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June 10 - 16, 2014

The Sunni Take Mosul
Could This Be It?
Kevin Ryan's 9-11 Revelation on Turner Construction

The prime minister of Iraq called on the parliament to announce a state of emergency after insurgents took both sides of Mosul. Brutal criminals will prevail in Iraq. We should be horrified by the loss of human life by brutality, but it's not going to change until all things are renewed. We can beg God, but it's not going to change. The evil Decreed upon the human race will certainly not be canceled. God has decreed to treat the Babylonians like so much garbage. It will be the same for joe-blow as for the ruler; no one will be treated with a right to life, or as a valued thing. The people will be of less worth than two sparrows.

The seizure of Mosul at this time is not necessarily the stepping stone to the appearance of the anti-Christ there. What remains to be seen is how Iraq will go about taking the city back, and what greater number of Sunni fighters enter the battle against Iraq in an effort to make this a game-changer. If it becomes a game changer, and the Sunni brutes retain the city, it could be a situation more conducive for the entry of the anti-Christ. Although the invaders are not vast, they quickly created a situation where the government officials were forced into hiding or flight.

...The battle for Mosul was a serious blow to Baghdad's attempts to tame a widening insurgency by a breakaway al-Qaida group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Earlier this year, the group took over another Iraqi city, Fallujah, in the west of the country, and government forces have been unable to take it back after months of fighting.

In a nationally televised press conference, al-Maliki asked parliament to convene an urgent session to declare a state of emergency....

...The insurgents took control of Mosul's government complex for northern Ninevah province -- a key symbol of state authority -- late [June 9]...

The gunmen overran police stations and several prisons, setting free detainees who were seen running in the streets in their yellow-jumpsuits, the residents said.

The fighters also seized helicopters at Mosul airport and seized weapons depots, parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi -- a Sunni from Mosul -- said in a televised address. South of Mosul, several villages and a military air base around the town of Shurqat, in Salahuddin province, also fell to militants, al-Nujaifi said.

...Umm Karam, a government employee who lives about two kilometers (just over a mile) from the provincial headquarters, said her family decided to flee the city early on Tuesday after hearing about the government building's fall.

"The situation is chaotic inside the city and there is nobody to help us," the Christian mother of two said, using a nickname out of concern for her safety. "We are afraid ... There is no police or army in Mosul."

Another elderly resident, speaking by phone after she and her family fled the city on foot to a nearby village Tuesday, said the city was without electricity and water.

The question needs to be asked: why now? If Mosul can be taken in a matter of two days, why didn't the Sunni do it a year or two ago? Who gave the order to seize it now, and why? We are not talking about a small town, but a flown-blown city of well over a million. Why is effort and manpower being turned away from Assad, at the very moment that he's been re-elected? How can they keep both fronts operational if they, with others, couldn't even defeat Assad? Perhaps the Iraqi invasion was planned two years ago, but the leaders decided to take Syria first in order to grab the money there that could devastate Iraq with more certainty.

The Jerusalem-Post article below, with Reuters contributing, is about the wished-for movement toward Kurdish independence from Iraq, with Israel favoring both it and a relationship with Kurds. It all smacks to me of Rothschild-oil people involved in Kurdistan. The article admits a secret relationship now in the works between Israel and the Kurdish leaders. Note too the Spyer surname, a variation of the Speers that were first found in the same place (Jewish-laden Renfrewshire) as the Pollocks (see "Rothschild" in my last two updates for Rothschild roots in Peter Pollock of Renfrewshire). The Speer/Speyer Chief looks like it's honoring the Pollock-like Black surname, important because Conrad Black once owned the Jerusalem Post. I suggest that the Blacks and their Niger/Nigel kin are using the Maxwell saltire, the symbols of both the Irish and German Dallens -- D'Allen suspects -- as well as the Marshall = Keith-of-Lothian lozenges (German Dallens showed the pine tree, the Lothian-surname symbol, before it changed to an oak, an Allen symbol).

"We are quite close to a declaration of independence. The main obstacle for now is the US," Prof. Ofra Bengio, editor of the forthcoming book Kurdish Awakening: Nation-Building in a Fragmented Homeland told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

...The Kurds say they are entitled to develop and market the resources in their region, and late last year finished building a pipeline to Turkey that circumvents Baghdad's federal export infrastructure.

Jonathan Spyer, a Middle East analyst and senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center who has traveled widely in Syria, told the Post that he agrees with Bengio's assessment...and adds that "the situation in Anbar and Nineweh provinces, the [Shi'ite] sectarian agenda of the Maliki government, and its apparent inability or lack of interest in addressing Sunni claims and grievances also serves to fuel practical Kurdish separatist impulses."

...In an article in the summer issue of the Middle East Quarterly journal, titled, "Surprising ties between Israel and the Kurds," Bengio charted the history of the relationship and how things could develop in the future.

The recent upheavals in the region and the geopolitical changes, she said, "could allow for open [non-secretive] relations between Israel and the Kurds by removing the barriers of fear, suspicion, and conspiracy theories."

..."The fear of antagonizing each neighboring state also weighs heavily on their ability to maintain open links with the Jewish state," she wrote.

Even though the Kurdistan Regional Government has had strong clandestine ties with Israel, the Kurds worry about angering Baghdad and particularly Tehran.

...In the article, Bengio concludes that going forward "it appears that relations between Israel and the Kurds are doomed to continue in the shadows. However, should the KRG declare independence, this might change the picture on both sides."

"Jerusalem might be one of the first governments to recognize Kurdistan as it was with South Sudan. A Kurdish state would in turn like to have Israel's support.

After all, besides the affinity between the two nations, they have common interests in the continued existence of each other," she said.

As you can see, it's being suggested that the Kurd-Israeli relationship has been kept in the dark due to the will of the Kurds, so as not to offend their Arab neighbors. But wouldn't Rothschild oil people wish to hide their efforts in Kurdistan, since George Bush invaded Iraq for them in the crime of the century? It became my opinion that Bush invaded for the sake of Rothschild interests, which is important where I entertain that end-time Gog could be, not from Russians proper, but from Western Rus expected in such groups as Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

Roxolani Rus (they were half Alan Huns) were actually living in proto-Russia (Magog) at an early time (before Varangian Rus arrived), and I've traced them both to Rockefellers at Roxburgh (where Rockefeller-related Maxwells were first found), and to the Alans of Dol, the latter being exactly the family befriended by Fulbert "the Saxon," whose son was Peter Pollock.

The article adds: "'There are three scenarios for such a declaration: When the American administration changes; before {Iraqi Kurdistan} President Masoud Barzani leaves office in less than two years' time...and finally if relations with Baghdad deteriorate further'..." One could argue that an ultimate Sunni victory in Mosul could help to give Kurds their declaration of independence, especially if Rothschild agents are behind the present insurgency. All theories are on the table, including one wherein paid Rothschild agents infiltrate the leadership positions of the insurgents for to steer the group for Kurd-oil purposes. It can't be correct, however, to view all insurgents under the control of Rothschilds, even if there were a Rothschild attempt to steer its direction into Iraq.

It would be very risky business for Zionists to strengthen anti-Zionists, but Hillary RODham Clinton has just told the world that she would have armed the Syrian rebels, and I suppose that could include the Islamic State of Iraq. Hillary is telling this to the world as part of her bid to become the next American president. She is telling her people that she will be a harder-line war president than Obama. Hillary is a part of the Democrat lunatic circle. She with Obama spent years attacking Bush for going in after Saddam after the latter killed thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons, but, now, she finds it proper to do the Bush thing against Assad. If she's a Rothschild agent, does her willingness to arm the insurgents hint of Rothschild wishes?

Days later, the Islamic State captured Tikrit too, which again begs the question: why did they wait this long if this is so easy to do? Who really is behind this decision to conquer, and what's involved? Already, the group is conducting itself badly enough that Maliki is asking Obama for firepower from the sky. A big story is that China is offering help too. Why?

BEIJING - China said on [June 13] that it was watching security developments in Iraq closely after Islamist fighters captured two more towns in a sweep south, and offered the government in Baghdad whatever help it can give.

China is the top foreign player in Iraq's oilfields...

This oil involvement of China in Iraq has got to be the reason for Revelation's "kings of the east" to arrive to Iraq, to fight the anti-Christ.

If Iraq agrees to allow the U.S. to enter the war militarily, where do we think the Americans will hold fort? In Mosul, very likely, if they succeed in ousting the Islamic State from that place. Perhaps the insurgent situation is about to take Iraqi history back to 2003-08, for the Shi'ites have declared war on the Islamic State. John Kerry still thinks that he's in charge over Obama: "Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience in London: 'Given the gravity of the situation I would anticipate timely decisions from the president regarding the challenge.'...The group has committed beheadings and crucifixions." Conveniently, oil prices have risen.

Never mind what Obama thinks. What would God think of this June-13 headline: "Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Parade Draws Tens of Thousands" The Israeli leaders, like Obama, allow these sorts of things as a special right. Then they speak like the angels of the world. Obama thinks he's the lead angel of the world. Everything done in Western democracy is angelic, they wish for us to think. Westernism has become Sodomism; the destruction of Sodom in the days of Abraham was a message that the end-time world would be of the same conduct, and receive the same ending in fire. It is therefore interesting that, while Gog has his end in the perpetual fires of the Sodom theater, according to Ezekiel 39 and Isaiah 34, Putin opposes homosexuality. I have never thought, anyway, that Putin will be the anti-Christ.

To be sure, the Western oil barons in Iraq should not want instability by war. But I'm keeping watch, anyway, for signs that the Islamic State has become a modified CIA operation, or something to that effect, for the purpose of creating well-plotted instability, to take firmer control over Iraq, and minimizing the Iraqi government that stands in the way of Kurd-oil exports. One can argue that the Westerners waiting for Kurdish oil all these years have decided that something drastic needs to be done about the Kurd-Maliki stalemate. If the Syrian rebellion was for the purpose of creating a West-respecting oil setting, then this sudden jump of Sunni fighters from Syria to Iraq may have oil at the root.

I am not persuaded that the West is for the Iraqi government just because it says so in publicized statements. In the opposing view, the Islamic State is not controlled by sinister Westerners, and is opposed by the CIA et-al, and is coming to Iraq to prepare the way for the anti-Christ that will destroy the West. These are two ways of looking at the events now unfolding. If the Sunni invasion is secretly sponsored by the O-circle, then Obama will likely choose NOT to become militarily involved.

NATO would be the tool used to enter Iraq militarily. The NATO chief is visiting Turkey (June 16) to shore up the NATO plan, we can assume. Obama's decision is to come shortly, but as he's ruling out ground troops, it looks like air power will be used. This will allow, they think, air power to spread into Syria to take out the Syrian air force. This is what Obama and the British want. They all made it clear recently. It is possible for the West to enter the Iraq theater while bombing the particular Sunni who do not act in accordance with Western wishes, which strengthens the Sunni who are under the Western shadow.

Turkey is being accused of supporting the Islamic State now trouncing through Iraq. If this is true, then it suggests that the Islamic State is in Iraq to advance the Kurd oil sales through Turkey. One could envision a Turk-West partnership in this.

Two [Turkish] lawmakers from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) have accused the [Turkish] government of protecting and cooperating with jihadist militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the al-Nusra Front, while the Turkish government quickly denied the claim.

CHP Deputy Parliamentary Group Head Muharrem Ince has asked for explanations of a photograph showing ISIL commander Abu Muhammad allegedly receiving free treatment in Hatay State Hospital on April 16, 2014, after being injured during fighting in Idlib, Syria. The photograph circulated widely on the Internet following ISIL's assault on Mosul June 9.

..."Militants stayed at religious body's guest houses"

Meanwhile, CHP Istanbul deputy Ihsan Ozkes claimed militants of the al-Qaeda splinter group the al-Nusra Front were allowed to stay at the guesthouses of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) under the monitoring of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) in the southern province of Hatay.

The hospitalization of the Islamic-State commander is not necessarily evidence that Turkey favors the Sunni invaders, for ISIL (or ISIS) captured many Turks in its Mosul invasion, and is holding them ransom. The situation could explain the hospitalization above, and other kindnesses done without much choice by the Turkish government. "ISIL militants had first captured 31 truck drivers transporting crude from the oil fields near Mosul to the Port of Iskenderun in southern Turkey, before raiding the consulate building in the city and taking hostage 49 workers, including diplomats and their families. Turkish officials say that intense contacts are being carried out to obtain their release."

Back in 2008, there were two problems, at least, standing in the way of prophetic fulfillment: 1) the Americans were still in Iraq; 2) the two Palestinian factions were divided. Neither of these two are in effect now...unless the Palestinian unity government breaks down. Moreover, in 2008, Russia was not involved in the Middle East, but has since made it clear that it stands tough to support its Syrian interests. The current situation provides the potential for Russian involvement in Iraq. For the moment, Putin is embroiled in the Ukraine, a situation that could bring Russian military to the eastern, Black-sea coast i.e. not extremely far from Iraq. If NATO shows military power in Iraq, we could see Putin taking any excuse whatsoever to militarize the Crimea theater. I cannot find Putin's feelings on the Iraqi situation in two major Russian media. In fact, these media (Moscow Times and RIA Novosti) have been silent on the Iraqi events in the three days that I've checked.

Justin Raimondo puts it well:

The regional war many of us predicted would be the inevitable result of the Iraq invasion is now upon us. A group expelled from Al Qaeda known as the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant," or ISIS, has mysteriously arisen, fully armed, like a Muslim Minerva from the head of Allah...ISIS controls roughly the western third of the country. And they're marching eastward, taking Tikrit and converging on Karbala and Najaf -- the sites of Shi'ite shrines, which the Sunni militants of ISIS are intent on destroying.

Shouldn't ISIS first become entrenched in Iraq before getting the entire world furious against it? That's no way to win a war. The main point in the quote above is that ISIS has appeared in Iraq instantly, like the birth of Athena, a fully armed war goddess, from the head of Zeus. Isis just happens to be a mythical goddess esteemed by the Western satanic cults, for even a part of the Thames river in Oxfordshire is called, the Isis. And "Thames" can be traced to "THEMIScyra," the city that I say named ArTEMIS, the war goddess of the Amazons to the near-north of Syria.

Isis was part of the Horus and Osiris cult(s), and I reckon that "Osiris" was named after "Seir" (proto-Syria?) while Horus was a Hros entity that (I say) named the Horites of Edom. It just so happens that Esau's son, Eliphas, whom I say is honored by the heraldic elephant, married Timna, a Horite from Seir, while the Arms of Oxford uses an elephant. It's as though the Templar elements at Oxford knew (or thought they knew) of their trace to Esau and the Seir Edomites. Note how "Eliphas" smacks of "Halybes."

The article continues with a Bush-whacking scenario:

Who will stop ISIS as they converge on the ultimate prize, Baghdad?

The answer is: Iran. Tehran has already answered Maliki's call to arms, with the elite Quds force taking up positions in the country, including in Tikrit, where they are reportedly retaking the province on the Iraqi government's behalf. They are also stationed in Karbala and Najaf, guarding those two symbols of Shi'ite power.

When the US invaded Iraq, and destroyed the secular Ba'athist regime, Washington effectively delivered the country to the Iranians. Indeed, Ahmed Chalabi, and his fellow "heroes in error" -- who along with his neocon sponsors lied us into war -- turned out to be Iranian agents...

"Chalabi" just happens to reflect "Chalybes" (also "Halybes"), the ancient peoples that I say named Halab, now Aleppo, the city that ISIS operates out of in Syria. If Merlin pops out of a hat at any moment, it's because the Halybes and Khaldi Amazons created the Arthurian cult that led to the Illuminati Round Table. Would it make sense that the Round Table would use Middle-Eastern Halybes elements in Iraq too? The Round Table is usually traced by others to Cecil Rhodes, and "Rhodes" happens to be a Hros entity, in my opinion. That is, the Horites of Edom can be traced to the naming of Rhodes, especially as Kos was a chief Edomite God while there is an island of Kos beside Rhodes. I trace mythical Merops of Kos (he is known to be related to Helios of Rhodes) to Amorites (had an empire in proto-Syria), where also I trace "Merlin / Myrddin." As Cimmerians were at Kamiros in Rhodes, the Cimmerians of Wales, where Merlin represented a people group, must be from Kamiros. The Rhodes-Kos connection must be how the Templars (a Rus peoples) knew of their Edomite background.

Raimondo's article continues:

...The second phase of the Iraq War has begun: the only question remaining is how big a role will the US play in it?

As I noted in 2009, the Status of Forces agreement we signed with the Maliki government has plenty of escape hatches, which could easily be invoked to send US troops back into the country. Here's one:

"When any external or internal danger emerges against Iraq or an aggression upon it violates its sovereignty, its political stability, the unity of its land, water, and airspace or threatens its democratic system or its elected establishments and according to the request of the Iraqi government, the two parties will immediately start strategic talks and according to what they will agree on between them the United States will undertakes the appropriate measures that include diplomatic, economic, military or any other measure required to deter this threat."

I can just hear the Obamaites justifying an American re-entry by claiming we have a "treaty obligation" to intervene. Whether this involves drone strikes or some type of air support and even sending in troops is irrelevant, at this point, since the reappearance of US soldiers on the ground is eventually going to be required if Washington decides to shoulder the responsibility of retaking Mosul and environs.

Again, if Obama refuses to send in any sort of military aid, then it's possible that his circle is in charge of, or in agreement with, the Sunni invasion. It's one thing to desire fighter-jet power against Assad, and another to want it against ISIS. What if ISIS was reinforced by the O-circle, in the first place, to help defeat Assad? Mr. Raimondo seems convinced that "[Defeating Iran] has been the War Party's goal since well before the invasion of Iraq, and today we are at the end of that long and bloody road." However, Obama has had an alternative approach to Iran, a friendlier one, for reasons that may have to do with his desire to punish Israel. Obama is likely a closet anti-Zionist, which can at times amount to a monkey wrench in the war-party / globe-trodder machinery.

At this time, the Iranians are merely offering weaponry, not sending in fighters. "Brigadier-General Mohammad Hejazi said Iran was ready to supply Iraq with 'military equipment or consultations,' the Tasnim news agency reported. 'I do not think the deployment of Iranian troops would be necessary,' he was quoted as adding" To Maliki, "not necessary" could seem like a slap to his face. The article implies that Iran is hoping the Americans will do the dirty, expensive sending in fighters.

So, how did ISIS pull off the magic this past week? Here's one possibility: "In Mosul, the insurgents grabbed a cache of largely American-supplied weaponry and equipment, and may even have seized $400 million dollars from the city's central bank. What was once best described as an insurgent fighting force might now be more accurately described as an army." If this is true, was the American machinery just sitting around waiting to be taken? How does a thug walk into a bank, and hold it up for 400 million? Or is the statement above just nonsense from Or, did the Americans provide the group both the weapons and the money?

Note that the Foreign-Policy logo is three white-on-black fesse bars, the symbol also of the Trebizond Empire centered in the area that was once Themiscyra. I don't believe for a second that the ISIS army stole 400 million from the central bank, do you? If war life were that easy, why wait until now to rob banks? There are many other banks to pillage, if it were this easy. So, why does provide this false scenario of how the Sunni army became successful overnight? If the army is soon caught with American weapons, the article above begins to give a false means as to how they were acquired.

With China, Iran, and the U.S. offering Iraq some aid, or at least sounding concerned, why is Putin silent? Isn't this a good opportunity for Putin to build a road to Maliki's heart? Or is the silence evidence that Putin is opposed to Maliki while favoring the Kurds? If correct, then, possibly, Putin could favor ISIS. The Russians once had a close alliance with the Baathist Sunni. Where are they now? Does ISIS accept Sunni Baathists? Here's from a June-13 article:

The Iraqi extremist group didn't conquer a major chunk of the country on their own. They had help -- from ex-Saddamites, tribal councils, and other militants.

...With fewer than 10,000 fighters ISIS forced the retreat of the better-armed Iraqi army forces many times its size [sounds ridiculous]. Their incredible success on the battlefield has fed into a growing lore about the group: the small band of fanatics that can take down a country. The truth is more basic and it's something ISIS doesn't want to admit -- they weren't acting alone.

It wasn't having God on their side that let ISIS conquer Mosul and Tikrit with hardly a fight, analysts say. It was the other Sunni insurgent groups that were there alongside them, unacknowledged partners in the coalition. Those groups have deep organizational roots and were instrumental in the takeover but have been largely overshadowed by ISIS.

..."ISIS control in Mosul is contingent on political alliances they have made with the Baathists and the tribal groups," said Brian Fishman, a fellow at the New America Foundation, who has been following ISIS since the group's early days during the Iraq war.

"This alliance marching on Baghdad is not a natural one," Fishman added. “We can understand how it was put together in opposition to the government but what exactly is holding it together, and how sturdy it is, is an open question," he said.

...Tactical details from the past week's offensive are hard to come by. But Hassan says the groups that cooperated with ISIS include: "The Sufi-Baathist militia known as the Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order, which has former members of the Iraqi army during Saddam Hussein's reign. The Al Qaeda-originated Ansar al-Islam, and provisional tribal councils, many of the which are actually front groups for the Naqshbandis," according to Hassan.

The Baathists may allow the Russians to become tactically involved, which predicts that the Baathists would come out number one, while ISIS is minimized, in the new Iraq, should the anti-Christ (i.e. future leader of Iraq) be a Russian operative. This view is still open to question because it's not fully certain who Gog, or Daniel's "king of the north," or Isaiah's "Assyrian," will be. But we are definitely looking for a "small horn" that becomes a great army, according to Daniel 11:21-24, able to invade with little frustration into the richest places of various provinces. The picture in these verses is remarkably like the fall of Mosul and Tikrit this past week.

The retreat of the Iraqi police / army from the Mosul theater suggests that the Iraqis knew the full gravity of plots and logistics devised against them, and feared enough to retreat for the time being...until a plan could be devised to combat this pest. Even the NY Times is lumping the Saddamites to ISIS:

As the dimensions of the assault began to become clear, it was evident that a number of militant groups had joined forces, including Baathist military commanders from the Hussein era, whose goal is to rout the government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki. One of the Baathists, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, was a top military commander and a vice president in the Hussein government and one of the few prominent Baathists to evade capture by the Americans throughout the occupation.

"These groups were unified by the same goal, which is getting rid of this sectarian government, ending this corrupt army and negotiating to form the Sunni Region," said Abu Karam, a senior Baathist leader and a former high-ranking army officer, who said planning for the offensive had begun two years ago. "The decisive battle will be in northern Baghdad. These groups will not stop in Tikrit and will keep moving toward Baghdad."

Some of you may have questioned whether the anti-Christ is already behind this movement. I've envisioned the Daniel prophecy with the anti-Christ stationed in Mosul for a lengthy time prior to invading Baghdad. I envisioned him as a political animal in the beginning, but, to the contrary, what we have now with ISIS is a rabid, diplomacy-void recklessness headed for abrupt failure. Perhaps this is where the two factions are "broken," as Daniel says, in order to allow the anti-Christ to have power over and through them, to arise stronger and successful as a threesome. For those who want to know my views since the 1980's, see The First We'll See of Anti-Christ. That chapter was revamped only weeks ago because there had been no sign of the anti-Christ entry into Iraq, but, suddenly, we are now watching what looks like a game changer.

Yet another article saying the same:

The Sunni insurgency that is storming Iraq towards the capital Baghdad reportedly includes Baathist military officers from the era of Saddam Hussein's regime.

A former top military commander and vice president in the Hussein government, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, has joined forces with the jihadists of the Isis (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) with the aim of overthrowing the Shiite-majority government of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.

...Al-Douri escaped capture from the US forces [did he really?] after the invasion that overthrew Hussein and gave the majority Shiite Muslims a prominent role in the new government. Over the last few years, he encouraged anti-government Sunni protesters to challenge the Maliki government and force him out.

The fact is, years ago, general Petraeus befriended some Baathists and other Sunni in Mosul, to the tune of 100,000 of them, at which time the Americans may have become close to Douri. Or, in another scenario, Douri rejected the Americans at that time. The near future could reveal the reality. It could be that the Americans, when they left Iraq, kept contact with Douri, and plotted to use him, if need be, to frustrate / weaken / topple Maliki. It looks to me like the Baathists are in charge of this temporary success story, with ISIS joining the Baathists rather than vice-versa.

The International-Business-Times (British media) page above happens to have an article,"Iraq Crisis: US 'Rejected Maliki's Requests for American Air Strikes'" Some might say that Obama is making Maliki squirm for rejecting his desire to remain in Iraq past 2012, but the truth may be that Obama is the money bags behind this new war...that is being credited to ISIS. That is, a war that may be due to the strings and strengths of Baathists is being credited to ISIS to hide the fact.

It seems inconceivable that Obama could continue to spite Maliki on a vengeful basis with the world expecting Obama to act? If Obama continues to reject Maliki's requests for sky power, then it will become more certain that he's secretly in bed with the terrorists. Unlike the Syrian situation, Russia is not making threats (through the media, anyway) against the West as per the Iraqi situation, meaning that Obama has no excuse for not answering Maliki's call. Even the Republicans are forming a heavy-weight club to get Obama to punch ISIS's lights out. But Obama has chosen to pick his nose and wipe it on Maliki's shirt.

Let's take the other scenario, where the Russians still have a road to Douri's heart, or to the hearts of other Baathist leaders. In this picture, Obama's snobbery can allow Putin to waltz in as Iraq's savior. "Here I am, Mr. Maliki. Here, let me wipe that from your shirt. What else can I do for you, today, Mr. Maliki?"

It may be that Obama is playing the hardball negotiator, making Maliki's tough situation more dire to score bigger points in a deal. But if Obama refuses even to use armed drones, for which he does not need Congressional approval, then I will be suspicious as to whose side he's really on. Obama loves drones, after all. He uses them elsewhere; why not also in Iraq at this critical time? However, the only critical time that Obama knows of is when he needs to go on vacation. This Iraqi pestilence might just be upsetting his latest.

Why didn't Douri show:

On Tuesday this week, the day that many locals have already nicknamed "Emancipation Day", some strange posters began to appear around Mosul.

...The posters that appeared around Mosul on Tuesday showed former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim who was heavily biased in support of his own sect. Additionally rumours began to spread around the city and on social media about the imminent arrival of a prominent member of Hussein's former Baath party, which has been banned in Iraq since 2003. That person was Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri...

Some rumours even had it that the victory in Mosul was down to al-Douri and that he would be coming to Ninawa's provincial government headquarters.

On Wednesday evening, masked gunmen carrying Kalashnikovs roamed the city's streets telling locals to go to the central square where al-Douri would give a speech to celebrate what the gunmen described as "the victory of the people's revolution" [sounds so O-merican]. Hundreds of Mosul's people did as they were told and many of them took cameras and mobile phones so they could record the historic event...

After about an hour, a bearded, aged man -- nobody knew who he was - climbed onto the platform and began to preach. The crowd was shocked and disappointed: They had been expecting to see al-Douri. But the old man never as much as mentioned al-Douri's name.

Later on, messages on Facebook and Twitter and even via SMS messages on mobile phones told Iraqis to listen to a televised speech by al-Douri. It was to be similar to a speech he had made a year ago on the Al Arabiya station in which he encouraged a Sunni Muslim uprising. In this speech though, al-Douri looked old; he is 70 years old and he was wearing thick glasses and reading with difficulty from a paper he held in his hands. He was dressed in full military costume, complete with medals, and four uniformed guards stood behind him; their faces were not visible.

...Salam told NIQASH that neither al-Douri nor any of the other former Baath party leaders still living, were even in Mosul. In fact, all the information about al-Douri had come from the Jaysh al-Tariqa al-Naqshbandia militia - also known as the Naqshbandi Army or JRTN. This movement -- which has strong links to the Baath party - calls for an ongoing resistance against "Safavid" occupation of Iraq and is classified as a terrorist organization by many. And Salam thought that the Naqshbandi Army was spreading these rumours to try and show how popular and powerful it was, as well as to usurp some of ISIS' power. ISIS and the Naqshbandi Army have not always been on such friendly terms.

...However in Mosul it was still clear who was really in charge: ISIS. The same source in Mosul said that after gaining control of the whole province of Ninawa, ISIS then gave the Naqshbandi Army 24 hours to remove their pictures of Saddam Hussein.

Following this ISIS heads organized a meeting at a mosque in Mosul's southwest that was to be attended by representatives from all of the different factions fighting in Ninawa. At this meeting ISIS told all the other groups they were not to hoist any flag or emblem other than those belonging to ISIS -- that is, the distinctive black flag...ISIS also told the other groups that they were not to do anything with regard to the city's administration without consulting them first. The laws that ISIS had set in place would be enforced because ISIS was the ultimate leader of the new Ninawa council, they said.

The writer is suggesting, I think, that Douri never did agree to give the victory speech, but rather that his Baathist friends promised it anyway. Perhaps Douri was scheduled to give the speech until something changed the plan. Some group may have been trying to hide the fact that Baathists were responsible for this victory, and, as a result, ISIS, the deplorable pig, stepped up to take the credit.

It's true that the next city to be taken was Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam, but this does not necessarily mean that the Baathists were not behind it. In Mosul, the idea was not to strike at the locals, for they are mainly Sunni people. The idea was to strike at the Iraqi government and police units, and the same could be said for Tikrit. In fact, Baathists would have wanted to take Tikrit from Iraq as a specialty.

Douri's continued low profile saves the Baathists from being the focus of the Iraqi military. It's just standard, smart practice to keep a low profile for as long as possible until striking when least expected. Baathists are smooth operators, but ISIS, on the other hand, strikes me as a loud romping machine that vibrates itself to destruction.

I kid you not, that it was a few minutes AFTER my use of "smooth operators" above that I found the opinion from an Arab website below, claiming that the Baathists have acted in Mosul "smoothly." This term has significance for me, as it's the term I use in the translation of Daniel 11:21: "And a rejected one [the anti-Christ] shall stand up in his place, and they [the countrymen / Iraqis] shall not give to him the honor of the kingdom; but he will enter while at EASE and seize the kingdom with smooth talk" (v 21). Actually, "talk" is my own word injected as part of the Hebrew term; in essence, the Hebrew term should be "smoothness." Then, verse 24: "With EASE, even into the rich places of the province, he will enter." Now read from the article:

But, how was the Mosul coup executed?

According to events on the ground, and an analysis of testimonials and news reports, we believe that two main factions took part in the attack: Douri's Baath faction, which was in charge of planning and planting Baathist officers in the government troops leadership and preparing hundreds of fighters as part of the Naqshbandi militias, to replace the Baath's defunct militias, and Takfiri groups like ISIS, Ansar al-Sunna, and others, who provided well-trained fighters...

The plot was carried out SMOOTHLY and EASILY at the predetermined zero hour, which the coup leadership had relayed to its "moles" inside the Iraqi army in the provinces of Nineveh and Salah al-Din. Thus, senior army commanders such as the Deputy Chief of Staff Abboud Qanbar and Land Forces Commander Ali Ghaidan found themselves without an army or middle-ranking officers, and their only option was to request to be evacuated by Kurdish militias to the nearby city of Erbil.

So, the Baathists acted as non-threatening agents of the Iraqis, infiltrating all the while, until the striking hour of betrayal. It was known all along that they would do this, which is why Maliki tended to reject them as part of his policing forces.

What do we make of this: "Meanwhile, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to the news website Al-Badil Al-Iraqi, the gunmen who first stormed Mosul were mostly non-Iraqis. Later on, those gunmen were replaced by Iraqi militants spotted protecting banks and public installations, while the foreign fighters moved on to other battlefronts...It is worth noting that the Peshmerga have played a suspicious role in the events in Mosul, with reports that the Kurdish militia was forcing retreating Iraqi soldiers to undress and put on civilian clothes, before photographing them in a manner that suggested they were fleeing from the battle" (article above). There are two issues in that quote, both mysterious / unexpected. Why does the writer use "non-Iraqis" rather than telling what they were, or what they seemed to be? Were they Kurds from Turkey / Syria? Why would Kurds be a part of this invasion? The writer goes on a little later:

The coup [attempt] will cause the loss of the oil-rich and ethnically diverse province of Kirkuk to the Kurdistan Regional Government. The province has been practically under occupation by the Kurdish Peshmerga since June 12..

Ahh, this war will break the Kurds from Iraq's final grasp. Isn't that what the West really wants...even as the West pretends to want unity in Iraq? If the West can grant the Kurds their own nation, then the oil from that place will be cheap-cheap. But don't expect the Western swine to pass their savings on to you. There are two kinds of pigs in Iraq, the ISIS group, and the oil tycoons.

Kurdish forces are in control of one the two official border crossings with Syria, which they seized after Iraqi forces withdrew, a senior Kurdish security official said on Sunday.

A major offensive by [Sunni] militants that overran swathes of territory has allowed Iraqi Kurds to begin realising long-held territorial dreams, moving their forces into areas that the federal government has long opposed them adding to their autonomous northern region.

Even if the West is empowering certain Sunni, it is predictable that the Sunni of Mosul will end up in battle against the Kurds of neighboring Kirkuk.

The roads from Syria to Iraq are of obvious importance to ISIS, and so the way in which the Kurds treat their control over one of them will determine how ISIS reacts. If the Kurds don't allow the Sunni fighters to use the road, the expected result is another war front...unless Maliki subdues the Sunni wave.

In consideration that the Americans, for the purposes of taking Syria, have created headquarters in Jordan, see the following that may be a coordinated news leak for to justify American intervention on behalf of the Sunni:

A leading spokesman for Iraq's Sunni tribes has called on the West to pledge its support to them, claiming they are the only power capable of ridding Iraq of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and restoring stability across the country.

Sheikh Zaydan al Jabiri, leader of the political wing of the Tribal Revolutionary Council, told Sky News his organisation viewed ISIS as dangerous terrorists, and that it was capable of taking them on.

But Mr Jabiri, who currently resides in the Jordanian capital Amman...

Mr Jabiri, who comes from Ramadi in Iraq's Anbar province, warned without support to take on ISIS, his organisation's 15,000 fighters will have no option but to join them.

..."Even this blessed revolution that has taken place in Mosul, there may be jihadist movements involved in it, but the revolution represents all the Iraqi people - it has been brought about by the Sunni tribes, and some baathist elements, it certainly does not belong to ISIS," he said.

The Tribal Revolutionary Council received backing from the US in 2007 following the death of al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

The aim was to ensure the void left by his death was filled with more moderate Sunni elements, in a deal known as Sahwa.

None of that is to say that the West wouldn't use fighters from ISIS if needed. Besides, individual fighters, both high and low, are transferring from group to group as go their whims. The Tribal Revolutionary Council harmonizes with Baathist schemes, but with Obama giving the impression that he's on Maliki's side, it may seem doubtful that the Tribal Revolutionary Council will get support from him, and yet Obama could argue that giving it is a means to fight ISIS. In this way, Obama can arm the wonderful for the West because it weakens Maliki and strengthens the Kurds. If the West is behind the Sunni wave, then the object is not all-out war, but merely to keep the Iraqi-government fighters out of Kurdistan.

In a scenario wherein the West gives this gift to the Kurds, it causes them to side with Americans rather than with the Russians. How could Putin react to such a situation wherein the Kurds are indebted to Americans for oil purposes? If he can't get the Kurds to become his special partner, and if the Kurds tend to sell to the West rather than to Russia's Gazprom, perhaps Putin will have no choice but to score points through the Sunni. Does that predict a Russian operative in Mosul?

Plotted chaos is fine, but not true chaos. Globalists work by creating plotted chaos, and then fix it with a plan devised as part of the original plot. However, the Sunni are not going to abide by Western desires, and will go on seeking a toppling of Iraq, regardless of the chaos / instability, if they can get close enough to smell success. As you can see, the Tribal Revolutionary Council is ready to add its numbers to the ISIS cause, and so will other Sunni groups if they get close enough to success. And they have already approached to within whiffing distance. We have yet to see the Maliki backlash, which could be successful.

Late in the week, the O-word: "Iraq needs international help to counter ISIS, says Obama". This is not true at all. Along with the Iraqi army, there are many Shi'ite civilians prepared to join the war. For several years, until now, the Shi'ites have not taken up arms, bombing after bombing by the Sunni. "U.S. President Barack Obama has said that the turbulent situation in Iraq requires significant assistance immediately as ISIS is currently threatening to seize more cities." Note that the American ship sent to provide air power is named after George H.W. Bush. Obama could have said, no, not that one, send another.

By June 16, there was still no media word from Putin. It looks like the West has a green light for Iraqi involvement. In the meantime, the Ukraine situation is very unstable. But on the same day, a headline, "Volunteers and army take back Iraq territory". It doesn't say that Mosul was taken back.

What's happening in the new Egypt of president al-Sisi (is that term from mythical "Isis?)? For one, we find him supporting Israel over the jihadists. For the latter, the situation has not changed since 2008; the peace pact between Egypt and Israel still stands after 35 years, an amazing / unexpected record. Yet, the American president under whom the peace deal was signed, Jimmy Carter, is a Hamas lover, the same Hamas that wanted to keep the Muslim Brotherhood on the Egyptian throne. The situation is such that Sisi needs to watch over his shoulder against an assassination attempt. Egypt has a dark side ready to entertain the jihadists when they arrive. Obama, in my opinion, wants to send the jihadists to Egypt for to give the country back to the Brotherhood. There is still time for this to take place before he is slated to leave Office.

The Egyptian military has deployed a large military force near the border crossing with Israel at Taba in order to prevent rocket and missile attacks on Israel, and especially on Israeli civilian airplanes.

Egyptian sources estimate the force is about the size of a battalion, or several hundred men. The move was coordinated with Israel.

There had been reports that Obama was arming the jihadists in the Sinai for to fight against Sisi's rise. We now read: "In January [2014], members of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, an Egyptian Islamist militant group, downed an Egyptian military helicopter, killing the five officers aboard. Investigation of the incident found that the jihadist group used SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles smuggled from Libya." The hedge around Israel is still partially intact. Note that ISIS is also called, ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Levant is the sea-coast area from Syria to Egypt's Sinai.

World Trade Tower "Upgrades"

The last time that the 9-11 topic was a topic (3rd update in May), the following was come across:

The amazing correlation between floors of impact and floors of apparent failure suggests that spray-on nano-thermite materials may have been applied to the steel components of the WTC buildings, underneath the upgraded fireproofing (Ryan 2008). This could have been done in such a way that very few people knew what was happening. The Port Authority's engineering consultant Buro Happold, helping with evaluation of the fireproofing upgrades, suggested the use of 'alternative materials' (NIST 2005). Such alternative materials could have been spray-on nano-thermites substituted for intumescent paint or Interchar-like fireproofing primers (NASA 2006). It seems quite possible that this kind of substitution could have been made with few people noticing.

In other words, with the Port Authority of New York in full collaboration, the vile crooks took the excuse of fireproofing the buildings, but sprayed high-grade demolition materials on the steel columns instead. A reader followed up on that topic and found for us the following page, with insights tending to expose the guilt of the George-Bush circle:

Turner Construction Company, assigned to re-fireproof the steel frames of the World Trade Center (WTC) towers during the late 1990s, who also occupied space on the 38th floor of WTC 1 and was later assigned to quickly collect and remove the wreckage of the WTC towers destroyed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, also supervised the [planned] 2000 implosion of Seattle Kingdome during this same period.

...The regions of WTC 1 and WTC 2 that had fireproofing materials reportedly reapplied to their structural steel, are also the same regions within which each building structurally failed and that were struck by American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175 on September 11, 2001.

...The CEO for Turner Construction Company appointed in 1999, was Tom Leppert, who joined the board of Turner in 1998, is currently the mayor of Dallas, Texas and who has ties with former president George W. Bush and Carlos M. Gutierrez, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce...

...President George W. Bush appointed Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert to the President's Commission on White House Fellows

[a blogger adds:] Tom Leppert lives in a 5 million dollar home (9525 Alva Ct) about a mile south of George W Bush [maps shown]...

First of all, the Lepperts are suspect with the ancient Lapiths that I trace to "Aleppo." If you followed my treatment of the Lapps, you know they were traced to the Lepidus family married by Junia Caepio Secunda. This may explain why the Leppert lion is in use with the Second surname (listed with Segurs).

Kevin Ryan's claim in that piece was that the upgrades took place exactly, more-or-less, where the damage to the buildings occurred on 9-11. If this could be proven, it would be a smoking gun. But before getting to that, here's what another blogger on the page shares, with the title of the post being "Turner Construction became subsidiary of Hochtief AG in '99". A description of Hochtief is then given:

Hochtief's own corporate website says...

"HOCHTIEF in the Third Reich

Eugen Vogler, the CEO, did not join the Nazi Party until 1937, which was relatively late. He also made himself available to the Party as "Fuhrer" (leader) of the "Construction Industry Business Group" and held an honorary position in the Hitler Youth...

...HOCHTIEF was also involved in another major project, the national center for Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg...In 1937 work started on a leisure center at the beach resort of Prora, on the Baltic island of Rügen, under the title of the Nazi party slogan "Strength through Joy".


...It appears that silver and gold plated retreat for Hitler, and Hitler personal Berlin bunker were built by HOCHTIEF AG, the company that acquired Turner Construction. That means that Hitler was so sure of the loyalty of Hochtief AG, he trusted his life in the hands of Hochtief AG AFTER the assassination attempt.

Now there's something I didn't expect to see when I woke up this morning. A direct connection between some of Hitler's most trusted civil engineers, and the World Trade Center 2 years prior to its destruction.

The writer does not show evidence that Turner Construction was a Hochtief organ / affiliate, which may mean that it's a known given. Wikipedia's article on Hochtief: "It built the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, scene of Adolf Hitler's suicide, as well as Hitler's Berghof retreat and Wolf's Lair headquarters." Suddenly, the inside job that was 9-11 can start to make sense with heartless Nazi sociopaths behind it. Here is the Turner connection to Hochtief from a Turner webpage itself:

HOCHTIEF is one of the leading international providers of construction-related services. With more than 70,000 employees and a sales volume of EUR 20.16 billion in FY 2010, the company is represented in all the world's major markets...In the USA, the biggest construction market in the world, HOCHTIEF is the No. 1 general builder via its subsidiary Turner...

This is what makes this find, by our very own reader, amazing. It looks like an old Nazi organization that was close to Adolf himself was involved both in the upgrades of the twin towers, and the removal of debris.

I have been accusing the Stewarts (not all of them, of course) of a Nazi past for a few years. The Pollocks were pegged as furnishing Hitler's mother (Polzl surname). Hitler's nephew (in the United States) gave himself an alias surname, "Stuart-Houston." I have also accused the Stewarts of ruling the American military throughout at least the last couple of generations, important here because this military was the thrust and confidence behind 9-11. I have mentioned that has several different designs for upright stags, and I keep an eye out for a leg positioning matching that of the stag in the Crest of English Stewarts. I can't recall whether I found even one stag with the same leg positioning, though I did find one just now in the Davoren Crest. The latter is the surname of the CEO of Turner Construction.

The Davoren Coat uses one sword. It has got to be the sword of the Swords/SWERDe's, of a surname known to be for SIWARD of Northumberland. It is now very amazing that Dachau, beside Berlin, and location of a headquarters for Hitlers concentration camps, uses a sling SHOT in its Arms. I had ventured to identify the symbol as part code for the Sling surname, and part code for the Shots/Shute's (in Deck/Dagger colors) using the Sword swords. The three Shot/Shute swords are in the white-on-red colors of the two Dach swords, you see. I identified the Dachs with the Stewart-related Tecks (the current queen is from the Tecks), and Decks/Daggers, tracing their names to "Ticino," a river in northern Italy beside Turin. I had traced "Turner," to "Turin."

The VULTURE used by Slings was identified (by me) as code for the "WALTER" name used by the early royal Stewarts (a Walter Stewart's daughter married the Bruce royals who protected the Templars, a theme in the last update). I had come across a German cement company apparently named after a Geier company of Germany, using the vulture theme, a company founded in Nesher, Israel, a location founded by a Pollack surname. Wikipedia's article on Nesher dropped all mention of the Geier = vulture theme after I wrote on it a few times, linking it to the Dachau sling shot. The Shots/Shute's use a "guerre" motto term, you see, code for the Guerra surname, likely of the Geier bloodline. Wikipedia has an article on the Geier surname: "Geier is a German word for a vulture. "

From the second update of October, 2012: "'s the article on the cement company at Nesher (Megiddo theater of Israel), where there is a German company called, Geier, founded by a Russian man with Pollack surname. Since the time that I wrote on it (2nd update last July), the Nesher article has changed it's tune from "vulture" to "eagle"..." (this sentence may not be fully correct). Why would Wikipedia change the term to "eagle" when it clearly means "vulture." The Nazi's / Stewarts, I think, are watching my writings. Wikipedia's article on Nesher claims that "Nesher" means "eagle." What a joke. I cannot see any reason to use that term aside from the things that I have written on the vulture symbol of the Geier company.

When I just searched, "Geier vulture tribwatch," Google refuses to bring up all my webpages telling of the Geier link to the Nesher cement factory. It seems to have blacklisted the updates with the original / full stories on the topic. I mentioned Geier in the second update of June, 2012. At the top of that update, I wrote:

From someone on my email list sending me the following emails:
June 9, 2:12 am -- "I've suddenly started receiving dozens of emails from you (all the same as this) I deleted the first lot and now another 10 have arrived!"

June 9. 9:02 am -- "YOU ARE SENDING ME ABOUT 15 EMAILS, that is too much."

I wasn't sending anything. Someone else with access to my email account has maliciously sent email in the name of tribwatch to people that have emailed me. Who's been spying on my email account?

I have been wondering for years what false and malicious messages the goons have been sending in my name to turn readers off.

I introduced the Geier vulture in the 1st and 2nd updates of May, 2012, as well as mentioning the topic in 1st update of June, 2012. Recently, I brought the topic up in the 5th update in March, 2014. Why doesn't Google allow the world to have these four pages when anyone searches "Geier vulture tribwatch"? My suspicions have been increased as a result of these apparent cover-ups. Here's from one May update:

Pause. With the first president Bush being born a Scherff, and then adopted by Nazi-element Bush's for to seize the American nation on behalf of Nazis, the Scherf link to Dor elements above causes me to reflect on the Dor location near Megiddo, for Nazi suspects were discussed in the last update at Nesher, at the foot of the Carmel mountains near Dor. Nesher's Nazi suspects had brought to mind the reason for Armageddon, you see, and what we may find is that the same people behind 911 (and the related Middle-East wars) are going to be pulled by God, hook-in-jaw, to the mountains of Megiddo. There they will find their reward for their deeds. ...In the last update, it was told that the Nesher location was founded from a Geier surname using a vulture, and then vultures are a Biblical theme for Armageddon's dead soldiers too...

The cement company in Nesher may not have been called, Geier, as I say in my quote earlier. Rather, a Geier company / surname in Germany was apparently responsible for the company's formation in Nesher. The latter term may have root in the same as "Nazi." In the 1st update of May, 2012, what Wikipedia had once written was recorded: "The town was called Nesher, Hebrew for vulture, from the Nesher Cement factory, which may have been so named after the German company Geier (vulture in German)." Others have recorded this sentence too. Other online statements include: " Nesher is also the name of a shared taxi company, the name of a malt beer and ... after a certain cement factory in Germany named Geier or something similar." The question: is/was Geier part of Hochtief / Turner?

Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York during 9-11, had one Richard SHEIRER for the director of his Office of Emergency Management during 9-11. To find the Sheirer surname here is important because George Bush Sr. was born to a Nazi with a Scherff (changed later to "Scherf") surname that's listed with the Schere surname...which can be shown related to the Sheer/Shire surname because both use black-on-gold fitchee crosses. It just so happens that the Sheer/Shire surname includes "SHEIR." This Scherff aspect of president-Bush ancestry is not seemingly known by Kevin Ryan, though he may know it yet not subscribe to it, or at least not mention it for fear of something.

There is a separate Sheirer page.

It can now be contemplated as to whether "Geier / Geer" and "Sheer" are related terms. In any case, there is a Gerry Geier vice president of human resources at Giant Cement Holding Inc., , 320 D Midland Parkway, Summerville, South Carolina. " Giant Cement Holding, Inc., through its subsidiaries, Keystone Cement Company (Keystone) in Pennsylvania and Giant Cement Company (Giant) in South Carolina,..."

I have stressed the Deck/Dagger surname in the past, but here I find from Kevin Ryan: "In another interesting coincidence, Friedman belonged, through Cornell University, to a secret society called Quill and Dagger, the membership of which includes Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley." I've known for years that Masonic groups name their organizations after surnames. Friedman is/was with the Marsh company that was the tenant on the floors where one plane struck the towers.

The "Quill" surname should trace to "Quillan," a location beside Roquefeuil (see last update for Roquefeuil topic), that being a surname that I traced to the Julian/Gillian surname. Roquefeuil and Qillan are in a wider Aude region while the Shot/Shute swords are seemingly in use by the Aude surname.

It just so happens that the Quillan wolf design (shared by the Flemings) is in white (silver, technically), the color of the Scarf wolves. Surrounding the Scarf wolves are the Roquefeuil trefoils. The Scarf wolves (see below) are in both colors of the Italian Roman wolf while the latter wolf design is again that of the Quillans. It's the Julius-Caesar bloodline, isn't it? Indeed, for the Quill/William/Willie surname (in Deck/Dagger colors) uses roses in both colors of the same in the Caesar surname.

Plus, it was easy to trace the Wills/Velis' (compare with the Varn Coat) to the Julians/Gillians because, for one, both use the same black cross design. Scottish Wills share both, griffins and suns, in common with Hitlers/Hiedlers. It's the Ector sun, I am sure, because the Pollock motto (Audacter) is partly in honor of Aude, and partly in honor of Ectors.

I'll mention it as a possibility only, that the Sesare variation of Caesars could conceivably morph to "Schare/Schere." The Schere/Scherf Coat even uses five roses.

From a Ryan-related page by Don Paul, we find the names of five companies used for the clean-up operation: "Kevin Ryan finds that some of the latter are connected to Italian Mafia felons. Bevis Lend Lease received $277.2 million from the U.S. Government for its efforts, AMEC Construction Management received $65.8 million, Tully Construction $76 million, and Turner Construction $39 million." By what coincidence does the Scarff Coat virtually match the Tully Coat? Both use a white chevron surrounded by the same white wolf-head design.

The Giuliani surname apparently stems from the Julian bloodline (of Julius Caesar), and it's been my opinion that the Julian/Gillian cross was the makings of the Nazi swastika for more reasons that the similarities. I traced the surname / family of Julius Caesar, with little doubt, to the naming of Guillestre (Durance river, south-eastern France), which uses a black, double-headed eagle. The Giuliani Coat uses a black eagle (one head), as does the Austrian Schere Crest.

Now, from Ryan's book, we find a Donovan surname...which happens to use the Sword / Shot/Shute sword yet again. The Donovan sword is point up, in the unusual / illegal color scheme of silver on silver (it's illegal in heraldry to have metal on metal), just like the Davoren sword:

Richard Marx, the FBI Special Agent from Philadelphia who was the site manager for the Fresh Kills site [where the twin-tower steel was being destroyed], was the one blamed for encouraging others to take materials from the debris....Marx first said that he didn't allow debris to be taken, then he said it was New York FBI agent Kevin Donovan who told him to take things, then he later said it was another FBI agent, Edwin Cogswell, who approved the theft.

The Donovan sword is wrapped by a green snake, as is the rod in the Austrian Schere Coat.

Here is another quote from Ryan's book:

Evidence suggests that the period of interest should include the years between the 1993 WTC bombing and September 11th, 2001. This evidence includes the warning from 1993 bombing conspirator Nidal Ayyad, who reportedly wrote -- "next time it will be more precise." Additionally, evidence of a multi-year plot included the detailed information that FBI informant and mafia kingpin Gregory Scarpa Jr. received while in jail, as early as 1996, from Al-Qaeda operative Ramzi Yousef, while imprisoned in the adjacent cell. Yousef described plans to "bring New York to its knees" by blowing up the World Trade Center with American-owned "flying massive bombs." Scarpa Jr. provided this information to Assistant US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and FBI Counsel Valerie Caproni, who were apparently not interested.

That tells us very much that Scarpa and his circle of goons were involved in the 9-11 event. He was preparing the world, as were others, for this event that they knew was in the planning. It's notable that the Scarpa (i.e. suspect with "Scarf / Scherff) and Panetta/Panico Coats share the same Chiefs. It needs to be repeated here that the Guerra surname (honored by the Shots/Shute's) shares a green wyvern dragon with Walker-suspect Wilkins, and the Wilkins Shield is split vertically in the two colors of the same of the Schere/Scherf Coat.

The family of Guido Guerra III had been connected (by me) to Skit and Sched surnames (related to the Guido's) that seem to be part of the Scute / Shot/Shute family of names (likely from "Scythian"). This tends to clinch the motto term of Shots/Shute's as one in honor of the Guido-Guerra bloodline. This bloodline is suspect at Nesher / Megiddo, perhaps more entrenched there than merely at the Nesher cement company.

The Walkers and Wagers, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's and Scarf's, were traced to the Wagrian Germanics on the Warnow river...of the Varni Germanics that lived on the east side of Hamburg. It just so happens that Hamburg is where the Geer/Geed/Geete surname was first found that shares what I call the round-tailed lion with the Gates', thus tending to clinch a solid relationship between the Geier bloodline and the Geddes bloodline. Reminder: the Geddes and Drake's (latter use the wyvern dragon owned by Vere bloodliners) use similar motto terms highly suspect with the Caiaphas-Caesar line.

Did you catch that the Dutch and German Geer/Geed/Gette Coats are both in the colors of the Geier vulture? (It seems likely now that the round-tailed lion used by the Holland surname, in Geier-vulture colors, connects to the same lion design showing for the Dutch Geers/Geeds.)

Let's move on to Mr. Ryan's central claim, that the floors with upgrades / repairs were the ones where the planes crashed. Mr. Ryan, in 2008, was still unable to accept that no planes struck the buildings. He and others are refusing to take this position because it seems ludicrous to them due to the eye-witnesses that saw the planes. But if he believes that the goons had the manpower to install the explosives in the walls, what is so incredible about securing false witnesses to see planes? If Mr. Ryan sees nothing wrong with the videos of plane entry into the buildings, then, right away, I lose respect for his judgment on this matter. Still, his central claim is, logically, the truth of the matter, and for this he has done very well for the cause.

Posted by Kevin Ryan on Sun, 01/06/2008...

There appears to be a remarkable correlation between the floors upgraded for fireproofing in the WTC towers, in the years preceding 9/11/01, and the floors of impact, fire and failure. The fireproofing upgrades would have allowed for shutdown of the affected floors, and the exposure of the floor assemblies and the columns for a significant period of time. Exactly what work was done during that time?

In some sections of the NIST WTC report, the exact floors upgraded are listed. Other sections of the report suggest even more floors were upgraded, a total of 18 floors in WTC 1 and 13 floors in WTC 2, but the additional floors involved are not specified.

...Two blueprints for the 1999, 2000 construction upgrades to WTC 2, provided by a supporter, indicated that the work was done at almost exactly the point of impact and failure in that tower. That is, the southeast quadrant of WTC 2 was the focus of the work, at least on the 78th floor (the blueprints provided were for floors 77 and 78 only). It was the southeast quadrant of WTC 2, at and just above floor 78, where flight 175 hit.

...Communication to the NIST team from Frank Lombardi [mobster connection?] of the Port Authority, in 2002, indicated that only floor 78 of the impact failure floors of WTC 2 had been upgraded. But NCSTAR 1-6A (table 4-2, p 45) lists floor 85 as an upgraded floor as well. Could it be that certain areas within floors 79 to 84 were upgraded also, and not reported because the floors were not fully upgraded?

For the north tower at least, it is difficult to accept that this relationship is yet another unbelievable coincidence related to 9/11. Certainly the upgrade work allowed for access to critical areas. But in considering this, a number of other, admittedly far-fetched questions come to mind. Why was the upgraded fireproofing measured to be twice the thickness specified? Could incendiary or explosive materials have been embedded within the upgraded fireproofing?...[Yes, and that's why they didn't need planes to blow out the holes in the walls.]

...NCSTAR 1-6A, page xxxvii, indicates which exact floors were upgraded. NCSTAR 1-6, page 20 repeats these claims, as noted in the figure above. Elsewhere in NCSTAR 1-6, on page lxxi, NIST muddies the water by saying "18 floors in WTC 1, including all the floors affected by the aircraft impact and fires" and "13 floors in WTC 2, although none were directly affected by the aircraft impact and fires.". On this last part, NIST contradicts itself yet again in NCSTAR 1-6 (on page lxvii-lxix) by stating that some of the floors upgraded in WTC 2 were affected by the impacts and fires (notably floor 78)...

NCSTAR 1-6A (p xl) states "The overall average thickness determined from the 356 individual measurements was found to be 2.5 in, with a standard deviation of 0.6 in." The same report (p 44) says "Note that some of the average thicknesses shown in Table 4-2 equal or exceed 3.5 in. No photos were available of upgraded floors to show the appearance of such high average thickness of SFRM." Floor 94 of WTC 1 stands out in this data, with a SFRM thickness of more than 4 in. The specification for these upgrades was only 1.5 in, increased from the as-built specification of 0.75 in.

It is important that NIST is unreliable. If it appears, from what Mr. Ryan is saying, that NIST lied concerning no floors in the "impact" zone receiving upgrades, it comes as no surprise whatsoever. Others have made it clear that NIST is a partner with the goons. For example, at Ryan's page above, he shows a drawing of the two towers with both the plane-impacted floors and, in a blue-grey shade, the floors that were upgraded, yet he doesn't show all 18 in the north tower, or all 13 in the south tower, because NIST won't release the information telling of which floors got the upgrades. How can anyone trust NIST if it refuses to release basic information such as this? We can't even know for certain whether there were a total of 18 and 13.

In the drawing, Ryan names the floors that had upgrades. In the north tower, he names floors 92 to 100, as well as 102. That's all he names because that's all that's been revealed. These floors are, both, just below and above the impacted floors (mainly from 94 to 97). It's very important that NIST won't release the information on the upgrades, because this unwillingness suggests that there were not many floors that got the upgrades. That is, if as many as 50 floors got upgrades, we would expect NIST to reveal the fact to discredit Ryan and others when arguing that the bulk of the upgrades were done in the crash zones. As NIST isn't making such a revelation, it appears that Ryan is very correct in his accusation.

In the south-tower drawing, we find that, once again, floors just below and above the impacted floors were upgraded, suggesting that, in order to get the towers to fall, they knocked out the floors above the impact zones in order to have an upper block of each building fall with a simple pile-driver effect. In the meantime, floors further down were wrecked by explosives in order to assure that more falling weight would be added to the effect.

Ryan's point on the thickness of the fireproofing material is a good one. If the requirement, for example, is 1.5 inches thick, no company will install it at three or more inches thick because that would be deemed a waste of their own money, both labor and material cost. When the NIST report provided the thicknesses of the upgrades, no one had cause for suspicion, I'm assuming, because the public sector had not been given a copy of the contract(s) telling of the agreed-upon thickness(es). Just look at what Ryan discovered: "Floor 94 of WTC 1 stands out in this data, with a SFRM thickness of more than 4 in. The specification for these upgrades was only 1.5 in, increased from the as-built specification of 0.75 in." The 94th floor is where the bulk of the left-wing damage took place. In this image below, one can see that men worked that floor hard to create the impression of an aircraft wing slicing through the building.

So, with two and a half inches more fireproofing than was agreed upon, what else was in that material? We now know. Aside from fireproofing upgrades, the goons also had electrical wires upgraded. The goons in charge of the buildings would not have spent that money, knowing that the towers were being "fireproofed" for a collapse, wherefore it is made obvious that the electrical upgrades were likewise a heinous part of their plot for getting access to certain parts of the building. Naturally, to set off explosives, one needs to wire them with electricity. See the article below for this story:

2. E-J Electric Installation, Inc. was the electric/fiber/security contractor beginning in 1996 for the WTC...

...4. Chairman and CEO of E-J Electric Installation, Inc. is J. Robert Mann, Jr.

J. Robert Mann, Jr. graduated Yale in 1951 and recipient of the Yale Science and Engineering Association "Award for Meritorious Service to Yale University", The Yale Medal, Yale's highest award to honor outstanding individual service to the University.

...5....Margaret Mann's father is President of E-J Electric Installation Company. Ted's father is Marvin Berenblum of Greenwhich Connecticut. Both Margaret and Ted graduated from Yale.

6. Ted's father Marvin Berenblum was Yale Class of 56 and is now President of the YGCA (Yale Glee Club Associates)

...7. YGCA (Yale Glee Club Associates) was founded by Prescott Bush in 1937.

...9. George Herbert Walker III (first cousin of George H. W. Bush ? 41st President) was Yale Class of 1953 (and Skull and Bones Member)

...10. Jonathan J. Bush (son of Prescott Sheldon Bush and brother of George H.W. Bush) was Yale Class of 1953 (and Skull and Bones Member)

...***This puts J. Robert Mann (CEO of E-J Electric Installation Co.) at Yale within the same two year period as the Bush Skull and Bones Members, heading an organization founded by the Bush family Patriarch and J. Robert Mann also won the Yale Medal (Yale's highest award to honor outstanding individual service to the University.) Skull and Bones taps the best of the best. ***

Joshua Smith

If you're at the Smith page above and some of the links don't work, scroll down to where he re-posts with working links.

Mr. Smith provides for us what is logical and even expected, that the Skull-and-Bones goons had part in taking down the World Trade towers. The Bush and Mann Coats share white goats, and then the "stabilis" motto term of the Manns must be for the Staple/Stapell bloodline that was traced to Catherine Roet's ancestry at/near Etaples in Picardy. The Roets were traced to Africa's Boofima cult that put forth the Baphomet goat god of the Templars. Therefore, the Mann and Bush goats are of the Baphomet cult (very satanic). The Stapels, the Stubbs / Stubbings, and the Staffs, were traced to an ancient Stobi location of Paeonians, which tends to explain why Catherine's father was PAYNe Roet. The Staple's use leopard faces, important because Boofima had both a goat and leopard symbol. I say that the Paeoni put forth Hugh de Payen(s), the first grand master of the Templars. One can logically trace the Paeoni (and Pannonia) to the naming of mythical Pan, the goat god.

At this time, Google shares three full pages from tribwatch mentioning Boofima, suggesting that tribwatch is not (yet) being punished on this topic. Typically, someone in high places needs to request from Google to block certain writings.

The Staple Crest shows the lion design of English Rothes', and, moreover, the Staple motto is identical to that of English Peters. The latter use a raven, the symbol of German Rothes'. I have been tracing all three Peter surnames to Peter Pollock specifically, as narrow- or simple-minded as that may seem to you. It's true, I have the heraldic and historical evidence to back that claim up, which underscores what heraldry is all about: only certain individuals / rulers pertaining to satanic cults. Peter Pollock had a daughter, Lady Rothes, and this is where the Rothschilds derive. She and/or her daughter was involved with Watsons, who, along with the Vatts and Watts, and Witkowo, are (in my opinion) the basis of the all-seeing-eye, an Illuminati symbol that many link to Rothschilds.

The white griffin in the Watson Crest belongs to the line of DOBRawa, wife of Mieszko of Poland, and that's why the griffin is in the DOBERman Crest (see also the Dober Crest). The white-on-red Doberman fesse bar is therefore obviously related to the same of Jewish Pollocks.

As Peter Pollock was a Roquefeuil agent, it explains why English Dobers show treFOILs, the Feller and Fallis symbols, and part code for "Feuil." Hmm, the Daber variation of the latter Dobers may suggest the makings of "Davoren." I spent considerable time discovering the trace of Siward of Northumberland to the daughter (Swietoslawa) of Mieszko I, and here we find that the Davoren symbol is the Sword = Siward sword.

It's interesting that, upon googling " 'Kevin Ryan' 'Turner Construction', we find this page:


•Job TitleProject Manager
•Phone(212) 229-6000
...•CompanyTurner Construction Company.
13601 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX75240-4911

It seems very coincidental that a Kevin Ryan let out some information in 2008 that only later led to the discovery that Turner Construction was doing the Trade-tower "fireproofing." The page above, where Ryan first reveals the fireproofing details, does not name the Turner company (i.e. as though Ryan did not know that Turner was involved), and moreover someone on that page makes the point that the people who did the fireproofing were not yet known. Did Ryan of Turner Construction leak out that information for others to discover that Turner Construction was involved? German Turners use the so-called "Catherine Wheel" (torture symbol), the known symbol of Catherine Roet.

Recall how CNN, a Ted-Turner (and WARNer) company, was involved in faking 9-11. Compare the Austrian Turners to Italian Warners, and the fesses of Scottish Turins and English Warners. The latter shares the squirrel with Decks/Daggers. English Warners share a "nati" motto term with the Pollock-related Frank surnames.

The German Turner Coat looks like a version of the Misl Coat. As the latter uses the mouse (I know of no other surname using the mouse), it's traceable to mythical SiemoMYSL of Poland's Mouse Tower, the known origin of Mieszko's ancestry. Siemomysl's relative, SiemoWIT, was identified by me as code for WITkowo, the Arms of which uses an all seeing eye. The so-called towers in the Turner Coat may just be realized, now, as code for the Mouse Tower.

Page above says "Brad Clark On-Site Project Manager" for Turner Construction. Two other project managers have Kruse and Kruss surnames. This reminds me of the Clark House in Idaho, at the location of Aryan Nations headquarters. I recall that a Kreis surname was involved with that band of neo-Nazi's. Clark House is a mansion built and named by a man with Clark surname who had sailing adventures with the German Kaiser until he (Clark) was found murdered. It became my strong opinion, with circumstantial evidence, that Adolph Hitler was given Clark House for to hide himself and/or some of his leaders. The Aryan Nations circle of deadbeats (not to be lumped in with families in high political office that had Nazi pasts) included one with a Mangell surname (i.e. like "Mengele"), operating, if I recall correctly, out of neighboring Montana, where, according to the deathbed confession of Hitler's bodyguard (SKORzeny), Hitler lived for a time after the war.

I traced Siward and Swietoslawa to the Taft surname, important now because the Kruss Coat uses a hat with so-called "tufts." The Tuft surname is listed with the Tafts. The reason that I traced Swietoslawa (alternative name, Sigrid) to the Tafts is that "Heimskringla describes Sigrid as the beautiful but vengeful daughter of Skogul-Tosti, a powerful Swedish nobleman." I then found that the Toste surname is listed with the Tafts. There is a Tosti surname (will not come up as "Tosti," suspicious because that name is listed on the page) using a chevron in the colors of the Sweit/Sweet and Seward chevron well as that of Lamberts, important due to Mieszko II Lambert.

The Seward Coat uses the Mosca leopard design, a rare design. The Mosca's were first found in Pisa, possibly important because the Mouse-Tower peoples that ended up historically as "Mieszko" were called "Piasts." The mythical-Piast symbol was the wheel, likely the Catherine wheel because the Mieszko dynasty is said to be from Piast "the wheelwright" while the Wheelwright surname uses Catherine wheels.

It may even be that "Steward" was word-play on "Siward/Seward," for Stewarts were named after they co-founded the position, "High Steward of Scotland," while Siward of Northumberland had conquered Macbeth about two years before Malcolm III took the Scottish kingdom from MacBeth. This Malcom's son, king David I, was the one who formed the High Steward of Scotland, and the one who chose the Alans of Dol to fill the post, namely Walter son of Alan. By that time, these Alans had been fresh out of Salop (England), wherefore the so-called "slab" of the Siemens may be code for peoples named after Salop. I had suggested that "Salop" was named after Slavs, but here I can add that SwietoSLAWA was a Slavic name. Sweits were first found in the same place as Scottish Roets, a surname highly suspect with Rodhams and Rutlands, and related to Watsons. As you can see on the High Steward page, the High Stewards became dukes of ROTHESay. Today, the High Steward is still the duke of Rothesay.

The two mythical Siem terms at the Mouse Tower can be traced to the Siemen surname, noting that Hitler had a Siemens company in league with his purposes. The Siemens use a sleeping moon, the German Roet symbol too.

In the article below, there is a quote using information from Mr. Ryan's own book, but he's not said to be from Turner Construction. Instead: "In November 2004 chemist Kevin Ryan of Underwriter Laboratories exposed online that the 'summary' by the U. S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology completely misrepresented findings by U L about the capacities of Twin Towers' steel to withstand the effects of fire. Less than two weeks later, Kevin Ryan was fired by U L." Is it wrong -- was there a mix-up? -- to identify a Kevin Ryan as a project manager of Turner Construction? Could it be that the two men are one and the same, a whistleblower coming out against the Turner company?

Kevin Ryan wrote: "'Demolition Access to the World Trade Center Towers'" The page above shares that this work focuses on the clean-up people: "Control of clean-up of a crime-scene is of course vital to cover-up of the crime or crimes in question. Three municipal officials are reported through different media to be principal in the clean-up/cover-up, according to footnotes 70, 71 and 72 in Kevin Ryan's 'Clean-up' installment. These official are: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the city's Office of Emergency Management Director Richard SHEIRER, and Executive Deputy Commissioner Mike Burton of the city's Department of Design and Construction." I can't stress enough that the Sheirer surname is very likely a branch of the Schere/Scherf surname. Who best would know what to look for in the debris, besides the Turner company that installed the thermite/thermate on the columns of the towers?

The page above, by Don Paul, adds another interesting point that seemingly relates to my findings that Nazis in the United States (post-WW2) ganged together within the American navy, at times in high places: "Coincidentally, Turner Construction is also intimately connected to nano-explosives through its building of the 1997-completed headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command, said command's Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare center being the 'only reliable source for aluminum nano-powers in the U. S', according to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in 2001" This is quite-damning material. In the next quote, the FBI becomes targeted:

FBI agents Richard Marx, Pasquale ("Pat") D'Amuro, Kevin Donovan, Edwin Cogswell and Barry Mawn are found by admissions within their own ranks to have stolen significant pieces of steel and other evidence from the Fresh Kills landfill to which WTC wreckage was hauled (footnotes 105, 106). Pat D'Amuro was the lead FBI Agent into investigation of the 1993 FBI-assisted bombing of the Twin Towers and--according to FBI Director Robert Mueller's commendation in promoting D'Amuro to be the Bureau's Assistant Director of Counter-Terrorism on January 31, 2002--also headed 'the PENTTBOM investigation' that somehow identified all 18 and then 19 supposed Arab hijackers (Hani Hanjour, the incompetent, supposed pilot of American Airlines Flight 77, was a latecomer to the FBI's list) within 72 hours of the 9/11/01 morning.

PENTTBOM, it should be noted, is the FBI's own acronym for its self-described investigation. The little-known FBI designation of PENTTBOM stands for: 'Pentagon Twin Towers Bombing' 77 [the FBI webpage at footnote 77 is no longer online, to be expected].

Here is Ryan's free, online book in PDF form:

Mr. Ryan makes an easy job of it to peg a Marsh company as one of the villains, but more importantly he brings the topic around to peg George Bush as more than a circumstantial puppet in this brutal crime:

On 9/11, American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north face [not really, but rather a plane strike was faked using the explosives] of the north tower (WTC 1) between floors 94 and 99. In a stunning coincidence, these floors bracket those that had been upgraded for fireproofing shortly before 9/11. This coincidence was amplified by the fact that one tenant occupied all of those floors -- Marsh & McLennan (Marsh), which at the time was the world's largest insurance brokerage company. One other tenant, Sumitomo Bank, shared part of floor 96 with Marsh.

During the years from 1993 to 2001, Marsh made several modifications to these floors, in addition to the fireproofing upgrades mentioned above. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Marsh made modifications to the south side of floor 94 in 1998. That same year, the PANYNJ helped Marsh demolish floors 95-98 in order to rebuild the fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Marsh did further modification work on floor 95 in the year 2000. The full floor fireproofing upgrades on floors 93 through 100 were accomplished in August through November of 1998, except for floor 94, which was done in December 1996.

...The President of Marsh Real Estate Advisors, from 1982 to 2001, was Craig Stapleton, the husband of George W. Bush's cousin, Dorothy Walker Bush. Stapleton's Marsh division was responsible for negotiating office leases in the US, Canada and Europe. He once co-owned the Texas Rangers with George W. Bush...

...The Vice Chairman of Marsh on 9/11 was Mathis Cabiallavetta, a Swiss citizen. Although Cabiallavetta was a member of the Marsh board from 1993 to 2000, he took his position as Vice Chairman in 1999, after having been President of the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) from 1996 to 1998. This was the same UBS that bailed out George W. Bush's Harken Energy in 1987...

...Another connection to the Bush family can be seen in the Marsh acquisition of the New York insurance brokerage Johnson and Higgins in March 1997. Johnson and Higgins was the long-time employer of Prescott Bush Jr, brother to George H. W. Bush. Although Prescott Jr. no longer worked there, he had spent 33 years at Johnson & Higgins, retiring as Senior Vice President.

There you go, the Marsh company let the explosives teams onto the floors controlled by it, leaving no mystery as to how the explosives were planted. I would add that certain columns were cut partially through with welder's torches in order to create the shape of plane wings on the building's wall.

The point needs to be made that planning for the destruction of these towers by controlled demolition was in the works from before George Bush squeaked the presidency in 2,000. It seems that the entire plan hinged on whether he was elected. The man is a lunatic with nerve. Good stiff, Mr. Ryan. This is nukiler progress.

I noted that the insiders were not blogging against Ryan's discovery on Turner Construction. It appears that the insiders do not wish this matter to become an issue. It's too hot already to add friction to. Yet, the story is not getting around. Why did I not come across this story until now? It was out in 2008. Why did I not get this story from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, who likewise believe that the towers were demolished by explosives?

Then, Ryan hits upon the Nazi connection:

Deutsche Bank was the bank of the German Gestapo during World War II, funding the construction of concentration camps. It was broken up after the war, only to merge together again in 1957. In 1998, Deutsche Bank added Banker's Trust, which had purchased Alex Brown and Sons in 1997, to its group of companies. It was Deutsche Bank and these subsidiaries that were identified as being involved in insider trading related to the 9/11 attacks. The person of most interest in these dealings was A.B. Krongard, the CEO of Alex Brown, and CIA counsel to George Tenet. From 2001 to 2004, Krongard was executive director of the CIA. Another significant player was Wolfgang Demisch, managing director at Alex Brown from 1993 to 1998, managing director at UBS Securities from 1988 to 1993, and member of the board at SAIC.

In his section two, Ryan gets to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Rockefeller-founded), the original owners of the World Trade towers until a few months prior to 9-11. Right away, in his quote below, one sees the Jewishness of that government circle, and to this it must be added that another Jew, Larry Silverstein, took control of the towers after the Port let it go:

On 9/11 the commission chairman [of the Port Authority] was Lewis Eisenberg...and the executive director was Neil Levin, who had previously been Superintendent of Banks for New York State, and a general partner and vice president at Goldman Sachs.

How can we pair a Nazi-ish Bush circle with a diabolical conspiracy with a New-York-banker Jewish circle unless the latter is a satanic gang all its own? Take Henry Kissinger, a Jew in the Bush circle, a Jew who led the 9-11 Commission. What kind of German Jews were these? What possible affinity could the two groups have if they are fundamental ethnic foes? Hitler, you may read online, is thought to have been a Rothschild, and I agree. But Ryan pegs a man with Reiss surname, which strikes me as Germanic, as the one handling the planting of explosives:

Alan Reiss was the PANYNJ's [= the Port Authority] World Trade Center Director, and as such was considered "mayor" of the WTC....

Reiss took the lead in the response to the 1993 terrorist bombing at the WTC...At the time he was put in charge of reconstruction, "a job that required him to meet with top brass twice a day." Reiss said about this period -- "there were so many innovations we made.... After the 1993 bombing, we implemented a ten-year redevelopment program. We were spending half a billion dollars on upgrades...

...But what is most interesting about Alan Reiss is the evidence that he was not telling the truth after the attacks. The first part of this evidence has to do with his surprising story of what happened to him on that day, and the visible evidence of his experience. Many senior managers at the PANYNJ who had knowledge of the buildings died on 9/11 trying to help others escape, but Reiss survived. In his testimony to the 9/11 Commission, Reiss stated -- "...We were both enveloped by this churning black debris cloud as we ran north on West Street. It was darker than any burning building I have ever been in as a volunteer fireman, and it was next to impossible to breathe due to the debris in the air."

One problem with Reiss' testimony is that people who had been "enveloped by {the} churning black debris cloud" were completely covered in dust. But Alan Reiss, who is said to have narrowly escaped the 1993 bombing as well, did not appear to have any dust or debris on him despite having been covered by the dust clouds. An interview with Reiss just moments after the destruction of the towers, in which Reiss' police escort turned his back on Reiss and appeared unusually uncomfortable, demonstrated this fact.

A second piece of evidence indicating that Alan Reiss was being less than truthful after the attacks...

Reiss had his fellow employees killed, allowing the disaster to take its toll on them. Ryan is too kind as he simply tells the dry-paper story without passing a harsh statement. How can anyone discuss this while devoid of expressing emotion? It's the swine who lack emotion, who kill without experiencing any. Shall we all become inhuman like them?

Mr. Ryan then gets into Larry Silverstein, saying that he financed his lease of the Trade towers by a loan from a banking unit of General Motors. What are car companies doing starting mortgage companies? And look, that Speyer surname mentioned early has cropped up again, which is suspect in the Rothschild circle: "Silverstein had hired someone to run the WTC complex for him. This was Geoffrey (Jeff) Wharton, who came to Silverstein Properties from Tishman Speyer, one of the city's biggest office landlords. Wharton was in charge of the buildings when they were destroyed, and stayed with Silverstein for only one year after that."

The Whartons can be figured as a branch of Drakes / Vere's from the Mieszko / Mieske Poles, where the early Pollocks had origins on their Watson side (I've just noted that the Pohl and Mieske bulls are now identical, whereas the Pohl bull (or "buffalo, as it's called officially) was, for years, the one showing in the Wharton Crest). The so-called "maunch" or sleeve" used by Whartons is used also by Mangells/Mansells. The latter share a salamander-in-flames with the Julian/Gillian Crest. The salaMANDER has been deciphered (by me) as code for Maeonian lines to such surnames as Mann, Mander, and Manner. The Nazi, Joseph Mengele, is suspect from the Mangell/Mansel bloodline. Drake's were first found in Hampshire, land of the Atrebates who were traced to the Maeonians of mythical Atreus, a Spartan entity close to Pollux. Vere's live(d) in Ver, a location in Manche, what the maunch symbol represents without a doubt.

The Vere motto uses "nihil" as code for the Neals/Nihill's, and then we read further from Ryan:"Wharton was a friend of Jerome Hauer, and through Hauer, Silverstein and Wharton met and hired an FBI agent named John O'Neill to run security."

Ryan then gets into a short bit on mayor Giuliani's previous occupational ties to a bank (BCCI) that had funded terrorism. So I looked into it and found this and related statements:

Two decades ago, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was a highly respected financial titan. In 1987, when its subsidiary helped finance a deal involving Texas oilman George W. Bush, the bank appeared to be a reputable institution, with attractive branch offices, a traveler's check business, and a solid reputation for financing international trade. It had high-powered allies in Washington and boasted relationships with respected figures around the world.

All that changed in early 1988, when John Kerry, then a young senator from Massachusetts, decided to probe the finances of Latin American drug cartels...

By the end, Kerry had helped dismantle a massive criminal enterprise and exposed the infrastructure of BCCI and its affiliated institutions, a web that law enforcement officials today acknowledge would become a model for international terrorist financing. As Kerry's investigation revealed in the late 1980s and early 1990s, BCCI was interested in more than just enriching its clients--it had a fundamentally anti-Western mission. Among the stated goals of its Pakistani founder were to "fight the evil influence of the West," and finance Muslim terrorist organizations. In retrospect, Kerry's investigation had uncovered an institution at the fulcrum of America's first great post-Cold War security challenge.

There's more to it if you're interested in following that lead. Anti-Bush Democrats are all over this story. Using the same bank as Osama bin Laden doesn't necessarily make one a friend of bin Laden, but there seems to be more to this story. Bush could accuse bin Laden of doing 9-11 perhaps with the latter's wink. In any case:

BCCI was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, a dirty offshore bank that then-president Ronald Reagan's Central Intelligence Agency used to run guns to Hussein, finance Osama bin Laden, move money in the illegal Iran-Contra operation and carry out other "agency" black ops. The Bushes also benefited privately; one of the bank's largest Saudi investors helped bail out George W. Bush's troubled oil investments.

"One of the bank's largest Saudi investors" is not the bank itself. But if an evil Bush man wanted a trusted friend of the dark side, what better place to look than to an investor using BCCI? It goes on: "The CIA used BCCI Islamabad and other branches in Pakistan to funnel some of the two billion dollars that Washington sent to Osama bin Laden's Mujahadeen to help fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. It moved the cash the Pakistani military and government officials skimmed from U.S. aid to the Mujahadeen. It also moved money as required by the Saudi intelligence services..." It sounds like the kind of bank where one can pass money to the devil and not need to worry about the bank manager telling anyone.

Don't you find it odd that a royal Kuwaiti would be involved in the Trade Center as 9-11 approached:

After the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC), a company called Stratesec (or Securacom) was responsible for the overall integration of the new security system designed by Kroll Assoociates. Stratesec had a small board of directors that included retired Air Force General James Abrahamson, Marvin Bush (the brother of George W. Bush) and Wirt Walker III, a cousin of the Bush brothers. Other directors included Charles Archer, former Assistant Director in charge of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division, and Yousef Saud Al Sabah, a member of the Kuwaiti royal family.

Yousef Saud Al Sabah was also chairman of the Kuwait-American Corporation (KuwAm), which between 1993 and 1999 held a controlling share of Stratesec. The other owners of Stratesec were Walker and an entity controlled by Walker and Al Sabah, called Special Situation Investment Holdings... (Ryan article)

What are the chances that the towers were secured by Bush-family members, while George was president, if the Bush family had nothing to do with the "attack"? I would give it zero chance. I would give it 100 percent chance if the Bush family was involved in creating the disaster. But how could George have been so stupid as to think we wouldn't know, when the discovery was made that his family was securing the building? I know how. His greed, and the greed in his circle, blinded them to the risks they were taking. As a result, their souls must pay for what they have done. It will definitely arrive too soon, Mr. Bush.

A great friendship between the Bush family and the Kuwaiti royals must have developed as per the 1991 Gulf War under the senior Bush president. That should explain why the Kuwaiti royal got hooked up at the Trade towers.

"Marvin Bush was a director of Stratesec from 1993 to 2000. It was during that time that Kroll and Stratesec planned and executed the extensive rebuilding of the security systems at the WTC complex. As his stint with Stratesec ended, Marvin Bush became a principal in the company HCC Insurance, one of the insurance carriers for the World Trade Center." Is the world so blind that it can't see the realities here? Are the Republicans so political that they are unwilling to see?

In Ryan's fourth section: "'[Richard Sheirer's] the guy Giuliani calls the man behind the curtain." Others suggested: "Since September 11, Sheirer has taken charge of the biggest cleanup effort in American history." Whether or not he helped with the cleanup, Sheirer did have significant responsibility in his role, having at various times "briefed President Bush, Tony Blair, and Henry Kissinger"." Four paragraphs earlier: "Giuliani and his Police Commissioner Bernard KERIK [caps mine] were wandering around the WTC site after the planes had hit the towers." It just so happens that the Scherf-related Sheer/Sheir surname is in Carrick/Kerrik colors, and shares a black talbot dog with Carricks/Kerriks.

Ryan's quote makes it sound, to those of us who know the Bush=Scherff story, that the Scherff circle of Americanized Nazi's were in charge of the clean-up. "Sheirer now works at Giuliani's firm, Giuliani Partners, along with Pasquale J. (Pat) D'Amuro, the FBI agent who ran the PENTTBOM investigation and stole evidence from Ground Zero (see below), and Michael D. Hess, who was present in WTC7 with explosive witness Barry Jennings. Bernard Kerik worked at Giuliani Partners as well, from the time he left his Police Commissioner post in December 2001...Kerik took a short leave when he was appointed by George W. Bush to be Minister of the Interior for Iraq and Senior Policy Advisor to L. Paul Bremer, then the Iraq Occupation Governor. In Iraq, Kerik was assigned to oversee the training of the Iraqi Police by contractor Dyncorp." All in the trusted family. As with Bremmers' and Bush's, "Kerik's work in Iraq was widely recognized as a dismal failure." That's not to say that they didn't pillage the country as they intended; it was obvious to all from the near-start that Bush was not in Iraq to make it a better country.

No matter that Kerik was unfruitful, "After returning from Iraq, Kerik went back to Giuliani Partners and remained there until President Bush nominated him to replace Tom Ridge as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. That nomination was shot down quickly, as the public began to understand more about Kerik's background." You can see here what seems like Bush's desire to run his creation, Homeland Security, with Scherf kin. "Kerik's connections to the mob were not a surprise to many people [and he ended up in jail in 2009]."

Ryan goes on to speak confidently concerning the ground-zero clean up by various Mafia families, including Rudy Giuliani's. I've insisted that the Drake motto has a code for L'Aquila, in Abruzzo (Italy), and so see this Ryan statement: "Another company that was 'all over ground zero' was Laquila Construction, run by mob boss Dino Tomassetti. It's not clear if Richard Tomasetti is related to Dino Tomassetti or his family, although the surnames are often interchangeable. The name Tomasetti (or Tomassetti) comes from L'Aquila, Italy, hence the company name." It just so happens that PRESleys must be a version of "Abrusso," for the Presley/Priestly Coat (Drake dragon version in Crest) uses two items (lions and tower) from the Abruzzo/Bruzi Coat.

Presleys, until recently, were showing the same symbol as Kerricks (said to be from a PRESTbury though I trace them to Prestwick in Ayrshire too), though, for the first time, I now see that the Presley symbol has been changed, now called "grappling irons" ( enter "Presley" at this website: )

The royal Bruce's of Scotland, initially "Brusi," have been traced (by me) to "Abruzzi," and it just so happens that the Carricks, first found in Ayrshire, were a part of the royal-Bruce make-up. It appears that dark members of these Templar-rooted families have formed New-York mob syndicates.

To no surprise:

Once the cleanup was fully coordinated, the operations were consolidated under the control of two of the five primary contractors: AMEC Construction Management and Bovis Lend Lease...

A truly surprising fact is that, at the time of the attacks on 9/11, AMEC had just completed a $258 million refurbishment of Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, which is exactly where AA Flight 77 impacted that building. 85

Mr. Ryan is pointing out that AMEC was not at the Pentagon to refurbish anything, but rather to feign refurbishing for the sake of planting explosives in the walls / floors / ceilings. They killed workers that day. The swine, filled with Legion, worthy of Hell's darkest torment, where they will suffer it alone, agonizing, with no one to show pity, no one hearing them in their cries. "Executives and board members at AMEC include former directors of NM Rothschild, Kellogg (talbots), Brown and Root (now Halliburton), and SG Warburg." The Roots could be Roets, for one Root variation is shown as "Rouet."

In my latest mention of the 9-11 topic, I was struggling to understand how the steel was separated in order to have insiders secure any that had signs of thermite. Ryan adds to that picture things I've not read before:

The debris removed from Ground Zero was either hauled away on trucks or shipped away on barges...At first the trucks were tracked using a paper-based system, and later GPS devices were fixed to each truck with "antennas to monitor location, cellular wireless antennas to communicate, and multiple I/Os to track vehicle signals from engine systems." Apparently it was important for officials to know not only where the trucks were at any given time, but also the status of the engine. As for the barges, the process was setup "in record time," in order to "transport debris to the city's Fresh Kills landfill and to recycling sites, all scrutinized by the Corps of Engineers."

As the debris was received at Fresh Kills landfill, it was sorted carefully. This sorting process was supervised by federal agents, and described in this way: "Teams of officers and agents watch as the rubble is sifted down to a fine ashy silt that they then rake through by hand." More than a year later, honest FBI agents reported the theft of some of this debris at the Fresh Kills site.

The picture of federal agents overseeing a steel-destruction process doesn't seem natural to me.

In his footnote 4, Kevin Ryan has "Kevin R. Ryan," the latter being not he, I think, but another man involved in the thermite controversy.


On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence
-- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find --
that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

The rest of the Gog-in-Iraq story is in PART 2 of the
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