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August 5 - 6, 2008

Been Praying for Revelation of Anti-Christ

August 5

The leader of al-Qaeda in Diyala, Basem al-Safaah, was arrested yesterday.

An April 2007 article, more than a year old, reads:

"'If you went into the [Mosul] streets on your own you would be dead in 15 minutes,' says Khasro Goran, the deputy governor of Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city. An able, confident man he speaks from experience having survived more assassination attempts than almost any political leader in Iraq."

Yesterday, the same man survived another assassination attempt, as his motorcycle blew up when he wasn't in it. His bodyguard was killed instead. "Mr Goran, though deputy governor, is a Kurd and more powerful than the Arab governor." Moreover, he is Mosul-branch chief of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. However, Mosul is not in the jurisdiction of the Kurdistan Regional Government. The point here is that the Sunni Arabs of Mosul want Goran and all Kurds out of the city, and this will pave the way for Gog's entry and his alliance with the Sunni. I don't know how many lives Goran has, but he looks like willing duck meat at this time. Apparently, he has been ordering his share of assassinations (targeting for example the Baathists of Mosul), and this caused the Iraqi prime minister (Maliki) to disown him.

Sunni Arabs (many loyal to the Baathists) do not control Mosul politically, even though they are the majority population, because they rebelled in the 2005 elections. The coming provincial elections, however, will see them running to take control. As I've said in the previous update, the provincial elections appear to be postponed until 2009 sometime, the year that I expect Gog to arise to power in Mosul.

Let me be cause for some interesting thinking among new readers. Sunnis are the minority Arabs in Iraq. Yet they live largely in Mosul. This region's Sunnis were the heart of Saddam's Baathist party. Saddam was allied to Russia. Nahum, a prophetic book in the Old Testament, says in 1:11 that the anti-Christ, whom I equate with Gog, will arise in Nineveh, which today is Mosul. One might now predict the rise of Gog in Mosul apart from Nahum's prophecy? But how did Nahum know unless there is a God? As testimomy that God spoke through Nahum, I am about to show that Gog will arise in Mosul. I am confident. He will then bring to his side Sunnis living between Mosul and Diyala.

It's not my idea only, and especially not mine originally, that the anti-Christ will arise from Mosul on account of Nahum. However, many who take this view see a Muslim anti-Christ. I have done a Google search for Mosul and Russia(n) to find nothing relevant. There appears to be no Russian influence in Mosul at this time, not even a Russian person of worldly importance. I fear that readers may become impatient waiting for a Russian to arise in Mosul. These updates are becoming long, and apparently I named them wrongly since the scope is not always in Iraq.

I assure you as Daniel was a true prophet of God: the anti-Christ will arise in Iraq. And as surely as Ezekiel was a prophet of God, the anti-Christ will be Gog. As surely as Isaiah was a prophet of God, the anti-Christ will be an Assyrian, and the "king of Babylon." For new readers jumping in here, Nineveh (i.e. Mosul) was the Assyrian capital, and Babylon was in what is now central Iraq. If you'd like to know how Gog in Iraq can become the ruler of Europe so as to satisfy Daniel 7, see my fictional (but true-to-prophecy) piece at the end of the previous update.

Also yesterday in Mosul, a vegetable cart laced with explosives was detonated, killing seven so far. The target was the police force. The point is, Mosul is not by any means cleansed of terrorism. Moreover, al-Qaeda in Mosul has not likely been damaged, for it had plenty of time to leave Mosul before the recent cleansing began. Says one invertigator on May 18 (2008):

"There isn't much English language coverage of what's happening in Mosul, in marked contrast to the reams of stuff that was available on Basrah or Sadr City - but after reading everything I could find on Maliki's latest Napoleon-complex offensive, here's what I think is going down.

It seems to me that AQI [= Al-Qaeda in Iraq] melted away ahead of Maliki's offensive, which was telegraphed for a couple of months and had widespread publicity in the days leading up to the first sweep. These are the rump of AQI, the survivors of the Surge, and they're nobody's fools even if they're terrorists. Even Maliki's own people say that's what has happened - although the US military denies it."

This is important, for it tells that al-Qaeda in Mosul may manage to survive. The write up above shares a Time/CNN article telling that the Mosul purge in particular cannot safely utilize, as they were utilized elsewhere to lead Iraq/Coalition forces to the homes of terroists, such Sunni groups as the Awakening Movement. Therefore, it is assured (in my mind, anyway) that many terrorists remaining behind in the city will not be found nor arrested. Put this together with the fact that other Sunnis of Mosul hold the ex-Saddam Baathists in high esteem, and one has the makings to fulfill Daniel 11:23...which, for new readers, I interpret as the ex-Saddam loyalists and al-Qaeda joining Gog in Iraq.

The last time that I discussed this, I wondered where the al-Qaeda operatives of Mosul could have escaped. The answer depends on who their allies have been up until that time, for this would tell who might open homes to them, or in other ways assure their daily needs. Were the al-Qaeda operatives friendly to ex-Saddam loyalists, or corrosive toward them? When I read one report that Goran, the Kurdish deputy governor of Mosul, was allied to al-Qaeda secretly, I decided to keep a look-out for a rift between al-Qaeda and the Baathists that Goran may have been exploiting. Was Goran using some al-Qaeda bombers to weaken Mosul's Baathists? Consider also that, in February of this just year, the army commanders in Mosul asked Baathists to help rid the city of al-Qaeda. Neither of these points bode well for an al-Qaeda alliance, in mid-2008, with Baathists.

Who, then, now protects al-Qaeda in Mosul, and those who escaped the city? The answer would seem to be those Sunni locals who were harmed by Saddam, who therefore despise the Baathists to this day. This does not bode well for the fulfillment of Daniel 11:23, but then it can be said that two repelling forces may attract when both are under the threat of extinction. It seems clear that the wedge between the two is competition for ultimate power in Iraq; while it's a no-brainer that the Baathists want Iraq back, most don't know that al-Qaeda in Iraq, recently re-named the "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI), also want the totality of Iraq's political system:

"According to a study compiled by US intelligence agencies, the ISI have plans to seize power and turn the country into a Sunni Islamic state."

ISI hasn't the numbers to win the election apart from an alliance with the Baathist Sunnis, but even then a coup of some sort will likely be the only thing that wins the day for them. That coup, I think, will be Gog's job.

In earlier updates I expressed the opinion that Baathists of Mosul would contribute to Gog more largely than would al-Qaeda, and that the Baathists now attempting to seize Iraq by a political route are most likely to become his future supporters. There are yet, as of late June, Baathists uprisings in Mosul: "Iraqi troops have fanned out in force in Mosul to try to quell the insurgency there led by Baathist fighters and Sunni extremist guerrillas" (June 25, 2008).

I'm sorry that I can't finish this story now, and not until Gog arises, but in the meantime it won't hurt to educate myself on the dynamics in Mosul, and pass what I learn to you. Yes, I've wondered whether Gog could be a Kurd, especially as Kurdish warriors (called Peshmerga) have recently dug their heels into Mosul in defiance of the Iraqi prime minister, and in support of Goran. Yes, I'm looking for a name in Mosul that adds up to 666. Yes, I'm asking God -- to make my job of writing, and your job of reading, easier -- who Gog is. Patience.

None of this speaks to Gog's main ally in the Jerusalem invasion: Iran. Two days after meeting with Syrian president, Iran met with Lebanese officials, yesterday.

"Iran's Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Reza Sheybani conferred with Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade here Monday.

In the meeting, the two sides considered ways of making active joint economic commission between the two countries."

While it's true that Iran now seeks to do business with as many nations as possible to curb the effects of UN sanctions, the Lebanese relations are special, in having an impact on Gog's invasion (for new readers, this invasion is prophesied to be from Israel's north). I don't think it's a coincidence that a Lebanese tie is being made immediately after a high-level Syrian visit to Tehran.

An economic tie has the special ability of transferring Iranian weapons to Lebanon legally, unlike the situation until now: through an underground movement. As it's suspect that Syria has been the funnel of underground shipment of weapons from Iran to Hezbolah, the real reason that the Syrian president just visited Tehran (telephone calls between the two could be intercepted) seems to be for this very purpose. It all suggests that the way is being open for the Gog-Iran invasion, and of course it's Hezbolah's new position in the Lebanese government that is to be credited for the ability to ship weapons legally in typical business relations.

In another IRNA article, out today, we learn that Hussain al-Hussaini, a Lebanese MP, also met with the Iranian ambassador while he was in Lebanon (Beirut). The Lebanese MP said:

"'Taking advantage of the nuclear energy is the absolute right of entire countries, including Iran, and we strongly support Tehran...The Lebanese nation meanwhile appreciate the Islamic Republic of Iran's unlimited assistance and spiritual support, as well as the valuable efforts made for restoration of peace and stability in our country, asking earnestly for the continuation of such amicable moves.'

During the meeting the two sides exchanged viewpoints about the current status of political developments in Lebanon and the region, as well as the latest developments related to Iran's nuclear program."

We get it. Lebanon and Iran are working together on seeing a "delivery" of nuclear bombs to Israel. While up until now I have explained the fiery picture of Armageddon with the nuclear weapons brought to Israel by the "kings of the east," perhaps Iran's nuclear weapons positioned in Lebanon makes better sense, since Iranian bombs are expected to be smaller and less catastrophic than what China possesses. Israel is, after all, a small country, and doesn't God know it. On second thought, might there be a nuclear standoff between the Kings of the East (= enemies of Gog) and the ones who will hold the Lebanese trigger?

I went searching to find whether the speaker of the above quote, Hussain al-Hussaini, was pro-Hezbolah or pro-West, and found the following in an article concerning the recent election of the Lebanese president (Suleiman): "Speaker Nabih Berri, along with former speakers Hussain Al Hussaini and Kamel Al Assad, also echo the opposition's [= Hezbolah] claim." (square brackets mine). This statement comes as per a policy dispute between the Hezbolah and pro-West sides. It assures me that the above quote by al-Hussaini is a strong invitation to Iran for it's anti-Israeli support of Hezbolah.

Perhaps the fiery aspect of Armageddon will be centered in Megiddo because it's a location closer to the Lebanese border than Jerusalem. That is, perhaps the Iranian missiles in Lebanon will only be able to carry a weapon as far as Megiddo, located between Nazareth and Haifa on this modern map of Israel.

The assassinartion this past weened of Syria's laison man to Lebanon (see previous update), and to the nuclear programs of Iran, is a huge development, therefore. It tends to set back the Israeli invasion, but only as planned by Syria and Iran. It is likely that Syria, and perhaps even Iran, do not know that the final success of such a mission will be to the credit of Gog (the man, not Russia the nation). While Iran may be on speaking terms with Gog by this time, Syria might know little about it, for as Gog is to invade Syria, there might be an underlying anti-Syrian quality about him that Iran doesn't want Syria to know. I don't want to speculate too deeply on what the reader might already regard as a phantom of my imagination; I can speculate with greater licence when Gog finally arises.

A recent article of Free Syria says it well on my behalf:

"The Israeli intelligence community has assessed that Iran and Syria have decided to maintain restraint until the departure of U.S. President George Bush.

The intelligence community, in an assessment that echoed that of Washington, has determined that Iran and Syria would continue preparations for war with Israel and the United States. But the Israeli intelligence agencies assert that Damascus and Teheran would seek to maintain regional calm until Bush leaves office in January 2009" (July 25, 2008).

The question is: Is it by the will of Gog that calm should be maintained at this time until Bush's term comes to an end? Has he already decided that a seizure of Iraq should begin when U.S. forces there are minimal? Makes sense. In the meantime, the mandate is shipments of weaponry to Lebanon, and a moving south as deeply as possible (by Hezbolah) into Israel's northern front.

A few days ago (August 1), Pravda came out with an article entitled, "Israel ready to attack Iran without USA’s permission." Keep in mind that this Pravda media is understood my me to be an organ of the Russian government. The article starts off saying, "Israel has entered the last phase of its war preparations against Iran." While I don't take Pravda too seriously when it makes conjectures, perhaps Russia knows something about the Iranian situation that the rest of us don't, for I suspect that Iran and Russia are talking privately.

The article goes on the re-hash all of the developing dynamics, and, like many others, is certain that the United States has decided not to strike Iran. However, seeing also that Pravda is featuring the story of Russia's renewed interest in Cuba, Russian leaders may have the misplaced confidence that their retaliatory measures are frightening Bush from striking Iran. The Russians perhaps don't know that this Texas rancher doesn't wear flip-flops. Obama might wear them with his suit, but Bush packs a hunting rifle with some hard calibre, quite a different breed. This is not the time to play chicken with Bush, for he's got to make a fast decision. What's the difference, anyway, whether Bush attacks Iran or helps Israel to do?

The Russian Courier has an article out today saying: "Russia has doubled annual arms exports since 2000 to $7 billion last year, becoming the world's second-largest exporter of conventional arms after the United States." We of course know that Russia sells to many anti-West nations, while the U.S. sells to many pro-West nations. Does anyone smell burnt uranium?

Iran handed in it's paperwork today to Javier Solana, the official response: "...officials said it was a restatement of Tehran's earlier insistance..." Surprise, surprise. Okay UN, now you're really mad, right? Whatcha gonna do about it?

The DEBKAfile website has an interesting point when it tells that Syrian president, immediately after leaving talks with Ahmadinejad, visited the Turkish prime minister (Tayyip Erdogan). It was not this alone that seemed impressive, but "Tehran’s announcement that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would visit Ankara for talks with [Turkish] president Abdullah Gul on August 14." This would be important for prophecy writers who view the Togarmah of Ezekiel 38 as Turks; I personally am not so sure that this equation is true. In any case, there would seem to be some Turkish involvement in whatever Syria and Iran are up to, and the reality should fall out from the cracks soon enough.

In the previous update, I failed to mention an important point from Isaiah that concerns Hezbolah's recent call, to anti-Israelis outisde of Lebanon, not to use Lebanese soil as a staging ground for attacks on Israel. II don't know who that call could have been going out to other than the Sunnis of al-Qaeda who are on Israel's border regions, some also inside Lebanon. Isaiah has something to say on this situation in chapter 14; the prophet is still on the chapter-13 topic, which is Gog's destruction at Armageddon. Gog, in chapter 13, is styled "the king of Babylon," though in 14:25 he is "the Assyrian." Note the implications of his atrocities to Lebanon after he has been done away with:

"All the earth is at rest, quiet, they break forth into singing. Yea, the fir trees rejoice over [the king of Bablyon], the cedars of Lebanon say, 'since you have [been] lain low, no woodcutter will come up against us'" (Isaiah 14:7-8).

The message is concise and clear: Lebanon will be trampled by Gog. He will use it as a staging ground to attack Israel. I assume that Iran, once its fighters have successfully taken Israel, will no longer have use for Hezbolah. The prediction is that Hezbolah is to become so comfortable in Lebanese politics that it's agenda will shift a little away from doing Iran's bidding, especially when Iranians with Gog use Lebanon for a camp.

Amazing, is it not, that Isaiah has the trees of Lebanon lamenting, since it's expected that Gog's armies will cut much wood for fuel and cooking when initiaing their attack on northern Israel. I have the initial military act against Israel at the start of the 2300 days of Daniel 8: in the second half of May of 2010. Immediately beforehand, Gog's armies will have invaded Egypt successfully so that Lebanon could very well serve as a military camp during that war. While you have your book of Isaiah open, note that Gog's power over Egypt can be found mentioned in Isaiah 19:4. It seems that the invasion will come at a time of severe drought in the Nile region. Note, too, In Isaiah 22:6, that the invasion of Jerusalem includes Elam, a people who were anciently located in what is now Iran.

Interestingly, I had traced the Zeus and Ishtar cults, which were anciently the dragon cult of Sumero-Babylon, to Delymite peoples, explaining why Ishtar originated on Dilmun/Telmon (modern Bahrain). I found one article that suggested Delymites to be Elamites, and this became my position, that the Zeus cult was anciently rooted in the Elamites of the Caspian-sea region, but later founding Susa.

Zeus' mother, Rhea, was consequently traced to the city of Rhagae, also Rey or Ray, not far from Delymite-central, and smack beside Tehran! I discovered that Zeus depicted the Turukku/Turrukku peoples. I realized a Turrukku connection as per Zeus' "Taurus" symbol. I assumed that the Turrukku became the Turks, but was more sure that they became the Trojans, for Zeus was a Trojan entity in the Greek-myth period. I also traced "Taurus" to Tyrus (= Tyre) and noted the similarity between "Turrukku" and "Tyrrheni." If you catch my drift, God is allowing the Zeus cult of old to invade Israel, only to pierce that ancient dragon cult in the heart at Armageddon.

My work traced the Zeus Delymites to the Solymi peoples of Turkey, not far from Troy; the Solymi were wrapped up in mythical Ares of ancient Hros/Rosh, and leading to modern Russians. This is the Biblical dragon. That is, God depicted the end-time powers as a dragon because they had always depicted themselves with the dragon symbol, the Ares cult included. Trojans evolved into Romans and Lydians into Latins, and Romans used the dragon symbol too. Lydians were likely the Lasonii peoples, a sect of the Solymi, and these I traced to the Greek dragon, Ladon. Lydians were a brother tribe to the Tyrrheni, and the latter went on to be the Etruscans settled beside the Latins and Romans.

Ancient Kirkuk was "Kurkura," what I suspect was the makings of Hercules, another son of Zeus (as was Ares). Kirkuk was split between the Guti Aryans and the Arphaxadite proto-Hebrews in the time that Ishtar was worshiped in Assyria. I have identified the Arphaxadites as Ares' dragon cult. The name of Kirkuk was earlier Arrapha, named after Biblical Arphaxad (Genesis 10). The Guti, some say, developed into the Kurds (who are seeking hard to possess Kirkuk as I write), while my suspicion has been that Arphaxadites evolved into Arabs. I thought this before I discovered that "Arrapha" was earlier "Arabkha" (to the Assyrians). There are those who don't wish for us to know that Arrapha was named after Arphaxad, and even Wikipedia has removed the alternative name of the city from it's website, which was "Arrapachitis," a term smacking of Arphaxad.

The Hebrews proceeded from Arphaxad (according to Genesis 10), but only one of many Hebrew tribes became the Israelites. I believe that the Zeus Elamites welded to the Babylonian Hebrews, called Chaldeans, and that they evolved into the Cabelees, a sect of the Solymi. I also believe that the Cabelees named the goddess, Cybele, the mother of Trojan Zeus, and that "Jewish" Kabala (a Satanic religion) is from the Cybele cult. To have Arabs rooted in Arrapha makes much sense where Mosul was not far away, for the latter smacks of the makings of "Muslim."

The ancient Guti of Arrapha re-named the city, Kirkuk, and these Guti were meshed with Ishtar at roughly that time, who is Babylon the Great Tart of Revelation 17. She evolved into Europa, a cult of the Tyrians, whom Zeus as a Taurus rode off to Greece while she sat on his back (that's real Greek myth, and the picture is unmistakably the picture used later in Revelation 17). I can say much more, but nothing more applies for now, except that Americans trace to Hurrians, as do the Kurds. It could be that Isaiah's "Kir," mentioned alongside Elamite invaders of end-time Israel, was a city named after Kurds and/or Hurrians.

The god of the Greco-Hurrians was Dionysus, a chief Satanic god (of the Kybele cult) that I traced both to the Somali tribe of what was then Ethiopia, and to the Hurrian/Horite city of Nuzi...smack beside Arrapha. I made the Somali trace because I knew that certain Aryan Greeks were in Ethiopia, but mainly due to the mother (= "Semele") that myth writers gave to Dionysus. To corroborate this theory, it was said that "Nysos/Nysus/Nysa" was Dionysus nurse, and that Dionysus was born on Mount Nyse; I then found that Ethiopia had a mount Nissa that at least one ancient writer identified as the mountain that Dionysus was born on (there was no Dionysus; he was the symbol of a people/geography similar to his name). In short, American Freemasons (which stress Egypt on their early symbols) trace back to the Dionysus cult; he became fundamentally the god of the Lasonii/Lydians on the Maeander river, and as such he was meshed with the dragon cult.

The god of Obama's Luo tribe of Kenya was Nyasi (or "Nyasaye"). Coincidence, or does this explain why he's a presidential candidate? The dragon-cult Lydians have been called Luwians, while the Luo tribe of Kenya is also "Lwo." Another coincidence? One Wikipedia article on the Luo tribe tells that Obama is of that tribe. Luwian was related to Lemnian (of Lemnos), itself related to Tyrrhenian, but the point is, Dionysus was a god also of Lemnos, especially as he and Hephaestus were one god, as both were given a limp from birth (= myth code). Hephaestus was the god of the Kabeiri sect of Kybele, a dark secret cult that I identify as Hebrews living on the Hebros river of Thrace. Luwian was very similar to the Hatti (wrongly called "Hittite") language, and there is no doubt that the sun god, Atti(s), son and husband of Cybele, represented the Hatti.

The chief god of the Luwians, Tarhun, which was "Tarh" to the Hatti, evokes "Tark," and therefore the Trojans and Turukku...but especially the brother tribe of the Tyrrheni: the Tarchon-branch Etruscans (yes, the Turks come to mind too). In the same way, "Tehran" may have been named after Togarmites, who, if they were the Tocharians, did live in northern Iran, though I think they they lived early off the Tigris river, which they may have named. "Tarhun" meant "thunder," explaining Zeus' thunder symbol used often by the Greeks. The Tarhun cult used a bull/Taurus as symbol.

August 6

Have you heard about the Kirkuk situation? Let's discuss it, as there's no news today to speak of, not yet anyway. In the Saddam era, Sunni Muslims were located by the dictator to Kirkuk's environs, and he in the meantime dislodged the regions Kurds. For the past few years under the new Iraqi government, both peoples have been moving their residency about, often going back to where they once lived before the dictator made the changes. Baghdad has been attempting to formulate provincial election proceedures in an effort, we are to assume, that is fair to all three groups: Kurds, Arabs, and Turkomen...but the Kurds, who are the majority population and still growing, didn't like the legislation which gave all three equal powers. Kurdish leaders refused to vote to pass that legislation, and so it didn't have the votes to pass. Everyone, including the UN and the U.S. but especially the Kurds, is waiting for a new resolution that will allow the legislation to pass so that provincial elections can proceed.

I'm wondering how Gog could use this election to worm his way into Mosul. The talk now is to postpone the Kirkuk elections but to allow other provinces to go ahead sooner; Mosul is not a part of the Kirkuk region. Not that it's necessary for Gog to use the election to enter Mosul, but that the timing for his appearance and the election seem to be on course to coincide. At this time, since the Kurds are unhappy, the Sunni Arabs are happiest with the Kirkuk situation, showing that Baghdad is favoring the Sunnis, which I think is for the purpose of keeping them subdued militarily i.e. to make the Baathists more content to melt in with the new Iraqi government.

So, you see, because I expect Gog to arise in northern Iraq with Sunni Muslims as his support system, the provincial elections promise to play some part in his success. It could be that Baghdad will change its tune and begin favoring the Kurds, at which point the Baathists will become discontent so as to support Gog's new vision for Iraq. I am sure that Baathist leaders have been involved with secret talks with Russia over the post-Saddam years, and half-sure that Gog must be involved in those talks by now. The entry of Gog into northern Iraq isn't likely going to take place on the spur of the moment, meaning that Gog has been eyeing the situation with such an intent for some time...though he wouldn't even consider it if not for having a Baathist support group.

While the Baathists may be hoping to use Russia as an aid to re-eatablishing themselves in Iraq, Gog will turn it around and use the Baathists to establish himself. The prediction is that Gog will not be a Kurd, but opposed to Kurds. In ancient times, Gog was represented by Gorgons who became Georgians, while some Kurds became the Kartli/Kartvelian Georgians (i.e. the two peoples merged in Caucasia). Gorgons are traced to modern Gorgan (ancient Hyrcania) at the south end of the Caspian sea, where also the Delymites lived, but also to Gogarene in what is now the Georgia-Armenian border region. But there's a lot of history between then and now, and the Gogi spread out to vast areas of the world in all directions so as to control the world more than any other people, especially through secret societies having world-rule as their self-conceived heritage.

It's widely known among historians that England and its Templarism had, from the beginning, a special relationship with Georgia. I was able to trace Angles to the Armenian god, Angl-Thork, the latter term seemingly rooted in Turrukkaeans. The Georgian Bagratid dynasty was ruling during the Templar period, and it was a stem of Armenian Bagratids which themselves traced back to the dragon-cult Yervand dynasty that worshiped Angl-Thork. My suspicion is that Baghdad was founded, under that name, by the Bagratids.

I trace the Yervands further back to the snake-infested Hermes cult in Cadusia, an Armenian region inland from the Delymites. I reasoned that "Hermes" was code for "Armenia" and that his "caduceus" symbol (using two serpents entwined around a rod) was a take on "Cadusia." I then reasoned that Hermes evolved into mythical Harmonia, daughter (and dragon cult) of mythical Ares, who was himself a representaion of the Rosh or Hros of the Aras river in Gogarene. For these reasons I suspected that the False Prophet would come out of English/American Freemasonry because they root themselves in ancient Gog, and besides it was reasonable to root the False Prophet in Gogi peoples.

Having just found evidence yesterday to tie Obama to the Luwians, who were essentially the same peoples with the Hatti, let me say this: I had concluded long before last night that the Hatti capital, Hattusa, was a take on "Cadusia." In fact, I found an article last night telling that the Hatti 'K' was made an "H' or even removed altogether to become a vowel, by the Luwians. Therefore, the "Cadusia" switch to "Hattusa" and "Attis" were Luwian modifications. The Attis cult, as well as the related Dionysus cult, were homosexual and even transvestite groups, explaining why homosexuals have much poilitcal power to this day. It is my opinion that God gave this cult the right to rule the world in all generations and in all geographies until Jesus should come to remove it. In this way, while God in the meantime applies somewhat of a hands-off tack, all the ills of the world are to be credited directly to Satan's sons.

I should also mention that the Hermes cult named mount Hermon in Lebanon, the summit of which was "mount Sion." The summit was also called, for a period, "Ardos," which I linked to Arzawa, the proto-Lydian region in which the Luwians lived. A further link to Arda on the Hebros river seemed like a no-brainer, as this was the location to which the Dionysus cult moved, not to mention the origin of the Druids (from the Odrysians of Arda).

It seems a no-brainer to link modern Zionism, not to Israel, but to the non-Istaelite, fully-pagan, Hebrews (i.e. the Kabeiri) that moved from mount Sion/Ardos to the Hebros river....though it's a certainty that this Kabalistic dragon cult mixed with Israelites over the centuries. The link between the Yervand dynasty (and therefore Templarism) and Jerusalem is by mount Gareb (a 'v' and 'b' were commonly interchangeable) that now sits to the immediate east of the Knesset parliament building in modern Jerusalem (perhaps not by coincidence).

There's little news recently, so I hope you don't mind this diversion, for background's sake. My best shot at identifying the Luwians was to suggest a link to "leo," and therefore to the Lydian lion...that was also called the lion of Hercules. I traced this lion symbol (which by the way led forward to England's lion symbol) back to Nergal, the lion-depicted mythical spouse of the Laz Caucasians (I view the Laz as a fundamental Lydian fold). In fact, when learning of an 'n' modification to an 'h' that anciently took place, I realized that Nergal developed into "Hercules." It just so happens that 2 Kings 17 tells that Nergal was the god of the Cutha(h) Semites of the Hebrew region (= Habur river) of Babylon, and that Kabalistic "Jews" trace themselves back to the Cutha. Moreover, I thought to make a Cutha link to Cadusia, you see, so that the Cutha were a major part of the dragon cult in early Babylonian history.

Having considered a trace of Hercules to ancient Kurkura (now Kirkuk), I wonder if the Luwians issued forth from the Lullu/Lullubum/Lullubi peoples of the Kurkura region. If we remove one "L" from the term, we are left with "Lubu," very near to "Luvi" (Luwians were also "Luvians"). The removal of the capital is warranted where the ancient term is broken up as lu-lu-bu-um." I traced the Lullu to the Leleges of Troy, by the way, who were partnered with the Caucones that I suspect were Caucasians as they evolved into the Kikons of the Hebros river. The ancient Lullu are examined in some depth at this article, where they are conjecturally equated with Turukkaens. The Lullubum lived between the two Zab rivers in the region; my findings are that the Lullu were likley, or at least inter-mixed with, the Arphaxadites of proto-Kirkuk.

Amazingly, I found for the first time, at the above article, the expected Lullu link to proto-Lydians and the Ladon dragon, for it says: "...the region of Ladani, which was accessible through the passes of Habruri/Kirruri and bordered on the Lower Zab. It is described as inhabited by Lullubians..." The Laz region of Caucasia was also "Lazona"! Note the Kirruri term, smacking of "Kir."

I linked (whether rightly or wrongly I don't yet know) the Lullu to the dragon-cult god of Babylon: Enlil...who, like Ishtar, originated in Dilmun.

After Bush invaded Iraq, papers were found, and since released, telling that the Russian ambassador to Saddam Hussein has disclosed to him all the military secrets of the up-coming American invasion. One document has the ambassador saying: "Americans are also planning on taking control of the oil fields in Kirkuk." The article also tells of Saddam's ties with Osama bin-Laden in 1995, and a plan to do violence to Americans in the Middle East. The article goes further but, unregretably, it won't shut the unshutable mouths of Democrats. It tells that Saddam, while he was still in power, was infomed by his own agents that "the U.S. has proof the Iraqi government and 'bin Laden's group' agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside America." This was Bush's basis for attacking Iraq as well as Afghanistan. It's obvious apart from these pieces of evidence that bin-Laden thought Saddam to be a willing, vengeful enemy of the United States, after the humiliating Desert Storm of 1991.

In consideration of Arabs being named after Arphaxadites, of Arabkha (= proto-Kirkuk), and in consideration now of the Ladani region being anciently located near Kirkuk, could bin-Laden somehow be named after Ladani elements? Could it possibly be that Obama's Luo tribe was from the Lullu of that same Ladani region??? It is no secret that certain Hebrews (probably of Yemen/Punt) were part of the Bantu fold of Africa to which the Luo are connected.

The capital of Kurdistan is Arbil (near Kirkuk), a term also smacking of "Arab." A Russian consulate was opened in Arbil not many months ago in November 2007. Then, in February of 2008, Russia expressed its willingness to forgive most of Iraq's multi-billion dolar debt:

"Iraqi President Jalal Talabani welcomed Friday an expected Russian decision to write off 91 percent of Iraq’s estimated $13 billion debt, calling it a 'historic turning point' in relations between the two countries.

...The decision to write off Iraqi debt was seen in part as an effort to improve Russian companies’ chances of winning oil contracts and other deals in Iraq."

Then in late May of 2008, we read: "Iraq's President Jalal al-Talabani expressed his country's willingness to bolster its relations with Russia in all fields, particularly in the oil sector, during his reception of a delegation from a major Russian oil company [= Lukoil]." Perhaps these things are the first sign of Gog's entry into northern Iraq.

Now that we know that Russia was spying on Bush's run-up to the Iraqi invasion, and sharing the information with Saddam, we also know that Bush knew that Russia was spying on him and giving the information to Saddam. It explains why Russia has not lent the Bush effort any military, so that there is no Russian military in Iraq. For Gog to arise to military heights in Iraq under this vacuum seems impossible. But the reason that Russia has no military in Iraq is that it would then need to feign fighting the Arab terrorists that it's supporting. Russia does have military in Iraq after all: the terrorists. Consider a statement of about a year ago: "Consider Petraeus's area of operation: his willingness to empower senior Baathists in Mosul bought short-term calm but provided the insurgency with a safe haven."

General Petraeus' plan to utilize Baathists in various leading Iraqi roles, as an effort to pacify them, should be the foundation upon which Gog is allowed to arise at all, and moreover it explains how he'll initially arise diplomatically rather than militarily. Russia must have smiled when Petraeus got into the picture in this way. It must seem like Christmas for Russia, for otherwise the Baathists would have been crushed along with al-Qaeda in 2008. One cannot stop the hand of God, and the Petraeus project is His plan, so be it.

The only conceivable reason that Russia would continue to oppose the Bush war and meanwhile to support Baathists is that the latter are Russia's means to secure Iraqi oil. Baathists are doing all in their power to accuse Kurds of wanting to make "oil-rich Kirkuk" a part of Kurdistan. One must reason that Russia wishes to see the Kurds lose the current politics of Kirkuk, so that the Baathists will have an equal, if not upper, hand. With that secured, Baathist supremacy in Mosul would be Russia's next logical step. But the Kurd deputy governor of Mosul refuses to die, and even his removal is imminent, it might not assure a Baathist replacement. Big hmmm. Might Gog arise in the governor's office? Governor Gog of Mosul?

In seeking info on the Mosul governorship, I found that a month before the assassination (2004) of Mosul governor, Youssef Kashmoula, the Mosul governor (somewhat self-proclaimed) was the hard-core Baathist, Mashaan//Mish'an al-Juburi, once a commander in Saddam's Republican Guard as well as a personal bodyguard of the Iraqi dictator. Wikipedia says that this Sunni Arab once attempted to assassinate Saddam (I suppose it was an effort to replace him), that Saddam killed many of his fellow tribesmen as a result, but that al-Juburi nonetheless came to support the Saddam loyalists in the Bush occupation.

If this isn't confusing enough, he was protected by American troops when they first arrived to Mosul in the spring of 2003, and in fact the Americans made him Mosul's governor. At the time, Juburi was anti-Saddam, exactly what the Americans were looking for. Soon, however, he came to despise the Americans, and although he became openly pro-Insurgency, he was yet able to run his political party (Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc) in Iraq, winning three seats in 2005 elections.

I suppose the reason that he was allowed to operate in Iraq was for his support of the Iraqi constitition (of the new Iraqi government). As he "called for the Multinational Force [of Bush] in Iraq to be replaced by United Nations-led peacekeepers," doesn't this man smell like a Russian agent in Iraq??? Typically, anti-American Iraqis wouldn't want the UN either, but Russia of course did want to see Bush replaced by the UN.

"Jabouri was indicted in December 2005 with the theft of millions of dollars of government money intended to protect oil pipelines near Kirkuk against attack. The money had been given to him in 2004. He was suspected of diverting the money towards the Iraqi insurgency. Following the indictment he fled to Syria."'an_al-Juburi

Obviously, his Baathist cause got the money. But al-Juburi is named after his Juburi tribe having some 10 million Iraqis as members. Wouldn't Gog like to have at least half of them on his side??? A certain Abdul-Kareem al-Juburi was director of the Ninewa security operations as late as November 2007. Concering the other Juburi above, we read:

"Having then amassed a fortune through dodgy deals with [Saddam's son] Uday, [Mashaan al-] Juburi defected in 1991 and boasted at a meeting of Iraqi opposition leaders: 'I am a Sunni, head of a powerful Sunni tribe. We have killed thousands and thousands of Shia.'

...Washington is walking a tightrope. And already it is falling into the trap of doing the worst thing possible by trying to reinstall those with tainted political track records"

Al-Juburi's term as Mosul governor ended in June of 2004, though I don't know why. I cannot find what sort of Arab the next governor of Mosul/Ninawa was, the one mentioned above (Osama Youssef Kashmoula) that was assassinated soon after in September of 2004. He was replaced by a relative, apparently, Duraid Kashmoula, who is governor to this day. It seems quite apparent that, since he opposes al-Qaeda in Mosul, that he's a Sunni of another persuasion. I cannot discover, however, whether he has good ties to the Jiburi tribe, or to the Baathists.

Russia today has indicated that it opposes further sanctions against Iran, in which case the UN won't likely be able to impose them, as Russia has veto power on any UN resolution.

Apparently, the Kurds today agreed to accept equal representation in Kirkuk between Arabs, Turkomen and themselves. Apparently, the president of Kurdistan was satisfied by some changes made today to the legislation. Will keep you posted.


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