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May 20 - 26, 2014

A Little on Sandy Hook
The Masonic "CHIP" Programs Spreading Nationally

It's election season in Egypt. The previous military leader of Egypt, al-Sisi, after giving appearances that he won't run for president, is celebrating a sure win already. Lucky for him, the people have decided to turn against the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a major loss for Obama, and the stage has been re-set, in my opinion, for an anti-Christ invasion into Egypt. That's not to say that it's going to necessarily be anytime soon.
Sisi pledges that the Brotherhood, now blacklisted as a terrorist group, would cease to exist under his presidency.

The crackdown has cost at least 1,400 lives over the past 11 months, including hundreds of pro-Morsi protesters killed on a single day last August when security forces demolished their street camps in Cairo

I did not cover the Sandy-Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The article below claims that this school was not operational (it had been closed down) for years prior to the shooting, but I'm having a lot of trouble believing that the Federal government would be so foolish as to report a shooting at a school that had no teachers or students. Isn't it obvious that the people of that area would know that the school was shut down? But read the article for yourself (compliments of a reader whose name I won't give out) from Jim Fetzer, whom we met in the recent talk on 9-11:

As I have previously explained ("Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a stage in 2012"), the school appears to have been non-operational during at least the four years prior to the events of 14 December 2012.

...Moreover, no activities of the kinds that are commonplace at elementary schools, such as spelling bees with winners, students of the month, teachers of the year, and so on, were being announced from 2008-2012:

The latter implies that such things were being announced previous to 2008. However, Jim Fetzer has/had some extreme ideas, such as holograms acting as the planes that hit the World Trade towers. And he insists that thermite was NOT the reason that the towers came down. The article goes on to find Fetzer quoting someone else:

...John Luv offer the following telling observations:
Mr. Fetzer, you need to pour over hard copy newspapers from the Hartford Courant or the Danbury Newspaper, not the Newtown Bee that cover the time frame of 2008 to 2012. I know that you will not find one word of Sandy Hook Elementary School with the exception of the issue of 12-14-12 [re: the reported shooting] in any of those papers. You will find plenty of information on the other Newtown Schools concerning Honor Rolls, budgets, meetings, cancellations, etc. This hard copy proves that the name Sandy Hook Elementary School was not in print for that four year period.

I have been looking for old Hartford and Danbury Newspapers from the 1980s and 1990s. Old print hardcopy newspapers can't be forged like internet articles. There is an article in print out there that details the closing of Sandy Hook Elementary School...

Most of us who have researched this event from day one know that the school was clearly closed...Archived articles can be compromised. A Hoarder's copies of newspapers should still be intact. Government agents are very smart, but they are not perfect.

Mr. Luv seems to be making his case, but, still, I'm unable to conceive of a school shooting where the school has been closed for four years previous. The article takes the Sandy-Hook story right into this month of May, regarding a charge by Fetzer and his circle made against a certain John Walker, that he faked the role of a Sandy Hook parent, Robbie Parker:

UPDATE: John Matthew Walker has contacted me and stated that he is not the person known as "Robbie Parker" in Sandy Hook. We have asked him to provide us with the name of his attorney and an affidavit stating that to be the case, which he has so far been unwilling to do. Should we turn out to have made a mistaken identification, we will correct the record. We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.

Today, 16 May 2014, he did not answer an arranged call between him and Victoria. He has now made photos of himself unavailable on his web site and insists he is going to pursue this matter through litigation. We are just a bit stunned that he will not identify his attorney or provide an affidavit to us denying that he was the person known as "Robbie Parker" in Sandy Hook. We await and will report further developments.

Indeed, we were wrong about John Matthew Walker. He did not play the role of Robbie Parker, which we fully acknowledge having concluded on the basis of new evidence. I explain our error and now correct the record in "Sandy Hook and the real 'Robbie Parker': SpotterRF, the DHS and the CIA". The truth is far deeper and darker than a penniless musician in Austin. We are right about Sandy Hook, but wrong about John, to whom we apologize for our sincere mistake...

It's good that Mr. Fetzer admits a mistake, but on the heels of that, he enters a juicy story that's carried by others. I'll visit that story in italics above, but first, see the following on Mr. Parker's supposed daughter. The claim at the website below is that Emilie Parker, supposedly killed at Sandy Hook, was in Obama's arms AFTERWARD. If this is correct, how possibly could they make that blunder accidentally? I suppose it's possible that the pictures were taken when the organizers of the hoax were not present to see it.

Those images could disappear, and so I've copied two to my files, one before the shooting and one with Obama afterward. Emilie is in both images in the same red and black clothes. I saw red and black as a common combination within the injury field at the Boston Marathon, a combination that's liked in witchcraft. The faces / expressions on her parents look evil-ish to me. They have a look of impishness. Imagine the world run by human imps who enjoy playing deception and head games with the human race, or aspiring to make life difficult or even filled with chronic anxieties and paranoia, illnesses and other evils. This is how I view demonic activity within the human race, and proud of it.

There you have some compelling evidence that Sandy Hook was played by actors, and that the students did not get killed at all. If that's correct, then perhaps it's true that the school was closed down when the shooting supposedly took place, for, in that way, they didn't need to feign anyone going in to kill anyone, or, worse, to actually kill students. Imagine the scene required by actually sending someone into a real school situation. You could not feign the killing of students in that way unless six-year olds were very good actors. And there would be other complications. It would be much easier to simply have a long string of false witnesses to tell the story while no shooting took place. The Boston Marathon and 9-11 have together convinced me that the American government has hundreds of people sworn to share false testimony on behalf of feigned events. These people must meet and discuss plans in their dens of iniquity. I can see satanists / witches doing this without a problem.

Sandy Hook's shootings took place when Hillary Clinton reported her head trauma, or when she was to appear before the Republicans on the Benghazi scandal. A few months later, while that latter scandal got hot, the press hit the American people with the Boston Marathon. Is this the new thing, to have hoaxes prepared by a presidential team, and to allow a president to call one on just to change the national topic? That is bizarre.

By the way, this past week: "The Republican-led House had voted along party lines to establish the select committee to learn once and for all what happened during militant attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi..."

Police investigators routinely make mistakes in murder mysteries, to the point of jailing innocent people. Shall we give Mr. Fetzer another chance, therefore? Let's see what he says now:

Displaying his gift for brazen performances, "Robbie Parker" has recently surfaced in Utah [bastion of the Mormons], where he has been promoting "school safety" and his wife, Alissa, has a new company,, which features products that can make a school safer at only modest expense...

...What the article doesn't tell you but which Dr. Eowyn has exposed is that, while Robbie Parker was using the cover of being a physician's assistant at the Danbury Hospital, he was working for a high-tech, national security outfit called SpotterRF, which manufactures compact radar devices and is associated with both the DHS and the CIA, while he was residing in New Jersey.

Perhaps equally disturbing, there is a Masonic Lodge in Newtown located very near Sandy Hook Elementary School, which is deeply involved in the "CT CHIP" program (the Connecticut Child Identification Program), which appears to be the first stage in a comprehensive program to "chip" every child and eventually every citizen of the United States for the DHS and the CIA

The implication is that Sandy Hook was not primarily to curb gun owners, but was conducted by people who are gearing up for child-safety programs leading to the chipping of children, if possible. You can read at the page below that the Connecticut Freemasons Foundation are bringing this program to the parents for FREE. Very suspicious.

It could appear that the entire state of Connecticut is involved in pushing this program, which can explain the feasibility of the Sandy-Hook hoax. Compare with the prospects of certain failure if the Connecticut government had not been on-board with the hoax. It is not a stretch of the imagination to have a state government controlled by Masons and their friends.

From the CTCHIP website:

The Connecticut Freemasons Foundation working with other partnering organizations/agencies have upgraded CTCHIP equipment technology from VHS recording tapes to digital recording on mini-DVD-RAM discs as part of our ongoing commitment to children and families...This upgrade allows the re-packaging of the identifying items generated at CTCHIP Events into a smaller easy-to-carry and take-on-vacation "PURPLE PACK".

The Purple Pack includes a DVD Ram disk which has a video of your child and a still photo, your child's fingerprints, a dental impression and a dental swab.

This list of items are exactly what every law-enforcement agency desires, and here the private details of people are being given to these agencies without the consent of the person as an adult. It's a tricky way for the police to grab these details from every person across the country, hopefully, one day, by a compulsory measure. But here we find Masons at the front of the movement, and, they claim, none of the private data goes to them, but rather goes to the police. What we have here is Masonic elements working with the police, something to be expected in the Boston Marathon.

"CTCHIP" is short for Connecticut CHild Identification Program, and yet when they wish to go to the skin-imbedded chip some day, the name will be ready for it. At that time, CTCHIP, or TXCHIP, or NYCHIP, would be very appropriate. Yes, the Freemason website of the even says that it can spread to other states: "CTCHIP is the most comprehensive child recovery and identification program in the nation. It utilizes a defined "Masonic Method' that is being adopted by Grand Lodges across North America. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has declared MASONIC CHIP to be the most comprehensive program of its kind in the nation." This is so utterly backward, it's not a wonder that it's directed by retards of the Masonic kind. Most missing children are taken by Masonic / satanic kinds in the first place. The caption in the photo reads: "a proud partner with MASONICHIP International" (caps mine).

Would you entrust such a program to a pedophile? If not, don't entrust it to Masons. They might view the videos to decide which ones they will abduct. Look at the cute young boy sitting on a soccer ball in the Freemason CTCHIP page above. Note that his index finger goes into the other hand in a sexual-connotation symbol. He even appears to have his hands on his genitals. Is this picture the sort that might "turn on" a pedophile? Here it is from my files in case it disappears:

When I used "TXCHIP" and "NYCHIP" above, I was merely guessing that one day they might exist. About two hours later, I tried searching "NYCHIP" just for fun and got a website,!! Yes, it's the child safety garbage identical to that of CTCHIP. "By direction of the Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons (F. & A. M.) in the State of New York, the responsibility of the NYMSID Program has been delegated to the NYMSID ["Masonic safety ID"] Committee." It's complete garbage masked in a I-love-your-child wrapper. These guys would abduct your child just to "prove" that it's worth receiving their so-called PURPLE (colors of queers) Pack.

There is also a MOCHIP for Missouri ( The Maryland partner goes by MDCHIP. I've just found an MECHIP ( for Maine. The wickeds in angel's clothing are quietly spreading this thing nationally. All states advertise in the same basic way, as though all states need to conform to the same, canned advertising. It's free, they say. How many of you know to beware when something is free? Like when a pedophile offers a child a free candy?

If, as they claim, they have given out about a half million Packs in Connecticut alone, that's roughly five million dollars that the Connecticut Masons would supposedly be paying to the program that may or may never help one family. Do you think the local Masons are that generous / caring, or do you think that some government agency is in truth paying for the Packs??? If the latter is true, then the Masons are essentially liars. What agency is paying for this "service", don't you want to know? It's the tax-payers, isn't it? The government has got the Masons doing its ID work for it, doesn't it?

Pedophiles have been found lingering in too-large numbers within the Catholic clergy, but, as with Masons, that clergy has traditionally been an all-male cult. Freemasonry and Catholicism are ideological enemies, which has probably to do with the exposure of pedophilia amongst Catholic priests rather than exposure of the same amongst Freemasons. The latter control the media and legal systems so that we wouldn't expect Freemasons to suffer the same fate that the Catholics did. Note how Freemasons rarely make the criminal news. That is, if they are Freemasons, the fact is not told in the news. Therefore, the media is involved in covering for the reputation of Freemasons.

Asking Yahoo to search, "list of Freemasons in Connecticut," gets nothing of the sort. At one time, one could enter a phrase in quotation marks and receive only those pages having the full quote, but, now, leading search engines have removed that capability from us so that we can no longer investigate as potently. In fact, search engines now decide what we can and cannot have in certain issues.

It has become somewhat taboo to join a lodge, and so many are avoiding it, or, perhaps, they may register under an alias name if the list is made public. My term "Freemason" does not necessarily mean someone who attends a lodge. A Freemason to me is anyone in a circle subscribing to the new world order starting with Darwinian evolution and the put-God-off Enlightenment movement.

Mr. Fetzer adds: "As in the AP story above, a CNN report on 17 December 2012 also described Robbie Parker as a physician's assistant: 'He moved his family from Utah to Connecticut eight months ago after accepting a job as a physician's assistant in the newborn unit at Danbury Hospital.' Danbury Hospital is in Danbury, CT, a city that is 11.7 miles (14 mins. by car) west of Newtown." This is not a schlep-job. His occupation is described as "Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine" by some online source. Clicking on the "Robert Parker, PA-C" link suggests that the source is Find-a-Doc page from the Danbury hospital's own website, but the hospital page is no longer available. Should it be expected that it was removed due to Fetzer's story?

Let's assume that Parker does not work there, but that the hospital ownership is privy to the hoax. In the Boston Marathon hoax, one or more hospitals required involvement in the hoax. Perhaps there are hospital chains, like fast-food chains, owned by the same people, but not using the same names, but, in any case, it was my perception that Masons have been the common bond whether it involves hospitals, police departments, military units, or media.

Let's assume that Parker does work as an infant-care doctor, perhaps even performing minor surgery. Should we begin to ponder his relationship with the CTCHIP Masons? It's a little crazy to even ask, but could there be a secret program in the works for skin-chip implants in newborns?

Dr. Eowyn then shows a photo of a certain Robby Parker, who, though the spelling is not "Robbie Parker," lives and works in Utah. Both men attended Brigham Young University. The two men do look alike to some degree, except for the ear lobes especially. Robby is listed with a company called, SpotterRF (advertises itself as "Radar for the Elite"): "Note that Robby Parker employed as a 'quality assurance engineer' at Spotter RF...CSSBB is Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Wikipedia says Six Sigma is a set of quality management methods used in many businesses and industries..." "Six Sigma" is for me a red flag addressing the 666 commercial system predicted to be upon the human race imminently. Until now, many 666 watchers have predicted that the system will be of a microchip inserted into the skin.

When I studied Obama's pictures to compare him with someone else, I got to the scars in his head behind the ears, suggesting that he may have had some sort of implants. It just so happens that Obama is known for his Connecticut social insurance number even though he has not lived or worked in that state, according to anyone whose looked into it. His team, anyway, knowing about this scandal, has never come out to claim that Obama lived / worked there...though perhaps he did, yet they don't want to give details for fear that diggers might get to yet another scandal. Was Obama involved with Masons of Connecticut?

It just so happens that SpotterRF is a company involved with equipment for tracking vehicles, which is helpmate to the spying industry. "A Sept. 11, 2012 article on Security Today says: 'SpotterRF recently announced that its new, patented radar technology will be used to protect public bridges managed by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) . . . MDTA is planning ahead to reduce homeland security threats.'" Spying on our vehicles in the name of bridge bombers. Police now have radar means within their cars to read licence plates automatically, no doubt bringing up the owner's private details that are stuffed inside the police records. Imagine. You are driving down the road, and a police car ends up behind you. He's reading about you on his monitor. That better not be happening, you say? It's exactly the world they want.

Unfortunately, this is all that the Eowyn - Fetzer team has provided on the two Robert Parkers. In the pictures of both men, one of the two upper front teeth is shorter than the other (though not the same shape), a rather striking similarity (the shape may have been changed on one). If the ears were a match, the story would be much-more persuasive. On the other hand, we might expect ear differences to be added to photos for protecting the actor; there is only one known picture of Robby thus far. There is room here for mistaken identity, another strike-out for Fetzer. He was the one who supported Judy Wood's explanation for the collapse of the towers, and meanwhile denies thermite as a possibility.

I've been looking at search results for "'Robby Parker' Utah," with many articles on Robbie Parker coming up, yet not one of them is from the accused seeking to clear his name. That in itself makes this a story. If he were to come out to add anything to the debate, it could lead to worse. But what could be worse than being accused of being a fake dad that makes the entire event a fake? Where is Robbie's article defending himself???

There is a Robert F Parker listed on the page below, age 71, Brigham Young attendee with several Utah address shown, including one in Ogden, Utah, but if one clicks the "View more [addresses]," there is also one in North Haven, Connecticut. It just so happens that Robbie Parker and his wife were from Ogden, Utah (wherefore the man above may be his father / uncle). For example, one can find online statements like: "Memorial held at Ben Lomond High School in Ogden [Utah] where her parents met...Robbie Parker held a public memorial for his six-year-old daughter at Ben Lomond High School in Ogden..."

Unfortunately, this appears to be the end of this issue at this time. Some are taking it too far by claiming that Robby is definitely Robbie.

For yet another inconclusive idea spreading online, one can see below a couple of photos, identical aside from size, of the woman (reported as DAWN Lafferty Hochsprung) who was supposedly the Sandy-Hook principal. But in the other photo, she's "DONNA," supposedly being reported by a Fox news station as someone near the marathon. It would be easy for some prankster to create this situation by simply pasting a news caption in front of the photo, and yet it could be true. Due to the angle of the caption (not straight across), the photograph appears to be one where the cameraperson took a shot of a television. It's not from a video of the television report.

If the Donna photo was fabricated by anti-government people (a possibility, of course), then the following opinion on the topic would not be true:

It turns out that FOX NEWS may have reported the story then pulled it off the internet with no trace, retraction or apology. The former link to the story at FOX NEWS INSIDER is now a { "404 - Page Not Found" }.

Additionally, it appears that the search function of the FOX NEWS site has invoked "content restriction" for anyone searching for "Dawn Hochsprung".

I'm not sure whether that's reliable or framed cleverly to make the case where there is none. Where is the Fox-News-Insider page that once had a link to the news show implied by the photo? Where is the page showing "content restriction." When I entered her name at Fox's search box just now, here's what it gave me, a normal page by the looks of it: Hochsprung#refresh

The last thing we need is dishonest conspiracy theorists. They are out there, some of them in criminal circles themselves, natural enemies to police departments. They have their own place in Hell, but I'm concerned for criminals working for police departments, and Masons disguised as angels of goodness. They are the dangerous ones, not the criminal on the street who wants to steal your electronics for some fast cash, but after that poses no threat. The dangerous ones wish to steal the souls and minds of your children, and to have them and you both become slaves to the state. There is a big difference between serving community and being a slave to / number of the state government. The government, initially employed to serve the community, can become a parasitic infestation, looking to the community as the money bags for fulfilling its own, independent agendas. It can get much worse when it seeks to engineer the type of society that best suits its parasitic lust. In my mind, this "world order" is nothing but Freemasonry in our faces.

Below we see a news article on the school shooting featuring the photo above of the supposed principal of the Sandy Hook school. There is also a picture outside the school with many people, including students, on the street:

Question: is the photo of a real or staged event? It's the day after the shooting, wherefore this photo may have been faked by a combination of methods: sending actors to the location as well as pasting in a few more people / cars. But how could the school not have been operational at the time? Wouldn't the people living on this street know it? Are we to believe that they are too afraid to speak out using their names, or telling that they live on the street? If the media won't tell their story because it's involved, the residents have as an option to go online to tell their story, and yet every computer and website can be tracked down. The belief that they cannot be tracked is likely a false impression deliberately given by the government to encourages criminals and whistleblowers to use the Internet more freely, thus exposing themselves to the government.

Spying on a community will catch more criminals, but it will also help satanic parasites to engineer their own society as they think best. One doesn't need to attend a church of satan to be satanic. Writing "In God We Trust" on a dollar bill is a form of satanism. Ask the pyramid. Social engineering is much about conforming society to a political ideology or agenda, and we are going to be spied on to see how the world-order programs are turning out. It's been called keeping statistics and conducting polls, but now there is a new way: just record conversations and other such material in ways that was deemed criminal in the past. And so, you see, the government has the ability to decriminalize things so that its agents may act freely as criminals. Ask government-run casinos, or the new trend, government-protected pot sales. Spying is a tool helpful for destroying / subduing political enemies, which is another form of satanism.

Every computer that goes online has a number that can be identified by certain methods. And I'm sure that the government has acquired that method whether or not the computer enters a government website. The computer number can then be linked to the phone line, and, of course, the government can know where any phone number is physically located. If you think you are online hiding from government surveillance, you're deceived, just as the government wants you. The sinister side of government has a list of all truthers, pro-gun lobbyists, "militia" types (probably not an accurate term to use in most cases), Christian "activists," and others slated for punishment. The only thing that keeps you from being watched is the sheer number of citizens versus the number of people employed to watch. Typically, they watch only those they choose to watch, and record the rest in case they become of interest.

If even Christians become a target, that's how you know that satanism is involved. The same bag of tricks used for debunking conspiracy theorists is used to debunk Jesus, the Bible, Creationism, etc. It's been satan's game from the onset, first to create doubt, and next to vilify the Christian messenger. There is a big difference between genuine debate and using impish tactics. The latter are easy to spot, but the imps are starting to disguise themselves as genuine debaters walking the fence. Don't be fooled.

Unfortunately, in the digital age, photographs are no longer worthy / reliable evidence. Even your emails can be fabricated. You could be jailed as a pedophile by pedophiles in government, if they wish to set you up that way. They can stack your computer with child porn, then come in to catch you with it. It's their word over yours. A few days ago, I received a page stating that the government has caught me with child porn on my computer. I was told that my computer had been compromised, and that I was required to pay $100 in order to restore it. The message was not from the government, obviously, but apparently from some nut out to make a fast buck, but why couldn't the message have been from local Masons sending me a threat?

Although the page came with a virus that would not allow me to delete the page, nor use Microsoft Explorer any longer (I couldn't even shut Explorer down), yet re-booting the computer solved the problem. Anyone who truly wanted the $100 badly would have given the computer a true virus where the entire thing was inoperable until the amount was paid. Therefore, as the computer started and operated normally after re-booting, the page may have been from local goons who've been watching my conspiracy-related messages of late. I half expect it.

I have a message for the goons. Grow up and be true men, men of honor. Put a smile on God's face. But if you refuse, then a goon you shall be into Hell. If you die in your sins, you will know what it means to be a goon. You are not many years from it. You cannot live past your death; you do not have complete control, not anywhere near it. The agenda of God is this: to send out his angels for to record your acts for the Day of Judgment. While you watch with your all-seeing-eye, He sees you, your stony heart, your warped mind, your tiny soul. These are the parts that you need to grow up.

If you are not in the Unites States, there is a chance that the American government cannot watch you at all unless you send email to an American, or enter an American website. That is, if the foreign government will not reveal your address or phone number to an American-government agency, you might be able to type and not be watched in real time. But it still comes with risk. A pro-Obama British or Canadian government, for example, could make it a problem at this time. The global order is of course wishing to share private data across borders for the purpose of controlling globally. It should be naive to think otherwise.

A staged event at Sandy Hook could not have occurred had the media not been a complicit part of the insider team. One blogger writes:

...The press was disallowed access to the victims' families and the school. The coroner gave some strange responses, funerals were not witnessed by press, parents of dead children did not appear to be seriously grieving, they appeared to be coached. Conflicting police reports of the events at the school raised questions also, as did police intimidation of any people offering information, evidence, or analysis contrary to their official statements. I would think this scenario of federal actors in crime is plausible as a psyop supporting Obama's agenda. Do you?

We can't ignore people anymore who think that staged events are taking place. As in any group, there are those who are smarter or dumber, wronger or righter, but even some who, though not knowing their grammar well, have a gift for seeing truth versus scam. The motive for Sandy Hook, they say, was to enhance Obama's agenda of removing some guns from the populace. But I think the timing (during the Benghazi flap) would suggest more to it. Here's a comment from a page seeking to debunk the Donna photo:

DelbertG •6 months ago

I am from Sandy Hook. And I have a lot of family and friends there. And I tell you this. The shooting never happened. I know it. My family knows it. And my friends know it. Believe what you want. But you will NEVER get the truth from mainstream media. Even our local news stations are liars. They are told what to report and its simple as that. Clearly much of the news is fabricated. Very little is real. Its the reason why the world always looks more screwed up on TV than in real life.

The next comment, a very strong rebuttal, comes from an insider fake, very obviously:

A Person •6 months ago

I know someone who was friends with the principal of Sandy Hook and attended the funeral. She's dead. It honestly sickens me when people accuse these kids and adults of not being dead. It may have been an inside job, but guess what? They're all dead.

What are the chances that, immediately after a comment from a Sandy-Hook resident, the person knew a friend that attended Dawn's funeral??? I don't buy it. It's far more likely that the insiders were creating this webpage in the first place, and thus added their own comments too.

Another comment from the same page: "can't anyone just ask FOX if this photo was actually shown during a newscast? Can't anyone find an actual newscast where it PROVES they used Dawn's photo during the Boston Bombing coverage?" Not if Fox won't respond to the issue. But what would be the point in airing the picture of a woman (i.e. Donna) blocks away from the explosion? Why would Fox deliberately air the picture of the Sandy-Hook principal in a marathon-news piece? It is easier to believe that someone fabricated the Fox picture.

Another blogger argues that the Fox image could be photo doctored in five minutes flat, but he/she fails to mention that the government can do the same to provide the hoaxes in the first place.

In the page's article itself, the first argument made to debunk it has to do with the picture frame in relation to her head, but the writer does not explain or make the case. I do not understand this argument. It may be a case of appearing extra-intelligent to create doubt, but having a fully-empty argument, a thing expected from insiders when they have little else to go on.

Another page discussing the photo has a good comment to the effect that the people at Fox were discussing Donna Page, the principal of Sandy Hook both before and after Dawn's supposed murder, but that Fox accidentally brought up Dawn's photo for the Donna story. In that case, this news show should be in the Fox archives.

For those who have the time, you may wish to look into the missing death certificates:

Yahoo Stinks

The people bringing us the Internet wish to portray themselves as our helpers, but in reality they are aiming to be our teachers. They are going to lead us, if we let it happen.

Yahoo punishes tribwatch where it brings up only one page (as well as the Iraq-Updates index page) in a search for " tribwatch 'boston marathon' ". It gets two pages if searching for "' 'boston marathon' ". All the pages on the marathon have "Middle East Updates" as a title, but when searching that title along with "boston marathon," only two pages come up. How can it be that searching " 'middle east updates' marathon " fails to get those two pages but gets two others. Obviously, the search engines are not only denying pages, they are also not giving us what we ask for. If two pages come up as " 'middle east updates' 'boston marathon' ", the same two MUST come up even when the 'boston' has been dropped, unless the search engine has applied a special program to my files to deny the basic rule for doing searches.

My computer finds the following 21 pages in the Middle East Updates of 2013 when searching " 'boston marathon'": 5th of March; 3rd and 4th of April; all 5 in May; first three in June; 2nd of July; 2nd and 4th of August; 2nd of September; first four in October; 2nd of November; 3rd of December. Why don't the search engines find most of these pages? The world is not permitted to have my writings on this topic, I see, not even people ask for Thank you, Yahoo, Google, Bing, Dogpile, Webcrawaler, -- tyrants -- for showing your stripes; it appears I wasted my time, mainly, in writing on this topic. But think of how many others are likewise punished, in an effort to control the Internet. On behalf of whom? Whose ideologies will prevail?

The Bing search engine brings up the same search results when searching "tribwatch and 'boston marathon'". How sad to know that Yahoo and Bing are using the same system exactly. I've read that Bing is a Google-controlled search engine. The search engine, Dogpile, gives tribwatch the same treatment. It appears that, no matter which ones we may choose to use, they are basically using the same central databank. Who controls it? P> Google brings up the index page and only three other pages.

I've just gone to the Yahoo page that allows us to contact their customer service for to make a complaint, where there is a link to Fill out the Yahoo! Mail Troubleshooting Form as well as a link to "contacting yahoo." Clicking the latter link just gets us the page above, thus sending us in circles. What sorts of Internet tyrants are these? What sorts of helpers are they? "Deceivers" is the correct answer. Haven't they lied to us by providing links promising contact with customer service, only to lead us to pages where they make money? They've used us, and in the meantime ignored us, and in the meantime disappointed us, all without shame or repentance, for they have been doing this for a long time.

There is an page, How to Contact Yahoo Customer Service. On that page there is a link, "How to File a Complaint With Yahoo! " Instead of sending one to a page where one can simply write-out the complaint and send it, it sends one to a page sure to make Yahoo look like a joke, and Yahoo does not mind a bit so long as it doesn't need to respond to anyone, which is obviously what makes Yahoo the happiest.

This How to File a Complaint With Yahoo page offers a link back to the How to Contact Yahoo Customer Service, sending us in circles.

The How to File a Complaint With Yahoo page offers a second link to another ehow page, "How to Contact a Representative at Yahoo," where the first sentence reads, "Got a question for Yahoo? Get in touch with a Yahoo representative in a few clicks. Have a question? Get an answer from online tech support now!" Go ahead and click that latter link to see that it sends one to another ehow page rather than to Yahoo. It has nothing to do with Yahoo. Lots and lots of money to be made here on needless hits, at our expense. We are dealing here with satanic imps.

The How to Contact a Representative at Yahoo page has another link to "How do I Contact Yahoo! Customer Service by Phone? It lists an 800 number for American callers that is no longer in service. However, a Yahoo representative does answer the call to inform of another number: 800 318-0612 (changing the number often gets rid of many people). The automated phone message one gets from the latter informs us that call volume is high, that we may not get to speak with anyone, and that, if we are cut off, to go to a Yahoo webpage for contacting them by email.

I called and, after holding for about five minutes, got an automated recording. How does that make sense? No recording puts one on hold merely to wait for another recording, unless they don't want to speak to you. When other companies put me on hold for several minutes, a live person ALWAYS answers rather than another recording.

The Yahoo recording offered four selections; they didn't have a complaints option. I choose number 4, to discover that they offer assistance for this choice only from a webpage (haha), the address of which was given to me only once, and too fast to write down. Then, immediately, Yahoo hung up on me. It did not give me the option to return to the main menu to choose any of the other three options. How's that for customer CARE?

I called back. I waited the roughly five minutes again before getting the four options. This time I pressed the number two option (small business concerns), and finally was told that "my estimated wait time was less than 25 minutes." Yahooooo, only 25 minutes or less. I hung up. They don't want to speak to anyone, do they? Not even at their business-affairs line, where they make money on such things as domain names? Nope, and I think I know why: callers who can't get a live person at the other options end up trying option two.

I called back. This time, I timed the recording, which repeated, "Your call is important to us [spit!], please hold on." Meanwhile, I'm waiting merely for an options recording, meaning that my call and yours is a nuisance to Yahoo. It took five minutes. This time, I pressed the number one option (passwords, etc.), and was promptly given the same recording offered when one first calls: that call volume is high, that we may not get to speak with anyone, and that, if we are disconnected, to go to a Yahoo webpage ( ) for contacting them by email. After 14 minutes of waiting, with REPEATED music even, no one got on; there was not even a voice recording telling how much longer my wait might be. I hung up.

I called back. For the fourth time, the recording to "please hold on" lasted five minutes, meaning that EVERYONE gets it automatically just to begin making our experience a headache. "Get lost," Yahoo is telling the world. Just use our online service so that we rack up hits and make billions, thank you.

After choosing option 3 (billing), the musical recording was brought on again. One would think that they would respond promptly to billing questions, since they make their money here. After six minutes, a live person came on. I asked to be connected to a complaints department. She said she might be able to take my report. I told her that it took an hour to get a live person; I told her about the 5-minute waste-our time message, and even informed that I was writing this complaint up on my webpage. She apologized and said she would transfer me. I said, "not to another recorded message, please, but to a live person." Yes, she said, but when I was transferred, I got the same 4-options recording. No surprise.

What kind of an organization doesn't take complaints in order to improve itself? The Internet is controlled by dirt, isn't it? It's not a wonder that kids as young as ten have easy access to the most disgusting porn. How can Armageddon be far off? Worse, men have easy access. If the "image of the beast" is going to be a computer image / program, the Internet is more than prepared already for it.

On the page, How to File a Complaint With Yahoo, there is a link near the bottom getting us to the help-central page below. Just take a look to see that it's anything but helpful for making contact with Yahoo. Does Yahoo think it's fooling people? Does it take us for idiots? Yes, and no. It realizes that we will see its unwillingness to speak with us, but it's better than the alternative: actually speaking with us. It's called, "Screw you. We're not here to make your Internet experience wonderful, as promised. We certainly don't keep our promises, stupid."

At the bottom of the page, How to File a Complaint With Yahoo, there is a link called "Complaints." Ahh, finally, we think, we have reached the end-game, and we now have Yahoo on the ropes. But when clicking the link, we get the page below that doesn't even include the word "Yahoo." The page tells us how to write a compliant to anyone. How's that for sinister evasiveness?

When we do a search for "contact yahoo" on the Yahoo search engine, we would expect a page where one can go quickly, without complication, to a contact site. Not a chance. One result has a title, "Contact Yahoo Homepage Customer Care | Yahoo Homepage...", but, ha-ha, time to go crazy, because clicking that title gets one to the page below NOT ALLOWING CONTACT:

So, we back up to the "contact yahoo" search results page, and try another title. This time, we spot, Contact Yahoo! Customer Service..., but it gets us to a Bing page showing the same basic results page. What a farce. Why doesn't Yahoo just come out to admit that it won't take our complaints rather than wasting everyone's time and looking very callous for it? Isn't this a demonic attitude?

Searching "contacting yahoo" rather than "contact yahoo" gets a Wiki title promising three different ways to make contact. But, aside from a toll-free phone number, Wiki gives us this page, which we saw above:

The third method is to post on a social-network site and hope that Yahoo reads it. The only option, therefore, is to call the toll-free line (800-318-0612), and, of course, we now know that's useless. Wikipedia (a reliable end-time puppet of the goons) doesn't mention what happens when we call the number. So, let's go to the page that the telephone recording asks us to visit,, where we get this:

The page is called, "'Confirm your identity'" pop-up message." It's just another waste-of-time, run-a-around piece of garbage used for making money. Demonism. The love of rolling in the money while treating humanity with screw-you deception. There is a link to the right side for contacting Yahoo, sending us to an options page, where the options for making contact are bogus:

Please select the topic you need help with so we can provide the best available support.

Abuse and spam
Create or delete account
Hacked accounts
Link Yahoo to other sites
Online safety
Password and sign in
Preferences and settings
Suspicious activity
Yahoo policy

It's obvious that none of these options will get anyone to anything but other pages from which the Internet tyrants can build hits and make oodles of money. Therefore, even the webpage shared at the telephone recording has led to a dead end for contacting yahoo.

The underlying message is that Yahoo and Google will now gag writers it doesn't approve of, while not be ashamed. It will do this probably due to being asked by American globalists. Perhaps, when the Internet goes to non-American controllers, as it's slated imminently, articles like mine on the Boston Marathon will be fully available.

This page will likely get buried or taken off the search-engine list altogether. How nice to wield such power.

Is there an Internet police? Wherever he is, he's probably googling at porn. Wikipedia's "Internet police" article makes no bones about its purpose in controlling "public opinion:

Internet police is a generic term for police and secret police departments and other organizations in charge of policing Internet in a number of countries. The major purposes of Internet police, depending on the state, are fighting cybercrime, as well as censorship, propaganda, and monitoring and manipulating the online public opinion.

MANIPULATING public opinion??? Isn't that the job of tyrants? Too bad, Christian activists. Too bad, online Christian missionaries. Satan gets to rule the Internet, just as he gets to rule "democracies." It won't last forever, judging by the condition of the world at this time. The article ventures to say nothing on the nature of the American Internet police, thus suggesting that it's doing a favor for it. There is no one listed in the article where people can report abuse of the Internet by the search engines. Glossy Sodom is permissible, but my view of the Boston Marathon is shunned because the Internet police are of the same cloth as the ones who conducted the event.

Back in 1995-97, before electronic purchasing was widespread, it appeared that the mark of the beast could arrive by 2010, judging by the speed at which purchasing was going toward the card system. On the technical level, the time has indeed arrived where such a system could be utilized. But public resistance has spoiled the Digital Angel skin chip. The resulting prediction is that MANIPULATING public opinion on the topic of receiving a skin chip is now a priority. How will they do it? Is there a major program underway to make the world accept it as good for it?

First of all, we must all be conditioned to accept the Internet police as something good for us. We must all be convinced that government spying and record-keeping is good for us. And this is happening as we speak. A new generation is growing up that accepts it as quite normal, or as a minor aberration to be tolerated. Young people, however, change their tune once they start using their minds as adults. They begin to realize that policing also involves political corruption. Policing and controlling are one and the same. We all like it when the police control criminals, but when the government is infested with goons and criminals who have the police on their side, it's major trouble for all. That's why views like mine on the Boston Marathon need to be subdued at all costs. The global order depends on peoples' respect of government, or, if that doesn't work as planned, the global order will simply force itself on the masses, country by country.

It may have been short-sighted for people like me to think that, as soon as the technology is in place for full electronic purchasing, that the mark of the beast would follow closely along. The fact is, it may be 20 or even 40 years off yet. There is nothing to say that the current situation of debit-card use can't linger for another 50 years before the world goes skincode. My impression is that the sin level of the world determines when Armageddon comes down. I thought the sin level was already beyond tolerable in the 90s. But, perhaps, the condition can go the other way for a few decades, better rather than worse. I'm actually shocked that God would tolerate the world in the condition that's it's in now. Perhaps it is God's will to make it go three times worse. I have no idea; it's very depressing. The God I longed for isn't coming yet. The lateness of the brightness I wished for is forcing me to eat dirt. My condition is suffering all the while. Emphasizing this topic forces me to dwell on it.

The longer this situation lingers, the more powerful the globalists might become (there is always the chance that they could become weaker). Their task is simply to place their agents in the top political posts, in the police departments and courts, in the educational channels, etc. In my opinion, 9-11 and the Boston Marathon has already shown how powerful they are. They are far from perfect -- in fact, they are rotten to the core -- but perfection by any standards is not required when forcing their subjects into a situation. To this point, they have not revealed any will to force us into a martial-law situation. But when we see state and provincial police departments building in size and scope, that would be the sign to watch out for.

Aside from merely having control in various organizations, globalists need to employ agents to a particular tune, with a clear agenda to be fulfilled. It's one thing to merely have the ability to control from the top, but quite another to operate within an organization to fulfill a plot where many agents in the same sphere wouldn't sympathize if they caught wind of what was truly taking place. This is where perfection can never be achieved, so long as outsiders are thinking and feeling things out properly. At one time, imperfections / mistakes by insiders could be covered for, but with the onset of the Internet, whistleblowers can do much damage. And that's why insiders need to control the Internet to the point of knowing exactly where the whistleblower sent out his/her Internet message.

Unfortunately, my brain is too small to predict the timing of a skin-based purchasing system, especially where the current globalist situation is blurred. But my brain is big enough to know not to venture a guess at this time. I get the sense that globalism is floundering at this time, unable even to carry out its global-warming scam. It hasn't brought Muslims on board, and Russia has been offended rather than tamed / seduced. The international-banker Illuminati, or call it what you will, has suffered a negative tailspin due to online writers. The bankers may not have known what was coming at the outset of the Internet. No one seems to be in love with bankers at this time, but "international banker" is synonymous with the devil himself. The fact may be that, when the globalists see how hopeless their plot is -- as per seducing the world with their charms -- they will decide abruptly to simply force it upon us as something good.

On the other hand, Revelation 13 tends to paint a picture wherein the world willingly honors the beast. From all avenues of life, people will serve it while praising it. What possibly could bring such a situation about, from where we stand here in mid-2014? It's a good reason for expecting 20-odd years to pass before the conditions in Revelation 13 are met. One may even ask whether 20 years are sufficient to heal the bad reputation that globalism has today.

On the other hand again, Revelation 13 has a small clue that, in fact, not all people will praise the system. It tells us that persecution will go to all who oppose it. The penalty will be death in some cases, which tends to reveal that it's a desperate move based in brutality. Such a thing can occur at any time, especially when things look bleak for fulfilling the plot by a better means. So, we have no choice but to stand guard, and to be prepared, at all times. We all have the choice on how best to prepare, but even then, we may not be able to fulfill the choice.


On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence
-- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find --
that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

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