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June 1 - 6, 2022

The Local Woodpecker DOES Point to the Apophis Asteroid
It Flew Over My Head

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow. I have a hard time seeing a good motive for taking this excellent material offline, excellent for customers to discover what exactly is in their Coats of Arms. I've passed on both companies lots of money through my heraldic work, but google suppresses it greatly.

Last week, there was strong evidence that God woke me up with a woodpecker pecking at my steel ladder to send us messages. Eventually, as I explored the heraldry, the woodpecker event started to point to the Apophis asteroid scheduled to do a near-miss of the earth in about seven years. Previous heraldic pointers had half convinced me that God will cause this asteroid to hit the earth as the fulfillment of the second Trumpet of Revelation. See "woodpecker in the last update for the ladder story. Here's what I put into that section's tail end (load LaChance link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms)


[Insert 6 pm Monday, hours after this update was uploaded. -- I found a LaChance surname said to have been at UPton. One climbs a ladder UP. "Robert de Chanceaux acquired Upton in right of his wife Margaret, the widow of Robert Bellew." The Bellews/Belows use a "chalice", and the Chalice surname is said to be "originally from Eschailles, in Pas de Calais." "Eschailles" looks like it means "climb," as in an escalator. So I googled "eschalles rising" and found the following at the first website visited: "Challis means: English (of Norman origin): habitational name from Eschalle in Pas-de-Calais, France, which is named from Old French eschelle ‘LADDER’ (Latin scala)"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? As I said, the ladder goes to my balcony, and my new tenant on that floor is of the LaChance bloodline. I'm amazed.

The woodpecker did not come to the ladder on this Monday morning, as it did Sunday morning. About 90 minutes ago, I was outside, and said to the Lord; "talk to me about that woodpecker." When I came in for a break, I thought to self, "well, I heard nothing from God about the woodpecker, but God always takes his time." I then sat down and found the LaChance surname, and you know the rest. If I find more on this, it'll be in the next update. End Insert] [Insert couple of hours later -- After writing the insert above, I went out to do yard work, and when I was at the road pulling weeds, a few minutes after telling Jesus how good it is to have love -- good will -- toward each other, a woodpecker started to knock on some metal across the road. I've heard woodpeckers banging away on metal in that place before. At the time, I was wondering whether my pulling weeds is something Jesus wants me to stop due to there being little time left in this history for being concerned about them. Perhaps this woodpecker was knocking on a barn in my hearing because Jesus is shaking His head at me: "sheesh, I just told you with a woodpecker that the Revelation asteroid is in 2029, and, sheesh, here you are concerned with keeping the place looking weed-free. Sheesh."

I've been keeping weeds at bay for so many years, I don't want to stop to give them the upper hand. This place is looking beautiful without them. I can only propose the theory above, that the woodpecker was sent this third time to tell me to prepare for the Return. I've got to let you make up your own mind. On this occasion, I had used "knocking" on some metal, while I was out there at the street, and then recalled that Knocks/Knox's have a bird in a position that, in heraldry, is often called, "rising." It jibes with the Upton location of Bellews/Belows who use chalice that led to rising up a ladder in the insert above. Perhaps Jesus is pointing to the Rapture. Stop pulling weeds, and prepare for the 666, is what He may be saying. Or, this woodpecker tonight was a coincidence, and I'm wrong on this theory.

By the time I got to the lawn beside the driveway, the woodpecker flew over my head cawing all the way, and was headed straight for my house. I was still uprooting weeds. End insert]

The Chance's have a version of the LaChance Chief. The Chance's put a billet in their Crest, and as English Billets share the Coat of Bellows/Ballots, it jibes with the LaChance's marrying Bellews/Belows. et, what's amazing is that we didn't go to Bellews/Belows directly from the LaChance page. The Chance billet comes with wings, and Wings/Winks are of "VINKovci," home of the husband of Justine of PICEnum, and as the woodPECKER suggests a look at Peckers, they come up as Pickers too. Plus, English Billets were first found in Devon with English Pike's while Scottish Pike's/PICKENs share the saltire of the Letts/LATE's expected in the motto of Ladder-like Lauders.

I was telling Jesus that I don't want to leave the weeds alone in case I move from this place. I'd like to get top dollar in order to better fix up a tribulation retreat elsewhere. By the time I got into the house, I asked him if He wants me to move to another property. I was wondering what sort of sign He could give me for that. After writing the paragraph above, I got around to loading Knocks/Knox's to see if there's anything there concerning the woodpecker-and-ladder event, and there was a "MOVEo" motto term on the Knock/Know motto. But what if this is a coincidence?

I'm not opposed to moving. It's a thing I've thought to be the wise choice. If I know there's just a few years to go, it makes sense to sell this near-new house in top condition, and to move into a glorified barn for dirt-cheap (though dirt's not cheap anymore). I'm now more prepared to do that.

Knocks/Knox's use the falcon, and English Falcons share the chevron of Bellew-like Bellys who in turn share the white rose and Moor head with Peckers. English Falcons were first found in CUMBERland, beside the first-known, Belly-branch Baileys and Baliols (both in Northumberland). I feel that the woodpecker was knocking on a barn, and Burns were first found in Cumberland too. Burns happen to share three items on a blue chevron with Bellys. Alexander, brother of king Baliol, is in the write-up of English Scotts who may have the border of Knocks/Knox's, for the latter use an orle border, as do Rutherfords first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Scotts.

Coming to Rutherfords is amazing because the ladder that the woodpecker was pecking on pointed to Lauders and their Letter/Lauther branch. The latter share a goose on a rock with Rutherfords! Goose's/Gouch's were first found in Roxburghshire, near the first-known Lauders and Letters/Lauthers. Plus, Burns, Bailys, Baliols, and the surname of the people across the road, were all first found in NorthUMBERland with the Rodhams/Roddens who share the brown tree stump with Lauders, and moreover share "nec" twice in their motto with Rutherfords. English Scotts use the Catherine wheel of Rod-like Roets.

It is simply amazing that the Goose's/Gouch's should come up with the Lauders because the English Falcons are in Pigeon colors and format. A few years ago, God sent the first-ever pigeon I've seen at my property, and as it landed over the septic tank = stool tank, I viewed it as a stool pigeon. It walked a zig-zag over the tank, the flew off (taking off over the tank) along the driveway and across the street to the where this woodpecker was banging on what sounded like the side of a steel building. A woodpecker on metal is obvious, with a much-different sound than on a tree. The first of two major points is best told from my 2nd update in April, 2020:

...The inspector who inspected my septic tank -- the one with stool pigeon a couple of years ago -- was Mr. Gouch!!! I've said this before because Gouch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) share the Mole (and Goff/Gough) boar head!!!

A few days after that first pigeon was on the stool tank, I saw the first-ever mole hill over the septic tank. As I can't find a Move-like surname, perhaps the Mowe variation of Mole's is in the "MOVEo" motto code of Knocks/Knox's. An asteroid will appear as a "flaming star," and while the latter is the description of the Pero hexagram, Knocks/Knox's probably use "PROficiOR" as part-code for Pero's and part-code for Orrs/Ore's.

The second point is that, while the woodpecker tonight flew along my driveway toward my house from the property across the street -- opposite the flight of the stool pigeon years ago -- the stool-like Stolls/Stowells share the rare, cross-by-lozenges of Peckers!!! These crosses are in the colors of the patonce cross of Chance's, the latter first found in Essex with Patents who have a patonce-like Pattens variation. Patents/Pattens' share the full motto of Pullys/Pullings expected in the "RePULLulat" motto of Lauders. Plus, the Stoll/Stowell Crest is a dove with olive branch in beak, ditto with the Balcon/Balcolm Crest! But why is God seemingly connecting the stool pigeon to the woodpecker? It was banging on my ladder yesterday morning as I write here Monday night. I don't think I've ever identified the stool pigeon, if indeed God is pointing to His own stool pigeon.

I neglected to add, in the last update, that Chance's were first found in Essex with Peks/PECKs!!! Bingo.

In my head, I was thinking, "the woodpecker is KNOCKING" on something across the road. The ORLE border of Knocks/Knox's is excellent because ORRELs share the red roundel with ORLEANs and Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire, same as Knocks/Knox's) who in turn share three, white piles to a point with Latters! That is amazing.

My tenant of the LaChance bloodline has parents and grandparents in Windsor, Ontario, and Windsor castle is in Berkshire, where Peckers were first found.

CUMBERland and NorthUMBERland were highlighted above because the ladder is leaning against the BALCONy while Balcons are listed with BalCOMBs. Cumbers/Combers/CAMELfords/Campbellfords have a cross in the colors of the Chance / Pecker / Stoll cross, and Stolls were first found in Somerset with English CAMELs, and with the Bridge's whose crabs point to the Apophis asteroid along with the CHAUNCEUR variation of Chance's, for this asteroid is going to be visible in the constellation of CANCER the CRAB. Here's how excited I was in the last update: "The Balcons are said to have been in Crail (Fife), and Crails are listed with Crabs!!!!!"

It just so happens that while Pepins/Pepys point to the Apophis asteroid because Hyksos king, Apophis, was also, Apepi, Pepins/Pepys use a CAMEL head. We got here from the balcony now rented by my tenant of the Chance bloodline. Their Pipe branch (likewise has a camel head) was first found in Staffordshire with Cumbers/Combers/CAMELfords/Campbellfords. German Camels have a griffin in the colors of the Camp griffin heads, and Camps were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Campbells (Camp colors). Pepins and Pipe's were kin of English Este's, first found in Essex yet again, along with the Peacocks in the Crest of Cumbers/Combers/CAMELfords/Campbellfords. The latter's Comfort/Cumberford branch were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins sharing the Balcon/Balcomb motto.

Again, the flaming-star Pero's can be expected in the Knock/Knox motto because this knocking woodpecker is pointing to an asteroid. The Pero star has a tail just like the so-called "comet" of Reines'. The Pero's show a PALE bar that I've linked to the pale-bar-by-LADDER of the Scalia's due to my first kiss with Miss Peare, when we RUSHed up the STAIRS = scala, at a La PALOMA bar, to get away from Kepke. The Spanish Paloma's have two of the Peare PALE bars to show that God was in the event, and now it's paying off with the Pero flaming star. It was not many months ago when I discovered the STAIRR variation of Stars expected in "flaming star." Is that not amazing? Pale's/Palys use another camel head. Italian Paloma's share the dove with Balcons.

It was as little as three weeks after our first kiss that the BELLY-press event took place between Peare and I. Decades later, God gave me a sleeping bag dream that was to be connected to the belly-press, and that dream ended with my PULLING the WAIST of Miss Peare as a pointer to Waistells/WESSELs. Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset, same as Stolls/Stowells) share the Stoll/Stowell lozenges.

I've just realized that the Stohl variation of German Stolls (antler, same as German Wessels, different colors) can get us to the Stahl variation of German Steels! The woodpecker was knocking on some steel, and I'm sure it was a BUILDING, incredible because I recall that Builders share the Coat of English Berts while German Stahls/Steels share the griffin of Italian Berts/Berta's!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. And I trace Berts to Berthe, wife of Mummolin, the ruler of the Merovingian Palace that was ruled shortly afterward by Pepin of Landen!!! ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING. As I said, I asked Lorraine for our first date at her bus stop on my 24th BIRTHday, and Births are listed with English Berts! Builders were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

The Steel / Berta griffin is white, as is the Lauder / Letter griffin. English Steels have billets in their Chief in the colors of the Chiefs of Billet-connectable Chance's (Billet and griffin in Crest) and LaChance's. Billets (share BUS cinquefoil) were first found in Devon with the Moline's suspect with "MumMOLIN," and a giant moline is used by Uptons while the LaChance's married Bellews/Belows i.e. the ones said to be from UPton. Peare and I were rushing UP the get away from Kepke because he had asked her on that date that night, the first time they had been out together, and so she felt she was back-stabbing him by going up with me. It's obvious here that Kepke was used with that event -- while he and I were both selling SHOES at the same mall -- because God wanted to point to Kiev, home of the TRYPillians. Trips/Treffs use SHOES. Why does God want to point to Ukraine? Why are Scottish Patents, connectable to the patonce cross of Chance's, also Putins? Is president Putin of the Gog nation? Goose's in the Letter/Lauther Crest are also GOOGE's. Peare and I were RUSSIAN up the stairs, so to speak?

The Wessel Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Bumps, and the latter have the giant Lauder / Letter griffin, and yet the Bump griffin is also red, the colors of the griffin head in the Chance Crest. Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/LATE's (expected in the Lauder motto), and Stolls/Stowells have: "The surname Stowell was first found in Gloucestershire of Somerset..."

Kepke (Ukrainian) soon-after took Peare from me (it was meant to be). He's the pointer to Keeps, kin of Lorraine's. The last update went from my balcony to the balcony of Lorraine. My ladder pointed to Richeza of LOTHARingia, now called, Lorraine. Richeza is the line to Rigg-like Rich's/Richess', and then Riggs, who share the Comfort/Cumberford dog, share the fesse of RUSH's/Rish's, Ricks, and Rosco's/Risco's. These lines are suspect from the Varangian RUS, and it just so happens that Richeza's son married a Varangian Rus. Richeza married Casimir, and the Casimir bend-by-antler is in the colors of the Lorraine / Keep bend, making Keeps suspect from "Kiev" (Ukraine capital). German Stolls have an antler bendwise too.

The Peckers are listed with PACKers, and this took me (last update) to the Pasi > Paisley / Pack / Paiston line. I neglected to add that English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Peckers/Packers. English Pasleys have the Cano Coat in colors reversed, and while the other English Riggs have a "cano" motto term. Cano's use three of the Rigg / Rick / Rish / Risco fesse.

CUMBerfords came to topic from the Balcolm variation of Balcons. Lorraine's were first found in NorthUMBERland. Lorraine my date pointed hard to Pepin of Landen. Pepins ruled the house of Merovingians whose first king was Childeric, the line to Childs sharing the Lorraine and Paston/Paiston eagle. Here's how Paistons came to topic in the last update at the start of the woodpecker investigation: "I then loaded Lauders, and followed its motto, "REPullulat," to Reps/Reaps/Rebbs, but saw nothing to get me to Richeza's line. I then saw, in the latter's write-up: "Later, Robert Reppys was listed in Paston in 1451." Loading Pastons, the spread eagles of Lorraine's popped up in a copy of the Child/Chill Coat. As soon as I saw the PAISton variation, it recalled the Pasi-line PAISleys, is that cool or what?" It jibed with the Paisleys sharing the anchor of Packer-like Packs.

The Rish variation of Rush's, of the Risco variation of Rosco's (Cornwall, same as Uptons), can be in the "astRIS" motto term of Combers. Do you see it? The woodpecker was pecking away at my ladder leaning on the balcony, and BalCOMBs look related to Combers whose "ASTRis" motto term looks like a pointer to the asteroid! Combers even share the dancetty-fesse of Sandys/SUNDAYS!!! As I said, the woodpecker was pecking at the ladder of SUNDAY!!!

Sandys/Sundays use a "PRObum" motto term, and share the fitchees of Darlene's (Devon) whose Darlington branch shares "dum spiro spero" with Balcons/Balcolms. Is that not wild? While Sandys/Sundays (and Sands) share the Alan fesse, the fesse-with-crosses of Darlingtons are in the colors of the fesse-with-hexagrams of English Dole's (Cambridgeshire, same as Crabs) who in turn share the Crab (and Plow) fleur-de-lys. The fesse-with-crescents of Alan-related, Bellew-like Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Plows) is in the same colors and format as the Darlington / Dole fesses, and Plows have a dancetty-fesse in the gold-on-blue colors of those fesses. Bellamys lived at Perche (near ALENcon), and the Budini-line Botters/Bodins have an eagle standing on a 'perch."

Ahh, the Sandys/Sunday fitchees are used also by Knock-related Orrs/Ore's. I've neglected to realize until now how the latter can point to Apophis, for their "Bonis omnia Bona" motto can be linked to the "bon" of Alan-related Hicks', and king Apophis was a HYKSos.

Alans are suspect in naming the ancient Geloni who lived amongst the Budini of Kiev. I showed (last update) how Lorraine's BUTT stain, on her balcony, points to Budini with the inclusion of the Balcon Coat (compare with Botters/Bottini's), and so note the "ProBUM" motto term. Ahh, the "'MoVEO" motto term of Orr-related knocks can be partly for Vio's/Vito's/BITTINI's!!! I get it. English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bodens/BIDEN (i.e. like "Bittini") and Lorraine-related Rich's/Richess' (like "Rish"). Botters/Bodins have a bendwise eagle in the colors of the bend-by-antler of Casimirs.

Herodotus said that Geloni lived in WOOD houses, now linkable to the WOODpecker, for her butt stain pointed to Ducks and duck-using, Alan-related VELINs whom I trace to Mont VELINO (Salto river) in the land of the Marsi (Merovingian cousins)! The latter named mythical Mars, who had a woodpecker symbol! Mont Velino is about 50 miles from PICENze, thought by some to be the reason for the woodpecker symbol. I've been identifying mythical, Velino-like Avalon as the island of Bute for some 15 years, and Bute's are also Butts!!! Incredible.

I wonder what named BALcolms. The Bums use bombs, and a bomb-like "fireball" is used by English Balls. An asteroid will become a fireball when it lands on earth. English Balls were first found in Cheshire with the Bellew-like Bellows/BALLots (share Billet Coat), and Bellews married LaChance's. Therefore, as both balconies -- my tenant's and Lorraine's -- are part of the pointers to Apophis already, we herein have another one that now includes Lorraine's bum stain upon her balcony. In fact, Stains are listed with Stands, and the Botter/Boden eagle is "standing" on a perch! Amazing.

Wow, French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine (near Perche) while Maine's (Devon, same as English Billets and Darlene's) share the double chevrons of Perche's. The amazing thing is, my tenant is RENTing the balcony while Rentz's/Rench's share the Coat of DeMAINE's (first found in Maine)! English Rench's/Wrench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Crabs) have crosslets colors reversed from the same of Darlingtons who in turn have the Balcon motto. The Masons/Massins have the same motto, and they share the Avalon-connectable mermaid in Crest with Morays, and Bellys were first found in Moray while Balls and Bellows/Ballots were first found in Cheshire with Massey liners.

French Balls/Ballots were first found in Brittany with Alans. French Balls/Ballots show nothing but ermines while Armys/Ermine's have a lone, gold lion in Chief, same as Chance's, and the Chance Chief is wholly the Maschi Chief. I now know why French Masseys/Masse's use a "tree," the symbol of LaChance's too, first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's. The latter share the Tout crescent while "Tout Travers" is the motto of Fore's/Forez's (Savoy). Travers were Meschin kin. The Chance cross must be the Savoy cross.

Maschi's were first found in Rimini, near Fano, and Fane's share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's, from Ferte-Mace, home of Robert D'Avranches, husband of Miss Alan-Dol. Someone emailed me saying that Bellamys (same place as Meschins) married Massys. With Moscow-like Maschi's suspect in the Chance Chief, we can ask why Bells, sharing the Bellamy fesse, were first found in DUMfries with Chance-connectable Patents/PUTINs. Chance's were first found in Essex with MUSCHats.

In the last update I told that I went outside to see the woodpecker on the ladder. Just as I turned the corner, it flew off from the ladder. One could say that I chased it away because Chase's (Hampshire, same as Botters/Bodin, Button-related Rich's/Richess', and Apophis-pointable Poppins/Pophams) have four of the one patonce cross of Chance's.

Drats, last night (I'm writing much of this on Tuesday morning) I was led by the woodpecker to north and souths, but can't recall the reasoning. I've only now looked up Norths and Souths. Norths share the Chance/CHAUNCEUR lion and throw in the three fleur-de-lys of Crabs! Lookie there at Cancer the crab. Souths share the Weed Shield, and I was pulling weeds last night when the pecker was banging away across the street. I didn't look up Souths until starting this paragraph, immediately after loading Chase's, and they share the same green griffin head! It's the colors of the Patent/Patten griffin head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, drats, I can't remember why north and south should apply as a theme.

As Leslie's share the green griffin head too while they look like kin of Chase-like Case's (Norfolk), it could be that Chance's arose from Case's ("DiSTANTia"), suspect from "CASimir." Case's share the red bend with Casimirs, and Norths were first found in Sussex with Casimir-related Keeps.

I've just realized that Ducks may have been Casimir liners. It works from the variations of Italian Case's: "Della Casa, Da Ca, DACCA". English Ducks, sharing the stars of South-like Sutherlands, come up as "Dack." Ducks/Dacks have a falcon in Crest while English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Dockers. German Ducks/Dockers named Bar-le-Duc in Keep-related Lorraine. German Dacks/Tax's share the crossed swords of Borders (Somerset, same as Ducks/Dacks) who throw in one of the Duck/Dack stars. However, Mackays of Sutherland use the DAGGer, yet I don't trace Daggers/Dackers nor Daggers/Decks to "Casimir." Dacks/Tax's share the swords of Sewer-like Swords (same place as Lorraine's), and Shute's/SHOTs are expected to be a branch of Sewers/Suters/SOUTHers.

The Arms of DACHau has a SLING SHOT, and the amazing thing now is that Rapps were looked up a couple of hours ago because, I kid you not, on this Tuesday morning the woodpecker was pecking on the ladder again at the crack of dawn, and this time "rapping" on the ladder came to mind. When I got up, I checked Rapps, who use a vulture like "raptor" (I assume) in the colors of the sling "vulture"!!! They are also the colors of the giant eagle of German Belows.

The Guerre's in the Shute/Shot motto have a lion in the colors of the Duck/Dack lion heads, and in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions. Guerre's share the three Payen/Paion/Pagan hexagrams, and English Pings/Pongs/Pagans thus probably have the Guerra bendy. Payne's/Paine's were first found beside Shute's/Shots and the latter's Calles kin, and here we have an interesting development due to the Calles TRUMPETS, for we saw the Bellew-beloved Chalice's/CHALLES' of Eschailles pointing to my ladder. If the SECOND/Segur surname can be worked into this Calles picture, it could be a pointer to "second trumpet," the asteroid suspect as Apophis. The most I can say at this point is that the Second/Segur lion is colors reversed from the Guerre lion. "Guerre" means "war." Ahh, I think I have it. The Chalice's have a Challers variation, like the French Clairs/Cleres', first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs!!! Irish Clairs are interesting for having the SEGURana eagle in half its colors. In fact, the five-pointed crown in the Crest of Irish Clairs is shared by MacArthurs (laurel) who in turn have the SEAGAR moline, colors reversed from the Segurana moline!!! How do you like them apples?

Plus, the Fortune's in the Shute/Shot motto have the Campbell gyronny in half its colors, and so here's the write-up of Campbells (Bute theater): "Researchers suggest a joint progenitor of both the Campbells and the MacArthurs."

MacARTHURs share a giant, white moline with Uptons, and the latter, in Pendragon colors, were first found in Cornwall with Pendragons. Mythical Pendragon was made the father of king Arthur for a related reason. LaChance-related Bellows/Belows were at Upton, and here we can add that German Belows were first found in Pomerania while the Arms of Pomerania has a red griffin, the color of the Chance griffin head. Beauty. Cornwall is where Ballons were first found who share the lion of fireball Balls. French Balls, sharing a Ballot variation with Bellows, are likewise Ballons.

Shortly above, we saw Chaunceur the crab, so to speak, and here we can add that Combs, in case they created Balcombs, have this: "Today Combs is a small village in Derbyshire and a parish, in the union and hundred of STOW, Suffolk." Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stouts/STOWs, you see, and Pecker-connectable Stolls are listed with STOWells.

What Could Be In a Fly-Over My Head?

Good morning Wednesday. In continuing the woodpecker investigation, because it's amazing me, and because I want more evidence that 2029 is the year of the crashing asteroid, I went back to the woodpecker across the street. The first thing I did this morning is check for a Flew surname because the bird flew directly over my head from banging on the steel. No Flew surname. But even before checking for Flews, I had been wondering whether "paratus" might be a clue because the people across the street have a surname with a "paratus" motto term. Prats came to mind at that time. And then it hit me: Prats are kin of Flys!!!!! In fact, Prats and Flys were together in the very last update!!! INCREDIBLE.

This must be why the stool pigeon flew off to the property across the street. Flys were first found in Hampshire with Poppins who share a "men's motto term with Pepins/Pepys, and the latter's bend-with-fleur is in colors reversed with Webbers (Somerset, beside Hampshire) who in turn share the Fly fleur-de-lys. Flys named Flavius, and Flavius was the surname of the imperial dragon of Rieti which revelation ties to the end-time anti-Christ. The asteroid is coming to put a dent into the empire of the anti-Christ, we may assume.

Repeat from above: "The woodpecker was knocking on some steel, and I'm sure it was a BUILDING, incredible because I recall that Builders share the Coat of English Berts while German Stahls/Steels share the griffin of Italian Berts/Berta's!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. And I trace Berts to Berthe, wife of Mummolin, the ruler of the Merovingian Palace that was ruled shortly afterward by Pepin of Landen!!!" As Mummolin descended from Tullia of Lyon, it seems that the Tull/Tullia pale bar is in the colors of the two pale bars of German Stahls/Steels for that reason. And the biggie is: there are butterflies -- butterFLY singular -- on the Tull/Tullia pale bar!!! EXCELLENT!

This Prat discussion is inevitably going to touch upon Prays/PRATers, and then Irish Prays/Preys share the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's who can be traced to Tullia of Lyon because she married Mr. Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand while Italian Ferrands share the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tolle's...and the Checkers, first found in Hampshire with Flys. "Ferrand" refers to Firenze/Florence, and one Florentinus even married the daughter (Artemia) of Rusticus of Lyon, the grandson of Tullia of Lyon. Then, the Taddei's, first found in Florence, share the Bouillon flory cross, and Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. Then, as the Chief of English Ferrands has two crosses with vair fur within them to match the two crosses in the Taddei Chief, we assume the two crosses of Ferrands are white even aside from the vair, and thus these Ferrands share the patonce cross (both colors) of Chase's (Hampshire) and Chance's/Chanceurs! Cancer the crab.

My grandmother, born in Picenze, seven miles from L'AQUILA, is a Taddei on one of her parent's sides, and AQUILinus was the son of Tullia of Lyon, and father of Rusticus. The Drake's (Hampshire, same as Flys) have Aquila liners in their motto, and they use "fly-catcher" to translate two other terms in their motto where "fly" is translated from their Muscas term. My mother is a Masci of Picenze. Masci's share the fleur-de-lys of France that many trace to king Clovis, a Merovingian related to Marsi of Maruvium in the L'Aquila area. Perhaps God is trying to show that the first Merovingian kings, who lived around the time of Rusticus of Lyon, were L'Aquila liners.

Chance's (ESSEX) share the Maschi lion, and ESSEX's share the giant Aquila / Barr eagle. Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Pike's/PICKENs, you see, as well as the Thomsons who almost have the Stave/Stevenson Chief. Justine of PICENum was the daughter of Justus of Picenum, and English Ferrands have a "Justus" motto term. The amazing thing is, Hampshire is where Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams were first found who have a near-copy of the English Ferrand Coat! Ferrats/Fers' and Italian Ferrands share the checkered Shield of Hampshire's Checkers, and the Vairs/Fers in the patonce crosses of Ferrands were a Ferrat/Fers branch! Beauty.

Another shield of checks, along with blue vair, is shared by Checker-like Chichesters (almost have the Hayden motto). Their write-up: "This city [Chichester], which is of very remote antiquity, derives the latter part of its name from its having been a Roman station, supposed to be Regnum; and the former part, from its subsequent occupation by Cissa, about the close of the fifth century. About the year 47, Flavius Vespasian [son of Miss Polla], who took possession of this portion of Britain, made the place his head-quarters..." Flys were at Flavius! Polla-line Poole is beside Hampshire. Flys have the martlets of Pullys/Pullings (Yorkshire, same as Ferrands) in colors reversed. Flys were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, from Flavius Josephus. French Josephs once showed a giant swan as substitute for their giant martlet, and Swans/Sions are from Switzerland's Sion, near a Pully location at lake Geneva.

There is a "lure" in the Fly Crest, though I don't know whether it's a hawk's lure as opposed to that of another type of bird. Usually, heraldry has a hawk's lure, and the Hawk Crest has a hawk with a fleur-de-lys upon it in the colors of the Fly fleur. Hawks use "pilgrim staves" to go with the staves of Pilgrims, the latter first found in Norfolk with Irish Prats and Flags/Flacks. Stave's/Stevensons use a CLOUD! In a list of McLeod/CLOUD septs, I saw Lure's listed, and they both use Flags!!! The Flavius location of Flys is said to have been, Flagi, too! Thus, Flys were a branch of Flags/Flacks. The Pecker's even share a Moor head with the surname across the street (the one with "paratus").

If "paraTUS" is part-code for the Tous', they have a "man" with a "shirt" with "buttons," and Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Flys.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I GET IT. The Flys must have a hawk's lure because Hawks take us to Stave's whose chevron surrounded by three fleur are the Crab Coat in colors reversed!!!! What are the chances!?

English Prats were first found in Essex with Chance's/Chanceurs while Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Jeune's who in turn have the Fly fleur-de-lys in colors reversed! The reason this is huge is that French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne with French Prats/PRUDE's! Today is the first of June. plus, the Jeune-branch June's/Jungs were first found in STAFFordshire, and a stave is a staff!!! Staffs/Staffords share the chevron of Quints (once said to be first found in Essex), from Quintus Caepio, grandfather of three JUNia Caepionis'. Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire too.

Pepins/Pepys share the Coat of Pipe's who were in turn first found in Staffordshire with June's/Jungs, and they all-three use black fleur-de-lys. Pepins and Pipe's use the camel head while Camels, in June/Jung colors and format, were first found in Somerset with Pipe-connectable Webbers and crab-using Bridge's. The Webber-branch Weavers share the three stars of Bridge-like Bride's and Brights, and the "weaver's shuttle" is used by Hebrons (Bridge colors and format), first found in Northumberland with Stave's/Stevensons and the surname across the street. So, this woodpecker's fly-over has gotten us to Crabs. Scottish Bride's even share the patee cross of Pecker-like Pecks (Essex, same as Chance's/Chanceurs), in the colors of the Chance/Chanceur cross!!!

French Preys were first found in Auvergne with Jeune's, and Scottish Prude's use "lamPREYs"!!! English Prats were first found in Essex with the Yonge's using a "jeune" motto term!!! These Yonge's use a black wolf, and while English Prats have a wolf head half black, half while, Prays/PRATers (!) have white-on-black wolf heads. The people across the street once operated a JUNK yard, and Jungs are listed with German Youngs/June's. There is even a Junk surname (Crab colors) sharing the Auvergne tower!!! It's another game of bingo-bango.

This gets even better, even if it's only to verify that God was in the woodpecker's fly-over event. The Stave's are listed with Stevensons who in turn have "lum" buried in their motto twice, and Scottish Lums/LAMs, who go with "LAMprey," were first found in Northumberland with Stave's/Stevensons and the surname across the street!!!!! The Lums/Lams bring us to the line of Mieszko Lambert and Richeza. The Sine's in the Lum/Lam motto were first found in Lanarkshire with the lamprey-using Prude's. Sine's share the swan of Hawk-like Hocks. Stave's/Stevensons are also STEINsons, and Steins were first found in Norfolk with Irish Prats, Flags/Flacks, and Stave- and Hawk-related Pilgrims.

English Lums/Limbs/Lombs look related both to Bridge's and Caseys, and here we can first go to Scottish Caseys, first found in Lanarkshire with lamprey Prude's/Pride's. But then Casey-like Case's were first found in Norfolk with English Prats and Flags, and finally the Case-like Chase's (Hampshire, same as Flys) share the patonce cross of Chance's/Chanceurs. Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Chance's/Chanceurs and Apophis-pointing Mountains. The horizontal crozier of Lums/Limbs/Lombs is shared by Bracebride's (Lincolnshire, same as Prays/PRATers), and while I live near Bracebridge, the Lum-branch Lumbers (Lum/Lam branch) almost have the Coat of Potters, first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flavius. The Flavians might thus have been to the Flowers because they share the Potter / Lumber cinquefoil. As the man across the street is a carpenter, we could say he works with lumber!

The woodpecker did a Flower-like fly-over, begging whether Dovers, with the Flower Coat in colors reversed, were from d'Overs. Dovers were first found in Kent with the Gards expected in the Bridge motto, and with the Sea's who go with the Revelation asteroid landing in the sea.

Stave's/Stevensons share the Chief of Douglas' while Douglas' share the Lanarks/Lurnack heart while Lanarks/Lurnacks share the cinquefoil of Doags/Dogs/Docks, first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks in the Crest of the surname across the street. The woodpecker was first at my ladder at the BALCONy, and Balcons were at Crail while Crails are listed with Crabs. The surname across the street (same place as Lorraine's) uses a descriptive term, "exPANDed," that could be code for Panders/PANTers (Angus, near Crail), recalling that Lorraine got her pant stain on her balcony. It just so happens that Scottish Bridge-branch Bride's were first found in Angus too so that the surname across the street just got us to the Crabs.

Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Clapton while Claptons share the patee cross of German Glenns, and then Scottish Glenns share the martlets of Scottish Bride's. Glennys were kin of Mens' in the Pepin and Poppin/Popham mottoes! It's a pointer to Apophis in Cancer the crab.

As one Clapton surname was first found in Cheshire with Clubs/Clobbes of FARNdon, note that the other Claptons/CLOPtons have the vertically-split Farn Shield in colors reversed. Thus, Claptons were from king Clovis. The Woods (Leicestershire, same as Scottish Champagne's) use the club held by a savage, and while Savage's were first found in Cheshire, Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. Champagne's and Bracebridge's have a black-version of the Clapper Shield, and the latter's is a version of the Beach Shield while Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, from Childeric, Clovis' father. Clovis was born, CHLODovech, the line possibly to Flag-loving McLeods/Clouds. Pepins came to roost in the Palace of the Clovis bloodline.

I've just found the new-to-me Papins using a giant plate, and Plate's happen to be in Crab colors and format. Plate's were first found in Lancashire with the Shuttleworths who in turn use a "weaver's shuttle," and you saw shortly above how German Weavers/Webbers get us to Bridge's (Somerset, same as Fly-connectable Webbers). I neglected to say that "Esto" is a motto term of English Weavers (Cheshire, same as same-colored Overs), like the "est" of Pepins/Pepys. Papins are in the colors and format of French Pepins. Pepins/Pepys share the horse heads of English Este's, the latter first found in Essex with Chance's/Chanceurs. It's Cancer the crab all over the place, thanks to the woodpecker's fly-over. The woodpecker took us to Stave's via the Fly lure, and Stave's took us to Lums/Lombs.

Ahh, the woodpecker flew over my head, and Heads (Norfolk again) almost have the Pepin / Este horse heads! Head-like Haydens (Norfolk) have a cross in the colors of the Chance cross! I like that, another pointer to cancer the crab. Hede's are in Crab colors and near-format. The 'spots" on the Hayden dog are otherwise "pellets," shared by Flys and Prats (Norfolk again).

Pale's share the camel head with Pepins/Pepys, and Landens use six pale bars, as do Irish Prays/Preys. The asteroid is landen in the sea. The Pray/Prey pale bars are those of Coates'/Cotes' too, which convinced me that the Keiths use them as three pale bars in their Chief, and they happen to be in the colors of the stag heads in the Chief of Poppins/Pophams ("manSIT") who share the stag head with Keiths and Kettle's. Keiths named Caithness, where Pope's/Pape's were first found. Poppins/Pophams love the Mens', first found in Midlothian, beside Keiths and SITTens of East Lothian.

Lothians were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks in the Crest of the surname across the street. Both surnames use the Moor head, and English Moors (Leicestershire, same as Woods) share the cinquefoils of Gangs (Norfolk, same as PILgrims) who are in turn in the motto of Sea-connectable Drummonds, the latter first found in Perthshire with Lyons, and with a branch of Mens' said to have been at GlenLYON. Woods share the fitchees of Ratterys (Perthshire) and Picks/Pix's, and I was PICKing-out WEEDs during the fly-over of the WOODPECKer. Weeds share the martlets of GLENNs and Glennys, and the latter share the Mens / Poppin Shield while Mens' were at GLENlyon! Zinger. The Weed martlets are also used by Bridge-branch Bride's!

Ratterys are in the motto of Supers whose BILLETs in turn are colors reversed from the Wing/Wink billets, recalling that Chance's married Billet-branch Bellews/Belows. English Billets (Devon, same as Supers) share the cinquefoil of Doags/Docks (Perthshire). Plus, the new-to-me Papins were first found in Maine with Billets/Billiards, and with the Pellicans in the PULLING motto. I was pulling weeds! The Super-branch Spurrs are in the "spur rowells" of Panders/Panters. The Wing/Wink pile is that also of English Hagels (Somerset, same as Crab-loving Bridge's) while German Hagels share the Papp lion.

The Gang cinquefoils are in colors reversed with GRIMaldi-connectable Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs), making PilGRIMs look like Grimaldi's merged with the Pile's in the "pile" of Wings/Winks. English PILotte's (Lincolnshire, same as Prays/PRATer) share the Coat of Pellets in the "pellets" (black roundels) of Prats and Flys. The latter were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs while French Josephs (share black martlet with Glenns / Bride's), with the Fly martlets in colors reversed, were first found in Maine with Papins using a white roundel = a pellet-like plate. Flys were first found in the same pace as Poppins/Pophams, kin of Keiths/Mascals, and Mascals were first found in Sussex with Pellets while Mussels/Muscels (named Musselburgh in the Haddington theater of Keiths) use plates.

Back to Chichester, headquarters for the 4th head of Revelation 17. Chichs/Chicks (Essex, same as English Prats) share the lion of Poole's/Pole's from his mother's Polla surname, for the same lion is used by Rieti-like Rita's. The Poole/Pole background is that of Auvergne's. The Arms of Rieti once showed white-on-black fish, the colors of the Prude/Pride lampreys, and while the Arms of Rieti uses a "pratus" motto term (Wikipedia removed the motto from it's Rieti page because the Internet is running out of room), French Prude's (Auvergne) are listed with Prats. Prude's/Pride's were first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Flemings while Irish Flemings have the Chichester Chief-Shield in colors reversed.

The Flemings, which included Godfrey de Bouillon, were at the charge of the demonic Templars / Crusaders along with the Pierleoni of Rome, for Godfrey's grandfather was united with the Pierleoni, suspect by me from the Flavians of Rieti. Not only were Rita's first found in Rome, but the Luciano's too who share the fish of Luce's/Lucys, the latter having been at Pasi-like Passy. French Pole's share the giant lion of Sforza's (Rome), in have the colors of the same of Rita's.

The trefoil of English and Irish Prats is that of Flag-related Palmers (Norfolk, same as Irish Prats, Luce's/Lucys and Haydens). Poole is in Dorset, beside the first-known Flys (Hampshire, same as Checkers), where Hades'/Hats were first found who share the cross of Haydens, itself in the colors of the cross of Chase and Chance's (Essex, same as Chichs/Chicks). Just to let you know that Chichs ought to be from Schimatari of Boeotia, Chickens share the chevron of Shicks/Shake's.

Once we've arrived to Haydens, we note that they essentially have the Chichester motto, "FERM EN foy" versus "FIRM EN foi." Fermans (share Fly martlets) and Firmans share anchors with Fareholms and Fare's. They are all a related anchor expected with Rieti liners through the Fulks of Angers/Anjou i.e. the Rieti > Flag > Fly line. Fermans were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Fairholms and Falls/Fallis', the latter sharing the Chich/Chick / Rita / Poole/Pole lion. Fermans are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with English Luce-like Lace's/Lacys who happen to share the Coat of English FOYs. The latter were first found in Suffolk, where Luffs/Love's were once said to be first found, kin of Checks/Chicks.

The Shicks/Shake's can be traced well to the Biblical Shechemites at Schimatari, in Boeotia, were mythographers traced the Tyrians under codename, CADmus. It is my contention that CadMUS was named after the Mus area of Armenia as named Moses, for he was named by a pharaoh's daughter, and I say that this pharaoh was a Hyksos king. I contend that Egyptologists wrongly place Hyksos 100-200 years too early in history. I say the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos. My best guess is that Moses lived in the household of king Khyan, whose son never made it to the throne...because, I think, he was the firstborn son who died in the 10th plague of Moses. Moses married the Khyan-like Kenites, who are in the Bible with some relationship to Shechemites.

Mus was at Lake VAN, and here we could suggest the LeVANs/Vaners/Vannier's because they have a black-Shield version of the Poole/Pole Coat. Vannes is in Brittany, and that area was related close to the Welsh, the latter said to be from Cimmerians...who conquered Lake Van and make its king Rusa their vassal. Due to the black Shield of Levans/Vaners, the fleur-de-lys covering the Poole/Pole Shield are now in both colors of the Fly fleur-de-lys in the Levan/Vaner Coat. Fly's were first found in Hampshire with Ghents while Ghent of Belgium is also Gaunt while gauntlets are used by Phone's/Fane's/VANs. Vannes, also called Ghent-like Gwened, is beside Vilaine, and Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Levan-like Levins. Jewish Levi are Levins too, and while Dol is in Vilaine, the Dol Alans moved to Shropshire, where Levens were first found. Wine's/Winns/Gwinns were first found in Gwynedd (like "Gwened") of Wales, likely named by the Veneti.

I'm going to guess that the Levan/Vaner lion is the one of Vilaine-connectable Trebys (Devon, same as English Stewarts and HYKES'/Hacks). The Treby / Levan/Vaner lion is in the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt with a "virgin," and Virgins (Kent, same as Gaunts) share the giant lion of English Stewarts. Virgins are suspect with the Coats of Aurs/Aures' (AYRshire, same as Kennedys) and Ure's, the latter being in the MacKenzie/Kenneth motto. It looks like the Kenite line to the Kent-like Kennati priests to me.

[Insert -- Gwynedd-like Winds/Windle's were at HARDshaw while HERODs/Haralds have a fesse in the colors of the fesse-by-eagles of Wine's/Winns/Gwinns (Quinn colors), and while Winds/Windle's share the English WINKler/Windler Coat, Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with the Shaws suspect in "HardSHAW." Shaws happen to use CUPS! The harlot holds a cup of "wine." English Shaws were first found in Berkshire with Kennati- / Kenza-like Kents, and Windsors!!! I was on Muschatov's TV antenna when knocking at her second-story window, which recalls my story told several times (it's in the last update too) where the TV antenna of Paul Smith was blown down, causing it to fall on the FENCE. The Fens' are also Venns, but the new point is: the WIND blew it down!!! I saw this antenna with my own eyes laying on the fence when Paul lived in Van-like Vaughn.

German Winklers share the gold border of Wink-related Justine's and Greats (from GRATian of VINKovci, father-in-law of Justine). Winds/Windle's and Windsor's share a stag head (different color) in Crest, and the Fien's/Finis' in the "Fie en" motto phrase of Windsors (share French Julian saltire) share the lion of German Winklers (Saxony, same as German Julians), and then Fien's/Phone's are also Vans. The lion of Kents (same place as Windsors and English Shaws) is in the colors of the WINDow lion paws and the Fien/Finis lions.

I knocked of the WINDow of Diane Muschatov as a partial pointer to the royal Windsors. Knocks/Knox's (same place as Orrs/Ore's) likely call their border an "orle," and Orells (share Orr/Ore roundels) were first found in Lancashire with Winds/Windle's. The Orrels look related to Saxony-like Saxons...and Miss Muschatov played the saxoPHONE! As the knocking on her window pointed to "2000 Mules" by Dinesh D'Souza, it's interesting that the "saXUM" motto term of Saxe's could be for the Cooms (Devon, same as Dene-connectable Mule's), for Eric COOMer is/was a chief executive of Dominion Voting. Souza-like SUSans were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle. Irish Dene's and Dinesh-like Dines'/Diens/DIVES' use the WING while English Dives'/Divers have the dancetty-fesse of Coomers/Comers in colors reversed. The Coomer/Comer fesse is in the colors of the French Dennis fesse.

Saxe's (gold garb) share the "partridge" with Charts who in turn share the gold-on-blue garb of COMyns/Comings, first found in Norfolk with the Wheats/Whate's (share DANCEetty-fesse with Coomers/Comers) who in turn share the Saxe garb in both colors. Italian, Dennis-like Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with the Dominion-like Domino's expected in the "dominabitur" motto term of Coomers/Comers. Comyns/Comings were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams/DOMINE's. The namers of DUMfries could be in the Chart motto, wherefore it should be added that the Chart garb is shared by wake-connectable Walks/Wachs (Dumfries), for Wake's almost have the Mule Coat.

As Orrs/Ore's and Wake's are linkable to Mule's while I awoke Muschatov when I knocked on her bedroom window, let's go here to the second update of last month: "...French Biens [in Carrick motto] whose axes are in the colors of the same of Dinesh-like Dennis'. It reminds of Dennis QUINN when Muschatov and I slept in his apartment. I lost a lot of respect for her that night, for when I was with eyes closed on his couch, he asked her to go into his bedroom so as not to wake me up (I wasn't asleep), and she didn't come out of the bedroom until morning. I'll never know what happened, but I'm taking it as a Dennis-Dean relationship." Lookie: Deans/Diane's share the lion of Dee's/Die's (Cheshire, same as Winklers/Windlers) expected in the "Dieu" motto term of Windsors, and English Dennis' were first found in Lancashire with Orrels, Saxons and Winds/Windle's. Saxons share the "chaplet" with the Hicks expected in the Dee/Die motto, and while the Hicks are expected with the Alan fesse in colors reversed for a related reason, French Dennis' share the Alan fesse while Alans went on to become the Stewarts in the Windsor bloodline.

"FIE en" gives away that the Shaws in the paragraph above were Shawia Numidians related to queen Kenza (Numidia), the line to MacKENZie's/KENNETHs (share Winkler border) whose stag head is gold, almost the brown one of Winders/Windle's. Irish Fie's are also Fays, and Kenza's husband (Idris of Morocco) was in Fes while Fes' are also Fee's/Fays (probably the Bruno fesse). It's relevant here that the last time I saw Miss Muschatov was at a GROCEry store, for the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs/Graggs (Carrick branch) is in colors reversed with Fie's/Fays. Carricks/Kerricks were from CHARAX Proculus, son of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, home theater also of the Kenneth-like Kennati. English Kerricks, sharing a lone pile (different color) with Wings/Winds), were first found in PRESTbury (Cheshire) with Winklers/Windlers. Laevillus is the line to Leavells of Castle Cary, and Irish Carys happen to share the passant lion of Kennati-like Kents. Chart-like Carts (Bruce lion?) were at castle cary. Cart-like Carrots/Carews were a branch of Bruce-related Carricks. The Kent write-up even has Carrick-elated Craigie (Ayrshire).

Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with PRESTwich, and an Arms of Ayrshire has a motto, "God SHAW the Richt." Macclesfield is in Prestbury, and Macclesfields not only have a cross in the colors of the Windsor saltire, but the latter have the Mee's in their "me" motto term, I assume, because they share the Macclesfield cross. Thus, Windsors were a Wind / Winkler branch, suggesting that they derived from Vinkovci's imperial family of Gratian.

Muschatov also pointed to Elon Musk, who's in the news again this week because he's exposing Twitter's many robots feigning to be liberals / Democrats / globalists having Twitter accounts. End insert]

Hyksos were Asians, and Asians developed at Armenia. Cadmus was named partly after the CADusii Armenians whom I say named Hattusa of the HATTI, the line to Hades'/Hats and Haydens who we just saw sharing the motto of Shechemite-liner Chichesters. Mythical Hades looks like code for Hattusa, and Hades was even made the brother of Poseidon who was in turn made the Phoenician grandfather of Cadmus. The latter's brother, Cilix, was code for Cilicia, and that's where the Kenite-like Kennati priests showed up by the time of Jesus. On the Kenites, note the Kennati-like look: "In [Flavius] Josephus they appear as Kenetides, and in Ant, IV, vii, 3 he calls them 'the race of the Shechemites.'"

The Flys are in the Drake motto as "muscas," code for the MUScas surname, first found in Italian Pisa. Grecian Pisa, home of the mythical Amazonian king, OenoMAUS, can be traced to Poseidon-like Pisidians. Amazons named Mus-like Mysians, the so-called mythical Muses. Amazons must have named Mazaca near Mus. If this is revealing that proto-Fly Rieti liners were related to the Tyrians in the circle of Cadmus, note the latter's mother, TelePHASSa. Myth writers often joined multiple entities into one term to express people-group mergers, and the Phassa entity may have named VesPASia and the Pasi's/Pace's, the line to Paisleys and Packs who share the same anchor. Pasleys (not "Paisley"), who share the triple fesses of Check/Chick-related Luffs/Love's, were first found in Berkshire with Peckers/Packers.

The Kenites, at the Cilician shore from Cyprus, were priests of Ajax. "AJAX, son of TELamon, king of Cyprus..." It could seem that whatever Telemon was code for, it named TELephassa. Cyprus was named after copper mining, and so see this: "The Kenites were coppersmiths and metalworkers" (Wikipedia's Kenite article). Metal makers were on the Halys river with the Hatti. Chichester-connectable Fermans and Hicks' were first found in Yorkshire with Ajax-like Jacks, and Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Pollock like from Vespasia Polla. Her son made his headquarters at Sussex, where COPPERs/Coopers were first found.

Telephassa "was the daughter of Nilus, god of the Nile and Nephele..." Nephele was made the wife / mate of Ixion, and because the latter had a chariot-wheel symbol, I see him as code for the Hyksos (said to have introduced chariots into the Nile delta), perhaps even code for "Khyan." Instead of Khyan's son ascending the throne, it was Apophis.

Nile-like Neils have a Coat like that of Khyan-like Keons, both sharing the fish at the base of the Keen Coat...which is in the colors of the fish now showing for the Arms of Rieti at its Wikipedia article. The Keens even add the same lion as used by Poole's/Pole and Rita's. Keons were first found in Sligo with HICKens/Higgins and Hickensons/Higginsons. The latter share the motto of Payne's/Paine's while the Pans/Payens are in the "frying pan" of German Pole's. Mythical Pan was at Panias of Phoenicia, and he was made the son of Armenia-liner, Hermes. Panias is at mount HERMON, and Cadmus' wife was HARMONia, making it obvious that the Armenians depicted by Cadmus named Hermon. There is even an Ermine/Armine surname sharing in Chief the same lion as the Fermans/Formans, a branch of Firmens expected in the Chichester motto. So, Shechemites may have migrated to Boeotia with the mount-Hermon Armenio-Phoenicians / Hyksos, or they may have met there or on the way.

The pagan Levite in Judges, Jonathan, was in Laish, a couple of miles from Panias. Laish was a SIDONian city, and Seatons/SITONs named Sitten/Sion while mount Sion was a summit of mount Hermon. Seatons/Sitons (Fairholm colors) share the crescents of frying-like Frydays/FARadays, and Fare's with Fairholms (beside Seatons/Setons) have the Ferman / Firman anchor...all related to the "vair fur" in the Chichester Chief. Furs are listed with Firs/FIRE's, and there's fire at the mouth of the Seaton/Siton dragon, though it might technically be called, "flames," for Seatons were Flemings. It's interesting that while the Apophis asteroid is slated to become visible on FRIDAY of April, the Hermon Chief almost has the April Chief while the April tree is in the design of the "FIR" tree of Alpins. It's even more interesting because KENNETH MacAlpin is said to be the son of the PICT, king Alpin, and it's MacKenie's/Kenneths who point to the asteroid. The Hermon cross is shared by Sinclairs/SAINTs, first found in Midlothian with Fairholms and Poppin- / Pepy-beloved Mens'. Ancient Clarus was near the Hermus river. PICTones lived beside the Santone's of SAINTE.

The Aprils have several variations such as "AUDril," and Aude's were first found in Savoy with the LaChance's who in turn look like kin of Aprils. I find that amazing, as if God set up the April surname to jibe with the asteroid of 2029. The LaChance Chief substitutes with a sun, and Sinclairs are also Suns. The April Chief looks like a rose-version of the French Alan Chief because Aprils were first found in Brittany, and while Dol is in Vilaine, the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains is shared by LEVIns who in turn share the Hermon martlets. The pagan Levite at mount Hermon comes to mind.

The Anchors/ANNACKers look like the Anaki of Hebron, and then there was an ancient ANUNaki/Anunna cult that could have named the Ananes Gauls of Piacenza. It just so happens that Annans share the Chief-saltire combination of Ermine's/Armine's. Ananes lived at the Taro river, making it appear that Tyrians -- from ancient TYRUS near Hermon -- named the Taro. The Seaton-related Tresure's/TRASHers were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres' (now said to be first found in Suffolk), and the Ceno tributary of the Taro thus looks like it was named from the Khyan Hyksos who named Caen, near Trasy, for Tracys/TRASSys were first found in Devon with a Seaton location. LaChance's were first found at Touraine, and Touraine's have a Coat like that of Tarrs/Tarres'. As the Zeus TAURUS took Cadmus sister to Crete, note that the Taurus mountains are at CILICia, the latter dubbed, Cilix, Cadmus' brother. Piacenza can be expected from the Picensii peoples to the north side of the Paioni. Phoenicians were Poeni to the Greeks.

I think I might be able to guess correctly as per why there's a stork in the Chichester Crest, for storks are used by Store's while Asters/Sturs are also Astors. The latter were first found in Manche, where Masseys had lived, and then TOURaine is where LaChance's were first found, in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's whose "tree without LEAVES" jibes with the double trees of LaChance's. Thus, we have what looks like a pointer to the ASTERoid in the Cancer constellation.

I don't know what the Kenites may have been in Boeotia with Shechemites at SchimaTARi, but it was home to the father of mythical Orion (the HUNTER), whose name I trace to the Orne river passing by Ferte-Mace of the Maceys/Mace's, and further down river, the Orne goes past Caen in the Bessin. Orne's/Horns are in the HUNTING HORNs of Farmers while Fairholms (beside first-known Seatons) are also Farme's (Farn/Fern and Seaton colors). Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe river, there's an axe in the Crest of Fairholms/Farme's (share Ferman/Forman lion). English Farmers, with lion heads in the colors of the lion of English Mounts, were first found in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains while Scottish Mounts/Mons' have a lion in the colors of the Farn/Fern / Fairholm lion. Wow, the Mons-like Mens', while in the Poppin / Pepin motto, were first found in Midlothian with the Fairholms/Farme's while Farmers look like kin of Mountains. French Mountains were even first found in Languedoc with the Constance's in the motto of English Mounts.

The "double-tressure border" of Seatons is code for Tresure's/Trashers (share green dragon with Seatons). We can assume that Prude's/Pride's are in the "Pruder" motto term of English Mounts, and Prude's/Pride's were first found in Lanarkshire with the Flemings who likewise have the double-tressure border. Mons is in the Flanders land of Flemings. The mountain-like Revelation asteroid lands in the sea, and while I see Prude's as Rieti liners, I think it's interesting that Sea's have a fish in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Rieti. It's interesting because the asteroid as Judgment on the end-time dragon could be expected on the line of first-century Flavians of Rieti. And there's more than the fish of Sea's to connect here with Rieti's Flavians.

The Seatons and Tresure's/Trashers even show dragons by some coincidence or not, as do Leightons/Leytons/LATONs kin of Sea-like Says/Seys', and a branch of Leghs/Leys who share the giant lion of Mounts/Mons'. Mythical Laton was a seven-headed dragon that Revelation may be playing off of. Laton was killed in myth by Baal, meaning that his cult had a special relationship with whatever people group Laton represented, and here we can add that Asters love the line of Baal-like Bells, linkable to such things as BALiols / BAILys. Bellamys share the Seaton crescents. Baalams are essentially in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as Sea's), kin in turn of Mynetts, the line from king Amyntes of the Galatians, ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis in the Cilician land of the Kennati priests. Mythical Laton was a sea dragon (think pirates) off the Syrian coast, and that's beside Cilicia that's itself on the same general coast. Sea's were first found in Kent with the TIMna-line Time's/Timms, and Timna of Syria-like Seir was the sister of Laton-like Lotan, the line of the wicked Amalekites and EDOMites. "DEUM TIME" is an alternative motto of Morays, and Baily-branch Bellys were first found in Moray.

Mynett-like Mine's/Menne's (Bedfordshire, same as LUTON) almost share the dancetty-fesse of Flavian-like Fellows who in turn appear to have the surname of Plancia Magna in their motto. Plancia's father was from the Galatians, and while Amyntes' father (BrogiTARUS) was the high priest of Cybele (highly suspect by me as the great mother of Revelation 17), Plancia and her mother were the high priestesses of Artemis. Plancia and her mother were Herods, and Herods were Edomites. Cybele was the "great mother," as was ISHTAR before her in Babylon, and Asters are also Isters/Easters. See anything conspicuous here for an asteroid to crush? Crush Time could be seven years and counting for the miserable satan lovers now working overtime to destroy God's creation before it goes to Wonderful Counselor.

One can expect the asteroid to be pointed to end-time Herods when they persecute God's people. Plancia married Tertullus while Vespasia Polla married a son of Tertulla, and so this is why I expect that a Julia Polla of Galatia, related to Amyntes, was the line of Vespasia Polla. One can see how Mynetts/Minute's were a branch of Poppin-beloved Men's for a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, and Mynetts/Minute's even have (almost) the Coat of Irish Kennedys in colors reversed.

I had forgotten until now that a SCIMiTAR is in the Crest of Irish Kennedys to help confirm that SHECHEMites were migrating with Kenites. Plus, the Shechemite line to Shake's/Shicks is in the so-called "shakefork" of Cunninghams, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys. The Schims/Schiens were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Dragon-related Mans expected as a branch of Dragon-related Mynetts/Minute's.

Sea's are said to include Seals, and Seals (Devon, same as Sea-connectable Tuckers/Tokers and Seaton) share the white wolf head with Prays/PRATers while lamPREYs are used by Prude's/Pride's. I have seen peacocks said to be "in their PRIDE," and Peacocks were first found in Essex with Mountains and Chance's/Chanceurs. The Seal wolf head has red drops to be assumed as the blood drops of the neighboring Tresure's/Trashers. The fretty behind the Rieti fish is shared by Caens, first found in Dorset with Vespasian-like Poole. Caens are suspect from the Ceno tributary of the Trasher-like Taro river. The Kennati were at Cetis/CITIS, and Caens use a "liCITIS" motto term.

If the demi symbol of heraldry if for Demys/DuMAIS', then note the "demi-stag" of Tresure's/Trashers. The Taro is near PLACENtia, and the Place's/Plais' almost have the Farn/FERN Coat while Tresure's/Trashers have "A silver demi stag, aDORNed with red blood drops, between two FERN branches." Farns/Ferns (Ross-shire, same as MacKenzie's) share the lion head of Ducks, first found in Somerset with Tresure's/Trashers / Tarrs/Tarres'. FARNdon is in Cheshire with the Piccots have "PIKE heads" (shown as arrow heads) suspect with the Piacenza version of "Placentia." Farndons share a purple Shield with the flag of Rieti, and so the Rieti fish may be in the Coat of Clubs/Clobbes', first found in Farndon. Rieti liners were heavily in Norfolk, where Drops/Trope's were first found who are with the ADORNing blood drops of Tresure's/Trashers. The sinister-rising bend of Place-like Plessys (German) is shared by German DORNs. The wavy bend of Plessys must be related to the wavy fesses of German Drummonds (Hamburg, same as Plessys and Trips/Treffs) who in turn have the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's (Kent, same as English Trips). We can even go here to the duck-using VELINs because "[Rieti] stands on a small hilltop, commanding from the southern edge the wide Rieti valley...The plain was once a large lake, drained by the ancient Romans, and is now the fertile basin of the VELINo River." It's at the Sabina foothills, and Sabine's were first found in Norfolk with the Hake's who in turn have the Club/Clobbes Coat in colors reversed. The Clobbes' are expected with "Clovis," a Merovingian king related to the Marsi to the direct north of Rieti. Mont Velino is north of Rieti in the area of Avezzano, and the Avezzano's were a branch of Avis'/Avisons in the "Avise" motto term of Irish Kennedys. Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia while Lizarts/SARDE's were first found in Provence with a Cetis surname.

The Sabines people were Safini to Italians, and Safins, who once listed Sabina's, were first found in Somerset with Tresure's/Trashers. One wonders why houseofnames would remove the Sabina surname from the list of Safin variations. In any case, Safins share the triple crescents of LABELs/La Bells while Asters (suspect in the MacKenzie/KENNETH motto) show a "label." Bells were first found in Dumfries with the Rome's/Rooms (ANNANdale) having a "PLACit" motto term for Placentia liners, probably the ANANes Gauls at the Taro river. Bells share the fesse of Bellamys who in turn share the Seaton crescents.

We can now understand why God arranged the MacKenzie's/KENNETHs to point to the Apophis asteroid. They were apparently from the "KENETides" = Kennati. We saw the Luce's/Lucys working into the discussion above, and while "LUCeo" is a MacKenzie/Kenneth motto term, "LUCEat" is a motto term of Kennys along with Rieti-connectable "floREAT" (shared by Bruno-line Browns). The Kennys even share the crescents of CARRICK-branch Craigie's, kin of KENNEDYs (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Craigie's). The Arms of Carrick is just a red-on-white chevron, the Kennedy symbol. Kennati were at Cetis, ruled a generation after Flavius Josephus by Lupus Laevillus, father of CHARAX Proculus. What is it that we can't understand about this picture? It makes sense that the Luciano's / Luce's were related to Lucca, where Boeotia-like Botters/Buttini's were first found.

Proculus' mother was QUADratilla Bassus (I trace her through Bassianus' to the naming of the Bessin), and she's the line to Quade's/Wade's sharing the black wolf head with Prats, and moreover a black wolf is used by English Yonge's/Youngs while Scottish Yonge's share the triple piles of Laevillus-line Leavells. The latter were rulers of Meulan via Waleran de Leavell, explaining why the Arms of Meulan is the Chichester Shield. The Jeune's in the Yonge/Young motto were first found in Auvergne with Caepio-like Chappes', with Leavell-like Levi's, with the Foys/Foix's to go with the "foi" motto term of Chichesters, and with Prude's/Prats who in turn share the fesse of Carricks (black dog). Chichesters share the Quint Chief while Quintus Caepio was the grandfather of the JUNia Caepionis'. The Sadducee house of Boeotia-like Boethus is expected to have been Levite by blood, but I say they had been pagan > wayward Levites from Moses' enemies. English Jeune's share the martlets of Sadducee-like Saddocks (Sussex, same as Courts/Coverts), and Levins.

French Prude's/Prats and Carricks share the fesse of Cords/COURTs, first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, and then the Coppers/Coopers were first found in Sussex with Chichester and the COURts/Coverts. Ahh, the Cuntys/Connedys expected in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts have Kennati-like variations.

Cords/Courts share the pheons of Tipps'/Tippins while Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary. The Cunty/Connedy Chief has a symbol in the colors of the two symbols in the Chief of the other Irish Kennys, and the latter's includes the courant stag of Rays suspect in the "gardeRAY" motto term of Crab-loving Bridge's. Rays were first found in Cumberland with the Browns/Bruns who share the fleur-de-lys of Kennys, half in the colors of the Crab fleur-de-lys, and while Crabs are Crails too, the Balcons who lived at Crail have a version of the Italian Botter/Buttini Coat.

It appears we are back to the Apophis asteroid that was pointed to first by the husband (H.W. Kilpatrick) of Miss HICKS standing with in a photo (Baytown Sun) with Spuds MacKenzie. MacKenzie's are Kenneths too, you see, and they use a burning / flaming "mountain" while English Mountains were first found in Essex with Chance's/Chanceurs. God must have arranged that photo. What are the chances, by pure chance, that anyone would have this photo online? Spuds is the mascot for BUD beer, as if God arranged Boeotians / Budini with that dog. I have the better photo in my own files in case it disappears from the link above:

As Hicks' use a "Tout" motto term while I see the Mus element in Hyksos with proto-Masseys, let's repeat from above: "...the Chance Chief is wholly the Maschi Chief. I now know why French Masseys/Masse's use a "tree," the symbol of LaChance's too, first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's. The latter share the Tout crescent while "Tout Travers" is the motto of Fore's/Forez's (Savoy). Travers were Meschin kin. The Chance cross must be the Savoy cross." Maceys were kin of Bride's (Savoy) and Brights, branches of Crab-loving Bridge's. It's got the Apophis ASTERoid all over it, especially as Asters were first found in Manche, Norman origin of English Masseys/Maceys! The latter even share white fleur-de-lys with Crabs.

Ahh, the asteroid is returning in April (2029), and Aprils look like kin of LaChance's! The April tree is in the design of the "fir" tree of Alpins, and Firs are listed with Fire's, feasibly a branch of Firmans ("FirMUS"). The latter share the sun with LaChance's while Chance's were first found in Essex with the Irish Farmers sharing the Firman lion heads. English Farmers were Keppoch kin, and Kays (Yorkshire, same as Cuntys/Connedys, Firmins, Fermans, Keppochs, Touts and Hicks') have a "kepe" motto term. Keeps were first found in Sussex with the Courts/Coverts suspect with Cuntys in their motto.

Crail is in Fife, where Kinners/KENNiers were first found. "Kynn" is a motto term of Kays who in turn share the double bends of Tipps-related Ratcliffs. "The surname Kinner was first found in Fife, from the lands of Kin-near near WORMit." The WORMs share the green dragon in Crest with the Fermans/FORMans of the Hayden / Chichester motto, and one Hayden Coat share's the black bull of Beautys (Dorset, same as Hades'/Hats), in the colors of the Tipps / Ratcliff bull head. The Wombwells, who may have been named after Worms, share the white unicorn head with Heads/HEEDs (Norfolk, same as Haydens). John Ratcliffe was the mayor of HEATH, hmm.

"In Arthurian legend, Sir Kay is king Arthur's foster brother and later seneschal...Kay's father is called Ector in later literature, but the Welsh accounts name him as Cynyr CeinFARfog." Fars were first found in Yorkshire with Kays, Fermens / Firmins. It was Cynyr that had me look up Kinners, whom at the time were shown with the same bird exactly as per the Kay Crest. Kinners probably use canaries, and they upon their bend are in the rare colors of the bend-with-lion of Maze's who in turn share both motto term of Kennedy-related Carricks. The "aimee" motto term of Maze's can be for the Aim variation of Hains because the latter share the crescents of Masseys/Masse's. While the latter were first found in Savoy, the Savoy cross is shared by the Mee's/Meigh's possibly in "AiMEE."

Best Predictions I can Do

Assuming that the Apophis asteroid of mid-April, 2029 is the one in the 2nd Trumpet, then I would locate 2029 about three years before Armageddon, and therefore expect the fulfillment of Daniel 11:21-31 between 2024 and 2028, not necessarily starting as early as 2024, but possibly. As I see the 21 plagues sequenced like so, 1st Seal, 1st Trumpet, 1st Bowl, 2S, 2T, 2B, 3S...7S, 7T, 7B, I would locate the 1st of four horses in 2028 because I would locate the 2nd Horse (= 2nd Seal) starting a few months before April of 2029.

The reason that I begin the 1st horse in 2028 is because the middle of the final seven years should land in that year if the 2nd Trumpet is in April of 2029. The reason I place the 1st horse (= 1st Seal) in the middle of the seven years, or shortly thereafter, is because I see the 666 system enforced for 1260 days throughout the latter 3.5 years, and the Revelation text in the 1st Bowl says (in chapter 16) that it's a plague on those who've received the mark of the beast. However, it is an assumption that the 1st horse begins at/after the 666 mark is enforced, because this system may be on an optional level for a year or more before the middle of the seven years. Otherwise, I find no clue in Revelation to tell when the 1st Seal begins in relation to the seven years.

As I see God using me to decipher His input into the heraldic system of His enemies (the world rulers), I'm also considering that the book of Revelation has some symbolism that can be deciphered heraldically. For example, the first horseman is given a CROWN, and a crown is used by the Corona / Coron surname while we have reason to suspect that the mark of the beast will be a door pass brought to bear on the world from a coronavirus pandemic. If this is a correct view of the first horse, then it starts to look like a white horse of God against Fauci and company, though Fauci could be dead by the time of this horse.

The rider on the 1st horse also has a bow, and the heraldic bow looks to me like code for Bowers (show bows) and Bauers/Bowers, for while the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer (changed his surname to "Rothschild), the Arms of Rothschild uses five arrows. They are bunched (tied at the middle), as are the five arrows of Scottish Bowers who in turn show the bow as well. I don't want to put words into the Revelation prophecy, and so I'm only suggesting this view.

It's pretty amazing that while Bowers and Bowers/Bauers share the green Shield with Burleys/Bourleys, Albert BOURLa is the Pfizer CEO, and Fisers/Vissers happen to be in Burley/Bourley colors. Plus, Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourleys, and Roets share the motto of Bows/Bough's who happen to have bunched arrows in Crest. The red lion in the Bow/Bough Crest can be the Beaufort/BOWfort lion in colors reversed because Roets became direct Beauforts. Beauforts/Bowforts were first found in Savoy with Fore's/Forez's suspect with BalFOURs ("FORward") who in turn look related to English Beauforts/Ballafays/Belfou's.

The "Ad" motto term of Scottish Bowers is suspect with AIDS/Ade's (look like RODham kin), first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire with the Books/Boggs in the "book" of Roets, thus making Books/Boggs look like a branch of Bows/BOUGH's. The Bure's are in the write-up of Scottish Bowers, and there are a few other Bure surnames, with the Italian Bure's/Bura's using a giant bear, and first found in VERONA with the Bellino's who use the bear paw/leg. I don't know whether this might be indicating Rothschilds in bear-depicted Russia, for Rothschilds did worm their way onto the Russian throne in 1917, causing the birth of Communist Russia under their watch. Arthur Balfour was Britain's foreign minister, if I recall correctly, in 1917.

French Bure's/Bureau's have a Coat like that of Fellows, and the latter were first found in Huntingdonshire with the husband of ADA of VARENNE, making her suspect in the "Ad" motto term of Bowers/Bure's. Her husband, Henry of Huntingdon, is suspect from Henry of Rodez, whose father married Miss Roquefeuil, that being the proto-Rockefellers. I assume that Henry of Rodez was the son of Miss Roquefeuil. The Bure's/Bura's just brought us to Verona, and the virus-like Vires' are listed with Verona's/VARENNE's who in turn look like kin both of Fellows and Fellers, thus pointing things to the Rockefellers at the charge of the poison-vaccine scheme / murder-by-vaccine programs.

I'm not sure whether "cups" are used by French Bure's/Bureau's, but the harlot of Revelation 17 has a cup of murder in her hands. Revelation 18 says that her doom, looking like the doom of the world's richest merchants / industrialists, is in "one HOUR," and an hourglass is used by Books/Boggs.

The Bellys ("belli"), connectable to Italian Belli's (Verona), have the eight-pointed Fell star in colors reversed, and while I see the harlot from IshTAR, she had an ancient eight-pointed star as her symbol, used also by Rothschilds/Roddensteins. The Isters/Asters/Easters love the Labels/LaBELLs. Verone's (not "Verona") share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

Bellys share the Moor heads of Morano's, and Morano is a location (which uses Moor heads in its Arms) on the Sybaris river while it's known that Sybaris was inhabited by Greeks from BOURA, I kid you not. It's near CORINth. The Belly chevron is in the colors of this Arms of Saraca while Saracena is on the Sybaris river too. The Peare's in the "Per" motto term of Bellys share part of the Tam/Thames Coat while "Ad meTAM" is the full motto of Bowers/Bure's. The Lets/Late's in the Glasgow motto share the Peare and Tam/Thames stars. The Revelation harlot wears pearls, and Peare's are listed with Pearls/Purle's! CORONis the crow can be to the crow head of Scottish Caseys (Lanarkshire, near Glasgow), and Crows were first found in Norfolk with Case's. I trace Coronis to "Chora"...on Patmos, where the Revelation was Given.

The harlot is said to sit on seven hills (of Rome), and it's amazing therefore that while Sevens ("PRAEstantior" can be from Rieti liners) and Hills were both first found in Worcestershire with Patmos-connectable Pattys/Pati's, it's also where Square's/Squirrels were first found who have the Tiens variation of Tams/Thames'. And Square's/Squirrels have a bear leg too, as do Belli's, which recalls the belly-PRESS event with Miss Peare! She must have been a symbol of the Revelation harlot all along, and so her being with Kepke must apply Kepke liners to the harlot in some way. The Russian army is now near Kepoi at the TAMan peninsula of Russia.

As PRESS'/Prests were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', and with a Reed location, note that "PRAEStantior" can be code for Press' and/or Prays/PRATers. Prats were Rieti liners, you see. Reeds look like kin of Petro's (share DeMAINE fleur), and Flavius Petro (Titus' great-grandfather) was the patriarch of the Rieti imperials, the line to Josephs (Maine) and Pulling-beloved Pellicans (Maine). Miss Peare worked for REITmans CLOTHing at the belly-press event. The harlot is said to be CLOTHed in purple. Blood CLOTs come to mind, for she has the blood of the saints in her cup. That's amazing and horrific all at once. Clots/DuClos' even share a pierced hexagram (different colors) with Jewish Reitmans (ROSE).

Prude's/Prats share the fesse of English Bugs, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Stars/STAIRRs. Just before Peare left me for Kepke, she and I were RUSHING up the STAIRs. Pero's use "flaming stars", and Stars/Stairrs have a chevron in Burley/Bourly / Bower / Bauer / Pollock colors. Rush's share the WAISTell and Rothchild horse, and her belly-press-on-DECK event was related to the waist-PULLING event (Pullings were Rieti liners). Pullings use a "palleSCERE" motto term that can be for Square's/Squirrels (share the Deck/Dagger squirrel). I rode Peare's white horse immediately after Kepke was on it. Horse's were the ancient symbol of the Rus, or of Ares, the god of war. It was a WHITE horse that Ares was represented with. God's got a white horse of his own to respond to the Ares horse. The Ade's/Aids suspect in the Bower/Bure motto were first found in Northumberland with Horse's (white horse heads).

The Belly roses are those of Paisleys too, and Paisley is at GLASgow to go with the heraldic hourglass, for it's used also by Houstons (Renfrewshire, same as proto-Rothschild Pollocks, back to Rieti liners), first found at the Glasgow theater. Houstons share the martlets of Pullys/Pullings, getting us back to imperial Rieti liners, which included book-using Roets and book-using Reeds.

BOGens (Bavaria, same as Bauers/Bowers and Rothes/Rothchilds) use the giant bow. Bogers/BOGNers are split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split German Bure's, and the Boger/Bogner nail can get us to Neils/O'Nails, kin of Saraca-like Sharks who in turn use the Corona-like crane. German Bugs (Bogen colors) share the Verone Coat.

The bear leg of Bellino's (same place as Belli's) is in colors reversed with the Powys (Shropshire, same as BURtons) surname, and the latter calls it a "gamb," likely code for Gambino's (show a human leg in pale). The amazing thing here is that Powys' share the fitchees of Darlene's whom I know to use a "female" holding a "book." There's another book (not sure what it's called) in the Crest of Rape's, whom I looked up because the Revelation harlot is raped in the end by the anti-Christ. Rape's happen to have a Coat like that of Archibalds (especially the English branch), first found in ROXburghshire (named by Roquefeuil elements), near the first-known Books/Boggs.

Book-using Roets look like a branch of Roots (share Bagley Coat) who in turn share the tree with roots of Bure-like Burtons (Shropshire, same as Bellamys, Talbots, Bagleys, and Rudes') who share the Bellamy fesse. The Burton dog heads are likely "talbots." Rudes', with a "mural" CROWN traceable to Muriel Pollock at ROTHES castle, are suspect from Rudesheim of Germany, at Assmannshausen, the line of RasMUSSENs/Assmanns, and Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Roots. Rothes castle is on the SPEY river, and Spire's/Spears/SPEYers are in the Mason/Massin motto. Rasmussens share the giant unicorn of FIRE's (Austria, same as Rabe's/Rave's and Bauers), and the harlot is said to be raped and burned with fire by the anti-Christ.

Rudes' (look like Ridge branch) share the cross of Scottish Petersons while Petersons share the lion head of English Rothes who were in turn once said to be first found in Shropshire with Rudes', but are now said to be first found in Kent with Roots. English Rothes' look like Dent kin, and German Bure's use crossed triDENTs in the colors of the crossed Speer/SPEYer spears. That works to explain why Pollocks share the green Shield with Bure-like liners. Fulbert, father of the Pollocks, was likely in Shropshire with the Dol Alans.

Rape's can be sharing the bend of German Plessys, the latter first found in Hamburg with the Bugs who in turn share the raven with Rabe's/RAVE's (share Rothes/Rothchild Coat). "SpeRAVI" is the full motto term of Annan(dale)s, from Plessy-like Placentia, and Rabe's/Rave's share the raven with English Peters from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle. The other English Peters share the mascles of Prats so as to trace peters to Flavius Petro. German Peters/Petersens/Peers (share bend of English Peters) share the black wing of Rieti-line Fulks. The Peter bend is shared by Bruno's while Browns/BRUNs were first found in Cumberland with Brun-like Burns (and Bernice's), and the harlot is said to be BURNed with fire. Burns share the Dole / Crab / Plow fleur-de-lys

Ahh, I get it. The book-using Rape's have a Coat version of Scottish Scotts (Roxburghshire) while English Scotts, showing the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet, were first found in Kent with Roots! It's all squared up.

As the second horse is red, it's notable that English Reds/Reeds (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) use a "Pax COPia" motto while book-using Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with CUPs/Cope's. The harlot holds a cup, and the seven Seals are removed from a book. The second horseman is given a sword, symbol of the Swords (Northumberland).

As per the blood clots that Peare seemed to be pointing to with her job at Reitman's, I loaded the Bloods/Bluds to find then first found in Cardiganshire. I then clicked to the Cardiganshire page to see that that place includes almost the Sea / Seaman Coat, and just as I was making that realization, to the very second, "sea" was a word that sang over my speakers by Selah, in the song, "I Need Thee Every HOUR" (it's Saturday). The Sea fish is suspect with the Rieti fish.

I loaded the Cardiganshire article to see how far that part of Wales is to Carnarvonshire (on the Cardigan bay), for the latter is where the Wine's were first found, and the harlot's cup is filled with "wine," we could say, yet's its called blood. Amazingly, MOTHERs/Mathers were first found in KinCARDINEshire (i.e. like "Cardigan") with PEERtree's/Patria's! Mothers/Mathers even share the double fesses of Manners/Maness', first found in Northumberland with Greats! The great-mother harlot! "Revelation 17:5: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."

While she rides a dragon with seven heads, LOTAN the SEA dragon had seven heads too, and then Wine's share the LUTON and Grave eagle. Sea's share the triple-wavy Drummond fesses, and Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Great-related Justine's) share the Crest of Mothers/Mathers! Sea's (Kent, same as where Ticks/Tooks/Tucks were once said to be first found) can be gleaned as kin of Tuckers/Tokers (share seaHORSE with Seamans), and Ticks/Tooks/Tucks (Yorkshire, same as Sailers) almost have the "MILITae" motto term of Ritters in turn suspect in the "celeRITER" motto term of Mothers/Mathers. German Milits share the eight-pointed star with Ishtar, and English Millets share the cinquefoil of Ship-beloved Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Sails/Sales' and Beasts) and Billets. Sea's are said to have been Seals, and Seals (Devon, same as Tuckers/Tokers and Billets) share the triple wolf heads of Seller-like Sailers ("GREATest" motto term!) while Sellers, possibly a branch of whatever "CELERiter" is code for, use CUPs. Sellers were first found in Aberdeenshire (beside Kincardineshire) with Cups/Cope's, and with the Reeds whose English branch (Northumberland, same as Horse's) has a "copia" motto term for Cups/Cope's.

Recall the Powys' (Shropshire, same as BURtons) with the Belli bear leg in colors reversed, for the Powys motto has two terms ("Parta tueri") shared by Mosters/Masters (share the Sailer griffin heads) who should be in the "most" motto term of Sailers (Yorkshire, same as Mosters/Masters). Mosters/masters were once said to be first found in Kent with Sea's and Ticks/Tooks/Tucks. The Sailor motto starts with "Who." Mosters/Masters use the phrase, "QUAERERE parta tueri," and Roets with Bows/Bough's share "Quaerere."

There seems to be a stress on the sea and sailors and even ships while the asteroid into the sea follows closely after the first and second horses. And so while the world is beset by the onset of war, and while pro-Trumpers and freedom fighters are trying to make America great again, God has His own world-leveling measures from which there is no return. It'll only get progressively worse. If progress is what you want, liberal demons, so be it. Loyal believers, have the wisdom to give up on this world when you see the invasion of Egypt by the anti-Christ.

When the powers did away with the optional Veri-Chip skinchip drive in about 2010, we might surmise that the global goons had a change of plans, opting instead to do a skin-chip by force of a hyped coronavirus pandemic. It may have gone better than they initially hoped it might, but it didn't go as far as they ultimately wanted. It would be wise to plan for Act II of the coronavirus pandemic. It would be wise to have extra needs so far as you can afford them. Tell your pastor to go get a paying job, and use the money you normally give to church to prepare foods, if you are on the poor side of life. Your pastor is more than likely a staunch pre-tribulationist who cares nothing for your tribulation plight. I would NEVER take money to preach the gospel. Pastors need to be gamblers, because it's what they do, get paid for preaching. And church members pay to have the gospel preached. Does that seem right to you? The collection plate is always passed around immediately before the preacher comes up. He's earning a living, and may not get any further rewards i.e. from God therefore.

I have newly-found evidence that Levi's were in fact from Leavells. It started with the Pollets in the Poole/Pole motto. I suppose I have failed in the past to load Walpole's as per William de PAULet, lord of Walpole (Somerset, beside Poole, and beside Walerans), found in the Pollet write-up. The Walpole's share the gold crosslets on a fesse (different-colored fesse) with Pauls (Yorkshire, same as Pullys/Pullings). In the WALpole write-up: "John of WALpole was nephew of WALeran, the great Essex Baron who was Count of Meulan in Normandy." That's Waleran de Leavell, and English Leavells were first found in Somerset with Walpole. The thing is, Walpole's use two of the triple Levi chevrons!

Scottish Leavells were first found in ROXburghshire, and the "AUDax" motto term of Roxburghs gives away their being from Roquefeuil because it's in Aude province. Plus, Aude's have a blue-Shield version of the Pollet Coat! Beauty, and there was a Margaret de la POLE of Foix province, beside Aude. Aude's were first found in Savoy with LaChance's while Chance's were first found in Essex.

We just traced Vespasia Polla to the Pole family of Foix, and while Miss Pole's granddaughter, Anne of Foix-Candale, was a Bohemian queen, I trace George's, first found in Dorset with Poole, to Bohemia's PodeBRADy. Bradds/Breads have a giant lion head in the colors of the giant Poole/Pole lion! One of the two French Foix/Foy surnames was first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's. The fox-using Fes'/Fez's were first found in Auvergne with the other French Foix/Foy surname, and the Fes'/Fez's share the Petro fleur-e-lys for a trace to Flavius Petro, father of Vespasia Polla's husband. Walpole's were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's (share bull of a different color with Walerans).

The Fes/Fez write-up once told that the surname was founded in the 10th century, so close to the time that Idris II of Morocco set himself up as king in FES of Morocco that it appeared his family became the Fes surname. Idris got booted out of Fes. "[Idris II] left Walili for Fes in 808. During his reign (791–828) he successfully consolidated the Idrisid state and developed Fez into a thriving capital." The point here is that his father, Idris I, was married to Kenza of Aures, the line to MacKenzie's! I see "IDRis" from the ITUReans, and "itur" is a MacKenzie motto term. "Aures" is also "AWRaba," like "AUVERgne."

The Pollets use swords, as do Swords from Siward of Northumberland. The latter is in the write-up of Sewards/Showers who not only have a version of the Walpole Coat, but were first found in Essex with Waleran de Leavell. Polworths have a Coat looking related to the Pollet Coat. Polworths almost have the Coat of Cowes' while there is a Cowes location on the Isle of Wight off-shore from Poole. The Polworth Coat is almost that of Guiscards/Wishards, first found in STIRlingshire with Scottish Chappes' while French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Foix's/Foys and Levi's. The Wishart variation suggests English Wise's because they not only have an "aude" motto term, and not only look connectable to Levi's, but were first found in Devon with Walerans. I see French Chappes' as kin of Aude-connectable Otto's/Ottone's.

So, by following the bow of the white horseman, we latched onto Bauers > Rothschilds, making sense of end-time prophecy because Rothschild corporations probably control much of the world, but the family historically controlled Israel, the chief concern of Jesus, and may yet control it today in spite of political rebellion everywhere. The green Shields of Bowers / Bauers / Burleys is shared by Pollocks, and the very first Pollock build Rothes castle, which I was named by the proto-Rothschilds. Thus, the Rothschild name had made marital contact with the line of emperor Vespasian. Pollocks were named by their village of Pollok at/beside PAISley, the line from Pasi's suspect in naming VesPASia. The Pasi's/Pace's were first found in Bologna with a Sabina-like Savena river, and English Pace's share the purple Shield with the Rieti flag.

I see the Velino river near Rieti as the entity naming mythical Avalon, which I identify as the island of Bute, which was once Rothesay. The Bude's/Buds (seven-pointed star) use the bow, and I say that God pointed to Buds with Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot for BUD Light BEER. Beers use the bear, as do Bauer-like Bavaria liners.

Myth writers had king Arthur die on Avalon, and while I trace Arthurs to the Naro/Neretva river's Ardiaei, isn't it conspicuous that the Velino river is a tributary of the Nera? Plus, Vespasian ruled in his first year in 69 AD, little more than a year after emperor Nero. Between these two kings were three short-term but "official" emperors (Galba, Otho and Vitellius) who've got to be the three fallen kings of Daniel 7, for there are 10 Roman kings in all, and when we remove three, we are left with the seven heads of the Revelation dragon. Nobody teaches this solid theory but me, so far as i know, in spite of it's having all the logic in the world, in spite of it's being out there going on 20 years now, showing the power of the big-name prophecy writers to hold and contain Christian readers in error. Writer's such as Lindsey claim that Daniel's 10 kings are end-time.

As was explained, the imperial Rieti's go to the Fulks and Flys of Flagi, and the English Fulke's (part-green Shield) are said to derive in Fulk NERRA in particular, suggesting that he was named after the Nera river, or vice-versa. German Fulks share the black wing with Vitellius-like Vitals/Vidals, and with Flack-like Flake's. The "sera" motto terms of Fulke's may be for something at the Serio river of Lombardy, and as Ottone's are also Otho-like Otto's, it's interesting that Otto's/Auto's share a giant, black bull head with the Lux's in the "LUX VITae" motto of BURtons. Flake's (share lion heads of English Rothes and Petersons) share a curved, solid and white chevron with Otto's/Ottone's? Was this the line from emperor Otho?

Otho married Poppaea Sabina. "Nero forced Otho to divorce Poppaea so that he himself could marry her" (Otho's Wikipedia article). Sabina is the location of Rieti and the mouth of the Naro river. Plus, Poppaea's name can explain why Flys were first found in the same place with Poppins. It could suggest that the line of the Apophis Hyksos were at Sabina, and, in very fact, I trace the Sabines and their SEMNite branch to the Nile delta, where Hyksos ruled!!! Yes, SEBENnytos, also called SAMANnud, is at the Nile delta.

"The name Samannud ultimately derives from the Ancient Egyptian name meaning 'city of the sacred calf." Whether or not that has historically been a correct claim, it can explain the red bull in the Sabine Crest. The Revelation = European harlot rides on the BACK of the dragon, same as Europa on the back of the Zeus bull, and Backs/Bachs once showed a gold calf, but now show a "steer" bull. I suspected Backs/Bachs from the Hyksos king, Apachnas, and suggested he was the Exodus pharaoh for whom Aaron was forced (by rebellious Israelites) to make the golden-calf idol.

Some say Apachnas was another name for Khyan, the king ruling immediately before Apophis. Aster-like Steers (Asters/Isters/Sturs were a branch of Sturs/STYRE's) share the vertically-split Shield of German Gardners who in turn have the giant Sabine scallop in colors reversed. Gardens/Jardens even share the black boar with Porcia's while Porci's share the Petro fleur-de-lys. Jardins (Angus, same as Gardens/Jardens) almost have the TailBOIS'/TailBOYs Coat ("bos" is a cow in Greek), and the latter share the Gardner scallop. Italian Boys/Boi's show a giant bull in the colors of the giant Back/Bach steer. Jardin-branch Jarrets have a lion in the colors of the Steer lion. Bos-like Bus' share the giant cinquefoil of Porcia-like Porch's. Porcius Cato was in Sabina.

Safins, once listing Sabina's, were first found in Somerset with Rieti-line Roets, beside the Saver-branch Saffers/Savarys who in turn love the Vital-like Vito's, and moreover the Auto's/Otto's, perhaps from emperor Otho, can be in the "aut" motto term of Saffers. Vito's were first found in Tarvisium while Chives' of Tarves use "CAT-a-mountains" while Porcius CATo was in Sabina, and then English Mountains were first found in Essex with Savers. Saffers are also Savarys, as are French Savards (share besants with Sevens), but then English Savards/Savords/Salfords are in English Bush colors and format, and while Bush's share black boars with Porcia's, Savards/Savords/Salfords have boar heads in colors reversed from the Porcia boars. Thus, as RATcliffs were first found in BURy of Salford, zikers, they must have been Rieti liners living in an area named by the Boura-line Greeks. Irish Burys (boar head with spear) share a green Shield with Burleys/Bourleys who likewise have boar heads. English Burys, in Leslie colors and format (Leslie's married Pollocks of Rothes and thus became earls of Rothes), were first found in Devon with Saffers/Savarys. "Suffer" is the motto of Haldans, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks (Irish Bury colors).

Cars use "Sero SED serio," and Scottish Blacks use a "SED LUX" while Blackys share the vaired Nero/Neretti chevron. The CERAUNii, near or even at the Naro/Neretva river, are depicted by heraldic crowns, and CRAUNs/Crane's share a crown around a neck with Blackys. Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Clare's who in turn look related to a colors-reversed version of the triple Blacky chevrons. German Petersons share the hexagrams of Urbans and Massena's while Ceraunii (in the Saffer uniCORN) were on the URBANus river beside the Maezaei (Una river of the UNIcorn). The Naro-like Nairs share the mermaid in Crest with Speyer-connectable Masons/Massins, and the latter were first found in Kent with the Sidneys who share the Nair pheon.

The PORCupine of Sidneys suggests Porcius Cato because he had land in Sabina. Cato's/Chattans use an "OmniBUS" motto term while Bus' share the giant and ermined cinquefoil of PORCH's/Portis'. Plus, Bus' were first found in Norfolk, and Cato's/Chattans have: "[Cato] was a name for someone who lived in Norfolk..."...with Sabine's. The latter, by the way, almost have the Chief of Palins, first found in Dorset with Poole's/Pole's, and I trace "Palin" (for reasons) to Palinurus at the bay of Laus while Wikipedia's Sybaris article says/said that peoples of Sybaris founded Laus. The Ragusa location (in Croatia) of Saraca's was also called, "Laus(a)," yet Wikipedia's Saraka article says they lived at KOTOR before moving to Ragusa, and CUTTERs (in the Belly motto?) were first found in Dorset too. The Vilains who share the Chief-Shield colors of Sabine's and Palins were apparently first found in Somerset with Safins and Ducks, which can suggest that Brittany's Ducs/LeDucs and/or Sarasins were from Vilaine.

I trace the Seaton-branch, Sidney-like Sedans/Siddens ("sed") to Sedbergh of the Dents. The latter not only share two motto terms in this Arms of Rothschild, but can be expected in the tridents of Bauer-connectable Bure's. Dents are in the colors and format of English Rothes'. It's important that Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term because RoqueFEUIL is in Aude, beside the de-la Pole's of Foix. The Fellers must have named part of "RoqueFEUIL," and here we can go to the Fellows because they share the Peter and German-Peterson lion head. "AuDACTER" can be part-code for spear-using Docters/Dockers (Cumberland, same as Saracens/Sarasins) who can be part of the Docker variation of German Ducks, and from there we go to Brittany's Ducs/LeDucs and Sarasins. Doctors/Dockers have the Sempers/St. Peere's (Pierro/Pero colors) in their motto.

Why does Revelation chose to say "eat her flesh" when the harlot gets raped and burned? There are reports claiming that world rulers are cannibals. There is a Flesh/FLAXman/Flachman surname (Huntingdonshire, same as Fellows) in Fellow colors. Perhaps the Flesh's were somehow related directly to "Fellows." In any case, the Flax and Flach variations of Flesh's can be flushed out from the Flys of Flagi/Flavius because Flys (Hampshire, same as English Josephs) can be linked to both Joseph surnames while English Josephs share double-gold chevrons with Flesh's. Fellows almost have the dancetty-fesse of Mine's/MENNE's while Hampshire is where Mens-beloved Poppins/Pophams ("manSIT") were first found, but also the Lise's/Liss' who have their six pale bars within the Mine/Menne fesse. Hampshire is also where Bure-like Burgs/Burrows were first found, beside the Burleys/Bourleys. Hampshire is near the first-known Brays/Brae's using a "FLAX breaker."

Ada Varenne of Huntingdon can be expected in the "Ad" motto term of Bowers/Bure's, and I see her husband, Henry, from the Rodez-Roquefeuil marriage. French Henrys (Brittany, same as the father of Pollocks) share the chevron of Bellys while Bellys were first found in Moray with Rothes castle. Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Saraca-line Sharks while the Arms of Saraca are in the colors of the Henry / Belly chevron. The latter's chevron has the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, colors reversed from the same of Fells, and here we go to Greeks from Boura having populated Sybaris, for SARACena is on the Sybaris river (of Sybaris). The fesse in the Arms of Saraca is in the colors of the fesse of Bernice's, first found in Cumberland with their Burn branch, and with SARACENs/Sarasins.

Having made those links, we take things to the martlets of the Brittany Henrys, shared with Velens and French Alans, though the latter two once showed ducks probably due to, not only German Ducks (Westphalia, same as Velino-like Velins / Velens), but the Ducs/LEDUC's, first found in Brittany with Belly-connectable Henrys and French Sarasins. The chief of the GALVESton National Laboratory is James LeDuc, and I can now add that the GALVES/Gallego Coat shares the vertically-split Shield of Italian Bure's/Bura's. It seems that Albert Bourla of Pfizer belongs to this picture. Might the Galves surname be from emperor Galba? The French Sarasins have the Vital moline in colors reversed, and Galba was followed by mere months on the Roman throne by Vitellius.


Here's a three-hour "movie" where a concerned citizen goes out of his way to expose the Bostom Marathon as the obvious hoax that it was. He's been able to compile a heavy-weight performance of evidence against the American government, exposing it as a sociopath. As you watch this, ask yourselves what sort of juveniles (certainly, they are not leaders) are at Fox News prime-time that, after a decade, they still won't tell the people that the marathon-bombing was a staged event? The beginning of taking back the country from the sociopaths begins with exposing them, but even Tucker Carlson is a half-way fake job with a smear of self-serving truth on top between two slices of emotional-gotcha-hooked-on-me.

In the video above, you saw a lot of people lie bald-faced, but looking like they were being normal and truthful, on national news. If average Americans can be that way, without repercussions to correct it, the nation is a goner. The only way to lie that way in tandem with deceiving the nation is to consider people of zero value. And that's what America is, a nation run by the lowest of the low who do the opposite of love your neighbor. Truth has been thrown to the ground, and sinners revel in deceiving "neighbors." Imagine the celebrations the fakes enjoyed after the marathon was successfully sold to the public.

This Polly video of this week has a right-now relevant bombshell at the 7-8th minute:

By a spear of God, it seemed, the mandatory-vaccine push was obliterated. I still think that magnetics in vaccines were the goal, little-by-little, to infest everyone's body without permission -- a terrible crime -- with substances allowing the goons to "communicate" with the body, and to alter it too, with a phone call to the body.

Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are useless eaters, they need to commit suicide to leave more room for better people in this world. The forced death of people like him will release and redistribute their giant wealth to better people. That's the answer for this world, and God aims to do it. The meek, the humble, shall take what not belongs to the arrogant. The more the arrogant (they stroke each others' overpriced self-worth) celebrate their victories now, the harder it will hurt them when God responds to them with vengeful condemnation. Don't think they are getting away with anything. Start celebrating now, for we win.

Obama lost his bid, this week, to facilitate the WHO's force-vaccination programs sooner rather than later. The world has turned on WHO even with leftist-global media silencing the voices of the opposition:

The globalists who are right-now trying to make our lives miserable in many ways seem to be oblivious to their own foolishness. For example, by trying to starve children, and to take our meat away simultaneously, and with a host of other criminal programs on-the-go, do the goons think they will become more popular in this way? IDIOTS. We don't need to fight them, for they are doing darn-well to destroy themselves. Keep on IDIOTS. Hitler was a demonic bonehead, and so is trudeau the big-bad wolf without teeth. He's a laughable Schwabite, it says it all.

Don't get depressed, but rejoice and plan to be part of an uprising against him. There is power in rejoicing and having a healthy attitude. Don't cower, but load your voices the way you'd load your guns. The people don't need guns to topple a government. Just scream the injustices, tarnish the images of those who want to be dictators, and the word will spread. It's when we rise up in opposition and resistance that dictators get more dictatorial, but then the people see it, and so the dictators suffer loss of popularity. The anti-Christs took decades to create a good reputation for themselves, like when a wolf puts on sheep's clothing, but in just one year flat they took threw off the facade and showed their devil's horns. Wunderbar. Who could ask for more?

They think they will become more powerful over us by mistreating us because they are IDIOTS. If they were not idiots, they wouldn't be trying to harm us. A bully is an idiot, not a man, but an impish juvenile. Shall we be afraid of mere screwballs? Whack a dictator in the mouth today. Let cops rise against cops, soldiers against soldiers, politicians against politicians. Chaos. The dictators spent decades sewing peace for their anti-Christian governments, so that nobody would see what they were doing in secret, but in just one year they made world chaos. They have no idea, because they are idiots, that chaos makes their own plans chaotic. Duh. If you start a fire, the winds change and bring the smoke into your own face no matter where you sit. DUH. Chaos comes back to bite you. If you make life difficult for your political enemies, life will become difficult for your political supporters. DUH. Every action has a reaction. DUH.

And because God is the Overseer and Judge, wanna-be kings like trudeau can be deemed self-destructive buffoons. Ignore him, for what he craves most is popularity. He wants to be the big-shot of globalism at the expense of becoming the enemy of his own people, the people he's been commissioned to assist and support. He wants to punish his own citizens who think he's mad. Hitler was like that. The Roman emperors were like that. MAD. trudeau is going MAD. Hell is a place of madness. It's the junk heap of humanity, a terrible place, avoid it at all costs.

Results of the Sussmann trial:

Of all the crimes to pursue in Russiagate, Durham pursued merely a small lie to the FBI, and he perused this in Washington DC, a fruitless endeavor. But wait, a court loss is never a loss when the jurists side with the crime in political corruption. What God hates most is political corruption, leaders abusing the people. Every action will have a reaction. Everything sown will have fruit. God is the dispenser of justice. The more he and Hillary celebrate this "win," the more grievous the celebration will turn into irony at Judgment. Sussmann did far worse than lie to the FBI...but Durham did not charge him for that, we might wonder why.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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