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July 29 - 31, 2008

What Will Terrorists Do Now?

July 29

Obama's going to feel at home:

"The upcoming joint appearance by Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain at Rick Warren's evangelical Saddleback Church is co-sponsored by a left-leaning group led by a Unitarian-Universalist minister who once headed her denomination's homosexual advocacy office.

Meg Riley is the board president of Faith in Public Life, whose board members include other theological liberals, including a pro-abortion Muslim leader..."

(Article here)

I awoke this morning to find that the Iraqi offensive against the Diyala-province terrorists has already begun. The Al-Jazeera article says that Shiite break-aways from al-Sadr are a part of the problem along with al-Qaeda groups. No mention is made of the ex-Saddam loyalists. The Americans are being confined to a secondary role in what looks in-part like a confidence-building exercise for Iraqi troops. (Article here)

Readiness for an Israeli invasion has been frustrated for the time being. Palestinians in Israel have begun a civil conflict, with each side arresting the others main threats, and therefore detracting from any plans they might have against Israel. Iran is fearful so that it's expected to instruct Hezbolah to remain low-key at this time, but ready at the trigger. With the Israeli prime minister saying today that there's no sign of Hezbolah movements toward a strike, I'm wondering if this is a statement made to get Hezbolah's guard down just before on Israeli strike on caches of weapons, and to send Iran the message that Israel is militarily relaxed at this time.

The DEBKAfile contradicts the Israeli prime minister, saying that "Hezbolah has moved on since its seizure of the towering Mount Sannine [to ] the Western ridge of Jebel Barukh, east of Jezzine, a move which brings it closer to the Israel border." The seizure of Sannine was for the purpose of installing Iranian military radar equipment. The artucle then says:

"Contrary to the picture presented by Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert to the Knesset foreign affairs and defense committee Monday, July 28 ('Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah is losing his self-confidence'), Hizballah is back in strength in the military enclaves circled in the accompanying map, where its war preparations proceed apace."

(Article here)

Again, we find the prime minister saying something that would lead Hezbolah to believe that Israel's military muscle is relaxed and non-threatening at this time. It was only about two weeks ago when Olmert (or was it Barak, the minister of defence?) stated that war with Hezbolah was about to burst forth. It was at that time that Israel received an "amber" light message from Bush (wherein he indicated that he would not be part of an Israeli strike), and perhaps the two nations have been working together ever since to get Iran's guard down (as much as possible, anyway).

In return for U.S. assistance, Olmert is to bag a revolutionary peace deal while Bush is still in office. Do we detect a little self-interest in Bush here??? Olmert must. The prime minister is now saying that while a peace deal is impossible by year's end, he'll try to get a "preliminary agreement" by then. Palestinians are holding firm to: No Jerusalem, no deals of any sort. In just yesterday's news: "Israeli and Palestinian officials have confirmed that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is putting heavy pressure on both sides to hammer out a 'document of understandings' detailing progress in the peace process before the UN General Assembly convenes in September." Olmert is to be out of power by September so that this, in reality, should explain the push for September at the latest. Bush, control thyself; go down in shame for taking this position merely for your own legacy (= pride).DEBKAfile page above

The DEBKAfile article shares a map and then says: "Scores of military bases have arisen around three main centers close to the Israeli border at Marjayun, Nabatiya and Hasbaya. Marked on the map are two lines of fortifications and large-scale concentrations of fighting strength..." These developments can be used to legitimatize a U.S. invasion on Iran, and yet due to the fears of the West there won't likely be an invasion, but rather some key strikes on nuclear facilities.

Syria will not tolerate Hezbolah in northern Lebanon, as for example this past week the Syrian government funded a military conflict in Tripoli for the purppose of ousting Hezbolah from that domain. The Syrian government supports Hezbolah in southern Lebanon, however, as an effort to use the group in getting its Golan Heights back from Israeli control. See "Syrian-backed Alawites oust Hizballah" at the DEBKAfile page above.

As Iraq's Diyala province borders Iran, one would expect some Iranian support in the region. Or, put it this way, that due to the Iranian border, al-Qaeda has chosen Diyala as a last-ditch holdout. As al-Qaeda in Iraq is seriously in peril at this time, it would be a good time to consider making a pact with Iran. Although the word is that an al-Qaeda pact with Iran existed years ago, I'm refering to the prophetic war pact of Daniel 9:27, which I'm expecting Gog to enter in the summer/fall of 2009. This pact is the "covenant" that most prophecy writers view as a peace agreement between the anti-Christ and Israel.

Therefore, when I announce that the anti-Christ confirms the covenant as he joins war plots with Iran, al-Qaeda, other Sunni Muslims, and probably Shiites as well -- at which time there will not be a peace agreement between the anti-Christ and Israel -- very few Christians will believe me...short of a miracle. I would suggest that you look at Daniel 9:27 long and hard -- now -- in deciding whether it's a war pact or peace treaty. I would be more than happy if you would at least be open to the war-pact position:

"And he shall confirm a covenant with the many [for] one week. And in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease..."

There we have it. No peace treaty is implied, just an unspecified pact. After the pact is made, the prophecy promises war in Jerusalem, for the ceasing of the offerings is widely known to represent the anti-Christ's successful invasion into Jerusalem. I have argued that war with northern Israel must precede the Jerusalem invasion, which would of course take place in the first half of the Week, wherefore there could be no peace treaty at that time between the anti-Christ and Israel. I have also argued that Daniel's quote reeks of a pact made between the anti-Christ and his friends, not with Israel his enemy. I have also shown that the term, "many," in referring to many warring peoples allied to Gog, is used in Ezekiel 38.

Perhaps this latest Iraqi offensive will force al-Qaeda in Diyala into the Mosul region, for Mosul is the only other al-Qaeda stronghold at this time. On the other hand, the Iraqis may be dull enough to allow al-Qaeda to escape over the Iranian border, thinking that this will rid them from Iraq permanently.

An interesting story appears today in the Herald Tribune:

"The commander of U.S. and allied air forces in the Middle East has completed a detailed plan for how air power would be refocused in Iraq if, as is widely anticipated, the number of U.S. ground troops is reduced in the final months of the Bush presidency and beyond.

The commander, Lieutenant General Gary North, described a future approach that would rely on jet fighters and bombers to help ensure the safety of U.S. troops who remain behind...

(Article here)

I am reminded of the False Prophet's fire from the sky. The plan is to have the air power in Iraq during Obama's presidency, and of course I expect Gog to be in Iraq at that time (initial headquarters in/near Mosul). As the False Prophet is said to make fire come down from the sky as an effort to get the world to honor the anti-Christ, might he side with Gog while Gog's still in Iraq i.e. before his European mandate? It's an easy prediction that the anti-terrorist Iraqis will seek to get Gog out of power in Iraq, and Obama may come to despise the current Iraqi government just because it's a Bush product. If Gog turns out to be a democratic Russian in cahoots with Obama's foreign relations team (Brzezinski and McFaul), then we just may see the fire frim the sky at that time to keep the anti-Gog Iraqis at bay.

This makes a lot of sense because the current Iraqi government will likely love the idea of keeping American jets as a security precaution. That way, the American military is not in the city streets, and yet closely available with exceptional power if needed. Obama can also agree to the strategy, and in fact it works perfectly with his "residual force" agenda wherein he plans to move American forces to the sidelines of Iraq.

Again, there is one of two scenarios that I'm expecting: 1) the False Prophet is opposed to Gog initially but forms a partnership with him to stave off an Armageddon scenario (this is an old position I took 10 years ago, before having the benefit of witnessing what I have to this point); 2) the False Prophet and Gog unite from the start, in Iraq, and together invade into Syria.

As per Daniel 8:9, where we find that "the little horn became very great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the bountiful land," I can now see that the south and east directions represent Diyala, while the bountiful-land direction is opposite, west and north toward Syria. Yes, Diyala province is south and east from Mosul. Diyala is predominantly Sunni.

Obama, read this aging, January-4th (2008) article:

"The Awakening movement, a predominantly Sunni Arab force recruited to fight Sunni Islamic extremists like Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, has become a great success story after its spread from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province to become an ad-hoc armed force of 65,000 to 80,000 across the country in less than a year.

A linchpin of the U.S. strategy to pacify Iraq, the movement has been widely credited with turning around the violence-scarred areas where the Sunni insurgency has been based.

...[now the bad news] How, when thousands are joining each month, can spies and extremists be reliably weeded out? How can the members' loyalty be maintained, given their tribal and sectarian ties, and in many cases their insurgent pasts? And crucially, how can the movement be sustained once the U.S. turns over control to a Shiite-dominated government that has been wary of and sometimes hostile toward the groups?

(Article here)

Al-Qaeda insurgents are absolutely dim, not smart enough to acknowledge, even now at their demise, that their indiscriminate bombings represent ultimate defeat. It's what has created the Awakening Movement, causing many al-Qaeda supporters to turn on al-Qaeda. The question for Obama is, what if al-Qaeda gets smart tomorrow? What if a light turns on in their heads, and they begin to see what the Awakening movement has seen? What if al-Qaeda then kills only ethically, striking only soldiers i.e. being mindfall of innocent life? Could this reclaim many Awakening-Movement Sunni? What chance would the current Shiite government have against a Diyala province that is 90 persent Sunni, if a vast majority of the Sunni backed al-Qaeda? None.

Therein is the stupidity of al-Qaeda, that instead of securing the Sunni population by being mindful of the Iraqi nation as a whole, they came in dictating to Iraqis what should be done. Their first leader, the butcher, set the wrong trend from the start. The ex-Saddam loyalists have been doing better, laying lower and making plans, and for this strategy they are likely securing many Sunnis for a coup. Gog, I think, will be smarter yet; he will worm his way into Iraqi power because he knows what needs to be done.

The Daily Star in Lebanon says that Hezbolah has complained to the globalists about Israel's daily violations of Lebanese air space. Apparently, Israel has been keep close watch over Hezbolah movements from jets. What if the daily violations are meant to get Hezbolah off guard? After weeks of the same, Hezbolah fighters on the fround will say, "here they come again, go back to sleep." Then, one day, the strikes on Hezbolah weapons would come by surprise. That a plan to attack is the realuty would explain why Israeli defence minister once again (yesterday) pointed out that Hezbolah and Syria have violated UN resolution 1701 by amassing two or three times the weapons it had two years ago. Israel wants the world to know that an attack on the weapons is justified.
(Article here)

The Daily Star has two other articles featuring two leaders calling Lebanon to unite because disunity harms the coming war against Israel. In one article we find the Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani calling Shiites and Sunni to unite and meanwhile "urged the Arabs and Muslims to preserve Palestine and protect it from 'occupiers'." the occupiers of course being the Israelis. (Article here)

In another article , the former prime minister, Omar Karami, said: "We call on all our brothers in Tripoli to be aware of the seriousness of what is going on, because sectarian strife only benefits Israel." It is therefore very clear that Lebanon's leaders have the coming war against Israel foremost on their minds, and are seeking to unite Lebanon's sects for that purpose.

July 30

It's time to talk about the Bilderberg skincode project. I've re-read the article seriously in an effort to detect a scam or joke. If the report is true, I'd expect other quotes in future articles telling more of what was said, and who said it. Why were no names mentioned by Jim Tucker's witnesses at the meeting? Was there just one speaker who presented the idea, or was there open discussion? Who was for the idea, and who was opposed? Why has no mainline media picked up the story? What if Tucker is a secret Bilderberg agent working to spread disinformation and red meat to conspiracy-theory writers?

Let's assume that the report of the Jim Tucker team is accurate. I note that the Bilderberg skincode is intended first of all for American citizens, which fits a False Prophet being an American leader. I note that the leak was made just as Obama is to be elected, so that we expect him to be the first President to push the skincode onto America, which then makes him a candidate for being the False Prophet. Obama was in attendance at the meeting, and he afterward (in Germany last week) stressed a global economy, suggesting that he is for the skincode system.

What else can we deduce when assuming that the Tucker team reported the truth? I'd say that the skincode topic didn't come up for the first time at this year's Bilderberg meeting. I'd point out that these big-time players are not ignorant of Christians who preach the skincode as a Satanic item to be avoided at all costs. If this was not to be leaked under any circumstance, then it's a major hit against the Bilderberg Group. If the plan was to make it appear that the idea was created by the Obama administration, that plan's now ruined. We now know that it's a global plan, and that Bilderberg and other globalist societies will assure that Europe also spreads the system to its membership. I don't know if the following is an exhaustive list of bankers in attendance, but it gives you an idea of how influential the Bilderberg Group is:

"The Federal Reserve Bank of New York President Timothy Geithner and Fed Chairman Bernanke were in attendance, as well as Jean-Claude Trichet, EU Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, the head of Banca d’Italia, Josef Ackermann, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank AG, Tom McKillop, Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, and Seppo Honkapohja, Board member of the Bank of Finland...World Bank President Zoellick was there, along with ex-Bank Presidents Wolfowitz and Wolfensohn."

(Article here)

I found the article above just this hour; it gives additional information on the Bilderberg skincode. For example, "Jim Tucker has revealed that Bilderberg want their beloved chip in us this year." In fact, the chips are already out in California, and implanted in the right arm. The number of websites reporting the leak is phenomenal, as if, perhaps, the Bilderberger people are themselves engaged in publicizing this...for to begin a wide discussion leading to mass acceptance. How will they argue that this is not leading to the Biblical mark?

What do we think of globalists hi-jacking the president of the United States and other large-organization heads? Isn't it worthy of prison, or worse? I'd say hang them in the square, but I'm supposed to be a Christian. Too bad, or I'd put the rope round their necks myself. What do we think about leaders of nations who allow themselves to be hi-jacked in return for favors? They're crooks, plain and simple.

Both Obama and Hillaty are thought to have been at the Bulderberg meeting. Did they ask the permission of the American people if it was okay with them to be led, influenced, or spirited by globalists? Why have Obama and Hillary not confessed that they were at the Bilderberg meeting? Because, they know it's wrong to make the people believe that they would make decosions for America when in fact the globalists are making them. Why have Obama and Hilary not revealed where they met on the night of June 4th? In an article entitled, "Hillary & Obama In Secret Bilderberg Rendezvous," we read:

"According to news reports, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton went out of their way to hold their long-awaited private meeting in a very specific location - not at Hillary’s mansion in Washington - but in Northern Virginia, which also just happens to be the scene of the 2008 Bilderberg meeting.

Obama’s spokesman Robert Gibbs told the media that Obama and Clinton held a private meeting last night but he refused to disclose where it taken place...

Both Hillary and Obama have deep rooted connections to the Bilderberg elitists."

(Article here)

Some media outlets mentioned this story briefly, and CNN's Lou Dobbs has even started a forum on the topic, yet not one mainline media outlet has made this a story big enough to investigate and re-report on. The writer (Paul Joseph Watson) of the Prison Planet article adds: "Not one U.S. corporate media outlet has yet uttered one word about 125 of the world’s most influential power brokers meeting behind closed doors to discuss the future of the planet on U.S. soil..."

This is disturbing because, as conspiracy theorists maintain, the Bilderbergs and similar societies control/own the major that all that they want to accomplish is made much easier. How low do we think of Putin for controlling the Russian media? We call him a dictator for doing so. Yet Democrats refuse to ask and re-ask Obama why he was at the Bilderberg meeting. How can it possibly benefit ordinary voters when the nation is controlled by the super-rich so that more and more wealth flows to them? How can Democrats criticize Republicans for supporting the super-rich and then close their eyes to their darling Obama's attendance at the Bilderberg meeting?

You get it. Core Democrats are fools, and arguing with them will drive you crazy because they are unstable in all they do and think. They are zealous when it comes to cleverly arguing a point, but they're not grounded on principles, so that their arguments today contradict their arguments tomorrow. When in the future you as a Christian are persecuted by them, do not fret about the incomprehensibilty in the way they talk to you or treat you, for they are truly going down a demented path, as per God's will as reward for rejecting Him. You get it; they are attempting to make the world, and us ourselves, believe that it's we Christians who are demented. All of their arguments are being fashioned, and have been fashioned for years, to this end of de-bunking Christians and deriding their principles.

The faggotry-studded Bohemian Grove, a Satanic club in California attended by Republican leaders mainly, though with some Democrats, has just held it's annual bash this July. Did any of the Media report about it? What was discussed? What went on? Who attended? Why did they attend? We hear nothing. There is obviously a very big hand in high places that the media have been made to fear.

I don't necessarily believe that claims of Paul Joseph Watson, concerning his tracking of the New World Order, are reasanble, but what he said on July 11, three weeks ago, seems very reasonable:

"Outgoing President George W. Bush and both of his presumptive replacements John McCain and Barack Obama are rumored to be in attendance at this year’s Bohemian Grove gathering, an annual get-together of the global elite staged inside a sprawling forest encampment which kicks off tonight and runs until July 27.

...Tellingly, both McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama will be in California from Saturday to Tuesday...Their schedule puts them in the perfect location to enjoy a night at the Grove this weekend.

(Article here)

This is quite an easy way to trace secret Grovers: just find out whether national leaders happen to be in California during the Grove bash. The article goes on to say that "Two years ago we were able to accurately surmise then British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s visit to the Grove, which coincided with a visit to San Francisco where he met with powerbrokers." Tony Blair is a leading candidate for becoming the EU leader soon. I have speculated that the False Prophet's two horns are a well known two-pronged Freemasonic entity: the United States and Britain.

If we wonder why homosexuals hold so much power in the world when they make up so few, it's apparent that they have become the bulk of the Illuminati elite. It's as though super-rich clubs have cemented themselves, not so much on common principles or world views, but merely on perverted/immoral sexual commonality. How appropriate that this should paint the Satanic globalism of the last days that is at enmity with Christ. The problem is, it's a Satanism taking on Christian colors. The question is, has Obama the "Christian" been raised as a national leader because he is known to have partaken in homosexual acts with the elite under discussion? Shouldn't it be true that the highest-level elite raise only their own homosexual kinds? It's not by coincidence that Freemosnry developed into an all-male, leave-your-wives-at-home club. The men may be married, but they may also engage in faggotry at private affairs.

I didn't know until I came to this topic that Paul Joseph Watson (a Brit) believes in the U.S. invasion of Iran's nuclear facilities is a done-deal in next few months. He says that the United States sold Israel 500 bunker-busting bombs, and that a few hundred of them are planned in the Iranian operation.

I don't tend to agree with Prison Planet where America is supposed to become a planned and controlled martial-law society based on the terrorist threat. I think that conspiracy theorists can easily go overboard, and imagine things that are untrue. The Biblical emphasis on globalism is it's speedy destruction, not on it's great success. Our fear is this, that homosexuals despise Christians and wish to harm us as much as possible. These and similar types are the demented Democrats that I speak of.

I will say that if Bush attacks Iran, Obama will not get the blame for whatever calamities comes of it. Obama can then seek to "fix" what Bush did, and he may implement extreme measures in fixing it. The plan is to track every person, as for example search engines track our internet movements to discover what we purchase and value, etc. I seek a self-sufficient plot of ground to survive the coming times, to live there as God meant us to live, at ease and untained by the techno-dragon.

In todays ABC News: "Obama told the [Democrat] caucus [July 29], according to an attendee, 'Nobody said this to me directly but I get the feeling from my talks that if the sanctions don’t work Israel is going to strike Iran.' The Obama campaign had no comment." No comment means that there was no denial. Obama has just boasted that he is a "symbol" of a new America about to dawn, but it doesn't sound like martial-law is in the making. But, of course, anything he now says is suspect as mere campaign rhetoric. (Article here)

On the Iraq front, "Iran's Embassy to Iraq on Wednesday condemned terrorist attack on [Muslim] pilgrims to holy shrine of the seventh Imam of Shiites Hazrat Moussa Kazem (AS)." This does not bode well for an alliance between Iran and al-Qaeda, if true that al-Qaeda was behind the suicide bombings. In fact, it assures that al-Qaeda escapees from the Diyala-province purge will not likely flee across the Iranian border, which then seems to leave them but one good choice, or perhaps two, either a move back into Mosul, or into Tikrit where ex-Saddam loyalists are nestled (Tikrit is situated between Mosul and Diyala). (Article here)

On the second day of the Diyala purge, the province's capital, Baquba, is being caged so that wanted men don't escape while a house-to-house search is made. Moreover, "Iraqi security forces are controlling the entry routes into Diyala to stop terrorists from escaping to other provinces." However, this purge was announced earlier this month so that many wanted men have likely left already. (Article here)

The Times Online reports today that al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afgjanistan are moving into Mediterranean Africa as Iraqi pressure mounts.

"North Africa appears to have attracted the largest number of [al-Qaeda] returnees. According to the buzz in jihadist circles, confirmed by officials and analysts, a new arc of terror is taking shape in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania - the five countries of the so-called Arab Maghreb in North Africa."

(Article here)

This does not bode well for Egypt, and moreover it explains why Lybia is a Gogi ally in the Israeli invasion beginning almost immediately after the Egyptian invasion.

The scandalized Israeli prime minister says today that he'll step down after (i.e. not run for re-election in) the September primaries. It's no wonder that he announced yesterday that the peace deal Bush wants isn't going to happen. Bush called him today on the telephone, however.

Israeli defence minister (Barak) has said that Washingtom agreed to provide two missile-detecting systems as protection against Iran's nuclear program, making it appear that he visited Washington this week for defensive purposes, not offensive. I doubt very much that Israel is going to willingly sit tight with merely an upgraded radar system. It may have to, but not willingly. I believe that Israel and Washington have repeatedly discussed the varied ways by which they can strike Iran, the timing, the consequences, and the extent of damage to be done. The issue that must be on the table now is the reduction of consequences.

Note that the Bildeberg meeting opposed Bush's desire to strike Iran, which is exactly the position taken by the EU; this is not surprising since the Bilderberg Group had much to do with starting what is now the EU.

There is more talk today of the north-polar ice sheets melting. Last month I read someone's expert opinion that there is a 50-50 chance for the sea to totally melt this year at the north pole. This doesn't necessarily mean that global warming is taking place, as it could be due to a shift of warmer air toward the north, which is helpful for trib survivors in northern Canada/Europe/Asia. Plus, with a shift of warmer air to the north, the south will become cooler. Can't argue with that. Now if He could just do something about all the biting flies.

July 31

If you think I'm hard on Obama, you should see World Net Daily. It deals with all the scandals of Obama and friends. Yesterday it geatured an article about one "Aiham Alsammarae, a long-time, close Rezko friend and a contributor to Obama's campaign," who a few years ago was made Iraq's electricty minister. Obama's office has confirmed that the electricty minister awarded a whopping $50 million contract (2005) to Rezko's company, Companion Security. Remember, Rezko was involved with a shady Iraqi billionaire as well in the purchase of Obama's Chicago home.

The Iraqi government caught the electrity minister doing shady deals and thereby squandering government money, and that was the end of his job. In the case of granting a government deal to Rezko's company, it was to train 150 Iraqis in Chicago to protect electrical plants in Iraq. Of course, we know that there was no need to obtain training in far away Chicago, and that the electricty minister was simply doing his buddy, Rezko, a nice, fat favor. Tell me if you think $50 million is too much to train 150 men? That's $333,333 each!

The electricty minister then camcelled the deal...because it cost too much. As if he didn't know from the start. That is, it sounds like others were shocked at the amount and urged the minister to repent or else. In 2006, Rezko's partner in Companion Security contacted Obama, at the time on the Foreign Relations Committee. He requested Obama's help to revive the deal. Notice that it wasn't Rezko who made contact with Obama for this purpose, for this gave Obama the option of denying knowledge that Rezko was a part-owner of Companion Security. In fact, he did make this denial.

Perhaps to Obama's credit, he eventually declined -- or so his office stated -- an attempt to revive the deal by contacting the Iraqi government. The reality must be that the deal was too hot a potato to take a chance on, especially as Rezko was endicted just at that time. The deal was too-obviously a rip-off of the Iraqi treasury, and the Iraqi government knew it by then. Yet, World Net Daily accuses: "Obama has ties to both Alsammarae and to the recipients of several of the massive contracts he handed out." This sort of thing is what Democrats accused Bush of: serving his friends by opportunities developing in Iraq.

This electricity minister put up $1.9 million bail to get Rezko out of jail, of that shows how close the two crooks were. The article then tells this: "As electricity minister, Alsammarae...also approved a contract with another Rezko company, Rezmar, to construct a 250-megawatt plant in the Kurdistani city of Chamchamal. That contract was granted to both Rezmar and the London-based General Mediterranean Holdings, which is headed by British billionaire Nadhmi Auchi, who was also involved in a large real estate deal in Chicago with Rezko and others around Obama." This London billionaire is the Iraqi billionaire I had mentioned above, who made his home in England. (Article here)

It's interesting that while the billionaire was a Baathist (and perhaps still is), the electric minister is thought to be likewise:

"[Alsammarae] was an outspoken critic of the U.S. military campaign in Iraq and publicly has supported [Saddam] Hussein [the Baathist]...In August 2000, Alsammarae, a board member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, appeared in a demonstration against U.N. sanctions on Saddam's regime."

What's going on here? Here I am predicting that Obama might come to support Gog, who in turn will arise with Baathist military supporters, and then we have Rezko involved with both high-level Baathists and Obama.

How did Rezko, an American (of Syrian background), come to make a deal with the Iraqi electricty minister? The article tells that a Rezko associate (Daniel Mahru) in Companion Security snitched on him, giving up the fact that Rezko slipped (others say "bribed") the electricty minister a private $1 million to award the training contract. Perhaps Rezko is from a Baathist family of Syria.

There's no evidence, yet anyway, that Obama and the electric man of Itaq are tied, but do consider this quote from a Nibras Kazimi:

"Y'know, given how close Alsammarae was to Antoin Rezko, and how close Rezko was to Barack Obama, I'm certain that Alsammarae and Obama are intimately connected, and that at least some of Obama's worldview of Iraq was inferred by a slime-bucket such as Alsammarae, who now wants insurgents to kill more Americans and says so at the top of his voice. Yet even though in the past Alsammarae's story has been extensively covered by CBS, CNN, the New York Times and many others, his current shenanigans are being studiously ignored, presumably lest they reflect badly on the media's preferred presidential candidate: Mr. Obama, the anti-Iraq War candidate."

(Article here)

Iraq convicted the electric man for stealing $650,000, and giving some away to "dummy companies, a lot of them in the States." Ironically, it was the United Staes in Iraq that freed him (illegally) from prison, and afterward allowed him to live in Chicago, even though Iraq has demanded him back. My take on this is that George Bush was somehow connected to the corruption, for the purpose of funnelling Iraqi money back into the United States and/or the war effort. Democrats will of course hang Bush for being involved, and yet give their darling Obama a free pass. Indeed, if Bush were connected as closely to Rezko as Obama is, Democrats and their media would never let up making the connection.

The question is, why did the electric man give the Obama campaign six donations earlier this year? See all his donations here, and note that he gave to Bush's presidential campaigns as well as to an assortment of Republicam causes, but didn't give to Democrats at any time until he gave to Obama. This could easily explain why he got the job as electricity minister at the time that the Bush administration had much to say on who got the government jobs (it was under Paul Bremer).

The following ties Rezko to a Muslim African Americam

"The city [of Chicago] awarded a 10-year contract for O'Hare Airport to Crucial Inc. in 1999, which the city believed was owned by an African American, Jabir Herbert Muhammad, the son of the late Elijah Mohammad [= led the Nation of Islam until his death in 1975."

(Article here)

Nation of Islam? Black American Muslim? This evokes Obama's Chicago church. It turns out that "Rezko served as Executive Director of [Muhammad's] Foundation."

Does anyone smell Hell? Is God allowing a crook to be the next President for the sheer purpose of punishing the United States? Is Obama getting away without being caught because God wants the United States to have the leader it deserves, one who will betray it to the Islamic movement?

It's after 1 am. I'll see if there's anything to report in the morning. Good night.

Well after that Bush phone call to Israeli prime minister yesterday, I woke to find this headline in the Jerusalem Post: "PM will try for peace deal with Palestinians before end of term." He has changed tune from two days ago and says peace can be possibly achived in the next two months. I'm wondering how many prophecy writers are (wrongly) keeping an eye on that potential deal to figure out who the anti-Christ will be, and to announce the start of the Week.

George Bush addressed the Iraqi situation today; full text here. He says that the U.S. is "making progress" with the Iraq deal that is to replace the UN namdate ending on the last day of 2008, but no details are given.

There won't be any more updates today as I'll be away.


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The 2016 prediction for Armageddon (from my human intellect and therefore subject to retraction) is explained here.

If you've come to this book beginning at this webpage, see the rest of the Gog-Iraq story in PART 2, accessed from the

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