokes a pipe.

My blazer brought Linkletters to topic. There were two BLACK planters, and the Black saltire is shared with Blazers and RUSTs, and with the Kilpatricks who built their Closeburn castle on the Knight / Night-connectable Nith river. While Nights/Naughts were first found near the Nith, the Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, share the checks of Italian Ferrands and Tewell-like Tulls/Toole's while Tullia of LYON married Mr. RUSTicus of Clermont-Ferrand. Blazers share the crescents of Patents/Putins, first found in Dumfries, and in Popley/Poppey colors and format.

The Patent/Putin crescents are "flammant" (in flames), and Flame's share the Putten/Puttoch besants. Flame's are likely from Flemings, who lived in the region of Pepin of Landen. And then Popleys/Poppeys were first found in Yorkshire with Byrons and Mants/Ments. FlamMANT. Mants/Ments have a different-colors Coat version of the Crede-loving Byrons. It just so happens that Crede-like Crete's have the Mant/Ment Coat! This was a totally unexpected outcome when starting this paragraph, when intending only the first sentence.

I haven't yet looked for a way for Wings to point to the "wing of the temple," how some Bible's translate Daniel 9:27 concerning the location of the abomination of desolation. I think that wing is the Western Wall. The most I can say at present is that Wings, first found in Worcestershire with HALFpennys/Halpers, share the pile of Hagels, the latter first found in Somerset with HEIFers/Heffers. HalfPENNY/Halpers share the checkered Coat of Pepoli's, and Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with spinach-like Spinks. That does look like a pointer to Popeye and the vases of spinach seeds.

Seeds/Seats can be of the "sejant" (seated) lion of Halfpennys/Halpers that holds a "triANGLE." Seeds/Seats were first found in Lancashire with Anger-connectable Angle's, and with Penningtons who have four of the three Angle lozenges. This makes Halfpennys look like Pennington elements. The Patria's in the Pennington motto are also Peartree's, linkable to Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's of the Tessin/Ticino river.

The TRIangle might be part-code for Troys because they share the griffin of Anger-branch Hangers. The Troy griffins are comBATTANT while Battants/Battins were first found in Somerset with Haaf-beloved Ducks, and beside Hangers. Haafs are listed with the Have's in the motto of SEATon-branch Sutys (Perthshire, where Wings were once said to be first found, and where some Poppa elements may have been, with Rollo's, that is).

"SEGANt" can be code for Segans/Sagans (salamander in flames), possibly of the vase-connectable Segni's/Segurana's, linkable to Mr. Segar, creator of Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy. Douglas, known to be Flemish so as to explain their salamander in flames, share the Stevenson/Stave Chief while Angers were first found in Essex with Stinsons.

Until recently, Wings were first found in Perthshire with Lyons, and with Rollo's while king Rollo married POPPa. The Poppa's/Papps happen to share the Night/Naught lion, so amazing as per PoopDECK Pappy, Popeye's father. Decks are listed with German Daggers, and while the Tools are in the Tull/Toole Chief, the Drops/Trope's (Norfolk with Patricks) in the drops with the Kilpatrick DAGGER share the Tull/Toole Chief. Tools are in Letter colors and format (i.e. may have named Linkletters).

Poppa was of Valois, and the Valois' are listed with Valais' while Valais is a canton in Switzerland. The "Tews" variation of Tews suggests that their stars are those of Tease's/Tyes'/Tee's (Switzerland with the Ticino canton), suggesting that Tessin-river liners had merged with the line of Tullia of Lyon. The Annas', who share the other stars of Tease's/Tyes'/Tee's, were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with both AINSleys and Tease's/Tyes'/Tee's, and while Annas of Israel was also ANANus, Annan(dale)s named Annandale in Dumfries who in turn have the saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks in colors reversed. The Tax's/Dacks have a saltire-by-swords in the colors of the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire.

If we are wondering how the two seeds per vase, and the two black planters, can link to the Popeye-like surnames, it just so happens that the Tessin/Ticino river flows at Pavia/PAPia. This insert is written on Sunday, the day after introducing PoopDECK PAPPY shortly below this insert, and so note the Teck variation of Ticino-line Tease's/Tess'/Tecks.

Annas' are now said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with the Wiggons who almost have their Coat, and Wigton is near the first-known Nights/Naughts. Wiggons even share the Crest of Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries) sharing a red-cushion version of the Kilpatrick Coat. Tools were first found in Kildare with Stacy-branch Eustace's, and Wigtons share the blue stag head with Eustace-branch Staggs/Stage's. Eustace's and Stage's/Staggs share a cross between antlers, and red antlers are all that French Bollarts/Bollots show who were first found in Artois (Belgian border) with Eustace II of Boulogne. English Bollarts/Bullis'/Bulliards share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. Billiards/Billets share the star of Belgian Bole's/Bollers/Bollens (ears of wheat).

Eustace's share the cross of Ainsleys and Irans/Irons/Orions, and both surnames have the My's/Mee's in their motto. Staceys share the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's / Brush's of Annandale.

Eustace II of Boulogne was the father of the first Templar king of Jerusalem, BALDWIN. Boulogne is near Comines, and the Comyns/Comine's (Norfolk with Patricks, Wheats, and Irans/Irons/Orions), sharing the dagger with Kilpatricks, share the wheat sheaf of Black- and Kilpatrick-connectable Blazers who in turn almost incorporate the Rust Coat. Patricks, Kilpatricks, Blazers and Rusts all share the Baldwin saltire, as do Hunters (Shropshire with Baldwins), though Hunters have their saltire counterchanged so that it's half the saltire of Irish Kilpatricks/Patchie's, and then Patch's have a HUNTING horn. Mythical Orion was a hunter.

The Blacks share the stars of the Cars whose Curr variation may be in the "Cur" motto term of Eustace's and Stacys. The Iran/Iron/Orion cross is quasi-COUNTERchanged likely because Counters are listed with Conte's while Conteville's ruled Comines. Cars/Currs use the sun while Sinclairs/Suns share the cross of Baldwin-like Balders; the latter share black fitchee with Patch's, and with English Forts/Fortys who were in turn first found in Lancashire with Cars/Currs, and with the dagger-using Claytons/Cloughtons sharing the Balder cross and the red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne. Claytons/Cloughtons are in the format of the Templar flag of Jerusalem. Byrons married Claytons of Lancashire. Amazingly, this arrival to Claytons allows us to play Clough's to topic who share the SPINK mascles!

Some spinach seedlings are up and showing today, Sunday, a week after planting them. They are tall enough that they would have been up already by Saturday, the day Iran directly attacked Israel for the first time ever. I'm saying this because sacrificing red heifers might become the thing that makes Iran-and-friends go ballistic. I added the Iran surname of Irons/Orions above, but should add that Orion (urine symbol) was likely a myth writer's play on URANus (urine symbol), likely code for ancient Eran/Iran.

I started this insert with Blacks, and they share both the stars and orange lion of DRONE's. Iran just shot a wack of drones toward Israel, yesterday. Orange's use the hunting HORN for possible connection to Irans/ORIONs, for Horns are also Orne's. The latter, in the colors and format of the scallops of Apps'/Epps (Huntingdon colors and format), were first found in Middlesex, where Apps/Epps were once said to be first found, though they're now first found in Huntingdonshire. The triple Apps/Epp scallops are shared by the nearby CAPES'. Apps'/Epps almost have the Abby/Abbe Coat while Irans/Orions of AIRAINES (near ABBEville) trace to "Arran," with MacAbbe's were first found.

My bet is that the end-time descendant of Caiaphas, Annas, the Maccabees, and Herods have been elevated to high places in modern Israel, by design of Rothschilds. End insert]

Blazers share the Ford/FORTH/Fourth martlets, yet they belong also to FLEETwoods (Lancashire with FORTs/Fortys) while Flatts (same place as Linkletters) are also Fletts. While writing this paragraph, "I'll FLY Away" was singing on my speakers, and Flys of FLAGi were first found in Hampshire with Fords/Forths/Fourths.

Linkletters share a "sheldrake" (looks like a mallard) with Sheldons, and as the latter are in Dragon/Drainer colors and format, it tends to explain "shelDRAKE." The Drake write-up traces to this sheldrake enity, and they have a giant dragon in the colors of the giant Shield lion. Shields even have a "FORTI" motto term. Thus, it seems that Irish Shields married Drake's who in turn use "fly" in their English-version motto.

It's too much, because Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Floats/Flotts in turn sharing the chevron and trefoil of Flatts/Fletts, and while it's the Rockwall chevron too while Rockwalls share the boar head of Fore/Foret-beloved Travers who in turn share the scallops of Fleets who in turn essentially have the Flag/Fleck Coat! Rocks/Roque's (RochFORD/RochFORT colors) were first found in Languedoc with Forneys who almost have the Rockwall Coat. My blazer, when Miss Hicks came to take my hands to pray, is now pointing to heifers in Rockwall. Fleetwoods have an "alteri" motto term, possibly a pointer to an altar. English Prays/Preters can be of Norfolk's Pratts, kin of Flys of Flagi (both trace to Flavians of Rieti).

[Insert Monday -- During the spell-check, I came across this: "Byroms/Barone's have hedgehogs, and Hedge-like Edge's/Eggs were first found beside the first-known Westerns whose giant eagle they share in colors reversed." In my post-trib book, on a chapter concerning the "wing of the temple," I explain that the Hebrew word for "wing" means "EDGE" or "extremity," and conclude that the abomination of desolation will be at the Western Wall, therefore, at the western edge of the temple grounds. You just saw the Edge's with the Westerns!!! And they came from the Coat of Byron-like Byroms!!!! Unbelievable.

Then, after writing that, I remembered that Eggs/Edge's, once said to be first found in Cheshire with Temple's (!) and Eggertons, are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was only in the past year that Eggs/Edge's were changed from Cheshire to Worcestershire, and only in the past year that Wings were changed from Perthshire to Worcestershire, in time for this update! There could be more to this, but I'm out of time for this week. Stay tuned because I should tackle this in the next update. End insert]

Poopdeck Pappy

Before leaving the Dax's, let's repeat: "But, on Sunday, I decided to plant only spinach this year, and keep it on my DECK with some protection from the deer. I counted the 44 vases (seeds still fully buried) while they were on the deck. Eventually, while writing this section, and while loading Papa's because they have a Coat like the ones of sphinx-using Hips' and Decks/Daggers, I remembered that Popeye had a Pappy character in his cartoon. Checking, he turned out to be PoopDECK Pappy, Popeye's father! What a funny shocker.

Poop-like Popps/Poppers/Poppens (sharing the Bull/Bule annulets) were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers while Ducks/Dax's were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and Heifers/Heffers while English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers. Ducks/Sax's even share the star of English Papps/Popps/Pope's.

The thing is, Poops/Poppers/Poppens (elephant TRUNKs in Crest) have a giant RED bull head! It has red horns, and red bull horns are on the leopard FACE of Hovers/Hovers, first found in Westphalia with Popps/Poopers/Poppens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe it. Why is that leopard face spinach-important? Trunks have a white-on-red bull head.

Stinson-branch Stains (same place as Vere-branch Fears/Fiers) are said to have married Yarborough's ("wreaths") who in turn share the vertically-split Shield colors of Popps/Poppers/Poppens. Wreaths are listed with Creights while Byrons (same place as Yarborough's) love Crede's. The "pulVERE" motto term of Yarborough's can take us to Warings/Wearings (beside Ducks/Dax's) sharing the checkered fesse of Scottish Papps/Popps/Pope's. The Were's/Wears (Devon too) are expected at the Wear river of Durham, where Washintons were first found who share the Wreath/Creight Chief. Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire (Southampton), beside the first-known Spinks of Northamptonshire.

Fears are in the motto of Peacocks/PEA's, and Popeye has Swee-Pea, what looks like word-play on sweeping the deck. Swee-Pea is a baby, and there is a Baby/Bobco surname that can go with the Bopp/Bopf variations of Popps/Poppers/Poppens. Babwells/Babels (share Popley/Poppey eagle) were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Fears/Fiers. Babys/Bobco's are Ukrainian while YARborough's trace very well to king YARoslav of the Ukrainian Varangians. They named the Veringers of Baden, kin of buffalo-horn-using Zahringers. Babys/Bobco happen to share the Shield of English Vaux's, first found in Cumberland with Fare's and Daggers/Dackers. The latter are from the Dexaroi Illyrians, up-river from Fier county (Albania).

"Poopdeck Pappy is a fictional character featured in the Popeye (THIMBLE Theatre) comic strip...Created by E. C. SEGAR in 1936,..." Timble's/Turnbulls are in Temple colors. English Segars/Seagars use snakes while Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of Spinks and German Seagars, another shocker of a "coincidence" I didn't expect. Segars/Seagars have the SEGNI/Segurana moline in colors reversed, and as they were first found in Genova with the Fieschi, it traces to the "signo" motto term of VASE's/Face's/Fessys (same place as Spinks), can we believe it? I didn't make Mr. Segar the creator of Poopdeck.

Forts/Fortys have a ROCK in Crest. RochFORTs (Rock/Roque colors) have a "Candor" motto term possibly of Candle's/Kentwells/KENTELs and/or Candels. Cantors/GAUNTers have six fesses in the colors of the six pale bars of Truths/Trots (Surrey with early Dolphins), and "Candor" is translated "Truth." John of Gaunt (ruler of Lancashire, where Fortys were first found) was the founder of Candale's, also called, KENDEL. Dolphin-loving Kendels (Cornwall with Tippers) have a black version of the Tipper Coat, and the Anchors in the latter's Crest were an Anger / Hanger branch. Hangers were first found in Hampshire with Fords/Forths/Fourths!

Candle's/Kentwells and Candys were first found in Suffolk with the Buckle's who are in turn in the Coat of Buncle's. The latter are suspect in the "esCARbuncle" of Hangers and Angers. Candels/Candi's (Naples with Capua's) share the Temple Coat, and the Normans of Capua were likely part of the Templar movement of Hugh de Payens. English Candels were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans.

This can explain why there were not 45 vases to better express my 45th spiritual birthday: because we needed Fore / Fourth liners to tell the heifer story behind Byron Stinson. I can even add that the temple Coat is with two heads in the JEEPma/Chep Coat, and this didn't click in my head until now...because the Poopdeck Pappy article has the character, Eugene the Jeep (created 1936). Jeep is a dog and Dogs/Doags are also Docks!

Ahh, Yaroslav's father was king VLADimir, and Vlads/FLATTens, sharing the Jeepma/Chep hexagram, were first found in Westphalia with Popps/Poppers/Poppens! The English Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams, have a "WLAD" motto term. French Josephs are in Temple colors and format. The Charo's in the Joseph motto were first found in Ferrara, suspect from "Pharisees" when Josephus betrayed Israel. Until 70 AD, Ferrara was called, Forum Allieni." Who changed it to, Ferrara?

Ferrara's share the lion of German Freys/Freie's (it's on the Ukraine flag) while Freys'/Phreeze's seem to apply because they were first found in Essex with English Este's and while Italian Este's (Vlad colors and format) were first found in Ferrara.

Aside from when I was born again, this spinach-seed / birthday discussion appears to include Byron Stinson's activities with the Temple Institute, especially as Candels/Candida's have the Temple Coat. As was said, the only thing I remember of the Popeye dream was he and I at the sea FLOOR. Flore's (share Hicks fleur) and Flora's share the Brown/Brone/Brun fleur-de-lys, and the latter use a "FLOReat" motto term while Bruno's and Barone's were first found in Florence/FIRENZE. English Ferrands (i.e. Firenze liners) were first found in Yorkshire with Byrons, and Brunswicks almost have the Coat of Heifers/Heffers, first found in Somerset with Ferrand-like Friends/FRIENs and Burleys/Bourleys. The latter are in the colors and format of the neighboring Freys/Frys.

One can ask where Pharisees at Ferrara named CLERmont-Ferrand (Auvergne) because the Josephus-connectable Charo's of Ferrara are also Claro's. Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Baby-like Babe's. Charo's/Claro's share the red bull with Baby-connectable Popps/Poppers/Poppens while Poppins/Pophams almost have the Friend/Frien stag heads, and do have the stag heads of Annas-like Anne's/Hanne's. Why was Anna the daughter of Yaroslav while Yarborough's married Stains of Yorkshire, where Anne's/Hanne's were first found.

Fears/Fiers look related to the Charo/Claro Coat. Fier-branch Irish Fare's share the falcon design of Stevens, as well as the brown one in the Duck/Dax Crest, and while the latter are in Vere colors, their falcon is in the color of the Crest of Vere's (Essex with Este's and Stinsons/Stevensons. Essex's (Middlesex with Fears/Fiers and Stains), looking like Steven kin, share the eagle of Italian Este's.

Tullia (4th or 5th century) of Clermont-Ferrand was the ancestor of Artemia of Lyon, wife of FLORENTINus. This recalls that Berthe was the wife of Mummolin, grandson son of this Florentinus. Tulls share the pale bar of German Steels who in turn share the BERT/Berta griffin, and English Steels share the checks of Galleys and Pepoli's (Bologna with Stelli's). Mummolin ruled the Merovingian palace just before the Poppey-connectable and Este-loving Pepins did. See anything to toot about? The spinach was thought, on a whim at first, to be about my 45th BIRTHday. Tulls/Toole's share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's.

Lyon is near the Israel-like Isere river, and Herod Antipas of Israel was banished to Vienne-Isere. While Tullia's mother was Gallia, the Gallia's almost have the Byron, Crete, Italian Barone, and Israel/Ishmaelli Coats. Byrons were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's, Galleys, and the Pings/Pagans sharing the bendy of Crete's. French Galli's, Galleys and Pagans/Payens were first found in Dauphine while Vienne-Isere was the Dauphine capital.

It's now incredible that English Galleys, sharing the Pepoli checks, were first found in Yorkshire with Popleys having a Popeye-like Poppey variation. We are suddenly on pointers to Apophis to which Miss Hicks pointed who was Sleeping Beauty of a dream days after (I don't think weeks) the Popeye dream.

Popleys/Poppeys use black eagles linkable to the black eagle legs of Hicksons, the latter first found in Staffordshire with the Westerns sharing the Popley/Poppey eagle, and with PIPE's. I was with Popeye (he was always tooting the pipe in his mouth) at the SEA floor, and Flora's and Flore's share the Hicks and Hook fleur-de-lys. Sea's were first found in Kent with the Partridge's sharing the Pepoli Shield, and with British's/BRODicks.

Pipe's and Pepins use the camel head while German Camels have a lone lozenge in the colors of the mascles (hollow lozenges) of Spinks. Does that work for another toot? Popeye's toot is called a "pipe whistle," and English Camels were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels.

AND, just remembered: Italian Candels/Candida's were first found in Naples with the Popoli's suspect in the motto of Staffordshire's Bassets!!!! We have multiple pointers going on. Bassets share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds while Sea's incorporate the Coat of German Drummonds.

It was while writing above at the Candel surname that "Brin" came to mind, which lead to an important insert at the top of this page that found Byrons to be a branch of Irish Byrne's.

To nail down the pointer of Candels to my re-BIRTH, Births are listed with English Berta while Italian Berts/Berta's were first found in Ferrara with red-bull Charo's/CLARo's in turn having a Coat version of the Candels of Cundall in BIRDforth. Candle's/Kentwells (share Barone annulets) and Candys were first found in Suffolk with Clare's, and with Ford-beloved Owls.

Boards/Bords probably have the Forts (Lancashire with Brins/Bryne's) in their motto who may have named BirdFORTH. English Fords share the black greyhound with Brothers/Broders,

Popeye's spinach gave him big muscles, and Saddock-connectable Mascals have the Pepin / Pipe fleur-de-lys in colors reversed.

Gallia's were first found in LOMBARDy with Boso's who almost have the Charo/CLARO bull. Her daughter ruled at CLERmont-Ferrand. I recall Boso's use a "card," and the Cards/Certs probably use a letter because it has a stamp upon it, and because I trace Letter-branch Lauders to "Lotharingia" (now Lorraine province). Boso V was the son of a Lotharingian count, a Merovingian. "Boso [V] refused to recognise both Louis' sons, Carloman and Louis III as kings of France and proclaimed himself King of Provence in 879 at VIENNE, with the support of the nobility." Gallia's daughter was of Lyon, and Boso became the count of Lyon and Vienne. Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons.

English Lombards (Yorkshire with Candels) share the Candel/Candida eagle. French Lombards were first found in Provence with Boso V of Provence. While Boso's share the white bull of French Boyers, English Boyers have a "richesse" motto term while Rich's/Richess' are said to have named Riche in Lotharingia. The Ments (Yorkshire with Byrons) suspect in the English Boyer motto share the Coat of Crete's, possibly of the "Crede" motto term of Boyer-like Byrons.

The "CONTENTment" motto term of English Boyers suggests a variation of French Constance's/Contants, first found in Languedoc with French Boyers sharing a bull on blue with Beauty-branch Boys/Boets/Boeddu's/BO's. The latter can be suspect in the "boo" motto term of Irish Kilpatricks who in turn share a motto term with Irish Brians. Hovering-on-her-BACK Sleeping Beauty was played by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and German Backs/BACHs share the giant Boyer/Boet/Boeddu/Bo bull as a "steer" while Steers were first found in Surrey with Lamberts. Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with the Cloughs/Clows while Byrons married a branch of Cloughtons.

Bettys/Beatys were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, and with the Scottish Lums/Lambs in the motto of Bettys/Beatys who share the Lambert lamb. English Lums/Lombs (possible of Lombards) probably have the Lorraine and Piast eagle. Bettys/Beatys share the blue sword with German Klees' while English Klees' are listed with Clays while Byrons married Claytons. And while Glass' of Bute, sharing the Byron Crest, share the stars of Lums/Lambs, Glasgows, in their "Lord, let" motto phrase, can have both a Lauder and Lett branch in their motto. Glasgow is beside Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire, where Astys were first found sharing the Lorraine lion in both colors.

It just so happens that the "laidir" motto term of Brians can be for Lothar elements which named Lotharingia, for the Kilpatricks who share that motto term have a green dragon in Crest that could be that color due to the green lion in the Crest of Close's (Yorkshire with Byrons), for Kilpatricks had a castle at CLOSEburn. The Clowse variation of Close's is like the Clow of Clough's, making sense where Byrons of Yorkshire married a Cloughtons branch.

The "UACHtar" motto term of the same Brians can be for the Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with Closeburn, and the "Lamh" motto term o the same Brians can be for the Stevenson-related Lams/Lambs, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, Stevensons/Stave's, and the Reads while the neighboring the Burns, who may have named Closeburn, have an "Ever READy" motto. The point is, Lorraine's have a green lion too, and the while Readys (Angus) use swans, the Sine variation of Swans/Sions is in the Clow/Clough motto while Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Lyons sharing a green lion with Close's/CLOWse's and Lorraine's.

Gleasons, sharing the Glass stars too, were first found in Tipperary with Sullivans who share a "Lamh" motto phase with Irish Brians, and the "abu" of Sullivans looks related to the "a boo" of Kilpatricks, bringing us back to the Boy/Bo/Bue and Boyer bulls. English Reads (beside English Boys in turn in the colors and format of Readys) share the rising falcon of English Boyers/BOWYERs, and Scottish Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire (between Lanarkshire and Lauder) with the Robins who in turn share the "robin" with the Sullivan Crest.

This apparent Bower-Boyer relationship can identify the stars in the Bauer/Bower Chief as the same-colored stars in the Boy/Bo/Bue Chief, especially as the Backs/Bachs who share the giant Boy/Bo/Bue bull were first found in Bavaria with Bauers/Bowers. The two stars in the Boy/Bo/Bue Chief are also in the Chief of Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with Closeburn ("boo"-using Kilpatricks are the Irish branch). The "diTAT" motto term of Walks/Wachs can be for Scottish Tate's, first found in Berwickshire with Boys.

Tipperary is where Irish Kennedys were first found who share the scimiTAR in Crest with Readys in the BURN motto. Cow-connectable Tippers were first found in Cornwall with Byron-beloved Crede's. Note the "uachTAR" of the Brians sharing the Coat of Heifers/Heffers, first found in Somerset with Tarrs ten pale bars) who almost have the eight pale bars of Make's (Northumberland with Lorraine's) in the motto of the CloseBURN Kilpatricks.

The Seatons/Sittens with Crede-like Creightons (MidLOTHhian with Mens' suspect in the "Lumen" motto term of Bettys/Beatys) share a green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks. Seatons/Sittens named Sitten, also called, Sion, and then Sions/Swans/SINE's (in the Clough/Clow motto) were first found in Lanarkshire with Lorraine-connectable Lorne's (see Lanark/LURNack write-up). The Close/Clowse lion holds an axe while a Seaton location is at the end of an Axe river. While Sion/Sitten is beside Ayer, note the Ready motto phrase, "AYE Ready," spelling "Ayer" across the two terms.

Creights were first found in Burgundy with the Pilate's sharing the Lord/Laud pheons. Lanarkshire is beside Glasgow while Glasgows have the Lord variation of LAUDs (share Glaze/Glasier pheon) in their motto, and then Lauders (Berwickshire, beside lauder, Seaton and Lorraine's) share the Crest and motto of Larrys/Laurie's (share laurel with Lorraine's), first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks of Closeburn. The Clowse variation of Close's can suggest kinship with the Clow variation of Glue's/Clough's, first found in Denbighshire with Welsh Brians, and sharing the mascles of Spinks, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/LAUDymans.

UNBELIEVABLY, I did not plan on crossing the SPINKs while writing here due to their being in the spinach topic along with Candle's/Kentwells. I didn't have that topic in mind while writing the above with Spinks and Ladys/Laudymans in the same breath...which just reminded me that the latter share the Candle/Kentwell annulets! I had missed this at the start of this section.

After I had the Sleeping Beauty dream days after the Popeye dream, I recall thinking that she was a "lady" in the dream. It figures where Hyksos included king Apepi/Apophis. The Lady/Laudyman Chief is even in the colors and format of the Chief of French Pepins/PePAINs. French Pains were first found in Normandy with English Pepins/Pepys ("est" motto term) and Mars/Mere's/More's. The giant raven/crow of French Pepins/Pepains is in the colors and format of Italian Este's, and Este is a city of the Veneti, amongst whom was Merovingian ancestry. Merovingians were somehow of the Marsi of Abruzzo, and Scottish Marrs almost have the Coat of English Pains/Payne's (Somerset with Pepin-beloved Camels).

"Popeye's toot is called a "pipe whistle," and English Camels were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels"...who share the Pain/Payne lions.

Ladys/Laudymans can be linked to Candle's/KENTwells via the Spink-Coat links to Snake's/Snooks of KENT, and Seneca's/Seneschals. Seneca's were not a topic of the last update with Glue's/Clough's, but I now remember that they share two motto terms while Seneca's/Seneschals share lozenges on blue with Spinks.

While Griffins of Pomerania started a relationship of some sort with Polish Piasts, Lorraine's are known to use the eagle of these Piasts because Richeza of Lotharingia was wife to Mieszko II LAMBert the Piast. Yet it's the Child eagle too while Childeric's son, Clovis, can be in the Clovse variation of Close's/Clowse's. The Kilpatrick couple moved to Kaufman county in a home previously owned by Childs', which speaks to me of the Chaffs, first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowds.

The "PASSE contentment richesse" motto of English Boyers/Bowyers should be partly for Passe's/Pascals (another lamb) as well as the Child / Lorraine / Piast eagle in colors reversed.

The Pulls of Pools/Pole's (Dorset with Beautys), possibly in the Lauder motto, have a white griffin head in Crest, same as the Pollock-connectable DOBERmans (Pomerania) likely from DOBRawa, wife of Mieszko I the Piast of Poland. Mieske's essentially use the "buffalo" head of German Pole's. Loys/Louis', first found in Lorraine,. can be in the motto of Pull/Pool/Pole-beloved Pollets, who are in turn looking like kin of Aude's suspect in the Pollock motto.

The Gallia Coat is much like the one of Platters (Norfolk with Meschin-connectable Flags/Flecks), and then Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels use "plates." Olive-beloved Owls were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters, and Popeye loved Olive Oyl. English Olive's share the greyhound head of Brothers/Broders, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with OYLys.

Helping to nail my spinach this week to Byron Stinson, Boards/Bords (Sussex with leopard-face Cofferts) were first found in Sussex with Leopards (French Temple colors and format), and as Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with SPINKs while Stinsons show nothing but a bend with leopard FACES, it speaks of those 44 PLANTers of spinach, I think. French Plants use "cabbages" while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincys (share MASCLES with Spinks) who built the FAUCet castle four miles from MUSSELburgh, and Popeye had big MUSCLES because he ate his spinach. The Lord is playing fun and games with us.

Face's were a branch of Fauci's, kin of Tromps, and Tromps with Doria's (Genova with Fauci's) share the Candel/Candida, Tromp and Temple eagle. The Candels are the reason that I think the spinach has to do with my birthday, and "gen" (as in "Genesis") may signify "birth." Genova's are listed with Geneva's while the Harveys we saw with the French Temple Coat were at the Arve river flowing to Geneva.

Popeye loved OLIVE Oyl while Garveys share the double Oliver and Perche chevrons. English Olive's/Oliffs were first found in Northamptonshire too. Bellamys, from Perche, are in Harvey and Bell colors and format, except that Bellamys share the crescents of Seatons (East Lothian with Faucets and Keiths/Mascals). Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe river, and BORDens/BURDens, first found in Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons, show two axes, perhaps code for bell-using Double's/DoBELLs (Norfolk with Stinson-branch Steins having more leopard faces). The Axe is suspect with the Ash/Asch/Esse surname (Devon with the Axe river to Seaton).

After writing the insert above with the Irans/Orions, I began to wonder whether Iran's war against Israel (ongoing through Hezbollah) will become prophetic due to red heifers kicking off the advent of a new temple. Iran shot a couple of hundred drones toward Israel on Saturday, sort of like unleashing a couple of million mosquitoes from five miles away, hoping they'll live long enough to reach the Israeli border. Meanwhile, the Iranian state-media might be making it look like a slaughter. Jordan and Saudi Arabia assisted Israel in taking down dozens of missiles.

John Ratcliffe was on Fox (video below) saying that Israel should strike Iran back, but such a reaction looks to me like Israel's great-tribulation shadow drawing near. If Trump wins the next election, Mr. Ratcliff could become the next Intelligence chief, taking back his position prior to being fired by Biden.

I don't know how religious Ratcliffe is, or how he'll feel about red heifers, but while I think Ratcliffs were named after a Cliff family near Radcliffe in BURY, by what coincidence do Cliffs, first found in Cheshire with Temple's, share the Templeton star?

As the Intelligence Chief, Ratcliffe would oversee, I think, the FISC, otherwise known as the invisible FISA court (special spy system) which the FBI exploits illegally. Fiscs/Fisks were first found in Norfolk with Cleavers/Clavers while Cliffs are also Cleave's. Fiscs/Fisks were first found in Norfolk with Bags while Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with the Clough's sharing the Spink mascles. Cliffs were first found also in Shropshire with Meschins while Cleavers/Clavers are essentially in Meschin colors and format.

The Keys in the Cleaver/Claver Crest apparently share the Ratcliff Coat. The "se" motto term of Ratcliffs might belong to Mortone-SAY, where the Shropshire Cliffs lived, and where Says were first found. I said that before loading the Says to see that they share the Ratcliff bull head! Rats use the anchor while Anchors have the same bull head in red! The Anchors show only items in a Chief, and it's in the colors and format of the Chief of Jewish Kaufmans.

The Rat anchor is white, same as the Kaufman/Kaufer anchor, and while Jewish Kaufmans share the crescent of Kens, the latter were first found in Devon with the white-anchor Hoods/Hoots of RATTery! Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, and it's near the first-known Rats. Ratterys share the fitchees of Roots, the latter first found in Kent with Drummond-connectable Sea's in turn feasibly in the "se" motto term of Ratcliffs. John Ratcliff lives beside Kaufman county. Maybe he has business there.

John Ratcliffe was the mayor of Heath, and Mayors/Majors, showing a giant, white anchor, have a Chief-with-ROSES in colors reversed, and in the format of, the Anchor Chief. Scottish Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats! It's funny how things pan out unexpectedly well. Spanish Mayors/Majors share the Coats of Pepoli's and Partridge's (Kent) while English Bassets, sharing the German Drummond Coat, have a "populo" motto term.

Cliffords share a checkered Shield (different colors) with Fiscs/Fisks, and while Claverings share an "AD" motto term with Fiscs/Fisks, and while Cliffords share the checkered Shield of Warrens, from ADa of Warenne, the Clavering quadrants are also the Say quadrants! The Claffering variation starts to look like the Cleff variation of Cliffs.

The "COELos" motto term of Claverings (Essex with Stinsons/Stevensons), along with the "Coelum" of Stevensons/Stave's (may have named Staffs/Staffords), may be code for Cole's, for they share the black bull with Ratcliffs. King Cole was in Essex, at COLchester, and Colchesters share the Staff/Stafford and Sey chevron.

Fiscs/Fisks, suspect from the Fieschi of Genova, trace with the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova) to the motto of Face's/VASE's (same place as Spinks). Segurana's were a branch of Segars, and Mr. Segar invented Poopdeck Pappy and Popeye. Popleys/Poppeys happen to share the eagle of Fisc-like Fix's/Ficks', but we can take this also to the Arrows/Arras' because they share the fleur-de-lys of Fix's/Ficks', and because Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with the Westerns (almost the Temple Coat) who likewise share the Popley/Poppey eagle.

Hicksons, with almost the Temple Coat, were likewise first found in Staffordshire. My Popeye dream, along with Miss Hicks, pointed to the Apophis ASTERoid, along with the "sic itur as ASTRA" motto of MacKenzie's, and the Fisc/Fisk motto includes, "sic itur ad astra." The Bassets (Staffordshire again) have the Coat of Scottish Drummonds (Say and Sey colors), as well as a "populo" motto term, and while Apophis is half-expected (by me) to land in the SEA as the 2nd-Trumpet asteroid, Sea's share the German Drummond Coat.

The Rat Coat, I've just noticed, is pretty much the IRAN/Orion Coat, and both surnames share white Crests. Here's Mr. Ratcliffe on Fox, showing how he wants escalation of the war against Iran to show muscle as a deterrent of future missile attacks.


Everyone needs to see this video of the wonderful American military, how it behaves so angelic and noble when no one's watching:

John Campbell hunts down vaccine updates, now showing an article admitting vaccine guilt by an unexpected source:

I say the premier of Alberta, Miss Smith, has turned out to be a big bag of trash who cares more for oil companies than those untold people who were murdered and maimed by the previous, pro-vaccine premier. The Alberta government under Smith now has the means by which to prosecute all the politicians and medical staff who misbehaved and acted as accomplices. But rather than upset her political fortunes, she has done nothing, and likely plans to do nothing. If this is what we can expect when anti-vax politicians are voted into power, what wasted opportunities to lift the people up from that dismal pandemic nightmare.

Does anyone ever hear Poilievre speak against the vaccine programs? Shame canada, shame. You have become a deplorable people, oh canadians. You stomp against the carbon tax from sea to sea but speak up nothing for the deception that brought many vaccinated people to their deaths, and to permanent injuries of many kinds. Are we afraid to offend pro-vaxxers? Are we going to allow the ignorant to win the day so that they become our enemies yet again for the next dismal pandemic nightmare?

The problem is, Poilievre and Smith want the votes of the happily ignorant, meaning that the happily ignorant are keeping the entire country from doing what needs to be done. The willfully ignorant, who refused to receive the bad reports about vaccines, gave politicians the power to force people to receive potential poison at the pain of not being able to eat and pay the bills. Is that a nothing burger? How is the carbon tax even remotely as important as that recent horror story?

trudeau is simply Obama 2 as the communist destroyer of his own nation. he's not merely irresponsibly making mistake after mistake, as Poilievre portrays him, but he's been successful because his task is to cripple the backbone of the nation, prop up Intelligence powers to intimidate and exploit, and snuff out the morality of the nation, same destructive goals exactly as Obama and Biden:

It's easy to glean from this video that trudeau's fellow parasites could have been using COVID vaccines as another laundering machine, for they paid out mega-$$$ more than they had to in purchasing vaccines, begging how much kickback the buyers got from the sellers under the table.

If you think that canadian police are good, shame on you:

The trudeau government was collaborating with China in the trafficking of deadly germs shortly before the COVID scam broke out, and no better salesman did the vaccine companies have than this murderous monster, trudeau. I'm not afraid to write this publicly because, even after he and his health agency knew of the vaccine-related killings and maimings, trudeau continued to PUSH vaccines. He wasn't drawing back or letting up or feeling bad for future killings and maimings; he continued to PUSH vaccines. This man deserves to be executed, therefore:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture