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June 7 - 13, 2022

Why Did God Point to Ajax?
Not Because the Kennati Priests Had Clean Hahns

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow. I have a hard time seeing a good motive for taking this excellent material offline, excellent for customers to discover what exactly is in their Coats of Arms. I've passed on both companies lots of money through my heraldic work, but google suppresses it greatly.

My Glue Grease Dream

The reason I'm re-telling this dream is that I don't recall incorporating the Axel surname into it, but it seems to definitely belong with the car's axle. The dream opened with my car on four jack stands in a parking lot at an intersection. All wheels were off the car (I don't know what model this car was, but I didn't own it in real life, and so the make of car must be irrelevant), and I then went into a store at this parking lot to but carpenter glue to grease the bearings. The funny dream ended there.

(Load Bearing link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

I've already told that the Bearing surname shares the checkered Arms of Meulan, and that Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan. The WHEELs were off the car, and Walerans could have named Whalers/Wheelers, you see. Waleran was the son of GOUEL de Perceval of Leavell, and that matches well with "GLUE." Glue's have a Clove/Clough variation, like the Glove's in Wheel/Wheale colors and near-format. I've said all of this before. Gluffs/Cliffs, in the format of, and colors reversed from, Wheels/Wheale's, share the three wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's.

Plus, Leavells are from Lupus Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla Bassus whose father descended from the line that produced Plancia Magna of Perga, whom I trace to Perkins/PARKINGs, explaining why the car was on jack stands in a parking lot. Lots/Loths share the brown DOG with Lothians (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags) who in turn share the hunting horn of Weights/Waits who are in turn in the colors of the QUADE's/WADE's, the line from QUADratilla BASSus. Those hunting horns are black, as are those of German Base's/BASS'. Hunting HORNs are part-code for Horns/Orne's, and the Orne river flows through the Bassus-line Bessin. The Base/Bass Coat is in the colors and format of Jewish Levi's/Levins, tending to reveal that Jewish Levi's/Levins were from Lupus Laevillus. English Base's/Bays' have the Jewish Levi/Levin Coat in different colors.

Walerans were first found in Devon with Lothian-beloved Pine and Trebys / Treble's. The Lothian pine tree has the striped horn in the Arms of Traby.

Two updates ago had mythical PERKUNas of Lithuania, part of Lithuania's wolf cult suspect with the black wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's. PERKENs (not "Perkin") have a Coat looking like kin of Lithuania-like Lights/Lite's. Vilnius of Lithuania is to the Vilains who share the Chief-Shield colors of English Levins, and PLANCia Magna's line is to Plunketts, said to have lived in Brittany's Vilaine. Her line is to Planque's/Plants who use cabbages while Cabbage's are excellent here, not only because they have one of the chevrons of French Levi's, and not only because their Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of English Levins, and not only because they have the Levi/Levin lion in colors reversed, but because the Cabbage holly takes us to the holly of Scottish JACKs (Renfrewshire, same as Plancia-connectable Pollocks). My car was on JACK stands, and the Holly Coat is essentially in the colors and format of the Plunkett Coat. My dream has Intelligence behind it. Cabbage's were even first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the Glue lozenges.

Vilnius was home to the ASTIKas', the line to Sticks and Stiche's who married the Cliffs according to the latter's write-up. The Cliffs are the ones who came up as Glove- / Clough-like Gluffs. Stiche's were first found in Cheshire with the English Gluffs/Gleave's and Clubs/Clobbes' (makes Gloves and Cloves' look like a line from king Clovis). The Astikas' married Traby, and this Arms of Traby has the Weight/Wait hunting horn. Glue's/Cloves' (dog head in Bather colors) were first found in Denbighshire with the BATHers who in turn share the Scarf Coat while a Q-shaped "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's. As Scarfs and Bathers use only wolf heads, the Q looks like code for Quade's. From Bathers, we can go to Baths and Badens/Battins, both first found in Somerset, perfect for the next couple of paragraphs because Badens/Battins use AXES!

The jack stands are perfect for this picture. In the last update, I talked much about the Kennati priests of Jack-like Ajax, at this cult was at Cetis where Laevillus and Quadratilla were king and queen. God obviously wants to point us to Cetis with this dream, and with so many other things. But why? (The woodpecker is pecking on my ladder as I write here). Cetis is/was also "Citis," and "liCITIS" is a motto term of Caens while Caen is in the Bessin at least near the Orne river. Caens were first found in Dorset with the Plank-connectable Palins who are in turn in Levin colors and format. "LICitis" can suggest the Lice variation of McAlees/Lee's/Lees', in Weight/Wait colors and format.

When I had this dream, I was not yet tracing Jacks to Ajax. That trace developed slowly only recently, and this dream tends to prove that Jacks were from Ajax because we can expect the Ajax cult at the Axe river, for example, and it was this that caused me, this morning, to load Axels (in Baden/Battin format). The car was on jack stands to receive "grease" in its bearings, and bearings are connected to the axles, you see. It's perfect, and Somerset, where English Leavells were first found with Percivals, is the location of two Axe rivers, though one of them flows mainly in Devon, yet that's where Walerans (Quade/Wade colors and format) were first found.

After loading Axels, I thought to load Jackels, but no Coat came up. But there is a Jeckel Coat with nearly the Trudeau Coat, and Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's and Lee/Lees'-like Lys'/Lise's. English Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire, beside the Spinks with a "FideLIS" motto term.

Seaton is at the mouth of Devon's Axe river, and while Sitten is also Sion, Sions/SINE's are in the motto of Glue's/Cloves'. The latter share the lozenges of Spinks ("FideLIS") who in turn share the eagle of Sans'/Sanchez's looking like a branch of Sion-like Sens'/Senns (Switzerland, same as Sion) because they are also the eagles of Stanches-like Snake's/Snooks (Kennati-like Kent) who in turn look like kin of the Shinnock variation of Shine's. The latter have the Coat of Irish Fox's/Sinnocks (kin of Italian Simons and Jewish Fox's), both having giant lions in colors reversed from the same of Wallis' (Sion is in Wallis canton). Sions are also Shine-like Sine's in the "Sine" motto term of Glue's/Cloves'. Wallis' were first found in AYRshire (named after Ayr) with Carricks, from Charax, son of Lupus Laevillus. Very near Sion is Ayr-like Ayer. A snake is used by Carts, said to be from Castle Cary.

Carrick-like Cars share the stars in the Arms of Sion, and in the Arms of Wallis canton. It indicates why a CAR was on jack stands, for English Leavells were at Castle CARY, near the first-known, Carrick-branch Carews/Carrots (like "Cart"). The Carts share the Annan(dale) saltire, and while ANANus, a chief priest of Israel had Jesus murdered, Ananus' daughter married Joseph Caiaphas so that he became the next high priest, and Caiaphas was the official high priest when he had Jesus murdered. Read on, because Marjory Carrick married the Bruce's of Annandale. It means that this dream was granted by God to show the blood roots of Annas and Caiaphas in Cetis. Ananus' father was Seth, of Syria, beside Cilicia, and Seths are listed with Shaws.

The split Shield in both the Arms of Sion and Wallis canton is shared by Bumps who in turn share the Tooth and Letter griffin. Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's, and with the Samsons (share Russell scallops) and who in turn use a "letho" motto term for Letter liners. It's important here that Leiths (share Seaton/Sitten crescents) were first found in Midlothian with Russell-line Roslin. In the Crest of Cart-like Cards is, not a card as we'd expect, but a "letter" with stamp. The Stamps (Berkshire, same as Sheaves'/Shaws) have the RUSH Coat on a black Shield, and Letters use a "tuaRUS" motto term. I'm making some hard links here, and as Carts share the Annandale saltire, it's important that the Bruce's share the Card lion.

The Seatons/Sittens (beside Leiths) were named by a tribe in Wallis canton that named Sitten. The giant Letter griffin is in the colors of the giant Wallis lion, and here I'd like to add that Caiaphas-like Capes', sharing the Wallis lion, were first found in London with the Letter-related Tooths. The Palmans in the Tooth motto share the Sion/Swan swan, you see, and while Wallis canton is beside the Bern (and Ticino) canton, BERNice's share "PerSEVERantia" with Tooths. Letters named Lauder near the Tyne river, and Tyne's appear to be buried in the Tooth motto. Tute's/Tuits were Hayden / Hades kin, and so the "HEDDwch" motto term of Gilberts looks applicable because Heads/Heeds (Norfolk, same as Haydens and Tute's/Tuits) have three unicorn heads in the colors of the three horses of Card-beloved Stamps. They are in the colors of Stumps/Stomps (griffin heads in Head/Heed colors), and the Letter-branch Lauders show a brown tree stump...the colors of the Rodham/Rodden tree stump, apparently relevant because Rodhams/Roddens share "Nec" twice in their motto with Rutherfords/Rudderfords who in turn share a goose on a rock with Letters.

I have it recorded (3rd update in April, 2022): " The Letter surname uses 'A goose SITTING on a rock'," obvious code for Sitten liners. I cannot find whether the goose of Rutherfords (ROXburghshire, same as Goose's/Gouch's) is said to be STANDing on a rock, but that would go well with the jack stands. Rutherfords share the "orle" border (different colors) with Rutlands/Rotlands/Roushlands, and Rutland is at Leicester, home of Tickhill-related Tonys. Leicesters share the swan too.

Stumps/Stomps have the Tick/Tuck Coat in colors reversed, and while Ticks/Tucks were first found in Yorkshire with Jacks, Stands, and Tickhills, mythical TEUCER was related to Ajax while Tucks/Tucks can be connected to TUCKERs/Tokers.

We might consider here that Jewish AISens/Eisemanns have the split Shield used for the Arms of Sion. If we front "Sion" with an 'A', we get "Asion," almost Aisen / Aison. The Shed-connectable Chads (Norfolk, same as BRAMtons) almost have the Aisen Coat, and Aisons (Jewish) share the Bramton lion. Bramtons share the Coat of Duce's/Doocys, the latter first found in Staffordshire with St. Chad. The latter is said to have had a potent cross as his symbol, which is used by Sheds/Scheds and Chads. Scottish Sheds, sharing the Chief-Shield color combination with KETURAH-suspect Cutters, were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks. I see Bramtons from Biblical Abraham, and while his grandson asked God for the fleece sign, it jibes with the golden fleece of Jason, son of mythical Aeson. Hmmmm, it could seem that a son of Abraham (he had several non-Israeli sons) led to Aeson. I even traced, Medan, Abraham's son with his second wife, KETURAH, to mythical Medea, wife of Jason and daughter of the original owner of the golden fleece.

It's amazing that DACKs are listed with Ducks, having lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy / Bramton / Aison lions. It's amazing because Aisens (nor "Aison") share the crossed swords of Tax's/DACHs. These crossed swords form a saltire in the colors of the Tess/TECK saltire. German Decks are daggers too while English daggers share the Jack scallops.

Tickhills have: "Roger de Bully who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of BLYTH in Nottingham." Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe, and Blythe's (share Clint garb) were first found in Berwickshire with Tooth-related Letters and Lauders, and even with Leith-related Home's/Hume's. The chief priest, Ananus, was also, Annas, and the Annas-branch Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire too. Annas' share the Chief-Shield colors of Letts/Late's, and the Annas-branch Enys' (arrow) were first found in Cornwall with the ENDers (arrows) while Home's/Hume's and Leith's both use a motto phrase, "TO THE end," suspect partly with Tooths. It just so happens that the Enys' share the Chief-Shield colors of Caiaphas-like Capes', first found in London with Tooths.

There is a Valais/Valois surname to go with Valais canton, and they have a Valour variation to go with the Enys motto, "VirTUTE et valore." "Valour" is almost "Waleran." Walers/Wahlens have a saltire-by-croziers in the colors of the Annan / Cart saltire, and here we can add that Cart-like Carrots/Carews (Carrick colors) were first found in Cornwall with Enys'. Walers/Wahlens were first found in OLDENburg with Jeepma's/CHEPs, and Oldens/Aldans (Westmorland, same as Levins) share the CHEPman/Chapman crescent. Without that crescent, Chepmans/Chapmans could have a solid-chevron form of the Arms of CARRICK. I own a Grand CHEROKee JEEP.

The Aisens, looking like kin of potent-cross Chads / Sheds, have a saltire-by-swords in the colors of the saltire-by-croziers above. The potent cross was formed from a crutch, and Crutch's/Crooch' along with potent-cross Croce's/Cross can be gleaned as Crozier branches. Crutch's/Crooch's have a Coat like that of Cracks/Cricks, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Carrick-branch Craggs.

Waleran de Leavell was of the Percevals, and the latter's bear may be for bear-depicted Bern canton, beside the Wallis canton. Also beside Wallis is the Ticino canton, home of the Laevillus-like Laevi Gauls. The Biss Crest is in the Arms of Bissone, a location in the Ticino canton. Walerans were at Kilpeck, and Kilpecks show nothing but a sword in pale in the colors of the show-nothing but scallops in pale of Biss'. Peks/Pecks are in the format of, and in colors reversed from, the Cars, a big deal in that the entire dream points to the line of Waleran de Leavell. Percivals were first found in Somerset with the Stour river, and Stormys/Sturmys use a bear in Crest too. Neighboring Dorset is where Gallops were first found who are in Bern colors and format.

The ZAHRingers who founded Bern were in Baden, and Badens/Battins (AXES) were first found in Somerset too. Bear-using Beers were first found in neighboring Devon with the Berrys ("SINE"!) who in turn have the Stur Coat in colors reversed. It makes the cross of Baths look like the Swiss flag. English Barns share the Chief of Trebys, first found in Devon with Barnstaple. The Zerrs (AXE in Crest) with Zahr-like Zehrer variation look related to Sere's / Sears, and thus may be of the namers of Sierre at Sion. While Lens is beside Sion, the Lens/Leen Coat (HEXagrams) is almost that of BERNice's (Cumberland, same as Burns/Barns). Burns/Barns use a "ready" motto term, and READys share the Sion/SINE/Swan swan! Readys use a SCIMitar while Schims (Aberdeenshire, same as Skins and Reads) are Sion-like Schiens too. Gallops love the Bee's, and the latter were kin of the Evers in the Burn motto.

Nailed It

Hall of Names claimed that the Glue/Cloves dog is a greyhound, and then there's a black greyhound in the Crest of Valais'/Valois' while Wallis is also the Valais canton. The black dog in the Spink Crest can be that of Kennati-connectable Carricks because the Glue/Cloves Crest has the same lion as CARRICK-related Bruce's (in the colors of the Card lion). The latter were first found in Yorkshire with black-dog Craggs who in turn use LEAVES. Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens ("sino") were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, where CARACalla became the Roman emperor. This disgusting man killed his brother in order to rule Rome alone. Minus the Chief, the Valais/Valois Coat is in the colors and format of Mars/Mere's/More's, part of the Merovingian Franks from Clovis.

Clovis'/Clovile's use nails while the Enys Chief shares the Nail/Neil and Great/GRETE saltire, and then Irish Neils/O'Nails/Neals can be linked to the Saraca-line Sharks. I've been wondering for years whether "CARACalla" named himself after the Charax line that named Saraca's. The out-to-lunch / deceptive historians suggest that he named himself, Caracalla, after his CAPE. English Neals were at GRETElintone, and Greats/Grete's can be gleaned from emperor Gratian, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum, and father of Valentinian. Italian Valentins (squirrels) look like kin of Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with Greats/Grete's. The English Neal write-up traces to Mr. Nigelli while German Nails/Neils are also Nagle's.

GreteLINTONE must have been named after a Grete-Linton merger because Scottish Lintons (look like Capes kin) share the Charles / Child eagle. Capes' share acorns with Lintons, and both Coats have the same Chief-Shield colors.

English Neals (share Sion/Swan/SINE lion) have a Coat reflection of the Yarborough's ("SINE," shared by Glue's/Cloves') who in turn married the Stains i.e. a Stand branch. Could we say that the car was SITTING on the jack stands as a pointer to things in Sion/Sitten? Greats/Grete's are also Greeps, linkable thereby to Crispins/CREPins, first found in Lorraine with Yarborough-beloved CHAPlets. Yarborough's are also Yearbys while Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps. Stirlings/STURlings share the Moor head with French Chappes'. We can call this paragraph a jack-in-the-box because Box's (Wiltshire, same as Neals) share the Neal / Sion lion too. Neals are in Box format.

Note this alternative Arms of Carrick (very top of page, right side), for it's essentially the Coat of Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens ("sino") in colors reversed. It's said to be the Arms of NIALL Carrick, father of Marjory Carrick.

At this point, as per the Glue's/CLOVES', I'd like to repeat that king Clovis was the son of Basina (5th century), and she's named after the Bassus-line Bassianus'. Domna Bassianus was mother to emperor Caracalla (3rd century), you see, who had minted a coin with "Olba" upon it, the name of a location in Cetis. Wikipedia says/said that "Caracalla" was the emperor's nickname, but it secretly (or not so secretly at the time) looks like it's in honor of Charax Proculus, son of Quadratilla Bassus.

Clovis'/Clovile's share the double chevrons of Ash's/Aschs', the latter first found in Devon with the Axe river, and with the first-known BERTs and Saffers. Domna Bassianus' sister married Julius AVITus, the line to Vito's (share Saver/SEVER annulet) in the motto of Saffers, but also in the motto of BERTons who in turn share the dog on blue with Glue's/Cloves'. Tooths (London, same as same-colored Capes') use "PerSEVERantia," and while the giant Tooth GRIFFin is expected by me from "Agrippa," it just so happens that Julius Bassianus, father of Julius' Avitus' wife, was the nephew of Julius Agrippa (makes Mr. Bassianus' mother look like an Agrippa).

French Bertons share the crescents of Carrick-branch Craigie's. German Bertons share "All is" with the Clovis/Clovile motto. Berts and Burts share black hunting horns with Base's. French Bertons were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's share the eagle of Childs i.e. from CHILDeric, Clovis' father. Berts use a CLOUD, and Clovis was born as CHLODEvech.

The nails of Clovis'/Clovile's makes the Clovis surname look related to COLE's because the Arms of Colchester has nails, and because Colchesters share the estoiles of Neils/O'Nails. Glue's/Cloves' even have a "maCULA" motto term while Cula's are said to have named a Cullen location. Cullens come up as "Holly," and Hole's/Halls share a white dog head with Glue's/Cloves' while English Hollys have a dog in both colors of the Hole/hall dog head. GOEUL de Leavell may have been of the Jewells/Joels (Devon, same as Walerans). Colchester is a major city in Essex, and Gouel's family ruled Essex; see Waleran write-up: "Robert Walerand (d. 1273), was an English judge, the son of William Walerand and Isabella, eldest daughter and coheiress of Hugh of KilPECK." Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex, and the Cuppae location near the Pek river (land of the PICENsii suspect to Pike's of Devon) is suspect in naming the Kupa river that's also the COLapis. "CULPa" is a motto term of Patents/Pattens (Essex).

The Kilpecks/Kilpicks (new to me here) have a version of the Biss' suspect in the "voBIS" motto term of Walerans. The Pek is in MOESia, and Kilpecks were first found in Shropshire with Moses'/Moesens. Mose's/Moss' are suspect at Le Mose of PIACENza. French Mochs almost have the Kilpeck Coat. Peckers/Pickers were first found in Berkshire with Sheaves'/Shaws (and Kents) while Save's and Justine-connectable Sire's were first found in Burgundy with French Mochs. Kents share the lion of Irish Carys while Waleran de Leavell's surname was first found (in England) at Castle Cary. That works.

The Pek/Peck patees are in the colors of the same of AISens, another candidate for the Ajax cult. The Peck Patee is colors reversed from the ones in the Arms of JACQUES de Molay (shown with a black MOLINE cross on his chest). Note that Mr. Molay is standing with a white sword pointed down, with a gold handle, the KilPECKKilPICK symbol!!! Zowsers, that came unexpectedly! Moline's were first found in Devon with Pike's, and Picks/Pex's were first found in Kent with Jacques-connectable Joke's/Yoke's (branch of English Jacks/Jacques'). French Jacques' were first found in PICardy.

Ajax was a god of Cyprus, and: "In 1300, Molay and other forces from Cyprus put together a small fleet of sixteen ships which committed raids along the Egyptian and Syrian coasts. The force was commanded by King Henry II of Jerusalem, the king of Cyprus, accompanied by his brother..." When Molay's Templars were brutally persecuted by the vatican, some of them escaped to Robert Bruce I, son of Marjory Carrick. It tends to reveal why Jacques' father named him such, and why Jacques raided Cyprus. He descended from the Ajax cult, that is, and from Charax Proculus, or at least this is what it looks like, the line to Leavells, ruled by Walerans who merged with Kilpecks.

If the Peks/Pecks did not have their PATEE crosses, they would have the full Arms of Carrick.

Ah, I've just recalled that the Blais' "are believed to be originally from Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay in Calvados." And the Blays/Bligh's happen to have an axe in Crest! Blays/Bligh's are said to be first found in the area of the first-known Gilberts i.e. Carrick kin, and Blays/Bligh's are said to descend from Gilbert de Blie of Nottinghamshire (1200 AD). The Tickhill write-up tells of a Blyth entity in Nottingham. The Blays/Bligh's mention "Blyth," and Blyth's (look like Jack kin) share the Clint/Clent garb while the Clent Hills were in Worcestershire. The Squirrels/SQUARE's in the Gilbert Crest were first found in Worcestershire, and the Arms of Piacenza has a square, though I don't know what it's called.

As per the Blazer variation of Blais' (look like Kilpatrick kin), I've told the story several times that after Mrs. Kilpatrick took my hands in church to pray, on the rare day I wore a BLAZER (there was much more heraldically to this story), I walked out of church to find a flat tire on my Safari, and I had to JACK it up to put on the spare! Spare's share a red stag head with the Blyth Crest.

The Peks/Pecks are in the colors and format of English Gilberts while French Gilberts were first found in Provence with Cetis'/Settiers and CLARE-connectable Larins/Lorrens. Marjory Carrick married the grandson of GILBERT de CLARE! Scottish Larins/CLAREns (almost the English Clare Coat) have a "Creag" motto term obviously for a Carrick branch. Carrick-branch Craggs share LEAVES with Tease's/Tess'/Tecks.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I've been wondering how to connect the jack STANDs to the Laevillus picture, and here we find that the Cragg bend-with-leaves is in the colors of the STANley bend-with-stag-heads, and while Stands are also Stans (Yorkshire, same as Craggs), the Stanley stag heads are those also of Kennati-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!! The latter were first found in ROSS-shire, beside the Rose clan in the roses of English Gilberts. MacKenzie's were from queen Kenza of AURES, home of the Shawia-Numidian line to Sava-like Shaws, and the Kennati priests were in Isauria while Sauers (Capes lion in colors reversed) are said to be named after the Sava river. Capes' share the lion of Wallis', the latter first found in Ayrshire with the AURs/URE's expected in the "uro" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Aures' are likewise Aurs. Sauers can be connected to Rose-line Russells.

The PATTYs/Pati's (expected in the Pek/Peck patees) were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels in the Crest of English Gilberts. Worcestershire is where Hills were first found who share the fesse of Craigs (Aberdeenshire, same as Cuppae-like Cups/Cope's). Marjory Carrick married the grandson of Gilbert de CLARE, who was a Bruce of Annandale, and Annandale was named by Ananes Gauls at PIACenza while Pike's were first found in Devon with English Gilberts. Scottish Pike's/PICKENs were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks. How about that. Picks/Pix's (Kent, same as Jack-branch Joke's) have a different-colored version of the Scottish Kennedy Coat, itself using the Arms of Carrick. KENNEDYs were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks because they were from the KENNATI priests of Ajax. Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex with Jack-like Jake's/Jackmans.

As French Gilberts share the Lot/Loth Coat, one could argue that the CAR was in a parking LOT because it's a pointer to Carricks from Charax Proculus. Cars are in the format of, and colors reversed from, both English Gilberts and Peks/Pecks. Waleran de Leavell of KilPECK ruled a place named by Charax's father, LAEVillus. The Arms of Carrick is the Tiss/Teese Coat exactly, and while Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland) are from the Ticino river, that was home to the LAEVI Gauls. Laevi were at Pavia, and pavers share the checks in the Arms of Meulan while Waleran de Leavell ruled Meulan too, because he married the Beaumont rulers of Meulan and Leicester. The Perkins/PARKINGs, how about this, not only share the Levi/Levin lion, but were first found in Leicestershire! The car in the parking lot on jack stands.

Pavers even share the triple lozenges of Fells, the latter first found in Dundee with Cetis-suspect Kids. The same triple lozenges are with Caiaphas-like Chaffs (Dorset, same as Caens) who share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' (share Larin/Lorren scallops). The Bruce-connectable Brix's/Brests, with these triple lozenges in colors revered, were a branch of Bricks who in turn share the Coat of Waleran-like Whelans/FAILins.

As it's appearing that the carpenter GLUE is of the Clovis-Basina line, note that Bessins and Bistone's share bees with the Boy/BUY/Bie Coat, for the dream didn't need to have me BUY the glue, but that's what I did, in the STORE. Store's/Sturys may have been a branch of Stormys/Sturmys who in turn share the lion of Cabbage's (beside the Sturs). As the Pecker/Picker cross-by-lozenges is shared by Stolls/STOWells, note that the latter were first found in Somerset with Baths, the Stour river, two Axe rivers, and beside the Sturs with a STOWer variation.

Having said that, the Baths have most of the Rod-like Rhodes Coat, and the part of the Rhodes Coat at point is colors reversed from the same of axe-using Deacons and axe-using Decans. The latter were once said to be first found in RUTland with CORNERs/Garners, and I bought the glue at a CORNER store because the dream opened with my seeing the car on jack stands at an intersection. One of the Axe rivers of Somerset flows into Devon, where Rods were first found. Corners/Garners share the Moch sword, which could make it the Kilpeck/Kilpick swords, and then Swords (share "PARATus" with Deacons) were first found in Northumberland with RODhams/RODDEN, Store's/Sturys, English Lease's, and Belforts. I BOUGHT the glue, and Roets share the BOUGh/Bow motto. Bouts even look like kin of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins. All FOUR wheels were off the car, and while Catherine ROET owned the Catherine wheel, she married the Beauforts suspect as a branch of BalFOURs/Belforts. English Beauforts look connectable to Rowells/RODwells/Rothwells in the "spur rowells" of Payens/Pagans because Payne Roet was the father of Catherine Roet. Payne's/Paine's (Somerset, same as Roets and Baths) probably use the lion of Rhodes-related Baths, in the colors of the giant lion of French Beauforts.

Payne's/Paine's ("Malo MORi" phrase) use a spear while Roets share the boar heads of Speers/SPEYers who likely named the Spey river, location of Rothes (MORay). The car on jack stands, if its code for Castle Cary (Somerset again), can now go with a comparison between the English Carys and English Rothes'/Roothams (Kent, same as Roots). Rothes'/Roothams were once said to be first found in Shropshire with the Rudes' sharing the Bath cross. Leslie's, earls of Rothes, share the gold buckle with Malo's (Normandy, same as French Payne's) in the Payne/Paine motto. As English Ducks were first found in Somerset too, the CarPENTERs may have been a Car-line merger with Pansys/PANTZERs (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Duckers) in the pansy of Bar-le-Duc. Panters/Pantrys share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans, how about that.

The link of Stormys/Sturmys to the Stour river seems certain. They helped to name "LYSSE-Sturmy, in Hampshire," where Sturs were first found, and where Lise's/LISS' were probably first found. Stormys/Sturmys also named COWSfield-Esturmy in neighboring Wiltshire, and here we can go to the Cowes location on Wight, across some small sea waters from Hampshire. We can then go to the Caw variation of Adams (from Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick) because they were first found in Dumfries with Lysse-like Scottish Lise's/LEASE's. Scottish Adams/Caws share the Deacon / Decan cross, and Decans are now said to be first found in Norfolk with the Comyns, perfect because Miss Comyn(s) was the mother of Adam KilCONQUHAR. Scottish Lise's/Lease's were once said to be first found in Perthshire with CONNACHERs, and with the Dogs/DOCKs while Decans were at Norfolk's Docking. Adam/Caws even share the stars of Ducks (Somerset, same as Stour river).

Connachers (Dog/Dock colors) have a red-Shield version of the BATHer Coat, and Bathers were first found beside the first-known, Cowes-beloved Pennants. Cows'/Cuffs use a "baton" while Batons were kin of Bath-branch Bats, the latter first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river, and where Rothes'/Roothams were once said to be first found. Bats share the saltire of Spurr-branch Supers. The bat is used by Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray with Rothes.

Does the car on jack stands indicate a "rod" (slang for car) as a pointer to God's slowing Hillary Rodham Clinton? Not only did she wear out her rusty bearings spinning her wheels in two elections, but if that didn't bring her to a grinding halt, glue in the bearings would finish the job.

The "SPUR rowells" of Panters/Pantrys suggest Rowells/Rodwells/Rothwells sharing the Treby besants and the Rod trefoil, with both surnames first found in Devon with the Pine's who may be related to Penders/Pinters. Rowells/Rodwells/Rothwells are in Clovis/Clovile colors and format, and Roads share the Child eagle for another trace to Childeric and Basina.

Carpenters share the Belly motto, "Per ACUTa belli." Bellys (Moray, same as Innis') were a branch of Baileys (share Innis boar head), in turn a branch of Baliols sharing the KilPECK sword, and Picards/PICKards were first found in Moray. Baliols / Baileys named a place in PICARDy. I BOUGHT the glue, and while French BAUTs/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bello-loving Bouillons, "bello" is a motto term of German Bauts (share Moray / Bailey stars). It appears that I bought the carpenter glue as a pointer to Bauts. The Buys/Bee's, in Moray colors and format, were first found in Berwickshire with the Billet-like Blythe's, perhaps a pointer to ex-president and gangster, Bill Blythe-Clinton.

Baileys and Baliols were first found in Northumberland with RODhams/Roddens and grease-like Greys', and then Greas'/Greysons/GREIRsons (DUMfries, same as Greirs) share the fetterlock with the Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames that had a "Deum" motto term. Greirs share the crowns of MacArthurs, first found in Argyllshire with the Greir-branch Gregors. I trace the mythical Graeae hags to Amazons in North Africa, location of Cyrene, where I trace mythical Coronis. Corona's share the Greir crowns. Corons, with the same crowns, were first found in Cheshire with Balls and Ballots, and the latter were a branch of Billets, first found in Devon with Spurrs and billet-using Supers. The Bistones of Cyrene used an erect sword as a sick-headed sanctuary to Ares, and the Bistone's and Bessins (from Basina), both share the erect sword with Mochs (it's all they show). Kilpecks/Kilpicks use the erect sword upside-down (it's all they show), and Pek river is in Amazon-line Moesia.

The CUTTers (Dorset, same as Cetis-connectable Caens) can apply to the Carpenter motto, as can the MontaCUTE's/Montague's (Somerset, beside Dorset); Cutters are interesting for having a Coat like that of Kennati-line Kents, only Cutters use dragon heads probably as code for Dragons/Drainers, first found in Kent with their kin, the Mynetts, from king Amyntes, ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus. However, I don't have evidence that Cutters are intended in the Carpenter motto.

Kent is where Joke's/Yoke's were first found who nearly have the Coat of English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as STANDs), and Joke's/Yoke's have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the fesse-with-items of Glue-connectable Cluffs/Cliffs. GLAPHyra was ancestral to Quadratilla Bassus, and Quade's/Wade's share the three Cluff/Cliff wolf heads. The latter share the stars of Fiscs while Feschs share the Kilpeck sword while Fiscs share the Shield of Vairs, the latter first found in Burgundy with the Mochs almost having the Kilpeck Coat. Glaphyra was ancestral to Plancia Magna of PERGa, the line to Perkins/Parkings, and thus the parking lot, for Joke's/Yoke's were first found in Kent with Lots/Loths.

Quadratilla, along with Plancia Magna, descended from GLAPHYRa Archelaus, and CLAVERs/Cleavers could be a branch of the Cleave variation of Gluffs/Cliffs. Clavers/Cleavers happen to share the tower of Plunketts as proof that they were from "Glaphyra" (or from whatever named her). Her Archelaus family were priests of a pagan cult, and her descendant married the ruling family of Cetis. Plunketts have a reflection of the Holly Coat, and Jacks loved Hollys.

Compare "GLAPHyra" with Glue/CLOUGHs (pronounced "cloff"), Cluffs and Glove's. The Claver/Cleaver / Plunkett tower is shared by Hoppers (Wiltshire, beside Dorset), and the Hopers/Hope's (Shropshire, same as Gluffs/Cliffs/Cleave's and Wheels/Wheale's) share the "GLOBE" with Carpenters. That's one reason that carpenter glue was used, but the six carpenter pale bars are in half the colors of the same of Trots/Truths/TRUDE's, suggesting that the glue may have been used to point to TRUDeau's (a new thing as per this dream) because they almost have the Jeckel Coat. Crime minister trudeau loves the Obamaites and Clintonites, and is forming a partnership with some of their global cabal.

I tend to agree that Jeckells were a branch of Jewells, and related to Judicael of Brittany, as their write-up insists. Judicael ruled Rennes in Vilaine, you see, so that the jack stands are now pointing to this situation, and, moreover, French Levins were first found in Brittany. The Rennes-like Rance river has a mouth in Vilaine at St. MALO, and while Rance's are Rhynds too, the Scottish Rinds share the scallops of English Mallets while French Mallets are also Malo's. The Rinds happen to use "gillie flowers" while Jewells/Joels (same place as English Ash's/Aschs) use "gillyflowers". Rance's/Rhinds share the triple chevrons of German Ash's/Aschs. Gillie's/Gillys happen to have a "GLOVE" motto term!!! It means we're on the right track, as intended by the dream, when taking things to Ajax-like Jeckells!

I now recall that the Arms of St. Malo puts a SCARF on its ermine, proof that Vilaine is related to Astikas-Traby family of VILNius! The English Jacks share gold scallops with English Mallets, and the Jack scallops are in both colors of Malo's/Mallets. Rennes-like Raines' look like a branch of Rams, and the latter are in the colors and format of French Jacques'. The "Quod" motto term of Rams must be for the Quoid variation of Quade's/Wade's.

The Gillie/Gilly motto (owned by Clan Chattan) includes "not" and "cat," and the heraldic cat could be code for Cetis liners. The Nots/Cnuts are in Hope/Hoper colors and format, and the latter were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Hope and Nots/Cnuts'. The Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" to go with the "flower pot" of gillie-flower Rinds. Jewells/Joels (Devon, same as Potter-related Flowers) are in the colors of the giant Cetis/Settier lily flowers. Potters (Hampshire, same as Hangers/Angers) are in the colors and format of Wheels/Wheale's. While Dols use a Wheale-like whale, Dol is in Vilaine.

As the dream points to Glove's, and now Rinds too, it's interesting that both were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. It looks like the dream with carpenter-glue joke is pointing to the sick joke, justin trudeau, the heavy yoke upon normal canadians...who can't muster a backbone to tell him off as he deserves. he's a THIEF, stealing the tax dollars for to funnel it to a global government that canadians did not vote for. canadian power houses (those with influence) have turned into such fools as to allow this sick man to conduct his "leadership" affairs in this way. God must be warning us: prepare for the onslaught of globalist intrusions. If even trudeau can win consecutive elections with a copy-cat of Obama's snake-tongue of Obama, canada is a goner.

Let's investigate why French Jacques' are in Ram colors and format, for the Tibbs suspect in the Ram motto use cats, and the Ram Coat (KIDD colors) is a little like that of cat-using Catch's/Catchers (Norfolk, same as cat-using Keats) who in turn have scallops half in the colors of the Mallet / Rind scallops. Cates' (Northamptonshire, same as Tibbs, KIDDs, and Levi-connectable Cabbage's) share the Jewish Levi/Levin Coat. The Cates / Levi Coat is just two lion in pale in the colors of the three cats in pale of Keats', and the latter were first found in Norfolk with the Kite's/Keyts who essentially have the Kitt Coat, and then Scottish Kidds were first found in Dundee while Dundee's share the Cetis lily. Kitts were first found in Middlesex with the Fiers in the Ram motto, and Fiers happen to share the moline cross of Dutch Cates'.

Fier county (Albania) is the location of Kuman, the line to Comyns/Comines', first found in Norfolk with the Pilgrims (share stave with Hawks) who are in the "pilgrim stave's" of Hawks (HAMPSHIRE, near the Axe rivers). The Axels have Hawk-like variations. Scottish Kidds share the STAVE/Stevenson Chief. Haeks share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras' who are in turn from the Artois capital, Arras, though it was once named, Atrecht, after the Atrebates who lived in HAMPSHIRE. The Flys (Hampshire) share the Hawk fleur-de-lys too, and the Drake's (Hampshire) translate their motto with a "fly CATCHER" phrase. The "hawk's lure" is a common heraldic symbol, and Lure's use the flag while Flys were at Flagi. I think we can now realize why Kite-relate Ajax liners became Hawks, for kites are essentially hawks. The hawk's lure is used by Herods/Haralds, and I've see both Herods and Haralds, along with Lure's, listed as septs of McLeods (flags).

Comine's (same place as Flags) named Comines in Artois, and Artois' Mer river is where Plancia's Planque/Plant line was living. Mere's/MARs/More's share the Catch/Catcher scallops while Scottish Mars have the Cates / Levi Coat in different colors. Mers/Mars/more's are said to derive in "marre" = "a ram," but this is not likely accurate. Rather, having been related to Rams, someone in a family changed the surname to "Marre" in respect of Rams...but the original family was not likely named after Rams.

The Dundee and Cetis/Settier Coats would be identical if the lily designs were identical, but for some reason, houseofnames does not use the same design. I've read the Dundee description, it is said to be a lily, but perhaps they use another type of flower too, as an alternative code for other descent, for the website offering descriptions does not always describe what houseofnames shows. Fells were first found in Dundee. The Lilys (share lily design of Cetis'/Settiers) are in the colors and format of French Larins, first found in Provence with Cetis'/Settiers who in turn share the scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes', and of Apps'/Abbs' (Middlesex, same as Fiers and tulip-using Kitts). The Abbys with nearly the Apps/Abbs Coat were first found in ANGUS with Dundee's. The scallops of Abbs'/Abbs' and Abbys are half in the colors of the Jack scallops. "ANGUStis" is a cabbage motto term.

The Scottish Larins/Clarens share the double chevrons of Scottish Lise's/Lease's while English Lise's/Liss' (Hampshire, near Northamptonshire) have a Coat that can be gleaned with LIZarts/Sarde's, first found in Provence with Cetis' and Larins. French Lise's/Lys' named the fleur-de-lys, we can assume, which is a lily. Lille is a location near the Lys river of France and Belgium, and it flows to Ghent. Hampshire is where Ghents were first found along with Tiss'/Teese's suspect in "AngusTIS," and "HosTIS" is a motto term of Shirts (share Tiss/Teese chevron) with a Sarde-like Shard variation, and here we can add that the Swords/Swarts, in the Coat of French Jacques' (Lizart/Sarde colors), look like "Sarde." Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with the Dons suspect in the Dundee and Kid mottoes.

The cat-using Chives' share the motto of Scottish Lipps while TuLIPPs/TEWlips (Aberdeenshire with DIE's/DEE's) can be expected in the Kitt "tulips." LISSus was the city of the Cavii, suspect in naming Chives', and Ceva is at the Cevetta river while Cavetts (Jacques / Cave / Caen colors) were first found in Picardy (near the Lys river) with French Jacques'. It's suggesting that Joseph Caiaphas was related to the Ajax cult, which might explain why Cape's have the Jack scallops in half their colors. TEWs share the triple pale bars of Knights (Suffolk with Kidds). Scottish Kidds use "DONec" while Dons share "omnia" with Orrs/Ore's while Scottish Kidds add "ORbem" to their motto. Dons (Cheshire, same as English Die's/Dee's) share "DIE" with DUNdee's ("DONum") while Kidds were first found in Dundee. DunDEE's were first found in Angus with Dunns, we get it, beside Scottish Die's/Dee's. If heraldic "experts" don't yet know that mottoes are stacked with relatives, they are no experts. Dons use arrows while Arrows/Arras' are of the Artois capital.

Angus is also where AISons were first found, and Ajax was also AIAS / Aiax. It begs whether mythical Aison, father of Jason (Iason) of the Argo ship, was the Ajax cult. In fact, there was another Ajax, Lesser Ajax, from Locris, in roughly the part of Greece where Aison was from.

One of the Scottish Dunn Coats shares the buckles of MALLETs/Malo's, and here we can add that MALTa's share the German Lipp Coat, as well as the giant lion of Lodge's/Loge's/LEDGE's (Suffolk) and Bono's. Ledgers ("bon") share the fretty Shield of Cave's and Caens. French Bone's were first found in Provence with Cetis'/Settiers, and St. Ledgers (Northamptonshire with Kidds) is where English Cates' were first found.

St. Ledgers is at ASHby, and there is a chance that Ash's/Aschs (Devon with the Axe river) were Ajax > Axe liners. Ashbys (share Jacques chevron) are in Payen/PAION format, and partially in their colors, while the AXIUS river was in PAIONia. Ajax was Aias to Greeks, and while he was made related to TEUCER of Cyprus, Tokers/TUCKERs (AXE in Crest) were first found in Devon too. Dutch Cates' share the moline of Fears in the Ashby motto, and while Fears/Fiers were a Vere branch, the Shirt-beloved Peacocks, sharing the Ashby motto, were first found in Essex with Vere's, and with Jack-branch Jake's/Jackmans who in turn share the Tick/TUCK/TOKE/TOUQUE griffin head, how-bout that. Ashbys were at Ashby Magna in Leicester, which may have been named partly after Plancia Magna because her Perkin/Parking line was first found in Leicestershire, and because Perkins/Parkins share the Cates / Levi/Levin lion. The Tonys (Leicestershire) are from the TOUQUES river.

Perkins/Parkings share the fleur-de-lys of the Courage's in the motto of Comyns/Comings who were in turn from Kuman in Fier county. Comyns/Comings share the Coat of Avis'/Avisons expected in the "Avise la fin" motto of Kennedys. The Avis/Avison write-up even has an Aiax-like term: "There is a record of a person called 'Auicia' in Parish records of St. Benet of Holme, Norfolk..." It's implying that Auicia was the makings of "Avis," in which case the Ajax cult can even be traced to Avezzano and the Avezzano's. Comyns/Comings (Norfolk) named Comines in Artois, and Avezzano-related AVESNes is in Artois too.

Plancia line Planque's/Plants are said to have been in "Pas de Calais in the arrondissement of Montreuil sur Mer." The same Mer river is the location of Boulogne.

Jake's/Jackmans use gold drops called "or" ("gold") officially. While Swords/Swarts were first found in Northumberland with English Lease's, Shirts/Shards share the red roundel with the Arms of Boulogne (near the Lys river), and with the Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks. "Bonis omnia bona" is the Orr/Ore motto, and BONonia is an alternative name for Boulogne (Artois). The father of Godfrey de Bouillon was count in Boulogne, and Godfreys were first found in Auvergne with the Bauds almost sharing the upright Kidd goat. Bauds use a ram in the same colors. Kidds were first found in Suffolk (and Northamptonshire) with the Clare's while CLERmont-Ferrand is in Auvergne too, and Brechin-like Brecon is where Clermonts'/Clements were first found. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Capes-like Chappes'/Cheaps and Guiscards. Just follow the bouncing ball.

The Orrs/Ore's ("bona") have the Guiscard/WIShart PILES in colors reversed, but see also the Brechin piles because Brechin is where Abbys were first found. Royal Guiscards descended from HAUTEville's while "Haut et BON" is the Ledger motto. Royal Guiscards are suspect by me as the VISconti's of SARDinia, and Shirts/SHARDs share the Ore/Orr roundel. Italian Visconti's ruled Milan, and Milan is where Bona's were first found. This red, bouncing roundel is in the Arms of Boulogne along with a swan, and there is a swan head in the Lily Crest. Lille is in Artois with Boulogne, and the Lois' of Artois are from Luis of CEVA. Ledgers share the Cave fretty.

The pile-using Pile's (Northumberland, same as English Lease's) share the leopard faces of Tein-branch Tennis' (Oxfordshire, same as Teins and Lille's) while "tene" is a Lease motto term. Scottish Lise's/Lease's share the double chevrons of Larins/CLARens suspect in the "ClariOR" motto term of English Lease's). Clare's use three of those chevrons, and were first found in Suffolk with English Kidds. "Tiens" is a motto term of Square's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Lilys. Lilly is in Berkshire. The Lise's/Lease's come up as "Ledge," to my surprise, and I now see that they have a MacGILLIES variation to boot!

Ledgers ("bon") share the gold, blank Chief with Milan-liner Mellans (Ile-de-France, same as Lys'/Lise', Levi's and Chappes') and Mellanson-beloved Rods. Bono's were first found in Milan.

The thing convincing me, years ago, that Kidds were from Cetis, is their "ORBem" motto term, for the Ajax cult was at Olba. "Olba was a city of Cetis in Cilicia Aspera, later forming part of ISAURia...According to Greek mythology, Olbe had been built by Ajax, half-brother of Teucer...The priest of this temple became dynast of Kilikia [Cilicia] Trakheia...The primitive name must have been Ourba or ORBa, found in Theophanes the Chronographer, hence OURBANopolis in 'Acta S. Bartholomei'." It smacks of the URBANus river in Croatia, a tributary of the Sava/SAU river. The SAUERs are said to be from the Sau, and so compare with "ISAURia," location of Olba/Orba. It fits. The "orBEM" motto term of Kidds can thus be part-code for Beems because they share the Sauer lion.

While Spanish Urbans share the gold-on-blue Justine / Great/Grete border, Justine of Picenum married the son of Gratian, the latter having lived in Cibalae off the Sava river. Italian Urbans (definitely from the Urbanus) use a good reflection of the Leslie Coat, and while Leslie's were earls of Rothes on the Spey river, note that Speers/Speyers might have descended from Cilicia ASPERA. Urbans share the Massina hexagrams because Maezaei lived at/beside the Urbanus, but then the Massina-like Massins not only use "spiro spera" for two Speer variations, but share the mermaid in Crest with Morays while the Spey river is the Moray border. Massina's even share the Pek/Peck / Aisen patees. I always trace Masseys to the Bassus > Bassianus line thanks to Julia Maesa Bassianus, wife of Julius Avitus. Her father was a high priest of the El-Gabal cult in Syria, and the Syrian ancestry of Ananus of Israel might have been connected to that cult. El-Gabal was at Maesa-like Emesa.

Massina's are also Messina's (version of Masci Coat), and Messina is in Sicily with the neighboring Saracens who had a leader, Samsam, likely the line to Samsons because they share the SCALLops of Massina-connectable Meschins. Scallops thus look like code for the Sicel namers of Sicily, and so we can ask why Jacks and Joke's/Yoke's (Kent, same as Massins) use scallops.

Beems are said to have named Picardy, where Jacques' were first found. Perfect. It's fantastic that the Metz surname, suspect in "BeauMETZ," uses a giant ORB with besants. I see besants from Quadratilla Bassus. Beaumetz is in ABBEville, recalling the Apps'/Abbs' and Abbys.

Note PICardy because Actons/AXtons named Acton-PIGot while Pigots/PICots (Cheshire, same as Masseys) use "pike heads" as ARROW heads (Arrows/Arras' are from Artois). The "Vailance" motto term of Actons/Axtons must be for Valence's (Kent, same as Axton), suspect from Valentinian I, husband of Justine of PICenum. Beaumetz's share the Pike trefoil. Cravens, from Croatians, probably have Actons in their motto.

Actons/Axtons share the Dart fesse while darts are used by Drigs and their Trigg/TRACK branch, though the latter's darts look like SPEARs possibly due to the Ajax cult being at ASPERA. We just saw TRAKheia in the quote above along with Aspera. Axton is in KENT, where Masons/Massins were first found who have a "SPERa SPIRO" motto phrase. The Acton/Axton border is in the colors of the ORLE border of Knocks/Knox's (Renfrewshire, same as Speers/Spire's/Speyers and Orrs/Ore's), and Orrels were Orr/Ore kin.

Orrels were first found in Lancashire with Aughton while the Acton write-up suggests that Aughtons were their branch. Kents are now looking like they were from Kennati of Ajax. The Lafins/La Fins in the motto of Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Pike's/Pickens) could be from the Feins/Fins who have a border colors reversed from the Acton/Axton border. Aughton-like Augh's have: "The surname Augh was first found in Auge, as De Augo from CREVEcoeur," and the reason I see CRAVens as Croatians is that they were "KRVati." Augh's even share the Moor head in Crest with CARVers/Kervers.

Ahh, Aughtons were first found in Lancashire with the Hotten-related Huttons (AUGHTON colors) who are in turn in the colors and format of Jack-branch Joke's/Yoke's (black fesse, same as Augh's/Aggs). The Hutton stags heads are even colors reversed from the stags of Jeckels (black fesse). Both Huttons and Joke's/Yoke's look related to the Carver Coat. Carvers (Stirling/Sturling colors) look related to Balfours who in turn share "forward" with Stirlins/Sturlings (share Moor head in Crest with Carvers) and Seatons/Sittens. Ahh, another Moor head is in the Crest of Haggie's/Aggs' (Huntingdonshire, same as Otters/Others), and they share the stag head of Kenneths/MacKenzie's! Beauty.

Balfours use an OTTer while Otters/Others (likely of the Otto's/Ottone's) have the Seaton/Sitten crescents in colors reversed. Feins/Fins (black fesses) essentially have the Coat of Hottons/HAUGHTONs (Cheshire, same as Eggertons, beside Lancashire) in colors reversed. It appears that Augh's/Aggs / Aughtons were indeed Ajax liners, but then so does it seem for Huttons / Hottons, very unexpected. Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Carvers) were implied in my Sleeping Beauty dream when she was first seen at the hood of a CAR. It was that car that took me to Auto's/Otto's (share black bull with Waleran-connectable Beautys). Actually, wow, as I've said several times, I first saw her walking to the hood from the car's fender, and that must be due to Fenders/Venders (otter) being first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others! Fenders/Venders, probably a Windsor / Window branch from the Veneti of Brittany, share the Aude sword.

Auto-like Aughtons were first found in Lancashire with Cars, and the jack stands were under my auto = car in order to "grease" the bearing at the AXLE. The Axle's are also AxelRODs, and Milan-line Mellansons use a "bundle of rods", explaining why Mellans and Rods share a blank, gold Chief, and while this is the Ledger symbol too, the Lodge's/Loge's/Ledge's were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Axle's/Axelrods and same-colored Charles'. Auto's are Otto's too, as are Ottone's, and Ottone Visconti ruled Milan (Lombardy capital). Thus, the car on jack stands plays excellently because the "serio" motto term of Cars can be for a family on the Serio river of Lombardy. Otters/Others were from Lombards, but I'm having a hard time with a trace of Otto to "Ajax."

The explanation seems to be: Ajax/Aiax > Axe > Axton > Acton > Aughton > Haughton > Hotton > Huttons, Hoods, Odins, Oddie's, Oddeys > Hodleys > etc., even to the naming of Aude province in France. The "AudACTer" motto phrase of Pollocks may be for Aude's and Acton liners together. Hottons/Haughtons (Cheshire, same as Actons/Axtons) are also shown as Hectors/Hoctors. The AIKens are also Atkins (Lanarkshire, same as Sions/Swans and Caseys), and are in the colors and format of Scottish Kennedys and Casey-connectable Cassels.

Carolingian Franks

As this section begins, keep in mind that the CAROLingian dynasty, named after "Charles," was followed for a long time by the CAPETian dynasty while Caiaphas-like Capes' are also Capets. It begs whether the very descendants of Caiaphas ascended the Frankish throne as early as the Merovingian branch. If so, where did his descendants link into the Merovingians? The Pike-loving Geddes' use a "CAPTat" motto term. I've argued that PICenze had the line of Caiaphas within it. Justine of Picenum married a Roman emperor whose line may have joined Merovingians, for they were of the Marsi of the Picenze area. This little place is seven miles from L'Aquila while Aquila's with Este's share the white, spread eagle with Childs and Charles'. Childeric descended from things in the area of Este and Aquilaea.

How much temple gold did the Caiaphas line bring to the Franks? In the late 11th century, the line of Caiaphas joined the Franks and Flemings for an invasion of Jerusalem to secure the ruined temple site, and I say they were looking for the gold there that Caiaphas' descendants knew to be there. All they had to do was to convince some greedy goats to invade the Arabs of Jerusalem. Shortly after Godfrey de Bouillon was made the first Jerusalem ruler (about 1100 AD), after his grandfather joined the Jewish but vaticanized Pierleoni, Hugh de Payens, husband of Elizabeth CHAPPES, was made the chief guard of the Jerusalem temple. Very suspicious.

AUGets, in the motto of English Charles,' were first found in Provence with Cetis'/Settiers, how about that. Plus, the Agg variation of Augh's suggests that Eggs/Edge's/Ages' (probably the Charles eagle) and Ice's/Ecco's (share Pike trefoil) were Ajax liners too. Eggs/Edge's/Ages' were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, and the latter happen to share the Sauer / Beem lion. Eggs/Edge's/Ages are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with the "Acton Hall" (pre-12th century) in the Acton/Axton write-up.

The horizontally-split Charles Shield is colors reversed from the same of Ice's/Ecco's, and I've explained how Ice's/Ecco's link back to Lupus Laevillus through God's ice-cream theme. The Charles eagle is that of CHILDs too (both colors), and the kingdoms of both CHILDeric and Charlemagne originated in the Belgio-Artois theater of the Flemings. Charlemagne descended from Charles MARTEL, and MARTLets are therefore used by French Charles'/Charlemagne's (Arthur colors and format), first found in Normandy with Beems. The latter are said to have been a Bellamy branch, and Bellamys share the Auget fesse.

The Moor head (Chappes symbol) of Auge's/Aggs along with the same fleur as June's convinces me that Auge's/Aggs were related to the line of Quintus Caepio. Quintus Caepio the elder found an enormous stash of gold and silver bars while he was a Roman general, and he never gave it to Rome, but apparently stole much for himself. His granddaughter, the mother of the three Junia Caepionis', had an affair with Julius Caesar, and I think it makes a lot of sense that Caesar thus got hold of some of Caepio's gold for to manage a short-term dictatorship.

Saint-QUENTin is a location at the Artois theater, more exactly in the province of Aisen-like Aisne. The Arms of Aisne could have the wavy Dol fesse because Quintin is a location in Brittany. I trace the Marne river in Aisne to "Myrina" of Lemnos, the city visited by Jason on the Argo ship, son of Aison (or "Aeson"). One could trace "Myrina" to Morano, for that's the Moor-head city on the Sybaris river, and Chappes' (first found near Aisne) have the Moor head. Lemnos was the island of mythical HephAIStus, but also of the Sintians in case they developed from a soft-C "Kennati." I trace Sintians to Santones of Sainte because they lived near the LEMovices, and while French Clairs were first found in the Lemovices city of Limousin, Claro-line Sinclairs are also Saints. This is why I say that "Hephaestus" was part-code for the Amazonian city of Ephesus, for it was beside Clarus.

English Charles' were first found in Suffolk with Clare's while Auge's/Aggs have a near-copy of the Irish Conan Coat while English Conans share the cross of Sinclairs/Saints. It just so happens that Irish Conans were first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys and Kennedy-beloved Lafins/La Fins (share Italian Conte lion). CUNNinghams were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys. English Conans were first found in Kincardine, near the Kidds (expected with Beems in their motto). Kennedy-like Conte's/Comitissa's share the antler of Conan-like Cone's (KENT). Cone's look like kin of Biss' suspect in the "noBIS" motto term of Axe-connectable Ash's/Aschs. As per Needle's below, note that Nettle's share the double-coiled snakes in the Biss Crest. ASHtons/ASCHtons (share black Crest with Astons) are Ajax-super for having the Quid variation of Quade's/Wade's in their motto.

Kincardineshire is where Patria's/Peertree's were first found who are likely in the motto of Axton-like Astons (Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Asti). Aston-like Ashtons were at a Lyne location, and while Lyne's/Lyons share the green lion with Astys, Lyne's/Lyons use a "Pro" and a "patria" motto term. The "resoLUTio" motto term of Lyne's/Lyons can be for the Lute's/Lutts (share Fast quadrants), a branch of McLeods/Clouds/LUTTs ("fast" motto term) who share the white bull with Pelosi's, the latter first found in Savigliano, near Asti. The Lute's are much like "LITHuania," and so I wonder whether Asti was named by Lithuania's Astikas'. Astikas-like Sticks share the Aughton Coat, you see.

[Insert Sunday -- Some of this section was written on or near Saturday. On Saturday evening, I broke apart a head of GARLIC into CLOVES, and put them in water to grow stems. On Sunday, a few minutes ago, after seeing the Cloves' / Clovis', I checked for a Garlic surname, and found one showing heads of garlic. In the Garlic Crest is the erect sword of Bistone's / Bessins, from Basina, mother of Clovis! Wondering whether their was a CARlic surname to go with the car, I found the Carlicks (Carrick colors), first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Kennedys. The Carlicks (share Charles motto with "auget") are an obvious branch of English Charles'! Plus, the Carols, in colors reversed to Carlicks, share the erect sword of Kilpecks (though the latter's is upside-down). Plus, Carols were first found in Tipperary with Kennedys (!), and with the Kennedy-beloved Lafins/La Fonts who in turn have the Carol lion in colors reversed. End insert]

The auto and car themes were together in the Sleeping Beauty dream, and here we may have a breakthrough in understanding the significance of Sleeps, for while they have two of the Acton/Axton fesses, we read: "The parish of Acton-Round in Shropshire..." Rounds use "a sleeping lion" in Crest, and Sleeps named Sleap in Shropshire. Rounds, with an "Esse" motto term, use one of the double ESSE/ASH/Asch chevrons, and so this apparently pegs the Ash's as Ajax liners. Sleeps are also SLIPPers, and while ISLIPs/Haslips ("lodged" stag) were a Hazel branch, Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggs/Edge's/Ages', but are now said to be first found in Devon with the Axe river, with Esse's/Ash's/Aschs, and with the Darts who share the ermined fesse with Sleeps. Cheshire is where Stichs were first found who share the Aughton Coat.

The car axles were exposed, made ready for carpenter glue, and so the Cloves variation of Glue's takes us back to Clovis'/Clovile's now because they share the double chevrons of Ash's/Aschs. One of these chevrons is with the Sheaves'/Shaws, first found in Berkshire with Clovis'/Clovile's.

Cars were first found in Lancashire with Ashtons, and the first fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty was Charlotte Hicks, notable here because Charlotte's are listed with French Charles'/CharleMAGNE's (possibly named after Plancia Magna). Hicks' are expected from the Hyksos, called the Heka KHASEWET in Egypt, and Cetis is near KIZZUWATna. Plus, someone wrote that Hyksos had been the Hayasa-Azzi, which fits with others calling them ASi(ans), and so compare with "Aias = Ajax." Syria had earlier been, Aram, and Rams love the Fiers, first found in Middlesex with Ajax-like Essex'/Essax's, the latter in the colors and format of Rams (Essex, same as Fier-branch Vere's).

Sears/Seers (share Sere stars, colors reversed from Car stars), expected in the car motto, were first found in Essex with Rounds, and with the Brooks likewise sharing the Aughton Coat. But, amazingly, Essex is also where Brocks were first found who have the same lion as Sauers / Beems in Crest, and it's said to be holding a "dart"!!! Beauty. Essex is also where Sledge's (Suffolk, same as same-colored Charles') were first found who are in the "sledge" of English ALBERTs (KENT). The line of Charles Martel originated at/ear the Helpe river, where I trace Helps/Halps/Halfs and Halpers/Halfpennys who share the Sledge Crest more-or-less.

Darts use only one fesse, as do Actons/Axtons in the same colors. The three Axel(rod) axes are even in the colors of the same of Albert-like Halperts/Halberts (SERE colors and format), and while the Simms (and Walsers) use an axe that they call a "halpert/halbert," they were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens while Seaton is a location at the mouth of Devon's Axe river. Serio-like Sierre is a location near Sitten/Sion. The latter location is in Wallis canton, which named the Walsers in the brackets above whose goat can be the one of Devon's Moline's. The horizontally-split Walser Shield is shared by Eggs/Edge's/Ages'.

Sleeping Beauty, because she was hovering LEVEL in her car, pointed to Beautys because they almost use the Waleran Coat while Waleran de Leavell was the line to Leavells/LEVELs. The black bulls of Beauty can now be expected in the black bull head of Axton-like Astons because they use a "Numine" motto term while Newmans/Numans were first found in Dorset with Beautys. Dorset is also where Russells (share Sauer giant lion) were first found whose "sara" motto term can be expected for Sauer liners. Russells use "Que sara sara" while Fulke's use "QUI sera sera," you see, and then the Astons happen to share the lozenges of Key-connectable SHAWs/Sheaves ("QUI"), a branch of key-using Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's. Sauers were from the Shaw-like Sava river. Sava's/SAVAGE's were first found in Cheshire with Astons ("asto"), and, beauty, Asti is a location near SAVIGliano while Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with SIONs/Swans. Sera-like Sierre is beside Sion, and Halperts/Halberts were first found in Perthshire with the Glove's in the falconer's glove of Sions/Swans.

The Arms of Sierre is a sun, the symbol of Esse-like Hesse's too, but also of Needle's, first found in Shropshire with Acton-Round while Rounds use an "Esse" motto term. Sierre happens to be beside Lens while Lens'/Leens share the Hazel/Hessel fesse!!! Bingo, for Hesse's are likewise Hessels. And Hazels/Hessels were first found in Devon with Esse's/Ash's!

The Lyne's are listed with Lyons/Lune's (Perthshire), who may have named Lyne: "The surname Ashton was first found in Lancashire, where they held a family seat originally at Assheton, originally known as Assheton-under-Lyne."


I had no idea until seeing the video below, this week, that Francis Collins (former/recent NIH chief) was the Health apostle to the churches, convincing huge Christian organizations to comply with masks as the Jesus-thing to do:

The pastors who complied, and urged their congregations to comply, greatly miscalculated, and are guilty of being gladly deceived by the vaccine goons, because it was obvious at an early time, even to the uneducated, that mask mandates were for $$$forced vaccinations$$$. On top of that, it's blatantly obvious to this day that vaccine mandates are snowballing ever-so-large to a purchasing system reflecting the mark of the beast. Jesus does not support forced, dangerous vaccinations or the denial of your job / food unless you are vaccinated.

If your pastor has not apologized for urging you to wear masks in obedience to anti-Christian politicians and their lockdowns, you need to cease respecting that "pastor," for he is no good shepherd. It was obvious to true Christians that the pushers of vaccines were all anti-Christs and globalist stooges. If your pastor did not make light of this, boot him from your church without a severance package. If your pastor acted oblivious to the demonism behind forced vaccinations, he's acted the partner of Christ-despising falsifiers. However, don't paint all pastors with the same brush.

Although this video clip is too short to be in context, it's got a globalist goon saying, "by 2023," his shared "goal" and "dream" of reducing global population by 50-percent will be a "reality":

It's hard to believe he would say such a thing on camera, but I assume these goons are either faking this claim to give their enemies something to talk and fret about until they start firing bullets? Or perhaps they want at least half the world to agree with such a project for the benefit of the surviving half. They can't kill even a quarter of the world in secret, and so we shall see how far they go with damning their souls to the darkest pits of Torment. The lower the quality of life for everyone, the easier wicked people would accept mass murder as a good thing, which can explain why the goons are eroding quality of life. Should we expect a massive war? Or is he taking about VAIDs injuries caused by mass vaccinations until now?

Here's informative Polly feelin' good and looking bright in spite of cramming her thoughts with agonizing / maddening topics. This is part of her pox series of late, showing good evidence that medical people invented poxes of all sorts:

Polly's follow-up a few days later, where she's proposing that the smallpox vaccine is the new ploy to reduce population. She's proposing that the light we are seeing at the end of the COVID tunnel is a glimmering vaccinia needle. She's also proposing that things don't look very good for the future because there are too many vaccine addicts amongst us.


Organized U.S. election fraud didn't start in 2020; it took decades to make it so brazen, deflective and covert/opaque:

Election frauds in Georgia were forced to admit election chaos:

John Ratcliffe:

David Knight talks about the retracting of the killer, Bill Gates:

The long spear is still passing through trudeau's skull as even is own fellows are telling him to go take a flying leap. Note that trudeau is such the clown that he's partnering unashamed with the gangster of California. trudeau doesn't care how he becomes infamous, so long as he's a headline. Everytime he speaks, he's not being true, but is stroking agendas shared by fellow gangsters. I suppose that trudeau is signalling that the next farce to be foisted on the nation is climate-change tyranny. They steal the money of tax-payers and funnel it into the global government...that they belong to as members. That's called gangsterism.

Artur Pawlowski of late gives you a spiritual showers. I'm all in with Artur's condemnation of the canadian governments. I will not call black white, I will not claim that trudeau, or the others premiers who pushed the lockdowns and vaccines, are under God's program. SPIT! God will take away their right to speech, and abort their lives. They won't be seen again. Have the understanding to realize that God is allowing the wicked to condemn themselves by giving them power to seek fulfillment of their political aspirations. When they open their mouths, sewage flows out. In the end, the three frogs will come forth from their swamp.

The giant global beast, which moves slowly, especially when it needs to repair a plan gone haywire, can't rule the world quickly so long as truth-tellers are actively opposing their lies. I say bitchute is purposely stacked with demonic vulgarity from moronic video owners paid by the deep state to create chaos and filth. It's to be expected in order to turn normal people off of social media who are contributing to it. The profane would like to hijack alternative news to give it an anti-Christ spirit.

When we see a headline, "Belgium Becomes First Nation to Impose Mandatory Monkeypox Quarantines," it could give the impression that the EU capital is seeking to start a Europe-wide trend, but the global beast is so huge, it's like turning a giant ship when a plan goes haywire and needs modification. Word is getting out daily now that the COVID "pandemic" was a fix, a faked crisis. By the time the ship turns around to start Plan B, the world might rather sink it than board it. It takes time to get politicians on board Plan B when Plan A is hurting them already. Thanks to blatant censorship by big-bozo media, wee-wee social media (the underdog) defeated Plan A, hurray, and it can do the same for Plan B. The problem is, Plan C might be iron-fisted horror because globalists want their agenda accomplished before they leave the world in death. It's taken them decades to get to this point, and they want it fast now.

Alaska Prepper has news on a part of the ill American-fuel situation:

There isn't enough electricity in the world, not nearly enough, to power electric cars. When Democrats say that they want to remove fossil fuels from the market sooner rather than later, they know they can't switch to electric cars in the meantime, meaning that they have an agenda from globalists to ruin our lives because the globalists wish to re-vamp the way the world operates. It's of course $$$beneficial$$$ to themselves, not to you and I. They are the worthless eaters. Repeat after me: globalists are the useless eaters, and we must remove them from the world to make room for better people. That is the True Agenda. Join this Agenda, join Jesus today. Even while the globalists are trying to kill us, Jesus will kill them. It's Prophecy-101, so teach it, warn the globalists...and then the end will come. Here's a comical one-minute video with the punch line at the last second.

How long will you need to wait at the electrical "gas station" when you need to fill up on electricity? What a nightmare. Hey Obimbo, where's your electric car? What's a matter for you, you don't like waiting three hours for your car, and someone else's, to fill up? Hey, goofballs, I've got news for you: NOBODY LIKES IT. NOBODY WANTS IT. Elon Musk is the champion GOOFBALL. Way to go, brain-dead man. When someone buys twitter, he buys a living snake. When one runs an electric-car company, he holds a dead snake.

Dr. Cole has a level-headed doomsday scenario from long-term vaccinations, if you have the strong heart to hear this well-done presentation (it's a must for anyone considering on-going vaccinations):

Thomas Renz has a short message that confuses me. I don't know the date, but this message sounds new to me, and accuses the U.S. military of vaccine corruption:

Food Prep

I'm growing a large garden. I'm looking at growing lots of garlic, and drying it as small pieces. But there's a way to preserve whole garlics in jars, covered in apple-cider vinegar. You can get a year out of it before you need to start using it.

Split a garlic into its sections, and, without removing the skins, plant them root-side down in soil, and each section will grow a whole garlic. Soil can be very shallow, even six inches. To enhance growth, put the sections in a quarter-inch of water, and allow stems to grow for some days before planting in soil. I eat less than a garlic per week, and so 50 garlics will easily get me a year.

If you are biting your nails in a city property, I understand. I don't know what to tell you. You need to work to pay the bills, and a move into the country can jeopardize your ability to pay bills. I understand. If I were in your position, I'd be drying my foods to the point that I with my family could eat a few years without a garden. I wouldn't let any food go to waste, as I'd be replacing it as I eat it. It won't cost me a penny more, except that I'd need to spend the money up-front to preserve it. To accomplish it, I'd stay out of restaurants, not take vacations, whatever it takes.

Is it a good idea to rent a storage unit to store the food? Would the owner of the storage unit snoop on what you're doing? Would he/she steal some of the food? Or is a storage unit too costly if you don't know how long you'd be storing food? How else can you store a large amount of food? It could be a problem. What's your solution if you don't have a basement available?

Then, when I am sure that final-Week prophecy is being fulfilled, I'd sell the city property and move to the country where there is at least a half-acre per person, in case something happens to the stored-food supply. I'd purchase firewood for four years if the property has no forest. That takes care of food and heat. Now get a solar-power system to pump your water supply, and you will feel a lot more secure with such plans accomplished.

Are we as Christians going to shrug each other off, as regards tribulation preparation, because we are afraid of the possible need to share our food / roof with others? Are we going to befriend only those who are well stocked? It's a seriously-deadly issue. If others refuse to prepare no matter how you suggest they ought to, that's one thing, but what about those who are deceived by pre-tribulationism, or those who can't afford to stock up? Perhaps God will be merciful on us all by not allowing the mark of the beast to be comprehensive. Perhaps we will be able to buy a little from stores that do not engage in the mark. But can we teach that possibility? What if it's a false hope? The parable of the ten virgins suggests that God is fine with our not sharing with those who did not prepare on their own, but how does it make us feel to deny a fellow believer? Not very good.

Even a poor person can save a little to show good / wise intent, and I'd be more inclined to sharing with such a one over another who did not take seriously the post-trib rapture clearly spelled out in the New Testament in more than three places (Matthew 24, 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 20). There is NOT a scripture teaching a double Return of Jesus some years apart. In addition to those three places, the Return, whenever it has text exposing its timing, is ALWAYS at Armageddon -- after the tribulation -- so that the clear implication is a post-trib rapture because the rapture is clearly said to be at the Return. We don't need it implied any clearer than that, but, in fact, it is spelled out in those three scriptures even clearer than that implication.

The irony is that pre-tribbers are well-read in the Bible, yet they refuse to take a post-trib position. WHY? Some of them are even passionate about spreading the pre-trib position, which in my eyes is a betrayal of fellow believers, and a slap in God's face. The only good the pre-trib position has done is to keep Christians from spending money and time on preparation too early. Many believers stored foods a generation ago, or moved to the country, too early. But a life in the country is not a waste at all, because we don't need what the world offers, music lessons for our kids, organized sports with sinful kids to take our kids from our Faith, compartmentalized schools with anti-Christ teachers, high-end careers, elaborate restaurants and malls to choose from, etc.

I became "anti-social" because the bulk of people who thought they owned society had become anti-Christ. I did not want their society. I felt great relief to be on a ten-acre lot in the Texas wilderness, and due to that change of life, I bought a larger tract in Ontario. The stench of modern life is far from me, but the anti-Christs want to take this from us. They want us compartmentalized in city cages all walking to their drum beat. The piper wants to lead us to our destruction. I suppose I can say that I've already rejected the anti-Christ by not wanting the anti-Christ society. The mark of the beast is a test of God upon us to see what we truly love. Could it be true that a pre-tribulationist believer has no qualms against the modern world, but rather praises it as God's invention, God's blessings upon His church? When many churches sided with anti-Christ governments in the lockdown scheme, did they put one foot into their base drum? Are they slowly rejecting the Head and becoming apostates? Is this the great apostasy yet to take place? Did our enemies infiltrate whole denominations a generation ago with leaders having intent to merge churches with the state? Looks like. Did our enemies install their non-fanatical teachers in Bible colleges to liberalize them, to cool Christians off, to make Jesus look more like a philosopher than the true Son of God?

Social media has no shortage of Christians seeking to correct America, urging other Westerners to start their own patriot programs to defeat globalism. BUT, the big BUT, how many of these Christians are aiming to make America great again rather than looking to the Return at this time? Can we see the danger here? Pause it. Don't follow Trump to the mountain of destruction. Don't follow an anti-globalist leader who takes you to another form of destruction. His vision for the world does not include the return of Jesus, and neither does the "philosophy" of Fox news. If Trump saves you from the boiling oil of globalism, and if he succeeds in bringing back the good times, how is that relevant to the Return?

To the contrary, the Biblical doctrine of the Return includes what looks like a global beast with the E.U. as it's head. You can clearly see that Trump is the underdog where the E.U. is merged with NATO, the United Nations, and the Democrat donkey.

I would rather not have the extra work this year of planting a large garden, but I feel compelled to do it because I fear that the global beast is about to deny us foods in order to make people forsake their activist animosity against it. The globalists may not mind if you hate them, as long as you comply, but only a fool would lead with such a policy. If the global beast were not an absolute fool, there would be no global beast.

Only a wicked fool like a Roman caesar would seek to entrap the entire world. In the end, he gets assassinated by others who would wish to run the world. The fool assassinates the fool and gets assassinated by another fool. It's stinks like vain-glory, but such a fool is blind to it even as it drives him to his own destruction. Who could love a man who wants the entire world under his thumb? He's an anti-social sociopath in love only with his false sense of self-worth. He's arrogance incarnate.

It's June 12th, and I'm eating my first garden produce as I write. A few kale plants have leaves the size of my hand, and the spinach leaves are as much as four inches long already. These plants are from seed from about three weeks ago. They're fast comer-uppers. I'm putting them under a maple tree to shade them from the noon sun from now on. They get sideways (cool) sun morning and evening under this tree. I can move the plants around because they're all in containers. These two greens are important in self-sufficient survival. I see greens as bacteria killers for the body because, so long as leaves are green, they don't rot. The green kills bacteria trying to eat the leaves. As the leaves yellow, they rot.

My plan is to make much more food than I need in the fall, so that I can dry them. It costs others nothing because I'm growing it myself. I'm not depleting the food market. It feels good. I'm just hoping that nothing eats it before I get to it. The fence should be up this coming week to keep out deer and rabbits. A young moose (I saw only the hoof prints) walked right beside all the food outdoors on my lawn this past week, then walked down the driveway, but either didn't see the seedlings, or didn't like their leaves. I think it didn't see them. I got lucky, because it could have eaten it all in a couple of hours. It's the second moose prints this year so far.

For tribulation purposes, an option for fuel is water converted into pure hydrogen. It's dangerous, but safe if handled properly. You've got to know what you're doing. Once pure hydrogen (without oxygen) is in a propane tank, it can be used for cooking as easily as creating a torch / burner situation. There must be special stove burners to accommodate hydrogen gas.

I was looking into this over the weekend, and was floored (not good) to discover that about 10,000 liters of H gas has energy equivalent to about 2.5 liters of propane. The latter cost, in my area, about $2.00 prior to Biden's fuel-price hikes. The question is: how long will it take to make 10,000 liters of hydrogen with, say, with a solar panel having an output of 100 watts? I aim to find out.

There are numerous youtube videos online showing how to make H gas with electrolysis. The one below educated me lots, but, warning, this man likes playing with matches, so to speak.

When he uses potassium hydroxide to form his electrolyte liquid, he gets 9 amps flowing through at 12 volts, which needs about 100 watts. That's a lot of power producing H gas at a very-good clip. However, at 14 minutes, he cautions that over-production of H and O gases by those numbers can cause the gases to spill out from their funnels and into the main body of the liquid, creating an explosive gas mixture in the electrolyte (it won't explode there necessarily, but you want to avoid mixing the gases). The trick is to produce the two gases at a rate where they will go up their respective funnel, into the storage jars, faster than the gases are being produced at the two electrodes. You don't want a gas to build up in a funnel until the gas streams out past the bottom rim of a funnel. The more electrical power your are able to use, the larger the funnel you should use.

Question: how much electrical power should we use? You can hook your two electrodes directly to the electrical power plant in your city, but that monster is not what determines how much power passes through the electrolyte. In the video above, you learn that, the better the electrolyte, the greater the electrical power that flows through it. "Better" means: the electrolyte allowing more electrical power to pass through it...unless it's too much power for your outfit. He said that, with pure water, he was getting only .12 amps with his power supply set at 31 volts.

When he used baking soda in the water to produce the electrolyte, he got the amperage up to 1.7 amps at 31 volts. It took the potassium hydroxide as his electrolyte medium to get the 9 amps at 12 volts. But he cautions when using that chemical, but we need to look into it if we want to do a lot of cooking with hydrogen.

I am confident that the electrons in the electricity PHYSICALLY shake the water molecules until the H and O atoms become separated. Once unmerged, the atoms repel one another away and remain that way. More amps means more electron bullets to shake apart the water molecules. The voltage refers to the speed of the bullets. Faster bullets penetrate deeper, but more bullets causes more chaos. If a high speed bullet comes against a water molecule, the latter can "heal" itself from the damage if the next high-speed bullet takes a long enough time to come against it. But if many bullets come per unit time, like with a machine gun, the chaos can shake the atoms apart. If you have a high number, but with a very weak voltage, it might not be able to shake the molecules apart. What good is a machine gun if its bullets are moving one mile per hour? So, find out what amps-versus-voltage works best in the experiments / experiences of others. I'm green to this topic, but want to pass it on to you in case you'd like to venture into it for tribulation survival. I'm thinking about it.

The type of electrolyte chemical is what makes the bullets more or less damaging. We can say that electrons from electricity have a "hard" time going through water alone, but different salts dumped into the water allow the electrons to speed up.

I don't know how high a voltage needs to be to penetrate human skin, but 24 volts is insufficient. You can touch battery terminals with 24 volts of power and not feel a thing. This is not to say that there's no danger, for if you connect the negative to positive terminal with a wrench in your hand, it will melt the lead terminal fairly instantly. Just because the volts are insufficient to allow electrical flow into your body doesn't mean it has a problem flowing in metals.

The electrolyte chemical is in solution, meaning that it spreads EVENLY to every cubic inch of water. This means that the water molecules use their electromagnetic force to pull salt apart, and then there's two possible ways for the salt molecules to spread evenly in the solution. Either way, they are piggy-backing on and between water molecules, and so the electricity takes the easier path through the salt molecules. The salt doesn't need to be a conductor of electricity, for the electricity is being attracted by the "positive" (or less-negative) electrode, and the liquidity itself allows electrical passage (toward the electrode) because liquid molecules are loosely held, push-overs we might say. I don't think there will be passage through frozen electrolyte.

My guess is that the hotter the electrolyte, the less-deeply merged the water molecules, and the easier the passage of electricity through the water. Bonus, the electrolyte heats up naturally with electrical passage through it, but you don't want it hot enough to spoil the materials of your outfit, especially thin plastics if you use them. The benefit of using a solar panel to produce the electricity is that the sun is not always "hot" upon the panel, and the electrolyte has all-night-every-night to cool back down. The larger the container holding the electrolyte, the less hot it gets on all-sunny days. Green as I am on this topic, I would venture to claim: you want the liquid as hot as possible without ruining the equipment, as long as your system can handle the volume of gases generated.

And so I now come to my design for an electrolysis "machine" (unfortunately, "electrolysis" has various definitions. Forget about using a bottle for receiving the H gas. Forget about using anything to receive the O gas, just let it go outside for the birds. You should have this machine outdoors. You want to use an evacuated pipe. You pump out the air, and to do this you need shut-off valves. You will figure this design out on your own the moment you try to devise a way to evacuate a pipe, for example and ABS pipe. Once you have your vacuum in the pipe, you of course turn the valves. The one you had closed is now opened to let H gas into the pipe, and the valve you had open to let air out of the pipe now gets closed.

The pipe can be a long as you would like it to be, horizontal or vertical, but it should be ABOVE the electrolyte. If you have the pipe below the electrolyte tank, there will be some resistance to downward flow by the H gas. The less resistance to flow of H gas, the more-efficient (and safer) the production of the gas at the funnel and electrode.

Aside from the electrolyte tank, you want a storage tank for the gas. You want a refillable propane tank to keep the operation as safe as possible. You don't want to put it into a plastic or metal gasoline can.

You want a "low-pressure switch," as they call it, which is a sensor-switch allowing electricity to flow through the switch, to a pump, once the switch senses that the gas pressure has reached a certain high point. This makes filling the storage tank automatic, you don't need to be there, though we should ask: what happens if the switch doesn't work?

The same switch, or a second one, can turn the pump off when the pressure comes back down, when the H gas has been evacuated from the pipe. The switch is, of course, on the pipe. You will figure a way to mount it. I plan to reduce a large ABS pipe to a small pipe into which the pressure-switch can be attached. This smaller pipe then goes to the compressor pump (not just any ordinary pump) rated for pumping hydrogen. You don't want a pump that blows your house up along with your body. You want the compressor pump to act as a "check valve" i.e. not allowing H gas in the storage tank to pass back into the pipe.

You will be tempted to get the strongest-possible pump so that you can squish as much H gas into the propane tank as possible, but propane tanks will not allow you to liquefy the H gas, as much as you would like to. Propane tanks are rated for maximum pressures; my 400-liter propane tank gets filled to a maximum of 80 psi. However, "The pressure required to reach this [liquid] point is called the critical pressure which, for hydrogen, is 1.239 MPa = 179.7 psi." Don't over-pressurize your tank trying to stuff more H into it than is safe.

The problem is, my propane tank filled with H GAS won't given anywhere near as much energy as the same tank filled with LIQUID propane. But, the sun shines every couple of days on average, and so I want to make as much H gas, with my solar panel(s), as I use on a daily basis. I have no idea yet how large a system I need to produce all my cooking needs, but, hopefully, I'd like to take the cool edge off the house on cool days too hot for the wood stove. Burning H gas in the house is, of course, perfectly safe i.e. no toxic exhaust. But, the question is, if we use it for heating the home, say from 60 degrees F to 63 (makes a big difference on the cold bones), how much water vapor will it add to the interior? Someone online ought to tell about it. As much water as it takes to produce the H gas is the amount you get back when the gas is burned.

My propane tank will store 400 liters of H at atmospheric pressure, but as I can go as high as 80 psi, I can get 400 x 80 = 32,000 liters in there. If my math was correct when I said that it takes roughly 10,000 liters to produce the energy equivalence of 2.5 liters of liquid propane, then I'm laughing so far as cooking fuel is concerned, because the average person uses a lot less than 2.5 liters of propane daily. It might take $1.00 of propane (= about a liter at Biden prices) to heat a small house from 60 to 63 degrees on a fall / spring day, and so it looks like 32,000 liters daily can get us both our cooking and small-heating needs.

BUT, the BIG BUT: how much water needs to be "burned" up to produce 32,000 liters of H? How much H will my solar panel produce per day? Now you know why I'm not laughing anymore. This is disappointing. Somebody writes: "...significant water input, requiring around 9 liters for every 1 kilogram of hydrogen produced." A liter of H gas weighs 90 miligrams, or .09 grams, it's so darned light. There's 1,000 grams per liter, and so 1 kilogram of H consists of 11,100 liters (at atmospheric pressure). So, if I can burn 9 liters of water daily with my electrolysis machine, I can have roughly 11,000 liters of H. I want to cry. My machine can handle it, but my one solar panel cannot.

Wikipedia's article on hydrogen production says: "producing 1 kg of hydrogen (which has a specific energy of 143 MJ/kg or about 40 kWh/kg) requires 5055 kWh of electricity." That's 40,000 watts per making 1 kilogram of H, or 40,000 watts for making 11,000 liters of h, but my one solar panel provides a maximum of only 1,000 watts...when the sun shines square and clear upon it. In my northern region, the sun provides (morning to dusk), on average, 2,000 watt-hours daily via a 1,000-watt solar panel. I would need 20 panels to get enough H energy to equal the energy of 2.5 liters of propane. As 2,000 is 1/20th of 40,000, my one panel would get 11,000 / 20 = 550 liters of H gas. Can that cook much? It's sounds okay.

Just a moment. Let me dry my tears. 2,000 watt-hours, sniff, means I can run a 1,000-watt electric stove burner for two hours at maximum, red-hot heat.

One kilogram of H gets 135,285 BTU's, but as we need to divide that by 20 to find the BTU equivalence of 550 liters of H, that's equal to 6,764 BTU's = 1,985 watts. It'll make dinner, and maybe a couple of coffees on top. Where's my hanky?

You will do far better with solar panels in the south, but for the north, I think these numbers tell us that we ought to get two or even three solar panels for to make hydrogen cooking fuel. It'll be worth it, especially if you have little/no wood.

Want more math: "1 kg of hydrogen contains 33.33 kWh of usable energy." One kilogram = 11,000 liters = 33,330 watts, which is about 3 watts per liter. Using these numbers, the 550 liters above gets 1,650 watt-hours of power. But that's the low end. 33.3 kwh = 119.9 megajoules. Wikipedia's article on heat of combustion of H gives 119.96 megajoules per kg as the lower-end performance, but with a higher-end performance of 141.8 megajoules per kg. So, the 1,650 above now becomes 1,940 watt-hours on the high end.

More math: "A completely efficient electrolysis system would require 39 kWh of electricity to produce 1 kg of hydrogen." That's 39,000 watts per 11,000 liters = 3.5 watts per liter, meaning, to make 550 liters of H requires 550 x 3.5 = 1,925 watts. The quote above looks like a generalization because the video above indicates that, with the same amount of electricity, one can produce more gas by simply increasing the surface area of the electrodes. A larger electrolyte chamber allows larger electrodes, and, I assume, the larger they are, the longer they last before being eaten up by the charging process. The greater their surface area, the weaker the electricity flowing per unit of square area i.e. it goes easier on the electrodes. No use skimping on materials if this is a dire need in a survival situation. Store extra electrodes.

Question: can there be two or three pairs of electrodes in the same electrolyte chamber? It begs an answer.

I propose making a clear-plexiglass box for the chamber, all siliconed together as one does a fish tank. I also propose putting a piece of plexiglass from top to near-bottom (of the chamber) to divide the chamber in half to assure that H atoms don't mix with O atoms. The O electrode is in one half, and the H electrode in the other half. However, water from both halves needs to be in contact to allow the electricity to flow from electrode to electrode, and so the divider should not reach the floor of the chamber. There is a question on whether the divider can significantly obstruct electrical flow, but if not, it seems like a good idea to have the divider, especially as it will strengthen the chamber to boot i.e. "tank" less likely to fail at the siliconed joints. Don't buy cheap, Home Depot silicone. Likely, a private lumber store takes good care of professionals, stocking high-grade silicone. Building stores that serve the general homeowner will have many lower-quality products.

I also propose putting a hole through the top of the chamber in both the O half and the H half i.e. two holes in all. The holes allows gases to escape the chamber in case they get out from within the funnels. Put this machine outdoors, not in a tight-roofed garage or shed, if you include these holes. Allow any H gas in the electrolyte to escape into the wide-open air.

Here's some hydrogen data:


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