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August 14 - 20, 2018

They Say that John Podesta is a Pedophile; My Babe Lorraine May have Revealed the Same
My First Delve Into the Book Of Enoch
There's a Paste Box in Zapruder's JFK-Assassination Film

I haven't abandoned the Iraq topics, though I have considered suspending the Iraq Updates due to seeing no real progress in the Middle East. I'll give this some more time, and continue to talk on other matters while waiting.

Buy a piece of ginger root, it's cheap. Cut a slice about a quarter-inch thick and one inch or more round. Peel the slice, and cut the slice into a few thin strips so that the hot water in your coffee mug can access lots of surface area. Put a tea bag in with the ginger, and see if you like this hot drink as much as I do, a great change from just coffee and tea. I don't recommend cream, and don't use sugar. It will grow on you, and sips at first will become swigs eventually.

After the last update was out, I added a section on the Podesta family. It was late in the update but seems important enough to repeat at the start of this update. To make it better understood, I will repeat parts of the run-up to the Podesta section, and then add the entire section too. If you had read it all, skip/scroll down to where the margins become less wide.

...Lorraine was the girlfriend I went to see a few minutes after dancing with Mamie. I had asked her out some weeks earlier for the first time at her bus stop at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne street and Yonge street in Richmond Hill...

...The only problem is that "Lorne" and "Lorraine" is not quite like "Laura," though the Lorraine surname uses laurel and even a "Lauro" motto term. If that's not enough, Lorraine's share the bend of Keeps [i.e. like "Kepke"]. The Laurie surname, traced in its write-up to a location that links well to the Lawrence/Laurence surname, likewise uses laurel, and it was Lawrence Kepke's brother who married Nikki Walsh. The bottom half of the giant Laurie cup is in the colors of the giant pheon of Nichols/Nickle's, and the Lawrie Shield is split horizontally, as is the Nicoletti Shield. It's all interesting, especially as I trace "pheon" to the ancient Paeoni people that I think Lorraine represented.

...One day, during a period when keeping an eye out on whether Lorraine's and Lawrence's were branches, I remarked that both Lawrence Kepke and Lorraine had "sun-bright" blond hair, and this was while telling readers that God had impressed me (one time only) with her beautiful feet. I was so sure that God was pointing to the Foot / Feet surname that I repeatedly mentioned this. At that time, when mentioning "sun-bright" blond, I loaded the Blond surname to find a foot in a sun. Pretty darned amazing, wouldn't you say? And at the very moment when I spotted her beautiful feet, a young man I knew was passing by me and remarked, "what a babe." The Babe surname uses a sun!...

Decades later, I tackled her bus stop and all the things that happened on that first day to decipher what God was getting at. We ended up kissing that night at a picNIC table across Church street from her home (not more than about 10 homes from Mr. Archibald). She had her white pants on; I recall because I had my hand on the front of her thigh during this kiss, and then looked down. Her bus stop was deciphered as code for Stops/Stubbs, which happens to use downward pheons in the colors of the same of Nichols/Nickle's, can you believe it? Walsh's and Nichols use the pheon in colors reversed from one another. I traced Stops/Stubbs to "Stobi," an ancient city of the Paeoni i.e. to which I trace "pheon." That's why I saw the Bus surname as the entity naming AstiBUS, another ancient Paeonian city. In Cuneo, there is an Asti location not far from Busca, where I trace Bush's/Buschs (Church colors and format).

Pheons are used by Pilote's, while Pillars are listed with Pilots, while Bosco's use a pillar, and then English Pilotte's (two 't's) use cups, the Laurie symbol. German Nichols use so-called pellets, and Pellets use the Pilotte Coat, which happens to be the Christine Coat while Miss Peare is Christine. The same Coat is used by Shaws while the Bosco pillar is used in the colors of the similar Schore "column" while a Schor surname is listed with Schaws/Shows.

On the night I left Mamie's party to go see Lorraine, she came home while I was there waiting with her female friend. She was out on a neighborhood walk with her friend's husband (which I thought was odd), and when getting back, there was a green streak of grass on her white pants. I pointed at her pants and accused, which ended the relationship. I take this to be God's pointer to the Pansy/Pantzer and/or the Panther/Panter surname, both of which can be traced to Paeonians. For example, Panthers/Panters share so-called "spur rowells" with Payens/Paions (Paeonians were also, Paioni). Payens/Paions were first found in the area of Mont Pilat, in Burgundy, where pheon-using Pilate's were first found.

By the way, Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS" on their pillar, and Dutch Boschs/Bush's come up as "Bos" too.

Payens/PAGans were first found in the Dauphine area of Burgundy, where French PAGe's/LePage's were first found, and then English Page's use more pheons, as well as sharing doves with the Pansy/Pantzer Coat. Can you believe it? Recall that I traced Astibus of the Paeonians to Asti of Cuneo, for Asti is smack beside Bra, and God gave me another event in my youth where Bra was to be connected to the Coney / Conn Coat. It means that Coneys are Cuneo liners, but the point here is that Coneys use a coney rabbit in Crest holding a pansy! Coneys were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's.

It's completely amazing that the event which pointed to Bra was when, at age nine, I touched a bra of a young, blond lady as it hung on a laundry line. This lady was roughly the age of blond Lorraine when I asked her out 15 years later. I was on a deck when reaching out to touch the bra, and under this deck was a cage with a white rabbit(s)...that I saw and fed on multiple occasions. The amazing thing is the laundry line, for when I approached her at her bus stop to ask her out, I suggested we meet at the laundromat in the evening, where I was doing laundry.

I was able to decipher "LAUNDRy" as God's code for Landens/LANDERs, and this was deciphered further as a pointer to Pepin of Landen, for one can see that the Pepin Coat is a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat. These Coats are in all three colors of the Coney / Conn Coat.

The laundromat where we met was in Levendale plaza, for I was staying in that area at the time. There were two laundromats in this strip plaza, one at both extreme ends. After Lorraine and I stopped seeing each other, I was with Mamie. As was said, I was living at Albert's place at Levendale when I was with Mamie one last time about a year after we stopped dating. After Albert wanted me to move out so that he could have his apartment back, I rented a basement a few houses down on Levendale, which was right next door to a laundromat at that strip plaza above. One day, as I walked into my kitchen, which had a laundry sink for the kitchen sink, the landlord was clubbing to death a rabbit in this sink. Believe it or not.

To prove that the laundromat was God's code for Landens/Landers, they use the same six pale bars as LANGleys, and Bra / Asti happens to be in a Langhe part of Cuneo. Recall how Pilate's link to this picture, for Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found smack beside Bra.

Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz, which may have been in the Lorraine part of France, but if not it's right beside it. Ah, yes: "A historic garrison town, Metz is the economic heart of the Lorraine region..." Amazing, is it not? Without my knowing about it, God was setting up events for me, in those days, that were intended to point both to modern crime rings, and to historical people groups and families likely at the root of deep-state satanists.

The namers of Metz may even be some Mat surname, as per "laundroMAT." Pepin was a leader of Merovingians, they being descended from queen Basina, who traces without doubt to ancient Bassania at the modern Mat river (anciently the Mathis) of Albania, I kid you not. The Metz surname uses many BESANts. Was my landlord clubbing the rabbit to death? Yes, and the Besant/Bessen surname uses a club, so absolutely amazing, because the Club/Clobbe surname is in the colors and format of the CHILD Coat because Clubs/CLOBBE's are from "CLOVis," son of king CHILDeric and queen Basina. Bassania was beside Lissus, and while the Lys surname is also, Lisse, Pepins use the fleur-de-lys, said by others to have been the symbol of Clovis.

Prior to realizing that God was setting up events in my youth, I had told readers that either Pepin of Landen and/or his wife descended from queen Bebba of Bernicia. Recall the man who walked by Lorraine and blurted, "what a BABE." The English Babe surname with the sun was first found beside the Lapps who in-turn share the blond mermaid with German Babe's/Babels. Bebba lived at Bamburgh castle (Scotland), and her people were called Bebbanburgs. German Bebanbergs were at Bamberg, Germany, and they were founded by Poppo I. So, you see, Poppo was a Pepin liner, and Pepin of Landen was somehow related to Bebba.

The touch-bra event was deciphered partly with the killers of judge Scalia, and with Peter Peterson, chief of the Council on Foreign Relations. The latter was pegged because the tenant who owned the bra was staying in the basement of the Petersons, who also owned the white rabbit(s), and Peter Peterson had married Mrs. Cooney. Shocking, is it not?

As I've said multiple times, I'm not making this up: some two or three years after being with Lorraine, I was having coffee with Paul Smith, when I saw her walking by us with an infant CHILD. What are the chances that Smiths trace to Childeric and Basina? Smiths use a heron, and heron-using Herons / Orne's/Horns are from the Orne river that flows into the Bessin. The Bessins share bees with Talls, the latter first found in Thuringia, where Basina had family (with her father). In Childeric's grave there were found gold bees, and both Talls with Bessins use bees. Talls are expected from the Taulantii peoples at the Mat/Mathis river i.e. location of Bassania. I can't be making this up; it has got to be all correct.

Here's the old maps. Bassania is on a river at the lower-left of this
dark map that is shown as the Mattis on this
light map. On the dark map, the Taulantii reach to the Mattis river. The Cavii peoples on the north of Bassania trace to the Chives' surname because it shares the black moline of the Mathis surname (Burgundy), and Chives' named Chivasso at Turin, suggesting that Basina's Thuringia was related to the namers of Turin.

Scottish Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Conns, and with the Chives', said to be first found in Aberdeenshire's Tarves. Turin is in Piedmont with Conn-liner Cuneo, and while Busca is in Cuneo, it's beside Saluzzo while the Saluzzo Shield is used by Cluns and Clun-like Clintons who in-turn share the six fitchees of Tarves' and Hillarys. Savage's (same place as Bessins) use six lions in the same pattern and colors as those six fitchees, and are from SAVIGliano, the place in Cuneo where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found. Often, heraldic savages come with a club.

In that I asked Lorraine out (we had never spoken before) at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne street, it's notable that while no Lorne surname came up a few years ago, I had suggested Lorne's to be of the Lurnack variation of Lanarks (share heart with French Sauvage's), who happen to use the cinquefoil in the colors for it of Bus'. The Lanarks are said in their write-up to be from a Lorne region. A Lorne page does come up now, with the surname said to be first found in Aberdeenshire. Another heart is used by Douglas' who can be expected as a branch of Dogs/Doags (Lanark cinquefoil), first found in PERTHshire with Cluns, and with the Colts/Celts having the Pilate pheon (because a peak at Mont Pilat is the PERDrix). This tends to verify wildly what Wikipedia says (or once said), that the mother of Pontius Pilate was a Pict of Perthshire.

Perthshire is where Glen Lyon is located, named by the Lyons, first found in Perthshire and sharing the green lion with Lorraine's. It just so happens that Glen Lyon is in the Mens write-up while Pepins and Poppins use a "Mens" motto term. The Mens Coat has no symbols, but does have a Chief. The Saluzzo and Clun Coats have no symbols but do have Chiefs. Saluzzo was ruled by the Vasto's, a branch of Montferrat's rulers who used a Shield with a red Chief and no symbols, in both colors of the same of Mens' (Poppins use similar). Glen Lyon (or "Glenlyon") has a Culdares area that looks like it should be of the COLTers, first found in Lanarkshire. Lyon is a city near Mont Pilat.

The Vasto's are linkable to Fasts (reflection of the Lorraine bend) and Fists/Fausts, and it just so happens that Poindexters use the Fist/Faust fist.

Bedwetters and Podesta White Rabbit

I'll now re-explain the main reason that the touch-bra event seems like a pointer to the killer of Scalia. One night during the time (about April of 2017) that I was initially reading concerning an email exchange, released by WikiLeaks, between John Podesta and Mr. Elmendorf, the touch-bra event happened to come to mind. The email exchange had "wet works" and "bedwetters" in it, this is amply online. Here's from the first update of April, 2017:

We have Elmendorf writing to Podesta on Tuesday Feb 2, 2016, "We won. Raising money today, talking the bedwetters off the ledge and heading to NH for the long weekend...let me know what else I can do."...Podesta writes back in the same minute of receiving the email, just to say "Thx."

Podesta and Elmendorf were fools-hat upper-levels supporting the accident waiting to happen, Hillary Clinton. Podesta [Hillary's campaign manager] was top dog and probably had power to hire and fire. "Talking the bedwetters off the ledge" sounds metaphorical for getting someone not to take the plunge (as in a suicide plunge off the high ledge of a building). But whom does he mean by "bedwetters"?...

Seven days later, on the day Bernie Sanders was destined to beat Hillary in New Hampshire (primary), Podesta writes (4:36 Eastern Time in the afternoon) to Elmendorf nothing but, "Didn't think wet works meant pool parties by the Vineyard." Huh? It must be an inside joke. It sounds as though Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) is at issue due to the V capitalization, but what's with "WET works" and, seven days earlier, "bedWETters"? How do we understand pool parties in freezing Massachusetts February?

...On the same day (February 9) of Podesta's "wet works" email, Elmendorf writes him back: "I am all in. Sounds like it will be a bad nite, we all need to buckle up and double down."

He's in with some plan. It's just a few nights before Scalia would be murdered on February 12/13, the long weekend. "Wet works" is a phrase known to mean, "murder," and because the official report has Scalia dying naturally in his bed, "bedwetters" sounds like code for the murderers. In Elmendorf's quote on February 2, he says that he's raising money "today" and talking to the bedwetters, then tells where he'll be on the weekend that Scalia is murdered, as if to provide an alibi for himself. Elmendorf says he needs to go raise money, and while that can be taken as raising money for Hillary's campaign, it can also reveal that the murderers were threatening not to go ahead with the plan ("jumping") unless they got more money.

These are the things I wrote in that first week of April. In the first update of May, I told of my coming to think on the touch-bra event:

I didn't sleep a wink all night. I could not get this topic off my mind. I wanted to know what the surname was that murdered Scalia...I had a childhood friend, Jerry Peterson. As I started to think about him, and the things we did, I recalled the attractive blonde tenant that his parents had for the basement. I cannot recall what she looked like, but I found her so attractive that I went to the backyard, climbed the steps to the platform where clothes are hung on the LAUNDRY line, and reached over to touch her ultra-white clean bra with my fingertip. You can't say I was a pervert because I was too young for that. Jerry was there and we were having fun. A few seconds later, she came out and scolded me (but it was worth it). I was maybe eight or nine years old.

Naturally, this crossed my mind with Lorraine the blonde and the LAUNDRromat. As I began to ask questions, last night, as to how the bra event might square with the Lander/Landen surname, it struck me that I've known of a Bra location in Cuneo, and it's smack at Langhe, while the Lander/Landen pale bars are used (same white-green colors) by LANGleys. You just have to be me to feel how these things amaze me...

One of the first things I remembered as per the bra event is that there were cute, furry white rabbits in a cage under the laundry platform. I used to feed them carrots. I saw them there. But my mind wandered from the rabbits to something else, things concerning the Bra area. It's where Asti is located, on the Tanaro river, which location was traced to the Paioni location of AstiBUS. What do you see? I see more than you do. This is going to flatten you, it's not for the faint of heart. But may it pump up your faith in God, and please give God a hand for how he performed this work. The BUS STOP is where God asked Lorraine [speaking through me] to meet me at the laundromat, and of course you see AstiBUS, but the Paioni capital was STOBI, which I traced to Stubbs a long while ago. But thanks to the Bus stop, I discovered recently that Stops are listed with Stubbs. Therefore, it is undeniable that the Bus Stop is two codes for Paioni liners, which included the Poindexters. It all came to mind last night as I did not sleep [remember, the Vasto's in the Poindexter fist were in Cuneo].

We now know that it was God who touched that bra (whew), not me, because I wouldn't do such a dumb thing. God needed to trace Blonds to Bra of Cuneo, and to show that the laundromat was code for Langhe's Italians. And that's probably the area where my Masci line originates, I get it. I then went back to the furry rabbits, and recalled that "Cuneo" sounds like the Italian for "rabbit," and the Conns and Conys (both use a version of the Meschin and Mussel/Muscel Coats) use WHITE coney rabbits even. So, God got the Petersons to buy / breed those rabbits because He wanted to prove to readers that He touched the bra for a reason, and it's not for my pleasure or yours, though I don't mind a little fun along the way.

It's online that John and Tony Podesta are PEDophiles ("ped" means "foot"), and I think that my touching the bra of an attractive blond, at about age nine, can be regarded as God's code for pedophilia. It floored me to find, months later, that Alex Podesta is online in a white-rabbit suit!

I'm not finished the story, but I wanted to say here that the Blond Coat has nearly the six bars of Babe's, and that the Blond bars are in so-called "nebuly," in the colors of the nebuly bends of Maria's (branch of Marina's). Jerry's mother, Maria, was Italian. Spanish Italians share the same fleur-de-lys as Masci's, first found in Piedmont. I do have some evidence that "PIEDmont" (said to mean, "foot of the mountain") led to the Foot and Feet surnames, and that the Foots and Fothes' were related to Ranulph le Meschin's son; this recalling the foot in the Blond Crest, and God impressing me with Lorraine's feet while a friend blurted, "what a babe."

It's known that Blondville's/Blundville's (probably use the Masci wing) were related to the ruling Meschins of Cheshire. Blundville's are said to have been at Beeston, which is a variation of the Bessin surname (line of queen Basina), and it's known that Ranulph le Meschin's father lived in the Bessin. Foots and Fothes' use one chevron in the colors of the three of Levi's, and the Blond Coat looks linkable to the Coat of Leavells, whom I trace to "Laevillus" and therefore to the Laevi on the Ticino. The other Leavells share the three piles of Yonge's, and God asked Lorraine to the laundromat while she was on Yonge street.

Bare with me to repeat that while I trace Squire's/Squirrels to Decks/Daggers suspect with the namers of the Ticino, the PoinDEXTER Crest is an ESQUIRE's helmet. Wasn't I on a small deck (built to raise the laundry line well off the ground) while touching the bra? I trace Decks/Daggers to the DEXARoi peoples beside the Poin-like Paeoni. Dexaroi were on the Drin river, home to the Cavii mentioned above. Fothes' were first found in Aberdeenshire with the first Chives'. While Poindexters are also Podesta-like Podesters and PudDISTERs, there is a DISTER surname sharing a version of the Diss/Dice Coat, and Disters were first found in the same place as Squire's/Squirrels. Dexters/Decksters were first found in Leicestershire, while the Arms of Leicester has the ermined cinquefoil of Bus', the latter first found in the same place as the first-known Fasts, and beside the first-known Diss'/Dice's.

Again, the Vasto's of Saluzzo were probably at Bush-suspect Busca, and the Italian Busca/Bosco Coat (Piedmont) even has the single star of Poindexters in colors reversed. The Fasts are likely using a version of the Bouillon cross, and while Bouillons trace well to the Bautica river, that's the location of the Chives-related Chivasso location. But this river is also the location of Ivrea, home to the Arduinici that were from the Ardiaei Illyrians.

I didn't want to go too deeply into heraldry here, but will add that Diss'/Dice and Disters trace to the Ardiaei Illyrians living with or beside the SELEPitanoi, where the Sleeps trace that are in-code with the sleeping bag. It was my opinion that the sleeping bag was God's code to be for the killers of Scalia as they touch upon John B. Poindexter's involvement with the International Order of Saint Hubertus. He's in an online photo with this group, standing right beside the leader of the group at the center. All the men in the photo wear black robes with one red stripe of the inner lining showing on one side only. When I awoke from the sleeping-bag dream, which was the day, or perhaps the day before, seeing this photo for the first time, I realized that I had been sleeping that night under a black sleeping bag with a red stripe down one side only. It's just a fully black bag with a red stripe to one extreme side. Coincidence, or was God pointing to Poindexter's group?

It floored me to discover that Poindexters show Podesta-like variations, as if God had arranged this to prove that John Podesta was at least privy to the murder of Scalia. Let me go on with the quote from the first update in May:

There is more I realized last night. The Tankerville's use the BUS cinquefoil, and are said to be from TANERdevilla, looking like they were from the Tanaro [the river through Astibus-suspect Asti, beside Bra]...

...If we are convinced that God gave both the bra-rabbit and Lorraine events to be related to one another, then let me tell you what else came to mind last night. And one can spot the reason that the bra-rabbit event was at Jerry's place.

One day, when I was about six years old, my mother was chewing me out for peeing my bed, and it was a lovely summer's day, the bedroom window open. While my mother was chewing me out, Jerry was beneath the window, but unseen. I had NOT been playing with him outside. I recall that his being at the window took me by complete surprise, and I was wondering by what coincidence he would be below the window, in the back yard, while my mother was chewing me out. He wasn't prone to just going into the back yard alone. And his voice came through the window screen. "Ha-ha, you peed your bed, you peed your bed." Embarrassing, yes.

But it wasn't me who peed my bed. It was God, right? Yes, and perhaps the Peterson surname (Peter-Pollock line?) has something to do with Scalia's murderers. I just don't think it was coincidental that, on the same night that I realize the Podesta variation of Poindexters, I also find the bra-rabbit event to be utterly compelling as an act of God; I then find Jerry involved in [the bedwetting event] I could never forget 40 years later. God made it a vivid memory.

You can see why I put that event beside Elmendorf's "bedwetters." Alex Podesta wears a white-rabbit suit looking like it's made for kiddies, and the same Peterson friend (my age exactly) with me at the rabbit-bra event pops up at my bedwetting event, and meanwhile Peter Peterson "married Joan Ganz COONEY, a creator of Sesame Street," a show for kiddies. Could it be that Sesame Street was polluted by pedophiles? Is this what God was getting at? A 2012 headline: "'Elmo' puppeteer Kevin Clash resigns as second man files lawsuit over new underage sex allegations".

But there is another clue where "ped" means feet. While a pediatrician is a child doctor, a PEDorthist makes footwear. Podesta-like PEDESTrians are people on foot. When God impressed me with Lorraine's feet, someone remarked, "what a BABE." It's now clear as day: her feet were code for pedophiles. And while I was moved by the Spirit to lump Lawrence Kepke in with Lorraine's blond hair (because the Lawrence surname was suspect with the Lorraine surname), which found the foot of Blonde's, he is the one who got me into shoe sales!!! Shoes are made by pedorthists! Zikers, I get it.

And the Shoe/Shoemaker surname, I kid thee not, shows a single star in the colors of the same of Poindexters! It's as though God has thus revealed the killers of Scalia within the Hubertus group of Mr. Poindexter.

Cheneys have a "Fato" motto term highly suspect with the Fate variation of Feets because both Cheneys and Feets/Fate's share gold, FOOTless martlets. The Cheney Coat is a good reflection of the Hubbard Coat, and Hubbards are obviously a Hubert branch (both first found in Cheshire, both sharing the Bessin/Beeston bend). The Bois/Boze Coat is another reflection of those Coats, and that surname is said to be from Bosco's, making "Cheney" suspect with Coneys. The Bois/Boze surname comes up as "Boast," which is a motto term of Nemo's who happen to be in the Poindexter motto. Did God arrange this for pointing to the Bush-Cheney presidency and the 9-11 disaster? Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian, is she not?

Bosco's use "tufts of grass," and Tufts (Cheshire) have the Fast crosslets in colors reversed. I always link Cheneys and Salemans to Saluzzo, where Fast-related Vasto's ruled. The Hubert and Hubbard bends are likely the bend of Cheshire's Sales'.

I am so impressed with the job that God did in this.

Recalling that George Bush Sr. was, in my opinion, born a Scherff while Schere's/Scherfs share the cross of Shire's/Shere's, note that Tufts use a reflection of the SHERwood Coat, said to be of Alan de Shirewod, and that Schere's/Scherfs share roses on stems with Sherwoods.

This section on Podesta was written Tuesday. I ended above, then went to town, and upon returning there was news of a massive report of Vatican child-abuse in Pennsylvania:

It has been established that child-sex crime rings are run by Vatican operatives. It's very hard for me to believe that someone can have a website without the authorities able to discover the registered owner's phone number through which the material is loaded to the website. It's true that some child-abuse rings are rounded up now and then by the law, but what if these are merely the competition of the rings run by deep-state operatives?

[See White-Rabbit-News video at the top of the next update, which was come across Monday evening, on the day this update was due out.]

The Jerk of Enoch

I came across some videos on the Book of Enoch. The guy was saying that people reject it even though they've never read it. That's me exactly. How do I know it's not God's book? Maybe I saw a few pieces a few decades ago and decided it wasn't right. So I loaded another video, and the guy was comparing New-Testament scriptures to some Enoch passages. It was pretty impressive. So I loaded a copy of the book in print, and started to read. Fortunately, the one claiming to be Enoch made a fatal mistake early in the book and revealed himself to be a jerk. He pretends to love righteousness, meanwhile he's a liar, pretending to be Enoch. This is like the writers of the Book of Mormon.

Enoch, er, the jerk, says that 200 demons decided to marry some elegant gals. And they got them into sorcery. These ladies had babies, who grew into giants:

And the women conceiving brought forth giants, whose stature was each three hundred cubits. These devoured all which the labor of men produced; until it became impossible to feed them. When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them; And began to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood.

Okay, the jerk exposed himself a fool already. Let's looks at some of the names he gives the chief of the 200 (caps mine). "SAMyaza, who was their leader, URAKabarameel, Akibeel...RAMuel, Danel...ASael, ARMers, BATraal, ANANE...SAMSaveel...ARAZal." I skipped a few for which I have nothing to say. I think I can identify this list with Asians of the Armenia and Samosata area, The latter had the god, Sames, suspect at the Greek islands of Samos and Samothrace. Samosato was between Armenia and ARAM, tending to explain RAMuel. Aram-like ARMenia had the Aras/Araq river that appears to be in two names above.

Asia was probably named by the Asi/Assi peoples suspect in the chief, Asael. The Hayasa-Azzi were in Armenia's ARDahan, and these 200 demons are earlier said to have swooped down to ARDis, the summit of mount Hermon, an Armenian location in Phoenicia. I always link mount Hermon to Laish, later called, Dan, and so that Danel chief is probably code for something out of, or into, Dan. The chief, Anane, might just have been the entity that named the Ananes Gauls, very interesting.

The Kabeiri cult was founded on Samothrace by the brother of DarDANUS. The latter married BATia, which I trace to the Caucasian Bats not far from the Aras river. The chief, BatRAal (the "al" ending probably means, "god") may be of these Bats in combination with the Egyptian Ra, which evokes the Armenian god, Ara, second only to proto-Hermes in one pantheon. The Kabeiri cult was run by the husband of Aphrodite, but she was always committing adultery with Ares, code for the Aras river. Ares' daughter, Harmonia, is clearly an Armenian line, very possibly from Hermon. In chapter seven: "Their whole number was two hundred, who descended upon Ardis, which is the top of mount Armon." That spelling can suggest Harmonia.

This list of chiefs is given in different form by an Aramaic text. It gives some of the same characters but adds ARTqoph; Kokabel (possibly Gog of Armenia's Gogarene), Baraqel, Hermoni, and others for which I have no comment. BARAQel is interesting where mount Hermon is interior Tyre, while Tyrians founded Carthage, a king of which was BARCa, father of HANNIbal whom I think was related to the Ananes Gauls. The latter lived between the Trebia and Taro rivers, and that's where Hannibal first attacked the Romans. The Taro looks like "Tyrus," the old form of "Tyre."

The Greek text of the passages under discussion split the giants into three groups, one being the Nephilim, suspect with,"Nephele," mythical wife of Ixion. The latter is suspect with "Iasion," founder of the Kabeiri. Ixion was the brother of Coronis, whom I trace to Patmos, location of Skala, which I trace to the Sicel namers of Sicily, who lived on eastern Sicily, home also of SARACENs who suddenly become suspect with the chief, SARAKNyal, whom I didn't mention above. It appears that Saracens had origins in whatever that code was for.

Sicily faces Carthage. In the Aramaic list for these chiefs, it has three in this order: "Danieal; Zeqiel; Baraqel". Assuming that the latter named Barca, note that Zeqiel is much like "Sicel," or the Scylla monster of Sicily. It's not a very compelling argument, yet if Danieal is the line to mythical Danaus of the Greeks, who made him part of the Cadmus Tyrians, note that Danaus' Danaans (real peoples) lived at Mycenae, a term like the Messina area at the Scylla part of Sicily. Wikipedia says that Messina was named after Greece's Messene, which happens to be the location of Methoni, which was made the daughter mythically of Oeneus. I happen to trace the latter to Laish=Dan. The namers of Methoni may have been related to the namers of Methimna on Lesbos, an island of the Lapiths. Ixion and Coronis were Lapiths (from Aleppo?).

The Kabeiri cult, which is highly suspect from Iasion = Ixion, was ruled by Hephaestus, a mythical iron worker, and iron was founded by the Halybes while Aleppo was, Halab. So, trace Halab to Lapiths at Lesbos, near Lemnos, the Amazonian island of HephAEStus that was visited by Jason, son of Iasion-like Aeson, in the Argo ship. It just so happens that Mycenae is part of Argos. That's why DarDANus, Iasion's brother, should be regarded as the Danaans of Argos.

If I recall correctly, a Mitanni king ruled out of Halab. Compare "Mitanni" with "Methoni." The Mitanni lived on the Khabur tributary of Aphrodite-like Euphrates river. As Aphrodite (also called Khabur-like Kypris) was Hephaestus' wife, if appears rather obvious that the Kabeiri were named after the namers of the Khabur, which was also called the Habur, suggesting that the Kabeiri named the Hebros river, which happens to be near Lemnos. Arda on the Hebros thus becomes suspect from Ardis at mount Hermon.

Carthaginians were in the midst, almost, of Numidians. King Massena of the Numidians was probably of the Meshwesh (African Amazons), who had earlier ruled Egypt from Tanis (starting at the 21st dynasty), a location at the Nile delta that was definitely the reason for mythical Danaus. Tanis likely named Tunis at the Carthage/Numidia theater. Wikipedia locates Meshwesh in particular at Cyrene, which was mythically the same as the crow of Apollo, Coronis (yes sister of Ixion, of the pseudo-Nephilim of the foul jerk pretending to be Enoch).

The Halybes are thought to be the same as Khaldi, but I distinguish them. The Khaldi were at the Trabzon area suspect with the naming of the Trebia, and I think the Khaldi named Calydon, home of mythical Oeneus, father of Methoni.

The jerk puts on a false humility, saying: "You have seen what Azazyel [evil leader] has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and has disclosed to the world all the secret things which are done in the heavens." First the jerk portrays the things in the earth as evil, and then says that it's a copy of things in Heaven.

"IaSION" suggests Sion, which was also at the top of mount Hermon. It then suggests Amorites at mount Zion of Jerusalem. The plan of God was to take Zion through king David, and make it the eternal capital of David's Branch, Jesus.

The Amazonian city of Myrina on Lemnos traces with mythical Myrina to the Numidian theater. The nebuly of the Marina and Maria surnames is likely code for the line of Ixion and Nephele i.e. Coronis' line to Cyrene. The latter country was home to Bistones, and the Bistone surname happens to use a version of the Bessin/Beeston Coat, meaning that Merovingians trace from a Bistones (BC times) line through to Basina. The Bistones worshiped Ares with an erect sword, possible code for his sex cult. It happened to be the Eros child-sex cult. I trace this line through the Bassus' of Cetis (In Jesus' days roughly), which is a Cilician location facing Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, mother of Eros. In fact, Lapithos is/was a city on northern Cyprus, facing Cetis. You see, the Lapiths were on Cyprus, and one can glean that this island was named after the Khabur river, or perhaps vice-versa.

JFK Photos and Zapruder Film

The last update had my work on the JFK assassination. The video below makes apparent that the FBI was in cahoots with the CIA in the murder / cover-up. That is, the FBI was corrupt as long ago as the 1960s at least:

Go to the 3:40 point of the video above, and see Gordon Arnold, who, in another video, claimed that while he was shooting a camera toward Kennedy's car, a bullet flew over or beside his ear. Then, at 4:15, study the technologically-produced photo of a man where his right arm and hand can be seen holding a camera at his face. At 4:27, Mr. Arnold is handed this photo for the first time ever, and he recognizes, and begins to say, that the man in the photo is wearing his own jacket of that day. Mr. Arnold is looking at himself, in other words, but, the problem is, there is a second man in what looks like a white T-shirt beside him, yet Mr. Arnold did not ever testify about that second man. It appears as though Mr. Arnold was party with the killers, and realizes he's just been caught. He knows who the other man in the photo is, and goes silent for a few second trying to figure out how he's going to act. Gripped by the need to explain himself, he ends up almost in tears trying to persuade us that he's innocent.

Did you notice the third man. If not, go to about 5:12, where Arnold says, "it looks like a white spot." Then, at 5:20, look to the immediate upper-right of the white flash to see the third man's face. Then go back to 4:22 and see all three men in one shot. Is this third man shooting a gun? His left arm is bent at 90 degrees, and his hand if directly under the flash, as though it's holding the barrel of a rifle. However, the arm doesn't look right, according to the body, looking as though it goes too sideways, too close to the body, making me think that this is a hoax. In fact, the clarity of the two men (facial detail incredible) seems too clear to be true, doesn't it? Is this a CIA product to mislead? Is this a true photo of Mr. Arnold but with the other two men pasted in to make him appear part of the plot?

There you have the two theories. Which one would you go with? See Mr. Arnold in part 1 of this video.

Thanks to the release of the Kennedy files by Trump, it's now known that the FBI director (Hoover) wrote, in a memo, that he's got to help others convince the public that Harvey Oswald was the real killer. You can see this at the 2-minute point of the video, but notice how little has been revealed of much value:

The FBI: corrupt since the 1960's. Did anyone ever take control, since, who was able to rid it of the gangsters? Doesn't look like it. America's deep state, accusing dictators abroad of things it itself is guilty of. America is imploding, like the masses attacking its own queen bee.

If you mind watching Kennedy get shot over and over again, you can look away when it comes to that relatively early in this long video. The purpose is to show that the crushing bullet came from his front. I'm writing here after watching to the 26th minute, and feel it's a good video for proving an inside job. The evidence suggests that the deep state sliced the flesh from Kennedy's head where the crushing bullet entered the temple, to hide that it entered from his front, because they had pre-plotted to blame Oswald falsely, who was shooting from behind the car. We get it:

Immediately after the 26th minute, which I didn't know while writing the paragraph above, the topic turns to E. Howard Hunt, who made it to the last update as per an event in my youth. In the last update, I got on to Plumbing Mart, where the brother of Mr. Kepke was working, where both brothers would then work, and where I too would get a job across the street from Lorraine's bus stop. Here's what I said: "If that's not enough, Kepke's brother had already married Miss Walsh's sister, and both brothers went into Paloma-like plumbing...We all called the sister, Nikki, but she may have been born, Nicole, like "Nicoletti." Could be coincidental." Nicoletti is said by James Files to have been hired to shoot Kennedy, but the point here is that this video mentions the Plumbers, a group in Nixon's circle, founded by Mr. Hunt, whose job is was to fix White-House leaks; it is this "plumbing" operation that led to Watergate. As per NIKKI, was she God's code for NIXon? If so, what else would God be saying through the Kepke's concerning Kennedy's killers?

In the 32nd minute, the video explores whether Nixon was involved in the JFK assassination. Hmm. It says that Nixon admits to being in Dallas on the day of the murder, and it also says that Jack Ruby, the killer of Oswald, worked for Nixon when he was still in congress. Hmmmmmm.

The video (34th minute) then gets into Nazi's in the American deep state , right down last update's alley. It first of all paints a picture in which Hoover was opposed to Prescott Bush, the supposed father of the first Bush president. We may glean here that Hoover was not part of the Nazified deep state. It says that Prescot's partner in his Nazi-supporting Union bank as a pro-Nazi man with TYson surname, which can be a branch of the Tease/Tyes/Tigh surname, which was in the last update as per Mamie, my girlfriend immediately after Lorraine. Mamie was shown to represent the Nazis with her Tease theme.

While Lorraine was given a foot symbol, Mamie was given (by God) a thigh symbol that came to include my taxi job, which was code for the Tax/Dach surname from Dachau, Hitler's concentration-camp headquarters. A month or two after Mamie and I parted ways, I moved into Hunt street, where a taxi dispatcher lived who got me a job driving cab. This was explained in the last update, and Hunt street got me onto E. Howard Hunt.

In the 36th minute, Prescot is said to have been a co-director with the Union bank with another Nazi, who himself was the boss of Mr. Hunt above, the one who probably engineered the assassination with the to-be president Bush. Nixon is then woven into this circle in the 37th minute, and Nixon hired Hunt. In the course of driving taxi, I was called upon twice, of no doing of my own, to pick up Mamie. On the second occasion, I asked her on a date, and we went to the place of Joe Fix in a plaza that may have been where my Plumbing Mart had been located. I can't recall whether it was there, or a few properties up the street.

The video claims that Prescot made Nixon what he became in politics. Nixon had lost the bid for the presidency to Kennedy in 1960. Might we imagine a little venom thereafter? Things are starting to make sense. It goes on to make even more sense. It says that Bush and Hunt were brought into the Nixon White House at "exactly the same time." This was an easy-to-understand video; I do not regret watching it to the end. It's little over an hour, when you get the time.

The Bush's put American dollars to work in the Middle East, and these dollars were to buy wealth for deep-state operatives. Nothing like using the money of others to prosper yourself and your buddies. That's what the deep state is, a racket. Trump has just given it 100s of billions more after the workers were already fatally into debt...since George Bush Jr. He gave the country the fiscal cliff.

It has been established that the original Zapruder film was altered to remove parts of that crushing blow to JFK's temple. If interested in this compelling story, see Dino Brugioni's account of how the Secret Service (in charge of protecting JFK) tricked him, and altered the images. Brugioni was the honest guy at a CIA photo lab in charge of taking frames of interest from the film, and enlarging them for CIA scrutiny. He did this between 10 pm Saturday night (day after the assassination) and 3 am Sunday morning. But without his being told by his boss, another crew came in the following day, while he was sleeping, and created an entirely new set of expanded images that were used by the CIA, probably for public purposes partially in case the images found their way to the wider audience.

In the meantime, Life magazine purchased the film with sole rights to show it, but never permitting it to be released to the public (cover-up), because it showed what the Secret Service and the CIA didn't want shown. This is sufficient to prove an inside murder plot with a large media in cahoots.

The part that the Secret Service left out of the pictures was a huge opening in the back of the skull where the bullet exited (can a mere bullet do that?). This clearly showed the direction of the bullet, and it didn't fit the Oswald accusation, the official government story. There is a video well more than an hour long excellently explaining this conspiracy from a very-reliable force:

For the record, I tend to think that God allowed his murder due to his gross infidelity to his wife. Kennedy was a dog. God helps some from evil, but others are are left to their destiny as evil attacks them.

Some person had rulership over the secret service, perfect for deep-state interests. We can easily understand why the shadow government would want to control the organization charged by law for protecting a president and other politicians. It makes for a great spy service too. When the president is to be leveraged or even murdered, that's when it's advantageous to control the secret service. If Trump does nothing about this shadow government, his own body guards will betray him. There is no choice. If he wants to remain the president, he has no choices but to do as the shadow government wishes, or to fight those who control it. The first option is not an option for obvious reason. The time has come when the people should elect a man willing to risk his life, as his first priority, to expose and jail these fiends. If Trump doesn't want to, for fear, fine, but he should step aside. There are men willing to risk their lives over this good work.

When a man runs for the presidency on a platform of rooting out corruption, it's of course dangerous, but it's doable, for Trump did exactly that. He just has done what's expected of him as president. He's more like a cheer leader than the one calling the plays on the field. You have nice pom-poms, Mr. Trump, but is that all you can muster.

Written details as concerns the video above are here, in this exhaustive / redundant work by Douglas Horne:

If I understand this correctly, Brugioni's boss, John Hicks (chief of NPIC), was furious to discover the original blow-ups under lock-and-key in Brugioni's possession. Hicks took them. I get it. The CIA had arranged that the Brugioni copies (on his briefing boards) from Brugioni would never see the light of day, but, somehow, one set of the briefing boards had found their way back to Brugioni after he let them out, and that's when he placed them under lock and key. So, it's a cover up.

Brugioni testifies in the video above that Kennedy's brains flew up about three feet into the air (sounds like a bullet turned into an explosive). He worked on this very imagery. This part of the film was spliced out so that we the public hasn't seen the original. And, as the video maintains, the Secret Service arranged for a black smudge to cover Kennedy's head where the gaping hole was. The only conclusion is that the plotters had arranged beforehand to blame Oswald, which is why they also had him killed before he could spoil their concocted, official story. This was a massive, "false-flag" event. The Boston Marathon was a piece of cake in comparison. The same group, surely, conducted 9-11.

It's a little interesting that while the Miss-Hicks dream had shown itself to be about 9-11, the video introduced John Hicks around the time that a Mr. Sands is mentioned. In the article above: "Ben Hunter recalled a Navy Captain named Sands being present, but did not initially recall [was lying] a Secret Service agent being present, only someone in civilian clothes; Homer McMahon did not independently recall Captain Sands, but when informed of Hunter's recollection, McMahon did subsequently remember the presence of a Navy Captain, who had met the customer [Bill Smith of the Secret Service] and granted him access to NPIC." Ben Hunter was the assistant to the boss (McMahon) of the cover-up briefing boards produced the day after Brugioni produced his briefing boards. The customer requested these briefing boards because he/it intended not to use Brugioni's. The latter was kept in the dark as to the production of this second set of briefing boards.

In the Hicks dream, she was HOVERing over the seats of a car on a white SAND beach. And here we find a captain Sands involved in the second set of briefing boards along with Mr. Hicks, Brugioni's boss in some way that I don't yet understand. It's not really much to go on, but before coming to Mr. Sands, when learning of Mr. Hicks, I had been wondering whether her hovering was code for FBI director, HOOVER. When I left Texas, Miss Hicks home was up for sale; she ended up moving to the Dallas outskirts on the east side. Hoover had a monopoly on the FBI for decades, and into the Nixon administration. I'm not very hot on this paragraph, but for the record will tolerate it here.

My impression had been that Nazi's and their supporters, fresh after WW2, had the inclination of joining the navy i.e. the Marines.

Hicks served as a combat officer in the US Marine Corps from October 1943 to March 1946...In April 1952 Hicks joined the Central Intelligence Agency as an intelligence officer in the Office of Current Intelligence, where he served until 1967. He then served in the Office of Strategic Research for two years. Between November 1969 and August 1973, Hicks held the position of Executive Director of the National Photographic [NPIC] Interpretation Center. After his term as director of NPIC, Hicks returned to the CIA as an intelligence officer in the National Foreign Assessment Center. He became deputy director of that center in January 1979.

He sounds like perfect Nazi fodder, but what do I know? In my dream (1979), Miss Hicks was first seen at the HOOD of the car, as I walked out of a body of blue water that seemed like an ocean (where Marines spend their time). Hoods/Hutts share the white anchor with Heidlers while Hitlers are listed with Hiedlers, said to be from "Hutter." Just go ahead and compare the Coats of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') and Heidlers, and the Hiedlers/Hitlers with Bauers (= proto-Rothschilds).

At my age 16/17, God gave me an event. I had been dating Allison Bauer from KNOB Hill Farms, where I worked too. I realized that Knobs are likely using the Rothschild/Roddenstein and Heid arrow. One day, Allison was spotted by me in the car of a fellow, male worker. Kepke and I watched this while sitting on the HOOD of my car. Later, I realized that the Allison black bird is in the design of the black "Cornish chough" that holds the anchor. It's as though God wanted us to know that Hoods are a branch of the Hitler-Bauer merger that heraldry attests to. A few years after Allison, the Hicks dream.

Uh-oh: "Hicks was awarded the Certificate of Merit for his work during the Cuban Missile Crisis." That was the baby of George Bush, the one who tried to popularize the "new world order." Such arrogance. Use you own money to create a new world order, not the workers' money, thou disgusting thief. Look at how deep in debt these wackos have made the entire Western world. Here's on captain Pierre Sands:

He served in the Navy during World War II, the Korean conflict and the Vietnam conflict, serving for 33 years before retiring in 1973. He was assigned to the Naval Intelligence Office and was later attached to the Defense Department Intelligence Agency in charge of the Photographic Office. He was also a member of the president's briefing staff during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Mr. Sands received the Presidential Legion of Merit, the CIA Intelligence Medal of Merit, the European...

...Born in Conrad, Mont....

Otto Skorzeny, reportedly in his deathbed confession, claimed that Adolf Hitler escaped to Montana. As it happened, Charles Mangels led a white-supremacist group in Montana, and his surname can suggest that he's related to Josef Mengele. Skorzeny is the one who claimed the George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., so of a Nazi (Hitler's bodyguard, if I recall correctly).

During WW2, or just after it, president Roosevelt opened up a naval base waaayyy inland from the ocean, north of Aryan Nation headquarters in Idaho. The latter state is beside Montana. "Dino said that Captain Pierre Sands, U.S. Navy, was the Deputy Director of NPIC, which Peter Janney subsequently confirmed on the internet." If one more thing pops up in this NPIC story that matches Miss Hicks on the beach sand, it would get interesting. As I've said, she was in an old-model car of the 1950s.

Two of three Zapruder copies made on the day of the assassination were given to the Secret Service, and the latter gave one copy to the FBI office in Dallas, which ultimately ended up at FBI in Washington. Hoover should have seen it, especially if he was wholly uninvolved in the murder. We can be sure that the Secret Service was arranging for Hoover to see an altered version, but, eventually, anyway, Hoover told president Johnson that, of the three bullets, the first and third hit Kennedy, and that the third, which did not shatter like the first two (he says), "tore a large part of the president's head off"; see 6th minute of the following video for that conversation, if you must (lousy topic, I know). It sounds as though Hoover denied the official story. Shouldn't Hoover have said something to the public about the Secret-Service scam, if indeed he saw the original?

Hoover was the next-door neighbor of Lyndon Johnson, the latter thought by many to be the driving force in the assassination of both Kennedys.

"The second same day copy relinquished to the Secret Service by Zapruder on Friday night was loaned by the Secret Service to the FBI in Dallas the next day, on Saturday; and then flown by the Dallas office of the FBI to FBI headquarters, in Washington, on Saturday evening." This was the same night that Brugioni was handling the original, and may have been before the Secret Service was able to alter anything. It wasn't until fairly recently (2009) that Brugioni' discovered that he had been had.

We learn below that the Secret Service was placed in charge of producing an altered version for the public. Keep in mind that the plotters didn't know that this motion picture would be taken until after the assassination; the plotters didn't have much tie to act on their own behalf, and they were unable to fully splice-out / remove the fact that Kennedy was hit from the front. The third copy was secured by Life magazine (owned by Time) the day after the assassination: ...the traditional belief, for decades, was that the original Zapruder film remained with LIFE in Chicago from early Saturday evening, until Tuesday, November 26th, when the first issues of the reconfigured November 29th issue began to appear on local newsstands. If Life was not initially wanting a cover-up, it came to do exactly that under deep-state pressure. We get inklings on how the worms (just humans, mistakes waiting to happen) work their plots.

Time purchased all three copies of the film, but the Secret Service already had two of them, and it did not return them to Zapruder. Where have we heard stories like that before? The deep state, doing as it pleases, as though is has ultimate legal sway. It stole Zapruder's property. For a reason, right? Evidence that Time was already on-board with the plotters: "Tuesday, November 26th: The first newsstand copies of the November 29th issue of LIFE began to trickle out; the issue displayed a total of 31 fuzzy, poor resolution, black-and-white images of blowups from individual frames of the film...What is hard to understand, in retrospect, is why LIFE magazine published such muddy, indistinct images of a film that its parent company, Time Inc., had spent an additional $100,000.00 to repurchase. We will revisit this question..." (article above).

Now, if Time purchased the rights on Saturday, how did the original copy get to Brugioni on Saturday night? And why was it there?

This [Brugioni] event commenced about 10 PM, EST, on Saturday evening, 11/23/63, when two Secret Service officials (estimated to be in their late 30s or early 40s) brought an 8 mm home movie of the JFK assassination to the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center [NPIC, headed by Arthur Lundahl at the time]...They had not yet seen the film themselves, and Mr. Brugioni is of the distinct impression that they had just gotten off of an airplane and had come directly to NPIC from the airport. They did not volunteer where they had come from, or where the film had come from. The event at NPIC went on all night long, until about dawn on Sunday, November 24th.

The thing maybe coming to mind is that the Secret-Service guys here were the good guys. Not necessarily. The first order of the day, for the bad guys, was to get the film to the CIA lab. After Brugioni recorded things, it was just a matter of bringing in the dishonest ones to re-make what he had originated. The gangsters were likely experts at running re-do / "fix" operations.

The funny thing is that the video doesn't show the images enlarged in the MacMahen briefing boards so that we might get a sense of where they may have altered them. However, it's assumed that the images are those the public has seen, with nothing to compare them to because Brugioni's work is unavailable. They apparently destroyed his images.

Trump has been a dismal failure for exposing the deception in government. He only bashes the things that come out to public knowledge by other means, which is a classic case of a CIA fake. To produce such a fake, the CIA gets someone to act like their enemy publicly, when behind the scenes they are not their enemy. To act like the enemy without doing any damage, they echo any anti-deep-state news that has already come out, and they show disgust for it, thus pretending to be a deep-state enemy. In the meantime, they cosy up with deep-state enemies to discover their secret operations. By now, this is a fine-tuned art; you may never know who's real or fake.

We expect that Trump has read the unredacted versions of all sorts of documents put out lately, and we also expect that he's able to read some of the Kennedy papers unredacted. But I do not recall him coming out to say that such-and-such redacted piece of work is unjustifiable redacted, and here's what it says. He has scathing things to say against the deep-state as soon as it appears in the news, but never once has he crossed (betrayed) the deep-state by revealing one redacted thing. I've been following the news daily since he became the president.

To help expose the current deep state operatives, one would think that Trump would appoint even a small group to read the unredacted versions of pertinent-to-congress documents i.e. the documents they are wanting to possess. Yet, nothing. He has no such group so far as we can know. Anyone who has as many scathing things to say as do his tweets is expected to dig deeper to expose with finality the corrupt operators, and he happens to have the legal ticket to conduct this exposure. Yet, nothing. He's clearly protecting them, but faking his opposition for re-election purposes. It explains why he's agreed not to expose the sensitive things on the Kennedy papers, the things the deep-state doesn't want publicized, the things the public has a right to know about how the government tried to trick the nation in a criminal murder plot. Trump is on the side of the criminals, don't you get it?

Here's on the two guys who brought the Zapruder film to the CIA lab: "The two Secret Service officials departed at about 3 AM on Sunday morning...The only textual material the two officials took with them was a list they had requested of Brugioni, listing the names of all of the NPIC employees involved in the briefing board event. The two Secret Service officials took the film with them, and departed without saying where they were going." Keeping track of who the witnesses were. Taking the evidence with them. They had done what was expected of them, of all the boys at the lab, fooling all the boys at the lab. The Secret Service had the choice of choosing which of Brugioni's photos would be used on their own briefing boards, or making new photos with the film it had in its possession. Probably, it just left out some of Brugioni's pictures.

But ultimately, this event failed. The public has come to learn that Kennedy was shot from the front. His skull was blown out on the rear-right side. The angle of the shot, and therefore the position of the shooter, can be known. It's known that the bullet entered the right-side temple. If the bullet (seems like a small cannon ball to send a part of the brain flying) exited the rear-right, then the shooter was more to the front of the car than where they say the shooter was on the grassy knoll. If the shooter was at the fence of the grassy knoll, then the bullet would need to exit the left side of the skull. Clearly.

This is a good reason to suspect that at least two of those too-clear photos of the three men at the fence were fakes. The deep state doesn't mind sowing confusion into the "evidence" so that would-be solvers throw hands up in defeat. It would be best if they paid witnesses to testify what is obviously false so that the public will not believe any witness i.e. not even the true witnesses. They say that the bullet hole in his throat came from the front, though the government conclusion is that it came from Oswald to the rear. If it came from the front, then the shooter was almost straight ahead from the car. I've not seen any video point out who may have been in the direction. The deep state may have tried to get would-be solvers from looking into that direction by inventing shooters at the grassy knoll. James Files would then become one of those fakes. Files claims to be the one who shot into Kennedy's temple.

If we look at the direction Kennedy was facing as the bullet entered (I never get comfortable watching this and prefer not to), it's not away from the knoll, but toward the front, the direction of the car. If someone was at the fence of the knoll, the bullet would have exited the left side, not at all on the rear of the skull. The shooter therefore had to be a little to the right of the road, but not as right as that fence. At the beginning of the video below, a bridge can be seen with railroad tracks. The road that Kennedy was on is the top road with only a couple of cars, not the bottom road filled with cars. The grassy knoll claimed for the shooter is where the arched section is shown, which is clearly not the spot of the shooter, or the bullet would have been more perpendicular with the road.

At the 4:55 point of the video, a close-up of the knoll is shown with the bridge ahead. The speaker mentions railroad bridge. I therefore feel that the shooter was on that bridge for a clear shot, or at the side of the bridge lower down. The bridge is shown from a straighter angle, with camera on the road, at 6:01.

The video below (photo by Mary Moorman) shows the badge man's position while the car is passing. Judging by the head position of Kennedy, and what others say about it, this photo is after he's been shot in the throat, but not yet in the head. His head is seen more forward than its position before being shot. The point is, the angle of a shot from the badge man's position is all wrong, too perpendicular to the road. In fact, he may not be a man at all. Someone may be toying with us on the enhanced images of this thing. Note that no second man seems to be standing beside him.

At the start of the video below, you can hear James Files lie, saying that there was shooting from the building to the rear of the car. The video goes on to say that Kennedy had 33 mistresses, suggesting that God was pleased, or at least at peace, with his horrific murder. Democrats are offended by me, but who cares about faggot lovers.

At 22:12 of the above, we find that John Connelly, the Texas governor hit by a bullet to Kennedy's front, said that the official report on the assassination wasn't correct / credible, and that the show he suffered was not from Oswald. After this point, the video goes on to deal with the confession of E. Howard Hunt.

At the 35:15 point, amongst the villains in the assassination plot suspect from would-be president Lyndon Johnson, a David Morales (CIA) is mentioned along with David Phillips (CIA) as possibly hiring James Files to do the hit-job. A criminal friend of James Files, David Morley, was in the last update with the Miss Phillips of the sleeping-bag dream, which dream included my old friend, David Morley. "David Morales" is a name much like "David Morley." Something to look into.

At this point, Jerry Kroth, the Video's speaker, paints a picture in which JFK was murdered wholly by the mafia for mafia-protection purposes. But there needs to be a reason that the CIA supported the murder, and, perhaps, the best reason is that the CIA was in cahoots with mobsters for money-making purposes. Or, to put it another way, the CIA developed from Hitler-loving rats into a right arm of the mob. This obscenity still appears to be the reality to this day, and it's what Trump is protecting.

In the 59th minute, we learn that the mayor and sheriff of Dallas "stood down" on security by orders of the Secret Service. David Morales pops up in that minute as a potential shooter. Mr. Kroth soon blames vice-president Lyndon Johnson as being behind the order to stand down. It makes a lot of sense, but just look at this dragon. Kennedy's own vice-president shot the president, and becomes the president himself. Later, while George Bush was a vice-president, someone attempted to assassinate his president in the same style as Ruby killed Oswald, and the same style that Sirhan-Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy, as suicide-missions. How does the CIA get people to conduct such self-sacrificing murders?

At the end of the 70th minute, Kroth shows his five shooting suspects, and tells where they were, but isn't able to give an opinion as to where Morales was. None of the locations are at the railway bridge, or toward that area. Prior to this point, he speaks on the many witnesses claiming that the shot(s) came from the depository (Oswald's workplace), but, even though he argues that Oswald was framed for the murder, he doesn't enter the likelihood that the plotters arranged false witnesses at the scene of the crime, and then obtained other false witnesses claiming falsely that they had been at the scene. However, as it seems that they did frame Oswald, it makes sense that they also had a shooter at the depository, though the purpose there would have been to plant the rifle in the building, and perhaps to ring out some shots that people could hear.

Before the video ends, Kroth says that Hoover was covering for the murder, though earlier Kroth says he can't be sure that Hoover was in on the assassination. He claims that Hoover was a faggot. Did he stack the FBI with faggots? Makes sense. How else do we explain the sudden about-face movement, in modern times, to widely accept Sodom but with crime-inclined faggots using their government positions? Faggots have traditionally been despised as disgusting, which is the way I feel today because I refuse to be brainwashed by the wicked.

Kroth shows some evidence that Files was telling the truth, but this doesn't necessarily mean that every part of his story is true. I agree whole-heartedly with his conclusion in the 90th minute, and it's the reason that Trump needs to wipe this deep-state scum from the face of the planet. Trump isn't even prepared to start. He just accused Sessions of being scared to do it, but Trump, that's you exactly, or worse. But I don't agree that Files shot the crushing blow. Kroth says nothing about Bush, very odd.

Below is a video with the purchaser of Zapruder's film. He claims to have been in the room with two Secret-Service man, watching the film, the first men ever to see it. I assume that this man, from Life magazine, was an accomplice to the cover up along with the other two, and assume that these two brought the film that night to Brugioni.

As you can see, he offered Zapruder $50,000 on the spot, without the permission of his company (Time), even though the company would pay for it. This seems wrong. It seems pre-arranged. That explains why he's in the room alone with the SS men, with all other journalists outside the door. Time merged with CNN, didn't it? The comments section is rife with angry Americans blasting the speaker of the video as a liar. This scandal is having a revival, and while most players are dead, the government cover-up continues, thanks much to Trump too. What real part has he played to reveal the conspiracy? He didn't release the JFK files for any other reason than because the release was law. Besides, after 55 years, much had been scrubbed.

Time finally caved to pressure in 1975, and showed the film in the altered version. In all those 12 years, nobody on the outside could see the evidence that Kennedy was shot from the front. Congress later purchased the film by force of trumped-up law to keep the cover-up going. You can't convince me that Trump, and/or his inner circle, hasn't been watching these online / youtube developments. It compels Trump to release the original film, if he's really the hero of the swamp cleansers. Note how he no longer uses the word, "swamp."

The mystery is that Time gave rights to the film back to Zapruder in 1976. I don't know enough to comment on whether he got the original, or even a copy of the original, but it is to be assumed that he got the original, since he knew what it looked like...unless he was "talked into" assisting the cover-up by taking the altered version as the original. Even so, the altered version shows Kennedy's head going forcefully backward. Why? Why didn't they cut the entire backward motion out?

Possibly, the plotters had some honest people in their midst when doing the editing on Sunday. They may have removed some of the frames based on the argument that it was too gruesome for a public audience. But they could not remove all the frames without drawing suspicion. The damage seems to have been done by a special military-grade bullet that explodes powerfully in the body once it hits bone.

I noticed earlier in the week that Jackie is sitting far from her husband. Then, when he's been shot in the throat, she looks rather pleased for a second or even two, because she is not horrified, not at all behaving as though his being shot was horrible, and finally, when she moves toward him to take a look, she is startled by the crushing blow that, perhaps, wasn't part of the plan as she knew it. Just a thought. She had reason to want his cruel death, but that alone would not be why the CIA and mafia got involved, of course.

This is what it looks like to me. When she does go take a look, she doesn't raise her hands or scream or motion to anyone. Surely there was blood all over his suit as she just watched for a while. Prior to taking a look, she seems to be allowing him to suffer, with herself enjoying the moment, until she thinks she had best do some acting to appear horrified. She never got the opportunity to act, because the crushing blow scared the soul out of her. However, see below to see an alternative explanation for this apparent procrastination.

This revived scandal comes at the worst time for the deep state, just as an increasing number of people are beginning to believe in false-flag events, including 9-11,m and just as Fox news never ceases to talk conspiracy news of the sort it rejected prior to two years ago or less. This is definitely the day of exposure. The following quote (video above) is to be expected from the many mockers of conspiracy theorists in the last few years: "In my opinion 95% of conspiracy theories are a complete load of rubbish. The JFK assassination is one of the 5%. No way on earth this was just Oswald acting alone.... no way" Ahh, they enjoyed mocking so much, and were so proud of their higher intelligence, that they can't now admit they were wrong before their dinner gusts. It's these types who are still protecting the deep state, whether they think so or not. The deep state feeds and needs these mockers. When the mockers come to their senses, the deep state can be dealt its fatal blow. It won't get rid of the mob, but that's Trump's job.

As we watch the video, the president is waving just as the car passes behind the road sign (large, in the foreground), which doesn't allow us to see the shot to the throat. When the car comes out the other side of the sign, the president is at his throat with both hands. Pausing the video, his wife seems to be smiling. At first we think she doesn't know he's been shot.

At 1:03, just as the passenger-side fender cuts into the top corner of the sign. I can see both black shoulders of the governor to Kennedy's front. Both shoulders are facing frontward, as is normal and expected. These shoulders are still visible, and in the same position, as they (the shoulders) come across the top of the sign, at 1:04. The president is still waving. At 1:05, the shoulders become obscured by the sign, and the president himself has reached the top corner of the sign; he's visible and still waving.

When the governor first appears past the sign, he's still facing frontward. It's now 1:07. The man in the passenger seat (not the governor) is likewise facing frontward, as is the driver. As Kennedy comes past the sign with both hands headed toward his throat, no one in the car seems to have heard anything. At 1:08, still no sign from anyone that a bullet was heard. People next to the car are waving. The gun must have been far away, with a silencer. At the end of 1:08, the governor begins to move, and at 1:09-10, he's facing the door with a look on his face that could indicate pain. Jackie is still not moving toward her husband.

During 1:11, Jackie starts to move toward the president, and the governor seems to be trying to look back to him. By this time, the entire car is nearly out of the picture, as though the tamperers arranged it this way. We don't expect Zapruder to be such a lousy shot that he can't keep the car more central to the view. At 1:12, the governor, with a hand to his chest, looks right back at Kennedy. The video than leaves out the crushing-blow part of the film. We need to go to 3:41 to see the continuation, which has the same frame as per 1:12.

It is suddenly suspicious that, for about four seconds after 3:41, no position of any person in the car, including the faces of the officers, changes. It appears that we are watching cut-outs from the same frame over and over again in order to hide the original scene. That is, cut-outs of all the people in the car are pasted into each frame over this time period.

This can explain what I thought was callousness (or even pleasure) on the part of Jackie. Over more than those four seconds, the governor keeps the same, uncomfortable position, totally unexpected. It's not until 3:57 that the governor's head begins to turn around frontward to get relief from the drastic turn of the body. At that point, Jackie is attending to the throat injury, suggesting that there never was procrastination on her part.

The president has the same position, especially his right hand, over ten seconds (not true-to-reality seconds) up until 3:51, when the disappears out of view off the bottom. The hand never goes to his throat, but seems to be in the midst of doing so, as though the same frame were being played for at least ten seconds. His head is visible continuously, and it never changes position, never looks at his wife, never looks toward the governor, all the way until 3:38, a total of 17 seconds. At 3:58, the crushing blow appears. The scene is fuzzy, probably deliberately so.

By the time that the final bullet hits at 3:58, the governor is facing frontward. As the violence to Kennedy's head is done, the governor is just looking forward, sitting straight up. He appears to be in no panic or pain for that one second, afterwhich it is difficult to make out his movements because they apparently blurred him. As his head goes downward, he might just have been dropping his gun to the floor or glove box, or passing it off to someone else. It's a doubtful theory; he was probably ducking for cover. To explain why they repeated frames for the governor's position, I suggest it was to hide the fact that Kennedy was shot in the throat.

Yes, that makes sense, for if they repeated frames for Kennedy, they also needed to repeat frames for the governor, or he would have been seen going down to the floor before the crushing shot arrived. There is a much better view starting at 4:24. It is impossible for me to make out anything in the seats to the front of the Kennedys; this is suspicious, and we must assume that the governor and his wife are taking cover. The driver never looks back at all, to look at the commotion, very non-real.

In the same way, if they repeated frames for the president, it was necessary to repeat frames for Jackie, or she would have been seen on the back of the car before her husband received the crushing bullet.

Below is a video showing the frame numbers in a play-by-play. At 1:19, frames 208-211 are missing. I have realized the reason and will give it to you later, it's a biggie.

Below is an eight-minute video showing frame by frame. Kennedy and his wife barely move for many frames past the 3:50ish point, to be completely unexpected, unless the deep-state wanted to hide his being shot in the throat. We can call this freezing the Kennedys. It appears they used the same frame for while, then used the next frame for a while, and so on to elongate this freezing right up until the governor turns back around to face frontward. The frames are one per second.

We shouldn't be fooled by the fact that the Kennedys get closer to one another as the angle of the shot changes. Yes, the frames are ever changing normally in order for that to take place, but my point is that for every few frames, they erased the body parts of the Kennedys which were unwanted in the picture, and replaced them with body parts from a previous frame to make it appear that nothing is happening, no freaking out by Jackie, and no hands of her husband on his throat.

Jackie is always look straight toward the camera, in roughly the same look, in every frame until 4:50, highly unlikely in reality. And for each progressing frame, as the car got closer to the camera, they just increased her size gradually. They changed the position of her right-leaning hat slightly, at 4:13, indicating a new frame at that time. Every few frames, the hat shifts a little to the left until it's leaning left for the first time around 4:39. Her arm is always in the same position, with the same bend, from 4:15 to when it disappears from view around 4:40. It's only a second and a half of real time, but this length is not expected if he's got blood from his throat that she's just seen for the first time. In fact, she's and he are basically in the same position from 3:50 to 4:40, almost three seconds.

Finally, at 4:53, her head starts to move into a new position, and it moves rather fast now, as the normal expects of it. But it soon seems to be repeated (frozen) again for several frames, waiting for the governor to turn back around. One expects that, as soon as she saw the wound, she should signal to the governor, or the security guards behind her. Three seconds is a long time to do nothing.

They did not freeze the governor from the 3:50 point, but from about 4:14 to 4:49 (rough observations). My guess is that the president was shot at roughly 4:01, when the governor starts to turn around. As he saw the damage, the governor turned around and took cover with his wife. The plotters kept the Kennedys frozen until the governor was almost-fully facing frontward.

At 5:12, there is the first frame of the crushing blow. It lasts for one frame only, which seems too fast, and Brugiano testified that this was all wrong. The frame shows a bright-orange flash slightly to the front of his head, perhaps indicating a faked addition to the image to make it appear that the flesh is moving forward i.e. in the direction of the car. The next few frames retains the orange color, confusing us, and it turns out to be his face at 5:17 (ear visible along hair line). As his head returns to where it was, it's continually difficult to make out any detail, probably by design.

As one watches the driver and the other man in the front, they are crisp until 5:16. At 5:17, they both go to indistinguishable mush. Why? If parts of the film are crisp, then the parts not crisp were made that way deliberately.

I'm reading that the film ran at 18.3 frames per second.

Perhaps I'm wrong. When I watch this thing in normal speed, it again appears as though Jackie doesn't care that her husband has been shot, for she just looks at him for too long without the look of fear, without signalling. If you care to watch a larger version, you can see the agony in the president's face as he comes out from behind the sign. Jackie's just looking on. I suggest you mute this one as music is inappropriate:

It appears that the president looked at his wife, saw her looking at him, even with a couched smile, and not caring, and then went back to agonizing, probably unable to breathe. The governor's looking right at him, it seems, and then just turns around, with Jackie not hysterical yet at all. She abandons him (don't blame her), a piece-of-garbage husband. She can consider herself blessed to be able to remarry.

A startling revelation in 2011 — head explosion seen in the extant Zapruder film, in the National Archives today, is not at all consistent with the head explosion seen by Mr. Brugioni in the Zapruder film he viewed on the evening of November 23, 1963...Mr. Brugioni was quite startled to find out that this was the only frame graphically depicting the head explosion in the extant film...He insisted that the head explosion he viewed multiple times on 11/23/63 was of such a great size, and duration (in terms of time), that there should be many more frames depicting that explosion than just the one frame (frame 313), as shown in the Zapruder film today. Furthermore, he said the head explosion depicted in the Zapruder film today is too small in size, and too low in the frame...While viewing the video on July 9, 2011, Mr. Brugioni also stated that the head explosion he viewed was a large white cloud that surrounded President Kennedy's head, and was not pink or red, as shown in the extant Zapruder film...

Therein is a glimpse of the true rulers of America since the 1960s. They had considered themselves the true rulers above merely any elected president. No rule of law, criminally insane, they persist even while killing one another off in wicked ambitions. In the end, to Jesus they will give an accounting. They aren't going anywhere, they are trapped in their bodies until the Judgment; they know it, yet they persist.

By the way, at the 3:13 point of the video below, the two officers on their bikes are looking toward the grassy knoll together, at the same time. This still shot, or perhaps part of a film, was taken from toward the bridge. It's doubtful any cameraman was standing on the road, wherefore, we may assume, the cameraman was on the bridge.

Bill Smith was the "customer" wanting the photo labs to create briefing boards. Lookie at the evidence that he was an insider: "According to Homer McMahon, Bill Smith came to NPIC in Washington, D.C., having already examined the home movie, expressing the opinion that only three (3) shots had been fired at the occupants of President Kennedy's limousine on Elm Street, and that they had all been fired from the Texas School Book Depository by Lee Harvey Oswald...[MacMahon] felt otherwise, and told Jeremy Gunn and me during our interview of him, on July 14th, 1997, that he believed 6 to 8 shots had hit President Kennedy, and that they had been fired from at least three directions. But he could not change Bill Smith's mind..." He goes on to say that the blaming of Oswald was "pre-conceived" by Smith, and that he, MacMahon, didn't want to cause any waves, which is to say that the Secret Service can kill a president, and he'll just follow orders to keep his job. Sounds just like Trump.

Smith told McMahon that the work was to be treated as above Top Secret that it was on a strictly need-to-know basis; and that not even Homer McMahon's boss was to know anything about it. McMahon and Hunter were instructed that they could not even answer questions about why they were putting in for overtime, and that any such questions from their immediate supervisors would have to be referred to Captain Sands. McMahon reported that Bill Smith took custody of all discards, and all scraps and trash that night, and that he and Hunter were not allowed to throw anything into the burn bags, or classified trash receptacles

I see.

For the record, the lewrockwell article above says that Smith created a faked original film in Rochester, which tends to make MacMahon's team appear fully innocent of the plot. They simply received an altered film, and created still images, as ordered. But they were guilty of hushing it, because that in itself indicated to them that a sinister thing was afoot. And before long, they heard in the media that an assassination conspiracy was possible, and, later, likely. People who don't speak up when told to shut-up by the Banana Republic of the United States, well, they include people like Trump.

If Smith had his own version of the film to create his own version of the briefing boards, why did he need Brugioni to do produce his briefing boards? Because, the honest boys at the NPIC lab would have been suspicious if they were not called upon to make briefing boards. They allowed them to do it, then hid or destroyed their work without telling them that others made new board the next day in the very same facility. What nerve. The plotters could easily have become caught from day one.

After Smith was no longer the boss at NPIC, John Hicks came in, and he happened to be of the same mind, even lying and tricking the Rockefeller Commission concerning the existence of Brugioni's briefing boards. This thing should have resulted in some severe chastisement of the plotters. We await to see if the original film surfaces. But don't look to the scum-Trump for any help; he's swimming in the swamp today.

When Hicks was furious with Brugioni for keeping a copy of his briefing boards under lock and key at NPIC, he directed Brugioni to ship it to the CIA. There you have it. Hicks and the CIA together in the murder plot. "Mr. Hicks, the key player in this drama, then proceeded to withhold from the Rockefeller Commission the existence of the two-panel briefing board, and to withhold from Dino Brugioni the fact that a four panel briefing board (different form Dino's) had also been found at NPIC...

Concerning one of the two officers on the bikes, whom seem to me to have been privy to the assassination due to their looking up at the knoll seconds before the crushing bullet:
It gets worse for the Bush circle:

As reported in the author's book, numerous Hollywood film industry editors, colorists, and restoration experts have viewed the 6K scans of the Zapruder film...In the logarithmic color scans there are many frames (notably 317, 321, and 323) which show what appear to be black patches, or crude animation, obscuring the hair on the back of JFK's head. The blacked-out areas just happen to coincide precisely with the location of the avulsed, baseball-sized exit wound in the right rear of JFK's head seen by the Parkland Hospital treatment staff, in Dallas, on the day he was assassinated. In the opinion of virtually all of the dozens of motion picture film professionals who have viewed the Zapruder film 6K scans, the dark patches do not look like natural shadows, and appear quite anomalous. Some of these film industry professionals — in particular, two film restoration experts accustomed to looking at visual effects in hundreds of 1950s and 1960s era films — have declared that the aforementioned frames are proof that the Zapruder film has been altered, and that it was crudely done.

The question touched upon above, as to why the altered version yet shows evidence against the Oswald framing, is tackled by Douglas Horne:

The answers to this valid question are clear to me: (1) those altering the Zapruder film at Hawkeyeworks on Sunday, November 24, 1963 were extremely pressed for time, and could only do so much in the twelve-to-fourteen hour period available to them; (2) the technology available with which to alter films in 1963 (both the traveling matte, and aerial imaging) had limitations...

Simple enough. Can't argue with that. They created a time bomb for themselves. "...they were trying to sanitize the film record as quickly as possible before some investigative body demanded to see the film evidence." As with 9-11 and the Boston Marathon, they blew their hoax badly photographically, yet they had the upper ground of media loyalty (earned or forced) and government gravity.

Proof of Film Tampering

Ask yourself if the two officers on bikes should have stopped when Kennedy was hit with the final shot. The following "Nix video" (1/4 speed), which is crisper than the other one below, is taken from the other side of the road. One can slow youtube to 1/4 speed in order to see this scene at 1/16th speed. It is very clear from this video that the crushing shot (at about 9 seconds) did not come from the grassy knoll.

Someone has said: "Mr. Nix himself that his film was edited. The original Nix film is missing..." In the first few seconds of the Nix video below, Jackie is seen sitting right beside her husband, with no space visible between them, as should be expected. It's just seconds before he gets shot, meaning that she moved further to the car's left by that time. I'll be using this Nix video for discussions below, so you may want to load it now for that time:

Before going to the Nix video, see the Mary Muchmore film, for she has, at 31-32 seconds, virtually the same shot as the one described in the paragraph above, only now one can see space between Jackie and her husband. Strange enough. It seems that one of the two videos are not true. In fact, Muchmore's 33-second point has the car at the same corner of the building as Nix's 1-second point, yet there are what look like two white signs or perhaps windows, one overtop the other, right beside that corner, in the nix video, but these are absent in the Muchmore video. Big problem there. The two cameras must be right beside one another.

This Robert Hughes film has the two white objects, suggesting that Muchmore's has been tampered with. The 1:20-25 point has a good view of Nix's camera position, and shows that the white structure there, in the aerial photo, was there in 1963.

In the Nix video, the woman to the front of Jackie has both shoulders visible, and even significant space between her shoulders and Jackie's, meaning that Jackie cannot be to the left side of the rear seat, or she would block the view. Jackie must therefore be in the center of the seat i.e. right beside her husband. When we pause both videos as his head is exactly at the corner of the building, it seems to me that only the Muchmore video has space between he and Jackie. Looking for further problems, I noted that the Limo's front rim in the Muchmore video, as the car turns the corner, is not turning, as though the car is a still shot pasted in, frame after frame. The same rim problem seems to be the case as the car goes down Elm. At 30 seconds of Muchmore, the rims / hub caps have the same dark markings throughout that second i.e. the wheels are not turning. There is another problem I can spot that suggests two different paste jobs to produce two different versions of the same event.

In both Nix videos, someone says they see a flash at a window from the knoll (I spotted it), but these comments could even be from insiders who arranged that flash because they may have arranged this video to point deceptively to a false spot for the shooter. There is no way the final shot would have come from the flash seen here.

One comment on the video page: "Looks like Zapruder was there just long enough to get the fatal shot... and then... mysteriously disappears. I don't know about you, but if I had just witnessed what he filmed... I would have been so stunned I think I would have froze on the spot. Yet as soon as the shots are fired... the car is out of sight.... so is Zapruder. Talk about staged footage and timing."

I don't see any people on the knoll aside from three on the stairs, who all left promptly. Perhaps the writer above thinks one of them was Zapruder, though I don't see any of them with a camera. Pause the Nix video at 59 seconds to see what looks like a white shirt at the top of the stairs. He disappears in the next second; he's shown as a full person in another film, standing down with the other two. Where was Zapruder? I will try to answer this question much later. This video looks too fast for reality.

They say that a crowd of people crossed the road and went after the shooter at the knoll, but these may have been paid actors under the CIA umbrella, similar to recent false flags, for to deceive. We may not even know whether the video of all those people was taken on the same day. The CIA's main game is to deceive. The art of war is to deceive, and the CIA is a military arm.

Next, we're going to compare the Nix video to the Zapruder video to see whether we can spot inconsistencies. I have spotted some. I don't keep the technology to make this easy for you. This will work only for anyone who's willing to follow my directions. For this, you will need this Zapruder film, and this aerial photo. I don't know the date of this aerial, but we can assume that the lamp posts are in the same place as in 1963. I cannot find aerials from 1963, probably because Google has been directed to bury / hide them from our searches.

[Insert -- I was wrong. They did move the lamp posts on the north side of Elm, each one several feet to the north. I figured that they would not do something so expensive as this, but, they did. It means that I will remove some material below that bases material and arguments on the new lamp-post positions. I apologize if you had read this material, especially if you started to do some of your own measurements.]

I've learned to ignore the gore of the head shot. Try to do the same. In the Zapruder video, pause at 16 seconds with the car at the lamp post, note the white fence. From 101-16 seconds, one can see that the white-fence structure goes all the way to the edge of Elm. There is a shorter white structure in the aerial photo. Get your bearings. There you see a lamp post on Elm with a couple of people standing beside it; that's the one at 16 seconds when the camera is pointed to the area of a second lamp post, the one closest to the flag (Aerial).

Next, pause at the head shot at 18 seconds, with the woman in brownish trench coat on the left side of the image. We cannot see uphill to the neighboring road that you can see in the aerial. If this Zapruder shot is true, it is pointed exactly at the Nix camera at the neighboring road. We can prove this because the head shot in the Nix film is at the 27th second, with the woman in the brownish trench coat to the right of center. The Nix camera is therefore pointed directly at the Zapruder camera, yet we don't see anyone there with a camera? Is this a major problem? Could be. Let's continue, and I'm sure you will agree with me that Zapruder cannot be at the stairs according to what we have just seen.

Pause the Nix video at 30 seconds. There is a straight line from the stairs, through Jackie on the hood of the car, and the lamp post to Nix's left. On the aerial, this lamp post is the one nearest the flag. Get your bearings. Figure out where the Nix camera is situated, and draw a line in your head, on the aerial, to where the Zapruder camera should be. This line will go between the stairs and the first lamp post mentioned above.

If you watch the Nix film as it approaches 30 seconds, you will notice a man plopping himself on the grass. I have him paused perfectly between the camera and the stairs, at the rear of the car as another man is trying to jump onto the bumper. In my head, I want to draw a X, on the aerial photo, where this man is sitting.

I'm getting familiar after a couple of hours of fiddling. I've noticed that there are two lamp posts on the other side of Elm street (where the president's car traversed) that do not appear in either video. Were they there in 1963? And that road sign we see Kennedy go behind at 11 seconds of Zapruder, it's not in the aerial.

Next, pause Zapruder at 20 seconds, and see the man in black running. He's the one who plops himself down on the grass in the Nix film, which we see him doing at Zapruder's 21st second. At 21, another lamp post appears (mainly its shadow) at the side of the other road. This is not the post where the Nix camera stands, but the next one down. Pause the video at 21 when Jackie is on the hood in exactly the same position as Nix's 30-second point. Get your bearings. Draw a straight line on the aerial from this third lamp post, through the back of the car, to where you think the Zapruder camera should be, based on the information so far.

I've got the Zapruder camera closer to the stairs than the guy in white cap and red pants (aerial view). Judging by how far the Zapruder car has passed the first lamp post before the president suffers the head shot (poor man, so terrifying), the camera should be closer to the stairs than the man in white cap. Or, we can come to the same conclusion where the Nix film doesn't even show the first lamp post. Knowing that the Zapruder camera is smack in the middle of the Nix scene, note how close the stairs are from the shot spot.

Once you are sure where the Zapruder camera should be, pause the Nix video at 30 seconds exactly when the scene matches the Zapruder video (at 21 seconds) when the latter has the back of the car in a straight line with camera and the second lamp post. I'll give you a couple of minutes. Go ahead.

I have the Nix video with a straight line from the bottom of the steps through the back of the car through the man sitting. Look at how close the man is to the back of the car. Now, while viewing the Nix video, imagine a line from the Zapruder-camera position through the back of the car. This is the line that you now see on the Zapruder video. How far should the man sitting be from the back of the car in the Zapruder scene? Close, right? But then why is this sitting man so far back (east) down the road in the Zapruder film?

To put it another way, the Zapruder scene has the back of the car in front of what looks like three adults and one child. First of all, these people are not positioned the same in the Nix video at exactly the same time. Go ahead and study those people at the end of the 30th second. Roll Nix to 32 seconds, pause, and see three additional people. One of them, a woman furthest from Elm street, is not to be seen in the Zapruder scene. How can this be? I'm not sure I have the smarts to figure this out.

But, perhaps fortunately, I came across a theory in this update where they added frames to the Kennedys to delay that head shot. Asking myself at this point why they would want to delay it, a great reason popped up. If they delayed the head shot, the shot wasn't on the line we drew from Zapruder camera to Nix camera. It would have been earlier. Go back to the aerial view, find that spot on the road where the two films have the head shot, then back up the true head shot closer to the beige building, the Depository. If the car is too close to that building, they could not convince anyone that Oswald shot from an upper window to hit Kennedy in the back of the head, because the bullet hole was up at the temple. In short, a downward bullet from a building isn't expected to come out the temple. So, they thought it would be better to have him shot further away, make the angle of the shot less steep, more credible.

Plus, if the true head shot was nearer to the Depository, it becomes possible that the crushing blow came from the knoll. The angle would be acceptable if the car was back far enough. No bridge shot needed. Just goes to show, I can't trust my own theories. I was sure the bullet came from the bridge, either the top or off its side. Not so sure now with a change in where the final shot took place.

Here's a video showing the view from Oswald's alleged position in the building; you can see the first lamp post where roughly the plotters have the crushing blow. If the bullet shot took place twice as close to the building, the bullet trajectory would be quite steep. This is so problematic to the framing of Oswald that it's possible for the head shot to have been botched i.e. it wasn't supposed to enter the temple or break out a large hole at the back. It complicated things. I assume they wanted both bullet holes to appear plausibly as entries from the rear.

Incredibly, none of the people along the curb until the 12-second mark are turning their bodies toward the passing car!! Zikers, they are all facing the intersection as the car passes. It's the smoking gun (I'm not the first to notice this; it's nothing new).

After the person in blue, the next people to appear, at 16 seconds, is the Babushka camera lady, and a man standing to her front. The problem here is that there is never any evidence that the man was watching toward the intersection as the car approached. Instead, even as he enters the right margin, he's always facing the knoll across the street. Once again, it seems that this person was NOT watching the president go by...because he wasn't there yet!

The Babushka lady, on the other hand, seems to be following the car with her camera, suggesting that she was pasted in. To put it another way, the deep-state needed her in there in order to use her material to provide her image(s) to the public for a particular reason. The man to her front seems likewise pasted in because he's clapping, giving the impression that the car is passing. Just a little trick, nothing overly intelligent in pasting him in.

As the car progresses further, two women appear in the right margin (I have the video slowed to quarter speed; use your youtube settings button to do the same). As the second woman enters the margin, she's looking away, down the road, from the car.

Next, at 18 seconds, a man enters the right margin whose body will be sliced in half, with his pants walking ahead of his torso, at 19 seconds. At the end of 19 seconds, his torso is ahead of his pants. It looks like a bad paste job.

At the start of 20 seconds, when paused just right, part of the arms and hands of the man sitting do not show. Something looks wrong. If both of these men were pasted in, there is no longer any evidence that the Nix video is synchronized with the Zapruder film at this particular point in time, which is the time of the head shot i.e. when the plotters would want the viewer to think that the two films are in sync.

For the rest of the trip down Elm, as we saw, the people are not positioned at all the same, completely wrong, completely revealing. Why did the deep state leave this glaring problem in there, and why have I found no one online mentioning this? Has Google simply erased anyone's webpage, from its databank of searches, that speaks to this? Can Google do that? Of course it can, if it's important enough.

I'm now starting to wonder whether the scene across the street was on some other day before the day that Kennedy came down. Starting at 14 seconds, when we no longer see people at the intersection, there are 10 seconds of video time to when the car reaches the street sign. The frame numbers are shown in the video's top right, and they are at frame 250 at 14 seconds. The car reaches the sign at the 420th frame, a total of 170 frames in about ten seconds, or 17 frames per second. The video owner claims 18 frames per second. But this is all irrelevant because the car's speed, as compared to the grass/street, has nothing to do with frame speed, for the car is being dragged along in a paste job. Only when both the car and the grass are part of one scene can the frame speed give us the car's true velocity.

In my estimation as per the aerial map, the trip between frame 250 and 420 (10 seconds) is around 250 feet, or 25 feet per second, or an average of about 17 mph. The Nix film suggests that the car is moving at some 7 mph with reliability, meaning that the Zapruder film under discussion has the car moving about 2.5 times faster. Watch the Zapruder film at half speed to get a better picture of reality, and to prove that this is more the real speed, see the slow speed of the cars in the 19-second video below where they are turning the corner at Elm street:

In watching the video above, try to imagine the real speed of the limo as it approaches the 8-second point of Zapruder. Clearly, the Zapruder speed, when shown at normal youtube speed, is far too fast. Why? We can be sure that Zapruder filmed in real speed. The answer: the deep state removed frames. We saw the proof where the frames were 18 per second, yet the speed as we see it was found 2.5 times faster than the speed predicted by the number of frames, meaning that frame 313, for example, was not really frame 313, but more like 500 - 800, depending on when they started to remove a lot of frames. The car speeds up significantly at 22 seconds, after the fatal bullet, but this is where they may have removed most of the frames.

In the first 15 seconds, one can see the paste box clearly, going almost from margin to margin. The car and some of the officers are inside this box, yet one officer on his bike to the right of the car is not showing. It just looks like they put these moving squares into the scene like a bunch of amateur butchers.

The box starts to appear at 1 second, and becomes clearer toward 4 seconds, and is where the two front bikers are pasted in. At five seconds, the very front biker disappears totally because the box was moved a little to the left. He disappears off the right edge of the box, therefore, it's obvious. He then reappears when the paste box is shifted back to the right. I have this at youtube's half speed to see it very clearly. The lead biker again disappears at 7 seconds due to the paste box's shift toward the left.

At 11 seconds, the white car at the paste square's top-left corner is partially unseen, we get it. The front of the limo disappears at times because it's outside the paste box.

As the paste boxes, frame by frame, cut across objects on the grass, the latter all survive not-bad. At 18 seconds, the entire hood of the limo is missing, showing as though outside the box, and the shadow of the man on the grass gets improperly placed within the box. When the right edge of the box cuts across the man sitting, it robs him of his arm and hands for a split second.

So, everything inside the moving box did take place on the day of the assassination, but we don't know the day of the filming for the grass scene.

I didn't notice this moving square until I laid out my theory within the last hour or two. I viewed this video over hours yesterday, and noticed the funny fuzz on the left side, but didn't realize that there was an entire rectangle (what I'm calling a square) within which the limo is showing. The address for this video is here (in case you didn't load it above); please copy this to your computer and share it because this looks hugely capable of exposing the JFK conspiracy:

Now look at the black-and-white version, with a much-slower speed, for the paste box is not visible:

As the video begins, I assume that touch-ups were done to remove the box's obvious edges. But, later, in the trip down the road, they just kept the box's right edge outside of the scene's right margin so that the box isn't even visible to us (no touch-ups needed, explaining how they got it done in one day). For example, the front of the car first gets cut out of the box at a headlight, at 14 seconds, when the person in blue is almost directly above Jackie. The touched-up video has this scene at 36 seconds, and simply leaves this headlight out of view, off the picture. Easy enough.

By 15 seconds, half the hood has disappeared. As we can expect, the touched-up video progressively leaves out more of the hood between 36 and 39 seconds, meaning that it was deliberately left out by the deep state to hide the paste box. At 16 seconds, the entire hood is unseen outside the box, as the car passes the lamp post, and, sure enough, the touched-up video simply leaves the entire hood off the picture's right margin. In the same way, the left side of the box is kept out of the picture off its left margin. Now we know what they did.

The top edge of the box is not visible in the touched-up version all along the car's path. The man who had been cut in half at the waste is shown only below the waste so that this error is left out of the picture. His shadow has been touched up so that we don't see its faulting, and the disappearing arm of the man sitting has been fixed too. They would never have fed us the one with obvious paste box, would they? This was the rough draft of the criminals, or at least paid for / ordered by the criminals. I wonder where it originated in the sense of being placed online.

The video owner that presents it uses the title, "JFK Assassination Zapruder 18 fps + 6 fps Stabilized Motion Panorama HD - 50th anniversary". This version was not supposed to slip out to us. The 50th anniversary was in 2013. The video owner shares an even wider view, showing more people on the lawn at any one time. Note the blacked-out portions at top and bottom, as though the criminals didn't want their workers to see more than they had to:

One can now see that the person in blue never turns to look at Kennedy, because he wasn't there. The car slows down starting at 17 seconds, and reaches maximum slowness at the end of the 19th second, to give the shooter a good shot.

One comment on the video page: "one thing... many things...bug me about Z film and that is, at the point where the President's limo passes the line of people, not one of them is waving to JFK. As if 2 films have been spliced. Always bothered me." I hear ya. Another comment: "are you talking about the black coat woman at the end of the Orville Nix Film, she doesn't appear in the Zapruder film at all ??? Also the people centered around z-360 seem different in The Nix film ???" I hear ya.

I've read all the comments with the last one being five years ago, too hard to believe. No one wrote about the paste box, unless youtube scrubbed it. The owner says: "frames' source is from ... ... who pin-cushion adjusted the frames to flatten the lens distortion, particularly at the corners of the frames". Below is John Costella speaking on what's wrong with the Zapruder film. I found this video a waste of time:

Walter Cronkite reported that the first shot was at frame 210, when the limo was almost wholly behind the sign. He argues for the shot taken by Oswald from behind the car. But now that I know the car was pasted into a scene, there's no way to know where the car was when the president received the first shot to the throat. My only suspicion is that the car was closer to the Depository than it's made out to be in the Zapruder / Nix films. As Elm curves slightly near the intersection, a bullet to the throat from the grassy knoll's fence is of no problem whatsoever as per do-ability. Check your aerial photo for that. The small tree near the top-right corner of the sign is probably the now-large, blue-green tree seen in the aerial.

If you still have your rough-draft Zapruder film loaded, see the vertical, rectangular box (within the paste box) at the 15-second mark. Pause and see the two officers in that box, noting the bluish color at the top. If you pause it just right as the limo's windshield is about to contact the lamp post, you can see what looks like a ghostly lamp post at the right edge of the vertical, rectangular box. Instead of the officers riding past his object, it rides along with the officers, meaning that the officers are not in motion, but, rather, they're in a still shot. The effect of frame-by-frame pastes of these guys is that they appear to be dragged along behind Kennedy's car.

The rectangular box follows Kennedy with nothing much inside of it, not even the officers, between 16-18 seconds. At 18, when an officer reappears within it, and the top-right corner of the box is touching the woman with brownish trench coat, a motorcycle fender appears at that top corner, and it's on the grass. Oops.

The bluish color at the top of the box is now comprehensible as a paved road over which that fender rides. Makes no sense to me as to how it got there. The fender rides along with the officer because it's just part of a still photo, pasted frame by frame, I assume. They know nothing but deception. They operate in deceiving the people, otherwise they could not enjoy their jobs, or their lives. Their pleasure is to get away with pranks, even when it includes murder. Therefore God, my faithful God, will kill them. If even I deserve death, how much more they?

The question now is whether the officers on bikes, in the Nix film, were there at all in real life. When they stop riding, at the firing of the crushing bullet, were they mere paste jobs stopping? I apologize that everytime I offer you a link, it opens a new tab on your browser. If you did not load the crisper Nix video that runs at 1/4 speed, there it is. If you set youtube at 1/4 speed, see what I've just discovered: the officer nearest the camera is a still-shot paste job because it moves at the same speed, at all times, as the second car.

The officer closest to the cars actually gains speed on the limo at 26-27 (i.e. the limo slows), which is the time that Kennedy is shot. Prior to having this video play at 1/16th speed, I did not catch the spatter at Kennedy's head, but I can now see it clearly at the first quarter of the 27th second. The spatter is precisely at the slowest part of the limo as compared to the officer closest to the limo. But even without this officer to compare speeds, one can see that the limo is the slowest ever at this spatter point. Very suspicious indeed.

Ever since the spatter shows, the officer's tire immediately stops catching up to the limo's tire. It could indicate that the bike came to a stop when the limo itself had already stopped. The latter didn't stop due to the shot; in fact, they have the car speeding up after the shot. The limo stopped to give for a better killer shot. The bike and car are moving forward at the same speed for a small instant, with tires in contact at exactly the same spot, but this can be faked motion.

Now go back to the rough-draft Zapruder film to watch until the 12th second, when the second car disappears. When it reappears later in the 12th second, I'm sure you'll agree that the two police riders on the far side are glued to this second car, as one paste job, until the 14th second. Afterward, when the guy gets off the second car to ride the bumper, just look at how fast Kennedy's limo is moving past the people, too fast, I think, for this guy to keep up. It seems that even at 1/4 speed, which is slower than the Nix scene, the car is still moving too fast.

The question is whether the frame numbers have any relevance at all. Are the frame digits as per part of the plaza scene, or of the car scene inside the paste box? How can we know? Were the frame numbers artificially produced? Did they remove half of the frames to begin with to speed the car? Isn't that irrelevant since the car speed is determined on how fast they dragged the paste box? Confusing, very, yes.

It seems that the frame numbers in Zapruder are for the plaza / grass scene, since the paste was added to it. On the other hand, what if they filmed the plaza on another day in preparation for the paste job? In that case, the frame numbers would be as per the material in the paste box. We don't know whether they sped up or slowed down the material inside the paste box by removing or adding frames there. By removing frames, Jackie's actions occur faster, and vice-versa. The rectangular paste box within the paste box is not part of the limo scene, of course. The rectangular box stops at the underpass as the car enters it, and then disappears altogether, suggesting that the paste box is on a second copy of the Zapruder film. The latter half of the Zapruder video has it at 1/3 speed in case you want to watch at 1/12 speed.

To what camera does the car in the paste box belong? Was it from Zapruder, or another camera? Was there another cameraman in the knoll on the day of the assassination from whom the material in the paste box was taken? As the Nix camera shows no Zapruder cameraman, that's why they may have filmed the plaza on another day.

My explanation as to why so few have recognized that a paste box comes with this video is that people so trust the government that their conscience opted to see this problem as some weird malfunction / trick of Zapruder's camera. That's what I thought it was at first, and those who trust the government will be more prone than I to take that initial view.

Objection to the Paste Box

I was having a big problem as to why the paste box in the Zapruder film was not recognized by any of those who made comments. Or, as to why this thing hasn't exploded so much online that I should have come across it in the days I've spent this week on the assassination. For me, this rough draft, as I call it, is the biggest smoking gun of all.

The day after I noticed it, I entertained guests, and after they left, I was back online for just a few minutes when I came across another film, the Mary Muchmore film, that likewise had an obvious paste box, with the front of the limo missing that was outside the box. Oh no, I thought, it looks like I had it wrong, this is not a paste box, but something else produced by others besides the plotters. For, this other paste box was from the same video owner, AntdavisonNZ, as the one who put out the Zapruder paste box, which has the title, "JFK Assassination Zapruder 18 fps + 6 fps Stabilized Motion Panorama HD - 50th anniversary." I then understood what had been done, SUPPOSEDLY, though I was not in agreement with the implication.

The key word in the title is, "panoramic." This term speaks to the wider view that we see outside the paste box. This wider view (on both sides) was not part of the originally-given-to-us Zapruder (or Muchmore) film. The entirety of the latter is exactly in Antdavison's paste box, and someone, supposedly long after the plotters released their version of Zapruder, pasted the Zapruder film onto a wider scene of the plaza. That's the alternative explanation to my theory that we are seeing the plotter's rough drafts.

But if someone wants a wider scene on both sides of the car, don't they need to paste in a scene on both sides? Instead of seeing two paste boxes, one on the right and one on the left, we see a paste box in the middle, and having the cars within it. That makes this look like a car paste into the scene, not a scene paste onto the cars. How possibly could someone create a wider scene, using the Zapruder film, except by taking the scene on both sides of the car, earlier and later from a car scene, and pasting them to both sides of the car?

In every way, the entire scene in the panoramic Zapruder and Muchmore films seems untouched, perfect in every way. There is not a paste line from top to bottom of the scene on the right side of the car, and not a paste line from top to bottomon the left side of the car, but rather there is a paste BOX encircling the car. That doesn't look like a paste of a left and right side to the original, television scene.

There you have it. It's looking like Antdavison is, in the least, deceived by the claim that this is a "panoramic" production rather that the true original prior to it being cropped for a television audience. It seems that the rough draft slipped out into the Internet so that the insiders needed to explain it away with a panoramic production.

Antdavison doesn't mention on his video page that there is an obvious box floating across the screen. It may be that he doesn't want to tell anyone that there is such a box, hoping no one will notice it. Perhaps he only wants to get this "panoramic" theory out there in case someone else does start to claim that this was the actual rough draft of the Secret Service under Bill Smith. It tends to show that the rough draft slipped out and that multiple people have it in their computers, and online. Or, the rough-draft films (came out 2013) are being advertised as panoramic productions in anticipation of the rough drafts being released by law by 2017. Trump has yet to release it all.

Here's Antdavison's video, "JFK Assassination Marie Muchmore Stabilized Motion Panorama HD - 50th anniversary", which has a paste box too.

Recall where I said above that frames 208-211 are missing. This was discovered from a comment saying that he/she discovered an oddity between 207-212. When I checked it out, I noticed that frames 208-211 were missing (others have found this too), and this was on the official version of the film, not the panoramic!!! You'll see why three exclamation marks are there.

One can and should report (EVERYWHERE) the mystery-solved of these missing frames, using the short video below that shows frames 208-211 during the 12-second point. In 207, the second car is showing behind Kennedy's limo. In frames 208 to 211, the second car vanishes!!! It comes back into view in frame 212! Zinger, that's a smoking gun. This video is a 29-second version of Antdavison's panoramic view, but thanks to the addition of frame numbers at the top, it allows us to see that the official film removed the gross disappearance of the second car. That wasn't done by Costella or Antdavison. It was done by the killers of JFK. It proves that there was a paste box causing things to disappear...when they did a lousy cut-out / paste job. This argues for their rushing to get the job done by one week after Life purchased the film.

Below is the video where, at the 2:03 point, the frames are missing, with cruisersism commenting three years ago: "Between frames 207 and 212 JFKs head disappears. How is this possible ?" The limo suddenly jolts ahead too fast during frames 208-211...because frames were removed. The jolt can best be seen at 1/4 speed, but also visible at normal speed.

So, the official film (shown publicly 1975) with the large paste box all touched-up (blended nicely so as to become invisible) at the top, and clipped out of the scene on the left, right and bottom sides, is now evident, thanks to the disappearing car in the three frames. I would not have known that it disappeared had not the 29-second video shown the three missing frames. Somehow, the film with missing frames got out to the public.

At the latter half of the Zapruder panoramic, there is that additional small and blatant rectangular box that follows the car to the bridge. That box remains outside the underpass while the car goes into the underpass. If one pauses (use 1/4 speed) the non-panoramic film above (the one with frames missing) at 49 seconds, it's showing the official version released to the public. At 49 seconds, pause it when the final tail light has passed the trunk but still touches it; at that time, the right side of the paste box can be made out by comparing it to the one in the panoramic. The video should be paused when the lamp post is one of its diameters distant from the left edge of the scene (ignore the rounded white parts at both corners). Therefore, all the fuzziness on left edge of the original tampered film is a small part of the paste box that, for whatever reason, was not omitted from our view by the plotters:

To see what the rounded parts at both corners are, see both at 53 seconds and 2:31 in the below. I am no photography expert, but it seems to me that this video's explanation for the left edge of this video is bogus, trying to give it a spin that isn't the truth, to cover the fact that it's part of the paste box:

The voice starting at 53 seconds apparently wants us to think that the white objects are the slots of the physical product. I say that they inserted the white objects to fib us. At 2:31, it's frame 261 or 262, where the tail light touches the tree trunk. The video owner is, fouadsedrata.

You may have noticed that there is a car parked in the underpass as the Limo is about to enter it. Big problem there.

Evidence of the paste allows one to realize that the spatter, appearing at the front of the head, makes it appear that the bullet entered the rear of the head. Even the orange color looks wrong. The reason that Kennedy is frozen for too long with hands about to go for, but never getting to, his throat is that they replaced the frames of the real shot to front of the head. Apparently, they were unable to make the head jolt forward, so a spatter to the front was all they could do...perhaps because they were rushed.

It makes sense that multiple shots would be timed for the same time, otherwise the first, non-fatal shot could take Kennedy out of position for a viable second / third shot. That's why the head shot should be expected almost bang-on where he received the throat shot. It may have been from the same gun. Zapruder's position at 10 seconds, before the car reaches the sign, looks perfect for both the throat and head shot. Some shooter beside Zapruder makes a lot of sense.

Again, lest you forget, none of the people at the left-side curb are watching the president go by...because the killers pasted the motorcade to that scene. Not one nose on the heads of those people can be seen, and yet we expect to see all their noses.

Again, the in Zapruder panoramic, frames 208-211 are there, showing that the second car vanishes during those frames. Antdavison / Costella did not remove that car for three frames. The killers did. I think the killers left those three frames out for the television version because the frames are a smoking gun for their paste job. The question is, why is the car missing in those three frames? Was it really due to a sloppy paste job, or something else?

Pin-Pointing Zapruder's Location

At the start of the video below, there's some of the testimony of Orville Nix telling that most-everyone thought the shots came from behind the fence at the knoll, not from the Depository. He does not sound like an insider. Note how the deep state sped up his film, at 1:16, which makes the bumper guy look too fast for reality (I get ticked by music like in this video; it makes me feel the video owner is one insensitive sociopath).

The three guys on the stairs all went up into the shadows. That was directly toward the place where people claim for the shots. The video above, if you can handle watching long enough, shows the men as though fleeing up the stairs versus being on the chase for the shooter. Which of the two options do we think was really happening? Does it seem normal for three men to flee or chase toward someone with a gun who's involved in an assassination? Seems dangerous to me. But, there are heroes in the world. In this case, there are three out of three such heroes. Or, maybe they were just taking cover. No one on the grass acted in that way. None tried to take cover; none tried to chase the shooter. Why the difference? The man sitting just sits there even though the bullet came toward him. If he wasn't pasted in, he was there on another day, wasn't he? The scene is of the plaza on another day, very possibly.

What will Americans do about this? The corrupt have mainly controlled the highest levels of Intelligence, justice and media, and, of course, much of congress, since at least the 1960s? Where is the spine of Americans? How can they allow this to be, thieves stealing the money even of their own children, diabolical forces pushing erroneous education, and on and on it goes? Does no one start an organization to deal with this, using their own assassins to assassinate the assassins? It is very strange that no such group exists, as though the people don't care enough to risk their lives in standing up for the right, or a healthier society.

Serious backlashes from the normal people is precisely the reason that Intelligence needs to have overwhelming powers to spy on anyone, and Trump has helped the organized, government spies to gain more spy power, even though he saw Bush wrongly elevating those powers. This is the ruin of the nation, the one thing that will make any hope of a come-back by the normal people impossible. Until Intelligence is brought under the control of decent people, this game is over. Pompeo did nothing to show that he was working on eradicating the deep state. Not once did he come out to criticize any high-level Intelligence person as though he were desirous of cleaning house. Not once. Trump loved Pompeo and brought him into his foreign-policy channels.

The Internet is a massive spy tool, and we are already seeing its abuse in shutting down the comeback side. The deep state gets to have power over the Internet too. Trump acts like he's opposed to censorship only when it affects his own agendas. He spoke out about it recently only when some Republican leaders were being censored. There is serious abuse threatening an entire society, but what is he prepared to do seriously about this? He does not have much time. The normal people are relying on him, and he has thus far been a total FAKE. If he is assassinated, let me say, I will not weep. There is at least a chance that his vice-president is a better man, but signs lately shoot that possibility down. There is a God, but for the most part the American people have not earned His help. They may have received the deep state over them due to deserving it. This is terrible.

Kennedy was first shot while no more that 25 feet past the blue-green tree in the aerial photo. The line from Zapruder goes from the trunk of that tree, through a spot some four feet off our right side of the sign. One needs to guess-timate where that sign once was upon the aerial. One can go late into the Zapruder film until two lamp posts are in the same scene (with the so-called stickman running). Pause the two lamp posts centered on the image, which shows that a line from post to post passes to Zapruder's left. That's a big deal in itself for finding his location. The aerial photo will now give up where Zapruder is standing.

[Insert -- It turns out not to be a big deal because the lamp post was in a different position in 1963 as compared to today. So, some material below has been deleted because it's irrelevant and wrong, based on the assumption that the lamp-post position was not changed.] The video below has the scene from the opposite side of Elm, and actually shows both that small tree (6:38) near the intersection, and the sign ((8:46) behind which Kennedy was shot. At 6:38, it has what I called the "first lamp post" earlier. The picture pans very slowly until the sign starts (right margin) to appear. During this panning, the low, white structure (grassy knoll) in the Nix film is showing. With youtube picture expanded (lower-right icon for newbies), one can spot the bottom corner of that white structure (it's on the aerial), and, I think, the stairs are also visible beyond this corner.

We can therefore glean that the camera, if the person was always standing, not moving, was between the first trunk (8:40) and the intersection. Judging by the scene at the end of the video, this person was standing, at the end of the video, at a spot visible in the aerial photo under or behind the blue-green tree. The Zapruder film shoes no one under the tree, and so we have got to look for this unknown-to-me cameraperson (Tina Towner, just learned) at the group of people we see, at 11 seconds of the panoramic Zapruder, nearest to this tree. I see no one there that looks like a woman.

[Insert -- It was in the Towner film, more than a week after writing here, that I first noticed how the 1963 lamp posts were at the edge of the curb, whereas the posts today are on the other (north) side of the sidewalk. I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary work, and the reader unnecessary reading, had I noticed a week earlier.]

The fast (and darker) version of the Tina Towner video is here:

Turner's camera level can be gleaned at a person's head height, while she stands on the sidewalk i.e. essentially level with the road's pavement. She is not higher up than head height.

At first, I thought that a dark area, on the darker version of this Towner film, was the sign, but as I got more familiar, I realized that the limo scene ended before the sign was reached.

The only reason I can think of for artificially re-arranging the kill-zone scene further along Elm is to better argue that Oswald shot the president. The paste box doesn't show only in the kill zone, but all the way down to the bridge. They didn't want to replace only the head-shot part of this trip, but the entire trip. The film doctors may have arranged to have the throat shot while Kennedy was behind the sign as a convenience to themselves, to hide things. If this theory is correct, then the Towner film appears tampered with too, for Kennedy is clearly not shot (in her film) as he approaches the sign.

As best as I can tell, Jackie's face is facing straight ahead, in the direction of car travel, as she comes to the end of the limo scene in Towner's film. Yet the first we see her in Zapruder's view, when she's past the sign, she's facing the president, whose been shot. In Zapruder, I can see her turning her head toward her husband at frame 188, before she reaches the sign. She still faces her husband at frame 198, afterwhich I can't be sure until seeing her face in frames 206 and 207, still looking toward her husband. There is no doubt about it, one can see the bright side of her face all the way to beyond the sign, or virtually so. Remember, frames 208-211 are missing, and when 212-217 plays, her hat yet indicates that she's looking at her husband. It a small indication that he may have been shot at that time.

If you want to be sure that she turns toward her husband at frame 188, start at the 23rd second of this video (mute sound). When her face reappears past the sign, it's still toward her husband, and remains that way, without movement of her head, often seen with a smile one, until about frame 250. Finally, at that time she takes his arm with her hand. She then appears callous because her face freezes again for many frames before she comes close, all while he's in obvious agony. They probably repeated his face a lot during this spell because he never gasps for air, for example. (I don't agree with the video owner that Kennedy is a dummy for a hoax-murder.)

It could be that they cut off Towner's film immediately before his being shot. Makes sense.

The sign, by the way, reads "STEMMON'S FREEWWAY KEEP RIGHT". Note in the video below who were amongst the witnesses that said the limo came to a stop. The governor's wife, for one, who was in the limo. You will hear this again in the next update (see "Reymond") as per a claim that Kennedy was first shot in the throat nearer to the intersection than the sign.

Here's an important comment in the video:

Major point missed here. Jackie Kennedy said in her official testimony that " the corner of a sign flew off" as she heard a shot. No one ever asked her which sign, or, what corner. Obviously, this information would have been highly significant in establishing a trajectory..."

It could explain why the sign was taken down.

At 3:56 of the same video, the speaker says that the quality of the Nix film was so bad that one can barely see Zapruder. I'm not up to speed at all on this apparently wide knowledge that Zapruder appears in the Nix video. The speaker doesn't say where he's standing. He showing the Nix scene when the bumperman has sprung into action as he says, "barely see Zapruder." Checking Wikipedia's Zapruder-Film article, all it says: "Abraham Zapruder stood on a concrete pedestal along Elm Street...". Wikipedia's Abraham-Zapruder article has this: "He chose to film on top of a 4-foot (1.2 m) concrete abutment which extends from a retaining wall that was part of the John Neely Bryan concrete pergola on the grassy knoll north of Elm Street, in Dealey Plaza."

I've known for a couple of days, at least, that there is a man-like shape standing on a bright-white concrete surface in the Nix film, directly above Kennedy at the 8-second mark of the crisp Nix film that I've offered. But I've ignored this shape, thinking that it's coincidentally like a man. In the aerial, this man-like shape is under some leaves near the person with red pants and white cap. See drawing at the bottom of this page to see where they have Zapruder located, which is where the man-like object shows:

[I resisted, at first, equating this man-shape with Zapruder, but by August 27th, I succumbed.] Two Towner locations are on the drawing above. The second one (T2) looks based on some error, for it looks wrong. In her film, a visual line through the tree trunk (see at 31 seconds) goes to the right end of the pergola, but the line in the drawing, from T2 through the tree trunk, goes to the center of the pergola. Therefore, don't assume that the nice drawing makes all things correct with certainty.

Mary Moorman is the woman at the curb, beside the woman with red coat, in the Zapruder film. Here they are shown as a duo, with the unbelievable shot of woman in red coat not looking at the president and his wife as they drive right by her. That's because they pasted the car there when it wasn't really there. For all we know, they may have pasted these two ladies too.

Here's the lady in red and Mary giving testimonies, which I do not believe. They are saying everything to mislead us, in my opinion, yet they are not going with the Oswald version. Sowing confusion? It makes the public throw up hands as to what really happened. If there are only two competing theories, people will debate much harder, with more passion, but if there are five different theories, people give up. This probably explains the people who claim that the governor, or the driver, shot the president. If it true that so many shots rang out, as the ladies say, we'd expect them to go down immediately, or at least move as though they heard them. We see NOTHING of that. But on who's behalf are they lying?

In the comments, people talk about a toy dog on the back seat. What!? Jean Hill (lady in red) said she saw the president look down at the dog on the back seat. What!? This has got to be a fabrication to explain why Jackie was sitting so far from her husband. How would Hill know that there was a dog there??? Another comment: "Isn't it interesting Jean Hill didn't see anyone firing a weapon at the president. But within a few years of this interview she changed her story to where she saw the gunman firing at the president."

It appears that the deep state may have inserted three witnesses, these two and Babushka, all at the same place, for to use them to sow confusion. This way, anyone telling the truth can be minimized, and many other theories crop up on the disinformation until everyone says, "just forget about it." The goons then start to talk derogatory, and turn people against people in vicious tones.

Hill's testimony tends to rule out / ignore the throat injury, which is how we know that the throat shot should be a matter of importance. A look at the injury (it's online) suggests a shot from the front of the car, not from the knoll toward these ladies. Bullets from the knoll toward the intersection is very feasible, but not toward where the car was shown in the Zapruder / Nix / Moorman images. Anyone can see that the crushing bullet was from the front, but the goons sow discord by making it appear logical that it came from the rear.

When we can't trust even women, the world is lost for sure. Here's the governor's wife on Larry King saying that Jackie claimed to have her husband's brain in her hand. That is not at all seen in the film.

Wikipedia says that the people performing the autopsy failed to see the throat injury. That's how you know that their report of it being an "exit wound" is a lie. That is, they lied about not seeing it, obviously, meaning they were not going to report on this injury...because it was an entry wound, from being shot from the front. Case closed.

A massive problem for Zapruder's film is where the video below (Mark Bell film) shows the limo passing the blue-green tree with people under it, while Zapruder has zero people under it as the car drives by:

Comments are disabled for the Mark Bell video, it figures. Youtube supports the government criminals? No surprise if true.

Here's Dan Rather saying, in the 6th minute, that he did a newscast take (not yet aired) telling that Jackie "got OUT of the car over the hood." But Mr. Rather was ordered to re-do the take leaving that part out. Rather now knows that the Zapruder film did NOT show Jackie getting out of the car. He therefore knows that the Zapruder film was tampered with, yet he was too afraid to say so frankly. If she got out, the car would have been motionless, we assume, and so that bumperman appears pasted into the scene to give viewers the impression that Jackie could not have gotten out of the car.


The Democrats have learned a great lesson thanks to Peter Strzok: they now know that, next time their leaders commit to a conspiracy, do not talk about it on a government phone. Lesson learned. That is, instead of learning the right lesson, they are learning to conduct evil a lot better.

The next video has another scandal. It first of all asks by the DoJ had cleared two plane loads of boxes from a Little-Rock airport in the past week. It then goes on to show that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, headquartered in Little Rock, was really moving along until the FBI office in Little Rock was head by a woman promoted by James Comey to work under Andrew McCabe. That explains it. Two months after McCabe became the deputy director (February 1, 2016) of the FBI, he appoints the woman (Diane Upchurch) to head the Clinton-Foundation cover-up, we get it.

It's time for Nunes and others to put Strzok and Russian collusion on a back burner, and get cooking on the Clinton Foundation, whether or not this plane story is correct. Nunes promised us Part 2 of his report, which was supposed to be about Hillary. Waiting.

The video below says that the planes in Little Rock may be dealing with a drug bust there, but isn't Clinton a drug dealer? Many have said so.

In the comments section:

I think you missed the fact that Special Counsel John Huber and former US Federal Judge Paul Cassell were on the DOJ planes. They were not there for a drug bust....I’m sure. I did some checking and on the really large drug busts the federal agencies will use the military for transport due to the security already being in place. Sounds like the pair were there to oversee and insure the evidence transfer from the Clinton Foundation. Please read the information I have attached. Thanks for you work....

The problem I'm having is that Sessions isn't expected to do the Clinton Foundation. On the other hand, something may have come through to congress, in the way of official information, that forced Sessions to act. I don't yet know where this story originates, but another comment has the story from Russia Today (not necessarily the original). The major media have nothing in this, not even Fox. Origin of the story is here:

Here's an offering in the article above:

Everyone and their mother knows the Clinton Foundation is a front for personal and private gain, bending and breaking numerous state and federal laws for decades.

Except, apparently, the FBI.

Little Rock FBI’s special agent in charge Diane Upchurch has all but smothered the investigation which at one point was focusing on money laundering and other financial-based crimes, FBI officials said.

“There was some momentum but that is gone,” one FBI agent said. “We made some huge inroads. This thing (Clinton Foundation probe) is on its deathbed.”

So, the same FBI that tried to change a president is in bed with the Clinton crime ring too. Never mind Iran, Mr. President. You have your hands full right here with a full-blown conspiracy. It appears that Hillary arranged one of her supporters to cover the Clinton Foundation as election season was getting under way. The FBI website verifies that Upchurch was placed in charge of Little Rock, by Comey, in April of 2016. This was when he was preparing to exonerate Hillary and meanwhile allowed McCabe to spring a conspiracy against Trump. Hillary had hired Fusion GPS in April, for example.

The Republicans, with Trump, wholly ignored the Clinton Foundation. For Trump, it's always been about himself, not the country, which is why he keeps reminding the people that he's in the White House for the country. If you or I were the president, concerned about the country, we would deal with this corruption as a priority, so that the righteous can celebrate the extraction of wickedness in high places.

Peter Strzok was just fired late last week, not many days after the Ohr-Steele exchanges became public. It can be gleaned that Strzok was part of the FBI connection with the Ohr-Steele conspiracy. Of course, Wray and the upper DoJ knew of this already, but they did not fire Strzok until he was thus caught in the center of the conspiracy. This means that the people covering up for the conspiracy, including Wray, must be fired and prosecuted. This is Trump's responsibility, but he's been a no-good until now, I don't have confidence that he will change soon.

In order to prosecute, evidence must first be unveiled. In order to fire Wray, evidence against him must first be unveiled. Trump has the unveil card in his hand, everyone knows it. The left is threatening him with murder, even, at this time, to keep him from dropping the card. But the card must be dropped. The game must be won. Let it show, or go down in infamy.

The FBI cannot fire Strzok without a reason. We would like to know the reason, but we are not likely to get the true one, and even Strzok's lawyer may be pleased to keep it in the dark. It was the same with McCabe; we were told only that he lied under oath. Yes, but what did he do with this conspiracy? It's obvious that he was involved. What was his part, we would like to know. We want to know exactly how wickedly they acted, the evil attitudes of their hearts, their willingness to break laws and moral codes without qualms, while keeping an angelic face. We then want to ask how wickedly other Intelligence leaders are. Don't we?

Here's John Solomon himself on Hannity telling of an update on the conspiracy. The video after Solomon's part is rehashed old news, just so you know:

The reason for Strzok's dismissal will undoubtedly be something minor, such as his political bias in emails to Lisa Page. The fact that he was involved with the Ohr-Steele plot won't make it to the news from the FBI itself. That's what Wray has wanted to cover, now we know. This is Trump's fault for not bucking against a smug Wray. The latter has made it clear that Trump should stay out of his FBI business. O yeah? But what if Wray is acting against the law? That makes Rosenstein responsible for covering Wray's crime. Excellent. They are all incriminating one another. If only Trump would expose this, because Sessions is not expected to, and people are getting tired of listening to Fox's talking heads repeating the same story week in and week out. This thing needs to move along, but Trump is the closed door in our faces.

He could call Rosenstein, asking when he's going to arrest Wray for covering-up the Ohr-Steele conspiracy. But then who will arrest Rosenstein for the same cover-up? How can Trump actually do something to make Sessions arrest Rosenstein and Wray together? By getting the FBI documents that show FBI communication with Ohr. That's sounds so easy. It has nothing to do with Russian collusion; Sessions can't excuse himself from arresting FBI men who cover-up crimes. It's Sessions' responsibility.

Yes, the Ohr-Steele communications are part-and-parcel with Mueller's task of impeaching / ruining Trump before 2020, but Russian collusion has nothing to do with the cover-up. There is no Trump-Russia collusion in FBI files. There was no Trump-Russia collusion in the FBI's FISA applications. There's no Trump-Russia collusion in Steele's accusations. Therefore, Sessions is required to act against the Ohr-Steele-FBI conspiracy against a president of the United States. The conspiracy continued after Trump took office. If the attorney general can't bring himself to act on treason against a sitting president, he's as good as a moron or a zombie or someone in a state of living death. Choices in life have consequences, and this choice by Sessions will drape him with shame for the short rest of his earthly life. It's a lousy way to punch out, while in the camp of the criminals, when you're supposed to be the chief police chief. It's like giving life to the gangsters.

There was evidence last week that Trump was procrastinating on commenting about the Ohr-Stelle-FBI plot. One motive was to protect Wray. But he eventually came out with a slam about it on August 11, afterwhich Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fix to talk about it too. I do not recall ever seeing her speak on the FBI conspiracy, and had noted her silence on this topic, making me think that Trump directed her not to speak on it. Therefore, her speaking on it now signals a new attitude for her, perhaps with permission from Trump to speak on it.

By now, Trump is starting to realize that Omarosa was a mole for the Democrats, and that John Kelly may be the same. The two may have orchestrated Trump's latest woes. She was made great in Trump's eyes by her praising him for not being racist, yet she's now coming out to say he used the nigger word. Everything she's saying smacks of a mole planted in the White House by the destroy-Trump conspiracy. If John Kelly forbade Conway from speaking on the conspiracies, perhaps Trump has now violated Kellys will in that regard.

Bill Hemmer of Fox had Conway on, and he asked her point-blank as to whether Trump's lawyers asked him not to declassify the documents that every voter wants to see. She refused to answer.

Here's another reason to realize that the Mars space program is laced with doctored-image fakery, where they forgot to paste in a rock in one or more scenes that had been in other images. If any can't tell that this is an image on earth, they are loo-loo:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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