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October 16 - 22, 2018

Taking Chris Peare's Hippos to the Bank
God's New Stucco Story
Mamie's Garden Contributes to the Obama Dream on the FBI Scandal

When the DoJ signs affidavits knowing that they contain false information, there is a serious injustice in the land from the Justice people:
...a federal judge unabashedly accused career State Department officials of lying and signing "clearly false" affidavits to derail a series of lawsuits seeking information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server and her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth also said he was "shocked" and "dumbfounded" when he learned that FBI had granted immunity to former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills during its investigation into the use of Clinton's server, according to a court transcript of his remarks.

"I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had issued in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief, and I was quite shocked to find out she had been given immunity in ó by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case," Lamberth said during the hearing.

The article goes on to say that the judge says that the DoJ gave him direct false and misleading statements. Who else could be responsible for this treatment but Rosenstein himself, unless we think that Sessions was personally responsible for protecting Hillary. Also in the news, an ex-FBI character got four years for merely leaking classified materials. How many years should Hillary get in comparison? Here's the latest motion (zzz) on the dossier affair:

Mrs. Ohr is about to come before congress this week. The people are not permitted to know these goings-on, even when it involves the attempted overthrow of a successful presidential candidate, and later the overthrow of a president. Not even that president wants the people to know the details, because, very obviously, he's listening to those who implore him not to reveal these things to the people.

The logic is that smoking pot is now worse than drinking beer, but then why stop at legalizing only pot. Why discriminate on other recreational drugs. Let the government now sell all sorts of drugs, since the new logic allows for it, and, hopefully, when liberals drive home stoned after a party, they will kill lots of liberals. After all, they deserve it for this mess: "After retail sales of recreational cannabis began, the frequency of collision insurance claims in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State rose about 6 percent higher than in nearby states where marijuana is still illegal, the IIHS said in the study." Wow, six percent more accidents = many more maimed and dead, thanks to the new logic of liberals.

What about the added accidents at work, the ruined personalities, the rubbing off on others of ruined personalities, the injection of demons into minds, and on and on do the negatives go. Well, our brainy liberals didn't think about those things because they never care about society as a whole, only the good times that they themselves can secure for themselves under the banner of "rights." While people smoke pot, they also drink, it's a known fact. It's extremely dangerous. But they do not care for lost human life, or sufferings of others, they have made that plain already.

Last night, while painting my upper floor that was once the attic, I started to think about God's use of my life for heraldic purposes. I determined to write again, this morning, on the topic of Christine Peare, for new readers that have never heard this, for God seemingly placed her in my life for pointing to the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon. After God started to create events around this house that helped me to understand the links of surnames to ancient people groups and places, I began to wonder whether events earlier in my life were Intended by Him to be the same, and that's how I discovered that God set me up with at least a couple of dozen events, all explained in the past. The smallest detail in an event can turn out to a pointer to a bloodline of importance to Him.

I got to thinking, last night, about riding Christine's white horse one day, which became a topic from a dream I had a year or two ago that ended with my pulling her by the WAIST. I determined that God set that event up, in my 19th year, some four decades before this dream, for a pointer to the WAISTell surname, for it uses a white horse said to be "on a gallop." I don't recall being on a horse before the time I was up on hers. All I knew to do was to kick the horse in the side with my heels, like I saw on cowboy movies. And this horse started to run. I was just hanging on, no saddle, until it came to a BANK maybe four feet deep (I wasn't going to send the horse off that), at which time I steered it to the right and came to a stop. I don't recall what happened after that.

[It wasn't until this update was ended when I realized that the Greek for horse, "hipp/hippos," is for the hips at Christine's waist. It's just astounding how things work out with God the genius. In this update, ChrysIPPUS has been a large topic, who was named after the horse. I'm assuming that God named Christine in order to link to CHRYSippus.]

I can't recall whether it was going as fast as a technical gallop or a trot, but I concluded that God set that event up in pointing to Waistells, who I had previously traced to "Vestalis," son of king Cottius of the Cottians. Remember, this part of my discoveries wouldn't have happened without the dream. By that time, I had previously traced "Cottius" to the Cotesii peoples that I saw stamped on the modern Buzau river in Moldova. This river is directly south of a RIMNa river, where I traced the "Rimmon" location of the 600 Benjamites, and so I reasoned that the BANK to which the white horse took me was God's code for "BENJamin," especially as my mother's mother is a Masci while the Maschi surname (Masci colors) is said to have been first found in RIMINI. (Use the link-with-tab above to load all your surnames).

That's why God put a Masci liner on the white horse of CHRISTINE Peare. You're going to be amazed by the things I've yet to say, but you need to keep in mind that God wants the readers, or even the entire world, to know these things for a reason. They were not set up for my mere pleasure or yours. The Christine surname was first found in the Isle of MAN, and a mythical Manes, code for the Maeonian people group, was made the father of a mythical Cotys, who looks like code for the Cotesii. I therefore need to realize that the Isle of Man was named by Maeonian descendants, for this is why God put me together with Christine. The Isle of Man was ruled by king Maccus or his brother(s), and I trace him without doubt to Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys/Maceys, a branch of Masci's. God could not get neater than this.

Instead of Cotys, some or most myth writers made Attis the son of Manes', code for the Hatti of Hattusa. Attis had a pine symbol while Maschi's use the pine cone. Attis was made married to Cybele, the parents together of Lydians, and historians tell us that Lydians were made partly of Maeonians. The high priest to the Cybele cult was Dionysus, who was always paired in myth with all-female Maenads, code for "MAEANDer." It's obvious. Christine loved to dance, which was one of the most-important codes for the Maenads. They carried around rods, called thyrsus', with pine cones on their tips. God is telling us that the Meshech/Mushki people group, the proto-Masci's, were in cahoots with the Maeonians. I can add multiple pieces of evidence to that claim, but will forego it here.

"Attis" traces to ATTICa, and this story is coming to you from my painting what I once called the ATTIC. God did set up events up there, a few years ago, that I won't repeat here. I'm more interested at this time to go to the Bank surname, for it uses the saltire of the Benjamin surname in colors reversed, adding evidence that Banks and Benjamins themselves for knowing their Benjamite ancestors. This is a good place to mention that French Benjamins share the bear with Trots, whom I trace to the Trotus river of Moldova, i.e. very near the Rimna river. Christine's horse took me for a TROT, right? God is a genius.

The Meshech were the Amazons of Pisa, at Greece's Elis region, and the Elis surname, first found in Yorkshire with Banks, use a cross of the same type as Banks, in colors reversed. I will re-mention another dream that God gave me some six years ago, that had to do with the Amazons of Pisa, but first, let's talk about the fleur-de-LYS (or LIS) of Banks (and Masci's), for the Lys/Lise surname can be from "Laish," and the namer of Elis too. I trace the fleur-de-lys to Lissus, an Albanian location of the Cavii people group, who definitely birthed the Chives surname that has a version of the BENG/Bing Coat. You can bank on the reliability of what this spells out: the Benjamites had merged with the line of Caiaphas-suspect Cavii, which should explain why God allowed Christine to leave me for Mr. KEPKe, whose surname I think is a version of the surname that named Joseph Caiaphas. Kepke was with her when I rode her horse, and here it can be added that Keppocks/Kippax's were first found in Yorkshire with Banks and Elis'.

Now listen, for the amazing things are only beginning. Perhaps last year, I came across a picture of sphinx with a female face that reminded me of Christine Peare. The sphinx was in a Wikipedia article for a location in the Taman peninsula of Caucasia, and this location was very near Kepke-like Kepoi, wherefore I reasoned that Kepke's (Ukrainian surname) had named Kepoi, especially as Peare's were first found in the same place as Taman-possible Thames'/Tiens', who share part of the Peare Coat as well as sharing the martlets of one Pavia surname. I am therefore being led to believe that "Caiaphas" should be found related to the namers of Kepoi. This location is not far south of the Tanais river, where I trace the Greek Danaans that I see from the 600 "Danites" of Laish.

It just can't be coincidental that Wikipedia's article on the Meshwesh/Mazyes' had ruled Egypt from Tanis (Nile delta), where I can trace "Danaus," Greek myth code for the Danaans. I was able to glean that Tanis was named by scythians of Tanais. At this point I need to repeat that God set me up with Heliah-like Helen, a tenant, about 20 years ago, who led me to the Tenant surname, which happens to have been first found in the same place of West Lothian as HELias'/Elias', who in-turn share the Elis Coat. In other words, a branch of Bank-related Elis' were in Lothian with Tanais-possible Tenants, which begins to signal that the 600 Benjamites were merged with the 600 "Danites" of Laish, both found in the latter half of the Book of Judges. Did this topic lead us to the mythical pine symbol? There's a pine tree in the Coat of the Lothian surname.

Helen's was God's code for mythical Helen of Troy, whom I had ventured to trace to the people group naming Elis, for this was not far from the Spartans. Helen of Troy was a Spartan whose husband was made, MENElaus, whom I trace to Maeonians, for it seems that "MeneLAUS" was code for the Las/Laas location of Sparta's MANi peninsula. It could appear that Las was named from a people group from Laish and passing through the Maeonians in the area of the Lasonii. Helen rented my basement as a tenant, and Tenants share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens', first found in Lothian with Tenants, making the Mens' and their Manner branch suspect with Maeonians on the MAEANDer, and indeed there is a Mander surname with a "Laus" motto term. Heraldry loved its pagan past, didn't it?

What follows is a good reason for tracing both Tenants and Helens to the Tanais river, home of the Alan Huns. Helens were first found in Brittany with the Alan surname. I explained recently, as per the duck dinner I had with Helen, why Helens are from Aulon/AVLONa, and therefore the namers of Mount Velino, mythical Avalon, and the Vilaine part of Brittany, where Alans and horse-using Plunketts were first found. Helens share the horse too, which gets important momentarily.

Secondly, a friend once visited me at my home, whose name is Don Frey. Freys/Free's (share the courant white horse with Waistells) share the Coat of Freys'/Frees'/PHREEZE's, who may have developed a Pharisee-like variation due to knowing their ancestry in Pharisees. This is where the Sittaceni scythians come in, who I say named the Sadducees. One reason that I make these claims is exactly due to where God is pointing things with Helen, for the Sittaceni lived at lake Maeotis, the location of the Tanais river, which is also the DON river today. I kid you not, DON Frey visited me only once that I can recall while Helen was my tenant over about five or six months, and as he was pulling out of my driveway with me in his car that day, Helen came out of her side door, and Don saw her. It's just a small thing, but I declare that God set that event up to point Pharisees and Sadducees both to the Alans of lake Maeotis.

God had showed me that Helen was partly code for Helen of Troy, and so while Helens use horse heads, let's not forget the Trojan-horse symbol. Helen of Troy was called such because she was abducted by the Trojan prince, Paris. Long before I first mentioned Helen, my tenant, in heraldic writings, I suggested that "Pharisee" is a term related to mythical Paris. Just look at that. If Don is reading, he of course understands that this potential connection speaks only to his surname, shared by many, not his soul or spiritual condition.

I had read that the so-called Thracian Horseman was Ares, which makes sense because the Nordic for "horse" is Ares-like "hross." It suggests that the heraldic horse was code for the Hros Caucasians (Tanais is in Caucasia), and that "Ares" (and his son, Eros) was a Hros entity, probably the Rosh people that Ezekiel 38 lumps with Meshech. The Rush's share the courant horse's of Freys/Free's and Phreeze's. The latter lived at the Moschi mountains directly off the Ares-like Aras river of Armenia, and you can see these things in the old map below with a SODUCENa location, not to mention Gogarene. It appears that the namers of Soducena were the Sittaceni. Soducena is off a Lychnis lake now called, Sevan, which formed the mythical swan. Helen of Troy was born in the egg of a swan birthed by Leda. I trace the latter term to the Lasonii-like Lazona area of the Lazi Caucasians, who are on the map near the end of the Glaucus river. On that river, one can see Tyndaris, and it just so happens that Leda's husband was Tyndareus. Note the RHODopolis location, for Manders (the line to Helen's husband) have a version of the Rhodes Coat.

I had told of the event where Helen's previous boyfriend came to visit her while she was not home, and left a CHOColate treat on the door knob. This can make a good case for seeing that treat as part-code for CAUCasians, for, I kid you not, treat-like Toreatae peoples lived at Maeotis with the Sittaceni. Plus, "chocoLATE" can thus be God's code partly for the Late/LETT surname, smacking of Leda = Leto liners. This is so incredibly impressive, but there's more, for Late's/Letts were first found in Glaucus-like Gloucestershire, suggesting that Colchians of the Glaucus river settled in Gloucestershire...where Samsons were first found that may trace to the Samson "Danites".

Hattusa-related Kutaisi was at the Glaucus river, and that was the location of the mythical golden fleece protected by the dragon of Ares. The people who stole the golden fleece sailed the Argo ship, and it just so happens that Danaans lived in Argos. Most of the passengers in the Argo were Boiotians, and it's known that CADmus, part-code for the Cadusii Armenians who named Hattusa (my personal discovery), killed the dragon of Ares. "CadMUS" is part-code for the Mus area of Armenia, at Lake Van where king RUSa ruled. Mus is where the Nairi had lived suspect with Scotland's "Nairn."

Late's/Letts use "organ pipes" while Pipe's share the Pepin Coat, and these surnames trace to the Hyksos king, Apepi, while Hyksos named mythical Hecuba and her son, Hector. The latter was the arch-enemy of the uncle of Helen of troy, and the brother of prince Paris of Troy. That's a very good reason for seeing the chocolate treat as God's pointer to Late's/Letts, and the Pipe's / Pepins even share horse heads with Helens, so amazing. The Pipe's and Pepins share the Bank fleur-de-lys in colors reversed!

"Paris" and his father, "Priam," were code for the Gorgon city of Parion/Parium, on the HELLESpont waters that likely named mythical Helen round-about through Elis elements. There is a LEDerata location on the Danube beside VIMINacium, where I trace the "WOMAN" in the Elis Crest. "LereRATa" may have been named partly by the people group naming the Rats/Raids, who are in Leader colors, and share roses with the Leders and Leaders. The Rose clan was first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids. I haven't known Leders until now, and they happen to share the green-and-white checks of RADice's/Radix's, perfect for making the Rat/Raid link to "LEDERata." The cross of Rats/Raids is also the Elis / Elias cross, can we believe it? Leders (Austria, same as TRAPs) were just found luckily because I failed to type the 'a' of "Leader." Rats/Raids became a topic after I caught 16 squirrels in my ATTIC, with one RAT TRAP, in about the span of two or three weeks.

I've said it many times: Kepke had a white, pet rat in his basement. I therefore need to ask why Kepke liners should trace to Lederata elements.

[After this update was put online, this heraldry page was found saying, "Rat, (fr. rat): This rodent occurs only in one or two coats of arms. [For example:] Paly of six or and gules, on a canton argent a rat salient sable--TRAT, Cornwall." That is, Trot-like Trats use the rat, and because Kepke had a rat while being the man of Miss Peare, it appears that Trats should apply to Trots. It works because Trats are said above to use six pale bars of red and gold, the Trot symbol! No Trat surname comes up at houseofnames. The heraldic rat is, apparently, for Trots / Trats alone, yet God can still use a rat theme for the Rat surname, and, perhaps, Rats/Raids became the Trats > Trots. The only other rat is said to be from Bellets, listed with Billets: "Argent, a fesse gules in chief a rat of the last--BELLET."]

The Banks came up with my ride of Christine's horse to a bank, yet this entire discussion is as per painting my attic last night, and it happened to be YELLOW paint. The Yellows not only share the same fesse as Leaders, but are expected as a branch of Yells that named Yell in Shetland, beside the ORKNeys that is see in the "ORGAN pipes" of Late's/Letts. The Argo ship was filled with Boiotians from ORCHoMENOS. Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Thames'/Tiens', while the latter two surnames both share the stars in the Late/Lett Chief. The Squirrel surname happens to use a "Tiens" motto term.

The smallest details can be important. When I decided to speak on this discussion while painting with yellow, it was the kitchen I was painting. Kitchens happen to share water bougets with Rose's of Nairn. Nairn is highly suspect with the Neuri on the Ukraine's Bug river, for BUGs use water BOUGets too. Kitchens likely share the bougets of Banisters (Lancashire, same as Kitchens), who may be a Benjamite line too.

Forgive if I'm wrong, but I view the 600 Danites of Judges, along with the Danite, Samson (also in Judges), as pseudo-Danites from Tanis / Tanais, who disguised themselves as a part of the Israelite tribe of Dan in order to secure for themselves a home beside the Israelites. The 600 Danites brutally conquered Laish (southern Phoenicia) and lived there. It was my impression that the 600 pseudo-Danites (= fake Danites) had been Hyksos as per the overthrow of king Apepi, sending his Egyptians, living in and around Tanis, fleeing to Gaza, home of the Philistines that Samson engaged. It's a good reason for viewing Samson as a heretical myth added to the back of the book of Judges by a wayward priest steeped in paganism.

The back of Judges is also where the story of the 600 Danites and 600 Benjamites were added, and the digit, 6, could have been code for "Hyksos," as per "hex" = 6. It can make the heraldic hexagram, the so-called "star of David," a code for Hyksos liners. Mythical HECATE, suspect with "HECTor," was the goddess of mythical Medea, daughter of Attis-related Aeetes, owner of the golden fleece at Kutaisi. Medea was likely named after the Mede elements that named lake Maeotis.

Let's not forget that, through Christine Peare, God is pointing to the Benjamites that married women of Jabesh Gilead. On the morning of a dream that I'm about to mention again, I realized that "Rimmon" named mythical Remus and Romulus i.e. the city of Rome. "Jabesh" was traced to "Japodes," a people on the Kupa river that was also "COLAPis," like the Colp variation, and the Culp location, of the Cup/Cope surname. It just so happens that Christine's use CUPs. Amazing, is it not? I realized that the chief god of the Romans, Jupiter, was code for Japodes, and thus I expected the Benjamite descendants amongst the Japodes as well as with mythical Juno, who I identified with the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Kupa, and beside also the Maezaei peoples that became my Masci line.

The "Un" motto term of Rush's can be for the Una river. What are their annuLETs code for? Annulets are rings while Rhodopolis, where this Rush bloodline should trace, is circle-like Circasia. Lets/Late's, with the Annas Chief-Shield colors in reverse, had just traced to that area. Can we imagine an Annas link to the Sittaceni, since Annas was a Sadducee? By what coincidence is Laish-suspect Lissae at the RHODope mountains near Sub Radice?

The Radice's/Radix's were first found in the Japodes theater, and Sub Radice was on the upper Hebros river, a river suspect with Hebrews. As the Hebros was also the Maritsa, and because I traced this term to variations of the Mures/Maros river, note that Rad-like Arad is at the Mures theater, which is the river to which I traced the Rollo Rus of More. I trace Arad to Syria's Arados/Arvad (which goes to the founding of the Hungarians by Arpad, who lived not far from the Colapis). "HUNGary" is suspect with the Youngs/Jungs/June's, for they use a stag, the symbol of Hungarian ancestry. I trace June's to mythical Juno at the Una. Yonge's/Youngs, who use ROSes, share annulets with Rush's. Hungary was On-Ogur, which I trace to "Ugarit" in Syria (i.e. near Arados/Arpad), and the Young/Yonge annulets are in colors reversed from the same of Hogens or Hogers (I forget which, can't get online at the moment).

The dream I'm about to tell you was about mythical CHRYSippus of ELIS, while I always called her, Chris. She lived with me for a year or more on ELLESmere (street), I kid you not, while she was with Kepke (I never touched her or tried). And Helen, who led us to the Elis branch of Elias', figures into this picture where the Helen surname is said to be from Saint-Brieux, for the map below shows the Japodes beside the Breuci. Note Romula, a location between the Japodes and the Oeneus river.

As I said, I painted the album cover, "Tea for the Tillerman," on the full wall of the kitchen at the Ellesmere apartment, and the Tilurius river is near the Una. This river was called the CETINa, and while Cetins/Cattans use the cat, I kid you not, Tea for the Tillerman is by CAT Stevens. That's how God worked in my life, event after event, the discoveries are just non-stop now that I know. Why would God stress that album cover? Tea's (share the Pierre/Pero chevron in both colors) are listed with Ticino-suspect Tease's/Tye's (share red fesse with Pavia's) who share the star of Annas' (same place as Tea's/Tease's). Peare's trace to the Ticino, where I expect Annas to trace. Tea's/Tease's are said to have been early at Port ENYS, an Annas-like term. Might this have been an Una-river element?

Speaking about the Tillerman, it reminds that I told readers about Sassy some months ago, the cat I named that sucked her TAIL throughout her adult life. Tillers can be gleaned as a branch of Tails/Tailers, and the Sassy surname shares the Saracen head with Cetins/Cattans. You can't make this stuff up. I painted the album cover in the kitchen, and it's the Ketch's/Catch's, if I recall correctly, who use cats. Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Banisters) share the Banister water bougets, and, I kid you not, as I said, Sassy was given to me as a kitten by the lady who employed me to strip and refinish her banister.

Was Annas ultimately from "Oeneus"? For example, from the Aeneas character that founded Rome with his wife, Chris-like Creusa? In other words, it appears that Oeneus elements at the Una theater named an Annas-like term that Virgil coined as "Aeneas" in the days of Augustus Caesar. The Augusts and Rome's/Rooms share the same fesse as Tea's/Tease's, and Rome's/Rooms are said to have been associated with ANNANdale while Annas was also, ANANus. I had entertained a trace of Annas' family to Angusta before knowing that Angus' share the Annas star, and Angusta was probably a version of multiple Augustus locations. It just so happens that "angustis" is a motto term of Cabbage's, who share the Tiller/Tailer lion! Zikers, that was unexpected. Why do French House's use cabbage LEAVES? Why do Cabbage's share the Levi chevron? It behooves me here to trace Laevi kin from the Tilurius to the Ticino.

Chives' (Tarves) use cat-a-mountains in place of the Tail/Tailer lions, though these cats are suspect as Cetina elements, explaining why Cetins/Cattans share the black fitchee with Tarves'. Cetins/Cattans love the Tuits/Toots in their motto, probably the Teuta Ardiaei at/beside the Cetina. The Cetins/Cattans even use a "Cautes" motto term that gets the Cotta's, who can be traced to Cottians, where Miss Peare traces.

Where Chris's horse is considered on a trot, it recalls that, after seeing Angusta on a map, I located it, best I could, on the TROTus river (not marked on the map above). Can we believe it? She lived with me where I painted Tea for the Tillerman. I don't recall where we were living when I rode her horse. Previously, God provided an event where Peare got a belly symbol, when my arm was draped around her waist, and I did read that count Vrm of Angusta had a daughter, Helena, who married BELA, king of Hungary. "Vrm" got suspect with Worms, who share the bend of Sassys, but so do hundreds of others. Yet, we may have gotten the inkling that Vrm elements can trace to the Cetina with Sassys.

I'll bet that my old tenant (Helen) has to do with Annas, somehow. Helen became a topic above with my ride of Chris' horse to the bank. When I last saw Helen at my place, I left for Tessin-like Texas. She was on the PAVEment of my driveway as I waved good-bye and drove off, wherefore, if Pavers are from Pavia, we have a story. "Tessin," the alternative name of the Ticino, is why I trace Tease's/Tess' and Tease's/TEA's to this river, for the latter use LEAVES, and were first found in Switzerland, where the Ticino begins. The point is, the Texas surname shares the Paver / Louvier checks, a pair suspect with Laevi at Pavia. The Hungarian king, Taksony (like "Texas"), got suspect with "Ticino." Helen was on the pavement with Steven and his Mustang, wherefore it's interesting that Stevensons show what could be the Helles/Hellers Shield in colors reversed. Stephen I of Hungary was Taksony's grandson.

Bela's brother, Levante, was traced to the Laevi because evidence had popped up (including the above but not limited to it) to trace the proto-Hungarians to the Ticino. I didn't know then that Yonge's/Youngs share the Leavell piles. Helens use the Este-Pepin horse heads, and Pepins are suspect in naming Pavia/Papia (I'll show why later), which can indicate that Vrm was a Ticino element, perhaps only as per his Helena marrying a Hungarian, perhaps more to it. Pavers share the lozenges of Bricks, and Helens were at Brieux (near Brest), more evidence that God placed Helen in my life in relation to my departing back to Texas after a three-to-four year absence.

Taksony's wife is said to be from Menumorat, whose Khazars I've traced from his Mures-river location of Bihar(ia) to Moray, where Dallas' were first found who share the Bihar-like Biggar Coat. The Stevensons above use the Moray stars, can we believe it? And Dallas is in Texas, amazingly enough. Helens are expected as Alan Huns, and they did live where the proto-Hungarian Magyars had lived. Magyars had been Khazar allies, and Khazars were founded as Huns near STEPHANTminda in Alania. Majors/Magors and Huns/Hundts use the Hun-suspect greyHOUND. Attila's Huns had perhaps only a fleeting political brush with VALENtinian I, and Valentins share a version of the other Stevenson Coat.

If I'm correct about Khazars being named after the Caesar surname, let me repeat that Cetins/Cattans use a motto term that gets the Cotta's, the surname of Julius Caesar's mother. She married Mr. Caesar, in other words. Therefore, as Cetins/Cattans use a cat, what about Cat STEVENs? Was my painting his album cover hint that Cetina-river elements went to the founding of Khazars? Amazing, for I did read that Attila's Huns were at the Stephantsminda / Kizlyar area, where Khazars were founded, and "Attila/Atilla" got suspect with "TILurius." Hungarians, whom I trace to the Ticino, where Tea's/Tease's trace, claimed to descend from Attila, and the Magyars lived beside Khazars. Amazing.

The mother was Aurelia Cotta, and Aurelia's share scallops on blue with cat-using Catch's, and perhaps the Stephen chevron too, which can perhaps explain why Tea for the Tillerman was painted on a KITCHen wall. Aurelia's even share the Stevenson stars!

When moving out of Ellesmere, I was dating Miss Whelan (Helen branch from Velino elements?), and Whelans share the Brick Coat (related to Brests/Brix's) while Helens were at Brieux. I probably met Miss Whelan only because my friend, Rick Young (i.e. looks like a Hungarian picture), was dating her sister. If that was a Set-up, let's mention that Ukrainian and blonde Kepke lived next door to Mr. Young. I recall staying the night at Young's place when "No Sugar Tonight" was playing, that had a line, "no sugar tonight in my tea." I remember that along with the same band's "American Woman."The "no sugar tonight" song stuck in my brain afterward, which is why I remember it from Rick's place. It's making Valen-like Whelans suspect from Alans of Alania. Elis' use a woman. Mythical Sugaar (snake god) was married to Mari, suspect with the snake goddess (Angitia) of the Marsi, who lived at Whelan-like mount Velino.

Dols use a WHALE, and while Vrm-like Worms share the green dragon of FORMans, the latter's wavy fesses are colors reversed from one wave fesse of Dols. Formans (Chief reflecting the Anchor Chief) share anchors with Majors/Magors (Chief reflecting the Anchor Chief), possibly from Magyars = proto-Hungarians. The Annacker variation of Anchors is suspect with "Annas," and while Cabbage's link to Vrm's Angusta, they were first found in the same place as Quince's who in-turn have mascles in the colors of the similar Anchor/Annacker lozenges. The AnnerCAW variation of Anchors gives away their link to the Caw variation of the ANNANdale Adams, first found in Dumfries with Bela-like Bells (share the Bellamy fesses). I hope you enjoyed the history lesson.

The Kilpatricks of Dumfries share the green dragon with Formans and Worms, and probably use the Levi lion with black paw emphasized (said to be on the dragon's head). Quince-suspect Quints (same place as Imps/Amps) use a black lion paw. The Kilpatrick dragon is likely that of Seatons, for the latter share the Bellamy / Imp/AMP crescents. Cabbage's and Quince's were first found in NorthAMPtonshire with Ladys having another reflection of the Anchor Coat, which reminds that Annas' have the Chief-Shield colors of Letts/Late's in colors reversed. Recall the chocoLATE on Helen's door knob, a decent way to see her as God's code for Helena of Angusta. The Seaton-branch Sutys share blue, wavy bars with Formans, and while Seatons are Sittens, the Sittaceni come to mind in this Annas-stacked discussion.

The Chrysippus Dream

I didn't intend to go that long after mentioning the dream. In it, I saw execution papers, I assume, with two names upon one: Micah and Masci. In the next scene, a man with rope tied around his neck was being lowered down a well, with the other end of the rope held by a man who looked angrily determined to kill this man brutally. This dream frightened me; was it about me? In the morning, I found myself writing on mythical Laius, a descendant of Cadmus whom I was entertaining with "Laish" (Phoenicia), for Cadmus was a king of Phoenicians. Laish was the home of the pagan Levite priest of the 600 Danites, Jonathan, whose name I trace to mythical Oeneus, which is the alternative name of the Una river from which I see "Juno," Jupiter's wife (she's probably the Ina of the Etruscans). Oeneus was the king of Elis-related Calydon (political affiliations, and related by blood in their beginnings).

ChrysIPPUS was named partly after the Greek for, horse, reminding of my ride on Chris' horse. Upon reading that Laius was raped by Chrysippus, I loaded the latter's article. "In Greek mythology, Chrysippus was a divine hero of Elis in the Peloponnesus, the bastard son of Pelops king of Pisa in the Peloponnesus and the nymph Axioche or Danais. He was kidnapped by the Theban Laius..." There we have mythical Danais, looking much like "Tanais," likely code for the descendants of the 600 Danites of Laish.

In the same article, something interesting as per the man killed in my dream: "Chrysippus's death was related in various ways...Hellanicus of Lesbos and Thucydides write that he was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into a well." I was then shocked as I read further that Chrysippus' mother-in-law, Hippodamia, hung herself to death! Whew, the dream was not about me, but about these two characters. "In other versions, Chryssipus was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into a well. They had been sent by their mother, Hippodamia, who feared Chrysippus would inherit Pelops's throne instead of her sons. Atreus and Thyestes, together with their mother, were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae. There Hippodamia hung herself."

I rest my case, still alive to tell about it.

On the latter: "Hippodamia was the daughter of King Oenomaus of Pisa and either Evarete of Argos, the daughter of ACRISius and Eurydice, or Eurythoe, daughter of Danaus. She married Pelops..." There we have mythical Danaus, son of BELUS/Belas, from Tanis in PELUSium, the ancestry of Cadmus.

Tanis was near AVARIS, the Hyksos capital depicted by the mythical shepherd seer, EVERES, grand father of Daphne. Not only was Laish smack beside a Daphne location that is still on a modern atlas (as "Dafna") in my possession, but mythical Daphne was on the Ladon river of Elis / Pisa. Plus, you just saw that the alternative mother of Hippodamia was made EVARete, code for Avaris elements very conspicuously. Her father, OENOmaus, is obvious play of nearby Oeneus, and "OenoMAUS" must be from Armenia's Mus, for I had identified Mus as the nationality of the Hyksos that named, Moses. Yes, the Biblical Moses, related to Jonathan of Laish, was named by the daughter of a Hyksos pharaoh, that is my claim.

So, if we are convinced that God gave me the dream with "Micah" and "Masci" on the execution papers, we can begin to see that the Hyksos household of nationality (prior to ruling Egypt) was in proto-Masci's through Laish, for Micah was the original owner of Jonathan the pagan Levite, until the 600 Danites stole him for themselves. The Masci bloodline therefore goes through Oenomaus (an Amazon by nationality) to the Maezaei, does it not? Mythical Oeneus was made the father of the real city of Methoni in Amazon-like Messene, a term like the Mycenae of the Danaan.

Eventually, and not long ago, I discovered that Peare's were a branch of the Pero variation of Pierro's, first found in Piedmont with Pero's and Masci's. And I can therefore announce why God put me together with Chris Peare, for Pero's/Pierro's are said to have been first found in Pavia, which was founded by the Laevi Gauls, whom I claimed, years before finding the Pero's/Perino's, to be from Levites out of Laish i.e. from Jonathan. Amazing, it really is. Don't ask me why God is revealing these things. It's His secret. Note DANA Perino of Fox's, The Five.

Pero's/Perino's can be linked to Perrins (share leopard faces with Peare's), who share cones (might be fir cones) with Maschi's, for the Perrin motto includes Pavia-suspect "ImPAVIdun." One Pavia Coat uses part of the Abbs/Apps/ABBAS Coat, a possible "Jabesh" variation." If this is correct, the Jabesh-Benjamite merger, or perhaps Jabesh / Jebusite elements apart from Benjamites, were on the Apsus and Hypsas rivers. The Bengs/Bings were first found in Middlesex with Abbs'/Apps'/Abbas'. Unbelievable, huh?

The latter river is at Agrigento, where mythical Aeneas, like "Oeneus," was at (for a stop) when founding the Romans. Can you believe it? The Hips' use a sphinx, recalling the female-headed sphinx of the Kepoi area, which reminded me of Christine Peare, God's symbol for Benjamites. You can't make links like this, left and right and everywhere, with the objects in your life as they connect to surnames and people groups. The events with objects need to be Arranged by a Genius.

Myth had a second Hippodamia, probably a rendition of the Amazon queen above. As per the second one: "In Greek mythology, Hippodamia was described as the daughter of Atrax [like "Atreus"] or Butes (Athenian priest], and was the bride of King PIRithous of the Lapiths." Lapiths named Lapithos on the north shore of Cyprus, facing Cetis' TRACHeitis river, making mythical Atrax suspect with that river. Olba, at the Tracheitis, is said by Wikipedia to have been also, Orba, which I trace to the Urbanus river, home of the Ceraunii (beside the Maezaei), from mythical "Coronis" the Lapith. The Urbanus river explains why Urbans (version of Massena bend) share the same HEXagrams as Massena's (version of Masci Coat) and Pero's/Perino's. Note "PIRithous." Pire's/Pirie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Culps, use pears while Peare's are also Pears. PRIors (probably the Meschin scallops as used by Tailbois') share a version of one Pavia Coat. Perets/Parrots, like "PERIThous," use more pears. Lapiths at Pavia???

Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives', and the latter's demi-leopard (though called a "cat") should be the demi-leopard of Coopers/Coppers, making the gold leopard faces of the same Coopers/Coppers (Sussex, same as leopard-face Coverts and Keeps) suspect with the Peare leopard faces. Keep-like CYPrus is known to be named after copper mines. Suddenly, the Pero's look like they were from the representation of mythical Pirithous (son of Ixion in relation to horse symbolism), also spelled, PERithous. Pirithous abducted Helen of Troy, the same person as Helen of Troy when the Trojan prince later abducted her.

In other words, expect a Trojan-horse connection for Lapiths. Here's how it works: Pirithous was of Thessaly along with Ixion, and while the Muses of PARNassus were in that area, the Trojan prince, Paris, the other abductor of Helen, was code for Parn-like PARION (HELLESpont), known to be the home of Gorgon-Muses. The Mus household of the Hyksos, right? The myth writer who made Pirithous an abductor of Helen must have known of these regional connections. "Ixion" was likely play of Aeson (a term meaning, metal), likewise from Thessaly, and so the Lapiths are thus discovered as metal makers, for Aeson's son (Jason of the Argo ship) mated with Amazons (Mus liners, right) on Lemnos, the island of the metal smith, HephaAEStus.

Repeat: Hippodamia was the daughter of King Oenomaus of Pisa and either Evarete of Argos, the daughter of Acrisius and Eurydice, or Eurythoe, daughter of Danaus. She married Pelops... Note "EURYthoe," with a common "Eury" term of mythology, that was probably EVAR-like in the beginning. Aprils, looked up just now as per reflection with the Perl/Purl variation of Peare's, are also AVRils, and use what could be a pine or fir tree. This recalls April White, whom, if I recall correctly, was a daughter of Miss Abbott, interesting because Abbotts (UNIcorn, suspect from Ceraunii at the Una river), first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, use pears as well as the Peare Shield. Miss Abbott was the mother of the husband of a Miss Covert, and Coverts share the gold leopard face with Peare's. I had the sense that God set me up with Miss Covert for many reasons.

A Micah-like "amicus" motto term of Abbotts looks interesting. Amy's were first found in CORNwall, which can be of the uniCORN. The Cornwall surname uses a motto phrase, "La Vie, looking like code for a Levite entity. Any's share the muzzled bear with both Alis' (definitely use a fir tree!) and Percivals while a Mr. Percival is in the write-up of Leavells whom I trace to Laevi-suspect Lupus Laevillus. As Massena's trace with Urbans to Corn-like Ceraunii, by what coincidence do Massena's share the patee cross of Percivals? It appears that Cornwall was settled and named by a branch of Ceraunii, explaining why the heraldic Cornish chough is a crow, the mythical symbol of Coronis.

This brings me to king Massena of Numidia, for he was the enemy of a Syphax character whose image at his Wikipedia article looks like Mr. Kepke, Miss Peare's fiance at one time. I reasoned that God's message there was that "Kepke" is a hard version of "Syphax," the latter a lot like "Caiaphas." I found verification of a Kepke link to Syphax because he left Miss Peare temporarily for Miss Walsh, and Scottish Walsh's (Roxburghshire, same as Scottish Leavells) have a motto, "AuSPICE numine," suspect partly with Numidians. "Spice" looks like an apt term for a line from "Syphax." This is how God has spoken to me many, many times with events in my life. Spice's were under-tenants of Mortain's count, and Mortons share the colors and format of Walsh's, and therefore appear to be in the "Mortuus" motto term of Walsh's. Mortain's are listed with the other Mortons.

As I said, the Kiss/Cush surname shares the red rooster of Bibo's, for the latter's CUSHion looks like code for a Cush variation. Bibo's are suspect with Vibia, Lupus Laevillus' mother, which explains the little spat that Kepke and Miss Walsh had at the La Paloma bar. Upset, she left Kepke out in the parking lot, and got into the passenger seat of my car while I was in the driver's seat. Very much out of character for me, I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek while he looked on. I might say that I don't know what possessed me, but I do think God caused that kiss, for when Kepke introduced me to Miss Peare, his very-new friend, I became determined to get her first, and I did kiss her first, at this same La Paloma bar. The Spanish Paloma's, can we believe it, use two pale bars in the colors of the one Pero/Perino pale bar.

Italian Paloma's use the dove, which I will venture to trace to CUPPae, the so-called "city of doves," for Christine's use cups as code for the Kupa river. Recall the Leaders and Leders from Lederata, for this location is near the mouth of the Pek river, and Cuppae is off the sources of this river. I might even say that I gave Miss Walsh a PECK on the cheek, for that's exactly what it was. Miss Peare was God's symbol for Benjamites, and, can we believe it, Scottish Walsh's use the Benjamin Coat in colors reversed. It's undeniable: God set these things two ladies up with Mr. Kepke, and so let me say again that while I have yet to prove it, I think the killer of Jesus Christ, Joseph Caiaphas, was the ancestor of Lupus Laevillus.

The Peks/Pecks use the patee cross of Massena's and Percivals. The Pek/Peck chevron is also that of English Walsh's, and the latter's Coat looks like a version of English Page's (Devon, same as Spice's), suggesting that Page's and Pagans/Payens and Paine's/Payne's (Somerset, same as Percivals and English Leavells) were all related to the namers of the Pek river (Mus-suspect Moesia), explaining why Page's (and Peace's) use doves. Pagans are expected as a branch of Paganells, who come up as Pings, Pongs and Pungs. As I said, Kepke loved to play hard games of ping-pong with me in his basement. Why should Kepke link to Pagan liners. You're about to see in a Caiaphas-like term.

At the mouth of the Pek river is PINCum, which is another reason that the Paloma dove, in the colors of the Page doves, should be God's pointer to Cuppae. I kid you not, a woodPECKER just started pecking at my roof area seconds after I wrote the last sentence. God does things like this over and over again for this work, it truly amounts to a long string of special experiences for me, but I have become accustomed to them. I didn't see the woodpecker, but no other creature makes that sound, and I've known these birds to peck on my rain gutters too. For the record, Gutters are listed with Cutters (they come up later).

Can you believe it: Pings/Pongs use three bends in colors reversed from the same of Ments (Bay/Bayes colors). Ping-pong in his baseMENT. The Base's/Baise's almost use the Paine/Payne lions. Bays/Bayes', first found in Colapis-liner Colchester, are said to be from Benjamin-possible Bennington. French Bays/Bayou's (suspect with Bayeux in the Bessin) were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans.

Let's add that I discovered Paganells as Pungs from the "Pungit" motto of Rome's (Dumfries, same as Nith river), who share the fesse of Keppocks, and the Paine/Payne lion in colors reversed. "PunGIT" is probably part-code for the Geds of the Nith river, the Rose-related, proto-Geddes suspect from "Cetis." Geddes', with a CAPta" motto term, were first found in Nairnshire, and share fish with Geds (colors and format of French Bays/Bayou's). Were Kepke's Kupa / Cuppae liners? Hmm, looks like. I should probably trace Geddes' from Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis, for her surname did go to the naming of the Bessin. The other Rome motto term traces to Placentia, home of the Ananes Gauls that named Annan(dale), in Dumfries.

Recall the Cotesii on the Buzau river, for that's in Wallachia, while Walsh's are Walchs too. The Sensii, to the south side of the Cotesii, were suspect with the naming of Sion, where Walsh's trace (I'll show this trace later). The Rimna river could be part of Wallachia, and the Benjamites are suspect at the Rimna and the Kupa together.

I gave Miss Walsh a peck on the cheek, and Cheeks/Chicks (same crescent as Chapmans/Chepmans) can be linked well to Chapmans/CHEPmans (KEPke branch?), who love the Ponders (Cambridgeshire, same as Chapmans, Capone's (share the Young lion, probably), and Juno-suspect June's / Jeune's) in their motto. It's important here that Syphax-suspect Spice's are in Capone colors and format. It just so happens that Ponds, with a version of the Ponder Coat, use a patee cross in colors reversed from the Pek/Peck patee. Amazing. And Jeune's (from the Colapis/Kupa theater) are in the motto of English Youngs/Yonge's (Essex, same as Peks/Pecks and the Colapis line of Colchester) while Scottish Yonge's share the three piles of the Roxburgh Leavells. The latter share the red fesse with Ponds, Ponders and Keppocks/KipPAX's. The latter are said to have had association / kinship with Mr. Lacy of PONTEfract, and Ponds are also Ponts, suggesting that they share one anothers' fesse closely.

There is a Pontefract surname shown properly as PomFREYs/Pomfretts, begging whether Freys/Free's are Ferte-Mace liners, for Freie's share the Mason/Massin/Macon lion (this merger is suspect with "Freemason," what could be a Pharisee-Maccabee merger). By the way, George Bush Jr. married Laura Walsh while Ponds/Ponts and Ponders share the black boar with Bush's. One Fries surname (Switzerland) happens to share the same crescent as Chapmans/Chepmans, looking Caiaphas-important where Freys are Pharisee liners. The father of Don Frey was a pastor in Switzerland. Fries' are also Fresens, and Frasers share the Kim Coat while Miss Walsh is Kim.

It's Templar-important that French Page's/Lepage's were once said to have been first found in Dauphine, same as Pagans/Payens, but are now said to have been first found in Ile-de-France, same as Chappes' and Levi's! The first grandmaster of the Templars, Hugh de Payens, married Elizabeth Chappes! She's suspect with the line of Caiaphas, and Mr. Payens probably spent years at the Jerusalem temple because this family knew of hidden gold there. Or, they hoped they knew. This discussion is banging into Mr. Kepke very hard.

Quintus Caepio the elder, great-grandfather of JUNia Caepionis, found huge amounts of gold in Toulouse, and his name is suspect with "Caiaphas," begging the question of whether Caiaphas became the high priest of the temple due to his vast fortunes obtained from Quintus Caepio. Recall the sphinx that reminded me of Christine Peare, and how it led me to discover the Kepoi location of Caucasia, for the heraldic sphinx can be code for the Spinks, first found in the same place as, and sharing mascles with, Quint-like Quince's. Quints were first found in Essex with Junia-suspect Youngs/Yonge's, and Kepke lived smack beside Mr. Young. Peks/Pecks (Essex, same as Quints) probably share the Quint chevron.

Pero's/Perino's call their hexagrams, "flaming stars," while Flame's/Flamans share the roundels of English Lepage's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Keppocks/Kippax's and Dance's. As I said, Kepke and Peare loved to dance; they danced and danced and danced. The Yorkshire Dance's use a reflection of the Keppock/Kippax Coat, and Italian Dance's not only use four pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Dance's), but in the colors of the four fesses of French Page's/Lepage's! Zinger, that's new right here.

Now, recall that God gave a dream where I was pulling Miss Peare by the waist as symbol of Waistells, for Vestalis was a grandson of king Donnus of the Cottians (ruled in Piedmont), while Donnas' are listed with the Piedmont Dance's. It's perfect, now that I know how Dance's use the Pero/Perino pale bar, and while there was a dance floor at the La Paloma, Italian Paloma's share the dove with Waistells (!) while Spanish Paloma's share the Pero / Dance pale bar. God is a genius. On top of this, Waistells are also Wessels while Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset, same as Paine's/Payne's) share the Paine/Payne lion.

Paine's/Payne's (Page colors) use a BROKEn spear while Broke's/Brocks share the Chief-Shield colors of sphinx-using Brocuffs. A paw in Crest is shared by Quints and Paine's/Payne's. Brocks trace to high-priest BROGitarus, the Galatian ancestry of Laevillus' wife.

Lambert Page, in the Page write-up, suggests that Page's use a dove version of the Lambert Coat. I think I proved that Lamberts trace to Mieszko II Lambert, and he was father to Casimir of Poland. Casimir's share the antler of German Wessels, apparently. This red antler (rises sinister, Masci-line symbol) of Casimirs goes almost-certainly to the same of Veringers of Baden (Vere's share the Massey quadrants), and the Baden/Battin surname was first found in Somerset with Paine's/Payne's. We saw that Walsh's use a version of the Page Coat, and here we can add that the Trans'/Trents (Somerset, same as Paine's), suspect in a Walsh motto term, share the split Shield of German Wessels. The Percival bear therefore connects well to the bear-depicted Berne location of the Veringer-related Zahringers of Baden (used a blue antler).

As Mieszko's were Piasts, and because the Piast eagle is the Child eagle too, note that the Child Coat is a colors reversed version of the Trent-like Tarents/Tarans. Childs are also Chills while Hebrons/HEPburns (KEPke liner?), whose Coat looks linkable to the Childs/Chills, were at CHILLingham. Plus, the Hebron/Hepburn Motto uses "Keep" while the Keep bend is in the colors of the bend formed by the Casimir antler, which happens to be colors reversed from the Berne bend, suggesting that HepBURNs were Keep-of-Berne liners. Mr. Kepke's father was Ukrainian, and I was tracing Keeps to "Kiev" (Ukraine) long before Mr. Kepke became a topic. What are the chances that Casimir of Poland had Maria Dobroniega of Kiev as his mother? Yup.

You see, God set me up with that Ukrainian bloodline, and while I watched Vince Pierce punch Kepke in the face on the driveway of Mr. Young, Youngs share the piles of Leavells while Leavells are from Percivals while Percivals were first found in Somerset with Percival-like Pierce's/Peirs (unicorn, Una-river likely). God knows what he's doing, suggesting that the surname of Christine Peare was a Pierce/Pier branch.

Just look at her surname, like the Dober location beside Caepionis-like Cupionich, otherwise known as Koplik (Clausula river, near or amongst the Cavii), which is to the Kopple surname that was branch to the namers of Poland's Goplo, where the Mieszko Piasts originated. Mieszko I married DOBRawa. Goplo myth was written of Gallus Anonymous, and the Gallus rooster is that of Kopple's. But the Bibo / Kiss/Cush rooster is suspect here because the Kiss/Cush Coat is that also of Cass'/Cash's, suspect from "Casimir."

The swan of English Walsh's is for Swans/Sions, for the Arms of Sion/Sitten (not far from Berne) is a colors-reversed version of the Trents/Trans Shield. And i have it from a Swiss source that WALSers are from Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten. The Paine's (same place as Trents) and Whistle's/Wissels (connectable to Casimir, right) use a passant lion in the colors of the rampant lion of Wallis'/Walsers.

The Rushed Kiss in the Parking Lot


What Wassa Her Waist For?

The following shows that God set up my kiss with Miss Peare for showing that Quintus Caepio had blood in Cetis' Lupus Laevillus. It also tends to prove that I am correct in tracing the Kiss rooster to Vibia, Laevillus' mother.

Before Kepke had secured Miss Peare as his girl, we three were at La Paloma, a bar in the BASEment of a restaurant. He had no idea that I was after her too, and so he was probably playing it cool to figure out how to make her his girl. When he got up from the table, I got to talking with her, and asked if she'd like to come outside with me. She read me right. She RUSHed up the stairs behind me, and as soon as we got out the front door, onto the edge of the parking lot, we engaged in a passionate kiss. Kepke had rushed up the stairs, there's no other way to put it, for he barged out the door, and called the bouncer in anger to kick us off the property...for kissing, hah-hah. A few weeks later, he convinced her (with a lie / trick) that I was using her, and she went over to him. I let her go without a fight, but did go into the living room, where I slammed the window and broke the glass (in front of them). I didn't say a word. The Windows/WindROS, in Pero colors, happen to share a lion paw holding a fitchee cross with Quints. Pero's/Pierro's use ROSes.

Kepke's are suspect with the rush-like Rus. I had seen the Roxolani Rus upon a map on the Buzau river, the river of the Cotesii i.e. where I trace Vestalis' family, exactly where God traced Miss Peare with her waist symbol. Then, Rush's use white horses, courant, like the white Waistell horse! Amazing. Pero's can be linked hard to Vestalis' grandfather, as you saw above.

The "Un" motto term of Rush's can be for the Una river because the Rush Crest shares a white wolf with Gore's/Core's (Essex, same as Juno-liner Youngs, Colchester and Quints), whom I trace to the Gorski area of Croatia, which happens to be in the Japodes / Una theater. Youngs use a black wolf, and Mr. Kepke had a black Lab, named, Blackie. The Blacks, if they are a Blake branch, can trace to Bled, on the upper Sava to the north side of Japodes. A Gore/Core (and Cole) motto term is suspect with Servitium, near the mouth of the Una upon the Sava, and the "TouJOURs" motto term of Youngs/Yonge's can therefore be for the Jore variation of French Gores. The white wolf is used also by Gowers/Gore's along with almost the Chives moline. So, expect Rus of the Rush / Roxolani kind at the Japodes.

It appears that rushing up the stairs was code for Cottians, who lived on the Riparia river to Turin, near Chivasso. Chives' use a "vi" motto term suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia. Hold on to that thought until I get to the Stair link to Capone's, for it tends to equate Capone's / Caepionis' with Cavii at Cupionich, linking the whole to "Kepke / Kippax," a term not far from "Caiaphas." Keppocks/Kippax's were first found in Yorkshire with Riparia-like Rippers/Ripleys (Morgan lion?).

This reminds that while Savage's are Sava's too, I met Kepke for the first time while at the start of my paper route. My competitor (with the Toronto STAR newspaper) was Ken Savage, and he picked up his papers at the same spot as myself. We knew each other well, and he, years later, met me twice at Knob Hill Farms (seven miles away, unlikely events), where Kepke and I worked immediately before we met Miss Peare. The black Savage lions and black lion paw are highly suspect with the black lion paw of Quints, which can suggest a Quintus-Caepio origin from Achelous' Levite elements, what I expect. I delivered the TeleGRAM, and it just so happens that Grams share a giant heart with French Sauvage's. Italian Capone's use a black lion too, with crown, probably the black lions of Jewish Levi's, with the crowns depicting the Ceraunii.

Savage's use a Pero-suspect "pro" motto term, you can't deny the developing facts. While Peare's are Pears, another black-on-white lion is with pear-using Perots/Parrots, a surname like the Perotti variation of Pero's/Perino's, and like the "pro te" motto phrase of black-on-white-lion Savage's. The Brittany Perots use a giant eagle suspect with Savage-related Eagle's. The Brittany Perots (Launay) use the Kilner Coat while same-colored Killens share the Coat of Plunketts, the latter first found in Brittany's Vilaine. I had trace Plunketts to Plancia Magna at PERGA, and, based on my trace of Vilaine to Lithuania's Vilnius, I assumed that Perga elements named Lithuania's god, Perkunas. As the mother of Plancia was the priestess of Artemis, the LITHUANian goddess, Lada, looks like Leto/LATONa, Artemis' mother.

As Plancia was related to a Mr. Simplex, a term in the Perkins motto, I trace Perga elements of her family to Perkins, who come up as Parkings. Miss Peare and I not only kissed in the parking lot, but I walked onto the parking lot of a mall, in a dream (perhaps a couple of years ago), before walking into the mall, where I ended up pulling Miss Peare by her waist. It therefore behooves me to keep eyes out for a Plancia link to Waistells, and Plunketts do share the white horse with Waistells. As per parking LOT, by what coincidence do Lots share the brown dog with Lithuania-like Lothians? God is a genius, for Lothians happen to share the striped horn of Traby, and Astikas' of Lithuania married Traby. Waistells are Wessels while German Wessels use a horn.

As KILNers use the giant eagle, there's a good chance that they are from AQUILNus, father of Rusticus of Lyon. As Perots share the Kilner eagle, let's add that Lyons use the Tesson/TYson eagle in colors reversed. Then, Tease's/TYE's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Kilins/Kelhams, and the latter could be sharing the Christine cups because Christine's are from the Isle of Man, where I trace the Mansfields / Mamesfelde of Nottinghamshire. Beside's, Perots use a Peare symbol, and Tessons are expected at the Ticino with Pero's. Excellent. I did find that Mansfields were pointed to by a girlfriend, Mamie, whom God gave a THIGH symbol, and she traced also to MUMmolin, the great-grandson of Aquilnus. Kilins/Kelhams even use a "MEMor" motto term. The Kilin/Kelhams write-up traces its cups to a cup-bearing office of an Alan of Brittany, but I will disagree with that idea, though I will agree that the Kilins/Kelhams share the eagle of the Brittany Perots due to a marriage between the two. Aquilnus was the son of Dol-suspect Tullia of Lyon.

German Kelners use the key in colors reversed from the same of Sheaves'/Chiava's, highly suspect with the Shewas variation of Chives'. The "qui" motto term of English Sheaves'/Shaws then allows us to identify the Kilin/Kelham cups as those of Scottish Shaws.

Launays share the lozenges of Percys, and Percys are known for sharing the Louvain/Louvier lion. French Louvier's share the checks of Pavia-suspect and lozenge-using Pavers (Yorkshire, same as Percys), another good reason for tracing Perots (said to be from Launay) to Pierro's/Pero's. The three Paver lozenges are colors reversed, and in the same positioning, as the three of Brests/Brix's, and there is a Brest location (from Brescia/Brixia, where Lano's were first found) at the Launay theater (Brittany). La Louviere is beside Mons, where the counts of Hainaut used the three Levi chevrons.

Pavia was also, Papia. Parrots are used by Papia-like Peeble's/Peoples', and Pepins even come up as "People." Pape's/Pope's share checks with Pavia's, Pepoli's, and Marks, the latter suspect with the Marici partners of the Laevi. German Pape's are Babenberg-like, and Poppo I founded Babenberg at BAMberg. Bamm-Baam was the Herculean child (with club, Hercules symbol) of Barney Rubble, and PEBBLE's was the child of FRED Flintstone. The Ribble river is at the Flintshire theater, and the Flints actually use "flint stones."

Flints are suspect with Flanders, home of the Flemings, and Pero's/Perino's use "FLAMING stars." That tends to nail Peeble's/Peoples' with Pavia = Papia. Flemings were Vlaams to the locals, like "Wilma," Fred Flinstone's wife, and the Chief of Irish Flemings shares the checks in the Paver Chief, yup. Dutch Flamings use an entire Shield of these checks, linkable to the same of Louvier's while Flanders has that La Louviere location above. Betty's/Beatys share the key of Barneys, I assume, and a dream with beautiful Miss Hicks taught me that Bettys/Beatys can be a branch of Walerans as per the latter sharing the Beauty/Bowed bull. Waleran de Leavell married BEAUmonts ("beautiful mountain") of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan are exactly the Flaming / Louvier Shields. English Pavia's were first found roughly between Walerans and Beautys/Boweds. These Pavia's were first found beside the Stars (ESToiles, share the chevron of estoile-using Flints) so that the flaming stars of Pero's/Perino's can apply. Pero's/Pierro's share the fesse of Pavia's and Feets.

Bettys/Beatys share a pale bar with Pero's/Perino's, and the red lozenge of Peare-related Thames/Tiens, the latter sharing the footless martlets of Pavia's and "Betty"-possible Feets. Bettys/Beatys were first found in Roxburghshire with Young-related Leavells, and while Youngs trace to the Oeneus, Bettys/Beatys use a "COELeste" motto term while Cole's (Cornwall) share the black Waleran / Beauty bull, we may assume.

Stone's (Cornwall), expected in the flint stones of Flints, share "Vive" with the Stars who in-turn share the Flint chevron? Flints are in the colors of Landens, begging whether Landen, home of Pepin of Flanders, was named after a Flanden-like term, or a Flander-like such as "Lander." This recalls my story about Lorraine, told many times, who was part of the laundry symbol of God that turned out to be code for Landens/LANDERs. It was blond Lorraine that God gave the beautiful feet symbol, and this was verified one day with the foot on a sun of the Blond surname (looks to use a gold version of one Leavell Coat). I was telling readers that both she and Kepke had sun-bright, blond hair at the very time that I was discussing her feet symbol, and that's when the Blonds were loaded to find a foot on a sun!!! Amazing, it really was.

A giant sun is used by Fetts/Fettys/Fetters. Lorraine is a region where Bar-le-Duc is found, and Bars share the Este eagle while Pepins love the Este's. I met Lorraine, and dated her, immediately after (a couple of months, maybe three or four) my week-end date with Christine Peare (the last time I ever saw her). My first date with Lorraine was after meeting her at my laundromat.

Pepins share the horse heads of Este's, and the Flint / Star estOILE can be part code for the Oileys/Ollie's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Thames'/Tiens), which is amazing suddenly because God gave Lorraine the beautiful-feet symbol when Mike OULLette was there, at which moment he said softly, while walking past me, "what a babe," as he saw Lorraine with me for the first time. It was God speaking, for Babe's (Dorset, same as Beautys/Boweds, beside Stars) use almost the six BARs of Blonds, and the latter even share a sun in Crest with Blonds. The double fesses of Oulette's, in the colors of the fessewise bars of Blonds, are often called, gemel, perhaps code for a branch of Camels (Somerset, beside Babe's).

Oulette's are also Ouillys, and lived at Ouilly-le-Basset while Bassets (almost the Leavell bars) use a motto, "PRO rege et POPULo." "Pro rege" is the entire motto of Porch's/Portis' (expected at Portismouth, in Somerset near the Babe's), and the latter have the three wavy fesses of Bassets on their Crest lion. It makes the Oullette lion suspect as the one of Dorset's Palins, especially as the Basset bars are those of Star-like Sturs expected at the Stur river through Dorset.

Bassets are in Popoli colors, and the latter were first found in Naples with Capone's who share the Palin / Savage lion, for paw-using Quints (Dorset) can be gleaned with the Palin/PAWley lion.

Lorraine turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, which kept me cool toward her until I could find that she was willing to change religion. JW's were found by Charles TAZE Russell, and Russells were first found in Dorset too (with Babe's). Apparently, God wants to link things Lorraine to Russells, who share the Sauer lion for a link to the Savage/Sava lion, excellent, for Sauers are said to be from the Sava river. The Russell Chief is a version of the Palin Chief, and the Brittany Liers with Ayer-like variations share the Russell scallops while Dutch Liers share the Palin lion. Ayers are suspect from Aures, home of Sava-like Shawia Numidians, and the Aur/Aures Coat shares red-on-white lions with Russells. As Russells share the Meschin scallops in their Chief, the Palin Chief should have the stars of the Cheshire Polesdons, but see also the colors of the Plain/Plater Chief.

See KEN Savage below as his first name traces to a Numidian queen of Aures, wife of IDRIS (suspect in a Kenneth motto term), who may be to the Dresh/Dresser surname (Thuringia) sharing the Russell lion. Drish's, with a dragon in the colors of the Russell / Dresh lion, are listed with Drake's, first found beside Russells. Spot the colors of the Dreux lion, noting that Dreux is in Abruzzo-line Eure with Evreux, for Drake's love Abruzzo's capital in their motto. Triss'/Trists are in the "Keep Tryst" motto of Hebrons while I expect Keeps / Kepke's from Numidia's Syphax elements. It's interesting here that I link Hebrons to Childs, for Childeric's wife (Basina) was from Thuringia, later naming the Bessin, where Meschins lived who share the Russell / Lier scallops.

Mamie was given a Taze-like tease symbol the night before she was given a beautiful-thigh symbol, and Dutch Thighs might just be using the giant wolf of German Flemings. She was given the thigh symbol at her garden while Gardens share the Babon/Bavent boar head, one reason for seeing her name as God's code for Mummolin, Babon's father. As both the feet and thighs were beautiful to my senses, the Waleran-Beauty bloodline from LUPUS Laevillus is seemingly tracing to the Fleming wolf, for Irish Flemings and Flamings share the Arms of Meulan. As Meulan was also, Mellent, the Milans/Mellents (another black lion) look like they should link to Milan's Maurels, suspect from Maurilion, Mummolin's father-in-law. In fact, the Millens are said to be using the BUCHANan lion, and PALINurus is at southern Italy (bay of Laus) beside BUXENtum.

Milwards/Milwoods, said to be of Millen-like MILNers, share the Chives MOLINE (MumMOLIN suspect), and were first found in Derbyshire with BROGitarus elements. That cross is in the colors of the Brugg cross, and Bruggs were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons, the latter using the Buchanan lion because both surnames trace to the Bay of Laus. The Brugg cross has a gold symbol at the center, as does the Chives cross. Chives' are Shewas' too, and Shaw-related Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire too. The Brugg symbol looks like a lion head, and, if so, it's colors reversed from the Buchanan / Simson lion. The garbs of Derbys (Shaw/Sheaves colors and format) might even be called, sheaves. This is the first time that I've had a system to link Chives' to Derbyshire's Shaw/Sheaves suspects.

Lorraine was my lady as per my 24th BIRTHday, and because I met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine, that birthday became suspect with Berthe, Mummolin's wife. Berthe was daughter to Maurilion, whom I trace to the Milan Maurels with a version of the estoile-using Bute/Butt Coat, itself in the colors of the Cornwall Bude's, suspect with BODEgisel, Mummolin's other son. It makes Babe's suspect from Babon, Mummolin's other son. Babons/Bavents were first found in Suffolk with Blonds. The latter's bars look like those of Clermonts'/Clements (beside Flintshire), from Clermont-Ferrand, Mummolin's ancestry. These Clements were at LLangorse Lake while Langleys share the six Landen/Lander pale bars.

The Berth's/Bretts/Brits (Somerset, same as Baths / Badens) could be using the lion of neighboring Russells. These Berths/Brets share the fitchees of Cravens whom I trace to Croatians, who lived at the Sava. Mummolin's third son (name unknown) was father to Badon, and Badens/Battins (Somerset, beside the Dorset Babe's) share the eye with the neighboring Stars. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with Lap(p)s, and, as I've told many times, the night that Mamie teased me, she just up and sat on my lap even though she had not spoken with me that evening as yet, even though we had met only once before, weeks earlier (I don't recall speaking with her then either). It was a shocker, like a miracle, and it must have to do with the Laps (mermaid). Lapiths?

I say that the mythical mermaid is mythical MeluSINE, and while Sine's are SIONs, note that the mythical Lapith. IXION, may have been play on Sion liners. I trace "Glass" to "Wallis" canton, location of Sion, because Glass' and Wallis-canton Walsers both use this mermaid. Recall Perithous, son of Ixion, as he was tracing well to Pavia's Pero's, for other myths made Perithous the son of Zeus, who was sometimes called, Dion. And Ixion's wife was Dia, so that she may ultimately have been a Sion entity, from Sion of mount Hermon (includes Laish), which I trace to the Hermus river with a mouth at Lesbos, an island said to be named after Lapiths. Therefore, God may have had Mamie sit on my lap as code for Lapiths, to be reckoned in other events he set me up with her. The Hermus river flowed through Lydia, and Lydians were partly Maeonian, what Mamie represents. The first time I met her, we danced, a symbol of the Maenads, code for Maeonians on the Maeander. I don't remember ever talking with her before we danced. Michael Oullette was there, at her party.

I was living fresh at the apartment of PAUL Oullette at the time that she sat on my lap (WOW, it was not more or less than a second, at the time I wrote "lap," that Francesca Battistelli sang that word from her line: "on Mary's lap is sleeping." The song title: "What Child is This" (Christmas song). Paul was the brother of what-a-babe Michael. Palins are also PAULeys, and they share the Oullette lion, wherefore I now understand why I got to living in his apartment. I took a short-term job at a pizza restaurant (Pisa code?) about 150 feet from this apartment.

I can't imagine that God would use Battistelli again in this way unless I was correct about the lap being code for Lapiths. It seems that Maeonians were Lapiths; otherwise, what's the reason in having her be with me in that unusual way. The same song as "shepherds," and Hyksos were "Shepherd Kings." I'm not suggesting that Mary / Jesus was a Hyksos liner, but that God used this song just now to clinch Lapiths as Hyksos.

Michael Oullette had a CAST on his leg at one point, while I was living at Paul's apartment (for roughly two months only). The Cast Coat is also the Kiss Coat, and Kiss' trace to Vibia. I recall that, in the apartment, I almost hurt his leg while it was in a cast. Casts (Cambridgeshire, same as Capone's, beside Colchester), use a "pair of scales."

The next morning around noon, we were in the lake, and that's why, later that day, I was able to see her thighs, for she still had her two-piece BATHing suit on. Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with Baths! Later, I bought her a Bible as likely code for Bibo's/Bible's, suggesting that Bibo's were Babe / Babon liners, which is to say that Vibia, suspect in the "Vive" motto term of Stars and Stone's, had descendants to Mummolin and/or Babon. As flint-stone Flints use a "Sine" motto term, Stone's are expected as a line of Sittens that named Sion, for Sions come up as "Sine."

Sions/Sine's were first found in Lanarkshire, suggesting that the Sion/Sine heart is that of Lanarks. The latter's variations suggest the Lorne's. I first asked Lorraine on a date (on my birthday) at the corner of Lorne and Yonge street. Sauvage's use the heart too.

The Kiss and Cass/Cast fountains use three wavy fesses in colors reversed from the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, while Scottish Drummonds use the wavy fesses of Bassets while we just saw Ouilly-le-Basset of the Oulette's, tending to verify that God was in this cast worn by Mr. Oullette.

Mamie on my lap as code for Lapiths got me to wondering whether Leppards are a Lap-Pardy merger. Pardys/Partys have traced to the Ticino with leopard-face Peare's, and we saw the leopard faces of Coopers/Coppers when they traced excellently to Lapithos on Cyprus, at the time that I was tracing Peare liners to Perithous, a Lapith king, son of Ixion, founder of the Centaurs that may be in Miss Peare's white horse. The Coopers/Coppers were first found in Sussex with Lepards/Lepparts/Leopards, both sharing leopard faces in the same colors. Laps are also Leaps, and Leapers/Leppers are listed with Peers/Peirs/Pere's, in the colors of Dutch Coopers (and Coffers/Coffeys). It seemed that Coopers with Kupa-river elements along with Cups/Cope's/Colps because both surnames were linkable to Chives'. Leapers/Leppers look like a Leopard-Peare merger, all from whatever the real thing was that Perithous depicted.

It's a possibility here that the Cups/Cope's at the CoLAPIS were at a term in honor of LAPITHs. For the Coronis line to Ceraunii were not far down the Sava from the Colapis' mouth. There is a separate Cope and Copp Coat each sharing the same fleur as Maezaei-liner Masci's. Although "ColAPIS" appears named after the Apis bull, consider that Coronis was the same entity as Cronus (cannibal cult, probably ate children sacrificed to Moloch's fires), whose son was the bull.

KEN Savage delivered the Toronto STAR. Why Ken? Code for king Khyan of the Hyksos? I did trace the Kenneths/Kenzie's (with two motto reasons) to the Kenza of Aures, the home of Sava-like Shaws! I don't think I've ever connected that trace to Ken (probably born, Kenneth) Savage, however, until now. His brother was Robert, and Welsh Roberts, first found beside Flint and Cheshire (where Savage's were first found), once again share the Palin / Savage lion.

The Star-like Stairs share the Capone Coat exactly, and Pero's/Perino's use "flaming STARs." She and I rushed up the stairs to kiss, and this is where the Cass branch of Kiss' can come in, for while Julius CAESar (born six years after Quintus Caepio stole a vast fortune in gold and silver bars in Tullia-suspect Toulouse), who was having an adulterous relationship with Servilia Caepionis (great-granddaughter of Quintus Caepio), had formed an alliance with the Cottians, his mother was Aurelia COTTA. Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Julians whom in-turn share the Galla and Alan Chiefs, and while Alans of Dol are suspect with Tullia, daughter of Gallia, Tulls/Tolle's and Tools (share the same lion) can be of the namers of Toulouse. So, the point is, the kiss with Peare can indicate a branch of Caesars in relationship to the Caesar merger with Cottians, and the Caesar surname happens to share roses with Pero's/Pierro's (but so do hundreds of others). Kiss' and Cass' use "fountains," and Fonts were first found in the same place as Julians too.

Peare's use stars colors reversed from the Stair / Capone stars, and Stars (Chives-Crest cat), in Ripper/Ripley colors, were first found beside the Dorset Quints. It appears that she and I rushed up the stairs as code for this Star / Stair link to Quintus Caepio and Pero's. Stars even use a "VIVE EN" motto phrase tending to assure that the Kiss rooster is the Bibo rooster, from VIBia. Babon was a son of MumMOLIN, a descendant of Tullia (about 400 AD) and Rusticus, and it just so happens that St. VIVENtiolus (is the ending on that name of "Tullia"?) was Rusticus' brother. This tends to trace Vibia > Laevillus to the Tulia > Rusticus > MumMOLIN line to the moline of Chives'. Rusticus was an archbishop of Lyon, and Lyons share green lions with Rippers/Ripleys.

Again, BABcocks/BADcocks share the Cock and GRIMaldi Coat, and both BabCOCKs and Cocks share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's and Bibo's/Bible's. Mummolin's grandsons included GRIMo and BADon. The Bibo's are Bible's too, like "bubble gum," in case it applies. To serve some evidence that Bible's are in my stolen bubble gum, Gumms/Gomers use the rooster. English Gumms were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's, June's, Chapmans/Chepmans and Julians. Junia was the name of the three daughters of Servilia Caepionis, anyone of them possibly the daughter of Julius Caesar. His name became suspect with Khazars, who allowed the Varangian Rus to pillage Muslim towns on the Caspian sea. The Varangians ended up conquering the Khazar empire at the formation of the Yonge-suspect Hungarians.

As Kepke rushed up the stairs after us, I feel that Kepke's (Ukrainian) are connectable in their ancestry to Quintus Caepio. The Cimmerians of Lake Van's Rusa kingdom are known to have lived beforehand in the Ukraine, and as Varangian Rus of Sweden went to Kepke-suspect Kiev of the Ukraine, it speaks for itself. My kiss with Peare can indicate Khazars because Fonts were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's and Julians, the latter's stars in the colors of the Pero/Perino stars. The sphinx that reminded me of Miss Peare (in Taman) was within the Khazar empire if we start it in the south at Alania. The Imps (Essex, same as Quints) use the Quint chevron in colors reversed, and the Perrins use an "IMPavidun" motto term suspect partly with Pavia liners. Imps with Pavia's / Pavers. In colors reversed, the Imp leopard face is the black one in the Perrin Crest. The Amp variation of Imps may indicate Ampton, where sphinx-like Spinks were first found who share mascles with Quince's.

The first Toronto Maple Leafs game I attended was with Kepke (his father had seasons tickets), and I recall Dave Keon (surname suspect with king Khyan) that night, when Toronto lost against the Boston Bruins, 4-2. I don't remember any other player. Dave Keon is burned into my memory. The Maple's share the Chives motto, and can thus trace to the Viu river too. Bostons (Buzau river?) were first found in Roxolani-suspect Roxburghshire, and Roxburghs use a white horse (grasp the whole of that at Peare's waist) while sharing a single pale bar with Pero's/Perino's. In colors reversed, the latter's pale bar is blue, the color of the Roxburgh pale bar. Pale's/Palys share the camel with Pepins, the latter suspect at the naming of Papia = Pavia, where rose-using Pero's lived with Maple-Leaf suspect Laevi. The Ticino through Pavia was also the Tessin, and Tysons/Tessons happen to share the Boston lion.

I almost forgot. Camels are suspect with CAMULodunum, the earlier name of Colchester.

Quints (Essex, same as Colchester), who share the Colchester / Young lion in Crest, use the colors and format of Colchesters (Somerset again). I first saw Kepke (age 11) on the lawn of Greg Fisher (across the street where I and Savage picked up our newspapers). The Pierce's/Piers share the wavy Fish chevron (don't know any other surnames with a wavy chevron), and while German Fishers/Fish's use a "walREIT" motto term, Kepke met Miss Peare at REITman's, where she sold clothes.

Fishers/Fish's have a lion in the colors of the Hagel lion. Hagels are a branch of Eagle's, the latter using the six Savage/Sava lions in colors reversed. The Eagle's and Hagels are from the ACHELous river in Calydon, land of mythical Oeneus, namer of the Una river. That is, the Juno cult at the Sava river was from Calydon. The Calydon-suspect Celts/Cults were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, who not only trace to Calydon's mythical Sirens with Sire's/Sirons (linkable to Astikas'), but share the single pile of English Hagels (Somerset, same as Pierce's). Wings/Winks are from VINKovci, off the lower Sava river.

Babenbergs were founded by Poppo I, expected to be an Apophis line. There are also the Papenburgs/Pape's who look like a Babenberg branch. The Abbs/Apps/Epps'/Abbas' evoke the EPPsteins, who share the triple chevrons of Babenbergs. And the Epps/Ebbs share the Hagel lion, suggesting an Apophis line to the Achelous. Mythical Abas is said to have founded the Abantians whom I've read as "Amantians" too, and then the Amantini are on the map above near or at Vinkovci (Cibalae on the map). While Valentinian I was born at this city, Valentins use squirrels (i.e. Squirrels/Squire's trace with Sire's/Sirons to the Achelous). The squirrel-using Daggers/Decks look linkable to the Hips Coat while Eppsteins (Jewish) are also Ippsteins.

Interesting is that Apes'/Ape's use WINGs, and are listed with Imps (Essex, same as Colchester), which can suggest that the ColAPIS was named after Apps elements. This is very good for an Achelous trace to the Colapis, as expected.

The Hagel-like Ayles' have three pale bars in the colors of the triple chevrons of Levi's (Pale's/Palys share the camel with Pepins). Eppsteins were first found in the Hesse area with Rasmussens, who in-turn share the Pepin bend-with-fleur. Suddenly, Webbers (Pepin fesse reversed colors) look like Ebbs liners, and, indeed, Webber-branch Weavers (share Este with Pepins) share the fesse of squirrel-using Hazels (Cheshire, same as Weavers), suspect with "Hesse." Webbs' might have eagles.

Suddenly, Keeps (Quint colors), with a weaver's shuttle, look like Epps liners, especially as HEPburns use a "Keep" motto term. Wow, Kepke's can thus be fundamental to the namers of the Colapis, who would have guessed? The weaver's shuttle is used by Shuttleworths, whose "Utile" motto term suggests Tile's (Palin colors and format), first found in Dorset with a Quint branch, and with the Palins, whose lion should be in the Quint Crest. Yes, the Quint Crest also has the Savage/Sava lion, but the Colapis is a Sava tributary. Besides, the "galley" ship of Keeps recalls Mr. Galleri in the write-up of Sava-liner Sauers, who share the lion of Rus-suspect Russells, first found in Dorset too. English Sauers/Sawyers share checks on a fesse with Marks, suspect from the Marici, co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi.

At this point, I've got to repeat that the Biblical Shechemites, very traceable to Shake's, are expected with the Levite of Laish. German Marks (giant eagle, possible Achelous symbol) share the double-tipped spear of SHAKEspeare's, and the latter share the bend of Sayers (Essex, same as Quints, Colchester), who look like a branch of Sauers/Sawyers, for while the latter share the Russell lion, Russells use a "sara" motto term while Sayers come up as "Sarah"

The way to link Gumms/Gomers to Ferte-Mace (near the Orne river) is by their horn, which traces Gumms to Orne, as can be expected. The Gumm/Gomer rooster is black, as is the Kopple rooster, and as this is the Goplo line, let's go to the Goplo-suspect Gobels. French Gobels (Champagne, same as Sauvage's) use the Macey Shield with Masci wing. Both share the Bauer stars while Bauers use wings too, and were first found in Bavaria with German Gobels. Bauers were a Bower branch, and English Gobels use a bows Bower symbol) forming a saltire in the colors of the Messey saltire. Italian Gobels share the camel with Pepins, suspect with mythical Popiel, the earliest character of Goplo. Italian Gobels were first found in MANTova, said to be named after mythical Manto, Daphne's sister and therefore a Hyksos location, which perfectly expects Pepin elements. The Mantova surname, to my surprise after putting in the brackets above, share a red heart with Sauvage's.

There is a Mant/Ment surname with the three bends of Nerets, for example. Later, I find a KalaVARDA location smack beside the Cimmerian city on Rhodes that points to the Vardaei of the Neretva, who were the line to Ferte-Mace. So, it appears that Ments/Mants are Mantova liners of a Goplo persuasion. As the Orne river flows from the Ferte-Mace area into the Bessin, God's baseMENT code, which I think he uses plenty, may indicate a Bessin-Mantova merger. Base's/Bassans show only horns, you see. Bessens share the Massey Shield (similar to the Ben/Bing Coat) and were first found in Middlesex with Benjamite-suspect Bengs/Bings and Jabesh-suspect Abbs/Abbas', but as the Apsus river of the latter flows through Fier county, let's repeat from a few weeks ago that the Vardys/Vertys share the Fier moline.

Lookie. Repeat: "Hippodamia was the daughter of King Oenomaus of Pisa and either EVARETE of Argos, the daughter of Acrisius and EuryDICE." Acrisius was either the father or son of ABAS, and while "Evarete" looks like "Vardaei," I trace the Daversi of the Neretva to the Davers (Arthur colors and format), first found in Suffolk with a Diss location, which named the DICE's/Diss'. But there's more, for the Daversi were the alternative name of the Daorsi, and as "DAVERS" is much like D'VARDaei, they appear to be the same people. But maybe not. "Evarete" looks like play on "Enarete," the mythical wife of Elis-suspect Aeolus, brother of Dorus (male), likely the same Dorian entity as Doris, mother of the Enarete-like Nereids. Just compare "Enarete" to "Neretva / Nerthus." (I'm the only one, I gather, to make this Enarete link to the Nereids; don't look for it elsewhere.) Earlier, Evarete was looking like an Avaris-Hyksos element of the Everes kind...which begs why Vere's share the Massey Shield.

It appears that Danaans were at the Neretva. Acrisius and Abas were the line to the Perseus-branch Danaans, that included a "golden shower" from Zeus, which can indicate the urine line from Orion / Uranus. Gold is "dor," and "Orion" is like "Dor(ian)." Uranus was the god of rain; hence the urine play by myth writers.

One myth writer had Perseus in Joppa, not far from Israel's Dor (near Tyre). Dor is beside MEGIDDO, which I trace to MACEDOn, home of the Greek Dorians. If I recall correctly, Hercules of Tyre was a Dorian, and he was at the Elis Olympics.

When I rode Miss Peare's horse, I had no idea whether it took me for a trot or gallop, but assumed a gallop; because Waistells use a horse on a gallop. However, lookie: "cantor - a three-beat gait of a horse or other quadruped between a trot and a gallop." Cantors came to mind due to the Wasdale location of Waistells, for Wassa's use a CANTon while Wassa-line Washingtons use the Canton/Ganton Coat in colors reversed. I'm wondering whether the Waistell horse was originally on a cantor, and later changed to a gallop when Waistells married a line of Davids of Cheshire, for Gallops use a gold version of the David Coat while Waistells share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire.

Wasdale is in St. Bees, and the Bees surname, with the Massey Shield, was first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, no coincidence, apparently; God knew what he was doing with a Masci on that horse ride. And Cantors were likewise first found in Oxfordshire so that He could have been pointing to Gallops and Cantors both.

The Bees Coat shares the bend of the Cheshire Sale's, and so it's a great bet that Bees were Meschin-of-Bessen liners to Cheshire's Beaston. Gallops are said to be a Gal-Hope merger, suggesting king Gala/Gaia, the proto-Masci's. Hope's share the Coat of Bertha's/BertheLOTs, first found in Forez with BESANcons/Bassets. That's the Bassus > Bassianus line to Masseys, right?

As I said, I rode the horse until it came to a bank, which it would have gone over, I assume, had I not steered it to the right. Steers are the ones who love the Cetis-suspect Cedes' (share the BESANts of Hope's) who share the two pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine. The Hope and Bertha Coat is also that of SAVARys/Savards, whom I assume were from SEVERus of Galatia (Akmonia), father of the Bassus' who ruled Cetis. Recall that Brogitarus and Amyntes elements were in Derbyshire, for that's where Hope's were first found while Amyntes was the grandfather or great-grandfather of Severus above.

The Banks are said to have been in Craven, where the Meschins married Skiptons. Repeat: "The Berth's/Bretts/Brits could be using the lion of neighboring Russells. These Berths/Brets share the fitchees of Cravens ("VIRTus") whom I trace to Croatians, who lived at the Sava." English Berts use the Craven fitchees in colors reversed. Did Sava liners name Severus, or vice versa. It could certainly be, for a high-level Bassianus of a Maesa-related kind was in Dalmatia, which country probably stretched out to the Sava.

Repeat: "See KEN Savage below as his first name traces to a Numidian queen of Aures, wife of IDRIS (suspect in a Kenneth motto term), who may be to the Dresh/Dresser surname (Thuringia) sharing the Russell lion." Thuringia was the home of Basina, the line to the Bessin and Bees'. In her husbands tomb, many gold bees were found.

Why was I pulling Miss Peare by her waist in a mall? Just compare the Bees Coat to the Cheshire Malls/Mallibone's/Marlybones. The Waistells are the ones from St. Bees. It took me months, if not more than a year, after the dream, to discover this. Until then, I traced the mall to the Morleys/Mauls because DAVID Morley had appeared in the dream too. He rode his motorbike past me as I walked into the mall parking lot, and I didn't know right away that Gallops were using a version of the David Coat. Cool, just as though Someone gives me dreams to help this heraldic project come to an end. Actually, I don't see the ending yet.

Was David riding a MOTORbike? Malls/MARLYbone's were at MOTTRam, said to be "Mottershead" too. But "Mottram" is suspect as a Mott-Ram combination, for the dream started with my picking up a sleeping BAG in the woods, afterwhich Morley came down riding around it before going back up the hill. Bagleys, who named Bagley WOOD, were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and Bagleys happen to use a ram. Rams can connect to BERTrams of Russells (Meschin scallops), suspect suddenly with Bertha / Berth liners, from Berthe and Mummolin. Sleeps share the double fesses of Cantons, and Cantons were Washington liners linkable to the Wasdale of Waistells.

If the Brittany Davids/Davis' use a lyre as opposed to a harp, the Brittany Liers come to mind who share the Russell scallops. Mott is an area of Brittany. Liers, Bagley-like Buckle's (share the Bertram lion in Crest) and Buckleys (Cheshire again, same as Mottrams) share the Mottram chevron; the first three surnames place three white symbols around their chevron. Russell-suspect Roslins use buckles. English Bertrams share eight crosses as a border with Berths/Bretts/Brits. Mottram is part of Macclesfield while an Arms of Macclesfield share "copia" with the Cheshire Davids. The Moters/Mottier's (Auvergne) happen to use the bend of Gallops, and the latter put the David lion on that bend.

The sleeping bag was on a sharp hill, or bank, off of a road. Recall Peare's horse riding to a bank, for we saw why the Plunkett horse could/should be the Waistell horse. Hills share the Plunkett tower, and Plunketts are in the PARKING lot across the road from where the sleeping bag was. Hills use the motto, "Avancez," and Bertrams use "J'vance." King Rusa of Lake VAN comes to mind, which place may have been in ARAM at the time. Tubal was probably within Aram.

The road could be code for Rhodes or even Roets, for German Roets were first found in Thuringia, while English Roets were first found in Somerset with the Wissels/Whistle's that probably share the Bath lion (Road colors) while Baths use a colors-reversed version of the Rhodes Coat (the latter throw in some besants). BATTiSTELLI's can be linked to the Chief of the Cheshire Steels while German Steels share the Bert/Berta griffin.

I feel that I've almost exhausted the links / pointers in the sleeping-bag dream, as far as heraldry is concerned. Did God give this dream for my spare-time pleasures? No. Where then is the bombshell of this dream as relates to the killers of Jesus? Or the end-time haters of Jesus?

The Cheshire Birds are highly suspect from Berthe and Mummolin, for they use the cross of the Bouillons (Auvergne, same as Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand) in colors reversed. I had the inkling once that Birds should trace to the Bautica river, and Bauts (Auvergne) happen to use a giant ram. The other Birds share the fesse of Botts/Boets/Bute's. Again, Berthe's father, Maurilion, traces to Maurels that use a star version of the Bute/Butt Coat, and they are the eight-pointed star of Stelli's while Steels share the Bert/Berta griffin. Battistelli's even share the PYRamid with Tulls/Tolle's (Italian-Ferrand Shield).

Batti's use more eight-pointed stars, and were first found near the Maurels, in CREMona, while Cramers use another ram. Cremona is at the Ananes theater, and the Battistelli Coat could be a version of the Annas Coat. As per what was found earlier with Baths and Badens/Battins, it appears that Battistelli's were from a Mummolin > Badon line. Mummolin's son, Babon, was father to Crem-like Grimo, and Grimaldi's share the Bag Coat while it's Bagleys that have the ram.

Is the point of the sleeping-bag dream to point to / from the Mummolin line? On the night that Mamie sat on my lap (around the camp fire with the gang there), I slept in her sleeping bag, at a CAMP site, where she teased me, wouldn't even let me get a warm hug. We went to SLEEP, with my arm draped around her WAIST as she looked away from me (she then became my lady for a couple of months). Camps (share the Quick/Quig Coat) use the colors and format of Capone's. We went to sleep in the same position as I awoke on another night, some five years earlier, with my arm around Miss Peare's waist (she was with Kepke at the time), and pressing her BELLY toward me, code for two terms in the Bouillon motto.

Suffice it to say that I described that belly event as, "it FELT so GOOD," and had the same feeling in the dream wherein I pulled her waist to me. As it turned out, Felts share the Bird cross for a link to Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon was the great-grandson of Gothelo while Goths/Gothels could be a branch of Goods/Guths (Stick Coat). A Mummolin ancestry for Godfrey de Bouillon? Godfreys ("liBERTAs") do share the Camp / Capone colors and format, and Godfrey de Bouillon and his family ruled Jerusalem at the time that Hugh de Payens married Catherine Chappes. Catherine Roet was the daughter of PAYNE Roet just stare at that and link Roets, Caplans, Chaplains and the Hampshire Josephs.

As Rush's share the courant horse of Waistells, note that Rous' are listed with RooseVELTs, looking like a Felt-Rus merger. This ups the chances that Waistells were from the Cotesii i.e. seen on the same Buzau river as Roxolani, and in the meantime serves to support a Roxolani trace to Rous' and Rush's.

As I said, I was PULLING Peare's waist toward me, and Pullings share the Joseph martlets. Godfreys share the pelican with Pullings, and while I was PRESSing her belly toward me, Press' are Prests (share black martlet with Josephs) while Priestlys/Presleys share the Pellican tower. It just so happens that Pellicans were first found in Maine with the black-martlet Josephs.

Press'/Prests were even first found in Hertfordshire with Titus' (share the Chappes Moor head) while Josephs have proven to be from Flavius Josephus, who was taken into the household of emperor Flavius Titus. Is this a bombshell? Why? What good does it do to trace Joseph Caiaphas through Titus' family to Mummolin and then to the rulers of Templar Jerusalem? How will this have any benefits to our end-time plights? Is it all a warning to the rulers that be? Or is it to grab the attention of Christians so that they prepare for the tribulation period, seeing that God is working through me? Am I destined to be a watchman-prophet of sorts? Bring it on! I'm getting old already; no ladies come to sit on my lap anymore. They probably won't be impressed with the racing stripes on my rocking chair. I want power to turn the waters of Washington red while I sing of the good times to come.

The Hampshire Josephs are said online to have descended from a Henry Joseph or Joseph Henry (forget which) in the 12th century, and Henrys (from Brittany's Mott) share red martlets with Birds. The last time I saw Miss Peare, I drove her home in my FireBIRD, the day after she and I were at the home of JEFFREY MOORE. Jeffreys (Pepin-of-Landers liners) are said to be Godfreys (share Moor with Bouillons). The Fire's share the unicorn with the Brittany Maurels, who might be from Maurilion, father of Bird-like Berthe. Follow along to see that Peare liners can figure into the below as I venture into Rodez, not far from Auvergne's noble Lyons to Berthe, and the Bouillons which Peare's belly represented. The Rush-like Russ'/Rous'/Roosevelts share a "Christo" motto term with Bouillons, and Christ's/Kists show nothing but ROSes in both color schemes of the Caesar roses.

With Berthe married to a son of MUNDeric, note that while his mother was ARTEMia, his name is like "AMYNTes," father of ARTEMidoros a few hundred years earlier. It's then conspicuous that a branch of Minute's/Mynetts are said to be from Brittany's Nord, where Motts are said to have been first found i.e. near the Henrys that look related to Berthe-like Birds. Henrys and Nord are on a Meu river to which Mee's/Mea's/Meighs trace well for four reasons, and they use the Rhodes cross in colors reversed, making Henrys suspect with Henri IV of Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil, for Mea's share ravens with Rooks. The Mea-Crest lion is in the gold of the Rodez lion, and the Chapelle's implied in the write-up of the Brittany Maurels share the Mea Cross. The Meu flows near Rennes, and Roquefeuil (same place as rock-using Roque's) is beside Rennes-le-Chateau.

The giant fleur of Maurels is likely that of Brocks (both surnames have "scit" in their motto, as do Russ'/Rous'), for the latter are said to be of Arthur Broke of Chapelle-like Capell. Brocks (share "virtus" with Maurels) come up as "Broges," very much like "Brogitarus, father of Amyntes. Josephs of Hampshire share the double chevrons of CHAPELains/Chaplains. CAPLans, sharing the griffin on blue with Berta's, were first found in Hampshire too. In the Caplan Crest, a white griffin, the color of the Berta griffin.

With Berta's touching upon Josephs, and with Maurels fitting into this discussion neatly, Berthe's descent to Henri of Rodez becomes possible, begging whether she was from Herod Antipas at COMMINGes (across the river from Tolle-suspect Toulouse), for Josephs share the garbs of Comyns/COMMINGs, suspect as a Comet branch. The "numine" motto term of Mea's is likely for Newmans who share the lion of Rennes-suspect Raines'; the latter probably honor Judicael of Rennes in their motto, who may have named the Judds/Juggs that share the boar head of Mea's. The Reines' use a comet that is the "flaming star" of Pero's, and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks, making for a possible Roxolani trace to the Ticino along with the Waistell / Cotesii / Caesar bloodline.

As Rhodes' have a "meum" motto term suspect with Berthe's husband, Berthe may have been a HEROD from "Rodez," for Berta's use the Agrippa-suspect griffin, and the Lyons are suspect with Herod Archelaus while Berthe married the nobles of Lyon.

Let's repeat that Rush's (Waistell horse?) use a white wolf, symbol also of Quillans while there is a Quillan location beside Rennes-le-Chateau. It make Rush's look like Roxolani so that "Chateau" looks like a variation from "Cotesii." The Quillan Coat is a refection of the Battistelli / Annas Coat, of obvious importance in this Chap-studded piece of work. The CHATeau surname (Artois) shares the cross of Irish Burghs/Berks (CAT in Crest), whom I know to be from John de Burgo, ruler of Comyns (and Conteville) up in Artois (where de-Bouillon's father ruled). Irish Burghs probably use the Italian-Conte lion shared by French Vincents.

Just realized: the border in the Berta Coat is shared in the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau. It's in colors reversed from the border of the Languedoc Vincents (Rennes-le-Chateau is in Languedoc), while Julians, Cotta's and French Conte's were all first found in Languedoc. Vincents go to the Da-VINCi Code that touched on Rennes-le-Chateau. The Vince's/Vinch's share possibly the Godfrey griffin. Miss Florida would be interested in the lands at Swinford that English Vincents (from CRAMenil) owned; these Vincents probably use the quatrefoils of cat-using Croms, first found in BERKshire, making that place suspect with Burghs/Berks (cat), and thus making the Crom cat suspect with "Chateau."

Recall Cat Stevens' "Tea for the Tillerman," which traced to the cat-using Cetins/Cattans of the Tilurius river, for "no sugar tonight in my TEA" was sung by BURTon CUMMINGs (Birds are also BURDs). I'm wondering whether God set this up to indicate a Herod-of-Comminges link Berthe, and a link of them both to nearby Rennes-le-Chateau, the latter being Cetina-river liners. The Burton-Commings song was in relation to Rick Young's home, and Irish Burghs/Berks, very suspect in naming Comminges, use "ung" three times in their motto. How about that.

As Josephs share the Comyn garb, note that under the Chaplain chevrons of Josephs, there is a green perchevron (solid chevron), for double-green chevrons are used by English Burghs, first found in Hampshire with Josephs. The Hampshire Burghs share in their Crest a white griffin now suspect as the Berta griffin.

Irish Burghs use a "foy" motto term, and Foys are also Foix's while Comminges is beside a Foix area that named Foix-Candale. Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt, who was at Candale near the end of the Garonne river that passes Comminges, but she also married Mr. Swynford, like the Swinford location of Vincents. As I said, Kepke, who lived beside Rick Young, punched VINCE Pierce (probably born, Vincent) in the FACE on Young's driveway. I was the only one watching. Fesse's/FACE's love the Segni's/SUGURana's in their motto, and the latter use the SUGAR/Seagar moline in colors revered. How about that! It tends to verify that God wanted me to point to "no sugar tonight".

The cross of Fesse's/Face's ("hoc signo" motto phrase) can be clinched with that of Mea's by the same cross of Taffs while noting the latter's "hoc signo" and "mea" motto terms. The Fesse/Face wreath can be that of the English Burghs, and, perhaps, these were chaplets too. Taffs use "fretty," evoking Fred Taff, a major topic below as I shift to Taphians at the Achelous river.

As Roquefeuils are suspect with Roxolani Alans (a Rus entity linkable to Rush's), which I saw stamped on the Buzau river near or with the Benjamites at the Rimna, note the "BENIGno" motto term of Mea's. Lots to chew over here.

Back to "no sugar tonight." The song's chorus starts with, "no sugar tonight in my COFFEE," and Coffeys/Coffers share the Arms of Taranto while Motels / Mota's were in Taranto, who look like they could have named the Mott area of the Brittany Henrys. One of two Mota Coats (Coffee/Coffer colors) has fleur in the colors of the same of Herods/Heraults, and Herault is a region beside Roquefeuil. I initially took the Mota's from the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, and it just so happens that those Arms shares the eagle with Irish Henrys. It's impressive also because Coffer-like Cofferts were first found in the same place as Coffer-like Coopers/Coppers while the mother of the first king Herod was CYPRos. If I recall correctly, this first Herod birthed the two Herods of France under discussion.

I kid you not, that, years ago, the Herod/Herault fesse was cut short, without reaching the sides of the Shield, until after I mentioned it a few times. It was cut short as you see one chevron of a Cooper/Copper surname cut short. This feature is called, "couped," obvious code for Coopers/Coppers, and so the Herod/Herault surname appears much to be from Herod kings.

Dutch Coopers are colors reversed from the Henry eagle, and happen to share the Blate/Blade saltire while German Blate's/Plate's use the vineyard, a symbol on one side of a coin of Herod Archelaus. I read this myself at his Wikipedia article, but Wikipedia removed that coin from the article, after I wrote about it, though at least one other website still had it a few months ago. On the reverse of the same coin, there was a helmet with feathers, a symbol seen on the rider in the Caffery/Caffertys Coat, which is in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse, half in the colors of the Herod/Herault fesse.

Motels share a giant white horse with Cafferys/Caffertys (no rider), and they have the horse winged. It tends to link the Caffery horse to the same-colored, winged one of Quinns (no rider), who are in the colors of Quinn-like Winns/Wine's while the latter's three eagles form a fesse in the colors of the Herod/Herault fesse.

Berta's share the German-Steel griffin, and Godfreys share the English-Steel lion heads. Italian Stelli's were first found in Bologna while de-Bouillon's father was in Boulogne. His father, Eustace, is the Stacey / Eustace / Stagg/STAGE bloodline, and I was pulling Miss Peare's waist while she was on a stage with me (in the mall). The same Steels even share the black-and-white checks of the Bologna Pepoli's (Popleys use eagles for a trace to Apophis/Apepi elements at the Achelous, the topic of the next section). Both Steels and Battistelli's use billets while Billets/BILLIARDs (you can't make this up) were first found in Maine with Godfrey- and Pulling-beloved Pellicans. God has shown that Francesca Battistelli points to the Strzok-Page-Steele controversy with the corrupt FBI, and this was shown to me in a dream (couple of years ago) upon a BILLIARD table in the billiard hall of Obama (I'll come back to this dream late below). Just look at that, and I've yet to enlarge upon these revelations. There's got to be more coming down the pipes.

It could be that God is exposing the ugly privates of this FBI so that all the world can laugh at the noble / angelic claims of the United it uses a noble image to pillage the wealth of the earth, not yet happy with its primary position in world wealth. My guess is that God will now strip the CIA bare, and in the meantime will show the leaders scrambling to put a lid on the that the rest of the world can laugh louder, and jeer, and hate, and despise, this beast, the American military. It wants you to glory in it, but you must not; you must resist this recklessness, and not call it holy.

This beast is now a-scared of China and Russia getting richer, and so the beast wants to gobble up the wealth before those two nations do, but this is hitting the two below the belt, the money line, a gross sin. It will lead to Armageddon with certainty. You can insult Russia and China with words, but don't hamper their money in world trade, stupids. It's what Trump and the CIA are involved with. The Bluffoons.

The love of most will grow cold due to wickedness.

I'm Sticking to This Unbelievable Stucco Story

I'm not making this story up. After finishing above, I called a store to replace two bags of stucco because they had come in the wrong color. I then went upstairs to paint the bathroom, and I got thinking about Kepke and his father (really big fellow), likely from the Varangians of Kiev, who were known thieves and raiders on the Caspian (did this name Casimir?) sea, and so why not elsewhere too? It came to mind that his father drove us (age 12) to golf courses on weekends so that we could collect golf balls in the river and resell them to golfers at a GREEN. I was thinking that this was a form of theft, as well as trespassing, which reminded me that Meshech and Rosh were allies in the days of Ezekiel, and as these were satanic elements, they were all likely thieves. Kepke was Rosh, and I was Meshech.

This got me to thinking that I myself had been a little thief at the age of about six. With no money, I stole popsicles from the variety store. I asked what surname could relate to "POPSicle," and king Apophis (same as Apepi) came to mind. Next, Fred came to mind, in whose who I grew up until age 5. He is may age, and we went to steal popsicles together at the same store, for he lived nearby after both our parents moved out of the same house. Fred grew up to be a serious thief / criminal, and hung around a criminal gang. I had noted that Fred was the name of the man at the stucco store, who was going to call me back.

The point is, Fred's father was Pepin, and I trace Pepins to Apophis/Apepi. Fred's surname, Taff, is bang-on connectable to Apophis in that Hyksos were of mythical Daphne, whom I say named the Taff-like Taphian pirates (same sort of thieves as Varangian Rus) in Calydon. Amazingly, Calydon is now the location of Astakos, a term like "stucco." That's when I started to think about the yellow paint I was using, only this time, I mixed it with some green paint for the bathroom, and got a nice linen color. The Yells of Shetland, you see, share the garb of stucco-like Sticks, whom I do trace to "Astakos," because I trace them to the Astikas' of Lithuania..

Let me remind you that Shetland is beside ORKNey, suspect with the ORGAN PIPES of Late's/LETTs, and while Pepin Taff married LETizia), who had a Masci mother, Pipe's share the Pepin Coat. I can begin to see that God set me up at an early age with this Taff family for a Hyksos-Mus reason (Mus was at Lake Van with king Rusa, a vassal of the Gomer-suspect Cimmerians). Daphne's alternative father was the Ladon dragon, and that was code for the Ladon river in Pisa, same as the Meshwesh = Amazons.

The fact that I mixed yellow and green paint gets staggering. The Greens use a "Virtus" and a "Virdis" motto term like the "virtute" of Yells, which were gleaned lately as code for the Virty variation of Vardys/Vertys, who named the barony of Fred-like Ferte, or Ferte-Mace, home of the Masci liners. The Greens were reckoned as Ceraunii, therefore (i.e. beside the Maezaei), who at times use the crane as a sound-alike symbol, which happens to be the symbol of Letizia's/Leto's. Mythical Leto (or Latona), the same as the line to Ladon, was the mother of Apollo, and the latter mated with the Coronis crow, the line to Ceraunii. Lithuanians have a goddess, Lada, and a wolf cult, the symbol also of Leto and Apollo. The latter's twin sister was an Amazon.

Fred the stucco guy told me to call my neighborhood store for to order from his store. His store is in Barrie, and then there was a Berry location (now Bourges) that was earlier Avaricum, like "Avaris," the capital of popsicle-suspect Apophis. Is this not impressive? When I called the local store, I was served to Crystal, who I asked to call Fred, to get me the two bags of stucco. Crystals share a calvary symbol with the Moses surname (probably from Moesians), very Hyksos-interesting. Miss Hicks went to church in Crystal City. The "Mens" motto term of Crystals is shared by Pepins and Poppins. As I've said on multiple occasions, I was thinking of jumping off of Pepin Taff's porch roof with an umbrella, at age 5, maybe 6, after seeing Mary Poppins doing it on television.

At that age, Fred used to beat me playfully with fists, but hard, continually. I had to fight back. As teens, we'd still be doing it, always brought on by him. I tried to hurt him to keep him from starting. He was a real character. Boxing was the symbol of Pollux, son of Leda, brother of Helen of Troy. Pollux was probably an evolved form of "Apollo." And that reminds me, I got Helen my tenant to go out with me by writing her a LETTER. Letters/Lauders, with a version of the Letizia/Leto and Ali/Aliotta Coats, named Leder-like Lauder at the south of Lothian, not far from where Tenants (share the Mens / Poppins Shield) were first found. Mens' were first found in Lothian, and the Lothian surname happens to share a gold-striped, black horn (Stick colors) with the Arms of Traby. At Wikipedia's Traby article, we find that the family married the Astikas' of Lithuania, and it just so happens that Astikas' were partly Radziwills, a potential Radice/Radix line very traceable to QuadRATUS Bassus. The Base's happen to share black hunting horns.

So, Fred at the stucco store is linking now to Fred Taff, and Taphian pirates were at stucco-suspect Astakos. And my need for stucco at this time got me from Fred to to Crystal while Crystals share the motto of Pepins, the name of Fred Taff's father.

Repeat: "I've said it many times: Kepke had a white, pet RAT in his BASEment. I therefore need to ask why Kepke liners should trace to Lederata elements." The "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks is interesting because Kilpatricks use cushions too, and the cushion-using Bibo's trace to Vibia (my opinion), the mother-in-law of Quadratilla, daughter of QuadRATus Bassus. I had traced his name to Sub Radice, and so, let me say again, Leders share the checks of Radice's/Radix's. The rat was in his basement, and I trace Base's to "Bassus."

The Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns were first found in Northumberland with Siward of Northumberland. Siward is the line to Swords, suspect with good evidence from the Serdi of Serdica, smack beside Sub Radice, making Hebrons suspect from the Hebros river. The Bessi priests of the Satrae Thracians are to the immediate south of Serdica. The Bessi are at Lissae upon the map featured earlier, which trace together to Bassania and Lissus at the Cavii theater. The Base's who share black horns with Trabys are also Bassens.

The green paint mixed with yellow when painting the bathroom gets interesting on another count, where Greens were first found in Kent with Greenwich's. The latter share the Coat of Odins, a branch, likely, of Ottone's, the latter sharing the long, solid chevron of Chappes' (same place as Lissus-liner Lys'/Lisse's). As Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, note that Payens have a paint-like variation. Hmm. The BATHroom. The Baths (probably the Paine/Payne lion) were first found in Somerset with same-colored Paine's/Payne's, and with the Badens/Battins. Baths ("Habere") use the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed, and the Bessi / Serdica / Lissae were at the RHODope mountains. Hmm, the BathROOM. The Rome's/Room's have the motto term that led me to the Pung variation of Paganells,

Quadratus Bassus had gotten suspect as a Radice-Bessi merger, for while Tyle is marked to the near-east of Sub Radice, Quadratus' daughter was QuadraTILLa.

If you're even half convinced that God set up my thinking pattern while painting the bathroom, take a look at the Google map, at the intersection of Keele and Maple Leaf streets, for that is where I stole popsicles and gum. I can tell you right off that while Maple's use the split-Shield of Tarves', the Chives', first found in Tarves, have the quadrants of Keele's in colors reversed. Moreover, as the popsicle brought Apophis to mind, a Hyksos king, note that Chives' were once said to be first found in Devon, where the Hykes'/Hacks (said to be from vikings = thieves) were first found that use the Chives quadrants and the Travis scallops (Tarves was likely named after Treviso/TARVISium). Devon is also where Moline's were first found who share the black moline with Chives'. Moline's were at Dartington, and the Darts/Dards (Devon) are from the Dardanians (Trojan / Mysian descendants, right?), near or even beside the Cavii.

The Hykes'/Hacks even use the scallops of Meschins, who ruled Cheshire and married Skiptons, in Craven. I trace "CRAVen" to "KRVati, an alternative name of Croatians. The Japodes and Maezaei were in what became Croatia, suspect with the "corvos" (Greek for crow) symbol of Coronis i.e. the Ceraunii.

One block north from Maple Leaf, on Keele, is Rustic, which as a surname could suggest that Rusts/Roosts (suspect to Varangian Rus) who happen to share the fitchees of Chives'. Rusts/Roosts were first found in Kent with Greens, and where the Meschins married (Clare's of Tonbridge). Greenwich's share the Coat of Odins, first found in Yorkshire with Cravens and Hicks'. The first Meschin married Miss a woman of Lincolnshire, where Keele's and their Cheile branch were first found. Keele's share the black crescent with Tonbridge's.

The Leafs/Leve's happen to use another dove, and here we can glean why God would have caused my parents to move to the Maple-Leaf area, for Leve's with Chives' are pointing to the Levite, Joseph Caiaphas. I say the Laevi were from Levite blood very likely out of Lissus.

I went to Cornelius public school, which had an end at/near the corner of Cornelius Parkway and Rustic Road. The Cornelius surname (Essex, same as Maple's and Colchester) could be a Ceraunii line, like the Cornell variation of Cornwalls. In the Cornelius Crest, a hand out of a cloud holding a fitchee. Note that while McLeods are Clouds, there is an intersection, McLeod and Rustic, almost immediately beside Rustic and Cornelius. One Cornell Coat shares the fesse of Actons, the latter in the motto of Cravens who use the fesse in colors reversed. Actons (Devon) had an Axton location in Kent. The "virtute" motto terms of Chives' and Maple's are like the motto terms of Kent's Ceraunii-suspect Greens.

Devon is where English Stewarts were first found suspect with the lion of Cornells. I trace Stewarts to Aulon/Avlona, near Bullis. The Bullis surname shares red roundels with the Cornelius Coat. Yesterday, the day I was painting the bathroom, I found (as per "POPSicle") the Apophis-like Poppes surname (never seen it before) sharing the annulets of Bulls (Somerset again, beside Devon), and both surnames use the bull. These annulets are colors reversed from the same of CRAUNs/Crane's, the first surname I had ever traced to "Ceraunii." While the Ceraunii were at the Urbanus river, the map featured above has the Ceraunii mountains beside Aulon and therefore near Bullis, explaining why Crauns should share the Bull annulets. It appears that Alans of Dol were Cornell/Cornwall kin (Devon is beside Cornwall), and therefore basic Ceraunii liners, explaining why Alauna was in Manche with the Masseys.

I link "Avlona" to mount Velino, and therefore to Velins and Velens/Falens (Dols use a whale suspect with Massey-related Whelans). Velens/Falens (Duck colors) once showed ducks, as did the French Alans, and Velins still show ducks while German Ducks were first found in WestPHALia with Velins, Velens/Falens and Poppes'. Yup, that's right. Velens now show the red martlets of French Alans, and the latter's Coat is a version of the French Gore/Jore Coat for a trace to Croatia's Gorski. The Ducks/Logans share nails with the Arms of Colchester, and the latter's crown is suspect with "Ceraunii / Craun." English Ducks share the stars of Cornells/Cornwalls. Duke's, in the colors of German Ducks, were first found in Devon with Stewarts and bull-using Walerans, the latter known to be of the Percival-Leavells. Walerans share the black bull with Cole's, first found in Cornwall. You can't argue with the Bull-Ceraunii facts as they linked to Colapis elements.

The Poppes' are also Poppens, Popps, and Bopps, said to be of Poppo I, founder of Babenberg, a line potentially from Babon, a descendant of Rustic-like Rusticus of Lyon. The latter married Hiberie (of Limoges), daughter of Ommance (female), which is new to me. Ommance looks like a line to Omans, in Rust/Roost colors and first found beside them in Suffolk, where Bullis' were first found. The OrMUND/Osmund variations of Omans now look to be from "MUNDeric," Rusticus' grandson. Munderic was the father of MumMOLIN while Chives' (very connectable to Rusts/Roosts) share the black moline cross of Moline's, in the colors of the Rust/Roost saltire. Excellent finds.

Rusticus was the grandson of Dol-suspect Tullia, and son of Aquilnus, a potential L'Aquila liner, for L'Aquila is near mount Velino. In fact, Aquila elements could have named Keele's.

Omans are said to be of an Ormundi character in Bury, wherefore it's interesting that one Bury surname shares the Masci bend-with-fleur, I can assume. "Bury" is like "HiBERIE."

On the map with the corner of Keele and Maple Leaf, there is an Erie street shown one block west. Fred and Pepin Taff lived on that street. I have therefore loaded the Eire/Aries surname to find a link to Taphian pirates via the "Tiens" motto term of Squirrels/Squire's, for the Squire-branch Sire's are the Sirons while mythical Sirens, who killed seafarers, lived in the land of Taphians. The Erie/Aries motto includes, "TIENdrai," and so lets add that Tiens/Thames' were first found in Oxfordshire with the Yell-related Yellows (Oman fesse?), and then Yellows are in Jell colors while the Erie/Aries motto is, "JE LE tienDRAI." The Erie's/Aries even share the gold star with Jells. Drays/Drai's use ducks, and perhaps the crane too, and so let's add that Astikas' were in Velin-like Vilnius while Velins use ducks too. The write-up of Dray-like Drake's traces to a duck's gait, suggesting a sheldrake duck, but I say this is smoke and mirrors, that the reality is a Drake link to someone's heraldic duck. Again, the Drake motto has L'Aquila within it, wherefore the duck here must be a Velino element.

The Jell Coat is a version of the Varn Coat, and VARNs (AYRshire!) are expected from the Varni (1st century)), whom I see as the proto-VARANgians. Jewish Yellins/Jellens/Jelineks (compass) share the Varn scallops (why Jewish?). One of the first-known Varangians was Rurik (9th century), like "Ruricus, father of Rusticus (4th century). Pirates. There is no way that the Taffs arranged for themselves to make these links by moving to Erie street, which has a corner at Rustic Rd. Amazing, is it not? Previously, the Taffs with my parents lived at RoseCLIFF avenue, 100 feet or less from DUFFerin street. The Cliffs (share the Jell stars) are said to have married Sticks (share the Yell fleur), i.e. the Astikas line to Astakos at the Taphian homeland. Incredible, is it not? English Yellins/Yealands use eagles for a potential trace to the Taphians with Eagle's.

This is a good place to remind that while Astikas' lived in VILNius, Dol is in Velin-like Vilaine. This is the entity to mythical Avalon, and I did read that the raven vikings of Shetland (location of Stick-suspect Yell) conquered Rothesay, the island that I identify as Avalon (code word, not historical). This predicts that Tullia's line through Rusticus links to Avalon, for Tulls/Tolle's share the Stewart (and Massi/MATTIS) checks (Mathis' share the Chives moline, suspect from "MumMOLIN," Tullia's descendant).

But there's more, for while the Ayers / Eyers are suspect with Ayrie variation of Erie's/Aries' (rose), and while Varns were first found in Ayrshire, that's where the Kyle location of Kyle's (claim to be Cole liners) is that smacks of the Kill variation of Keele's!! The Taffs moved to one street west of Keele. And those exclamation marks are because Kyle's use candleSTICKS!

[A day after writing here, and after mentioning Fred's sister, TERESA, below, I came across Killers (look like a branch of Wraths/Rothes'), first found in Ayrshire with Kyle's, and using a "TERRAS" motto term along with two "Per" terms. There are two Terras surnames, one in the colors and format of the Wraths/Rothes', and the Terras' (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds) happen to use rooks, a Rockefeller-line symbol.]

The Lure's (Ayrshire), a sept of McLeods, look to be using the Cup/Cope/Colp chevron and roses for a trace with Cole's to the Colapis. Lure's share the gold stars and the red rose with Erie's/Aries'. I suggest that Erie's are from the Shawia Numidians of Aures, for Ayers share a version of one Shaw Coat. Shawia are suspect in naming the Sava river into which the Colapis drains. Again, the Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire, same as Tarves-related Maple's) use six lions in the colors and format of the six fitchees of Tarves', and colors reversed from the six lions (same pattern) of the Eagle's that were from the Achelous river, home of Taphians. Lure's were first found also in Galloway, while Galloways are Gallerys too while the Sauers (could be the Aures / Cornwall lion), said to be from the Sau = Sava river, have one Mr. Galleri in their write-up. Sauers share the red lion in both Shield and Crest with Aures', making a Shawia trace to "Sava" look correct.

My bet is that Gallia, mother of Tullia (married the son of Decimus Rusticus), was from king Gala/Gaia of the Numidians. Galli's (Dauphine, from Daphne, code for Taphians) were first found in the same place as Tulls/Tullia's, and share the gold ROOSTer with Gays (Savoy, same as Masseys) and Sinclairs, and the latter look to use a version of the Rust/ROOST Coat. Gala/Gaia was father to king Massena...and, by the way, Crauns/Crane's almost use the Massena patee. Galloways/Gallerys happen to share the giant blue lion with Massins/Masons.

In the Drake motto, the Mosca's/Muscas', who share the Chives Crest, are in the "muscas" term translated as, "fly." Flys were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, and so we get it: the Tullia butterflies link to Drake's and Mosca's, and it just so happens that the dukes of Masovia, the Mieszko's, shared the red-on-white wyVERN dragon with Drake's.

Compare Maso's/Masins (Piedmont, same as Masci's) with Lure's, and note the Macey chevron of Maso's/Masins. Maceys share the star of Lure's. Liers/LAYRE's (from Dol) share the Meschin and Travis scallops while Travis' connect with Chives', who happen to have a Shewas variation smacking of Shawia. Lure's were first found in Ayrshire, and the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. Chivasso is near Turin while Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Tarves) share the gold boar head with Maple's.

Ruricus was a ruler in Limoges, which is part of the Limousin area, where Clairs were first found whose Brittany branch uses roses, code for Rus liners we may assume i.e. looks like the Rusticus line to SinCLAIRs. Tullia was at CLERmont-Ferrand, and Clements come up as "Clermonts" while sharing a Clair Chief. The Taffs and I lived at ROSEcliff, and I went to school there at the corner of Daphne-like Dufferin and St. CLAIR avenue. The Duffs (Fife lion) were of Fife, and the Fife Coat (share the lion of Viv-like Five's/Fifys) can be linked by their Coat to the Vey/VIVIAN Coat (CORNwall), and it just so happens that Rusticus' brother was St. VIVENtiolus. Duffers share the Morgan lion while Avlona-line Avalon was made the home of Morgan le Fay, linkable to the Veys. Note the MacDuffie variation of McFeys/Fie's.

In the Moline write-up: Vivian de Molines, serving as evidence that Moline's are from the namers of MumMOLIN. Mummolin's son, BODEgisel, was suspect with Bute liners, and Dutch Veys do use the boot. I say that Bute (Rothesay) was Avalon.

Limousin was founded by Lemovices, from Lemnos, home of Sintians that named the Santones next to Lemovices. Sinclairs are also Saints, and Santones named Sainte. Mummolin ruled at Chalons-sur-Marne, and that latter river must be from Myrina, a major city on Lemnos (island of Amazons, can be expected through Pisa). Italy's Pisa is at Massa-Carrara, and the Arms of Massa-Carrara shared the blue-and-white checks of Massi's/Mattis' i.e. shared also by Tulls/Tolle's. The BUTTERflies of Tulls/Tulia's should be part-code for Butters (same place as Duffs), who share the Sinclair cross. The Massars/Massai's were at Lucca with Butter-like Botters, and Lucca is beside Massa-Carrara.

Buttars are Bitars too, and share roughly the cross of Aflacks (Ayrshire) while Middle-East Baathists were founded by Mr. Aflaq and Mr. Bitar. I was painting the BATHroom when this discussion was conceived. The Aflack cross has a design called, comBATTANT, and Battants are listed with Badens/Battins, first found in Somerset with Baths.

So, am I saying that God caused me to steal popsicles (on perhaps four occasions, or less) in order to create this discussion on an Apophis link to Taphian pirates? It's hard to believe, but it may be harder to believe that Fred Taff came to mind only to recall his father's name, Pepin, whom I traced long ago to Apepi. I do not recall stealing anything but bubble gum and popsicles at that store, and one Gumm surname comes up as "Com," in case "combattant" became an heraldic code as per a Com-Battant marriage. Coms/Gumms share the Shield of Pepin and Poppin-beloved Mens'.

Fred grew up to become a licensed professional and hard worker. he is an electrician, which brings Electra to mind, a mythical princess of Argos, and the daughter of the brother of MENElaus, the Laish-suspect line to Mens'. Hercules was a Danaan i.e. out of Argos, and his mother was AlcMENE, an Electra-Mene combination, for ALCmene's father was ELECtryon. I suspect that the strength of Hercules (married Hebe) was play on the "Danites" who named Samson.

Lookie at the following, which I stumbled over trying to find the correct spelling of "Electryon": "In Greek mythology, Alcmene was the wife of Amphitryon [same ending as ElecTRYON] by whom she bore two children, Iphicles and Laonome." It's just that Iphicles looks like "popsicle." So, did God arrange for Fred to become an electrician to make these points? I did trace Hyksos to Samson.

I kid you not, I almost missed the following from the Electryon article, and caught it after writing all of the above:

The six sons of Pterelaus, King of the Taphians, descended from Electryon's brother Mestor...[!!!!]

Can we believe it? Why six sons? Was that the sacred number of Hyksos? There we have excellent evidence that God made Fred Taff an electrician! And that God upset my life, manipulated, used it, for these purposes. Right now, I'm undergoing a headache with my stucco (can't get the right color to match), which is what started this entire discussion. Look at the rest of the statement:

The six sons of Pterelaus, King of the Taphians, descended from Electryon's brother Mestor came to Mycenae to claim a share of kingdom. When Electryon spurned their request, they drove off his cattle; Electryon's sons battled against them, and all but Licymnius (on one side) and Everes (on the other) died. Everes sold the cattle to Polyxenus of Elis.

There we have the shepherd seer, Everes, code for the Hyksos capital, Avaris, for Manetho (history writer) called the Hyksos, Shepherd Kings. And "Manetho" even looks like "Manto, a grandson of Everes and sister of Daphne. Note "PolyXENus, also spelled, PolyXEINos, for king Khyan was on the Hyksos throne immediately before Apophis. Until now, I've claimed that Khyan was the Hyksos pharaoh, whose daughter named Moses. But then why would God stress Apophis all of a sudden? Cattle in the Hercules picture is code for Io the white cow, who was probably related to Apophis liners, as I'll show below. In the Exodus, the Israelites probably made the calf idol in respect or fear of the Hyksos king i.e. he had a calf / cattle idol.

"Pterelaus [Taphian king] ruled the land by the River Achelous..." That river looks a lot like, "Archelaus." One of Electryon's sons was ArcheLAUS, in case Herod's family traced itself to this Danaan entity. Electryon was a Gorgon son of Perseus and Andromeda, whom at least one myth writer placed in Joppa, Israel. What do we suppose created, "PtereLAUS"? It looks very related to MeneLAUS at Sparta's Las location (not far from Argos and politically related to it), which I've seen as, Laas.

The goddess of Argos, Io, was made a mother to mythical Epaphus, king of Egypt, whose name looks like code for an Apophis entity. Add it up, and it amounts to Tanis liners in the Danaans of Argos (Electryon ruled Mycenae, Argos outskirts). Lookie at Wikipedia: "Epaphus was the son of Zeus and Io. The name/word Epaphus means 'Touch'." I wonder who may have set that sentence up, for the Touch surname is listed with Tuffs. This surname shares the giant Lyon lion, and the Mens' (beloved by Apophis-line suspects such as Pepins and Poppins) are said to have been at the GlenLyon location of Lyons. The Coat of Glennys shares the Mens Shield too, and is comparable to the Com/Gumm Coat, but compare also with Tenants.

It just so happens that Herod Archelaus can trace to the Lyons. I will show again how that works. Wikipedia once showed a coin of Herod Archelaus with a feathered helmet. The article removed it after I linked it a few times to the feathered helmet of one Lannoy surname, while the other Lannoys share the Lyon lion, suggesting that Lannoys were a Lyon branch. Herod Archelaus was banished from Israel by caesar, and he ended up at Vienne Isere, beside Lyon. This place produced the Vatican tool, Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, husband of Dol-suspect Tullia.

Atreus, Menelaus' father, ruled Argos. Menelaus' brother was AgaMEMNon, what could explain the Meme/Mame variations of Mens', which I did trace to "Mummolin," and to the Tease/Tye surname, which can be a branch of Tysons/Tessons who use the Lannoy / Lyon / Touch/Tuff lion in colors reversed. Mummolin descended from Rusticus of Lyon.

There is a question as to whether INAchus, founder of Argos, was related to Ina, the highest goddess of Etruscans, expected to be the same as Juno, from the Una = Oeneus river. If this is correct, Inachus was an Oeneus element. Inachus married a Boiotian goddess, probably related to the Cadmus Tyrians. Etruscans were also, TYRRhenians. Cadmus was descended from Poseidon of Phoenicia, and this goes to the Daphne / Laish locations (due east of Tyre) that were both a couple of miles from Panias. It's no coincidence that Peneus is a river near the Ladon, in Pisa, and that both rivers were made fathers of mythical Daphne.

Poseidon named the Pisidians who named Pisa. Note HIPPOdamia, queen of Pisa, for we find Poseidon's mate below, Hippothoe, the parents of Taphius, code for the Taphians. This makes PtereLAUS highly suspect with "Laish", and, if correct, traces Laish elements to Calydon, home not only of Taphians, but of mythical king Oeneus. Pisidia was the location of Attaleia, and Calydon the location of Aetolia:

Pterelaus was the grandson of the first Pterelaus, and son of Taphius. (Another account makes Taphius the son of Poseidon and Hippothoe, making him grandson of them and a descendant of the Argive hero Perseus). This Pterelaus, king of the Taphians, was the father of several sons (Chromius, Tyrannus [proto-Etruscans?], Antiochus, Chersidamas, Mestor, Everes) and a daughter named Comaetho. Poseidon had bestowed upon him a magic golden hair on his head which made him immortal and unconquerable so long as the hair grew on his head.

There we see Everes again amongst the Taphians, a thing I did not know until today, after all these years of knowing that Hyksos were Daphne liners. The quote's Antiochus is interesting as per the same name of the son and heir of Seleucus (real king), whom in Biblical prophecy seems to be the ancestor of the end-time anti-Christ. The Seleucids were from Epirus, Wikipedia once said, and as Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king, made an alliance with Jonathan Maccabee (was this the line from Jonathan of Laish?), it's Caiaphas- and/or Annas-interesting that Balas-like Bullis is in Epirus. The Bullis surname shares the Annas star, and Caiaphas had married a daughter of Annas/Ananus, Israel's despicable high priest.

If I assume that "PTERElaus" was a Tere term, it's interesting that the Taff family under discussion had a daughter, Teresa (Fred's sister). Tyre was anciently, Tyrus. She married Benny, and they ran a pizza outfit. That could indicate Benjamites to Pisa. "Fred" and "Ferte" got suspect with Ferdinand of Aragon, who was somehow connected to Mosca's of Sicily, yet the Mosca's/Muscas' were first found in Italian Pisa. Fred's other sister, Paula, could be a branch of the Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire, same as Pauls) that I see as close kin to Pepins.

Bennys (could be the Pepin horsehead in Crest) were first found in West Lothian with Elias'!! Bingo. It looks like the Benjamite trace to Elis and Pisa. Bennys use a "VirTUTE" motto term expected now as part-code for the Vertys/Virtys of Ferte, and for Tute's / Toots, a branch of Massey-related Tattons. The "opera" motto term of Bennys (share Benning bend) could be for the Pera variation of Pero's/Perino's. German Bennings (Beng / Benny colors) have Benj- / Beng-like variations. The Pierro's/Pero's are specifically said to be from Pavia, which was also, Papia. It appears that Apophis liners into Pavia are now connecting to Benny, who married Miss Taff. Amazing, is it not? Bennings use a "DOLoque" motto term while Alans of Dol (into Oakhampton) married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace. The line of Dol-suspect Tullia and Rusticus went to VARANGians, I think, and they look like the namers of AVRANCHes. Stewarts use a "VIRTus" motto term.

Bengs share the Chives quadrants, and Chives' share "Virtute" with both the Bennys and Bennings. Repeat:

Pero's/Perino's can be linked to Perrins (share leopard faces with Peare's), who share cones (might be fir cones) with Maschi's, for the Perrin motto includes Pavia-suspect "ImPAVIdun." One Pavia Coat uses part of the Abbs/Apps/ABBAS Coat, a possible "Jabesh" variation." If this is correct, the Jabesh-Benjamite merger, or perhaps Jabesh / Jebusite elements apart from Benjamites, were on the Apsus and Hypsas [also called the Drago, definitely the line to Drake's] rivers. The Bengs/Bings were first found in Middlesex with Abbs'/Apps'/Abbas'. Unbelievable, huh?

I should have added that Fiers (branch of the Vere's of Manche) were likewise first found in Middlesex while the Apsus river flows through Fier county. On top of that, Vertys/Virtys share the Fier moline, and Chives' use a moline of their own. I trace ANTELope's, used by Bengs/Bings, to ANTALya of the Pisidians, which was also, Attaleia.

The Vardy variation of Vertys was recently traced strongly to the Vardaei on the Nera / NERETva river, for the NERTHus goddess of the Varangian-suspect Varni makes a good case for this trace. Varni are suspect to Tullia and Rusticus. Note the Neretva inference in the Stewart motto: "VIREscit VulNERE VIRTus." The Vire river of Manche is near Ferte-Mace, and Nerets were first found in Dol with the proto-Stewart Alans. The Nerets almost use the three bends of Gallia's, and Gallia was mother to Tullia of Lyon (yes, wife of Decimus Rusticus). Gallia's were first found in Milan with Maurels, suspect from MauriLION, father of Mummolin's wife.

Pharaoh Khyan is suspect with Ken- / Cann-like terms. Let's start this discussion with the Vere's, who held KENSington in London, the city also where Middlesex is located, and where Caiaphas-suspect Capes' were first found who share the scallops of the Middlesex Apps/Abbas'. The Kensingtons look to be using a version of the Pavia Coat, and the latter use a version of the Capes Coat, perfect for the Apophis/Apepi trace to Pavia = Papia. The Hyksos line of both kings can thus go to Pavia's Laevi. If that's a fir tree in the Kensington Crest, note that Firs/Fire's can be Fier liners.

The "nihil" motto term of Vere's can be for the Nihill variation of Neils, who have a version of the KEON Coat, but see also KYANs/Keens (two sinister symbols). Kyans/Keens share the calvary symbol with Mens-loving Crystals and Moses'. I say Khyan's daughter named Moses. If the Kyan/Keen Crest is the Mosca leopard, let's repeat that Drake's love the Mosca's, for Tiss' were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, and Kyans/Keens use a "miTIS" motto term. I've just recalled that Mens-loving Crystals use a POPlar tree. It recalls that Chrysippus was likely a Taphian from Apophis/Apepi elements. Popleys use eagles for a potential trace to the Achelous.

Tiss' can be a branch of the Tess variation of Germo-Swiss Tease's, highly suspect with "Tessin," the alternative name of the Ticino river through Pavia. Vere's even share the star of Tease's/Tye's, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' (same star again). Nottinghamshire is also the location of Mansfields (Isle-of-Man liners, likely of Maccus), who use the maunch as code for Manche, location of Ver. Vere's are said to be the namers of Ver, beside the Bessin, and the Bessin is where CAEN is located. I said that Hyksos were of a Mus household aside from knowing the "PeriMUS" motto term of Caens, which must be partly for the Pero's of Pavia, for the Caen fesse has the Peare leopard heads. Zinger.

Some of God's symbolism as per Miss Christine Peare must have been for Khyan-Hyksos elements. Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man, and are thus linkable to Crystals. Prior to giving Miss Peare a waist symbol, God gave her a related belly symbol that traced without doubt to the Bouillon motto, "A VERO belli CHRISTi." Vere's use "vero" too. The Maccus vikings of Man were not only from Ferte-Mace, I feel sure, but of the Varangians, for Wikipedia's article on Maccus has him in Cheshire, where the first two earls (a little later) were of Avranches, and the third earl was a Masci of the Bessin.

As the Laevi at Pavia were, I feel sure, from Levites of the Achelous river, note that the Astikas' from that river married Traby while the Arms of Traby use the horn while sharing five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with Caens. Caen is in Orne, and Orne's are also Horns. Perfect. And so I trace Caens to the Ceno river, near the Trebia. Perfect. And the Ceno drains into the Taro while the Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and the Trebia. The Ananes named high priest, Ananus/Annas, right? Ask the Annan saltire, colors reversed from the Tease/Tess saltire (the latter has LEAVES).

Cetis was also, Citis, which is in the "liCITIS" motto term of Caens. Cetis is where the proto-Bessin Bassus' ruled, and the queen there was QUADRAtilla, the line to Quade's/Wade's, in the colors of the Wade-like Weights/Waits (Cornwall, same as Simcoe's) who share the gold-striped, black horn with Traby. The Weights/Waits ("Pro") are White liners, explaining the QUATRAfoils of Scottish White's. This is interesting where my stucco was code for Astakos / Achelous elements, not only because White's (probably the Sava/Savage lion) use the eagle for the Eagle's of Achelous, but because my stucco problem, for which I was speaking to both Fred and Crystal, is that they sent me grey stucco instead of the WHITE that I needed. And Greys share the giant lion of Stake's/Stacks, first found in Gloucestershire with English White's/Weights.

Astikas' were in Vilnius, which I trace to Vilains, who share the Chief/Shield colors of Scottish White's. Amazing, it really is.

Stocks are said to be from Stock, near Caen.

Fred and Crystal both work for a company called, SIMcoe, which reminds that the OENotrians (Oeneus of Achelous, right?), called also the Enotri, who lived at Italy's Laus (good reason to trace to Jonathan of Laish), are in the "ALIS NUTRior" motto of SIMsons. That's pretty amazing. And, I kid you not, I decided to use white stucco on my place because I liked it on the home of Mandy, whose maiden name is, Simpson. Incredible, it really is. It's as though God chose to make Mandy's house in white stucco in planning ahead to this discussion.

Bill Kristol is such an anti-Trump Republican that he could have been involved with GLENN Simpson, head cheese at Fusion GPS. Hmm, Crystals use a "Mens" motto term while Men's share the Glenny Coat (share Glenn martlet) because Mens' were at GlenLyon. Is it a Sign? Is Bill Kristol part of the McCAIN-delivered Steele dossier? The dossier started with Republicans at the Free Beacon, and Belli's use a beacon. McCains are listed with Kyans/Keens, the ones sharing the calvary symbol with Crystals. Hmm. "From September 2015 to May 2016, Simpson was retained by a conservative newspaper, the Washington Free Beacon, to collect information on many of the Republican presidential candidates including Donald Trump...After the Free Beacon stopped funding the research, the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign's law firm, Perkins Coie, picked up the deal with Simpsonís company Fusion GPS. In June 2016, Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele..." (Simpson's Wikipedia article).

Laus is beside Saracena, and the Saraca's, who lived at Laus, also called Ragusa, share the white-on-blue fish with Keons and Kyans/Keens. I pointed this out several years ago, and told readers then that Keons were suspect with "Khyan." I didn't yet know the Kyans/Keens at the time.

I had read one opinion that Khyan's alternative name was APACHNas, interesting where Simsons were first found in BUCKINgham. The German Bachs once showed a gold calf, symbol of the Exodus rebellion. This calf could be code for the Calf surname (calves in Arms-of-Oxford bull colors), and so note the CALVary symbol of Moses' and Kyans/Keens, perhaps code for a Calf-Vere merger (Vere's ruled Oxford).

The Bach symbol is now called a steer, and Steers may be honoring the Cetis-like Cedes' in the "cede" motto term. The Cedes'/Seats share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine (Astikas-of-Vilnius suspect), and while Dol is in Vilaine, the Simcoe's share the wavy fesse of Dols, and perhaps use a version of the Bute Coat, for I claim that royal Stewarts loved the isle of Bute / Avalon. This island was at first, ROTHESay, and German Rothes/Rothchilds happen to share the raven with the Simms. English Rothes' were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Dol. The Bute Chief shares three estoiles with the Kyan/Keen Chief.

In one myth concerning the Argo ship, mythical Butes (priest of Poseidon) jumped out to sea and started to swim for the Sirens i.e. from the Achelous. The Sire's/Sirons are connectable to Justine's and to the Arms of Vilnius.

The Stucco brand I was ordering is QuiKRETE, and so note the Curetes of CRETE involved with Apophis-suspect Epaphus: "[Epaphus] was then concealed by the Curetes, by the request of Hera, but Io sought and afterward found him in Syria."

I've just noticed the "ECHEL" motto term of Irish White's, tending to prove that this white stucco is God's code for Astakos off the ACHELous. There is an Echel/Esher surname with a giant cup, expected from the Kupa = Colapis, for yet another trace of mythical Oeneus to the Oeneus-river theater. Echels/Eshers are also Ashers, and German Ashers happen to use the triple Eppstein / Babenberg chevrons in colors reversed. English Ashers happen to share the Hazel / Weaver fesse (Weavers were also WEBBers). Suddenly, Eppsteins / Epps/Ebbs / Apes' / etc look linkable to "EPAPhus." Apps are Abbas' too, and Epaphus was from Euboea along with mythical Abas. It appears that Epaphus / Apophis named the Apis bull cult of Egypt, and that it traces to "ColAPIS."

Epaphus was the son of Io the white cow and Zeus the white bull (taurus) of Tyrus, and, in myth, Zeus stole Europa of Tyre and brought her to Crete, amazingly enough. This was a white bull as opposed to the red bull of Egypt as per skin color, we may assume, for Hyksos were Asians i.e. white-skinned intruders into the Nile delta. So, the Hyksos were in the Zeus cult. In trace Hyksos to Trojans, and ancients had the Curetes of Crete as founders of Troy's mount Ida. Pepin of Landen married Ita. Landens (pale bars) have rooster heads in Kopple-rooster colors as evidence that Popiel of Goplo was a Pepin liner.

The Greys use an anchor and two "anchor" motto terms while the map featured above shows an old Astacus location beside Ancore (eastern Mysia). Is that not amazing? God caused me pain with mu stucco to make this point. The grey stucco came in bags labeled, "White Base," the same label that had been on my bright-white stucco bags...meaning that Quikrete is now using some less-than-white material for it's latest line of white stucco. But it is all grey, not merely off-white. And so, as per, "White Base," note that Base's/Bassans share black horns with the Arms of Traby. I don't know whether to be flattered or upset (kidding), but it is almost mystifying to think that God planned all of these particulars.

The Greys/Grays/Croys have variations like the Crete's/Crays, I've just realized. It therefore does seems even more certain that God provided Quikrete with grey stucco. The white stucco is needed only to do SIX corners (job is then complete), which recalls that I traced Corners/Garners (ACORN) to CURTus Maccabee and Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. Curtus might actually have been named after Curetes, but it thus appears to be from the Epaphus-related Curetes, Hyksos liners. The Curtis' share the Plow Coat, and Plows (same place as Dol Alans) share the Corner/Garner and Dole fleur.

I've never heard of Curetes in Syria until reading the quote above, but Syria is where Seth, father of high-priest Annas, lived, and it just so happens that the Seth surname is listed with Shaws, who are said to have ancestry in Stick-like Sithechs! Zinger. Annas probably descended from the Maccabee priesthood. I can now understand why God would set up this stucco problem. I've just got to laugh. I'm okay with this.

Lookie: Irish Shaws use a trefoil version of the quatrafoil-using Ayer Coat, and Shaws throw in the black eagle, as do quatrefoil-using White's. Achelous elements, for sure, for Sava's/Savage's share the Eagle Coat. The "air" motto term of Ayers can indicate the Erie's/Aireys, recalling Erie street beside Keele street, and the candleSTICKs of the AYRshire Kyle's, like the Kill variation of Keele's.

The store with popsicles at Maple LEAF and Keele is excellent for tracing Levi at Achelous/Calydon to the COLapis, for the neighboring Oeneus river must come from Oeneus of Calydon. A Kyle-Society webpage said that Kyle's are related to king Cole, a mythical namer of Colchester. The Cole's use a bull, and, again, the Egyptian bull was Apis, like "ColAPIS."

The Cole motto is suspect in-part for Servitium, near the mouths of the Colapis and Oeneus rivers. SERVitium looks like the makings of "Serb," said by Wikipedia to be from Sorbs, whom I trace to SARPedon of Crete, a son of Zeus and Europa. Perfect. I see "SarpEDON" as play off of the same Adonis cult of the Tyre area that named PosEIDON, Zeus' brother, both sons of Cronus expected at the Ceraunii smack at the Serbia theater. Zeus' mother was placed on Crete with Curetes, and her name looks to be in variations of the Cree / Crete surnames. It's known that Sarpedon founded areas of Caria (included Rhodes), and so his Tyrians are expected on the Maeander river. There is a Sarpedon gulf off the coast from the mouth of the Hebros, near the CAENi.

Popsicle-like Iphicles was the brother of Hercules, and the latter is known to have been a human-sacrifice cult in Tyre. That's how sick this people group was. It seems that God has thus revealed the Apophis bloodline as the makings of the Hercules cult. I ventured to identify Hercules with the Cimmerians, thought by many to be from Gomer, and I stole popsicles and GUM from that same store. German Gumms are Gomers too.

Cimmerians had conquered king Rusa of Lake Van some 700 years after Apophis, and Lake Van is where Mus is found with which I identified the Hyksos. It makes Hyksos lightly suspect from Gomerians (not necessarily), and then joining the Cimmerians after expulsion from Egypt. German Gumms use a horn in colors reversed from the Traby horn, and TRABzon is not far Lake Van. We saw why Apophis and/or Khyan liners should be to Traby. The Vans/Fane's happen to share gauntlet gloves with Maceys i.e. namers of Ferte Mace, very good for identifying a Gomer-Meshech alliance.

The Hyksos are suspect with the Danaans out of Tanis, and in Greek myth the Danaans were in the Rhodes' city of Lindos before inhabiting Argos. Rhodes is also the location of Kameiros, while Cimmerians were known as, Gamera. It's now interesting (and new to me) that Kameiros is 1-2 miles from KalaVARDA, suggesting the Vardys of Ferte. Wow.

KALAvarda looks to use "kala," the Greek word for "down / decline / low," which can make the root term, "Varda." The point is, Kalavarda elements may have named the Vardaei at the Neretva, and later the Vardy/Verty of Ferte. The Crete's/Crays happen to use the three bends of Nerets. Let me remind you that God chose my new BATHroom to start this Apophis discussion, and Baths use the Rhodes cross with four lions in colors reversed.

The Neretva was named by mythical Nereids, mothered by Doris, suspect with the Daorsi of the Neretva. The Nereids had a fish symbol after that of Poseidon's, and so we see that Rhodes is smack beside Pisidia. The Attaleia location of Pisidians named Atlas, Poseidon's chief son, king of mythical Atlantis. As I said, Attaleia is related to Aetolia of Calydon, for myth writers gave Calydon a queen, Atalantis. I trace "CALYDon" from the Khaldi peoples of Trabzon.

The fathership of Atlas by Poseidon was in myth from Plato, who received his information from an Egyptian. Poseidon of Tyre descended from mythical Danaus, meaning that proto-Poseidon was out of Tanis, in PELusium, which I trace to PELops ("ops" is a common suffix), king of Pisa, son-in-law of OENoMAUS (Mus suspect). Pelop's father, Tantalus, is like the Antalya version of "Attaleia," and while "tanto" is the Italians for "many," myth gave Pelops a many symbol. My bet is that the original idea of "TANtalus" was a myth writer's Tanis combination with Antalya i.e. Tanis elements in Antalya. Perfect. Pelops ruled Lydia with his father, and Lydians were proto-Latons = Italians, probably through Ladon elements at his Pisa kingdom.

In this picture, Latins originated much on the Nile delta, yet Latin myth traces them to mythical Circe (daughter of Helios of Rhodes), who I identify as code for Caucasia's Circasia, where the Lazona of the Lazi Caucasians lived. Latins live in Lazio. So, trace the many-headed Ladon dragon to Aeetes' golden fleece, for Aeetes lived in the land of the Lazi. Then, identify "Aeetes" as a myth writer's version of Attis, mythical father of Lydians, and that's why I think the Lasonii of the Lydia theater were from Lazi Caucasians of Lazona.

Circe is a goddess of magic or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress in Greek mythology. By most accounts, she was the daughter of the Titan sun god Helios, and Perse...Her brothers were Aeetes, keeper of the Golden Fleece, and Perses [got satanic Persians and Medes all over it]. Her sister was Pasiphae [part-code for Phasis at the Lazi theater], the wife of King Minos...

Minos was the son of Zeus and Europa, and father of Sarpedon. Myth writers were trackers of real people groups in fanciful-story methods (where they invented many events based on the symbols they gave their people groups). If Elis was a Laish line, Helios becomes suspect as the same.

Same article: "Other accounts make [Circe] the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft." Hecate is the same entity as king Hector, brother of Paris from Parion on the HELLESpont. When the Phrygian-suspect rider of the flying golden-fleece ram flew to Colchis (home of Aeetes), his sister, Helle, fell off the ram into the Hellespont. It's a fanciful story with symbolism. Why did the writer choose Hellespont for a fleece entity? I suppose we need to ask Phrygians at the Hellespont. The golden-fleece story included Ino, Nephele and Ixion, the latter being a brother of CORONis, and it just so happens that Aeetes ruled CORINth prior to ruling Colchis. His daughter, who worshiped Hecate, the FROG goddess of Egypt (Keket), was even a queen of Corinth. Frogs are suspect with "PHRYGian."

Catherine Froggit

Heraldic frogs are used by Froggits, first found in DERBYshire, traceable to Derbe because it was conquered by Amyntes, son of Froggit-like BROGITarus, who was in Phrygia, essentially, and there he was made the high priest of the Phrygian Cybele, wife/mother of Attis, sun-god of the Phrygians. Derbyshire is where AMYNTes-suspect Mandys/Mundays were first found.

If I hadn't attended a school, for two months only, called Mark II, in UNIONville, I wouldn't have known Miss Froggit, and wouldn't have known the Froggit surname, therefore. Did God set that up? Here's some reasons why he may have. Brogitarus was a Galatian, known to be from Gauls. The Gauls of choice in his line to Quadratilla Bassus are the Laevi, who co-founded Pavia with Mark-suspect Marici. I met Miss Froggit at MARK II, and Unions might just be an Una/Oeneus line from the Levites of Greece to the Laevi.

I liked Miss Froggit, so very good looking (we were both 13). One day, I got to play a game with she and two others at recess. I can't recall the name of this game. A box is drawn on the pavement with chalk, and divided into four squares. A person in each square bounces a ball to the others. The design is the heraldic QUADRants, suspect with QUADRatilla.

Mark II is where I met Mr. Quinn, who would be a close friend of bad influences for eight years until I became a Christian. Quinns (Quints?) share the pegasus with Masseys, and mythical Pegasus killed the Chimera dragon, highly suspect with Kameiros on Rhodes, beside the KalaVARDa location now suspect with Vardys of Ferte-Mace. Perfect.

Froggits use a parrot, and we saw why Parots should trace to Pierro's/Pero's at Pavia. The Bassus-suspect Base's/Baise's use the double lions in pale of Sempers/St. Pierre's in colors reversed, and Jewish Levi's likewise use double lions in pale. Perots are traced to Mr. Perrot, who married a daughter of Marici-possible Marchion, and Marchions/Merchants use the gold-on-black griffin, same as Griffins and Quicks/Quigs. The same griffin is in the Coat of German Camels, suspect to Camulodunum with Pepin = Apophis liners. The god, Camulos, is said to be of mythical Mars.

If God made great arrangements so that the stucco discussion could skip along, click after click, link after link, can we ask whether he named QUIKcrete as per the Quicks/Quigs, who have the colors and format of Capone's? I realize how crazy it sounds that I should even suggest His naming a company for this cause, but I have seen the evidence again and again that he has named people, both first and last names. If I'm wrong about this, there are some terrible and massive coincidences taking place in my heraldic investigations. With stucco tracing to where I had previously traced Levites from Laish, it seems a massive coincidence that Quintus Caepio (ancestor of Caepionis') looks to be at issue with "Quikrete." Many say that Crete was once CAPHtor, which looks like it may have named, Egypt.

Am I tracing things to Tanis at Pelusium? Yes, and "Traditional sources placed Caphtor in the region of Pelusium, though modern sources tend to associate it with localities such as Cilicia, Cyprus, or Crete." There appears to have been two Caphtors if Crete was so-called. Recall my trace of "Pelusium" to "Pelops," for he married HippoDAMia, a term like Pelusium's Damietta: "Tradition regarding the location of Caphtor was preserved in the Aramaic Targums and the commentary of Maimonides which place it at Caphutkia in the vicinity of Damietta (at the eastern edge of the Nile delta near classical Pelusium) and by the tenth century commentator Saadia Gaon and Benjamin of Tudela, the twelfth-century Jewish traveller from Navarre, who both wrote that Damietta was Caphtor."

I've never known this Damietta before in relation to Pelusium. Eight years ago, I have this recorded: "The Sebennytos was also the Damietta (sounds like Samnite tribe of Sabines), and the city of Sebennytos was also 'Samannud.'" To put it another way, the Amazons under Oenomaus and Hippodamia were known by the myth writer to be from Pelusium's Damietta, which explains why, later, in the 21st Egyptian dynasty (Hyksos were from the 15th-17th), Egypt was ruled from Tanis by the Meshwesh. My Masci-line mother was born and raised beside mount Sabina.

Earlier, a child of the Taphian, Pterelaus, was listed as ChersiDAMAS, a potential Chrysippus-Damietta combination because Chrysippus was involved with Hippodamia. In other words, Chrysippus may have been a Taphian, making sense because Daphne was in Pisa with Hippodamia. Another son of Pterelaus, Tyrannus, looks like Tyrrhenus, the mythical founder of Etruscans from Lydia, where Pelops (Chrysippus' father) ruled. Etruscans have a Pisa location too. CHRIS-with-the-ippus Peare met Fred TAFF once, at our ELLESmere apartment, on one New Year's Eve party. Elis is at Grecian Pisa. I recall that the building was called, Ellesmere TERRACE. It wasn't far above where I said: "If I assume that "PTERElaus" was a Tere term, it's interesting that the Taff family under discussion had a daughter, TERESa (Fred's sister)."

I was just wondering whether NEW YEARS EVE held some codes, when a song by Jason Gray was playing, and he was singing the chorus, "I am NEW," at exactly the time that I began to wonder it. There is a News surname, first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapmans and Capone's, and using CHAPlets, and perhaps the solid chevron (in Crest) of Chapmans. Chaplets share the black-on-gold swan that French Josephs once showed. What am I suggesting, that God set up Fred's appearance at the New Year's Eve party to indicate a Taphian line to Joseph Caiaphas? The Partys/Pardys (Paver / Louvier checks) trace to Pavia, don't they? Weren't the proto-Laevi of Pavia at the Taphian theater?

Aha! Yes! There is a Year/Yare surname (shows no Coat) first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'! The latter use EARS of wheat where the ears could be code for a branch of Years, such as Eyers/Ayers. And can we believe it? The Eve surname is said to be from Eyer-like "Eure."! Amazing, I just didn't expect this, like a shot up the brain. It's an enjoyable shot. Eyers even share the bent human leg with Eve's/Evers and could play to the Dossier's/D'Hosier's. The latter come up later in this update as I re-discuss the Steele dossier from another heraldic angle or two. Hose's/OUSe's (Steele lion head) use the bent leg too, and I'm just wondering whether they were from some entity that named part of "AchelOUS" (i.e. home of Taphians).

Fred lived as a child on Erie street, and Erie's/Aireys look like they too can be Year/Yair / Eyer liners.

It recalls that God indicated the News surname once before with the Coffers/Coffeys, from an event the morning after a thief almost robbed my wallet, my vehicle and literally the shirt on my back too, at 1 am, 2,000 miles from home in Ticino-suspect Texas! It was my first visit to Texas, and that afternoon, before the attempted robbery, he gave me an omen (bad feeling of impending doom) in the sun. Again, the Texas Coat shares the Paver / Partys/Pardy checks. By a miracle, the vehicle wouldn't start for the mugger, but then started for me after he fled. The vehicle just clicked for him without the engine turning over.

I was sleeping in the back of the Nissan pick-up at the time, and locked myself in with a pair of VICE-grip pliers. The only point I will make here is that Vise's/Vice's look like a branch of WISharts, first found in Stirlingshire.

As Wikipedia says that the Hyksos were "Heka KHASEWET" while in Egypt, I traced them to Cilicia's KIZZUWATna, which can explain why some locate Caphtor in Cilicia. While Cetis is likewise in Cilicia, note the "CAPTa MAJORa" motto term of Cetis-suspect Geddes'. Some trace the Danaans of Argos to Cilicia's Adana region. The Greys and Majors (GREYhound) both love the Anchor/Annackers, for Majors use the anchor and a version of the Anchor/Annacker Chief. The giant Major anchor is in the colors of the giant Annas star, and both surnames have a gold Chief, suggesting that Annas' were also Annack(er)s, perhaps from the Anaki of Hebron amongst whom Abraham schmoozed. In this picture, it appears that Caphtorites trace to Annas of Israel, and may even have named his son-in-law, CAIAPHas. That's a good reason for God to name, QuiKRETE, for I wouldn't have written all that otherwise, which tends to convince me more that proto-Capone's were Caepionis' that named Caiaphas.

In one event of years ago, I was led to believe what seemed ridiculous, that Caiaphas would trace to Avezzano, and that happens to be at mount Sabina. I had entertained that his name was at least related to "CAPPADocia" (north side of Cilicia, with Amazon-suspect Mazaca as its capital), which looks like a take from "CAPHTor." I trace "Mazaca" to the Mazices peoples of Africa, also called the Meshwesh, Mazyes or Amazighen = Amazons, and I further claim that the Grey surname is from the mythical Graeae Amazons of north Africa. The stucco came wrong to me in a grey color, and Amazons of Pisa were related to the Astakos region. Moreover, Astacus is in Mysia, which was, likely, named after the Meshwesh/Amazons.

[After this update was put online, a Quikrete representative named Terry (recalls Teresa) called to say that I was being gifted with a few bags of white stucco from another brand, BROMix. There is a Bromick surname listed with Burnys/Birnys, who share the colors and format of French Terrys, but if they don't apply to Astakos elements, the German Brome's (feathered helmet) look like they should because they not only share the Hagel lion, but both surnames were first found in Wurtemberg (Baden). This stucco discussion is picked up first thing in the next update.]

I've read that Mysians were related to Moesia. On this the dark map below, note that the upper Margus river of Moesia is named the Moschius (in Dardania), for the Moschi mountains of Caucasia are beside Mazaca, and also beside Thermodon, which HERODotus claimed as the origin of Mysia's / Lydia's Amazons. L'Aquila is now the Abruzzo capital, but it was once Aprutium, now called, TERAMO, like THERModon, and like the Thames/Tiens surname that shares the Peare chevron-with stars. The Thames/Tiens Chief is a good reflection of the Anchor Chief probably due to Ancore being beside Astacus.

To the east side of the Margus, the Picensii are shown who likely named Picenze. To the north side of the Picensii is Cuppae and the Picensii-suspect Pek river (flows to Punicum/Pincum).

Mythical Capys, a Trojan and therefore traceable to Hyksos, is said to have named Capua, and Italians Capone's are also Capua's (share black lion with Quints), and first found in Naples, near Capua. My mother has a book in Italian written solely on her own town of Picenze, which says that it's inhabitants were from nobles of Naples.

The Aquila surname was first found near Capua, and Picenze is seven miles from L'Aquila. The Aquila write-up says that the surname was also in Venice, near Este, and it just so happens that the Aquila eagle is that also of Pepin-related Este's. My Masci relative from Picenze married Pepin Taff. The latter's wife had a sister whose husband traced, as per an bocci-ball event with him in my youth, to Brogitarus and Amyntes without question. And I came to suggest/claim that this family in Picenze descended from Caiaphas. It didn't make me very happy to learn that I may have been chosen for this heraldic work on that account alone. I suppose that L'Aquila should trace to "Achelous."

When the man took me to his bocci-ball game, when I was a boy, I became so bored that I asked him a half-dozen times if we could go. Each time, he said, "In a minute, in a minute" (it was said in Italian). But he never kept his promise. I had traced Minute's/Mynetts to Amyntes, and it just so happens that Bocci's are BROCATo's too, which becomes absolute proof that BROGITarus was at issue where the Bocci's/Brocato's share "ears of wheat" with Scottish Chappes', underscoring why God would have set up that bocci-ball event. Ears of wheat are related to sheaves of wheat, and Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's were first found in L'Aquila. Sheaves of wheat are sometimes called, garbs, which are used by Avezzano-line Avisons and Josephs. Mr. bocci ball married Josepina. Their eldest child, GiamPIERRO, led me to the Pierro/Pero surname in the first place, such an amazing thing, all apparently set-up by God. Remember, Pero's/Perino's use stars while the Peare stars are colors reversed from the Capone stars while Capone's have the colors and format of Quicks/Quigs.

I was in Picenze for an entire summer as a boy, and near the end of it, the other boys were showing me the cherry trees. Froggits use a parrot with a "bunch of cherries." As I recall that cherry-tree event, it was in relation to the night that we all got wind of Giampierro out on a walk with his lady friend. There is a Cherry/Cherries surname (Derbyshire, same as Froggits), sharing the annulet of Vito's, whom I trace to Julius Avitus, amazingly enough, who married Julia Maesa, the daughter of the nephew of Julius Agrippa.

I thought there was a very good chance that the Herods who adorned their Jerusalem temple with much gold obtained the precious metal from Quintus Caepio's stash (the Roman government never did get it back from him). The GRIFFins have been suspect with the line of Herod AGRIPPa, and the Quick/Quig griffins are in the colors of the Griffin griffin, suggesting a Caepionis merger with the line of Herod Agrippa. Griffins are used also by Dobers and Dobermans, suspect from Dober, a few miles from Caepionis-like Cupionich. English Dobers/Tobers were first found in Yorkshire with Camps, the latter sharing the Quick/Quig Coat. Dobers are helpful for tracing Koplik (same as Cupionich) to Goplo, for Mieszko I of the Goplo entity married DOBRawa as well as Oda of HALDENsleben, while Haldens share the gold griffin head with Dobers. Dobers and Dobermans use the griffin in both colors of the two Griffin surnames, and the Griffins of Pomerania, I have read, were associated and/or related to the Mieszko Poles.

I have seen the Bassus' as "Bassianus," and it just so happens that the father of Julia Maesa Bassianus was the nephew of Julius Agrippa, of only the second century AD, probably born around the death of Lupus Laevillus. The latter had married a Herod-Bassus merger. The Base's/Bassans share the black horn with Bernice's, suspect from Berenice Agrippa, daughter of Herod Agrippa. Bernice's use another pegasus, good evidence that they trace to Julia Maesa.

Cathy Froggit was probably born Catherine. She was with the school's most handsome, tallest guy, and it wasn't me. Instead, I was chased by Christine Masters. Masters, first found in Kent with Amyntes-line Mynetts, use more gold griffins, in both colors of the Caplan griffins, and the latter's Coat looks linkable to the neighboring Roets, from Catherine Roet. Cathers use another griffin, and the colors and format of Glove's. Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt, who's in heraldic code with the gauntlet GLOVE of Maceys. Cathers use fish, a symbol suspect with a line from KETURah, wife of the Biblical Abraham (yes, father of Isaac).

As Keturah's son was Medan, I trace her to fish-depicted Kodros of Athens, father of Medon. Kodros was mythical, the last king of Athens, in Attica, where I think "Attis" traces. In other words, Brogitarus (i.e. of the Cybele-Attis cult) may have been born to Phrygians who had previously been from Keturah > Kodros liners, if that's the meaning of Catherine Froggit. Kodros had both a fish and a boar symbol, and Roets use boars, amazingly enough.

Saraca's use a fish, and Wikipedia says that they were out of KODRos-like Kotor. The Saraca fish is on the same fesse as Bernice's. Saraca's moved from Kotor to Ragusa in Dalmatia, and Dalmatia, somewhere, is where emperor Caracalla (married Maesa's sister) employed Julius Bassianus (Maesa's father), nephew of Julius Agrippa. How compelling. And Dalmatia is the location also of the Vardaei of proto-Ferte-Mace, the line of Maesa-like Masseys/Maceys who share the winged horse with Bernice's.

So, you see, even the first name of Miss Froggit told us a good and seemingly reliable story. And the Kotor-like Cotters use green lizards on a blue Shield, like the green frogs on a blue Shield of Froggits.

And Cutters, if you can believe it, share the Chief-Shield colors of Brogitarus-suspect Brocks/Broges' and Brocuffs. The gorged Cutter crown (around the neck of a gold dragon head) must be a Ceraunii symbol. The Cutter dragon heads resemble to griffin heads of Caplans (beside the Dorset location of Cutters), and the latter have a crown gorged around a gold griffin's neck. And the Chief-Shield colors of the two surnames are in colors reversed. DORset is suspect from Dalmatia's Daorsi, on the Neretva river, home also of the Vardaei. The Bardys, first found in Perigord, where I trace the Boofima elements of Roets, share the Coat of Daggers, first found in Cimmerian-suspect Cumberland with Bernice's. Compare the Roet and Caplan Coats with Italian Lombards (Macey / Galla stars?).

Brocks/Broges' ("VIRTus," traced to Neretva), using a dart (in a lion paw) as code for Dardanians, are said to have included Arthur de Capell Broke, a good reason to trace their "vulNERE" motto term to the Naro/Neretva river. However, this is the Stewart motto too, and may have been theirs originally. "Capell" sure looks like "Caplan" to help assure that Caplans use the Brock Chief-Shield in colors reversed. As Neretva liners trace to the Varni and Angle goddess, while the Brock motto traces also to Vere's at the Vire river, note that while Nicholas de Vere insisted that witchy Vere's were counts of Anjou, Brocks are said to have had a Broc location in Anjou. Witches were at Germany's Brocken mountain. Brocks had members in Northampton, I'm now reading, where Spinks were first found that are expected in the Brocuff sphinx.

This recalls the potential trace of the Vardaei to Mantova. Repeat: "There is a Mant/Ment surname with the three bends of Nerets, for example. Later, I find a KalaVARDA location smack beside the Cimmerian city on Rhodes that points to the Vardaei of the Neretva, who were the line to Ferte-Mace. So, it appears that Ments/Mants are Mantova liners of a Goplo persuasion." Mantova was in the land of LomBARDY. The Lombards became suspect, a few weeks ago, from the Vardaei because "Neretva" was highly suspect with the goddess, Nerthus, worshiped, according to Tacitus, by Lombards and Varni. The Varns share the bend of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's, and grapes are used by Deeters of Pomerania, where Griffins had a distinguished family.

The Deeters can be from the Ditiones along the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii. Ditiones are shown beside the AMANTini, while AMANDa Simson, mentioned earlier with the Oenotrians expected at the neighboring Oeneus river, married Mr. Deeter (I almost married her). I had read that the Abantians of Euboea were also Amantians, and Euboea is where mythical Epaphus is said to originate. The Abantians are said to be from mythical Abas, perhaps the Jabeshites that I see later as the Japodes. Therefore, Apophis elements can perhaps be traced to the Amantini theater, and perhaps this entity named Amyntes. Recall the Apophis-like Poppes', with the Bull annulets and traceable to Bullis, beside the Ceraunii mountains. Mythical Abas of Argos was a Danaan element, and Io of Argos birthed Epaphus. I called Amanda, Mandy, and Mandys were first found in Derbyshire, while Amyntes conquered Derbe hundreds of miles to the east of Derbyshire.

The Amantini are smack on the Sava, and the Sava-liner Sauers are said to have been from DIETERi Galleri. It appears that God set me up with Amanda Simson-Deeter to help discover Calydon's Levite line (probably not practicing anything like the Mosaic law). Deeters were first found in the Varni theater, and Varns have a Coat reflection of Sayers (Essex, same as Colchester and Quints), who are said to be of Saer de QUINCy, a good reason to equate Quince's with Quints. It was a long time ago in this update where the Apps/Abbas' / Epps and similar others were looking like Apophis liners to the Colapis, at which time the Imps (Essex) came up as "Apes." They also come up as Amps, and Quince's were first found in NorthAMPton. Imps use wings while the Amantini are smack beside what is now Vinkovci. Again, the Wings/Winks share the red pile of Achelous-liner Hagels.

The Ardiaei of the Neretva had a king that started with "Long" (my best recollection), and Lombards were also Langobards. I was just trying to find the correct spelling when I came across this: "The Ardiaei, Ouardiaei; Latin: Vardiaei)..." (Wikipedia's Ardiaei article). I just can't believe it. The Vardaei were the Ardiaei! I should have known. It just didn't register. The Vardaei were none other than all of the elements fundamental to the mythical Arthurian cult. To put it another way, Arthurian elements were at Ferte-Mace.

The Gaunts, from Ghent, may therefore have been named after the Ardiaei king, Gentius.

Athens is suspect with the Egyptian god, Aten/Atun, who was, so far as I know, the only monotheistic god of the Egyptians. A good place to trace such a god is to Keturah's family, because Abraham would have taught it about his monotheistic God. The founders of Aten/Atun are thought to have included the Mitanni in Yuya and queen Tiye, who may have been named after Keturah's son, either Medan or Midian. The royal founders of the Atun cult birthed king Tut, and the Ardiaei had a queen Teuta while Tute-related Tattons are said to have married Massys of Cheshire. The Yorkshire Tute's/Tutts share the Moon / Tatton crescent, and while Gentius married a daughter of king MONunius of DARDania, Moons (compare with Pavia's) were first found in Devon with Dards/Darts and Pine's (Arthur colors and format). King Pinnes was the son-in-law of queen Teuta, and the son of TriTEUTA. It's Pharisee-interesting that Triteuta later married Demetrius of Pharos (Pharia on the map), who ruled on Pinnes' stead.

Pine's share the ermined chevron of Wayne's, who share the pelican with Arthurs, and gauntlet gloves with Vans/Veynes'. There you have an excellent reason for equating Arthurs with the Vardaei to Ferte-Mace.

Arthurs were first found in BERNICia, suspect with Bernice Agrippa, along with Artems/Aitons. Amyntes, who conquered Derbe, near lake Tatta, was father to ARTEMiDOROS, and the Ardiaei named the Arduinici of Oneglia who married the Doria's, who in-turn share the eagle of Ghents. It looks good for Vardaei in the Belgian city of Gaunt/Ghent, at the end of the Lys river that traces to Lissus, at the southern bounds of the Ardiaei. Gentius was at lake Scodra, which takes the waters of the Clausula river, location of Dober and Cupionich.

The Clausula is near Tropoje (veers now into Dardanian country), and while Trope's/Drops share drops with Players, the Neretva was home also to Pleraei, suspect with Players (BROKEn sword or dagger can trace to Brogitarus) because they have a "ServiTUTE" motto term. The single Player pale bar is in the colors of the same of Pero's/Perino's, and I think Brogitarus' family was from the Laevi of Pero elements. There is a Topoje location in Fier county, and while Vardys share the cross of Fiers, Fiers were first found in Middlesex with Players. It works, click-click. The Apsus river into Fier county was home to the Dexaroi, who are in the Daggers that share the Bardy Coat.

I've never been able to prove that German Daggers/Decks (the red Squirrel/Squire squirrel) are from the Ticino, but this was my claim before tracing Squirrels/Squire's with Sire's/Sirons to the pirates of the Achelous river, who were connected with Laish elements. This discussion goes to the Taff household, and Fred of that household has been suspect with Ferte's Vardys. While I lived at his house, I accidentally urinated onto the head, and then into the mouth, of Pino, our neighbor of the same age as us, and it was from that event -- which happened to trace to Arthurs of Portishead/Clapton -- that caused me to find / emphasize king Pinnes, a boy king only. I then found that the mythical urine symbol belonged to urine-like Orion, whom I traced to the Orne river, location of Ferte-Mace, but that trace was long before I began to discuss the Vardaei mere weeks ago. I didn't know until weeks ago that Vardys were Ferte's barons. The Vardy Crest appears to have a boy wearing a crown, and the Masculine variation of Meschins did use boys.

I was standing on the Porch railing when taking a pee, and Pino walked around the corner and got it on the head. He then looked up with mouth open. Poor Pino. Porch's ("Pro") list the Portis', and Arthurs were at PortisHEAD. Porch's/Portis' (Norfolk, same as Irish Tute's) share the white cinquefoil with French Pine's. I remember being at Pino's house only once, when a man in his garage showed me a hunting rifle. I recall nothing else that we said or did. Orion was the mythical hunter of Boiotia, land of Atun-suspect queen Aedon, daughter of Pandareus of Ephesus. One or more myth writers wrote that a son of Kodros (of Aedon-like Athens) was the founder of Ephesus. It plays well to the idea that a tribe of king Tut named queen Teuta and Triteuta. Maschi's use PINE cones.

If God set up that urine event, it makes me feel that Pinnes was a hateful thing, as though he was the root of a killer of Jesus, and/or the line to the anti-Christ. I sometimes feel that Keturah's line with Abraham, and the formation of countless nations thereof, is the arch-enemy of everything Jesus. There's logic in this, where Abraham was destined to marry only Keturah, yet God took him and gave him Sarah too, for Salvation's sake. How lucky are we?

French Pine's (Moon crescent in colors reversed) were first found in Limousin with Clairs while Clare's (Suffolk, same as Daorsi-line Davers) are known to have founded Crispins. The latter's four bars are in the Porch/Portis Coat. Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and Porch's/Portis' use a "pro" motto term. Players use the motto, "ServiTUTE CLARior." Arthurs of Clapton used clarions.

Mamie and Trump

It started to dawn on me that Mamie's bathing suit traces to lake Garda, location of Val Trompia, which caused me to ask whether my events with Mamie can predict what Trump is much about. While wondering, I could also see that her bathing suit can link to Obama's billiard hall, and the FBI scandal therein.

It starts with the Sewer/Suit surname as per my sewer shot on Obama's billiard table. I didn't consciously know while wonder this that Sewers/Suits were first found in Angus with Gardens, relevant because she was in her bathing suit at her GARDen, which term I'll trace to lake Garda. German Tromps are also Trumps while Dutch Tromps share the acorn with Corners/Garners, the latter said to be a branch of GARDners. I sewered my shot into a CORNER pocket. Gardens use a "JUNGuntur" motto term while Jungs/Youngs share the Trump/Tromp stag, apparently. We have another story!

I was wondering whether Mamie's teasing me, the night before she was at her garden, was a picture of Trump teasing his voters with cleaning swamp, promising something but not delivering, especially in the FBI scandal. She sat on my lap, and then wouldn't give me a warm hug when in the sleeping bag with her. Yet, the next day, she waded into the lake with me, which reminds that I've portrayed Trump as wading in the swamp rather than destroying it. I've suspected that his enemies amongst Republicans are the Bush circle, and Bush's happen to share the black boar with Gardens.

She accepted my hugging while we were in the water, and Hugo's share the mermaid with Laps. I trace this mermaid to Lusatians, who lived between Traby and Brandenburg, and Trumps are said to have been of Pomeranian rulership in Brandenburg. Hugs share the three Fountain fesses, and fountains are used by WATERfords, while the stag head of Trumps/Tromps is shared in an Arms of Waterford (county). Quade's/WADE's are in Weight/Wait surname, and the latter share the striped horn of Trabys while the Trave river is at Pomerania-Mecklenburg, where Trumps/Tromps were first found who might just be a Traby branch. Polish Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf in a Q-shape, and Quade's/Wade's share wolf heads with Scarfs, the latter's wolf heads in Trump-stag colors.

Traby-like Traps share the BUStard with Bustards, and the latter use a version of the Bush Coat when the latter was showing with a red fesse. The Bustard Coat is a reflection of the Feet/Fate Coat, and Fate's are suspect in the Cheney motto.

I soon gave Mamie a Bible, calling her out from the party crowd, and invited her to a youth meeting. She went on a trip as soon as I gave her the Bible, and when she returned, she said she left it under her bed. But me thinks she would not bring it on her trip in the first place. It reminds of how Trump pretends to be a friend of Christians, but wants no part of the Word.

When I invited her to a youth group event, outdoors, I was with her at home PLATE, at a baseball diamond. It's all I remember of that night: I was hugging and kissing her at home plate while the others were a ways off somewhere else (I can't remember where, or what else the group did that evening). The Plate-like Platers come up as Plains, which is the best I could do to decipher the paper plane that I made when sewering. That is, in the dream, the cue ball was a PAGE (code for Lisa / Carter Page), which I could not shoot with the cue (code for Perkins Coie, owner of the Steele dossier), and so I turned the page into an airplane, then rifled it into the corner pocket, missing the red ball I was aiming at.

It just so happens that Pockets/Pouchers (Porch cinquefoil in colors reversed) are said to be of "Poher," linkable to Poors/Pohers (Devon, same as English Powers) and Irish Powers, the latter's Shield/Chief colors being those of Palins and Plains/Platers. It seems to imply that God chose to use the paper plane in a corner pocket as a pointer to Sarah Palin in at least two ways. I had no idea that I would be writing this paragraph until minutes ago, and here I've loaded Irish Powers to read that they were granted the county of Waterford (i.e. which shares the Trump stag). English Powers use the stag too. Irish Powers look to be sharing the Vilain Coat, as though Alans of Plain-like Vilaine went to Devon and merged there with Palins.

It dawned on me, eventually (months ago), that Plains are listed with Platers because a Plate / Plater line had merged with Plain-like Palins, for Palins use a version of the Plain/Plater Chief. It just so happens that John McCain, who brought the Steele dossier to the FBI (because he hated Trump along with the CIA), had chosen Sarah Palin for his vice-president to-be. On New Years' eve this past year, Julian Assange released a Twitter message named, Paper Planes, and afterward released a famous chess match, after which he was not heard again because Ecuador took away his Internet abilities. I'm still waiting to see whether God will use Assange to further expose the dossier scandal.

The Brittany Levine's/Levins (and Dole's) share the grape vine with German Platers. This is now amazing, for English Levine's/Levins/LIVINGs (familiar Chief colors) share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains and Plains/Platers too, while I was dancing with Mamie in her LIVING room on the first night that I met her, at her party, where no one else was dancing (no dance floor had been cut out). She was walking toward me, and we both put up our hands spontaneously, and began a slow dance. Was that God's idea in order to affirm that Mamie's garden event has to do with the Obama dream?

I left her party shortly afterward, and do not recall talking with her after the dance. I went to see my girlfriend, Lorraine; it was about 10 pm, early. I didn't see Mamie again until the night she sat on my lap two or three weeks later. There is an entire story as per when I arrived at Lorraine's, but unless it links to the Obama dream, I won't repeat it here. It was my last night with her.

I've just checked the Party surname to find that it too was first found in Shropshire. It has nothing but a checkered fesse, the Stewart symbol, and the Party checks are in the colors of the Pavia and Louvier checks while La Louviere is at Mons, where counts of Hainaut shared the Levi chevrons. It's verifying that Levins and Levens were Levi, and that God set up the dance at the living room. And Rome's/Rooms even share the same fesse on the one side of the Dance Coat (the other side has the Alan fesse). The Rome/Room lion is in the colors of the Dance / Steele lion heads!

I have suggested before that the dance in her living room was code for Livings, and can now see that Dance's share the Steele lion heads! Amazing. The very next act, after I sewered the plane, was Obama dancing! What can this party at Mamie's mean in the FBI scandal? It seems that God has been mixing FBI themes with Levi-of-the-Ticino themes with Mamie. Remember, my giving her a Bible led to Laevillus.

Obama's kicked his leg toward me in a horizontal-with-the-ground position, outstretched straight, not bent at the knee. He then turned around, taking steps in the opposite direction to do another kick-out. It's the sort of dance one acts out when taunting. He was in his suit, suggesting that this dance pertains to his presidential business.

I had read an article saying that the British police had black-and-white checks on the ring of their hats as per a Stewart symbol. The Steels use black-and-white checks, and Christopher Steele is British, and was a spy i.e. who works for the police force of sorts. Is the British police going after Steele, or will Britain make a laughing stock of itself in allowing him to get away unpunished for seeking to topple a president in another country? Talk about meddling, but I have no idea why Trump never mentions this meddling when he clears himself from Russian meddling. Wasted opportunities. He prefers to allow corruption to go unpunished in order to maintain political ties. Stupid! That's exactly how the Republican / McCain establishment is treating this so that the corruption will live on and bite again.

At the near-start of the dream, all tables were covered in a single sheet seemingly like plywood, not a draped fabric, in other words. This may be alluding to the skateBOARD. Boards share white martlets with Livings/Levins, Chaddocks, Chadwicks and Sadducee-like Saddocks, while potent-cross Skate's/Sheets were first found in Norfolk with dancette-using Dunhams (surname of Obama's mother) and potent-cross Chads. It's not easy to write such a thing from pure coincidence; it looks Arranged.

I've read that the potent cross of Chads goes back to St. Chad of Staffordshire, which is where Yardleys were first found whose martlets would, in colors reversed, be in the green of the Gard martlet. Yardleys use one Petty Coat exactly, and the Petty Crest shares the elephant head with Levens (with the second 'e'). The Partys/Pardys can be a branch of the Pert variation of Petty-like Petts. Needless to say, Mamie was in her YARD when at her GARDen.

Pettys and Yardleys share the Fast quadrants, and I trace Fasts to Vasto's of Saluzzo while the Dol FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo. The Arundels were in Shropshire's Clun, and the Cluns, first found in Pert-like Perthshire, share the Saluzzo Coat exactly. It appears that Partys can definitely apply because they share a Stewart design. And Pettys (very-possible from Pierro's/Pero's) are deep-state important because they share the quadrants of an Arms of Rothschild.

Levins, in Alan colors, were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans = proto-Stewarts, yup. And Levens share the stars of Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens. Remember, Gardens share the black boar with Bush's while John McCain can be expected as a Bush-circle ally in opposition to Trump. I had entertained Yards and Yardleys as Garden liners because Obama danced and skated in the back yard of the billiard hall. Yards were first found in Devon with English Stewarts, and Yards use what looks like a pelican, the symbol of Scottish Stewarts too.

I went to bed after writing the paragraph above, and, as usual at this time of year, I heated water and filled two mason jars. I put the jars under my SHEETS to warm the bed for a few minutes, and got in. I haven't used house heat yet, and am trying to go until November without heat, because I have a small electric heater for my feet, which warms the table top for my mouse hand. The rest of me can be kept warm easily with clothes, why waste firewood?

I usually put one of the jars at the side of my chest when I get in; the other is at my feet, which are usually cold as I get in. Only, last night, the water was not very hot so that I could place the jar on top of my breasts. And that's when I began to wonder whether the jars were code for Jardins from lake Garda, for the Brest surname, and the Brest location of Brittany, traces without doubt, with Launay, to the Lano's, first found in Brescia, smack beside Val Trompia and lake Garda! It can be added that Gards use griffins while Griffins had a family in Pomerania, where Trumps/Tromps were first found.

When the jar got too warm for my chest, I slid it down to my belly, which recalls that the belly is God's code for the Bouillon motto's Bello's / Belli's Italian Belli's and Bellino's were first found in Verona, on the other side of lake Garda, and near the Garda location. De-Bouillon's father is the stag line, and Trump's use the stag. I had my HAND on the jar at the time, and I always link Hands to Hanna's, who have stag heads colors reversed from the Trump stag heads!! Amazing. Staggs/Stage's share blue stags with Hanna's. Hanna's (Galloway) were near the Rome's/Rooms, the latter at Annandale, and Annandale's use the Chief-Shield colors of Jardins. Bruce's of Annandale used the blue Brescia lion, and the Ananes Gauls were at least near Brescia, and perhaps in it too. A Bruce king married an Alan of Dol so as to elevate these Alans to the throne. At that time, these Alans were the "High STEWARDs" of Scotland, and afterward were called, Stewarts.

As Vise's/Vice's share the black cross of Eustace's, both crosses being between the antlers, I'm noting JarVIS'/GERVAYS (Brittany), who use the colors and format of Yards. Both have one the two Garvey chevrons, in the colors of the three Water chevrons. The jars were filled with water, and "water bougets" are used by Yards.

After it was on the belly for a time, I let the jar fall to the SHEETs with no thought of the Skate/Sheet surname that was discussed above until after it had fallen to the sheets. Were Skate/Sheet liners from Garda too? Their Skit/Skeoch branch were first found in Ayrshire with their Shed branch, and Sheds share the chevron of Gards; both surnames use griffins. The Chief-Shield colors of Sheds are those of Brocks (Stewart motto) and Brocuffs, and while Brocks use a "VireSCIT" motto term, Brocuffs share the potent cross of Skate's/Sheets and Skits/Skeochs. That works. And Brocks use the Saluzzo color combination in colors reversed.

As per "VIREScit, can we believe it? Vires' are listed with Verona's! That's why Gards share the Brock Shield, for Verona is near Garda. Verona's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and the Levi's whose triple chevrons were at Hainaut.

As the jars have "MASON" etched in their GLASS, it's more amazing that Masons/Massins and Glass' share the mermaid. Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Gards, and share the lion of Louvier's/Louvains (Kent). The Glass stars are even colors reversed from the Jardin stars, and Jardins use a version of the Tailbois Coat while the Masci liner, Ranulph le Meschin, married Lucy Taillebois. I suppose that Massey liners were at Garda. Obama's Dunham line is from Dunham-Masci, home of the Cheshire Masseys. Hamon de Masci was ruler of Dunham-Masci, and Hamons use the "attires of a stag."

It was last night, before bed, when I was praising God in the kitchen for what he's doing with these things. I then asked why he allows me to have cold feet and hands knowing that I would come to live in a house where I could not, for years, use a furnace. I had solar power, not enough power to operate the furnace fan all day, especially not mornings, and unable to use an electric heater at my feet, I needed to put a pot of hot water under my boots. I preferred that route to getting the wood stove going for a couple of hours each day when the temperature wasn't too bad in here, above 55 F at worst. When I'm only sitting for hours, my hands can take it without heat until it drops to about 50-55. But with this electric heater, I think I can go until November (it's 50 in here now).

And after asking this of God, not being very happy about it, I went to bed and realized all that I said above, suggesting that I needed to have cold feet, or I wouldn't have used the jars at all. One jar was used, initially, solely for my feet. The rest of me would warm up in minutes under the sheets, but my feet could feel cold for hours. And so I now have the complaint that I had to suffer much over years merely to make the points above on lake-Garda connections to Trump kin. This had better get some massive fruit out there in Internetland, and I don't think I'll be disappointed. I suppose that Hanna's and Hainaut were from Annas of Israel. Perhaps this is pointing to Sean Hannity's role in exposing the deep state, for he's in talking cahoots with Trump, and the latter needs to be persuaded to punish the deep state, just as a child needs to be persuaded to do the right thing, or just as a man without Faith needs to be persuaded to trust God when doing good requires risks.

God had shown me that the page on Obama's billiard table was to be viewed as a page, versus a piece of paper, because, as I was wondering which, with the Page Coat freshly loaded, a Battistelli song was playing in my ears with the line, "I'm an empty page." It was bang-on excellent timing, and I was later able to see that Battistelli's are God's code for Mr. Steele. Both use billets in their Chiefs, while Billets are also Billiards and Hillary-like Hillards. Perkins Coie was a law firm hired by Hillary Clinton to ruin Trump with the Steele dossier. You have just got to be impressed with How God put this Obama dream together with a Battistelli song so that we can work out what He's getting at.

And by the way, Obama appeared in the dream in a SUIT immediately after the sewer, verifying that Sewers/Suits were being pointed to. The surname is also "SUTER," which I took as code for STRzok, since there is no English word to act as code for that surname as a whole. I sewered the page, but this dream (February, 2016) was long before the news put out concerning Strzok's partnership with FBI layer, Lisa Page, and their part in the Steele dossier...that coerced the FISC (FISA court) into spying on Trump's Carter Page. And Battistelli's even share the pyramid with FISKs. STRzok's got suspect with Sturs liners, and "I'm an empty page" is a line in the song title, "Write Your STORy." "I'm an empty page" looks about right for describing all of the redacted pages that the FBI provided on the FISA applications, and so let God write this story in full. I can't deny that God is writing His story here.

As I said, I cannot recall whether Mamie had the HOSE out while in her BATHing SUIT (part verification for BATTistelli's?) at the garden, but as her mother was away, Mamie was probably responsible for watering the garden flowers (it was probably late August). If she had the hose out, it's interesting that Dossier's are also D'HOSier's, while Hose's share the Steele lion, as though perhaps God provided it to snitch on Mr. Steele and the others. I was able to prove by another event (on a Leakey road) that Hose's and Leak(ey)s are to be included with things relating to Julian Assange / WikiLEAKs. Leak(ey)s and Hose's share the bent human leg with the Arms of FUSSEN, and Perkins Coie paid FUSION GPS to purchase the Steele dossier. Fussen is on Bavaria's LECH river, you see. You can't get better evidence than this that God is involved with the exposure of the wicked deep state.

In the dream, Obama with his suit was having the time of his life at the back yard of the hall. First, he was dancing like a pro, and then was going up a ramp on a skateboard, but after this, the dream ended with his having an argument / disagreement with what seemed to me to be his employee. Suspense, mystery, how will it end? It spells a bad ending for him after his jubilation. The employee was stooped at the side of the yard (with his back facing Obama and myself) where one could expect a garden, but I saw no garden. If the garden is code for Trump, it could indicate a traitor, one who turns his back on Obama, and joins a Trump-team player.

The best I've been able to do with the skateboard is the idea that Trump has allowed guilty Obama to "skate" (slang for getting away). Boards use a reflection of the Sewer/Suit Coat, and that's about all I've come up with in that regard, though the Darks/D'Arques' cropped up because I always said he wore a dark suit, because it wasn't quite black. The arch theme of D'Arques speaks well to the arched ramp upon which he was skateboarding. There could be more to this; I just haven't fallen upon it yet.

Also, the dream opened with all the billiard tables covered in a black sheet, while Skate's are also Sheets. I sense that the sheets mean more than merely verifying that Skate's are important to God. The black sheet over the tables (Obama's operation) suggests the current FBI cover-up of Obama's secrets. Perfect. The FBI cover-up is why Obama can skate to this day.

I viewed the billiard tables from the ceiling/top view when seeing them covered by a single sheet, which was in the shape of an 'L' because the tables were arranged in that shape. This L-shape became suspect as code for Loretta Lynch (Obama's attorney general) because I instinctively knew that the billiard hall was owned by both Obama and an unspecified partner. Now watch as I first repeat from above, keeping in mind that the dream wants us to link the partner to the Sheet surname:

The Chief-Shield colors of Sheds are those of Brocks (Stewart motto) and Brocuffs, and while Brocks use a "VireSCIT" motto term, Brocuffs share the potent cross of Skate's/Sheets and Skits/Skeochs...

As per "VIREScit, can we believe it? Vires' are listed with Verona's! That's why Gards share the Brock Shield, for Verona is near Garda...

The Verona Coat has the Lynch Coat exactly, while throwing in a fish. This can explain why God had to create extra events, through Mamie, for tracing the Obama dream to lake Garda.

As I've said, I shot the paper plane from the area of the blue bal's position at the center of the TABLE, which became suspect as code for the Illuminati Round Table of Cecil Rhodes, for Table's share blue roundels with Arthurs, and king Arthur had a round-table symbol. Blue roundels are used also by German Eggs/Eggers while the English Eggs, first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, are also Edge's/ADGE's (probably the Este eagle), like the Adige river that flows past Garda and then smack through Verona toward Este. This is new material here, not mentioned before in relation to the Obama dream, and it's exciting.

It's as though God has verified that Verona's apply so that we can bring Loretta Lynch into the dream's covered tables. You see, the black sheet on the tables looks like code for the Rhodian secret societies, and Obama did chose many Rhodes Scholars (Bill Clinton is one). The "meum" motto term of Rhodes can be for Mummolin, but more relevant, it's probably important that Rhodes' have a seated leopard in their Crest that's also in the Sewer/Suit Crest, collar included. That is, when I sewered the plane on Obama's table, it was a pointer to the Rhodian society. I think that this is the first time this has been gleaned, and it's supported by the fact that I was aiming at a red ball, for German Rhodes' (Arthur colors and format!) use red roundels! Bingo.

As Mamie is code for Isle-of-Man liners, let's add that Edge-like EDGars use a "MAN Do it" motto that can be part-code for Mand liners, the point being that Manders use a version of the Rhodes Coat. Manders use a "Laus" motto term, as do ArBUTHnotts, who had an old AberBOTHenott variation. The Oliphants are said to have received the lands of Arbuthnotts and BOTHwell. Can we believe it? Bothwells use the Lynch Coat!!! Plus, the bay of Laus is at PALINurus, and we saw Palins in the thick of this dream's message. Isn't Sarah PALIN also in the paper PLANE?

In the beginning, the paper plane was first viewed as the plane of Loretta Lynch, for when she touched down at the phoenix airport, Bill Clinton met her there secretly (they got caught, plastered on the news), because it was in the heat of Hillary's email scandal, when the lawmakers were bucking to catch her bare-assed. President Rump let them get away by a conscious choice, and worked to thwart all efforts to catch her while pretending to want her caught. President Tease, the deceiver.

Wasn't Sarah Palin part of the TEA Party that the Obama government persecuted? Didn't God give me the impetus to paint the album cover of Tea for the Tillerman on a kitchen wall? Hmm, will Sarah Palin help to catch Loretta Lynch / others? If Trump wants to be the tease, perhaps the Tea-Party elements will take up the slack. The Tea surname is also the Tease surname. God will tease Trump as his reward for deceiving His people. Trump will be teased, like when he's thirsty, and he can't get a lick of the water in front of his face. That's how it will be. But woe to the wicked Obama.

The potent cross (of Sheets, for example) is known to be named after a crutch, but I know that it's code for the Crutch/Crooch surname, for Croce's share the potent cross. It's suspect as code for Potentia, in Lucania near the bay of Laus. The potent cross is used in the Arms of neighboring Calabria, if I recall correctly, and Laus is at the Lucania/Calabria border. See Lucania map.

The cross of Crutch's/Crooch's is exactly showing as the Plain/Plater cross, and the latter were first found in Suffolk beside the Skate's/Sheets. There's a connection that my head during sleep could not possibly have known. Plains/Plater were new to me after the dream. The single pale bar of Crutch's is colors reversed from the same of ESKINs/Erskins, and ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert CROCE (Crutch branch). Therefore, ask whether God provided Eskins/Erskins with a "pense" motto term as a pointer to Mike Pence, Trump's vice president. If so, why? Pence's/Penns were first found in Buckinghamshire with the Simsons who trace to Enotri at and around the bay of Laus.

I could ask whether Mike Pence is secretly talking to Glenn Simpson, but I won't. But if he were, that would make Pence a MOLE in the Trump team. Eschyna de Molle told me to ask this question, but I won't. Is Trump crippled due to Pence's secret effects? One just never knows.

I should add that Smiths almost use the same cross while I had a dream (near the Obama dream) with PAUL Smith walking up my driveway on crutches. He was following Kepke and the sickly-looking stag that was following Kepke. This dream was two or three years ago, but I hadn't seen Kepke (same type of character as Trump, similar hair) for about 35 years.

Kepke and the sickly stag were considered as God's code for Trump and the Trump stag head in the Arms of Waterford. Will Trump become sick / crippled so that Pence takes over? I could never figure out why "PAUL" should apply to his crutches, or anything else in the dream, but now understand it as the Pauley variation of Palins. I always called it a "sickly" stag, until the write-up of Sichs/Sykes' were able to link to the Dice's/Diss'/DEISE's (same place as Palin-likely Plains/Platers) who are in the motto of the Arms of Waterford. As I see Kepke as code also for Caiaphas, note that this Arms has the long chevron of Chappes'. The waves at the bottom of the Arms can be the waves of Trump-like Drummonds, first found in Hamburg, near the first-known Trumps.

God is a genius, and so don't be too surprised by the following. A man with crutches has a CAST. Paul Smith did in the dream. The Cast/Cass surname shares the fountains of Waterfords, and these fountains have exactly the three wavy bars of the Hamburg Drummonds. Now I know what God was doing all of eternity before creating mankind. The Cast/Cass Crest is "a PAIR of scales," and Pairs are listed with German Paws/PAUERs, whom I link to Powers and therefore to Paul-suspect Palins/PAWleys (beloved in the paw of Quints).

I shot the paper plane into the corner pocket, and while Pockets are Pouchers, Pairs/Pauers are also Paukers, tending to show that we are on the right track with the pairs of SCALES. It's interesting that there is a modern Scalea not very far down the coast from Palinurus.

Next, while Robert Mueller is seeking to take Trump down on behalf of the McCain-circle Republicans, Meullers (not "Mueller") use "a pair of snips." That's going to link to the Palin kin of Powers too. Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) use a version of the Clinton Coat. The Snipe Chief substitutes with portcullis gates, the symbol owned by Yates'. Sally Yates is part of the Obama scandal, and was the deputy attorney general under Loretta Lynch. Repeat: "Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with the Simsons that I trace to Enotri at and around the bay of Laus." One Simson Coat has the same giant lion as BUXENtum-liner Buchanans, who are in the write-up and giant lion of Millens/Mellents. These are the colors of Muellers/MILLERs/Milners. Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, just pleaded the 5th this past week, before congress, because he doesn't want to incriminate himself. He's guilty. Trump acts like he's justified in not getting involved. He's a little piece of hard-working junk. He cranks out some things, and exaggerates their benefits, like the shyster selling youth tonic.

Trump is boasting that the United States became the world's largest energy producer in the past 18 months, yet the price of oil is still high, as though it's being purchased from foreigners. It doesn't make sense. Shouldn't American oil come cheaper than oil that passes through multiple hands on foreign origins? So why isn't Trump boasting about cheaper oil prices instead? Because, he's here to enrich the corporations, so that he can boast about the "great economy." That's how dodo birds measure the status of the economy, by how much the rich are getting richer. Fox business, take a flying leap.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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